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05-18-02, 06:31
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05-29-02, 10:39
Anyone alive in Tpe.??? All nice MP been shut down since that faggot mayor (now the president) shut everything down.

Anyone?? Any leads???

06-11-02, 15:23
go to the Club ZigaZaga in Hotel Grand Hyatt - best time: 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. - best day: thursday - about 60 - 70% of the girls are open for a one night stand - prices arround $ 300 - good hunting and enjoy!

06-12-02, 10:49

Got a quality/service rating on the goods?? 1 to 10???

$300 a bit steep but worth it if the quality/service is there.

06-12-02, 12:43
my rating is from 7 to 9 - if you will stay with the girl more than one night (only the night, not during the day) the price goes down to $ 150 / $ 200.

06-14-02, 04:03

Cover charge of NT$500 and all the women were 35 and above. No young ones as far I can see and lots of Philps.

Ziga Zaga is not my cup of tea but thanks anyway!

06-21-02, 05:50
Actually, the traditional MP are very much alive and active with some fantastic girls. They were closed for a few weeks last month due to the water shortage, but they are now back open for business. The best one these days is JingHua, formerly known as WenSa on NanJing East Road Section 5. I've been there about 10 times during the past few months, and it's been great every time. My last visit was about two weeks ago.

06-21-02, 08:38

Do you have a more exact address and description of the services. What are the charges? Recommend any particular lady?

Thanks for the info. I am staying at the United Hotel and wandered around looking for a place but it seems my eyes are not trained to spot the massage places as yet.

Take care,


06-21-02, 12:00
Ziga Zaga is only good on Thursday (Ladies Nite) and Friday but the crowd is generally older. The place is practically dead on other days. I have only gotten lucky there ONCE.....no charge. She was drunk but horny....

Try going to Carnagie's on Ladies Nite (Wed). Lots of sluts there. No cover charge. U don't even need to buy them drinks! they get free flow of champagne.

06-23-02, 05:49
The best MP these days, in my opinion, is JingHua (formerly known as WenSa). It's a traditional place like all the others you've no doubt experienced. They've recently renovated the whole place, though, so it's quite clean and nice now.

The special massage is about NT$4200 all inclusive. (At Caesarworld Sauna the same thing costs about NT$4600.) Everything is done in private rooms, and the girls are wonderful. They do BJ, rimming, FJ... all with a big smile and great attitude. There are usually 20-30 girls available, so you can describe the kind of girl you'd like and usually get one pretty close. I don't remember any specific numbers, but so far they've all been great. Being American, I normally ask for a girl with nice big tits. And, I've been very impressed each time!

They also have regular massages done by beautiful young girls. These normally go about 90 minutes or so. Rebecca is a fun girl in that room. In fact, she's planning to open her own place sometime in July. I'll try to find out where it is and let all the brothers know about it. I don't know if she'll offer anything other than a massage, but I suspect she might. I sure hope so! She's cute, cute, cute. Another girl I'd recommend for these regular massages is "1,2,3". That's her nickname. She's very friendly and pretty.

Somehow I've lost the business card for Jing Hua. But, you can tell the taxi driver it's the sauna known before as WenSa on NanJing East Road, Section 5. It's in the basement. It's just a few doors down from the Holiday Inn (Crown Plaza, I think?).

Have fun, and be sure to report back on your experience. Oh, and avoid the barber shops. They're all ripoffs. Trust me. I've tried out enough of the them for all of us over the years, and I've NEVER found one that's satisfactory.

06-24-02, 10:31
Trotter my man, I am hunting that place down this week. Is it a big place?? Crowed with locals???

Let us bro!

06-26-02, 06:37
It's very much a locals place, although there are sometimes a few Japanese or Korean businessmen visiting. It's not too big, and from the front looks downright small since it's just some stairs going down into the basement. But, it's clean and nice... and the girls are great!

Have fun, and let all the bro's hear the details!

06-26-02, 07:28
Hi Trotter,

Any recommendations for this place...the 'special' gal i had the last time was quite hot...but she was old ..like 40 plus...quite a turn off..

thanks in advance..cheers

06-29-02, 11:23
Has anybody had a good experience with incall advertised in the China Post. I called one number and they said 5000NT for one hour..includes everything. Bad thing is it is site unseen. Some recommendations guys!!

BTW, there is NO ACTION in Tainan from what I have seen. My Taiwanese friends are reluctant to take me to places cos they say it is dangerous for a non-asian. Any more info in that part of Taiwan would again be appreciated.

BFD, I know you have given me advice on this area b4, I hope you do not mind my asking others. Take it easy bro.


07-01-02, 11:57
i have tried the outcall services from the China Post for at least 3 times and I'm glad to say I've never been disappointed.

The asking price is 5000NT but u can bargain it down to 3500NT. A little mandarin helps. But I usually settle for 4000NT cos' the girls will be better-looking. They were all young and good looking and they usually provide BBBJ and GFE (frenching). Also they go to the shower with u before and after....worth the $$$

Unfortunately, these ads always change their numbers so i can't remember which are the ones i've called. anyway, do be specific (i mean very specific) on the type of girl u want. Young? sexy? big boobs?..etc. U can call them during the daytime (after 1:30pm) if your hotel is strict about night time visitors.

Happy bonking!

Beijing Lover
07-03-02, 11:29
Hi Guys

I've been in taipei for one week and I must say I was desapointed with the quality of the material.
I've tried Carnegies and Ziga Zaga and found that the girls are there.
They are available, but they just are not up to the standard.
Expensive and yet ugly and short on most cases.
Taipei is out.

07-03-02, 12:18

I didn't think the ladies at Carnegies were that bad. I have been in Taiwan for a month now....There were some working girls there but there were some cute regular ladies there. Try again on a Friday or Saturday night.

07-05-02, 07:14

Wanted to thank you for the heads up on JingHua. I followed your recommendation and went there today. The setup reminds me of the spas in HK and Shenzhen. Very nice indeed. The "lady" that massaged me was not who I would have picked but she gave a very good massage and hot oil treatment. Her moans and ahs were a bit distracting but all in all an 8 for experience. They didn't seem so happy that a foreigner was there whereas in HK and Shenzhen friendlier atmosphere but not as COMPLETE in the service. If I come back this way will ask for a girl of my choice if they understand me.


07-06-02, 02:13

Glad you enjoyed your visit to JingHua. I assume you don't speak Mandarin. However, even if you don't, you can always try to describe the kind of girl you want. The mamasans are very accommodating. I've always described my favorites, and I've never been disappointed.

To the other brothers who have been discussing the Ziga Zaga-type place... avoid them! The working girls who hang out there are butt ugly for the most part, pretty expensive (although they'll go for nearly anything around midnight!) and usually pretty "mature." Not the traits you're looking for. Since I usually stay at the Hyatt when I visit Taipei, I continue to drop in ZZ each evening as I head to my room (when I'm alone, of course). I guess I'm just hoping that someday I'll magically find a cute girl there, but it never happens. Now, I just drop in for a quick beer to glance around before heading off to sleep.

There are some other places in PeiTou that have some really fun girls, but it's nearly impossible to describe how to get there. And, if you don't speak Mandarin and/or know someone who's an insider, they'll never admit they even have girls available. Sorry.

I'll be back in Taipei for a few days the last week of July. I may be checking out some other spots. If so, I'll let you all know about them.


07-09-02, 07:42
Does anybody have any good info on finding action around the hotels near the Chaing Kai Shek airport? I've got an overnight stop there in a couple of months and was curious as to any available girls in that area without going all the way into Taipei proper? Any hotel suggestions?

07-10-02, 06:26
You won't find anything interesting at the airport hotels, but you'll have no problem finding a good sauna or KTV in a couple of neighboring towns. TaoYuan and ChungLi are the nearest towns (just 10 minutes away), and they are well known for their girls. Just ask a taxi driver or maybe a bellboy at the hotel.

07-10-02, 09:58
Trotter is right. Jing Hua was as described. Clean, nice, and full amenities. I had my usual cup of HOT tea, dunno why after a 100 degree bathing people still drink hot tea. Anway as I was looking for something cold to drink the mamasan brought over a cup of 7up to me. With my masterful Mandarin we communicated and I could not understand a fucking thing she is saying but able to follow her into the secret door. Number 007 showed up. Forgot her name but she was well racked with a little bit of sag. Mid 30s with face 8, tits 7, and body 5. Nice massage technique follow by something I never had in my 13 years of travelling:

She put me into a doggy style position then she must have relased a full bottle of hot oil into my crack running her finger up and down through my crack. While running to my balls, she'll scratch them then stroke my cock couple of times before running it back up again. This is all nice, got me rock hard, and all experienced before but what followed surprised the fuck out of me.

She started kissing my crack, I am thinking a nice licking of my punhole is coming, instead, she shoved a whole finger up my punhole without any warnning and my dick was instantaneous 6 o'clocked then I literally jumped off the table holding my punhole. She looked also shock of my reaction but I was somewhat pissed off and she could tell.

Anyway, to shorten the story, many sorry from her which I told her not a problem and finished her off in doggy style. She was holding my cock the whole time I was behind her I guess in fear of revenge.

So I guess I have my bro Trotter to thank for breaking my virgin punhole! It was fun and I will visit the place again.

07-10-02, 10:32

I almost fell off my chair laughing as I read your review. You, my friend, are more forthcoming than I in reporting what happened on that table. Seems we both had 007. I think all us foreigners are pawned off on her. I had an almost identical experience as you but I don't recall getting fisted by her. :)

Her massage was a 7 I would say on technique but that hot oil on my ass, balls and johnson was increible. Never have I been put doggy style for the hr but it was awesone. Her face was maybe an 8 but the rest would not be so generous. After she finished the milking she expertly put on a condom ( I would recommend your own next time...found the ones they had put somewhat of a chokehold on me). Of course after the milking I was in no position to releses right away (miss the good old days). When I was leaving the room a young, hot thing was going into a neighboring room so I know there are other babes available.

All for one, one for all.


07-10-02, 16:54
Hey there. I was in Taipei back in 2000 and I was taken to a red light district in the Hsih men ding area. Does anyone know if that area still exists? And if so where is it because I seem to have forgotten. Also, is the action in Taipei completely dead? Are there any more In Call houses / establishments that one can go to? Thanks

07-11-02, 03:13
Hey, Trotter:

Thank s for the info. Any recommendations for TaoYuan or Chunli? What are the going rates?

Where do you recommend I stay around the airport?

07-11-02, 05:38
Nice report, BFD! Better you than me! Yes, there are plenty of very hot, young babes at JingHua. You just need to ask for one. Since most foreigners cannot speak Mandarin and Americans are known for wanting a gal with big boobs... well, that's when 007 shows up. I got her my first time there as well because I specifically asked for some nice knockers. Since then I've gotten more particular in my requests, and the girls get better and better.

Regarding airport hotels and places to visit in TaoYuan and ChungLi... I don't recommend staying at any airport hotel. They all suck! You'd do much better to find a decent hotel in TaoYuan (not easy to find, though, since there aren't too many). I've never stayed there, so I can't recommend any. I did have a great room at a nearby golf club called Sunrise (Yang2Sheng1). It's a beautiful golf course with about 50 rooms, plus several restaurants, bowling alley, etc. In fact, when I last stayed there a few years ago I took a young girl from a Taipei KTV to stay there with me. We had a fantastic time for two nights and days playing golf together (she actually wasn't too bad), going to the health club and playing in our room the rest of the time. You might want to check it out. It's located about 20 minutes from the airport. Remember, you'll need to go into TaoYuan to find some action (sorry, no suggestions), and then bring someone back with you if she strikes your fancy.

07-11-02, 07:26
Yeah right tomcat, think harder! Don't recalled if you were punhole fucked ......... Trotter, better me then you?? Come on bros, am I the only one hung out to dry here .......

Anyway, last night I had fun. My local friend knows this out call place where a call placed, within 40mins a pussy will show up at your front door. I was told mostly mainland chinese and some local.

We checked into a motel which costs NT$880/2hr. then a girl name Ki Ki or Kitty showed up. Face 7, tits (mine were bigger), and body of 9. Her ass was incredibly balanced and luscious. All curvatures well crafted with just perfect amount of body fat.

Showered (together) BBBJ then she was ready to ride me. (NO CONDOM) That turned me off a little in which I just told her to keep on sucking. Of course the ultimate accomplishment was achieved and showered (together) and left.

Overall economic breakdown. Room $880, fuck (in my case suck) $5,000 comes to grand total $5,880. Not cheap but not bad either. The locals they charge only $3,500 to $4,000 to which I ask my local friend next time tell them I'll only stick it in halfway so charge me the fucking same as the locals please.

Going to TaiChung today and I know lots of places there. BTW, nice job Trotter, a Taipei KTV girl with you for 2 days away trip. Must cost ya arm and leg to do that!

Keep on banging bros.

07-17-02, 07:33
Bros, Taichung was no fun. I got stuck with lots of work and only visited an old bathhouse with regular goodies. Nothing special althought girls tends to be younger in Taichung.

Back to Tpe. now and looking for my friends to take me on new ventures. Will post any new findings.

Keep on banging!

07-18-02, 06:23
I'll be in Taipei next week for a few days, but with precious little time for fun. Fortunately, I'll then spend the weekend at my favorite playground in the world: DongGuan, PRC. Not many places better than there for the 3Gs: golf, gambling and girls! My kind of place.

If I have any time to spare in Taipei, I'll check out some other places. But, most likely I'll only have time to return to some old haunts to check out new faces. I'll keep the brothers posted here.

Apac Boy
07-19-02, 08:41
what da hell is donguan??? i take it prc is people's republic of china.

gawd, i miss taiwan....havn't been there for at least a year.

golf, gambling, and girls....mmm.....golf gambling and girls....mmm........u gotta tell me where this is!


07-24-02, 22:27
Any recommendations on places to stay and go in TaoYuan and ChungLi? I have a layover Monday and would love to have some fun.

07-25-02, 09:37
I'm in Taipei for a couple of days, so last night I visited my latest favorite sauna, JingHua Sauna. As usual, the young girls giving the regular massages were as beautiful and fun as ever. But, for the first time in a couple of years, when I went into the back area for my special massage I ended up with a girl that was less than wonderful. In fact, she was downright worthless. Her number is #28. She's only been there for about a week, and I hope she stays only one week more! She's an older girl, and about as fun as a stick of wood. Unattractive, boring and pretty mechanical... and those were her good traits!

I'll still go back because this is the first bad experience after more than a dozen fantastic visits. Everyone can have a off night, I guess. Tonight I'll probably go there to get a 90-minute rubdown from the regular massage girls. Damn, they're cute! Or, I may call one of their former massage girls who's starting up her own business sometime in the next two weeks. She told me yesterday that she'd be happy to visit me at my hotel tonight. Once I have the details of her new massage center, I'll post them here. She's a fun girl and gives a great massage, but I don't know yet if she'll be offering any extra services. I doubt it, but I'll ask her tonight.


07-28-02, 14:57
Hey Trotter, where is the JingHua Sauna Located in Taipei? I have managed to find an apartment complex in Taipei, that has 20 working girls in there own apartment. 1 hour 4000NT.

07-31-02, 02:09

For the first time I find myself traveling to Taipei from August 17th - 20th. Thank you for some great intelligence - I now know where and how to spend some of my time! The Jing Hua recount from BFD was friggin' hilarious; need to think about whether or not I want a prostate tickle....

I'd be pleased to hook up with anyone else that may be in the area during the same time. Will also be in Bangkok later in the month. I'll be sure to share stories-from-the-saddle!



Ace of Spades
07-31-02, 06:56

My advice to everyone here is to avoid paying a lot of money for sex in Taipei. I have been living here for a year and I am sick of paying $3000 -$4000 NT dollars or more for an old ***** with a tired body.

I have done some search and discovered someplaces to hunt for cheap girls: Always look for girls in groups or individuals and ask them if they want to see a movie. If they say yes and you can negoiate a price. NEVER ASK FOR SEX DIRECTLY. Too many police around.

Hsimen Ding is a good place to hunt for girls. Near the California Fitness ceneter, there is a small McDonalds and a KFC. From 10:00 PM- 1:00 AM, there are *****s who sit on the benches out in front.

Here is my story:

I went to U2 MTV just a short walk from Tower Records. I met this girl and her sister who was desperate for cigerattes, so I made the best looking one a deal. I offered to buy both of them smokes, if one of them would watch a movie with me. Here in Taiwan, if you ask a girl to watch a movie with you, this means sex. So me and this girl fucked in the MTV room bareback. In the end, I gave her 400 NT plus taxi money/food money and I paid for the cost of seeing a movie using my discount card. :-)

I am hoping next week she calls me (and brings her sister) and we can have a threesome in a hotel.

There is also Wen-hua near Hsimen Ding, but this place is only for Taiwanese. The woman there are too old and ugly, but the price is right about 2000 NT for full service., maybe cheaper if you go with a Taiwanese friend. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AREA.

Another places is Sogo on Chungsiao East Rd. After dark, there lots of girls who sit in front of Sogo and also the the building with the Blockbuster video, McDonalds, and Welcome Supermarket down the road. A few blocks down, there is are some brothels passed the California Fitness center. In the same building as the brothel is an MTV. I am not sure about the price.

There is also Linsen North/Chungshan North Road. This place is expensive, a lot of street walkers especially on Linsen North Rd. I have no idea of the price, but judging that is area is mostly for Japanese businessman, expect to pay over 10, 000 NT.

My advice for everyone is stay away from the tourist traps or or anyone offer you a special service where you have to pay in advance. These places are scams and will only cheat you.

08-06-02, 10:03
JingHua Sauna is on next block from Rebar Hotel traveling east. Lat week it had a large yellow inflatable bollard outside.

Had excellent time there but you need to speak mandarin...

Thanks to previous writers for recommending this place.

08-07-02, 02:11
hi everybody, I was in Taipei sunday and tried Jin hua sauna, I arived at 21h there, I can certify they speak a little english, my chinese is poor but it was no problem. I enjoyed the sauna for 2h, toke a sit in the lobby and drank a beer, there was 2 mamasans walking around, 1 tall in her early 30 and 1 short in her early 50, the explanation was clear but if you have a comunication problem there are a waiter who speak a little more english than the other, but speak him slowly. So I toke 2 h massage, 1h normal and 1h special with the same girl for a total of 7000 nt $. they sended me an old and ugly girl the 1st time, Iasked directly for change, no problem, the 2nd one was largely more atractive, around 30 years old, with good breast and a beautifull ass, her name was sophia, she's very friendly and did a good job. My trip was only for 1 night in Taipei so I slept in the sauna, they have some dormitory for the guest.
Other thing, when you take the special massage(4200 nt$) you don't pay the for the sauna entrance.

Have a good time


08-13-02, 00:54
I will soon be in Taipei at the Far Easterson Hotel and in Hinshu at the Royal Hishu. Any recommendations for free lancers or low cost massage?? but safe?? Thanks

09-12-02, 07:24
Welcome back, bros!!

I'm in Taipei again this week, and I returned to my old haunt last night: JingHua Sauna. I had a special massage from a gorgeous girl who was about 25 years old. She was quite slender with fantastic legs, small breasts and beautiful smooth skin. When she walked into room and we began talking, she was very direct and matter-of-fact about everything. I was concerned that this meant I was in for a rather mechanical, uninteresting session. Boy, was I wrong.

She quickly rushed through the mandatory massage, although she used some body lotion for the whole rubdown which was quite nice. It turns out she was hurrying in order to get to the fun part. This girl just loves sex and couldn't wait to get started. She was wetter than any girl I've seen at JingHua, and she was full of energy.

We spent the next 40 minutes in the most intense, hard-pumping workout session I've experienced in a long, long time. She wanted to try out about half a dozen different positions, and all the while she kept loudly saying, "Harder, harder!" She encouraged me to slap her ass and play hard with her breasts, while she was loudly moaning. I know this sounds like she's simply a great actress (and I'm sure she is), but it was much more than that. As I said, she just loves sex and it's obvious she's working there in large part for her own gratification. We talked about it for awhile before I left, and she admitted she just can't get enough.

Anyway, after about 40 minutes, she started looking at the clock. The sessions run 50 minutes, and she was disappointed it was coming to a close. Although I hadn't yet come, I was ready for a break anyway. We were both sweating like crazy and I felt like I'd been working out in the gym for two hours! So, I suggested we stop and finish things off by hand. Man, she's even great at that!

So, if you're looking for an exhausting sexy workout with a beautiful girl and are willing to go at it pretty hard, this is the girl for you. It was fun and unexpected, but I certainly wouldn't want to hang with her too often. My heart might give out!

If you're interested, her number is forty-seven. I told her I'd tell the bros about her. She was happy to hear that, but also said she was worried it might spoil the fun. I assured her it would only be a good thing... right, guys?!

09-12-02, 07:32
trotter717 - wow what an endorsement... dam near got there just reading it..! i'm in town this week also. can you give directions or number for JingHua Sauna? details to cost or climate inside? are they western friendly?

thanks amigo,

09-12-02, 07:49
trotter - never mind thanks. i just got too excited before i read down a bit further.....


09-12-02, 16:33
Will be visiting Taipei in a few days. Last time I was here I called one of the phone numbers for massage in the little "Taiwan" magazine in the hotel room. The girl was a 5 face 6 body, kinda flat chested. Massage was only an act, hardly felt anything, friendly enough. Money is not big issue but was hoping to find better quality. Any suggestions? Don't like the sauna environment even though it seems to be the best value according to the forum. Any one know of cute, young, freelance, maybe college girls? Appreciate any detail to actionjunkie@hotmail.com Thanks.

09-12-02, 16:40
Anyone had any luck at Carnegie or other clubs? I'm an asian-american fluent in chinese.

09-13-02, 22:52
I'm a taiwanese that grew up in North America and just returned to taiwan for work. Can't type chinese but can speak ok. Never tried a ***** house but it sure is tempting with all the ads everywhere. Can anyone tell me how things are done in taipei or taichung? thanx

09-17-02, 14:58
Hello, I will be in Chungli and Taoyuan. Any advise on where to see some action? Any place where I can get a girl for outcalls?

09-17-02, 15:05
Hi everyone,

I'm staying at sherwood and was wondering where and how i can get a hot chick. Especially one that doesn't rush or overnight. looked at china post, lots of numbers, any recommendations? also, how much are the girls from california gym? since i can speak chinese fluently, does that help?

thanks in advance for all the help

09-18-02, 02:58
Are the girls available for pick ups from the California gym???

09-24-02, 15:59
Pick up chicks at California? Why not, but i guarantee you that offering them money won't make you any friends.

09-26-02, 01:10
Ziga Zaga at Hyatt is ghost town. They are going to close it for refurbishingand open sometime in early Nov.

Also as for picking up pros near Tower Records, which location? One near Hyatt or Sogo?

And going rate for short and all nighter?

Also I saw girls standing in the middle of night market near Hyatt and they clearly were not trying to direct traffic to the nearby stores. Are they pros? Should I ask them if they wanna see a movie?


10-01-02, 19:14
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Ace of Spades

Here is my story:
So me and this girl fucked in the MTV room bareback. In the end, I gave her 400 NT plus taxi money/food money and I paid for the cost of seeing a movie using my discount card. :-)

I am hoping next week she calls me (and brings her sister) and we can have a threesome in a hotel.

Man, if you are out trolling for p**sy...bring some condoms.

10-03-02, 15:21
It's a shame Soulman wasn't at Ziga Zaga the previous Saturday (the 21st). Because it was going to be the last Saturday night until November and it was a popular band's last night, also, the place was packed. There were quite few 8's and 9's in sight, some of them working but quite a few just there for the music. I danced until 3am and then ended up taking one of the non-working girls to my room at the Hyatt. She was 24 and was willing to play anytime I was ready. I think we went at it more than we slept that night. When she finally left the next afternoon, I was totally drained.

10-09-02, 06:02
Going Tpe 10/25-11/7. Would like a buddy go pubbing/clubing with.

I live in Canada from Taiwan. 28yo fluent Mandarin/English.


10-18-02, 10:06
A quick note to give you the latest rates in Asia World Sauna for FS (top class service, top class girls and superb facilities)
NT$4,800 for an hour

10-23-02, 08:42
Well, boys, I discovered the wildest KTV in town last night. Actually, it was rather early this morning.

I was out with some local friends and we decided to check out the newest KTV in Taipei. It's called New Boss located near Lin Shen North Road. They were very particular about letting new customers enter without a specific reference from a friend or "member" of the club. But, we finally secured a room and they brought in the girls for us. It was the usual KTV scene: very beautiful girls (most of whom actually spoke very good English, until they discovered that I speak Mandarin, then they quit trying), drinks and singing. To be honest, it was nothing special at all. We stayed for a couple of hours and left around 2:30 a.m.

Before leaving, we asked the mommy if she knew of any nearby places where the girls were a bit looser and more fun. She took us outside and made a phone call. A gorgeous girl came to meet us and walked us to her KTV located just around the corner. Once again, without a reference (which we had from the previous mommy), it would have been quite difficult to enter. This place is definitely on the low end on the KTV scale, but, man, was it fantastic for what we were after: wild girls.

As soon as we got settled in our room with the beer and fruit, three 19-year old girls burst into the room wearing only loose sarongs and thong panties. Within 60 seconds of the door closing and the loud disco music starting up, the sarongs were flung to the floor and the girls were dancing all over us. During the course of the next two songs, they had undressed each of us down to our underwear. We spent the next hour dancing and laughing and singing and groping and fondling to our hearts' desires. My girl spent most of that time, even when dancing, with her hand down my shorts! I tell you, it was exhausting and exhilerating at the same time.

Since it was already 4am by this time, we had to call it a night. I understand that taking the girls out for a FS session would be far too expensive to consider. They normally work until 6am, so you would have to pay for their remaining time (see the cost below), plus any extra charge... which in Taipei is usually very high. So, just go there, have some fun for an hour or so, but look elsewhere for any real service.

As with anything enjoyable in Taipei, this KTV was very expensive. But for once, I didn't mind. When the bill came, it was for about NT$24,000!! This was for three girls, some beers and only about 90 minutes. We eventually bargained it down to NT$12,000. The basic charge is NT$280 per 10 minutes per girl. Plus, they throw in drink charges, manager's fee, room fee, etc. Since all of these charges are unclear, it's easy to negotiate them down. But, it's still quite expensive. So, be aware before you go.

I don't have the name of the place with me, but I know the address is #409 Lin Shen North Road, 3F. Remember, you'll need to do some talking to get in without a reference. But, in the interest of my brothers here, I left my nick with the mommy and told her that she may be hearing from some of my friends and she should treat them right. Her name is SwunSwun.

Have fun, bros!

Apac Boy
10-23-02, 09:10

$12K NT IS a lot dood...but i guess if u had fun, that's all it counts...

lin shen bei lu right? shit, that's around where i stay everytime i goto Taiwan too...is that area like happening 24/7? It's got like tons of ktv places, some saunas, and some short time hotels that are all blacked out in the front.

and what is up with those saunas...it looks so classy and expensive from the outside, anybody tried?

i still havn't tried these services when i go back, i rather save my cash for bkk


10-23-02, 18:27

You definitely don't want to waste your time in any of the saunas/barber shops in the LinShen Bei Lu area. They're all hype and glitter and absolutely no substance.

The various "love motels" in the same area are normally used by locals taking their mistresses out for a regular shag. I've heard a few of them, such as the WeGuo Hotel, are extremely plush and elegant. But, never had a reason to check them out.

Apac Boy
10-23-02, 18:40
but what if i'm in a mood for a nice deep oil massage and that's it? u think those glittzy saunas can offer me that? if so, how much do u think?

i thought those love motels are not only for couples, they're for single guys...i thought u just go in and ask for girls...i guess not..

next time i'm back, i'll look u up...i'm still more of a club guy in taiwan and i rather hit the clubs.


10-26-02, 11:21
Tapioca, if you want a good oil massage you should go to a sauna (JingHua or Caesarworld) and get a regular massage. They're quite good and supplied by beautiful girls. In the barbershops, most of them don't even let you take off your shirt! They're actually pretty odd places. There are a few places where you can get a somewhat decent massage, but it's definitely hit and miss.

Apac Boy
10-27-02, 01:51
i'm still a looong time away from going back (unless i find a job there)...

just curious, if ur in taiwan, how is the job market there?

*apologizes for not asking a sex related question*


10-27-02, 09:12

I don't live in Taiwan, but I know the job market there is tough, tough, tough, unless you're an RF engineer. In which case you can write your own ticket. Even the KTV girls are having a tough time these days... now that's sad!

11-01-02, 08:46
Has anyone been to a place called Julianas, I've heard it's a club but I wonder if any of you have experince meeting girls there ,that you would like to share. Also any comments on nighclub called 911 and plush.

Apac Boy
11-03-02, 03:22
i've been twice to juliana's...i don't think there are any working girls there, if so, then they're not as apparent.

it's a club/bar/resturant and they play really awful techno.

i think gay nights are thursday nights..lol


Baby Huey
11-03-02, 15:35
Is there any action within walking distance of the Grand Foute Hotel, besides KTV? Going to be there , in the beginning of december. Will be looking for some fun. Thanks!

Apac Boy
11-05-02, 03:16
i know ur going to be in bkk after so just hold ur cash until u get there...trust me, finding it is not that hard, but finding the lookers will be hard AND expensive. where is the Grand Foute hotel at?


11-05-02, 19:55
If you want girls, you can always ask a taxi driver. They're always very resourceful. Last week I had one bring me to a place outside of Taipei and introduce me to a guy, and I had a great time with a cute 19 year old. Costed me $3500 (pretty steep, but it's hard to find in Taipei). Mandarin is probably a must though, but if you can speak some you shouldnt have much trouble. Taipei sucks for finding this stuff, unless you have deep pockets and can go to a KTV/Bar place. I must admit those bar girls are hot, I saw some really really hot ones go into the Asiaworld place.

Other choices are going to other parts of Asia (HK is cheap to fly to) and it's really easy to find there. Costed me less than $50 a shot and they have some pretty hot girls there.

Maybe the guys on this site should just pool our money and we can start an underground WSG brothel. haha

11-05-02, 20:01
oh, as for the clubs. Plush has a lot of hot girls, as do other places mentioned. Girls are harder to pick up in Taipei than in other places (such as China, Thaland, etc) but your chances of course depend on who you are. This applies to anywhere in the world tho doesn't it? Taiwan girls aren't that infatuated with foreigners as they are in other places also, because a large percent of people travel or study abroad anyways, so they've been around foreigners. So this decreases your foreign charm I think. haha. I think Hsimen has easier girls to pick up if you really want to go the "robbing the cradle" route.

11-06-02, 09:03
Bros I am back n alive from the dead and fuck'n bitches of America where the system taught men are worthless and the most discriminated against are white single males. FUCK THAT SHIT!

Now time for some fun.

Trotter bro, that no. 47 works when?? Night shift?

Let me know with thanks.

Dick Johnson
11-09-02, 00:27
I love Taipei but hate the sex scene here-it sucks. It makes even Singapore and Hong Kong look like sex paradise.

Where did they get the prices here in Taiwan? Since they outlawed prostitution and the red light district the prices have soared. Also everything here is expensive, hotel, taxi etc.

If you want to do alot of fucking Thailand, Philipines etc will give you bang for the buck. Usually in Taipei minimum is 3500-4000NT for 1 shot. That's over US$100 for short time. And many of the girls are from China. Stunners can go for NT10000. All nighters are even tougher. It's prices is second only to Tokyo in Asia. But even in Tokyo I got nice BBBJ from a naked Japanese girl forUS$60 incl. beer and tips(you will need Japanese friends to accompany you there though).

No wonder all the horny Taiwan men goes elsewhere for action. Don't get me wrong, I love the Taiwanese people-they are polite and most hospitable and honest, friendly.

KTV, massage parlours don't promise you anything. Maybe a HJ at MPs and some wild partying at KTV. Full service depends on the size of your wallet and your luck. Dick's luck was good but I've heard a lot of people dating Rosie Palms.

Also I've never seen so many over the hill broads working in other Asian countries. 35, 45 yr olds still workin it. Sign say La Mei(hot younger sister/chick) watch dvd with you and the La Mei is 45. I guess she's a younger sister if you're 50. There are places where the chicks are 20+ though.

A few genlemen's clubs I knew had closed down. For people with a big budget only.

Julianne I went there a few times and was rather surprised that it was kinda small. Plush was nice but neither of them are meat markets. I was lucky to have girlfriends there but otherwise Taiwan should be avoided as a sex travel destination.

11-11-02, 06:27

#47 was working at about 11pm when I enjoyed her talents. But, that was quite awhile ago, and I don't know if she's still working the same hours... or even still working there. I'm sure you know how quickly they change at MPs.

Good luck!

11-12-02, 05:23
Shit Dick you should try staying in the US for awhile.....

But I hear ya, action has die down the past 10 years and the picking is definitely slimmer.

There are still nice spots if you have local friends to show you. If you are on your own, it is tough!

Thanks Trotter, I'll write in my exploration.

11-12-02, 05:50

Seriously, can anyone give some directions to Jing Hua Suana? I've looked through 6 pages of posts and have not found any directions.

Are there any other saunas worth visiting in Taipei? I've lived in HK for 2 years and have been in Beijing for a year -- so my standards are sort of high. But this is my first extended stay in Taipei and need some help.

Thanks In Advance,

11-12-02, 15:30
JingHua Sauna is located on NanJing East Road Section 5. It's next to the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel. You'll see a large yellow balloon-type sign out front, and the sauna is downstairs.

11-12-02, 19:09
I heard Jing Hua doesnt do full service stuff anymore. I didn't go myself, so I cant personally verify.

I tried out the sauna place at the corner of Chunghsiao near the Sun Yat Sen place, which I heard has stuff. I got an expensive regular massage and I couldn't convince the girl (for an hour) to do anything with me. Eventhough I heard some definite action somewhere in the massage area (oddly, they dont have doors for the individual rooms). I heard that you have to go a bunch of times to the same place and let the girls familiar with you, which is going to cost you alot of money. I guess it makes sense because they have to be pretty careful these days.

Damn, I miss HK and China. Anyone want to take a trip? haha

11-13-02, 07:37
This is my first time ever in Taipei. I feel like I'm back in California, where I had to drive down to TJ for some decent pussy. There is a lot of women, but not working ones. I'd go back to Bangkok, but since the deportation, well...

Anyways, I'll try the Hsmienting area like somebody said late tonight by the California gym. I'm about ready to start trying to pickup on the hotel girls.

Dick Johnson
11-13-02, 14:08
BFD, I do live in USA, L.A.! And it's fucked. I'm still young and fit so I can get some free action now and then. But for someone who's 40+ and single or divorced...good luck.

I like Taiwan and it's people A LOT.
But I just went to Thailand, China, Singapore etc. Boy pussy in Taiwan sure is expensive. Coronas echoes my viewpoint. A long while back someone on this board(archives) was even more negative. Saying : Taiwan is hell on earth when it comes to sex LOL. Perhaps not that bad but you get the point.

Chen Sue Bian once said he might consider following the way of Singapore's legal red light district. He's the ass who outlawed the whole scene.

I do have money to spend. Luckily, I knew a girl from overseas before so I got some free sex. And I did go to a massage parlour and luckily got laid. But I did not have guy friends to show me around. Is it a conspiracy to not let foreigners in on too much so they can save some for themselves? Dunno. Hehe.

But once again, Taiwan is a great place, expensive, but great.


Btw, coronas, what deportation?

11-14-02, 08:27
I was in Thailand having the time of my life. I was on a motorbike riding around, when I came upon a police checkpoint. Due to the multiple singhas and carlsbergs I had consumed, I had forgotten that I had joint (splif) on me. The rest is a horrendous story of getting aqcuainted with Thailand's jail system and corrupt officials.

A word of advice to you all: DO NOT carry marijuana on you, even if it's just one lousy joint.

But that's okay, I'm in Taipei now, and I am in interviews with a company.

I went to that Carnegie place last night. Meet I short giggly Taiwanese chick and we're going out to dinner tonight. I too am young and somewhat fit so I'm going to make an attempt at "kinda" free sex.

I'm about ready to call those ads in the Taipei Times.

Someone posted earlier that working girls hangout in front of the California gym. Is this true?

Dick Johnson
11-15-02, 03:07
It's not that easy to score for free in Taiwan.

I had a blast blasting around town in Pattaya on a bike too. Anyway, a little ganja and you cant go back to Thailand? That's pretty severe.

11-15-02, 07:43
Hmmm, bo sex in Taipei? Sounds fishy, but could be the case. Sex expensive? Maybe if you go to the tourist traps, but down where I am good sex from a knockout can be had for between 2000 and 2500 if you know the code words (BJ is 1000-1500 and HJ 500-1000). Maybe it is the fact that I am a musician, but for me, I have the opportunity to get more ass than a toilet seat. Free has its downside, and that is the possibility of the girl becoming emotionally attached (not something that I need or want). Paid has its downside in that some girls are not interested in wai guo ren (fear of desease, probably, maybe just uncomfortable with the differences). Speaking fluent Chinese helps.

BTW, per post in the other thread, the Betelnut girls are great. Seaking Chinese and knowing the code words is a must ;).

Taiwam used to be a man's paradise. It still ain't bad, but it has changed.

11-15-02, 08:54
Mr. Sleeper:

Could you be oh so generous and bless us with this valuable information you so describe as "code words?" I'm on a budget, so code words would be great.

Okay, fine, I'll buy you a beer.


11-17-02, 08:51

Jing Hua Suana no longer has "special services". Infact, many of the suanas don't seem to offer anything other than a shower, a dip in a pool and a legitimate massage. I understand there are still a few in business, but the quality is poor. I went to Tian Long, near the train station per the advice of a taxi driver. One hour oil special was 2,800 NTD. Older girl (early 30s) -- very ordinary.

Anyway, I'm told Carnagie is the place to go on Wed, Fri and Sat nights to get some take-home slags. I didn't go, so I'm not certain.

I feel sorry for you guys who are living in Taipei. The girl situation sucks and so does the food.


11-17-02, 09:20
I went to Carnegie's on Saturday. Packed with a bunch of foreigners. The people I talked to said it was full of regulars who are there every Saturday just for dancing. I did not find any sex workers. Maybe I approached the wrong women.

And like the prior post, the food around here is not all that.

Also I went to a place called Patina Pub and the bars in the surrounding area. The women want a drink that costs 400NT and they are about 59 years old.

The taxi drivers keep telling me to go to another town.

Love Taipei
11-19-02, 03:31
Did any of you guys go to Fu-Yeh (Full House) on the 8th Floor of Asia World building in the 1995-1997 time, want to compare notes on the one "Won Won". 5'5" 120 34B-24-36 nicest ass going. Good English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She drove a white Honda, later painted red.

11-19-02, 04:58
WTF?? JHS no longer offer ......... Is this true Trotter? I・ve been traveling up and down the island so no time to check out JHS latley.

Taipei・s :open; action like bath house is very unstable. (The southern part is still different) My local friends told me the safest and cheapest now are the ads in the China Post where you go to their place or they can come to you at a 5 star hotel or hotel of their choice. Or local phone numbers where they・ll send girls to their choice of hotel (90% are Mainland girls and no difference if you ask me) but you must be able to speak local. Pricing for Taipei area still around NT$4,000 to NT$5,000. Anything lower you are asking for trouble such as scams. Anything higher you are simply paying for desperation. (I done that many times but better to be scammed)

Other then, when your customer/vendor/agent brings to you one of those KTV, don・t be shy to ask for a girl that shall cost NT$24,000 to NT$27,000 all in! (Means time out plus service) If they pay for all great, if they only pay for time out (means girl・s time at the club) then prepare to pay around NT$10,000 to NT$12,000 for the special service yourself. (Be warned, this price is not standard overnight price, overnight is negotiable and may be included in the price if the girl likes you).

I got local phone numbers here if you speak local fluently or at least able to communicate well. In addition, you must able to get to the hotel of their choice and it changes all the time.

I love Taiwan, people are friendly, foods are great, girls are beautiful (nice skilled flirting is still very acceptable here matter of fact it is considered a compliment to the girls), all except the President is a fag!

11-19-02, 14:51
Last time i went to JHS, I was told by the "normal" massage girls that some nights there is no special, this was Tuesday night. Not sure which nights HAVE special.

CWS is alive and well, 50 mins @ $4200. One tip, if they insert a digit in your crack, trying to repay the favour is frowned upon.

If you are desperate, call the numbers in the Taiwan magazine for massage. Most are about the same price as the sauna's
If you are Evil Knievel, try one of the phone numbers that are left on top of scooters in parking lots, and report back here on the experience. I've always wondered what those were about.

11-20-02, 06:43
Oh, boy. Taiwan sounds pretty nasty for sex! I always thought it was fairly easy for a foreigner to hook up with a local chick over there? Is that the case? I've never been to Taiwan, but I've always wanted to go. I live in a city with a large Taiwanese community and I find them to be very nice, generous and hospitable people.

For comparisons sake, how does Taipei compare to Seoul? I spent a month in Seoul this summer. In general, sex for foreigners there is very expensive -- much worse than the States. You can strike it lucky with some of the locals if you're fairly attractive and in decent shape and hang out in a certain area of the city (Itaewon) where a lot of expats live. But you won't find that much luck anywhere else in town. Other than that, Seoul is a wonderful city and not too, too expensive (I actually found it cheap in many respects compared to the States).

Is Taipei similar in that regard? I'd like to visit there, but not as a sex trip.

11-20-02, 08:14
Love Tpe, Fu-Yeh was located one floor lower of then Caesar Sauna. Both are gone now. Fu-Yeh closed due to mafia shoot out and Caesar Sauna, then largest in Taiwan, closed by Mayor Chen (Now the President and I think he is a fag btw).

The girl you described probably fits 70% of Fu-Yeh・s luscious staff. If she was driving a Honda at that time, she is not doing too well as the girls there mostly drive BMW or Mercedes.

Stud, I never like Korea due to their closed cultural/patriotic type of shit (only my personal opinion). I remember one of our agent・s sales staff was smoking a pack of Marble with me and was bitched by his boss. Got some pussies there but the service quality was BAD!

Taiwan is much more foreigner accepted and trained being the :export king; of the world. Lots of Japanese (I also think the Japanese are deranged in sex issues but then again it is my personal opinion) and xpats. lived and supported the economy the past 30 years or so. The system is catered to service tourist at top notch. Now tourist not meaning nice beaches, mountain, or skiing cos Taiwan have zero compare to other countries around Asia. It evolves mostly around indoor activitiesKKK.. (They do have some nice golf courses around Taiwan).

Try it since it is only less then 3 hours away from you.

11-20-02, 08:53
After spending a few days in Taiwan, I went Seoul. I can tell you that Korea is expensive and the action is pitiful for westerners. I guess it all depends on your perspective... if you are living in Baltimore I guess every place in Asia sounds good -- even Korea.

Well, I live in China and I can tell you that Taipei and Seoul seriously suck in comparision. Hong Kong is pretty good and even Singapore can be fun, and Thailand... well.. what more can one say? The best thing to do in Korea is get in good with some locals who want to hang out with a westerner. It may take a few trips and an incredible stamina for alcohol (guess I'm a light weight)... even so, I don't think it's worth the high price of Korean girls -- who, incidently, don't seem to know how to fuck. I think China and Hong Kong are much more advanced when it comes to the art of fucking... also, it seems that only in China or Hong Kong do you run into girls with the meatiest, juiciest pussies. What's up with that? I'm trying to figure out what external (meaning fully clothed) physical characterisitcs give a hint to these skinny, small girls packing roast beef. Anybody figure it out?


11-20-02, 11:55
I've lived in Taiwan for over a year now, and it's the worst place in the entire world for sex as far as I can tell. I've lived mostly in South Taiwan and I haven't spent much time in Taipei so maybe it's better there. There was actually a survey in the Taipei times a few months ago regarding the amount of time people of different nations engage in sex, and Taiwan ranked lowest of all!
Anyway, I think the women here in Taiwan are some of the ugliest in all of Asia. Maybe it's the goofy clothes they wear or the outdated hairstyles, but they just don't measure up to the girls in Thailand or Singapore for example.
It is pretty easy to hook up with a local girl like a waitress or bartender or some girl at a club, but it's always the same girls in the bars every weekend with different expat guys. Hooking up with a nice girl who doesn't go to expat bars is much more difficult.
Taiwan is great for other reasons though. People are extremely friendly to foreigners and will almost always go out of their way to help you out. I always feel safe here, and never worry about walking around alone no matter what time or where I go.

Apac Boy
11-20-02, 20:15
Dana, goto Taipei...southern taiwanese women are just plain crap imho...shit, u can even goto tai chon and have a better time.

anyways, since i see u post in the bkk section,ur prob one of those guys that fly out there once a month..damn, i wish i'm back in taipei too...

btw, how much is your airfare usually when u fly to bkk from tpe?


11-21-02, 06:14
BFD: Koreas a great country, with great food and a wonderful culture, but you are right about the xenophobia that exists there. Not even Chinas that bad! I have good friends in Korea, so it made my stay very enjoyable, but if you were a foreigner alone, it would suck and be difficult to be there. The ex-pat scene in Korea isnt all that great either, especially compared to Hong Kong. Whats the ex-pat scene in Taiwan like?

Ive also heard that Taiwan is a cross between Japan and China. Depending on who you ask, they say its either the best or the worst of both countries!

In terms of sex, it doesn't look too promising...except it's probably easier to hook up with a local girl than it would be in Korea.

11-21-02, 07:39
Where I am the expat scene sucks bad. I personally don't even wanna hang around most of the guys I've met over here. There are basically 2 kinds of expats in Taiwan, teachers and engineers.
The teachers I've met are pretty much losers, I don't think most of them have ANY qualifications to teach. The engineers are mostly older road warrior types, or young guys turned into heavy drinkers out of boredom. I have met some really cool people, but they usually move on pretty quickly. I'd move on too, but the money is too good right now. It is easy to hook up with certian local girls, but not the ones you'd really want anything to do with.
Most of the nice or semi-pretty girls I've met at work don't go to bars, they go to KTVs or coffee shops with friends.

The airfare used to be really cheap after the China airlines crash, but now it's gone up considerably, around 250 USA dollars or so.

Where were you a musician? In Taipei? I've never seen an expat musician around here. There are some horrible Filipino bands that play on the weekends, but that's about it. I'm really interested to know how you hooked up with a band. Please pass on any info.

11-21-02, 09:56
Some interesting comments these days, guys. It's good to see the Taiwan thread so active again.

BFD, the last time I visited Taipei about three weeks ago JHS was alive and well. FS was no problem. I'll be back again in a couple of weeks, and I can check it out if I have time.

But, lately I've been hanging out with a beautifu girl who loves to spend hour after hour under the sheets! I met her at a special business luncheon. She was helping out the host company for the day. Within an hour, we'd agreed to meet up later that night for her birthday party at a local KTV (not the kind with the girls, of course!). A week later, when I returned to town, we hopped on a plane to a golf resort in ChiaYi and had a wonderful, wild weekend there. I've also had some fun times with a couple of bettlenut girls who I met by chatting them up while they were selling their wares.

I mention this only because I find it amusing to hear other guys talk about how tough it is to pick up local girls. I've found it actually pretty easy, although I must say speaking Mandarin is a major plus. Without that, it would be very, very difficult.

Now, comparing Taiwan to China relative to picking up girls.. well, there's no comparison. IMHO, there is almost no girl outside of Beijing and Shanghai who cannot be easily seduced. They seem to welcome it! What a wonderful attitude!!

Lately, I've heard about some very interesting "clubs/KTVs" in Chungli that are worth exploring. So, a local friend of mine in Taiwan has agreed to search out one of the places and we're going to pay a visit in a few weeks. I'll post a FR, of course.

11-25-02, 09:00
Where the fuck are you Dana?? In the caves of Taiwan?? Xpats have some of the nicest time / resources here in Taiwan (except if you are located in the country side of course) I have been in Taiwan the past 13 years (physical staying time is probably 5 to 6 years in combined) and the resources here are great for xpats. Are you in Kaosung?? If you are, that city is big enough to support xpats activitiesKKK. They love us here and we love them KK. Now if you are somewhere in the country side like Pengdon, Chia-Yi, Yulin K you are fucked and I don・t even see why you would be located there at all.

Yeah, most xpats here are business/teachers/engineer/ or the last type criminals from the west escaping from the law. Try the metro. cities Dana or best yet, fly your ass to BKK would be my choice and looks like you got that down pretty much.

Ah K BKK K.. land of wonders K. I just ran out of excuses to tell my office why I need to go to BKK KK.. :)

11-27-02, 18:23
Originally posted by muffinman

I feel sorry for you guys who are living in Taipei. The girl situation sucks and so does the food.


You obviously don't know what real Chinese food tastes like moron. You are not in the US, if you want Orange Flavored Chicken you will have to go back.
Taipei has some of the best food around. There is great food to be had in both cheap and expensive restaurants. Ask around for recommendations.

11-27-02, 18:31
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
Boy pussy in Taiwan sure is expensive.


I know what you are trying to say....but when I first read this part I was LMAO.

Dick Johnson
11-29-02, 08:28
Boy pussy is hard to find in Taiwan LOL. Thanks for pointing that out ;D.

11-29-02, 12:44
I finally got laid.

Wednesday night I went to Carnegies. Meet a girl in line. Older, not as good looking as the younger girls, but hell, my standards were pretty low after over a month of rosie palms. The music in that place is horrible.

Oh, but before that I went to Hong Kong for the day, for business. Stayed there over night and I meet someone from guess where? Thailand. My Thai is half decent so I chatted her up and away to my hotel we went. I stayed the night in Kowloon. In the area around the Hyatt around mid night there are girls walking around. 1000 hong kong dollars. Made me kinda sad, since I'm used to giving Thai women 1000 baht. But we had fun.

11-30-02, 08:06
I'm located in Tainan. I've not been fortunate enough to stay in the larger cities in Taiwan, but I still know plenty of expats that agree Taiwan is a horrible place to find women. Taiwan is great for many things, but shagging pretty girls is not one of them. Even the Taiwanese men are going to Vietnam to find wives.

I did say in an earlier post that it is easy to get laid here by a certain few girls who go to expat bars, but they are usually the bottom of the barrel. I think if you are a nerdy or reclusive type of guy who never gets pretty girls in your own country, or an older guy who can't find a lady his age in decent shape, it's probably a great place.
For a young guy with fairly high standards I think it sucks. Also, 90 percent of the girls can't speak a word of english, so even if you see a pretty girl you wanna meet, you better know how to speak mandarin. And if you get past that point, you'll most likely have to date her for a long time before she gives you anything. Who needs that when you're just trying to get laid?
I LOVE asian women, and whenever I've gone to Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, or even Hong Kong I see beautiful girls everywhere! Of course I have seem some beautiful girls here, but they are really few and far between. I really think that Taiwanese women are probably the ugliest in all of Asia.
Anyway, I don't want to start a war about it because it's just my dumb opinion. I have heard that nothern Taiwan is better because more girls speak english, so maybe I'll take a week off soon and check out Taipei, but for the same cost I can take a week vacation in Thailand and really have some fun!

12-01-02, 11:50
I have recently relocated to Taiwan and know nothing about the sex scene in Taipei. Can anyone tell me which expat pubs to go for easy pickup?

Ace of Spades
12-02-02, 23:52

Apac Boy
12-04-02, 00:32
AIDS is not an issue in Taiwan because studies have shown that Taiwanese women are immune to the disease. Years and years of inhaling the pollution in Taiwan has made all Taiwanese women on the small island resistent to HIV and any other STD's. The reason you have not heard anyone with this disease is because THERE ARE NONE WITH IT. Condoms are provided for your peace of mind because for studies have shown that:

Peace of Mind = Higher/Stronger Orgasmic Release


yeah, i'm bored out of my mind right now

Dick Johnson
12-04-02, 05:13
Why don't they just sell cans or inhalers of Taiwan's polluted air overseas. You breath some everyday and it's like a AIDS vaccine! I gotta call my lawyer...

Dick J

12-05-02, 04:55
Forget the fucking lawyers, get it patended NOW!

Bros, we are being too harsh on AOS ..............

Any news on JHS?? Alive or not?

12-05-02, 11:34
Originally posted by Ace of Spades



And these are only cases that have been reported.
Think with your Big head and be safe.

12-11-02, 21:08
Just want to reassure the bros out there that the special services at the Taipei saunas are alive and well. In fact, the price has gone down in at least one place. I just returned a few minutes ago from Caesarworld Sauna. I don't normally go there because it's more expensive and the girls aren't quite as good as at JingHua, but I'm staying at a hotel very close to CW, so I figured I'd give it a try again.

The normal price this year at CW as been NT4,800 for FS, up from the usual NT4,500. At JingHua, it's always been NT4,200. Well, according to the mamasan at CW, they have been hurting for business so they have now reduced the price back to NT4,200. She was begging me to go upstairs; she had nearly no customers tonight. But, I was with some friends who just wanted a regular massage, so that's what we did.

But, at least now we know FS is still available at the saunas. Unfortunately, the Taipei mayor was re-elected for another term, so the situation isn't likely to improve anytime soon.

Dick Johnson
12-12-02, 09:23
US$140 for a sauna session. US prices.

Chen Sui Fag Bien once said he might consider a legal red light district modeled after Singapore's. Why not.

Someone on this board said Taiwanese men are the horniest in the world haha. Could be. They all flock to Angeles City, China, Vietnam etc. Blowing money overseas.

12-18-02, 10:36
Searching for cheaper but good looking girls ? You guys are at the wrong website. Go to
www.sogclub.com or www.crazys.net
That is local smart johns' forum. However, if you can't read Chinese, find someone to help you.

12-22-02, 19:21
Hey guys anyone have any good info on Kaohsiung?

12-28-02, 10:22
I finally got tired of looking for women of the night. Just started talking to girls at the mall, markets, and what the hell, even at work. Meet me a really kinky Canadian chick. Cool.

01-05-03, 13:17
Look for stickers placed on the seats of scooters that have nothing but a mobile phone number. Sometimes they'll have a happy face by the number. These are indeed SWs. I called them. Some don't speak English and will hang up on you. Others will know enough English to give you directions to where they're located. Cost 4k.

I was coming out of the Breeze center on Saturday after watching the 2 towers, and there were 2 of these such stickers placed on my scooter. I did not visit these girls, but I still have the phone numbers handy in case I get tired of club hunting.

01-10-03, 14:01
Originally posted by coronas
Look for stickers placed on the seats of scooters that have nothing but a mobile phone number. Sometimes they'll have a happy face by the number. These are indeed SWs. I called them. Some don't speak English and will hang up on you. Others will know enough English to give you directions to where they're located. Cost 4k.

I was coming out of the Breeze center on Saturday after watching the 2 towers, and there were 2 of these such stickers placed on my scooter. I did not visit these girls, but I still have the phone numbers handy in case I get tired of club hunting.
If you paid 4k and really got the pump, you are the lucky one. A lot of those ads are scam. Many johns ended up paying thousands of NT for a message or nothing. If it is so good, those girls would be so busy. No need for putting ads on other people's scooters.
When you see the ads, they are scam or overcharged. This rule works all over the world. Good places never need the ads.

01-12-03, 10:57
Hey Love Taipei ...

Jesus! Do I remember Won Won! Was with her twice, count her amongst the best I've ever had. Email me offline at steveasfo@yahoo.com

Originally posted by Love Taipei
Did any of you guys go to Fu-Yeh (Full House) on the 8th Floor of Asia World building in the 1995-1997 time, want to compare notes on the one "Won Won". 5'5" 120 34B-24-36 nicest ass going. Good English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She drove a white Honda, later painted red.

01-15-03, 02:21
Can any brother email me the Caesarworld Sauna address and phone number ?


Dick Johnson
01-15-03, 03:40
Years ago there's this place called Da Fu How or Billionaire's Club. The best in Taipei. It's been long gone, right guys? That's what the cab drivers tell me.

Use to have some good times there. Sigh.

01-17-03, 08:27
CaesarWorld Sauna is on the top floor (15th) of the Asia World Building. Tell the taxi driver to take you to Hwan1 Ya2. Then take the elevator to the top.

01-17-03, 12:52
Can anybody comment on prices and quality of services at this CaesarWorld Sauna ?

01-20-03, 06:55
If you want to know the prices at the saunas, just take a look below at my posting on Dec. 11. Regarding the quality of service... well, it's normally pretty good at both CW and JingHua Saunas. You can describe what you like to the Mommy before she sends a girl into your room, but it's always hit and miss. If you don't like what you see, send her back and try again.

01-20-03, 07:03
Can we request in CW sauna special services like the masseuse wearing uniforms ? suspenders ?.....

01-21-03, 07:56
Sorry, but the saunas don't offer fantasy fulfillment! It's just... rub your back a little... turn down the light and take off the dress... some hot tea on your little bro... a little lick on the backside... and then finish up with some pumping action. Nothing special, but if you get a good girl it can be plenty of fun and relaxing.

01-25-03, 07:14
Any good sauna place to recommend with FS service in the same range as CaesarWorld Sauna close to Ceasar Park Hotel (ex Hilton Hotel) ?


01-27-03, 00:48
I've never heard about any good saunas near the Hilton. Maybe some of the other brothers have checked out that area.

01-27-03, 07:43

Anyone actually living in TW now...maybe we can go together to any of the massage parlors thay offers FS....

Not that keen on going there alone...


01-28-03, 10:40
Can you advise me where JingHua sauna is ?
How much is this?

01-30-03, 07:16
I posted the address for JingHua Sauna in one of my earlier FRs. If memory serves me right, I think it's on NanJing East Road, Section 5. It's next to the Crown Plaza Hotel. You go down the stairs into the basement.

And the cost for FS is NT 4,200 + a small entry fee.

Have fun, and be sure to issue a FR with the girl's number for the brothers!

01-30-03, 08:55
Originally posted by Trotter717
I posted the address for JingHua Sauna in one of my earlier FRs. If memory serves me right, I think it's on NanJing East Road, Section 5. It's next to the Crown Plaza Hotel. You go down the stairs into the basement.

And the cost for FS is NT 4,200 + a small entry fee.

Have fun, and be sure to issue a FR with the girl's number for the brothers!

Hello Trotter,

just a background, am not a caucasian, am a Hwa3 Chiao2 but cannot speak much of Mandarin, is it still possible to go to JingHua Sauna ? and would anyone actually approach you and ask if you would want FS..? or is it implied... how much by the way is the entrance fee ?

anyone want to go together or can accompany me..?

cheers :)

01-31-03, 09:43
I never speak English to the girls or Mommy at the saunas, but I've listened to others do so. They usually don't speak much English, but you can get by. They want your business, so they'll normally come by as you're sitting at a table having a drink or something to eat. Just be patient and friendly, and you'll be able to communicate. The Mommy will come by and try to talk to youk, especially since you look like a local. But, if she doesn't, just wave her over. She'll be happy to try to talk to anyone who is willing to go in the back for FS! It's a very friendly place, and you'll have no problem.

The girls who give the regular massaage can speak a few words of English, and they're always happy to try to talk with you. But, even if they can't speak English, who cares? They're too cute to care!!

Have fun!

02-01-03, 06:31
Went to Jin Hua Sauna on Thursday evening. Had a GREAT time. I have been there several times over the years but this was my first solo experience. I am caucasian and had no problem. I have also gone to Hyatt Sauna but it is not as nice and not as "forigner friendly". After taking the shower and relaxing in the sauna I went to the lounge. As soon as I enter there were a couple waiters that asked me if i wanted special massage. I said yes then they told me the mamasan would come by soon. As soon as she saw me she asked if i wanted special massage and went to the room. I told her i wanted a girl that would give good massage and good service. What I got was a very attractive 30 year old woman about 5'0" talk but nice body. GREAT normal massage for about 20 min then she started to get more sensual. WOW..what a great massage and blow job. The ass licking was also top notch!! The girl told me her number was 1. I will go back on Monday to ring in the New Year. The address is Nanking East Road, section 5, Number 38. You ca not missit since outside is a big sign that says sauna. Have fun if you go. The price: 4200NT for everything. They will charge another 100NT if they shine your shoes as you are relaxing.

02-03-03, 04:10
Can you elaborate on Grand Hyatt Sauna.
Is service available there ?
What was that you did not like ? Why ?
In what terms aren't they foreigners friendly.
Your comments are appreciated as I shall stay there next week.


02-03-03, 06:30
The Hyatt Suana is not at the Grand Hyatt hotel. The Hyatt Sauna is located near Chingshao East Rd. and Fu Shing North Rd. It is located on the 3rd flood of a theather. Very few of teh staff speak any English and the inside of the suana is older then Jin Hua. The people working there are friendly but I would recomend Jin Hua especially is you have little or no ability to speak Chinese.

02-04-03, 02:17
Many thanks Thunder_brother.
Shall then try the Jin Hua.

02-04-03, 09:35
Since I'm not in Taipei now, the following names might be wrongly spelled.
The cheapest pussies (NT1200~1500 for FS) are in San Chung city, west side of Taipei, across the Tan Sui river.
There are several bridges to go to San Chung. Chose the one near Taipei Railway Station. I believe it's called "Chung Shao Bridge". The west end of that bridge is Taiwan's National Tax Bureau (you pay tax to them); the east end of the bridge is full of underground ***** houses.
When you go to the east side of the bridge, you see nothing. You have to go under the bridge, back to the east until you hit the road along the river bank. Cruising on that road (north and south), you see men and women standing by the road. They are pimps. You approach them, and they will lead you to the *****house.
At least 20 ***** houses in that area, but not all the ***** houses are near the river bank. You cruise in the alley in that area, you see pimps in the alley.
Usually, NT1200 only get ugly girls, but there are exceptions sometimes.
Pretty girls cost NT1500.
No tip for the pimps. FS, BJ and pump, costs NT1200~NT1500, depends on which girl you choose.
Although the ***** house policy is 15 min, but as long as you don't pump such a long time, they wouldn't rush you. Or pay more NT to get longer time.
Most of the places have no bathroom. You better take a bath before you go. If you smelled bad, you won't get good service.
Although some girls (but very few) offered "BBBJ" and "No Raincoat Pump", I'd rather wear my protection.
Some ***** houses are dirty, some are okay. Some girls are so unfuckable, some make you so horny. You have to search and search until you get what you want.

02-05-03, 12:46
Sorry, correction.

"The west end of that bridge is Taiwan's National Tax Bureau (you pay tax to them); the east end of the bridge is full of underground ***** houses."
Should be:
The "EAST" end of that bridge is Taiwan's National Tax Bureau (you pay tax to them); the "WEST" end of the bridge is full of underground *****houses.

02-10-03, 12:44
Hi Guys,

You can also try the massage parlors listed in yello pages. You can get FS for NT$5000.



02-11-03, 05:12
What's up! Guys!

Very happy to share my 2 cents with you in here.

Besides massage parlors, sauna and some cheap pussies, I usually use some "connections" to find various grils for FS in Taipei. If you interested in it, maybe I can help you to make the arrangement.

e-mail me for more details...


Play safe and have fun...

02-14-03, 10:38

I've been to Taipei more than 7 times but so far, i have not tried it's nightlife. Maybe it is about time... i will be there in 2 weeks...
I have one question.... about 2 years ago, i stayed at Intercontinental hotel... my buddy and I were walking behind the hotel... and there were several bars with pool table so on... we walked futhere past these bars... and there were more bars... we went into one of this bar... two ladies came sit with us and drank with us.... but we left soon without trying since we were not familiar with the area....

Could somebody tell me if this area? Can we get some action from these bars? Is this famous red-light district? What will be the price? Is this a nice place you would recommend? what will be the better altnerative? Thanks.

02-15-03, 11:38
[QUOTE]Originally posted by adam0225

No. It is not the red-light district, but they might be hookers or were just looking for dates.
In Taipei, many rip-offs. You pay US price (or more) in a place where the average income is 45% of that in the US.
If you can't speak the local language, always a rip-off. This happens all over the world.
If you see any phone number on the sticker which looks like a *****house ad. Don't waste your time to call. Most of them are scam. Local Chinese john's forum has told all the stories.

02-16-03, 13:10
I am in Taipei for 3 days. Anyone of you already used the call services advertised in "this onth in Taiwan" ?
Any good ones ? any rip off ?
Any particular number to call or to avoid ?
Any specific prices to pay ? Any services to claim ?
Your advices and tips are welcomed. To be exchanged with any tips in Tokyo.
Appreciate if provided today Suday or tomorrow morning.


02-17-03, 17:36
I have had many good experiences with the Service numbers in the local papers, most recently a bad although a little humorous one.

Called through to one of the numbers, of which i am certain all get routed to one of about 3 agencies. Ordered my gash for the evening, which 30 minutes later to my hotel came this little hottie. She looked amazed, i was foreign, not chinese. Went on for about 5 minutes about how they hadn't told her i was a whitey, then started complaining she had a small vagina and there was no way it was gonna fit. I said "I'm small, why don't we try anyway", so we get naked, she gets me hard, then starts shaking her head about how she's not gonna go through with it, i whip out some KY, lather the carpet snake good and proper, and start to insert. Well, she started sobbing, saying in Chinese that it would never shrink back to normal size again, i think she must have been about 19 and had no idea how babies came out. I pulled out, ripped off the condom and said "OK, we're done, hand back the money and you can leave". She says, BJ, HJ, anything but FS is OK. I say "I paid for FS, not BJ/HJ so give me full refund and on your way". She calls mama as she's getting dressed, hands the phone to me and mama says to me "She's been in your room for almost 40 minutes now, you can't have your money back, we can send you another one for $3000". At this point, there's someone knocking on my door, her "chaparone" has now come to my room to ensure her safe departure with complete cash in hand. She says "sorry" as she walks out with my money, i call the agency and tell them to F*&K themselves.

If you're a foreigner, you get foreigner girls, in other words those that are willing to sleep with you.
If you are chinese you get girls who are probably more attractive and prefer the fact you have a small cock and will finish faster or at least that is what the opinion is.

Sauna visit anyone?

02-17-03, 22:28
Originally posted by dsb
If you are chinese you get girls who are probably more attractive and prefer the fact you have a small cock and will finish faster or at least that is what the opinion is.

There is nothing to do if you are Chinese or not. Your story isn't too bad. Many local Chinese dude paid more and got nothing.
They even didn't see the tits or pussy.
If you hate Chinese, get a Russian prostitute.

02-20-03, 00:37
Originally posted by Hammer_G
There is nothing to do if you are Chinese or not. Your story isn't too bad. Many local Chinese dude paid more and got nothing. They even didn't see the tits or pussy.
If you hate Chinese, get a Russian prostitute.


I need ur help. I will be in Taipei soon. I am expert in southeast asian countries and Korea but novice in taipei nightlife.

Please give me some guideline on which places to go, what to expect, normal procedure, price and so on. Thanks so much in advance.

02-21-03, 11:51
Many local pussy-hunt info can be found on the following discussion board

02-21-03, 11:59
Sorry. This one :
got a lot of info inside
but you have to register (free) to get the password to read them.

02-26-03, 17:43
Originally posted by Hammer_G
There is nothing to do if you are Chinese or not. Your story isn't too bad. Many local Chinese dude paid more and got nothing.
They even didn't see the tits or pussy.
If you hate Chinese, get a Russian prostitute.

I didn't say i hated Chinese, i'm not racist, there aren't too many people who "hate Chinese" who bother to go and learn to speak, read and write "Chinese". I still stand by my statement that a lot of chinese girls don't like foreign males.

I could imagine there are a lot of ripoffs going around though in this industry.

How do you get Russians in Taipei?

02-28-03, 12:39
Taipei had been a paradise until the current president, Chen, was elected as the mayor in the mid-1990s. His wife is paralyzed in accident, and Chen is a famous politician so that he couldn't fuck around. Because he could not fuck, he wouldn't allow other people to fuck. He cleaned up the whole sex industry in Taipei.

The current mayor follows his step to be "politically correct". Although it is not so "clean" as Chen's days, the law is still very tough. When the situation is getting worse, only the bad guys survived. That's why so many rip off in this business now.

Before Chen was elected, "Thai's style bath" was everywhere in Taipei. The chick uses boobs (with lotion) to wash your body and dick, BJ, and pump. NT1000~1500 (some old hen even lower to NT400) for 45 min. Also, there were licensed *****houses. In those days there were so many competitors. They worked so hard to get repeat customers. Bad *****house wouldn't survive.

Nowadays, it's very common that a local Chinese john paid NT3,000~5,000 for nothing. Some stupid guys even paid NT10,000~30,000 to "join the sex club" eventually gain nothing.

02-28-03, 12:53
Originally posted by dsb
I still stand by my statement that a lot of chinese girls don't like foreign males.

I think they just don't want to deal with unfamiliar situations.
In fact, they are many Taiwan's girls don't like Asians. They are hanging around in bars for delivering free pussy to foreign males. I just saw a Taiwan's TV program (via satellite to overseas) discussing this issue.

02-28-03, 13:22
Originally posted by dsb

How do you get Russians in Taipei?

In the early '80s, many white strippers worked all over Taiwan. You could see ads showing almost-naked white girls everywhere. It was too flashy. Police started to clean up those stripper shows (lasted about 3~4 yrs). Then in the mid-'80s, white prostitutes surfaced in the east Taipei area . White working girls could be found in cafe, "restaurants", and hotels. In east Taipei, I often saw white prostitutes walking with Asian johns to the hotels.

Now they keep very low profile. My friend told me he went to central Taiwan to pump a Dutch girl. Taipei is a hot zone. He got contact with the pimp at www.sogclub.com discussion board.

Every now and then you can see "Russian young girl arrested" on local TV news. But I am not in Taiwan now. Can't provide any reliable information.

03-04-03, 04:33
Hi Friends of the good Taipei life,

I tried these links:

But they are in Chinese.

Question: Can someone recommend sites such as these except in English?

I'd be greatful to hear from you.



03-04-03, 12:17
These might be great sites, but they are in Chinese.

Are there any in English?



Dick Johnson
03-04-03, 21:36
WHy a repeat post expat?

03-05-03, 05:16
Hi guys, I am interested in your opinions about the cheapest way for basic "tension" relief :). Basically, where can I get a HJ with a minimum fuss and cash outlay? Taipei is not necessarily a requirement as I travel around the island a bit.

03-05-03, 11:49
Dick Johnson: I had a computer problem and was not sure if the post worked. Sorry

03-06-03, 19:23
Can someone help me out with some phone #'s of someone to call? I am American Chinese, and can speak Chinese.


Dick Johnson
03-07-03, 07:52
That's alright, expat. Youre new so it takes roughly a day for your posts to show up. You know you can always delete your post by clicking 'edit' on the lower right corner then click 'delete now'. No biggie.

03-08-03, 01:13
Hey fellas, Just got back from Caesar Park Sauna on top of AsiaWorld Mall and was pretty disappointed with the selection. I was shown 7 girls and rejected all of them and called it quits. The mamasan was quite pretty tho. The girls ranged from probably 25-early 30's. 1 was quite pretty, but a little too old for me. The others weren't great, about a 6-7. Price was 4200 total including entrance fee into the sauna. Maybe its worth checking out another day. It's 500 to get into the place without any extra services. Just remember to tell them at the front not to clean your shoes or they will automatically clean them and charge you 100 bucks, even if you have sneakers!

03-10-03, 04:58

Try some of thopse and comment for everybody.
Thanks and Enjoy


Kitty 0952-853-814
Amy : 0913-880-768
Judy : 0930-858-655
Julia : 0913-880-789
Lisa : 0936-785-930
Lisa : 0913-880-789
Kitty : 0936-785-930
Jojo : 0930-858-655
Kitty : 0913-880-756
Kitty : 0917-228-622 0952-853-814
Emily : 0917-334-788
Susana : 0920-305-399
Lidia : 0918-226-936
Eva : 0939-365-715
Catherine : 0920-305-558
Yuki : 0952-189-138
Flora : 0930-153-557
Rose : 0922-802-622
Amy : 0939-619-828
Sandy : 0920-205-455
Dabby : 0953-290-711
Penny : 0930-624-046
Brenda : 0930-505-245
Vivian : 0939-622-768
Jolin : 0916-552-207
Misty : 02-2301-2550 0930-388-117
Lona : 0920-770-366
Audrey : 0968-214-818
Maggie : 02-2301-1876 0918-402-747
Donna : 0922-603-651
Monica : 0922-068-150
Sabrina : 02-2345-9027 0922-574-342 3F, No 346, sec 1 Keelung Rd, Taipei (near Grand Hyatt)
Candice : 02-2357-0759 0916-087-539
Tiffany : 02-2776-2903 0911-227-246 3F, No 17-2, Sec 3, Hsin-yu Rd (in front of Da-An park)
Gina : 02-8780-6810 0939-767-327
Jill : 0917-465-992
Dorothy : 0917-101-766
Wendy : 02-2704-9933 0916-670-012
Jennifer : 0920-274-980
Mitzi : 02-2700-0509 0916-552-207
Ella : 0968-214-818
Diana : 0920-770-366
Caroline : 0922-603-651
Julia : 02-8258-3767 0955-361-646
Judy : 0917-034-588
Jessica : 02-2518-0378 0918-271-222
Lisa : 0922-399-090
Helen : 0958-121-411
Rebecca : 0935-451-555
Melanie : 0918-049-911
Sophia : 0930-212-700

Dick Johnson
03-10-03, 10:33
Dang! wolf, I wish I had this info a few months ago.

03-10-03, 10:42
wow wolf. where'd you get all those from? Any background info on any of those girls? Cost? Any info would help.

Dick Johnson
03-10-03, 10:45
There's this street , the name escapes me, which is full of bars and have girls who will come sit next to you. I'm sure some of you can come up with the name. It was a pretty colorful street but the action is not too easy to obtain. I got dragged by girls into a bar upstairs.

They got me a table/booth and soon a cutie about 20 yr old in short skirts came sit next to me. The downside was I was not allowed to even touch her! Pissed me off a lil. Even the other guys there don't get to touch their chicks, as I can see. They've got cameras on the walls monitoring the action.

So we just chit chat and snack on some peanuts etc. She was on the clock and I forgot how much it was but it was not really cheap, I think 2000nt for an hour plus? I got her number and when I called her she talked about going shopping etc. So I thought this might take a little time and money and I passed, since I was only in Taipei for a few days.

03-10-03, 10:48
Hey Dick. Are you talking about the street near the back of Hsimen?

Dick Johnson
03-10-03, 11:04
I think it is a bit far from Hsimen. Cabbie took me there. Mostly two storie buildings with enticing lights and some girls standing outside getting customers in. Mostly young guys go there from what I saw but it was not too busy when I was there.

03-11-03, 11:18
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
. Even the other guys there don't get to touch their chicks, as I can see. They've got cameras on the walls monitoring the action.

Damn, the good old days are gone.
Ten years ago. I and my friends went to Ta Twen hotel, a 10 stories building, actually a big *****house. You choose a high school age girl (NT1,000 per hr) totally nude sitting with you in a private dining room, all you can touch. You can go to another bedroom (with her) for FS, only add NT500 more.
Now, Taipei is a shit city.

03-11-03, 11:30
Originally posted by Hammer_G

Now, Taipei is a shit city.
Current president Chen is a MotherFker son of the B'ch. Look what he has done to us. He did a good job for letting johns got rip off !!! No competitions. No good service.
All this shit happens because of that MotherFker got a handicap, unfuckable wife.

Dick Johnson
03-11-03, 12:28
Chen sui ugly-wife bien fucked it up for us all. Taipei used to be a sex city. Hairsalons with full service is around every other street corner. Hua Xi street 600NT for full service with a hundred girls trying to pull you in. Hi end nightclubs have model types for take out. Semi nude song and dance shows in Hsi men ding and many other places with posters all over the town(remember that? LOL).

Now you can't even see pussy in the magazines, gotto go to HK to get some decent magazines for jerkin off. Taiwanese men flock overseas to get some honey. I love Taiwan, it has always been great and fun. But it is one of the worst cities in Asia for mongering. Even Japan is friggin better with pink salons, Kabukicho and RLD in Yokohama and all those kogals.

Thanks HammerG for your contributions.

BTW, I think Taiwan is still a really great, beautiful and fun country. And the Taiwanese people are really great.

03-11-03, 12:39
Dick Jonhson, Logigeek,

I just found the list in the phone directory. I was in Taipei a few days/weeks ago and was dying for a good shot. Tried to call some of these numbers but they did not want to confirm anything about the girl over the phone. Just said the massage will be good and thre girl pretty. I already heard such story so I prefered to pass. Found 2 not too bad in the bar of the Hyatt hotel (ground floor not 1st floor). But I found the price they discretly quoted me above the quality they were showing. 7,000 NT.
So I wait till I got to Hong Kong for a massage.
Any good recommendation for my next trip in 2 weeks will be most welcomed.
If any of you try these address, please post about the impressions...
Enjoy !


03-11-03, 13:49
Go to San Chung city, that I've posted before, for affordable pussies. An NT1,500 pussy is actually no difference with an NT6,000 pussy.
In fact, I'd rather not to have an NT6,000 pussy delivered to my door, then my choice is Yes or No. I'd rather go to San Chung to do the multiple choice. You meet ugly *****s, pimps got pissed off (I walked away), but eventually you got your type of girl.
I know some girls used to be working in the expensive clubs but ended up there due to personal reasons.

03-11-03, 17:04
Thanks Hammer,

Sounds interesting, but seems scarier than the back alleys around Long Shan Temple. How safe is it? Are there a lot of mongerers around the place so you feel a little safer? Any recommendations on certain places?


03-11-03, 17:09
Thanks Wolf for the info, but I think i'll pass on those possble scams also. I am on my way to HK or Tokyo soon if I can't find a decent place here. Sucks! haha.

I actually went to a place on Minsen Dong Rd (which apparently is pretty well known among locals). I asked a taxi driver (which are always very resourceful, but you have to speal Chinese) and he brought me there. A pimp brought me around an apartment complex to different rooms where they put-up these girls (all from China), and you choose. I think it was $3000 for an hour.

I also went to a similar thing in Chung Shan, but a friend knew the guy so it was only $2500. Same thing tho, a pimp brought me around to rooms. I had a pretty cute, enthusiastic girl there. I always forget to get the pimps phone #'s tho. haha.

03-11-03, 20:26
Originally posted by logigeek
Thanks Hammer,

Sounds interesting, but seems scarier than the back alleys around Long Shan Temple. How safe is it? Are there a lot of mongerers around the place so you feel a little safer? Any recommendations on certain places?

Long Shan Temple ? I have no idea where that is. The place that I am talking about is under Zhon Shau bridge, along the Dan Sui river bank. It looks run down but safe. Or you can go there in day time, but less girls for choice.
There are girls and pimps work in different time shift. Once I asked the pimp who is going to *****house at 6 am. He told me "Some johns got the early shift. They clean the pipe before go to work. Some johns come to release the pressure in balls during lunch break."

Dick Johnson
03-12-03, 00:02
Good discussions here. HammerG's San Chung info is good stuff.

If you are pressed for time and willing to pay 3000-4000NT you can get a cabbie to take you to a place where there will be FS action. Cabbie took me to a beetlenut store and I was told that there are some mainland girls and also maybe Taiwanese girls. When the cabbie arrived the pimps/beetlenut store mgr quickly came to the car window and spoke to me. The price quoted was about 3500-4000NT but since I'm a tourist, maybe you can get a better price, esp after you know the place and don't have to cut the cabbie a comission.
The action take place at another building very close by. And I was told I will have several girls to choose from. However I didn't partake because I can get that kind of price in the U.S. and I was just in other Asian countries where it cost a lot less. But if you need to bust a nut in Taipei I hope this info helps. (This might be Min Sheng Dong Lu that logogeek just mentioned.)

Dick Johnson
03-12-03, 00:12
I also found a few girls who were working in the disco ziga zaga. One girl was tall and slim and look more Thai/Khmer than Taiwanese, and in fact was a deadringer to some girl I banged. I spoke to her and she is Taiwanese. So I guess one can check out ziga zaga, but I bet the prices will be high. And there were a few over 30yr broads still strutting it.

03-16-03, 14:11
Hi, Pal

I just arrive in Taipei and stay in The Howard Plaza Hotel. Anyone can give me some instruction how to pick up some nice girl around this area or even inside hotel?



03-22-03, 20:58

Living in Northern Taiwan and looking for some buddies to party and skirt chasing with. We can explore the bars, clubs and the KTVs. Anyone up to it?

03-30-03, 11:19
Japan is great. I just got back. Check out the forum if you're curious. Pink Salons were great!

Dick Johnson
03-30-03, 15:30
I actually find Japan to be better than Taiwan for mongering.

Yes, I enjoyed the Pinkus. Yokohama's Amsterdam etc. But I still would not recommend either countries as mongering destinations. Too expensive among other things. Great people and great countries though.

Love Taipei
04-05-03, 23:04
Anyone been to Fu Yeh (8th floor Asia world) lately or Union Club (it was closed for remodel in 2001)?

04-07-03, 17:59
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum but have been reading it for a bit. I'm now in Japan but lived in Taipei for about 4 years and had a blast here. I think it makes a big difference if you can speak Mandarin or not. But overall, Taiwan is very accepting of foreigners (relative to Japan).
Anways, there used to be a FS out call service that I used but the chicks were not my type and cost about NT15K. Now, I have found another service through my friend and I have NOT been disappointed since. The MaMa san's name is Mrs. Wong and she's got a LOT of girls (too many to count) working on the side: ranging 18 year old students, runway models to actresses. NT 10K will get you something that most people would be extremely satisfied. Good bodies and beautiful face and nirvana service. All the girls I've had do: deep kiss, bbbj, ass rim and of course sex. Sometimes if they like you, - 2 pops and maybe phone number....
For NT 12K we are entering the elite area. Highest I've paid is NT 15k - cover girl for some magazine.
If you have the money you can ask for celebrities. The mama san knows me real well and would be pissed if I posted her number on the forum. But if you are interested, just let me know your email and I'll give you details. This by far the best service in Taiwan.

Now, I've been to most of the KTV's for client entertainment purposes. I think that Hsing Hsing (Chung Hsiao and Fu Hsing) has by far the best looking girls. THough that place is not worth the bang for your buck. Take out date (and not necessarily sex) is about NT 20k. Sex is another NT 10-20k depending on the girl but those are nice. Not all the girls do it there and the ones that do are less pretty. But you negotiate with the girl privately and if she likes then go for it. You can get ANY girl's phone number there and go on separate dates without the club involved and then you have quality to work on. I did this quite a lot and got a good return on investment. But of course, Chinese is important but absolutely necessary. Whether your idea of fun is to date an escort is another issue. Look for Chiang Fung Li there - shes's a "gan-bu" - aka pimp/manager but she'll take care of you. BTW, she was at Tsun Tian (spring) but that closed down.

Another good place is Shin Dian - the pimp's name is Joyce and she'll take of you. You gotta go a few times for her really know you. The girls there work in uniform but do the lap dance thing there and dance. Tell her you and your friends want a cap at whatever price. You can have sex in washroom. About NT 6k I think. You can also take out for NT 13K. After you get to know her, you just call her to get take out. - here7s the trick, out of the NT13k, the girl only gets NT 7k. So if you like her, get her number and meet with her for NT 7 only !!!!! THe quality is 10x better than Caesars or whatever sauna!!!!! Another similar establishment is Red Horse (owned by the same mafia). The pimp there is Tian Hsin or Honey. She is the wife of a big mafia guy. Don't [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) her off ..... just kidding. She is good and will set you up. Again if you want her number let me know. I can recommend a few good girls.

Happy Hunting in Taipei!

04-08-03, 08:07
Praettorian, can you please post an email address so we can get in touch with you? Saves us each posting with an email address.

Thanks, DSB

04-08-03, 09:07
Originally posted by Praettorian
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum but have been reading it for a bit. I'm now in Japan but lived in Taipei for about 4 years and had a blast here. I think it makes a big difference if you can speak Mandarin or not. But overall, Taiwan is very accepting of foreigners (relative to Japan).
Anways, there used to be a FS out call service that I used but the chicks were not my type and cost about NT15K. Now, I have found another service through my friend and I have NOT been disappointed since. The MaMa san's name is Mrs. Wong and she's got a LOT of girls (too many to count) working on the side: ranging 18 year old students, runway models to actresses. NT 10K will get you something that most people would be extremely satisfied. Good bodies and beautiful face and nirvana service. All the girls I've had do: deep kiss, bbbj, ass rim and of course sex. Sometimes if they like you, - 2 pops and maybe phone number....
For NT 12K we are entering the elite area. Highest I've paid is NT 15k - cover girl for some magazine.
If you have the money you can ask for celebrities. The mama san knows me real well and would be pissed if I posted her number on the forum. But if you are interested, just let me know your email and I'll give you details. This by far the best service in Taiwan.

Now, I've been to most of the KTV's for client entertainment purposes. I think that Hsing Hsing (Chung Hsiao and Fu Hsing) has by far the best looking girls. THough that place is not worth the bang for your buck. Take out date (and not necessarily sex) is about NT 20k. Sex is another NT 10-20k depending on the girl but those are nice. Not all the girls do it there and the ones that do are less pretty. But you negotiate with the girl privately and if she likes then go for it. You can get ANY girl's phone number there and go on separate dates without the club involved and then you have quality to work on. I did this quite a lot and got a good return on investment. But of course, Chinese is important but absolutely necessary. Whether your idea of fun is to date an escort is another issue. Look for Chiang Fung Li there - shes's a "gan-bu" - aka pimp/manager but she'll take care of you. BTW, she was at Tsun Tian (spring) but that closed down.

Another good place is Shin Dian - the pimp's name is Joyce and she'll take of you. You gotta go a few times for her really know you. The girls there work in uniform but do the lap dance thing there and dance. Tell her you and your friends want a cap at whatever price. You can have sex in washroom. About NT 6k I think. You can also take out for NT 13K. After you get to know her, you just call her to get take out. - here7s the trick, out of the NT13k, the girl only gets NT 7k. So if you like her, get her number and meet with her for NT 7 only !!!!! THe quality is 10x better than Caesars or whatever sauna!!!!! Another similar establishment is Red Horse (owned by the same mafia). The pimp there is Tian Hsin or Honey. She is the wife of a big mafia guy. Don't [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) her off ..... just kidding. She is good and will set you up. Again if you want her number let me know. I can recommend a few good girls.

Happy Hunting in Taipei!


I am reading your posting correctly about the price? At 34.77(Taiwan Dollar) to 1 US Dollar, my calculation for a NT 7K bang is about $201 USD????

Dick Johnson
04-08-03, 10:33
Like I've said before, action in Taiwan can be very expensive, where do they get these prices?

The night clubs and KTV especially. I went to this club many years ago(I was told it was the best in Taipei) and just the barfine(no sex included or implied) was NT15K and up! And that was when action was legal in Taiwan.

Jimmy Wang
04-08-03, 14:56
Dear Praettorian,

Is it possible to post your e-mail address so that we can send to you our message directly?

Thanks. JW

04-08-03, 20:11
Dear AMP Guest: Yes. You are right in that it is about USD 200 for a pop. But I guess that is pretty reasonable. As mentioned, these girls are much better than the ones at Caesars etc. And they do the girlfriend thing cuddle and you can get phone number etc. Moreover, if I am not mistaken, the prices in the US are about the same for a reasonable escort. Remember to get the girl's number and that she get's NT 7k for the bang out of the NT 13 k the client pays (read previous post for more details) . So when you make a private date, do not pay more than NT 7k. But give her a tip if you want.

I made a mistake in previous post: it is not necessary for Chinese language but an obvious advantage in terms bargaining and getting know the mamasan and girl better. Taiwan is sort of like that, the better you know the people, the better the service. I think that this is one of the unique aspects of the sex industry there.

Why is Taiwan so expensive? I don't know why but certainly the advent of Chen Sui Bian as previous mayor and his consequent crusade to clean up the city has certainly driven up the prices. I would kill him if I had the chance. I would be willing to bet that Taiwan is one of the most expensive places in the world for sex. Moreover, you have to understand that these KTV's are run by gangsters and there is this whole crew of leeches to feed. Such as all the managers in the club, the service boys, the police and the gangsters. That is why is so expensive. But people are willing to pay. Fact: Taiwan is the 4th biggest stock exchange in the world in terms of turnover. Population: only 23 million people. Verdict: A lot gambling junkies. Result: Many people win big and willing to spend big in these places. Also a business facilitator - get your client laid and he'll give you biz ;)

That's my take on it. Anyways, I forgot to put the numbers on the last post of Joyce and Tian Hsin. Joyce (perfect Eng) 09161-38888. Tian Hsian is 0922561605. Please don't mention my name - though she doesn't know who Praettorian is!

Doctor Grim
04-09-03, 00:09
i agree. i dont understand why the price is so high in taiwan and still ymmv. i was in taiwan last summer for 2 months and i stayed with my cousin in chu nan (i still have relatives there). this is a town just south of hsin chu. there are some ktv-bar establishments there and the reason why we went there was because it was cheaper comparing to tao yuen/chung-li or taipei county.

most of the girls who work there are from southern taiwan. no local girls because they're afraid to see people that they know. so there was a group of us, me, my 2 cousins (one is 35 and the other 17), and my cousin's 2 friends (one is a vip at the ktv place and the other is a high school p.e teacher).

when we walked in, the vip told the manager that we had a person from the us (me) so they better make sure that we have fun and the manager promised. the manager also asked us how many girls that we would each like to have and the vip said 2 girls for each of us. then we followed the manager to one of the bigger room in the facility.

we went in, got comfortable, and the waiter came in and bought us some fresh fruits, beer, hard liquor, and some plum or plume juice (if you mix this thing with beer, it tastes better). the vip tipped the waiter like nt.2000 (this is to tell him not to come into the room again unless we buzz him) and amazingly, before he left the room, he covered the little window on the door with a white towel.

we picked our songs (not that we were interested in singing) and got comfortable. again, this was my first time at such an establishment so i was nervous. my older cousin told me to just chill and just go with the flow. so i tried.

few minutes later, girls came in. and indeed, 2 girls for each one of us. i had one girl sitting to my right, and one girl sitting to my left. my mandarin is so so with an american accent but still was able to hold fluent conversation with the girls. while talking, our hands were able to roam around on the girl and they didnt mind.

then the vip picked this fast/dancing song and he told all the girls to take off their tops as he dimmed the light and he also told them to sit on our laps and dance (like what the girls do in the strip clubs here except that you can touch). so they did, and he tipped them afterwards.

20 minutes later, he buzzed the manager, and the tv screen showed up some messages asking the girls to leave, and after they did, about 5 min. later, new girls came in to us and again, we had fun. this time one of my girl grabbed me and said she wanted to dance. so we got up and started to dancing in front of the tv. she asked me to take off her bra as her back was facing me and when i did, she took my hands to cover her breats while we danced. wow....

after that, my cousin whispered to me that if i wanted a bbbj, i can ask the girl to go into the restroom located conveniently inside our room. he said the tip is usually nt.1000. normally when they meet with their japanese clients in the ktv setting, they'd get their bjs right on the sofa in front of everyone. but since our group was like relatives, we weren't going to do that. i'm not a big fan of bbbj because being a medical professional, i'd never take that chance. so i declined.

but that didnt stop my girls from showing me what they can do. one of the girl that i danced with knelt down in front of me and asked me to separate my legs as she started to "teach" the other girl how to give a bj. it was erotic because she was teaching the other girl how to turn her head and move her long hair around and also what kind of expressions to have.

so about 30 min after that, again, fresh girls came in and had fun again. this time my cousin knew one of the girl and he took her to the restroom. later when we got home, i asked him what he did inside and he told me he was watching her [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) and he got a bj. he also told me that this girl gave him her cell phone number so she was going to call him after work and they were going to meet for breakfast.

my younger cousin also had fun. was his first time there as well. but being a local, he was more accustomed to the local culture and all. he was drinking and play these rock-scissor-paper games with girls (what i thought he was doing) and he lost every single round so his girls were trying to strip him. hahahaa.....

all in all, i had a great time. dont know if i'll go back because 3 hours at a place like that is energy draining.......

the total price ended up to be around nt. 30,000 and i didnt have to pay for it because i was a "guest" i guess it's cheap comparing to other places.

one girl told me she was coming to disneland this summer and asked for my email address but i wasnt really interested.

since i didnt have to pay for it, i told my older cousin that if he comes to visit me, i'll take him to tj for sure.

04-09-03, 02:46
I visited Ceasars for the first time this week (thanks WSG). Nice experience overall. I'm a caucasian with very limited Mandarin and it was no problem. After the sauna/jacuzzi/shower, settled into the lounge area, and as expected the mamasan soon showed up asking if I were interested in the special massage. Ended up with a knockout with fake D's (#7). The hot tea thing is a nice touch, multiple positions, the works. My shoes looked great too (forgot to tell them not to). NT4200 out the door. Could be worse.......... (see below!)

04-11-03, 03:28
Hi Praettorian,

I am going to Taiwan next week, can you please e-mail me Mrs. Wong's telephone number. Thanks so much.


04-11-03, 17:23
Seems a lot of rip-offs right there.
Last month Taipei PD arrested 2 young Russian working girls. They told the police that the pimp charged from NT8,000 to NT35,000, depends on which john is.
How much did the Russian girls really get ? NT800 for each transaction.

Dick Johnson
04-12-03, 15:21
Yeah, Hammer, the prices are high.

For around 3500-4000NT a tourist can get short time FS in Taipei. Some are mainland girls . Mainland girls used to be more expensive because they use to be more rare. Now they are less expensive then Taiwanese girls. But that is a generalisation. It depends on the venues etc.

04-13-03, 09:24
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
Yeah, Hammer, the prices are high.

For around 3500-4000NT a tourist can get short time FS in Taipei. Some are mainland girls . Mainland girls used to be more expensive because they use to be more rare. Now they are less expensive then Taiwanese girls. But that is a generalisation. It depends on the venues etc.
Those Mainland girl only got no more than NT1,000. Do you guys have any local friend who can show you cheaper pussies ? I think you will get better deal if leaving Taipei to the nearby cities.

Dick Johnson
04-13-03, 15:17
Those girls go for 3000-4000 right? They only get 1000?

04-13-03, 21:53
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
Those girls go for 3000-4000 right? They only get 1000?
For Taiwanese girls, maybe got 50%~70%. For Mainland girls, the one who got a good pimp would have NT1,000 or less. If she has a bad pimp, She got nothing.
Police has arrested a Mainland girl who had worked for 2 month, the pimp didn't give her one cent.
Many years ago, there was a protest in South America country. A white South American girl "worked" in Taiwan for many months, got only $100 USD from her pimp when she left.
Too many people want to share the pie : smuggler, organized crime, law enforcement....

04-19-03, 06:11
Like said Praetorian, the Taipei mayor, this bastard enforce considerably the law, he is still mayor, so popular than he can be the next Taiwnese president and he is single.
The price are very hight here in Taiwan for some reasons already pointed, but also because the japanese really love Taiwan and taiwanese girl, and all the sex business is built for the current japanese guest, westerner are not considered as a good guest here, it's a little like the Japan for that.

04-23-03, 05:06

Before I start calling up the numbers you have posted, can you recommend a "good" one?
I can speak Chinese and know my way round Taipei.

Thanks for the help

04-23-03, 05:35

Could you forward me some phone numbers which you mentioned on you post on 11/19/02?
Speak Chinese well, any recommendations?



04-27-03, 16:41

I am new at putting a message here, even though I have been visiting Taipei for eleven years.
Messages say about many places, but last month I ate at the big basement restaurant next to the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel on Tun Hua South Road. I find several good looking girls show a lot of interest in a lone guy like me. After two had approached me, the third one really got my interest. I agree with this girl, Carol, for 2 hour BJ and FS for NTD6000. She is about thirty and very beautiful, her husband working abroad for 6 months! We went to her apartment off Hoping East road near the bottom of Anho Road, somewhere behind a bakery across the road.
I had really fantastic sex, the difference being that this girl acted like she was in love with me, all very sensual, and she even let me take her photo, legs wide open on the bed!

She had shaved her pussy, and was very keen for 69. She had about three real orgasms! Interestingly, she only take guys with American passport, as she believe they are clean because of the annual medical check-up. She said she usually picks up 3 to 5 guys a week, but two weeks ago she went with 5 American guys together for gangbang in Yangmingshan area! And with video! Wow!

I would put her photo up, with the message, but I havent figured how to do that yet.

So did I do well for NTD6000 for over 2 hours full sex? And she made me tea afterwards.


Apac Boy
04-29-03, 04:27
share those pics with me? I'll share some with u too and tell u if she was worth 6000NT!




04-29-03, 10:56
tony - congrats on a great experience.

I am travelling there next month and would love to check out that restaraunt!

can you send me her pic too?? ;-)



04-30-03, 01:38
Originally posted by Tony

I would put her photo up, with the message, but I havent figured how to do that yet.

So did I do well for NTD6000 for over 2 hours full sex? And she made me tea afterwards.

Hi Tony,
You can use the web site ****************** and upload your pictures there. I can share some with your guys as well.

Doctor Grim
05-04-03, 01:52
Originally posted by Tony
So did I do well for NTD6000 for over 2 hours full sex? And she made me tea afterwards.

Tony [/i]

Hey Tony, can you send the pics to me too.



My trip to Taiwan is listed "day to day" as I'm watching the latest SARS epidemics. For those of you who are there or have just left, is the situation under control?

There seemed to be quite a few young girls in Hsi Meng Ding (excuse my spelling) near the McDonald's and California gym I think last year when I was there. Anyone had any luck there?

I had a free tour of the gym and saw a bunch of hot girls working out but the fees they're charging was rediculous. However, the manager, a caucasian woman, told me Americans who have 24 hour fitness international pass will be able to use their facility.

Dick Johnson
05-04-03, 06:46
Anyone wants to trade pics

hmm... I was rather disappointed with the few girls I saw everytime I was at that gym.

Doctor Grim
05-04-03, 21:37
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
Anyone wants to trade pics

hmm... I was rather disappointed with the few girls I saw everytime I was at that gym.

The name you wanted was Mellisa or Natasha :) I cant remember with her thick accent and that's why I didnt return your email but if you want to know....

Ok, what time of the day were you there? I was there one night at around 8 pm at the gym. Saw quite a few hot girls, some caucasians, working out and thought I'd walk in and see if they'd give me a free pass like they do here in the US. But NO!! They wanted NT. 1500 for one time. I got this trainer to show me around however and he knew what I had in mind. So he asked me if the girls there are hotter comparing to the girls I see in the gym in LA. I told him the girls there are hotter and they were.

05-05-03, 00:18
Hey Tony,

I'm visiting TPE later this month, SARS willing, and would like to meet that fine woman. I'm thinking dinner with her and then find out personally if she's worth the 6 big NT. Did she say if she scouts that restuarant consistently? Or does she move around? Or better yet, got a phone number or email address for her? I can return the favor for some other cities...
hit me at: the_lucky888 (at) yahoo.com

05-05-03, 05:46
Tony with 1 posting must like to tease you guys on this forum or Carol's husband find out about him and had a triad member redeem his honor.

Doctor Grim
05-05-03, 21:42

It seems like SARS is getting out of control in Taiwan. My dad, also a MD in Taiwan advised me to postpone my trip indefinitely. I think that SOGO dept store is closed now b/c some one who works there is coughing and having a fever.

The health dept. there advised people to carry thermometer filters, if you can get them just in case they need to get your temperature at public places. They ran out and are now using microwave wraps to cover the thermometer before they stick it into your ear.

Be careful.....

05-08-03, 13:04

Thanks for the thoughts, AMPguest, and not too far from the truth.

As Doctor Grim pointed out, SARS is a problem, and my office ordered me to London to wait out Taipei's health problems. So I imagine all the cute girls in Taipei are having a downturn in business.

At least Carol's husband's honor isn't going to be challenged by me in the near future! But I hope he's not in London!

05-13-03, 06:47
yah - sars is a bit of a worry here too. don't know when next trip will be.

until then.... would love to trade pics too.



Doctor Grim
05-19-03, 04:56
An ER Resident Physican in Taipei who allegedly saw a SARS patient went to Japan and started having symptoms. The Japanese reporters were not thrilled and questioned the ethics of this doctor. The funny thing was, most of the reporters accused this doctor of mongering in Japan on public TV. :)

05-25-03, 17:56
Does anyone have any suggestions for the Taichung area? I'm new here and I don't speak much Chinese. I'd appreciate any information you can give.


Doctor Grim
05-26-03, 09:07
Originally posted by Harkonnen
Does anyone have any suggestions for the Taichung area? I'm new here and I don't speak much Chinese. I'd appreciate any information you can give.


Taichung isn't as heavily regulated as Taipei so you'll certainly have fun. I'm not an expert in Taiwanese geography so I'm not sure if TC city or TC county has more karaoke bars (if that's your thing). You can certainly get bj in the private bathroom inside each room or right there on the couch with you buddies for NT 1000.

If you drive, and after you leave your car parked for a while, you will see all of these tiny stickers with girls pic and phone number on it. You can try to call and negotiate the price. Most of them (maybe all of them are bait and switch coz they use a lot of Japanese AV star pics) so you have to tell them what you want. If you dont like what you see, tell them to change the girl. Make sure the price is all inclusive.

There are other places where you may need a local to take you. You'll find some mainlanders for NT 3000. A few from northern China has the most silky skins.

But dude, with SARS epidemics, although they say is almost under control, I wouldn't take any chances. Most likely if you catch it, you're screwed in that country (and yes, this is from a MD). Why do you think the CDC guy was sent back to the US in a private jet? Says they dont want to give Taiwan more trouble but the reality is they don't trust the medical care there. They dont have the best trained medical personels, both professionally and ethically.

This is a common saying in that area right now.....you can fuck w/o a condom but never fuck w/o a N95. This tells you you're more likely to catch SARS than HIV right now over there.....

Play safe....G.

05-26-03, 11:22

Pls send me the pic too! I'll share some of my collection with you!
hongkngman@yahoo.com (hongkngman not hongkOng).


05-27-03, 04:18
Originally posted by Zimperli

Could you forward me some phone numbers which you mentioned on you post on 11/19/02?
Speak Chinese well, any recommendations?



Sorry Zimperli for the late reply. My numbers are no longer vaild after the SARS issue as they all "took a dive".

I just landed in Tpe. and scrounging for actions for myself........

Good luck!

06-07-03, 17:39
What's the current scene in Taipei? Might be heading there in the next week. Saunas, etc closed down still due to SARS or open? Pro scene in the bars? Any updates are greatly appreciated.

06-25-03, 18:59
Riding my scooter across the ZhongXiao Bridge to San Chung City. Checked some houses along the river bank. No fuckable. I like Xiao Haung but I had pumped her too many times. Tonight I want new pussy.
Then I went to Ta T???? S. Rd. In the day time, there are many vegetable and meat stands. It's a dirty traditional market. However, there are 3 or 4 *****houses in the alley at night time.
After checking a house full of old hens, I went to 4? alley. Where I met Xiao Ya and Yung Yung.
Xiao Ya is about 5'7''. 25 but looks like around 20 yrs old. Skinny, got long legs and tight pussy. I asked her if she can do "Raincoat only covers the tip of my dick while BJ". No problem for her. But dick fully covered while pump. Charged NT1,300. She told me that the working girl decides the price by herself.
I also met (not the same day) Yung Yung. Looks like under 25. 5'6'' but she got bigger bone frame and bigger boobs (than Xiao Ya). Tight pussy also. No problem for her "Only tip covered while BJ". Charged NT1,500. She told me no drug addict in the *****house. The girl would be fired if taking drugs. "Drug addict brings trouble", said she.
My favorite girl is Xiao Yu. 5'8'' tall, pale skin color, pretty face. Great body. Nice ass. Long legs. Too bad she is no longer working.
I am still searching for Xiao Jung (Last Oct., I pumped her just 15 hours before leaving Taiwan). 5'6" tall. A asian girl got Western sized BooBs. Her pimp told me she would be back in a few days.

07-02-03, 03:58
Taipei update:

JingHuaSpa is same as before 4200NT.
SanChung is also anywhere between 1000Nt to 1500NT.
Scary oldies still hangout on ZhongXiao E Rd in front of Sogo's and further east.

07-06-03, 14:11
Went to SanChung City again. When I was waiting for Big-Tits Xiao Jung in the living room. I decided to try Sean Sean. She is about 5'5", not a big tits but got great body curve. Cost 1,500 NT
In the room, when I asked her "Only dick head covered while BJ", she said "I can do better than that". BBBJ performed. Very gentle and long-time BBBJ until I said going to come in her month. Then save pump performed.
I went to see her again the other day. It seems she really enjoys BBBJ. Unlike other girls "Just doing my job"

07-08-03, 03:50
To Hammer_G:

Your reports sound good. Could you be a little more precise where I can find Big-Tits Xiao Jung? Or how to find Sean Sean, or Xiao Haung? Do they speak a little English?

Where is "Ta T???? S. Rd"?

To Adrenal:

Where is JingHuaSpa?

I walked around Sogo's the other day, but I could not find any "scary oldies". I only saw girls with shopping bags. By the way, how do the girls approach you? Or do you have to approach them? From ZhongXiao E Rd in front of Sogo's how many more miles or yards do you have to walk further east to find some "scary oldies"? What time of day did you see these "scary oldies"?


07-08-03, 22:16
I know this is a strange question but has anyone seen any former Soviet girls working in any of the saunas, spas, barbershops, etc?

I always prefer the local cuisine when traveling but I have a thing for rooskie girls.

Thank You...


PS: Is the SARS thing lightening up there in Taipei? Does everyone still wear masks all the time or has it calmed down?

07-08-03, 22:21
One more question...

Last time I was in Taipei I was on the way to the airport in the evening and passed a few dozen "Gum Girl" booths along the road. They usually are lighted with flashing lights and have an incredibly hot girl wearing small disco clothes. In the city next to the CKS airport the booths looked less like gum and soda stands and more like quicktime bordellos.

Are these "gum girls" professionals? If so how do you approach them?

Thanks Again...


07-12-03, 09:29
Gum Girls sell Bing-Laung only. They don't sell pussy but it doesn't mean you won't get it.
The local news show "Russian girls got arrested" from time to time. However, now white girls keep very low profile. You have to go through the pimps to see them. Unlike in the '80s, you see white working girls in the cafes around east Taipei area.

I think it is Ta Tung S. Street. Taiwanese PD is always watching internet to catch prostitutes. They might check this site also. Big-Tits and Sean Sean are "under the ZhongXiao Bridge. Xiao Haung is at Zhung-I S. Rd.
I don't know they speak English or not. English is the required class in junior and high school. I think they would understand if you speak clearly and slowly.

07-12-03, 21:41
Once in a while we meet *****.

I checked the local john forum's info to locate a Tin Can house in the alley of Ta Tung S. Rd. A 5'8'' tall girl called Apple is recommended. The pimp told me she won't be here until Sept.

Anyway, I followed the pimp to the 2nd floor of that Tin Can.
Only one fuckable among 7~8 girls. I ordered that pale skin color girl who looks like Italian actress Edwige Fenech. http://www.sexyvip.it/edwige_fenech/01.html

First, she told me she won't do certain things. Bad attitude. She put the raincoat on, BJ about just 5 times, and started do HJ. I
felt bad.
When I raised her legs to go in, she said "No !!! Sore legs". Then kept saying shit. Cold treatment causes soft dick.
She sit up looking at the clock on the wall doing HJ (dick covered). She said, "You got problem......can't help you. Do you know the time is up ?" I said forget it. NT1,500 down to the drain.

I asked her name. "Xuang Xuang. Do you dare to date me again ?" It seems she was proud of what she did.
I told the pimp that you got a super ***** here. He said LOTS of people complaining about her. Some johns were so angry and wanted to beat her up.

I went to see Xiao Ya immediately (located only 100 yard away). 5'7'' tall skinny girl always wearing low-waist jean to show the tattoo on her lower back. Slow BBBJ. Tight pussy, and "love me long time". Cost NT1,300.

07-12-03, 21:42
"*****" is b_ch

07-13-03, 09:20
There is a rumour that some of the hot spring places in Peitou also provide a girl to have a relaxing soak with. Is that true? And if it is true, which places do so?

Love Taipei
07-14-03, 00:25
The girls at the hot springs are usually working at the nightclub other night, they don't work at the springs.

07-14-03, 00:58
I'll be heading back to Taipei next weekend, and hope things will pick up from what I've seen on the board.

I usually stay at the Ritz-Landis. On the same side of the street on the corner (if walking towards the West) there is a sauna that I've heard has some action. I don't remember the name, and have never visited.

Is anyone familiar with the site, and can give a report?


07-14-03, 06:36
Regarding the Peitou hot springs scene... I've been to several places in Peitou, and every time the manager has strongly denied they have any girls working there. But, after some persistence and convincing them I don't work for the police, I was able to enter and choose from some very fine girls. Keep in mind, these hot springs are not like those in Japan and other places. Rarely will you find a large, nice spa-type hot spring. Rather, when the girl asks "do you want to go to the hot spring?" she really means "do you wanna get naked?" Then, you'll proceed to a small room with a bed and receive FS. Once you're finished, you'll return to the main room that you've booked with your buddies for drinking, eating and singing. At the places that have girls available, I've never actually seen a hot spring!

The places that really have decent hot springs normally don't have girls available.

In other words, if you're going to Peitou alone, it's a rather difficult and somewhat awkward situation. You really should take someone with you instead of trying to find a girl there.

Dick Johnson
07-14-03, 07:41
Trotter, from what I understand it used to be that you'd skinny dip with the girls at the hot springs. Now of course with all the crack downs things are more discreet.


07-14-03, 11:52
Taiwan is probably the worst place for sex!

Got into a taxi and asked the driver for 'massageee' and he took me to this place and said, 'very good'!! I hoped it was!
As soon as I got in, the mamasan took me to a room which had a 'barber shop chair' and almost no light except the light from the corridor!

She said, sex is not legal in taipei so no touching.

I will send you a young girl! WTF??? I wanted to leave but then, temptation was too high to check out a young taiwanese girl.

This young girl walked in, no english speaking abilities ofcourse, and I had already changed into a pair of loose pants/shirt by then and she gave me this mediocre massage on my neck, shoulder with some oil and even though the massage was good I was getting restless because there was no action to follow.

I asked the girl if she would go to my hotel and she said 'NO' and I said 'please' and she went 'I dont know' lol -

But then, it was too early in the night so she couldnt go out to my hotel I suppose. At the end, I paid 1500 NTD. 1 usd = 33 or 34 ntd.

It was a 90 min massage.
Waste of money. Checked the local 'china morning post' and called another massage service provider and the woman said she'll provide young girls at 120 usd / hour.

Called another service provider and she said girls were available only after 1 pm.

Asked for a regular massage girl and a mid 30s woman gurned up and provided an OK massage for 3000 NTD / 2 hours.

I found an English speaking taxi driver towards the end of my journey who said he knew where to go to find young girls. I accepted his offer and went to an apartment which was more like the 141 apartments in Hong Kong. The first girl I saw was a stunning beauty. Must have been 19 or 20 maximum. She was in no mood and grumbling in chinese. Went to the 2nd one, her room was dark I couldnt see anything but simply accepted but later on found out that she was old and ugly! Just in case you want the taxi driver's # let me know! It cost 105 usd. Waste of money again!!

So, the moral of the story is, if you want action, dont go to taiwan, go somewhere else!

Happy hunting!

07-14-03, 20:05
Yeah, it's true the hot springs were a LOT more fun in years past. Now, they're really rather boring. Too bad, but it doesn't look things will be changing anytime soon. And, most of the baths have not been kept up in good conditions because business has been so poor for several years.

07-15-03, 10:07
Bar scene in TPE

Spent a few nights in TPE last week, and stumbled across some places that some of you (who like the chase of a girl in a bar) might like to try out.

1. Carnegie's bar. Wednesday night is ladies' night....free champagne all night for ladies, starting at 6pm. Real action starts at 9:30 or 10pm. When I showed up at 11pm, it was packed, line outside, crowded but not jammed inside. Girls dancing on the bar. Lots of provocatively dressed "semi-pro" and pro ladies, Chinese, Phillipinas, etc tried to introduce themselves to me. Also quite a few non-pro women, including expat teachers, etc. Location is a stone's throw from Far Eastern Plaza Hotel (on or at intersection of An Ho Lu, if I recall correctly). I didn't sample the fare or prices, but plenty of options....a real meat market, but upscale and straight enough, too. Wed night they are open till 4-5am (I left after 4am when it was dying down...had met some sweet nonpro local girls and was chatting them up).

2. Thursday night....ladies' night at Brass Monkey on Fuxing Lu. Saw some of the same faces I had seen on Wednesday at Carnegies. Not nearly as packed as Carnegies. This place has a pool table in case you don't find a lady to your liking.

3. Roxy Vibe (don't know the location) is where the girls go on Wednesdays and weekends when everything else has closed. Roxy's goes till 6 or 7am, I was told by the girls.

Happy hunting.

07-15-03, 17:02
Went to SanChong to see the Big-tits (but body skinny), but she wasn't there.
Only 2 girls in the living room. One looks like a genitor. The other is an early-20s knock-out. From the top to her toenail is very well maintained.
The knock-out and the pimp tried very hard to let me date that genitor-like girl. I won't pump her even if it's free.
The knock-out warned me that her service would be lower than the usual standard.

When she took off her cloth, I saw a perfect body. She's about 5'7''. Pale skin color. Tight and smooth lean body meat. No fat. Very nice ass and leg. Not a big-tits but very nice firm boobs. Well maintained feet.
However, lousy BJ and body-lick (she had warned me). Well, I have no complain to pump such a beautiful creature for NT1,500.
Her name is Fay Fay. She has been doing this for 2 months only, and this is her last week.
She told me that she used to work in those crazy expensive clubs. You pay thousands or tens of thousands NT just to talk to girls. If you want to date her (and she can say no), you have to pay the hours fee to the closing time. Let's say you want her leave the club at 10pm. You have to pay 4 hours' fee (if the club close at 2 am) to the club. And another 10,000 NT for her.
Girls in those club are elite. All pretty face and very nice body. Most of the girls about 5'8'' tall . No one shorter than 5'6".
By her look I can tell this is a high maintenance girl who is not suppose to be here. Here is for ordinary people, girls (or old hen) next door.

Last year I met a super model like girl "Xiao Yu" in SanChong. She also had worked in those expensive club. She worked in SanChong only for a few days. Very nice service BJ and body-lick. NT1,500. I was lucky to date her twice in such a few working days.

Once in a while you meet pretty high-maintenance girls in SanChong, but they won't stay here for long.

07-17-03, 19:28
A guy from San Francisco wanted to show me what he knows.
We drove to Keelong Harbor's "Railroad Street" (nickname, the street by the railroad). These are open whor_houses. You can see (through the windows and doors) the girls inside. They are in 30's and up. Even if some girls are in late 20s, still looks like Mom.

Then we drove back to SanChong, under the ZhongXiao bridge. He showed me where the "Palace" (No sign. Just a nickname) is. He said all the girls are recruited from clubs. He went in to see "Xiao Dei". I looked for the pimp "Fat Girl" to see Fay Fay again. Fay Fay was still nice dressed. The other two girls looked like country girl.

Her BJ improved but body-lick still sucks. The only drawback is she got a loose pussy. Don't feel too sensitive down there but I was able too come by looking at her pink nipples, perfect body curve, nice feet, and the young girl's fresh body odor. On the other hand, I remember once I pumped an old hen, I wasn't able to come while seeing her. I had to close my eyes and use my imagination.

Fay Fay was born in 1983. She is a clinic assistant in day time. I couldn't directly ask her about her pussy . She told me she never had a baby. I guess so. Such a smooth and tight abdomen. It would be perfect that Fay Fay's appearance + Xiao Ya's tight pussy.

Then we drove to one block away (east) from WanHua night market to check out the street walkers. They were all in 40's and up. Absolutely obsolete old hens.

Next time I am going to check "The Palace".

07-18-03, 01:57
Well Hammer, if you're interested in checking out the town - not the usual *****houses though, leave me your email or contact and we can arrange something.

07-20-03, 14:01
Enjoy Hammer_G' posts, very informative. KirKanos, any other recommended places in Keelung around the harbor? Many barbershops with older ladies - no time to check all of them while in port.

07-21-03, 04:06
KKanos, I'll be back in Taipei around August 11 with a buddy. We're just passing through to have dinner with some friends in Taipei and hang out for a few days. No heavy duty business meetings for a change, so we're definitely up for getting together for a night out on the town, if you'd like.

I speak Mandarin (my friend does not). We were planning to visit one or two of the lower end (meaning less clothing and much more fun!) KTVs I discovered last year, including one in Chungli. But, we'd enjoy learning about some new places and sharing the results in some new FRs for the brothers.

How do you want to hook up?

07-21-03, 18:31
Lower end KTVs? Be careful you may end up with lower end stuff! Anyway, my contacts are pretty good and I get a good intelligence on high end stuff. You need to be prepared to pay anything above 8K though. What's the damage in your low end places like?

To hook up, you can just leave me your email address. Not sure if I am in town at that time - but no harm trying.

07-22-03, 11:33
Last night I watched a TV show talking about "Fun Places" in Taiwan.
The guest of the show says that in central and south Taiwan, you see many Bing-Laung (Taiwanese gum ?) booths within short distance. In fact those are showrooms. You need to find "the restaurant" and tell them which girl (inside the booth) you like. They will call the girl for you. However, the guest didn't reveal the exact location of those Bing-Laung booths .

Doctor Grim
07-24-03, 23:58
What kind of TV shows are you talking about? Are you guys in Taiwan?

Bing Laung = bettle nuts?! No?!

I may visit Taiwan for a month on my next vacation (mid Aug). I can get RT ticket from LAX for $650 if I buy it tomorrow.

07-25-03, 23:18
Does anyone know the names of any hotels in Taipei where a girl coes with your room?

I have heard that there are a number of second class but decent hotels (not Hyatt, Hilton, Far Eastern, Howard) that will send a girl to your room if you request.

I cannot remember how far back but I seem to recall stories about hotels in Taipei where you come in from work in the evening and the desk will ask if you "want girl?".

Love Taipei
07-25-03, 23:37
Tired Driver

Try the Lai Lai Sheraton. I was last there in 1992 and when I checked in the butler (each floor has one) asked me if I needed a girl. Since then I have been at Hyatt.

07-26-03, 06:51
Will be in town from Thursday onwards and be keen to catch up with some drinking buddies and do some pack hunting. Those keen to join the hunt can email me at aurra__sing@hotmail.com


Peter Huang
07-28-03, 09:58
Hello Mr. Tony,

I see report about girl near Far East Plaza, and go and eat at basement food place a few times as my office near.

Then I see your girl, and am a amazed as she used to be secretary at my business club in Hsimenting. I know she have sex with members and guests, even go Japan and have bukkake and sex on porn video and TV. I know as club go for visit and see her appear on Sex TV one night!!!
She is very beautiful girl with foreign husband. I had forgotten, but yes her Englich name is Carol. I have sex with her many times at club and love hotel near club a few years ago. At weekly Thursday meetings at Regent, she provide all guys, about 15 to 20 each time, for blow job and gangbang after the meetings every week for years until she leave. Even after get married she do this, maybe husband never know?

Anyway, she is happy to greet me and we go to her house on Hoping East Road, close to Keelung Road. We have great sex, nothing missed, for nearly 2 hours.
I am very happy to meet her again, and have already arrange to meet her next week with my friend for a double up.

Thank you.

08-01-03, 10:42

Very funny that you know Carol as well as you do! Can you provide a description of her so I can spot her? I know the restaurant and have eaten there several times in the past year or two, but always with other people including women, so I didn't pay a lot of attention. Does Carol hang out in the bar/lounge side of the restaurant? What time of night did you find her there?

Thanks. I'm in Taipei next week and Ms Carol would be just the ticket.


08-01-03, 19:35
Somebody posted about "Carnegies" awhile ago, so I decided to check it out for myself. I appreciate any tips anyone can give in for this nightmare island of Taiwan, but I was incredibly let down by Carnegies. Let me make one thing perfectly clear-Do not go to Carnegies unless you are over 50, or are out with a group of guys from work or something. I'm no spring chicken, but I bet I was about 10 years younger than the youngest girl in there.
Lots of old and very ugly women, but tons more old and ugly men. Most of the women looked like Filipinas to me, and I didn't see one that was half decent.

500 NT cover charge to walk around and see older folks dance on top of a bar to Ricky Martin and Bon Jovi.

Also, the ratio was about 5 guys to 1 girl.

I guess it all boils down to how desperate you are here in Taiwan. Better to save money for airfare elsewhere I think.

Orient Xpress
08-01-03, 20:48
Peter and Lucky888,

Very interesting to read about the party animal Carol that you speak of. I plan to visit Taipei this month and would love to get to know her as well. Can you guys post the name of the restaurant at the basement of the Far Eastern Hotel? Hopefully we will all be cousins after my trip.

Lucky888, make sure you post your adventures in Taipei while you're there.

Thanks guys. Happy hunting!


08-02-03, 08:48
It was I who posted about Carnegies. Note that I posted about a visit on Wedneday night...ladies night...where the scene and crowd was completely different from what you describe. The guy girl ratio was prolly 4 girls to 3 guys on that Wednesday night when I was there, and most everyone (except a few white guys in the 45+ range) and especially the girls were under 35. Anyway, I'm under 30 and saw lots of girls younger than me. The bartender I talked to (a very cute girl in young 20s) told me every wednesday night was like this. Sorry to hear you were let down. Did you visit on a Wednesday night, or some other night?

08-02-03, 12:05
Hey Lucky 888,
Thanks for the tip on Carnegies, seriously. Hopefully some guys will check it out and have a good time.

Actually I went on a Friday night, so maybe it's better on Wednesdays as you suggested. The place was completely packed, and the folks there seemed to be having a good time I guess. It was just too cheesy for my tastes anyway. I mean really, watching a bunch of nerdy businessmen iin Khaki pants dance to La Vida Loca on top of a bar with used up hookers was just too much to take. I swear every girl in there was a 30 or 40 something Filipina also.
I could give it another shot on a wednesday sometime, but I truthfully didn't care too much for the way the place feels. I think it's probably a really great place for someone like my Dad, who enjoys that kind of thing. BTW, I did hook up with a pretty hot young girl today walking around in the downtown area near Linsen road. Lots of friendly and cute babes all over that area, and happy to talk to you. I still maintain that Taiwan is the worst place in Asia for girls. The pretty ones are few and far between, and they are the most money hungry of any asians I've come across. I've known lots of foreigners that have hooked up here, but so far I've never seen one with a really pretty girlfriend. Then again I'm a picky bastard. To each his own...

08-02-03, 15:26

I will be in Taipei for one night only this coming week. Is there anything that I absolutely need to check out? I've read through the posts and it all seems either, very expensive for my taste and budget, or, over the hill so to speak. Should I just keep it in my pants until I get back to Shenzhen?

Thanks in advance for any advise.....


Peter Huang
08-02-03, 16:27
Hello Lucky888,

Yes, I see Carol on lounge side, not near Bar.

Carol is about 165cm, but taller in heels. Quite skinny, but nice figure with small tits and big nipples.
Very nice ass, with perfect buttocks! She shaves so her pussy look very good. Her face is not like Taiwan girl as it is oval like movie stars. Big eyes, sexy lips, and a proper nose. (no button nose).
Speak very good English, and can swear in Mandarin and English.
About time I think after 7.30pm.

Sorry I not take camera. Next time I will bring my camera and take photo of Carol for members.

Good luck.

08-03-03, 03:34
Well Dana you've got the same feeling than me, and there are 2 years I am here.
In Asia the monnay subject is not a Taboo like in the western country and here in Taiwan the mentality is very conservative, nothing to compare with mainland China for exemple.
You have to know the girls here don't trust foreigner, unless you are staying for a long period, cuz they expect a long term relationship, but where I do not agree with you it's when you said the pretty ones are few.

08-03-03, 04:51
Check out a place that Lucky888 mentioned called "Roxy Vibe" by Shi Da University. It's near the intersection of Hoping Road and Roosevelt on the southwest side of Taipei. I went there with my friend and checked it out, and it was definitely full of girls looking to hook up for the night. Tons of ex-pat guys were hooking up all over the place. Just like Carnegies, most of the women looked to be Filipina and Thai maybe, but they were 100 percent definitely a little long in the tooth. I think they must be retired bargirls from Angeles city and Pattaya or something.

I really paid attention to their faces, and chatted with quite a few of them. I'm not saying they didn't look pretty good, but about 90% looked like they'd been in the game a little too long. Most were super friendly though, and it was a pretty good vibe. I'm not sure if the girls were wanting to get paid for their services because I didn't ask, so maybe they were just there to get laid also.

All the other guys seemed to be loving it. Even my friend who is in his early 20's thought the girls were great, so maybe don't listen to me about that unless you're a really super picky bastard also. Unless a girl is like a very strong 8.5 on a scale of 1-10, I don't even pay attention, so my opinion on that won't matter to most.

One thing about Roxy VIbe- It opens very late 1a.m.??? or so and alot of the crowd came from all the other clubs in that same area.

I didn't stick around all night because I got a call from the really cute girl I had met earlier in the day (at a busy shopping area by Xining road) to meet her at another pub called TU by the Howard Plaza Hotel. I do not recommend anyone going to that place however, unless you dress like Snoop Dogg, enjoy rap music, and want to hang out with hip-hop style Taiwanese kids in their very early 20's.

Anyway, most guys here will love that Roxy Vibe place. I think it's almost a sure thing if you want to hook up in Taipei.

Ren Black
08-05-03, 11:13
From reading the many reports here and in the archive, it seems that places outside of Taipei City are cheaper; I have too little information yet to compare quality.

So, it stands to reason that Hsintien (in Taipei County, just south of Taipei) should have something reasonable to offer. Does anyone know about the scene there? I've spent hours at http://www.sogclub.com with my dictionary in hand, but my Chinese still isn't good enough to easily get information there.

Also, Hsintien has Wulai about 30 minutes south of the final subway stop. Being a hot spring resort, I have to imagine that there is something there to enjoy; I can imagine someone asking me "Ni3 yao4 bu2 yao4 gen1 mei3mei zai4 wen2chuan3 xi1zao3?" (Do you want to bathe in the hot spring with a... is chick the best translation for mei3mei?). Does anyone have anything to report?

08-05-03, 14:39

Thanks for the advice. I will try to make it over there if I can. Unfortunately, I am bringing some unexpected, last minute, company with me to Taiwan.

If you get over to the mainland, especially Shenzhen, just let me know how I can reciprocate.