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05-18-02, 06:23
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09-22-02, 21:15
have anyone of you tried the escort services advertised on "buy and sell"? any recommendations?

09-23-02, 05:52
Agent Orange

Not out of the buy and sell, but below are "agents" who i have known for the last three years.

P3,000 will get you anything you want.

Jean 0917 9645405

Jo-Ann 0916 4046515

Len Len 0917 8988045

Susan 0916 3427692


There is a girl called stella who works at the landmark in their novelties (ironic really) section and freelances at night.

Jean (above) has her details.

Also, a student called Lyca living in merville.

Susan (above) has her details.

Good luck and keep us posted


09-23-02, 15:11

The ladies you listed below, how are they in hte LOOKS department? Are they cool to checking them out first? I will be in Manila in a few weeks.


10-12-02, 17:03
Originally posted by sajora

The ladies you listed below, how are they in hte LOOKS department? Are they cool to checking them out first? I will be in Manila in a few weeks.


Are these girls available in Makati? Or only in Manila??

10-14-02, 01:10

Available in Makati and Manila.


The numbers listed are Ex-Working girls, now networking workers with clients.

Tell them exactly what your preference is and, within a few hours, they could even get you siamese twins, if thats your bag.



10-19-02, 03:00

I tried last night to text these numbers:
Jean 0917 9645405
Jo-Ann 0916 4046515
Len Len 0917 8988045
Susan 0916 3427692

Jo-Ann refused to deal with me and even went to ask me where I got her number. I had no choice but to mention your name. She said she called you and you even said you didn't know my name.

Too bad, I was willing to pay them their regular fee.

Next time,


10-19-02, 08:43

Had a similar problem with the "lady" in question. Seemed educated enough but backed off on the goods. Only one other has responded (Jean) but seems too provincial.

Suggest sticking to MP's....they are more experienced and provide the service expected.


QC Boy
10-20-02, 14:22
Was just wondering about the numbers in buy and sell. I saw their web site on the net and their escort adds had some lines like celebrities or starlets. Has anybody tried calling these people and ask about these so-called celebrities or starlets? That would really be an experience that may be worth spending on especially for us locals. I wouldnt advise foreigners to take that up since you guys probably wont be able to recognize them anyways and you could probably find a better bargain with similar looks.

Anyway, if anybody has any kind of info on these celebs or starlets or where we could possibly find them, it would be appreciated.

10-31-02, 05:37
im planning my xmas vacation... where in rp is the best place for action... some say its in angeles or cebu... in terms of rates and quality... justify your response...

Cebu Local
10-31-02, 11:47
agent orange
dont be lazy,look up the past posts,magbasa ka naman,it is bad enough you insult people like me by saying i like girls who look like maids,now you want me to guide you about cebu,i have spent 12 years in cebu and consider it my home and i got out my information the hard way when you own a travel agency and partnerships in a hotel and two beach resorts,why dont be switch this discussion into cebuano so you know that it is impolite to insult people in a language they cannot understand.i am not angry just pointing out that you do insult people and think that the dayuhan cannot speak tagalog

11-01-02, 06:25
cebu local: im not asking you to guide me about cebu coz i know more about cebu than you do. im not insulting you.. but im just merely stating a fact that most angeles girls do look like maids and i think most local posters here would agree.
kahibalo ko ma-estorya og bisan unsa nga lenguahe para imo masabtan
ayaw pagsamoksamok sa ako

Cebu Local
11-01-02, 14:19
Agent orange
Pasay loa ko kay nasuko ko,nasayran nako nga wala nimo gi gituyo ang pagpasakit sa imong isig kataw,going back to english,i am sorry for my outburst,i realize you did not mean to offend,i just hope you realize how irritating it is sometimes to be insulted by somebody who thinks you dont understand.i agree that the girls in AC look like what most maids look like,but this is pretty to expats,i personally prefer chinita,but i dont make fun of my friends companions even if they look like....regards

QC Boy
11-03-02, 02:33
I guess its lucky for us locals that foreigners actually have different tastes in chosing girls. I guess they prefer the native, exotic type. Makes it a little more exciting I guess. But I wont complain about that and neither should you. To each his own right?

Cebu Local
11-03-02, 07:38
qc boy
correct,in fact it is good thing that foriegners prefer the short and dark and filipinos prefer chinita and tisay,that way all girls depending on how they look will have customers,when the us forces where here in cebu they went wild driving up the prices of girls,the only ones left where the chinita and the tisays hehehe,since the locals and those with pinoy tastes had a good time.but of course i get hurt when people say that my friends date looks like a chimay,so i guess i really shouldnt argue,since with my looks and my language skills,i pass myself off as mestizo.next time be sensitive to the feelings of foriegn posters with different tastes regards

11-03-02, 10:56
We locals should be very grateful that foreigners USUALLY have tastes different from ours. This way, we have less competition on the tisays. :) I personally prefer the really hot tisays lounging on the popular upscale bars in Makati and Libis, but they're usually 'not for sale' and has to be courted even just a little bit.

I have friends who are foreigners (both Asians and Caucasians) and most of them explained their own reasons for choosing dark, exotic looking Filipinas. My own thinking is that it is really just a matter of looks versus performance. I think it is logical to believe that in the Philippines, meztisas are the preferred 'beauty choice', and they're looked upon with a certain kind of adoration, not to mention lust :) Therefore, it is also logical to think that these mestizas are the ones less likely (but possible, and it happens) to perform any acts of depravation and/or perversion, compared to their Ermita/Burgos/Angeles City counterparts.

I have never liked these Ermita types and have in fact turned down a lot of free offers. However, let me stress that I definitely respect the tastes of my foreign friends. One thing these Ermita types have going for them is better service not just in the realm of sex, but in entertaining guests in general (especially those Japayuki returnees).

Like I said, I welcome the decrased competition. And as the saying goes "To Each His Own". :) Cheers and Happy Hunting!!!

11-03-02, 20:25
Yep I'm all for the fact that the foreign types desire the descendants of the aetas, they account for a big percentage of the population and economy after all.

I think it's all part of God's plan to beautify the world, I came upon this theory while working in the American Midwest states of Ohio, Nebraska and Wyoming for around 4 months. During this time period I saw about a dozen mixed couples where the wives look like chimays and the husbands look the way they look ...and wouldn't you know it their kids looked adorable, downright good looking.

There might be something deeper to what we're witnessing now...*x files theme plays*


11-03-02, 20:47
Hi! I'm a spanish man who wants to travel to the Orient soon..but I have some questions about it.

What is the best country to find good pussies. Philippines or Thailand?

Are the thai girls better than ph girls?

Are Ph girls more cheap?

Are Ph girls good lovers or you prefer thai girls?

Its Philippines cheapest than thailand?

I dont know what country to choose
Please help me

11-03-02, 20:52
Originally posted by roelix
Hi! I'm a spanish man who wants to travel to the Orient soon..but I have some questions about it.

What is the best country to find good pussies. Philippines or Thailand?

Are the thai girls better than ph girls?

Are Ph girls more cheap?

Are Ph girls good lovers or you prefer thai girls?

Its Philippines cheapest than thailand?

I dont know what country to choose
Please help me

Each girl is differeent and YMMV anyway ... pero hay adobada en las Filipinas!

11-04-02, 00:40
Hi friends,,

I am not fully sure of the expressions "chinita and tisay", but kind of understand that they are kind of "pale" compared to those guides you meet at El Nido and similar places, that are canooing with you, swim and have a good time with you. From myh RP-friends I have understood that they are "pessants" (farmers), since they have this nice tan that you seldom see on pinays working in Manila.

Me - having met a few during my work - I must say that I would prefere the spanish looking ladies, such as the moviestar ??? Cuneta/Luneta (forgot her name now - sorry). It is some time ago since I saw her pics first, so I guess that she has become older/fatter... :))) compared to the first pics shown of her.

For sure - also the mestiza-girls makes you hot - Me - I usually stay at the Manila Hotel, and they have a few staff there that is just adorable. However - they know it, and are very hard to get aquainted with - or to ask out for a dinner :))))).. I fail all the time. :(((

Can I ask a Q: this GROpapa - is he for real? He is repeating his "commercial" for JayR. To me - this sounds kind of strange... Not my intention to offend anyone, so if any of your guys have a positive experience to share after seeing JayR, please share.

11-04-02, 03:16

yeah i'm the real deal, hobbyist Xtreme :) If you're curious about Jay R give him a call or txt him - please only do so if you're seriously in the market for a girl in Makati or Metro Manila.

I've actually asked on another post for anyone who has used his services to post on here, Jay R told me he got about a dozen clients from this board just in the month of October so I'm curious on how good his girls are at the moment since I"m going down to Manila last week of November.

By the way I'm heading down to Bicol for a couple of days last week of Nov, anyone know what kind of action Legaspi and Tabaco city has to offer?

11-09-02, 06:52

the term "chinita" means chinese looking, you know, the slant eyed look.

the term "tisay" is a slang for "mestiza", which means a mixed blooded girl, usually referring to a filipino-spanish or caucasian mix.

these two types of ladies are also fairer or lighter skinned than the normal girl, hence their added attraction.

12-27-02, 08:42
Originally posted by roelix
Hi! I'm a spanish man who wants to travel to the Orient soon..but I have some questions about it.
What is the best country to find good pussies. Philippines or Thailand?
Are the thai girls better than ph girls?
Are Ph girls more cheap?
Are Ph girls good lovers or you prefer thai girls?
Its Philippines cheapest than thailand?
I dont know what country to choose
Please help me
Roelix: basically, Filipinos speak English and can also speak or understand Spanish, so you can probably strike up a conversation with people you meet. Being able to communicate is one very important aspect of choosing a destination (at least for me, it is!). There are several areas in the islands where their dialects are adaptations of the Spanish language.

01-06-03, 10:24

I am a 51 y.o. American from Hawaii. I will be coming to The PI on January 5, 2003, planning to spend time in Manila, Cebu and anywhere else that anyone recommends as having a vibrant nightlife. I'm not a fan of Angeles, having been there numerous times. Any recommendations outside the Manila-Angeles-Puerto Galera-Cebu loop? I used to come to the PI regularly during the heyday of M.H. Del Pilar in the late 80's and early 90's but have been going to Thailand these past few years. I'm searching for some lady who speaks passable-to-decent English as well as knowing her way around the bedsheets. I would be interested in meeting anyone who will be in the PI during the next couple of weeks and chatting over a beer or two. Please email: bigmangoman@yahoo.com

01-25-03, 21:29
Good decriptions of the different kinds of Philippinas....

I have a question (which has been asked before by roelix). I have been to Thailand a few times and I know what to expect but Philippines may be a new experience. Can someone say something about the girls in the Philippines - in what way do they look different to Thais ? and attitudes and culture ? What is the scene like compared to Thailand ?

If I just had 3 or 4 days for hobbying, which would be the best place in the Phillipines to get the best quality action ?

I guess the best answers would be from those who has been to both but I would appreciate comments from all quarters !



04-29-03, 19:54
Hi gents,,,

I am off to Manila and more tomorrow...

I have followed the advice of fellow hobbyists, and have lined up 5 dates to meet when there.

I have also become a member of the www.manilatonight.com, and have been invited to parties together with members also.

First - I will go to Batangas for some diving at a resort at Anilao with a "friend", then head back to Manila for a few days, then off to another resort, then back to Manila for the weekend to meet those I established contact with through MSMessenger and YahooMessenger... If only I would have more days to stay - he he,,,

Will report back if any positive FR's.
To protect the innocents, I cannot at this stage reveal names/email-addresses of those I'll meet. But two of them are hot.

05-03-03, 17:08

regarding looks ... PI girls have similar physique & size as thai girls, skin color similar brownish type, petite, breasts are b-cup normally. Many filipinas have the spanish look and filipinos have the spanish temperament, hot & passionate, while thais are a bit cool on the passion side.

The biggest plus in PI is that most people can speak english, which is great for you to carry on conversations with them. The filipinas also have a tendency to fallin & out of love quick with caucasians, and think you're "handsome".

Thailand has more working women, in terms of sheer numbers, but how many can you really handle? The Metro Manila area is the best place to go womanizing in the PI. Costs are comparable to Bangkok for similar fun (when calculated in US$).

05-26-03, 07:35
For those needing a trusted and reliable guide in Manila aka City of Man please contact my guide Jay R, feel free to browse the various field reports in this board of past clients.

0917 414 5416

I'm also in town, perhaps I'll go along for the ride. Don't worry I bring my own budget :)

06-02-03, 02:05
Does anyone have any information on the scene on Mondoro Island? I am going diving there in a few months (Sept-Oct) and looking for some information on the nightlife.

06-04-03, 22:40

I guess you mean Mindoro Island.

If you do a search for Puerto Gallera on this board you will find a lot of information... However, some of the contributors in this forum will suggest that you bring the entertainment (girl) yourself, to make sure you will have a real good time.. But I do know that there are ladies there ready to entertain the scubadivers.

I have only been to one resort on Mindoro, the Coco Beach. That is kind of a private place, owned by a danish-italian guy, nice place, nice food, good service, but no entertainment other than the staff singing for you in the evenings... :(.

06-17-03, 23:12
I was in Sabang (PG) about a week ago. I can confirm that there were lots of lovely ladies available. Sabang Disco seemed to have the highest concentration of pretty girls. Some of them looked a little too young, however. I didn't inquire into how much (had my honeyko with me). Big Apple has a few freelancers but I was not impressed with any other them.


07-11-03, 23:26
There's someone who I won't name who owes this forum a "trip report", who in fact is a really nice guy who's since probably just gotten way too tied up with life or whatever.

It's about a year ago now that I noticed him here looking for advice. I offered what I could. He wrote back and eventually did come here in the fall of '02 on my recommendation with the info I passed to him. Alas, for whatever reason I lost touch with him after.

I remember giving enough advice to help him connect with a very nice little innocent virgin who cared for him and looked after him from the moment he showed up a the airport to the moment he left. She was in love. I hope they still are - I don't know.

I remember them coming over to our place when we had the Malate condo and the four of us having dinner twice in our place. I went nuts on the groceries and my wife (then gf) spent all day preparing.

I remember showing him around Malate; places to go, women to do.
I remember sharing quite a few beers and picking up a few tabs.
I remember laughing with him about the way-too-young girl who sat on my lap and said her name was "YumYum" who I sent over to sit on *his* lap, on the way out of LA Cafe as we left to go back to the bar where I had things all set up and ready for him for a time he'd remember.

I remember taking him around to help him find a suitable hotel room in Ermita for some private fun and then making sure that fun happened for him.

I remember introducing him to one of my *real* friends. I remember him telling me that he had a pretty +good+ time on the cheap with her friend when she promptly hooked him up with her. (Not to mention what I heard from my good filipina friend privately after - who incidentally asked me yesterday ---- what ever happened to **** !)

I remember giving what advice I could for him to try to get his filipina gf into his country.

He was kind enough to send me some of the pics he took of us all together, but what I +haven't+ seen is his trip report here, nor have I heard from him.

We met +in+ this forum. He promised he'd share what he learned and experienced here, here. Yet, wala! :(

The point is ... to those who benefit from us worn Tshirts in this Forum, please *do* give something back to the community, ok? Help the next guy, ok? If you remember this, post. If you remember anything like this, courtesy of any other veteran, and suddenly feel guilty ....

07-13-03, 19:29

Even thoughI am not the one you helped, reading your post made me feel good, since I have done the same thing for someone ( a nice guy). Its good to know that I am not the only one who goes Above & Beyond The Call Of Duty.

Cheers to you and more good times.

Red Cork
07-16-03, 20:13
Hello board

I have been reading this board for a while now, and believe it is one of the most informative, honest and freindliest I have read.

Now a big question, and I do need some help. I'm 56 in good shape, play golf and still love my pussy, which reminds of a joke:

What is the difference between **** and pussy? A pussy is a soft, warm, furry little thing, and a **** is the ***** that ownes it!

Okay, back to biz: I am addicted to lorazapam. and I need to get off the shit. The doc says the best thing is to get away from my normal stressful world of x wifes, kids, and my business. It takes 2-3 months to really clean up off this super addictive drug. going to Betty Ford or a clinic is cost prohibitive. I am very familiar with Thailand, but do not like the droves of tourists and the seedy scene like in Pattaya, nor the fact that you cannot have a conversation with most girls. I think what I am looking for is a place to rent a bungalow on a beach that is quiet and very safe, with amenities close by eg. good food, internet, some entertainment.

I'm thinking from my research (Puerto Gallera area) now the biggy, a pretty little nurse :) someone who can hold and administer my drug, and slowly lower the doseage until I'm clean. If I have control, I can't do it. Yes, it is that addictive, so if I have a pretty little nurse to watch over me for 2-3 months, then maybe she can double duty. So, what I need is a pretty spinner in her twenties or early thirties who is honest and needs a job for a few months. Obviously I will pay all her expenses and treat her very well. I'm not Cheap Charlie. I will pay her well and give a large bonus incentive tip in the end if she is successful.

I like to golf, swim, snorkel, I believe all of this can be found near Puerto Gallera?

Thank you in advance,


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Red Cork
07-17-03, 21:23
Test, having trouble getting my posts posted, been days now?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Red Cork
07-26-03, 00:42
As a new member to this board , and learning how it works. I would at this time like to thank Jackson for all his work. I ignorantly flamed WSG not knowing how it works. It has been a source of valuable info for me as I travel. I have only just begun posting.

Thank you all for your postings also.


ps. Also , if you are a veteren traveller to the Phillipines , i would appreciate a comment to my other post.
Thanks again , and happy safe travelling and pussy hunting .

Red Cork
09-14-03, 17:40
Hello board , it has been along time since anyone has made any postings here or in the phillipines section. Why? Is it because no one is in the phillipines anymore ? or This board is no longer being used by fellow pooners ? This section should have postings everyday. Is it because it is slow? Lets be honest without offending please. Anyways i see this board slowly dying and i don't think it should go that way , so let's support it and post your experiences and info please.

09-14-03, 20:14
you may not know this, but, the site was down for almost 10 days. You may notice that there are NO postings from 04Sept to 13 Sept.

As for your other posts, I can't comment on addiction or nurses. Sure you can find any filipina to hang out with you as long as you want. But the odds of finding a bona fide nurse to do that are not that good.

If I can make a suggestion: Go to BKK, and take a trip to Cha-Am or Hua Hin. The best golf in Asia is there, and you can relax on the beach and snorkel. I love the PI, and am fluent in Tagalog. But the resorts PI have gone to hell (in my opinion), and the resorts in Thiland are better.
good luck

09-24-03, 22:44
I'm not sure whether or not this is the appropriate section for this question, but being new here I'll just go for broke.

I'm at a place in my life where I will be forced to change careers at 53 years of age. I will re-entering college for additional schooling for whatever career I select soon. My question is this: Being very fond of the Philippines through only one trip in the early 70's, and reading many of the posts on here, I am determined to enter into whatever career will afford me opportunities to visit the Philippines every so often. I have been in sales/marketing for the past 28 years, in the midwestern U.S.

Can anybody tell me what businesses or career opportunites would be most likely to afford opportunites to travel to the Philippines based on which companies/industries customarily do business with that country? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I will be determining my career objective in the very near future.

09-28-03, 13:23
I don't have too much to add, just that maybe you should use your 28 yrs of experience to get a job with TGIFridays, or Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or any big U.S. firm that does business in the PI and need a sales or marketing manager.
Try Global Gateway's International section for jobs. Do a search on it.

The only other thing I can think of is hotel management, or something like that, or do marketing or sales for a big hotel corp.

Cell phones are big there....apply to Nokia.

If your're in the US now, look for a Fil-Am (Filipino-American) Chamber of Commerce or something.
cheers, Lalake

10-25-03, 14:21

Support WSG Charities, increase your charitable giving by 50%!

As you know, the WSGForum comes to you completely free of charge, thanks to the hard work of our webmaster, Jackson. Sites that provide far less entertainment and information charge big bucks for “memberships.”

Some of you may not realize that Jackson is also the moving spirit behind WSGCharities, which was formed for the express purpose of collecting funds to be used to purchase food for hungry children in Argentina.

The website is www.wsgcharities.com.

Between now and November 30th, for each $2 you contribute to WSGCharities, I will kick in an additional dollar, up to the breaking point of my own bank account. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible and totally in the good spirit that our community has.

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-Uncle Otto

10-25-03, 21:26

If it helps feed needy children, I'm all for it! Prostitution is a whole different issue. The girls are of age and can make their own moral choices. No one here is advocating forced prostitution. If they want to play, then we come and pay. This has nothing to do with another form of charity that helps feed innocent starving children!

I think using a forum such as this to help promote donations is a fine idea. The reason is simple. Many of us mongers have traveled to these places and have seen first hand some of the despair these children face, so we are more likely to give. Nothing wrong with that. As for paying for sex, if an adult women, so chooses to sell her body, then it's her CHOICE, on the other hand a starving child, has no choice!


01-10-04, 12:00
I'm planning to come back in the Philippines for the second time, after 4 years (01-2000) - I'm looking any information about prices and nightlife in Puerto Galera (Sabang) and Boracay.

I remember 3 go-go bar in Sabang. Are them still open? Boracay was already expensive 4 y ago, but I remember some nice discos on the beach and the Charlie's Bar for a beautiful Sunset.

Thanks for any info.

01-23-04, 11:58
Hi guys,

I'm planning a trip to the phillipines soon but a lot of my friends tell me that it is extremely unsafe. Is this so? My Fillipino pals tell me that parts of the country is like the wild west. And there are a lot of kidnappings.

I've never been there but would like to go as I think the women there are amongst the prettiest in the world.

Flying Scotsman
01-23-04, 20:00

Read the report by Cancontrib in "Filipinas - opinions and advice"
it says it all.

The Flying Scotsman

01-23-04, 20:00
I'm married to a Filipina.

I was there twice the last 2 years for 10 weeks.

Never meet any kind off trouble.

Only the Mindanau region can be dangerous.

I was in Manilla 4 weeks, no problems.

Cebu also

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01-27-04, 16:38
Planning a trip in early March. Haven't been in about 10 years. Anyone have suggestions as to where to find the best airfare from the Westcoast to Manila? Got enough FF miles to get to a major westcoast airport.

01-28-04, 01:42

You did not say what city in the US you're from? If you're in the midwest you can call 411 for GLOBALINK TRAVEL in DARIEN, ILLINOIS. They have the reduced fares airlines can't sell you.

OTOH, you can try www.evaair.com to book thru EVA Airlines from SFO/LAX to MNL via TPE(Taipei). Then book your own FF miles yourself.

01-28-04, 01:59

Fares from San Fran or L.A. to MNL are about the same, so whichever you can get to more cheaply.

A couple of the "old salts" here have had good luck with Orbitz and Travelocity. Another friend swears by the aforementioned Eva Air. I have had very good luck with a full service travel agent who specializes in the Philippines: Amor Travel (213) 386-6156.

Good Luck


01-28-04, 02:06
www. angel travel . com

My 2 cents.

Flying Scotsman
01-28-04, 20:29

Something of interest ? Too expensive for me but may be of interest to some. Have a look at her website. The pics alone are worth a look..!!


The Flying Scotsman

01-29-04, 15:38
Thanks for all the replies for ticket prices. My plans are on hold pending a situation at work that needs to be finalized, but I should be headed down there sometime in March, hopefully earlier rather than later.
If anyone runs across a good fare pls post.
Thanks again

01-29-04, 22:18
"honey18f" website is a major waste of time.
What a stuck up *****.

Sir Dick
02-18-04, 09:06
Sorry if this is not allowed in this board but I anyone is planning to leave for Manila this month. I have a Asiana Ticket that I need to dispose of. If anyone is interested and want to get some info about it please PM. It's a good deal!

02-20-04, 10:23
To anyone who cares to respond:

I have a real fondness for Filipinas here in the states; to me they are the most beautiful and the sexiest women in the world. But my mongering has been limited to Thailand, and mostly Pattaya. I found Pattaya to be great; the girls and the prices.

Tell me, please, how does the Philippines compare to Pattaya in terms of prices and overall experience with the girls? And what parts of the Philippines offer the best experience for the money.



Dashing Don
02-20-04, 21:21

The prices in the PI are so low, just like Thailand, that its not worth worrying about.

Re the girls: they are beautiful and friendly, and most speak good english. The problem is the infrastructure, which is horrendous in the PI. I wrote several reports in August '03 wherein I tried to go beyond the dollar/cent and anecdotal format. I hope they give you a feel for the place.

I would recommend going to a beach area that way you will have something to do daytime, but everyone has to experience Manila at least once.


02-21-04, 05:06
As of today, Feb. 21, the Dollar to Philippine Peso rate is $1=56.35 Php. The higher US dollar value generally has a strong influenced on your spending power. However a lot of high end places to stay in the Philippines will quote you in U.S. dollar so I am not sure if this is relevant. As far as how much the girls will charge if the dollar is up, I have no idea. It is likely that they will adjust prices when the Philippine peso is devalued. I have no first hand experience.

Pinay Lover
02-21-04, 22:13
The Peso to Dollar exchange rate maybe P56.35 = $1.00 but actual exchange in the many Dollar changers varies. As of yesterday, my $100.00 = P 5,790 but it could be a couple of hundred of pesos under or over what I got.

As for prices, I did not see any changes last night while scoping the Malate area. I was still able to negotiate a P1,000 LT with a 20 y.o. student last night. As for her tip, well, I'll let her sleep for a moment and let her earn it when she wakes up. Its a weekend anyway. ;)

FKK Krazy
02-27-04, 20:10
I am looking for your advice about the Phillipines. I am currently planning a long trip to SE Asia. I am defintely going to Thailand, but have always been curious about the Phillipines. I like the fact that English is widely spoken and the girls seem passionate. the airfare from Singapore and Hong Kong is rather expensive, so I just want to make sure I will find what I am looking for before heading out that way.

I am not sure I am up for a lot of time in Manila though and am wondering if there are any places in the Phillipines like Phuket where there is at least some nightlife and a beach with bungalows and some activites? What about safety?

Anywhere else in SE Asia recommended? Indonesia?

thanks for your help...will report back...

Dragon Slayer
02-28-04, 16:19

Must be new to the Philippine Section. Read the Makati, Cebu & Davao Posts for the information you need.

I have been going to Pattaya Thailand for 16 years now. I enjoy it but find it more expensive than the Philippines. Not much chance of hooking up with a regular girl there unless you speak good Thai or have the "balls of Godzilla" to go up and try chatting them in English. I often fly into Thailand, get a taxi direct to Pattaya and then go to the Philippines.

I prefer the Philipines. Women are much more genuine and less likely to hit you up for large sums of money when they become your woman. My Daughter's Mom, former beauty contest winner, never asked me for anything for years. Not until she became pregnant with my little girl (of course, since the baby was born she has been making up for all those yrs of not asking for $$$)

I have met more than a dozen ladies in the Philippines over the last 13 yrs that I would probably be happy settling down with here. Problem is just that. I met too many ladies I would be happy with here.

Parts of the Philippines offering best price/$$$ is easy. Two words: DAVAO and DUMAGUETE. You will need an extra cock is the only problem. The one gets worn out pretty fast. Read the posts for both areas.

Have Fun.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
02-29-04, 23:29
FKK Krazy,

Okay you are new here. So I will repeat again. Read the Posts. Go to the "Other Areas" section and read my Post of about 6 weeks ago on Dumaguete. This is exactly what you are seeking. Fly from Manila direct and hit the Boulevard. Hotel I stay at is out of town quite a bit in a secluded section but has a lovely pool and is next to the beach.

Several nice Hotels right on the Boulevard. I checked with a travel agency in one and got quoted $ 258 US R/T to Hong Kong from Manila plus 2 nts hotel. This is awesome as a couple weeks ago on a last minute purchase I paid $ 195 1 way on Cathay Pacific from Manila to Hong Kong.

Tons of young women in Dumaguete. If you do not fuck yourself silly, it is your fault. After Davao, this is my favorite place in the Phils. Davao also has what you are seeking and Posts there tell you all about it.

You can fly direct to Davao, hook up with me and GoodEnough and "live it up". Then, fly to Cebu and head directly to Pier 4. Take the daily Supercat boat to Dumaguete. Lets you off just before the Boulevard with plenty of fine Hotels. If you travel in late April and are more or less a "good guy" you can accompany me on trips to both places. GoodEnough will most likely be along to keep the "Team" intact. We do very little sightseeing though. Cuts into our time drinking fine Wines, Premium Champagne and fucking gorgeous, young filipinas.

Good luck.


03-04-04, 00:11
I'm an experienced Filipina hunter and will be arriving again in the country Sat. March 6 (Manilla, later to Angeles)

Anybody interested to join me on a tour around the hotspots?

03-08-04, 03:22
Sorry for cross posting, but I'm not sure where this one fits:

While on vacation, I want to take a few days to a week to visit Vietnam and possibly the PI. Since I would be starting out from Thailand, are there any special visa requirements coming or going?

03-08-04, 05:48
I am assuming that you are asking about visa requirements if one is planning to visit the Philippines. As far as I know, if you are a U.S. citizen, no visa is required, if you stay 30 days or less. But you need to show that you have a rountrip ticket to your home country. Same thing applies if you are a citizen of a country that is a member of ASEAN. (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). I would recommend to either check on the website of the Philippine's Department of Foreign Affairs or go to the Philippine consulate or embassy nearest you.

03-09-04, 07:20
Actually, I'm more concerned with getting back into Thailand from the PI. I'm going for an extended stay in LOS and want to take a sub-vacation to the PI (almost certain now after reading the reports here). I'm worried about how my visa will work.

You did bring up something I hadn't thought of: my return ticket will be back to Thailand, not my home country. Will that be a problem?

Dragon Slayer
03-11-04, 00:09
For 14 years I have been flying from Thailand to Manila and back. I just recently altered my route to go Bangkok - Manila - Hong Kong. At Bangkok Airport they check for your ticket back to Thailand or from Manila to your next City and then home

Have a R/T ticket to Thailand before going to te Airport.


03-13-04, 08:54
Dudes !!! Some of you may have seen this already. But for those who haven't: check it out.

Look at these great rates on Asiana

Fly from Los Angeles to one of these destinations:
Hong Kong for only $410 roundtrip*
Bangkok for only $425 roundtrip*
Clark Field for only $515 roundtrip*
Hanoi for only $535 roundtrip*

Enjoy FD

Jackson, I hope you don't mind me posting this same msg on a few boards.

03-21-04, 13:13
Where can I rent a GSM phone? Is there a shop in the Manila airport? If so, where is it exactly and how late is it open. I only ask the time because I'm arriving late (11:30 p.m.). I understand that SIM cards are plentiful and cheap, but you need a GSM phone which I don't have. Thanks for any information.

Ball 44

Member #1005
03-25-04, 12:36
Ball 44
"Where can I rent a GSM phone? Is there a shop in the Manila airport? If so, where is it exactly and how late is it open. I only ask the time because I'm arriving late (11:30 p.m.). I understand that SIM cards are plentiful and cheap, but you need a GSM phone which I don't have. Thanks for any information"


I am not sure if there is anywhere to rent telephone in the airport as I personally, couldn't find anywhere to buy or notice any places renting cell phones, but here is an extract taken from my last post:

The mobile telephone revolution has hit the Philippines and you must have a cell phone and the two companies to choose from are Globe and Smart, I choose Smart simply because this was the easiest to find when my taxi driver stopped of at a local petrol station, open 24 hours, and the cashier was helpful enough to change and load the sim card and top up the phone, as easy as that, available in minutes. smart.com.ph

Sim card services are relatively cheap at about 500 Pesos (U$9) anyway and good value so providing you have a GSM compatible phone (some Nokias and Sony Ericssons are already compatible) then you can be operational in minutes.


Member #1005
03-27-04, 08:59
Quote taken from Mikster’s post of: 3-23-04

“I get a hoot listening to this Juniour character lecturing me on morality, exploitation, how to treat women, etc etc., as he just finished P4P in the Philippines for several days, unbelievable.

Juniour, my son, I didn’t go to AC to look for a regular girl. I went to bang my cock off and mission was accomplished. I ask around about regular girls and was told it was not a good idea in that neck of the woods and I believe that to be true. Just because a few girls went out with you doesn’t mean anything son. The websites are full of AC girls looking for men, most of them pros and semi-pros. But, you can do what you want, I don’t care”.

(PS, I have corrected the few grammatical errors in Mikster’s post to make it easier to read)

My views on women: What I find strange is that someone can actually think that I cannot not respect women that I have been banging? (your words not mine) Its weird that some of you think that its incompatible to respect someone who sleep with people for money, why? Why do you have such a low opinion of women anyway?

A strange thing to say really, so just because someone has been sucking your dick doesn’t make them any less a human being than you and I? I cannot see what is wrong with respecting someone you are sleeping with? Would someone like to explain me?

Fortunately, because of the way I was brought up I was always taught to respect ALL people, this is not a religious thing but if you want respect you should also give it, just because someone is sweeping the streets for a living, a mortician or a hooker doesn’t make them any less a human being and everyone wants to be respected.

Maybe this is one reason why I have no problems with GFE because without boasting here, about 80% of the girls I have met have always wanted to meet up with me again socially and I have met girls from Brazil, in Centaurus in Rio, girls from Latvia, Czech Republic, Thailand and believe me the Philippines has to be the easiest place on earth to have GFE; Brazil is second in my books.

When I talk to girl, (now please take notes here) I have one secret weapon that never fails… and what is that you are asking? First, I talk with them...... not too them. Second, I never talk about myself...... I always ask about the girls and third, most important thing I do is I always listen carefully to what they have to say? I want to know about their family, where they are from, etc.

Do you know how many bars I have been in and seen some arsehole who somehow is always talking loudly, saying he is some big shot or high flyer earning hundreds of thousand dollars a year and very rich blah, blah, blah. Please guy come on, get real this is so sad and pathetic really; just imagine how many guys must come out with that bullshit every day and every night and these girls automatically switch off. The other thing I never do is make any promises to these girls, I never do this, especially these guys that play on bullshit that somehow by telling this girl that they will take care of them, take them back to their country, like this girl is going to suck their dick harder and longer is pure fantasy. I may give my word but always stick to it.

Naturally, I am a man I want to fuck most girls I meet, (don't we all?) but hey if you can get it for free, then even better, why not. In Germany I can recall meeting this stunningly beautiful Lithuanian girl and during our conversation, when I was trying to arrange to meet up with her later she asked me why I wanted her number and where I would take her, and I replied to McDonalds and I might buy her a cheeseburger…if she was lucky. And the following day she turned up at my place, but not for a meal in McDonalds, I am not that mean.

So Mikster my son, when I say to you that if you changed your attitude to women you might find it easier to have GFE in Angeles City, Manila or Cebu, I mean it because I do not know another city on earth, that I have been too yet that is soooo easy to find GFE, and I stand to be corrected on this.

Next time I am in AC I will make a point of checking out the Ponderosa Hotel next time and ask about Mike from USA who had the ladies parked outside the entrance at all times waiting for him, no doubt all local beauty queens – "whooa careful stud, you are the man".

There is no charge for this lesson for today but if you take my advice and are successful I suggest you donate say $25 dollars to this web site and help out Jackson who is doing a wonderful job here for all us mongers.


Hey guys so there are no hard feelings one small peace offering a photo for you, taken in Bangkok on my recent trip

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of photos containing imbedded text. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

03-27-04, 13:53

I was hoping that this flaming was about to stop soon, but no. It seem to me that none of you guys will grow up, ie being the one to stop replying to the others comment.

You guys are just ruining this forum by your nonsense; and JUNIOUR - that was not a nice gesture, posting that last picture.

If you guys dont stop now, we will make Jackson aware that most guys in this forum are getting tired of the shit you throw at each other, him perhaps banning you from the forum.

SO, SHUT THE F**K UP, and get back to posting FR.


03-27-04, 17:46

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject.

Thank You,


Member #1005
03-28-04, 08:14

Agreed, let’s get back to posting, useful information, something I have wanted to do all along.

For the record, I posted a report and was attacked for what reason I do not know? Then others who posted were attacked and we defended ourselves, which is how we arrived at this impasse.

And I thought the Thai post was suppose to be the difficult threat.


03-31-04, 08:06

Where chicks can be found in Baguio City?

04-08-04, 07:03

* I'm thinking about a holiday in PI, never been there before and don't know where to go. Been reading these boards, but am getting mixed messages!

* Want to pick up hot girls, don't mind paying extra for quality.

* Like to drink, but don't want to get rolled, so security and peace of mind is important.

* Willing to travel to any city/town if the trip is worthwhile.

* Don't care about sports or other day-time activities.

Any ideas out there?

All the best, and good hunting!

Member #1986
04-13-04, 17:14

Thank you for your intervention. I have followed the same flaming across 3 boards now and enough is enough. Thanks from a member.


04-14-04, 00:34
Ball 44,

"Where can I rent a GSM phone? Is there a shop in the Manila airport? If so, where is it exactly and how late is it open. I only ask the time because I'm arriving late (11:30 p.m.). I understand that SIM cards are plentiful and cheap, but you need a GSM phone which I don't have. Thanks for any information."

You are better off either bringing an unlocked Triband GSM phone with you, or just pick up a used phone the next day. There are phone shops all over and you can probably get a good nokia for a few thousand pesos.

I have seen rentals (Online) and it would be cheaper just to buy one. if you don't need it when you leave it will make a great tip for someone!

04-14-04, 09:19

For mongering and absolutely nothing else, Angeles would be your best bet. IMHO.


04-15-04, 01:20
The chip is around 270 pesos with some airtime. Yes, you can buy a used phone for 100 USD, which is decent.

Go to the malls, there are many there.

I think getting a cell phone depends on how long you want to be there. It is consider a toy there in the Philippines, and a necessity item to have to run around in the Philippines. You cannot use a pay phone, or a regular phone to call a cell phone. Believe me, I try, that is why I have a tri-band phone that I use when I am in all of Asia. I really need it, but I don't like the Pussies calling me all the time I have a girlfriend, and it ain't too cool have all the ladies call you, when she is around, lol!

04-18-04, 01:27
What a Wonderful sight this is. It has been so informative. My wife and I are heading to the Philippines in the early part of May, It will be my first time. My wife being a native of the Philippines is somewhat leary of letting me roam freely over there, and I must say after finding and reviewing some of the posting's in here I can see why, the way in which you guys describe it. My God, it sounds like the true defination of Paradise. She will be visiting her family over there, I met her about ten years ago over here in the States, and although I truly do Love this woman with all of my Heart. Umm, the idea of not at least having a little fun over there seems almost criminal to me. I mean life is short, right? And taking into account that this is my first vacation in years. I can see no harm in it. I suppose my question would be along these lines. Umm, I am sure that a lot of you too, are also married, and so, How do you manage it? I had come to the conclusion that I will probably have to rent two hotel rooms. The one that She and I can meet up in, and the one to 'party' in, as for the Girls That I meet. I think it would be best just to be honest regarding my marital status, I have managed to meet a few woman on here in the chat rooms, and have been totally honest in this regard, and so far umm. It seems not to be a problem and they have still been very open to meeting me. My buddies at work keep giving me a hard time about my trip as they are like 'Ohhhh Dudde, why are you bringing sand to the beach?' Don't bring your wife to P.I.! But since this trip is essentially for her. I really have no choice in the matter. Well guys, thanks for all the info and when I get back I will be sure to share my experiances.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

Dragon Slayer
04-19-04, 09:09

Most of us here in this site are not married. I do have my Woman and Daughter in Leyte at my home here. My Firm and my personal residence are both here in USA.

For my info check Cebu and Davao where the "Davao Team" Rules. My trip in 3 days will be Trip # 76 to S.E. Asia from USA and Trip # 62 to the Philippines. I speak 4 languages and some Vasayan, language of Leyte where my Family lives.

No one here EVER listens to my advice but you may be the 1 exception. So here goes:

1) DO NOT get a 2nd room at the Hotel unless you want to be divorced. Get a room at a second Hotel or go to one of the Clubs mentioned in my Posts where you can get a VIP Room for 1- 4 hours.

2) I alwyas travel for at least a week with my Family. I insist on "discretion" by the Hotel Staff. in the Philippines this is almost impossible to get, but I stay at the same Hotels, bring gifts oF fine American whiskey for the Hotel Manager, Asst Mgr and Chocolates for the ladies at reception. No women are EVER told I am at the Hotel when my Woman and Daughter are with me. I tip the Bartenders and others also, very handsomely, I might add.

3) Arrange for "free time" on your own when your wife goes to visit her Family. To be honest, you will probably find it unbelievably boring hanging with her Family. There must be something you enjoy doing that requires a couple days on your own away from her "Group". Scuba diving near Dumaguete City, shopping in Cebu City, meeting old friends in Davao (PM us ), etc.

4) No One in her Family can be trusted to be discreet no matter how much you pay them. On leyte, I do not even look at another Woman, and there are 1,000's of beautiul ladies there. Read Posts in "other Areas', Davao, Cebu and Manila for ideas. Go back to Jan 1, 2004 at least.

Good Luck

Dragon Slayer

04-19-04, 17:50
Yes, it is true that they don't care if you are married, or not. Of course, it depends on the girls. If you are meet the one to have a good time, then they don't care. Some are hoping that you will leave your wife, and some are just hoping that they can be you mistress, so that you can support them. They are willing to have a baby with you, so that you can send them so money.

The bottom line is that they are looking for a better life, or a steady income stream to support them, or their families.

I talked to some Filipinos, and they told me that if a Filipino, make it to the states, that their lives will improve 10X. This is lower, or middle class. The Rich don't need this, and won't go for this.

P.S. If you are going to get a room, there are many short time hotel, like Sogo, and couples of other one. The girls will tell you. The cost is around 500 pesos a room for ST. There is a sign with a woman whispering. I don't remember the name. They are all over Malate/Pasay area.

04-19-04, 23:30
Victoria court http://www.victoriacourt.biz/main.htm

is the "whispering lady" short time hotel.


04-21-04, 06:21
firedick,spidey and dragon slayer,

thank you for the follow-up to my posting.we have just 15 more days to go before we head off to p.i , will be flying out of s.f on philippine airlines. the name of the hotel that you two suggested is aptly named, taking into account my situation, it's a name that is easy enough to remember.

and dragon slayer, that is pretty impressive, you speak four languages? my wife is like that, she is fluent in four also, could not help but to ponder for a moment the thought of the two of you together, imagine the fights that you two could have, expletives times four, pretty scary!!

as for your advice about 'time with her family', 'seperate hotel' and 'alone time', it was all well received, although i have met some of her family from p.i here in the states and have grown to love them, i think you were right when you said that i would more than likely be 'bored' at her reunion with them. that sounds harsh, but the reality is that they do have lots to catch up on timewise,as it has been more than ten years since they have any personal contact with one another. well being that i am not exactly sure as to the protocal in here, i guess i shall cut this short for now. i was worried that maybe 'thank you' letters are frowned upon for taking up to much room.

and jackson, thanks for the speedy entry into the forum. this has been some of the best reading that i have done on the internet. i love this sight.

Diet Cola
04-22-04, 01:05
Does anyone have opinions on filipinaheart.com?

Call me cynical but I am not convinced that all those profiles are 100% genuine. I have been on websites such as sentimente.ro and 90% (if not higher) reply to instant messaging. On this website, the ration is around 1:10 or perhaps even worse. When some do reply, it is almost script-like on how they answer to be almost reminiscent of a scene in a film (can’t remember but think it was in Las Vegas) where a adult chat lines are answered by OAP’s knitting while talking dirty.

Compared with the Romanian website, filipinaheart.com isn’t cheap to join and I wondered if it’s not some elaborate scam.

Next week, Roswell. Why did no-one even keep one piece of that downed spacecraft?

04-22-04, 16:16
My friend like to stay at the Executive on Mabini st./ Pedro Gil. I think it is around 1,500 pesos.

He like it there, b/c he can go to LA Cafe for a drink, or pick up some kiki.

04-22-04, 16:23
Yes, they are genuine, for now. After they get you in their grasp, then they will grow horns within 2 years in your country.

You must realize that all the profiles are almost the same. Either, they know each others, or they are just not very creative people. I think the word is "Simple."

I did meet some girls from Asianeuro, who own Filipinahearts. It is easy, and they don't really get the opportunity to meet who they are talking to. I use to go to the Philippines 2-3 times a year, so no problem, if I want to meet them. Of course, they will bring their friend, so you have to be prepare to pay double, or triple, if you don't understand this.

Diet Cola
04-23-04, 00:22
Ignore my post below, suddenly the IC has gone into overdrive and I am getting replies. Must have been a problem with their server because everyone now seems very genuine.

I Jags
04-25-04, 22:01
Anyone with information about employment anywhere in Asia would be helpful. High level sales.


04-30-04, 01:12
Does anyone know of any good yahoo groups of the Philippines? I started one (sendmetothephilippines) but it just hasnt gotten off the ground. Any advise will be appreciated.

The Filthy One

Hamilton W
05-01-04, 09:07
I'll be in Thailand for 3 weeks starting in Late May.

Is it worth it to travel from Thailand to Angeles City for a few days? If so, how many days before returning to Thailand? I hear it's a ways from the Manila airport.

Any suggestions on how to get to Angeles City from Bangkok or some other Thai international airport?

J Boy
05-07-04, 04:10
Spidey - or anyone else who may know

I have a retired Motorola nexus phone that uses a Sim card. Do you know if this would be compatible with the cell phone cards in PI? Are all SIM type cell phones compatible with all cards? I can probably haul it along just in case.

I will post this in a couple other forums so please forgive me if you get tired of seeing it.

05-07-04, 05:21
J Boy,

If it uses a SIM card, then it would be compatible with the SIM cards for sale in the Philippines.

But you have to check whether your phone is the same bandwidth. Most, if not all (GSM or PCS), U.S. phones are locked to the 1900 Mhz frequency. The Philippines uses the 900 or 1800 Mhz. If that Motorola is a "tri-band" phone (meaning using all three abovecaptioned freqs), then it can be used here.

If not, you can just buy a "used" local phone with SIM card for less than 2K php. Just ask around, I am sure you will get to find one.

Good luck.

05-07-04, 16:46
Hi guys,
For those of you that send money back to the PI for your lady, have you found a convienient way to do it.

I was thinking paypal but it doesn't work in the PI. I was thinking of a bank account such as at Equitable PCI and wiring the money in but that sounds expensive, as it's gonna only be $100 or so a month.

What have you guys done?


Member #1986
05-07-04, 20:08

Look for a PNB (Philippine Natl. Bank) remitance center. (there is another company also, but I will have to look up their name and PM you with it later). You can send money bank to bank, the person receiving the money must have an account with that bank. The cost is $8.00 per trasnaction. It goes by the transaction not the dollar amount such as Western Union. If you really get serious and want to send I think its $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 they will wave the $8.00 fee. So if you have that much send me some also.

This is the cheapest way I have ever found & they get the money the next banking day. Hope this helps Mook, I will PM you with the other company later today.

Have fun.

05-07-04, 23:09

You can try http://paydirect.yahoo.com. Just follow the steps there and you can send money several ways. One way I find interesting is you can send someone an ATM card and yu just transfer money to the card. The cost to send 100.00 is only 7.45 USD.

The Filthy One

Robert Lee
05-08-04, 00:11
If this is a special woman and you want to do it on a regular basis. Try this, open up a checking account here. Make sure it's a stand alone account not connected to any of your other accounts. Then ask for and get a atm/debit card. Send her the card via fed ex, ups or any of the other couriers out there.

This makes it easy for you to send her money, deposit it in the account and tell her when the money would be available. This way all she has to do is go to any atm machine to withdraw the set amount up to the daily limit. You get a statement at the end of the month so you can see how much was set and where it was withdrawn from. The atm cost can't be more the 1.50 to 2.00 usd.

However, I highly recommend you make sure it is a stand alone account. But if you keep it within the same bank you can transfer money into via phone anytine of the day or night.

05-08-04, 07:34
Thanks for the suggestions,
I think Robert Lee's idea is the easiest. Didn't even dawn on me to do that. I think last time I used my ATM in the PI to withdraw money from my checking it only cost a total of $2 from an Equitable PCI ATM, this bank seems to have all the big ATM networks, like STAR and PLUS.

I already have a Paypal only linked checking account so opening a sending money to the PI account shouldn't be a big deal. There's a lot of banks offering free checking such as Washington Mutual and Union Bank at least in California. Just have to remember to not have overdraft protection on it because you never know with these girls.

As for remittance I will look into PNB and LBC.

Everyone knows obviously to be careful when supporting a girl there cause some of the bad ones probably have many guys sending money and plus they ask for money from everything from "my parents can't give me tution this semester" to "my mother is dying of cancer". How many times I got that email and even letters from the girls I've met is too many to count.

Thanks for the advice guys.


05-08-04, 17:01
I try this way with CitiBank, b/c it is worldwide, but when I went to CitiBank, or the ATM to withdraw some money. It was rejected. I called the Citibank in the Philippines, and they told me that they will not accept ATM outside of the Philippines, b/c of too many scams with the ATM cards there.

I don't have the problem in Hong Kong. I, also use BofA. I think maybe some people should look into HKBC, b/c it is all over SE Asia, and the worldwide. Problem is they are expensive in fee.

Robert Lee
05-09-04, 00:45

I don't know why you had problems with that atm. All I can say is that I have used this method for a filipina I was interested in. So I know it works. I know there is the chance of abuse, but their is any method out there. I eventually stop dealing with this filipina( got too greedy). All I had to do was call the bank and cancel the card. End of that problem.

How ever I still stress this should only be with someone you consider special and you have them on an allowance of some type.

Also it gives in an insight into how she can or could manage a credit card. Useful if you plan on marrying her.

05-09-04, 06:17

If you qualify to join a credit union, you might want to consider that option.

I belong to a credit union in the U. S. , and they charge no fees whatsoever for ATMs anywhere in the world. Sometimes the local banks will have a fee, but I haven't found that to be the case anywhere outside the U. S.

Even if you do not think you qualify, you may just want to call around. The enrollment restrictions are typically quite lenient. Often times you can join for just living in a particular county, or having a relative at a certain company.

Good luck,

Pacific Blue

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05-10-04, 07:59

Which bank are you using? Anyway, I did think of this ideal, and that some day, if I live in SE Asia, this is how I would do it.

How is that for Automation. I love putting my life on auto. Of course, I am still working on it.

05-31-04, 19:08
I will be visiting Angeles (on a side-trip from Thailand) for the first time from 15th June to 30th June.

Please can anyone recommend a (mid-price) hotel for me to stay during that time.
This is probably a stupid question, but are ALL hotels in AC girl-friendly?

Also, am I right in thinking that June is low-season in AC? and if so, can I expect a discount if staying 2 weeks?

Finally, I would be interested in meeting anyone from the forum who 'just happens to be' in AC during that time to learn the scene/benefits/hazards of life in AC.

Thanks for any help guys.

06-02-04, 03:37
Filipinas, Malaysians, or Indonesians:

I've asked this question on the Malay and Indo section; I'm curious what's the difference for those who really know:

This question is for those rare people who know all three. I'm asking this question in the Malaysian and Indo sections too. Women from these three countries, in general, look similar. Which do you prefer? I have been to the PI several times and understand Filipinas reasonably well. I worked with a Malaysian woman who looked like she could've been from the PI. She was equally as beautiful but, more "intelligent". I have no experience with Indonesians.

06-02-04, 19:55
what is the situation like in the phillipines? Is it still to dangerous to go?

06-03-04, 19:45
I have been mongering in Thailand for some years and have recently taken to using Apcalis (generic Cialis) to enhance the number of shags per night. I will be going to AC for the first time in June.

Can anyone tell me if Viagra and Cialis (in either original or generic form) available over the counter anywhere in AC, or are they strictly prescription drugs in the Philippines?

(A forum search doesn't reveal much info on this)

If they are prescription only, does anyone know Doctor/Pharmacy that distributes in AC?

Finally does anyone know if it is OK to take a (small amount) of Viagra/Cialis through NAIA customs- or is it restricted?

Thanks for any help.

Flying Scotsman
06-04-04, 10:46
Very dangerous! Don't go!

06-07-04, 15:50
I have been able to buy both in Manila. I know its available without a prescription there.
I know you are specifically curious about AC, but, since its available in Manila, I assume its easier to get in AC.

06-07-04, 17:53
There are several Fields area pharmacies which will offer both Cialis and Viagra in generic forms as well as in originals.

Expect to pay more than what you pay in Thailand, but not that much more pricey.

06-07-04, 18:35
They are available. Just asked. The only precaution is one will never know the integrity of the product you are buying. Just be extra cautious. My advise is get in from somebody who had access to a reputable doctor.

06-08-04, 15:46

You could take a small car through customs at NAIA without anyone noticing.


06-09-04, 07:01
from the new york times:

june 8, 2004

u.s. is pursuing americans who commit sex crimes overseas
by eric lichtblau and james dao

washington, june 7 — one suspect was a convicted **** from
baltimore accused of molesting boys in two asian countries.
another was a doctor from georgia who the russian police said
drugged his young victims in a st. petersburg hotel. a third was
a retired army sergeant from seattle who may have molested up to
50 children.

the three men would once have almost certainly fallen outside
the grasp of united states prosecutors. but with the long arm of
american law growing ever longer, all three could face
significant prison sentences in the united states because of a
measure passed by congress last year that gives federal
officials much more power to prosecute people suspected of
molesting children on foreign soil. officials have already used
their expanded authority to prosecute five american men, four of
whom are awaiting trial. dozens more investigations are under
way from sri lanka to costa rica.

american officials are hoping their investigations will help
break what they believe are shadowy internet networks used by
****s to share photographs of children and travel tips
about countries with thriving child sex industries.

but so far, prosecutions under the new law have focused on
people who traveled on their own.

the initiative dovetails with two priorities for the bush
administration: adopting a more aggressive agenda abroad to
protect american interests at home and attacking what president
bush has called the "special evil" of **** and
exploitation. in the process, federal officials have forged an
alliance with humanitarian groups in exposing havens for
so-called sex tourists.

"we're no longer having to fight alone on this," said joseph
mettimano, child protection policy adviser for a christian-based
group called world vision. "we have a very active and very
engaged government power working with us now."

but that new power is also prompting debate in federal courts
and in public policy circles over how far the united states can
and should go to combat child exploitation abroad.

some critics of the initiative, including defense lawyers and
law professors, question why, at a time of pressing
counterterrorism needs at home, investigators from the
department of homeland security are using scarce resources to go
after molesters abroad. others accuse the bush administration
and congress of overreaching by seeking to create what amounts
to a global police presence. "what we're seeing is the
ever-expanding authority of the federal government in the
criminal justice arena," said mike filipovic, a public defender
in seattle who represents michael l. clark, the former sergeant
picked up in cambodia.

"stopping child abuse is a laudable goal, but it's really
somewhat patronizing to these other countries to say that we
feel that the only way to solve this problem is for us to do it
for you," mr. filipovic said. "the issue here is should our
government be able to prosecute our citizens for acts committed
anywhere in the world?"

some child-advocacy groups estimate that as many as 25 percent
of all sex tourists abroad come from the united states. although
the data is inexact, americans who have sex with children abroad
are thought to number in the thousands, with hard-core
****s, casual tourists and business people taking advantage
of lax enforcement, child advocacy groups and american officials

indeed, some countries in southeast asia and latin america are
now seen as havens for molesters, turning a blind eye or even
tacitly welcoming such tourists to promote their economies,
experts say. against that backdrop, agents for the bureau of
immigration and customs enforcement, within the department of
homeland security, have mounted an aggressive effort with their
new power. investigations number in the dozens, officials said,
with targets in cambodia, the philippines, thailand, sri lanka,
india, russia, mexico, costa rica and elsewhere.

american agents are careful to open investigations only with the
cooperation of host countries, said michael j. garcia, who
oversees immigration and customs enforcement. in cambodia, for
instance, the police have in several cases charged americans
under local ordinances, then held them for extradition in close
coordination with american officials.

and in the washington suburbs, several analysts at the
immigration agency's cybercrimes unit now peruse the internet
and follow tips about sex tourism networks abroad.

the government's expanded legal authority to pursue molesters
abroad comes as part of a 2003 federal law known as the protect
act, a package of child-protection measures best known for the
creation of the amber alert for missing children. a more obscure
provision eliminated an obstacle for prosecutors seeking charges
against americans accused of molesting children abroad.

previously, prosecutors had to prove that a suspect left the
united states "for the purpose" of molesting a child, a standard
that authorities said made it almost impossible to bring
charges. the protect act eliminated that and imposed a 30-year
sentence for a conviction.

"the big change here," said charles a. ray, the american
ambassador to cambodia, "is that we can actually take aggressive
action against these people and see results."

mr. clark, who lived in cambodia for about five years before his
arrest and had returned occasionally to seattle, is the first to
challenge the new law. according to the criminal complaint
against mr. clark, he told investigators that he had molested
"approximately 40 to 50 children, stating that some of them may
have been 18 years old." he was charged with molesting two boys
and pleaded guilty to the charges in march. but he also argued
that the legal expansion was unconstitutional and an abuse of
congress' authority to regulate commerce.

on april 26 a federal judge in seattle upheld the
constitutionality of the law, saying congress had acted within
its power. mr. clark is to be sentenced june 25 but may still
appeal the ruling.

american officials acknowledge that privately, some countries
remain wary of working so closely with united states agencies.
but so far, american officials say, foreign nations have been
largely receptive.

cambodia, in particular, is considered "a paradise" for foreign
****s, said aarti kapoor, a lawyer with a cambodia-based
group that assists prostitutes and abuse victims. many residents
are young and impoverished, the country's judicial system is
prone to bribery and corruption and neighboring thailand- also a
favorite destination for sex tourists - has cracked down on the
sex trade, ms. kapoor said. "u.s. law enforcement represents the
only hope of finding justice," she said.

federal officials point to richard arthur schmidt as just the
kind of person that the new law was intended to snare.

mr. schmidt, 61, is a former schoolteacher from the baltimore
area who was repeatedly arrested in the mid-1980's for abusing

in 1987, mr. schmidt was sentenced to an 18-year prison term
after being convicted of multiple counts of sexually abusing a
12-year-old boy in baltimore, court records show. he served 13
years, spending part of that time enrolled in a sex-offender
program, officials said.

in 2000, he was released early for good behavior and settled in
an upscale neighborhood in north baltimore. but in 2003, state
investigators said that he had tried to take pornographic
photographs of two boys in the baltimore area, state officials
said. a warrant for his arrest was issued, but he fled, first to
north carolina and then to the philippines.

last year, the philippine police arrested mr. schmidt and
charged him with having sex with **** boys. he fled again,
this time to cambodia. and within weeks, he was again spotted
having liaisons with young boys.

this time, workers with private child welfare organizations
spotted mr. schmidt taking a cambodian boy to his apartment in
phnom penh. according to court papers, the workers called the
cambodian police, who arrested mr. schmidt. cambodian officials
notified american investigators, who interviewed mr. schmidt him
and began building a case for his indictment in the united

two cambodian brothers, ages 10 and 13, told investigators that
mr. schmidt had taken them to his apartment several times,
teaching them english and computer games, then photographing
them naked in the shower. a cambodian judge released mr. schmidt
last dec. 25, but confirep001ed his passport and placed him on
police watch.

two days later, a social worker with a french group, action for
the children, saw mr. schmidt check into a guesthouse with a
12-year-old boy, officials said. the social worker, who had been
tailing mr. schmidt, called the police, who arrested mr. schmidt
again. the boy later told investigators that mr. schmidt had
sodomized him.

mr. schmidt was returned to baltimore in february to face
charges under the protect act and is in jail awaiting trial. his
lawyer could not be reached for comment.

one group, the international justice mission, has investigators
who build cases against suspected offenders, then turn the
evidence over to law enforcement officials. the group has also
been training cambodian police in collecting evidence that can
be used in american courts.

another group, world vision, serves as a clearinghouse for tips
on foreign sexual predators and has mounted a $2-million
advertising campaign, financed in part by the state department,
to warn americans against committing sexual offenses abroad. the
group plans campaigns in thailand and costa rica, and with
billboards near the airport in phnom penh and elsewhere in

"abuse a child in this country," reads one poster, "go to jail
in yours."

Flying Scotsman
06-09-04, 10:25
Intransit. And your point is?

06-09-04, 10:56
i'd rat out a **** to the us authorities if i saw it in my travels to the pi. i hope they do a good job of prosecuting for it more often.


06-09-04, 17:15
Indeed. But one must wonder, how much further is the long arm of US law going to go?

06-09-04, 18:01

a bit of a waste of space. posting the link would have been fine.

i have no sympathy for ****s, they should get what ever the local judicial system can dish out. but, the thought of a government prosecuting for crimes committed outside their own borders sets a pretty scary precedent.

06-09-04, 18:47

I will accede to your outranking me as a Senior Member. I posted the entire article to save people the hassle of registering for the NY Times Web site.

06-09-04, 19:44
No harm no foul. :)

06-17-04, 16:34
Hey Guys,
I need a recommendation for a cell phone shop. I know about the used cell phone shops already, checked out the upstairs of Harrison Plaza last time, the girls there are very low quality at the mall, don't waste your time. So, I decide this time to buy a cell phone. Anybody have experience buying from the cell phone store in Glorietta Mall in Makati, you know the one on the 2nd floor with the phones in the display. I'm not looking for dirt cheap prices but the prices they give are fair prices right.

If you have a recommendation for a good store with fair prices in a big mall, ie, Mega Mall, SM Makati, etc. Post it here so we know where to go.


06-17-04, 17:25

I bought my Sony Ericsson from this store in Greenbelt 1 close the 'The Spa'. Sorry, I can't remember the name but good service and was able to haggle for some freebies and discount.

Avsurfer or Avid Video in Greenbelt 3 also sells lots of cell phones and they have plenty of locations and reputable.


Teddy Bear 99
06-18-04, 08:33
The one thing I did learn in the PI is that you can haggle with the price on everything including the hotel rooms. I found the same phones can be had for cheaper outside Manila, I don't remember the model exactly, but got an Ericcson for about 3000 pesos cheaper in Naga City. Also you might find the "corner" stores maybe cheaper than the malls. (Overhead)

06-19-04, 09:11
Do cell phones in the PI have different area codes for where you buy it or where you request it. Like I would like a Manila cell phone area code for my cell. Or is it like other countries where there are separate area codes for cell phones so it doesn't matter.



06-19-04, 11:58

No. Cell phone numbers all seem to begin with 0916 or 0917 regardless of location. There may be some differences among the various service providers, primarily Globe and Smart, but that's about all. Area codes only seem to apply to land lines.

06-19-04, 18:01
Alright, I think this is my last question about cell phones.

How much is charged for recieving calls, say from the US? And calling the USA from the cell phone is it at least the same rate as when you use the PLDT card which I think is around 22p a min?



06-23-04, 03:10

There's no charge to receive calls using a cell. The cost of calling to the US using the cell phone is about the same as using a PLDT card. The only advantage in using a PLDT card to call out is the quality of the line. Physical area codes don't apply to cell phones. Mobile area codes are sold as blocks to mobile service providers such as SMART, Globe, Sun, etc. You can buy a 0919, for example, in both Manila or Mindanao. I believe 0919s are sold by SMART. The codes available right now are 091x to 092x.

06-24-04, 00:20

MasterBlaster is correct. The Globe prefix is 0917, and there's no charge for receiving calls. Also you can buy recharge cards almost anywhere. The system seems to be pretty reliable most of the time, but there are "dead zones" even in the middle of some of the bigger cities.

Sun Devil
06-25-04, 22:37
Here is some information about bar girls that some dude emailed me:

Lets talk about the type of Bargirls you will encounter on your trip
to PI. This small guide covers and describe the entire bargirl
population in PI. Bargirls are individual human beings and should be treated as such.

A bargirl is a dancer, waitress or doorgirl that works in a bar in PI and can be EWR’d (Early Work Released aka barfined).

Probably the easiest way to understand the PI bargirl is by looking at the various stereotypes. Rarely will a bargirl fit neatly into one stereotype. Most girls have a complex set of motivations while working the bar scene in PI. Understanding those motivations allows you to have more fun during your travel in PI. Of course, since bargirls are women you and I will never truly understand them. But it can be fun trying.

Here are the different types of Bargirls found in PI.


Most Filipinas are actually very shy around foreigners. A girl fresh
from the province is almost certain to be shy. This shyness might only last a few weeks or months but it will be unmistakable.

Body shyness is a big part of this. Proper attire for a Filipina swimming in the provinces is not a bikini. It is mostly long pants or shorts and a heavy shirt over an undershirt and a bra. Take a body shy girl from the province and put her on stage in a bikini and watch the fun. She will try to stand behind the other girls on stage and hide various body parts with her hands if she catches you looking too closely.

Body shy girls are often verbally shy as well. You can buy them a LD and they can easily remain silent or give one word answers to your questions for the entire time you are in the bar. I have found real gems among the shy girls as they are often quite new to the bar scene. It may take a few days to get the shy girl to relax with you but the result may be worth it.


Maybe it is her skin tone, her beautiful face but mostly it is her
entire shape and body that makes a stunner. Sure beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some girls are just simply maganda to many foreigners - speacially after a few drinks, lol.

Unfortunately the stunner will realize this about five minutes after she starts working inside a bar and sees all the attention directed at her. At this point her attitude starts to change. She starts thinking about what the customer can do for her instead of what she can do for the customer to make him happy.

My experience with stunner girls is that usually her bad attitude overpowers her beauty. Stunner girls often quickly develop into high maintainence girls. More so when you date them for a fews days or for a while.


These girls are easily spotted from across the bar by the glare from their gold jewelry. A cherry girl or a girl fresh from the province will have very little jewelry. Jewelry is often given when the girl makes the guy very happy. If he didn’t buy the gold jewelry then he gave her enough pesos for her to buy it herself.

On the plus side it means that she is capable of making someone very happy. Unfortunately her boyfriend or honeyko may have her so emotionally wrapped up that she will not make you very happy.

In my experience a high maintainence girl is a risky EWR. If you are only looking to butterfly - a series of one night stands, then it is doubtful that she will forget her boyfriend(s) long enough to show you a good time in one night.


This girl knows what you want and is prepared to deliver it to you
with minimal hassles. She doesn’t waste time telling you much about herself and her problems. The professional girl will be asking you if you want short time or long time and what positions would be required.

If she is very professional she may even want to discuss the size of her tip before she has even left the bar. Some prefer this directness but it lacks a little of the GFE (Girl Friend Experience) that I enjoy so much in PI. On the plus side, the professional girl may be the only honest bargirl that you will meet in your stay in PI.


Some will argue that every bargirl in PI is a bolla bolla (liar) girl.
They may be right. Some girls will even lie to you for no reason. In
their defense they have to listen to all the foreigners lie to them
constantly also. It is only natural for them to want to return the
favor. They simply don’t think that it is inappropriate for them to
lie to you. It takes a long time for most bargirls to trust you enough to be honest with you.

Sadly, for some bargirls it is simply not possible for them to be honest. If any single stereotype can be found in combination with others then this is one that fits all of the stereotypes.


This girl’s objective is to get you interested enough in her to send
her monthly support payments. The fact that she has three other guys already sending her support will not deter her in the slightest.

Honesty is a joke. She will literally do or say anything to get what
she wants. She may test you early on by asking if she can stop at JJ’s supermarket before going to your hotel. Of course you are expected to pay. If she says she needs hair conditioner but you walk out of JJ’s with three or more items than she may be testing you.

If your pockets are deep and your hotel room expensive then she will take note. You can expect the magic word ‘support’ to be mentioned in the morning. You might think it strange that a bargirl would even mention the word support after only one night but believe me it happens. On the plus side, it might be a great night as she could be very motivated.


These are the girls that make up the bulk of the lineup in any bar.
They aren't stunners but are still decent looking girls with fair to
good figures. Maybe a skin condition, a small rice belly or some bad teeth keeps them from being a stunner. One thing that you will notice in the PI is that girls from the poorer provinces have rarely if ever visited a dentist and an orthodontist would be impossibly expensive.

The advantage of a second tier girl is that they don’t have the
attitude of the stunners. They are very happy that you chose them for EWR and their performance in the bedroom is usually great.

You probably have the best chance of a GFE with one of these girls. They have no intention of leaving after one session. Your aircon hotel room with cable TV and minibar is heaven to them, compared to their tiny apartments with three bargirl roommates. Often times they will develop into Cinderella girls, particularly if you EWR them more then one night.


She is looking for Prince Charming to rescue her from her life of
poverty and prostitution. Her favorite movie is ‘Pretty Woman’. If she thinks you are her prince then you are in for a wild ride. She will do and say almost anything in order to be with you. Honesty about her past is forgotten in her desire to present herself to you in the best possible light.

She desperately wants to hear the magic words ‘mahal
kita’ (I love you) from you. If you are foolish enough to say the
magic words then she will instantly start planning your lives together as newlyweds. Children’s names will be suggested by her. On the plus side you can expect some great times in bed as she tries her very best to please you.

However, when you ask her to go home in the morning the
tears will be histrionic. Spending a week or more with one girl can
often turn her into Cinderella but it can also happen in one night, if you are very nice to her.


In my experience there are three kinds of cherry girls in AC. The
obvious one is the true cherry girl (virgin) that is looking for a
husband. Filipino culture values virginity quite highly. A Filipino
man with an education and a good job would never marry anything but a virgin. A cherry girl believes that must be true for foreigners as well. If she is husband shopping then she has to hold on to her credit card.

The second type of cherry girl is actually selling a product and you
can expect intense negotiations with mamasan over the price. Of
course, as with any verbal sales agreement, packaging and freshness are not guaranteed.

The third kind of cherry girl is the one that really doesn’t want you
to EWR her. A bargirl telling you that she is cherry when you suggest going back to your hotel may be just politely saying no to you. Maybe you need to shower and brush your teeth more often. If you have already bought the girl six ladies drinks then you might be disappointed.

Shame on you, for not asking her earlier, if she was a cherry girl. If the girl doesn’t want to go back to your hotel with you then it is pointless to persist. Neither of you will have a good time. With such a high bargirl population in PI you are sure to find many others that will like you or at least like your wallet.


A lot of girls fresh from the province will fall into this stereotype.
The girl will say that she has been forced by her family to work in
the big cities and send money home to them every month. She will tell you that she is actually a good girl and she may even believe it herself for a long time. Other jobs would not allow her to send enough support to her family.

Unfortunately the attention and money from foreigners’ changes them over time. The fact that she has an expensive cell phone, nice clothes, manicures and pedicures twice a week is ignored. In her mind she is still forced to work in the bar in order to support her family.

She wants your sympathy. She wants you to feel guilty. She also wants a big tip. The martyr girl can’t really enjoy herself or be your girlfriend in your hotel room or she wouldn’t be a martyr.


These girls are easy to spot as they will often have dyed hair,
stylish haircuts, heavy makeup and white faces. They embrace the
western culture and reject their own heritage. If you watch Filipino television and movies you will notice that the ‘good’ characters have western noses and skin colors. The Westernized girl will often accessorize herself with western clothes, cigarettes and body jewelry.

I am not sure why they think that a guy would travel across the globe to be with a western looking Filipina.


Filipinas normally look much younger than their years. Even so, a
bargirl that works for too many years in PI will start to look older.
If she has had one or more children then it will likely have taken a
toll on her figure. A falling star will often work as a waitress and
may wear a fair bit of makeup. A waitress uniform hides the years
better than a bikini. When the other girls in the bar are 18 or 19
years old, then a 25 year old falling star has some serious
competition. That translates into fewer ladies drinks and fewer EWRs.

Anyone who has experienced a drop in income will know that it is a difficult adjustment. For a Filipina, whose family is demanding ever increasing amounts of support money, the pressure can be enormous. The falling star may not be wearing much jewelry but they probably have some pawnshop slips in their purse. These girls can be aggressive in the bar. They can’t let you spend 15 minutes looking at the bikinis on stage.

They will be flashing their susu’s (breasts) or other body
parts in your direction. Lap dancing and heavy petting are often on the menu. They will be asking you to EWR them and not be concerned with getting more than one ladies drink. In my experience they can make excellent EWR’s. They will often be more willing to accommodate your specific sexual requests than a younger and more popular girl.

Their years in the bar scene will also give them a lot more skill than some of the newer girls. Turn the lights off in your hotel room and have fun.


It seems that most bars have one or two very aggressive girls working for them. The aggressive girl is usually the first to greet you when you walk into the bar. She is often has the loudest voice in the bar.

She is probably not shy about revealing various body parts to you, even from on stage. She will sit down beside you or even on your lap without an invitation. A ladies drinks will magically appear, again often without your consent. The bar tolerates her aggressiveness because of the number of ladies drinks that she sells in an evening.

Typically, she is not very interested in EWR as that costs her time
from the bar that she could be making commissions on ladies drinks. If she does go EWR then it is probably short time or she could very well be a runner.

It is easy to distinguish the falling star from the aggressive girl. If you are under a lot of pressure to buy ladies drinks then you are dealing with an aggressive girl. Fortunately it is also easy to avoid the clutches of an aggressive girl in the bar.

Simply refuse to buy her a ladies drink and she will be on the lap of another bar patron in an instant.


Most bars have one or two Tbirds (lesbians) working in the bar. They may not be obvious but certainly the other bargirls know which girls are the Tbirds. I really can’t say what proportion of Tbirds are bisexual. I have seen some Tbird's be barfined by a lesbian foreigner.

I know of one that goes to PI to do just that. Once you know which girls in the bar are Tbirds it can be fun to watch them interact with a straight bargirl. Imagine EWRing two Tbirds to put on a show in your hotel room while you are getting it on with a heterosexual bargirl!


Some AC bargirls already have boyfriends (foreigner or Filipino) or
even husbands. They are working in the bar because they need the money to keep their partner(s) happy. Sadly, some level of domestic abuse may be involved.

They are not likely going to make you happy in your
hotel room when their life is so sad. They are often adept at keeping the fact of a boyfriend a secret from customers. If they seem reluctant to agree to long time or discuss particular sexual positions then there is a good chance that they are committed to another guy.

They are often under pressure from the bar to get more EWRs. If
mamasan is pushing you to EWR, but the girl seems reluctant, then you may be dealing with a committed girl. If you do EWR a committed girl then you have a much higher than normal chance of dealing with a runner on your hands.


Sadly, the illegal and addictive amphetamine shabu is readily
available in the PI. Some girls are working in bars simply to finance their shabu addiction. The medical symptoms of a shabu user are: increased energy, perception, self confidence as well as a sense of euphoria.

However, they also commonly experience irritability, impulsivity, impaired judgement, and insomnia, as well as nausea, dizziness and anorexia. Personally, I avoid the moody, skinny girls that appear to be high. It is really not something that you can totally avoid, so I would not worry about it too much.


A bargirl consuming tequila shots every evening will eventually
develop a dependence on alcohol. If you think that the only alcoholics in PI are the foreigners and the expats then you are fooling yourself.

Yes, 19 year old bargirls can be alcoholics. It doesn’t take much
tequila to get a 90 lbs. bargirl drunk. If you think that a drunk or
hungover bargirl is going to be a wildcat in bed then you are sadly
mistaken. You are far more likely to be cleaning up after her,
listening to dry heaves all night or staring at her comatose body. If its 10 pm and a bargirl has already had a few too many then ask her when her shift starts. You can always come back another day and rescue her from the evil demon tequila by EWRing her when her shift starts.

Just don’t take her barhopping for six hours or at least make sure she is drinking something other than booze.


If you are really interested in a three holer girl then I think you
would have better luck asking the mamasan first. Be sure to buy the mamasan a drink before you pop that question. Few girls in the bars are three holers and shy to talk about it inside the bar. Like I said ask the mamasan. They know which are the three holers in the bar.

Hope you get to enjoy at least once each of the type of bargirls in
PI. It will fulfill your PI dream in some sort of way.

06-29-04, 03:19
Great post Sun Devil! Shows a lot of experience and it is highly entertaining. I will surely have a grin on my face as I begin to associate these categories with the b****** I meet.

06-30-04, 04:20
Sun Devil, you are great. I go through all those classifications, but subconsciously whenever I am in a bar. Also watch for those girls 'on heat' that sit, cross their legs and masterbate by leg swinging. They are ready but seem unaware their body language is giving the game away.
I would love to see a Filipina's classification of the guys who go to bars!

06-30-04, 13:42

I guess we will be doing plenty of association with Sun Devil's list this coming November along with NYP.


07-01-04, 04:46
I'd like to hear from someone with experience in mongering in Latin America and Asia. I am looking for a trip this year. I am really into pinays and latinas. Is a better trip to be had in Thailand or The Phillipines? Columbia/Peru or SE Asia. I have a thing for beautiful and young and cheap and into anal. Any suggestions?

07-01-04, 07:13

No doubt! A few more months and we will be in monger's heaven. NYP is such a lucky dog. I'd like to hear his FRs from his most recent trip. NYP, where are you?


Frequent Flier
07-17-04, 03:30
I had joined the Filipinaheart site some months ago. When I joined the site I created a new email address with AOL for which I would only give that email address out on Filipina Heart.

I didn't take long for the spamers to come crashing in.

This complete prick of a person has an email address that I can put here because of the rules. This fucker is taking guys for a complete ride. I wish I know how to stop his game. I have attached his latest email to me for your review.

Check this shit out! I copied his email to me below.

The cheapest deal he is offering is $3,230.00 for 4 night and five days. Not including air fare. Hell you could get what he is offering for 25% of that price and live good while there. The pictures in his email did not copy, but the girls pictures he is using are from various web sites all over the Internet. I'm sure he is just lifting the pictures without permission.

If anyone wants his email address or would like for me to forward this pricks email to them send me a private message.

I thought the Philippines was a heaven for us all to enjoy. It is a shame that some prick is taking fellow monger newbies for such an expensive ride.


Our original singles service has now been become redundant due to the popularity of the Executive Service and we now want to just concentrate on this level of service and make it as good as we possibly can for every client.
It seems the quality of the girls was far more important to the majority of our clients than quantity and as we always suggested.....when you see the quality of the girls wanting to meet you.....who needs quantity!
And we've kept the price for this exceptional service way down!!
And all clients will now have access to our very exclusive club.


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And with our girls, you also get a girl with a very sweet personality, loving, naturally sexy, non-materialistic, very loyal to you and with a genuine desire to please their man.

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They're all here waiting for you now!!

Generally aged between 18 and 26yo (or as you desire), and ALL wanting to meet a friendly, gentle and older western man for a serious relationship and/or marriage.
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Why Us?

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Relax and be spoiled the first night and get ready for your introductions the next day.

Day 2 Your assistant will begin arranging your introductions. You will meet 4-6 model quality girls during the day in cafes and quiet bars to make it a friendly relaxed atmosphere for you both to talk and get to know each other better. From there you may wish to spend the remainder of the day with one or two of the girls and/or arrange to go out that night. Whatever you want to do your assistant will arrange.
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07-19-04, 14:51
Hello all,

I'm currently planning a trip to either the PI or Thailand and one of the things that I would like to do there is make a porno. Actually, i'm planning on creating an adult website that features asian women and figured both those places would be idea for talent. Now I've read on here that pornography is illegal in Thailand, is it also illegal in the Phillipines? Also, regarding that prostitution is also illegal in Thailand but generally accepted, does anyone else here know if the same could be said for producing porn? Also, I heard that the women were somewhat camera shy but you wouldn't know it considering some of the pics that I've seen here. Anyone here know what there attitude would be about videos?

Love this forum and would appreciate any info that anyone has.

08-04-04, 05:25
Hey there,

Am married to a Filipina and been in PI several times - enough to know "my way around" the topics typically discussed. The wifey wants to return home, and I wouldn't mind it except I've gotta keep working since I'm not rich, and I'm not old enough to think about retiring.

So, my question is this - got any input for a guy like me who's in the drug/biotech industry? My impression is why would someone in the PI hire me, asking for U.S. wages, when they can hire some Filipino for pennies a day? However, having been there, I see expats gainfully employed. I wanna live in the PI, but I gotta make something close to U.S. wages.

Responses would be gladly accepted, especially if you want to take this off-line and communicate via email.


08-20-04, 14:04
I just spent 6 weeks in the country and I just want to emphasize that advance preparation is key to getting the most out of your trip.

If you can chat with lots of girls in places like Yahoo Messenger. Find out what they're like and what they'll do. Eventually you'll have a stable of willing, high quality performers and you may not even need to hit night life places to find your bedwarmers.

And of course read all the information here that you can by all the experienced posters so you don't waste your time on wild goose chases.

08-24-04, 05:25

I recently joined some sites featuring "available" Filipinas. Question to you. With all of these "God Fearing", "Conservative", and "Marraige Minded" females floating around how do you find the friskey ones? Are there any hints that they leave in their profile or is futher interrogation the only way to discover this?

08-26-04, 15:26

With the 'nice' girls time is the most important factor. If you're only making one visit for 3 or 4 days then stick with pros. But if you can make several visits of several weeks each then you have time to loosen her up. Take her and her friends out to dinner, movies, romantic view places like Tops if you're in Cebu, etc. The first couple of times make no moves at all. Then when you do make advances she'll probably say no at which point you should stop immediately. I've found that lots of girls are actually turned on because I respected their wishes and they end up attacking me a short time later.

Another important factor is if she lives with her family or not. The ones who live in boarding houses away from their relatives are better bets than the ones that have Mommy and Daddy waiting at home every night. Of course there are lots of girls like that in the big city but even smaller university towns like Dumaguete and Cagayan can have girls living on their own.

It takes time and effort but if you make several trips eventually you'll have a stable of girls waiting for you in different towns.

08-26-04, 17:08
Frequent Flier:

You did a great service to everyone by posting that asshole's email. It's amazing to me that people can be naive enough to buy this crap, especially if they have the intelligence to do even a minimum amount of research on sites such as this one. I wonder if people realize that the price he's charging is about 3 times the annual income of families in the Philippines. I wonder how much he pays the girls to fall in love with these guys.

Knick Fan:

Do not worry about the "God Fearing" and "Conservative" labels. Filipinas pretty much tell you what they think you want to hear. These girls describe themselves this way to convince you that they are marriageable. My advice would be to ignore the labels, concentrate on looks, and see where the meetings take you. I doubt that you will be disappointed in the outcomes.

08-29-04, 12:10

I posted this once but it seems it never made it here. I'll try again.

With the conservative, God-fearing thing you have to take each girl case by case. I would say with the majority it's an Asian public face thing. They say these things for the benefit of their family and whoever else is watching. But if you can get them alone then anything goes. You do often have to take some time to win them over, maybe 2 or 3 dates with no physical moves. Then they decide that you're a 'nice guy' and are more likely to jump in the sack. Go figure.

Also, when you do begin to make advances, the girl will often say no. At this point I usually back off completely, and it's not long before the girl starts making moves on me. I guess because I showed her respect it made her want it more. Again go figure.

Some girls actually are chaste and will not go to your room ever.

One important factor in all this is whether the girl is living with her family or not. The ones that are living on their own are much better bets than the ones who go home every day to Mom and Dad. That's why the big cities and even the smaller university towns like Cagayan and Dumaguete are such good hunting grounds.

08-31-04, 14:41
Mahku and GoodEnough,

Thanks for that info. I can be persistant if need be.

Leo Monti
09-06-04, 16:21
Hallo to all,

I have tried to find the information I need trough the whole forum but I wasn't able to find it.

I would like to visit PI next year, and I would like to travel around for about 3 months. Anyone can tell me if it is possible to get a visa for 90 days?

In my country PI embassy will give a visa for a stay not exceeding 59 days. Somebody said to me that in Bangkok is possible to get a visa for 3 months stay, but this information come from a not verifiable source.

I will be pleasing to anyone who will be able to help me.



09-07-04, 13:46
Leo Monti:

The 59 days is the duration of the average tourist visa for which you need only your passport. If you want a visa for a longer term, it's simple. Go to any Philippines Embassy and apply for a longer-term stay. You will get it in a day by just explaining that you want to travel around for three or four months. I did this when I first came here. You can go to the Embassy in Bangkok, Washington, DC., or wherever.

09-07-04, 18:07

It's also pretty easy to extend visas in country (in the Philippines).


Leo Monti
09-08-04, 06:26
FD & GE,

Thanks for your quick answer and suggestion. As I will spent some days in Thailand before my trip to PI, I will try first to get a long term visa in BKK.

With my poor english, hope to be able to report some good experiences from my trip.

Thanks again,


09-09-04, 10:34
Leo Monti,

I got the 59 day visa last year in Bangkok for the equivalent of US$33. I can’t recall any information about longer term visas, but I think they were available. When you go to the embassy make sure you have the following items:

• Your ticket to and from the Philippines showing the arrival and departure days. I once tried showing them a ticket with open arrival, but they wouldn’t take it. Also have a photocopy of the ticket with you.
• Photocopy of your passport information page.
• Photocopy of your Thai entry stamp page. I don’t know why in the world they wanted this. It’s just dumb bureaucracy.
• A couple of passport photos. I think I only needed one but it pays to err on the side of too many.

You’ll probably have to wait about a day for the processing. But waiting in Bangkok isn’t too much of a hardship.

If you think this process is a pain you should try the Philippine Consulate in Dubai. They wanted all of the above plus:

• A professional translation of my Emirates visa.
• A notarized letter from my employer verifying my job and salary.
• A bank statement showing my bank balance.
• And they wanted $70, more than double most other places.

Like others have said you can just enter the Philippines without a visa and get an extension before your 21 days are up.

I may be wrong but I think extra taxes start kicking in after 59 days. Maybe some of the longer staying guys can answer that.

Lucky for the Philippines that the charm of the women lets us put up with all these hassles. There are plenty of countries in the region and elsewhere that let us stay for 90 days visa free and are glad to take our tourist spending.

09-13-04, 00:08
Gentlemen, I am looking to buy a O/W from Manila to BKK.

Kuwait air had a good deal R/T from BKK, but the one way is rather expensive, at least online.
Does anyone have email contact for a reliable and honest company in Manila, so that I might buy a tix there?

Thank you

09-13-04, 07:46
Hey 1ball,


If there is any way you can swing it, buy your round trips in BKK. Much cheaper than buying in the RP. Just leave the return open and use it later.


09-13-04, 12:13
my plan is to fly to PI from the States, then onto BKK, hence my reason for a O/W from Manila. Any ideas of some good travel agents in Manila ?

09-13-04, 18:18

You can't reverse the direction ? Too bad, you'd save a couple hundred.

I do not use T.A.'s in the RP. My favorite in the states is Amor at (213) 386-6156.

A "circle" fare starting in L.A. is often a cheap way to do it, but I've never seen the RP included in the routes.

Cathy Pacific also offers an "All Asia Pass" that does include BKK and MNL. But all regional flights are in and out of HK. $999, originating on the west coast ( LA, SF or Seatle). You can upgrade to Biz or 1st for a large fee. I know you don't mind paying for the comfort. :)

Good luck.


LOS Traveller
09-26-04, 18:14

Anyone planning to be in AC starting the last day of Sept 2004? I'll be there with friends until mid October.

I think the rules say no phone numbers or emails - so that leaves pm's if you are interested.

Flying from BKK to MNL through CRK.

Pleasure loves company -- holler if you want a share a drink and a story.


09-28-04, 06:03

I arrive the same day into MNL, but will get to AC about 11.30pm. Will be at the Blue Nile from midnight. I'll be with a lurid looking, short (about 5ft 3in), old fella with glasses and a grey beard. Hope we can have a beer or 10 together.

09-30-04, 21:28
Hi guys,

I'd like to take vacation in RP next month. I'm looking for a city with a beach nearby, decent night life, and a chance to meet a "non professionals as well as professionals. What's my best bet: Manilla, Cebu, Davao, or Angeles?

Flying Scotsman
10-01-04, 16:55

You could try Bauang, La Union.. 5 hrs north of Manila.. nice little beach resorts with clubs nearby. You can meet club girls and non pros alike. It s cheaper in the province too. I stayed at Bali Hai resort couple of months back,which is basic but with a great bar and restaurant. Its quieter than the more popular beach resorts but it depends on what you're looking for.

Have fun

Flying Scotsman

10-01-04, 23:34
Any thoughts on the best places for mongering young real blondes on both ease ,gfe , and less important price(under 200) I really enloy young natural blondes but Moscow seems like a forbid place, any thouths really aprreciated.

10-02-04, 07:04
Holy crap Marc,

Maybe it's time to quit vodka ! :)


10-02-04, 15:28
I've seen numerous posts lately about the need for cell phones here, all of which are true. However, do not worry about bringning a phone that has been "locked" by a service provider. The country teems with small shops that will unlock any phone for a small fee.


Maybe you should study a little before your next post. This country is not exactly known for it's population of blond women. Aren't you the same guy who is thinking of marrying his Filipina girlfriend?

10-14-04, 20:25
Bottled blond came be arranged. Natural blond is rear.

Frequent Flier
10-14-04, 21:24
to whoever may be interested:

i'll post this in the other appropriate areas as well.

while doing internet searches for other reasons concerning the philippines i found this site that gives semi-street maps of certain areas. there have been times on this site where persons have requested to know or have an idea where a certain area may be. this may help

in the upper left corner there is a street search that can be slow.

in the middle there is a select destination choice and this works very quickly. i am on a high speed connection, so i'm not sure how fast this would load on a phone line (56k) connection.

the maps are flash animated and you can zoom in and out and use the arrow keys on your keypad to move the map around once you zoom in.

i'm not sure how accurate the maps are, but they seem pretty good for the makati area, which is all i'm familiar with. i found p. burgos street pretty easy by doing a select destination for makati and going to where i thought p. burgos street may be down makati avenue.



Bone Order
10-15-04, 21:28
I am going to AC the first week of Nov. I have not arranged my flight. I will departing from LAX, any suggestions on a good travel agenency?
Question2: I need to make phone calls from PI, I need the caller ID to show my FL phone number here in the states. Maybe I could call my number and have someone here make a three way call with my FL phone to the person I am fooling.

(Smoke and Mirrors) Any suggestions?

Frequent Flier
10-17-04, 06:27
Bone order,

Not sure how to do the home number bit other than the way you described.

You can buy a phone card in the USA that will show you as dialing from a number in the USA. Any convenience store has these and you can test them by calling your cell phone or home phone and looking at the number that comes up.

You can also buy these on line. You have to write down the numbers or if your memory is good enough hold them there. I have seen cost of calling the PI as low as 7.5 cents a minute, not sure what the price is for calling the USA from the PI though.

Just do an Internet search, if you can't find any PM me and I will see if I can't locate the site again.


Cork Sucker
10-17-04, 17:51
Hello guys!

I am new to mongering scene. I am not really looking to screw enormous amounts of pussy, but I would love to find young submissive obidient wife. I have heard remote area's of Phillippines are best places for it. But where exactly and how?

Are there any agencies or private people who can help you?
Can somebody hook me up with them?

Whoever has been there done that please advise.

Thank you

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

10-17-04, 20:10
Bone Order,

The TA that I use is L.A. based. Amor Travel (213) 386-6156.



Frequent Flier
10-19-04, 08:46
Bone order,

As another monger put it recently in another section, are you seeking a companion or a slave? In any case I hope you find what your looking for and that you treat her well.

I have found that going to the web sites of the airlines will give you the best prices. You have to look over the site to find the links for discount flights to certain parts of the world, but they all have them.

Also, look at traveling from a different location than your home city. The airlines, nor the travel web site like Travelocity.com, will do this for you. You have to do it yourself. Try looking at flights from Los Angels, San Francisco, New York City and even Seattle. Then, if you find a low cost flight, see what the cost is for a round trip to the departure city from your home town. A little detective work in this way can go a long way. Travel agents are not necessarily looking for the cheapest flight for you, just the best commission flight for themselves.

Most travel sites and airline sites will give you the option to select a date to leave within a few days of your desired departure date. This can also save you cash if your schedule is flexible.

Personally, I have never found a cheaper price than I can find on my own directly from the airline web site and I have tried many phone numbers or web sites listed on this site and other web sites.


Member #2718
10-21-04, 18:12
Cork Sucker,

You don't have to go to some remote area in the Philippines o find what you looking for. In fact the more remote places are usually more conservative and you WONT find what you want. The Promdi girls who show up in Manila to "make their fortune" can be found all over Manila, they are looking to "trade up" life styles and will do just about anything for you to make it happen. You just hae to invest the time.

Winky Dinky
10-21-04, 22:21
Can anyone notify me of the current visa rules for Americans?--Could I get a 3-week visa upon arrival at Manila airport without having to show a ticket for a flight out of the country?

In terms of personal safety and P4P rates, are there certain spots in the country that rank way higher than others, or is it pretty much the same all over?

Lion Killer
10-22-04, 20:48
There are no visa requirements for Americans in the Philippines. You have automatically 21 days you can stay when you arrive. You just need a US Passport.

As far as personal safety, its pretty much safe anywhere except the very far southern islands of Mindino.

Manila is the most expensive for P4P, but has the best looking women. Angeles City is probably the cheapest, with the most in one place. The rest of the country is pretty much in between those two.

Go back to January 1, 2004 and read all the posts in each section that you might be interested in visiting. You will find the answers to most of your questions.


Frequent Flier
10-31-04, 00:47
As for the VISA you have your answer from Lion Killer. But you also brought up an interesting point about your ticket. You do have to have a return flight when traveling to the Philippines.

A few times when traveling from Hong Kong to the Philippines and once when traveling from South Korea to the Philippines when I was trying to purchase one way tickets to Manila I was requested to show a valid ticket leaving the Philippines. If your not a Philippine resident or citizen then you have to show a ticket returning or traveling out of the Philippines.


Frequent Flier
11-13-04, 10:42

There are other ways of getting the little buggers that will turn you into a bathroom camper. There is the lettuce that is washed with the tap water and then placed on a sandwich and other ways as well. As for the mixed drinks and ice with the alcohol, I think the alcohol in your drink will kill them before they enter your system.

I have been to the Philippines many times and have had newbies with me a few times also. I have had only one person who did not succumb to the little intestinal buggers. Which by the way are of no harm other than the little amount of time you lose control of your back side.

I always take Imodium-AD with me for myself and any friends along with me. I actually do not have the problem anymore as if you are exposed enough you become accustomed or build up resistance. Not sure which.

Just follow the directions on the package of the Imodium-AD. At the first symptoms take the medication as directed and you will be fine. It has worked for everyone I know who had any problems.


11-13-04, 11:25
I recently had to leave PI (in order to remain in PI legally) as my 1yr deadline was approaching. Cheapest flight/hotel package was Hong Kong. I was warned by my travel agent that I would not be permitted to leave the Hong Kong airport without furnishing an onward ticket to depart PI within 21 days.

Sure enough I was asked. Yes I was asked in the HONG KONG AIRPORT, even though it seems (to me) that it should not be any of their fucking business. I thought I'd be asked this when returning to Manila, but I wasn't.

I don't know if this occurs in other destinations, i.e. Bangkok, Singapore, etc, but if you will be going to Hong Kong my recommendation is DON'T RISK IT. After you buy yourself a round trip Hong Kong ticket be sure to also purchase a cheap &/or refundable 1 way ticket for a departure out of PI valid for travel < 21 days after your expected return to PI.

Supposedly, Hong Kong officials prohibit those not capable of furnishing such a ticket to return to PI.

p.s. the cheapest onward ticket is for a boat from Zamboanga to Sandakan (Malaysia). If you can't get down to Zambo to pick up a ticket or have someone from there mail you one then be sure to check into the refund policy of your onward airline ticket.

Frequent Flier
11-14-04, 09:27
Yes Augie,

I have spoken to this in the past in this and other forums as well as have others.

Leaving Hong Kong, South Korea and other areas traveling to the Philippines.

This has been the policy for many many years.

If you are not a citizen of the Philippines or a permanent resident then you need to have an exit ticket out of the Philippines when you are exiting any country and traveling to the Philippines.


Jack Spratt
11-15-04, 08:55

FYI, many countries impose an obligation on the airline to ensure that the passengers it is carrying have correct visas etc. This can only be done at the check-in counter.

In other words, assuming you were flying on say Cathay, if you arrived in PI without the correct paperwork (eg outward ticket), Cathay could be fined by the PI authorities. And they may also be obliged to fly you of the country again when you are deported.

So it certainly would be their fucking business, and also good business, for them to comply with the law.


11-15-04, 22:37
Alcohol in drinks does not kill intestenal parasites. However, touristed places (yes even Angeles) use purified water for ice making. Handling after the process is another story. Uncooked produce, as FF points out, is always suspect. You will adjust to it with continued exposure. My biggest problems occur when I return to the US. I have to get used to chlorinated water all over again.


11-19-04, 22:10


some knuclehead was arrested today at lax. i'm not sure if he was joking, but apparently, when asked the reason for his traveling he said something like "i've been teaching filapina girls about sex for the last 20 years" ! idiot.

keep in mind that due to laws enacted within the last several years sex tourism is illegal. you can be prosecuted for acts that are illegal in the usa when outside the usa ! sure doesn't seem constitutional to me, but that's another argument.

this law was adopted primarily to pursue ****s, but if you're dumb enough to admit other indiscretions to an immigration official, you can expect a similar outcome. immigration officials, by design, have no sense of humor in this regard.

lets all keep our hands off kids and keep our mouths shut about the rest.


11-19-04, 22:56
Hi guys,

Just a question that one of you might be able to help me with.

I was looking at a few sites to meet girls on-line before travelling and came across this site that looked interesting. Its one of those dating web sites and although its probably not a competing web site I won't post the webby for fear of Jacksons wrath :)

Anyway once you log on to the site you get spammed by lots of girls asking for on-line chat. There are heaps of girls listed as members and most are from the Philippines. My question is how can so many girls over there have so much internet access?

I asked a couple of them and didn't get an answer. I suspect its a scam.

Hope someone can help me out.


Horny NY
11-20-04, 19:45


some knuclehead was arrested today at lax. i'm not sure if he was joking, but apparently, when asked the reason for his traveling he said something like "i've been teaching filapina girls about sex for the last 20 years" ! idiot.

keep in mind that due to laws enacted within the last several years sex tourism is illegal. you can be prosecuted for acts that are illegal in the usa when outside the usa ! sure doesn't seem constitutional to me, but that's another argument.

this law was adopted primarily to pursue ****s, but if you're dumb enough to admit other indiscretions to an immigration official, you can expect a similar outcome. immigration officials, by design, have no sense of humor in this regard.

lets all keep our hands off kids and keep our mouths shut about the rest.

fdi just read this in the ny daily news today and couldn't believe an old guy like this can be given 270 yrs!!!!


ol' dirty guy
traveled for sex

santa ana, calif. - an 86-year-old man was found guilty of trying to travel to the philippines to sexually molest girls, in the first trial under a new federal law aimed at fighting sex tourism.
a judge found john seljan guilty of six counts, including attempting to travel for the purpose of having sex with minors and possession of child pornography.

seljan, who attended his trial in a wheelchair, faces up to 270 years in prison.

the retired business owner is one of about a dozen men who have been arrested under the protect act, which was enacted last year to prosecute sex tourists.

seljan was arrested at los angeles international airport, where he allegedly tried to board a flight while carrying child pornography, sexual aids and nearly 100 pounds of chocolate.

the associated press

i know i've never posted here before or have never been to the philippines but damn i can't believe the laws that are out there. i never even new about them!

anyone here have a link that might show what the laws are for travelling (besides the obvious and sick stuff)?? i would like to make sure that i don't do anything stupid.

Ear Muff Diver
11-21-04, 05:23
In AC, a budding young entrepeneur has come up with a website that is free for all the girls. He provides an internet cafe on Fields Ave., where all the girls also have free internet access on PCs that have webcams. This cafe is always full of both working and non-working girls. However, there is a word of caution. If you chat or take out one of the girls, ALL of them will know what you are up to, as they constantly talk to each other of the people they chat with. You may only have chatted to one of the girls, but you wil already be known by everyone in the Internet Cafe !! If you need the name of the chat site, PM me !

Buko Max
11-21-04, 10:30
Hey Zos, whats happening?

I'm a member of Cherry Blossoms and getting spamed by women is a common occurance that you should not be worried about. Many women have internet cafes in there towns and frequent them regularly. I have a girlfriend who works at a cafe and it is loaded with customers everyday. Many schools have internet access as well. Most people cannot afford a computer so the next best thing is a internet cafe.

Peace out, Mattrick

11-22-04, 02:18
i'm no expert, but i believe that you can be prosecuted for traveling abroad to commit any act that is illegal at home. including smoking a joint.

but, that being said, if the law is applied carefully (such as to sick fucks like ****s) then maybe we can live with it. i have no sympathy for seljan. who cares if he's an old man. just means he's been a criminal for a long time.


11-22-04, 03:53
Hello: I will be taking a holiday in the Ph in mid February. I arrive late in Manila and fly out early in the morning so I will spend a few days there on either end. As I will be travelling mostly from here to then, I have a few questions:
1. I have a about a week to travel outside of Manila. Should I fly to Davao in Mindanau or is there a nearer and better place to go? I want an easy, relaxing but interesting time. Lots to do but little stress.
2. Angeles does not really appeal to me. Is there a place where there is not full on sex but which is cheaper to hire pussies?
3. last time I was there - about 15 years ago, the green Manila taxis were al rip offs. The black taxis were fine. What is the story there now?
4. Kiddies: Well, those of you familiar with the Thai thread will be aware that it is impossible to get through to the molesters. They live in a world of their own. On the positive side, a lot of that seems to have been cleared up or clamped down on the in the Ph. Locking that old guy up can only help.
5. I have read the forum reasonably carefully: I found the comments about yahoo dating particularly useful. I also found it useful that on line or pre booking brings no discounts. However, as I am a last minute man, I wil probably decise where to go once I hit Manila. But some good leads would be welcome. The main thing is to get a nice week soemwhere outside of Manilsa that is easy enough to get to by land, sea or air.


Deep Diver
11-22-04, 06:21
i'm no expert, but i believe that you can be prosecuted for traveling abroad to commit any act that is illegal at home. including smoking a joint.

but, that being said, if the law is applied carefully (such as to sick fucks like ****s) then maybe we can live with it. i have no sympathy for seljan. who cares if he's an old man. just means he's been a criminal for a long time.

fdthe only times you can be prosecuted abroad is if you are military and the us goverment has a sofa (status of forces agreement) with the host nation or if there is damage to us property or personnel during offical business. that being said if some sick pervert molested a child and vidoe taped it and then brought the tape back to the us, the us could has the host goverment to assume juristiction and prosicute on behalf of thehost goverment. but as far as smoking a joint, your safe

11-22-04, 06:30

Most of you do not know Domino well. Just keep in mind that he's an "off the beaten track" kinda guy.


What do like to do during the day ? Are you a diver, a beach bum or do you prefer inland jungle locales ?

Three areas close to Manila that come to mind are: Puerto Galera, Boracay and Iba (north of Subic in Zambales province). PG has good diving and nightlife but shitty beaches, Boracay has beautiful beaches some OK diving but limited lady action. Iba has peace and quiet, beautiful beaches and no nightlife (but Subic City is 30/45 minutes away).

You might want to consider Cebu as well, but having never been there, I'll defer to my fellow posters.

Hope this helps. PM me at will.


11-23-04, 03:40

Thanks for that. Quite a while ago, Posterlion wrote a proposed 1-2week initnerary in the Thai board, which was very highly appreciated by a large number of respondents.

I am more into cultural and political things, believe it or not. to gettng a feel of the place and getting closse, but not too close to the people there. I have already gone north from Manila and this time I feel the urge to go south to Mindanau where the security situation could be better. I also don't want to end up stranded from Manila for my return.
Puerto Galera: too many US retirees?
Boracay: too popular?
Iba: been there.

Is it possible to pick up good or interesting travel deals in Manila?
Mindanau seems to be the magnet but I don't want to do jungle treks etc with dudes who will hold me to ransom for a looong time.

Pinay Lover
11-23-04, 05:23

You'll find Davao with enough things to do and the girls are more affordable. Just how "off the beaten track" would you like to explore. Nature, Historic or Leisure?

11-23-04, 18:35
Funny, I let the other guys know you're an "off the beaten track" guy then I post suggested places that are just the oposite. Idiot !

Anyway, PG does not have too many retirees. Not like Angeles or Subic, but does have VERY large numbers of transient tourists. Same can be said of Boracay.

Sorry I was of no help. Further south you'll have to get help from the other guys here.

Good luck.


Outside chance I'll be there. I'll let you know.

11-23-04, 19:18
Deep Diver,

I was referring to being prosecuted upon returning to the states. The host country has nothing to do with it. The "knucklehead" arrested at LAX will be prosecuted for breaking US laws while being in the Philippines, as was the old man Seljan.

Where do you dive ? I am "Jonesing" to get out to the Similans (Thailand).


Member #1005
11-23-04, 21:20

Whilst you explained the US situation, the position from Europe is that all EU countries are signed up to prosecute any paedophiles caught committing a crime in another country (ie having sex with minors) can be prosecuted at home. Throughout Asia, Africa and much of the developing world it is still rear for them to prosecute foreigners for paedophile activity. These countries tend to just expel paedophiles, because to bring a successful prosecution you need conclusive proof added to the fact that in some place corruption is rife.

However, the European Union, which was 13 now up to 20 countries will prosecute anyone going overseas to commit such crimes and I believe, they will also prosecute where there is “intent” to commit such act, basing it on the fact if they do this overseas then they will surely do it home. Whilst in the UK have been slow to prosecute in the past as the media highlighted a case of some guy who had been kicked out of Cambodia and the Philippines several times and nothing happened to him, but I know other countries in Europe have successfully prosecuted people.

But be rest assured if you were going overseas to smoke a bit of weed or take drugs you are not going to be arrested for that no matter how much drugs you intended to consume. If that were the case, then Amsterdam would have been closed down, long ago. But if you are planning to import it back home this is a different matter.


From Manila’s domestic airport you are within 60-90 minutes of most of the country, due to the various airlines now operating in the country, its really up to you where and what you want as the Philippines has much to offer.

Mindanoa I have been there three times since 1987 and have stayed with a local family in their home and survived on well water for brushing my teeth with no ill-effect whatsoever. However, when I was first there it was only the NPA that I had to worry about and they didn’t bother me, but now with Abu seif amongst other groups operating in the area and with the spread of these ideas of kidnapping which is now seen as a business (a good way to make money and raise the profile of your cause) you need to be careful. My advice is to stick to the larger cities.


11-24-04, 10:42
I think I might head for Palawan. I read the US and British government warnings http://www.fco.gov.uk/servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1095423800990

Mindanau seems a drag (don't go to the north, south, east or central:(;) or at least getting beheaded after being held in some jungle shit heap there does. Palawan by plane seems a good bet as long as there is no repeat of that mass kidnapping and murder of a few years ago. Tourism there seems dead so maybe I can help as long as I don't die. Again my best bet seems to be to go to Manila and play it from there. Any ideas?

Member #2718
11-24-04, 16:47
Dont give up on Mindinao so fast. Davao is still quite safe, has a night life, and great beaches. Palawan also has some great resorts but they are on the pricey end of the scale and the night life is not as good.

If you think Borocay is to well travelled then think about Bohol just a bit further south. Puerta Galeria is also fine and makes for a great weekend out of Manila.
All of the above are easily accessable through Manila, which any respectable Manyuk should spend at least a night or two mongering in.

11-25-04, 01:01

While what you say is correct, I feel that I must have been taken out of context. I was merely lamenting the fact that, while not acted upon, the laws exist to go after "normal" mongers like us. And, if the authorities wanted to, recreational drug users such as those who go to Amsterdam or elsewhere, could be prosecuted as well. Thankfully, our "crimes" have not been a high priority as of yet.

I would never travel with MJ.


Member #1005
11-25-04, 22:56
I was merely lamenting the fact that, while not acted upon, the laws exist to go after "normal" mongers like us.


You almost had me worried there for a minute; I had to check that it wasn’t a late April 1st joke. But take my advice on this, going overseas to have sex with women of a legal age, who are not coerced into this profession or physically abused is not an offence. I know there are some women’s and religious groups who wish there were such laws in place.

But no one is dictating to me where and when I stick my dick and how I spend my money on my vacation.


Frequent Flier
11-25-04, 23:43
Junior and Firedick,

It is my understanding that the law states that if you break USA laws in another country, matters not the laws in the foreign country, they can prosecute you in the USA if they can prove the offense took place, if you are a citizen of the USA.

Now I'm no lawyer, although I would love to play one on TV someday, prostitution is legal in the great state of Nevada in certain cities. I believe that this would then make trying to prosecute you for engaging in the activity in another country hard to prosecute.

That said, I also believe that the law in the Philippines also prohibits this activity and the local law enforcement only ignores the law?

I know in Hong Kong it is ignored as the law is that a girl can offer herself independently, but there are laws against being a pimp or owning a brothel. Of course they overlook this there as well, but do bust some of the pimps from time to time.

As we all know, this law was enacted to catch those who truly commit offensive acts. Especially acts against children. The good thing about this is that since this act is considered to be offensive by the majority of people of all societies all over the world, even trying to accomplish this act overseas takes some covert communication, which should result in a trail for a good cyber detective to uncover or good detective work to uncover. That is how they have so far caught and prosecuted those in the USA. Not by just having evidence from the country where the offense had taken place or was to take place.

Now what I am about to write is maybe a stretch, but it show the hypocrisy of the law sometimes. We all know that there are USA corporations involved with manufacturing in other countries using children for manufacturing jobs that would be illegal in the USA. So why aren't all the DA's all over the good ole USA lining up the executives of these companies to prosecute for these offensives. It should be very easy to prove and prosecute. That would also limit the moving of jobs over seas quite a bit. Not that I'm approving or disapproving of corporations doing that. I have mixed emotions on this subject, but in my opinion, if you like paying less than US $100.00 for a DVD player than you can't really be in support of limiting companies in the USA from moving their work force off shore.

On another note, Firedick? I have always wondered what your name refers to?

Where I am from to have a firedick is not such a good thing? lol?

Be safe and have fun.


11-26-04, 23:59
A very interesting conversation going on here. The US has the Protection Act which allows the federal government to prosecute "Sex Tourism". Currently the definition of "Sex Tourism" is having sex with someone under 18 years old.

Intriguing that they didn't call it "Sex Exploitation of Minors" or some similar term that made it clear they were going after child molestors. Down the road, all it will take is a simple amendment of the definition to change it's focus from minors to say, any sexual activity illegal where you reside in the US. That would be a fairly easy sell to a conservative congress. Simply makes it so that you have to behave overseas much as you are expected to behave at home.

Note that the defense has to prove that there was reason to believe the partner was of legal age. Given that most of us that read the threads here are aware that there are readily available false ID's would, in the hands of a skillful prosecutor, work against us in court. We know that ID's may be false. A reasonable individual then cannot use them as a refuge, or so the prosecutor would argue. And it would be up to the jury (or judge) to decide if it made a whits difference that she flashed you an ID that said she turned 18. It very well might not.

Then there is the two strikes component of the Protection Act. What's that? An automatic life sentence. Say they prosecute you for an alleged offense in Pattaya, get a conviction, and then prosecute you for a separate offense in Phuget a week later, guess what your sentence would be for the second offense. Free room and board for life. No more worrying about your 401K or what Bush will do to the Social Security system.

I do not mean this in any way to be construed as a defense of child explotation, but simply that there are potentially some serious consequences to even the most unintended mistakes. And in a US society that is growing more conservative things are changing.

US Protection Act URL: http://www.worldvision.org/Worldvision/imagelib.nsf/main/US_Law_ChildSexTourism.pdf/$file/US_Law_ChildSexTourism.pdf


11-28-04, 06:14
Interesting points guys. I'm going with what I've always done. Just keep it legit aged girls and not worry about it, as Juniour suggests. I just can't believe the feds would be interested in my sex habits abroad. Just not that interesting.


I am a Hash House Harrier and Firedick is my hash name. I'll PM you details if you're that curious.


Member #2718
11-29-04, 07:22
interesting points guys. i'm going with what i've always done. just keep it legit aged girls and not worry about it, as juniour suggests. i just can't believe the feds would be interested in my sex habits abroad. just not that interesting.


i am a hash house harrier and firedick is my hash name. i'll pm you details if you're that curious.


most of this discussion is much ado about nothing. in the first place the law requires that in order to prosecute someone, the court must first find that the court has jurisdiction over the case. in the case of the "protection act" this is being construed to mean that since the subject accussed is a us citizen, that the court would have jurisdiction, a questionable theory that has yet to stand the test of an actual court case. be that as it may, assume the jurisdictional requirement is met, the next requirement is that a us law would have to be violated. the reason the law targets exploitation of under-age minors is that is a violation of a u.s. federal statute, having indiscriminant sex even under the terms of prositution is not, hence examples such as nevada where it is perfectly legal. it is the state, not the defense which has to prove the "exploited party" was **** as suggested in an earlier posting. for the state to prove that, the offense will either have to be extremly notorious (read a really stupid idea in the first place) or the state will have to come up with some interesting incentive to the would be "victim" to prove its case, which offers up a huge opportunity for a good defense attorney, and at the same time opens the door to some back-door immigration which will not settle well with the same parties who whould like to close down overseas nookie in the first place.

in summary if you just behave reasonably as far as your search for exotic delights, and admit nothing and deny everything if accused, you stand little chance of trouble with the application of this law. if on the other hand you are a target of the feds for some other reason, this is just one more harrassment tool available to them. i would worry far more about some local parasite police doing his usual shake down than i would about being a potential victim of this particular law.

now can we get back to our more informative issues of mongering in general?

11-29-04, 19:24

This subject has been beaten to death as well as the "law" issue. Normally, I'd just give you a "RTFF" and you should. But:

Used cell phones are cheap and available. Prepaid time is also cheap.

I am "cell phone challenged" so I keep two Nokias (3300 series). One for Thailand and one for the Philppines and just buy new minutes when I return. If I'm gone a long time, such as now, I have to buy a new SIM card as well. But it can be a plus to get the new number that the new SIm card gives you from time to time.

Calling the states from the RP with prepaid minutes is very cheap.


12-02-04, 10:34
Hi Jackson,

I would like to ask you if you could open a hotel section here. It would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance


12-06-04, 02:10
My first visit to the islands was one of wonder. Decent motel, decent food, decent time. However, this place is an environmental hell hole!! Trash is everwhere, children begging in the streets running naked etc. The storms are horrible and and the smell is one you don't forget. There are some very nice places in the Philippines but jeez they are usually behind walls. If the Philippines are SO great then why don't they clean it up and make something of it? If the environment is beyond description just think about the pussy you are buying. AIDS is rampant in Asia. Oh well be safe and double bag yourself.

12-06-04, 19:40

Perhaps you should just stay home. Or, perhaps that's the problem. I have my doubts that you've ever been to the Philippines. Nobody here is moved by your "heart felt" warnings.


12-06-04, 19:49
Although not to tactful, pretty close to the truth.

Pute Nut
12-06-04, 20:11

Double bagging is considered less safe than using a single, actually. If you want to continue your preaching, perhaps the safe sex forum is more appropriate for this. BTW HIV is not "rampant" in the Philippines.

Member #1005
12-06-04, 20:50

whilst there is no single answer to this question here are a couple of factors to take into consideration.

the country is faced with debts of around 40% of it’s national income.

many of its state run industries power, farming etc are very inefficient (still too many brownouts), haemorrhaging money and not brining in the revenue it could be, as in other countries.

added to this the country is forced to take out further loans to meet its current day-to-day commitments, corruption is rampant, illegal logging etc so the money it should receive through taxation is reduced because many major corporations are looking at ways to avoid paying taxes, there is currently a shortfall of p80 billion in tax revenue.

remember this is a country that still relies heavily on the remittances from its overseas worker, just like the dominican republic. poverty and inequality are widespread throughout the country the gap between rich and the poor is large, there is no halfway house here.

so on top of this all when faced with natural disasters, like the typhoons that has just hit the country, recently you can understand why the president is not too focused on cleaning up the open sewers in the shanty towns rep001tered around manila, luzon and the country when she will now have to find money to replace damaged bridges, broken power lines and provide fertiliser to the many rural farms that have just had their top soil washed away and consider importing food to meet the short fall in their food needs within the next few months.

whilst there is no conclusive answer to your question but this allows you to see the problems they face. i once suggested that the easiest way to help the country was to rent different islands to another countries, for example singapore has plenty of assets and skills in business development, but not enough land, resources or labour if they took over cebu for a short lease of 50 years you would see some major improvements – but the only problem with this idea is as the island becomes more prosperous it draws people from less developed parts of the country and unless its managed properly it becomes uncontrollable. plus, many philippinos would not be too happy with this idea.

on the aids situation i am certainly not qualified to comment on the current situation.


12-07-04, 00:47
I would add to Juniour's excellent analysis that the population growth rate here is out of control, and, this being a Catholic country, the notion of family planning is not going to take hold anytime soon. The economy, although growing at a rate of 5-6% cannot expand quickly enough to create jobs for the burgeoning number of workers entering the labor force every year. Also, given the Government's chronic cash shortfalls, it cannot afford to invest in Education, so the Philippines lages further and further behind in this investment as well. It's a vicious cycle that's compounded by corruption, inequitable distribution of wealth and sporadic social unrest.

Dashing Don
12-07-04, 04:04

I will arrive in Manila on Sat Jan 8 for a nine-day stay. It will be my fourth visit in recent years. I would like to visit Siargao Island in Mindanao because the beaches and surfing are supposed to be good. Does anyone have any info on the girlie scene there? Or the lack thereof?

Its kind of critical because if I have no monger info I'll probably take two girls from EDSA with me for the week--something I've never done before, and quite a committment on my part, I might add. The alternative would be to spend a week in the Phils with no action--kind of ridiculous considering I'm coming all the way from New York.

Any info appreciated.

Also, if any other guys will be in Manila drop me a pm and we'll hook up. Through a Cathay Pacific special, I'll be staying at the Mandarin Oriental in Makati for $77 a night!

Brown Rail
12-08-04, 16:30
hey don,

i can't tell you what it is like finding girls in siargao. i can tell you that some of the most beautiful women i have met come from sairgao. my experience has been that it can be a drag if you assume you will find someone in the provinces and you don't. some places it is easy, and some places it is not. depends on your personality as well.

what i suggest, as you have 9 days, land in manila. first night go to la cafe and see if you find someone you fancy. if not go to angeles the next night. stay at orchard inn. find the girl you love and ask her to go with you for a few days, let’s say two nights. after the two nights you can ask her to stay on, or if you see other opportunities, send her home.

this will ensure that you keep your options open, a filipino tradition. going to la or angeles will also keep the prices down. if you pick up a girl in a makati burgos bar you can do the same, but it will cost you more.

be sure to ask the oriental, before you arrive, if your room includes high speed internet access. else they charge $20 per night for it.

Brown Rail
12-08-04, 16:35
Buy a Smart SIM and load upon arrival. SMS your number to your relatives in the States. Have them use http://www.chikka.com/ to text with you. It will save you and them pesos. Also you can use it when you return to keep up with your new friends.

Member #2718
12-08-04, 17:47
I need some advice on cell phones in the Philippines.

A buddy and I will be in Manila for about a week and I want to have a mobile phone with me in order to stay in contact with the ladies that we meet during our stay. Should I bring my own phone or buy one while I'm there? My mobile service Sprint (USA) uses GSM technology and my buddy uses CDMA. I would also like to use the phone to stay in contact with family in the US. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

JThe problem is that unless your cell phone is a tri-band phone it wont work here. In the U.S. cell phones use 19000 Mhz and in some cases 900 Mhz (GSM), while in the PI cell phones use 18000 Mhz (and in some cases 900 Mhz). Most cell phones tend to be dual band exceot for the high end models which can handle all three frenquency bands. As for CDMA, it is a different coding scheme all together and is only used in Japan and Korea, so CDMA phones wont work here regardless of the frequency used.

At P1800 for a cell and P200 SIM included (at Greenhills) invest the $35 and buy the throw-away for ue in the PI.

Besides, the pre-paid SIMs offer absolute anonymity as a side benifit.
Happy hunting

Member #2887
12-09-04, 11:15
Jan 13 I arrive in Manila for my first trip to the Philippines. If anyone is going to be there on the 13th to the 17th or so (before i move on to Cebu) and want to catch up for a few drinks, pm me.

Dashing Don
12-10-04, 20:01
I might buy a cell phone this trip to keep up with the girls. Usually I just buy a phone card for the four or five daily calls back to the States.

I had an interesting experience while booking this trip. I searched the dates that I wanted to go, on Travelocity, among others. Consistently, I was quoted a fare from New York to Manila via Hong Kong, of $1300+. I tried to book it online but kept getting an error message. So I called Cathay Pacific direct. They charged me only $980!! I always thought that it cost more if you called the airlines direct.


Travel Guy
12-10-04, 20:18
We in the travel industrie can help find the lowest rates . Just call a travel agent next time you need to fly. The internet is not always the cheapest way to go.

12-10-04, 22:15
Ticket prices depend on availability.

IF you are buying a seat thru an on-line agency (Travelocity, Expedia, among others) the cost and availability is based on inventory listed by THE AIRLINE ITSELF and aside from the agency fee, the price will be the same whether you go direct or thru the agency - word of caution, though - some itineraries available thru the net are not exactly available thru the airlines (it happens - you might have to jump thru ALL the hoops to get THAT fare).

The way to get generally consistently lower fares is to go thru a consolidator - otherwise called a "bucket shop" - (but you might have a problem with getting credit for the frequent flier miles, if that's important to you)

I know that in Thailand, I went thru an agency for a Thai air ticket BKK-Chiang Mai (promo fare) for less than it would have cost over the net (3200B RT - in OCT) They (Thai) still operate on "commission" so no added fee.

Buko Max
12-12-04, 18:25
Northwest Airlines is having a sale on web fares to certain cities in Asia. Tickets must be purchased by Dec. 14, for travel begining Dec. 24 through Jan. 31, 2005. All travel must be completed by March 2, 2005. My internet fare to HK from Detroit was only $700! So get up off it and book those tickets asap!

Cows Rule
12-13-04, 18:07
Any Brits tried to get a tourist visa for their Filipino GF?

I've read that the embassy ask for bank statements.

Any one know more about this?

Frequent Flier
12-15-04, 07:06
I going to add my information and experience here as well.

I have found the best way is to use the Internet and use it well.

Check the services as Dinghy has advised and also check the airline web sites. Neither the Airline web site or the on line agency, i.e., Travelocity, will list completely all the flights available all the time.

This is for international travel and domestic travel

I have found and purchased tickets on Travelocity for AA that when I checked the AA web site or called AA direct they could not find or quote and vise versa and I am a member of the AA Platinum Frequent Flier program.

This has also been true for Delta, Northwest and others.

Once I found a ticket on Travelocity and their site was so slow that day that I became inpatient and called Delta direct to book the flight.

The ticket was $100.00 cheaper when I booked it with the agent over the phone.


12-16-04, 02:17
Hello Mongers.

My american friend wants to marry a nice filapina that he met on the internet. He is very determined to do so! They want to live in the US. Should he marry her in the Philippines and then apply for the visa? Or is it better to apply for a fiancee visa and marry in the US?

He wants to marry her in the Philippines because she will not have sex with him until after they marry, and he is very anxious to get into her knickers.

He does not have much money and only a small income. What will the embassy require of them? Any advice to help these two love birds make their nest will be very much appreciated.

No, she is not a bargirl. Thank you and Merry Mongering! from Santa

12-16-04, 20:33
Hello Mongers.

My american friend wants to marry a nice filapina that he met on the internet. He is very determined to do so! They want to live in the US. Should he marry her in the Philippines and then apply for the visa? Or is it better to apply for a fiancee visa and marry in the US?

He wants to marry her in the Philippines because she will not have sex with him until after they marry, and he is very anxious to get into her knickers.

He does not have much money and only a small income. What will the embassy require of them? Any advice to help these two love birds make their nest will be very much appreciated.

No, she is not a bargirl. Thank you and Merry Mongering! from Santa

So the filipina will not have sex w/ him until after they are married. Good for her and Bad for him. Why does he want to marry her - is the most important question (LOVE or SEX)? If sex, then just visit the PI for a week and get laid big time. If love, the quickest way to bring her to the USA is apply for a Fiancee Visa (about 6 months till she gets there) which my cousin did when her married his wife. Marrying in the PI and then applying for the spouse visa will take about 12-18 months till she gets there. His choice.

Harvey WB
12-17-04, 02:54
Fiance visa is still a bit quicker, about 6 months vs. 9 months for a spousal visa (best cases). Both could take longer.

Member #1005
12-17-04, 19:53
Any Brits tried to get a tourist visa for their Filipino GF?

I've read that the embassy ask for bank statements.

Any one know more about this?

Cows Rule

I would suggest that you check out the web site and follow the instructions;


Generally, if you have a legitimate reason for her visit tourism or other you should have no problem.

(Please don’t ask me to define what is meant by “legitimate”)


12-18-04, 06:29
Thanks guys. We hope to be in the Philippines soon, so watchout for the fella with a big beer belly and red nose.

Do you know why Santa is so jolly? It's because he knows where the bad girls live!!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

12-23-04, 08:44
1) What is the national language of the Philippines, I speak Spanish and English, will I be understood?

2) What are the best months to go?

3) How do I protect myself from any STD's?

4) Is it safe to go by myself?

5) If you meet a P4P girl, can you stay with her for 3 days, or is it just for the night.

12-23-04, 09:34
I'm sure your post will elicit several responses, and most of the answers to your questions are probably provided multiple times on this Board. However, the brief answers are as follows:

1. The National Language is Tagalog, though most Filipinos speak several local dialects as well. From Jr. Secondary School onwards, the langauge of instruction is English, so almost everyone speaks at least some English. Spanish is not spoken widely.

2. The best time to go depends where you're going. The Philippines, with it's 7,000+ islands, covers alot of territory. For me, the best time in the Mindanao/Visayas Region is December through February, when it's cooler. April is the warmest month here in Mindanao.

3. The degree of your safety also depends on where you are. In general, the Philippines is reasonably safe and if you use common sense and a little prudence, you should experience no difficulty.

4. STD monitoring here is at best sporadic and no one really knows the extent of the problem though the official Government line is that there's no major problem. Protecting one's self is easy. Use a condom. Always.

5. With some exceptions, the girls will go with you for as long as you want them, be it an hour or several weeks. Girls who work in clubs though, must pay a penalty for every day they do not work, so you should factor this into your cost projections.

Probably the first thing you need to decide, if you're planning to come here, is where you want to be.


12-23-04, 16:13

15% of Tagalog is composed of Spanish loan words. So you'll pick out quite a few words you know, like reloj for watch, cerveza for beer, the days of the week, numbers and the telling of time. But in general you won't understand the general discourse.

There is a dialect called Chavacano, spoken around Zamboanga. It's said to be mostly understood by Spanish speakers. However, Zamboanga isn't such a recommended destination for the monger.

I was reading today that Japan is set to drastically slash the number of entertainment visas given to Filipinas, from something like 80,000 to 8,000. Hmm, 72,000 extra Filipinas out of luck and stuck in the Philippines. The WSG brotherhood should make efforts to comfort these poor girls, give them a soft landing as it were.

12-25-04, 04:45
The speculation in the press here is that the Japanese capitulated to pressure brought by the US, to stem the tide of "sex trafficing." There's been quite a lively debate in the local press about whether the entertainers know what they're getting into and should thus be left alone to ply their trade, or whether the whole thing is just a masquerade for prostitution, the women are being exploited, and the whole thing should be shut down.

Even the President here has gotten involved, and it's become a hot foreign policy issue.

Wander Luster
01-15-05, 08:20
As of last Sept i spend half the year in Cebu for work. I've been here 3.5 months since Sept. I've messaged with I think almost 100 girls through filipinoheart.com and met scores. Trouble is I'm married, so this method does not work very well for getting laid. My wife is never able to come to the Phils 'cause of her work back home so I'm alone for 2 months here-- my SOB story if I were not to get laid for 2 months.

It is VERY easy for me to have girls here attracted to me, but of course it's too much work to go beyond friends cause they know I'm married and I won't lie.

I've spent too much money in bars so that's not my thing anymore.

Question: it would seem to me that "adultfriendfinder" would be a great place to meet freelancers in Cebu. Anyone have ideas about that. If it's true for Manila than probably also for Cebu. Angeles is another story. There are "freelancers" posting all over the dating sites from Angeles.

Sun Devil
01-30-05, 15:50
Because of the forum being down, I have not been able to post anything new about my trip to the Philippines. My memory is pretty sketchy at best. I stayed there for about 2 weeks, staying mainly in Makati and Manila.

For those who have not yet been to the Ayala Center, it seems that area of Makati is part of the US. I couldn't believe the Greenbelt area. People kept on going to these restaurants until about 2 am, and they are going to wake and go to work around 7 am. For those interested, freelancers tend to sit in front of the Starbucks near Cafe Havana. If somebody smiles at you, they are working girls. I was able to pick up 2 girls and bring them to my hotel across the street at the Manila Pen for 8,000 pesos.

All the hotels in the area are used to seeing freelancers go up in the room with their guests. At the Manila Pen, the lobby serves as a restaurant as well. It was kind of funny when I had something to eat there after a night on the town to see a number of good looking women in sexy clothing exit the area without any escort. You can guess what they have been doing. This was a daily occurrence.

Sun Devil
02-01-05, 10:15
For those interested, there is a web site of all the establishments that is owned by the company which owns Starfleet, Pegasus, and Don Palacio, among others. This is ktvphil.com. It has all the addresses of the various places that they own, including those that I just mentioned.

The girl at the front of the website, Wyn, is a especially nice girl and a mixed Filipina and Mexican. After she gave me the Thai massage at Starfleet, we just did it on the wet mattress and did not bother going to the bed. Talk about a soapy experience.

In addition, for those who have the cell phone numbers of the girls, there is a web site called chikka.com whereby one can text them for free, rather than paying for a long distance call or emailing them.

J Boy
02-15-05, 21:30
What happened to the Angeles topic? Did they just forget to start one for 2005?

Orgasm Donor
02-16-05, 21:09
I'll be arriving in May, with some buddies and Im anxious to read some fresh reports!


Faust Joe
02-17-05, 09:16
I plan on going to AC in a few months, maybe in April 2005, I'm looking to meet someone there so I hang out. If anyone plans on going to AC in mid April please let me know.

02-19-05, 01:53
I just got an 4 month assignment in Cebu. I was in The Philippines 20 years ago and loved it. Let's hope this 50 year old can still handle the 20 year olds. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun and lots of mongering.

Most of my experience lately has been in Argentina and Costa Rica.

I've read a lot of the posts on PI, but want to ask a few questions.

I think I read that I can get Viagra or Cialis easily, right?

Any good shopping, like for clothes or electronics (MP3 player, digital camera, etc.)? I'm wondering if I should buy in the States and bring them, or buy them locally.

Can I get a cell phone and receive calls from the US? Make calls to the US with calling card at reasonable rates? Would it be the type with a SIM card?

Looking forward to contributing to the forum. Thanks.

Sun Devil
02-20-05, 16:39
I just got an 4 month assignment in Cebu. I was in The Philippines 20 years ago and loved it. Let's hope this 50 year old can still handle the 20 year olds. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun and lots of mongering.

Most of my experience lately has been in Argentina and Costa Rica.

I've read a lot of the posts on PI, but want to ask a few questions.

I think I read that I can get Viagra or Cialis easily, right?

Any good shopping, like for clothes or electronics (MP3 player, digital camera, etc.)? I'm wondering if I should buy in the States and bring them, or buy them locally.

Can I get a cell phone and receive calls from the US? Make calls to the US with calling card at reasonable rates? Would it be the type with a SIM card?

Looking forward to contributing to the forum. Thanks.

You will need a script for Viagra, but Cialis can be bought over the counter. The price for a tablet is about $10.

As for electronic goods, it is cheaper to buy in the States rather than the PI. I went to SM and the prices there for a good name brand, i.e. Panasonic, Sony, etc., cost more. As for clothes, it is more advantageous to buy in the Philippines.

I don't know much about the cell phone situation. Hopefully, others can answer that question.

02-21-05, 10:11
Can anyone recommend a reputable dentist in either Manila or AC. Planning to be in the PIs for about a month and could use the time for some maintenance and cosmetic works, cost an arm and leg in the states when you don't have insurance. Really appreciate the helps

02-21-05, 12:05
This is what I have found in response to Dboy's inquiries. Others may differ.

Sundevil was right on with electronics. Better, cheaper in US. MP3 are still a novelty and expensive in PI, but they are also a target for theft. I recommend bringing the cheapest stuff in case you want to give it away or it is permanently borrowed. A $35 portable CD player is a great easy gift for any friends in PI.

Per phones, buy one in country. You can splurge on a triband that will work anywhere in the world and they start at $300 and up. It would be a target for someone to borrow, however. I recommend getting the cheapest Nokia (around $70) and a SIM card ($4) and go from there. The one I got is the best phone I have ever used and it works all over Asia if you get different SIM cards.You will learn to text like a champ. Also, have someone show you how to send load for as we all know, filipinas are either "low batt" or "no load."

You may also want to consider getting two SIM cards (i.e two different phone numbers). One for work and the other for fun. Sometimes you will get bombarded with text messages and this can be a pain unless it is from someone you truly want to hear from alot.

No prescriptions are needed except for controlled substances in the PI. It will be very helpful to have your doc at home write a prescription for the pharmacists in the PI for any pharmaceuticals including Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. It is also quite inexpensive and easy to see a doctor in the Philippines as compared to the United States.

02-23-05, 18:52
Thanks Golazo and Sun Devil . . .

. . . for the advice. I’ll bring my own MP3. They keep getting cheaper. On my next trip, a month later, I may bring several for gifts.

The phone situation seems to be pretty simple and inexpensive. I've got the Vitamin V script, just in case.

Hope to meet many of you in the next 5 months.

02-25-05, 18:26
If you've got a little time before you go, I would highly recommend www.rx-mex.net as a good source for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. No script needed. I've been buying there for about a year and a half and have saved a shitload of money. The generic Viagra goes for about $3 per pill and is of high quaility. Same for generic C and L. They also have a deal that if you can find generic V, C or L cheaper on the net, they will match the price plus take off another 5%.

Orgasm Donor
02-26-05, 01:08
I have been using rx-mex as my source. the prices seem to be the best.


03-03-05, 05:41
Colombia again or the Philippines?

I spent a week last month in Cartagena in Colombia, where if you need pussy all you have to do is inhale. It was so good I'd like to make it a regular stop in my mongering tours. I really recommend this place for you Asia lovers who are looking for a change of pace. It has abundant numbers of pros and non-pros, and all shapes and sizes. There's even good wife material, for those of you who are mad enough to be considering this step.

So June to August I have another 8 weeks to play with and it's a tough choice deciding where to go. I'd love to see other places in Colombia, like Medellin, where a lot of the girls in Cartagena actually come from. And of course there's the rest of South America to be explored. But in the end I guess I'll fall back into old habits.

The Philippines still has the best combination of price, quality, GFE and almost everything else. It's also a lot closer to here in the UAE. To South America from here takes half of forever. Also, I can make that detour into Burma that I've been wanting to do.

It's good to have lots of choices in places to go. But it's also frustrating not to be able to go to each place as often as one would want. I look forward to seeing some fellow mongers in the Philippines this summer.

Sir James
03-05-05, 05:01
Can anyone recommend a reputable dentist in either Manila or AC. Planning to be in the PIs for about a month and could use the time for some maintenance and cosmetic works, cost an arm and leg in the states when you don't have insurance. Really appreciate the helpsI don't know about AC. But for Manila recommending a dentist depends a bit on where in Manila you intend to be, as it covers a fairly large area. That said, I can recommend highly the dentists who take care of my child (4yrs) & her mother. Initially I stayed to monitor their treatment but that proved uneccessary as the dentists (we used two) were quite competent.

Curiously the office name is the White House Optical/Dental Clinics (it's a mini chain with offices in several malls). It is a hybird shop because the owners are a Dentist married to an Optician!

There are several locations: Sampaloc, Sta. Mesa, Mandaluyong & the Fairview SM. PM me if you think exact addresses & #'s would be helpful.

Sir James

03-06-05, 02:39
Golazo is correct in his statement about electronics, though I have found one exception. In Manila, directly across from the Dusit Hotel, there's a one level mall called Plaza One, which is devoted to electronics. It has dozens of stores, selling all of the newest gizmos, and the prices are quire competitive with Hong Kong, the States, and others centers of electronic commerce. I bought a blue tooth head phone and a nice pair of Senheiser phones for my MP3 player there last week. These places also sell the range of IPOD players, and the prices are slightly less than I found in the US.


Fil Am
03-06-05, 07:27

In regards to your post about dentist in Manila, I can recommend a dentist office in Malate that I have been to. The facilities and dental work were excellent, better than anything I ever had in the US (and definately better than what I had in the US navy). It is the dental office of Dr. Bolanos, located on the 5th floor of the Magsaysay building along Roxas. It is across from the Manila Diamond Hotel. The dentists there were excellent, I heard the US Ambassador goes there. I work for a US govt org, so they send us there as well.

Best wishes.

03-10-05, 13:51
I submited a profile on Filipinaheart.com as a total newbie 2 weeks ago saying that I would be in Cebu in 2 weeks and entered my age range as looking for an 18-20 year old. No photo was added (don't know how to do it) and a general line of 'I'm coming to Cebu and would like to meet someone nice during my stay'. I was honest about my age (less than 40 but not by much) and honest about the type of girl that I was looking for 'clean, happy, likes being spoilt and good listener/talker'.

Anyway, I nailed it all down to two that seemed to fit the requirements / liked the photos of, both girls were 18 and both looking only for a friend. I met one one night, and the next the following night. Rose (1st night) I liked immediately so gave her lots of attention whilst we had tea with her cousin in the lobby (this seemed a better idea than the bar of course). Her cousin was interesting, and I made my excuse to leave to make a call to HQ from my room. Of course I called Rose instead and asked if we could talk in private in my room and would she come up for a chat. Which went well, with the right ground work sort of spelled out and she left asking if we could meet the next day.

However, I met Joann the next night whilst messaging Rose during the day to show that I was VERY interested to meet the following day before I left Cebu. I also spelt out in a reply message to her my exact intentions of going to bed with her if we did meet again the next day as she'd asked. She agreed!

She turned up at Waterfront on time to meet me for lunch, wearing a very pretty dress and a pearl necklace (hehe) and looked fantastic drinking a glass of wine and eating a superb pizza in a deserted lunchtime La Gondola restaurant. I think we caused a stir with her being 18, drinking wine and dressed for an evening out at midday, but we loved it.

She was absolutely wild when her clothes were off and I was apprently only the second guy that she had slept with, whilst also being the first foreigner! (yes, of course I used a condom). She was absolutely lovely and it was a fantastic way to get laid.

I gave her some money of course, which she refused, so I put it in her bag when she wasn't looking. I also brought her a nice red lipstick in the duty free shop in the lobby for P.500 which was probably more for my benefit and which looked fantastic on her as she sucked my little head like a lolly.

I'll probably end up sending her an 'exam' fee here and there, but I'm also likely to be back in Cebu soon so win/win imho.

Lion Killer
03-19-05, 01:11

Good job, nice report, your not a cheap charlie and you treated them well. I hope other guys do the same. We all need that attitude when we visit.


X Man
03-19-05, 09:41

Maybe I spend too much time on the photos page because I didn't realize there was such good information here in the "general" section.

I have a specific question. Last year during holiday I bought a used phone in Cebu City (based on advice I got here). Well, it was very good advice.

I live in Tokyo where we have a completely different cell phone system. When I visit the Philippines in April, will my phone and phone number still be working? Someone told me there is an expiration date on the SIMM. Is that true?


Orgasm Donor
04-01-05, 14:00
Some mates and I are going to PI in May. One or two of my mates are considering staying longer than allowed for tourists without a visa. Do you think there will be a problem getting the visa for extended stay while in Manila? where do you go to get this done? Fees?


J Boy
04-01-05, 20:39
How far is Butuan City from Davao? Is Davao the nearest major city? Would any of you visit Butuan City? Is it as safe as Daveo or Cebu City? Any other comments?

Member #1005
04-01-05, 22:33
J Boy

Butuan City is somewhere that I am very familiar with, having stayed there a couple of times in a family’s home, fifteen years ago. Personally, I enjoyed the experience and yes I did see a few guys riding around with M16s slung over their shoulders but they always had a warm smile for any tourist who comes down to the place.

You have a couple of options to get there from Cebu, flying which takes around 35 minutes on a noisy turboprop aircraft or the ferry overnight both are relatively inexpensive – but I would suggest that if you are going onto Davao, from Butuan do not travel overland.

PM me if you require any more information.


04-01-05, 23:30
It is usually not a problem to extend a tourist visa by visiting the Office of Immigration and requesting a 30 day extension. Even overstaying the visa is not much of a problem and requires only the payment of a fairly modest fine at the airport prior to departure.

04-02-05, 03:56
Why not visit your local book store and read yp on the visa situation in the tour books they sell there? LP warns about problems extending the visa.

04-02-05, 04:06
Concerning Visa Extensions:

Most travel agents can do this in one or two business days. You pay them a fee, they collect your passport and they take it to the local immigration office, then return it back to you with a stamp in it extending your stay.

Standard stamp you get when you come in the country is 21 days. The travel agent will get additional 38 days to it, bringing it to 59 days. There is a service charge for rush service by the govt (they stand in a different line at the Board of Immigration to process it, you dont have to be there, they send a courier to do it for you), the travel agency will tack on their own processing charge. Its not much and is hassle free.

Then if you need another extension you can do it again. You can daisy chain these up to about 6 months, just go through the process when you get close to expiration. Just plan on getting an extension a week before it expires.

If you forget, you pay a fine at the airport of around 2500 pesos, but that is not the recommended way to do things. Let a travel agent get the extension the legit way. Immigration people have a way of remembering things in this country, and later you may need something and they will find this in their records just when you need it the most.



04-02-05, 04:40
many travel agents within the pi are set up to do the legwork on visa extensions for a small fee. saves much time and hassle. the republic of the philippines is not widely known for ruthless speed and efficiency in the operation of government offices, to put it as tactfully as possible.

tourist visa extensions are routine for up to a year, and many thousands of people live there permanently this way, making only a brief annual "visa run" to bangkok or hong kong to re-enter as tourists again for another year of regular "extensions."

i find that recent editions of the philippines version of lonely planet are often wrong about practically everything.

cebu local is a helpful guy who's information has been trustworthy on these forums for a long time, and he happens to be a travel agent. if he sees this and feels like commenting i would trust his remarks, but i have lived there for six months at a time on extensions of a tourist visa, and found it easier than sending my clothes out to be laundered when using a local travel agent who is set up to process batches of these things.