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Crazy Jim Wood
02-01-04, 12:43
The only way to know for sure is to taste it. Next time taste it and tell me what it tasted like then I'll tell you what you tasted--sperm, puss, nonoxynol, or female cum. :->

02-01-04, 12:53
CJW, I'm pretty sure that everything that comes from a pussy is salty. There's no such thing as sweet pussy juice.

The Traveler
02-01-04, 15:20

I already admitted that girls will have secretions that acts like a lubricant. If not, they are probably not horny.
I just said that they do not have CUM. When going doggy you will pump a lot of air into them so this lubricant could get foamy. Any other postion might cause the same effect but doggy seems to be an extreme. Ever experienced a pussy fart ?

Have fun

02-02-04, 10:08

Please stop making false statements. Your spending too much time and space trying to explain your lies, and get yourself out of the hole you dug yourself into . It seems you are doing this alot lately. Just lay it to rest and think before you speak.

Have a nice day

02-02-04, 12:50
Bil, lay off. I know you're bored now that your only supporter got banned. Get a life! :p

02-02-04, 15:50
sainter, hear hear !!!


02-05-04, 09:21
I am sure that she did not use contraceptive foam or anything like that because i was next to her and she did not go to the bathroom. I really doubt that she had an infection because her pussy did not smell at all and the first condom was broken and i went on for about 1 minute and my dick is all right. I have read some articles in the internet and the description exactly fits so i am still convinced that this was an female ejaculation.

02-11-04, 20:23
Wondering about Ko Samet and Ko Chang. I love Pattaya and want to stay close to there as a home base. Any women there, the islands? Recomendations? Bring your girl from Pattaya? I love pretty beaches and snorkeling, are they allright there? I don't have time to hit the west coast where I hear the snorkeling is the best.


02-21-04, 08:12
I'll be in Ko Tao first 2 weeks in March. I'm free to hook up if anyone's interested.

02-21-04, 11:50
See you in Koh Tao, dude. I hope your bungalow has enough space. Btw, where is it located? In town?

02-21-04, 13:15
Sainter, Plugger,

Check the files for comments on KT.
Do you still want to go there: :(!
You have been there o-reddy:( and want to go back:(: You are beyond repair:(!

02-21-04, 13:22
I've never been there as yet Freeler. But Plugger has a bungalow out there and he promises a good time and great diving. So why not? I need a few days off from the "love scene".

Come and join us Freeler!

02-22-04, 11:24
Freeler, KT is not the best place for mongering. But I promise if you come out here, you're guarenteed to have a good time. Fishing, snorkelling, diving, not to mention it's all free. There's no need to pay if you stay at my bungalow. Hope you consider it.

02-22-04, 11:58

"Hope you consider it."

"KT is not the best place for mongering."
Are you aiming for the understatement of the year award?

02-22-04, 12:04

Hey, there's more to life than sex.

02-22-04, 12:10
Sainter the bungalow is in Hin Wong Bay. Quiet part of the island.

02-23-04, 11:12
I am travelling to Phitsanulok for a 3 week stay in March. Can anybody help me and advise where the action is. I have read the reports posted but I do not understand the abreviations for hotel names and places to go, I would be gratefull for some help.



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Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:13
3 October 2003 – Udon Thani, Thailand

R invited me to visit in Udon Thani to sample what he consideres to be the best women in Thailand. [Report deleted by Admin].

In the afternoon we went to a place he calls Don’s – Soi 7. Things have been more covert than usual because the Bangkok police came up demanding bribes for them to stay open. So instead of having the available girls on display in the hut in front, they are called when you ask. It means you can’t see all of what’s available.

A young lady, experienced and perhaps 18, took a liking to me when she met me, and I decided to give her a try because R recommended her. She was nice but not very skilled. Her pubic her had not fully grown in – it seemed like fuzz – probably not just shaven off. R says that they grow their hair a little later than American girls, but who knows.

Just before I was ready to come, she thought I already had, and stopped. I oozed a bit but it was a misfire – quite frustrating, a bit of blue balls from the experience. On the other hand it left me fresh enough for another adventure later in the evening.

The cost here was 300B for the lady and 150B for the “nice” room – but the shower didn’t work well in this “nice” room. Better off going for the 100B room, but it’s a small cost difference.

Much later in the evening, we went to “The Box” – a newly built place that was very nice and clean. It has a number of bedrooms where the girls sleep and work. If the door is open, you can knock and visit each one. I chose one again on R’s recommendation. She turned out to be very thin – malnourished is what another friend would say – but she was very nice.

I had bought some generic “Vitamin V” from Harry’s pub in UT, and took a small amount, so I was ready to go when I arrived. I probably came barely a minute after we got started. It was satisfying, but I wish I had made it last longer. Part of it was her skill and the way her body felt to me, tight.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any references to any persons under the age of 18.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:15
4 October 2003 – Udon Thani, Thailand

We went sightseeing most of the day. In the middle we returned to UT for lunch and quickies, then headed back north for more sightseeing.

Another young lady, probably 18, from another house in the afternoon. This place was pretty grungy. I had had some Vitamin V, but aside from being hard, wasn’t really that charged up. I did not actually come. Since we went at it for awhile without the peak, I just gave up at some point. I did not like the place, there was no chemistry, and I felt rushed.

While in Nong Khai, after sightseeing we stopped at an open market. Somewhere along the lines R and I spotted two attractive young ladies, probably in their early 20s, college girls, not professionals. We followed them around a bit, and I offered to buy one of them a Coke, which she accepted. R says that with many Thai girls you can stop them by asking “where are you going?”, buy them a drink, and sometimes things can go from there.

They did not speak good English, but we had a local guide (a young man) who arranged for the two ladies, R, and me to hang out a bit at a bar on the banks of the Meh Khong River. We sat at a table right at the rail, and just on the other side was Laos. The ladies were friendly, but it was difficult to converse without much Thai. Our guide suggested getting together later in the evening at the “Public Pub” in UT, and they agreed to come down to see us to dance and party some at 9pm. R liked one, and I liked the other (Nidh) so it seemed good. They seemed to like us.

It turned out to be a rainy night, and riding 50 km south on a motorcycle probably did not seem like a good idea. When they did not show up by 10:30pm, I asked R to call the one whose mobile number he had. She said that they could not get a car ride down and weren’t coming. I was very disappointed; I liked Nidh and had hoped to work a nice connection with her.

[Nidh actually called R’s phone on Sunday morning, and I talked to her briefly, though again a common language was a problem. I got the sense that she had wanted to come as well. I hope that I can get an email and experiment in talking to her that way in Thai.]

After some beers and snacks, we left the bar. It was a bit late. R suggested touring the Soi’s in UT to see what was available. But in the first one, I found an older lady (30) who I fancied. We took a room and had a nice time – strong GFE. R has seen her since then and she asked about me. He’ll try to get me her phone #.

One thing I learned during my weekend in UT is that I definitely prefer mature women to bunnies. The experiences I've enjoyed most have been with the mature women. Overall they seem more relaxed and don't hurry me, they are more skilled, more likely to speak some English, plus they are more likely to show genuine affection and kindness. I really dug the 30-year-old I met late Friday night, especially in that I think she actually liked me.

03-09-04, 03:32
can anyone give me some infor about PIPi island. I have a contact there but only want tovisit if there is some action. I am 48 so I don't need to screw 5 times a day. I have been to Ao nang , Phuket. koh samui

any info is appreciated
thank you

03-09-04, 06:04

Compared to PhiPhi, Ao Nang is a mongering paradise.
Or: Better stay away from PhiPhi!

03-16-04, 09:57
3d/2n in betong
date: 5th march 2004 - 7th march 2004
cheongsters: haagendaz_s, samson(69hippo), pinstrips and calvin(non-forumer)

5th march 2004
can't sleep much, apparently too excited in visiting betong with the guys. only slept for 30 minutes. picked up calvin at 5am. he already started to boost his energy with a bottle of guiness stout at this godly hour. arrived at pinstrip's place at 5:30am. tried calling samson(69hippo) after pinstrips hopped into the car but to no avail. what the heck, we still go to samson(69hippo)'s place anyway. gave samson(69hippo) 20+ missed calls and still no answer from him. mood in the car is going down as cannot contact one of our bro. i gave reassurance to the rest of us that samson(69hippo) sure going as he gave me a confirmation call the night before at 11pm. waited around samson(69hippo)'s area as i forgot the exact house that he lives in. had a light breakfast at the nearby coffee shop before deciding that we should leave as it is already 6:45am. while we're rolling down the highway almost reaching sungai buloh resting point, *ring* (polyphonic), a call from samson(69hippo). everybody's face brightens up as he said he will me meeting up with us at restaurant jejantas sungai buloh along the highway. apparently samson(69hippo)'s excuse is can't wake up. lol. so we waited, anything for our little hippo. we started our journey to betong from sungai buloh between 8:30am-8:45am, right after the arrival of samson(69hippo).

we exited at the kuala kangsar toll section. samson(69hippo) did warn about the speed trap at kuala kangsar toll area. true enough, prior to the exit, a few cars were blocked off while we exited safely. all thanks to samson(69hippo)'s advise. so you guys be alert if you ever need to go through this area. we exited kuala kangsar and followed the direction of gerik. the right exit point to betong is right after gerik and right before a nice looking police station. we twist and turn the steering wheel and finally arrived at the border around 12:00pm-12:30pm. we took a taxi in to betong while i park my car at the border car park. while going through immigration, the taxi driver did inform us that betong is rather quiet today, not many customers. great we thought, more girls for us. betong is now like 5mins away after immigration. but we did stop by the duty free shop after immigration to purchase some hard liquors (bombay sapphire and chivas regal). all and all, we arrived at merlin hotel and checked in to our rooms at 1pm. which is 12noon thai time (tt). after having a quick lunch at a nearby shop (wan tan mee), we decided to have a foot massage at hotel sri betong. the foot massage started at 12:30pm tt (thai time).

while we're beering away during the foot massage, saw pinstrips fell asleep within 10mins of the foot massage. i realised i am quite tired also. last saw the clock was almost 12:50pm tt before i fell asleep. woke just in time to enjoy the final part of my foot massage session. overall the foot massage over here at hotel sri betong was pretty good, a definite 8/10 for the foot massage. after we've refreshed our mind back in our rooms, we decided to go pick up some wl. although the initial plan was to pick up the strippers at nice resort, one of the okt who camp in front of our resident hotel (merlin hotel), managed to persuade us to check out his stocks at jockey ii. due to the relationship between the owner of jockey ii and calvin, and especially due to the blood flowing downward instead of up, both me and calvin managed to select our wl while pinstrips and samson(69hippo) wants to see more elsewhere. the main reason for me to select my wl is because he look like one of my ex-colleague in my ex-company. and most importantly, this cantonese speaking wl likes to flirt with me and always give me her horny reaction whenever i tease her. a 5.5/10 or 6/10 for looks with a petite body. money (rm200 for overnight) were exchanged hands before we went wl hunting at other places for both pinstrips and samson(69hippo). in the end, both pinstrips and samson(69hippo) were unable to select their wls. so we stopped by jockey i (next to merlin hotel), for some final parade. first 2 girls that come out are not their type. saw a final kinda hot wl but they want to wait also. so we went back to the hotel. a guy from 888 were waiting for us and he brought two wls. samson(69hippo) selected one of the two. wow! that is a great looking wl. and comes with a money back guaranteed price tag. knowing everybody have a wl, our horny korean, pinstrips decide to select the last wl paraded at jockey i. so off we went back to our respective rooms, my room is connected to samson(69hippo)'s room while calvin's room is connected to pinstrips.

my wl was already waiting for me in my room when i opened my room door. wanted to cum so much but everybody was hanging out in my room and so after the cheongsters gathering in my room, before we head off to elsewhere, i decided to cheong my wl first. found out her name is ah lin. so much more easier to break the ice between me and the wl when they speak our language or dialect. i was all over her before clothes came flying off. she's the passionate kind when it comes to foreplay. she played me an orchestra of small sighing and moaning before she insist that we should take a bath first. she prepared the shower and hand held me to be careful when stepping into the bath tub. she washed me thoroughly. she wanted to use her own body shampoo on me, i insist on using my palmolive aromatherapy shower gel. give me cock face about it but knn, after she bath me, she likes my shower gel. so she used mine also. smile of pleasure is on her face. hehe. she dry me up before i hop on to the bed. i waited for her around 5minutes before she is prepared to come out nude. i still have my towel wrap around me. i gave her a growl, she growls back. i stood up, growl at her and pointed at my thicken'ed cock. she understood my meaning, kneeled down and gave a soft growl before she begin to taste my manhood. her mouth was opened, all ready for action. i told her to stop and stick her tongue out. i grab my cock and started slapping her tongue. every slap splurts out a few drops of saliva. since her mouth is opened, slapping half way through, i inserted my entire cock into her, catching her by surprised and of course wide eyed for awhile. she's accomodative enough to start adapting to the flow of the bbbj. instead of her ears, i am pushing cock deeper into her mouth by the back of her head, breaking her bbbj rhythm. for every few strokes, i pushed my cock deep inside one time. almost cim her but i manage to stop and jump on to the bed. she then lick my nipples and neck before i told her to cap me. she gave a naughty smile and obliged. she keeps licking my body and neck while stroking my cock at the same time. all of a sudden, she maintained a strong grasp on my cock and inserted it into her pussy. such swift and grace penetration. started riding me with movements of ups and downs, then front and back while running through my balls with her soft and sensual fingers. enjoyed the view for a moment then turn her into a backward lotus position. started playing with her anal but she doesn't allow. so we kept humping until i switched her to doggy. kept 4 fingers of my left hand in her mouth, she response with licking and sucking the fingers. my right hand kept pushing her butt cheeks up. i am pushing her against the wall when i start pumping her for cum. i crushed her against the wall when i was cumming. she milked me dry with her pussy muscles. we stayed in this position for awhile before we proceed to take a bath. opened both the connecting door with samson(69hippo) and my main room door. since i finished first, i waited for the others to get ready.when everybody's ready, we chatted and flirted with the girls in my room, where everybody hang out until dinner time. we had the hottest food in one of the best looking restaurant in betong.

forgot name of restaurant but it's cramp between 2 shops and tables are cover with red table cloths. the girls wanted to bring us to some light festival in betong happening after dinner. one look around can see everybody's horny faces. so decided to go back into room for some drinks before heading to the dance club opposite merlin hotel. you know, being a bunch of cheap charlies, we bought a chivas regal and a bottle of bombay sapphire from the duty free shop before entering betong in case we need to drink, can save the alcohol cost if we go dance club, hehe.

off we go, hand in hand (more like hand to wl's butt) back to merlin. as usual my room will be the common room. as we stayed at the end of the row, nobody notice us even if we stay nude in my room with the door opened. but nudity never happen ~><~. anyway, we played some rounds of big 2 and some alcohol (3/4 btl of chivas, 1/8 btl of dry gin) before i chase everybody out for another session with my wl.

i dim the lights (more like switched off lights at strategic locations in the room) after closing all the doors. have to bonk my wl in certain lighting as she is a 5.5/10 or 6/10 looks ~><~. but in certain lighting she is at least a 8/10. so off with our clothes, flying everywhere. in a flash, we're nude on the bed and frenching like there's no tomorrow. push her head down desperately to suck me. she did both my nipples, lick one and bit the other. naughty girl need some spanking. turn her 69, saw fresh pussy that need some fingering lessons. she continues to suck me while i finger her with 2 of my left fingers and spanked her with my right hand. satisfied with the redness of her butt cheeks, moved her into a missionary position with her hands still playing with my cock, giving me a fuck-me look, so to maintain my hard-on i guess. she moved up a bit to cap me. prior to the cap-ping, i wiped my cock on her face. cap is on. true action begins. must show her what malaysian men are really made of. made sure she suck my fingers when i enter her gapping love hole. *squish* enough for easy penetration. as i need a good hold on her, i pushed her butt diagonally. pump her with much vigor for a long time in the exact same position. can feel the wetness of her pussy. all these while, my fingers has never left her mouth. have been grabbing her mouth and chin (alternating between 2-3 fingers in her mouth while my thumb is under her chin) for some good grip, also tongue bath and sucking for my fingers. these are passionate moments, thought of cumming, too crazy to withold...suddenly, i stopped and am breathing heavily, heart pounding furiously, i have cummed. never forget to wipe the saliva on fingers off wl's face and neck. enjoyed being muscled by her pussy to milk more cum out of me before i pull away my cock for her to uncap me. we went for a short shower together, just so that she can clean me up.

told her to rest up while i go out. opened my connecting door to samson(69hippo), he's ready. waiting for pinstrips and calvin. went to the dance club opposite merlin after grouping all of us together. had a beer, dance a bit before feeling tired at around 1am+ thai time (tt). went back to room myself after informing the 3 of them. there is an fr after i left the place. but that is another story to tell in another fr by samson(69hippo) and pinstrips. so i ended my first day in betong as it is at that moment and am looking forward to tomorrow.

6th march 2004
woke up together with wl. went into the toilet together, she was brushing her teeth while i am supposed to shower. strip her nighties while she is brushing her teeth, a little hesistant but gave in at the end. put cap on and fuck her from behind infront of the mirror. wanted a quickie but cum seem to takes longer than usual. in the end, after all the hard fuck, her moaning with a toothbrush in her mouth, i lost the mood to continue on. uncap myself, threw the cap away and continue with my shower while she cleans herself. as i finished first, i waited for her at the bed. once she is done, i paid her 300baht as her tips before ushering her out of my room. quickly round up the guys for some breakfast. after breakfast, we decided to go for a massage before we head for nice resort :d~. conveniently we opted for the massage parlor at the 2nd floor of our resident merlin hotel. when we walked into the massage parlor, we are like being chew keng by the massage ladies. since we want clean massage, the 4 of us share a 4 persons massage room. calvin spotted a cutie on the way in and was hoping for her services. the massage ladies came in one by one after we've changed into our massage attire (long silky pants, which can easily be strip off). the first dino came in and went for calvin, can see his unwilling face but what the heck, it's a massage. the cutie masseur that calvin spotted came in 2nd and went straight for pinstrips. this proves that pinstrips is the good looking one in the group. as for me and samson(69hippo), we have to settle for aunties. alot of noises were going around during the massage, our massage ladies playing with our cocks like toys. sort of like a simulation of an orgy going on, very kinky. well, it's always kinky whenever samson(69hippo) and pinstrips are around. overall the massage experience in a group is very fun. very fun indeed. after payment and tips to the masseurs, we left for our room to clean ourselves up, you know, toilet, bath, grooming, etc.

once everybody is ready and have changed into their "leng chai" attire, we head off to nice resort. we walked into the nice resort and it's so bloody quiet. apparently nice resort opens at 2pm tt. we arrived almost 1pm tt. we decided to head back to jockey ii area for some eye candy.

calvin picked up a wl almost instantly while the rest of us waited for nice resort experience. after all the chew keng to waste time, we head back to nice resort at 2:30pm tt. strippers, blinking lights and heavy music, now this is more like it. we sat at a table nearest to the stage. we were chosen by wls almost instantly but apparently only pinstrips's wl is gorgeous (aaliyah type) while samson(69hippo) and mine, well, we don't like ours. but we touch them anyway while keeping an eye out for other options. samson(69hippo) and pinstrips brought the strip club some new approach to strippers as the both of them used to frequent the same strip joint in canada. we had fun, canadian strip club style. can see from the crowd _expression that they were impressed. the details about it will have to be from either samson(69hippo) or pinstrips. apparently samson(69hippo) were able to choose a wl from nice resort, which look very sweet and cute. pinstrips didn't go for his wl from nice resort. calvin already has his. i don't see any that i feel like fucking. ended the fun at nice resort at 4pm tt. went back to merlin with the group but pinstrips and me has other plans as we don't have anybody with us. samson(69hippo) and calvin went up to their respective rooms for some hero-ism. hehe.

we went around town to look for wls but non to my liking and when i see one, pinstrips already set his sights on her. i guess i won't be cheonging today. pinstrips chose his one and we went back to merlin. everybody had their dinner at this shangri-la restaurant located next to merlin hotel. i had an early night in as i need to drive home tomorrow, the rest will be useful.

7th march 2004
woke up rather early as we intend to arrive kl when the sky is still bright. we checked out of merlin after we had our breakfast at this bak kut teh shop, where me and calvin always eat before we depart from betong and to good old kuala lumpur. we arrived kuala lumpur around 4pm, and dropped calvin off first as he is not feeling well. me, samson(69hippo) and pinstrips went for a banana leaf rice. after the food, samson(69hippo) wanted some alcohol/beer to end our trip. so off we went to our usual ktv for some beer and girls. apparently that ktv doesn't have happy hour on a sunday. we were disappointed as we waited for the place to open until 6pm. and with must frustration and still horny after our betong trip, we head off to skyriver.

pinstrips took on no.21, samson(69hippo) took on no.96 while i opted the services of no.57, in skyriver, kuala lumpur.

ended the day after dropping both samson(69hippo) and pinstrips, i arrived home at 11pm. what a trip, what an experience, what a weekend, totally out of this world.

03-16-04, 12:08
Yo ice cream brother,

You really have a lot of time on your hands. Good report anyway. Btw, how long is the drive from KL to Betong?

Joe Zop
03-16-04, 16:01
Very nice report, Haagendazs -- excellent detail.

03-17-04, 00:05
Dear *******, the drive was approximately 4 hours including stopover for some quick refreshments. Well, I drive up to Betong from KL once every 3-4months. So it's not exactly that I have alot of time on my hands. It is usually planned way before the next trip. I go during the weekends anyway.

Dear Joe Zop, thanks for the compliment. I am pretty sure there are better reports out there. I can only try so much :D~.

03-18-04, 00:45
Thanks brother. Also I was wondering what sort of permits you require to drive in Thailand? How much extra money do you need to pay?

Thanks man. Come down to Singapore when you're free, I'll be happy to give you a personal tour.

03-18-04, 20:28
******* - IF you are used to driving on the left side of the road (I'm most definetely NOT) ...

anyway - just a "normal" driver's license works for rentals in Thailand so "normal" driving should be the same.

03-19-04, 00:50

Your drivers license from the states or Europe is in fact not legal to drive within Thailand. The rental car and motor bike places don't really care and will rent to you. But in fact you are illegal when you drive, 99% of the time it will not be a problem but it is the 1% that will kill you. If you want to be legal get an International Drivers License or have a Thai License.

In the States AAA will issue a International Drivers License for a small fee. Another problem is the fact that written into every insurance policy that I have seen is the statement you must be a legal licensed driver, so if the car or bike is stolen or totaled you could be in for a very large bill.

Now I know guys who have driven in Thailand for 20 years without a license and some guys will post they do it all the time but watch out for that 1%. It is a risk I would not take.


03-19-04, 00:56

I park my car at the border's parking lot (turn left before immigration, and it's a covered car park) all the time. It's totally safe as there are security (locals) to take care of the car park. Take a Malaysian cab (RM10) pass Malaysian immigration and then take a Thai cab (RM10 or 100Baht) or Tut tut (30Baht per head) from Thailand immigration into Betong. Personally, I have never driven into Betong/Thailand. Don't want the hassle of losing my car outside of Malaysia.

Singapore? Thanks for the offer. I visit Singapore yearly as mom's side of the family are Singaporeans. But I never cheong in Singapore, too expensive for my blood. Am cheap charlie ~><~.

03-19-04, 02:02
*******, was in Pattaya a couple of moths ago, and rented a motorcycle. I have an international driver's license. The Thai cops stopped me as i went down a one way street the wrong way, soi 6 or 7, i believe. They pulled me over right in front of the cop shop, and wrote me a 250 baht ticket. At the same time, they pulled over a guy riding a small scooter without a helmet. He DIDN'T have an international license.

he was still arguing with them after I had gone into the cop shop, waited 10 minutes for my turn to pay, got on my bike and took off.

SR's advice is good, and always wear a helmet in town, they are sticklers for farangs riding without one.

Jaimito Cartero
03-19-04, 19:10
You mean driving down the street the wrong way is a crime? I've never seen a Thai pulled over for that, but I'm sure you knew that. At least at 250 baht it wasn't serious damage.

03-20-04, 10:20
Thanks for all your help everyone. I was planning on driving from Singapore to LOS but, it seems too troublesome. In any case, it's probably more expensive to drive, with all the damn tolls and petrol. I might as well catch the air asia flights.

I just returned from Bangkok last week and miss it already. Really should have made more out of my trip. :(

Mark Smith #2
03-24-04, 13:52
In Udon Thani a few weeks ago and wandered the streets from hotel near river. Did not appear to be much going on. Finally went to restaurant with a band playing as as I went in caught the eye of a young 20's girl selling juice next door. After they brought me menus I motione dto her to join me. After much giggling she did, and I got her a juice. She was sweet and spoke some English. I told her there seemed to be nothing going on in this small town, and she told me she would show me. She took me KTV (very inexpensiver) and I listened to her sing a few soungs as we drank a couple of beers. The I told her I wanted to show her what a nice room I had. She laughed and agreed, and when we got there she was fantastic, and open to anything. She kept telling me how long it had been (explained that she has a daughter and doesn't go out much). She stayed all night and we had more fun in the morning. Took her for breakfast at her fav place, then on the road to Laos.

Mark Smith #2
03-26-04, 12:17
You'll see at least one on every flight from BKK to the Northeast. Better not to proposition on way there (they are about to visit their mom), but on way back they should be open to nice offers.

03-30-04, 06:04
Hi group,

Just a quick mention of Roi ET a medium size town in Isan. This being the town that my wife is from means that I have to make the trip hear at least twice a year. The hotel Mai Tai offers a rather poor soapy type service . The last time I used the service (late afternoon) there were about six ladies working, the one I selecter was mid to late twenties gave good bbbj (deep) and average sex with. The fee was 1200 baht. Its on the first floor of the hotel. I have been told that there is a better selection in the evenings. The hotel also has a disco though I have not been. Anyone have any more info on this area.

03-30-04, 18:03

There are two hotels (my journal says: Banchong and SaiThip) in the B250-300 range on the same street as the post/telephone-office - the night market is just around the corner - that sometimes have a supply of sw's.
I had an awesum Thai massage there once, but the lady left when it was fucktime (2hrs B200).
On another occasion, the Thai massage was skipped altogether, leaving me no other option than to fuck the lady.
Life sucks!

04-02-04, 16:42

about a year ago you posted some info on the 'Queens Hotel' in Krabi.


I googled for it, and came up with the "Pavillion Queen's Bay Hotel." Is this the right place you were referring to?

04-02-04, 17:07

The part of the post referring to Queens Hotel is about Songklha.
I'll try to dig up a good Krabi hotel, check your pm in a while...

04-03-04, 13:05

Thanks for the information on Roi Et. I will try out Banchong and Sai Thip on my next trip to Roi Et in August. I will report on my findings.

04-16-04, 13:17
Rev Skinless,

From the deep jungles your heart of darkness tour roams. Amen. Spreading the gospel and punishing the bad and the ugly... As always, great reporting. A true visionary. I can't wait to see the pics of your conquests. It will be scary for sure.


04-16-04, 17:23

"All wrinkles, too much sun or too many bad grandchildren, who is to know....?"

LOL. keep the reports coming and be sure to post some pics as we will be able to see the depth and commitment of your tour/research. Great reports.


04-16-04, 17:53
Originally posted by the Reverend JTS
great body but man, her face sucks big time

I like it when a girl gets that whole sunken cheek effect going because her face is sucking big time :)

04-17-04, 06:28
Aaaah Skinless, always interesting to read your post. Keep it coming! You should draw a map, or have write a book about your experience. I am sure you can sell it ("Ugly, as can be," A Guide to Having Sex With Ugly Woman in Thailand), LOL!

How often do you travel to Thailand? It seems that you are there 3X a year?

I like to be in SE Asia, when the weather is cooler, around the end of the year.

Thanks, your posting are always entertaining, maybe b/c you are so blunt about it.

Jaimito Cartero
04-17-04, 18:01
Just reading your adventures makes me both be jealous of your adventure, and glad that I don't have to contend with rats in the bathroom, or with leper like legs.

Take a picture of the rats next time. I've only seen them in the streets in Thailand so far. Does it cost extra to have a room that's rat free, or is it considered an upgrade to have them?

04-19-04, 13:53

Great stuff. Very funny accounts of falling in love and with country girls. You have a huge heart. Sweet accounts of honest s.l.u.t.s... Lovely.

Keep them cumming... You know how to have a good time.


04-19-04, 16:11
Skinless san,

Please check your mail.

How cum Buriram and SiSaket are great places while Surin, on the same railwayline, is such a shitheap?
No need to answer, just move on to SiSaket and enjoy!


04-20-04, 07:35
Si Saket- Nakohon Bus Clarification Buy breakfast (no coupon in Si Saket (20 bt). Get Udon bus from Ubon and get off at That Phanom, a dirt track about 50 km from Nakhon.
Internet in Nakhon Clarification : There now seems to be an Internet cafe opposite Firt Hotel. I did not check it out. Lots of pretty chambermaids in Furst Hotel. Skinless has had no luck in extablishing relationships.

I did NOT have sex with that woman Tom Lewinsky. (Why don't they pick good names like Rachel, Sarah, Miriam etc?) The trip to her shit hole home was one of the highlights of my troip and I really enjoyed meeting all the family and interacting with them. The young kids were scared of the foreigner at first and Tom told me you cannot date until you are 16. There is nothing to do there (we ate ants from the swamp: no money so kids hunts anything edible). Then they get pregnant at 16, go to Pattaya etc. They are very moral women, even though they fuk like bunny rabbits. Tom is a nice girl (Dennis you moron, you got that?). She is just an uneducated peasant who left school at 15 (her mom left at 10 so progress of a sort).

Surin Bonking areas of Isaan: Primarily in the poorer end of town, often near the train station. That, and Surin, has more cash so less need for overt bonking.

Buriram/Si Saket: My Si Saket fiance is from Buriram. And Tom would not fuck anyone in Buriram, and wanted everyone to know we met in Intenrnet cafe. A 12 year old guy, built like a champion boxer, drove us back on the (borrowed) motor bike (she was afraid to drive at night on her own and Dennis you fuckwit, she is praying to Buddha every night for you, you sap). I paid him 40 bt for gas and a 60 bt tip. (money no object with John Skinless). Buriram etc are the brothel towns for the entire area. Most folk there are mobile so going between towns is not a problem.

Frankly, I preferred Buriram as it was easier to enter the sleaze industry there. The imortant thing about Si Saket is the two locals who came in shor timing at 11.30 am. Where, oh where, did they pick up their pussies from? Fact is, we are on the outside and towns outside of the Patong/Pattaya belt are not much good without definite leads. I would say Ubon has bonking around the railway station but it is not worth stopping over for that.

Nakhon: I rested up last night in First Hotel. No action, only a load of Thai guys drinking heap whisky and shooting the breeze. I might try to link up with the Brit ex pat today. But I don't trust him and I think he bullshits. Either that, or he is really paying 1,000-2,000 bt a shag here.

Skinless tip of the day Always pack a padlock for the hotel door. [/b]

Skinless in Paradise. Buriram/Si Saket/Ubon/Nakhon

Buriram is a blast. Lonely Planet wonders why it has so many brothels. Skinless doesn't. There are just too many adventures there. I fucked India again. I told her I love her and her alone. I want to marry her. But she thinks I am a butterfly just because I fucked the entire hotel staff. I paid her long time but got her to leave at 4.40 so I could sleep. Great tits and a safe sex lady.

Best thing about Buriram is the interent cafe where Skinless whiled away many happy hours removing spyware, virus, drinking Coke and helping Pattaya ladies write letters to you sad fuckers. At least two of the ladies were gems. One was a beaut and Skinless would happily join you lot (Gunther, Masaya etc) sending on the $$. But then I met Tom, a (female) veteran of Pattaya. Dennis you dumb fuck if you are reading this, she did not fuck around on you. She is earning less than 10 baht an hour making wigs in the shit hole she lives in with her family, which is 15 kms from Buriram. Skinless went there and met momma and papa and the cute little daughter which is more than you did, you dickhead. Skinless did not have sex there (or with Tom who refused my test advances). But she is a nice girl, she loves you, she still has your tattoo on her back (her mom does not know that or that she has her belly pierced) and she is heart broken. Over 20 girls from her very immediate area are married to farangs and the road between there and Pattaya is well trodden. Dennis, you prick, make an honest woman of her. And send her some money, you cheap fucking asshole. WTF do you expect her to live on? Handouts from John Rockerfeller Skinless? Wake up and smell the pussy.

Si Saket: Stayed in the usual prison like fortress beside the train station. Took things easy until I met the love of my life in the hotel lobby with a mini army of other hookers. She told me "I speak Engrish" which brought a wicked grin to my face. I brought her to my room. She said "Tomorrow we go Buriram. Bus air con. You meet father, mother daughter". Skinless said OK. (This conversation was repeated at intervals over the following 10 hours) She said we go drink beer. Skinless said ok. I buy her a beer and me water in the shit heap the hookers use as a bar. The barman (this is outside in a wooden veranda to a shack) helps himself to some of the beer and pockets five baht (5 bt) change. I buy her cigarettes (5). She hugs me and kisses me and keeps up a running conversation with the staff. Occasionally she says to me " I no like Thai man. Thai man no good (not like Skinless who is very good). I work Phuket. Farang in Phuket good". News to Skinless.
I then tell her to fuck off. This is the signal for us to go shopping. Skinless easily adapts to his new role as an ATM. I splash out. Money is no object. For John T Skinless is no cheap Charlie (or should that be Dennis?. I buy her two blouses (total cost 60 baht, with 45 for beer makes 105, and 10 baht for cigs brings the damage to 115 bt). Happy with her new acquisitions, we head back to the hotel across the railway track. Here she passes her key to her pimp (she hads previously passed her money to the same "stranger"). Skinless, who is a loving, trusting big hearted kind of guy is suspicious. But pimp man is only friend. Ok. I beleive her. So, on the hotel stairs we meet him again. But we are still bound for Buriram as we are in love again. We go to the room, I put her through more Lonely Planet routine (she is 20, baby face, one baby and looks very funny as she smokes and drinks like a hardened hooker which is probably what she is). I take off her bottoms, her top stays on to cover bad scars. We agree on 300 bt (or rather she does as she imagines she is in control of JTS). After the deed is done, JTS pays up and she suggests we go drink beer. I tell her to go. I meet her later where the hookers hang out on the railway station but I ignore her and go back to nurse my broken heart. I go to bed at 9.30 am. At some time in the night, a fat hooker bangs at my door offering me pam pam while grabbing my balls. Skinless declines (he is not like that).
Today ( a Freeler special but without the duck food). Skinless takes the 9.25 train to Ubon (one hour, 13 bt). He then gets a jeepney bus to the bus station (5 bt: important as this is a very long ride to the other side of town and would be over 100 bt by motorbike). He then takes a 137 bt bus ride on the Udan Thani run and gets off 50 km short of Nakhon. where he gets a government bus for 21 bt to Nakhon and a motorbike taxi to First Hotel (20 bt) and checks in for 160 bt. The bus and train timing is important. A few adventures on the bus but none woirth recounting here at length.

Rats clarification: The PSB hotel is for fucking, not for shitting. Just time your shits man if the rats disturb you. Also, when Skinless checked in at Si Saket hotel at 11.30, two guys were checking in with two nice looking hookers. Thius is not Club Med. There is serious fucking being done here. I just got done talking with an expat here and his dick is falling off with all the bonking he is doing.

Thai Women: There are jewels there, girls with big hearts. But they are not for Muhammad Skinless. And because the mountain would not come to him, Muhammad Skinless went to the mountain. Tom's mountain. They are so shit poor you would not believe it. If you do want to marry one and if you are too fucking stupid to control the finances, well you deserve what you get. Tom, who seemed honest (and, by the emails I read) a bit too fond of Mekong whisky in the past, had guys sending her 30,000 bt a month. As we drove to her place she showed me the the fields your money bought. Thanks guys. And I also saw the buffalo who is, you will be pleased top hear, in very good health. Just like

John T Skinless

Buriram latest. I left the cafe last night, immediately met India and bonked her all the way back to Madras. 300 bt damage but she earned it. She is a perfect looker, nice large firm breasts, lots of black hair, sexy, sulty a big ass:(. She is a good girl and does not give a gfe. But she had to earn her baht with Skinless who was hard as a rocket from V. The best thing about V is it is a great practical joke on the ladies as they have to work hard. I like to hang my hat on my dick and walk around. They get a thrill out of that. India had to take three showers during our session as the workload was that much. She then fixed me up with her fat sister for a massage but she was not my type. Gents, if you are the marrying type, grab India now before someone else does. After the bonk, I sat around shoting the breeze with her, a street seller and a few hookers when my original gf reappeared. I took her back and drilled her for 90 minutes with a massage and lots of showers thrown in.

These women are the envy of the Pattaya trash as they get to stay at home with their babies and, added bonus, they get fucked by John Skinless.

Hi Dudes

I was just sititing in front of Buriram's main brothel, innocently shooting the breeze with this Indian beauty when who should chance by but the lady I banged on all my previous visits. She was wearing standard Pattaya hooker uniform of cheap, slinky top and tight jeans. She has a great body but man, her face sucks big time. All wrinkles, too much sun or too many bad grandchildren, who is to know? India was massaging my balls as we watched the kiddies play in the gutter. My GF says hi. I say hi, how about a double act? I already had India in my room but we fell out over price. She insists on 300 bt and I would not go over 250. India says a double is on for 500. I agree. Then they want 500 each; then 300. General Stonewall Skinless stands firm. The deal collapses. Instead, my gf and I repair to my room (the earlier babe is down the corridor fucking the brains out of her soldier bf). I take some Lonely Planet shots and then we get down to business. Or rather I do. She makes me lick her pussy. I go through the motions, come (with a condom) and send her on her way with 250 bt.

Bad news: it looks like my room will be very crowded tonight. I have at least three guests lined up. I don't want anyone staying the night as I have cameras and $$. Now the babe on the machine before me forgot to log out. Skinless will post anything worth posting on the Thai Women board (nothing doing: it is the Swiss guy's gf anbd she is a dumb ass, not pretty either, and has a baby: I hope it works out ok. Buriram rocks: check out LOnely Planet where to stay in Buriram if you doubt me. This is Brothel City.. It is a total sleaze hole, not so much total debauchery as plenty of it to go around (the lady boy on duty is ugly as fuck).

Ok, guys, I took half a v and I want to do some more hands on research here. I love these places that are not spoiled by tourists telling that about WSG photos. Buriram: a hole for every taste.

[b] Buriram update. After I left this cafe, I turned the corner to my hotel and met Fun, aged 23, delighted that Skinless loved her. Back to the room - after I bought her a beer (mistake) - she wants to be my gf. I snapped her, kissed her tiny tits, fondled her ample ass, came inside her and sent her on her way, all within 10 minutes of posting the last report. She seems annoyed that Skinless is not yet ready to be her bf. Maybe someone out there can help out. There is now another guy in here with his hired ho. Oh well, l'amour. The market seem to be still closed. I will do some V tonight and poke Buriram's best. Check out Lonely Plantet guide for what it says re accommodation here. After this I may push on to Si Saket and Ubon. I am waiting to hear about Ljohnson's breakfasts before I move on Pattaya.
Word to the wise: Try to make things as clear as possible with these hired helpers b4 making the move. I met Fun in the ladies' toilet of the adjacent train station after I emerged from the hotel.
It is hot as hell today but Skinless plans to fuck a lot of them tonight. I hope Fun does not harass me; this happened my last trip here. Gotta be fresh for this work.

Phitsanalok Follows : Skinless stayed at the PSB. He also fucked in London Hotel and the hotel behind PSB. This was not always a pleasant experience. However, as you will soon find out, he met some sweet babes, real GWM (great wife material). First, some Lonely Planet advise:
1. Pack insect repellant: Lots of bugs in PSB.
2. Watch out for the rats on the first floor toilets: arrogant shits. Use the 2nd floor toilet: less rats there.
3. Thanochea Junction is the nearest train stop to Sakol Hotel: 10 minute walk.
4. Bus and rail stations are 15 minutes walk apart in Buriram.
5. Bonk rates have gone up, no mistake. Someone has killed the goose... Now the receptionist in Buriram (whose truly awful photo I will post) wants 300 bt minimum. She is owrth at most 50 bt. I fucked her last time. Her MO is to bring you to your room, kissy kissy and pam pam. Not this time, she must be riven with all known STIs.
6. Phrae Skinless stayed at the Basarakham Hotel. Nice, clean and cheap. He was warmly greeted on all sides by lady boys, of which Phrae seems to have a surfeit. He got a crap massage, and a very drunk bicycle taxi man offered him a lady for 1000 bt. He declined. Skinless did not viist the brothels with the 85% HIV rates. He also skipped Nan becasue of the weather. Too hot for long trips.
7. Ladyboys: There is now at least one operating out of PSB and some in Korat Park too. I got some good tips from the PSB one who is now part of the furniture there.
8. So here is the PSB count, Names changed as they are not worth remembering:
1. Dressed in trad gear, 40s, has a lovely baby, one you would love to adopt. The sweestest little baby with lovely black hair (much more than JTS). The baby is lovely, the motehr is a lousy fuck. Skinless tip: don't fuck mothers when they are looking after babies. You will be disappointed. Skinless has photos of all these horrors.
2. London Hotel: Skinless paid an early morning visit, dragged on of the drunken sluts into the ground floor room reserved for that purpose. Skinless, high on V, gave her a good pumping and helped her remember what it was like to be a woman. Skionles deposited his condom in the bin along with all the otehr condoms, paid 300 bt (I think) and left all the ladies as an old farang entered the hotel. (which lurker is that?)
3. Hotel behind PSB: Skinless fucked this one a few times, all three holes, in both the PSB and in her room at the other hotel which makes PSB sound respectable. I have photos of her masturbating for the camera for all you lurkers out there. She is 43 and has her boobs made up. Could be mistaken for a post op ts. But there sre lots like her around. Skinless, being a cultural type, took in the festival by the river bank where he eyed up the ladies dancing, many of whom looked like lady boys. Skinless also figures many monks are lady boys.
4. Bridget the midget: Or pygmy to be more like it. This one is tiny, pygmy rather than dwarf model, aged 23 (ID checked)the most incredible scars tou have ever seen. Her inner thighs would remind you of the legs of a dying leper: wasted and rotten. She is a great little fuck hower and aims to please.
5. Skinless passed up at least two good looking lays: one freelancer outside PSB and one in London Hotel when he emerged.
6. There are probably some more. Skinless has had males and females from 7 to 70+ offer him his services. More of that another day.
Philok Verdict This is an essential stop over for some serious bonking. Drop a V and do 2 days here.
Phrae/Nan Verdict Too far to go in the heat.

Ladyboys: The lady boys on duty here in Buriram must be the world's ugliest. Imagine a sad, cheap clown with lots of white powder on his face and a big red nose. That is what they look like. Only worse. Still the soldiers who surround them do not mind so why should John T Skinless? The soldiers ramble around the brothel and when Skinless walks the corridors at night, all he can hear is the tit willow of the nightingale and the sqeaking of a hundred beds.

Did I mention I was in love? With Buriam. This is a great place and a great hotel (be sure to pack insect repellent). Women wander around the building and every time you meet one, you signal you want a pam pam. Who could fail to love a situation like that? My main gf (great body, shame about the face, 32 years old) says she will drop by at 8 pm but I want to bonk at least three others before that. I am into hotel staff (if we can call this shit heap a hotel).

Dudes: Put Buriram on your tour. And bring a lock and key for the door. This is essential when staying in 150 a night brothels.

Talking about big racks (for extra big ones just RTFF/go to Grace Hotel or look at some photos): I came out of the hotel in Buriram and met an angel. She and her friend were at the corner which I turned, smiles between me and her fat friend. I walked on, turned round, and she was still smiling. Skinless walked back to conduct research. We got talking. Turns out the babe is married to an Irish guy in Dublin; she had a gold claddagh ring on so that was true. This one was to die for: small, long brown hair, petite, slim waist and great hooters. An obvious go go dancer who met a fool, who she later tells me she loves deeply. I quiz them: their English is excellent (where did they learn that?). She met hubby in Bangkok (Nana?) three years ago and they got married in January of this year. She has been back home in Thailand for two months already. Lets see: Janaury (=1), April =4) and 4-2=??? So the happy couple have had one month of maried bliss so far:)

So she married the guy and came back here to bake in the sun. He wants to move here: he likes Thai food and if he is anyway human he must love waking up to her perfect figure and her coquettish ways. So Captain John Skinles O'Shaunnessy asked her about the Old Sod and they knew they were dealing with a monger. (She wouldnt let me take her photo: obviously Nana knows all about the photo section here). No one else refused me that simple pleasure:(

I remember getting a mini bus from Pataya to the airport and talking to an English guy who had lost serious $$$ to his sweetheart, to whom he was stupid enough to pay a surprise visit. She was in Pattaya and he went there, looking for her, trying to believe the unbelievable. Next time,. it will be an Irish guy. She is drop dead gorgous, better than anything posted here (I do prefer flesh to photos so I am not a big consumer of the photo section).

Maybe it will be a Swiss guy. The babe at the next terminal is doing her email with her. There is an attachment re migrating to Helvetcia. She is pretending to John Skinless who has selflessly offered his computing services that she cannot speak Engish. Skinless has just solved her problems: she is an amateur. Skinles later quicly read through her emails. She is a sad case and got turned down for her Swiss visa last time. She is onbviously not in the hooker network. I hope that Irish bride reappears and needs some chum change:)

As my Lonely Planet photos will show, Buriram is a great town. It has some great attractions, most of whom are 300 bt hookers. The internet shop is also good and there is some good food available.

04-20-04, 08:18

I read your report on phitsanulok, what is the PSB and where in Phitsanulok is it please?


04-20-04, 18:34

"Si Saket- Nakhon Bus Clarification Buy breakfast (no coupon in Si Saket (20 bt). Get Udon bus from Ubon and get off at That Phanom, a dirt track about 50 km from Nakhon."

There are direct connections too. Regular buses every 30 mins in the early morning , then every hour. Aircon buses less frequently, which doesn't bother me - I won't use them.
BTW There is a temple in NakhonPhanom that's quite similar to the famous one in ThatPhanom, but: is nicer, quieter, has no LP-folk running around like the idiots they are and is situated on a slope with a FANTASTIC view of the Mekong river and the hills of Laos.


A long time ago (Thailand>Pilok>02-23-04) you wrote:

"I am travelling to Phitsanulok for a 3 week stay in March. Can anybody help me and advise where the action is."

You didn't bother to file a report, yet you ask for more info you could easily find if you RTFF!?!?

04-21-04, 13:32
nong khai food

04-21-04, 13:39
Si Saket GFE (60 bt)

04-21-04, 13:42
si saket sumo

04-21-04, 13:44
Buriram girls love Skinless:)
And Skinless loves them:D

04-21-04, 13:46
Buriram: Good wife material

04-21-04, 13:48
Burram Loves Lonely Planet

04-21-04, 13:50
Buriram: Lonely Planet says visit it to get away from the sex tourists. Skinless agrees.

04-21-04, 13:52
Buriram: Where Lonely Planet becomes Lovely Planet (great bbbj btw and a 3 holer for 250 bt)

04-21-04, 13:54
Lonely Planet: The book of choice in Korat

04-21-04, 13:57
Korat: After a hard day at water fighting, Korat ladies like to relax with the hooker's favorite read. (And JT Skinless, the hookers' frend).

04-21-04, 13:59
Skinless only stays in the best hotels. TYhe ladies in the white brothel pay 1900 bt each a month. And Skinless is here to help.

04-21-04, 14:01
Nong Khai: The 300 bt brothel. RTFF

04-21-04, 14:05
Landmark on left hand side of main street heading opposite Shell station. Turn into this soi, then right, then left. The brothel area is there. The white house is a soi nearer the bus station.

04-21-04, 14:07
KOrat student

04-21-04, 14:09
Burram: Lonely Planet legs wide open

04-21-04, 14:15
Si Saket: True GFE

04-21-04, 14:18
A better shot of the NK brothel. Shots of the operatives will follow when time allows.

04-21-04, 14:22

....scary, riveting, hilarious, a very entertaining account with images of your "lonely planet" tour....

I thought you were kidding about the places you slept in and the women you fucked... I guess not.

Great stuff.


04-21-04, 14:25
Water festival Korat

04-21-04, 14:31
Lovely Thailand: Sucked

04-21-04, 14:33
Juice: I am a serious dude. These are only the pretty ones. I am saving the best wine to last. Skinless will personally solve Jackson's bandwidth problem. Those Chinese will run all the way back to pre Internet days. Drunk ****, Buriram. (Pity about the light). She wanted a farang bf. And she got one. Till I came, Then I went. That hotel rocks

04-21-04, 14:37
KOrat starfish fvote LP book of the year (bad nose and worse bonk)

04-21-04, 14:38
300 bt for 2 liters of milk in Korat. Lovely hooters, safe sex and a starfish.

04-21-04, 14:42
Philok 300 bt lady sends a signal to the world

04-21-04, 14:43
Juice: I am a serious dude. These are only the pretty ones. I am saving the best wine to last. Skinless will personally solve Jackson's bandwidth problem. Those Chinese will run all the way back to pre Internet days. Philok lady in New Year clotehs. This is the one wioth the lovely baby and the terrible bonk.

04-21-04, 14:45
Philok disaster zone. I can't even remember her preformance. I gave up asking their names a long time agop. Wouldn't you?

04-21-04, 14:46
42 year old Philok Lonely Planet pin up. Another reason to visit Phuket?

04-21-04, 14:53
Fellas: Some hot chicks for you to enjoy:D
Nong Khai: I did the Lao one I did last time. Nice knockers but starfish. Her photo is here soemwhere and photos of the dive she works in. The deaf, dumb and blind kid is gone, replaced by another dumbass, who is on the menu for later. Three ladies were on duty and all three posed for Skinless' lens. I have a photo of the knockers too. Again, lots of lady boys hanging around and some of Thailand's ugliest hookers who will soon be meeting JTS in person.
Directions: Walk from the bus station up the main road, east, away from the Friendship Bridge. Turn left at the Shell sign (which is on the right hand side of the main road). You turn left, the white brothel is on the left, and when you reach the next main street, there are sws about but they and their lady boy friends/pimps are ugly as hell. Walk on a bit and head back to the main road and you have completed the circuit. Skinless will do more roaming tonight.

Freeler: I had a great time in Nakhon and Laos. I walked out on the sandbanks which is Lao country, according to LP:) I really did what LP advises about Buriram. I got away from the big city atmosphere and soaked in small time hustling. THe guest house know nothing about the bus to Lao capital.

Nong Khai: Staying at Guest House. There is a good internet cafe on the same soi, heading towards the Friendship Bridge, almost directly across the road. There is another much further diwn the main street heading towards the bridge..

Lonely Planet:
Advantages: Makes a great prop for snapping the hookers.
Disadvantages: Not only is it full of bs about Khmer ruins and German wankers who open charming shitheaps where their lovely Thai ex hooker wives cook you up some over priced junk, but it is also wrong on travel distances between eg Philok and Korat. It has such bs phrases as "Last time we visited". BS. They put in press releases, rob some shit about Khmer ruins from tourist guides and skimp where there is no information available they can rob.

Bus Connections: My tip is worth keeping in mind as it saves some time. It is so hard to spend money in rural Thailand. Maybe pattaya is the answer:(
Now time to do some more resarch but without the camera. (Lenses are important and those hags....................)

04-21-04, 15:29
Skinless san,

"I had a great time in Nakhon and Laos. I walked out on the sandbanks which is Lao country, according to LP I really did what LP advises about Buriram. I got away from the big city atmosphere and soaked in small time hustling. The guest house know nothing about the bus to Lao capital."

NKP-city is da best! I loved it ever since my first visit. It's so quiet and I love the views. And getting there too ain't bad either. The road from KhonKaen passes some beautiful country - the drop from the Korat-plateau is simply stunning. The trips from both Ubon and NongKhai along the Mekong River basin are a treat everytime - even when it's hot and dry like in this time of the year.

The busservice to Vientiene starts this Friday the 23rd according to the BKK-post a couple of days ago.

Jack Spratt
04-21-04, 15:49

You deserve some sort of public service award - just for keeping them off the streets, and making it safe for the rest of us, even if it was only for the short time you were pleasuring them.

Keep up the good work, and the bad photography : - )


04-21-04, 16:42
jerk off. Fellas hope you enjoy the jerk off material I am posting. Speaking of which, I went back to the white brothel and a Lao lady throttled my dick so much I ended up roaring in pain. (A first)> I told her once more and it is lights out for her. She fled with a blanket covering her. The posse arrived. Skinless and his bag of tricks stood firm (my dick was still throbbing). Full refund but no more bonking here for me. They should do an induction 101 course. The hookers around the corner all looked better (around 20 years, but some shit ugly). I will be glad to beat a retreat.

Jack Spratt and friends: The photos are simply for record and some of them actually help the ladies. There is life beyond the ghetto. The LP helps. I am not in competition with Sex Review and Cronin (or Saint). There is life beyond the bird cage. The main thing was to show what lot of bs it all is. Man, this dick hurts like hell.

Freeler: I iwll do a grand non sex tour here tomorrow and then head across country. I think I willnot go south the entire trip. No real point as I no longer have a dick. It is still throbbing. I was figuring Philok, Buriram, one or two others for the bonking and the rest for Lonely Planet, without the monsters.

As regards Lonely Planet itself, a young LP babe tells me South East Asia on a shoetring sucks but that was their premier book. Also in the guesthouse, there are a few other books (Lets Gop, Rough Guide). They are all better on Nong Khai than LP; one of them gives the story of the statues and the dude who set it up. He got 12 months on a trumped upcharge of insulting the king. Now off to nurse my dick back to health if I still have it. Why do newbies think strangling it helps? :(

04-21-04, 18:14

Dunno that this was your particular situation, but there is a technique for making a guy have a massive orgasm. Involves getting him to the very point of cumming, then throttling his hard-on so he can't actually cum. Can be a bit painful. Normally done at least once, but often two or three times. Finally he when he is brought to release the last time (no throttling), he will come like a race horse taking a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)! Major Orgasm that drains you down to the toes.

Like I said, dunno if that was what your little Lao lady was after, probably not. And it does need to be done on a willing and informed guy, otherwise he'll think she's trying to strangle him in a most dastardly and deceitful way.


Jaimito Cartero
04-21-04, 18:28
Skinless, interesting photos and story as usual. I don't mind lower quality pics, but a bit of light would help. Maybe a flash? Or were you using a cameraphone?

04-21-04, 18:44
Skinless san,

The Rough Guide at least has maps that make some sense...

When on the grand non sex tour, don't miss out on SalaKu (WatKek), the Guesthouse owner can tell you how to get there.
A very interesting site just East of Udon, on the road to SakhonNakhon, is BanChiang. A museum and an archeological/excavation site , both on BanChiang culture, are well worth a visit.

04-24-04, 09:07

Hey, sorry! No, I'm not trying to make fun of you or "a fool of you". It was just the description you wrote initially reminded me of a sex technique. But obviously what happened to you was nothing like that. Yeah, I've been in a couple of fights along the way and know what you are talking about. Zero fun and does get the recipients attention big time. Well at least it did me.

The technique I was alluding to is more like the girl using her hand(s) as a "C clamp" just below the tip of your dick. It's not particular pleasant and can be a tad painful. She does it when you are about to come. Can do it a couple of times in succession. Sort of an emergency throttle down. Result is the last time you cum and she does NOT stop it, you have an amazing orgasm. Major flood, maximum total discharge that will leave you drained and delighted. Well, at least it did me.

Now the technique was initially used for guys with premature ejactulation problems. Not something I've personally experienced. At least not since I was a kid. But it works fine for guys that are getting a bit older and find their orgasms are not quite as explosive as they used to be.

When combined with Vitamin V or Cialis you can end up feeling like you just turned sixteen again. Primarily intended for us older punters that are interested in how to improve performance. Not of any particular consequence to young punters that feel they are god's gift to womenkind. (No, that last line wasn't to you, just to all the younger punters.)

For a bit better description of the technique, try the site below and scroll down to the "Squeeze Technique" instructions.



04-24-04, 15:04
Dickless stayed in Sam Kom, very nice. He is now in Sokothai, having skipped Philok. The dick or what is left of it still hurts like mad.
Lao visa: cheaper in Bkk and probably in your hopmer vountry. The Lao bus was busy when Dickless left.
Skinless shared his Sam Kom lodgings with giant lizards and he was awoken in the morning to the sound of a cute little rat family scuttling all over him. The drive to Loie was interesting. The driver let the teenage girl helping him drivr it over the mountains. Dickless bounced off the roof several times and nearly fell out twice. Lat time that happened was Thet. Happy days. Must be the V that brings youth on.

Freeler: Tomorrow me go Sam Koom, on road to Loei. Me take restr from boom boom. It is still hurting.
Nong Khai-Vientante: Bus leaves from bus station at 7.30, 10.30, 15.00, 16.00. Same from Vientante (an expensive city). Price 30 bt. Plus $30 or 1500 bt Lao visa. Plus 1000 bt exit Thai visa. Cheaper using US$ for Lao. Also bring 2 passport photos. The travel agent I scoped charges 1800 bt for the visa and 200 bt for his bus. Bridge side of the market. I rented a bike from him and did the strange statues. Lots of (good) photos.
Photos: The photos are a joke and I don't mind removing them. I wanted the photos to be an interesting experience, nothing more. I will improve them. I dislikle porno and they are only disposable memories, like the ladies themselves. I am using my cameras for different reasons. I might go into this another day.
Tatoosh: Thank you. If I am ever captured and castrated by my enemies, I will think of your kind words when they are denutting me. Are you trying to make a fool of me? Were you ever in a school fight when the other guys grabs your balls and yanks, more or less detaching them from the rest of you? It was 1000 wors like that and was like something you would expect from Saddam's ex secret police. I was screaming in pain so, no I was not on an orgasmic trip. However, this feeds into something else. The older hooker knew the ropes and was telling this newbie what to do. No smoke, 300 bt, no lower etc. But at the end she was going to smoke me. She was clueless. The burly pimp is on the prowl and has bumped into Skinless in the cafe where I hang out twice already today. Should be ok but......
There is a big festival here in Nong Khai the first 9 days of May to celebrate 10 years of the Friendship Bridge where Skinless was today on his rented bike and where he ran into a string of beauties in trad Thai wear taking the bus to Lao from Udon (air con).
There is now a little office beside the bus ticket place at the bus station for the new lao bus.
Skinless also saw both the old and new railway stations. The new one is near the bridge so they have high hopes. The old one is run down and abandoned as is the track between the old and new stations. The Tourist Office gave me some promo literature which says this city ios ranked #7 in the world as an ex pat home. Not much of a survey but I would imagine it is a nice place to live - if you stay away from the Lao torturer :(Hope all this helps.

04-24-04, 15:24

LOL. What a fucking adventure you are having... Hope your dick gets well soon.


04-24-04, 17:18

You didn't even stop by the Pilok hotel to say 'hi' to the PSB rat from the Sam Kom rat family?
Very disappointing:(!

04-25-04, 11:01
Dickless in Sukothai: The Sam Koon rats have a much more vibrant life than John Dickless. Last time I got a hard on seems like 100 years ago. I skipped Philok s it is a dump (can you believe, some sad fuckers stop pver there just for sex with old hags and then the sick fuckers post them on the Internet where other sad fuckers fantasize over them. Not the Dickless one.

I am now staying in a hsit house guest house here in Sukothai. Lots o old mo\numents in the park (10 bt bus ride). Skip the museum (though one of the earlier Buddha-Hindu statues has a great pair of hooters that Nibu would enjoy). Riding the bike around the park and allowing all to view Dickless' fine torso was the best part. Lots of LOnely Planet types here. They get ripped off in the hsit heaps they stay in: thiings like food etc. Dckless got a great breakfast for 15 bt and a jungle full of mangos for 10 bt (I am shitting like one of those randy rats I shared with a few nights ago).

It is hot as hell here. Dickless intends to do a Myanmar border run to see if Burmese women are as cruel to Little Dickless as Pol Pot's lady in Nong Khai.

Any Cheap Charlies coming here: there is a 100 bt guest house beside the new bus station; most are near the old station.

Philok: There is an intresting karaoke joint by the bus terminal. Not for me though as I am having a clean and wholsesome vacation:(

Skipping PSB: I reckon PSB would have taken me two days and for what? I got in late, I have to do the day shift as well as the night shift and I wanted to take in Sukthai. They will probably get the Skinless treatment if Dickless can rise from the dead.

Also, this bonking is a load of shit: especially when your equipment has been ground into mush as mine has been. It still hurts. She tried her best but her best was hell. With friends like her., Skinless would hate to have one of these womwen as an enemy. I woulkd say a lot of Thai men hate duck.

Crazy Jim Wood
04-25-04, 12:20
Kudoz on your use of LP. It almost makes up for that model with toe-fingers. I didn't know they had that type of surgical skill there, to replace severed fingers with toes.

RCA Knight
04-25-04, 18:59
Just made a weekend short trip to Kanchanaburi. Checked out the night life there. I stayed at some river raft guest house that floats on top of river. I think my place is called Sugar Cane 2. Room has air and bath and floats on river. Baht 550. The view quite nice but in the morning the noise from passing boats will wake you up from 6AM.
Rented a motocycle 200 a day. The first night. Rode around town looking whats there. There is a big massage parlour in the hotel River Kwai. 3 classes. Side line 2000, window has 1800 and 1500. The sideline had some cute girls and I ordered one and she was very good and age 20. Face very cute and body a 9. Very good pounding but the massage was almost non existant. This massage is the only big one in town. The lady level overall is good. Finished about 10PM. Then noticed another Thai massage place across the street from Hotel River Kwai. Went in take a look. All the ladies were ugly so I left . Rode my motorcycle around found another massage place in the back of bus station. The papasan told me the girls from Myanmar. Price 700. I was full already so I did not order a girl. But there were 2-3 ok looking girls inside.

Second night. I went to check the disco scene. First place called Discovery. I walked around and saw a few potentials but did not act because I wanted to check another disco too called Glizy. It is the biggest in Kancha. It was so packed on the Sat. I walked around to check the ladies. Finally I decided to hit on a loose group of 6 girls. 1 of them was very cute. But they danced like really enjoing themselves. I talked to the cute one and she told she is student and her friends some are from Nakhon Pathom. I was kind of tired and went straight to work on her. I told her I am last night here and if I can see her after disco. She said not sure but she thinks ok if she take one more friend together. I was still not sure the situation so the disco closed I went to talked to her again. I told her I really like to stay with her and talk to her tonight. She said she will take a friend. I said ok. I told her I feel so lonely travel alone to Kanch and like to talk to her and hold her the last night. She smiled. I told her I will give her some money as a gift. So I rode my motorsai and she took another girl riding her own motorsai followed me back. The other gal was ok too. I was thinking in my head go for a 3some. We went to the floating room and sat on the veranda. It was very dark and you hear the water flowing and you see the dark sky. It was a little scary so I hug the girls and started to touch them both. They were actually giggling. Then we went in the room. I again touch them both and the girls were shy. But I said I like to hug them both so I took off both clothes. They did not resist much. They looked kind of dazed like whats happening. And both girls were shy and giggling. They asked me if I have condom. So I put on condom and started working on the cute one. The other was looking and I think she enjoyed looking. Then I pulled out and did not change condom and pounded the other one. She really moaned. And I switch again and shoot in the cute one. I have feeling these 2 are amatures too. They looked like they were amazed what had happened. They stayed with me till next noon and lunch together. They did not ask me for money but I will give them as a gift. I had a very much fun time so I gave them together 5000 bahts. They were very amazed again. But I feel good with them. So 5000 bahts I am happy to give. Then they said they want to take me to a beautiful temple. So we rode out motorsai. It was so far about 30 minutes ride. But the temple was good and has great scenic view on top of a hill. I think it is called Wat Tham Sua(or Tiger temple).
Later the day I took the bus back to BKK. But I like the 2 girls. Very good personality and always giggling. I may go back to Kancha to see them again.

04-30-04, 05:13
Skinless is getting great use out of his LP guide. He has squashed some cockroaches with it. He has also read the Pattaya section and get this: they have deleted probably 80% of the hotel lisitings in it. Now Skinless agrees with LP that most of thy guys who go to Pattaya are losers (just read recent posts in the Pattaya section to see my point). Skinless also agrees with SA that you guys should all cover up - or be put down. Skiness would go further ad suggest the LP gals should cover up, or rent out their services to horny elephant lovers. But if 33% of all tourists go to LOS, LP should list hotels etc and not deliberately delete them to discourage you sad fuckers from going there. As an example, the Soi 8 dives are no longer listed and the Boyztown places ae no longer there. This means that even more morons will use WSG rather thasn LP in the future:(

Skinless is using an Internet shop in C Mai run by disabled people. Their stories are also posted, sad reading. Skinless is going to get an over priced massage here from a nearly blind lady who lost her husband and kids in a car accident. Skinless admires women like her who bttle on. This is a kinder, gentler Skinless, getting ready for tomorrow when his dick should be fully recharged.

Skinless is now in Chiang Mai resting up. He has visited temples, the zoo (to see waht you guys and your gfs look like) and soon he will be on the move again. He used the time here well to wine and dine a French beauty (well out of your league, peasants). Soon, he will be on the move again.

Myanmar border was good fun but little in the way of bonks. Many of the women chew betel nuts which make their gums all red. Kinda like having a period in the mouth. Interesting but not for me. Lots of signs in Mae Sot saying kiddy fuckers not welcome. Also Siam Hotel had lots of security including guards sleeping in the car lot.

Skinless also figures V does not agree with him so he is taking it easy until a massive sex assault in a few days time. This will be my Eskimo period: lots of little dogs (female ones, of age) to keep me warm and hot. Also, be prepared for the most disgusting photos ever posted on this entire site:)

05-15-04, 21:52
Skinless is gald some of you liked the Disabled info in Chiang Mai. To be blunt: there is no sex there and do not ask. If you do go local like JTS and Freeler, it wil broaden your horizons. If you want to fuck go to Pattaya and the shitholes that deal in that crap.
Or to Buriram: Here is a photo of the kids Skinless met when he visited the shitheap Tom lives in. Note the brand names, the shoes, or the lack of them. Skinless likes stuff like that and although he does not contribute to Jackson's Argie charity, he knows the added value Jackson and his cronies get by being LUCKY enough to be able to visit the slums they visit.
Skinless would also like it put on record that Thais are genuinely friendly, warm people and that this helps make the bargirl cocktail more lethal. Skinless genuinely likes them and hearing of their lives. He advises you to move around as much as your calories and Rolexes allow you to.

05-15-04, 21:57
This is the squalid scene in PSB Hotel, Philok. Great for a fuck stop over between Bkk and C Mai - but only if you will swim at the bottom end of the pool. Again, this is the real Thailand. Skinless recommends this - and then moving on. Indeed, this really helps the 3F MO- as who could stand htese toothless wonders for too long? Skinless is amazed at the popularity the LP guide has among the riff raff of Thailand - but it takes all types.

Robert Lee
05-15-04, 23:17

In regards to your comments and your pics. (implydsc00221/. jpg) I am sorry but I am confused what are you trying to say or imply. I would like to know. I saw the pic, it showed an old woman and a much younger one. Are you saying the are both working girls, or that one is the mother and the other the daughter living in squalor? You are trying to show what, the hotel or rather the place they live in? I am lost. This is not a flame or tying to bust your chops. I am honestly curious as to what you are trying to show/say.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the unnecessary indents throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not indent any text in your reports. Thanks!

05-16-04, 00:34
Monkey business. Lopburi: Monkeys rule the roost. Thye make good sailors by all accounts. The Thais also pamper rats and put banquets out for them. On nautical topics, there is more to LOS than Pattaya hookers.

05-16-04, 00:36
Thailand beyond the ghetto is a dangerous place, full of wild animals who take no prisoners, only cash and Visa.

05-16-04, 00:37
Pampered Temple Rat: Lopburi.

05-16-04, 01:14
Nong Khai 300 bt hooker: White brothel where Skinless lost his dick. This is the lady who destroyed the world's greatest dick. Caveat emptor:(

05-16-04, 01:15
Not me: 300 bt Nong Khai white brothel lady comes clean on who made Skinless dickless

05-16-04, 01:16
World's ugliest? White brothel, Nong Khai.

05-16-04, 01:18
Lao border, Nong Khai: Skinless discusses culture with some babes.

05-16-04, 01:19
Room mate in shit heap on Lao border. Prettiest of the entire trip.

05-16-04, 01:21
Dinner is served, Myanmar border.

05-16-04, 01:40
Romantic statue, Nong Khai.

05-16-04, 06:58
Pretty wman, pretty beggar, Mae Sot. Myanmar border. She and Skinless might have a baby soon so the child will have a playmate.

05-16-04, 07:33
London hotel hookers, Philok read Lp, the book of choice for bottom barrel wenches. Skinless fucked this one. At 300 bt, she was overpriced. Too find of beer for a sensitive man like me.

05-16-04, 07:34
London hotel hookers celebrate 10 am with a few beers

05-18-04, 05:11
Isaan, days 4,5,6,7 and 8

My stay in Isaan was just a short 5 days.
The first two spent in Korat (4+5), where the damage done by Skinless apparently send the women fleeing off to somewhere else... On the first day I had difficulty getting a single bonk at a reasonable price.
I thought I made a deal with D, my love from past tours, but when the time came to cum with me, she had changed her mind and refused my friendship and love...
fortunately K from KhonKaen finally fell for my B300 charms and opened up to me.
You have to kind of be careful not fall into that hole of hers and disappear from the planet.
If she was a plant, she would be one of these slippery cone type meateatingplants, get to near and dissolve in her juices.
Strangly, most of the women around either didn't go with anyone at all, or only wanted to get fucked in that horrible CathayHotel, a place where you want to keep your shoes on and use kneepadding. Damn, that place filthy!

The second day in Korat saw the same problems: Hardly a lady in sight and those available only wanted to go to the Cathay. I didn't.
Eventualy I bonked a worn out 40 something yo. Ok if you can stand the sight. This event took place in the SriRat Hotel, where in the evening the ladies wait downstairs to take you upstairs. It seems that the ones sitting there must have a room but let you pay for the ST room as well. Managers would call this a win-win situation. To me it sucks.
In the evening I took advantage of K's situation, she had no money to take a room in the SriRat, so she went with me to my room and took care of me so good I popped twice within the hour. I send her off with B300 so she could get a room and some more customers.

SiSaket (6),

My favorite little Isaan hangout: SiSaket. Nothing much happened here tho until after a torrential downpour that started around 7pm and stopped at 11pm. From that moment on the hotel was flooded with hookers and customers. I went out to check out the supply at the rws and found the big **** lady from UP and 23 yo P. I took them both for a threesum at B150 each. A good thing i took them both: The UP lady was on the rag, so she did the handywork and took a mouthful, and P took care of the fucky bits. I must say, a most enjoyable session.


NKPCity only produced the FirstHotel lobby ho and two Lao girls who wanted B1500. They could not quite explain what they would do to actually earn that kind of money. So I went back to my room alone and slept very well, thanks.


In short, many things speak in favour of this NorthEastern bordertown.
It has some of the best lodging available in the Kingdom, there is the TaTa restaurant with a splendid menu of B20 dishes, check out the laat-na and laap - the menu is in Thai and English. TaTa cums highly recommended, too bad tho they close at 5pm. Then there are the views, the Indo/China market, way cheaper than the Indochina market in NKPCity and far more goods to chose from as well. And let's not forget the B200 Lao ladies in the brothels near the busstation. They may ask for B300, but a little persistance gets them down easily.
I enjoyed the services of Noi and Mook, both from Vientienne, Laos, and both of them put a big smile on my face. Need I say more?

05-20-04, 09:53

Omitting the lady you want to forget, you have spent 1,340 baht on those 4 skanks, 7 bonks. You could have got a nice short time in Bangkok for that. Why do you want to forget 43 y o P? Do you not like the letter P. It is a nice letter. Be kind to it.

Peace & Pizzas.

05-22-04, 05:17
Pitsanulok, days 9,10,11+12

Just a short report on this town.
Prices are still B150+ for SW of all sorts, sizes and ages. Even the inhouse ho's cum to your room for B200.
The old lady is still around and I saw her half naked. My eyes still hurt.
I had a great session with inhouse SP, a 45 yo with skills that bring back memories of the ToothLady. The best yet was 25 yo A, a woman with a fat ass and big, gorgeous eyes you would want to drown in. She came up with a deepthroat from heaven and made me sanuk mak for just B200+B30 tip.

So far on my ' have bonked list' :
28 yo T - sw, 2 times at B200 each
50 yo T - sw, 2 times at B150 and B120 ( I was a bit 'kineau')
43 yo SP - in house, 1time at B200
43 yo P - sw, 1 time I hope to forget
25 yo A - sw, 1 time so far, but more to cum I hope, at B230

In short: Pilok rocks!

Right, it's several hours later and I did have my second encounter with A. Damn, even better than yesterday! This time she started with the softest, smoothest hj ever, followed by some inbetween-the-titties-rubbin' and some deepthroating that I'm not likely to forget soon. I really had to stop myself from cumming too soon like the first newbie, but dzjeesus, when I let go while pounding that soft'n'wet slit I thought my balls came through the shaft. Good thing they didn't... The afterlay was almost as satisfying as the deed itself. This time I paid her a whopping B240.

Right, now I have to try and wipe that smile off my face.


Regarding P: She used to be a nice woman but went downhill:(.
I prefer 7 bonks way over one. specialy if that one is in BKK, that Smelly Durian!

05-22-04, 05:40

How can anyone in that shit heap go down hill. Is there lower? Did Dante, our great poet, invent a lower level of hell than where you and those creatures reside? Maybe Orlando if this link to Hymie Ackerman, aged 79, and his fellow hookers are anything to go by.

Did you check the big temple by the river? It iso ne of the most cash rich temples in all Thaailand.

I still think you have it in for the letter P. Be nice to P. She might the the little lady the little Freeler boy inside of you craves.

Peace & Pizzas

05-22-04, 10:07
Am currently in Bangkok and will then head to Pattaya for a few days. Am in Thailand for a week, and would like to spend 2-3 days somewhere with nice beach/ snorkeling, etc. With such short time, I need something fairly close to Pattaya. Has anyone been to Koh Samet? Any action there outside of the beach?

Suggestions warmly welcomed.


05-25-04, 17:41
Days 13-15,

I spent these days in HuaHin with my New Found Love C.
She loved it, I loved it and we still love eachother:).
HuaHin is a lovely little getaway. We had great food at one of the stalls opposite RomaPizza, stayed in a B200 guesthouse and walked along the beach at night.
HuaHin is ok for some quality time with a loved one. At least I didn't get distracted by other girls (like in Pattaya).
On the way back to BKK we had PadThaiPakTho - that's the PadThai they sell on the rws at PakTho... - and we stopped in NakhonPathom to gaze at the PhraPathomChedi.
And then we said goodbye - for now.
C wants my baby, your advice in the 'Thai Women - Opinions & Advice' or 'Samus Aran in Thailand':D sections please!

05-25-04, 17:50

Why not post some information instead of giving us your typical guide-book-style-bullshit?
At least I know the name of 'that' temple and the name of the famous Buddha it houses. And where to find a bunch of copies of that Buddha image (you won't find those in your LP:(!)

BTW you can get lower than P in Pilok: Some guy took just about every Pilok sw to dinner in the same restaurant. He must have mixed up Pattaya and Pilok:)!

Remaining Q: 'Some guy' was... Domino?

The Traveler
05-25-04, 19:12

I appreciate your guide book style bullshit. Very handy.
Still much better than a list of letters and a few numbers behind them.

The Traveler
05-25-04, 19:18

"HuaHin is a lovely little getaway"

Do we talked about the same HuaHin, the one located between Cha Am and Prachuap Kirikhan ?
It used to be a very nice place several years ago but nowadays it's like little Pattaya and totally overpriced.

BTW, the name of the temple and buddha in Nakhon Pathom can be found in any guide book and if you need a few more pics of it, just say so, I made a lot many years ago.

Would be nice if you could post more precise infos on locations. Just mentioning the town isn't sufficient.

05-25-04, 22:10
Freeler: As it is one of Thailand's main Buddhist temples, it is quite well known. As Phitsanalok is the main centre of buddhist statue making in all Thailand, replicas should not be hard to find. As I don't give a fuck about Buddhism, I don't care what they call that particular statue but I oculd easily find out. I have some nice pics of chicks inside the temple and that, to me, is much more interesting.

Time for a pizza. Try one! And no, I did not buy any hookers there dinner. I did give one some chocolate with laxatives in it but that is probably not waht you meant.

Peace & pzzas.

05-25-04, 23:26
Ko Samet is a nice place, if you stay away from the open sewers. Great sand, some of the best bays for soft deep sand that your feet sink deep into.

No action to speak of, unless you are into backparcker babes. Some nice Thai girls are often there in groups and you can cut them out of the herd if your Thai language skills are highly developed.

You do not go there to monger, unless you are bringing along some one you found in Pattaya (and, let's face it, if you wanted to do that why not stay in Pattaya?)

LOS Traveller
05-26-04, 15:45
skinless: i tried to send you a pm to ask this question but was unable to do so (told me you couldn't receive? pms).

your wrote

buriram is a blast. lonely planet wonders why it has so many brothels.

but she thinks i am a butterfly just because i fucked the entire hotel staff.

buriram etc are the brothel towns for the entire area.

frankly, i preferred buriram as it was easier to enter the sleaze industry there.i was curious about a few things - however i am not sure if you intentionally left them out of the report or not. so, i decided to ask.

i have visited buriram city on a few occasions, always staying at the vang thong hotel. there is a karaoke and mp in the hotel. the only places i found were the speed disco and the victoria (?) club.

i didn't have a lot of luck with finding more activity. would you please explain a little more about where you found so much activity? since my gf is from there, i have to make the trip from time-to-time and would like to find a little more reason to be happy.

also, what hotel did you stay in and do you suggest it? you couldn't get into vang thong without walking in front of the lobby staff and i hate that walk of shame.


RCA Knight
05-28-04, 19:27
In Buriram I think there is another disco called Hollywood. I may mistaken the name. There were many nice dancers. I went there last year on the way back to BKK from Ubon. I picked up a dancer from the disco. And honestly I don't think it is so night active as Korat or Khon Kaen. If Skinless knows some hidden night spots, please let us know too. I may pay another visit soon there and to Ubon.

05-31-04, 13:02
LOS Traveller,

Since Skinless apparently retired :( I'll give it a go:
The action is Buriram is right in front of the RWS. There are two hotels nearby, I am talking about the B100-150 kind of hotel.
If you want action in Isaan that is the kind of hotel you want to go to.
Just stay there with the roaches, the rats and the ladies:)!
The same story goes for NakhonPhanom, SiSaket, Korat, KhonKaen, Pilok etc, etc.

06-02-04, 04:49
One of the Korat SriRathotel ladies. She lives on the top floor

Jaimito Cartero
06-02-04, 04:53
That wasn't the one that pulled Skinless' pecker off, was it?

06-02-04, 16:34
Jaimito Cartero,

No, that wasn't her. I really can't imagine what happened to Skinless' skinless one. He said it happened in NongKhai in one of the brothels that I recommended to him... So I checked the girls out and they were the nicest ladies you can think of. I had a great time with two of them, both Lao and both very ready to serve. They left me satisfied and in ONE piece... (B200 each)

06-04-04, 16:08
T from Pilok: smokin':D

06-04-04, 16:12
A from Pilok: smokin' :D

06-04-04, 16:31
Freeler: What are they smoking? If you mean they are performing fellatio, the gentleman being fellatio'd has no condom. But you led us to believe you always got a cbj.

I find your photos demean Thai women. I don't know why you covered up the photo of the elephant with the jumbo sized vagina on the Pattaya size and left the Pilok ladies as nature made them.

As I have started sending money to Kai, a lady friend of mine in Northern Thailand, I would ask all of you to show more respect to these good wemen. Thailand is not Morocco, you know.

The Pizza man.

06-04-04, 17:09
WOAH HOO!...Gooooood shots Freeler! :D you must've tooken a cue from Belguel!

06-04-04, 17:37
Ok, one more smokin'....

06-04-04, 17:57

Nice shots... work them.


06-07-04, 11:59

I think you should change your user name to Cheech. Keep up the good work.

06-09-04, 21:09
Fo the ecod,

I have just decided NOT to espond to anyone who can't type RRRRRRRR's,

Thank you

06-13-04, 10:17
Sorry Dude,

I guess I didn't look hard enough at the name and thought Feeler (feel her) seemed more appropriate for such a stud as yourself. No disespect intended.


Rhino Tusk
06-15-04, 17:07
AirAsia is running incredible promotional fares, round trip to Khon Kaen for 340 THB. Never been to Issan, but after shagging so many from there, I'm curious. 340 THB matches taxi fare to the BKK airport, including tolls, tip, and a side trip to drop my G Spot girl at home. The 'breakfast of champions' sure was good this morning, the twenty-one year old had just the right amount of baby fat on her sweet bottom. Even the 20th floor view from the balcony, overlooking the River of Kings, was no comparison.

The 450 km flight takes about 40 minutes, and the Sofitel Raja Orchid runs a complementary airport shuttle. This hotel is the tallest building in town, 25 floors, and the room size is very spacious, similar to my Horizon Room at the Shangri-La, although not as nicely appointed. Still, at a cost of 1900, considerably less than the 5000 I paid at the Shang, with a Priceline booking and $50 upgrade.

After a shower, I stroll over to the Koza Mall for a plate of pad thai. Where are all the farangs? I haven't seen one since I left the hotel. After the meal, I take a long walk down the main street for a closer look at the town. Thirsty for a beer, I stop at Top West Pub and Restaurant. No customers are present as yet, the staff is just setting up for the evening. "Heineken", I say to one of the young men. "No have", he barks back. "Singha", I counter, and take a seat at one of the outdoor tables, warped by rain so that it seems like driftwood. This is an open-air restaurant with an American West motif. A drum set sits against the far wall, which is covered with Old Glory. "Band tonite?", I ask the waiter as he brings a large bottle of Heineken. "2 o'clock', he replies, holding up two fingers.

I read farangs hang out at a bar called Number 1, on khonkaen.com. After finishing my beer, I ask the waiter if he knows where it is and show him the address I've written on a scrap of paper: 377/7 Na Muong Road. He shows it to the rest of the staff, and an older man comes over and draws a map with directions for me. He then says something to one of the waiters, who goes and fetches his plastic helmet. I don't believe it, he's actually going to offer to drive me there in this scooter! "No no, it's OK, I'll walk", I say, and thank them all while shaking hands.

After a 20 minute walk, I arrive at Number 1 Bar and Restaurant, a small hole-in-the-wall place with one pool table and some small dining tables. Two farangs are stooled at the bar, a thai man sits at a table eating peanuts, and two thai women are playing pool. A waitress takes my order of a calamari salad and bottle of Heineken, and the farangs join me and we discuss politics, Thailand, and the meaning of life. "Where can I find girls in this town?', the most pertinent question on my mind. "Well, there are a few massage parlors." I'm told, as well as that one of the girls shooting pool is the owner's wife, and there isn't a large enough farang population to support a Nana-like bar scene.

I head back toward my hotel and stop at a disco I'd noticed before, but it seems closed permanently. A young thai man approaches me from a bar across the street, "You want boy", he asks, "No take money, no kill you." Well, that's very reassuring. "No, I like girls," I tell him, and continue walking.

Back towards the main street are a small collection of bars, all populated with young thais, but at least I notice some girls there. Wondering about, I smile at three young honeys and initiate a conversation, although their English is difficult to comprehend. The one in the middle wears braces, but is exceptionally cute and wearing a very short dress. Immediately, I feel the urge to jump on her. She has difficulties with English, so she calls a girlfriend on her cell and I exchange pleasantries. I'm finally able to determine the girls work at Violin Karaoke around the corner, and the cute one invites me along.

We sit outside after I buy a round of drinks. The mamasan appears and introduces herself, she's about 30, older than all the other girls, and I wouldn't mind bar fining her either. She explains a girl is 200 baht an hour for Karaoke, and a private room rents for 90 baht, or 140 if you go over the hour. She also indicates I can take the girl off-premises, until 1:00 AM for 1500, but then came down to 1000.

"You like to take lady?", she asks me.
"Sure!", I reply, this mamasan must be reading my mind.
"Where you take her? She want to know.", the mamasan says.
Silly question, I think to myself, and point over to the Sofitel, "My hotel".

The mamasan appears quite startled, I think there is a major misunderstanding here. It seems the hotel is definitely out of bounds.

"Oh, she university girl. Must study tomorrow"

Oh sh_t, I think to myself, how embarrassing. But because of thai tolerence, the girl just giggles instead of giving me a well-deserved slap across the face. Next, the girl's friend shows up, the one I talked to on the phone, and I decide to take them both into a private room to make up for my rudeness. There we sing together, I danced with each of them, but never attempted to touch them in an overtly sexual manner. However, I believe I can say, I've never had so much fun with my clothes on. We exceeded the hour, and I checked bin, at just over 1000, including drinks. I complemented both girls on their singing, and kissed each good-bye, on the cheek.

Crossing the street to Club 172, this looks like the closest thing to a GoGo Bar in town. Again, I'm the only farang present. There are girls dancing on the bar, Coyote Ugly-style, so I take a seat in front of one. She strips down to a bikini, hot body, nice tits, so I stuff a 20 in her bra. The next girl steps up, but dancing in street clothes. She points to her top and waves her hand, signaling there's no way she's going to let me deposit a tip up there. Instead, I reach up and slide the bill into her hand to let her know a farang is capable of being gentlemanly, even if it wasn't my first choice.

I hang around the bar until 2 AM closing, then sit in the outside bar and have a few more, while hoping Ms. Good Tits might show. Finally, I head back to my hotel at 3:30.

Khon Kaen was an interesting experience, an authentic taste of the country I hadn't really experienced in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. There were no drunk thai women grabbing me and putting their tongues in my mouth, "I want go with you", like in Tiger Disco at Patong last week, the girls I talked to seemed more like girls you'd meet in church. I enjoyed the change of pace, but now it's time to head for Nana and bury my bone.

RCA Knight
06-22-04, 21:11
My old time hunting pal just returned from boder visa run to Poipet , cambodia and he got a bad and costly experiences. I think its good for hunters to be careful.

He stayed in some casino hotel in Poipet and picked up 2 babes on the street and they went to his room. Agreed on 700 baht each and he thinks he got a great deal for these young babes.
He said they look very white for Cambodians and he suspect them to be Vietnamese.

They fucked and played around and drank beer. But later my friend passed out and slept. When he woke up an hour or two later. These 2 babes have long gone and he could not find his Constatine watch and his wallet is empty. The Swiss watch he bought in Singapore last year cost him 7500USD. It was his beloved baby. Also his ring worth about 1000USD from his wife. And the 800 USD cash he planed to play gamble gone before he even started. And also about 10000 B cash. The babes also took his leather shoes and his shirts. Even took his automatic tooth brush.The worst is they took all his credit cards and his driver's license. But for some reason nice enough to leave his passport there. He was really thankful in way to these 2 babes to be so considerate.

He estimated total loss of 10000USD. He complained to the hotel but they checked the video and it was not working at all and they could not do anything. He believes these two babes are pro Vietnamese con girls and maybe look for rich target possibly shifting around all cambodian casino boder towns. And he think these girls may drug you or put you to sleep and steal everything and take off.

So if you see any 2 girl combo at casino boder town with very white skin, too white to be Cambodians, you have to be careful
they are probably Vietnamese con artist.

My friend took it very lightly. He actually had to wear the hotel slipper to go out to buy another pair of shoes and another shirt. And had to borrow 200 bahts from another hotel guest. Thats how he managed to get back to BKK. He took it very well and forget very quickly. He was all laughing about it.

Terry Terrier
06-23-04, 08:39
RCA Night's story deserves the repeat of one of the most basic and important security procedures to be used when travelling: If you are travelling with money/valuables, use the room safe dilligently. If the hotel doesn't have room safes (I ALWAYS check when booking), don't use the hotel. And it's not just your lays that you have to worry about: Housekeeping can succumb to temptation, professional thieves target hotels and con/sneak their way past reception.

Good thing that RCA's pal kept his passport, otherwise he'd have spent a day or two staying at the Fucked Street open air hotel. Been there, done it when I was younger and naive.

07-10-04, 09:13
Terry Terrier: I almost always stay in hotels with no safe but I am fine as I am an adult. I also leave my Rolexes etc behind as I am an adult.

Posterlion: I looked at your story. Here is one you should consider. The trick is to be extreme. Therefore, in writing about a monger, you have to write about someone who is built like a Greek God (me), is faultless (me), is God (me), is a humble nice guy (me), but likes fucking hos to death (me) and likes an occasional pizza(me). Someone, in short, who is something more than a ATMFE (ATM friend experience) to all the hos he bones.

Here is how it goes. I leave Korat, but not before admiring the cute haircut the hooker I fucked last night got; I like to see how my chump change is spent. Then, I go to Buriram, famed for its brothels and hookers. I lie down on a bed and four hired helpers, ages 19-59, give me a tongue bath (I had one yesterday too for 300 bt with two fucks thrown in), take turns sucking and rimming me, and doing each other. As I am a nice guy, I ask them to sing to each other and to play with their pussies. All the while, I am thinking: why is The Traveller such a loser and why does he lkike what you write, even though your work needs very heavy editing and uses the First Person singular fr far too much to be worth anything (even a used condom, to remember our own dear SA).

The price for my little romp. Less than 1,000 bt. But I am staying in an upmarket hotel (210 baht). and I am in the world's kinkiest internet cafe where the Pattaya women use as a base whyen they are home from home.

If you need some sex to cover your bad writing, just paint me as a crazed animal, who sneaks up on them, drags them down and pounds them till the room itself shakes like an earthquake or, till even the room has an orgasm such is hte power of Pizza man. Also, I tend to howl up at the moon, bite them on the neck like I am going to snap off their head with my jaws. I also make deep lunge into them just so they know who is in the saddle. Do you think you can handle that or do you want some more j/o material? If so, tune in tomorrow as there are two nice hos in need of my writing and other skills.

Your friend


07-10-04, 09:27

LOL. You are most creative when you are with the dragons and rats. Keep them coming.


The Traveler
07-10-04, 10:13

I have to admit that compared to you I am a loser cause I am neither faultless nor a God.

But keep the good advice of our beloved friend Freeler in mind : Hope you checked the ID of your 19yr old, hired a private investigator to check her background, went to police to verify that her ID isn't fake and really belongs to her. Otherwise you might end up just like me. But I guess as a God there is no need for you to act like a normal creature like me.

07-10-04, 12:38

A B210 hotel?
You must be losing it!

07-10-04, 13:50
Freeler: I decided to splash out. This is the hotel opposite the Internet shop, slightly further down on the same side. I had a crab meal in the fish restauant near the Internet shop: rather pricey at 90 bt. It is pissing rain and I am waiting to nail an old flame when the rain clears. Or even before if I make it to the train station.

Juice Spike: Not all of them are dragons and rats. Why do the losers send money to Pattaya dragons and rats when there are more derserving cases here? One of the great mysteries of life!

The Traveller: You are not a normal person. You fuck children.

07-10-04, 14:33

I had a look at that one once. My opinion, as if you care: :(.
You can always crawl back through the alley at night and sleep in the B150 place.
I wondered about the elevator noise. Don't they shut it down after midninght anymore?

BTW I wanna bet your ladies had hips, a feature girls develop when they turn to women. No hips can be seen on any of the kiddyfuckers photos.

The Traveler
07-10-04, 14:41

if you did not check IDs back with police your 19yr old might have fooled you and you fucked a kid too. Strange world, isn't it ?

The Traveler
07-10-04, 14:43

so you check hips rather than IDs. Why didn't you tell me long ago.
Now I understand your system and why there is no room for an error.

07-10-04, 15:01
Buriram: Executive summary: 21:00 no action as of yet because of rain. That will almost surely change now as the rain has stopped. There is little else to do here except bonk. Buriram is the spawning ground of a lot of the lovely ladies of Pattaya.

Elevator in Korat Hotel: they turn it off at 1 am. It should be noted that they get a lot of late night traffic: the car area is 100% full. Also, Fa did not like the long walk of shame there, even though she knew them all there.

I stayed in this hotel on my first visit to Buriram and meant to check it out for a longer stay. I don't think it fits the bill. I am beside the road this time and the movie complex is at the back.

The rain has eased off but there are no signs of Dracula's daughters as of yet. I still love this Internet Cafe and I think Jackson would have been beter off investing his money here in this Internet cafe rather than in BA. Of course, it is easy to give him advice.

I will check out of this place tomorrow and either move into the shit heap beside the railway station or go to Si Saket or Pattaya. The advantage the latter has is our troll will haveto folow me there.

RCA Knight
07-15-04, 15:33
went to korat, burriram, and surin. i will post my story on buriram and surin and my post korat in korat section.

took trian from koart to buriram. walked around town. for some reason there are quite a lot of older farang hanging out many places in the city. is this a popular retirement spot in thailand??

we could not find any decent hotel in town and only saw a bigger hotel call thai hotel and we have no choice and checked in. room 320 and no window. has tv. no where to go and waited for the night to fall to go to speed disco., the only place in town.

it started to pour rain. and we had to wait till about 12 30 for rain to slow down and walked to speed. it was quite crowded. and a small city like and has quite many foriegner customers in the disco. i guess people know this place can be a good hunting ground.

my friend sat and i walked around all night looking for a lady to talk to. and one time a lady at a table gave a toss to me and try to talk to me. she was quite cute and she asked for my number and said wait for her at the door when disco closes.

at 2 am, she came out the disco with her firends and i waste no time to talk to her and make it direct i like to stay with her. she said she has to go to another drinking place with her firends for a while and will come see me later. i gave her my number and room number.

then i waited until 3 am and called her and she did not pick up. so i gave up and about to go to bed and then another number called me. i thought it was she but she said she is a friend of her and saw me in the disco and like to see me. i was confused but let her come anyways. the girl came to my room and told me the girl i like was drunk and she cannot come and asked her to come see me instead. what a strange situation. but the new girl was so so and the body was a little fat but i decided to let her stay. she said she saw me in disco and like me. and since its better than nothing i pounded her. she is a student only 20 yaers age.
the sex was not good because she is a bit fat but personality was good. stay with me until next day and have lunched together before we left for surin. did not give her money and she did not ask for it. she said she will miss me. thats the end of my buriram.

RCA Knight
07-16-04, 06:02
after boring buriram we took another short train ride to surin.
i have been here just one time long time ago to visit the stupid elephant festival. and i will tell you its waste of time to see the festival show. its so hot and long and so boring. actually many tourists fainted during the show that drags on forever. if you want to see elephants, its much better just go to the rose garden or ancient city in bangkok.

walked around town and was very small. we went in the deparment store i think called petkasem. my friend tried to pick on a sales lady and stayed at her booth to talk to her for a long time. i went to mister donuts for a coffee.

he later came and said he got her number. this guy did not have amature gal for a long time. we then walked towards the hotel we want to stay called thong tharin. it is near the night action so we decided to stay there.

the room was very nice and rate only 720 for standard room. we took 2 rooms. and had some issan dinner and waited for the night to fall.

next to the thong tharin hotel there is a huge entertainment complex. there is another speed disco and some karaokes and beer bars and beer restaurats. we started our searching at 10 pm and again the rain started to drop. we retreated to a beer restaurant. there are many these promotion girls. there is one with very friendly attitude and smile all the time. her body was good. i tried to pick her up and she said she get off at 12 midnight and is going to speed with her 2 more girlfriends.

i told her i will be there too. then we left the restaurant and went to check out some karaokes nearby. we went in a few places and decided no more karaoke girls tonight and decided to concentrate on disco.

we went in the speed of surin about 12. ordered a 100 piper. i walked around and saw a few nice potentials. again this small city has quite many older farang guys with their issan babes. and some younger ones in the disco and bars hunting for issan babes.

the disco scene was good there were lots of babes. i found another okay babe with some katoey friends and went to taked to her. then she went to my table and sat with us for a while. very friendly and got her number. told her will call her later. then i found the beer promotion babe with another 2 girls at the other side. i stayed there for a while and bought them a few drinks and some snacks. later more of their friends came join and about 6 girls dancing together. and there is another girl kind of cute. i was confused which one to concentrate and i have to stick to the end so i will not screw up.

i decided to go for the original one i met and i danced with her for a while. and told her its my last night and like to see her later.
she said she call me later. they all said that. i went back to my table and my friend said the sales girl he picked up in the department store will come to disco to meet up with him.

later his girl come and they dance together. at 2 am when the disco closed my friennd took his new found love went to have late night snack outside the disco and then disappeared into the room. i called the beer girl and she was still with her friends and she said she will call me back later. so i feel not sure. then the first girl i picked up in the disco called me and invite me to go late meal. i met her at the hotel gate and she picked me up with her motorbike with another girlfriend on another mptorbike.

went to eat some noodle at some noodle shop and i told her i like to talk and stay with her more. she was not a beauty but personality so nice and nice thin body. she said she works for her father's business selling wood furniture. her friend left first and she took me to buy some wine cooler and snacks then to my hotel and went up. we talked and i started to hug her and not too much resistance. then she said to me she has period. but actually i was tired and just want a company. i told her i like her just want to stay with her and hug her. we hugged and fall asleep. about 4 30 am the beer girl called me and i was with the babe so i did not pick up fone and turned off my fone.

the next day we went for a good meal in the hotel. i told her i will go back to bkk today with my friend. she was so nice girl even i did not sex her only hug her and touch her. i still like to give her some pocket money, i gave her 2500 bahts to buy a gift. she was happy and i told her to go home first and i have to meet up with my friend. she was a little sad and i made another empty promise to see her shortly.

my friend was with her department store babe till noon and it was his first amature of the year. we met up decided what to do, to go back bkk or stay one more night. i know he likes to stay one more night with his department store babe. so we decided to saty one more night and changed hotel to petkasem hotel near petckasem department store. room was okay rate 590 baths.

i called the beer gal at about 1 30 pm and she picked fone and asked me where i am. i told her we stay one more day and i like to see her. she said she works again till midnight and she can see me after that. my friend's girl too has to work till 9 30 pm in the department store.

we have about 8 hours to kill and we decide to go for some sightseeing. we chatered a car with a driver near the hotel to take us to see the ruin of phanom rung. we paid the driver 2000 for the trip. about 1.5 hours we got there. the temple was on top of a mountain and there was long walk way to it. it was quite nice but still cannot compare to the angkor. we climb the stairs up to the temple and the temple was actually very small. we hanged out there for a while and the driver took us to another smaller ruin nearby i cannot remeber the name. then we went back arrived to our hotel at 8 pm. and took a nap.

my friend's babe got off first and she came see him about 10 30. and i have no where to go so decided to go to the beer restaurant where the beer girl works to eat there and talk to this babe. i stayed there and drink and eat until she get off work at 12. then she took me on her motorbike to another cafe with loud music. she had late dinner there.

then we went back to my room and i asked her to stay with me. she said she can stay with me for a while but has to go home about 3am because she has school at 9 am.

we talked and i hug her and she said she did not have a date with boy for many months. i stuck on hands in her shirts and touched her tits and she was shy but later opened up. i pounded this babe very hard and she actually stayed till 7am and has to go. i really like this girl's personality i gave her 2500 pocket money for buy gift. she hug me and said wanted to see me again and i told her i will come to surin again next month. of course i am not sure.

i slept again till noon and my friend called me to check out and we feel have enough issan girls. we left surin on bus for bkk.

generally speaking buriram, surin this area of issan, the girls are very nice and friendly. did not see any super beatuty but the personality can cover for the beauty. but saw quite a few with nice body. amature scene is very good in this area. but pro scene is not cheap especially in karaoke or massage. the price can be higher than bkk.

Big Lan Ciao
08-23-04, 12:16
Anyone can provide me the information for the brothel in Danok?


08-25-04, 05:26
Big Lan Ciao,

Read Dr. Devil post on the 07-26-04 in Hatyai / Thailand for happening places.

Chick Feeder
09-10-04, 12:18
I am going to be travelling up country overnighting in places such as Phayao, Thoen and Nakhon Pathom. Is sanuk available in any of these places does anyone Know? Any tips on how best to seek out the action whilst off the beaten track gratefully received.

Red Devil 04
09-10-04, 16:06
For brothels in Danuk, I suggest you check out Rose. Located behind Oscar Hotel on the main road. Plenty of girls. You can have 2 girls at one time for a great time but her partner will depend on her pick not you taste coz not all can do this.

09-10-04, 20:10
Chick Feeder,

I couldn't think of a single Thai town of 2,500+ inhabitants without a brothel.
Just ask a motortaxi to show you around. They would typically ask B50 for bring and return.
Make your move when it isn't fully dark yet, so you can see where they take you.
Small town take away service can be rather expensive - Pattaya is often cheaper. The small brothels start at B200 ST in house, when they ask for B500 or up, don't haggle or argue, just leave and maybe come back later.

09-11-04, 15:03
Dipper Dipierdomenico,

Have a safe tour... I hope you will be able to send reports from the front lines and the pictures that I'm sure they will be worth a thousand words...:)


09-11-04, 23:29

I sure hope you are not contemplating about eating the rat in the toilet. The field rats are much better and healthier. :-))) Have a great time.


Jack Spratt
09-12-04, 04:24

You take in vain the name of one of the legends of Oz football.

May your dough become dry and flaky, and your toppings turn mouldy.


09-12-04, 08:45

Leave the rat alone!


I wouldn't eat the rat in that toilet:( anyway.
There are some nice restaurants nearby where, I'm sure, they will have a delicious recipe for rat... Rat soup, rat sateh, green rat curry - makes my mouth water!

09-23-04, 10:37
Domino got out of the shit heap of Korat as follows. He asked a bicycle taxi man how much to bus station #2. He says 50 baht and Domino does his usual trick of walking away. He comes after me, shouting something, maybe a lower price. Domino ignored him and takes the songthaw. At #2, not wanting any hassle, he gives 10 baht - and get 5 back in return. Finding out that the Philok bus is not till 9.45, he takes the 8.45 to Nong Khai and here he is, in a luxury 100 baht pad that Freeler knows. Domino might split to Laos. He hears the women have pussies over there and the bus is only 30 baht.

Skinless was in touch and warned Domino about the white brothel. Domino wil go nowhere near it, well maybe to the brothels and hookers nearby on the same road as the guest house. Domino is not going to get the twisted dick treatment, not even for free.

Domino likes Isaan mainly because he sees very few farangs. There is a Swiss chick staying in the next room and needless to say, she wants her way with me. But I don't give freebies.

There are a lot of new housing complexes being built around the edge of Udon Thani. We could joke that we are indirectly funding them. But the reality is Isaan's upper class would want "our" ladies nowhere near them. Read Private Dancer again and find out why.

Domino treated himself to a Thai meal and two iced coffees (a Domino weakness). Total damage 40 baht.

I hope there is sufficiant j/o material for now in the Korat photos. The ones of the ladies pissing did not turn out so well so I did not post them. Hey, cheer up, shit happens.

This is a good internet shop - 100 yards other side past the guest house towards the bridge. But it kept cutting out when I posted those Korat meat pieces. Oh well, the weather is lovely here and I am going to fall in love - but not with the white brothel prick twisters.

09-23-04, 15:36
To find Nong Khai's hottest chicks walk from the bus station towards the sea. Walking away from the Friendship Bridge on the road between the main road and the sea road, opposite a temple (the one after the Big Buddha one), heaven, in the form of three diseased witches wait for you.............. These three fine ladies ask 300 baht each. Domino loves a bargain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

09-23-04, 15:37
This lady stole my heart..............and later tried to steal my wallet

09-23-04, 15:39
This lady could be yours for only 200 baht. And she will give you a free dose of whatever disease you like

09-23-04, 15:41
Yes gents, the stories about the sick buffalo are all true;)

09-23-04, 15:42
Always be happy at your work

09-23-04, 15:43
At least she brought her own condoms

09-23-04, 15:46
The place we did the dirty deed was dirtier than your minds. It was worse than a pig pen: a wooden shack with a kind of matress of pallets or something. It is hard to believe that anything could be seedier.

I gave her 250 but she wanted more and made a half hearted attempt to check my pockets which were largely empty.

09-23-04, 15:47
She had 3 condoms. One was enough for me. But YMMV:)

Member #2001
09-23-04, 17:19
one of those girls looks like a katoy and the other one looks like she is dead. Did you do all of them?

09-23-04, 17:39


09-25-04, 14:42
Freeler: Claro, que si. I am in Nakon Phanon now, staying at the usual place with some tupperware I met on the bus. She spent most of the time on the bus pulling my dick and I pspent it pulling her box and her tits while pretending to admire the scenery. The monk sitting behind us did not pretend to see anything. Nor did the two old women opposite us. I recommend Isaan buses.

When travelling on these buses dudes, watch out for the rest rooms. They charge 2, sometimes 3 baht! Almost as bad as Pattaya bus services.

I bonked the creature three times already (limp, sad squirts of sperm). She asked for 1000 baht in the bedroom of my luxury 160 baht pad, and got it:( I could hardly refuse after we checked in, or rather she did. She is a take charge merchant and I would like to fuck her out now. I am already down 1000 baht, a 70 baht bus far, a shared 85 baht meal, a can of Pepsi and a second 60 baht shared meal. I have also had to use three of my own condoms. The budget has taken a battering. But hey this is a holiday! But I gotta get her out of the room so I can stash my cash. Hookers are, like dicks, always problems.

On the positive side, I have some great j/o photos for you pervs. She is actually not bad looking, certainly in comparison to the Aids babes I snapped in Nong Khai for your pleasure, she is fantastic, super, great (about a 4-5 on a Pattaya scale.) She speaks no English which is good. I have snapped her fully clothed, boobs showing, legs together, and legs at ten to two. Gentlemen, which would you prefer? (Gotta wait til I am on a modern machine though:(

Do you think guys like me who snap the best of the best should get a special WSG award, or some form of recognition for snapping the finest women of Isaan in their spawning grounds? Frank comments please.

The entire Internet shop isfull of yahoo chatters, all with the love and hearts wallpaper/

oh: 2001: Maybe they were katoeys, dying with aids, I don't know. Why don't you ask them?

09-25-04, 15:28

Playing around in a bus with a monk sneaking a look... what is next?

Great reports... I'm learning where not to go in Issan for pussy :D


09-25-04, 16:21

Ah, the City of Hills, NKP-city, where Uncle Ho planted his trees and, no doubt, got laid more times than a GI in Saigon.
Your latest captive: I don't give a shit about how she looks.
Does she DT (or can't you get that deep:D)? Is she a three holer? Can you see the wonderful hill of Laos from your window while you pork her?
I want information, please!

09-26-04, 04:27
The lady dressed up for the night but did not realise little Domino was goping to dump her. He booked a second room in the hotel, securely locked it form the indside and ignored her attempts to bang her way in. She finally left about 6 am and Domino emerged from his saddam hole at 8 am. A learning experience.

She left, without saying goodbye (she had to shout it through the door), And she never got her 100 baht (!) bus fare, which makes a change from asking for taxi fare.

Freeler: Reading your post, I thought you were going to where Uncle Ho planted his seed.

Your post was in poor taste. I picked her because she reminded me of someone, the Lao hooker in the white brothel in N Khai, to be precise. I onhly 1 holed her as I am a gentleman. Fiunny you should ask about the window. I find them useful as one can stick the tupperware out the window and poump and watch at the same time.

09-26-04, 04:30
Skinless gets ready to go out on the town (a 20 bt meal, full price below) with the love of his life, while he plots ditching her. No sex she said when we got back. Sleep (on the narrow bed) but naughty Domino, rtomantic fool that he is, found a way out.

09-26-04, 04:31
Nong Khai, Thailand, surroundfed by big hills and lush valleys.

09-26-04, 04:32
A little bit of lube, a condom :(, and a steady aim.

09-26-04, 04:33
Relaxing, after a job well done.
She does not kiss btw:)

09-26-04, 04:34
Nong Khai, big mountains but at 100baht plus meals maybe not worth it?

09-26-04, 04:35
Room service or byo party, Nong Khai?

09-26-04, 04:36
Hello sexy man, where you go? I go with you. Sit beside me and ignore the horny monk in the back seat. The bus to Nong Khai, Saturday 25 September.

09-26-04, 07:04
Freeler: Do you want information or a porno read. If the former:

1. I am staying at First Hotel. The first internet shop was behind the little market facing the sea/Mekong/ Laos. This one is towards the tourist office. This one gives you a 40 minute token for 10 bt; the other takes coins, one baht at a time.

2. I went in and chatted up the lady in the Tourist Office which is full of government sponsored brochures entitled "Sex with Children is a Crime". Go pick up one the next time you pass a TAT shop. It says, in part, "If the commission of the offense against a person over 15 years but not yet 18 years of age, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment of 3-15 years and a fine of 6,000-30,000 baht. It quotes a lot of actual cases, including a 21 year old Thai dude who got 15 years!

3. As regards the information you want, I don't sweat the small stuff. She only asked me my name after I bonked her for the third time. These women are simply a means of relief for me, like a cup of cocoa but not so potentially harmful on the teeth. I do not think I am ready to marry one, just yet.

4. I expect guys to join the dots. I want them to start groping babes on rural buses. Although I set a good example, I cannot fuck the women for everyone. But I do my best. And that is all I do.

5. There was only a fat buffalo on the prowl in the hotel last night. I wil try again tonight. But don't push me on it. My stomach can only take so many swamp creatures at a time.

If you want porno, wait till I set up my web cam. Maybe Jackson can do live camming of me butt fucking these diamonds.

09-26-04, 08:55

If that fat buffalo is First's inhouse ho: Go get her!
Check your pm...

09-26-04, 12:04
Sure I'll check her out tonight when I intend to have a tupperware party to get over of my heartache at my chick splitting without even saying goodbye.

The Tat police number, following on from the earlier report, is 1155. For places outside Bangkok, just add the prefix, eg 038) 1155 for pattaya. The Child Prostitution leaflet lists losts of other numbers too. Glad I don't have to worry about that shit.

09-26-04, 14:23
"....tupperware party...?"


09-26-04, 14:39
She is the Tupperware queen, 17
(and a bit).

Getting down to business: THis was a quickie, for 240 baht, ie 200 baht and a 40 baht tip. You know the advice we get: never fight with a tul tuk driver. This babe drives one. After I picked her up in the TV room with about 6 Thai guys watching some BS Thai soap, she drove her tuk tuk round the back. No walk of shame here but she wanted me to go (buy her) for a meal with her. But I said no as I had to give you guys some j/o materiual instead.

Freeler, it was a plain vanillas fuck. She dfk, not that I recommend it unless you are a reasl sex pervert like

John T Domino
(he fucks the Thailand'sa sexiest babes).

09-26-04, 14:40
The tuk tuk driver prepares for the worst....

09-26-04, 14:42
This babe is HOT. She eats a lot of spicy food which is probably why she fucks for 200 baht a time. There might have been a second fuck included but one was enough for Domino

09-26-04, 14:47
Here is a little hired hole I picked up watching TV in the hotel lobby immediately after I last posted.
She drives a tuk tuk, charges 200 baht, her pussy is old, warm and friendly (like fucking an old and cherished pair of slippers).
Best point: she left.
Worst point: she used my fucking towels., she even washed her hair and used a comb of mine which I gave her.
Still for the price of a beer, it is hard to complain too much.

All of the reports below are from Nakon Phanom, which is in the north east corner of pussy land. As you can see, it has the hottesat5, sexiest chicks as well as the world's greatest stud;) (who else could fuck them? Could you? Are you man enough to take the Isan 200 baht pussy challenge?:):(

09-26-04, 15:01

She's definitely not the inhouse ho who gave me double pleasure at B300. Yes, I was very generous....

09-26-04, 16:28

Walking towards the TAT, I came across a farang trying his "luck" with two sws. They were butt ugly of course, working out of another cheap hotel up that way ( quite near to my hotel).

Some cute Pattaya type babes in the bar opposite but they probably expect to be recompensed for services rendered:(

The guys in the hotel lobby are giving me plenty of leery sneers. I guess they think I am here for sex with their pets.

Did you see Duni's post in Korat. Though he acknoweldges my babes are -15/10, yet he is going to pass on Korat!!! Can you believe that? You know, when I read his post, I could not even remember what they looked like. Our meetings were more of the Samus Aran sort. Business only; no time to discuss broader issues unfortunately.
I will kill some more time here with the noisy gamers and then look for heifer lady.. One such beast of the field has a room on the ground floor; it is easily viewable from the TV room.

Luckily, in a land with no shame, there is no walk of shame. But poor Duni, he does not (want to) know what he is missing.

Yours in the lush but hidden pastures of Isaan

09-26-04, 17:47

5 billion people will never visit korat.
Apparently they don't appreciate the daily needs of these women: They want B200 for food, a place to sleep and milk for the baby.
In return all they want is to give us their kindness and warmth.

I once found a Pattaya type girl in one of those NKP restaurants too. She started with something like B2000 ST, but of course settled for B200 or B300 and she paid for my chickensoup. Her name was 'The Sun' but looking at her butt 'The Moon' would have been a better choice. Like the First's inhouse ho she wanted to fuck me twice. I have one picture of that butt somewhere, but I can't find it:(...

09-27-04, 15:29

OK, you win. I will give the place a chance. Who knows, I might get lucky and find a gem in the land of cheap pussys. One must always learn and heed the masters of the trade. As Freeler says, one must appreciate their needs and hard work for an income (aside from sampling their warmth - bodies, GFE et al.).


10-03-04, 01:36
Hi fellows,

Anybody know something about Hua Hin / Cha Am.

What about girl friendly hotels, and nice places to meet freelancers?

10-03-04, 15:26
I would just like to show my appreciation to Skinless for shagging all those ugly women and protecting us all.

I've never laughed so much reading your reports mate. You really should do it professionally as you have a talent.


Frank Pole
10-07-04, 21:21
Mae Sot,

Hello everyone my name is Frank Pole. I will be going back to LOS for the 4th time next week and plan to give some good detailed updates. The last 3 times I was with lots of family but was able to stray several times.This time it's just me and my mongering buddy.

I was in Mae Sot in 1998 and it seemed pretty dead. Then after hooking up with a farang jade buyer the next day he said this place is full of brothels. We got on the motorbikes and he pointed out no less than 10 ! He said wait till it gets dark and just look for a single red light or xmas lights.

I managed to free myself later that night and sure enough they were everywhere. 1st one I stopped at I knocked and Mamason answered the door. Ban Sow? And she said Chi Chi.

10-12 girls from 4/6.5 Papason wanted 700b ST and would not budge. I may not be a male model but I am no fat sloppy dog either.I took the 6.5 for a decent experience. I liked Mae Sot. Not many farangs. I will be going back so any other detailed updates would be appreciated.

Frank Pole
10-07-04, 21:32
Chaing Rai:

What is up with this place? I have been their 3 times (the last time was in 98) and everytime i escaped the family (i'm not married. family = mom,aunt,uncle and cousins.) and set to mongering it was tough to find. I seteled for 4 star hotel MP at 1600b ST.

I love Chaing Rai and would love to take my buddy their(we leave next week) But fuck this high $$ stuff. I would rather get a 300b gal and then tip her 2-300b.

Any updates would be greatly appreciated


10-08-04, 16:34
Frank Pole-

Most of the Chiang Rai action is in lady houses, much like the farang took you to in Mae Sot, although they are available to take back to the hotel.

Even with a Thai friend helping the negotiations, we paid 1200 for a take out short time. The next day at a different place, the papasan freaked out when he heard what we paid the day before and as I recall we paid about 1500 there. Quality was mixed, but there is enough selection to get what you want. Tuk Tuk drivers know where they are and they do not get a kick back, or at least didn't in these cases.


Much more going on in Hu Hin than in Cha Am. Two streets of beer bars, one running behind the City Beach hotel down to the main road to the pier. Most all of the hotels other than the four and five star places give you no problem bringing a girl back. Good entertainment to watch the departures in the morning in the lobby of the City Beach (which is a bit of a dump and overpriced but well located).

Frank Pole
10-08-04, 19:55
Thank You Biz ;)

10-09-04, 17:56
Chiang Rai,

I don't think CR has recovered from the clean-up two years ago. All the small brothels are gone and tuk-tuk drivers only bring you to out of the way big houses with B2,000:( girls.

You could try a regular massage place and ask the girl to service you in your room the next day. Or the same day:). Massage was still B200 for two hours + tea, like it was ten years ago:)

The Traveler
10-11-04, 07:39
Had been very busy so no field reports, just a summary

Took a short trip to Isaan and visited Kabin Buri where there are a couple of Cafe's along road 304. Several cute chicks in the past and worth a stop by for a drink and an overnighter with one of the singers.

Proceeded to Korat, usual scene described by Freeler and others. The Park, the Mall and a couple of Soapies. All in all nothing exciting. Saw mostly crap so I headed to Buriram.

Checked several Cafe's and Karaoke. Had a lucky draw regarding looks but service was average.

Moved on to Surin, where I used to have a girl working as a singer. She was gone but her younger sister took over. Knowing me for quite a while we decided to deepen our already existing relationship.

Had to do some family business later on and stayed upcountry for a couple of days to get things fixed. After that headed back to Pattaya.

Roads are improving more and more. If anybody likes to makes a trip to Isaan and driving a car or bike himself, no prob. Nowadays insurances are a must - even though they do not really cover any damage especially if you are a farang.

My advice : Take road 331 heading to Chachengsao, then change to road 304 pass by Kabin or stay a night there. Lots of cafes and the like for the truck drivers. There is a hotel directly at the market close to the big intersection of road 304 and the road that leads to Aran. Rooms are basic but clean and cheap. If you need something better move to Prachinburi. Some hotels there and a nice night market with lots of food stalls.

Head to Korat and don't miss Phi Mai. Move further north to Nong Kai. University girls available there as well.

You can also turn right at Patong Chai (close to Chok Chai) and head to Buriram, Surin, Kalasin and all those other places.

A much nicer trip but longer is the way over Rayong to Chantaburi and then heading north to Sa Kaeo where you turn right to Aran. Lots of Khmer girls there. Proceed north and you will end up in Buriram.

All roads are in a very good condition now. Many roads are extended to two lanes per direction. Drive at daytime and avoid the nighttime for several reasons :

1 ; lots of police checkpoints who usually pick farangs to check driver licence. No begging for money anymore which could be avoided anyway but was somewhat boring and annoying. Taksin, kudos.

2 : At evening and night lots of pedestrians and bicycles without any light. Also motorbikes and cars, but situation is improving as well.

3 : Buffalos will be brought home in the evening and they often do not behave as expected, running on the street. Buffalos have no natural enemies (besides a few tigers) anymore and do not scare anything. The horn at your bike or car doesn't even catch their attention.

Use smaller streets as often as possible. That way you will see more of the country and cruising is much nicer. On highways not much to see and lots of pollution from the exhaust of the trucks and diesel pickups.

Also beware that Taksin ordered the closure of petrol/gas stations after 10pm to save fuel. Doesn't make sense to me. Have seen many gas station opened after 10pm along highways but not as many as in the past and in-town they have to close as far as I know.

Coma Boy
10-22-04, 13:15
There is a small street with several beer and go-go bars in Chiang Rai. Very easy to take girls for ST or LT.

Plus it is reasonably easy to pick up freelancers in the two main discos.

10-27-04, 10:21
Hi from Nong Khai,

Day 7,

I missed the train to Si Saket this morning. For once I didn't check departure times and guess what happened. The train was half way to Si Saket when when I showed up at the RWS. I took the train to KhonKaen instead, where I changed to a bus for NongKhai. A non-air aircon bus. It must have been 35C plus in there. In Udon we got kicked out and got relocated to an ordinary, a real fan bus. Fans always work!
In NongKhai I checked in at my regular little place. They don't have much business anymore; most people go from/to Laos without stopping here.
In the evening I strolled through brothel alley and spent some time with a nice Lao girl (B200+tip) and later with a Loei girl who was with one of the hags domino pictured a few weeks ago. Hag looks better in the flesh! But loei girl looked a lot better still, so her it was. She took me to one of those 'keep your shoes on places'. There was a bed, a fan and a light bulb. And an awful lot of cobwebs. None of that intervered with the actual fucking part of the mission.
I paid Loei girl B200. No tip: No BJ and no photos. She was the first no photo girl of the trip...
Today earns *** out of a possible *****

Day 8,

Had a good time with yet another Lao lady, D from Vientiene. Again no BJ and no photos. But she was really into the fucking part, so OK there.
The second girl, Thai from NongKhai, was such a lousy fuck that Fuck and Forget is not enough to describe it.
I'll be somewhere else tomorrow
That makes just ** out of a possible ***** for day 8

Day 9,
Hi from Pilok,

This morning I took a B20 bus to Udon and a B171 aircon onward to Pilok(Pitsanulok). I arrived in good health and good spirit. I didn't take me long to get a room in the 'rathole' and get laid. I found my former student T, who - judging from her attire - now is a special agent for the FBI (Farang Bureau for Intercourse?). She followed me to my room for sucks and fucks and photos. Once again she performed well, introducing a new classic: Choking on my dick still pushing her head further down and mumbling 'Mai au'. You gotta love these girls and their skills. After I goo'ed her face she couldn't find the bathroom without my help.
After some very necessary clean-up T left with B220 in her purse - ready to serve another day.
Barely 2 hours later S caught my eye: Fat ass! Damn, I had to have her. I gave in immediately after she said that B200 was the price. After a shower she sucked life back into the equipment and then I doggied her for... ass long ass possible! I love the site of bouncing butt. When I stopped fucking her for a moment (Why the hell did I stop fucking her!?) she looked around at me and said: 'Go on'. Which I did. Finally, after a long time, she squeezed the juice out of me with her trembling pussy.
I tipped S B20 on top of the B200 we agreed on.

Day 10,

This morning I had a B120 fuck and forget with... forgot already. Barely an hour later, Meh was a much better choice for just B120...
The big whopper came in the afternoon with a wild threesum. A two hour B200+tip a piece fuckfest really set the day on fire. I could of course have gone to Eden and get the same plus strap-on act thrown in for B2800, but somehow I feel I had the much better deal.
In the evening I had a pre-sleep fuck with the ugliest hag on the block, 45yo T. She left her lipstick all over the rubber and then took a pounding that only the toughest can endure.
***** stars and there ain't no doubt about that!

Day 11,

Still in Pilok. I had another 3sum planned for the afternoon and kept a low profile until then. For previous triples, I chose one girl that I already knew plus a new one. I found out that the girl I knew gave much convidence to the new one, in fact, told her to do the stuff she didn't like doing. This time I opted for two that I'd been with before: Fat assed S and one of yesterday's threesum girls. Damn, did that work out well! They both tried very hard to do better than the other one. When I kindly asked them to kiss, they almost swallowed eachother's tongues! I'll not go into detail, just let ya know that I paid them B200 plus a small tip each for 90 minutes of pure fukken 3sum.
In the evening there was a congregation of the ugliest Pilok has to offer right outside my hotel. One-fang-lady was there, as was dead-woman-crawling and drunk-shoutiung-hag. I was very lonely this evening...
But, day 11 still gets **** out of *****!

RCA Knight
10-27-04, 17:54
Just took a disaster trip to totally off beaten path to west of Kanchanaburi.
My hunter friend came to Thailand again and wanted to explore unspoiled territories so we decided to head to Sangklaburi and one stop in Thom Pha Phum.

Took bus to Kanchanaburi from BKK and had to change another bus to Thom Pha Phum. It was long trip and we arrived pretty tired and looked around for a hotel. We did not know it was a long 3 day weekend, and everywhere was packed with Thai tourists. It took us lots of walking around town asking several hotels finally to get 2 rooms at a hotel that has no English sign. We were lucky some guys checked out after short time with some gals. The room was basic and has no hot water. 450 bahts.

After wash up about 9 PM, we walked around the market areas. The town only has one major street and we found several karaoke like establishments.
We went in and looked around all the places. One place had a few potentials so we stick around for some beer. I picked a somewhat cute and very white skin girl and later found out she is not really Thai. The mamasan said she is from nearby border of Myanmar and only 18 very fresh and she said the girl only recently open up. I decided to off with her. Mamasan demanded 2000 for this fresh one. I did not bargain because she look really fresh. So we went and my friend took another girl which do not appeal to me at all.

The sex was like a lesson to her. She has absolutely no idea what to do. And was dry like Sahara. Had to use lots of saliva and still could not get in. Finally
I got in and she said she hurt so much, so I basically lost interest. Gave her a small tip for being so fresh. The body was good. If she has been working for another 2 months I think she will be a good fun screw.

Next day boarded another bus head for the frontier territory of Sangklaburi. The road there was so mountaneous. We both felt a bit dizzy after the ride of 75 kilo of moutain swerves. We arrived and head for the lake and the Mon bridge where most tourists stay and again all the rooms were full for the long weekend. So we were told to go to town market areas for another hotel. We checked in hotel called Pornpalin in the market area. Stayed in for rest till 8 PM and went out for a meal at the market area.

We walked around and could not find any neon signs so we asked a motorbike boy if there is anything exciting going on. He said he can take us to see lady houses. So we went with him. Two big guys sitting on the same motorbike was pretty squeazy. He took us to a lady house. It was like a ordinary house with about 8 ladies in there. We did not like what we saw and the bike boy told us one more place and we went again. It was pretty far out of the market area into total darkness. There were about 7-8 ladies. And 2-3 of them were ok and young. Again I can tell they were from Myanmar. The mamasan said they have room upstiairs but we can take home too. So we choose to take home. 1500 each. She said till tommorrow ok.

So we took the same bike boy home and the girls ride their own wheel. Went up to the room started action. The girl understand my broken Thai. When I try to insert, I felt my stomach was weird so I went to the toilet first. This is the begging of my ordeal. I can feel a massive diarrea is coming. I must have stayed in toilet for about 30 min. She knocked on my door and said " bpen arai" (what happened). I told her I had a bad stomach. Then matter got worse. When I finished my dumping, there is no running water to flush. It was pretty nasty stuff. I told girl to go to front desk and tell them why no water. She came back and said the water tank is broken and no water and they will fix it. I wiped my ass and went out but after 3 min had to dump again. I then know I have a stomack infection from the food from the market. I had to in and out the toilet every 3 min and without water to flush it. The gal really had good personality. She knew my condition is getting bad and she wanted to bring me to public hospital which is in front of the hotel.

I really try hard to close my anus really tight so no water will leak and made to the hospital with her by walking. There were a few docters at the emergency. A lady docter attented me and she was very nice prescribed me tough medicine to stop diarrea also some other medicine to comfort the stomach and sport drinks. I took the medicine and came back to my room. The running water came and I finally can flush down the waste. My condition improved and went to toilet only 2 times during the whole night. The lady stayed with me and took care of me. Make sport drinks for me to supply fluid and salt for my body.

The next morning, she ordered rice porridge for me. I was feeling pretty weak from losing all the body fluids and do not take any food for a long time. I told my friend to go sightseeing with his gal and I will rest in hotel more. My diarrea finally stopped but still feel pretty weak. I told her to go home ok, but she said she can stay with me no problem. We decided to stay one more night to rest up before head back to BKK. The evening she did not go to work and stayed with me and took me on her motorbike to see the Lake. It was nice scenery but too many tourist for the long weekend. I finally recovered the energy enough to pound her at least one time before I go home. The sex was really good maybe because after 2 days taking care of me I developed some emotional bonding to her.

I and my friend left for BKK the next day. I gave her a big tip out of my heart. She deserves it. She is not super beauty but her personality definitely surpass any beauty. Sangklaburi is really a long way from BKK and is so hard to reach. I probably will never make this trip again and probabaly will never see her again. But this memory will probably stands out of any hunting trips in my life.

Cows Rule
10-30-04, 13:59
Not much info on Hue Hin so here you go.
Hue Hin is an easy place to pick up freelance. I had a LTR with a girl from this area (ex FL) and she seems to think 90% of the girls working in the bars are for sale, or for free.

The tourist area of Hue Hin is so small that you`ll have no problems finding the 2 small lanes where the 10 or so bars are situated, and where you`ll also find a mid ranged hotel, where getting your girl in is no probs.

At the end of the lane (on the coast) is a Hotel, there is a disco here most nights and the place is FULL of freelance. Some of them are lookers too.
There is also a bar at the other end of the bar road (sorry I forget names) which only has girls in it. As you walk past, they try to get you inside to buy drinks for them, save your money and don't go in. Its not a beer bar.
When mentioned I wanted some action to one of the girls I got a horrified look.

It was 11 month since I was there, so report any changes to this.

P.S Oily HJ are a must-do at the MP. Cows

11-05-04, 13:21

this, gentlemen, is the new sexual mxxxa. it may not have beaches, lager louts, speedos and tattooed thugs but it has a taste of the real thailand: pagodas, papayas and pam pams. i will be getting my ass rimmed there in late november if anyone cares to watch. i will also get the ladies to do a 3 sum or more with each other for you benefit. that should set me back about 600 baht but, hey, that is why they exist. the lady in charge is an old hag. i would sure like to fuck her just so i can get bragging rights. when you wish upon a star...............

keep up the good work rca knight. well done for doing the star trek for the weaklings. your insights are always highly valued.

11-05-04, 22:11
Domino - "Site has exceeded it's bandwidth allowance" - care to share what the location (somewhere in Thailand??) is?

11-06-04, 06:02

It seems I can FINALLY post again!
So here are some major asssets of that place: 200 baht a piece threesum ladies without ANY fukken bullshit.

No dumbfuck Marc who wtches his watch, no so called lesbian show. If you ask them to kiss, they kiss. Please tip generously; B40 per piece of ass will give you more and bigger smiles than BKK gives you in a fortnight!

There are some eight to ten ladies available most of the day, so you do the math on the number of combos possible.

Dinghy, dammit, Domino and his previous incarnations as well as myself have posted on this wonderful spot for years!

11-06-04, 06:11

Here's some more of Piloks asssets.
Now get on that B56 train and go there!

11-06-04, 08:26
Great reports and great photos: I think what makes the photos is that the babes are both Sumosized. I will bonk these bare bottomed babes before long. I think the geocities page is in for a lot of hits. The only problem with Pilok Fuck Central is the noisy traffic (and the rat in the toilet). I think flying up there makes sense: it costs a mere Bkk bonk to do so. I also wish there was more upscale shopping outside of Bkk: a Panthip Plaza in the sticks would also help.

11-06-04, 14:25

Great title, what?
I love the rat but saw it only once when it was nibbling on a dead cockroach. Perhaps the poison that did the roach in passed the rat on to its next life aswell...
This Fucker is quite happy with Fuck Central Pilok: He brings EARPLUGS and hears no noise!

11-11-04, 00:47
Could anyone update me on the scene in Udon Thani, and the friendly hotels please ?

11-12-04, 06:21
Niiiiiiice ass shots Freeler! You are doing the damn thing! :D

11-12-04, 15:56
Thanks, this is what I was afraid of. But how do you explain that all the guide speak about Udon Thani as THE entertainment centre of Isaan since the Vietnam War, with plenty of bars ?

11-12-04, 17:14

Shoot me a pm with email addy if you want more phots.

11-12-04, 19:44
Jesus H Christ!

Talk about something that might give a man suicidal tendancies. I'll stick to the 1000 Baht single fine ass in BKK. To each his own I guess.

I admit that I'd let those 200 Baht babes suck my cock, but shit! I'll be damned if I'm going to stick my dick anywhere near those caverns.


Chock Dee Tuk Wahn

11-12-04, 21:30
Erik - simple, they closed the US air base years ago. The girls went to Pattaya

Coma Boy
11-14-04, 20:12
Great photos!

Kind of freaky, but a turn-on nonetheless.

11-16-04, 01:09
Thanks. What about Khon Khaen. Any interesting scene out there ? Besides, is it a pleasant city to stay for a while ?

11-16-04, 05:40

I always liked Khon Kaen, but there isn't really 'a scene' apart from the usual karaokes. Most places are East and South-East of the aircon bus terminal.
Sometimes girls hang out outside hotels, but not always - or even often:(.
Hotels are on the road that runs South-North just West of the aircon bus terminal.
Nice thing about KK for the first time visitor: There are signs pointing to such places as the bus terminals and railwaystation. The daymarket is one of the best in the Kingdom. Restaurants next to Roma Hotel serve great Laat-na and Phet Yaang.

11-16-04, 23:45
Do you know what is the current price in Khon Khaen in the KTV ? Are there any Soapies ? I understand KK is a university center, what about the opportunities there ? Do you know any conmortable, cheap and girl friendly hotel ?

11-17-04, 06:06

I always like Roma hotel. Rooms start at B200 for basic fan. Add B30 per item: second bed, TV. I believe air starts at B300. They are popular, arrive early or phone ahead.
You could also try 'the villa', perhaps 50 yards North of the airterminal. Three years ago, I had a large, clean aircon room there for just B200.
I did not run in to roaming Uni girls yet...
There are big hotels in KK; there must be soapies - You may recall that I am not a big fan of soapies.
The KTV can be confusing: Some KTV's do and some simply do not allow girls to go outside and prices can be high for this type of entertainment in Isaan. The biggest KTV I guess is just SE of the old daymarket. I posted a map on the old forum, but the link is broken:(.
Of course, trishaw riders are always willing to bring you places, but their basic line is: Lady, 500 baht!

Coma Boy
11-20-04, 20:42
Okay, so not much of scene for mongers in Khon Kaen, but should you find yourself there I highly recommend hunting at the discos, especially those at the Novotel and Charoen Thani hotels.

Plenty of get-able girls at those places; freelancers, opportunist-freelancers, and just girls wanting to have fun.

For students and other younger-chicks check out the Times Square bars.

Every hotel I have ever stayed at in Khon Kaen has been guest-friendly.

Speaking good Thai or Issan is extremely useful in Khon Kaen.

11-22-04, 03:35
Philok’s skanks sure like my toys: these include a rubber ball which I use to play Fetch with them and a toy doggie bone which I also get them to fetch like little terriers (give the dog a bone as dogs like being boned). It was fun watching these terriers scurry up and down the hall, their big asses sagging to and fro, as they barked, begged and fetched for Master. I also fucked them, doggie style of course. I got them to eat out each other, rim each other and, get this: I got the dwarf to fuck the motorbike driver who took me from the airport (200 baht including the taxi fare). I made him wear his helmet – the head one. He declined a condom and thought the Skinless One (Okamoto rubber that is) was a big joke. Thais are a fun lot. And so, I guess, are their diseases.

But I treated my hired 3 holing skanks with all the respect they deserve. I even bought flowers for them (which I placed, with all due decorum, up their pussies and up their asses so I could photo them). In deference to Terry Troll’s “extensive” if unreported experience, I did not call these roses skanks, sloats, whares or anything of the sort. No. I used nice words like: Labrador, terrier, bulldog, geometry, Plato, Aristotle, calculus. For I too am an altruist, bringing kind words, flowers and money to Thailand’s poor so they can buy their babies milk, yabba and whisky; far be it from me to call a skank a skank. The stray dogs on the street are “nice” if anyone wants to “adopt” one. Me, I’m just a plain vanilla pervert. So I only do 2 legged dogs. Tomorrow, I might see if one of the skanks will fuck a stray 4 legged dog for 200 bt but you gotta tune in again for that. Terry Troll will, of course, as he has nothing else to do except his “business” which brings him to exotic places like Heathrow airport.

And, yes, Freeler, I finally fucked the flat chested 70 something hag in chief. As I am a charmer, I found the way to her heart: 1,300 baht but now I get to wear the t shirt. Lots of lube is recommended, she is not. I have fucked worse. And so, no doubt, has she.

Having a mini army of skanks in the room with me begged the question: why does Terry Troll pay Eden’s skanks to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) over him? The stench alone…..God, guess how many gallons of frothing yellow swill these jumbos could produce? Talk about whatever floats your boat:(

Although most skanks are 200 bt or so a squirt, I throw money around here; literally: down the hall and watch them scurry after it. Ten of them for the price of one Sukumvit clapped out skank-tramp. Philok’s skanks are good and upright: what with all those mouths and lazy brothers/pimps they have to feed. The room is 150 baht. The rat is fine and, as always, be sure to hide your good towel.

Skank facts : Hotels by railway station, prices expensive but bearable (150-300 baht), all are 3 holers, most have 2 tits and a nose, looks (best not to ask), photos yes, photogenic no, diseases (this is Thailand and these are skanks), other amenities are all on hand. Some good nearby tourist sites (ask The Traveller or Skinless for photos of the famous temple; Skinless has grown up women in his). This is a good location, near Sukhothai and other famous ancient sites and on the main Bkk-C Mai train/bus run and is good for branching west towards the Myanmar border as well. Once you go north, TAT tells us that all LOS has is temples and skanks. Depending on your arrival time, it might make sense to fly out of BKK immediately. The flight to here is only about 1,000 baht.

Belguel : For those of you who remember his Moroccan photos, many of mine are similar: stuffed, bound and caged skank for you to drool over. Belguel, you may remember, pissed into their mouths, to general acclaim here but not El Domino (!) of the golden mickey mike. But what I did was pretty sick all the same. The photos of them wrapped in yellow and green cling wrap with plastic dildos protruding out of their hairy orifices will not be to everyone’s taste (lovers of surreal art aside). Something like those movies we have all seen of Thai skanks (lovely Isaan roses, if you prefer) being humped by chickens, horses, pigs, goats and well hung donkeys. Not high end, shall we say. There was also a good photo on one of the African boards: some dude had about twenty sultry skanks on one bed staring out at us like extras in Night of the Zombie Dick Eaters. Although Belguel and “Africa” have the eye, I just have the raw material: a hotel full of delectable Thai skanks, that I call my isosceles triangles.

That Asshole
11-22-04, 09:18
To recover after Cambodia, I decided to see some quiet Thai countryside and meet some nice people. After visiting Isaan one develops a quite different opinion about Thais. There are actually Thai people who are genuinely friendly and not just for the cash like in Phuket or Pattaya. It never seemed possible for me to make friends with a Thai in Pattaya but it may be just possible in Isaan. What a discovery!

The other discovery is that the meat that we farangs are fed in Phuket and Pattaya is all crap compared to the beauties of regular chicks everywhere in the country but especially in Udon Thani. I have never seen so many totally beautiful women as in that town. Of course they are not easily available for farang. Saw farangs but always with the uglies.

In the two weeks didn't get laid. And it was so good. But could have if I wanted to. Here is the story:

Started in Khorat.
Yes, there is some park with ugly women. Passed on that one. Had a look at the massage parlours instead. Ginza was nearest to my hotel. Usual fishbowl setup. I am the only farang in sight. Order a cola. Papasan comes over. He is very friendly, even overly so. Speaks good English.

We chat a bit, "where are you from, etc". Informs me of the prices. 1200 B in the fishbowl and the higher quality girls outside, the part-timers are 2000 B for 90 minutes, all incl. The ones in the fishbowl were okay but nothing special. However some of the part-timers were very-very good. In fact there was one girl there so beautiful that it totally amazed me.

Perfect magazine-cover stock. 2000B is a lot of cash but I figured that even just to hold her tits would be worth it. She was like that amazing. I asked papasan if the girls liked farang. He said:"No problem, sure!"

So I pointed out the magazine-girl to him. He walked over to talk with her. I could see that the girl indicated she was not interested. Papa came back and said that the girl had pain in her tummy and cannot take a big dick. So my dreams of fucking a fotomodel in Khorat got shattered.

Could have done some other girl but they didn't excite me that much. After all I was very well fed in Cambodia. Had a look at some Karaoke bars and called it a day. I was the only farang everywhere. Managers usually seemed welcoming and spoke good English but the meat not so much.

There are soapies in Khon Khaen, Udon Thani and Ubon too. Prices pretty similar, I guess. Didn't have a look at those .

In Khorat while buying some food, got into talking with a local little girl she seemed quite interested but language problems prevented further developments of course. In another instance in the hotel in Ubon, opposite my room was staying a girl who always gave me that talk to me/ fuck me look everytime I passed by. She was literally staring. Not too bad looking but I am very vary of 'regular women'. They are always trouble. I like pro hookers.

In Roi Et the jeweller introduced me to her girls who worked there. He said they were looking for boyfriends. Just giggle-giggle but left it at that. Who has money for them? By the way, there are girls everywhere who want to practise their English and meet foreigners.

Also in Roi Et while sitting by that big lake and reading some book I noticed a very cute looking little girl. She was feeding the fish. There are tons of it in that water. She was very petite and looked very young from the distance, like 16-17. I couldn't see her face.

Anyway, I kept reading and the next thing I know she is standing there and asking "what are you reading?" Totally surprised me. In fact she was cute but older than I first thought, and rather 25 or 26. Very petite and pretty. We got into some talking. She was also just a visitor from another town, holidaying with her friends. Then we went shopping together which just turned out to be window-shopping as the shops were about to close. She asked if I was travelling alone and I lied, saying my GF was staying in the hotel. One can never be careful enough with them meat in any country. Anyway, she gave me her cellphone number, without me asking. But I enjoyed having no meat around for a while and of course didn't call her.

By the way the taxi drivers in Udon and other large towns usually speak some English and they promised me meat. But I wasn't really hungry.

Apart from all these, I had the most excellent, relaxing time in Isaan. Highly recommended.

The Traveler
11-22-04, 12:12

don't reply to Mr. D.'s insults, he isn't worth it.
I won't do either.

Jack Spratt
11-22-04, 13:39
Shit Domino, you have become so fucking predictable and boring. Almost time to adopt a new persona, and start giving us all the shits as someone else.


Terry Terrier
11-22-04, 13:44

I really don't mind his insults when his posts are as funny as the last one. It's when he takes himself seriously that I start to worry.

Anyone have any experience of pissing at the Eden Club? Waffler has got my curiosity up. What does it taste like? Please don't reply '[CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)'.


Terriers don't play 'fetch'. They are bred and trained to hunt and kill rats and suchlike.

11-22-04, 18:02
You are a fucking lunatic... I like your last report as it includes facts and your twisted way of seeing things ....:D.... And funny.

Keep up the good work and stay sane. Any pictures to scare us?


11-23-04, 03:30
:( Terry the Terrier died late last night. :(

I bought a dog, an ugly mongrel terrier from some motorbike taxi dudes hanging around the brothel on the next road moving away from Phitsanalok train station. The glue sniffing type skanks (isosceles triangles = Its) there lack self esteem, I feel. This is fine if you are a Looking 4 Lefty who just wants to cornhole them, or a 3Fer who likes skank fests with the grotesque and deformed. I got one babe with a withered right arm; her teeth, what remained of them, needed lots of work but my 200 baht should go a long way to fixing either of them.

But I’m kinda broke now. This is because the mutt, Terry the Terrier as I fondly called it, cost me 170 baht, the price of an iced coffee and a hand job. I brought Terry back to HQ and all the Its made a meal of it, saying profane things to it in Thai. I joked along with them and signaled that we should put a condom on Terry. They laughed at this, like they do at all safe sex allusions. Dogs don’t seem to like condoms – which was fine by the dogs on duty. I got the Its to work up Terry by stroking its shriveled little dick and massaging its tiny red marbles (they do testicle massage too here in Philok). Then one of the Its made Terry really hard and started to gobble him, at which point the other Its cracked up laughing and I got out the video camera. Terry seemed happy enough even if his little brain was confused.

It was funny watching the dog begin mounting the skank with all the stoic seriousness that our own trolls might use when they are trying to be self important. Terry seemed to frown – especially when entry was denied. Then he went nuts, kinda like our own Terry Troll does every two or so posts. Then this little fucker started barking at me and me alone like one of our own sick, sad and demented little spam puppies. That’s when I calmed him down, whispered reassuringly to him, petted him on the head, picked him up by the hind legs and fucked him out the window. There was a dull thud down below. Then………..nothing.

11-23-04, 04:16
Encore! Encore!

That was a brilliant write-up. It had me laughing at a time when I needed a good laugh. Namely, my first day back in America.

I'm in Sticksville, OK at the moment. It's funny to look around at the truck stops. We have our own version of ITS here as well. I'm not so sure they will have sex with a dog yet, but give them some time. The dollar might fall far enough for that to happen. :)

Thanks for the laugh,

Terry Terrier
11-23-04, 09:42

Talking of the Waffler, he's just made his first ever post in the Philippines section. What does he do in this first ever post? Of course, He tries (totally gratuitously) to kick up a 'kiddy fucker' argument!!! Poor Philippines section.

NURSE! The patient has escaped!

The Traveler
11-23-04, 19:24

this discussion is going on for too long. There is no progress and there won't be any in the future. I currently try to calm it down, since either side can't "win" a discussion like that, whatever "win" means on the net.

Sure, sometimes I like to make fun out of him and show his insanity. I could easily respond to him too (itchy fingers of course) but what for ?
It's solely between him and me and nobody else is interested in it. Therefore I let him have the last word and kindly ask you to lay it to rest too.

The forum is cluttered with personal attacks, flaming and insults between different people. Let's get it back on track and remember the purpose of the forum, which wasn't a platform for personal warfare. Let's also honor Jackson's efforts for us.

I believe that Domino is a bright guy but emotionally instable. So prove that you are the better man and ignore his insults in the future. Don't worry, the vast majority of the members do not like this "punching each other" and the one who will go on will look even more foolish.

Maybe one day he will able to control his emotions and his character will match his mental abilities. Even though that might be a long way or never be the case we should give him and the forum a chance. Never give up hope.

11-24-04, 01:39
On to Sukhotai where I hired a bike and had a fine time, riding round, bare from the waist up, listening to Steppenwolf’s Born 2b Wild and allowing the Lonely Planet types to admire my physique that Zeus himself would envy. The best thing about the ruins is you can ride all round them and get plenty of fresh air and sun. But, after a long day of Sukhothai riding, Master felt he needed some Philok riding. Last time he stayed in Sukhothai but he feels that is for LP types and those striking west; brothel dogs are more Master’s thing. The ability to clock up the miles and the sun (don’t forget your sun block boys) appealed to him more than the ruins which wear thin on repeat visits. Bring plenty of water as that sun is ruthless; I got through almost 4 liters.

Master got back before the day crew knocked off. Although Terry the Terrier smiled up at me from their dinner plates; as he had already eaten, Master declined their kind offer to dine with them. Domino wired up his lap top and put on some sounds. He then paid his well fed bears to dance, mostly salsa and meringue, though The Good Hearted Woman, of all abominations, was also popular. No Dixie Chicks though as I don’t know where the Philok Chicks stand on Dubya and the Iraqi war. The Babes also did some Thai dancing for Master; am I the only one here who marvels at how they can bend their fingers? One of the quirky tests I do with all my Thai fillies is to get them to contort: gentlemen, all Thais have great skills there, are they multi jointed? The dwarf was, as ever, great but the gone to seed chef ( aka “I am the Walrus”) needed some prodding so Domino obliged. Master pointed at his dick and said “You either dance or you fuck. Which is it to be?” Well, as she is not the sporty type, Chef chose the fuck. But I was not into it.

I got Chef to shave my balls and the hairs coming out of my ass (200 bt well spent, oral cleaning thrown in). She did a fine job and now my butt is just like Terry’s face: nice and clean but dirty inside. I am particularly pleased that all the “jungle hairs” are gone. The dwarf later ate me out. Gentlemen, we should always feed the poor. Especially on Thanksgiving Day;)

11-24-04, 04:29
Dom i no,

"He then paid his well fed bears to dance, mostly salsa and meringue..."

Some very funny stuff, brilliant hallucination of Issan. I'm glad I'm not there with you. :D

Everybody needs medication. But not everybody takes it. In some cases that's good.


11-26-04, 03:55
we’ve had a few showers here early morning. rain showers terry:( with some time to go before leaving philok, i read over [CodeWord103] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord103) terry’s earlier april posts. seems, before embarking on earlier flame wars with the traveller against bill etc, he was in bkk in april where he bought over priced tours at the airport (ha ha) and paid some tramp a whopping 3,000 baht to plop the goodies on him. his only “reports” outside of the thailand section are a few inane letters to the editor types complaining like some pissued upon old woman about something or other. no informative posts of his "extensive" experience outside the thai section and none inside of his newbie experience either.

seems i can’t avail of his extensive mongering experience. me: i am going to phrae, then to nan and thence to c rai, c mai etc. have to check out those 85% hiv rates. hopefully i will make it to the myanmar border and do some hairless pussy (of legal age traveller)
traveller: another little present for you:
you are in deep shit. how terry must envy you;) looking forward to reading your newest explanation for fucking **** girls.

trolltraveller bottom line: you have broken thailand's child prostitution laws in a big way. your lies, backtracks and silly slanders cannot change that. you said you checked the id afterwards, not before. guess you need to backpedal once again on your lies here. you are guilty as charged.
greetings eveyone else from heaven. yes, we did enjoy thanksgiving day. a few of the motorbike taxi dudes called around for a bonk fest. one had a guitar. i did mostly bob dylan (lay lady lay) though my bob marleys ( no money no honey, one love, one heart) both went down well and the ladies joined in, as best they could, on the chorus. finally i did a great eric clapton (wonderful tonight). then i did a great dwarf.

she is simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone i ever met and the love and gratitude with which she enveloped my dick caused any ideas of dwarf throwing competitions and the like to flee from me. any of you guys needing to adopt a thai skunk should give her proper consideration. perhaps i can procure her for a good owner;)

all good things must end. i feel philok needs a break. i have my train ticket booked: north towards the golden triangle, via c mai:( but with lots of raunchy detours:). like all of you, i have really enjoyed alexander the great’s informative posts on the pattaya and bkk boards. great to know there is now another fine poster showing how it is done. yes vrginai, there is a santa claus. please try to learn from him.

god bless you all. rest assured you are all in our prayers. please, please stay out of the sun.

El Culion
11-26-04, 07:43

I'm in Udon right now. What a complete waste of time and money. Since I can't change my flightdate without paying a hefty fine I'll have to stick it out. There's not much to do here. A few farang bars near the bus station/ Robinson Dept Store. I haven't visited discos and it seems that the action is mostly restricted to karaokes.
However, if you still feel that you should still visit this hole I'll give you a few details.
As far as hotel are concerned, don't go to the Charoense Palace Hotel where I am. I found out last nigt that the Karin Hotel, 37 Watthananuwong Rd, tel. 042-320515, fax 320523 offers a much better deal. There are a few bars in Panprao Rd near the Charoense Palace, catering mostly to locals. Took a skank from there last night for 400 baht(barfine included). She made such an effort to please me that I tipped her 100 baht.

A little further up the same road there's a restaurant where they serve quite good food at a low price.

The Traveler
11-27-04, 00:57

it's in vain, I won't keep this debate going on any further.
You might keep insulting me, I don't care, all you do is looking foolish and ugly.
It's like spitting vertical in the air. If your spittle is coming down, it will hit you in the face, nobody else

11-27-04, 02:31
Good: I am glad you are going to stop. I hope you get the Golden Boy to stop too. I hope people will respect Thai law in the future and realise the risks they run. I laos hope you will reflect deeply on your past actions.

Phrae going well. My ass continues to get rimmed. Nice chats about wais etc by Posterlion and Philo. Very edifying.

Domino (pizzas on the move)

The Traveler
11-27-04, 10:04

being a polite person I respond to "wais" and greetings of any kind.
So I say bye bye to you as well and hope you will stop too.

You have done enough damage to the forum and turned a good intention into a bad story. If you should decide to go on, remember that nobody is interested in what you say and therefore you would only talk to yourself.

12-01-04, 13:41
Phi: Am reading Da Vinci Code. Such a crock of shit. Who reads that stuff;)
Pie: Lots of pussy here, I did the caged ladies but am concentrating on the Italian sweeties. I have gorged too much on Thais. Time to share the love.

Pai: Is a few hours from C Mai. Lots of planes to Pai, C Mai and Mae Hung Song (that I should have skipped). Besides tasting the caged hookers - I wonder, thinking of showing respect to these ladies, who besides Meatman is observing the African photos - these Lonely Planet types are the way to go. And who better to help them discover themselves than Leonard de Domino. Really shooting fish in a barrel. The best way to do these places is by motorbike. I have teamed up with a sweet Italian lady (dulce et decorum) and we are having fun visiting tribes and doing horizontal religous rites. Oh: Internet here is expensive (40 bt gb), as are iced coffees etc. It is a little Kao San Road all on its own.

Lod Cave: Freeler I presume you have visited this. We biked out from Pai, I paid 100 bt each, and 400 for a return row. The caves, canyons, hot springs etc are nice and the tour guide is funny, in a nice way. (poor English, great effort). The cave and the pretty backpackers are worth seeing. So are Pai's brothel cages.

Basic: Pick your NW town and travel from there,

12-01-04, 14:10
It is nice to see you in a romantic mood and sightseeing the country side. What a great opportunity to learn Italian. I'm sure you will charm your Italian sweety with your presence. Maybe even get some.


12-01-04, 16:07
Nice reporting Domino. One day I'll take a trip to the OTHERLANDS. I'll wait until I get bored with Bangkok most likely. I'm not sure why that is but it's probably because I'm kinda lazy. Hell... I've not even gone to Pattaya yet. lol :)


12-02-04, 14:28
This Italian lady is sweet: educated, well read, likes opera (don't we all), cultivated, educated, sophisticated. Perfect. Body that is.

I am surprised, when looking at nampa on the Japan board, no one has ever gone after the Lonely Planet honies. They are here discovering themselves (with some help) etc. etc. I told her I need time alone today. (I wil give her a poem tonight: women like all that shit; I might even read her palam which is always a great leg opener)

I did Denis Hopper again today (Zen and the Art of ...). I spent it visiting tribal hangouts. The first place was the most bizarre: drove in past a military checkpont to see a waterfall. Meet two farang and a Thai on 3 bikes, selling ganja hidden in the trees. Into the village where about 20 hill tribe babes spent their time trying to sell me ganja and heroin. Domino went on to the waterfall: helped two Singapore chicks, perved at a French beauty, returned to the village and parked the bike. The place was a pig sty. Literally: pigs everwhere. and garbage. And women trying to sell ganja (if you don't want ganja, they presume you want heroin: probably mean opium). If you want neither, they want you gone.

Domino took in the guys (lean, machettes and at least two hunting rifles, common enough). He gets off the bike and gives the signal: no firewater or peace pipe, a squaw will do. The squaws are assembled. So too are the pigs (you get to fuck a pig in Thai jails so let's not knock it, even though I was saving that line for..). Anyway guys: if you come to this village for a fuck, FUCK THE PIG. If that village is not HIV rife, my name is not John T Skinless (oops). This also explains the attraction of this town to the LP brigade and the undertones of caged brothels etc.

I left that place and ended up back on the Mae Hung Song road,. I went up a fucking mountain through another military check point, following a motorbike taxi to the middle of nowhere. I gave up on that after falling off the bike three times (I could not even do it in first gear).

Back on the Mae Hung Song road. Hit the Lisu and Hmongs selling bags etc. The Hmong do nice sweet potatoes and corn on the cob. Drank some coffee and chatted up a Lisu who spoke some English. She has 2 babies and has been married twice (once in Philok). (She knew exactly which tribe was selling the ganja). I asked her why the plice check point where she is. Hijackers about 20 years ago. Cops: the cops/armies carry automatic assault rifles along the Mynamar border. Cool guys, lots of checkpoints with faces you don't give shit to. She told me some of her villagers were married to farang: Dane, German and a few others. We got on well. I drove her back at 3 pm to the village (Lisu on the main Mae H Song road). All the women were signalling that I was right for a ride. (two joining fingers is how they do it). They wear a lot of clothing and it hard getting through it. I gave her 200 baht for a feel and for her baby. Shit, if I am hanging out with the LP crowd, may as well act the part. I would not advise fucking the tribal ladies.

They seem to be two sorts: the first village where they are dregs in looks and hygiene and the clean, strong type where you wil need the right setting, like staying near them.

Getting to these places is not a problem with planes. It is good to see a different Thailand and a different type of tourist.

Posterlion: I do remember thwt earlier "spat". warning you IN CAPITALS and you replying in kind. You got a lot out of Bkk. Places like Chiang Mai and Pai probably attract, proportionately, a higher percentage of Posterlions.

This town, however, is, on the surface, given over totally to the backpacker crowd. Interestingly, driving up those back roads (10 miles in one case), there are a few big houses and little resorts literally in the middle of nowhere. The Thai entrepreneurs here in Pai are the ganja loving sort too. The Lisu lady told me all that ended about 20 years ago. The same year Pattaya stopped being a sex tourist destination;)

12-02-04, 21:00
Ever listen to Jussi Bjorling ? Great stuff.


12-03-04, 09:22
Can't say I have. Last night:(: I met the Loveely Rosa de Roma. Laid it on thick, the palm read was a great success, as was the bs over pasta and coffee. We got back to my place around midnight, settled in, groped, finding ourselves. Then the Aussies attacked. Three fat witches, making their beds, talking in their nasal accents. And.......vomiting. Vomiting non stop into three buckets. Have you ever tried fucking a lovely Italian lady while three fat Ocker oafs puked their guts up in the adjoining rooms. Romantic it is not. I wanted to punch thier lights out. But bashing Babes does not impress quality:(: I walked her back to her place and went hope to sleep alone wishing I had a plug for my nose.

I drove back out to the Lisu lady today but they are not my type. The cleaner ones are pretty, in he way that Native Americans a little too fond of Big Macs could be labelled pretty. They call these roads the roads of 1,000 hairpin bends. Good ganja gowing countrt.

More competition: Thai guys are fucking the Lonely Planet babes. I am sure they have all the tarot etc tricks too. Good luck to them.

Pai, Mae Hung Song verdict: The backpackers are worth exploring if you are into that. I imagine some guys are scoring with the tribal women (those hanging out in Pai speak good pidgin English, are ok pretty, but are probably sharp enough as lots of guys with their first beard growth will be trying their luck with them).
Serious mongering destination? No but that is is charm, I guess. The young European ladies are very nice. The Ocker women out of university: you can keep them and their puke. Soon be time for fresher pastures.

12-03-04, 18:29
Thanks for thinking of me Mr. D. :)

I'm not sure what to make of your meaning but it's no big deal, glad to see you are having fun up there. I'm still in Okieville.

I was reading one of your posts in the Cambo section where you mentioned that I was stealing ideas. I guess you where refering to the fat chicks, but I'm not sure.

One thing though, if it's a good idea than it is going to be stolen. If I stole one of your ideas then take it as the compliment that it most surely is.

take 'em sleazy and keep sending the intel,

12-04-04, 04:05
Posterlion Bertold Brecht did not recognize the concept of private property in ideas so why should I? All Western literature is only a rehash of a few fables, in any event. I am sure the fat lady remark was supposed to be a quip. Anyway, I am far from flat ladies and literature now.

I am in Chiang Mai with my piece of Italian perfection. I have now learned something: Italian is not only the best language to sing in; it is the best language for wmen to come in. Up till now, my favorites had been French and Spanish. Now, the longtrek home into the Mother womb begins.

some skank facts: Bus from Pai to Mai: gotta make sure you get a seat as lots of back packers. The road is shaped like a roller coaser so maybe travel on an empty stomach. The man action in Pai is undoubtedly the backpacking condom packing Euros, Aussies and Americans. Soem nice ones to be had and the Thai guys are getting plenty of action.

12-04-04, 05:06
I have now learned something: Italian is not only the best language to sing in; it is the best language for wmen to come in. Up till now, my favorites had been French and Spanish.

That is a good point: Italian is my second favourite native language for girls, the first is Brazilian Portuguese. They are musical and sexy languages, ideal for a female voice while she talks BS before you profane her sacred holes.

12-05-04, 00:14
Dear Domino and Gladiator,

I am reading every day every new posts here about Thailand cause after been 2x in Russina, Brazil and many times in Czech and Slovak Republic, I am looking forward to go to magic Thai. I am Italian so what do you exactly mean as favourite language for women? I prefer spanish or even Russian language I like, Italian, probably cause it is mine language, but I don't like so much, specially when woman speaks Italian...it most of time means. NO GFE! Lol but TRUE!


12-07-04, 20:58
Lukasek, it’s about the musicality of Italian pronunciation, which makes it sound feminine and passionate.

12-08-04, 23:28
Dear Gladiator,

It SOUNDS passionate, but they seldom are. Or better from my experience italians girls are nothing special and judging by the amount of italians I found everytime I go out of Italy, this is not only my point of view about our women, however Thanks!


12-19-04, 13:15

I will be working in Ubon Ratchathani in the new year. I notice there is nothing in the forum at all about action in that part of Thailand. It seems that nothing much happens in eastern Thailand. However, I refuse to believe that the locals there are all monogamous. Surely, there must be parlours, fish bowls, go-go bars, soapies .... something in Ubon Ratchathani.

Does anyone know what the scene is like there?

If not, can anyone point me in the right direction for a parlour or soapie?

Can anyone give me a contact number?

Finally, if all else fails ... can someone tell me how to ask the tuk-tuk driver to take me to the right place?

If I discover anything, I will post it here for sure.