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05-18-02, 06:28
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04-15-03, 05:15
OK. I know someone asked about Chong-ju a while back. There is a pretty big red-light area in Chong-ju, the last time I looked. Directions:
Go downtown to the main shopping street.
The main shopping street and another main road, heading upt to Chong-buk University, form a t-section. If you are at the main department store facing the mountain, the t-section is to the left.

Walking, go past the t-section for a few hundred meters (walking toward Chong-ju University)

There will be a gas station on the left, which itself is on the corner of the main street and a smaller ave. At night you can just walk into this gas station;behind the station is the red light street runnning parallel to the main shopping drag, one block up.

Coming from Chungbuk Uni, go past the bus station (on the right) a few blocks, but stop before the t-section. Cross the street (may be an underground passage), and take a left down any of the small alley ways--if you see a convenience store (LG 25?), go down that alleyway. Eventually you'll see the adjumas walking a round.

07-10-03, 03:13
Oh yeah, forgot about this place. From the bus station go left (the t-section I mentioned in the previous report is to the right). You will cross a bridge over a stream bed and go up a hill. You will then go past a tall building (department store) at the top of the hill and come to Sa-chong Sa-go-ri or "Sachong 4-way stop". Take a left and go about 100 meters and take another left--there should be some adjummas standing outside some old buildings after dark on a narrow street.

07-11-03, 18:04
I'm not exactly sure if this room is for Cheongju or Jeonju, but I'll go ahead and post for Jeonju.

I've been in Jeonju for about 3 months and have found about 4 rld's. However, 3 of them are very small and hard to find. The largest one is near the city hall and is pretty hard to miss. To get there you can take a taxi and ask for si-jung/si-jeong which means city hall. Or you can just follow the road signs to city hall yourself.

If you are coming from the express bus terminal (round building) - find the river. The express bus terminal is on the corner. Follow the river, keeping it on your right side. Pretty soon the road will turn away from the river to the left and head into town. You will also pass by the inter-city bus terminal.

Once you pass the inter-city terminal you will see a mini-stop convenience store. Go one more block and you will find yourself at a major intersection. 5 different roads meet here, so it can be a little confusing. Behind you is the road back to the bus station, in front of you is another road, to the left is Chonbuk university, to the right there are 2 roads. Take the right turn that is farthest from the bus terminal road. There should be a sign that says "City Hall."

From there go about half a mile or so, and before you get to city hall, it will be on your left. If you take a taxi to city hall, you might end up on the other side where the grassy park is or the 7-11. Walk around the building and look for the purple and pink neon lights across the street. You can see the lights from city hall if you are on the main street.

There's not too many foreigners in Jeonju so some of the girls won't even give you a second look, let alone talk to you. But if you walk by and just say hello, you'll find someone will answer you back. Then you're in...

The area is a couple blocks long and one block wide, so you shouldn't have a problem finding a place. I've never had any problems getting a girl there. Each place has 2-5 girls working.

I've been there with a korean friend and found that he was quoted the same price as me when i was alone - 60,000. Since then, i've been back a couple times and the price is always the same.

As for the girls... Well sometimes it's hit or miss... I've been with some real knockouts there and i've ended up on the lower end too. But overall, it's been a pretty positive experience and I'd recommend it.

The service is pretty good and they don't seem to rush you as much as they do in Seoul or some of the other big cities. Short-time was about 30 minutes, whereas in Seoul or Daegu they only give you about 15 - at least that was my experience.

Anyways, hopefully if you ever get down to this area you can use these directions and advice. The other places I'll get back to you later about.

07-21-03, 05:16
I once talked to a guy I worked with in Choeng-ju, and despite the fact he was in his 40s, he had numerous girls hanging all over him.

07-22-03, 14:18
Not much new to report, but was curious to any trends. Finally stopped at one of my favorite BSs and was told that busy had been slow. Don’t know if this is because of the economic downturn or what.

Also, since the E-visas are drying up, does this mean the supply is drying up? Anyone apply simple supply and demand curves to all of this?

Good to see there still are some girls who will swallow. One BS gal didn’t miss a beat, which is just the opposite of the one woman who must have washed her mouth out 20 times after taking a load. They could at least be quieter about gagging on it.

Teddy Johnwa
08-11-04, 09:47
If you happen to be in Kyongju (Gyongju, Gyoengju or whatever) I can tell you can have fun there.

Take a Taxi and reach Kyongju main station. Taxi driver will probably deliver you near the clock tower, just in front of the station main gates.

The red lights district is located about 100 meter from where you are. To spot where it is, simply consider that the station is located at a T shaped crossroad. If you are in front of the station gates facing the main road the district is on your left. Just crossing the road and taking the first left will get you there.

You will see many shops in which the girls are in the windows, just like Amsterdam or so.

Going around in the red-light district near the station, I saw about 20 of these windows with up to 3-4 girls. I would say that 50% were rather beautiful girls, and lets say 10% of them better than any I ever come across. Some girls are really fantastic; prices are relatively cheap so go for it.

Its about 70.000-80.000 wan, but I guess you can negotiate that.

I was with a fantastic chick, and I paid 70.000. She was so cute and so good and skilledc it was a great experience, if I didnft know her job I would even fall in love with her.

She will take you in a small and cozy room; you will have a shower (by yourself, you are meant to clean and perfume yourself here). Then you will have the classic suck and fuck procedure, about 30' in total. However, everything was very enjoyable. At the end she will offer you a soft drink out of the refrigerator in the room. I had even the feeling that she was living there, since TV, refrigerator and other stuff was there.

I went back to the same girl another day and the price and procedure was the samec. but she was more friendly and lovely the second time.

I searched for other red light districts in Kyong-ju, I read about one behind the City hall, but walking around that I could not find anything interesting. Also I read about a red district down to the university area, near the bus center, but I could not find anything there. I was in Kyong-ju for several days, but never found other than the one near the station.

In Korea, stay away from Karaoke places that seem to offer girls or other special services. They are very expensive, I was asked up to 200.000 won and I just walked away. Seeing the girls there and the atmosphere in general, I thought it was worth it.

Also, in some cases the Bar owner plays on the fact that you canft understand well Korean, they make you think you can have all kind of services from the girl. It happened to me ! I payed in advance 70.000 wan thinking something was going to happen; they put me in a room with her, gave me beer and some fruits. She came and we spent 15min of stupid chatting and singing Karaoke. When I asked for more, she said gnoh and I understood the mix-up. I had to sweat hard to have some of the many back. Beware !

Happy Hunting

Yella Man
04-22-05, 14:51
While driving through Cheong I noticed a lot of BBS all over the place, yet I rarely see any post here in the forum. Is it that it's too far away, or are we just keeping a good thing quiet? I'm interested to know if there is any updated info on this city. I may have to hang out there a few weekends to get the real story. Keep it real guys!

Soon to be Yella Man, Formerly Travaholic, but some how became Member #2966.

12-03-06, 16:27
Fairly new to Cheongju and was wondering if I could get some details on the scene in this city. Curious about RLD locations and if anyone has any recommendations for P4P. I have visited a few BBS's that have ranged in price from W60 000 to W100 000. The quality of the service improved with the corresponding price increase, but the girls were not what I would consider to be that youthful. Any help or recommendations are appreciated.

Possessed Seoul
12-06-06, 16:28
Not a lot of quality there, pricey if you want it though. Try the anmas near the bus station, but at 200 a pop its a bit much. There's a really good one near Yongam dong McDonalds, walk towards the park and look for the big ANMA sign in Korean on the building. You could also check out Yulyangdong on the main road, just past Cheongju University, but its mostly working class joints. Best bet is to head up to Songtan, Cheonan, Suwon or Ansan and tap up the local guest worker talent, the real hidden gem here.

Trey Yert
12-18-07, 12:43
I am in Uto naya hotel.

I found some cards in the street with girls pics, probably you all familier with it.

I called them but they want 150000 for girl visit for an hour. (for foreiners)
doea anyone know if it worth something?

Any recomendation?

12-22-07, 09:06
Possessed Seoul,

You mention the local guest workers. I've met girls in the foreigner clubs in Songtan and in a now closed Thai bar in the country. What other avenues are there to meet these "hidden gems?"


Paul in Seoul
11-01-10, 20:13
I am in Uto naya hotel.

I found some cards in the street with girls pics, probably you all familier with it.

I called them but they want 150000 for girl visit for an hour. (for foreiners)
doea anyone know if it worth something?

Any recomendation?It was not a Foreighner price as far as I know.

So, please try your luck of the day!


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