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11-05-02, 17:24
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11-05-02, 17:37
First of all tanx Jackson for adding these 2 new cities!

So, any report or any tip is welcome and appreciated. I'm mainly looking for having 1 or 2 nights of strip clubs, and action with 1 of the girls from the bar, plus bringing her with me for a 2 or 3 day trip to visit some places around. Anyone knows any name of any club there?

05-18-03, 19:48
here's my small report about Campo Grande:

CG is a city of about half a million inhabitants. very clean city, almost no beggars like in Rio so that even redneck gringos have their peace walking around without being stressed. Another thing that i noticed in CG is the stunning beauty of the girls. In fact, i saw the biggest percentage of cuties in this city speaking in pro rata of the size of the city. Girls here have kind of an indio touch, however not like the indio from the Northeast (who i think are not beautiful); here they are quite tall and thin, and their faces are simply beautiful. Enough talk about the non-pros....

Unfortunately when i was there it was pretty cold at night, so everybody stayed at home at night. The bars were empty, the streets even more empty. Taxi drivers told me that this was not a good time for night-life in CG. Ok, there's always the "boites" working, namely the *****-houses.

I was told that Mariza's was the best option in town. It's about a 20 Rs taxi ride outside town. I was one of the first to get in there that night. I was presented a blonde girls, nice body, with those 4 or 5 kilos in excess that fit so nicely on brazilian girls. The whole night was quite strange, cuz i felt like an intruder in a family party. Everybody was obviously a regular client in this boite and the girls knew everyone of them. The strip-shows were very amateurial, almost ridiculous, with one of them dressed like the masked killer in "Scream". Took the blonde one home for 150Rs. Not that great experience, she was quite professional and left me a bit disappointed. By the way, the city was so dead that she had difficulties to find a cab by 3 o'clock in the morning.

Another option is Cafe Bagdad, a bit nearer that Mariza's. Same comments than for Mariza's bar except that if found it slightly more liberal inside...it's allowed to get a bit more intimate with the girls while you assist the strip shows. going rate between 100 and 150Rs.

Called one afternoon a girl from the site morenasensual.com.br.
Her name is Ludimilla, she has a sister Patricia. Well, Ludimilla was outstandingly active and hungry. All that for 150Rs. She was fun to talk with too.

The action near the bus central station was low too, but again the weather plays apparently a big role here, so that you can easily think that during warmer seasons the action is somewhat bigger.

All in all CG can be seen as a transitory station with a few night-clubs for whom goes to visit the Pantanal region nearby and not as a city for mongering.

J Wadd
05-19-03, 12:57
Thanks for the report. Do you think this city would be worth checking out in the high season?


05-19-03, 18:29
Right now in May it's autumn in Brasil, hence the start of the dry season in the Pantanal region. I guess that during their summer temperatures will be rising way above Rio standards and the lack of an ocean makes it even more hot. Probably many mosquitos, but i guess that during carnaval it could get more crowded and probably there'll be more action. A brazilian told me once that "during carnval nobody is married or engaged"....

however, i think that the city is only worth visiting if you are really interested in Pantanal or Bonito, and is not a goal in itself (Rio offers action around the clock). There's a lot of bars and regular discos that i didn't check out though cuz they were empty plus it wasn't weekend, but checking out the quantity of real beauties in CG i regret not having been there during a more prosperous time of the year...

01-22-04, 21:50
Fellow Forestas,

I was in Campo Grande for a short time at the end of August 2003 en route to Bonito. I read and speak Portugues which is a real advantage in Brazil, but since it is closer to Paraguay/Argentina some Spanish may also suffice. I checked out the local news paper (www.correiodoestado.com.br) and wrote dow the phone number and address of every house in town. Then with the help of a good Taxi driver (Anderson) I went on a grand tour. In short, slim pickens. Only two magras in the whole bunch and only one was nasty (I made a deal to take her with me to the Pantanal - later I had to give her the boot). Cost: R$40 - 50 ST in the casa.

I didn't see or really look for a street scene, nor did I call any of the garotas at Morenasensual.

By the way there is a small casa in both Aquiduana and one in Bonito. I only went to the one in Bonito - actually I went there every night and had a lot of fun with a blond Paulista.

It is worth it to visit the various Forums such as Sexdicas, Hotside Forum or GPBR.net. These sites are dedicated to seeking out garotas from nearly every city and giving them a TD and then filing a detailed report about the experience. This can save a lot of hassle and rip offs.

Good Luck

08-30-04, 02:14
I've bee in Campo Grande twice this year. There is a lively scene with a number of houses which advertise in the local paper, The Correo. Good prices and good service. I had a really nice Mulatto there in August who was a lot of fun. Great body with large peach size very firm breasts.

If you have business here or are passing through to Bonito or the Pantanal, spend an afternoon between flights. It is a great town.


07-08-06, 17:52
I have a couple of updates on the scene of this city which I consider a hidden jewel.

I'll be posting them shortly.

02-05-10, 22:19
For those who are interested in places that are swarming pretty girls, Campo Grande Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of those places.

I got here for few days for work, expecting to have some playtime but that didn't happen.

Although I can't really point any casas or any other points where one can find GDPs, I can say that the city is swarming young beautiful women. I've seen all types: morenas, morena clara, mulata, negra, japonesa etc.

Since my observations are mainly from my lunch hours and dinner, I can't tell where all these goodies are ready to be picked up. I have seen lots of bars, but during the day they must be empty.

There is reasonable shopping with cinema here too. Lots of girls in shopping.

Now, what makes this place interesting is the fact that there are no gringoes here. I've got quite a bit interesting looks, but since I've been working... no use play...

I hope that someone, with portuguese skills would take a trip over here and take a look what is really going on.