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05-18-02, 06:25
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QC Boy
05-27-02, 08:50
Finally I am able to get the confirmation thingie. I guess most of you have the same problems. So do any of you guys have any new spots around the metro? We keep discussing the same old places. Massage parlors, or casa's? Those are always interesting. Free lancers are obviously the best. Any new suggestions?

05-27-02, 14:24
I tried Maalikaya before and found it to be quite enjoyable.....can you recomend other massage places in Quezon City that offers simialr services with similar or better and prettier girls??

QUOTE]Originally posted by qc boy
Finally I am able to get the confirmation thingie. I guess most of you have the same problems. So do any of you guys have any new spots around the metro? We keep discussing the same old places. Massage parlors, or casa's? Those are always interesting. Free lancers are obviously the best. Any new suggestions? [/QUOTE]

05-28-02, 16:24
Well, you can check out Wilderness or Sylvanus (Near or inside Heartbeat and Pegasus)... or for some thai action, try Q's, near Rolex

QC Boy
06-03-02, 16:13
Most of us have heard of wilderness or sylvanus but which massage parlor really has the best girls? I have been hearing that the girls in New Magellan in Buendia are also good looking. Anyone who has tried all three, please give us input.

Another thing, does anybody have any info on mall girls? Ive heard about Harrison Plaza, but are these really good looking girls? Any other mall in qc or makati or manila for that matter? All of us really prefer girls who are still studying.

Gilrs from Padi's used to have that reputation but all of them are out of school youth. Although a lot are young, and some are attractive, they are pros just the same. Id like to find girls who do not think of earning money as a livelihood but who have fun doing it and may just need the money once in a while. Tough find? Yes it is.

06-03-02, 16:31
Well, if I find a girl I like in an MP or Club- I usually get her number- and ask her out for a date :D

If you're nice to her and acted like a gentleman- chances are, she'll agree

Usually works :) I'm lucky the girls I got out with are not the money grubbing types

I had a couple of hot dates from gals from Sky (in Sta Cruz), Maalikaya (in QC), and an occasional free lancer here and there.

Just draw the line- you and her are in it for the fun and the sex- no commitments and other BS.

So far- I've encountered no problems.

06-03-02, 16:49
Could anyone give any new hot numbers on the popular establishments? (Maalikaya, Q, Happy, etc).

Been out of circulation lately- give the room rates, usual tip, performance, etc.

Any new places to explore in the Manila, QC, Makati, Paranaque, Caloocan area? (forget Pasay- Pasay sucks).

QC Boy
06-05-02, 13:12
If we talk about free lancers we are talking about LA Cafe (I think) and Padi's Point. No one owns them, they're not forced by pimps or anything butsome of them seem like pro's. But for me, they're still better than going to MPs or Casa's. And they are pretty young too. A lot in their teens although most are 7s at best. Of course, I am very picky to begin with. So there.

And to correct you, the best are those girls who you pick up at bars without paying them. That's the ultimate challenge that I would want to do sometime. Its just pretty tough.

06-25-02, 11:27
Hmmm...now this place hasn't been hopping in a while... :)

QC Boy
06-25-02, 18:22
Thats true P-guy... where is everybody... maybe we should merge back with the manila site...

06-27-02, 15:59
to qc boy,
Anything new on QC ave.? I was hanging out in Stardust last March. Tried Classmate once, nice girls but did not get another chance to visit. I will be in Makati by mid July for 3 weeks.

Thanks in advanc for any info.

QC Boy
06-28-02, 20:08
There's a new place somewhere across stardust. Havent been doing much of the sex scene recently. Waiting around here for something new and exciting to pop up. Have fun when you visit, hope to hear some of your adventures on the board. It really needs some life after transfering to this format.

06-29-02, 12:04
Would that be Bodega, QC Boy? Or Heartbeat? Hmmm, might as well cruise around sometime... :)

If anyone's interested, went to Q again after more than a month, and they got a LOT of new girls...not too shabby looking too.

06-29-02, 12:28
And By the way, in case anyone wants to try out the ads in Buy and Sell, just gotta say that it was probably the best I've had in a while... :) (Tried it once before, with slightly above average service) Can't remember the exact ad, but it always has the tag line "affordable but not cheap" (wonder where they consider 4000 bucks affordable! Went for the class A thing)

Be sure to request exactly what ya want though (chinita, mestiza, etc) The guy (or rather, gay) who answers is a pretty smooth talker, and gave me a girl who you wouldn't think was in the business! He's pretty honest though, telling me that he didn't have anyone who looked like the girl I initially described...got set up with a 20 year old student...and trust me on this, she really was one. :) Since I go for chinita's, he described her as looking fairly like a certain news anchor, with better buns. He was right!

Would post the number here, but I understand the number changes from time to time...just whip out your friendly B&S and look for the tag line.

QC Boy
06-30-02, 15:49
it was bodega but they changed their name... Thanks for the info on buy & sell must try some of that some time.

07-01-02, 01:47
Hi Guys,
I had a wonderful erotic time at Stardust with a girl named Mylene. I would say she looks like Joyce Jimenez. When you go there just ask for a Mama named: LORNA and tell her that you would like a MI (mission impossible) full service from a good selection of pretty young game girls. Just tell her that you were referred by my alias name: Dan from Guam and she will surely give you a VIP treatment. Be sure to reserve all the cum for full explosion ... lol ... Goodluck and enjoy!

07-01-02, 03:16
hey jcb, where is stardust and how much did it cost you?

07-01-02, 06:58
Originally posted by lilazn
hey jcb, where is stardust and how much did it cost you?

Stardust is located along Quezon Blvd., Q.C., beside Catwalk & Mystique, across Heartbeat. Most taxi drivers know the place. It is so colorful and the neon lights glitters beautifully at night

It cost me about P1,800 for the MI, one hour of sexual pleasure in a private VIP room and P1,000 tip to the gorgeous girl and give Mama about P200 for tip and assistance in the selection of the girl.

Remember the girls here are not low class. They are in the higher end and less used, with ratings from 6 to 9. You get what you pay for in terms of quality. From my personal opinion, girls here are way prettier and cleaner than those at Padi's Point or LA Cafe. Pls. let me know your experience after you have tried the place. Goodluck and enjoy.

07-01-02, 14:41
I must say things look pretty different from my last visit. How are the old haunts along QC? Thinking of revisiting the massage places for old times sake and I'd appreciate if you guys could update me on the massage scene on QC.

Hey P-Guy how's Q holding up? How would you rate the new girls?

Anyone know of any hot numbers for Maalikaya or Happy? How's the quality lately at these places. I've been out of circulation for a long time and would appreciate an update. Thanks!!!

07-03-02, 06:31

Glad to hear Mylene is still there, I met her on my last trip last March. Hope to visit Stardust second week of July. Anyone else caught your eye or recommend?

Has anyone tried the VIP rooms in Classmates? Are the girls friendly?


07-03-02, 11:45
Hey P-Guy how's Q holding up? How would you rate the new girls?

Not too bad...the choices did get kinda bad and boring for a while, but with the influx of fresh faces, things have certainly picked up...also, they have a promo right now i think, 50% off on their suite rooms...from 1800 down to 900. :)

07-03-02, 11:50
Originally posted by sajora

Has anyone tried the VIP rooms in Classmates? Are the girls friendly?

I've tried it once, girls are very pretty yet unless you're a high roller, don't expect anything the first night (I guess you could get lucky if the chick really digs you)...they have this bathroom where you can take a so called "shower" with the girl, again for a high price...

07-03-02, 20:26
hey guys,

when you guys say Q, is that the actual name of the club or is it short for something? i've hit mystique and some places around the malate and pasay area in the last two weeks but nothing really has impressed me so far. even tried the massage place at wilderness (downstairs from HB) but it wasn't that great and i felt like i probably could've better spent my money elsewhere.

kinda like my girls wild but in the horny, willing to please sense...not the strung out on shabu with needle marks sense. any specific suggestions / tips for good girls and good managers to work with at the various Quezon ave clubs? which ones are most receptive to foreigners and which ones are more for locals?

07-09-02, 05:35
Aw man! Cahoots got raided- this always happens during election season.

&*&^&*$&$^(*&*^$%$#!!! politicians.

Expect the girlie bars to lie low during this time :(

07-10-02, 15:30
This my first time to post, anyone know of a girl named kristel who used to work at limehouse on quezon ave? just wondering where she's at now.

anyway i'm a fil-am living here now and kinda experienced in the scene here. keep up the posts. they're very informative.

just a comment, dont take it personal if it pertains to you, but why do puti's pick up some of the ugliest chicks. come on guys you can do better and probably for lot less.


Cebu Local
07-10-02, 15:55
to amboy taste is subjective,what is pretty to you is ugly to others

07-18-02, 15:28
Anyone knows the procedure at Lexus and Pegasus and Classmate?? I have never been there and would like to explore...any tips would be helpful.....

07-26-02, 08:35
I haven't been to Quezon Ave. in a while. Is there better bang for your buck going to the KTV's or the Massage Parlors?

07-28-02, 15:19
It is better value for money if you want sex to use a massage parlor compared to a nightclub/KTV. The best known massage parlor along Quezon Blvd/Ave in Qeuzon City is Maalikaya, corner of Quezon Ave & Timog Ave.

It has 4 floors with different rates. Cheapest at the top going down. Girls will normally ask for room rate as tip for special services, but try not to pay over P2,000 as tip (for the rooms that cost over this amount).

Procedure for Lexus/Pegasus/Classmate? What do you want to know, How to take a girl out or Do-It in the room? To take a girl out, just call the mamasan/papasan over and tell her you want to barfine the girl (if the girl agrees, or mamasan will recommend some girls that do). For Pegasus, barfine is about P8,000 for GROs and P12,000 for Models/Solos/showgirls.

If you want to do it in the room, tell the floor manager/mamasan this is your desire, and she will arrange it for you. The girl's hourly rate will most likely run P1,500-P2,000 per hour while doing the deed in-room with you, and a tip of P1,000-P2,000 will be needed for the girl.

08-06-02, 21:35
Just got back from Manila, still a fun place to be. Went back to the old stomping ground on Quezon Ave. - Stardust. Found another place on Roxas Blvd called Ms. Brunette quite interesting with the VIP room action. Some girls go all nude on stage and they're the ones that go the extra mile in the VIP room.

Anyhow, can't wait to get back in a few months. Did not get to visit LA Cafe or Padi's Point - maybe next visit. But had a great time as usual.

09-12-02, 15:25
I understand, however, that in Maalikaya you cannot chose the girl who will service you. Is this correct? Is there a way that you can hedge the looks of the girl and the quality of service in your favor?

QC Boy
09-15-02, 08:17
Im not sure about that. Maalikaya used to have a showroom where you can chose the girl to service you.

09-16-02, 00:01
regarding Maalikaya: It has 4 floors. The top floor is the cheapest and has cubicles. No showroom and you need to know the name or number of a girl to request her.

The price goes up as you go down each floor. The other floors should have a showroom or a TV monitor that shows the girl for you to pick.

The ground floor is the most expensive because it has the jacuzzi in the bathtubs. All floors have their gems and average girls.

One thing has been consistent here: The service has always been customer oriented.

09-16-02, 01:02
genuis8: would you know the rates at the ground floor in maalikaya? and how much do you give the girl for full service?

09-18-02, 00:26
Here are the previous Maalikaya rates. They might have gone up a bit (but should not be too much):

4th Flr (Cubicles): Room P700 or P800. TIP for extra services: P800-P1,000

3rd Flr (Rooms): Room P1,000-1,200 TIP: P1,000-1,200

2nd Flr (Rooms w/ Shower): Room ~P1,500 TIP (P1,000-1,500)

1st Flr (Rooms w/ jacuzzi): Room P2,000-2,500 TIP (asked) P2,000-2,500 (If you can pay tip of no more than P1,500, then its worth it; otherwise, total cost of room plus tip is not worth it .... better value at 2nd/3rd flr)

09-18-02, 09:31
Good to see the forum is back.
Can anyone give me the lowdown on La Legende. I heard its one of the top places but a bit pricy. I especially want to know about the girls and the prices. Thanks

Anyway, does anybody want to rate the top GRO bars, MP or KTV joints in the country. just thought it would make an interesting topic

best in KTV
Genie-Magic (Cainta), very pricy $$$$, not for the thin wallet types, but the service is great, get the magic curtain (almost anything goes), you can also get a magic service were some almost naked hot chick will sit on your lap and feed you. Total decadence if you can afford it.
Honorable mentions: Cahoots/Limehouse/Lexus/Stardust (QC)

best in MP
Peagasus (QC), good selection and not too pricy (P1200 rm, + rm rate tip for the girl)
Heartbeat (QC), better selection, more pricy, better rooms
have to check out Maalikaya

best in GRO drink joints
Rascals (makati), hottest women on the P Burgos strip, but no action
Ivory Jungle Room (makati), decent chicks, try to get cornered.
dont really care for the EDSA complex thing,

best in Strip shows (If you just wanna watch)
Barlady (QC), small place, up close and personal, not too pricy
Athena (Pasay), nice chicks that go all the way

Worst Club overall:
Encounter Disco/Grand Inihaw - ugly women, cats running around the joint (no kidding). A jeepney driver joint

Im always up for a debate and my experience is limited to my funds. so feel free make any comments.

09-19-02, 01:24
Amboy, just some comments on your ratings, if I may:

La Legende is around P1,00-1,200 per hour table charge for the girl to sit/chat with you. They have a lot of the prettiest girls around (although Pegasus girls are also of equal caliber). If you want to take out of there, talk to the mamasan and she will know who is willing that particular night. She might not be the prettiest though. I would not be surprised if they are asking around P15,000 for overnight.
Pegasus takeout is P8,000 for GROs and P12,000 for Showgirls.

Genie-Magic KTV as the KTV may be just slightly inaccurate. Although your described services are very good, it may just be bettered by the SKY TREK KTV in Paranaque, past Roxas Blvd on the way to Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport. The number and quality of girls there are a bit better than Genie and for "Mission Impossible" events, they are very willing with one caveat: You should be willing to spend money for the girl. (P3,000-P5,000 will definitely have girls giving full service in room).

Genie, Sky Trek, and Pegasus are owned by the same owners.

Grand Inihaw is a local lower class scene, that is known by the local term "Beer House". I am not surprised you did not enjoy it.

Try Maalikaya and let us know your thoughts.

09-20-02, 07:03
surveyed 2 old time MPs in QC area some nights ago...

CUBAO SAUNA (located behind jollibee edsa cor aurora boulevard)
you pay 200 for 45 minutes massage. place is filthy! girls have bad attitude and will haggle with you once she enters cubicle. once you set the deal which is 500 for FS, they just lie there like a cold fish! fuck this place!

HAPPY SAUNA (e. rodriguez) another rathole... happy girls have deteriorated through the years. bad attitude as well. rate is still 400. 500+ for full service.

please recommend the best MPs in QC. i don't mind paying more as long as girls give good mandatory massage and show good attitude.

09-20-02, 13:34
I wish it wasn't true, but the problem with Maalikaya is that it has dramatically deteriorated in condition over the last 4-5 years both in terms of its physical plant and in its quality of masseuse. This used to be my favorite place of all. I never used the ground floor, always the upper two levels. However, nowadays the 1000 peso rooms need a touch up of paint and a good clean. The facilities used to exude an aura of sophistication and class. Now they are slowly becoming more closer to those low end shit holes massage places.

One improvement to the cheapest level is the use of the photo album to choose your gal, rather than the old fashioned gamble of choosing a number and hoping for the best. (Note: I discovered some of the best masseuses this way!) Of course, even today there are always diamonds in the rough but I think the biggest problem with Maalikaya is the sheer lack of women to choose from. My guess is that better competition along Quezon Ave have driven the girls, especially the cute ones to go elsewhere to seek their fortune.

09-20-02, 23:29
The best Massage Parlors in Quezon City are the health clubs found in PEGASUS and LA LEGENDE nightclubs. The daytime rates for standard rooms are P1,000 and P1,100-1,200. The more expensive room is bigger in size. LEGENDE's rooms are a bit bigger than PEGASUS'.

The girls' tips range from room rate to P1,500 in these rooms. At night, the room rate goes up (and assume the girls' tips might). The worst deals are the jacuzzi/hot-tub rooms which will run around P2,500 with matching tips.

09-23-02, 16:38
Well, just came from Maalikaya recently and I must say, the service isn't bad at all...prices mentioned below are a little off though..if ever, things have gotten a bit cheaper.

1st floor - 1,500 for a room, with 1,500 as a tip
2nd floor- 1,000 for a room, 1,000 tip

didn't get to check out the upper two floors though...the rest of the posts down below re: info about Maalikaya seem correct...

BTW, can anyone tell me if New Magellan in Pasay is still open? Been wanting to visit for some time now...and aside from Q sauna, do you guys know any other place that does thai massage?

QC Boy
09-23-02, 16:49
P guy, how were the girls in Maalikaya? What kind of amenities do they have on the 2nd floor?

09-23-02, 16:51
Originally posted by AgentOrange

please recommend the best MPs in QC. i don't mind paying more as long as girls give good mandatory massage and show good attitude.

Well, any of the places mentioned by genius8 would qualify for this...Wilderness(heartbeat), Sylvanus(Pegasus) and the La Legende MP(forgot its name) would certainly qualify for your criteria...

For some hot thai action, you can always try Q(next to Rolex and Pegasus)...a bit pricey though, although the thai massage can't be beat :)

Then Maalikaya is always a classic (seemed okay when I visited again after some time). You can also try New Magellan if its still open (pretty good when I went there last) although its in Pasay.

I personally like Ginza for its massage, although no extra action there save for a hand job. (unless you happen to be a regular that is) :) Only 360 bucks...

Hope this helps AgentOrange...

Another question: Does anyone know if Citrus Health Spa offers extra service? Or if its one of those family places? Its near Pegasus if I remember correctly.

09-23-02, 16:59
Hey there qc boy! Glad this forum is up again!

Well, the girls on the second floor were not too bad...in fact, I'd say that there are prettier girls there than on the first floor...although the first floor girls have better bodies (as in sexier; i'm not saying that the 2nd floor girls had bad bodies though!)

For the 1000 bucks, you get a nice, clean room with a private shower (with hot water...hehe) and toilet...soap and other toiletries are free of course. Place was pretty decent. You can also order coffee, juice and other drinks. The massage itself was ordinary (maybe I've been spoiled by decent massage places)...Id put it a little above Sylvanus...definitely better than the usual rat hole places (cubao sauna, crown, etc) Extra service was good...condom provided for by the girl. You can do her either in the shower or on the bed.

09-23-02, 18:33
Re: MPs

I used to be a regular and Ginza and sometimes, on a good night and if you have a big one, the chicks gave more than just HJs. However if you ask, they'll turn you down so it's a bit of a gamble. And not all of them give extra service to begin with. Especially not for newcomers. Still, I like Ginza cause they give great massages even without the HJ. Dunno if they give Twin service. Place isn't much though. Just a notch over ratholes like Happy and Crown.

Try number 9. Also 98 seems like she's in her mid 30s and isn't a looker (i'd say a 4) but I got stuck with her once and she's fanatastic with her hands.

Maalikaya is better though. So-so massage but service is good.

The worst: Happy, Rolex, Crown and in Makati, there's a rip off station called Topaz. STAY AWAY!!! Heard Romulus was a shithole too.

What are the rates at Sylvanus and Heartbeat? And I'd like to try Q but the Thai massage in Rolex was a major let down.

09-23-02, 18:39
Thanks guys for the info...

GINZA is definitely the place to be for that great massage with no extra service... the girls there actually have training before they can become a masseur that's why

this place has a branch in Antipolo called SULTAN SPA... same rate 360 bucks, 300-500 for HJ

09-23-02, 20:28
Where is GINZA exactly? AND how much for a one hour massage? DO they also have a steam room or jacuzzis?


09-23-02, 22:59
to p guy

citrus is the massage palor below lime house. no extra service according to the guys there. dont know if they have sensation (HJ). havent personally tried it. seems to be ligit.

to terry 14
Sylvanus (Peagasus) runs about P1200 for super-deluxe, just a room no in-room shower. To P2000 for presidential, with in-room shower. the usual tip is the room rate. cheaper if you go before 5pm (i think). Try #7, but i think shes been absent lately.

Wilderness (Heartbeat) runs about P2000 for the room but includes in room shower. Tip is room rate also. much nicer rooms girls are about the same.

Imperial Hotel (i think thats the name) on the timog ave circle, has a small massage parlor on the 3rd floor. the girls are trained to give desent massages for P500 with an extra P500 for sensation (HJ). the grils split their time there and somewhere in subic where they have another branch. I reccomend it, ask for cherry. open all day too. I like to go after a good night drinking.

need to try out Q and maalikaya.

09-23-02, 23:24
have been to topaz as well. quoted rates can be high indeed(they like to start bargaining at around 3k for extra service). but if you are a regular and know how to talk to the ladies you can get excellent service (e.g., two rounds, bbbj-cim and then a shag, etc.) for the money=) haven't been able to do that at other mps (and i've tried a lot).

have had some great sessions at the place >:)

QC Boy
09-24-02, 02:44

Do you mean that maalikaya is actually better than sylvanus or even wilderness? How do they compare with each other? How old are the girls in those places?

09-24-02, 17:11
To amboy 812

Is "Imperial Hotel" around the rotunda itself or is somewhere down the road along Timog.

How are the girls in Imperial? Are they hot? And is the place OK or rathole?

I think I saw another "Inn" offering a massage along Timog. Coming from the circle, it's on the right side of the road, past a Shell station I think.


Ginza is a few meters down the road from Maalikaya if you're coming from the Timog intersection. Since it's not a full service place, they close at 10:30 pm. They have showers and a common steam room.

09-24-02, 17:34
Qc-boy - Are you talking about service? If so they rate about the same in my book...was just comparing the service they give compared to the price. But overall, Sylvanus and Wilderness are better places to go.

In the looks and age department, I'd say Wilderness has got the edge, but then again, Maali hs some pretty cute chicks though...I guess its all just a roll of the dice if the cute ones are available. I'd say that Wilderness has younger girls.

terry - If i'm not mistaken, Imperial is that big place where padi's point is...right around the rotunda.

You're definitely right about Romulus. Made the mistake of walking in there once and checking out the joint. Girls are old (40's at least). Walked right on out :)

And Q=Rolex. :) Was wondering if anyone knows of any other place that offers thai...

09-24-02, 17:41
BTW, where is Topaz? Heard about it being in makati but never really tried it...went cruising around for it but never found it.

QC Boy
09-24-02, 18:59
Topaz is in Yakal Street in Makati. Right before crossing Pasong Tamo. I went there one night to look at the girls but I found that the girls were pretty old looking. around late 20s to 40s. I didnt even bother.

As for my question earlier, I really dont care for ultra-posh places. As long as its clean and preferably with a bath inside the room, Im happy. As long as the girls are in their late teens to mid-20s I would be satisfied.

I remember 1 time I went to Q and the girl was calling me "ijo" or "anak"... (thats son in spanish and tagalog respectively). That really took the wind of my sails.

If the girls were more or less the same in sylvanus, wilderness and maalikaya, ill have to take the latter for price and having a bathroom.

P-Guy, how do these mps compare with New Magellan over in Pasay?

09-24-02, 20:49
Terry - Imperial is just a hotel with a massage service with sensation (HJ) no extra service though. P-Guy is right about it being the hotel next to padi's point on the rotunda. they dont advertise the service you kinda have to be in the know. they just have a list of the girls available that night and you kinda have to know their names. its hit or miss if you dont. ask for cherry shes a looker and i think the other is janice or something like that. all the girls are late teens to early 20s.

hope this helps

09-25-02, 10:42
Has anyone tried the other MPs along Quezon Ave? I know there's a lot of them but so far I've only tried Maalikaya, Q & Sylvanus. I've read the reviews on the other places like Wilderness and the one in Legende but I was wondering if anyone here has tried the other places.

09-25-02, 16:13
QC Boy - I see. Well then, Maalikaya would be the place to go. :)

New Magellan was pretty good when I went there last (several months ago i think...went there a month ago but it was closed...don't know if it was just for the night or so)...its just kinda far for me to visit regularly. The girls are on par if not better than the "Big 4" here in QC...they just have that sexy look....the place isn't too bad, not as clean as Maalikaya, but not by much. Definitely not a rathole. Service of the ladies is on par if not a little better than Maali and the rest.

Thing is, they don't have any posted price...you have to be careful when paying. The counter girl might charge you 900 to a 1000 bucks if you look like a newbie. I think the regular price is 650 for a one hour session, at least that's what the other guy next to me gave when he paid, no questions asked. I tried it the next time I was there and the girl tried to charge me more. Just asked to see the manager and told her I only paid 650 the last time I was there. She apologized. :) I think they charge more if you are a foreigner or something...I noticed several Taiwanese and Japanese around the joint, and them paying more. Suggest the foreigners go there with a pinoy friend.

amboy - Sounds interesting. Where exactly is it inside imperial? Do I just go inside the lobby and tell the guard or something that I want to go to the massage parlor on the third floor?

Sage - Well, the ones reviewed are definitely the better ones. You can try Happy, Crown, and maybe even Palace (never tried that one though...looked to seedy for me. Even I have my standards) :)

For Happy and Crown, they are general ratholes, with Happy having the better rooms and Crown having the better girls, IMHO. I usually don't mind paying for better service, but if you're on a budget...

09-27-02, 10:48
P-Guy - yeah just tell the desk you are going for a massage if they ask. Its on the 3rd floor all the way right as you exit the elevator. there are no signs leading there and its kinda inconspicious. i like it cause its open all night 24/7.

FYI - I heard theres a similar massage place with only HJ at the midtown hotel, next to robinsons place, ermita manila. I hear its the same kind of service as imperial. worth checking if your in the area.

10-01-02, 04:18
Checked out the Imperial Suites service last Saturday. Nothing great. Massage and HJ were so-so. The room was so much better than any of the other rathole places though.

10-07-02, 19:38
My sched lightened up a little and I finally was able to check out Imperial...Thanbks for the tip Amboy, the place is not bad for a decent massage and a HJ...plus its open 24 which makes it perfect for a massage after a night of drinking, unlike Ginza which closes a bit to early for my taste.

I tried out the one in midtown a couple of months ago, but I guess you need to know the number or name (can't recall) of the young ladies...got one in her mid 30's that gave a good massage but didn't really have anything in the looks department Said no to the HJ. Still, not bad overall. Will try it again next time I'm in the area and post here in case I find the good stuff. :)

10-08-02, 11:23

found another great number :)

09204111765 and 09193391200- goes by the name of Jo Marie

a l'il ornery at first, but she could become sweet- once she warms up to you ;)

Great BBJ- and FS at a reasonable rate :)

try her out! :)

and spread the word :)

10-08-02, 17:13

how does she compare with cathy--your previous recommendation?

QC Boy
10-08-02, 17:56
How would you rate her from 1-10? A little description would be appreciated. What exactly is a reasonable rate?

BTW, where and how exactly did you meet her?

10-11-02, 07:13
Just thought I'd share a funny story with you guys.

I'm a foreign student here in the PI. One day when i was looking for some MP action, I stopped at Pegasus. And to my surprise I saw one of my classmates working the fishbowl!! Now this girl is really smart and made the deans list last year. At first i didnt beleive it but I guess she needed the money. Goes to show you all types of girls are working the trade nowadays. Not just provincial girls sending money back home to their family. Of course I didnt pick her would have traumatic for her if I did.

Anyway keep info flowing guys
and happy hunting

10-18-02, 12:25
Just a tip for all ya MP enthusiasts out there...

Went to Maalikaya last night, and found a new girl on the first floor MP...number 57, named Joy if Im not mistaken. Around 5'6, greeeat body, good attitude, looks are a 8 or 9 for me...you mestiza lovers out there should like her...

might want to try her out guys.... :P

In any case, can anybody recommend an escort service or give a number where they have chinese or chinita girls? the service I used before seems to have gone out of business...

QC Boy
10-18-02, 19:03
Thanks for the info, p-guy. I assume you spent the regular 1,500 for the room and 1,500 tip right? Actually I want to try the mp scene again soon. I just got used to getting free lancers from padi's at tomas morato which has lately been cracking down on the girls. I dont know but experience has taught me that free lancers especially from padi's seem to be a little more friendly. Of course not all are like that but since they are just kids wanting to earn extra money they seem to be less serious than those who wait inside that window the whole day.

Any comments on the MP girls? Its just nicer to have someone you can talk to even after the deed is done. Attitude is almost as important for me as looks.

QC Boy
10-20-02, 11:23
Just a question regarding "escorts" from buy and sell. I looked over at the buy and sell site and I saw a few headings with celebrities and starlets. Has anybody asked about these if there really are starlets and celebrities working for some of these guys? I mean it would be an experience if there were some starlets. That would work better for locals since foreigners wont even know who our celebrities are.

Are there anybody who has?

10-22-02, 13:29
QCBoy - Yup, although she did try to negotiate for a higher price. Shot her down on that... :) I understand what you mean about the attitude of the girl and completely agree with you. IMHO Attitude wise, I feel that MP girls in general are okay at the higher end places...at least, I make an effort to try to flirt and tease them before the deed is done...of course there are some who are better at it than others. I've never felt rushed after by the girls who seem to want to chat even more! Just be nice and friendly, these girls I guess are used to a lot of jerks and total drunks as clients that they tend to like "nice" guys. Those at the lower end MP's tend to have bad attitudes, and I don't frequent those places unless I have a cashflow problem or am feeling adventurous.

How's the scene at padi's nowadays? How does the system work? I've heard a lot about it but the only time I went there with a friend to look for FL I got too drunk and ended up sleeping at my friends place while he shagged the chick he picked up. How much do they usually charge?

As for the starlets and such, don't believe what they say in Buy and Sell - at most they'll be one time extras in the movies (pretty enough though). I asked for a starlet once, and although she was pretty, she's not any of the names I guess you want.

If you're serious about wanting starlets though, I might be able to help you out...you still have my address?

QC Boy
10-23-02, 04:52
P-guy, Im not sure if I still have your address. What is the particular budget for the starlets you were talking about anyways?

Anyway as for the scene at Padi's, its gotten worse I think. The girl I made friends with over at Padi's said that the girls there were a lot better a few years ago. Now the Police come by once in a while and has cracked down on the area. There are still a couple of girls there who actually hang out at Rommel's billards but not too many.

If you could give me your e-mail again, that would be good.

QC Boy
10-23-02, 04:57
BTW, p-guy do you still hangout at Dreams? Heard the show over there with the ledge girls has gotten a little wilder and showing more skin. With all those pretty faces over there I find it hard to believe that there arent any girls moonlighting over there.

10-24-02, 00:34

I am also interested in more info regarding "starlets". If you are willing to share, my email address is genuis008 @ yahoo

I have had some experience with a club girl just before she became a starlet in a few movies.

What is the current price range you are aware of? P15,000-25,000 overnight or more?

As far as QC Clubs: La Legende has the best looking girls. Pegasus has these quality at a lesser number. For take out @ Pegasus, GROs are P8,000 and Showgirls are P12,000. Ask the Floor Manager who is willing to go out tonight., and then lok at the showroom for your choice.

QC Boy
10-24-02, 02:20
Its not worth it to pay that much. Once you get them in bed its all the same anyways.

QC Boy
10-24-02, 19:10
I heard there were some girls, supposedly students who stay on the top floor of ali mall in one of the restaurants. Has anybody here had any luck with these girls? I tried going there but I couldnt tell if they were working girls. They were supposed to be hanging out at Lino's and were supposed to be a group of girls. When I went there, I really couldnt tell. Of course, I didnt want to sit there all alone also.

Can anybody shed light to this? It could be another potential spot.

10-28-02, 01:32
After going to New Magellan for the last three weeks, decided to try the famous Maalikaya. First thing I realized immediately - it's a bit too far for someone living in Makati... Anyway, went straight to the second floor and had a selection from about 10-12 ladies. I completely agree with the post by FGump about three weeks ago about the comparison between New Magellan and Maalikaya. The quality of girls is definitely better in New Magellan. The facilities seem a bit better in Maalikaya (brighter, I guess) but I was bothered by the curtain instead of the door. Plus I could hear really well how the couple next door were humping... The massage was just so-so, definitely worse than in New Magellan. However, I paid only P 2000 (1000 for the room + 1000 for the girl) for a quite enthusiatstic full service. Right at the beginning the girl told me that she does not like to be licked below the waist, but I didn't mind - was not at the right frame of mind at that day. Anyway, I confirm earlier posts and suggest to negotiate. The girl asked P 2000 at the beginning.
To summarize - although Maalikaya might have better facilities (brighter and a bit cleaner rooms, sufficient parking space) and cheaper services, New Magellan has a better quality of girls and the massage. Personally, I would continiue with the joint in Pasay.

10-28-02, 01:41
Originally posted by qc boy
Its not worth it to pay that much. Once you get them in bed its all the same anyways.
QC is obviously not an abbreviation for QUALITY CONTROL. Dude, how many times have you gotten laid? 1, 2 itmes? All girls are not the same in the sack. Saying something like that lends me to believe you're either a virgin idiot or just a plain idiot.

10-28-02, 06:16
tried out once the girls hanging out at the top floor of ali mall...
i paid 1000 for FS... these girls are out of school youths trying to earn some easy cash.. service is so so. if you guys wanna try this out.. bum arnd at lino's and make sure u get eye contact with the girls there... they'll sure approach you.

QC Boy
10-28-02, 06:35
HRC, thanks for the comparison on New Magellan and Maalikaya. BTW, which place had the curtain instead of the door? Was it Magellan or Maalikaya? I guess Ill have to try Magellan soon.

Chubby, when I said they were all the same, I guess it was an overgeneralization. But just the same, paying 10k doesnt guarantee a better performance than paying 2k. The looks may be better but peformance in the sack may not be worth that extra dough.

AgentOrange, Thanks for the info. How would you rate the girls over at Lino's? Its just a little awkward staying there especially if you're alone for everyone to see what you are looking for. But if the girls are good looking, it may be worth it.

10-28-02, 07:17
qc boy, rooms on the second floor of Maalikaya have curtains. All rooms in New Magellan have doors and even their location gives you a bit more privacy than in Maalikaya.
If you go to New Magellan, let me know how much you pay. They always charge me 2600. I tried to bargain, but without success - maybe because i'm a foreigner... I'm just wondering if others pay the same.

10-28-02, 14:47
HRC - Yup, they do charge more for foreigners...its a given fact at that place. Just went there last saturday and they charged me 1,500 at first, which I was able to bargain down to 1 grand after complaining that I used to only pay 650 a month or two ago. Girl asked for 1500 tip, which I agreed to pay since I wasn't in the mood to haggle after bargaining at the door. Makes you wonder why they don't post a single price for everyone...it gets kinda annoying, since you always have to be loaded when you go there, unlike just preparing the cash you plan to spend.

BTW, you may also want to try the first floor of Maali when you're in the neighborhood...the rooms there have doors, and the girls are prettier (on par if not a little better than Magellan's) Rooms are also better than the ones on the second floor, with a jacuzzi and stuff.

QCBoy - went to padi's sometime last week, and just hung around in front after my massage at imperial. turns out you don't even have to go in, the bugaw was the parking boy and he showed me two of his girls...is the price range right when he quoted 2,000 for the night? Or do I have to pay extra for the girl? While the girls were hot, just wasn't physically prepared after my massage. :)

Re: Dreams, I hang out there every now and then, but I don't think things have changed that much...in the sense that the "wild" girls are working for the bar, and I think they have a strict no dating the customers policy or something. Still, I've met a lot of friendly ladies over there, but not freelancers.

genius8 - a bit higher dude...as in a lot higher than that for the real starlets. :) my email is astinice@hotmail.com

10-29-02, 01:01

I see (re real starlets) .... then we are talking 100-150 then. Good to know you can afford them (Thumbs Up) :-)

10-29-02, 03:08
P-Guy. I believe there are two prices in NM: one just for the massage (then you need to negotiate with the girl) and another one is for "all inclusive." I usually went for "all inclusive." However, if the girl already knows you, then I suggest to go for just the massage (i paid 950) and then give 1500 to the girl - you pay the same price, but the service is unbelievable - you'll be treated like a king... Again, only if you're her regular.

QC Boy
10-29-02, 03:26
I think 100-150 would be too much for starlets. I heard that some stars were available for around 50-70k. Of course those were rumors. But if they'r just starting out and you would bare know them, then it might not be worth going that high. Maybe 30-50k max.

P-Guy, the 2000k is all inclusive except for the room of course. It usually means the girl gets 1,500 while the bugaw gets 500. Dont believe them when they say its for the night. The girls will only agree to go one round at one of the motels nearby. ie. camelot or sir william's. Try to talk to the girls first if possible as some will try to rush you during the deed. If you do go back, please give us a report and give us the names of the girls. Just curious if there are any girls there.

BTW, about Magellan, went there a couple of months ago also, and the girl up front told me the rate was 700-900. I forgot what the actual price was. This changing rate is really weird. How much is the massage again at Imperial Hotel?

QC Boy
10-29-02, 03:32
BTW, a few years ago, Maali was the first MP i ever went to. My friend treated me and we went to the 3rd floor. He said that the best floors were the 1st and 3rd. I went to the 3rd and the room is better than what you were describing for the second floor. The room was big, the bed was big and there were real doors and a bathroom.

Just not sure if they changed the set-up because that was before it was closed down a few years ago. Havent been back since it re-opened. Maybe the 3rd floor is still better than the 2nd floor thats why the doors are limited to curtains on the 2nd floor? Anyone who can shed light on this?

10-29-02, 03:40
quote from qc boy:
Chubby, when I said they were all the same, I guess it was an overgeneralization. But just the same, paying 10k doesnt guarantee a better performance than paying 2k. The looks may be better but peformance in the sack may not be worth that extra dough.


You are definitely right on that one. Just because a girl is hot looking doesn't me she's worth a damn in bed. Attitude has a lot to do with as well as physical tools and capabilities.

10-29-02, 04:39
isn't the arrangement in maaliks as follows: the lower the floor, the better the accomodations and girls? so the second floor should be better than the third floor.

but then again, i haven't been there since early this year so things may have changed.

btw, has anyone tried lambat on quezon ave? is it any good? or is it a rat hole?

10-29-02, 11:01
genius 8 - I wish :) I just happen to have some contacts in the business, and even met several of them...Maybe I can afford them in a few years...yeah right... :) But you do know your figures, and beginning "actresses" or wanabees can be had for 15 to 20...

HRC - yup, that's how I do it too...I don't go for the all inclusive, since you can usually bargain with the girl and stuff. What really annoys me is that their entrance rate changes...oh well, the price you have to pay for a great time.

QC Boy - will do...massage at imperial is 500, with another 500 for the HJ. Its not too bad, not great either.

The set up at Maali is the lower the floor the better, with regards to both the accomodations and the girls. 1500 first floor, 1000 second, 700 third, and 400 fourth. (not sure about the price at the third and fourth floors though, since I went down to the second after seeing the pic album on the third). You can choose the girls from an "aquarium" on the first two floors, and have to rely on a picture album on the top two.

10-29-02, 14:18
To QC boy and P-Boy....

R u guys local? I've been reading the posts several months back and noticed u guys to be well versed in the local scene. Maybe we can swap info. Tell me how to contact you guys. Thanks.

10-29-02, 16:04
Sibakero - Yup...you can e mail me at astinice@hotmail.com

QC Boy
10-30-02, 01:54
Yup locals here. My e-mail is qc_boy1@yahoo.com.

11-02-02, 09:19
hi guys im kinda new here are the padis girls still active in that area so whats the current going rates in that area. around what time are the girls hanging out in that area.... and is it true that locals are not allowed to barfine in edsa international complex huh??? kinda weird
by the way i would like to recommend stardust have lots of fun in there last time people are friendly and they have nice young girls with good attitude

11-02-02, 13:44
id like to share a new discovery just a few nights ago in quezon city
there's this bar called "dreams" along timog avenue me and my buddy checked out
it was arnd 1am then when we planned to pick up some chicks this is not your common strip joint just a plain bar where boys and their girls hang out
however during that time, the boy and girl ratio in the place was pretty bad and the atmosphere was pretty dead
after a couple of rounds when we were about to leave and go head for action some place else, a host came up unexpectedly and announced that there will be a strip tease contest in a few minutes
wow we were definitely suprised, what seemed to be a ghost town a few minutes ago turned into a wild crazy party that night
there were about seven girls who danced ala coyote ugly (hope you've seen the movie) one by one on top of the main bar, some stripped teased, some poured beer on themselves and sucked a beer bottle as if it was a dick, some went topless while some exposed their pubes enthusiastically to the beat of the r&b music.
although i suspect these girls were pros "hired" by the bar owners to have a show in their place, they definitely don't look like them
the girls were pretty young (i say 17-20), sosyal types -- they're more of your libis-ortigas-makati dating types, not katulong types
the girls sure know how to dance to the roar of the crowd
after everyone did their routine... winners were announced -- 1st, 2nd and 3rd although the judging process was pretty vague
i of course approached the winner which was a chinita, id say 8 in my book then got her number
i plan to call her one of these days then ill go back to this board for a report
btw, entrance at dreams is P150 bucks which is consummable

QC Boy
11-03-02, 02:25
P-Guy and I did talk about Dreams a couple of months ago and recently if you look down the thread. I just wished that it was a little bit easier to pick up girls over there.

11-03-02, 11:06
Dreams is one of those Coyote Ugly type bars. However, I think Spirits in Malate, and Mustangs in Makati are the better choices. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of Quezon City GROs hang out in Dreams because some of them live just in the nearby Williams hotel. I've personally dated Heartbeat and Classmate ladies who live in Williams. So what am I trying to say? You can all skip and save the table time and fee in these upscale bars and just hang out at Dreams to meet these GROs.

If you prefer non GROs, you can find hot coyotes in Mustangs. In fact, some of their inhouse dancers are International School students! They earn a lot for their partime work. Of course, money may not be the proper tool here as they are not professional sluts. Some effort and lotsa luck required I guess :)

For a mix of GROs and 'decent' fuckables, Robinson's Place and Glorietta are the definite joints.

I haven't been able to pursue this ' hobby' lately as there have been more pressing matters. I'll try my best to be active in this forum and share my experiences, esp those for the last three years :)

To qc_boy and p_guy: I'll contact u soon. :)

11-04-02, 08:22
hi guys just wanna know about the cubao action is it still very active are???? what are the clubs that are worth my bucks in cubao tnx hope to hear from you guys soon

11-04-02, 09:00
Hi guys
just a word of advice, Spirits bar got busted about a month ago when one of the girls exposed herself to a customer. Not sure what happened to both of them but it was in the news even on tv.

As for Mustangs, many of the girls are International students and are by far the hottest of the bar dancers. however they are damn hard to get them on a date. No luck with me. I seen PBA stars take some of them out though.

Hey are there any rollers out there? went to one of those rave parties on halloween. got a chick who was rolling and we had a really good time. I heard even some of the really nice KTV clubs offer it to the guests and many of the girls will roll with you. I know its pricy but I hear its an experience you wont ever forget.

QC Boy
11-04-02, 14:38
Sibakero, I assume you're a local. Have you had any experience with picking up girls in Glorietta or Robinson's Place? Foreigners are a little bit easier to approach I guess than us locals. Just wanted to know if you had any experience with such.

11-04-02, 15:22

since i live near cubao, i have tried every club in the CUBAO area. Here are my top picks (in order):

1. Club Idol - top quality girls, everyone strips all the way
2. Bartolina - girls same quality as idol but smaller place
3. Giggles - best customer relations, i had a gf here
4. Takusa - some girls have bad attitude and high pressure place

top three ratholes:

1. Kakosa
2. Kulasisi
3. Bangbangali

At these places, ladies drink range 160-180, vip rooms 1700-1900 for one hour and half

11-04-02, 15:55
Originally posted by qc boy
Sibakero, I assume you're a local. Have you had any experience with picking up girls in Glorietta or Robinson's Place? Foreigners are a little bit easier to approach I guess than us locals. Just wanted to know if you had any experience with such.

I agree with you that working girls seem to find foreigners easier to approach than us locals. I think this is because working girls assume that foreigners are always open for some action. Whether this is true or not, is not in my capacity to verify or reveal. Whatever the case, these girls do have feelings and are quite afraid of being turned down. Oh yeah, I think this is also because girls are afraid of being conned, and they think Filipinos, as well as some Chinese mestizos, are expert sex con artists. :) (Meaning they just want free sex!) WHO DOESN'T?:)

I am a local Tsinoy and because of my features, I've actually been mistaken for a Japanese or Korean. I look a little suplado especially when I'm not really in a hunting mood.

I've been approached by working girls in Robinson's but I've never patronized any of them. I have picked up some GRO types in Glorietta during their leisurely trips and had some fun without so much 'damage' (meaning cash). I usually just treat these newly met girls to a nice dinner or merienda, and if you play your cards right, you get 'free' sex. Most of these GROs in their off days are just looking for some fun and companionship as well.

For those times when I just need some sex without a lot of bullshit, I just go to MPs. The only problem here is that girls in MPs really pale in comparison to their GRO counterparts, not to mention 'decent' girls in decent bars. Heck, we all know the tradeoff right? If we want high class pussy, then I guess we must be willing to work a little harder. :)

Speaking about MPs, I usually patronize the high end ones like Wilderness. The price is a little steep but it's worth it if you just want immediate quality action. However, I prefer spending the dough just lounging at bars like Mustangs or Decades. Although there will always be nights where you don't get any quality action, it just takes one quality girl you hook up with to guarantee you quality (not to mention free) sex for at least a month. :)

Here's a golden tip for the foreigners: If you're patient and are willing to take some risks, without necessarily spending tons of dough, I suggest you hang out at Creekside or Mile Long in Makati. There's at least three quality KTV's there including Pharaoh (sister company of Pega, Heartbeat, etc...). During closing hours, tons of ladies will just be walking along the strip or looking for a ride home. You can make your move during this time. Chances of getting lucky? Pretty good I would say. You'll get really pretty GROs.

Barfining is a very sought after activity by foreigners both Asians and Westerners alike. However, I have yet to see a really really pretty girl who allows herself to be barfined. And even if there was a pretty one, costs would be so prohibitive that our dicks would just go limp due to disinterest. We're talking around 15-30K for these 'high class acts'. My take? It ain't worth it.

I'll keep you posted on any new developments. :)

11-04-02, 21:38
Just got back from the holidays, and am dying for some action in good ole manila... :)

amboy812 - It's safer to bring your own, if we're on the same wavelength, and are talking about the same thing. And yes, the girls do usually agree...its better if you've gone to the club several times and get to know the girl a little, so you two can "party".

agent orange - checked out your guide to clubs in cubao, and would like to thank you for the info. When me and some pals are feeling kinda adventurous and want to try something different (from Pega or da usual Q ave bars), we usually head over to Cubao, and just enter any place along that row near Aurora. At least now we know better.

I've seen a lot of posts regarding the gals who dance in Dreams, Mustang, and the like...kudos to those who score, but they aren't working girls, at least in our sense. :) They're pretty nice (chatted with a few) but for the most part they're there to entertain by dancing, are paid by management, and aren't...uhhh....turning tricks. If ya guys want to save yourselves some embarassment, don't even offer...you have to do it the oldfashioned way...ligaw :) (although as far as I know they have a strict no-dating the customer policy with management...how they enforce this, I do not know) Still, fun to watch.

The other girls there (ie, customers) are fair game...as Sibakero said, some may be FL or off duty GRO's, but never encountered any when I hang out there...a LOT of GAME chicks though at times... :)

11-05-02, 02:30
Hey, anyone ever hear of Blue Palm massage? Saw an ad for the place in the classifieds (also listed on the same page was Jay-R!) and they offered Turkish Baths. When I was in Hong Kong and Thailand, a Turkish Bath was an indicator of full-service but I never encountered it in the Phils.

Also, can anyone recommend a good 2nd Floor chick in Maalikaya? Or should I stick to the 1st floor regimen.

Checked out Ginza a couple of weeks ago, and hooked up with number 19. She was great wth her hands. But was kinda rushing it towards the end.

QC Boy
11-05-02, 02:32
Sibakero, thanks for the info. I too am a tsinoy but I dont think I can pass for a korean or a japanese guy. To be honest I really dont want any strings attached. I already have a gf and I just want to have some fun before maybe finally settling down, just to get the curiosity out of the way. And to be frank, the pro and semi-pro girls are just not satisfying my curiosity. I need a one nighter or something like that.

I actually tried chatting but found out most of the people there are really guys or are gay men. Some of the girls are not really that pleasing to the eyes. I also try adultfriendfinder. I read an article in a magazine refering to a site like it where supposedly decent yuppies subscribe to. I haven't subscribed yet but am thinking about it. I mean subscribing is still cheaper than one night with a free lancer or an hour at a mp.

If anyone has tried any of these means or has any other suggestions, please do reply or e-mail me at qc_boy1@yahoo.com. Any suggstions on GAME women will be good.

11-05-02, 08:45
thanks a lot AGENT ORANGE i hope to see you there soon ill try my luck in that place. im a regular in stardust ask for mama mercy she is great and will give you the best deal.... im a local a tsinoy isn't cubao a dangerous place.. hehehe..... maybe ill be with someone who knows the place.. hope to hear from you soon about your future conquest..

11-05-02, 10:12
Originally posted by qc boy
Sibakero, thanks for the info. I too am a tsinoy but I dont think I can pass for a korean or a japanese guy. To be honest I really dont want any strings attached. I already have a gf and I just want to have some fun before maybe finally settling down, just to get the curiosity out of the way. And to be frank, the pro and semi-pro girls are just not satisfying my curiosity. I need a one nighter or something like that.

I actually tried chatting but found out most of the people there are really guys or are gay men. Some of the girls are not really that pleasing to the eyes. I also try adultfriendfinder. I read an article in a magazine refering to a site like it where supposedly decent yuppies subscribe to. I haven't subscribed yet but am thinking about it. I mean subscribing is still cheaper than one night with a free lancer or an hour at a mp.

If anyone has tried any of these means or has any other suggestions, please do reply or e-mail me at qc_boy1@yahoo.com. Any suggstions on GAME women will be good.

qc_boy. i am a member of adultfriendfinder and haven't had any luck. there are heaps of posts but most are very old. I recently found another site called face-pic.com that seems to have more traffic of regular active members.

I am actually not a local with a chinese background and always get picked as a local. hay naku (speak a little tagalog).

I actually like the more chinese or white skinned filopina's. I like you have a girlfriend (filopina) so if i'm out looking for some no strings attached fun.


11-05-02, 10:54
Hi I'll be leaving the PI for good next week. I just wanted to know if anyone has ever tried to rent a club for the night and have all the girls attend to your whims, parang bachelors party. I want to go out with a bang. But I'm trying to do this as cheap as possible. And to get as many chicks for me and my friends. Any suggestions?

Adventurist - I'll agree Stardust has many quality girls there. My friend was able to get take out there after work. And the chick was really hot. I sorta have a regular "gf" there too. But I'm not saying who in fear that we might be "sharing" the same chick.

Happy hunting guys

11-05-02, 11:28
Hey dudes,

Regarding Stardust, I went there around four times this year and had a regular 'gf'. However, although there are a few quality girls, I must say that overall, Stardust is nowhere near Heartbeat or Classmates' league. It's price is also a little steep, for its quality. If you guys wanna save some money, just go to Mystique and spend like 700 for 2 hours of great fun.

I noticed that there are a lot of Tsinoys here. Hmm... it must imply something about our race. Hehehehe. No wonder China has 1.3 billion people :)

Regarding adultfriendfinder and chatting, I'm so sorry to inform you guys that the probability of nailing a hot chick is so low that it's not worth the effort. You're better off courting the hot chicks at Mustangs. I used to chat around 1996 (well, for around two months) and all the lady chatters were way prettier then. These days, most of them are really substandard lookswise, not to mention young ( a lot of chatters are below 16). I have some friends who nailed a few girls from adultfriendfinder but the quality isn't that great. Again, it's not worth it. But as an aside, to contradict myself, I know people who have gotten lucky on sex channels too. So I guess if you have time to waste and has infinite patience, it can work for you :) A sample channel is pinoysex on Undernet.

Since we're already on the subject, If you guys like hotties from Ukraine, try confidentialconnections.com. A friend just emailed that to me. I haven't tried that so proceed at your own risks! The top 2 ladies there are pretty hot though :)

Regarding the sex with no strings attached thing, I must say that lately I have been having a hard time in this area myself. Even the game ladies I meet in bars are now looking for more than just a quick lay. Heck, if you mess up, you'll also have this problem with GROs :)

Oh yeah, I am among those who have read FHM's article on Hotel Pdp. I haven't tried it yet. What I want to know is if it's better than Wilderness, since they are under the same group anyways.

OK...until next post

QC Boy
11-05-02, 16:36
Thanks for the info on adultfriendfinder. I actually e-mailed someone before they restricted e-mailing for free members. She replied and gave me her txt number but never really replied. I didnt want to call her up afterwards. Anyway, if you think its not worth the money then maybe I should just avoid paying for such service.

Anyway, about PDP, I went by the place this afternoon. I just scoped it so I would know where it was located. I had a few hours to spend since my gf had something to do so i decided to explore before I picked her up again. It did look like a hotel from the outside with valet parking except that it had tinted glass doors and windows, similar to those you place on those fishbowl rooms. I guess that gave away some kind of sleazy connotation.

If anyone would go there, please tell us if it really is a for members only place or if it is available to all. From what I gather is that they may not want foreigners to frequent the place so they are saying that its members only, or maybe just against caucasians. If anyone does pass by the place, please do give us a report.

Sibakero, have you tried New Magellan already? How does it compare to Wilderness, Sylvanus and Maalikaya? I have heard good reviews about New Magellan especially with regard to quality of the girls.

11-06-02, 02:44
Regarding Adultfriendfinder, what some people would do is to pay for the minimum membership, around 1 month, and then email the chicks like crazy. So if you have the time, and like I said patience, then u might get lucky.

I haven't been to New Magellan at all by my foreign friends have all tried it. Roomwise, it can never match Wilderness. However, they said there are a few quality girls working there. As far as I know, it is also quite cheap there compared to Wilderness so it's probably worth the trip.

My two cents on PDP. I don't think they would have it for members only. It just doesn't make sense. I don't think they would also ban Caucasians since they damn well know that the Makati Ave area is a Caucasian haven. They wouldn't have situated near that if it were the case. Then again, let's just wait for someone to confirm this again :) I'd like to try it out, if I get the time and the extra dough.

I have reviewed some past posts and some of u guys mentioned buy nd sell ads. Are the girls there ok? Where is the usual rendezvous point?


11-06-02, 08:29
hey thanks for the reply guys i also have a gf in stardust i just don't know if she still works there her name is venus she is from cebu. well i don't go to vip's to get laid what i do is i talked to them and get their cell numbers and wait for them after the closing and some bullshit inside stardust after a small chit chat the next day we meet again and its time to collect for your investment (time,saliva and a couple of calls on your cellphones). is rex still there he is a good guy helps me a lot plus my friend has a discount in SD so pretty cheap for us... is tetchie still there man if you see this chic she is the hottest my friend was able to bang her but me hhmm... no luck yet.. hey guys could you give me more info about the cubao strip clubs i am really interested to check the clubs there what time does the show there starts and are the chics there really wild or its just a hyped up report... tnx hope to hear from you soon guys happy hunting

11-06-02, 17:47
The low down on PDP

This really belongs in the Makati thread but this is for the benefit of my fellow QC dawgs who want to cruise the joint.

Just checked out the place this evening. Didn't get the members only treatment, but then, I'm a local. Anyway, here's the abridged version:

Massage: 2000. (Special rates before 2pm I think.)
Add 700 for twin service.

They have an aquarium set up. When I was there, I saw a range of 6s, maybe a couple of 7s. Took the recommendation of one of the PDP staff. I'd give the number but I guess you're better off getting suggestions from the regular fellows. I was a first timer.

Girl had a nice attitude, gave me a shower before and after we did the nasty.
Overall, it was OK, and better than my last trip to Q and Maalikaya though. And the room was a legit hotel room. Not a 5-star obviously, but better than Maalikaya's 2nd floor rooms. Massage was better than Maalikaya too, though Ginza girls still give better fundamental massages. After the massage, I asked her for extra service (no price was discussed, but I guess since the FHM article, the rates are an unspoken standard)

Girl was about as good as the Maalikaya girls I visit in terms of technique. She had a nice bod and a pretty sweet attitude. She didn't mind that I took so long to finish (something the Maali chicks sometimes complain about) She let me come on her by the way, instead of inside the condom. (Not IN her, ON her) That was a first for me outside of my ex-girlfriend.

Gave her the standard 1K for her trouble. That's 3K all in all. A bit more expensive than Maalikaya (That's a FIRST FLOOR RATE at MK if you think abt it)

PDP is in a side-street around the corner from Foxy's on Kalayaan Ave.
If you're coming from the Rockwell area, the side-street is on your left. If you go past Foxy's you've missed it. Down the road from PDP is New Oriental Sauna (which is, incidentally, not our kind of place fellows, ignore it)

If you're in the area and have cash to spare, i'd say check it out. Since I work in Makati, it was very convenient for me as opposed to driving all the way to QC and going home to Pasig.


PS> I passed by the Blue Palm turkish bath place I asked about on this thread. It's in a seedy looking side street from Kalentong, towards Sta Mesa. can give directions but the place looked like a rathole (makes Happy and Crown look like 3 star hotels.) I didn't even bother checking it out. Looked like a refuge for Shabu addicts.

QC Boy
11-07-02, 02:56
Terry, thanks for the info on PDP, so I guess the girls there are really nothing great. Maybe Id save some money next time and just go to New Magellan where I heard that the girls were pretty good looking. Its a little cheaper too.

11-07-02, 23:42
Well, PDP isn't THAT bad. Just a bit steeper in terms of price. But only worth checking out if you're in the area. At least it's better than Imperial and Topaz.

What's the deal with Wensha(?) Spa along Timog. It's almost at the corner of Timog and Q Ave. Was driving home at 3AM last night and saw a lot of cars parked outside it and it was still open. It piqued my curiosity but since I already had some action that night, I didn't have the energy to check it out. Anyone ever heard of the place?

QC Boy
11-08-02, 01:36
Actually Im pretty curious about Wensha as well. A friend told me that it was legit but with its operating hours, I still have my doubts. If you decide to try it out, maybe you can fill us in on the happenings in that place.

11-08-02, 16:44
Hey guys,

Out of curiosity (and prob coz of the occassional horniness :) ), I checked out PDP this early am after my billiard sojourn around 12am. Guess what? I was disappointed to say the least.

I was expecting around Wilderness caliber but no such luck. The rooms are nice but the women aren't pretty at all. In wilderness you will find at least 3 out of 10 pretty ones. In PDP, it was more like zero. The rooms in Wilderness are also around 30% more spacious.

Massage was surprisingly great though (maybe coz I was tired after billiards). Extra service was pretty good, but I didn't find her pretty (but chose her none the less as I was with a friend who insisted) so I wasn't really turned on.

The only good thing that happened (if you can call it such) is that I got the sex for free :) The girl put her cel number in my cel, and insisted I visit her in her home. I feigned the usual bullshit interest so as not to offend her. My ego prob got a boost but my wallet still got damaged by 2K for the room :) Their promo time is 2:00am - 2:00pm everyday. During this time, the rooms cost 1500.

Oh yeah, I didn't get the members only quip too. Maybe this is just what they tell foreigners. I'm not really sure. I'm gna tell my foreign friends to test if they'll get the cold treatment.

Oh well, sorry to tell you guys my trip to MP was just so-so. I'll be having more time to be active again in decent hotspots. I'll keep you guys posted if I get lucky :)

To adventurist:
Are u from the Jaycees? Manila Jaycees I mean.

For those of you looking for girlfriend material GROs (meaning pang DISPLAY), you might want to check out CAESARS KTV at the Pan Pacific hotel in makati. Very cheap hourly rates for the quality. I havent tabled there but I already scouted the place since I go to Slimmer's World in that hotel to work out. Saw some pretty ladies there. I doubt though that any hanky panky will happen in the rooms.

OK..till next post

QC Boy
11-09-02, 01:12
Thanks sibakero. I guess Ill avoid the place. Do you think New Magellan is comparable to Wilderness in terms of quality of girls? The rooms are obviously nicer in Wilderness, Sylvanus and the La Legende MP, but Im looking more to the quality of the girls than the room.

11-09-02, 06:36
Originally posted by qc boy
Thanks sibakero. I guess Ill avoid the place. Do you think New Magellan is comparable to Wilderness in terms of quality of girls? The rooms are obviously nicer in Wilderness, Sylvanus and the La Legende MP, but Im looking more to the quality of the girls than the room.

Although I haven't been to New Magellan, I have loads of friends who have gone to both NM and Wilderness. Wilderness girls are better but I'm sure there's an occassional pretty one or two in NM too. It's all about ratio, and I believe Wilderness, Sylvanus, and La Legende MPs have the highest ratio of pretty women.

I'm not really particular about the rooms as long as they are clean. Man, you should see the rooms in the really cheap joints like Happy. They are just cubicles. I backed out the moment I saw them :)

The situation in MPs is similar to the clubs. We get what we pay for. It is logical (and has been proven) that women in higher end MPs will be prettier than lower end ones. The women in high class MPs also get their usual medical clearances or they get booted out. I know this for a fact coz the I personally know the owners of these high end chains. Again, it's about ratios. You can also get lucky (but a bit more unlikely) and find a pretty girl in the middle and lower end MPs.

Actually QC boy, I tend to agree with you that paid girls just don't do it for me now. That's why I said when I have the time, I'll do more barhopping. I hooked up with a Lee model in Venezia last year and I had a dandy time. Barhopping tends to be a lot more work, but the prize is definitely worth it. I suggest you hang out (even alone) at the following:

Pier 1
Club V
Billiard places (Marlon's, Big Shots, Gatson's)

I know you have a girl friend and all, but if you want a quality allnighter, this is the only way to go. Infidelity is infidelity whether it's with a **** or a 'decent' chick :) I'll choose the letter anytime.

Oh yeah, don't be afraid of rejection too. It goes with the game. Even my handsomest and slickest friends do get their off nights too :) As in any endeavor, I believe in the saying practice makes perfect. You'll have a hard time in the start, but once the chick starts rolling in, WHAM!!!

If the places I mentioned are pretty difficult, u can start with the general Ermita type bars like the billiard and bar types in Burgos, Makati. For example, Filling Station is teeming with chicks waiting to be picked up (they are the GRO types though) but you can get them for free if you play your cards right.

If you're a beginner, the best thing is to hang out in one place first. Get to know the owner, manager, waiters, etc. They can provide you with tons of info and make you're chick hunting way easier. Not to mention you'll be treated like a VIP if you're a regular. During your first two trips, you can bring your barkada as there is safety (and courage!) in numbers hehehe.

Ok I think I've said enuff and need to keep my trap shut now :) Good luck! Happy Hunting (don't let your gr catch you)! :)


QC Boy
11-09-02, 07:05
Sibakero, thanks for that. The problem I have with going to bars is that since I do have a gf, I tend not to let anyone know of my infidelity. I just feel weird going to a bar alone. I dont think the girls would appreciate me going alone either. It would be pretty transparent that my ultimate goal is not just to have fun with friends but looking for a quick lay.

I tried going to bars like Dreams like P-guy said. Didnt get lucky. Maybe because I wasnt comfortable there, but it was a nice place to be alone since at least you get treated to some kind of a show.

11-09-02, 17:14
hey qc boy,

checked out wensha this evening and it seems pretty legit. but then, even ginza claimed to be legit. they're open till 3am.

they have several therapeutic massage packages which range from 800 php to the 3k range.

the operating hours, location and price lead me to believe that there may yet be more to wensha than meets the eye but i was not going to waste my dough only to be left hanging so to speak.

never tried wilderness but now i'm curious. i'm pretty much active on the scene again after i broke up with my gf so maybe one of these days i'll check it out. how much are the rates there? are the girls lookers or losers?

my buddy is pesking me to ask if anyone here knows where to get anal action. hmmm. maybe i'm interested in an answer too.

11-09-02, 18:33
i agree the Ginza is still the BEST place that gives fundamental massage.. but the way to get extra service seems a bit tricky, haven't had the luck... guys, what hot numbers do you suggest?

adventurist: post your email... maybe we can hook up sometime for a cubao adventure

11-10-02, 00:33
I'm a local who's been lurking around this forum for a while and enjoy the posts immensely. I'd like to return the favor by posting this report on action at The Good Life MP which I doscovered after reading a post on this forum.

For those of you who don't know, The Good Life is at the building where Genie Magic KTV is located in Cainta Rizal near the Sta Lucia East Shopping Mall. I think the just opened a month or two ago. I live nearby so I checked it out at around mid-October.

The place looked very new and decent with a spa-like ambience. I found out that it is also run by the owners of Sylvanus and Wilderness.

The room rates for VIP is P2000 for 1.5 hrs on regular business hours. Since I was there at 3:00 p.m. during the promo period (12:00 nn to 5:00pm), the room rate was P1500. I found out later that there are cheaper rooms available for half the price.

I did the standard aquarium viewing. Since it was early in the day, there were only about six girls. However, there were two who ranked a 7-8 in my book. After asking for a recommendation from the "amuyongs" there, I chose no. 14 who went by the name Crystal.

The room was very clean and had a single bed, mirror, shower room where you could take a steam bath and toilet.

Crystal had a pretty sweet face and a great smile. Very slim and sexy with a tight firm butt and soft silky skin. Her breasts were average size and somewhat soft but were nicely shaped and nice to play with.

After taking a steam bath, she joined me in the bathroom for a warm shower. She was great with her hands were it counts.

Shet gets me to lie on the bed, she puts on her sexy lingerie and thong and gives me a decent massage. I find out that she is from Zamboanga and currently a student taking up a care giver vocational course. This may be a let down for some, but I found out that she already had a baby. However, it didn't show from the way her body looked. All in all she was great to talk to before doing the nasty.

We lose track of time and before we knew it, someone comes on the intercom saying that my time is up. She calls reception and I aske her to ask for 30 extra minutes. They agree to this if I pay a little extra.

She proceeds to give me a BJ ( she wont do BBBJ) while I am sitting at the edge of the bed and continues as I lay down. She has great technique and her tongue action (with ball licking) is just as good. This is for a good 10 minutes.

We then proceed to do cowgirl, missionary, spoon and finally doggie. While doing this, she allows me to french kiss her, and gently play with her breasts, **** and asshole. It was probably all fake but she was moaning like crazy and gripping my torso with her legs while doing missionary. But boy was she wet! Her pussy felt great but was not as tight as I wanted.

I finally came in her doggie style. Overall I would give her performance an 8/10. However, her BJ was exceptional and would rank a 9/10 even if done with a "capote".

The only bad things about the experience were the price and the fact that we lost track of time and had to ask and spend for the extra 30 mins. I recommend this place to anyone who has the cash to burn and is willing to make the trip to Cainta or lives nearby.

Anyway, as a pa-consuelo to the rude interruption, they gave me a discount card (50% off ) for my next visit. I will use it very soon and this will be the subject of my next post.

I hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from this post. I've patterned my report after those posted by our equally horny SE Asian brothers in the Malaysia (KL) forum which provide a lot of detials in their field reports. I hope other posters, especially the locals, adopt this style to make this forum more enjoyable!


QC Boy
11-10-02, 02:36
crabsnake, how much was the tip that you gave the girl? Its pretty interesting that the girl changed into lignerie when she was going to massage you. Thats pretty sexy if you ask me.

11-10-02, 11:37
qc boy,

I was feeling a bit generous so I gave her P500 tip. I thnk the lingerie is part of the standard get-up.

11-10-02, 11:45
Oops. I forgot to mention that the girls charge the room rate for the extra service. So I paid P1,500 plus P500 tip.

QC Boy
11-10-02, 12:19
Actually that was my question. I guess 3000 isnt bad considering the quality of the place.

Speaking of standard get ups, lets try to compile a list of standard get-ups of these mp girls. The places I went to only use the standard white masseuse uniform. If its lingerie for that place near genie, what are the other standard get-ups in other mp's?

Lets not restrict ourselves to QC mps. Lets talk about Sylvanus, Wilderness, Maalikaya, New Magellan, PDP, and whatever Im forgetting.

11-10-02, 15:16
sad to see that the latest visits to pdp have been disappointing. oh well, so much for quality control.

about mp uniforms, the only place that i know that has something other than the standard mp white uniform is romulus. the place is a rathole and the girls are subpar. but i like the togas that they wear >:) has anyone tried the place lately? have they improved?

btw, ginza only really offers handjobs. and i still haven't met a lady who does not offer it. i have heard about some lucky dudes--who are regulars--who have gotten more. but this is really the exception. remember that the place does not really offer much privacy due to the "sheer" curtains...

11-11-02, 10:53
Romulus always has and always will be a rathole. I decided to check the place out again after a year, hoping they would have improved somewhat. Sad to say the place is still a dive. The girls are below average and I had to hightail it out of there despite the venomous looks from the counter.

By the way does anyone have any info on New Oriental in Makati? Been passing through the P. Burgos Area a lot lately and noticed a lot of taxis parked outside.

11-11-02, 11:08
I noticed a post about Cubao awhile back and thought I'd put my 2 cents in.

Another good place to visit is Hawaii 5-0 although from the outside the place looks kinda scary. Girls range from 6-7s, although there are few 9's in the mix as well. Best thing about the place however is that as far as I know, all the girls strip naked and I like the bikini concept.

For table enthusiasts, the girls in this joint just love to sit on your lap in their thongs and panties. I have had several suddenly straddle me and introduce themselves, so it really makes it kinda heard to say no to the offer of buying them a ladies drink. Specially if you get one of the really cute ones. (Besides, compared to QC ladies drinks are pretty cheap)

VIP room service is pretty good but you have to know how to handle yourself in there. Girls will do BBJ and sometimes more. There really is no standard fee for Extra Service but be carefull of some pros out to fleece you.

All in all I'd recommend the place if you're going as a group or can handle yourself pretty well, otherwise you might as well stick to the joints in QC or Makati.

By the way, in all the places in Cubao, make sure you check your bill thoroughly as these guys have the habit of padding your bill or charging you VAT twice. Specially if you look like a first-timer.

11-11-02, 11:40

New Oriental claims to be legit and I have yet to hear of a report that says otherwise. But it really has a dubious location and operating hours. Visited the place once and asked if they had private rooms. No go. That alone turned me off.

I've never been to Genie and Good Life but it seems intriguing. Some help fellas: If I'm coming from EDSA, how do I get there? I know you're supposed to go down Ortigas but then what? I've lived here for a few years but never ventured towards the Cainta area.

Cute-tsinito, Ginza girls hardly ever give full servcie though I have gotten lucky a couple of times. Three factors come into play, according to one of the attendants who gave me a ride: How horny the girl is, if they like you (attitude, appearance, package), and if there aren't a lot of people. So it's a gamble. For the life of me, I can't remember the number right now. (haven't been there in a while) Try number 11 and 19, 17, or 38 and 40. I haven't seen the last two but I think I heard one of these numbers put out. And also, some of their girls are new so they may not be the same numbers as before.

Meanwhile, just wanted to follow up on my question re: Rates at Wilderness and quality rating as well. Thanks!

11-11-02, 12:18
Terry14 - The simplest way i know how to get to Genie magic or Goodlife is to take aurora blvd going away from sta. mesa towards cubao. This road will eventually turn into Marcos Hiway. STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the road for it will split, the left going to Marikina. eventually you will pass a Robison's East and Sta. Lucia Mall. Turn right at the light right after the mall. You'll see Genie on your left side. Worth checking out. I would say the same service as Pegasus or Heartbeat. They recently had an anniversary party nov 6, did anyone check it out? Supposedly some bold stars performed that night.

Re Pdp: went there after 2am, their prices drop to P1200 for executive and P1500 for presidential for 2 hours, like Peggys usual rate. This is great if your out late in the makati area and need a little fix. the room comes with hot water shower and tv. Not much of a selection at this time but the room alone is worth the price. My girl was really good but kinda chunky. Overall I would reccommend this place to those who usually go to peggy's or heartbeat.

11-11-02, 12:37
thanks terry. will look up those numbers the next time i'm at ginza. maybe i'll get lucky too =)

11-11-02, 14:41
cute-tsinito - just to add to what Terry14 said, you can also try number 10....11 is game, although kinda thin, 38 is chubby but cute, kinda mataray at first, 40 has that indian-mestiza look to her, and is pretty much in demand. :) I agree with the luckiness thing.

Great to hear about the Goodlife place...I've been to Genie a couple of times, but I guess its new...will definitely check it out...thanks for the tip crabsnake.

As for the uniform thing, they're all generally the same...but for some reason, I find the Maali uniformn a little better...guess it satisfied my craving for killer legs more...never got to bang one of them wearing it though...:)

Maybe I'm a blasted idiot, but I just can't find PDP...its on Kaylayaan Avenue?

11-11-02, 15:11
thanks p-guy.

btw, pdp is on a side street off of kalayaan avenue. it is in the area near foxy's. if you are on kalayaan heading towards makati avenue, it will be on the right side. it is not hard to find because of its bright (neon?) sign.

11-11-02, 15:57
Just a word of caution cute-tsinito, the Ginza girls will probably deny everything we said here so we can't guarantee any of these chicks will put out for you. Also, since they don't offer the service officially, you'll have to provide your own rubber (I advise against bareback humping though the chick was willing) Still, Good Luck!!!

Amboy thanks for the tip re: Good Life. Will be sure to check it out, perhaps this week.

P-guy. Here's another helpful PDP guide:

On Kalayaan, as Cute-tsinito said, coming from ROCKWELL, take a right on the corner before you get to Foxy's. There will be some Korean lighted signs on the corner. Once you make the turn, you shouldn't miss it. It's on your left and there's a big blue sign above it.

Or.... if you're on Burgos, turn right after the 7-11, then turn right when you get to New Oriental Sauna and go straight ahead towards Kalayaan. It'll be on your left.

11-11-02, 17:53
Terry14 and Cute Tsinito - Thanks for the directions...I know where foxy's is, and will check out the place as soon as I have time.

Come to think of it, I may have even passed the place once...I remember getting a massage at New Oriental (its a korean place if I'm not mistaken). Anyway, no action there. It is legit, and a decent place to get a massage. Service similar to what you might get at Excelsior or the Spa, with crappier facilities. We went there after an all night drinking session, wandered in around 4 in the morning. Biggest mistake we made that night :) You spend a lot of time getting beaten up by a 30+ non-looker.

amboy812 - I was reading previous posts, and saw your question re: renting a club. If you still need an answer, Yes, you can do that in the various strip joints around the city...mainly, its like renting a VIP room. You haggle with the mamasan on the price based usually on how many guys are expected to attend, how many girls for "entertainment", beer, etc. Be sure to pick the girls who are willing to "put out" or go all the way...the mamasan should be very helpful in this regard.

As for which club to choose, depends really on your budget...for a gathering of around 10 to 15 people, with three girls, expect to spend around 10 grand in a low-medium class club (Basically, beer galore, some pulutan, with around 5 guys getting "all the fun" Extra stuff can be negotiated later on...the 10 was just for the room, and three girls to dance, beer and food...we actually spent around 20 for the night, after several guys went out and got several other girls, paying the usual fine for ladies drinks.) . the price naturally increases with the higher end ones. I helped organize a stag party for a friend recently and we held it at this new strip joint along West avenue...kinda low to medium class...named Showest (been open around 2-3 months i think). Girls aren't bad at all... :)

We also asked at the usual places, Stardust, Mystique, even at Pega, but being the cheap bastards that we were :) and not liking our friend all that much (hehe), we just chose the decent place.

11-11-02, 18:04
Whoops, just reread your post amboy. I meant you can rent the club's standard VIP room for the thing. As for the entire club, yes you can - have no idea about the price though, although I'd expect it to be pretty huge, since you'd have to pay for the club's average earnings for the night. I remember Catwalk being closed due to a "private" party when I went there once...although that was when I was in college, some years ago.

QC Boy
11-12-02, 07:19
Has anybody been to Q lately? Has there been any new developments there? The place seems to be deteriorating and they are not exactly adding any new girls. The girls there now seem to be the same ones that were there 5 years ago.

11-12-02, 08:15
QC-boy, Was in Q about three months ago and while the Thai massage was still great, the rest of it sucked, and I mean that in a bad way.

P-guy, Thanks for finally shedding some truth on New Oriental by the way. You should post that on the Makati Thread to enlighten our business district brothers.

11-12-02, 16:39
Glad to know this part of the board is getting livelier by the day :) Just wanted to share a tip by a friend.

If you guys want to pick up some Japayuki material before they actually fly off to Japan, u can hang out at the Japanese embassy in Roxas Boulevard. Lotsa lookers there according to my friend who is very familiar with my Heartbeat and Pegasus taste :)

Regarding PDP, i really don't advise going there. You're better off at Wilderness or at Starfleet where there are three floors for you to choose from. Regarding Goodlife? near Genie, there is a big chance some pretty girls are there because this is the usual practice made by the Pegasus group (meaning they put their best girls in the newest MPs). This is true for Wilderness but not for PDP, so I don't really know about Goodlife.

Oh yeah, I just want to share an experience I had at Skytrek. Most girls there would go for extra service at a price of course. I am not used to paying extra in clubs since they already charge so much for their time, and so I got turned off. But for you who wouldn't mind spending around 4 thou for an hour session with pretty women (prettier than MP women of course), this myt work for u. Just pay for the regular rate (don't go for the room gimmicks) of around 800. Just negotiate with the girl. I think they usually ask around 2500-3000 for full service. I repeat, don't go for gimmicks such as malong where they don't have undies under their clothes, since the girls would ask for extra anyway. Just spend the money on the girls and not on the establishment.

Until nest post....

Keep the hobby alive :)

11-13-02, 09:30
Just want to add my experience for SKkyTrek MP. This post actually belongs to "other areas" because SkyTrek is in Paranaque.

I have been a regular customer there for the last two years.

Here is the MO. From 12pm to 6pm, the room rate is 1,000. You pick any girl and extra service is 1,300. From 6pm to 3am, the rooms are 1,300 and so is the extra service. Time is 1 hr and 15 mins.

You can choose extra services such as two girls or two hours for 1 girl. When I go there, I always look for no. 139. Her name is Abby. She is about an 8 in looks and she has fairly large boobs. I have used her so long that its almost like a GFE every time I go there.

If she is absent, I usually choose Daphne or Andrea. Great CBJ and FS. One thing though, the rate is usually per round but since I am a constant customer of Abby, she doesn't charge me extra for a second round. If you get her, just say that Atty referred you.

They have higher class rooms but since the room rate is higher so is the rate for extra service. You are better off getting the regular rooms.

QC Boy
11-15-02, 03:02
Since this board has been transformed into an mp forum, Ill continue with the topic. I think one of the more important stuff with regard to mps is how friendly the girls are. I find that friendliness directly affects how good they are in the sack. To those who have tried most if not all of the better mp's, which girls have the best attitudes? (Sylvanus, Wilderness, Maalikaya, New Magellan)

BTW, has anybody been to padi's recently? I know P-guy was there a few weeks ago anybody tried after that? Id like to know where you can find free lancers in the QC, Libis or Makati area. Which bars have them and how do you know that they are working girls? If possible post the procedures. Obviously Im not even considering the Quezon Ave girls.

11-15-02, 18:10
qc boy,

for all the bad press PDP has been getting on some of these threads, the girl I picked out in PDP had the best attitude of all the chicks I sampled. But I haven't tried Goodlife and Wilderness, as Sibakero suggested so I may yet be missing out. Maalikaya? Pretty good attitudes too in general.

Had a bad experience in Imperial Hotel QC a couple of months back and twice before in Ginza but these negative memories had since been replaced with better ones.

What's the word on Sylvanus?

THE WORST in my experience: HAPPY and Q. (Though I've had some bad luck in Tokyo and Mongkok as well... but that's for another thread)

11-16-02, 21:45

The word on Sylvanus is good. Regular rooms are small, but the price is right on daytime 12-6 (~1,100) with tips in the same range. Good quality in terms of beauty.

QC Boy
11-17-02, 16:46
Another thing I am looking for in MPs are with regard to having a bathroom in their own rooms.

P-Guy, Sibakero and other mp vets, would you kindly tell us which MPs have their own baths in the rooms. Im talking about regular rooms btw, not presidential suites where you have to spend an arm and a leg.

Id specifically like info on Sylvanus, Wilderness, New Magellan and Maalikaya. BTW, isnt it a bit awkward since I heard that the rooms on the 2nd floor of Maalikaya only has a curtain? Are there any other MPs that only have curtains instead of solid doors?

11-18-02, 11:35
qc boy - re rooms with baths, lets see...Maalikaya's first and second floor have it, as well as New Magellan. Sylvanus' regular rooms don't have their own, you have to pay a little extra for its so-called "presidential rooms" (yet not too much extra, if you go there during the promo hours, 1200 for regular and 1800 for presidential). Last went to Wilderness sevral months ago, and used their VIP room, which had a bath, so I can't comment on whether they have those for the regular rooms. All have doors...

As for the second floor of Maali having only a curtain, its true, but I've found that it really doesn't bother me all that much...it's triple layered and quite heavy...and it can't be drawn aside quickly...its also relatively quiet in the rooms, so you really can't hear what's happening next door.

Attitude wise, I'd rate them in this order: Sylvanus, Wilderness and Maalikaya pretty much being tied for first, with New Magellan a close second. The Magellan girls attitude changes while discussing cash, and after the deed is done...it surely doesn't affect their service though :)

Haven't tried PDP or Goodlife yet, but since they're owned by the Pegasus group, the quality must be good too...you can see ads for them in the washroom at Sylvanus. Will report as soon as I get a chance to visit.

Terry14 - IMO, Sylvanus has the prettiest ladies in the MP business...(although Wilderness wasn't far behind when I visited a couple of months ago). Price isn't too bad, and the attitude is great. What more can you ask for? :)

11-18-02, 12:14
BTW, you guys may want to try number 26 in Maali's first floor. Nice body (she has a couple of moles down the front though) , sweet smile, and really great attitude :) around an 8 in my books on looks.

qc boy - re you're question on freelancers, you can try some clubs and hotel bars. I've tried them before in the past, and there ARE freelancers working there...kinda expensive compared to padi's though, and the MO is not as straightforward. (As I mentioned in previous posts, I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it is at padi's...w/c reminds me, I've got to go back there and give it a try :) )

MO in clubs (discos) is as follows...get close to the manager or head waiter...It'll probably take a few visits and some pretty big tips. Once they get to know you by name, they'll be the ones bringing the girls to you, and telling you how much they charge (usually ranging from 4 to 10 thousand...then again it was one of the more popular clubs in Makati...in a hotel). Ive even had the experience of him pointing out several girls in the joint, and him telling me who are FL's and not, and who are "easy" girls but not doing it for the cash. Most of them seemed to be students or working girls doing it for the extra cash. As they say, the manager or bartender really know what's going on in their club...

A word of caution, never be direct with them that you're looking for FL's., most especially if you're just beginning to get into their good graces...

Roubaix - I've heard about Skytrek (Starfleet) of course, but I've never been there...I know its in Paranaque. How exactly do you get there? Coming from Edsa....

Oh and since Terry 14 brought the topic up about the worst MP's, I'd have to say CUBAO sauna is THE absolute worst I've seen...maybe ROMULUS too, but at least in Romulus you get an idea of how the girls and rooms look, just so you can back out before its too late. Impulse over in ortigas extension would fall in the same category. :) I'd rate Happy, Crown, and maybe Lambat in Quezon Ave about the same though...a notch above the worst of the worst ratholes...Dunno about PEACE sauna in caloocan, but if looks are any judge, it'd probably fall into the same category as those above.

Don't know why you guys hate Q so much though...hehe...although I've got to admit, the quality, lookswise of the girls has gone down recently...

QC Boy
11-19-02, 01:29
P-guy thanks for the info. Id assume that most clubs would have these fl's. You just have to look around some I guess. Id rather have the easy ones though. Nothing beats doing it with the wild ones, I think.

Anyway as for starfleet, I think its along the same road as the duty free near the airport. You just have to go deeper. Im not so sure about it though. I think going straight along that road takes you all the way to sucat.

11-19-02, 02:46

Starfleet is on Ninoy Aquino ave. Same road as the NAIA I. From EDSA, the fastest route is to take Roxas till you reach Coastal Mall. Then turn left heading towards NAIA I. Turn right past NAIA I, past Casino Filipino, past Duty Free. The road hangs a left. Boracay in ParaŮaque will be on your right side. As soon as you see a Mcdo, it's the building past it, Oyster Plaza. You can go to the second floor parking. The entrance is right after Maxims. If you validate your ticket, you save 20 pesos. If you go there before 8:30pm, make sure you pick Abby. I think her numer is 139. If not, look for Daphne. Great FS. Tell them Atty sent you.

Where is Sylvanus btw?

QC Boy
11-19-02, 03:52
Roubaix, how are the rates at starfleet? Anyway, Sylvanus is a sister company of starfleet. Its the MP of Pegasus. If you dont know where Pegasus is, its along Quezon Ave.

Two ways of going to Pegasus. The first is from Edsa. Take a left at Quezon Avenue (under the new overpass) and go straight. Its the stoplight after Roosevelt St or Ave. When you reach that stoplight, it will be the huge establishment on your left. Make a U-turn at the light. Accross Sylvanus/Pegasus on the same side is Q/ Rolex. Anyway, I dont think you can miss Pegasus as there is a billboard of its ladies.

The second way is to come from nagtahan bridge coming from Osmena highway. Just go straight then turn right at Quriino ave. Turn left before you reach the overpass going to sta mesa then go straight until you reach espana. Turn right at the junction and just go straight to quezon ave. It will be at your right after passing Q/Rolex.

11-19-02, 06:01
hi guys,
since this thread has turned to an mp section, i thought i'd add my experience at genie. it was my last night in the pi. so we went to check out goodlife the mp there but selection seemed pretty poor. only about 5 girls were working the fishbowl. it was a weeknight so that might have reflected in the girls, not sure though. my friends and i decided to go upstairs to genie and get the magic curtain instead.

the girls upstairs are much better looking mostly 7's with a some 8's and 9's. genie is like any regular ktv joint run by the same people of pegasus, heartbeat, and sky trek. for p1800 + tip you can get the curtain in the room, which is pretty much a circular drape in which anything goes. we had five curtains going at the same time. what made it memorable is that we did a switching game, in which after 30 min we would switch girls. it was pretty wild but cost alot for the girls tip, but worth it for the experience alone. we cleared it with the girls first though so it was ok.

definately a great way to end my stay in the pines. ask for mam jennie if any of you guys make the trek out there. i'm jealous of those of you that are still enjoying the action. i miss my "gf's" there. hopefully i'll be back in may. unitl then, happy hunting...

11-19-02, 07:37
QC Boy,

The rates at Starfleet are as follows:

12nn to 6pm
1,000 - regular (1hr 15 mins)
1,700 - double time (2 hrs 30 mins)
1,700 - twin (two girls, regular session)

6pm to 1:30am
1,300 - regular (1hr 15 mins)
2,200 - double time (2 hrs 30 mins)
2,200 - twin (two girls, regular session)
1:30am to 3:00am
1,000 - regular (1hr 15 mins)
1,700 - double time (2 hrs 30 mins)
1,700 - twin (two girls, regular session)

The tip for FS is always the room rate. I have negotiated a two rounder once for 1,500. The best days to go there are Tuesdays and Saturdays. The girls have to go there for their weekly checkups on those days. The best time would probably be 5pm as two shifts overlap at that time.

There are two other classes of rooms but they are more costly but they have their own showers.

Good luck.


QC Boy
11-19-02, 16:25
The place I really hope would get new better looking girls is Q. The thai massage is great. One time I even had two types of massage there and the price of one which is pretty reasonable. You can do it on the bed or on the floor of the shower where you receive the thai massage. Its really great except that the last time I was there, I wasnt really attracted by any of them.

I hope one of you guys reading this decides to check it out to see their latest goods. I mean, the Thai massage even without the FS is worth the visit if you dont like the girl you got. I think the room is 650 for an hour. If you dont want to do it with her, then just give her a couple of hundred.

BTW, if any of you doesnt know what thai massage is, its when the girl uses her body to massage you. I dont know how you do the legitimate thai massage because I heard that they were offering Thai Massage at the SPA in Libis before but at Q, they strip down to their birthday suit and rub their bodies against you with some kind of soap.

If anyone decides to pop over there, please do give us a report especially on the quality of the girls.

QC Boy
11-19-02, 16:28
P-guy, if you decide to visit padi's any time soon, dont keep yourself from posting a report. The number of girls have gone down recently from the crackdown though. Maybe they have some new hiding place that you can discover.

11-21-02, 00:29
Hey guys, how far is Quezon City from Manila, and do the hotels there provide transportation to and from the airport? Also, are the Philippines cheaper than Thailand in terms of lodging and bars?

QC Boy
11-21-02, 01:41
sfo, read my post in the makati forum. Its practically the same thing.

11-22-02, 01:07
Hey, anyone know what hours Wilderness operates?

My friend and I cruised by late in the afternoon last weekend but it looked closed so we went elsewhere.

QC Boy
11-22-02, 01:48
It opens at around 12 or 1 pm in the afternoon, although I dont know if its open on Sunday. Anyway, it will look closed in the afternoon because the entrance is somewhere near the back. Most people who frequent wilderness, park at the back of the building probably to avoid anyone seeing their cars.

BTW, anyone know if xuxa in Pasig is still open? Did anyone try out the place before?

QC Boy
11-22-02, 04:28
BTW, does anyone have anymore info on adult personals like adultfriendfinder? I followed the advise of exrisboy and looked at face-pic.com. Its not exactly an adult site but who knows? Any info on these would be good.

11-22-02, 19:11
qc boy - xuxa is closed, has been for some time now...it was featured in TV some time ago when it was raided. Too bad though...only went there once. :)

haven't had the chance to go to padi's yet, but will surely post here when I do.

11-24-02, 02:56
Hi everyone. Do you guys know any cheap and good hotel(s) in Quezon City area nearby the action? I have already read the posts, and it seems the topic hasnít being discussed. I even used the search tool. Do you guys have any web addresses I can check? I also would like to know the rates and if they are guess friendly. Thanks again.

11-24-02, 06:42
I contacted some escort services in Buy and Sell... Didn't find anyone pretty though :) Anyone had luck in this area?

11-25-02, 00:29
try Sir William along Timog, better than Camelot. In Araneta Ave., there is Contemporary and one block further in Palansa St., there is Robbinsdale....

QC Boy
11-25-02, 01:17
Sibakero, you would expect there arent as much pretty girls in that crowd because buy and sell escort services are sometimes just those freelancers trying to be entrepreneurial. Anyway, maybe you should try the escort services on the telephone directory.

As for the quezon city hotels, there just arent much good hotels in QC. Maybe Imperial Suites could be one of the best hotels around. For better info, just look at www.asatravel.com.

11-25-02, 06:41
Xuxa is already closed and has been replaced by Zazz or Dazz. It has the same services but the girls don't look too good. It's too bad because I use to frequent Xuxa.

If you want a QC motel for short-tome purposes, Camelot is an acceptable venue compared to Sir William.

11-26-02, 13:26
SFO- There are some hotels around the area, but as qc boy said, they aren't all that nice. You can try Hotel Rembrandt, Great Eastern Hotel (Aberdeen?), Imperial Suites, Sir William Hotel, among others. All those mentioned above are near or on Quezon Avenue, where the action is.

Sibakero - My advice on Buy and Sell: pick the ads which state that they offer class A girls...ask the person who answers to describe the girl for you (whose available), or ask him or her to bring along several girls to choose from. State your preferances. Still, this is no assurance of quality, yet should help you out.

I've used B&S escorts before, and probably have a 50-50 batting average between knockouts and so-so's. I'd give you the number, but the one I found to be the best service seems to have changed numbers or gone out of business. Used to have the tagline, "affordable but not cheap" in their ads. The ones in the telephone directory are expensive, with girls...welll...having an "exotic" look. :)

QC Boy
11-26-02, 17:11
Im glad the forum is finally up again. Anyway, I made a typo with the address. Its supposed to be www.asiatravel.com. I think thats one of the sites that you can book hotels through. The prices are even cheaper on-line, I think.

Can I get a count on how many guys here are locals and foreigners? Post e-mails as well.

11-26-02, 20:04
Hi guys. First time poster but long time reader. I went to Goodlife about 4 days ago and checked out the fishbowl on the ground floor. 5 girls there, none of whom were too appealing (this was at 930pm). The guy told me there was another fishbowl upstairs on the 3rd floor so I went and checked it out. There were more girls, and I took a cute girl whose number I forget, but I think her name is Alya (or Alliah) and I picked her based on the manager guy's recommendation. She started off with a decent back rub, and during the conversation she said that she had a kid. After the session I really didn't give a shit anyway because she gave me the best bbbj and rim job ever! It was my first rim job, and I never knew what all the fuss was about till then! We went on to FS (actually tight, and I'm no schlong), but the appetizers were as good as the main course. This girl has a pretty face, full lips, and really looks horny when she's giving head. Though I didn't daty, she said she really enjoys it. She said that she's choosy about whom she bbbj's...and her primary criteria are cleanliness and the absence of any foul odors. So i advise you boys...if you wanna get the full treatment, take the shower and really soap your asses! Btw, I haven't been to sylvanus or wilderness lately....how are the pickings there? Enjoy!

11-27-02, 04:03

How much did you pay? Room and tip. Might go there one of these days.


I could trade some escort agency numbers with you. Email me at atty@rocketmail.com

11-27-02, 10:51
REV: Sylvannus

Guys, I just came from Sylvannus in Q.C. I heard so much about it in the threads, I decided to check it out. I parked outside and the parking guy was kind enough to offer to cover the license plate of my car. Smart guy.

It is actually downstairs from Pegasus. The rate at the counter stated the price of P1,200 for 1 hour and 20 mins. This is the rate for 12nn to 6pm. But I actually paid P1,080. Went to the fishbowl. There were only about 8 girls but all of them were IMHO 8+. Looking through the eye lets, no. 28 gave me a ?pick me or you will regret it? stare (At least that was what she told me after the deed). Her name was Liezl. Body = 8.5, looks = 9 (pinoy rating).

I must say that there are limited rooms and the set up is not as functional as StarFleet. The shower room was way too far and they didn?t provide a bath robe as what StarFleet does. Anyway, after dressing down to my birthday suit, I sat up on the bed, back to the wall waiting for her. It was quiet a long wait, about 10 mins. As she got in, I knew I didn?t regret my choice. She was quite tall and a bit tisay.

I then went straight to take care of business. I asked her what her rate was for FS and she said room rate. She then blurted out a figure of 1,500. Damn, that was all I had. But heck, I decided to close the deal since I was there anyway. When she undressed, her 37C boobs sprang out. I immediately licked them. I then proceeded to lick her hole and she agreed. Proceeding to the bed, I performed DATY for about 10 mins. She nearly came daw. After that, it was CBJ for about 5 mins and then she rode cowgirl. This girl knew her zones. I blew my load after only a few minutes as she rode as if she was going to win the rodeo. Better still, after I came, she didn?t stop! Whoah! The icing on the cake was the Hindu massage while my dick was spurting out milk. After the nasty, she was begging for another round. But I told her that I didn?t have any money yet. She didn?t want to agree on the freebie. So, we called it a day.

The experience was worth the P2,500 I spent. L/A/S = 8.5/9/9. I didn?t give the full 10 because she didn?t want to do it doggie style and her ass was so perfectly formed. So, if anyone of you go there between the hours of 12 to 8pm, pick no. 28. You won?t regret.


11-27-02, 23:23
Hello All.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of reports so I've decided to share my own.

On my last visit to Goodlife, I was given a 50% discount card by management (see my previous post). Since it would be expiring a month after it was given, I decided to use it ASAP.

I got there at about 2:00 p.m. on a Saturday. I noticed that on the counter, they had a TOP TEN LIST of the most popular girls where the name and code number or letter of the girl was listed. On the top of the list was a girl named Bianca. The girl I had the last time Krystal, was about number 7 or 8.

Anyway after paying P750 (50% of 1500) at the counter, I was quite disappointed to find out that there were only two girls working the fishbowl at that time. Fortunately, one of the girls, had an angelic face and looked to me to be about a 7 or 8 although somewhat lacking in the breast department.

After being ushered in the room and waiting for about 5 mins, the girl came in. Her name was Lovely (Code letters: DL) and I guess the name matched the face. She seemed to me to be a college girl type and later on told me she was then a student at a local business college in Fairview. She said that she was a newbie and that she's been into this just a little over one month. I learned from her that girls with a number as their code are quite good with massage while those with letters in the code aren't that adept.

After showering me and my equipment she gave me a passable but quite pleasant massage. This wasn't too bad considering that she was probably only about 5'1", quite slim and had small hands. What she lacked in the height department she more than made up as her skin was very smooth, her body proportioned and flexible with a great face and attitude to boot. She also had wonderful technique and was game with the positions I wanted to try.

Afet the massage, she asked me to lie down face up on the bed and started giving me a BBBJ while alternatively running her fingers on my body. She licked my balls and basically gave my bod a good tongue job and then resumed the BBBJ but with a lot more of the tonge action. I had to ask her to stop after about 10 minutes of this as I was almost about to cum.

Since she was so petite and flexible, she was perfect for trying different positions. She did cowgirl for about 5 minutes which again almost made me blow my load. She let me frenchkiss her and lick her body. While her breasts were indeed small, they were very firm was nicely formed light brown nipples. She had a wonderfully tight ass.

She was so light that we even did it standing up with me carrying her We did it missionary, spoon, reverse cg and finally came while doing it to her doggie. At that time, I was so ready to blow that I came within less than a minute after doing it doggie.

I paid her at the regular room rate (P1500 plus tip). Overall, it was a better experience than the last time. I would recommend her for those who like petite college girl types who can be wild in bed.


11-28-02, 02:22
im just wondering where is goodlife located??

i used to go to happy sauna the numbers to pick there are number 86 and number 62 the girl named angie is very wild in bed. the thing i dont like about happy is that they bargain with u right away ! cmon we would like some massage first before we do the deed!!

regarding maalikaya it seems it has deteriorated not much gals

Rolex on the other hand has ugly girls.. but just like what they say " walang panget sa galit na titi" hahhahah english translation there is no ugly girl for a very horny dick! ehhehehe

streetwalkers on circle is good too they have 16 year olds plying their trade but looks is not so much look for a pimp named ricky near maalikaya's entrance he is usually near circle

11-28-02, 04:57
Roubaix - I paid 1500. You have a choice of taking her (since she's an upstairs girl) to either vip or presidential. Presidential rooms are more expensive, which means tips (which are room rate) go up in there as well. VIP was actually pretty good...they give you a bath robe, and the shower was good. One major plus in my book: the soap they use is odorless. You go home after a romp and a shower and nobody will smell a thing on you..that "soap in a sachet" smell is a giveaway!

11-29-02, 05:43
Hello guys.....

just wandering if anyone could provide where GoodLife is..?

many thanks.

11-30-02, 18:36
Hey fellas,

tried out Wilderness the other night. My first time there. The girls were indeed prettier than Maalikaya's and PDP's. I picked out a girl (forgot the number, 32 I think) who was a bit chubby but charming in her own way. The room was great, one of the best yet. Overall, she was so-so, actually not one of the better ones in my experience. She wasn't tight at all, for one, and after a bit, I actually had a hard time keeping it up for her. I'm not even close to 30 years old! she was that disapointing! Attitude wasn't bad though.

Damage was slightly over 3K which is par for the course in these high end places during peak time. Overall, it was a let down.

Still I might give the place another chance sometime soon cause of all the positive reviews here but can anyone recommend some hot numbers? They have a topnotcher's list on the counter but none of them were available that time.

12-03-02, 11:37
For all those asking where Goodlife is, read the posts a week or two back.

Its near or in Genie KTV.

12-08-02, 08:33
hey peeps,

planning to go club hopping in the cubao area before x'mas and would like your opinions of which clubs in the area are worth visiting. i usually frequest the row of clubs along the street with club idol and have no idea about bartolina and the rest. anyone have any recommendations? appreciate it if you guys could also give rates, sop's and club highlights.

party on!!!

12-12-02, 21:29
Correction on one of my earlier posts, the bbbj/rim girl at goodlife is Aira, and not Alya. I guess she sucked my memory right out of me and it took me a few days to remember her name! Anyway, i went back there a week ago and the downstairs selection was better. I saw a beautiful girl behind the glass and lo and behold, it was Bianca - the number one girl for the month of October. I picked her, headed for the room with the roomboy, orderded a cup of coffee, and took a shower. I heard a knock on the door, and told her to come in. When I got out of the shower, I was greeted with a kiss on the cheek by absolutely the most beautiful massage parlor attendant I had ever seen. I mean this girl really has a beautiful face (of course everybody has their own opinion). I went face down on the bed and we started the massage. As we were talking, I discovered that this girl is also quite intelligent....and was very much able to carry on a conversation in either english or tagalog....beyond the usual "hi, where you from, and how old are you" stuff. During our talk she mentioned that she had a son. When it came time to do the deed, she stripped and looked great for someone who's had a child....looked great period! For you bbbj fanatics, she will disappoint since it's covered action all the way (for repeat guests I don't know), but this girl really makes you feel special in the intimacy department. I couldn't resist kissing her, and she let me. That was the kicker. I came really quick just from kissing this really pretty face with really soft lips (she also maintains eye contact...big plus for me). After we were done, she lied down next to me and we hugged and talked and smoked and traded stories. I will repeat with her as soon as possible....great experience...great provider. She was extremely open about her feeling towards her line of work. She mentioned to me that she tries to make the most of the job by having a good attitude, and that she appreciates clients who confide in her and talk to her like a friend. I can clearly see why she was number one.

Potter and User: To get to goodlife, take marcos highway eastbound from marikina, and make a right at the corner where Sta Lucia mall is located. On the left you'll see a building that says Genie KTV....goodlife is in that building. Happy hunting, gentlemen!

12-13-02, 06:33

Glad to know that you are a fellow Goodlife suki. I live within the area so it is very convenient for me to go there. What time where you there when you got Bianca? I've been wanting to try this chick for the longest time and can't seem to catch here there.

I visited just two nights ago (my third visit). There were only two not so good looking girls in the lower floor . So, for the first time, I went to the second floor fishbowl. There where there were about 7 girls. However, I didn't fid anyone who I liked in particular so being the horny bastard that I am, I asked for recommendations.

I got a girl named Mia. She gave a mediocre massage (she did it naked) but had good attitude. She was about a 6 to 7 in the looks department but gave good CBJ. Turns out she was the pal of the first Goodlife girl I tried.

The experience was not as good as my two previous ones. I was distracted by what turned out to be an insect bite near her pussy area. She didn't want to do cowgirl which strikes me as somewhat strange. The strange thing is, I came faster than normal perhaps because I did not want to prolong what was truning out to be a mediocre experience.

Anyway, the only good thing about the experience was I was able to get some good info from her assuming this info can be verified.

She mentioned that the owners of Goodlife rent an apartment nearby where about ten of the girls use as a dormitory. She gave me general directions to the place which happens to be very close to where I live. I am thinking that this may be a potential for off-hours action.

She also said that she had a previous customer who claimed that he was assisting the owners of Classmates in setting-up another MP and/or KTV where the old Robinsons Dept. store used to be in Q Plaza. If this is confirmed this of course means more pussy for the hobby and a new place to try!

Cheers and happy hunting.

12-14-02, 08:43

I was there on a saturday night at around 9pm. She takes off on sundays, and gets to goodlife in the afternoon. She mentioned that she took a lot of days off in november. If she's not there even during weekdays, you might want to inquire at wilderness...that's where she started working before getting the gig at goodlife. Can you recommend any good finds at goodlife? I want to find out if any of the KTV girls from upstairs will do a session in the MP....there are some hotties up there! :)

12-16-02, 06:06
originally posted by sage
hey peeps,

planning to go club hopping in the cubao area before x'mas and would like your opinions of which clubs in the area are worth visiting. i usually frequest the row of clubs along the street with club idol and have no idea about bartolina and the rest. anyone have any recommendations? appreciate it if you guys could also give rates, sop's and club highlights.

party on!!!

wouldn't recommend cubao dude- lotsa muggers abound.

but if you hafta go, go as a group, 4 or more is relatively safe.

bartolina (aka st. bart's academy) is ok, girls range from 6.5 - 9.

they charge php 1500 for use of their vip rooms, and a php 1000 tip for the girl is the norm.

12-23-02, 15:49
looks like the good posters of this board have gone...
try http://www.manilatonight.com

02-06-03, 17:11
I just came to Pegasus last week. I met a very beautiful GRO there. The GRM said to me her name was Andrea. Very sad to me, because she already booked by another guest. Anybody have experience with her? I try to comeback and meet her. Can I barfine her? Thanks for info.

03-07-03, 12:53

Anyone can pls enlighten me, where the "circle " is ?


Streetwalkers on circle is good too they have 16 year olds plying their trade but looks is not so much look for a pimp named ricky near maalikaya's entrance he is usually near circle

04-15-03, 14:11
Hmmm...haven't been here in a while... :)

Botaki6 - Not sure what you mean about circle, since every rotunda in manila is inevitable called circle...its just a matter of context, but from what I gather you mean the old "Circle" resto or theater in front of Maalikaya. Just opposite the main entrance.

Horny Dog
07-10-03, 21:44
Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum so let me just give you some background information about myself. I am originally from the States. I lived in the Philippines for about 4 years. In my years there I was lucky enough to experience some incredible moments there. I lived in Metro Manila and I used to visit a place called Majestic Health Club alot. I knew almost every girl there because everytime I visited I chose a different girl. Anyway, the one time that I really had a great time was when the manager offered me two girls for the same room rate but I had to tip both of the girls--room rate. I said OK. I think it was something like 1000 p each. There was about 10 - 12 girls behind the window and with the recommendation of the manager I chose two hotties both of them about 8-9. I went to my room and took of my clothes off and sat on the massage table and waited. The girls knocked on the door about 5 - 10 minutes later and I asked them to come in. One of the girls closed the door and put a piece of wood to make sure no one can open the door. We made small talk for about 2 minutes basically introducing each other and since I was a foriegner they wanted to know where I was from. I told them the states. Then one of the beauties asked me if I wanted a shower and i said yes. We all got naked and went into the shower. They both washed my body and cock with soap while I was touching there firm breasts and getting very hard. I was getting very hot and I was about to start fucking them right there and then. I decided that I wanted the entire service from the massage to the heated sex afterwards. So then they took me to the table and started massaging me. It felt great. 2 girls rubbing oil all over me and I had a hard on the whole time. After about 30 minutes of massage the girls asked me to turn around. I did and one of them started giving me BBBJ while the other one licked and sucked my balls. It was fantastic! I asked them if I could eat them and they didint mind. The sucking went on for a few minutes and I was about to release my load. I signaled that I wanted to fuck so immediatley one of the girls got on top of me and started riding me. While the second girl tongued my balls and nipples. I didnt want to release my load until I had a chance to fuck the second girl too. The second girl got on all four and I fucked her doggy style and thats when my load exploded out of me. It was a great night. I tipped both of them generously and left.

08-28-03, 14:57
Hello, 2 years ago I was not able to monger at the clubs here in Quezon City. I am referring to the La Legende, Lexus, and what have you. Now, I am about 2 months away from coming back and I appreciate any "CURRENT" info on barfines, ladies drinks, karaoke rooms, girls, other clubs of the same type, new clubs or new names of these clubs, locations, etc you have. Appreciate it.

08-28-03, 16:10
Hey Kru_Zader,

Legend, Pegasus and Lexus are still alive, not sure what the barfine are but these places are quite expensive and have plenty of gimmicks to jack you bill up.

There is also Classmates - also a bit expensive but a nice place. I normally go to Stardust, just further down from Classmates. Nice place and lots of girls, if you go speak to a floor manager or Mamasan Mercy, she will take care of you. Tell her Bong and Mike referred you.


Originally posted by Kru_Zader
Hello, 2 years ago I was not able to monger at the clubs here in Quezon City. I am referring to the La Legende, Lexus, and what have you. Now, I am about 2 months away from coming back and I appreciate any "CURRENT" info on barfines, ladies drinks, karaoke rooms, girls, other clubs of the same type, new clubs or new names of these clubs, locations, etc you have. Appreciate it.

08-30-03, 09:24
Originally posted by Ilongo_boy
Hey Kru_Zader,

Legend, Pegasus and Lexus are still alive, not sure what the barfine are but these places are quite expensive and have plenty of gimmicks to jack you bill up.

There is also Classmates - also a bit expensive but a nice place. I normally go to Stardust, just further down from Classmates. Nice place and lots of girls, if you go speak to a floor manager or Mamasan Mercy, she will take care of you. Tell her Bong and Mike referred you.


Thanks for the info Ilongo_boy, Classmates and Stardust, hmmm. Gotta check those out. If you're in the area around the second week of Nov. e-mail me ur cellphone at kRu_ZaDeR@hotmail.com and we could have some brewskis at Hard Rock Cafe. SYL.

09-02-03, 14:14
Originally posted by Kru_Zader
Thanks for the info Ilongo_boy, Classmates and Stardust, hmmm. Gotta check those out. If you're in the area around the second week of Nov. e-mail me ur cellphone at kRu_ZaDeR@hotmail.com and we could have some brewskis at Hard Rock Cafe. SYL.

I'll be in Manila November 22. Will you still be in town?

09-03-03, 07:30
I was in Manila a couple months ago on two seperate occassions for a few days each, and visited many clubs on Quezon Ave., My favorite were La Legend and Pegasus. Both were nice and clean places. I only went there during the day, since at night these places are a lot more expensive. Both places had beautiful girls, I would say 50% were 7-8. I was with an 8 at Pegasus twice, and this girl rocked my world. GFE all the way, and beged me for the second shot before the end of the 1:20 min session. Also with a 7.5 twice at La Legend. Almost the same experience. Another time at Pegasus, I was with a Spanish Meztiza from the South, Davao she told me. Very beautiful face with inplants which is to my dislike. When we were at the end of the foreplay, I could feel she was so wet that she asked me if I wanted to go bareback. I politely declined her offer base on the fact that she is too hardcore, inplants are rare even for the working girls in the PI. She lipped all over my body even my toes. Again wouldn't let me rest after the first shot.

I never had any bad experience out of my 8-9 times at these healthclubs on Quezon Ave., but I only went to the bigger and better ones, besides the two mentioned above, wildbeat, and a new one just opened not too far down Quezon Ave. from Pegasus. I don't remember the name. I went to Rolex once, and just left after seeing the establishment. Girls are less quality too.

Damge was about 1200 pesos ($24 dollars) for 1.5 hours for a nice clean room with shower, and about the same for the girls.

I also visited LA Cafe in Ermita, I would say thought freelancer, Quality of the girls are generally much lower than those in the healthclubs I mentioned. I couldn't find anyone there to be attractive sexually. Another night I went to Chaos, and got a beauful latina look 8.5, but turned out to be a cold fish, not during the sex but before and after. took a while to warm her up, and just want to leave after the deed.

Generally I found Filipinas are more fun to be with than girls from other part of Asia. They all speak English. Even the working girls are less business like, and can enjoy themselves as much as you enjoy them.

09-04-03, 05:05

I'll be in Makati/Quezon City/Manila the first week of November and then I plan to hit Subic/AC/(Baguio???) and then round it out with trips to Cebu/Boracay area, maybe Dumaguete City, and maybe even Iloilo City if I still have some bullets left. The answer to your question really depends on how my itinerary goes or what kind of mood I am in...


Thanks for the info on Legend and Pegasus, excellent and helpful. Maybe you can give a detailed rundown of costs like barfines, ladies drinks, private videoke rooms etc. Thanks.

09-17-03, 22:48

I never went to these places at night or took a girl out. I knew other clubs that are better value than these clubs for that purpose. Their health clubs are quite good for cost vs. value. Before 6 PM, rooms are between P 1000- 1200. tips for the girs are P1000 - P 2000. I've checked out health club in other areas too, but I think these clubs mentioned earlier have the best quality.

01-14-04, 01:23
For those that have heard about the upscale nightclubs like the PEGASUS in Quezon City, it used to be true. BUT my trip just a few weeks ago was a total disappointment to PEGASUS. All of the quality girls are gone. ALL, not some. They are just left with average ordinary girls, BUT the prices are outrageous. The place for beautiful girls in QC is LA LEGENDE.

01-17-04, 00:59
another query. i just wonder if maalikaya is back in business. i heard it was closed then it reopened then it was closed again. i heard through the grapevine that it is open. can someone confirm this? for those who do not know, this is a spa/massage place on quezon avenue, q.c. opposite the old delta building.

01-20-04, 21:38
Isagani - Yes, it is still open, although the quality of the ladies has gone way below what it used to be. I'd advise you check out Wilderness, Sylvanus, or Executive instead.

Filipina Lover
01-20-04, 22:33

Has anyone met Alma Chua? I saw her on the internet and read she is a very big adult entertainer in Manila. I read she is also at gogo bars. Does anyone know which bars she works in? If you know how much she charges, I would very much like to meet her when I go to Manila in March.

Has anyone been to the majestic spa in Coolokon City, it's on Mac Arthur Highway very close to the lrt Monumento station. Last time I was there was October 2000. The fee was 1200 peso for 1hr & 15min. & 1700 peso for 2 & half hrs. 1000 peso tip for the ladies tip was expected. Does anyone know if prices are the same now, & do they still have a lot of nice ladies. They had about 30 ladies in the fishbowl when I was last there in 2000. They are nex door to the ktv Love Boat. Does anyone know if the lrt 1 has been finished the extension going to the airport. It would be better than taking a taxi from the airport and faster!


Filipina Lover

01-21-04, 00:50

Thanks for the info. Those 3 places you mentioned, What are their locations? Can you give me a price range for services?

01-21-04, 01:25
MAALIKAYA is still open but the quality is far from its heyday. These days the places that have the best looking MP girls are: SYLVANUS (inside the PEGASUS nightclub), GEMINI (inside LA LEGENDE nightclub) and next are: EXECUTIVE (near MYSTIQUE Nightclub) and WILDERNESS (near HEARTBEAT nightclub). All of these are along Quezon Ave in Quezon City, between the Quezon City/Manila Rotunda and the corner of Timog Ave/West Ave junction.

01-21-04, 09:19
Hi to All,
I am very familiar with Makati and Malate, as I have been going to these places for years and years.
But, I have never gone to QC. Its mostly because I don't want to deal with the traffic from Makati to QC.
Anyway, can you all tell me how QC Clubs compare to the places in Burgos St? Most here talk about the prices being high. I know Burgos is extremely expensive (P3000 for Bar fine, and 300P for laides drinks) But, I am happy w/ the quality of girls I meet in Burgos. I have even latched onto a couple of girls there for a year or so to keep me company.
Anyway, I am heading to Makati soon, and might have enough time to check out the clubs in QC, like Pegasus. What's the deal with Sylvanus? As you all said its INSIDE Pegasus. What's the difference? Aren't these clubs all like the places in Burgos St?

Bad Santa
01-22-04, 00:32
Iím note quite familiar with the Burgos scene. All I remember about Burgos is that there were several casas that I checked out.
The scene in QC is completely different from what I know of Burgos. Similar to Roxas Blvd., there are several KTV bars along Quezon Ave. Thereís Pegasus, Classmates, La Legende, Lexus and Stardust. I like these places because it caters more to my tastes. My preference on women is the not- so- exotic type of beauty .
The bar fine for these ladies is a little more expensive than Burgos. They range from 5k to 15k. I do not like to bar fine women since that is too much money for me. Iíd rather take her to the VIP room and do the deed.. VIP room is a private room inside the club. VIP room ranges from 1700 to 2500P per hour, SEXTRA service is additional. Inside the room, youíll find a karaoke machine, and a very comfortable couch. With a little imagination, youíll be able to make good use of the couch. If I like the girl, then Iíll make arrangements after her shift is done. Last time I was in PI, I only bar fined a girl once. The next few dates were almost free. I said almost free since I did pay for dinner and drinks, like a real date. It all depends on your approach to them.
Pegasus is a KTV club. Sylvanus is a massage parlor located inside Pegasus. The price is between 1800-2500 per hour. You negotiate any other added value service with your attendant. Air Force 1, (closer to the airport) which also has a very good selection of ladies, has their own MP.

Iíll be out there on the 2nd week of March. PM me if you want to hang and have a few San Migs.

Good luck and keep us posted.


01-27-04, 05:17

I'll be there from the 3rd week of Feb to 2nd week of March, lets try to hook for a few beers.


I always get my jollies at Stardust on Quezon ave. Its just past Classmate. Hope you get a chance to visit it, its a great place.


Bad Santa
01-27-04, 21:00

You're on! I'l send you a PM as soon as I get my itenerary.


01-27-04, 21:50

Excellent. My shcedule is mostly Makati but may have to travel to Visayas on the first weekend and hopefully a long weekend getaway to Boracay.

I'm sure we will both be busy, but if we share a few beers and some field reports...


02-03-04, 02:05
Wow, classmates was ok. For three people total cost was 250$ for a semi-good time. Maybe it was the fact that my girl got so drunk she started hurling in the bathroom that annoyed me. But mama-san was not a happy camper with her.

Pegasus was ok. I went there for a massage. Had a happy ending. Got the girls #, life is good.

In the end, Executive spa. Thatís the place for me. Since rolex and malikaya are both closed down now, I discovered the spa. WOW. If you guys want some #ís and names drop me a pm. Its located right next to old faithful stardust. Which I didnít hit at all on this trip as I was just too busy getting to the fruits of labour at the spa.

Of course there was some incalls. Some of them were ok at 2000 pesos. Others were just insane. One of them wanted 500 US for ďmodelsĒ. Yea, right.

Fyi, Iím a balikbayan who knows the language and the lingo. But I just wanted to give a hand out to all you other guys, cause when Iím not there, I read up on this site to keep me happy!

02-03-04, 16:13

What are the rates like at Exectuive Spa? You should have dropped in at Stardust, this place always has lots of pretty girls.

Any pics of the incalls?


02-04-04, 01:29
Rates at the Executive Spa start around P1200 before 6PM and ~P1800 after that. Tip for FS is about P1500. There are a lot of decent looking girls here, and I had a very good experience with my masseuse, who did a very good job.

02-04-04, 03:24
Actually, uh maybe because I frequented the spot too many times, afternoon prices for me were 1g. This was for a room with bath plus shower. I tipped from 1500-2000. As I remembered reading somewhere on this forum. 500 pesos wouldnt kill me, while it might make a world of difference for my provider. Good karma, my friend.

I do recomend you get there late afternoon early evening for the best selection. I once made the mistake of getting there round 2 am. and the selection was less than prime. but still do able =)



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Mr Pandesal
02-05-04, 19:20
Greetings all,

I have been a secret lurker for many months. Not having anything to say, I thought i'd better just shut up.

To all the NoyPis here, kumusta ba tayo dian!

Finally after oh so many years I have managed to return to Manila. Local-born I am and have partied here in my youth.

On first sight, nothing has changed - still the same irascible, congested, filthy and lovable-that-way kinda city.

As for the action, in the week I've been here:

Two nights hanging out at LA Cafe. I am staying in Malate at a friend's house, and it was walking distance. Fist impressions, it was lit darker than I imagined, and also the second floor threw me for a loop. As already described, this is definitely a level or two above the street girl. A freelancer vibe was definitely in the air, and while most girls seemed to respect your privacy if you didn't return their gaze, there was just enough of the desperadoes who couldn't take the hint to get ya really depressed. Needless, on both occasions, I went home alone, despite the throwaway price of 1500 pesos for all night.

As for action, I had been consulting the manilatnight.com site, and on the strength of the buzz about Skyline Health club, off I go. 8th Floor of the Grand Boulevard Hotel on Roxas Blvd. spitting distance from Aristocrat Restaurant.

A small aquarium showroom with about 15 to 20 girls, friendly folks, but what I love is the fact that you get an actual hotel room to do the deed in. For those of us weaned on those small cubicles of our youth, this was a nice touch. 12oo pesos for the room (1000 before 6pm, plus use of the sauna) and 1500 for the girl.

Highlight was definitely Faith (letter V) - dropdead Chinese mestiza with a model's body who was superfriendly, and gave what was possibly the most active blowjob I have ever had in a massage setting - man, the way she writhed over me with her body while keeping me ina deepthroat lock was unforgettable.

The No.1 on their TopTen, Kim, while petite, busty and luminous, was a little too restrictive - no kissing on the neck, no tonguing da balls - still a great bod for doing the nasty to.

More later, as I head for the provinces.

PS. I called this dude Benz, who was mentioned here previous, and he hooked me up with a girl named Mariel - but we never could get it together time-wise. Anyway, the scoop is you get a college girl type for 5000pesos ($100 roughly) for 3 hours.
Considering that'a what i pay for skanky walruses on the East Coast for 20 lousy minutes, I'm gonna for it soon. Would be a welcome relief rfom all these provincial girls that seem to populate the Malate district.

Any helpful tips on high-end casas, and Quezon City phone numbers would be highy appreciated.

Again, more later.

02-06-04, 21:47
Mr. Pandesal,

Thanks for the report. I will defintely drop by LA Cafe. If you have time drop by Stardust on Quezon Ave. just got off the phone with my floor manager, she said they about 80 newbies on the floor.

Have fun. 2 more weeks for me.


Sir James
02-15-04, 04:23

Just a thought! If you do get to the LA Cafe check out Kai Kai (a Floor Manager there) if she is not GREAT in knocking your socks off: I'll pay her bar fine for you. You be the judge!

Just tell her, if you would, that her "Favorite Doctor" is quite sorry to have missed talking with her, his last trip, and would LOVE to discuss that land in Quezon, Palawan when he gets back.

Manila traffic can be horrendous, so if you need a driver drop me a PM before you arrive. Happy hunting!

Flip Mo
02-16-04, 01:27
Hoy Ilongo_Boy,

I'm counting my days as well. I'll arrive in Manila on Feb 28th. When are you off to Boracay again? Can you pm me your phone number again? My hard-drive crashed and I had to get a new one, so I lost your number. Anyone else want to hang out while i'm in the Philippines? Leave me a message, or better, just pm me here on WSG. I'll be in the Philippines for 3 weeks of unadulterated fun! Can you tell that I'm excited? hehehe

Until then, 13 days and counting,

New York Pinoy

02-16-04, 16:42
Sir James,

Which LA Cafe location is Kai Kai at? How much did she cost?
Who's your driver and what's the daily budget?
Are you up for a few SMBs when I get there this Saturday?

Thanks for the info.

I just sent you my local cell. No exact date for Boracay, just going to play it by ear. Going to be hooking with a girl I met last July, she's back from 6 months tour of Japan...


Sir James
02-16-04, 23:06

Answered in reverse order:

I got back to N.Y.C. end of Nov 03, so any SMB's on this Saturday would involve an extremely long distance toast at least until I am home (mid-Mar 04 or so) ;-)

My Driver was assigned to me by Alejandro Magsaysay in 1984 to keep, yours truly, out of trouble. He has succeeded quite admirably. He is also a Manila taxi driver over twenty years, honest & a relative to boot.

As to daily budgeting I'd need to know a bit more of your transportation needs (e.g. simple pick-up & drop offs, episodic on-call to 24 hour direct standby, etc ) Perhaps best to give you his cell# & him a heads up on when you will be in-country? Then let the two of you talk it out together. Di ba?

Owing to the enunciation differences between Tagalog & my native English I misspelled Kai Kai's name. She (or at least my wife) spells her name Kay Kay. Other than that, the offer still holds!

Now that you mention it I do recall seeing another "LA Cafe" location on Quezon Avenue, Q.C. ; but I believe she is yet a floor manager at:

La Cafe Bar & Grill
1429 M. H. Del Pilar
Ermita Manila

Happy Hunting!

02-17-04, 21:15
Sir James,

I'll be in Manila until March 13, so if you are there a few days before lets defintely have a few SMBs.

Taxi wise, its mainly going to Quezon ave at night. I normally get one outside the hotel and no prblems getting one in Quezon ave.

My work is walking distance from the hotel.

I may need him when I play golf in Canlubang, just PM me his number and magusap na lang kami.

I'll definetly drop by and see Kay Kay.

Salamat gid.

03-15-04, 18:57
Well what can I say, Quezon Ave. still rocks. Spent most of our time in Stardust and had a blast with majority of the girls.

Tried Classmates one night but Newyork Pinoy and I agreed that it was overpriced overall. Just imagine a 1000 Pesos consumable just by entering and watching the stage show. It went downhill from there.

I'm sure that as I type this NYP is still one of Stardust's VIP rooms right now having a blast.

Cheers everyone.

Nomadic Ways
05-01-04, 09:05
I'm a Balikbayan also and I only frequnt Quezon City. The best place I believe is Classmates in terms of girls and atmosphere.

05-12-04, 08:02
I agree, I am also a balikbayan, and I have had the best time at Stardust. You have to get there early to get the better pickings. But the girls seem to a bit wilder then classmates and not as overpriced. I hear if you ask the mamasan for the "terminator" or something like that, you can get fs. Not quite sure about that. My game is always to sweat-talk the girls and get them to meet me after work.

I used to have "GF" there, who was smoking hot. But being a guy i wanted to try the other girls there. Sayang...

hope this helps, i'll be back in the PI in July and im definately hitting SD.

happy hunting

Flip Mo
05-13-04, 04:24
Stardust? Did someone say Stardust? Thats our (mine and Ilongo_boy's) favorite hangout. Kinda like a home away from home, hehehe Yes, you should definitely ask for THE TERMINATOR, although they have other specials with movie themes that I have yet to experience like the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? But THE TERMINATOR is something you should experience, the girl comes back wearing nuttin but a bathrobe! Can't wait until November which will be the next time I'll be the Philippines. I got several girls eagerly awaiting for my return!

6 months and counting,

New York Pinoy

Pinay Lover
05-17-04, 00:03
I was with a Filipino co-worker last saturday night and he told me to check out the bars along Quezon Avenue. Well, since knowing about the post in the WSGForum and its been awhile since I've been there, I said I was game. Cruised and walked into several bars. Walked into Stardust for the first time in years (okay, last year). Man, the girls here are HOT! Barfine is steep but definitely, HOT. The girls were oh so cute as well.

One of the dancers caught my eye the moment I walked in and bought several ladies drink by the amount of girls around ( and playing with us.) One petite girl was playing with my dick five minutes we walk into the place and before ordering. Lost track of my co-worker who is in arms with ladies also. Dance shows was great with the full nudity. For a minute I was worried the place might get raided by the local authorities. Tried totalk to the one that caught m eye to coming back with me but said she goes straight home on Saturday nights. Hmm. strange. But Leanne, that's her name, offered to meet me a Sunday afternoon since she is off those days.

Well, I met up with her at SM North EDSA and had lunch at The Rack. After lunch, I drove back to my place in Makati and did a little small talk along the way. Once we got to my place, she asked if she could freshen up and take a shower. Wasting no time she asked if I'd like to help. I obliged and soon we were rubbing each other in the bathroom. I was doing her from behind but got a little out of hand as she pulled the towel bar off the wall. Got out of the bathroom and did her on the couch.

Her breast was so soft on my hands that she moaned each time I grabbed them. I was pumping hard that slipped and accidentally poked her butthole. She said, yes, there. I was thinking like, wow, anal, too! Man, she was easy to enter but she was still tight. Soon I pulled and was about to come all over her back and she quickly turns around and lets me cum on her chest. She then removes the rest of my torn condom and begins soothing my dick in her mouth. I take her into the bedroom so that she can caress my dick in bed as I rest. I awake two hours later with her snuggled up beside me under the sheets feeling cold with the aircon at full blast. Me, I'm still feeling hot and horny that I get under the sheets and mount her one more time. with eyes still closed, she smiles and wraps her legs around my hips and waist.

After that we went out to get something for dinner. She asked if I would like her to spend the night and I told her a quick, of course. I asked what the damage would be and she said if P2,000 would be alright. For a cute and pretty girl like her, maybe even model quality, somewhat 'chinita', I agreed. I find out that she is 27 y.o. (could pass for 18) and a mother of two (explains the faint stretch marks) and dances three times a week. Also find out that she works part-time as a asst.mgr. at a Bench store in Ermita.

We do the deed a couple more times last night before resting finally. I was waken by her taking a shower at 4:00 AM. When she came out she said she had to be at work at 8:30. I gave her the money than she asked if I had any smaller bills. I didn't and she got worried until it hit me that she would have a hard time catching a taxi and paying with P1,000. I offered her a ride home but refused. I insisted and she then agreed. While driving her back home to Marikina, I asked if I could see her outside the club some other days. She said it was okay and pulls out a small piece of paper with her cellphone number. She said she wanted to leave it at my place but was worried that a GF might see it. I take the paper and enter in in my cellphone. She gives me a nice deep kiss as she gets out and steps inside her small house.

After fighting the traffic through EDSA , I'm back home and deciding to call in sick today. Heck, I'm the boss and I've been out of the office for several weeks now another day won't hurt. This girl is stuck on my mind. Totally forgot about the girls in Butuan. Think I'll give her a call tonight. I'm glad that I went to Q.C. instead of Burgos Street.

I'll ask what a TERMINATOR or M.I. is. I was going to ask what it was but the sheer amount of ladies in the club made me forget. Now I know why NY Pinoy and Ilongo Boy frequent the place. Got my vote for this place now.

05-17-04, 18:36
Pinay Lover,

You lucky man. Please post your next visit to SD, NYP and I will not be there until November. SD rocks!


Pinay Lover
05-18-04, 08:35
Ilongo boy,

Rocks is an understatement. I wondered why the girls here where lighter and my co-worker told me that it is because they cater to locals that the girls have to almost be 'mestiza'. No arguement from me there. And that filipinos get tired quickly of the same gimmick that they have to keep the girls and the show fresh.

One thing I know now is to check out where the locals go. I was even told that clubs like the Stardust, Pegasus or Giggles are where some of the countries bolds stars are found. Heck, for a minute there, I tough one of the dancers looks like Angela Velez. He, he, he, I wish.

November is a long time before you guys return. I will be back at the Stardust this coming weekend again to see my favorite dancer. In fact, I will see her later when she gets off from her day job later. I'll also have to check out the other clubs/bars in Cubao, too.

Hope to see your post in November.

05-23-04, 19:20

Terminator or MI(Mission Impossible) packages are where you can do the deed with the girl inside the VIP room.

Pinay Lover
05-24-04, 18:57

Thanks for the info. My new lady friend from Stardust explained it to me a few days ago. Sounds interesting enough. Hanged out Saturday until she got off. Just sat around but I was declared hands off by her to the other girls. But a few managed to keep me company from getting bored. Just some small talk with the dancers that were her friends and the mamasan/mgr. Bought several ladies drinks to keep the mamasan happy. I left for an hour then came back to pick up my girl when she text me she was off. Had her all night Saturday and All day Sunday.

05-25-04, 14:26
Pinay Lover,

You're right about the bold stars, I was there 2 years and VIPd this girl - huge tits, ass and big attitude. Anyhow, when I got back a few months later I saw her pics in the newspaper and now she in the movies. Sorry, can't remember her name.

It may be a bad move to have a steady girl at SD but then again she does not work everynite ;). I tabled a girl twice in one week and next thing I know, she has told the rest that we were seeing each other. Anyhow, put a stop to that ASAP.

Leave some for me and NYP.


Pinay Lover
05-25-04, 18:40
Ilongo boy,

I'll make sure to leave some of girls for you and NYP. There are a lot of them for more thanour fair share. One thing I found out this past weekend while talking to the girls. These Stardust girls are quite young. Many are only are 18 - 19 year olds. Two were even only 17! But according to the girls they are legal to work. I'll pass them up for a while, maybe about a year or two.

I was told that a lot of bargirls from Stardust, Classmates and Pegasus once found by so-called talent scouts move into the local bold movies scene. Pegasus even has some posters in their lobby about some of their girls making it on FHM Philippines.

About the girl, I'll play it by ear. She did not even ask for money last weekend. Just took her to dinner, a movie and me. Plus my Yaya (my housekeeper) told me to be careful about the girls I bring home.


Flip Mo
05-26-04, 04:04
At SD, I also tabled a girl twice in one week. Even had her come over to my hotel when she had a day off. Next time I was in SD, my Floor Mgr came over and asked if I wanted my usual to sit with me. But since I like variety, I declined and asked for a different girl. Well, my "usual" came up to me that night and started crying. I asked her whats wrong, to which she replied... "I thought you liked me? Don't you believe in love at first sight? Why did you think I came to your hotel to stay with you?... yada yada yada..." I asked her if she was being serious, which made her cry even more! Well, once she got up on stage, she kept on giving the girl that was sitting with me the evil eye. The girl that was sitting with me even felt bad that I picked her instead of my usual which didnt phase me one bit. I always thought that they were just in it for the $$$, apparently some are in it for other reasons, like maybe a ticket out of the Philippines.

Hey Pinay Lover, as Ilongo_boy said, "Leave some for us" Have fun in PI.

I might take a short visit to the Philippines in mid-June for about a week. But will take my official 3 week Philippine vacation in November. If youre there in June, I'll buy you a Mig Light at SD's, until then.

6 Months and counting.

New York Pinoy

05-26-04, 20:09

Mid June?! Tang ina! I may have to head back in August for family reasons.

Pinay Lover,

I actually hooked up with an SD girl last year who eventually went to Japan. She was back just in time for my last trip and NYP actually got to meet her.

No money exchanged, spent a few days with her before heading back. She's due back in Japan next month and will be meeting NYP and I in November in Makati.

However, still leave some for us.


Pinay Lover
05-27-04, 19:09

As long as these typhoons don't cost any major damage to the provinces. I'll be in the QC area until they kick me out of the clubs or until I get married. Your right about some of the girls having a different agenda than what you have in mind. I can't wait to check outthe other clubs next door. Thought I'll give them a second look before writing them off.


Too bad you can't be here, yet. But, I'll make sure to leave some for you Amboys. The SD girls love your type too. But a Hot August Night is better than November. I'm sure you could swing a legitimate family reason to make it here. Me, I have to head back to San Francisco for two weeks at the end of July.

Will save some girls for you guys,


05-30-04, 17:10
Will be in Manila for business in QC somewhere in June. Usually stay in Makati but am thinking of staying in QC this time. Could any bro help to recommend a good hotel in QC preferably close to the clubs so that I may do a bit of snooping around after my meeting.

Appreciate any input any one may have. Thank you.

07-13-04, 04:34
Ilongo_boy, NYP, IB, genius8, Pinay Lover,

Is November on? I've got a long list to do but I don't know if I could squeeze everything in. SD, Pega/Sylvannus, GoodLife, Genie, are in my list. I already filed for my vacation but I still have to buy a ticket. I can't wait.


07-13-04, 19:07
Masterblaster, NYP, genius8, Pinay Lover,

I am scheduled for November 11, arriving in Manila the morning of the 13th. I believe NYP has put it his vacation request and I am good to go, just counting down the days.

I'm sure that list will get longer as November gets closer, hope we can visit them all.

A buddy emailed about Queens Castle, just across from SD. There's also Sklyine Massage along Roxas Blvd. and Executive Spa right beside SD.


Are you staying in a hotel OR with relatives?

07-14-04, 07:05
Hi maverick
There"s a hotel on the timog circle but unfortunayely i forgot the name. Anyone out there know what I'm talking about? Anyway, it's reasonably priced maybe between 2-3 stars. The nice thing is that they have 24hr massage service with "sensation". My friends, who are regulars, are able to get extra. It's a nice way to cap off a night...

By the way, I'll be in the PI this 15th for a wedding. I'm planning to hit SD, Pega, and usual gro-bars in manila and makati. Anyone want to join me?

Im also possibly planning to have a bachelors party for my friend, any suggestions out there?


07-14-04, 08:05

It's either or. Doesn't really matter. They know I'm a big boy now.

Flip Mo
07-15-04, 03:00

Kinda reminds me when I was in the Philippines back in March, my Tita offered me to stay in one of their condo units (on Gil Puyat) that they don't use which happens to be on the same floor that their unit is on. After a couple of nights of an uncomfortable bed, cold showers, and several cockroach sightings, I called our buddy IB who hooked me up with a reservation at the same hotel he was staying at. I was more than glad to get out of that condo, even if it meant paying a lil peso to do so.

My Tita even arranged to have a driver for me, which IB and I used for a day (or two?) But after that night, during dinner with the relatives, I got the "becareful when you go into those bars eh?" lecture. I was like... yes Tita, ok Tito (eyes rolling). Thats when I came to realize the reason my Tita fetched my driver from their province (he was actually a distant cousin who I've never met, or have no recollection of) was so that they can ask him afterwards where he drove me, which places did I visit, who was I with? After that I told him that his services are no longer needed and gave him P1,000 for the day or two I used him. My Tita told me not to give him any money, but since I knew that my rich Tita is somewhat frugal spender *COUGHcheapCOUGH*, I knew my P1,000 would be greatly appreciated.


I've gotten my vacation request approved for November 11 to the 4th of December. All I have to do now is buy my plane ticket. WOW, 3rd trip to the Philippines this year! I'm getting excited already and I was just there last month!! Wait till you see some of the new girls at SD. The word YUMMY comes to mind. I can almost taste those SML's at SD's.

5 more months and counting,

New York Pinoy

07-16-04, 00:25
Hotel in Timog Circle that I stayed at is Century Imperial Suites. They indeed offer in room massage and extras are available. Don't be shy asking the attendant. Eithershe will offer extras or she will recommend someone.

07-16-04, 09:48

Wow! Both of you are in synch. I'm leaning towards the Thanksgiving timeframe. I hope you don't get too much fun and loose all your energy by the time I get there. Or, maybe tell me stories I can never get a taste of. Haha. I'll try to get in synch with your schedule.

My folks don't bother me anymore when I want to leave. I got all the excuses in the world. I just leave them with a case of Black Label and they'll forget about me. They got Johnnie Walker as my proxy. The truth is they know what I'm up too. But, I just give them a deaf ear anyways.

Catch you later.


07-19-04, 07:45
Hi guys,
Well this is third day in the PI and the past two nights I've hit quezon ave. The first night i hit SD, met some hotties. Most of the girls range from a 6-8 (some 9's, but thats subjective). Tabling ranges from P400-1000 for the top girls. I was with other friends so i didnt partake in the "terminator" action. The best bet is to come early and get a VIP room on the first floor so you can watch the show and have privacy with your girl. It's only P1000 consumable there. The upstairs VIP rooms are more costly ~ P2000 and have Kareoke. I came late so i had to settle for one upstairs.

My style with the chicks is to be very the "malambing" (loving, sweet) type and make them "fall-in-love" with me. It probably doesn't hurt that I'm a Fil-Am too. In my experience, the more malambing you are the more willing the girls are to go to your place and screw for free. The draw-back is if you plan to take out the other girls in the bar. So you have to be choosy and pick the best first, try not to settle. Anyway, I waited for my girl to get off work (to avoid the steep barfine) and then she stayed overnight at my place.

The next night I hit Mystique, next to SD. Me and my friend tabled two hotties and took them home after work. The only problem is that its very late and many girls are tired after work. My friend and I only stayed there for a couple of hours and waited at a local bar until they got off work. (Side note: there's a late night resteraunt I think called "side chow" or siomething like that, where many of the GRO's go after work, It's a real pleasant sight!) So we saved some cash by not tabling for the rest of the night. plus they came home with us for some freebie action and some morning action too.

So now I'm two for two nights!
Well thats it for now, let me know if this was helpful, or how i can improve my posts.

07-19-04, 13:46

Good report Amboy. Glad to hear SD still has some babes. You and I have the same routine - either lower VIP rooms and just wait for the girls to get off work.

Hope you're coming back this November. Did I hear your right? You did not have to pay the girls for staying overnite...


07-20-04, 10:47
I didnt pay for anything but for some food the next cab money. again maybe its because I'm Fil-am and can speak some tagalog ie. potential boyfriend material. I can sing a-bit also, which helps in the kareoke rooms. Or maybe I just lucked out.

Last night I went to Valiant on Timog. It was bad night night and there wasn't much selection. In the past I've had great time with many hot chicks in the joint. But not last night. My friend swears by the place, and is regular, so maybe it was just bad timing.

Anyway tonight I'm planning to hit LA cafe and check out the scene. Sorry i can't make there in Nov. too soon for me. It sounds like you guys will have a great time. Next time na lang...

peace and ahppy hunting

Duty Free
07-20-04, 14:40
Has anyone heard of Club Metamorphosis on Timog Ave? I heard from a freind who went there few weeks back that there were some hot babes there. Any confirmations?

Flip Mo
08-17-04, 23:28
It's been almost a month since anybody has posted anything on Quezon Ave. What's the deal? Nothing worth mentioning? I'll be back there in 3 months, so I hope everythings still the same.... or even better since the last time I was in town. Dang, I'm already getting excited about revisiting SD. Ahhhh the memories!

3 more months!


09-12-04, 02:16
From experience, the best looking girls (9s by local pinoy standards) can be found in Pegasus. But you would have to know a mamasan to arrange for these girls to be reserved or get there early as they are quickly snapped up. And price can be high relatively high (typically 3 times the fee of other places) for getting them in the sack.

I have also gone to mid-level joints like Aqua (on Q Ave) and Nymphets (on Roosevelt) where the girls are ok and rates are much cheaper (2k or less all in). At Aqua, one can even table the waitresses if so desired ;-)

Pinay Lover
09-12-04, 07:41
Sorry, NYP.

My current girlfriend used to dance at Stardust has moved on with her daytime job. Plus she keeps me satisfied from wanting to visit my hunting grounds. I want to check out the other clubs in Quezon City but don't seem to have the urge to do so. Let me know what you find on your return. Three more months sounds like slow torture from my end. Hang in there, buddy.

New Kid
09-12-04, 19:58
What's up guys (no pun intended)! I planning on a 3 week vacation to PI soon. Three years ago I stayed in the Makati area and did not have a chance to try out the clubs in Quezon City. This time I'm planning to spend most of my time there. Last I stayed at the Tower Inn along Arnaiz Ave. Good accomodations at a reasonable promotional rate (Php 1,200/day).

I need suggestions for the same type of accomodations in the Quezon Ave/Timog Ave area where all the good clubs are. Thanks for nay info.

Flip Mo
09-19-04, 07:41
Hey Pinay Lover,

Your current girlfriend used to work at SD? She must be one cute babae. I'll be there November 11, so I'll only have to wait less than 2 months now! If you're not too busy we should grab a beer somewhere when I'm in town, maybe at SD's? Ilongo_boy will arrive a couple days after I'm there.


Pinay Lover
09-20-04, 23:18

Yeah, my current steady girlfriend used to work for Stardust. A career change for her since she wants to become a manager for Bench but doesn't need a scandal of being arrested. Last year the local police raided the place and found a couple of minors dancing there according to her. Nice girl, very nice.

I'll be Stateside from October 15 for about two weeks in the San Francisco Bay Area for some seminars and meetings for the company I work with. Going to catch a couple of Raider home games while I'm at it against the Broncos and the Saints the following week. Too bad I can't bring my girl along but going to get her that 2-piece bathing suit at the Raider Store in Hayward. I know she'll look good in it.

Wouldn't mind visiting the place and checkingout the new talent and show. Man SD does have some very cute girls. Correction, beautiful girls.

Two more months, NYP. Just hang in there.


11-22-04, 02:36
Its that time again, and 7 weeks till I come back home, so I'm searching on the site for some news on what to do, more importantly who to do.

I'm gonna be hiting some spas, and from all this hub-bub it looks like I'll be at Sd to check it out all over again. last jan, i tried class mates. it was so so ... but in the words of my freinds "you broke your girl" < read she drank to much a-lak and ended up praying to the bowl gods in my bathroom.

Glad to hear executive spa is still around. now that was my spot. lol, I wonder if they'll remember me. haha.

Well, I'll be in town from jan 13-26 if anyone wants to hang out, toss back a cold one and trade some tall tales as were looking at some tails, hit me with a pm.



Hawaii Man
11-26-04, 20:18
Hey guys,

Maybe you can help set me on the right path. From reading past history on this thread, I was under the impression that the Quezon area had the best "shows".

I was in Manila for two nights last week and thought that I would visit Stardust. It was a Thursday night after 10pm, and the "show" was non-existent. I stayed for a little over an hour waiting for something to happen and for the most part all I saw was about every 5 minutes one of the girls would come out on stage with all their clothes on, and do a half energetic strut around the stage area, revealing only some shoulder, or sliding their pants down slightly and leaving the stage before their song was over. One time there was a group of about 5 men and women dancing together, but it wasn't very sexual.

I am interested in the shows where the girls are naked, and they do things like smoke cigarettes from their pussy, or fire off a few rounds of ping pong balls from the same area....you know the drill.

Anyway, I left the Stardust due to lack of this type of action and went across the street to the club that used to be the YOU AND ME. It has changed its name, and it is similar to the Stardust, only the girls are like 2-3's.

Can you guys direct me to the clubs that always have the kind of shows that I described? I know from past posts that there are clubs where the girls are naked, and they do lap dances, pussy in the face action etc.

Thanks and happy hunting.

12-11-04, 04:31
If you are looking for lots of nudie show, go to Mystique which is almost next door to Stardust (along Quezon Ave, near the circle corner of Timog Ave). You will not find the Thai-style crazy show of smoke, blades, and darts shooting from their pussies.

12-22-04, 05:10
Trekking round Asia for last three months. Finally got back to site. Must compliment the previous posts that touted Stardust. Incredible quality and quantity as far as very hot Filipinas. Best I ever saw in numerous trips from Puerta Galera up to Angeles with Cebu and Makati/Manila thrown in. It is a bit pricey and the VIP Room stuff does not owrk for me. Regardless, there is serious talent there. The 3 three girls I hung out with were all 9s and I am one picky guy. One girl gave me her number and we will probably do a few days in Boracay in the next few months.

For those who have never been, there is a stage with girls parading in either evening gowns, bikinis or nude. In front of the stage is a sea of tables. A hostess comes and is available to help you negotiate drinks and acompany. If you want to look at the girls, they take you around the side of the stage where they have a one-way glass mirror and fifty girls sitting there. You just tell them which one you desire as company and go from there.

If more privacy is desired, you can rent a VIP Room on the second floor. Nothing special. It is a padded bench and seclusion. You can use your imagination.

On the flip side, I initially tried to hit Stardust on a Sunday night. Well, it was closed so I went across the street to Queen'as Castle. Whoa, big fella. Absolutely the pits. It was like an old vaudeville stage with one girl parading around a dismal place.

12-22-04, 15:51

Glad to hear you like SD. When they parade all the girls on stage, that's called 'ALL CAST' you can pick any girl on stage and its 50% off for the hour. A cheap way of finding out who's game.

Like my buddy NYP, we both can't wait to get back to our 'home away from home'. Too bad its another 6 months until our next trip.


01-10-05, 13:03
I was in Manila for a night last week and made it over to Stardust. I had heard that there was recent crackdown on the Quezon St. establishments. Ah, not true. Stardust was up and running and the folks there said there have been no changes recently.

I did notice a very slight down-scaling of the quality of ladies. I inquired about several I knew from previous visits and they have all hastily made their way to Japan in the last month before the expected tightening of travel there for Filipina "entertainers" without proper documented training. Rumors in the newspapers say as many as 80,000 filipinas will be coming home soon after the January 20th deadline.