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07-03-02, 20:38
From Wayne Underhill at wayneunder@hotmail.com


I was recently reading your articles in relation to thai prostitution. I think this site and every written article in it is completely sick and twisted. A site such as yours which is available on the internet should be completely banned. IT IS SICK DEMENTED BRAIN DEAD PEOPLE LIKE YOU , who feed an industry of women who have nothing better to do than open their filthy legs. stupid fuckers like you are only able to get sex from sleazy asian women. I have travelled to thailand and from my experience thai women are by no means attractive, actually they turn me off. Thailand is a good place for sex peverted fools who cant get sex from attractive well educated classy caucasian women. Idiots like you should live in Thailand and fuck as many AIDS riddled *****s as you can. Thai women have no morals, just like the brainless men who engage in sex with them. All you sick fuckwits should live, fuck and contract AIDS and keep all these *****s happy and keep them in their own country.

08-05-02, 00:46
This is another stupid rat -bastard. No one forces the people to become members of this group. This forum has provided a lot of men with valuable infomation. I pretty sure it has even save people from making some dumb mistakes. If we talk amongst ourselves and find out who are the bad apple are and can warn others from making mistakes.
Keep up the good work Jackson

08-05-02, 02:52
To Wayne dude: Hey, why you feel so hopeless and negative. Personally, I think this forum is a great site for people all over the world sharing and learning from other people's experiences. Indeed you are a sick man not others. We all love to share stories of our own or any other valuable opinions and suggestions here. Bug like you is not welcomed. You think only you is right we others are all insane? How silly and stupid and ignorant you are. In a way, you are a clown! By the way, I am an Asian female.

Thanks for Jackson (Admin) created such precious land. You did a good job!

11-17-02, 23:24
WOW!!that is one of the most spectacular rants ever.

11-23-02, 19:10

NEWS FLASH: Wayne Underhill: Recto-cranial surgery unsuccessful.

It was reported today that even with the recent advances in both cranial and colorectal surgery, Mr Wayne Underhill’s head is still stuck.

Receiving the Nobel prize in medicine for their brave efforts, Underhill’s surgical team were reported as saying that “although stuck very deep up his rectum, Mr. Underhill’s head may decide to come out on it’s own volition once he stops being a bigoted , racist women hater and actually experiences good sex.”



07-02-03, 07:14
Wayne relax just because you don't like sex with women their's no need to trash them. Not all asian women are "filthy, AIDS riddled, sleazy, *****s". Most are warm loving Human beings that only want the same things (Love, Health & happiness) out of life that unlike you want. Peaces of Shit like you are a dime a dozen, lash out and hurt any one or thing you don't understand or agree with. Your probably the type that jacks off to a pair of your mothers panties or while Sis is taking a shower and HATE any one that enjoys heterosexuality, being the little limp dick liberal piece of cock snot you most certainly are! That's my prognosis.

Dr. D.

07-02-03, 15:54
Damn Wayne, you are such a bigot. You better spray some fire retardant on your big white hood so when you run around the neighborhood and play "burn down the niggers church" you wont accidentally catch your hood on fire..... yeee haw!

Country John
12-01-03, 02:09
I got gangs of guys like that in my stool.

Atlanta Monger
12-13-03, 08:07

Wayne Underhill photographed by paparazzi! Film at 11.

01-10-04, 18:46
Gentlemem Gentlemen, Underhill has his right to an opinion. If we lower ourselves to his level then we are playing his game and he is winning. If we simply just ignore his ignorance he will become a thing of the past. Every turd wants an audience to justify his stupidity. One thing that I wonder about is why he is searching web sights like ours if he is getting so much "Classy Pussy". Bear with me gents for I'm more a lover than a fighter.


01-31-04, 19:08
Westerner77, Gentlemen,


“One thing that I wonder about is why he is searching web sights like ours if he is getting so much "Classy Pussy".


Probably because he is some form of evangelist in search of another “passport stamp”… I can not agree enough with the pre-operation photo nicely posted by Atl MongerMan. Excellent!

But you are right, Wayne Underhill is not worth it…

Regards, Havanaman

Creole Hottie
02-02-04, 21:12
It's amusing to hear from jealous, disgruntled men such as Mr. Underhill. They must have nothing more worthwhile to do with their time other than harass the happy members of our internet community! If that is the case, perhaps Mr. Underhill should find a new hobby, such as crochet!


02-21-04, 03:47
mr. underhill is obviously also under-sexed, under-loved, and underwhelming. he probably spends his week-ends harassing young women at abortion clinics and frothing at the mouth against sinners on sundays. hate mongers such as this jerk don't seem to realize that the same constitutional protections of free speech which allow us to share points of view and information on this site also guarantee his right to spew his perverse invective in this forum. i wonder if this guy has ever had a guilt-free orgasm.

Jonny D
03-01-04, 21:48
Wow. This guy is a little unbalanced.

So, his point is that we're A-holes for using the girls? Oh, but then the girls themselves are apparently filthy dirty ugly sleazy I don't know whats.

Kinda ambivalent there Wayne, you got some kind of guilt thing going on?


03-03-04, 19:55
Why are we assuming that this is a guy ? Just because it calls itself Mr. Underhill ?

I'm thinking more like: short haired, flannel and running shoe wearing, girls softball coaching Rosie O Donnel type.

Benchseats Rock
03-29-04, 14:23
There is one thing about Wayne I just don't get.

If he was in Thailand and took the time to notice some of the female *****s, and was furthermore turned off by said *****s; Then maybe (one of) his (obviously numerous) problems isn't that they weren't white, but rather that they weren't men.

03-30-04, 07:44
Care to respond Wayne?

03-31-04, 00:24
I dunno... maybe Wayne is right. Maybe someday we can live in a world where men don't crave the "hunt", where men don't need..NAY shall I say DESERVE frequent sexual gratification from the fairer sex at a reasonable rate. Perhaps one day, technology will give mankind the ability simply to snap his fingers and bust a nut, where we will all live in a "Bill Cosby" world, happy...or do I dare say..GAY and content in the physical attention of our canine, feline and female (not necessarily in that order) significant others.....


Anybody wanna go to Boston and score a hoowa? :)


04-10-04, 21:45

If that's what you learned "from attractive well educated classy caucasian women" maybe didn't get an education, you got brainwashed. (You would have had to have both to objectively compare) .. :) It's just a lifestyle that some life and others dream about. Oh yea how long is your leash? How much go you give in "gifts" before you "get" a little "well educated classy caucasian women" pussy?

05-03-04, 06:59

Got a spare copy of Mien Kanpf? I threw mine away you biggoted piece of shit.

Why the fuck is an "attractive well educated classy caucasian women" supposed to be hard to get? Many of us are married to one of them units, and many more of us have fucked several of them - they are called escorts in this county. That is a nice word for w-hore, but these attractive well educated classy caucasian women are still w-hores...

If you don't like the looks of asian women, maybe you would prefer a nice lady boy? They have a more western body type. Better yet, stay the fuck out of Thailand and quit whining about it if others want to go there.

What a pussy.


Country John
09-07-04, 22:10
Wayne Underhill: Are you the guy who leaves the cum hardened kleenex behind or under the bed? Don't you know enought to clean up after yourself? Housekeeping can't do it all.

If you are so far out of touch with your sexuality that you are driven to criticize the fine Asian woman then you need to re-evaluate and find your penis.

Asian women are fine. You embarrass yourself by your remarks that illustrate how unsophisticated a man can be.

I don't have to pay a woman to screw her. There are women I do pay to screw however because both they and I deserve it. How many "dates" have you had? How much did you spend? Did you get laid? Why not?

08-12-14, 02:54
You are clearly a hand job man. Your job. Your hand!