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11-05-02, 17:24
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11-05-02, 21:26
One thing I always wondered: where is the Head of the Iaba?


Tom B.

10-31-03, 11:17
Here is a post to Nibu i just posted in his section about CUIABA and Goiania, seems logical to post here too :

As i'll return to Goiania and maybe Cuiaba in January, here are the infos that i found about Cuiaba (from Brasilian mongers) :

There's a boite/thermas of high level called Sirenusa, open in June 2003 : more than 10 000 m2, vaious atmospheres, american bar with shows, piano bar, restaurant, pools, VIP rooms and even a sex-shop !!
Girls are (from what have been reported) very good level, mainly from curitiba, Porto A and SP .....
Adress is Rua Santo Antonio, 273 ; Tel 65-661.52.80

Other boite is Sex Appeal, no reports about there ;

Skinao is a bar with many garotas, prices begins at 50 reals/one hour ;

About Goiania, i stayed two weeks in August 2003, and the very best I have been is Real Privé, in the motels area, many well known strippers from southern brasil come perform there, 50 or more garotas to take out, swimming pool and open air restaurant : an upscale place ;
Platinnium is another option, same kind of place ;
There's a strip joint named Big Show, close from aeroporto, never been there but heard some good things about it ...
In the Centro, a bar with terrasse where garotas come from 8pm is Chop Brasil (av Araguaia), quality is not always there, but good surprises can be found !!



08-22-04, 03:42
I have a hot off the cama report from Cuiaba. Cuiaba can be a little frustrating when it comes to mongering. And I would not recommend coming here for the sport alone. There are a list of acompanhantes in the Jornal do Estado, but no mention of prives or casas with GPs. A number of Boates are listed in the phone book, but they close early on Saturday and do not open on Sunday. Another liability is the cost: R$ 150 -200 + for a one hour experience.

Well I spoke with a knowledgible taxi driver who took me to the zona for street walkers. It is located by the airport. The road to the airport divides just before you get there. The right fork takes you to Varzea. Just before and after the fork pull over and drive slowly at each corner. The side streets are also loaded with female types, but most have some sort of gender identy problem. Bonecas.

I met a cute, crazy 19 y/o blond and had a fantastic 2 hr marathon in al local motel for R$ 40. A lot of fun. BBBJ, and an expert at sensing your fantasy. Very high on the list.

Others I talked to quoted R$ 30 - 35 for 2 hours.

Why go to Cuiaba? The Pantanal. Pocone and the Transpantaneira Highway. Fantastic. If you need a car, call Locadura. It is a lot cheaper than the competition.


08-30-04, 02:08
The zone is also where all the motels are located. The night before I left I revisited the area and spent 5 hours driving around mongering. I first met a tall lanky shy blond that I passed on as I thought she wasn't interested.

Then I ran into the crazy 19 yo blond I did 2 days before, and she was with her 20 yo cousin (thin, tall, not quite as crazy- but not entirely sane either). Anyway, we pull into a motel and enter the room. Off come the clothes and both commense with a joint BBBJ. Total fiesta. Rubbers are literally flying doing one, then the other. Finally the blond is doing her best to finish me off and is asking me when I'm going to come. I told her at my age condoms make it a lot harder for me to come. She immediately reaches down, rips off the condom and 4 strokes later I had an long double header.

They are so happy they begin doing summersaults accross the bed, laughing and jumping arround. I've never seen anything quite like it. All for R$50 for the both of them.

Round 2, was a little while later. I met a tiny, feisty pretty 21 yo with a very tight body. She wants me to do her fast so she can collect her R$40 and go home. She takes a look at my dick and isnt so happy - its big by Cuiaba standards. Well the BBBJ was good and was followed by covered sex in all positions. Well at 59 I'm not in any great hurry and nature prevents me from comming again quickly and she wants to get o with her life. She asks me why I havent come (after about 10 minutes). I tell her condoms prevent me from feeling the natural sensations (true). She says OK and off comes the condom. Thanks to good physical conditioning and a liberal dose of Vitamin V, I procede to screw the hell out of her.

I was sport f%%king to the max with no gostosa in sight. After 15 minutes of this she breaks off the assault and declares she has had enough, she just wants the money and isn't into doing thisanymore. I said OK. I gave her R$20 and we parted company. Neither fully satisfied.

Round 3. I cruise again and I spot a black girl with one of the tightest bodies I have seen in a long time. Everything is hard, incuding me. We get in the room and she takes a look at my dick and isn't happy. Evidently, most of the local boys have 4-5 inch units, come fast and don't do much damage. After about 15 minutes she is complaining she has lower abdominal pain. We part company, neither satisfied. I gave her R$20.

Round 4. Again I am on the loose, cruising. I stop a a local bar and the tall thin blond was there. This time I started talking with her. She was nice and although I was not impressed with her over all IQ, she had a softness and I felt comfortable with her. I had learned earlier she was pregnant and had been to the doctor and everything was normal.

I asked the price. She said 40. I said let's go. From the moment we entered the room it was pure romance and intimacy. Pure pleasure. BBBJ - incredible. I do her - the same. I never did see a condom. One of the most natural communions of passion and pleasure I have had. Gostosa number 2. I gave her R$70 - to help the kid.

I love the country side in Brazil.

11-14-06, 01:12
Nothing here?

08-20-13, 23:11
I'm stopping in Cuiaba overnight on the way to the Pantanal and was hoping to try out the local talent. Any current information?


01-04-20, 21:43
Just some notes about Cuiabá. Not many reasons to visit Cuiabá unless you're visiting Pantanal or Chapada dos Guimarães. The city isn't pretty neither interesting. The Centro is almost dead at night.

I saw quite a few streetwalkers in the rodoviária area. There are a few strip clubs, like Vegas Night Club.

Praça Popular is a square with a bunch of bars and restaurants. A very pleasant area with good food and plenty of goodlooking girls. A few of the girls are working girls that definitely are worth checking out.