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    Saturday Night in Maseru

    I drove into Maseru, Lesotho from Johannesburg on a Friday evening.

    Following the advice on some earlier posts I decided to visit the club Ba. One.

    I arrived around 8 pm. The setup was where you had to enter through a turnstile into a small park area. There was no entry fee. Just a gentleman spraying disinfectant on the hads of all who came in. Ba. One was the first place you see as you entered. There was an adjacent restaurant, Cafe Nada, that was just in front of a carousel.

    In Ba. One, there was a DJ playing a nice mixture of house music and dance music. Only 2 tables were occupied. I had heard that the place gets busy later, but I wasn't sure as to what time that would be. The DJ informed me that they would be playing until somewhere just after midnight. Beers were 25 ZAR (rand). Whiskey shots were 65 rand.

    I relaxed, enjoyed the music and had several beers while checking my Tinder hits (There weren't very many ladies on Tinder there). A few more people entered over the next hour, but kept noticing people enter the park area and going straight to Cafe Nada.

    I decided to go next door to Cafe Nada and grab a bite. The place was almost full. This was around 9 pm or so. I grabbed one of the last tables. I ordered a half baby chicken with a salad. It was sligthly spicy and was most excellent. Just before my food arrived the place was full and three beautiful ladies in there twenties asked if they could sit at my table. Of course, I obliged. They ordered food and a bucket with a variety of cider, beer and wine. My food arrived first, so we all shared (except for the salad). Then theirs arrived and we continued to share. The music level, at first, was low enough to have conversation. By the time we finished eating (around 10 pm) the music changed from r & to House. The volume levels were turned up and everyone in the place was dancing at their tables. This seemed to happened instantly. It was amazing. The music went on for another hour and a half. Then the place closed (around 1130 p or so).

    The ladies weren't really looking for action, just conversation. I did exchange numbers with one, who travels often to the USA and Europe. As Cafe Nada was closing I was anxious to see how things were developing next door at Ba. One. They must have read my mind and suggested the same. I didn't want to hang with them, because I was looking for the fast ladies so as we exited Cafe Nada and entered Ba. One I bid them a good night as they took a couch in a more secluded area of Ba. One.

    I then walked to the bar to get a beer (I had my rental car so I stayed away from anything stronger), but before I could make it I locked eyes with a sweet chocolate thing. She grabbed me over to her table and we started hugging and chatting. I eventually got my beer and bought her another drink as well. This is around midnight and the place has no intentions of closing anytime soon. More people are coming in and the bar is packed for people ordering drinks.

    I'm happy with lady I was with, but I continued scoping the talent, not yet making her an offer. Sure enough, what do I see by the DJ booth? A very lovely caramel-colored thing. She looked to be about 25. She locked eyes with me as she was dancing alone, sexually gyrating and licking her lips. I called her over to the table. They were friends. So I bought drinks for them and two other friends, four ladies altogether.

    The music was amazing. The way they do it in Lesotho is on a good song everyone just starts dancing solo. The girls will come up to you, turn around, and back up and grind you for a few seconds, then they move on to the next guy dancing. And so on. Around 1 am I make an offer to caramel lovely of 400 rand. I know they all want 400 to 800, so I started in low. She countered with 600 and I immediately agreed. I never ask them how much. They will always go really high, so I always offer a low price first. This way when they counter I accept and everyone is happy. If you haggle on price it always seems to take away from a great experience.

    We left around 1:15 and the place was still hopping. I saw two more lovely things on the way out (always happens, right?) but I was extremely satisfied with her. As we got into my car the first lady I was sitting with knocked on the window and wanted to get into a threesome. It was an offer I would have normally jumped on, but my mind was set on a 1-on-1 so I politely declined. My plans were to leave in the morning by 8 am (the 72-hour expiration on my PCR Covid test from Johannesburg. I needed to get out of there before having to take another test).

    We get back to my place, showered and went straight in. She was more lovely than I imagined. GFE was great. So far, in South Africa as well, the GFE is on par with Thailand, Colombia and Philippines. The sun woke me at 530 am. In November it is going into summer there. I packed my things as she slept. When I finished I woke her and went in for one more session. She took a taxi from my hotel and I got out of the country at 7:30 am.

    Lesotho is great! I would definitely return.

    Notes: I have Google Fi and usually have full 3 G /4 G /5 G coverage in most countries. I had zero cell phone service in Lesotho. I arrived at dusk on the previous Friday. I bought a sim card for 10 rand from the people when you first enter the border. The cards do not have service on them. I didn't expect they would, for 10 rand, but there was no way to charge up my sim card until the next morning. I made the mistake of not downloading the Google map for Maseru, so I drove around for 2 hours looking for my hotel (Avani Maseru Hotel and Casino). I eventually found a security guard at a building who drove me to my hotel. I gave him 100 rand. He very grateful. I do not recommend that hotel. It was boring, they closed at 11 pm. The after hours casino and bar wouldn't allow me to buy a beer unless I earned points on the machines or at the table. I was livid. I paid 2500 rand for not much. The breakfast was good. I would recommend the City Stay. It was less than half that price and had good security. Look it up on Priceline or Google Maps.

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    Is this forum dead? Some info about meeting regular girls?

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    Mission Accomplished

    A couple of months later, I was back in Maseru for the weekend. On Friday night in, it took a while before I spotted a girl I fancied. As I smiled at a cutie with dreadlocks, she immediately motioned me over & wasted little time before planting her sweet lips on mine. While Murphy's Law ruled supreme during last year's trip, there were no calamities this time around. After dancing, drinking & partying together, KB went home with me. KB started by washing me in the shower, and ended up wiping my cum off her lips. After that, we cuddled up & slept like babies.

    In the excitement of finally scoring in Maseru, I failed to negotiate a fee in advance. KB only asked for 400-500 ZAR. I was happy to oblige. Lesotho added. Country #72. Hallelujah!

    On Saturday night, I soon spotted an exquisite face. A local guy was after her, but Betty preferred to get with me. There was a snag, though. Yeah, you guessed it... Betty was drunk. When she drank beer, more beer ended up on the floor than in her mouth. While dancing with her girlfriend, she fell flat on her face. Ouch! After that, Betty was crying like a baby and wanted to go home. Why do Lesotho girls have to get so damn drunk?

    I was disillusioned after losing out on yet another great girl. Sitting down in a quiet corner, I overheard some last chance negotiations. The girls' standard asking price was 400 ZAR.

    Even if I didn't have the best of luck in Maseru, I still had some great times. If you find yourself in Johannesburg over the weekend, consider taking a cheap Maluti Sky flight to Maseru. The people are super friendly. is a great place to party. The girls are easy & cheap. Just beware of drunk girls!


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    Mission Aborted

    With precious little info available about the nightlife in Maseru, I asked hotel reception to recommend a place to party on a Friday night. They drove me to Times Cafe, in LNDC Mall on Kingsway. I was early, but the place soon got busy. The crowd was almost exclusively male, though. A few female specimens did make their entry. The fact there were at least 10 guys to every girl wasn't an issue - all the girls eyed up the sole white guy. The trouble was... white guys aren't into big booty!

    In Times Cafe, a local told me about a better place to party. On Saturday night, I ventured to in Maseru Mall, which had plenty of available girls. Big booty still ruled, but there were some skinny asses as well. A cutie soon hit on me, wasting little time before sticking her tongue down my throat, then asking: "Are you mine?" "I'm all yours, baby!" Tumi was great fun & seemed to be a sure thing. The only snag was that Tumi was already drunk. A couple of drinks later, she threw up, collapsed on a chair & fell asleep. Her girlfriend took her home. Damn!

    A light-skinned girl grabbed me on the dance floor and said I'd been wanting to fuck her ever since I laid eyes on her. She was right! Tammy was Frenching me on the dance floor. But in the end, the dead drunk Tammy left with the person she came with... her mom! I started dancing with a waitress / DJ, dressed as a 60s prostitute for the 60s-70s-80s theme night. She disappeared on me. I had a blast in, but I ended up solo.

    After striking out on the big Saturday night, was almost deserted on Sunday night, with just a few couples attending. On Monday night, it was closed. I had to admit defeat, but I vowed to return. I knew I could get laid in Maseru!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kscribe  [View Original Post]
    Are there any Chinese hookers in Lesotho? Where about?
    Yes. Use the app "wechat" all the chinese hookers can be contacted through this platform.

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    Chinese hookers

    Are there any Chinese hookers in Lesotho? Where about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikksman  [View Original Post]
    A previous poster mentioned that he saw bonfires with girls standing around them that were available for 100Rand.

    A friend has advised me that the bonfires are lit by street kids at night in winter. Because of HIV / AIDS, There are many orphans in Lesotho (200, 000?) , and the great majority become street kids. Very dangerous to approach them even if the girls are available. Violence, drugs and prostitution ever present with these poor kids.

    I will be in Maseru again in July.
    The Bonfires were surrounded 100% by girls and no guys. Sure girls can be dangerous but without guys around I felt much more relaxed. Anyway my intention was to call them over to my car so they couldn't gang up on me.

    I'll definitely be waiting for your report in July. We need more info on Lesetho.

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    Maseru Bonfires

    A previous poster mentioned that he saw bonfires with girls standing around them that were available for 100Rand.

    A friend has advised me that the bonfires are lit by street kids at night in winter. Because of HIV / AIDS, There are many orphans in Lesotho (200, 000?) , and the great majority become street kids. Very dangerous to approach them even if the girls are available. Violence, drugs and prostitution ever present with these poor kids.

    I will be in Maseru again in July.

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    Browsed here, and saw there are few reports!

    I visited Lesotho for 1 week during the early part of 2013. I stayed at the Lesotho Sun, which has an adjoining casino. I was told the security prevent unaccompanied girls 'working' the place, and as I don't gamble, I didn't bother going there. The closest I got was using the ATM near one of the entrances.

    The first day, I went to the tourist shop to look at cultural items. The smiling and laughing ladies there immediately offered me condoms from an overflowing box. Free of charge and as many as I wanted! I think this indicates the serious hold that HIV / AIDS has in this country.

    I was busy at the weekend and did not have time to be a tourist, but the noise from the casino was able to be heard from my room.

    During the week, there were often 5 to 8 attractive well-dressed girls in their 20s sitting in the are of the hotel between the lobby and the bar and Casino stair entrance. This was usually at lunchtime or early evening. They never looked at you directly, but if you smiled at them they quickly responded. It seems the hotel security has strict rules about them harassing guests. One or two would also visit the bar area and buy a light snack like fried chips / fries. I chatted to one of these girls and she was available to be my guide and translator! We did not negotiate price as I had other activities scheduled.

    The second day that I was there I chatted the housekeeping girl. She had huge Double G boobs and was available for me, but I am a spinner type of guy. I asked if she had girl friend who would like to visit me. She readily agreed to ask friend for me. The next day, she brought a young university student to chat with me (there does not appear to be any restriction on girls entering the hotel and catching lifts). She was slim, nice firm boobs and good legs. She stayed with me until the next morning. She stayed with me one more enjoyable night. No mention of money, but I helped her with her university tuition fees! The housekeeping girl was still interested in me, but I refused her advances.

    A coupe of evenings I had a few beers in the bar, and chatted to the girl there. I asked here if she knew where I could meet a girl, and she offered to take me to meet some girls the next evening after work (she herself was married). Unfortunately, I had a business dinner at the Chinese restaurant downstairs the next night. I was with Chinese guys and Lesotho government official and the food was excellent with copious amount of food and wine! I had previously been there by myself, and the food was shit. Half the menu was "unavailable" and quality and quantity was rubbish. Enough said!

    A couple of other points:

    O as I did not have a car, I did not visit the town in the evening, and saw no sign of the famous bonfires

    O the girls seem to be reasonably aware regarding the risks HIV / AIDS; both the housekeeping girl and the university student openly asking if I had condoms!

    O there were also Chinese everywhere. It is only a small kingdom, but there were large numbers of Chinese from a number of industries staying there.

    O if you want to experience traditional food, it is very difficult to find; there is one motel maybe 25km out of town (PM me if you want details).

    I will probably be back in Maseru during 2014 for a longer visit, and will experience the life there more thoroughly.


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    It's been two years since anyone contributed to the Lesotho forum so I want to add the results of my research. Maybe in a little while we can build up some decent information.

    I think Lesotho could be an exciting destination for an adventurous monger.

    I only visited Maseru (the capital) and drove around the country-side for a couple of hours. The scenery is spectacular.

    In general Lesothan girls aren't as pretty as african girls from further north in the continent. They aren't leggy and tend to be on the short side, however they're not ugly and are still worth a DNA deposit.

    To start off, I was only there for one day and didn't get any action. This is mainly due to a fatal error I made. Booking at the Lancer's Inn. Not GFE.

    Despite being close to South Africa there are very few white people there. I was the only one at the border post and I only saw a couple of others in 24 hours.

    People often stop you and talk to you curiously.

    This is a good indicator to me. If old people or guys are interested in talking to you, so are the hotties.

    While I was walking around a girl found an excuse to talk to me and I walked along beside her chatting away, leading towards an inevitable dinner invitation followed by a night of sex. Unfortunately another girl she recognised walked out of a shop and the girl immediately cooled and said she had to go. Damn.

    There seems to be zero nightclubs in Maseru so its either hooking up with nice girls you meet or streetwalkers.

    Before you say "yuck, streetwalkers", Lesotho has something I haven't seen elsewhere.

    They have these bizarre rings of bonfire girls.

    After about 10PM you see these bonfires with rings of girls standing around in a circle facing towards the flames. I thought it was a religious festival for a while until they called out to me.

    These girls don't look like hardened street pros. They look like 20yr old university students or girls you'd see walking around a shopping mall. Very innocent looking.

    I'm told the price they charge is 100 Rand, or about US$12.

    I'm wondering if because there are few nightspots, and no brothels (that I'm aware of) the streetwalkers are higher quality than usual?

    To find them, travel along Kingsway Road after 10PM. Kingsway is the main road in Maseru. Also Constitution Road running parallel to it has some groups and maybe the road leading to the border post.

    It seems as if the Hotel of choice is the Victoria Hotel.

    It apparently has its own nightclub and is GFE. A couple of the bonfires are within walking distance. It is right at the end of Kingsway Road, at the heart of the action, and has its own cinema.

    Next time I'll go there.

    I went to the Maseru/Lesotho Sun Casino but there was zero action there. It seemed to be full of Chinese guys.

    Security-wise, Lesotho is, OK-ish. I wouldn't walk around much after dark. The armed security guards at shops tells me alot, but it is much safer than South Africa that's for sure.

    I will head back another day and add a Lesothan girl to my collection.

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    I visited Maseru in March 2006 just for a day. The general athmosphere seemed to be bit more relaxed than in Bloemfontaine and Jo:burg (both in SA). White people (including me) were looked at only with curiousity, not with tension as sometimes seemed to be in SA (still much less than I was prepared for).

    The people in Lesotho in majority Sesotho's (as also in surrounding area in SA), still not suffering from apartheid as "Kingdom in the Sky" was formed by Sesothos who had resisted and escaped British troops attacks back in 19. century. So there's not much more ethnic diversity than in neighbouring SA and not so many beautiful girls either. But still some and few of them were flirting even on street

    As I did not have much time there was not chance to check it out more closely.

    Also - according to some NGO-s and also UNAID statistics Lesotho is having highest ratio of HIV with estimative data 30-40% of adult population infected. So be careful!

    Otherwise, the nature is beautiful (4WD required outside Maseru) and this small country may be worth visiting, while being in SA.

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    1989 trip: memories

    hi all,

    1989, found myself in maseru. since no one has any story/report to relate on this lovey little mountain kingdom, thought i would share a memory or two.

    stayed at the lesotho sun hotel. i was a young 19 year old greenhorn, too terrified to take any chicks to my hotel; and there were plenty honnies. the action was hot in lesotho those days.

    landed up doing some chick in her home, up in the hills, just outside maseru. her kids were dead a sleep, a mere two metres away. "christ, what if they wake up", i said to her. she was none too worried. we sent it for about an hour, i recall paying her a rediculous r3. 50

    also recall taking some chick in a revine that ran through the city centre, just behind my hotel. those were the days, the action was hot, the chicks plentifull, and no aids back then. did not even require a condom back then. perhaps i am a daddy after all. aaaaaaah.



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