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09-30-15, 18:18
Indeed, the risk is low, but if you are having a bad day then even a lighting can fall on you. What I meant by that is if you are out of your luck then that person out of a million can be you. Even link mention below says that its rare or low risk but what if we have a small cut in mouth and we forgot about that. I know I am thinking about the worst but why take chance. Source:http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/riskbehaviors/oralsex.html.

The risk of contracting HIV from BJ's is essentially nil. HIV infection requires blood contact. There has actually only been one confirmed case of HIV from fellatio and this was from a gay guy. Your average homosexual has roughly 300 sexual contacts a year and many of these guys do not use condoms. The only way you are going to catch HIV from a BJ is if the other guys mouth was bleeding a lot. The other factor to remember is that saliva actually inhibits the spread of HIV (http://www.aidsmap.com/Saliva/page/1322841/). Anal sex is one reason why some many male homosexuals have HIV. There is tears in the anus when a person has anal sex. It's possible to contract HIV from intercourse, but the likelihood is far less.

Roman Guy
11-08-16, 11:53
IMO one of the best country to get an uncovered BJ is Ghana.

Here I post a repertory of my personal experiences in that country.

One of these girl (the picture A. Ipg) had a particular technic of sucking, that I invite you to try describing it.

She poured in her mouth a liquid (eg. Water, juice, milk, .) making her mouth partially full.

After the introduction of the penis she started to rinse her mouth shaking her tongue and the liquid creating a pleasant mix of air, foam, liquid and tongue.