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05-29-02, 18:10
From Jack Odom at jack3810@hotmail.com

ive noticed that you finally got what you wanted, two or three people posting every three or four days.you need to change the name of the world sex forum to a couple of old pathetic dick in the dirt assholes who cant get laid at home who travel half way around the world and still cant get any spilt tail without paying for it.

05-29-02, 18:27
Why is he here on this site if his sex life is so great??? I sent him a personlized e mail. What an ASSHOLE!

4500 members
7191 posts

Numbers confuse him.

05-30-02, 22:23
The Odom guy profile
1. Married man. Married to an ugly fat chick. Probably he is also a fatso. Anyways, he is having all this "same old same old" boring sex every night, everyday, every year with the UFC (ugly fatchick). Unfortunately due to his personal finance, he could not afford to do anything except to stay in the same dreadful situation.
2. Net Surfer. He surfs the net for sexual gratification. It drove him nuts to realize that there are guys with means, resources to travel around the world and sample the best, the diversity of all shapes and forms, the TLC, the GFE, the variety of form factor sex, heaven on earth!! So, he is very angry. Angry that he is so impotent to break off from this vicious cycle of boredom with the UFC. The angrier he was, the more he fantasizes and admires what everybody is doing.

As a relief, he wrote the earlier posting. So, guys, please have some mercy on this guy and let him have some release. We are kind people and we understand there are people out there who can be so unfortunate..... :)