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06-19-02, 20:01
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Will my YUGO be safe while I am at the beach ?

I have an unused ticket on American that will expire before I get back from Brazil so I am going to jump over for about 5 days in July.

11-26-02, 22:01
1 - I don't speak Spanish, is that a problem?
No, They will be happy just to get paid.

2 - Are there ATMs there?
Many, at least 20 in Sosua Alone

3 - I am Fat or Ugly or Old or all, will I get girls?
Hell yes!

4 - Are there Buses from Puerto Plata to Santo Domingo?
Yes, one an hour for $5 each way.

5 - Is it safe there?
Very, but still use caution. We were ot to 4am many nights.

6 - I am black, will I have a problem?

7 - Do they sell Viagra there?
Yes in every drugstore, the guys had pockets full of them. $10 a piece

8 - Do the girls speak English?
No, not many.

9 - Are there a lot of places to eat?
Yes, many and some are really worth repeat visits.

10 - How do I get around?
Plenty of busses and Taxis

11 - Do I need to rent a car?
No, not really, but we did.

12 - Should I carry travelers Checks?
Not necessary, plenty of ATM's

13 - What is the Legal age?
18 Years old

14 - Does every Hotel allow guests?
No, Check first.

15 - Do all hotels have Safes?
No, Check first, they usually charge $2.50 a day extra.

16 - Do they all have electricity?
No, Check first, but many do.

17 - Are the girls mostly Tan - Dark?
Yes, but many are sooo hot.

18 - Are there a lot of Bi girls there?
Yes, but many are shy at first.

19 - Can I get a Threesome?
Yes, but many are shy at first. Seems much easier to get them now.

20 - Are they into Anal?
Yes, but not too many. I went there in July 2002 and it seemed there were a lot more into this. In September there were even more into this.

21 - Do they go Bareback?
Some do, but I don't recommend it.

22 - Do the girls Swallow?
Some do, but some don't.

23 - Can I meet up with other WSG members?
Yes, I met up with about 35 over the past year. No make that over 60 guys I have met there in the last 6 trips.

24 - Is it a big Island ?
At least 8 hours from one point to the other.

25 - Are there many Airports there?
At least 5

26 - Is American Airlines the major Airline there?
Continental and Northwest go there.

27 - I am good looking do I need to pay?
Yes, they are poor, thats why they do it.

28 - Are there any good doctors there?
Yes, in the tourist areas, ask your hotel manager for the nearest location.

29 - Are there She-Males there?

30 - Is there any major shopping?
Go to Santiago.

31 - Is it easy to get from City to City?
Yes by bus or taxi.

32 - Do many chicas have phones?
Yes the ones with foreign boyfriends do.

33 - Do I need a Passport?

34 - Do they accept US Dollars?

35 - Should I bring anything, such as gifts?
Yes, lipsticks, nail polish, etc, etc,

36 - Do the chicas like Dildo's?
Yes they do indeed.

37 - Can I buy them there?
I understand that you can buy the in the south but no stores in the North carry them.

38 - Are the a lot of Haitians there?
It seems there are more everytime I return to the North.

39 - How far is the beach from Sosua Palace?
About a 10 minute walk.

40 - Are there any drugstores near the Palace?
There are many in this town.

41 - Does the Palace allow you to bring in chicas?
As many as you like, and you are not obligated to use the Palace Chicas.

42 - Is the Palace a regular Hotel?
Yes it is.

43 - How bad is the street crime?

Very little crime in the North.

44 - It sounds like I would not need a car if I stay in Sosua. How do I avoid being ripped of by taxi cab drivers?

Most are honest and you will get ripped off only a buck or 2 in most cases.

45 - Can anyone who has stayed at the following places give me a quick review?

1)Casa Marina Resort

No Guests allowed

Guests are allowed

3)Hotel Yaroa

Never heard of it.

4) One Ocean Place

Guests are allowed

5)Hotel Waterfront

May be a dump.

46 - How far away from the beach is Europa, Sosua Palace, One Ocean Place?

10 minute walk

47 - How much does a meal cost in a moderate to classy restaurants?

$8 - $15 per person

48 - How much do drinks go for at a nightclub?

$2 - $5

49 - What are the other nightclubs besides High Caribe?

See Caberete and Puerto Plata Sections.

50 - Are there websites for any of the nightclubs?


51 - Where can I go to learn how to salsa?

They dance Merengue and any chica will teach you.

52 - What about strip clubs?

See Puerto Plata

53 - Are all the girls in the High Caribe hookers?


54 - How can I tell a hooker from a regular chic without offending her?

Only hookers are out at night

55 - Is High Caribe then the best and only place to go at night?

You can go to the clubs in Puerto Plata or Caberete as well.

56 - Do the cops ever do a daily raids and arrest the chicas?

The chicas may get arrested when they are alone, but never ever with a Tourist.

57 - Where is the best place for some day action?

Try the beach.

58 - Someone mentioned that the beach is good for day action as well. Are there bars there where I can meet chicas?

there are about 100 stalls there with about 50 bars.

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07-22-03, 17:29
So you are sitting around reading these posts for nearly 3 years, or thats when I started to write them. You decide to log on to AA.com or Travelocity.com or Orbitz.com. All great choices really. The airport is Puerto Plata (POP). There are direct flights from New York, Boston and Miami.

Grab a taxi, they all will try to rip you off. It should be around $13-$15 to the hotel. It takes 10 minutes to get over to the hotels in Sosua. You can convert some money in the airport but the rates are similiar to what you get in town.

The Hotels
My main selection is The Sosua Palace, ($45) followed by The Europa ($32), then The Voramar ($30) and One Ocean Place ($30).
Most other hotels are not guest friendly at all. Feel free to find out for yourself.

Changing money
Judys is the highest but there must be 50 places to get pesos. Most supermarkets change money. The Europa Hotel also changes money and is open 24 hours to do it.

There are about 6 in Sosua alone and they all have ATMs.

Getting chicas
They are everywhere, bars, clubs and the beach area.

There are about 2 dozen small bars in Sosua and The High Caribe Disco. Take the nightly run to Puerto Plata, only $21 per taxi load. There is a new disco in town, The Latina Club.

There must be 50 of them. My usual breakfast spots are Mora Mai, The Europa, PJ's and Miami Bistro.
Bolgna is great for dinner, just sit around the bar area. The Atlantic Blue and Mora Mai are very good as well.

There are 2 located in Player Dorado Resorts complex. There is one located in Sosua near The Voramar. Try your luck!

Nearby towns
Caberete, make a left out of Sosua and go 10 minutes. A great little beach town with alot of restaurants. Casa de Equipo is located here as well.

Puerto Plata, make a right out of Sosua and go 25 minutes. Crystals, El Boem, Mountaiview and a few others are found here.

Daily routine
Wake up, bang the chica from the night before, knock on some doors(If you are in The Palace ), get some breakfast buddies, go with or with out the chica. Lay around the pool area, swap stories, maybe meet one of the chicas fom a previous night, or walk around the town, maybe even going down to the beach. Get a 300 peso massage at one of the local places, get a nice Ice Cold Cappacino at the Bolgna Bar.

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Ballsy Siegel 2
03-13-04, 08:59
Jimmy, you say that it is safe in the North, which I am happy to hear. But most straight tourist guides say it is a scary country, crime wise. How else would they get you to use them? I admit to being nervous the two times I was there. And the security at the tourist hotels I was at Casa de Campo in La Romana,first trip, and Jack Tar in Puerto plata,second trip, had so many security guards that after my first trip I wasn't going to go back. Security is cheap thats why there are so many there.

But it is abeautiful country and so cheap. And it has some great retaurants and beaches too. So I will continue to revisit.

But most islands I have been on feature steel bars on windows and doors.

So how safe can it be? If I am out cruising at night?

03-24-04, 22:36
Mike C: Comparing trips, I felt safer in Sosua than I did in Santo Domingo.

D Brown
05-27-04, 02:26
How friendly are the chicas w/ cameras. Will they let you break out with the tri-pod.