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11-24-02, 23:36
From sun marchant at slowyoyo@msn.com

You are a total piece of shit! By posting messages about Angela on your sight.

You made a stupid mistake. I think that I should go around to all of the massage and house run places and start taking pictures of all of you assholes and post them on the internet.

Would you like that? Think about it! If pictures of all the customers were submited to ABC,CBS,NBC,Fox,....

How would you like it?

Well Asshole, the pictures are on CD and will be sent out asap.
I will hunt every customer of every Amp,Kamp,Camp, And Indipendent Buisness Down and take pictures of them.

Happy Hunting You Fucking Asshole.

I will also contact the owners of these places and let them know
about your sight.

So Have a great day.

07-02-03, 07:33
Gee I wonder if this is Angela's old man? Must of got pissed off when he went down on his sweetie and got a mouthful of 2ball lotion. The anger comes from liking that mouthful of Fuckstick snot but afraid to admit it!!! He will show up at the GAY PRIDE PARADE The one with the funnel taped to his mouth. Happy gargling .
Dr. D.

02-24-04, 21:05
Must be upset because someone posted negative reports about Angela, Look lady it is the law of supply and demand working out there. If the supply is of good quality and service, then the demand will be high. Take that to heart. Another thing, being fat or ugly is not an issue with the majority of us, attitude and service is.

02-29-04, 03:36
Yoyo is an appropriate name for this guy. I wonder if he just forgot to take his Valium or if he's always like this? He seems to forget that no one forces these girls to allow the photo sessions. This is a purely voluntary act, and thus is not exploitative in any sense.

Perhaps this guy wants to create a self-righteous excuse to hang around massage parlors and to get some vicarious kicks in the process.

By the way Yoyo, I think you meant "site" not "sight." Perhaps you should have a dictionary by your side the next time you start frothing at the mouth and feel compelled to express your moral indignation.