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05-21-02, 01:23
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05-21-02, 07:26
I have now moved this post from the Germany General Info to this new topic section

I want to take this opportunity to open this new version of the forum with some of the common questions that keep on being ask by new members a sort of FAQ.

Q What is FKK
A : The initials stand for Frie Korpur Kultur, which really means nudist or naturalist, but for readers of this site it all refers to some very popular clubs mostly in the Rhine Rhur region of Germany There are presently about 50 - 70 or more of these clubs some are better than others The general setup is you enter and are asked to pay a cover charge and can stay as long as you want (some clubs don’t charge entrance) you will be handed a locker key and will head for the shower\ changing room here you will undress and wrap a towel around your waist and if its your first time at the club the girl who met you at the door will show you around the club.

You will find the girls sitting on sofas in the club room usually in the better clubs completely naked with only high heels on .The men sit on the other side bidding their time and watching how the scene unfolds before deciding on ones choice.

You will see guys go over to the girls sit down beside her start chatting and before long you will see the girl reach under his towel and start to play with his thing and this often develops into a public BJ then usually they will leave to find a vacant room to continue the action.

Some of these clubs have some extremely attractive girls (even some 9 and 10) some who are very talented in sex this is usually limited to a half hour session which will include Fucking in multi poses BJ and BJJJ French Kissing and what ever (some allow anal for extra payment some require extra for BJJJ)

Once this is over you are expected to go and shower off before getting back to the main lounge area to continue all over again.
You are under no pressure to choose any girl and they are not pushy and you are the one to make the first move.

It’s all very safe and there is no Rip off in this place they want you to come back for more.

Q : I don’t speak German
A: That is no problem some of the girls speak a little English some more but it’s very easy to make oneself understood.

Q: I am of Asian \ Colored descent etc will I be allowed in these clubs
A: Yes as long as you look decently dressed are polite and not drunk you will be allowed entrance (its your money they want after all not you) some of these clubs don’t allow Turkish guys entrance as they have been known to be a bit rowdy and have caused trouble there are a lot of Turkish immigrants in Germany at present.

Q: What type of guys will you meet at these clubs?
A: Mostly middle and upper class guys business men you will see plenty of Mercs BMW and Porsches parked outside in Germany this scene is very popular and everyone is very friendly inside the club. But anonymity is the name of the game here.

Q : Where are these clubs located?
A: Mostly in industrial areas usually outside of the small towns in the Rhine \Rhur region

Q: How do I get to these clubs is there public transport
A: The best means is by Rental car but you will need a good map It is possible to visit some of these clubs on public transport but it will limit your time at the club as they close late and the transport stops early and you will waste a lot of time waiting for schedules.

Q: What are the opening hours
A: Varies from club to club but opening around Noon till midnight is norm a most are open six days a week some are open on Sunday.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: In the best clubs you will now pay about 50-75 Eu per session plus 50EU entrance but this also varies.

Q: Where can I find a list of these FKK clubs?
A: On this site under the now old archived section by just browsing the old posts. Or but logging on to one of these to great dedicated FKK sites
Kalues FKK guide in English
Or Faxxaff German FKK Club list

This is just a general view of the fantastic FKK scene and you will find that there are exceptions to these general rules.

This FKK scene is much better than the RLD in both Germany and Holland and much better value for money.

Have fun enjoy yourselves


Ps The top two best FKK clubs are Atlantis and Oase both outside Frankfurt (about 40 KM )

05-29-02, 15:56
here is another faq from my site (www.cfit.com/fkk.htm) which may become usefull from time to time ;-))

q: how does it work in a fkk club in general?
a: you ring the bell at the gate and someone opens the door. you'll be asked if it is your first time at this club. if not, they'll explain the rules to you (prices, busines hours etc.). a girl will show you the locker room and after you andress (you'll walk aroand naked in the club or at most with a towel aroand your hips) and take a shower, often this girl will also show you aroand the club. then you'll sit in the club room (the room where all the girls are sitting). now it's your turn to make your choice and to go over to the girl you fancy or call or wave her over. now you'll have a more or less intense foreplay on the sofa before you go to the room for the main event. after you're done you can take a shower and stay for another session or leave the club. usually you'll settle the bill when you leave the club.

q: in their advertisement the clubs often write for example 45/80/120. what does it mean?
a: it's a special deal. for one session in the example you'll have to pay 45 €, for two sessions 80 € and 120 € for three sessions. be aware that most clubs want you do decide before you party which plan you want and at that point you haven't seen any girl except maybe the one who opened the door.

q: some clubs write 'kein eintritt' (no entrance fee). is there a trick?
a: sometimes yes. in some places they'll charge you about 25 € if you leave the place without having a session with a girl. it's a good idea to ask beforehand.

q: can i have some smalltalk with the girls without getting stuck?
a: sure you can, as long as you don't sit right on her lap. seriously, if you sit next to a girl and try to do some conversation, it's fine. as soon as the girl starts touching you or vice versa, you signed the contract. if you don't want to go to the room with the girl don't touch her, point out that you just wanted to be nice and have a conversation when she starts touching you. sun leave a little distance between the girl and you and don't overdo it regarding time for smalltalk.

q: is it possible that a girl refuses a guest, if they don't like their nose?
a: on principle, yes, but none of the girls usually would do it without a good reason (e.g. body odour, alcohol). because of his paunch or because of his bow legs nobody has been refused so far.

q: i am overweight and don't feel comfortable walking around naked in a fkk club.
a: don't panic, you are not alone with this problem and i think the girls like a nice big guy better than a slim stupid bastard.

q: what about anonymity?
a: as opposed to the girls in apartments, you'll have no chance to avoid other guests. everybody can see who's comming in, leaving and hanging around in the club room. but noone cares who you are.

q: should i tell her that i'm a first timer or shouldn't i, if a girl asks?
a: be honest and tell her the truth. because of the transparency of prices and service it is very unlikely that a girl tries to rip you off, somone would notice it. besides the girl can adapt to the special situation.

q: in principle i finish very quick the first time. what can i do?
a: like always, talk to the girl, tell her that she should take it slow. if she doesn't know, she can not act accordingly. if she responds to your wish, you also know that you made the right choice ;-)

q: what can i do if i'm not satisfied with the girl?
a: if the service promised (by advertising or by the girl)was not offered, the management of the club usually is happy, when you inform the bartender. you should be carefull with your decision whether you should or you shouldn't complain. i only do it in very obvious cases, otherwise i don't visit the girl again and write a report on the messageboards.


some special hints resulting from what i learned over the past years:

ask how many girls are in before you enter the club or give them a phone call before you drive there (mostly it's very unlikely that they'll cheat you).

take your time and spend at least one hour in the club room. calculate how many girls must be in the room or somewhere else and wait for them. remember, the most attractive or skilled girls are usually the bussiest ones and spend a lot of time in the room.

observe what the girls are doing with their guests right here on the sofa. do they hurry, do they kiss, do they try to conduct a conversation and so on.

when you've put an eye on a girl and she's just going to the room with another guest: have a look at your wristwatch and check how long she was to the room with the guest. it's no guarantee, because maybe the guest finished very fast (nevertheless the good girls will spend the full time in the room). maybe check the expression on customers face fierce or smile?

most of the good clubs don't allow the girls to approach you by themselves. if a girl does this in an agressive manner, don't go to the room with her. tell her with a smile that you don't want to join her at the moment and that you still need some time. there is always an exception to a rule: if you have the impression that all girls have this sales pitch. stick with the one who was the most charming one and is still friendly to you after you send her away and maybe still smiling when she is passing by.

if a girl doesn't offer a service in the clubroom e.g. kisses, it is very unlikely that she'll do it in the room. in case of doubt ask in time.

if you are not sure for example which service is included in the price and what is an extra, ask the bartender or the girl. that helps avoiding unnecessary discussions (usually it's of no use anyways), when something goes wrong in the room or you didn't get what you wanted or if they bill you more money for the time you spend with the girl than you calculated.


some do/don't do hints:

take shower when you arrive in the club and after a session with a girl (what you expect the girls to do, they should expect from you)

keep your fingernails short,clean and nicely done, at least if you like fingering the girls

have a good shave before you go to the club

brush your teeth and use a mint before you go over to the girl, especially if you are a smoker

don't ask the girl: where she lives, if she has a boyfriend, why she is working there and other questions regarding her privacy (if she starts talking about that by herself, then it's fine)

if you realize that the girl doesn't like what you are doing, stop doing it. if you continue, you'll only ruin the situation


some explanations regarding expressions often used in the advertisement of clubs and girls in german magazines and newspapers.
zungenküsse - french kissing
französisch total* - blow job without condom and you can come in girls mouth
französisch mit aufnahme - blow job without condom and you can come in girls mouth she won't swallow
französisch mit schlucken - blow job without condom and you can come in girls mouth she will swallow
französisch beiderseits - the sixtynine position
französisch pur - blow job without condom
verkehr - intercourse
gesichtsbesamung - cumshot in the girls face
körperbesamung - cumshot on the girls body
natursekt (short ns) - [CodeWord117] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord117)

* often this is subject to discussion. there are also other expressions like 'französisch perfekt' and
'französisch optimal'. it is a good idea to ask in advance and explicitly ask the girl if you can come in her mouth. some have a different interpretation of this service, depending on how they name it.


that's all folks!!!


Member #1465
05-29-02, 18:42
Are there any clubs in the Dysseldorf or aachen area where there are black girls?

05-30-02, 11:11
Originally posted by Oskar
Are there any clubs in the Dysseldorf or aachen area where there are black girls?

That's also always my problem. Until a few years ago, my impression is, that there where more black girls around in the FKK scene.

- There is one black, named Naomi, working at Blue Note in Düsseldorf.

- Dolce Vita in Düsseldorf has most of the time 1 or 2 black girls, I don't know any of them

- Planet Happy Garden also has a few black girls Cathrine (Kenia), Daniela (Brazil, top act in my opinion), Mary, Quisha, Sharon (Ghana)

The problem for you, at least if you're not living in Germany, is as follows: The girls in clubs change often, that means, what I write here, can be wrong tomorrow. Nevertheless the chance to run into a black girl is highest in Planet Happy Garden, but most girls there are working only a couple of days per week and not every day.

Happy Hunting ;)


Member #1465
05-30-02, 15:15
Kaleu thanks for the inf.
Where is Planet Happy Garden. I saw no posts in that area. Oedt it was written. Where is that. Close to what city? Are the rules the same thare as what I read about for Dolce Vita? Do you know if they are open on Sundays?

05-30-02, 21:10
Originally posted by Oskar
Kaleu thanks for the inf.
Where is Planet Happy Garden. I saw no posts in that area. Oedt it was written. Where is that. Close to what city? Are the rules the same thare as what I read about for Dolce Vita? Do you know if they are open on Sundays?

PHG is about 30 minutes from Düsseldorf by car. They are open on Sundays.

Find prices, adress, phone number and a link to a map here:

Which rules you mean? You means regarding black girls from Africa? If so, yes, that's true for allmost all hookers from Africa in Germany. Aggressive and the service is sometimes rude and not a girlfriend experience at all (I know three exceptions: Angela from Senegal at Atlantis, Naomi at Blue Note and Joyce from Camerun? in Wildenrath).

PHG itself is one of the good clubs in this area. There are a few girls who will aproach you, forget them.


06-28-02, 23:43
I know what a BJ is but what is a BBBJ and a BJJJ or any of the other abbreviations I may not have seen yet?

06-29-02, 08:08

Thanks for you excellent explanation of FKKs. I would be very interested in knowing a bit more of the history of these establishments. Part of the reason I am asking is that I have experienced similar arrangements in New York, Florida and Rio, excepting that in those locations there is no "per girl" price. You simply pay the entrance fee and have all the sex you want (or can stand, as the case may be).

I am also interested in knowing a bit more about the "typical" girl at an FKK. In Rio and in New York they were, bluntly stated, "working girls." In Florida, however, they were big time nymphomaniacs -- "ordinary" women with EXCEPTIONAL sex appetites -- which is to say, MY kinda of gal!

By the way, the club in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale to be precise) no longer exists. It closed years ago. But it was also advertised as a "nudist" camp. I happened upon it entirely by accident. Perhaps the Floridians got the idea from the FKKs (or vice versa).

In any event, the girls there were very real people. With REAL jobs -- and, naturally, some of the hang-ups that come with the stress of holding down a "real" job. But they were, as a rule, very congenial and often quite interesting. Few if any "10s" but their personalties were a welcome relief from the "I'm a lady, I don't that" attitude. They just liked sex. Lots of it. More than any reasonable man has the right to expect, to be honest.

My offhand impression is that most of the girls in an FKK are closer to the girls I met in Rio. I've never been to a German FKK, but I have this "vision" of them as a chock full of very desperate Eastern European (Poles, Slavs, Russian -- with a sprinkling of European African, Asian and Latin "desparadas") ... looking for some relief from nigh certain poverty at home and a promise of a brighter Europe in Germany. Have you found that they have become dishearteningly cynical? Is that the kind of sex one is to expect? Or is it that the "unhurried" environment make you feel that can have more?

I'm curious about that, and would appreciate your response. Thanks.

06-29-02, 09:35
BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job = BJ without condom


06-29-02, 10:04
Originally posted by WindStar
Part of the reason I am asking is that I have experienced similar arrangements in New York, Florida and Rio, excepting that in those locations there is no "per girl" price. You simply pay the entrance fee and have all the sex you want (or can stand, as the case may be).

brighter Europe in Germany. Have you found that they have become dishearteningly cynical? Is that the kind of sex one is to expect? Or is it that the "unhurried" environment make you feel that can have more?

The FKKs in Germany can be compared with the "Thermas" in Rio, which have more or less the same concept. You pay per girl, you go to a room with the girl, you walk around with a towel around your hipps or wearing a bath-robe.

What you mention can be compared with the German Partytreffs. You pay once and eat it all :) BUT the difference is, that this is more the group sex stuff, you'll most likely have no privacy, there are always other couples around you, but that's the area, where Wiz has more expertise.

Regarding the girls: I found over the past 5 or 6 years spending in FKKs, that there is a wide variety of girls around in these clubs. You'll have always to take into account, that these girls work there to earn money and you are only buying an illusion.

Bad illusion:
You'll find girls who just work there and do their job, not more, not less.
You'll find the ripp-off girls, which try to overcharge you, ask for champagne...
-> disappointed customer :(

Good illusion
You'll find the sweet, little girl-friend-sex type of women
You'll find the wild banshee type of girls
You'll also sometimes find a girl which seems to enjoy beeing together with you (at least she gives you the illusion ;) )
-> Happy customers :D who will return

When I look at the good FKKs, most of the time you'll find the "Good Illusion" girls (don't forget the chemistry between the girl and you, that's a very important factor) and most of the time the prices in these clubs are slightly higher. Especially in the low price clubs with prices around 35 or 40 € per 20 minutes session, it should be obvious, that you cannot expect all bells and whistles when you are in the room with the girl. But, also in these clubs, I found sometimes very good girls and had a great time with them, but I think that'll only work for regulars.

In general you can say, paying a little more if you where satisfied with the girl or tell her that you have time and want to do more than the cheap standard session with her, you are on the winner side most of the time and get much better service. Some girls will start asking for other extras, that's the point you'll know, that you ran into a sales pitch ;)

Some thoughts regarding the "I have plenty of money, I can pay everything" attitude of some Americans spending their time in German FKKs. If you are satisfied with a girl, give a little extra (a little extra does not mean double the price of the session). You'll ruin the prices. If you take a look at Rio, Thailand, Philipines, Jamaica, that has already happened in some places (not only because of Americans of course ;) )

That's it for today!


06-29-02, 21:18
WindStar from what you wrote and seem to be looking for ie private girls nypho's and GFE plus all you can eat action only paying for entry .the partytreff scene sounds like its what you are looking for .As long as you dont mind the more public sex that goes along with these clubs .
Read my FAQ in the Partytreff section to find out if it suits you or not .
Some clubs have a bit more privacy than others in the form of very dark rooms or some have maybe one room with a door with a lock .
You will often find couples come to these clubs because the husband cannnot satisfy his horny wifes needs and here she can get all she wants and more .
Also I have often found single women who go there just to get their brains F*cked out at these clubs.
Mind you the looks in these clubs varies from 2-10 and age 18-70+ and you will have to use your charm to make your self popular with the ladies.
The best stratergy is to make freinds and chat up the hubby of any woman who steals your fancy and if you hit it off you will eventually asked 'Do you want to F*ck my wife"? and the rest is up to you .

07-02-02, 03:28
Windstar, we must live in parallel dimensions or something, I live in New York City, and there is nothing like a German FKK in the New York metropolitan area. If there is please tell me where I can find it because I really need to get laid badly. I think i might have and idea of the type of club in New York you are talking about, its Acquiesce, right?? That place is a shithole, and its a really big shithole compared to an German FKK. Windstar, imagine this, try to picture a club where the women were attractive at worst and Supermodel Gorgeous at best, in fact, imagine a club where half the women were Supermodel Playboy quality, there are literally hundreds of clubs like this in Germany. That's what an FKK club is like. It is filled with gorgeous NUDE women who are only there for one thing, to please you. And on top of it, the cost is really affordable, for two reasons, the FKK business is highly competitive, the customers not the women and the brothels run the market(this is a complete turnaround from America where the *****s charge whatever they feel like charging), second, there are literally millions of beautiful women in Europe that work in the adult industry, third, the reason so many work in this industry is that sex is a natural thing in Europe, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in having sex for pleasure. There is no cynical attitude with the FKK, most women are young college aged students just trying to make ends meet. There are also some albeit older(late 20's, early 30's) ladies who work professionally but they do not feel oppressed in any way, shape, or form. The quality of German FKK women is a world above the chicks with dicks and neurotics of New York City, there is 0 cynicism with most FKK women, they really enjoy what they do and feel nothing wrong with it. As for the Eastern European women who work at the clubs, I don't know, most do it cause its quick money. Like I mentioned before, the attitude towards sex and prostitution in Europe is much more relaxed than it is in the prudish Bible loving USA. Sex is a natural thing in this part of the world not something dirty, and therefore the women will fulfill many of your dirtiest and wildest fantasies. In other words be prepared to be AMAZED. By the way women of FKK quality would charge you through the nose to fuck them in New York or elsewhere in the States, like ten times as much money or even more, that is, if your lucky enough to find someone of that quality in NYC, personally I have not been able to find that FKK quality woman in New York since I returned from Germany last year. There was one or two who came close while I was taking a walk from work this afternoon but they weren't up to par.

07-02-02, 15:49
Of Atlantis, Oase, or Dolce Vita which is the closest and easiest to get to from Frankfurt Main Hbf using public transportation?

After reading the boards, these 3 seem to be the top choices in the area, right?

I appreciate the help,

07-02-02, 20:28
Originally posted by brownie
...Atlantis, Oase, or Dolce Vita...
After reading the boards, these 3 seem to be the top choices in the area, right?

Atlantis and Oase are near Frankfurt, Dolce Vita is in Düsseldorf, that's about 230 km north-northwest of Frankfurt!!!
Dolce Vita can absolutely not be compared with Atlantis or Oase, that would be comparing Basketball College League and NBA.
In the area around Düsseldorf/Cologne there are at least 3 clubs where the service of the girls is usually better. Namely Babylon, Planet Happy Garden and Bernd's Saunaclub in Lichtenberg.


07-02-02, 21:51
I would like to add that F35 FKK club is also in Frankfurt and while it still isnt in the same league as Atlantis and Oase (as to club size and quantity of girls) if you are staying in or around Frankfurt and you have the time it might be worth your while to visit this club too .

07-02-02, 22:39
Wizard and Kaleu, I got a question for you, some jerk on another board said he went to both Atlantis and Oase near Frankfurt and said the quality of the women at the clubs were poor. He said that the women were "scary" and had indications that they were heavy drug users with needle marks. In addition he said that out of the 60 or so women in Atlantis, there was only one he would rank a 7 and that Oase had no attractive girls. The posting was quite troubling to read. I visited both places almost a year ago, and thought they were extremely good quality. Now I know that the quality of the clubs fluctuate all the time, but its hard to believe that these clubs would go completely downhill in such a short time. Have either of you guys been to either club lately? Are there still plenty of hot women at the clubs? Is this guy who said that the clubs had ugly and unattractive women full of shit?

07-03-02, 07:54
wizard and kaleu

thanks for the advice. i will probably visit atlantis in the upcoming weeks since it seems to have gotten better reviews lately.


07-16-02, 00:53
Has anyone been to Babylon lately? I heard the price structure is different. Now it supposed to be 30 Euros for entrance and 80 Euros for a session. It used to be 100DM for a session which was 50 Euros. Do you get a longer a session with this new 80 Euro fee? Are all the 'extras' include? Anyone who could answer this I would appreciate it.

07-16-02, 06:46

30€ entrance
80€ First Session
65€ each session after that

This price structure has led to a boycott on many of the german forums.

The session is just as long and the same standard as before (BBBJ and French Kissing is standard here). They let the girls determine the pricing structure, and these girls aren't exactly marketing majors. They think if they charge more they earn more. they are just pricing themselves out of the market.

07-17-02, 00:08
Anyway I think Germany's FKK scene is an excellent bargain, especially in comparison to Amsterdam, most FKK women I find to be actually more attractive than the women in Amsterdam, and they provide much better service. The icing on the cake is the fact that you don't have a bunch of drunk British hooligans in Germany like you do in Amsterdam. Those British act like they have never seen a beautiful woman before and visiting Britain I couldn't blame them. The UK must have the fattest women on the planet.

07-17-02, 15:03

I will be in Frankfurt in October, and I will be staying near from the main (central) train station .....

Which is the closest FKK ?

and which is the best ?

also the best time to go ??

Thanks .....


07-17-02, 21:11

Are you visiting every single country in Europe? At least you are posting everywhere! Have you f**ked all the girls in Australia already? Pretty impressive for 29!

Don't ask this question again. there is no clear answer to which one is the best if you are in Frankfurt. F35, Atlantis, Oase, and Fantasyland are all within 45 Minutes of Downtown by Car. If you don't have access to a car it is a different story. I would advise renting one, you can get pretty good deals in case you can't claim it for the company.

For Sheer volume of great girls...Atlantis, hands down. I get a somewhat unpersonal feeling from this place in the meantime (sort of RLD feeling, but better service) (By the way somewhere you said that you were told to stay away from the RLD in Frankfurt, but you plan on heading to the one in Amsterdam. The RLD in Frankfurt is certainly better than the one in A'dam. The Women in Frankfurt offer a fair service, no fake BJ's and such. This is what you get in Hamburg. The service and selection in Frankfurt around the trein station is at least as good as in A'dam and no drunken brits and American College kids.)

For Tonnes of girls and a great outdoor area, as well as a pretty good XXX theatre (where you can enjoy live company)...Oasis

I have no experience in F35, but it is right in town.

My favourite for atmosphere is Fantasyland in Gorgeshausen. They only have 15-20 girls even at peak times, but they also rarely have 50-80 men like Oase or Atlantis. If you go to Fantasyland then you get a great buffet.

For me it is a question of what time of day and what day of the week you have time and what you are looking for.

If you want to go to the biggest and most impressive, then head to Atlantis on a weekend evening. I went once midweek afternoon and the choice of women was horrible.

If you only have a short amount of time go to F35, because it is only 10 minutes from downtown.

If you want a lot of chicks on a sunny day and want to enjoy the weather too, then Oase.

If you can leave frankfurt by 1PM and want to have a wellness day with some pretty hot chicks and a little bit of sex in between head to Fantasyland.

Check out Kaleu's site for more detailed info as to where thes clubs are exactly. Use Map24 or Mapblast for directions that have gotten me to almost all of the clubs (Oase is the most difficult)

07-17-02, 23:31
German women could really teach American women a lesson on how to make a man happy. I swear this country has some of the most beautiful and friendly women on the planet. The average woman I see in Germany is FAR MORE beautiful than the average American woman and much more friendly as well. I was brainwashed as a child in America to think that Germans were bad, evil, and cold hearted people. Visiting Germany, I know the reality, it's America thats a cold and dark place today and Germany that is a warm and human place.

07-20-02, 09:55
I am booked to go to Germany between 20-28 of September 2002 and have already planned a good itinary of some old and new places to visit(moslty partytreff type but I may do a few FKK's as well)
My plan was to travel on my own but I am open to offers from anyone on this board who is intresting in joining me and take advantage of my expertise and company in return share the expences (Car Rental Gas Hotel etc) as well as a small fee for my guidance.
I can only travel on the above dates but would be willing to take any intrested members on a day to day basis during this week.
So if there is anybody out there who is able to travel at that time and is looking for an experince of a life time they should contact me offlist at
And we can TRY and work somthing out that will be benificial for all .

07-25-02, 16:37
I am coming to Cologne in two weeks time and would like to know which are the best FKK's. I would also like to know what to expect, ask for and how much it is likely to cost. It is my first time in Germany so have no experience at all!

Thanks WW

07-26-02, 18:21
I just want to let everyone in this forum know that I have given up the hobby as of today. I have a non-sexual health scare which is causing me to make this decision. I wish you all the best on your further hunting pursuits.

If any of you are religious people please say a prayer or a couple for me.


07-26-02, 21:24

What to expect: http://www.cfit.com/kaleu/english/faq-en.htm

and read reports in this board.

Prices: http://www.cfit.com/kaleu/fkk-en.htm


07-28-02, 18:17
The best board,like this here word wild wide,is for germany


There you can catch all the information that you need.
It's mainly about frankfurt,hannover,berlin,hamburg...


07-29-02, 21:24
Originally posted by Manolo
The best board,like this here word wild wide,is for germany


There you can catch all the information that you need.
It's mainly about frankfurt,hannover,berlin,hamburg...


It's a good board, at least if you understand some German and if you are not afraid of very explicit postings and sometimes rude words.

For FKK clubs, I think it's a good idea also to check out http://www.roemerforum.de/

In my opinion the postings there have much more class.

They are using different adult verification systems. One of them (Über18) is for free and you can also register using an American ID Card.


08-05-02, 15:40
I've been a frequent visitor of the more upscale Termas in Rio de Janeiro for many years and I think they're one of the best brothel concepts in the world. It sounds like FKK Clubs are another great concept in that league and I'm looking forward to visiting several of them later this month.

One thing I like about the Termas is the fact that they at least advertise that they have the girls undergo weekly STD / HIV tests. Whether they do this and how strict they are about it is open for debate, but one can see that they would have a long term business incentive to implement this policy. And this assurance is at least a little more than you get from a hooker at a pick-up bar.

My question is: Do FKK Clubs also at least advertise that their girls are regularly checked for STD's / HIV ? I know registered prostitutes in Austria undergo weekly health exams, are registered prostitutes in Germany required to do the same?

08-05-02, 16:33
Hulk, in answer to your question, the clubs are required by law to have their employees tested regularly. FKK's are somewhat similar to Thermas, actually they are pretty much the same. The women, though tend to be more international, you meet a lot of women from all over Europe, a lot of South American women, a lot of Middle Eastern ladies and a few Asian and African women. So at most FKK's you have all sorts of ladies to fulfill your fantasies. And the great thing is that there are 100's of them in Germany, they are constantly opening and closing and there a lot of women who get into and out of the business, so there is a lot of variety.

08-06-02, 03:01
For me at FKK clubs I gravitate towards the Turkish women, they seem to be really relaxed with regards to sex and unbelievably beautiful. In my experiences they tend to be the most friendly and beautiful women at these clubs.

08-06-02, 10:45
Originally posted by CBGBConnisur
the clubs are required by law to have their employees tested regularly.

Sorry, but that's wrong!!!

Until a few years ago the working girls were obliged to undergo regular tests to get the permission to work in the Red Light business in all regions of Germany. They had to show the test results, the so called "Bockschein", when the club was a ckecked by authorities. But that's not the case anymore, one of the regions in Germany where the law is much more strict is Bavaria. The regulations and law regarding prostitution are very different from region to region in Germany. Authorities in many regions also offer anonymous health checks to prostitutes. Prostitution itself is not illegal, but it is still called "immoral" by the law.

The intelligent girls visit a doctor by themselves from time to time, but they could also work in a club without showing a test to the owner.


PS: CBGBConnisur, you remind me of a guy from another board: Sexxapade :D

08-06-02, 19:15
Kaleu, let me ask you this, so you're saying a women could work at a club without getting tested regularly for anything?? The HIV statistics for Germany are extremely low, especially compared to the US. Prostitution is not illegal but 'immoral' boy that's interesting because there are tons of brothels and sex clubs in Germany, the majority of which are quite good and reasonably priced.

08-06-02, 20:27
Originally posted by CBGBConnisur
let me ask you this, so you're saying a women could work at a club without getting tested regularly for anything??


Prostitution is not illegal but 'immoral' boy that's interesting because there are tons of brothels and sex clubs in Germany, the majority of which are quite good and reasonably priced.

Only pimping is illegal. Immoral or "sittenwiedrig" in German means in this context, that a "contract" between a guest and a prostitute is not valid according to German law. That means, if a customer refuses to pay the money after the session (that's why you usually have to pay before the session - FKK clubs are an exeption to this rule of thumb), the prostitute would not have the chance to sue for her money. Of course that's theory :D in real life, a big guy will have a nice conversation with you, to clarify this misunderstanding :D


08-06-02, 22:33
Originally posted by peter
I just want to let everyone in this forum know that I have given up the hobby as of today. I have a non-sexual health scare which is causing me to make this decision. I wish you all the best on your further hunting pursuits.

If any of you are religious people please say a prayer or a couple for me.

Peter @peter

I was just catching up on the board and saw your post.

I do hope all is well with you.
I just got back to Germany after hloliday

08-07-02, 03:23
Kaleu, I remind you of sexxapade?? Let me give you this hint: Chanel @ Babylon. :)

09-12-02, 21:58
Gentlemen, I am sure you are all fit and young :rolleyes: , so being in my mid-forties and not in the best of shapes, I was wondering if I will look pathetically out of place lounging around an FKK's main room with just a towel around my size 40 (US) waist.

Or in other words, are the FKK clients on the younger side of the hobbyist population?

09-12-02, 23:09
The answer to your question is a BIG NO you will feel quite at home and you will see and meet guys of all ages and sizes no one bats an eyelid rest assured .
Just dont feel self consious and go and enjoy yourself and have a great time .
The girls will love you not matter what shape your in the most important thing is to be polite treat the girls as women and not as a peice of meat and you will get your rewards I promise you .
So what are you waiting for you dont know what youve ben missing all these years .but you are soon to find out .

09-15-02, 00:20
Just thought I'd add a link for translation of German web documents into English (and other on the fly web translations):


Found the URL on a Dave in Phoenix's sexwork site for the Montreal (Ads in French here) and thought since it handles english to german, it might be useful to someone here. Note that the free page only translates 150 word blocks at a time but it WILL translate framed pages. Happy Hunting

and from what I see about the FKK clubs I'm envious of you guys who are going.

09-20-02, 07:19
Originally posted by methysos
Gentlemen, I am sure you are all fit and young :rolleyes: , so being in my mid-forties and not in the best of shapes, I was wondering if I will look pathetically out of place lounging around an FKK's main room with just a towel around my size 40 (US) waist.

Or in other words, are the FKK clients on the younger side of the hobbyist population?

I am a size 50 (to match my 50 years in age) in the waist and have been in a couple of clubs. I kept myself somewhat covered, but never really felt uncomfortable or had a problem with a woman. Then again, I treated them good. Go, you will love it. It is a true life experience!


09-24-02, 01:48
The girls in the FKK clubs don't care as long as you pay them the money they will be your best friend for that moment. Most of the clientele tend to be older German men at most clubs and only a fewer younger guys.

10-10-02, 03:41
Hello, everyone.

I'm going to be in London for 3 weeks on business and I would like to fly out to Germany and experience some of the FKK clubs.

I plan to be in Germany Nov. 8 - 11 and Nov. 15 -18. Anyone there in the same time frame?

Thanks in advance,
Kick Stand

10-10-02, 16:51

Ill be on the German Border on the night of the 15th November at a great swingers club if you want to join me - send me a mail and ill give u more info

10-10-02, 18:28

Sounds good. E-mail me the details at kyck_stand@yahoo.com. I couldn't figure out how to send you an e-mail from the forum.

Kick Stand

10-14-02, 17:29
Hello All. This will mark my first post to the FKK board. I'll be coming to Cologne again in April of '03. The last time I was in town, I visited Pascha and the place across the street. It was ok, but I'm looking for something better. I have many fantasies to fulfil, and thought that the FKK clubs might help me. However, I have no idea what an FKK is. I've looked over the board, and haven't found any clear answers yet. So, other than "what" are they, how much $$$ should I expect to spend. Also, how close are they to Cologne. I won't have a car, so I will have to go via taxi. Also, if anyone has any other suggestions on finding some action in Cologne, I'd be much appreciative! I look forward to hearing back!

10-14-02, 17:40
Secret what do you mean by you have looked all over the board and you still dont know what FKK is all about .
I suggest you look in page 4 Wizards FAQ on FKK posted
5-24-2002 or Kalues FAQ on page 3 posted 5-29-2002
I for one while I like to help out newcomers to this board dont expect to have to repeat myself a dozen times over and give everyone a personal guide tour .
Just let your finger do the walking and all will be revealed

10-14-02, 17:47
PS if you need addreses and prices of the FKK clubs just go to Kalues site at
Look in th English section and you will find it all there

10-14-02, 21:26
Thanks! I honestly looked right past those posts when I was surfing around. They were very informative! I do have one questions however, can anyone give me a good lead on some of the better clubs in Koln? I saw many listed, but couldn't really guage which was the best.

Thanks again!


10-21-02, 13:26
Originally posted by wizard
PS if you need addreses and prices of the FKK clubs just go to Kalues site at
Look in th English section and you will find it all there

The correct URL is:

but you should better use this URL in future:



10-27-02, 20:33
Have a few days off during Thanksgiving?
Looking for friendly person to join me to visit FKK clubs in Germany
from 11/28/02 (Thu) to 12/01/02 (Sun).Iwill pay for the rental car.
If interested please E-mail me at hhle@worldnet.att.net.

10-28-02, 04:48
Hi all,

I am planning a business trip in November and would like to pursue some extracurricula activities. Unfortunatley I will only be able to spare some time in Hamburg. I realise from reading all the posts that there are far better places to visit but Hamburg is it for me due to work commitments.

What I would like to ask is:

1/ What is the difference between a Patrytreff club and an FKK club?

2/ Can anyone recommend any locations in Hamburg which are worth a look?

What I gather from reading the posts is that you pay for entry to an FKK club then select the woman of your dreams and then pay her after your interlude. If you keep going back for more with other women, does it cost you again?

I have read a few posts with details of visits to clubs where you simply pay your entry and then go as long as you can for the entry fee. Are there any of these clubs in Hamburg.

10-28-02, 11:05
Hi Witchdoctor,

unfortunately HAmburg is really not the most promising area for your planning :-(

There's quite a lot of commercial sex in and around Hamburg available, but the species of FKK-Clubs is very rare and the species of Partytreff unavailable.

To answer a bit of your questions:

- 1/ What is the difference between a Patrytreff club and an FKK club?

The difference is the "business model". In a Partytreff you pay a one time entry fee and have all the fun for free then usually. Means food, drinks AND girls are included in the entry fee. Partytreffs usually tell you that there are no commercial working girls and that all woman are there private and for their fun only. This is the official version but usually not true, so you can be quite sure to get "as much sex as you want". The quality is another issue. No wonder that the girls are often older, heavier and not as pretty as in other locations. Another con (or pro ?) is that most often you have no private room to have sex with the girl. It's a "public orgy" where you will be watched by lots of other people all the time. This can be fun also !

A FKK-Club works different. Here you sometimes have an entry fee, but sometimes even not this. It's very different if there's anything included (snacks, drinks) or not, depending on the club. But you always have to pay money for the girl. Also here the quality is somehow dependant on the price you are willing to pay.
Some clubs charge 25-50€ per "act" which is usually 20 minutes. Extras (special services) have to be paid extra as well. Some clubs have "discount offers" like 7 times sex for 125€ but you can easily find out yourself that this doesn't increase quality and happyness of the girl

- 2/ Can anyone recommend any locations in Hamburg which are worth a look?

Difficult. An adress (one of the few I know of) often mentioned quite positive is "Danutas Partykeller" located Wohlwillstr. 48b, entry fee 25€, non-alcoholic drinks included, girls either 50 or 80€ per session, (german) info at http://www.erotik-hamburg.de/web/html/danuta.htm
Another choice could be "FKK125" located Saseler Chaussee 125, entry fee 50€, non-alcoholic drinks and some snacks included, girls 50€ per session, (german) info at http://www.fkk-125-hh.de/

Hope the info is useful, have fun in Hamburg !


10-28-02, 22:57
By any chance, are there ANY good or decent (or any) Partytreff clubs in or near Cologne? Those places sound better to me than an FKK. Any info would be greatly appreciated...

Last time I was in Cologne, I visited the Pascha and the place across the street. For a guy from the states, it was an eye opening experience. However, after reading the posts on this forum, I should have vistited an FKK instead! Even though I did have fun, I can see it was a waste of money!



10-28-02, 23:57
As you are asking about Partytreff clubs this will be answered in the Partytreff threads .

10-30-02, 21:52
Went to Stuttgart on business and went to Club Amor around the corner from the intercontinental. Waste of time and money. Run down apartment, fat, unenthusiastic, middle-aged woman. Don't believe their website. The pictures are selective and (surprise, now I know why) the don't show any of the women.

11-03-02, 08:06
Guys, I have a question. I am an Asian American guy who wants to try FKK out. (will go to Germany during Christmas). Honestly, are there much discrimination again people of Asian decent? If so, which club is Asian-friendly?

If you are of Asian descent, can you please share your experiences with us? Do you notice any difference in the Caucasian providers' treatment of you vs. non-Asian customers?

11-03-02, 13:56

I recently visited three clubs in Germany: Atlantis, Oase and Planet Happy Garden. All of these do NOT descriminate towards Asians or any other race. In fact, each of the afore-mentioned clubs made sure they answered the potential customer demand for Asian girls by having a few Thai girls on hand, albiet in smaller numbers compared to the mainly German and Eastern European contingent. I don't think you will have any problems in any of these clubs, nor other clubs like Babylon or Sudbad in/near Koln, for example. Go for it, be well dressed and polite, and you shouldn't have any problems...

11-04-02, 00:30
my ancestry is european/asian and have solidly asiatic facial features. you will be fine. one warning, however, and that's that newcomers are vulnerable to women who try to charge more. i have experienced this at oase but nowhere else. the girls who try to pull this rely especially on the stereotype of the asian who does not want to rock the boat and cause a scene, especially when travelling in a foreign country. unfortunately, there are probably asian tourists who cave in and hand over the extra money because they don't know better.

so try to be clear with the woman before you start touching her what you want and how much it will cost. if it sounds like she's gonna charge more than you expected, tell her you're not ready just yet and go on to another woman. you can always get back to her later if on further investigation you find that the cost she quoted was legit.

and when it comes time to pay her, don't ask her "how much?". as that's an opportunity for her to up the price at the last minute. you should already know how much based on the time you spent (glance at the clock as you go to the room with her, or wear a watch, or sneek a peak at her watch if she is wearing one) and based on what you did (like come in her mouth, which usually does cost extra) and have it calculated in your head. just hand her the money with a smile, a thankyou and a kiss. have fun.

11-06-02, 13:24
Feel comfortable as asian in German clubs... as long as you are decent dressed and nice attitude when you arrive... in FKK later dressing is no longer an issue lol...
Just to give the right impression. You have a lot of japanese business people visiting clubs in Germany so who cares. What they don't want is cheap customer and it is just because at the end all this is business...
The only nationality really refused is Turkish.
And this is mostly due to their attitude in the past just because of their behavior to women and not really racist attitude.

11-06-02, 14:57
Do you know which FKK is open from 10 am?

In fact, I have only a morning around Frankfurt and I would like to try to visit the FKK..around there..

Have any body can recommend.. Thank you.

11-06-02, 16:55
After suffering badly from the Bangkok blues, I have just booked a cheap flight to Frankfurt from UK on 5-6 December, to sample my first taste of some FKK clubs and cure my depression.

Oase and Atlantis seem to be my choices for the moment and maybe one other. I will be hiring a car, but have a few questions for you more experienced guys.

What are the directions for Oase and Atlantis from the airport?

How much is the entrance and the girls?

Do you tip the girls?

How big are the lockers?

What is the opening and last admittance times?

Can you take a camera?

Do you pay for the girls when you leave and can you use credit cards?

Any recommendations for cheap and convenient hotels?

Thanks for any advice in advance

If anyone is around on these dates and fancies joining up let me know.

11-06-02, 21:41
Oase and Atlantis seem to be my choices for the moment and maybe one other. I will be hiring a car, but have a few questions for you more experienced guys.

What are the directions for Oase and Atlantis from the airport?


Go to Mapblast or Mapquest or your favourite directions site. On Most you can list the Airport as the starting point, and then look up the full address on Kaleu's site:


How much is the entrance and the girls?

Entrance at both is 60€, for which you can stay as long as you want. 1/2 hour with the girl including BBBJ and Full Sex costs 50€, extras have often been mentioned.

Do you tip the girls?

No You do not tip the girls!

How big are the lockers?

Like lockers at a local gym. Probably about 45cm wide and 100cm high. Big enough for a set of clothes, but not for luggage. the parking lot is next to the building and you can leave your stuff in your car. No one would dare steal there, there is lot's of security, seen and not seen.

What is the opening and last admittance times?

All listed on Kaleu's site. Generally they open at 11AM amd close at 4AM. On Kaleu's site there is also a FAQ and link's to their home pages, where most of these questions are answered.

Can you take a camera?


Do you pay for the girls when you leave and can you use credit cards?

You pay the girls right after the session cash. The legal situation is such that the girls pay the same entrance fee as the men and what goes on between the male and female guests is entirely their own business and the house has nothing to do with it. That means whatever you give the girl stays 100% with her and the house gets no cut. They make money from the entrance fee's of the men and women only, but with an average of 50 women and 100 Men/day that is 9000€/day for the house.

You can get a cash advance against your Credit Card, but they will charge you 10% commision.

Any recommendations for cheap and convenient hotels?

Also pretty sure that that is listed on Kaleu's site.

Thanks for any advice in advance

All these questions could have been answered had you just read FAQ's on some of the mentioned pages, especially Kaleu's.

If anyone is around on these dates and fancies joining up let me know.

If you want to find some very experienced people who will be more than happy to serve as scout and steer you towards good women and away from rip-offs check out the german discussion group www.roemerforum.de (Use ueber18 as AVS check for your english Passport), they have an english section and a car pool and meeting section, so you can see who plans to be in which club on what day so you can arrange to meet.

Hope this helps!

11-08-02, 11:01

Glad to see you are posting
I thought you were still reading the board good post
hope all is well

11-08-02, 11:52

I am doing great. Still very tempted to head back to an FKK. If I do I would like to stop by MZ pick you up and take you to Atlantis. You were on of the 4 or 5 Forum people (including the german forums) that wished me well, and I found that touching.

Now no more mushy shit, back to talk of hard core sex.

11-09-02, 18:31
Wizards advise on how to find all the FKK and Partytreff Clubs

I still see that a lot of the members to this board are still very reluctant to travel to Germany and ask a lot of questions as to how to find the clubs and what is the best method to travel inside the country.
I have been meaning to "write and tell" for a long time but till I actually had the opportunity to test and try it out for my self on my last trip .I didn't think I was qualified to give advice.
The name of my secret is NAV and it's the perfect solution for all you pussy seekers .You don't have to know how to read a map or try to get around in a foreign country this system does it all for you.
All the big car rental agencies i.e. Hertz Avis Sixt Europcar are now fitting these systems to cars from group D and up (this is now falling and shortly group C should follow.
These systems are practically fool proof and while there are different units currently on the market they all consist of a simple punch-in on a keyboard the city of your destination then the street name and number (Make sure you spell it right and that some cities are the same name in different regions of the country. but its very doubtful if the same street names will also be in those other cities too) and then you can direct the NAV system to find the shortest journey or via the major autobahns. Choose your language and that's it.
It will guide you (In English female or male voice exact directions to within in a few meters/yards of your destination,
It will inform you of the distance and estimated duration of travel before setting out. I think the newer ones can also take into consideration traffic jams and steer you around them.
IT'S UNCANNY but it works every time.
You don't have to follow a map or read street signs you will be notified in clear English in how many meters your next turn off is which way to turn and when you have arrived at your destination.
And even if you make a wrong turn or don't listen to the directions it will tell you to make a U turn or will guide you to the next best way to get there.
Some of the newer and better NAV systems are fitted with a LCD map and will show you your position on the road and your progress.
Most of the cars are presently fitted with a CD of all the streets in the whole of Germany but the newer ones have a DVD system and hold the whole of Europe on disk.
The accuracy is a lot to do with the type of sensor fitted to the unit as it relays the position of your vehicle to the system and the better ones work a bit quicker and give more confidence in finding your destination.
On my last trip we had an older unit on our car and while it did work every time it sometime did have little difficulty in getting us there. But it was infallible and was fantastic. Even though up till now I have traveled and found all my destinations on my own without assitance.But having this NAV was a luxury that I want to share with all of you.
If you shop around you should be able to get some good rental rates especially for the winter months just check that the in-car navigation is fitted as standard otherwise without it you are lost.
I am not familiar with the cars being rented from the neighboring countries i.e. Holland Belgium (also popular flying destinations) but I know that Rental prices in Holland are at least 25% higher than in Germany and the possibility of the NAV being fitted and cover Germany are low so make sure before booking.
If you have to fly in via Amsterdam I think it would be well worth taking a train to say Dusseldorff and renting a car from there for your adventures.
You should be able to drop it off back in Amsterdam airport on your return with out extra charges.

11-10-02, 20:09

NAV is not perfect. Picked up a car at Frankfurt Trainstation and typed in Ober-Erlenbach (city name of Oase) and it was sending me to the middle of Bayern. I was 50KM out of the way before I noticed.

Otherwise NAV is great.


11-11-02, 08:10
Originally posted by peter

NAV is not perfect. Picked up a car at Frankfurt Trainstation and typed in Ober-Erlenbach (city name of Oase) and it was sending me to the middle of Bayern. I was 50KM out of the way before I noticed.

Otherwise NAV is great.


While I did say that this system was practically infallable the limitations are mainly due to wrong addreses or misspelling and in your case Ober-Erlenbach Strasse109 is the street and not the city
Oase is situtuated in Friedrichsdorf-Burgholzhausen (possibly just the last part would have been enough ?
Also you should have seen that on entering the incorrect city the distance and travel time would have been much further than logical and this should have rang warning bells and a new input should have been tested.
I am not critizising you but hopefully that other can learn from our mistakes but you have to agree that for both the novice and expert pussy hunters amoung us this device is a god send.
Use it right and it will take you right to the door of some of the best pussy in the whole of Europe

11-28-02, 23:25
Visited Oase and Atlantis last week - some comments:

Firstly, thanks to Wizard for advice on Nav - if you are hiring a car you must get this - cost me €140, 2 days, very plush (as far as it can be for an opel) vectra from National at F'furt A'port. Even with several maps and directions I think it would have taken hours to find my hotel and the FKK's. As it was I still had a little difficulty with Oase - the street is very long and Nav doesn't always cover all possibilities but it still was a godsend.

Oase about 40mins from the airport and Atlantis about 1 hour. Approx 30mins travelling from Oase to Atlantis.

Oase (10pm to 2.00am): €60 entry. €50 per time, and €50 for extras as mentioned below - all generally available.
Approx 20 ladies on duty and probably 40 gents at any one time. No 9 or 10's in my book, but nearly all very solid 6-8's, and something for everyone.

Atlantis (4.00pm to 8.00pm): Same prices, many more ladies (approx 40) and probably 60 gents. Ladies were again in the 6-8 range, but more variety, and I would defy anyone not to be able to find someone they liked here.

Despite the lower numbers/choice I preferred the more intimate atmosphere at Oase. It also has several rooms (theatre, s'pool, outside saunas, jacuzzi and bedrooms) to wander about in, which at least gives you something to do in between bouts if you are on your own.
Atlantis is just a large industrial wharehouse with rooms upstairs, although decked out very well with pool, jacuzzi etc.

Generally found no inhibitions by ladies or the punters at both locations. BBBJ's were almost constantly on the go, while when I arrived at Atlantis there were a couple going at it on an open bed at the end of the room in full view - they were making so much noise everyone had to look over.
The theatre in Oase had some heavy action too by the looks of it.

Couldn't recommend any specific lady, as found the service to be the same excellent standard amongst all I had fun with.

Finally, for anyone thinking of going to a FKK for the first time - Don't think just go. This is something every red-blooded man must experience at least once in his life, and I am sure you could do a lot worse than visit either Oase or Atlantis.

All the breast....

11-29-02, 10:18
Another tip on Car Rental for those of you who wish to save $
If you pick up your rental car from the airport there is extra charge of 10% on the total rental charge (or more )
And IF one has a little time to spare. (an extra hour +-)
With most major airlines your plane ticket also allows you to travel for free to the nearest big city and by picking up your car in the city one is able to save the extra airport fee .Dropping your car off at the airport is not extra.
Also it is often cheaper to rent a car for 3 days (or even sometimes the weekly rate ) as this is somtimes less than the one or two day rate .I have often rented and paid on the 3 day rate and given the car back after 24 -36 hours.
Some good rates can be had at weekends and if you delay your pick up to these times a big savings can be often found.

12-06-02, 20:02
I've asked this question before, but never received an answer that I could understand.

Does anyone know of ANY clubs (FKK or Sauna or Partytreff, etc.) in the actual city of Cologne? Not the suburbs, but in the actual city?

I can take a taxi or walk in the city, but I won't have a car, and taxi's can be expensive if taken too far of a distance. Also, I don't want to ride the train.

I know all about Pascha and the place across the street, but was hoping to find something a little better...

Also, does anyone know of some FKK's or Partytreff's that may be a little ways out from Cologne, but are accessable by Taxi? If the fee is not too much, I may be able to take a taxi a little further than I thought. I just don't want to drop like $20-30 on a taxi ride (one-way). Also, if I take a taxi to an FKK, is there any guarantee that I'll be able to get a taxi back to Cologne?



12-07-02, 12:20

There is NO FKK in the city limits of Cologne!

If you want to go to one then check out Kaleu's site, get the address for Babylon or Wiago or Schieferhof and then go to the Bahn.de site and see how to get to these places by train. that should be relatively cheap.

The city of cologne has only appartments which can be found via BILD and or the Pascha and the Bordell across the street. This is not the best service, the chance of getting ripped off is high (especially in the Pascha and Bordell) or will be very expensive.

FKK's are the best sex around, but the good clubs are not in major cities, maybe with the exception of Frankfurt (but you don't hear much about F35 there anymore).

Hope that helps

12-07-02, 14:03
Unless you are willing to put yourself out a bit and adventure travelling outside the city limits you will not be able to find the type of service you are looking and hoping for.
There are some Sex available inside the city but the rippoff level is high and what even service you get is going to be poor letdown .
There is even a FKK club listed inside the city at Heinsberg st but dont even concider it .
If Pascha if good enough for you then by all means go there (I would not even concider such a place )
As for the easiest FKK to reach from Koln I think Wiago in Liverkusen will be the easiest for you to reach by public transport (a 15 minute train ride from HBF Koln) Mind you this club is not the best of what is available in this region of Germany.
Sudbad is also not far but quite expencive and I am not to sure as to quality recently.(but not inside the city itself)
Dusseldorff is also only a 25 minute train ride away you have Pegasus inside the city if thats what you are looking for .
To me it seems a pity to be so close but due to your own set limitations will be so far from some of the best paid sex in the whole of Western Europe.
I can assure you if you put a bit of effort in you will get a lot more out of it than you can ever imagine .
You will thank me for it in the end .
But its up to you to decide whats best for yourself .You can lead a horse to water etc

12-08-02, 05:33

Wizard and peter are right. If you really want to experience the best the Cologne area has to offer, then you're going to have to travel a bit out of your way.

Also, consider Babylon in Elsdorf and Bernd's in Lichtenberg. Both clubs are accessible from Cologne via public transportation (trains, busses). Also, each club has a guesthouse within within walking distance, so finding food and lodging shouldn't be a problem.

12-09-02, 13:02
There are around 20 FKK/Sauna clubs within the city limits of Cologne, BUT so far I read only two or three positive reports about 2 of these clubs over the past 5 years and these were from German regulars, who already knew the girls and the club very well.

I even did not dare to visit these clubs (exception Sudbad and FKK Colonia {now closed} and I personally found it not disappointing, but only soso) and will not visit them in near future unless there are some good news or news about a girl I already know, who has started to work in any of these clubs.

Babylon, Wiago and Bernd's Saunaclub can be reached by maximum 1 hour public transportation ride from Cologne main railway station.

To Babylon:
- Get a train to Horrem and from there a connecting train to Bergheim (Erft). One train every hour. Last train back to Cologne is around 8pm (check the timetable)
- From Bergheim you'll best take a taxi for around 10€ to Club Babylon

To Bernd's
- Take a train to Hennef (Sieg)
- From there you can take either a taxi to Lichtenberg (some 20 to 30€) or if you are more adventurous a bus

To Wiago:
- Take S6 direction Düsseldorf/Essen and get off the train at Leverkusen/Küppersteg
- Leave railway station and turn right at the bottom of the staircase
- Go straight until you come to a round-about and turn left
- Cross the bridge over the motorway and turn right
- Second left is Julius-Doms-Str.


12-17-02, 20:32
Hello my German friends... Quick question for you... Does anyone have a good translation list? There are a few things I'll need to say to the ladies, and my German is really bad. Also, how do I ask a women if I can go down on her? You know, eat her?



12-18-02, 11:47

here you can find some general translations: http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=667 (25. Oct. 02)

Regarding you very special sentence:
Darf ich deine Muschi lecken?

What else?


12-18-02, 15:53
Thanks for the info! By the way, does anyone know if the girls are open to guys going down on them? Or is it basically, "if you've got the $$$, you can do whatever you want"?



12-18-02, 17:44

Most are, a few aren't. My advice: either ask the lady the question that Kaleu posted, or just go ahead and do it. If the lady doesn't want you down there, she'll stop you.

12-21-02, 14:47
Just wanted to wish every one a HAPPY HOLIDAY

Peter , Glad to see you posting .. hope all is going ok for you. (new years resolution is to get to Alantis)

Kaleu,, thanks for all the usefull information you given

Wizzard great info from you too thanks so much for all your help

And A SPECIAL thank you TO JACKSON for this forum

Wishing you all a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR

12-23-02, 01:56
Hello Everyone:

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I havechecked out the abbreviations page, but could not find the answer. Could someone please explain what is a FKK Club?


12-23-02, 15:25

Just go back to some of the earlier pages in this section. There are some posts from last May that provide detailed information about FKK Clubs....I found the information from Kaleu and Wizard to be especially helpful, but others were good as well. Make it a New Year's resolution to check out one of these places. Enjoy!

12-23-02, 21:31
Originally posted by fan
Hello Everyone:

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I havechecked out the abbreviations page, but could not find the answer. Could someone please explain what is a FKK Club?


Welcome aboard but I wish you guys would do a bit of surfing before hitting the emegency button .
I posted this the other week on the General German section for another new member but this should set you in the right direction
I hope you like what you see and get to enjoy the great action

Copy of my article in the Germany General info
If you go to the special German FKK posting area and scroll down to the two first posts in the General FKK posts you will find a very informative post dated 05 21 2002 and another from Kalue 05 29 2002
Where all will be revealed
Next time let your fingers do the walking and it would help if you looked and posted in the correct area ie the German section for street walkers :regular brothels rivate apartments:girls : strip joints and red light districts etc
And the FKK area for FKK clubs and partytreff etc of course in their respective specail sections of the board.
If everyone tows the line it will make it a lot easier for all to navigate and find the infomation they are looking for rather than have to sift through loads of differnt headings

12-28-02, 02:22
Last week staying at a Frankfurt Hotel, I saw a flyer for a FKK club new to me :
Club-diskret in Hanau (close to Frankfurt)

As we all know about the excellent places in FRA area, it is always interesting to know about new places.
So question : had anybody experience about this place and what is your opinion.
Any info is welcome.

Happy new year to everybody

12-30-02, 16:49
FKK Club Paradise

Hi All,

I came across the club Pardise website
but I can't seem to find any current information on the club. Is it still open? If so, do they have very beautiful ladies?



12-31-02, 08:01
Originally posted by Trent2461
FKK Club Paradise

Hi All,

I came across the club Pardise website
but I can't seem to find any current information on the club. Is it still open? If so, do they have very beautiful ladies?



Yes, Paradise is still open. As for beautiful ladies, it's kind of hit-and-miss. However, I've had some great times here in the past. One good thing about this club is that it's very easy to find.

01-01-03, 21:32
I just saw this intresting bit of information posted in English on the German Roermer Forum and thought it might be of intrest on this board too
I know that Germany is concidered reletivly crime free especailly in the sex scene but this is deffinetly somthing new and could happen at other clubs including FKK .
So just beware and try and limit the amout of cash and valubles you are carrying.
And be careful

COPY OF Article posted by Shakespeare on the Romerforim in reply to the article posted orignally on this forum by Wickedwilly

A local newspaper recently carried a story about a swinger club near Frankfurt 'Jurgen and Susie's' where the guests were robbed at gun point by a gang (were they naked too one asks)!
I know the German economy is going down the toilet and when the Mob is reduced to holding up a swinger party - proof that things are bad or maybe on the other hand it is proof that the only business making money in Germany at the moment is the sex industy!

01-02-03, 03:03
Sorry this is a little, but thanks to everyone for your helpful replies regarding FKK.

Happy New Year!


01-10-03, 11:57
Does anybody recommend a good FKK club around Dortmund?

Any info would help, thanks!

01-10-03, 22:10

There are quite a few in dortmund, but I would rank them all near the bottom of the FKK scene, nothing compared to the industry leaders. If you have access to a car and are willing to drive 30-50 minutes I would recommend one of two clubs, either Park Schloss Dali in Marsberg or Heavens Gate in Dorsten. The best thing to do is go to Kaleu's web site (often listed in this section) and take a look on the map and see what is within the distance you are looking for.

If you have more specific enquiries I'll gladly respond in greater depth.

01-11-03, 17:41
Hello gentlemen,

I will be in Berlin, Osnabrueck and Amsterdam this spring, and would like to visit some Partytreff and FKK clubs while in Germany. I'm aware of the individual reviews for the various clubs, but I'd like advice on a "best of" Germany. In other words, for those of you such as Kaleu who have visited various places across the country, and had a chance to make side trips on a one week trip, where would you go? I'm particularly interested in the Partytreff scene as I like the idea of "amateurs" in a group setting.

I could make a side trip to the Cologne/Dortman area, but am hoping to hear of people's recommendations on whether it would be worth going a bit out of the way for this. The clubs near Frankfurt may also be in reach, but I'm particularly interested in how Kaleu and other veterans would plan a trip that starts in Berlin and goes west to Amsterdam.

Thanks so much.

01-19-03, 06:07
Any Club close to a rail stop? and where do i go to get the rail info. if not what is the average cost of public cars.

01-20-03, 00:43
Hi all,

Could anyone tell me which clubs are conviniently close when travelling from Amsterdam. And how are these rated, and priced?


01-21-03, 12:56
Originally posted by Rand
Any Club close to a rail stop? and where do i go to get the rail info. if not what is the average cost of public cars.

For public transportation information Germany wide go here:
http://www.bahn.de (they also have an English section)
For the area Düsseldorf, Bochum, Essen, Dortmund you can also check the local public transportation provider for that area: http://www.vrr.de (they also include bus and tram in their time tables)

For rental cars simply check out the webpages of car rental companies like Sixt, Avis, Europcar and so on. Since most clubs are more or less in the middle of nowhere and/or in industrial areas, the chance to find a good public transportation to and from the club is very limited in most cases.

You should consider a rental car in any case. You'll end up with not much more costs than with public transportation, because most of the time you'll need a cab from the railwaystation to the club and that's the point where it's getting expansive. Get a small car like VW Polo or Opel Corsa. It's a good idea to make reservations for these small cars, because most of the time, you'll get only the big cars if you don't have any reservations, because everybody wants to save money, so the small ones are gone first although I must admit, that it's nice to drive a 6 meter Mercedes Benz S-Class ;)


01-21-03, 13:00
Originally posted by Lazlo
Hi all,

Could anyone tell me which clubs are conviniently close when travelling from Amsterdam. And how are these rated, and priced?


It's about two to three hours of driving to the area, were most FKKs in the Düsseldprf/Dortmund area are located.

Consider this club: http://www.kaleus-clubindex.de/kaleu/english/detail-en.php?area=Viersen&file_name=happy-garden


01-21-03, 14:37
Further to Kaleu's info below, I have frequently attempted single day excursions to German FKKs from Amsterdam. The easiest is Planet Happy Garden (PHG) in Oedt. Here is a more info:

The Lay of the FKK Land
There are five or six clubs situated near (or fairly near) to the Koln-Dusseldorf-Duisburg area (three German cities about 2.5 to 3hrs distant from Amsterdam), and thus “doable” as single day excursions from Amsterdam. These include the often-mentioned Planet Happy Garden (PHG) in rural Oedt outside Krefeld, FKK Club Wiago in Leverkusen (a town across river from Koln), FKK Sudbad just outside central Koln, FKK Club Babylon in Elsdorf (a village 25kms west of Koln), three small clubs in more or less central Dusseldorf (Dolce Vita, Pegasus, and Blue Note) plus a very nice mid-sized club, FKK Parksauna (same ownership as PHG, and some girls float between clubs) at Wilderath north of Monchengladbach. I say all these clubs are “doable” as a single-day excursion from Amsterdam, but one must know how to get to the clubs and it helps to have a car (rented or otherwise) so that one can come and go as you wish without being totally dependent upon public transport schedules.

02-10-03, 15:19
Does anybody have updated information on Fkk scene in Munich?

I go to munich next week and I will like to try FKK Oase-Sudfab.

Is it worth to visit regular sex club in Munich, Club Anastasia etc?

do any type of club rip you off and should be avoided?

Sorry for all the questions, but I will give full report after.



02-23-03, 23:53
Going to be in Hannover for the Cebit in March, from all I have read Hannover is NOT the place to have fun.

I need some help here.......I will eventually end up in Munich, would I be better to take a day or 2 by train to Frankfort from Hannover or from Munich?

I speak only english, so this will make things a bit more difficult for me I am sure.

I am really wanting to visit Atlantis and maybe Oase, help me figure out the best way to do it...

Thanks in advance!

03-11-03, 09:45
I have been into our "Hobby" for about a year and a half. All I can say is...Wow! One of the clubs that I've been to several times is Relax in Limburg. This place is terrific. It isn't a true FKK as the girls do wear a small bit of clothing. But they are very forgetful when it comes time to put it back on. Also there is lots of Eye candy. Its a relatively small club, but what it lacks in size it makes up in service. Its like Atlantis only smaller and with much more light The girls are terrific too. Give it a try. Very nice.

03-11-03, 18:34
Review of FKK Sudfas Oase in Munich.

I was happy with the selection girls.

12 girls working and 5 were 8-10's in quality of looks & body.

€55 entrance, €75 half hour with girl some offer BJ without Gumi for €75 extra.

I will go again soon, it is very good experience.

Taxi cost €17 from Hauptbanhof train station or you can get train S8, get out at Pasing & taxi short distansce from here.

03-14-03, 00:00
About Frankfurt area, there is still a club that we always forget to talk about : FKK in Dietzenbach.
I bet many of us know it.
It is closer from city than Atlantis and a nice place. Of course, smaller, less luxurious, ... but with 15 to 20 very friendly girls giving you great fun in a kind of mix GFE and family attitude.
The prices are a bargain : no entry fee and for fun they have a three levels offer :
66 one - 99 two and 120 Euros for three times...
Just compare : same in other Frankfurt places would cost : 210 Euros ... close to double.
Was there yesterday and I can recommand :
Beate : german girl giving you real GFE : BBBJ with outstanding skill, no rush, ready to any position or even to trio.
Joy : a thai girl in her late 20's, petite, but with an incredible ferm body and great attitude.
She has an incredible way to "cover" you : starting with BBBJ giving you a great time where you couldn't tell when she achieved to put it on... so that you get a growing existing time, without that killing moment where "stop need to put..." here you start, you end all in one allegro happiness.
All details about this place is on kaleu's site.

03-20-03, 01:02

Is that 3 different girls for 120E?

12 days and counting down...

03-20-03, 09:52
3 different girls with a normal half and half program. There are many clubs with a similar pricing strategy like Dolce Vita in Düsseldorf, the red Carpet Clubs between Essen and Dortmund, and a number of the clubs that advertise in BILD (tabloid newspaper).

The prices are sometimes a little different but all follow this basic scheme:

1x 60€
2x 99€
3x 120€

If you leave without having sex you pay a user fee of 25€.

These places are hit and miss on the talent side, because usually the girls only keep 25€ for each session, whereas in the FKK's they pay the same entrance fee and keep all the money they earn. I have had some great sessions in places like this, but had many days where there was no one there who I wanted to get down with.

If you are coming to Germany for the hobby, you should see the whole spectrum, and one of these cheaper clubs should be on your list.

With the prices above it is often so that if you want CIM or on her tits or that (French Total in German) it will count as 2 sessions, or that Anal will count as 3 sessions or so. Sometimes the session is also a little shorter, only 20 minutes, and if you go longer it counts as 2 sessions.

These places can be good, but don't miss the chance to go to Atlantis, Oase or Planet Happy Garden. there you are guaranteed to find many Playboy quality chicks, at these cheaper places you can get lucky or hit a bad day.

I went to Dolce Vita in Düsseldorf recently. The place was really nice and clean, but I wasn't blown away by the 7 girls there. There were also so many men there that night that at times there were no girls left in the contact area.

I met an American guy there who planned his Germany trip based primarily on my WSG posts (I was so proud), but because he was travelling exclusively by train he did not go to PHG or Wildenrath or Babylon, but only Mondial and Dolce Vita. He was impressed enough, but I think he made a big mistake by not visiting the top of class places with the most girls.

If he is reading I hope he will put in a short post.


03-21-03, 03:21
Peter, u da man!

Well how long can you hang out without having a session???

Just Kidding...I am certainly planning my trip based on this board and everyones great recommendations...First I'm gonna go to Atlantis, then I'm gonna go to Dietzenbach, then I'm gonna go to Oase, then probably do the whole thing again. I'll post daily if I can find an internet cafe. Decided to stay in Fulda...found a great hotel at an excellent price.

You guys do a great job.


03-21-03, 18:08

Fulda is pretty far away from the clubs. Remember that gas is quite expensive in Germany ($4/Gallon) so for every kilometre you have about $0,20 in gas. Nothing wrong with fulda, but Giessen is much closer to the clubs you have mentioned. If you are at the Mövenpick in the Castle in fulda it is not as good as it looks. I have stayed there once.


03-22-03, 04:27

$4 a gallon??? Daaamnnnn!!

I am staying at the Am Tratzhof and I found it on the hotel reservation site, hrs, recommended by this board, which is very good by the way. It's a lot less than anything I can find in Giessen and still very upscale. I guess what I spend on gas I probably save in hotel accomodation, but thanks.

We gotta get together for a bier, dude. Thanks for all the help.

03-28-03, 04:06
Did the FKK Oase in Aachen ever open or will it open at all.

03-28-03, 16:49
It opened for 1 hour and then got shut down. It is a court case now, but no information about opening any time in the future.


03-28-03, 20:01
Hi there

I have a few hors to kill in Frankfurt on an up-comming trip and thought an FKK will be a good idea. I have some question I hope some one can help me with.
Has there been any change in attitude toward Americans with recent events?

When you are in the club, what do you do to cover a hard on?

As for the more 'general' atmosphere, I know the laws about smoking (cigarates) are different that in California, but would like to know is it permited in the club? (not that it will affect my going there but just so I know)
Since I don't have a car, are there any easy to reach FKKs beside the F35 within the same price range?
I will post my report after my visit.


03-29-03, 18:30

Anybody know if the clubs accept credit cards or is it strictly cash???



03-29-03, 18:41
Answers to some of the questions.

The big clubs will give you a cash advance on your credit card, but charge you a 10% premium. Use your ATM card at any german bank machine and you will be charged less. It is a cash business.

Germans are generally anti-war, but aside from a couple of 60's peace types who have taken american products off the menu's at their Vegan-bars there is no anti-americanism rampant. People might ask you why americans want the war that is so wrong, blah blah blah. Just remind them that you saved them from Hitler and they should shut their mouths, then screw their women. That's what I do ;^)

You can smoke in the FKK's, most people do. Germany is not very non-smoker friendly.

You can cover a hardon with your towel, but no one cares.

Methods of making it to Atlantis and Oase via public transit are written in those sections of the forum, do a little research. It depends on what you mean with a few hours. If you have more than 5-6 hours at the airport it is worth a trip out to either Atlantis or Oase, if it is less, then it is better to stick to a in-town club like Chantal Chevalier or F35. Taking a taxi both ways would be quite expensive, a rental car is much cheaper. You should be able to find an internet deal for about 40€.

Any other questions?


03-29-03, 20:25
Thank you Peter,

I plan to spend most of my time at FKK Dietzenbach...I like their prices...meet you there...I'll probably be there when they open Tuesday.


03-29-03, 22:41

Do not miss either Atlantis or Oase. Go to at least one of those first.

I have only been to Dietzenbach once and was not impressed by the quality of the women.

The other two are world class. Dietzenbach is cheaper but can be hit and miss. Don't plan too far in advance, make it dependant on the feeling you get once you have seen the different places. I would try one day in each club before making the decision where you will end up.


03-30-03, 01:00



03-31-03, 00:16

Thank you for the info, I have read about the FKK clubs a long time ago and am looking forward to spending time in one.

I think I'll be in Frankfurt in the early after noon, how many girls will I find in F35 or Chantal?

I understand that you get a BJ in the main club area before going to the room, what about eating some pussy? Is it generaly aloud?

I'm sure they will tell me if I do something out of line but I would rather know in advance and save the un pleasent remarks.

Thanks again

You are a great source of info


03-31-03, 07:57
F35 or Chantal Chevalier will probably have about 4-6 girls working in the afternoon, at least that is what most reports say.

I am not a big fan of either of these places, but they are closer to the Airport.

Each club is a bit different regarding public action. atlantis and Oase you can do whatever you want in public, some even have sex in the public rooms, at a place like Planet Happy Garden (in the Düsseldorf Area) there is no public action whatsoever.

DATY is allowed by most girls, in public depends on the girl. Even in a not so public action club like Wildenrath I saw a 60 year old guy spending a good half hour chowing down on the axxhxle of a 19 year old blonde. His technique was quite impressive;^)

I have only read reports about F35 (was there once and left within 45 minutes sans session) and CC and never been there myself, but they are not near the top of the class. If you have access to a car and a couple of hours head to Oase or Atlantis, they are much more impressive with a huge WOW factor.


04-01-03, 13:53
I'm quite new.
There are someone who fill me more about a FKK club where you pay (and how much) only the entrance (i.e. "all inclusive")?
There are some FKK club with, also, some trans?
I like to play with more than one person..... also of a different sex.

04-03-03, 22:57
Greetings everzone,

Substitute a z for y and vice versa when it doesnt make anzsenxe. Not used to this European kezboard.

Well well, here I am in Fulda and what a crayz town this is. I hope I didnät damage mz rental when somebodz tried to lock me in for parking in his drivewaz. >He probablz has a camera and caught it all on flime me trzing to make mz great esxape from his drivewaz. Had to drive on the sidewalk, but I got out.

OK sooooooooo

Landed in Frankfurt 0800 Tuesdaz dead tired but eager to head out to Atlantis.....well after driving around the airport ring 3 times trzing to get out and heading toward Weisbaden instead of Fulda, I decided once I found mz waz to mz hotel I would double back and head to Atlantis. It is no picnic driving around here. I imagine when I return mz rental, the agent will hand mz a handful of traffic tickets and photographs and pad mz bill even further.

Had an extremelz difficult time finding Atlantis but persistence paid off and bz chance I finallz got there.

Zes it is an extremelz nice place...the ambiance is superb. Nice decorations, pool, shower facilities. Great setup with the monez locker and the clothes locker and the prices arent to shabbz eitther. Lots of beautiful girls all running around naked. Nice perfect firm titties everzwhere and lots of bald pussies. It was great.

Tried a ceskz babe first and unfortunatelz she looked good but didnt know how to perform so I dropped her in 15 minutes. Later I was approached bz a reallz hot blonde Romanian girl who was with a reallz sweet brunette I enjozed löoking at but she didnt speak English...oh too bad....the blonde led me 2 a chair and kissed great and stroked mr happz even better. so we went upstairs but on the waz up I grabbed her friend to come along and both were reallz wicked. I loved the waz thez took turns sucking mz dick and blondie was reallz good at it. Blondie is Nicollete annd the brunette is kiki. Kiki is onlz 20 and has the most fantastic pair of blue and green ezes....and oh so nastz that little girl....excellent bodies on both... I fucked kiki and just generallz had a great time with both girls. I kept them for an hour....well that was enough for one night especiallz being as tired as i was so i called it a night but returned the next daz, zesterdaz for more of the same. except this time i had a cuban black girl after doing kiki again for a half and then i made niki reallz work hard to get me to go upstairs again after the first two....

Unfortunatelz when zou ainät fucking there isnt anzthing else to do but sit and watch the parade... i got a little bored with that so now I just take care of mz business and then i am gone.... thez should add an internet connection to the facilitz to save me all the trouble i had finding this place.

Todaz i made mz waz down to Diesenstadt and oh babz that place was nice too. A lot smaller than Atlantis but there isnt anzthing wrong with those facilities either. It is waz less crowded and I found nothing wrong with the girls there. I started off with Angela from Lithuania... a nice blonde but somewhat impersonal and all business, but after all that is what she is there for...to make her monez....

I had been flirting with this other hot russian girl before I made mz move after finishing with Angela...The russian girl is 23 tall blonde damn good looking prettiest pussz i have ever seen and absolutelz one of the best blow jobs i have ever had. Shit I forgot her name...and i told her i was going to give her a great recommendation here.Shit.. oh well...oh zes I remember...Yulia. Excellent woman Yulia....not zulia, yulia....

I liked Diesenstadt...hopefullz I will be able to fing it again tomorrow....much more laid back...prices are great 55, 99, 120 I had 2 session with Yulia...another difference between Diesenstadt and Atlantis is that the sessions are 20 and 30 minutes respectivelz.

Even though mz hotel is waz out in nowhere land...the facilities are excellent and the peace and quiet is reallz good too..

I like driving on the autobahn .... averaging 160 klicks per hour in mz Opel Astra... which is a great car....

So the rest of the plan is Dietyenbach tomorrow and Atlantis again all daz Saturdaz and return on Sundaz...no sex Sundaz unfortunatelz...gotta flz back...but I am having a hell of a time and like Arnold sazs.....>I#ll be back.

Peter....I dont know how I can meet zou here...lot of people in Atlantis....and I aint gonna be at this cafe anzmore...gotta plaz it safe with the driving

Thanks for all the help everzone...I love these European women...

fill zou in on the rest of the details when I get back to Miami


04-04-03, 07:57

sounds like you are having a great time.

i was hoping to head to frankfurt this week for business, but the meetings got moved to next week, so the chances of us meeting are slim.

be careful when you driving, obey the speed limits (except when it says 130, they don't take that one seriously), they are not like the ones in america where there goal is to generate money from speeders, they are really there for safety reasons.

also just in case you head back to atlantis, be warned that there is a photo radar at the entrance to the city about 400 yards after leaving the highway.

hope you have had fun in the non-mongering moments.

about the nothing to do when not doing it in fkk's this is a problem. locals usually go once or twice a month and see it as a wellness day where they just relax and hang out in the sauna, or lounge in the sun (i haven't seen anyone with a novel by the pool reading as if on vacation, but the idea is similar, i actually know a group of guys that bring cards and play poker for hours). as an american you probably aren't too excited by the sports on tv either, ski-jumping, soccer, and track and field aren't really what you look for in a sports bar in the us.

most locals have a group of fkk acquaintensces that they hang out with and trade war stories. if you are sitting at the bar or on a couch at a club start up a conversation with some friendly looking fellow monger. he probably won't think you are hitting on him, but ask him if he speaks english (right now it might be a little uncomfortable because he may get you embroiled in a war discussion) and ask him what other clubs are good, what experience he has had with the women. not all people are very talkative, but you can often find people who are happy to share great stories with you.

have fun,


04-05-03, 19:57
shai-z......Peter is correect ... i frequent fkk 35 and it is a hit or miss as to the no. of girls there. The least i have seen are two and that is around 12 PM a few more sometimes will show around 3 pm or so.
Mon are usually bad as the girls just made their money on the weekend ... and may not show there cause they are spending it :)... and the stores are closed on Sun anyway. I have had good luck on Tue- thurs

Nasty..... sounds like you had a great time been a while since i read the board. Was going to warn you here in Germany you have now north east west or south ..but you made it GREAT...

... if you read this my plans are finally to make it to alantis this SUN.. April 06. I am hoping to spend the day there any sugestion as to the best time to arrive..
My plans are to get there bout noon or so ... BTW i got tired of l waiting for you to drag me there lol ... sounds like you are doing well ... ahh but i degress lol


Fkk 35 is a 50 Euro entry and 50 for each girl and you pay the girl after the session....
i believe alantis is raising it price to 65 euro and 50 for each girl.. you can some time find a girl that will bring a friend along if you want .
May i suggest you read some of the other pages to get some more help
There is a lot of GREAT info on this board and diredtions too. HOpe this gives you a start ...

Kaleus ... hope you are ok haven't seen a post in ages ... or i missed it

04-06-03, 09:17

Good to hear from you. Cannot make it to Atlantis today (Sunday), hopefully I will get their next week.

I would advise that you don't arrive before 4pm, I am told many girls show up at 6pm on sundays.

Make sure you look for a blonde russian girl (She is supposedly 30 years old, so don't only look around at the young'uns) named Anjelique, she is supposedly the best club girl (from service) in all of Germany. I have had sessions with the #2 and #3 girl and I can tell you they are already in a class all their own. Otherwise no real advise. I haven't been to ATL in a while (and now I may boycott because of the 5€ increase in entrance price), tried Oase instead because 3 of my favourite girls are working there now (Mascha from ATL, Lucy and Lila from FTL), but at the moment I am spending more time in the Cologne area.

Yeah, I am doing OK on the health front too, thanks.


04-06-03, 23:39
Nasty, Ct1, Peter, et al,
been a month or so since my last post as I've been travelling and didn't have access to a "safe, sterile" email.
As fate has it I 've spent the better part of the last month in Germany and Holland - lots of experiences, i'll only post a choice few.
Nasty, I've only used rental cars and it's truly the only way to go. The German autobahn system is one of the manmade wonders of the world, and they can truly teach the land of the automobile a thing or two about highway planning and management. There are some excellent mapping an routing sites - I usually use map24.com which will give you exact directions in english from any one point to another. I've driven now on my own to between 10-15 clubs and never ha trouble finding any of them - except Altenstadt because they keep closing off different parts of the main drag for construction. But if you're going to spend a couple of ays in FRA are and have a car, you have to try Oase. Easier to get to than Atlantis - great selection of women, better facilities an they've actually given some thought to down time with the cinema room , table dancing and broadcast of American sports.

CT1- Have to agree with my esteemed an learned colleague, Peter:
1) Don't go before 4 (actually if you can avoid it, sunday is the worst day of the week in terms of selection and variety an many of the "stars" take the day off unless there's something special on like a show at the messe)
2) Anjelica is a gem - worth the wait ( she's always busy) and keep her for an hour - you and your jewels won't forget the event soon.

Peter - glad to hear that you are well. As of last week, Hannover hadn't opened yet. Any news?
Changes in flight schedules meant that I had to cancel my planned Beverly on a Wednesay outing. My friend, knowing how disappointed I was, arranged instead for a private massage in my hotel - that's what friends are for.. (it's okay he owes me a few favors) Hope to still get there next time in Duesseldorf.
Is Oase also planning the eur 65 rate change?
I agree also with the previous post re Dietzenbach and FKK35. Cannot hold a candle to either Atl or Oase. As long as you're in the area, don't you deserve the best. We only have one life to live and have fun.

04-07-03, 06:56
Hi Peter, who are the #2 and #3 girls in terms of service and do they work at Atlantis or another FKK, info would be helpful Thanks.

t. rex

04-07-03, 19:45
Greetings greetings everyone!

Well, I'm back in hot and sunny Florida, but what a great week and trip that was. Already planning my return in mid-August.

I went back to Dietzenbach the next day for more of that hot Russian girl, Yulia, and this time became acutely aware of a huge disadvantage in FKK Dietz..., the rooms are shared. This time while Yulia was going down on me, another couple came in to use the other bed in the room. Later I asked the bar maid, and she filled me in that the club has only 3 rooms with two beds in each....so... you gotta share. For me it was a distraction and I lost my woodie but eventually by the third session with yet still another Russian honey I finally got what I came for.

Saturday/last day went back to Atlantis and Peter is right...world class is the best description for the club. This time during my down time I spent it in the pool and lots more people used the pool this time.

First session was with Margot, a six foot German gal, which was a lot of fun for since I am only 5 feet 5 inches. Next was Andrea from Romania, who had no talent what so ever....they all look good but it is hit and miss in the bedroom to get a winner. The next gal Kristina from Poland was awesome...great bod and great blow job. Stayed with her an hour and came in her mouth so she really satisfied me in a way that was good for her as well.

Finally I spent the last two hours with Kiki again...the girl stole my heart... she is a very young, beautiful, exceptionally talented girl in the gfe area.... I told her all about the board so if anyone meets her remember NastyBoy to her...and Peter if you meet her she will know you by name too. Give her some tips about the biz if you don't mind...I think she is intimidated by the number of girls in the club. She asked me about Oase, in fact so did Nicolette, but I didn't have the chance to squeeze that club in this trip.

I didn't really tell her about the board...what I told her was that I met a lot of German friends on the internet that told me about the club.

I had a fantastic week off...everybody was great and Atlantis is an extremely impressive establishment.

Thanks to all who helped me get around.


Oh yeah!!!! Even the car rental agency didn't give me a hassle about the dent I put in the car...what a country!

04-07-03, 22:22
#2 and 3 are Lucy, a thin polish girl who used to work in Fantasyland and now is supposedly working in the Oase, and Michelle who used to work in the Oase and supposedly currently works in Atlantis.

I am still partial to Mascha who used to be in the atlantis and now works off and on (as a blonde) in the Oase.

With the really hot girls it can be hit and miss. I always tend to book the normal half hour package, and if it starts out good I will extend or add extras.

Best thing is to find a scout, but that can be difficult, just walk up to some friendly looking people tell them you are new and ask if they can give you any advice. Most are happy to share their experience with new guys, and most are very proud of the efficiency of the German Sex industry. It might not guarantee you a GFE, but it will often save you from a flop.

My experience to Nationality is that siberien Russians (Mascha and Anjelique) and Polish girls (Michelle, Ulla (ATL), Ulla (ex-PHG), und Lucy) have provided the most consistently good service.


04-08-03, 09:48
Peter and Iseeu,
are you guys going to any FKKs this weekend? The weekend after that? I will definately be in either Oase or Atlantis this Thurs-Sunday.



04-08-03, 21:31

Don't think I can make it this weekend. My Frankfurt meetings got postponed again, so I am stuck pretty far away.


04-10-03, 21:48
There will be a new FKK opening up in the Giessen Area. It is claiming to be the biggest and best and has quite an impressive web site: www.fkk-world.de

Rumors are that it will open either for Easter or Mid-May. It is a little further away from Frankfurt than Atlantis or Oase, but closer to Cologne. The home page is really quite impressive, if they get some decent quality girls it will be a real competition to the two established clubs in the area.


04-11-03, 12:18
came back from atlantis and oase (see specific reports) I want to share with you guys also just some general tought
besides the girls and the facilities, I think that you guys, experienced in this world like I am, can appreciate everything supports the core service we look for
at first in these places you feel comfortable like nowhere else
none wants to rip you off; the rules are easy and clear and you are well informed at the reception about that
the free bar is a real free bar (no alcholics served at all) and you can have the best quality beverages (and food at oase after 5pm) without any limit
towels, shoes and everything provided by this 2 FKK's is clean and sterylized
there's an efficient staff that takes care of the cleanliness in a maniacal way
everything looks perfect ...
though I have had many experiences all over the world, I consider atlantis and oase the best for several reasons (even if I can't forget a brasilian stunning and very girl met in Rio and a serbian lovely chick met in a YU club)
the main reason is that you really relax and enjoy yourself in a FKK and in summer time it should be even better because you can lie on a sunbed, take your sunshine and read some book the same as in a public pool or on a beach
your only problem is to make a choice in such a unbelievable variety of stunning and friendly girls...and you'll always leave complaining the many girls you had not have

04-14-03, 23:25
Sorry I missed you bud. I was in DE just for one night last week and since it was a Wednesday, my friend took me to Beverly - all I can say is wow. I'll post there later.

Won't be back in DE till last week of April.

04-15-03, 19:40
Can someone clarify how much i'll spend getting in to the Atlantis or another good club and how much per fuck? Also can you fuck them all ways or is it like the rld in the dam, only missionary?

04-16-03, 17:17
Originally posted by BigDude
Can someone clarify how much i'll spend getting in to the Atlantis or another good club and how much per fuck? Also can you fuck them all ways or is it like the rld in the dam, only missionary?

Big Dude,

check out the section on Atlantis and other clubs in this board. All prices are mentioned there, also the new entrance fee for Atlantis for example. The "Forum Search" on the left hand side is also a good idea ;)

Check out my webpage for those clubs without a specialized section in this board.


What you do in the room is up to you and the girl of course. In good FKKs you'll hardly run into a girl who says: "You can only do me in one position whilst we are in the room."

Regarding other services and extras like anal for example, you'll have to discuss this with the girl (best before you go to the room).


04-17-03, 00:49

I just spent a glorious week in Atlantis...65 Euros to walk in the door....50 Euros for what they call normal sex and what I call half and half which is fuck and suck...time limit is 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes is another 50...they like to get on top, I like to fuck them doggie and missionary...anal is too expensive 100 Euros...50 Euros extra if you cum in their mouths...I got to spank them and rough them up a little bit at no extra charge...just know where to draw the line...

I had a blast....take two for an hour and have them take turns sucking your dick...that is awesome!!!

Have fun!


04-17-03, 01:29
Which clubs have the most Middle Eastern, Persian and Indian girls? It's just that I have a fetish for them, not that they provide the best sex!

04-20-03, 22:57
To Peter,

Thanks for the info re FKK-World in the Giessen area. Looks very impressive indeed.

Well, it's Easter now. Has it opened ?

04-21-03, 18:23
Roumours from some club girls said, that the club will open on 15. of May. On the webpage, they say "We'll open this summer" (well, Summer is long ;) )

But it's not yet open.


04-21-03, 22:05

There are quite a few persian girls working in Atlantis, Turkish girls are quite similar. Haven't seen many Indians, only know Pakistani Sahra at Babylon in Elsdorf. Real Arab girls are few and far between. There are sometimes Persians in wildenrath or PHG. Depends on where you are going to be, if you are in the Frankfurt area I think you will have better luck in Atlantis rather than Oase, but that is just my personal opinion.


Drove by the location of World on my Last Oase Trip. Looks pretty good from the driveway entrance. Heard another rumor from some of the girls which migh not bode well for the club. supposedly it is being financed and run by a well known group of Motorcycle fans. They should have access to a steady stream of new girls, but whether the top acts from ATL and OASE will want to work in that sort of situation is questionable. Some of the girls said they don't think this will be pleasant, they also told me that the Giessen/Wetzlar area is a little lower class than frankfurt, and they think the combo of the lower class and higher foreigner population in this area, with the HA Management will not be a pleasant combo.

If you have heard anything similar let me know.


04-22-03, 01:50
HA in Germany?? What is the web-address, the one posted below does not work, when I tried it I got Ladies.de??

04-22-03, 08:28

The web address is right, but about half the time Ladies.de comes up. I don't know what the problem is.

HA are all over the place, including Germany, they are an international corporation like General Electric or HSBC, they just don't have as much warm and fuzzy advertising.


04-22-03, 11:29
Hi peter,

so far, I didn't hear similar comments from girls.

Anyway, we will always have to face the fact, that there is 'someone' behind the scenes, who is running a club, regarding money, protection and so on. This business is not a joke, it's tough and that is the case in any country in the world.


04-24-03, 02:13
Thanks Peter, I will check out Atlantis for the persian and turkish girls. Can you make a couple of recommendations? I will also be in Dusseldorf area and will check out Elsdorf.

04-26-03, 23:55
There is a very cute, recommended Persian girl named Daria in Dusseldorf area at Dolce Vita.

04-27-03, 15:01
Originally posted by footloose
Thanks Peter, I will check out Atlantis for the persian and turkish girls. Can you make a couple of recommendations? I will also be in Dusseldorf area and will check out Elsdorf.

If you mean at Babylon, I can recommend Shirina, turkish, mid twenties.


04-27-03, 16:11
Originally posted by kaleu
If you mean at Babylon, I can recommend Shirina, turkish, mid twenties.

Kaleu's right. You should definitely try to find Shirina.

04-30-03, 01:47
I have had about 3 Persian girls in FKK Oase and they were all great. Is is the norm for Persian girls? They fuck like latin women! And that's a compliment!

04-30-03, 05:21
I plan to visit Germany around 8-10th May. I am very fond of persian girls and Indians too. Anyway, do you know their names and their schedules (day,eve/night)? TIA

04-30-03, 08:40

Your chances of finding an Indian girl in this country are minimal. Persian is mentioned below, but there are no real schedules for the girls. No one really knows for sure who will be ther which day. The only club that I know that sort of posts a schedule is Tag & Nacht in Mönchengladbach. But if you go to Atlantis on the weekend (that's when you are there) there will probably be at least 50 girls there and chances are there will be at least 3 or 4 persian/turkish girls. If you really like this nationality you should be able to recognise them so a name wouldn't help you.


04-30-03, 15:39
Peter and JT:

Thanks for the info. I'm planning to visit both Atlantis and Oase.
Given the limited time I wanted to maximize my chances of finding the the persian girls. Let's see how lucky I get. I will post my report after my visit.

05-01-03, 19:32
I'm going to Germany again. Plan on 8 May to go to a partytreff in Dusseldorf (Pegasus, Swing2You,or Beverly), then hiring a car for Atlantis and X-treff (also in Altenstadt) on 9 May, plus some other Fkk/escorts in Dusseldorf/Wuppertal on 10/11 (not evening). If anyone is around and wants to cross paths then let me know

05-01-03, 19:42
I'll probably be in Dusseldorf or FRA area on May 7th. In any case Beverly is fetish on Thurs nite (May 8th). I planned on going there May 7th but was considering Swing2You after reading glowing report in these pages. Sorry, but I'm catching flight out of FRA sometime on the 8th. Do we hook up?

05-02-03, 19:12

thanks - but I don't get to Dusseldorf till late afternoon on 8th. have a good time

05-06-03, 02:25
Peter do you Know if Relax in Limburg has been closed,I have not heard any Reports on the club in Awhile, Last time I checked It was not listed on Kaleu's Website?? I went there once,but the Club was a good one, with those keyless Lockers.

Thanks T-rex..

05-06-03, 13:22
Originally posted by t-rex
Last time I checked It was not listed on Kaleu's Website??

Hi T-Rex,

the club is still open as far as I know, but I got a request from the owners to delete the club in my list. I didn't receive an answer to my question why.


05-06-03, 13:27
The new club "FKK-World" in Pohlheim near Giessen will open end of May. The inofficial date is the 30th of May. So far there is no confirmation on their webpage:


I'll keep you updated.


05-07-03, 05:28
Hi Kaleu,

That is Interesting, that Relax Club Wanted the Club Info deleted from your List, you would think they would want as much Buisness as they could get??

keep us Updated on fkk-world, this Club could be a Winner.

How is Cocoon in Wuppertal,any new hot girls, how is the Service lately?? Thanks..


05-07-03, 09:28
Originally posted by t-rex
How is Cocoon in Wuppertal,any new hot girls, how is the Service lately??

I have not been to Cocoon for the last 4 weeks, since my favourite is still on vacation. But, from reports in some German boards, I can say, you mileage may vary ;)

Anyway, at Cocoon I almost always sticked to the Latinas and the Turkish Girls and except for one Girl from Domenican Republic I was always very happy with the service. When I was there the last two times in April with some friends, they had good service with a Spanish girl named Wranja or Wanja (sounds Russian, but she is Spanish), straight blond hair, tall, slim (not too slim) and a few tatoos.


05-07-03, 13:24

Relax has had a lot of problems with the licensing boards. they are officially a swinger club (at least that is what their business license says) although they are purely a pay for play operation. There have been shut downs and newspaper articles which claim that the place is not really a swingerclub (which it isn't!). Because their license depends on them being a swingerclub and not an FKK or Sauna Club I can understand why they don't want to be listed on an FKK list.

FKK's and Saunaclubs still maneouvre on the edge of legality. You don't have to worry as a customer, nothing will ever happen to you, but keeping one of these clubs going can be a legal tightrope. The OaseII in Roetgen was closed within 1 hour of opening and will probably never open again (and that was a multi-million dollar investment). That might be one of the reasons why World is not yet official about opening date. You can't beat city hall!


05-07-03, 14:24

Have you been to PHG last week on Friday? If yes, we missed by one day :( Maybe you can contact me off-list and we can try to make an arrangement, at least if you want.


05-10-03, 13:42

First things first, thanks everyone who has contributed here. I am new to the German FKK concept, and looking around these boards I found excellent info for orientation.

I am planning to come to the Frankfurt area on the long weekend May 29 - June 1. I notice this is also a public holiday weekend in Germany. Can anyone advise how this will affect FKK Atlantis and Oase? Busier, empty, normal?

Does anybody want to join up for an FKK outing on that particular weekend?

I am just planning to see Atlantis, Oase, and maybe 1 other FKK. Anything else I should consider?

05-10-03, 13:50
kaleu or peter, do you normally get to Frankfurt? Maybe we could talk offlist and arrange a trip to Atlantis or Oase. I would love to go with someone who is experienced.


05-10-03, 23:57
Hi Valmont!

Nope, usually I don't travel much to Frankfurt it's simply too far (over 3 hours one way) and I have PHG around the corner ;)


05-11-03, 12:32

Not going to be heading to Frankfurt on the next while. Similar distance at the moment to Kaleu.

Depending on how good your german is check out the german board for that area http://www.roemerforum.de sign yourself up and then they have a meeting room list. Where you can arrange for a scout.


05-19-03, 05:00
Hi guys,

I've never been to Germany and will be visiting the end of this month. I'm brand new to the FKK scenes. I've perused this board (under Germany and Germany FKK clubs) and found many useful information. I understand the concept of entry fee and session fee and the warm up time on the couch and so on, but I didn't seem to see anyone asking these questions directly. Perhaps, I'm just too naive or something to even ask. Hope you guys don't mind to help out this newbie.

1) I realize that a session lasts about 30min. What if the guy couldn't come within that time? Does it mean that the girl would just stop and walk out? (I can see this happening to a guy at the end of the day if he tries too many sessions in a day.)

2) On the other end, what if, during the warm up on the couch, the guy comes? Does it mean that the session is over even before it can actually begin inside the room?

3) While the girl is doing the BJ on him, what happens if he comes in her mouth without letting her know in advance, for whatever reason? Would she get totally pissed off and infuriated, or would she get little bit upset and simply charge that extra 50Euros? What would happen?

4) Many of the discussion here debate back and forth whether Russian, Polish, Czech, or German girls, or ... are better than the others. I'm not a European descent. I wonder how you guys would know just by looking at the girls and be able to tell what ethnicities/nationalites they are from? Do you mean to tell me that you waved them over or walked around literally asking every one of them? Let's say you prefer a Polish lady. Would it be ok to wave her to come over or walk over to her and ask what her ethnicity/nationality is, and then walk away if she is not what you are looking for? Would that be considered rude or impolite or what some might even call "racist"?

05-20-03, 05:14

To answer your questions:

1.) The lady will usually let you know when your time is almost up. At that point, you can either end things there or go another 30 minutes with the understanding that you're going to pay double.

2.) For the most part, yes -- which is why you should call an end to the warm-up before you lose control, and take her to a room.

3.) That depends. It's generally understood that mouth finishes cost double, which is why you should warn the lady before it's too late. Most ladies are honest and will not try that stuff without your prior permission. If you can't or don't let the lady know before you lose it in her mouth, how upset she'll get and whether or not you'll pay extra depends on how much she likes you.

4.) I don't think ladies of any one nationality are necessarily better performers than ladies of other nationalities. It all depends on chemistry, that is, whether or not the lady likes you. They're people too, and have preferences and off-days just like we do. If she digs you, it doesn't matter where she comes from. Some guys say to avoid German ladies for whatever reasons, but I've had some outstanding sessions with German ladies. If I like her look and she seems into it, then it's all good. I'll usually ask her where she's from as an icebreaker, but her answer usually won't affect my decision whether or nor to party with her.

Hope this helps.

05-20-03, 19:56
@ Single

Arnie is right on all points.

Just so you know couch action is not normal at all clubs. It is standard in Atlantis, Oase, Babylon and Hof, but at most oher clubs there is no couch action. Also at some clubs a session is 20 minutes. It is a fair system and the girls tend to only ask for the correct amount afterwards.

FKK's are a very good situation, but with all first timers either seek a scout or be a little careful the first time there. These places are no huge debauched orgies.


05-21-03, 04:11
Arnie & Peter,

Thank you so much for your input. I'm much better informed now. To close out my curiousity, I have few more questions / comments lingering.

1) Arnie said "how upset she'll get ... depends on how much she likes you." That's interesting because I was under the impression that the girls are there for the $$, not for a dating game. :-) Well, I'd naturally assume that if the guy were a hot sexy looking guy, he would probably get better treatment. Right? I suppose the lady would probably tolerate his indecent behavior more than the same behavior made by a bad looking guy. Am I wrong in this assumption?

2) Arnie brought up the term "chemistry". Has there been a situation in which the FKK lady was not willing to see a guy simply because she didn't feel the chemistry was there, or she didn't feel comfortable with him? To be more bluntly, has any lady in any FKK club ever refused providing certain service (for instance, no DFK or GFE) to a guy simply because (no pun intended) he's either too fat, too old, too ugly, too boring, or whatever... (assuming that he satisfies all the good hygiene requirements)? Personally, I'd rather to hear the lady say NO than to later realize that she pretended to say YES and rushed to provide a mechanical performance simply because she needed the money.

3) I agree with Arnie that if I like the lady, and especially if she is a hot chic, I don't really care where she came from. To turn the table around, I wonder if some ladies in the FKK clubs prefer to see/treat men from certain nationalities or ethnicities better than the other?

4) Although many say that speaking German is not necessary in order to have fun in the FKK clubs, I wonder if the local guys have an advantage in getting more GFE than the outside guys?

That's all from me. Thanks all for your responses.

05-21-03, 07:38

Glad I could be of help. Here are my thoughts regarding your additional questions:

1.) There is no "dating game." Yes, she's there for the Euros. But, yes, she's a person too and has her own preferences and off-days. Chemistry can play and does play a part (See Answer 2).

But, as for your "indecent behavior," you *are* planning to warn the lady before you give her a mouthful of schmeg, aren't you? Peter is correct: play it cool while in the clubs and don't do anything that may upset the women and cause a problem. If you spritz in her mouth, then you will pay double unless the lady specifically tells you otherwise. Count on it.

2.) Remember this acronym: YMMV. That means, "Your Mileage May Vary." Just because she gave one guy great service doesn't automatically mean you'll get it. Maybe it's bacause you weren't too handy with the soap and water. Or, maybe it's because there wasn't as much chemistry or she's having a bad day. (See Answer 1).

And, yes, some of the clubs (for example, Oase) do allow the ladies to turn you down. For instance, she may tell you she's busy when she's not. She may tell you she can't understand you when she can. Or, she may not give you enough space to sit next to her. I've seen all this happen.

I can tell you, though, that unless you resemble Shrek or have major hygiene problems, your chances of being turned down are very low. In fact, at Atlantis or Oase you'll likely have to deal with the ladies propositioning *you*. (They're not allowed to do this at Babylon or Bernd's.)

3.) No, not really, unless you've come over from Turkey. Many of the ladies are wary of dealing with Turkish customers because these men tend to treat women badly. Not all of them do, of course, but a few bad apples have spoiled the whole barrel. If you're worried about anti-American sentiments, then don't be. Most Europeans are intelligent enough to separate the people from the politics.

4.) I speak German and find that it definitely helps. The lady will be more comfortable with you if she can understand you and vice versa. The locals will have an advantage in this regard, but that won't make much of a difference. If you're concerned about the language barrier, ask the lady at the front desk or one of the barmaids to introduce you to some English-speaking ladies.

Hope this helps.

05-21-03, 07:59

Please never do anything indecent in the club.

The reason that the turks have a bad reputation is because they come into these clubs in large groups and act like they own the place. they also often try to scam the girls into doing more than they are comfortable with (like getting Cum in Mou**h for no extra charge).

Just so you know at Oase the American's also have a bit of a reputation, mainly because of groups of guys from the Army base. They are not exactly from the diplomatic crew, they are quite red-neck.

These are real ladies and they should be treated with respect. The fact that you pay them doesn't mean that you own them.


05-21-03, 14:07

As a fellow American, here is my experience in regards to your questions/concerns:

1) Some girls are really friendly, others aren't Doesn't necessarily have to do with nationality they have or you have. Just a chemistry thing like in "real life". But of course they are interested in the money, it is their job and their time. If they like you, for whatever reason, then you will get maybe a little extra service. CIM is something most girls aren't too fond of though, and is something you should definitely clear up beforehand. GFE is also something that may or may not happen. I have only had one girl refuse kissing, she was German. Other than that though, she was fantastic.

2) Chemistry will depend on a lot of things, every girl has different taste. And it doesn't mean that the girls only give good-looking guys good service. Tell them you will come to the club often, and you will already become more attractive to them. they love repeat business. Conversational skills etc. is also important. Almost nobody will be turned down, I've never seen it happen. These girls are used to fucking EVERYBODY. Like at McDonalds everybody who pays can have a Big Mac. Try to create chemistry though, it will likely improve your experience. It is important to remember, these are regular girls. After work they go home and make spaghetti and watch TV. So they will also respnd to regular chemistry and human interaction. I like to "forget" that I am fucking a prostitue and try to imagine that I am with a girl for the first time and try to please her somehow...but that is just my thing. Have had some fantastic sexual experiences that way, trying to make it "real" also seemed to please the girls, especially the latinas.

3) Generally speaking the girls prefer white or latin guys, at least that is the impression I get. Turks are banned from most clubs I've been too. Black guys are rarely seen, but I don't know if that is policy or just chance. Black Americans are considered a different category than Africans. The Hollywood effect. The fact that Turks and Africans are banned from many clubs has less to do with German racism (Germany is one of the LEAST racist places on the planet) but with rather the disgusting behavior of these ethnic groups' male youth. It really is a bad apple that ruins the barrel, and there are a lot of bad apples in those barrels, especially when it comes to their opinions of and treatment of women, particularly prostitutes. I've never experienced any anti-Americanism, mostly just curiousity and comments on circumcision. Most Europeans are surprised to learn that 95% of Americans are circumcised. In Europe mainly Arabs and Turks are circumcised, nobody else. Some prefer circumcised guys, others are just curious. No prejudice on that though.

4) Level of English varies wildly. A lot of the girls also only speak basic German since they are foreigners themsleves and only work seasonly in Germany. Many girls, particularly from Eastern Europe and South America, speak no English whatsoever. So German does help, but there will be some English speaking girls with at least basic skills.

BTW: if you are coming to Germany, maybe we could hook up and go to a club together. I am often travelling, so I can't guarantee anything, but drop me a line anyway, could be fun. Definitely more fun than sitting in a club alone for hours "recharging" after round 1....:) dafunk@cityweb.de

05-21-03, 18:58
I don't know of any club that bans turks.

I do know that at PHG if a group of turks (especially young ones) comes they might tell them that the club is full. But this is more on a case to case basis than a policy.

There are lots of turks at Atlantis and Oase, on every single trip there there have been many.

Many clubs also don't let in large groups of Russians or Gypsies. Generally the tendency is to be careful in letting in large groups.


05-22-03, 08:11

I assumed they were banned because I've never seen any in a club, ever.

Maybe I need to visit more clubs...:)

As far as I'm concerned anybody who behaves in a civilized manner should be let in.

Gang mentality can lead to trouble. Just so we are clear on this, a group of loud GIs or obnoxious Englishmen are just as annoying as a bunch of groping Turks or whatever.

05-22-03, 15:25

05-22-03, 15:26
Originally posted by peter
I don't know of any club that bans turks.

FKK Dortmund Applerbeck banned all foreigners or non-german-speaking people, but it's closed at the moment anyway. On their answering machine there was even the German National Anthem.


Rain City
05-23-03, 07:19
Dr. Skank,

When I was visiting Atlantis, I saw 3- 4 of young (in their 20s) middle eastern looking guys there one day. I did not observe any problems caused by them, though. Maybe they were regulars?


I witnessed exactly what you are talking about -- some ladies turning guys down at Atlantis as well. As you mentioned, they pretended as if they did not understand you, or as if they were busy.

Does anybody know if there are any web sites that post the trade fair schedules in Frankfurt? I would like to visit there again, but would like to avoid the high hotel cost (since this time, it wouldn't be a business trip). Not much success from google search.....

05-25-03, 22:31
Originally posted by Rain City

Does anybody know if there are any web sites that post the trade fair schedules in Frankfurt? I would like to visit there again, but would like to avoid the high hotel cost (since this time, it wouldn't be a business trip). Not much success from google search.....


05-26-03, 06:00
Originally posted by Rain City
Dr. Skank,

Does anybody know if there are any web sites that post the trade fair schedules in Frankfurt?

Try this url

Rain City
05-28-03, 05:49
Wizard and Trojan_tds,

Thank you guys for the information. I will make a trip plan based on the convention schedules in Frankfurt. Review should follow shortly thereafter.

06-20-03, 20:47
Hi all,
What's the closest FKK to Brussels ? As I only have one afternoon, I'll prefer not to spend too many hours driving.
I've searched Kaleus excellent site, however mapvise it's a bit difficult to find all these small towns.
Thanks in advance for all asistance.........

06-21-03, 18:55
Babylon in Elsdorf is probably the closest, but it is guaranteed at least a 2.5 Hour drive each way. If you can invest the time for the drive to Babylon, you might as well drive 45 minutes more and check out PHG for the number of women. Make sure you have a car with Navigation or some good internet directions, these places are not that easy to find. Also if you look on Kaleu's list you can look for the postal code, ones that start with 4 or 5 are your best bet.


06-21-03, 20:28
Is anyone going to be in Germany and want to split costs from Frankfurt (is frankfurt the best place for a fkk CLUB?) to a FKK Club?

I would like to try it out because you guys make it sound pretty cool but I don't want to go by myself. Also it sounds as if you have to drive out to them so maybe a car would be cheaper if split costs.

I'm 26.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

06-22-03, 11:16

Frankfurt is sort of the mecca because the 3 biggest and physically most impressive clubs are all within 1 hour of the city.

The Cologne-Düsseldorf-Ruhr Area is the true mecca. Here there are no really physically impressive clubs, but the prices tend to be lower and the women are on even footing.

If you are looking for an all day wellness package with over 50 women then you have to head for Frankfurt, if 15-40 girls in a comfortable environment are enough for you then the Düsseldorf area has quite a few alternatives.

I would give the advicwe to not set yourself on one destination. Look for a good flight deal either to Frankfurt ((Not the Ryan Air BS airport of Frankfurt Hahn) which is at least 1 hour in the wrong direction (for FKK Fans) from Frankfurt) or one of the airports in the Düsseldorf area. Here you have the choice of the real Düsseldorf Airport, Mönchengladbach (very convenient for Happy Garden visitors), Düsseldorf Niederrhein, or if there is no other alternative Köln-Bonn.

If you are coming from the states you can probably find a good flight deal to either of the big airports (FFM or DUS).

Can't help you on the partnering up aspect though.


06-25-03, 00:18
D-dorf area mongerers,
Spending the week in D-dorf but so far every night is taken with business, blah, blah....
but now unexpectedly, I have weds. night free. Interested in hooking up?
write me off-board at icuucmec@netscape.net

07-09-03, 17:19
Dear posters,

I'm an asian travelling in Germany, I plan to visit one of this FKK club - it sounds very interesting after seeing the postings here. Understand that these FKKs originate from the Ruhr region, by any chance can I find them in Frieseland (Northern region)?

I'm staying in Bremerhaven and have seen some advertisements for "Sauna" - are they the same as FKK? or r they just plain sauna services (without sex)? At first glance I thought "Sauna" shops are similar to Spa centers in Asia, with message etc.

Plan to travel to the Sex capital - Hamburg in 2 weeks time, are there any FKK there?

Mighty appreciate anyone's help to my queries. Thanks!

p.s. You may also email me at corkgila@yahoo.com


07-09-03, 20:31
Ah, I think there is one FKk-type club in Bremen, and I know there is a (rather sub-standard) FKK club in Hamburg, but you really should understand a basic fact of FKK reality:

The best FKK clubs are either founded in the Ruhr Gebeit part of Germany or around Frankfurt. Yes there are clubs and action to be found in other parts other cities. Hamburg has its own reputation and its own problems. I doubt whether any serious sex-hobby experts would call Hamburg "Sex Capital," rather "Sex Rip-off Capital!" Forget that place.

For real action, you have to hit the FKKs round Dusseldorf/Koln, or better yet Frankfurt am Main. If you are serious these are the places you will hit, thoght this be only me own humble opinion, kind Sir...


07-09-03, 20:33
Hamburg is only the ripoff capital of german sex. Do NOT hobby in that town, you will be terribly disappointed! The worst place around is the Reeperbahn. Most girls working there never actually have sex, they just rip the guys off.

The Norhtern part of Germany has virtually no FKK's. In Bremerhaven you are about a 3 hour car ride from any decent club.

Sauna ad's in the newspapers are pretty much like massage parlours in Asia, but with no legitimate massage part. Most Sauna's are 3-5 girls working out of an appartment. some are OK, but not my thing. The pricing is more erratic and the chances of a flop are higher. the choice in number of women is also smaller.

Don'T waste your time and money on bad experiences, if you can't get to a real FKK, don't hobby too much.


07-22-03, 02:19
Need Profressional Help: (not an Ad)
I am in the process of seeking overseas employment within US DOD. I'm sick of the American woman's mantra of "it's lined with gold" and hassle from LE. Most of my opps. will be in Germany or close by. After reading posts from doctor_skank, kaleu, et al. it appears as though the rules of KSS are not much different than my rookie experiences in S. Spain.

My question is simple: I'm a white American, overweight (duh!) & trying to learn German. The most important factors I have gleened from the posts are language & civility. I can do that if I stay away from real beer. Given that I can be civilized, can my sex life be improved outside the US? At this point in my life,, I prefer to "pay as I go". Please excuse my ignorance, all I have to go on are stories & being a fairly new member, my posts are being edited by admin. Any response would be helpful, otherwise, I'll show up drunk on your doorstep & embarass the locals with my ignorance.

Member #1121
08-15-03, 18:30

I will be visiting Atlantis and Oase on a saturday next month.

I have read reviews and stuff about different Fkk's and would like to know if anyone knows of Oase/Atlantis type FKK's in Cologne / Dusseldorf / Bonn or any place close by accesible by public transportation on a wednesday night.

I am heading to Amsterdam from Paris and have a wednesday night in between to pass.
I was thinking of going to pegasus but i guess paradise in Amsterdam (Thursdays gang bang) is much better and cheaper than it, so would it make sense to go to Pegasus? Plus is pegagsus all asian or do they have some german girls too?

I also read reviews on Brussels/Luxemburg but they were not so encouraging. So basically anyone know of any really great places in and around the areas mentioned above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

08-17-03, 00:23
Once you've been to Paradise Amserdam on a Thurs. nite, Pegasus would be a definite letdown.
d-dorf has loads of possibilities in town (Dolce Vita and Tropicana) or out of town in Wuppertal, PHG or Wildenrath, etc. On a Wednesday night though, try Beverly in Solingen-Burg, similar scene to Paradise, but alot more raunchy. you'll need a taxi or car though or stay nearby.
For all of the above see the relevant postings elsewhere on the board.

08-18-03, 02:54
I finally have some times to post some reviews after my first FKK trip which was about 2 months ago. I appreciate those who answered my questions that I posted before my trip. I visited these clubs and I place them in the order of my preference: Atlantis, Oase, Sudbad, Babylon, Bernds, Relax, Wiago, Parksauna, Mondail, FKK World. Yes, FKK-World is at the bottom of my list because I didn't see any girl that was above a 6 while I was there. In fact, I didn't even spend on any lady because I was extremely picky on look. I preferred the early 20s one, but most of the girls at World were around late 20s to 30s. Perhaps, World had just been opened for a week or 2 at that point and needed some times to build up its reputation. I may check back to World next time since others have posted good reviews since my visit.

My overall experience was mostly positive, with few minor exceptions. I can't remember the names of most girls that I spent time with probably because I was overwhelmed with those clubs and allowed my other head did the thinking. Doctor_Skank was right that the ladies there f*** every body as long as you have the Euros and a good hygiene which I did. Of all the hotties I was with, all of them provided bbbj, but not all of them allowed dfk on which I'll comment little bit later. Most of them allowed daty. Only half of them allowed being fingered. Surprisingly, none turned down my request on CIM, with extra $ of course. I don't think I want to go to every single thread and review what has already been written or said by many other posters here. I'm going to comment the unusual or the unexpected that I don't seem to see anyone mentioning.

1) I was surprised to know that a girl at Bernds initiated the penetration without cover. She's the Moroccan girl in her early to mid 20s with shoulder long black hair. I didn't f*** her, but my buddy did. He told me that after she gave him a bbbj, she rode on top of him and put his inside her without any protection and without letting him know in advance. When he realized that he was bare backed, she told him that she's safe and clean. He was crazy enough not to object to it and let her ride it out. He did pull it out before he came. I warned him about that risky behavior because if she did that to him, she has probably done that with some other guys before. I was under the impression that if a girl has sex with a client without condom, she would be in trouble. I guess it isn't so as long as the clients don't mind about it and keep that quiet.

2) When I walked into Wiago, a blond girl caught my eyes. I later found out that her name is Samantha who, imho, was the best looking girl there. When I was about to go up to her, another guy got ahead of me. I decided to wait. That guy's session was unusually short, which made me wondering. It turned out that he got freaked out because of what he saw on Samantha. As he was going down on her, he discovered that her private areas were covered with wart-alike reddish bump. Samantha told him that she had that ever since she was a little kid. How could that be possible? I decided to choose another girl, Denise, who gave me an ok session. I was wondering if Samantha once had genital warts or some kind of venereal disease. Is it possible that she used to have STD, and since she is in remission now and hence allowed to work again? Is it fair to assume that any good looking girl can work in an FKK club (assuming she's a legal resident) regardless of her pass STD history as long as at the time she has a check up that the result doesn't show any disease? The lesson is that the best looking girl may not be the safest.

3) I over heard a guy in Atlantis bragging to his pal about how he pulled out the condom just before entering the girl from behind without letting her know. I wasn't sure which girl he was talking about. How could she possibly not know or feel that or could she? Either he's a moron, idiot, or liar. Assuming he did what he said, it seems to me that he got carried away and played God with his dick without thinking about the risk associated with his action. Anyone cares to comment on that?

4) Although I don't like to generalize people, based on the reviews in this forum, there is some validity to the debate that some German girls not providing good service. People say that all stereotypes usually come from some elements of truth. I had an unpleasant experience at Mondail. (Please see the Mondail thread.) I almost had a similar experience at Oase with a 5'9" tall thin brunette who has a model-looking body with an A cup. I sat next to her trying to find out what kind of girl she is. She's a German speaking rudimentary English but understood well. As I continued to create some kind of conversation, she told me bluntly that she can not continue to talk because she's there to make money. I slowly stood up and walked away. Later on, the guy from my tour had a 30 min session with her, and I was told that she didn't provide dfk and didn't allow daty. I was glad that I stayed away from her. I think her name may be Jasmine or something, but I could be wrong. Despite with my experience, I still didn't believe that all German girls provide bad service. I was right. When I was at Sudbad, I had a heavenly time with this tall nice looking German dirty-blonde girl with the name of Christina with small breasts. With her long lizard-like tongue, she really DFKed the hell out of me. She's a super f**ker that I could hardly keep up with her.

5) One other comment is that most of the girls I spent with smoked. When dfk-ing these ladies, I sometimes could smell the cigarettes or something from their breath which sometimes turned me off since I don't smoke. Another thing is that many of them like to put on their bodies some kind of lotion which can have some strange smell and taste badly if you try to lick their tempting bodies.

08-24-03, 06:00
Great report SinglePro...thanks for all the tips on the ones that don't play by the rules. Health inspections are what make this an even more enjoyable and reliable experience. I depend on it.

08-24-03, 10:51

Thanks for the detailed report. Always good when guys provide feedback.

Here's my comments:

1) I have yet to ever leave an FKK with getting laid like you did at FKK World, but if I couldn't find anything worth screwing, I would. Looks are very important. Why pay money to fuck someone unattractive.

2) The girl who did it w/o a condom shocks me. That is just ridiculous in that kind of environment. Hope she stays healthy and hope your friend is ok. In his position I'd definitely get checked. I've had girls rub their vaginas on my cock when there was no condom on, but I would never penetrate an FKK girl without a condom.

3) The guy at Atlantis who penetrated the girl without a condom is evil. That is just wrong. We'd all prefer fucking without condoms but breaking the rules in that fashion is cruel to the girls. Probably nothing happened, but doing such reckless things has the potential to destroy lives. I really can't understand this. When I was in Bulgaria a German guy there told me he regularly tore off his condom and came inside prostitutes. He laughed about as if it was some kind of sport. I am sure he is the kind of guy who never has himself checked for anything. I told him he was an asshole and refused to speak to him afterwards. I felt like punching him.

4) The girl with the possible STD in remission is also scary. I think about this sometimes too. 90% of the girls working at FKKs are clinically clean. When at FKK Cocoon yesterday (I posted on it) all the girls suddenly disappeared and had to go see the doctor for a quick checkup. I am always glad to hear this. I rarely feel like there is any danger since a condom is always used, but BBBJ is also not 100% safe and I always let girls do this to me. So I am glad that there is at least some semblance of medical checks taking place. I get myself checked every couple of months too.

5) Seems to me as well that all girls smoke. Seems to be part of the business.

6) German girls giving bad service is a clichee, but like most, it is based on some experience. I think they give good service, but many don't kiss let alone DFK and many are quite mechanical in their performance. But have had great ones too. DFK is very important for me. Makes my experience much better...I almost always try for some form of GFE.

Glad you had a great time at the FKKs. They really are fantastic.

09-14-03, 07:11
Hi All

Reading these reports abot FKK clubs makes me wish I could fly to Germany tomorrow. Why is it that we don't see this format anywhere else? of course, forget about the US! it'll never happen here.

One question: Most if not all of the reports discussed multiple sessions with different ladies in one visit. Are you guys young studs in your 20's? I thought the average customer is a middle-aged business man. When I go and can only manage one session, I'm going to feel so cheated.


09-14-03, 13:33

No, we are not all young 20-yr old studs.

Go to the FKKs, you will have more than one session, believe me.
Space out your sessions by a couple of hours, and swallow 15mgs of viagra. You'll have at least 2 sessions.

09-15-03, 05:55

Although it's hard to admit, I'm not 20 years old anymore. Just go, pace yourself, relax between sessions - the nicer clubs have plenty of downtime options- even take a nap if you' like. I can easily do 5 sessions spread out over the night and have never popped that blue pill.


09-18-03, 09:14
I'm visiting Dusseldorf and Giessen on 14 - 18 Oct, hiring a car. If anybody is around maybe we can cross paths. I'm aiming to go to Beverly a couple of nights, FKK World, and some other places.

09-21-03, 00:36
Have you been to Beverly before? I have a couple of posts on here with details.

09-21-03, 09:19
Sorcerer - no, this will be my first time at Beverly (a couple of previous plans went wrong and I ended up at Ralph and Tina's, and Mettman). I've read your excellent reports closely - thanks. If all goes well I may do Beverly on three nights (if I have the stamina)

09-21-03, 20:36

I actually am a young stud at the end of my 20's, but I am amazed at how most of the middle aged guys can pull off more sessions than I could ever dream of. I take about 1-2 hours of downtime between sessions and rarely have a problem.

The FKK system as it is today has pretty much evolved from the Therma's in Brazil. The first FKK opened in Germany about 20 years ago, but the new ones are more like brazilian Thermas. But just as the car was invented somewhere else and prefected in Germany, so it is with pay sex. I have posted on this before. In Germany the FKK's are 99% for the locals and not specifically for Toruists (In Thailand it is the opposite). This means there is no tourist rip off stuff, they want and get repeat customers, so it is all about customer service and good value for money.

Was at World yesterday for the 2 Year Anniversary party of the Main German Forum. They have the facilities down pat, but the ladies are sub-par at best. About 40 girls there and even with the most leeway I could manage there were no more than 6 girls I could even get it up for. Only 3 real highlights, booked a brunette german named Vanessa who was amazing, worked for a couple of weeks in Babylon, but in her 3 days in world she likes it better. I hope she decides to move to a club closer to Cologne where I head more often, because as much as I enjoyed her, I wouldn't return to World just for her. Back to World. I left the party early because after 2 sessions I ran out of girls that I was interested in having sex with in exchange for cash. I left at 9pm and headed to Wildenrath, where there were there were 8 really hot girls among the 12 working (at least 4 were at least on par with the best at World).

If you want to see the facilities or you have a business or personal reason to go to Giessen then head to World, otherwise the best clubs in Germany at the moment are in the Düsseldorf Area, Planet Happy Garden, Cocoon, Wildenrath, or the clubs on the A40 have the best women.

Some German board members are saying that my old favourite club, Fantasyland in Gorgeshausen is picking up again. New owners and a better environment for the guests and the ladies. What that club used to be is what Wildenrath currently is for me.


T Chizzle
09-21-03, 20:55

my first post on here and my first time experience at an fkk club.

i drove my own car, trying to find the place, and there it was-- atlantis. inside, i paid the 65 euro entrance fee, got my locker key, took my shower, and off i went adventuring into something new, having some expectations as well as not knowing what else to expect.

so i walked into the main area inside (seeing the indoor swimming pool, the bar, and the many-many hott-looking ladies), and immediately, a girl approached me. wow! she was of asian descent-- thai and had a very nice and curvaceous body. we had a brief introduction-chat and she asked, "if i was horny and would like to go upstairs." hmm, let me think about why i'm here in the first place. lol. anyways, even though i wanted to go with her, i had to politely reject the "get-together" as i was still adjusting myself to the foreign setting and wasn't fully ready yet. and so i continued walking, looking, staring, gawking (pretty much all at once) and trying to see what prospects there were for me. i found myself an empty couch and so i figured i'd watch the action in play between "client" and "hostess". it was about 17.00 early evening on a saturday, sitting and observing from the couch, there seemed to be a lot more girls than there were guys. some girls were hovering around what i think was a fountain and around the bar; some were lying down and showing their "good stuff" enticing potential walking wallets; while others were walking around trying to find some interested guys. at the moment i was just content to watch.

as i was just watching from the couch, this beautiful blonde decided to sit down on the couch beside mine. she looked at me, looked away for a brief moment, and then looked at me again and could see that i was taking an interest in her tempting body, and motioned me to sit next to her. i was settled in by that time and was definitely ready to start my fkk experience. and so i sat next to her. introduced myself and found out her basic info; nicole, 24-yrs old from poland-- seemed like a nice girl. her english was okay and the communication barrier wasn't too bad. she could tell that i was a newbie there, and explained to me the process of "if you like the girl, then you ask her to go with you upstairs." so i didn't hesitate to ask her to be my first fkk girl. and off we went.

the room was a fairly sized room-- big enough for what looked to be a queen-sized bed or maybe a little smaller. and for your privacy in order to separate the room from the hallway, you've got the curtain (no concrete door). good little set-up i guess. nicole laid down her towel on the bed, and i followed along with her and did the same. and then we got started. she had me lying down on my backside, while she kissed my body, my chest, and rubbing her nice soft, saggy tits against my cock. gave a decent bbbj for what seemed like a fair amount of time. then, she got the condom, and we moved into the missionary position. this went on for some time. then she got onto her hands and knees and i mounted her from behind doing her doggie-style. her performance was so-so. it was definitely not a gfe. what got me puzzled was that i was having a hard time keeping my erection. i couldn't believe it. here i am with a good-looking girl, and i'm having problems. lol i've never had the problem, but i guess there's a first for everything. i think that i was just too anxious and nervous which might've caused "my boy" to not perform for me. well when i was feeling like i was going limp, i suggested she give me another bbbj. i did get hard again, but she asked me to not cim. it was towards the end of the 30-minute time session that she started giving me a hj; trying to get me to release my "nut" (which i didn't and my dick just went dead after a few minutes). i don't know. maybe i just needed to be more relaxed, but the whole experience felt very mechanical and the 30-mins felt very short. i wished it was 50 euros for an hour and at least i would've been somewhat satisfied. anyways, there was no way i going to pay another 50 euro for another 30 minutes with nicole, and so the session was ended. so i paid her the 50 euros, got showered again, and i was on to find the next girl.

i will be brief with the next girl because she was pretty much a pity-fuck. lol i really didn't want to go with her but with her persistence on wanting me to go with her, i just caved in (words of wisdom: don't be like me and cave in to desperate pussy). she was an african girl from spain she claims. her name: jacky. there was a gap in her teeth. lol i wasn't attracted to her at the slightest and would have rather gone with one of the other more fine-looking black girls. anyways, i wasted 50 euros on her already and can't go back in time. oh well. she was ok. we did it upstairs. she gave a half-hour massage that she claims was a free service on her part (i guess it was a good deal for 50 euros), bbbj, and full service. but again, which was beginning to upset me, i did not get to release any of my "nut".

i was frustrated with myself. i definitely did not want to end the evening not feeling satisfied. well, i figured that maybe the problem was that i needed to rest and revitalize myself more, and so i showered and went and found myself some food and drinks. all free, however, i think i'd rather pay for some good food than eat some of that free stuff there they called food. anyways, by that time in the evening, there seemed to be more selection of women, however, there were tons of guys there it seemed as well. it made me wish that i had chosen wisely earlier in the day, but oh well. now the competition for the good-looking girls was a little higher.

again, i found myself a seat on a couch. watching to see whom i was going to snatch up next. (for the average guy like myself, facing the choice of so many beautiful girls, it really was a challenge to choose) not too long after sitting down, an extremely attractive, tall blonde approached me and pretty much just threw herself on my lap and started caressing my body, dfk on the couch, and i just started getting into it with her on the couch. i wish i could remember her name, but i do remember she said she was 25 yrs. old and from spain. she was definitely getting me excited. and so she suggested that we continue elsewhere. i agreed and she led me outside to this indian teepee-type of tent. lol it was definitely cold outside that evening. of course i wasn't too distracted by the temperature. i just went with the flow of things. i wish that i could remember if the tent had a zip-up door or if it didn't. well, if it didn't some people who could've walked by the tent would've gotten a free show i guess. lol anyways, some more dfk and she had amazingly nice, big, and natural tits. she gave a pretty good bbbj that led to her riding on top of me. she was definitely a wild one-- dfk during the whole time, which was definitely a good thing. i went daty with her. good full service with her, however, by the 30 minute mark, i still did not cum. i didn't extend my time with her (though now that i think about it, i wish that i had extend). how do these girls time these sessions anyways? 30 minutes seemed so short of time. i don't know. it was all so new to me. i guess 50 euros for 30 minutes with a good-looking girl would be considered a bargain compared to other places in the world. anyways, i only had enough euros on me for one or two more sessions and so i wanted to find myself an asian girl next.

by that time in the night, there was a ridiculous amount of guys and finding an asian girl, let alone an attractive one seemed a challenge. i was looking for the thai girl i had met earlier in the day, but couldn't find her. of course, everywhere i went there were one or two girls pulling me to the side and seeing if i wanted to go with them. they were mostly the unattractive ones (at least unattractive to me), and i wanted asian. i must've walked around in circles for an hour and still no luck. some time during that night, there were some fireworks. it was quite a spectacle to see everyone naked, half-covered in towels outside watching fireworks. anyways, as i continued walking and looking, i was surprised to be pulled to the side by an attractive brunette. she was a friend with the blonde from spain. she was cuban from barcelona and 25 yrs. old as well if my memory's correct. again, i couldn't remember her name. she too was very aggressive and had a very smooth and smokin' body. and so i abandoned the whole "asian search" and took her upstairs where we ran into a line because all the rooms were being used. can you imagine waiting in line to have sex? lol anyways, it wasn't too long of a line to wait, and i didn't really notice the waiting time, as i was pretty much distracted with the sinful body that i had in my grasp. well, when we finally got a room, i wanted to go daty with her first. she seemed to like what i was doing, or maybe she was very good at faking it. i don't know. worked for me. then she gave a pretty good bbbj and then somehow managed to put on the condom without me realizing it. anyways, she was a good performer, but of course by the 30-minute mark, i still wasn't done. she asked if i wanted to continue for the hour. i agreed, as i wanted to cum at least once for the day. so we continued, and we did it in different positions and yesss!! i finally came inside her doing it doggie-style. it was definitely a good relief, and i was definitely satisfied. there were some minutes left before the hour and so she just gave me a massage. after all was said and done. she got her 100 euros, and i was done for the day.

well, my overall opinion regarding my first time at an fkk club was good. i would definitely recommend to any and all guys who haven't gone to one of these clubs to definitely check it out. seeing how i'll be living here in germany for a couple more years, i think the next time that i go, it should definitely be better, now that i have a better feel for it all, and i know what to expect.

reading through some of the posts on the wsg forum here definitely helped.


09-29-03, 01:25
My first attempt at travel to Frankfurt, so I was hoping to have some information before finlaizing the flights:

I'll have a 2-3 day stopover in Frankfurt from 12/31-1/2.
Is New year's Eve and Day a good time to viist Frankfurt?

How does the activity change in general and especially at the FKK clubs aroung that time?

Am I better off planning for another time?

Thanks for your help.

10-01-03, 16:53
T Chizzle a very nice report, very detailed. I will have a layover in Germany and how can I get to Atlantis without renting a car? CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS? The previous directions from other members seems to be confusing.

10-04-03, 21:11

Here's a link to the webpage for the Frankfurt Public transportation system. This will help you plan your trip to Atlantis.

Detailed instructions wouldn't help you, because certain trains and busses run only on certain days. Therfore, what would work on Thursday would not work on Sunday.


It's pretty self-explanatory: you provide the date and times you want to travel, along with your starting point and destination, and the software plots your course for you and tells you how much it will cost.

Richard M
10-12-03, 05:40

I'm going to be in Berlin for a few days and am interested in trying out La Folie.

Also, I'm meeting an ex girl friend there and would like to encourage her to attend some sauna clubs with me. She's not into swinging but is into nudity. Can anyone recommend where we could go to? Somewhere that we can also have a good perve!

Are there any protocals that we should observe?

Thanks alot

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid future delays, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. This practice works for millions of people every day. Thanks!

10-13-03, 20:36
Thanks Arnie, I appreciate it.

10-14-03, 08:55
No worries, mate. Let me know if you have any questions with the search feature.

10-14-03, 11:56
AS anyone ever used the FKK tour guides? It's about the same price as renting a car to drive to the clubs. Just that you have to pay admission for the guide who drives you around.

10-15-03, 03:59
I have. I can highly recommend the outfit I used. Is there anything special you want to know?

10-15-03, 08:59
I just came back from Brazil, Rio and Sao Paulo.

I am interested in The FKK CLUBS in Germany. Which is the best? Has the most quality of woman for the money? For the value 2 girls at once.

I like light skinned blondes with big tits. with firm body and speak some english.

I am from the USA I loved the Termas in Rio de Janeiro but heard of the FKK CLUBS in Germany.

Can anyone list some websites that have guided tours that drive you to the fkk clubs or different clubs and bars to have sex with woman in Germany?

Is the week before Christmas a good or bad time to visit Fkk club in Germany?

Does anyone know the current exchange rate from USA TO Germany?

Are most of the FKK clubs withing driving distances within an hour or are they cities apart and would take days to enter most Fkk clubs?

Thank You

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-15-03, 20:02
Yes Arnie I would appreciate that, I saw a link to a site that had Fkk tours for 150 euro with a driver. Is this the same one you used?

10-16-03, 07:28
Website for guided FKK tours:


Hope this helps.

10-16-03, 14:58

Go to Kaleu's web site for list of FKK clubs (http://www.kaleus-clubindex.de.vu/).

I'm afraid it will not take days, but weeks or even months to do most of them. There are over 150 on Kaleu's list.

And, by the way, Germany no longer has its own currency. For exchange rate to the euro, ask George Bush, he has done a great job. The USD lost about 30% in a year. ;-) More seriously, it's 1.17 USD for 1.00 EUR today, but ask your bank when you're about to come. The exchange rate fluctuates awfully fast, up and down like a yoyo. Today the euro will cost you 10% more than a month ago, 5% less than 4 months ago and 20% more than 8 months ago. In December, experts say that the USD should be further down, to 1.30 USD for 1.00 EUR, unless there is a dramatic recovery in the US (or disaster in Europe).


10-18-03, 04:29
Six-month Euro forecast here:


10-18-03, 09:55
Well... a different forecast here (down to USD 1.30 for EUR 1.00, with the thinking behind it) :-)


Now, which site gave a forecast last year for the USD going down to 1.20 this year ? This one did. ;-)

Edited : Re-reading posting guidelines, I realise we're getting pretty off-topic here. Sorry, Jackson ! :-( This is my last post on this. ;-)

10-22-03, 08:02
>>Yes Arnie I would appreciate that, I saw a link to a site that had Fkk tours for 150 euro with a driver. Is this the same one you used?<<

I believe so. I used the outfit advertised in the link I posted a few days ago. I can recommend it.

10-25-03, 14:17

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-Uncle Otto

Dodger Bulldog
11-10-03, 06:21
I am going through Frankfurt and will have an eight hour layover, from 11 AM to 7 PM. Is there an FKK Club that is open during those hours and is close enough for me to get back to the airport in plenty of time? I sure hope so.

I appreciate any feedback from you experienced mongers!

Mark User
11-11-03, 01:46

RTF, as they say. There are several local to Frankfurt that you could go to easily in that time frame. I would recommend Paradise and/or Dietzenbach. Each is less than 45 minutes by taxi from the Airport. You could get there with no rush. Assume you need to be back at the airport by 5 pm (2 hours befor int'l flight?) you could land at 11, get out of baggage by 11:30, be in the club by 1 pm easy. Spend 4 hours with a series of women (2 or 3 at least, no?) and make it back to the airport.

Be safe.


11-11-03, 07:19

FKK F35 should also be reachable by taxi from the airport in under 30 minutes.

Someone posted somewhere on this site directions to FKK Dietzenbach from the airport by public bus. You may or may not make it in your short lay-over. Do a keyword search for "Dietzenbach".

Good luck,

Timber Tree
11-11-03, 13:15
Anybody is interested on where the FKK clubs are located.

If you have a GPS system, you can find it faster. The coordinates will take you there approximately or within the area.


Timber Tree
11-11-03, 13:22
Advice: If you are planning to go to Germany. Things to think about when you plan to go with a partner, group or by yourself.

Tip: If you do not have Euro with you, just exchange a small amount at the airport. There are a lot of banks in small towns (people do need to use bank and ATM), and they do not have any commission and usually give you the best possible exchange rate. My mistake was exchanging a large amount at the Airport, the have commission plus the exchange rate if very lousy. You are better off using an ATM rather than those people at the airport make the currency exchange.

If you are travelling alone, unless you are an experience driver or very good at reading maps. I suggest that you get some sort of Navigational system, this will save you time and money driving around. The website with the GPS coordinates posted on the some website take you approximately to the club or at least in the area.

The tours are good, you have company along the way and never worry about getting lost or maps (just relax and enjoy your visit to the clubs), but the only drawback is expensive.

Travelling by yourself, if you are not familiar with the area it can cause you frustration of getting lost and gas is quite expensive. It would be good to travel with a companion, and I would have only saved on car, gas and hotel(probably).

Travelling with a companion is probably your best bet, but of course you have to make sure the he is going. Better have a backup plan if he doesn't arrive. The best way is have your companion setup the car or the hotel. And ge each others confirmation.

11-11-03, 19:27
I have been trying to make car reservations for 3 days around new year in Frankfurt.

For full size car (mercedes c) the cheapest I have found is US$315 for 3 days on Hertz. Sixt is more expensive.
And that's for a manual transmission (which I have never driven). Also no navigation system guarantee.

Can someone give me an idea of current taxi fares from downtown frankfurt to Atlantis and Oase and World.

I know taxis are not cheap, but if the difference between car and taxi isn't great , then I would prefer not to drive.


11-11-03, 21:24

Taxis in Germany are expencive.
To Atlantis from Frankfurt could cost you between
60-70Eu or more each way.
To get from Atlantis to Oasis it's around 100EU

I know its a bit of a risk but the trick is to book the smallest group A or B car and ask for an upgrade when you get to the rental counter .They usually are very keen to give you a good deal.(but it all depends on what they have available when you turn up)
I was in Holland last week and booked a group A car for 134 EU for three days inclusive of airport surcharge(That alone is 28Eu)
but they offered me a upgrade to a medium size car (Volvo S70 Manual) for an extra 30 Eu (10Eu a day) an offer I could not refuse.
From my personal experince the German Rentals are even more generous (especailly if you are a frequent renter of one of the companies)
Driving in Germany is easy and fun the roads are well sign posted if you do your homework before you set out,or better still you have NAV fitted.You will find it much easier having the mobilty of a car rather than having to rely on taxi or public transport.

11-11-03, 21:56
Dietzenbach is accessible by public bus from the main airport terminal - it takes approximately 50 minutes and leaves you off around the corner from the club and get this - it costs under Eur 4 each way! You can easily make it round trip with 3-4 girls and round trip to and from the club.
You may want to consider that Oase is a little less than a 30 minute drive from the airport by taxi or rental. It's easy enough to take a rental for 50- 60 Eur, be at Oase within an hour of landing in FRA, ogle the goods, have a sauna, jacuzzi and massage, and do the deed a couple of times and be back at the airport in plenty of time for the next leg of your trip...great way to beat the airline travel blues with a gleam in your eye, sigh on your lips, and **** juice on yor fingertips :-)

11-11-03, 23:13

Using the German Sixt site I can get a Golf for about 200€ for 4 Days.

You might also want to try booking via a travel agent in the states and buying a voucher (pay in the states). these are sometimes a really good deal. aslo if you book your flight with Expedia you can often book a rental witht he flight. Book a cheaper class, and learn to drive standard, real men drive standard.


11-11-03, 23:35
"...and learn to drive standard, real men drive standard....."

Drive standard? That ain't gonna happen!

So I guess I'll be proving my manhood on some brazillian or moldovian's ass in a couple of weeks.:)

Does Golf have a navigation system?

11-12-03, 06:03

Thanks for your posts regarding public transportation to Club Dietzenbach from FRA airport. Do you happen to know how to get to this club by public transportation from downtown Frankfurt (without backtracking back to the airport)?


11-12-03, 22:56
Viagrant - take a regional express bus from the main train station to the sudbahnhof (southern train station). Cross through the station to the other side outside and from there take the 961 bus to Max Planck strasse which is around the corner from the club. It should take about 45 minutes travel time. Enjoy.

11-19-03, 05:40
I'm ready for another FKK trip. Can someone who is proficient in German translate the following questions/statements in to German, using the polite form? Please translate the ones in the parenthesis also. Some of them are supposed to be compliments. Many thanks.

1) Please don't use your hand that much, use your mouth (lips, tongue).
2) Can you suck little bit hard?
3) Can you wrap your hands and legs around me?
4) Please take your time. (Please don't rush.)
5) If I don't finish in 30 minutes, I will extend another 30 minutes.
6) I wish you were my girl friend (wife)!
7) I want to spend an other 30 minutes just kissing you. :-)

11-19-03, 17:08
Single Pro,

You don't use the polite form with hookers, and I am really a polite guy with thegirls. they introduce themselves with their first name and you use your first name too so you are already on a first name basis, that is why not the polite form.

1)Bitte weniger handeinsatz, benutz nur dein Mund
2)Kannst du etwas stärker saugen?
3)Kannst du deine Arme und Beine um mich Wickeln?
4)Etwas Langsamer, wir müssen uns nicht beeilen.
5)Fals ich in 30 Minuten nicht fertig bin werde ich verlängern
6)Ich wünschte du wärest meine Freundin (Frau) - This is a horrible thing to say to a prostitute and is not a compliment is just a cheesy line and I would not use it at all. these are not stupid little Thai girls looking for a hubby to take them to the first world, these are girls who know what they are doing and haveno dreams of meeting their dream guy while on the job.
7)Ich möchte dich noch dreizig minuten lang küssen. - this line is better.

If you can give the girls legitimate and personal compliments that are genuine, then fine, but planning a compliment is crap.


12-05-03, 07:33

I am thinking of going to Frankfurt area FKK clubs December 22nd and December 29th. Does anyone want to meet? I think it might be a bit more fun if there is a small group (2-4 people) then just going alone. I have been to FKK clubs before, so I am not a newbie.


12-24-03, 02:46
Any girls do facials in the FKK's ?

Mark User
12-24-03, 07:00
in some cases, "yes" IF you ask in advance and agree to pay more in advance. And it sometimes a lot more. Personally, I have never understood why some guys like that, but I guess there are some that do. Is it a sort of "Take THAT" attitude?


12-24-03, 23:57
I really enjoy facials and have given a lot of them. For myself it is visual erotic experience. It's never been about trying to make the girl feel bad or trying to degrade her..

Mark User
12-25-03, 19:16
No criticism intended, I just was curious what the attraction was.

12-25-03, 20:17
Facial is not my thing either, but I believe, in Atlantis, there is a German girl who allows facial. My mongering friend did facial to her. I didn't try her because I didn't turn on by her look which is about 6, IMO. I don't remember her name. She is kind of skinny and petit (around 5'5") with dirty blond hair and A-cup breast. She speaks pretty fluent English. I was told that she's a wild girl. She seems very friendly if you talk to her. She's not new since she was there back in May when I was there.

I generally agree with the view that it's not about degrading the girl or anything like that as long as the girl agrees to do it at the price she asks for. I guess it's about fantasy fullfilling to some, visual eroticism to others, or something turned on certain people,... which many of us probably have, one form or another.

Speaking of what turns on certain people, I wonder if any girl is willing to do CIM + swallow? We pay extra for CIM, and the girls normally spit out. Can we pay even more extra for CIM with swallow? I never asked the girl. Perhaps I should have. I don't recall any post mentioning anything about paying extra for swallow.

12-27-03, 12:16
Try Celine in Atlantis. The is a cute, petite, Croatian. The last time that I saw here (Dec. 6) she had dyed her hair red. She is pretty wild and game for almost anything.

I doubt that you will find one who will swallow, but who knows.

12-28-03, 01:17
Singlepro - If you do find one willing to swallow please let us all know her name and place of work....
We'll know then to AVOID her and the place like the plague!
Play Safe - Live Longer!

01-05-04, 00:48

Swallowing is not a big time saftey issue. The diffeence in safety levels between CIM and spitting and CIM and swallowing is virtuallz none. The chances of exposed cuts in the mouth is much larger than in the throat.

Quite a few girls offer swallowing. I have only gone for it once, because CIM ad Facials aren't really my thing. This girl Franceska at Wildenrath is all up for it. she is a little nuts and way too horny for the job. She virtually begs you to upgrade to CIM and swallowing. If I remember properly it was an additional 25 there. She is a tall blonde girl with very small breasts and a quite cute face.


01-05-04, 17:57
I agree with Peter. If a girl is going to allow CIM, it is perhaps even "safer" for her to swallow since it gets it out of her mouth faster. Infectious agents have much less chance of surviving in the stomach than in the mouth.

As a provider once said to me, "If a girl is going to let you come in her mouth, she might as well swallow."

01-06-04, 06:48
Peter, Viagrant,
Sorry, can't agree. CIM, spitting and rinsing means that she's getting rid of and cleansing her system quickly.
Swallowing means that any possible disease carrying microbes stay and stay and stay...it only takes one microbe. And not wanting to be disgusting, but what she swallows, eventually comes out, and on the way out passes very close to some pretty sensitive organs.

01-06-04, 08:00
I know that I am not a regular poster here, but this conversation caught my eye. The truth is that it matters not one bit whether she spits or swallows in terms of becoming infected by anything in the man's semen, period. Furthermore, if you're that worried about whether the girl has allowed CIM, or spits, or swallows then you are in the wrong place and are overly paranoid. The fact of the matter is that you have no idea what she does with other guys at all regardless of what she will or will not do with you. The fact that she provides a BBBJ at all is sufficient to become infected and/or pass on that infection so forget about what she does with the end result. Personally, I won't have anything to do with any girl who WON'T provide a BBBJ as the risks are extremely low and CBJ's suck ( no pun intended). Nevertheless, there are risks and only each one of us can decide what his particular risk tolerance is. Stop worrying so much and start fucking more.

01-07-04, 03:46
Truth is I fully agree, and if I was paranoid would be collecting stamps or whatnot. I posted my original comment to stress that a lack of caution is dangerous and if the sp shows that she's not cautious we're placing ourselves in unnecessary danger. Just be smart, and although when the blood begins flowing, and the hands become sweaty, and the heart starts racing, we sometimes let another organ take over our thinking, we need to stay just a little cautious. I also think CBJ sucks...like that one LOL

01-07-04, 04:21
Viagent is correct in that someone who swallows is less at risk than someone who spits. Viruses and bacteria are quickly killed by the acids in the stomach, while someone who keeps it in their mouth runs a higher risk of having a microbe finding an opportunistic opening.

01-09-04, 19:27
I was wondering, are the FKK clubs cash only or can you use credit cards?

Ice Cream Man
01-10-04, 12:17

I am sorry to say the risk is the same regardless of whether she swollows or spits. While it is true the stomach acids will destroy most microbes and viruses, the contact with the mucosa in the mouth and throat remains the same and that is where the infections will occur. Even if the load is just "passing through" on the way to the stomach, the lining of the mouth and throat are coated and exposed.

It is a risk we all take.

Ice Cream Man

01-12-04, 22:32

You can use cash or credit at the three big clubs. Oase, Atlantis, and World. They take all major credit cards but charge a 30% fee. I was just in World a few weeks ago and noticed that they've installed an ATM (Geldautomat).

01-25-04, 04:11
Any recommended FFKs that can be reached reasonably easily without a car? Taxi is ok as long as the trip's not too long.

Also, what do you DO at those places? Except for the screwing I mean. Chicks will work fine as entertainment for 3 or 4 sessions, but after that you'll probably want something else to do. FKKs seem to be situated at remote locations with nothing much to do, so do people pass the time taking long strolls in the forest or stare at inanimate objects for hours once they're exhausted or do they do anything slightly more amusing? :-)

01-25-04, 12:17

FKK35 in Frankfurt can be reached by public transportation (you can get within walking distance using a streetcar).

As for what to do besides sex at an FKK, there is not much (though most have hot tubs or saunas). When I am finished with the sex, I just leave. Why would you want to hang around there after you are spent for the day?


01-25-04, 15:30
Thanks Viagrant!

Just seemed like they were at remote locations, so going to the nearest city would take hours and thus be a hassle. Do you know if Oase and Atlantis are reachable by non-auto means?