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06-10-02, 22:30
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04-26-05, 15:31
I visited Don Jose Club in Granada.

On saturday night there were 15-20 girls mostly from south America.

The girls were 4-7.

The price is 50euro for 1/2 hour.

Drink is 6 euro or more.

I think that most of the club in Spain are rip off. If you are probably a one-time customer, they try to convince they do everything but they want to be paid in advance and after the service is poor.

All the girls I asked wanted to be paid in advance so I decide to sleep alone.

The club is located on the road to Armilla (carrettera de Armilla) in the suburb of Granada, near a McDonald's.


01-27-06, 16:21
Spain has the best West European scene after the German FKK. But unlike FKK, there are few info on the web about the Spanish brothels, including in ISG. There are a few Spanish sex forums but they are far to be as complete as the German ones. There is no complete list of the Spanish brothels. On the Yellow Pages they are mixed with regular nightclubs or hotels. The specialised websites usually cover only a few cities and tend to have more flashy pop-ups and pics than useful info. And the most complete list I found on Internet is not anymore available. Needless to say, it was a tough list to make, and it probably has much more mistakes and missing clubs than my previous lists covering the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. But Spain just deserved it’s own brothel’s list.

This list has more than 300 brothels covering all Spain. Once inside one of them, any customer can indicate exactly all the other brothels around. I could not manage to include also the opening time, pricing and other usual info. Even the addresses are not complete as most are in the countryside. But it doesn’t matter that much, as those outside the cities are easy to spot. They are usually along the main road and look like regular nightclubs with flashing sexy neon. These are the typical Spanish brothels. They open from dark till dawn. If there is an entry fee, it is around 10€ including a drink. Inside it looks like a nightclub with music, a dancing floor and nowhere to sit except at the bar in order to get the customers to drink. Those brothels have usually more than 30 girls in sexy outfits, aged 20-30 years, rated 6-8 and mainly from South America or Eastern Europe. Flowers In Madrid and Riviera in Barcelona can have up to hundred girls, both have the most impressive line-up in Europe. The rates are around 60€ for 30min CBJ and FS in one of the rooms upstairs or at the back. Rooms are clean and have bathrooms.

In the city-centers however, the brothels tend to be much smaller with less than 10 girls. They tend to open also during daytime. They look like massage parlours with sexy signs and sometimes even as discrete apartments, with only the buzzer button painted in red to make clear which apartment is a brothel. Customers are separated, girls are introduced to make a choice, and rates are also around 60€ for 30min CBJ and FS.

Take care also that some clubs in the bigger cities or touristic areas cater more for business men or stupid tourists, have expensive drinks for fake champagne, strip-tease and expensive rates because rooms have mirrors or Jacuzzi.

N340 km 336 Torrevieja Motril GRANADA
Phone : 958 655 502

Don José
Cortijo San Nicolas Ctra Armilla S/N Armilla GRANADA
Phone : 958 134 759

Lady Granada
Crtra de Cordoba km 429 Pol El Rey Atarfe GRANADA
Phone : 958 434 154

La Luna
Barriada de Marchena S/N Durcal GRANADA
Phone : 958 781 160

Pub Caviar
C Castillas del Prat 7 Bajo GRANADA

Sala for Men
Camino de Purchill 96 GRANADA
Phone: 958 800 411

01-06-07, 18:37
Any SWs in the town center of Granada?


02-22-07, 19:08
Anybody knows about actions in the streets of Granada?

Blue Jazz20
03-29-07, 00:10
Granada is a not only the most visited town because of the Alhambra, it also boasts a college population of over 60,000. You know what that means! Lots of options to those who speak a little spanish and can call the back pages of the Relax section in the paper. There are several papers and I don't remember which one has the most but the one I picked up have almost a full page of ads or roughly 50-60 of them. The ads will have duplicate numbers so that's a good sign that it's an apartment which is actually a good thing.

General thoughts....there are quite a few houses all around the city so if you make friends with a local who speaks english and you think he's trustworthy, make some calls and ask for his help. I'm sure if he's cool, he'll do it for you.
Second, most apartments are in the range of 40 euros for 20 minutes, 50 for half and 80-100 for the hour.

First one

On Angel Barrios 2
Floor: Primero B
Near the Parque Frederico Garcia Lorca between Camino de Ronda & Arabial
The madam is Brazilian and all three girls that were shown to me were Brazilian.
Juana is a darker girl but not black....don't know if that means anything but let's just say black girls don't interest me as much. Great body and decent face.
Fake tits but I didn't mind as she allowed DFK, DATY, BBBJ and any position I wanted.
Overall a good place with pretty decent girls.
40 for 20
50 for 1/2
100 for 1
Open til 12am

Second one
Humeya 21
Floor: Primer Izquierda
Intersects with Calle de Alhamar and two blocks down from San Anton.
A guy will open the door so don't be alarmed....he obviously knows why you are there.
Same rates as above but open til 9pm
I picked Daniela and she was Colombian. Absolutely one of the most amazing women I've been with and also fake tits. I don't normally like fake tits but she has a body that's amazing for a 29 yo.
You know what that means...not the greatest service. No DFK or BBBJ and DATY is of course extra 10 but overall, a decent CBJ, and very tight pussy.
This place definitely had the best looking girls by far!

Third one
Alhamar 20 Primero A
Very near the one above so if you don't like Humeya for the service, then this place might be a little better
The girls answer the door with no madam to speak of and this place is 50 for half and 80 for full hour.
Most of the girls are a bit on the heavier side and a certainly willing to do a little more so if your looking for a little more cushion for the pushin, this is the place for you.
I did not pick a girl here as it was end of their day and are open until 10pm but I also don't like big girls either.

There were several others around Zona Arabial, Calle Buen Suseso, and Enriqueta Lozano but didn't get a chance to check them out. This place has plenty of options but you have to speak some Spanish.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

07-16-09, 04:38
It's been more than two years since anyone made a report about Granada. How about an update from someone who's been there recently - - --
I'm headed there in soon and sure would like some up to date info.
Thanks, Clodbuster

08-19-10, 15:30
I went Club Don Jose this week.

Really small club but relaxing mood.

Karina from Bulgar

60 Euro for 30 mins

BJ, 69 and several positions.

Drink for you is 8 Euro.

Drink for the girls 20 Euro.

You can ask taxi driver to arrive the club.

About 7 Euro from the center of the Granada city.

Some girls can speak english a little.

Taxi for return way is problem at that time.

But I think you can ask boy to call a taxi.


Andalus Expat
12-05-10, 14:01
To comment on routard's list above;

Don Jose's I know. Not a bad club.

Luna at Durcal Tiny place like having a brothel in a village hall. Scruffy bar, half dozen non-descript chicas, pool table, bloody cold in the winter (you'll see the snow on the mountains behind) & no proper heating Only place I've ever been propositioned by a girl in a thermal vest & serious caution before washing the parts on the bidet. That water's icy if you don't let it run.

Despite that been there a couple dozen times. OK, it was local but it is friendly. Depends on regulars so hardly any hustle. Chicas can be very inventive & compliant if they know you. I used to drop in just for a late night drink (3am close) & often the barman didn't even bother about charging me for it. A laugh but not worth a journey to visit.

Motril place not too clever. Scruffy bar & hustling girls.

Not mentioned: Club on N323 near Padul. Very wisely. Total shithole.

12-31-10, 08:55
Has the ordinance wipe out the street scene?

01-02-11, 03:50
Found this article about SW near Motril: http://www.ideal.es/granada/v/20101212/costa/prostitucion-instala-granada-20101212.html

Suggests Ciudad Granada has pushed some street action towards the coast.

Andalus Expat
01-09-11, 14:48
posted this on the costa del sol board in response to post but thought i'd pop a copy here for info purposes.

www.fantaxiax.com calle maria blanchard, armilla¤ 958552769 662611407.

bunch of independents. if she's still there, dulce does every trick in the book & some that aren't from an altitude of about 4'11". prices were 50half100hora with some trick offers if you ask. 15:00-16:00 happy hour@-10€. bring a friend. 10€. birthday special. pensioners discount. alternative to the discounts was the 2 girl oral finish which presumably put the coup de grace on the pensioners.

*think that's no 2 but ring to check.

¤armilla is on the a44 granada bypass about 5 klic s of city. lot of putas work out of there.

www.golosinasgranada.com calle averroes 66, granada. (near estacion autobus) 692142149 699509551.

50 media 100 hora 20€ supplement for expeditions up the [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) chute & other attractions. check for discounts.

Andalus Expat
01-09-11, 15:09
Found this article about SW near Motril:


Suggests Ciudad Granada has pushed some street action towards the coast.That's very interesting & shows how fast things move. I've been using that bit of road almost daily for a year without seeing more than one girl once or twice. I moved down the coast about the date of the article & now it's a 'problem' area. (No personal influence here I'm sure. Whole N340 in that area's problem to chicas because most of it's going over / under some pretty rough country or through towns, so there's not much more than the road itself. Few little secluded parking places to find to do the business.

02-02-11, 01:25
After much investigation I have been on the ground in Granada putting to practice what I learned. First, much thanks to Andlus Expat for guidance.

What I have learned after being here: found no sign of street action in Centro. There may be action other places in the city but I have walked miles at all hours and saw no sign of any lady that was looking to hook up. I walked Realejo south of Calles Panevaras, Escolastica, and Santiago. There may be action Plaza Pricipal, didn't get there. Saw some raggy looking ladies at Plaza Santa Ana during the day but got no indication they were looking for business. Even saw some fairly open drug use (glass pipe) but no interest in P4P. Heard that Calle Rondo and Mirador were rough but didn; t make it there. Was on Calle Alaracon just off Calle Rondo and saw some possiblities but nothing panned out. No street action. City ordinance may be the cause or maybe never was street action where I walked. Walked my ass off and was looking continuously and saw absolutely no indication of any action.

Found lots of action on Mundoanuncios: At the suggestion of A Expat I searched Mundoanuncio. Com for Granada Exoticos Professionales. Mundo is the Craigslist of Spain. Shyed away from CraigsList in North America but since it was the only game I dove in in Granada. First was melisa, a 49 yo that had the only email address in the ads. Ad and pics were accurate. Everything covered, even my finger, first for me, she came, I didn't. No repeat but she was my first in Granada, first time I went to a providers place anywhere. Went to her place after I snoozed off my jet lag. Had fun navigating to her apartment. On my way she would not answer her phone but I had her address. Got to her place around midnight. She buzzed me up. Sat and talked for an hour then finally asked about P4P. She said yes. Good first experience.

Took a couple of days to get a phone. Decided on Karina 25 anos, Cecha. Search her on Mundo. One of my AFF. Never used a bedat. She washed my junk in a bedat. Good start. Beautiful and GFE all the way. No cover. Everything but anal. Enjoyed and repeated. Both melisa and Karina had a room in an apartment. See many Mundo ads that suggest such a setup. Think Karina was in for only a week. Tried to threepeat but got Marina instead. Would not repeat Marina.

Finally, needing release from my experience with Marina I call Laura. 32 yo. Had her come to me, first time for this. Again ad was accurate but she was all covered. No access to vag. Not worth it. Do not engage. Had to engage a 20 yo Russian that was local after I got off my return flight from Spain to release from Marina and Laura.

Mundo is a gold mine. I investigate by googling phone number and other info. Like the independents. Can tell from googling aspects of ad. Made use of google translator. Think there are ladies that come into Granada and rent a room in an apartment. Also many providers are not spainish but foreign nationals that can't work otherwise. Melisa was columbian, Karina was either Czech or Russian, Laura was Polish. I liked this aspect. Suspect that ladies come to spain and find P4P is best way to make $$.

Granada and I suspect much of spain is good for P4P via Mundo.

12-07-14, 16:18
The previous reports seem to be outdated a bit, hence the report.

The short version:

Milanuncios. Com Contactos mujeres.

You will figure out the rest with little effort.

The long version:

There are "houses", where you will be presented with girls, one by one, and the "independent" girls. This "independent" thing is a nonsense, it is just a brothel distributed among several rental apartments for those looking for more privacy, I guess.

A good, clean house is near the bus station (not disclosing the address as it was not advertized, refer to milanuncios).

A less clean house is in see / Enriqueta Lozano in the center. A fat woman yelled "Cliente-e-e!" (to be heard on the 3rd floor), before the front door was closed behind me. Just to give you a feeling of an atmosphere.

The girls are somehow rotated between the "houses", and not just within Granada, so personal recommendations do not make sense. Also worth mentioning, the quality of the "crew" may greatly vary from week to week on the same spot.

The "apartment girls".

Agree the details before you pay (BJ with / without, kisses or no kisses, whatever you fancy). The acceptable answers are either a firm 'yes' or a firm 'no'. If it is 'vamos a ver' (we shall see, pay first), leave. If you have paid, but then are told something "touching my tits costs extra XX euros", accept the damage and leave. There are too many other ones who honestly provide the service for your money to waste your time.

Agree that you pay for 1/2 h, and top it to a full hour if you like the quality.

Good manners pay off tremendously. No idea, how the girls are treated by the other customers, but you get a stunningly hot action in return of being "educado".

Prices are non-negotiable, perhaps because even the apparently independent girls have no say in this matter.

A common relatively innocent trick is to tell the client how she liked him, suggesting to spend a lunch break together, giving the "personal" phone number and generally hint the possibility of having some action on the side. You'll spend your lunch allright, but when it gets to action, you will be billed the same price. I personally don't mind buying a girl a sandwich, just don't build fancy plans.

The ethnic breakdown:

Dominicans: below the neck is a body a porn star would envy, above. Well, less perfect. The action was rather dull on 2 occasions.

Brazilians: the best in my experience. Body, temperament, responsiveness.

Spaniards and other Latinas: less sexy looks compared to Brazilians, but the service is superb.

Rumanians and friends: avoid, do not stand the comparison to the above, cheating attempts.


1/2 h 50-60 eur.

1 h 100 eur.

Andalus Expat
07-10-21, 18:52
The previous reports seem to be outdated a bit, hence the report.

The short version:

Milanuncios. Com Contactos mujeres.

You will figure out the rest with little effort.

The long version:

There are "houses", where you will be presented with girls, one by one, and the "independent" girls. This "independent" thing is a nonsense, it is just a brothel distributed among several rental apartments for those looking for more privacy, I guess.

A good, clean house is near the bus station (not disclosing the address as it was not advertized, refer to milanuncios).

A less clean house is in see / Enriqueta Lozano in the center. A fat woman yelled "Cliente-e-e!" (to be heard on the 3rd floor), before the front door was closed behind me. Just to give you a feeling of an atmosphere...Haven't punted in Granada for a while. I lived near the city for a couple of years. But I can't say this report agrees with the Granada I know. There's girls I know here on the CDS work in Granada, some of the time. They are fully independent & work for nobody. There are a number apartments in Granada, rent rooms to independents. So you may visit an apartment has more than one girl working in it. But the girls place their own adverts, book their own appointments, do their own pricing & most importantly keep their own money.

If the house near the bus station is the one I think it is, it's been going for years. Always was good.

Be interesting to know if Las Golosinas at Armilla is still going. Their siesta hours & birthday discounts were always attractive. Some very innovative girls. The puticlub by the Armilla retail park (Don Juan?) has gone now hasn't it? Always amused me, being opposite ToysRus.

Paco Sanz
07-21-21, 10:03
I'm going to make a trip to Granada shortly, but I've never been to this city, so I'd like to know if anyone recommends Granada working girls, for now they've recommended a couple of pages where I can hire girls directly. If you have any suggestions, you would do me a great favor.

Hernan Perez
09-09-21, 09:35

When I go to Granada I usually hire the girls online, the Granada working girls from "the Moscow moon" are pretty good, but there are many more places. And the good thing is that they can give you their services anywhere you want. You can even go see them at the clubs they work for. I do not know if it may interest you. All the best.

Hernan Perez
09-13-21, 16:19
On the internet I recommend the escorts Granada la luna de moscu (https://lalunademoscu.com/escort/granada) and the web https://lalunademoscu.com/escort/lleida which is where I hire all the girls that interest me in Granada or in other cities in Spain, which I think they have categories for all cities, I'm not sure of that.

07-02-22, 00:59
After reading all 14 posts on this thread, I think one of the posts over 12 years old had some great information.

I will be in town for a few days later this month.

Does anyone know of any walk in clubs, brothels, or street scenes in town.

Any help would be great.