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05-27-04, 20:35
One piece advise for those that get infected by the anal bacteria.

Drink lots and lots of water, it will flush out the bacteria from the system.

Always use condom when going backdoor.

05-28-04, 10:35
Boxcc, Meat Man,

You are both right. Belguel's pics encapsulate what mongering is really about: lots of lovely chicas, with many of then having been cream-faced! Yes indeed, this monger gets my vote.

As to Anal in Muslim women: I guess that it exists, and the argument about going anal to keep the virginity intact is good one.

CanCan: excellent advice about the covered anal, and drinking water if infected. As a matter of fact I drink a lot of water before any sex session just to be able to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) like horse after the play.



05-29-04, 02:53
Havanaman wrote
excellent advice about the covered anal, and drinking water if infected. As a matter of fact I drink a lot of water before any sex session just to be able to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) like horse after the play.

Gosh! that's something I never thought of doing! I do protect myself when having sexual intercourse but, hardly [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) after the deed...Guess I'll start doing that.


Yeah! Max is no fucking joke! He plows those holes like none other. LOL!!

05-29-04, 16:23

Take a look at some of the Great pics from Faguoren (Table of Contents > Asia > China > Photo Gallery):

jenny_ready_to_fck_doggy.jpg, and jenny_fked_1.jpg.

My personal favourite: jenny_pssy_closup.jpg

Regards, Havanaman

Late Night
05-31-04, 03:57
It's funny how we think alike. I practice the same and drink few glasses right before sex or I can have a nice washout in the shower.

Street Car
06-03-04, 12:39
Good day gentlemen,

This is my first time into your domain and I find it very interesting. I frequent Health Centres and Spa in Kuala Lumpur but have not been able to find a joint where the ladies offers anal? Any suggestions?

Street Car

06-03-04, 20:29
If you want to find out if the girl would accept backdoor ,just stick your middle finger and watch her reaction. If she doesn't complain and moans, chance is very high she will let your big finger get inside her tight hole. Be very gentle though.

Usually I don't carry with me a lube, cause the deed always happen in the most unexpected moment and i'm always unprepared. If the girl gets wet a lot, vaginal juice works as a lube when sticking it at the rear.

06-08-04, 19:42
Can Can, that always happens to me, I never have any lube when I need it! You don't get many chances to do anal with a SW, so when it does happen, you have to be prepared. But, I never seem prepared for it! I know I should be like a boy scout and be always prepared, but it just can't happen that way. It would be a little hard to explain to the wife why I'm carrying KY jelly in the truck! lol.

06-08-04, 20:09
>It would be a little hard to explain to the wife why I'm carrying KY jelly in the truck!

"You know what they say about squeaky wheels, Honey?"

Street Car
06-09-04, 04:53

Thanks for the tip! KY Jelly in my car,I'll just tell my wife that it's for the squeaky joints. LOL.

Street Car

06-09-04, 09:10

“Boxcc honey, the FedEx guy left this large 20 by 10 box of KY for you, what the…”
“Yes darling, John at the yard said it was good for lubing up the flange-crank piston, the ring and shaft chamber”
“Oh, I see…”
“You wouldn’t want me to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with an over-tight crank-shaft chamber would you?

The plot shouldn't be allowed to thicken....

Regards, Havanaman

06-09-04, 09:18

On a serious note (I know, that’s not like me but hey…) I got caught without lube recently (see a few reports ago) and found that spittle (from a great height, directly onto the condom as and when needed) dose the trick very well. I withdraw as much as I dare without the pop-out, give a few spits, and start ploughing again. Works fine.

I always have condoms with me. In BA I used local condoms and found that they give you a small plastic sachet of lube. Not seen these in Europe, and for the life of me can not remember the name…

Regards, Havanaman

06-09-04, 21:11
Havanaman, ROFLMAO! I can see that happening. My wife is very understanding, but I don't think she is that damn understanding! lol.

I'll try the old spit on the knob routine next time, but I sure wish they sold boxes of condoms in the US with lube already inside. The guy who came up with that is a marketing genius!!!

06-10-04, 16:09

Most pharmacies now sell the tiny packs of lube you can keep in your wallet. One guy suggested recently that you can also keep KY in those small shampoo bottles you usually get at the hotels. This is a handy decoy. Just be sure you do not forget and use it as shampoo. (That is if you do not want your hair to stand on end).

The only drawback with the tiny tubes is the small quantity. You usually find that after the initial anal penetration you would need more to keep things nice and smooth.

It's also quite an erotic sight to see all that lube around the asshole while you pump it up. So, get those under-size packs but get enough to keep the two of you happy.


06-10-04, 20:31
Just to change the subject a little bit,a new question to argue:
What's the best position for the maximum duration of orgasm and what can be the limit of time?

06-11-04, 11:22

Interesting question. For me, the best position for anal has always been “spoons” i.e. me behind the chica, and both of us on our sides. This is comfortable and allows for good control. However I’m more and more getting into the classical “doggie” style. This is in response to my new chica who is heavily into anal. She likes it deep, and even grinds into me when I am ploughing. This way I can also use my fingers or a vibrator at the same time.

I have tried anal, cow-girl position, however I found it difficult: maybe I need to be a full 10 inches for that instead of the 2" I currently have (!). LOL.

As for having a best position for the maximum duration of orgasm: for me all orgasms are different. A good BBBJ gives me the longest orgasms, where as anal gives me the most satisfying; probably due to actual penetration. I also have longer lasting orgasms when I use a real lot of lube and go very very slowly. The orgasm is very deep and I can feel it in the base of my shaft

Off course YMMV depending on sensitivity and which orgasm it is i.e. first or third… I’m always one to experiment and look forward to what others will report.

Regards, Havanaman

06-11-04, 12:42
Yes, very good advice to drink lots of water to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) it out later. Also drink cranberry juice regularly as this keeps the urinary tract clean and in tip top shape......

06-11-04, 12:52
Any position where you have control and are able to pull out quickly before you reach that brink is usefull to delaying orgasm. I favor having girl on her back with legs close to her head. I can pull out quickly before cup runneth over and diddle or even hand fuck her pussy to keep her in an euphorious state. Then after regaining composure, I'm able to assaault that asshole again....

06-11-04, 13:42
gentlemen, as to positions, my favorite is classic doggy style. i just enjoy the feeling of grabbing onto her hips while i drive it home. in that position, you are in complete charge. you can speed up or slow down at will and with you being in the dominant position, you can control her return thrusts better so that you can prolong orgasm until you are good and ready.

havanaman, i totally agree with the your statement about different positions and different activities giving you different types or quality of orgasm. whether you prefer the orgasm of the bj or in the butt, or whereever you prefer to do it, i believe that we can all agree that it is better to have an orgasm with your female partner than all by yourself! lol.

06-11-04, 15:27

I am Havanaman's right hand and I have some serious complaining to do.

As his right hand man so to speak, I really miss his dick and I am sick and tiered of all these chicas that are taking my god-given right to pump his dick.

I remember when we were at college and used to play. Those were the days when his dick, me and some good soft Kleanex tissue used to have a wonderful time. Now all I get to do is the odd few tugs when he goes to the toilet, and guess what, he splats me with [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)!

Boxcc, right on the nail about controlling the return thrust, half the pleasure is making it last as long as possible.

Regards, Havanaman

Ps. Did you bulk-buy your KY yet?!

06-11-04, 16:03
Nothing beats the classic piledrive and doggystyle posiston. You're in full control. I'm from the "old school" so as soon as feel as I'm ready to climax, I take of the condom and spew my load all over her ass.

Havanaman, funny post. It had me going:)

06-11-04, 16:58
Yeah,nothing is more satisfactory than feeling the soft ass all over without the condom,especially if it's tight and real round.
The climax is only a minute away and what's more the second time is always possible for me in just 5 min.

06-11-04, 19:45

I thought cranberry juice is good for people with kidney stone. Well any juice is good specially the human juice from a fresh pussy.

06-11-04, 19:46

I bought a 5 gallon bucket of KY and labeled it gear lube so that I can carry it in my truck without the wife getting suspicious! lol.

Now I have year's supply of lube at my finger tips, well, at my dick tip, but you knew what I meant!


06-11-04, 20:02
Isn't KY jelly too sticky?

I prefer more water based solution though. One of the most memorarable & intense orgasm I had was after a good ass fucking in missionary style on the passenger side of my car, i took my shaft out and inserted it into my partner's mouth to finish it off in BBBJCIM (off course , this was possible because there wasn't a lubricant involved, only vaginal fluid to aid in insertion). Kinda kinky isn't it , she eating her own shit. LOL

06-13-04, 14:20
Can Can, KY jelly is water based, it's the petroleum based lubricants that you have to watch out for like vasiline.

BTW, loved the ass-to-mouth action. You ought to apply to be in a Max Hardcore film!

06-14-04, 13:18
hey friends.....here is my 50c of report for the best position.

my favourite, during anal, is the "face-to-face".
in the missionary, you take her ankles with your hands, open wide her legs and put them on your shoulders, then insert slowly.

this position leave me free to determine the speed, the depth, when slow down or when speed up.
in this way, on more, i can "play" with her pussy, licking her tits and look her face if she feel pleasure or not on what i'm doing.....

for me the sex (especially anal) is 50% a question of "brain participation", so see her face expression is unpayable.

....it being understood that, in the end, any position is good, if it lead you both (you and your partner) to the total pleasure, so i don't stop on onlyn one position.......


Atlanta Monger
06-15-04, 08:54
...bought a 5 gallon bucket of KY and labeled it gear lube...

Box, you fuckin' crack me up - ROTFLMAO!!

06-16-04, 14:29

You have raised a topic that generated a lot of heat the last time it came up. I see you are advocating "missionary style" anal sex. This, to me, is the best position for the main reason you have stated.

I think the greatest sight is the face of the woman as your cock invades her rectum. It tends to be a mix of pain and pleasure. What better sight than to see the young beauty close her eyes tight as your knob slides through her tight sphincter and you try to see how deep you can go.

There is something about the fact that there is a little pain there that is truly exciting. There is also that expression on her face when you plan to bust your load and start pumping harder and faster.



06-16-04, 23:01
I usually do these positions to end to my customized position. I strongly believe that one should figure a customized position that gives him almost everything he expects. That being said, I generally start missionary style and finnish in a modified doggie.

06-18-04, 11:28

I used to start (with the false reluctant girls) bending her legs on her chest then I pretend to do a missionary, and I lean against her a-hole my Mr.Happy.
Yes you're right 100%: the better sight is to see the young beauty close her eyes tight as your dick slides slowly through her tight hole.
Keep in mind that when I have leaned my dick against her a-hole, I could take up to 10/15 min. before sliding in.
Everytime I do a little push than I retreat it and.....
Ok, you know what I mean.

Believe me: sometimes is the girls asking to be penetrated in her sphincter with broken voice like a sigh, and ofte she take it with her hands and lead it into the......

Aaaaahhhh!!!!! really priceless


06-18-04, 16:10
What drives me most exciting and crazy is the different versions of doggie style where I can try all types of angles.
I feel like I have the complete control and I can still ask the chick to turn her face whenever I want.
The turning expression on her face is the most valuable believe me.
She will also get crazy most of the time,but I don't care so much.

06-18-04, 19:27
When I try it missionary style she says it hurts to much but she takes it doggie all day long. I think she just needs to lean back more so it slides in better.

06-19-04, 16:05

The pain element may be due to just the angle being used.

When I try anal missionary (rare as I much prefer “spoons” or doggie) I find that I need to be much slower than any other position. I think it all comes down to trigonometry: the right angle for the job so to speak! (Hmmm, maths and lube? I must need a holiday…)

Regards, Havanaman

06-21-04, 16:15

could be a nice changements: next time I'll have anal, I'll take with me:
- a compass
- a set square
- a trigonometryc calculator
- ....

:) :) :)

...you're not the only one who needs a holiday.......

06-21-04, 19:14

Excellent! The scientific approach will serve you well my friend. Don’t forget the KY / lube. Please speak to Boxcc, he just bought a massive wholesale amount which he might share...

Regards, Havanaman

06-22-04, 11:24

I try.....


given that me and my dearest friend Havanaman are needing of vacations, you could join us and share your 5 gallons of KY / lube...
May I suggest a settlement?
Me, you and Havanaman will meet in Rio (on the beach), than you give us just a little of your "strategic reserve", and we introduce you to all our girlfriends equipped with a real good ass.

...all the girls for free...

It seems to me fair, isn't it?

5 gallons.....aren't they a little excessive? How many centuries you go ahead with this large reserve? (or how many asses you want break???) :)

06-22-04, 13:58
Havanaman and Lazzaro, sound like a plan to me. But, I think I'm getting the best end of that deal by providing the lube while you are providing the chicas!

And, as far as the 5 gallons of KY goes, I am a good Boy Scout, I am always prepared! lol.

Just think, by the time I use all of that lube I'll be so old that I won't care if I can get up any more! Or, at least that's my plan anyway! lol.

06-23-04, 12:43

I talk also for Havanaman. We weren't serious.......as you well have imagined. ;)

Nevertheless, You have to agree with us that read about a man who bought 5 gallons of lube is really uncommon...and could make someone laugh.... We could think you ahve bought ALL the lube in the market.....:)


tried to involve Boxcc, but seems like jealous on his lube......it remains to us to use the dear old saliva instead of the lube.

Ah!, what we have to do to have our weekly "ration" of anal.....

06-23-04, 16:34

Don't worry, I know you were not serious. But, it is nice to dream about all those women that you were talking about in Rio! lol.

Also, I am not selfish with my lube! I am willing to share with any friend in need, all you have to do is ask and the lube will be yours!

However, I doubt that I will be close enough for you to ask during your next anal experience, so, you may be stuck using the saliva again!

Take Care,

Kelvin Vanilly
06-24-04, 01:00
Which women are most receptive to anal? I get the impression that brazilian women do it all the time. And has any of you lucky bastards ever got an asian woman to agree to greek? My god that must be the tightest hole in the universe

06-25-04, 00:14
Boxcc, Lazzaro

If you gentlemen are going to be close enough to share lube while in action, please count me out! I only go one way and would probably not be able to get it up any chica with another Anal Connoisseurs in the room.

Lets all agree to get our own lube!

Regards, Havanaman

06-25-04, 00:22
Kelvin Vanilly,

Yes I have done an asian (both varieties: that’s is, oriental as well as form the Indian subcontinent).

The Oriental was just fine. I still remember that ultra small arse, tiny waist and tight star. My hips were larger than hers and I recall her rising of the bed with every thrust due to her small size!

The Indian chica from Calcutta was a different story, it took me ages to get into the hole and she constantly complained and kept asking if I had finished, a clock watcher to boot: bad experience all round.

This is only n = 2 from Asia, and so not representative. A couple of my expat friends in Thailand say they get anal all the time and its excellent.

I also agree with your comments about Brazil: anal is standard in the majority (relatively speaking).

Regards, Havanaman

Possessed Seoul
06-25-04, 12:51
I seem to find that Indonesian girls are into it, of all the ones I have had, only a handful ruled it out. I had a GFE with a 28 yo student last summer and I introduced her to the multiple pleasures of sodomy. She was very small and tight, but with alot of patience and lube we got there. She was also very flexible and we did it with her on her back and her legs back over her head, Its my favourite position as it allows facial contact and kissing, which doggy doesnt allow.



06-25-04, 13:24
Havanaman, perhaps I should have been more clear! I will be glad to share my lube, but only before we split up and take our women to our own private rooms! lol.

I'll even bring a little plastic baggy so that you can fill it up to take with you. Because I do not want to be close enough to share lube while in action either.

Oh, even though your sample is n=2, I have a feeling that you plan to enlarge that sampling greatly! In fact I hope that n approaches infinity! lol.

Good luck my friend.

06-25-04, 14:32

Excellent idea. You, me and Lazzaro meet in the new WSG Mansion (see BA, Argentina forum), we each get a chica, do them then rotate them so completing a three shot, three chica evening. Off course we would have to start with a nice meal, few drinks and dividing the lube!

Seriously, I’m going to try the Mansion come December. Sounds a blast. We could all hook up for mongering. Plenty of time from now to December to save up, make our worthy excuses to partners etc… (?).

Regards, Havanaman

06-25-04, 15:23
This section is hilarious, I seriously haven't laughed so hard when I read about the 5 gallons of lube!

Anyway thought I'd add my 50p:

The best position for breaking a girl in, is missionary, with a pillow under their back. The muscles and the splincter are relaxed, which allows for easy entry. The worst position for breaking them in, is cowgirl, now they may think being in control makes is easier, but in that position the muscles are the most tightened... so I guess this is probably the best if you want it v.v.v.tight.

And just for the record, if you really want to get the ultimate anal experience, get a long-term girlfriend (for safety reasons) and go bareback, I could not seriously go back to using a condom. The extra sensation, the gritty sticky feeling, you just miss that with the raincoat on. I cannot stress how much better it is.

Just my opinion though.

06-26-04, 16:26

Anyway thought I'd add my 50p…

Cost you more than 50 pesos to get enough lube to do the job!

You are right about the cow girls position for anal. I have experienced it a few times and it is difficult but worth the shoot.

As for BBA, all I can say is that you are amongst the lucky ones here. I want to try it but well, the danger just keeps haunting me. One day if I get into a serious long term relationship… Having “anytime” access to BB anal would be a real success.

You know what they say: “Happiness is when you marry a chica for love and find out after she is a millionaire”, well for sex, it must be the same: “happiness is when you marry a chica for love and find out after she is into everything…”

Regards, Havanaman

06-26-04, 16:29

Hey almost forgot, you gonna join me, Boxcc and Lazzaro meet in the new WSG Mansion?

Serious (if I can be...): How dose December sound guys?

Regards, Havanaman

06-27-04, 14:10

Haha, maybe if I was single, but why would I want to go all the way to BA for covered anal, when I can get bareback anal from my girl, who's pretty damn good looking (if you like Andrea Corr looks).

..and besides, I just went to the safe section bit, put me off ever mongering forever, that genital herpes bit was sick! Which reminds me guys, I know I said bareback anal is the best ever, but do it only with a trusted partner. Really not worth it otherwise!

06-28-04, 14:13
Havanaman wrote:

“Happiness is when you marry a chica for love and find out after she is a millionaire”, well for sex, it must be the same: “happiness is when you marry a chica for love and find out after she is into everything…”

Funny you should mention that. My wife woke me up and 4:00 am on Saturday morning and wanted some sex. Well, more to the point, she wanted some anal! Being the good husband that I am, I just had to oblige her!

The only bad part was that I had 5 gallons of lube sitting only feet away but couldn't use it. I had to play the James Bond 007 spy to protect the secret of the 'Gear Lube' that I carry around in my truck. I was forced to use saliva so that I wouldn't blow my cover story!

But, I wasn't complaining! <grin>

P.S. Did I mention that it was bareback!

06-28-04, 15:43
Havanaman, Boxcc and Tenchi.

I'm very sorry, but I work for a primary insurance and from the end of nov. 'till the end of feb. is our hottest period to work and I'm overbusy.

I will think about you and will pray that all will goes on the right way.

If I may suggest, in case of a "meeting": better don't share the same chica even if in different session.

She probably will do a comparison between us, and I'll be definetively defeated.......

All the best (sniff sniff)

06-29-04, 15:22

Don’t under estimate yourself: we are all different. I consider you one of the masters here, along with Boxcc as I have learnt so much from you guys.

Sorry you can not make the potential meeting: who knows maybe some other time. How you fixed Boxcc?

As for sharing chicas: my friend I have gone all over the world and probably shared chicas with many a monger from WSG. Its been good all the way. If the chica wants to compare, let her. We pay, we enjoy….

Regards, Havanaman

06-29-04, 15:54

I don’t under estimate myself and I know that we are all different.
I was joking. I don't care about measures but in which way you use it!
Given that all men say "my dick is the bigger" and some pleasantries like this, I swim against the tide.
In the end, this one I have and there's nothing I can do to change it. I don't say that all the girls I knew are still shouting right now, but some of them enjoyed my one visibly...

You confused me writing "I consider you one of the masters here, along with Boxcc as I have learnt so much from you guys".
My God: you've made my week!

Ciao and all the best

06-29-04, 19:59

I would love to meet up and monger with you in December. Unfortuately, I am scheduled to go to Japan for 2 weeks in the beginning of December and the family would shot me if I left them at Christmas!

I will let you know if the Japan trip is cancelled, as I would love to meet face-to-face and compare notes! Besides, mongering at the mansion would be a blast!

Lazzaro, I think you are right about Havanaman, he made my week too by saying that we were the masters!

06-30-04, 00:47
To boxcc & tenchi

Even if it was your trusted partner, I think going bareback anal could still be dangerous because of the bacterias present in that region.

Girly Girl
06-30-04, 03:10
Well hello boys,

I have been a lurker to this site for many months now and wanted to add my two cents in here (take it for what it's worth)! I'm a lady who herself is into everything and thought you guys might need some help getting your wife, girlfriends, or whatever they may be to you into anal. There is a little known thing called the Liberator pillows. They help make different positions much better for the both of you. For anal I would suggest the Wedge. Check in out at their website at www.liberator.com. Hope this helps you.


06-30-04, 13:28
Girly Girl,

You said:

I'm a lady who herself is into everything...
As a gentleman I always asks my chicas what they like. You are not my chica, but from the perspective of a lady: What’s your favourite position for anal? Whats best for the lady?

Regards, Havanaman

Girly Girl
06-30-04, 23:31
Well Havanaman,

I have found that when I was first getting use to anal sex that being on my back was the best at first. It causes the least amount of pain when you are still learning how to do it, so to speak. Now however, I'm well in the middle of my sexual prime and have much better orgasms then I did when I was younger, I say that either on my tummy or doggy style work even better for me. With doggy style you can feel so much more of your man with every thrust. But I also like to be on my back and when I'm getting anal like that I like to finger myself as he watches. Big turn on for the both of us. I think most ladies can't get past how they are having sex when they first try anal. I think once you can let yourself go, and get into it (no pun intended there) it's a great thing. But I really recommend from a ladies point of view that any guy really go slow and take your time getting in there. Lot's of rimming and lube. Let her guide you in. Once you get past the head, the rest is a piece of cake! Like I said before the pillow called the Wedge helps a lot with getting your lady into a better position and will help the both of you have a much better orgasms and much better sex!


07-01-04, 13:53
Yes Girly Girl, let loose with some secrets. There is one question that I would love to have you answer. Some women refuse to even discuss anal sex, let alone have anal sex.

Do you think they behave this way because they don't want you to think that they are slutty or trashy? Or, do you think they just don't like anal? I am curious to the female mindset here.

07-01-04, 17:02
Not that I'm as lass, but with regard to what I've seen of the lady's perspective, they do view it as taboo, something that if people knew they did, would not look good on them. And it's more the case of not doing it properly than them not simply not liking it.

Can Can,

You are correct, my girl just goes for a #2 beforehand, no enema or douche... I haven't had any problems of yet, but I think it's worth it to go bareback, she or I haven't any STDs, so I would only get something that can be cured...right? a yeast infection at worst?

Girly Girl,

All decent pillows are feasible (especially regarding breaking a girl in), for doggie one under the stomach, for missionary, one under the bum. Apart from this, I there are no need for pillows in aiding anal.


Where the hell is this mansion you're talking about?! I thought you were just making it up?! I suppose if that 5 gallon guy isn't joking then, haha, anyway, p4p girls are usually ugly, I'll stick with my hottie I think! Good luck though

07-01-04, 18:21

Excellent question. I was thinking the very same thoughts.

Regards, Havanaman

07-01-04, 20:58

Great minds think alike!!! lol.

07-01-04, 21:51
:D...This is gooooooooodah!

07-02-04, 11:26

The WSG Mansion is at: Table of Contents > South America > Argentina > The WSG Mansion (sorry I could not paste the URL). Fourth one up from the bottom on the Argentina contents page.

I love BA and will be trying for a December visit and staying at the Mansion. A couple of weeks living like Heff will make a lovely ending for 2004 and a smashing start to 2005. Bring your own bunny ears!

Regards, Havanaman

07-02-04, 19:39
Sounds good, but I haven't any sort of rappor with Jackson that he'd allow me to stay over at this mansion. And besides, as much as BA is like the anal capital of the world, I prefer brunette, pale white english roses. Precious few in south america.

And besides, apart from the the fact it's anal, we also like it because it's tight, right guys? I would imagine a pro would have an ass as lose a non-pro's pussy, and a pussy that, well, I mean for those who p4p and have tasted untamed ass, is this the case? Are they not as tight? I can only imagine it isn't, but then I've never had pro ass!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

07-09-04, 15:36
Hello Tenchi,

It's not entirely true that the pros have looser anal openings. They are able to accommodate you without as much pain as novices, but the tightness remains.

The sphincter is a remarkably resilient muscle. If you only think about the size of some dumps you have made over the years, you would realize how this muscle can stretch.

On another point. I wanted to introduce the idea of analingus as part of the anal sex experience. How many of us won't mind delivering a quick lick before entering that asshole?


07-12-04, 23:49
Hey Alan,

I have often wondered about giving a sw a good lick before I pound her. But I was wondering what are the risks of catching something? When I was on the dating scene all of those chicks would get a good ass licking. But lately I have been wondering about doing that to a sw? But it has to be a clean ass. I would invite them into the hot tub and make sure that the chlorine cleaned that star fish good.

07-13-04, 13:25
Chriss, the chlorine is not a bad idea to kill her germs, but a hot tub is a filth pool. Lots and lots of nasty stuff floats in those pools, you need to make sure it is well maintained!

As far as licking the star, yes I love to do that and it drives the women crazy. But, I only do it with partners that I know well and yes they must practice good personal hygiene.

07-14-04, 21:25
Hey guys,

Nonono dont get me wrong , I am not going into anyones dirty hot tub . I am talking about my own hot tub. I am still a little worried about bringing a SW there. Next thing I come home the next day and my whole house is looted. Although they would have to get past two Rotweilers and a Great Dane. hehehe. But still I am worried about licking some nasty shit and catching something( no pun intended). I went to a stag party about two months ago on a nice sail boat . I live in Barbados in the Caribbean so its nice and warm out . There's a guy here that brings in girls from Russia. Beautiful blondes, very petite. But the prices outrageous. For two girls to do a lesbian show with some anal play is $1,200.00 for an hour. So that works out to about $600.00 U.S. But that is split between 14 guys so its pretty cheap. But these girls pulled out some monster dildos and fucked each other in the ass , licked each othes ass for a full hour and then the show was done. If you wanted you could take one in a room for yourself , but thats gonna cost you about $200.00 U.S. for the hour, and you can cum as many times as you like. I just stick to the local ones, but they rarely let you even touch the starfish , much less fuck it . But even when they do its cheap cheap . Like $20 to $30 U.S. and all the local ones are going to be colored girls. The best place I have been to so far for anal was Venezuela and Cuba. Those two places, anal is just a normal part of sex, no questions asked. So any of you guys that are looking for a full week of anal , just head to Cuba. I have a giude there if you are interested. His only fees, are that you pay his entrance into the clubs and feed him.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it very difficult to read a report that is written as one long block of text. It's kind of like trying to eat an entire steak in one bite.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key every few sentences while you're writing, and thus break your report into smaller paragraphs, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



07-15-04, 13:06
Anal could be a natural part of sex anywhere in the world and it's just the matter of how you approach.

Actually it's much easier to go for it with the freebies.
As for the pay scene, anal is also very common in places like Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. It's gonna cost you just +$10-20 for the hour.

07-15-04, 17:37
Well I must say it would be alot nicer going for it with the freebees. But so far I have only found three girls that were not SW that would do anal . I find it to be very rare. At least in my part of the world in the Caribbean. I think it is alot more prevalent in the Spanish speaking countries. Does anyone know if you can catch anything from rimming? Whether it be from recieving or giving?

07-16-04, 19:46
RE: freebies

If she's your girlfriend, just wait for her to love you, she'll do anything by then give a little longer when she finally knows she's hooked onto you, and it's adios starfish ticket

SW's probably have loose backdoors, stick with freebies, safer too!

07-18-04, 21:02

You asked about the risk of catching something. As with most sexual activities done without protection, there is some risk of catching stuff:

a) Bacteria. Two significant germs are Shigella and Salmonella, which cause food poisoning. These germs can cause acute and often vicious diarrhea, and it's possible for someone with mild symptoms to transmit the infection to someone else who develops severe symptoms.

b) Intestinal parasites, notably Giardia lamblia, and amoebas, both of which cause diarrhea.

c) Viruses, notably HIV and the one that causes hepatitis A. Anal tissue bleeds easily, particularly in the estimated one-third of adults who have hemorrhoids. If HIV-contaminated blood enters the mouth of a someone who has a minor injury(bleeding gums for example) the infection might be transmitted

d) The standard STIs such as Herpes and Gonorrhea can also be transmitted via analingus (as well as via cunnilingus)

I hope the above does not sound "over alarming". These are just basic facts, but I do not have any info about risk as in % or something like that, but the risk of bacterial infection (as described in both a and b) is pretty high if your partner is indeed infected, but on the upside I would guess it is pretty unlikely to find a working pro infected with bacteria such as salomonella unless she has very mild symptoms.

To minimize risk, be sure the anal area of the girl is pretty clean, be sure that you do not have any sores in your mouth, and afterwards rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash or, at the very least, water (while research seems to be unavailable to prove this method effective, at least it will freshen your breath)

Analingus (and Cunnilingus) is one of the few sexual activites where the "giver" is more at risk than the "receiver".


07-19-04, 16:52

What you say is not entirely correct. While fresh freebie anus is probably the best thing in the world. It is not true that the pros have slack assholes. No doubt, some do. But the majority of pros offering anal will present your cock with a real challenge to get deep in.

Ideally, you would have a g/f who would occasionally offer the rectum to keep some stability in the relationship. But there is the question of variety.

No better sight than to see your cock penetrate black, white, yellow, pink rosebuds.

Variety is the spice of life.


07-21-04, 22:05

Hahahaha, You are definitely an anal connoisseur. hehehe. " black , yellow, pink etc." He's right though , variety is definitely the spice of life.

After Chivaz's report, I think I might stay away from licking hoe anus. Think I'll just stick to pounding away instead. Not worth the risk , and I am not licking a piece of plastic bag to do it.

Whenever I do go backdoor, its with two covers on . Once I was penetrating and then I felt the outer one rip on me. Well thank god I gad another one on underneath, I would have just died, maybe literaly too!

Someone was telling me that quite possibly it was because I was wearing two instead of the required one?? That I may have caused friction between them and that was why the outer one broke. Anyone have any insight into that?

07-22-04, 08:45
I think you might try to wear three to prevent that, but I guess it would be like plastisex.

Ever Ready
07-22-04, 15:49

But maybe you don't feel it break? The solution is to put a layer of tabaso between the 2 condoms. Then sure as hell, one of you is gonna know pretty damn quick if one breaks.


07-22-04, 17:00
Quote: "Someone was telling me that quite possibly it was because I was wearing two instead of the required one?? That I may have caused friction between them and that was why the outer one broke. Anyone have any insight into that?" End Quote

Doubling up condoms does increase the risk of breakage. Some condom packages and condom sites specifically warn against doubling them up for this reason. If you really feel that you have to double up, perhaps lots of good condom compatible lubricant between the condoms may help to reduce the risk of breakage due to friction. The anus does not produce natural lubrication like the vagina does, so you also minimize the risk of breakage by using lots and lots of lubricant (and refreshing the lubrication after awhile if you go for a long time).

If the thinness of the condom is a concern, you should be able to find a thicker brand. I don't know whether the thicker condoms have a lower incident of breakage than the thin brands, but suspect there may be no difference because they both must meet the same quality control tests.

Never tried it, but for maximum thickness of condom I suspect using an appropriate length of inner tube from a bicycle with one end glued shut might just work (lol).

07-23-04, 10:39

I suspect using an appropriate length of inner tube from a bicycle with one end glued shut might just work (lol).
It would seem you have been visiting Cuba and have experience of the locally manufactured condoms! LOL.

I agree with all that you say, but would suggest that the "thicker" condoms are more versatile and harder wearing. Certainly, this is a plus point used in the adds aimed to homosexuals at the back of newspapers.

I prefer the ultra-think kind, with lots of lube on the penis, condom and using my finger, in the star itself.


Big Slong
07-23-04, 11:42
Back in Australia in the 1970's I tore a girl from asshole to pussy with my big prick! I can still remember it like it was yesterday!

The pride, and joy (for me atleast). I was in fine form.

These kind of memories are not only priceless, but timeless!

Big Slong.

P.S Have to remember to tell my grandkids about that one.

07-23-04, 12:43

I would agree with you to a point, variety is the spice of life, but my girl's a model (freebie), and I can go up the backdoor bareback, so I don't need to look elsewhere. Going for variety would mean protection, and not only do raincoats kill all the feeling, you miss that gritty sticky feeling.

With regards to loose pro starfish, I wouldn't know personally, it was just what my mate told me... and I'm inclined to agree with him, it does make sense that it will be looser.

And 2 condoms?! Can you feel anything?! One's even too much, I don't know, maybe I don't have the required amount of nerves in my willy!?

07-23-04, 22:06

Quite an amazing discussion. The use of more than one condom at one time is highly inadvisable unless you have two or more penises.

For one, the friction of one condom against the other WILL cause breakage and a danger to your life.

The second good reason is that the double coating will take away the sensation of the tip of your penis penetrating the tightness of the spinchter muscle.

Which is the reason why so many of us spend so much time and money pursuing women who would take our thick cocks up the asshole and not only in their far more elastic pussies.

I think for added safety anyone who is concerned beyond these explanations should try the inner tube solution.


07-24-04, 03:53
I have definitely experimented with two condoms many times and most of the time one of them broke. So, I would eschew using two condoms since the friction might have weakened the remaining one, making it more likely to fail too.


"...Tabaso between the 2 condoms." I almost passed out and fell off my chair from laughter.

Be safe guys.

Member #1846

07-24-04, 04:56
Talking about condoms, early this year I was in Brazil and I ran out of the USA made condoms that I had brought along for the trip. One of my brazilian buddies bought me some "Preserv lite lubrificado" made by Blausiegel, I think. It feels almost like I was going bareback, so I bought a lot of them for use in USA and TJ, lots of them. Well, I was pull aside for customs check upon arrival to USA and the lady was shocked when she saw the quantity in my suitcase. Yes, I did declare it on the custom declaration form. She asked why I brought so many, and I told her that I had so much fun with it in Brazil that I had to have some for USA. She busted out laughing and called over a male agent who joined in the laughter. She told me to have fun and to leave before I miss my connecting flight. I calmly zipped up my suitcase but purposely left a pack on the inspection table. She was still laughing when I headed for my flight. I would have liked to use it on her because she was latina and very beautiful. I have a weakness for latin women.

Anyway, I am headed back to Brazil for business in August and I will be stocking up.

Member #1846

PS: I know this probably does not belong in this section so forgive me.

08-03-04, 13:54

Just raising the question of what guys consider to be the more desirable butt - the fat round ones or the thin, flat ones.

My view is that depending on the girl, the thin woman can offer more by way of anal sex. It's also far more erotic a sight because you can see how your cock bursts through the spinchter far better if there is less meat on the butt.

Thin chicks also do not necessarily have the tighter anuses. You would be surprised what can get inside the ass of a young, thin girl.

Of course the thick butts of the heavier set women are far more attractive to look at. But dont be fooled. The passage can be just as uncomfortable.


08-03-04, 15:56
Alan, I would have to agree with your post about thin/fat women. I myself prefer my women to have a little meat on their bones. I like a more sturdy woman. One that doesn't look like she will break if you fuck her too hard.

One thing that I have noticed also. In my experience it is easier to get a fat women to do anal as opposed to a thin woman. Thin women usually think themselves prettier than most and can become quite stuck up and conceited. They usually feel that the man is lucky to be with them so they don't have to put that much effort into the sex to keep the man coming back for more.

A fat woman on the other hand, seems to want to please her partner more. She is willing to try more in bed to keep them coming back. They know that if they don't please their partner that they stand a greater chance to loose them to a thinner more attractive partner. (I'm not saying that fat women are unattractive, far from it, I prefer them.) What I'm saying is that fat women tend to be less secure with their own beauty and are therefore willing to try new things to spice up their love life. In other words, if you work on them long enough, you probably can get into that ass. And, like I said, I have found it easier to get into a fat womans ass than a thin one's.

I have done both fat and thin women. I found it easier to get into the fat womans ass, and I also found it more enjoyable. But, then again, that is just my opinion!

Besides, I am better prepared for a fat woman with my 5 gallon bucket of lube! lol.

08-03-04, 16:25
It's more kind of a challenge and thus much more attractive and enjoyable to convince a slim woman into anal. I guess the most effective way is to make her understand that sole beauty is just not enough and anal is indispensable in terms of a long-lasting temptation.

Nothing more satisfying than feeling the shape of a round round ass completing a slim body.

08-05-04, 17:41
I have other criteria as well that sometimes makes me want to do a girl up the ass. Sometimes a girl just has a certain look about her, a sexiness in the face or especially a high degree of femininity. To me some gals have very sexy faces (as opposed to just attractive faces).. she may not even be very attractive, but can be more desirable than one who is. Sexiness and attractiveness can at times be at odds with one another.

Give me a famous fashion model to do up the ass and chances are I may prefer a normal sexy girl walking down the street if she has that "look" if you know what I mean.

08-06-04, 09:29

I must say that for everything, except anal, I like my chicas to have some meat on them. I don't mean fat you understand, I mean around size 10.

For anal it has to be slim chicas for me. When I go for the anal-delight I want to feel the full impact of her ring. What I specifically don’t want is the “masturbatory effect” of her lubed-up fat arse and arse-cheeks as I plough. This, coupled with my desire to see Mr. Happy ploughing the ring, also means it has to be a slim chica. The fat chicas have just too much meat for me to see what’s happenin’.

Regards, Havanaman

08-06-04, 13:20
Havanaman, you can't tell me if an attractive, fat chica bent over and begged you to plow her hole that you wouldn't do it? Because, I know that being the gentleman that you are, you could never refuse a request like that! lol.

I do like what you said about liking your chicas with a little meat on their bones. I am the same way. I don't want them fat, just to have some meat, in all the right places of course!

And, I will do a skinny girl, but I tend to hold back a little as I don't want to break them!!!

08-06-04, 13:24

'Course fat chicks will be more willing and accomodating, but who ugly fat chicks?! Can you see anything down there will all that fat?

No no, skinny, slim lasses that make you look like they're getting skewered when you stick it up their ass. A priceless picture.

Perfect size 6 havanna!

08-06-04, 15:54

You know me so well friend. Off course I could not turn down a chica bent over and begging for her ring to be lubed and ploughed!

In fact here in Europe lube availability has been disrupted… my chemist said that a trucker from the States has been buying up all of Johnson & Johnson’s stock and the world lube-markets are really volatile right now: go figure!

The only thing about skinny chicas is that when you are ploughing their rings good and hard, you can feel the pubic-processes against you with every move. On meaty chicas this is cushioned and thus less of a bumpy ride..

Regards, Havanaman

08-06-04, 21:09
You guys crack me up. LOL

08-06-04, 23:27
Hey Havana,

The supply where I am seems not to have dried up. I could always Fedex you a coupla tubes.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. Thanks!

08-07-04, 02:46

Oh yah, I know the look and I know what you mean. I used to do this girl, my neighbor, who had that look. Once I talked her into it, she always wanted it, almost daily. No complaints from me!! She is now married. Lucky guy.

Be safe guys.

Member #1846

08-08-04, 16:00
Nice Post Havanaman,

One note about anal sex with a beautiful woman also is the fact that some embarrassing moments do take place. For instance, remember that time when the little beauty farted on your cock when you withdrew?

What about the sight of messy lube all over the butt cheeks?

Then, most times they excuse themselves after a particularly vigorous round of ass-fucking to go have a quiet shit.

Then they go fix themselves up to go out with you with that tight little asshole is red and bruised.

The wonders of anal sex.


08-08-04, 22:39

I must agree with you 100% on your comments! Been there a number of times, but it's so natural now that it ceases to affect me.

Once I had the chica wash Mr. Happy for me in the sink. I just took my position in front of the basin and the chica proceeded to wash my pubic area, my shaft and balls: before we jumped into the shower. It made for a great experience, especially when I could see myself in the cabinet mirror on the wall. It was crazy, erotic and sick all at the same time: a real odd buzz but one I would like to re-experience… (I guess it must be related to having mirrors on a ceiling…). Anyway, the chica found it very hard to really wash me good and proper due to my body-size and working form behind, that was the only down size.

We finished in the shower and I returned the compliment by washing her out too.

Regarding the “quiet shit”: again I agree with you; anal sex is the best available cure for constipation. I have a feeling someone mentioned this in an earlier post in reference to BBA (Bare Back Anal) ~ I still have not done this yet, so I remain inexperienced as far as that goes. It would seem that ejaculating inside the chicas arse, sets the whole thing in motion and they just “have to go” so to speak… I must discuss this with some of the G.I. Med. boys!

Regards, Havanaman

08-12-04, 14:05

Hasn't happened to me, but a friend told me he withdrew out of her bum only for her to unceremoniously fart poo all over the bed.

Worst that's happened to me is when a little poo sort of flicked out onto her bum, which I moped up quickly - I didn't tell her.


It's not the ejaculation that induces the need to for a #2, but the movement of thrusting that stimulates the bowels. I've done covered and bareback and haven't noticed a difference. Oh and that was one hell of weird way to wash yourself!

08-16-04, 19:37
Yes Thanks Tenchi

Ask my friend Boxcc, he will tell you, weird way is my midle name.... But as long as its clean she will take it again and again and again. Well at least twice anyway...

Traveling right now, Doing some of the older parts of Europe,
More when I get back. These key boards are just too much for an old fart like me.

Regards, Havanaman

08-18-04, 18:43
Havanaman, would that be the front parts or the back parts of the older parts of Europe? Just curious. lol.

08-23-04, 03:00
Another thing that I have noticed is that when you finish inside a girl, she gets the farts for the next couple of days, very unromantic. lol

08-23-04, 20:18

I don't know where you got that information from. But farting is a part of the scene. Usually occurs during the act or upon withdrawal after a vigorous round of ass-pounding.


08-24-04, 23:53
The whole farting thing just means you did a good job of it too, maybe not romantic but reassuring.

Ever Ready
08-25-04, 10:25
I always thought farting was part of everyday life. You mean some people never fart unless they've been screwed in the ass?

08-25-04, 14:55
I fart all the time and I have never been screwed in the arse. The anal-associated farting is just the small amounts of air trapped during the pounding which is fighting for freedom. When you withdraw, so does this air.

I must say I have only experienced it a couple of times, but then I'm more into slow pounding when it comes to anal, as I like to feel every second of the penetration. For regular pussy pounding I'm faster.

Regards, Havanaman

08-26-04, 20:32
Don't forget the trapped air thing applies to front-door banging, pussy farting is pretty regular too.

08-27-04, 09:35
I am fairly new to anal sex, my last girlfriend was too scared. This new one likes it hard. She is into that pain stuff. So thats cool. So yeah she does like to get pounded a little. You all way too funny. lol

08-29-04, 23:32

To change the subject a little. How about analingus? Now I know most of us because we are into ass play would have probably been on the receiving end of this nasty shit. But wasn't is wonderful?

What about the temptation to try licking the ass of that beauty before fucking the little hole?

I know this is more GF stuff. But if a service provider is cleaned up and smelling sweet won't you go for it too. Especially if it the favor is returned?


08-30-04, 00:37
Well I've never analingus a P4P girl, but have licked girlfriends in the past. On one occasion this blond's ass was so sweet, I never got the chance to fuck it.

When we would meet, I would just lick that ass for hours on end. SHe would of course lose her mind......... lololol

That was once in lifetime thing never would go that route again without getting into that sweet pussy first.

08-30-04, 12:40
nice one worf1972 with you all the way,

i must tell you that i have used the very same idea to get into a chicas pants. on a number of times, especially when drunk at a party (i don’t mean crazy falling on the ground drunk, i mean when you reach a state where you know you can say anything and it does not matter one bit what the consequences are drunk…) i chat up a chica then openly say i would love to eat her out. this has worked 70% of the time, the remaining 30% have either hit me, walked away or reported me to the party host.

anyway, i like to eat. as part of my eating i go for the back-door-tongue –flick-waltz every time.

i want to be straight with you all you gentlemen: after about 20 minutes of pussy eating, my jaw hurts. anything i can do to speed up the process of my chica screaming in ecstasy has got to be tried. i go for that pussy with my tongue, nose, fingers and toys; i go for that arse with the same dedication.

however she needs to be clean. that is the mother of all rules. my second rule is no anal tongue penetration: i won’t eat shit.

as for p4p and analingus: not done this and i’m put off. don’t ask me why. it’s probably a psychological thing. i fully realise that if she is clean it’s the same all round… in fact, what’s to say that the new women i just met and am currently eating out hasn’t just got of work servicing 12 guys only a few hours earlier…

regards, havanaman

08-30-04, 16:01
Aaligus is strictly with girlfriend's. Never tried it myself, but wouldn't you be worried about accidentally eating a little poo?!

I'd rather leave my dick to kiss ass, personally.


No offence havanna but you sure it wasn't 70% walking away? If not kudos, wish I had that success rate especially asking that!

08-30-04, 17:52
Hi everyone,

I must have an exceptional situation. I get together with a P4P girl, a young single mom who doesn't advertise and works only during school hours. She just loves to have her butt hole and pussy worked while she uses a vibrator on her clit. She told me she likes to be played with from behind, face down with her backside up. This girl is VERY CLEAN. I'm to the point now with her that I can't get enough of her butt hole. I shove my tongue in as deep as I can and she loves it. She also doesn't mind fingers in either hole.

I'm going to try to talk her into using an anal tool for variety. I've seen one at the adult superstore called the Swizzle Stick, The Perfect Anal Tool. Has anyone ever used one of these? If you have, let me know.

Late Night
08-31-04, 01:51
Hey Mickey7

Let me stick my tool in her butt! LOL!!

08-31-04, 12:59

No offence taken bro’.

Yes it is about 70% success. The simple reason behind this success rate is that I’m not always chasing the 9’s and 10’s in the room; I’m not going for the youngest in the room; I’m confident like I own the place and this shows when I chat with the chicas; I always get at least some physical contact into play before I behave as directly as I said. That is, at the very least having her hand in mine… Works every time.

I do not subscribe to the rude or brash directness of “fancy a fuck?”. My approach, although quite direct leans on the conversational side, intimacy and closeness. I try to achieve this every time: sometimes knowing that it will come to nothing this time round, but lays the ground work for the next meeting…

Try it friend. You will never go back to the old ways.

Regards, Havanaman

08-31-04, 15:44

I agree with you totally about not searching out the 9's or 10's in a room. They are usually very high maintenance and are not worth the effort it takes to bag one.

I myself prefer going after the 6's, 7's and 8's of the world.

You can usually find them standing right next to a 9 or 10 also. The 9 or 10 usually doesn't like competition, so they surround themselves with more average looking friends. Most of the hounds out there focus on the 9 or 10 and fight each other to get that one girl.

I myself prefer to focus on the second or third best looking girl of the bunch. They are usually really happy to be receiving attention also. And, like you said Havanaman, you can start chatting them up. They know why are you there, you know why they are there, talk to them like they are humans, like you won't just treat them like a piece of meat and it will go a long way.

Now, I didn't say that you couldn't treat them like a piece of meat, just don't let them know what you are doing! lol.

08-31-04, 15:47
BTW, Havanaman and Tenci, I also will only perform analingus on a close, known female. I will not do it on a working girl.

To me, the working girls is there solely for my pleasure. After all that is what I am paying her for. I reserve that most initimate of kisses for my wife or exclusive girlfriend.

And, I further agree that I will just lick it, not penetrate it with my tongue. Tenchi, I agree, that is what my dick is for!!!

09-01-04, 20:40
LOLOL You guys give me some interesting reading. First if you really are an analingus connoisseur, a good dental dam could be used for the working girl. It will feel just as good for her.

Secondly if her ass is cleaned and the tongue is only one inch long, it will not penetrate that deeply to touch fecal matter. If it does, she didn't wash thoroughly and you are going to get some shit regardless.

Check it out, a clean anus about one inch in, is about as clean as ones mouth. The bacteria levels might be less in her asshole one inch in, then in her mouth after smoking per say.

09-03-04, 18:13
Sorry friend I’m with Boxcc and and Tenci on thisd one.

No way will I pay to eat shit.

Shit man, I get paid to take shit all day from shitty, whining patients (with more money than brains) and also my shitty professor boss, but to actually pay to eat shit from a P4P, thats just too much. Like Boxcc, I also reserve Crack kissing for the very special few…

I agree that the dental dam is a possibility and offers considerable safety, however its not my thing and so I will not DATP4PC (Dining At the Pay for Play Crack) (LOL).

About the bacterial contents, a days worth of smoking probably helps to keep the mouth sterile and infection free. Very difficult to keep the Arse clean.

Regards, Havanaman

09-03-04, 19:15
But, if you get get a girl that can smoke with her ass, then you would have something!!!

09-03-04, 20:11
Well I have seen a girl smoke with her vagina in Mexico.........

09-04-04, 11:51

And this is exactly why I DATY... I saw this chica blow near perfect smoke rings in Thailand earlier this year...

Regards, Havanaman

09-08-04, 16:23
Hold on, she put the cigerette D'I'TY and blew smoke rings from there?

She should get an agent!

09-09-04, 05:16
Yes, they can smoke through their pussy. I saw it on Shocking Asia.

09-09-04, 09:06

I’m willing to bet that if we combine the sources: anal farts, pussy farts (both discussed earlier) and vaginal muscle control as exemplified by smoke-ring blowing ability we get a really talented Thai pussy. In fact one that might just be able to say a few words… “Love you long time honey!” LOL

Seriously though: I had an anal session with a P4P a couple of days ago and she had this most excellent habit of doing some form of pelvic floor exercise (combined with sphincter contraction) while I was pounding her tunnel. I shot very well, VERY HARD, very quickly. Anyone experienced anything like this. Sorry I can’t describe it in more detail, just imagine combining a tight pussy with a BBBJ and you are close.

Regards, Havanaman

09-09-04, 22:50
Yes Havanaman, I know exactly what you are talking about. I nailed a venezuelan p4p here in Barbados and she was doing the same thing!! I thought I was special, guess there are others out there as well . :(

Its hard to explain , almost like you have it in a tight mouth . Whatever she was doing , after a minute of that I realised that I wasnt going to last long at all . In about 6 min she had me spent . But it was definitley something new, I will have to look for her again.

About liking ass of a p4p , recently I have been having this desire to do it. However , I am worried about what shit," no pun intended" I could catch. I figure I will spend the extra cash and lick a private escort ass.

But for some reason I can't do it to a street girl ?? Go figure, ass is ass. I know there are some escorts that have some of the finest asses I have seen. I think if I were to see one up in the air with her pink hole winking at me it would have to get licked.

09-11-04, 02:52
Just remember the ol saying:

"If sex is a pain in the ass then you’re doing it wrong"!:)

09-11-04, 21:54
Havanna mate,

You sure she didn't find it uncomfortable, I've noticed, those lasses not accustomed to anal get quite a shock. What happens is the muscles spasm detecting a foreign object that should be expelled from the anus, so it tightens and contracts and all that... i.e. gets very tight

I think you'll only noticed this if you have taken a few anal cherrys as a well as trying hardened pro's asses

It's either this or she's developed anal control of some degree!!!


Chriss, escort ass/ street ass, it's all the same, get a girlfriend to lick ass, safer I assure you!

09-12-04, 13:44

How right you are! Experience shows that a slow and steady approach will get that arse wide and as deep as one needs.

Regards, Havanaman

09-12-04, 13:47

Saw this pic and thought how nicely it sums up the pre-anal prep work sometimes required for an anal virgin chica…. Well, its one way I suppose, but there are others...Lol. Enjoy

Regards, Havanaman

09-14-04, 19:43
Havanaman, loved the pic!

I know this is a little off topic, but we have been discussing anal and vaginal smoking/control. But, in my younger days, I came across a Phillipina stripper that was working in Atlanta at the Cheetah 3. I used to manage a health club there and she would come in to work out all the time. She would give me free shows, and I would let here use the eguipment, if you know what I mean!!! lol.

Well, she had a great trick. She would get a beer bottle and place a stack of quarters on the opening. She would then squat down on the quarters, shoving them up into her pussy. She would then pat her abdomen right above her pussy and spit the quarters out, ONE AT A TIME!!!

I was afraid to stick my dick in her, but I did let her suck it!!! lol.

Daddy Lows
09-17-04, 10:39

great story. i, too, have seen a filipina stripper do that in a seedy downtown honolulu club. but it was only one quarter she "put" inside. afterwards, i told her to she could keep "my two bits." ;)

btw, continuing the thread on the anal muscle control, check out this and the current thread in the southern california section concerning anal service by a korean amp girl.


btw, i agree with tenchi. hardened pro's can consciously control the clenching action of their anus to the delight of their customers. it's exactly the same muscle control that kegal exercises strengthen. just like you can stop a "[CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)" in progress (albeit very painfully), these same muscles, that control the urethra in women and men (also, in keeping an erection for men), run from the front of the pelvis to the back and also help in controlling the opening of the anus.

my 2 bits. heh heh.


09-19-04, 15:12
What I was trying to say was that if the girls who don't like anal, or are uninitiated in the practice - but are still willing - their asses are that much tighter because they're not liking it or still getting use to it.

So the best ass to get is the anal cherry. I know some people will contradict me and say pro ass is better, but because the of the point I made, (very)amateur ass is best in my opinion no matter how much they can flex their anal muscles!

BB Johnson
09-21-04, 00:51
If she's young (18-23ish) and hot, I'm burying my tongue in that ass every time. Bend those knees back as far as I can, and it's open like a buffet.

What's really great? When a young gorgeous chick puts her tongue in your ass. I blow the hardest loads when I have a chicks tongue in my ass.

I've had 2 girls several times, but I have yet to have one BBBJ while the other tongues the bung. It's gona happen! Soon I hope.

BB Johnson
09-21-04, 00:56
I have a regular booty call who's a bit on the homely side, but she takes it in the ass like a champ. She even loves it when I fill her frontside with a vibrator as I'm drilling the back.

I haven't seen her in 2 weeks and haven't called. Why? Last time we hooked up she wasn't quite ready and complained. That wasn't the problem though. When I pulled out, there was residual fudge on my tool. I almost puked.

I've done a lot of chicks and a lot of anal, but it's only the second fudge experience for me. Last time I stopped for a couple years. Can't say about this time.

I guess if she's young and hot, I'm IN!

09-21-04, 20:31
I agree BB Johnson, I had back in January two chinese girls while in Dubai. It was fun then turned into a mind blowing experience.

While up on my knees, one was giving me a bbbj, the other was behind me massaging my back. Next thing I know, the one behind me starts to run her tongue around my ass.

Pulled my cheeks apart and dig in like she's eating her last meal. With the bbbj going on and my prostrate being french kissed, I exploded so hard that girl in front choked.

I never realize what a feeling one could get like that. WOW !!!!!!!!!!

09-22-04, 08:42

OK. I’m sold.

My very next double action P4P session I’m going to get a BBBJ and at the same time have my ring tongue-shined.

Will let you know…

Regards, Havanaman

09-22-04, 14:02

Havanaman knows what he is talking about. This chica from Santo Domingo was sucking for all she's worth and then decided to have a taste of my ass. If she had not already lubed up to have my cock in her rectum, I would have blown my load right there and then. Needless to say, I fucked that ass mercilessly when she was finished tossing my own salad.


09-23-04, 18:35
Tenchi my friend, I agree with you, no matter how much control a professional might have, you cannot beat the tightness of a virgin ass!

Havanaman, I recommend that you get a girl to toss your salad, you will enjoy it!!!!

09-23-04, 19:19
Man, you guys are extreme! :D

09-25-04, 10:56
On the matter of tightness, my personal observations are in contrast to the popular myth that anal sex is a "tight" experience.

I speak from the vantage point of having buggered over 40 gals over a 25 year period (almost all working ladies, and some of them multiple times). Some of them I'm quite sure it was their first time because it was painful to them. And many more (beyond the 40) agreed to it but backed out after getting no more than an inch past the anal ring.

The ring itself may be tight upon entry, but once past it the feeling of tightness disappears because your dick is then in a very loose tunnel. And once inside, the head of your dick (being the most sensitive part) is no longer experiencing the tightness of the anal ring. So the anal ring is then only clamping down on the less sensitive part, your shaft. But even the anal ring after a few minutes gets loose. Ever see the "gape" after pulling out?

The tightest orifices I've been in have been pussies - especially young recently deflowered chicks. I've experienced what "seemed" (relatively) tight asses, but they were very few and no match for a tight pussy.

09-25-04, 11:40

As always my friend I will listen to your good words and find a tosser to perform on my salad! LOL Actually this may be sooner than I thought as I am away to Havana again, and if you need to pay for anything “sick” or out of the ordinary, then I would rather pay where $1=26 pessos…

Regards, Havanaman

09-25-04, 11:48

yes you are right from an anatomical view point. however i disagree with the generalisation. speaking from a personal point i enjoy the anal experience for many reasons, indeed some of these are not even physical! again from a personal point i enjoy the tightness of the ring as much as possible during the session, then go for the “shaft based” orgasm. i can’t explain it any other way than to say that my shaft gets stimulated slowly and in ever increasing “volumes”, then reaches its peak. this for me is an ultimate in cumming, and indeed is learned from a master at a jacking-club in ny.

the lack of tightness deeper in the colon, that is cavernous space, is well documented and my way around this is to use the “short-swallow” thrusting method of the chinese. essentially this is 9 very short thrusts (ring-side) and 1 deep. cycle these and feel the tightness. speed here is also essential to reign in, that is control, as too much of a pounding will open that gap into a crater which you can get your arm into (if you do this use a glove, i recomend the nedex-washing gloves with long sleeves). there is also the inch-cycle which i can tell you about if you like.

i don’t want to get into a flame war; we can all learn from each other. different techniques from different cultures makes us all gain something valuable as part of the total-human-experience. i like variety and in the last 25 years i must have done well in excess of 500 chicas up the arse: the majority have been south american, but the figures speak for themselves... i have also done well in excess of 500 pussies. in all that time i only managed to get 1 arse cherry, and that was earlier this year!! go figure… i travel so much that having diversity is the norm rather than the exception.

each to their own, but lets learn from each other.

regards, havanaman

09-25-04, 13:40

LOL, spoken like a true scientist! I was ONLY speaking from an antomical perspective, -- the desire for anal sex for me over vaginal still is my prefered "perversion" by far.

But IMO the desire for it is totally psychological as once its inside, my mind notices physical sensational differences which (for me at least) seems to favor vaginal sex. Nevertheless, my DESIRE for sticking it into an orifice surrounded by two glorious orbs (wrapped in spandex preferably) beats my desire for the common everyday vagina anytime. To me, theres nothing "sexy" about a vagina, but a nice puckered starfish or a female ass in tight jeans will get me up in no time.


09-25-04, 16:50
Christ you lot have been mongering ass longer than I've been alive! Though havana I can claim more anal cherrys than you! ha!
Though still tell us the inch-cycle.

I'm not sure I agree you JP, though I can't say I've done as many asses as you, but with regard to non-pros only, I can say I've broken both cherrys for a few girls, and I honestly believe (unless they lied to me about the front-door cherry) the ass orifice is tighter. Which was consistent with all the cherrys. So all their ass cherrys were tighter than their front-door cherry.

09-25-04, 21:09
You're exactly right, pussy is only pussy after all, not so special or attractive after a while.

That's why I can only be stimulated by the sight and feeling of a tight round proportional ass, even during the interaction with the pussy or the much more exciting BBBBBBJ.

Nothing compares to it....

Bend It
10-01-04, 20:45

Just read a post by Lefty on the Milwaukee board about the first time he ploughed a woman's ass and made me remember my inaugural ass plough.

My first was with a pro, a woman I met through a classified ad in the Reader, a free weekly. I was about 27 at the time, she was a little older, 35 or so, too much makeup, real slutty.

I picked her up, we went to the notel, we hopped in the shower. As we're toweling off, she tells me that she's just learning how to do Greek and asked me if I had ever ass-fucked a woman. I said no, but took her up on the offer.

We started with her laying down on the bed with some pillows. She had a *huge* vibrator, not one of those shaped like a dick but a "theraputic" model, with a big vibrating head. I used that on her clit for a long time.

Then she got out a smaller, dick-shaped vibrator from her bag of goodies. While she kept the big vibrator on her clit, I lubed up the little one and gently pushed it against her ass. She was still on her back, her legs spread wide, looking like the milf she was.

I can remember now when the end of the little vibrator 'popped' through her sphincter. I used that on her for alittle while.

Then wrapped and lubed little Bend It, with the milf still on her back and her legs now straight in the air, and slowly eased into her ass. Went gentle for a while, then really ploughed her.

This is the experience that really hooked me on ass ploughing a woman with her on her back. Looking at the expression on a woman's face is at least half the experience. Priceless.

Bend It

Love The Ladies
10-05-04, 10:58
You guys are hard core on this channel. Keep it up. As i'm currently in India. Women are mostly anal virgins here. (95%+) I've met a few girls who will let me finger them backdoor. Yet they are too tight to plunge into and they don't give me enough time to open it slowly. I' have the habit of using a cucumber with one of the girls and just leave it when doing DATY. What else do you guys recommend?

As for the 20 minutes of DATY and your tounge getting tired. I've got a few tricks that might help. I"m sure you know most of them, but perhaps you can get something out of this.
1.) kiss her, get her warmed up without going to that area. (sounds like you do this quite nicely already)
2.) Lift her public mound up towards her breasts
3.) lick slowly her clit
4.) she will get a hard on once she gets stimulated, use the tip of your tounge only and go faster. (by using the tip about 80% less effort is required
5.) she should be wet at this point. if so, firmly finger her g spot
6.) once you feel she gets a super hard-on, lick like a madman

the above should cut your times down to 10-15 minutes. even if it is at 20 minutes it should be easier. also, the last thing you want to do for sake of conservation of energy is licking inside her vagina. god, that takes away all my endurance.

hope this helped, keep up the great posts gentlemen.

10-05-04, 14:33
Doing anal while the chick is lying on her back is not the only way to see the expression on her face.

You could manage it with almost every position in a much more interesting way!

10-05-04, 16:14
Love the Ladies

Use fingers first, when it comes to anal cherries it is very important to prepare her ass for insertion. Heck, even a masage to put her at ease if she's worried is a good idea. NEVER go gung-ho guns blazing up her ass, it'll be her equivelent of a spicy donor kebab doing a number on her ass!

You might just leave the cucumber in her for a while too. Oh and missionary the only position for breaking them in with. Plus seeing their face is priceless. A little perverse seeing them squirm in discomfort as you plunge in and out, but what can I say!

And while we're on the subject of first-times. Mine was with a girlfriend, in the shower, bareback of course. Her first too. I didn't use any lube, and no pre-fingering to loosen her up. I just plunged in! I was young, didn't know better. Suprisingly she seemed fine, and I just carried on to completion. I carried on showering and she sat on the loo relieving the deposit I made - Brilliant!

10-12-04, 14:59

Now, what about the sight of a freshly fucked gaping asshole? Is my fascination with this only my little perversion?

How many of us ever experienced this first hand and not via porno movies?

I have witnessed this first hand only once in my entire ass-popping career!


Bend It
10-13-04, 20:48
Absolutely, Alan. I like pulling out, putting it back in, over and over. This works best after you've been ploughing away for a while.

Bend It

10-13-04, 23:58
A huge gape is great when you need to relube, goes right in there, then plunge back in!

biggest gape I recall is just over an inch wide, pulling her buttcheeks apart tightly made prolonged it and I got a good look down there - only an anal connoisseur can subscribe to this vision of anal heavenliness!

Bend It
10-14-04, 18:17

What other positions do you recommend? Thanks,

Bend It

10-15-04, 23:04
Bend It,

Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl for the tightest possible... buttcheek muscles are holding the girl up so they tighten.

Not good for poppin' anal cherry's mind you

10-17-04, 19:00
Lube. I know much emphasis is on quality lube. I've found that the quality of lube can have affect the level of enjoyment as well.

BUT, I've found that the better (or slicker) the quality is, the LESS enjoyment I'd get from anal sex. The ubiquitous KY is so slippery that sometimes I dont feel much as it slides in.

There have been times when no lube was around so I'd have to look for alternatives. In a hotel room, Ive found body lotions that Ive tried and found a big difference. I really enjoyed it. It wasnt as super-slick as KY or other stuff, but just slippery enough to do it. You'd feel the friction as it slid in and out and you'd have to re-apply more if you didnt finish quickly enough.

But it may not be advisable to do it on a fresh anal cherry - the babe should have some experience to be able to handle it painlessly.

10-22-04, 14:31
Hello JP,

That is a very accurate post. I think things are better when there is a little resistance involved. Though more lube means easier entry, it also means you can lose the sensation of tightness.

However less lube means more pain for the lady. I know that some guys like the idea of some degree of pain and lust for the look on the lady's face when the knob gets through the sphincter, but you have to bear in mind that you want to keep that cock in there for as long as possible. If she's in pain, you don't stand a very good chance of staying till eruption.

One question for you guys. Have you noticed that some girls have really huge buds at the entrace to the rectum. Isn't this a real turn on? There are others who have a smooth opening. But I like that rose bud huge and creased. Nice for finger play before the final busting of that asshole.


10-25-04, 17:59

I have found that Astroglide is a very good lubricant and the women seem to like it as well. You can get a bottle in the local grocery store.

I also have the same desire to have some sort of friction involved. I found that if you apply some lube before putting on the condom and then reapply on once on, this will heighten your experience and create more friction for you! This is some advice pasted down from a true professional! Give it a try.


11-04-04, 14:16
Hello Guys,

I must say I rather enjoyed an encounter with Angel from the Venezuelan island of Margarita last week. Though no full anal was involved, she was most willing to have her ass fingered and viewed up close.

This just goes to show how with a little creativity we can enjoy the pleasures of a female ass without going all the way.

Of course it would have been wonderful to have attempted to get my cock deep inside that tight hole, and it was tight, but if a finger is all she can take then go for it.

It was a real temptation to engage in some analingus especially since she was quite willing to toss my salad while jerking me off.


11-05-04, 20:43
I had more luck and did everything with this cutie

Daddy Lows
11-18-04, 21:23
Hello all. Just here to add some input on lube but I have to also add I thoroughly enjoy everyone's candor on the topic of backdoor loving.

Lately, with my regular provider, I've been using mineral oil. It's odorless, tasteless, and colorless. However, it's not very slippery yet good enough to help with penetration and thrusting. The consistency is very much like vegetable oil. Friction is alleviated only to a point so that the girl won't hurt but also that the grip on the dick still feels tight. And as far a price goes, it's more cost effective than KY or astroglide. There is/might be a drawback. It's also supposed to be a laxative but my girl never had a problem later on. Besides, anal sex usually causes some kind of bowel movement later on anyways. Anyone else try this stuff? BTW, I work with metal parts and machinery and had some bottles on hand when my KY ran out. The mineral oil is really good for cleaning gun parts, too. ;)

My 2 cents,


11-19-04, 00:55
Daddy Lows

I like the idea! I’ll give it a try and see how it feels. The appeal for me is where you describe the friction being alleviated to stop the chica being in pain, but maintaining nice tightness. That’s what I go for.

I would suggest that there would be a real need to find out about the interactions of the oil on condoms… not something I’m familiar with, but a real need nonetheless.

Nice idea, and certainly a very reasonable alternative. Beats the dairy butter I once tried!

Regards, Havanaman

11-21-04, 23:53

Oils like mineral, veggie and others will cause the condom to break. Even just a little. Be careful.


11-28-04, 05:54

Great thread, wish I had your elegance of words. First anal cherry, my sister's best friend she 14 me 15. She, I think, just wanting to please, me just wanting pleasure.

Thirty years latter, (marriage, etc, divorce) professional office, cyber sexing a 32 year old for several weeks whom I have never actually met, she is pretty, (I'll post a pic) into my office confidently strutes, late evening, locks the door behind her just as instructed, wearing a little dress, no panties, says nothing, just smiles, lays across the customer counter stool, face down, dress bunched around her waist, fingers holding her ass checks apart, high heeled long thin about the ankled legs spread and lubed ass-hole ready for me like a wanton *****, I circle around the counter unzipping my slacks and slipping into her lovely ass. Such a pretty and nasty little fuck. Hummm, I could have stayed with her longer . . . darn.

Now, four and five years later, I am addicted to Brazilian ass. Geez, what a lovely dream. In May I took Raphella's ass a couple days before I left, though she initially objected, she knew I wanted her Brasilian ass around my cock. I warmed her with my tongue and massaged "anal ease" (an analgesic cream) around her rose bud to ease the sting. Then . . . holding her butt checks in my hands massaging applying finger pressure into her sacral (sp) and pelvic muscles to release tension, her ass responded like a farmers yoke pulled by it's tethers, and my cock like a Kansas plow entering tight gumbo. Ha, ha . . she relaxes and pulls, I push we grunt and loosen into a steady furrowing, thashing hair, shoulders and arms, my chin to her back, holding her to the ground between our legs. Ummmm, such nice memories!!!! I love a woman's ass!!

11-30-04, 02:45
I was trying to post a few photos on this thread. Is that possible?

11-30-04, 03:12
I hope you mongers appreciate these anal photos. I met this woman on Match. a couple of years ago. She sure was a lot of fun.

11-30-04, 03:56
Here's the chick I talked into my office over the internet a couple of years ago. She walked in without saying a word, and without ever previously meeting each other, she laid across the counter stool, raised her dress and spread your butt checks. Ahhh memories.

PS: Had to reduce the hell out of this picture I don't know if you will be able to see it or not.

12-04-04, 08:03
I’m very keen to try the backdoor but so far haven’t had much luck. I’ve tried it three times, each time with a different working. The first girl was experienced and she did apply some KY jelly before hand, but I guess my dick wasn’t hard enough that time and couldn’t get in her. The second girl was also supposed to be experienced, but she didn’t apply any lubricants and I just couldn’t get it in. Both were doing it doggy style and of course I had a condom on.

The third girl was an anal virgin (that’s what she claimed, and it seemed to be true as she wasn’t very sure of how to go about doing it), and she applied a lot of lubricants, both before and during the process. We first did it missionary, then turned doggy, and finally missionary again. I believe eventually I got the head in, but couldn’t get in much further. When I tried to pound, I simply got eased out of her backdoor completely. Even though she was willing to let me try again, I saw that she had been in pain all along so I gave it up.

I've gone through several pages of this thread and there doesn't seem to be any discussion on the first attempt. Could any anal connoisseurs here give me some advise on how to do it properly with a pro and also with a virgin? I may look up the third girl for a second attempt.

12-04-04, 16:57
What you could try is more lube and opening the her anal highway with a dildo/vibrator.Or lube and your finger, if it's not a working girl and a gf, open with your tongue.

That always works, if it's a working girl used a dental dam or kitchen plastic wrap. Using your tongue to open her up that way. Once the way is paved your hard dick will follow.

PS. A little tiny touch of viagra/25mg will help in keep the little man hard.

12-05-04, 11:18

Do a search on: my name, also lazaro, boxcc and meatman. This question posted by me was very well answered by these masters. If I recall correctly it was in the first part of the second quarter of this year.

Best of luck with this. By the way, Worf1972 is on the mark. I would take the route with fingers and toys to help open the gap. Lube is ultra important.

You might also want to consider using a topical analgesic which will help to reduce the pain in your last chica. Understand that the pain will not go completely but will be reduced.

Regards, Havanaman

12-05-04, 15:00

I came across a provider in SC a while back that likes to use Olive oil for a lubricant. I particularly liked it because not only did it lube the hole well, but it was edible too!!! Just some food for thought...


12-05-04, 17:00

Extra virgin I hope?



12-06-04, 17:44
Hello Woo,

Most of the experienced guys here would tell you that the easiest route is for the girl to sit on your cock. Lots of lube on the tip and shaft and a bit packed into her asshole and around the opening.

Allow her to do the initial pushing and twisting to get the head in. Once the head is in you have to slowly ease the rest of the cock in. There is some resistance near the halfway mark since your cock is a bit thicker at that point.

Most anal fucks do not get past this point and you can still have a wonderful experience. But the best fuck is when you can get it all in and you can feel the tightness of the spincter near the base of your cock.

Many, many years ago when you could have done this without a condom, the thrill was having the feel of the anal passage at the tip of your cock as it slid in. Cumming inside was also as heavenly as it sounds. But times have changed.


Tony Sop
12-24-04, 08:16
i have a bit of advice. i have enjoyed anal for years with a number of so's. a few months ago i convinced my current so to try it for her first time. i have rarely used a condom because i have not had to worry about stds, but this time i came down with a prostrate infection. my advice is - keep it covered!. this is not a fun experience. it was uncomfortable as hell for 3 weeks. peeing every 10 minutes, burning and pain so bad during ejaculation. it took two 10 day courses of antibiotics and the fun of explaining what i had been doing to a young punk doctor. i can still see the notes on my chart in big letters "anal sex".

my so has enjoyed it and it is really tempting to just be spontaneous, but i will definitely keep it covered when playing on the back side.

i did learn that the prostrate does not repond well to oral antibiotics, and the next treatment would have been a rotor rooter.

Patrick Bateman 2
12-29-04, 08:48

what a great thread. i love the backdoor as well. its sooooooo tight! anyways, my question is similar to woovictor's. how to make anal sex w/a very little girl, 5ft. 90 pounds, not feel like a [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) situation?

i am average sized boys. alittle over 7 inches and medium thick. however, i dont think its gonna fit inside her ass at all. i have done anal w/ plenty of large framed, white, black and even solid built kgirls in the past w/minimal problems. perhaps, because they wanted the anal sex as badly as i did.

however, this petite provider is terrified of anal w/me or anybody. yet, i know she wants to please me. what to do? lube, lube, lubrication for sure. use vibrators, my fingers etc. go slow and communicatel what am i forgetting?

if anybody here has ever sodomized a little girl please share your advice. it would be greatly appreciated by me and my horny cock. and, i have read the great advice of worf1972, havanaman, and alan (the lucky bastard). i'm just curious if my particular dilemna has already been solved by another ass raiding monger. if so please reply. your help is appreciated. oh yeah, great ideas on all the various oil lubes. i learned alittle bit just by reading the first page of this thread. sweet!


the sadist

Travis Bickle 2
12-30-04, 01:03
I quote Irie Sadist: "If anybody here has ever sodomized a little girl please share your advice."

You're coming off sounding like quite the pervert with that line. You may want to delete the post and use phrases such as: "a small woman" or something like that.

I realize that probably wasn't your intent, but it sure sounds sick.


12-30-04, 03:52
most of the women (18-40) in my past and even now are petite, less than 5'2" and between 90 and 110 pounds. the easiest way to get her to loosen up is to have her lay on her back, bring her legs up to her chest and spread. you should then proceed to enjoy a little dining, making sure you get her good and wet. while your doing this use her fluids and yours to penetrate her anus with first one finger and then add fingers as she becomes used to the insertions. when you can just get 2-3 fingers in her with no pain on her part, then she is ready for you to penetrate her anus with your penis. i usually proceed to lick her till she is just ready to come or has come. have fun...and remember just cuz they tiny doesn't mean they are tight.


what a great thread. i love the backdoor as well. its sooooooo tight! anyways, my question is similar to woovictor's. how to make anal sex w/a very little girl, 5ft. 90 pounds, not feel like a [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) situation?

i am average sized boys. alittle over 7 inches and medium thick. however, i dont think its gonna fit inside her ass at all. i have done anal w/ plenty of large framed, white, black and even solid built kgirls in the past w/minimal problems. perhaps, because they wanted the anal sex as badly as i did.

however, this petite provider is terrified of anal w/me or anybody. yet, i know she wants to please me. what to do? lube, lube, lubrication for sure. use vibrators, my fingers etc. go slow and communicatel what am i forgetting?

if anybody here has ever sodomized a little girl please share your advice. it would be greatly appreciated by me and my horny cock. and, i have read the great advice of worf1972, havanaman, and alan (the lucky bastard). i'm just curious if my particular dilemna has already been solved by another ass raiding monger. if so please reply. your help is appreciated. oh yeah, great ideas on all the various oil lubes. i learned alittle bit just by reading the first page of this thread. sweet!


the sadist

Patrick Bateman 2
12-30-04, 08:49

Brother, thank YOU! I really appreciate your insight and advice. Your idea about my using one finger, then two and then three and then finally, when she is pain free, inserting my stiff cock is excellent. It will take some restraint on my part. I get so excited. But it will be so worth it in the end. Of this I'm sure.

This "little girl" is a Cambodian goddess. Age 22, FYI Civ2000, and she has only been w/one other dude besides me. Yeah, some lucky Cambo dude. Her virgin pussy was probably the best he ever had. She was horny and basically asked her "friend" to bang her. How lucky was that guy! I wish I had popped that dark asian berry. Anyways, I will not stop till her ass is mine.

Civ2000, sorry brother. Everybody, I am so comfortable on this board I talk real casually. I meant little in size. Not age. I should have been more PC w/a statement like: Have any of YOU guys ever made love to a very small, of legal age, girl's ass before? I hope that clears up my Perv comment.

Truth be told. I am a sadistic freak. And I am a pervert. However, I live in the Golden state. Therefore, I only bang girls born before 1987. No matter how tempted I may be to do otherwise. No sex is worth my freedom. Period!


The Sadist

Bend It
12-30-04, 16:43
I once plowed a professional who was no more 4' 10", with big implants, and she took the greek like the pro she was. No problem (fyi, I'm about 8 1/2")

Sometimes I like 'em big, sometimes little. Variety!

12-31-04, 16:16
Good point Bend It.

Most experienced ass-busters would know that the size and height of the woman does not always indicate the dimensions of the anus. It makes a difference with angle and depth of entry, but not necessarily with fit.

Remember some time ago we discussed how anal sex involves a measure of sadistic pleasure? Well this is what this Irie Sadist is really talking about.

Hopefully he did not truly mean 'little' as in young, but 'little' as in 'small'. No greater sight than a petite one having the full length of your cock in her ass and to see her grab that pillow or bed post and squeeze hard, eyes closed tight, as you slam into her.


Silver Shadow
01-01-05, 04:13
the recent discussion of buttfucking a small woman reminded me of arlene, who i met in the early eighties - before the aids scare.

i had run a sex ad in the village voice, stating only that i was looking for an uninhibited partner. arlene had been seeing a psychologist, who had advised her to act out her fantasies. it turns out that he had been fucking her too.

arlene was only about five feet tall, and weighed around ninety pounds. she had very nice tits, though.

she came to my place, and wasted little time in foreplay. we sucked and fucked the afternoon away. i don't know how many times i came, but she was always able to get me up again for another round.

as it began to get dark, she said that she had to call her husband and let him know that she was running late. she lay on her stomach across the bed, and was in conversation with him when i lubed up my cock and lay atop her. i had only intended to slide it back and forth between her asscheeks, but she began to gyrate and push back, with no break in her telephone conversation. i put the head of my cock at her asshole, and she pushed back. i slid in very slowly, and she made some sort of apologies for the occasional gasp. i can't begin to tell you how tight she was, but she took it all. when she hung up the phone, i tickled her ribs, which caused her asshole to spasm and squeeze me even tighter. i picked up speed, and hammered her into the bed. when i finally blew i almost passed out.

we got together a few times after that, a couple of times in a threesome with another guy. she wore us both out, and never hesitated to offer her asshole. for a tiny girl, she was an amazing fuck.

Patrick Bateman 2
01-10-05, 09:49
Okay, mongers here's where I'm at w/my LBFM. The other night about twenty minutes into it we started 69ing eachother. I was on my back w/my face buried in her sweet, shaved pussy. She is so little. Sorry, Civ2000, I meant petite. Anyways, I can eat her ass and pussy at the same time. Meaning, as I'm sucking on her clit my nose is buried in her asshole. Also I can rapidly lick up and suck on her asshole as I'm fingering her pussy. Then I suck on her pussy again quickly. Continuous licking, sucking and spiting etc. As she was sucking my cock and licking my balls I got "real horny" and figured WTF. I had to start sodomizing her.

I licked and slipped the index finger of my left hand into her virgin asshole. I almost nutted right there. As her small mouth slurpped my cock I was penetrating her tight asshole. It was incredible! At this point, I was eating that pussy like it was my last meal on the planet earth. I have never eatin pussy so aggressively before in my life. I was possessed.

Anyways, she let me finger that ass all the way down to my knuckle. It was awesome. I was spittin on her pussy as I fingered her ass and grabbed her itty, bitty titties. She is a 32 A cup. This was definitely a sodomy high point for me w/this particular girl. Sent, I so wanted to put a second finger into her. My middle finger was ithcin. But as I tried for insertion she put a stop to it immediately.

I totally respected her wishes. Besides, I was so impressed w/how far I had gotten it was no problem to relent. She actually said to me "why do YOU wanna sodomize me so bad?" I laughed in her face. I didn't know what to say. So I told her the truth. I said "baby because I know the tighness will feel incredible on my cock. Your pussy is super tight. But your ass is even tighter. Anal sex is special. Only YOU can provide that baby. When YOU scream in pain and delight I am going to bust the happiest nut of my life!"

And w/that she seemed to accept the inevitable. I wont stop till that ass is mine! I'll post after I take it to the next level. Either, another finger or two inserted inside her backdoor. Or hopefully, in due time, full on anal banging. Wish me luck boys. I aim to go deep.

Peace, da Sadist

01-12-05, 13:10

My advise to you is to take things really slow at this point. The fact is that your girl is most likely to offer up the rectal highway at the least convenient time, especially if there is no lube around.

Be a good boy scout and have lube always handy. Remember also that she might not be aware of some of her own prep work. Like having a good dump before attempting rigorous anal sex. So be on the lookout for unwelcome condom attachments during the act itself.

Yes condom. Cover up.


Patrick Bateman 2
01-13-05, 06:50

I think your right. I just bought some astro glide and I already had some KY. I believe its da only way I'm gonna get inside that tiny, tiny hole. Damn, she is petite.

Brother, I have had some unexpected fudge on my cock in da past. Mind YOU I was bare back fucking that ass. And after I spewed cum onto her bald twat I wiped that fudge all over her mouth, lips and face. Fuck, I'm a sick bastard. Seriously, I know that little, Kgirl, coke **** loved every minute of it. I think she was sicker than me. Always sticking her fingers in my ass. If she had a dick she probably would have tried to fuck me w/it.

Anyways, I'm not down to use condoms w/regular girlfriends. She is no professional provider. She is a normal chick I met on a college campus here in LA. Besides she is a good girl from S.E Asia. And that virgin ass is clean as a whistle as far as I can tell from my conversations w/her. Her sex life has been extremely limited. She is no ****. So I will only use a condom if she asks. And in my experience young, hot, asian girls from overseas are not into using condoms. Thank god.


da Sadist

02-23-05, 16:09
Hello Irie and Other Friends,

Seems like the WSG downtime has had the worst effect on us. Let's see if we can heat this forum up a little more.


Patrick Bateman 2
03-04-05, 03:52
I got senior status since we last chatted. Unfortunattely, I lost my user name. Strange world it gives and takes. Anyways, I'll post later on my latest anal adventure.
Laters,da Sadist

03-26-05, 15:57
hello irie,

seems like things have gone dead in this section. just want to report on a recent encounter in barbados though.

met this girl at one of the clubs in the st. lawrence gap area. took her back to the hotel where i promptly attacked the fat booty.

she was in some pain so i withdrew my shit-stained, condom-covered cock only for her to peel the condom off and to suck on the pole in the most violent manner.

i think she wanted it to come to an end soon. swallowed every drop and then ran off the the bathroom for a quick gargle.

when she came back i was ready for her again. fucked that ass till she begged for me to cum. she spent quite some time cooling that anal rim in the shower after.


04-05-05, 13:58
How do you ask for it without risking having bad wrap if she said no? When you really need it from someone in your vicinity, getting the pussy is quite easy, but even giving hints about thedark tunnel can be a real concern. How do you deal with that guys?

Daddy Rulz
04-05-05, 18:01
Booty lover are you talking about asking a pro or a g/f? If it's a pro just ask and if she says no move on. I guess the same for a g/f.

04-06-05, 19:16
Hi Guys,

This is one of the more challenging aspects of the anal advanture. How do you ask that girl you've told you love and respect that you badly need to shove your fat cock in her tight anal passage.

Took me years to cross that hurdle during my first marriage.

Of course, much easier with the pros. Ask and if they say no just walk away. Even so, more than 90% will turn you away.

It's worth the effort though.


Silver Shadow
04-08-05, 13:06
I wrote a bit about my experiences a couple of nights ago, but it never appeared, so maybe I hit the wrong button sending it in.

I've always requested anal sex, from my ex-wife to the various girlfriends. If they refused to be buttfucked, I wasn't with them for long.

I always did a special thing for them after I had fucked their assholes - some kind of special occasion - a big dinner - a show - whatever pleased them. They would be ready for the next occasion.

I met up with a NY SW, who I brought home and plugged in the butt. She was Puerto Rican and married, and used a cellphone to keep in touch. She knew how to ease it in without hurting her asshole. I did this ass for a bunch of months, and her cellphone went blank. Maybe someday?

The only one that ever asked for it up the butt was a girl I met who had been with the military in Guam. She was about a 6, and on the heavy side, but she had determined there were a lot of men on Guam, and not a lot of women, and she wasn't all that great-looking, so how does she get dates?

She had her datebook filled, while the better-looking women were looking at each other and wondering what was happening.

I porked her a few times, until it seemed she liked getting it up the ass more than giving a blowjob... we all have our choices.

Later, guys

04-09-05, 09:28

I must say that I agree with Silver Shadow. Apart from pay for play, if I can’t get any rear action in a relationship I find it does not last long.

Having said that the easiest way to establish potential is to ask for it. Plain and simple.

I have found that after a chica has been satisfied a couple of times (and we all know that it might take half a night for this in some cases, so due patience is needed, sometimes more than a man can stand…), in my case I like to DATY, I just ask. If I have been really good that session I find I can get at least a try… Which at the very least sets it up for the next day…

One of the very best and easiest set-ups for me has been during a long and slow 69. where I’m tonguing the star. I have yet to find a chica who will stop me doing that… After this “dark kiss”, it’s an 80% rear action guarantee. I’m not saying it’s the whole deal, just that it’s a large part of the sell. Be advised, I never "DK" P4P, and always joint shower with chicas before a shower, call me paranoid but its safe and also enjoyable and makes me feel comfortable that they are clean.

Regards and happy plugging, Havanaman

04-11-05, 22:36
I'm refering to close friends, coworkers or those you meet at the church. I do them in the front quite easily. How do I ask for the back without losing her front (her friends') if she said No? That's the question

Hi Guys,

This is one of the more challenging aspects of the anal advanture. How do you ask that girl you've told you love and respect that you badly need to shove your fat cock in her tight anal passage.

Took me years to cross that hurdle during my first marriage.

Of course, much easier with the pros. Ask and if they say no just walk away. Even so, more than 90% will turn you away.

It's worth the effort though.


Pig Farmer
04-12-05, 04:48
I had an escort the other night. She allowed anal but could not take it . I was okay with that but she was fat and not that attractive . I read a good review in the windsorescort section in advance. Next time I think I will be more thourough before I pick another escort. I heard Raven is a greek provider. Anyone tried her?

05-17-05, 09:25

Just ask. I think if you ask after having set the scene, you will win. You might want to try talking about sex, what she likes, what she wants to try etc. That way, your desire for anal is just one of a number of mutual desires in a list rather than a specific thing you want.

Good luck with it, and let us know when you crack a co-worker rear.

Regards, Havanaman

05-29-05, 15:37
One method thats worked with me in getting a girl to be more 'amenable' to having her rear end stuffed is this:

Take a shower together. Soap her body all over and get her in a relaxed mood. Then slip your finger up her ass. If she reacts, smile and tell her its all right, to just relax and let it go on for a minute or two. Wiggle your finger deep inside. This is a lot less objectionable to her than ramrodding her with your penis first. Once she's used to the idea of having something moving in her ass, you're half way there. She may at least be more ready to accept the idea of your penis in there instead of your finger. This may get her to the point of accepting and may try it, but no guarantee it will result in a full anal session. Many girls I've tried it with accepted but changed their mind when doing it became more painful than they expected. Patience is the key.

Good luck!

Alkyon 4
06-01-05, 15:35
We've all heard that to get a girl to accept the greek way, you have to go slow, use fingers first, lots of lube, etc., etc.

Well, all these help, but they will not help the girl cross the border. What has always worked for me is right after a good, hard fuck, preferably doggy style. If a woman likes this and comes, she will be very much open the other way too - it has also occured to me that a woman who wouldn't discuss anal beforehand, asked for it after she came from a hard fuck that lasted long enough to get her in that state.

And one last thing, a little tequilla may help some times for both of you :)

06-12-05, 10:15
I was told that it was the Greeks that used this method as a form of birth-control before other means of birth-control. I could be wrong? Anybody have a better reason?

Alkyon 4
06-13-05, 09:42
It may be because Greeks first portrayed pictures of homosexual activities a few hundred years BC. You can see these findings in museums in Athens and elsewhere.

BTW, I am Greek :-)

It Travel
06-19-05, 15:07
By ancient Greeks anal sex was very popular on ground the upper class, of course not slaves and workers, had the habit to get in their families younger boys (younger teens) as (slave) lovers… of course fucking them in young teen asses. Homosexuality was viewed just as a sex variant, nothing perverse. This habit lasted for centuries up to (and also after) the conquest by the Roman Empire.

By the way I also think that anal sex with different type of girls (not men!!!) is the best you can have. I like very much petites like Diana-Alisa pic “a 1” (her real name is Ludmilla found at http://www.intimcity.ru/persons.php?id=17869): 156 cm, not so beautiful, big round ass, and also good for role games… Like getting in to the hotel room and simulating hard sex anal, with out any preparation, with all her clothes on (very good in winter where se wear always high heel black boots) and just getting her on the bed for a unprepared hard anal session. The other girl pic “a 2” is Julia taller, bigger and a very good tight anal fuck in missionary position, so you can see her face when you nail her. Needs some preparation, very very tight, despite her big body. Of course the do also toying and lesbian.

Another, the best girl, I found is the famous Mistery Tramp (pics a 3, a 4 a 5, and the one in the next message a 6, a 7 a 8) from Kiev, see the pics (some are similar) in Kiev and Ukraine photo section. One of the best nights I’ve got in the eastern Europe, unshaven, slim, very tight and willing,18teen all holes and finally the best (after anal) the final facial cumshot. Unfortunately I was so horny that after the anal I forgot to get pictures, but you can see how tight she was (next page).

As you can see I had a long time of DATY, and you can see the results, she was not yet a real professional… And look at the “helicopter” she has at the pussy (I do not remember who of you called her lips so)… something fantastic!

As a suggestion to all friends at WSG I can advise to Russia and Ukraine where it’s rather simple to get girls (mostly tight teens) getting anal and then a facial or a CIM, the matter is just of paying some extra.

Next time (in august) I’ll bring some toys (anal plugs) and try to take better pics… perhaps with some teen or some older (!) really expert…


It Travel
06-19-05, 20:14
Sorry but some problem... denies me to get attachments! So pictures next time I'm connected...


06-29-05, 17:58
Friends, This is a really worthwhile historical excursion into the art of anal plumbing. The fact remains that throughout history the anus has been considered to be a legitimate and pleasurable entry point for the penis. Physiologically, it does not always appear to be "the natural thing to do" but with very little effort it's as natural as anything else we do to make life better.

Few of us connoisseurs would disagree that ass is probably as good as pussy once the conditions are right. Poor conditions include the absence of a condom, lubrication and a confident woman. If all three are present it becomes one of the really great pleasures of life.

Condomless anal sex is as great as it will get but this would have to be with your monogamous mate. Yes this is as rare as gold. But if you do find this you are one of the luckiest men in the world.

Ass-fucking without a condom with a working lady is even riskier than russian roulette with an anti-aircraft missile launcher. Do not do it! By all means fuck that ass and fuck it good but please use a helmet.


Daddy Rulz
06-29-05, 20:01
and great advice

Jim Stick
07-02-05, 23:48
Actually, anal is safer than the vagina when it comes to disease. Studies in gays, where there bottom (ass receptor) is HIV positive and top (the penis inserter) is negative indicate no significant transmission. On the other hand, it is easy to transmit HIV to the receptor as the colon is full of blood vessels and receptors that can grab virus from semen. Rock Hudson's last boyfriend who only did top, was HIV negative even though RH was positive (and of course died from disease). The vagina on the other hand, is also safe, as woman to man transfer is rare except when there is blood as on the period and when the man has a scratch on his penis. No in Africa where heterosexual transmission is common, the cock size is huge and they are fond of "dry fucking" which generates a lot of damage to the vagina and the penis.

Nevertheless, always us a condom with a hooker or any stranger.

07-08-05, 03:22
... has got to be Moscow. Type in keyword "anal" in this Russian escort/dating service and you'll get hundreds of hits: http://www.russianvideodating.com/sex-girls/


1- http://www.russianvideodating.com/russian-nude/?ion=5413&back=list

2- http://www.russianvideodating.com/russian-nude/?ion=5410&back=list

I have GOT to go to Moscow!

08-24-05, 16:08

Had a recent experience with a chica from Cali, Colombia. The one problem was that I did not even realise I was in the backdoor. It slid far too easily inside. I had to reach with my fingers to see if I was in the "correct" hole. The beautiful thing about ass fucking is the tight fit. If it's too much like pussy it loses its appeal. She also took it in the ass like a real soldier, so I did not have the pleasure of even a mild moan of pain/pleasure. She just bent over and took the whole length without even a quiet grunt.


08-25-05, 10:35

your descriptions bring back sweet memories! yes indeed, hand on heart i can say that the very best backdoor action i ever had was with south american chicas. that also goes for bj’s too.

i agree with your comment regarding checking to see which hole you are ploughing. i was with a chica (paris) recently and she was so loose in the back door i thought she might even wear a [CodeWord132] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord132) under normal conditions…

long live the tight arse!

regards, havanaman

08-25-05, 11:04
please don't spout out uninformed advice here as it can kill. ass fucking can be dangerous as the ass wil not be moist like a well oiled pussy. size has little to do with it. there are multiple reasons why hiv is rampant in africa. polygamy, ass fucking, [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), gateway diseases suh as syphilis and their open sores all come to mind.
pussy fucking can also be dangeous. i play dangerously but that does not mean you should

08-25-05, 15:51
Hey Domino,

Can you tell me what dangerous advise you are talking about? I haven't seen anything in this discussion that is "dangerous".


08-25-05, 16:07
Actually, anal is safer than the vagina when it comes to disease. Studies in gays, where there bottom (ass receptor) is HIV positive and top (the penis inserter) is negative indicate no significant transmission. On the other hand, it is easy to transmit HIV to the receptor as the colon is full of blood vessels and receptors that can grab virus from semen. Rock Hudson's last boyfriend who only did top, was HIV negative even though RH was positive (and of course died from disease). The vagina on the other hand, is also safe, as woman to man transfer is rare except when there is blood as on the period and when the man has a scratch on his penis. No in Africa where heterosexual transmission is common, the cock size is huge and they are fond of "dry fucking" which generates a lot of damage to the vagina and the penis.

Nevertheless, always us a condom with a hooker or any stranger.

Alan: This is what I mean. It is too easy to post false information. Night night. Please send $20 to SIN.

Roman Guy
08-31-05, 14:16
Dear Sir,

I need two suggestions.

1) How many hours after the defecation is reasonable to wait for practising the anal love in order to avoid to get stained?

2) On the contrary, how to know if the defecation has already happend - however within the time of the previous point - just to avoid to find the way "busy"?

Thank you gentlemen for any posted suggestion.

It Travel
09-02-05, 19:14
Sorry for delay in attaching pics... but I had some problems with some protections,

so these are some pics of... a not exceptional girl but really interesting. After a hard work on pussy (as seen) a har work on her little and tight anus is starting, Unfortunately too tired to take pics...

Last Years Pics

09-02-05, 23:24
I have questions about two anal sex techniques.

While I was in the Philippines this last trip, a cutie asked for anal! Ask and ye shall receive I always say.

This was my first experience with Anal since a disastrous college attempt (forced celibacy for 2 weeks after). This filipina girl loved it and so I started looking for info on the net about this practice.

I came across a couple of things I would like feedback on. Maybe they are just myths! This group would probably know!

1) Amyl Nitrate – it is supposed to help loosen up the muscles so that you can get in easier. Is this true? Does it work? How do you “administer” said substance? I think it is a liquid so I wonder if you put it on a handkerchief and cover her mouth with it like in the movies when they are trying to “knock out someone”. Where do you get it?

2) Second practice is more violent. It is called a “Donkey Punch”. I guess this is where you punch (!) or slap the back of the girl’s head which causes her to tighten up. This is supposedly done at your climax to make it better. Is this true? Is this a real PUNCH or more like a slap? Sometimes I slap a girl’s rump during doggie style if she is into it. Is it like that? A real PUNCH might knock her out – besides being VERY bad for your health when she complains to the mamasan and her “cousins” show up!

Sorry for the newbie (to anal) questions.

Thanks tons!


09-03-05, 01:58
Actually, anal is safer than the vagina when it comes to disease. Studies in gays, where there bottom (ass receptor) is HIV positive and top (the penis inserter) is negative indicate no significant transmission. On the other hand, it is easy to transmit HIV to the receptor as the colon is full of blood vessels and receptors that can grab virus from semen. Rock Hudson's last boyfriend who only did top, was HIV negative even though RH was positive (and of course died from disease). The vagina on the other hand, is also safe, as woman to man transfer is rare except when there is blood as on the period and when the man has a scratch on his penis. No in Africa where heterosexual transmission is common, the cock size is huge and they are fond of "dry fucking" which generates a lot of damage to the vagina and the penis.

Nevertheless, always us a condom with a hooker or any stranger.No offense, but that was some ignorant shit.

It Travel
09-03-05, 11:28
One of my favourite all anal girls in some old and two new pics from monday...


09-06-05, 19:21
One of my favourite all anal girls in some old and two new pics from Monday.

ITNow that's a "starfish"!

Excellent work.

09-10-05, 17:46
Friends, Anyone of you can work out simply by looking at the "starfish" whether a girl can accommodate a nice size cock in her ass? One of the things you have to look for is the tautness of the star. Repeated anal violation leaves the sweetie with a rather rubbery look back there. There is sometimes as well signs of tearing.


09-11-05, 05:31
I am not such a big fan of anal sex. But last year, when I stayed in China, I had this real cute girl, very pretty, yet quite slim, 22yo, as my girlfriend (perhaps she was hoping I marry her eventually or something).
She didn't speak much English, but we were just fine, communicating with simple phrases and body language.
In a week or so, I started to feel pretty bored with our regular sex activities, and she was noticing that too (me watching the telly during sex etc.)
She once brought a girlfriend which I was allowed to touch during our sex, but then when she went outside to buy some food I screwed the friend in a very decisive manner, and somehow she found out.
But still she was very eager to please me whatever it takes, so once I was horny and the usual sex seemed boring, so I jokingly suggested ass fucking.
Reluctantly, she agreed. I worked my way in with the help of a KY and she was patiently grunting at my efforts.
I think I got a great kick out of fucking her virgin ass, (though some brown matter came out on my dick), but I liked it and screwed her in the ass three more times, and she was starting to get a good kick out of it as well.
Then I left China and never had an anal afterwards.
I don't think I crave it, but I think when I am again in total control of the woman, I shall definitely try anal again, just because.

Wicked Roger
09-11-05, 18:30
Fellow Mongers

Am not new to the forum but living in Middle East we get access blocked so we have to take time to find ways to move around the proxy. Have done so for a bit and read the posts on anal and the comments. My bit for the debate below:

1. Anal sex is great, bloody marvellous (but only with girls), without condom is fantastic/better (please no comments as I know them all and these are well represented in the forum)

2. Always best to relax the girl first but I find that pussy fucking and then tell her to play with her clit while you enter works best. This stimulates her and she is more relaxed. Playing witht he clit throughout is also a good one as this keeps her mind occupied so to speak.

3. If you have to hand (and I know we do not normally carry these around in our pockets) a butt plug is a great toy to use, lube it first, insert, fuck the pussy and then remove and bobs your uncle! In some cases it can feel like a threesome/sandwich without the other guy (I am stretching my imagination here)

4. I have used butt plugs a lot (I have 2 sizes depending on girl, her experience etc). Once she is hot and horny from pussy she will let it in if a first timer or relative newbie to the ass fucking.

5. Re the brown bits - well that is the price you pay sometimes and in my case it is very rare (I would say 2 in a 100 but perhaps am lucky).

6. Best anal is raw - just straight in and no lube but I would suggest you know the girl first or at least she is willing to try.

7. Had a girfriend once who loved it up the as and raw, so who was I to say no! Shame she lived 4000 miles away.

8. In the ME region anal is great as long as you negotiate up front etc. Met some nice tight Filipinas who are keen on anal, was first time but the relax, lube/plug approach worked wonders and now they are hooked and converted.

9. Dangers: I see it as the normal stuff associated with mongering. Always be safe if you can especially with unknown. I have some regulars so we know each other and we do bareback but that is my choice and hers.

10. Try Brazil - they all love anal. Was told by a lovely that they do it keep themselves a virgin before they marry! I can believe that but then will believe anything just about with my cock up a tight girls arse!

So my moral is: Just enjoy anal, stop trying to make into a science because it is pure pleasure.

Hope this helps and not hinders


09-15-05, 03:49
Another member already complained of bad information that is spread in the posts. This one is a good example.

I went to Wikipedia and Urban Dicitionary to find info on what Suk was talking about.

The "Donkey Punch" is as he describes. When in the doggy position, doing either vaginal or anal, the man punches the woman in the back of the head just before his climaxes. The punch is supposed to cause the woman to clench her muscles around the man cock which enhances his orgasm.

I hope we are mature enough and intelligent enough realize that this is nonsense. If we want the woman to tighten her ass muscles, we can just ask her! I have. She will comply. It does feel great!

FYI: It is alss a drink composed of orange juice, pineapple juice, ginger ale, and rum.

Amyl Nitrite (not nitrate which is a different substance) is a vasodilator used to treat heart problems such as angina. It is sold for recreational use by drug dealers to enhance sex. They are known as poppers. The increased blood flow increases sensitivity of erogenous zones such as the genitals and the anus. It also affects the process by which we men get erections and makes it easier to obtain and maintain them. It works the same way as Viagra. Amyl Nitrite comes as a liquid. You inhale it as it evaporates easily at room temperature. It is also very flammable so don't use it near smokers or open flames. Overdoes can kill you by lowering your blood pressure to lethal levels. Don't use this stuff for recreational purposes.

I have questions about two anal sex techniques.

1) Amyl Nitrate – it is supposed to help loosen up the muscles so that you can get in easier. Is this true? Does it work? How do you “administer” said substance? I think it is a liquid so I wonder if you put it on a handkerchief and cover her mouth with it like in the movies when they are trying to “knock out someone”. Where do you get it?

2) Second practice is more violent. It is called a “Donkey Punch”. I guess this is where you punch (!) or slap the back of the girl’s head which causes her to tighten up. This is supposedly done at your climax to make it better. Is this true? Is this a real PUNCH or more like a slap? Sometimes I slap a girl’s rump during doggie style if she is into it. Is it like that? A real PUNCH might knock her out – besides being VERY bad for your health when she complains to the mamasan and her “cousins” show up!

Sorry for the newbie (to anal) questions.

Thanks tons! _

Wicked Roger
09-15-05, 12:18
I agree with George90. Just ask them and treat them with respect - ie do not punch them - and you will experience something that will make you wonder why you never asked a girl for anal before! I had a great lunchtime treat with 2 ladies (see UAE reports - Abu Dhabi) and all it took was some gentle persuaision, finger in the wonder hole and a request and bobs your uncle!

My regular girlfriend who lives overseas really craves anal and she tightens her (anal and pussy) muscles without me asking - it is a great experience. She knows I monger and encourages it and likes me to have anal as when she is back I do not give her backside too much action all at once.

Punching them is not a mature way and even if you are in the throws of ectasy, so don't think about it!

Reading this back could have said same in less sentences but ces't la vie

Enjoy the Greek


09-15-05, 21:41
Fellow Mongers
10. Try Brazil - they all love anal. Was told by a lovely that they do it keep themselves a virgin before they marry!
Wicked Roger,

Same in our neck of the woods (Middle East). It's almost mandatory for a Muslim girl in this region to be a virgin before marriage (unless she's been married before). Hence - a lot more anal than people might think

I had an Arab girlfriend when I first came to Dubai, and while she wasn't a vaginal virgin (I was her second guy after her fiance deflowered her then left her), she actually preferred anal. Too much of a good thing. Having vaginal sex with her became a rare treat for me (except for my nights at York etc :) ).



PS - not having a butt plug on hand, starting with a thumb, leading up to a couple of fingers seems to work just as well.

Wicked Roger
09-16-05, 09:58
Wicked Roger,

Same in our neck of the woods (Middle East). It's almost mandatory for a Muslim girl in this region to be a virgin before marriage (unless she's been married before). Hence - a lot more anal than people might think

I had an Arab girlfriend when I first came to Dubai, and while she wasn't a vaginal virgin (I was her second guy after her fiance deflowered her then left her), she actually preferred anal. Too much of a good thing. Having vaginal sex with her became a rare treat for me (except for my nights at York etc :) ).



PS - not having a butt plug on hand, starting with a thumb, leading up to a couple of fingers seems to work just as well.Piper,

Am in Abu Dhabi!

Not really play much with the Arab ladies though have heard they like anal. Butt plug not something you carry around in back pocket and suddently show to the lady (though had a mate who was caught in possession of a double ended dildo at Dubai airport a while back!) so agree with thumb, any digit (preferably 2) and lube and then you can insert something chunkier! Had good anal a few days ago (see AD section of UAE - Afternoon Delight).

My Filipina girlfriend back here soon from Saudi for 2-3 weeks so will definitely get a lot of anal (wonderful when you convert them and then they get greedy with it) and all sorts of other treats as she likes me mongering at times when she is here

Keep hard and happy (and shoving it ever so gently in the back passage!)


PS Appears only a few of us left able to bypass the proxy server!

09-26-05, 16:02
I know this generated a great deal of debate sometime ago, but are there others here who believe that the pain factor is a big part of the reason why we love to fuck ass?

I think the greatest sight is that of a beautiful young woman who dresses nicely and who has heads turning suddenly writhing in a certain amount of pain with a huge cock caught in her rectum. Sometimes you capture some love fudge and many times you withdraw and out comes a stinky fart.

Then they dress up again. Put on their lipstick and walk out with that anus so red and painful they walk slowly and daintily. And nobody knows.

Wicked Roger
09-29-05, 05:04
I know this generated a great deal of debate sometime ago, but are there others here who believe that the pain factor is a big part of the reason why we love to fuck ass?

I think the greatest sight is that of a beautiful young woman who dresses nicely and who has heads turning suddenly writhing in a certain amount of pain with a huge cock caught in her rectum. Sometimes you capture some love fudge and many times you withdraw and out comes a stinky fart.

Then they dress up again. Put on their lipstick and walk out with that anus so red and painful they walk slowly and daintily. And nobody knows.Alan,

While I agree that there is that element to it, the pain factor is one I try to avoid with the ladies by the initial gentle approach. It will hurt initially but the more you can do to ease it the better the Greek will be for you and the lady. She may even come back for more (my experience is that they always do)-especially if a first/second timer. The thought of a sexy lady all dressed up receiving a pork sword in the glory hole and then going back out into the night I fully endorse, a great thought and one I have witnessed many times. But pain....not really and if want to persuade them best try the approach Piper and I have suggested.

Love fudge and stinky farts. I try to avoid as this, for me, can be a turn off (wonder why?) and in my experience the lady is sometimes embarassed by the smell let along the sight of her fudge on your beasty or worse on the sheets!! (and yes I have been there too but very very few times thankfully).

But each to own as long as we show respect.

Keep mongering and enjoying Greek as it is wonderful (with ladies!).


09-29-05, 17:20
Hey Wicked just-up-the-road Roger,

Yep, the pain factor for the girl actually puts me off a bit, and I don't pursue it if it can't happen relatively painlessly for the girl. Sometimes there's a couple of seconds of "YOW" followed by lots of "ooh slow, ooh slow!" and later: "ooh more! ooh more!" ;) , but I stop if asked to.

One of my first ever regular pros in Dubai told me she would never do anal. Too bad, as she had a great ass! But after we had been together several times, she was curious to try it out, as she was then comfortable with me, I'm not John Holmes (12" or whatever - just the average 9" ;) ), and we used to play around with some hot wet rimming on each other.

After many attempts by her request, we still never managed to pop through the rim, as it were. To much pain for her. I ended up giving up, to focus on other things with her.

For many other girls, there is no pain factor at all. I guess it comes down to experience and the girl knowing how to relax her rim.

I'm currently writing a post about a great anal (actually, double-penetration) experience I had, as the "other guy" in a three-some, with a guy and his non-pro girlfriend on Tuesday night. Wild! I offered to write a draft then send it to him for checking before I post it, as it is his girl I am writing about. I'll have some photos too - he's already agreed I can post some that he took. Check the Dubai thread early next week!



PS - As for the yuck stuff - hasn't happened to me yet, as far as I know, and I always wear condom anyway.

Wicked Roger
09-30-05, 13:22

Dp - perhaps a separate thread? But a wonderful abbreviation. Looking forward to the report and pix.

Have the girlfriend/partner here for the moment and the only dp I do is with her which is great. Re the siz issue, you know that it is how you use it although yesterday evening the other guy did say to me "and you manage to get all that up her arse" with wild eyes and an envious look.

Unfortunately GF will not allow me to post our joint mongering (Jackson - is there a foum for women?) otherwise would let have the full story. But... if you are in AD anytime soon PM me as we go out to "pick up" the unsuspecting man and bring back for a fun time. Have to make sure though am not anywhere wheere the young Filipinas are who know me - that would be bad for business! and continued anal delights!

Keep hard and horny


09-30-05, 13:56
if you are in AD anytime soon PM me as we go out to "pick up" the unsuspecting man and bring back for a fun time.

Deja vu! That's the story this guy used with his girlfriend Tuesday night. We were chatting at GITEX and admiring some girls, and next thing "innocent Piper" got the invitation to the awesome threesome!



10-01-05, 20:03
One of my favourite all anal girls in some old and two new pics from Monday.

ITNice pictures there! Do you have any penetration shots of her ass?

10-01-05, 22:03
Are you saving yourself for your wedding night? The Devil wants you to fail, that’s why he puts stumbling blocks in your way. But God wants you to succeed, and that’s why he has given us an alternative to intercourse before marriage: anal sex. Through anal sex, you can satisfy your body’s needs, while you avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy and still keep yourself pure for marriage.

You may be shocked at first by this idea. Isn’t anal sex (sodomy) forbidden by the Bible? Isn’t anal sex dirty? What’s the difference between having anal sex before marriage and having regular intercourse? Let’s address these issues by debunking some myths about anal sex and God's will.

“I thought the Bible said anal sex was a sin.”

This is a common misconception. Anal sex is confusing to many Christians because of the attention paid to the Bible’s condemnation of homosexual acts. However, it’s important to realize that these often quoted scriptures refer only to sexual acts between two men. Nowhere does the Bible forbid anal sex between a male and female.

In fact, many Biblical passages allude to the act of anal sex between men and women. Lamentations 2:10 describes how “The virgins of Jerusalem have bowed their heads to the ground,” indicating how a virginal maidens should position themselves to receive anal sex. Another suggestive scripture tells of a woman’s pride in her “valley” (referring to her buttocks and the cleft between them) and entices her lover to ejaculate against her backside: "How boastful you are about the valleys! O backsliding daughter who trusts in her treasures, {saying,} ' Who will come against me?' (Jeremiah 49:4) And in the Song of Songs, the lover urges his mate to allow him to enter her from behind: “Draw me after you, let us make haste.” (Song of Solomon, 1:4)

“Isn’t anal sex dirty?”

The Bible says, “To the pure, all things are pure.” (Titus 1:15) The Lord created your body, and no part of it is imperfect or unclean. God also created our bodies for pleasure, and anal sex is just one of the many ways, including standard sexual intercourse, that we can enjoy this pleasure and share it with a partner.

Although the anus is used for elimination, in reality it is not as dirty as you think, especially after a shower or bath. Elimination is also a natural process of our God-given bodies, so our conception of the anal area as dirty has more to do with our own psychological hang-ups. If the idea of direct contact with this area is still distasteful to you, the male can wear a condom as a barrier

“If you’re going to have anal sex, why not just have regular sex?”

This is a good question: If you’re going to have sexual contact before marriage, why not just go the whole nine yards and have regular sex? There are many good reasons for having anal sex instead. The first reason is practical: having conventional vaginal intercourse can lead to unwanted pregnancies. While it’s true that the Lord bade us to “be fruitful and multiply,” (Gen 1:22) the Bible also counsels that “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Ecl. 3:1) Pregnancy outside of wedlock can have dire and life-altering consequences for all those involved. Having anal sex allows you to greatly reduce this risk.

Second, for a young woman who has never engaged in sexual intercourse, having anal sex allows her to preserve her virginity (i.e., maintain an intact hymen) until marriage. There is no greater gift that a bride can give than to offer her pure, unsullied maidenhead to her husband on their wedding night.

Finally, anal sex allows both partners to save the most intimate and powerful sexual act, that of face-to-face vaginal intercourse, for their mates in marriage. This type of sexual relationship represents the most powerful union between a man and a woman, and so it rightfully should be reserved for one’s life partner. Fortunately, you can engage in anal sex prior to marriage and still be able to share the deeper, more meaningful act of consecrated love through vaginal intercourse with your wedded spouse....Whaddaya think?

10-01-05, 23:20
Excellent MeatMan,

I’ll take it anyway it comes: free is best but hey I have no qualms paying… LOL

I agree with your comment about nowhere in the bible (or indeed any book) does it mention anal between men and women.... Well reasoned.

Not being one of the believers I must take the religious connotations out of the equation… I think that even the most ardent bead giggler wonders about anal sex (and some even think DATY is outlawed by their religion…): their loss…

I agree with your general premise of anal being OK. Not being a poetic romantic type, I reserve the right to have anal sex and still look in the chicas eyes! I really love anal cowgirl!

As for dirty: well OK, but I must say that 9 time out of 10, my regular chica is quite clean inside: she is regular and very rarely have I had any fudge on the rubber… In the end its all good…

I would love to do another anal virgin cherry: one that believed it was bad, but secretly wanted it… LOL

Regards, Havanaman

Roman Guy
10-07-05, 10:02
One of the best posted report I have never read in this Forum.
Congratulation for your deep knowledge of the Holy Bible.

Allow me to print your report and show it to all my friends and expecially women who are still considering anal as a sinny thing.

10-07-05, 13:16
Nice pictures there! Do you have any penetration shots of her ass?
FYI - some nice anal shots just posted in the Brazil pics thread (not by me, but I have a few in the UAE/Dubai thread).

Also, interesting to read the religious rationalizations for anal sex below. Of course, this plays a part for many people, but I suspect if you want to print it out to persuade a woman to try anal, you won't be preaching to the converted. Good luck!


10-11-05, 18:10
Any of you guys have a fart fetish? I love woman farts / sniffing asshole etc.

Have you guys come across any providers who do this? I searched on the Japan
forum because this fetish comes from Japan, but did not find much. Please share
some experiences. It would be great if a new subforum is started about the fart fetish.

Capt Ajax
10-12-05, 14:15
1. anal intercourse is the least practiced form of anal sex.

there are many ways to enjoy the anus erotically. the most common techniques include touching the anal opening while masturbating or stimulating a partner's anus during intercourse or oral sex.

some people enjoy the sensation of a finger - their own or a lover's - insinuated into their anal opening and gently rotated. others may prefer the insertion of a dildo or vibrator beyond the anal opening and short anal canal into the larger rectum. many men, including hetereosexuals, prefer this form of penetration.

oral-anal lovemaking is popularly known as rimming. the very idea disgusts some people. others enjoy performing it or allowing themselves to be probed in this special way.

2. anal stimulation, including intercourse, is not painful if done properly.

the belief that anal stimulation, especially intercourse, has to hurt is a persistent and dangerous myth. just as pain anywhere in the body indicates that something is wrong, so is the same true of the anal area. with its high concentration of nerve endings, the anus can produce extreme agony when it is mistreated. yet it can be a source of great pleasure.

when a finger, object or penis is intorduced into the anus, the anal muscles go into spasm, as if fighting off an invasion. pain will result if the partners do not wait for these muscles to relax. under sufficient stress they will eventually collapse and the pain subside, unless further damage is done. but, any 'pleasure' afforded from this kind of activity derives mostly from the absence of discomfort.

maximum anal pleasure requires the elimination of all pain or physical trauma from the anal experience. self-protection on the part of the passive partner involves being ready to say "no" until he or she is ready to proceed. readiness is a combination of physical relaxation, usually helped along by plenty of leisurely anal touching, and desire.

occasionally the anal muscles are relaxes, but the passive partner is still not in the mood. stimulation should mount only in proportion to the degree of receptivity.

3. anal sex can be enjoyed even if it has been consistently uncomfortable in the past.

sufficient desire alone does not necessarily guarantee pleasurable anal sex. nor is an uncomfortable previous experience always the reason for a lack of interest in or desire for anal sex.

chronic anal tension is the most common cause of anal discomfort during sex. hemorrhoids and constipation are usually a sign of this condition. tension can be relieved by touching the anus and becoming more familiar with it. an ideal time to explore the anal opening is while taking a shower or bath. deep breathing also affects the anal muscles. tensing the anus and the letting go in another way of learning to relax it. anyone who enjoys masturbation might want to experiment with some form of anal stimulation, though he or she should stop if any discomfort occurs.

for many people the turning point in anal sex is when they allow a partner to massage the anus with the understanding that intercourse will not be attempted. then the recipient of anal caresses can concentrate solely on the pleasure that this erogenous zone is capable of generating.

4. two muscle rings called sphincters surround the anal opening. each functions independently.

if you insert a finger about one half-inch into your anus and press your fingertip against the side, you can clearly feel the two sphincter muscles. there is less than a quarter-inch between them. the external sphincter is controlled by the central nervous system - just like the muscles of the hand, for example. you can readily tense and relax this sphincter whenever you want.

the internal sphincter is quite different. this muscle is controlled by the involuntary or autonomic part of the nervous system, which governs such functions as heartbeat and stress response.

the internal sphincter reflects and responds to fear and anxiety during anal sex. it will cause the anus to tense up automatically even if the passive partner is trying to relax. thus, precautions about safety and comfort are essential here.

even if a person does feel comfortable during anal sex, he or she may still need to learn voluntary control over his or her internal sphincter in order to relax it at will. doing so requires regularly inserting a finger, perhaps in the shower each day, and feeling the internal sphincter. the muscle changes spontaneously and in response to behavior. in this instance, simply paying attention is more important than trying to relax. anyone can gradually learn to control the internal sphincter at will.

5. anal stimulation provides many kinds of pleasure

the highest concentration of nerve endings is around the anal opening itself. a finger can focus on them especailly effectively. when an object or penis is inserted beyond the anal opening into the rectum, other pleasures are involved. the outer protion of the rectum, like the vagina, has several nerve endings. the inner portion responds mostly to pressure.

some people enjoy the feelings of pressure and fullness once they understand that these sensations do not presage an impending bowel movement. rectal pressure is especially important to enthusiasts of "fisting," a form of anal sex in which several fingers or een the entire hand and forearm are inserted into the rectum and sometimes into the lower colon.

in men, the protate - which is just beyond the rectal wall, a few inches in, towards the front of the body - can be a source of pleasure when massaged by a finger, an object, or a penis. also, the lower end of the penis, or "bulb," is near the anal opening opening. it is stimulated indirectly by most types of anal sex.

anal pleasure can be psychological as well as physical. the anal taboo adds to the thrill of the forbidden. the most common anti-anal message (it's dirty!) sometimes returns as a source of raunchy, sleazy excitement. rimming enthusiasts may enjoy the feeling that they are being disgustingly - and delightfully - perverse. other people regard the anus as a secret, special place. sharing it with a partner is an act of openness and giving.

6. anal stimulation can lead to orgasm

a minority of men and women can respond orgasmically to anal sex without direct genital stimulation. women probably do so through pelvic muscle contractions - and a small minority even though the sheer excitement of being anally penetrated. when men expereience an orgasm from anal stimulation, they tend to focus on the prostate. no doubt they are also responding to indirect stimulation of the penile bulb.

orgasms from anal stimulation are most likely to occur when the participants become thoroughly absorbed in their sensations and fantasies. an lmost certain way to prevent such an orgasm is to be become determined to have one. seeking an anal orgasm will create new pressures and disrupt the pleasure.

it must be remembered that most people require direct genital stimulation in order to climax. on the other hand, a few people have orgasms only with anal stimulation.

7. diet contributes to the enjoyment of anal sex

regular bowel movements are the major function of the anus and rectum. there must be sufficient fiber in a person's diet to make his or her [CodeWord113] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord113) soft, bulky and well formed. this allows a bowel movement to be produced without force or effort. forced evacuations irritate anal tissues, causing discomfort and adding to muscular tensions. fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains or unprocessed bran are important sources of fiber.

8. different rules of hygiene apply to the vagina and rectum

since intercourse can be vaginal or rectal, many people assume the the same rules apply for the penetration of the vagina and rectum. although both are lined with soft tissue and are capable of expanding, they are radically dissimilar.

the rectum is not straight. after the short anal canal which connects the anal opening to the rectum, the rectum tilts toward the front of the body. a few inches in, it curves back - sometimes as much as 90 degrees. then, after a few more inches, it swoops toward the front of the body once again. a person can learn about the shape of his or her rectum by gently inserting a soft object, trying different angles and body positions and concentrating on how it feels. make sure the object has a flared base so that if you loose your grip, it won't slip into the rectum and become irretrievable.

the rectum does not produce lubrication like the vagina but only a small amount of mucus. therefore, rectal penetration always requires a lubricant. chemical additives should be avoided. water-based lubricants are latex-compatible.

the main function of the rectum is to act as a passageway for [CodeWord113] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord113). but [CodeWord113] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord113) are not normally stored in the rectum except just prior to a bowel movement. yet small amounts may remain in the rectum, expecially if the [CodeWord113] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord113) are not well formed. anal douching before lovemaking will help some people especailly concerned with cleanliness to relax. for others the idea of dirtiness heightens the joy of the forbidden; for them, douching is anti-erotic.

9. anal intercourse is not necessarily an act of dominance and submission.

the top-bottom imagery associated with anal intercourse is widespread. no doubt the belief that anal sex has to hurt contributes to this notion. and in fact some people are intensely excited by top-bottom fantasies about anal sex. the thought that they are submitting to such a degrading act is a terrific thrill. however, actual, not fantasized, anal pain can lead to trouble.

for others, the enjoyment of anal sex is inhibited by top-bottom imagery. the idea of surrendering control, and perhaps submitting to humiliation, causes immediate, protective tensing of the anal muscles. these individuals are more likely to relax and enjoy themselves if they can learn to regard anal sex as pleasurable rather than as an expression of power.

10. anal sex can be perfectly safe, even beneficial.

the taboo against anal eroticism is perpetuated by the almost universal belief among physicians that anal sex is inevitably dangerous. no physical injury from anal stimulation results if both partners refuse to tolerate pain, never use force and avoid the use of drugs.

all the other risks center on sexually transmitted diseases. each of the common stds - gonorrhea, syphillis, herpes - can affect the anus. intestinal parasites, bacteria or tiny bugs are usually passed along when fecal matter finds its way into someone's mouth or vagina, most likely through rimming.

aids has complicated the matter. the hiv virus can pass from the semen or blood of an infected person to the bloodstream of a partner through a tiny break in the rectal tissue during anal intercourse.

to avoid this risk, anal intercourse and rimming should not be practiced casually. those who do enjoy anal intercourse should always use a condom. rimming should always be accomplished by a latex barrier. of course, in a monogamous realtionship with two healthy people, the risk of disease transmitted anally is reduced.

10-12-05, 17:33
Thanks Astor. You have provided scientific support for what we have been saying here for a very long time that anal sex is natural, safe and mutually enjoyable.

I would only add that we need to stress the need for lubrication and more lubrication. This makes the difference between joyful anal sex and painful/uncomfortable ass banging.

The anus is not self lubricating like the pussy. It needs to be lubed. New products that are colourless, odorless and not messy help the situation quite a bit.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It Travel
10-21-05, 07:45
nice pictures there! do you have any penetration shots of her ass?

sorry for this delay, at the moment i do not have any pics with her (diana-alisa) rear entrance wide open. but… next time i see her, it will be in december i think i’ll use some plugs and other items so i can take good picture. think to the anus after a double or triple fuck and an overnight plugging! in this moscow trip in december i’ll also try to get better pics of olia, unfortunately her only no no is anal sex, but she is fabulous when you see her face covered and the mouth dripping… of cum of course!

by the way i’m on the road to brazil (leaving today) where for my fun, and i hope getting good pics too, i’ve selected some girls type i like.

the type which is my best is: teen, petite (less than 160 cm), anally available. i even found a duo. of course i do not know if the pics found on different sites are real or not (at least the dimension should be…)

by the way there is only a thing better than taking a petite anally and just a minute before climax getting out her little and tight anus and cream her young face with protein: it is doing it to two petite teens! i have to try this duo. i even have to try that black little (157 cm) girl (white cum on black skin… one of my favourites). so i have been looking at many sites found on wsg… for many brazilian girls anal is near mandatory. i even found some real riding horse (180 cm 70 kg), of course not petite but could be a quite interesting.

i hope that i will enjoy at least some. and i hope at least some allow to be photographed… i have a good packing of three items needed: cf cards condoms and k jelly!

i enclose some of the girls i found and i’ll try to fuck in every hole (i did not even consider the ones not doing anal) and as usual i will try to compare escort site pics with my own so we can see and remember the differences!

by the way some years ago i was so lucky to have a girlfriend really enjoying anal sex: for her it was the best just after cim (she was a superb taster, perhaps not so nice… but a devil in bed). her sexual fantasies was fantastic. her best was to be anally raped. so some time when getting home i was just taking her with soft violence and out to the bed or the sofa. down with clothes (just what strictly necessary) and out with the cock (she liked me clothed completely) and in deeply in one shot in her tight anus. of course painful… something between sm and anal, but very very nice specially in winter when she were always wearing long black boots! this anal violent riding some time led to her orgasm. every time the end was the same cof and daty to a really dripping ****. taste was fantastic. in this occasions very rarely i fucked her normally. ater a daty long orgasm we always went on to bed for more normal anal sessions.

i will try with diana (the girl of previous pics stated by jedifromlaman) one of my favourite sexual fantasies i had once with this girlfriend: going to dinner with a plugged girl… an take her as a dessert. now in amsterdam sex shops you can even find remote controlled anal plugs!

It Travel
10-21-05, 09:12
I checked my archive and found other images…

1 Diana sucking the nipple oh her friend to get her aroused before I took both (anally)

2 Diana and Julia making me rock hard for their rear entrance

3 In a fore play Diana and Julia licking a dildo, next time I’ll bring a strap on and picture them…

4 A detail of Diana’s anus very tight but can be taken hardly for all the night with no problems (she can even ride anally)

5 Early in the morning well positioned, my favourite moments: a anally friendly girl when I’ rock hard in the morning.

It Travel
10-21-05, 09:34
Mistery Tramp…

Yes an Ukranian teen I spent nearly 24 h (and two Viagra) with her… But even in this case I fogot to take a picture of open anus… sorry, but you will get other details.

The problem was that the other two holes (see the two pics) was so friendly that I made a lot of CIM and DATY and not so much anal

1 Mistery tramp self checking unfortunately (I was so happy) she had no lubricant…

2 Mistery tramp well positioned, approx. fifteen seconds after this shot I was completely inside

3 A picture taken before of the two most important parts of her body…. (anal closeup)

4 The first reason because I fucked her so much, real responsive teen… Rock hard clito, swollen lips. I could just take her in one shot. So for getting original lubricant I was due to DATY her for half an hour or so.

5 The second reason because I did not take her anally so much: perhaps not a stunner but mouth lips designed for cock sucking BBBJ with CIM.

There is a lot infos on this girl on the Kiev part… but I still think her best part is the flavour you get in DATY, real teen-flavoured.

Happy Chappy
10-25-05, 11:30
Any of you guys have a fart fetish? I love woman farts / sniffing asshole etc.

Have you guys come across any providers who do this? I searched on the Japan
forum because this fetish comes from Japan, but did not find much. Please share
some experiences. It would be great if a new subforum is started about the fart fetish.

Yes I do have this fetish, thought I would let you know as this fetish seems quite rare. Unfortunately I am in the same boat, can not find much information here, but would like to hear from others who have had this fetish fulfilled if there are any out there, which I have some doubt about.

11-07-05, 22:31
Yes I do have this fetish, thought I would let you know as this fetish seems quite rare. Unfortunately I am in the same boat, can not find much information here, but would like to hear from others who have had this fetish fulfilled if there are any out there, which I have some doubt about.Did you have any luck finding a girl who would allow such a thing? I love sniffing overnight
sweaty / freaky asshole etc. Have you done this with your g/f or what?

How about in US, have you found providers who do this stuff?


11-09-05, 19:39
Guys, I suppose this is a case of "to each his own". I absolutely hate the smell of musky assholes. Pre-anal activity must involve a thorough bath. The same for me because I probably won't mind have my ass licked as well. But I am not into the farty stuff. Just give me a well cleaned and oiled asshole and I am one happy guy.


Wicked Roger
11-12-05, 04:34
Guys, I suppose this is a case of "to each his own". I absolutely hate the smell of musky assholes. Pre-anal activity must involve a thorough bath. The same for me because I probably won't mind have my ass licked as well. But I am not into the farty stuff. Just give me a well cleaned and oiled asshole and I am one happy guy.

Absolutely agree Alan!

All this talk of sweat and smelly holes puts me off my breakfast! Perhaps there should be a separate forum for the more bizarre tastes of some mongers (Jackson?).


11-12-05, 09:08
Agreed also (and I haven't had breakfast yet!) I think I'll skip it.

I think there's a fetish section.



(BTW WR - great pics yet again!)

Absolutely agree Alan!

All this talk of sweat and smelly holes puts me off my breakfast! Perhaps there should be a separate forum for the more bizarre tastes of some mongers (Jackson?).


Sky Dumont
11-24-05, 23:13
[Hotlink to Photo deleted by Admin]

Nice Pics from a content production.


Sky Dumont

EDITOR'S NOTE: The link originally included with this report was to a photo on another website, and thus it was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the hotlinking to photos on other websites. If you have photos you wish to share with the Forum Members, then post it here. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.Thank You.

Roman Guy
11-28-05, 10:26
Any of you guys have a fart fetish? I love woman farts / sniffing asshole etc.
Have you guys come across any providers who do this? I searched on the Japan
forum because this fetish comes from Japan, but did not find much. Please share
some experiences. It would be great if a new subforum is started about the fart fetish.

I am sorry for Wicked Roger and his interrupted breakfast but I want to spend a couple of words about farts-fetish and amateurs.

First:what is this story about Japanese fart fetish?Explain me better,please.

Second:female farts always stimulate my phantasy.When I see a stunning woman I always try to imagine her farting.
I have notized how the diet can influence the production of farts.
The African and South American diet (lot of chili,beans,stew,onions,churrasca,zigni) is appropriate to increase the production of "bio-gas".Several times I woke up in the night sweetly disturbed by the noice of farts when I share my bed with girls of that provenance.Moving the blankets or better smelling under the blankets can sometime provide better then a Viagra tablet!

Third:about websites I didn't find much.Check http://www.createfarts.com or http://www.fartfarm.com

12-28-05, 22:54
Anyone had any extra Christmas cheer this year? Not me, but I proudly remember about 20 years ago when this youngster I had been after for some time offering the rose bud on only our second turn at her parents' couch. What a Christmas indeed. Of course no one was prepared so we had to make do with spit and a lot of willpower. Came deep in the anal chute after about five minutes of fierce pumping. Merry Christmas I said.

El Huevon
12-29-05, 02:21
Anybody ever had success getting a girl to gape her ass like they do in the movies? I'd love to see it first-hand, but despite trying, I haven't been fortunate enough to make it happen. Any suggestions?

12-30-05, 15:36
This is one of my big disappointments that real life girls do not gape in the same way the porno ladies do. I have never witnessed it first hand with any of the chicas whose ass I have pounded. This does not mean I havent tried. I see where the technique is to go way in deep and withdraw fast, then have a look. Never worked for me. That sphinter closes up real fast and the lube does not make things any better. If there is anyone with a good technique to get the ass gaping you should post it.

Member #4351
12-30-05, 21:30
Come to Peru, plenty of gapers...Merry Christmas...