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05-21-02, 01:23
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05-21-02, 22:42
Atlantis presently has the status of the biggest and best FKK in the world and deffinetly worth a detour if you are anywhere in the vicinity .

FKK-Club Atlantis
Siemens Str. 4
63674 Altenstadt
Telephone : 06047-986872 (tape german), 06047-986870 (front desk)
opening times 10-4 Am 7 days a week
Homepage: http://www.atlantis-therme.de
Entry: 60 Eu
Prices: 50 eu/Girl, French Total +50 eu, non-alcoholic drinks free
Misc.: Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna, Turkish Bath

Directions: A45 - exit Altenstadt. B521 to Altenstadt towncenter, to the left Gewerbegebiet Waldsiedlung. About 2 km to a crossing (REWE supermarket) turn left. Second road to the right.

05-29-02, 15:25
Hey Wiz,

as I can see, you still find my Club Index helpfull ;-))

Hope you are doing well, since we met last time. Just drop me an e-mail if you plan to visit Germany again, maybe we can make some arrangements.

Kaleu's FKK Club Index: http://www.cfit.com/fkk.htm

05-30-02, 14:23
where is Atlantis?

Which airport is closer?

05-30-02, 21:21
Originally posted by boofer
where is Atlantis?

Which airport is closer?

It's about 30-40 minutes of driving by car from the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport.
You can find all other necessary informations in the posting from Wiz down this page.


06-04-02, 13:46
I spent 4 hours in Atlantis. Heaven on earth. Excellent facilities and very honest. The only drawback is access. Public transport is possible - about 80 minutes from Frankfurt Hbf (go to www.bahn.de which will give you details including a walking map of last few metres). However no public transport in evening. Taxi to Frankfurt costs about 60Euros.
There are many girls who are very good looking, many Polish, many speaking some English. It's obvious that the regular German guys get best service but I got very good service. I tried two Polish girls together and they had a fun time - lots of cuddling and fucking.
Remember they are all ordinary people - one Polish girl was new and said she was lonely in Germany. At least at Atlantis they have colleagues and good conditions. I guess that's why there is no hassle and the girls seem mostly to be very relaxed.

06-05-02, 18:53
On a five day trip to Frankfurt I went to FKK Atlantis on a Friday afternoon. Having got there by train from Frankfurt I got a cab to Atlantis. The receptionist explained the rules and I paid my 60 euros. This was the first time that I had been to this type of environment. The main room is very big; As you enter there is a bar on the left, ahead of you couch areas, a pool and jacuzzi. The girls are all over the place and there were lots of them, about 20. Outside is also a pool and sunbathing chairs.
I decided to take my time and observe the girls and see how they interacted with the customers. Some guys were getting bbbbj couch action. If your not into that you can go into a room straight away.
I had my eye on a nicely large breasted blond girl who was tall. She ws quite popular but I was happy with that. I do not remember her name nut she was East European. As we walked up the stairs to the room, I thought that I had made the right choise as I ws very attracted by her fit body.
There was lots of touching as she asked me if this was my first time to the club which I replied yes. I did not receive a bbbj but covered instead? After a very good bj, I imposed myself on her with multiple positions, very porn movie like as she ws very willing and I liked the look on her face as I was on top of her and she having hers arms out stretched holding a corner of the bed!
I then took her from behind and finished as I could not hold out any longer. After getting wiped off we stroked each other with no rush and then went down stairs.

I went to the locker and paid her 50 euros. I then relaxed and looked at the girls and came across another tall blond East European. We went upstairs and got a very similar unrushed experience as before. This time I got a bbbj which ws very good with my balls being licked! Very good! The room was warm and it wasn't long our bodies were very sweaty which I loved. I was cupping her very moist breasts and her vagina was also very wet as I fingered her. After multiple positions she finished me off with a hand job and I came in her hand. Another great session!

We went down stairs and I tipped her and extra 10 euros. I decided to leave the club as I am unfit and didn't have the energy for another session and it would have been wasted. I had spent about three hours in the club and ws well spent. More girls arrived as well as more guys. The receptionist got me a cab to the train station.

A couple of things; I very much liked the selection of girls the time I went. I won't give a 1-10 rating score as we all have our own views on what is 10 and what is 5. The two sessions I had were great and I enjoyed unrushed company. I was told by one of the customers at the club from Friday afternoon it gets busier with more guys knocking off from work but also more girls from late afternoon. The club itself was a very relaxing environment and I would recommend it. Its not cheap as I spent 180 euros but wss money well spent. I have been to Belgium and the Netherlands in the past couple of months and must say the girls were best sessions for me. There will be another posting for hre Frankfurt RLD where I stayed and also had experiences.

06-15-02, 04:11
What's included in €60 entrance price? Unlimeded access to all fasilities and a 'welcome drink' maybe?

06-15-02, 19:08
Originally posted by OddManOut
What's included in €60 entrance price? Unlimeded access to all fasilities and a 'welcome drink' maybe?

Correct, you can stay as long as you want. All drinks (they serve only non alcoholic drinks) are free. During summertime they do barbecue and it's also free.


07-14-02, 14:19
Was here the other day and had a very bad experience. I have been there before and had some of my all time personal highlights. Girls like Mascha are great, and the sheer quantity of girls here is amazing.

I went on a Wednesday "Lingerei Day" at 1pm and there were mainly dark skinned girls there, not many to my taste (young, thin and white). Thuis was not the problem, I would have had a good time even without top girls. I have been in clubs with horrible girls and have had a great time.

Today there was a very unfriendly atmosphere, starting from the woman at the reception across the girls that were working there. The atmosphere at this club is really becoming one of a F*CK Factory. For my money I am heading to places like Gorgeshausen Fantasyland (Takes about the same time from Frankfurt) or PHG or Wildenrath, where the atmosphere is much more friendly.

07-15-02, 14:26
I have a quesiton re Atlantis.

Does it open from 10:00 am till the following day at 4:00am ?

If I go at say 16:00 (or 4 in the afternoon) do me buisness
then go out for a beer and come back full of energy again
at 1:00am due I have to pay the entrance fee again ?

any ideas !!

mail me bajla<REMOVEME>bolena@hotmail.com


07-15-02, 15:28
Originally posted by guest11
Does it open from 10:00 am till the following day at 4:00am ?


If I go at say 16:00 (or 4 in the afternoon) do me buisness
then go out for a beer and come back full of energy again
at 1:00am due I have to pay the entrance fee again ?

Yes, only if you are a local regular, you could be able to get special treatment.

On the other hand the time you are planing to leave the club is the best time for being in the club. Girls work in shifts, usually between 5pm and 7pm the night shift starts working and guess what, these are the top girls most of the time. When you come back to the club around 1am, they already had a lot of guests and are maybe tired. Consider this.


07-26-02, 10:58
I went back to Germany to vist Atlantis again. Four visits over three days.
What struck me this time is that the workers' attitudes are very variable - it really is worth watching to see how long they each spend in rooms with clients.
Generally there is not a lot of public oral at the busier times. The attitudes varied from bored to brilliant.
Some girls really do remember their clients - Anja remembered me from two months previously and sought me out (maybe it's just professional friendliness!) but she said it was because I was a very nice man - they say that they don't like men who don't treat them like people.
A brilliant fuck (the best paid fuck I've had) was from another Polish worker (anothe Anna) who works as a waitress in the week and in Atlantis at the weekend - I had a double with her and Ivana (pierced tonge).
I had a really bad time with a girl from Cologne - she just laid down for me to give her a back massage. Sometimes it seems like Atlantis is a fuck factory
Oral till you come in mouth is an option with some (zum Schluss) at a cost of 100E
The girls include several 10s from my point of view.

09-13-02, 20:18
Another visit to Atlantis - I guess I'm a stick in the mud.
Again excellent service - tried three girls all of whom were in no hurry.
One did an amazing BBBJ both ways in public and spent ages talking to me, having remembered me from four months before.
Another works in a regular job but only comes to Atlantis on Friday nights - amazing pussy muscles and she had lots of fun as she checked my reactions. Followed by a long chat and a bit of massage for her - session lasting 45 ins and she tried to refuse my tip. Incidentally, I saw her out shopping next morning.
This time there were no poor sessions.

09-15-02, 05:00
Hey all... trying to figure out how to get www.bahn.de to show me the way from Frankfurt to Atlantis by train. Can't get any address to work, and using the destination station of "Altenstadt" seems to give me several options. If I specify "Altenstadt Hessen" as the destination station I can see some trans which seem to go in the right direction. Questions:

Is "Altenstadt Hessen" the proper station, and how far from the club is it?

Are cabs available from the station?

Is the station an OK place to wait at night, it will be Winter when I go. Anything indoor?

Thanks in advance for any help or someone who has tried this before.

09-15-02, 17:53
Originally posted by Ron1
Is "Altenstadt Hessen" the proper station, and how far from the club is it?

Are cabs available from the station?

Is the station an OK place to wait at night, it will be Winter when I go. Anything indoor?

1. Yes, about 12 to 15 minutes by cab.
2. Most of the time you'll have to call a cab. Look for a public phone, there you'll find a phone book and look under "TAXI", sometimes they also have numbers on stickers in the public phone.
3. No, get a hotel or guesthouse in Altenstadt. Check out: http://www.hrs.de


09-15-02, 21:10
Ron 1

Kalue knows best.

I've done the trip by train and bus, taxi and by car.

Unless your German is good I wouldn't risk just turning up at the station and phoning for a taxi. It's very quiet station.If you go by train from Frankfurt be aware that sometimes the train divides - make sure you're in the right half

The club will phone a taxi for you when you want to leave the club - it didn't cost me any extra - but then you have the problem of tying in with the train timetable.

I would suggest either staying locally if you know you want only to go to Atlantis, or alternatively hiring a car if you can get a
good (weekend) rate then you can visit Oase as well

09-18-02, 01:20
from frankfurt main train station you most of the time have to get off at Bad Vilbel and then catch the train to Altenstadt(HESS) and that is the second Altenstadt stop the first is Horst, you want to get off at the second stop which is Altenstadt(HESS). their is a direct train from frankfurt to altenstadt hess but it runs only a few times a day at certain times or you can take the s-bahn to freidberg station and take a taxi to the front door but it will cost you about 25 Euros,depending on how good you taxi driver is. also when you get off at Bad Vilbel to change trains their is also a stop called Bad Vilbel Sud you what Bad Vilbel stop.. Good Luck and leave some pussy for me..

09-18-02, 20:41
I am new to this forum and never have been to any of these FKK Clubs.
Probably this question sounds stupid for you:
Do you have to be naked in this type of Clubs?
What are the rules in such clubs, how do I have to behave?
I read that entrance fee is 60€ and fucking costs 50€ per session. This seems to be much more expensive than the RLD near the main station.

Thanks for your hints,

09-19-02, 07:09
>>Do you have to be naked in this type of Clubs?<<

Only if you want to be. You're given a towel, which you can wrap around your waist.

>>What are the rules in such clubs, how do I have to behave?<<

What exactly do you mean by this?

>>I read that entrance fee is 60€ and fucking costs 50€ per session. This seems to be much more expensive than the RLD near the main station.<<

Yes, but the experience is much better than you'd get in the RLD near the main train station. Like a lot of things, you get what you pay for.

09-19-02, 08:26
Originally posted by halloerstmal
What are the rules in such clubs, how do I have to behave?

Good startingpoint could be this FAQ on my site:


Hope it helps!


09-19-02, 15:10
Halloerstmal asks

"What are the rules in such clubs, how do I have to behave?."

Kalue's answer covers just about everything - I'd just add that you can relax. Nobody is going to cause any trouble as long as you're clean and polite.

All the workers ( about 10) I've spoken with appreciate being treated like a human being and not just a fuckmachine. As long as you aren't rude or intrusive it seems to be o.k to ask about their life outside the club - they have all enjoyed talking about themselves, where they were born, their plans, what they like etc - in other words it's all perfectly normal. Just don't ask for addresses, telephone number etc.

Basically treat them as special. There's no harm being interested in them as people or giving them a bit of a massage.

If you're not German then obviously it's easier to pick an English speaker. the reception workers at Atlantis speak English and so do many of the workers

10-26-02, 13:23
I just returned from my first trip to Atlantis and let me just say that even with all the rave reviews I have read about the club, both here and in other forums I was still not prepared for how amazing this place is! I arrived last night (Friday) at about 8 P.M. to find close to 100 of the most gorgeous women just lounging around, completely naked waiting for me to pick one. As for the club it self, I felt like I was at an upscale resort health club. The place is amazing. It is very clean and well maintained. They even have a restaurant, which has a full menu so you can recharge you batteries in between sessions. The girls very all extremely nice, there was absolutely no hard sale tactics down stairs and once I had picked a girl and went upstairs, she was totally committed to my satisfaction.

I spend about four hours at the club and of the three girls I tried, my recommendation has to be for a very cute little Thai girl who went by the name of Joy. She couldn’t have weighed more than about 85 pounds. She had the tightest little body and her hair was in these cute pigtails. Once we got upstairs she was absolutely amazing. She’s in the top five for best sex I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. My only regret is that I picked her for my first session. I wish I would have waited and taken her second so I would have had more staying power.

My advice to anyone within driving distance of Atlantis; you have to visit this club! I drove three hours from Stuttgart and don’t regret one kilometer of it. I will absolutely be back.

Hope to see you there soon,


11-02-02, 21:18
Hello everyone,
I just arrived Frankfurt for a 2 week long cat trip around Eastern Europe. I decided to try Atlantis. I was not too impressed. It was nice, clean, and about 20% of the girls were hotties, and 50% were do-able. I was in Oase in September and was more impressed with that club than I was with Atlantis. Another drawback was the taxi fare. From Frankfurt airport, the fare is 100 Euros (about 100 U.S. dollars) each way to Atlantis. It is about 50 Euros to Oase from the airport. My first girl in Atlantis was a Lithuanian who was 20 yrs old. She was really into the sex and she gas a descent GFE. My second girl was a total disappointment, a gorgeous 21 yr old Blonde Czech who did virtually nothing but lay on her back. Total mechanical sex. She would not kiss and was kind of cold in the personality category. My last gal (I usually do 4, but I was jet lagged from my 9 hour flight from Afghanistan earlier that day) was a 22 yr old Thai named Ning. She was fantastic! GFE was unsurpassed. I had her for a full hour. She definately won an Olympic Gold Medal in sex! GFE!
Overall, the price for the taxi was overwhelming and if you do a cost-benefit analysis, Oase is the best bet, especially if you dont have a car. The four girls who I did in Sept smoked the ones at Atlantis, with the exception of the Thai, Ning.

Well, I am off to Slovakia, Czech Rep, Poland, and Hungary. Poland and Amsterdam is also in my plans if I have time.

Happy Hunting!

11-04-02, 04:10
I finally went for my first visit to Atlantis, after much research and delibration. The thought of spending $100 one way on a taxi did bot appeal to me, so i decided to rent a car and it was well worth it. I did get lost a few times, but that was expected.
Anyway, as everybody has read before, you walk in and you will see around 50-60 beautiful girls walking around either naked or in skimpy clothes.
I took my time choosing, i chill by the bar, the spa, the lounge and noted which girls took my fancy. I choose this gorgeous leggy, busty, sexy lithuanian blonde called Tina. She was great, amazing...... total GFE. Before hand we were talking in the bar lounge and she pulled my member out and gave me a great BBBJ appetizer. We then went upstairs, where almost all of my sexual fantasies were fulfilled. Total GFE with DATY, DFK, BBBJ, twin licking. russian, breast massage.......fantastic....... I spent an hour with her for 100 euros.
After a couple of hours rested, the first girl i spotted when i walked in was a beautiful Czech brunette. She was my dream woman, so gorgeous, great real tits and a fantastic body..... She was total GFE as well, with everything that i mentioned above. Halfway during my session, i was getting kinda of bored and I asked here about a 2 girl session. She went downstairs and a minute later came back with a friend who was absolute gorgeous. She was half italian and half moroccan. She had probably the firmest and nicest ass that i have ever felt.
The session was great, a BBBJ or cowgirl style from one and either DFK or DATY from the other...... it was great......
I finshed off getting a BBBJ for both girls........
This place is highly recommended and worth a trip.......there were lost of very nice girls there.........go and enjoy.......

11-04-02, 20:50
Being inexperienced in these clubs , could a wsg member inform me if any special criteria is required to enter their premises ? and plus for example if 1 or more clients arrived at their club , could you be refused entry ? thanks in advance .

11-04-02, 21:54

The only criteria is having 60€ to pay the entrance fee. The only people I have ever seen turned away anywhere have either been of such poor hygiene that they resemble a homeless person, been drunk or come as a rowdy large group. If you aren't any of the above you will get into any club.

Atlantis or Oase can house about 80 girls and 100 guys at anytime, so they will not turn people away because a couple come at the same time. If you show up at the door with all 50 members of your church choir, they might tell you that they have to call some girls from home so there will be enough. these clubs are (IMHO) the best commercial sex available worldwide.

Also, JK, what is DATY and DFK. I am quite experienced in alot of boards and have not seen te terminology before.

11-05-02, 01:31
Peter, in lieu of Jk, I can answer your question.
DFK is deep French kissing[kissing with your tounges and open mouth]
DATY is dining at the Y-oral sex on the woman, or going down on her-cunnilingus
Hope this helps thor

11-05-02, 04:34
does any one have the GPS position/waypoint for atlantis?


11-05-02, 08:42

Don't know the GPS data, but Atlantis is not that difficult to find, really! Check their website and they have a decent map with directions from Frankfurt. If you're still married to the GPS thing, e-mail them!

11-06-02, 09:44
Try these: N50.27469 E8.96692
FKK-Club Atlantis
Siemensstr. 4


11-06-02, 12:18
What a world !!!! :-D
Using GPS and satellites to find hookers !!!!!
I really laughed with that one..... What's next ?

11-08-02, 01:28
>> What a world !!!! :-D Using GPS and satellites to find hookers !!!!! I really laughed with that one..... <<

Why not?! When I was in Germany and tried some of the clubs, I spent some heavy duty money to make it the last five miles. I could always get close, but even with MapQuest directions, could not get the last few miles. I would have killed for coordinates like these. For those of us driving, it totally removes all the bs in finding a place!

11-08-02, 11:14
<<Why not?....... a place!>>
Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to offende anyone. I was saying that with a big smile !.....I always feel amused by the amount of motivation we (I am part of it too) have to find these gals.

11-09-02, 00:24
Originally posted by zebulon
<<Why not?....... a place!>>
Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to offende anyone. I was saying that with a big smile !.....I always feel amused by the amount of motivation we (I am part of it too) have to find these gals.
I wasn't offended, in fact, I thought it was kind of funny, I just wanted to point out how practical everyone posting the coordinates would be and that people would actually use them :)

11-09-02, 22:20
Hello everyone,
I am on my final leg of my European leg of my "Tour de Puss" 2002. I visited, Kosice/Bratislava Slovakia, Prague Czech Republic, Budapest Hungary, Vienna, London, and just finished my final evening in Amsterdam. Let me make it know to the board, None of these places compare to the FKK clubs in Germany. I have been to Oase twice and Atlantis once and believe that Oase and Atlantis have hotter women, more of them, and UNRUSHED time with the ladies. Everyone place I visited couldn't meet all three of my categories (large % of hot (and young) ladies and unrushed time). Another note about these FKK clubs is many girls will offer you girlfriend experiences (GFE) more than the other places I have visited.
If anyone is planing on cat-ing around Europe, I highly recommend you put FKK Oase and FKK Atlantis on your itinerary.
If you do an actual cost/benefit analysis, you definately get more "bang for your buck" at these places.

I will be visiting Oase and Atlantis at least once more each before I return back to the states and will definately post my experiences.

Happy Hunting


11-17-02, 14:03
Hello to J.T ,

Being that you have recently visited these establishments( Alantis, oase) , what is the best time of the day to go ? and can you disclose what you spent in one visit and for how long you were there .By the way i am going in a week and my impression so far is that everthing goes on in view of everbody or if one prefere's ( auf zimmer ) one can go to a private room, is that about right .

Auf wiedersehen.

11-18-02, 18:34
Hello Peach,
Go to an FKK, especially Oase and Atlantis, at around 2 or 3pm. The girls are just getting their day started and will be more energized. If you go late at night, you could be the gal´s 10th customer! Go early. I found out the hard way.
Entrance in the both clubs are 60 Euro and girls charge a fixed fee of 50 Euro per half hour. Special sevices, i.e., cuming in the mouth and anal, are extra. You can definately go to a room. I have been to three FKK Clubs and all I have yet to do it in public.
I am usually in the club for about 4-5 hours and have about 2-4 women. I am not the norm though. Most of the guys there do 1 or 2 at most. I usually can´t decide who´s the hottest and have to try out all of my top choices.
I hope this helps. Don´t hesitate to ask me any questions. Right now, I am in South Spain and will definatly go to one or two FKK clubs before I go back on the 25th.


11-18-02, 21:15
Cheers J.T ,

Thanks for the info , i'll let you know how it went .

Peach .

11-19-02, 19:24
Hey Peach,
This is the big fella, just to let you know you had better make room in the motor for myself as there is going to be some seious FKK Action this weekend!
Also to everyone, is it a good idea to visit both Atlantis and Oase
to appreciate the FULL flavour of the fkk's or will going to one be enough. And finally do you think the women are hotter in one or the other?
Keep up the T&A Cumming!

11-19-02, 22:07
Hey Bustana!

Ready to rock n roll man !!! ..

The peach .

11-21-02, 22:06
It is probably too late for my advice, but I definately recommend you to check out both Oase and Atlantis. You will be opening your pool of chicks by 50%. The chicks are hot at both, I just think that going to both completes a fascinating German FKK experience.


11-26-02, 23:24
Well firstly let me say, anyone considering going to a FKK club and being that i have had only one experience and this was at Alantis i highly recommend going .

On entering the premises the atmoshpere is relaxed and chilled, there is no inhibitions by no means, its just as if its like your local bar or pub where you go to drink and chat .

Babes are to be seen in every knook and krany , by the pool , around the chairs and sofas , at the bar but the only draw back i could find was a certain amount of knowledge of german will help you as i discovered not all are english speaking and steer clear of tha albanians babes, they're abnoxious bitches , so if you meet an, arrogant ***** she'll be an albanian even if she say's she is not.

So in my book alantis rates as the best yet, three cheers to the germans !! .


J.T you would not have been there last saturday would ya ? me and bustana were there .

12-01-02, 07:05
After reading glowing reports by many in this area, I happened to score a business trip that required an overnight stay in Frankfurt. Heartbreak...
-Transportation: I rented the cheapest car available, 46 Euros, which ended up being 63 Euros with additional charges.
-Getting there: I got lost....a lot. Probably 5 times. Should have gotten the computer guidance system on the car. Once you get lost, in this area, it's not easy to get un-lost again so that you can key into your Mapquest or whatever directions. And gas in Germany costs > $4/gallon. Computer would have been less.
-Hotel: Two have been mentioned in Altenstadt, the Monchhof and the Zum. When I arrived at 7PM, the Monchhof was full and I never could find the Zum. Not wanting to waste more time, I went to the Atlantis....easy to find from downtown Altenstadt.
-Atlantis: Despite very accurate descriptions about the place, walking into it was a total culture shock. 50 beautiful girls wearing nothing but high heels. I talked to a couple of other guys who seemed as dazed as I. The issue is to figure out who to select. On this evening, girls seemed to outnumber guys...
-The Girl: I liked the smile (and other features) of one girl, so I went over and asked if she spoke English. She did, and quite well. Name Verina, part German/part Greek, tall, slender, long dark hair, ring through her left nipple. I find smoking a bit of a turnoff, so after chatting for awhile, I asked her if she smoked. She said sometimes, but not recently, and suggested that I check her breath. This led to some DFK. Still the skeptic, I asked what my $50 would get...the answer was more DFK, DATY, BJ w/o condom, multiple positions. Time to head upstairs!
The session was very relaxed....she suggested starting out doggie-style so that I could pull out if I felt like I was going to climax too soon. After a thoroughly enjoyable session, I asked her if my time was up. She said that she didn't have a clue, she wasn't wearing a watch! Talk about unrushed....
-Food: Evidently the Atlantis often provide buffets with the price of admission, but not on this particular Tuesday evening. But they will order pizza or whatever from nearby take-out places at reasonable prices.
-What to bring: Girls carry purses stocked with condoms / lube, so all you need is your body parts, some Euros and maybe a toothbrush or mouthwash. If you're a guy who thinks he can't get laid in a w****house, there's no problem here! And some of the girls are truly exquisite for those who want to score with the very best. 5-star experience...

12-15-02, 00:29
Hola ! ,

Hey Bustana ! what's happening man , where's your post for this establishment ?


El melocoton.

12-16-02, 17:41
Wicked Willy's virgin FKK trip - |Germany

General Info:-

Flight Ryan Air Frankfurt Hahn £30. Travel light to avoid baggage delay.

Hertz Car rental Mercedes A series including tank diesel £120 two days

2 Hours drive to Oase. Take B50, A61, A60 exit at J18 to A643, A66 exit j19 to A5, exit J17 to A661 take exit 3 merge onto Zubringerstrasse, after 1.5 miles turn right onto Sudring whch leads you onto L3205. Follow this road to Ober-Erlenbach (also signed Karben. At O-E keep on L3205 and look for left turn to Burgholzhausen as you are on the way out of the town. Take this turn and Oase is on the left after about 1-2 miles.

Comfort Hotel Stadt Karben. On L3205 just continue straight on road from O-E as you approach the town you will immediately see HOTEL sign on left, turn left and left again to get to hotel car park. Cost £35 per night. Room single bed, Spartan but fairly roomy. Tiny bathroom, breakfast, OK just. Well situated 10 mins Oase, 20 mins Atlantis.

Oase:- 60 euros entry, 50 with girl, including BBBJ, 1 pop and usually GFE. In country setting, nearest description that comes to mind a Roman pleasure Villa. Excellent facilities, saunas, pool, Jacuzzis etc. Common rooms were good, lots of space and huge porno screen in separate room, great for a little action. The private rooms where excellent, fantasy type and there where chalets outside. Facilities were nice too, in the summer I would imagine outside would be great. For those of you familiar with Prague, it was like a much bigger K5 with spa facilities. I liked it a lot. At 11pm there were approx @30 girls mostly all doable. Apart from the odd 4/5 most girls in 6/8 range. For me I did not see a 9, but I arrived late and am choosy who I give a 9 to. More than adequate choice though. Second night, same time, felt there were even fewer girls than previously, slightly worse standard too.

Atlantis – Cost as Oase. In an Industrial estate, smaller, but more modern than Oase. Facilities were good and more modern, but not as spacious and you felt like you were in a big converted industrial building. Still very pleasant, but I preferred the building at Oase. One complaint, the showers were ice cold! I arrived at 1am and left at 10pm and the selection of girls was superb from start to finish. Better than Oase in quantity and quality mostly 7/8’s some 9’s, even 9+. Definitely go early if you can, as girls are as good as later, but outnumber the men and are fresh, bored and keen for business. Food can be ordered from outside and eaten in a separate area; mine was very good others looked more than adequate too. You will need to eat if you are staying all day like I did. I loved this place (as you will see below) and thoroughly endorse it.

Directions from Karben. Turn left onto b3215, after 50 metres left at traffic lights. Follow the road to Nidderau. At junction with 45 turn towards Nidderau. Carry on until you arrive there. The road meets a junction; turn left there and proceed to Altenstadt. Take turning for Oberau, go over railway line look for REWE supermarket (on the right). Turn left just after this, go past tennis club on right, take Helmershauser Strasse then onto Siemenstrasse. Atlantis sign is at the beginning of road.

Oase vs Atlantis Both are superb and great places to go. I put Atlantis first as the quantity and quality of girls was much better. Mix the best parts of both and it would be nigh on perfect!

Oasis day 1

Ludmilla – Moldavia. Guess age at 25. Spoke good English, 5’ 7” good figure, except breasts not firm when unsupported. Nice face and beautiful eyes and lashes. Looks 8 BBBJ 7/10 sex 7/10, not very tight. No rush, kissed ok, but without passion, no hassles. Smoked.

Linda – Koln. She was Polish/Pakistani, German nationality. Guess 23-25. Spoke good English, 5’ 9” tall and slim, breasts very small, but responsive nipples. Looked nice, but different, had great attitude. Kissed and played on sofa, found space by the pool, screened off, but still public … interesting. Looks 7 BBBJ 7/10 sex 8/10. No rush, kissed well and with passion, no hassles. A good session, she was responsive. Smoked.

Day 2

?? – Dark brown skin of African origin, but French from Paris. Probably the worse looking girl of the day a 6.5-7. Age @ 23. 5’5” Slim small firm breasts. Took her to the porn theatre for a change, gave great BBBJ, offered come on body for 50e extra but declined. It took a while to make me come being my seventh girl of the day and fourth pop, but kept going with no complaints. Kissed and played well. Looks 6.5-7 BBBJ 8

?? – Light brown skin, not tanned, but ethnic. German though from Koln, with long mottled blond hair. Thought she was Brazilian, had a fantastic but, with pierced belly and lip. Smallish firm breasts, very attractive a good 8. Great session and despite being my eighth girl proved I was ready and willing for more with the right girl. Session started with gentle sexy kissing then fantastic BBBJ. She had a wonderful shaved pussy, had superb 69, which really got her wet. Sex was good to, but again the condom was too tight so after a good 10 minutes shagging she tried to make me cum by hand and mouth. She loved me fingering her and moved to accommodate. She was good, very good, but the condom had done its damage and overuse meant a fifth time was out for me. She was disappointed, I was not! Looks 8.5 BBBJ 9+ Sex 9 definitely would take her early next time and for an hour.


Julia - Dark curly hair and very tanned. Mid twenties from Moldavia, good body and attractive a firm 8. English good. All normal serviced offered, a little rushed initially to make me cum, but when I did not respond had no complaints. A good session, but not mind blowing. Looks 8 BBBJ 8 Sex 7.

Miranda – Brazilian with cute face, body to die for. Dances and strips in Spain. Not tall, but breasts and arse where top notch. English and Spanish good. For me a good 9. Again all normal services provided although her kissing was not enthusiastic. Good everywhere else though, loved her breast being squeezed. A good, but not brilliant session, but her body made up for it, so no problem cumming. BBBJ 8 sex 8.

Katrina – Czech medium dark hair, tall with medium firm breast a good 8+. Well tanned and toned body, about 25. Kissed passionately and wanted me to make her cum, which she did twice at least, once while I was eating her, next while she was on top playing with herself. I thought I could not cum again but she would not let me go until she had returned the compliment hence a 45 minute session. Wanted me to do her arse, but declined, Incase she charged extra and for me it is not worth 50e. Looks 9 BBBJ 7 (not much time spent, not her fault) sex 9.

Jane? – My first ever blonde amazon. Polish, nearly 6’ blonde, but well proportioned. Attractive face and pleasant person. English OK but not as good as others. 8+ to 9. Blonde lovers would definitely give her a 9. Passionate kisser, full service she enjoyed it too. A good session but condom was tight so could not cum (OK and I was f…ed out). Full 30 mins though. Looks 8 BBBJ 8 Sex 8

Jasmina – I think this was her name, by now names became a blur. 5’ 8” German, but of mixed origin, dark skin but not black. She was attractive from a distance, but even nicer up close. Great body, piered belly and clit, tastefully done. Did everything very well, great to talk with, great to fuck. Extended session to one hour, including 20 minutes of glorious 69, wish it was all night. Looks 9 BBBJ 9+ Sex 9+

??? – Easy to spot, though no name, very tall, amazonic blonde German 6’ 1-2” without shoes. The tallest girl in the house. A beautician in the week, only does Atlantis some weekends. Big, but beautifully proportioned, nice looking, but not knock out, a real fantasy women. She was dominant, loved her tits and ass being handled roughly. Good at everything, when I could not cum she tried all she could, including really playing with herself, giving me some great views. Offered anal or CIM for 50e, but declined. A dry, but excellent session. Looks 8 BBBJ 8.5 Sex 8.5

My trip

Travel to Stansted OK and if things went well I would have been at Oase by 5pm, sadly things went horribly wrong. Flight was delayed an hour (late arrival), no problem, flight was only going to take 55 mins, so we would make up 20. 30 miles from Hahn we are told we cannot land – fog! We circle for an hour and a half waiting for it to clear then divert to Saarbrugen. Circle here waiting for slot. Land 2hrs 30 mins coach drive away from Hahn, I should now be arriving at Oase and still have the coach trip to Hahn.

Tried to hire car from here, but chaos and no cars. Get coach to Hahn and arrive 8.30. Hertz were very efficient and were soon at car. It is now dark, the wheel is on the wrong side, I am tired, irritated and desperate for some action. I had planned to arrive in the light so driving would be easy. Now it is very dark and this combined with a strange car, on the wrong side of the road, in thick fog and not knowing the detail of where I was going, made the drive very difficult. It was a bit hairy, especially at first. Missed the B50 turn, but once found it the A roads where good. It seems darker here when driving and the lanes are narrower. I keeping feeling I was driving into on-coming traffic - very off-putting. Anyway, after getting slightly lost in Bad-Homburg, (after finding right road, found it to be closed so had to find the diverted route, again not easy) O-E, and Karben, I got to the hotel at 10.30. Total Journey 15.5 hours! Now guys it takes me only a little bit longer door to door to Bangkok!

Within 15 mins I was on my way to Oase. Here I went wrong again, I had spotted the Burgholzhausen turn when coming, but the map (from Mapquest) said turn left down Ober-Erlenbacher Strasse… Wrong this street runs both sides of the L3205, so you should turn right towards Burgholzhausen! Anyway, I got there some time past 11pm, more than 6 hours behind schedule and really ready to go. I have reported on the place and the girls. It well deserves its reputation, although I personally did not see any real stunners, the standard was high and the facilities great. I enjoyed having a Jacuzzi outside naked at near freezing temperatures! I only took two girls, it was late and I could not see anything that really could excite me to a third session in two hours, so I had a sauna and returned to the hotel. I would make things up tomorrow.

Breakfast finishes at 9.30 so went down at 9. Breakfast was continental and not all that great. Tried to find some razors in the supermarkets next door but one had none, the other only single blade Bic! Spent a while making calls and writing my report before getting ready for Atlantis!

The journey to Atlantis was uneventful, took 30 mins. Arrived at 1pm, thought it might be quiet, but there were many girls, different types, from many counties, Brazil, Spain, Africa, were represented as was the old eastern block counties and many very fine German specimens too. My first words where in Spanish as when I was ordering a drink, there was a group of Spanish speakers behind me talking about me, I understood and to their surprise replied in Spanish. This got a few laughs and broke the ice for me. Now, I wanted to make up for yesterday, so had a target of four women. Took a while to decide on my first, I wanted to get it right. Saw a very sweet looking girl, great figure, superb breasts, long hair and a great arse, but could not catch up with her. Turned down a few offers, then while contemplating an amazonic blonde (one of my targets), I was teased by a very attractive tanned lady, who succeeded in wooing me over.

She was attractive, great body about mid twenties but had a cold look. I took the chance as I had plenty of time to make up if things went wrong. Well, I need not have worried - kissing, good bbbj and multiple positions were not a problem (standard her it seems). A little rushed to make me come, but I lasted the half hour perfectly and she did not complain. I will not go into details of the rest of my conquests as I have outlined the girls above, suffice to say I met my target and exceeded it and left wanting more! I caught up with the girl I first saw, she was the Brazilian, so do not panic if you miss your girl just keep an eye out for her later.

In between sessions I made good use of all the facilities and found it all very relaxing. Being on my own there for nine hours did get a little boring at times, this was not a major drawback, but if you are with someone it may be better. The soft gassy drinks get a bit much too, so I ended up having water to avoid the burps! I had a great pizza around 6, but be warned it can take up to an hour to be delivered. I left around 10pm, after 5 half hour and one hour session, normally I would have been ready for bed, but the quality was so good I was still up for action. In the end I left because I felt like some fresh faces and wanted to give Oase another try to see if the talent was better on Friday. I loved Atlantis, spent 350 euros on girls, 60 to get in and well under 10 for a huge pizza.

I got to Oase around 11pm, take cash, they charge 10% for credit card use and they require identification. The girls where in less numbers than Thursday and the quality was not as good, a little disappointing. I could not find one I liked, none where up to most of the Atlantis girls standards, so decided I would try a session in the porno theatre as something different. I had seen a girl perform well there earlier and thought what the hell, it does not matter what they look like for a blow-job in a dark room… technique matters here. Right decision, she was good and despite all my activity got me off, even though it took a while and some extraordinary effort to do so.

After this I relaxed in the sauna and outside Jacuzzi again - very nice. Spotted what could have been a Brazilian girl, but turned out to be German who I liked, talking to two guys, so put face to memory, took a seat in the lounge and watched some dancing until she was free. Spotted her 15 minutes later and she was soon on my lap, tongue in mouth and I had my last girl for the night. As you can see above it was a great session only wished I had seen her as my first or second girl, not my eighth of the day. I could have gone on, but with no more money and not wanting use the credit card on what was really a lacklustre bunch of women I retired back to the hotel.

The rest of the trip was straightforward, the journey home uneventful and even a little early arriving at Stansted. I found Stansted an OK airport, but would prefer the main Frankfurt airport as it is far more convenient. The trouble is, with Ryanair flights being as low as £18 return, some inconvenience is worth it. The most expensive thing is the car, I found it hard to get a cheap deal, clubbing together would help. All in all I had a great time it may not be LOS but it is near to home and on a good day is an easy weekend trip. The women are excellent and I will be returning at the first opportunity.

Field Commander
12-17-02, 01:21
WickedWilly you are GREAT !!!!!!!
We all should learn from you how to write a report.
Thanks again.

Big doubt for next New Year's holiday:

1) in Prague in a nice club (K5) ?

2) in Germany FKK ?

3) in Poland hunting for amateurs ?

Will be the number 1 and 2 open the 31st December ?

Help me I need suggestion :-)

Miami Vice (got lost and lust): too many places too many girls so few days

12-17-02, 11:30

K5 is a club in Prague. From my experience it is the best one, pricey by Czech standards but reliable, nice girls, good rooms. If you are going to Prague check out www.escort.cz it has all the info maps on K5 and the whole scene there .... an excellent site.

As for opening times you can e-mail both Oase, Atlantis and K5. I would have thought they are open.

Have a great trip any more questions you can e-mail me at wickedwilly36@hotmail.com

Field Commander
12-18-02, 02:34

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes I've been to K5 before, but I think I'm getting less lazy and I seek some "adventure": I mean amateurs.

So I think I'll make a Tour de Force: provincial Czech & Polish towns from 26th Dec to 2nd Jan and 2 or 3 days in FKK... just to recover :-)

I really think nowadays semipros/amateurs are giving more "quality" than pros


12-22-02, 14:23
Anybody got GPS coordinates for Atlantis?


12-22-02, 19:20
Hello Hunters,
Shortly I am in Frankfurt for a Evening / Night . I understand FKK 35 is much closer to the City Centre of Frankfurt , but I also understand from all the postings that Atlantis is all time favourite of the hunters , so I have to make a choice . Can any friend tell me how much does taxi cost from Centre to Atlantis ( I prefer a taxi to train in order to save time) and how long does it take to get there. Also if possible pls tell me about FKK 35 also (Distance and Taxi Cost ) Loking forward to hit the FKK in Frankfurt.

12-23-02, 12:45

kaleus post of 11-06 one page back will help you

12-31-02, 06:05
My wife and I will be visiting Germany in April. What is the likelihood of getting a hot bi-babe for my wife and I at an FKK club? I was going to try to find us a girl in Amsterdam, but after reading more and more about the FKK clubs in Germany, I'm thinking about skipping Amsterdam altogether. Are there ever any couples visiting these FKK clubs? If so, would the girls perform cunninlingus on my wife? Thanks in advance....

12-31-02, 07:56
Originally posted by deseingalt
My wife and I will be visiting Germany in April. What is the likelihood of getting a hot bi-babe for my wife and I at an FKK club? I was going to try to find us a girl in Amsterdam, but after reading more and more about the FKK clubs in Germany, I'm thinking about skipping Amsterdam altogether. Are there ever any couples visiting these FKK clubs? If so, would the girls perform cunninlingus on my wife? Thanks in advance....

I know that Oase allows couples, as does Atlantis. As for finding a bi-girl for a threesome, that could be possible -- maybe you should ask the receptionist to help arrange this when you enter.

One word of caution: some of the customers may mistake the wife for one of the ladies on staff -- be prepared!

12-31-02, 10:07
Originally posted by deseingalt
My wife and I will be visiting Germany in April. What is the likelihood of getting a hot bi-babe for my wife and I at an FKK club? I was going to try to find us a girl in Amsterdam, but after reading more and more about the FKK clubs in Germany, I'm thinking about skipping Amsterdam altogether. Are there ever any couples visiting these FKK clubs? If so, would the girls perform cunninlingus on my wife? Thanks in advance....

I think you will find what you are looking for at one of the Partytreff clubs like Mettmann Krefeld etc
But you best bet and guaranteed sucsess will be at Berverly as there are loads of Bi sexual females looking for that as well as the regular sex here you can find couples who will be glad to do anything you can imagine also there is no problem of you two splitting up and going your seperate ways during your stay you will easily find more than you can possibly cope with
The selection is enoumous
I reckomend that you visit on a friday or Saturday on the former it free entrance for a couple on the latter its 75 and that is all you pay (Just for enterance food and drink not for sex thats free between concenting adults )
Check it out at
Also as a couple Kasteel Waterloo nr venlo Holland will also have a lot to offer you both

Member #1465
01-01-03, 15:32
i was planning to go to one of these ffk clubs in the end of january. do the girls normally speek english? does atlantis have any black girls?

01-01-03, 15:40
Oskar: When I was there a month or so ago, there were maybe 5 black girls out of 50+. Spent some time with one from Senegal, and she was quite pleased to find somebody who spoke English!

01-01-03, 20:03
Originally posted by ct1

kaleus post of 11-06 one page back will help you

Ooopss should have bothered to check a bit further back...


01-08-03, 18:35
I have not been to atlantis for a few months but i am due for a trip i am a american and speak no german and have no problem finding 10 women more than i could use they have a woman for every one asian black latino white blond ..... I think if you have the opertunity to visit you should even if you think you found a better deal somewhere else. a trip to atlantis is at worst going to be a moment you will remember forever.

01-23-03, 15:00
Hello Friends ,

Last week I visited Atlantis and it was a great experience.I was staying in Le Meridien Park and took a cab which costed me 60 Euro to Atlantis . I reached there around 11 Pm and the place was full with people and lovely girls . The girls however were not naked. As other hunters have mentioned on this forum its a clean place and had around 30-40 Girls (it was Wednesday) Drinks (non alcholic ) are on the house. I picked up Jannet from Chez republic and she was great , nice kissing and licking all over and good BBJ skills and in total GFE. Relaxed and saw some guys get BBJ in the lounge. It was late already when I made my second pick , a tall blonde wearing glasses (just to get that sexy look) and sports kindaa bra .She was quick to put her hand inside my towel and started to play with my dick as soon as I started the conversation with her. I asked her to sit with me on the sofa in the lounge so we can chat and she agreed, as soon as we sat she started again playing with my dick and then gave me a nice BBJ right there for approx 5 mints. Went up to the room after that and I realized she was a bit in a hurry and the ML experience was average , she was also from Chez but I forgot her name.
Jannet however was great as it was a GFE with her, I do recommend her friends , she has a cute face and can speak lill bit of english . I must say experience at Atlantis was a remarkable experience and I look forward to going back there on my next trip to Germany.

01-23-03, 20:15
Originally posted by BodyRockerForU
Hello Friends ,

The girls however were not naked.

Can anyone elaborate on this? Has Atlantis recently changed it policy regarding the au-natural state of the girls? Enjoying all the nakedness is half the fun, especially while resting up in between sessions.


01-23-03, 21:55
It was probably Lingerie Day. I think that is usually on Wednesday. I don't like that day but most clubs have one once a week (Oase is Thursday). Otherwise it is still FKK.

01-23-03, 23:06
Peter, you're bang on when you say it was Desous Tag at Atlantis on Wednesdays! All other days of the week the girls are buck naked...

As for BodyRockerForU's description:

"I made my second pick , a tall blonde wearing glasses (just to get that sexy look) ..."

Sounds like he's referring to a tall, statuesque Czech girl named Vera, one of the popular girls from the ranks of regulars who ply their trade nightly at Atlantis. She wears these black-framed glasses that give her a look like a nasty secretary! Hot!!! I've had some decent sessions with her where I did not feel too rushed...

01-26-03, 19:32
Planning my first trip to FKK clubs for next month. How far is Atlantis from Frankfurt. I assume the best best is to take a train?
If so which one, how often to they run. Where to get off the train.?

01-27-03, 14:50
[QUOTE]Originally posted by t-rex
from frankfurt main train station you most of the time have to get off at Bad Vilbel and then catch the train to Altenstadt(HESS) and that is the second Altenstadt stop the first is Horst, you want to get off at the second stop which is Altenstadt(HESS). their is a direct train from frankfurt to altenstadt hess but it runs only a few times a day at certain times or you can take the s-bahn to freidberg station and take a taxi to the front door but it will cost you about 25 Euros,depending on how good you taxi driver is. also when you get off at Bad Vilbel to change trains their is also a stop called Bad Vilbel Sud you what Bad Vilbel stop.. Good Luck and leave some pussy for me.. [/Q

I tired to get both quotes Kalue's and t-rex kalue .. says the train splits and if i rember corectly they stop round 12 am i believe this was on the 3rd page

01-29-03, 19:21
I will be driving up to Frankfurt from Stuttgart next month to drop some one off at the airport. Their flight leaves late in the morning. Atlantis is awesome at night, but does anyone have any experience with Atantis this early in the day (around noon)? Any information on the number of women usually working at that time of day as well as the quality of the women (both looks and service) would be appreciated.



02-02-03, 08:22
I had Vera in November. She is extremely hot. This girl is so perfect that even her freaking feet look good. When in the room, she also gave me a so so experience. She kinda rushed me and as soon as I came (about 10 minutes), she got dressed and left! Next time, I will make sure that I don't pick the hottest girl in the place and hopefully she will give me a better experience.

Question: I will be heading to Frankfurt on Feb 12th for a week and wanted to know if Atlantis and Oase are still the top FKKs in Germany. How about F35?

Another question: Are there any hotels in Altenstadt? If so, how much and where are they? Phone numbers?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


02-02-03, 11:45
Trojan and JT

I've been a couple of times around lunchtime - including Sunday(1.00pm). No more than 15 workers there - the looks (in my opinion) not as good as when the main shift - around 17.00 - 19.00 comes on) but there's bound to be some you like and it'll be a lot less crowded. Oase is even quieter at that time. I saw a long report on this question on a German forum which concluded that Atlantis was good even at lunchtime. (Personally, I'd try to fix up something in Frankfurt with some of the non-FKK places mentioned in the ladies.de website (a free contact site with pix) - it's in German but is easy to understand)

As for what's the tops - a German forum has just awarded Atlantis top marks - the best in Germany. As for hotels - there are so far as I know no online bookings for hotels in or near Altenstadt. However a list of hotels is at http://www.h111.de/Hotels/in/Altenstadt-Hessen.html (some of them have websites you can serch for). If you've got a car it might be better to get a hotel on the north side of Frankfurt - then you can get into Frankfurt as well (hrs.de has loads of hotels in Frankfurt)

02-03-03, 05:31
Thanks Shiatsu for the information!
Have you stayed at any of those hotels? How are they. Do you recommend any?

Do you know if anyone in any of those hotes speak English if I called?



02-03-03, 06:47
Posting a test message. Tried to post a long message about Altenstadt yesterday and couldn't get it to take.

02-03-03, 06:50
I have just returned from a vacation to Frankfurt (got back 1/27, actually), and I too took the train to Altenstadt. Since it isn't a walk in the park to do it, I will give first-time punters to Frankfurt a VISUAL description of an actual trip out and back. By the way, it costs only euro 11.80 to make the round-trip, which is a bit less than the one-way taxi fare from the Frankfurt Hauptbanhof to the F35 fkk right in town and a hell of a lot less than the $30 to $100 taxi rides that others have posted about. It's also just one hour and eleven minutes total travel time, which is probably less than the time spent floundering around in a car if you don't know the way. Without further ado:


Starting at the Frankfurt Main Hauptbanhof (main train station), you will need to get yourself a ticket. --A short note: If you are staying overnight you will need to buy your return ticket at the Altenstadt (Hess) station. For some reason, a round trip ticket on the local train routes are sold for the same day only.

As you enter the train station's main entrance in Frankfurt, the ticket offices will be located down the very large hallway and to the left, just at the point where the hallway opens into the enclosed trainyard. The offices have large red letters DB over the doors.

For purposes of this example, we will get a ticket leaving at 11:34, arriving at 12:42, leaving Altenstadt at 20:14 and arriving back at Frankfurt at 21:26. If you can't fuck yourself silly in five and a half hours at Atlantis, you just aren't trying. In another post, or maybe at the end of this one, I'll explain how to stay over at Altenstadt for $28.50 if you so desire.

Okay, so you want a ticket to Altenstadt. The best way is to write the name on a piece of paper so that the ticket agent knows what the hell you're talking about. If you're a midwesterner like me, and pronounce the city AL (as in Al Bundy) TEN STAT (as in "give me 10cc of painkiller, STAT" as they say on the TV show E.R.), the poor ticket agent is just going to look at you funny. The name is pronounced (I'm not German, so I'm approximating) ALT (as in "halt") N STOTT (rhymes with "hot"). ALT N STOTT, okay? You can pay with a credit card if you want, and the agent will ask you when you want to go. Well, you can go just about all day long - yes, there are that many trains that go through the dinky little burg of Altenstadt. Here's our example, which the agent will print out on an official Die Bahn (red DB, remember?) and hand to you, along with your little blue round-trip ticket:

BANHOF Uhr Gleis
Frankfurt HBF (tief) ab 11:34 104
Bad Vilbel an 11:52 3
Altenstadt (Hess) ab 12:00 1
an 12:42

Altenstadt (Hess) dp 20:14 PLATFORM
Bad Vilbel ar 20:54
dp 21:03 4
Frankfurt Hbf (tief) ar 21:26

You've noticed that I printed the outbound in German and the return in English. That's because the agent has the ability to print your reservation in English, if you ask. If you forget to ask, well then Gleis means PLATFORM, Zug means TRAIN, and Bemerkung means REMARKS. Better ask for it in English, unless you're used to reading remarks in German.

Go outside the ticket office and look at all the trains. White ones, red ones, bullet trains with ICE marked on the side. Lots and lots of trains. These trains, bud, are not for you. Step on one of these, especially an ICE train, and you'll likely find yourself headed for Paris or Amsterdam, with a hefty charge due when the conductor finds you sitting in a seat with a crappy little ticket to Altenstadt. No, you will find track 104 downstairs, UNDERNEATH all of these trains. Here's how to get there: Standing outside the DB ticket office, facing all those trains, look to your right. You'll see a blue square sign suspended from the roof, some thirty feet past and visually (from where you're standing) about a foot to the right of a dorky-looking aluminum artsy-structure that looks like some sort of representation of a molecule. Underneath that blue square sign, which has lots of flippy destination mechanisms on it, is the stairway/escalator you are looking for.

Go down this stairway/escalator. Walk out five paces from the escalator so you don't trip up people behind you, and stop. You are on a Mezzanine. You are NOT at the proper level yet. Holding your left arm out at the 10 o'clock position, point with your index finger. You are pointing directly at the next escalator/stairway down to the track level you want. It's about 35 feet away from you. Go down that second escalator/stairway, walk out five paces again, and stop. To your right is Gleis (platform) 104. There is a sign hanging from above which says Gleis 104 and has a flippy mechanism to announce the train arrivals/departures. There is also a public address system that announces the gleis/destination information - in English, too, but unless you've got the ears of the DareDevil comic book character,
you shouldn't rely on this information medium. The train noise can get pretty loud down there.

Wait around for your train. Bear in mind, there are LOTS of trains running through this station, so don't fuck up. If your reservation printout says Gleis 104 at ab 11:34, then 11:34 is when the train will leave. If it's late, it's late, but chances are it won't be. German trains (at least the ones I've ridden on) are notoriously on-time. That's why they can make 6 or 8-minute connections on your printout (forgot to look for connection times, didn't you?) So anyway, if a train pulls in at 11:24, chances are that ain't your train. Check the flippy thing overhead. The train will only be there for a New York minute and then on its way, probably to Friedberg, which is close but no cigar. Freidberg is 'way past where you want to go. Your 11:34 train is going to show up about 3 minutes or less before 11:34.

On the other hand, your 11:34 train isn't going to say ALTENSTADT on the overhead flippy thing, either. The flippy thing may well say Friedberg (Hess). But underneath, in smaller letters, it'll say Bad Vilbel. That's your key. You have to change trains in Bad Vilbel.

All right, the train left at 11:34 and you're on it. Remember, it's a LOCAL train. It goes lots of places, makes lots of stops. It'll stop at Frankfurt Messe(Frankfurt Fair), for example, and a couple of other stops before it even gets out of town. I don't remember how many stops it makes before it gets to Bad Vilbel, but it's several. And don't count on hearing the train announcements either, unless you have the aforementioned ears of a comic book character. Look for the signs at the station stops.

Now, as mentioned in another post, you will eventually see a sign at a stop that says Bad Vilbel (Sud). This isn't your stop. If you get off here, you will be standing in a place that looks a lot like Clank, Arkansas, looking at a falling-down train station that has been spray painted at least once by every kid in town. Stay on the train 'til the next stop, which is Bad Vilbel main and LOOKS like a multi-track change point. Get off here.

You have arrived at 11:52 and you now need to get to Gleis (platform) 1 for your 12:00 train to Altenstadt. Eight minutes, right. You aren't in Grand Central, you'll make it. But don't dink around. Now you're on the train to Altenstadt. Same song - several stops before you get there. And, again as mentioned in another post, DON'T GET OFF at the first Altenstadt stop. You'll be walking around in a bedroom community that's about 4 miles away from where you want to be. Get off at the second Altenstadt stop, which is Altenstadt (Hess).

You're here! Kind of. If you're a young buck and full of steam, you can hoof it from the station to Atlantis in about 30-40 minutes (see Kaleu's map for directions). If you're an older punter like me, you'll take a cab (about 6 euros) and get there in about eight minutes. If there isn't a cab waiting around, you can have the chubby but cute little train fraulein in the station call one for you. She'll ask you where you want to go. Tell her Atlantis. She's heard it before - believe me. In the daytime, two of the cabs are driven by women who speak fairly passable English. At night, when you're ready to come back, the cabbies won't speak any English. So make sure the receptionist at Atlantis knows you want to go to the train station and tells the cab company that. Practice saying 'banhof'.

Have yourself a ball at Atlantis. It's everything everybody who's posted says it is - and more! Man, you won't want to leave.

But now it's 6:15 or so, and you need to shower up and leave. Tell the Atlantis receptionist you need a cab to the train station, and to tell the cab company that that's where you want to go, please. She's a sweetie who speaks perfect English, and you'll wonder why she's not working in the main room - she's a knockout.

The cabbie needs about 8 to ten minutes to get you to the train station, but you need to be there at seven (20:00) on the dot. Here's why:

There are two tracks outside the Altenstadt train station, and they split into those two tracks within a visible distance of the station. Otherwise, it's a one-track deal. I say this because, believe it or not, at 20:14 TWO FUCKING TRAINS will show up at the exact same time. One on the inside track, one on the outside - going different ways. You need, punter, to be there early enough to see which one is coming your way from the LEFT, because that's your train (it'll probably stop on the outside track, but no guarantees). If you get on the one that's coming from the right (which is the direction you arrived from this morning, remember?) you're headed for the great destination of Elsewhere, not Frankfurt, okay? Most times you can't tell which way the train points when it's stopped, because there are control cabs on either end of the train.

Okay. Get on the correct train. You're off to Bad Vilbel again. This time, it's the FIRST stop at Bad Vilbel where you get off. When you do, at 20:54, you'll have nine minutes to get to your connecting train on track four. You won't be on the platform for track four, so listen carefully. In fact, I'll print this in all caps so you can read it in the lousy light.


Yer back home in Frankfurt, dude, with many a memory of Atlantis to see you through the night.

Now, if you want to stay over in Altenstadt, here's how:

Ask the taxi driver lady (tel # 06047-1611, by the way) to take you to the Barbarossa motel (tel. 0179-5837680 or 0175-1238022). It's in Romelhausen, another little burg like Altenstadt, but only 6 minutes away from Atlantis by cab. Do this in the daytime, not at night. Trust me. Set it up as soon as you get to Altenstadt. The daytime taxi ladies can help you with this. The Barbarossa will cost you 28.50 euro and it's really not bad. There's a passable breakfast the next morning (set up the time with the motel owner) and you can either go back to Atlantis at 11:00 a.m. for more mongering or go back to the train station and go home.

Happy mongering, and I hope this helps the newbies to Frankfurt and Atlantis.

02-04-03, 03:52
Dammnnn, YOU are the man! Your post was one of the most informative and relevant posts I have ever read! Thanks sooooo much!!! I was in Frankfurt in Oct and visited both Atlantis and Oase. Atlantis cost 100 Euros each way by cab and Oase was 70. I did find one thing useful though. You can now check for train schedules and hotels online at the bahn website: www.bahn.de and if you click on "Time table" at the middle left of the page, everything suddenly appears in German and English.

I have a question for you. First, does the anyone at the hotel for 28 Euros speak English? Also, the other two clubs in Frankfurt that you mentioned, have a website? Any info on these two clubs will be greatly appreciated!

I am from the Midwest too and just bought a ticket to Frankfurt for 13-20 February. I hope I have as much fun as you.

Thanks again for everything!!!!

02-04-03, 08:12

Thanks for the compliment.

First up, bud, I should warn you that you are cruising into town right on top of the Frankfurt Messe Ambiente show, which was one of the business things I went to Frankfurt to check up on (I'm a professional artist). The Ambiente runs from Friday the 14th of February until Tuesday the 18th, and it will draw one shitload of exhibitors and a triple shitload of buyers to the Frankfurt Messe (Frankfurt Fair), which is a huge campus of exhibit halls and a large indoor arena that's located only about a ten-minute walk from the Frankfurt Hauptbanhof. If you haven't yet secured a hotel room in Frankfurt, DO IT RIGHT NOW!

I stayed in a neat little place called the Hotel Kaiserhof, which is a two-minute walk from the Hauptbanhof. It's located at Kaiserstrasse 62, and the rates were 49 euros/day. You likely won't get that kind of a rate during a fair week, though. It's a little like going to New Orleans during Mardis Gras - all the room rates get hiked. Anyway, the website for the hotel is www.Kaiserhof-Frankfurt.de, and you can e-mail them at info@kaiserhof-frankfurt.de.

Next: you can find info on three other clubs on the "other FKK" post location. There's a fourth one that I know of, too: the Chantal Chevalier Exklusive FKK Club, 88 Eschersheimer Landstrasse. It's about a fifteen minute walk from the Hotel Kaiserhof, not too far from the Opera (Oper) House. You can find it on Kaleu's FKK list. Only 7 average-looking girls when I went there (I sound like a busy boy, but I was in Frankfurt for two weeks and three days), and the club is just a touch seedy in decor. Standard BBBJ and 50 euro sex, though.

Third: Yes, the lady who runs the Barbarossa speaks passable English, and her husband just gets by. As I mentioned, make your contact with them early in the day - they don't live at the motel, and the taxi lady actually took me to their house about 3 minutes away to help me make a reservation with them. Once you pony up for them (in advance) they'll give you a key to the room and you're on your own - they know where you're headed, by the way. The Barbarossa is only 6 minutes from Atlantis by taxi, and mongers by the multitudes must have stayed there. Note: the Barbarossa ain't no midwest motel notel, either. It looks like a big, blocky apartment house, and for 28.50 euro your bathroom is NEARBY your room, not in it. If you've ever been to London, you'll know what I mean. In London even a hundred dollar a night room has the crapper down the hall. It's a newish building, though, by European standards, and the facilities are quite nice - although much smaller sleeping rooms than you would be used to at Motel 6 midwest. The same lady/owner will serve you breakfast the next morning. Also, get her to call the cab for you (06047-1611) since Taxi Woick & Kurierdienst may not necessarily have an English-speaking employee answering the phone.

02-04-03, 23:47
hi, great post.
I'll be arriving in Fra at 8:30 Pm on a Sunday night - do you think I can do this train thing then, stay overnight at the Barbarossa, train back the next morning? Other alternative is to rent a car from FRA, spend the night at Atlantis and drive back next morning. Are either of these viable IYHO. thanks

Member #1465
02-05-03, 23:43
Was at this place end of January and it was even better than I thought. Lots of girls and as I like Black girls there was 8 black girls.
I had a very nice time with 3 of them and will come back next time I'm in Germany.

02-08-03, 17:25
hi post.... i was in Atlantis on monday and had very nice time there.... since i had all day for me i tried many girls, there were black beautie from Columbia, i dont know her name anymore but she made good service even if it wasnt full half hour. Well, the next one was sweet greec girl Linda, white skin, black hair, full temperament....she was hot and good. But after that i had the best fuck in my life u can believe me.....i took sweet Kitty (from some of Baltic countries) even for one hour because she made me come two times .... very tender, she sucked my dick as long as i wanted it, i enjoyed every minute with her... so try her or Linda from Greece, good advice.

02-09-03, 00:42
Anyone planning to visit Atlantis, Oase, FKK35 or some other place inte the area next week? I will be in the area Tu-We 11-12 Feb. and planning to visit at least Atlantis and Oase, FKK35 if time permits...

Would have been nice to talk with any of you here IRL.


02-11-03, 02:39
You will miss me by one day. I fly in on Thurs and will hit all the FKKs in Frankfurt area for a week then fly back.

02-11-03, 17:07
Hi JT and x020377, what hotels in Frankfurt would you recoomend so I can visit all three of these clubs?

02-14-03, 15:25
I stayed at Aldtstädter Mönchhof 45€ / night. Small and nice.
I actually walked to Atlantis, but I doubt I'll do it again....

Else I had my car, so transport was no issue.

02-15-03, 02:04
hello fellow *****mongers and greetings from altenstadt germany, where the beer is cold and the women are hot!!

honest to god, i have never been to a place where there was such a large diverse population of drop dead gorgeous girls from the caribbean, africa, asia, and almost every country in both eastern and western europe! i am dead serious!

i flew to frankfurt this morning from the miserable city of detroit and took a train to the northern frankfurt suberb of altenstadt. i slept three hours and took a cab the short distance to fkk atlantis. this place rocks! picture this: an upscale establishment where you can go swimming in an indoor big ass swimming pool, hit one of four whirlpool spas, chill in a steam room, bake in a sauna, tan on a tanning bed, get a professional message, and of course, fuck drop dead gorgeous playboy-quality girls!! dammnn, i really almost had a heart attack when i walked in! it took me the better part of an hour to just decide who would be my first! there must have been at least 50 or so hotties, and two ugly ones! you simply cannot find this kind of hottie to dog ratio anythere on earth!!!

to the juicy stuff:

my first was a girl named "linda" from budapest hungarz. she was 21 yrs old, had long blonde hair, a flawless face, and a hard body. no fat, stretch marks, c-section scars, etc... what so ever!! in the sack she totally rocked! bbbj, making out, and the options of cumming in the mouth or on the chest are all standard in this place!!! i am serious!!

my second victim was s polish gal named magme, magpie, or something like that. i am horrible with names. if i did not immediately hit an internet cafe after my experiences this evening, i would not have any names. well, ms. "m" had long blonde hair, a nice body with a nice bootz, and pretty face, and a very sincerere and upbeat personality. at first i was not interested because i just had linda not even ten minutes before. she sat down next to me and began talking with me in english. she is 24 yrs and hold a degree in economics from a university in poland. she was really nice to talk with and even nicer to fuck! she borrowed some lube from the messause and began messaging my back and working her way to the jt family jewels. she really made me horney and in record time. she made out with me for almost a half hour and then we did the deed. she really got involved. because we were gone for at least an hour, i decided that it was right to pay here properly. it is 50 euros for a half hour. i told her initially that that is all that i wanted and at the end, it was all she expected. well, i gave her a well-deserved 100 euros. she was totally speechless.

after this polish princess, i definately needed a break so i chilled out in the hot tub, sauna and swimming pool for about an hour. as i was sitting in the pool, i noticed a young looking and petite auburn girl sittiing alond and keeping to herself. well, jt cannot have a hottie of her stature being so disrespected by the guys, so i decided to rescue her from boredom. her name was "???" and she was german, from cologne. she was 20 yrs old, although she did not look it. she looked about 18. anyways, "???" could not speak a lick of english, so i decided to teach her *****monger-ese. in the bedroom, and to my amazement, she was soooo passionate and awesome. this girl was really getting it on! i made her wet (i take great pride at doing this) and we made out for about 30 minutes or so. she was sooo sweet and innocent that jt nutted in a very unusual 5 minutes. this is after two previous girls and a quarter of a 100mg blue pill. she was truy a sweetheart. great attitude and the will to please were her greatest attributes, followed by her hard and completely flawless body, cute and innocent face, and the fact that she swallowed! sorry guys, this girl is jts treasure and i am going to be selfish for once and not posting her name. damn, if i would have met her at a club, i wold probably be married to her by now. she was that good!

after this sex demon, i took another break for about 20 minutes and watched some tv. before long, i felt tapping on my shoulder and turned around to a very pretty girl from the dominican republic. her name was "maria" and she was 22 yrs old. she too, had a hard body. after conversing with her in spanish (she could hardly understand my horrible spanish), we were off to a room. damn, this girl could suck dick like an olympic event! after about 20 minutes of that, i wrapped her long legs around me like a pretzel and we made sweet love, well maybe not that sweet. it took me about 30 minutes and then she was off. i knew that i could not handle anymore hotties tonight, so what could i do? i had 4 extremely hot young ladies and still had at least 45 left to do. damn, i have my work cut out for me tomorrow!

sorry for the lenght, but everything is so fresh in my head, that i just had to write such a detailed "after action report".

thanks whitey for the info about the train to altenstad. it was totally accurate.


02-15-03, 05:04
Will be in German from March 12-22, making a point to be in Frankfurt for at least a vist to the Atlantis, I need some clarification, the way JT writes it, he paid the girl directly, I thought you settled your bill upfront prior to leaving.........which is it? I would hate to pay the girl then have them hit me at the door for all my mongering too......

I will be in Hanover and Munich as well.......any tips for this 1st trip to Germany would be most appreciated.

02-15-03, 21:36
Apart from the Atlantis you might consider Oase in Burgholzhausen. http://www.fkk-oase.de/index_start.html?
Both clubs have the same rules. You pay e60 flat as an entrance fee. The rest is between the girl and you (usually e50/ half an hour). Payment (to the girl) is after the act. The nice thing about this that you can always say thats it after 30min having spent just e50 and go for the next girl, or stay as long as you like if you like her.

Originally posted by WorldTraveller
Will be in German from March 12-22, making a point to be in Frankfurt for at least a vist to the Atlantis, I need some clarification, the way JT writes it, he paid the girl directly, I thought you settled your bill upfront prior to leaving.........which is it? I would hate to pay the girl then have them hit me at the door for all my mongering too......

I will be in Hanover and Munich as well.......any tips for this 1st trip to Germany would be most appreciated.

02-16-03, 03:25
World Traveler,

In some FKK's (Atlantis and Oase to name a couple) you pay an enterence fee WHEN you ENTER then you pay the girls directly after you finish with them. In other places in the Rhine area you usually get a wristband and the girls write their names and then yoy pay everything at the end upon leaving.

02-16-03, 05:21
Hi whitey2,
Very nice and detail info.! I will follow your steps.
I will be arriving Frankfurd(main) bhf station at 11:05 from Amsterdam on March 21. I have some questions. Thanks in advance.

1. Where can I find the luggage store in the train station? (I only have 29 mints to store my bag and buy the ticket and catch the 104 train).

2. How to find the platform 1 from 4 in Bad Vilbel?

3. Can I bring my luggage to Atlantis ( Do they have a baggage store?)?

02-16-03, 15:26
OK, My day two at Atlantis

Well, I had to have my girl from last night as my first. She was awesome. Same GFE experience.
My second girl was a cutie from the Czech Rep. She was 21 and had a great body. I had her for an hour.

My third and fourth (nutted twice in an hour) girl was from Bulgaria. She looked latin, so I was naturally attracted to her. She really got involved. Great vocals and personality.

My fifth, and final, victim was from Croatia. She was the spitting image of Selma Hayak. Although a little professional, she certainly did the trick.

By now, it was about 3am and I had to leave.

My buddy had a hot ass Russian girl who was 20 yrs old, had a cute face, and a fantastic petite body. Her performance on the other hand, did not equal her beauty. He said that she was too mechanical and was not into it. Being a trained "student" of mine, he naturally flipped her over all fours and made the best of this experience.
His second chick, a tall, thin, light skinned, mixed German/Togoanese (African), was a very pretty prize. She rocked his world. She also had a great personality.

Well, I am off to FKK OASE today. I will post more later.


02-16-03, 19:36
Hi everyone,

I'm leaving for Europe on Tues (just 48 hrs. to go). Amsterdam for the warm-up, then visiting family in Greece & finally and most important to Germany for an 11 day FKK tour (2/28-3/11). I'd like to post my expereinces, for all to read, as they happen, but my question is how do you guys post from Germany??? I have a laptop (but no isp in Germany), do know a way to connect with the laptop from the hotels in Germeny??? Or do you go to cybercafes??? In Amsterdam it's always been easy to find cybercafes but I've never seen many in germany. Please advise me as to what you guys usually do. FYI I'm planning to visit (Atlantis, Oase, Babylon, Bernd's, Planet Happy Garden, Club Beverly). Maybe (Relax, Blue Note in Dusseldorf, and Cocoon). If anyone thinks I should avoid any of these let me know. The only ones (of these mentioned) I've been to before are Atlantis (once), Oase (at least 10 times), and Babylon (a few times). So lots of these will be first time visits. Atlantis seems to be getting lots of good publicity so I may have to visit there 2 or 3 times. When I went theree they had just opened and had around only 20 (although I had a couple good GFE one was a clock watcher and I found the place to be a bit dark and didn't see that many girls because with only around 20 and some being in the rooms and the place being so big it looked kinda of empty)

Also any days or times I should try for or avaid. Thanks in advance... only 48 hrs. to departure!!!

02-22-03, 17:31
Day Six and Final After Action Report for my European Tour de Puss 2003.

After checking out of my hotel on Wednesday, I took a train to Altenstadt, the home of FKK Atlantis. I arrived at 7pm and quickly found a HOT ass chick from Morocco. Her name was "Micah" or "Tamikah", or something like that and was 21 yrs old. She could have graced the covers of Playboy and the SI Swimsuit issue. She was just that hot. In the sack, she was quite good too. I later met up with a fellow *****monger who frequents the WSG and he also had her and loved the experience.

At around 11pm, I had my second chick of the night. Last weekend I noticed a hard bodied Spanish girl who actually had a waitlist to be with her. Well, I happened to catch her during a "slow period" and decided to see what the fuss was about. Her name was Casandra and she was from Barcelona. She had fake titties and a very petite body. Well, I didn't quite see what all the comotion was regarding her. Yes, she certainly was beautiful, but her "service" was quite routine. Nothing special. One thing that did [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off what at around the 25 minute mark, she made it known that I only had 5 minutes left and may have to give her more cash. What a *****!!! I can't stand that kind of behavior.

At around 1am, I found my next victim. She was a very beautiful 21 yr. old blonde from my favorite city in Slovakia, Kosice (pronounced like: Ko Sheets Uh). She was simply stunning. She is the type of girl you take to a formal dinner or the Opera. Damn, she was a knockout! No pics of her guys, sorry. I had her for an hour. There were absolutely no descrepancies about her what so ever!!! I totally forgot her name, but she is the only Slovak girl working at Atlantis.

Well, it was now about 2am and I relaxed for about an hour in the whirlpool before making my final choice for the trip. She was a 20 yr old Bulgarian redhead. She was not the prettiest girl in the place (about a 7) , but I had a feeling that she would make up for this in the bedroom. Wow, I was right. She totally "took" me. I still have bite marks on my ears and scratches on my back. When we were finished, the place was nearly deserted by guys. Most of the girls were in the swimming pool and playing like Children. It was refreshing to see these girls smiling and having a good time.

I chilled until closing (4am), took a taxi to the bahn hof (train station), and took the train to the Frankfurt Airport for my 10am flight back to Detroit.

I am already planing my next adventures to Germany. Hopefully, I will be able to go in a month or two. Airfares are only $220 round trip from Detroit. Hell, I can't even fly to San Antonio, Texas for that price.

02-22-03, 23:22
you rock! - 6 days of the finest FKK pussy. I am in awe of the European Tour de Puss.
I see that you have pickef Atlantis as your preferred venue. Guess I'll have to tel Maria that you need some convincing :-)
I'll be back mid- march If you'd like to hook up again. A German buddy told me about the party treff scene and gave me contact for best one in Germany. may go that way on my next stopover.

02-22-03, 23:38
guys I got a question
I don't speak a single word of german, can I find my way
around there and be able to communicate in the place?
also I'm asian and I heard some places don't welcome

02-23-03, 00:15
Thanks for the compliment.

German FKK's have women from all over the world. I have never seen any discrimination on the part of the ladies. I have seen Asian guys in all clubs. Money talks here. Come with plenty of Euros and treat the ladies with respecet and you will have a blast. I don't speak German and never had any problems.

You can get to both FKK Oase and FKK Atlantis by train. Go to Friedrichsdorf for Oase and go to Altenstadt for Atlantis. You will need to take a cab from the train stations to the clubs.

02-23-03, 02:01
thanks for the advice man

more newbie questions
I'll be flying into frankfurt, right?
where's a good and cheap place to stay at?
I saw someone say check out kleus' website but
I can't understand a word on there

thanks man

and how easy is it to rent a car? I saw someone
recommend that as opposed to taking public transportation

02-23-03, 02:04

Nice report! I have a question. How much cost you to took a taxi from Atlantis to Frankfurd (main) bhf station at 4:00am? Still $100 or much more? Thanks in advance.

02-23-03, 07:27

Where do you want to stay? Near Atlantis? Near Oase? Downtown Frankfurt?

Renting a car is easy, but I personally prefer the trains.

02-23-03, 23:55
Going to be in Hannover for the Cebit in March, from all I have read Hannover is NOT the place to have fun.

I need some help here.......I will eventually end up in Munich, would I be better to take a day or 2 by train to Frankfort from Hannover or from Munich?

I speak only english, so this will make things a bit more difficult for me I am sure.

I am really wanting to visit Atlantis and maybe Oase, help me figure out the best way to do it...

Thanks in advance!

02-24-03, 18:00
A cab from Atlantis to Frankfurt will cost at least 60 Euro, depending on where you want to go in Frankfurt. I had to take a taxi from Frankfurt Bahn Hof (train station) to Friedrichsdorf (where Oase is located) and it cost nearly 70 Euros.

WorldTraveller, go to the train station and tell them you want to go to Altenstadt hessen (for Atlantis) or Friedrichsdorf (for oase). They will route you the best route. My advice, get out of Munich, it is the "bible belt" of Germany. Not a good place for mongering.

02-25-03, 09:26
World, boy,david, JT,

rental car is the way to go men. I've taken taxis before, no more.
Get a car for 50- 80 Eur a day. 20-30 minute drive from FRA airport to either Oase or Atlantis. No train hassles, missed connections, waiting outside in the frost for taxis. Easy driving to either and you're your own boss. German autobahns are a natural wonder of the modern world.
For more details see my posting on Oase section of Feb.19th.

03-01-03, 17:15
Atlantis again. Friday 5 to 9. Maybe my imagination but the workers weren’t to my taste as much as usual. (it was the week after the Messe so perhaps some were away?) There had been a 90% turnover since my previous visit five months earlier. I used a hire car again - the easiest way and cheaper than taxis
First I had some food – a Chinese tofu dish ordered in by the lady at the bar. Very helpful, efficient and the food was good, plentiful and cheap.
Then to the girls. Several approached me but not to my taste. Then a very slim black girl came up, and asked to sit with me. She was very sexy and straddling me asked to suck my dick – well who was I to say no? Then we went to the room and she was a good fuck. Afterwards we talked, over-running the time, telling me her real name, where her father and mother came from, what she did with her money, the poor in Africa, her plans for the future, and how she liked working at Atlantis. She said she had been a model (with her figure it was no surprise) but that it was too unpleasant and cutthroat
That’s what is so good about Atlantis – the workers let you now they are real people.
I then left – I’d lost momentum after my visits elsewhere earlier in the day. Atlantis is still to be recommended

03-01-03, 17:30
Hey Shiatsu,

Are the blowjobs free in the lobby? I'm not sure I understand the total cost of these sessions. Let's see... 60 to get in the door...50 for the girl and 50 for the room too????



03-01-03, 18:07
Originally posted by NastyBoy
Hey Shiatsu,

Are the blowjobs free in the lobby? I'm not sure I understand the total cost of these sessions. Let's see... 60 to get in the door...50 for the girl and 50 for the room too????


Naah ... it's 60 to get in the door, then 50 to take a lady to a room for a half-hour or so. You only pay the extra 50 when you go overtime or cum in the lady's mouth.

03-01-03, 20:46
i really dont know if i changed my view about women. but my visit to atlantis made quite an impression. thanks to all the posts here i managed very well during my whole journey. i spent 43 hours in frankfurt hessen and let me take it from the start.

i was landing at the hahn airport in the afternoon on a thursday and the weather was about 15 degrees and quite sunny. before the flight i made reservation for a car and found to be the best service. avis had few cars left and shorter opening hours. € 155 was an acceptable price also for a two days rent. i rented a vw golf.

thanks to maquest and the descriptions here on the board i found my way easily. german autobahn system is very easy and comfortable to navigate. after arriving a61 i took the a60,a67,a3 then took of to b45 that merged into b43 and then a66 and a45. in spite of travelling in the rush our, there was not much “stau” and the 155 km drive took me about 1hr and 40 mins. i rented a room in the centre of altenstadt.

before going to the hotel i wanted to find atlantis. just to make sure that this was for real and not an “undersea-city”. previous descriptions can be confirmed 100% and i found my paradise. the distance from the altenstad centre is about 3,5 km and a nice walk if the temprature is ok. but i preferred to use my car, since i expected to be there all night.

i arrived at atlantis at 18.30. and what a sight. i was speechless. there were about 50 girls completely naked and about 30 men. all women were so good looking and smiling. the facilities are well described so i will not og deeper into that but i will just comment that atlantis was a much better place the oase in my point of view.

the first evening i stayed for 9 hours and had 5 different girls. polish, ukrainian, czech, german and lithuanian. there were also many from non-european countries, but i did not try any of them. one of the best was jana from czech. she was dark-haired, and had brown eyes. she was so awesome. i stayed an hour with here and finished with an exceptional frech-total.

around 4 am i went to the hotel for a sleep and was totally exhaused after 5 delisious sessions. i was so glad then that brought my car.

the next day i woke up at 11.00 am, and had a short breakfast. i wanted to test out oase and drove for burgholzhausen. unfortunately i could not find it. i wrote down the wrong adress and that made it difficult for me to find. i preferred not to ask for the way, since i would be very embarrased to do that. that is why i returned to atlantis and arrived there around 13.00. i had 2 wonderful session with two goddesses. one darked haired and one blonde. both from germany.

after this i went back to the hotel and found the way to oase. here is the way i drove from atlantis.
first head for altenstadt and then follow the n521 for about 9-10 km to nidderau. then turn right to karben, a sign says this is 7km the road is narrow. after arriving karben, then follow in direction frankfurt/kassel autobahn a5 until you pass the little town of kloppenheim. a few hundred kms from kloppenheim turn right towards ober-erlachen. og straight forward for 4 km until you come into the center, and turn right where a sign says “burgholzhause 3 km” follow that road and then you will find the club on the left side. they have a guarded parking area. the club lies in the middle of nowwhere.

i was a little tired after the atlantis sessions and could not manage more than one session in oase. i tried a stunning girl jasmina from germany. very nice tits, but i was not in my best shape. in some way i could not find myself comfortable there so i returned to atlantis. i arrived at 8.30 pm had two more sessions there with a nice petit russian girl and wonderful lea from slovakia. i went home at 1.am in the night.

i had 10 different girls in 2 days, and need some rest from girls for a couple of hours now. at 7 am i was on my way back to the airport. and now 12 hours later i am now sitting here writing this report.

atlantis is heaven on earth and i just cant wait to return.


03-02-03, 22:00
Thanks Arnie

03-06-03, 16:50
Hi guys!

I have this huge weakness for BBBJ and then cumming in the girls mounth while she continues to suck... If you ask me, it's the best experience in the world.

I've had it several times in South East Asia, and it has left me extremely hungry for more.

I was always under the impression that BBBJ and cumming in a girl's mouth was a thing of the distant past in Europe....but boy! was I pleasantly surprised by this FKK forum.

Although the prices of Atlantis aren't cheap...in Jakarta you can do it with 15 women for a week with that kinda money... it's still a lot cheaper than getting a ticket to Indonesia or Thailand.

So in this regard I have some in depth question about this delicacy:

- Do you have to pay 50e more for cumming in her mounth? or is it part of the standard 50e? I've read through this forum extensively and read conflicting messages on the topic.

- For you guys that have requested the cumming in the mouth service: do they swallow? or do they spit it out? Are the girls professional at this or do they start gagging directly after you cum? Will they continue to suck while you're cumming or do they pull out your dick directly?

- Do allow the girls provide the service of cumming in their mouth? or should you ask for this in advance?

I'd love to hear any of your experiences.

Now for some more general questions:

- In Atlantis, is 30 minutes really 30 minutes? Or does the time end as soon as you cum? Will the girls allow you to cum twice during the 30 minutes? ....if possible at all :)

- The scene inside must be amazing...50 naked stunning women...wow. But if I would walk in with only a towel wrapped around my waste, I'd be afraid to get an erection after a few minutes...that would be soooo embaressing. Is this normal there? or will I really be the laughing stock of Atlantis?

- Have any of you guys ever had arguments about the payment after the deed? And if yes, what was it about? How do you resolve such an argument? I hate to be ripped off after the deed, so I want to be aware of any ripoff tactics...

OK guys, thanks in advance for your replies!


03-06-03, 19:19
- Do you have to pay 50e more for cumming in her mounth? Or is it part of the standard 50e?

You have to pay € 50 extra for CIM,

- For you guys that have requested the cumming in the mouth service: do they swallow? or do they spit it out? Are the girls professional at this or do they start gagging directly after you cum? Will they continue to suck while you're cumming or do they pull out your dick directly?

Some swallow, some spit out.....I dont know of any who gaggle. I think that is rare.....And mostly dont continue to suck......I beleive the CIM and BBBJ is a little higher in quality in Asia.

- Do allow the girls provide the service of cumming in their mouth? Or should you ask for this in advance?

Either they ask or you can ask them....depends.....But the best is to ask before you go up to the room....

I'd love to hear any of your experiences.

- In Atlantis, is 30 minutes really 30 minutes? Or does the time end as soon as you cum? Will the girls allow you to cum twice during the 30 minutes? ....if possible at all :)

30 minutes is 30 minutes.....Some will let u come twice if you can...but I am not sure....but 2 times in 30 mins is not my style.....

- The scene inside must be amazing...50 naked stunning women...wow. But if I would walk in with only a towel wrapped around my waste, I'd be afraid to get an erection after a few minutes...that would be soooo embaressing. Is this normal there? or will I really be the laughing stock of Atlantis?

IT IS AMAZING.....Dont be emarrasesd, nothing is unnormal in ATLANTIS....

- Have any of you guys ever had arguments about the payment after the deed? And if yes, what was it about? How do you resolve such an argument? I hate to be ripped off after the deed, so I want to be aware of any ripoff tactics...

As long as you agree up front there will be no argument....I have never arguments....they ask you always for xtra time and xtra service.....every xtra 30 mins is 50e and every xtra service is extra 50e....so the bottom line should be easy to predict.....


03-07-03, 06:44
Hi guys,

Have a question that no one has been asked before:

How do girls count the time? -- Let say, 30 minutes setion. Should I bring a watch or there is a clock in each room. But, how about the time before have a sex, let's say in the public area with bbbj before go to the room. Or time will be counted as soon as the girl start to touch you?

Thanks in advance.

03-07-03, 07:30
BBBJ is the norm for most FKK clubs. Not the norm for German EROS Centers or Sauna clubs, however. BBBJTC, called "freishish total" (my spelling probably not correct) is an extra fifty euro. So is anal, if you can find a girl who will do that. Anal isn't so common.

No girl is going to swallow, except by accident. They have towels too, just like you do, and they will spit into the towel pretty shortly after completion.

Some girls also consider coming on the face or breasts as "freisish total" and will want an extra 50 euro. It's best that you both are clear on that before you begin.

If Atlantis is busy, 30 minutes is pretty much 30 minutes. If it isn't, then snuggle time afterwards can vary a little. If you're machine enough to come twice in 30 minutes, I'd guess you'd have to discuss that with the girl in advance. It'd be her call.

Nobody is going to be zeroed in on your pecker while you walk around Atlantis. All the males there are doing just what you're doing - scoping out the eye candy and thinking about which girl would make the best choice. Since it's QUITE common to see girls performing BBBJ on 'clients' right there on the couches, having a hardon isn't anything to be embarrassed about.

Finally, you aren't going to get ripped off in Atlantis. You need to act like a gentleman and not cause scenes, though, or you'll get hustled out. I saw that happen once while I was there.

03-08-03, 03:42

I was wondering if any had any greek in atlantis? How much does it cost? Do the girls charge for the time they spend cuddling or giving bj outside the room? Planning a trip soon. Would appreciate your suggestions?

03-09-03, 20:36
Thanks for the input guys.

I'll be going to Atlantis and Oase as soon as I get the chance. Hopefully sooner than later :)

Naturally I'll be posting a full report over here.

Happy hunting!


03-10-03, 07:13
Originally posted by josh69

I was wondering if any had any greek in atlantis? How much does it cost? Do the girls charge for the time they spend cuddling or giving bj outside the room? Planning a trip soon. Would appreciate your suggestions?
Greek? Some ladies will. How to find them? Ask the receptionist. Don't be shy, she's heard it all before.

How much does it cost? Not sure about that, maybe 100 extra? (Guys - anyone out there know for sure?)

Do ladies charge for cuddling or BJ outside the room? Yes, some will, especially when it's busy. They'll take more time with you when it's not. My advice: go in the afternoons and clear out by 9:00 or 10:00 PM. Atlantis turns into a f*ck-factory at that time, with men usually outnumbering the women and long lines for an empty room.

03-10-03, 13:40
Pardon my ignorance...

but what exactly is 'Greek' ?


03-10-03, 22:11
Originally posted by BBBJ
Pardon my ignorance...

but what exactly is 'Greek' ?


Greek means:

Anal sex.

03-10-03, 22:33
Greek usually refers to anal sex........there is a guide on the 1st page of this forum that explains many of the terms used on this board and with the hobby in general.

Looking forward to being at Atlantis on friday afternoon/evening. I decided after much reservation to rent a car and go that route as opposed to using public transportation.

A report will follow when I have access to a computer.

03-11-03, 18:52
Atlantis 10


This was my second visit to Germany for an FKK visit having visited there in Dec 2002. That was a two day visit and took in FKK’s Atlantis and Oase. This was a more fleeting visit, just one whole day in FKK Atlantis. The plan was to arrive at around 11 in the morning on Saturday 8th March and leave about 4 am Sunday 9th, hopefully taking in 10 girls.

The planned itinery and costs are as follows:

700 euros purchased by www.fxonline.co.uk - no commission and if paid by switch no card cost or delivery charge. Currency delivered by registered post next day. Rate was best after looking at 10+ other places. I would recommend.
Mar 8 Gatwick – Frankfurt British Airways (main airport) 7.05 – 9.55 am
Mar 9 Frankfurt – Gatwick British Airways 7.25 – 8.15 am
Cost £31.20 (plus air miles) Booked direct online with BA via Executive Club.
BCP off airport £10.90 booked online.
Alamo rental booked via ebookers.com
Opel Vectra 1.8 not including petrol. £41
Ended up with Mercedes A Class petrol auto

Start out going East on AIRPORTRING toward HUGO-ECKENER-RING.
0.39 km

2.00 km

Merge onto A3 via the ramp- on the left- toward WÜRZBURG/FRANKF.-SÜD.
21.70 km

Merge onto B45 via exit number 54 toward FULDA/HANAU/HAINBURG.
3.47 km

7.61 km

B43A becomes A66.
5.39 km

14.84 km

Take the B521 exit- exit number 39- toward ALTENSTADT/NIDDERAU/BÜDINGEN/ORTEN BERG.
0.25 km

Turn LEFT onto B521.
1.75 km

Turn LEFT onto HANAUER STRASSE/L3189. Continue to follow L3189.
1.26 km

1.29 km

0.20 km

Total Estimated Time: Total Distance: 60.14 km
46 minutes


Flight £ 31
Parking £ 11
Car £ 41
Admission Atlantis £ 43
10 girls @ 50 euros £ 354
Food £ 7
Total trip cost £ 487

One day of pleasure £500!!!! So I spoil myself now and again aren’t I worth it!


Note on ratings:- I have called my ratings the BALLS ratings. I rank Body (B), Attitude and personality (A) Looks (LL), Session and Performance (S). To give the overall BALLS rating I give a weight of 1,2,1 and 3 to each of the categories respectively and divide by seven, rounding up and down by my feel for the session. These are very subjective, my preference being tall, dark haired ladies with good sized firm breasts, long hair and beautiful face.

Nora – 23 German from Dortmund, blonde, tall 5’9” out of shoes. Good English, great body with medium tits, stunning eyes. Good coach play, BBBJ and multiple positions. Very sexy.
BALLS RATING 8.8:- B 9 A 9 LL 9 S 8.5

Jana - 23 Eastern block blonde, 5’11”, log hair, pretty, good tits. English poor. Picked this girl for her looks, it was hard to communicate. I would imagine if you speak Russian or whatever the session would improve, seemed to really enjoy what she does, by the look on her face. Short BBBJ, lots of fucking, she liked it on top. Talked while on the job, whatever she was saying it was sexy for me!
BALLS RATING 8.5:- B 9 A 8 LL 9 S 8.5

Rosa – 25? Dominican Republic, caramel (her description of her colour), dark, 5’ 4”. English OK, Spanish. Looks OK, bad by Atlantis standards. Great oil body massage, BBBJ, multiple positions, real orgasm, 40 min session. BALLS RATING 8.4:- B 6.5 A 9 LL 6 S 9.5

???? – German, blond, 5’ 7” good English. Body OK looks but not really my type, tits medium. Her chat up enticed me otherwise I would not have chosen her, session started great but pressure for longer time, more services ruined it, see report.
BALLS RATING 3:- B 7.5 A 1 LL 6 S 2

Sincha session 1 – Brazil 23? Brazil, dark, 5’6”. OK English/good Spanish. Good looking, but not stunning with dark hair and fringe. Fantastic body, good tits, exquisite butt, tattoo on arm. Good session, BBBJ and positions, good technique, looked like she loved it, but sensed a little clock watching towards the end.
BALLS RATING 8.5:- B 9.5 A 8 LL 8.5 S 8.0

Rosas friend – 22? Dominican Republic, black (chocolate), Very short hair, 5’ 4”. English OK, Spanish. A little prettier than Rosa and slighter built. Good BBBJ, multiple positions, came loudly. Not as experienced as Rosa, but good and willing
BALLS RATING 8.4:- B 7 A 9 LL 7.5 S 8.75

Sincha session 2 – Better session, more passion, she got into it more, came once, no clock watching this time, spent time talking to me before session after she discovered I speak a little Spanish, which seemed to make a big difference.
BALLS RATING 9.0:- B 9.5 A 9 LL 8.5 S 8.5

??? – Spanish, long blond hair, spoke mainly Spanish. Great body, with great tits but false. Should smile more, OK looking. Average session with nothing special to add.
BALLS RATING 8.1:- B 9 A 8 LL 8 S 8

Lina? – 21 German blonde 5’11” medium tits. Playboy model type a 10 in many people’s books a little to “blonde type” for me , nice girl, good English, but nothing special personality wise. Not a regular, did the basics well, seemed to enjoy it, but no real passion.
BALLS RATING 8.4:- B 9.5 A 8 LL 9 S 8

???? – Turkish mixed with somewhere I had not heard of, dark, 5’ 6” English good. Looks and body OK but not top notch Atlantis standards. Wore lace up boots, medium tits and had pointed nose, strangish package that suited her. A little crazy (in nice way). Session was very long 50 mins which included 15 minutes of me massaging her, while she played with me. BBBJ , DATY in multiple positions, 69, many positions and great tit fuck.
BALLS RATING 9.0:- B 8 A 9 LL 7.5 S 9.75


I had confirmed my flight on-line, and was travelling light, just a book, toothbrush/paste, mouthwash, mints, pro-plus pills (to keep me awake) and a pen and paper. Left home at 5am sharp after getting up at 4 after only two hours sleep. I made the mistake of promising to meet someone at a dance club I know intending to go home by 10 am but the dancing was good and eventually got home at just before 2! Took only 25 mins to get to BCP car park and within 50 minutes of leaving home was having a coffee waiting for the gate to be given. Check in was a breeze as I had confirmed on-line - a good idea. The plane left 15 minutes late, but with a strong tail wind arrived on-time. Ham and cheese croissant and fruit was not bad for such a short flight. Went straight through passport control and up to Alamo car hire. Very efficient here, no Vectra, but they offered me an auto Mercedes A class, which suited me fine, as my main car is an auto too. The directions on Map Quest were perfect; it was a gorgeous day and the roads clear. The drive was so much easier and quicker than from Frankfurt Haan, so if you can go to the main airport. Much to my delight I arrived at Atlantis and was paying my 60 euros at on 11 am. What a difference to my last trip. Good point the showers were hot this time!

There must have been about 20 girls there when I arrived and three or four guests. Standards where very high, with lots of statuesque blondes and a selection of darker skinned beauties who turned out to be the Spanish speaking quarter. I sat down and surveyed the talent. A blond (frizzy hair) who was quite attractive was smiling at me in a subtle way, she was nice, but I wanted to take my time. I was tapped on the shoulder by another blonde offering me everything, she was not the best looking there, so despite her sales pitch I told her maybe later (a mistake, never promise unless you mean it). It was so difficult to choose, as in direct view (the Spanish contingent were all together at the back behind the bar out of view) it was all very good similar looking blondes. I decided to smile back at the one who was smiling at me earlier and we had a few minutes of visual flirtation. I decided to try her so invited her over. She was so sweet. She said she liked my smile was not pushy at all, but did just enough be subtlety sexy. We flirted for a good fifteen minutes, we kissed (she did this beautifully, played a little and made sure I was suitably turned on. Her eyes stared into mine and I am sure she could have won my heart with them. Any Nora, a German from Dortmund took me upstairs and charmed, as well as spoilt me. Her BBBJ was good, liked it when I went down on her and sex was just as delightful. It was not a full on passionate session, but she never stopped smiling or making me feel special, which is what we all want when we are here. A real good lady and class act, definitely recommended, I wish I had had a second session.

I planned an hour to hour and a half between sessions, so spent the time relaxing using the facilities to the full and surveying the talent. There is nothing like surveying while swimming in the pool or relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Spotted another blond from the pool, again tall with long hair this time. Very good looking a playboy type, a ten for most of you blonde fans. I sat near her and soon she came over. I think she was Russia, definitely Eastern block. Conversation was very difficult, but I wanted her for her looks, she had a great body, tall, not skinny but well toned with good tits natural tits for a girl that tall. She kissed passionately, but not with Nora’s finesse, gave good BBBJ, but this was only for a few minutes. I thought she would be a time watcher, but looking back I think she liked the sex, she donned the condom then proceeded to shag me silly from on top, she was muttering all sorts of words in Russian? Liked me playing with her tits and I had to instigate of change of position. We did doggy and missionary, but she ended up on top again, she obviously loved it there, she muttered even more and played with her own tits and nipples, I just laid there and admired the view! Whether she was telling me what a good fuck I was or insulting me as she ground away I do not know, but it was dead sexy, probably a good job I did not understand a word! I came for the second session running almost dead on the half hour and she seemed happy leaving me with a smile on her face. I did not see her again, she must have left fairly soon after the session.

I was again approached by the first girl and put her off. After killing some more time I fancied something different from a blonde. Not as easy one might think, as although the numbers had increased, there was still a predominance of blondes. I spotted the German/African girl I had an hour session with in December. She was the one girl I wanted to repeat with here so I was very pleased. It turns out she had called me as soon as I came in, but I did not hear her. She was not feeling well so we chatted for fifteen minutes. I did not take her as she was obviously unwell and I would fell terrible banging someone under the weather. So I ventured over to the Spanish quarter and soon was approached by Rosa, not a looker, certainly not in this company, but we chatted and she was nice and from the Dominican Republic. She suggested a massage, so I thought what the heck, I had never had a DR girl and having heard a lot about DR girls by Mel a friend and fellow monger from the USA, I thought I would have one for him (so to speak)! She surprised me by pulling out a bottle of baby oil and giving me a very good body to body massage; this lasted a good fifteen minutes and was very relaxing and reminded me of Barons in BKK. We conversed in Spanish and English and was good practice for me (the worst linguist in the world!). I was not too worried about sex at this stage, she did not turn me on that much, but soon she was giving me a delicious BBBJ and sex was surprisingly good too. She made up for her looks in attitude and tried so hard to make me cum. She came and was upset that I could not, but after two, it is usually impossible for me to cum again. After a good forty minutes I ended the session knowing I could not cum and she was a still a little upset. I told her it was not her fault, it was me, but I think she was disappointed!

Back in the open I again chatted to my poorly friend. She was clearly not well, but was worried she would be told off for leaving early! I told her to go and would talk to the management if necessary. We chatted for a good half hour and she eventually did leave. Shame, I would have loved a session with her.

I read a little and noticed how busy it was getting, lots more girls and men. The same girl again approached me again, I had found out she was a friend of the sick girl. Apparently she had told her I was a good session and a big boy and she wanted me. So I fell for the flattery and thought I may get a good session from her even if she was not my cup of tea. We went in a cabin near the Jacuzzi and it all started well, she was full of complements told me she wanted me to make her cum and what she wanted and for ten minutes it was good, then came the first negotiations, did I want anal? NO! ( I will not pay 50e for that), then a little later CIM? NO!, then the session was so good so did I want an hour? Well it went on for a good ten minutes and by then I was soft and nothing she or I could do would make it better! Now, this was a first for me, I know I have a problem shooting after a few sessions, but not being able to get a hard on, not me, it just never happens. I know I am mid forties, but this was never going to happen to me. I still had half a days performing and six girls to do. I think she took this as a personal affront and walked off. I followed and paid, but mentally I had taken a blow that took a good three hours to recover from!

To top this my GF rang to say she wanted me to call her and where was I. Could not ring back as mobiles were not allowed. So I had the guilt trip and the non performance issues to deal with. I do not know why it affected me but I was worried I would have to spend all the time here without action, stupid I know but mentally I was affected for a while. I decided as I had not eaten, I should order some food, and did a Pizza. I killed the hour in between worrying and talking to Rosa and her friends. She suggested a threesome with her friend chocolate and caramela as she explained it. I was in no state to go for that so we just chatted. The pizza took an hour to come but was massive and delicious, cheap at 8.5 euros. I told my self that this would help as lack of sleep and food (I usually eat like a horse) had affected my performance. Anyway after the food I mulled around, putting off a session, when I clocked a girl I had seen around and seemed popular. So I got sensible and went over. She was better close up, with a killer body, she said she was from Brazil and immediately I knew this was the medicine I needed. Two minutes later I was upstairs and pawing this beautiful woman with one of the sexiest asses I have ever seen. Conversation was OK, however, she was a little coldish, but performed well and seemed to enjoy it. I know when she moved position to doggy and waggled that butt that I would finish this session no probs! She was disappointed, even a little affronted when I could not cum, but did end the session dead on the half hour. Not the best session I have had but worth it just to see the ass.

I now realised what a Wayne Kerr I had been and was up for more. I rested and killed some time. It did get a bit boring between sessions, a downside for a long visit. I waited an hour or so then was approached by Rosas chocolate friend. She got me going and gave me a good BBBJ on the couch, which she continued upstairs. A nice session ensued; she was not as skilled as Rosa, but keen to please and was disappointed not to be able to extract some juice. It is a little difficult, this at times. Do any other of you guys have the same problem? If so how do you deal with it?

I am a little tired know and getting really bored between sessions. I am sitting in the Latin Quarter when Sincha sits on the couch opposite. After five minutes she beckons me over and starts chatting. One of the DR girls’ asks me in Spanish if I have seen Rosa and I reply. Sincha is astounded I speak Spanish and tells me off for not speaking to her. I tell her my Spanish is bad and I thought she would speak Portuguese, but no, she is fluent in Spanish. From here on in things looked up even more. We chatted for half an hour with no pressure whatsoever. Now this is a popular girl, who I think likes to earn, so it was nice her giving me some non-pressured time. In the end I wanted her again and suggested we go upstairs. Now this session was even better, she seemed to enjoy it too and came fairly loudly and for a long while. She then went doggy and I came within a few seconds, I was so pleased. I told her that was good and discussed the problem. She told me not to worry, she said she liked men to last and it was good that I did. Still I was cured of my droopy Willy syndrome and left her envying all you Rio regulars. I bet being surrounded by hotties like Sincha who love what they do must be like paradise, one day I will find an excuse to go to Rio.

Now I was sure I could complete my task of double figures and was well up for it. Time really began to drag as I had, had more saunas, Jacuzzi and swims than I have ever had in one day, my book was finished and had looked at every lady here up and down many times over.

Now on the way up for my second session with Sincha, she had stopped to talk with a girl who turned out to be Spanish. I had seen her and wanted a session and Sincha suggested a threesome. I should have said yes and regret it now, but as soon as I saw her alone asked her upstairs. I cannot remember her name; she had a great body that was only slightly spoilt by her ample breasts being false. She did have a good slim waist. She spoke little English and we did not converse that much. We had a reasonable session, but there was nothing out of the ordinary to report. I think she is a girl that if my Spanish was better and with repeat sessions she could be a hot one. There was something there that did not come out this time. Still I enjoyed it and it was another notch for the day.

My penultimate lady was another playboy model. I think she was called Lina. Tall attractive and well proportioned. Not much of a personality this one, but worth doing for her looks. From what I understand she was from Germany, but of Eastern Europe extraction and did not come here very often and was quite new to the game. The session itself was OK, she smiled a lot and looked great and was pleasant if not passionate. A good trophy fuck, but not much more.

My next break dragged and I dozed quite a bit. When I was ready for my last session I moved to the centre couch area and surveyed. Shortly after I felt two hands around my shoulders, turning round I saw a brunette, quite nice looking but second division for here. She seem very happy, told me about her skills and her tight pussy. I put her off for a while and she graciously said if I wanted her, to just let her know. After fifteen minutes of total indecision I decided to give her a go. It was well into the early hours of the morning and the rooms where full. We waited for ten minutes while she sang, played with my dick and teased me. She was half Turkish and half something else; I would say about 25 and wore lace up boots. She seemed very happy when we got one of the rooms at the end and seemed even more pleased with the mirrors. As we disrobed, she lay on the bed and started to play with herself, explaining that she was feeling very horny! She soon was trying to get the old boy down her throat and then asked for some pleasure herself. Went to 69, then she turned on all fours and asked me to carry on. Fingers and tongues where everywhere and she really was into it. Next we bashed the bed from all angles, she came once, maybe twice and I was sweating more than I had all day in the saunas. She asked me why I had not cum, I told her why and she was not having that. She pulled me on top and for what seemed like ages gave me a great combination of titty fuck and BBBJ. I was on the verge for ages and she just kept going until at last I emptied my load (or what was left) over her body and chin. You should have seen the smile on her face, what a girl! After that she told me about an accident she had had and how it hurt and asked me for a quick massage there. I duly obliged and was still going fifteen minutes later. She was so appreciative, it did make me feel good. The whole session was a great end to the day and was only the standard 50e for a good 50 minutes.

The journey back was as easy as the first, the roads where empty and well lit. It is easy to miss the car park as the hire cars have a different entrance so be careful. I got to the airport at five and it was very quite. I had to wait till 5.30 to check in and six for the car checkout. All went smoothly. There were a couple of places to get food and drink, so I had a little breakfast. The plane left again slightly late, but arrived on time and the food was again OK for the short flight. With no luggage I was soon out of the airport on a BCP bus and with no delays was home and sneaking into bed at just gone 9.30am. The whole trip was 28.5 hours in all and my bed was extremely welcome!

This trip was a real success, it may have cost £500, but considering I had 10 sessions with 9 ladies most of them you would bite your hand off to have; I considered it well worth it. Atlantis is a dream, you have to believe me when I say there are many, many beauties here most of whom are not only beautiful but treat you well too. If you can imagine taking all the girls out of a few playboy magazines and placing them in a small relaxing space then you have it. Remember too, that the playboy girls have the advantage of make up, good lighting and photographers tricks. A lot of these girls can match them without all this. They are just natural; wear little make-up and just themselves. All in all it is a low hassle place, 1 bad session out of 10 is great going. You owe it to yourself to go, if you do not, you are missing out.

The only downside, apart from the bad session, was overcoming the boredom when there for so long on your own, no cameras allowed and the girls not understanding that this guy cannot cum every time he takes a girl upstairs. A beer would be nice too, but I understand why alcohol is prohibited.

As usual I write too much, so apologies for that. Next trip will be LOS on June; I will bore you all with my rantings then.

03-12-03, 00:26

You are amazing. 10 girls is one away from the record in the German Forum (I cross posted your report again if you don't mind)

I think your flop might have been called Celine and she is known for being in it for the money, and really obvious about it.

The cell-phone ban. This is new because of the Cell's with cameras. But you can leave the club to make a call and then come back in. A lot of the customers there for a long time leave for an hour to go to a restaurant and then come back. If you tell the girl at the door that you are just leaving for a while she will make sure that you get back in.

Next time you go, hook up with a scout and then he can introduce you to some people so the time goes by quicker. Even though you had 10 sessions you missed the top 3 girls in the club, Angelika from Siberia, Lucy from Poland and Michelle.

In the düsseldorf area there are some clubs that serve alcohol. Next time look for a flight to either Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, or Mönchengladbach and head over to Planet Happy Garden. A lot of the Atlantis Girls work there for a while when they want a change. There are also usually 20-40 girls there. Not always as Playboy hot as Atlantis, but not shabby either. If you like BJ's with a condom, then it is also cheaper at 25€/Half Hour. At this club and Wildenrath they have beer, as long as you don't get rowdy drunk they will keep giving you more and more. I have seen a lot of British Soldiers in these clubs attempt to equal the entrance price in beer, and some seem to pull it off. the Wellnesss factor is not as good, and the place is not as big as Atlantis, but if you can't find a good LON-FRA flight one of these places is worth a visit.

Also what is LOS?


03-12-03, 17:17

Thanks for the feedback, your advice is thankfully received and will be useful for my next trip. I will consult you next time on the most up to-date talent list, before I go.

LOS is short for Land of Smiles - Thailand, another heavenly place every man should visit at least once. I am going there on 13 June until 6 July and practicing my hobby for the latter half of the trip. There will be a nice little quorum of hobbyists there at this time and the list will probably grow by then. From the 24 June will be one big party. If you are free, come along, I can guarentee you will have a fantastic time.



03-13-03, 00:18

I have a layover in Franfurt airport for about 10 hours. I was wondering what would be a good place to have some fun that is closest to the airport? I know I can't go to FKKs, any ideas on any place/cost/time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

03-13-03, 00:30

I would appreciate the return directions to the Franfurt Airport fro Atlantis. I will have a lay over for 10 hours in Franfurt Airport and I was wondering what would be the closest place to have some fun? Would appreciate your help.

You can email me the directions at jony69@hotmail.com

03-13-03, 21:42

Getting back to the airport is easy, being the biggest airport in Continental Europe there are a lot of signs. Just drive back the way you came, or head for frankfurt, or go to Mapblast.

Why can't you go to an FKK? If you wouldn't waste so much space copying super long posts and read through the Atlantis section you would see that there are exact directions on how to get to Atlantis or Oase by train from the airport. If you take the train it will take an hour each way which will leave you 5-6 hours in an FKK.

Only an idiot would go for a second rate experience in town when there is time enough for a first rate experience 1 hour away. I personally still suggest renting a car.


03-13-03, 22:53

Actually,It's wickedwilly's post ..Can you say Ritalin??

03-13-03, 23:04

Nothing wrong with posting a super long post like Wicked Willy did, in fact that is great. That is why I am upset with Josh. He posted basically the same question twice, but the second time found it necessary to quote the entire WW post. That fills up the forum, and then there are fewer different posts on the page, and then fewer people scroll down and read older posts, and then you get repeat questions that have already been answered less than a month ago.

I have taken parts out of this post because Josh got rid of the really long quote!


03-14-03, 03:54
Hi Peter,

I am sorry for such a long post. I will ask specific questions next time. I would like to thank you Wicked willy for his post which is very informative.

Thank you.



03-14-03, 22:15
Thanks a lot.

If you have any more specific questions about Atlantis or Oase (and I would advise Atlantis for more WOW! factor) I will be happy to answer them. Normal homework is this site, and then you can get the address von kaleu's site (just google kaleu and you'll find it.) With the address you can get good directions there and back either with a car or by train. Frankfurt airport is well connected, lying directly along the major highway heading towards Atlantis and there is a major railway station directly at the airport. If you are there for 10 hours it should all be no problem.


03-29-03, 18:14

Pardon my confusion, but your prices on your adventure at Atlantis don't match what is advertised on the web site. Could you please clear up a few discrepencies?

Why did you have to pay for parking?

E43 entrance vs E60 advertised?

E35 per session vs E50 advertised?

I would appreciate your insights as I will be visiting next week. Don't worry...your record is still intact. I'll be grateful if I can do ten girls in a week...lol...

Also, I was not able to connect to www.fxonline.co.uk, is this a good address?


03-29-03, 18:49
Willi's prices are correct and yours are too. Willi converted the Euro prices to English Pounds, and the exchange rate is about 1.5€=1Pound.

The parking charge is only at the Oase as far as I remember. It is 1€ and is just to pay the guy who walks around and makes sure that nothing happens to the cars. It is sort of like the $1 drinks at a wedding. It is more symbolic and works as a tip.

The only change to the costs listed here is that supposedly the entrance fee at atlantis is supposed to go up to 65€ on april 1st.

Nasty, have fun! Use your Bank card at an ATM and you should get a decent rate on the Euro, at least the best one your bank will give.


03-29-03, 20:30
Ahhhh good one....I mistook the British Pound symbol for the Euro symbol.

Can't wait...it is going to be a great time.

German food and German women...oh yeah!


03-30-03, 03:35
Just got back from a very enjoyable trip to Atlantis and noticed they have a sign on the door saying the entrance price is increasing to 65 Euros effective 1 April.


04-07-03, 03:22
well i finally made it to allantis... i got there bout 22:00 (10 pm) due to some earlier problem s
defenitly a lot of nice looking ladies there and all are naked ... some were even sort of dancing

the ladie at the desk asked if it was my first time thete and gave me a quick rundown ...

the first gril i saw was denise says she is from dueseldorf ... very preaty gave me the prices for the extras anal 150 cim was 50.. she seemed to want to seperate me from as much money as possible, but also wanted to make sure there were no miss understadings . i politely said i like to conservitive on the first encounter and did not wish to spend all my money in one place ... she then suggested i could use a crerdit card ... i explained not a good idea ... try to explain that to the wife ... looks for me were great service was ok but she was a bit of a clock watcher ....but all in all not to bad (for american standards) was not a gf exp for me but maybe if she saw me again ... but why would i try her ... i believe she gave me the tourist rates ..(please correct me if i am wrong )

i then saw a polish gril but i for got her name was not pushy for extras and gave great service she was a blond.. great help right lol... alittle help she was a petite girl and it was a real gf exp

all in all it was a great experince ... it was great just to see all the naked ladies ...

my impressions were this ...

people coming and going to the rooms seemed like a never ending stream but always plenty of ladies to enjoy :)
it is defintly a must see for sure ..
to be honest even if i left after the first session i would not have felt cheated ..

it was worth the trip. i just wish i lived closer ... it about twice the distance as fkk 35

peter thanks for the info on the time.

iseeu it was a real pain to find alantis lol used my map24 coming and going ....

maybe i should try oasis next ...

basicly thats why i like 35 wasy to get to almost right off 661 after you cross the bridge

thanks for the help guys hope this will help some one too ..

any one taking 521 to alantis watch the speed or say cheese i saw a couple of perminet cameras in a villiage and they were not at intersections either so i believe they were speed cameras ..

04-07-03, 07:37
Naah, ct1, you probably didn't get the tourist rate. It's standard for gals to charge an extra 50 for CIM. As for anal, the ladies who'll do it charge pretty much whatever they want. I'm not into that, so I can't rightly say whether or not 150 is a good deal.

04-09-03, 03:28
Thanks arnie just wasn't sure .. but i did have a god time :)

04-10-03, 16:29
Arrived at atlantis at 3pm, (entrance 65euro since april 1st) I needed about an hour to take a complete look at the scenery and for that I decided to take advantage of the fitness facilities, a good point of view.
Being impossible to make a choice (I didn’t seen any girls lower than a 7 in mine own personal rating) and having avoided that ones trying to urging me, I had a small talk with a tiny, not natural blonde from Hungary and I decided to start with her (can’t absolutely remember the name).
A great GFE and a very good technique made me cum earlier than the agreed 30 minutes and she said that the rule is 30 minutes or 1 shot.
No problem, it’s was just a warm-up and I was eager to test some of the other beauties I had seen before.
Walking around the hall I stopped to talk with Nicoletta, from Romania.
She speaks italian and some spanish and is very nice as a person.
We had a spectacular session and now I’ve got her cell number in my hidden agenda...
Just coming back to the hall I’ve been stopped by a short, not particularly cute, girl, turkish/german, Ylara (?) that asked me if I was italian.
Then we started talking and she looked very interesting to me.
We came to the room and, oh boys, she was more a swinger than a great GFE fuck and we enjoyed very much.
I decide to have some rest and I made a long trip through the whirlpool, saunas and the pool.
In the meanwhile I have talked with a couple of girls and I gave a massage (I like to do it) to Jasmine, from Turkey, that was complaining for a pain at her back.
I was relaxing on a couch when I saw a red-haired, blu eyes, russian beauty, looking and smiling at me.
She (Susanna,?) was not the best looking (even very cute) but very nice and friendly and we talked a lot about her and her true passion for her job and when we went upstairs she showed me that those were not just words...
Then I decided to go out to eat and I went in Altestadt downtown in a small bistro.
Believe me or not, there were 2 young (no more than 20 y.o.), blond, typical german looking, stunning girls and I was temptated to ask them what service they provided but, fortunately, I didn’t...
Came back to Atlantis at 10 pm (without paying any extra fee) was so tired (I had woken up at 5am) that decided to leave but, while thinking about it, I start talking with (Kitty, ?), a real stunning girl from CZ.
Though she was not friendly I wanted to test myself again. She looked as an ice cube and that sounded me like a challenge. I used all my weapons and finally, after an intensive and an almost 1 hour session, I did melt that ice and she didn’t charge me any money for the extra time we spent.
Few minutes after 11pm I left to the hotel, tired but satisfied and willing to visit Oase the day after.

04-12-03, 17:03
Atlantis on Friday

I hit the great FKK Atlantis last night and had a bittersweet experience. First, I wanted to mention that the club is having an Easter party starting at 10am next Saturday. I will definately be there.

My first girl was a very petite unnatural blonde from Poland named Nicola. She was not a typical FKK Atlantis experience. She was mechanical and lacked personality.

My second girl was a Romanian girl who was very good. She was not the prettiest girl in the place, but made up for that in the bed room. She was 21 yrs old.

My third girl was a Puerto Rican girl named Vanessa. She was also a nice GFE.

My last girl was a Croatian girl named Jessica. She was OK, but not as good as my second two. She had short dark hair and a beautiful set of full lips. Wow, she can suck a dick.

The great Maria from Bulgaria is now working at Atlantis. She came to Atlantis from Oase two days ago. Her name is now Victoria and I highly recommend her. She is on my hitlist for tonight.

There is a hotel in town called zum schwarzen adler and is 65 Euro per night. It is a beautiful Bavarian hotel and had a nice authentic German restaurant in it.
phone is 0 60 47 96 47 0

04-13-03, 12:17
Atlantis on Saturday 12 April 2003

Well, I hit up Atlantis again last night and had an alright time.

My first girl was from the Dominican Republic. He was a good time. No complaints from my end. She was about 22 yrs old. Face and body is a 7, but experience is about an 8.5.

My second girl was Melissa from Poland. She is 19 yrs old (will turn 20 next week). Her face and body is about a 7 but her performance and abnormally tight pussy gives her an overall solid 9. She has only been in the business for 2 weeks. Get this, her 18 yr. old boyfriend in Poland is pimping her out at Atlantis. That's some crazy shit.

My thrid and final girl was a thai girl. She gave the ultimate GFE. She gets an 8 in looks and a 9.5 in performance. She gave a great BBBJ.

The girls in the reception area are total wenches. Very rude. I couldn't believe it when I asked (politely) for one to order me a taxi and she responded by telling me that she would only call one for me if I "say please". What the fuck! How insulting! What am I a fucking child!
Anyways, that's my last report from germany for a week.

I am off to Malaga Spain (in the Costa Del Sol or Spanish Riviera) tomorrow from Amsterdam. More to come in its respective forum.

Happy Hunting,

04-14-03, 18:41
Are there any cheap hotels near Atlantis? I'm in Czech Republic now, and after read through WSG, can't wait anymore to get to Atlantis.

Thank you.

04-15-03, 08:38
I lived at Altenstädter Mönchhof, they charge 45€ for a single room w breakfast. The woman speaks really good English, but call instead of emailing, they don's read emails....

Member #1465
04-16-03, 17:37
I was in Atlantis 31/03 and 02/04. It was kind of strange to see the girls with some cloths on wednesday night. As I prefer black girls and both of the nights it was at least 8 black girls there. I had 2 each day and 3 out 4 were excellent. The first one toook me to the sauna and started BBBJ in there. It was a nice experience. We then continued in the room. I will try to go back soon.

04-17-03, 01:01

How cheap is cheap???

Hotel: Schweikardt
Bahnhofstr. 37
63683 Ortenberg

Room rates (Valid per room and per night):
23.05.2003 - 26.05.2003 1 SGL Wochenend-Rate EUR 37,00 incl. breakfast

This is 15 km from Atlantis...this is where I will be staying if I can make it those dates...use hrs.de to make your reservation...

Atlantis is awesome dude....


04-26-03, 06:30
Had a five hour visit to Atlantis and really enjoyed my time. The key here is to stay with eastern European girls and you can have a sensational time.

I started with a girl from Turkey who was OK, went next to a stunning thin blond from the Ukraine who was sensational. No English but what a worker. Every bit as enthusiastic and nice as she was stunning. Anna Kournikova level looks and the tongue of a porn actress.

Finished with a Russian girl who I dreamed about taking for the weekend!!

Hard to believe this place -- pinch me bit its true!! Just steer clear of the Germans as their values and work ethic sucks. They believe you owe them and the eastern Europeans believe they are happy to have the opportunity to be with you.

04-26-03, 16:19

I will try not to touch myself flying home when remembering the experiance.

Rain City
05-04-03, 01:35
I just came back from a week trip to Frankfurt attending a convention. Thanks to all the information available here. I had a great time. This is my contribution.

I rented a car (VW Golf) at Frankfurt airport for a week. It was supposed to be 55 Euro/day. But in the end, I paid around 100 Euro/day due to the insurance and taxes. I may try to use a public transportation next time, though it would be less convenient.

Day 1:
I arrived at Atlantis around 3 PM. The entrance fee was 65 Euro. There were a lot of guys already, along with many beautiful women.

My first one was a German girl named Kim. She did not speak any English at all, but another German girl sitting next to her (Denise, with whom I spent time later) helped me. Kim was from Cologne, looked around 20 yr old. I had a good time with her. I would rate her 8/8/9 (face/body/service). Great value for 50 Euro and I would repeat her.

My second one, after about 3 hr rest, was Denise (she was from Dusseldolf and looked around 20 yr also). She was the one who helped me communicating with Kim, so I felt I should be nice to her. She offered me Greek for 200 Euro extra -- which I declined. She said we could negotiate, but I told her that I was not into that. Then she said she would do CIM for extra 50 Euro. I also declined. Unfortunately, this business negotiation took fun out of the action, and I did not enjoy as much as I hoped for. I would rate her 8/7/7. Repeat? Maybe or maybe not.

My third one was a Hungarian girl (I forgot her name. She looked around 22 yr also). She had a wonderful petite body, unnatural blond (with dark roots showing), and attractive face. Her service was, unfortunately, less than satisfactory. It was too mechanical, and she wanted to finish it as quickly as possible. Absolutely no repeat. 8/10/3.

My last one of the evening was Vera (she looked around 24 yr) from Czech. Some previous reports mentioned about her (a tall blond with glasses). She must be over 6' tall. She had a fashion model figure, and indeed she said that she used to be a model in Prague. Her service was more of the mechanical side, but not too bad. Probably no repeat, though. 8/10/7.

As previous post indicated, everyone I spent time with provided BBBJ. It was great.

To be continued.....

Rain City
05-05-03, 01:52
Day 2:
After attending a convention, I hit the road and arrived at Atlantis around 7 PM.

My first one was Kitty from Estonia (of Russian origin). She had beautiful long blond hair, very pretty face, and hour glass figure. She spoke English fluently and was very easy to talk to. She put me at ease right away. She was around 25 yr and both GFE and PSE combined. Her service was fantastic. A previous review said that she was the best. I would agree. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would definitely repeat her. 8/8/10. The only deduction comes from her body type, simply because I prefer petite body type to hour-glass figure. I bet some guys would have thought her body was perfect.

My second one was Nicole from Poland. She was 19 or 20 yr old with a beautiful face and unnatural blond. Her sister worked there also and they offered threesome (which I declined). Nicole had one of the most amazing bodies I have ever seen in my life. She was petite, but busty (no enhancement). She had gravity defying either B or C cup. Her service was somehow mechanical and less than par, though. I may repeat her, nonetheless, simply because of her incredible looks. 10/10/6.

Day 3:
My first one taught me a lesson that it's not always good to go for a good looking girl. She was a Russian girl (I forgot her name) with a beautiful face and an incredible body. She was around 19, 5'3" or 5'4" with shoulder length blond hair. Definitely one of the most beautiful girls there. Her service, however, was incredibly bad. After 1-2 mintues into the action, she said that her legs hurt and would not be able to continue. When I complained, she pretended as if she did not understand English (which was total BS, since we talked before going to the upstairs). I ended up leaving the room only after 5 minutes (or could be even less). I almost thought about not giving her any money, but did not want to rock the boat, so I did. It was total waste of 50 euro. 10/10/1.

I was still very upset and was talking with some of the ladies I spent time with before in regard to this incident. They all told me that I should stay away from Russians. It seemed like they had a bad reputation among other girls.

My last one of the trip was a Croatian woman who looked like Selma Hayek (she was previously reviewed also). She looked like 23 yr old. She was attractive and had a nice figure. Her service was mechanical but compair to my first one, it's like night and day. I don't think I would repeat her, though. 8/9/7.

Atlantis was a great place and I had a great time. As always, YMMV, and you may get better services than I received. Regardless, I got bbbj and dfk from everyone, except for the Russian girl. I would definitely go back there again in the future.

05-05-03, 15:05

Glad you had a good time...but what does dfk mean (hope it doesn't mean didn't fucking kum!)?

Just curious...

ChuckPinoy + Rain City:

From what I have heard from other girls and experienced, Russian girls working in Germany have a bad reputation for work ethic, which contrasts to Polish, Estonian, Slovakian or all the other eastern european girls, who absolutely rock in bed. Seems to me that Russian girls, like Dutch girls working in Amsterdam, just think they are too hot to be fucking you for money...like they are doing you a favor... an attitude which seems really stupid since that is exactly what they are doing and it pays their bills. Talking about money and laying down silly rules before mechanical sex is a complete turnoff.

In my experience these girls are the best:

Work ethic: Asians
Passion and lust/performance: Latinas and Brazilians
Looks: Russians and Eastern Europeans

Just as a general observation...the absolutely best girls I've had in Germany are from Brazil and Slovakia.

05-05-03, 19:06
I think it means Deep French Kiss.

Also I cannot go along with your russian woman analysis. My all-time best is Russian and I have had some very good russian club service. If I had to recommend one country for service it would probably be Polish. But there are chances with flops from almost any country. If you can talk to the girl for a while before hand you can get a good feeling for her and that is usually the best way to guarantee a good experience.


05-06-03, 00:54
I agree with Peter...Russian girls can make dead men cum.

Rain City
05-06-03, 01:48
Nasty Boy + peter

I am sure that there is an exception to every rule. I can only speak from my own experience, and I would certainly hope the bad service I received from this Russian girl was the exception to the rule.

Peter made an excellent point. I did get a bad vibe from the Russian girl. However, because she was so hot, my judgement was totally clouded. As I mentioned, it's a lesson that it's not always good to go for a good looking woman (or the best looking woman of the house in this case).

Again, I certain hope this is an exception to the rule, rather than a norm. If all good looking women provide poor services, it'd not be as much fun as it could be (e.g. Nicole was almost as good looking as this Russian girl, but her service was much better -- 1 vs. 6, relatively).

05-06-03, 11:50
Peter: I think you are right. And french kissing should be standard service at any good club, just like BBBJ.

Peter and nasty boy:

Seems like you have done better with Russian girls than I have! Actually I avoid Russian girls when in Germany since I am often in Russia Maybe you are right... admittedly my experience with professional Russian girls in Germany is limited, as I am often in Russia on business and take advantage of the services there, both professional and "private"...and am very satisfied even to the point of obsession! When in Germany I prefer to have other kinds of girls that I don't normally have access to.

I agree that the Russian woman in general can be very passionate and sexy, but in my experience in Germany, and it has been with several Russian girls, they are prone to being very business-like and having a bad attitude, as if they are being somehow forced to do the job (maybe they are?)... other girls seem to be happier with what they are doing.

Suppose it is hit and miss and every one has their own experiences and preferences.

Still, I have never heard anyone complain about an Asian's work ethic or a Brazilian's passion, but there are quite a few complaints about Russians.

05-06-03, 13:54
Originally posted by doctor_skank
From what I have heard from other girls and experienced, Russian girls working in Germany have a bad reputation for work ethic


read these two pages (it's at least a good startingpoint):



Read, pay especially attention to Eastern Europe/Russia whenever mentioned and try to come to your own conclusion - then think about work ethic.


PS: Anyway, I made good and bad experiences with girls from all over the world, the only thing I noticed: I get along a lot better with Marrocan, Turkish and Brazilian girls. It's maybe a matter of chemistry and the way I am, my character, the way I think and so on.

Sure Schottt
05-06-03, 21:36
Does anyone know if the outdoor gardens are now open at Atlantis?

With the excellent weather in Europe lately, I think some of the ladies may want to soak up some sun.

05-06-03, 22:43

Thanks for the articles...very informative. However, as a dumb American guy the only thing I know is that the business is legal in Germany. I never got the impression that any girl at Atlantis or Dietzenbach was there against her will. I really had a great time in both establishments. I tried 3 very fine, hot, Russian babes and two were extremely talented. Call me a happy camper.

BTW, thanks for all the resources. You and Peter, et.al. made the trip very doable. Can't wait to do it again.


05-07-03, 03:12
IMHO and from my past experiences,
I have NEVER had a bad experience with a Polish girl. I am not trying to stereotype, but it seems that I usually get the best experiences from Polish, Czech, Latin American, and Thai girls. It seems to me that I get great experience about 50% of the time from the others, including German and Russian girls.

Last month when I was in Germany, I had an awesome experience with a girl named either Tasha or Sasha from Kazakistan (spelling). The worse experiences for me come from Turkish and African girls.

Rain City
05-08-03, 07:43
I would like to get you guys opinion.

I am contemplating to go to either: a) St. Petersburg; or b) Warsaw this summer. The reason is simple -- I found both Polish and Russian girls to be the two best looking groups (collectively) at Atlantis.

I am doing some research -- reading the posts in both Russia and Poland sections. In summary, this is what I have concluded: In St. Petersburg, 1) The best approaches would be either going to some clubs or using escort services; 2) I should expect to pay 150 - 200 euro/hr; and 3) There is a good chance to have hot looking girls. In Warsaw, 1) The best places to go would be some private apartments or the clubs (i.e Villa Rosa); 2) It should be 75 - 100 euro/hr; and 3) I may or may not be able to find nice looking girls.

Firstly, do you guys think the statement above is pretty reasonable conclusion or you guys think differently?

Secondly, have you guys found Russian girls attitude different between in Russia (e.g. St. Petersburg) and in other countries (e.g. Germany)? I am hoping that I will have better service from good looking Russian girls next time....

I would certainly appreciate your opinions (backed by the facts) and I will contribute my reports to the board of whichever place I choose to go.

05-08-03, 18:45

Have travelled extensively in Eastern europe and almost completely given up pay for play there, because it cost just as much if not more than in Germany and somehow it all seemed dirtier there. Warsaw is significantly more expensive than in Atlantis and in my opinion the best purchasable polish girls are in Germany. It has been a while since I have been in St. Pete, but judging by the prices on the boards there seems to be no price advantage.

In the FKK's I don't have to worry about getting ripped off, I don't have to bribe the security at the hotel and I don't have to deal directly with any underworld types. this is why I concentrate my paid sex on the Germany FKK scene, but that is my personal experience.

But St. Pete's is better than Warsaw.


05-09-03, 03:52
JT, Rain, et al,
I have had a bad experience with Polish girls at Dolce vita who were downright nasty and when I'm in Germany I try to avoid the Russian girls as I don't like their attitude in general. there are of course exceptions to every rule, but I've found that many russians are great looking, do a good selling job to get you into the room and then become mechanical and businesslike.

In St. Pete, go to some of the bars and discos, and if you can be slightly charming, you can find allnighters with amateurs looking to hook up with western men. In Moscow, there are a couple of upscale bars with very upscale, amazing centerfolds, but it'll cost you. I agree, that Russian women as a whole are great looking. IMHO, I think that their attitude in russia is different than outside of russia - the ones outside of the motherland have made it out, are living the good life and are far less pressured to put out as they don't feel the battle for survival. In russia, sex money is very important for theirs and their families daily survival.

I've been to warsaw a couple of times. best bet there are escorts, but the good ones will cost you a bundle.

Mind Snatcher
05-09-03, 22:13
I see that there has been a long discussion about the different nationalities represented in Atlantis. I'm not sure if you realise this, but a great many girls there claim to be from countries other than their real place of origin. A few months ago I chatted to a black girl who told me she was from Jamaica. She certainly wasn't. Rita told me she was from Paris, but it turned out she couldn't speak any French. Then she said she was actually from Morocco. Well, most Moroccans I know can speak a bit of French. I think she was actually from Turkey!

Turning to the east Europeans, the same thing goes on. If a Russian doesn't want to be acknowledged as such, she can pass herself off as Latvian, Slovenian, or any other Central European nationality. Many Russians will say they are from the Baltic states cos they know that there are some clients out there who avoid Russians.

Most girls sit with others from the same country, and chat to them in their own language. You can easily tell the difference between the sound of Russian and Hungarian. If in doubt, ask them which town they are from.

I never go with a girl who lies about her nationality.

05-13-03, 03:31
I was at Atlantis on Friday night around 8 to 11 PM. It was busy but not all that crowded. I would say the ratio must have been almost 1 to 1. Some girls were just there on the couches and moving around w/o any dates. The better ones were busy. I was lucky to find a couple of those. The best I had was Scalla (Selma in Turkish). She was tall nice set of boobs (natural) and a great attitude and very talented. She is a good conversationalist (in english) too! The second one claimed to be a german from Koln area who I didn't find very good (she had some skin condition white patches that turned me off).

The third one was Tamika who has been reviewed here before. She was awesome asked me if I was interested in greek but wanted 150 extra which I thought was steep. Wouldn't settle for 100 and I was getting tired too.

In all I have to agree with others that quality of girls here there are better than at Oase (but I was there only in the afternoon of saturday).

05-13-03, 20:44
Supposedly the Atlantis has hit a major rut the last couple of weeks. Far fewer girls (they are worried about a raid) and far fewer men (maybe because they raised the entrance price). I haven't been there in a long time, but the reports of late don't really want to make me head there.


05-17-03, 22:24

So sorry to hear that. I was really looking forward to my next visit. I guess all good things....

Had to give up my May visit, hopefully in August.


05-18-03, 07:11
Thanks Peter for the tip. Was on my way on Thursday night to ATL as I hadn't been there in almost a year, till I saw your message. Spent the night at Oase instead and had an amazing time, will post there.
thank you, thank you, thank you....

05-18-03, 09:16
Peter, what is this rumor about an impending raid? Like most people reading here, I am under the impression that the fkk clubs are perfectly legal? are they or what is their status in germany vis a vis the police authorities?

05-18-03, 16:12
Hello all
I need some help...can someone direct me to a website that explains what an FFK club is. I am making my first trip to Europe and I will be going to both Germany and Amsterdam....any advice would be great. I am 26 and traveling light, but I would like to treat myself somewhere along the way. So any info on prices and the best places to go and their locations would be fantastic!


05-18-03, 18:55
To Snake00,

For explanation of what a FKK club is, go to Kaleu's excellent web site:


My favourite club is Atlantis, still very good when I went there last time about 2 months ago, but it seems that it is going dowhill lately (see reports below). Maybe something to do with the opening of FKK-World and some nice girls pulled over there ? Will go back to Frankfurt next month and will have a look, as well at at FKK-World if it's opened, and will report.


05-18-03, 18:57
Originally posted by Snake00
Hello all
I need some help...can someone direct me to a website that explains what an FFK club isThanks!

Snake just go to the general lisiing in this German FKK section click on the first posts (I think its page 11 ?) these are two FAQs one from me another from Kalue you can also use his FKK web site to see a listing and directions to all the FKK clubs in Germany
you can find his excellent web site at
Also I recomend that you spend a bit of time and surf through some of the messages of this FKK section in this site and you will find a mine of helpful infomation and then you can decide for yourself what suits your fancy best .
Have fun

05-18-03, 21:18
Originally posted by Studplayer
Peter, what is this rumor about an impending raid? Like most people reading here, I am under the impression that the fkk clubs are perfectly legal? are they or what is their status in germany vis a vis the police authorities?

An overview of legal issues:

Prostitution per se is not illegal in Germany, but pimping and
promoting of prostitution are. A few high-class brothels have run afoul of
the latter law, but the FKK operators have not, as they use the
naturist/sauna club angle to promote themselves.

As for pimping, or, specifically, living off the earnings of prostitutes,
the FKK operators don't do that, either. They get their money by either
charging the ladies an entry fee (example, Oase) or by charging the
customers a room fee (example, Bernds). Anything given to the lady stays
with the lady.

These two issues, in addition to keeping to the out-of-the-way areas, have
kept the FKKs out of illegal territory ... except, of course, when the ladies
are working illegally and do not have proper documentation. This is the primary reason for the raids, and customers are not punished, just the ladies and owners.

So, although the German government has not officially protected FKK clubs, they have not outlawed them either, as they do not
specifically violate the laws against pimping and promotion.

Instead, the decision to allow or not to allow is made at the community
level (examples: Burgholzhausen says Yes to Oase, Röntgen says No to Oase

Hope this helps.

05-19-03, 04:43

If you go to Atlantis, please report and let us know. Say hello to Kiki for me.


05-19-03, 20:27
Recently visited Atlantis again - on a Friday night from 4 - 7. There seemed to be about the same number of girls as usual, with some of the long-standing girls there (Cindy - statuesque Polish blonde who is really friendly, 10/10 for looks - and popular), but the turnover of girls seems very high. I had a bad experience with a Hungarian who only gave about 10/15 minutes - the first time this has happened in Atlantis to me. The girls didn't seem as good-looking as they used to either. This is my second disappointing visit so I'm not sure if I'll bother again (unless I'm in the area anyway). Maybe I was just unlucky. It's always worth watching the girls for some time to see how long they spend in the room with clients.

05-21-03, 15:09
Been in Atlantis the first time on a Monday evening, about 10 o'clock - great. About 30 girls around, and perhaps 40 men. Needed an hour to orientate - during that time I declined all girls who were immediatly starting on me. I personally do not prefer Germans so I chose a girl with a french accent (turned out to be from Belgium), her name is Anneli. Works only on weekends and sometimes on Mondays. Not the youngest chick (about 30), but marvellous body. Very enthusiastic. No rush. Wonderful BBBJ with CIM (EUR 100 as mentioned earlier on this site). Took her an hour later a second time because it cannot be better. Again marvellous.


06-01-03, 00:59
I was in the Frankfurt area from the 22nd to the 26th of May and went to Atlantis several times. I'm afraid I must confirm the reports that this place isn't what it used to be, but it is absolutely still worth a trip if you're in the area. The number and quality of women is down but so is the number of men so the ratio might not be that different. While I was there, there was no Nancy, no Angelique, no Stella, no Gina, no Margot, no Britta, no ... you get the idea. Suzi is still there only because of SARS in Toronto, once it clears up she's gone also.

Who was there you ask?

Cindy from Poland. She is a tall thin blond with a huge tattoo on and above her right ass cheek. She is super friendly and always busy. She kisses passionately, gives and receives great head, and is up for any position you can think of. She is also very honest and upfront with her customers about the cost--when thirty minutes are up she tells you and asks whether you want to stay longer or go downstairs--this is not the case with other girls.

Case in Point--Patrizia from Germany. The clock starts ticking with this one the nanosecond you look at her it seems. Once in the room she does everything she can to extend the time while doing as little as possible--smoking, leaving the room, massages, Once downstairs she'll more than likely try to add time. She's cute but she tends to be sehr teuer.

Carmen from Spain. I don't remember ever seeing her before and she only speaks Spanish and German so I can't tell you much about her other than she is tall, has a Jennifer Anniston haircut, a beautiful smile, and is as good as it gets in the room.

Laura from Spain. She is medium height and can stick her tongue out about three inches and can put it to very good use. Her only downside is that she wants it over as fast as possible, if you have some staying power she is an excellent choice.

Juliet from Cologne (however not ethnically German) She is very short and makes up her eyes like an ancient Egyptian's. She approached me at the bar, which is normally a very bad sign, saying how much see liked to kiss. We went to a couch and the preliminaries were in order so we went up to a room. The only down side was that when she was raising her arms in any way you could tell she doesn't use deodorant--she was not unclean, but it was a hot day and as Eric Cartman would say, "it's called deodorant, it's not expensive." Aside from that, she was very nice and did love to kiss.

In all this was a pretty good trip. Every girl did DFK which is the only variable here. ALL the girls do BBBG, most TC (which I'm not interested enough in to pay an extra 50 euros.) I'm not that into anal either, but the going rate is 100 euros. Some girls will say 150 or even 200, but just say you're willing to pay 100 and most will accept it. If not, please do not pay more as this just encourages them to ask for more and more and more. The locals HATE the tourists who drive up the prices--no tipping is required or expected--if you want to be a big spender go to Nevada.

P.S. If anyone knows where Nancy is working now, please let me know. Last I heard she was somewhere in Switzerland.


06-01-03, 16:45
FKK Atlantis, Thursday May 29

First of all, a big thank you to all who provided information on this forum. It was of enormous value to me, and although going for the first time it helped me know pretty much what to expect.

Atlantis, first impressons:
- Wow! It is everything they said it was. Great looking girls walking around here, and wearing only high heels. Lots of pert asses. Sweet.
- Clean, nice atmosphere, reception staff are very polite, as are the guys and girls in the club.

Viagra (Brazil)

Well, she was pretty much the first girl that caught my eye as I entered the place. Brazilians are my favourite, and she has a real physical presence. Mulata, good height and very curvy body (enhanced), long hair, attitude. We agreed on a session, and she immediately attacked me with lust. If you are looking for a tiger, this is your girl. I finished well before the half-hour, due to her energetic sex. Included DFK and pretty good BBBJ. Afterwards she was in a hurry to get back out into the club. She is the type of girl who is always "working the room", not just hanging out. I get the feeling she does very good business.

Lesson: First girl of the night, and energetic sex made for a too quick finish to the session. I love blacks and mulatas, but would have been a better experience to have her as dessert, and not as the first course. Would probably not repeat with her -- only because I am not a big fan of fake breasts, and pro attitude. The sex was good though.

Belén (Cuba)

Tall, cute, and a great body. Legs, nice long hair and a pretty smile are the three things that really do it for me. So she was pretty much my ideal. Speaks OK English, and we spoke a little Spanish too. Not sure about German as she said she only arrived 2 days ago from Barcelona. She is relaxed and down to earth. She has a Euro look with just a very light tan, she is not the dark skinned Cuban type.

A nice session with her, damn she has beautiful soft skin and and her slim, long body is awesome for a tall guy like me. Unfortunately she was keen to put a firm limit on the session, rushed me a little to do things quicker and finish. She said for 50eur it has to be "rapido", but this session was more like 20 minutes than half an hour. Apart from this, it was very cool with her. She had a good physical response to the sex... was the only one of the girls I saw who didn't use lube, she didn't really need to. Does DFK. Not quite a true GFE, but close enough if you use a little imagination. I came out of there thinking I would either not repeat, or else repeat but take the 1 hour.

Having said that, looking over in the mirror while doing it with her, listening to her sighing, and her legs bent back on my shoulders... that is for sure the most enduring mental picture that I am going to take away from this trip. Mmmmmm.

(interlude) While chilling out afterwards, I ended up talking to some Dominicanas. One of them, Rosa, had approached me just after I arrived, but I said I wanted to look around first. After going with my first choices, I saw Rosa again with a view to maybe going with her if she was nice. I didn't notice much sweetness in her, so I decided to look elsewhere, at which point she got rude and offensive. Avoid.

Another Dominicana (don't know her name) although really not very good looking, put on a good sales pitch. Said she would do an hour for 50eur instead of the usual half-hour but I declined.

Linda (Greece)

She is very tall, normally standing or sitting alone. She has probably the skinniest legs of any girl in the club. Speaks good English but I doubt she speaks any German. I liked her honesty, she did not watch the clock in any way, but spent a true half-hour with me, as she showed me afterwards by noting the time on the clock back downstairs. This honesty also came through in what she talked about etc.

Sex was very good, although BBBJ was only OK. She doesn't kiss, but that wasn't a big deal. The one thing that came up was that she had quite small hips and said that because of my size she couldn't fuck for a solid half-hour. So I finished a little quicker and we talked for the rest. Her attitude was really solid and so I don't doubt in any way what she said. It sometimes happened before with other girls.

Lesson: This was my first experience at paid sex, apart from a few CBJs in Amsterdam as part of the tourist experience. I would have imagined that a pro could probably take any sort of fucking you could throw at her. I was surprised to find out that this is not the case. It happened the next day at Oase too. Now I know that if I feel like slamming it a bit, should not pick out the delicate slim ones but go for one with more meat on the hips.


- Rental car: did not succeed in booking one over the internet. I should have booked more in advance, and picking up on a public holiday and dropping off on Sunday seemed to be a problem. Also, my knowledge of German is limited, so I had doubts as to the conditions.

In the end, rented from train station Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. There were booths for Sixt, Europcar, Hertz and Avis all next to each other. Open despite the public holiday. Best walk up deal was at Sixt, a BMW 3 series, 133eur for 3 days (weekend special).

The onboard navigator was sweet. Works like a charm, although you need to take care to enter the name of the destination town precisely, and verify it. It really needs a feature where once you enter the destination, confirms how far away and in which direction it is. Otherwise, you just have to "suck it and see", head off and see if you're going to the right place.

- Hotel: Ortenberger Hof, 45eur, in Ortenburg. Located on the left as you enter from the Altenstadt direction, about 100 metres past the first service station. Nice place, although for another trip I would probably try to locate in Altenstadt, or Karben. Or more likely just got for one night, and not bother with the hotel in the area.

Dick Boobs
06-02-03, 06:17
I followed the good reports here and went there a 2 times over the last few weeks. First time was the first warm day of the season and the babes were sunbathing ourtside. Quite a view. First looked one out inside where it was still dark. She was from Spain but when we went outsoide, I saw a little herpes residual and opted out. It was surprised that she was working though. Anyway, did not take long and a dark skinned Polish girls with looks and boobs to match caught my attention.

After the usual small talk we proceeded updstairs and the action was very good. She was completely shaven and soft skin she proceeded with body massage, bbbj and we finsihed after various fucking positions. Since my time was not yet over, she gave me a good senusal massage afterewards. We then went down and I paid her the eur50 (which is on top of the one-time per day entrance fee of eur65). All-in very nice club, and - at least this time - very good looking girls from all over the place.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect great writers here, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Dick Boobs
06-02-03, 06:22
After my good experience the 1st time, I went there a 2nd time end of last month. However, it was a little disappointed as to the choice. A couple of girls with 6 maybe one 7. The rest was only 5 or below. So I decided to wait. After an hour I caught the eye of a cute Thai.

Since it was Wednesday, Dessour party was on and she was wearing one of the tinyist pieces I have seen. Even though I prefer to have a C cup size and she was only an A-cup, I decided to ask her upstairs since I did not want to wait longer and could not take another, fourth, coke.

Upstairs she undressed and from then it was SOP. bj, fj in various positions and afterwards, thanks and goodbye.

I think next time I try out another club, maybe f35? Does anyone has a comparison?

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect great writers here, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

06-02-03, 20:12
Just curious if there are any plump or large women at these clubs? Amazon types, not elephants! I'm in Kaiserslautern and would like to pay a visit to ATL.


06-06-03, 20:28

How are things in K-Town? It has been a long time since I was there.

Well, I visualiza Amazonians to be tall and lean and there were plenty there. If you like a little meat on your babes and prefer a little plumper, well I did see one while I was there as well. Seems to me there is something for everyone. I preferred the Romanian hotties myself....lean and beautiful and they could really suck dick.

Hope this helps.


06-06-03, 20:46

Thanks for the report. I miss the place.


06-06-03, 22:00
Zarkoff, could you give me any information on the K-town scene? I have lived here for three months, and have only found Jollie's in Einsiedlerhof (which is good), the Columbus bar in Landstuhl (which is over priced), and a place right next to the schnitzel Haus (which is horrid). I have found a Partyreff in K-town, but it was closed last Friday. Could you give me an update on things I might be missing?


06-11-03, 16:11
The Atlantis choice is good as ever though I noticed a poorer attitude of the girls than in my previous visit.
The girls working in the morning look to be the worst of the crew, trying to make some money when the competition is not strong.
Until noon I’ve seen few girls and a dozen of customers. A better action starts just around 2 pm thanks to a non-stop flow of cute girls.
In a so poor scenario, I took Sandy, a blond, short haired czech girl, an A cup with a small, nice ass for first and made a bad choice.
She is a professional (too much) girl and we have had a mechanical session. If you like GFE sex, avoid her.
Having had a great experience the day before in Oase with a girl from Cuba, I started talking with a tall, red haired girl, Belen, very smart and funny.
Once in the room we started kissing (not her best skill) and the temperature raised until a loud mutual orgasm, with her on the top.
Then I asked her a suggestion to get another GFE type girl and she introduced me with Noemi, a crispy black haired girl from Cuba. She has a well done silicon breast and, though I don’t usually like it, it didn’t disturb.
She has provided me a great service and before to leave I decided to get laid again with her.
Apart these girls, I tried to tal with the best looking girl in the bunch, Veronica from Czech, but she doesn’t speak any english and looks ever annoyed and lazy. What a shame!

06-14-03, 15:37
Originally posted by NastyBoy

How are things in K-Town? It has been a long time since I was there.

Well, I visualiza Amazonians to be tall and lean and there were plenty there. If you like a little meat on your babes and prefer a little plumper, well I did see one while I was there as well. Seems to me there is something for everyone. I preferred the Romanian hotties myself....lean and beautiful and they could really suck dick.

Hope this helps.

NB Haven't found much action. I understand the bar scene is best in Landstuhl. The few places I've seen here are all closed down.

Yup, I do prefer a little meat on my babes - I keep looking. Lots of eye candy just along the shopping areas!

06-14-03, 17:36
I have not been to ATL for a while but I have always found good service. I was also one time to F35 but found it to be not as nice. I will admit that I have not had a visit like my first 2 years ago but still a worthwhile expearance. I had also good service at a FKK in dresden called saunawelt roemmer or somthing like that. The girls were mostly for bugaria and 2 from CZ but not the wide varity like at ATL.

06-23-03, 05:12
Hey Fellow Hunters ,

I visited Atlantis last Wednesday and as usual it was good fun. I reached there around 6.30 pm and the place was lively with approx 40-50 ladies and 25-30 men. I spent around 30 mints walking around inside as well as outside in the pool area till I was approached by a chubby babe with chinese looks.She came and sat beside me and started to speak in English , she said her name was Ashanti and she was half Chinese (Hongkong) and half Italian. She was not all that great looking but had a style of communication which made me decide to start my evening with her. I proposed her to spend sometime with me in Sauna and Steam bath before we hit the room , she asked for 75 Euros ( 50 for the room and 25 for the time in Sauna). We went to the Sauna and in 2 mints she started complaining that it's very hot , we came out and hit the steam bath , there she gave me a BJ and I played with her body , in around 5 mints she again said it's hot and she will wait outside for me . I came out a few moments later and she was not around , I waited for sometime and thought may be she has gone to the loo. Later I looked around for 15 mints and saw her in the dining area and understood that she went for a meal. I was unhappy as if she wanted to eat , she could have told me that and I would have happily waited for her , instead she made a fool of me . Some time later she came out of the dining area and came to me trying to seduce me and I told her "It's too Late " .

I walked around the palce trying to get over the bad taste of Ashanti , as it did spoil my excitment. In the lounge I saw a nice blond sitting on sofa with a very cute smile. Her smile made me approach her and we started chatting . Her name was Mirian from Czech . She managed to speak some english , at least she made me understand what she wanted to say and also understood what I wanted to say to her. We spoke for around 10 mints and then I asked her to come to the room , making clear that I don't like rushing and prefer a GFE. She smiled and assured me that she will not do it by the watch . Once in the room she kept her promise and gave me one of the best paid sex I ever had , she was hot and passionate a real GFE , deep kissing / BBBJ .I asked if I could lick her and there she was with her sexy smile and her legs apart , ummmm I enjoyed the shaved / moist pussy ....... she was all wet , later I was on top of her starting with nice and slow moves ( that added to the passion) and then gearing up with faster ones , I was so excited that I couldn't hold on longer and in 5 mints I was through.

We smoked and talked , she also had good sense of humor . Then I gave her a nice massage and I could see on her face that she enjoyed every moment of it. Then it was time for the second round and like the first round we started with deep kissing and licking , followed by a prolonged BBBJ and then sex in 3 positions.
Before we parted I asked her phone number , she said as she has a new number she dosen't remember it by heart .(May be she didn't wanna give me the same) I gave her my email id and she promised to sent her number . None of us had a pen to write so I suggested her to get a lipstick or something from the makeup kit , she went out of the room and was back in few moments with a kind of pencil which is used for touching up. With that I wrote my email id and she wrote her name for me.

She did mention that she will stick around Atlantis for sometime and later may be she and her friend will like to operate from an appartment. I would have spent an hour and quarter with her in the room. When we came down I asked her "How much should I Pay" She asked for 140 Euro and I gave her 150 . I got what I wanted , some fantastic , passionate sex . After shower I was back inside the lounge , but I decided to call it a day as I had a morning flight to catch and I wanted to go back with a good taste . I highly recomend Mirian for those friends who are looking for a GFE , she is cute and sexy, knows her job too well. When you meet her tell he your have been recomended by the guy with whom she shared the joke of "FIRE in The ASS " . Also we laughed together sharing the joke of the Blond who wanted to make a phone call to her mother but had no money , so she went to the Gas Station and offered the Manager that he can do anything he likes to her , provided she can make the phone call to her mom . The guy was more than happy and took her to the back room .. opened his fly .... took his dick out... make her hold it and said " Go Ahead " .... The Blond brought her mouth closer to his dick ..... ................................................and said " Mother Can You Hear Me "

Have a good time folks and happy hunting.

06-24-03, 21:50

If I read your report correctly it seems you got a FREE 5 minute BJ from Ashanti, not really that big a flop?


06-25-03, 00:13
D-dorf area mongerers,
Spending the week in D-dorf but so far every night is taken with business, blah, blah....
but now unexpectedly, I have weds. night free. Interested in hooking up?
write me off-board at icuucmec@netscape.net

07-10-03, 10:37
I went to Atlantis for the first time on Tuesday. The place is pretty small, considered how many people there are, but the choice of girls is very good. I had four shots also based on your previous opinions.

The first one was probably the best paid fuck I ever had. It was with Sella (that is how you pronounce it) a Turkish girl with long black curly hair, big boobs and beatiful brown eyes. She was great, I mena everything was perfect and you didn´t have to ask for anything as she did any possible thing (within the standard 50 euros fee for half hour). When you are with her you forget that you are paying. At the start, when you approach her, she may seem aggressive, but she is just a very direct person. She is a real professional although she is just 23 yr-old. Don´t ask her as first question where she comes from, as she doesn´t like it!! Vote: 10 (scale 1 to 10)

The second was a girl who was with her and I thought that friends give the same type of performance, but I was wrong. The problem is that the girls is very attractive, with beautiful blue eyes, blond and with huge boobs (enhanced but you don´t see it if you don´t touch them). She is called Vanessa, half german half spanish. I would avoid her. Vote: 5.5.

The third was a German blond girl from Koln caled Evelyn, she is very thin but has a lovely pair of small boobs, a beatiful smile and beautiful green eyes. She gives a very good bare back blow job, standard fuck, does´nt like tongue kissing. Vote 6.5

And then I had Nuna, a mulatta from Brasil with huge natural boobs and a lovely bottom. Her performance was pretty good, 7 I would say, she has got a lovely pussy too and is a nice person to talk to.

07-22-03, 21:28
Another strong "yes" vote for Atlantis. I went out of my way to make a visit, and it was worth it, despite the extra transportation costs and jet lag. Easy to find if you follow other's directions, and even on a Sunday morning there was an excellent choice of girls.
Despite warnings here from others about going with girls from Germany, especially those that only work here on weekends, I had two great experiences with just such. They were chosen strictly on looks, and Jennifer from Dusseldorf would be a "10" in just about anyone's book. 22 year old blond who is simply beautiful, and great GFE to boot. Men, don't miss the opportunity to visit Atlantis, and no I'm not a paid endorser!

Mind Snatcher
07-27-03, 22:31
Atlantis and Oase: a brief comparison. I prefer Atlantis in the winter, when the indoor pool is really inviting (Oase's less so). But in the summer, it gets a bit cramped outside. The free barbecue is marginally better than the boarding-school type food they serve you at Oase, and I do like the wigwam on the lawn. But the outdoor area is less natural, it's like a two-star hotel, while Oase is more like a four-star camp site.

The Atlantis girls are slightly older. But they have to be completely naked (except on Wednesdays). At Oase, they are allowed to wear short skirts or wrap themselves in towels.

Made the mistake of homing in on the best looking girl in the group: Nikole from Poland. She's a really nice person, but won't kiss and avoids eye contact during sex. After the bbbj she wiped her mouth carefully on some kind of towel. Not a natural performer, I felt.

The best lady I met at Atlantis was undoubtedly Angelika, stunning performer from Russia. Some of you might find her a bit hyperactive, but she has the looks and figure that turn me on no matter how many others I've been with previously. Great session, various positions, and I made her keep her sunglasses on, which she said she'd never done before and: boy did it turn her on. She's a really nice girl once you get chatting to her.

07-28-03, 07:52

Angelika was voted the best ***** in Germany on one of the german boards, with twice as many votes as the #2 girl.


07-30-03, 16:56

Arriving in Frankfurt on Saturday noon, after a day sightseeing etc was hoping to either go to an FKK until closing time, is it 4am ?
Then taxi back to airport for morning flight home. Can you please tell me the best place to go, how far from Centre, how much in taxi and how much the girls are for an hour session, hoping to see at least three girls.
I have been to the Sudfass on the river next but one to the Eros centre outside Sachsenhausen, whats the talent like these days.
Last time I was there it was 150DM for an hour, whats the current rate in Euro.

All help will be greatly received and promise my field report on Sunday.



07-30-03, 23:42
You have enuf time for one of the first tier clubs - either Oase or Atlantis... You'll have a better selection and facilities for a night full of bliss.
You can take a train to closest town and taxi from there, but then you're stuck when the club closes as there won't be train service then. So best option is to rent a car and drive - between 40 - 80 Euro depending on the deal you can get, and it's still cheaper than a round trip cab trip. You can find driving instructions in a number of earlier posts.
Oase is a little easier to drive to ( 1/2 Hour from FRA airport) and is also last to close at 5 A.M.

07-31-03, 01:11

On a weekday I would recommend Atlantis, but since you'll be there on a Saturday, go to Oase. From the Hauptbahnhof, take the S-5 to the last stop, Friedrichsdorf. Take a cab from there. There are always cabs at the station. The train is 3.20 Euro and the cab should be about 8 Euros. On a Saturday, the train departs twice an hour (at 24 and 54 past the hour) from track (gleis) 104 and the trip is 26 minutes. The cab ride should take 5-10 minutes. They close at 5 am. They will call a cab for you when you want to leave. The first three trains back to Frankfurt on a Sunday leave Friedrichsdorf at 5:09, 6:09, and 7:09. Taking the train both ways will cost just over 20 Euros and doesn"t take that much time. Entrance is 60, each 30 minute session is 50, sperm in mouth +50, dick in ass +100-200 (100 is the going rate but some girls will ask for upwards of 200--the tourist rate!!)

Good luck.

08-01-03, 10:36
Hi All.

May I first say what a great site this is!

After doing much research on this supreme board I have a few questions please (newbie)

1. Has anyone been to Atlantis recently? Are the selection good this time of year?

2. Can you have 2 girls at the same time? Cost?

3. Has anyone been with Sabrine (eroticguide-munich.de)
OR Schalin(eroticguide-munich.de)
OR Jasmin(supersexe.de)

All from munich? Any idea on prices?

4. How long is the drive from Munich to Atlantis? (I will rent a car)

5. Are the girls at Atlantis as nice as the ones listed above?

And lastly, is daytime or nighttime best? And day of week?


08-02-03, 00:02

august is not the best time of year as this is when many people take their vacations, the ladies of atlantis included. you can have as many women at the same time as you can afford, they all get the standard 50 euros per half hour. when you get on the a45 at atlantis heading toward hanau there is a sign which indicates munich is 400km. it took me less than three hours but that was at night with light traffic. while atlantis opens at 10am, it is better to go later since there will be many more women, usually of a higher quality, after dinner. there are also some part-timers who have straight jobs during the week and come on the weekends so there are more women on friday night and saturday. as for how nice the women are, look at the following links and decide for yourself--these pictures are of the actual women at atlantis

have fun!

Mind Snatcher
08-02-03, 16:52
welcome speedy. on your questions:

1. has anyone been to atlantis recently? are the selection good this time of year?

yes, the selection was good. during the day there are around 30-50 girls, then around 8pm-midnight perhaps even more (80ish?)

2. can you have 2 girls at the same time? cost?

yes. @ 50 euro per girl, unless you want some extras like oral to completion, or anal. then most will ask for an extra 50/100 euro. there are also champagne rooms with 'whirlpool' baths (300 euro per hour; quite a good idea for a threesome)

3. has anyone been with sabrine (eroticguide-munich.de)
or schalin(eroticguide-munich.de)
or jasmin(supersexe.de)

all from munich? any idea on prices?

no, sorry

4. how long is the drive from munich to atlantis? (i will rent a car)

if you can keep up with the locals, just over three hours. allow five hours if you are not used to the autobahn, of if delays ('stau') are expected.

5. are the girls at atlantis as nice as the ones listed above?

there are lots of nice gals and lots of very good performers (not necessarily the same person!).

08-02-03, 17:45
GREAT thanks for the input.

In the "whirlpool" does the price of 300euros include any girls? Or is it 300+50euro per girl?

Do any of the girls allow pics to be taken? (would love to show them on this board!)

Do you recommend any girl in particular?

Also do you have any recommendations on the hotels or areas to stay in munich? Like the town centre where at least a little is happening.

I am planning the trip in the next 2-3 weeks and i am very excited after seeing what you all have written on here.

I am looking to take at least 10 girls on my 2 day adventure with IRIS, SADRINE and a few others. Is IRIS that good?

So make sure you all stick around for my personal touch to this board!

Sorry I am asking so many questions, but I am just relying on info I have found in the last 3 weeks.


Member #1121
08-02-03, 22:33
Hello Guys,

I will be in Frankfurt on a Saturday and plan to vist both Oase and Atlantis after having read all the various reports on the forum and elsewhere. I will be catching a train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt.
My questions are:

1) I cannot find any webistes to book hotels in Altenstadt close to Atlantis. does anyone know of any websites where I can book a room . I want a hotel which is clsoe to both Atlantis and Oase.

2) Should I rent a car? I have never driven in Germany and dont know any German:)

3) How much would a taxi cost from Oase to Atlantis?

4) Should I visit Oase in the afternoon and Atlantis at night or vic versa?

5) Which is the closest train station to Oase/Atlantis that I can catch a train to from Frankfurt station or which is served by Eurorail form Ansterdam.

Any tips / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Steve H
08-03-03, 16:11
Visited Atlantis sevral times recently. In general, it's good and will go back.

However, I never saw more than 30 girls, even in the weekend evenings.

The quality of girl is about 5-8. In the evening when it becomes busy, you will have to wait quite a while to get one of 5 to 6 pretty ones.


08-03-03, 18:39
Peter or Mind,

Regarding your posts of July 27th and 28th, it's not the first time that Angelika is referred to as one of the top girls at Atlantis. I think I have eyed here in one of my last visits, but am not sure if she's the only one with that name. She's rather tall, very slim, reddish-brown hair, possibly green eyes, and spends some good time smiling face-to-face at potentials, not sparing long and intense eye contact before suggesting to go upstairs. She says she's from Omsk. Am I right at identifying her?

Will appreciate your feedback and may post a report later.

Thank you.


08-03-03, 21:44
Hi Member 1121,

I am new here too. But I think I can help with a few of your questions.

1) I cannot find any webistes to book hotels in Altenstadt close to Atlantis. does anyone know of any websites where I can book a room . I want a hotel which is clsoe to both Atlantis and Oase.

Comfort Hotel Stadt Karben. On L3205 just continue straight on road from O-E as you approach the town you will immediately see HOTEL sign on left, turn left and left again to get to hotel car park. Cost £35 per night. Room single bed, Spartan but fairly roomy. Tiny bathroom, breakfast, OK just. Well situated 10 mins Oase, 20 mins Atlantis.

2) Should I rent a car? I have never driven in Germany and dont know any German

Yes it certainly seems to be the way.
goto www.sixt.com they seem to be the cheapest for me. Only 49euro per day for a smart cabrio! Or 120 ish for a weekend in a golf.. SATNAV seems to be recommended.

3) How much would a taxi cost from Oase to Atlantis?

Unsure but from frankfurt airport to either is approx 100euro!

4) Should I visit Oase in the afternoon and Atlantis at night or vic versa?

Seems that Atlantis have far more to offer in the early evening around 6-8pm. This is when the girls change shift. If you arrive later than this its full of guys.

5) Which is the closest train station to Oase/Atlantis that I can catch a train to from Frankfurt station or which is served by Eurorail form Ansterdam.

No idea sorry

General Info:-

2 Hours drive to Oase. Take B50, A61, A60 exit at J18 to A643, A66 exit j19 to A5, exit J17 to A661 take exit 3 merge onto Zubringerstrasse, after 1.5 miles turn right onto Sudring whch leads you onto L3205. Follow this road to Ober-Erlenbach (also signed Karben. At O-E keep on L3205 and look for left turn to Burgholzhausen as you are on the way out of the town. Take this turn and Oase is on the left after about 1-2 miles.

Oase:- 60 euros entry, 50 with girl, including BBBJ, 1 pop and usually GFE. In country setting, nearest description that comes to mind a Roman pleasure Villa. Excellent facilities, saunas, pool, Jacuzzis etc. Common rooms were good, lots of space and huge porno screen in separate room, great for a little action. The private rooms where excellent, fantasy type and there where chalets outside. Facilities were nice too, in the summer I would imagine outside would be great. For those of you familiar with Prague, it was like a much bigger K5 with spa facilities. I liked it a lot. At 11pm there were approx @30 girls mostly all doable. Apart from the odd 4/5 most girls in 6/8 range. For me I did not see a 9, but I arrived late and am choosy who I give a 9 to. More than adequate choice though. Second night, same time, felt there were even fewer girls than previously, slightly worse standard too.

Atlantis – Cost as Oase. In an Industrial estate, smaller, but more modern than Oase. Facilities were good and more modern, but not as spacious and you felt like you were in a big converted industrial building. Still very pleasant, but I preferred the building at Oase. One complaint, the showers were ice cold! I arrived at 1am and left at 10pm and the selection of girls was superb from start to finish. Better than Oase in quantity and quality mostly 7/8’s some 9’s, even 9+. Definitely go early if you can, as girls are as good as later, but outnumber the men and are fresh, bored and keen for business. Food can be ordered from outside and eaten in a separate area; mine was very good others looked more than adequate too. You will need to eat if you are staying all day like I did. I loved this place (as you will see below) and thoroughly endorse it.

Directions from Karben. Turn left onto b3215, after 50 metres left at traffic lights. Follow the road to Nidderau. At junction with 45 turn towards Nidderau. Carry on until you arrive there. The road meets a junction; turn left there and proceed to Altenstadt. Take turning for Oberau, go over railway line look for REWE supermarket (on the right). Turn left just after this, go past tennis club on right, take Helmershauser Strasse then onto Siemenstrasse. Atlantis sign is at the beginning of road.

Oase vs Atlantis Both are superb and great places to go. I put Atlantis first as the quantity and quality of girls was much better. Mix the best parts of both and it would be nigh on perfect!

08-04-03, 21:07

easiest to identify by the little devil tatoo on her butt.

@speedy & member,

great info.

if you rent a car at sixt, rent the mercedes a-class level, all mercedes have navigation. get the addresses for the clubs and put them in. the only tough thing is picking the right burgholzhausen when you are inputting the address. but there is only one which let's you put in ober-erlenbacher strasse. but have used it and it brings you right to the door.

in your directions it says two hours to oase, from where, cologne. from frankfurt airport (the real one, not that ryan air bs) it is less than 40 minutes.

between the two clubs is about 45 kilometres so a taxi will cost you at least 100€. there is also no way to get to each other by traqin. oase is due north of frankfurt, atlantis about the same distance due east, so they are not really linked. directions to each from frankfurt via train is listed in their respective section.

i would rent a car and the hotel listed is fine.

i prefer oase during the day because they have a nicer outdoor area, it is a big grass field, atlantis is in the middle of an industrial area, and the outside area is not as nice.

if you are renting a car, try out the new huge world. it is only about 20 minutes further along the highway. it is huge, has the nicest facilities and is getting great reviews on the quality of girls on the german boards. if the weather is as hot as it is now, they really have the best facilities. great outdoor pool, wonderful lawn area, nice shady parts too.

atlantis and oase are good, world is great too, and phg int eh düsseldorf area can be recommended as well.

hope that helps.


08-05-03, 06:22
Member #1121

To reserve a hotel in Altenstadt go to: www.reisen-mit-preisen.de

Click English, when the new page loads click hotel. Enter 63674 in the postal code window and press search. Five hotels will be listed. The first two are in the center of town and have their own web pages:


The next two hotels listed are in adjacent villages but are as close as the first two to Atlantis. Atlantis is in an office park/industrial estate about two kilometers from Altenstadt center. The last hotel listed is the Zum Goldenen Boden. You can leave Atlantis and WALK there in less than a minute.

The DB station for Atlantis is Altenstadt (Hess). During commuting time there are direct trains from Frankfurt Hbf to Altenstadt otherwise you'll have to go to Bad Vilbel and switch trains. Either way, the train will be heading to Stockheim. At the Hbf go to the info desk and ask for a printout. They will give you a schedule with train, track, and times for the trip.

Hope this helps

08-05-03, 08:57
to speedy amd member looking to book hotels on internet


now includes zum schwarzen adler in altenstadt on some dates. you need to type in altenstadt and then when you get options about which one, choose the one "bei nauheim, bad". the site lists hotels in order of distance so you can work your way out.

as altenstadt is on the autobahn then you could think of staying a few miles away (and combine both atlantis and world?) a good town to search hotel listings from might be giessen (plz 35....). i'm hoping to try it in oct.

if you get the german version of the site just look for the english link

08-05-03, 10:07
I was resently at atlantis(2weeks ago on a saturday night) and I had a short session with angelkia(she is slim with redish hair and said she was 31) from russia. I also will validate that she give good service but I have to say that she does at least seem to enjoy here work. She is also looking for customers and often very busy. So much so that when I returned (1 week ago ) I could not meet her I think there was a line and so I tried some othere girls. I would also like to say that I always have a better time during the afternoon on Sunday or during the week I think Friday or Saturday night you see the most girls and even some weekend warriors as I say someone else refer to them but there are so many people is seems inpossiable to get a seat. I went with a pair of german girls (possible redflag 1) that seduced me (possible red flag 2) and this was for a forth session and I knew it would take a while to finish but I have until now never had a clock watcher after one of the girls rode me for about 10 min she acted frustraited which made me a bit nervous and when I am destracted like this I will never finish. I don’t remember their names but they are often together and one has a tattoo on her back and a piercing in her private parts. They were very mechanical and I was very disappointed and left with out the finaly. Beware of offers like this I suppose it goes with out saying but for those of you who are not as good at finding the true gems here is my warning. For those gifted and who have givin so much advice sorry. Stil all in all I think that atlantis is well worth a visit if you have a few hour to take advantage of the facilites and the women.

Member #1121
08-07-03, 03:16

Thank you very much for the extensive information. Based on your suggestions it seems Atlantis is wortha visit around 6 pm and Oase would be better at night.
Also I have wednesday evenng free and wanted to know a good FKK in or around cologne. I iwll be heading to Amsterdam on Thursday morning and will visit Club Paradise there.

Any suggestions for Wednesday night?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Steve H
08-10-03, 18:15
Can any one tell how to go back to Frankfurt at 4 am in the morning when the club closes, other than taxi?



08-12-03, 14:30
On the 16th of August Atlantis are having a Spanish party. Prices and times I am unaware of.

08-12-03, 15:01
Stevehonc: If you visit Atlantis, I recommend to rent a car. Its cheaper than taking cabs. Taxis are expensive in Germany.
If you are not willing or able to drive in Germany, I recommend to take a hotel in nearby Altenstaat.
I stayed here earlier this year. Nothing special, but ideal if you just need a home base close to the action:

08-12-03, 19:14
originally posted by speedy
on the 16th of august atlantis are having a spanish party. prices and times i am unaware of.

what exactly is a "spanish party"?

08-13-03, 08:00
Hey guys, coming to Frankfurt and the last time I was thier (2 years ago) I did the F35 club - in german marks - so much better. Anyway please advise if they take AMEX, I can't remember. Does Atlantis or Oase take AMEX?

08-13-03, 09:21
Hi Tarl,

even if it's convenient to pay by credit card, I would highly recommend to pay cash, because

- They use to charge an extra of up to 10% on your bill
- The data on your credit card bill is not alway very confidential and can lead to questions (if you are not single ;) )
- Sometimes the cardreaders cannot connect to the bank (that happened once to me and I had to deposit my identity card and I had to drive to the next ATM with an employee of the club)

Most clubs only accept Visa and Mastercard, rarely American Express or any other CCs and no money cards, like Cirrus for example, at all. In case of any doubt, give them a phonecall beforehand.


08-13-03, 09:31
Originally posted by stevehonc
Can any one tell how to go back to Frankfurt at 4 am in the morning when the club closes, other than taxi?

By rental car ;) , no, frankly speaking, public transportation can be a pain. Before 5 am you'll not get a direct train from Altenstadt (Hessen) to Frankfurt (Main Railwaystation) [takes about 1 h]. You'll only get connections by bus+train and you'll have to change the bus/train two or three times wich will include walking around to the next stop and so on [takes almost 2 hours]. If you are adventurous, go ahead, if not take a taxi.



08-15-03, 00:14
Iust to let you all know I have booked my trip to Atlantis on the 2-4th Sept.

I am very excited to make this trip and make you lot jealous and bring you some superb reports.

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08-18-03, 11:22
Sounds good. However I don't know when or where I will be. Planning to go from the airport to Den Haag, then Atlantis, then Munich. (I will be renting a car) I will keep you informed as nearer the time I will know what I will be doing.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-19-03, 09:47
hey speedy is there a good club in den haag? i have drivin through there but never really stopped. i spend a lot of time in eindhoven for work. i will be in germany for the next 5 weeks starting from next monday. i am sure i will pay a visit to atlantis.

08-20-03, 15:16
I havent been there yet. I am meeting a freind he will direct me to the places. I am actually travelling to eindhoven no on 28th on business for 2 days. I will try and drive to Atlanits for a day. I am very excited on my first trip to a fkk.

08-30-03, 05:31
Atlantis is the kind of place most guys only dream about. Literally dozens of world class beauties. The best I've had there are the Eastern European girls. The worst were the Germans. I've been to Atlantis (I live nearby) over a dozen times and I'd rank the girls this way:

1. Hungarian - Haven't had a bad one yet
2. Romanian - Lots of passion for their work
3. Czech - Stunners who give great BBBJs
4. Bulgarian - A little on the shy side, but genuine in bed
5. Poles - I've had two here - both very nice
6. Balkan (Croats, Serbs, Bosnian) All good with no hangups

I'd avoid the Germans and Russians (hard to since over half the girls seem to be Russian) but its either feast of famine with them. The German gals are the worst - I've had one good experience (at Oasis) with German girls.

See you this Sunday if you happen to be at Atlantis.

Uman da Man
08-30-03, 19:16
I have visited Atlantis more than once and like it very much…except for my last trip in June.

Where did the pretty east Europeans go?

From few regulars, I gathered that the girls were ether in Vacation or at the new place, World. Rumors also had it that Oase was gaining ground to Atlantis. And they’d migrated there.

I will be visiting Frankfurt in two weeks and was wondering if the situation at Atlantis had improved at all. Or should I be better-off trying somewhere else?

Oh, the best girl that I had ever had at Atlantis was Olga form Belarus. Tall, red head, slender, transparent pale white skin, aggressive in bed, very beautiful and offered a killer BBBJ. Anal for an extra E100. An offer hard to refuse!

08-31-03, 22:23
Uman da Man,

I was in Atlantis on Thursday Aug 28 and noticed the same as you : Where did the pretty (and young) east Europeans go?

Not to World, I can tell you. I went to World on Friday. There were only about 25 girls, many of them in their 30s !!!! Less than 5 pretty and young girls. Place was empty, only about 10-15 customers most of the time. I stayed from 3:30pm to 11:00pm, bored and waiting for the next shifts. Can't believe it's a Friday night.

A friend of mine also went to Oase. Not much talents there too (but still better than World).

So you better stick with Atlantis for the time being. You'll be there in 2 weeks ? It will be the big Car show by then. Hope they will have new talents, as all places must be overcrowded by then.


09-01-03, 05:48
July and esp August are the absolute worst months to visit FKKs! These are the doldrum months when both clients and talent are on holiday or otherwise inclined. Ever go to a ski area in May? No snow or bad conditions! So wait a few weeks until Sept/October. Then the talent, esp East European, will return and the Messe will enrich the line-up of talent.

For all things there is a season...

Member #1121
09-16-03, 21:43
Took a rental car and got lost badly. The locals helped me out with the way and after a long driver almost 2 hours from the airport got there.

Basically need to catch A3 then A66 to hanau and stay on it till you get to A45. from A45 exit Altenstadt (39) and take a left at the end of the road. Go straight for about 2 km. You will hit a circle. From the circle take a left towards the bahnof and stay on the road for about 1 km. on the right you will REWE supermarket and a traffic signal next to it. From the signal take a left and go straight for about .8 km. You will siemenstarsse on your right. This is a difficult place to find at night so be a bit careful and rive slow. Turn right onto this street and Atlantis is located at the end of the street on your left, You will see lots of cars parked on the streets.

Visited on a Saturday night:
This was my first trip to Atlantis and after having read so many wonderful reports I had high expectations and was excited. Upon entering, paid the E65 admission fees and went in showered . The scene there was pretty dismal at around midnight. There was no couch action at all. Most of the men were sitting the circular couch section opposite the bar and the girls were sitting on the outer edge of the circle. A few patrons were chatting with the girls. I took a drink and roamed around. I had just been to Oase before that so a comparison was imminent.. Unlike Oase , Atlantis has a male masseur, which I found a bit weird. Anyways I never intended on getting a massage so just walked by. The pool was empty as it was cold. There were a few guys in the couches next to the pool , but no girls there. Went outside and it was all empty. Next went to check out the gym room and there were 2 guys there and 1 girl standing there talking to one of them. And that was it. The place is pretty small as compared to Oase.

I was sort of disappointed at first glance but decided to give it some time and sat in one of the couches across from the bar. There were about 30+ girls. All of them were sitting alone in general and looked bored . There were about 4-5 black girls which surprised me.

After a while I saw some nice girls come out of the rooms and decided to take a walk by them and check them out. They looked pretty but did not talk in English., so I skipped. After a while caught hold of this girl called Alexandra from Bulgaria. About 5’2” tall, petite, very fair complexions, small breasts but looked nice, had very heavy eye makeup and had long blonde hair. I tried to talk to her but she said she spoke little English. I then caught hold of one of the lady’s who works there and used her as my interpreter. I asked her if she did a lesbian show as me and my buddy wanted to take 2 girls into the room and have a good session. She agreed to it and said she would charge E100 for the show and thereafter for the normal fireworks.

My buddy caught hold of another girl whose name we didn’t catch, but she was about 5’6”, tanned complexion and spoke decent English and was very friendly. She had reddish brown hair. We took the girls into a room and the sessions followed. The girls started by caressing and fondling each other followed by DFK. They masturbated each other for a while and then proceeded to do a 69, moaning and sighing simultaneously. It was an amazing show to watch and turned me on. While they were at it my buddy and I started playing around with them and turned it into a foursome. Alexandra was hot, she grabbed my head brought me closer and started an excellent long session of DFK. Her soft body was awesome. After the DFK I proceeded downwards, sucking her breasts and thighs and then did some serious DATY and fingering. She was very receptive and seemed to enjoy the act. The other girl was sucking Alexandra’s breast and fingering her alongside me. and my buddy was fondling her. After a while the girl got up and started to give us BBBJ—slow and passionate and very enjoyable. Alexandra then mounted me and rode for a good 4-5 minutes. I then did her doggy and missionary to finish and my buddy was busy with the other girl.
The session was amazing and we had the time of our lives. The girls were so friendly and always smiling and had a great attitude.

Highly recommended.

After the session I roamed around trying to find another girl but the choice was not too good. Maybe it was an off day for Atlantis or maybe all the good looking girls were busy in the rooms but my impression was that Oase was much better than Atlantis in terms of girls and club facilities. But this is just my opinion and it could be that Atlantis is indeed better than Oase as a lot of members have posted. Certainly I need to visit it again to see if it was an off night or not. I even asked one of the girls whether the scene was normal and she said that is was slow that night.

One other interesting thing observed was that some girls sat chatting with patrons for 20-30 minutes without any action and it seemed like these patrons were regulars and the girls were just socializing with them.

My experience at Atlantis was certainly nice, thanks to Alexandra, but the overall opinion would be that Oase is a better bet.

09-18-03, 01:21

I too had a difficult time finding the place the first time, but now that I know the way I can't wait to get back. I was reading ur previous post about hitting the place at 6pm instead of midnight. But still....30+ girls....whaddaya want man???????

Gotta question for u though....how does the action in the German FKK clubs differ from the action in Amsterdam, i.e. the red light district? I am considering a trip there too. Getting legally buzzed and legally fucked & sucked.

I am heading back to Atlantis next week... I never forgot the place. I'm gonna rent a car again. The only alteration to this visit will be to hit FKK Dietzenbach the first day instead of Atlantis because I know I am going to be tired as shit.

I usually get to Atlantis early....never made it to midnight. Main goal on this trip will be to find Angelika and sample that.



09-18-03, 06:47

As to your question about A'dam RLD vs FKK:

In terms of sex, you will be massively disappointed with the quality of the sessions and the value for price at A'dam RLD. If you are married to the idea of sex in Holland, try the Achterdam in Alkmaar, about 30min train ride from A'dam CS. That street has the best action in NL with many East European babes and a much better price structure than A'dam.

Personally, I always land in Schipol airport, train into central A'dam, do my shopping for legal smoke at the coffeeshops, then train on down to Frankfurt, rent a car in the late afternoon/evening, then hit the FKKs Oase or Atlantis same day.

Good luck,


09-18-03, 16:43
Hi all,

My long awaited trip to Atlantis has come and gone.

First big mistake was flying to Haan by Ryan Air. It takes over 1 hour to get to Frankfurt Centre. BUT the tickets are cheap.

My advice is to book a car at Haan in advance. There is sixt, Hertz and a few more there.
So I ended up having to get the coach to Frankfurt (12euros).

I took the coach to Frankfurt airport. Here there is an abundance of car rental companys.
BUT most had no cars. (I wanted sat nav) Luckily National had a Omega Estate for 70 euros. Including insurance it was 175 euros for 2 days. unlimited miles.

Wednesday about 2pm

So first stop check out Atlantis. It took about 45 mins from frankfurt town centre with no traffic.


1. Finding it was very easy thanks to sat nav.
It is around the corner from a cute looking town in a kind of industrial park.
The entrance is very nice with flowers etc.
Not many people around, and a large car park at the back (with security).
Entrance at 60euros was expected. My initial reaction was WOW, there are lots of cuties here!
Got changed and wore the mandatory towel and slippers.
They have a seperate locker in reception area for cash etc.
On the bar having a drink I noticed that everyone here was much older. This is what sparked a large interest with the girls. I was being approached from all angles.
The soft drinks are free.
Smoking is permitted throughout.
Watch the girls when they arrive to work from the bar, so you can get first choice.
They have 2 saunas, 1 hot, 1 cooler. They are seldomly used.
The pool and jacuzzi are also rarely used.
The best girls seem to stay away from the bar area.
Just behind the bar area next to the Saunas you will find all the darker skinned girls.
And sometimes some very good couch action can be found here.


There was about 40 girls on show. all white except about 5-7 of them.
25 of them shaggable, 10 good looking and 2 stunners.

I listened to comments on here and did not rush, checked outdoors and there was two girls giving two guys bbbj on the seats.
Inside coach action could be seen in several places including the sauna.
Having relaxed for about 30 mins I needed to shag.

Girl 1

There was 2 absolute stunners that had just arrived and I knew i wanted to grab them first.
So, after they got changed I did not give her time to sit down.
We talked a little as her english was very bad and so is my spanish and went to the room.
She was Spanish, a Penelope Cruz spitting image.
5ft 4 with a body to die for, at least a 34D breast which was all real. With brown/blonde hair, elbow in length. Her overall look was amazing, an easy 10.
In the room she started with a bbbj.
This continued for approx 5 mins then I started to penetrate.
Whilst I was doing her I still could not believe how stunning she was. Her ass was superb, so I flipped her to doggie style.
Whilst taking her from behind and feeling her breasts I was ready to shoot. Condom off all over her back.
She cleaned herself off and said you were not meant to do that with a cheecky grin.
I was ready to return downstairs but she stopped me and asked me to relax.
We spoke for a while, she was from Barcelona and studying to be a tv producer and will only be at Atlantis for another week.
Whilst she was talking she was rubbing me again.
Damn, I was ready for more! So she again decided to give me a bbbj for 10 mins and I then rode her for another 20-30 mins.
I was with her for about 1 hour all for 50euros plus 20 euro tip.

Look: 10
Body: 10
Bbbj: 7
Ass: 10
The only bad thing was she claimed I was to big for her so when in doggie she kept closing her legs to prevent me going deeper.

After this session I was ready to go! But I knew there was no point. I relaxed for 1 hour and still deciding who next. Alot of girls offer three somes for 100euros for both of them.

Girl 2

At the back there is a kind of cove with a bed.
On it lay a blonde and a brunnette.
They asked me to lay between them.
Great, two cute girls.
The brunnette was from italy with long black curly hair, 5ft 8inches tall, her body was a 8 with decent breasts.
I took her to the room, it was hard to communicate has her English was almost 0.
In the room she started with the best bbbj ever. It continued for at least 20 mins.
Whilst I was doing this we changed in several positions, 69 etc. We were both loving it.
Her groans and squels must have been heard downstairs. After making me very hard I had to ask her to put the condom on as I was impatient! I am sure she would have continued for a lot longer.

We fucked in every position you can imagine, doggie, mission, standing up etc, In between changing postions she was constantly wanting my dick for some bj action, which was amazing! The only downside was she was digging her nails in my back.
I was with her for 50 or so minutes again 70 euros. By far the best action I have ever had.

Look: 9
Body: 8
Bbbj: 10
Ass: 7

After this marathon session I had to leave as I had other places to go. All in all Atlantis was great. I will certianly be back for a longer session. Next stop Frankfurt RLD.

Here is some helpfull info for you all.

I completed 809 miles in two days. The total cost for diesel in the Omega was about 100euros.

National rentals
Frankfurt airport T1
TEL: 06969072791
Get a free map from them

Merc A-class 72 euros
C class 90 euros

Option car rental at haan
Tel : 0631 361 3611

Do not fly Ryanair unless you book a car at Haan. As the coach is 12 euros each way and adds one and a half hours to the journey.

I easily time permitting could have stayed here all day. Next time I will.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

09-18-03, 17:49

Excellent suggestions. Thank u. Sounds like a really good plan.


09-19-03, 21:59
just a short comment about speedy.
i think that this was explained 1000 times on this forum and it looks it needs again :
in germany you don't tip the girls.

this is ruining the attitude of the girls : they start to expect tip, are unhappy if they don't get, etc...
germany is fun to all of us, because rules are clear and pricing is ok, why changing this.
look what happens in countries where tipping has been introduced like in us... most of the time, prices get up to include the tip for the none tipping.
and at the very end, like in the us, you get crazy prices for close to nothing... one day even breathing in the room will be charged...
don't spoil good places !
flying ryan to save couple of pounds and playing "generously" tipping in fkk...
impressive :-))
if you want to be generous, then as the normal time is 30 mn, when you take double as you explained, then you pay the double fee...
this is the rule...

09-19-03, 22:53
Fully agree with eFrog. Courtesy is to apply the rules of the country you're visiting, and not to play big guy to make the locals look cheap.

09-20-03, 01:18
lighten up on speedy you euros, it's a cultural thing, he will learn.

look at the great post he put up! he should get a tip for that.

go easy, if you have some knowledge to share, even if it is a reprimand, you don't have to be an ass about it, just say it. in some places it is just normal to tip so he probably just didn't know.


09-20-03, 02:54
Efrog....welcome back....have missed ur posts....but I gotta agree with u....tipping will ruin everything....although I must confess I did give a girl seven extra euros so she could buy something to eat from the delivery guy. I guess I was a little persuaded to do so when earlier that evening a really beautiful girl came up to me and told me she was hungry.... this took me by surprise until she explained that she was from Hungary.....but hey...I am a sucker for pretty girls....don't want them to starving on me.....


09-20-03, 23:07
hey speedy,

that was pretty good moves there in atlantis. two times you are able to arrange top-notch near-hour-long sessions, gfes?, for only 50euros...and that when the going rate is pretty specifically: 50euros for 30min. shit, if i got an hour of gfe with a stunner for 50euros, i'd probably fork over a little extra... sounds like you were drastically under-charged and you were just trying to set the record straight, no?

09-21-03, 17:54
Hello everybody. I was in Frankfurt last week and this is my report.

Right from the start I wanted to stay at a hotel that was close to Atlantis and Oase. I had a fairly bad experience with the cab drivers in Frankfurt; as such I was determined not to use them. So I rented a car from the Airport and, as suggested by the earlier posts, I chose Comfort Hotel Stadt Karben as my base of operations. This place is 10 min from Oase and about 20 min from Atlantis, provided you do not get lost.

My first night was Sat at the Oase. I got there at 5 PM and started my scan to see what talent was there. I found that Brazilians were now part of the offering. A lot of 6’s , couple of 8’s and the traditional single 9 were there. The 9 had problems with speaking English and made no attempt to even try. That was a real turnoff for me. One of the Brazilians approached me at about 6:00. I thought it to be a little too early and decided to postpone her for a little later. A decision I regretted later, as I got caught in the rapid fire of the herd that swarmed in at about 7:00 PM. I swear this girl had a waiting list. After witnessing the number of men she had gone through, I started to get second thoughts about her. I waited till 1:00 am for her to be free, at which time I noticed she had vanished. Apparently she had called it a day and left. Feeling disappointed, I decided to save my money for Atlantis. All in all, this night was written off.

Then on Sunday I decided to drive to Altenstadt and look for Atlantis. I used the mapping program mentioned in the postings to get the driving directions. This program was pretty accurate in getting me to Atenstadt. But, as luck would have it, the street signs in Atlenstadt were missing. Combined with the lack of English speaking country folk, this cost me a couple of hours of searching to find the place. I did manage to find it in the end. I got there at 3:00 in the afternoon. I paid my 65.00 Euro to enter and started my scan. My first impression was – vow what a nice facility. I saw the eastern block being represented quite nicely. There were a lot of “buther” faces. Maybe I am picky, but I find that I have to have a nice face with a nice body. I simply loved the round sofa with a marble-seating ledge in the center of the complex. Every girl that was available would come to this area, turn around and show off her assets by bending over. I would say this kind of advertising is quite potent if you know what I mean. You only see this kind of thing in pictures. This much talent in front of you at such a short distance is quite a treat in itself.

Even though it was a Sunday, the amount of 8’s available was quite impressive. There was a 9 who was giving BBBJ in front of everybody (God bless her pretty soul!) and then taking the patron to the room to finish. There must have been at least 10 guys that she did while I was there. With all this T and A coupled with the all of the action around me, I was living on borrowed time. To say I was hot and bothered would be an understatement.

If nothing else the previous day had taught me that, in the case of the FKK, good things do not come to those who wait. As a mater of fact, wait long enough and you will go empty handed. . So I made my move early and got a hold of Michelle, a 21 year old from Moscow. She was 5’2, petite blond with awesome curves and succulent breasts. I decided, given that I was already at the boiling point, I would have to slow things down or else suffer the consequences. As a result, I decided to offer her a massage. This gave me time to explore her tight little curves up close and personal, just the way I like it. Needless to say she was quite thrilled with the idea. This got my motor running and I was definitely on the highway, looking for adventure…After exploring her for about 15 minutes, I knew I only had a few minutes left. Instinctively she must have realized this, as she turned around and gave me a kiss and asked if I would like a BBBJ. She started kissing me all over my body and then my thighs and then my…At this point I asked and got a 69. She had put on some kind of a sweet jell, as she tasted sweet when I started to eat her. a true sign of a pro. Looking at her from this angle, I could not believe how tight she was. A couple of minutes of this I told her to stop as I was close to the edge. She stopped and proceeded to put on the condom. A minute later I was history.

09-21-03, 17:56
The following Tuesday.

I skipped Monday, as suggested by the forum, and went back on Tuesday. Immediately upon entering I noticed an Asian with an absolutely stunning set of natural breasts and beautiful assets to boot. I also saw Michelle and waived hello to her and tried to carry on a conversation with her. However, she gave me the feeling that either I hire her or I was to move on, as there was to be no small talk. This was totally contradictory to my GFE requirements and as a result I moved on. Too bad really, I was looking forward to having her again. I scanned the place for several hours. I found myself in a paralysis through analysis mode. I even had a tall brunette approach me and asked me why I had not chosen a woman. I told her that I was picky. Meanwhile I was chasing a Spanish 8 all over until I got the “beat it” look from her. I took the hint and decided to spend my money on my first choice, the Asian. Natalie was from Bangkok and was 5’2 brunette with a D size breasts and really awesome figure. Again, as before, I was near the edge and with a BBBJ it was all over with in the first 2 minutes. Natalie asked if I would like to try again. Visions of her assets were running in my mind and I really needed her bad. She would not take no for an answer. To me this was an effort that I felt should be rewarded. After a few minutes of conversation she slowly started rubbing her breasts against me while taking my hand and inviting it to be put anywhere I chose. A few minutes of this and coupled with her hot kisses my temperature, among other members of my body, started to rise. Then came the BBBJ in a 69 and I was ready for more. I told her that I wanted her from behind. First she told me that I could not go there. Apparently, she thought I wanted anal. Honestly, seeing her up close, the thought did occur to me. But I corrected her and she willingly positioned herself. The hourglass figure shown through brilliantly. Her narrow waist was such a turn on. Now IMHO chicks from the East are at least 10 degrees hotter. This chick was no exception. For a couple of minutes I thought the condom was going to melt and I started thinking if I had what it would take to last any longer then the first time. But I lasted nicely. Then I changed position to the left. Moving on to a Russian while she was in upright position against the wall. Finally I needed another BBBJ badly and asked her for it. She hesitated briefly and then announced that I could come in her mouth for another 50.00. I thought about it and then said okay. The way I figured it, 25.00 were the tip and the other 25 was for the service. Being a connoisseur of this and having had it only once before, I was in heaven. Now I am not a smoker, but after this session I seriously thought about having a cigarette! All told I was with Natalie for an hour and spent 150.00 on her. After we were done, I thanked her for making this the most memorable time ever. All I have to say is that Atlantis rocks!!!

In closing I would like to thank the Forum and especially Peter and Jt for their advice. Without you there is no way this would have been possible.

09-21-03, 20:48

i don't know how often i have to write it:

never fly ryan air to frankfurt haan

haan ist to frankfurt what philadelphia is to new york city, just something close, not in anyway associated with the city.

those overhyped irish bastards are trying to do the same with an airport 80 km away from düsseldorf, but hopefully they will not be allowed to rename lahn as düsseldorf niederrhein. if you can't find a good deal via normal routes then england must be crazy. i can fly lufthansa from the real frankfurt airport to heathrow round trip via lufthansa for under $120 bucks virtually anytime i want to book (with a couple of weeks notice and some flexibility on times). with real airlines like bmi, british airways and co. it should be easy. use expedia and book a car at the same time.

if you waqnt to head up to the düsseldorf köln area you can fly into düsseldorf, köln-bonn, mönchengladbach or even dortmund. there should be an abundance of cheaper flights to those places.

on the tipping part...just don't. it will never affect the prices because 90% of the customers are local. it just may affect the experience fopr other tourists. otherwise great report.


09-21-03, 21:02

Just to be clear: Atlantis, World and Oase are all on a similar level from facilities. It is just a personal preference which one you like best. On the Talent side: Planet Happy Garden, Atlantis, Oase (and I think wildenrath and Fantasyland) are all even, depends on the da you are there and personal prefernce. There is no clzub that blows all the others out of the water, there are varying tier clubs, and within that tier it is all up to your own taste.

It is luike arguing which luxury car is the best (Audi, BMW or Mercedes for example), or which 5 Star Hotel Chain you like the most (Hyatt, Intercontinental, Shangri-La etc)..


09-22-03, 00:52
Hi, I have stopover in Frankfurt for a few hours and want to visit Atlantis. How do I travel from the airport to Atlantis with public transportation?

09-22-03, 10:44
Hi all,

I agree with what you say about tipping but as I was with these girls for almost 1 hour each I felt it only fair to give them a decent tip.

On top of everything I did not mention that the spanish one kept coming up to me and kissing me whilst waiting for girl 2 so it was not that bad. At least I got a one hour punt for 70 euros instead of 100 euros. And it was with two of the best WG I have been with ever!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

Member #1121
09-23-03, 00:41
Nasty Boy,

As previously stated by another member, you will be greatly disappointed with the RLD sex scene after visiting an FKK. I visisted Oase, RLD, Atlantis so had something to compare.

The RLD is a great tourist spot, just stroll along and enjoy the sights of these girls and you gotta love the conversations that some of the British?irish lads who visit over the weekend have with these girls.

The quality of the girls at the RLD was pretty good but nothing compared to FKK.
But if you have never been to the RLD you must definitely make a trip there.


>>Gotta question for u though....how does the action in the
>>German FKK clubs differ from the action in Amsterdam, i.e. the
>>red light district? I am considering a trip there too. Getting
>>legally buzzed and legally fucked & sucked.

09-23-03, 23:25

Ur right .... probably as a tourist attraction. I have never been and if time permits, i'll take u up on it.

Many thanks.


09-24-03, 04:32
My contribution to the tipping discussion:

I was at Atlantis years ago with a buddy who was having a terrible time of things. He'd had two lousy sessions with ladies who were great looking but were absolute duds in the sack. (Hey, it happens.)

He was pretty disgusted with things and was about to write the whole evening off, until by chance he hooked up with a Thai gal who gave him the ride of his life. He was so impressed by her attitude, her service, and her attention to detail that he gave her an extra 20 Euros at the end of his session.

Now, my buddy is an FKK pro and would be the first to warn you about the potential dangers of tipping. However, he'd probably agree that if you felt that the lady really went above and beyond the call of duty and knocked herself out to see to your pleasure, then the few extra Euros would certainly be earned and would not upset the grand scheme of things. Of course, this reward system would and should be used rarely.

But, don't do what a newbie I was with at Oase did, back when the currency was still the DM. He'd just spent an hour with a lady whom he felt was top-notch.

"You gave her 200 DM, right?" I asked him when he returned from the room. (At the time, the going rate per half-hour session was 100 DM.) "No, I actually gave her 320 DM," he replied. You can see how overtipping to that extent would potentially ruin things.

But, you don't have to tip a standout lady to show your appreciation. You could buy her a massage at the club. Both she and the masseur would definitely appreciate that.

09-26-03, 01:07
Longtime lurker but thought I'd give something back by posting a report.

This was my third trip to Frankfurt. Arrived on Sunday morning and checked into a hotel near the train station. Got a little rest and then headed first to Oase. Took the S5 train to Bad Homburg and took a cab to Oase which costs no more than 15 euros.

Arrived at Oase at about 1:30pm. Around 20 girls. Most were 6-7s, a couple of 8s and one 9. First session was with a Russian girl about 5ft7 in her 20's, forgot her name. Face was about an 8, breasts b cup, black hair, body about a 7. Started in the kino with a little kissing with some tongue, then bbbj. Proceeded to the room with some more bbbj and then sex. Session was ok. Nothing spectacular.

Next was another russian girl who didn't speak any english. Very cute face. Spectacular size D breasts with very little sag. Good body. Went to the kino and started with bbbj. Proceeded to the room where she continued one of the best bbbjs that I have ever had. Didn't dfk with me but YMMV. The sex was pretty good too. Wanted to repeat but she was constantly busy throughout.

The final girl was a small Italian girl. Very cute face but breasts were small and saggy. Good session but not spectacular.

Went back to hotel and slept. Woke up next morning packed and took the train to Altenstadt. Checked into a hotel at Altenstadt near the train station called Monchof. Walked to Atlantis, about a 30 minute walk.

Got to Atlantis at about 2:00pm. Not many girls there and the quality was worse than Oase at that time. Saw "N" from Romania who I had a session in the past. Thin, curly blonde hair with very nice body. Had some couch action with dfk (too much tongue though). Proceeded to the room and had a good session.

I was sorely disappointed by the quantity and quality of the girls until the evening shift started to come in. Saw a couple of stunning blonde russians. One was "K" with a beautiful face and great body with fantastic C breasts. Did not do couch action but went directly to room. Started with sensuous dfk and great bbbj. The session was excellent. Had a repeat seesion with her a couple of days later with was equally good.

Her friend "A" was thinner with smaller breasts but still pretty hot blonde. However she was not very good. Session with her was subpar.

Another russian girl was "A" from russia. Thin, 5ft6, short black/red hair, small breasts but nice body. Very cute face with a silly personality. Good kisser and good bbbj but a little too much teeth for my taste. Had a total of 2 sessions with her.

Had a blonde girl from poland with the perfect body. She was 5ft6 had a pretty face, short blonde hair, perfect B/C cup breasts with absolutely no sag. Very tight body but no fat. Perfect body. Session was ok though. No dfk, average bbbj. Did not repeat.

Another girl worth mentioning is a beautiful Turkish girl. Long curly black hair, 5ft8. Beautiful face with nicely tanned body. C cup breasts. Actually had my eye on her since my last visit but was intimidated by her beauty. Glad I tried her this time. Very friendly. Good sensuous kisser. Very passionate in bed. Unfortunately only had one session with her. I wanted to end my trip with her but she was nowhere to be seen. My only regret.

Finished my trip with a Thai girl. Nice tight body, cute face, 5ft3. Had very good couch session with very nice dfk. Had the best gfe with her for a total of 2 sessions.

Now I am back in the states with Atlantis withdrawal. Too painful to count the days till my next trip. Have fun everyone.

09-26-03, 08:13

To get to Atlantis from the airport by public transportation takes over an hour and most of the day there is only one train per hour. Depending on when your plane arrives compared to the train schedule, it could take two hours just to get there. At the info booth at the train station the clerk will print out a schedule with all the train and track numbers for the trip. Most likely you'll take any train to the Hbf and then the S6 toward Frieberg and get off at Bad Vilbel and switch to the RB towards Stockheim. At Altenstadt station, the 5903 bus is usually there in synch with the train. Get off at the second stop and you are a short walk from Atlantis. Atlantis is on a street parallel to the street the bus is on. Walk back to the intersection the bus just crossed and turn right. Take the first left on Phillip Reis and then the first right on Siemenstrasse. Atlantis will be one block up on the left. Oase is still basically on the S-bahn (8-10 Euro cab ride from the train station) and would be much faster to get to. The train ride is less than an hour but more importantly, there is a train every 15 minutes. Personally, I prever Atlantis as well, but unless you have a very long layover, go to Oase. Have fun.

10-02-03, 00:44
Hello everybody,

Well I am back from my little visit to Atlantis. It's still slow. I was there from the 26th to the 30th, and there was very little action. I started out for Oase, but once the directions didn't work, I went back to the tried and true. Also, there was a lot of old women there. One girl thought that maybe their house had been shut down and they were looking for a new home.

Anyway, it wasn't a total loss. My final session was with Angelika, which was my goal for this trip. I'm glad she finally she showed up on that last day because since my first session with Laura, another Russian girl, there wasn't much to sing about it.

Angelika lived up to her reputation, and I could see why she was voted number 1 in Europe. I was expecting a tall blonde, and was very surprised to find that she is a tiny, petite, little brunette. Very beautiful and very sexxxy. What a voice, too. Husky Russian. She had a great attitude, was very funny, and a lot of fun to be with. She likes inflicting small doses of pain during her blow jobs which I found to be a new and interesting "twist". Actually I thought she was going to pull my balls off. We spent an hour together and she was really great.

Laura was a stunner. She said she was 24, I thought she was 19. One look at her and I had to have her. While she was walking away with one client, I tried to signal to her to find me when she was finished with him. That's how bad I wanted her. When I found her later, we had a short great conversation. She is from Kazakastan. Her English is excellent. Her body is primo. Her loving is even better. Great GFE with her.

Nicolette is still there and still sucks like she has a jet powered vacuum cleaner for a mouth. She remembered me from my visit last April, and that was a nice touch.

So even though there was a small number of girls, and a lot of oldie goldies, I still managed to have a good time.

I would warn against Yanni, a huge busted Thai chick. She talked a good game outside, but was a poor performer in the bedroom. In fact, I would go so far as to call her a ripoff. She tried to bluff her way past the BBBJ, which I thought was ordinary fare at Atlantis.

The food....didn't eat it after the second day.

I really liked that Laura girl and looked for her every day. But after that one Friday night, I never saw her again. I told all the girls that were hitting on me that I was really looking for her. One suggested that if I liked her so much, why not acquire her for an entire day. Pay her 100 E p/h plus expenses. She said that some guys who come in for trade fairs do this sort of thing. Anybody know anything about this? Because I definately would with that Laura chick. Angelika is too expensive. She wants $2 million plus a Mercedes SLR, but she is definately worth it.


10-02-03, 19:44
Peter and Kaleu and Anyone who has been there at this time of the year. What are the Frankfurt FKK's Talent Level ( Young Ladies ) in December at Christmas Time and New Years day, Are they Open are the Girls gone home for the Holidays??
Would that time of the year be a Very Slow time with Talent or just a little slow, Would like some Feedback,

Thanks to All for any Info,


10-28-03, 07:29
Hey all,

Had a great time visiting Atlantis last Winter by train. The ticket agent called me a taxi upon my arrival at Altenstadt, and had no problems getting to the club or back for the last train to Bad Vilbel, which at the time was at 8:12pm. Taxi was about 5 Euros each way. Worked perfect.

Looksing at the schedule now, however, it looks like the 8:12pm train is now a bus, with the last train one hour earlier at 7:12pm. As I'm not real wild about riding a bus in a remote area where I don't speak the language, I'm thinking about talking the cab to another station with later connecting service to Frankfurt.

Looking for distance and cab fare from Atlantis to the station at Nidderau or Hanau.


10-28-03, 20:17
I was only at a club around that time of year once and it was pretty empty. A lot of the girls do go home for that time of year and generally traffic is down. If you happen to be in Germany at that time call ahead and ask how many girls are planned for that day before you head to a club. Good clubs will always give you an honest assessment of the situation. In the meantime I spend most of my time at Wildenrath and they always give me exact info on the phone including what is on the food menu for that day.

Darwing - Good report!


10-29-03, 17:18
The new Atlantis web site is pretty cool.

Can anyone tell me the name of the accomodations across the street from Atlantis? I believe they are rooms only with no tv, but only 20 Euros per night. Gary?

Sure hope they are planning a New Years Eve bash.


10-29-03, 17:53
What is the new web site for "FKK Atlantis"?

The other one didn't do anything and it was in German.

10-31-03, 08:11

The hotel diagonally across the street from Atlantis is:

Hotel Zum Goldenen Boden
5 Phillip-Reis Stra.
Altenstadt-Waldsiedlung 63674

++49 6047 985163

Last year Atlantis was closed on Dec. 24th and opened on Christmas at 2PM and was closed on Dec. 31st and opened New Years day also at 2PM. They put the info on their website last year a few weeks before, just check it there closer to Christmas. Needless to say, don't plan on a big New Year's eve bash because more than likely they will be closed.

11-01-03, 23:07
Hi Fats,

How do you make Reservations at the Hotel Zum Goldenen Boden across from Atlantis and what are the current rates??

Thanks, T-rex..

11-02-03, 01:09
Thank you, Fats....much appreciated. Guess I know what Santa is bringing me this year.

Worf...the link is still the same... I go through Kaleu's page...then I hit the dsl link....yeah it's still in German, but I use an online translator for the stuff I can't figure out


some of the material is carried over but the look is revamped and they are incorporating some new ideas, like emailing or chatting with the babes ... hey... it's a new idea... also the video of the facilities could be better, but overall it is a better site than before.


11-02-03, 11:24

The numbers under the address I listed for the Hotel Zum Goldenen Boden is the phone number: country code for Germany 49, city (area) code 6047, phone number 985163. When I called, the man who answered spoke enough English to try to make a reservation. If you want to do it over the internet, cut and paste the link below (sorry, I don't know how to make it link directly) but keep in mind that they add about 6 Euros a day commission. I believe the rate for a single with breakfast is around 34 Euros by phone or 40 using reisen-mit-preisen.


Timber Tree
11-11-03, 13:17
This is from my travel from November 2002.

Atlantis, A large club, lots of facilities (Pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna). At least you know the entry fee if going to the facility.

Arriving at the Frankfurt Airport, I began checking my notes on which to go first. And I've decided to go to Atlantis, since the hotel that I am staying at is very close. And since I have some experience in traveling, I've bought some food at McDonalds at the airport just in case that I stay late in Atlantis. There will be some food in the evening. I drove to Atlantis by using A3, B45, B43a, A45 and exit at Altenstadt. There are a lot of parking areas, gas stations, some restaurants in the autobahn just in case the you feel lost. If you see a gas station I suggest that you get a map it will help you later if you do get lost. Anyway, I got to Altenstadt with no problem and decide to check-in at my hotel, drop-off my bags and on my way to Atlantis.

Drove to Atlantis, parked the car, rang the bell in at Atlantis. A lady greeted me in, and asked if I've been here before. I told here that it was my first time here, and she showed my around the place and and the entrance was 50 Euro and 50 per session with the girl and you pay the girls directly after the session. After the quick tour, went in to the shower room and suit down. I explored the place first, to the sauna, steam room, pool area, jacuzzi. When I went in to the sauna, I've noticed the some of the black girls followed me, and tried to make some conversation, I told them that I don't speak much deutsche. One of the girls was trying to massage my neck with her foot. And she was asking if I was interested to going to a room with her. Unfortunately I was not interested with black girls. So I told her that I might see her later. After the sauna, I've decide to check out the ladies for a while, and see if anybody strikes my interest. The beauties were between 6-9, and the were a lot of 6-7. When I was in the couch, the ladies weren't to BBBJ, you would have to convince them to do a BBBJ on the couch.

Name: Kristina, Polish, 23, 5'8
Description: Black Hair, cute, and little bit on the chubby side. She did a BBBJ with one customer and kissing, but when I had a session with her no BBBJ, no kissing, no finger. You can rub her clit and she will not let you finger her. When I asked her to kiss me, she said something in her mouth and would not. After our session, as she was cleaning me up she started to kid around about babies as she threw away the tissue. I would not rate her a good session, it just sex, do your business. Well, that is how I feel. I know that I would not be doing her again.

Name: Margo, German 30, looks 6'0 tall
Description: Blonde hair, long legs, doesn't like to be fingered She was walking around strutting her stuff, she asked if I was having fun, I said yes and came over have talk for a bit. She mention that have I seen the steam room, and I no and we went over, we started fondling the steam room and starting to give a BBBJ. We did not stay long since I do not like any place that is hot. But the steam room is a lot better than the sauna. We went upstairs and started to make the mood, we kissed, and 69 position, and as I attempted to finger her she kept moving her body or blocking it. She would let me kiss her clit though. I also asked her if I can come on here boobs, but she also refused. After the session we talked and kiss a bit. I'd rate her good just wished that she would finger or let me come on her body. I think this is some what a typical session, I might do her again if I want a good session.

After the session, I just chilled and enjoyed the club with it's facilities. some drinks, stayed at the jacuzzi for quite a while. It crossed my mind if I should do one more session before I go, but I still have a long was to go before this FKK ends. So I dressed up and drove back to the hotel. It was a good thing that I have bought some food at McDonalds, but unfortunately it was not enough. I found a Turkish eatery and bought some more food.

The club is a good place to stay and hang-out. You can relax at the Jacuzzi or pool while checking out the ladies. Just make sure that you have something to eat afterwards if you plan to stay late.

The place that I stayed at is a small town there is a bakery, local shop, bank, minimart, gas station nearby. I you missed some necessities I am sure that you should be able to get it there. If you need more details on the hotel, you can email me.

Pricing: The entrance is 50 Euro or was it 60 Euro. Per session is 50 Euro.

11-15-03, 10:25
Friends , any updates on Mirian in Atlantis ? Is she still around ?
Last time I had an amazing GFE with her , would love to have a session again when I go there in Jan .

Bra Bus
11-17-03, 09:00
I visited FKk Atlantis back in September. The club has everything sauna, jacuzzi, steam and some beautiful ladies. It was my first time there and very awkward since I actualy walked with only a small towels with a lot of poeple surrounding me. It was rainy that days so the pool outside cant be used.

I saw this Indian, Spanish lady and she is a 10. She's about 5'8, skinny, long black hair, and nice tits. So I came to her and asked her about what is the rule of this place. She explained to me and I immediately told her that I want her. So she said fine and I start kissing her and lick her nice beautiful breast. She gets herself on and start giving me BBBJ on the couch with a few people looking, so I told her, lets get a room.

We started by 69 and she giving me BBBJ. We had almost every positions and I finally came on her. So we cuddled around a bit and we proceed the 2nd round. We finish the round with BBBJ, and I told her that she was amazing. We got out and giver her 100+ Euro for the session and her tips. I ask her whether she is a freelance or stayed in Germany but she told me that she lived in Spain and travel to Germany during peak season for some extra cash. Definitely will look for her for next time, hopefully she is going to be there.

Took shower and start looking for more action.

Nothing like her available at that time, so i I proceed to the showers and went back to my hotel. Overall exprience is A++

Mind Snatcher
11-17-03, 23:51
Atlantis has a fancy new website with loads of pics.
But beware: although they say Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays you get 'Party-Fun', all this means is that there's some very basic food on offer.
No party games, in case you were hoping. The food reminded me of school dinners. Slabs of pork and soggy rice. A lettuce leaf if you are lucky. FKK World in Giessen is better. No food at Atlantis on other days.
Notes from my last visit: Had a session with SARAH from Czech Republic. At first she seemed really friendly, gave me a pleasant massage. Then pulled away when I tried to kiss. Lay back and pretended she was tired. After 20 minutes she said it had been an hour and demanded 100 euros. Took her down to reception. The managament, fortunately, tends to side with the clients in such cases. Unless you come to a diferent arrangement, the girl is meant to tell you when you go over the half hour. Paid her 50 which she accepted with bad grace. Girl at desk indicated there had been previous problems with this one. AVOID.
Then was attracted by one called FRÄNZI. A German girl from Berlin. Got into the jacuzzi and kissed a lot. Really good. Then went to room for an excellent session. Passionate. Spent about 45 mins together, but she only wanted 50 euros! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. But beware, she's a Psychology student, possibly on the lookout for a dissertation topic.
Next was LAURA, from the Dominican Republic. Pretty good. We spent about 45 minutes together, which according to her was 'one hour 15' and she demanded 150 euros!! I gave in this time. RECOMMENDED, BUT TAKE A STOPWATCH!!
MARINA (Czech) was a possibility, stunning figure and very sexy footwear. When asked if she would kiss, she said yes, but then pulled away. REGRETFULLY, NO.
My last was BELEN or similar (?) from Cuba. Charged 20 to go into the steam room, plus 50 for the room. Gentle kissing on the lips tolerated rather than encouraged. Nice, but seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. Said some nice things. OK.

Tropical Joe
11-19-03, 18:51
I just got back to the U.S. after spending a week vacation at Atlantis. I had about 30 sessions at Atlantis ranging from 30 to 90 minutes each, I had the best time of my life,and nothing in life could ever top what I had there. In the early evenings there were always about 40 girls to choose from.All the girls I had were an 8,9,or 10 in looks and I got dfk in all of my sessions except 3. I had all the sex I could handle in a week, I had lots of extremely passionate dfk with lots of different girls, I had lots of extremely energetic caressing and body rubbing,the girls there treated me like a billionaire, going to and from a room they would put an arm around me and they seemed very happy to be with me, they complimented me so much, and some of the girls would put both their arms around me and squeeze my body as tight and close to their body as could be. A lot of the girls there treated me like they loved me and enjoyed me a lot more than any girlfriend I've ever had.So to me Atlantis is the greatest paradise there is. After spending a week there I could not be more happy and gratified with life, yet I'm sad in a way because I miss Atlantis and the girls there so much and I can't wait to take another vacation there.

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