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06-18-02, 03:18
All parties will be posted in this section.


New York - *******, Diablo
Michigan - Mav
Maryland - Apollo
California - LaJazz
Illinois - Slippery
New Jersey - Raven
Georgia - EMRcool

06-18-02, 13:13
Notice: This event is on again.

First we will fill the Sosua Palace,$50 per room,
Then The Voramar , $30 per room, 809-571-3910, Fax 809-571-3076, then
Club Residential and One Ocean Place.. $40 per
Remember there are only 2 airlines that service this place really so tickets get pricy and do sell out.



I have a webpage with all my pictures:
I have started to post the pictures. I will post about 100 when I get back.

It has been replaced with the Thanksgiving Party. I lost my flight with Aeromar.
Many Pictures already posted

07-06-02, 15:33
Spoke to the Manager of Crystals and he will send over up to 45 chicas if we need more for our Party. Check out Crystals in Puerto Plata and Long Beach as well. I am sure we can get additional chicas from Mountainview as well.
They worked well with us giving us a $10 discount per chica.

07-16-02, 16:30
I won't use real names but as I was hanging out with Chica # 1, she was getting calls from her boyfriends, back in Canada, Europe and America. I asked her how much she brings in a month and she replied about 20,000 pesos. She said these guys send about 5,000 - 8,000 per shot every 3 months or so. She has about 5 boyfriends. I replied, damn they are stupid and she said "Yes they are". I ended up giving her about 400 pesos per night and she was happy not to be alone. She came with us to the clubs and restaurants and also joined us in swimming.
The thing about her was that she was honest about it. She could have lied but she didn't. She ended up hanging with me 4 nights and when the phone rang, I would assist her in translating certain words. She needed to know how to sat "Refrigarator", cause it was "BROKEN".
I picked up a chica with a Swiss Novio and another with a Canadian Novio. What a country!

07-16-02, 16:57
But Jimmy she is special and I know she is honest and would never lie to me. We are just waiting to get her a Visa and I am going to marry her and bring her home. She had only been with one other guy before me.

Yes you got that special girl. I was there with her last Thursday when you called and she told you her refrig was broken.

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09-29-02, 15:14
We all have our tickets now. I will be there Nov 21 - Dec 2 and the rest of these guys will be there in between.

My Brother
Fantasy, the Legend

We will be at the Sosua Palace. We have booked most of the 10 rooms there but you can stay at other hotels nearby:
One Ocean Place
The Voramar

First up:
Miss November Beauty Contest.

Second up:
The Jaccuzzi Parties (Yes there will be a few.)
The grill will be going strong with the mighty hot dog at 3 am. Nothing better after a long night in the hot tub. The should be chicas coming from everywhere for this one!

We will be hitting Crystals and ElBoem for many of our chicas. We will be swapping them amongst us alot.
Hopefully Brenda will be around from Crystals.

My pictures as well as LaJazz's are posted.
Thats Brenda on the front page. All these chicas are available, if we can find them.

All are welcome at these parties.

11-03-02, 22:21
The first Fest of 2003.

I am toying with May 1 - May 7, 2003:

I will be arriving April 23, 2003, but the Palace is booked until April 30 so I will be staying elsewhere. Anyone that only has a week, then you should arrive May 1 to May 7.

First up:
The Jaccuzzi Parties (Yes there will be a few.)
The grill will be going strong with the mighty hot dog at 3 am. Nothing better after a long night in the hot tub. The should be chicas coming from everywhere for this one!

Second up, The Clubs
We will be hitting Crystals and ElBoem for many of our chicas. We will be swapping them amongst us alot.

Anyone interested in those dates post your e mail here or e mail me at


Those Attending:
JDR from New York
Dildo Mike from New York (3/22/2003 - 3/30/2003)
Mav from Michigan
John from Oregon


11-20-02, 14:51
To: *******@blackvoices.com
From: "Mav"

I talked to John about having a contest at the Palace in December and he is
game. I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't have any problems with anyone
if he had it. I think that will be a much better contest, with much better
pictures. I also told him that we are going to have a New Years Eve party,
he said we could have it at the Palace if we anted and that the penthouse
will be done by then. We could set the band up there. What do you think?

11-30-02, 15:58

The following is an early agenda for the NEW YEARS EVE BASH that ******* and Mav will be hosting.

We will be arriving on December 26th.

We will be holding the First Annual Miss Sosua Palace Contest. This will be quite different in format to the Miss Elegence Contest that Fantasy put a lot of time, effort , and money into.

The contest will be held at the Sosua Palace on December 31st. Possibly with preliminaries on the 29th and 30th.

There will be no dress wear, as we do not want to eliminate anyone who does not have a elegent dress. The contestants will start in swimwear and go from there.

There will be 5 judges which will be determined by a "lottery" of all Mongers present. There will only be 1 score per girl ranging from 1 to 10.

The finals will be held late afternoon on December 31st. Contestants will be arriving early afternoon to "get ready".

We believe that this contest will attract a different type of girl then Fantasy's contest. The only prize will be cold hard cash. The prize money will be distributed the same as Fantasy's original plan. $3000 Pesos for first $1500 Pesos for second and $500 Pesos for third. There will also be "bonus money" availible.

The main advertising for the contest will be done thru flyers mainly distributed by Motor Conchos. The Motor Conchos will be paid for ever "qualified contestent" they bring.

After the contest the real fun begins.

We will be holding a HUGE New Year's Eve Bash at the Palace. We will have a live band, dancing, a full bar, with plenty of extra cirricular(SP?) activity. All contestants will be incouraged to stay and earn "bonus" money. We are also working on some "Special Girls" from Puerto Plata for the party.

Mongers are asked to bring cameras if possible for some incredible pictures.

We will have many more details to follow.

A special thanks to Fantasy for setting the ground work for this event.

Any questions or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The rooms at Sosua Palace are filling quickly. If you are interested in attending please contact John at thepalacesosua1@hotmail.com as soon as possible. For anyone new to Sosua, we will help you find a room after the Palace is sold out.

There will be at least 200 pictures from this event.


12-06-02, 17:18
Well it was a flop only because Fantasy threw it together in 4 days, Had he planned it over a longer period of time it would have been a success.

I posted 19 pictures to


There were 17 entries into this including Jolisa and Mimos from the Palace.

This is a link to Mikes' shots.

>Fro http://community.webshots.com/album/56872954sLAiWv

12-10-02, 15:14

I am an American who has been living here with an export business since September 1994. I know about 14 massage parlors and 10 casas in Santo Domingo, as well as other fun tourist spots. I speak fluent spanish and am very very very familiar with the Dominican culture and how it works. Tell me specific questions and I will respond.

Mr. Particular

12-12-02, 15:19
From: mitten36us
Date: Thu Dec 12, 2002 12:15 am
Subject: Trip Report

Puerta Plata: El Boem had the best selection of women but prices are
high for takeout. Puerta Plata is a little too far from the Palace
to make it worth while to bring a girl back for a short time. You
pretty much have to take them for the whole night. Luz Maria had a
great selection. Girls not dolled-up like at El Boem, but some real
good ones there. Took two home for all night and had a blast.
Cristals was the worst of the three...girls are not that attractive
and they hassle you big time. The bar across the street from
Cristals is nuts...some scary girls in this place. Went to Principal.
in Puerta Plata. Got there at 7:00 p.m., but the show didn't start
until 8:00 and there was no one inside. The inside of the club looks
pretty nice, kinda like a small U.S. strip club....stage, lights,
mirrors, nice tables, etc. I didn't make it back for the show. The
place is hard to find. It is across the street from Sensacion
Villas/Cabanas, but you have to turn off of the main street and drive
about 75 yards down a gravel road. Since it is below street level,
it is easy to miss and the entrance sign is small. Also stopped at
Nuevo York car wash which is close to Principal, but it was early and
the girls there were only average.

Caberete: Casa de Equipo bar doesn't get enough credit on this board. It was
my favorite place by far - went there three times. Not nearly as
many good looking girls as Boem, but had about five or six really
good ones and the others had a little something. Girls here have
good attitudes. Also, the girls don't hassle you as much as other
places...more laid back - no high pressure selling tactics! Another
plus is that it is close to the Palace. I was there on Monday night
and a new crop of girls from out of town pulled up in a van. Went to
Obsessions and it was a shark tank...only me and two other guys there
and every girl came up and hassled us. About 10 - 15 girls working
and maybe 1 or 2 were decent.

Sosua: Found two bright, shiney diamonds in the rough at Sirena in
Sosua. This is a cool little club with decor similar to Principal
(small U.S. style topless bar). Went there about 8:30 on a Monday
night. Only about six girls there since it was Monday and it was
early, but spotted Mari and Iris sitting together and snapped them up
for a short timer (2 - 3 hours) at the Palace. Total cost was only
1,000 pesos per girl + 300 total bar fine. I think that they screwed
up the bar fine...I thought that they said 300 per girl, but only
paid 300 total. Didn't bother to negotiate at these prices and an
exchange rate that hit 23:1 on one of the days that I was there.
These girls were excellent. They were very attractive, fun,
respectful, and very appreciative. Before we left Sirena, we watched
a couple of girls dance on stage. One of the girls was totally nude
and put NOT ONE, BUT TWO BURNING CIGARETTES in her most private of
places while she danced....it was something else! I only went to
this place on my last night in Sosua, I wish that I had went there on
my first night...I definately would have gone back!!! Stopped in at
the Sosua Car Wash late on Sat. night as they were closing up, so
can't give much info on this place. High Caribbean was pretty
cool...went there a few times and there was always a lot of action.
A few good ones and a lot of average ones, but definately a fun place
to go. I was not all that impressed with the Palace girls relative
to my favorite places (Luz Maria, El Boem, Casa de Equipo), but good afternoon
action is hard to find, so the Palace girls came in handy.

Overall, I had a good trip, but this place doesn't compare to Costa
Rica in terms of attractiveness and variety of girls, quantity of
girls, attitude of girls, easy access to girls, well organized monger
scene, prices, and good old U.S. conveniences and creature comforts.
The best girls that I met on this trip were as good as almost all of
the Dominican girls that I met in Costa Rica. And it was a lot
easier for me to find the good ones in Costa Rica.

Other issues: Eat all of your meals at Mouri Moi...the food is


I even had salads and fruit there and didn't get sick.
If you have to eat somewhere else, make sure that all of the food is
deep fried.

The Super Super liquor store has the best selection of
beer/wine/liquor. I bought a bottle of French Champagne for only 799
pesos. The place is only four blocks from the Palace on Pedro
Clisante as you walk towards Europe hotel.

There is a laundry service at this little place connected to the
Residental Inn? It is close to the Europe Hotel.

There are plenty of super markets and money exchange places on Pedro
Clisante. Just walk towards Mouri Moi and you will pass them.
Almost all of these little money exchange booths will cash travelers
checks...it is fast and easy. Given the recent discussion on ATMs, I
wouldn't bother with them, just bring travelers checks.

I found a place to call the U.S....from the Sosua Palace, walk towards PJs.
restaurant, make a right before you cross the street on the street
that crosses in front of PJs, then walk on this street as it winds to
your right, you will see a "business oficina" on your right, walk in
here and walk into any of the little phone cubicles that you want, a
digital readout shows the cost of your call as you talk, kinda like a
gas pump at a gas station. You pay at the front when you are

John's taxi driver, Jesus, is awesome!!! Use him whenever possible.
Jesus is the one who took me to the great Sirena's.

Hope that this info helps.


12-13-02, 19:30
New Airline from Newark:
new airline from newark airport to santo domingo $99 each way!!!!!heres the web site check it out!!!! Http://www.USA3000airlines.com


Departing NEWARK, NJ (EWR) Terminal B
Flight# Destination Departure Arrival Day Effective Dates
286 Santo Domingo, DR 5:35 pm 10:15 pm 2, 4 12/12/02 thru 12/26/02 (no flight on 12/31/02)
01/02/03 thru 04/29/03

Flight# Destination Departure Arrival Day Effective Dates
287 Newark, NJ 11:10 pm 2:00 am* 2, 4 12/12/02 thru 12/26/02 (no flight on 12/31/02)
01/02/03 thru 04/29/03
Index of flight days:
1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday,
5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday, 7 = Sunday

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02-12-03, 02:16
The miss elegante pageant 2003 will return with a new name and an all new
look. the new name will be "MISS SEXY 2003". in an attempt to see more skin,
and get more contestants (hookers), we will have an all new format. lajazz
will remain on as official photographer, with the pageant picking up his
week at the palace. this years compitition will be saturday night november
22,at high caribbean disco. if your are interested in being a judge, email
*******. soon the pageant will have its own website where girls can register
and start collecting votes. online votes will make up 20% of the judging.
with the edition of some local sosua sponsors,our cash prizes will be much

02-14-03, 14:36

04-03-03, 20:41

04-04-03, 05:31
I get there a week after you arrive. Try to leave some chicas for me. Hopefully you will be all tired out by the time you get there because of all the fun you have been having in NY. I have a funny feeling you won't though.

04-04-03, 14:15
Originally posted by backnblack
I get there a week after you arrive. Try to leave some chicas for me. Hopefully you will be all tired out by the time you get there because of all the fun you have been having in NY. I have a funny feeling you won't though.

I plan on hanging with my regular novia there, but I will be having alot of wild fun. No I am not tired by my NY activity. LOL

04-08-03, 15:34
Just a quick question from a newbie to the monger scene. About how much, (in USD), does ity cost for say, a 4 day trip to DR done right? That is flight, hotel, (The Palace or wherever), good food, fine chicas, and tips/bribes? I am looking to make the Dr my first stop in my new hobby, and i want to get it as right as is possible the 1st time out.


Take it Easy as 123

From NYC via American Airlines, $1,000

04-15-03, 20:13
I was talking to the General Manager of the Resort Hotel I use to stay at and once he heard 40 mongers, he replied Guest Friendly!!!!

This hotel has a king size pool and room service as well. It would be only 1 time a year and its located in Caberete with Casa de El Quipo walking distance. Its would be a change of pace. As individuals staying in Caberete and mongering won't work.

There are Two Restaurants onsite and 2 parking lots as well for your rentacars!!!

Its a 10 minute ride to to Sousa.

The usual rates are $50 for a 1 bedroom and $75 for a deluxe. Keep your eyes open for this Grand Event in 2004!
It will only be a once a year event!!!!!

Wing 1 has 40 rooms
Wing 2 has 50 rooms
Wing 3 has 30 rooms

Safes and Cable TV in every room of course

They accept Mastercard and Visa and when the time comes I will link their website to this post!!!!

There is 3 bars and a swim up bar in one pool! Waiters and Waitresses!!!

One hour 10 Minutes from Santiago going the back way!!!!
Passions and Casa Blanca runs!!!!

Bring your Digitals!!!!!

Sounds like a fun filled event! you have to let me, Diablo, Mike and
this new guy brent know!! you can almost count me in just as long as
it doesn't happen during Memorial Day weekend next year I have a
wedding to tend to... i hope it works out i would love to attend to
it and it gives a different atmosphere than the Palace (which is like
my second home) but i am willing to stay somewhere else for a week!

04-16-03, 15:13
Thanks for the reply Jimmy. If everything is that cheap, I am sure I will be visiting soon.
Take it,
Easy as 1-2-3

04-30-03, 17:26
Well so far, Mav, Jazz, Scuberman(has his own apartment), Bro, Fantasy, Swede, Raven and Vak will be there! Mav rented the penthouse and we will be up there every night. First stop Crystals, then onward to El Boem. A quick stop to Casa de Equipo and a run thru High Caribe.
There may be a night out in Santiago, Passions, Illussions and Casa Blanca, with a Jaccuzzi party at the Cabanas! Looking for 8 mongers for this great adventure!!

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor

We will be on the roof will cold beers, in the Jaccuzzi,(The only rooftop Jaccuzzi in the North of DR!) The Palace Bar is open for Business, with the music blasting and the chicas ready for pictures. I took over 200 pictures last trip, with no problems from any chica. If you can see I have no pictures of Palace regulars in there and posted alot to many different sites. Carolina and Brenda, are they stars yet? Boy do they get along well. There may be a dildo show as well.
At Crystals we usually pay 1,500 ($62.50) plus the Salida and at Casa de Equipo we pay 1,000 (41.50) or less. Some stayed unil 2PM the next day and others stayed for 3 days.

Only a few rooms left but The Europa has rooms there. Get your plane tickets mongers!!!

This Event will be repeated Thanksgiving again!!!!

Judys has the best exchange followed by The Europa. Super Super has the lowest Booze prices in town.

05-04-03, 14:44
On November 22, 2003 Fantasy will again put on The Pagent. This year it goes by the name of Miss Sexy. There will be two rounds. One in evening wear and the second in lingerie. I'm proposing a contest within a contest. I'm calling it the My Fair Lady award. Basically the monger who sponsers the highest placing entry will win $2,500 pesos. If by chance a monger actually sponsers the first place finisher the prize would increase to $4,000 pesos. You qualify as a sponser if you assist your entry in obtaining/improving any number of things, clothes, shoes, hair, presentation etc.. In addition you have to register her (she must be present), with me, as a contestant, in Sosua, during the period 11/15/03 to 11/21/03. So here's your chance to transform your favorite, bartender, High Carribe hustler, country girl, beach comber, or street rat into a princess and win the admiration, praise, and envy of your fellow mongers and enough dinero for a couple of nights of fun at El Bohem or Crystals. You have six months to prepare. See you all in November. Let's make this a memoriable event for us and the locals. I'm hoping to see at least 200 of you there that week. We've been keeping a fairly low profile up to now. It is time for us to step up make our presence known and outright take over the damn place in numbers for one week. Be there or be square. You got plenty of time to put your dinero together.

05-11-03, 09:20

I am a WSG Mexico contributor, now looking to expand my travels,and found that the DR was VERY interesting as a monger.
I came across the Babylon site as a link, but am not sure if that is the way to go. my travel time is limited (not by finance but by schedules). Best bang for my buck suggestions are greatly appreciated, the November bash is intruiging.


05-15-03, 17:33
Day 1,

Well I ended up heading out on Wednesday the 14th when American Airlines agreed to hook me up without any charge.

I got to Miami for my connecting flight to DR at 10:00am, at 10:15 I ran into Fantasy and headed to DR. Of course I had to get in one "dig" call to Jimmy to let him know I was only 2 hours from "paradise". When we arrived at the airport Jesus was there waiting to pick us up. Fantasy was supose to have a girl meeting him there, but just like most Dominican Women she never showed up. My new regular didn't think I was coming until the 15th so we were both solo. We stopped at Judy's on the way in at got 26 to the dollar. It hit as high as 26.30 earlier in the week. After arriveing at the Palace we ran into Clemenza, John, and a few new guys. John, Clemenza, Fantasy and I headed down to Mori Mai for a late lunch. After lunch I had a few hours to kill before my regular showed up so I decided to take in my daily massage. Had a new girl that was "ok" looking, but gave a grat blow job. How can you beat a full massage and a blow for 400 pesos(abut $15)? After my relaxing session I headed back to the Palace. On may way in a girl that I had never seen across the street was trying to get my attention. I just smiled and went to my room. I am on the third floor with the balcony so I went out to take a look. The girl from across the street was waving at me to come over. Being the "lazy" sob I am I waived her to come over to my room. She was hesitant to come into the Palace, so Claudia escorted her to my room. When she got to my room I asked her what she wanted, she replied that she wanted whatever I wanted. I was intrigued. She had a nice ass, and a nice small body, but her stomach was king of screwed up. We talked for awhlie and she tried to goat me into a session. I told her that it wasn't possible right now, but maybe later. I did however ask her to turn around so I could see her ass. When I asked her to do this , she got completely undressed., Although I appreciated the gestiure I had just finished about an hour ago. I asked her how much she wanted just for future knowledge and she told me 600 pesos. This seemed fair and I figured if I ran into her again I would take a shot at it. The next thing I know she is stroking me and becoming very persistant. I told her that if she could get me arroused and finish I would pay her, but if she couldn't I wasn't paying anything. She agreed and started at it. This was a win-win for me. I figured there was no way that she was going to get me going again, but I would get some free pampering out of it. Well to my surprise she had me going. We ended up having a solid hour session that was well worth the 600 pesos.
After my second afternoon session, I showered and headed to Puerto Plata to get my regular. Luckily I was picking her up and heading straight back to the Palace to head out with the guys to Cabarate. There was know way I was going to be ready for another session until later in the night. When I got there she attacked me as soon as I walked in the door. I told her that Jesus was downstairs and that we had to hurry up and get back to Sosua.
She wasn't taking no for an anwser so I had to get creative. I grabbed her, threw her to the bed and proceed to go down on her until she couldn't sceam anymore. When I was down I said ok, we have to go and walked out the door. She came running out saying wait, but I just kept walking. When she got to the car she was mad because I left with out being "pleased" myself. I told her there was plenty of time for that later and she smiled.
When we got back to the Palace, we all haded out to Jose O'Shays in Cabarete. Fantasy's girl (Melodies cousin) had come to the hotel earilier and was coming with us to Cabarete. The four of us plus, John, Clemenza, and a couple of guys from Boston as well as one from North Carolina headed out. After dinner Fantasy, myself, and the girls had a couple of Bushwackers(the best drink anywhwhere in the world) and then decided to hit the casino in Sousua with Clemenza. High Caribe is closed Monday- Thursday now , so you have limited options during the week if you are going to stay in Sousa for the night. I had been to the Casino one other time on my last trip and it was DEAD. When we got there this time it was pretty busy. I guess people have to go somewhere. I gave my girl some pesos for Roulette and I went and played blackjack with Clemenza. We spent a coupe of hours at the casino and then the five of us decided to head to the Flamingo. I have been to the Flamingo a few times and it had always sucked, but last trip when I stopped in it was much better. This time it was jammed. There were more girls then usual and more customers the usual. The quality was pretty decent and I saw a few that I would have taken out if needed. We stayed about an hour and then headed back to the Palace. By this time I was drunk and exausted. We ended up passing out as soon as we got back and drifting into never never land. So all in all it was a pretty eventful first day. It seems that with High Caribe being closed during the week, some other place have started to pick up.

06-23-03, 13:52
My 23 days in DR, or did I die and go to heaven!!!!

Wednesday June 25, 2003
Well I got to JFK and met up with Pussyman and hung in the Admiral's club. Boarded the plane on time, it left the gate then returned for a 2 hour delay!!!

I arrived in POP airport, was met by Izzy then when onto The Palace. Walking around getting change which was at 31 to the Dollar, I passed Marabel. Also met Roverman and his buddy, who are also staying at The Palace.

From Roverman

From: roverman2g
Date: Wed Jul 2, 2003 2:47 pm
Subject: My DR trip

Back from trip #2 to Fantasy Island. It was good meeting Scuberman,
Pussyman, JDR, Mav, The Swede, Mr. NYC, John + other mongers.

Had a wild time going to Crystals and El Boem with The Swede, my buddy
from NJ and others. Especially the pregnant chica who wanted to give
the 20 peso (.65 cents,US) blow job. Sosua massages are a great deal
as JDR strongly advises. 240 pesos an hour (a great massage, no
rush) with an aditional 250 pesos for a blow job to finish. BUY!!!!

High Caribe was a good time as usual. No problem getting chicas at a
workable rate there. I found one on Friday who lives in La Romana,
(outside Puerto Plata) and agreed to 800 pesos all night and wound up
staying with me the rest of my vacation and even rode to the airport
with us on Monday when we left. Needless to say, when I went to pay
her for her time, she only took money for the taxi ride home!!!!!!
What a bargain!!!!!! Considering she did not have to pay for any food
or drinks all weekend she probably felt the same... Great, great,
great sex... I'll be back for her.

The only bad note about the trip was on our first night we met these
chicas at 'Latino Club' who agreed to 700 pesos 'todo el noche' (all
night). After my buddy and I banged them, they wanted full pay and
were ready to skate. We argued with them for about 20 minutes. Not
only did they not get paid in full (we gave them half) but we had
them thrown out of the Palace. So I paid 350 pesos ($11 US) for
head, a pretty good lay and pictures... So I guess it isn't such a
bad note...

I will be back in September and during Thanksgiving!!

P.S. When JDR and The Swede tell you about a specific place, their
word is money in the bank... My trip to Casa de Equipo was one I
will never forget!! What a f*ckin' dump. I spoke with the owner who
said he was from Montreal. He said he is dumping the place in about
a month and a half because he is losing his shirt. After being there
for an hour, I can see why...

She dates back to April 2002 and is still looking good. Mav showed up, we then went to The Bolgna Bar and was joined by MisterNYC, Brooklyn Zoo and Big D. Had a nice dinner, met Mav's thied reserve novia, second string then proceeded to The Blue Dolphin. Its a Villa type Hotel, with a large bar area and a large pool. Just like The Palace, you need not be staying there to use the Place. Pussyman showed up, we hung there about an hour and a half and they had drinks.

There were a few chicas hanging around, nothing to really jump up and down for, but it was my first night there

Thursday June 26, 2003

Woke up, walked around, went to the internet cafe. Met a chica working at a store that lives in Caberete, asked if she knew me and she replied "yes" ! She saw me go to Izzy's house all the time. Walked over to my massage place, 240 pesos for the hour. Pesos are 32.50 to the dollar today. Finished up there, went to the Europa for breakfast with Izzy.
Went back to The Palace, took a swim, chatted with a few other mongers from NY, then went with Mav, Brooklyn Zoo, Mister NYC and our chicas for lunch at Mora Mai, where they fucked up Brooklyn Zoos order (Everyplace he went today, they fucked up his food orders). We went to the beach for a bit, then returned and The Swede and SantaJeff checked in. We regrouped went out for dinner where they first brought out 2 dinners, then two more, then mine. Brooklyn asked where was his dinner and they gave him the check. This place was by Eddys Sports Bar. Dinner was 2 hours long here but it was good.
Waited for our chicas to return. MisterNYC was with another Caberte chica, she knew me as well. He paid her 30 pesos for 4 hours, which is 90 cents. No we will not introduce her to anyone.
Our chicas came back, we went to the restaurant by Bolgna, Brooklyn ordered a cappaccino, which never came because the machine was broken. Its really not a big deal that the waitress didn't tell him, cause she didn't care.
MisterNYC and I hit the Latina club which was packed then Bora Bora, which is a small bar near The Palace. Haligali was sold to an American and Ubie now owns a small restaurant nearby.
I called it a night @ 2AM.

Friday June 27, 2003

Finished up with the internet then went over to Mora Mai, where we met up with Mav, Brooklyn Zoo, and MisterNYC. Hung out around The Palace most of the day, Ana came by, One of the NY mongers took her for a ride. Minn man checked in. Mostly a day of Hanging around, MisterNYV, Brooklyn Zoo, Mav, BigD, The Swede.
We gathered at the Bolgna Bar and then regrouped to hit Puerto Plata. We got 2 taxis for 100 pesos a man and there were 9 of us.

Crystals had about 20 chicas with the Salida @ $25 and the chicas wanting between $75 - $150. I got a few pictures. I took Brenda upstairs for a session. She is always a trooper with me. Crazy Carolina was on hand as well. Then off to El Boem where the chicas wanted aroung $100- $130 as well. There were about 20 chicas there as well. After we returned, I heard that The Swede took Brenda for the night. She stayed with him until 10:30 am.

Special Note:
High Caribe is open 7 days a week again!

Saturday June 28, 2003
It was an easy day, we met at PJ's, Roverman and his buddy, Mav and his chica, Brooklyn Zoo and Mister NYC and his chica,ate our breakfast then returned to the Palace to lay around. While walking back I met three guys from my Yahoo club who are staying at Sosua by the Sea. Its not chica friendly but they are regulars so they had some sort of deal going.

Their post on Yahoo


It was nice to meet you and the guys this past week in SS. We are
they guys from Jersey that you met in front/at the coffee cafe owned
by the Cuban guys. This was our 5th trip in 18m and it keeps getting

Chica Review:

Ana (Grande)- (nice full body but a little strange)

Marasal- A winner!

Franci - A winner!

Evilena - Not sure

You know the above crowd?

There are 2 mongers staying at The Blue Dolphin as well. LAJim and NC John arrived at The Palace. The Palace is full as well. Vak came in as well, got Estelle and went out to Player Grande for 2 days to a $120 per couple per day resort. I heard it was nice. I will hear about it Monday. Its getting very nice here now with mongers at various different Hotels. I have a few choices for swimming now.
We were hanging at the Penthouse as well getting some sun.
Since I am so wild back in NYC I am taking it easy here. One of the mongers there is Billetes, he has been there a few days as well. Most of the Palace chicas don't come around much since out of the 12 of us only 2 mongers are new to DR.

Special side note:
Mav is opening up a Bar in town within a few weeks, clip this post and you will get a President beer if you buy one. There will be a Puerto Plata chica takeout Menu as well.

Sunday June 29, 2003
Woke up, and we cooked breakfast by the bar. Eggs, bacon and ham for about 8 of us. G man from the South came with 2 cousins and 2 brothers from Florida came and are staying at the Pariso de Colon in Caberete. We have mongers in 5 different hotels now. Stay where you want but the common meeting place is The Palace. They came by to meet me and check out The Palace. They ended up hanging with the gang and going home at 3am. I took a walk around the town, met about 5 chicas in an hour and ended up with one in her apartment for some 200 peso massage action. The 5 new mongers were all doing 2 somes with Ana and Nilsa during the day. There were about 10 mongers hanging out. Angela and Soronji were also on hand.
Mav, Me, Brooklyn and Mister all headed over to Caberete around 10PM and Las Breases was dead so I headed back and made my rounds again in Sosua. I saw Jenny and Joannie around then headed to High Caribe where I saw 5 chicas I wanted. They wanted between 900-1500 pesos. These chicas were 18-19 years old and new and fresh. I found a nice 18 year old street rat for 500 pesos for an hour. I kicked her out that is. She was nice.
About 3am the boys that hit Puerto Plata returned with about 10 chicas. Brenda, Madeline, Carolina were a few in that bunch! The peso was at 30 to the Dollar!

Monday June 30, 2003
We grouped at Mora Mai for breakfast today. About 5PM , Vak, Mav, MisterNYC and myself left for Camp David Hotel in Santiago. It costs $27 per room per night. First we went 10 minutes away to the casino, with the waiter from the hotel who wanted a ride down the mountain. He went with us to the casino. They wouldn't let Mister in with a tank top so the waiter gave hime his shirt and went in wearing a dirty tee shirt. He continued to get us drinks, then we went another 10 minutes further to Illusions which was dead. 5 minutes from there was Casa Blanca which had about 20 chicas working there. Vak and I wanted to get a 2 chica dildo show going. We spoke to a few chicas and at first they wanted 5,000 each but agreed on 3,000 but we were tired so we left. Mister NYC got a chica for 2,500 pesos. She left at 10 AM the next day.

Tuesday July 1, 2003
We grouped for breakfast then sent Mav with our chicas shopping while Vak, Mister and myself went to meet his friend Yenni at the Car Wash. There were about 6 chicas there hanging out. She took us to meet 2 friends that turned out to be "NO GOOD" so the 4 or us went to the cabanas and while Vak was doing her in 1 room we were waiting and watching TV in the other.I got some great pics of it all. We all grouped then went on to Jarabacoa. We arrived and checked into our chica friendly hotel.

Wednesday July 2, 2003
We got up, had a shitty breakfast then went white water rafting, that is all 7 of us. Vak almost was able to get a French family, mother, father and 18 year old daughter back to the hotel for a 5 some but it fell thru. After rafting we all went horseback riding then back to the hotel where at 8 PM the raft guide met up with us and took us to dinner in town then to a Disco where mister met a nice 18 year old. I was so sunburned I returned to the hotel at 11PM.

Thursday July 3, 2003
We grouped for breakfast then the 5 of them went mountainscaling while Mister and I are in town here. So far we found 2 massage places that charge 100 pesos per hour. It seems there are 2 places with large chicas doing the massages. Exchange rate is 33 to the dollar here. We went on ATVs in the mountains but 20 minutes into it my engine blew up. I found a small hotel by the river where I will be visiting every year from now on. 4 rooms with views.
We took a ride deep into the mountains with our guide only to find out that all the chicas left as fast as they could.

Friday July 4, 2003
Here we are drinking coffee and posting! The Forth of July Party is hours away!!!!
Well its time to leave so we hit the Hotel on the river. A great view and we had lunch. Mister NYC called his waitress friend who came over and had lunch, then tryied to scam a shopping spree but was bput to the curb about an hour away from her house. Too bad!!!
We returned to Sosua where the Palace was packed so Vak and I went to the Europa to stay. Already there was Slippery, Clark Kent and Diablo, Ray NJ EMRcool and his buddy.
LAJazz was at the Palace as well as some new mongers, a monger from Seattle, another from PR, Mavs buddy from Michigan and some of the previously mentioned ones.
We all ended up at the catered Mora Mai party at the Villa thrown by Gman.
Swede and LA had El Boem chicas. MichJeff and NCJohn had Crystals chicas and all the Palace chicas were there as well.
There were maybe 40 guys and 30 chicas there and alot of fire works and great food.
Vak and I went to High Caribe where we got 2 cjhicas and retreated to The Palace Penthouse where they began to blow us. LAJazz stuck his head out and laughed. Theses chicas turned out to be pains so we kicked them out.
Pesos are 33 to the dollar!!!!

Saturday July 5, 2003
Had breakfast with Izzy then went to my favorite massage place. My chica was away so I found another place with a 28 year old chica giving massages for 300 pesos. Today I got 34 to the dollar. I stopped by the Palace and there were 5 mongers laying by the pool and Soronji and Nilsa were there as well as a few other chicas.
We had a nice dinner by the ocean then we headed over to Crystals. Mav, Mister, Vak, MichJeff, RayNJ and we scouted out the place. Long beach across the street had some action as well. Then Vak and I headed over to Mountainview to get a 2 on 1 going. There were about 20 chicas there. The first chica wanted $100, but when I asked for the price in pesos she said 2,000 per man. Then we found Diana, 5ft 2 and 105 pounds, age 23, and she wanted 2,000 for both of us. We headed over to The New York Cabanas withe the Jaccuzzi, duplex suites which was 500 pesos. The bed fits 6 so we started. She blew me as Vak gave it to her doggie style, then we moved downstairs and continued in the Hot tub. When I came in her mouth she laughed. She was as wild as Carolina and she loved it. You will be reading more about her in the coming weeks.

Sunday July 6, 2003
Had breakfast and said goodby to a few mongers leaving today, about 7 of them. Had my 300 peso massage and here I am. So far breakfasts were at The Europa, Mora Mai or PJ's. All great choices. It was a take it easy day with a second massage for 300 pesos. MisterNYC went with me and got one as well. Gman and his cousins were bumped so they returned to The Palace.

Monday July 7, 2003
A few more mongers went home and another take it easy day for me. My brother came in, got his hands on a new cutie named Lilly. She was first tested by LAJazz the night before.

Tuesday July 8, 2003
Another easy day. A massage and a run thru Caberete where there were 4 Casa de Equipo chicas roaming the streets. My novia has exams so I am taking it easy for a bit. Went to a small town to get my brother his chica from the last trip. She runs him a few meals a day and 200-500 pesos for various items.

Wednesday July 9, 2003
Woke up and went to PJs for breakfast. Brooklyn Zoo returned and Woody came in, his third visit to The Palace in a year. Went to my new number one massage place where the owner had my regular chica train the other chica using me as the student. Buy one get one free. Then I went back for a second massage later on.
Well at 10 PM, Jazz, Brooklyn, Woody, MisterNYC, Swede, the Natural and myself hit Puerto Plata, first stop, Crystals where Jazz got a hottie for 2,800 pesos. Across the street was Billy and alot of chicas going for about 1,000 -1,500 pesos for the night. Next stop was El Boem which was packed. Onward to MountainView where I got Diana for 1,200 and The Natural got a chica for 1,500. We swung by Crystals for a chica for Woody then went back to The Palace where we ended up in The Penthouse Jaccuzzi for a bit. I sent my chica home at 7am. O what a night it was!!!!

Thursday July 10, 2003

Friday July 11, 2003

Saturday July 12, 2003

Sunday July 13, 2003

Monday July 14, 2003

Tuesday July 15, 2003

Wednesday July 16, 2003

Thursday July 17, 2003

Friday July 18, 2003

06-29-03, 00:22
Thank you for this update *******.

Still, please remember that the monthly salary, say for cashiers or tellers, is DR$ 3000, i.e., US$ 100 at the current rate.

So, do NOT pay these chicas more than US$ 20 for a quick session. Otherwise, you guys are spoiling the market. To add insult to injury, chicks are making fun of you


06-29-03, 15:19
Originally posted by LittleDickPride
Thank you for this update *******.

Still, please remember that the monthly salary, say for cashiers or tellers, is DR$ 3000, i.e., US$ 100 at the current rate.

So, do NOT pay these chicas more than US$ 20 for a quick session. Otherwise, you guys are spoiling the market. To add insult to injury, chicks are making fun of you


Crystals has short stay and that was the price. Its fixed!

06-29-03, 15:19
Originally posted by Transporter
That "Miss Sexy Pageant" sounds really good, but if there are a whole bunch of us there, wouldn't it consume most of the local talent?

Selection is usually quite high on my priority list.

There are 1,000's of chicas in them Hills!!!

11-13-03, 22:13
10 Percent off for all!!! Stall #66

Member #2984
01-04-04, 18:37
What's the going rate for an all nighter in SDQ? Not a pickup at 3AM either please but from 10pm-mid. I'm unfamiliar with this part of the world mongering and expanding my horizon to the Caribbean this year. Here's my latest LATIN experience in SLC, UTAH of all places. What a HOTTIE.

03-19-04, 19:19
Its begiining to shape up now. May be 10 or more mongers around. Lots going on everyday, and every night. (25 days and counting)

Plans are simple:

Massage everyday @ M & M.
Hang a bit at The Shark Bar on Sosua Beach, stall #66
Sit around town sipping an iced cold Cappaccino across from The Merengue bar or at The Bolgna Bar while all the chicas stroll by.

1-2 trips to the clubs in Puerto Plata
1 trip to the clubs in Santiago

A shrimp dinner @ Casitas in Caberete. Check out Casa de Equipo as well, while there.

Shoot 100-500 pictures while there!

So far at the Palace will be:
Adam & Buddy

Others around town:
T10 @ Blackbeards
MG dog @ Europa

In Santo Domingo
S & D

03-22-04, 16:33
I am sorry I did not get in touch with any of the gang when I was in Santo Domingo two weeks ago. I know most of the guys do Sosua and Puerto Plata. I have neevr been up there.

However, I just wanted to report on a great time in SD. I plan to return in July. Good action is available at the casino at Jaragua and in the old part of town. No anal though. Just my bad luck.

I saw reference to a July 4 party. Where will it be? Can I attend?

Would be nice to meet some of the real pros in person.


It will be in Sosua, and all are invited.

03-22-04, 23:25
Alan: you were in Santo Domingo 2 weeks ago! I checked that board but you didn't post any 411!

You gotta post, in order that other mongers know you are there.

05-17-04, 00:13

Some buddies and I are coming to the DR for the 4th of July weekend this year. Are there any plans for a major get together like last year? We would like to hang with some experienced folks for our first time.


07-23-04, 21:08
Ender and friends Penthouse Party in Sousa - Sept 7th - Sept 14th all welcome to attend. Big bash on the 11th Pentouse at the Palace.

08-05-04, 20:11
*******, what's your yahoo group?

Max ( a new Virginia poster and monger)

09-11-04, 21:04
Thanks Jackson! Upgraded in time for my 1st trip to DR!

I hit Cabarete/Sosua October 4th until the 20th. I have an apartment in Cabarete lined up, but will stop by the Palace and the usual haunts.

See ya there!

John Jr
09-13-04, 01:41
Would DR be a good place to go in mid January?

Im loking for a warm place to have a good time (im from Montreal btw)

John Jr