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05-18-02, 06:26
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05-21-02, 10:01
Hello guys,

Is there any place to find sex in the Las PiŮas or ParaŮaque area?


05-24-02, 11:56
I just came back from Puerto Princessa, Palawan last week and thought I would give an update on the girl scene. This has been my 4th trip to the philippines in the last 5 years.

Palawan is really not the cheapest place in the Phils. to pay for sex. Everywhere I went in Puerto Princessa, the price was 1500 pesos for a short time (3 hours max). There are a number of bars near the airport to find girls on Rizal Ave.. All of the bars are karyoke style instead of western. If you go most likely you will be the only foreigner inside as I was.

I was told the best two places in town are Phoenix (very close airport) and Remember Me? which is on the ouskirts of town (I did not go here). Phoenix was a disappointment. Although they did have around 10 attractive girls (age 20-24), I felt they just wanted too much money. I went inside and a man who worked there was trying to get me set up with a girl. After i found a girl who I was interested in, I was surprised to find the price to be 1800 pesos for a short time. I tried to negotiate, however they would not bargain even a little. So I just left and tried another place down the street and found what I wanted for 1500 pesos.

In my opinion they have very few women in Palawan and that is why the price is so much. Supply = Demand, with very little supply. Most of the girls come to Puerto Princessa from other parts of the Philippines.

Good luck.

Roversman 999
06-21-02, 02:31
hi, english guy living in alabang. Wondering if any brothers know some good places in the vicinity. Theres sum cute gals in Casa de Rosas on Zapote but they need to be dated. Any one know the score on the kareoke places further down zapote road. Any other recommendations for when i have an after noon free. All help much appreciated

07-19-02, 02:00
I have on few occasions heard of a place in the Las Pinas area called " EXIT ". Can anybody help with more precise location details please ? Any comments on the Las Pinas scene would be welcome in fact !

Roversman 999
07-22-02, 06:00
me too.. just like bouraq I'd love to know more. Bora Bora kareoke is ok on zapote, as is the korean kareoke near southmall, but id really like ythe name of a a good massage place...and place with bargirls...

07-24-02, 23:41
roversman99 - We need to communicate and plan a trip out sometime. You can e-mail me at Bouraq@mail.com ( that's mail.com not hotmail.com). This is a discreet address

Roversman 999
08-02-02, 06:46
bouraq.. sent you an email.. ready.. lets go find out about those places in zapote and LP...

08-02-02, 13:02
Uhh, why don't you guys try Skytrek? If I remember correctly, its in LP...has a nice MP also to boot...

08-10-02, 07:54
Roverman99 - I am an ex-pat living here in Alabang also and I am a regular at "EXIT" so I can happily take you there one evening. It is the best place around this area and very reasonable with some great ladies.
Unless you know it, there is no chance of finding it - trust me!
The Zapote Rd is a waste of time and a rip-off. Forget it.
Skytrek is ok but again can be pricey.
Email me: svengoranthegreat@hotmail.com
We can meet up at the San Mig for a beer/chat before heading over to "Exit" one evening.

09-20-02, 16:48
Hi guys,

I heard their are some free lancers hanging around in eastwood city, libis. Anybody know where to find them?

09-20-02, 16:55

I am working in Batangas City for a few weeks. Is there any nightlife in this provincial town? Has anyone heard of St. Clara near the Pier?

09-22-02, 03:54
Hello to everyone. I will be visiting the Philippines in November (11/4-12/4). My wife and I will be staying mainly in Negros Occidental area. I was just wondering if anyone has any information about the "Recreational Opportunities" on this Island. I haven't seen any reports about Negros. We will also be on Cebu for about a week then on to Baracay for another week. I want to thank everyone in advance for their assistance and information.

Cebu Local
09-24-02, 15:33
asian explorer
yes,there are women available at any of the three hotels there,alpha,batangan and days.sta clara is a bit of a rathole,you can inquire from the roomboy at batangas city hotels,the one who operates the massage service at days is from cebu,she runs the massage service at park place,aderan and days cebu.she uses girls from cebu,was just talking to her the other day,her girls can provide extra service

09-24-02, 17:32
Hey, anyone know of a great MP in Pasig or Libis that offers full service or at least sensation? Other than that rathole Romulus of course.

QC Boy
09-24-02, 19:05
Im not sure if its still there but there used to be a mp under one of the motels in pasig. I think the name was/is Xuxa. I visited it once but it was too expensive. That was a long time ago. I assume the rooms are the motel rooms so they have a television and bath.

09-24-02, 21:37
terry 14 - I heard theres a MP at Genie Magic KTV (Cainta near Sta Lucia Mall), called the Good Life. It just opened this month I think. Havent checked it out yet. But its run by the same folks of Pegasus and Heartbeat, so i guess prices are similar. Worth checking out if you are in that area. Too far for me but closer to your next of the woods.

10-04-02, 05:16
any news on action in boracay? might be going there soon. how about puereto gallera? any info will be helpful.

10-11-02, 08:49
Puerta Gallera is heaveing with freelancers at the moment;

"goin Blowin'" for their holidays.

They drift around Sabang in packs, hanging around the Sunshine coast like wolves.

And there aint that many lalake their to feed em, so it is very much a buyers market.

I just got back from sabang after a three day R & R, but i took a couple with me.

As my mates said, there really was no need.

Happy being hunted and keep us posted.



10-13-02, 21:47
Can anyone give some information on M.P. near or around the Alabang village. Any action around here.? How about Zapote road. ? I will be visiting the Phillippines soon, but wil only be in this area.

10-14-02, 17:11
I got taken to a place near Laguna by friends in August where I met the most gorgeous girl a very definite 10+, her name? Well that would be telling but the place is called Halfway 2000 and seems to be mainly used by locals as you really do have to know how to get there.

If you can get there it is very much worth it though.


10-26-02, 08:24
email me for details around the Alabang area:


10-27-02, 07:25
Heya =P

Does anyone have any info on Baguio City??? A lot of students so it's imho that there should be some freelancers around the malls or so...

any info is appreciated thanks !!!

Roversman 999
10-28-02, 07:41
for the baguio enquiry..whilst there are lots of students they are all young students.. 17-18-19 ages and very shy in the main. They go to baguio ot study as its cheaper for their parents than manila./ Hence they are more provincial and conservative. There are very few malls of any size in baguio, tho SM is laying foundations there for an SM mall right now. Baguio has the least action of any place ive been to in Philippines. I go there regularly. Theres one or two new massage places but certainly no girlie bars. Best to take company to baguio.. weather is gorgeous there right now.. was there last weekend.

QC Boy
10-29-02, 03:04
Actually there is a girlie bar over in baguio. At least there was one a few years ago. Its called star city and star city 2. Its not the high class type of place though and the girls arent exactly lookers either. Overall, I wouldnt recommend it.

10-31-02, 05:42
i lived in baguio for two years in the mid 90s... id say there is little or no action in the area... if there are... like star city or capsule or diamond massage... the places are ratholes... the nearest place to get action is down launion around 1 1/2 hour drive

11-01-02, 15:32
I'm going to Bacolod 1st week of december... do you know where i can find action there? where's the best place to stay?

11-03-02, 04:14
Thanks for the response all ^_^

I guess I got to stay at Manila or somewhere else for some action eh?? oh well...loved Baguio though great weather and all.

11-11-02, 11:52
Originally posted by roversman99
Baguio has the least action of any place ive been to in Philippines. I go there regularly. Theres one or two new massage places but certainly no girlie bars.

So any tips on M.Ps in Baguio? Where are they at?

11-18-02, 21:49

Hello! I will spend a week on Boracay around New Year. I have been there once before, but didn't find too many nice girls. Although there were som members of the "Boracay Princess assosiation" hanging around the Bazzurra Disco. Does anybody have a better suggestion where to pick up girls? Amazing that the # of girls are so tiny in a place with that many tourists...

Cebu Local
11-18-02, 23:24
the reason there are so few girls is that the tourists are only their during peak season,as a travel industry pro try going there in july for example,it looks like Bali now.anyway you can try the disco at the basement of Boracay regency,but better to bring your own,most of the working girls are from manila or cebu and only go to Boracay during tourist season because of higher prices they can charge there
Agent Orange
RE Bacolod,the clubs around the casino in the goldenfield complex

11-30-02, 18:35
ILOILO / Panay

Woud highly appreciate any advice on ILOILO - City and / or surroundings (like Guimaras a.s.o.).
Thank's in advance!

12-16-02, 08:59
Anything updated on Puerto Gallera? Am headed there just before Chinese New Year, would like to know what's up.

01-24-03, 22:16
baguio some say not much action, true to a point. was there last year. 2 massage pal. 2 strip bars. room in back. girls 3s. yhe action is with the college girls looking for extra cash. they stroll in burnham park at the end closest to town. the dark end. guys cruise thru an park on outer narrow park road. sw come to the car.u can walk up to them an walk off with them. hotel burnham is at that end of the park. action starts after 900. no daytime.true gf experience. these are pt amatuers. will have to be back at their dorms by 500 am. dorms are all around park. enjoy

03-12-03, 17:11
Can anyone give some information on any places near alabang, where you can get some kind of action.? I will soon be travelling to the Philippines and will be staying in this area.

03-21-03, 06:25
Cebu local,

I sent you an email about Puerto Galera. I'm almost positive I'm going to stay in the La Laguna Beach Resort at Big Lalagunga Beach. My plan was to spend my first night in Manila, then make my way down to Batangas. The hotel's web site offered some packages to get to their hotel. Since I haven't made this trip before I'm tempted to take them up on it. Is it difficult to get there from, let's say, Ermita?


03-21-03, 08:25
Hey monger22,

Thanks for the heads up on the college girls ^_^ I would probably try chilling by Burnham Park. I would love to just stay in Manila for a few days to experience the ladies there but my parents place is in Baguio (which means I can save a few hundred pesos for pasalubong for my friends in Cali =P)

03-22-03, 01:14
Hey Prog;
There's a bus that leaves every morning for Puerto Galera. It took me about 1/2 a day to get there. Bus to a ferry and then a ferry to Puerto Galera.
The hotel concierge should have the info you need for times/$$. Pretty easy to find your way there from Manila.
By the way, while I was in Manila, I met a friend who can get a great rate at some nice hotels in Makati. US$50.00 for the Peninsula. I paid $107.00 for the Oakwood which is a really nice suite hotel in Makati. Next time, I'm going to the Peninsula.


03-23-03, 03:11
Hey Prog,

First of all, if you plan to do your partying in Sabang and your sleeping in Big La Laguna, you will tire of the walk quickly. It's a hual with a girl in tow and a few San Migs on board. But since you're bringing entertainment, it may work out. I heard C.L. was working on a deal at Atlantis for you.

Getting there form Ermita is a breeze. The service that "Trihunter" below is referring to is probably the "Si-kat". "Half day" is very optimistic. Plan on pulling into Puerto Galera around 3:00 PM. It leaves from the City Tower Hotel (Mabini just south of P. Faura) at 9:00 AM, sharp ! They will leave late comers. The last time I did it (about a year ago) it was about 700 p for a round trip, buses and ferries.

You can do it much more cheaply by catching a bus from the BLTB bus terminal on EDSA in Pasay to the ferry dock in Batangas, then grapping a local ferry. This can be done all day, to a point. Ferries stop for the night at some point. (Cebu Local, you know what time ?) You don't want to get stranded and have to overnight in Batangas. Also, this route on BLTB has been plagued with robberies and bag pilfering.

Go with the Si-kat.



Cebu Local
03-23-03, 07:13
FD is more familiar since so far i have only stayed at Atlantis,but talked to friend of mine who owns a bar in puerto and will advise you what i find out.The ferries stop at about 6pm for the last trips,generally i have also worked with the cocobeach people,if you overnight in Batangas city you can try the Days hotel,Batangan or SM lodge,i have a special rate from all 3.have your local honeykoo put the room in her name to get the local rate,about 1300 pesos for days,1000 for batangan and sm,regards

03-23-03, 13:25
cebu local, FD, and Tri,

Thanks for the information... From what I'm reading you are suggesting I stay in Batangas my first night? This is a possibilty since I arrive in Manila around noon. I will send my HK and email and have her reserve me a room at the Day's Inn (I have points with them). I will look into the Si-kat. I'm still leaning towards staying at the La Laguna Beach Resort. I can always move to Sabang if the hike is too much. Threesome action is always welcome but I'm looking forward to a relaxed holiday first...

On a different note: I'm stuck in an apartment in Manama, Bahrain right now. This sucks... :(


Cebu Local
03-23-03, 18:38
have your girl call the central reservations of Days in the philippines at 632-8971111 and book a room at the local resident promo at about 1300 pesos-1500 pesos breakfast for 2 included.have her look for maimai or ellen.regards

03-23-03, 23:21
Hello again Dudes,

Prog. Just so we're clear.. I was suggesting leaving ermita at 9:00 AM on the Si-kat and landing in P.G. at 3:00 PM, skipping Batangas entirely. You're a big boy and will find some way to have fun regardless ! :) You're welcome.


04-01-03, 17:20
Thinking of coming over from HK for a long weekend of golf and some PI pussy.

Looking to check out something beyond my normal Borgos St / Sky Trek scences. Any PI Expats want to play some 20 hcp. golf and have a fun night out?

Any golfers/hobbyists 11-14 April e mail me at shayes65@yahoo.com.


04-10-03, 04:33
cebu local,

Okay, my Puerto Galera plans are starting to solidify. Here's what I'm thinking about doing:

I land in Manila around 11:00am. I take a cab to the City State hotel in Central Manila. This works out better because it gives my girl plenty of time to get off work (sheís a non-bargirl) then get to the hotel. I can rest for the night. The next morning we will take a shuttle bus from the hotel to Batangas. From there we take the Si Kat ferry to Puerto Galera. Here's where I'm not sure what to do - Do I hire a bunka to take us directly to Lalaguna Beach resort or do I need to go to Sabang, then to Big Lalaguna Beach?

Thanks in advance for all your help! BTW, Iím thinking about Boracay, Palawan, or maybe Bantayan in August. What do you recommend? I understand Palawan is beautiful but may be a little dangerous for a westerner.


Cebu Local
04-10-03, 13:02
you can take a banka directly to La Laguna when you get to puerto galera,it is located on big laguna beach,has a pool and it is much more peaceful than sabang there,regarding the islands you want to visit,seaair flies to boracay,cebu and bantayan,you are better off getting an airpass,try this all by air manila-clark-manila-boracay-cebu-manila -palawan-manila all for 300$ on the airpass regards

04-10-03, 16:11
cebu local,

Salamat for the advice. I've seen you and Firedick post several times about the air pass but I'm not sure it will help me. I usually don't spend more than 8 days in the PI during my visits and these visits are 3 months apart. These air passes are for a short time-window, right? I will most likely be going to only one of the location I mentioned earlier in August.

One last question - how much should I pay the banka to take two people from Puerto Galera to Lalaguna Beach?


Cebu Local
04-11-03, 00:57
you are suppossed to pay about 200 pesos,but being "kano" you will be charged higher,just haggle regards,the airpass is valid only for 1 month so it would not be practical in your case,when in town contact me offboard if you want regards

06-04-03, 20:35
hey everyone,

Thanks for the great info on this site. I will be making my first voyage to the islands in late September and although not staying in Manilla or any of the other big cities, I am hoping to meet a few of the beautiful Filipinas that live there. I will be on the island of Mindoro and staying near Puerto Galera for some scuba diving.

Anyone out there have any advice or knowledge of that area or of the different ways to meet some ladies out there?



EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

06-07-03, 06:34

I know what you mean about all upper or lower case. Irritating.


No offense, but have you bothered to read the posts in this section ? There is a ton of info. You need no special knowledge or info to meet girls "near Puerto Galera". Just go to Sabang beach after dinner. You'll figure it out.


You kick'n back in La Laguna right now ?


06-08-03, 01:34
Hey Firedick;

Thank you so much for the great help. By the way sorry about not reading extra carefully at all the old reports, I guess there was some information on the area. You know, if you know the area though, it can be "known" to you and not to someone who has never been there. Its sounds like it will not be a problem at all.

To the editor who had to edit my report/ request for info:

I'm so sorry that you had to spend a few minutes to fix it, especially because it took me 30 seconds to write it. I suppose there is justification for jackson hiring you. I am so thankful though because without you, many reports would be unintelligible. Or worse, have a comma in the wrong spot.

Don't be a smart ass. It's me personally who has to edit these reports, and I've got better things to do, but I know from running this forum for the past two years that if I don't stay right on top of EVERYTHING, then the it would quickly collapse into nothing but a bunch of undecipherable postings punctuated by Spam.

You can apologize at any time.


06-10-03, 23:43

You do a great job and I really appreciate the site. I don't recall you ever having to proof a message, or rather you do it and we never see it or here about it.

Keep up the great work and I apoligize for myself and the other guys who write once in once in a while and it comes across half-literate or worse, thrown together and then you have to undecipher it.


Thanks, I sincerely appreciate your comments.


06-11-03, 06:08

It's just that we get the same questions repeatedly. It gets frustrating to we regulars who know that the info is already here. There is even a pretty good search function.

Now...how can we help ? Where are you staying ? La Laguna, Sabang ?...

The dive operators that I know and trust are: Asia Divers, Atlantis (at the hotel of the same name) and Capt. Greggs.

Best of luck,


06-14-03, 06:17

Sorry for sounding like an asshole, manopause I guess.

I have no idea where it is, but me and a buddy will be diving with Capt Greggs. We will be staying at the hotel that is right by the dive shop, I don't know if it run by the same or not.

From what I have read and heard, the diving is unbelievable. Even better than palau and truk islands, or pre-60's hawaiian diving. I am just trying to maximize my time there to taste some beautiful women while I am at it.

There seems to be some reports that say bring your women from manilla over and some reports saying there is great availability around puerto galera. I was planning on landing in manila and going straight over to the island, so the former is not an option-(unless it is the only option). Would you say in your opinion that they are better in manilla and bringing one over is the way to go? Or there is the same scene in puerto galera as in manila?

And lastly, of course whats reasonable to pay for overnight services? I have seen a couple of previous messages saying what I think translates to $20-30us, does that sound right?

Thank you very much,


06-16-03, 08:22

No sweat.

Capt Greggs is in Sabang. You are in the nightlife headquarters. Bringing your own down to Mindoro from Manila or AC can be nice because you (usually) have already spent some time with her and are "rewarding" good service. If she is a good traveler, this can be an advantage. But, showing up "empty handed" is fine too. There are enough to chose from for a trip of a week or so. $20 to 30 is about right. But make sure of the details before leaving the bar.

As for the diving...it depends on what you are looking for. You will not get the kind of viz you'll get in Palua or Cozumel. But you do get darn good fish and coral life. Do not let them talk you into a check out dive to either of the "wrecks". Waste of time (except for a night dive. Good critters then). Any other dive site is preferable to all but real novices.

But, for a dive site/top side combination, it's hard to beat P.G. Mindoro. Phuket is close, but the diving is better is P.G.

Best of luck,


06-17-03, 04:48
Several hotels in Puerto Galera were offering decent rates for those who wanted to get certified. The dive shop at the Lalaguna Beach and Dive Resort was offering $200/person if two or more sign up. I also asked how much for a typical dive. The average rate per dive (assuming all you need is the tank) was $27. This included any of the 12 different dive sites. The night dives were more expensive but I can't remember how much.

As far as nightlife - I was there a little over a week ago. Sabang Disco had the largest and best selection of GROs and dancers. Some looked very, very nice. Some looked pretty young too. I wasnít impressed with the freelancers at Big Apple. Most looked pretty haggard.


07-02-03, 09:51
This place is the shithole of all shitholes, but if you are stuck here, tell any cab driver to take you to "Golden Field," a couple kilometers from the airport. There are a number of bars, discos, and SW's there. I only went inside two discos.

Quorum: 100 peso cover. About 6-8 working girls. It was really too dark inside to get a good look at them, and I was already accompanied so I didn't bother trying.

Disco 2000: 50 peso cover includes one drink. A handful of girls. I short-timed one named 'Carol,' 18 years old. She was cute but horrible in bed.Ignore the touts outside and just talk to the girls yourself. The touts will only try to rip you off.

I stayed at the King's Inn on San Sebastian, one of the main roads. The price is 610 peso/night. It has A/C, hot water, a TV, and is pinay-friendly. It is about 5 minutes from Golden Field by cab.

At the time of this writing, $1US = 53 pesos, although you get a slightly lower exchange rate for anything other than $100 bills.

Curious George
07-06-03, 15:19
I plan on spending 3 or 4 nights in the Puerto Galera / Sabang beach area for a little scuba or snorkling and a lot of naughty nightlife. I would like any suggestions of places to stay that are friendly towards bringing the girls back and preferably cost under $50 US per night for an airconditioned room. Is under $50 a realistic expectation? I have seen some places mentioned here, but not the prices for the accomodations. I also would like to know how most of the hotels/ resorts work as far as bringing the girls back- do you pay one price for the rooms, or does it usually cost extra if you are bringing a girl or girls back? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Curious George

07-11-03, 05:53
C. George,

You will have no problem finding a nice AC room for well under $50. My favorite place is the aforementioned Atlantis Resort. Their best rooms (the Seaview or the Honeymoon suite) go for about $75. I stay in their basic rooms which have AC, mini-bar, cable TV and queen size beds for about $35.

I have never had any staff at any hotel in Sabang take notice of "non registered" guest visiting. Never had an extra charge.

Good luck.


Red Cork
07-15-03, 06:21

First time poster here. I would like some info re: Pourto Gallera.

I am looking for a place to chill for a few months. I'm 50 yrs young and would like to find a place not necessarily here but to rent a safe bungalow on a beach, near to village or town with opportunity to obtain some western conveniences such as food, internet, entertianment etc. I am a writer and need to find a quiet place to do some work, but with some evening entertainment. I would prefer a lady to take down there or find one there that would stay with me (or would you get bored )LOL. Steady sex is a must. I'm 50 plus, but like my pussy young and my wine aged. Not to young, but tight and sexy. From what I gather, is that this is all very possible, but where and how much?



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Red Cork
07-15-03, 06:32
Hello fellow pooners,

Can anyone tell me if there is golf around Peurto Gallera area? I'm looking for a beach bungalow, good tight pussy and golf, probably in that order, LOL.


Red Cork

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-18-03, 07:27
Red Cork,

PG is pretty small and would be (for me anyway) pretty boring after a couple weeks.

I would suggest you consider Zambales or Cebu.

Good luck,


07-18-03, 23:32
Has anyone been to 100 islands national park recently? If so I'd like to know how the beaches are, the quality of the snorkeling and if there is any mongering scene in the vicinity.

Red Cork
07-20-03, 22:29
Thank you for your info. I will consider this when making my discision. Please read my post in general info.

07-23-03, 03:09

I did 100 Islands about 5 years ago. At that time it was definately a "bring your own honey" destination. You have to hire a boat to get out to the islands. Just tell the boatman what you're looking for, ie: white sand beach for a picnic or nice snorkeling. I found the snorkeling to be fair to poor. Northern Luzon is not known for good viz.

The closest dependable "mongering" is in San Fernando, La Union. 2-3 OK bars.

At the the time of my last visit (to 100 Islands), the food was pretty good but accommodations were horid !

I would like to hear if you have a similar take on the place.


07-24-03, 20:10

Thanks for the info on 100 Is. If I go I'll probably stay at the Laguna beach resort area in La Union province. In the past I've found that the water visibility can vary greatly due to the presence or absence of storms etc.

Red Cork
07-26-03, 00:49
Hello Firedick,

Thank you for your post, however I have not been able to get any info about your suggested spot (Zambales). Would you be so kind as to elabotate a bit more about the place? Where is it in relation to Cebu, and accomodations, girl scene, ambience, etc.?

Thanks again,


Red Cork
07-26-03, 01:01
Does anyone have any info about a crazy golf course near Puerto Galera? Is there just the one? Is it worth packing the clubs or is it a joke course? greeen fee's? Cute caddies? etc.



Cebu Local
07-28-03, 23:03
red cork
zambales is a coastal province about 2 hours drive from angeles,it is very far from cebu about a 1 1/2 hour flight away,it is about 150 miles northwest of manila.it is laidback and not as developed as cebu.i do some consultancy work in zambales so feel free to shoot any questions

07-29-03, 21:08
Need some helpful info.
I will be traveling to the Philippines for my first trip in September. I will be staying on the island of Bantayan (spelling might be incorrect) Can anyone who has been, or has knowledge of this island, tell me if their is any action there? It is sort of a quiet remote area, this much i do know, but I would think there would be some working girls from the villages available? For the record, I'm a regular contributor to these boards. I do not just take info, I share it too. Many fellow mongers just seek info, but never give any back. I'm NOT one of those, but this area is an unknown to myself.

Also, I will be staying in Cebu for a few days before heading down to Bantayan and was curios to how the action compares in Cebu. I travel to Thailand five times per year and was wondering how the service in Cebu compares to that of Bangkok.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info

07-29-03, 23:08

One minor detail that Cebu local left out was Subic. Subic is in the Southern part of Zambales and does have a bit of "action". There is also a golf course. Zambales has beautiful beaches, but most of the diving has been ruined by dynamite fishing. Zambales is also someplace that I could live long term, unlike Angeles City. But, Angeles is (as CL noted) a pretty easy drive away. Angeles is a great place to blow off some steam and has a great (albiet expensive) golf course, on base.

The "crazy golf course" in PG may be referring to a mini golf course that was in one of the Sabang hotels (Big Apple?). I think that you may be getting the wrong idea of PG. Think small village, not resort town.


07-30-03, 14:51
After 2-3 days in Manila in early October, I'm going to head to Sabang and was figuring on staying at the Big Apple Dive Resort (http://www.dive-bigapple.com/).

Any one have any advice re bars and girls at Sabang?



07-31-03, 22:14

At the Big Apple, get a room as far back (behind the pool) as possible. The rooms forward border walking paths that can be noisy all night long.

There are only a couple good bars. You'll find them. Watch your valuables. Sabang has a very bad "shabu" problem.


09-14-03, 10:08
Spent a week in Boracay and the last few days in Sabang. Boracay was nice and the weather was great. Not many tourists at all and a fair few freelancers hanging around the bars and on the beach. Most weren't great but met one girl in Summer Place bar who came back to my place..cost 700 pesos for the whole night..she wanted to hang around during ,y stay which would have got old quickly so declined..
Sabang is a bit of a dump, cheap and cheerful with a lot of dodgy characters around..it's a bit claustraphobic for my tastes but there is a selection of girls here. Three main go go bars masquerading as discos and one regular disco which the girls frequent after gogo closes. Went to all three places and some cuties in all of them...Ended up in the regular disco and one of the girls had followed me..bought her a few drinks and said I had a girlfriend as I wanted to go home..she was quite persistent and came back..Ended up having a great time for about 5 hours with her...she was 19 and pretty much insatiable. At the end she said she didnt want my money just to see me again:)..So I suppose pi is like thailand where freebies are available if you are lucky.

Overall not impressed with Sabang and I find it hard to believe people come back here year after year...Heading to Cebu tomorrow to meet up with two girls I met on the internet...not sure what if anything is on offer but will be nice to have two guides to the city..will update on my experiences there

09-15-03, 14:03
:Red Cork
Does anyone have any info about a crazy golf course near Puerto Galera? Is there just the one? Is it worth packing the clubs or is it a joke course? greeen fee's? Cute caddies? etc.5 min from PG is there a Golf course called Pondarosa. The price is very small. I played there a whole week for a box of rum* it was low seson :) (*Tanduai)

You have to bring you own caddy if it shall be cute ;) I did bring a "local girl" as caddy. There is a fantastic view from the course it on a mountain top.

Houses and bungalows and boats is very easy to find just ask the locals.

Greetz Klinx.

Ps. Bring your own condoms.

09-15-03, 21:09
hi Paddy23

i'm a beach enthusias and planning to travel to PI late this year. I will stop first in AC for a week to get things out of my system before going for a swim. I still have two weeks to spare for the blue water and white sand of the PI. Boracay is on my list. but I also hear about 100 island. should I split the two for the stay. which is nicer. also, any good place to pick up the gals in boracay, go go bars? any recommendation on a beach front hotel that goes for less than 20 a night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

09-19-03, 04:40
well, i finally decided to meet my steadyís family. it was last june, to start my three week vacation in pi. i had my steady, ďsherylĒ, to get the tickets for me. i had already the flight numbers but my internet prices were almost double what she was able to get them for in ac from beeline travel in kokomoz. she had everything arranged, hotel, return flight, taxies, ect.

i landed in manila from las vegas without a problem. met up with sheryl and took the cab to the domestic airport. the only thing on my mind at this point was getting my first sm beer. ok, not the first thing, but trust when i say i was taken care of a little bit earlier. we finally found the beer and i got an average massage while we waited for two hours. the flight was quick and unremarkable, except they give you five times the amount of snacks than i ever seen before.

finally land in bacolod city. i was laughing out loud as i have never seen a commercial airport this small. the baggage claim was outside! it was so crowded there. wall to wall (what walls?) people. sheryl was busy interviewing taxi drivers while i waited for our luggage. she found a guy with a nice conversion minivan and he said the price was up to her. we were staying at the sugarland hotel just down the street. ended up giving him 300p and got his card.

well after curiousís messages that he could not set me up with his girl, i decided to make my own plans. i had been chatting on the net with a 24 year old virgin that lives in a neighboring city. joyz is a wonderful woman. i chatted with her for months before this, web cam meetings, phone calls, and some texting. she is one of the most intelligent girls iíve conversed with. i told her my plans and she agreed to meet us at the hotel.

we arrive at the hotel. our room wasnít ready at the time, so they let us have another smaller room in the mean time. we did it like bunnies and cleaned up. just as i got finished with the four beers that were sent up when our room was ready. i did a quick look at the room. hmmm, two hours, yes you can tell mongering1 was here. lol

we settled into our actual room. not a bad place. it rated four stars on the web, i rate i equal to two and a half stars us. nice dťcor, roomy, good staff, but still dingy. the cr was ok, but not clean as you find in us. i always wonder if they even have ajax in pi.

it was mid afternoon when joyz showed up. she didnít have a bag with her! i had explained to sheryl that joyz was a good chat buddy of mine and left it at this. well we ate supper and i requested joyz to go get an overnight bag and stay with us until i leave. she agreed. sheryl and i took a taxi to her momís house.

i was wondering why everyone kept their chicken coops so close to the road, i couldnít see any houses. come to find out i was looking at the houses! i have never been to a location like this in my life. no running water or electric. i was a little shell shocked to say the least. i am very humble and did not let my first opinions known.

sheryl introduced me to her family. mom, two teenage sisters, twin teenage brothers, and her ten year old sister. the girls were shy at first, but the boys wanted to show me around. i told them to take me to a store that sells candy. well the only store within walking distance was a window of someoneís house. i said that this will not do. so i gather up all the kids into a huge trike and off to the grocery store we go.

i told them to get anything they wanted. they had to be prodded a lot by me. i told them to spread out and get some stuff, i didnít want to be out too much after dark here with the mosquitoes. i monitored the things they were throwing in the cart. the older girls all bought some hygiene products as well as some normal girl type stuff, like pony tail holders ect. they all were getting the basic staples, canned meats, rice, dry milk, and so on. i asked when we went down the snack isle if they even liked cookies. the little one grabbed a small package of chocolate chip cookies. i put it back and grabbed two big boxes. this got them going. next five minutes and the cart finally filled. the trike held it all. i was amazed. seven people and a full cart of groceries.

when we get to the house all the kids promptly put things away. the second eldest sister opened a jar of mayonnaise and a loaf of bread. she started making half sandwiches. people started showing up from every direction. she fed them all. of course when she made the first one she offered to me, but i was stuffed from eating only a couple hours before. i had to remind them about the ice cream. there were about a dozen or so more kids there at the time. the second eldest made the announcement of ice cream and all the kids left running. hmmm, i was confused again. well, a few minutes later they all came back, along with some new ones, all carrying a small cup or bowl and a spoon. the whole episode was very amusing and i hope i am writing this well enough for you to understand the mixture of emotions running through me. i felt very good about my self. i didnít feel as though i had to do anything for this. in other words, i felt genuine hospitality for all of them.

when the ice cream finished i said we had to get going. we took a trike down to the main road and waited for a jeepney. it took us to the hotel. joyz was waiting in the lobby with her bag in hand. now i had not slept for well over 36 hours at this point. the internet service was down in the hotel, so we get a taxi to the internet cafť and then out to eat. we called it an early night and got to bed. all three of us naked in the bed. i fell asleep immediately.

the next day we call the taxi driver that took us from the airport. we struck a deal, 2,000p for as long as we need him that day and evening, he would pay the gas. all three of us head for sherylís momís house. when we showed up all the kids were still in school. i was not happy with this . when told they would be home in an hour or so i said we will go pick them up. we took the van to the school. it was an l shaped building. most of the classrooms did not have doors or windows, just huge openings in the wall. the staff did not mind at all that i was there. we peeked into the kids classes, but did not interrupt them. shortly school was dismissed and we drove back home. i wanted to get something to eat, but sheryl explained that they need to change out of their uniforms.

back at the house the kids gave us another tour of the neighborhood. went down a very steep and long hill where there was the neighborhood well. a bit further and we were at the river. i could have waded across parts of it, i think.

back at the house. the taxi driver was doing some odd chores around the house. he mended some siding on a wall to the house, helped clean the pig sty, and fixed a bench in the front yard. i told everyone that i was getting very hungry. they all got ready to go and we loaded into the van. mom and auntie came along, to total there was eleven of us. i told the driver to take us someplace nice. his first stop was at a cafeteria type set up with no aircon. i told him that this was unacceptable. he then took us to a nice restaurant that had aircon and all indoor seating. the staff put some tables together and we all took our seats. as expected, the driver sat down with us, right across from me. we all ordered and when i finished mine, well before anyone, i ordered again. total for this bill was well under 2,000p.

before the trip, sheryl was telling me about how bad she felt since she had promised the boys a new bike for their birthday that just passed. earlier this year, the family suffered the loss of her younger brother to cancer. this was just before i first met her. i said, ďletís go shoppingĒ. we first went to the mall. it was a big mall with an arcade upstairs. i bought 1,000p in tokens and we all played around for a couple hours. the adult women mainly did the karaoke machines while was dragged back and forth to watch and or play games with the little ones. i told the girls to get something if they wanted. we browsed a few shops and came back empty.

i told the driver to find us a bike shop. ended up getting the boys a bike, mom said no to a bike each, so they got one to share. 1,300p only for a decent bike. the girls still had nothing from me as far as a present. sheryl told me the girls were in need of new rubber shoes. so we go to a huge department store and the girls took off shopping, leaving us guys and the youngest girl in the van to wait. well i took the little girl into the store. (at one point in the mall, i saw her picking through some dolls. her mom told her no at that time so i didnít say any thing. ) i found the toy section and told her to pick out a doll. she got nice one and would not even look at anything else. by the way, she was sitting next to me the whole time in the van. yes, she had my heart all the way. reminded me very much of my daughter, only better behaved!

back at the house now. told the driver to go get 4 cases of beer. he came back with the beer and a big bag of ice. he found a large washtub and filled it with beer and ice. he sat there for the rest of the evening opening the beers and disposing of the empties. as i figured, a dozen or so locals came by. music was playing and it was just getting dark. they had one small light bulb hanging over the table outside powered by a car battery. (i forgot to see how they recharge it). we all partied, i got a little buzz going and was dancing with the old ladies. the kids were playing and it was very festive to say the least. a lady carrying a large plastic pale had all the kids running to her with their small cups and bowls. she was selling a soybean mixture that was very sweet. i figured this to be the provincesí version of the ice cream man. after the beer had finished, we said our good byes and told the driver to take up partying.

the driver took us to the main entertainment area. i know that most of you want the information on the bar scene. well i can sum it up. the bars that offer mongering type entertainment were horrible. the girls were not attractive at all. the lady drink prices i was quoted ran from 300p-600p. i didnít get good vibes about extras so i didnít even try. since i was together with two girls already i didnít get much attention in the regular bars. we still had a great time. actually had fun in the karaoke bars. we spent a couple hours in one, the driver ordered food consistent with my intake. we called it a night sometime around 1am. i would not recommend bacolod city as a mongering destination, although i didnít give it much of a chance. iím sure i would not have went home alone, but have the feeling i would end up disappointed in the end.

back in the hotel. since i plan on sharing this with a few people that i donít usually do, i will just say, i did not fall asleep immediately and joyz lost something special that night.

the next day was spent with the family, driver included until time to go to the airport. i had a wonderful time. i only saw a few other foreigners the whole time. everyone i met was very polite. i was the center of attention most of the time, but felt comfortable. iím sorry to you reading this that i didnít get out and explore more of the city. i have heard of many sites to see, but i just didnít feel like doing them. i get so lazy when i vacation nowadays.


09-24-03, 16:05

Great post, you have made a Filino family very happy and you will be a topic of conversations many times to come.

Pinay Lover
09-25-03, 20:25

Thank you for sharing your experience. Makes me recall my time when I visited my steady's home province and her family in Surigao del Sur. I can almost imagine your surprise as when I landed in such a small airpor myself, Butuan City. The place did not offer much for the mongering scene but that was okay since I was with my steady and a couple of her cousin and friends.

I can say that I had a wonderful time and some memorable hot tropical nights with her. Plus I gained a few more numbers and prospects from her cousin and a couple of friends of hers. They are always welcomed when they come over to Makati for a visit and I have a few more place to go when I return for a visit.

09-27-03, 04:33
Vegas mongers,
Meeting at Sunset Station in the dining area to the left as your facing Sabaro's Pizza by the theaters at noon this Sunday. Email for further details.

10-16-03, 21:59
Mongering1 in Bacolod: sounds like you did it right. Just learn to slow down on the spending after the first year or so unless you're incredibly rich. It may be pesos but it does add up after a while. I don't know about yours but my credit cards have this thing called a "credit limit". I never dreamed I'd be buying a Christmas tree (!!) in Phils, but it and decorations tonight worked out to about $100. Yeah, incredibly cheap, but that's on top of everything else. If you get serious long-term, you're into 7-digits or more of these pesos by the time she's happy with her new house and all the cool stuff she's always wanted to have in a house of her own, and don't forget that you've inherited an extended family to help with little things like some rice and fish ... and medical ... and prescriptions ... and optometrists ... and ... and .... It's all good, but watch your budget!

If you wind up settling there, try to get in touch, and maybe we can share a few SMB's someday, seeing as how nanay and papang are in Bacolod.

Flying Scotsman
11-07-03, 18:10
Guys...never see much mention of Pangasinan or Ilocos on this board. Im in PI twice a year and besides Manila spend a lot of time up North. Anyone need any info then let me know.

The Flying Scotsman

11-07-03, 18:22
Mongering1 and Cancontrb, I will be in Bacolod second week of December. Let me know if you guys want to hook up for a few SMBs.


11-12-03, 01:36
went to legaspi city, albay last week. i stayed in magayon hotel, very cheap at 700pesos a night, clean decent room with a/c. lots of freelancers at the lobby, quality ranging from 6-9 for only an astounding 500 bucks overnight (in fact i overpaid, the security guy there said it's should have been only 300), what's ironic is the hotel is in front of a police station but no trouble finding action in this city. got two girls who danced for me first before doing the nasty. highly recommended.

Flying Scotsman
11-13-03, 03:18
Agent orange..i hope that you mean 500 pesos...when you said 500 bucks..!! check out the manila board recently..some guy paid $500 for a girl from LA cafe..!! Im not gonna be able to afford it any more if the prices are that high..LOL

the flying scotsman

12-06-03, 06:06
G'day gents,

I am on my way to the Philipinnes for a few days of R & R over the Xmas/
New Year break I was wondering if anyone has been to Sabang recently who can report on the freelance/disco scene there?? I used to go there regularly a few years back but the last time I went pickings were very scare and the scuttlebut was the local mayor was initiating a "morals campaign" and was trying to close the local discos and discourage the freelancers from working in
the town.

Another question which is a longshot, but I was also wondering if any of you mongers out there had ever barfined a gal by the name of Channel from the Sabang area?? She used to work in the Sabang Village disco I think and she was a little tall, had short dyed blonde/brown hair when I knew her and most importantly the best set of breasts that I have ever had the privilege to get my mouth around!!!! I would appreciate it if anyone knew her recent whereabouts.

Happy mongering to all.

01-04-04, 00:50
I'm going to the Philippines in early to mid May for 2 Months and definately have Dumaguete, Negros on my list but I have no contacts there aside from people I met at Kiwi Lodge in Cebu who go back and forth from Dumaguete to Cebu.

I was planning on hitting AC first as I always do then going to Cebu City and finding someone there at the Kiwi Lodge who's headed off to Dumaguete but if I can find someone who knows Dumaguete well and can give me tips on where to stay and go hunting I maybe able to skip Cebu and replace it with Boracay after Dumaguete with a nice girl in tow.Right now my plans are AC 1 week then Cebu 1 week then at least 10 days in Dumaguete and then back to Cebu for a few days and then a straight month back in AC. I would prefer to go right from Angeles to Dumaguete and cut out Cebu because then I would not have to take the Supercat to Dumaguete from Cebu and I prefer to fly, plus Cebu can be on the expensive side as far as hotels and barfines go. I have been spoiled by the prices in AC.Any info on Dumaguete would be welcomed as I want a taste of that Semi Pro action I heard was so great there.College students wanting tuition money and me wanting to help a good cause, its a match made in heaven.



Dragon Slayer
01-08-04, 03:21
Mc Barker,

Okay Dumaguete. Love it. Took Supercat in and Flew out last trip. Stayed at a hotel outside the city as I have a fondness for warm baths with bath oils and a lovely Asian lady (holdover from my Japan days). Cost of this Hotel was P1500/nt. Had cable, nice room, refrigerator in room and a great swimming pool. A 2 min. walk to the beach. 30 minute taxi ride into town was only downside, which is big considering how nice this place is.

My fondest memories are of 23 year old "Gay", a co-ed, who would massage her lovely tits as she rode on top fucking me. Riding me slowly, moaning softly and rubbing her pert nipples and full, lovely tits. Moaning out loud to me "cum Baby", "oh please cum for me, Honey" . "ohh I'm cumming Honey, can you feel it?"

Okay, back to your question. The BOULEVARD is where you will find several nice hotels facing the water. Great seaviews along this Strip. The price for a good room was P1200 (not a standard but deluxe room). Right on the bouldvard was an "open air" Cafe where the Americans and a few Aussies/Brits hung out all day. Had really good pizzas Plenty of gorgeous girls were sitting around there eating/drinking also. Gay was working my cock 3-4 times a day so I did not move on any ladies.

Just go there. Head to this Boulevard and check out the several nice hotels there. As I mentioned in the Cebu section, there are 7 Go-Go Bars in and around Dumaguete. None are anything special but "who cares"?

Girls are everywhere when School is in session. I dropped by the internet cafe in town and it was loaded with ladies aged 18-26. At night the Boulevard was awesome with the lights of the Hotels, Clubs & Restaurants on the one side and the Philippine Sea and the lights of ships moored there on the other side.

This is a very romantic city. Great even for married guys to go with their wives or for a Honeymoon. Prices are very reasonable. You could easily find your wife there and have your Honeymoon on a future trip there.

01-09-04, 07:06
Dragon Slayer,

Thanks for the info on Dumaguete. Ill try and get a hotel on that boulavard. After getting to the PI around May13 Ill go to Angeles for a week then I'll fly Clark-Manila-Dumaguete and then maybe on to Boracay from there.Ill be travelling around the PI for 2 months and I heard so many guys saying all these great things about women in Dumaguete when I was in Cebu, that I must now see it for myself.

Thanks Again,


Pinay Lover
01-13-04, 02:19
I thought I would not see any action here in Tacloban. A small city on the northern tip of Leyte. I was proven wrong. Early in the evening I headed over to neighborhood I-cafe to send out some e-mails to my local girls before having some dinner. While I was busy with my work, there was this cute girl in the booth across from mine. She smile and I smiled. Looked like a college girl type. during the two hours I was there we exchange glances and smiles over a dozen times. As I stood up to leave and pay for my hour, she followed suite. We made small talk by the counter and I walked out the door.

I find out during dinner that she was an Ex-GRO from Japan and was between jobs right now. She said she could accompany me to where I stayed if I made it worth her while. I asked how much and she said it was up to me as long as it was Manila prices. I took her back with me. In my room she took a bath then gave me a bath too. At 28, she looked younger, 5'5", long hair,small b-cup tits but firm. We were at it in that small bathroom. we then moved the action to the bed. She gave me some head (alright) then climbed on me. She worked those hips on me. Then I flipped her over and did her from behind. Continued on all night and popped me twice.

After a short break we were at it again and then finished me with a blowjob and came in her mouth. In the morning,she gave me her number and I gave her P1,500. She gave me back the P500 and said that it is okay because she knows I'll call her back. Cocky ***** but she was right, I did call her back.

Looks: 7/10
Body: 8/10 slim , I prefer more padding.
BJ: 5/10 more licking than sucking.
CIM: Yes
Anal: No
GFE: 7/10
Damage: P1,000 for overnight stay.

Flying Scotsman
01-16-04, 17:44
Anyone with up to date info on Baguio or Ilocos..??

Many thanks

the Flying Scotsman

01-17-04, 01:07
Just recalling from memory, I went to a bar/disco/massage place outside Baguio City. I think the place was called the "CAVE" then. I am not absolutel sure. Anyway, you can get a drink, listen to a live band. You can get a girl through the mamasan/papasan. You can select. And there is a room on the premises that you can do the deed. I remember there was a narrow road that you have to go through going into the club. I absolutely have no idea if it is still on business. I also remember a massage place on the main street in Baguio. I can't remember the name either. I got extra's at the massage place in the city too.

Flying Scotsman
01-18-04, 22:15
Isagani..maraming salamat...im gonna ask a taxi driver about the places you mention..gotta spend a couple night there so might as well check out the girls... tnx for ur help..

The Flying Scotsman

01-21-04, 00:51
Walang ano man, Flying S.

Have fun.

Toy Boy
02-06-04, 21:59
Osakagin asked here 2 months ago (sorry for the delay, I have been busy) for an update on Sabang nightlife. I spent the first two weeks of November in Puerto Galera, Mindoro. Before travelling, I tried to search here for some relevant reports on PG or Sabang but nothing of any substance turned up. To be honest, within a day of arriving in Sabang, you will anyway have found out most of what you need to know, itís that small and chock-a-block full of diving types who are very open and sociable. But I thought it would be worth giving a view of the scene as I saw it to help anyone (like myself or Osakagin) who is thinking of or planning a visit but doesnít know quite what the night life will be like. As you will see the costs of P4P had recently increased quite significantly. No doubt since then things have changed or developed further. Any updates please Osakagin or anyone else?

So here goes.

Firstly, look at the maps that most of the hotel websites provide and you will see that ďPuerto GaleraĒ (or PG) is a pretty spread-out place. PG itself is the main town where most of the boats arrive (though you can also sail direct to Sabang or White Beach if you know the scedules). Itís a pleasant enough place in the daytime but I never saw it at night. One person told me it was dead, someone else said there were plenty of girls around the bars in the evenings. The guys from the Badladz dive shop and bar on the harbour in PG seemed to spend their evenings in Sabang, so I guess PG may not be that great on the P4P front. Also, all the aficionados are mourning the closure of the best pub in PG, the ďDog and DuckĒ or something like that.

The distances between PG and Sabang and the other local villages/resorts around the natural harbour are not huge but big enough to be unpleasant in the heat. Also the terrain is hilly and itís very humid in the forest. You can walk if you really have to, but a Jeep or motorbike is really needed to get around. The roads are OK in places and dismal in others. This is difficult motorbike driving, poor, muddy road surfaces an steep hills. If like me your biking experience is limited to cruising the excellent roads around Phuket on a 125 HP Honda, you really should think twice before trying to get around the PG area in the same way.

Sabang, on the open-sea side of the natural harbour that is PG, is the main tourist destination and night life hot-spot. You can stay at the Lagunas, or at Sinandigan or Encenada, but for action everyone seems to head for Sabang. The trouble is that Sabang is a small dirty dump of a place. Every time it rains, the main road right in the centre by the shops gets submerged in a small mudslide. The ďformalĒ night life consists of three discos (gogo bars) on a narrow strip of concrete that forms the main ďstreetĒ of the town (Sabangís version of Pattayaís Walking Street, LOL), or at least the tourist part of it near the beach.. There is however a very active freelance scene, termed streethunters locally. Try the video bar by the discos or the bars on the beachfront and you will find plenty of ladies, though it may take a while. Also a lot of these girls have been around the block more times than a NY taxi.

The three discos are Sunset, Sabang and Philippine Village, all within spitting distance (the latter two are right opposite each other). A few weeks before I arrived these last two had been taken over by Koreans which had upset the local expats no end. (I was staying with two friends who run a hotel at Sinandigan and have lived here for 5 years, so I got the inside track.) Why, you may ask, should this worry anyone but the local stray dog population who may soon end up on kebab skewers? Well, the cosy situation that had prevailed was that the bar fine for a girl was 500 Pesos and the girl got a flat 1000 Pesos for the whole night (they donít do short time, though you could always kick her out I guess). When you take into account the dropping value of the Peso and the relative cost of, say, Thailand, this is cheap, almost down to Cambodian levels. What the Koreans did that made them so unpopular was to increase the bar fine to 1000 Pesos.

As if that wasnít enough, they then decided to dick around with the rules. While I was there they changed it to 1000 Pesos bar fine before 11:00, 500 Pesos after. But a mate paid his 500 Pesos at 11:00 and then they decided that the girl couldnít leave until 11:30. By the time she got changed it was not much before midnight before he finally got out of the disco.

I fancied a delightful young lady called Michelle in the Philippine Village one evening, 10/10 on my scale, and paid the 1000 Pesos to the mamasan at 9:30. Then she turns around and decides that the girl has to do another dance. So I told her to feck off and took my 1000 Pesos back and stormed out with another mate to go streethunting. But at that early hour there was not much going on outside. I checked the Sunset disco again, but it was not looking good, so I had to go back into the Village, cap in hand, and give the nasty old sod of a mamasan the 1000 Pesos for a second time and wait for Michelle to finish her dance. The plus on this was that she turns out to be a great dancer and was a real pleasure to watch. I ranted at the mamasan for a while, but it didnít do much good. She let the girl go change and by the time we left it was 10:45.

This was where living outside Sabang became a right pain. Itís only about 1 km to Sinandigan, but the road is not fully surfaced, was very slippery in places, has no lights, is in fairly dense palm jungle, and has a very steep upwards hill coming out of Sabang. We didnít have flashlights and her shoes were not made for walking in that sh*t. No problem, there are dozens of Jeepneys parked along the road. I enlisted two lads from the Village to help me rouse a driver. Half an hour later one guy gave up, the drivers were all asleep and didnít want any more business. The other phoned PG and got a Jeepney all the way out from there (about a 15-20 minute journey in itself) to take us the final kilometre to Sinandigan. By this time it was almost midnight, 2 Ĺ hours after I first handed over my 1000 Pesos bar fine, and as we drove off it started pissing down with rain again. I was staying at Coral Cove, on the sea, and remember that steep hill I mentioned coming out of Sabang? Well itís opposite side goes down from Sinandigan village to Coral Cove but the driver was no way going down there in his large Jeepney in the dark and torrential rain. So we were abandoned at the basketball court and had to walk the final leg in a wonderful tropical storm complete with thunder and lightning.

(BTW, isnít it just wonderful to walk in the countryside in a warm tropical downpour with a cutie on your arm, imagining the delights that await you at journeyís end?)

OK, I know I could have stayed at a hotel in Sabang, but my money was mostly back in the hotel at Coral Cove, so I needed to get back somehow (Iíd taken enough, but had given another guy 2000 Pesos to see him through the night). Also, the room in Coral Cove was very nice and comfortable and clean with AC. In the end Michelle turned out to be well worth the effort. Flawless body, a bit shy at first but after a while she opened up and we spent 3 very happy hours screwing around. And a repeat in the morning before she left, a full cunning linguist session for breakfast. Who needs corn flakes? I did give her a fairly hefty tip, which the local expats gave me sh*t for later, but she was worth it. The Koreans may be screwing around with the rules and screwing us all for money, but if the product is this good, I am happy to pay.

A lot of the ďlocal expatsĒ I mention live here full-time but on fairly small pensions, so they are quite concerned about anything that raises their costs significantly. Some have moved down from Angeles after living for years up there. Donít ask me why.

Given the transport situation I wasnít spending every night in Sabang. I just went in about half a dozen times in two weeks. After a while the mamasan in the Village got to know me and stopped messing around. My last night there I asked her for a recommendation. She pointed to a girl sitting in the shadows at the back. This usually means they have a face like a monkey and I was not too keen, but I went and bought her a drink and she seemed OK so I took her. 1000 Pesos to mamasan again but straight out with the girl this time. My two mates had a jeep arranged to take us back at 10:00 sharp, but they had had no luck with the streethunters. Again, a lot of arguing about the details, but they drove me and the girl (Leah) back and then returned to Sabang to resume their chase. Now looks- and body-wise this girl was certainly no Michelle, but she was none too bad and had a fairly good body, no baby scars. We screwed around in the hotel TV lounge until the other two finally returned 30 minutes later with four freelancers. We then said ďGoodnightĒ and headed for my room. Leah turned out to be very accommodating. She saw to my little peccadilloes, and then proceeded unbidden to give me almost a full body bath with her tongue. This was awesome as she did it very slowly and sensuously and homed in on the old python so that she was sucking on that bit of meat last. On the way she did a full rim job on my rear, as well as licking all around my balls and putting them individually in her mouth and sucking and chewing (very gently!) on them. This activity all came as quite a surprise, and I decided I liked the Village mamasan after all for recommending this little beauty to me.

Well, thatís enough of my activities in PG. I did go into the other two discos, but the Philippine Village is by far the best of the three. Theyíve even been innovative and cut the stage into three so that you can sit and get a better view on several selections of girls. Sabang disco has many girls too, also Korean owned now so high bar fines. The stage is just a rectangle and dancing is not very exciting. Thereís no topless at all by the way, let alone nude. The girls are friendly enough, but I only took one from here and canít remember anything special about her worth writing about.

Sunset disco is still locally owned and has the old system of a 500 Peso bar fine. But for some reason it always seemed dead with a very limited selection of ladies when I was there. The rumour was also that the Koreans were going to stop unaccompanied ladies going in to the Village and Sabang discos, and bar Filipinos, which the local expats reckoned would end up in a riot. I await further developments.

02-07-04, 21:10
I'll be in the PI for most of March with my fiancee. I have been to Bagio before but it was a long time ago. We are planning to go there for a couple days. Anyone have a recommendation for a hotel?

02-07-04, 21:56

The Attic Inn (Swagman group) in Bagio used to be decent. But it has been years since I was there.

Toy Boy,

Excellent post. I almost passed on it due to length, but good info.
For nice rooms in Sabang try Atlantis.

For those with some dirt riding experience, a dirt bike is great fun in PG. You'll do a lot more exploring. Also, the walk between Sabang and PG is a pleasant trip in good weather with appropriate shoes.

Caution with "streethunters" and all girls in Sabang actually. Shabu is rampant. Watch your valuables. Not bad enough to keep me from going and having a great time, just be aware.


Teddy Bear 99
02-08-04, 02:53
Hi guys,

I'm going to be in Iriga City, Bicol for about a week. I didn't see anything in the archives about this area. Can anybody tell me some places to visit while I'm here?


The teddybear

Toy Boy
02-08-04, 11:41

Thanks. Youíre right about watching the girls. The mate I gave the 2000 Pesos to had a successful night of streethunting but had the money stolen by his second lady of the night while he slept in a room at the Big Apple. Admittedly he was very drunk and was probably asking to get ripped off. But he lives there and has done for 5 years and didnít seem to feel there was any physical danger to himself from being drunk and incapable with the girls.

Maybe I am just old and boring, but Iíve read too many stories to risk getting legless while mongering (not to mention the disastrous effect too much alcohol has on my performance and enjoyment of sex).



02-16-04, 16:42
I went to Masbate and stayed at Mary's house on a small island. There were beautiful coral beaches. You could look at many beautiful species of coral at low tide. They grew corn on the other side of the island. Also coconuts. The island was about 1 and 1/2 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. When the tide was going out, there was a strong current right in front of her house that you could not stand up in. There were also ripples in the water in between two islands. We could receive a cellphone signal at one point on the beach and also at one point on the hill, from the capital city about 20 miles away over water. She lives in a cinderblock house with her parents, but we had plenty of privacy. Her parents want a small gasoline electric power generator. Other people there live in bamboo houses. Her phone number is +[Contact info deleted by Admin]. No electricity. No Phone. No cars. Spring water to drink, and well water.


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If you want to share personal contact information, then post a report and invite other members to send you a PM for the specific information.

If you know a service provider who wants to promote their services on the Forum, then show them how to get their own FREE membership and let them post their own announcements.



English Dan
03-13-04, 18:40
Hi Guys,

Is anyone familiar with any action in Baguio City? I am particularly interested in what might be available in the massage parlors as it is a little more discreet.

Thanks for your advice here.


Pinay Lover
03-14-04, 05:14
I took a ride on the Super Ferry 9 last Wednesday on my way to Cagayan de Oro. Normally, I would have taken the plane but had to take my car and some equipment with me. Should have been a ho-hum trip but I noticed a nice young filipina eyeing me since I boarded. Bumped into her early Thursday morning while checking out to see if my car was still secure in the hold. Striked a conversation and invited her for breakfast. Somewhere during our conversation she wanted to see what a state room looked liked. Seeing this as a hint, I invited her to check it out.

While in the room, we chatted some more and soon sex was the topic. I cut to the chase and ask how much would it cost me. She said P1,500. I asked if it was for all night she said for the rest of the trip. A day and a half until port, not bad for P1,500 and I got a 22 y.o. who was a 7 - 8 and 5'8" tall. Jokay (short for Joanna Kay) had a cute face and even cuter breast, 34B maybe slightly less but very firm. We showered in the small bathroom stall and started right there.

Her nice round ass was nice to look at when doing her from behind. Makes a nice contrast with my white skin and her brown complexion. just before I came she turned around and finished me off with her mouth and made me cum in her face. Showered each other clean and dried off to continue the action in the small full size bed. She knelt in between my legs and started with a blowjob to wake me little friend up as I lay there and let her do all the work as she rode me as I stiffened up. Slowed her down as she bounced hella fast which made me flip her over and did the work my self. Tried to pace myself since it was still 24 hours until we reach port. I awoke sometime in the afternoon with her arms around me. Just laid there as I recovered some more.

Did her one more time when she woke up and after dinner. Had to stop the action after midnight as the crew did some ticket check after stopping in Dumaguete and she had to go get her ticket and her compartment with the friends she was travelling with. She returned later that morning and finished where we left off. The last few hours we just cuddled and chatted until we reached the port of CDOC. We exchanged numbers since I will be in the city for a week or so. As promised I paid her P1,500 and added an extra P200 for some cab fare.

Not bad at all for a first time being picked up on a ferry trip. Made my trip a lot more pleasurable. I'm booked right now at the De Luxe Hotel which the company chose and used before. At P1,800 a night a get AC, CableTV, a mini bar(yeah, right) and the bathroom has a tub. Snug (with my 6'2" , 205 lbs frame) but it is a tub. Did not do much action for now but will explore tonight once Jokay comes over later this afternoon. It's a Sunday but most colleges and universities are out already. Jokay will show me around on where to find some more college girls who are looking to score some extra cash for their next tuition. Will post my findings soon.

03-25-04, 08:55
Drove to Laoag and on the way there stopped in San Fernando at Oasis Hotel. Although the hotel is guest friendly, it charges extra 400 pesos for an overnight guest. Anyway, got there in the evening, asked the bellboy about the local action and he suggested me to go to Stilettos at Southern Palm Resort. Went there around 9pm. This is a typical go-go bar. There were about ten dancers on the stage and one caucasian customer in his 60s. I immediately got attention of the whole establishment. Ordered a beer and started having a chat with a mamasan. While chatting with her and glancing at girls she was suggesting, I noticed a very cute girl on the stage. She didn't really look like a typical filipina - she had a sharper nose and fairer skin. Asked for her and in 5 minutes I was chatting with her at the table. It was pretty incomfortable because everybody kept starring at us, so I suggested to leave. Paid 1000 pesos and was on my way out. Instead of taking her straight to the hotel I took her to the restaurant nearby to have dinner. I think that was an important step as she really warmed up to me and was more acting as a gf. We went back to the hotel one hour later and I had a great night. She was gentle and passionate at the same time. Great blowjob and fucking in multiple positions. I was shocked when she offered me to fuck without condom. I, obviously, turned the offer down. In the morning I woke up with her sucking me. It was great. Had a breakfast and gave her 500 pesos tip. I was planning to see her on the way back, but didn't have time and just drove through. Maybe some other time.

In Laoag, stayed in Fort Illocandia. Nice place, but no action. Went downstairs to karaoke bar and tried to talk to the manager who was chinese and didn't speak a word of English. Was offered chinese girls but the price was a bit too high for me. So I passed. If anyone can suggest places to go while in Laoag, would greatly appreciate it.


03-26-04, 02:29

The Philipino practice of openly "staring" is something that took me quite a while to get used to. Of course it doesn't have the same meaning in the PI that it does in the west, just as they don't point the same way westerners do, but knowing this doesn't completely eliminate the urge to check my zipper or something when it happens.


03-29-04, 16:20
Just got back from the PI. Spent three days in Bagio with my Fiancee. Great time, love the cooler weather up there.

I intended to look for some of the hotels folks here suggested, but After getting off the bus at the main terminal, a schill provided info about Villa Rosal downtown. Eva and I looked over the info and she decided it sounded legit and we should check it out.
Rate was P1700 for a double (1 queen size bed) which included breakfast for 2 each day. (typical filipino bfast, longsilog, tocilog, or tapsilog. )

Not sure about massage parlor info that Hank Starm wanted as I didn't need that kind of service. We did spend our evenings at a few nightclub establishments, most notably a complex on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building to the left of the MArket as you face it.
You get to it from the pedestrian overpass, just listen for the music. There are at least 2 live band clubs, plus numerous karaoke places. Beer seemed cheap at around 50p.
Did the normal tourist things during the day. I was the guide since I've been before but she had not.

Dragon Slayer
04-03-04, 09:35

This is the Slayer back here. Anyone in Dumaguete later this month? I will be there for at least a few days of very serious fucking/sucking. I have a gorgeous, young lady there but you can find me at night on the boulevard, especially late as Dragons need to be slayed at that time.

let me know. I wear black. 6'4"/ 240 lbs. Gorgeous Filipina with huge tits hanging on me. Lets meet for a drink and a chat.



04-03-04, 19:11

Sorry for the slow response. If you're still in Laoag (which I doubt) you've no doubt found the only action. The trike hangout on the West end of town, say 2 Km past the Texicano Hotel and toward the river. For those of you who haven't been there, don't make a special trip. The scene is pretty much a local thing. I never felt threatened, more like out of place. The "bars" are more like lean too's and the format is the Filipino style. One girl on stage taking 3 songs to go from clothes to buck naked. Mostly girls that would ruin your appetite.

A heads up for fellow motorcycle riders: Laoag is one city in the RP that actively enforces it's helmet law. True of Olongaupo too, but to a lesser degree.

Good point on the dinner. I had this little honey with the most amazing set of tits I have ever seen (old timers may remember Joy out of Top Hat in AC 10 years ago). The first time I BF'd her I couldn't wait to get back to the room. Service was only OK and I would not have given her a second night, normally. But JEEZ, those tits ! So, next time we had a little dinner and a short bar hop. Holy crap what a difference ! GFE in public, maniac once the door was closed. Over the next few years, Joy was a regular and became a pretty good friend while I was living in AC. The last time I was in AC, I ran into Joy. She was working as a waitress at Brown Sugar. She's a little spinner, maybe 4'10" to 5', long hair, those tits and an girlish smile that lights up her face. She has a few miles now, but still highly reccommended.


Flying Scotsman
04-05-04, 18:05

Would be interested to know how much they were asking for chinese girls at Fort Ilocandia. Im up that way again in June and will probably stay there again. Last time I was with a couple girls but will go alone this time.

Firedick, appreciate your comments on the local scene in Laoag. Sounds like it hasn't changed much :)

For what its worth, if you're passing through, Urdaneta has a few good clubs now on the main highway. Worth checking out.

Happy Mongering,

The Flying Scotsman

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

Dragon Slayer
04-06-04, 05:33

I always rave about Dumaguete City on this board. I thought you might like a photo of my woman there.


Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
04-15-04, 06:51

I will be in Dumaguete very soon. If anyone is there and wants to hook up, just Pm me or Post a message here ( no deadbeats, losers or cock blockers. please). I am definitely "UP" for this trip. My Honey in Dumaguete with the huge tits will greet me at the airport. I wil be hanging on the boulevard day/night with this gorgeous lady.

See you soon.

Dragon Slayer

Hawaii Man
04-27-04, 19:50
Just got back from 6 days in Boracay. I took a SEAIR 19 seater from Manila to Catlacan, and from there a hotel banka straight to the beach in front of the hotel. It takes about 1 hour for the flight and the SEAIR flight leaves from the old domestic terminal. The ticket was about $110 US roundtrip. It was a good thing that I took my honeyko with me as I didn't see much opportunity for picking up any of the local talent. Eventhough Boracay was packed with people the week after Easter, it looked like it would not exactly be easy to find a girl to have some fun with. I was fortunate to have brought a fine looking lady with me to keep me company, but anytime she was left on her own, she was constantly being hit on by the desperate ones who had not brought along a friend. Based on what I saw, I would definitely make plans to bring along a girlfriend if you are going to be spending time in Boracay.

I stayed at the Boracay Regency Hotel during my stay, and the hotel is a pretty nice place, but pricey. It ran about $120 US per night, including breakfast for 2. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't worry too much about having the breakfast included. There are many beachside restaurants and bars that serve good breakfast fare, less expensive that the breakfast included price the hotel asked for.

The diving is OK in this area, but the main highlight is the beach and the activities that go along with it. I would highly recommend Boracay as a place to go in PI, but just make sure that you bring your own lady to add to the experience there.

Member #1986
04-28-04, 13:56
Hawaii Man,

I dove Boracay last year, it was nice. went out 4 different times to different places. Do some more research on places to stay though. I rented a 4 bedroom house on White Beach for only $150.00 a night and there were 13 of us. Just some info hope it helps.

05-06-04, 20:14
Just got back from PI visited Bacolod City after not been there for 25 years. Action near the casino area known as Golden Fields was hot and furious. First night security guard of Kundutel set me up and sent a girl to my room about 18-19 years old. Was wiling to do anything including anal. Cost 1,000 pesos ( about $20) plus 100 pesos tip to guard.
Second night walked around the bars and karaoke area. Pimps all over the place. Chicks for 800 pesos picked up 2 girls for a 3some, all teens.
Third night, picked 2 girls again early twenties same price. Was too tired to finish both but was able to take hidden video. Could not complain for cheap pussies. Be careful some girls appear to be under 18. Some may give bj w/o socks, don't disregard protection. Stayed at SeaBreeze Hotel about 800 pesos per night.
Massage parlors are at 350 pesos for massage. HJ 500 pesos. Did not ask for full service. On to Cebu...

05-11-04, 00:20
I am going to Sabang next month. Any iside scoups would be appreciated. Places to stay, dive,rent motorcycles,chicks, good stuff like that. Should I spend time in Manila or go strait to Sabang?

Aloha Norman

Member #1986
05-11-04, 14:23

Go to page #8, read backwards from page #8 to page #1. If reading all 8 pages do not answer your questions then you may ask again. But first read please.

Pinay Lover
05-12-04, 00:55
Just spent the last 10 days at Siargao Island with a couple of young girls (19 & 22 y.o.) I met from Yahoo! last year. Both college students from Butuan City and very freaky. In bed, that is. They agreed to come along with me as long as picked up the tab for the trip. So basically I paid for everything in exchange for sex with both of them.

Had to take a ferry from Surigao City to Dapa.A fastcraft boat ride was P200/person each way to the island plus another P1,200 for bringing the scooter (Yamaha 150) on the ferry.Stayed at a resort cottage in Gen. Luna on the east side of the island right beside Cloud 9 resort. Cost me P800 a day for an aircondition hut/cottage. Meals were mostly fresh grilled fish, calmari or mussels. If not we headed for the local turo-turo or carinderia. No fast food shops in this island. Only Globe and Smart services as well.

Not much of a nightlife in the island unlike when they had the Int'l Surfing Competition last September. Local girls were not much to look at but there were a few worth noticing. Definitely a "Bring your own girl" place. Not much to do around here but surf, dive and chill. Most of my time was spend in the shack with the two young ladies. Gave each one their first anal and lesbian experience.

Val is a tall and slim 19 y.o. with a bell boy hair style. Small breast but nice hips and waist for slim person. She was shy at first fucking with another person watching and that I was her second guy. She was awful the first two days in bed, even scratched my dick with her teeth and gagged a lot. It was great teaching her and in a few days was eager to try new positions and began experimenting herself. Her pussy was tight and needed a little work to get her wet.

Her friend, Tata, the 22 y.o. was more experienced in bed. At 5'5" she had a nice tight body and long hair that goes halfway down her back. She gives the best head I had in a while and doesn't mind swallowing. She especially likes it when I cum on her friend as she licks it up. That's how the lesbo action started and the girls keep going at each other even when I get tired and pass out.

Did them on the shack,on the beach, in the water, on the rocks, on a deserted island and even on my surfboard (not an easy thing to do). Tata even gave me a blow job while driving back to Butuan City despite Val's protest that it would distract my driving. Had one last romp with the two of them at their apartment before making my trip back to the Lipata Ferry Terminal for a Ferry ride to Tacloban where I am at right now. Altogether, I spent about P19,000 (about $350) for about 10 days. That includes P1,000 tip for each girl.

I'm going to miss those two when I'm back in Makati. This land trip drive back is just gong to make it worst driving alone. I'm going to spend a day or two with the Japayuki girl I met last year here. On Monday it will be back to the daily grind at the office once more. I've been gone from Manila/Makati for awhile and it will be great toexplore the bars and clubs once more. Especially now that the election mayhem is just about over.

05-12-04, 11:02
To Norman,

I've been in Sabang for the new year, I had one of the best times of my life! my advise is: don't waste time in Manila go straight to Sabang. Best way is to take a taxi or bus to Batangas and then a 1 and a half hour ferry trip directly to Sabang beach. Any agency in Manila can arrange that.

it's plenty of diving centers, best for me are Big Apple and Cocktail divers, they're located in very good resorts too. I've never had so many chicks in such a short time youll' find them in the bars after 9 p.m. or in the three girl-bar (Village, Sabang Disco, forgot the third one) You can't miss them because there's only one road in Sabang! there's also a "normal disco" where you can try some pick up's.

To take a girl out of a bar you need to pay a bar fine of 1.000P or 500P if after midnight. Watch out for the mamas who will ask you to offer them lady's drinks (400P!) on. feel free to kindly refuse saying you want to keep the money for the girls, mamas can be annoying sometimes especially at the Village which on the other hand has the best choice of girls, consider that you are going in low season. Normal tip for the girls is 1.000P for the night all the resorts are girl friendly. I used to bring them in at any time.
Most of the girls don't like threesomes but if you try a few ones you'll propbably find one who does.

Diving is good but not as spectacular as in the Red Sea.

Have a great time


05-14-04, 03:49
I'll be going to Allen, Cabacungan, Northern Samar. Anyone have any info on this place? Any web sites for tourists? Any information would be apreciated.


Dragon Slayer
05-14-04, 17:04

I will be back in early July. I am considering Surigao City after not having visited it since 1996. I made 4 trips there back then. Stayed at the Tavern which was a dump but the best place to stay.

Have things improved there? I do not stay in pension houses or rooms. Long since the days when I had to budget my money. Are there any decent hotels on Surigao now in or around Surigao City? Also, is the little restaurant next to the Tavern with the karaoke still there?

I have a new honey from chat in Surigao and it might be fun to go there again, but NOT if I have to live like I did there in 1996. Better to have her come to Davao instead.

One guy posted about spending $350 in ten days on an Island there. Okay if it has a/c, cable tv, fine food, etc. I mean I'm not a recent college grad or kid anymore. I spend a good amount of time fucking myself crazy in the Phils, China, Thailand and Central America, but not without the comforts of home.

Dragon Slayer

Pinay Lover
05-15-04, 01:21

Not much has changed in Surigao City. The Tavern is still there but you might want to check out the Gateway Hotel on Km.1 of the highway. I don't know if the restaurant you are mentioning is the Frank Lloyd but it is a small A/C resto with a karaoke. There is also a new BBQ joint across that, too. A couple of new shops an a grocery store with a small food court called T.T.& Co. on Boromeo Street. A couple of niteclubs like AdEn or Sidewings and one on Capitol Road called Jannex which is also a pensione house.

The place is pretty much dead after 10:00 PM and the only way out of these place is either through the Lipata Ferry Terminal with ferries to Tacloban. The Airport by Km. 4 with service three times a week by Asia Spirit to Cebu. I don't know if they have a direct Manila Flight yet. And the last place is the pier itself with a Superferry service twice a week and a dailyferry to Cebu from Cokaliong Lines. Other than that its the Bachelor Lines at the bus terminal with service to Butuan City and CDOC.

Sorry to inform you that the island of Siargao has no cable service. The place I stayed at is nothing more than a oversized two bedrom cottage with a bath. It has a strong A/C but nothing more. No TV or radio. No nitelife, either during of season. No taxi's but van service is available. If your brave and willing, there is those crazy habal-habal. Basically a motorcycle modified to carry 3 to four passengers plus the driver. Very native that will allure only surfers or divers. The Gen.luna side offers great waves. No fine restaurants here, just carinderias, turo-turos and grilled fish. You can access the island either by fastcraft by Asko from Surigao City or by SEAAir from Cebu.

Which reminds me, Surigao City only has two fastfood joints. Jollibee and Greenwich Pizza. One of the few places I've been without a 7-11 store.

05-15-04, 11:20

I need to be in Zamboanga in early June. Does anyone know anything about the place. I've heard that there is some fun to be had, but I have no idea where to go.

Thanks for any advice.


Dragon Slayer
05-15-04, 14:29
I guess Surigao is basically unchanged. The Tavern it will be again. I hope they at least installed some decent beds there. As I recall the food was always good in the restaurant. I wonder if they still charge extra for using a credit card to settle the bill (just "love" these nickle-dimers).

The karaoke was right next to the Tavern Hotel. Walked out and about 50 feet to the entrance to this place. Stayed open until at least midnight. Had pussy hanging out in there at night (I always had pussy in Surigao). There was no a/c in this place but Pussy. Tables with candles and people singing from a handheld mike.

I do not do fast food but eating good in Surigao City was never a problem during my four trips there back in 1996. The lady I plan to meet there is gorgeous, with great lips and a nice body. Chatted with her on webcam and she is not an "internet pro" or a hustler. Just a gorgeous, lonely filipina needing attention, love and affection from a daring, dashing guy like the Slayer. Only drawback is she has kids, which means she is most likely broke. Been separated 2 years, meaning very horny.

This will be another lovely lady, great fuck, wonderful woman who I will end up assisting from time to time. But you "pay for it one way or another". GoodEnough was very impressed by the number of ladies I keep in contact with in various places. He should see it around Christmas or birthdays. Last October I had four (4) birthdays to celebrate between October 9 and October 20. Did a bit of shopping. Ate a lot of birthday cake. Not to mention four (4) romantic dinners by candlelight. Lots of good, genuine French champagne (GE if you are here, Ronelyn & I in Cebu ate B/D cake, drank Champagne from the jacuzzi in my Suite at MCH). But I digress.

Surigao in July it will be.

Dragon Slayer

Pinay Lover
05-16-04, 01:51

Last year, the company I worked for put me up at the Garden Orchid Hotel based on the person I replaced. Pretty good placed with cable tv and even had a stereoin the room. As for fun, I can't remember much since I was mostly doing business with the PPA and DENR. But my host and guide did keep me entertained by showing me around the city and stuffing my face. I always felt like all I ever did there was eat. Met a few college girls and took the offer of one of the security guards with a couple of girls but nothing to write home about.

I felt safe in the city but the travel by land from General Santos got me a bit worried with all the military checkpoints through South Cotobato, the hills of Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur. Probably the most militarized region in the Philippines.

Let me know, If you find anything there. I know I have to be there sometime later this year. Oh, two things that stick to mind is the restaurant on the10th or 11th floor of the Skypark Hotel and The rooftop restaurant of the Hotel Perlas or Perlitas, I think. Great view,upper crust crowd and nice dining menu.


One thing I did notice new in Surigao City was some new colleges in the city. Probably explains the amount of female students in uniform during in the summer break. Too many tricycles and no taxi service in this town. But the city is small enough to walk around and a quick tricycle ride only cost P4.00. Not much to see but the restaurant inside the Pier/PPA area has some great dishes. Adriano's by the Sea is run & owned by the Head PPA in the city. Do business with his son who is a local attorney. Unfortunately, no action here.

05-16-04, 12:30

I think your best bet will be the Gateway Hotel. I have stayed at both Tavern and Gateway. Gateway is newer, has a nice restaurant, and even a bar.

Have fun,


05-16-04, 18:59

"Guys: I need to be in Zamboanga in early June."

GE: Nobody needs to be in Zamboanga and 99.999% of the world's population would question anybody's need to venture there apart from to have cheap sex.

Can't wait for the report!

Dragon Slayer
05-17-04, 19:41

Okay Faulk, enough and back to your cage now. That's a good fella. I was going to tell you about Zamboanga City over the phone but obviously, one of our guys must be hanging with Hans dickhead and Genius whatever the fuck up in the Manila section (very reason I stopped Posting there). People need to learn some manners and quit trying to be Jim Carrey.

I made ten (10) trips to Zamboanga City from 1991 through 1995. Did not learn it was dangerous to be down there until AFTER my 5th Trip there. Lantaka by the Sea Resort is beautiul. It is really nice dining right by the water, watching the ships out at Sea.

The decent Nightlife is mostly in Clubs outside the city on Tetuan highway and tricycles take you there in ten minutes. I scored some of my best solid boardfeet of pussy there. Tons of gorgeous ladies and it is a nice place.

Since I was last there a new, luxury Hotel was built. The new airport is nice and it is similar to the new Davao airport. I would assume that with so many US Marines there now, more Clubs have been opened to accomodate the demand. I heard recently that the Marine presence has reduced the risk of activity by whatever Abu losers they have not finished off.

How did I hear? Just so happens that a lady I used to fuck in Zamboanga City wrote to me recently. Perhaps you need her address? Her entire Family is Police and Military so you should be safe. Had some hot, younger sisters/ cousins. One was 15 back in 1995 so she is a nice 24 now. The other is most likely 30 now but nice and fluent in English. Tons of cousins & lovely friends also.

Dragon Slayer

05-18-04, 05:35

Need to go there on business. It's but one of the garden spots where I work. Others include Basilan and Tawi Tawi. Why would I go there for cheap sex when I can get all of that that I want or need here in Davao? However, if you know, as you seem to, about cheap sex in Zamboanga, why not post it?

05-18-04, 12:48
dragon slayer:

just read your post, and am seriously starting to wonder whether there's any city in the pi in which you do not have ladies. what a resource! most of the danger there in zamboanga does not come from abu saif, but from clashes between local muslim rebels and the philippine army. hopefully, the peace agreement will be signed soon. i need to go there the second week in june to make a speech and be present at some events my company is hosting. if i find that it's really good though, maybe we can go back in july and check it out together.

our security there is pretty tight, so i'm not sure if i will be able to slip the noose and go chasing pussy, but i will sure try. speak to you from cebu.


05-22-04, 19:18

Just a little history to keep you safe. Signing peace agreements between the Muslim rebels and the Philippine army has been going on for the last 50 years or so. That happens all the time. There are several factions of Muslim rebels and signing an agreement with one doesn't stop the other factions from continuing hostilities. Anyways, if the money isn't flowing good for either parties, there is really no reason to break the agreement. There is not one instance that either parties were penalized for breaking an agreement. All it does is create headlines sometimes none at all. Who cares about Philippine jail especially in the South? Hostilities make money and you got to understand that. So, don't let your guard down no matter what you hear.


05-29-04, 14:42
here is a small report about the beautifull island of boracay. if you plan to visit this island, just be aware that seair airlines is not for the faint hearted. their planes are small, so small and it can be scary, so it could be wise to choose asian spirit instead.

there is only one place where i have noticed a few prostitutes every night and that bar is "summer place, sex shooter bar".
it is located right in the center of long beach, between d'mall and boracay regency. the girls are not that special or great looking and they are not so many of them, between 5 to 10 per night, but they did still outnumber the punters every night last week.

i could not bring any of these girls at my place since i already had someone waiting for me, so this cute joanna asked me to go to her place for a quickie (at 02am). her appartment was so miserable that i could not feel horny in her place. it was hot, terribly small, my head was touching the ceiling. as soon as i entered, she took a small pan that was hidden under her bed and decided to [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)(not as romantic as the hydillic boracay).
she then undressed, gave a nice bbbj and came on top of me.
i payed 1500 pesos and she seemed more than satisfied with this.

on the way back to my hotel (since someone was getting impatient to see me), i walked again in front the summer place and a drunk lady grabbed me and asked to come at my place.
as it was impossible and as i was not horny enough to go to her room, she did suggest for a quick shag on the beach.
it is probably a very stupid idea, but i wanted to give it a try and the beach was nearly empty at 03am.
that 30 year old girl kissed me like a real nymphomaniac, pushed me again a tree and sucked me. i could not hold it anymore and it finished soon in a nice cim.
for all the people who would like to try this on the beach, it is really a stupid idea as there are many mosquitoes and ants on the beach. besides this, it is hard to explain afterwards why there is some sand in your pants.

certainly not a destination for mongers as the choice is too limited, but it is not dead.

05-30-04, 01:08
Now that was a great report. I've only heard about positive things there and it's nice to be made aware of some slight drawbacks. I have learned one thing as far as being out late at night in PI, bug lotion!


05-30-04, 10:53
Master Blaster:

Thanks for the advice. What you say is, by and large true, but things in the Muslim areas here are getting better. More development money is flowing in, the areas are getting more attention and more funding from the National Government, and the incidence of violence is decreasing. Also the US has promised the MLF huge sums of money for various programs if they lay down the weapons. The cease fire that's been in effect for months while the peace negotiations drag on is holding.

Thanks for the concern.


05-31-04, 04:40

Like I said, things get better when money is flowing. Money is the only catalyst that affects the conditions in Mindanao. Peace worsens as soon as money starts to dissipate. The "money for arms" agreements are more of a publicity gimmick since rebels only surrender unserviceable or obsolete firearms and they also end up buying better arms. It gives the illusion of stability and peacefulness when media carries that type of news. The military does not complain since it makes them appear as if they are doing their jobs. I know this for a fact since I have relatives in the military and have businessman acquaintances who broker construction projects in rebel infested areas. Part of the money of the US which was meant to improve the living conditions of the Muslims are secretly going to the pockets of the rebel commanders by the way of protection money from construction projects in their territories. Consequently, these commanders undoubtedly bolster their readiness for the next hostilities. The military brass makes money too; I'll keep it as that. That scenario keeps the money flowing and this is the reason why the Mindanao conflict will not die down easily. You see, it is all smoke and mirrors. Don't let good news fool you. Although this does not really affect much of your mongering life, it would be good if you have the right perspective of what is happening around you.


Castle Rock
06-01-04, 17:50
I came a cross a report in the Manila Times which may be of interest to anyone who is heading for Baguio. In the report a Bar Called Zimah Bar was raided and 12 GROs were arrested for lewd dancing. There had been complaints from the residents who stay around Magsaysay Ave, Bokawkan Road, Naguilian Road and Marcos Highway about the girls's dancing ( I wonder if the residents went in for a look!).

It was also report that unlicensed girls (freelancers) were available in these areas starting at 1000 pesos.

Castle Rock

Pinay Lover
06-03-04, 21:30
Has anyone checked out some of the KTV Bars around the Libis or Cainta area? I hear some of the guys at work talking about places called Genie or Loveboat. Names don't sound familiar since I don't drive in those areas. Just wondering if its worth a look and if girls can be picked up from these kinds of establishments.

06-04-04, 20:02

Your cynicism is well-founded and what you say is true. Nonetheless, the economic situation in those areas is actually improving with major investments from overseas corporations. I think, or at least I hope, that as more employment gets created and more opportunities open up for local residents, the temptation to pick up arms will decrease. This is not utter naivete, and I have worked in war torn areas for years. The fact is though, that most people are sick of war, tired of denying their children educational opportunities due to armed conflict, and looking for an alternative. The Muslim area in Mindanao is one of the only truly democratic Muslim governments in the world, totally secular, with ample representation of women and operating from a reasonably transparent legal framework I'm not sure it's going to succeed ultimately, but people are really trying to secure the peace and to expand democratic institutions. It's cause for some optimism.


06-29-04, 04:55

Your optimism is admirable. More power to you.


07-03-04, 12:16
As part of my first trip to the pi, I and a friend visited Puerto Galera / Sabang, Mindoro.

For those who are visiting mindoro for the first time, a word about ferries. We got a taxi from Angeles to Batangas pier. On approaching Batangas pier, our taximan was more or less forced to stop and although I don' t understand Tagalog, i can read body language as good as the next man. I reckon they were trying to muscle in and get him to drive us to their dodgy banka boat. One of them proceeded to make himself at home in the front passenger seat when we told him in no uncertain terms to get the hell out of our taxi. Don't fall for this bullshit.

Same deal when we got to the pier - the porter was trying to get us to go with some dodgy banka deal.

The crossing takes a good 1hr.30min and if your not used to this sort of thing, it can be quite scary. In our case, our small ferry was taking quite a beating every couple of minutes.

We arrived in puerto galera and moved to sabang via trike. Note that the road between the two is a hilly mud track. Got beachfront accomodation for 800/night - probably the best accomodation we had whilst on the trip.

Now for the interesting part. There are about four 'bars' in Sabang - its a small place and you'll find them all within a few minutes. Bar fines are the same as angeles as far as i can see. Obviously the setup doesnt compare with angeles but theres enough talent around for one to have a good time. In edition, freelancers (many of home also work in the bars) work out of 'Eddies Place' and 'Big Apple' which are nice places to hang out at any time of the day or night (They're open 24 hours).

Theres also a normal disco in Sabang which fills with bar girls once the bars close at 2am.

07-04-04, 11:36
I want go next month to the PH. Does anyone have some informations about Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Orientel? Where to find girls? I need somes adresses and advice!

Thanks a lot in advance!

07-05-04, 07:13
For Cagayan you can check out some of the places in the Capistrano Street area. Most places have dancing girs.

1. Gion. One of the nicer places with some real good lookers and not too pressuring thought they will ask if you want a girl and then drinks are about 1 or two per hour depending on singles or doubles.

2. Ontic. Probably a few more girls than Gion, but quality maybe slightly less. Again not too pressuring if you put your foot down.

3. Thrives, upstairs. Not too many girsl but some real good looking ones. Very very expensive though and always pushing ladies drinks.

4. Mic 'n Mucs. Upstairs, some decent looking girls, uncomfortable chairs, ladies drinks expensive, bar fines exhorbitant.

5. Lexis Bar. Not a dance joint but have a good band and usually a few freelance or office girls looking for extra cash.

6. Homecourt. Only went in once. didn't seem like too many girls neither here nor there.

7. Pyramid KTV. They've moved from the Lim Ket Kai area and opened up near the new Macro. Used to have some real good lookers dancing in front then VIP rooms in the back. Expensive.

8. There are also numerous small, unairconditioned dance joints that often have diamonds in the rough, though the places are ususally hot, smoky and lacking any selection of beer. usually just pilsen and not always cold.

9. another place that often had quite young girls was called Txters 8 or something like that.

All in all there is plenty of tail to be had. Takes a bit of time to get the hang of the place. But once they know you generally they won't mess with you too much. Bar fines can vary from 1500 to 3500. The 3500 is from the higher class joints but if the girl likes you then you can just arrange to meet them after work, or the next afternoon.


07-05-04, 21:51

Great post. Concise, informative.


Pinay Lover
07-05-04, 22:30

Looks like you've been at CDO for a while.

Good report especially about Pyramid KTV.


Joe Banana
07-07-04, 14:42
I had the same experience at Batangas as Joe 100. Two guys got in my taxi and told me that there were no ferries that day. Bullshit. Best way for Sabang is get the ferry straight there rather than go to PG. I saw a cutie on the ferry and should have jumped at her there and then as I never saw her without a punter the whole time I was there. Travel back to Manila is probably best avoided on a Sunday as the traffic was horrendous.

07-08-04, 08:43
Maybe I have too much respect for the sea, but I feel those bankas quite inadequate for a safe crossing of the Batangas Straite. I understand the current there runs at 10km. / hr. so better not capsize. I also heard that crossings have not been uneventful in the past. When I go back to Manila, I always check the sea first. Last time there were no waves, just huge swells. Not relaxing!

07-08-04, 23:41
Hey fellas,

Does anyone have any experience in General Santos City ? I have confirmed that there are flights from Manila but can't find much info . I met a total BABE from there and since I was going to Davao anyway I want to meet her. I think Americans are relatively safe in that area , unlike the Southwestern parts. I would really appreciate any light on the subject from hotels to restaurants to working girls and our hobby . About all I know is that Manny Paciou is from that city, lol.



07-11-04, 00:25

I hope you know for sure that the person you are talking to is an absolute babe. General Santos City is generally peaceful but you got to take precaution to arrange your own transportation and your own accomodation until you are absolutely sure who you are talking to. That place has a history of kidnappings. I suggest you request that you meet the entire family from the airport or from your hotel first and get a feel if they are really genuine. That is just customary in Filipino culture so don't hesitate to ask. The risk factors in GenSan are higher than in Davao City since the province is within a high conflict area. Try not to go out of the city either coz a lot of the areas outside of GenSan are high risk zones. The military has a security blanket around the area and that ensures a level of safety. I suggest you don't monger while you are trying to meet a local woman since it is a small town and everybody talks. You'll be surprised how many eyes are looking at you, looking after the benefit of the local woman and that includes the hotel staff. You are also going to be the news of the town since very few foreigners go to GenSan. Go to Davao City if you want to monger. It will just be a 3 hour bus ride. Hope you enjoy your trip. Check out http://www.gensantos.gov.ph/ for more information about GenSan.


07-12-04, 23:05

I just came back from 2 weeks in Sabang and 2 weeks in Phuket. I was doing the taste test. Phuket won. But Sabang is still worth going to and I will be back, oh yes. Sabang is a little village in a small bay with exelent diving in and out of your hotel room. There are 4 discos (go go bars) and lots of hunters (free lancers) For scuba diving go to South Sea Divers ask for Sky or Paul. They offer superb service and are cool to just hang out with. In fact their dive shop is stratigicaly placed so that if you hang out there for a while you will see the whole population of Sabang walk by. During the day working girls and everbody else just cruises around and they eventualy will walk by. A friend of mine wanted to take a banka (small outrigger boat) to White Beach and suggested it would be more fun if I brought a date. No problem, I went to the dive shop, 5 min. later two girls to my taste waled by. I offred them lunch at White Beach, they went home and put on their bikinies and 10 min, later we were on our way. Life in Sabang is easy.

On to facts. Bar fine is 300 pesos and the girls want 1k for all night. Hunters usually want 1k but it is always negotible. If you want a quiet hotel try Sabang Inn or Sabang village on the edge of the bay ( 4nim. walk to the action) I stayed in Red Coral Inn (1k nite), action outside the front door. I could flip a quarter into the ocean from my balcony. Next door is big apple. Ask for Rebeca (one of the few girls with tits) she is heaps for fun and a willing partner. Tell her Andrew said "Buang"! If you are hungery try Captain Greg's huge portions and sunday the Hash House Harriers meet there. I don't recomend staying there. All of the diners there watch the girls comming out of your room in the morning and the manager/owner , I forget his name he has a pronounces Aussi accent, is an asshole The other highlite of Sabang , besides the diving was riding trail bikes with Sky. It was real National Geographic. Nacked villagers, water buffalow and river crossings. Sorry about the spelling in a hurry.

Any body have questions email me at [Email Address deleted by Admin]

Fight the good fight for the brotherhood of the long sword


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

07-13-04, 16:20

General Santos is fine. I've been there many many times with no problems other than a nasty San Mig headache the next morning. Only a couple of places to go but they are generally fun, though you have to watch the bills fairly close as they can start padding if your not careful.

The best hotel in town is the East Asia. Runs about 1800 pesos a night. Best thing is it's close to a pretty good pool hall/bar called Cassados that is an excellent starting place. The waitresses all wear a nice little mini skirt type of uniform which is a nice touch. Food is okay. Can usually see a couple of foreigners who work in the area there. They usually know the other places to go.

Other hotels include Anchor, which runs around 720 a night. Decent enough rooms but close to a market so can get a little noisy in the mornings.

The T'Boli hotel is another one is pretty good location and is a littl e more discreet as the rooms all have their own entrance to the parking lot. No need to go through the lobby.

The Sydney hotel is okay also though I haven't stayed there for quite some time. I think the price was in the order of 1200 pesos.

There is a hotel run by an Englishman called Cambridge farms. He's a nice guy and his place is okay, but it's in a strange location. Quiet and out of the way and difficult to explain how to get to it. Taxi drivers should know it. Runs around 900 a night.

If you want to stay on the beach a decent place is the Tropicana hotel. Bungalow type rooms on a fairly decent beach. Rooms are around 800 I think. Only trouble is it's about 20 min out of town.

Regarding night life there's only a couple of places I frequently go to. One is called the Superstar. It's just off the main road, National Highway, close to another joint called Pier 8. It's supposed to be a little more upmarket, read more expensive here, than Pier 8. The quality of girls varies, but there have been some real good lookers there. Bar fines are ridiculously high, somewhere in the 3000 range which I refuse to pay. Better to try to work out a deal to meet the next day. Haven't been able to get them out after hours as I guess the mamasan has them on a tight leash.

Pier 8 operates slightly different. No bar fine but you have to wait till the bar closes to take the girl out. Somewhere around 02:00. If the girl likes you can usually get away with about 1000 pesos for them. Girls quality is generally only average, but they are usually good fun.

There is a massage joint though I can't remember the name of it. Pretty nasty rooms and showers and I wouldn't recommend it. Saw a new place that had just opened but don't know what it offers.

One other place with girls is Nightshift though it's mainly a karaoke joint and I've never really seen anything decent in there.

Regarding just regular places to go, there is a place called Mamagaya's that had a live band and decent enough food. Haven't seen too much opportunity there to meet girls though as they usually come in large groups or with their boyfriends/husbands.

A very good restaurant is called Rancho Grill. I'd say best in town.

All in all Gen San is okay for a short visit. Longer if you are into diving as they have some really good sites. See Cambridge farms for the dive shop. Don't worry about the security thing. I've been going there for the past 5 years and haven't had an inkling of any worries regarding the safety of the place. It's easy to get around, with wide streets and traffic that flows well. Some nice trips outside the city where you can see some neat things. The road past the airport gives some neat scenery that is not what you would expect from a tropical climate. Looks more Mediterranean. Along that road you can stop at the Fish Port and see some strange and interesting catches. Just get there early before it is all sold and shipped out.

A trip up past Polomolok to the Dole Pineapple plantations is pretty neat. Can pick up a bundle of 3 big pineapples for 30 Peso. That's about 60 cents US.

Contrary to what MasterBlaster said, it is not under a security blanket and you are free to wander around. Yes there are areas about an hours drive away that you don't really need to go to, but as far as the city and it's immediate surroundings, don't worry.

Have fun.

07-14-04, 07:26

The security blanket is not intended to stop regular people to come in and out of the city. It is intended to saturate the entire area with military personnel if a rebel platoon or kidnap gang happens to drop by for an unwelcome visit. It exists but you don't see it. I have a military intelligence buddy that told me all this. Dole Philippines in Polomolok maintain their own private army that ensures the security of the compound and its executives. The notorious Pentagon Kidnap Gang uses Polomolok as a hideout and some Abu Sayyaf elements are also present. This is due to the large Muslim population in that area. Many Dole executives and employees have died through the years but you just never heard about it. They only have tombstones as evidence. If you don't me believe read these news items:






You don't hear this kind of news in Davao City. You are just one lucky dude in my opinion. Don't give others a false sense of security just because of your lucky streak. The most secure place is just within the city limits. The surrounding beaches should be okay but definitely not Polomolok. Some far away roads have MNLF and MILF checkpoints and you couldn't distinguish this from the Philippine military until it's already too late. Be cautious.


07-14-04, 18:32
It's funny how the Pentagon, MILF and Abu's always get blamed for all the kidnappings and such. They do their share but most of the time it's actually crooked cops, army and politicians instigating it. Hell, the politicians just had an expensive election campaign they had to pay for somehow.

Regarding my "lucky streak", I've been to all the places you mentioned without incident many many times. Mainly it's due to basic common sense. Don't follow a set regular plan. Don't always take the same route at the same time. Don't tell every tom, dick and harry where you are going. And number 1, don't dress and act like you would make a good target. A kidnapping is not usually a spur of the moment thing. It takes a lot of planning, timing, surveillance, and information. For the vacationer who is there only for a day or two, it's very unlikely he would be a target. The Dole manager is an especially big target as Dole is a very large company with many many employees that easily get disgruntled and can aid the gangs with information and schedules. Many of the kidnappings originate or are aided from the inside, such as housemaids, drivers, gardeners, etc.

A lot of what is printed in the papers is usually very far from accurate. I have seen this from talking with an eyewitness to one of the Davao Death Squad encounters which was my maid as she was coming to work. The story she told me was completely different than was printed in the local newpaper. Different number of guys, different vehice, taxi versus motorcycle, different occupation of the guy who was gunned down. This was only about a 5 min walk from my house.

I'm not trying to give anyone a false sense of security as you are at a risk most everywhere in the Philippines. How about the recent murders of the German, Swiss and Brit in Boracay, one of the most advertised vacation spots of the Philippines. Most of the time people who get into trouble here in the Philippines were either stupid or looking for it and found it. The few unfortunate who got killed during a robbery and such were most likely to blame themselves. Instead of quickly agreeing to turn over their valuables they usually get angry and get confrontational. You must realize that the person robbing you probably has nothing to lose and looks at you who seems to have so much. He may have a sick child he is desparate to help or wacked out on drugs. Just hand it over, keep your mouth shut and kick yourself in the butt when he leaves and learn from the lesson. Most likely it'll only cost you a few hundred bucks and a cellphone.

Basically, all I can say is if your concerned, don't go there. I know many foreigners who live there, and many more who travel regularly there, as I do, who are very comfortable and not overly concerned. I always get a smile on my face from people who are in disbelief that I would choose to live in Mindanao. I love it down here. Much better in my opinion than Luzon or Visayas.

The less visitors down here, the more gals for us.

07-15-04, 02:57
I go there actually. I have no issues since I am a local and I have my own security of armed personnel when I go around. I hope every foreigner that goes to Mindanao is as smart as you are but I very much doubt that. I know a lot about the corrupt authorities and they hit what they call the "nobody" and foreigners fall under the "nobodys" unless you have local ties. Foreigners are considered "nobody" because they couldn't exact the kind of retribution that powerful locals can. The poor are "nobodys". Imagine this, practically every local is related to a military personnel except for the foreigners. Arrogant foreigners are considered roadkill and not just a "nobody". The laws of the jungle still apply anywhere in the Philippines. Hey, it's not really a problem for me. I just want to state how I see things down there. For the adventurous, Mindanao is definitely the place.

07-15-04, 04:46
MasterBlaster is right. Be cautious.

Embassy security officials are extremely aware of difficulties their citizens get into. It is interesting and quite scary to hear directly from them what the inside, often hidden, story is. Embassy travel advisories are not written for amusement and entertainment. Although embassies are under extreme pressure to lighten their advisories by the Philippine government, they are maintained with strong warnings. It is interesting that upon arrival of the new UK ambassador in the Philippines recently, he said his number one priority was to take care of the British citizens here.
Just because nothing has happened to you, does not mean all is fine. Although I have visited the Philippines countless times over decades, I never let my guard down. Bottom line is always be street wise and always make security your priority. This is particularly true if you look foreign.
After that, enjoy yourself!

Member #1005
07-15-04, 10:58
If I can add my two cents here, if you ignore your countryís travel warning and go somewhere on the list and something happens to you. Even if you have adequate insurance, for say kidnapping, your company doesnít have to pay out on you because they can turn around and say you ignored the travel warning to go to this particular place and therefore invalidated your policy with them. So your on your own.

Krum Lov
07-18-04, 04:15

Has anyone been there over last few weeks? Just wanting to know how th action is at the moment, as I might be there at beginning of August. I've heard there's a few freelancers about at the Red Banana bar, etc.


07-19-04, 00:33
To Everyone Concerned about Security in Davao:

I have lived here now for the past 8 months, and have friends (expats) who have been living here for years. For the past two years, there have been no security-related issues here. Even during the recent elections, this place was totally calm and there were zero incidents. In fact, my company receives visitors from the US Embassy in Manila constantly and there is no restriction on Embassy personnel traveling here, which should tell you something about the safety of this place. Do not hesitate to come here for security reasons.

The isloated "hot spots" in Mindanao (where I also go for work-related reasons) are largely in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, in such locations as Basilan, Tawi Tawi, and occassionally Cotabato. Most of the time even these places are safe most of the time, but there's no reason at all for any of you to go anywhere near these ares.

I am much more apprehensive about my personal safety in Manila than here in Davao, where I ride around on my motorcycle at all hours of the day and night, and have never once felt threatened. I should also point out that various Western and Japanese aid agencies are pouring funds into Mindanao for various projects, and have placed no restrictions on the internal travel of personnel working on such projects. Finally, remember that the Mayor here in Davao is a genuine touch guy, and simply does not tolerate any violence in his city.

Lucifer 69 (I wonder if we know each other) is absolutely correct. All it takes to be secure here is to exercise a little common sense.

Hope this allays some of the fears of those thinking about coming here but are hesitant due to imaginary security concerns.


07-20-04, 05:38
Davao City is okay. Nobody wants to butt heads with the mayor of Davao City.

08-02-04, 14:30
Hi guys
Anybody know of any action in Boracay? I will be going there with my GF. But if there is a chance to slip away I can check out local flavor there.
Thanks in advance

Van Rensberg
08-03-04, 10:54
Has anyone been to Sabang lately? I was there about 1 year ago and there was some fine form on offer. Unfortunately I was with my lady so there was no playing around (in Angeles this is definitely not the case).

But we have now broken up so I'll be back to play next month. Thinking about hitting Sabang for 1 week followed by 1-2 weeks in heaven (Angeles).

Would appreciate some thoughts from anyone who has been to Sabang recently.

08-04-04, 21:39
I will soon be visiting Manila and will be staying in the Alabang area. Can anyone let me know if thre is any kind of action in or around this area, as I will be spending most of my visit in the Alabang area.

Pinay Lover
08-09-04, 06:16
Spent two weeks over at Butuan City meeting with several clients in the area. Didn't spend much time mongering since I had two lovelies to keep me busy at night. A couple of college students (one a second courser) whom I spent some time with before. Had a hard time leaving them as I headed over to Surigao City.

I was able to get my regular room at The Tavern (P850 per night) while doing attending some local summit at the city's convention center. Not much nightlife in this city especially after dark. Latest rave around here is the latest fastfood addition, Chow King. Like I said, not much. While I was at the I-cafe late one night (Ad-En on Borromeo St. is open 24 hours) I was able to strike a conversation with a cute girl surfing the dating sites. She was still in her college uniform, San Nicholas College.She asked the usual questions, where I'm from, what I'm doing in Surigao, do I have a girlfriend, where I'm staying?

Cut to the chase, I asked her to show me around. She said she could only do it after school and I said I didn't mind. Since last Wednesday, she has been in my company. Banged her the next day I met her. Anne, this young 20 year old has had some experience and didn't mind doing what I asked her. Just that she's a little quiet in bed. Basically after eating dinner around the city, we enjoy the live band that plays at The Tavern or join her for some karaoke (she does most of the singing) at several nearby restaurants like Frank Lloyds or Adriano's. Then get back to my room for some late night action.

I could easily find another girl but her company is enjoyable. She speaks fluent english and carries a conversation rather well. An avid NBA fan as well as the local PBA. With the almost daily rain this weekend, it was great just to cuddle in the strong aircondition after a heated fuck session. I'll be here until Tuesday until my ship for Cebu arrives. WG&A only comes twice a week here. Until then, Anne will keep me company. I guess she is hoping that I will always see her whenever I'm back in the city or be her steady boyfriend but I already crushed the latter notion. So far all this has cost me is P1,000 per day for her company.

Raul D
08-11-04, 17:33
Anybody gong to be in Sabang the next couple of weeks? I'm going there for some diving and haven't been there before. Any advice?



Castle Rock
08-11-04, 22:55

There is hardly any action on Boracay. When last there one or two hanging around the disco but I never got the chance to find out if they were any good. I had company which was hard to shake off no matter what I did. My company was like a wet fish my fault but I did not want to upset her. She gots a very big family and her uncle was a friend of mine at the time but no longer now.

The best bet is to bring a takeaway with you. Ask a couple of girls in the bars in Manila, Makati etc if they would like a holiday. Pick one. Explain the deal to her and get the Mamasan to give you a Price for the Barfine.

One other way is to get the girl not to turn up for work. If she does that she will get fined for non attendance or even lose her job so tread carefully down that route. You don't what the girl to be out of pocket or unemployed as jobs no matter what they are in PI are at a premium,

Good luck with your quest to find some company in or for Boracay.

08-12-04, 01:53
Not a sex story but a News article on Palawan. Shows you always have to look out for those Filipinos that have been drinking-

4 Arrested For Killing, Eating Wedding Guest In Palawan

Updated 11:43am (Mla time) Aug 11, 2004
Agence France-Presse

PUERTO PRINCESA, Palawan, Philippines --
Filipino police have arrested four people for murdering a wedding guest, roasting and eating parts of the body and serving some of the remains at the reception, they said Wednesday.
Narra town police chief Senior Superintendent Perla Bacuel said they were looking into the possibility that some of the suspects may have been involved in other disappearances in the western island of Palawan since the 1980s.

Farm laborer Eladio Baule, his son Gerard Baule and nephews Sabtuary Pequi and Johnny Buyot allegedly killed the victim, Benjie Ganay, on July 17 after Ganay accidentally touched Eladio Baule's daughter's bottom during her wedding party, Bacuel said.

The four suspects, who were drunk at the time, then set fire to Ganay's body and Bacuel said the aroma of roasting flesh may have tempted the group to eat parts of the burnt body.

The father and son then allegedly served some of the roasted flesh to other drinkers at the wedding party.

The crime was only discovered about eight days later, after the two nephews confessed to the police who originally found their accounts too shocking to believe.

The nephews insist that they did not take part in the murder but were only forced to eat parts of the body.

Bacuel said this was the first time she ever heard of such a bizarre crime in this area, adding they were looking into the possibility that Eladio Baule may have been a member of one of the rural cults that are known for chopping up their enemies.

09-08-04, 16:21
Hi Brothers,

I am going to La Union in a few weeks times. Anyone can recommend any fun or good foods there. Would appreciated for good informations.

Thank you all.


Flying Scotsman
09-08-04, 18:19
Anyone know if there is any action in Baguio these days?


Member #1066
09-22-04, 23:46
Any info on Alabang? I already have a sure thing, but I'm looking for some variety!

Henry R
09-24-04, 04:25
I plan to visit the area near Puerto Galera, Mindoro, the third week of October. I am a little worried about the weather. Does anyone know if there is usually non-stop rain at that time of year, or does Puerto Galera usually get a few days of sunshine once in a while at that time?

09-28-04, 06:05
I need info on Catarman, Northern Samar. Plan to relocate there. Is safe?


09-30-04, 00:56

Currently in Cotabato City, and am here out of professional necessity. For anyone even contemplating going here for enjoyment, my strong advice to you is to forget it. The place is a virtual slum, with few buildings over 3 stories, and most businesses are housed in tin-roofed shacks.

The hotels are consistent with the quality of the town. There are only two and they both suck, from the standpoint of amenities, food and service. I am told that there are one or two bars where you can meet women "by special arrangment," but why bother?

Fortunately, I'm here with my girlfriend, which is what makes the experience somewhat bearable, but coming here is sure not worth the four hour drive, over lousy roads, from Davao.


09-30-04, 01:21
To mongering one,

My girlfriend and her family live in Caterman, very few tourists, beautiful beaches ,and there is a university. It is a farm economy and I would be very careful that the girl is not a virgin. Law and order is usually handled by the locals. Very safe, much safer than manila, my girlfriend wants me to live there, you can live like a king for 600 and pick up a great girlfriend but not a place for professional girls . Only one hotel and it is okay, my girl is a gem sending her to nursing school and then will get her ajob in US. If you have any questions I will ask her. Northern Samar is almost all rice farms and coconut farms,no roads ,electricity etc, if you want to get back to nature ,it is the place. Houses in Samar not locked but the dogs will eat you for lunch,even my girlfriends neighbors who want to come over yell to her to bring the dogs in the house before they get too close and of course everyone owns a gun. I asked her if she is worried someone will steal ,she said that last year one person from outside the province did, no one ever heard of him again, did not elaborate but I have not visited the farm.

09-30-04, 02:28
Read one guy's view of Catarman Samar from


10-17-04, 02:32
Hello my first posting and I will be heading to San Pedro, Laguna in few weeks. Can anyone recommend any fun or good hotel, foods there. Thnk in advance for any good informations.

Thank you all.

10-20-04, 04:29
Hey Joe (that's all of you),

Been in PI almost a year. 15 different cities/towns, laid in all of 'em. Not the hardest thing to do in this country. Been in Davao the last 4 months, drowning in pussy, best place so far. (Yes IMO even beats Angeles.)

I'm going to Zamboanga for a week. Not going for sex, want to be immersed in the Chabacano language for a while. But after a couple days without my Davao regulars I presume I'll be waking up with a hard-on. (I hate that!)There's a cheap boat from here to there, so why not?

I've read the last 6 mos. posts here on this forum, and the only info is Dragon Slayer's from '95. Hmmm, a lot can change in 9 years.

Can anybody help?

Gracias, and may none of your sacks hold a load for more than 24hrs.

10-20-04, 09:54
After deciding to take a girl I met in EDSA Firehouse to Boracay I decided just to take her to Puerto Galera as well. I wasnít sure of the quality of girls there so didnít want to take the risk. Negotiated 10,000 pesos for 11 nights and there was no bar fine to pay as she made an excuse to the bar she was going back to the provinces.

The girls doesnít speak much English and she was keen for her friend to go with her. My friend and already bar fined her the night before and after a quick report I decided what the hey and along she came as well for 7,000 pesos. I am glad I did this as she did all the transport arrangements and basically cooked all my meals, washed and ironed all my clothes, etc. It wasnít long before she was also saving me money on my trip.

As I was staying in City Garden Makati and we had missed the 8am Si Kat departure time we had arranged a taxi through the City Garden hotel to Batangas, 2900 pesos. Way too much (1500 pesos is maximum) so instead we got a taxi to the local bus station and for 109 pesos for three people we got a bus to Batangas (couldnít figure out how this was calculated). Canít remember the cost of the boat direct to Sabang Beach (left at 2.30 p.m.) but it was cheap. Stayed at the Seashore resort for 4 nights for 1000 pesos a night for big room with kitchen.

The nightlife in Sabang beach has been discussed before but I will add my opinion. If you are interested in a place to go purely for the night life then I wouldnít recommended this place, only three go-go bars with an average of 6-7 girls. A few 8ís and if you do want the 1 or 2 two 9ís going about get there early (8.30 p.m.) as they all seemed to get bar fined very early. However, at least the girls on stage put on a bit of a show, more so than in EDSA where all the girls just seem to shuffle their feet. The beer is cheaper than in Manila (circa 60 pesos a bottle) and thereís free popcorn in two of the discoís.

I went to each go-go bar each night and had fun with my two companions each night. The young pretty girl got drunk on 1 glass of wine and was always trying to get on the bar and start stripping, generally wearing no bra or panties. This pi**ed off the bar staff no end as she was getting all the intention from the guys. Plus doing tequila body shots on each other also got a few stares. I was thinking of bar fining a couple of girls but didnít know how this was going to affect the rest of the holiday so I didnít bother. I was having enough fun having threesomes twice a day and they both got into each other just as much.

I never made it to any other places when in Sabang as I was busy scuba diving every day. And that is why you should come to this place, good dive sites with reasonable night life but to come hear purely for the go-go bars I wouldnít recommend, only if you are a Ďcheap-charlieí as some of the girls mentioned. For the record, bar fine is still 500 to 1000 depending on time and girl is standard 1000.

Remember to bring enough cash with you to Sabang as everyone slaps on between 6 and 8% charge for visa and this can get quite expensive after a while. If you desperately need cash, there is a travel agent next to Village disco who can get you cash from visa for 7% surcharge.

My original plan was to get ferry and bus back to Manila, spend the night then fly down to Boracay via Caticlan airport. However, one girl never had any ID so there may have been problems getting her a ticket. Instead we took the cheap option and got jeepney/bus to Roxas and ro-ro ferry across to Caticlan. Prices as best I remember are as follows: Jeepney from Sabany to Puerto Galero 15 pesos each, trike to PG jeepney station 10 peso each. Jeepney to Calapan, 60 peso each (2 hours) and another trike 10 peso each. You need to find the place where there are buses or air con vans to Roxas, we just asked a local. It was 180 pesos each for a 3 hour ride in an air con van. You can also hire a jeepney from Sabang beach to Calapan for 1500 or direct to Roxas for 4000 but that seemed a bit uncomfortable for my liking.

There are ferries I think at 9 and 10 pm from Roxas ferry port to Caticlan but it was recommended we take the 2am ferry as this would get us into Boracay for about 6 (arrived Caticaln 5.30 am). We had arrived about in Roxas 7 pm after leaving PG at 12.40pm. So for 6 hours we sat in a bar called Colt 45 drinking beer at 25 pesos a bottle and red wine at 250 pesos a bottle. There was a kareoke machine and pool tables to keep us amused for that length of time. Ended up playing drinking games based on our scores from the kareoke, good fun but smashed by 1am when we boarded the ferry. Cost of ferry 210 pesos each I think. Total for trip was about 1500 pesos for 3 people compared to 9000 pesos for flight only to Caticlan from Manila. Another 7500 pesos saving and cost of 1 night hotel in Manila.

In Boracay we stayed at the Villa Sunset resort close to boat station 2. Nice room with kitchen and additional attic bedroom for 2000 peso per night, although the prices change dramatically in high season and high-high season starting next month. Boracy was a nice place, great beach of course but the night life was a bit disappointing. I was expecting a place like Koh Samui but it was no where near it. The bars were almost empty and there was only one disco worth going to called Wave. There was a bar close to Cocomangas near boat station 3 which was full of Filipino students and bouncing. I did see a few freelancers in the bars, Summer Place was a popular one, nice bar as well. There was also quite a few lady-boys going about if that floats your boat.

Managed to get air tickets for all 3 of us back to Caticlan with a little hassle by airport security, cost 9000 pesos for 3 one-way tickets. If you are flying outside Philippines directly you need to get a taxi from the Manila domestic airport to the international airport, which is 4km away, cost 45 pesos.

As recommended by Firedick BYO to Boracy and you may be lucky in Sabang. I was looking for a place with great night life, beaches and scuba diving. A found it in this overall package but next trip I plan to go to Cebu direct and take a partner to Bohol and/or Malapascua island.


Lion Killer
10-20-04, 20:17
I found that in Puerto Galera the freelancers were much better than in Angeles City & Boracay can't even be considered. Most freelancers in Puerto Galera hang out at the Big Apple Hotel/Bar. The best floor show is at the newest club called the Broadway. They have a special dancer about every hour that does a 3-4 song melody. There are usually about 2-3 special dancers a night.

Diving in Puerto Galera is probably the best in the Philippines, IMHO, with Boracay being pretty nice and Dumaguette good also. But as far as the combination of night life, scuba diving & freelancers, Puerto Galera wins hands down. Sounds like you had a good trip. Wish to return there soon myself.


10-21-04, 12:16
I was there a couple of weeks ago and will be there again next week. Check out the bar in the Orchid Garden Hotel. The hotel is not much, but there's a band in the bar, which is open until about 2AM and there is some action there from what I could observe. There are also a couple of discos in town, but I did not get a chance to check them out.


Hey Joe (that's all of you),

Been in PI almost a year. 15 different cities/towns, laid in all of 'em. Not the hardest thing to do in this country. Been in Davao the last 4 months, drowning in pussy, best place so far. (Yes IMO even beats Angeles.)

I'm going to Zamboanga for a week. Not going for sex, want to be immersed in the Chabacano language for a while. But after a couple days without my Davao regulars I presume I'll be waking up with a hard-on. (I hate that!)There's a cheap boat from here to there, so why not?

I've read the last 6 mos. posts here on this forum, and the only info is Dragon Slayer's from '95. Hmmm, a lot can change in 9 years.

Can anybody help?

Gracias, and may none of your sacks hold a load for more than 24hrs.

10-28-04, 12:31
This post may be redundant, and if so, I apologize. We just got back from our second trip to Zamboanga in the past month. This time, we stayed at the Hotel Lantaca, which is a lovely, older hotel on the harbor. It'a quite romantic and a really nice setting for those of you who want or need to go there with a lady. There are some nice Chinese Restaurants and an Italian one as well, plus there are a couple of clubs around town.

The women are not nearly as readily available as in the larger cities. After all, this is largely a Muslim place, but it's pretty open and tolerant of alcohol, music and Western dress.

I would not make a special effort to get there. The Philippines has lots of nicer beachs and resorts, but if you do have to go, it's not at all a bad place to be.


10-30-04, 04:48
Thanks for your post GE. My trip has been postponed. I had read that 25% of the place is Muslim. Did it seem like there were more there?

In following the local newspapers in Davao, it seems that the Zambo mayor is a lot more accepting of Americans and a lot less accepting of Muslims, than is Duterte.

Henry R
11-01-04, 03:57
I plan to be in Manila November 1, and to be in Puerto Galera or Boracay for a few days beginning about November 2 or 3. Anyone interested in getting together drop me a line. I most likely will go to Puerto Galera unless I can find someone to travel to Boracay with me.

Henry R
11-02-04, 09:40
I will be in Puerto Galera for a few days beginning November 3 or 4. Drop me a line if you want to get together for a drink. Best way to contact me is at my personal e-mail address of [Email Address deleted by Admin].

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

J Boy
11-05-04, 03:34
Is this the right forum to read for Bagio information? I tried the search function hoping it might work now but... Anyway I don't mind reading back through the posts if I know which forum to look in.

Flying Scotsman
11-13-04, 11:12
Guys, anyone have any up to date info about the Bauang, San Fernando area. Planning to be there in January and would appreciate any help.

Flying Scotsman

Henry R
11-13-04, 14:37
I was in Sabang in early November. There are not that many freelancers in Sabang and the few there are not very attractive. By freelancers I mean girls that do not work for the 4 go go bars in town. Some of the girls who do work at the go go bars will hang around bars and restaurants before or after work, looking for extra money, and many of them are attractive. I heard that Eddie's Place is the main hangout after the Go Go discos close at 2:00 am. But the girls who do not work for the Go Go bars, ie the true freelancers, are mostly very average, can't compete with the other girls, and are desperate for business. Also, I was told by one freelancer recently that the cops are cracking down on freelancers under pressure from the Go Go Bars. She also said that the Big Apple Bar is no longer the main hangout. I myself never noticed more than a few girls at the Big Apple Bar.

Member #3443
11-16-04, 00:23
Any one with good info on Palawan and Puerto Princessa?


12-15-04, 06:27
Did the typhoons hit Boracay, anyone knows?

Will be comming back this Feb and don't want to see ruin


If you still want to know about Princessa, pm me

12-15-04, 13:39
Anyone knows of a place to monger in Cavite or surrounding areas? If anyone has a phnoe number to contact please EMail me. I'll be in Manila next month, and have some business in Cavite, and I am hoping to save travel time by finding fun there.

Thanks for the help!

12-16-04, 20:36
Did the typhoons hit Boracay, anyone knows?

Will be comming back this Feb and don't want to see ruin


If you still want to know about Princessa, pm me

No, typhoons did not hit Boracay.

12-23-04, 23:11
I spend one week in Sabang Beach, near Puerto Galera on Mindoro in November 04. Very good place for diving and 4 go-go bars. I did not spend any night alone. Can be recommended!


12-24-04, 04:38
Hello gents,
I was in Palawan (Puerto Princesa, Sabang, El Nido, Coron, and Taytay) last month for about 3 weeks. There are many girls in the internet cafes eyeing me while in Puerto Princesa, but besides that, not much anywhere else. I took a gal from Angeles with me because the mongering isn't that good there. You will have to work at getting a piece there.

But if you are willing to bring your own piece there, the snorkeling and scuba is the best that I have ever seen in my entire life, especially in El Nido and Busuanga (Coron). The fishing isn't bad either.

02-06-05, 10:06
Spent more than 3 weeks of my first homecoming visit after 33 years of absence, and realized 29 days is not enough! Friends and relatives have treated me for the time of my life. Let the pistures tell the story...

Jack Spratt
02-06-05, 12:53
Cheapskate, I hope she was a friend and not a relative (a close one, at least).


02-08-05, 09:12
After my friends left I have an extra free night so I decided to check out Air Force One, for the first time, in Paranaque. I checked in, picked up a lovely girl and went to the VIP room, which I was told cost P3000 in consumables. After a few drinks and "negotiating" with the lady, we were ready to do the "gimmick", as she termed it. She locked the door but soon afterwards the mamasan knocked and we were told that we can't do it in the room, that it would cost another P3000 for another room. Furious about this, I paid my P3500 bill and walked off and promised not to come back. Any similar experiences? I guess the lesson here is as with any contract, clarify what you are getting into.

02-08-05, 09:55
Cheapskate, I hope she was a friend and not a relative (a close one, at least).


Good point, Jack! Would have sounded better if I said; "A close friend gave me a treat to this young lady" or something like that!

02-13-05, 07:56
Here's part of my idea of paradise... but I had to leave in order to earn more vacation time and money for such vacation. Reality sucks!

Paul D
02-15-05, 18:26
In that you obviously know your way around. When I was in Pagsanjan (1968), I never left the "resort" at the falls, so was not able to meet any of your friends or their relatives, or anyone even closely resembling them. There was a "dance" presentation, ie Tinikling and whatever the one is they do while holding a candle in each hand, but we (sailors) were not even allowed within arm's length of those girls. A wise decision on the part of their chaperone, I'm sure. LOL

Anyway, thanks for the lovely pics.

Keep it up!

02-16-05, 18:20
Does anybody know anything about Ormoc City (Leyte)?

02-17-05, 03:29
Paul D,

I am a U.S. Navy short timer myself, having served from '72 through '75. I guess the idea of having entertained the troops in Pagsanjan (I was part of a local rock band) and mostly US Navy servicemen, must have been the reason for choosing that branch of service.

BTW, there's my old dixie cup in the picture.

'Nuf said.

02-27-05, 12:33
i just came back, wiith my girlfriend, from a diving/beach week-end in batangas, which is about 45 minutes south of tagaytay city. this was my first time in either of these places, but it sure as hell with not be my last. my impressions of the two places are given below:

1. tagaytay city is about 90 minutes (in fairly heavy traffic) south of makati, and it's a nice place with several resorts, enough clubs to be interesting, and some great scenery. there are resorts on both the lip of the taal volcano, overlooking the lake, and on the beach side outside of town, and there are several diving locales. i did not dive there, but i'm told the sites are excellent. this is a great place to go an unwind for a week end, though you will need a car and driver to get there easily. girls are readily available, from what i saw, but it may be better to bring your own from manila as the choice will doubtless be greater.

2. batangas is better still. literally virgin beaches, innumerable small islands, and great coral reef diving, and a depth of 5 to 30 meters. there are two nice diving/[CodeWord118] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord118) resorts with jet skis, diving equipment, kayaks, and the usual stuff, and the places are beautifully maintained. this is a rich area, with alot of filipino movies stars, senators and other glitterati, but it's surprisingly inexpensive.

there's no night life to speak of at all, so you will have to bring your own lady. but the surroundings, the service, and the other forms of recreation available make this well worthwhile.



02-28-05, 15:51

Where did you stay in Batangas? Not planning to do any diving, just rest and chill for 2-3 nights with my girl... Looking for a place with beach, pool and may be a little nite life in the evening.

Thanks for your help.

03-07-05, 12:51

i stayed in the town of anilao, on the southwestern tip of batangas. i was there with a couple that owns a really nice beach house, so i didn't have the need of a hotel. this house however, was sandwiched between two resorts that looked very attractive. one of these is called planet dive, and the other is called ballai. i only saw these places from the water, but they were both well-equipped with dive boats and gear, jet skis, and speed boats. i didn't see anyone water skiing, but i would imagine it's available.

the water around there is fabulous and even if you don't dive, there's amazing coral that can be appreciated with a snorkel, fins and a mask. i'm not sure about the nightlife in the area. the roads pretty much suck, and most of the coastal residents seem to get around by boat, but it's unbeatable for cooling out.


Orgasm Donor
03-12-05, 12:56
Myself and 4 other mates are going to hanging out here for a couple weeks. Any action here? or shall we bring our own from AC?

Please help us out.


Spam Hog
03-27-05, 05:53

Need Info on Casgayan de Oro, a place called cugman, zone five, sounds like a real crap hole, this concerns a ripp off ***** who has been scammin on the I net.



Harvey WB
03-28-05, 08:56
Poro Point, between Bauang and San Fernando is basically all freelancers at night, sitting outside the bars. Never partook, just took a trike through there, trying to get to the old AF Base, I gave up. I'd be careful, wasn't comfortable just passing through.

There's also Stiletto's, a bar associated with a resort, never been there either, but you can do a search on Excite.

A few KM south is Bali Hai, nice resort, great food, but a family type place. I love hanging out there for 3 or 4 days.

Couple of massage parlors, one on National Road, about 5 KM north of Bali Hai, kind of grotty, got a good massage there. Theres supposed to be another on the road to Poro Pt, but didn't try it. Next time maybe, hope it's cleaner than the one I tried.

I think the action there is way less than Manila, Cebu or other places in RP.

Kinky Smart
03-31-05, 00:10
i am living and working here on a 6 month contract. everyone told me that i would come home with a slutty filipino wife, and frankly, i was looking forward to it. i heard stories from friends about manila and cebu, and it sounded like getting free pussy was available, and pros were very easy to find. then i come here and discover that itís not the same deal throughout the country. there are 7000 islands in this nation, not all of them are party towns.

iloilo city is a good sized place, but not on the international map, and there are very few white people here. i see a few old men who smell like retired navy guys. this is probably the hometown of the ***** they married in manila, and now that they are retired, they live like dukes here in the provinces. i have seen only one other white guy, a german, who appeared under 40 years old (i am 33 and single). this town doesnít get tourists, and white people are very alien here.

this means that girls do not approach whites, and probably never kiss one without a wedding date. i work with a lot of filipino girls, and they explain that itís not about attraction. they may think i am cute, but no girl wants to be literally the very first girl in town to have a white boyfriend. that and my contract ends in june, so without a plane ticket for her, they arenít going to date me. as my co-workers say, itís not about me, itís about them finding a boyfriend after i leave, once she has the reputation of dating whites.

i knew shortly after arriving that i would be looking for proís. the short version of what i have found is this:

short time: beach club inn. itís a short time hotel (less than 150pp for 2 hours) with a low end bar/club thing. there are a few girls singing karaoke, and you can take your pick. naked bbbj, cum on tits, with some feeling up, etc. available for 1000pp, about an hour. i picked pearl, which is the name tattooed on her tit. great body, lame tattoo. i had a good experience, but do not go alone. i highly recommend you have a local friend/guide to go with you. this is a less than savory neighborhood, and a local guy will keep the prices reasonable. i felt totally safe with my guide, but wouldnít go alone.

actual cathouse: this is a normal house in a residential area, nothing to clue you in that itís a brothel. we went in and the madame rung down the sleepy girls (2am), and there were about 10 to choose from. not like thailand, they come down in normal street clothes. i got the madameís number (her card is for avon products), but we didnít pick any of the girls my one time there. maybe the selection is better earlier, but the best was maybe a 7, and they looked tired. if you want her number, i can send it to you. i think the girls are outcall only, and the madame is a total professional.

strip clubs: this is my primary hunting ground. camp jefferson is well known, but they mama wanted a 4000pp barfine to take the girl home. ha! if you can wait, find a girl there who will see you when sheís off duty, get her number, and set up a visit. a scummier but friendlier club is called, wheels fargo. yeah, i know Ė great name. again in a skuzzy neighborhood, but not as bad as the beach club. itís well lit, at least. this club has an on-premises massage clinic, i love that. never taken the massage, as i get a girl at my table, buy her some over priced drinks, and make an arrangement to have her come to my hotel the next day. all the strippers are from other places, so they will be seen with you in public, should you want that. these girls are pretty happy with what i offer (1000pp for basic short time, and an extra 500 if i get to take some pictures), but since i donít know what anyone else pays, i donít know if i am over, under, or what. for me, itís good ass for less than $20us, and i am happy to tip big for pictures.

i work at night, so my mornings are when i like to get some action. i get off work at 10 am, have the girl come over at 11, and send her home around 1 or 2 so i can get some sleep. this is a great arrangement for strippers, since they work nights, too.

hints: first, make sure she likes whites, or foreigners, or whatever you are. there was a smoking hot piece of grade a ass at the wf club, and her panties didnít come off for me, but she put out to my ***** pal, a local man. racist stripper. so make sure sheís into you. if not, ask her for a recommendation. most girls i found can at least passably communicate in english, but talk slow.

next, be clear up front if you want your dick sucked. most girls do it, but not all. make it clear what you want, and know that you will get it, and what it costs.

local pussy is hairy, so be cool with that.

finally, i havenít found a provider willing to do anal for any price, but the pussy here is so ridiculously tight that even an ass-hungry monster like me is satisfied with the grip levels found so far.

last point: strippers have to be 18 to dance in this country, but i learned from my stripper that some girls are ****. they are trained to say 18, and stick to the story, but if you are in doubt, ask another stripper. they can be catty, and most girls will tell you the competition's secrets (sheís ****, or, that girl has a kid, etc.) my girl pointed out one on stage who was 15, and while most asian girls look young, you know when they look just a little too young.

i donít know exactly what the local lawís position on the white american fucking a 16 year old stripper, and i donít want to know. i figure a best case scenario is a heavy bribe, and the worst case is way beyond anything i want to imagine. 19 year old pussy is a+ grade and so tight you wonít be sure if you can get it out again.

if anyone is coming to town between now and june, drop me a line. good luck. this is a nice place, food is cheap and good, and the nearby island has some cool sea caves to explore.


ps - one of my regular stripper friends is posted in the photo section.

04-03-05, 02:05
Anyone ever been to the beaches at Camiguin, and if so, how da hell ya get there and where do you stay?

I saw a photo and the thought of a weekend there with a hot babe could be fun.

Anyone? Anyone?


Spam Hog
04-11-05, 05:13
I've been to Camiguin several times, It is fantastic, go climb the volcano, check out diappaering white island etc, the hot springs and the inland lagoon where you can scoop fish and crabs to have them served custom cooked.

You will find people there are the nicest and friendliest in all the Phils IMHO.

Places to stay are mostly run by "foreigners" who live there with Filip wives, there is a resort run by a german guy I stayed at, can't remember the name, just keep going around the island till you find one that is open. I suggest you bring your own booty BYOB as while there are many lovely little creatures on the island they seem shy, no night life or anything either for the pros


04-15-05, 23:40
I spent three days this week in this area, and it was a first time experience for me. Cagayan de Oro is about 4.5 hours by car from Davao, and about another hour by bus, while "The Islamaic City of Marawi" is about two hours further, from Cagayan de Oro. Marawi is the only city in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, and for that reason alone is fairly interesting.

Cagayan is a city of almost 1 million, not particularly atrtractive to look at, but it's got a pleasant climate, decent hotels, a reasonable choice of restaurants, and about 7 GRO-type strip/strumpet bars. I did not sample, but there's plenty of action there if you want it.

Marawi is a truly Muslim city, and most of the women wear hadscarves. I even saw a couple who were covered head to toe in black, which I've not seen before here in the Philippines. The city's climate is terrific, as the place is nestled in the mountains, the air is dry and a little cool. There is however, zero in the way of nightlife as far as I could see. I stayed in Cagayan so I cannot swear about the absence of night life in Marawi.

As I think I one said about Zamboanga, Cagayan is not any place that you would make a special effort to visit. However, if you have to go there, it's okay for a couple of days.



Fred C Dobbs
04-16-05, 06:21
Hello again Goodenough,

We have spoken before on the other forum. Could you elaborate more on the climates in Cagayan and Marawi? I take it Marawi was cooler? What were the daytime and night time temperatures? Any info on yearly rainfall? Could you describe the restaurants too?

I am planning on visiting Davao and Cebu in August and hope to buy you a beer.

04-17-05, 01:22
Hi Fred:

I look forward to your trip. We can argue about who buys the beers once you get here. The temperature in Marawi was, I would estimate, about C 20-22 during the day. I was not there in the evening. In CDO it was about C25 during the day and about C21-22 in the evening. Quite pleasant. In CDO, I went to the Dynasty Restaurant which is a large Chinese place. I'm told it has the best Chinese food available in the town, and it was distinctly mediocre at best, but the staff was pleasant. There's also a range of Tex/Mex places though I forget the names,and there are at least two steakhouses. Remember, I was working and really did not get to tour the place. I have no idea what the annual rainfall is in either place. All I can tell you is that it did not rain in either place while I was there.

Getting to CDO from Davao is quite simple, and there are comfortable, air conditioned buses that depart on a regular schedule. I'm told the trip by bus takes 5.5-6 hours. I assume there's regular transportation available between CDO and Iligan and between Iligan and Marawi.



Fred C Dobbs
04-17-05, 02:31
Thanks Goodenough.

Cool weather, Tex-Mex food, and in the Philippines. Sounds like a place I would want to be. I will have to find time to check it out.

Spam Hog
04-17-05, 07:00

I've been to CDO a few times, I've gone from Davao to CDO on Bus and as GE says it is about six hours, it is a bit of an adventure too, lots of local color. Interesting stops with Lumads (natives) selling crafts, food and a few dressed in native costume in the Bukidnon region. CDO has an overnight Ferry to Cebu, interesting trip. However a word of caution, you should avoid Marawi, it is the home to a very hostile group of the MILF chapter and the venue of a particularly militant Imam who thinks all westerners are American CIA.

As far as CDO, it is a small town and people are very friendly, no problem at all, a few European style resturaunts and a swiss coffee shop that has a number of upscale Filipino Yuppies with a few ladies who might even give you the hot eye. They have a Gaisano mall too, small but servicaible. There are a few small seaside resorts on the North west portion of the city.

Temprature wise its as hot as the rest of the Phils, however, as it is close to the gulf you get some breeze off the water.

They even have a website www.Cagayan-de-oro-city.com


The Spamhog

04-18-05, 13:50
What the Spam Hog says about Marawi is true, now that I think about it, and I'm sorry to have given another impression. I was in the company of a Company of Philippine Marines, and so I did not think worry much about security. But it's true that we went through at least three and maybe four military checkpoints between Iligan and Marawi. There is nothing of sufficient interest there to warrant the risks.


04-18-05, 16:12
SEAir (South East Asian Airlines) has flights between CDO and Davao a couple of days a week. Their most recent timetable on the website says Monday and Wednesday. I've flown these myself a couple of times. They are propeller planes so if you're worried about that it might be better to take the bus. But it does save quite a few hours if you can fly it.

Cagayan is a university town, so at some times of year you'll find girls 'in need.' They'll be looking for ways to get their tuition fees and you, the monger, may be just what they're looking for.

Your best bet will be girls who are from out of town and away from their families. They're a bit easier to separate from their conservatism.

Like most towns of this size in the Philippines I never cared much for the pro scene. Either try to find regular girls or better yet do some chatting on the internet to set something up in advance.

04-25-05, 23:51
I have a friend who is moving down to Ozamis. I am concerned bout how safe westerners are there. The State department says to avoid Mindanao, but it seems like there is little risk in Northern places like CDO and Butuan or a place like Davao which has a lot of westerners. But Ozamis looks a bit to risky as I view it non the map. My friend says it is safe, but she has never been there either and her new job will not let her out of town for more than a few days to meet me somewhere else.

Any one been there before? Is it safe? Is there fun stuff to see and do durning the day?



Spam Hog
04-27-05, 04:10
I have been up to Illigan City, that is west of CDO up the Peninsula, no problems up there, not much to do, visit the falls and a few "beach resorts" that are nothing more than a collection of huts on the water, CDO City is a little more lively, Butwan is further east, I suggest you take in Camiguin Island if in the CDO region, best place in the PI far as I am concerned, plenty to do, hike a volcano, hot springs, diving fishing, a few resorts run by foreigners with Phils wives, freindliest people in the world.

Avoid going into areas in Misamis like Marawi, Lanao, thjose are Muslim areas and you will be scrutinized by MILF militiamen, in some places if a white guy doesn't have a pass or isn't escorted by regular Phil army, guess what?

you get to talk to the commander & convince him you are not CIA.

Also See my PM reply to yours


Member #1453
05-01-05, 03:49
I have an opportunity to visit Naga... Anybody with info about local action? Will particularly appreciate any local contact info for a university student that I may be able to help in material way <smile>. Post reply or pm please. I will be willing to give Manila contact in exchange.

Teddy Bear 99
05-04-05, 07:58
there isn't much local action here. you will need to bring a girl with you. if you goto a local karoake bar, bring a filipino with you or they will try to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) you with high price drinks and ladies drinks

05-04-05, 23:29
Anyone ever been to Maluso on Basilan? Safe? Unsafe? I've been to Zamboanga and while I didn't feel threatened, I did feel 'watched'...

05-05-05, 00:08
We do alot of projects in Basilan, and we often have people there, but I would not advise going there over night. There is still substantial rebel activity on the island, and since the various factions move around alot, they could be anywhere in Basilan at any time.

05-28-05, 22:41
I will shortly be coming to Manila and staying in the Alabang area. Is there any place nearby, where I can get some action and or sensual massage. Will apreaciate any information.

X Man
06-01-05, 17:03
This is the kind of place you would be better off to bring a girl. The most obvious working women are a bit long of teeth.

Boracay is beautiful, but a bit commercialized. You can't take a bicture of the beach without getting one or two boats in the picture.

Lots of eye candy and many opportunities if you have the time and patience to do things the ...normal way.

Here is a picture I took of regular women out for a swim. I must have been focused on the bikinis. After looking at the picture they don't look nearly as good as I remember. In fact, looking at their mouths....you would guess they are all related in some way or another.

X Man
06-02-05, 07:06

While in Boracay I stayed at:

Dave's straw hat. Nice place but the curtains were so thin I don't think you can do the deed with the lights on. Newly built with Internet access. Has air con, but I used the fan.

I also stayed at Melinda's. Wow, this is a real Filipino experience. Bamboo shacks and even a bamboo bed. You should stay here one night just for the experience. I wish I had some pictures of the interior. No air con, but the ceiling fan is all you need. This is where the fish picture was taken.

I think I paid around 2000 pesos for each place. From boat station 3 (the first stop) you would go to the right on the beach. I've attached a picture of the signs.

The ladies in the picture were strolling down the beach. I don't know them and certainly didn't get their bikinis off. Unfortunately.

I rented a moutain bike around boat station 3 and got around that way.

CH Lover
07-06-05, 10:37
Hi everyone,

Has anyone been there, lately? I would appreciate some hints for my trip. I plan to visit there for 4 to 6 weeks coming November:

- What's the best place to stay, maybe with weekly rates.

- I am also looking for the telephone number of AAA-Apartments. If someone knows it, I would deeply appreciate a notice, maybe PM.

- To find a lady friend for my stay: Is it best to use one of the bar or make an arrangement with a freelancer? If bar girl, do mamasans make special BFs if you take them for more than one day?

- If I would take an appartment with no safety box on premises: Is there - maybe - a central place in Sabang which I could use for depositing my valuables?

- Maybe, is anyone reading this there in November/December, too.

- Any hints on other acitivities on Puerto Galera/Sabang are also welcome.

- I know, I'm kind of a newbe, but would appreciate any info and help.

Wish you all a good day!

07-07-05, 12:35
I just got back from my second trip to Cagayan de Oro, which is about 320 kms. from Davao. It takes about 5 hours to get there by car. Longer by bus. If you chose to fly, there are no direct flights, but you can connect through Cebu. I think that the last time I wrote about this place, I suggested that while it was okay, there was nothing special about it. I think I may have been wrong.

First of all, it's a city of about 1 million people, and it's got all of the attributes of a reasonably large city. There are loads of clubs, restaurants, stores, malls, and movie theaters. In short, there's plenty to keep you busy. There also appear to be some fairly nice resorts on the edges of town, though I did not visit any of them.

The clubs are fairly routine, but the girls do strip completely, and there are some seriously good looking women. Bar fines are high, and range from PhP3,000-3,500 which includes full service for as long as you like. All of the girls however, I'm told, will make an arrangement to meet you later, so it's apparently pretty easy to avoid the bar fines. Three of the clubs: Bada Bing, On Tic, and Home Court are on the same block, and it's easy to walk from one to the other. There's little or no pressure in the bar to buy drinks or to buy ladies drinks which are PhP250. In short, the atmosphere is pretty relaxed, fairly friendly, and it's easy to have a good time. There are very, very few expats, so you will attract some attention if you go, but no hostility.

Best of all perhaps, CDO is a very safe city. There has been no violence there in years, and you can walk the streets in without fear. Taxis (metered) are abundant, and I did notice a smattering of street walkers. I'm told that the best club is Pyramid, which I did not see. It's somewhat outside of the city. There's another called Cora's which I noticed in passing, and numerous other KTVs around the town.

The best hotel is the Dynasty. Unfortunately, I did not stay there, but in the VIP, which is the oldest hotel in town. It's clean, but it looks its age. You can negotiate a rate of about PhP1,,500 in either place.

For those of you looking for the mildly exotic, away from any press of tourism at all, this could be a good place to check out.



07-24-05, 02:39
I've been invited up to Baguio City in the north. It sounds great, mountains, pine trees. But what about pussy?

Cebu Local
07-24-05, 03:37
I've been invited up to Baguio City in the north. It sounds great, mountains, pine trees. But what about pussy?Common Sense,Its a university town with over 40,000-50,000 Students.They need money for tuition,books etc.1T to 2T pesos ,Hunt along Nevada square,Session road.Have fun

Spam Hog
07-28-05, 06:28
Any body heard of this place up in Baguio supposed to be hot.



08-01-05, 12:57
I've been here 3 days now and I've spent almost the whole time with my girl here that I've known for a year. I have tried to keep my mongering eyes open even though I'm not free to hunt myself.

We went to the Xcite live band bar across the street from Dynasty Court Hotel. Even though we were pretty early there were still a couple of tables of office girl types. They looked approachable enough and I would like to have tried. This place usually has pretty good bands so it's good to hang out even if you don't connect with anyone.

Cagayan is a college town so the malls and the streets are a parade of eye candy. I consider this place like a smaller version of Davao. There are lots of possibilities to chat up a girl from here on the internet and then have her ready and waiting for you when you arrive. For example, the girl I'm with now met me last year after just one exchange of e-mails. You may also find someone after you arrive but that will usually take time and a good approach.

The bar girl scene exists in a way but it's really just a last resort. The prices are higher and the quality is lower than in Angeles, Manila, etc. Also, it's mainly a scene for local guys.

I'm staying in the Pryce Plaza Hotel. Depending on the season and how busy they are you can pay anywhere from 2000 to 4000 for a room with a great view of the town and beyond. I find a good view helps a girl to get horny. Unfortunately this place, like so many others in this country, suffers from neglect and is falling apart one shower head at a time. Dynasty Court is good and centrally located though it doesn't have a pool or a gym. I stayed at Country Village Hotel the first night because the Pryce was full. But it's also falling apart and the shower didn't really work. It's also not a good location.

Sad to say the Davao-Cagayan flight I used the last 2 years seems to be out of service for now. Asian Spirit still has flights to Cebu for 2200. There are lots of flights to Manila for about 3500 or so, less if you catch a good promo.

I'll try to find out more places for good hunting before I go.

08-03-05, 08:10
Here are some places where hunting may be done. Sorry I didn't get to try anything out for myself because I was mostly well cared for by my local chat girl. But these are places that looked promising or where I got lots of eye contact from the eye candy.

I spent a couple of weeknights around a cluster of shops called 'The Site.'
The name would seem to be a ripoff of The Venue in Davao, but really there is no comparison. Most of the places here are coffee shops and restaurants. There's just one live band place upstairs. On the weeknights it was an acoustic band doing mellow stuff like Norah Jones tunes. I didn't see any girls to hit on either of these nights. But it might get going over the weekend. Also, I hear they have parking lot parties here sometimes.

Xcite bar, which I mentioned in the last post, was closed on Sunday and Monday.

Divisoria Street: This is the boulevard like strip in the middle of town that has a lot of fast food joints. On weekend nights the traffic is blocked off and it becomes a huge block party with lots of food stands and what not.

Home Court Bar: This is one of the strip bars mentioned by GE a while back. I went in here one night after I sent my girl home, and had a talk with the mama san. It's really not a very appealing scene, with about 30 guys ogling only one dancer at a time. A FEW of the dancers are seriously good looking, others are fairly repulsive. The mama san said that 185 pesos gets you 30 minutes to talk to one of the dancers (like a Japanese hostess bar, but cheaper). You can also get a private room for 1500 pesos, which includes lots of drinks. There you can negotiate with the girl for whatever action you want. When they aren't dancing, the girls are waiting in a fish bowl in the back where you can check them out and choose. Finally, you can bar fine for 3000, take the girl home and negotiate for her cut. This is the only bar of this kind that I visited, but I have a feeling the others will be something similar. So you can see it's not worth a special visit to Cagayan for any bargirl scene.

I also saw a few street walkers around, some of them not entirely awful looking.

Good Italian restaurant: Go straight out the door from Dynasty Court, cross the street, keep going straight for about 100 feet. It's run by an expat Italian.

Stuff to do when you're not......There's white water rafting for 1200 per person. Besides that there is the usualy mall and movie stuff. The beaches are just outside of town with some of that dark sand.

So to sum up Cagayan, it's a great place for a GFE with a girl that you've been chatting with for some time, or with a girl that you meet here and court for a day or two. If you are really stuck and needy then the bargirl stuff exists for a higher price and lower quality than more well-known locales.

Taxis from the airport to town are about 120 or so. From Pryce Plaza to town about 50.

I haven't experienced or heard of a hotel that's not guest friendly. The Pryce Plaza is, well, prycey and not so central. But I like being away from all the damn traffic noise and diesel fumes. And I like having a gym and a pool.

08-04-05, 02:35
I just returned from a couple of days in the wilds of Zamboanga, and saw Mahku's post regarding CDO. I wish he had had the chance to check out the club called Badda Bing, and the one directly across the street, and had written his impression of those as well. I think the perceptions might have been slightly different, though maybe not.

As I've said before, there's no reason for anyone to go to Zamboanga as an end destination. However, if you're stuck there, it's not altogether a bad place. There are lots of small KTVs, none of which is worth the effort, but there are two clubs: Kiss Me and Love Disco, which are not too bad. These are not up market venues, and nowhere near the standards you would find in Manila, but they are friendly, they do feature strip teases and there are lots of women if you're looking for a quick good time. You will probably be the only expat in any of these places as Zamboanga does not attract many foreigners.

There are only three hotels in which it's reasonably safe for foreigners to stay: the Sky Park, which is small and in the center of town, and where I usually stay. The Lantaca, which is an old colonial-style place out by the sea, and the Royal Orchid, which is near the airport. There's nothing at all happening in these hotels, but the staffs are pleasant, the rooms are clean, if not luxurious, and the security is good.

There are few if any taxis cruising the streets in Zamboanga, but you can get one sent to your hotel, and can keep the taxi for about PhP150 an hour. This is definitely the way to go. Otherwise you will be stuck at some horrible hour, riding a tricycle back to your hotel, which is both slow, uncomfortable, and makes you potentially vulnerable.



08-05-05, 14:00
I should be in Zamboanga Sunday. What are the chances of getting my head chopped off? Also, we have been invited to sail Sulu. Now, the locals tell me this is suicide, ok for the, but for a white hunk like me, chop chop time. True?

08-05-05, 14:43

WTF are you doing in head chopping country? Get back on the boat! "Never live the fucking boat, never.."!


Cebu Local
08-05-05, 23:15
I should be in Zamboanga Sunday. What are the chances of getting my head chopped off? Also, we have been invited to sail Sulu. Now, the locals tell me this is suicide, ok for the, but for a white hunk like me, chop chop time. True?
Unless you have security and lots of it,This is suicide ,I visited Tawi Tawi before as the guest of the Governor,He assigned 12 bodyguards all packing M-16 so,I was fine,but alone.......

08-06-05, 00:56
I go to both Sulu and Tawi-Tawi because I have to go there, and I'm never without armed guards. Going there without security is risky. You would probably be okay, but you would stand out immediately, and word would get around that there's a white guy in town. It's a silly risk to take since, aside from the natural scenery, which is quite beautiful, there's nothing much to see or do. Jolo is not much of a town amd it's about the best you can find in Sulu, and the hotels suck.

I would advise, unless you want to go just to say you've been there, to stay away.


Cebu Local
08-06-05, 03:06
If you ever run into Governor Matba of Tawi Tawi,tell him that the Hotel owner from Cebu does not think,Tawi Tawi will ever be viable for a dive resort,not as long as you need gunboats to go out with every diveboat.I agree beautiful scenery But.....Cheers CL

08-06-05, 12:03
I am on a mission from God. And I got off the fucking boat a long time ago. Split from the whiole fucking program. Zamboanga and environs is ok but the islands seem to dicy and not for the reasons you think.

08-07-05, 16:38

Yep, you split from the program and I'm glad you did. Just don't get off the fucking boat in the wrong places...

Tawi sounds like a great place to develop "trigger happy tours" concept for that guy who loves to play paint ball except this time with real bullets. Can't beat that. Real Bullets Vacations. A simple liability waiver form will do. Please sign here and go have some fun...:D


08-08-05, 14:23
I need to go there in a couple of weeks, and I'm not looking forward to it at all. Domino, you can have my spot on the plane if you want it.I'll just stay in Zamboanga and hang out at Kiss Me.Things are a might tense in Mindanao at the moment due to the elections today in parts of Muslim Mindanao. So far, there have been no problems, but there is an undercurrent of tension that's palpable.

Davao of course, remains calm, and there's no tension here at all.


08-09-05, 13:55
GE: I would be delighted to take your seat on the plane and I would even buy you a skank or a beer in return. Sailing is dangerous as those fuckers can outpace us and outgun us of course. But flying in seems a laugh. Count me in. And just give me some hardware. The rest doesn't matter.Anyway Muslims like me:) And so do theit women. Maybe I can convert them after I bonk them. Maybe not.
Right now, we are doing sporadic raids on Mindanao ports, well away from our Muslim autonomous friends. Most places have quasi rlds, Davao being the exception where they are everywhere. Our MO is to hang out with the homeless, discuss MacArther, the gallant Japanese forces and bonk them. Prices are rock bottom and before anyone says boo, I am giving away more money than I am spending on bonking. It pisses me off, hurts my sensibilities to tal;k to a 40 year old, 6 months pregant with her 7th, by here 2nd husband, aged 27, homeless and broke,

Titi Tigas
08-10-05, 23:18
I am considering either El Nido Lagen or Club Noah Isabelle. What do people recommend?

Also, my GF will be with me, but, just in case, does anyone know if the massage either place is full service?

08-10-05, 23:39
I have not stayed at Club Noah, but I can recommend El Nido Lagen as a nice resort, with good food, nice rooms and a lot of possibilities for diving, kanooing, snorkling etc.
There are normally 2 or 3 massage ladies working there, covering both Lagen and the sister-resort Miniloc (much older resort). The ladies work on a schedule, some weeks at the resort, some weeks in Manila. They are working for the same company that have the massage ladies at Shangri-La in Manila.
About sextra-service; some girls offer handjob for Php 1000, but not all. Last time there, I had a fresh (inexperienced) lady, but good massage, and she turned down my suggestion to make some extra pesos. :( I stayed only 3 nights, so I survived until I returned to Manila :)

I am considering either El Nido Lagen or Club Noah Isabelle. What do people recommend?

Also, my GF will be with me, but, just in case, does anyone know if the massage either place is full service?

Cebu Local
08-11-05, 02:07
I need to go there in a couple of weeks, and I'm not looking forward to it at all. Domino, you can have my spot on the plane if you want it.I'll just stay in Zamboanga and hang out at Kiss Me.Things are a might tense in Mindanao at the moment due to the elections today in parts of Muslim Mindanao. So far, there have been no problems, but there is an undercurrent of tension that's palpable.

Davao of course, remains calm, and there's no tension here at all.

I trust the two bombs that just went off in Zamboanga will change your perspective on this"peaceful"City.Best regards and take care CL

08-11-05, 06:26
I trust the two bombs that just went off in Zamboanga will change your perspective on this"peaceful"City.Best regards and take care CL

They were only little love bombs so it is just bad luck if you get caught inthe friendly or unfriendly fire. This place is a fucking joke. Security giards with their cheap guns.shotguns are everywhere and are paid minimum wage for risking their sorry asses when what is needed is highly paid and trained tactical armed seek and destroy response units. Even peaceful towns are the same. The money paid paying all those guys n gals buttons would pay for a well equipped bunch of Teflon ass kickers. Qui bono?

Now doubling up on the skanks for double the fun. I have two young beauties, both 22, one with two kids, the other with none. They sleep about 3-4 hours a week and sex wise want nothing btter than to sleep. This is one seriously fucked up country and I would love to know who is keeping it fucked up. My gf gave me a present of condoms she bought last night before leaving: to show she is not fucking around. (ha ha). Here are some phrases:

mahal kita
gihigogma ka ikaw

Domino (he belnds in sedamlessly).
Hey: has that Muarice guy any sisters or should I ask that on the Davao board.

08-11-05, 10:58
Oh big deal. These were two little bombs and they did not kill anyone. Anyhow, if mongering in exotic places was a safe hobby then everyone could do it. I'm going back to Zamboanga next week, and I'm going to stay at the Sky Park, which is about 150 meters from where one of the bombs went off. If anyone would like to join me, please feel welcome.

I just got back from my first trip to General Santos City, which is about a 3 hour drive south from Davao. It's not a bad place. Nice restaurants, adequate hotels, clean, and enough interesting places at night that you will not get bored. Also, the diving is supposed to be excellent, but I did not get a chance to check that out. Maybe next week.

Sounds to me like Mr. Domino is having an excellent time, and has developed exactly the right perspective. Yes. This is one seriously fucked-up and fucked-over place and yes, it defies understanding. However, if you accept that as the initial premise and then just relax and enjoy what it has to offer, it can be serious fun as well.

In vino veritas.


Cebu Local
08-11-05, 13:07
I do not mean to say that you should bail because of 2 bombs,But for the novice,These are not the places to monger.True Nobody died,but of the 35 wounded people,some of them will be in hospital for months.I am no coward,but have always felt that novice mongers can err on the side of caution until they get the lay of the land.Remember the American Pastor who got killed by the Davao Airport bombing about 2-3years back.He was a good friend of one of my closest friends.Another friend of mine Buddy Recio was one of those kidnapped with the Burnhams and Sembrano at Dos Palmos by the Abu s.He was about 25 meters away when Sembrano the US hostage was beheaded.I respect your experience But I hope you dont mind me putting warnings for the novices.Recently I exchanged PM s warning off a guy from wandering around the CCP complex late night in Pasay City picking up women.About a month ago two caucasians were found dead after being robbed in the reclamation area.Sort of warning about a danger,but feel free to follow your instincts.I hope you understand what I was trying to do Cheers

08-11-05, 14:40

Of course you are correct. I was merely speaking with tongue in cheek and I guess I instead put my foot in my mouth. I'm sorry if I gave the impression of taking this lightly. There's an element of risk in the Philippines. There's an enhanced element of risk in Mindanao. These facts are beyond dispute. For these reasons, it's always best to know the area, or to travel with someone who does. The second choice is to be as prudent as possible in your selection of cities and venues.

This is not the place for the naive or even for the gullible.



08-27-05, 07:08
I just got back from another two night trip to Cagayan de Oro (CDO), and each time I go, I like the place better. It's large enough to have everything, including bars and clubs and decent restaurants, but not nearly as crowded as Davao. The streets are clean and attractive, and the town is very safe.

I stayed at the Dynasty, with a deluxe room for P1,600. It was hardly spectacular, but it was clean and comfortable, and it had air conditioning and cable TV. The bar of choice remains Bada Bing, which has 20 or 25 really pretty ladies who start dancing semi-nude and get down to skin and shoes quickly. The barfine is steep at P3,500, which inlcudes the girl's time and the mama sans are a bit of a pain in the ass. The girls are happy to meet you after the 2 AM closing if you want to avoid the fine. I'm told that the Pyramid Bar has more girls than Bada Bing, but I never went there. There are also lots of smaller KTV/Disco bars all over town and women on the street.

It takes about 4 hours to get to CDO from Davao, by car and about 5 hours by air conditioned bus. There are no flights from Davao, but there are from Cebu and Manila.


Spam Hog
08-27-05, 07:13
Still looking for any info on Baguio the city of the pines, with all the cool weather, a few colleges s and lots of foreigners it should be a good place for "the Hunt", I hear the hottest club around is a place called club zeus, info anybody?



Cebu Local
08-27-05, 09:34
Still looking for any info on Baguio the city of the pines, with all the cool weather, a few colleges s and lots of foreigners it should be a good place for "the Hunt", I hear the hottest club around is a place called club zeus, info anybody?


You can also hunt around the bars of Nevada Square,

08-29-05, 07:04
There is a village, small town north of Quezon city I was invitied to by a local some 15 yers ago. The bars there was excellent, better than -at that time- Ermita. Young and very beautiful ladies.

Anyone has an update about todays situation there?