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08-06-03, 01:25
Thanks for the invite. I'd LOVE to come to Shenzen someday! Have fun in Taipei, and if you want to get out of the city just a bit, there are some beautiful mountainous areas around there also!

08-07-03, 10:55
I was visting the southern end of Taipei a few weeks ago on work. There were these small establishments that had neon light and like a 10 foot glass store front with a girl or two in very sexy clothing in them. I had not seen these places in Taipei itself but they were all over the place in the industrial areas just south of Taipei

A local explained to me that in these places they served a special fruit juice that's pretty popular. I didn't ask for more details since this local is a business colleague and I like to keep my mongering activities private. But it sure looked to me that more than fruit juice was for sale at these places. Could someone explain to me how these places work? Are there "extra" services available? What's the cost? Any chance of getting some action even if I don't speak chinese?

08-07-03, 12:15
Hulk, That's the first question every foreigner guy asks when they come here to Taiwan.
Those stands are for selling something called "beetle nut" which is this disgusting crap that Taiwanese men love to chew on and spit all over the place. It messes up their teeth, gives them cancer, and makes a mess. I tried it once and got a buzz for about 10 seconds....
I've been told that 99.9 percent of beetlenut girls are gangster girlfriends, and wouldn't have anything to do with a foreigner even if they were selling sex, which they are not.
They make plenty of money just standing there selling their beetlenut and talking on their cell phones. Taiwan sucks...haha.

Apac Boy
08-07-03, 20:33
unless ur taiwanese or are able to speak some mandarin, forget about em....if u pull up to one stand with a S500, maybe it'll work though.


Doctor Grim
08-08-03, 22:54
Hahaha...a MBZ S500 huh? I think a bimmer 325 would do :)

Yrs ago when the law wasn't that strict, some friends and I would stop by Chung-Li or Tao Yuen (sp?) on our way up to Taipei and we'd stop by one of the few stands with young hotties working. Rumors has it that one girl who worked at one of the stand just right off the freeway exit ramp caused so many car accidents coz all the guys were checking her out.

Anyway, we were professions and knew better so we'd never have tried anything "addicting" except this hobby so we weren't into bettle nuts...etc. We just stopped to get some cold icy drinks in the summer. We must have bought a dozen of drinks for only 3 of us and the hot girl asked me if I'd like to "swipe" my card. I was confused for a moment when my friend said she wants you to put your hand in between her breasts and swipe it/feel it as if a credit card is going thru the machine :) hahahahahahaha......

Those were good memories!!!

Last yr on my annual trip, there was another hot girl in Hsin Chu county who worked at one of the stands. There was a law that got passed said "no hair showing is allowed" for girls who work in the stand. And guess what, this hot girl was wearing a transparent panties and shaved her hair. She obviously had "no hair showing!!!"

Have fun guys!!!

Apac Boy
08-09-03, 02:53
oh...Grim, u reminded me about something.

although they rarely do the pay for play, they do accept "tips" for touching and stuff.

U can cop a feel, but u gotta tip...just like at a strip club.


08-10-03, 15:31
The quest for Carol...part I
I seem to have struck out tonight. I went to (what I'm 95% certain is) the restaurant just past 8pm and stayed till nearly 10pm. I sat on the lounge side (not dining side) away from the bar, back near the toilets. No flirtations or approaches by any women. In fact, there didn't seem to be any single/mingling women in the place.

Maybe the problem was that it's Sunday night...but I do wonder...it's a bit of an odd setting for being on the prowl, whether you're a single guy or single lady. Maybe Peter or Tony can confirm that I'm at the correct restaurant--the one with the special sensor to open the main entrance doors, and also with the completely mirrorred walls in the restrooms? Am I at the right place?

I shall try again later in the week, maybe Tues or Wed...assuming I'm at the right place...?

08-10-03, 16:07

I managed to slide away for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I did see quite a few of these small KTV places down the side streets. Most were not yet open...but I did pop my head in one. There was one couple singing on a stage and another 2 "older" women hanging out inside. What is the deal with these establisments?

Also, I saw many foot and body massage places and beauty salons on the same side streets. Any action to be had in either of these?

All of this was off Chung Shan Bei Lu.



08-10-03, 19:33
OAH, unfortunately you won't find much action in those places, except for the occassional HJ. Most of them are just hype with very little substance. They'll lure you in with the appearance of great promises, but deliver little more than a "barbershop-type massage" usually with all your clothes still on and in a fairly open room with other customers. For Taipei, the situation continues to be that except for certain KTVs, saunas and classified ads, you'll find very little quality mongering service. It's still best to focus on PRC, as you well know.

As for me, I'm heading to Kunming and DongGuan for the next week. Now there are two places with value for money (although I just returned tonight from a wild few days in Phuket. What a crazy, fun and affordable place to find hot women.)

Dick Johnson
08-13-03, 01:57
First of all let me say Taiwan is a great place and the people are among the nicest. And the country is among the wealthier ones in Asia.

But the sex scene is among the worst in Asia, maybe worst then Japan.

Checked out Carnegies etc etc. Not many hot girls.

Looks like Chen Sui Bien's days are numbered and the Lian/Song ticket might win in the next election. Wonder if things would change.

Alright, back to topic.

Beetlenut girls. The previous posts about them cracked me up(Dr Grim etc). There was a clip shown on TV news where this car crashed into the beetlenut stand (driver was looking at the girls). Don't see many such girls around Taipei nowadays.

Hsin Tien, Wu Lai, member#1137, I personally have heard of any action there. I've been there a number of times.

Trotter717's tips on Beitou is quite good.

08-18-03, 14:55
Originally posted by Dick Johnson

But the sex scene is among the worst in Asia, maybe worst then Japan.

I agree with Dick. You see many pretty girls on the street. When you buy sex, most of them are unfuckable.
Because it is not an open market, they can sell you trash.
I never trusted those "delivered to your door" service. You are under pressure to buy something you don't want. Or you got something that isn't worth that much.

I just came from Macau. Pumped 2 Russian girls, Natasha (HK$800) and Yana (HK$1,000).
Yana (don't know how to spell it in Russian) is remarkable. 20 yrs old. 5'10'' tall.
Got a porn star's bombshell body with a teenage girl's brain. We kept joking around.
Very sweet and nice to me. Haven't got such a great date for a long time.
HK$1,000 is about US$130. Not cheap, but I had fun with her.
If not because I had to leave next day(Aug 12), I'll date her again .

08-18-03, 15:03
BTW, both Natasha and Yana are from Vladivostok .
They told me the pimp is Korean.

Yana likes Korean. I think her pimp treats her not bad.
Russians in Taiwan starting from NT6,000. I heard that (from TV news) the Russian girl only got NT800 for each transaction.

08-19-03, 09:42
Humping an Caucasian hooker ain't cheap in Taiwan. it simply lacks supply of Caucasian women. You would probably find a few average Russian girls here and there in Taiwan. Well, they can pass most of Taiwanese guys who have never interacted with caucasian women. (b/c they all look the same to Asians.) But for those of you who have seen enough Caucasian women, you know most of Caucasian sex providers in Taiwan are really not that good-looking. And some of them are so damn un-fuckable. Not being mean-spirited, I am just telling the truth. I remember one time I was hooked up with this Australian girl in Taipei a few years back. When the girl showed up in my hotel room, I wanted to send her back right away. The agency refused my request and demanded I pay $NT10000 up front. And obviously this agency is mafia-affiliated, so I obligated. When I was humping this ugly duck, I really did put a pillow on top of her face. Ever since the ordeal, I have never tried to get another cacuasian hooker in Taiwan again. Nowadays, I would rather save up my money and fly to Toronto. $US150 would easily get you a very good looking blonde to spend an hour with you. Not only prostitution is totally legal in Canada, but most of Canadian agencies don't pull the tricks of bait & switch like American agencies do. Plus Toronto has a large Asian community, so finding an Asian hooker is pretty easy as well. Better yet, if you don't mind take a longer flight, I would suggest you guys go to Montreal. It's definetely Bangkok of North Amerca. The going rate is $US100 per hour. You can also find a few high-dollar-hookers who work independently that resemble some super models. 5'8" or taller, long legs, big boobs, and pretty face. And they won't cost you a whole lot either. As for sex industry in Europe, I know they are in a totally different league. Not only the price is dirt cheap, but they have so many selections from so many different venues. Being a Taiwanese guy myself, I have to say Taiwan's sex scene is SAD!!! Specially if you are looking for a caucasian provider on occasion.

Dick Johnson
08-20-03, 08:50
Yes, Hammer_G, Macau is a good place to go for Taiwanese. An easy flight. I've been there a few times the last few years. Talking about unfuckable (LOL), elsewhere in Asia I don't see 40-50 yr old women workin it lol. Even in Japan US $50-70 gets you good bare back BJ + beer and nuts. And there are image clubs, soapies(expensive) & kogals. And if you speak Japanese you have telephone club. In Taiwan even the adult mags are kinda tame, much tamer than Hong Kong.

Remember a few years back Taiwan's got all those adult reveu shows? With posters of half naked women ALL over town ROFL! Those were the days. Sometimes they even have actresses like Lu Siao Fen or Lu Yi Tan appearing at those raunchy live song and dance shows. Now they are all gone.

Outsider, good first post. Cover with pillow LOL. Canada, I oughta look into that. I live in Calif. I was dancing last weekend and met this hot woman with a tall tight body and enhanced tits. So I talked to her and she said 'For 1000 bucks you can fuck me baby." That's a lot of sessions elsewhere lol.


08-20-03, 13:05
Talking about Exotic. You see this scene a lot,
A white guy introduced his Asian girl friend to an Asian guy, and asked,"Isn't she pretty ?"
Many Asian guys might think "Thank you for recycling." "She is pretty...pretty ugly."
Anyway, as long as they are happy, I am happy for them.

I remember in the early '80s, you saw "almost naked White chicks" strip show posters all over Taiwan. It had lasted about 3~4 yrs then the police cleaned up those shows.
In the mid and late '80s, many White hookers worked in the bars and clubs of east Taipei area. Cost NT3,000 in those days.

I am going back to CA very soon. Going to date more Asians before I leave. Not many pretty Asian girls in CA.

08-21-03, 05:17
I had an interesting experience in Taipei recently.

Went to Shuang Cheng St. and was heading to my favorite drinking hole, Montana's. When I got there, it was dead (about 10P), but the place next door was hopping-Hollywood Baby.

Went in, and found some of the staff from Montana's had moved there.

I was playing drinking games with one of the barkeeps, and was trying to pick her up for the night. I think she could have been had, but she lost so many times she started puking, and had to go home (great thing is since she lost, my bar tab was very low...didn't have to pay for those rounds of drinks!)

As I was leaving to go back to my hotel, one of the girls who was a patron drinking at the bar followed me out, and asked me to buy her a drink. I obliged (at a different bar) and then took her back to the hotel.

She was obviously in heat, and let me do her any which way I wanted.

Face: 3-4
Body: 6-7
Enthusiasm: 8-9
Cost: One drink and the taxi ride home

Good hunting!

Dick Johnson
08-24-03, 22:55
HammerG you are right. Many western men have different ideas about what is beautiful in Asian women. I, for one, don't find Lucy Liu or Bai Ling that gorgeous. A little sexy or even slutty maybe, but not beautiful.


08-25-03, 14:32
1) Carnegies next to Far Eastern Hotel is particulary rockin' on Wednesdays (ladies night...free champange for the girls). Fri/Sat is okay, other nights are dead. In general, they don't admit anyone under 25, so no super young girls here. I've chatted up and bedded 2 girls from here...didn't pay for the service (oddly enough, one is 23, the other 24, so ID rules are lax, I guess). The bar is 100% occupied by people dancing on it on Wednesdays. Get there before 9:30 or wait in line. Go well before 9pm and you might get in free if you say you're there for dinner.

2) ZigaZaga in the Hyatt is another easy place. Can't recall if ladies night there is on Wed. or Thursday, but last time I was there a couple weeks ago on ladies night (with a girl I had previously met from Carnegies) there were a couple young hotties along with the typical 30+ yr old working girls. Live band is pretty decent, though it rotates and may be a different band when you get there.

3) Roxy99 and, later in the night--say after 3am go to it's sister disco, Roxy Vibe. I'm told by various girls it's a real meatmarket but haven't been there. However, someone posted a little ways down about this place and said it was a sure thing.

4) TU, near the Howard Plaza Hotel is another spot. Doesn't get going till a bit later, say 11pm. I chatted up a group of cute girls in their early 20s, and one cutie who claimed to be 38 but looked 23. Gave one my number and she called the next afternoon, but I was in a meeting and couldn't talk...then she never called back. Last time I went a couple weeks ago, this place definitely had a younger (and considerably non-pro ladies) crowd....if you're over 35, you would've probably felt out of place.

One place I went recently that you should avoid is Eden Club. It's very small and incredibly loud...you only hope to chat up a girl would be sign language.

Happy hunting and let us know your luck next time you're in TPE.

Explorer88---great find. I thought Shuang Cheng Jie was pretty much dead for that kind of stuff these days. Good to know the horny freebies still exist.

08-27-03, 19:46
Local news:
Yesterday a boat tried to smuggle 22 Mainland Chinese girls into Taiwan (would be prostitutes, whatever those girls knew it or not). When Taiwan's coast guard pursuit the boat, the Taiwanese boat crew pushed all the girls into the sea to "get rid off the evidence". Six of them drowned, the rest were picked up and in jail now.
The news says each girl would be working for nothing until they pay off NT200,000 "transporting fee". After that, they got NT500-1,000 for each service. Customers pays NT3,000-5,000.

08-28-03, 08:50
Originally posted by Hammer_G
Local news:
Yesterday a boat tried to smuggle 22 Mainland Chinese girls into Taiwan (would be prostitutes, whatever those girls knew it or not). When Taiwan's coast guard pursuit the boat, the Taiwanese boat crew pushed all the girls into the sea to "get rid off the evidence". Six of them drowned, the rest were picked up and in jail now.
The news says each girl would be working for nothing until they pay off NT200,000 "transporting fee". After that, they got NT500-1,000 for each service. Customers pays NT3,000-5,000. That's very sad. They should drown the boat crew after the Coast Guard catch them.

08-28-03, 11:29
Today a human-cargo truck was busted. Police arrested 31 Mainland Chinese and 3 Russian "would be prostitute" girls inside.

08-29-03, 14:08
Originally posted by Jackal
That's very sad. They should drown the boat crew after the Coast Guard catch them.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Taiwan's coast guard has found more than 30 drowned Mainland Chinese females in the past 3 years. There is no record how many were found by the fishing boats.

A TV news reporter, with the hidden camera, found the pimp in west Taipei area. Followed the pimp to an apartment to date a Mainland girl. She said she has to date 600 times to pay off the transporting fee. After that, she can get NT800 for each date. She looks happy. She is so dumb. There is no guarantee that she would get the money.

There was a case. The pimp said he will save the money for her. When the day she decided to check out. The pimp called the police to arrest her.

08-30-03, 00:38
Originally posted by Hammer_G
3 Russian "would be prostitute" girls inside.
So where, in Taipei amongst so many Chinese and Filipna girls do you find Russian girls?

I realize they tend to be a little higher on the $ scale in a place like Taiwan, HK or Tokyo but they are so nice. Besides I speak russian and after a few weeks of chinese immersion it would be nice to cure some homesickeness and escape for an hour or two.

If you prefer not to post the information openly please send email to tired_driver@yahoo.com


08-30-03, 10:36
Originally posted by tired_driver
So where, in Taipei amongst so many Chinese and Filipna girls do you find Russian girls?

I realize they tend to be a little higher on the $ scale in a place like Taiwan, HK or Tokyo but they are so nice.
I've dated Russian girl only a few times (in Macau and USA). The service technique is average but nice and warm. All good experience. No rush. No *****.
The cost is steep, starting from 6,000 NT(girl only got 800 NT), so I've never dated Russian in Taiwan.

Dick Johnson
08-30-03, 12:11
That drowning incident is pretty big news and it is disgusting to find these mainland human traffickers would push girls off the boat and let them drown just to avoid getting caught.

Strange Days
09-03-03, 06:04
Anyone have any info on Shijr in Taipei county, lots of beautiful bin lang girls around. Cannot figure if theyre up for it or not. Some really look as if they are, how would one find out?

There are gils going in Hsimending outside McConalds, they just kinda hangaround, best to make eye contact, and see what the responce is, youll know soon enough if youre on track or not, only scored there once, NT 4000.

Yoda The Great
09-14-03, 00:29

Can you give some good sex address in Taipei.

I can found it...

I stay At Taipei 2 Weeks ( Again)

A French Men alone in Taipei

09-15-03, 00:53
Hi Yoda,

I suggest you to look at the previous pages, you will find all the informations you need.

The things in Taiwan remain to be quiet and underground, nothing official and in your face, no big changes since I started to look at this site 2 years ago, so the majority of the infos are still correct and prices still high.

Have fun fellow, will be back in the french heaven in November, I need to see real women ( for the bro, don't get upset by my last remarq it was my personnal opinion).


Strange Days
09-19-03, 14:17
Does anyone have any information about the scene in and around Shi jr. It is in Taipei county just to the west of Taipei city, basically just after Nangang heading west on Pateh rd. There are so many really hot girls around here, but money doesnt seem to be that plentifull. Allways is a recipe for what were all looking for.

09-20-03, 08:31

I just finished a trip to Taiwan (Taipei) and China (Beijing) here's results of my Taipei trip. I've been there several times in several years. In the past, clients have always 'provided' as I've stayed in the Sheraton. This year was different, I was on my own and decided to start with some casual clubs in the 'ZONE'. Had some fun talking with girls hanging out in the various bars, but no real action. Being a bit drunk and loose I wandered into known 'ROB' territory - Meiliann. But, I'm generally lucky and can hook up something sweet just by talking. That night was no different. There were several Wg there - between 5 - 7, maybe 8 depending on the beer goggles. I bought a couple drinks and chatted them up. Met one girl that was quite unique, multiple piercings, an artist of sorts and good english speaking. Tipped her out of the club for $20USD and tipped the mama~san another $10USD. It was late, they wanted more, but accepted when I just started to walk away with nothing. The girl's name was Rona, I believe. I grabbed a cab and went back to the hotel. We had an excellent time. She was friendly, not rushed and a bit afraid of 'germs' - always a good sign to me! So she was shy about finger fucking, but not at all about BBJ and covered FS. I did her many positions for about 3hours. She wanted stay the day for an extra $100USD I declined. I was already into her for $100USD and needed to get some other things done besides fucking all day. All in all -- looks 7.5, attitude 9, skill 7

09-21-03, 10:32

"Meiliann", "ROB Territory"??

Could you give some specifics? Club names, street names, etc?

Big thanks!


09-21-03, 13:37
Hi there. Meiliann Pub is located on Shuang Cheng St in the Combat Zone area. It's kind of hostess club where they want you to buy many drinks for the girls while they chat you up. And then, you can request a girl to 'tip out' of the place. After that, negotiation is up to you. Here's the deal:

1) They will try to get you to buy many drinks before offering - this way they maximize the income to the bar.

2) Tip out is around 1000NTD though a few times they wanted me to pay as much as 3000NTD! Ha! It can be negotiated.

3) The nominated 'mama~san' will want you to tip her and the other girls under the table. I usually give 'em a little if I've been there just hanging out stupid and drunk with my money.

4) If you hook up a cute girl, get her phone number! Then you can avoid all the pub tip out hassles the next time. And, she may even give you numbers for other girls. So, a good plan is just to go there and hook up the coolest personality chick you can, then tip her out quick, spending the least money in the bar. Late nite is good - around 2am +. Not as great selection, but easier to negotiate, and remember, she is likely to give you several numbers. Especially bring up the idea of a 3P - AFTER you leave.

5) I've paid anywhere between 1500NTD and 3000NTD depending on time, service, etc. It's a crap shoot. And since the place is popular mostly amongst foreigners, the girls know the prices! So they tend to be a little ROB (rip off *****). But I've still had great times! (Rona, for example, and one country girl just moved in to Taipei!)

Other places in the zone are generally the same. Except the legit bars - but they have a mama~san or bartender that will surely get you what you want! However, if you are reasonably attractive you should try some of the nightclubs for action. Like Roxy Vibe.

There's another section of town that is more famous for shopping and Japanese types hostess clubs - I forget the name, but any taxi can find it for you. It's ok - and alot of Japanese tourists including single women are in cafe and bars there. I've actually picked up a 30's year old Japanese business woman there and had a great night!

One last thing -- I usually stayed at the Sheraton, but now I stay at the Welcome Hotel. It's a great place, alot less expensive and never a glance at who I had in the room. Highly recommended. AND they have broadband connection in each room!

Here's a good link for hotels in Taipei www.naruhodo.com.tw/files/hotel/taipei.html


09-22-03, 12:40
While I am asking questions...

Can anyone give me details on finding the Soapie/Soapland place near the Sogo stores? Or any other soapie type place in Taipei??

I do not read chinese so an address (and floor) or references like stores, restaurants, etc would be great.



Apac Boy
09-24-03, 17:53
Ok...was walking around Ling Sen Bei Lu tonight and found so many of these really nice "health spas". One of the ladies told me that a 30 min. massage was 450NTD. Not bad but what does it include and what services provided? Tapioca was not about to risk getting really hard and then agreeing to a 3000NTD tip for a HJ. At least not just after a 150RMB fuck with a reall hot chick in Shenzhen.

Carnegies is too packed on a Wed. night (ladies night). Girls are slutty enough to wait in that line for though...
AGAIN...Lucky ditches Tapioca...2 for 2 now


Baby Huey
10-01-03, 14:08
I am member of the Adult Friend Finder site and post to a few girls that I am looking for a friend to play with while I was there in November. The site does work, you can find Pro's and non-pro's thru the site. But I received a e-mail from two U.K. pro's in Taipei, has anybody heard of them? http://www.32web.net/files/asia.htm

They are the trying to get you to buy into a site to get more information on them, but I have commucated with them a few times thru AFF, now. Just looking if anybody has played with them!

10-01-03, 15:43
Hi Tapioca!

I have experienced massage in a couple those places you mention the street. It was not about sex, instead, the most astounding massage time I had! Of course each time I went it was on request of trading partner and they chose double room so we could discuss about business at same time as massage (difficult) . So - maybe ymmv. But I think that area is more Japanese style hostess-massage, than pure slutty sex. Now I have the number for my favorite funky Meiliann girl (Rona) , I'm happy to call her when I'm in town. Otherwise - I suggest the Roxy Vibe or back to Meiliann for a game of 3am chance!


P.S. I will be back in Taiwan 2weeks from now - then to Beijing and then to San Francisco for a weekend job -- hook ups?


Sushi Lover
10-01-03, 19:05
Strange Days,

I used to live in Shijr up to a few months ago. Never had much time during the week for local scouting but word has it that the some local KTVs are pretty frisky. I will wait until I grasp more of the mandarin before venturing in though. BTW, Shirjr is on the east side of Taipei. I suspect the outskirts of Taipei city are more liberal.

After my return from BKK, things have seemed to warm up a bit here in Taipei.
I found a new bar open up in the zone I met one of the owners who I find very appealing in a classy sort of way. In my delusions I think there might be a hookup possiblity even though its only a bar. She is pretty, seems intelligent, and can carry a conersation rather well.

About 1 or 2 doors down from the Meiliann Pub, I wandered into a "ktv club" where the you pay by the time. the rate I found was 2K NT per hour. What the heck I figured, I've spent more in US strip clubs for a fraction of that time. The host introduced me to a private room with the usuall ktv gear. He explained that the beer and snacks were free. Then he explained that the there is usually a tip for the server who drops by every now an then to refill refereshments. Strangley, he did not mention any tip expected from the girls. I asked about this, but no indication i t was expected.

Then for the first hour, a girl comes in and the host asks me if I like or if I would like to change girl. I said she was "hen how" and then he left us alone to our own devices.
The girl (about a 6) tried to do some small chat, however with hre limited mandarin and my even more limited mandarin the conversation did not last. Then the music started up and she began to do the strip dance bit in front of me after turning down the lights and turning on the disco ball lights.

On the second song, she removed her top and left only her panties on, then she proceeded to remove my shirt and started suckling on my chest area while massaging the johnson. after a bit of time she turned her back to me and led my hands down to her kitty. Kitty was wet!

After a couple of songs we took a break and tried to continue our sign language course.
Then we tried the singing bit while fondling her privates.

I decided to continue a second hour with a different girl. This time the girl who came in was much younger, about 21. She had those sexy asian curvy eyes with a great smile that told me she liked to have fun. When she performed her strip dance, I witnessed some very firm and perky breasts (size C), the kind I like where the nipples point up and outwards. Alas, I did get to play with kitty much, this girl seemed sly and shy.

I realize the ktv is meant for group of friends or business associates, however, I felt like I was in my own private strip club. Maybe some of you are up for joining next time?

I did not tip either girl and I got no indication from them that they were expecting one. Should I have tipped? Next time I plan to do so.

Yesterday, trying to find sauna mentioned earlier that was in Nangjing E. rd, section 3. I overshot to section 5. In this area, I passed by those barber sign poles and the man outside approached me with invitation: massagee, pon-pong. massagee,, pon-pong.
So I ventured in. He asked for 3200NT, I hesitated, then went ahead and paid. Against the wall were about 5 ladies, most in their late 30's and about range of 4 to 7. He motioned to one of them . Upon this, my eyes had adjusted to the dim room and I realized I had did not get the cream of the crop. She proceeded to lead me to the back of the establishment, out the back door, up the alley and back up to the front street to another building entrance.

Upstairs, we got our own private room. She led me to the bathroom and joined me in taking a shower while playing with my privates.

Back in the bedroom, she brings in 3 cups of hot tea. One for me. Two for her. Strange.
Then she goes on to the drink some of the hot tea and starts sucking on my legs, johnson, and anal area. Ahh, a light goes on.. the hot tea treatment.
BBJ follows then a FS. I finished rather quickly. She motions that we still have plenty of time, do I want another one? or massage? I decide on massage.

Tally: although she was about a 5, her attitude and performance was an 8.
I get the feeling that section 5, in nangjing east, may not be the safest area?

Apac Boy
10-03-03, 14:29
I'm in beijing Sojurn. email me:



10-05-03, 14:55
Hi Praettorian,

Haven't seen your post for awhile, are you still in Taiwan? I am going to Taipei Oct. 20, will you please do me a favor, email me Ms. Wang's phone number, I enjoy the high end stuff.

Thanks in advance.


10-05-03, 17:21
Tapioca, man....I didn't ditch you this time! You just didn't come into Carnegies. Had you come in, you would have seen me score a freebie not 10 or 20 minutes after you bailed.

Wednesday night, and myself and a jillion others were packed into Carnegies. An attractive mid-20s looking girl in in front of me. We are dancing, then she deliberately dances with her ass hitting my legs, and my hands go on the prowl. Introduced myself, bought her a beer, and 20 minutes later we were out the door and heading to my hotel..

Neither of us had any condoms, so she gave me a terrific BBJCTCCIM, chatted for a bit, and then left. No money changed hands. Turned out she was 30 or 31 and ran her own trading business. She liked that she was older than me, and I liked that she looked younger than me.

One or two nights later, after I had stocked up on provisions at Watsons, she came over to my hotel at 11pm or so. We fucked twice (the second time until she was exhausted). She left by 1am, no money paid.

A few nights later -- same thing again, came over late for a couple screws, then went home. She just likes to come over, screw, and go. Fantastic! Though she did mention she'd like to have dinner with me once...which I can handle since she's interesting to talk to as well.

Take out from Carnegies: it's not on the menu, but certainly available. Total price for 4 rounds and one great BJ: one beer and one box of condoms.

Happy Hunting
P.S. Tapioca....okay...I owe you one, my man!

10-07-03, 00:32
Okay, can anyone describe 'the zone'? I am in Taiwan every few month, and have never heard of it.

Is it like 'Terderlion' here in San Francisco? An area where many strip clubs and KTV's are located?



10-07-03, 03:58
CC1024 -
The Zone is the area all around Shuang Cheng Jie. It's very near the Intercontinetal Hotel; another way to describe it's location is north of the Regent and just east of ChungShan Bei Lu.

There are lots of regular bars, some hostess bars, and some KTV/strip clubs. I personally would suggest you stick to the regular bars there, unless you're a big spender and speak Chinese.

About a month or so ago, somebody posted about picking up a freebie in the Zone at a regular pub.

If you get the free tourist map at your hotel, it will likely have lots of pub/bar ads saying they are located in the Zone, with pictures of girls adorning the ads, etc.

10-07-03, 19:18
Thanks Lucky888,

I frequent the area you described, but didn't know it's meat market there :)

Thanks for the info.


10-10-03, 04:38
Hi everyone.
Went yesterday to the Jin Hua Sauna place on Nanking Road.
Men, this place is from far the best I experienced in Taiwan and is much better than a lot of places I know in Korea, Japan and China.
Though the proper sauna facilities are nmot great I must recognize, the service I got was absolutely outstanding.
After my shower and my sauna and my shower again, I went to the relax room. There is a very large room where everybody is having drinks and food. Some other rooms where you can sleep, have regular massage, shave etc...
And from time to time a girl comes and asks if you want a special massage. I thought that the one offering was the one to perform so I wait till I saw a decent one,saying to myself that I was not in need of a beauty but a god service but anyway should not downgrade.
Well, off I went. She took me to a door that was looking like an emergency exit. It was false as it openned to the real activity of the place. Several small room. Decent and clean. She put me therre and closed the door. I had to wait about 5mn to see a really nice girl coming in. About 1m75, very nice breast, dirty smile on the face letting you know what you are going to get....
She put me naked on the board and started to massage my back with kind of cream. Rather strong massage. Actuualy even violent as she was a bit hurting my neck. Anyway, she did this for about 5mn only.
Then she put me more relax on my side and started to flatter my anotomy with very exciting gesture. She got me really hard and then went for the Ice and Fire thing (hot tea and ice cube alternated bj). Men that was good. She gave me the best ass rim I ever had. She manipulated me in all possible way. Coming back to bj. then to hj. Sucvceeding to make me retain myself for about 30mn. Her breast was offered to anything to do with and believe me that is a real cute looking breast, very nice size (the kind that fits the hand of an honnest man...). So was her pussy. Artificially wet I guess but offered to any fingering. I was under the impressio she was offering full service but without condom I didn't even think of it. She then finished me with a superb BBBJ CIM done thill I could not give anything more. The was absolutely giant. Only shadow on the picture was that she spitted the whole thing in the same bowl she was spitting the tea and the ice....
Anyway. She then returned to a more standard kind of masage. Again rather violent as, without warning, she cracke my neck turning my head almost 45 degrees all of a sudden. Was not that good really. To be forgiven and as I had some more stamina to show, she gave me a hj to completion laughing at me all the time. She even wanted to french kiss but I decline politely.
I was out of the room after about 45mn of excstasy. Surely will return to experience another gil or the same. Don't know the number of the girl anmd if we can make requests. She did not speak a word during the whole session and I suppose she does not speak English. As all the rest of the staff.
Result :
damage : NT$ 4,200 all included
body : 7
breast : 9
face : 7
attitude : 10
technique : 10
bbjtc : 10 to my standards
ass rim : 10
Have I ben really lucky or all the girls act like this one. Comments from fellow mongers are appreciated.
Address : 40 Nanking East Road Section 5. Basement place.
You cannot miss it when you get to number 40.
Next door (about 60m) from Crown Plaza Hotel.
Open 24 hours.

Question : Where are Asia World and Ceasar Worl sauna ? exact address if I may ask. Are the services there equivalent or not ?
Any other place I should discover of the same kind ?

Thanks and regards


10-10-03, 05:24

It's good to know JinHua is still going strong. If you ever want an excellent regular massage, the girls there in the small room near the dining area do a very nice job.

If you take a look back at posts here, you'll find several reviews of Jin Hua and CaesarWorld. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll look up the address for CaesarWorld. It's only about four blocks down the road from JinHua, by the way, and basically the same pricing, maybe NT300 more.

10-10-03, 10:03
Hi Wolf,

I am glad you enjoy the place and it sound like you got a naughty girl. There are not too much of big quality variation in this sauna, you get pretty much the same standard thing, after it depend of the girl personality and mood of the moment.

About Caesar sauna, you cannot miss it, as it is at the 15th floor of the Asia world shopping mall, corner of Nanking rd and Tunhua (Dunhua) rd, if you are next to the Starbuck you will see a board: Sauna 15F.
Go inside the mall, take the elevator to the 15th, that's it.
Since the SARS the price are the same whith Jin Hua, 4200nt$, but you have to be more lucky in there, a lot of difference enter the girl, from really horny to starfish experience.

Have a good time


10-10-03, 12:39
Thanks all for the support.
I shall try Caesar World soon (next week ?) and shall report. Hope to be as lucky as with the Jin Hua girl...
Just confirm me that Ceasar World a Asia World are one and the same sauna place.
If anybody want to join the ride, let me know.

Cheers to all

10-11-03, 02:18

Asia world is the name of the building, it include the shopping mall and the 5 star hotel ( Asia world shopping mall (building A)and Asia world plaza(building B)), enter in the shopping mall ( at the left of the Starbuck), cross the hall (on your left you have the stairs to the FNAC, on your right the stairs to the 1st floor, you just go straight) to the elevators. At the 15th floor go on your left direct to the Caesar world sauna.


10-20-03, 22:38
Greetings everyone,

I will be arriving for my first trip to Taipei on Wednesday evening and will be staying at the Hyatt. I saw someone say that there was a little action at the club in the Hyatt but not much (ZigaZaga ?). I have a lot of important meetings all week so I cannot stay out clubbing too late.

Any advice for places nearby the Hyatt? Is the club in the hotel any good?

Thanks in advance.


10-21-03, 02:37

For Wednesday night action, I still recommend Carnegies. Get there before 9pm to avoid the line outside. Place will fill up by 9:30 or 10pm. Read below about my Wednesday night freebie I had there a while back.

I believe Thursday is ladies night at ZigaZaga in the Hyatt. Quality varies by the day there, so hard to say. I'm not sure about prices. Once you check in, call down to ZZ and ask which day is ladies' night. Other nights there are pretty slow, but ladies night I have seen a few hotties.

A couple years ago I picked up a non-pro freebie from the Cheers bar in the 1st floor of Hyatt. She even took me to her flat out in the mountain foothills for overnight action.

Good luck and report back.

10-25-03, 21:30
My friend and I went to Carnegie's on Wednesday and ladies night had the placed packed. We didn't get there until about 11 but luckily we didn't have to wait in line (or pay a cover charge).

Lots of young hotties inside but no obvious girls who were working. There were a few older women who may or may not have been working but it was hard to tell. I've been in clubs all over the world where there are available girls and they let you know in some way - either aggresively (like Orchard Towers in Singapore) or casually (like Henry Bean's in Beijing). Here they all seemed to be having fun and dancing. It looked like the only girls would be freebies.

Then headed back to the hotel and checked out ZigaZaga. It's a really nice place but expensive. Not too many girls there and certainly nothing available.

Went back to ZZ on Thursday (ladies night) but we were too early and I had to get to bed so I didn't see anything.

Tried ZZ again Friday night late (around 2:30AM). A few hot young things but they were dancing by themselves and didn't appear interested in anyone. A few older women who I'm pretty sure were working but they really didn't appeal to me, especially since everyone tells me they're very expensive. They too were not aggressive at all. One of them would casually follow me from spot to spot but never look at me.

All in all, Taipei didn't appear to offer too much. My friend found an escort service that delivered a girl to his door for 1000 New Dollars, but outside of that there wasn't too much action. I don't care for escort services usually.

Can anyone tell me about the zone listed below? I'll be heading back to Taipei soon and would like to check it out.

Thanks in advance.


10-26-03, 03:42

Ziga Zaga is generaly the place to hang out for the old in house guest of the Hiatt, and it's not full of pro as you could think.

Carnegie, as you seen, is really rocking, but it's a non pro joint where everything is possible, as the girls are going there to have fun, so don't stay in a corner waiting for them, go in the crowd and have fun with them.

I never heard about an escort service at 1000 NT$, generally never under 2500NT$ this kind of service, so or your friend is a local or he had just a massage, if he had full service for that price you have to let the infos.

The zone is located around the intersection of Shuang Cheng st and Nong An st. The Imperial Intercontinental is there, or you can walk ( 10min) from the Ritz Landis on Minchuan st.

You can also try to go to Roxy vibe disco, I don't know the location as I never been there, but others bro can help you for that.

Try to enjoy it


10-27-03, 10:44
Hi everybody.
I went once again to Jin Hua Sauna last week.
Well, as some of you commented, I now recognize that it is Hit & Miss !
To the contrary of the last time, I had a nasty girl you provided me with a shitty massage and wanted me to f**k her right away wit no other preliminary works. She didn't not yet finish her massage but was already putting my a condom on and before I could comment, she put me on my feet, took my place on the table and ask me to come and screw her. Would have been not too bad should she have provided the expected carresses at the expected places. But no, she did not even want to see my dick from close. No blowjob, don't insist.
I had to get nervous, then a bit insistent till she accepted to take me, with my condom, in her mouth, give a loosy bj and finish me not to bad by hand.
She then wanted a big hug. I refused obviously.
When I went out, I returned to the big lobby room where everybody is having food and drinks. I then spotted a young fellow waiter who served my the other time and came quite friendly to my table again. His name is Sam. He speaks a very good English and is a student getting some extra money. He explained me all the rules I did not know. Like : you can ask for the girl you want. If you know her name or her number you just have to request. You then will have to wait her to be free. If you don't know who you want to be with, you can request to be introduced. It seems then than they will show you 2 or 3 girls for you to choose. Then and after the deeds, if you liked what you got, you jusyt have to ask the girl her name and number for the next time. If she does not speak English,ask the girl at the counter in the "hot" hidden place. She will tell you.
Any way, don't hesitate to ask Sam for informations and tips. He will welcome you and surely will help.
Thjough he does not ask for it, I am sure that a small tip will help him helping usmongerers.

Shall go to Asia World tomorrow. Any body to join ?


10-28-03, 21:26
Hi everyone,

I am a new member to this Forum but I have been reading the reports and using some of the info for fun and adventure for over two years now. I will be in Taipei for a week with an American friend next week and I wonder, is Taipei really that bad for some fun and girls? I do speak some Chinese, can anyone offer some suggestions? I have been to China and it had been fairly easy and the girls are nice. But what about Taipei? This will only be my second time there and I want to show my friend a good time. If there's any.



Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Ranger Pud
10-29-03, 11:56
Hi All,

I have been a long time lurker on this site and finally decided to make a post.

Recently I have been traveling to Taiwan quite often and I have to agree with you guys that it isn’t easy for a guy who doesn’t speak the language to get laid. On my previous trip I stayed on the outskirts of Taipei in the Nei Hu district, not much happening out there, but did have a chance to get into Taipei to scope things out. I wandered down to San Chung city and did the stroll on the route that Hammer_G had mentioned, I was approached by a pimp that could barely speak English and wanted $3000NT for some old hag, needless to say I did not stick around. Bottom line was no luck getting laid on the last trip but at least I found where the action was.

On this trip I am staying just south of the Zone in a hotel (Friends Hotel, on Minsheng E.) that is definitely hooker friendly, they even discreetly tuck a condom into the hotel services folder in the room desk, the rooms are clean and they provide DSL connections into each room and the rates are very reasonable. On my first trip to stock up on supplies at the Seven Eleven on Zhong Shan near the corner of MinSheng E., I was approached by a pimp named Tony who spoke good English and told me he could get me a beautiful young girl who will do anything I want and does this part time, works daytime in a department store, for $5000NT. I told Tony that my birthday was coming up in a couple of days and that I’d get back to him.

On the day of my birthday I did the San Chung City stroll again and this time saw a cop car at one intersection which I paid no attention to since they frequently are there on traffic detail. As I strolled further things seemed unusually quiet and finally saw a half decently looking girl sitting on a scooter. When I gave her the eye she started shaking her head NO, I assumed she was trying to tell me that she either didn’t like me or that she wasn’t a working girl. I soon realized the real reason when I walked about 20 meters further up the road, there was a cop standing there keeping an eye on the goings on, the girl on the scooter was probably a lookout.

I headed back over to the Seven Eleven at about 1AM and sure enough Tony came right over to me, I told him I was interested in the girl but his price was too high, I negotiated him down to $3500NT, thank you WSG for the price info. He told me to return in about fifteen minutes and the girl would be there, he also assured me that the girl was beautiful and in her early twenties and that she usually “Dated” Japanese business men that like to stay in the area but that she preferred Americans because they “did not cause trouble”. When I returned fifteen minutes later a car arrived soon after and the girl that got out was everything Tony described and more. I paid Tony and she took me by the arm and we walked around the corner to my hotel, I collected my room key from the desk and not a word was said, much to my relief. When we got into the room Fonso who is about 5ft 2in tall and must be about 90lbs removed her dressed to reveal a thong on a perfect ass and then her bra and then turned around to face me revealing a pair of huge firm breasts for a woman that small, they looked like implants that were expertly done, no scars. Fonso speaks very little English but this girl is a pro and does not need to. She went into the bathroom and started filling the bath tub, she asked me to get on the bed for a message and I lay face down on the bed while she straddled my back and gave me a nice message while the tub was filling up, I can remember that as she was messaging me with her hands I could feel her pussy rubbing back and forth I my back also. Next she went into the bathroom and motioned for me to come along and get into the tub. She removed her last article of clothing the thong, revealing a nicely trimmed tight pussy. She got in the tub of hot water facing me and proceeded to suck on my nipples and chest and caress me all over. She then motioned for me to lift up my midsection, which was easy due to the buoyancy of the water this positioned me perfectly for her to start to expertly lick and suck my dick and balls. Next she rubbed soap on her tits and then gave me a tit fuck. After that she used the water from the bathtub faucet to give her own version of the fire and ice blow job. We then proceeded into the bedroom, she slipped a condom on me and I laid down on my back while she got on top facing me and lowered herself on my by now very stiff dick. She then motioned for me to sit up while she sat on my lap facing me with my dick deep inside of her. She starting to pump up and down, she then leaned back and supported her weight on her arms so I got a full view of her pussy going up and down on my dick, I remember just watching those lips moving in and out. Well the inevitable happen not long after that. This is by far the best birthday present I ever had and I think I will have it again before I leave. Fonso is definitely a pro so don’t expect the GFE, no kissing or cuddling, but she is an expert at pleasing a man and really seems to enjoy her work, I would give her a 9 in the face department, a 10 in the body, she appears to be in her mid twenties, and I would give her a 10 on technique.

I will be spending time in Keelung so if anybody knows of any good mongering spots please let me know, also if anybody wants to hook up out here for some mongering activities.

11-05-03, 11:32
Ranger Pud,

Keelung is a bit of a puzzle. Many 'special massage' places FS around 1500-2500 but varying quality and advancing age! Try one across from the (East) passenger shipping terminal, one block up from the Municipal Center, glass mirror door with ornaments.
Haven't visited yet but looks interesting.

The there is the railway road area, but pretty sleezy. Little to no English spoken. Other place on the main road to the tunnel, keep walking on the left hand side and you'll see a few small signs.

Baby Huey
11-13-03, 12:21
Is there any action around the Brothers Hotel in Taipei? Any help would be great!

11-13-03, 13:31
Hi Jimhart69,
Brothers hotel is on Nanking st,
when you go out of the hotel, if you turn right after the door enter the hotel and fushing st ( the next big road) you will find a "shop" with smoked glass, inside quite dark too with just a buddha altar lightened with red light, look a little like a car rental office but it is not. they show you a girl, never a line, if you don't like you ask them to change, price is something like 2500 nt$, you will have to walk a little to an appartement behind the office, girl quality is very poor and they are old (enter 30 and 40), I give you the intel for the nextdoor action of course.

If you turn left and walk for 5 min you will be at a big shopping mall: asia wold shopping mall, with the Starbuck facing a big street: Tunhua (or Dunhua) st.
you can enter the shopping mall ( not passing by the Ikea entrance which will drive you down stairs, but by the main entrance, you pass the stairs for the FNAC and go straight to the elevator behind the security desk, go to the 15th floor you will be at the Caesar world sauna, 4200nt$ 1 hour session, you can stay all the time you want enjoying the sauna, even stay sleep there. English is very poor here but you will understand the mamasan.

if you continue on Nanking st after crossing Tunhua st, after a 10 to 20 min walk just after the crown plaza hotel on the right side of the street you will find Jin Hua sauna down some large stairs, you will see 1 or 2 guys staying at all time outside behind a small desk ( parking valet), same thing than caesar world for the price but will find a better general girls attitude than Caesar (more matter of luck if you don't know some girls number). A better english here, but do not expect the moon, unless you see the Philipino waiter wich have a good english.

If you really want to take your time, choose the girl you want AND spend big bucks ( I mean BIG), there are a mens club in the same building than the caesar world sauna but at the 12th or 10th floor, I have no idea about the price and the rule at this club, just pass by to have a quick look but seen some very fine looking there, so will not be cheap for sure. Some of them are speaking a far better english than I will ever speak, but some of them only.

An other think, I stayed one time at the brother hotel and I remember the price are starting at 4000 to 4500nt$ for a so so room for this price range, you can find far better quality for this price.

have a good time


Baby Huey
11-15-03, 08:05
My supplier change my hotel on me. I am staying at the Grand Formosa Regent now. Any action around here?

Dick Johnson
11-15-03, 09:04
I stayed at Brothers Hotel, a 5* hotel 4500NT/nite with 3-4 star rooms and lobby! At least the DimSum was good.

Hi yoyo, the last time I checked the big bucks Men's club in Ceasarworld has been shut down by the Government! I didn't find a sauna there either maybe it was under renovation.


John Lee
11-17-03, 21:45
Hi, Roger Pud and Hummer_G:

Great reports about Sun Chung City.

Could you tell me how far Sun Chung City is from Taipei's downtown? How do you get there (by Taxi or train)?

Many Thanks

Ranger Pud
11-20-03, 10:15
Hi All,

John Lee,

Check the previous reports in this forum and you will see good info on San Chung city. I like to walk so the way I get there is to take the MRT to Taipei Main Station and then to walk toward the river on ZhongSiao Rd. paralleling the highway. You will eventually see stairs that will assend to a pedestrian path over ChunSiao bridge. Cross over the bridge and you will see stairs at the other end that will desend on to HuanHer S Rd. Head north on HuanHer Rd staying on the left side of the road (side opposite from the river) and you should almost immediately see action, pimps, mamasans on scooter, and if you are caucasion a lot of strange looks. You will also see roads off to your left, Da Tang S Rd., and Zheng Yi N. Rd. Walking about a block up these roads and exploring the interconnecting alleys will give you first hand view of where the girls are but this is as far as I know behind closed doors, all the pimp action seems to be on HuanHer Rd. so walking this road is where you will make initial contact, there are also some working girls on this road but not many recently. I have done the San Chung city stroll 3 or 4 times in the past month and I have seen alot of police in the area which I think has been there to slow down the prostitution activity, I wouldn't worry about the police actually making any arrests however. My take on San Chung is that if you are caucasion and do not speak mandarin you are going to have a hard time hooking up, they will tend to ignor you especially if there is heavy LE presence.

Happy Camper,

Thanks for the Keelung info, I found the place by the passenger terminal at the harbor, I was able to look in through the mirrored glass door because the lights were turned off inside and I saw a girl sleeping behind the fish tank inside, looked like they weren't open for business. The first night I was in Keelung I found the railroad st. area and this is by far the easiest place I have found to score in Taiwan. For the benefit of those who don't know where it is the easiest way to find it is to locate the Keelung night market main entrance (the entrance with the sign over the entrance) if you face this entrance on your left you will see a McDonalds, on your right is the direction you want to head. Walk to the very end of the St and when you can't get any further to your right you will see a lot of Ho houses, start exploring, the most interesting area is the back alley that runs parallel with the railroad tracks, girls are just sitting along the walll here waiting for customers, they will either ignor you or if interested make eye contact, none of them speak English but communications to tell them what you are looking for is no problem, just give them the unniversal hand signal for full sex and take out your cell phone and they will punch the price up on the keypad. They all seem to have the same price anyway, 1000Nt for full sex short time maybe 15 minutes although I don't think they watch it that closely. The girls are sitting right outside of where they work, they will lead you into a little room with a pad on the floor, (don't forget to take off your shoes before entering the room), she will wash down your private parts, suck on you nipples to get you hard, give you a blow job and ball lick for a few minutes, slip a condom on your johnson and then get on her back and let you get to work on her. They are pretty good at the moaning and groaning and all the other stuff to help get you off quickly. The quality of the girls vary but if you take your time and cruise around for a while you are bound to find something you like. Beware that the girls with the big boobs have had recent implants and their boobs are usually rock hard. I avoided the Karaoke places and tea houses that were in the same area although some of them looked like they had some pretty girls working inside, I am sure it is going to cost more than dealing directly with the service provider. Also there are not too many pimps in this area since they are really not needed, avoid them. As far as I could tell safety was not an issue here, I had 4 different girls in the area and cruised it maybe 6 times and never felt in danger, actually enjoyed the stroll.

John Lee
11-21-03, 23:02
Ranger Pud:

Thank you for your excellent report.

Heard that there are lots of actions in Menseng East Road area. Did you see any Ho houses/action there? How about Wanhua district, Ling Sen N. Road or other area where locals go (I can speak local language).

I will be in Taipei for a short time. It seems that San Chung City is not too far away. Can I get there in one hour by MRT/and walking? After I get out Taipei Main Station, how far is it from Sun Cheng city? Many thanks.

Will share my experience with you.

Bobs Uncle
11-23-03, 02:41
I'll be going to Taiwan next month for a couple of weeks. Most of my time will be in Taipei, and Hualien. I haven't been back since the crack downs over the past couple of years, but it's good to see that not everything is closed down. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anything interesting in Hualien. I would also like to know if anyone knows of a place that is a combination hot-spring massage parlour (Pei To maybe?). Lot's of natural springs all over the place, it would be nice to find a lovely lady to share it with. I can speak Mandarin, so language should not pose a problem.

I'll post what I find if there are no responces.


Bob's Your Uncle.

John Lee
11-23-03, 07:05
Ranger Pud and Hammer_G:

Great report about Keelong.

Is Keelong Harbor in Taipei? Thank you very much.

Ranger Pud
11-23-03, 08:42
John Lee,

Don't know where Wanhua district is, my hotel was on MinShang road near ZhongShan so I did get to explore that end of MinShang and it seemed like it had alot of possibilities if you were Asian and spoke Mandarin, definitely the Linsen Rd. North of MinShang I saw girls that were hanging out on street corners that looked like they were working. There is a barber shop on MinZu E. Rd. right near the intersection of LinShen where the girls accost you on the side walk and just about drag you in, I avoided clip joints like this and the bars on ShuangCheng St. cause you are going to spend big bucks for sub standard girls. I was approached by one of the girls from Charlie Browns who wanted me to take her back to my hotel for $5000 Nt which she said was a special rate, this girl definitely had some miles on her and in my opinion was not even worth 1000NT, interesting thing was that I never stepped foot into Charlie Browns, just walked past it, must have been a slow night.

You can definitely can do the stroll to San Chung city in less than an hour from the Taipei Main Station, it takes about 15 minutes to walk over the bridge but you get a nice view at night.

I also strolled the Lungshan Temple night market and as has been reported before plenty of hookers hanging out around all the back alley tea houses, once I saw a couple of cuties but the mamasan called them back into the house after we were trying to communicate for a minute or so, don't know if these girls were working or just used to draw customers inside. other than that saw nothing that interested me, most were pretty disgusting. I would be interested in hearing if anybody has actually found anything worth while at this place and how much did it cost.

For the benefit of those that don't know, Taiwan has never really standardized on the English spelling of their street names so it takes a little guess work to figure out what street someone is talking about when they spell it out. I used the spelling as it appeared on one of my maps but I noticed other maps have different spelling for the same streets.

12-02-03, 02:33
Keelung (Jilong) is harbor for Taipei about 30km North East

Kong Zi
12-02-03, 06:03
hualien doesn't have much to boast of in our area of interest. there are many ten-twenty rep001tered "darkened glass" barbershops catering to our needs. mostly older women (35+) trying to separate you from your cash asap.

do not try seedy bars around the "new" train station area. gangster joints that'll club your brains out and the girls there are for chatting only.

overall, hunting in taiwan is pretty depressing.

12-06-03, 16:16
Ranger Pud,

Thanks for your advice on Keelung, I guess near the port the activity depends on ships coming in. I found that by walking from the small Lions Club clock tower on the SE part of the harbour you can track back below the elevated road which ends in front of it. Go west until it curves northward above you. That brings you to Ai 1st Road and Ren 5th Road and the ladies you described. See www.taiwan-map.com for detailed maps. Took the train and bus to Taipei, 25 km away and about 35 minutes drive and NT 45 fare, departures almost every 10 minutes to the Taipei main station and main roads in Taipei, such as Nanking East/West road, many stops in town. From there city bus 292 will take you all the way to Sanchung for NT 30. Any experience in karaOK bars in Keelung ? or any bars for that matter, I have only found a few.

12-09-03, 02:12

Kindly check my other post in the "General" forum under Taiwan. Instead of going to Keelung City/Port, try going south to Taoyuan City.

You can find further detailed info on prices, scene, and other info on it.

My experience in Keelung was not that great! They don't have much hygiene mentality!


John Lee
12-12-03, 17:22
Hi, Happycamper:

Thank you for the info about Sanchung City.

If you take a bus from Nanking East to Sanchung City, where do you take off?
Are there many stops in Sanchung City?

12-16-03, 21:54
Does anyone wish to meet at a pub later this week? San Chung is getting a bit tiring.

12-17-03, 04:59
Hi fellow mongerers,

Any phone no. of Freelancers which have been tried out before? Dont fancy dealing with Mama Sans but speak Chinese and just want to call a babe to meet directly.

BTW: Jin-Hua still a save bet for a shag. Just call for another girl if you dont like the one entring the room.

Apreciate any no's:


Bobs Uncle
12-20-03, 02:19
Ok, my last question before I start writing about experiences.

As mentioned in a previous post, I'll be heading to Hualien when I get to Taiwan. Before I hop on the train and go south though, I've got about 6hours for some serious fun and relaxation. If you had about 12k NT and 6 hours to kill near the train station what would you do? I'm white, but fluent in Mandarin and not bad looking. The kind of girls I'm into look like the one I have posted from a HK 141 site.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Captain America
12-26-03, 20:40
Hello all,

I'll be visiting in February and thought I might try to hook up with some local chicks from local dating sites or ones that would enjoy showing me around while I'm there. More the GFE, long time experinece rather than the quickie, sauna type of stuff. Any ideas on local dating sites?

12-28-03, 00:39

you can try friend finder or adult friend finder, it's working quite well, for some local dating sites you better speak fluent mandarin.

good luck and good hunt


Mr Toofay
12-29-03, 20:02
Hi Guy,

I would like to start by thanking everyone for their information. I am going to Taipei for a week tomorrow, and I am very interested in visiting the sauna in asia world. Does anyone know what are their hours? And is there a paticular time in the day that is better to go?

Thank you in advance.

12-31-03, 01:29
Mr. Toofay,

All the saunas are open 24 hours.

In my opinion, go there between 6 to 10pm, where the girls just changed their shift , and are still "fresh" and motivated! After 11pm, I noticed the girls are little bit tired, and overworked.

Usually from 11pm to 2am is very busy, and might encounter some waiting time. That happened to me on Ceasar Sauna.



12-31-03, 03:36
Mr Toofay,

This sauna is open 24h/7 you can even sleep there for an additionnal 300nt$.

For a more quiet and enjoyable time I would recommend to go there start or middle of afternoon, as the morning and evening are quite busy in these kind of place.

My personnal preference is to go there end of the morning, after a late wake up, enjoy the bath facilities and sauna, a good lunch in the lobby then some regular massage, feet, face or body, depending the need or ache of the moment, then when out I can enjoy some shopping as all the shop are open ( opening time generally at 14h00).

enjoy yourself


Old School
01-11-04, 14:43
Hello All,

I will be visiting Taiwan in February for the first time.

I am flying into Taipei and will be residing at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung. What ever information you can share for that area would be much appreciated. I am interested in SW's, Massages and Clubs for dancing.

01-12-04, 10:44
Old School --
This is the Taipei forum. Taipei is in the north; Kaoshiung at the far south of the island. You need to post under the "general info" forum (which, incidentaly, should be called the "general info and other areas" forum). In the last year or so, I can't recall many posts about Kaoshiung; hope someone can help you out. Good luck and report back your findings.

Old School
01-12-04, 11:11
Thanks Lucky888,

I will post my question in the General Information section and I can't wait to report back.

Old School

Strange Days
01-16-04, 03:29
Does anyone know where one can go for an anonymous test for STD's.

01-17-04, 06:01
Strange Days,

I don't know about the anonymous part but you can get a test at the 7 Day Adventist hosiptal which has an English speaking staff and in my opinion the easiest hosiptal to use in Taiwan.

Note that if you are HIV positive they will take away your ARC if you hold one.

Good luck,


01-18-04, 01:24
Latest Caesar World Sauna in Taipei. Did you guys know they have Caesar World Sauna in Taipeik, Sanshung, Taichung and Kaoshiong?

Been there last night at around 9:00pm. I had the shower, sauna first, then while in the lounge resting, the mamasan comes and tell me they just had a shift change at 10:00pm. (Which means fresh girls).

I have been there before, but it seems they keep trying to improve the services provided as I will report below, if someone had a different experience, please comment:

You are lead to behind a secret wall to another area with many small rooms. The girls knocks on the door while you wait inside, and asks you if you accept her or wants another girl. (Note: If you have preference, try to tell in advance to mamasan)

Once you accept her, she will come in, undress you, and indirectly assess your "tool".

She tells you to lie on your stomach, gives you the massage for about 10 to 20 min, and then go out to get the hot tea, condom, and massage oil. She takes about 5 min doing that.

When she is back, she starts to kiss your whole back with hot tea inside her mouth (this is new to me), and then after put the mixture of massage oil with hot water (feels great) in your shoulders, back, and butt. It is followed with a breast massage over your back.

Once that is done, she asks you to go into "doggy style" position, with your butt aiming up towards her, she puts more hot oil, kisses your butt, and while doing that, her hands is working at your dick.

Next thing, she gives me a blow job while I am still in the "doggy style" position, she slides under you between your legs. (this is new to me)

Done with that, she asks me to turn around and begins the regular blow job (it is at this time she puts the condom on), and from here you I did with her on top, doggy style, and her riding me!

Once you are done, she offers me a shower together, and wash me throughly!

The report card:

Age: 25
Body: 9 (about 34C breasts, 25 waist, small rounded butt, smooth clear skin)
Face: 9 (pleasant and smiling)
Service attitude: 10
(no rush feeling)
Price: NT$4,200 total
Time spent with her: About 1 hour and 10 min (yes, I had my watch with me)
Her name: Liang Liang
Her number: No. 45

She is from Panchiao.
Been working at Caesar for abou 6 months.
No, she wouldn't give me her phone number ( I guess is their company policy, or she gets fired)

Now some last comments while talking with Mamasan at the lobby after the session: (she was quite friendly discussing their little known details)

1. They have no chinese girls working there. All are Taiwanese.
2. The older the girls are in age (from 28 to 35) the more skillful they are in pleasing the customer. The younger ones are hard to predict.
3. They have more than 300 girls island wide!!!! (they do rotate girls if the girls want to try another city/branch. In Taipei alone is 60 girls who rotate on different schedules due to their menstrual period and or about 1 week rest, after 3 weeks working non stop.
4. Also she told me some girls don't do western white guys, african americans, or Indians due to their personal reasons. Some do have basic english/japanese capability, need to let mamasan know.

Verdict: I will go back again!

Anyone had luck in asking any of the girls if they do business on the side?

01-20-04, 09:09
Excellent report. Thanks for all the details. Are you a regular there? I've often wondered just what to expect should I have the need to pay the price required at Caesar Sauna. Based on your description, I now believe I might be able to get my money's worth.

Was the 1 hour 10 minutes she spent based on "time" or on "one shot"? i.e. any chance of two shots if I can do it in that time? It doesn't have to be 2 rounds of FS....actually, FSTC+BBBJTC would be fine with me.

Thanks and cheers.

01-20-04, 13:06
Good report Amante,

there is another Caesar sauna in Taichung for sure but never been there.


You can expect the same kind of service in any saunas in Taiwan, but Caesar sauna and Jin Hua saunas ( both in Taipei) are the most foreigner friendly, but still your experience will depend on the girl motivation, sometime very disapointing. The service is base on a "one shot" thing, your chance to get a 2nd shot are very very very thin, or may be if you visit the same girl regulary and if she like you. Don't expect any BBBJTC, it will be a + - motivate CBJ but no more.


Harry Dude
01-24-04, 14:01
Been lurking here for a while, this is my first report:

Visited the Jin Hua Sauna in Taipei (on Nanking/Nanjing street, the block next to the Crowne Plaza) monday of last week.

You go down the stairs to the lobby, deposit your valuables there, leave your shoes (which will be polished for you) and are shown into the changing room. Also, a gentleman actually took my temperature (fear of SARS) using an electronic device, and was very polite.

Undress, and then into the shower/bath area, an open area with jacuzzis and showers. From there you can go into one of two movie theatres, there's a sleeping area as well, and a sitting area with snacks and drinks.

As a 6ft blonde scandinavian I felt somewhat out of place, everybody else seemed to be local. But anyway...

One of the movie theatres shows regular movies, the other shows asian porno movies.

In the sitting area, a mamasan walks around offering "special massages". I accepted, and was led into an area in the back where there were several small rooms and dimmed lights. She explained the price was 4200 taiwanese dollars, which is USD 127.

I was shown into a fairly simple, clean room, and after a few minutes a girl appeared. I liked the look of her, smallish but firm breasts, about 25 years, slim. She undressed me, smiled and laughed, and seemed to really appreciate my completely shaven dick - she immediately started playing with it. She did not speak a word of english though.

She told me to lie on the massage bed, stomach down, and massaged me for about 15-20 minutes. Then she disappeared for a couple of minutes, and came back with a tray with tea, massage oil, condoms. She gave me a cup of tea to drink, undressed, and then started giving me a very nice rub down with oil. I was on my stomach, she massaged my ass, indicated that I should get up on all fours, massaged my tool, licked my ass, turned me around, pushed my knees up and out, licked my ass thoroughly, with one hand working my dick. This was pretty fantastic. She then started licking my dick, and gave me an excellent CBJ before starting to ride me hard. All the time she gave a very good impression of enjoying herself, smiling, kissing my nipples and making lots of noise. Lots of noise.

I eventually came, too bad, I would really have liked to do her doggy-style, but I was enjoying myself too much. She cleaned me, then continued to massage my back, and I think she asked if I wanted a second go (she spoke no english). She started working my dick, but I usually require a bit of waiting before round two. So we simply caressed for a while. Her attitude was simply fantastic.

This took about an hour (there's a clock in the room).

I then left, got a shower, picked up my newly polished shoes, and was charged NT4500 in the lobby (I assume there's a NT300 fee for using the sauna facilities).

I went back the next day, and tried to explain to the mamasan I wanted the same girl, however this did not work out, so I got another girl. Again, excellent attitude, but this girl was somewhat bigger and quite hairy, and for me that's a bit of a turn-off.

I wish I'd gotten the name of the first girl. She was simply fabulous.

I am definitely going back the next time I'm in Taipei.

Gianni Versace
01-24-04, 21:52
Hi there fellow hobbist!

I have been using this board for years (thankyou Jackson) and finally decided to share my knowledge with the rest of you. I frequent Taipei quite often, and have experienced both the Jing Hwa and Caesars World Sauna. Both of those saunas are good, but my favorite source would be a nice establishment on Minsheng East Road. When you are on Minsheng East Road have the taxi driver stop at the EVA Air building. The Eva Air Building on Minsheng East Road should be on your left. Once you see the Eva Air Building cross the street while still staying on Minsheng East Road. Once you are across the street, look like you are looking for something and walk very slowly. Within seconds a pimp should make eye contact with you. Once eye contact has been made, follow him across the street. He will take you to an apartment complex where all the girls are kept. Each girl has her own special apartment. He will take you to see each girl until you find one that you will like. For 3500 NT you get 1 hour spent with a beautiful girl usually from China. Hope this helps you guys! Happy Mongering!

P.S. Everytime I have been there the girls have performed the infamous fire and ice.

01-24-04, 23:37

Happy Chinese New Year!

Well, if you are a regular, and have the same girl, she will work on time than "shot". The girl appreciate if you are a regular, because that means she gets more money, otherwise they rotate turns to customers that come in.

If you have a regular girl that you like, she will know to prepare two condoms than just one. (they usually bring one to the room) because they try to leave the room clean and free of "evidence" if there's a police raid. (have anyone noticed the red "warning light" on the top of the door, I don't think it is for fire alarm!)

I think the place is clean, and provides good service. I think the money is worth it.

Harry Dude:

When you are having your session with the girl you like, ask her what is her number, say like "Ni Ji Hau?" and next time, tell mama san!

Well, that's for Taipei, after chinese new year, I will try some "bordellos" in Taoyuan city, that actually provides take out or delivery service.

01-25-04, 00:19
Good FR Harry,

Next time try to get the girl number instead of her name, more easy to remember, or if you are not able to communicate with the girl ask to the mamasan in the lobby after your session.

You normally don't pay the Sauna fee when you take the special massage in Jin Hua, they charged you 300 nt for polishing your shoes.

Glad you enjoy yourself there


01-28-04, 03:22
Hi Guys,

I'm going to Taipei next week and I wanted some of you guys to tell me if they have places like in Brazil where you can go to a bar where you can relax, have some drinks and there's tons of girls trying to go back to your hotel. Sort of like a "hostess bar"

I read somewhere this place called ROMEO CLUB, is this place any good? Are there any descent girls there?

And the other question, is there such a place where you can get some wicked looking girls to give you massages, sort of like RUSH HOUR 2, where CHRIS TUCKER got to pick these hot chick to massage him. Is the CEASAR place like this?

Any feedback would be great.


P.S. Before Friday if possible, cause thats when I'm flying out.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

01-28-04, 23:58

I will suggest you to read the previous pages, you have all the infos needed there, nothing really change in 2 years I am in Taiwan, but forget about the comparison with Brazil.

The Caesar place is a sauna, but you don't get the chance to choose your girl from a fishbowl, they send you a girl, if you like her you keep her, if you don't like her you ask for another one.

Anyway, it is possible, in Taiwan to find the hostess bar and massage place you describeb, but you must have some really good local friends and a big wallet or to be japanese.

have fun


01-29-04, 01:56
Hello Yoyo,

I thought the hostess bar that Eggo is looking for is around "The Zone" as mentioned on the magazine "This Month in Taiwan".

That is where most of the japanese hang out to the hostess bar, drink, get their girls back to hotel, but at a hefty price of around NT$10,000.00 (USD300.00).

Anyone please correct me if I am wrong?


01-29-04, 18:55
YIKES $300USD?! What quality are we talking about at that price? Is it well worth it? So this place you are mentioning is called THE ZONE, any idea in what area this place is?

Also, where can I by this Magazin "This Month in Taiwan", and is it written in english?

One last question, what would be more of my moneys worth, Saunas or hostest?

P.S. Anyone want to hook up to party while I'm visiting taipei, drop me a line.

Gianni Versace
01-29-04, 23:16

I think for what you are looking for you are better off going to Carnigie or Zig Zaga in the Hyatt Hotel. When you go to these bars/clubs your choice for meeting a real girl and a working girl is 50/50. You have your choice of real non working girls that go for fun (Which hey u may be lucky and score for free) or you can score with a working girl. The choice is yours!


01-30-04, 00:38
Sorry Amante but you are wrong, for sure you have some hostess bars in The Zone, which is a block stuck enter Linsen North road and Chungshan North road, and enter Minchuan East road and Mintsu East road, the main action streets beeing Shuangcheng st and Nong an st, most of these bar cater foreigners and are filled with philipinas. Everything is possible there, from th ST at 3000 nt$ in the back of the house to 4500, 6000 nt$ LT in your place.

Regarding the japanese hang out, they mostly go in "Men's club" where you have praticaly no chance to enter, and even if you can be prepare to spend at least 500 us$ to 2000 us$ just for drinks and the company of lady(ies) which just chat and refill your glass, then after spending a minimum of time and monney in the place, you can expect to take the girl back to your place for 100 to 1000 us$ YMMV. Same thing for the upsquale KTV receiving the Japanese.

enjoy it


01-30-04, 00:53
Hello Yoyo,

Thanks for the correction and information in regard to the zone.

Been there before a long time ago, more than 2 years, but I didn't like that area. Some of the girls in that area were more interested in your money than providing good service.

Well, also for hostess bar, I remember something about Charlie's Brown pub/bar, does that place still exist? Has anyone been there lately?


01-30-04, 03:38
I hate to say this but the Top-Quality Hostess or KTV clubs are outrageously expensive, even for local Taiwanese businessmen, which is why a lot of them go to Manila to enjoy the nightlife there.

In Taipei, there are KTV clubs with the prettiest chinese girls (could be local or mainlanders) in which you can have a gourmet dinner (sharks fin soup, etc) and then singing and a little groping allowed by the girls. Cost? Anywhere from NT$40,000 - NT$100,000 (USD 1,000-3,000) for group of 3-4 guys, and that's even taking the girl out yet. It might cost you another USD1,000 for the girl to spend the night with you. Beautiful taiwanese call girls will run from USD600 to USD1,000 with the median at USD750 for overnight. Wonder why local guys go to PI?

01-30-04, 16:02
Damn, never thought that Taipei would be SO expensive to have a good time.

If I'm only ready to spend roughly $180~$200USD looks like the way to go is at Saunas.

I was realy looking forward for the hostes bars, alot less presure to buy and you get to relax while you dring and strike some converstation with the girls

P.S.Hey if any local people want to hook up and party, please drop me a line.

01-31-04, 00:03

Charlie Brown is still there, it's in the Zone by the way, you just can not miss it as the mamasan will run after you in the street proposing you to come to have a drink or to try one of their girls for 3000 nt.


In the saunas it will be at 120 us$ the shot, or you can try some FL at Ziga Zaga disco in the Hyath.

You can have a try with the freebies, in disco like Roxy vibes or Carnegie or Kiss la boca you can find some girls, with no pressure at all and easy to strike some conversation.

I cannot join you cuz I am very far from Taipei, but enjoy yourself there, anyway it's the winter sale right now in Taiwan and to look around the shopping area it's sometime the best way to meet with a nice gal.

have a good hunt


02-01-04, 02:53

Thanks alot for your nice hospitality, wish you were here to hook me up with all these places. Since I know NO chinese, I'm kind of nervous to wonder off in this great big city on my own.

I might try to go clubing tonight, but being Sunday night and all I'm not sure if it'll be any good hunting or not. I'll keep the saunas as last resort right before I leave on Friday.

My offer still stands, if someone local wants to meet up, just drop me a line.

Bobs Uncle
02-04-04, 15:52
Well, I finally made it to Taiwan. Based on all the reports I decided to go to Jin Hua Sauna. Very clean place, friendly staff. I ordered a bad cup of coffee in the waiting room after having a shower. I think it's best not to waste your money on the food or drinks. Before the coffee came a young mama san came and asked if I wanted the special. Of course I said yes, and when I finished my coffee, she lead me to the back rooms. Very dark. Just a warning ahead of time, if you have to take a leak do so before going to the back rooms since there is no rest-room.

#039 came into the room. Big boobs, nice smile maybe a bit plump around the middle, but still I would give her about a 8. She started light and slowly but then said she would make things more exciting. She took off her clothes and got the oil out. Using her tits she gave my entire body a massage. Then she told me to lift my ass up. Rubbing my member with her hand she started to stick her tounge up my butt hole. First time for that and quite an interesting feeling. This lasted quite a long time. Then she flipped me over and started a deep BJ. She was so good at putting the condom on with her mouth it took me a while before I knew she had done it. While rubbing her pussy, I was surprized to see she became naturally wet. Very nice. She mounted and I came. Very well spent $4350NT.

Bobs Uncle

02-08-04, 18:26
Welcome gents.
Will be in Taipei-Kaoshiong soon and wanted to know if there are places where you can great massages but from girls that are beautiful. Not looking for FS because dont want to spend the big bucks. But hoping that I can get a great massage from someone that is not an old hag. Let me know by PM. Also, if you are in So. Cali let me know. I'll take care of you. Thanks.

Gianni Versace
02-09-04, 08:51
AMPFinder finding a great regular massage from a beautiful woman in Taipei or anywhere in Taiwan is extremely easy. All you need to do is look at the photo I have attached and find the words Barber Shop on buildings. Back in the old days, these Barber Shops would act as a ***** house. But now Mayor Ma has decided to clean up Taipei, and get rid of these type of establishments. A 1 hour regular massage in Taipei is 1500 NT. You can choose the massesuse you want, and if you are not happy with the one they give you just send her back. So remember anytime you see the photograph below in taipei, you know very well you can get a legitimate massage there.

Over and out!

Gimme Your Shoe
02-10-04, 15:58
Does anyone know where I can find a strip club in the Taipei area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Link NL
02-11-04, 13:20
Ads in the paper, what will they bring me?

Special masage
for complete relaxing
multi languange speaking
attentive masseuse available!
WENDY (02) 2518-0378

the best special massage and service in town
Call Now Yuki And friends

I see prices from 1500NT/hr and 3000Nt/2hr

02-12-04, 13:25
Link NL,

it's purely Hit & Miss, some are just average local girl speaking a little english and willing to do some extra cash on the side, generally don't expect a beauty, and some are real organised semi escort outcall service which is better for you to precise EXACTLY what you want.

ampfinder, as gianni told you, you can find good massage in all BS, some will do HJ without even your request, but if you want a real good massage just forget about the beauty and take a 30 to 40 yo lady then you will at list experience something very good .

Amante how are you doing in Taoyuan??

Eggo, I know you are back home now but did you do your trip to the sauna and how was it??

enjoy yourself


02-13-04, 01:08

I am still awaiting for the sauna massage report from Eggo. He said he went to the sauna, and that he will give us a report later on this forum.

In Taoyuan, when I was with Eggo we went some pub hopping, checked out some brothels and street walkers, but there wasn't anything good that night that suited our tastes! But we still had fun doing "window shopping".

Link NL, give us a report to what you got in your "experience"!


02-13-04, 01:34

For just a regular massage you might try out this stablishment in Taipei, please take a look at the attached picture.

If you require further info, PM me, and I can provide you details, as I am not sure if I am allowed to post them here.


Link NL
02-13-04, 04:15
My first experiance in Taiwan:

I tried the ALL business man ad,

Calles the number a girl awnsers the phone and I ask about the service, she asks if I want full service, I say yes, The price starts at 5000NT and I talk it down to 3700NT.

30 minutes later the nock on the door, I open the door and there is this 20 year old cuty a little bit shy but very good looking. After some talking we hit the shower and start with some forplay. She shyness has gone away and we drie of and go to the bedroom for the real fun. The girl had a real nice and firm body with great boobs. She stayed for almost 2 hours, but to bad she did not want her picture taken.

I guess I must have hit it right on the first one. I'll trie again when in back, I have to leave today for Japan today.

Thanks for the info guy, I'll keep you posted.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

02-13-04, 10:54
You are right about this place Amante, normaly it shouldn't be a problem to give the details here, Merry house massage is like a 5 star massage, girls are vrey skilled and pretty, but don't have the smallest though about having a HJ there. They have 2 place, I think, in Taipei.

have fun


Kong Zi
02-15-04, 06:13
What happened to Chungli's Hooker Alley? Used to be great, cheap fun. Went back there after a long absence. They are still in business but seemingly don't take foreigners anymore. 'tis a shame.

02-16-04, 03:15
Kong Zi,

The old hooker alley near the old Far Easter dept. store are gone. Now all that you have left are the brothels near the night market in Chung-li.

Hey, here in Taoyuan they still take foreigners, but prices are not cheap for good looking ones. Older and ugly ones are cheap though!

Link NL: It seems you got a good deal there! Did you bargain in English or in Chinese?


Gianni Versace
02-16-04, 23:44
Strip clubs in Taipei are pretty much non existant. The only strip club I have even been to in Taiwan was in Kenting, and the women had hairy armpits and were busted. The only good thing about the strip club was that it had excellent food. Funny isnt it that you go to a strip club to see some nice tits and ass but instead rave about how good the food was!

02-17-04, 09:51
RE: Strip clubs

So you want an American style strip club, high heels, dancing poles and all? or you just want to have a girl take off her clothes in front of you while dancing in a dark room with music?

If you want the former, I'm pretty certain you're S-O-L. If you want the latter, then you can go to any number of the KTV places surrouding "the zone." Be warned, it will cost you dearly and you'll need to speak Chinese. If you find yourself in such a place courtesy of someone else's wallet, then go to town and have a ball -- BBBJ or FS is certainly available in the toilet room inside your KTV room; regulars get a lap-fuck sometimes.

Happy hunting.

P.S. was in TPE recently and met up with my freebie from Carnegies (reported on several months ago). She was on the rag, unfortunately. However, there was plenty of other meat at Carnegie's last Wednesday. I think the crowd was better looking and a bit younger than previous times I've seen it.

Gimme Your Shoe
02-17-04, 16:56
RE: Strip clubs

Some of the previous posts mentioned strip clubs where there is a 2 beer minimum, and have lap dances for $100NT per song. One poster in particular said that he was surrounded by approximately 10 girls wanting to give him a 100NT lap dance. Where can I find these places?

Thanks again!

02-21-04, 19:54
Hi Folks,

I am going to staz in Taoyung (the city not far away from the airport) and tried to find some information in the forum, but verz limited. Has anyone some good contacts or information in respect to some activity there (meaning not going downtown Taiphe).

Please post or PM me. Will return with mz FR - if any action at all.


02-22-04, 09:13

I think you're talking about Taoyuan. The good thing is that it is not in Taipei county, but rather Taoyuan county, which means that all of TPE's restrictions on mongering establishments don't apply. Now, I've not mongered in Taoyuan before, but I have driven through it several times and seen barbershops (BBS) that appeared promising. I also imagine that you can get pretty hot in KTV's there, but will need a chinese speaker and preferably a local. Saunas might be a good bet as well, again, because they're outside TPE county. Now that I think about it, I'd try saunas first, probably. You'll have to have some balls and just walk into places and have a look around; use whatever (body) language necessary to make clear what you're looking for and I'm sure they'll make clear if they offer such service. Let us know what you find -- even info on places not to go can be useful.

03-02-04, 14:55
I will be in Taipei next week. I see from previous reports there might be some freelancer action at Carnigie or Zig Zaga.

Can anyone fill me in on what sort of price to expect.

Also what type of place are these? I assume Carnigie is similar to the place by the same name in Hong Kong. What about other bars? I would like any info on bars in Taipei similar to Wanchai bars in Hong Kong (Dusk till Dawn, Neptune, Joe Banana's etc)

What are the suggested hotels to stay, girlfriendly of course!

If I find any action I will report.


Kev 3X
03-03-04, 05:43
Any fun to be had at or near the Howard International House in Taipei? I will be ther next week and looking for a lucky lady.

03-03-04, 10:58

Carnegies in Taipei is just like in HK, a little bit bigger and possibly more locals looking to hook up. At the end it is just a normal bar however, pretty hit and miss.

In Taipei there are not any places like Dusk til Dawn, with all the working girls to be had. You mention Joe Bananas, well this is a lot like Carnegies in Taipei.

Good luck,


03-04-04, 02:43
Hi guys, Yoyo and Amante,

I know i've been out of contact for a while. Its been crazy busy since I got back for the Far East, and I know I how you guys a "trip report" I will write one very shortly. As soon as I can get this damn work load off my chest.

Just wanted to drop by and tell you guys i'm still alive and well, and hope that you guys are the same.

Stay tune for further developpements.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

03-04-04, 06:41

Prices will be around 3,500.00NTD to 5,000.00NTD.

Hotels, try to stay away from 4 star or 5 star (depends on luck), so stay like in the Caesar Hotel (near the Taipei Train Station) or the Kodak Hotel (business hotel) as they are "business" oriented.

Kev 3X

At Howard they used to have some girls on the lobby waiting for customers, eye contact is the key. But maybe there isn't anymore, just walk out, walk to nearby Sogo dept. store to get lucky in some of the alleys.

There's a report from someone before that near Howard some "solicitors" will offer you girls for whatever needs you have!


03-08-04, 08:29

I went to Taipei (Taoyung) some days ago and despite the fact Amante and Lucky888 gave various information and excellent support, it was a total disaster. The street action seemed to be dead and those females remained there were either not accepting Westerners or on the bottom of the scale.

Went to some of those MPs but felt neither impressed by the set up nor the ladies. It was a little bit like walking in someone’s living room and finding her with her colleagues and the mamas an.

As my rule is simple – as long as I do not feel 100 % comfortable and secure I do not stay – I went off quickly and returned to the Hotel.

Tried to get some outcalls but all refused to come to Taoyung. Actually even if I called different ads I ended up with the same telephonist who got annoyed of my search. Finally one was willing to come and I accepted even if communications were quite strange.

I agreed € 70 for 120 mins, FS, BBBJ, Anal and massage. Maybe rate and service should gave me some warning.

When the person came to my room at the hotel and let her in she looked more like the gardener than a call girl and insisted to move to the bath immediately. Again strange but acceptable. However what came out of the bath was somewhat being a man with big nipples and a dick – far away from what I was heading for.

A heated discussion started and I was totally upset. To make it short: I paid the entire € 70 to get ride of this person and to prevent any shame at all. I was initially not intending to post it, however I decided to do so as a warning.

When you go to Taoyung save your money for Viagra – made an excellent deal much lower than at HKG. Seemed to be ariginal comming fromAustralia.

To me TPE was a full mess.

Continue to do it better than me, folks


03-09-04, 19:14
I arrived in Taipei via Hong Kong. Due due the doom and gloom here in this forum I over spent in HK as I did not think there would be much action.
I was staying in the Grand Formosa Regent, a very nice 5 * hotel. It does not have a bar to speak of so there is no chance of in hotel action unless the health spa has special services. I would doubt it but you can try a health massage with skin treatment including cinnamon sticks, cloves, black pepper, magnolia flowers, ginger and avocado being listed among the ingredients to get you skin back in full health. A bargain at just $7000 for two hours. I think I saw a $12000 treatment somewhere as well.

I decided on a more straight forward way for improving my outlook on life. Just how to find it. I had planned to go to a few bars but was not in the mood for drinking. So I went for some walks around the area of the hotel. I previous report had SW on Linsen N Road down near Minquan E Road. I walked a lot in this area and up all the little lanes past the KTV bars. There are what appear to be short stay hotels. These are any where between Changchun Road and further north. I assume these cater for the KTV trade as I did not see much street action. There were a few girls that might have been working but seem to be going somewhere rather than strolling about. Possibly to the KTV.
I saw one or two low grade girls about but they did not show much interest and I did not try to attract there attention.
I did see one stunner. She wore an elegant white wool jacket and did not look like a SW at all. I figured she was as she was standing in a dark spot for a long time just hanging about. I walked past but she couldn't have shown less interest.
Oh well, back to the hotel.

On the way back I was approached by a few different mamasans and pimps. They asked if I want a young girl. Most asked $5000. It came down to $4000 without effort.
I negotiated with one mama down to $3500. She wanted me to give my room number and the girl would go up. She said something that I took to be "no change", i.e. if the girl that came up was not suitable they would not change. I did not want to give my room number out so left. Some of the mamasans ride around on bicycles. You will find them or they will find you on the block bounded by Changchun, Linden, Minsheng and Zhongshan Roads. Also in or near the park at the back of the hotel.
Some offered to bring the girl down for a look. It would take about 15 minutes.
The next night I decided to try.
I was approached by a man on Zhongshan Road near to a 7-11 and I think the Ambassador Hotel. He was a overweight man about 60 who spoke excellent English. He wanted $5000 but came down to $4000. He would get the girl in 10 minutes and I could have a look and leave if I did not like her. He said she was early twenties and a taipei local who worked in a department store during the day. I decide to have a look as he did not look very threatening so I was sure I could just leave (busy street as well). She took 15 minutes to arrive by car with a driver. She looked pretty good and was as described so I agreed. They asked me to get in the car as it would be a long 5 minute walk. I was a little nervous of this but it made sense and the girl looked like one that was not involved in any thing dodgy. Hope it was not to be a bad decision. Anyway arrived at the hotel. Got out and the man asked me to pay the girl now. I insisted I would pay the girl in the room after. Eventually this was agreed to after I was going to walk off. He then asked for $200 for his time. I told him to go jump. OK no problem and I go off with the girl. Seem no problem bringing the girl and no one is watching anyway.

The girl speaks a little english, actually pronunciation is quite good and she corfirms she is a local. Name was something like Shuwan. She confirmed she only worked part time. She would not tell me how much she had to give to the men.

She is a very small girl. Less than 40kg maybe 35 and very skinny with not much tits but nice nipples.
Start with shower together where she washes me down. Get to the bed and she starts licking me all over with kisses.
Licks balls and around cock before starting a BBBJ. I would say pretty good BJ but was not so long time. I did not ask for more. I sure she would have been OK.
She then starts a little more passionate kissing including tongue action. I hold her by the butt and slip my hand around intending to play with her pussy with my hand around her (she is so small) She had lots of lube from her ass to pussy. I played with her ass and this drove her wild.
I then entered her (pussy) and we fu*ked for ages in various positions. She was pretty passionate and made lots of noise. Some stime active and then very passive just making noise. She sarted to really get into it and her pussy became very wet. I guess some of it was acting but sure she also came a few time with nice contractions in her pussy.
Did not come quickly and then had a short rest before continuing.
Eventually after long screw I pulled out and came on her stomach.
She was an excellent lay and excellent service.
Experience was like a having Japanese AV star. If you have seen the tiny girl that makes a lot of noise and alternates between being really passionate and almost looseing control, sucking fingers holding on tight, to very passive mode where it is just fu*k me as hard as you can and I will lie down and enjoy.

Good experience but a little expensive.


03-10-04, 00:52
Hey BJK,

Really nice report!

Your negotiation skills and sense of security was good, and you were dead on in the "fee" for the driver, it should be included anyway!

Well, somehow some of the girls you mentioned they work part time it is true, but usually the part time girls are freelancers who work on their own, or through "introductions" from "friends". They don't usually work with drivers, pimps, mamasan, etc as they wouldn't get much profit from it. A hint to find out if they are really part time is to ask them for their cellphone number. If they don't, they aren't part time.

Sometimes if you find the real part times, they are office ladies in daytime, and night time sometimes they just want to have some side cash and fun (like taking her for dinner, pub) and the cost is an amazingly NT2,000.00 only! Problem is, that they usually only speak chinese.


03-13-04, 03:44
You are right it is difficult to tell if she was really a part timer. Actually I asked for her phone number but she said she would give it next time. I tried to get her to tell me how much commission out of the $4K she had to give but she was reluctant to say.

I asked the man for her again last night but it seems she only works earlier during the week and not the week end. I will try again maybe tonight.

I did ask him to send up another girl. This time I gave my room number to him as I was too tired to wait. I asked for similar type of girl and told him if she wasn't any good I would send her away and he was not to send me another. Therefore one chance to send the right one. Well he failed according to my criteria. A pleasant but plain Thai girl arrived at my door about 20 minutes later. My experience with full time Thai girls that go to another country to work is not fantastic. Better to have the Thai girl in Thailand. Also my experience in Hong Kong is typically I would pay a lot less for a Thai than a local (or even PRC) girl. So paying $4K was not on. I am sure she would be paid by the pimp a lot less that the Taiwan girl the other night. Anyway the girl comes into my room and then politely asks if she is OK. I ask a little about her and decide she is not my type and tell her to go. Without any fuss she goes on her way. Later I feel I should have given a small amount to her for her trouble as she was nice just not for me.

After that I decided to go to the "zone" for a few drinks and see what it is about. I was not impressed especially with the bars with the women trying to drag you in. I ended up in "My Place". It is an bar with a bit of an English Pub theme. The waitresses are very friendly and nice to talk to. Most are Filipino long term residence of Taiwan. I had about 6 drinks in there and the bill came to $1001. I don't know if the $1 was put on so I would be given a ton of change to tip with but I had a $1 coin in my pocket and did not tip any more than the bill.

Another time a pimp near to the hotel gave me his card. It is titled "Beauty Massage Centre" It is in English and Japanese offering outcall massage, and obviously a lot more. PM me in the next few days if you want the number. I did not ask the price as I was not interested but assume as he was on the street he would be competitive with the other "vendors"


03-15-04, 02:11

It seems you already a pro mongering in Taipei.

The Zone was a total disappointment right? I guess the only people who would go to the Zone are the people who are really drunk, or have some extra money they want to burn on Filipinas, or old ladies asking for Ladie's drink for an exorbitant price. I would call the Zone the Doom Zone.

Usually, if you could communicate up front to try out if she's also an part timer, is to assure her you won't call her on day time because of her privacy. Just ask her what's the best convenient way to contact her. This way if she's really a part timer, she will provide you with info how to contact her.

Sending you a Thai girl was a definitely No-No for the price they asked, and since you are in Taiwan, you should go for Taiwanese flavor anyway!

Hope to hear more of your reports!


Asia Traveller
03-17-04, 12:15
I know I should have read the forum first, but I didn't. So my first time in Taiwan, back in december, I ended up in the Zone, spending too much money for too little fun. But hey... I met a nice girl in the K9 pub, actually took her out a couple of times, but I got tired of the mamasan calling her after 2 hours, to come back. I won't tell what I spend there in one week. I'm afraid you guys won't stop laughing :-)

So just one advise: Stay away from the Zone. The only good thing there is Malibu West if you want to have some western food and play some pool.

So when I came back early February, and I knew I had to stay for a long time, I decided to handle it differently.

First of all, I would definitely recommend Carnegie's on any given wednesday. Packed with girls (because of the free champagne). Some pro's, so just ignore them. Some are unaproachable, but that would be obvious to any guy after being inside for an hour or so. That leaves the girls that are actually looking for a good time. And there are quite some left. But then again, also a lot of guys. Luckily, most men just hang around the girls without taking action, waiting until the girls talk to them - which they won't because they're asian. In fact - if she starts talking it's probably a pro.

But anyway, I had some nice adventures there. With nice girls, in to some good lovin' that spend all night and leave their number.

I also checked out the massage ads. Just yesterday I decided to call one. In the middle of the day (didn't feel like working). I went to 73, Fushing S. Actually, she was not there but she picked me up in front of that address to then go to her apartment.
It started off with a regular massage, which was in fact what I wanted. But ended up with the well known special service :-)
And I must say; she was pretty good! Kissing, cuttling afterwards, the whole thing. She gave me her number. And all of that for just NT$3000. She asked 5, I offered 3 and she was ok with it... So that place is definitely worth checking out. Her name is Jessica, 30 yo.

But actually, I found my own Taiwanese girl a couple of weeks ago. And that is very very nice. Just can't get enough of her. Unfortunately she still lives at home (23) but that's the only disadvantage.

Good luck to all of you out there :-)


Captain America
03-20-04, 00:46
I'll be in Taipei at the Grand Hyatt next week for most of the week. Anyone who wants to get together and partake of the best Taipei has to offer, let me know and I'd be happy to buy the first round.

Asia Traveller
03-20-04, 05:02
Captain America,

As long as you are in the Hyatt, check out their Ziga Zaga on thursday night. A bit expensive, some working girls, but you should at least have been there once.


03-21-04, 05:42
A few more experiences in Taipei

There are so many pimps around the hotel (Regent) it is getting a little annoying even for me. I am sure someone will complain and they will get moved on.

I met Fat Bob as his name card calls him just near the edge of the driveway. He introduced himself with good spoken English and started his spiel. He started with the usual promises of young beautiful girls that he could send to me. He stated that he was now 65 and as such had not interest in trouble so he would offer his honest services at a reasonable price and not rip anyone off. It was up to me to accept or reject the girl without condition. He said had been a hustler for 12 years and during that time had experience to know what a businessman might need. He explained how much of his business was repeats and referrals etc. I asked him how much and what they were like. He said he had two types; the first and more common could not speak English and were $3000. For the English-speaking girl it would be $500 more. He explained that only educated Taiwanese could speak English thus asked for more money. If fact he said that he himself had spent 3 hard years learning English so he could serve better his high quality business people like myself. He understood that the type of businessperson staying in the 5 star hotel did not want to have to talk in pidgin. He went on to describe the type of girl he thought I was after. He described it pretty well including that I don't always like big tits, and that he had a few girls suitable for me and why not try one tonight and if good I would be sure to try another.
Well it was an funny sales spiel and he could have well been selling high quality consumer goods the way he was describing. My experience has not always been great with any sales person who can talk the talk so I was a little cautious. However at $3000 it would be worth having a look even if despite the smooth pater I did not trust him.
All agreed on the deal and he says he will send a girl to my room shortly, and oh yeah there will be $100 for parking. Well the parking at the hotel is $100 so I agreed even though I hate this negotiating style of adding conditions at the end. My little head was ahead of me and did not think until later that there is no way the girl would be driving herself, a scooter maybe. OK, $100 so what!

The girl comes to the room reasonably to expectations and description. Slim, but with bigger boobs that I was imagining. She does not speak much English at all. all. Name is BoBo. Not sure where she is from. Half suspect that she is not Taiwanese. Later I had a girl from the same source who was Vietnamese call BiBi, so this girl might have been same.
We have a shower together and then to bed where she is very quick to get started. I worry she is being a little rushed. Anyway she does a good job in getting me hard and starts a pretty good BBBJ. Let me touch her everywhere but does not want DATY. Her pussy is very tight and we do it in numerous positions. She gets me off while sucking my nipple and squeezing my balls while I hump away. Over all a reasonable experience. I gave her the $3100 which she expressed disappointment at. I gave her a couple of hundred NT as she did try quiet hard but I normally tip only for exceptional circumstance. She was still disappointed so I asked using sigh language how much of the $3100 was hers. I first indicated 2/3 for her and then 1/2. She said not and showed that the boss got all and she only got tips. I laughed at this and indicated no way. She was most adamant. What an actress? or was it true? Perhaps she was still paying of the loan to get her to Taiwan. Anyway I gave her some excess HK dollars I had lying around and asked for her phone number saying she could have it all next time. She agreed and I got her number.
I did SMS her, the next day, which was Sunday and tried to call but her phone was off. If she was from offshore with some kind of contract it would have been difficult for her to meet outside in any case.

Next day I decide to get a massage before thinking of some more mongering. I found a genuine looking massage place that looked clean. I can't remember the address but it is a cross street and not far from Linden Rd something like Changchun Rd. It did not have a sauna or shower area, went into a room with a massage chair, the type that can move into a variety of positions including flat. It had a television to watch while being massaged. The massage was quite different to those in a Sauna in Hong Kong or elsewhere. It involved a lot of strengthen, also the girl applied a lot of hot towels, wrapping them around various areas while massaging elsewhere. I reckon she would have used at least 50 - 60 towels throughout the massage. The massage girl was thin as a rake but unbelievably strong. Overall it was a good massage but I prefer an oil massage on a proper massage table. I did think to ask the girl to my hotel after the massage but gave up after communications difficulties and the fact that she had not indicated much interest in me. Still I felt good and was ready for further action.

So back to the hotel and was accosted by a 60's woman in a fake fur jacket asking me the usual "want girl?" "young girl", "pretty girl". Anyway the price started at $4000 (I think they all must know me and no one asks for $5000 up front anymore). I negotiated down to $3000 and agreed to wait for girl outside. She said 10 minutes. I said I would go for a walk and come back. She wasn't to keen on me leaving and tried to follow. I told her again to stay where she was and I would come back. After walking around for 10 minutes I came back and still not girl. I waited for a few minutes and decided to go for another walk. The woman kept tailing me everywhere, a real nuisance. Finally I lost my cool and told her to go away until she had the girl or I would not go ahead with the deal. It is quite unpleasant so near to the hotel. I don't think anyone worries about such activities if they are discrete but when you are bumping into patrons of the 5 star hotel with pimps and mamasans in toe they might feel uncomfortable and complain. I waited elsewhere for 5 minutes or so and came back. There still was not a girl, so I went to the woman and told her to forget it. She said the girl had came and went and she would get her back. Again I said forget it and went into the hotel.

After resting in the lounge with a drink I decided to call Fat Bob and get him to send up a girl. He said he would try but as it was close to 11pm it might be difficult. I read that the hotel requires guests to sign in after 11. It does not say they are not allowed. Fat Bob later sent a Vietnamese girl that might not have all the right ID.
The girl arrives right on 11pm and announces herself as BiBi. She was not as slim as requested but still OK. She was young and turned out to be 21. She said she was from Vietnam I would say a 6.5 overall so really at the minimum range I would accept. Faced with the hassle of finding another girl I decided to accept.
I offered her to take a shower and expected that it might be together like the other girls so far. She went into the bathroom dressed and closed the door. Seemed she was taking a crap and was taking her time about it. I heard the shower start and after a short period of time knocked on the door. She was already out and had not had a full shower just used the hand shower. I had a quick shower myself and then into bed at which time it was over 10 minutes into the action time before anything had happened. Anyway to the action; she starts with an amazing nipple suck on me, which I enjoyed. However she did not position herself in a way that made it easy to touch her. I got her to do a BBBJ that she did with enthusiasm but not much skill. She was worried about me coming in her mouth and stopped often. She performed better after I indicated that I understood and would not come in her mouth. She had the least English of any girl I have met. Anyway then start on missionary fu*k which she is very tight and worried about pain. She settles down and is OK but I can smell her vagina a little which I take as a bad sign. I was wearing a rubber but did not think she was a clean as I would like and can not enjoy. I stop the fu*king and wash off in the bathroom. I go back for a BJ. This time I lay her down and fu*k her mouth. She takes it quite deeply and does not complain at all. I was enjoying but decided to move position. I bumped her neck in moving. I don't think I hurt her but she indicated her neck was sore. She then sits up holds her head tightly with her two hands and proceeds to give it a mighty twist sideways and upwards which is accompanied with an almighty crack. She then proceeds to do it again be in the opposite direction. I think I am going to have a girl in my hotel with a broken neck the sound is so bad. Anyway after the course of home chiropractory I went back to a BJ but had lost my interest and could not finish. I would say she was OK at BJ in that she took it deep and fast but seemed to have a hard mouth and did not feel fantastic. I asked her to stop and demonstrate some of her massage skills just as long it was not of the neck manipulation type. Was an OK massage and then her phone rang at 11:45 which was her minder asking her to finish. Mental note for next time: I will tell the pimp if he rings before the time is up I will only pay that proportion. Although I did not yet have the full hour promised I was bored with her and was happy to see her go. I gave her the money without tip and she left without complaint or asking for more.

Next time in Taipei I will try to access the FL scene. The pimps and mama's are ok as backup but not reliable. Advise allowing time for knocking back a girl if not suitable.


03-21-04, 05:45
To the guys that PM me and asked for phone numbers. I have left Taipei and packed the name cards away somewhere where the wife would not find them. Haha, I cannot find then either. Hope I do before she does and I will send you.


03-21-04, 11:27
While off topic it might interest some wanting to look smart while mongering. I had some excellent shirts made at the Shangri-La tailor next to the Regent Hotel. 700NT for polycotton and 800NT for 100% cotton

03-23-04, 06:50
Went to San Chung again. My regular girl was not around so I went to another provider which was more expensive $1500, but the girls were younger.

I'm am kinda of curious what others would think in terms of paying $1500 for short short time or get good consistent services for $3000k.

Has anyone gotten a girl in the city proper for $3000k through a manager but then later made deals directly with the girl?

The Master
03-24-04, 06:12
Rip off experience from the Formosa Escort.

Formosa Escort ask people to pay a three days fee to get into their website... and then even if you cancelled the registration before the end of three days, your credit card is still get charged for the following month access fees, and their web admin people has never replied your Emails, when you are asking for their reply.

Exposing them here will prevent them from rip off more people. They are saying that the access to their website is the condition of getting their excort services.

Shitty taiwanese, making money the Chen Sui Bien way!

John Lee
03-25-04, 16:48
Hi, Adrenal:

How much time did you get for $1500 in San Chung (20 min.)? Could you telll us how to get San Chung by train/or bus from downtown, Taipei?

$3000-3500 will get you 45 min, a nicer gl, but it is always hard to make a deal directly. They work full time for a boss.

Captain America
03-26-04, 03:23
Only had time to get to one spot this week and ecided to make that JunhHua sauna. Service has been described many time in this foprum, so I won't repeat. Definitely would be worth to team up so one can enjoy the many other amenities oif the sauna without dying of boredom.

One note, the sauna is about 50 yards east of the crown plaza hotel, also known as the Rebar Crown Plaza. I asked for Holiday Inn, but that info seems to be outdated. Closest cross street is Gunagfu South.

03-26-04, 20:21

I think you got ripped off, in my opinion. I use a service provider that gets the girl to my place whenever I'm in Taipei discreetly with the option to reject, no questions asked. But be prepared to pay more if you want the real amateurs which has to be arranged in advance. I have met a bank officer, an attorney, a travel agent and even a dance teacher through this. And because I know her well, I get to run the field trial. Cost - anything from NTD 7000 - 8000. Its worth it though, and they do come back FOC sometimes.

Member #1793
03-27-04, 00:27
Actually I think BJK got quite good deal in Taipei. I was grow up in Taiwan then work in US. Evan not have much experience I still consider myself a local here.
Had a short visit back to Taiwan. Since Taipei has too much LE action. My friend show me one "Tea Vender" in Taichung who can only be reach by reference. Most girl from Mainland but you can order Russian, Korean or Local girls. Mainland girl $NT2500, Russia $4000--$8000, Korean girl $4000. The normal procedure is you told the guy your prference then he will call several agence then the girl will be deliver to the house. It is ok to reject without any fee. Most of the PRC girls are quite good looking , young and with very good attitude. Service is standardize. She help you take off your clothes, wash eachother, kissing all over your body, bbbj (some cbj), multi position then wash again. The total time is 1 hour sharp. The owner will ensure you get your 60 mins. Normally the gril only got $1000 and they need to pay the driver $3000/day , fake husband $1000 day. You can see they must work at lease 4 guys to make these. So I normally pay $NT300 tips for the girl but it is not required.

I nail 6 girls in my 2 weeks vacation. I like one girl from Chendu and order her for 4 times.

The action in Taiwan is not quite good compare to other Asia country. Especially the local girl are not very accomodate. But it still much better than US.


Johnny Jets
03-27-04, 04:11
Called A business as previous reported in this forum, tel 8671-2001.

Was in my room within 40 minutes, stayed for about 40 minutes. Was quick and good, used the hot water method. Never had it before, increased the enjoyment but the sptting out of the warm water into the rubbish bin was strange. Cost 3,000 which the previous post had said was within the normal range, but had to negotiate that price down from 5,000 to start with.

03-27-04, 11:20
I don't consider that I got ripped off.
I had one excellent experience with a girl was fresh, if she wasn't she gave me an experience of a part timer so no matter. The second girl was a OK, I would have her again. The third girl was very ordinary, though I would not say ripped off, just the girl was not naturally very sexy and did not suit me. Ripped of to me is when the service is really bad or non existant.

Paying 7-8K, is that for overnight? I hope so or that is really expensive even for quality. Of course depending on your budget whether you consider expensive.
The prices I paid seem standard for Taipei.

Still, I give the good and bad parts of my experience, I hope to do better next time in Taipei. I also hope those that follow me can learn and also do better.

Good hunting,


Member #3443
03-31-04, 13:40
Asian Traveler,

I was at Carnegies last month. Agree with your assessment. However, there is a youg asian guy that hangs out at Carnegies and trie to dress similar to "Elvis". Has the same looking glasses and all. I was doing good with a young girl and then he used the girl to try and hit on me. So avoid "Elvis". Made for a miserable night.

04-05-04, 08:26

After various requests from other members, I am trying to compile phone numbers from part timers, and once ready, I will post it here, so at that time, interested persons can PM me.

In no way I am profiting from this, as the "regular" part timer I know, she knows some others who are the scene too. So please don't come back complaining as I do not endorse them. But you are welcome to post feedback on forum.

And also, these girls doesn't speak english, so you might need to speak some chinese.


04-06-04, 17:26
Thanks to the forum, I was able to use my brief stay in Taipei to max use. After reading about the Saunas I decided to give one of the two Saunas a try. Between Jinhua and Ceasars, I decided to go to Ceasars.

Located at the Asia world shopping centre, and keeping in mind the change in shift, I reached the Sauna at around 10.00 pm. There were only about 2 or 3 guys in the sauna, and after the change and shower I got into the Hot Jaccuzi/Sauna and finally got a rub down. I was not sure what next, and walked till I change into shorts and I was asked if I wanted a special massage. I was led to the lounge area and after 10 minites the mamasan came and asked me to follow her. I followed her up the stairs and to secret concealed doorway and was asked to wait in one of the rooms which had a nassage table and a shower.

A few minutes later a fabuluous female came to the room, she must have been about 25, well built with super tits. She nodded at me looking for acceptance and called the front desk about the confrimation.

What followed was a great experience as she tried to please with great attitude. Her massage was amateurish, and quickly progressed to bbbj and then she kept leading my hands to her tits and also to her pussy. She was wet, and I managed to cum after trying various positions. After 10 minutes i was ready for the second shot and she was more than willing. She gave me her number and asked me to ask for her again.
Great experience and will certainly do her again if in Taipei again.

Total damage NT$ 4700.


John Lee
04-06-04, 21:31
Member #1793,

Could you provide a few phone numbers?
$NT2500 (for 1 hour) is a very good deal.
They often charge $NT3500 for 40 min.

04-07-04, 06:24

I will be in Taiwan for a few weeks. Looking for pals to explore Carnegie, Roxy Vibe, Juliana etc.

I am Asian speak both English and Chinese.



04-07-04, 15:29
I'm visiting Taipei next week and would be interested in hitting KTVs, particularly the more wild ones, with any regulars of that scene. My mandarin is intermediate level.

I could return the favor in in the Tokyo area, my own stomping grounds.

Dick Boobs
04-08-04, 03:43
I was in Taipei last week. Came in late but felt the need for a massage and more. Looked at the Classifieds in the Taiwan News which was in my hotel room. Opted for Yuki and friends, (02) 8671-2001. They spoke English which was of great help since I do not speak a word of Mandarin. Anyway, asked whether they provide special massage. Answer was yes, the girl would be 20-25 years, good looking and would be NT5000. Counteroffered NT3000 and was immediately accepted. I should wait for 30 minutes for the girl to arrive.

Fon Fon was on time. Avergae look, girl next door type. Came in jeans with sweater. Unfortunately did not speak a lot of English, only "money?", "shower", "Condom". But so be it. After exchange of money, immediately stripped. Nice tits, 34c, nice body. Went to the shower thoroughly cleaning my main part whcih move to alert position. Then to bed, BJ in various postions but no 69 -:(((. FJ with her on top, me on top, finshing doggy.

Overall, 1hr service, worth the money even though I would have loved if she would have spoken a little English. Descirption by the agency was correct, no hazzle on money or chasing afterwards for another girl (like what you get in HK once you book through an escort agency, they call you everyday - I once switched rooms to avoid them calling me)

04-08-04, 08:48
Hey Guys

Is it true that Taiwanese girls are not fond of black guys?


04-12-04, 11:53
From an analyst from Jane's Defence Weekly, published on the Asia Times Web site:

"Mainland Chinese prostitutes, already in abundance in
Taiwan, could be recruited by Chinese intelligence to
serve as femme fatales, supplying critical
intelligence on the locations of key government and
military leaders at odd hours of the night; death is
the ultimate aphrodisiac."

Beware your bedmates!

04-14-04, 08:17

Ironically, it is a well known fact that in Taiwan, most of the military posts have some sort of a brothel or massage parlor nearby, where NCOs and Officers visit them quite often!

We as regular mongers probably don't have to watch out, but mistresses and regular hookers with some of these key personel in the military and or government positions need to watch out.

A while ago, there was a news on TV about a high ranking official in the Ministry of Defense that had a mainland girl working as his secretary!


About Taiwanese girls not liking african descent men, I think it is a matter of personal choice/taste. But generally speaking, I think they are not fond of them.

Spot Hop
04-17-04, 04:40
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the scene and recently relocated to Taipei. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for part-timers who would be in a longer term service for the duration of my temporary term here?


Ace of Spades
04-22-04, 20:43

I am Black and I was in Taiwan before. Most blacks I met have some trouble with women. There are a tiny minority that don't encounter any problems, usually because of their personalities.

It is not easy to get around the preference that Taiwanese girls have for white guys. There are some girls who like black guys, don't get me wrong, but they seem far and few between. You have to really prove yourself, speaker better than average Chinese, smile and then you need a bit of luck.

If you want female action in Taiwan, you gotta fit the sterotype type found in rap videos and in the media of how black males should look and behave. I once recall at a club a Black guy told me to "act black." I felt so insulted by his choice of words. You should not have to change yourself to make the Taiwanese like you. If you are having problems as it sounds, you should move on. You will have a much better luck in China.

Good luck!!

Can you send me your email address? I wish to discuss Taiwan racism more in detail.


Benz Lover
04-26-04, 06:43
This is my first post. Was back in Taiwan last month. Tried Yuki's number from some of the previous posts but was sent a real masseus lady. NT @2000 for one hour of real massage. Interesting experience. Guess it was a communication problem or something because the other posts all had positive reviews about her All Businessman ad in the China Daily. My best experience has been at a club called Red Horse. Very high class, very expensive. $27,000 for two hours at the club and to take the girl home with you for the night. The quality is top notch. I found out later that they supposedly have some of the hottest working girls in Taipei. Excellent quality with great attitude. Didn't have a chance to check out Carnegies. Drove by it several times. It was crowded on Thurs-Sat. Dead on sunday night though. Went to China Pub, happening place for drink with friends. No female actions. Interesting drinks with funny names were quite enjoyable.

04-27-04, 04:21

Did you go to Red Horse by yourself or with friends. Can you tell us a bit more about the place.

04-27-04, 13:44
Hi Ace of Spades

Sent a PM to you. Please check and reply. Thanks!

Benz Lover
04-29-04, 21:02

The Red Horse, like I said, is a KTV club. It's on Hsin-Yi Rd around the new Taipei 101 tower. Not right next door but within several blocks of it. I did go by my self that's why it's a bit more expensive because I had the KTV room all to myself. I got to know one of the mamasan's pretty well. She didn't give me a discoutn or anything but did give me a free fruit plate! not much but hey, what the heck. Didn't drink any liquor, just Taiwan Beer. Go on weekdays, she said prettier girls there. Sundays not too many, only 13-14. Weekdays they can have up to 30-50 girls. She said summer is good too, lots of students part timing to make some extra doe. Negotiate the price before you eat or drink. I have been there several times so I have a fixed price already... The girls are friendly. I don't know if they speak English. She did tell me that they used to get a lot of convention goers from the computer shows and such but that has tapered off a bit with the economic slowdown. The lap dances in the rooms you have to negotiate into your tab before hand. They used to do it completely naked but I guess due to LE, they had to cover up with skimpy panties and braziers. If you are good with the girls or buy her time off for the night, you can get more exposure. But if you are taking her out, then what the heck, you can wait til you get to the hotel. She'll ask you where you live and you will arrive separately at the hotel in different cabs.

Have fun

05-02-04, 03:42
This is my first post. I am curious about the "orange coffee house". I remember reading That is is near Hsimen (Ximen) station and that one could get $1500 BJ's there. Is this true? If so, where can I find it. I wandered around that area a few times and was unsuccessful finding it. I am a black guy who speaks no Chinese. Does anyone have advice on how to get my snake drained without also draining my wallet?


J Boy
05-02-04, 15:33
I have a lay over in Taipei from 8 pm to 8 am Is there any place convenient to the airport? And what would I expect to pay in US$? Also would I have to get cash or could I use my credit card or US$?

05-03-04, 02:48

Thanks for the information. I live in Taiwan but I have never been to the Red Horse, maybe the next time you are in Taiwan we can check it out together.

Good luck,


05-05-04, 18:18
does anyone have any phone numbers for services or agencies that can provide russian/eastern-euro girls? has anyone seen or heard of any russians working in a place like cesar's or jin hua?



ps: has anyone been to jin hua and had a cute girl in her late 20s that will flip you into different positions by wraping her legs around you and rolling or doing yoga like moves?

05-07-04, 00:10
does anyone know of a good hotel in taipei (4-5 star) that has decent high-speed/broadband internet access in the rooms?

last place i stayed (howard) had broadband in the room but their gateway to the outside must have been over a 14.4 modem. it was awful. i dont want to spend the majority of my next visit in an internet cafe.



ps: sorry for being off-topic.

05-07-04, 03:01
go to either grand hyatt or far eastern sheraton. they both have a real hi-speed broadband internet easy to use for a flat cheap daily fee.



05-07-04, 03:02
And Far Eastern Sheraton is next door to Carnegies, which may help if you feel like taking some meat away.... Girl friendly. More than Hyatt.

05-07-04, 16:53
Hey Guys,

Although this is my first post, I've been an active reader/user for several years. I've been living in Taiwan for the past 5 years and also experiencing much of Asia (thanks for all of your posts an advice as some of them have been very useful). I just read the report by Benz Lover about his experience at Red Horse and felt such a strong need to respond. NT27,000 for a night of fun! Dude, no disrespect intended, but you are fucking crazy to pay that price for anything in Taiwan, and I mean anything. For most of the legit working women in Taiwan, that would be an entire months salary (average womans monthly salary here is between 25,000-35,000NT$) You were completely and totally ripped off beyond any other rip off I've ever heard of! Please, no one else try what Benz did.

Average price for sex in Taipei is NT$3,000-5,000 for a few hours, or NT$8,000-10,000 for the night. (these prices are for professionals and not the *****s you will find at Canegie's)

Yes, Carnegie's can be a good place to meet some semi-pros, the Hyatt as well. However, there are many many Taiwanese women that you might meet in a bar who will go home with you, but then either before or after ask you for money. For the past several years Taiwan has continued to copy the styles of Japan and many young/older girls are no willing to fuck for money in order to go shopping and buy that real LV bag, etc. I have known many Western guys who live here who thought they were meeting some great girls in the bars, spent all night drinking, dancing, and getting to know her, then only at the end of the night she asks for money. I'll also let everyone know that you used to be able to pick up girls at Carnegie's, take them home and fuck the shit out them all night long for free. Too many idiots coming here on business and "offering" to pay them to go home with them has only lead to the promotion of prostitution at this venue, and also continues to jack up the prices. We just sit and watch laughing because we can hear the girls talking about taking their money. Simply put, if she's wearing a lot of gold, she's a *****. If she comes up to you and talks with you first, she's a *****.

My advice to anyone looking for sex in Taiwan is don't. The prices here are way too expensive and many times the service isn't very good. Even if you speak Chinese. Take your money and go somewhere else in Asia, as most of us do. For the same price Benz paid, I could buy a plane ticket, spend two weeks in a nice hotel, and pay for sex every single day in many of the countries in Asia.

Having said this, several other reports have pretty good advice. you can meet street walkers/or their pimps all around the zone. Negotiate hard, as they will try to get as much money out of you as possible, like what they got out of Benz. One report a while ago said that you could hang around on some of the streets near Sogo Dept. store. No way, you will never find any professionals here. However, Chung-Hsiao East Rd. from Sogo to Kuang-Fu Rd. is one of the main shopping areas for all of the hottest/richest girls in Taiwan. So, you might be able to meet some non pros here shopping. (many Taiwanese girls will not speak to a foreigner on the street, but if you are dressed very well and smile you have a better chance, especially if you are young and good looking) One of the best ways to meet local professional girls is to walk around the Sogo dept store area (actually anywhere in the city) and look at all of the motorbikes. The local way of advertising for sex is to put small stickers on the seats of the motor bikes with only a telephone number. Some will speak Chinese, most won't. No problem if you're staying at a hotel, simply quietly ask one of the male hotel workers to make the call for you, and then give him NT100-200 tip (more than enough) He can negotiate for everything, just tell him what you want and don't be shy. The people on the other end of the phone will feel a lot safer/trusting to send a girl for you because you have a Taiwanese endorsement. Someone asked about places around Snake alley, don't bother unless you want to be with someone over 40 years old/more like 50! These places are nasty and full of cockroaches/disease. This is the low end, even for Taiwanese standards. However if you want to fuck a dirty old lady there, expect to pay NT$1000. There are a few massage parlors that are great in Taipei, expensive, but good experience. previously posted. Yes, there are several post in the English newspapers, some are good and some not. Definitely discuss what you want and negotiate a price over the phone or you'll just get a normal massage like someone said in another post. Never accept their first price.

Outside of Taipei city or Taipei country you can find a lot of places for sex that look like barbor shops. Too many to list. Keep in mind, that at most places in Taiwan foreigners will pay more than locals, unless accompanied by a local.

Another person asked about something near the airport. I assume you meant CKS international? Nothing close, but if you go to Toayuan city, you will find several barbor shops. You could also ask someone at your hotel to help you out, same as above. I'm sure delivery cost more.

Good luck to all. Sorry Benz, I'm not trying to bash you.


Benz Lover
05-08-04, 22:09
Hey guys,

I know 27000 NT is a lot. I was born in Taiwan and I know what the monthly salary is. I know some people making 25000 NT working in the bank. For me, it was the convenience, the quality of the girl, and the security it offered. I don't have to pick up girls at street corners or whatever. I go to the bar, have a few drinks, sing a few songs, watch a few girls, pick out the girl I like, pay the bill and I go back to the hotel for the fun stuff. It's not worth 27000, of course not. I could call Yuki's and get FS for less than 5000. But I liked the club and the girls there. I had the money so spent it for some fun. Red Horse is not a cheap deal. For those who could, why not. If you want value, go somewhere else. I wanted to try Caesar's spa too, ran out of time. That would have probably been better value.

Happy hunting!

05-11-04, 10:00
Adjarn and All,

Was in Taipei several weeks ago and found myself at Carnegies on I think a Sat. night. Anyway, found another freebie there. Smart, talkative low 30's girl who worked as a project manager at a major IT/Computer company. Took her to my hotel and had her a couple time that night and once in the morning. A few days later she came over to my hotel for a round or two before going home for the night.

This is the 2nd freebie I've scored with from Carnegies on the first night I met them. Both have been about 30-32 yrs old, good (but not great) looking and never mentioned money and have never mentioned any kind of LTR either. I've just been cool with them and enjoy them for their company (have dinner sometimes if I'm free) and their sex....and the feeling seems to be mutual.

I also did one of the bartenders (free except for a lot of drinks, dinners, etc leading up to it) from Carnegies, but that took a too much work and she turned out to be a bit of a dead fish in the sack.

Maybe I'm just lucky (like my username?) but I've had a lot of fun and gotten some good free regular lays out of Carnegies. Maybe it has to do with me being a tall roughly 30 year old white guy...? Maybe they like it when I wink at them.

Oh, and I do agree with Adjarn that there are some true ho's in Carnegies...but you can spot them before they get close enough to talk to you usually.

Strange Days
05-11-04, 13:25
Hi guys,

I'm back, been a bit worried of late. Sure everyone knows what Im talking about. Last time I posted a message it was about finding an STD clinic in Taipei. Good newsw is Ive been cleared, got a dose of the clap but no more (touch wood), dont want to sound like an old fart but let me tell you the story.

Nice Girl got her at Carnagies, was pretty much buggered myself, had unprotected sex, she was no pro,so cute, so young so you know how it goes.

Couple of days later woke up with a burning dick from hell. And thoughts about HIV. Supposed to have my nhealth test done, couldnt, takes 4 months before you are sure about HIV, so you gtotta just sit and wai. Its hell I promise you. Not worth it safe sex guys. Never ever want to go through that again.

Wahat happened to the list of part timers?

Strange Days
05-11-04, 13:37
Forgot to give you details. Hope no one needs it. They're ok , no one asks for details you phone in for results, and remain absolutely anonymous.

Taipei City STD Control Center
Tel: 02-2370-3739, ext.7 for English service
100 Kuan Ming Street
Wan Hwa Dist, Taipei.
Shihmen MRT station, exit 6, Blue Line.

05-11-04, 20:29
strange days

Thanks for the report. Sent you a PM. please PM me back.

05-12-04, 02:17

You mentioed the Far Eastern Sheraton is next to Carnegies. Any chance you mean the Far Eastern Shangri-La?


05-12-04, 13:01
Yes you're right. I meant the Far Eastern Sangri-La. Sorry for the miss print.



05-12-04, 18:13
I usually stay at Les Suites. It is high class, discreet and comfortable. Like a branded boutique hotel in NYC. Its where celebs stay when they are in Taipei. Broadband is free too.

05-15-04, 10:44

good post. you're right, there are freebies everywhere in taipei. some need a lot of time, some just need a few drinks. you bring up a good point, if you're younger you have a much better chance of getting a taiwanese girl. also, dress well, no facial hair, tall, thin, etc. there are many girls here who are curious about fucking a foreigner. in addition, as the girls here get older, over 27, they start to loose their chances of finding a local guy to hook up with. over 30 and it just gets slimmer. that's one of the reasons why carnegie's is/was so popular with this crowd of local girls. and, just to get some of you more horny. there are many many girls here, even over 35 who are virgins and will give it away with very little ease.


happy to hear that you're ok, however you're information that you provided is not accurate. there are no anonymous clinics in taiwan for foreigners. by this i mean that if you have herpees, hepatitas or hiv (anything you can't get rid of) they will tell the govt. cdc and you will be deported. no acceptions. foreigners do not have the same rights as locals. one of my friends works for the ministry of foreign affairs and it's his job to send foreigners packing. recent case, very public, was the dj at icrt who cheated on his local wife and got hepatitis. even though he was married, and has a spousal visa, he was deported very quickly.

it totally sucks, but the government of taiwan believes that only foreigners bring stds to taiwan, and they are constantly spewing this bs to the public on tv shows, news, etc. never mind the fact that most taiwanese business men go to brothels when they travel to china (huge aids epidemic there), or travel for pleasure (anyone who has ever travelled with a taiwanese tour company must have realized that their hotels were convienently located just around the corner from all of the red light districts, or the fact that local guys here use the local brothels regularly, or the fact that given the opportunity most locals guys would cheat on their gf or wife, or even worse that 90% of the taiwanese guys use brothels regularly when they are doing their national service as soldiers. (one of my taiwanese friends jobs was to drive the truck full of soldiers back and forth from the brothel on kinnmen, all day, almost everyday, truch load after truck load to where they have all of the mainland prostitutes) as always, the taiwanese govt. never admitts the realities that are all around us in taiwan. if you only read the local english newspapers, you would never know that taiwan had any problems.

perhaps some of heard, a few months ago there was a police bust made. it was an all gay male orgy and they arrested about 40 people. half of them tested positive for hiv. sex education just doesn't exist within the taiwanese education system. stds are so commen here, and taiwan leads asia in hepititis b. not to go preaching, but anyone who doesn't use a condom in taiwan is making a mistake, and i'm sure strange would agree me now.

btw, don't buy the local condoms made in china, even if they are on sale at watson's for nt$50!

Da Pimp
05-17-04, 07:27
Just came back from Taipei. I went to the Combat Zone but it was too much of tease and no go. Besides, I was staying in Agora Garden which cost me 20~30 USD for one way. One of the nights, I just didn't want the hastle so picked up the free copy of English newspaper and ordered a girl from outside. Everyone says 5000 but one place asked for 4000. I ended up paying 4500NT including the taxi tip. Sorry forgot which one it was. The girl came in 20 minutes and wasn't really a hot babe. Heck it was 1: 00 am and I just had to get it over with. She was a type that can play dead fish, so I had her go on the top so that I can play dead fish before her. She had to work to get my sperm out of my dick. I'd say a barber shop would be a better experience than a call in. Anyone knows a good place for call ins?

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05-17-04, 14:46

I don't disagree with the points you make, but your recounting of the ICRT DJ story is a bit inaccurate. He was accused by his wife (from whom he was clearly estranged) of deliberately spreading syphilis - she trotted off to the police to make this complaint. Nothing to do with hepatitis. Below is the article from the Taipei Times in February after his appeal was knocked back:

"The Taipei High Administrative Court opened an investigation yesterday into a request by former ICRT DJ Charles Mack that his deportation order be lifted. The Taipei Municipal Police Department ordered Mack, better known by his nickname "Chocolate," be deported by today, because of allegations that he had intentionally spread syphilis and sexually assaulted two male college students. Mack responded by issuing an open statement that said he was discriminated against because of his skin color and sexual orientation. He also filed a suit with the court to have the deportation order lifted so that he can continue living in Taiwan. The police department said that it has acted according to the Immigration Law, which states that foreigners who are a danger to public health or social order must be deported. Mack submitted hospital documents to show that he has been cured of syphilis and that he poses no danger of infecting others with the disease."

I agree about the unfairness of this case, though. I can sort of understand the authorities being able to throw out someone on a temporary or tourist visa, but this guy had the equivalent of what we, where I come from, would call "permanent residence", similar to a green card (I guess). Nor was he convicted of anything in a court. His wife made an accusation and the police just threw him out. As you say, the moral of the story is: "Use a condom". Maybe a second moral is: "Don't marry a Taiwanese; or if you do, try not to fall out with her". (I'm not being entirely serious.)


Strange Days
05-19-04, 14:43

I dont want to argue but to me this place seemed very much anonymous.

You had to fill in a form but could use any name you like, no ID required, you have 2 options 7 days or 2 hrs, price being the difference. You pay then they give you a number.

You go do your tests blood and all.

You leave as soon as your blood has been taken.

You call in 2 hrs later and give them your number, the one you were given when you payed. And they give you your results via the telephone.

The whole opperation seems pretty anonymous to me.

05-20-04, 13:58

It does sound like you've found an anonymous clinic, good for you. I hope that others will note the information you gave about it's location.


I guess you live here too. It's seems like this is one of the bigger problems in Taiwan, gossip or misinformation being told. I don't want to dispute you or the newspaper, but I got my information from a police friend of mine who works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Xiemending. I guess this just proves that the truth is out there somewhere. You made some good points regarding being involved with local women. There are so many reasons that can stop us from developing a solid long-term relationship that it makes things very difficult. Of course, this forum is for talking about getting laid, not getting a taiwanese gf. Two very different things as you probably know.

Another thing to add to this forum, for the mongers out there, you may want to look for some action along Chung Shan N. Rd (I think sect. 1???) where they have the Catholic churches for all of the Phillipinas working here< and a couple of grocery stores "Cosmos and Bingo"> If you go there on a sunday afternoon you will find hundreds of people hanging around. Honestly, most of the women are not that attractive, but most are more than willing to go with you for an afternoon of fun for free, plus taxi fare to wherever they work. I have a few friends from the US who go there to find "weekend PT maids", or girls who are looking to make some extra money on their days off. After they get them in thier houses to do some cleaning, they just pay them a lot of compliments and come on to them. Usually it works pretty well. Some have just paid them for their sexual services, some for their cleaning services with free sex, and other times have made them their gf. Something to consider for the guys living here.
Another thing you can try is to go to the Taipei train station on Sunday because there are many Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, and Phil. Workers coming to Taipei on their day off from the factories, etc. Most don't speak English.

Can anyone else add anything else?


05-21-04, 00:28
I was in Taipei recently and visited several place to hunt. I went to the Brown Sugar, which is a pleasant Jazz Place and had the pleasure to meet with a Mongolian girl. Rather pretty by the way. Her name is Nara if I remember well. Unfortunately, she left will I was in conversation with a budy.
Does any body knows where Mongolians in Taipei usually stand ? Is there a specific place ? Is there anyway several Mongolian players in Taipei ?
Any information is welcomed.

Silly Puppy
05-30-04, 03:40
I spent couple nights in Kaohsiung and Taipei. Karaoke in Kaohsiung was fun. They sent the first wave of girls who danced naked and tried to coaxed you to go to a seperate room for blow job. We refused. Next came the much better girls who later wanted to charge us 10,000 for a fuck. My Taiwanese friend told me he could get 3 girls for me at the same price so I went for this option. A fuck in Kaohsiung is 4000 for 40 min. More than that (which is my problem, I can't come easily after couple drinks) you must pay more. So I let the girls left after fucking them for more than 40 minutes but did not feel so bad. These girls are pro's but their services are no where as good as Chinese girls in DongGuan or Shenzhen. For free fuck I'd go for them but if I have to pay, no way!

James B
06-15-04, 15:34
Hey there fellow TPE activists.

It's my first post to the board. I just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions - have been using Yuki & Friends for outcall to my hotel. I've had 1 Platinum experience (Wan Juen - but she's been MIA ever since I saw her), 1 Silver experience, and 2 really bad experiences (including a new Fon Fon).

I would love to go to Carnegie's - 2 problems though. 1- I'm not sure if a mid-30's balding white guy with a few extra pounds will be able to captivate a non-pro, then again maybe I'm selling myself short; and 2- Being in consulting means that I work from 8:30am till usually 10:00pm, so I'm usually too nackered to be up to travelling to Carnegie's (I'm at Hyatt mostly - and Ziga Zaga wasn't that great when I went).

So I'm hoping some of the regulars here can help me out with some info. What I'm looking for is SPs who are known quantities - they provide great, girl-friend type, experience. All of the Yuki girls (except for the Platinum) spent a lot of the time spitting, wipeing their mouths, etc. I'm looking for someone who is into DFK, lots of mutual exploration, AR would be great too. See the following link to a London SP and ********* reports for her which describes exactly what I'm looking for:


So, if you read through some of these, you'll know that I'm willing to pay more than average for known quality. Is there any reliable source for girls like this in Taipei? Also, if you're reading this and know of girls in Hong Kong, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) and Shanghai, that would be ideal. I'm sure some of us who "trade-up" occasionaly would appreciate it. Either leave the message here publicly or PM me.

Thanks everyone!

06-16-04, 22:38
Riding my scooter passed KangDing Rd./ QuangZho St. at 11:30pm, I saw a streetwalker who got great legs. I decide to go back home to take a shower first. Just in case that I might go to those Whor_houses in SanChong city later. Where got no bath room but girls will lick your body and BJ. I don't want the "girl's service reduced" because of my bad body odor.
When I got back to KaungDing Rd./ QuangZho St., it was 1:30am. I checked the girl I saw earlier. However, she is "good from far but far from good". She got great legs but when I got closer, she looked old. Maybe early 40s. You can tell she was a pretty girl when she was young. She was not friendly to me and got bad teeth. I decided to walk around. Checked about other 20 SWs, only one I was interested but she did not looked at me while I stood in front of her. Most of the girls would smile and ask "Wanna date ?"
I finished my cruise in this part of town. I decided to go to an area in SanChong, near the ZhongXiao bridge.

I've been in Taipei for 3 weeks. Have pumped 7 times in SanChong city. Cost 1,300~1,500NT for each fu_k. 3 of the dates were with XiaoHang. She looks like this singer.
The first time I pumped her was in 2001. AT that time she was new (the 3rd day) in the wh_re business.
She has been on-and-off working as a wh_re. However, every time when I was in Taiwan, she was "on duty". She told me she had tried other jobs but unwilling to keep those suck-jobs. This kind of suck job, a wh_re, is a easier for her.
She told me she had been arrested while the police raided the whor_house. I asked "your boss has paid the police and mafia, right ?" She told me "Sure. But the local police had to have some 'scores' anyway."
Today, I am not going to date XiaoHang. I want new pussy.

While walking in the ally, I saw the pimp "Fat Girl". She was sitting there almost fell asleep. "Fat Girl" used to have the girls who got "The greatest boobs" and "The greatest B_Jober" and another "The greatest legs" in this area, but last time I checked, all she got were shit. I didn't say a word. Just wanted to leave. She got pissed-off. 8 of 10 times She got pissed if the John wants to leave. Today I am not going to bother her.

I decided to check the last whor_house on the south side of that road, along the river bank/under the ZhongXiao bridge. A girl in there is willing to do BBBJ. I met the pimp. That "BBBJ" girl opened the front door for me. When I got in , 6 girls in the living room. Others were working. I notice that a girl is "too pretty to be here". Of course I won't miss the chance. That is very often you walk in the whor_house just get disappointed and leave.

She is in her early 20s. Got a TV-commercial face. 5'7" tall. Good body bone structure. Great legs and feet. Pale color babe-like soft skin. Pink nipples(but only B cup). Nice, firm, wide and bulged ass (I hate narrow, flat ass).
Her service is not outstanding. Lick my body, CBJ. No ball-licking. Well, most pretty girls just do what she should do, but ugly girls will do more they have to. However, my dick was very very hard when I fu_k her. I definitely want to see her again. She asks only 1,300NT. I told her only ugly girls would ask this price. Even an average girl would ask 1,500. She said she wouldn't mind that.

Although XiaoHang also got the great ass that I want, and much better BJ and ball-licking, I am going to keep dating this new girls for a while. And she is 200NT less than XiaoHang.

06-18-04, 10:13
Next day, I went back to pump the same girl, XiaoMaun, at the most southern whor_house on the Rd. along the river bank. She told me it was her 2nd day on the job. She dressed very nice and got good taste, unlike others look like country girls.
The CBJ was below average standard, but she spent a lot of time for licking my body. Then she got on the top. She did very good at this position. She knew how to move her ass and squeeze her pussy. However, I like to be on the top to control the whole fu_king procedure. She made a lot of noise.
For NT1,300, she is to good to be here.
I know that if the customer pays NT1,500, the girl got 900.
Most of the girls in this area range from 3 to 7, but who stays here for long usually ranges from 4 to 7.
For those unfuckables, they got no customer. For those above 8, they could get better pay if they go to different places. So, most of the "above 8" girls just stay here for short time until they find better whor_jobs. However, it doesn't mean you can't find pretty girls here. You just have to shamelessly search every whor_houses.
If you pay more than NT6,000, you got 90% to meet the girl above 8. Here, from NT1,500 to 1200, you got less than 10% to meet the girl above 8. Not easy but they do exist.
You just have to shamelessly search every whor_houses.

06-19-04, 12:41
The next day, I went to see XiaoMaun again. I heard the other girl asked the customer, "Do you want to take a bath ?"
In the room, XiaoMaun told me they do have "Bath Full Service" for NT2,500. I asked if that is Thai Style bath (the girl uses boobs to wash you). She said this was her 3rd day. They haven't taught her. However, I know some places in this area charge NT2,000 for Thai Bath.
XiaoMaun is still "on probation". They will wait to see if she can do this fu_king business.

A thumb rule for john: If you continuously pump a prostitute for 3 times, no matter how perfect she is, you want a new pussy next time.

The new wh_re search operation is launched.

XX for Life
06-19-04, 18:38
Hi everyone,

This is my first post, thanks for the all the great posting that have help me out thought my lonely times.

I just had a 5 out of 10 experience at SanChong city, right by the riverbank, the rules is 15 mins time, no kissing, and with condom. Right now they tell me that the student type girls on in school for finals and I choose to limited my first experience with a girl (around her 30s) that cost 1300NTW.

Well, I think the 15 mins time and no kissing kind of sucks for me, can't really get into the mood if the time is limited and no kissing... (or maybe it's just me).

Have anyone use the phone numbers they sometime posted on the scooter along the street? I am hoping to get a better experience by paying a little more, or by deal directly with the service provider.

PM me if anyone got any leads, many thanks.

06-24-04, 12:58
Yesterday, I went to SanChong to date my "newly discovered girl" TsuEr. She is about 5'7" tall. Got great body mussel like those swimmers of Olympic games.
She works in that 2nd floor Tin Can Whor_house. However, this place got no Whor_house rules and bad management. Some girls are mean to the customers. Some got no fu_king techniques. I told the pimp but he couldn't do anything.
The girls come and go whenever they like. The pimp doesn't know if TsuEr would show up today or tomorrow. You see her when you see her. It was 1:00 am, both I and the pimp believe she won't be here today.

After checking 4 houses and nothing fuckable (some are OK but not my type), I went to see XiaoMaun again (the 4th time). When I "ordered" her, I don't know why she laughed and excited. I am a little bit tired of her now. Again, she mentioned that my dick is big and made her feel more than others. She has told me several times before. I think she means it. Although other wh_res had told me the same thing but they didn't say how they felt about it.

In the foreplay, she asked me a lot of things. She is from Tamsui, the last station of Taipei subway, and I got my Bachelor degree there long time ago.
When the clock alarm goes (15 min), she turned it off and told me don't worry about it. Just keep fu_king her.

She didn't charge me overtime, and insisted I drink a bottle of water in the living room. Usually, they want you go ASAP and wait for the next customer. She looked happy but I didn't say too much because the other 3 wh_res in there.

XiaoMaun is a good Wh_re. She is new (2nd week) in the business. Still able to like johns.
I don't like old wh_res (over 30). The older they are, the more "heartless". I think they just focus what they want. Only $. Incapable to like customer.

I am still looking forward to find TsuEr. Too bad that I am not so interested in XiaoMaun anymore. But if I can't find any fuckable when I need to release the pressure in balls, XiaoMaun is still a good company.

06-28-04, 06:40
just arrived in Taipei. I am new to this area for mongering. So I stay in Sherwood Min Sheng Rd, Sec. 3 Taipei.
Can anybody help out with some action advices??
Where to go, pick up places in the area, *****houses, massage places??
All input welcome!!

Yi Ren
06-28-04, 11:26
I've also just arrived in Taipei. This is my third trip in the last 3 months, but the last two were just to hectic work-wise to accommodate any extra-curricular activities. :(

I'm staying at the Far Eastern Shangri-La (nicer than either Les Suites or Howard, IMHO). This trip I'll be here until Sunday morning, July 4, when I head off to Tokyo.

Since Carnegies is just up the street, I'll probably stop by there, but am also looking for recommendations. Unfortunately, I'm am almost totally Mandarin-illiterate -- but I can count well enough for the bar dice games! ;^)



06-30-04, 06:34

cool place. I used to crib about the VIP rooms in Seoul. This place seems no different either.

Been out just one nite..visited the infamous Ktv. 4 mates, 3 hours and US $ 1200 later, realised the gal aint goin home with me. If she does, there's an extra applicable charge.

However, a first at Ktv, so not really worried about the financial setback. The gal who joined me spoke english quite fluently, surprised me the first time round when she suddenly stood up and said "Showtime". The next leg of this journey happens to be Indonesia. She's interested if I wanna be play "suga Daddy". Hell Yeah! why not? better than US $ 1200 a nite.

More as life happens.

Yi Ren
07-01-04, 08:17
Yes, I agree Taipei is cool. If an offer of an expat postion materializes I would jump in an instant. I am trying to learn Mandarin, but it's pretty slow for someone who has spent way too long in the US (have even forgotten most of my Japanese). I'm trying to figure out how to get a tutor for the times I'm here.

Walked up the street to Carnegies last night. It wasn't as busy as on my last trip, which surprised me a little, but then I remembered that was during the recent presidential inauguration. :)

For the most part, many of the usual suspects were there (I recognized probably a dozen people by sight), and the pros soon became apparent. Didn't really see anything worth the time/money, so just hung out, danced and had a few drinks.

Surprisingly, a bartender xiaojie rembered my drink and name (!) from Monday night, when I stopped in briefly on the way back from the night market. She seemed quite friendly and even came over to say goodbye when I was settling my tab with another bartender.

As nice as that was, I'd like to find another place to try -- I'd prefer a place with a bit more local flavor. Any ideas?



07-01-04, 19:45
Taipei redux:

1) Previous recommendations of Mailian and Miami (same owner) prices have nearlydoubled (3500 bar fines) and the girls want 5k which is a nice RT ticket now to the <real> world. Forget it! Since the Combat Zone is run by the same Taiwan mafia throughout - the prices will be the same. Enjoy few drinks. DO NOT buy ANY lady drinks! You do not have to. No one is going out with these girls anyways unless the stupid lao wei!

2) Carnegies: what a bore. Don't bother unless it's ladies night. What else is there to say?

3) Saunas: YMMV

4) Best advice: Go to Shanghai, Beijing or of course HK.

5) In call massage: YMMV - 2500 -> 4500 NTD

6) Freebies: Taiwanese are spoiled, and not nearly as cute or proficient as their mainland compatriots. Play hard and fast. It's the Los Angeles of the east. Show no quarter or empathy. FFF all the way!



p.s. I got 2 girls from the combat zone simply by passing them my hotel card, no bar fine required. I KNOW they would go home alone. The market is dry for these suckers. Don't play them any other way! Don't pay stupid bar fines and stupid prices! You really don't need to.

Yi Ren
07-02-04, 05:08

Thanks very much for the recap!

In reading earlier messages, I had similar impressions to your statements. That's why I haven't really put much effort in here in Taipei, as much as I like being here.

On my last trip, I had a *really* enjoyable time in Chengdu (KTV called Golden Box - geez, I love the mainland!), and have had a number of memorable experiences in Singapore. Even found a freebie that hung out with me for several days and continues to send an occassional email.

Have been meaning to check out KL and JB, but whenever I've been in Malaysia, I've been too busy. Next time.

I will be in Hong Kong next weekend, was going to read through the HK forum for tips, but I also have a colleague that lives there who enjoys our vocation. Hopefully, he'll have some suggestions. :)

Will also be in Tokyo for a week, and Seoul for a couple of days. If prices in Tokyo are consistent with other stuff there, I'll just lay low. I have no idea on Seoul (last trip was too short and too busy).

Thanks again,


Strange Days
07-04-04, 06:12
Had a couple of call out girls from Yuki in the China Post over the past mont, it realy is a matter of luck on what you get. None were realy ugly or anything like that its simply the service that varies. All of them were actually quite big breasted girls which got me wondering whether they are real or not. Any thoughts on that?

One tip if you get a girl you like call Yuki after she leaves and let her know that you liked the girl, so when you call again you can tell her you want the same girl again.

I pay them no more than 3000nt a time, and I also make sure I get a full hour take your time.



07-13-04, 06:30
I will be in Taipei Jul 31 and Aug 1. I will be near the Panchao (???) area and near Taipei 101. Are there any good full service providers in those two areas? I'd appreciate any recommendations you may have as I don't want to spend my time walking around and asking for prices. I'd even appreciate it if you could recommend a particular girl.



07-19-04, 08:44
I will be in Taipei form July 25 - Aug 2. I will be staying at the Hyatt. our company wants to put me up at the Grand Hotel. Which one is more girl friendly? I stayed at the Grand 12 years ago, I remember it as far from everything and kind of old.

Also can anyone help with FS Massage girls. 12 years ago I jsut went to a Massage Parlor in downtown and the girl offered FS after the basic massage. Does that sort of place still exist. I know things are kind of different.

Are their any good bars in which to pick up girls near the Hyatt?

I will also be flying to Kaishung for one night any help with the same there.

Thanks in advance,


07-20-04, 07:55
Harkonnen - You can try Brown Sugar jazz club. No guarantees, as I've never been there on the prowl, but rather only with girls in tow.

Chicago -- Your memory about Grand hotel is completely correct; avoid it for mongering convenience. Thursday nights at ZigaZaga ladies night is hit n miss. Brown Sugar is also close by. Not far to my favorite place -- Carnegie's.

I was at Carnegies on Saturday night. Went there for a drink and dance with a freebie I had picked up there before. Later on I saw another former freebie -- who I had also picked up at Carnegies -- there chatting up a couple of guys. Overall, the place still had a nice selection of non-pro/freebie and semi-pro talent. Perhaps a bit less obviously pro talent than I had seen before. (Oh, after 1 drink and 45 minutes of dancing, my freebie and I went off and 3 long FS and BJ sessions plus a shower :)

Has anyone tried the new Ladies night on Thursdays at TU? I've gotten some email ads about it and it sounds reasonably wild (no entry fee before midnight, too). Thanks for any reports.

07-27-04, 19:54
i was looking for xiaomaun but she was no longer in whor_business anymore. just like i thought, many pretty girls won't stay here (sanchong tofu house area) for long because of the pay. she had worked for 2 weeks only. i should have asked her phone number.
i went to the whor_house (where xiaohaung at) to date chi chi. i have fu_ked her 4 times in a week. xiaohaung looks pissed off because i had not dated her for a while. i still like her but all men need fresh pussy.
chi chi is 5'8" tall. got straight long legs that turn me on. however, xiaohaung got prettier face, nicer ass, tighter pussy, much better bj and she does ball-licking.
both xiaohaung and chi chi ask nt1500. the rule is 15 min but they have never asked me for overtime as long as you are fu_king hard, don't look like you are fu_king around to prolong the procedure.
chi chi's killer legs really kill me. i just told myself i had dated her enough. i should save my money. but only 2 hours after fu_king her. i decide to see her again tomorrow.
chi chi is a new wh_re and can't take so many dicks a day, so she usually leaves early. unlike xiaohaung works until 4:00 am. i think because xiaohaung is along in taipei. no friend and no family here.

how do you find these places? hard to describe. in those winding narrow allies.
this whor_house has been moved 4 times. although they had paid the police, the latest raid made xiaohaung stay in jail for 3 days. i used to look for the pimp, an ugly skinny woman (in her late 30s or early 40s) who wears golden frame glasses. i couldn't locate her when i got back to taiwan this time. then i asked other pimp to show me where she was.
sometimes the same pimp might change job for another house.
these pimps are standing on haung ho s. rd (the road along the river bank), under the zhongxiao bridge. some are at zheng i s. rd.+ haung ho s. rd.; some at tongan st. rep001tered around that area.

the condition of house varies. some got small, no-privacy rooms. some are ok.
the quality of the girls also varies. girls come and go. hard to tell which one got the best girls. maybe last month you saw many fuckables in one house, but now all unfuckables. however, i notice a few of them are collector of unfuckables. i've never dated anyone there.

Yi Ren
07-29-04, 17:28
Very interesting reports lately - thanks, guys!

Just tonight I've decided it's time to change the diet: the freebie I picked up on my last trip at Carnegie's and who I've been seeing all this week, is getting to be a bit of a bore.

What is it with some Taiwanese and waiguoren? After seeing them a few times, they start talking about marriage, retiring from work, etc. ?

I'm staying at Les Suites, Qing Cheng. Would consider a full service gig, if worth it. Only thing is, this place is very small, and after a number of stays, most of the staff knows me, and I don't want someone who is unmistakenly a pro asking for me at the front desk. Not interested in the rough-n-tumble that Hammer describes - getting too old for that stuff! :-)

Of course, I could just go back to Carnegies, but suggestions are welcome. I'm here till 08/08.



07-30-04, 17:03
Ill be in Asia the next month, does anyone know of websites where I can look up hotels rates and even make reservations if needed? Please PM me. Thanks.

07-31-04, 04:59
Yi Ren,

I have had the same experience at le Suites. I live in Taiwan but I usually stay there when I am in Taipei.

What I did is got the name of the girl they were sending over and simply met her outside before she got to the hotel. Usually just call one of the services our of the newspaper.

Good luck,


Yi Ren
08-03-04, 11:46

Thanks for the suggeston - I will definitely give it a try.

As it turned out, I ventured back to Carnegies Saturday, and met a freebie from Yonghe. Very energetic, not very experienced, but anxious to please. But geez, could she drink! I don't know how many B52s we had before leaving.

Come to think of it, the last Taiwan freebie could really drink too. Very different from my experience with other orientals... do they train them or something here? :-)


08-04-04, 04:51
Yi Ren,

Oriental is a rug! Asian is a person, don't ever make this mistake with an Asian in the USA, it's like using the N word with a African American.

And yes they can drink, at least the ones out to get pulled from Carnegies. Usually the are stronger with one Liquor over another so if they prove to be very strong with say Vodka then switch to Whisky and you might have found them not so strong. I am not sure the reasoning here, but I have found this with club girls that drink Whiskey all the time, give them Red Wine and you can quickly get the upper hand.

You must be pretty good looking to have so many free pull's at Carnegies. Actually I was there on Saturday with some friends, but did not put in too much effort. I have a 3AM rule, time to go home rather then go ugly.

Keep up the good work,


08-05-04, 08:17
Hi guys,

Thanks for all your advice. I also scored at Carnegies. I was there last Wed for ladies night. It was awsome. I walked out of their with the first girl at about 12:30. I had a bit of fun most importantly a phone number. She came over to the Far Eastern on Sunday and we just went at it before lunch and the after. She took my sightseeing and then we went back to the hotel and went at it again.

Interesting enough I left Carnegies later that Wed night with 2 other phone numbers however they were KTV girls. Talk about getting suckered anyway thumbs up for Carnegies. Taiwanese women really dig us white guys.


Yi Ren
08-05-04, 10:18

Thanks for the semantics tip. Being of half-Asian descent, it's not been obvious to me, but maybe it's the many years I spent in Hawaii. :-)

It gets even better! Being of little imagination, I showed up for Ladys night last night at Carnegies. At about 1AM, started talking with a Filipina - not obviously a pro, but her cohorts were. She's a little older, late-30's, nice tits that she knows how to use while dancing.

She agrees to come back to my hotel (no talk of money), but when we get to my room, and she says she has her period, but she'll give me a BJ. How can I resist? Those big tits come out, she shows she can do other things with them as well. Even though I purposely didn't drink much, it took while for me to bust (she almost gave up).

After, we sleep for a few hours, she gets up and heads home. No muss, no fuss.

So of course, she is a pro, but I'm a little at a loss as to why she would do a freebie?

I'll definitely try the drink switching tactic. If I had paid more attention, I would have realized the other freebie turned to putty with red wine, but geez, could she drink Black Label!

Thanks again,


Yi Ren
08-08-04, 07:23

Good story! But it's not just the white guys! I'm half-Asian, but speak almost no Mandarin (learning slowly)... I would figure myself to be at a disadvantage, but have been almost shocked at my success.

Case in point: what a strange week!

So I go back to Carnegies for Friday night (no cover with the Club card). Some interesting stuff around, but nothing I decide to home in on - just hang out, dance, talk - generally have a laid-back time.

It's nearly closing, the crowd's really thinned-out, and I'm settling my tab at the bar. When I turn around there's this chick standing there that I got introduced to earlier. She asks if I want to go to dimsum breakfast. Sure, why not?

We end up back my hotel. She's tired, so we sleep a couple of hours (clothed). I'm thinking maybe nothing will happen, but when she wakes up she's very receptive.

She's a wimperer. Best part: when she reaches down to checkout The Goods, she seems startled, and says, "Oh, my God!"

I found that funny, since I've never considered myself more than about average. Maybe the typical Taiwanese man is small?

Good luck in your hunting!


08-08-04, 09:15

Has anyone tried massage / beauty parlors around Lin-Sen and Nan-Jing East (near Regent)? I've been introduced to some good restaurants in the area and always see the big flashing neo with nice looking ladies at the door. Not sure if it's pure massage of if they offer special services. Appreciate any comments from experienced locals. Language is not an issue for me as I'm an overseas Taiwanese.


Yi Ren
08-12-04, 14:17
Just to follow up on my earlier report on the last freebie from Carnegies.

Heh! I should've known, from various posts: any Taiwanese that approaches you in Carnegies is a pro. I was lucky, it didn't cost me anything (other than a breakfast and a dinner) for the two nights I had with her, but in the end what she wanted was money.

Now I remember why I started mongering in the first place: simple, straight-forward, no-complications. Sometimes the freebies can be more trouble than they're worth! :-)

Of course, it doesn't mean I won't be in Carnegies this weekend, but maybe I'll take a break and check out Brown Sugar. Has anyone any experience with Tickle My Fancy on Anhe Rd? Or maybe a full service massage from the China Post?

I'm here through the 20th or so, then it looks I'm on to Malaysia for a week.



Yi Ren
08-16-04, 02:59
In emailing with a Guongdong friend who shares our interests, he mentioned he used to frequent a place called "Union Hotel". Does anyone know if it sill exists? And if so, where it's located?



Love Taipei
08-19-04, 10:27
I have heard of "Union Club" but not "Union Hotel". Union Club was down near Sung-Shan airport (TSA), road name Chung-Shan West Rd (????). Anyway, it closed for remodeling in like 2000 moved to a location close by. If you want, I can dig out the phone number.

08-23-04, 13:17
Maybe you mean United Hotel.


Here is the info.

Love Taipei
08-24-04, 02:35

I do mean Union Club, maybe Ex pat meant Union Hotel. There is a Union Club, I have been going there since 1996. Meant many a babe there. I closed for remodel in 2000, moved across the street (I went there too), I am not sure it relocated back. It was a walk down. Pretty plush place (#2 to Fuh Yeh for being swank).


08-24-04, 14:50
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to purchase Viagra in Taiwan without a prescription?


Love Taipei
08-25-04, 01:11
The Union Club
B1, No. 26, Chang Chun Rd.
02 2531 7818

I added the 2 to the old 531 number (biz card is old, Taipei since went to 8 digits)

This was the address before the 2000 move, move was across the street < 200m.

Another place is Fuh Yeh
Corner of Nanjing E. Rd. & Tun-Hwa Rd. 8th Floor Asia World Building. I can advise number next time but any hotel would know it, it is most famous night club in Taipei, over 400 babes.

Yi Ren
08-25-04, 02:40
Thanks, guys on Union Club and Fuh Yeh info! I am in Malaysia now, but will return to Taipei in a few weeks.

Thanks again,


08-30-04, 11:14
Just back in town after spending the past two months mongering in Thailand and Cambodia (will report later), but I just wanted to let people know that I went to Brown Sugar this past Saturday night and it was full of single women looking for guys. BS isn't really my scene, but one of my friends likes to go there and went with him for drinks. Most of these women looked 30 and up, but what would you expect from a Jazz club in Taipei. I was with a GF, so I didn't try to meet anyone, but I got the feeling that it would have been very easy. Looks of the women varied, but maybe I have higher standards ( I've never been with a woman over 27 in my life, although I have an almost experience that I'll describe in the PHuket section later which will be worth a chuckle for some of you guys) BS is a small club and it gets full pretty easy, so if you don't like standing arrive early or don't go. We wanted to sit down at one of the side tables that was empty and the waitress told us it would cost us $NT9,000! plus drinks. Fuck that.

08-30-04, 11:15
How about some prices for this Union club you guys are talking about, and a description inside so we know what to expect?



08-30-04, 11:20
Anyone have any reports from the MOS, Ministry of Sound, club that opened up last spring in Nei Hu? I hear there's a lot of eye candy there. How about Plush? I know that these are discos that maybe only the guys who live here know about, but no one has mentioned them.

I hooked up with a pretty hot local at Plush last spring. No sex right away, but after a few more dates she couldn't get enough. Some of these locals have just never been fucked good, or at all, so after you make them cum a few times they just want more and more. Having said that, I haven't found too many local women that are that great in bed compared to other Asian women. there's probably a lot of reasons for this, but I don't want to go into in the forum at this time.


Yi Ren
09-03-04, 06:59

I've also heard about MOS in Neihu. Isn't it supposedly the largest disco in Taipei?

Just returned to Taipei after a couple of weeks away (KL, Malaysia and Wuhan, PRC). Good stories in both places, but Wuhan was outstanding. :-)

Previous to that, I was here for a month, but most of my trips are a week or so, like this trip.

Lately I've been with a freebie I found at Carnegies. Would agree with your assesments, BTW.

I may check out BS, as Carnegies is getting a bit too familiar - thanks for the report and tips.


09-11-04, 12:05

I tried to get to the MOS when I was in Taipei last but the queue was longer than ladies night at Carnegies! I ended up going back to my hotel with this freebie that I had picked up at Carnegies in April. One thing that I did notice, the queue was about 60% girls, most of which were at least a 5 so this place would be well worth the visit. I think the cover charge is like 750NT there.

By the way guys, if you go to Carnegies, see if your hotel has the "Free Entry" cards to get into Carnegies without paying the cover charge. I always stay at the Grand Hyatt so I know they do. I've never paid the cover charge to get into Carnegies. All you need is this card and your room key.

Plush is a happening place. Most are young and many are quite attractive however it's probably not the easiest place for a westerner as I think this club is more of a place for the locals. Not so much like other bars where the girls go there specifically because they know there are lost of westerners around (I'm an aussie). You milage might vary - I could have been there on a bad night. If I was near Plush again, I would drop in because there is a fair amount of eye candy!!

Also, I tend to agree with you. Most Taiwanese girls are no good in bed even if they are really an enthusiastic freebie. Best thing you can ever do is to avoid the missionary position because otherwise they will lay there like a dead fish. Get them on top and doing all the work!



09-18-04, 19:31

Can anyone give the lowdown on Fuh Yeh. I have seen this club before but don't know the procedure or prices. Is it only for Taiwanese only?


09-20-04, 03:03
Is the sauna place in the Asia World shopping mall still offering special massages ?

If yes, what is the current price ?

Last time I went there was 2 years ago, it was about NTD4,200...

09-20-04, 06:53

Yes it is still on activity with the same prices and the same specials. YMMV according to the girl you get. Note the number and let us have it either you are satisfied or not so that we can set up a good database to keep the service at high standard. Do not hesitate to change if the girl doesn't look the way you expect and to tell to papasan or mamasan if the service is below average. I did once and got a much better service when I came back 3 days after.


09-22-04, 15:30
Caesar's Sauna is the same, as well as the pricing mentioned below. Last time I was there, I was offered a two girl deal for double the price! I was curious, but declined. The women range from 23-36 in age and 6-8 in looks. As wolf said, feel free to change girls. The service at this Sauna is superb in general.

Any info on Fuh Yeh and Union Club? What to expect and pricing?


Rancher Joe
09-24-04, 14:16
I called Wendy's massage from the China Post and got Shalu with a 10 personality and about a 7.5 looks. She had a great attitude and is very enthusiastic. You can partly check her out in the photo section.

09-24-04, 19:20
I was in Cesear recently, and while I was in the middle of the session, cops came in (the red lights in the room went off), so that we were rush off downstairs, and the girls had to get out of the back doors. not a very pleasant experience. Apparently the taipei cops do try to conduct spot checks on all Saunas. For Ceasar, I think there are sufficient time for us to get out between when the cops are first spotted to when they actually come upstairs. Unless you are caught in the act, all the cops would do is to check your ID's, and that's all. but still makes a pretty unpleasant experience.

What about Jin Hua in Nanjin (next to Crown Plaza/Holiday Inn). Does this outfit still offer any special services. I heard it was busted by cops once, and went out of business for a while.

Love Taipei
09-24-04, 21:40
Fuh Yeh pricing is as follows (several years ago):

Per girl at Fuh Yeh to sit with you at Club (830 or 900 pm to 300 am), this is termed "Full Escort", if you don't take her on full escort, she may rotate tables. NT$13,000 (paid by cash), +5% if credit card.

Scotch: NT$10,000 and up, depending on brand.

Full Service: NT$10,000.

Note, with "Full Escort", you can take the girl out but she is not "obligated". Some girls will go with you for free (i.e. no NT$10,000).

Other charges are miscellaneous.

This place is for the rich.

09-26-04, 17:53
Went to Cesar recently and ordered a special messgae. In the middle of the act, the red light my room went off and the girl had to rushed me out as police was on the way up to conduct its spot checks. Not very nice experience, I must say.

Does anyone know that if JinHua (at Nanjing road near Crown Rebar Hotel) is still in business. I was told that it was caught once by Taipei office, and has to close down for a while

09-28-04, 18:23

Try the Lin Shin Bei Loo. There are a couple of dozen bars with pretty classy hostess. Its an eye-popping (for me) NT$8,000 take-out, lower to dine-in in the dimly lit room in the back..

The last Mayor did a Rudy Giuliani that ruined the Taipei nightlife. I'm not impressed with the yellow cabs either.

09-29-04, 05:03
which area is that??
Could not find it on my map,
but sounds interesting.

10-01-04, 11:32

Its called Lin Shen North (BEI) Road (LU). Any taxi will get you there for under NT$150. It only comes alive after 8PM. It's road parallel to the road on which the Imperial Hotel is.

I haven't been to Taipei in over 15 months, YMMV.

My Ceny
10-01-04, 15:12
Try the numbers on Taiwan Times, but no lucky getting girls to do "special service". Any other recommendation on getting escort service?

10-01-04, 21:24
tried the zone today.
It is nothing to recommend!!!
There is bars that just want to rip you off. Example: B52 in the middle. The philipinas there just try to order without your agreement and you will never be able to figure your bill.
I do not recommend to go there even if the girls (Donna, Anna, and Tess) are worth to look at! ...but they cheat with the bill so did not even check for more.
Around the corner thre are some bars, that have real nice girls to chat, drink and touch, burt many of them do not go for sex.
Too bad.
So alltogether: forget the zone!!

10-01-04, 22:54
My Ceny

In the Taipei Times classified you should find ad for Yuki and Friends - Yuki speaks English. Tell her what you want and she will offer NT$500/hr - counter offer with NT$300/hr and she will accept.

Good Luck and report back,


10-02-04, 11:27
Sorry - the last report should read NT$5000 and NT$3000

Arris Sung
10-03-04, 06:09
I assume there's a zero missing from this statement

"she will offer NT$500/hr - counter offer with NT$300/hr and she will accept"

10-06-04, 02:21

Did you call the Yuki in Taipei or Taoyuan city?
So how was your last visit to Taiwan?
Did you get your Viagra pills?


10-06-04, 12:19
Hi Amante,

While in Taoyuan City, I contacted Yuki (who is only based in Taipei). She wanted NT12,000 for 2hrs to send talent. She argued that the high cost was due taxi cost - I passed on it.

I did make contact with an Enlish speaking bellhop at the hotel who told me that he could arrange for some university talent.
Cost was NT5000 - I said I would try it. 22yo arrived but the performance was dull and lack luster. Total clock watcher. Let her go before hr was up. Bellhop stated that some talent charge up to NT$8000/hr - that is crazy. I thing the bellboy was just starting up and did not know what he was doing.

I visited local MP several times and received an excellent 3hr massage from a tall Mainland girl - very pretty. No "extras" offered at this MP.

I will be back in Taoyuan for couple of days in November - hopefully I will get some leads on better talent by then. Any suggestions from your end?

Couple of evenings I walked by the train station /Temple area. Saw some SW - nothing special to speak of. Lot of Filipinas walking around but no bites.

Yes, I was able to get "V" from a pharmacy near the Temple. I got him down to NT$1350 for 4-pack of 100mg. He said that normal selling price was NT$1500 - I do not know if I could have gotten him lower. That is it from my end
Take Care - firebird

10-06-04, 16:55
Hi there,

I followed your instructions and called Yuki in the Taipei Times. It was exactly as described by Firebird. She offerred NT$5K, I countered with NT$3K, she accepted. After 1/2 hour, the girl arrived. She was 24, with a 7.5 face and a 9 service attitude. Very receptive and very nice, plus gave me her number after she left. Very highly recommended service.


10-11-04, 13:36
"Having said that, I haven't found too many local women that are that great in bed compared to other Asian women. there's probably a lot of reasons for this, but I don't want to go into in the forum at this time."


Well Adjarn, as soon as you find the time please tell us your thoughts as to what you think the reasons are for the lackluster sexual performance of Taiwanese women.

Blue Snake
10-12-04, 17:39
I am in Taipei for two weeks, did tried 1x hotel call-in service & 2x HC massage sessions with "full package". Though nothing to yell about, but kind of happy with the gals' service.

Today I decided to call "Taipei Yuki" since she was recommended in some member's report. Exactly like what's being told, she would ask for NT5000, then agreed to accept NT3000 after being counter-offered. 30 minutes later, a 6/10 looking girl rang my door bell. I believed she is not local, as she is too dark for being one. After asking, she said she came from Thailand. She doesn't speak English, but little Chinese(luckily I do speak Chinese). She is such in a hurry, stripe off all clothes & started the session without bath or any form of "prelude". What pissed me off was the "No-No" policy. She only provide "cat bath" you may call it, if licking on my nibble is consider one. She then put the rubber on my didi, gave a short licking & "house-keeping". Next, just sat on me & started putting me into her. Everything were so dull, I gave up & release my load & told her to stop.

What shocked me further was, she went ahead to clean herself-up, dressed-up, said "thank you" & left! I called Yuki & told her what happend, she appologized & said won't use that girl any more. I told her she better mean what she said, as this is bad for her reputation. Well, what's done is done, hope other member won't get this Thai girl like I experienced.

Damn! Mode are spoilt, thought could release some tention after working whole day at unreasonable customer site, sigh. Won't bother to rate her further, as it would be 0, 0, 0,0 0, 0! Guys, do avoid a slim Thai girl by the name Lily(?), dark complexion & NOT so smooth skin, when you call Yuki.

Blue Snake

10-14-04, 17:00
Hey there,

Can definitely say now that the service at Yuki's does definitely vary from week to week. Tried a different girl out today, but unfortunately did not remember her name. This was a pretty boring encounter; she did exactly as she was told and did not improvise too much. Also, her hair stank of cigarette smell, which can be a turnoff. Only thing nice about the encounter was chatting with her afterwards about the experience; she was friendly after she finished her job. So, I guess YMMV ("Your mileage may vary") depending on how lucky you get with the girl. Price: NT$3K.

Also tried out Jessica's massage last week as well. The girl was friendly as well, but didn't let me take pictures of her. The service was rushed and wasn't that special at all. Price was also NT$3K like before.

However, as long as I visit Taipei, and I'm all alone in that hotel room, it's still too convenient to call an service provider and relieve myself of my stress built up during the day.


10-19-04, 22:59
well .....I don't get it. There are TONS of number to call, many places to go in Taipei why you all call YUKI? ( nothing personal, no offense ok ). Just because someone say GOOD ..and all the girls in Yuki = good ? I don't think so. The girl are all around this businese, they work for yuki this week, next week may be work for Miki, Judi or Kawaii.

just my 2 cent. Happy hunting ...


10-24-04, 16:59
Bored at the Grand Formosa - any suggestions for "room-service" to keep warm during the typhoon? Pls PM me if any good phone-numbers ;)

10-25-04, 06:58
I was in Taipei for a week and was pleased to experience the big earthquake without any casualties. However, I was happy to be brought by my friends in taipei to experience some special treatment during my stay.

I was brought to a night spot which had to be escorted by the bouncer and there were four of us that night.

We were greeted by the local manager and somehow he was my friend's regular spot...thus we had no problem with the access.

The charges were agreed NT3,500.00 each for two hours for all the rubba-rubba and suckie-suckie things and extra NT1500 for the food and beers. The girls could be changed upon requested with no problem. I had no problem changing twice the girls. The girls will play dice and drink with you. They would oblige to any request from their customer. They didnot do rotational shift every 15 minutes like other joints. We stayed for 3 hrs and paid NT5000.00 for the extra time with one pop each with the girls inside the toilet. Actually it was up to the girl if they want to be screwed as company don't always pressure them to do so as they would not be receive any extra fees on top of the NT5000.00. Be nice with the girls and get them wet...then they woould guide you themselves without having paying extras.

It was memorable time we had with all of us as I got two pops at the end. I tipped the girl NT500.00 for her services even she didn't ask for it.

Every hour the girl will do a lap dance on you with the blinking lights on. Their dice game was hilarious...at one time the girl made me to pluck her pubic hair while my friend had to drink off the beer pouring down from her breast....the best time I ever had in Taipei.


10-29-04, 07:32
The KTV you describe sounds great, but where is it? I assume I must know someone to gain access, but if I know the name of the place and a location, I can arrange that through my local friends. Thanks for the great FR! Can't wait to check it out for myself.

11-03-04, 06:59
I was also in Taipei the day of that earth quake with no casualties as mentioned below, this was an experience....

After 2 years of absence, I went back to Ceasar Sauna in AsiaWorld, thi is still my favourite in Taiwan.
Arrived there at 4p.m., asked the mamasan for a girl with stockings & high heels (I have this fantasy for masseuse with stockings & high heels). This was arranged immediately (at no extra cost), the girl was a bomb, her service was superb.
I strongly recommend her to all of you, her name is Amy, number 28.

Total cost NTD4,200


My Ceny
11-05-04, 19:02
We really should have a place/person to keep all the "good performer's" phone numbers & help out the brothers when they are in town.

My Ceny
11-06-04, 08:20
Has anyone tried the BBS across the street from Sherwood Hotel?