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06-19-02, 07:29
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06-19-02, 15:04
Thanks Jackson I have never been here would like anybodies opinion or reviews about the scene in Scotland thanks! A friend asked about this country and I was sad to report there was no infomation. I did inform him it was a land not to be invaded by another country. Kidding!! I love the Y

06-27-02, 02:13
I was in Edinburgh last week and enjoyed the VIP Sauna. 4 ladies workin the day shift. 25 pounds for the entrance fee for an hour. Nice room with shower and mirrors all over. 40 for a nice massage followed by bj and sex. Not too bad.
Before the rub i did go to the Fantasy bar for a primer. 5 pretty good lookin dancers. For 5 quid you got a nude lapdance. You were not allowed to touch but they did rub me the right way.
The next night i was in Glasgow. Lots of streetwalkers near the train station. 30 quid for a bj. Went to a club nearby and paid a 5 quid cover. Didnt participate in any private dances. They wanted 10 for topless and 20 for contact. I deceided to save my money.

09-14-02, 03:43
A few coments on the scene in scotland, there are three main places for action, aberdeen, glasgow and edinburgh. In my opinion the best by far is edinburgh. there is no street scene to speak of as the police have recently really clamped down but the sauna scene is excellent. Anywhere advertising as a sauna is basically a brothell, you pay an entrance fee of £20-£30 you go to a lounge where there will be a choice of girls, you pick a girl and go with her to a private room where an hour with full service will cost £45-£60. The best are Club 7 Leisure, Blair Street sauna, London street sauna. An alternative is escorts to your hotel . A lot more expensive £120-£200/ hour and you take your chances as the quality of girl that will turn up.

In Glasgow there is also a sauna scene which is probably the best bet, there are many street girls mainly in the area just to the west of queen street train station, escorts are also available. The girls in glasgow are a lot more street wise and hard nosed than elsewhere, the 18 year old blond described on the phone may well turn out to be a 35 year old bottle blond with 3 kids.

Aberdeen has he best street scene in scotland in the streets close to the port. It aslo has some excellent escort agencies whose details can be found in local phone book or local paper. There are also a couple of strip clubs which is a good starting point althought can get a expensive at £5 a nude dance with no contact, I have never understood this paying to be frustrated thing but each to there own.

To sum up I am very well travelled but have yet to have a better experience than I have had in Scotland. It is not as consistent as Brazil, prague or Thailand but when you get a good girl it will be a very passionate and giving experience.

And if you are American please dont give the girls massive tips as it really is not necessary and it makes it more expensive for everyone esle.

Have a good time in Scotland

09-14-02, 05:08
Excellent Report Extramac,

Will be going to Edinburgh is Nov. and would like to try an escort service. However, I agree that it's a hit or miss proposition and can be a real disaster. I can attest to this from personal experience.

My question is this. If you find a woman at one of the saunas like LSS that you like, is it acceptable to ask her to meet you on one her nights off??? You know, do the town, have dinner, get drunk and then head back to your hotel. This way all of the money goes straight to the girl. Are sauna women receptive to such propositions? I've been to Prague and Rio and this is standard procedure there.

Also, do the saunas really close at 10:00 PM???



09-14-02, 22:41
hi paddy

The saunas generally shut at 11.00 with the exception of club 7 which shuts at 12.00.

In my experience the chances of a girl meeting off duty is slim unless she does genuinley fancy you. The girls here are different from prague/ rio in that they are working to earn a lot of money and they are not starting from he poverty levels in other countries. When they finish a shift they are usually sick of the sight of men and on there nights of will want to do there own thing and not be bothered with paying customers.

But there is always the exception so give it a try.

It depends what sort of experience you are looking for as to the establishment you go to. Blair St and London St are similar in that they are slightly seedy, rooms are small and dark, you sit around in a a lounge with other blokes, but they do have some stunning girls, particularly in london St.
Club 7 is new and completley different, very large spacious rooms, 4 poster beds, friendly atmosphere and a lot more classy.
Unfortunately no alcohol but there is a casino next door (you have to join 24hrs before going)
The only other sauna I would recommend is Scorpio which is a bit more out the way but has a good selection of girls

A lot of the escort agencies are associated with the saunas so it may well be worth finding a review of a girl that you like and phoning the sauna and ask if she does out call.

Have a good time in edinburgh

09-15-02, 06:27
Hi Extramac,

Thanks for the quick response and excellent information. Geez, no alcohol at saunas. What's this world coming to???

Could you recommend the names of specific escort agencies in Edinburgh. Again, I know that it's crap shoot but I'm looking for something more than a one hour encounter. I've been reading the Edinburgh reports on *********.com and some guys use northern angel but the cost is outrageous. Some of them approaching 1,000 pounds for an all nighter. I'm looking for about a four hour encounter finishing up at my hotel. Specific names or resources would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.


09-15-02, 22:00
Hi paddy

To be honest I have never used an agency in edinburgh as i am from there. The sauna scene is so good locals dont tend to go for agencies which are more expensive.
There are some good reports on caitlin at www.caitlin.go-legend.net , apart from that I have always had good sevice at club 7 which also do escorts, It is £140 first hour and £100 per hour thereafter .

What I would recommend is going to one of the Clubs/sauna's for an hour, doing your thing and then go out for a good meal or get drunk somewhere. It is a lot cheaper and you can do the same the next night and still have change from a 4 hour encounter with an escort.
You can tell that I am a tight fisted scotsman who watches his money .

Have fun

09-16-02, 01:28
Hi Extramac,

Thanks for the excellent information and advice. Yes, I'll try Club 7 and also enquire about escort possibilities when I'm there. Interestingly, Club 7 has received some very good reviews on *********.com. It's apparently a new club and they're directly taking on LSS, Blair, etc., from what guys are saying.

I hate to ask you for one more bit of advice but could you recommend a hotel near the center of the city? I've been checking on the net and it's kind of bewildering. I'm looking for someting near the city center, moderately priced and older. Any ideas?



09-19-02, 01:52
Edinburgh is full of hotels and they tend to be expensive, I have never stayed in any of them . The Apex in the grassmarket and the jury's inn are central, fairly modern chain hotels if that is what you want.
Old tend to mean more money, the best is the caledonian hotel and balmoral hotel both at stupid prices.
If I was to visit edinburgh I would consider the aparthotel where you get a complete apartment for the price of a hotel room.
The one in queen street is the best situation.
There are a lot of good small hotels around the centre the quality of which I could not comment on.
The Point hotel is more design/art oriantated and looks a bit different. There is also a restaurant called the witchery close to the castle which has 5 'theme' rooms ( classic 4 post bed stuff to create an atmosphere rather than s&m if that is your thing)

Sorry for the inconclusive report but I hope it helps

Give me a direct e-mail address if u require more info

09-19-02, 02:05
hi, my last visit to Glasgow sure was interesting..I'm an American and spent some time checking out the "sites"..I got this number of a bulletin board, and thought I'd check it out..079 516 77399
She was real good looking, blonde hair, 5"10 etc.. Simply, she came to my hotel room and performed whatever I asked for only £65. We talked a little, all the same, we were at it for up on 3/4 hour.. She was real sweet and said to look her up next time I was in the city. She went by the name kat, and presume she is at the same mobile number.. she even gave me her e-mail address......jupiteer5@yahoo.co.uk..
hope she satisfies you as she did me!!


09-19-02, 13:13
Hi Extramac,

Thanks for the info. on hotels. Am already checking out your recommendations.

09-19-02, 13:19
HI Maxmullium,

Thanks for the info. on Kat. Have e-mailed her and am hoping for a response soon.

She sounds exactly what I'm looking for. Booking Kat plus visiting the saunas (LSS, Blair, etc.) should meet my needs.

Thanks again.

11-04-02, 23:59
Just followed a link in today's Herald, looked in here... and I'd just like to say thank you extramac! And yar, boo, sucks to Paddy; just because Kat's tall, blonde and gorgeous....

11-05-02, 05:05
Hey Caitlin,

Don't jump to any conclusions. I just tracked you down on the net and you're my type too. Wasn't aware of you until today. You've also received terrific reviews on *********.com.

Will be arriving in Edinburgh first week of Dec. and will try to contact you to see if we can get together - if that's OK.


11-08-02, 01:21
Could anybody tell me any more about Club Seven? It's new since I was last in Edinburgh.

Are the prices similar to other saunas? York Place is quite a busy street, where is the entrance? What are the girls like? Is there a web site?


11-11-02, 19:30
Does anyone have any websites of agencies there? I would have never guessed Scotland had an active scene. I go down to Buenos Aires all the time and love it. Some dude posted he liked Scotland better. I plan on being in Europe in May and would make a stop in Scotland if I knew it was worth it. Of course I'd post an active report if people wanted to read it.


12-13-02, 07:56
Hi Guys,

Just returned from Edinburgh (Edin-burrah). Great place and many things to see and do.

Wanted to go to Blair Street Sauna but Blair Street was closed off because of the bad fire which gutted several city blocks in Old Town.

Went to London Street Sauna and the girls were truly beautiful. One blonde after another with a great body. The girl I had was excellent. BBBJ, CIM, etc. Highly recommended.

Also tried New Town Sauna. Place and girls were of lesser quality but still excellent service. They're just around the corner from LSS so I think that they try harder. Girl was Daniella from Spain and again, great attitude, BBBJ and CIM. In fact, she did it twice. She said that if I come in her mouth, it's an extra 10 lbs. Sterling. Fair enough I thought!!!

By the way, there is no problem chatting up the girls in the pubs. The people are very friendly and chatty throughout the city.

Have a Bonnie time in old Edin-burrah!

04-02-03, 21:02
Looking for black women in Glasgow.

Anyone know of any on the streets or on callout?

04-22-03, 02:56
Noticed that there isn't a recent (post-Feb 2003) update on street scene in Edinburgh, so just thought I should update the group. I think a previous poster said that the "tolerance zone" located on Salamander Street in Leith was shut down. However, there are still some girls working down there (never more than 3 that I've ever seen; girls tend to work on Salamander between Constitution St. and Seafield Place two blocks down towards Portobello; as well as Assembly St., Elbe St., Salamander Pl., and occasionally the fringes of Leith Links) and the local residents committee is keeping a vilgilante campaign (harassing girls; protesting on streets at night etc.). Plus the cops are really clamping down hard on anyone who seems to look like looking at a girl.

So all in all, it's pretty dead and not worth the bother. However, if the SW scene is your thing, at least you know your chances.

PS: There was talk in the papers about trying to close the saunas as well - we'll see whether this happens after the local elections here on May 1 / 03.

Scottie69 over and out...

08-19-03, 02:06
new reports?

Has anyone heard what sort or tactics the cops are using? What is the current laws?

Alex Blanc
09-18-03, 15:34
Scotland has two very good saunas at resonable prices. In Edinburgh it is call London Street Sauna and in Glasgow Aquarius Sauna

11-06-03, 06:33
What's a reasonable price to pay for a Streetwalker in Glasgow?

12-03-03, 00:13
Out of curiosity, what are the prices at some of the saunas mentioned?

12-03-03, 05:50

London Street Sauna, Blair Street and Scorpio all run about 95 pounds per hour. The second tier clubs run about 80 punds per hour. Some of the girls will charge maybe 10 pounds extra for CIM. Money well spent IMHO.

It's odd that more people don't post in reference to Edinburgh. Great action and a great town to visit. I've been around Europe a lot and Edinburgh is a hidden gem.


01-04-04, 21:33
I live in Glasgow, unfortunately I don't have anything good to say about the girls on the street. The last one I picked up demanded £100 once in the car then vandalised it whilst I was driving when I refused to pay her that much (Note we hadn't done anything yet)! I had to jump out and call the cops in which time she ran off, however let that be a warning to you all, they can get nasty! Mostly funky junk's walkking the streets of glasgow.

Take my advice, take a cheap flight over to the 'Dam getwhat you paid for , no questions asked!

01-09-04, 00:39
It's funny that the last guy said that about Edinburgh - one of the only cities in Europe that has a official RLD! I personally don't like it, prefer Glasgow myself, but and interesting point neverless.

01-09-04, 00:43
A streetwalker in Glasgow should cost no more than £20 - £30, and be warned - Glasgow being the 2ns biggest city in the UK has some right Gems!

Spin the Globe
01-15-04, 23:07
I can’t say the hobby scene is anywhere near some other places, but it was good enough and is all happening in an extraordinary city. I cannot believe more people aren’t posting about Edinburgh.. I was there for a formal function -so I had to sneak away to have my fun First,. I tried London Street Sauna one night about an hour before closing and was told there were a few guys ahead of me and by the time they would be done it would be past closing, so they asked me to come back another time. The girl at the front was nice enough anyway-and showed me around the facilities for a quick tour–and she was fairly hot–not positive she was on the menu, but, unfortunately, I didn’t make it back to London Street. My cab driver then took me to another sauna in the area–I don’t remember the name but the girls were all horrible so I left.

There is another sauna that I have not seen mentioned. The name escapes me but it is 2 doors down from the Murrayfield Ave Pub. On the main street heading towards the airport very close to the stadium (Murrayfield). This sauna had two girls both very, very cute, and I am normally very picky.

The brunette was available–very sexy girl. She was petite with a great rack for her size,and pierced nipples were ok to look at/play with. I took her for a session that cost 60 quid. She was solid, but I would have preferred the other girl I saw that was just leaving. She was a very attractive petite girl, maybe 20 yrs old with fair reddish blonde hair. I will have to go back on my next trip.

Finally,the next day I went to the Blair Street Sauna. The blonde who showed me in took me to where the other girls were sitting/waiting, she also said there were a couple more girls who would be available soon. The blonde was probably 30, and had a pretty face–but the body was only decent due to her being a mom. Anyway, the other girls were not that great, and I grew tired of waiting to see what the girls who were busy looked like, so I finally chose the blonde.

She took me to the room and gave me one of the greatest non-rushed BBBJ’s ever. The price was something like 45 for BJ and 50 for FS, and slightly more CIM. My only mistake was that I chose full service, rather than the CIM. Her technique was awesome, and she was truly one of the nicest girls I have ever met in the hobby.

Anyway just my impressions of Edinburgh, the city is just awesome, well worth the trip for any reason, the solid hobby choices just are a bonus.

01-16-04, 14:57

I will be visiting Scottland in about 4 weeks. I will be in Ayr. is there anything going in that area? And if so, what and where?

01-17-04, 07:45

I concur with your statements about Edinburgh. I, too, am somewhat surprised that punters haven't caught on to the place.

It's a beautiful city with a lot of history. The people are also friendly and the saunas are about as good as they get. Interestingly, BBBJ's are the norm there. The girl that you saw at Blair Street may have been Tammy. She's a virtual legend in Scotland.

Only problem is the dreadful exchange rate.

Member #1268
01-23-04, 11:36
I was in Scotland on a golfing tour about two years ago and one of the nights was in Edinburgh. Had heard about several of the saunas but the one that had gotten the best reviews was London Street Suana.

The London Street Sauna is about as good as it gets. You enter into a common area and pay the toll. They issue you a key for a locker to lock up your clothes and valuables. Shower up and then head back to the common area wrapped only in a towel and check out the merchandise. I waited about 45 minutes for the girls to cycle through. BS'd with guy who ran the place and as soon as they found out I was a yank they became very friendly. I picked this petite young red headed scottish girl, can't remember name.

We went downstairs to a large, mirrored room that had a sauna and a bed. The sauna felt great after 6 straight days of playing golf and her body even felt better. I was rock hard when I got out of the sauna. She gave me a great massage, rolled me over and proceeded with a BBBJ to die for. She then climbed aboard and I lasted about two minutes. For being so young she knew exactly how to prep you for deed.

Great time, full hour no hassles. Was back there the following week and received the same great service. All this for less than 1.5 quid as I recall.


Gianni Versace
01-24-04, 22:04
Hey fellas!

FYI: Edinburgh has a better sauna scene than Glasgow. Here are some tips: Some of the best saunas I have been to in Edinburgh is the Blair Street Sauna and Scorpio Sauna in Edinburgh. Amazingly with the many excellent reports of the London Street Sauna, out of the 6 times I have been there I have never had a memorable experience there. Although I must give credit to Justin who is the receptionist at London Street for truly acomodating his guests! Blair Street Sauna and Scorpio Sauna are definitely the 2 places I would check out for top performers and also the time of your lifes!

For all you mongerers that enjoy the street scene, Glasgow has a very active street scene. I have enclosed a map of the red light district for your convenience. FYI Hide all of your valuables eg: money jewlery before you pick up a girl. I was pickpocketed once when a girl was going down on me. Sneaky *****!

Anyways have fun fellas, the UK definitely has some wonderful providers.

P.S. Another great site to check out while punting in the UK is www.*********.com

03-22-04, 14:23
Anything going in Aberdeen?


03-31-04, 04:40
In Glasgow, visited the Echolon Club sauna near Central Station. It was about 10 to 11 and the 3 girls left were eager to get home. One black girl, one Scot girl who looked like she was on a crack and a cute Indian girl but none of them really excited me so glad to be off.

Street scene around Central station was dead, only a few really poor looking SWs, not to my fancy. Was talking with one bloke who said that police had cracked down hard on the street and even raided some saunas. Even the receptionist at Echolon was worried I was a police officer as he sent his girls back in when I arrived and started asking about prices. Silly move, I guess. Made me worry as I thought saunas and prostitution were legal here.

Anyway, Edinburgh was quite different. However after visiting Ambassador (near Sheraton), Highlander and of course Blair St., ended up with the last one. None would let me see their girls and after Glasgow, I didn't want to pay 25 pounds just for a sauna. I was told there were 6 girls working tonight at Blair St., normally it is 7 but Mondays can be slower maybe. Went into the "living room" were I got served some awful orange juice (think green tea powder with lots of sugar) and chatted up 3 girls talking with 1 Scotsman rolling cigarettes. The friendliest girl was from Scotland, big rump and breasts but looking older than she probably was so not my type. The French girl who turned out to be from Poland had a bad hair dye but was doable. Then the last one who caught my eye, was a cute brunette from Leipzig, Germany. Natural breasts and cute smile, oh wait, oh no- missing tooth. Kind of a turn off but nonetheless, decided to go with her as she was shy, having only worked there for 2 weeks and the youngest at 25 years old.

We went downstairs and I was quoted 40 pounds for 30 minutes. Said okay but wanted to come several times. She didn't understand much English and with my poor poor German, I began to think she was also from Eastern Europe. We embraced and kissed, she got goose bumps when I kissed her neck and worked my ways up to the lips. We got each other undressed and then made our way to the shower. Junior was standing at full attention after seeing those luscious natural breasts. We lathered up and then dried off to return to the bed. We kissed and hugged some more and then she pulled her hair back and went to work, full BBBJ. Very nice as I pulled her legs around to 69 her. Nice DATY with clean shaven pussy that didn't taste or smell bad in anyway. Getting horny and noticed she stopped sucking, either not too enthusiastic I thought until I heard her start moaning and noticed her getting wetter. She dove down and started some AR, wahoo!. A few more minutes and then pulled her around to place my cock between her breasts. I didn't last 6 thrusts before I spilt goo between her tits and all over my stomach. She cleaned me up and I rinsed off quickly in shower. Everything fine until now when I tried to go a secound round. 10 pounds more she said. I thought we had this settled but she understand I want to come again as in tomorrow or later this week. Man oh man, 40 quid for a BJ and titty fuck, may as well fork over another 10. She put the condom on with her mouth and then went to get some astro glide. Said anal was prohibited but the girl is not that tight either. Sorry so long post, so getting to the chase, did cow girl, missionary, scissors and finally doggie where I grabbed on to her big breast with the reach around and finished off. All in all a good session but prices still seem high. Being a yankee, the total session cost me 75 pounds for all which of course is about half of an escort in my country and definitely better. I suppose I was just interested in nailing one of those nice blond scot girls in the pubs. Then again, when you get all night sex in Thailand with a cute sexy 19 year old for about $50, everything else just seems overrated.

Mr Bluenose
04-01-04, 19:35



All the info you need there.

05-13-04, 18:03
Just thought I would add something on Blair Street in Edinburgh. The girls there change quite a bit and come and go, but there are some great regulars,such as Monica from Spain who gives a great GFE. She is young and slim and very pretty. There used to be a statuesque finn called Cisi but I understand she has got married and given up. There is now a new 20 year old Finnish girl called Aneta, who has a fabulous body. Tammi is a regular Scottish girl with a boob job. Mondays are actually a very busy day with them andhtere are usually more girls on.

The deal is to pay 20 pounds for half an hour, 25 for 3 quarters and 30 for an hour. Then it costs 40, 50 or 60 fo the session with the girl, which always includes BBBJ, often french kissing, usually a good massage, 69 etc etc.

I had Monica last Monday - superb!

Dr Wa
05-14-04, 23:48
Heading to Scotland in a month or so and I gotta say, it's a pleasant surprise to find the area is so fertile. The wife and I are staying with some friends in Edinburgh. My biggest challenge will be deciding between Blair Street, London and Scorpion, based on all the reviews and then finding a way to get rid of the wife for an afternoon. Anybody have any suggestions? On either tip?

And what are the women like there? Here in the US, I've grown so tired of the AMP scene. Desperate for some eye-rolling action with a goregous white woman. It sounds like Scotland will do the trick.

What's the exchange rate like?

And, I guess my most curious -- and egotistical question -- how do the providers react to American men? Are they treated the same? Put on a pedastal? Scene as walking cash? Treated poorly? Just curious.


05-15-04, 10:07

Was in Edinburgh for a few days in early January, and went to Blair Street Sauna.

Easy to find, close to the royal Mile, not very appealing from outside, but I spent there an hour of sheer pleasure with a lady called Tammi (whom I'd read a lot about before going there), who provided good services (including "A level").

A very agreeable GFE that I am looking forward to renewing when I go to Scotland again.

What does it matter that you are American or of any other nationality ? You do not go to a sauna or meet escorts to talk about politics or global issues, and the ladies won't bring up such topics.

Have a nice time in Edinburgh while you send your wife on a cashmere-buying spree !

Tell us how it was when you get back home !

Dr Wa
05-15-04, 18:42
Will do. Appreciate the info. I'm definitely going to have to hit the Blair Street. Can you tell me any more about Tammi? Anybody reccomend any other places or providers?

Jake Sins
08-15-04, 23:39
Dr Wa,

I have always make a point of visiting the Scorpio sauna every time I go to Edinburgh. I found the establisment 6 years ago on my first visit to the city. This was purely by luck after seeing their advertisement in the local paper. The staff are very friendly and provide a good service.

I would suggest you look at the site www.*********.com.

I have tried to post the link which shows the field reports for staff at the Scorpio. I hope it works.




03-27-05, 11:27
I found myself at a loose end last week in Edinburgh; a business appointment was cancelled the previous evening, too late for me do anything about it. So, I went into the City Centre. There are a number of lapdance bars all close together, just off Lothian Road.

I had been to The Western Bar about a year ago, and found it fun; no pretentions, just a basic pub (with only slightly rasied bar prices) and three little booths at the back for the private dances.

They don't charge admission, and oh, joy! a handwritten sign outside said "Monday to Friday all dances just £5".

So went in, bought a beer, and studied the girls. They are a bit pushy but friendly enough. There are signs everywhere saying "no touching the dancers".
One young girl, with short red hair, and dressed in a small sparkly bikini, asked if I wanted a dance. The bikini showed she had a generous bust, so off we went.

In the tiny little booths they did use to have closed circuit TV cameras to ensure that the "no touching" rule was observed. I noticed that the camera was absent - just a little ragged hole where it had been.

I paid the girl the £5 while we waited for the next music track to start. In no time at all she was out of the bikini, and a lovely body she had too. She buried my face in her tits, and then to my surprise and delight, held one breast forward so her nipple was at my mouth. I had just suckled it into my mouth when the music stopped, and she pulled away. Damn! "Want some more?" she asked with a wicked twinkle in her eye . Did I? I paid her £10 and the music started up again.

The nipple went back to my mouth and I enjoyed a good lick and suck. Again to my surprise and delight her hand went to my crotch and she found the shape of my cock and rubbed it enthuisastically.

Anyway after that - well worth £15 all in all - I just had to find a lady!

I found a small sauna not far away - no idea what it was called - and booked in, for an all-in price of £60. A young Scots lass joined me, very pale skinned and not at all talkative. She gave me a good light-fingered massage; because of my earlier fun at The Western Bar the slightest touch of her fingers had me fully erect,

As I turned over onto my back she stripped off the white nurse's-type tunic she was wearing. Slightly plump, very pale as I have said, but superb tits, with large pink nipples. She climbed onto the massage table and gave a vigorous body to body rub, culminating with a nice tittywank.

From there it was onto BBBJ. There was something a little odd about how she held herself, until I realised that she was watching herself in the mirror to the side of us. I asked her if she really liked to watch herself in action, and she actually blushed! and said yes she did.

I got off, moved a chair beside the mirror and told her to sit in it. She did, and I stood in front of her and slid back into her mouth, only a foot or so from the mirror. She never took her eyes of the image in the mirror. I felt the familiar rise and asked her if I could come in her mouth, "no," she said, "you come on my face instead, though"

That is something I do enjoy very much and it was somehow enhanced by the mirror being so close. I don't usually produce much but this time a few good spurts decorated her pale face. She sat for a a few moments looking at herself with my cum running down her face before getting up and cleaning up.

Once dressed again, she gave me a litle kiss, and said "thank you...and thank you for the errr....." and she gestured to the chair by the mirror.

All in all a delightful evening's entertainment in a delightful city.

07-15-05, 02:30
Visited on a golf trip a few years ago and really enjoyed London St Sauna in Edinburgh and another in Glasgow. Too bad about our crummy exchange rate now. Gonna cost a lot more this time. I'll be staying in Inverness in a few weeks. Anything exciting going on there??

07-16-05, 12:21
Scotland is truly a haven for the "hobbyist". Five months in Edinburgh gave me the opportunity to try several of the establishments the capital city has to offer, as well as scoping out the street scene down in Leith.

My first piece of advice has to be to avoid Leith. It's fun for a show, but the girls down there are scary to put it mildly, and the fact that they normally do "the act" in the park nearby makes it all the more scary. For the best value I recommend either New Town, Scorpio or Blair Street Sauna. They are all winners. The hottest girl I fucked in Edinburgh was at Blair Street, New Town offers kinky girls in their mid-thirties who are full of surprises, and Scorpio has a great owner and very fun atmosphere. If you go to Edinburgh, be prepared to spend around £60 for the full meal deal, so take your Visa card, because in Edinburgh they don't take American Express;)

09-05-05, 18:28
Any black sw in Glasgow. I am in Glasgow at the moment.

02-20-06, 19:37
Any black sw in Glasgow. I am in Glasgow at the moment.I recognise that this post has passed its shelf life but in case anyone else is asking the same question, I attach a link which may be of assistance.


04-10-06, 21:16
Visited Edinburgh a few months ago on business and decided to visit one of the saunas--decided on London St becuase it was in the middle of the city. The sauna is below the street level. Inside were 5-6 girls. One of the girls showed me to the lockers where I changed and took a shower. While I was taking the shower, two of the girls walked by to say hi. It gave me a good opp'y to check them out--one was a very tanned blond, and the other Asian. I asked her where she was from and she said Maylaysia. She was beautiful and I had in my mind to pick her. After the shower, I went out to the lobby where the girls were and was offer drinks/juices. During this time, the girl at the reception desk introduced me to each of the girls who were sitting watching TV. I noticed that the girl at the reception was really my type--blond and petite, so I picked her. We went downstairs to the bedrooms where she started with a nice massage. We chatted about life in Edinburgh, what she did, etc. etc. She was just a beautiful 21 year old with the most infectious and cute laugh. She started by giving me a covered BJ, then proceeded to cowgirl where I played with her ample tits. Unfortnately, she wouldn't let me play with her nipples becuase she said she's very sensivtive there. I then put her down on the bed and entered her missionary where I enjoyed looking at her beautiful face while I fucked her hard. Afterwards, she took a shower in the room, walked me upstairs, offered me another drink and then held my hand and gave me a kiss on the lips before walking me to the door. She was by far the most beautiful GFE experience I've had.

05-03-06, 23:34
Hi guys,

I'm from the us and planning to go to Aberdeen for 3 days. Anyone can help me with the street scene and where I can find some action and the prices. When I'm back I'll tell you about the trip and try to get some pics.

05-03-06, 23:41
Hi guys,

I'm visiting aberdeen next week for 3 days. Id like someone to help with the street action and prices. Promise when I come back I'll tell you all about the trip and the action and try to submit some pics.

Street Corner
06-08-06, 01:40
Where's the street action in Glasgow apart from around the train station (Bothwell st etc)? I gather there is some by Glasgow Green but I'll be damned if I can find it.

I checked out Greendyke St - in fact, drove all around Glasgow Green but couldn't spot any working girls. If anyone can gave me a precise location?



06-27-06, 13:08
News from a few weeks ago. I have just come back to the country and went for a wee walk last night and didn't spot a single girl. A few police cars driving around also. Where have they gone?


Tue 18 Apr 2006

PROSTITUTES have been virtually driven off the streets around Leith Links after residents' complaints sparked a crackdown by police and the council.

There are now as few as two prostitutes plying their trade on or around Salamander Street on many nights compared to as many as 16 late last year.

Two women have been handed Ant****ial Behaviour Orders following complaints they had repeatedly harassed and disturbed residents.

Several others have been given verbal and written warnings that if their behaviour continues they will be next in line.

The move has been welcomed by residents who complained that the prostitutes' drink and drug abuse, aggressive behaviour and the men they attracted to the area were making their lives a misery.

However, there are concerns that the crackdown has simply driven the Capital's street prostitution underground, putting the women involved in greater danger.

Rob Kirkwood, of the Leith Residents' Association, said: "It's more or less cleared up. There are very few girls around at the moment.

"It seems to be the same ones every night. It's strange that the police have not picked them up."

The ant****ial behaviour officers from the council have made women who cause a nuisance to residents their main target, rather than those who solicit discreetly.

The approach reflects a change in the law which is expected to be approved by the Scottish Parliament this year. The new legislation would place a greater emphasis on those causing a nuisance to the public, with men trying to pay for sex being targeted equally with women working the streets.

Since the police, council and social health groups formed a working partnership to tackle the problem late last year, two Asbos have been issued, 17 warning letters have been handed to women and five prostitutes have been spoken to about their behaviour.

Councillor Sheila Gilmore, who is leading the city council's bid to stamp down on ant****ial behaviour, said there was more to come.

"We are using these processes to try and get people to restrain their behaviour without them going to court. It's nuisance behaviour - not just being a prostitute - that we need to take up as a council.

"It's hard to predict how many Asbos will be brought. It depends on how women respond to warnings. But, if it's necessary, we will take action."

As well as warning the women about their behaviour, the council puts them in touch with agencies that can offer them advice on issues such as drug abuse and sexual health, such as the Edinburgh-based organisation Scotpep.

However, Councillor Marilyne MacLaren claimed the crackdown was endangering the safety of women.

She said: "All the council is doing is handing out Asbos. It's not solving the problem its driving it underground where the girls are at greater risk."

A police spokesman said: "We work very closely with various agencies when it comes to dealing with the issue of street prostitution, including the council, residents groups and support organisations for the women themselves.

Kalu Ji
10-10-06, 11:44
Have been in abredeen for couple of years and had chance to explore around a bit.

Well have been with two or more women when I had been there.

One was named Jane she is around her late 30's but has cute figure and good woman very co-operative. We spent almost 3 hours it was fixed in the late evening hours.

Was put up in a hotel near Central area near to the railway station. Started of with a bottle of champanege and then she was the person who made the first move changed into kinky wear which she had bought leather stuff pretty good :-) she is around 5.9 straight proceeded to BJ very good expreince.

Blew while the BJ itself :-) and then spoke for a while then agian this time with rubbers on had good FK. :-) have her mail id if any wants. I do chat with the her sometimes.

Kang Tau
10-25-06, 22:49
I read Kalu Ji report, he must be lucky to find some girl to give him BJ. I just got to Aberdeen and try looking for the hot spots but with no local guide find it very difficult to score unless you want to spend hours drinking and trying to pick up a girl at the pub. This is supposed to be an oil & gas town and should have lots of girl action. So far came up empty.

Kalu Ji, if you are reading this report, pls send Jane contact/e-mail. I can't reponse to yr report as it does not allow private messages.

Kang Tau

Jan 156
01-23-07, 14:01
It's maybe worth pointing out that much Scotland info is contained on the UK pages. Slight confusion maybe on WSG as to whether Scotland is still part of the UK (which it is, although devolved).

02-07-07, 10:59
For those interested in locating some good services in Scotland, particular to local areas, try the "Daily Sport" paper or "Sunday Sport" available at all good newsagents - normally full of adds specific to towns.

Another good source is www.*********.com - again good girl specific info.

Have a good time hope your nuts are not frozen up in Abdn at this time of year.

Jan 156
08-12-08, 21:51
Here's a link to some reports I've posted on Scottish escorts in the UK section. http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=776320&postcount=82

All a tad mystifying - Jackson - Scotland is both part of the UK and a country in its own right - confusing eh?

I've added the posts under UK as this section doesn't seem to get used much, but thought I'd better provide a link :-)

Dick Travel
08-12-08, 22:33

As a UK resident I found your post interesting, it led me to look up the meanings of Country, Nation and State.

you state...
"Scotland is both part of the UK and a country in its own right - confusing eh?

not quite correct, allow me to ease the confusion if I may.



Basically, the UK is the State/Country.
Scotland is a Nation (as are Wales, England and NORTHERN Ireland)

Basically there are 8 criteria used to determine whether an entity is a Country/State. If any one criteria is failed, then it is not a Country/State.
Scotland fails on 6 of the 8.

Then again its not so black and white, it partially passes on many....


Has a government that provides public services and police power?
Somewhat. The Scottish Parliament has the ability to control law and home affairs (including most aspects of criminal and civil law, the prosecution system and the courts) as well as the police and fire services. The UK Parliament controls defense and national security across the United Kingdom. Again, Scotland's power was granted to Scotland by the UK Parliament.


for more.

So, Scotland doesn't qualify as a Country/State but it is a constituent Nation of the UK.

Anyway, bit off topic !!

I did enjoy some fun mongering in a couple of Glasgow brothels once. Have fun if you visit.


Here's a link to some reports I've posted on Scottish escorts in the UK section. http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=776320&postcount=82

All a tad mystifying - Jackson - Scotland is both part of the UK and a country in its own right - confusing eh?

I've added the posts under UK as this section doesn't seem to get used much, but thought I'd better provide a link :-)

Jan 156
08-13-08, 03:27
Anyway, bit off topic !!

Aye, laddie, I agree ye were a wee bit off topic. Especially wi' yon lecture format <g>. Whatever. My point was that it is confusing to have both forums. It should either be UK, or Scotland (wee bit hill & glen) and various other green and supposedly pleasant lands. Easier for people trying to find information.

Jan 156
08-14-08, 06:15

Apologies if my attempt to ease confusion came across in any way in lecture format, that wasn't the intention.

No worries, mate. It's easy for well-intentioned things to come across wrong, I do it myself often enough! ;-)

Pleased we agree on how the format is a bit confusing for people trying to find info on 'Scotland' which is often hidden on the much fuller 'UK' section.

10-29-08, 14:21
I read , he must be lucky to find some girl to give him BJ. I just got to Aberdeen and try looking for the hot spots but with no local guide find it very difficult to score unless you want to spend hours drinking and trying to pick up a girl at the pub. This is supposed to be an oil & gas town and should have lots of girl action. So far came up empty.

Kalu Ji, if you are reading this report, pls send Jane contact/e-mail. I can't reponse to yr report as it does not allow private messages.

Kang TauHi,

I do not have an pm too will be taking it soon. Will pm you her contact details. But one thing is you shd also have pm facility then only it is useful sending you info. Do take one!



05-01-09, 22:09
Any street action in Dundee. can someone help.

05-12-09, 23:14
Aberdeen was one time good for street action until last year when there was a big clamp down you can still find some girls by the harbour but most try and charge £40 now double the price it was before.

09-12-09, 15:59
I was just back in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago and took a walk down the harbour after a drunk night out in the town. It was about 2am and there wasnt to many people about. A couple of girls were walking around and I managed to find a cute blonde but I think she might have been a crackhead. Anyway she asked for £40 but I said I only had £30 so she said ok and we went to a quiet car park and hid behind a van where she gave me CBJ for a minute and then we had sex standing up she seemed to be getting into it and wasnt in any rush which was suprising but I think she had had a few drinks before hand. For any one going down there I would say most of the time yoursafe but just be carefull there are police going about and if they catch you they will arrest you or give you a fine.

09-16-09, 00:41
Posted this under the UK - Edinburgh thread as well. F.Y.I.
I recently completed a private tour of your lovely land, from Glasgow to Edinburgh with a couple of other stops in between. All-in-all it took about a week, earlier this month. As I did not really intend to engage in any "activities" while in Scotland on this trip, I only casually reviewed the threads prior to traveling. Never-the-less, it seemed that the action was primarily limited to the 'saunas' of Edinburgh.

Bearing in mind again that I was not planning on partaking in the activities, I waited until I was in Edinburgh to look around. I had not noted any names of places nor streets and was out of Internet touch. Therefore I was quite surprised when, as I strolled casually down Rose Street, I noted signs for Angels and Executive Saunas, just off the main street. I passed them by for the time being, as I was not really interested in partaking.

Finally one day out of curiosity I went into Angels. It was a long climb up dingy stairs into an even dingier reception. There was an attractive blonde and a black lady available. Neither one particularly appealed to me, but the conditions of the reception room alone turned me off. I had only been given the entrance fees.

The next day I returned for some unknown reason. There was an older brunette, who was actually striking in a MILF sort of way, the blonde and another brunette with a pierced upper lip. Again none of the ladies sold me and the condition of the premises sealed the matter for me. This time it was indicated that £70 would lead to a satisfying meeting. I still declined.

Then I went on to Executive. The climb was not as high and the premises were much cheerier than at Angels. The male receptionist was quite lively as he gushed that the ladies would be quite anxious to get their hands on me. Two ladies were busy and two tough looking brunettes rounded out the line up. Again, it was clear that £70 would ensure a good time. As it was not my intention to go unless really sold on the idea, I passed.

Upon returning home and having access to this board I was not surprised to find that these two establishments are not often reviewed and are not in the top bunch. I think I was wise to pass on them this time.

It was difficult to pass simply because during the day there were a lot of lovely ladies in the streets, wearing short skirts, sexy footwear etc. You have a lot of lovely ladies in Scotland that are not involved in the business. None of the ladies that I met at the saunas came even close to the beauty of the others.

I am sending you this only to compliment you on a beautiful country and to update reports on these two establishments.

Jan 156
05-26-10, 11:33
Just a regular reminder for any newcomers looking for Scottish info - it gets posted under the UK section by town. Not this Scotland section (which has largely fallen into disuse).

12-27-10, 15:01
I was in Aberdeen for 4 years (university) but was some time ago. We used to frequant the street action in the harbour area as there was plenty to choose from those days. But now I guess that seems to have changed.

There used be girls offering services from apartments. It used to be a 20 for quick time. Some apartments were on Kings street and one perticular one was on Urquart road. No 16 if I can remember correctly. This perticular one was run by a guy called Martin and he used to have 3 or 4 girls available. Quality was ok. Not stunners but they provided whatever we wanted.

If anyone is walking about. Wonder that way and have a look. On the off chance it may be still in operation.



07-28-11, 03:56
There must be something available for all the golfers coming to play, without their wifes, in st Andrews.

But I can't find anywhere an serious escort service with real pictures or even a simple massage salon aroud St Andrews!

There must be something, but impossible to find.

Can someone can help me, even in MP.

Thanks a lot in advance.

07-28-11, 03:58
There must be something available (escort service, massage, etc.) for all the golfers coming in St Andrews.

But what and where?

Thanks in advance

10-01-13, 04:13
No answer about St Andrews or Dundee.

What a pity.

Come on fellows.

08-17-14, 19:58
Reports written does not seem to be updated.

Check local magazines and news papers for adds and details of massage parlours and spas. Visit a few and take it on from there.

Dirty Hog
12-12-14, 17:50
Why on earth there seems to be a separate heading for Scotland when its part of the UK.

03-16-15, 08:12
We will be in St Andrews in end of May. But what to do?

We don't want to travel to Edinburgh or Glasgow?

Please help some poor golfers.

Thanks in advance.

BeachBall 13
12-27-15, 13:04
We will be in St Andrews in end of May. But what to do?

We don't want to travel to Edinburgh or Glasgow?

Please help some poor golfers.

Thanks in advance.Just Google escorts Dundee.

For Aberdeen again Google escorts Aberdeen.

Additionally, there are a couple of lap-dance clubs in Dundee, Private Eyes being one of them (there's also a Private Eyes in Aberdeen plus Silhouettes and Number 7 club).

Street action in Dundee has been reported in the Maryfield area, in Baxter Park Terrace, Arbroath Road, Brought Ferry Road, Park Avenue, Craigie Road, Clarence Road.

Street action in Aberdeen is probably in the harbor area. Perhaps Miller Street, Cotton Street, Commerce Street.

For anyone visiting Edinburgh, Saunas are the best option. For clubs go to the so-called Pubic Triangle which is an area where there are several lap-dancing clubs, which have been described in previous posts. Check out Google lap-dancing Edinburgh.

Hope this info is helpful to you.

08-11-17, 10:54
Just Google escorts Dundee.

For Aberdeen again Google escorts Aberdeen.

Additionally, there are a couple of lap-dance clubs in Dundee, Private Eyes being one of them (there's also a Private Eyes in Aberdeen plus Silhouettes and Number 7 club).

Street action in Dundee has been reported in the Maryfield area, in Baxter Park Terrace, Arbroath Road, Brought Ferry Road, Park Avenue, Craigie Road, Clarence Road.

Street action in Aberdeen is probably in the harbor area. Perhaps Miller Street, Cotton Street, Commerce Street.

For anyone visiting Edinburgh, Saunas are the best option. For clubs go to the so-called Pubic Triangle which is an area where there are several lap-dancing clubs, which have been described in previous posts. Check out Google lap-dancing Edinburgh.

Hope this info is helpful to you.Glasgow is the best, and there are super beautiful girls to have a very amazing time with them. Escort-guide is the best place to check them out and know about them. I recommend it to you.

06-22-18, 07:32
I can only find a Scotland forum. Can anyone help out with a link to England forum? Thanks.



02-23-19, 16:54
Went to London Street Sauna. Very warm reception and a girl, Carla Romanian, showed me the facilities and explained pricing model. I chose 1 hour, 35 for the door 75 for the girl. Chose Carla 22 yrs Romanian as she was the only one smiling. Real girlfriend experience. Confirmed she is the most popular in London street. Small place, clean, family like atmosphere. Dry Sauna and as many towels you need. Carla is already 3 years in business. Germany, England, turkey. She likes to be her own boss, so if she smiles at you, choose her.

06-01-22, 21:50
Heading to Edinburgh for work, does this place still exist? The website has nothing on it, just pictures of a door that leads under a shop or something.

Went to London Street Sauna. Very warm reception and a girl, Carla Romanian, showed me the facilities and explained pricing model. I chose 1 hour, 35 for the door 75 for the girl. Chose Carla 22 yrs Romanian as she was the only one smiling. Real girlfriend experience. Confirmed she is the most popular in London street. Small place, clean, family like atmosphere. Dry Sauna and as many towels you need. Carla is already 3 years in business. Germany, England, turkey. She likes to be her own boss, so if she smiles at you, choose her.