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06-16-02, 19:39
From Bruce Wayne at xxthedarkknightxx@yahoo.com

> DeArEsT JaCkSoN:
> I fInD yOuR SiTe InTeReStInG, bUt NoT wHeN iT cOmEs To
> ChIlD PoRnOgRaPhY. pLeAsE rEmoVe
> http://www.*************.org/photographs/Cuba-Havana-010502-05.jpg
> FrOm YoUr PiCtUrE aRcHiVe WiThIn 24 HoUrS (16 JuNe,
> 2002, 23:59) oR i WiLl HaVe To AlErT tHe FbI.
> ~bRuCe WaYnE~
> ~~~~~cDc~~~~~~

My Response:


First, how exactly is it that you can make the determinination that one of the people in the photo you refer to is under 18 years old?

Second, everybody in the photo is dressed, so how exactly does the photograph even constitute child porn?

Go ahead, you call the FBI, and then have them call me. I'm sure that they don't have anything else to do.



06-16-02, 20:25
well then, if showing **** girls dressed is illegal, alert sears, jc penny and target to remove from their catalogs, all the girls they call "models".

08-05-02, 00:39
This guy is a stupid *******. Thereis nothing wrong with those females in those pics. Some people have absolutly nothing better to do with there time than harrass grown people. If it was offensive to him he should have left the group no one forced him to stay and look at the photos.

08-05-02, 03:02
That Bruce Wayne has mentally ill, that's no doubt. We should allow those jerks sharing their opinions. But as a healthy adult, we are clear: Who the hell is this sick man. Who cares about his sick message.
99.9% viewers all love and appreciate Jackson's great work, I am sure. Thanks again to our great Admin--Jackon.

01-07-03, 04:46
This sick guy must either suffer from Parkinsons Disease or else he was jerking off whist typing. Who in their right mind would keep hitting the 'Caps Lock' key on and off whilst typing?

01-07-03, 06:03
IMHO I agree with the guy. I thought the same thing when I looked at that photo. That one girl looks like she's 12 years old. There is a difference between a 12 year old in a JC Penny catalog selling clothes and a picture of a 12 year old that is about to have sex. My personal opinion is that it should be removed. Not a big deal to do it. Keep the site clean. Plenty of other pictures.

01-07-03, 08:58
Oh man, all I could do was laugh and laugh.

01-20-03, 00:34
Well actually she looks about 16 - 19 years old to me, but both of those girls are so ugly that I would have never admitted hiring them...

02-16-03, 02:56
ditto...I'd succumb to either RosyPalm or nothing over them

Country John
11-25-03, 01:10
Bruce Wayne eh?

Interesting that this mentality is a good representation of the level we face out there. Scary part is that this guy could be working on your car!

Before you can see you must first realize that you CAN'T see. Bruce Wayne hasn't gotten to that point yet.

Those who don't know and don't know that they don't know are a fools.

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

03-29-04, 13:33
Bruce must have an over-active imagination. I have no idea of the ages of these women, but I also have no idea of what he finds in these pictures that is even arguably pornographic. Is it the presence of a bed? The chair? The bare feet? Get a life Bruce.

Benchseats Rock
03-29-04, 14:05
The red flag for me here is the typing style. It is inherently teenagerish - I have a 15 yr. old brother who thinks that typing with alternating caps is all the rage.

Either way, the girls are ugly and the guy is an idiot.

Jackson had it right, let him follow through if he wants, The FBI has more important stuff to do than to worry about ugly cuban hookers. Now if only they could get them to be more attractive, but that may be a stretch for even then venerable feds.

03-29-04, 14:39
the girl looks **** and despite the fact that the picture is obviously not pornographic, i am not sure what the point of keeping it in the forum is.

we'll never know her true age at the time the picture was taken, but since it was posted in a sex forum catering to a mongering public, then it was posted in a sexual context. that said and considering the wsg policy on posts and pics regarding **** females, if she is ****, then the pic should be removed, whether she is clothed or not.

irregardless of bruce's mental well-being and the fact that her age cannot be determined, in the end it is a wsg admin judgement call, either way.

i'd suggest deleting it.

03-30-04, 04:11
I agree that they are unattractive, and the one looks young. I also agree that this forum is catered to a mongering, but sexual pics are not the only pics on this forum. I've see several pics of mountains, buildings, and boats. These arent sexual in nature.
As for the pic in reference, they meet all posting guidelines set forth by Jackson, and to my knowlege, there is no mention of sex with these two less than ugly females. So I think itsalright to keep the picture, atleast for an example of what not to mess with.


03-30-04, 04:57
this is probably more attention than the letter writer deserves, but for me the major criterion is whether the picture, or any pictures of purportedly **** subjects is whether or not they are exploitative. this one is clearly not. it does not pander to prurient interests, nor does it even suggest a child sex motif. i despise, like most of you out there, anything that smacks of child exploitation and abuse, but, at least for me, this picture does not do that.

good enough

Joe Zop
03-30-04, 05:06
Good grief -- it's a photo from a distance, kind of washed out, with poor facial detail, and the female in question has pretty much the same physical makeup as the older on in the picture. How anyone could presume to make a definitive statement about the woman involved is beyond me. It's like looking for faces on the moon and finding them.

Rocky Mtn Man
03-30-04, 05:56
If stupidity where a capital crime, Bruce Wayne would be one of the first to get the needle. Of course, there would be a shortage of needles very quickly.


04-15-04, 15:12
Only the U.S. and China use injection to execute penalties of death. (The Philippines also would if a death warrant had ever been issued since 1991.)

Your statement is better revised as:

Of course, we'll need to invent gallows with higher throughput.

04-16-04, 05:10

Thailand now uses the 'human' method of injection as well, instead of the formerly used machine gun.