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05-18-02, 06:29
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Byeon Kwang Sae
06-04-02, 04:29
Lots of action in Ulsan.

Korean Girls - - All of the following action (except barber shops) will require that your first introduction to the action be with a Korean man as your “guide” (1.) Room Saloon girls go for 200,000 – 800,000 Wan depending on the class of the place, and the looks of the girl. You pay this full price to the establishment. The girl is take-out to your place, no on-premises action. If you can get the girl to see you away from the Room Salon, on her own time, you can usually get her for as little as 100,000 wan for a one-hour quickie or maybe 250,000 wan for a 3-4 hour ball-drainer. (2.) Karioke bar girls and show bar girls are lower price. Some “strip and play” show bars have some on-premises action. The real stunning playboy-centerfold-quality girls are in the room salons, though. (3.) Conventional brothels and love hotels abound, if you know where to look. The girls are average to old and butt-ugly. Pay 50,000 to 100,000 wan. (4.) Barber Shops - You can count on either an HJ, A BBBJ or a good squat-fuck from any of the double-pole barber shop massage girls. The girls are usually barely average looking, and many are 40-50 years old, but they are usually amazing good at what they do. Pay 50,000 to 60,000 wan to the barber. Usually good haircuts, also. (5.) I haven’t found any Turkish baths, nor have I tried the massage rooms, which are supposedly everywhere. Some of the love hotels have girls on staff. Cards are laying everywhere advertising outcall escort girls 24/7. Again, you’ve got to have a Korean buddy do the calling and negotiating. (Safety note - - All Korean women fuck bareback, period. If you stop during foreplay to put a rubber on, they honestly act like you are nuts or something.)

Foreign Girls - - Plenty of foreigner hostess bars/juicy bars/sex bars around in Ulsan. Most are all-show and no go. I’ve tried them all. The only one that is purely straight up for sex is the Hollywood bar by the old Koreana Hotel. If the girl likes you, and if you can pay the fee, she is yours for the hour, or the night, or the weekend. You can also barfine girls from the 7-Club and from the Los Vegas, but the rules are wacky, and change from time to time. The Hollywood Seaman’s bar is real straight up. Either walk-in and pick out a girl and start talking to her, or, as you walk in, hit on one of the fat, old, ugly Korean mama sans, and just tell ‘em the truth. You are looking for a girl to barfine, and date, which one does she recommend? Depending on the girl, and the time of night, and how long you want her for, and how good of a negotiator you are, the barfines will range from 100,000 wan to 200,000 wan at the Hollywood. You will also have to tip the girl about $100 USD (about 130,000 wan). The Russian girls in the Hollywood (from Russia and the Ukraine) are fair in the sack. The Russian-speaking girls from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc., are usually all good little Muslim girls and are usually terrible in bed. The hotties are the Filipino girls at the Hollywood. All of the girls are trained for safe sex, only. None of them will fuck bareback. The few that will give BJ’s will usually suck bareback.

Independent Girls – These are the few that I know. -

(1.) Elena - - Independent Russian girl, about 20
years old, will go for as little as 100,000 Won for
about 1-2 hours,,,good fuck and suck, nice titties,
cell - - 019-805-2984 - - fair English. Call her

(2.) Soo Yun, HOT little independent Korean girl, does
it all, seriously cute, 26 years old, 250,000 Won for
three non-stop action-filled hours (gasp,,,) (moan,,,)
call her cell - - 011-582-5574. No English, someone will have to call her for you.

(3.) Lilra - - Very fine little Korean hottie from the “Ton”
room salon. 24 years old. Real pretty. Some spoken
English. Will go independent like on Sunday mornings,
etc. 200,000 Won for 2 hours. Call her direct at 017-588-8651

(4.) Flora - - Tall, thin, very hot independent Korean
girl, about 35 years old, good at everything, can’t
say “no” to anything. Fair spoken English. 200,000 wan for two hours. Call her cell - - 011-9318-4413

Pimp-Wannabe - (1.) Mr. Yang Jun Woo, great guy for finding cute
little Korean girls for you, he works at the “mermaid” show bar at the first rotary - - he speaks little English (someone would have to call him for you) 017-852-2814 - - They should tell him what you want, and he can find it. (2.) Now, if you've got the bucks, and if you want some really select girls, call this lady. Her name is Myong Ja Lee. She is sort of a "mama-san-entrepreneur". Just say that a friend of yours told you about “Myong Studio”. Make sure she understands that you aren't trying to hire one of her models for a photo shoot, and that you want an "escort" (she does this in Ulsan and in Seoul, so make sure that you identify where you want your special poon delivered to,,,,) Call her at 052-212-1125, or her cell is 011-223-1120

06-04-02, 16:23
Byeon Kwang Sae

Thank you for your posting. I would like to contact you directly if possible. My email is charlie007_svn@yahoo.com

06-05-02, 00:32
Byeon Kwang Sae

Excellent post. Dont know if you're Korean or not. Would like to exchange emails with you.

My email addr: genuis008@yahoo.com

Pls note that the word is deliberately misspelled. If you are interested in the Philippines (Metro Manila area), I can provide some info.

06-05-02, 03:47
Yeah you have to email me too. I'm gonna be in Korea tomorrow for about two weeks. Let's talk. ampm1200@hotmail.com

thanks a lot.

06-20-02, 07:36
Dear Byeon Kwang Sae...

Hi, I really enjoyed your post -- I am Korean American and will be visiting soon and am quite interested in the Ulsan area.....Could you send me an e-mail so we can chat? I appreciate it.


06-21-02, 00:47
Anyone familiar with the action in the town just outside of Osan AB called Songtan or Pyongtaek? When I was there a few years ago there were lots of bars and hundreds of available girls mostly Korean but also a good number from other asian countries such as the Philippines. What are the going rates ST and LT?

06-23-02, 06:54

I am currently living in Kunsan, Korea. Osan is still a good place to party but the prices have gone sky high. ST may 40-60 dollars. LT 100 - 200 dollars.

Personally, when I take vacation I go to either PI or Thailand!!

Take care

06-26-02, 02:42

Thanks for your update on the Osan scene. How does the
Kunsan area compare with the action around Osan? In case you didn't see my post on the Angeles City board was wondering if you have any recommendations as where to stay (or avoid staying) at the beach resort area in La Union province in the PI.

Ho Man
07-05-02, 06:53
Has anyone had any luck with the numbers provided by Byeon Kwang Sae? I contacted "Flora", who was outraged by the suggestion that she is available for sex.

07-05-02, 07:27
Hey, I would not recommend calling these girls that Byeon Kwang Sae gave out. I mean, no girls like it when a perfect stranger calls and asks for sex. It's just not the best way to go -- all girls, no matter what, don't like feeling like that....that's just my two cents.

07-25-02, 03:00
I will be going to Kunsan in March of next year, does anyone have any info on the action there (prices, places, races)? I heard a lot of places are off limits to military? Any advice?

09-17-02, 22:47
I was in Korea for three weeks about two weeks ago and spent a day in the city of Daejeon. Not much going on during the daytime, but the city becomes a brothel at night. There are lots of "special" karaokie bars around the center of town. Most don't take foreigners, so I had no luck.

The city is also famous for spas. I heard some of them will provide "extra serivce" for a fee. Maybe someone who is familiar with the area can explain more.

In general, there are very, very few foreigners in this city and it can become quite uncomfortable when you are there. There were people literally stopping their cars to stare at me when I was driving through. Not even China is that bad.

09-27-02, 08:13
Re -- Daejeon

I never had any success here tho' I did look around quite a bit. There used to be a kind-of RLD (no storefronts/windows like 588 or Miari). If you came out of the train station and made a left on the main street, keep walking until you get down by the Daejeon Hotel, then take a left at any intersection. There's a alley back there with cheap hotels, yogwhans. The old ajummas would approach and say "agasshi, agasshi" (Korean for young girl). Well, they weren't young nor attractive so I always declined. Not sure if its still in action or not, last time I was there was in 98.

I did visit one Giseng restaurant which if I had tried I think I could have got some "extra" service. I went with my Korean brother-in-law, we got there about 11Pm and stayed til around 2AM. The waitresses sat with us, chatted, served food and drink, etc. They were not averse to letting us feel them up either. The bill came to about 100.000W, not bad since we ate and drank a lot, although didn't get laid. This was interesting part of Korea to me, since one never knows what could happen.

I agree that foreigners are a rarity in this city. But I didn't think the city turns into a "brothel" at night -- not sure what gave u this impression since karaoke bars are rather commonplace throughout Korea...

10-22-02, 17:17
Is there any action in Kunsan? There used to be a few places where you could see the girls in the windows, but they've closed since there was a big fire. There is A-town, but I don't particularly feel like heading out that way. What do you guys know around here?

As far as other areas, I've been to Busan and Daegu and had no problem hooking up. In Busan I was with a Korean friend and that probably helped. He got the 10 and I got an 8. At first she wanted to charge me 100k but I started to walk and she backed down to 80. It still kinda sucked because my Korean buddy got his for 60 and she was better looking. What is the deal with that? Anyways, the place was a small alley behind some motel near Haeudae Beach. I was pretty drunk at the time and don't really remember the exact location.

In Daegu the action is across the street from the train station. Just look for all the mamasans hanging out. Unfortunately the girls aren't outside in most cases and you'll only see them once mamasan drags you inside. I did run into a cute girl outside who spoke English though. All she said was "Sex, Yes?" How can I argue with that? Actually she spoke more and I'd say she was about an 8 also. It was 60k and I gave her a 20 tip. Mama san rushed us a little bit though.

One more thing...If the old lady walks up to you and says "agashi, agashi" it means "young woman." I was a little confused by that at first until I asked a Korean friend.

10-26-02, 00:21
prince1900, Your post caught my eye when you mentioned A-town. Are you familiar with A-town? I lived in A-town in 1978-79. I was stationed at Kunsan. A-town was THE place back then. An all-nighter cost around $20. You could "YOBO" for as little as $100 a month. I sure would like to hear from anyone who is familiar with A-town today. I would like to know how it has changed, etc. I am absolutely amazed at the posts I read here on the S. Korean site. Things have really changed, that's for sure. Even in the city of Kunsan back then, pussy was everywhere. There weren't many bars in Kunsan, but the ones that were there were loaded with beautiful Korean women who would take you home with them at the drop of a hat. Again, anybody out there familiar with A-town today, I sure would be interested in hearing from them. Traveler.

11-17-02, 04:44

Coming to the area in December for a few days - does anyone know if there are any live shows nearby?

12-09-02, 11:08
I was in OSAN a few weeks ago, still some clubs going. The girls are mostly from the Philippines and Russia, not like the old days. I have even heard reports that Kunsan's famous A-Town has mostly Flips working there, it is a very changed country compaired to 10 years ago. I did meet a few Koreans, working the clubs, with the key word being few.

Not sure of any live shows, the girls were still dancing but no Live action. Probably need to try Thailand or the PI for that.

Any folks in the Osan/Kunsan area please post with an update.

12-09-02, 19:15
Hi there guys,

This is my first post. I live just outside of Seoul.

I would like some info on the red light action around Incheon.

Could someone please help me out?

You see, I've heard tales of some strip joints stocked with imported Phillipinas and/or Russians in that area, from some expates, but their memories were either too sketchy or vague...I couldn't press the issue without giving up my game.

I'm asking for something concrete on this area- How do I get to the red light joints employing Foreign women near Incheon ( I'd really like to actually get to this "Yellow House" area)? I'm also curious as - to why nobody bothers with Incheon on this forum.

How would I find such places in Incheon? And what areas am I looking for exactly(Names/landmarks I could ask for w/out giving it away to )?

I'd appreciate as much detail as anyone can give me on these matters.

p.s. I already know about Ouijong-bu and Camp Casey(I'll get around to them and Itaewon soon-enough!). I'm really keen on the area around Incheon for now though. I know it exists!!!Thx

12-16-02, 13:04
Does anyone have any info on the scene in Suwon?

I know there's one street of places near the train station, but I've not been there yet.
Are they foreigner-friendly or am I better heading to Seoul?

12-17-02, 11:27
There is a small glass house area just north of the train station. Cross the street through the underground upon exiting the station and go left about 100 meters.
There are some ajumas trying to coax you in. Tried one, but the woman complained about the size of the pepper, so I declined.
About a few yards up is the open street with a modest number of glass houses. I had no problem with as a foreigner. However, the girl didn’t want me to make a lot of noise since I was a miguk.
Service was good, but you would have better choices in Seoul. Just depends on how much time you have.
Noticed there are a lot of barbershops in the area. How is the service. Cheaper than Seoul? Better? I’ve tried some of the barbershops in Kunsan, and the women give better massages, and the service is just as good as Seoul.

12-25-02, 00:10
Hey all..is there anyone who still lives near Osan Air Base? I want to get a message to a girl who works in the Playboy club. Please help..

Ho Man
12-29-02, 10:02
Hi! Does anyone know where to find action in Changwon? Failing that, where are the best barber shops?

Are there any Turkey Baths?

Love Taipei
01-19-03, 21:03
Ho Man

3rd floor on International Hotel in Changwon has Turkey Bath although it is labeled "Sports Massage" as to put impugne their reputation.

Basement of international also has Karaoke room, girls are good and will go back to your room with you.

Kremlin is also good Karaoke room.

Love Taipei
01-19-03, 21:05

"yellow house" in Incheon is Anmsterdam style place. Keep the latex on however.

Ho Man
01-24-03, 06:34
Love Taipei

Thanks for the tips. I will be sure to have one for you!

02-08-03, 18:44
Any reports on Pyongtaek?

02-12-03, 05:30
I was in Pyonktek not so long ago, and went into what I thought was a coffee shop. Anyway there was a price list on the wall, and the minimal price was W15,000. It went up from there to about W50,000. I asked the lady what the place was, and she said each room had a TV and telephone. I asked her what was on the TV, and she said porno movies. She showed me into one of them, and turned the TV on. It was hard core stuff. Some from Japan , and believe it or not some from from Korea. After a few minutes the telephone rings, and believe it or not the voice on the other end is in English. It turns out that the person on the other end of the phone is a Korean housewife who likes to talk sex. Anything you want to talk about in fact. After a while I shut the movie off, and settled down for a nice chat about the birds and the bees so to speak. I asked her about sex, and she said it would be kind of difficult blah,! blah, blah. I left it at that, but I still had a very rare , enjoyable, and intelligent conversation with a Korean person of the opposite sex. There aren't a lot of English sex phone places, and the other services they provide, but one of the girls I spoke to on the phone said there were only 5. They were in Seoul, Pyonktek, Taejon, and Onyang. I was told that sometimes they put Russian girls on the other end of the line.

03-14-03, 03:54
Hi Guys,

I would like to know if there are any special coffee shops or "tabangs" in Ulsan. I read the posts regarding these establishments and woud be interested in visiting one. Please give detailed information as to location since I am new here and finding anything is a pain in the ass, let alone a little out of the way coffee shop. Also, if any of you are in the Ulsan area and would like to accompany me or show me around I'd apreciate it. I'll buy the coffee!

03-15-03, 09:57
Hi there Beast,
You could try some of the Norebongs. Many will provide girls for you to sing, and play with. Usually an hours singing in a norebong is anything from W12,000 to W15,000, but usually goes up to W25,000 when a girl is provided. The trick of course is to find them. If you see one go on in and ask. Just say "agashi". They will know what you mean. If they say no, then say"odi". This means "where". They might help you, and they might not, but you've got nothing to lose by trying.

Give it a shot

03-17-03, 16:22
The red-light district across from Suwon station has had a major face-lift over the past couple of years. There are plenty of girls in the glass houses, and several of them are foreigner-friendly. Just stroll down the strip, and listen for the ones who shout "hey", "come here", or whatever other few English words that they know. Don't waste your time with the ones that won't even look at you. Either they won't, or it will cost you alot more than it will be worth. A short time with a foreigner-friendly girl there will run you between 60,000 to 100,000 won. Happy hunting!

03-19-03, 05:09
Thanks for the info on the Norebong places. Two buddies and myself went to one at about four in the morning last Saturday. We'd downed about eight bottles of soju between us so we were pretty much game for anything. This particular Norebong is in the vicinity of the Koreana Hotel. There is a so called red light district around there too, but all the fat old hags looked at us as if we were the ebola virus on legs. Slamming doors in our faces and waving their fingers at us and telling us to go home. Oh well, didn't exactly break our hearts. Anyways, there are many Norebongs around there and they all have girls. We payed twenty thousand for the room for an hour, we payed forty grand for ten large beers and twenty grand for each chick. So for a hundred and twenty thousand we each had our own girl (7s-8s in my opinion) lots of beer and the room to do as we please in for an hour. They also brought in some watermelon slices and stuff. The girls danced with us, let us feel them up and down. My buddy got his hand wet a few times, but my girl kept trying to keep my hands busy with cigarettes, watermelons, the microphone, and beers. I got a hand down there eventually however, but it took an hour's worth of effort. My other friend speaks passable Korean so he then started negotiating with the old lady at the desk to take the girls out of there. The girls liked us too as we treated them pretty well and ordered another hour of time along with another side dish of octopus. The old lady however stated emphatically that under no circumstances would she allow these girls to leave with us. My friend offered as much as two hundred grand each (we were really drunk!) but she still refused. So in conclusion, my opinion is that the Norebong idea is okay to cop a feel or two, but for that much money, forget about it. It was a unique experience however to sing and drink and dance with your friends in the company of semi friendly, semi hot Asian girls, but it's not the kind of thing I'll be making a habit of doing. Anyway, we did meet a guy that told us about a bar called the Hollywood where you can take girls out for around one fifty, mainly Russians he said. If I wanted a Russian I would go to Russia, I want a nice, young and willing Korean girl here in Ulsan. It looks however the chances of that are becoming increasingly futile. We bumped into a bunch of drunk English teachers, (Canadians) and they said that in the year and a half they'd spent here they'd never come across the "tabangs" that I was inquiring about, nor a red light zone with women that don't resemble wildebeasts. They said the best route to go would be to phone up one of those card girls. Anyone with any experience with the card girls down here in Ulsan? Let me know, I'm still hunting!

03-21-03, 05:07
Glad to know you had some fun at the norebong. You might have gotten to spend the night with the girls if you had negotiated with them instead of the boss lady. They might have been willing t
o meet later for a bit less than the 200 grand you were offering.

04-05-03, 12:48
Headed to Cheju later this month? Does anyone know of action near Seogwipo? Or will I have to go into town? What about the nicer hotels in the areas - do they have a bar scene with professionals (Hyatt Hotel, KAL, etc)? Appreciate anything anyone knows about Cheju. Thanks.

Love Taipei
04-06-03, 15:55

Hyatt is pretty dead since they closed casino but perhaps they have reopened?

Don't know about KAL hotel.

Crowne Plaza (formerly Nam (South) Seoul hotel) which is in town has Karaoke bar where you can take out the talent (quite high grade) but of course this means you have to go for the full nine yards.

Byeon Kwang Sae
04-17-03, 03:17
I have not been back to Ulsan in a while. Are there any Turkey baths or “just-sex” massage places? I am looking for something other than a squat-fuck barber shop where I can walk in, get it on-premises, and be done in 1-2 hours, like in the middle of an otherwise boring business day.


Byeon Kwang Sae


Byeon Kwang Sae
04-20-03, 05:25
I was in Chang Won, and I wanted to try a barber shop. I have tried some of them around the “big circle” area (Lotte, E-Mart). I found one that looked different. I apologize for the sort-of lack of directions, but in spite of my “BinGangSae” moniker, I neither read nor speak Korean.

The shop was heavily advertised, with spinning double-poles on two main streets pointing down alleys towards sort of a central side street/courtyard style area. My only frame of reference is the relatively close proximity to the lake, Popeye’s, and the small Post Office. The barber shop is on the second floor of a little love hotel. Diagonally across from the shop/hotel is a club called “Ondines” (that was the only English that I saw for a country mile,,,)

The Girl - - Friendly, cute, very sweet acting, early thirties, big pretty eyes, odd 80’s style sort of mid-length Pat Benatar haircut. She was about 5’-2”, 110 Lbs., 32-B, partially shaven twat. The setting - typical massage table, no mattress in sight, unfortunately. I endured a little massage with some mutual touchy- feelie. You don’t need to speak Korean, or use “subtle body language” to tell these girls that you have had enough massage, and you are ready. Just slowly sit up, give her a gentle hug and a peck on the cheek, and her panties will hit the floor. Anyway, I got a nice BBBJ and a really great bareback squat-fuck, followed by a detailed mutual clean-up, and some nice mutual tittie-sucking afterplay. Very nice. Her little **** was tight and muscular. I paid 60,000 Won plus a 10,000 Won tip. This girl was very sweet, very willing, and much younger and cuter than most of the barbershop ladies.

Other stuff - - All of the room salons in Chang Won seem foreigner-friendly, but very pricey. There are “Sports Massage” rooms (Turkish baths) that are very foreigner friendly. One is on the third floor of the International Hotel, and the other is in the basement of the Chang Won Hotel.

Idea and suggestion for the group - - I have started a Yahoo group that is open-membership, and unrestricted posting. I will give you an example of how we can all use this group - - I am going to, when I get time, sketch and scan directions to the above barber shop, maybe even take photos of the surrounding area, just to give guys directions. Then I will post it under the “Chang Won” folder in the group. I encourage everyone to join this group, start a folder and contribute info/photos to it.

Please got to - -

Group name: Korean_Barber_Shop_and_Bath_Girls

Group home page: http://*************************Korean_Barber_Shop_and_Bath_Girls

Group email: Korean_Barber_Shop_and_Bath_Girls@yahoogroups.com

I also encourage everyone to use common sense in how you share this stuff, and never tell the ladies, or any Korean, that this stuff is on the Internet.

When you have time, scan photos and sketches, and add info.

Over and Out,

Byeon Kwang Sae

04-27-03, 16:03
Originally posted by Byeon Kwang Sae
Group name: Korean_Barber_Shop_and_Bath_Girls

Group home page: http://*************************Korean_Barber_Shop_and_Bath_Girls

Group email: Korean_Barber_Shop_and_Bath_Girls@yahoogroups.com

Did anyone join this club?

Byeon Kwang Sae
04-27-03, 23:48
Amp, yes, several guys joined, but like myself, no one has had the time to take a digital camera, and/or a sketchpad and a scanner, and get the field data, and then post photos of places, or directions, etc. If you are curious, just join the group yourself, and then click on "members". Last time I looked ( a few days ago,) there were 7 members, and all of the folders were still empty.


Byeon Kwang Sae
05-03-03, 04:01
Executive Summary - -

Venue = Chang Won Hotel, Chang Won Si, Kyung Nam province. First basement level (B1) clearly says “Sports Massage”. Price = 150,000 Won, total. (more if you want to tip, the tip is neither required nor expected)

Girl = “Jin ha”, Korean, beautiful, 5’-5”, 115 Lbs., very pretty face and long hair. Jin-ha has very fair skin, and I could tell that she does not have to shave anywhere, legs or underarms. All-natural coochie, perfect little unshaven pubic patch. Tiny ****, nice tight small booty and pretty legs. Except for the skin tone and the boobs, she reminded me very much of the best Filipino girls (from the waist down). The boobs. You gotta see the boobs. Uncommon and very real 34-DD’s. Jin-ha is a Solid A+ on beauty, overall C+ on performance. She may be a real 28yo, and she looks younger.

The room that the mama san led to within the “Sports Massage” (i.e., “Turkish Bath”, “Turkey Bath”) is larger than most Korean-style business-class hotel rooms. Big bathroom, nice tub, small bed. Mama san took my 150K, prepared the shower, and Jin-ha strolled in after a few minutes. (I was not allowed to see or select girls first)

The action: Jin-ha was very shy and timid. I could tell that “Jin-ha” (Pronounced “Jin” with hard “J”, followed by short trailing soft “ah” sound) was probably used to a set routine of mutual stripping, shower, oil massage, touchy-feeling, and some sex. I submitted to rather detailed shower, and I skipped the massage part and we went right to laying beside each other and lots of mutual touchy-feelie. She was OK with anything that I wanted to touch or that I wanted her to touch, but she was not cool with any GFE kissing, and she would not allow me to DATY, nor would she give me a BJ. So, it was just on with the condom, and we hit it missionary position, then we switched to doggie, and then I got my nut back in missionary. I say we “hit-it”, I ain’t fucked pussy that tight since the 9th grade. Even using K-Y on the rubber, I didn’t think that I could get into her at first. Hit bottom halfway in, but she stretched as our time together wore on. (I kinda suspect that she has not had that many western guys with generous John-Henrys) Jin-ha is a very good straight fuck, too bad that she doesn’t have the rest of the skills. Being the sweetheart that I am, I tipped her 50,000 Won, bringing the total bill to 200,000. I could tell that she did not expect the tip, and that she was grateful for it.

You gotta see the boobs.

Over and out,

Byeon Kwang Sae

05-25-03, 17:11
Anyone have some up to date info on the scene around Osan and Songtan? Looking for massage and HJ or BBBJ. Will be there in a couple of days.


06-02-03, 05:04
For ZarKoff

I was in Osan in March. I tried "sports massages " at two hotels, the Prince and the SongTam Tourist. The experience at the Prince was very underwhelming. However the Songtam was very good. 140,000 W at both places, the girls at the Songtam were much more into the experience. One of the girls (Mimi) was pretty close to a GFE.

07-01-03, 01:56
Any info on Jeju? Massage, Saunas? Turkish baths?


Brown Bunny
07-01-03, 03:10
I'm wondering if anyone has any information regarding anmas, dabangs, barbershops in the Incheon area: Buppyeong, Yeonsu-gu, etc. I see many anmas around the red-light area but haven't ventured yet. Anyone been?

07-01-03, 05:38
Any info on Jeju would be appreciated. Saunas, bath houses, etc. Costs, locations.


Brown Bunny
07-03-03, 11:39
Two days ago I visited an anma in Yeonsu-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon. The Anma is on 4f of the "Taurus" building. The location is very nice and clean. Being caucasian, I was afraid of being turned down service (and I was nervous because this was my first time to experience the industry in Korea) but, to my suprise, the service was professional, clean, hospitable and friendly. First, an older woman at the counter greeted me and led me to a nice low-lit room with a tub, fridge, tv, air conditioner, table, cigarettes, bed, toilet, sink, etc. The price was 170 and, since my Korean is very minimal, I was in no position to negotiate.

She filled the tub and left the room. After about 5 minutes a very attractive 28 year old girl entered wearing a very small bikini and high-heel shoes. She had me strip and washed me thoroughly. Then we went to the bed/massage table where she stripped, had me lie on my stomach and gave me a killer massage with her breasts. She gave me a BJ with condom, kissed my body up and down and proceeded to have sex with me. I was very overwhelmed and didn't last long but it was wonderful. Then we talked for about 40 minutes. Her English was non-existent and so this session doubled as a chance to practice Korean. Afterwards, she washed me clean and walked me out. The woman at the counter gave me a health drink and a vitamin. All in all, it was worth the money and I'm definitely checking out the other anmas in the area.

07-09-03, 03:45
Come on! Got to be some info on Jeju! That place is full of women, saunas, massage joints, etc.

Anyone with info?

Love Taipei
07-10-03, 02:16
Nam Seoul hotel, now Crowne Plaza on North Side of Island, not far from airport, take the bus #664, it is one of the first stops.

In basement is good Karaoke bar, with girls for out take. Most cusotmers are Japanese.

Ho Man
07-16-03, 03:12
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Brown Bunny
[i]Two days ago I visited an anma in Yeonsu-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon. The Anma is on 4f of the "Taurus" building. The location is very nice and clean.

Brown Bunny

Which is the nearest subway station? The ho man will be descending upon Incheon soon - having just got the word that Korea wants him back!

Brown Bunny
07-18-03, 02:01
Ho Man

Since I'm new to Korea (about 1 month) I'll give you the best info. that I can although it won't be too sufficient. If you go to Buppyeong and take the Line heading toward Dongmak or Dongsu, you'll run into Woninjae of Shinyeonsu. Either of these are super close to Yeonsu's business district area. If you grab a taxi (really cheap from Woninjae-about 1500 won) and tell them "Taurus building" or "McDonalds", you'll end up in the right place. The McDonalds is right across the street from the Taurus building. Or, really close to the Taurus building is the "Tippany Building" which has the "Tippany Anma" which is also very, very nice for 170,000. Actually, Yeonsu has about 5 anmas really close to each other. Or, you can tell the taxi driver to take you to "Lotte Mart" which is also super close to the anmas (about 3 minutes on foot). From there, just ask someone where the Tippany building is or the Taurus building...you can't miss either of them. Happy hunting.


Ho Man
07-19-03, 10:14
Brown Bunny

Thanks for the directions - I will certainly check the place out in a few weeks and post a report.

07-29-03, 16:21
Do you guys know anything a bout the girls we could meet while doing the trip to Mt. Geumgangsan Diamond, in North Korea ?


New World Order
07-30-03, 04:40
Originally posted by Rene02
Do you guys know anything a bout the girls we could meet while doing the trip to Mt. Geumgangsan Diamond, in North Korea ?

Thanks Greetings,

Most of the tourists are over the age of 40.

Also, North Korea would be the very last place to look for a girl :)

Do you live from far Seoul? When you have time, check out the Seoul forum.

Good luck!


New World Order

07-31-03, 10:51
Thanks for your reply.

I will in fact spend a couples of days in Seoul, then I will take the tour to N Korea. I guess it is a crazy thing, but I want to see this dummy country.

I am just 30, so will get pussy in Seoul and 'everything forbidden' in NKorea.

Chang Won Charlie
08-04-03, 14:08
ChangWon Barber Shop and Turkey Bath Girls - Some Recent Experiences

1.) Chang Won Hotel “Sports Massage” (i.e., Turkey Bath)
Price = 160,000 Won. I got a pretty Korean girl, she would not tell me her name at first, but later it sounded like she was saying Chinha. She is real pretty, and stands about 5’-6”, 125 Lbs., Her boobs were kinda big and inflated looking for a Korean girl, she was probably a real 34-DD. The action was very mechanical. Shower, brief massage, tongue bath all over, then she blew on the rubber, gave me a motivational CBJ and a missionary position monkey fuck. It was sort of OK, but not at all intimate. No kissing. She was real pretty, and the action was acceptable, but based on the “attitude”, I did not tip.

2.) International Hotel (in Chang Won) Sports Massage. Price = 180,000 Won. Smallest damn turkey bath room that I have ever seen. No real shower or tub, just one of those shower table contraptions. I got an average looking very youngish (maybe 21yo?) kinda small Korean girl, family name, “Yoon”, I could not understand the first and middle names. She is about 5’-5”, 120 Lbs., maybe a 32-B. Same – Same. The action was very mechanical, with that hint of a “you-nasty-foreigner” attitude. We Showered together, brief massage, tongue bath all over, then she blew on the rubber, gave me a motivational CBJ and a missionary position monkey fuck. (Do they all get trained by the same fuck-coach, or what?) It was sort of OK, barely. No kissing. She did let me both touch and suck her breasts. Lucky me. Based on the “I-Am-Enduring-This-But-I-Hate-It-Attitude”, I did not tip.

3.) Chang Won Hotel Sports Massage. Price = 160,000 Won. I got a fairly pretty Korean girl, she said that her name is “Nabi”, which means “butterfly” in Korean. (Is that a “working” name, or a real name?) She is about 5’-6”, 130 Lbs., maybe a 34-B. The action was, again, very mechanical. Shower, brief massage, then she protested that I was “too big”, and she said that she would have to give me just an HJ, that she could not take me in her pussy. (you gotta be shitting me, she is the heaviest girl that I have ever seen in a Turkey bath) We discussed it, and she insisted that she could not take the John Henry. I got up and put on my drawers, and headed for the door, explaining that I would ask the Mama San for a different girl. Suddenly, fucking was “OK”. I laid back down, and got a tongue bath all over, then she blew on the rubber, gave me a motivational CBJ and a missionary position monkey fuck. And, hey guess what? I not only did not tear anything, but she is a big girl, and I never even hit bottom. The fuck was sort of OK, but not at all intimate. No kissing. I was allowed to touch her breasts during the act, but she would not allow me to suck her nipples or kiss her breasts. Yeah, you guessed it, based on the “attitude”, I did not tip.

4.) Saving the best for last – You gotta try this barber shop. It is in the same area as the International Hotel and the Chang Won Hotel. It is in the B1 basement of the Canberra Hotel. Hubba-hubba. Admission fee = 80,000 Won. Two (count ‘em, two) totally naked Korean ladies cost me 40,000 Won each, for a total of 160,000 Won. I just wish that we had a bed, and not a tiny massage table. This was my most “GFE” experience in the area. The three of us tried all combinations, two on the table, and one of us standing. Both girls totally stripped at the same time. The took turns kissing me, (yes, real kisses ! !) and then they took turns giving me real nice motivational BBBJ’s (just motivational, not to completion, but no latex) Then, one girl lubed me up all over with what felt a lot like an Aloe Vera sunburn lotion, nice feeling, and not at all oily or sticky. I just laid there on my back, and they took turns rubbing their bodies all over me. One ended up in a 69 position on top of me, and we briefly ate each other. Mmmmmm, nice. Finally, one of the girls stretched a rubber on me, and she got into doggie position on the table, and I mounted and fucked her for a while. The whole time, girl number two was massaging the Aloe Vera into my arse and balls. We swapped, they changed the rubber, and I got my nut fucking girl number two in missionary position on the table, while girl number one continuously rubbed her nice breasts across both of our faces. Very nice. When we were done, girl number two took me to a shower room for a very thorough wash down. If the Korean owner had the balls to do it, (in conservative Chang Won), he ought to strip out about half of the massage tables, and replace them with mattresses on the floor. Afterwards, I wondered if these girls would have been available for take-out upstairs to the Canberra Hotel? That would have been very nice.

So much for the Chang Won report.

Chang Won Charlie

08-05-03, 15:53
Hi everyone,

going to Ulsan soon. Never been in South Korea before. Could someone please help me. Can you find Street Walkers in Ulsan, bar girls ? What is the normal rate and what to do/not to do ? Please advise or mail to villhakul@yahoo.com.
In return for your help, feel free to visit my pictures from my last trip to Thailand this summer at http://*************************thaipics


Chang Won Charlie
08-06-03, 01:47
Someone wrote to me and asked where Chang Won is. It is located very near Busan, near Masan, and also near Chinhae.

Another of you wrote and asked “Are there any Street Walkers in Korea”? There are a few, more than less, depending on how you count it.

There are two small areas in Busan, and two slightly larger areas in Seoul where there are girls walking that will go with foreigners. I would imagine that there are occasional opportunities out side of each US Military base.

Also, In virtually every town of any size, there are Korean girls out and about doing what they call “Hunting”.

They may sit in a coffee shop, or in a bar, or in a disco, or they may actually walk the street, but they look like any other lady, and they are generally only for the Korean men. The Korean men do not even always know which lady is which. The ladies approach the men, and ask them if they are looking for a woman. Price, services, and time are negotiated, then off they go to a short time Love Hotel.

I saw one real rare exception when I came over to Chang Won about two weeks ago. I was coming out of the Turkey Bath at the Chang Won Hotel, one of the less than zero experiences that I posted about. It was about 6:00pm on a Sunday evening. I spotted this sort of Eastern European girl, maybe Russian, strolling along in the “Hot” area on the one-way street that is directly between the International Hotel and the Chang Won Hotel.

When I saw her, I was thinking, well, another useless foreigner, maybe an English teacher, but somehow she did not have the right look. She was dressed nice, but she was carrying only a small hand clutch purse and no shopping bags. When she saw me, she made brief eye contact, then she bent down as if to tie her shoes. This allowed her to have a good excuse to wait for my approach. She timed it right, and stood straight up as I approached her part of the sidewalk. We smiled, spoke, and her accented “Hallooo” was way too Russian, really a dead give away. She was about 5’ –8”, slim, nice rack, long bleached blonde hair, very clean looking for a Russian gal, although most of the Russian girls that I see in Korea and Japan are very nice, in their own way. (unlike the skanky Russian Girls in Mike’s Hotel in Bangkok)

I should have stayed and talked, but I just said “See Ya”, and I walked to the next building where I had to meet someone on real business. I am still kicking myself for not talking to her. I should have at least asked her for a phone number.

30 minutes later, I was coming out of the next building, and she is standing close to where I left her, and she was talking in broken English to a Korean guy that seemed to know even less English. I could tell by the monkey motions, the hip thrusting by the guy, and the hand to the mouth “You Want a BJ” type gesture by the Russian girl, that they were negotiating sex for money. Finally, they were both nodding in agreement, and off they went. She looked back at me, smiled, and sort of winked.

I have not seen her again, and since I moved, I only get to Chang Won about one weekend per month.

Damn. Has anyone seen this girl? I sure would like to know how to contact her.

08-08-03, 15:36
Thank you for the information, Chang Won Charlie. Ever been to Ulsan, maybe knowing where the right district is ?

Yellow Fever
09-15-03, 06:16
Does anyone have any information on Yon Ju GO or Sonyu Ri both are close to Munsan and were great along with Tong Du Chon and the city outside Camp Redcloud. This was wild back in the 80's all GI type towns.

09-15-03, 06:47
Sonyu Ri is right outside Camp Garry Owen. There are mostly russian women working there as of late. Your best bet would be to go there near the end of Sept. since most of 2ID is preparing for Strike Artep. Check the Seoul board and read back myself and others have posted on the other places your asking about.

10-13-03, 00:17
I been down to Suwon recently, and found that Suwon has really some great look women. However, the RLD by Suwon station is not all that foreigner friendly.

I was down in Suwon on Chusok – and there were foreigners all over the place. Since the factories were closed, all the foreigner workers were hanging out in Suwon. Must have been 10 foreigners of all types to every Korea. Really just a strange site.

I tried the RLD, and while there were not many places open, those that girls in the window would not even look at me. There were some many foreign guys out hunting it was pathetic.

Stopped by one of the many barbershops on the main street outside the RLD. Was asked for 60,000 won up front. A adequate, but not stunning, mid-30s woman started the massage. After 15 minutes she asked if I wanted a “bang.” First time I have heard that. Anyway, for 20,000 won tip, she led me to a back room.

As she was taking her panties off I dived in, and she just loved it. This woman was one of the most receptive I’ve seen. She let me put my finger in to massage her G spot (a first) and as I poked her doggie style let me put my finger in her arse.

I think Suwon needs more exploring.

Member #1356
11-17-03, 10:40
Was in Kyungsan near Taegu a while back, and found a small red light district behind the market. Walked around a bit and one friendly lass invited me in to the behind the glass scenes. I told her I only had W30,000, but she said no problem. She immediatly sent me back with one of the other girls who were sitting in the booth with her. She was quite good looking, probably in her early thirties. We went into another room for some drinks(W30,000) and proceded to grope and kiss each other. She gave me an outstanding mouth job without a condom. Didn't come. Funny thing was though that she washed a tissue in a glass of mekju and washed my dick. Not that it needed it, but it was funny any way. Played around with hers and sucked on her tits for a good 20 minutes. She wanted some more money to bring total donation up to W50,000 then probably would have offered full sex. Didn't have the money, but was happy with what I got for the price anyway.

I used to go back and visit that same booth, and the girls always invited me in. Sometimes I would offer to buy them an ice cream, but they said it wasn't necessary, because they probably new I was broke. I just walked around, and was usually always short of cash. I'd stay and chat, and try and feel them all up for about a couple of hours until the customers started showing up. They were great fun. Never told them my real name, but they taught me a lot of new Korean swear words. Girls in the other booth would invite me in to chat sometimes, but my friendly booth would always come out and quickly pull me into theirs. I got the wind up though when one night some Korean police came in to the booth. I panicked because I thought it was a raid. turned out that they were wanting to know if "so and so" had been in their vicinity on a certain night. They said no, so I asked what it was all about. They said that the police had found the guy with a knife in his back by the Taegu river. They were quite blasaie when they talked about it too. After that I said Oh geeze. These girls sure move in dangerous circles. The police weren't your basic cops that you see on the streets either. They looked like real pros and tough too.

Member #1356
11-17-03, 10:42
Anybody know anything about Kwangju or Pohang

11-24-03, 07:58
A new experience in Andong.

I currently live in Andong, this is a small city an hour north of Daegu. Until recently there hasn't been much to report from this area, as it remains one of the most traditional cities in Korea. I will share my knowledge of the area, to help some new people have a good time, and more importantly avoid the expensive mistakes we all make. If you can't be bothered to read all of this, skip to the last paragraph for my best experience to date.

On the cheaper side of the spectrum in Andong is the ladies available near the train station. If you come out of the station walk right and cross the street at the crossing. Walk down the street on the opposite side to the station toward Andong park hotel. The are always some ladies waiting to drag you into a room. The average price is forty to fifty thousand korean won. The ladies are generally a little older and nothing to write home about. I would not recomend this service, it left me feeling flat. I always try and have fun and create a good atmosphere, here the service is provided very cynically. The is a strong emphasis on tipping, to couple this you are repeatedly told to huurry up.

A more expensive alternative can be found at the Andong Park hotel, for directions follow the last report and continut past the old hags, it's fifty yards past them. I think the room was located on the fifth floor of the hotel, but be warned there are two entrances, take the coffee shop entrance, not the one for the actual hotel. This place offers a nice relaxed sports massage in a private room for about 140-150, 000 Korean won.
The girl was about mid- twenties and attractive, she was quite fun and was willing to talk a little. After the shower and rub down she soaped me up and proceeded to give me a very nice body to body massage. After a while she flipped me over and eventually gave me a blow job, using a condom. She finished on top, the whole thing was very satisfactory, although I feel a little expensive.

The third and best option if you are visiting here is to take a taxi to Ock-dong. It will cost about four thousand from the train station. Head for Home Mart in Ok-dong. Once at home mart keep walking until on the opposite side of the street you see Family mart. This place with the barber pole offers a sports massage. This is only a few days old so the building isn't even properly finished yet. Go to the third floor and walk inside, you will be greeted by an older woman, don't worry this isn't what you're paying for. The service is 80,000 Korean won. She starts by giving you as facial massage on a massage table.(bigger and wider than average, very impressed.) Then she fips you over and oils you up and then places very hot towels over you and leaves you to cook for five minutes. When she comes back she walks all over your body in a proffesional way. She then ushers you to a private shower room so you can wash off the oil. When you come back the screen is up and the action begins. Now, let me tell you about the girls. There are five working there, but I only saw three. One was average but with a nice body and very friendly. The other was stunning twenty four years old, and what evry man dreams of in Korea. The third, and the one I got said she was twenty, I have no reason to doubt as she looked young, except that she had lots of experience.

Now, I don't know if the level of service will be maintained because the place is only a few days old, but let me tell you if it is, this place will soon be worth anyone travelling to. The girls are very nicely dressed, although she soon stripped naked without shyness. She then climed on the table and put a condom on and proceeded to give a long and enjoyable bolw job. After she jumped on top and rode like an absolute pro. Next and which I was surprised at is that she got on all fours and asked me to take her from behind. Her body was absoutely first class, although because she was so slim she didn't have the biggest breasts. This whole process took a little over an hour, there was no mention of tipping, and no hurrying tactics. A iron cast reccomendation.

Feel free to PM if you want to share similar Korean experiences.

11-25-03, 10:51
I am going to Pohang soon for 6 months. Can anyone tell me what kind of action I can find there?

12-07-03, 13:37
First of all, we need to add more Topics to this post. There are too many areas to throw them all into one.

The first area is Pyeongtaek (sp). Has anyone been down to the Glass House District? Talk about discrimination. I cruised three blocks worth of girls, none to happy with us foreigners. I'd like to see some girls around the Osan AB area like this.

Please offer some info.


12-12-03, 15:40
I agree, we need more posts about the other prime areas.
I am in Korea fairlyoften, staying in Songtan. I'll be back in a few weeks.
There are a multitude of juicy bars there with Korean, Filipina, and Russian working girls.
The barfines are around $200 all night for a weeknight and $300 Friday and Saturday night.
The base commander at Osan put Barfines off limits for GIs after pressure from the American public after several news articles about trafficing women appeared in stateside and military papers.
Anyhow, the barfine is not automatic. it depends on the girl, immigration has cracked down somewhat and the forced barfines usually don't happen. So if you are a decent guy and talk with her for awhile first, you should be all right. Although there are ones who will not do it no matter what you say.
There are also the usual alley hoes (middle aged Koreans) who hang out on the street right down from the Osan main gate who try to drag you into a dark alley for "half n half".
Anjon-Ri (outside Camp Humprhies also has a lot of bars with the same set up as the Songtan bars.
Pyongtaek, I too have heard about the Glasshouses near the train station although I've never been there personally. I agree that you've got to be Korean to have a shot.

Hi Rub
12-20-03, 08:26

Pyeongtaek Glass House is to the right of the Pyeongtaek Train Station. The girls aren't foreignor friendly. There's a bar in the middle but it isn't sex related. There are some western bars in the shopping area by the train station though.

Songtan has about 50 juicy clubs with Korean, Philipino, and Russian hostesses/dancers. The clubs open at 6pm and close at 12pm on weekdays and 1am on weekends, they'll stay open if they have enough business after the GIs leave for curfew. It cost W10,000 to buy them a drink and $160-$300 to barfine them if they agree to go. All of the foreign girls are required to stay in their apartments after the club closes for the night, but some sneak out to visit their regular boyfriends or to get drunk and dance at the Edge Club (closes 5am).

The clubs are suppose to only allow U.S. serviceman and citizens inside. If you look the part they won't card you and ask you to leave, if you have bad luck you could wait untill curfew is over and go to the Young Chon club which closes at 3-4am. They have some hot Russian girls and a few Koreans. The VIP, Goldengate, and Penthouse ussually stay open a little later on weekends too. The best places to get lap dances or barfines are Stereo, Penthouse, Apache, VIP, My House Down, and Young Chon.

To get to Songtan from Seoul, go to the Nambu Bus Terminal on Line 3 and take the bus to Songtan. It leaves every 30 minutes and takes about 45 min to get there. From the Songtan Bus Station walk through the bus loading zone to the street that goes up a hill, walk 3 blocks, curve to the right and you'll be there. A taxi from Songtan to the Pyeongtaek glass house is about W15,000 and W30,000 to Anjung-ri. Taxis are about W80,000 to Songtan from Seoul.

Anjung-ri has about 20 clubs, it's the same as Songtan except most of the girls can't go out for lunch. I don't know whats open after curfew.

12-21-03, 01:42
Hirub, Whats the latest Intel on VIP? who are the best ones there for barfine? I'll be back this coming Sunday

12-21-03, 03:30
Howdy, gents. I used to be stationed at Osan some time ago ('93) and boy, it sounds like it sure has changed! If anyone would care to send me a pm, I'd love to chat about it.

Hi Rub
12-21-03, 16:05
Sorry, I'm into Russians. Don't let VIP charge you more than $160 for a barfine on a weeknight after 11pm. Ask the ajima to call the manager and he should okay it. Don't say your just visiting either. The only Filipina I have to recommend is Gina from Stereo.

01-07-04, 07:56
Changwon - Stayed in Hotel International and tried their "Sports Massage" on 3rd floor. 180,000 KRW for a nice hour (about $150-160). Got a young lady whose name I think was "Pada," she spoke no English and I speak little Korean. Room reminded me of a larger, cleaner MongKok room with a table shower. Girl reminded me of a MongKok girl with respect to age and appearance. Pretty, small tits, nice figure and smile. Generally I prefer South Chinese to Koreans, but she fit the bill ncely. Got a nice table shower, after which she poured some sort of lotion all over me and proceeded to rub me down with her body (a first for me, though I've heard of it). Then a tongue bath (which I like), followed by AR (which I like) and a Fire & Ice BBBJ (another first). Actually, I prefer a "regular" BBBJ to the F&I version. Surprisingly, no BL (very disappointed on that point). On went the raincoat, then on went the girl in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Finished, then another table shower, followed by a cucmber facial, thorough massage, manicure & pedicure.

I left relaxed, would recommend & repeat.

Ho Man
01-10-04, 06:11

What is "BL"?

Love Taipei
01-23-04, 12:03

What is BL?

01-24-04, 23:34
BL = Rock polishing, lapidary skills.

Good old fashioned ball licking!

01-24-04, 23:41

Staqyed at Hotel Central. Visited Sports Massage establishment on 5th floor. Very nice digs. Two room set-up. with massage table/tv/closet in outer room and whirlpool/table shower in inner vestibule. 150K won for 1 hour full service. Got a soapy wihrlpool bath, followed by a table shower. Then got a scrubdown with some sort of exfoliant - a pumice cream of some sort. Just about scrubbed off my hide. Another table shower. Then got covered with lotion and was massaged bodily. Another table shower. Then out came the latex. Covered BJ, then cowgirl, then finished doggie.

Girl was plain of face, but with a decent body. Small breasted, and never smiled.

Excellent massage, better & more elegant facilities than I found in Changwon, but Changwon girl was sexier and offered better sexual performance.

Ho Man
02-07-04, 02:59
Has anyone been to Cheonan? I've been offered work there - but I do not recall any reports about the city and don't want to go if there is not enough decent pussy around. Please help.

02-14-04, 03:45
Any new uppdated on Ulsan ? Will be staying at the Lotte Hotel in a couple of weeks and wonder where the action can be found or at least only a cute girl. Unfortunately don't speak a word of Korean. Appreciate if you could help me out, Regards Bide59

Gas Can
02-25-04, 14:56
Been in Songton for almost a year and have been to two of the Sports Massage joints and several Barber Shops.

Going rate for Sports Massage is Won 160,000. Will get you a shower or table shower, BTB oil rub followed by BBBJ, CBJ and CFS. The Prince Sports Massage is OK. I prefer Songton Hotel Sports Massage. Better looking girls and better attitude. There is one othe tourist hotel I plan on trying next week and will report.

There're two types of Barber Shops. The Won 60,000 places put you on the table, wrap you in hot towels and then a usually middle aged woman massages you. After the towels, you get a shower (alone), and then return to the table for a happy ending. May be BBBJ, CBJ or HJ. The Won 80,000 places are the same except after the shower, you go to a room with a bed for the finale.

Most places take foreigners, but I have been turned down once. Had paid my money and was on the table when the lady came back and told me "Hangul only". She gave back my money and I got dressed and left.

Have tried to stay away from the bar scene, but would really like to do an all nighter with either a Korean or Filipino firl. Is it possible to "bar fine" them here? If so, any recommendations on bars or decent girls? Thanks for the help and will post more on this great city.

Soju Lizard
03-08-04, 10:09

I spent a few nights in Anjung-ri recently and unfortunately the news is not good if you are into barfines. I hit every club I could find up the main street and in the alley bars. The dancer clubs only have Russians and Filipinas and the selection was poor. To add insult to injury, any barfines are now hush-hush and any transaction is done almost as if you were buying a kilo of coke instead of a piece of consenting ass. The military leadership is to blame for this and every club owner I talked to hates the current situation. Because of this, the juicy pressure is much higher as the owners are trying to recoup the cash they've lost in selling poontang.

The two best dancer bars I found were Top Hat and Seven Club. Neither were very good but you could barfine depending on whether or not the girl agreed, the club wasn't busy, it was after midnight and nobody saw you leave with the girl. Needless to say it was a major pain in the ass. The Enterprise Club at the Enterprise Hotel had probably the best selection but the manager did not want to discuss barfines with me at all. Either they just don't do them there or she was paranoid because I was a fresh face and they thought I was an undercover prick trying to bust them.

The best places to land a Ho seemed to be the Korean juicy bars that didn't have dancers. Nearly all that I went to said they would barfine but again the selection wasn't to great and I'm not really into porking ajimas. One girl at The Bunker had a nice ass but really needed a good dentist. Am I too picky?

The game at Anjung-ri seems to be that you romance the girls, buy them lots of juicys and take them out to dinner or whatever to win their affections. I'm a bit too old school to ever romance a Ho so my recomendation is if you are ever in Anjung-ri, take the 20 minute cab ride to Songtan and either pay the cash under the table at the clubs still willing to sell pussy, or find one of the freelancers on the street. The last time I was in Songtan, I saw some great freelancers out late. I suspect some of the working girls just go out on their own after the clubs close (and their boyfriends go home) to make some cash on their own. The Rave and the Young-Chon Hotel Club are both open late too so you might score a freelancer in there. The knee jerk puritanical limp dick military leaders have killed the only real morale activity in Korea. Punishing the barowners that have supported the US military for decades and trying to keep soldiers from (God forbid) having paid consentual sex does not solve anything.

Gas Can
03-08-04, 11:09
Explored several of the bars in Songtan Friday and Saturday night. Saturday, stumbled on the Young Chon Night Club. Go out the main gate at OSAN, cross the street and turn left on the third road running off the main entertainment district. I had been by it several times but it looked like a Korean only place from the outside so I never went in. Took a closer look Saturday and they had signs in English for a happy hour so I went in.

Place is probably the best in Songtan as far as atmosphere and girls. Ajumma meets you at the door and sits you down. Takes your drink order and then asks if you would like someone to sit with you.

There were three distinct groups of ladies. Russin, Filipino and Korean. All three groups were some of the best looking women I've seen in this town. There is a stage and the Flips and Russians dance pretty much non stop. The Koreans don't dance at all.

After surveying the place, was attracted to one of the Korean gals. Asked ajumma if she could come sit with me. Spent about W30,000 for three drinks to get to know her. I know I sound like a chump, but I like to know what I'm getting into. After about an hour, ajumma asks me if I like her. Said sure and ajumma asked if I wanted to take her home. Aksed the rate and was quoted W300,000 for the night. Decided what the heck, had been wanting to for a while and figured I'd splurge. Got a room in the hotel and spent from around 10PM till 5AM the next morning when I had to go.

She was probably an 8 body and 8 face. About 5 foot even, 34c-24-34 and claimed 25 years old. Based on here figure I think she was probably right. Spent about 30 minutes getting a shower, and watching a little TV, then to the bed.

BBBJ, DFK, CFS w/MP. She was the tightes gal I've ever had. Probaby played for over an hour the first time. She went out to get somethig to eat and came back around midnight. We slept for a while, then Mr. Happy wanted seconds and we were off to the races again.

All in all, a great experience. I don't dig the quick handjob in a curtained off area. Really enjoy getting to know the gals and make them feel comfortable. Have found that if you dress nice and treat them with a little respect, then it's worth it when you get around to the act.

Can't remember her name, but will go back this weekend and try another Korean or maybe a Flip.

Member #1435
03-14-04, 18:45

Been to Korea often (2 a year) but always in the Seoul/Busan areas. My business never takes me to Osan. Got a bus number? Regrets if I missed the info to get there. I plan to be in Korea mid-April.


Member #1435

03-16-04, 02:52

Been a few asked but no one seems to answer. I am going soon in April and would like to ask the experts here :

1) The best pick up bars if any for freelancers / fun seekers non professionals if any (e.g. college / working ladies of offices)

2) Best massage places where you can get sex, e.g. turkins bath type places

3) Barbershops with sexy stuff

4) Other ST places

5) Any other action that would be worth checking out

Will be staying in the Shilla Hotel - where are the most happening action places located?

Warren Z
03-30-04, 20:28
Looking for some information regarding a place that is/used to be in Anjung-ri, named "Duffs" (?).

What kind of a place was/is it? Back in the late '70s and early 80's, how did barfines work? Were waitresses "available"?


03-31-04, 10:05
I have been in Pohang, South Korea from December 2003 to March 2004. In Pohang we have about 3 blocks of red light disctricts. There are lots of pretty young women, but some of them refuse foreigners. I love walking through the red disctrict and look through the windows at the girls! They charge 60,000 won or 53 dollars for FS for about 30 minutes. These red light district places are next to the Pohang train Station. Some of the girls speak english but most do not. My favorite girl there, Jean, has very big tits and can do wonders with her tongue! I will be going back to Pohang in April and will stay there to June.

Happy Hunting!

03-31-04, 10:40
I was in Anjung Ri, "Anjon ni" as I remember it, just down the road from the Osan airforce base. The Top Hat Club and the Seven club were there back in the late 70's when I was there.

It is too bad that the place has gone down hill. There were many other bars as well and all of the girls freelanced. There were no bar fines only dealing was with the girls.

Many times you were greeted as you entered the village from the base. Everything was within walking distance from the main gate.

The prices varied depending on the time of the month. The prices were high right after payday 30 usd, and very inexpensive the week before payday 5 - 10 usd.

Many of the girls were very friendly and beautiful. If you wanted you could get a live in girl in the village and a room for about 120 usd, this was for the month.

Ahhh, those were the days. Sorry you guys have it so rough.

BTW how is the soju and mockli these days?

A fellow monger

Yellow Fever
04-08-04, 14:57
Anything going on in either Son Yu Ri or Yon ju go or Tong du Chon which were 2nd division towns in the western corridor. Late 80's they were fantastic.

04-16-04, 15:05
Haven't been to Yongjugol in about 6 months, and when I did go it was just dead. Not worth the hour or so it takes to get there. Plus the area gives off a weird vibe.

04-20-04, 04:01
I have a trip coming up next week to Osan. This is my first trip there, so I was wondering whether any fellow mongers could help out with some intelligence on the scene there.

Also, are there any decent hotels? I heard of a new hotel opening called World Executive Hotel? Not too worried about keeping it cheap really.

Many thanks in advance for a clueless Osan newbie!

05-02-04, 07:11
Osan is a wild place on the weekends. The Korea hotel were I'm at now is about $47.

It has internet access and right at the corner of the Main Drag.

The town is loaded with Russians, Phillippinas and Koreans. They say there is a crack down on the bar fines but you would never know it with all the ass running around with some dude in tow.

Places to go are the Golden Gate, Young Chon and for later night action, the AWOL club.
I left there at 4am this morning.

Nick Belane
05-13-04, 10:05
Jeju: day 1.

Here for a conference.

So I went out last night to check the lay of the land and to see if maybe I couldn't find the lay of the land.

Not much luck I'm afraid. I tried asking the concierge at my hotel where Jeju City's RLD is but he didn't understand. He understood all right what it was specifically I was looking for, but he couldn't fathom the concept of a street. His knowledge seemed limited to outcall services.

All right, I'll ask a cab driver. Still no luck. Plus I had to go through the minor embarrassment of trying to explain where I wanted to go to a staff member at a taxi phone-translation service. In the end, the driver dropped me off somewhere and said there would be street-walkers late at night.

But it was still too early for that. The area was however littered with barbershop poles. I picked one and went in. A bit of a mistake because the woman was maybe a 4. And I'm trying to be generous here. So I got the standard foot-washing and massage and she moves on to the real business. Now, I don't know what, or if, she had anything in her mouth but when she went down it felt like there was joy-buzzer or perhaps a vibration motor from a cell phone in there. I've never felt anything like it. BBBJCIM.


Like I said, I was disappointed at first because of her looks but that little skill with the mouth was worth it.

More later after day two.

Nick Belane
05-14-04, 03:08
Jeju: day 2.

I'm beginning to seriously entertain the possibility that Jeju is the only city in Korea that does not have an RLD. I keep getting the same puzzled looks from taxi drivers. They all still understand what I want but immediately start dialing outcall services on their cell phones and asking how much I am willing to spend.

The idea of a street lined with plenty of shops lit with those garish pink fluorescent tubes seems unheard of here.

I decided to start poking around the 'da lan ju jeom's last night. I must have stuck my head in the door of about 15 of these places. Not once did I see anything that could be considered appealing. Very disappointing.

Same again with the barbershop joints. It's all just a bunch of mid-30s ajummas. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong part of town. For anyone who doesn't know, Jeju is very distinctly divided into the new and old parts of the city. I'm staying in the old part close to the harbour. A trip over to the new section of the city is in order for this evening.

One last thing. This town pretty much shuts up tighter than a drum after about 11 o'clock.

05-15-04, 08:29
Hi Nick,

Guess I'm at the same meeting (ADB?). Any joy last night then? It looks pretty dead around Crowne Plaza.

Nick Belane
05-16-04, 06:22
adb. good guess. but then again, there isn't much else going on here.

so. jeju: days 3 and 4.

nothing. zip. doo-doo. nada. bupkus.

everyone i ask says there is no clearly defined rld here and they all give a number of reasons why this is so -- each one more ridiculous than the last. either way, it looks like the only action here are barbershops and 'da lan ju jeom's. with the latter not being particularly foreign-friendly and the former being full of really unappealing middle-aged broads.

i'm sure there's a good-looking, sexy young woman working in at least one of these places but i simply don't have the time or energy to poke my head into each and every one to find her.

completely unrelated, i was treated to a bit of a show at a bar called the playhouse last night. there was a rather saucy little number sitting at the table next to mine flirting with some guy. i got caught staring a couple of times and she gave me a little wave and a wink when her suitor wasn't paying attention. but i didn't care much for the guy she was talking to and so i left for about an hour to check out another place down the street.

the other place (a bar called, rather uninspiringly, the doors) was pretty dead and i thought maybe i would go back to see if the saucy number had ditched her companion.

when i went back, it looked as though she had left. i ordered a beer and went to the toilet. i opened the door to the bathroom and there she was, getting nailed in the stall with the door wide open. they didn't notice me come in so i watched for a minute or two as i urinated. the fella was really giving it to her and all i could do was stand there and be jealous as hell. they finally noticed me when i flushed the urinal but were too drunk and wrapped up in what they were doing to care.

they finally came out about half an hour later, both walking funny, he more so than her. then i felt really jealous.

05-16-04, 18:34
Nick: I know you. You get jealous over a sloppy second? I have no idea why Juju was chosen for the ADB but at least its Istanbul next year. Have you seen the pics? :)

Cheers mate,


05-17-04, 12:44

I lived in KJ for 4 years and got to know some good ins and outs - pardon the pun. The best for me was over by E-mart not too far form Cheonnam University. There's a little old-time hotel district right across the street from the E-Mart that caters to sex lonely men. I always had a good time there. One hotel in particular got to know me and I always got young, tight bodied girls. They almost always watched the clock though even if they let me explore around.

Then there was another more couple-oriented hotel district catty corner of the Emart intersection. But it had several barber shops with varying levels of service. Some were very good.

Then running diagonally from the barber shop/hotel area towards the university was a street full of the little hostess bars with a little older gals but some hot just the same. My friends and I had lots of long nights there drinking with the gals and doing them in backrooms. Cost about 50,000 just to get a few beers and fruit which was gone in minutes. Then you have to keep buying more and sex in the back room would be between 100,000 and 300,000 depending on the shop, the girls, your desperation. But we had some good times and laughed a lot with the girls and banged some uglies and some hotties.

One really ugly girl with a hot body started coming to my apartment at 6 a.m when she finished work. Since I lived right across from the uni where I worked I was a little freaked out so I cut it off.

In all my years there I never was welcomed into one of the RLDs. They would call out to you as you drove or walked by but run in and lock the door if you even leaned in their direction.

There was a grimy little yeoinsook (15,000 won, dirty room inn for laborers) where I got sent a really cute girl for 60,000. I went back and asked for her several times. That was behind Gu-shi Chung by the Kwangju "River".

So if things are the same, avoid RLDs in Kwangju. Stick to hotels and just ask them to send a girl up (like playing the Lotto), hit a barbershop or the hostess bars.

Nick Belane
05-17-04, 14:52
Some conclusions about Jeju.

I can say unequivocaly that there is no RLD on that island. Too many taxi drivers and hotel concierges said so for it not to be true. So that's that.

I also have a theory as to why the barbershops and 'da lan's are all full of middle-aged broads. Walking around the convention over the past several days, it is my guess that every cute girl in Jeju was working there and not where they should have been.

So, in short, Jeju is kaput.

05-21-04, 04:23
Just a sad story about Cheju.

Never ever try to find a lady during a major holiday like Seolnal or Chuseok. I guess that goes for all of Korea but especially Cheju.

A few years ago I was there for Chuseok touring the island on motorcycle. It was a fantastic trip aside from the lack of sex.

I walked the streets of Sogwipo for HOURS and asked every hotel. They were usually friendly about it and said that all the girls had taken the few days off.

I saw one obvious working girl go into a kind of nice love motel and waited for her to come out. I tried to approach her on the street and she literally ran away.

Finally after about 3 hours I found a little yeogwan who said they would accomodate me. After waiting 30 minutes, this fat ugly 40 something ajuma came in. I figured what the hell.

But then while we were doing it I noticed she had a big fat, dark booger hanging out of her nose. I almost puked.

That was one of my worst nights in Korea.

05-21-04, 04:56
Sokcho (This story gets progressively wilder. Try to stick with it.)

A couple of years ago I was working in Sokcho for the summer. I wandered into a bar on a dark street downtown near the water because the sign said "Russian Strip Show".

My buddy and I sat at one of the runways and watched this gorgeous blonde Uzbek girl and I noticed she kept eyeing me. They weren't really stripping. They were just dancing around in bikinis.

I paid the 20,000 won to have her sit and chat with me and discovered she was fluent in English, very well educated, charming, and sweet. I gave her my number and left with my buddies.

The next day I was on the way to the beach on the bus telling my friends "there's no way I'll ever hear from her" when my phone rang. It was her and she was at the same beach we were going to and wanted to meet me.

This beach happens to be about 2 miles long and was packed with millions of Koreans it seemed. We never found each other that day and some Korean guy with her and her friend made them leave before I could find her.

But she kept in touch. We finally made a date to meet in a bar out in the country one afternoon. She brought her half Uzbek-half Korean best friend with her. What a Goddess. We had a great date drinking all day, listening to music, chatting.

I watched when the friend's phone rang and listened as she explained why she was meeting some man - to the man's angry wife on the other end of the line. She had no idea he was married. I watched as the Korean wife showed up at the bar and they had a 2 hour chat about the husband. Finally the wife left but the Uzbek girl was in tears.

The three of us drank more and they went home.

A few nights later I got drunk with my friends and went down to her bar alone at about 3 a.m. I knew it was about her finishing time so rather than go in I gave a note to the seemingly friendly door boy telling her to meet me outside.

Instead of her, the drunk bar owner came out. He was a total thug. Knife scars on his face and backed up by two other toughs. Not that it mattered. I am a total pussy anyway.

I told him I was Russian and was waiting for my friend. He wanted to see my passport. He started pulling my hair and slapping me around. I tried to walk away but his toughs told me that it was a bad idea to walk away from the boss. I was sure I was a dead man.

He told me never ever try to see one of his girls again. Then he would become chummy and tell me if I wanted to see one of his girls, then we could all go out and party but I'd better go through him. Then he'd be pissed off again.

Finally he told me to get the fuck out of there. I went and turned into a nice tourist hotel thinking there would be a front exit onto the main street downtown. There wasn't. He thought I was trying to pull something, maybe wait in there for the girl or something. So he followed me into the lobby yelling "what the fuck are you doing in here kesekiya, shipaloma, etc.

Turned out the owned the hotel too I think because he asked the desk clerk for his mail. He started coming at me again so I jumped over the desk and told the clerk to call the goddamned police. He just smiled and stepped away.

I tried to explain to the boss that I was really trying to leave. After another lecture and hair pulling he let me go.

Amazingly, I went back there to the bar with a friend a week or so later. We were drunk and my friend wanted to get some revenge. The door man begged us not to go in but we went anyway. Luckily the boss was out. We just stayed for a few minutes and then left. I don't remember why but nothing bad happened.

I hadn't heard from my girl since the day drinking so I thought it was over. I figured she might have gotten a beating because of me and I was really worried about her. But she had no phone so i couldn't ever call her.

Turns out she saw me that night I went in with my friend but I hadn't seen her. She called me from a pay phone and said she had been worried about me too.

She said be patient we will meet soon but most nights she got locked in her room and couldn't go out or make calls.

One night I got a call from her at 3 a.m. She said she was running away. The owner was trying to force her into prostitution which she claims she had not done yet. (Whether that was true or not I didn't really care.) She and her friend took a taxi to Seoul and went to the Uzbek embassy and told them her story. She claims an Uzbek official told her that her visa was now invalid since she ran away form her job. But he would be glad to take care of it if she slept with him.

She refused and was deported. The kind of happy ending is this: I went to Seoul to meet her as soon as I could. We had a few great nights together then I took her to the airport and put her and her friend on the plane.

We lost touch soon after that.

05-31-04, 07:06
I get to Jeju a number of times a year and I am always disappointed. Most of korea disappoints me anyway.

The action in Jeju from my experience is no where as good as in other countries.

Jeju, like korea, is full of barber shops. Barber shops galore!

The barber shops that are below ground are ALWAYS fronts for hookers. The same with the shops that are on the higher floors. Go in, pay 70.000 Won, strip down to your shorts, she'll massage you and PRETEND to give you a BJ or fuck. These women are bobing their heads up and down pretending to suck you off but they are NOT. The same with screwing. They use their hands and go through the motions. All the korean women I have meet, been with and my buddies have been with all agree, korean women have no technique. Unless of course you marry one and teach each other. Even some Japanese buddies of mine are disappointed. Korean women are worthless unless you get involved in a serious relationship and marry one. Even then, it's a hit or miss thing.

If anyone has found a shop/hooker where they have had a good experience at in Jeju, post it!! Name and address. I'd like to check it out for myself.

As for the RLD.

Old Jeju city has one. Very small. 4/5 houses. Most of the SW's are out around midnight.
If you are in Old Jeju city, NOT new Jeju. Old Jeju is by the boat harbor and it's east of the airport.

Anyway, make your way to McDonald's. Facing McD's from across the street you walk east or walk toward the right. Walk about 5/10 minutes and you'll come to a large, LARGE boat resting just off the sidewalk. Can't miss it. It's a museum. The only boat museum sitting on the sidewalk in Jeju probably.

This boat is resting next to an overpass. Small overpass with a stream running under it. The RLD area.

Two places, one for SW and the other is houses. If you were to walk over the overpass and walk across the street, you'll see SW's walking the area. They cruise up and down the street that runs PARALLEL as the stream.

The other area is if you are facing the boat and reading the information the is displayed along side the boat, the stream is in front of ypu on the other side of the boat. Got the picture? In back of you are some businesses situated on the corner. Behind those business is the RLD. You have to find your way to the back side of the apartments, etc. and when you notice some small businesses that you know are not someones house, knock on the door and you'll be greated. No red lights to advertise though. The other thing is rent a room at one of the fleebag flop houses that are all over the area and tell the check in clerk that you want a woman and they will call one. Usually 70.000 Won for the room and gal for an hour. Don't know who will knock on your door though! Could be a 10 or a minus 10! Could be a sweat hog or a model.

Anyone have another area to add or worth mentioning?

Yella Man
06-05-04, 03:04
How's it going fellow punters? I need some good info on the Pyongteak Station area or a good BBS that will take foreigners in the Songtan/Anjeong Ri area. I usually head to the Seoul area to play, but that's not always possible with the wife, and schedule and all. Any info would be welcome.

Thanks guys!


06-05-04, 23:04
There are a number of BBS in Osan City (outside Osan Air Base) which take foreigners. Just walk up and down the walking street and look for BBS either in basement or upstairs. They are the kind you are looking for. Also numerous KSW. But in my opinion, all you will get in the BBS is a glorified HJ. But I have not tried all of them. Also, some are a bit seedy (dirty) looking.


06-12-04, 23:33
I noticed that some new laws on prostitution were passed in May. Has that changed anything for mongering? Are the new laws enforced?

Yella Man
06-18-04, 12:57
hey guys, what's up! there is a bbs near life apartments, catty-corner to mcdonalds on highway 1, not far from osan ab. does anyone have any [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) that particular bbs?


Fluffy One
06-19-04, 00:14
I have a question. Years ago when I was stationed in Korea there were all kinds of bars outside the base a Osan and the Army post in Pyontek. Have those all cloded down? We used to $5 for a short time and $10 for all night. Sounds like they have really screwed up the place.

Gas Can
06-19-04, 06:34

if you're talking about the building off highway 1 with the 4 barber poles on top of the building, it's pretty good. cost is 80,000 won. usually they give you a massage on the chair, then take you back to a shower. right across from the shower is a little room with a bed. hard to see just cruising through. usually cbj and then cfs. a few good looking ones. wierd experience in there last week. there was a kid, about three years old runing around. don't know if ajumma was babysitting or what, but scared the heck out of me when it peeked through the curtains while i was getting ready for the shower.

the bbs down across from the bus station is also pretty good. cost is 60,000 and have had both bbbjtc and cfs in there. guess the cost is cheaper because everything happens in the chair. there is one big fat barber pole, but not striped, more of a white color outside. also has a bowling alley and a big bowling pin on the outside.

good luck and let me know about any other places you have been in songton. i can give you the scoop on the osan and prince tourist hotels, as well as several of the night clubs.

Yella Man
06-20-04, 03:16

Times are not so Fluffy anymore! The bar scene is still there, but Uncle Sam (The military) has effectively screwed things up for the average punter. You pratically have to do secret squirl shit in Songtan, and in An jung Ri to get a girl to go long-time, and thats only if she likes you. Forget short-time, except for a few ugly KSW. And the price! Between $250-$300 all night! Crazy, huh?

Your better off saving your money and taking a trip to the Philippines.


Fluffy One
06-21-04, 01:45
Thanks Travel Travaholic. Looks like I won't be going back. Thailand or the PI makes more sense. Although Korean pussy can be fine!

Korean pussy in the States, or at least on the East coast is $100 to $160 per hour, plus house fee $60 to $80. Some independents are asking $300 per hour.

Gas Can
06-23-04, 14:25
Oh man, why is everything the military's fault? None of these plaes would be in business if it wasn't for the military dollar. Granted, prices have gone up over the last few years, but so has the average military paycheck and the Korean standard of living. Seems to me like simple economics. And lets put the blame for the current situation where it belongs. On the CIVILIAN media who started raising a stink two years ago and is really responsible for the current state of affairs. Uncle Sam was happy to keep looking the other way until it made headlines on USA Today. I would wager there's a fairly large population on these boards that woudn't even have the opportunity to be here if it weren't for good old Uncle Sam. When compared to the states, this place is a steal. W250,000 for all night on a weekday and W300,000 on a weekend. And it isn't all that hard to find near OSAN. Compare to what Byung is paying in Seoul for the same deal and even by Korean standards it's low. Not trying to give anyone lip, but this wasn't instigated by the military.

Yella Man
07-04-04, 03:57
Hey guys! Checked out another double pole BBS yesterday morning in Songtan, right across the street from Songtan Bus Terminal, about a hop, skip and a jump from Osan Airbase. It's open 24hrs.

I went in around 10:30 in the morning, not the best time to go from past experience, because the girls from the previous night are usually sleeping or tired looking. However, this time around, I may have had a girl from a shift change because she was was very energetic. She was chatting loudly on the phone when I arrived, and without missing a beat, reached below and grabbed a pair of house slippers and tossed them my way. I understood right then that being foreign wasn't going to be an issue.

After she got off the phone she tested my Korean by saying something in Korean that I didn't understand. I told her that I speak "Hangul Mal Ju Gam". Which means I speak Korean just abit. She asked me for 60,000 won. I gave it to her, and she immediately asked for a tip. I said, " Good Service, Good Service", a few times and put my wallet away. She seemed to understand this because she shook her head up and down. She took me to your standard BBS room with curtain, had me strip and put on some very large shorts, and had me lay on my stomach on the padded massage table.

Her massage was excellent! I hit the gym about three times-a-week, and let me tell ya, she really put some effort into massaging my sore muscles. It felt great! She even did it without the hot wet towels you usually get at BBS's. When she finished my back, she had me turn over. She spent a short amount of time working my front before she stripped down my shorts, washed my dick and balls with a cool towel, mumbled some korean and proceded to give me a very good BBBJTC CIM.

Now for 60,000 won, I had been expecting a good HJ, so the BJ was a very nice surprise for me. Her technique was excellent so I didn't last very long. After she was finished, or should I say, I was finished, she cleaned me up abit, a massaged the front a little more and asked me if I wanted to sleep, or "Cha" which is sleep in Korean. I said I had to go, so she got my things out of the locker and helped me get dressed. I gave her a 20,000 won tip for the service and headed home happy! Great experience. Will definately go again!

A word of advice if you go to any BBS. They are very dark inside, so it's better to have your money seperated and in your pockets instead of your wallet so your not fumbling around trying to see if your giving her a 1000 won bill or a 10, 000 won bill. And as always fellow mongers, KEEP IT REAL!


Baby Huey
07-13-04, 20:47
I was in Korea last week and decided to head down to Songtan for the first time in 12 years. I get to Korea 3 to 4 times a year and always stay in the Seoul area for fun. I lived in Songtan from 84 thru 92, and run the town pretty hard for all them years and it was great! Great fun, and allot of great looking Korean Girls.

Let me tell you, Songtan sucks today compare to the years I lived there!!! The club scene is total different. Every few of the clubs have Korean girls working in them and most of the Korean working in the clubs are in their late 20's and 30's. Most of the clubs have Phillipino's working in them and few Russian girls. All at higher prices. If you want a Phillipino girl, go to the Philipines the quality is better and 25% the cost.

Also in the old days the clubs in Songtan had 30 to 50 girls working every night, now it is half that.

The bottom line is Songtan is not fun anymore compare to before! I will not be going back any time soon. Seoul has a lot more fun to be had, especial with the Koreans.

07-14-04, 15:42
Hi guys,

I would like to know if some of you heard about great places to have a nice girl in Bundang area: massage, night clubs, room salon, barber shops.

Let me know cause I have always to go to Seoul and it is quite too far sometimes.

Thank you for your recommendation.

07-14-04, 21:55
Does anyone have information on work-a-rounds for the bar fines etc for military? I will be stationed at Osan in Feb, and I've heard a lot has changed since I was there in 95. I've gotten some info from the forum, but things seem to change quickly over there and I want to get an idea of how much fun I will, or will not be able to have.


Girls Rok Me
07-15-04, 04:21

Yea a bunch has changed. To be honest with you I've only heard of the "no barfine rule" and have not seen it in writing (really don't care) but have seen strange things happen so maybe it does truly exist. Maybe somebody who has seen this "rule" will post

Although I'm retired now and not under the "new rules", sometimes I feel the what may be the effects of these rules. Such as the girl not being allowed to leave the bar the same time you do. Some places do this as a blanket policy so to speak regardless of the guys status in country. You'll have to trust them that they will show to your hotel room if thats the case. Town patrol pretty much knows all the girls and if seen out on the street during club hours with a GI, well put 2&2 together.

Other places will let them leave, but you still are under the eyes of TP if this rule does really exist.

If K-Girls are your preference, such as mine, good luck in Songtan on a GI's pay. Not many around, allot of contractors with big bucks, so the K-Girls are looking for the guy with some cash. I'm fortunate in those regards to have a good paying job, plus I don't have to put up with the 12 or 1 oclock curfew that you will. Most of the K-Girls work in the clubs that stay open after curfew, all 6 of them, why? Cause thats where the contractors and such can hang out till 3,4,6,7,8 in the morning. Some of the few K-girls that work at the curfew closing clubs, go to the after-curfew opened clubs at curfew. K-girls today in Songtan seem a bit more wiser to the pay scales of the GI's and most won't do a one nighter, cause they know he can't afford too many at $250-$400 a pop. They are looking for that long time security thing. Some are just looking for sugar daddy to pay off their "bar loans" and set them up in an apartment. Best bet for a GI and K-Girls is Seoul, just don't let em know your a GI if possible, their exposed to the world more. If your daring and willing to risk getting caught, venture out of the ville and hit the double pole BBS's of which there are many.

Flips and Russians on the other hand are another story, though never been with one, they seem to stay pretty busy. When I'm with one of my K-Girl's, I usally go to a hotel as opposed to home and I always see/hear Flips and Russians in the hallways. So they definitly seem more accessable. And most of the time I see them with GI's, so I have to assume that they are working around the "rule". Rates are still the $250-$350 range from what I hear. Just remember you have to be off the street by curfew.

This brings up another interesting point. I, as mentioned, usally take a girl to a hotel, I always get charged the regular rate of $35-$45, depending on the hotel. But I have seen countless times, GI's showing up right before curfew and ask for the price of a room and be told $80-$100. I think that's wrong, but that's the way it works. Best bet would probally be if your going to see a bar girl, set it up the night before with her, then make a reservation at the hotel of your choice, you'll probally come out ahead dollar wise. Hell most of the bar managers that I'm familiar with are very trust worthy, you may even want to pay the ticket the day before just to make sure your hotel reservation is a good investment and shes not backing out on you after the fact.

Hope some of this helps. Welcome back to the Land of the Morning Clam, I mean Calm (or do I?) Good Luck.

K-Girls ROK Me ----Since 1981----

07-16-04, 19:04
Does anyone have any info about the Red Light district in Daejeon? Are foreigners accepted? thanks


Yella Man
07-17-04, 02:46
What's going on fella Mongers! I went back to the same double pole BBS, in a basement right outside of Pyongteak Station, and was serviced by the same Korean lady. She seemed happier to see me this time because she smiled when I entered the BBS. I payed her 60,000 won and she led me off to a room and had me strip and put on a pair of over sized shorts, and lay on my back on the massage table. She put oil all over me and loaded my back with hot towels from head to toe.

I believe she had another customer this time, because she disappeared and left my ass under those hot towels for what seemed like forever. I was sweating my ass off! She reappeared and gave me a quick massage, snatched the towels off, rolled me over, washed my shit and started giving me a pretty decent BBBJCIM. Swallowed every drop and didn't even spit or rinse her mouth! It was much better than last time. After she was finished, she asked me if I wanted a shower, I said yes so she led me down the hall into a small shower area. After I finished showering, I went back to the massage room and got dressed to leave.

I took 15,000 won from my wallet for tip money and was about to leave when she came back, saw me dressed, smiled at me, then led me by the hand and placed me on the table again. I was abit confused until she started massaging my back again. I guess she had never finished and wanted to give me what my 60,000 won payed for. Hell, I was happy with just the BBBJ. She finished a few minutes later and gave me a energy drink. I gave her the 15,000 won tip I got from my wallet and left. Great service guys! I will definatel go back to see her, that is, right after I check out the two shops across the street (you know how mongers are). Well, as always fella mongers, Keep it Real!


07-18-04, 10:58
Thanks for the info. Lady friend in town so I haven't been able to check recently.

Run Mann
07-19-04, 12:20
Visited the Sports Massgae in Osan, right outside the Base main gate. Excellent massage, but no extras or hints of extras. Customers are serviced in an open Bay. After entering, you change into pajama type clothes and return to the open bay area for the massage, you lock your clothes and valuables up in a locker and bring the key back to the massage area. Girls are average looking, but nice and plesant enough. Fees vary accoriding to service you want. For active long distance runners like me, places like these are heaven. Massages are the best when girl doing it is guninely interested in how you feel and is really into it. Don't know why this place is off limits to GIs, but I did notice a couple of GI looking guys in there. Can't say I blame them, here is a copy of their flyer with the fees and services

Old Retired Man
07-23-04, 05:19
I am retired military and have been in Korea for 16 years. I have seen the changes in the ***** seen in the GI bars. It used to be a good deal when they had Korean girls in the bars. Now with the PI whoes and Soviet Bloc whoes it stinks. Some places keep them locked up all day. For you guys who have banged any of those Soviet Bloc girls, are they any good?

Run Mann
07-24-04, 08:59
Places like Osan, Pyong-Teak (Anjori-), Tonduchon, and Ujionbu, were places where beautiful Korean girls could be had for exceptionally low prices in the 80s and early 90s. These places have all replace the Korean babes with Filpino and some Russian girls. The setup is basically for you to buy them drinks at W20,000.00 a pop until you're broke. Most of them will not leave the premises to go with you because they (or Ajuma) can make more money from those who buy them drinks in the club. I have seen some beautiful Filipino girls in the past, but the group over here seem (for the most part) to be the less attractive ones. There are a few gems, but they are far and few in between. You can still find one or two Koreans, but they're usually on the same level as the Filipino's (in the looks department).

There is one club in Osan where they advertise a sex show. I thinks it's called Smithy’s or something like that. The time I went in there, they had two Korean girls, One was unusually overweight for a Korean, and the other was quite aged, but had so much make up on, she turned me off. There were no other customers in the club, so they told me to come back later that night to see the show, but I didn't have the time. I will check this club out again next time I'm in the area, can't beat a free sex show.

I was quoted W200,000.00 by a Russian chick in Tonduchon for a short time a while back. She was beautiful, but out of my price range for such a short time, especially when you don't know how they will perform. My experience with some of these girls is that they will initially come off as John Edwards when they negotiating with you (smiling and friendly), but turn into John Kerry when you get in the room (no personality).

The majority of the Korean girls are on Hooker Hill and the RLDs all over Korea. The Korean newspapers all advertise for Massage services, but be ready to pay W150,000.00 plus for FS. Personally I like the RLDs, I have never been refuse service at any of them, It appears to me that if you dress and carry your self well, the girls will talk to you. Not all of them, but enough to where you can find a very attractive one have a great time. The great part about the RLDs is that they are in most of the major towns and the cost is very minimal. I have never paid more that W60,000 to W70,000 for service where the girls will shower you, bbbj, suck you toes, and provide CFS and wash you up afterwards. Can't remember which RLD I took this picure from, but it was from one of the side rows

Gas Can
07-30-04, 00:25
Runn Mann,

That is probably the only legit massage place in the Songtan area. Even though it's technically off limits to the military, I think they look the other way. Bunch of folks I know have been in there for back and shoulder issues. According to them, prices were reasonable and good massage.

For FS Sports Massage, try the Songtan or Prince Tourist Hotels. Won 160k for the works with a girl who is usually a 7 or 8.

Smitty's is one of the five off limits clubs in the area. Really a small number compared to someplace like Itaewon where almost everything on the Hill is forbidden.

More and more Korean girls are starting to show up. Something to do with visas for the Russian girls. Doesn't bother me as I prefer Koreans or Flips.

Compared to the rest of the peninsula, I've found the prices to be very reasonable in the area. If you're playing the juicy game, drinks are usually Won 10,000 compared to 20 or 30,000 up in Seoul.

If not, then any of the nightclubs have girls available. You may buy one or two drinks, but I consider it a finders fee. Going rate for an all nighter on weekdays is Won 250,000 and Won 300,000 on weekends. Rooms at any of the hotels in town range from won 50,000 to 80,000.

Once you find a girl you like, grab ajumma and ask her the price. Last night, I went to one place around 7 pm, paid mommy the 250 and told her which girl I wanted and which hotel I was in. At 7:30 a knock on the door and we spent all night.

If the girl isn't available, ajumma will tell you she has to work. Nota big deal, just move on.

Pretty much given up on finding any short time. There is one gal, old, fat and ugly who runs up and down the main strip asking you if "You wanna go? Lets go." Allegedly she takes you to some type of brothel where you have several girls to choose from. She told me rate was won 80,000. I haven't tried it as I like to see what I'm getting for my money.

As a side note, had a really bad experience at the BBS across from the bus station. New crop of girls in and all mine did was bug me for tip. Then provided a BJ and fake FS.

The four pole BBS farther down the street at the intersection of 1 is much better. It's won 80,000 vs 60,000, but you get into that little room and no doubt everything is real. Plus they don't bg you for extra money and seemed thrilled with a real tip.

08-02-04, 15:16
Does anyone know where the action is in Jeonju City or in areas nearby? ("Nearby," meaning within an hour's drive of the place)

Old Retired Man
08-04-04, 03:52
Can anyone tell me about coffee girls who work in coffee shops?
I know about the ones who deliver.

Gas Can
08-04-04, 14:30
Don't know what's going on in Songtan, but prices in the Sports Massage places are down to Won 110,000 from 160,000. And that includes everything.

As usual, the Songtan Tourist Hotel has better girls and better overall service compared to the Prince.

Almost like make two visits get the third one free.

Hi Rub
08-04-04, 18:20
Uijeongbu FS Massage - 100,000 Won - no english

Exit Uijeongbu Station on the side without the McDonalds food court, going toward City Hall. You'll be facing a huge road, get on the left side and cross at the first light. After you cross the street take a left, go straight down that road and the anma is right at the corner of the next light. There's a semi barbershop poll on the building its the swirls mixed with writing and says open 24 hours. Resturaunt is on the first floor and massage is in the basement. Very high class setup, the deskman called a girl out, and a few minutes later a tall, tanned, and big tittied Korean girl in her early twenties walks out, I nod in improvement, he asks for the money, and on our way we go. As I walk pass the booths, I start to notice that the place is pretty busy at 1am, I walked by many hot girls, they're all in bikinis and those sashes that you tie around your waiste to make a skirt.

Undress, put on the shorts, she expertly massages shoulders and arms, then turns you over, straddles you and does the back, stretches your arms and legs. Then she leaves, and comes back when the shower room is available. Go inside, get naked, scrubs you down, oils you down, then she rubbed her huge tits all over me, next she rubbed me down with her pussy, she started to go for the condom and I'm like no. I pointed to her tits and then to my cock, she nodded and wrapped my cock in titty heaven. When I've had enough I stop her and point to the condom and she gives me a short CBJ, lies next to me and we go at it. I wasn't sure if she was moaning in pleasure or because I was her 50th customer that day. But at the end, I get off her, and she pulls me toward her, I got the hint and we cuddled for awhile. Actually she cuddled and I fondled her great natural breasts, I also noticed that she lost her breathe, she scrubs you down once again and the rest is the normal stuff.

In the area are love motels, western bars, a booking club called The Continental Club, and a Hip Hop Club called The Train. The latter is ussually a good pick-up place, except for the weekends when its packed with GIs, but they're good for leavin a bunch of drunk chics at 1am, curfew time.

Well enjoy.

08-05-04, 11:53
This was on another board, it's about Songtan, enjoy:
What a weekend

Started off friday night....got to Songtan around 6:30pm, checked into our $30 hotel. Then started hittin' the clubs. The place does have color, I will give it that. All kinds of little street vendors set up. Selling all kinds of knick nacks, sunglasses, chicken-on-a-stick, umbrellas, and all sorts of Korean handi-crafts. (most made in China) People of all diffent backgrounds...couples out on dates, fat white chicks, hot MILF officer wives, black, whites, puerta ricans.....the US military is nothing if not diverse. Plus all the grizzled looking civilian contractors wearing Kokomoz and SMB t-shirts....throw in the Pinays, Russians and slutty, "Americanized" Koreans walking around and you have an interesting cast of characters on this main strip in Songtan. There is something addicting about it. Not as addicting as AC...but this place could be called "Mini-Matrix". Complete with a Baskin Robbins, Burger King, McDonalds and just newly opened Popeyes chicken.

This is the time that there's alot of Pinays walking from their nearby dwellings on the way to work. Most clubs open between 6 - 7pm. So it's kind of a cool time to be out on the street watching them all. What I've really noticed last few times I've been here has been the large amount of dirty, scruffy looking Filipino males who seem to be always hanging around, sitting on benches, leaning up against their motorcyles...just looking like they're waiting for something. Sometimes you'll see them walking with their filipina girlfriends on thier ways to work. I guess alot of these guys work in factories over here and come down to Songtan on the weekends to ball the Pinays that work in the bars. (Hey, arent they supposed to be here for us Americans?) They obviously have an advantage. (At least for gettin' freebies anyway)

Me and my buddies set a limit of spending no more than 40,000 won on juicy drinks tonight. That meant 4 drinks @ 10,000 each. So we hopped from bar to bar and ended up in one called "Lazy Daze". This bar has moved like 3 times since I've been here back in Korea. They keep gettin' shut down for the wild shows they put on. Before they were "Penthouse Club" and then "Join Us Club". Same girls and staff, just different location and bar name. I didn't really like these clubs becoz the drink pressure was, by far, the WORST in town. And that's saying alot. But we were drunk and went in anyway....coz they do normally have some HOTT girls. We sat and looked around for a second and the mamasan came over almost immediately and asked if we wanted "young lady" to sit next to us. We declined.....or thought we did and just ordered ourselves some 3,000 won beer. (local brand, "OB")

Seconds later, 2 girls seated across the room look at us, then looked back at each other, and then come over to us and sit down next to us......without even asking or anything I got the Filipina and my buddy Ben got the Korean. Although this Korean spoke the best English I've ever heard from a Korean. An obviously sign that she as a long time pro. Mamasan came over and motioned for us to buy them ladies drinks...(they call 'em "juicies" here) and we weren't able to put up much of a fight. My pinay was average....your typical veteran bargirl. The thing that sucks about Korea so bad is that when you order a girl a drink.....most of the time they are in a big hurry to finish it. The mamasan is ALWAYS in a big hurry for them to finish it and can be seen standing on her tip-toes across the room and squinting to see if her drink is near-gone so she can come squeeze another 10,000 out of you. There's no warm, cuddly, friendly loveable kind of companionship going on here like there is when you order a a drink for a girl down in Angeles. It's all very "plastic" (as the pinays say) kind of talk. They dont really give two shits about getting to know you.....reason: there's just TOO much money to be made....even in one night. In AC, most of the girls make you feel like they really want to get to know you. There's that "could THIS be the guy?" factor. But not here in Korea. Ok, enough about that.

So we moved on to another club called "VIP". We'd gotten familiar with a pair of girls in here over our previous trips to Songtan and came to see them with hopes of lining up a "meeting" or "date" during the daytime tommorrow. So 3 lightning fast drinks later we had plans to meet at noon tommorrow and sing some karyoke somewhere.

Then it was into "Eagle club" where we know 2 other girls from before. These girls were kind of our mainstays on previous trips out here and we hung out with them off-duty quite a bit. They'd come over to our rooms after they got off work for a little while and we'd eat and shoot pool during the daytime, etc. Even got to see where they lived a few times.

So they were all excited to see us return. It had been over a month since we made the trip out here last. Both are pretty young, although my buds girl Jenny is VERY young. My girl, Vicky, is 19 and coincidently from SanFernando, Pampanga. Nice, sweet girl...been here since January so "the game" has certainly taken its toll on her. Average looks, but a fairly tight, sexy bod. She was onstage when we entered and was literally jumping up and down and stuff. AC style...I was surprised even. When her song was over (they dance one girl at a time here), she got down off stage, ran over to me for a big hugg and kiss.....then back to her awaiting customer with awaiting juicy drink. That made me uncomfortable.....guy paid 10,000 won ($9) for his limited time with a girl.....the least she could do is NOT be giving attention to other guys until AFTER she was finished her drink with him. There's so much pressure here, so much sexual energy....you can FEEL it. All these lonely, young cock-hounds running around with pockets full of money...and not many other options for poon....forced to be in the situation they are in. They blow ALOT on these juicy girls...(or else these places would be out of bizness)...and there's not enough girls for as many guys as there are, so you can imagine the pressure i'm talking about. Supply and demand. Business 101. The Koreans laugh all the way to the bank.

So Jenny is with my buddy, cuddling as much as you can cuddle here in these Korea bars....while I'm waiting for Vicky to finish her drink. She finishes, comes over and I only buy her one juicy before saying good-bye and heading home for the night. The place was just about closing up. We stopped at Mcdonalds for some grub before heading back down the narrow, dark, damp alley to our hotel.

I woke early and hit an internet cafe across the street, then back to the hotel to wake Ben for some breakfast. One other thing this place is lacking is a decent breakfast spot. Even the Burger King and McDonalds don't serve any breakfast food during the morning hours. Damn Koreans...who the hell eats a Big Mac at 9:00 in the morning? They dont call it "The Land of The Not Quite Right" for nothing

We walked by this fancy looking place called the "Blue Opera" and stopped because we saw some people sitting there outside with what looked to be breakfast type food. (they had eggs at least) So we went in to check it out. The menu only had one dish for breakfast and it was called..."breakfast" Came with egg, bacon, ham and toast. Ok, we ordered that....cant be that bad right? The ham was actually good, but they only gave you "1" egg. Who only gives you ONE egg for your breakfast meal? I've never seen that done anywhere. I thought TWO was the minimum standard for eggs.

Ben shopped for a cell phone at one of the bizillion cell phone places and then it was getting near time for us to meet the 2 girls from "VIP" club.....Beth & AJ. She actually called just shortly after 12noon and asked if we could meet outside "VIP" at 1pm now. (they live ontop of the club). So we wait just up the street from their club on these little plastic patio chairs outside another bar. Ordered up some beers while we waited and just watched the people stroll by.

Saw many maganda's and some not so maganda's. I've been telling my buddy Ben about the wonders and magic of Angeles City since I met him 8 months ago. He was an easy sell although he has been waiting for his divorce from his ***** american wife to go through first. It became final TODAY and this weekend up here in Songtan was supposed to be part of his divorce celebration I told him the REAL celebration will be when I take him down to AC for his cherry trip in September! haha

So the girls come up the street and we head off to some karyoke joint. Both of us agreed they look much better in the darkness of the club at night with their make-up on. These were some rough looking girls. Very professional. They value their freetime like gold. Especially on a Saturday afternoon after a military pay-day as this was. It's time for them to put in some time with old/and/or new customers to keep "stringing them along" so that they will continue to come back to their clubs at night and buy juicy drinks. It's a strategic investment for them. I laughed to Ben later on, these same girls would KILL to spend time with us down in AC and we'd have to kick THEM out in the morning just to be rid of them. Here, it was like we should be so priveledged that they chose to spend any bit of time with us at all. Gosh, what a joke. Still, it's hard knowing what I know and having to put up with that crap. Ben doesn't know any better.......yet.

So we all went to this little Filipino restuarant for some food and drink. They didn't even have San Miguel, I was astonished. However they did have Red Horse, so me and Ben tried that out. Ate some lumpia and adobo with the girls....and Beth (Bens "date") had to answer her phone several times during the meal. Even said without batting an eye during one of the conversations, "No, I'm not with a guy. Just here eating with my friends" LOL, jeez. AJ was playing her best and feeding me lumpia with the chopsticks. Like I've never seen that before? Good grief.

Then on to this Kareyoke place ontop of the "Rodeo Club". Got our own private room and spent 2 hours singing and drinking korean beer which we'd brought before coming. Beth got a phone call and had to leave about halfway through and never came back Ben was a little purturbed by that, but I told him to let it go. AJ was a decent singer and actually stayed the whole time. I even got some cheap feels in....she does have a sexy body.

By now it was time for her to run off to work, so Ben and I met up with another friend to eat some fast food. We had poured on quite a load by now, (been drinking since 11:30 am) so the food was much-needed. Next, we stopped back at the room coz Ben needed to shit and I needed to shower. While one did the other, our other friend waited and watched Korean soft-core porn on channel 89 in our room.

Then it was on to "Apple Bar", where Ben and our other buddy like to go coz they say they have the best Bloody Mary's in town. Dont know coz I dont drink 'em. We were all pretty damn drunk at this point and it was still light outside. Maybe only like 7:00pm.

Then began a looooong, blurry barhop. Hit "UN Club", "Xanadu", "Songtan Nights", "Golden Gate", "Lazy Daze" and "Mystic" to name a few. There are SO many bars & clubs here in such a little area that it's mindboggling. Close to, if not more clubs than Angeles. No, I believe there are more than AC.

I met this brand new girl in "Rodeo Club"...a country-western place. Her name was Ivy from Cebu...and you could still tell she was "fresh". She'd just gotten to Korea last week and she had this "Kid in the Candy Store" type of look in her eyes. Undoubtedly from all the money she'd seen along with all the stories and teachings from all the other girls. "You mean I can have 20 young, guwapo, american boyfriends all competing for my time? Buying me juices in the club at night and then fighting to see me the next day? Buying me things I want from all these great shops here or buying me those American products I've always wanted from the store on their base?" Who could fault her really?

I make the analogy to Ben that being a Filipina juicy girl outside one of these bases in Korea is like being a western guy in Angeles City. So I buy Ivy a drink and to her I am still guwapo. She looks at me and talks to me like the girls in AC do and I was transported back there for a moment or two. But alas, a month from now I will not be guwapo to Ivy anymore. Yes, no more than a month is all it will take I'm afraid.

Funny thing it is. These are the same girls as the girls in AC, yet due to the surroundings and situation, they are TOTALLY different. They are no better and no worse in terms of looks, personalities, English, etc....but money has warped them completely. I'll tell you one thing, seeing a place like this makes me cherish AC that much more. This is like the "bad dream" version of Angeles. When I'm there, sometimes I think to myself, "Ohh my GOD, what happened to my dear Angeles??"...and then I wake up. Count your blessings oh ye men of AC...

So damn now, its late and we stumble into "Eagle Club" to see Jenny & Vicky. We are totally fucked up by now and start shelling out some juicy money. It's still not exactly clear what happened next, but I think the mamasan asked me if I wanted Vicky to stay in my hotel with me for the night....and I think I just handed over my VISA card without thinking. Of course since I did it, she pressured Ben into it doing it too. I don't remember ever asking Vicky...or Vicky ever asking me about doing it. The club was about to close and I guess mama could see how [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)-drunk we were, so she figured she'd give it a shot. Well, it paid off. Oh boy did it pay off To the tune of $200 buckeroos!

Now realize this is not a common thing. Not like AC at all. The US military has specifically outlawed barfines in these SOFA clubs surrounding the bases. Any club that gets caught doing it will be shut down. So it's a total "down-low"...."sneaky-sneaky" type of deal. I think I remember the mamasan even whispering as she was asking about me it. And looking around as if worried someone would see as she brought me back the slip to sign.

Then the girls go get changed and we tell them to meet us at our hotel. We get to the hotel and realize we were sharing one room and needed to get another. Somehow Ben got to keep the one we had and up the stairs he went with Jenny I roused the old Korean lady from her sleep to ask about another room but she shook her head, DAMN! So I went to the hotel next door and they refused me too. Then, by some grace of God, a Korean guy passing by grabbed me by the hand and motioned for me to follow him. I had to run and this old bastard was pretty fast. I was carrying a hot chicken-on-a-stick and 2 gatorades, with Vicky hopefully keeping up behind me. We went through a bunch of pissy alleyways, crossed some train tracks and he led me inside some tall brick building and I got me a room. Whew!

Vicky said she was gonna take a shower and I ate my chicken stick....barely acknowledging her. *I was DRUNK* She came out wearing a towel and then asked if I was gonna take a shower. I said yeah, and went to the sink and splashed water on my face with the CR door open. She said, "Thats it?" and I said "yeah" and lied down.

I got naked and she removed her towel. I only remember being able to feel her body for a few seconds before I lost all feeling everywhere. I'd hugged and cuddled with her before so I already knew she had a decent body, but MAN it was nice to finally feel her naked. Nice firm 19 year old tits and ass....God, I just hope I can getZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

Oh no, FUCK, I passed out! I was stirring back awake,,,,wondering what time it was...and OH, whats this? I had morning WOOD! Yehey!....Now its time for action, right?


When I reached over I felt nothing but a pillow....I then kept my eyes shut tightly and said to myself, God, please God tell me she's in the bathroom! No such luck. She was gone. A $200 dollar runner!!! INCONCIEVABLE!

How fucking pathetic. I was sure as hell NOT going to put this on the board I thought....the guys will never let me here the end of it.

Well, I thought about it, and as a public service...I'm putting it on here. For educational purposes only. So you all can know and understand.....or be "re-taught" (in case you've forgotton over the years) at just how friggin SPECIAL Angeles City is for guys like us.

Never take it for granted fellas.....NEVER!

Hey, on second thought, it was only 10 days worth of barfines in AC. Not the end of the World, right? Jeeezusfuckingchrist!

08-05-04, 16:29

Go to city hall on the main drag through town. From the front doors, look across the main drag and to the left. Follow the neon. You can't miss it.

Run Mann
08-08-04, 05:23
Gas Can,

I've seen that girl walking up and down the main drag there many times. However, I thought she was passing herself off as the main course. I didn't know she was an agent of sorts, may check the goods out next week. The problem with her though is that she may as well use as microphone, her approach has probably turn away lots of potential clients. This area, along the Pyong-Taek/Anjori area will see a significant boom once the military relocate some of their bases in the area. Hopefully we'll see some improvements in the quality and quantity of services being offered.

Was in Tonduchon yesterday and there are a couple of old Ajumas with the same aggressive type approach. They've torn down all the (businesses) buildings on the side of the road across from CP Casey, building a railroad station through there replacing them with some more advanced shopping in the area. It may also have to do with the military leaving this are or at least reducing their numbers in the near future. They will have to cater their much more of their product line towards the locals than the GIs, as is the case now. The village/shopping area does have some more clubs from the last time I was there. Still predominantly Filipino girls, but I did see a few more Korean girls.

Check out the Koex Mall in Seoul for a eye popping view of lots and lots of Korean Babes. Visited it last week, lots of smiling and chatting going on (from the girls), but I was with my date, so I had to behave. That place is a gold mine if you have the time, a couple my buddies and I will hit this place next month for a boys day/night out.

Outcall massage service in the Herald/ Korea Times are big business these days. I'm impressed with the quality of these services. Sun He and Cherry Massage will give you a go for your money, but there is a cost factor.

Be safe.

Old Retired Man
08-09-04, 02:28
That streetwalker is the real thing. She has a room in a cheap hotel off of Aragon alley. She gets most of her business from TDY troops of Navy and Marines.

08-15-04, 13:49
Hi All

Back in Osan, it's been 1 1/2 years since last trip. I went to the sports massage at the Songtan Hotel. The price has gone down ($100 now vice won 160,000 then). The service was still good. I had Oh Ni, a pretty very slim girl. Looks about a 7 and quality of service about th same. I will go back again.

Happy Hunting

Member #2460
08-15-04, 15:23
I am looking for some action in TongYeong or Masan, in South of Korea.

Does anybody have some experience?

I have tried something like one year ago a bar in Ulsan where Russian girls propose you drinks up to 2am then they can leave with you for 100usd till 8 or 9am. Was good although the girl was a bit fat but friendly, not trying to screw you like Koreans.

So any info is welcome.

08-18-04, 19:38
I am on my way to Korea in November. I was there in 1996 and I know since then things have changed alot. I hope that I can still have a good time like I used to have there. I will be stationed at in ujimbo( I think the spelling is alittle off). If anyone has pictures from theie time there, can you please send them to me so that I can prepare myself mentally.

Love Taipei
08-19-04, 11:39

I would recommend you go down to Changwon (30 minutes south of Masan). You can take bus from Masan to Changwon hospital (near party are) and catch it back next morning.

Can get cheap hotel ($30) to take your catch.

Ho Man
08-20-04, 05:45
Love Taipei

I think your message was meant for Member #2460.

There used to be a frequent poster called "Changwon Charlie" who gave useful tips. Why not PM him, as well?

Member #2460
08-20-04, 19:32
Thank you Ho man and Love Taipei.

I will try next week the Changwon hospital area.

Any particular places which are foreigner friendly?

I am a bit desperate to find anything here.

08-22-04, 04:13
Dear fellow mongers,

Could anyone please give me any input on the scene in Ulsan ? Would appreciate any kind of girls, Russian, Koreans etc. Where can I find them. Pleeeaaase ?
Regards and thanks, Bide59

08-22-04, 10:08
High All

Another two pole barbershop in Osan. If you go down the shopping mall away from the main gate untill you cross the railroad siding, there is a door on the corner of the street going up to the left. The shop is on the second floor. Miss Huong (mid twenties fairly attractive) provided a good massage of my arms and sholders, followed by a good BBBJ. She let me rub her pussy through her panties, but wouldn't let me inside her. After the BJ she gave me a good massage of calves and thighs. Cost won 60,000 (I tipped her 20,000). There was another girl there when I went out.

I will go again


Love Taipei
08-22-04, 13:31
Ho Man:

You are right, 2460. I have to figure PM, so far I only have replied to ones to me.

Thanks, LT

08-22-04, 13:51
My First Osan, Korea Report

I went to the same two pole BBS (actually there is 4 poles here if it is the same place) that phred went to. My price was also 60K won, but I was a little cheaper with just a 10K won tip.

When I walked in, there were two girls there. One was good looking (about a 6), but the other was not as cute (maybe a 4). Both were short, skinny, and had small A cups. The younger one was about 22 and the older one was maybe 26 or so. Both started telling me to take off my shoes the moment I walked in. Before I could get my head on straight and choose, I was led off by the not so cute looking one of the two. In my defense it was dark, she was quick, and I was ready to get my first Korean fun started. Also, I sometimes like to give the not so cute ones a chance if I am in an area a long time. My thinking here that they might be more eager to serve.

She led me to a small room where she handed me some huge boxer type shorts to change into. She started with a nice foot washing. There is a sink conveniently located at the foot of the bed. This was nice since my feet were a little tired from walking around.

After the foot scrub, she had me flip on my stomach where she gave a good sports type massage while straddling my ass. I was suprised at how much hand strength that such a small woman could have. After working over my back she had me flip back over onto my back. Through the big boxer shorts she gave my cock a little wrestle, getting it nice and hard very quickly. She then turned off the lights, pulled down the boxers, and gave my cock and balls a nice wash. After that, she gave me some poor head, which only lasted maybe a minute. Then she got some lubricant or lotion and gave me a HJ. It seemed to take forever, but finally she got the job done.

After the HJ, she finished the massage, which was very relaxing. She also said something while grabbibg my dick. I think she was asking if I wanted another HJ. I was too spent for that so I declined. While I was getting dressed, she gave me some kind of drink in a small bottle. I am not sure what it was, but it tasted good. Anyone know what the drink is?

Once I got back to my hotel, I noticed that my cock was a bit swollen, but everything was back to normal the next morning. Maybe this was from the extra long HJ. However, the rest of my body felt great. The massage really helped the muscle aches I got on the flight over here. Overall, I would say that the service was OK, but not great. More reports of Osan will be coming next weekend.

08-22-04, 14:24

She probably gave you "BACCHUS". It's like an energy drink. Has that somewhat tangy but sweet taste. I believe the full name is "BACCHUS-F", but it used to be called "BACCHUS-D".

I believe the drink "VITA500" or "VITA1000" is a similar drink.

Sam Katz
08-23-04, 08:46
What do you guys know about a " Bacchus hal muh nee "?

Haha, not so great.

Sam Katz aka SKPIMP aka ....

Love Taipei
08-23-04, 11:27
Bacchus is another one of the long list of Korean Stamina/hangover remedy drinks. Harmless but I am not sure it actually does anything good.

08-23-04, 12:38
Bacchus is not necessarily harmless, it has 20mg of nicotine and 60mg of caffine in it per bottle. It also has ginseng, B6, B12, and phospuric acid in it (makes it glow green black light like the blood from the Predator). I got bored one night and decided to translate the ingredients. The "F" version is the latest. It became popular when it was the "D" version. The "E" version was only on the market for about three months if I remeber correctly because it tasted like crap and rumored to have opium in it (pain killing affect for hangovers i guess). Tastes like Dimetapp to me. It won't really cure a hangover, but it sure will wake you up after a long night of drinking. I used to keep a case in my frdge when I lived in Korea.

Love Taipei
08-25-04, 01:14
When I said harmless, I was referring to one bottle (per daily or otherwise hangover). I too lived in Korea (5 1/2 years), no issue with Bacchus or other similar Korean products.

08-25-04, 15:45
Songtan, South Korea (near Osan Air Base)
Songtan Hotel Sports Massage
August 25, 2004 - 9:30 PM

Thanks to Gas Can and other posters, I tried the sports massage at Songtan Hotel. It was a little hard to find for me. I could see the big green sign from all over Songtan, but once I got there I wasnt sure if the hotel was corret because it says tourist hotel, but I didnt see Songtan. The Sports Massge down to the right just before you go in the hotel is the place you want.

I was greeted by a not so hot looking girl, but dont let that throw you off. She is NOT the main dish. She just escorts you to the room and takes your 110K won or $100 USD. Unless you will give a small tip, dont take any more or pay any more! Here is what you do:

Take off your shoes before entering of course! After paying, get undressed and put your clothes in the small closet. She will ask if you have been there before. I said yes, but never had. I seem to get better service when I say yes. As I sat nude, I prayed that the girl that took my cash was NOT my girl. Suddenly, a small and very hot looking girl named Chee-Nah (sorry but that is about the best I can do with her name) walked in. She is short, thin, with A cup tits, and a very nice ass and legs. Also, a bushy patch down below. She has red tinted hair. I think she is just beautiful!

She first gave me a tooth brush and I brushed. She then had me lay down on a table and washed me down. This was nice. She then had me flip over and wahed my front. She paid special attention to my dick. She hosed me off and gave me a B2B massage starting on my back. It was kind of funny because she kept sliding all around on by back. Again, I flipped over. This was the best part. A nice slippery oil B2B massage of my front.

Then she hosed me off again and complimented me on the size of my dick. Good for the ego. She then told me to go onto the bed while she cleaned up. She then told me to lay on my stomach. She kissed my legs, ass, and back. It was nice. Then (YES!) the flip came. She gave a wonderful BBBJ! Perfect lips! She slid right into a 69 and she had a great taste, very clean. We went onto with a condom in many positions. The condom was very very small. Guys, please take American condoms with you if you come here! The whole experience was unhurried and sensual. She did not watch the clock, but we were there at least 1 hour. I rank her as one of the best pros ever for me. In many ways she was the best. She certainly was number 1 for making me feel comfortable and that is usually a problem for me with pros. She smiled a lot and was very sweet. No kissing, but I suppose that is pretty standard.

After we were done, she offerd a beverage of my choice from the fridge and sat with me until I was dressed. She told me that she works 1 month every single day and then gets 5 days off. So, chances are good she will be there.


Fluffy One
08-26-04, 00:00
Forget Bacchus D or F, drink the ginseng bottles (I prefer the alcohol versions) and eat the root.

That will keep your equipment in tip top shape.

Gas Can
08-27-04, 12:02

Sorry you had so much trouble finding it. Assumed you were familiar with the area and would have given directions.

Don't believe I've seen this Chee Na and I thought I'd been with every girl in there. Will have to ask for her next time.

Without a doubt one of the better ways to spend 100 bucks is in the Songtan Hotel Sports Massage.

Da Pimp
08-27-04, 15:02
I think what Sam Katz was referring "Bacchus hal muh nee" is to one of those over the hill "ajumas" selling Bacchus for a ridiculus price around Namsan. They go around and ask men to buy one bottle for 10~20 bucks but what you are actully paying is including a quicky in a bush. I haven't seen anyone attractive but when someone try to sell you a bottle of Bacchus for that price, you know what that means now.

08-28-04, 14:20
I read the back-posts and saw only the slightest of information on Daejeon. I have cause to go there from time to time. Any recent or reliable information?

Ho Man
08-30-04, 08:29

It's fairly obvious that the "5 days off" at the end of a full month stint, are for Ji-na's period.

We should all be grateful to her for stopping work when she does!

Old Retired Man
08-31-04, 03:40
What happened to all the old Soviet Bloc girls?

09-02-04, 13:32
What do you mean by "we" should all be grateful for her taking there days off!! She is MY girl. lol

Anyone know how many girls are working there? Is there any way we can take a look at all of the girls or just describe what we want to the girl that takes our cash and take our chances? I'd like to try a new girl, but have been getting such good service from Chee Nah that Im starting to think the other girls wont compare. No, it isnt love. She is just giving it to me just like I like it! She certainly is good at her job!

By the way, all you lurkers out there better get off your butts, get some action, and post!

Yella Man
09-05-04, 06:17
I tried the four Pole BBS across the street from McDonalds on HWY 1 just down the street from Osan AB, going towards Pyongteak. The service was fairly good. Cost: 80,000 won.

You get a half-way decent massage in a small room, a foot wash, and then move off to the shower. After the shower, you move to another small room with a small bed. The lady I had did not give me head, but instead worked my shit hard through massage which was unusual because I have heard that you also get good head there. Anyway, once I got hard, she pealed off her clothes, rolled a condom on my shit, layed down and pulled me on-top of her. She was very, very tight and it took a few minutes to work it in, but once she got wet, she grabbed my ass, pulled me in and had me work-it real good! A clean up afterward and a energy drink, then out the door.

I rate the experience about a six for a BBS. Service was unhurried and the lady I had looked fairly decent and smiled a lot. I'll go back again, that is, after I give Chee Na a try at the Songtan Sports Massage. She sounds fun! Anyway fella mongers, keep it real as usual.


Yella Man
09-06-04, 03:06
just wanted to talk about cherry busters comments on bbs's he left in the photo section of this forum, since most of what he said doesn't hold a lot of water.

1) i regularly go to bbs's that are on the 3rd, 4th floor in buildings.

2) i regularly pay between 60-80 thousand won per session.

3) i have gotten fucked and sucked behind the curtain while other customers were in audible distance.

cherry buster, i don't believe you have visited every bbs in korea, so stop putting out bad [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116). and as always fella mongers, keep it real!


Old Retired Man
09-08-04, 00:13
I went to Osan over the weekend. I had some time to kill before my train inPyontaek so I took a walk through the RLD at 1:45 PM. There were three girls there at that time. I tried to make conversation with them, but all I got was a dirty look like your a foreigner. They were pretty girls mind you. I have been told if you go way to the back of the RLD you can get service. Anyone got any service in Pyontaek RLD?

New to Germ
09-08-04, 19:34
I managed to get some service back in 2001/2002 there. The first time was with a very good looking Korean girl who was great with her mouth. They second time was with a girl who I'm pretty sure was drunk at the time. The alcohol on the breath and the beer can under her bed gave it away. Both times were in the morning time though. At night I just got 'Don't talk to me' stares.

Sam Katz
09-09-04, 08:25
I got service at pyontaek RLD.

It was great!

Sam Katz aka SKPIMP aka ....

Gas Can
09-09-04, 11:04
Not really a report, but have heard complaining about Cheju before so figured I'd let you know what I saw.

Stayed on the southern part of the island and can tell you it's definitly geared towards the family/foreigner coming to spend money in the tourist economy. Nothing but good clean fun.

However, on the ride to and from the airport, one of the stops on the 600 bus is the Crown Hotel, just south of the airport on the main drag. Didn't go by one sidestreet that diddn't have at least one BBS. Also saw several noribong places as well as "Room Salon" advertised in ENGLISH. First time I'd seen it.

Was a short tip and didn't get a chance to explore the action, but I know the spots are there contrary to some of the reports on this board.

Plan on going back again in a couple of months and will try to get more detailed info.

Poon Hunter
09-09-04, 14:20
Dongduchon - 2nd market - Anma $60.

Last Monday at about 3PM, my friend and I visited an Anma (massage parlor) in second market / Dongduchon. The price was $60 each. Okay massage, nothing special. The "service" portion was okay, but it was for real. Not the typical hidden hand job (because I was holding both of her hands).

My fingers did wonder around. Damn, could only get two in.

Typical ajuma type of girl. Probably in her thirties. The other lady was definatly older, probably in forties/fifties.

All and all, okay if you don't have time for a better place and your best friend wants to go outside and play.

Stay Safe

Poon Hunter

09-09-04, 14:35
Prince Hotel Sports Massage, Songtan

While I had heard that Songtan Massage was better, I thought I would stop by Prince. The routine is just a little different here. At this place, you pay as soon as you walk in. The price is still $100 or 110K won. After paying, I was led to a nice little room and told to shower. Shower here includes brushing your teeth (for the newbies). After brushing and showering, I got a little bored so I flipped on the TV. Regular TV with what looked like a Playboy type channel on one station. Within a minute of turning on the TV, Padda came in. She is cute, but just a little more plump than I would have liked. Next time I might ask for a thin young lady. She came in and gave me a pretty good sports massage. It seemed a little rough at times, but I have to tell you that my back feels great right now! After a nice massage, she oiled up and gave me a nice B2B massage spending a lot of time sliding around my dick. She cleaned me off and gave a nice CBJ even though the condom was very tight it was still good. She didn't want me to DATY but just wanted to get straight to it. She became much more friendly after we were done and in the shower together. She tried to teach me some Korean, which I thought was nice.

Even though she was a little plump for an Asian girl, I would recommend her. What she lacks in beauty, she made up for in personality and eagerness to please.

I think I will return to Prince, but I still prefer Songtan Hotel at least so far.

By the way, is there a reason why all the BBS have been closed this week? I thought about trying a new one of them out, but they all seem to be closed. Are they on a holiday or what?

Yella Man
09-10-04, 14:54
there's a few bbs on highway 1 as you get off of expressway 1 on exit 40 (pyongteak exit) and go left. the bbs are on your right as you travel towards pyongteak. has anyone ventured out there and given them a shot yet? thinking about trying that area out in october. let me know if you have any [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) on the joints. and as always fella mongers, keep it real!


09-11-04, 13:11
Prince Hotel Sports Massage - visit #2

OK, I went back this afternoon and was hoping to get a different girl. Unfortunately, the girl I had last time (Padda) was the one who greeted me at the door and she led me straight to the room. She was OK last time, but was a little plump for me and I wanted to try a new girl. However, I didn't want to be rude as she provided acceptable service last time so I went with her. Everything went as normal except she had some nasty breath (the funky breath that many chronic smokers have). When I was fucking her I kept smelling her breath and it smelled literally like shit. I finished and was glad to leave. next time I might ask her to brush!

Gotta take the bad with the good.

09-13-04, 04:33
Does anyone know the going rate at the Pyoung Taek RLD, I went there this weekend and even with the weather there were beautiful woman all over.

09-13-04, 15:05
I decided to try a new girl tonight at Songtan Massage. Instead asking for my usual girl, Chee Nah, I just asked for a small, thin girl. The girl I ended up with is named Oo-nee (the oo is like the oo in tool). She is small and very thin. She has the first shaved pussy I have seen in Asia. She left just a neatly trimmed patch. She gave a good scrub down and really seemed to get into the B2B oil massage. She gave good service with many smiles. When I came, she used her pussy muscles to squeeze my dick. Ahhh!!! I would recommend her.

Old Retired Man
09-14-04, 01:15
I have been told from a Korean taxi driver friend who works from Pyontaek train station that the rate for the RLD is 60,000 won for 20 minutes.

New to Germ
09-15-04, 21:00
Like I said, I got action on 2 occasions down there and 60,000W sounds about right.

Run Mann
09-15-04, 22:08
It seem like the Military has changed the curfew hours in the Osan area on the weekends to 12:00 am instead of 1:00 am starting this weekend. I suppose this sucks if you're military, but the rest of us will now have an extra hour to roam the area without the competition from them, it may even produce lower rates during this late night hours. This is interesting because there was a rumor that the military curfew was going to be lifted, but that rumor was discounted in last week's Stars and Stripes. Oh well, this is one of my favourite shopping areas day or night.

Old Retired Man
09-17-04, 00:30
You don't have to worry about the curfew unless you are military. Some bars are strickly hangouts for contractors and don't start jumping until after curfew. Also what few Korean bargirls left go to these places after they have finished work. I have been in some of them until 0500 AM.

Gas Can
09-17-04, 10:34
In Uijeongbu for a few days and this town is rocking. More BBS than I've seen anywhere, even Seoul. Went to the Sports Massage in the New Grand Tourist Hotel.

Just across the stree to the west of the subway station. There are two new hotels, the Come Inn and the New Head (bet those are trademarked) along the road and the New Grand is behind them.

Massage is located on the 3rd floor. Go in the front and there is a sign directing you to the right and up the stairs.

Cost is 120K, which go me pretty much the same service as other places I've been. Exception here was the chick was gorgeous. About 5"2, skinny and with what I call bananna tits with big puffies.

I was pretty floored. She was also carrying a cup of ice when she came in. Couldn't figure that one out until she reached for the cup during the CBJ. Very nice.

There also seemed to be a bunch of girls available. Judging by the number of womens shoes piled up at the entrance.

Will see what else I can find the next few days as there seems to be a dearth of reports on this city.

Might try the Noribang in the place I'm staying. The hotel clerk told me foreigners were OK, although it was expensive.

09-17-04, 13:53
Has anyone been to Yongjukol lately? It's been nearly a year since I last went. Just curious as to what it's like there now.

09-18-04, 04:03
Anyone have any reports on Osan City? I went there last night and found the area to be much nicer than Songtan, but only saw a few Barber shop poles and no "sports massage" places. Please PM me or post your report of the area. What services are available here?

Also, the older woman that hangs out on the main strip righ outside the main gate near Osan AB, approached me about a week ago. She looks like a hag. I thought maybe she would take me to a hottie, but didnt want to chance it. Anyone have any experience with her?

I've also visited Oo nee at Songtan Sports Massage a couple of times now. The service just keeps getting better.

09-20-04, 14:06
Visted the infamous Glass houses @ Pyoung Taek. And have to say oh my my my, what a experience. Talk about window shopping. One thing is I have no idea what they were saying to me "Oopaa". And woah, when you pass then they are hollering at you like you are there only customer. 60,000 won and I think they washed my "stuff" with something that smelt like pinesol.

Oh yeah, buyer beware, don't be fooled by the breast if you like em big, its push up bra ciity there, should of know better.

Warren Z
09-20-04, 21:08
Anybody have any reports of the Anjung-ri area? Thanks.

09-21-04, 15:51
Jim Jay,

Try Cola (as in Pepsi or Coke) at the Enterprise hotel massage(second floor) You won't be disappointed. $160 bath, full sports massage and one pop.

You can also try the local "pimp" that hangs out in the bar district right outside Camp Humphreys. She usually walks the main street leading from the gate, or you can find her on the same street that Duffy's bar is located, a bit down across from one of those chicken stands. You really can't miss her, if you're walking alone she'll find you.

She'll take you to the Zeus Hotel and provide a girl for you. Not really sure how that works, whether or not you get what's available...or you get to choose.

Finally the barfine scene is alive and well in Anjun-'ri. The TopHat Club, Seven Club and Zeus Club are you're best bets.

Leon Phelps
09-23-04, 04:28
I received this from a military friend. Looks like they are trying to crack down on civilian and contractor employees paying bar fines over here now.

The 20 May 2004 version of USFK 27-5, Individual Conduct and Appearance, contains a major change. The regulation prohibits the practice of paying bar fines to obtain the company or companionship of an employee. Buying a drink is still permissible. “Bar fines” are also commonly known as “buying a day off” or “buying a gift.” The regulation also prohibits USFK personnel from “buying out” contracts.

The regulation is punitive. It applies to all active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces, all US citizen civilian employees of the DOD and nonappropriated fund instrumentalities supporting USFK, all invited contractor employees, all personnel afforded SOFA status as technical representatives, and all dependents.

Girls Rok Me
09-23-04, 10:20
This crackdown on the sex industry as posted on the Seoul board is really spreading, or at least trying to make it's presence in Songtan.

The government's efforts along with the military getting ready to add "barfines" into the "it's a crime" sections of the UCMJ, are being felt here in Songtan today.

My regular K-Girl and I just met for dinner this evening before she is headed off to work. She informed me of a meeting that the mangement of her club held with all of the girls yesterday. They were informed that they are not to accept any barfines from GI's period. The military is not only going to punish the GI if he is caught, but it appears that they will try to get the club shut down through the governments effort and this has the clubs worried. It's the 1 in 10 GI who is going to be drunk, and do something stupid that they are not willing to take a chance on.

As for civilians like me, I don't have to worry about the military stuff, but it would be wise to be concerned about the governments operation. The clubs are concerned as well, she told me that mangement does not want any civilians conducting any transactions in the club as well.

My situation is favorable due to the fact that she can call in and not go to work when she feels like it (in moderation of course). So on the evenings that I want to spend with her, I can simply give her a call and ask her out to dinner, a movie, or to go dancing, and we'll go out on a date that did not start in the club where she works. It's not a crime to go out on a date when no money is being exchanged, but just like having a wife, it probally won't last long if you don't at least look after some aspect of her life.

So guy's be careful out there, don't put you, your favorite girl, or your favorite club in a bad situation. If you have a regular perhaps it would be a good idea to speak with her and discuss your "operating plan".

If your a GI, I feel sorry for you.

Over and Out

K Girls ROK Me

09-24-04, 08:05
Ok Jim Jay,

Forget everything that I wrote about previously. Times are indeed getting hard for the monger in S. Korea. To go along with the forementioned crackdown on the sex industry, the military has also instituted a 9PM curfew for all military personell peninsula wide. This curfew is in effect "indefinitely"

While the reason stated is for "Force protection" I find the timing a bit curious. This of course will have an effect on the civilians and contractors.

Less G.I.'s running around out there means considerably less money spent in the clubs. Some will close outright and send their girls back if this lasts for very long, others will just consolidate their girls. Either way, this is not a happy time to be a monger.

Yella Man
09-24-04, 13:22
The BBS are still rolling during these troubled times for mongering in South Korea. I stopped at the one on the third floor across from Songtan Bus Terminal tonight, and received a pretty good HJ for 60,000 won. I have received BBBJCIM there before, but tonight, no such luck. Had a girl named Un Suk. Nice tight body and pleasant to look at, but alas, no BJ. I Left no tip. Gonna try something on highway 1 in Pyongteak next time. Well anyway, keep it real fella mongers!


09-24-04, 15:05
from today's korean herald

tough new "zero-tolerance" laws to curb the sex trade and trafficking in women went into effect yesterday and authorities vowed to enforce penalties that include lengthy prison terms and heavy fines.
brothel owners and prostitutes face prison sentences of up to seven years and heavy fines, while pimps can be jailed for up to 10 years. foreigners caught in illegal sex acts can be deported.

critics warn that any laxity - one of the major problems in the past in curbing the sex trade - will make the laws hollow and not change a national attitude to prostitution as undesirable but an accepted practice.

"we have put even stricter enforcement on brothel owners, particularly those who confine women and commit violence," ministry of justice official jung soon-chul said.

buying and selling sex has been criminalized in korea for some years, but corrupt policemen have basically allowed brothels and other sex providers to conduct their business without facing prosecution.

most of the lights in cheongnyang-ri 588, one of the famous red-light districts in seoul, are turned off by midnight as the strict anti-sex trade laws were implemented yesterday. [the korea herald]

"although i reported to the police, they did not even show up, and if they do once in a while, the brothel owners had been already notified," said a women who was involved in prostitution from 1998-2001 and gave only her family name park.

appearing at a briefing in the korea national police agency this week to preview the new laws, she said, "the bribery was so severe that i even had to provide free sex to newly appointed policemen."

policemen were often provided with a free one-night stand in a red-light district in return for not turning in brothel owners or other sex purveyors.

asked why they were in the sex trade, 55.1 percent of 673 respondents told the korea women's hotline in 2003 that they got involved "via a drinking party or for a reception for business partners." only 14.1 percent said it was "to fulfill sexual desires."

in another survey by the ministry of gender equality, 68.5 percent of 1,000 males and females agreed that in schools, the military and in companies, there is an underlying national culture that encourages the sex trade.

men who solicit a prostitute apparently have few qualms. in a survey of 577 people who paid for sex, only 18 percent felt guilty while 26 percent thought nothing about their action, the korea women's hotline said.

"korean people tend to be generous to the sex trade," said chung bong-hyup, director general of the women's rights promotion bureau in the ministry of gender equality.

overall, one out of every two korean men has had at least one session with a prostitute, the survey said.

as part of its new anti-prostitution drive, the government is placing posters and advertisements in subway stations and on portal web sites warning people of the penalties as well as health issues.

"it is almost impossible to change people's awareness just by invoking the criminal law. it will take time and need promotion and education in the long term," said chung.

some people are concerned that prostitution, commonly viewed as a necessary evil, will become more clandestine and increasingly difficult to control.

illegal sex in places such as barbers' shops and small inns which provide short-tem room rentals - and even in cars or other vehicles in hideaway areas - is expected to surge.

"although the authorities may maintain strong control of prostitution, there will naturally be loopholes. and these can happen anywhere in our own neighborhoods instead of in areas which we can police," said lee sang-don, a law professor at korea university.

the new special laws on sex trade provide harsher punishment for people trading in sex and anyone buying it. commercial sex is "intolerable by its nature," the government said.

brothel operators face the most severe penalties. all assets gained from trading in sex can be confirep001ed and they can be fined up to 70 million won and be imprisoned for up to 7 years.

anyone caught paying for sexual favors also runs the risk of being sentenced to one to seven years in prison, fines of up to 3 million won, or community service.

the new laws help protect women lured into the sex trade. anyone forced to become a prostitute is protected fom punishment. debts owed to pimps will be deemed invalid. previously, over 80 percent of women prostitutes were weighed under with huge debts caused by exorbitant interest imposed by pimps or other sex purveyors.

a pimp who forces a woman into prostitution against her will can face up to 10 years imprisonment and 100 million in fines.

foreign women caught performing illicit sex or involved in the sex trade can be deported.

the u.s. military is no exception. u.s. military officials in korea "embarked on an aggressive program to combat the sex trade and [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908)," the u.s. military newspaper "stars and stripes" reported sept. 21.

"the army force increased both uniformed and non-uniformed patrols in known sex-trade enclaves; putting suspect establishments and even entire neighborhood on 'off limits' lists," it added.

09-24-04, 20:40
damn, looks like they mean business.

looks like mongering in Korea will be pretty tough going forward.

3 million won is pretty steep but i can handle that - BUT jail time or deportation?

how exactly does one explain that to your co-workers?

sorry, but whenever i go back to Seoul on business, i'll definitely think twice about mongering

why risk that? i'll just have to get my groove on in BKK or Macau with a peace of mind before heading there

Yella Man
09-27-04, 15:30
OK guys, with the depressing state of mongering affairs in Korea lately, I would like to plan a trip to Thailand in Feb/Mar 05 time frame. First stop will be Edens Boutique or Club, whatever you prefer, in BangKok, http://www.bkk-gui.de/ede_eng_f.htm , I had my world rocked there back in 2003. It was an experience I'll never forget with two hot Thai women into anal. They gave me my moneys worth. Then a Soapy at Poseidon, http://poseidon.wronger.com/ , I'm telling you, these girls look so good in person you really have to control yourself. I wanted to DATY so bad on the girl I had, it was scary, she was so fucking good looking. Then on to my favorite hunting grounds, Pattaya. More pussy per square mile than any place Iv'e been before. Anyway, PM me if your interested in taking a trip to Thailand around the time I specified. Keep it real fella mongers!


Run Mann
09-28-04, 07:06
The view from soldiers in Germany as it relates to the crackdown, this article is from today's edition of S & S.

Troops say proposed UCMJ change unfair in prostitution-legal Germany
By Jessica Inigo, Stars and Stripes
European edition, Sunday, September 26, 2004

RHEIN-MAIN AIR BASE, Germany — Troops stationed in Germany are seeing red over the Pentagon’s proposal to add an anti-prostitution charge to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and it’s not just the glow from the local red light district.

Military personnel and their families on Rhein Main Air Base, only minutes from one of the largest red light districts in the world, are angered by the Department of Defense announcement to change the UCMJ. Those interviewed largely agree that Germany is not the place to enforce such a law.

Unlike other overseas military installations across the world where sex trade and [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) runs rampant, in Germany, prostitution is legal. There are licensed brothels, called Eros Center, where working girls can rent their own rooms for the day. There are no madames.

Germany women choose prostitution as a profession and are taxed as regular workers, according to Frankfurt Web sites.

“Where are we talking about?” asked Pfc. Marty Conyers of the 464th Replacement Detachment on Rhein-Main when asked if troops should be punished by one-year confinement and a dishonorable discharge if convicted for paying for sex. Conyers said the anti-prostitution law would be unfair to troops in Germany, because it is legal here.

Army Sgt. Adam Z. Pastor, who just arrived at the replacement detachment on Rhein-Main and is waiting to go to his next unit, agreed, saying the addition to the UCMJ would be “harsh.”

“It would be different if it were some third-world country that had no jobs and no opportunity, and women were forced into it,” Pastor said. “It’s a little bit pushy to enforce that law here.”

He added that if DOD officials were making the addition for safety reasons, they should think again. “Right off the bat, if it’s an issue of safety, there are condoms and stuff like that that soldiers can use.”

Spc. Tasha Smith added that the working women in Germany are regularly tested, so there should be nothing stopping troops from using Eros Centers if they choose to.

“It’s a legal job, and if a girl wants to make money that way, she should be able to get her customers,” Smith said.

Preventing troops from visiting red light districts is going to be difficult, according to Airman 1st Class Gerard Garcia.

“Normally, I don’t go to those places, but I don’t think [the addition of an anti-prostitution charge to the UCMJ] is going to work,” Garcia said.

“I think, psychologically, we have men who have been away from women and, of course, hormones have built up, especially in the single soldiers,” Garcia said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it’s not going to work from a psychological point of view.”

Not only that, but Conyers said troops should be able to spend their money how they choose.

“I’ve talked to soldiers who have gone to these places and it doesn’t badly affect their military career or badly affect the prostitutes’ career,” Conyers said, adding, “Soldiers say this is [BS].”

Sgt. 1st Class Henry Mims is of the same mind, adding that the proposed anti-prostitution article is a little too much control over troops’ personal lives.

“Next, they’re going to tell us we can’t drink or only on the weekends,” Mims said. “I think it’s stupid.”

Dana Molnar, the wife of an active-duty servicemember, says the DOD is silly to fret over where troops are getting it on in Germany.

“It seems like we can spend our time worrying about more important things,” she said.

However, Airman Michelle Johnson, who is new to the military and just came into country, brings up a point on the legality of American troops paying for sex.

“I think that if it’s illegal in the United States, that it should be illegal for U.S. military members,” she said. “We shouldn’t be able to do things here, like smoke weed, just because it’s legal [where we live or visit.]

“Military members are supposed to do the same as people in the States.”

Old Retired Man
10-05-04, 03:44
The Korean Times had an article about all the places and people they have busted since the crackdown. So far they have arrested
468 people. Also the US Military is making contractors abide by the curfew. Yesterday I spent most of they day reading aboout some contractor from Lockheed Martin getting caught and the consequences if we get caught.

Run Mann
10-05-04, 19:58
Another related story from S & S with some very telling stats about HIV:

SEOUL — For the first time in its history, the South Korean government will air public service announcements encouraging the use of condoms, officials said Friday.

The ads will run on major broadcast television networks, cable TV channels, Korean Web portals and on buses and subways, officials said.

At the same time, community health centers throughout the country will provide condoms free to anyone who requests them.

South Korean government officials say the new campaign — coupled with a prostitution crackdown by Korean authorities and U.S. military commands — will help stem a growing AIDS problem and change the perception of sex in South Korea.

“We will set up consultation centers in highly populated areas around the nation to encourage the public to get a checkup for AIDS,” Go Un-yeong of the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), told reporters.

Privately, South Korean officials acknowledge the public campaign aims also at eliminating a pervasive myth in South Korea: that only foreigners carry and transmit the AIDS virus.

Many of the red-light districts in the country refuse to serve foreign clients, for instance, openly saying the reason is fear of AIDS. But by taking the new measures, public health officials hope Koreans realize the problem is theirs as well, officials say.

According to KCDC statistics, the number of new human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, cases among South Koreans has grown by 35 percent each year since 2000. From 1985 to 1994, officials said, just 410 cases were reported. But in 2003 alone, 535 Koreans contracted the virus. In the first six months of 2004, more than 300 cases have been reported.

To boost the awareness campaign, health officials will ask the public to choose a Korean-language word for “condom,” hoping it will increase condom use and make people more comfortable buying contraceptives, the KCDC said.

10-06-04, 20:50
Is there any action to be found in the Koji Island area? This is around the Daewoo shipyard.

Thanks in advance.

Old Retired Man
10-07-04, 13:13
I just came up to Osan today for a mini vacation. I took the train to Pyongtaek. The RLD there is closed. For some reason everything seems to be kinda dead.

Old Retired Man
10-13-04, 01:02
Came back from Osan yesterday. The RLD girls were having a demonstration against the Korean governments policy on prostitution. They had 3 busload of riot cops there at Pyongtaek train station. My taxi driver friend told me the crackdown was hurting other business such as hotels. Also some hotels will turn you away if they suspect you and the girl you are with are doing business.

Yella Man
10-13-04, 18:08
Sounds like things are bad in Korea right now. I'm in the States until Saturday. I was going to do a three day lay-over in Japan on my way back, but I met this sexy little blond during a little NAMPA waiting for my flight in Seattle, and ended up traveling from PA to Virginia to see her during my stay in the States, spending those three days with her. It was well worth it too! I'll post the hot ass pictures she let me take when I get back guys. Until then, Keep it real!


Gas Can
10-17-04, 06:31
Finally tried one of the BBS places south of Songtan on Highway 1. If you want the directions, please PM me. Given the current state of affairs in Korea, think it's best not to give out detailed directions.

Decided to hit a BBS because my regular girl at the TOurist Hotel wasn't available. On initial entry, it was a typical BBS setup. Met at the door by adashi and taken through about a dozen little cubicles to the back corner with the chair and sink. Also had the too small shorts and the place to hang your clothes. This was not the average BBS visit.

Pulled out 60K won, at which point he told me price was 100K. I almost walked, figuring he was taking advantage of a megook and didn't want to pay that scratch for a potentialy fake blow job.

He saw me hesitate and then told me "OK. Sex with girl OK." Was thinking with the little head and figured if nothing else, I'd get a report.

I paid the money and he left while I changed. A few minutes later, he came back and told me if the police come, then just say I am sleeping. Guess everyone's a little shook up now.

A minute after he left, I heard flip flops and probably the most attractive BBS lady I've seen entered. About 5 feet and 90 lbs and under 30. Nice rack and no stretch marks. Probably an 7/10 in face and 8-9/10 in body.

Started out standard with a foot wash and then a very inadequate massage of back and legs. She did allow my hands to roam, which was a good sign. After about 20 minutes of this, just when I was thinking I got taken, she says "shower" and motions for me to follow.

Jumped into my sandals and followed her. She led me into the mens room, which was a little stall with a urinal. Was trying to figure out what was going on when she hit a remote control on a little fob she had and part of the tiles slid back, revealing another set of rooms. I couldn't believe it.

She led me in, closed the door and then showed me into the shower room. Was set up like every other sports massage place, except smaller. She laid me out on the table for the body wash. Then slapped on a rubber for CBJ and CFS right there on the shower table.

Completed the deed, showered again and then she took me back to the secret door and pointed to my stall.

I got dressed and started to leave. Adashi grabbed me and gave me a card. Explained that it was a VIP card. Make five visits and the sixth is free. He then went upstairs to make sure the coast was clear and as I left, the girl showed up again to say good bye.

Also noticed they had a close circuit TV set up that covered the street outside.

In my opinion, well worth the money. Also got an education on what else is availabe out there and to what lengths folks are going to to beat the new laws.

Once again, if you would like directions and are a regular poster, PM me and I'll let you know.

In spite of the crackdown, this month has been pretty much business as usuall. Still able to meet pros in the clubs and make arrangements for dates. Still see my regular girl. But then again, I'm an established regular.

Good hunting.

Yella Man
10-21-04, 21:46
The four pole BBS on Hwy 1 near Life Apt is still in action. Paid 90,000 won for full service on the massage table. Lady in her thirties tried to get me off with a HJ first, but for 90,000 won I wasn't having that, so she slapped a condom on, got me up, layed down and pulled me on for the ride. Not a bad experience. Just not my best experience. I think the price went from 80,000 won to 90,000 because of the risk involved. And they definately don't use the little mattress hidden in the back any longer. Let me know if you need directions. Keep it real fella mongers!


Yella Man
10-22-04, 14:58
Does anyone know if Songtan Massage at Songtan Hotel is still servicing customers? I want to stop there next week and pay a visit to Ji Na. I heard her service is excellent.


Yella Man
10-25-04, 12:44
Man! I PAID a visit to Songtan Hotel and hit there massage in the basement on Saturday. I asked for Ji Na since I heard so much about her in previous post, and man, was she worth it! She seemed to really like what she was doing and was very relaxed and unhurried as she serviced me. Paid $100.00 for one of the best experiences so far in Korea. The girl got Skilz! So I highly recommend her. I'll definately be going back.

To find the Hotel, make a right out of the Osan main gate and follow the road around, making a left at the three way intersection. As your about to go over the Bridge (railroad tracks underneath), make a quick right, then the first left and another left. Go up the stairs of the Hotel entrance, but don't go inside. Look to your right and you will see a door that leads to the MP below. There is also a entrance to the MP inside the hotel. Enjoy yourself fellas! And as always, keep it real!


10-30-04, 05:42
Word on the street is that the RLD is back in business. Passed by the bridge last nite and didn't see any lights. Going later today to confirm. Hope it last for a bit.

10-30-04, 12:56
RLD is open again, but alas the women have put on winter wear, not too many hot skirts and all.

11-02-04, 16:24
Hello all

I will be visiting Osan AB/Songtan next week. I have read the posts and there isnt much there lately. I read all about the crackdown from both the military and korean sides. What I need to know is several questions. But first let me explain my history. I am retired AF. I was stationed at Osan for about 8 years in the 80's at Skivvy Nine. I havent been back to Korea since I left in 1989. Back in those days the ville was great. No russians or flips anywhere, only georgous korean ladies. We also had the Barber Shops and short time places down what we called BJ ally, but no massage parlors in hotels or anywhere else.

My question concerns what is left other than the massage parlor posted below. Are the girls in the bars still available and how much. I am not concerned about the cerfew or off limits places, they dont apply to me anymore. I will probably only have one full day there so I want to take advantage of as much as I can.

Please help me out so I can enjoy my first visit to Korea is 15 years.

Yella Man
11-04-04, 10:47
Paid ($$) a morning (0800) visit to the BBS on highway 45 right outside of Pyongteak Station in the basement. For 60,000 won I got a decent massage, 30 second blow job, and what was really unusual, the girl climbed on top of me on the massage table and was about to impale herself on my wood before I stopped her, and asked her to put a condom on it. She balked at first (I guess because of the crack-down they don't carry condoms), but left the room for about five minutes and came back with a condom. It was game on baby! She had the most amazing pussy control I have felt in a long time. You could actually feel her gripping and releasing my dick with her pussy when she paused on a stroke. I'll get her name next time because I'm interested to here from others about her amazing pussy powers! Well worth the trip. Anyway fella mongers, you know the deal. Keep it real!


Gas Can
11-12-04, 10:17
Got the second sticker on my VIP card yesterday. Arrived around 1130 and the owner actually seemed glad to see me. Paid my 100k and was taken to one of the cubicles.

Got a fairly attractive girl named Yung Me. About 5 feet and probably 90 lbs, based on her walking on my back.

After 30 minutes, went back into the sliding door room for the table shower and CBJ followed by full service. Only problem was she sat down too hard and really freaked over size. I'm not huge, but too big for her.

She wanted to finish with hand, but I wasn't having anything to do with it. She was so tight. Rolled her over and kind of inched in until she was streched out and could take it.

Aftewards, a bottle of Bacchus and got dressed to leave. Nicely surprised to see adashi had shined my shoes while I was in back.

As a side note (this is a strange thought) when she dumped my empty bottle, it was in a five gallon garbage pail overflowing with empty bottles. Assuming most customers take a bottle, and they empty the pail every two days, they must be running at least 50 a day through there. Good money.

Another side note. Walked back to my car a different way and walked by the mother of all BBS. Had to be 12 poles in one holder. Will definitly have to give that one a try.

If you're a regular poster and want directions, drop me a PM and I'll send them.

11-16-04, 12:32
This has been covered before. But on the chance that someone has an update, great.
Looking for places or a woman who offers services on the island of Jeju/Cheju.

Thank you all!

11-17-04, 17:33
made it back to korea for first time since i was stationed at osan in 80's. unfortunely unable to check out any rlds since had my wife with me the whole time. but the nite before we flew out we stayed at the little hotel town just outside inchon airport. after the wife fell asleep, i ventured out and there were about 7 or more barber shop places rep001tered around. picked one that had 4 barber shop poles and a sign for body massage for men.

not knowing what to expect with the crackdown and having never read anything on the board about this town, deceided to check it out. place is downstairs from a "business mans club" next to "queen" hotel.

mamasan met me at the entrance and paid 130000 price. she took me to a room and told me to undress and put on a robe. laid down on the table and she then covered me with a blanket. also had a pair of shorts she gave me on. so there i was with shorts, a robe and a blanket. i'm thinking that this is way to much covering for anything good to happen.

in walks my lady. got her name as minni i think. started off with a foot bath right there from the massage table. then she spent some time with a face massage to include some heavy lotion. from there she started a body massage. i tried to make conversation but not easy to do with her limited english and my limited korean. btw she was probably early 20's and tiny, just the way i like them, but very cute. the body massage was done while still covered with the shorts, robe and blanket so i am thinking this is all i will be getting, even though the massage was very good, i was disappointed at this point.

finally she says its time for a shower. thinking there is still a possibility to salvage something out of this. in the shower i take off my robe and shorts and she immediately undresses also. things are looking better and better. i lay down and she first washes me all over. then she soapes herself up really good and proceedes to give me a body to body wash. it was great. her naked, slippery body slidding up and down all over mine. while doing this she turns around and puts her bush right in my face and i cant help myself but dive right in. the bush was hairyer than i like but at this point i am not complaining. from there she started with a bbbj and really worked it over. this went on for quite some time until i finally had to ask her to stop. from there she laid down next to me and proceeded to some heavy petting. finally she started another bj and put the cover on. she then slid down on me in a reverse cowgirl position and pounded away. ended up switching to missionary and then doggie to completion. after cleaning up and a short rest i was ready again and she asked if i wanted another bj. of course i said yes and got another bbbjtc. i tell you guys this was the best service i have ever had and i visit alot of asian mps here in the states. only wish i would have stayed there a couple more days so i could try some of the other places around, but i doubt if any could compare.

finally went back to the room hoping that wifey didnt wake up and she was still snoring away. the next morning while getting ready to catch our plane she asked me where i went last night and i told her i couldn't sleep so i went out for a beer. if your travelling through inchon, stop at this little town, it the only one after you get on the inchon toll road, and check out this massage parlor. btw dont know if it was expected or not but the whole time was so good that i gave her 60 american as a tip.

Run Mann
11-21-04, 14:55
If any of you ever need a place to stay when you're in Songtan/Osan area, the Asia Hotel is really a good deal. My guest and I paid $47.00 for a good size room with a kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator and a portable sauna. They even have a little internet cafe downstairs and provide all guest free bottled water and coffee. The television had a multitude of channels including playboy and two spice channels showing porn (all free). Korean Porno's are quite unique, I must say. Both the Crown and Hamilton hotel in Seoul cost twice as much and don't offer half the amenities of this little cozy hotel, they offer just about everything but the girl.

11-22-04, 10:31
Well I finally made it back to Korea. It has been almost eight years. I was here in '96. Now I am getting to venture into the lands on Suwon. Can anyone tell me if there is any action around this area?

Yella Man
11-25-04, 10:00
There is a small RLD near the Mega Mall/Suwon Train station, but it's not worth going to see. I spent maybe 30 minutes checking the area out last summer and it seemed almost dead. IMHO, don't waste your time! Keep it real Guys!


Run Mann
11-29-04, 10:07
An incredulous story!

CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea — Area I nightclub workers are angry that the 2nd Infantry Division continues to examine their health records — including AIDS tests results — a practice they say runs counter to the Army’s campaign against [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) and prostitution.

Earlier this month, 2nd ID officials conducted health inspections of nightclub workers in Tongduchon, the city where the largest 2nd ID facilities in Area I — Camp Casey and Camp Hovey — are located.

A 2nd ID memo to nightclub owners states the inspections involved the division’s Preventative Medicine Office and the Tongduchon Health Department.

“All clubs will have all entertainers and club employees present during the inspection. Entertainers will have their passports, alien cards and health records present for verification of identity.

“Since entertainers are in close proximity to soldiers it is imperative that they can demonstrate that they are free of any communicable diseases,” the memo states.

One nightclub worker who passed the memo to Stars and Stripes and claims she was forced into prostitution after being lured to South Korea by the promise of an entertainment industry job, said health inspections give the impression the Army is involved in management of prostitution in Area I, despite a high-profile anti-vice campaign this year.

“They shouldn’t be having these health inspections. If there is no prostitution, they wouldn’t need the inspections,” she said.

However, 2nd ID spokesman Maj. Mike Lawhorn said the health checks do not amount to management of prostitution by the Army.

“We are absolutely not involved in the management of this. It is extremely important to the command, that everybody understands at all levels, that the division is absolutely committed to this zero-tolerance culture for activities that support [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) and prostitution. We are not tolerating anything that supports that,” he said.

The health inspections had nothing to do with [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) or prostitution, he said.

“They are about enforcing health and safety standards for our soldiers. We have made it very clear to the club owners and we are continuing to make clear to them our stance on [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) and prostitution,” he said.

Members of the Korean Special Tourists Association (KSTA), an umbrella organization for nightclub owners serving U.S. soldiers in Area I, understand the Army’s concerns, he added.

“They want to run clean, profitable clubs to the benefit of everyone. It is to everyone’s benefit that the health and safety rules and the laws of Korea are adhered to,” Lawhorn said.

Clubs that break the rules will be declared off-limits, he said.

“It is not going to be worth it to break Korean law or violate the standards of the KSTA,” Lawhorn said.

Recent health inspections of Area I nightclub workers were the same as those carried out at all South Korean nightclubs and were done by Gyeonggi Province officials with military personnel present, Lawhorn said.

The health exams, which foreign entertainers must complete every three months, include a biannual AIDS test. Tests for other sexually transmitted diseases are optional, Lawhorn said.

Father Glen Jarron of the Filipino Catholic Center in Seoul said the Army’s health checks were of less concern than the South Korean government’s requirement that entertainers undergo AIDS tests. Jarron has worked extensively with Filipinos trafficked to South Korea.

“Why should they require entertainers to have an AIDS test and not require ordinary factory workers? That is tantamount to saying that the girls are not really going into that kind of work,” he said.

The real problem was not health checks or AIDS tests, he added.

“It is about ending the idea that they [Filipina nightclub workers] are still being used by American GIs or other foreigners,” he said.

Gas Can
12-05-04, 09:41
Finallly had a decent experience at the Prince Sports Massage. Had two mediocre sessions in the past, but my favorite from Songtan is gone so I decided to give Prince another chance.

Basically the same setup as the Songtan. Big difference is the rooms are new, there is actually a bed and you shower by yourself. No table shower.

Girl I chose was named Cherry. She had a different look that turned me on. Found out afterwards it's because she's Chinese. Probably an 8 in body and a 7 in face. Her breasts were fantastic. The nice perky kind with big nipples that I love.

After the shower and about 20 minutes of massage, she rolled me over and pulled out the hot oil for a little B2B. Just the thing to get things moving. After about 10 minutes of this, to include much ass in face time, she toweld me off.

She went to the table and filled a little cup with mouthwash. She started a BBBJ and after about 5 minutes, put the moutwash in her mouth and started sucking again. I've never experienced that before and it was fantastic.

Finally, she spit out the mouthwash, rolled condom on with her mouth for a little more sucking, then jumped on for a little cowgirl. Went on for a while until I flipped her over and finished missionary.

A nice cig, drink and shower later and I was out the door.

Damage was Won 110,000 plus a Won 10,000 tip. Really enjoyed it and will be back to see her.

Side notes. The exchange rate is killing me. The price of blow jobs has gone up 10% in the last year.

Am I the only one prowling around here? Or is everyone just to gun shy to post anymore.

12-06-04, 13:57
110.000 is way too much in my opinion. Been in Korea for 8 years. Visited my share of MP's, barber shops, etc. and the going rate is 70.000. Even Koreans will tell you that. But, as long as those seeking are willing to pay way above the going rate, the prices will keep going up. I have visited places in Jeju/Cheju, Busan, Seoul and over the years, it's been 70.000 Won.

I stumbled onto a place in Jeju the other day. It's one of these hotels. Not a love hotel. Small room hotel. Room is the size of a double bed. These places are all over Korea. (I can't post the name's on this site as WSG has not Korean language format.) Anyway. Went in, paid 50,000 for the room. The owner calls up some hooker. She shows up. Older woman. 40's. Typical looking Korean looking ajuma. My dick was not interested in her. Most of you also would not be interested. But, I already paid and took my chances. Ajuma told me to go shower again and "wash my ass real good she says." I do. Come back to the room, showers are not in these rooms. Lay down and she starts sucking my cock. BBBJ. Sucks my cock for about 5 minutes and then goes for my butt hole and tongues the hell out of it! I mean she put her tongue as far in as she could and then some! She rimmed me for about 10 minutes, went back to sucking my cock, goes back to rimming, then sucks on the balls, swallows them and some more rimming! I'm getting to like this I'm thinking! Then she wants me to open my legs even wider! Any more wider and I'll be doing the splits! Man, she went to town again on my butt hole! Comes back to my cock and finishes me off with CIM!
The whole think cost me 50,000 Won plus I gave her 20,000 more. The room cost 20,000 so the hotel owner also paid her 30,000. I went back again and told the hotel owner that I wanted the same woman. She came and the same thing happen! I just wish she was in her 20's and more pretty! But hey, for 50,000! Why complain!

12-10-04, 15:01
Well, you aren't just getting a BJ and a rimjob from an older woman for 110K won. You usually get cute, thin hottie who gives a OK massge, B2B with oil, a nice scubdown, BBBJ, and fuck in as many positions as you can dream up. Total tmie spent is usually about 1 hour, but I've never had a girl watching the clock. Sometimes it is a bit longer. If you're into eating pussy, evey girl I have been with in ROK has been fine with that. However, I know what your're saying about those punters willing to pay over the going rate causing prices to increase.

Old Retired Man
12-12-04, 10:30
Rumors: I went to Osan Air Base this past weekend for a Military Retiree's Appreciation Day. Rumors have it that January 1, 2005 the military is going to put off limits any bars that have dancers or juicies. They want to get rid of the PI girls as they are saying they are human trafficked. Most of the old Soviet Bloc girls are gone. My point is if they still had Korean girls in bars none of this problem would have occured. Some of the bars have stopped having dancers already.

12-12-04, 13:45
Does anyone know of any action around the Kunsan area. If possible I would like to be able to call for a provider in this area, but if not I wouldn't mind going looking.

12-13-04, 15:26
Retired Man,

I've had some good conversations with some of the PI girls at the bars in Osan AB area. The ones I talk with on a regualr basis, have told me that they signed a contract to come to Osan to model or be a part of a singing group as a singer or dancer. Then they were told that the lead singer or whatever didn't make it or something like that, but they already have a contract to work. They either don't seem to get or don't want to accept that they have been tricked. I was also told that the owner has taken their passports and will not let them leave until the end of their contract. They don't really seem happy about living her, but all of them admit that their life in PI was in worse. At least here they are being paid and they can send money home. They admitted to me heavy pressure from Mamma (and perhaps other manager-types) to sell the juice. In one bar I tried to just give 10K won to a girl instead of buyng a 10K won juicy drink. She falt refused it saying she would be in trouble if she took the cash instead of the juice. I also know that the juicy girls are watched like a hawk by either the bartenders (if Korean) or a Korean Mamma. The Russian girls, on the other hand, from what I have seen, they still have their passports and generally seem to have more freedom.

I didn't hear exactly the same thing you did, but last night a girl I've been chatting with for a couple of months told me she is going home (PI) around Christmas and she didn't seem happy about it at all. I also heard that the Korean bars are getting rid of the PI girls, so maybe there is something to what you said. She said there is no work in PI for her. So, is this [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908)? They seem to want to stay. Maybe selling juice and dancing is better than what would have to do in the PI to just survive.

About the restrictions on our soliders and airmen here... it's a damn shame that a young man comes to the other side of the world to serve his country, but the military will not refuse him beer (until 21 now!), refuse him pay for play when it is readily available while in an environment with mostly other men and expect him to be motivated and be "ready to fight tonight." I'm not talking about supporting [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) and I am so sick of these AFN prostitution=[CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) commercials. Don't get me started.

12-14-04, 14:59
If these women had their passports taken from them, all they have to do is contact their Embassy. They can get a new one. If these women really wanted out of the life style, they can get out. But, would it be any better back in their home country? They stay by choice. Money. And hopes of meeting Mr. Right.

They can walk away from the bar any time. Maybe a few are "held hostage."

And it's not the fault of the U.S. Military, the reason the women are in Korea.

Yella Man
01-07-05, 16:03
An area on highway 1, a click up the road from Songtan going towards Pyongteak is jumping with BBS's. I stopped at one right off highway 1 past a big crab sign on the right as your going towards Pyongteak from Songtan. Gas Can had an earlier post about it. It was 100,000 Won for a decent massage, wash down on a plastic bed in a secret shower room, CBJ, Missionary and finish with Doggy. She wasn't a bad looker either. There are a few other BBS in the area that I want to try. Namely, one block to the right as your going south on highway 1 is crowded with young Koreans, Restraunts, Clubs and BBS's. It's worth a look. Anyway fella mongers, keep it real and keep posting!


Yella Man
01-08-05, 10:49
I forgot to mention in my previous post that you get a VIP card that gets punched when you leave the BBS in Shi Chong. With five visits you get the sixth free. Not a bad deal. Keep it real guys!


Handyman #2
02-28-05, 20:08
What is happening in Korea? When I was there from 1972-1975, I could have a girl friend, an unofficial house and her buying the food for $100.00 a month. Although the curfew, did suck, everything was cheap and Osan AB was small and laid back.
When I went back 1983-1988, costs were way up, apartments were in the $350-$550 range (they were better apartment from the one room, outside toilet places of 1972-1975, but not that great). Club girls ran $20.00 to $50.00 for all night. And you could buy them out of the club for under $1,500.00 is you wanted a yobo.
When I went back in 1990-1991, apartment were up to $450-$650 (same ones from 1983-1988), Club girls were running $75.00 + for an all night romp.

I recently went back for a vacation and everything seems changed. Costs were skyhigh, apartments were even higher, and club girls either didn't want to or were afraid to come to my hotel and spend the night. And some of the prices a few of them quoted were a real surprise to me after spending 10 years in Korea before. Luckily I was only staying 2 days, because I was really disappointed in the mongering scene there now.

Run Mann
03-01-05, 15:29
Story from Stars and Stripes about Off limit Clubs:

UIJONGBU, South Korea — The group that provides off-base entertainment for many U.S. soldiers, the Korean Special Tourist Association, has 49 members in Tongducheon and branches in Toka-Ri, Uijongbu, Seoul, Pusan, Taegu, Song-Tan, Pyongtaek and various other areas near U.S. bases in South Korea.

The South Korean government does not tax alcohol purchased by KSTA members but prohibits them from serving South Korean customers unless they are with a U.S. servicemember.

Tongduchoen KSTA president Park Young-ho, who owns the Mustang Club in Tongduchoen, said he’s been in business outside Camp Casey for 25 years. The biggest change during that time, he said, happened after Sept. 11, 2001, when the U.S. military indicated it would declare off-limits any bar that did not impose strict rules, including checking customers’ ID cards.

Park said the U.S. Army told the bars they could serve only U.S. servicemembers and civilians; they could not serve people from other countries, including “southeast Asian nations,” or risk being declared off-limits. Park said such people were a substantial part of the bars’ business before Sept. 11.

Tongduchoen and the surrounding Gyeonggi Province are home to many foreign factory workers from developing nations; some of those workers are suspected of being in South Korea illegally, officials have said.

Then, last year more than 3,000 soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division deployed to Iraq, reducing bar owners’ incomes, Park said, adding that the financial squeeze means KSTA bars cannot afford to hire South Korean women to work as hostesses.

There is also a stigma associated with the industry, he said: “South Koreans refer to it as a 3D industry — that means dangerous, dirty” and difficult.

So KSTA bars employ predominantly Filipino women as hostesses. About 350 Filipino women are bar workers in Tongduchoen, Park said. The women can speak English well but more importantly for his business, he said, they are willing to work for half the wages South Korean bar workers demand.

Filipino nightclub workers in Tongduchoen get paid $640 a month plus room and board, the cost of their airline tickets from the Philippines and money to pay a commission to the recruiting agent who signed them up, Park said.

The real cost of employing them is about $1,500 a month, estimated KSTA spokesman Joe Yong Sok, a fluent English speaker who helps the organization in its dealing with the U.S. military.

The rules for placing clubs off-limits grate on club owners. For example, the King Club, near Camp Casey’s front gate, was placed off-limits recently for not checking IDs, he said.

The Army officials “just unilaterally place establishments off-limits without prior notice. They don’t give a detailed description about what they are doing wrong,” he said.

At Songtan near Osan Air Base, he said, a procedure exists for KSTA bars suspected of breaking the rules to explain themselves.

“The bars here never get that chance. We have been trying to open communication channels with the U.S. military with no luck,” he said.

Area I spokesman David McNally said the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board decides about placing clubs off-limits. He said each U.S. base in South Korea has such a board, headed by the installation commander.

If mitigating circumstances exist or a problem is fixed, a bar can apply to the board in writing to be put back on-limits, he said. A bar owner unhappy with a board decision can appeal it to the Area I commander, he said.

Girls Rok Me
03-01-05, 17:08

Give me a friggin break, " When I was here in 1972-1975"!!!!! Thats 40 years ago buddy. Hell the price of everything around the world has gone up. Don't blame Korea. Get a job that pays you 2005 wages, they will probally compare to 1972 wages rather equally.

I for one am quite proud of Korea in comming out of the past and becomming a world player both economically and in their social enviroment. Hell they deserve it, they work hard (harder then most Americans for far less money) and they are proud of their heritage. Been though many conflicts in their past, but still hold true to their 3000 year old culture.

Korean girls are the best in the world and shame on you for thinking they should be 3rd world slaves, no wonder they didn't want to come to your hotel ,,or are you sure it wasn't a tent because the cost if a hotel is 10 times the price it was in 72?

03-01-05, 18:42
Girls Rok Me, don't be to hard on Handyman2. He forgets that things do change all over the world. I was there in '84-86 & '89-93 and it was beginning to change at that time. I agree-Koreans are some of the hardest working people I have known and have much to be proud of in thier country. He's just lamenting that it's no longer like Thailand is now.

Sam Katz
03-02-05, 07:46
you mongers, come to Seoul and i'll show you how to get non hooker korean girls that look better and are classier then any pro.

Sam Katz aka ....

Handyman #2
03-02-05, 13:54
Girls ROK Me and Magic501;

I was not just talking about the cost changes. Re-reading my post, I can understand where you understood it that way, and I apologize for not making myself plain.

I felt that the whole attitude has changed drastically over the last ten years, more than it has in the previous 30. Song Tan Si no longer has that safe and secure feeling it used to have. The store owners (many of them good friends of many years) told me that crime has really increased, even more so against Koreans. While they seem to make as much money as they did before, they don't feel as secure as they did before.

In the 70's to mid 80's, if a GIs got drunk and lost, someone (usually a Korean) would make sure they got back to the gate (unharmed with their wallet). This was about 90% of the time. In the late 80's to 90's, the drunks still seemed to make it back to base with assistance, but some of them had lost their wallets along the way. From what I understand (from talking to a few shop owners and some GIs) you now have to watch yourself if you are walking alone.

So what I was asking is why the attitudes have changed so much in the past 3-5 years (last time I visited was 1998)?

03-03-05, 03:46

Moneywise, everything is more than it was in '72. In '72, a Cadillac cost $5000. Now you have to pay almost $40,000. Comparing prices form '72 to now doesn't make any sense. You almost sound like those old guys who go to Wal-Mart and say to the cashier, "now when I was a kid, a pack o' bubble gum cost a penny!"

Concerning the other part about attitudes, I might have to agree with some of that. I think it's part of the democratization of Korea since Kim Dae Jung. S. Korea wants to play nice with N. Korea and a lot of Koreans feel that the Americans are an obstacle to an eventual reunification. In the '70's, '80's, and even the mid-'90's, there was always the sense that reunification was a pipe dream. Now though, there's a different feeling about it and the general feeling is that Americans are getting in the way. There's no longer the feeling that Americans are the guardians of S. Korea. More and more people feel that the US Army is just nothing more than an anachronism.

Regardless, Korean women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. It's been over 2 years since I've been there, and I miss it a lot.

Handyman #2
03-14-05, 19:03

No I am not the old guy that lives in the past, although I wish we could reverse some of the modern thinking and attitudes - especially in education!

I have visited Korea at least every other year since the early 70s (when Song Tan Si only had the main street paved) and while it was slowly modernizing the attitudes had not changed much until the late 80's and early 90's (after the Olympics). They were always helpful, especially if you spoke even a little Hongul. I made many life long Korean friends, and even married a Korean girl. And I did invest in the Korean ecomomy by buying property in Seoul, Song Tan Si, Taegu and Pyonteak. My partner is a Korean I had met in Viet Nam and he is more like a brother than a friend or partner. I invested the money and he rented and maintained the properties, then we split the profits 50-50. When I took him on as a partner, he was driving a taxi and living in a one room apartment with only outside plumbing and barely getting by.

Over time we built this into a very good business and I purchased more and more properties. I realized that he was spending all his time managing these properties, so I insisted that he take an additional 10% maintence fee before the 50-50 split. He refused, so I started a college fund for each of his kids instead. When I was not stationed in Korea and after I retired, I knew he was looking out for our best interests. When I returned for a visit, he always insisted that I stay with him, although I had my wife's family to stay with.

My last visit in January was strange! First of all he didn't even ask me to stay with him, although he had recently built a very large house. But he did book me into a nice hotel at a Korean's price. He didn't meet me at the airport (something he has always done before). After two days, he finally came to visit me in the hotel and I sensed a drastic change in his attitude.

I have always trusted him COMPLETELY, and he had never betrayed my trust before. But now I felt he was different and after visiting several other friends, they also seemed different. Was it me? Maybe I was getting parnoid, and I was a little sick at the time too. After a week, the feeling still hadn't gone away, it had gotten stronger, so I started checking. A visit to a Song Tan Si orphanage revealed that he had made a much smaller donation than what was specified and what he showed on the books. A visit to the different base housing offices revealed that my properties had been vacant very seldom (but the books showed a 25% vacancy) and that the rents being charged were 25% higher than what he was showing on the books. We had even gotten some warnings about not repairing the properties in a timely manner, although he was showing a 15% increase in maintenance costs. The strange thing was that this fraud has all started happening in the last 2-3 years. I am very dispirited over this turn of events and have hired an outside auditing firm to find out just how much he has stolen from me. I haven't gotten the results back, but have been told that he has been less than honest. Now I will have to decide whether to press charges or not. At the very least, the partnership is over.

If he was the only one that had a change of attitude (and morals) I would not worry too much, but I also found it among many of my other long time friends. Now I am trying to decide whether it is time to sell out and reinvest else where (possibly South America). Property values have increased HUGELY since I bought them.

I doubt that I will want to travel back to Korea very much in the future just because of the change in attitudes I experienced during my January trip.

Sorry to have "vented" like this, but if others have also invested in Korea, my advise is to watch the books closely. It seems like it is now okay to cheat an American, even if they are more than friends.

Soju Lizard
03-22-05, 19:55
I was in Korea in the late 80's, the mid 90's and since 2001. This country has changed both in attitudes and prices more than any other country in Asia.

In the 80's a short time went for 20,000 won, girls drinks were about the same as regular price (maybe 2,000 won more) and the mamasans treated the regular customer soldiers and civilians like family. All of the working girls were Koreans. In the 90's, short times went up to the 150,000 range, juicys jumped to 10,000 won, the focus became more on girls hustling drinks but you could still buy ass, the first Flips and Russians started to arrive and the mamasans (with few exceptions) only really looked after their best (I.E. the ones who spent the most) customers. Now, pussy can cost up to 300,000 won if you are lucky to find a bar selling it, the total focus is on juicys, most of the girls are Flips/Russians and the bar owners have little regard for any customers unless they are spending a lot.

For the goob that compared that to buying a pack of gum at Wal-Mart...I'm no mathmetician but the ballpark figure is a piece of ass has gone up about 1,400 percent in the last 20 years in the military villes in Korea. Even a green hayseed that's never heard of a donkey show must agree that's a little excessive. Tell me one other thing you can think of that's gone up 1,400 percent in the last 20 years. Using your example, a pack of Juicy Fruit that cost 25 cents back then would cost $3.75 today. Would you pay $3.75 for a pack of Juicy Fruit?

To compare with other ho action in Korea...a piece of ass in Miari in the late 80's cost 30,000 won. It now (as of March 2005) costs 50,000. That's an increase of under 50 percent. Big difference ain't it hayseed?

But the price difference isn't the worst thing. That would be the attitude of the girls. No longer having to spread their legs due to the idiots that are willing to pay up to 20,000 won for an orange juice or barley tea they now seem to think their pussies are made of gold. Perhaps they're right.

There are still some good places to go in Korea but they are vanishing rapidly. The current Army leadership is partly to blame for their over zealous attempts to keep soldiers from having sex but the USFK personnel that treat these women like queens and waste money on juicys in the ridiculous quest for lunch dates are also to blame. It's the goobs that rollover by paying crazy prices for barley tea and are willing go home with blue balls in the hopes that Ms. Ho might be his girlfriend that have ruined Korea.

Thank goodness for the barber shops, anma's and train stations. Let's hope the hayseeds don't discover them too. Call me old fashioned, but I have no desire to romance a ho. I just want to lay the money down, take care of business and be on my way. If you want to date 'em then keep buying those juicys. I hear they like Juicy Fruit gum too. I'll sell you some for the discount price of $3.50 a pack.

Darren 33
03-23-05, 06:08
Well Soju Lizard said it all. I can't understand how people can spend 300,000 to get some in Itaewon, or buy those sluts 20,000 drinks. No way, plus as you said their attitude has gotten real bad. I think a lot of guys should wake up, not take any shit, and realize that those girls have NO way of making any money without us giving them any. So guys please next time that some girl quotes you 200 bucks for a fuck or 20 bucks for water, tell her to buzz off and go somewhere else.

Yella Man
03-25-05, 11:16
Right on Soju! By paying higher and higher prices over the years, Mamasan has figured out that G.I. will do anything for a piece of ass. So what does she do? Keep jacking up the prices! So what do we do in return? Complain and pay! If we had stopped paying higher prices a long time ago and had told Mamasan to fuck-off, we would be paying more moderate prices today. Me, I'm a BBS man myself. You can't beat the time spent there cost wise. We are being robbed because we are americans and have been trained to pay those exorbitant prices over the years! Wake up fellas! There are other opportunities out there. You just have to spread out and find them! Keep it real guys!

Yella Man

formerly: Travaholic

03-27-05, 13:01
What's with all the negativity about the money? Like I said, everything goes up in price over time. That's inflation, that's just the way it is. My father had an apartment in Seoul in the 70's. He sold it back then for what was $5000. Now, to buy a similar one would be over $500,000. That's what you get when you have a small country that has experienced a population explosion in the last 30 years. I bet 30 years ago, you guys made a lot less money than you do now. Again, it's inflation. We like to think that when we get paid more, it's because we deserve it and when things get more expensive, we're getting screwed. That's not the case at all. Everything gets inflated over time, both salaries and prices. I remember my childhood in the 70's. Back then, I could go to the local grocery store and buy some cookies for 1 won. Nowadays, you can't buy anything for 10W let alone 1W. That reflects both inflation and development of the country. In the early 80's, 20K won was considered a decent chunk of change. Now it's barely enough to get you lunch at good hotel. In the 80's, a monthly salary of about a million was considered a very good living. It's not that way anymore. Again, that reflects both inflation and a developing economy. Hell, in the 50's, you could probably gotten a girl for a couple of bucks or maybe a couple of cans of Spam.

I have to admit though, attitudes towards Americans have been changing. It used to be that Americans garnered a lot of respect. It even used to be that if you were Korean-American, they thought you were something special. It's definately not that way anymore. Personally, I think the shift in thinking stems from recent reunification popularity. Personally, I think it's nonsense, but that's not how everyone feels. Furthermore, as time passes, the generation from the Korean War is getting older and the memories of heroic GI's from that time period is getting more and more faded. There was a time when MacArthur was considered a national hero. Not so anymore. I think the one thing a lot of you guys are missing is that the country has gone through an incredible amount of changes in the last 30 years. You're talking about going from a dictatorship to a multiparty democracy. You're talking third world economy to one of the Asian miracle countries. You can't expect that kind of change without change in the attitudes of the people. Even in the US, when I went to school 30 years ago, it was perfectly safe to walk to school and even hang out outside, even at night. Now you have to be on the lookout for child molesters on every corner. Just accept it for what it is and stop talking about how good it was back in the "good ol' days."

Girls Rok Me
03-27-05, 15:27
couldn't agree with moody anymore.. enough of the prices going up thing. start accepting the reality that it is. i would rather live here then anyplace else.

as far as the attitudes towards americans, i have not experienced anything out of the ordinary. matter of fact, attitudes here are way better then on the streets of l.a.,nyc, atlanta or even valdosta ga.

i travel this country every mon-fri for my job. i live in songtan and go to every usfk base in the country. i stay often times in hotels and experience the local's everywhere i go. i am a white, grey haired american. i get treated with respect everyplace, with the exception to the gi bars up around casey in tdc and stanley in uijonbu. there they do come accross as money grabbers.

i just try to speak as much of their language as i can, display the same curtosy that they display amongst themselves (yes even buying a pack of smokes at a store, you say the right thing and they smile everytime) and it goes a long ways.

i have had a conversation with a guy in a resturant where at he was taking the side that america is the problem with reunification. i had my opinion. did he hate me? no way,, we sat there and he bought 2 bottles of soju, i bought 2. poured his drinks, he poured mine. it was just his opinion, just like all of the protestors on the streets in the u.s.a. have opinions too. but he treated me with respect, just like the respect i showed him. now if i wanted to be the stupid ass american who thinks he is always better then anyone else,, then i'm sure it would of been a different experience.

does korea have problems? you bet. but i don't see a kid walking into a school and killing people, or 10 year old girls getting kidnapped, raped and killed every other month. the only problem i have is, too many cars, and too many beautiful korean girls of which i do not have enough time to show them a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t my way.

lets talk about tits, ass, and kimchee flavored girls...

Run Mann
03-28-05, 04:31
This is another crackdown story about the areas up north, but it features the picture of a Female Korean Police Officer who works specializes in prostitution and [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) cases. Remember her face and be sure not to proposition her, at least not when she's on duty :)


Possessed Seoul
04-05-05, 06:02
Visited the RLD behind city hall and found most of the places closed. Had been told there were Russians there, but saw none. Of the 5 window joints I enquired at, 4 didn't seem to want to service a waygukkin and the other asked for 20 man wons, so I split. Next day went to an anma near the bus station, behind Lotte Mart, and got the full works for 15 mans. 1 hour, unrushed, pampering and FS, all covered. Girl was an 8 and it was well worth the expense. Anyone know of anything esle going on here? Keen for an outcall type allnighter in a love motel, completa style, but I don't speak too much Korean.

Handyman #2
04-05-05, 16:54

I used to love Korea and planned on retiring there when the time comes. However, the changes in my opinion has hurt the country instead of helping it. When I first went to Korea, I thought that the people were the most honest people in the world (exception the long time bar girls). The first time I was there, I didn't have a car and traveled by public transportation everywhere. The only problem, I had was smelling some of the kimchee and soju breaths.

The second time, I had a car but still used public transportation a lot, but that enabled me to get out to the small villages to meet the "real" Koreans. One of my "scams" was to pull into a village and raise the hood of my car, like I was having car troubles. Very shortly, I had children all around me and then the adults. All wanted to help, and most of the time I would be invited to spend the night with several of the village families (non-sexual) and they always made it into a feast and party. And my little gifts from the states (key chains with state symbols, little statue of liberties, etc.) were always welcome. During the harvest season, I would return and help them when I could and I was always treated as an honored guest. I really got to know these people (and have sponsored several of their children for American educations). When I discovered the orphanages and those wonderful kids, I fell in further in love with the country. At Christmas time, each person from "skivey nine" was asked to sponsor one kid and the kids sent you a little note asking for one thing. I remember the little girl that I sponsored that first year was the exact age as my own daughter, and she asked for new socks! In comparison, my daughter was asking for designed clothes, games, TVs, etc.. To make a long story short, she got the new socks, along with a two new dresses, new underwear, a coat and some games. And she reacted like I had saved her life!

I have been involved with several orphanages all over Korea since the early 1980s and would never desert "my" kids. My daughter and I have traveled to Korea many times during Christmas to take presents and spend time with them. My yearly and then bi-yearly trips, to check on my investments, always included the majority of the time being with these kids and helping where I could. At the present time, I have three of "my" kids in school in the US so I get to really know them and how they think. Last Christmas, we were all sitting around discussing life plans. Two of the three, no longer planned on returning to Korea after they finished their education. This came as a shock, because they had all planned on returning just the year before, so I probed the reasons for it. I was told that they felt that the laws in the USA were enforceable which made the people more honest. In Korea, they said the laws were easily "gotten around with a little money" as that people could work hard all their lives and end up with nothing. Of the three, two were orphans with out any family ties, the other one is from a family with the parents living, three sisters and a brother. This is the one that was most adamant about not going back. I was told that if he couldn't stay in the US, then Canada would be the next choice. He would set himself up and then sponsor his families imigration. And he had already discussed it with them too.

Over the years, I have sponsored between 2-5 kids a year. In the 90s, they all wanted to return to Korea as soon as their education was completed. About 2000, some wanted to return, some didn't. But most of them didn't ever have anything bad to say about Korea. Now that has changed.

Although, I would never be negative around "my kids" about Korea, after my last trip, I am also thinking that Korea has changed too much and that it is time for me to pull out my investments, but not abandon "my kids" either. The attitudes of people have changed and not for the better!

Hopefully, you can all tell that I am not a "short tour" mongering only fool that doesn't know or understand Korea. I probably have more "in country" time than everyone except for locals and have made investments in that country both monetarily and emotionally. So with me starting to "pull out" of there is not one that I make lightly.

04-07-05, 16:32
I have been to my fair share of AMP's in Korea and I am always disappointed. As a non Korean, one just doesn't get quality service unless you find a place that is foreigner friendly and even then, it's hit or miss. If you hook up with a Korean GF, I suppose it might be different in terms of GFE.
Until now.
I stumbled onto a barber shop in Jeju/Cheju, the largest island south of the country.
Third visit and it just gets better!
I can't give you directions, to many barber shops in the area so I'll post the telephone number. It's area code 64-747-5125. Third floor of a building in new Jeju/Cheju city. Make your way to the downtown area of new Jeju and have a Korean call for directions.
Ask for So Ra. No one else.
She is a bit older then I like them, around 35, but quality service! Not bad to look at either. A tad bit on the chunky side but she makes up for it in other ways.
First time got a BBBJ, DATY and finished with a condom. Massage was GREAT! She'll take all your clothes off and hers also.
Second visit, as soon as she removed my clothes, dimmed the lights, she washed my feet and dick and started sucking my cock. Got off and then she started the massage and it was by far the best I have had in Korea. I am really disappointed with Korean AMP women but So Ra was the best. Great massage. Took about 40 minutes and then sucked me off again.
Third visit was even better. Oiled up the anus area and used her fingers on my butt hole and BBBJ. Massage and another pop.
Great service.
80.000 Won door fee for the total service. Gave her a 20.000 Won tip on the third visit.

Hi Rub
04-11-05, 13:36
last week i was feeling the need for a gfe so decided to go to teokgyo-ri right outside camp hovey. got there around 1130pm and most of the clubs were closed ahead of the g.i.s curfew. went to this one club, picked a filipina girl, got a good lap dance and some fondling here and there, but i wasn't able to barfine her so i left around 1215am.

that was the only club left open so i decided to call this korean chic that i barfined before. she's around 23, looks about a 7, she agreed to meet me for a $150 all-nighter. hopped in the car about 10 min later and we went to reno hotel, 30k won for a nice room with a 2-person jacuzzi tub. we both took showers and went at it, bbbj, diy, took turns being on top, went doggy and then put her on her stomache and the feel of her ass under me finished me. we both rinsed off, i started filling the tub and we watched tv while waiting for the tub to slowly fill. i had to coerce her to get in, but eventually i got to have my way with her in the jacuzzi. then we watched some more tv and went to sleep.

woke up with a boner and naked korean next to me so i lubed my stuff up, turned her over, which woke her up, she realised what i was going for and didn't have any arguments. but 15 min later she was complaining that she had to go [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134), i guess that was understandable but i didn't want to break up the session. took me 5 min of intense concetration and ramming the rod into her for me to pop. i stayed on top of her enjoying the after affect, but i guess she really had to go so she rolled me off her and ran to the bathroom to wee. took a shower and dropped her off.

i used her 3 times before, $80 for a s/t, another overnighter, and daytime from 11am to 5pm for $150. that was probably the last time and i'll get a filipina from her club next time. if anybody has any info or hash i'd be willing to arrange a meeting between you and if your up in uijeongbu or tonducheon we can meet up and compare notes.

Ho Man
05-01-05, 11:54
The ho man has landed (once again)...This time, in the aforementioned Cheonan.

Does anyone have any information on the scene here?

Thanks in advance.

Yella Man
05-01-05, 14:20
Got my second stamp on my "buy five get a shot free card". Location: Check my earlier post on Shi Chong area off highway 1 near Osan AB. Service: About a seven. I like the remote control door on the secret room. It never fails to make me laugh. Looks of lady: About a five. I didn't see the girl I had before who was about an eight. Price: 100,000 won. Repeat? Of course! I gotta get that free shot! Keep it real guys!

aka Yella Man, who use to be Travaholic, but some how became Member#2966.

05-08-05, 06:07

I will be in Ulsan soon, and wondered if anyone can share an update for this city. The information in this thread is quite old, and with the recent crackdown it may no longer apply.

Does Ulsan havd a red-light district? Any brothels? Recommended placed for bar fine girls? Is everytihing underground now?

Appreciate any information at all mates!

05-08-05, 14:29
Try Club 7 near the Hyundai Hotel. There are a few other bars in the area that may accomadate you as well. The girls in Club 7 are mostly Philippine and Russain.

05-09-05, 17:03
Any activities in Kwangju?

Run Mann
05-09-05, 23:44
There is a new girl walking the main strip in Osan these days, it looks like she replaced the heavier set chick that was making the rounds before. This one is not as heavy and a bit more attractive. She asked if I wanted to go get a girl, so I'm assuming that she will take you to get someone other than herself. Has anyone tried or seen her? She was in the vicinity of McDonalds when I saw her.

05-10-05, 01:07
There is a new girl walking the main strip in Osan these days, it looks like she replaced the heavier set chick that was making the rounds before. This one is not as heavy and a bit more attractive. She asked if I wanted to go get a girl, so I'm assuming that she will take you to get someone other than herself. Has anyone tried or seen her? She was in the vicinity of McDonalds when I saw her.The Bubbler,

I saw that other girl across from the bootleg DVD shop.

Yella Man
05-13-05, 19:06
Stopped at Songtan Hotel (basement) at 0200 am and paid 110, 000 won for FS. The girl, Coco, was about a seven, 27 years old, and didn't rush the service. No massage, had short BBBJ followed by covered BJ and some ride em action. She was a sweet heart who gave me a real GFE. Even layed and talked to me for about 15 minutes afterward. I'll go back again soon. Nice experience!

Yella Man

Run Mann
05-14-05, 00:55
this outcome of this case is bound to have some effect on how military personnel patrol these areas and on the clubs too.

osan officer facing multiple charges in shakedown scandal
lt. accused of taking bribes, sexual favors from local bar owners

by franklin fisher, stars and stripes
pacific edition, sunday, may 15, 2005

osan air base, south korea — a u.s. air force lieutenant was charged friday with bribery, extortion, [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and other misconduct in connection with an alleged shakedown scandal while he headed the air force police team that patrols the bar district outside osan air base.

the officer, 1st xxxxxx of the 51st security forces squadron, also was charged with assault, larceny, adultery, violations of regulations and lawful orders, willful dereliction of duty, making false official statements and conduct unbecoming an officer, according to a u.s. forces korea news release.

xxxx headed the squadron’s songtan town patrol, which patrols the off-base shinjang-dong commercial district, an enclave of bars, clubs, clothing stores, eateries and other establishments catering mainly to u.s. servicemembers.

base officials since have reshuffled the town patrol amid allegations by bar owners that some of its members shook them down for bribes and sexual favors.xxxx also faces prosecution by south korean authorities on charges of possessing weapons at an off-base residence, in violation of south korean law, according to usfk.south korean authorities may file additional charges later, usfk said.

xxxx has been jailed at camp humphreys since march 1 pending a yet-to-be-scheduled article 32 hearing — the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury.
a hearing officer will weigh evidence presented by prosecution and defense lawyers and determine whether a court-martial is warranted.

the town patrol airmen raised the threat of having individual bars put off-limits to u.s. troops, according to south korean media reports and a civic group that staged a peaceful protest rally outside the base on march 29.

if town patrol members deem a bar unsafe for u.s. military personnel or suspect it’s a venue for prostitution, [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908), **** drinking or other illicit activity, they can recommend that base authorities place it off-limits to u.s. military personnel. “if your club is tagged ‘off limits’ it’s like a death sentence,” the south korean newspaper joong ang daily quoted one shop owner as saying in a march 29 story.

the alleged shakedowns and ensuing news accounts triggered the march 29 demonstration outside the base’s main gate by task force to oppose the expansion of the u.s. bases in pyongtaek, a south korean civic group.

kim yong-han, a member of the group, said bar owners told him of occasions when town patrol members would allegedly enter a bar and pretend to notice a violation of some type, in some instances of health or fire-safety codes. they would then say that the purported violation was grounds for having the bar put off-limits, according to kim.

kim said some owners would offer bribes; others, sexual favors

05-25-05, 15:37
Where to find action in Ansan or incall?

05-30-05, 00:33
Hi Imagineer,

Any luck at Ulsan 7 club? There is also a 7 club in downtown (near the erstwhile Koreana Hotel). This area also has Las Vegas, Hollywood where you can barfine.

Good luck


I will be in Ulsan soon, and wondered if anyone can share an update for this city. The information in this thread is quite old, and with the recent crackdown it may no longer apply.

Does Ulsan havd a red-light district? Any brothels? Recommended placed for bar fine girls? Is everytihing underground now?

Appreciate any information at all mates!

Yella Man
06-05-05, 13:34
Friday night late in the evening I gotta urge to try some place new. So I tried the Prince Hotel Massage in Songtan. Paid 110,000 won upon entering and was ushered to a small room. I was fairly drunk so I fell asleep while waiting for the girl to show up. When she finally did, (seemed like hours to me) she was surprised I hadn't taken a shower yet so she yanked my arm and led me into the shower, gave me a toothbrush and left again.

After the shower, I laid down and passed out again for a few minutes until she came back. She woke me with a half hearted attempt at a massage, followed by a CBJ, some complaints about my size, and the words "Slow, Slow" before she layed down and pulled me on top. I thought it was going to be a lousy lay because she held onto the root of my dick for the first few minutes, but I guess she warmed up a bit because she let me go and let me do my thing. She wasn't interested in any doggy action when I tried to flip her ass over, but all in all it wasn't to bad. Her name was Sky if your interested and she didn't look too bad; about a six. Probably won't go back though. The service at Songtan Hotel was better IMHO. Keep it real guys!

Yella Man

Yella Man
06-05-05, 14:28
A Korean friend of mine called me Saturday evening and said he was on his way from Seoul to hang-out, drink and shoot the shit a bit. He also had a friend of his with him who had never experienced the Songtan night life with all the Philippino girls and what not, so out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to show him around the Songtan bar scene.

Those two guys must have had cherry written all over them because the Russian and Philippno girls jumped all over them both. They pretty much left me alone because they could sense that I wasn't interested in the juice buying thing that night. But the two Korean guys from Seoul! Man! They were on them guys like stink on shit! Anyway, after bar-hopping a while, curfew hit and I told these guys I had to split the Songtan Area. They were pretty horny after playing with girls all night, so they suggested that a good massage or BBS would end the night just right, their treat of course. I told them I had just the place in mind.

Now, if your military this part is important. As we were walking after curfew in an area not frequented by many military members, we saw two sets of SP patrols on foot. So they are out there looking for you in those out of the way places. They would occasionally poke their heads into a Korean bar or restraunt and continue walking. It looks like they were headed towards the Shi Chong (Cityhall) area. Back to the story. I took them to the DPBBS across the street from McDonalds going south on Highway 1. I had gotten some good FS there for 80,000 won in the past, and I hadn't been there in a while so figured what the heck!

Got in the door and all three of us were taken care of right away. They led us into seperate massage cubicles, stripped us, took us to showers (the girl I had, Jin, actually climbed in and scrubbed me like she was trying to remove my skin) and then gave us pretty good massages. They took us off to the little side rooms with twin beds, some CBJ action followed by me ridin' her action, then her ridin' me. Nice unhurried service. I could have sworn she busted her own nut as well when she was ridin' me. Either that or she was a pretty damn good actress! Another funny thing is she kept saying "Thank you! Thank you" as I was fucking her. It almost made me laugh a few times. I felt like she should have been paying me instead. But all in all my friends and I had a great time. We went back to my place and got even drunker and compared notes afterwards. Next time those two come down, I'll talk them into finding a good local Room Salon with some hotties and then post those reports. Later!

Yella man

06-06-05, 00:13
This is my first post so I hope it isnt too stupid. I make trips to Korea ever 4 years for bussiness and for my wife to see her family in Daejon. Well this September is the first time in 30 year that I finally get to go back to Osan and Songtan for an invite to see the base for a couple of days "wife free". I would be greatful for any information for where to go for some fun after I finish my base tour. All the other times I have been to Korea I have been taken to different "korean" clubs by my relitives and korean bussiness friends. So this is the first time I will be on my own as a meegook and will surely feel lost in Songtan, so any suggestions will make my day.

Thanks again.

Yella Man
06-09-05, 13:07
For any one who would like to go, I'm taking a trip to Angeles City Philippines from the 9th thru the 17th of Sept. Flight will be into Clark Airfield so we don't have to do the two hour ride from the airport thing. Price: around $420 round trip. I have already reserved a room at the Orchid Inn, right smack in the middle of all the action. A few other friends are going so there are three of us right now. You don't even have to stay the whole eight days. Just book your flight accordingly. If you want to go, hit me with a PM for details.

Yella Man

07-02-05, 17:17
So I finally went up to Songtan to try out the Songtan Hotel everyone on here has raved about. I walk down the steps, and young hottie opens the door for me. She was about a 7. At first I thought she was going to service me, but she was just there to take my money and usher me into one of the back rooms. By the way, the price has gone up to 120k. She asked me if this was my first time, which I said that it was.

So I'm sitting on the bed for about 15 minutes when a different girl walks in. Ji-Na, a real stunner. Probably about a 9/10. She tells me to take my clothes off and then she showers me. She pays special attention to my dick. She tells me to go out while she showers herself. So I walk out and dry myself off (why the hell are the towels so SMALL in this country?).

She proceeds with a B2B massage, and comments on how large my dick is. She then takes out a really small condom. I tell her that I brought my own from America, but she insists using a tiny-dick condom. It takes some effort, but she finally puts it on and gives me a CBJ. She then lies down and I go to work -- VERY hairy bush, but she tasted very good. FS, would not let me put her on top because she said I was too big and that my dick would hurt her (I'm serious). No kissing, but when her eyes were closed I gave her a quick one on the mouth which she laughed at. Tipped her 10k, which she left on the bed for some reason. Very nice; will definitely go again.

07-04-05, 05:10
Anyone got any traveller tips for finding anything in Namwan?

07-07-05, 16:14
Went to Songtan the other day and was looking to have some fun with the Fillipino juicy girls, but I could find any of the juicy bars! I must have walked around for hours looking, but all I could see were expat bars filled with GIs. Are they hidden or underground? Could someone tell me EXACTLY where to find them?


Girls Rok Me
07-08-05, 00:18
Went to Songtan the other day and was looking to have some fun with the Fillipino juicy girls, but I could find any of the juicy bars! I must have walked around for hours looking, but all I could see were expat bars filled with GIs. Are they hidden or underground? Could someone tell me EXACTLY where to find them?

ThanksDurian, I live in Songtan and can tell you that just about everyone of the bars that you seen on your tour, is in fact a Fillipino juicy girl bar.

Don't know what you expect a juicy bar to be, but that's what they are in Songtan. Also be warned that depending upon the establishment, you'll go through about 10,000 won per 5 minutes on buying them their juice.

One place that is a big Flip bar is Mystic. It's down Aragon Alley, accross from the Boogie House. Aragon Alley is the first alley to the left from the base in the shopping mall.

07-08-05, 05:19

when I was there in '99/'00 the batman club was a big juicy bar full of filipinas, my friend got a HJ under the table from one of the girls there.