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05-19-02, 22:02
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07-20-02, 00:17
I have never fucked anyone in the ass as of yet. However, I plan to be in DR in about a month and hopful that streak will end. But, my Question is how do you get a women ( ie.. wife, serious gf, someone special) to try it, and make it enjoyable at the same time.


07-20-02, 15:53
With a PRO, you simply ask and pay her more!
With a wife or girlfriend, the keys are:

1). Extreme female sexual excitement - Don't do or say anything until she is very turned on. During anal sex, always play with her clit at the same time - or make sure she is doing it.

2). Lots of lube and saliva. Eat her first and test the waters by licking her ass. From your tongue, move to a finger. Most women who like oral sex love a finger in their ass while you lick the clit.

3). Tell her how hot and incredible she is - encouragement. Don't make it seem like you're "taking" something, but that she's "giving" you something - a beautiful gift. Attitude is VERY important.

4) Finally, once you've positioned the head at the back door, let her push back onto you. Go slow. Let her do the work at her own pace. The hardest part is when the head (widest part) is stretching her anus. Talk to her at this point with words of encouragement and lust. It helps to distract her during this vital moment during which she might bail. Once in, stop and let her ass adjust to what is inside. All the while you are touching her clit and talking a little.

Make sure you do it RIGHT the first time. The toughest thing is trying to convince a woman to do it again if it was painful or unpleasant the first time. Often, she bails-out as you try to get the head in and then tells you she never wants to try THAT again.
Also, make sure that you thank her and tell her how exciting the whole act was, no matter what happens. Women love to excite and please their man, so even if the experience was a little iffy she will be happy she has "given you the ultimate".
Good Luck, P

07-20-02, 17:30
Thanks P I shall use that. I am still a young buck (23). We need some pointers from some of you'll. If you are ever in Orlando lets hook up I know a couple of place we could go.


07-21-02, 01:42

I plan to hook up with him. I will be staying at the Palace so I hope I run into him. Bro, I know you live in O-town, we need to hook up. On top of that I am looking for a buddy to go to DR with.
Holla and let me know what's up


07-23-02, 23:33
Hey Prokofiev, I couldn't have explained it better. This usually works 99.999% of the time. Hey stunt, once the gal experiences this feeling (anal), plus, if she enjoys it...she will be a regular customer, guaranteed. Another tool you can use, is...watch a porn flick that you both can watch and enjoy, one that has all the stuff you wanna try, like anal, and once you do what Prokofiev says, it's all gravy from there. In summary, alcohol, porn flick, and eat her out = Anal, baby!

07-24-02, 02:58
I keep a sexual diary that lists the girls performance, looks, satisfaction and type of sexual act, position, etc. So far I've racked up over 450 entries [girls], mostly paid for sex obviously. I've asked over 200 of the girls to try anal sex and in which the majority flat out said no way. However, about 50 of the girls agreed to give it a try and in which about half backed out on first attempt. So, successful anal sex was performed on about 25 of the girls [penetration to the hilt with ejaculation].

I've lately found out, a usually succesful way to do it to a girl anally who says no way from the start is to take a shower with her, and all soaped up in the shower, insert a finger up her butt.. she may protest, but reassure her "hey, its only my finger". Stick it in and out and move it around.. let her get used to the idea of something in her ass. After the shower, THEN ask her to try it with a dick instead of a finger. Chances are you'll succeed.

But go slow.. if pain is an issue, stop, stimulate her butt again with your finger, then insert 2 fingers to get her used to something thicker, and then give it a go.. slow is the key word, esp. on her 1st attempt. Good luck!

Oh, I forgot! Use plenty of lube! KY is pretty good.

09-17-02, 03:21
Last saturday, I saw two girls on fulton st area (brooklynn, NY) One one them was really outstanding: black & thick body, no wide shoulder or big bust, small waist, big round & high ass, no fat. She was really conscious on how good she was and even try to make contact. But unfortunately i wasn't alone. She wasn't a SW but definitely a low income girl whom i really would like to anally bang

Rubber Nursey
09-17-02, 13:53

Was passing through and noticed your post. Just wanted to say, that was fantastic. Excellent advice. Especially the part about having to get it right the first time...I know heaps of women who will never try anal again because the first time was so painful. Usually because the guys went at it too hard and fast, or didn't turn her on enough first. Anyway, excellent post! :) (Mind you...none of it would work on me. Noooooo way! Not even the offer of more money!! LOL)

09-17-02, 20:25
No offense, but YES it would work on you. You simply need the right situation with the right person. Actually, it's something you can look forward to for the future. A new frontier . . .

Peace, -P

Rubber Nursey
09-19-02, 18:07
Errrr sorry Proko...been there, done that. Right guy, right atmosphere, right amount of stimulation, right amount of alcohol in my system...even the right size for beginners! Aside from the ridiculous amounts of pain...the whole idea just turns me right off! I have tried and tried over the years (and believe me...there is a lot of money to be made as a hooker if you do Greek, so I had motivation), but I just can NOT do it. The mere thought of anal sex is enough to turn me off completely, and no matter how carefully it was done, it still hurt like hell. I have no desire to ever do it again.

Mind you, I still think your advice on how to treat a first-timer was excellent...but it honestly WOULDN'T work on this 'lil chicky-babe. :)

09-19-02, 18:29
Face it, RN: You didn't just reply to that post out of Random Chance. You didn't check out the 'Anal Connisuers' section by accident.

You've had bad experiences hon- but for you to be posting here SOMETHING about the idea of having some lucky guy in your backdoor obviously turns you on. (And we'll respect you next time you post, darling. You can count on that) ;)

Joe Zop
09-19-02, 19:21
RN, I recall reading a couple of interviews on the subject from porn actresses, many of whom said precisely the same things as you have, including the turnoff thing. Many of them talked about the pain they had starting out, and also very much about how the ability to have anal impacted their earnings. (It's been quite a while since I read these, so I can't give you citations, unfortunately.)

The most useful information I recall was that the ones who found it very painful said they went though a process of "training" themselves with butt plugs of increasing size, just wearing them for several days while they because used to them. One also said the trick was to "drown in lube."

As far as the turnon factor -- the one actress I recall talking about that said that anal sex was a fetish like any other, and that once you get pleasure from a fetish the brain tends to follow.

Rubber Nursey
09-20-02, 02:57
LOL Warpig! Yeah ok, you caught me out. I am really a total backdoor fiend who's just dying to be reamed by some great big stud, and I was hanging out in here especially to find me a lucky winner. :) heh heh

I totally agree with the idea that anal sex is a fetish. Yes, it's a common one, but it's still not "standard practice" so it makes sense to me that not everyone would be into it. I know most men who like anal will continue to say that I will like it if I get it "right"...but how can they be so sure? The fact is, it totally turns me OFF. The entire idea of ANYTHING being near that area turns me off.

There are many, many fetishes out there that have the same effect on people. Some people like to be whipped until they bleed...some men come in and ask you to burn their balls with cigarettes...some want you to defacate in their mouth!!! Some people are turned on by sex with children, sex with animals or sex with people of the same gender. For many people these things are the "norm"...but many other people are sickened by the idea and would NEVER try it, no matter how often they were told it feels good. To me, anal sex is the same. I have also had male partners who are turned off by the idea of anal sex as well.

I have no desire to ever "train" myself to enjoy it, because even if the pain went away, I feel I would still never be psychologically aroused by the idea. (And to tell the truth, I don't think the pain will ever go away, because most of it is probably psychological). I just don't want anything in my backside...and anyway, I have perfectly good bits at the front to use that don't like to be left out !!! LOL

09-20-02, 04:39
. I think we've discovered something here . . . What started out as an aversion to pain is now just a negative psychological reaction to a "fetish"- which is usually the case. But to compare anal sex to cigarette torture or sex with minors is a bit much. Do you feel the same about oral sex? If not, why not? It's about as natural as anal sex and believe me, both are quite popular in the bedroom, with both boys AND girls.
How can I be so sure you will like it? I can't. But I have heard your story before and have overcome all these objections and more. Anal sex became not only possible, but enjoyable and eventually indispensible to ALL of these ladies. I have no ax to grind here. Anal sex no longer "turns me on" or is the end-all sex act that it was when I was 17. Too much water under that bridge. I have had 3 long term relationships (5,14 and 15 Yrs)where each woman preferred anal over vaginal penetration. I was just doing my duty. And yes, I have heard from many a woman that her husband or former boyfriend was not interested in her backdoor, much to her disappointment.
As an observation, in my experience anal sex is rarely appreciated by women under 25 yo, becomes acceptable 25-30 and is often important at 30-65+. For many women over the age of 50, anal penetration is often easier and more comfortable than vaginal penetration. And yes, Prokofiev has experienced this first hand with several women 50 to 65. I didn't just read it somewhere. Another important point is the manner in which the woman usually comes. Some women respond to clitoral stimulation only, others deep vaginal penetration only and others to both (and some never do, although I haven't experienced this!!!). Those women who absolutely need deep vaginal stimulation can have a problem with anal because it does not hit the right spot to get her attention and playing with her clit doesn't help matters. Also many studies have shown that higher levels of education/inteligence go hand in hand with more anal sex (sorry RN). This might confirm the fetish/mind theory. Certainly the IDEA that anal = dirty makes it a potent source of forbidden fruit for many men and women. Especially women.
So boys and girls , let's not fight about this. Different strokes for different folks. But I can't help but be impressed with the number of women I've known who start out hating the idea and wind up telling me that their GREATEST orgasms involve anal sex! . . And let's not forget about dildos and vibrators. A small vibrator bringing up the rear during "normal" intercourse can be quite a thrill for both parties.
Experiment and enjoy. Life is too short for anything else . . .
Peace -P

Rubber Nursey
09-20-02, 05:04
Hey...I never said I WAS educated!!! LOL (As a matter of fact, I have admitted before that I'm not).

Honestly though, I certainly wasn't trying to start an argument. Each to his own, I think. Anyway...I'm not getting sex of ANY kind at the moment, so it really makes no difference to me whatsoever! :)

Joe Zop
09-20-02, 05:19
While I'd also second Proko's sense that anal is a bit different than some of the other categories, there's little question that it's something that isn't as normative as vaginal or oral sex. That's like saying there are more hetero than homosexuals. No judgement involved there, just the way it is. And I agree with you, RN -- I know guys who are turned off by the idea of anal sex as well. Still, it's something that's far more mainstream than S&M or cross-dressing, etc., and while it's clearly something far more socially mainstream than it has been in the past, it's been reflected in literature practically since literature began.

There are various sex practices I've tried at times that were something my partner was into that simply weren't for me -- I gave them a shot, and sometimes it was good, sometimes it wasn't at all. Depending on the partner and the practice, I stayed with it or didn't. Just depends. Whatever floats whomever's boat, says I. I know lots of people who have had lots of interests and predilictions when it comes to sex, and as long as both (or all) partners are up for it, I say bring on the hamsters...

09-20-02, 05:40
. . . Since this Forum is "Anal Connoisseurs" I thought I'd share a story here - and probably upset RN in the process. Any respect I may have had in the past, will soon disappear . . .

A year and a half ago, I was at the infamous Market St Cinema in SanFran and the featured dancer was Cumisha, a 30 yo small, oriental woman who has made numerous porn flix. She was working the audience and sitting on my lap, nude. We discussed classical music (swear to God!). Turns out she is an accomplished pianist- and a nurse(!). Well, she asked me to go on stage with her to finish her act. I was flattered, but Proko is not fond of the bright lights and being watched. Not the actor type. She told me not to worry, she only needed my finger. Well, that is something I can handle so I jumped on stage to the applause of 40 guys or so. As she put a surgical glove on my hand with KY, she warned me to ONLY go in and out, NO twisting of any kind. OK, I can do that. I'm a college graduate. . .
Facing away for the audience, Cumisha put her head thru her legs and looked up at me from beneath her butt, smiling as she spread her ass checks. "OK. Put a finger in my ass" she requested. I did as ordered and noticed how small this girl is ; maybe 100 lbs and a tiny looking butt hole. But it slid in easily as the crowd clapped for more. "Now 2 fingers" she asked. No problem, I'm getting good at this. "Now 3". Really? I ask her. Things are getting tight and I don't want to hurt her. "Yes. I KNOW what I'm doing. Give me 3!". OK mission accomplished. "Now 4". What a minute Cumisha. Is this a good idea? "Ok, now all 5". No! 5 is not a good idea. "Hey guy trust me., I'm a registered nurse in the State of California. I KNOW what I'm doing. Give me 5!"
At this point, my entire hand is inside this little woman's rear! It seemed like a magic act - and I have big hands! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She smiled up at me". "Now give me MORE!" What? Impossible! This just isn't right. Somewhere in the bible it says NOT to do stuff like this . . . Cumisha reaches back and takes my arm and forces more of my forearm into her rectum. The crowd is cheering us on, but this is TOO freaky for me. I definitely wasn't expecting this. It started out sexy, but now seemed "medical" She took still more of my arm and I could feel her hip bones and pelvis. I started to fight her. She pushed my arm deeper and I tried to get it out. Finally she gave up and the show was over. How much more she could have accepted I'll never know. I stood there dumbfounded. Afterwards, guys and strippers come up to me to ask questions - like I'm famous. "Was it real tight?" Actually ,no! "Did it look like she was in pain?" Absolutely not. She was smiling and relaxed the whole time. And the kicker . . . she does 3 shows a day, 6 days a week!
My advice. Don't try this at home . . . Well maybe at RN's place at her request. - P

Joe Zop
09-20-02, 06:00
Wow -- of course, Cumisha is fairly notorious as an anal specialist but that's definitely out there. I can assure you you'd never get me onto that stage -- bravo, Proko! Just curious -- given that she is also notorious as being "friendly" and very available with her fans, did you pick up the conversation again after the gyno experience and did it go any further?

09-20-02, 06:36
No, It didn't go any further. I would have enjoyed talking more but she left the stage and the building as well. She had a gym bag with KY, shoes, dildos and about a 100 surgical gloves! What a life! But I can attest to the fact that she is quite inteligent and friendly. Is a classical pianist and IS a nurse. More there than you might think - but of course that's a common misconception - "She's sexual so she must be stupid." Has made 3000+ videos!
. As far as going on stage, my part was easy. If it had involved an erection, I would have bailed!!! Or more likely just failed. . .
As far as trying to have sex with her after the show, what else could I have done? All I needed was a cigarette . . .

09-20-02, 15:18

Actually her tastes run more to modernists- like Prokofiev . . .
and although we are now bonded for life, I'm afraid that I'm not near the front of her line of admirers. But a finer wife could not be found . . .
Your friend, - P

09-20-02, 18:13
Proko since U seem to be an expert i have some questions for u?
1- Among races & countries, which women are more likely to love anal?
2- Can you spot an anal fan based on her shape (skinny, fit, plump, overweight)?
3- i love big butt/small waist, but they rarely love anal, is there a pattern here?
4- What is the best way to meet anal women?
5- Do you think anal women are actively looking for men likw us & even share information?

09-20-02, 19:16
ok, now i can't tell which of these posts are a joke and which are legit. the cumisha story is absolutely true but not one in 100,000 women are going to find that sort of thing appealing. and it is her job. i would like to know if it is also a part of her "normal" love life, whatever normal might mean to her. but if you are looking for something "freaky", good luck. try alt.com website or a swingers club.
as to races and types who enjoy anal, i'll go out on a limb. i have read and have experienced in my own life that black women do not enjoy anal sex. why? i'm not going there cause i don't know. in my rather limited experience with black women, they seem to enjoy deep vaginal penetration more, but my knowledge is quite limited here. i would be interested in the experiences of others.
but in general, if you treat women with love, affection and respect they bend over backwards - quite literally - to please their men. anal sex is not rare. i've done it with every woman that i've had a relationship with. you need to take time to know and explore someone. anal (or bondage or [CodeWord101] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord101) or whatever) should not be something that you start with. these things take trust and often are an attempt for both people to reach yet a higher level of intimacy. to go one (or 2 or 3) steps further. to experience and give each other everything. but these ideas are meaningless if you haven't already reached some reasonable level of intimacy with your partner. if you try and get there quickly, it all seems disrespectful and becomes a sick joke. that's why it can be dificult to do with a pro. it loses much of its power. also attitude is so important. don't make these fetish acts into a comedy, laughing or just fooling around. it is more like a religious ritual, quite serious and an attempt at reaching some higher plane of sexual intimacy. to bond with her at the basest level of existence. . . ahh, how poetic . . .but true

10-02-02, 22:01
have you ever noticed that a large portion of black pornos are anally themed? it is no secret that black men are ass men and i think in the porno realm this lends itself to putting those asses to use. however i have never been able to get a black girl to do anal.

any thoughts?

10-03-02, 00:22
That's not just your experience (and mine), but a fact. I've seen several sex surveys that reported white women enjoyed or at least had tried anal more often than Latinas and Latinas more often than black women. Why? Not sure. Is it physical or attitudes? or both?
It is also reported in those surveys that women with greater education, experienced more anal. Why? Curiosity? Liberal ideas? Don't know, but you could connect the two and claim less college and grad school for black women = less anal sex. But I think there is something deeper than that at work here . . . Would like to hear other ideas.

10-09-02, 13:33
I have had anal sex with many black women. The issue is that black women tend to be more conservative and they are cognizant on how you may or others may perceive them after your sexual interlude. Therefore, if you want to have anal witha black women you have to gain their trust and let them know that what they are doing is natural and doesnt make them dirty or slutty.

Here an example, I was fucking this young woman and anal was aleways part of the mix. One day a group of friends decided to Play Truth or Dare. So the young woman was asked if she ever took it up the ass. She proceeded to say in the group that she never did it. Then all the other women chimed in and said how it was meant as an exit and not an entrance, yada yada yada. You heard it all before. Now the woman I was with loved it but she lied to her friends because she did not wan tto be percieved as slutty.

I think anal sex is where blowjobs were thirty years ago. It still perceived as slutty by some but it acceptance is growing on a daily basis. The younger women are definitely finding it more acceptable and part of thier normal sexual routine.

Just my two cents

10-10-02, 18:35
i think there is a lot to what prokofiev said. uneducated people tend to have simpler sexual tastes. we all know the inequitys in america and thus it is more likely for black women to be less educated than women from other races and for their attitudes towards sex to be shaped by this. stuides have shown this.

the interesting contrast is that men desire to fuck black women in the ass more than any other type of women. black women tend to have nicer asses. if you look at black pornography a very high % of it is ass and anal themed. that is why it is so ironic.

thing is most people have anal sex. ive had male friends whove acted like it was gross but then later admitted to it when i told them i did it with my girlfriend and liked it. ive known women whove made the same kinda comments as in the post below me but when conversations got steamy they admitted to it.

the real issue is this: men are attracted to women's asses just as they are attractd to women's breasts. it is a natural attraction obviously intended by god or evolution for some reason or another. the attraction to a girls ass leads itself to a desire for anal sex. the fact that the anus is tight and feels very good and feels very good ads to things, and the taboo adds to it too. the truth oft he matter is that most people- not just people who call themselves anal connoseurs- consider anal sex to be the "ultimate sex act."

the counter side to that is the unpleasant fact that the anus is used for shitting. that's something guys like us dont like to dwell on. unless your a connosuer of a wholy different variety you totally block out thoughts of shit while interacting with a girls ass.

we as human beings are naturally repulsed by fecal, [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109), and mucus. since anal sex involves the part of the body associated with fecal matters people put on a public face of it being gross. they don't want to be thought of as dirty people or whatever. but the strange fact of the matter is that this supposed dirtiness leads to secrecy and the taboo that make the anal fruit all the more sweeter.

stew on that

10-12-02, 17:11
You are becoming the Shakespeare of this forum topic . . .
Waxing poetic about . . . well, I'll just stew on those thoughts a little more . . .

The women you are talking about- are they girlfriends or pros? And are you white or black? As a white man, I have had 3 black women I've considered as girlfriends but none were interested in backdoor fun. But then again none of them were with me for very long. It's not something most people do the first couple of times together. And it's quite possible things would have changed over a longer relationship (I'm a very good teacher . . .) So I don't consider my own experiences as meaningful. But the sex surveys certainly are. Tell us more about your experiences . . .

10-14-02, 19:32
First, I am a black man and I have had experience with girlfriends and one night quickies and have been able to get anal in almost all cases.(Actually I hate to end a relationship until I have gotten the booty)

I have found that initiating a large amount of assplay is a really good way at openning them up. I am not shy even before the bedroom to talk about my love of ass and anal sex. So the women often go in knowing I am going to worship their asses (they almost all have incredible, above average asses). I am going to grab it, bite it, lick it and finger it. This of course goes along with doing the things that turn her on.

I guess I am like the Terminator when it comes to anal, I relentlessly pursue it until it is done. However, I am extremely cognizant of pain and will go slow, back off and go slow again until the deed is done. I use a ton of lube and just let the woman know how much she is turning me on and how appreciative I am of her for taking this step.

I don't know, maybe I just give off an aura of a asshound and attract women who secretly want it up the ass.

Just my two cents

10-15-02, 17:28
How many of you have found a gal who will (sorry RN) "eat the chili dog?" (suck on it during anal). I have a buddy who swears his ex loved to do it. I find this unlikely, butt then I noticed a bunch of movies at the XXX store that are just for this.


10-17-02, 02:48
I believe anal sex is something that create a very strong link between partners. The kind of link that will always make them ready for future sex even if they are no longer in to the relationship. This is phenomenal. Also based on my experience, I can say that nice butted women are more likely to to into anal games. The key things is that compliemnts have raised tehir awareness about the sexiness of their butt. Just add to it and keep on complimenting about the ass without being too much. then make sure you lick her ass at the first encounter if she's horny enough make sure you at least finger her ass softly.

P.S. I've lost a very good piece of ass because i waited for the next encounter. Make sure to always have lube handy. Who knows who you'll meet

10-17-02, 04:01
Sounds like you've got it together which might well explain your success. Appreciation and the right approach can make all the difference . . .

Is that really something important to you? Yes, lots of pornos do it but in REAL situations with REAL women, most will find it offensive mainly because you are only trying to degrade them! I'm sure there are a few women out there who DO like it, precisely because of that, but that really becomes more of a submissive activity for the S&M or S&D crowd. If you want your wife or girlfriend to enjoy the activity don't go and make it even "more dirty" for her with that stuff. As far as "chili dogs" are concerned, only once have I had any kind of problem with that. And that includes 300-400 times with at least 10 women. Actually, I find that a little surprising considering we have never used enemas to clean things up before hand - which they always do on porno sets.


Rubber Nursey
10-17-02, 17:03
Ohhhh Fedup...honey...
And to think I used to hold you in such high esteem... *grin*

10-18-02, 03:40
RN... Look you... it was merely curiosity... I can't imagine a girl wanting to do this (well... maybe the germans), nor would I ask a girl to do it.

Proko seems to think it's no problemo...

Rubber Nursey
10-18-02, 03:48
Hey...I don't have a problem with it at all Fedup! Each to their own I say. *wink* Nah, don't panic....I was only teasing you...

But don't be offended if I turn down any future invitations to your place for a chilli dog and a few beers... LOL

10-23-02, 11:08
I am proud to report that I had anal sex in the Red Light District in Amsterdam :)

Yes, sir, it cost 100 euros, but it was worth it. Plus, all prices have gone up in the RLD since the Dutch government started enforcing residency laws on all prostitutes earlier this year.

I had read over and over how anal sex in the RLD was very rare. But, believe it or not, the first lady I asked (after scanning a large selection for the most rounded and plumpest ass) agreed.

One point to keep in mind, you probably won't get to bang her butt doggie-style or even missionary the first time around. Since it was the first time even visiting this lady, she insisted that I lay on my back and that she guide my penis into her butt.

It was beautiful!

10-23-02, 16:15

Yes, Doing IT is really no problemo . . .

But your need to make her do it is the problemo . . .

Watch the videos instead. Better yet, watch the videos with some woman and see what she thinks . . .

10-25-02, 05:22
...watched a movie yesterday with the fore-mentioned "chilli dog" episodes... rather nasty... girls seemed to like it though... about as weird (to me) as [CodeWord117] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord117)...

Joe Zop
10-25-02, 13:51
...of course, girls can seem to like anything in the movies. Seeming to like it in real life is a bit different, though if there are enough movies about it, sending the message that it's great fun, the line blurs :)

10-25-02, 18:46
chili dog is where you fuck a chick up her ass pull it out with shiton your dick and then tit fuck her. it is a joke, not something people really do.

what you are talking aboutis ass to mouth. first off it is totally differnt for a chick to suck fecal matteroff of your dick. if you want this then both of you are sick motherfuckers. ass to mouth assuming everything is clean can be a fun activity witha mega taboo attached to it.

but honestly we have all spend way too much time on this stupid subject. once i have my dick up a girls ass I have no interest in pulling it out until ive nutted even to put it in her mouth.

11-06-02, 03:04
what happened to this forum? some knucklehead comes in and starts talking about some juvenile shit and it all goes down hill?

he'ers my assmanifesto

i like anal sex mostly because i love the female ass. The girl has to have a nice ass in order for me to want to fuck it. since i'm a bonafied ass man it is hard for me to be attracted to a woman unless she does have a really nice round ass. however, sometimes there is something about a girl, a cute face or whatever, that can make me find her sexy. if she dont got the funk in the trunk, though, i'm not interested in her rump.

Most guys whove never tried anal sex probably havent because they dont want to because they think it is dirty or whatever. I think the number of men who really feel this way is pretty low. i know some of my friends who make commetns about anal like it is nasty but later have told me in private that they do it and love it. Same with females as said on this board.

my belief is that most men have an intense desire to buttfuck women and most women are intrigued by the idea too. since it is such a taboo, it makes the whole thing much more intimate. you have to trust the partner not to blab all over town that youre an assfucker or a girl who likes it is the ass.

even still there may be men reading this who want to assfuck their girl but are scared to ask. i dont offer any tips, they've already been presented. i'm more interested in the psychology an anal desire.

the womans ass is obviously much different than a mans, just as much as a woman's breasts are different than a man's. physically spekaing a womans asshole is easier to access that can't be a conicidence.

I do not like the site of a nasty gaping asshole at all. that isnt sexy to me. what is sexy is a tight puckered ring. the asshole is so much tighter than the vagina it is obviously more pleasing to men.

Funny thing is that i thorgouhly enjoy eating pussy but in comparison to ass and oral i don't particularly like fucking it. i love the taste smell etc. of pussy but even when i'm fucking a girl in her vagina, i'm thinking about sticking it in her ass.

I don't consider myself a chauvanist either i love women, but I do enjoy the so-called domination factor. i know some women enjoy anal, but it is mostly for the man's enjoyment. i do not in any way enjoy inflicting pain or any sick stuff like that but I do find it very sexy that a girl would be willing to endure some discomfort to give me her tightest hole.


11-06-02, 03:24
My last girlfriend was a "backdoor-babe". I introduced her to anal sex...it suited her nature, she was submissive and enjoyed being dominated and a little fear added to her excitement. She was a daredevil type in a quiet intelligent package. I enjoyed the feeling of power it gave me over her, although on occasion, it got out of hand. It wasn't dirty, it was exhilirating. It actually didn't feel any tighter than anything else she had, but the idea of entering the "forbiden zone" made every entry exciting. It was debasing though, to her from me, a power trip on my part, not a loving gesture. It was the acting out of a fantasy that made it stimulating for us both.

12-26-02, 06:13
I have been a lurker for months, maybe more. I feel like i know some off you from reading all the forums on here.

My question is mostly for RN since she has been a working gurl in the past, but the rest of you may give your opinons too. RN i have loved reading your posts in various forums. You have been very insightful to me.

When i am making a deal with a working girl, i get nervous, Is it ok or proper to ask the girl up front about certian things you may want but are unsure if she would do them? The whole reason i go to a working girl is to get stuff i can't get at home (like anal). So thats what i want. But i don't want to be offensive or even rude to a worker so that she does not feel comfortable with me as a client.

Is it ok to ask for stuff like anal? or even atm, cim, french, russian, or even gs?

When asking for stuff like that do the rules change if the girl is a sw, escort or at amp? Will she think i am a pervert if i ask for that stuff, or are working girls expectign that kinda of stuff. I mean does the average sw or escort expect only intercousre and bjs to be requested or are they willing to do more progressive stuff when requested. Should i just come out and ask it bluntly? I get neverous. How do i ask?

I know this may sound so lame,,, and i almost didn't post this , I have only ever used a wroking girl a few times in my life and only for basic stuff, i would kinda like to explore more. Please advise me.


Thanks all, for any help you have.

Rubber Nursey
12-26-02, 18:19

Of course you don't sound lame! Questions like that are what this message board is for, babe! (And thank you so much for the compliments :))

If you want anything out of the "ordinary" from a working girl, you should ALWAYS ask up front. Don't worry about sounding offensive or anything...we have heard it all before. We EXPECT you to ask us. It's actually very important that we know exactly what you are looking for BEFORE the booking starts. There are many girls who provide services like the ones you mentioned, and many who don't. If you were to book *me*, for example, and then ask me for anal half way through the booking, I would say no ...leaving you feeling disappointed that you're not getting what you wanted and me feeling uncomfortable about not being able to satisfy you. If you had asked me when we first met, I would have been able to say "No I don't do it, but I'll go find you a girl who does". Then everybody's happy.

I will warn you about requesting BBBJs, CIM, etc, though...that will depend on what country you're in, where you go and who you ask. To use myself as an example again, if you were to ask me up front whether you could come in my mouth, I would more than likely refuse the booking completely. To me it says that a) you don't care about my health, b) you don't care about your own health and c) you may have done it with other working girls who are not as careful as me, in which case you are high risk for having an STI and I won't be letting you put your dick anywhere near me!! LOL That said, if you ask the question to enough girls, eventually someone will say yes and you will be able to be satisfied the way you want. (Just make sure you head straight to the doctor afterwards!! heh heh)

Don't ever be afraid to discuss fantasies, fetishes, etc, with a working girl. We are service providers and you are the paying customer. She should not even flinch at the mention of specific sex acts. To get what you want, it's as simple as saying "Do you do anal (or Greek)?". Good luck. :)

Rubber Nursey
12-26-02, 19:47
ps...i'm sure you realise this, but i'll mention it just in case. in most cases, the more "different" the request, the more you're going to pay. where i live for example, greek will cost you a minimum of $150 extra...hardly any girls do it here, so the ones that do, have a monopoly. i know girls who have charged over $500 extra for greek! [CodeWord101] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord101) and other fantasies often attract a "fantasy fee", which could differ dramatically between girls and/or establishments. and to take the risk of doing anything without a condom would be worth real big money.

of course, again this will depend on what country you are in, what "quality" of girl you are booking and other factors, like whether it's been busy or quiet. from what i've heard, in some places you'll get a bbbj without even asking! but in other places, fantasies and unusual requests are really gonna hurt your wallet.

12-27-02, 13:33
thank you rn!!!!

reading your stuff is always helpful. you have been a big help to me.

i have only used a working girl a few times and always a blow job or fuck is all that was offered and i felt weird about asking. but if i am going to pay for it anyway i i might awell get things i want but can't get at home, like cim, anal and gs.

as for safety, cim does not have to be dangerous. i am std tested and free and will stay that way. and with cim i don't have to do bbbj to get it. i usally request bj w/condom and opped to cum in her open mouth at the end. as for gs i have not done it yet (but so want to!) i understood [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) is strelie am i wrong? either way i will be on the giving end and i know i am clean. anal is the one that bothers me most. i love it, it is so tight, but i worries alot about condom breackage. if a condom broke in a sw's backdoor i'd be pretty freaked, i admit. i usally use sw's casue i don't assmue amp's do that and escorts are very expenisive. i don't mind paying for a good job, it is just the money is hard to hide from the wife.

so asking for a cim, anal and gs may not get it, but a woking gurl should be cool with the question? that's cool thanks! i plan to get some sw's when i am in canada next week. i'll ask them.

12-28-02, 03:12
i may be wrong, but i believe that cumming in a womans mouth is probably less dangerous for the woman than anal with a condom. why? because there is no evidence that oral sex has transmitted hiv and a study of sanfran men who had unprotected oral sex with known hiv positive partners had no one show up positive. but with anal sex the rubber can break - maybe once in 100? times - and in the end, no joke intended, anal becomes more dangerous. [CodeWord101] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord101) would be extremely low, probably zero.

peace, -p

Rubber Nursey
12-28-02, 04:37

You're probably right in regards to HIV, but (and I've been in trouble for saying this before), I never give HIV even half a thought compared to other STIs. The risks of catching HIV (in my country and using a condom, of course) are so very small that I don't really consider it a threat.

HIV education has received so much money and so much media in this country, that it's getting to the point where other STIs have been completely forgotten. The Aids Council and other HIV strategies have made the exact comment that you did...that oral without a condom is low risk and safer than anal...so many times, that it has resulted in a massive outbreak of gonorrhoea of the throat within the gay comunity. People have forgotten to consider anything other than HIV. If it's low risk for AIDS...it's safe. I personally believe it's a very dangerous message for them to be spreading.

12-31-02, 07:58
Dear RN,

What country are you from ?

Rubber Nursey
12-31-02, 11:06
I come from a land Down Under. (Gee...they would make great lyrics for a song! LOL) :)

01-09-03, 10:20
Originally posted by Rockhunter
Dear RN,

What country are you from ?

Australia - where all the gals are cute and all da men are drunk.

01-30-03, 22:31
do you share my hobbie: assfuck a big butt-small waist hairy girl?

02-05-03, 23:38
Originally posted by Bootylover
do you share my hobbie: assfuck a big butt-small waist hairy girl?


In the ass on a HAIRY girl? Sounds a little manly for me. Take out the hairy part and you got me.

02-06-03, 23:37
I'm from the Islands where men cannot be mistaken for women. Women shape cannot be imitated by men hence hairy girl are welcome and very feminine by our standards. You must be from an industrialized country where women are supposed to be hairless & skinny. That the beauty of cultural difference (i'd never nailed a girl whose waist size is the same as the hip size, the ratio should b close to root square of 5)

02-06-03, 23:57

You guys from the Islands (which Islands?) must be mathematicians! The square root of 5? Where did that interesting rule come from? I'm not arguing the fact - it's probably a cosmic truth . . . but that is 2.236. So if a woman has a 21 inch waist, she should have a 47 inch rear? And hair on it?

. . . Hey, I'd like to try it! What island must I go to?

. . . I know several women with 47"+ bottoms and a few with hair. But it's tough to find it with a 21 inch waist. Good Luck -P

02-10-03, 18:01
Try the caribbean.

Originally posted by Prokofiev

You guys from the Islands (which Islands?) must be mathematicians! The square root of 5? Where did that interesting rule come from? I'm not arguing the fact - it's probably a cosmic truth . . . but that is 2.236. So if a woman has a 21 inch waist, she should have a 47 inch rear? And hair on it?

. . . Hey, I'd like to try it! What island must I go to?

. . . I know several women with 47"+ bottoms and a few with hair. But it's tough to find it with a 21 inch waist. Good Luck -P

02-18-03, 17:06
For you anal connoisseurs out there:

I recently stumbled upon the site www.greekgfe.com, which purports to provide its members with a secure directory of escorts that offer greek service, nationwide (and beyond, possibly). Definitely a great idea for those of us trying to find some greek lovin', but here's my question: anyone have any experience with this site? At over $20 for a one-time membership, that's something of a steep cost. I don't travel much, so I'd largely be looking for escorts in the NC area (I've already been assured there are a few listed). I don't think I'm going to subscribe, but I've been curious about the luck of others...any thoughts?

And what do you all think of this idea in general? How receptive can escorts be to greek? I've been actively pursuing finding a greek-speaking escort for some time (within my means, of course) without any luck. Any advice?

Thought I'd post something to invigorate the board a bit.

02-27-03, 07:08
I read somewhere that anal sex is common in some 3rd world countries(ie somalia) is this true? will someone shed some light on this and other countries that ramdomly practice this? thank you.

04-01-03, 13:47
Hi. I wish report my own experience
here in Italy, the SW (girls) never accept anal, if they say yes, you be sure they are 100% drug addict and they do anything for achieve money for a dose. In the other cases they say you "for the anal there are trans not far from here. I'm a woman, not a trans" and there are no money to change their's mind.
But in the other side, trans are very gorgeous and they work with passion and they know very well how to do for get you the top of the pleasure.
Not only for maintain the client.

that's all people

04-28-03, 14:28
Hello Fellow Connoisseurs,

I think that the main problem with anal sex with *****s is that most of them are so fucking unprepared for it. For instance, how many of them carry lube with them for such a purpose. How many of us have had unsatisfactory anal sex with a ***** because it turned out to be a dry assfuck?

The key to wonderful anal sex is to find a egular girl who is into it. Then you can store all the necessary supplies to ensure that the buttfucking is only of the highest quality.


06-25-03, 18:01
to boost my sexual drive, nothing is better than hearing some loud farts from a round butted gal. Then sh knows for sure that i'll bang her asspipe hard. Anyone else feeling the same?

Holland Report
07-18-03, 18:31
Sure, I love to slam a *****'s ass. Once she's agreed to let you fuck her in the ass, there's usually no going back. You didn't say HOW HARD you'd fuck her ass. Which position d'you prefer??? Ass fuck doggie style is good because it's kindof animal and you can really give her ass a good pounding. But then on her back, legs and pussie open is also good because you can see the horrified look on her face as you give her asshole a MUCH HARDER fucking than she was expecting and she's thinking 'this guy's a total animal'. The best anal I get, though, is from my girlfriend, who lets me fill her ass with cum. I'm too afraid to do that with the *****s, without a condom.

07-31-03, 02:33
RE: The Issue of Shit!

I would like to ask the advice of an experienced anal conoisseur.

Despite of having met willing participants to the game I have always been hesitant to stick it in the rear hole because of I am scared of withdrawing it with a chunk of shit stuck to the end, or smearing shit on the bed (where I sleep!), or just getting a big smelly wet shot all over my face, the room, bed etc.

Is it a real danger? How much shit do you normally encounter poking in arseholes?

Please advise.


08-01-03, 18:08

To respond, most girls with whom I have had anal sex did not "stain" anything. Their assholes were clean. Now, there have been exceptions and I have taken out a condomn with shit a few times, but when I think if all the girls I have had anal sex, there have been very few cases.

So the risk is there, but not as frequent. It depends on the diet and habits of the girls. Further an enema will help cleaning the tube and ensure its shit-free.

I hope this helps.

Bareback Bob
08-04-03, 18:17
Really, Mistapenus, don't be shy - just tell the chick that you admire her butt and want to do some butt-lovin' and that she should take a dump and a shower if she feels she needs to or you want her to before you start. As I'm into butt licking, a nice clean rump is the best, but I'm not a neat freak about it. I also don't get turned off if there's some crap stains on the rubber when I'm cornholing. Other accidents like you mentioned Mistapenus, can happen but are very rare. A wet shot to the face like you mentioned would be pretty shocking but I bet I'd still have a smile on my face.

Also, Bootylover, yes I like hearing/smelling farts from chicks periodically (especially when I 'm not expecting it) - but only if they're from a beautful round, black, and preferably monster booty. It just gets those animal juices flowing in me and pumps me up more for the butt plunging to come.

Tongueing that butt ring is my favorite though and each chick has a unique flavor that drives me wild with anticipation for plugging that turd shoot of hers. Black chicks have the tastiest and best shaped rumps in my opinion. Happy fudgepacking guys.

08-12-03, 05:31
I think I enjoy anal, but I rarely get it, and I don't deliberately looking for greek providers as they are less attractive in general. I think I enjoy anal until one day a girl offered to let me probe her, she lying on her back. Firstly I like girls on the bottom up position and I go on top and probe straight down. Since it was her bed, she put her ass at the edge of the bed, with paper towers on the floor below her ass. That is, if anything comes out from her ass it will land on the floor on the paper towels. Immediately I lost interest and wasn't hard enough to get in. I still haven't recovered my interest yet. Have you met any girls who do that?

Stout Dick
08-12-03, 19:31
hi Bro!

I am very much interested in anal. but I hav been unlucky that I am yet to succeed. Many girls have turned down because my dick is stout for them to accomodate.
some have genuinely attempted with lot of KY. But no success.

Can anyone suggest whether the black girls will be able to take stout one up their ass.

08-13-03, 02:30
Dude! If a girl needs to put paper on the floor, or kitty litter, I would definitely pass!!! But seriously, I have gone this route 500 to 600 times with at least 9 or 10 different partners. Only once did I have even the slightest problem. No special preparation. No enemas. Nothing. Usually no big deal. Only have done this with pros 3 or 4 times, most recently here in Buenos Aires. She asked me if I liked it and told me she loved it. Enough said. Did the deed without any problem and I was as deep as I could get into that sweet little tail.

I usually dont ask pros for anal because it usually costs more and can [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) them off. To me, its no big deal. Been there, done that. I would rather see the girl happy, doing her favorite thing than suffering with something she doesnt enjoy. But I have almost never had a problem . . .

Good Luck, - P

08-13-03, 14:11
Originally posted by dorasan
I think
Have you met any girls who do that?


I've met a girl who loves that!
She cames from Perugia (Italy) and we were f**king "doggie style" (previously we l*cking, s*cking, f*cking,...), when suddenly she did ask me if I never had anal and if I like to try it.
Obviously I said a great YES, then she turned with the belly up (we were, so, face to face) put her legs over my shoulders and firstly asked me to continue to f**k in her pussy. After awhile she took my dick and point it at her asshole and told me to start to push gentle.
I did it and I remember perfectly the feeling/sensation when my dick slowly pass through this tight "door".
I push since I've had, than, while she start to moaning of pleasure, I start to go and forth.
I could see her make faces of enjoy and she ask me to jump from the ass to the pussy, than to the ass again, to the pussy again.....
I don't know how much time is passed, but when I was close to explode (she realize it too well) she took my stick and start to suck it and finally I have a greater CIM of my life (she swallowed all!).

Great, but she was the only one I meet in my life (early 40's) who declared openly she loves anal.
With all the others girls, I have had always ask for it.
But I never needed a towel to protect something!!!

With the SW or, in general, with the prostitute, I've ask for it some times, but:
1 - it cost double (in Italy);
2 - They do it only for money and their don't like do it;
3 - I prefere do it with a girl who like it: I agree 100% with Prokofiev! if you see them suffering for it, my dick felt down immediatly and became a mozzarella (Neapolitan curd cheese)


08-13-03, 18:36
Boy, I don't know if the jumping back and forth is good ... I can't imagine a chick wanting something in her pussy that's just been in her a$$hole.

08-13-03, 21:21
Beware, this alternacne between pussy and ass is a sure recipe for infection. At least for the girl if you are covered

08-14-03, 04:32
Anyway, the reason I don't like doing that bottom down on the bed is because I like to look at the butt with the tiny glorious hole in it, tightly, neatly closed. I don't like to look at pussy too much as it looked like an oyster.

08-14-03, 18:43
I second that statement....Keep it covered guys!.Just had an anal romp with a Half-black/Puetro Rican woman...Damn those chicks are sexual tigers!

08-15-03, 20:14
I don't know about the back and forth between the pussy and the ass. Don't get me wrong I would love to do it if the girl requested it. But, I had a regular girl that I used to visit and went from ass to pussy and she got the nastiest yeast infection she had ever had in her life. I did a little research and found out that it's okay to go from front to back, but you better wash it off before you go from back to front because of the bacteria back there. But, then again we're guys and don't have to really worry about a yeast infection, unless the lady won't give you any because of it.

08-24-03, 00:01
guys don't have to worry about yeast infections, but it's quite possible to get an infection of the urethra (?) from unprotected anal sex. if the girl has some shit up her ass, and you fuck her anally without a condom, it's quite possible to end up with a portion of shit entering the [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) hole of your cock. guys - if someone offered to syringe some shit down the end of your cock, would you take them up on the offer, or tell them to fuck off? if the girl hasn't had an enema, be advised that the best way to go about fucking her in the ass is to use a condom. that in mind, you can even rip the condom off and stick a fresh one on if she wants you to go from ass to pussy...

guys cocks are covered with a protective layer of skin, but that protective layer isn't present just inside the [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) hole (an ex-girlfriend used this slang term all the time, but i'm fucked if i can remember the correct medical name for it) and the last thing you want to do is to cram a stinking, bacteria-laden portion of someone else's shit up there. just remember - anal sex + condom = good. anal sex without condom = risky, maybe painful, sometimes dangerous.

08-27-03, 11:02
Hey guys,

I've had a protected anal, and after anals/pussy sex, she washes her vagina with a vaginal disinfectant: no cystitis.
For me give an eye to the pussy when I'm in the anus, and see how much the pussy is swollen when I'm pumping it is priceless.
But I like also anal in doggie style or when she sit on my legs and delicately and slowly I penetrate in her while I push her down keeping hers tits in my hands....

Last, but no least, if a girl likes anal and she asks for it to you, it is enough to excite me at the top, and really I don't care, in this case, how I do it....


08-27-03, 16:46
I hear you Lazzaro.

My favorite postions for backdooring are:
1- she lies on her tummy and I climb on her back
2- she's on all fours while I'm high on her butt
3- she lies on her side with bent leg while I enter
4- She's standing bent over while I do her

In order to have as much brownholes as possible, I stay covered.

08-28-03, 08:55

I agree with you 100%: always anal covered!

...I should add:

I lay down on my back, she sit on my and grasp my dick with her hand and drive it into her tight (?) channel sliding down slowly....

talk clear between us: it is so hard to find a girl who loves anal that in whatever position she likes, for us is ok, isn't it?

The attached is what I mean (she's my previous girlfriend: verrrrrrry hot!)

08-30-03, 00:44
Wow. She hairy enough for me. A real jewel. I wish I could ..........

09-01-03, 08:23
Originally posted by Bootylover
Wow. She hairy enough for me. A real jewel. I wish I could ..........

It seems very hard if you don't live in Italy, and, after all, she's very shy and you could get anal after a lot of times you see her.
...but at least it's worth it (did you see mi dick how happy is?) :) :) :)

But,......who knows the future?


09-01-03, 13:52
I think I just have another strong motivation to go to Europe. By the way how easy/hard is it to get anal there among regular & SW?

Carlos Primeros
09-02-03, 05:30
Got to Brazil - there you get all what you want. Normally the grils even advertise that they are "completa" that means that they do anal. Usually they do not charge extra. A one-hour session in Rio is approx. R$ 80 = 30 US $. Some even take on two guys at the same time. What more do you want?

09-02-03, 15:10
I have that plan but not the resources (time, money) yet? when there, i'll manage to hit five a day & will bring back the pics

09-03-03, 13:33
Originally posted by Bootylover
I think I just have another strong motivation to go to Europe. By the way how easy/hard is it to get anal there among regular & SW?

Hi Booty,

I think that the probability to get anal here (in Italy/Europe) from a regular or SW is the same of elsewhere in the world!
Mainly IMHO it depends of how polite and gentle you are, from how the chemistry run, from.....
Like elsewhere in the world.
In general, the professional SW (not the forced or slaved) don't do anal (75/85% - maybe more maybe less - of the girls refuse it), but someone will do it with a little bucks more (from a 10% to a 100% more of the price for standard service).
The other girls answer you that they are not a boy or trans and their asshole they use it only for natural needed.
With the regular, their volatilty is well known by us, and, also here, it depend from many factor, not last how much they enjoy you and how much you you are able/clever/skilful to drive them gently to do it.
I don’t have to suggest you that it is better drive them, during the “preliminaries“ without penis penetration, at the top of the pleasure, in that “mind area” where they ask to be f***ed and where it is easier obtain all you want from them.
But it is really hard!!!!

Anyway I could ensure you that, one time they decide to do it, they go straight till the end and, in this case, they are very hot and really involved in (and don't hide it): they moan of pleasure as much, that the neighbour, when you meet them "after", will ask you what's happened... :) :) ;)

I think that it doesn't exist a country where 100% of the girl do anal or they ask for anal.....

Good luck

10-06-03, 21:19
I am assuming that all that have managed to find this thread, must have more than just a passing interest in anal.
If you wanted to get into real hardcore anal and she agrees, then how do you ensure that her rectum is free of s**t?

Laxatives? Enemas? keep her on liquids for 3 days?:)
What do you do?

10-08-03, 17:39
What I have done in the past , was make it exotic and give her and light fleet enema. Walk out of the bathroom and she is then force to take a shower to feel clean again. And bang, you got her ready.

The fast test is of course, one finger test and if it comes out dirty, lololololol it's time to enema her ass.

10-08-03, 22:03
Here's a link to the alt.sex.enema's FAQ on sexuality.org that a friend passed on another forum (forgive the pun) ;) :


I figured it might prove useful to either parties looking for information on enemas as a means of pre-anal sex cleansing or for those who desire enemas for play in and of itself. This FAQ probably goes into some grey areas (such as enemas as a means of getting intoxicated), but overall there is some enlightening information here.

Swiss Gal
10-15-03, 23:28

If you want to assfuck you have to face up to the risk of shitiy dick. Otherwise I suggest you continue with that rubber doll of yours. I hate doing enemas because it messes up my stomach for days and I only ever want anal when I'm stark raving horny. Not a chance of me running off to the bathroom first, believe me.

I just insist the guy wears a condom (even though I only ever do anal with my boyfriend) and that he's prepared to take it up the ass at least once. I think this is the one thing where men and women are equal and I believe the guy should realise just how sensitive that area is, what feels good and what just plain hurts. I've only done it about five times, the first guy just thought he could go porn style and went manic when I decided he should feel what it feels like too. Plus I didn't really want to do it at the time and felt dreadful afterwards. So I ditched him. The current guy is very well endowed so he can't go all the way yet but he really makes me want it when I do ask for it. He's never asked so I feel very different about the whole affair, like it's our dirty little secret. Because I'm outwardly the kind of girl who would never even dream of doing such a thing. ;-)

10-21-03, 13:01
Swiss gal,

I totally agree with you.
On more, for me only if both partner want it, it is a real pleasure.
Mainly, both must be relaxed (as nervous) and excited (as sexual).
I think that anus is one of the more sensible zone in the human body, and could be great be fingered (for the males) while your partner suck your dick and/or lick your balls.

First of all, you have to wet the entire zone, and after start to play with 1 or 2 finger, sweetly, tryin' to avoid the forcing, but all in total relax.
Then, and only then, you could proceed with the penetration, still delicate.

Personally I accept (and agree :) ) be fingered: and I don't see a disablement of my masculinity.
Sex is pleasure, and if you like it, do it.
But I think (I repeat) that it is good ONLY if both the partner agree it.

...And always protected!


10-21-03, 17:11
More Faqs off sexuality.org that would be of interest to members of this forum:

Ten Rules of Anal Sex

Advanced Sex Techniques and Secrets

Your First Enema


I have no connection with this site, I just found their FAQs very informative and probably useful to readers here. The whole site is actually worthwhile browsing.

10-21-03, 17:24
Swiss Gal,

I think there is one little difference you are over-looking. I have a prostate gland in there and you don't. Neither of us can say for sure, but I'm willing to bet it feels much different for a man than a woman. Sure, one part is the same, but one part is totally different. That's not to say that you should not or can not demand equal access to your guy. Just tell him, "If you REALLY loved me, you would let me stick my John Holmes dildo up your ass" and see what happens. Guys use that line all the time. If he wants to get what HE wants, he has to give what YOU want.
But understand that it probably is more intense for him than it is for you . . .

As far as a mess goes, again let me say that I have had anal sex with over 10 partners and at least 500 times, maybe more. Only once did I have even the slightest problem. If you are worried about shit, an enema is going to make a mess for sure and if you do it together, well - it will be a special bonding experience. Been there, done that.

Good Luck, -P

10-23-03, 13:38
It's always been more interesting and seductive for me to do anal when the girl's just against it or has never tried it before! You must be skillfill enough to persuade though. For me it's never been a problem since I act as if I'm driven out of control when the time shows up. One more piece of advice, always act naturally, no condom or lubricant, you'll feel much more relaxed and comfortable!!

10-23-03, 15:48
Vegamars . . .Tell us that was a joke . . . Please!

10-23-03, 19:07
WTF????? :confused:.....Vegamars you are kidding right??

10-23-03, 19:31
If I didn't see the words "Senior Member" with 50 posts at the time I write this, I'd swear that Vegamars was trolling us.

Sounds to me like a surefire way to turn girls against Anal pleasures for life JMO

Sun Devil
10-23-03, 23:54

so you're saying that you pretend that you don't know what you're doing and just naturally poke your member in her rectum even though she might be protesting to this like crazy. in addition to this, you recommend doing this sans lube and condom, something that could injure her rectum's inner lining. sounds like [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) to me, even though it might not stand in court.

10-23-03, 23:59
Anal Orgasm..
Is there such a thing?

Two different girls that I had anal with (over a 2 year period), have told me that they experience anal orgasms during anal sex (penis,dildo).
Apparently, it is quite distinct from vaginal/clitoral orgasm, and can happen in the absence of the regualr orgasm.

They describe it as tense contractions or convulsiosn of the anal canal and the rectum, and pelvic muscles. One girl said that it was as intense as her normal orgasms.

It didn't happen everytime, only when they were 'really horny'.

The orgasm leads to expulsion of some mucous. Yes, mucous, not stool. I always have them do enemas or colon cleanser. They use some of those cleansing methods that are used for medical reasons for example colonscopy or surgery.
Usually done a half or full day in advance, not just before sex, can last 1-2 days.

I never experienced any unexpected stool on my dick, but you can see some yellow/brown mucous, especially when wiping with a white paper towel.

I can't imagine a prostitute that you just picked up, "ready" and 'eager" to give you a realy good anal experience.
She might do it ( for extra money), but dont expect it to be anything spectacular.
I know this from experience.

10-24-03, 00:15

Anything you have to do 12-24 hours in advance is not too useful. Most of us don't plan that far in advance for anything, much less sex. I have known many women who have an orgasm DURING anal sex, but none with their butts. They usually play with themselves and come while I screw them.

As to anal sex with a pro, I would have agreed completely until I went to Buenos Aires this last July. A club woman (pro) asked ME for anal sex and she clearly enjoyed it. But that was the only pro I have ever done it with. If a woman doesn't enjoy the act, I don't either.

Sun Devil
10-24-03, 00:44
I have had anal sex with pros before; with one because she was having her period. For the most part, I just ask them nicely and politely if they do anal sex before with go to the room. If they agree to it, they agree to it. Also, it helps that you have established rapport with them.

To me, anal sex is no big deal. There are no Bartholin glands to naturally lubricate the rectum, unlike the vagina. Hence, it feels like you are having sex with a piece of sandpaper. To compensate for this, I would recommend having K-Y jelly on hand to lubricate that area. But you guys know this already.

10-24-03, 11:17
Live in istanbul. I use anal sex with my Turkish gf for 3 years and believe she enjoys to share this experince with me. just we care about cleanless, take care, go slowly on starting we tried even in the car at front seat.

Sex must be have with right partner also in" sharing in mind" before go the bed.

Enjoy it

10-24-03, 11:23
You could pretend it like a joke if you're gonna feel better,but don't be so surprised by different views and approaches!

Joe Zop
10-24-03, 15:55
Gee, well, your different approach is one that a) is the single riskiest sex act in terms of AIDS transmission, not to mention other STDs, since you advocate no condom and b) can cause rips and/or lesions in your partners' anal tissue, since you say not to use lube. Not to mention, as others have, the consent issues.

Having the school band play a Nazi anthem and wave the Nazi flag on Rosh Hashana during the halftime show of a football game (as happened a few weeks ago in Paris, Texas) is a "different view and approach" as well, but like yours, it's a pretty stupid one.

10-24-03, 20:16
A-Men Joe...A pretty stupid one indeed! "Duh"

10-24-03, 20:25
Joe: This is totally off topic but you mean to tell me that actually happened on Rosh Hashanna? Hellfire and damnation, if those rednecks would do something that crass what next- an out and out Kristalnacht aniversary parade?

If you have any links to stories on this I'd like to see it. Thanks in advance....

Joe Zop
10-24-03, 21:56
Warpig2000 -- look at http://www.cnn.com/2003/EDUCATION/09/30/band.nazi.reut/. Yup, it's way high on the stupid-meter. Better yet, they did it as the visiting band! Thankfully, most of the crowd booed heavily.

DJ Nylon Pants
10-24-03, 21:57

Howdy Warpig,

I was also pretty disgusted. The link above tells the story.

Btw, Vegamars, do you have a death wish? Besides dude, have a little respect for your provider.

And finally, I love to give anal sex as much as anyone (on this thread anyway) but SunDevil is right-on with this.

You don't get what you don't ask for, if your provider declines, at least you know for next time.

In my time as a mongerer I've had two providers that asked for it. They were both way into it which made it a great experience.


DJ Nylon Pants
10-24-03, 22:04
Damn Joe! You're quick.


Here's an editorial I also found you both might find interesting.

Dumb-ass rednecks!


Joe Zop
10-25-03, 00:05
Nice editorial. This quote from there says it all, "Here's a clue, Paris: If you don't know when Rosh Hashana is, you probably don't know when or how to handle the display of a Nazi swastika."

I've actually got some sympathy with the Paris, TX, folks, as the city is basically a small one and their intent doesn't sound bad. But jeez, don't you check things like that if you're showing something controversial and you've got half a brain? And don't you also step up when you've screwed up? (Referring here to the fact that some Paris folks apparently feel they're owed an apology for the booing.) Sheesh!

And of course the point about both this example and Vegamars' posts (to try to get back on topic) is that both totally ignore the point of view or feelings of anyone other than those performing the actions. It's not simply political correctness when there's heavy potential to hurt someone else.

10-25-03, 00:26
Ya'll get back on the topic, ya hea!

I agree you can find a rare gem that actaully likes to get her ass reamed. And You must ask BEFORE getting in a room, if there is a choice of girls!

I remember one night, I had asked at least 10 girls at a club, and they all said 'no'. Then one russion girl said, "you vant back side, I'll give you back side" as she pinched my cheeks.

From what I undrstand, the anal orgasms is not with "their butts", but a "pelvic" orgasm, just a different set of nerves ar estimulated, distinct from vaginal orgasm.

10-25-03, 16:07
Glad to see you guys switch on a different perspective other than
slow action and care at top level!
If you ask a girl whether she wants it, of course she'll say no 99% of the time even if she really longs for it as it's the case with everything in life! That's the point of view of women to take control of power.
The whole discussion about the orgasm lies beneath the dispute of consent anyway!?

Sun Devil
10-25-03, 16:38

You are entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else on this board. However, it is people with the semblance of your attitude, which is opposite to mine, that makes me leery in giving information on this board. Women are not out there to be controlled. I hope you don't feel this towards your mother or sister.

This is the reason that I sometimes don't feel too good in giving out names of girls that I respect into the general public, let alone pictures of them.

One Great Man
10-27-03, 00:36
Hi Guys:

My ONLY experience with a girl who asked to be fucked in the ass was in Hartford, Connecticut.

She was about 25, good body, who I met through a newspaper ad. I was driving to Florida for a vacation, and placed an ad in an underground newspaper looking for a companion. Nothing about sex was mentioned in the ad, but any lady who answered it could read between the lines.

I took her to dinner, we liked each other, and when I drove her home she told me that her mother was visiting. I fingerfucked her in the car, and we agreed there would be more later.

Before we left on the trip, I stopped by her apartment and got to know her better. She had worked in Guam for about a year, and a guy fucked her butt. She liked it, and told me so. I lubed up and gave her what she wanted. She panted and pushed into me until I understand she wasn't fooling.

Afterward, I was washing off my still-stiff cock in her lavatory when she appeared in the doorway, transfixed by my soapy dick. I had her sit down on the toilet and blow me, and shot another load down her throat.

We made the trip in my camper, and the sex was only so-so. I didn't fuck her ass while we were out of range of a bathtub, but she was still good.

The best part was, on the way back, picking up a young guy who was hitchiking to North Carolina, and we invited him to share an overnight with us in a motel. While she was showering, I asked him if he wanted to fuck her. He thought he had died and gone to heaven.

While he went to shower, I got her to begin blowing me, and when he came out, he joined in on her. Unfortunately, she fucked and sucked us to the extent we couldn't get hard enough to fuck her asshole. The next morning, we were all wasted. We continued the trip, dropping him off at his destination in North Carolina, and continuted north. I had her blow me twice on the way back to Connecticut, and we parted company.

I was married, and didn't need the complication of a side relationship, but I'll always treasure the trip. She really loved assfucking.

11-01-03, 16:17
Hey Prokofiev,

I saw your many posts at Argentina forum, have a question for you, talking about anal sex, did you try Maria's ass? I'll go to Bs As in three weeks and I'm going to look for this chick, so how receptive is her to anal sex? mostly of my experience in this modality was done in Rio with pros., we'll I'm really looking for a girl pro or non-pro who is confortable with her butt hole (meaning enjoy a good fuck).

Thanks for any help and have a great time.


11-04-03, 02:08

No, Maria does not do anal, at least not with me. I have spent quite a bit a of time with her and we have discussed this topic, so I don't think she would be interested.

The woman who enjoyed anal was named Lila or Liliana and works at Catto on Suipacha St. She is Agentinian, 33 yo, and quite nice. She is definitely one of the older women at the club and her younger sister works there as well. I did not approach her with the subject, but she requested it of me on our 2nd and 3rd dates. Very responsive. Of course there are many other women in BA who will provide completo including anal. Lila may not be your cup of tea. I found her very attractive and sweet, but I am known for my questionable taste in women. I like them all . . .

11-04-03, 06:18

Umm! that's no good, well always there are others. I'll try with Maria, maybe it's time to break her up, I know that She's more into oral, I prefer good orto than a great BBBJ, unless is BBBJTC, as you must realize I'm a "tarado" for colitas. Thanks for the input in Liliana, I'll check her out.

Is always nice to read your posts as same of Dickhead, very informative.

Take care,


11-08-03, 05:32

I am 60 years old man love to eat my TG ass. I want to known if there are others out there that love to eat GF ass?

11-08-03, 19:24
I do!

For some strange reason it makes my dick rockhard. I just started getting into licking a woman's anus last year.Now I know its an unpleasant place for most but tastes differ.

Of course,I ALWAYS make sure that my GF or, any woman I care to prowl upon is VERY clean down there.If i'm going to lick a womans asshole,I make them wash!.There's just something freaky about it that I like it so much.Anyone else into it?

11-08-03, 21:47
"Now I know its an unpleasant place for most but tastes differ."

----Was that an intentional joke?

"I am 60 years old man love to eat my TG ass. "

----- And what is TG ass? I MIGHT like it . . .

11-12-03, 08:40
I'm into ass licking. I love to bend women over, spread their ass cheeks, and tongue fuck their assholes. Some will certainly say this is disgusting, but it floats my boat.

11-12-03, 17:38
Usually, that means Transgender or TS/TV. Women with male genitalia.

11-12-03, 17:56
I'm also a huge fan of analingus. In fact I much prefer it to cunnilingus. Of course its a great rarity that I find a girl that is clean enough and appealing enough to do it to. Anyone else actually prefer it to cunnilingus?

11-12-03, 18:02
Hmmm . . . TG = TS/TV?

Think I'll pass for the time being.

. . . but maybe when I'm 60(?)

11-12-03, 19:37
I think (hope) he means "Thai Girl."

11-13-03, 02:28
Could be "Temporary Girlfriend". I think I've heard that.

11-13-03, 02:58

I knew I wasn't alone!.WHEW!.There just something about looking at a woman's great looking ass that just makes me do the twisted things do! espacially her anus!:D

Hi,I'm MeatMan and,I'm asshole licker...

"Trashy Girl?..........is that it?.

11-13-03, 12:54
I mean Thai Girl friend. I just started to be in love with her Ass after 2 years.

See does the same to be.

11-13-03, 20:27

In BA, Pamela and Jessica at Santa Fe 1707 both offer anal for 100 pesos additional. They are both cute as could be and Jessica is especially energetic. Maria does not do anal.

11-15-03, 21:31

I have had anal sex with several women that actually had an orgasm during this secret act, to include my wife. I have even known one woman who could only have an orgasm through anal sex! (lucky man I was during that short lived relationship!) But all of the forementioned were vagina orgasms. I will search for the ever eluding anal orgasm and get back with you.

Good Hunting,


My Secret Life
11-15-03, 22:29

I sent my question to both Go Ask Alice and Savage Love and they didn't bite. I was particularly surprised about this latter because it seemed like Dan Savage's kind of thing.

Basically, I'm a very big fan of analingus. Hey, it's all I'm fit for. But I'm wondering exactly what precautions you have to take after licking a lady's Little Brown Starfish before it's safe to lick her Jade Gate. Is it enough to just rinse out your mouth with water? I once tried mouthwash, but the lady reported a "cold, burning" sensation to her Holy of Holies.

Incidentally, quite a few ladies-of-negotiable-affections have been quite surprised to have their arseholes licked, saying, "Ooh! noone ever touched me there!", "No man has ever done this to me before!" and suchlike. Although I once had one who said 80% of guys did it.

As for hygiene, I used to make sure the lady had a bath/shower beforehand but these days I don't bother. The only bad experience I had was with a downmarket black girl in Notting Hill. I picked her up on the corner of the street where Hugh Grant lived in the film (or pretty darn close, anyway). We were in a Superloo, ie a single toilet cubicle in the street. I licked her arsehole and it tasted BAD but then the alarm went off to say our time was up. Saved by the bell, I was.

12-06-03, 00:09
The true connoisseurs here like anal in its various flavors. ass watching, ass licking/sucking, ass sniffing, ass fingering, ass banging, ass noises (fart), etc. most of them will prefer clean asses, butt things happen sometimes. So we need to be more careful. BTW, do you have the final anal map of the world (destinations).
See my post in Jamaica/Montego bay for criteria. We need this map here (possibly GPS coordinates)

12-27-03, 14:05
I was just skimming through the site and I entered this forum.

I must admit that i have had anal sex with my gf, however she did not like it much since i am a bit too big for her.

Hoever I love anal too much so I tried to find sw's who would do it. Unfortunatley here in Malta no sw's do anal.

The only solution is to go with a transexual. This might sound disgusting but believe me I have had 4 great experienes with shemales here in malta. They were all absolutly gorgeous.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

01-12-04, 15:17
Anal sex is one of the wonders of the world. Best done with a novice who has a nice tight one. Even the *****s can be quite tight at times. Best to always have your own lubrication. I think one of the attractive things about anal is the fact that it mixes a little pain with the pleasure.

I am sure none of us can say we don't enjoy the fact that the woman's face becomes a bit contorted and she gives out that grunt of pain each time you thurst deep into her rectum.

Prior to the AIDS epidemic, it was also quite enjoyable cumming inside the ass of a woman. If it is not too deep, you could enjoy the sight of the cum dripping out. Or imagining that in the very next shit there would be that thick white syrup being expelled.

But I think the pain factor is very important. All beautiful young girls should be given the chance to experience it at least once.

01-12-04, 20:42

Novices with 'nice tight ones' are ok, but I prefer the real gapers. I'm very large so usually the novices are scared off. The best are the girls who have had tons of experience, but still like a challenge. I like to have them grab their asscheeks in doggy style position, holding it open so it gapes lewdly. I still always go barebck and cum inside her - I agree that's one of the funnest parts. I'm not really all that into the pain factor though. Obviously anal is about dominance but it needn't be painful for that. I think I get more out of viewing a truly wrecked, gaping, cum-dripping ass after the session than out of any signs of pain during.

01-14-04, 04:27
"I think I am sure none of us can say we don't enjoy the fact that the woman's face becomes a bit contorted and she gives out that grunt of pain each time you thurst deep into her rectum . . . But I think the pain factor is very important."

Giving her pain is attractive? Are you a lover or a sadist? You could just beat her and get the same response!

"one of the attractive things about anal is the fact that it mixes a little pain with the pleasure."

I'm sure you mean her pain and your pleasure. You sound a little scary to me . . .

Joe Zop
01-14-04, 04:43
Well said, Prokofiev. There's pleasure enough available for me without causing pain to the partner who's openminded enough to make her ass available.

01-14-04, 15:10
Fellas. Fellas. Now, tell me why you'd choose the anus over the vagina if there wasn't a qualitative difference between the two experiences. If the anus is as loose as the vagina, then you may as well just choose the traditional way. What's the difference for the woman? She feels different. It's not the same tingle as when a penis is in her vagina. There is ... pain. Some have more than others. But anal sex has a greater element of pain than vaginal sex. That is the difference. Why do think the vast majority of women do not want to do it? Nothing sick about it.

01-15-04, 00:08
I'm sure he meant his pain and her pleasure!
There's pain involved in every kind of intercourse anyway,believe it or not??

01-15-04, 00:51
Trust me, I'm not trying to start another forum fight; but hey Alan, I might advise seeking some professional help!
This dude is twisted!

01-15-04, 22:40
I believe the attraction for the anus comes from our animal nature. The curves of the buttocks are the primary attraction for mammals. This subconscious attraction is levelled off by our faith and education. But some, like us, overcome these limitations and enjoy anal sex. However, we must admit that some people (on the extreme side) will discourage women from trying anal. I won't be calling them sick people but I have a very specific opinion on them. At least they are proving their existence.

01-15-04, 22:56
Fellas. Fellas. Now, tell me why you'd choose the anus over the vagina if there wasn't a qualitative difference between the two experiences. If the anus is as loose as the vagina, then you may as well just choose the traditional way.
There is adifference, but it really depends. Anus can be as loose as a vagina, or the vagina can be as tight as the anus. Reaaly depends.

There is ... pain. Some have more than others. But anal sex has a greater element of pain than vaginal sex. That is the difference. Why do think the vast majority of women do not want to do it? Nothing sick about it.

If there is pain, then it's being done WRONG.
There is certain technique to it, really slow and methodical!. It does not work if you try to stick it in hoping that she wont notice:)

One thing is for sure. Pain = no hope of getting anal.

01-15-04, 23:32
Hi Everybody, I fully agree if done right it can be a good experiance for both partners .I also had a recent Anal experiance with a Dallas provider and it went great .Details are on the Dallas board . I personally don't get any pleasure from a womans pain .I believe and have been told that women who have a good anal experiance always come back for more as the orgasm through the backdoor experiance is said to be more intense and satisfying for the woman.

Well I guess its different strokes for different folks right .Some like it some don't .Hell I am not a totally just anal guy but definately don't mind havin some like did the other day once in a while ;)

I haven't had much experiance with the backdoor but any "do's " or "dont's" would be greatly appreciated .

On Deck

01-16-04, 00:14
There have been plenty of times when I have had to reach around a woman and play with her pussy - just to make sure I WAS in the back door. I could not tell the difference. With plenty of lube and a relaxed and excited partner, anal sex is NOT painful. Just a different sensation for the woman. The pleasure is both physical and emotional. Most women I have been close to have had their strongest orgasms with anal sex, usually with the help of a hand (hers or mine) or a vibrator. And yes, I usually do anal for my PARTNER, not for me.

As women reach menopause, the vagina becomes thinner, dryer and tighter. I have been having anal sex with one lady friend (married) for over 20 years. Her husband refused to even touch her asshole, so it was my duty to help her. Today her pussy is so tight I can barely penetrate, yet a could drive a Mack truck up her rear. If she winces in discomfort, I know I'm in the wrong hole - her vagina. She knows what she wants and I'm there to please her. I have had 3 lovers, each of whom preferred anal over vaginal sex. Most of the rest could and would go both ways.

Gentlemen, please approach a ladie's ass with love and respect. Act like you've been there before, not like some punk kid sticking a tree branch in some hole to see what's inside. Give her pleasure, not pain - or else your woman might end up coming over to my house while you're at work . . .

Your Friend, -P

Travis Bickle 2
01-16-04, 01:07
I love anal sex myself, but much prefer it when the lady lies on her back (like she would during regular missionary sex). I just lift her knees a little higher and slide in. This angle makes for an absolutely fantastic sensation and you can see her face and tits. Man, what a turn-on. Anyone else like doing it like this?

Also, I prefer analingus to cunnilingus, being the true ass lover that I am. I know that some may consider me sick and twisted and they may be right. All I know is that I truly love a woman's ass.


Joe Zop
01-16-04, 01:24
Alan, one of the reasons guys choose the anus is absolutely simply because it isn't the traditional way, regardless of how it feels. There are few guys I know who would argue that titfucking generally feels better than pussy fucking, for example, but if you see a woman with a formidable top there are lots of use who still wanna scale that mountain. If I'm with a woman who I want I'll screw her in in the mouth, between the tits, in the pussy and in the ass, hell, in the ears if she's up for it, regardless of the specifics of how it feels. (Not that assfucking doesn't feel damn good!) We're visual and mental creatures as well, after all, and those factor in heavily.

And the majority of women don't want to do it because it's traditionally been a taboo thing. The rest, I suspect, don't want to do it for fear they're going to run into someone like you who's a bit of a sadist.

And Civ2000 I'm with you on position -- I love doing it missionary, as then you can also watch her face. I've also found that position is easier on some women. (Not that there's anything whatsoever wrong with doggy, cowgirl, or spoon -- viva la choices!)

01-18-04, 20:59
my friends,

is everybody finished beating up on me? let's face it. for whatever reason, we're all in this together. loving the female anus is not a perversion or something that is sick. it's a beautiful part of sexual gratification, for both partners.

my problem with analingus is that even the most beautiful women i have come across do not pay sufficient attention to cleansing the anal area and there therefore often exists a residual odour.

but how do you ask a woman to go wet wipe her ass before licking the bud? it's more than a bit embarrassing. i think it is quite essential though if you are to have a successful go at the [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116)-chute.

the other thing is that impromptu anal sex is such am inconvenience. i mean, who walks around with lube in their pockets. clearly, saliva isn't enough and pre-cum loses its value after a short while.

these are the inconveniences of this beautiful sexual act. how sweet it is to pump the rectum of a sweet woman. in the days of condomless sex, to cum inside there was nothing short of paradise. these days, it goes in the condom and not in the deepest recesses of the rectum. what a great pity.

all hail the female ass.


01-19-04, 17:09
I love anal sex myself, but much prefer it when the lady lies on her back (like she would during regular missionary sex). I just lift her knees a little higher and slide in. This angle makes for an absolutely fantastic sensation and you can see her face and tits. Man, what a turn-on. Anyone else like doing it like this?

Also, I prefer analingus to cunnilingus, being the true ass lover that I am. I know that some may consider me sick and twisted and they may be right. All I know is that I truly love a woman's ass.


that is my favourite position too!!! I agree with you: this is THE position.
On more: I like either analingus and cunnilingus.
I take her cheeks like I'm eating a watermelon slice and my tongue goes forth and back between the two holes.
When the asshole is well wet, I insert my tongue, playing also with the finger.
When I see the pleasure on her face (and ONLY than), my bubby start to play.
I Take it with my hand and point the tip on her asshole rotating all along the perimeter, pushing a little more every turn, sometimes taking it out and restarting the game until we both can't resist more.
Than, with the help of the hands (my or her hands: it depends) we try to come toghether.
Doring the orgasm, the anus tense involuntary and keep hold tight your dick with more pleasure for both the lover.

Aaaahhh guys! This is life!


01-19-04, 19:27
I just finished a great session with a girl here in Pattaya. She was a three-holer but the really good part was I went back and forth between ass and pussy. Does anyone else do that? I did the ass-to-pussy and back slide in both doggy style and missionary, and finished by dumping my load in her ass (yes bareback). I've yet to find a girl who will do ass-to-mouth but honestly I'm not sure I'd even want that.

Travis Bickle 2
01-19-04, 21:18
Lazzaro, Just reading your post has me raring and ready to go. Just the visual thought of the anus involuntarily clenching and contracting around my penis. Wow!

Alan, Most sex shops sell individual (single-use) lubrications. Although I don't normally carry these around in my pocket wherever I go, I do carry a couple if I'm out looking for sex, particulary anal sex. I don't find it inconvenient at all carrying a condom and a lipstick sized tube of lube.

As far as asking a women to wet wipe her ass; if that's what you want, don't be afraid to ask. Although I've found that most women are quite clean down there and that would detract from the normal smells and tastes that makes analingus such a turn on for me. Studies have shown that the anal region is actually more sanitary than the vaginal region.


01-20-04, 17:48
Unless your're chasing on low bucks (car, walking, in hurry, etc.) the best way to find a clean ass is a mutual shower where you finger the ass with soap to clean it. Otherwise, analingus may be out of reach.

Everything has a price. Anal lovers will be called gays by some women, this is one price to pay, another would be to have some lube handy for every sexual encounter. I justify it a way to protect my condom against breakage due to excessive friction (true). In fact, my primary reason is an ass-pectation

01-25-04, 23:25
I finally found a gal who does did the whole nine yards .I had full penetration anal sex with her (with lube and condom of course).She is a wsw who I had come across a long time ago and hadn't seen her out in a while And on one of my recent quests for pleasure I seen her again and took her to my favourite motel and she liked the room with the built in Jacuzzi/tub she asked if she could stay longer .I had some chilled beers in the cooler and offered her some .We got to talking and I told her about my fantasy and how though I had had anal sex I hadn't had the perfect one as yet.She was really into it and told me that tonight was the night she would make it come true .Let me describe her first ,she's petite about 100-110 Lbs,brunette,smallest pair of titties I have ever held ,nice size light brown nipples ,she's 22 years old and has green eye's.

We got into the Jacuzzi together after a shower and are drinking our beers and relaxing when she comes over to me and gives me DF Kissing and starts playing with my dick. In a few moments she asks me to get out of the tub and sit on the edge with my legs spread and she goes on all fours and deeps throats me almost to the point of her gagging ,but she gets used to it and keeps giving me great head.She then grabs my dick and goes down licking and sucking my balls and goes all the way down to my anus and starts licking on it .I can't tell you how good that felt she then got back to the bbbj and went to and fro from my dick to ass.It felt so food that I had to come I couldn't control it anymore and told her I was about to come.She then started sucking my dick in slow rhythmic motion and I blew my load into her open mouth. After I was done she licked my dick clean of the last drops of come that came out and swallowed the whole load. Wow! that sure felt nice even though I have had it done before.

We then proceeded to the bed and we relaxing and watching the TV and after some time she slides her hand down and starts to get me exited all over again. Once I was ready after another good dick sucking that she gave me. She pulled out a tube of Vaseline and put it on the condom she slipped on and put some on her ass too. She then went and all fours and asked me to go for it. Seeing her small ass and tight pink hole I was afraid my dick would never go in. To my amazement when I put my tip on her asshole and pushed it slid in so easily and in moments I had pushed my dick right up to my balls all the way in.I then Fucked her doggy for a while, then we switched to her on her back and her legs on my shoulders I could see her face in front of me and my dick goin in and out all the way, What a turn on ! She said to me that I could do her harder and faster as she liked it that way and I then really fucked her ass like I would a pussy. And she moaned with pleasure as I fucked her hard and fast in her ass. I then got her to lie on her stomach and fucked her from behind and it was a great feelin.She also later asked me to sit up on the bed and rode me cowgirl and reverse CG it was awesome. I finally was about to come when I told her to get back onto her back and I did her missionary position in her ass and blew my second load into her ass. This was byfar the best anal experiance I have ever had and it cost next to nothing. I gave her 60 bucks for 2 hours we spent together.I will definately be seeing her again soon.I gave her my tel numbers as she did not have any contact number.And asked her to call me up every week.

On Deck

01-26-04, 00:19
On Deck,

That sounds too good to be true. In the USA? Congrats . . .

-but was it really Vaseline she used? Bad idea. Oil based lubes can destroy latex. Must use water based lubes for safety. Both yours and especially hers.

Cheers, -P

01-26-04, 15:37

On Deck has been reading too many pornographic stories. Vaseline will break down the latex in a flash and cause your cock to come into full contact with the girl's hiv-infected rectum. Also, you clearly could not have gone "balls deep" in the kind of tight rectum you have described. I wonder how many veterans out there have been able to go all the way in even with real pros.

Sounds like good material for a porno movie though. Sell the idea to Seymore Butts. But spare us who have been there and done that.

01-26-04, 19:01
ProKofiev yes this was in Dallas .Thanks for the advice on the lube .I thought that it was Vaseline but I could be wrong as the lube had a blue top and yellow tube I asumed it was vaseline.I will be more careful next time around.

Also Alan I now this sounds too good to be true but amazing things happen .I understand what you were saying though she looked tight she really wasn't after I penetrated and I went in easily as the Gal was experianced in Anal sex and had done it many times before and that is why I could go in all the way and do her in different positions .But thats my side of it and you are welcome to your opinion.

She called me today and I am meeting with her again in a few hours so I will post if anything spectacular happens .

Thanks all for your input .

On Deck

01-29-04, 01:06

OK, here goes...

Like many a normal man I’ve enjoyed every female penetrable hole going, regular and pay for play. Now I need some advice. I’ve taken a number of vaginal cherries in my time, but never broken an arse myself. I’ve always had them pre-done…

I’ve been seeing this incredible chica recently and she wants her third hole opening. Man have I tried everything! Fingers go in OK, no problem. When it comes to Mr. Happy, not a millimetre. Using good quality lube, a number of positions, tried before and after her having an orgasm, relaxed atmosphere, nothing seems to work... Your advice most appreciated in helping me get my first Arse cherry. Please note I only do covered.

Regards, Havanaman

Sterling V
01-29-04, 02:13
Try using butt plugs. Start with a small one, leave it in for 10 minutes, move up to a larger size, 10 more minutes, and so on. Giving and/or getting some head during this time is always a good way to pass the minutes.

01-29-04, 03:41
I’ve been seeing this incredible chica recently and she wants her third hole opening. Man have I tried everything! Fingers go in OK, no problem. When it comes to Mr. Happy, not a millimetre. Using good quality lube, a number of positions, tried before and after her having an orgasm, relaxed atmosphere, nothing seems to work... Your advice most appreciated in helping me get my first Arse cherry. Please note I only do covered.

1. Go sloooow. It has taken me weeks/ months to get it going sometimes. That is after she was willign to try!

2. If she has pain, she'll be turned off to it forever, and you won't get your cherry.

3. No amount of lube is too much.

4. Fingers do not fit the hole naturally. Try dildos/vibrators shaped like a penis .

5. Most importantly, have her insert the toy HERSELF a few times. She'll learn to relax with the penetration.

In the end, you've got to be patient!
If she gets spooked, it's over;)

01-29-04, 13:28
I’ve been seeing this incredible chica recently and she wants her third hole opening. Man have I tried everything! Fingers go in OK, no problem. When it comes to Mr. Happy, not a millimetre. Using good quality lube, a number of positions, tried before and after her having an orgasm, relaxed atmosphere, nothing seems to work... Your advice most appreciated in helping me get my first Arse cherry. Please note I only do covered.

I found myself in this position.
The only thing I can suggest you is to be paaaaaatient!
...and (if she want/try) let her do with you what you do with her...

We began to play each other caressing each other, kissing, ....
It's for slide in the excitement.
Than I started with a slow, long, sweet massage on her back.
With a oil/cream it is better.
Than, very slowly, I began to massage her legs (yes I jumped her cheeks - for the moment) and after awhile I do it on her cheeks, letting "slide in" sometime (quite by accident) the thumb, never stopping the massage.
It took about 20/30 min. when, with my hands totally oiled, I started to play with the hole, inserting sloooowly only the top of the finger, (remember never stop the massage and never stop to kiss her back/cheek).
After awhile she wanted to do the same with me, so I let her try in a sort of "69" position.
When I achieved to insert deep all the first finger, I started to play with the second finger lettting the first inside.
All the movements must be "circular": it means you have to rotate the finger all along the perimeter of the anus.
When you could play with two finger, you could begin to "oil" Mr.Happy (I think that at this time he will stand very proud) and lean it at the hole with a little press.
Let it slide in very slowly and when you have inserted it a little bit, stop and watch her face and regulate yourself lokking her faces.

I did so and we had a very good time.
Keep in mind: I did so, but I don't say it is the right way. With me it worked (and works right now!) but every girl is soooo different....

Last thing: I think that if anal is choosen in freedom from both the partner (also if it liked to both), and it is part of the sexual relationship/game/games, you both could have one of the best moment of sex of your life.

This is my 5c of report

01-29-04, 17:55
In this way slowly and slowly I think it's gonna take about 80 years to reach the end,anyway better than never!!

01-29-04, 18:44
The anecdote about the difficulties of first penetration reminded me - I hate to be the first one! Due to certain atypical dimensions I'm a bad candidate for breaking a girl in. I like a girl who's very experienced, who's ass is really open. Or as I like to put it 'sprung'. You know when it is so open you can look at it before you even start and it looks like its been through a lot. Then, after you've popped it open and stroked in and out a bit, it gapes open lewdly. The best is when they just hang open the whole time.

Then again I guess I'm unusual in preferring the trashiest, most well broken in ones. The last thing I want is some reluctant young new one who can't handle a deep dicking.

01-29-04, 21:04
From experienced ass diggers like you, I have been expecting more specific advice. I have taught many girls into this. Here my way:
1- Compare your dick diameter to your finger and find out how many fingers compare to it

2- With too much lube start with one finger a reach the number of finger you found in 1. P.S. (I you have a really big dick forget anal from common girl)

3- With more lube, put your dick against the sphincter, have her push out, push in one third of your dick and stop moving

4- Ask her and when she feels okay start moving slowly and short range
5- when she ask for it go as deep as posible and you are done.

P.S. Never try it doggy style the first time

01-30-04, 11:14

I feel honoured that so many of you have either public posted or PM’d me your collective wisdom. I like all the ideas I’m reading and will try them. It would seem that patience is the main consideration as suggested by Badass.

Psychologically I love the idea of massage, thanks Lazzaro, but the physical idea of using fingers, one at a time like BootyLover says is I think excellent. Also the idea of plugs as suggested by Sterling V makes sense and means we can enjoy a bit of 69 in the process.

Is using a small vibrator, very well lubed, perhaps too much because of the vibrations: what do you think? I don’t want to put her off. At the moment she is really wanting it and that is a rarity for any non pay-for-play chica I have been with. So much to think about (and enjoy!). Saturday night is the big night! I will keep you posted.

Thank you once again Gentlemen.

Regards, Havanaman

01-30-04, 12:29
Psychologically I love the idea of massage, thanks Lazzaro, but the physical idea of using fingers, one at a time like BootyLover says is I think excellent. Also the idea of plugs as suggested by Sterling V makes sense and means we can enjoy a bit of 69 in the process.

Is using a small vibrator, very well lubed, perhaps too much because of the vibrations: what do you think? I don’t want to put her off. At the moment she is really wanting it and that is a rarity for any non pay-for-play chica I have been with. So much to think about (and enjoy!). Saturday night is the big night! I will keep you posted.

Everyone of us have a personal strategy.....
Yes I know that in my way it takes a lot of time, but for the esteemators, the long time which drive you to a total exciting is a part of.
You could do a sort of mix of them: good short massage (to relax) and fingers. Why don't combined?

For the small vibrator, IMHO is an excellent idea. If used well, the vibration could give her a sort of orgasm.

I'm waiting for read your report.
We're all on your side!!!!!
;) :) ;)


01-31-04, 17:17

My head hangs low: mixed feelings, some positive some not so positive.

Firstly let me thank you all for the excellent suggestions. I think that last night was the longest period of time I have spent with a chica, for just one shot. It was also one of the most enjoyable sessions I have EVER had. We started at about 21:00 and were still “playing” at 0200, and I had not yet had a single shot.

The massage was what did it. I so enjoyed this that I just continued and continued. My chica actually asked me what had happened to me to make me so passionate! She came fully 2 times before I even made an attempt at her cherry. By this time I had an aching jaw!

The orgasms, massage and fingering had done their trick. She begged me to go for her third hole and I just had to try! The easiest position was with me next to her, but behind (like spoons…). She helped by opening her buttocks. This was excellent because I could then use my hands to get some controlled fingering, extra lube and off course help the slide-in.

We made some real effort, but I only managed to get the head in. Once it was in, I just stayed still and let her get used to it. She said it was a little uncomfortable but not painful and so she would not push into me. Also I decided that having got the head in, if I pushed too hard, she would be in pain and that would end the whole thing.

Using my free hands, and with just my head inside her arse, I inserted a few fingers into her from the front and at the same time played piano on her clit. When she burst into orgasm for the third time I thought the tightening of her arse was going to rip my dickhead off! It was fantastic. While she was moaning I tried to push forward and into her, but the tightness was so powerful I did not get deep.

One thing I will say at this point: I’m not claiming this cherry yet. I want another inch of penetration, maybe more, before I can honourably say its my cherry.

I have to tell you that the condom made the penetration difficult, even though I had a LOT of lube. My dick was moving inside the condom, and the masses of lube, made control difficult against a tight arse. With pre-broken chicas there is no problem as we can just slide in and move all we like. I’m finding that breaking this cherry needs more movement control.

I’m seeing her next week again and we have agreed to try it. She wants more massage and more fingering! By next weekend I will have managed to get a vibrator and so the next step will begin next Saturday. I will report back.

THANK YOU ALL for getting me this far. Please keep your suggestions coming.

Regards Havanaman

01-31-04, 18:09
Congratulations Havanaman on your patience and success with your first ass cherry !

Guy's I went to see my American Chica again and had another great anal session with her.I have a question for my experianced friends here .After I penetreted her ass a couple of times (in the position where her legs were on my shoulders and I was on my knees ) where I could see my dick sliding in and out of her ass .I then pulled out compeletely out of her asshole , her asshole stood compeletely wide open and reddish/pinkish in color.Then I put it back in and finished the job.My question :is this what you guys refer to a well broken in ass or a gaping asshole?

About the lube this time I took my own which I bought at the Adult store off Harry Hines in Dallas specially meant for condom use.I thank you all for all the great advice you have given me and all the other anal amatuers that come wandering in here.

On Deck

01-31-04, 18:47
On Deck,

Thank you for your kind words, however I can not claim this arse cherry yet. OK, I got the head in, but what I want is more depth and some decent full strokes. Then its mine and I will celebrate.

The lesson learned for me is: patience. This attempt has taught me a lot and I know for a fact that my whole outlook on sex has changed due to this attempt. It has been enriched and the rewards are just waiting for me. In fact I just got a text message on my mobile form her… The world has changed for me indeed!

Regards, Havanaman

02-01-04, 12:48
Hey guys,

Check this chick out:


02-01-04, 20:05

Thank you for all your advice.

One question from me, in preparation for my next attemp: in your post you said "Never try it doggy style the first time”.

Can you please tell me why not?

Regards, Havanaman

02-01-04, 23:53

The anecdote about the difficulties of first penetration reminded me - I hate to be the first one! Due to certain atypical dimensions I'm a bad candidate for breaking a girl in. I like a girl who's very experienced, who's ass is really open. Or as I like to put it 'sprung'. You know when it is so open you can look at it before you even start and it looks like its been through a lot. Then, after you've popped it open and stroked in and out a bit, it gapes open lewdly. The best is when they just hang open the whole time.

Oh man! I'll have to disagree with this one, having done a few a-hole myself. The WORST ass is the one that just gapes open. You get no stimulation, no friction. It's like fucking air.
You dont wan to be the first one, but you surely dont want to be the 1000th either.

02-02-04, 01:08

You said it!

We all must agree. I’ve done the A-hole whenever the chance arose. A great big gapping one leaves me feeling like I just dismounted a barrel…

The fun I’ve had getting my first arse cherry makes me want to try for more A-cherries… I feel like…, well, as I did when I first lost my virginity to the ice cream sales lady at college (but that’s another story…). The wonder of it, the experimentation, fumbling and sheer joy of the conquest.

Admittedly, taking my first A-cherry has been helped along by you guys, my brother Connoisseurs, and for that I’m thankful.

Nothing beats a tight O-ring (read A-ring!).



02-02-04, 09:17
The massage was what did it. I so enjoyed this that I just continued and continued. My chica actually asked me what had happened to me to make me so passionate! She came fully 2 times before I even made an attempt at her cherry. By this time I had an aching jaw!


I'm happy you feel better!
Now I think you understand me when I wrote "be patient and take it slowly"
I know that Vegamar took me around telling

"In this way slowly and slowly I think it's gonna take about 80 years to reach the end,anyway better than never!!"

It is obvious that it doesn't take 80years.
On more, if your chica didn't try it before, what better than twice orgasm to make her totally relaxed for the try?
It is unpayable when she tell you that you're so passionate.
As I told before, patience lead you in a good session.
And, also Psychologically, if she enjoy what you do, your orgasm is deepest as ever.

All depends of what is your target: a simple wham bam thank you mam, or a real long sweet good session of wide sex?

All the best, you lucky man!


02-04-04, 08:26
i usually neither have much time available to do my deed nor can afford a partial success for the first time. that's why i always make sure to put in enough finger to mimic my dick diameter.

why doggy style is not good for first timers? simply because they have claimed so over the years. in fact, i suspect that it's an improper alignment betwen the erect penis and the [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) chute.

but what matter to me the most is using the best technique to get what i want every time. the best technique is a field tested one to which we add a twist according to our physical characteristics.

02-04-04, 13:50

You’re absolutely right.

The best technique is a field tested one to which we add a twist according to our physical characteristics

here you could find some links (forgive me if they’re in french and/or in italian, but often with pictures) where it is explained how to proceed.

For the “doggie”, you could do it the first time, but with a little variation:
you must be seated with your legs bended under your bottom (which is leaned against your heels) and she take the same position but with her legs open (her heels beside your knees) and leaning her bottom on your buddy.
In this way, she could drive herself the penetration, the rythm of the sliding, how much in the depth your dick should go…..


Jamis Plumber
02-05-04, 22:07
Am scared some action is likely to end into emergency situations.

Unless the player has to agree before hand on the size she can allow up her asshole it may be disastrous.

Consider a huge monster dick size of a 0.5l coke bottle ready to burst her open.

This is true for some of the mongers are driven by the size of their tails to land "punishment" to the female species.

02-06-04, 19:27

Big night on Saturday.

I’m all prepared. Managed to buy a vibrator (4 inches), sleek and it has a nice buzz, if you know what I mean. OK, so I couldn’t resist, I had to give it a try on Mr. Happy, and he was very happy indeed. So, all is ready and I will keep you posted. Thanks for all your help guys.

Regards, Havanaman

02-06-04, 22:13
Jamis Plumber,

You are right about size, and the possible damage it can cause. In fact the size issue was raised by BootyLover in his advice on this board.

With care and patients and an acceptable dick size I'm sure anything is possible. If my Mr. Happy was the size of large coke bottle I wouldn't even think about going for the A-cherry. I'd stick to PFP wide open spaces! The dangers of anal sex are clear, so Anal Connoisseurs should always take care.

As to the issue of punishment: I'm not in agreement with you. Yes, there will be some men who just want to give pain to women, 'BUTT' the vast majority want to give pleasure.

In fact this whole WSG board is about finding legal-aged women for pleasure. I have read that male-to-male sex is a form of punishment in many parts of the world, for crimes such a adultery, theft of cattle etc... Very effective, very primitive, very primal and authoritarian.

Regards, Havanaman

02-07-04, 04:58
I’m an adventurous guy who likes to try different things. This happens a few years ago with one on my girlfriend. I have read about anal so I told her I want to try it. We never use condom when we were having sex. We try for 20 minutes but just can’t my didi in so we proceed with the virginal. 2 days later, she was diagnosed with urinal infection. I think it was my fault as I did not clean my didi before I penetrate her.

I never find another willing party since but I love to try it someday.

Swingin Boston
02-07-04, 05:57
I just recently got my wife into A.

She had a very bad experience where a former boyfriend just flipped her over during sex and drunkenly tried to stick it in.

I helped he come around to trying it by showing her an article from Penthouse Forum regarding anal sex and women haveing bad experiences and swearing off something that they could be loving. The article was very well written and had a number of sex experts and women who enjoy anal describning how to do it and how great it can feel when you are ready.

My wife expressed wanting to try it, but to start slowly. I was sure to keep my nails clipped short and lubed my fingers as a start. We then moved on to a small vibe that I used in her a while I was in her missionary position. Then we moved up to a larger vibe, then finally she asked me to be inside her that she thought she was ready.

Patience is really the key. Also, don't bring it up every time you get together. Have some lovemaking sessions without Anal even being mentioned. My wife acutally brings it up now!

02-09-04, 14:24
Yeah.....urinal infection is easy to take (give?).

All the A-conoisseurs here, know very well this, and is mainly for this that protection is needed.
For both the partner the risk of urinal infection is approx. more than 60%.
So the solutions (with your usual partner) are, at least, 2:
1 - let's go for total sex without inhibition! After the sex, immediately after, both partner must wash the "private parts" with neutral soap using lot of fresh water (fresh water is better to avoid some more smarting sensation), on more she must use internal wash soap.
2 - do everything, but when Mr.Happy goes beyond the StarFish, it's better finish in this way and forget the vagina.
Both cases, it's better, once finished, use the fresh water to wash, (particularly to him this last one)

If you have not the regular partner, it's better ALWAYS use the condom.

Don't be idiot: think with your head, BEFORE to think with your dick!


02-12-04, 20:22

Let me begin by once again saying thank you to all you honourable Anal Connoisseurs who have offered me some excellent advice. Yes indeed, the cherry is mine and I’m proud to announce that I achieved a full and complete penetration.

I’m saving the blow-by-blow account for my own memories, but the essence of this achievement was patience. We started, as we did last week, with some deep and prolonged all-body massage; she once again asked me if I was OK, why I was being so “loving” (!!). This was followed by a single slow orgasm using my fingers, mouth and the vibrator. In fact, I managed to keep the vibrator hidden on the side of the bed and she only knew about it when I played with it on her. She loved the surprise and the climax was all the more pleasing for her. My idea was that I would use it to pleasure her, and at the same time go lower and behind to get her ready. I did not use lube at this point, because I do not like the taste of lube and I was using my tongue, so there was a good amount of saliva.

We did a 69, and that’s when I really used the vibrator (with a lot of lube) in her A-hole. She loved every second of it, and in fact told me that she was so close to another orgasm with the vibrator playing on her star. I gently inserted it into her and very slowly moved it in a circle as some of you guys suggested.

I enjoyed the gentle 69, but did not finish: I wanted to take the cherry! I lubed-up and mounted her: I still find the “spoons” position to be easiest for me with this chica. I’m sure there is a relationship between how wide a women’s hips are and the best position for rear action. Anyway, she must have been ready for me, because I went in first time without any problems. She winced a little as I got deeper, so I slowed down, but in the end I was in real deep. We played for a while and she used the vibrator on herself from the front while I pounded her cherry to pieces. I could feel the vibrations every time she put the thing into herself, and it was fantastic. At one stage I stopped moving, just to feel the vibrator pressed onto my shaft through her front while I was in her arse. My explosion was very intense indeed. I stayed inside her arse while she finished and it was excellent to feel the last few drops of my juices being squeezed out of me when her sphincter tightened as she got her orgasm.

Now I am complete as far as every hole-cherry is concerned.

Thank you all once again. Happy arses!

Regards, Havanaman

Ace Base
02-16-04, 13:59
We've had the reports, now lets have some pictures please.

Come and click those anuses getting pumped by a big cock.

While I understand that the forum rules may not allow penetration pictures, surely pictures of a butt hole thats just been fucked can be posted.

My favourite ones are a tight anus oozing cum after the deed is done.

02-17-04, 13:15
Ace Base,

I totally agree. It would be excellent to have different stars to look at. What a constellation that would make!

I asked my current GF about photos, and she said: …and I quote: “..you know where you can stick your camera…” Whatever does she mean?!

Next time I do a pay-for play arse, I will take my digi with me…

Regards, Havanaman

02-17-04, 13:36
I asked my current GF about photos, and she said: …and I quote: “..you know where you can stick your camera…” Whatever does she mean?!

...maybe in your pocket?????? (even if you're naked, guess what pocket!?!?!?!) :)

Welcome, havanaman, in the club of the A-Conoisseurs ;)

02-17-04, 19:42

Thank you for your kind words and all the supportive advice. This is what Jackson intended for this site: good camaraderie, sharing good adult practice and information.

Its good to belong to the “A” club!

Gentlemen, if you have star-photos please share!

Regards, Havanaman

02-18-04, 17:54

I'm afraid but I have ONLY photos where I took a close-up "in action" (did I spell right?) with my GF, and it is forbidden post it by site policy

BTW I wish I was there to have a meeting with you for "a-tour" (ah ah ah nice pun!) :)

Yeah you're right
This is what Jackson intended for this site: good camaraderie, sharing good adult practice and information you don't know me, I don't know you: I could be black, white, green, yellow, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim........ it is not important, because we're linked by common interest, enjoyment,........

I think that ours politicians should be read and participate to this forum........

Happy to have been helpful for a little.

All the best

02-25-04, 17:25

I like your style. Yes we do share a common bond ~ that of enjoyment. You are also right about the politicians. They are too busy receiving rough-anal (without lube) to enjoy it and this shows in their behaviours!!

We should write to our respective governments and tell them they need more lube!

Shame we still have no pics of stars… I will see what I can do in April: I’m going to be in Havana again so I will try to capture some nice constellations.

Regards, Havanaman

02-27-04, 04:23
Talking about which.

Haven't you noticed that Asian women are more likely to provide good anal service without a fuss? They are far more willing than black girls.

Also, European whites are more receptive to ass-banging than most Americans.

For truly brilliant anal sex where depth and rough pounding does not matter, Indian women are the greatest. Hispanics run a close second.


02-28-04, 16:18

Are you referring to SW or regular girls? would you use a different ranking for SW and regulars?

I'm still trying to figure out who the pick, in each category, with the best chance for anal.

02-28-04, 16:33

I agree with you about American women: I have never had anal with an American provider. This was not for the want of trying or even offering to pay more: it was just a blank “ I don’t do that” form every attempt.

Best chance for anal is always going to be pay for play.

I have had a lot of regular chicas and VERY few will do anal. Having said that I would add that Latin chicas are much more likely to go for anal than European: I have found this for both pay and play, as well as regular chicas.

I guess in the end it all comes down to how one treats the chica. My new found confidence and skills as a result of learning more from this board have worked wonders in getting what I want. After giving the chica her first orgasm during the session, I tend always to get what I want. Off course there are chicas who just will not open the back door…

Regards, Havanaman

02-28-04, 19:36

" Best chance for anal is always going to be pay for play.
I have had a lot of regular chicas and VERY few will do anal"

Have to disagree. If you are talking about a one-nighter or pick-up, well of course. Most women will not have anal sex on the first date. But within a relationship, with the right approach and technique my experience is they ALL will do anal. Some enjoy it more than others, but I have never been denied.

02-29-04, 00:30

Yes, of course I’m referring to the quick pick-up. I have had greater successes for anal with pay for play. Having said that I agree that with time and the correct approach, regular chicas can be equally accommodating.

As a result of taking my first arse cheery, and the methodologies I have learned in that attempt, I have to say my whole “love” technique has been refined and I would hazard that in the future this will give better results with regular chicas.

Regards, Havanaman

03-03-04, 08:56
Check out the Auckland New Zealand photo section. There are some real anal action take by me at an asian massage parlour. The girl was Chinese Thai and was an anal virgin.

03-03-04, 23:18

Respect man! You popped the Arse cherry of an anal virgin in one session? You are good! Please share your method. It took me quite a few for my first cherry recently.

Nice pics by the way. In the anal “shot” pic, it looks like you are taking her hole bare-back, or is the condom hidden from view?

Regards, Havanaman

03-08-04, 10:17
Hey guys,

I think Brazil is the place to go:

"Edward O. Laumann's The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States found that about 20% of heterosexuals have engaged in anal sex. In several cultures (such as the Mediterranean area and Latin America) and countries (such as Brazil, where almost 50% of the population practices anal sex [1]), female receptive anal intercourse is widely accepted amongst heterosexuals, not only for the pleasures involved, but also as a method of contraception, and as a way of preserving female virginity (or at least preserving an intact hymen until marriage)."


03-09-04, 09:39
Havana.......I totally agree with your posts.

IMHO, we can't share "asian like anal, American no, European so-so...and so on", I think it depends from their personal background.

But some way-of-thinking link the women in a particular area.
I could say that in Italy ALL the girls know they are beautiful, and even if you're a "regular" if you're looking for anal, as often as not they answer you "I'm a girls, not a transex. Want you anal? go to the she/male".
But all the girls in Italy are convicted being the only one who's have the pussy (and it is made in gold) so their tendence is avoid anal.
Sometime ago I talked with 3 girls and they told me that they are for anal, but they are scared that their man call them *****.....

That's it folks


Bend It
03-13-04, 17:44
Gentlemen --

So what's your favorite aspect of this activity?

For me, I've got to say its when a professional fucker looks up at me with her eyes wide open, her mouth wide open, and no sound coming out because she's in some sort of shock from getting reamed.

Dominance without pain is my thing. I'm always careful to make sure the ***** isn't getting physically hurt, just used.

Bend It

03-13-04, 18:05
And a STAR is born. Photo from a recent anal debauchery. Enjoy !

03-13-04, 20:18

Nice combo: “star ‘n hole”. Excellent position and the total package looks neat. Was she performing up to your expectations?

Regards, Havanaman

Luv Ass
03-20-04, 01:02
Bend It,

I know what you mean exactly. Nice to find this great place that pays homage to the female ass and the taking of it.

Here's a shot of a nice ass I had when I was in Buenos Aires I thought you might like. She liked every inch I put in her.

03-23-04, 05:12
Nice one Luv Ass. I'm jealous.

03-23-04, 14:18
Hi Bend It,

That's a first class report on what it's like to ream the ass of a beautiful woman. It's the expression on her face when you stick the fat tip of your cock in for the first time. She's in shock. You're busting her sphinctre open.

I like it when they close their eyes tight while you are pounding away. Then when we look down your cock is all the way in. Who says the ass wasn't made to be fucked?


03-24-04, 18:40
Bend It , Alan I am definately in agreement, theres nothing like having the babe below you while you mount her ass. Just watching her expressions when my dick goes up her ass is enough to make me a happy monger. Another position I like is called the spoon I guess where I have the gal lie in front of me with her back to me and then I lift her leg and ream that booty .Also gives you a great view of the ass drilling you are giving her.As for the expressions I make sure she is in front of the mirror which is conveniently placed in front of the bed in most of the motels I have used . Aah ! The pleasures of a womans derriere is so intoxicating.Keeps you coming back for more and more .......

03-24-04, 18:51

Say it the way it is brothers! We are all arse mad. Anal cow-girl is one of mt fav positions. This gets me access to the clit and she gets a good fingering while I ride her ring.

Regards, Havanaman

03-24-04, 19:26
Hey Havanaman ! Have you ever tried anal in the reverse cowgirl position.Man all I can say is it makes for quite a view ;) and again yes I have to have her facing a mirror, the expressions are definately something I love to watch .

Bend It
03-25-04, 00:45

My personal favorite is when she's on her back, legs straight up in the air, looking at me in the eye. For me, its all about the face and the expression on the face. Of course, this position allows for really deep entry, too. Best wishes,

Bend It

Luv Ass
03-25-04, 01:31

Getting ready to go to Caracas, VE with solid intentions of getting into some serious, tight, latina assfucking. There are quite a few young girls on sexycaracas.com that I have read reviews about that really get into it. I love to massage them, get them relaxed and then kiss my way down to their ass where I work my tongue deep into their asshole, making them moan and beg for more. I find that Latinas are much more open to anal than American women and enjoy it intensely. Nothing makes me cum more then hearing a woman cum with my cock deep in her ass.

I plan on taking lots of pics and video and posting them on this and the Caracas boards when I return.

Meanwhile, I leave you with another fine I had in Boystown (Nuevo Laredo) while her GF ate her pussy.

Here's to the perfect Ass.

03-25-04, 06:53
I had an experience recently that makes me think I should try anal on a girl who visits me once in awhile. She's a cute young white crack ho.
Anyway, she came over and I suggested she take a long bath, she liked that. Shaved pussy, nice touch. Anyway, I can't help myself, I started sucking box and put in my finger, pressing upward a little bit, looking for the g-spot and she was enjoying it immensely. She proceeded to take my other hand and stick my finger into her butt! This went on for awhile until she went completely nuts and then we screwed in the usual style.
Now I want to see her again and try anal. I need to buy some lube however first. I have had anal only twice in my life. I suppose I have always been afraid of having a "brown derby".
Dash Riprock

Mighty Spearsman
03-25-04, 16:00
Dear Dash:

Trust me, go for it! She'll thank you and you'll thank yourself afterwards.

Just go slow at first and use lots of lube, and of course use a good condom!

03-25-04, 16:46
Just wondering what kind of condoms you guys use when having anal sex with your partner.Be careful out there.

Benchseats Rock
03-26-04, 15:06
To really avoid the brown babies, or "santorum" as we like to call it here, I'd suggest using an enema prior to any festivities.

The Fleet brand seems to work the best in my experience, and is easily available at any supermarket or pharmacy. For $3, why stain your sheets? I would be remiss if I didn't mention that anal sex is far less painful to the woman if she is properly cleaned out. Also, if this is a regular activity and you can plan the subject's diet ahead of time, my gf has found that a fruit diet for two or three days prior to the event is very helpful for keeping everything in the area clean and smelling fresh. This method will pretty much guarantee benign farts, which are always expected when doing anything anal. Of course, she does this because when we shoot our film(s), she will probably have 5 or 6 enemas on camera (meaning 2 or 3 prepatory enemas) before multiple anal insertions by objects (inanimate) of varying size.

03-26-04, 18:00
I always use my most trusted Trojan man , but it is advised not to use the extra thin or extra sensitive kind as they are thin and may break easily.

Also on lube I have used a lubricant called ANAL EASE which is available in most adult stores and in some pharmacies as well.

03-27-04, 10:53

I totally agree with Raider. Extra / ultra thin or extra / ultra sensitive brands are useless for backdoor entry. Only once, in a moment of drunken haze, I tried to use Durex-ultra thin for anal, damned thing ruptured before I even had the head in. Best thing really, because it sobered me up. I ended up putting on another and just popped her pussy.

The main thing to remember with lubes is that whatever you use they should be water based (my preferred is KY by J & J, available absolutely everywhere). This retains condom integrity, thus safety. I also find that for anal, if the lube is starting to dry I just have to dab a little more on my shaft without having to withdraw fully. I have also added a little spittle when I couldn’t be bothered to reach for the lube tube. That’s the advantage of water based lubes.

Regards, Havanaman

03-27-04, 10:57

Check out the star pic posted by One Tree Hill in the photo gallery of the BA board:


Awesome. Lovely pussy & star. Nice pic Tree...

Regards, Havanaman

03-28-04, 21:22
Fellow connoisseurs of tailpipe, please allow me to add my two cents to the discussion of lube. Having tried quite a few, including of course the trusty old K-Y jelly, the best I have found by far is a product called Astroglide. It's water soluble and does not dry out after a few minutes of heavy duty pipe-laying like all the others do. I found out about the stuff years ago from a gay co-worker, and if anyone should be an authority on the subject it would have to be a poofter.

Happy slippin' and slidin',


03-31-04, 14:30

I have had the misfortune of resorting to regular hotel lotion as lube for ass-pumping action. Just goes to show how prepared anal lovers need to be. Durex condoms are the best. K-Y and Astrolube are probably the best. Whatever you use, make sure there is enough both on your shaft and in the anus. Lots of it. After sometime of pumping, there will be the need to replenish it. So do not throw the tube on the ground. Leave it on the bed or nearby. That's the only way you would enjoy the anal experience fully.

Benchseats Rock
04-01-04, 04:09
We fell in love with Astroglide here at home as well, but it is pretty greasy, not to mention expensive as all get out.

Wet Platinum is just a good, not as greasy and at least in Baltimore, half the price.

Ace Base
04-03-04, 15:57
Well, after months of persuading I managed my ***** to agree to anal fucking.

Here I was, tingling with anticipation, lubes ready, forum posts read and re-read, all the advice swimming in my head (pun intended)....what a disgusting anti-climax!

I push my cock in, the tip only, and suddenly she shits over my dick! Yuck!

Thats put me off her and anal for some time.

Whats a guy gonna do? :(

04-03-04, 21:59
Ace base

LOLOL that's a good one. Talk about N-E-S-T-L-E-S what comes out of your A-S-S chocolate.

04-04-04, 02:21
Your report seems unrealistic to me. It would show that she wanted to scare you away from her a-hole and did it on purpose. I would stop sex with her completely and replace her with many other girls so that no one be that important.

04-04-04, 03:46
It's either unrealisitc,or that's one sick broad!

04-04-04, 11:28
that is true, she did that on purpose. she could have held that in, make a run to the bathroom and come back fresh and clean.

that babe is sick or she's into rep001, lololol

04-06-04, 13:15
Maybe you were on a glacier?
Not in a room?
If yes, I can understand what happens: a little cold "chill" lead to an sudden diarrhoea.....

Otherwise I can't understand.........

May I suggest you something?

Leave that girl immediately and find another.

04-07-04, 01:31
Guys, she most likely did not do it on purpose. It is a reflex that is activated when that area is stimulated. Pediatricians know about this all too well when they have to insert suppositories (sp?). I have had several incidents where the provider I'm with has had to stop half way through our anal session because she had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Expect these things as anal is not a natural act.

04-08-04, 11:42
I may be wrong, but many of those I banged (during my years of practice) had that feeling during the session or immediately after. I have researched the subject as well. The push out movement required to expel thing is absent for first timers and prevent them from having a pleasurable moment. Once again, she couldn't have pushed that hard without knowing

04-08-04, 12:27

I agree with your final part of the prior post.
This is my 5c of report.

All the girls I banged in the back door, never had that feeling.
Probably (I wish underline: PROBABLY) is due to their total relax during the "performance".
Maybe, thinking about what's happen, "hearing" all the stimulation their body are giving, being totally involved with the mind, are all part of the pleasure and unconsciously stop any other ..."bad feeling"...

For the impulse they feel after, it is due to the sperm you unload in her ass: it is a sort of enema......

This is what I think

04-13-04, 18:25

Once again you are 100% right. I have learned a lot about the back door over the years and a lot more in the past few months. The relaxed, and ejoyable way is the only way to go. Sure there will be some discomfort in the begining, however if we men are tuned into the women then we can help with this by changing our position, more lube etc...

You are also very right about the mind being involved.



04-13-04, 18:40

Thanks for bringing the discussion back on track. The chance of 'accidents' happening during anal intercourse is a part of the total experience. The idea is to derive as much mutual satisfaction as possible. This calls for tenderness, communication and LUBE! Lots and lots of lube.

A finger or two or three in prior to penetration helps as well. The advantage of anal pleasure with someone who has done it before is that you will have the opportunity to pump that ass to full advantage. The less experienced woman would want it as shallow and as slow as possible. I prefer the ability to fuck that ass like a tight pussy. This is not the most pleasant experience for a woman who is new to all of this.


Lover Boy
04-13-04, 19:32
I am not into Anal shit, My Mini-Me is covered with skin. First time I did anal it
messed up my dick for 2 day. That was enough for me.

I love the juicy pussy instead.

Lover boy

04-15-04, 19:07
lover boy,

each to their own pleasures. i respect your enjoying the front door: guess what me too! indeed i expect that 99% of anal connoisseurs also like the front door. however the back door gives for excellent variation, and is in imho a satisfying alternative when enjoyed by both parties.

as for messing up your equipment, all i can say is i have never experienced anything “bad” so far, but i always go under-cover for the backdoor. uncovered is going to be the best, but bits of shit can go through your [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)-hole and get lodged ~ this also brings to mind the ideas of being clean: before and after the act as mentioned in the past by masters.



04-20-04, 18:26
Havanaman, I agree totally. I think all of us enjoy the juicy front, but damn I love to get into that backdoor occasionally. With a SW, there is no question that I use protection, ALWAYS! But, when I'm with someone that I know and trust, like my wife, I love to go bareback.

If you make sure the area is clean, you shouldn't have too many problems. I like to take a good [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) afterwards to make sure that the old tube is clean, but other than that I don't worry about it.

And, before you ask, if my wife is a three holer, then why would I go elsewhere? Well it's like this, I love my wife, but she just doesn't want sex as often as I do. When we do have sex it is great, but I just need it more than she does.

04-22-04, 12:55

Yep! Have to agree with you, uncovered backdoor has got to be the ultimate. You are a luck man to have a full-time 3-hole partner, and so the worry element is low (still a risk but smaller). However as you say, go clean and the risk gets lower and lower. I do not have a life-long partner so I am forced to go covered, if I did have such security, then trust me, flesh would touch flesh every which way.

The nice long [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) is excellent. I swear by it, for every hole-action, covered or uncovered.

You got me going now, I'm gona look for a trusted backdoor!



04-22-04, 19:43

Yes, I believe I will keep the wife! lol. She is a very good partner. My only complaint is that she is not as horny as I am! Well, then again, I doubt very many people are as horny as I am. lol.

Come to think of it, now, I'm starting to get horny again!

Take it easy brother,

04-26-04, 18:40
I have a simple question...In what country is anal sex most common? From what I read,most Middle Eastern countries practice it.I'd prefer to hear it from someone who has hands-on experience.

T Poet
04-26-04, 22:10
My Question is similar to Meat Man's where in Africa and the middle east are the best spots to get anal as well as two girls that are ready to get down together. Anyone with experience? Seems Morocco is nice but any subsaharan places?

04-27-04, 06:36
my guess would be greek:)

04-27-04, 06:36
my guess would be greek :)

04-28-04, 18:18

So good you said it twice?! LOL


Ps. I would agree by the way, I've had an exceptional backdoor in Athens...

04-30-04, 18:21
Come on fellas school me on this. I'm expanding my horizions here....as well as my dick:D

05-09-04, 20:57
Hi all,

Recently had a whirlwind 60 hour trip to Riga in Latvia. The intention to fuck as many girls up the arse as possible, got through about five girls. You may find the report of interest.


05-10-04, 13:03
oopss I guess I was too excited, pressing the button twice :D
I actually never been to Greece, would love too.
I heard with the Olimpic coming, they actually imports girls.
Can you imagine, beautiful godeses who would spread their back

Rabo Verde
05-10-04, 13:14
Two words: EXIT ONLY!
Besides, my boyfriend HATES it when my dick tastes like shit!

05-10-04, 21:27

LOL! Made my day!

Regards, Havanaman

05-19-04, 15:45

Had to tell you all: I got another arse cherry: my second now! Young 20 year old student. We met at a friends party, got drunk together and the rest was all oral and anal! She told me up front she just wanted me to eat her out. I did this for absolutely ages (towards the end I thought I might need a jaw brace). She loved every second of my tongue, from every angle you can think of, got to 69, and even enjoyed a little star licking, while continuing the frontal-finger dance. This blew her mind and paved the way for me to ram her back door just as she was recovering from her orgasm. She did not resist whatsoever, but entry was very difficult; she kept pushing into me and this finally caused that all enjoyable first-entry pop. I had to added more spit on the condom to use as lube due to the fact that I was not home or indeed prepared other than the "must keep with me condoms".

Our age difference does not seem to bother her; seeing her again in a couple of days: this time my place. I’ve started to smile again while shaving and life is good!

In conclusion: thanks to all the masters here for all I have learned. Oral to the max seems to soften up the chicas for every next stage, whatever that may be (within reason off course). I’m developing an excellent technique for getting what I want. Why couldn’t I have found all this out when I was younger!!!?



Ever Ready
05-19-04, 22:19

Wow, nice report. You lucky bastard. Had a few asses (only one I didn't pay for though), but never had the chance to pop a backdoor cherry like that. Maybe one day before I get too old for it! I can only dream.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

05-20-04, 15:25
Way to go Havanaman! Nice post. I agree about the oral loosening up for anal. That's how I got my wife interested. I got down there and ate that pussy for what seemed like hours. While I was doing that, I slowly but surely moved lower and lower until I was at that little pucker and man she went crazy. The first couple of times I only put my finger in and she had some of her most powerful orgasms ever. Eventually, she was the one asking me to put my dick in. It was pure heaven.

She would never have let me plug that butt if I just came out and asked for it. I had to work for it and it was well worth it. So, gentlemen, if you want that dark hole, then the easiest way is to kiss it first! lol.

05-21-04, 22:13
When you go BACK you never go back.

Frank Africa
05-21-04, 23:00
Dear MeatMan:

One of the best countries undoubtedly is Morocco. Check out the Morocco board on WSG and look at the numerous posts/photos during the last three months by Belguel, who seems to have plowed through most of the rear ends in the country.

05-24-04, 20:34
Nice post Havanaman. Nice recent experience with a young SW in Jamaica. The butthole was so tight, I had trouble getting my finger in. You know they now sell KY in those little single-dose sacks. Well I used three on this piece of butt. She squealed and squirmed so beautiful. Tight is always better.

05-26-04, 15:29
you wrote:

each to their own pleasures. i respect your enjoying the front door: guess what me too! indeed i expect that 99% of anal connoisseurs also like the front door. however the back door gives for excellent variation, and is in imho a satisfying alternative when enjoyed by both parties. as for messing up your equipment, all i can say is i have never experienced anything “bad” so far, but i always go under-cover for the backdoor. uncovered is going to be the best, but bits of shit can go through your [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)-hole and get lodged ~ this also brings to mind the ideas of being clean: before and after the act as mentioned in the past by masters.

obviously, i like too so much the front door....... but i use the back door not "instead of" but as "a part of" the pleasure among the couple.
specially if you're married (like me - i know you aren't) the pleasure is 10 times more because there is a special "mind feeling" and she is really relaxed, because she knows very well what you're doing.
i repeat: i "use" it like i "use" the bj.
bj is a bj, and when it is done really well, it is quite better that a bad intercourse, so if you choose the right time to slide from here to there, you can extend the "game" for hours (really) hearing your partner screaming and shouting before you finally explode.

obviously, me too sometime i am looking for a sw into the anal, but in italy is quite rare: if you ask it to a sw, the most common reply is: i'm not a tranny, i'm a woman and i have a nice pussy. if you want f**k an ass, look for a transex!

last thing: always wash your "friend" after! it preserve from some infection........


05-26-04, 17:12
Frank Africa,

I saw the pics Belguel posted. He is the Max Hardcore of the WSG. I thought picking up Muslim women would NEVER fly because of the strict conduct, but he prove a lot of us wrong.

Belugel, Poster of the year if you ask me!

05-26-04, 19:29
MeatMan, I would have to agree with you, Belguel gets my vote for poster of the year. Did you see all those pics? Damn, what a monger that guy is. I especially love the table shots!

I had heard that Arab women actually prefer anal before marriage. That way they can keep their 'virginity' intact for their husband while enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. I don't know if this is true or not, but Belguel's pics seem to indicate that they at least are partial to anal!

BTW, you gotta love Max Hardcore! lol.