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06-02-03, 07:52
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06-02-03, 08:07
Hello FKK World Vistors,

As the first reports start to come in about this place, it seems likely that many top acts from other clubs will abandon their old workplaces, like Atlantis and BHH, in favour of FKKW.

Just wondering: Can anyone specify which "top acts" from these other clubs are currently working FKKW? Can anyone report specific sightings of known "Superstars" at FKK World?


06-02-03, 08:56
Visited last week with some friends. My impressions, in a nutshell:


Opulent building (converted from a mansion that once belonged to the owner of the nearby VOKO factory, which manufactures office furniture). Atmoshpere sterile, not terribly sexy.

Main lounge lit by natural lighting (windows, skylights) and very high-tech (flat-screen monitors, futuristic-looking bronze statues placed in corners). Dining room to the left, sliding-glass door leading outside to pools, sun decks, and cabins to the right. Bar behind you. Ladies' locker room and some party rooms at the far side.

Ventilation could be problematic during the colder months, when keeping the sliding glass doors open would not be an option.

Large indoor pool, jacuzzi, massage area, lounge with fireplace, and more party rooms on the lower level. Getting back to the upper level is difficult, as one has to go all the way outside and back through the sliding glass door or go up an out-of-the-way staircase that leads back to the entry and through the mens' locker and shower room.

Looked to be about a month away from a true grand opening, as the owners were still laying sod in the back yard and hadn't gotten around to marking the bathroom doors yet.

Parking not terribly convenient. VIP parking is available past the security gate, but everyone else needs to park in remote lots and take a shuttle to and from the main entrance.


Same as those for Atlantis (65E entry, 50E per session -- if you're lucky. More on that later.).


Not many (maybe 20 at the time of our visit, Friday afternoon). They ranged from attractive to below average. Most covered up with towels, either partially or completely. Very few gave off any sex appeal whatsoever.


Not impressive. One of our group got the "Aren't you going to come yet?" question at the end of his so-so service.

Another got reeled in by a super-aggressive Polish gal, well past her prime, who acted all hot and bothered in the lounge only to turn into a Nevada brothel worker inside the room. She asked for 50E for just a hand job and tried to charge extra for other activities. She looked at the wall the entire time she was servicing my friend and succeeded in his deciding to call things off early. Would you be interested in partying if you heard about an experience like that? It killed any desire I had to get laid in that place.

Only one of us had a decent session, but he'd known the gal from another club.


Management seemed to be interested in our impressions of the club, but neither they nor the staff gave off much in the way of positive vibes.

They over-emphasized the decor at the expense of the talent and service. Who cares about flat-screen TV's and bronze statues when the talent is sub-par and the service is iffy at best? Club has potential but unless it gets a handle on these things Atlantis and Oase have nothing to worry about. I myself don't plan to return until I've read a good-sized number of posts all claiming that FKK-World has turned it around.

06-11-03, 08:44

Thanks buddy for the nice writeup.Do you have the address of FKK world? How Far is it from Frankfurt?

Thanks for thr answer.

06-11-03, 14:01

It's about one hour of driving from Fankfurt (to the north).


06-13-03, 19:44
here is a copy of my report from the opening of fkk world.

the current reports about the place (german boards) are mixed. people are still blown away by the facilities and the effort of the club bosses to provide a nice environment, but the reports about the quantitiy and quality of the girls are still iffy. i am not heading back ther until i hear a lot of positive things.

sorry, i thought there was a seperate wold section. i will suggest it to jackson.

quick report world:

location: takes about an hour from frankfurt, up the a5 then take the pohlheim exit (a little after the junction with the a45, but stay on the a5), then you take a right and a left and then pretty much head straight. look on the page for directions.

this seems like an old rich guys house, it is located on a wooded hill on the outskirts of town. there is a large sign on the road, but otherwise you don't see anything. you park across the street in a huge parking lot and a shuttle bus (covered in ads for the place like a hertz shuttle at a us airport) takes you up to the club. the bus drivers and much of the help tend to be huge tattooed guys, but really friendly and looking for you to have a good time.

yesterday was free entry sothe place was relatively crowded, i would say about 200 men at the peek, but it didn't feel that crowded...this place is big.

prices: same as oase...50€ session, extras at the girls discretion.

there were about 50 women there as best i could judge. there were 4 or 5 top acts who migrated from oase or atlantis, and since all the men were regular customers from there (except for the freebie lookie loo's) those top acts were fully booked. most of the other girls seemed like second tier girls who weren't making enough money in their current locations and thought they would give it a try. the very bright nature of this club doesn't do many of these women any favours...the darker the better! suffice it to say i was not blown away. at some of my favourite clubs they only have 8-12 girls, but there are just as many that i want to screw as here with 50.

to the men: lot's of known regular customers of the other clubs who took advantage of the free entry to take a look. also lots of people we will probably never again see in a club. they advertised the opening on the radio, mentioning the free entry aspect. anyone who has ever been curious came by. a lot of them had no intention of visiting a room, just came to take a peek. the only problem with this is that these people tended to stand outside rooms where action was taking place and try and sneek a look past the curtain. a lot of 18-22 year olds came as groups. these people will not be back, and only customers that leave money with the girls are important for a club.

this place was too big for my taste. i really didn't like the upstairs meeting room, it was way too bright and antiseptic for my taste. it also did not promote a brothely atmosphere, which i like. the theatre was better with some comfortable couches. the dining room had an ample buffet which was continually refilled. the changing room was a little cramped, but ok. i didn't like the showers. they are too close to each other (i don't like the feel of another soapy guy against my body) and have that damn automatic shut off set for 30 seconds. no one likes these, why do they always install them (maybe enviro-laws?) the skimped a bit on the towels as well, seemed like institutional towels, not soft and fluffy like at fantasyland.

downstairs the pool and hot tub were cold, but i am sure that is a problem they will fix. there seems to be a lack of bathroom facilities (one toilet downstairs is all). the saunas were new and nice, somewhat smaller than at oase. if i head back here i think the old library room between the pool and outside will probably be my favourite area. here it is a bit darker and has a more gentlemans club atmosphere. the outdoor area seems quite nice, with the same sort of set-up as oase.

generally the set up is good, the club is big and can hold a lot of people without feeling too crowded. the owners are open to suggestions and i assume they will make improvements when a number of customers demand it. i think they will look for a way to make the entry hall darker, it really reminds me of the frankfurt airport check-in hall, not the most erotic atmosphere. a bit of couch action would have really improved the atmosphere.

supposedly they offered the women free entry yesterday as well, so a lot of girls came who are not really fkk calibre. 'seems like some eros-center girls thought they would give it a shot. hopefully the girl situation will improve. i also have to say the girls were all german and eastern european, nothing for dark-meat fans, no petit asians (one fat one), not even a visible turk. they need to do more to get a better variety of women. that is what makes fkk's so special, that you have access to a number of nationalities.

it will be at least 4 or 5 weeks until i try this place again, but i will have to see some good reports.

if you are in the area this weekend and they are still offering the free entry (call ahead) then it is worth checking out. i am glad that i didn't pay 65€ entry, then i might have been dissappointed. today i will head to my tried and true haunt of wildenrath convinced that there are more women among the 15 that appeal to me than at world among 50.


06-15-03, 00:10
Any new reviews? Will be in area next week, but won't waste my time if situation hasn't improved, plenty of other mind-boggling options.

06-21-03, 19:09
At the moment still mixed reviews with a positive trend. It seems that the people who run the club are doing their best to fix any problems that might exist. The only thing that they have not gotten under control is the ladies. There are definitively some Top Acts there, but there are still some sub par girls that are doing damage. The management has a good repuation among the girls, which might mean that they are too lax. Establishing stricter club standards and making sure that the girls aren't trying to establish their own price structure might be good.

You are right, the choices are vast, but all the clubs are getting mixed reviews at the moment. Atlantis is supposedly not what it used to be (Haven't been there in over a year) with far fewer ladies because of far fewer men. The downturn in the economy here is quite apparent. At the moment I am also seeing absolutely no news about Oase.

Deciding which club in the Frankfurt area to visit is all a question of where you are headed, how interested you are in seeing something new, how much time you have and with what sort of vehicle you are travelling.

World has the best facilities, followed by Oase followed by Atlantis (way behind). World has an indoor and an outdoor pool, whilrpools, saunas and a huge garden. Oase is similar, just a bit smaller, atlantis has a pool outside, but you can really tell that it is in an industrial area, the others are rebuilt mansions.

Which one has the best women is much tougher to rank. There are plenty of decent women at each club, enough for any man I know. Flops are possible everywhere just as tops are. Take a chance, look for a scout or have a sense of exploration.

If you have already been to Atlantis or Oase I would head to World, just for the comparison.

I know this doesn't really help, but each club has its own charm.


06-21-03, 22:40
Peter, Thanks, haven't seen any new reports here and the ones on the german boards have been mixed - mostly as you wrote about mixed girl quality and independent price setting. I have been to Oase twice in the last month and can't find anything to suggest that it's not as good as before. I agree about ATL though.
Looks like I'll head back there again this week unless I find some better reports about WORLD.

06-30-03, 13:38
I've just returned from three visits to FKK-World. My impressions of the club seem to vary from many of the previous posters on this page, since I found the club to be very good and the girl situation steadily improving. I have previously been a regular at both Oase and Atlantis, and I now am happy to add FKK-W to the list, making a kind of "Golden Triangle."

Between 22/6 and 28/6 I visited FKK-W three times. During my first visit, I was initially pleased at how easy it was to find the club, following the directions on the club's website. Then I was pleasantly surprised, when I approached the entrance and was greeted by another male guest who was waiting by the entrance and told me to wait with him until a third arrived. It seems that if you enter as a three-some, your 3-man party is only charged entrance fees for two guests. 3 enter, 2 pay. So we all split the 2x65E fee between us. Good deal!

The facilities and lay out are very fine. I particularly liked the downstairs lounge/bar adjacent to the indoor pool. During daylight hours, I did not care for the upstairs "main" bar or "Wintergarden." It is too brightly lit and, as another poster on another board deftly pointed out, it does remind one of "Frankfurt Airport Check-in Desk."

The outdoor areas are superb, with lots of space to wander around and get really private if you wish.

One negative to the layout is that it is difficult to keep track of a particlar girl's comings and goings, which is something Atlantis and even Oase is better suited to.

The Girl situation at World is a problematic issue, but one that will steadily improve. Even within the week that I was there, I saw improvements take place! It's a two-way street, so to speak. Girls will come work the club when and if the club attracts enough male customers. Male customers will frequent the club when and if enough good girls start working.

The girl line-up at World averages out at about 30 per day. Immediatley I noticed bodies and faces familier from Atlantis and Oase. Many girls come from the cadre of second-tier Atlantis and Oase girls. But I did spot some near top-acts "checking-out" the club to assess if it would become their "home club." Valentina, the blonde-haired Russian-speaking girl from Atlantis is now one of the main acts at World. I spotted a few 2nd-tier Russian, Polish and Romanian girls from Atlantis too who seem to make World there main nesting spot. Two nights ago --Saturday-- I saw the tall, blonde Atlantis girl, Margot(?), with tatoo across tail-bone working World. She looked as if this was her first day at World and was trying to assess if it was her sort of club.

One thing that I noticed to my pleasure is that there were several very young east European babes, 21-22.

One thing clear: Like Oase and Atlantis, World does recieve cute, young east European free-lance girls who work the club for a week or so in order to get quick cash infusion. I had three sessions with a super hot Hungarian babe, Monika, a dirty-blonde haired super body sweetheart. We really hit it off and she GFE'd me all the way. Deep kissing and real fantasy sex: whatever I wanted. She left yesterday and said she might come back in a few weeks. She told me how bad things were on the work front at home --she's in the restaurant business in Hungary-- and how she just came up here to get some quick cash! Man, she was so untainted and genuine, the sex was just so spontaneously good.

Overall, I found the girl line-up at World, though not as good as Oase or Atlantis, is fast aproaching the level at the other clubs. Out of 30-odd girls, there were at least 7 to 10 that were on my to-do list. The overall atmosphere is very, very good, I found. Very mellow and laid back. The kind of place it would be a joy to spend 8 -12 hours in. That's tough to do at Atlantis because everything is so "in-your-face."

My guess is that once World secures steady male guests, more and more girls will come here to work. On all my visits I found the parking lots at World fairly croweded with cars. Although I went on weekend nights, I found it busy but not at all croweded.

Driving to World from central Frankfurt is only about 20 minutes further than driving to Oase or Atlantis. One night I left world at 10PM and was walking into Atlantis at 10.30PM same night. Just a hop and a skip away, down the A45.

06-30-03, 16:58

The two Amazonians of Atlantis are Margot and Mercedes. Margot has a tatoo of Medusa on her shoulder blade. Mercedes has a tailbone tatoo. Margot is a little shorter than Mercedes who is over six feet tall. Both are top notch but in different ways. Margot will treat you like a long lost boyfriend. With Mercedes, you'll think you're with a porno queen both from how she looks and the sex. Mercedes will do anal while Margot will not. You can't lose with either one but from you're description I'd say that Mercedes and not Margot is now at FKKW.

07-01-03, 07:13
Great report! I've been waiting for one of the professional critics to send an updated report. Sounds like World is getting its act together and we need to start patronizing it to spur it to even greater things.
You mentioned the E.Europeans. Can you tell us also about the Spanish- speaking, Asian, Mediterranean, African contingents?

07-01-03, 07:55

Here are the nationalities, ethnic affiliations of the girls I saw at FKK-World last week: Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Bulagarian, Romanian, and of course, German. Note some of the Russians may have come from Ukraine and/or Moldavia. I did notice one Asian girl (Thai?), but only one. I saw nothing Latin or African.

07-02-03, 21:37
Originally posted by Ortos
I've just returned from three visits to FKK-World. My impressions of the club seem to vary from many of the previous posters on this page, since I found the club to be very good and the girl situation steadily improving.

After reading your report it seems to be the exact same as previous posters... mixed. Your impression of the facilities is the exact same and you say the woman situation is second Tier ATL or Oase, but steadily improving. I looked back and haven't seen any posts that are that varying.


07-02-03, 23:23

Let me clarify what I meant to say, if, for some reason, i phrased it wrongly:

The club got off to a shakey start. Maybe the free-entrance opening day thing, back-fired a bit. As you yourself deftly point out, the club was over run with all sorts of types that would not be at such a club under normal circumstances, i.e. 65E entrance fee, et.

My point is: Now, a month or so after opening, they are slowly, slowly getting their act together at FKK-World. The environment in the club is now, in my opinion, very, very good (except, if you'll forgive me, in the Frankfurt Airport Check-in Area -- I love that one, Peter!). The girl situation now seems to me somewhat imporved over what you described a month ago. While I did mention second-tier girls from Atlantis and Oase, I did not mean to imply that every girl in the club is second tier. Indeed, not, good fellow!

I saw several first tier types who are either visiting east-european free lancers, or visiting top acts from other clubs "checking the place out."

I believe that reports about World over, say, the past 10 days/2 weeks vary vastly from those first-week reports.

Anyway the main point is: I give it a clear thumbs up.

Hope this clarifys...


07-11-03, 11:05
Went to FKK-World on a Thursday. It was just great. The place is huge and beautiful especially during a sunny and hot day. There very few people and the atmosphere was very relaxed. At the beginning I was disappointed by the girls´choice. I arrived at 1 pm and there were only 10 girls for broadly 10 men and most of them were less pretty than those seen at Atlantis and mostly Eastern European looking, i.e. blond, slim and very young. However there were also a couple of black girls and an Asian who was my first shot. She is from indonesia, called Valeria, 20 yr old, small, big boobs, lovely bottom and thick lips. She was very good in bed, good kiss, good bbbj, great fuck, full of energy, she is very athletic. Vote for performance : 8 (scale 1 to 10). I then had a Russina girl called Tatiana, she is 1.70 m, long dark blod hair, beautiful green eyes, a bit fat, large hips, she says she is 24 but I think she is younger. She was amazing! One of my best paid fuck ever. A 10, and therefore I extended the session to one hour. She did everything a man can want in a standard session, and she kissed with such an enthusiasm which was unbelievable, and she always laughed.

I then had a Lithuanian called Laura, who approcached me on the couch and then convinced me to try her. She is a very interesting person, well educated and pretty business-minded (but not when in bed). Blonde, blue eyes, slim, not a great beauty but very fascinating. She also was great in bed, full of energy, great bbbj, fuck, french kiss. Vote: 9.
The last one was a Polish red-haired girl called Luciana. She is very small and thin, with a beautiful and horny face. She has huge soft nipples and a beautiful pussy. Vote: 8.

Generally speaking I have the impression that these Eastern European girls like fucking, and even though they´re not all beautiful, their performance is remarkable. After having tried Atlantis, Oase and World in three consecutive days, I decided to go back to World as there are other girls there whom I would have liked to try as they were suggested by a couple of German guys I met there who have stopped going to Atlantis and Oase after World opened. Guys, if you like large outdoor space, free food all day long, and GFE´s go to World!

07-11-03, 12:23
finally I visited WORLD on wed 9th
the facilities are simply perfect: a huge garden, a lot of rooms, pools, saunas and so on
Atlantis can't be compared, is too small in front of World
Oase might be a smaller copy but World is a lot better
but...who cares about that?
not me, for sure

about the girls...even a huge number makes a place so big looks like a desert
the management has to consider it and make a different policy to increase the number
this causes an atmosphere too lazy

anyway I tested 3 girls
Tatiana (RU), tall, cute as a face with a little overweight body provides a great GFE and is a lot on demand
Laura (IT) has a perfect body (big boobs) and a great technique but looked me a little rushy
Claudia (ROM) is a real gem
I have had with her a double session that took about 3 hours considering the couch action, a lot of chatting and so on
If I didn't met Sara at Oase the day after I should say Claudia is the best I've met
If you like a tender, passionate, smart and nice person, she is the girl
more a girlfirend prospect than a ...

last but not least, the barbecue meal is excellent and you can find fresh food all day long

07-12-03, 20:32
Second consecutive visit to World. Friday had possibly 10 more girls than Thursday (around 35 vs 25). I agree with GabrielPontello: this place is huge and would need 70-80 girls to seem full.

Anyway I tried again Tatiana from Russia and she confirmed her great GFE performance, unforgettable. She also made me a big discount, but I had to insist: 70 euros for 1 hour (however, it was pretty early and few men were around at that time: 1:30 pm). Another 10 for Tatiana!
I then tried Celine, one of the two black girls I saw at World. She is from Kenya, has two nice boobs, small bottoms, pretty thin, face ok, very nice person. Good performance overall but she spits after kissing and blowing. Vote 7.5.
I then approached the other black girl, with long black hair and small boobs. She told me she is from South-Africa, but the day before had told other guys she was from Jamaica. Anyway she was the only one who said she would start from "100 euros for nearly an hour" and that if I had chosen the 50 euros option she wouldn´t have been as good as she can, therefore I went away. I let you draw your own conclusions, considering that none of the girls I had at World had ever discussed the 50 euro fare.

I then had Anita, a very thin and young russian blond girl. She was ok, she kisses little, gave me a good bbbj, and had a standard fuck, all in around 20 mn. Vote: 6.5.

Most of the Russian girls there (and there are many) look pretty sad and are often together in large groups making it not easy to approcah them.

07-13-03, 11:04
How much would a cab cost from Frankfurt ,Main Station to FKK World. To Atlantis I normaly pay between 55-60 Euro one way.


07-14-03, 10:44
you're right, flower
I saw anita and her friends frequently chatting in a bored way on the couches in the wintergarden
that makes them less approchable

I met tatiana walking outside while she was studying a german dictionary (I offered myself as a teacher though I don't speak any german...)
Laura approached me when she heard me speaking in my native language about how disgusting was a rice+strawberry meal combination
claudia called me using my nationality as a name and I asked her how she could know that

I'm telling you that just because usually the girls who hang around in a bored way provide a poor service, in my experience
those one who try to establish a relationship offer a better performance

07-15-03, 21:19

I would guess the cab fare to be 80-100€. Rent a car, it is much cheaper.


that is the worst review of Luciana that I have ever read. On the largest german forum she was rated the number 3 performance working girl in Germany (Angelique at Atlantis was number 1, Miriam who changes clubs a lot but is at Oase, F35, World or ATL is #2).

In the past I have been blown away by Luciana's service, it rates an 11 if you have only screwed mortals in the past.


07-16-03, 09:24
Peter, how interesting is this comparison with the German-language forums!!! I didn't know there were such a Germany-wide ranking for the girls.

If you had mentioned these girls before I would have tried to have sex with them, but now I am back to Italy. Too bad.

When giving vote to Luciana I was just making comparisons with the other girls I had had in those days in these FKK clubs. I have nothing against her, so my assesment was neutral and without hidden interests. During my FKK tour there were two girls who were much better than her, Tatiana in World, and Sella in Atlantis, and another one who was better than her, Laura at World, while some were broadly at her same level, with several below Luciana's level. I think these girls can have volatile performances. That night Luciana hadn't had anyone for hours and maybe at 1:30 am she was already tired or annoyed. Furthermore, we couldn't communicate as she doesn't speak any of the languages I know and vice versa, and this also may have not helped to establish a perfect feeling.

Last but not least, Germans and I have different preferences. Most of the Germans I spoke with while in the FKK's expressed preference for girls whom I didn't like or I liked little, the only girl I had after a suggestion by a German guy (who I am sure said it in total innocence) was among the worst I had had, so everything is relative.


07-16-03, 12:17
Peter ,

Thanks for the Info on the taxi fare . I am an Asian and we drive in a very different way... .... lol and I haven't driven a car in Europe for almost 3 years so a bit rusted , thus I am more comfortable with a Cab.

Your info about the best rated working girls were good.As far a Miriam is concerned , is she Mirian or Miriam ? I had Mirian in ATL she was from Czech and she was an absolute GFE.. I have reported the same in Atlantis Section. If she is the same , she told me ,soon she and her friend MIGHT start working from an appartment and the details of the same can be found in the German Daily where they have advertisements of this kind(she told me the name of the daily , but I don't remember).

07-16-03, 19:14
Miriam is polish.

Driving in Germany is easy, should be as there are no ch*nks on the roads ;^P

Really, if you rent a car with navigation you will be much better off. Otherwise take a train closer to the club and cab the last bit. It will save you a fortune.


Fkk Lover
07-17-03, 05:38
Originally posted by BodyRockerForU
Thanks for the Info on the taxi fare . I am an Asian and we drive in a very different way... .... lol and I haven't driven a car in Europe for almost 3 years so a bit rusted , thus I am more comfortable with a Cab. Haha! I'm also Asian. When I was visiting my favorite clubs in May, I decided to take a side trip to Czech. I was on a 2 lane country road parallel to E55 from Dresden to Prague. I was gonna turn left onto a dirt road to turn the car around when a bozo came from behind me and decided he can pass me on my left b4 I initiated the turn. He was wrong! I punted him right into a 5 foot high ditch!

We were all fine, the police correctly determined it was his fault, but I'm afraid I contributed to perpetuating a worldwide stereotype.

07-17-03, 09:20
driving is easy but the traffic is very intense and every few kms. there are works in progress and long, long queues
beside that i didn't find any detailed map able to show you all the small towns (and often fkk's club are located in these areas)
right yesterday i received a fine for a +9kmh overspeed (34,80 euros) in the town of altenstadt
probably i was anxious to get there...

07-18-03, 00:26
gabriel, map24.de takes you everywhere in germany ( and most of the rest of Europe).
Body - taxi is definitely least sensible solution and most expensive. Wouldn't you rather have 2 additional sessions with hot women for the money you can save. german highway system is best in the world, easily accessible and a joy to drive on except when there's construction (very often) work.

07-18-03, 07:47
In addition to saving money by self-driving in a hired car, the advantages of freedom to come and go as you wish, and even transfer your activities to another area FKK club, cannot be over-stated.

As for the traffic: It can be a bit annoying, as always, especially when you in an impulsive rush to get to the club and ladies, etc. However, on balance the traffic isn't that bad! Driving to FKK World from Frankfurt via A5, there is a "stau" just as you get on near Frankfurt. But you can avoid alot of the serious aggrivation, simply by traveling off of peak hours, ie. avoid rush hour!

07-18-03, 11:39
I've always rented a car because the freedom to choose the destination, the time and so on in my opinion is as important as the reason to be there
I was just telling that during the day the traffic is terrible and the works in progress don't help
last wednesday it tooked about 3 hours driving from frankfurt hahn to world and I can assure you I'm not a slow driver and I know quite well the directions...

07-19-03, 23:26
Point taken, paesono.

I still suggest that same "3-hour drive" from Hahn airport to Wolrld would have taken signficantly less time if you were driving at, say, 20.00 or 21.00...no?

07-21-03, 16:41
I spent 8 hours there this weekend and I agree that this is a veryt good place. The facility beats every FKK club. I spoke to a lot of people and girls there and the only thing this club is a little more time to built up a reputation.

Maybe the location is a little too far from Frankfurt. Atlantis and Oase is after all not more than a 20-30 minute drive, but FKK World is about 1 hour.

My impression was that is was most Russian, Hungarian and East-European girls there. It was definitly worth a visit, but it can not beat the quality of the girls you will meet on a late friday or Saturday at Atlantis

07-22-03, 12:00

I don't know how you drive, but each of the three times I visited World, starting from central Frankfurt, I always made the drive in well less than an hour, even with a slight traffic problem on one occassion. It is more like 45-minutes from Frankfurt.

Put the pedal to the metal, boy. You'll get there in under an hour easy!

08-17-03, 12:04
Went to FKK World last Monday, arrived 8pm

It had been very hot that day, place was quiet. About 20 girls and 12 guys, if that.

The facilities were very good, and clean. Entrance 65 euros, not cheap. There looked like there was food buffet available all night but I didn't take advantage.

I went with a cute little Lithuanian blonde, don't remember her name. She was nice, GFE, kissing, full 1/2 hour.

Then went with a Hungarian Claudia, tan skin and very pretty. A good experience with her too, GFE and letting me enjoy the experience as I wanted.

This place was good, but I would recommend not going on a Monday (according to one of the girls, Sunday was very busy).

08-18-03, 17:01
You can save on the entrance fee by hooking up with 2 other guys in the parking lot. If you come in as a group of 3 only 2 pay, this means that you can get in for 43,34€.

Weekends are popular in world with a lot of regular guests.


08-27-03, 09:26
FKK World, August 23, Mallorca Party

Finally made it to FKK World and it has without a doubt the best facilities of any Frankfurt area club. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the women working there. The club was easy to find. It is so well lighted that once you are near Garbenteich, the club lights up the horizon like a baseball stadium. From the parking lot to the club was only a few minutes walk along a path. At the reception area there was a younger woman behind the desk and a departing customer who was in a heated discussion with an older women (probably the "housemother" of the club, similar to Pia at Atlantis). I don't speak German but the man said "Atlantis" several times and I'm sure he was comparing World to Atlantis. The argument ended abruptly when one of the "Hells Angels" types referred to in other posts entered the room and the man left. I want to make clear that the customer was becoming ever louder and gesticulating violently just in front of this woman's face. The security man was being prudent by entering the room, not trying to intimidate anyone. The younger woman behind the desk spoke English well and asked if I've ever been there before. When I told her I hadn't, she explained the price structure of the club vis-a-vis the woman and it is the same as Oase or Atlantis. While this was going on, the door to the locker room opened and Mercedes walked in, grabbed a towel and went back in the locker room. For those who don't know, Mercedes is a six foot one inch tall Amazonian Goddess who, in addition to being an analleibhaberin, is a very friendly person and always a good time in the room. She used to work at Atlantis. I took a shower and entered the club in search of Mercedes. The locker room leads directly into the main room which has a bar. This was a so called party night so i don't know if it is always like this but they had a very professional sound system playing very, very LOUD music. This is where things get strange. The vast majority of the women were like zombies who wished they were somewhere else. There was very little interaction between anyone. Mercedes was in the adjacent buffet area having dinner with two men so I waited at the bar to see if she would be free soon. After eating she went with one of the men and apparently the other man was next so she would be busy for a while. I went to the buffet room as well as much to get away from the music as to get something to eat. This whole time, I had a good view of the small locker area where the women are paid. In close to an hour, only a handful of transactions took place. On a Saturday night at Oase or Atlantis, in the same time frame, many more would happen. After eating, I went exploring. This place is huge. Lower level with an indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, second bar, Eurosport rather than porno by the second bar, etc. Outside, another swimming pool, a pond, and huts. The money required to acquire and equip this place must have been huge. While checking out the facilities, I was also keeping an eye out for the ladies. There were quite a few women about but not the 100+ advertised for the party night. They also claim they are 25 minutes from Frankfurt which may be true for Michael Schumaker, but not for most. In the end, I was there for a little over two hours and it was getting late so I left without going with anyone. I'll admit i'm picky, but I'm not that picky. The woman who looked good all looked as if they had been there since 10 am. The next time I go (and yes, I will be going again as I think this place is going through teething pains--they will either get better or go out of business) I'll go in the afternoon to get a look at the day shift as well as the night shift when everyone, including me, will be a little fresher.

08-30-03, 05:25
FKK World is a good place - but not the best in Frankfurt. The facilities are the best no doubt, but the women (I've been 4 times) are not on par with Atlantis or Oasis. What FKK World has going for it is space and facilities. I agree with Fats that its probably going through teething pains - but still isn't worth the drive. Yet.

I've had Maya, a late 20ish Russian gal. Great BBBJ and very enthusiastic kisser. She has a nice bodyn short hair and is shaved. Most definetly recommended.

I've also had a nice Turkish gal, don't remember the name. Shoulder lenght brown hair nice body, smallish breasts, but very good and seemed to enjoy the whole experiene. Good GFE.

The other girl I've had is a Bulgarian gal, blond who usually hangs out with a friend in the front room. She seems a little to zealous in her work - a little to fake for me. Her friend is cute too. Her friend is from Turkey.

All in all its better than FKK 35 or Paradis, but I'd put the girl factor behind Oasis (#2) and Atlantis (#1).

09-28-03, 16:05
I just spent 2 days in FKK-world, the second day being the day of the Roemerforum party on Saturday September 20.

1. As many mentionned before, the club's facilities are second to none: a former villa from a german millionnaire, 2 swimming pools, 2 saunas, all day buffet, very large garden. It's much better than Oase and Atlantis.

2. As far as the ladies are concerned, I found the asset quality on par with Oase and Atlantis; but unlike PHG, Atlantis or Oase a couple of ladies turned me down when I invited them to join me in a room. I was a bit surprised by this behaviour. The same thing happened to a couple of Dutch friends.

3. Ladies recommendations : there are 2 polish superstars :

Lucy: 1M65, red curly hair, very thin, small breast, striking grey/blue eyes. good bbj and excellent power/deep fucking.

Lila: 1M65, normal posture, short blond hair, wears glasses with black frames. Lila has not the most smily face but once in the room she was one of the best fuck of 2003. outstanding bbj with deep-throat and super fucking.

I had also a shot with Anastasia, a Czech lady, a body like a top-model, 1M70, blond hair. She has one of the best body in the business, however once in the room she does not like to blow that much and after 10 minutes of fucking she wants to make a pause. A bit disappointing.

On Friday Sept 19, there were about 30 ladies and (at the same time) 40 men.

Saturday was awful : 20 to 25 ladies and 200 men.

I will come back for the Polish stars.

10-19-03, 11:32
i couldn’t understand why some german forums had good reports about world and wsg experience was so much less positive. during my recent four day leisure trip to germany i arranged to spend two at world and atlantis.

world is wonderful. it may not be everybody’s cup of tea but it suits me perfectly (and i’m talking as someone who also went to beverly, cocoon, and sundry other places – more reports to follow as i get time)

how to get there – i think a car is essential for world. (i guess one could travel to giessen by train and then get taxis, but german taxis are very expensive). it’s a 1hour 45 minute easy drive (140kmh and keeping to speed limits) form dusseldorf airport – provided you time it to miss the permanent jams round cologne (otherwise it could easily be up to 2hour 45). from frankfurt it’s only 25 minutes furhter than atlantis

the best way to describe it is in comparison to atlantis (which i have been to about six times), because although they sound as if they should be the same they are in fact very different.

world is huge, on two floors – in total about 3 or 4 times the size of atlantis. similar facilities but of a slightly higher standard. the entrance price is the same (65e) but you get all day food included (not 5* but solid german food) – so it’s much easier to relax and eat than in atlantis. because of it’s size it has a more interesting atmosphere. it doesn’t have the buzz that atlantis has – but if you’re there for more than a couple of hours it make up for the lack of buzz by the much more interesting atmosphere. the girls are much more relaxed, and tend to see it as a club for themeselves as well – breakfasting, lunching etc there and talking in small groups. above all they are friendlier than atlantis – they are much more willing to spend lots of time talking to the men – i saw on several occasions girls talking for up to an hour and not going to rooms at the end (i know this happens to a degree at atlantis but much less so). the girls will act however they feel happy – some resting, some dancing, some chatting. what else? – the service staff are actually friendly, helpful and also get on well with the girls – very different to atlantis. and the lighting is better than atlantis so you can see what you are getting. unlike atlantis there was no hint of it being mechanical and no attempt was made to short-change on the time

the upshot of all this is that the girls are more likely to be ready for genuine sex. half of the ones i paid had orgasms – absolutely no faking (the real orgasms require different breathing patterns and more effort from the girls than fake ones). another one may have been faking. generally they made it clear that they were wanted to be treatedas people and have real sex not just the “wham bam thank you mam” maybe it’’s a good idea to get to be the first client of the day with many of them. all the girls (nearly) seem to like very extensive french on them for starters

i saw about 6 girls the first day. the age was a bit younger than atlantis. the girls are generally slightly less “fuck me” than atlantis if you like plastic tits, platinum blonde and long legs (which i do). but there were lots of slim, natural girls – and once i got my eye in this meant i would give the girls a slightly higher rating than atlantis – but that’s all a matter of personal taste

so what’s the downside of this paradise. well, as it’s so huge and the number of girls was about thirty, it occasionally felt a bit deserted as the night wore on. unlike atlantis it doesn’t seem to get more buzzy as the night goes on – in fact the reverse – by 12.00 the number of girls was falling rapidly. i wonder whether or not the club can keep going – i think it was intended to have about 80 girls. the number of clients was only about 25/30 at any one time (the girl said it was unusually quiet). the other downside is that the price for anal is 150e on top of the normal 50e! extortionate. also there appears to be no significant couch action (except in the cinema which has huge six foot long sofas)

a brief resume of the girls i paid. on top of this there were several others who i didn’t get to – one or two were really good looking. i’m not sure what the turnover of girls is but it’s intended to give a picture - i've not gone into details about the sessions in case they don't want them spread

1. german from dortmund, previously at atlantis, ebhanced tits, sex on couch in cinema. very friendly but little english.
2. german girl, jamaican/german parentage. about 20, very very slim and slight. absolutely stunning. long talk before going to room – more than willing to engage in real sex. arranged to meet her again but something went wrong. my only regret of the trip
3. german girl, afghan/german parentage. 21, on holiday from her main job and only at world for fun and money. took that as a cue that she wanted an enjoyable time. not the prettiest but slim with large natural tits. spoke english – a bit shy, very nice
4. moldavian girl – trained a teacher,21, in world periodically to make money. physically great, with a face which really was sexy when fucking. very slim with large natural tits and long legs. i went back to see her again. very friendly
5. german girl – ghanain parents. very black, very slim (with decent tits and nice bum), about 23?. spoke english, sex in cinema. good fun
6. lithuanian girl – more tarty than others – more make-up, and wearing holdups. about 27?. very active and engaged. spoke english
7. rumanian girl (rumanian. italian parentage). very slim, no tits, large nipples. spoke english – she chatted for over an hour before we went to the room, telling me about the club and the background of some of the other girls. she herself had only been in the business three weeks at the suggestion of a family friend in frankfurt

all in all a nicer bunch of attractive girls i've never come across!

in between i went to atlantis just to bear out my comparisons, atlantis was a lot more pushy, it was too dark to see the girls properly, and felt cramped. generally the girls were less attractive (slightly). however it was made up for by the arrival of a six-foot slim blonde with fantastic eye and lip make up. from lithuania – very friendly and did anal (so-so) for an extra 100e. i think she came. she kissed. a good experience, but not as much real contact as at world (or indeed cocoon, wuppertal on which i will report). i left as i didn’t fancy any other girls. to be fair this was about 15.00 and i know from past experience that atlantis evening shift often has some good-lookers (including the excellent cindy who is very friendly, sexy, busty and relaxed despite being very popular). so i went back to world again. my first impression on entering world again was that it was a let-down – but you just need to give it ten minutes to take it in – it’s not in your face

anyway - i highly recommend giving it a try. if you don’t like it you’re only 30 mins from atlantis so you can go there. for my money it’s world by a long chalk unless you just want a quick two hour visit. for more genuine sex (gf6) try world. at least that was my experience

10-20-03, 05:19
Greatt report Shiatsu!

I am Planning my first trip, and would like to get a few FKKs in.
How do you get to World from Frankfurt?

10-20-03, 08:23

by train – you can get details from bahn.de (there is an english version) – enter “pohlheim” it’s about an hour (fast train) to giessen, from where you could get a taxi, about 5miles/8 kilometers, or get a connecting train to garbenteich.

i drove from dusseldorf so didn’t go from frankfurt. from frankfurt airport the best way is to use the a5 (towards giessen) to junction 11 (gambacher kreuz) before giessen, changing to the a45 (towards hanau) for 2 kilometers, coming off at junction 36 (munzenberg).

from there it is easy (but the directions may sound complicated).
· take the 488 towards lich,
· after 2 km turn left (signposted pohlheim),
· after 2km turn right through pohlheim- dorf gull (30km speed limit through village),
· after i think less than 3km turn left about 700 metres after going under motorway, just as the raod straightens from a right bend (if you miss it there is another turn at a crosroads 100 metres on, and if you miss that turn left at the t junction 500 metres further on) and then turn left again (steinbecher str), left again (alter weg) and left at thee next t-junction and onnce you get to level crossing follow instructions below
· if you do either of the first two turnings than you simply turn left again, go over the level crossing and after about 700/800 metres turn left and world is on the right after another 300 or so metres – try to use car park 2 and not the one with an (alleged) shuttle bus
it is worth getting a street map of giesen area then if you do get lost it is easy to find (i used). as long as the map covers pohlheim in you should (if it’s got schiffenbergstr in pohlheim in then it covers the right area.

there is a arrival map you can print off from the world website, or you could get the address of world and put it in (say) maporama. the address has umlauts in so, with my non-german, keyboard i can’t write the address properly – gruninger weg (i think).

if you do go then i hope it works out for you. if you see the jamaican girl – beaded hair, pierced navel, black (actually caribbean brown rather than west african ebony black), very very slim, practically no breasts, about 160cm tall in shoes. then i’d appreciate it if you could tell her that the englishman waited and waited but there appears to have been a misunderstanding (she probably won’t remember but it’ll give a different opening line if nothing else!) thanks

10-21-03, 17:52
Thanks Shiatsu, nice report.

An extra detail for those arriving on the train at Giessen. Taxi to World takes about 10 minutes, cost is about 18 euros one way.

10-21-03, 23:55
Thanks, Shiatsu.
If I go there, I'll be driving.
Place does seem a lot nicer than Atlantis.

11-23-03, 10:45
Back to World and Atlantis again (I’ll also report under the Atlantis section).
World on a Wednesday. There were only about 20 girls between 17.00 and 20.00. The quality was fine for me – but as previously reported there are no real silicone tits and lips. The girls tend to be younger than Atlantis and treat it like home (a lot of them actually live on site while they’re working there). So the place has a very natural feel – in early afternoon they sit downstairs having a first coffee, then come upstairs for breakfast – often wearing flipflops. Gradually they change into high heels etc.
An added bonus is that reception and bar staff are extremely helpful and friendly
If you like slim, naturally friendly girls then World is the place. But you may not always get the wide choice you get at Atlantis.
World on a Friday. I had to leave at 16.00 – just as a number of very attractive girls were arriving. There were about 25 girls there at 16.00 so obviously the weekend is busier than midweek.
As to the girls themselves. The ones I ‘d met before all remembered me and spent time saying hello. I went to rooms with one I’d been with before, a Russian (about 20, statistics degree) and a Rumanian (bio-chenistry degree). They were all very genuine, kissed and liked French. So all very good. I also went with a Bulgarian who spoke no English and who did some couch action (rare in World) – she approached me and was rather persistent and I’m glad she was. We spent about an hour together (including 40 mins in room) and she definitely came and enjoyed the time. Stunning experience.
I give World full marks – but these things are a matter of personal taste ( I prefer it to Atlantis, Oase, Paradies, Dolce Vita, Freudenberger and Cocoon –I can’t compare with any others). I went by car and by train – it’s about an hour by car from FFM and about 75 mins by train and taxi (taxi costs 17E, train costs about 25 return).

11-25-03, 04:07
Great report!
I have rented a car for my trip around New Year., and will definitely try World.

12-02-03, 00:08
Visited World today and was totally impressed! Compared with Oasis and Atlantis, I have to rate World ***** (5 stars).

First of all the place is a mansion with indoor pool, 2 fireplaces. dining room with turkey dinner, large grand room and 7 or so bedrooms.

Second, because it is so large the girls are spread out and do not get catty or jealous with eachother. You can talk to one and the others will not find out. The girls have alot more interest in conversation before sex. Some of the girls actually were nice!

One tip to save some money, wait in the parking lot for another 2 guys and go in as a group of 3. 3 can enter for 135E (45E each) compared to 1 entering alone for 65E. That is how I got in, and the other 2 German guys were also quite friendly, advising me on which girls were nice and which ones to avoid. I think the girls treat you better if you come in with other guys because they will not be rude to one person, thinking they can get away with it. The girls are more socially polite to a group of 3 guys who are friends.

The food was wonderful. You can breath because the cigaret smoke is not so strong as the other clubs. The girls smoke, but the house is so large there are only a couple girls to each room.

The couch scene was quite wild, several were having sex in the open.

Several of the guys got into the pool with one girl and played volleyball with a beachball. Actually was fun and a nice diversion from hunting for pussy.

Probably were 20 to 25 girls there from 2 pm on to 8 pm. More girls arrived after 4 pm.

A little hard to find, but there are directions on this board and on their website. A couple Germans also gave directions to find it. It is out in the industrial area past the soccer field, up a small dirt road.

Overall I would rate this club as the best compared to Atlantis, Oasis, and Dietzenbach.

Did not see any 10s, but a few 9s. Both of the girls I did were great kissers. One even put a breath mint into her mouth because she had been smoking. She was a real GFE!

I agree with a prior poster that the World girls there are younger, sweeter, and not hard core prostities like Atlantis or Oasis.

12-02-03, 20:43

The facilities in World are very good, no one doubts that. the only complaints that people have, and my main problem is that the quality of girls there is not very good, not on par with many other clubs.

Also regarding the 3 for the price of 2 deal that is only in effect monday to wednesday.

I have been to World twice and been dissapointed in the quality and quantity of women both times.

Hooking up with some locals to help scout you is a good idea and I recommend it to anyone. It will save you a lot of hassles, and keep you away from the not so great girls.


12-03-03, 00:29

I was disappointed by the girls at World too, but my last visit was way back in August, and it was the worse period of the year, everybody being on vacation. When did you visit them last ?

Maybe the situation has improved now with these reports from shiatsu and Npaul. There were only 20-25 girls in their late 20s on a Friday night when I was there, with no couch action. Now Npaul says that there are already 20-25 younger girls on a Monday afternoon, with more coming in after 4pm and wild couch action going on.

So maybe the situation is improving. Still not the 100 girls claimed on their web site, but moving in the right direction ? ;) I think I will pay them a visit again on my next trip to Frankfurt.

12-19-03, 12:42
good news from World
I have gone there with a friend and both enjoyed very much the visit
my previous experience there was not bad and I noticed an increasing quality and quantity as for the girls
I think that the management is trying to doing a marketing effort to make some difference between World and the best FKK's in the frankfurt area, Atlantis and Oase
last wednesday I felt a funny atmosphere at World, far away from the other places one
while we were in the whirlpool, 3 hungarian girls joyned us inside and we have started playing, kissing etc. etc. (I worried they tried to charge us some money but none talked about that)
only half hour later I choose one of them but my friend didn't and the girls didn't complain him (in other places you have to pay a extra price to take a bath with a girl or simply they don't like to do it)
Stephanie (?) has been a good choice
the second choice has been Natasha, a girl from Riga studying in germany, not bad
the third, Angela from Hungary, is not the best of the bunch, but is a great GFE
we started kissing and warming up in the whirlpool (very exciting to me...) and then we have spent about an hour in the room (charged 50E)
around 1am a couple of guys of the staff started running dance music very loud and the most of the girls started dancing
what a show !!
a couple of them falled down because the floor was slippery due to the champagne foam a guy throwed'em
there was a party atmophere I liked very much and we enjoyed so much that we have gone to sleep at 4am
I think World worths a new visit for who, like me, was not totally satisfied in the past

12-19-03, 15:34
I agree, Natasha was quite a cutie. I did her as my second girl and she finished the session off with an added massage as well.

Here's a photo of the American girls we have to chose from:

12-19-03, 16:42

ok.. not bad...but what do u really think of American girls?


12-20-03, 23:58
Thanks for the update. I've been avoiding World since my first 2 visits there were turnoffs. Good to hear that they seem to have gotten their act together. I'll try to get there next time in town.
Happy holidays!

12-22-03, 11:35
thanks, happy holidays to you and everybody
please let us know your opinion from your next visit because I'm curious to know if the improvement I saw it's a trend or just a lucky day

Mark User
12-23-03, 02:28
I would say World is improved. My last trip a few days ago was wonderful. I timed it to be there for a few hours before the hot meal service (about 3 pm) and a few after which let me take advantage of the shift change.

I saw three wonderful young things: Annette (thin blonde from Poland, I think), Tanya (an older woman with bad teeth but very friendly and just a nice warm person to spend time with!), and Sophia (a thin brunette from Bulgaria, a real cutie and wonderful time).

Some couch action in the big room and the kino, and a very nice environs. Nothing too pressured, an ok meal, and a very nice time.

A bit farther, but not to far, from Frankfurt. I had a car, so I didn't mind the drive.

If you are staying away, you are making a mistake!


12-23-03, 20:38
Glad to see my earlier recommendations of World have been encouraging. I'll be going back on 22 and 23 January. If anyone will be around then, and would like to cross paths, then send me a private message via this site. I'll be staying in Giessen

12-24-03, 12:03
shiatsu, I'd like to be there in janaury but UNFORTUNATELY I should be in Rio :-)

12-24-03, 15:35
hello I wouldlike to try this FKK out but I have never been there I will Be in SPB in late janurary so I will not be able to join but maybe a different time i will have some free time the weekend before or the first week in feburary that i could spend in Germany.

Captain America
01-20-04, 18:36
Newcomer to the Germany scene.

I'll be flying into Frankfurt on Thursday night and would like to visit World or Dietzenback first, then find a hotel and get some sleep. Any suggestions which one is better - world or dietzenbach?

Secondly, any decent hotels for a reasonable amount in the area(s)?

I will post once I've been there.

Jaimito Cartero
01-20-04, 21:31
I'll be coming in Frankfurt on the 29th, so if you find affordable lodgings and or great places to go, let me know. Shiatsu and a few others have been very helpful, but still haven't found a room yet.

01-20-04, 22:49

Hi JC,

I visited World last summer and stayed at this hotel in Lich. It is a few kilometer away from Pohlheim. But it will only take you 5min to drive. Have a nice stay


01-20-04, 23:47

After seeing some encouraging reports (see below), I went back to World on Jan 2. There was less than 10 girls working that evening, with only a couple worth a 5 or 6 max. OK, bad timing as most girls must have gone back home for the new year celebration, but I jumped in my car was at Atlantis 15 mn later, and there was about 35-40 girls there, with some 8 or 9.

Maybe at World, the girls are back from holidays now, but I suggest you rent a car so you have a plan B for Atlantis in case they are not. As I said, just 15mn away by taking the 45.


01-26-04, 12:46
Went back to World on Thurs and Fri late January. I also went to Oase and Atlantis and will report separately. What struck me with all clubs was how poor the selection was – it looks like the middle of winter is not a good time. If you get to the end of this report however I make a strong recommendation for a worker called Andrea.

Anyway, I arrived at World at about 16.00 on Thursday and was horrified to think how someone who read my previous reports would have been disappointed. I stayed for about two hours and then left without any action. There were one or two stunning lookers but I had tried them before and their service had been good but not excellent. The food was poor. A quarter of the girls were in general overweight and bottom heavy, and about half were mediocre. I am very fussy – but then I’m paying the money.

The next day I returned (ever optimistic), about 16.00 (after visiting Atlantis and Oase in between). The selction was better – but still not brilliant – I’m only interested in thiose who, in my eyes are 9 or 10. There were about 25 girls there and a shortage of customers. This meant that for the first time I had to fend off unwanted attention. There were on or two I was interested in but I didn’t follow up since I saw that when they went with a man they were aloof to say the least – this seems to me to be a bad sign.

I agreed to go with a tall Czech blonde – not a 9 or 10 but my requirements were falling!. She was a clock-watcher (30 minutes to the minute) and adequate if uninspired.

I decided to go after this – despite there being a couple of girls I was interested in. And just as I was changing a new arrival walks past. The good sign was that she caught my eye with a genuine friendly look. So I changed back, put myself in her way and agreed to let her sit with me. First she checked out if all my relevant parts were working and did some definite pussy grinding on me. We went to the room and all I’ll say is that she came twice (no faking) once from oral and once from deep fucking and she was able to do vigorous complete deep throat for five minutes at a time. Unbelievable. I responded to all her body messages – when to stop and start and as a result of her having a good experience I had a really good time.

She was absolutely genuine – although of course also professional (nothing comes for free). Her name is Andrea from Prague and she is there on a three month visa. This was the first day of her current stint (she said that was why her pussy was tight, having been out of use for a while). She is 21, has just finished her degree, has jet black shoulder length hair, and was wearing black eyeliner, and a pair of fishnet arm gloves. She is slim, no flab, but with good size natural breasts. She was honest in her compliments – and enjoyed good sex.

So that’s how it was for me – I don’t normally recommend as you can never guarantee a repeat but this time I’ll let you take the risk.

Incidentally as I was leaving (20.00) again I saw another new arrival who I liked but I decided to leave on the high note.

So my conclusions from my limited experience – and I hope it is of some use

·January is not good at any of the major clubs round Frankfurt
·If you are interested in paid sex as a short nostrings loving relationship then it works best if you catch the workers soon after their arrival – being the first client of the day is usually rewarding. Many of the girls appreciate good caring sex and will describe what a change is from the quick bang they often get (no. I'm not naive)

01-31-04, 20:03
fkk world has amazing facilities, some 60 girls, many of them beautiful, and the 15 girls who i had sex with during my two visits had a fantastic attitude. i think the startup difficulties are over. fkk world now competes with atlantis for best club in germany and in my opinion it wins. my mind reels at the thought of describing the entire two days i spent at this club, but the details are below. also check out my posts on atlantis (great), x-treff (interesting), and oase (very disappointing).

if you are familiar with the layout of the club you might want to skip my long description, and if you don’t want to read about all of the girls you should skip to day 2, which was the better – or at least more interesting – day.

day 1

i visited fkk world for the first time on a saturday. i was immediately impressed by the facilities. there was plenty of parking within walking distance of the club (p2 is the closest of the 3 parking areas, but p3 is also within walking distance). it was january, so i didn’t get a look at the outdoor facilities, but i could see that they have a lot of land, and on their website (http://www.fkk-world.de) i can see that they have a large garden with an outdoor pool, a lake, and bungalows. as you approach the entrance you pass a parking space with a new car in it. a raffle ticket for this car is included in the price of entry and in may the winner will be announced.

once inside the doorway there is desk where you pay 65 euro entrance and get your locker key. there is a very convenient atm machine right in front of the desk; its great not to have to withdraw mountains of euros before going to the club, never knowing how much you will actually use, and inevitably getting stuck with a few hundred when returning to your home country. withdrawals show up as “vb giessen friedberg pohlheim”, not “fkk world – germany’s largest sex club!” on your bank statement. there are also several big shelves always stocked with huge piles of fresh fluffy towels. the lockers and showers are large, clean, and luxurious. there are hairdryers right outside the showers.

when you pass through the locker room you enter the center of gravity of the club; a huge room with a high glass roof. in the center of the room is a steel table about 10 feet in diameter with the fkk logo engraved in it, a dancing pole in the center, and a small decorative pool underneath it. surrounding the dancing table are 10 or so tall coffee tables and a few stools, and surrounding the coffee tables are 10 or 15 large leather sofas and chairs. on one side of the room is a bar, with free nonalcoholic drinks and alcoholic beer for sale, and on another side of the room is a luxurious canopy bed with sheer red chiffon curtains for public sex. above the coffee tables are four large plasma tv screens showing different porno movies. there is a lot of red and black and everything is clean and shiny.

the room is a good meeting place. some of the girls spread themselves out on the dancing table in a sexy way. the coffee tables are a convenient place to start a conversation. the manager of the club told me that she heard that peopled had said that this room looked empty when the girls were dispersed around the club, and so she now asks the girls to gather mostly in this room when they are not with someone. some posts indicated that this room is too light. there are red translucent plastic coverings over the glass in the ceiling and i am guessing that these are new, because the lighting seemed just right to me, but i can see how the room might be too bright without these red coverings.

next to the main room is the dining room. there is a large communal table with comfortable chairs next to a buffet. the buffet is continually restocked and changes throughout the day. they served breakfast until 6 or so (kind of humorous, i thought), and then they started putting out hot meals with meat dishes, rice, noodles, cooked vegetables, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and soups. when they ran out of something they replaced it with a different dish, so you could eat a variety of food if you stayed for a while. this blew away any buffet i have ever seen in any other club. i hear the buffet at atlantis is good, but i have never seen it since unlike fkk world, they do not offer their buffet every day.

past the bar is the movie theater (kino), which has three gigantic soft sofas that are perfect for sex and many people take advantage of them for this purpose. the room has a giant screen, which offers yet another porno viewing choice. beyond the kino are some curtained bedrooms.

past the dining room is a long hallway that winds past bathrooms, down a flight of stairs, past telephones, a tanning room, more curtained bedrooms (even when the club was packed i never saw anyone wait for a room), and a massage facility before arriving at the swimming pool. the pool area is nicely laid out with lounge chairs, a jacuzzi on one side, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the other. at night there is a swirling light beacon which lights up the sky outside the windows and which looked particularly spectacular one night when it snowed.

beyond the swimming pool is a giant living room with two or three fake fireplaces, 10 or 15 brown leather sofas, thick soft rugs, one plasma screen for porno, and another plasma screen for sports. at one end of the room is another full bar, although it was closed when i was there. past this room are large sauna and steam rooms.

i arrived at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and the club looked empty. i had seen reports saying that there weren’t many girls and that some of them weren’t so good looking, and what i saw seemed to confirm this. the few girls that i saw weren’t interesting, there weren’t many men, and it looked like the people who had invested in this club had made a huge miscalculation. i was considering an early departure. when i returned to the main room, however, i noticed a blonde supermodel straight out of hustler’s “barely legal” series who looked like she might need some company. i figured i would see her and then head over to oase or back to atlantis. the place looked great, but i didn’t come here to f--- the facilities.

victoria. polish. age 20. 10

i asked her if she wanted to make love in the public bed in the main room. she seemed very quiet and shy and said no. maybe sex in the kino? no she would only go to the room. i said i’d think about it, started to walk off, got about 30 feet, and changed my mind. she was gorgeous and there was no one else i was interested in anyway. in the room she was a little mechanical and a little reluctant to kiss, but she did everything nicely and being gorgeous made up for her shyness. i wouldn’t say we made a great connection, but there was something very sweet and innocent about her, and the session was fine, though not wild. it now seemed that i had tried everything the club had to offer. later it turned out that this would be my least interesting session, although in retrospect i wonder if it wouldn’t have been worth seeing her again to see if she would warm up on the second round.

after we finished i noticed that a few new girls had arrived. it was now perhaps 5 o’clock. i was still skeptical that things were going to improve much, but now there were a couple of other girls that i might be interested in. i asked a nice blonde lithuanian if she would have sex with me in the public bed or in the kino and she said no. a black haired romanian who didn’t look bad said she would go with me in the public bed, but it would be 50 extra. girls were continuing to arrive, so i decided to wait and see and told her maybe later.

i went downstairs to the big living room and sat on a sofa next to the one where a guy was wildly f---ing a blonde who was not bad, changing positions every couple of minutes. i watched them and thought about doing the girl on the same sofa as soon as she finished with the guy. but then i realized that she would have to go upstairs and get money from him, and she would probably want to take a shower as well, so the moment would be lost. i watched them until they finished and went back upstairs with a raging hard on that i had to hide under my towel.

gabriella. slovakian. age 21. 8

i asked a beautiful sandy blonde if she wanted to have sex on the public bed, and she said no, but that we could go to the kino. she seemed shy, so when we got to the kino and there were people sitting on all of the three giant sofas i assumed we would be going to a private room. but no. we just sat down next to another guy sitting on the sofa in the back and started to have sex. we kissed passionately, she bbbj’d me, and we did a long 69. then she rode me cowgirl for a while. i put her down on her back and got on top of her with her head almost in the other guy’s lap. i suppose he was probably enjoying it, but i didn’t really even notice since i was so absorbed by her. when i wasn’t busy kissing or licking every part of her upper body we were deep french kissing. there was some traffic through the kino since you have to pass through it to get to the bedrooms behind it, so there was some titillation from being seen by various people. the sofa was fabulously huge and soft.

after being inside her for what must have been close to a half hour i asked if i could come in her mouth. of course! (by this time our companion had gotten up and left.) i shot in her mouth and it seemed like a big load, so i was surprised when i didn’t see anything on her face. where is it? i asked. she said she swallowed it. (pretty hot, although i wish she’d made a mess of her face instead.) afterwards we talked for a few minutes; it was probably already more than a half hour by then. she told me that working in the club isn’t always that great, but that her boyfriend is 55 years old and the sex isn’t good, so she needs to come here to get sex, and the good sex she has helps make up for the times when the work gets tiring. i gave her 120 instead of 100 because i was so happy.

when we left the kino i saw that even more nice girls had arrived. i was surprised at how long it had taken for things to get going. i speculated that some of the reports that the selection of girls isn’t good came from people who came early and left disappointed, as i almost did, without ever seeing the evening shift.

mariella (or something close). czech. age 23. 8

mariella is tall and slinky with long straight fluffy blonde hair. she was wearing a sexy scarf with metal tassels around her waist. she agreed to have sex on the public bed with me and didn’t mention any surcharge. she was a little shy about it. i lied down on my back with my feet pointing towards the room and she knelt in front of me with her back to the room. when she wasn’t looking some other girls came and pulled the sheers open so everyone could see better. mariella started giving me a bbbj, but then looked back, noticed the sheers, and pulled them closed. a couple more times while she bbbj’d me her friends opened the sheers and she closed them until her friends stopped teasing her and left the sheers closed. fortunately she was still able to concentrate on the important task before her.

we 69’d for a while and then had sex in various positions. i wasn’t able to finish, unfortunately, since i had already finished a few times the day before and once today. of course the good thing about not finishing was that i got to thrust away inside her different ways for the better part of a half hour, all the while deep french kissing, with the whole room – perhaps 50 people – watching.

when we finished i gave her 70 instead of 50 to show my appreciation. but she got upset and said that the price for doing it in the room was 100. i was a little annoyed since she had said nothing about this before, and i told her this, but i also told her that it was good, so i didn’t mind giving her 100. also, the two other girls who had said they would do it in the room said it would cost 100 extra, so it seemed like it might be a house rule, although i later found out that this wasn’t true and was then a little more unhappy that she had asked for the extra money.

andrea. czech. age 21. 9

andrea was described in a previous post. she is a vamp. she is tall with long curly jet black hair and stands out for her beauty, her eye-catching makeup, and her uninhibited sexy demeanor. the little that she wears is black. when she is free she sometimes gets up on her knees on one of the barstools and leans on the bar with her rear pointing towards the room, or she gets up on the dancing table and lies back on her elbows with one leg straight out and the other bent at the knee. she is impossible not to notice. if you see a girl and you are not sure whether it is her or not it isn’t her.

we sat down together on one of the big leather sofas and began to kiss. as the kissing intensified she sat on top of me and began rubbing her pussy over my uncovered dick. then she slid down, moved sideways onto the sofa into a feline posture, and started to blow me. after a minute i slid under her and we 69’d.

i could see that there were some people who were trying not to stare. she got off me, i sat up, and she put a condom on me, got on top of me, and we did cowgirl. after a while we stretched out and went at it in missionary position. the whole time she was smiling, kissing, hugging me, laughing if i said something that could be even remotely funny, or maybe just laughing at what we were doing. it was 9 or 10 o’clock; it was peak time and the room was packed.

we got up and moved to the public bed. she pulled aside all of the sheers so that everyone could have a clear view of us and we got on the bed and continued in missionary. a small crowd gathered in front of us. i put her on her side facing the crowd and we did it in spoon position. next i lied down and she got on top of me. i could tell that i wouldn’t be able to finish inside her, so after a while we took off the condom and she blew me some more. again, i couldn’t shoot, and at some point i told her so and said that she should tell me when the half hour passes. she said it already had a while ago, so we stopped and i gave her 120.

in spite of being in front of the whole room i mostly paid attention to her and tried not to look at the crowd, at least not the men. once when i was in russia i brought two beautiful girls back to my hotel room and f---ed their brains out while they made out with each other. at some point i got out my camera and we started taking pictures. many of the pictures were taken by one girl when i was f---ing the other and in some of those pictures i smiled at the camera. when i looked at them afterwards i couldn’t believe how ridiculous i looked and how spoiled those pictures were. it’s sexy when the girl smiles, but when the guy smiles it looks like he wants to have sex with you. so i might smile at girls and flirt with them when i am f---ing, but i try not to look at guys. knowing that they are watching, however, is fun.

my dick now looked like a soggy mcdonald’s french fry. i needed to spend some time eating a little dinner, watching some tv, maybe taking a sauna ... i had a few drinks and hung out on the sofas or sat at the coffee tables or in the kino and watched the porn movies.

more than at other clubs the girls at fkk world look cheerful and animated. the girls at oase look like bored-out-of-their-mind f--k-sluts. the only time they ever move is to light a cigarette or to get up and do a round of pestering men for company. the girls at atlantis look cheery, but i find the way most of them stake out positions and remain in one spot the whole night (except for when they go to a room with a man) to be unnatural. at fkk world the girls move around, mix with each other, and flirt with the men. they look just like girls having fun in a regular disco but with no clothes on. many of the girls affect sexy poses, draping themselves over the back of a sofa, leaning back in their seats and rubbing their tits, or sitting on the dance table with their legs spread.

stephanie. bulgarian. age 21 (?). 7

i took a jacuzzi and as i was leaving gabriella and a friend arrived and asked me to get back in. i did. they both moved towards me, but i explained that i wasn’t ready for another round yet. when another guy got in and went over to gabriella, her friend, stephanie, moved towards me. she wasn’t bad –a 6.5 or 7. i put up my hands to show that i didn’t want to start with her, but she said “don’t worry – it’s not for money” and positioned herself in front of me, staring into my eyes like she was trying to hypnotize me. she slowly moved towards me and i put my hands on her sides. she moved closer, to within inches of my face and i started feeling her body with my hands. her skin was firm and smooth. when she bumped into my dick it was rock hard. she didn’t quite look like a model, but this was incredibly sexy. i drew her close and began kissing her, and she started rubbing her pussy against my dick. gradually we started deep french kissing. this lasted for about 10 minutes.

we got out of the jacuzzi, toweled off, and moved to one of the sofas in the downstairs living room. we kissed, went down on each other, f---ed in missionary, cowgirl, spoon, and reverse cowgirl. there were several guys on other couches who were either watching us, watching porn, or getting blow jobs. couples coming to and leaving the nearby rooms passed by and smiled. stephanie got up and took my hand. she walked me over to the bar at the back end of the living room. it was closed and the lights were off. she took me to the counter, stopped in front of it, and looked at me. i lifted her up onto it and we started again in missionary right on the counter. after a little while she moved over to another surface (maybe the sink – i can’t remember) and sat up as i f---ed her. we also tried a stool, i think. when it was over i gave her 70.

afterwards i went back upstairs, sat, had a drink, chatted, etc... then i wandered back downstairs, sat in the living room on the sofa facing the swimming pool, and watched guys getting blowjobs. the room had several people in it and most of the time there was at least one guy getting a blow job, though unfortunately i didn’t see anyone else f---ing.

punita, german, age 20 (?). 7

punita has long frizzy black hair which was tied back the night i saw her. she is short and has nice big round soft tits that stand up and smooth skin. i approached her in the big room upstairs and she he said we could have sex in the public bed, but it would be 100 extra, so i asked if we could go down to the living room and do it on a couch for 50 and she said yes. it was great. my dick was inside her for most of the half hour thrusting away. some of her friends passed by and watched and we chatted with them for a couple of minutes while we f---ed like crazy and deep french kissed. after a little while she seemed uncomfortable on the floor, so i took her to a bed in a room and banged her some more there. (even though it was peak time on a saturday night there were plenty of beds available; there was never any wait.) she was really sweet. i gave her 70.

magdalena, poland (i think), 21 (?)

it was now past 3 am and getting towards closing time. i hadn’t seen girls starting to leave yet and there were still many guys as well, but i knew that the club closed at 4. magdalena is a tall, thin, slinky girl with very long soft straight brown hair. i had checked her out several times and finally decided to try her at a little past 3:30. she agreed to go to the kino where we kissed for a long time and then i went down on her for about 10 minutes. we did the usual bbbj and sex in different positions, although she had a little trouble keeping wet (maybe she was thinking about going home). the club started to shut down and people were walking around us closing up.

we finished up and i gave her 50 and drove home. there had been a light dusting of snow and this had created an icy surface on the roads, so it took me about an hour to get back to my hotel.

day 2

after a very disappointing time at oase in the early afternoon (see my other post) i arrived at fkk world at around 6 on sunday. all of the girls i had seen the day before were there – one nice one was even just leaving - so it looked like things got going much earlier. when i saw the girl who was leaving she was standing at the desk in her street clothes and i thought she was arriving, so i wasted a lot of time waiting for her before i realized that she had been leaving, not arriving. then i wanted to see andrea again, but she was busy and stayed busy for a long time. i waited until after 8 pm. several times when i passed one of the bedrooms off the hallway to the pool i heard moaning and figured that it must be her since she was gone for so long. this was a disaster – one of my precious days in germany was melting away without me having had a single satisfying experience so far. i then had the horrible realization that it was sunday and i couldn’t assume that the girls would all stay until 4 am like they did the night before. i needed to get to work.

lulu, venezuelan, age 20, 7, and
[CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), venezuelan, age 22, 8.

i walked past the bar and noticed a cute girl with curly black hair not quite to her shoulders, smooth light skin, and huge round breasts. she was very cheery and acted very extroverted. i asked about sex on the public bed, but she said it would be extra, and since i had already done it a couple of times i suggested going to a sofa in the downstairs living room and she said ok.

she told me she is from venezuela, and we started talking in spanish. she told me that her sister was here in the club and asked me if i wanted to have her sister come with us. she said they would kiss and go down on each other in addition to having sex with me for 100+100. in rio once i did two girls who were sisters. they both went down on me at the same time, but they didn’t do each other, and that sounded just a little too weird even for me. (plus i often find that when 2 girl sessions are offered without me asking about them first they are more often than not bad and the girls are mostly interested in money, although i now see that this probably wasn’t the case here.)

we got downstairs and as we sat on the sofa another girl came towards us. lulu told me that this was her sister, [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901). [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) was a little prettier than lulu, with shoulder length soft and wavy brown hair. she is a little thinner, a little quiet and shy, and has a girl-next-door look. lulu, meanwhile, looks and acts like a complete ****. at one point she begged me to f--- her in the ass (since i’m not really into that i declined).

she asked me if i was sure that i didn’t want to do a 2-girl session with a lesbian show and i said yes. so she asked if [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) could at least watch us (no charge). of course. [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) sat up on the arm of the sofa we were on and we got started. we kissed, she blew me, she put on a condom and got on top of me; it’s so extraordinary that i would never call it routine, but it was by now familiar. only it was different now because as we were f---ing i was looking at [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) and we were smiling at each other. we made some small talk as i pounded away inside her sister. i asked her what she wanted to see us do, but she wouldn't say.

i put lulu down on the sofa with her head towards [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), and as we did it in missionary i reached up and held [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)’s hand tightly. i put lulu down on her back on the rug and we did it in the middle of the floor in front of the fake fire with the porn monitor over it and in full view of the pool. there was a light snowfall outside which the swirling light beacon outside lit up spectacularly and we had a grand view of it through the glass walls of the room.

we tried a couple of positions and it now seemed that the half hour might be close to over, although no one had indicated that they might be watching the clock. i stopped pumping and got up and lulu asked me what i wanted now (meaning what position or did i want a blow job). i reached out and took [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)’s hand and they both smiled. i said that i only wanted [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), not the 2-girl special, and started the whole routine all over again, but with [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) this time. dfk, bbbj, 69, positions on the couch, then moving to the floor.

as we f---ed on the floor in various positions, lulu circled around us telling us what we should do, how to f---, what we looked like, who was watching. she was rubbing her pussy and telling me to look at it. she was slightly overdoing the **** talk, but it was still fun. at one point i started to laugh and mentioned that every so often you look in the newspapers and see that the prestigious and successful president of some major company has had his life ruined because the media got hold of a picture of him in a situation like the one we were in now. she asked me if i was the president of a company and i said no (i’m not), but the idea stuck and from then on i was “el presidente de la compania.”

when we finished i gave them each 60 and they seemed happy. their performance had been at least as good as that of the girls that i gave 70 to the day before, but after seeing so many girls i was getting to a point where i had to start conserving funds. they quickly began suggesting other wild parties that we could do. they insisted that i try the lesbian party at some point. i asked them if either of them would do it with 2 men. i’ve done this in swinger clubs with women who were not bad, but never in an fkk club with hot girls in their early 20s. they said they definitely would. i asked about sandwiches and they said yes. i asked how much for a sandwich and lulu said 1,000 euro. i countered that i and the other man could give her 100 for a total of 200 and she seemed excited and said yes. i asked if she would do double vaginal, and she said yes to that too. i told them to both try to find another guy who wants to do double vaginal, or dp as long as he does the anal, and then to come find me. i was actually more interested in doing it with [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901), but i’d never done this before and either one of them would have been fine. before she left i tried to say in spanish “and don’t get me a fireplug.”

andrea (again).

when we got back upstairs i saw andrea. i asked her where she had been for so long and then said never mind that it wasn’t important now because we had to have sex right now and right there. we did pretty much the same thing we did on day 1, except that we did a few more positions like rc and her sitting on me as i lay on my back with her facing the room that gave everyone some better views. at one point i was on top of her and i was thinking that it was sexy that she had been with so many men recently so i asked her how many she had seen so far.

she told me that on saturday she had worked 10 hours and seen 22 men!

i thought that was great. i felt like i was with an anabolic gangbang girl. the reason she was able to do more than one man per half hour is that many of them don’t need the whole half hour to finish. i on the other hand did need the whole half hour, and when she told me that she was getting sore (only after at least a half hour) i was more than sympathetic. another fantastic experience and i gave her another 120.

afterwards i noticed that the girls were now smiling at me and some of them wanted to talk to me. the sex in public thing seemed to be going well. maybe they thought my skills were above average (i wonder what the average is), maybe they liked a guy who kept it up and didn’t finish too fast (i was on about my third viagra tablet), or maybe they just liked the fact that i was relaxed enough about it to do it in front of everyone. whatever it was, things seemed to have become more congenial.

mariella (again)

i saw mariella and she looked good, so i walked up to her and tried to start kissing her in the room. she backed away and took my hand and we walked into the kino. it turned me off a little that she wouldn’t kiss me there; maybe she was afraid that i would go a little too far and embarrass her; maybe she was pissed off because she thought i tried to underpay her the day before. for whatever reason the ensuing session was unremarkable. not that it was bad, but at some point she was no longer interested in kissing and it seemed a little mechanical, perhaps partly because i had recently had so many extraordinary sessions - and even some of those were getting to be a little repetitive, though still intensely enjoyable. i had hoped that a repeat session would be better than the first, so i was disappointed. i gave her 50.

now it was getting late. this was my last day for f---ing in germany and i had only had one really satisfying session. and i didn’t know when the girls would start leaving. i looked around for someone to take quickly.

anita, polish, age 23, 6.

anita is thin and flat chested with short red hair. she isn’t a model type, but looks sexy and had seemed lively when i saw her walking around the room. she said she would screw me in the public bed, but it would be 50 extra, so i took her to the downstairs living room. bbbj, 69, different positions on the sofa, different positions on the floor, including while giggling with her friends who were passing by. great time. i gave her 60.

laura, lithuanian, age 25, 8, and
valentina, lithuanian, age 23, 7.

as soon as i got back upstairs laura, a beautiful lithuanian blonde who had told me the day before that she didn’t want to have sex on the public bed, approached me and invited me to go there with her and her friend, valentina for 50 each. laura is medium-height with a nice smile and a happy demeanor and she speaks very good english. valentina is a little taller and more sultry looking, and her english is not so good. i asked if they would make love to each other as well as me and she said yes, but it would be an extra 50 for each of them. since my funds were getting depleted i settled for a nonlesbian party. they said that they had seen me downstairs with anita and that since i had just been with another girl maybe i wanted a little time to rest. i said ok. it must have been 1:30.

after 20 or so minutes of getting something to eat, getting a drink, and wandering around i got them and we went to the public bed and closed the sheers. we started by deep french kissing, first one at a time with the other kissing my chest and stomach, and then switching. then i brought them both towards me and began switching back and forth from mouth to mouth. eventually one of them went down and started blowing me, and they switched back and forth, one blowing me and the other deep kissing. everything was done very passionately.

they put a condom on me as i lay on my back and laura got on top of me facing towards me. i pulled valentina over and had her sit on my face, facing laura. they were both very giggly and seemed to be having a great time. after a few minutes i had the girls trade places. they changed the condom, but they did it very quickly and deftly so i hardly noticed.

valentina fell over on her side and we started going at it in spoon. meanwhile laura got down and started licking my balls as i f---ed valentina. (at one point i pulled out and tried to get her to suck me straight from valentina’s pussy, but she didn’t want to do that.) i pulled laura over on top of me and valentina and began kissing her as i continued f---ing valentina.

we changed again. i put laura on her back and got on top of her, and i had valentina lie next to her and began making out with valentina while i pumped away inside laura. then i moved valentina up a little and went down on her. i went back and forth between valentina’s pussy and laura’s mouth.

i rolled on my back and took off the condom. they took turns blowing me and then they both went down on me together. one sucked while the other licked and then they both ran their tongues up and down me at the same time. i told laura that i wanted to come in her mouth, and she started sucking me while valentina came up and began kissing me. i came nicely with my dick deep in her mouth and valentina’s tongue deep in mine. we all kissed and then lay down and chatted for a while. it was after 2 am now and there weren’t many men left in the club, so no one seemed to be in any hurry. afterwards i gave them each 60.

i got a drink and came back and laura introduced me to a beautiful but shy russian girl. she said that the russian girl would do the same thing with me: would take another girl and do me in the public bed. when i first arrived i was having trouble finding girls who would do it. now i had a line of volunteers. i found a nice ukrainian girl to join us, but then the russian girl seemed to have misunderstood. after various complicated communications the message seemed to be that the russian girl was shy, so she would only do me in a private room and only if another girl was there, which sounded a little odd, so i passed.

sabrina, 22, ukraine (n med wavy blk thick soft, main, dnc)

i took the ukrainian girl, sabrina, to the public bed and we closed the sheers. she had nice long wavy brown hair, wasn’t thin but wasn’t overweight either, and had a nice smile. again, lots of kissing, bbbj, 69, and various positions. i asked her how many men she had seen that day and was surprised that it was only one before me. she was certainly pretty enough to be in demand, and she had a great attitude. i suppose a lot of guys come, do the top 2 or 3 girls, and leave, so the demand is not at all evenly distributed. i don’t know if the fact that she was my last girl somehow makes her special, but i have been thinking a lot about her since i left. i gave her 60. she was really nice.

in 2 days i saw 15 girls at fkk world. most of them were fabulous and the one or two encounters that were below average for fkk world were still better than average for many other clubs. the total cost was 1290 euros (160 of which was voluntary tips), including admission fees; some of the best money i’ve ever spent.

i’ve seen several negative posts saying that the selection of girls was not so good. in many cases the guy who wrote the post mentions arriving early, and i found that the afternoon selection was not good, so maybe they have to get some of the better girls to come earlier in the day. i told the manager that i was happy and she said that they are aggressively recruiting girls and that many of the ones who were there were new arrivals. she said they hoped to have about 100 girls when the outdoor areas opened for summer. i said that i would write about my experiences at the club. if you have read this far then maybe i did a good job.

02-03-04, 17:17

60 girls at World in January ??? Was there any special event organised the weekend you were there, or was it just a normal weekend ?

I've been 4 times to World now, last time just a few weeks ago in January, a Friday night (after reading some encouraging reports in this forum). Only about 10 girls. I can't believe I'm always so unlucky to go there only when all the girls are off. The maximum I have ever seen is about 20-25, and I can guarantee you I searched through all the facilities and waited for hours for eventual girls to come back from the room or to come to work late.

Can anybody confirm that number of girls at World has significantly increased now ?

02-04-04, 02:20

What time of day did you go? Note that when I showed up in the afternoon things looked dead and completely consistent with the past negative reports about small and unattractive selection. But the situation improved a lot in the evening. I know they had more than 10 girls because I f---ed more than 10, and there were a lot that I didn't get to.

Things may vary from day to day, although I went on a Saturday and a Sunday and most of the girls were there on both days. The manager told me that they had hired a lot of new girls, so maybe things have improved recently. She said that they expect to have about 100 girls by the time the outdoor areas open up.

Don't go at 3 or 4 and leave unhappy at 4 or 5. Wait until 8 or 9; there will still be plenty of time to bail out and go to Atlantis if things don't work out (if you go to this club you surely have a car).

02-04-04, 10:51

On my last January visit, I was there 5pm to about 10pm on a Friday. On my previous visits, I stayed until after midnight, once on a Saturday.

What puzzle me is that there were also not that much customers. If they bring 60 girls in, quite a few of them will not have any business over the night.

OK, maybe bad luck for me, I went just after they opened, then in August-September when everybody is on holidays, then in January when the girls are back home and not returned yet....

Thanks for your recommendation, but I think I will do it the other way round for the time being. Continue to go to Atlantis/Oase and bail out for World if things don't work out ;). And go to World directly only next spring or summer, maybe at the anniversary party they will organise on May 28.

02-04-04, 20:56

Excellent report.

I'm still very bemused - I've been to World about six times - on most days of the week, and been there sometimes till 23.00 after some girls were packing up and I've never seen more than 25 girls, or more than about 15/20 customers.

Maybe there's been a radical change in the last couple of weeks - anyway I'm going back in March and will see if I am as lucky as you were!

02-04-04, 22:19
maybe i just got lucky. again, the manager gave me the impression that they were just getting out of the woods with startup difficulties, so maybe things are getting better. i hope they will stay better, because the club has a lot of advantages if it succeeds. she also said that a lot of the girls were new. if shiatsu is correct andrea must have just started a couple of days or a maybe week before i arrived (i don't think she could have been doing 22 guys a day for too long). another of the girls i was with (i don't remember for sure, but i think it was [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)) told me that i was her first customer ever at this club. i would recommend not giving up on this place.

it looked good on sunday, so maybe that is a good day to take a chance on it, since some posters have said that atlantis and oase are a little dead on those days. you could call ahead to ask how many girls are there. you could even check my long report below and ask if some of the nicer girls i saw (all of them in my opinion) are there.

there were a lot of customers on saturday, but not so many on sunday, especially late on sunday. in fact, after i did sabrina i was sitting and talking with her and laura at about 3:30. i looked around and saw that although the club still looked pretty full i seemed to be the only guy left. i asked laura if everyone had to stay until i left and she politely hesitated but said yes, so i said i supposed i should let them go home and got up to leave and i could see all of the girls starting to leave before i even made it to the locker. (turns out there was another guy still there too, so everyone wasn't waiting for me to leave; the other guy started to leave just when i did.)

Red Hawk
02-20-04, 12:26
Hello all,

After reading some good and some bad reports I have decided to find out for myself. I will me doing a special trip with some friends flighing out Stansted on 19th March and flying in on 21st. Was looking for advise.

I have been to Atlantis and Oase before a few times but this time I thought about trying a new place and world seems to have all the potential. Idea is to go to World on friday night and then to atlantis on sat. Unless someone tells me that sat night is better in World?

Anyone know any accommodation nearby. I will have a car.

Is anyone reading this message going to be in the area at the time and would like to meet up?

I look forward to any comments/advise.


02-21-04, 18:21
Hello Redhawk,

I stayed at the Hotel Schweikardt last September when I visited the area. It was centrally located to Atlantis, World, and Oase. I couldn't find Oase so I just stayed at Atlantis for the duration of my visit, but I know World is not that far off.

The hotel was ok.... 42 Euros a night with breakfast. I found it using hrs.de The address is Bahnhofstr. 37, Ortenberg-Bleichenbach 63683, and the phone is 060451-251.

I will land in D-dorf on the 20th, will pick up my rental on the 23rd and probably shoot down to Atlantis then. The drive is only 2.5 hours so I don't know if I'll get another room at Schweikardt or just drive back to D-dorf.

I have never been to World, but the facilities sound great. I was only disillusioned once with Atlantis, but I think this time of year the action is probably the best time to visit.

Good luck.


02-23-04, 09:55
there 's a gasthaus ("da Giovanni") 5/6 kms. from FKK World, in bad polheim
small but clean room and a decent breakfast for about 15 euros
ridng the main road, turn on the right (coming from World) when you find the post office

03-09-04, 21:41
What is the largest city closest to FKK World?

How far away is Frankfurt from World?

I was in Frankfurt and Visited Oase, Atlantis and Palace.

What is the quality of woman at World compared to Oase, Atlantis?

Does World serve food? What type, Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

03-13-04, 02:10

What is the largest city closest to FKK World?
-Giessen or Polheim

How far away is Frankfurt from World?
-43 miles/69 Km

I was in Frankfurt and Visited Oase, Atlantis and Palace.

What is the quality of woman at World compared to Oase, Atlantis?
-I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.

Does World serve food? What type, Breakfast, lunch, dinner?
-From previous posts it sounds like they serve food around the clock.


03-13-04, 02:23
I keep hearing they have a blowjob contest at this club, is this for real or is it a hoax? Can any guy who wants to participate just walk in take part in the activities?

Stinky Pete
03-13-04, 07:52
This is a report of my first time at World on March 1st, with two questions below for GabrielPontello.

Yes, it looks like they serve food their all day. There is a large eating area with quite an assortment of things to eat, with good plates and silverware.

I spent time with two women, both from Poland. Their names were Nicole and Nina.

Nina has light brown hair with maybe C cup boobs. I spent 1 hour with her, but she was a bit wound up and would not slow down. She did a fine BBBJ but I had been with Nicole not long before, and was not ready for another orgasm. She's 20 years old or younger.

Nicole was great. She's also got light brown or blonde hair, is 23 years old and has what some might call a short, fat body, which did not bother me one bit because she is stacked with an honest E cup busom with a cleavage that just keeps going. I spent an hour with her and fucked her boobs twice, coming both times onto her face and in her mouth. (I've learned to have a towel on the bed just beyond the woman's face to cover her eyes so she doesn't get any spurts in either eye).

I have been to Atlantis and Oase many times and since I have only been once at World, I will wait for more experience there before making an assessment, but one first impression is that World is too big. It seemed to take forever to get from the lockers down to the lower level where the sofas are. Also, some of the women I was expressing no interest in were annoying in that they would not just go away when I clearly indicated that I did not want to spend time with them.

I hope to go back to World in late April and would like to ask if the people at da Giovanni speak English. Also, is the 15 Euro that was mentioned just for the breakfast? I can't imagine that was the cost of the small room as well as the breakfast. When I stay in the cheaper hotels near Atlantis or Oase, the cost is closer to 25-30 Euro (including a breakfast).

03-13-04, 09:44
FFKW had two events which were called "Blasen Fest" events, or Blow Job parties. They consisted of three girls who were trying to go for the World Record (no pun) of most blow jobs. Guys who were willing to participate got in free and got a free blow job. It was a good marketing tool and may well have turned this place around.

I visited World last June shortly after they opened. Not so impressed then with the girl selection. I went back a few weeks ago and WAS much more impressed witht he girl selection. Seems that they got it together. I'd say that on balance they fielded girl line-ups that were competitive with Oase and Atlantis. Perhaps Oase had a larger, deeper field of women to choose from, but on Thurs-Sat, World was sometimes better in terms of girls and atmosphere han Atlantis, believe it or not. I found the attitude of the girls and the quality of the sessions better at World than at Atlantis. My two cents there.

Giessen is the closest town or city. Poldheim is a village, man! Not a city. For me a good way to express the distance of World from Frankfurt is to say it is about half-hour from Oase and 25 minutes from Atlantis. Not prohibitively far in my opinion. Now with Palace on the rise, Frankfurt area can boast at least four large FKK clubs, making it a great place to monger...

03-13-04, 16:49
WTF do i know about Polheim, man?! I never been there, but the little town is listed on the map so I indicated it. I gotta hope I can find the place when I visit. The nstructions are so f*cking confusing. In fact, in all my visits to Deutschland I have never seen a street marker that begins with an L

I know the yellow B highway signs and the blue autobahn signs, but i have never seen an L sign.

Still....where there's a will there's a way, and from what I have read, they got a lot of nice, young Eastern European and Russian babes which is what I like and what I'm looking for.


03-13-04, 18:29
Try this for directions ton FKK -World

I found Mappoint to give excellent directions much better than map24.de, etc


This is all one line in your browser and is from Frankfurt airprt to FKK-World

03-13-04, 18:47
Thanks Tarl. That's an excellent mapping service.


03-13-04, 19:50

Finding your way to FFKWorld may seem complicated on paper, but in practice it's pretty simple, really!

Take A5 towards Kassel and get off at Fernwald exit. (They're doing road construction now and the Fernwald exit is just near the end of the construction works.) Upon exiting the A5 autobahn, follow all the yellow/black town signs to Polheim, then at Polheim follow white/black signs to the Industrial Area of Garbenteich, a couple of kms outside Polheim. At Garbenteich, FFKW is pretty well sign-posted. Really it's not that tough to find.

Remember, if you want to drive to FKKW via A45 so that you pass Altenstadt on the way, there is a junction with A5 about 15min after Altenstadt.

Good luck...

03-13-04, 22:17
Cool Ortos,

Hope so. I'll be taking the A485 off A45 coming from Dusseldorf. If they ever answer their email, I might even spend the night there. Their web page says they have overnight guest rooms, but I emailed them for a price which they haven't sent yet. If they don't answer then I'll continue on to Ortenburg and Altenstadt. A45, exit 39, and B521--- I have gotten to know real well now.

Many thanks.


03-14-04, 10:35

Excellent mapping service indeed. :)

However, the link you posted is showing the direction to somewhere in Ettlingen, South of Frankfurt. Hope it's not your girlfriend's address. ;) FKK-World is in Pohlheim-Garbenteich, North of Frankfurt.

Mind Snatcher
03-14-04, 16:39
On a recent visit to Germany I decided to compare FKKW with Atlantis. I think I prefer the latter.
FKKW is quite difficult to find, but I suppose all these places have to be hidden away in the sticks.
Arrived at 4 pm. It was snowing outside. Was given one towel (you have to go to reception to get more) and told that each half hour is charged at 50, and the half hour starts as soon as the girl touches you (fortunately, this is not enforced).
FKKW is large and hence felt a bit cold, not as warm and intimate as Atlantis (Oasis is about half-way between the two in terms of size and comfort). In the six hours I spent there, no one (bar me) used the swimming pool. The food was no better than Atlantis (except here you get food every day, in Atlantis it's 3 days a week in winter, 4 days in summer). Soggy noodles and overcooked meat, plus salad. In Atlantis last week, there were two dishes to choose from.
But Atlantis has a no alcohol rule, here you can buy beer, Red Bull and champagne. Both establishments have very expensive de luxe rooms (around 300 euro/hour).

I didn't find FKKW at all welcoming. There were only about 20 girls at first, and tho good-looking, many were sitting in the shadows and it was a question of going up to them. Had a coffee in the dining room. A really cute-looking very young girl caught my attention there, and we started talking. Clara from Romania. Unfortunately she had very little English and even less German. But she was warm and welcoming and showed me round. We kissed a lot and cuddled, then had sex in several positions in a nice, very large room. There was a basin but no soap. Spent 75 minutes, paid 150 euro. Good value; hers is the perfectly proportioned body IMHO. Then talked to Isabella from Greece. Fake blonde, quite nice but rather cold hands. Politely declined.

Had meal of lukewarm beef and noodles. Clara was kind of following me around. I was still looking out for other opportunities, and eventually went with Lisa, from Russia. Nice looking, very slim, medium height. Good session in small room. 25 mins, 50 euro, friendly person. She told me she was the only Russian who works there.

I had enjoyed the session with Clara, so thought I'd try an encore. Now things got a bit heavy. She's very young (20) and quite sensitive. Told me a lot about herself, her father, mother back in Romania, who think she's working in a laundry. Became very sentimental. I began to feel she perhaps needed a social worker. Another 75 minutes. Paid 100 euros. Began to feel rather weepy myself. Clara's story was probably typical of so many girls who work here: poverty at home, alcoholism, medical problems, abusive boyfriend, desire to move into a flat of her own, &c. Be very kind to her if you see her. She's just a child, really.

As I left, having spent only 300 of my 400 euro budget, a group of 6 rough-looking Italians arrived. The demanded, and got, a discount on the admission charge, paying only 45 euro! Annoying but inevitable. There were only about 20 men and maybe 40 girls there at 9.30 pm. The place looked and felt dead. But perhaps the Italians managed to liven things up.

03-14-04, 19:01
Mind Snatcher,

Great report. Thanks. As much as I like Russian girls, I have had great luck with Romanian girls. I hope to meet Clara. I'll be nice. I won't get weepy though. My mind is too focused on sex sex sex.

I found the food at Atlantis to be quite bad and almost synthetic, kind of like eating rubber chicken with a good dose of indegistion for my troubles. Thanks for the warning.


Stray Ten Arrow
03-14-04, 21:15
Don't be upset about the 6 Italians getting a discount for getting in. There *is* a group discount. See Iseeu's previous reports.


03-15-04, 00:47
Mind Snatcher: If you walk in with a group of 3 you all get the discount, but only on certain days, I don't recall which. Read the other posts to find out. Often a couple of guys will wait in the parking lot and then walk in together so all will get the discount. Don't bad mouth the Italians.

03-15-04, 23:16
Mind Snatcher wrote: "There were only about 20 men and maybe 40 girls there at 9.30 pm." What are you complaining about exactly? That there are 20 nubile young naked women with nothing to do but f*ck the daylights out of you?
In any case it's difficult to make these types of comparisons between the clubs unless you do a real statistical model with many visits over time; different parts of the month, different days of the week, different times of the day, proximity to holidays, proximity to authorities' crackdown on illegal residents, etc these are all variables that make a difference and vary all the time... To make a comparison based on one visit to each is not fair and gives the rest of us a skewed view...
Personally ( and I forgot to add personal taste in as one of the key variables), after tens of visits to Oase and ATL and a few to World I seem to find more satisfaction at Oase, and I think that my posts on this board have reflected that. But that doesn't mean that I won't visit the others, just to keep my own personal database fresh, and find new "lands " to conquer (LOL)

Mind Snatcher
03-17-04, 11:00
I apologise for creating the impression that I was complaining. I thought, rightly or wrongly, that because the ratio of clients to ladies was so low, the group found it easy to negotiate a bigger than usual discount. Those who think I was badmouthing the Italians did not see what happened. They sure drove a hard bargain with the lady at the desk!

You are right that Oase has the edge in some respects. I don't much like the pool area, but I've had some fabulous times there too, and think it's the best place to visit in the summer, when one can laze around in the hammocks and watch the world go by, taking a bite of this and that every now and then ...

03-24-04, 11:08
Ortos.....thanks very much for the directions. Made it safe and sound and had a really good time.

I was impressed with the club. I'ts definately an upscale club, and the food was good too. I had the schnitzel.

I liked sharing the showers and locker rooms with the honeys...that was fun free play.

Spent an hour with the beautiful, young, voluptuous Maya from the former Atlantis. Wonderful. Then I went and got the full body massage for 50€ which was also very good. The dude knows his business. Plus he is popular with the girls and a lot of them kept coming by to say hello, so I was getting a lot of freebies while laying on the massage table. Went upstairs afterwards and had dinner. The food was very good. Then after digestion I spent another hour with a sweet, very young, 20 year old Romanian baby girl. Ah, youth. She was hot and inexperienced at the game. Had a good laugh at the end of the cim because she kept spitting and spitting like she couldn't get the taste out of her mouth or something. I finally had to say to her...."oh come on now, at these prices you should have swallowed it."

Anyway, World was good for me. Glad I found the place.


03-31-04, 18:08
I am planning to go at the World on Tuesday.

Do you thing it is a good day?

Can you suggest me the best time to go there?

Thank you


04-01-04, 23:07
hey – thurs. night a couple of weeks ago was unofficially dubbed american fkk survivor night at world. fun time – i knew that we would be meeting up with shiatsu, lanrac and tarl, but never expected to meet up with 7 other anglos including crazy joe and others. it was great trading tips, mongering experiences and passing the legendary andrea and lanrac's tequila between us around the table. at one point andrea wanted to know if there was a special for anglos that night and how long we've all known each other ("we were all in the boy scouts together", we said. lol)

first, i must say, having trashed world on the boards in the past, that they've gotten their act together and the selection is pretty good, most i'd say in the 6-8 range on looks, but with fabulous friendly attitudes. together with the outstanding facility, this moves it in my book to almost the top of the fkk scene. all that's missing in contrast to oase is for there to be little more diversity in the type of women- they all seem to be russian, e.european or german,- some more ethnic types, africans and asians, and at least a few 9's-10's – there really aren't any knock-em dead gorgeous supermodels.

anyway, the night started for me with a real bang. taking my time scouting the room, studying the body language of the returning couples, the "glint in the eyes", etc. began talking with umbra a pretty, young, romanian english student who wants to be a pharmacist and definitely haad the glint. turns out that that night was her first night back in world and she was just starting her shift, so i would be her first for the day. that was amplified, when she told me that will all of her studying lately the only sex that she's had for the last 2 months was with tom, her dildo, and that speaking english really gets her hot. she seemed to be real and sincere and not a pro, but if that was just a sales pitch then i'm going to hire to train my own salespeople who are nowhere near as creative or persuasive concept pitchers.
great session. i laid her out and told her that tom has met his match and after 25 minutes had her screaming! this was real gfe stuff and we f*cked real hard afterwards. later we had a spelling quiz – for every word that she got right i tweaked her… for everyone she got wrong she tweaked me – win/win situation. she got dildo right , but fluffed up on "psychiatrist" and "[CodeWord130] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord130)" (i think that she was missing them on purpose). this struggling student deserved a tip and she got one.

rest cycle, joined the anglo table and met some more new faces. a gorgeous hungarian walked by and leaned over with her gorgeous ass and twat in my face, and she made my "to do" list for later. but first it was my turn with the legendary andrea.
fabulous turn, starting in the kino and ending in the room next to the kino. great attitude, she enjoys what she's doing and likes developing the conversation with the customers, so she's picked up 6 languages just by f*cking guys from all over the world.. that impresses me. non-stop 30 minutes which included mutual rimming and then- boy can she squeeze those vagina muscles.

back to the anglo table and by now the guys were one by one or two leaving. these 2 girls, a greek and a romanian girl with a cold sore, kept coming and trying to get it on with us. must of turned them down 10 times during the night. took a long rest cycle with sauna and jacuzzi. looked around for the lovely hungarian twat that i salivated over earlier but she was nowhere to be found.

back to the bar and hooked up with only ethnic looking girl in the place the lovely felice, of turkish origin but from cologne, with beautiful succulent boobs and a great smile. okay session, with fabulous bbbj and me going to town on those boobs, but we didn't really strike a match and alll in all the least memorable of my 5 sessions.

the anglo population was really dwindling by then. i really needed a rest – i was still on u.s. time and had been up for a day. sauna, shower, jaccuzzi, shower, and then down in the downstairs lounge next to the pseudo fireplace to nap.
after about an hour, i feel feathers stroking my neck. andrea had found me and had come to cuddle. which we did, and then some more, right there on the couch. what a bedside manner she has. …
back upstairs to the bar, to get a drink, planning on chilling out in the kino – no anglos around at all now. laid down in the kino and fell asleep until 3 girls came in sat on the couch in front of me and started playing around. watched them for awhile, and then went back to look for the hungarian again. andrea was stretched out on the central pole platform playing with herself, and she looked lonely, but then i spotted denise, thin blonde with an electrifying smile, who i had been watching in the bar area. german girl with excellent english.
funny thing happened, remember this is at almost 4:30 in the morning. we go down to the big room downstairs and she sits me down looks me in the eye, and as i begin munching on the nips, she asks if any of the girls have told me how it works in world., that they're supposed to at the beginning of each session , but she knows that most don't, and begins to explain to me the house rules and payment scheme. cim, anal, etc cost extra, so much for a half hour and so much for an hour. it was surreal. i told her that it was a good thing that she was telling me this, because i had just come to use the sauna, but kept having sex instead on the way to the sauna, she was totally serious – and then proceeded to give me a tongue wash on the balls that i will never forget. i lasted a long time and then in the après sex, we talked about the fra area club scene. at 5:10 we left the room, the last players of the night.
so the totals: 5 pops including 2 with andrea and the rights to claim the "anglo fkk survivor title" .
here's my acceptance speech: well guys, it was rough, i learned a lot about myself and my survival instinct,and, i'd like to thank the team for their support in the early going and as the last man standing may i say that it's tough job we took upon ourselves, but someone's gotta do it to make fkks safe for mankind. lol

isn't this a great idea for a reality tv show on cable?????

04-05-04, 17:33
Isseu was absolutely right. Fun had by all!

The list as i remember:

and 2 -3 lurkers who need to start posting!

AS mentioned the legendary Andrea is a MUST at this place. I had two pops with her (both in the Kino) and was well worth it. Also had a 5'9" tall russian blonde who wore glasses. Did a full facial with her wearing the glasses - was great!. Also did a Czech babe with hard nipples - but she didn't like them sucked so - bailed on her.

Other than that - it was a very good time. Sorry I missed out on Friday guys - I got hooked up in the Hotel, so didn't have to spend any money.

As a side note I mentioned to you guys about a private house in Frankfurt: Here is the link http://www.salon-mira.de/home.htm.

I had Vanessa for 200 for an hour and half - multiple pops. There is no cover charge to get in just the booking and it is close to Sacsenhausen, which is great for partying afterwards.

BTW I left World ~ 2:15am and got stopped by the German PD on the A5 through in the construction zone. Going 100 in a 60. I think they were fishing for DUI, but I only had 1 swig of tequila from Lanrac hours before. I had to pay a foriegner 30 euro fine and all was good. Still pissed me off though. What a way to end a great night by getting a fucking ticket!

The drive to World is worth it - but seeing that you have these private clubs opening up in Frankfurt, plus that new FKK in Frankfurt, you might want to just stay local.

All in all it was a great way to end my Atlantic adventures - now down to Australia. You all have a great time in DE.


04-05-04, 20:38
Nice to hear from you Tarl, too bad about the return to Frankfurt.

That was some evening, running into so many people from different parts of the U.S plus some local yocals. Sitting around the table eating dinner, watching those girls spread out on the couches, massaging themselves while we ate.. AH, what a way to live. You were right on about Andrea, she broke me into the world of Kino Sex in a big way. I thought I was in a movie. I had just taken a toke in the bathroom and you guys called her over to me. I vividly recall your faces as I exited after my session and Joe calling her over, saying "its my turn" LOL.

Too bad you missed out on the Palace on Friday. I went over around 15:00 to check it out prior to my plans on going to Oase. Ended up staying there until 1:00 A.M. Only a short 10 E taxi ride and about 15 minutes from the Frankfurt Hbf. Outstanding selection, rivaled World in numbers and quality.

Keep in touch,


04-06-04, 08:57
Hi guys. If I can add my two pence worth. All hail to Iseeu the last man standing and for the inspirational descriptions of Beverly

It was good to meet everybody (even if only briefly). In addition to those listed there was Ry Cooder. And on the following night Red Hawk and two friends was there. Andrea and Chantelle thought we were all old friends so I guess we must have been putting out some good feelings. Thanks to you US guys who answered my no doubt boring questions about the US! As a dyed in the wool European it was brilliant to meet US people as real people not just as tourists. Great

I had scheduled two nights at World/Atlantis and two around Dusseldorf (PHF/Beverly/Institu Shaka)– but I got sidetracked by Andrea and spent four days there. The last day was the Sunday (the day after the Atlantis raid) and there was some tension in the club – I have since found out that several of the girls were questioned on Monday by the Police but I don’t think any were deported/arrested. Maybe I’m soft but it seems a shame if hardworking girls can’t make their fortune just because of a state boundary.

This report is more limited than I might have hoped – I was so taken with Andrea that my horizons shrank. If anybody goes to see her, be aware that she is a professional and is out to make a lot of money, so if you let her, she’ll deep throat you to finish in 15 mins, make 100E and within five minutes be onto the next man. However if you click with her (or if she knows you’ve got friends in the room to whom you’ll report she’ll give you the 30 minutes). I was a bit nervous about recommending her to all you guys but it seems it was ok. It was a highlight to see her standing at the table with us all, with her completely amused at the idea of working her way round the whole table. Over the next few days she referred from time to time to various of my “friends”. I’m not going to go into details about Andrea except to say that as well as being strangely stunning (if unusually featured) to my eyes, she has an extremely deep and serious line in conversation (great detail about her work, the meaning of life etc)– I ended up paying a session for the conversation (or was it therapy?)!

But I haven’t forgotten my WSG duty completely. Sunday is an odd day at World – it seems to be a regulars day, Men were buying bottles at 70E each and spending hours with one girl. Andrea didn’t do this but she had two regulars lined up by 16.30 (and then let me butt in for two hours as I had to drive off back to Dusseldorf). The other three days were much the same as each other – there doesn’t seem to be a real change from Thurs to Sat. There are only about 12 girls in the afternoon increasing to perhaps 30 in the early evening and falling off after 12.00. Looks wise they’re not up to Atlantis but the atmosphere is much much better – more relaxed and friendly. But don’t pay the 150e extra you will be asked for anal, (By the way, good try Tarl with Andrea. And how do you manage to get hooked up – the man with the style))

I spent some time with Chantelle, a very thin young Rumanian who spent hours laughing at me as I rejected approaches by slightly overweight girls. Eventually I went up to her (she doesn’t approach) and we spent half-hour talking and then went to a room. Lots of kissing. Refused doggy position. Is sending money to support family and pay for a course. Second night I spent 90 minutes sitting with her talking – she wasn’t very well. She seems surprised when asked if she would like to go a room (I wonder to myself what she thinks we pay the entrance for). Typical idiosyncratic experience at World

So, Andrea 8 sessions.

The red haired Rumanian (not Chantelle but another Rumanian) – very thin, attractive. Good half hour but maybe we didn’t click – the second night she didn’t react to my initial approach – but I think she never makes the first move.

Very tall thin Czech girl wearing glasses. Runs restaurant in Prague. Good sex, good English, very friendly.

Julia – blonde German from Leipzig. Ok – but didn’t like oral on her or massage. Friendly but not out of this world. Liked to bring to the edge of coming and then stop.

I also went to Atlantis. Had the mad Brazilian Viagra. Got ripped off (15 minute session) by Cherie who said she was Bulgarian (but in fact was German) – I notice that unlike in UK, a person of say, Turkish descent born in Germany, gets upset if you call them German or Turkisk German, or German of Turkish descent. I have discussed this with many girls and they are quite clear that the approach is the opposite to that in the UK.

I had a brilliant session with the Russian, Irina.(slim, mousy hair, upturned nose) Totally 100% recommended. She asked to do it on the public bed (unlike World there is no extra charge) and insisted that I speak German for the halfhour as she wanted to help me improve my awful German. She spends ages talking to regulars and is highly rated. A really nice person

I don’t know where Irina is now but she is legally in Germany so will no doubt turn up somewhere(if anyone wants to find out where girls are the Roemerforum is a good site but you will have to join a cheap German ageprotection scheme – the free ID based access to German sites doesn’t work with a UK passport nor do any of the backdoor methods I was told about)). Joining has been worth its weight in gold – I have hooked up with a German guy who is checking when certain girls are going to be at World for me.

My only other event was an 18 year old outcall I arranged near Dusseldorf. Two hours 200E. No big deal – she had a kid and about 5 jobs. Waste of money. It’s a shame I didn’t get to Beverly.

So I add to the World fanclub for the laidback atmosphere. (even the reception is normally very friendly) Altho Palace is getting some good reports and the excellent honest statuesque Cindy from Atlantis is there . If you go to World with one girl in mind remember that she may well be on holiday etc so you’ll need a fallback arrangement- especially while Atlantis is closed

Enjoy yourselves peacefully

04-07-04, 00:03
shiatsu, tarl, lanrac,
yes it was great hooking up with you guys and great fun all around - a night to remember and as long as we're distributing kudos - hats off to jackson for bringing us all together.

tarl, what a bummer to end the evening but you should know that you should ever speed in a construction zoneon german highways. just look at how the locals religiously will slow down from their ultrasonic speeds to a prehistoric crawl in those zones.
i remember you coming back from your "face" session with andrea...and all of thinking lterally of our sloppy seconds" heh, heh, heh,. have a great time down there with the randy sheilas, and we'll be sure to look you up and expect the mongerer's tour of aussieland.

i also remember that brunette lying over the arm of the couch fingering herself - great marketing stunt...
good to hear that palace is straightening up as an alternative to the farther afield clubs and it will certainly benefit by being a very reasonable public transportation fare away from city center or the airport. don't you think that soemeonw would make a bundle putting an fkk at the airport?

bitten by the andrea bug, big time, heh? 8 times!!! too quote a famous man "i love my cigar too, but i take it out sometimes..."
loved your comment on americans being "real people"..
we need to take a rain check on the original bev plan - in the end neither of us made it and you ended up in world while i ended up at fkk villa in hannover.next time.

Wry Cooter
04-07-04, 20:04
I would just like to point out that it wasn't the real musician Ry Cooder who was in attendance that night but rather myself and my friend. I too had a very nice time with Andrea on Thursday night as well as two very enjoyable Saturday sessions with the red-haired Romanian girl (her name escapes me) as well as a very tan, exotic looking woman (Karina?) who turned out to be Czech (I was under the original impression that she was possibly Persian or South Asian). However, I must say they were both using too much body lotion to the point where I found them quite slippery and hard to hold onto. At any rate, I think the facilities at World are top notch. I really think they should consider providing a billiards table and internet stations as well. I could spend all day there, taking care of other errands and getting some other recreation. Surely there's a way for them to block certain forum sites if that were a concern and I really don't think that it would detract from everyone's main purpose of being there. But it was nice meeting everyone there and though I've felt extremely sated for the past three weeks, I do feel a certain urge to return to Deutschland. Must find a job that sends me out there periodically.

04-08-04, 23:34
Wry Cooter,
I love that handle, Excellent :-}
It was good meeting you as well, and sorry if I left you off the list, but I didn't know you're posting name. Now I won't forget it.
Like the idea of internet connection at the club. Then we could send live action posts on WSG realtime! Now if they could install WiFi and give us PDA's we could post directly from the zimmer. LOL

Rain City
04-09-04, 11:49
The day after visiting Oase, I visited the world. Took a train to Giesen from Frankfurt (40 minutes), then taxi (16 euro). The facility was nice and new. The same enterance and session fees as Oase. Food was not as good as Oase's.

Like Oase, most of the girls were 6 - 8, but I spotted a few 9 and 10. IMHO, I liked the World better than Oase, simply because of the availability of high quality girls.

04-09-04, 19:09
I was there with you guys also, that Thursday night. I never did go with Andrea. I think I may have been the only one. When Tarl was getting ready to leave for the night, he grabbed Cindy (the tall Chech with glasses) and had her come over to me at the bar. What could I say? She was looking good and I went down to a room with her. After finishing with her, I was just about to pass out. I had been up for almost 30 hours by this point and I left the club shortly after my session.

It was nice meeting everyone there. A normal night for me is just walking around and/or sleeping in between sessions. Maybe I’ll see one of you guys in the area again. Not sure on the next time that I’ll get to Frankfurt at the moment.


Rain City
04-13-04, 09:37
More detailed report of my world experience.

I tried the famous Andrea (a dark haired Czech girl). She was 8/10/9 (face/body/service). She spoke good English and she was nice even after the session was over. Highly recommend.

Daniele (a wavy dark/highlighted haired Romanian girl). She was absolutely the sex machine! Her service was incredible. She licked me everwhere (I mean EVERYWHERE!). She told me that other girls would do this work for money, but she would do it because she loved sex (and she was happy because she even made money). 8/8/10. You MUST try her.

Sevda (a light brown haired Romanian/Turkish girl). She was absolutely stunning and provided a good service. 10/10/9. She said she was going to finish her work soon. If you can still catch her, I suggest you do it.

Maria (a dark blond haired Brazilian). She had incredible control of the contractions. I have never had anybody who could squeeze so tight. 8/8/9.

Besides those girls, I spotted a lot of very attractive girls there. Cindy from Czech republic, she would be 9/10/? (I only talked to her); Linda from Germany (10/10/?); Anna from Belarus (10/10/?); Julia from Romania (9/10/?); Julia from Germany (9/8/?); Silvia from Poland (8/9/?), and so on. I wish I had more time (or stamina) to sample more.

Wry Cooter
04-13-04, 22:55
Yes, the Daniella was one of the girls that my friend tried out. He said that she was very good but that she said lots of interesting things. She kept repeating "I love it. I love it." while he was doing his thing which he found sort of distracting. Also afterwards, she said something like "What you do, that's not f*%king. It's art!" and that this job was her art. I think it's great that she enjoys her job so much.

04-16-04, 13:05

I would like to go to the word on next tuesday.

Is it a bad day?

There is any relevant difference between different days of the week?



04-19-04, 16:07
Tuesday is one of the quieter days. in terms of clients but the number of girls does not change much There was a large party on Saturday which meant that Sunday was very depressing (on top of which there were one or two things happening which made some girls less than cheerful. Saturday was about 120 men and 50 girls - a nightmare for my liking. Sunday was about 20 men and 20 very lacklustre tired girls.

Try Irina, exAtlantis (Russian living legally in Germany for many years, tall slim medium straight brown hair end 20s?) good fun: she insisted I speak german one sesion just to improve my German!.
I like very much Chantelle very very slim, straight brown hair, Rumanian, very quiet is very sweet, often has dry eyes.
There is a very slim petite longblonde haired girl called Anna (I think) who speaks no English but is very nice -she doesn't approach you
Leona (or something similar) ex-Atlantis, slim. speaks English, is blonde from Czech Rep.
Lisa (who looks like a slightly more robust version of Chantelle)
And of course Andrea (treat her well - (or my curses will haunt you!!)), respect her and get on her wavelength and she will be intelligent, spiritiual. and articulate, - however you mileage may vary considerably (there are reasons for this and do not reflect badly on her). She is very thin, handfull breasts, very long natural jetblack hair tied back , black eyeliner all th way round eyes, small mouth, wears high platforms, and is always on the hunt for the next customer. She should be treated well. She's my top choice of forever - but maybe not to everybody's taste
Laura- short black hair, medium build, is a favourite of some regulars. Basically I heard no bad reports of girls at World when I was talking to German regulars this last weekend - altho to my mind many of the girls are a bit overweight
If anybody sees Andrea at World would they PM me just to let me know if she is still working there - my scouts tell me she's been missing from the Club for at least 5 days after the Party day (17th April) so far Much appreciated

04-25-04, 15:54
Hello gentlemen. I am a WSG lurker and first time poster who knows some of you from other boards like Ignatzmice and have even traveled with one of you personally. I started out in Amsterdam and then Alkmaar and Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, also took two trips to Costa Rica- all beginning Dec 1999. But when I first visited PHG, my life and mongering habits were changed forever.

I have been to Planet Happy Garden many times in the last year and a half or so and I am coming to Germany for four days May 6,7,8,9. I plan to visit PHG from Venlo on the first two days and then train Venlo to Frankfurt to see FKK World on Saturday (train to Giessen and then taxi) and either World, Oase, or Palace on Sunday before flying out of Frankfurt Monday the 10th.

If anyone has any advice, suggestsions, or is in town and wants to hook up, share taxis etc with a dedicated hobbyist, I would appreciate this.

Beffen 1

04-28-04, 04:16
I have been going to FKKW every since they opened. In the beginning, they made a huge strategic error by announcing on the radio that everyone would get in free. So hordes of onlookers went there during the first few days, ate and drank the free food and drink like there was no tomorrow, did not pay for a girl, and really irritated the people who come to the place for the purpose it was intended.

Over the last few months the management has made many subtle improvments, better and more girls came, and now the place is really the best in Germany.

Andrea is also one of my favorites there. She must be getting rich, pulling in at least 500 to 700 euro per day. She gets more traffic than any other girl. And yet she manges to make you feel special when you are with her. What a talent! She alone would be worth coming back again and again.

I have seen several really wild parties there, with tons of champagne flowing. When some of the girls get a bit tipsy, they put on quite a show. This alone is worth the price of admission.

FKKW has been my favorite club for the last 6 months or so, and it just keeps getting better. Let's hope that the FKKW owners do not make the same mistakes as the Atlantis'.

04-28-04, 21:26
Euro - you sing the praises of Andrea. Just to let you, and others, know that Andrea is currently not at World, or even in Germany. So if anybody is bitten by the Andrea bug (and there seem to be quite a few - including me) it might be worth hanging on a bit to see if she comes back. The situation is a bit unclear.

04-28-04, 22:41

Let's hope.


04-29-04, 02:54

Andrea: this is really bad news. She is a star. Oh well, I'll be there in two weeks, and I will find out first-hand.

But the good news is that there are several excellent performers at FKKW. Mentioned below is Daniela. I have had her and agree that she really likes her job. Christina was also a great performer, but I did not see her during my last two visits. There are several others who are really worth investigating. Here is are excerpts from two of my reports I put up last November:

"Most of the girls in the wintergarten had a great time. The were playing relativley loud disco music, and some of the girls really got into it. There were always one to three of them on the dance floor. Now just imagine this in your mind: you enter a disco and see sexy naked ladies on the dance floor, but instead of having to dance yourself and slowly meet them, you can just waive them over and hump them. It was a great turn-on.

My first selection was Patricia, from Slovakia. In my opinion she had the best body in the entire place, a definite playbody model type, about 1.75 m tall, with a very pretty face. She sat down at the end of the bar and had a cigarette. I went over, and after about 5 minutes of chatting and smoking we went to the kino. BBBJ with very good eye contact. Took about 10 minutes. Then we simply moved into one of the three adjoining rooms. More BBBJ. Since she was tall enough, I decided to start sex standing up with me taking here from behind. This is probably my favorite position. Then we went onto the bed, with her on top. She used three or four different leg position while she was on top of me. It took me a very long time to finish, considering that this was my first encounter of the night, about 20 minutes. After it was over, she offered me another cigarette, and we cuddled a bit. An all-around great experience.

I could have gone home and would have been completely satisfied. But hey, that's just not me. Got to have more.

I went downstairs to check out what was doing on there. Not much actually. There were only about 5 girls in the huge living room, and one more doing it in the hot tub with a customer. They were having a great time in there. I avoided the hot tub after that. In the downstairs bar, there were about 7 or 8 local guys drinking champaign. No girls with them. It was very quiet downstairs. I went upstairs again to the disco music and the wild girls.

Sitting at the bar and drinking my Clausthaler beer (free), I watched the dancing. A couple of guys had sprung for a few bottles of bubbly, and some of the girls were getting a bit tipsy. This was great for the general atmosphere, with lots of laughter and wild action around the dance pole. Girls rubbing each others breasts and licking each other everywhere. Off the dance floor several girls were also gyrating their hips to the music. A few of them periodically came over to rub their back sides against the fronts of the guys at the bar. All kinds of touching and fondling. If you did not hold them there with you, they simply moved on and kept dancing.

One I kept, Stephanie from Bulgaria. She is about 1.6 m tall, with nice breast that are bigger than average. We danced a bit - if you want to call it this. I was simply behind her with my member getting a good rub from her dance motions. We moved to the kino. Long BBBJ session. Since the music comes in from the disco, she followed the rythm of the music. I was on my back on the (huge) front sofa, watching the porn flick, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other, Stephanie in front of me, working the member in the rythm of the disco music. How could this possbily get any better?

We again retreated to the same room that I had used before. She was working incredibly hard. So did I, but I simply did not cum. Oh well, no big deal to me. She was disappointed in herself. But we cuddled, and then she was fine. I stayed for another hour and a half after that, and whe kept coming by me periodically to give me a quick kiss or a wink with the eye or a quick brush-by. Very sweet girl. Highly recommended as well.

After the usual shower and cool-down period at the bar, I spotted Sevda, from Turkey. She has a very pretty face, with a bright smile. Her body is of medium height, 1.65 m I would guess. She is thin with smallish breasts. I winked at her a couple of times, but then went over to the dining room to eat some soup first. It was 1 am and I was getting hungry. Plus I figured I needed some nutrition to get me through just one more round. When I returned to the bar, she came over to me. She sat on my lap, and we started kissing. She offered me a cigarette, and we just had a very pleasant time. Occasional kissing and soft stroking.

I wanted to break my routine, and so I asked her to go to a room without BBBJ beforehand. We went downstairs. I told her to do it very softly. She obliged more than happily. She told me that she was very tight. I said that this is an advantage. So she carefully put herself on top of me and slowly inserted. Tight indeed, great feeling. We pumped for quite a while before I went in all the way. Very stimulating. She was on top first, then doggie style, then me on top with her legs over my shoulders. We were really starting to work up a sweat, when after 20 minutes or so relief finally came. Great session."

And here is a description of three more excellent workeers and my encounters with them:

"Celine, from Ghana. Deep ebony skin color, petite; very slim, but relatively big natural breasts. Nice smile. She spoke perfect English, and we joked around for a while. I had a hard time not coming already during the skillfully administered BBBJ in the Kino. (Nice symmetry: A movie was running where a black guy did a white women.) We went next door and finished relatively quickly. Two positions only. Well, no surprise: I had a lot of energy stored, and it needed release.

I went for Alina, from Rumania. She is pretty tall, not too thin, very soft and ample breasts. She has reddish-brown hair, shoulder length. Best feature, in my opinion, is her face. She has this voluptuous mouth that just seems to wait to take in my member. And her eyes have this bedroom look that just says f___ me.

BBBJ in the Kino was ok, but she did not seem to get too much into it. OK, fine. This happens. We went downstairs to a room with a big bed. Since she is tall, I started out doing her from behind, in the standing position. My favorite! With her on top, I came relatively quickly. She was not into it, and I did not make any further attempts to interest her. Just thinking of myself and unloading. That is not bad, once in a while.

At the downstairs bar, this blonde, Anastasia, from Czech Republic, was already sitting with another guy. Bummer! But I flirted a bit with the bar girl, had a chat with another guy about comparisons to Atlantis, and had a couple of beers. My trip to the lower-level bar was not entirely wasted, I decided. But I went upstairs to look for some other candidate for my next session. Anastasia was still sitting next to here chosen one at the bar.

But 5 minutes later she was upstairs as well. Her guy did not bite. Cool! I moved next to her onto the sofa. For 10 minutes we just talked and watched some of the other girls do their slutty dancing at the pole. Anastasia is funny, outgoing, and easy to chat with. So far we hadn’t even touched yet. Then she pointed this out, and we started kissing and petting. She is very tall, blond, excellent playboy centerfold figure. I have had the experience that this type is not the best in the sack, but Anastasia proved me wrong, in an absolutely glorious way. She picked the room that was absolutely the most remote in the entire building. She gave me a great BBBJ, even though she went to town a little hard on my balls for my taste. I paid her back, and she started moaning pretty lood. She helped out with her own hands, obviously wanting to come. Great! Real two-way sex! I had the chance to try her in just about every position that I know. It was probably the most athletic sex I ever had. But 35-40 sweaty minutes later I still had not come. She did, though, and we called it a day. I was completely satisfied. She joked that we should get married. After I paid her, we still French-kissed for quite a while, our sweaty bodies rubbing against each other."

So there are a few names for all of you to check out during the (hopefully very short) Andrea-free period: Anastasia, Celine, Alina, Sevda, Stephanie, Patricia. United Nations!

04-29-04, 15:04
I find it interesting to read about one girls reputation at a club that offers so many choices. I probably would have never noticed Andrea if it was'nt for a few referrals from the guys I was sitting with back in March. She has a way of relaxing you the minute she starts eye contact. Unbelievable manor for a young women.

Saying all this, its too bad that she took some time off but in reality she surely deserved it. She probably worked at least 5 days a week, probably 5-10 sessions a day minimum! I am surprised she did'nt gain some weight after all the finales she performed on many men. She was so bright eyed about what she does both for the men she meets and her own enjoyment of sex. She told me " men need it, I like it.." She did not mention how much money she makes but I can only assume that she made enough to take an extended Holliday.

Who is the next star of World, please let us know !



05-05-04, 06:17
Just in case anybody is interested - Andrea is back. She arrived back on the day of accession (May 1)
I'm hoping to go back to World June 8 - 11. If anyybody else is going to be there we could say hi
(I'm putting this out now since last time I went another member and myself were there but didn't know and then spent a surreal PM correspondence trying to identify each other retrospectively!)

05-09-04, 04:39
Is anybody from this board going to be there next Saturday, the 15th? Would be cool to hook up.


Matteo 77
05-09-04, 11:31
Fkk world friday 7 May 04

Arrived at World around 4 pm, P2 was already full, and in P3 atleast 30 cars

There were already 20 or more girls, as I always do at World I enjoy the services, this mean that for the first hour I just look around and relax in the wirpool, sauna, solarium etc.

Poli 20 something from Bulgaria? (I can't remember)

1,70 I would give her a 8 1/2 we had a nice conversation in the relax room while I was watching F1, she gaves me a really nice GFE, we went in the room and we had sex in many position and I finished with CIM option.

I can give her a 8

ANDREA you all already know everything about this girl, I used the news from this forum to start conversation with her, telling her that a "friend" of mine told me everything about , and so on. She gave one of the most beatifull BBBJ of my (young) life taking it ALL (she's really a deep throat). And one of the best GFE I ever had in a FKK.

I can give her a 10+.

My last selection was a Lituanian Blonde girl (dont remeber the name) at least 1.80 m, nothing to remember.

Vote 5 --

Thats it after 8 hours and 200 € (+ the entrance fee) I reached my car with a Big Big Smile.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Fkk Lover
05-10-04, 09:15

That would be Polina. Not mind blowing sex but in my eyes a stunner of a young girl and sweet to the nth degree.

I'd marry this one if she wasn't half my age. :(

05-13-04, 12:09
hey i think I will be going on sunday the 16 (afternoon until i get tired)is this a recmendable day? I liked atantis on this day.


05-13-04, 13:55
If I can just re-check.

For next Saturday night which would be the best FKK club to go to, for that first wow factor.

I was after the one with the best looking girls, with the best party atmosphere.
It seems like Palace, World, or Oase from the reports. I shall have a car and only plan on visting one club.

I am going to the airport faily early next day, so I shall not be up too late. I suppose one that's nearer the airport would be a small bonus.
I also like girls with the more latin type look.

Any more views would be great, to help me decide.

05-13-04, 18:16
Do you ever see any couples in the FKK clubs?

Just curious.

05-14-04, 02:46
I would vote for World.

05-14-04, 14:47

Go to World if your looking for Wow. Go to Palace if your looking for convenience.


05-14-04, 17:23
Any more advice on my post regarding the best FKK?

05-14-04, 18:44

I would vote for World as well. As a matter of fact, this is where I will be heading Saturday afternoon. (I am drooling already!)


05-15-04, 13:38
How long would it take to get from world to the airport, by road ,on Sunday morning.
My flight is at 11am.
Are there any decent hotels near world?

05-15-04, 13:46
You can stay at World until it closes at 4:00 A.M and make it to the airport by 11:00 A.M :-) Sounds like a plan!

05-15-04, 17:13

It should not take more than 45 minutes to drive that distance at that time. German highways is the best in the world. Just follow A5 to the Frankfurt Flughafen. You cant miss it.

I stayed once in this hotel in Lich. It is a 5-7 min drive from World:


You will find a map under "anfahrt"

Good Luck


05-15-04, 17:45
Well, I read that World thins out around midnight.
If that's the case I would rather leave around 11-12 for a good nights sleep, as I have a busy day after.

Does World sell alcohol?
Any ideas for hotels?

05-15-04, 20:13
I would not dismiss World entirely as a bad post midnight venue. It might certainly quiet down a bit from earlier peak hours, and there may well be some girls who pack it up at 01.00, I personally find the post-midnight scene at World most attractive. There is a largish core of girls that stay late at World, till near closing actually. Some may live at or very near World, I think. This group includes several of the regular Russian, Czech, Bulagarian and Romanian girls. They stay quite late. Also on weekend nights, girls come down from other towns like D-dorf, Koln, Dortmund, etc. and they tend to stay late, esp if they're at the club to work the whole weekend.

So in some respects, the post mid-night buzz at World is better than earlier: at least the girl-boy ratio can be quite favourable.

Even if I landed at Frankfurt Airport at, say, 22.00 or even later: I would have no hesitation about hiring a car and driving the 30-40 minutes or so to World to start partying. It is that kind of place...

05-15-04, 21:38

For just one night, why don't you skip the hotel and stay over at World. They also rent out room for the night for about 100 euros, as from 1am. More expensive than hotel room, but more convenient. You can also try to negotiate with the girl to stay overnight with you or come back next morning for a last morning session, in particular if she lives at World too.


05-16-04, 13:11
Thanks, but I still think I shall go for the hotel.

It would be nice to have a rest /shower before also.
What are the rooms there like? I don't really fancy sleeping in a room full of 20 guy's hormones from before.

So World to airport is 40 minutes? That's OK.

Any ideas of a good hotel near by? Or should I just turn up and look for one?

Can you buy alcohol there? If not I shall take the car.

05-16-04, 13:54
Travel Man,
I usually fly into FRA or finish my business in the evening, drive acar to one of the clubs and spend the night there. The adrenaline flows while you're there- you won't need to (or want to) sleep until afterwards. If I'm tired then I take an extra long break between sessions find a nice quiet corner, cover myself with 2 towels, and nap surrounded by naked nymphs of all sizes and shapes, and the sound of actors (if I'm in the kino) or real people in the throes of sex. Sweet lullaby...
At closing time drive back to the airport return the car and have breakfast in the business lounge. You can alwasy sleep on the plane, man! Then I expense account the club instead of the hotel, so it's a net gain.

Stinky Pete
05-16-04, 16:42

Check this:


If that doesn't work, go to Google, choose Advanced Search.

In the field "with all the words", type in: Pohlheim.
In the field "with the exact phrase", type in: da Giovanni
One of the top 5 or so search results should get you to the above URL.

You should find a list of hotels near Giessen, including phone numbers and some with email addresses so you can check with them in advance whether or not a room will be available, and the cost; and, if so, you can make a reservation.

On my trip in late April, I stayed in Giessen near the train station at a place called the Parkhotel, which did have parking in the rear. You would do best to use Mapquest to find it if you choose this option. It is not very far from Giessen, but there are certainly hotels closer to World. The only reason I stayed there is that I was relying on trains and taxi's and Parkhotel was very close to the train station in Giessen. The taxi's were expensive however, and I hope to learn of a hotel close enough to World that I could just walk between the hotel and the FKK club.

It looks like there are a number of hotels closer to World, but I have not checked into these other possibilities, so I can not give advice about them. If you find a hotel close to Giessen, please report back after your trip to give information on the hotel (location, price, the level of your satisfaction, etc).

The neighborhood closest to Giessen is Garbenteich (I think). I am very interested in finding out if there is a hotel in that neighborhood.

Have fun.

05-16-04, 17:25
Thanks Iseeu

Can you guarantee a room on a Saturday night though?
Are they fairly comfortable?
What time must you leave?

And can you buy beer/alcohol at world?
Can you just confirm the travel time back to the airport?

Thanks again

05-16-04, 21:59
I've never used this service of theirs but I think that the rooms are guaranteed after 1 a.m.. Call the club and they'll tell you. Most of the rooms in World are very comfortable, but of course it's not set up as a hotel so you won't have an ensuite full bath, etc.
I think that you need to leave by 10 a.m. and as posted here previously if you're lucky you can bang a hottie before leaving without paying the entrance fee again.
It is one of the few FRA are FKK clubs that sells beer. Other drinks except Red Bull are free.
Depending on the time of day, weather conditions, construction on the A-bahn, and how quickly you're willing to fly down the A5, it shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, except during morning rush hours.
I'm on my there now for a nightcap!

05-17-04, 14:29
I am going from Dusseldorf. Is the easiest way is A45 then A5?

From world to the airport is it just A5?
I assume the airport and rental car place is easy to find?

05-17-04, 22:09
D-dorf is reached via the A3 (richtung Koln), if you are travelling from Frankfurt.

World to Frankfurt Airport: Is reached by taking A5 south following signs to Frankfurt. Once you get near the city, you will see signs for Frankfurt Flghaven. Follow signs to Airport and then exit for Terminal 1 (A,B,C). Once off this exit ramp there are clear green and white signs for Rent-a-car Return.

Hope this helps...

05-17-04, 22:12

Buy a map at a gas station its worth the money. From the airport you should take A3 in direction of Koln. Then take A4 direction Olpe. After that you will come to A45 and follow direction Giessen. When you come to Gambacher kreuz take A5 direction Kassel. After then take first take-off to Fernwald. You will then be close to world. After Fernwald follow to the right and take ther first left after a few 100 meter in direction of Pohlheim. Then another 1-1,5 kilmeter you will have a traffic light. Take left in direction Garbenteich. Then the first turn right, after then another right. Follow over the railroad and then you will se the parking spot.

On the way down A45 there is a very nice scenery I specially like the nature around Siegen. A3 is heavy trafficed but A4 and A45 are much more quiet. A45 is a nice highway to drive on.

As you say from World to airport just hit A5 direction Frankfurt, you cant miss it.

Have a nice trip.

Round the World
05-18-04, 03:21
I'm headed to World for the first time this Wednesday May 19. It's my first time to World - in search of a replacement to my favorite Atlantis.

Any other mongers care to meet up?


05-18-04, 17:16
Thanks Ronnie and RTW

Perfect directions.

05-19-04, 03:38

This was a Thursday night before a Friday party and the place had very few men, probably because everyone was saving themselves for the next night. But there were lots of women, and they were understandably unhappy since most of them were just sitting around without doing any business. If this were my first day in Germany this would have been a great opportunity since all the best girls were available, but unfortunately I was a little spent. Several girls asked me if I was tired and I was a little puzzled and wondered why they were asking me until it dawned on me and I pointed at my head and then at my crotch and said “do you mean here, or here? Oh, yes, then I’m very tired.”

Olina (again)

Olina was grateful that I had introduced her to they joys of sex in a room with other people in it, but it now seemed she wanted to go to a room (“you mean like normal people?” I added, and got a laugh). We went out to one of the cabins in the yard, since it was fairly warm out. I liked it there. When you are in the club you are always surrounded by either music or grunting from a video. It was nice to hear only the chirping of the birds. We had the usual great sex with cim.

Mina: Thai, 24, face 8, body 8, attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

I sat with Mina on the sofa between the pool and the porno TV downstairs. Deep kissing led to another great session, including multiple positions and finishing on top of her on the rug. My description is short, but the session was long and great.

Maria: Latvia, 22, face 9, body 8, attitude GFE 10. Highly recommended.

I had seen Maria two days before and asked her if she wanted to have sex in the main room or on the sofa in the TV room downstairs. She said no, that she would go to the kino with me, and said that she doubted that any other girl would do it in the main room or the TV room. I told her I was pretty sure that she was mistaken (although at that time I had asked several girls who had all turned me down), and that I would get back to her after having some more exotic experiences.

Well, now that I had succeeded in finding what I was looking for I was ready to go with her. She was beautiful, friendly, sexy, and nice to be with. It was another great session on a sofa in the kino with great kissing and many positions.

Anna: Belarusian, 21, face 9, body 9, attitude GFE 10. Highly recommended.

Anna is another beautiful girl who I had passed up several times because she would only go with me in the kino. Actually, the first time I saw her several months ago she would only go with me and another girl, didn’t speak much English or German, and so the potential for miscommunication seemed high. Since then her English and German both seem to have improved.

Once again, great sex, great kissing, multiple positions. She is athletic with strong (but shapely) thighs, and liked doing most of the work. She gave me the impression that she could crush me between her legs if she chose to, so if you are into this she might be the one for you.

Lila: German, 24, face 6, body 10, attitude 4. Not recommended.

Lila is a pain in the ass.

By this time I was pretty worn out and decided that I would go for one more session only if I could find a girl who would do it on the public bed in the main room. Lila has a hot body, but her face is only so-so and I realize now looking back that she shows very little emotion. I was a little surprised when she agreed to what I wanted.

The “sex” began with extensive chit chat, even though we didn’t have much language in common. A lot of time was devoted to her dragging her nails across my chest in what she seemed to hope would pass or substitute for erotic foreplay. We were well into the session when the blow job began, and not only was it uninspired, but she began uncomfortably scratching my balls with her nails. I pushed her hand away and she asked “what’s wrong?” This required interrupting what she was doing and sliding up towards my head so that we could discuss the logistics of this complicated effort. I explained that I didn’t like what she was doing with her nails.

Now we had to start over again with warm-up, dragging her nails across my chest, and only eventually back to the blow job. Almost immediately she started scratching my balls again with her damned nails, and again I pushed her away. She tried to stall again, but this time I got a little angry, said “stop that”, and she continued without scratching.

When I got on top of her she was reluctant to kiss and I didn’t have much desire to anyway. Then she started scratching my back and I pushed her hand away. We had to have another discussion about this. When I didn’t finish after 10 minutes or so she wanted to go back to blowing me, but she did it badly and gradually moved to a hand job. I got bored and finally ended the session without finishing. Can’t say for sure whether it was a deliberate attempt to avoid doing what was expected or whether she is just that way and her boyfriend gets the same treatment. Not a great end to a great trip, but I was so spent at that point that a great session would have been wasted on me anyway.


What a fabulous trip. I look back at all the wonderful girls I spent time with and all the wild experiences I had and it makes me feel great. Next time I’m in Germany I’ll plan to spend at least most of my time here. I’ll try some other clubs just for variety, I suppose, but this club is king for now, at least in the Frankfurt area, if not all Germany or even the world.

05-19-04, 03:38

Yolanda (again)

I had been thinking about Yolanda from the first day and wanted to see her again before she went back to Bulgaria. This time she said she didn’t want to do it in front of other people, so we went on the sofa in the kino and still had a great time.

Monica: German, 27, face 7, body 7, attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

I saw Monica in the main room and asked if she wanted have sex there. She looked me with the same puzzled expression that many girls have when I ask this and which is usually followed by something to the effect of “are you crazy?” But her confusion was of a different nature, and she said “why wouldn’t I?”

We sat on one of the big leather sofas by the big window far from the bar and began kissing. We did it in lots of positions and she was eager about everything. It was early evening and the room was moderately full. I was running out of gas by now, so we went on for a long time and got a bit sweaty.

I usually give a girl a little extra when we do it in the main room. I was a little put off when she asked me if I would give her a tip since I didn’t know what she expected, but when I gave her 70 instead of 50, which is what I was planning to give anyway, she seemed very happy.

Leona: Czech, 22, face 8, body 9, attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

I had walked past Leona several times and had her on my to do list. I asked her if she would do it on the bed in the main room and she said yes. She has a huge, nice smile, and seemed comfortable and eager about it.

We got on the bed and closed the curtains. It was another great GFE experience with lots of positions and great kissing. She seemed a little excited when she noticed some people watching us. I wasn’t able to finish, but it certainly wasn’t her fault. Her English is better than that of most other girls, so it was more fun to talk to her.

05-19-04, 03:39

Chana: Turkish, 24, face 7, body 10, attitude 9. Recommended (but see below)

Chana looked hot and she said we could do it on the sofa in the TV room downstairs. It was pretty much as a good an experience as with all the other nice girls until it was time to finish. I asked her for cim and she said yes. Her English was pretty good, and I asked her a second time to confirm. When I was ready I pulled out, yanked off the condom and started moving towards her face. As a couple of drops fell on her stomach she said “don’t cum in my mouth”. I said “but I asked you”, and she said “no”. Then I said ok, I’d put the condom back on and finish, but she pointed to the couple of drops that had fallen and said that I had already cum on her body, and that was 50 extra.

I agreed to finish on her tits, but I now wish I had told her she was being ridiculous, that I wasn’t going to finish and I wasn’t going to pay 50 extra. If she had gone to the manager I could have just been polite and asked the manager what the rule is. Maybe I would have had to pay anyway, but then at least she wouldn’t do the same trick to the next person. I’m not sure if she just doesn’t let anyone do cim, or if she was saying that I had already spent my 50 extra by dropping a little bit on her stomach (what is this, are we back in Amsterdam?). Afterwards she tried to be friendly and told me that there was a confusion because her English isn’t good, but I didn’t believe her and gave her a bit of a hard time. I wouldn’t recommend against going to a room with her since she was nice, but I would recommend against doing cim or trying to negotiate any extras.

Suza: Bulgarian, 24, face 9, body 8, attitude 9. Highly recommended.

I didn’t pick Suza when I first talked to her since she wouldn’t do it in the main room of the TV room, but now that I had gotten that out of my system I decided to see what she was like. She said she would do it on the sofa in the kino, although she had never done it there before.

When we got there she tried to pull a strange and annoying trick. She said that we couldn’t do it in the kino because the security personnel at the club would see us and we would get in trouble. She said this in a way that seemed intended to frighten me and even though there were one or two other couple going at it on other sofas right then and there. I told her that this was nonsense, that I had done it here before, and that other people were doing it as we spoke, and she let it drop. She might also have asked me at one point if I was going to finish soon, but otherwise it was good sex with lots of good kissing and several positions and if you want to just go to a room with her and have regular sex you will probably have a fine time.

Olina: Bulgarian, 20, face – Incredible. No number can convey it. Go see for yourself, body 8. Attitude GFE 10. Highly recommended.

Olina (not Alina) has a gorgeous and exotic face. It is something out of the Arabian nights (although she is Bulgarian). She has long light brown hair, is medium height, has a full chest, and isn’t skinny but isn’t overweight either. (I usually don’t describe girls so fully in respect of their privacy, but Olina explicitly gave me permission to talk about her on the web.)

She wasn’t interested in doing anything in the main room or the TV room, but agreed to do it in the kino. It was her first time there. She was friendly and sexy. I finished with cim. She was a little shy about making a mess on her face, so most of it stayed in her mouth, which was too bad.

She seemed to think it was funny doing it in the kino where other people could see, and sometimes laughed or had short giggly conversations with other girls who were passing by on their way to the rooms. But she said that next time she wanted to go to the room. She had had lots of men that day and thought that was funny too. She probably doesn’t need me to advertise her, since she is so beautiful that most people would take a chance on her anyway, but sometimes the really gorgeous girls can be cold or difficult and that is not the case with her. Olina is friends with Suza and they like to do 2-girl sessions, although they don’t do lesbian.

Katrina: Polish, 30, face 8, body 8, attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

Katrina is really pretty and looks much younger than she is. We decided to have sex on a sofa in the TV room. Another couple was sitting on the sofa facing us. I’m not sure if they were about to get started or if they had just finished, but they ended up having a good time watching us. We did a lot of positions, including ones like spoon, RC, and getting down on the rug in missionary that made it easier for the other couple to see, and I noticed them watching and smiling at us and at each other. The whole time Katrina was smiling too and seemed to enjoy being a porn actress. She was great to be with.

After three earlier pops I wasn’t able to finish a fourth time. When we stopped it might have been nice to swap partners with the other couple who was watching us, but I was pretty spent, and I didn’t know if they would have been interested anyway. I had a little more food and then left.

05-19-04, 03:40

My visit to Paradise in the early evening was fine, but not up to the standard of FKK World, so after I had satisfied myself that I had experienced this new club (see my report under the Paradise thread which I posted a week or so ago) I returned to my favorite club.

Jennifer: Hungarian, 21, face 6.5, body 5, attitude 4. Not recommended.

The previous day a nice Bulgarian girl had approached me, but it was right after I had finished with another girl and so I turned her down. I asked her if she would have sex with me on the public bed in the main room later and she said yes. So I approached her tonight, but unfortunately she had since changed her mind. However, she said that her friend was interested.

I wasn’t enormously excited about her friend largely because, well, check out the adverbs in this sentence. And she had an unnatural look, with waffled hair, tattoos, and piercings. But even though she was a little heavy she looked fit and had tight skin, and there aren’t that many girls who will do it on the public bed, so I decided it could be fun. There turned out to be nothing awful about her, but she wouldn’t kiss at all and would do bj only with a condom. It was like being in Amsterdam. It was a lackluster experience and after coming five times the night before and popping once at Paradise earlier tonight there was no way I was going to finish with her.

Margo: Russian, 27, face 7, body 6.5, attitude 7. Halfheartedly recommended.

Margo was ok. She has a nice chest, but is a little heavy. She agreed to have sex in the TV room and then after blowing me asked to go to a room and acted surprised when I didn’t want to. Well I had already made a scene over this once, so I gave in and agreed to go to a room, even though I though that she had understood what I wanted.

When we looked for a room, however, we found there was a wait, so she took be back to the TV room and led me to the countertop by the bar in front of the sports TV. This was a little more private, so she was fine with it, and I thought it was kind of cool and raunchy. We did it only in missionary. It wasn’t greatly inspired, but it was good enough to get me off again.

Clara (again)

I was sitting on a sofa in the TV room and she sat down next to me. She said, “sex here? You like sex here? You want to do sex here” or something like that in broken English. I was a little surprised, since she didn’t want to do this before, but I said sure. I asked her again to make sure. Sex here? Ok.

She gave me the same great deep throat blowjob as before and then said lets go to the room. I said wait a minute, that it was her idea to do it right here on the sofa, and she looked confused, but agreed. So we had great sex in many positions with several people watching, ending up on the floor. But now I really was spent, so I couldn’t finish. Still it was great. She is a star.

Tina: Romanian, 25, face 6, body 7, attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

It was late and I was feeling a little tired, but a girl came to me and asked if I liked to have sex in the public bed in the main room. I said yes and she brought me to her friend, Tina.

Tina was very enthusiastic. We had really good sex in front of everyone and then lay and talked for a while. She is very friendly and was good company during the session and after in addition to being sexy.

05-19-04, 03:41

Valeria: Rumanian, 29, Face 7. Body 7. Attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

I wanted to have sex in the main room in front of everyone. After asking a couple of girls who turned me down I sat next to Valeria, a nice looking girl with frizzy brown hair, on the leather sofa in front of the dining area. I asked her if she wanted to have sex right there on the sofa and she looked at me and said “Love is my job.” I said “Yes, but do you understand? I want to do it right here. Blowjob, sex ... everything. Right here.” She smiled and said “Love is my job. I will do it wherever I am asked to. “ Cool!

We started with deep kissing, moving to a blowjob and 69. There were several other nice girls on the sofas facing us some of whom were smiling while other looked disinterested. She put a condom on me and we did cowgirl, mish, rc, spoon, and missionary. As I got ready to come I asked if cim was ok and it was, but I suggested that we go to the kino. I think this was better for her since having great sex in front of everyone may have gotten other guys hot for her, but doing a cim might have turned them off (she later told me that she agreed with this reasoning). For me it was better because instead of finishing right away it meant starting over to get back to the point of completion.

We went to the front sofa in the kino, got back on track with some bj, and then I got on top of her. We finished with a nice messy facial that went all over her mouth, chin, and chest.

She told me that she has had sex on the sofa in the room several times and that she likes it more than sex in the private rooms. She said that when she has sex in the private rooms she usually doesn’t come, but when she has sex in the main room she usually comes.

Sylvia: Polish, 22, face 6.5, body 7.5, Attitude GFE 10. Recommended.

Ok, I did the main room; now I wanted to have sex in the TV room downstairs. I asked Sylvia, who I had seen on previous visits but never gone to a room with, if she was interested. She said yes. We went downstairs and sat on the sofa in front of the porno screen facing the pool. I said “sex hier, ja? Wier maken alles hier, ok? “Ja.” We kissed and she went down on me.

Then she said “ok, we go to the room.” Uh oh. “No, wir machen sex hier.” Short story is she refused. I was a little annoyed because I though I had been pretty clear and I suspected this was a trick. OK. I said I would pay her 20 for the bj. No! She wanted 50. We argued and went upstairs where she spoke with one of her friends who spoke better English than she did. The friend turned to me and said “ok, so give her 20 for the blowjob.” Fine. The girls smile, Sylvia follows me to my locker, and I give her 25 (a little more because she was nice). No! Oh boy. Now we go to the manager. We each tell our side and I explain that she agreed to have sex in the TV room but now she doesn’t want to, so why don’t I just give her a 20 for the bj. The manager snarls “This isn’t a Turkish bazaar!” Ok, so I agree to finish up with her in the kino, which annoys me a little, but then in the kino everything was as GFE as I have come to expect here, so in the end I was not too unhappy. I don’t know whether she took advantage of my request for an unusual service or not, but I think that if you go for normal sex with her you will probably be happy and have no problems. Afterwards we were friendly with one another.

Karina: Lithuanian, 25, face 7, body 7, Attitude GFE 10. Highly recommended

Karina has a crazy smile like someone who is on some serious drugs (though I don’t mean to suggest that she is). She’s not slender, but I wouldn’t call her overweight either. I remember her body as being like that of porn actress Ariana Joleee.

I still hadn’t had sex in the TV room, so that seemed like it should be my next target. She agreed to come with me to the same sofa facing the pool that I had just been on with Sylvia, only this time there was no misunderstanding. Great kissing. When she blew me she had a huge open mouthed smile with a giggle. She acted like she thought sucking my d--- was better than winning the lottery (I think so, but some women don’t).

With me in a sitting position on the sofa she put a condom on me and got on top of me. There were two couples in front of us and one of them eventually left to go to a room while the other took a cue from us and went all the way right there next to us. We did several positions and I especially remember spooning her on the rug while the other couple was in front of us doing cowgirl on the sofa and couples were streaming past us on their way to rooms for sex. The whole time she had a huge smile and was giggling and kissing me wildly, including contorting herself a little to turn and kiss me while we spooned.

Yolanda: Bulgarian, 21, face 7, body 10, attitude GFE 10. Highly recommended.

Yolanda is young and looks even younger. Her face is ordinary, but her body is spectacular. She is thin and soft and slinky and sexy.

She agreed to have sex on one of the sofas in the big TV room by the pool, though she has a shy personality and seemed a little hesitant about it. This time I was very careful about making sure that she agreed and giving her every opportunity to change her mind if she didn’t want to. We did it on a sofa in the space between the two big plasma TVs. After the bj she asked if I didn’t want to go to the kino and I said that I wanted to do it here as we had agreed and she said ok. Once we got going she seemed to have no problem all with it. Great kissing, several positions, people coming and going...

By now I had shot 3 times and wasn’t sure how much ammunition I had left. It was great being able to last so long, but I wondered if she was going to get tired at some point and also worried a little about the time since I didn’t want to spend another 50 euro. I told her that when ½ hour was up she should let me know. Well, her English isn’t great, and neither is her German, so there was a little confusion about this and she started talking about an hour and I wasn’t sure if she was asking me if I wanted an hour or saying that this was more than half an hour, so I decided to stop it. I said “this is ½ hour, ok?” and she seemed fine with that.

She has since left to go back to Bulgaria. She wants to enroll in university. I hope it works out for her, but I would also be happy if she decided that she needed to come back to Germany to earn a little spending money during her vacations.

Julia: German, 22, face 7, body 7, Attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

I asked Julia if she would do it on the public bed in the main room upstairs and she agreed. She is tall, thin, and blonde. She was completely uninhibited and we had great sex with many positions in front of everyone. It was her first time on the public bed, the first time she had even seen it happen, in fact, but she had only been working there a couple of weeks. She smiled the whole time and seemed to enjoy what she was doing. She was my fifth girl that night but she was able to finish me off.

She was interesting to talk to because her English was better than that of most of the girls. I told her that I was surprised that I was able to finish again and told her that “I thought I would need a forklift just to get it up.” She understood, though I had to explain what a forklift was.

At some point I mentioned magic mushrooms being available in Holland. I asked her if she had ever tried them and said that it would be fun to bring some to Germany. I knew they were illegal in Germany, but I didn’t know how much trouble I would be in if I got caught and wondered if it would be worth the risk. She said first that possessing them is taken very seriously and that if you get caught you are likely to go to prison, and secondly that if you bring them to a club you are at particularly high risk because the police might raid the club, search the lockers, and then you go to jail. If there is any discretion involved in sentencing I don’t imagine that being caught in the FKK club would work in your favor, nor would it go over well back home when you didn’t return to work on time and your concerned employer or loved ones eventually got their hands on a police report that began: “When the officers entered the premises they observed the suspect, obviously maddened by the effects of the illegal substance he had consumed, in the process of performing sex acts on a large bed in the center of a room crowded with men and naked women...” Anyone who has had the same idea I did should consider this warning.

Identity withheld: Rip-off, but possibly not with everyone.

She agreed to have sex with me on one of the sofas in the TV room. Then when we got there she changed her mind, but still insisted that we do a session. First she led me to the sofa in the back stairwell leading up to the reception. I said no. Then she said what about the sofa in the tanning room. Ok, I settled for that.

The bj lasted for only a few seconds. When we started sex in missionary there was hardly any kissing. Then the condom broke. I immediately went to the nearest shower to clean off. When I came back she said that we couldn’t continue because she didn’t have any condoms left. I told her this was ridiculous and she left to get another condom, but only after I insisted several times.

Just as we had arrived a girl had turned on the tanning machine, which displayed a timer that started at 15 minutes. It now indicated that there were 8 minutes remaining. That meant we had been there for 7 minutes, and I had taken a shower during that time, so the sex had only lasted some 2-4 minutes. Sylvia was seated on the sofa across from us. I pointed in the direction of the girl who had just left and made a thumbs down sign and Sylvia nodded.

She returned with a condom, but now I was soft. She took my d--- in her hand, looked at it, and let it drop. She bent over to do a bj and then seemed to change her mind and sat up. We sat next to each other for some 20 seconds exchanging glances. Then I started to complain, saying, what are we going to do, just sit here? Eventually I progressed to saying that I’m not paying 50 euros to sit next to a girl for 30 minutes. Still no response, so I went to management.

I was happy that the shift at the front desk had changed, so the woman I had complained to earlier wasn’t there. She said that she had no way of knowing what happened, so I had to pay. The rip off girl lied and said that we had been having sex for 30 minutes and I had a loud argument with her in front of the manager. The next night when I was there and saw the rip-off girl returning from the locker I asked the guy she was with how she was and he said she was good, so maybe the complaining had an effect and caused her to clean up her act.

Later on that second night when I took a different girl to a room the rip-off girl called out to her friend to watch out because I’m no good. So again I complained (nicely) and this time the manager (same woman) was much more sympathetic to me and asked me to point out the rip-off girl to her and then went and scolded her.

Someone later told me that if you have a problem with a girl they will always make you pay but then they will talk to her and let her know that she has a strike against her. So if you do have a real problem (don’t do it for something trivial) you should complain; not to get your money back, but to get some justice and make it harder for her to cause problems for others. Remember, she is hurting all the other girls as well as well as the men since the men will be less likely to come back if they have a bad experience. When I went back a couple of weeks later the rip-off girl was gone. I decided not to post her name or describe her since I think I have already caused significant problems for her and the next guy I saw her with was happy with her, so maybe it was just one mistake - possibly related to the unusual request for sex in public – and maybe she has since cleaned up her act.

Clara: Romanian, 20, face 9, body 10, attitude GFE 10+. Highly recommended.

Clara is beautiful. She has very short black hair. I tried unsuccessfully to get her to come with me to the TV room downstairs, but she agreed to go to the kino. We had great enthusiastic sex on the sofa closest to the door, including wild kissing, multiple positions, and the best deep throat bj I have ever had. My description here is short only because there were no unusual antics surrounding the sex; she was great. I came for the 5th time that night.

05-19-04, 03:41
Another series of glorious visits to FKK World! Now that Atlantis is gone (hopefully not for good) this club clearly reigns as the undisputed number 1 club in Germany in my book.

(Note: I am dividing my long report up into several posts, which I am uploading in reverse order so that they can be read from top to bottom.)

On most nights there were huge crowds including a great selection of girls. On Saturday it got a little overcrowded and there were waits for bedrooms and sometimes even a shortage of places to sit in the main rooms. On most days there were periods when all the girls seemed to disappear and I ended up wandering around looking at other men or at couples waiting for a room, but then the girls would come back in waves.

I wasn’t able to go to a party that they had on Friday. (I didn’t really get a clear idea of why every night wouldn’t already be considered a party.) One girl said there would be stripteases (?) and a dj. I was there the Thursday before and it was a bit of a downer because there were few men and the ones that were there were generally old and fat. It seemed that everyone who might have gone on this day decided that it made sense instead to wait one more day and go to the party. The girls were all unhappy because they weren’t doing any business and the usual buzz with sex going on in all corners of the club wasn’t there. The private rooms and the kino were mostly empty. There were more girls than usual coming to sit with me and pressure me a little bit into going to a room with them. On the positive side all of the girls, even the best ones, were available most of the time, but I usually don’t find the availability of girls to be a problem even on a crowded night, and having already spent two nights in a row there I wasn’t able to benefit from this opportunity.

I wrote a long detailed review at the end of January and my visits this month were similar. The most remarkable thing is how almost every girl here makes me feel like she is my girlfriend or better (better in the sense that a girlfriend would probably not do some of the things that these girls to do with a big smile). I’ll post full details separately. There were lots of new girls – maybe a 50 % turnover since my last visit in January - and several beauties. There were also significant changes from one night to the next.

Entry was only 43 Euro on 2 of the days I went because they were having a special. The buffet was not as good as it was a few months ago, particularly on the discounted entry days, with lots of pasta salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, kielbasa, etc... instead of real meats and vegetables. But it still compares well to buffets in other clubs and they always keep the table stocked with something. Maybe if Atlantis reopens they will jack the quality back up to compete.

On this visit, more than in January, I found there to be a few overbearing girls who I didn’t want to go with who wouldn’t leave me alone. Some of them would come and lean against my seat with both arms, one on either side of me, so I was trapped, and just stare at me for as much as an entire minute. Some would ask if I wanted to go to a room with them and when I said no they said “why not?” For me it’s a good lesson on understanding how a beautiful girl that I am hitting on back in my country might feel if I am too insistent. Management needs to tell a couple of them to knock this off.

One of the girls told me that the club has rooms that you can stay in instead of at a hotel. I asked the management about this and they verified that there are rooms with bathrooms for 100 Euro per night. I don’t think these are the rooms that are used for sex during club hours. If this includes free entry to the club then it would be a good deal. Also I saw a car with an FKK-World logo on it so I asked if they have their own taxi service and the answer was yes. I asked them if they also offer day care, dry cleaning, or financial services, and the answer was no.

I have been to this club several times and always thought they had a shortage of toilets. This time, however, I discovered that there is a large bathroom next to the ATM machine in the reception area that I didn’t’ know about.

05-19-04, 11:28
Mai 15 at FKKW

I arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon. Mindful of my record-keeping duties, I ventured on a walk through the entire place, counting the number of providers present. I counted 36 that were in view at that moment. Other girls may have been in the rooms at that time, but those were the ones I counted.

Unfortunately, Christina (with the Daniel-tattoo on her back) was just about ready to leave. I wouldn’t have said no to her. Daniela, Lena, and Andrea (some of my all-time favorites) were not in this count either; they arrived a little later. A few other high quality providers also arrived between 4 and 5. The quality and number of girls at FKKW has never been better. I would have been very happy to mount at least half of the girls present.

For all of you Andrea fans: you may breath a sigh of relief. I talked with her quite bit and found out the reason for her absence. The reason for her somewhat lengthy “vacation” was a car accident that she had in the Czech Republic. She still has some pain and is getting injections. But she is almost back to full strength at FKKW.

A note about FKKW beverage selection: The nice espresso/cappuccino machines that they had were retired (they just had too many breakdown needing service call). Instead they have large thermoses from which they pour delicious coffee. This is clearly a loss, but not as much as I thought initially. But here is the good news: They now sell regular German beer from the keg at FKKW. A glass is five euro; a bit steep, but if you just really have to have a brew after a nice encounter, there you are. The alcohol-free Clausthaler beer, by the way, is still free. (Tastes real good to me, by the way.)

Food: when I got there, the Saturday brunch buffet was still set up: cold cuts, eggs, breads, salads, some fruit. Looked pretty good, but I did not come to eat.


Lana (with a tattoo of “Angelo” on her left forearm): very cute face (a 9 in my book) petite, extremely well-proportioned body (also 9), just all-around desirable. After having turned away about 6 or 7 others, I stopped her as she was coming by. We talked a bit at the bar, but there was no couch open. So we went straight to a room. Mistake on my side; I really should know better. The BBBJ was so-so; she just used way to much hand and too little throat. Not a lot of DFK either. But once I said what I wanted her to do and how, she went along. Maybe she is relatively new on the job; maybe first there was also not the best chemistry between us; maybe she is saving some of her best for Angelo. Who knows!

But once we put the rain jacket on my member, and she mounted me, the performance improved. I came very fast, but was still able to continue pumping away, and my sausage never went very limp. We went at it doggie style, which is extremely enjoyable with her. As she started moaning, I felt myself getting bigger and bigger, and went deeper and deeper. She flexed her back just right, and was VERY tight around me. After about eight to ten minutes in this position, I came again. For me, a double-unload in one 30-minute session is very rare; so I rate the performance part an overall 10.

OK, so the day started out alright. I have already written enough about Andrea; so I will not repeat my earlier descriptions. (I like to do the same thing with her each time. Try her, if you have the opportunity, and establish your own customs.)

In between encounters I went downstairs where about 10 guys were hanging out in front of the plasma TV that showed the German Bundesliga live. Several of them hide out from the girls there. And since I needed a rest, this was perfect. (A side note on the girls approaching you: Some guys find this annoying, but I have a different opinion. The girls need to make contact somehow, and you can always politely turn them away with an excuse that you just came back from a room and need to recharge. Very often, you can still have an interesting conversation or even get a free rub of your woodie in the process of negotiating yourself out of this encounter.)

I figured I had about one good shot left. So I wanted to make it count. A few of my favorites were around and would have done nicely, but I wanted to sample someone new. Victoria, from Poland, sat down next to me and struck up a conversation. Blond, shoulder-long hair, medium height, very pretty face, nice sized rack, with nipples that scream “suck me”, flat stomach, round rear. This is also a 9 in my book. Bingo, why not!

Victoria did not disappoint in the room. Usually, my fourth encounter can drag out, but with her I came after only about 5 minutes. Well, I would have liked to last longer, but in the end this is better than 30 minutes of pumping and only producing hot air in the end.

I called it a day after almost 4 hours – extremely well-spent time.

05-19-04, 11:30
May 17

On the 15th, it was cold, and there was nobody outdoors. The 17th was very different, and many of the girls were outside in the sun when I arrived at 5:30. This made my quick-count exercise a little harder, but I am happy to report that there were just about 30 beauties in view at the same time at 5:30 on this Monday (!) afternoon. Like I said, FKKW rules!

I had plans for the evening and thus knew that I really only had time for one girl. Daniela came over to me at the bar and gave me a very nice French kiss. (“Membership has its privileges”, as the AmEx ad used to say.) Daniela is one horny nymphomaniac, from Rumania, with a very athletic figure, smallish but very cute boobs. She does not smoke, nor drink, nor do drugs. But she says that sex is her drug, and I believe it. We started to rub against each other standing at the bar. I fingered her right there, and she started giving me a BBBJ. One of the barkeep girls told us to get a room. OK! As we went though the hallway that leads to the stairs to the lower level, Daniela stops me, goes down on her knees, and gives me another really good BBBJ. “I need it”, she says; so who am I to stop her.

This goes on for five minutes and gets me close to coming; so I pull out. Daniela likes to make a semi-public show – it turns her on. At the bottom of the stairs is a black leather sofa. We make a pit-stop there for another high-quality BBBJ and my doing a bit of DATY on her. It was real fun to hear her noises of appreciation. I turned her around so that she was crouching on the sofa, rimmed her, and gave her a good two-finger job.

Then we went to a room. Lengthy BBBJ, DFK, DATY followed. I wanted to make it fun for her, too, since she is so much into it. Our first “position” was standing up, with me from behind. I can go deep this way, and her moaning showed that it had an effect.

I felt that I was near climax, and so I went out and onto my back. She went on top, and really was grinding against me, trying to cum. As she started her climax, I could not hold on any more and let go as well.

She wanted to go on, and kept rubbing here sweaty body against mine, kissing me deeply. But my age was showing a bit. (I am in relatively good shape, but just not 18 any more. $#$#^*).

Daniela is one heck of a women. When you are in the mood for the girl-friend+porn-star experience, there are very few better options that I can imagine.

05-19-04, 18:35

Excellent reports. How do you remember all the detail of names etc

Did the girls charge extra for doing it in the room upstairs?

By the way, when I went in March a couple of girls remembered your visit in January - telling me you worked your way round almost all the workers!

05-20-04, 02:47

Glad the girls remembered me (as long as it was in a good way, which I hope it was). How did I come up in conversation? Am I so extraordinary that they start talking about me out of the blue months after seeing me? Have I been underestimating myself all these years?

When I first started hobbying and realized one day that I couldn't remember all of the girls I had been with I started writing things down. In Germany, where there are nice lockers where I can keep a pen, I usually write down names and a couple of other details right after seeing the girl.

Most girls who will do it in the main room (which is perhaps 1 in 4) don’t ask for extra. Some girls ask for 100 to do it in the room upstairs, but I always say no since it’s often a bad sign that they’re uncomfortable with it. More importantly I don't feel right giving different amounts to different girls for doing the same thing. I’m not sure what I would say to one if she asked me why I only gave her 50 but I gave 100 to another for the same thing. If they want extra I’ll usually ask if they’ll do it on a sofa downstairs in the big TV room for the regular price, since no girl has ever asked me for extra for that (also a lot of girls who won’t do it in the main room will do it there). Then, when we’re done I tip them an extra 10 or 20 (unless it’s a bad encounter) since it is an unusual request.

Andrea wanted 100 to do it and I agreed because she is hot, and because when we did it we did it on the sofa in a crowded room, moved to the bed and pulled the curtains back, and really went all out (a lot of other girls will only do it on the bed with the curtains drawn). Also Andrea was one of the first girls I asked so I didn’t know then that other girls would do this for the regular price.

It’s fun, and I wish it would become more common since I’d like to see more of it from others when I visit. If there’s a disadvantage I suppose it might be that it usually requires asking the girl straightforwardly if they will do it, and if she says yes you tend to get right down to business without the conversation, flirting, and slow start up which can sometimes be fun.

05-20-04, 03:29
Actually there’s another disadvantage to doing it in the main room, which you can see from my reports below, which is that you can expect to have some misunderstandings. Some girls agree and they once you are committed they seem to have misunderstood. Most likely there is a true language barrier; in many cases the misunderstanding emerged before I really was committed, so it clearly wasn’t a trick.

In some other cases I got a strong feeling right away that the girl had understood, but didn’t want to do it. She would put a bit of a distance between me and her, the kissing would be more like pecking, and the bj wouldn’t start. To these girls’ credit they would generally ask to go to a private room before starting a bj and then would be disappointed but understanding if I said no. I had mixed feelings about this since I got to sit with them and kiss a little for free, but I felt pressured to go to a room, which I hadn’t wanted to do, and I felt uncomfortable about getting the free kissing even though I could say it was her own fault (and hopefully I’m not so bad so maybe she didn’t suffer too much other than by spending some time not doing business). One of these girls wouldn’t say hello to me afterwards when I passed by her in the corridors, so she might have had a little bit of hard feeling.

Also some girls will say yes and will do it, but you will get the feeling that they are a little uncomfortable and there will be less chemistry. If you really want the girl maybe that is fine. Sometimes the girl misunderstands, but then agrees to do it since we have already started and maybe she realizes that I did ask, but I know that she’d rather not. And then some girls misunderstand and won’t do it, which might be fine if you don’t have your heart too set on it.

So things can be a little simpler if you just order vanilla.

05-20-04, 09:17
Thanks, Catalyst, for fantastically long and juicy reports. You have certainly raised the bar on describing experiences at fkk clubs! It was also most kind of you to present the series so that one could read them in descending order. Thanks!

I think we all appreciate and respect your reasons for protecting the identity of certian girls. Just wondering, however, if you could give any clues as to the nature of the Rip-off artist you write about at the begining. It's would just be nice to have something to go on so that an unsuspecting punter does not fall into the trap and waste their time/money.

Also, some of us know a Czech girl Leona from another club. She is very highly respected as a provider of great GFEs. I was a bit surprised to read your mention of this name --unless it is a very popular Czech name-- at World. Is she a platinum blonde with a tatoo on her right buttock cheek? or are you possibly talking about another somewhat petite blonde ex-Atlantis from Slovakia, who has been at World ever since Atlantis closed? or perhaps neither of these? Can you clarify?

Thanks again for very engrossing reading. Since I spent several days at World, back-to-back, about one month ago, your report, which mentions many girls that were not at the club last month, certainly speaks to the high turnover factor at World. What an exciting place, eh?

I agree 100% with your assessment that this is the top club in Germany right now!



Pussy Engineer
05-20-04, 11:22
In Germany, where there are nice lockers where I can keep a pen, I usually write down names and a couple of other details right after seeing the girl.
I sure love the german knack for organization ;)

I used to do this too, until I realized I might want to run for congress one day! LOL :)

Member #1980
05-20-04, 12:10

Excellent reports. I just curious, what is major difference to have sex in private room and in front of every one? How long in between to keep you have sex with 5 to 10 girls in one visit? How long each session last (30 minutes)? Each time you can come and your tool can get up session by session? Does Vigra or Calis help? Please advise. Thanks.


05-20-04, 17:00

The memories of you were positive - it came up because I asked Andrea to go on the public bed and as I am English she started to think it was an English thing! She said German men in FKKs don't like to do it in public.

After your report I am even more keen on my return visit in mid-June! I'll try to complete my notes as I go along this time

Ortos - I saw Leona and she was definitely the Czech girl from Atlantis, not the Slovakian

05-20-04, 21:42

Thanks for that note about Leona. Just to make 100% sure we are talking about the same girl: The Leona I mean is a very pretty, platinum blonde with a tatoo on her right buttock cheek. I first met her at Atlantis about 18 months ago, then I re-discovered her last year at PHG, where she continues to be a regular. She is rated a top act at that club. I find it astounding that she should suddenly turn up at World as well. I still think her main venue is PHG, where she can probably pull in as many clients as she wants. That is why I suspect we are talking about two different Leonas.

Shiatsu, when exactly did you last see "your" Leona at World?

05-21-04, 08:23

Sorry - I wasn't very observant (it was the day Andrea had her accident and I was not doing my WSG duty!) so I can't say yes or no to the tatoo. I saw her on Sunday just under five weeks ago.
She said she had been working at Atlantis (although I hadn't seen her there). She is Czech and speaks good English, and is slim.
I'm going to World again in three weeks - if she's still there I'll check for you!
As you say it's unlikely to be the same girl - I wish we could take photos of the girls then these discussions would be so much easier.

General comments on hotels etc - there has been discussion recently about hotels/travel etc and how to keep costs down. If you stay in Giessen there are bus services regularly to Garbenteich Sportplatz which is under ten minutes walk from World and cost 1.6 euro instead of 17euro for a taxi. Over four or five days that pays for a half-hour session. On the way back the last bus is at 21.54 or 22.25 approx so I usually get a taxi back to Giessen. Details are on bahn.de, choose English and go to the detailed search choose place- Pohlheim, then street Gruninger Weg -middle

Sex in the main rooms - Catalyst gives some experience on this. If anybody is keen on this they might try Irina (slim, brown straight hair, Russian resident in germany) and Viagra/sara who has silicone tits and (possibly) lifted ass, big lips, very cheerful, black from Brazil. Both were at Atlantis and now at World - at Atlantis they did it in th epublic bed for no charge and without me even asking!

05-21-04, 13:55
I have a hard time believing that Leona goes from PHG to World and back. The Leona at PHG seems alittle shy to be wandering around World FKK by herself. If she arrived with Sammie for a night I could see that but by herself, I doubt it.

Personally, I think she would have too much competition at World from girls like Andrea. That would be a fun threesome with Andrea and Leona, chingao !

Now that we have some intrigue going on, its your guys job to weed this out and give us a report ASAP.

Lanrac aka Carnal1

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To avoid delays in future reports, please consider composing your report in the Forum or in a word processing program that does not insert hard returns in the text. Thanks!

05-21-04, 20:15

I think you will both find this an interesting comment: I have solved the mystery of the two Leonas.

I think I know exactly who Shiatsu is talking about in his post just below. He is talking about a short pretty blond girl (tatooless), who used to work Atlantis under the name of "Daria" as well as Leona. (If you check back in the Atlantis section for posts from last year you will find a post or two about her under the "Daria" name.) But she is from Slovakia, not the Czech Rep. Last year, when she used to work in Atlantis, I had several sessions with her. Great girl. She often told me that she was the only Slovakian girl there amidst great many Czechs. After Atlantis closed, she moved to World and when I saw her at World in April, she came right over to me to chat. She told me she didn't like World as much as ATlantis because there were not as many male guests at World. Most interestingly, in the same discussion she indicated that she strongly believed Atlantis would re-open "soon" and that she could not wait to go back there tto work.

Shiatsu's post just below confirms this, because he and I overlapped last month at World when they had the party he posted about. I was at the World for about 5 consecutive days during this period, and each day I saw and often spoke with this Slovakian Leona (or was it "Lenora?"). Anyway this is the girl you are talking about, Shaitsu, not the Leona that Carnal and I know from PHG, who, incidentally also used to work at Atlantis more than a year ago. But this Leona was certainly not at World during April. She was fully enscounced in her normal PHG venue where she has been going strong (with or without Sammi) for several months.

Another way to distunguish the two: The PHG Leona is a G-string wearer, which does expose those superlative butocks for all to see and revere. If, by any off chance she was to turn up at World, then I assure you most probably would have seen her prominent buttock tatoo and remembered it...


Member #1980
05-22-04, 02:34
With help of Viagra and Cialis, I usually have sex with each girl for about 30 minutes. I am afraid that if I do it in public place, then no girl want to do it with me any more because I know most of girls like man who come fast, about 10 minutes after entering. No girl want to fxxk 30 minutes. Am I right? If i do it in open area, every girl see, then they know I fxxk long. Please comment. Of course, have sex in public place with every body watching is a very exciting experience.

Langsuan Man
05-22-04, 11:08
21 May 04

WOW- just got in from FKK World where I celebrated the 16th anniversary of my fortieth birthday. Left Frankfurt at 3:30 but once I realized that traffic wasn’t that bad for a Friday afternoon stopped at a rest stop and poured over my printed copy of selected FKK World posts. Thank you Catalyst, Euro100, Ortos, shiatsu and Tarl. Because of your excellent reporting I was able to draw up a list of names and descriptions to be on the lookout for. (Not that it made any difference but at least I had a plan). Also bought a pen per Catalyst’s tip.

Now for my Forum duties: Getting there. I tried their web site directions, the MSN Map page, and one of the German mapping sites. The best and easiest directions were given by Ortos on 03-13-04. Since we don’t have a numbering system in this forum I will copy and paste his directions below: Can’t be plagiarism if I give him credit, right?

Take A5 towards Kassel and get off at Fernwald exit. (They're doing road construction now and the Fernwald exit is just near the end of the construction works.) Upon exiting the A5 autobahn, follow all the yellow/black town signs to Polheim, then at Polheim follow white/black signs to the Industrial Area of Garbenteich, a couple of kms outside Polheim. At Garbenteich, FFKW is pretty well sign-posted. Really it's not that tough to find.

FKK World signs lead you right to it once you get into the industrial area.

I diddled away my time so I pulled into the parking lot at 7:30 and after listening to the memorized spiel from the German girl at the desk was at my locker and doing my first Viagra of the night by 7:45. This means that I had an hour to allow for it to kick in so I was able to roam and see the place!

I will be perfectly honest with you it is sort of like the Grand Canyon in the U.S. You can hear about it, see it on TV and Movies, but till your standing on the edge looking down 6,000 feet to the bottom it doesn’t really sink in. So too with FFK World. Nothing you guys could have told me prepared me for walking into the “great room” from the showers and seeing all that glorious pussy staring me in the face. Let me tell you for a pussy hound that likes to go down on every one I can get my tongue into I was in heaven seeing all that clean shaven twat.

At 8 P.M. I remembered that I had a duty to do a count and since the room seemed pretty full at that time my survey put the total at around 30 girls give or take. Overall impression of the quality would have to range from 6 to 9. (Please take into account the newbie shock factor <G>). I have to admit I really didn’t see one dog and even if all were not my type I wouldn’t have kicked any of them out of bed.

After walking around and seeing everything I just sat at the bar where a fairly good looking German girl struck up a conversation with me in very good English. Pretty face, blond, blue eyed, pleasant body but not my type, plus we are waiting for the Viagra to kick in so I had time to kill and didn’t want to monopolize her and then leave. Was down on the lower level by that cigarette machine waiting to use the bathroom when Clara from Romania (Transylvania to be exact) walked up to me and gave me a kiss to die for. She didn’t know it but she had me right then and there with that hard body, tight tits, and her responsiveness, which was icing on the cake. Since I had no special requirements there was no need to negotiate anything. The only wrinkle was that we had to go back up to the money lockers to get my condoms. I know that the girls all have condoms but I have had to search high and low for a condom that is just the right size, shape, and thickness for my little buddy. And nothing can make me go down quicker that too tight of a raincoat. I wouldn’t need the Viagra if I didn’t have to use condoms. But I do, so I have to be particular with my protection. Next time I am going to get a pouch to wear around my neck to contain my necessities. I finally put one in the fold of my towel but I was always afraid of losing it.

Clara was just as passionate in the room as she was on the couch and we both really were turned on rather quickly. BBBJ, me eating her, couple of different positions and finally shooting a weeks worth of stored up cum in the missionary position while deep French kissing her. Not rushed and really a GF experience that you wouldn’t have gotten me to believe was possible during a ST. I am just back from 4 years living in Thailand and LT was the only way I went. Afterwards we talked for a while and she continued to kiss me until I gave her the 50 Euros and went and showered.

I then went back down to the Jacuzzi and Patricia, another Romanian came walking by and saw the shit eating grin on my face and joined me. I told her that I needed to recover since I had just been satiated by her fellow countrywoman. She said not to worry and as the water slowly relaxed me she stealthily moved in on me. Next thing I knew she was showing me her tonsils while so delicately massaging me that all thought of rest was lost. I have to admit these girls are pros and know just what buttons to push. Not pushy mind you but artful and sensual. They obviously know that the way to the room and 50 euros is through the kissing game. After the trip to the locker for the condom we retired to a free room and she was even better out of water. It was 10:30 by this time and it amazed me that these girls must have clocks in their heads since so far each session had been just at the 30 minute mark.

Time for another Viagra, Indian generic this time, so I just wandered around taking in the sites noting the comings and goings. (Walking the hallways you could hear the comings) The place sort of had a rhythm about it. Some times it appeared empty then five minutes would go by and it would fill up again. Sometimes there would be all guys and a few girls and at other times it would be all girls and just a few guys, and then it would get to be 50 / 50. By 11:30 I was ready for action again and decided to be a picker instead of a pickee. Went down to the couch at the bottom of the stairs and a few minutes go by and then Miracle, a Jamaican, walked by and I asked her if she would like to sit down. She had a gorgeous body and a personality to match. She began the exploration routine and started a BBBJ right on the couch while I explored here gorgeous tits and curves. This time I had the condom tucked into the waistband of my wrapped towel so I was ready for Freddie. She led me to a room behind the Masseur and I told her that it would be a miracle if she could get me to come again since she was my third of the night. She just smiled and in the cute Jamaican accent said “That’s why I am called Miracle”. A slow sensuous session followed and it was a real GF experience as well as great sex. I am lucky she was my last because if she had been my first I probably would have spent a whole hour with her,
We went up to the locker for her payment and I showed her my ID and she was surprised that it really was my birthday.

I stayed another hour while I finally had something to eat and a coffee for the ride home. Every time I would walk past her I would start to sing “Do you believe in miracles, you sexy thing” and she would laugh, grab me and give me another deep tonsil tickling kiss. I took my last shower and left at around half past midnight. As I was sitting in my car buckling up three or four police cars came up the driveway, lights but no sirens. I couldn’t see it they were there to conduct a raid or were escorting a VIP but I do know that the VIP parking gates were opened for them.

Getting out and back onto the Autobahn was a piece of cake since I just followed the Blue signs. I was back in my apartment in just over 35 minutes door to door. I might add that I live but a mere 7 minutes from The Palace but wanted to try the World first because I could!

Overall impression. OUTSTANDING. Finding the FKK scene will make my time here in Germany tolerable but I will just have to control myself since one night at FKK World cost me as much as two months of weekly LT’s in Bangkok. Definitely worth the money not to do the RL scene, which of course is readily available here in Frankfurt. But like boats, airplanes, and helicopters woman are cheaper to rent than own. So a monthly visit to a FKK club is not unreasonable for my sanity.

Administrative notes for any other newbie’s.

First of all the clothes lockers are the pits. There is one up and one down and at first you think that you have two and that one key will lock both doors. Well it won’t and the number on the key is only for that clothes locker. With the changing German weather it was down right cold so I had my leather jacket which, with my clothes, barely fit in the locker. The wallet lockers are another problem area since it is easy to have access to your locker blocked while someone gets their money out to pay their girl. So sometimes it can be awkward. Just look around and make sure you aren’t blocking someone else from getting to their locker and hopefully they will also be as considerate.

When you take your shower remember to adjust the temperature and then push in the knob. Stand away from the spray till you adjust it to you liking and don’t be surprised if it goes off just as you get comfortable. It is on a timer so all you have to do is push it in and since you have already set the temperature it will return to just the right temp.

My only gripe was about the scarcity of bathrooms but like one of the other posters mentioned there are several near the ATM machine in the front lobby. But you don’t have to go out there to access them. The door at the opposite end of the showers leads you there. One even has a sink so if you want to brush your teeth you can do so. Since I eat a lot of pussy I like to keep my mouth clean and fresh.

Don’t expect any friendliness from the staff since they are all bored and just doing their jobs and it would kill them to smile. The only staff member I found to be even a bit friendly was the little girl who cleans up and she smiled and offered to cut off my entrance plastic bracelet as I was leaving. Forget the servers at the bar since they will look right through you even though you are standing in front of them with an empty glass and a mournful look. But the friendliness of the girls is what is important and I’ll trade for that any day. The cleaning ladies are really industrious and I hope that management knows that they really hustle and are always busy cleaning out the rooms, getting fresh towels out, and generally keeping the place tidy. I just don’t understand why management doesn’t have hooks in the rooms to hang your towels up. I guess that they would rather have wet towels on the beds instead?

I was able to park in the 2nd parking lot since it was still daylight when I got there but don’t use that lot if you are not used to your car or not good at parallel parking. Not that you have to parallel park but you have to back into the spaces and with the fence on the left as you come up the drive it can be awkward. Plus you could get caught all the way up there and not find a spot and have to back all the way back out since there is no where to easily turn around.

Even though most of the girls smoke they are smart enough to chew gum so that the smoke smell is not that noticable. I quit four years ago so I am sensitive to it and at first was worried that it would spoil my time but it turned out to be an non issue.

All in all my experience a FKK World was a really positive one and a great birthday present to myself. I couldn’t help but think on the drive back home that FKK World is:

“Euro Disney fur alt herren”

05-22-04, 11:08

You get the Sherlock Holmes prize!

member 1980.

Most girls seem happy to have sex for the best part of the 30 mins - if a girl only wants 10minutes sex then she's not acceptable in my book. We all need to discourage girls who try to give short time or try to make you come in 5 minutes. If a girl is obviously trying to get a quick completion, I usually take charge and set the pace just to outwit her - I make sure I use the full half hour.
However my preference is to include lots of fondling, cuddling and talking in a session - as well as being good in itself it usually leads to better sex . I think you only need worry if it looks as if you are just "using" the girl - as long as you focus on giving her a good time then you should be ok doing it in public. Most girls don't enjoy being fucked like animals (a phrase they've used to me about other clients)

05-22-04, 14:25

I thought it would be a little unfair to report the rip off girl because I already reported her to management and caused problems for her, so I don’t want to continue beating up on her. Also, the next guy I saw her with said she was fine, so we may have had a problem only because of my unusual request and she is fine with everyone else, or she may have realized that she needs to be fair with her customers. I’m guessing that she wouldn’t be a waste of time or money for most other people. I hope I’m right. If I see any mention on this board of other people having further problems with her though I’ll jump in at that time (with a bit of a guilty conscience for not speaking up at this time).

Leona was really nice and is a top choice. I spoke to her about the internet and she said it was ok to tell people about her but seemed a little hesitant about having me say too much that people who don’t actually go to the club could use to identify her, so maybe I shouldn’t say more. She might be from Slovakia rather than Czech Republic.

There is a negative thing that I didn’t mention in my report. After I had a condom break with a girl I got a little nervous, went to the front desk, and asked how often the girls are tested and what for. The manager told me that I have to ask the girl, because the management of the club has nothing to do with testing the girls. This sounded strange and I wonder if she understood what I was asking, but I can’t imagine what else she might have understood. I thought all FKK clubs in Germany had mandatory testing.

Member #1980
05-22-04, 20:47

Three more questions:

1. I love to eat pussy. Do you think it is safe to taste pussy juice?

2. I think German FFKs are the best in the world, better than Therma in Brazil (girls are not nude in clubs) and Thailand. What do you think?

3. The best anal sex is in Brazil though. Most girls in Therma will do anal without additional charge.

Please comment.


05-23-04, 19:14
Member 1980

I'm no expert just an ordinary guy. Sorry - Thailiand and Brazil beyond my knowledge. As for oral on a girl, I did check this out once but have forgotten most details. Certainly there's the risk of herpes, and possibly others. I suggest you find a health info site and then you can make an informed decision

Catalyst - definitely no mandatory testing. If a girl wants to test herself then it is purely voluntary. Obviously a club will not want agirl who is known to be infected, but apart from thsi it's a question of buyer beware. Condoms are the only real defence - especially woth the increasing availablity (outside FKK) of condomless sex including anal and gangbangs

Member #1980
05-23-04, 22:20
Let me ask a question about the strategy. I used to fuck 8-10 girls in one visit (the best use of 65e entry fee, isn't it?). I use Vigra or Cialis (similar result). The other tactic I used was holding the ejaculation till the last girl I plan to fuck that day (depend on selection in the club and energy I had I feel). That mean I ejaculate only once in fucking about 10 girls (my record is 11) in one visit. If I came earlier, it will take more time for me to get hard again. So use this stratigy, I can fuck more girls (10 girls in about 10-12 hours stay in one visit). Could you comment on if it is right thing to do (use Vigra, and holding back the ejaculation)?



05-24-04, 02:51
About any STDs risks go check out goaskalice.com pretty good information.

05-24-04, 03:04
Langsuan Man: Great report! You are completely right, you really have to experience this place in order to comprehend what people are talking about. I have never been to the Playboy Mansion, but I can guarantee you that Hugh Hefner cannot possibly have it any better than what we get at FKKW.

You said "Euro Disney fuer alte Herren." I like that. Here is my attempt at a slogan: Fuckvergnugen. (If you know the VW ads in the US, you know what I am refering to.)

You mentioned a police patrol right as you were leaving Friday night. All fellow mongers can breath easy - I was there the next day, Saturday, and FKKW was open and running as ever.

You also said that the bar girls are not real friendly. True! However, if you put a little bit of effort into it, you can actually have quite nice conversations with them. The main thing would be to smile at them. Speaking German is of course a real big plus. I flirt a little bit with them accasionally, and they laugh with me and chat with me.

On Saturday at 8 pm I counted 41 providers. And Langsuan Man is right: not a single dog among them. I could have easily seen myself with at least half of them. (come to think of it: I HAVE been with at least half of them). Some of the best Atlantis providers are now FKKW regulars. It's like attending the FKK all star game.

My rental car company had been nice enough to put the newest edition of Playboy into my car. (Do these Germans know what we want, or what?) When I compare the playmates with the top acts at FKKW, I would say that at least 5, perhaps even 10, compare very favorably with the playmates.

Here is one more piece of information: the overnight room rate of 100 euros does NOT include the entrace fee. You have the room from 1 am to 11 am, and breakfast is included. But at 11 the next day starts, and youhave to pay again, if you want to spend that day at the club. So this is a bit expensive. However, if you had too much to drink, this can be an excellent investment.


Mind Snatcher
05-26-04, 23:26
Question about the overnight rate:

Do they give you the kind of receipt that would be accepted by my company's finance section? I travel a lot in Germany but need to be able to document my overnight expenses!

Round the World
05-29-04, 09:45
Belated Trip Report: May 19, 20

On my first visit to Frankfurt since Atlantis closed, I decided to try World based on the recommendations on this board. I planned to do a two day Frankfurt FKK visit - that is, club, hotel, club again then straight to the airport in the early morning. I arrived at FRA, rented a car from sixti.de and booked a hotel at nearby Giessen (Am Ludwigplatz). The site hrs.de was very helpful in finding the cheap hotel (50e per night) which was quite nice.

I arrived at 4:30pm on Wednesday May 19 and was pleasantly surprised by the surroundings. The grounds look similar to Oase, but in better and newer condition. The furnishings are also newer and more stylish - leather couches upstairs and downstairs with wood panelling downstairs. The large outdoor pool with the FKK World logo makes the whole place seem like a resort. Plus the prevalence of plasma monitors makes the place seem like the owners invested quite a bit.

Enough about furnishings and on to the girls. I must say I still miss the density and the buzz of Atlantis. The overall population density was about the same as Oase, but there were slightly more 8's and 9's present than Oase. Additionally, I would later find that the level of services was better than Oase and possibly even Atlantis.

First up, I saw a very cute and very young looking short-haired blond girl, Lana, I would later find out. I tried to chat her up at the bar, but she is no conversationalist, especially in English. Still at the bar I was tempted by Margo, another cute blond with appealing tits and a slightly large behind. I decided to wait and headed to another part of the main room by one of the free standing tables. Soon after, a black Brazilian girl and Lana approached my table and we struck up a fun conversation. After having a few laughs about Americans (me), I struck a deal with Lana and headed outside while the sun was still out.

Lana 19, Germany, Looks: 9, Service: 7
I wanted to get it on in the outdoors while the sun was setting on the lawn, but Lana was not up for it. She's from Frankfurt with a two-year old daughter. Kind of an innocent, hard luck case. But extremely pretty face and great blue eyes and the petite body type that I like. She's the one Catalyst mentioned a few pages back with the Angelo tattoo on her left forearm. Like I said earlier, not much of a conversationalist so I gave up and we headed into one of the outdoor cabins. Started with an unremarkable BBBJ and proceeded into succession of missionary, cowgirl and doggy. I had abstained for a week, so I had to pause often so as not to blow early. Also I knew I had a large load saved up which I wanted to take advantage of, so I asked if I could cum on her face (first time for me) for an extra 50. She agreed and I had her give me some final oral while kneeling, while I stood in front of her porn style. At the moment of truth I pulled out, and she presented her pretty face as a target, eyes and mouth closed. As expected, it was a considerable load, striping the length of her face, into her hair and over her back. The mess of this scene caused a big laugh from her. It was quite amusing for me too as I helped clean the cum out of her hair. She was still giggly as we walked back and just before we stepped back into the main building, I stopped her to wipe off the last wad that had pooled in the nook of her collarbone (I was half tempted to let let her walk back into the crowd while wearing that last reminder). Overall not mind-blowing sex, but a sweet girl, and I would repeat.

Andrea 21, Czech, Looks: 8, Service: 10
The renowned Andrea checked in around 6:30pm, and I recognized her from descriptions on this board. When I was ready for a second round at 11pm, I found her available and away we went to the room. As has been described here, she has a unique look, extremely long black tresses, dramatic eyes. But I think what makes her stand out is her service and her no bull-shit attitude. She's a pro, but she doesn't lie or flatter you. Quite refreshing. Services-wise, some great DFK, deep throat BBBJ and, because I was "not too big" (love that honesty), some anal was in the cards. Great session which I would soon repeat.

I left the club around 1am and went back to the hotel. The question now was, Oase or World for the second night? Based on Wednesday night, I concluded that World had the edge in both facilities and girls and definitely in the services offered (DFK and anal seem to be a rarity at Oase).

So the next day I arrived early (3pm) at the club, determined to partake of the resort aspect of the club. I brought some reading materials and enjoyed the lounge chairs at poolside. Around 4pm, they started serving food at the outdoor barbecue and one guy handed out two beer coupons to each customer - the benefits of early arrival I suppose.

Around 7pm, I had done enough lounging and was ready for action. I still wanted to fulfill my outdoor sex fantasy, so I found Andrea whom I knew would not object. We headed out to the grassy knoll to the left of the pool and laid down our towels between the two cabins. We were a good distance uphill from the bbq area but close to the cabins - reasonably private enough for me. Another good session with Andrea enhanced by the alfresco aspect. Andrea remarked that she had never done it on the grass, so I was pleased to have broken new ground with her.

While waiting around for my next encounter, I talked with Olga the tall red-head, former Atlantis girl. I sessioned with her once at Atlantis and she has stunning model quality looks, but I wanted to try new girls.

Yvonne 23, Latvia, Looks: ?, Service: 9
This is embarassing, but at this point I can't recall the face of my second round companion. I do have in my notes that she was very GFE with good DFK and I recall a good session. But I just can't conjure up what she looked like. If anyone knows Yvonne and can post some details I'd appreciate it.

Anastasia ("Anna") 21, Belorussia, Looks: 8, Service: 8
My third and presumably last round of the night was a girl I had been watching all night. She was a tall, lean blond, with pretty blue eyes. Fantastic, athletic body. She looked like Lana's older taller sister. She was fairly busy through the night, but eventually I was able to connect with her when I was ready around 1am. Her English is just ok. We went downstairs to the leather couches in the Relaxzone and had a nice massage and makeout session before proceeding to a room. Went through the multiple positions and two bouts of BBBJ, but I found I just couldn't climax after 45 minutes of action and instead settled for more of a massage. All told, ended up spending about an hour and a half with her but she only charged for an hour. Good session, would repeat.

Suza bulgaria, Looks: 8, Service: 10
From 3am on, I was just hanging out enjoying the atmosphere (porn, comfy couches and naked girls, oh my). I definitely thought I'd already had my last session for the night and was just enjoying a drink waiting for the morning to come. Then a thin, dark haired girl sat next to me and we started talking. I made it clear early that I was spent for the night, but she seemed content just to relax and talk. By 3am, I think the customer prospects for the girls are pretty low. She said her name was Suza, whom I remembered was highly recommended in Catalysts' reports. She told me that she liked World, but there weren't as many customers as Atlantis. She said she had worked for only one night at Atlantis, the last night when they got raided. Bum luck... She seemed to think it would re-open under new management. To pass the time, I asked her if she would like a massage and she accepted, and sat in my lap. During the massage, I got that familiar urge and decided to have one last go round. It was 3:30am and I wasn't sure whether I could climax, but I thought it was worth a try. She was eager and willing and quite a performer. It took a full half hour of BBBJ, every major position, some great DFK and then a vigorous finale BBBJ, but she did achieve the impossible and I was sated. Then she said we must hurry. I wasn't sure why, but later I saw that the girl's mini-bus was loading and getting ready to leave.

So, in retrospect, I was impressed with World. It's not quite Atlantis, but a cut above Oase. Can't wait to get back...

Member #1980
05-29-04, 21:17
Round the World,

Wonderful report! Is outdoor sex on the grass common? Next time I should try outdoor sex and sex in the main room, the two exciting actions from the reports that new to me. Why just two days? I try several 4 day package including go to Palace.

I agree with you that World is better that Oase!


05-29-04, 22:24
Absolutely superb report, RtheW! Thanks for your descriptions and observations.

Tell me: In your opinion, how many girls were working World post-01.30? I have always looked positively on FKKW post-midnight, myself...Do you remember a good number and selection in the club, say, 02.00?

Round the World
05-30-04, 08:08
I would estimate about 30 or so girls post-midnight. More importantly I would say that there are two shifts of girls. The afternoon shift seems to leave around 8pm - important to note, because often the girl you have your eye on will leave at this time if you don't act. The night shift comes on around 6:30 and stays till closing 4am. I didn't notice any girls packing up or leaving before 4am.

There are times when many girls seem busy/missing all at once. One time, I noticed that an ice cream truck pulled up (no joke) and most of the girls disappeared for about half an hour. Later I noticed that the male customers tend to session around the same time, kind of like several mini rush hours. Like shortly after dinner time or around midnight and a last call at 3am. At these times there can be a dearth of available girls.

Hope this helps,

Member #1980
05-31-04, 17:24
Round the World,

Wonderful report! Is outdoor sex on the grass common? Next time I should try outdoor sex and sex in the main room, the two exciting actions from the reports that new to me. Why just two days? I try several 4 day package including go to Palace.

I agree with you that World is better that Oase!


05-31-04, 19:39
Nice Report RTW. Not too long, just the good stuf.

Andrea is a tigress, she is relentless in the BJ, non-stop DTTC with a big smile at the end. Her attitude about sex is great. She told me she likes it, the CIM is good for her vitamin intake, and the sex is good for men. She is just a great all around provider. Not a 10 in looks but her manor and sexiness just bring her to the top of the list for a "must do" session if your at World FKK.

I was unable to enjoy the grounds since I went in March, not quite warm enough to fuck outside. That club reminds me of the Country Club I was a member off growing up. Srawling grounds, great venue.

Interesting comments about Atlantis and Oase, never been to either of those clubs but I feel confident that I did not miss much after going to World.


Carnal1 aka Lanrac1

06-03-04, 07:24
Is anybody planning to be at World on 10-13th. If so maybe PM me? (the odd chat and info swap) helps pass the hours
By the way, I am getting recommendations for Laura and also the recent arrival Chanel (Russian blonde, 1.80) as being top acts at World. Clara continues to get excellent reviews for her DTTC

06-03-04, 07:42

So your mid-June trip is a reality! Bravo! Wish you the best of fuck ---ooops, I mean: luck... and hope all your sessions are positive, long-enduring and romantic...Hope your choice selections are all there too! You mention Laura: Are you referring to the old Altanits Laura from Khazakastan? or another? I myself still hope to make it to World towards the end of the month, thus any fresh reports from you and others will be most useful.

Carnal1 aka Lanrac1,

You comment:

"Interesting comments about Atlantis and Oase, never been to either of those clubs but I feel confident that I did not miss much after going to World."

I think there will be several here that would take issue with that statement...Remember the old Dutch/German saying:

Was der Bauer nicht kaent, das frist er nicht! ("What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat!")

Even though a club like Oase might have it's ups and downs, indeed some problems girls, etc., you would do well to at least try it for yourself one time...But if you only have one or two days, then perhaps you are right: Can't go wrong at World these days.

06-03-04, 11:51

I think you know the girls better than me. I mean Laura with the short black hair - I never saw her at Atlantis but then I am not that frequent a visitor

06-03-04, 12:07

Short black hair? No, no, that's not the Laura I know. Where is she from, this black-haired Laura?

06-03-04, 15:10
Yes Shiatsu,

Your response is correct, I think I will give it a spin in my next rotation this fall. I had a choice of going to Oase or World last visit and that is how I met you and the fellas. I passed the next day as well to venture over to the Palace. I never even made it to
Atlantis, was going to go the night I met you but I think you had just left there and told me that World was better and to stay put For some reason I felt that the newer clubs would be better for my first visit otherwise I would be jonesing too much to check them out after I left Oase.

The website for Oase is not something that makes you want to catch the next flight over. First impressions ??? The number of girls in the photos were impressive but if you look closer, they kind of have a fast food look to them :-)

I plan on visiting in the fall and will make Oase one of my visits along with World and PHG. Not sure if I will go back to the Palace ecspecially if I end up renting a car.

Ortos is the master of the FKK clubs, look forward to meeting up with him some day along with the rest of you blokes.



06-04-04, 23:23
Ortos- Well, I am planning my first visit to FKK World July 3 and 4. There was a Roemerforum party planned July 3 at World that I was going to ride to with the hooker.nl friends, but now my friend says that is cancelled. In a way this is good- who wants to deal with those crowds. Anyone hear about this?

I will begin at headquarters PHG for a threesome with Seargent Sammi and Lieutenant Leona on July 1, then check out the new FKK Golden Times in nearby Bruggen. Same prices as PHG, bigger, more spacious grounds, longer meal times, but only 11 rooms, and so far only about 15 to maybe 20 girls- but some very good ones. Golden Times is even closer to the Dutch border than PHG, and if one cllub sucks it takes 15 minutes to get to the other by car. On July 3 and 4, I go to Frankfurt to do World and either World again or Oase. I hope these clubs don't suffer from the summer doldrums- ie too many good girls on holiday. August seems more likely to suffer this effect.

So Ortos, will I see you around? I am staying in Stationshotel Venlo on the first two days and the Etap in Giessen sued West Linden- right near World the last two, then near PHG again the last night. Both hotels only 38 euro per night with breakfast- so much cheaper than Amsterdam. Lets party.


Beffen man

06-05-04, 17:23
Hey Guys,

I have not FKKW for several months. Does anyone know if Maria/Viktoria 9Bulgaria) is still working there?



06-05-04, 22:56
Beffen: Within the next week or 10 days, I shall PM you with thoughts about a possible meeting in early July. I shall be confirming my specific dates within that time frame...If I do manage a trip, and at the moment that is more likely than not, I shall probably be staying in central Frankfurt and bouncing between the three clubs as whim and girl availibility dictate. I'd be happy to have you share the co-pilot seat of my rented car, if, indeed, I do manage to overlap with you. We shall no doubt be in closer contact round mid to late June, eh?

Dedalus: I can not say definitively whether or not Maria is "out of the game." I can say that during my April 10-19 visiting period to World, she was not in evidence at that club. I remember being a bit surprised by her absence because, during my late Jan - early Feb '04 visits to the club, I spotted her working the club on a Thurs and Sat night. Hope this helps. Rest assured that if I do make it back to World in late June/early July, I will let you know if I see her...


06-09-04, 17:11

FKK World; heaven? Reading the reports, it seems that this place is full of stunners. I suppose, "one man's meat is another man's poison!"

I went to FKK World last night. I must admit, it is a really cool place just to hang-out and check all the girls. Most girls ranged from 6-8's. In my books there were no 9-10's. But then again, I'm sure they were taken for the entire night by some of the rich guys (just look at the cars in the car park!).

I was quite surprise to find the club not that busy considering it is a Germany bank holiday. There must have been about 50 guys and about 30 girls.

In mu opinion, this is a place to relax and when you feel like it, shag! I started off my night by having an excellent massage by the masseur. It is also a great spot to check out the "candy" as most girls at some point will walk by.

I'm not really going to go into details but to those of you who are still toying with the idea of going to FKK Woeld, GO! It's a great experience but I must admit, a bit over priced. For example, my regular hunt; Park Schloss Dali, it cost 60 euros entrance and half hour is 55 euros (which includes BBBJ; not cim). Whereas this service cost me 100 euros at FKK World.

I'm checking out FKK Palace today. I'l give you'll an update tomorrow.

PS: I came from Prague having just visited Beboss. If you guys I ever there, check this place out. For 50 euros you get to bed a porn star! It's not GFE i.e. BBBJ but it's not mechanical either. Much better than the famous K5.


went to FKK Palace last night. Exactly the same price structure as World and the girls don't hunt in "packs" like at World. However, Palace doesn't have nowhere near as good an atmosphere as World. The quality of girls are the same in both places.

If I had to choose between the two? With summer now starting, FKK World wins hands down. It has a much nicer atmosphere, where you can relax, very much like a country retreat (with naked women!!!).


Wow! FKK World is getting better. I have just returned from spending most of this evening at World. I was there last week too. There must have been at least 40 girls, most 6 - 7's with a few 8+ in the house.

World has a very good atmosphere and is a really cool place to relax.

I went with a German girl. A body to die for and what a service! All I can say was that it was one of the best BBBJ I've ever had. 30 mins 100 euros.

I've heard from a number of different sources that Alantis is going to re-open under new management. All I can say is that there is going to be some fierce competition in the Frankfurt area for best club. These places are huge and need a high turnover of guys to make them profitable. It will be interesting to see how things turnout. The good thing is that we guys will hopefully get a better service.

PS: If anyone from FKK World is reading this, a suggestions - The "overflow" car park. Please get rid of the rocks that make the driveway. It screws with my car tyres and I dread leaving your place and getting a puncture...at 150 mph!

06-09-04, 21:06
Hey thanks for your report. I am a bit confused, however. Every time I've been to World the price for 1/2 hour has been 50E, not 100! I think you are quoting the 60min price, not the 30 min. I would not describe the place as super expensive compared to other area clubs...

Can you give more info on "Beboss" in Prague? Never heard of it...Can you flesh out the essential details? Can you reference a specific report on it in the Prague section?



06-10-04, 01:11

What do you mean by BBBJ (other than blow job without condom)? For 100 (30/min) did you CIM (you come in her mouth)? I've been to 15 different FKK's and had well over a hundred sessions and Never paid 100 euros for (30/min.), unless I wanted to cum in the girls mouth.

Someone please confirm to me, and the board, that the going rate (including standard BBBJ) for 30/minutes at World is 50/Euros. I'm going to germany in July and wouldn't go near the place if it cost 100/euros for 30 minutes.

I've never been to World but have been going to Oase regularly for 6 years now and really like it there.


06-10-04, 02:02
Personally, I have found that the smaller clubs in NRW have more attractive women.

06-10-04, 05:19
You are right. FKK World is €50 for half hour but CIM or anything extra, the girls always add another €50 on top.

06-10-04, 12:52

There is no way that 1/2 an hour BBBJ costs 100€ in world. Unless you went for CIM. Very clear that Half an hour is 50€. If a girl wants more complain.


06-11-04, 15:32
Guys, there seems to be a bit of confusion in what I wrote. At World the going rate is €50 for BBBJ (30 mins). If you want anything more e.g. CIM or anal, the charge can be anything from €50 upwards on top of the standard €50.

In my opinion, what's the point of having a BBBJ if you cannot cum in her mouth. Isn't that the fun part of it :O)

06-12-04, 01:04

In your report on FKKW, you said that there were no stunners, "no 9-10's". I suppose my standards could be a bit lower than yours. But what about the girl you shagged, with "a body to die for"? That's not a 10?

In any case, it would help us if you let us know the times of your vists, and of course the name of the girl!

Thanks in advance,


Round the World
06-12-04, 08:39
I returned to World for an overnighter this past Thursday night. Third visit there overall. I was surprised at the turnover in girls. Perhaps a dozen out of the 40 girls were there on my previous visit just three weeks ago.

Sadly, missing in action were Lana (19yr German), Andrea (supposed to return on Friday) and Olga (ex-Atlantis, red-head).
Happily, Anna (20yr, Belarus) and Suza (23, Bulgaria) were repeats from last visit, and I did indeed repeat.

Unfortunately the weather was rainy on Thursday so it was hard to enjoy the great outdoor facilities though I had arrived early enough (15h30). However I had remembered to bring a fresh WSJ, so I braved the rain outside and took a seat by the pool under a sun umbrella. The only other people by the pool were Anna and a German guy who looked like Sammy Hagar. She was acting very familiar and romantic with the guy and I was a bit envious as I didn't get that level of service from her last visit.

After reading the paper, I toured the facilities and surveyed the girls. There were plenty of new faces. Of note, there was a sexy dark-haried Italian(?) girl and a petite, very pretty blond with red streaks. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hook up with either over the course of the night. I think the combination of the girls' popularity and the shift change (around 8pm) took its usual, sad toll.

So by 18h00, I gave up on looking for new girls and arranged a session with Anna, a previous favorite. She really is a great package, pretty blond, perfect athletic body and a good attitude. I was surprised that she remembered me and approached me from across the room when our eyes met. First time around, I definitely had to approach her which wasn't easy as she usually was talking with other girls. Anyhow, I was nicely surprised and received some nice affection which I assume she reserves for repeat customers. Very good session, ending with BBJ CIM for 100e (can you get CIM anywhere for less than 100e?) Planned to repeat with her later that night, but Anna was one of the busier girls that night and she left at 2am instead of closing 5am.

Round two, didn't happen till around 11pm. In the meantime I had eaten the food available, gone swimming, soaked in the hot tub and sweated out in the sauna. While waiting for a couple of the girls who were on my "list", I was approached by Olga of Siberia. She was an ok blond (7) a bit wider in the body than I usually like. But she did start kissing me with abandon. I guess I'm a sucker for a good kiss and she even pulled this trick, taking some of her Fanta in her mouth then tranferring it to me. I was ripe for another session so I took the chance and we proceeded to the kino. I figured, she wasn't a top looker so perhaps she would compensate with her performance. Unmitigated disaster ensues... once in the kino, she wants to consummate the session on the couch. At this point, the kissing stops, and a rushed session starts. At this point I was turned off and figured I'd just settle for completion by BBJ, but even this is disappointing as she tries the old "hand-job instead of blow-job" routine. Now I'm really ticked off plus she claims the half-hour is up, do I want to continue for 100. I cut my losses and get the hell out of there. Two words of advice regarding Siberian Olga, "Stay Away".

I'd never had such a bad session at World (only once a similar ripoff ocurred at Oase). As a result, I was in a sour mood and trying to chill out with a drink on the couches in the main lounge. I was only there a short while when I noticed an attractive brunette at the bar who was very friendly with another repeat customer. Eventually she noticed me on the couch and, to my surprise, she literally ran over to the couch and tackled me. This approach would not normally work with me, but I sensed something different in our conversation. Additionally I was still ungratified and ready for another session. So off we went.

Her name was Diana from Bulgaria, 22, looks - about an 8, speaks English well. I started with a massage on her so I could get a feel and look at her body. She really seemed to enjoy. Then the session began, although the BBJ section was exceptional. Fantastic tongue work all over. After half an hour of different positions, I completed and she asked for more of a massage. I complied and we had practically another hour of massage, conversation and embraces. We went so long that eventually one of her friends came downstairs looking for her. I had great time with Diana, and the session was quite a unique experience for me in the FKK realm. Amazingly I had gone from my worst FKK experience to one of the best. I greatly look forward to repeating.

Next I took a food break and tried to gather the energy for one more session before closing (5am). While eating I struck up a conversation with Leona, pretty blond, used to be a red-head at Atlantis. We talked about the differences between Atlantis and World. She also seemed to think Atlantis would re-open in a few months. Fun talk and she was attractive so I added her to my mental list of things to "do".

When I was ready for my last session, I couldn't find Leona, and also I had seen Anna leave at 2am. Thus there were limited options until I found Suza, 24 of Bulgaria, another repeat from my last visit. Last time, I had thought I was sessioned out by 3am. However I met Suza on the couches and after giving her a platonic massage, I decided to try one more time. I didn't think I could complete but Suza worked me over and achieved the impossible. Awesome BBJ, all the positions and passionate DFK. This time she worked her magic again.

Overall another fun trip to World. Seemed to miss a few of the stars of the past, but perhaps they were just out for the day. Will probably return in July.


06-12-04, 12:07

Great Report.

You can get CIM for mess than 100€. A Few Examples:

Wildenrath, Happy Garden, Golden Time
30 minutes BBBJ + Full Sex = 50€
Additional Price for CIM = 25€
Cum on Body is included
If she offers swallowing that is another 25€
Anal is plus 50€.
Each additional 30 minutes is only 25€ more.

That means here BBBJ CIM is 75€

These are the firm prices, and if the girls say anything else clear it with the girl at the counter.

It gets even cheaper.

The Red Carpet Clubs (Most located on or near the A42 between Essen and Dortmund, but also with one in dietzenbach by Frankfurt)

I know the Freudenberg Strasse 39 (prices in the other RCC's vary slightly).

Depending on when you go entrance fee is either 25 or 35€. There are usually about 25 girls there, quality can be hit or miss, but I have usually seen 3 or 4 that are more than worth doing.

20 minutes BBBJ & Full Sex costs 20€
Additional cost for CIm is 20€
Additional cost for another 20 minutes is 20€
Additional price for anal is 40€

That means the program you describe cost 40€ here. for the 100€ you can have 40 minutes including CIM and Anal if you are up for it.

There are also clubs like Cocoon in Wuppertal or Tropicana in Düsseldorf where I am pretty sure the price is lower too. In tropicana they have the 20 minute cycles too. If you get the 20 minutes plus CIM which counts as another session then it will cost you 99€, but in this club you pay no entrance fee. It is not a club to hang out at for hours and visit different chickcs. It is a club to go for a short time. Cocoon has pricing which is more for long time stay and multiple sessions.

The clubs up in the Cologne/Düsseldorf and Ruhr area much better in the pricing (and I find at least equal if not better in service and looks)

In most of those clubs the turnover is much lower too. The girls stick to it a bit longer. At the moment they are all trying a day or two in the beuatiful Golden Time. But Otherwise Wildenrath and Happy Garden tend to keep there good talent well.

If I get bored today, I might write an excel program to see the costs and benefits better, but I think I will wait until a really boring weekend to put that together.

06-12-04, 12:17

Cool idea! I hope that your Exel project is completed by the 19th.

You could also do an exel sheet on all the girls at each club. I admit that it is a lot of time, money and research, but probably "weniger langweilig."


Word is that Maria is gone. I ran into a girl that she worked with both at Oase and Atlantis, and she thinks that the pause that she is taking now is permanent. She told me last year that she was considering stopping; that she had been doing this long enough and that her boyfriend really wanted her to stop.

Cheers all,


Round the World
06-13-04, 08:05
Thanks for all the great info. I'm genuinely impressed. I had never considered those options. I'm not actually that fixated on CIM, but it's good to know for future reference.

Are any of the places you mention within reasonable distance (60-90 min driving) from FRA? Are the girls of comparable quality to top FKKs?

Thanks in advance,

06-13-04, 10:54

Wildenrath, PHG and Goldentime are all about 2-2:30 Drive from Frankfurt. They are between Düsseldorf and the Dutch Border. I personally find the girls there are of at least the same calibre as at Oase or World, many have worked both areas extensively. Check out the Wildenrath section of this board, I have posted some pictures of my favourite girls from the club there, you make up your own mind. Goldentime is new, and there are not a tonne of stunners there yet, although I have been twise last week to visit Lisa, probably the greatest Teenie looking Russian I have ever met.

Of the Red Carpet Clubs, Dietzenbach is within 10 minutes drive of Frankfurt. The general home page of the red carpet clubs is http://www.fkk-200nackedeis.de/index2.html . There you can link to the Dietzenbach home page (all in German). They don't have their prices listed on the home page. But they are cheaper than the big FKK's. They have the nickname Aldi FKK'S. I think it is also because they share a parking lot with Aldi (the discount food store).

As I said, in looks the Red Carpet Clubs can be hit or miss. Some of the prettiest girls I have ever seen have been there, but some of the ugliest dogs in the business too. But you should have seen the display of heinousness that was the opening weeks of World. I have never seen uglier girls than what was running around there. Dietzenbach usually only has 5-10 girls, so there isn't the sheer number of girls. However in Wildenrath there are usually only 15-20 girls and usually there are 8-10 I want to be inside of, whereas at Oase there are usually 50-60 and hardly 5 I want to be in.

The only worrying thing is they say the club is managed by germans and will only allow germans entry. I do not know whether that means no US or british either, or just no darker people from the south. and don't get all up in arms, most of the working girls I know don't like the Southern customers on average. Some other chains like the Cocoon, mondial, Tropicana people have established a club called Ali Baba especially for Turkish customers. The red Carpet club people also have a club for Turkish guests called Penelope in Essen. But call Dietzenbach directly to see if you wold have a problem getting in 06074/47360.


06-13-04, 13:59
I've been to Dietzenbach and reported on it on this board sometime in 2003. One slight correction to my friend Peter's excellent info - there are usually at least 15 women in Dietzenbach in the late afternoon/ evenings.
I am definitely not German and had no problem entering, even though I definitely spoke English at the entrance. As I wrote in my previous post on the club it is accessible to FRA airport by public bus for 3.20 Euro one-way fare.

06-14-04, 19:26
Just been to World for four days and will do a detailed report in a few days. Headline is that it's beginning to take on a bit of the buzz of Atlantis whilst still keeping some of the freshness of some of the girls. It's developing really nicely

Just don't go on a Party night unless you like being with up to a thousand men in an evening (it was a mega party). One girl did 36 men in 11 hours at the last party and I'm told there were always at leat four couples outside each room (so most didn't actually go into rooms)

The reason I'm doing this pre- report note is to ask that if anyone is going to World in the next month(s) I'm looking for a volunteer to pass on a simple message to a girl - it's possible that the reply will be an irritated no If anyone is going perhaps PM me?

06-14-04, 21:56
Couples in FKK World??? I thought only single male customers were allowed into this club.

06-15-04, 10:27
When I said couple sI meant client and working girl, Sorry for any confusion
However one girl told me that couple definitely do go to World I think it's very rare and I've not seen them. The women must have nerves of steel

06-15-04, 11:43
Enough has been said about the place generally so I’ll just comment on some things which strike me. Firstly the reception staff are very friendly and helpful – they speak good English and will tell you if a girl has arrived or not and do some small talk. They will probably then remember you when you turn up the second night running. They remembered after a two month absence with great friendliness. The bar staff are also good (apart from one who has no customer care skills) but I’ve never tried my English on them.

The number of girls and clients is increasing. Perhaps 50 girls on a Saturday night and 40 on a Sunday night (not enough clients on Sunday for all the girls). Many less in the day. There is more accosting by the girls than there used to be, but it’s not aggressive. The quality is much better now than two months ago – physicaly I think there is something for everyone’s taste

The turnover of girls is not very high. About 60% of the girls who were there two months ago are still there. Round the World estimated lower but that was because on the night he and I were there a lot of the girls just happened not to be there. I would estimate that the number of girls in total has risen by about 25% over two months so there are a lot of new faces

There are increasing numbers of men – and some of them are assholes which is new for World. It’s reputation is growing and there are small groups coming and swaggering. Usually from particular ethnic groups living in Germany – maybe it’s because they feel a bit insecure. It’s worth being aware of as an indicator that the place is not as laid back as it was when it opened and that, however nice you are, the workers won’t know until you show it, that you are not a pig (not my word but one worker’s word). There are however no heavies apparent (unlike Atlantis) so it’s not a significant problem

Another pointer – if you like anal it’s worth asking. One girl I know actually prefers anal and comes amazingly with it. And the price can be extremely negotiable. I can’t give details as the club price is said to be a ludicrous 150E extra. Personally I would not pay anything like this.

Round the World has mentioned Anna. From Beloruss, 1.70, mousy hair, wide mouth, turned up nose, slim. She will not make the first contact but will be friendly with you for days after you have had one session. She usually wears flipflops (an increasing trend at World). I’m not going to say she is an exceptional performer, The sex is just a job. However she is considered by many regulars as the nicest girl in the Club. I had an hour with her and she was pleasant enough, willing to talk, Three days later I had a problem with one of the girls in the club and Anna saw I was upset. She gave me a long long hug and kept asking me to tell her what the problem was. When I told her she went and tried to sort it out with the girl concerned. What struck me was that she looked into my eyes and immediately told me, non-judgementally, how I felt. No more detail but just trying to say that there are some really good people and she was one of them. I've put a bad pic of her in photo section

Viagra from Brazil (via Barcelona) is there. Black, long curled hair, silicone tits, lots of piercings in hidden places. Mad as ever she is loud and friendly. She accosted me on a couch downstairs and we ended up having the whole session there. Good value if you like active wild sessions.

Daisy from Brazil (via Barcelona and Atlantis) is also there. She has dyed her hair very very blonde and is even more expressionless than ever but responds well to a more tender approach.

Andrea is still there. jet black hair down to waist (sometime tied in), had black eye liner all the way round big eyes, slim, dark complexion, a wide face. There are some similar description girls but she has a presence which they don't . She arrives normally at 17.30 ish on Th, F, S and 16.30 on other days. She wears platform high heels. I cannot report sensibly – as far as I am concerned she is the best working girl I have known (if you can cope with the temperament). The more you know her the better it gets, until eventually she draws the shutters down which she will do inevitably. She will work through the room so she’ll probably approach you. As for scores – well I don't think she’s in the same game as anyone else (my opinion)( Also my opinion is that I’m no longer sane). Be kind to her, be interested in her, try to give her good sex, don’t just go for halfhour, and you stand a chance of getting the rewards. Word of warning - whatever you do, draw the line under the session and don’t get involved. I don’t want to say more in case it gets back to her (she is very aware of the various forums and what people write about her).

By the way, thanks to those who have offered to help me out. It seems that quite a lot of members have got their fingers burnt. I hadn’t realised that the WSG Forum was also an emotional support group!

Another by the way – if you’re 250kg and the girl tells you she can’t breathe because you’re squashing her, it might be a good idea to listen! The girls give interesting perspectives on us clients

06-15-04, 12:34
The last few bits to finish my earlier report

Veronika from Poland is a very very slim light, slightly curly long haired girl from Poland. 21. She has the firmest stomach imaginable and small breasts, She speaks NO English, but is good performer and has a happy broad laugh when she is in the room.

Cindy from Prague – the tall blonde girl with the glasses –speaks excellent English.

Julia from Dresden is still there, late 20s, hair recently blonder and frizzier. Sometimes wears hold-ups, If you like a bit of nail scratching etc from her, she’s really keen on it. I've put a bad pic of her in the photo section

Julia (reddish hair) from Rumania (I think) has returned, Very slim. If you like fulsome (but not saggy or misshapen) asses then she is your girl. I thought she was standoffish at first but I realise she is a little bit shy.

Monika, blonde, Polish, good sized breasts, a bit on the short side compared to some, was a very good performer and very friendly, Speaks good English

Alex, Bulgarian, blonde slim, hung around bar, pointed nose (not weird just a bit to help the description) was ok but not very active in the room

I haven’t really tried to comment on performances generally – the reason is probably obvious from reading my main report. But all the ones I mention seemed to be pleasant people and do their job well.

As for the price for CIM – in World it’s 50 extra

Basically the choice is better than ever. And the atmosphere was still good generally – for example one girl who approached me and I rejected because I was waiting for a certain girl, then went and checked that this girl had not arrived and when she was expected

Oh, and the food is much more edible than it was

06-15-04, 13:27

Great reading, thanks for the reports. Even though I have only been to World one time and met you there I feel like I am walking thru the place every time you post one of your essays.
I am not sure if it was you but one of you guys turned me on to Andrea for a very memoable experience in the Kino, broke my Kino Cherry there:-)

Too bad we could'nt have used these reports back in School for our Term Papers. We may have all ended up at Harvard studying
FKK History.

I will be returning in the Fall for 10 days, look forward to my trip to World again. Will stop in Amsterdam first during the Cannibis Cup before all the idiots show up then down to Germany to
do the FKK trail from Oedt to Frankfurt and surrounding areas.

California will have to do for now, heading to Newport Beach for some relaxation and California Babe Watching.


Carnal1 aka Lanrac

06-15-04, 23:39
Thanks for the upbeat update Shiatsu. As someone who will be bouncing between PHG and Golden Time, Oase and World and Palace in just two weeks, your report has me salivating. I have lots of favorites at PHG and sometimes stress a little at the thought of leaving them to explore the Frankfurt clubs (yeah right!)

The Euro weather report of late is pretty rainy and relatively cool. But come July it may be hot- pool here I cum. Which clubs have Air conditioning if any?

PHG has lots of 19-low 20's girls- the girls in Frankfurt seem older than that, am I right? But I like those numbers 40-50 on weekends. That sounds like a decent sized herd.

Thanks again


06-16-04, 20:24
Is it me or have the quality of the women at the Frankfurt area clubs dropped? I just came back and visited World and Oase, there were plenty of women I there I would classify as "Very Attractive"(solid 8's) but there were very few stunners(9's and 10's) to be found. Compared with the Ruhr area clubs like Babylon and PHG, the percentage of stunners was quite small. What is going on?

06-16-04, 21:16

Due to all the new clubs that have opened and the down economy which has led to less club visits and lower spends/visit, the talent has spread itself thinner. The girls that are Stunners are moving around looking for greener pastures, or settling in a club closer to home that is less hassle to get to and work at like world.

Remember girls pay 65€ a day at Oase and World, plus another 15€ if they sleep there. In the Rhine/Ruhr clubs the daily rates are much lower for the girls 100€/week PHG, 75€/week Wildenrath, 15€/day Golden Time (all including sleepover if wanted). They are finding that they can earn just as much in these clubs.

although in general there are not as many Playboy centerfold types running around anywhere. I was never into that type anyway, I like them more natural.


06-16-04, 22:52
I was at PHG and met Sammi, she was as good as what some posters stated and was definitely a 10. I also ran into Margherita, the Italian at DV, she is still as beautiful as she was when I saw her a couple of years ago. The Ruhr clubs right now seem to have the best women. Babylon had a quite a few stunning women that I saw this past week.

06-18-04, 08:42
A few afterthoughts from my recent reports

Ortos - you were right. the Leona I mentioned some months ago is Slovakian and although she has been at PHG and Atlantis, she is definitely not the one you are interested in. She has however a good reputation amongst the local regulars.

RtW - the ice cream van definitely turns up. I notice some girls buying large ice-creams, eating one and putting one in the fridge which they eat later (ok - the icecream not the fridge) which maybe explains why some girls are putting on weight.

Beffen - as you'll have realised I've become sidetracked to FKKW so haven't been to the Ruhr clubs for a year. One of the things I liked about FKKW late last year was the freshness and youth of its workers. That has gradually changed so there are I think just about none under 20 but there are quite a few 20/21 - certainly a younger age overall than Oase and Atlantis (as was). It is variable though - in January this year FKKW was horrible in terms of talent. By and large, now it is at its best. Air-conditioing - I may be wrong but I don't think palace, World, or Oase have it. At World it seems to stay cool in the main room but the side rooms can be either too hot or too cold (I don't think Oase is any better - Palacew I've not been to recently) As for the weather - just bear in mind it can be 16 one day and 26 the next, but that Frankfurt tends to be a bit warmer and drier than your Ruhr favourites

This next bit may be a downer for those who are able to use the FKK for a series of quick half-hour fun episodes, so I didn't put it in my earlier reports. But I think it's valid to put in as it reflects a different perspective which comes from spending about 30 hours at FKKW over four days,

Over this time the girls got to be more and more human as they saw me as a harmless fixture. One thing that comes across is the tedium for the girls - they spend hours (apart from one or two hunter girls) sometimes between clients and can do nothing apart from wait. yet they need to be psyched up all the time - so they nearly all smoke, and some definitely are using more alcohol than is good for them. If the girls have any sensitivity the job tends to mess with their heads so the best girls can also be the ones with most difficulties. I increasingly think they earn every penny - a girl could have 5000 sessions in a year and has to give a piece of herself to every one - no wonder some girls just want cats or to be alone. I have a huge respect for any girl that manages this job and gives good service. Anyway, that's probably more than enough seriousness.

And a word to the management - about time they dusted the expensive gold-coloured erotic statues. Sex and gathering dust don't go together

And if you're not sick of me mentioning Andrea. I amplify my previous warning - in the last few days I have discovered that there are a number of German clients who have crossed the boundaries with her and that all have had to re-establish the boundaries at a later stage with varying degrees of pain to them (and in some cases Andrea). She had varying depths of connection with those clients but in each case the trajectory of the relationship followed the same pattern. Having said that, I stand by my positive comments made previously about her. Somebody tell me to shut up - I'm like the Ancient Mariner wandering the world with warnings! (and no doubt make everybody like the wedding guest "a sadder and a wiser man/he rose the morrow morn" or maybe roar with laughter)

Fkk Lover
06-18-04, 17:52
Shut up shiatsu! Just kidding.

Funny I was there about 6 weeks ago and went with 2 separate girls Lana and Polina who were both a few months shy of their 20th b-day.

Though I get the gist of your last 2 or 3 paragraphs some of the cryptic parts might be kinda difficult for our friends that might not read and write english as well. Correct me if I'm wrong but methinks you are going through some "crossing the boundaries" issues yourself (whether w/ Andrea or someone else) for making such thoughtful but rather pensive and dark observations.

06-21-04, 16:10
It appears that the number of girls at World has reduced a lot in recent days (so I'm told) . Speculation is about whether there are not enough clients or whether they are just taking breaks. I guess the only way to know is for time and to see if Oase, Palace, PHG etc see the girls moving there instead of World.
This sort of ponts up the trouble with reporting - one week can be very different to the next

06-21-04, 18:46
Hey Shiatsu!

I was at World on Saturday night and let me tell you, there was the most amount of girls I've seen there in my 4 visits in the last 6 weeks.

At least half the girls I spoke to or near sexually molested me to get business :O) had only recently started there this week.

I broke with tradition and went with a girl within 5 mins of walking into the place. Her name was Jennifer, from the Czech Rep and looked like a younger version of Olivia Newton John! Sadly, her technique i.e. her BBBJ was not very good so after about 10 mins we parted company (me €50 down :O( )

A couple of recommendations:

Macedonian (cannot remember her name), bleach-blond hair, 5' 4" and tatoo on her back (with her name - Stella?). No matter how hard you try and get her attention, she will not come over to you unless you go over to her. Her service is real porn-star. Boy can she deep-throat! Well, worth the money.

German girl (sorry, I'm shit with names!), comes from Koln, blond hair with a girl-next-door look. She offers ALL services and is without doubt in my top 5 of all timers. Sadly, I couldn't go with her on Sat night as some guy booked her pretty much for the whole evening, champagne and all.

A comment. Where World is danger of losing out to other establishments is on the recent showing of "groups" of young guys who hang around the club. A couple of weeks ago, a group of guys turned up together and pretty much dominated the club trying to be all macho etc. Spoils the atmosphere.

Anyway, the club still haven't picked up on my commenyt about the car park. Please, please get rid of the sharp gravel rocks! It seriously screws my car up. ;O(

PS: On my travels down to World, I stopped off at a new place in Kassel. Has anyone tried http://www.erotic-fantasy-kassel.com?

06-21-04, 20:22
One must be cautious about not over-reacting to short-term fluctuations in the number of girls or clients. Week to week sees changes. At one point, some of us wondered whether the number of girls at a given club might suddenly increase as the end of the month/start of the month/paycheck cashing days came and went...

A point worth remembering is that as we enter the summer months, FKKs traditionally are not at their best. Maybe some of the girls are pissing off for holiday. So maybe are some of the male clients. So...impovershed attendance at the clubs.

I shall be at World and other Frankfurt area clubs later this week. I will report my findings in the near future...


We Coyote
06-24-04, 08:21
Was on a business trip to Frankfurt, last month. Visited the World after seeing the recommendations on here. Very much worth the hike. I actually had a car I rented, and driving in Germany is the Bomb. Probably the best mongering I have ever had the pleasure to engage in. Best part as far as I was concerned (and I am a BIG time breast man) was the large number of girls with huge natural breasts. In the US just about every nice rack is an implant. I have to say that at the World the Naturals outnumbered the Implants. Very nice!

06-30-04, 02:17
Hi all you World lovers,

I'm going to go to World for the first time in a couple weeks. I've never looked for a particular girl before, usually just looking for that connection and taking it from there, but I've read so much about "Andrea" that I think I'll have to seek her out. This should bring back some found memories for those of you that know her, could someone please give me a detailed description of "Andrea" so i can spot her without asking for her. Also what is it about her that everyone seems to like so much? Is it her looks? Her Attitute? Personality? Sex skills?, What makes her the superstar of World? And also someone who has been to World lately please confirm that she's still working there. And finally, since I'll be in germany for over a week, are there good &/or bad days & times to go to World. For example, at Oase & the former Atlantis I used to like the weekends but would try and leave before 9pm (when it would get too crowded), I'd also try and arrive to see both the day shift & night shift. And I always try and avoid "bikini day", is it Tuesday's at World? I know it's Thursday at Oase. Thanks for any info. you guys provide and i hope you guys enjoy thinking of your past visits to World and times with "Andrea".


06-30-04, 09:07
Travel 100

Surprise, surprise that it should be me who answers first. The best I can do is repeat an extract from my recent postings

Jet black hair down to waist (sometime tied in), black eye liner all the way round big eyes, slim, dark complexion, a wide face. . She arrives normally at 17.30 ish on Th, F, S and 16.30 on other days. She wears platform high heels. She hunts the room and has the ability to sweep the room with her eyes without focussing until she selects her prey. She is approachable sometimes.

You ask what it is that has created her popularity - I think it's that she enjoys sex, has a voracious hunger to learn from, and share experience with, people, is intelligent, soulful, and interesting. Negative aspects also exist. I won't say anymore - we each respond differently to different girls - and as a long time Andrea fan, I would suggest that my reporting is very subjective. It all depends on personalities. There are new girls there so maybe you'll find a new star

.Her sex skills are very good but then so are other girls- I'm not going into detail as I don't want any comments getting back to her (and she is sensitive to such things) Be adventurous, give her good sex, treat her like a person, talk to her - but as I've said before, draw a line firmly under the session. You get the best session if you get close to her - but don't get too close!

I'm told she is still working there, having come back from a short "holiday"

All days are good - Fri and Sat are busiest in terms of clients, Sunday tends to be quiet. The day/night shift is not as marked at Atlantis - the night girls come on anytime from 4 to 6 and the dayshift go anytime between 5 and 9. The number of girls does not vary greatly. It's never so busy that you can't find many girls.Tues is dessous day

Best read through all the past posts for getting a real fllavour

06-30-04, 16:41

If you plan to travel to Germany in a couple of weeks, it would be helpful to tell us more pecisely, when.

At the moment, Andrea is working. But that doesn´t necesseraly mean that she will be working in August or whenever you plan to be in Germany.

Give me a more precise date and I'll do some research.

07-03-04, 19:29
Last Monday I had a chance to visit FKKW again. I arrived at 9 pm and found about 25 girls. Several of my favorites were there (no Andrea, though). But I was in the mood to try someone new.

In the downstairs hallway leading from the pool to the stairs upstairs, I ran into Sasha. She is from Poland and this day was the first day for her to work at FKKW. She is a stunner, about 1.70 tall, slim, nice boobs, good tan, blond curly shoulder-length hair. Has a pretty face and glat stomach. I smiled at here, and she smiled back. We both stopped, and she simply reached under my towel, grabbing the one who commands me. He approved; so I had no choice. We made out for a while right there, standing in the hallway.

Then I asked her to join me on the couch in the downstairs living room. She was very happy to oblige. Very competent BBBJ! This may have been her first day at FKKW, but I bet that she has been a pro for a while already. (She is 22 years old, by the way).

While I was sitting on the sofa, she sat on top of me, facing me, rubbing her moneymaker against my member. She was teasing me, almost slipping him in, and rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft. She saw my reaction and clearly enjoyed it.

Ten minutes later we went to a room. Another great BBBJ, and then she initiated 69. Heck, yeah! I almost came right then. But I was able to postpone one more time. Then she put a condom on me and mounted me. I was grabbing her perfect tits as I was on my back and she on top of me. She was nice and tight, and she found just the perfect rythm. I didn't even think of resisting and lasted only about three minutes until I spilled.

I give her body a 9+, her face an 8, and her technique and attitude a 9+ as well. She is a great find, and I would definitely repeat with her.

The other girl I want to report on is Barbara. She is from Hungary, has hair as black and almost as long as Andrea's. She is a little rounder than Andrea, well proportioned, with nice large natural breasts. She reminds me of the girl drawings on the Playboy jokes page, just incredibly sexy. I would not say that we made a real connection, but the sex with her was very good, and particulary interesting was her DFK technique. Sex also lasted a lot longer than with Sasha. Again, money well spent.

Face 7, body 9, attitude 9. A keeper.

By the way, the public bed in the main Wintergarten is gone. Most of the girls do not like it to get shagged in such a public way, nor do they like to watch others do it.

It was very dark in the Wintergarten. For all of you friends of Atlantis level lighting, this should be your ticket now.

When I sat down to eat a bite, there were 11 beautiful naked girls also eating at the big table, sitting all around me, chatting, laughing, having a good time. "Guten Appetit", as the Germans say.

This was another great day at FKKW, with two more outstanding finds to add to my list of personal favorites. However, I must say that despite all of this, FKKW fell one spot to number two on my list of favorite places. See my post under the Oase Burgholzhausen section fo rthe reason why.

07-06-04, 20:09
Hotels near the club:


Zum Grünen Baum
Schiffenbergstr. 5
06404/ 7152
mitten in Pohlheim-Garbenteich
ländlicher Charme der 60er Jahre
Ü/F 26,- €

Gasthaus Häuser
Tel. 06403/ 69111

ETAP Linden
Gewerbegebiet Luckebachtal
Gottlieb-Daimler Str. 8
35440 Linden
Tel: (+49) 06403/ 75 37 3
...ca. 10 Minuten vom FKKW

Best Western Hotel Steinsgarten
Hein-Heckroth-Strasse 20
35390 Gießen
Telefon: ++49 (0) 641-38990
Telefax: ++49 (0) 641-3899200
EZ ab € 105,--
DZ ab € 138,--
Wochenenden ab € 75,-- / € 105,--
wer's gerne ein bisschen gediegener hat, dem sei dieses Vier-Sterne-Haus in Gießen ans Herz gelegt

07-07-04, 18:05
On the subject of hotels. Thanks Peter for the interesting very very local options

Giessen - Best Western Steinsgarten rack rate is as Peter says. However you should never need to pay more than 70E on a weekend night and 90Eon a weekday (M-Th). These rates are via hrs.de and other sources. About 15 mins drive from FKKW and it has easy parking. It's 20+ mins walk from station. By bus it's 30/45 mins from FKKW

IMHO it's better value at weekends than the cheaper (three star) Hotel Kohler if you like a quiet setting and good reception service. Not sure if Kohler has parking - it's about 20 mins drive from World (depending on traffic). It's 10 mins walk from station. You can book this via hrs.de as well

Alte Klostermuhle is a lovely traditional country old religious buildings hotel only 10 mins from World and about 8 mins from Autobahn exit at Munzenberg. Nice walks in woods (www.alte-klostermuehle.de) High quality catering - especially if you eat meat. Thre star 60Euro is what you ought to pay. A car is essential for this

A few other hotels can be found listed at http://www.deutsche-staedte.de/giessen/hotels/ For example the Hotel Adler is very central in Giessen and costs 50 Euro

Rain City
07-10-04, 13:10
Visited FKKW again last weekend. There were a lot of new girls I did not recognized from my previous visits.

I spotted Veronica from Poland. She had a smoking hot body and very cute face. She spoke no English and when I spoke to her, I got some bad vibe. I really should have followed my gut feeling. However, because she was so hot, I decided to check her out in the room without test driving at the couch. Big mistake. Her service was just OK. The session was rushed and we probably stayed there less than 10 min. To make the matter worse, she had one of the loosest kittens I have ever had in my life. Overall, disappointing session. 9/10/5 (face/body/service). No repeat for sure.

Then I spent time with Magda from Romania. She spoke English very well and I felt comfortable spending time wtih her. She did not provide any action at couch. She said she did not feel comfortable doing it in public. I was debating if I should go to the room or not. Because I felt good chemistry, I decided to trust my instict. Good call. It was very nice session and I enjoyed it a lot. 7/10/9. Will repeat.

Rain City
07-10-04, 20:40
The third one was Sandra from Poland. She was very friendly, so even though she was not totally my type, I decided to give her a try (and she gave me a nice couch action). It was a nice session. More PSE than GFE. 8/8/9. I don't know if I will repeat her. Nothing wrong, but as I mentioned, she is not really my type.

The fourth one was Jenny from Czech Republic. She was definitely a GFE provider. 9/8/9. I will repeat.

07-11-04, 15:01
Hi Rain City,

It seems we have the same taste. My second girl of about 12 over three days was Veronika- but up until your report I remebered her name incorrectly as Viktoria. Veronika has super model ice princess demeanor with a slim school girl body, a small girlish perfect ass and shoulder length brownish hair. She did not speak English and like you, I found her service perfunctory although she gave, IMHO, a good if unvaried BBBJ. DFK aspect was fine too- this girl is a 10 physically and just making out with a girl of her caliber is woth the 50 euro for me. Since the sex was going no where, I had her lay on top of me belly to belly and gave her an intense massage during which she collapsed, smiled, and relaxed and sighed contentedly. All of this ran our session to almost 50 minutes, but she happily accepted 50 Euro. Two days later, while reclining outside, Veronika plopped herself on my lap and I got a little smoochie couch action but I eventually declined to return to the zimmer with Veronika.

My 5th girl of my first day was Magda, a slim pony tailed blonde from Transylvania with a bit of a big nose but on her it is very very cute. Couch action with her consisted of a 30 minute discussion of the USA and her girlhood dream of visiting and my invitations to do so at my place. Just talk, not even a kiss. She was so cute I took her to the room anyway- the session did not flow well- she is a take charge girl with some resrtictions, at first not allowing DATY saying some punter bit her, but eventually I got to taste her. BJ was excellent and the session was OK.

Beffen 1

Rain City
07-12-04, 10:39

It sounds like you had a lot better time with Verinica than I did. I had a really good session with Magda. Funny how it goes. As always, YMMV.

I did not see the famous Andrea during my visit. Did you? I was thinking about having a session with her, but no avail...

Yes, indeed we seem to have the same taste when it comes to women. I would be happy to exchange notes with you, knowing probably we won't be disappointed with each other's recommendation. PM me if you would like to discuss this further.

I will have another trip to Frankfurt area planned in a few weeks. I will definitely visit World again.

Nick P
07-15-04, 14:54
Afternoon All,

Many thanks for your great posts. Just a quick question, after you pay to get into the club can you leave for dinner and then go back in a couple of hours later?

Also is it possible to purchase passes for say 3 days so you can wander in and out as you please but still get to enjoy the outside refreshments and bars?

Thanks in advance,


07-15-04, 19:26
Nick P,

It is possible to leave the club and come back later. You don´t have to pay again, then.

I think it´s not possible tu buy a three-day-ticket. You have to pay your entrance for each day separately. But that´s not a big problem. You pay entrance in the morning and then you can step in and out that day as oftes as you wish to.

07-15-04, 19:51
@ Nick,

Yes, you can reenter on the same day. When you are leaving just tell them you are coming back. They will leave the wristband on and then you can return.

there are no multi-day passes. It is a cash business where the balance starts again every day. You pay when you enter, each day.


07-16-04, 00:09
Hi fellow mongers,

Will be in the Frankfurt area next week. Was thinking about Oase on Wednesday (late afternoon and night) and World on Thursday (all day).

Now I see on the World webpage that they have some kind of "party" on wednesday and I'm wandering if it is worth it to switch clubs (doing World on Wednesday and Oase on Thursday). Are these so called "parties" and special events something to write home about or perhaps just another way of tracking customers without providing anything of substance?

The great dilemma I'm facing is that I have more free time on Thursday and that's why I wanted to go to World then to sample their outdoor facilites during the day (have only been there during the winter so far). What a dilemma, 2 great places loaded with pussies and I can't decide which to do first. Ouch :-)

What is your experience with those special events. Any more fun than regular day? More ladies or perhaps just more men?


07-16-04, 04:48

The Mallorca Party is nice. I have been to a previous one. They served some Spanish food and Sangria. Some of the girls took in a bit too much, and it got pretty amusing. I recommend this experience.

Other parties I have been to at World included the sushi eating off a naked girl party. That got old very quickly. But Mallorca promises to be fun. Go do it.

Oase and World both have nice outdoor facilities and will barbeque outside if the weather permits. So you cannot fail either way.


07-16-04, 06:55

No, I think you should stick with your original plan. Parties at World usually mean many, many more men and this translates into inferior environment to relax and do your thing with the girls. There will be more pressure on the girls to get through the session faster and you may not expereince the kind of relaxed environment that will certainly prevail on Thursday. I was there for two parties and I decided, in the future, to avoid parties at World. The only advantage was the lower entrance fee and perhaps more varied food.

Another point: Thurs at Oase is there dessous tag, where the girls where costumes. Wed at Oase can be nice days/nights.

Stick with your original plan, you will be happier I think.

07-16-04, 09:36

"Spanish Party" will be, when they offer Sangria for free...

That will most probably be the only difference to a normal wednesday. If this is enough to make you change your plans, ok...

I couldn´t even find a hint for reduced entrance fees.

Everything Ortos has written, is true. But be prepared to meet many tired girls at World on a day after a party. They have worked a lot the night before. So, if you´re a "sportive" banger, you might face a problem on a day after a party.

07-16-04, 21:58
I went here on Sunday, on the way back from Prague. This place is good but I've noticed a drop in the quality of girls over the past weeks. They seem to be going for quantity rather than quality.

On Sunday, out of the 30 or so girls, a good third wouldn't get the time of day. Between "god damn ugly" to "I'll only shag if I were desparate!".

07-17-04, 19:16

The club doesn't "Go" for quantity over quality. The club is not actively going out to hire girls, there are no firm contracts or the like. The club puts ads in the papers and relies on Word of Mouth. Girls come to the club to work. If they have legal papers and don't look completely horrid and pay their 65€ then they can work there. The clubs are not in a great position to choose their talent, or to hold good girls. Some clubs manage this well, but the big clubs tend to have higher turnover.

Summertime can lead to a drop in quality at a lot of clubs as the girls sometimes go on vacation at this time of year. A lot go to spain, protugal or home for 2-4 weeks. This is also a result of the fact that a lot of the male customers go on vacation in the summer too. Many customers are married with kids and take vacation according to school breaks. also with 6 weeks of vacation a year, Germans tend to go for longer too.

This means that a drop in talent in July and August is relatively normal.


Traveling Male
07-22-04, 20:32
Hey all,

I've been reading this board for a while now, and I have to say, thanks to all of you who helped show me how to get to paradise!

I visited paradise land last month, and it truly changed the way I behave around hotties. I'm much more relaxed around goddesses now than I was before, and it is showing somehow in the way I act around them, because since I came back I have been getting laid here like crazy by these beautiful home grown girls that I meet in clubs, but never used to dream of being noticed by them. Before I used to be the guy who stands in the corner, stairs at all the beautiful girls in the club, and not know what to say or how to flirt with them, then go home... now after I tasted them in their home land, (where hot blondes come from), I find myself at a comfortable level around them that is somehow making them comfortable enough to take me home and screw my brains out. It is either that, or my sudden sex deprivation after I came back from Germany made my unconscious mind find creative ways to chase that sex high even in dry land United States.

This is the good part, the worrying part however is that I don't know if I would ever want to give up paradise after I tasted it! not even for a hot girlfriend... I really don't care anymore, I will always want to be in the company of multiple beautiful naked hotties walking around spreading pleasure onto every one.

There is something to be said about being in the intimate company of a hot beautiful woman within 4 minutes after your eyes lay sight on her! or walking into a place full of hot naked and welling women right after you land, and not knowing which one to choose first! It is so similar to that feeling a drug user gets on their first hit of their favorite poison.

Well... Now that I've let these feeling out in this one place where I know they'd be understood, may I ask any of you who are visiting the World these days. Is the tall red head Goddess of Belarus still working there? She is a stunner by far. Something out of a fantasy comic book goddess. :)

I need another visit soon!

All the best,

07-23-04, 05:14
greetings, my fkk comrades!

earlier this month, a free stopover in frankfurt on a united airlines frequent flyer award ticket provided the perfect opportunity and excuse for me to pay fkk world a visit. i’m now glad to write a narrative trip report. for the veterans familiar with the club, i have highlighted the few paragraphs worth reading with a red star (*). first time visitors, however, may enjoy reading the whole report.

as background, i had spent the prior 3 nights in one of the premier mongering capitals of the world, moscow. you would think that having mongered day and night for 3 days straight with the gorgeous russian blondes would have totally drained me, and you would be right. however, there was a certain element of curiosity at work; after all, this was to be my first ever fkk experience!

while in moscow, i had rather hastily reserved a hotel room and a car, and had printed directions to the club from maps24.de. due to a state of total exhaustion, i collapsed only seconds after boarding the plane and slept essentially all the way from moscow to frankfurt, waking up to the “jolt” of the touchdown. by giving me an empty middle seat and a fat, ugly babushka in the other seat, those nice folks at lufthansa had given me what i really needed (sleep) as opposed to what i really wanted (another gorgeous blonde russian dyev in the seat next to me).

i made my way through passport control and down to the basement of terminal one, and found the rental car company’s counter. i had reserved a compact car for €49 (including all taxes), which i thought was not all that bad for a last minute online reservation. i was given a choice of a 1) ford “fuck”ous, or a 2) renault mégan coupé-cabriolet. beside being a total no-brainer, since i was going to do a lot of #1 anyway, i chose #2…

in my haste to quickly reserve a hotel room while i was still in moscow, i hadn’t done a good job locating a hotel in or close to pohlheim. in my infinite wisdom, i had reserved a room in a town west of polheim by the tune of a 20-minute car ride. it was a good value, though, for €59 including all taxes and an awesome breakfast spread. after the approximately 1 hour drive from the airport, i checked in, took a shower, bought a map from the gas station, and began to follow directions to the club.

the directions are rather simple, but since the streets in most small german towns wind and change names a lot, you may need a serious map to avoid confusion at the last mile. i got off a5 and wound my way through the town and after a brief reference to my map, found the club. once you are on the edge of the town the club is clearly visible and marked. i parked the car in the second (larger) parking lot, and entered the compound. it was about 7pm at this point.

once in the building, i was greeted by the receptionist who asked in german whether it is my first time. she started giving me a simple explanation in german, and sensing that my german was slow she automatically switched to english. she then assigned a hottie to show me to my lockers. you will get a wristband from the receptionist and a key. the key opens a main locker (for your clothes) and a smaller, p.o. box type one just around the corner from the showers. this one is for your money. i also got two towels, one for around my waist and a second for drying off. they also supply a pair of slippers. i showered, dried off, wrapped the “formalwear-lol” towel around my waist and entered the main room.

the facilities are indeed impressive. the main room had a bar with about 15 stools in front of it, occupied by an equal mixture of mongers and chicas. there are four large flat screen monitors displaying porn, centered on a single, small, raised dance platform with a pole in the middle. nobody used this platform when i was there. there are many couches in this room, populated by the many chicas and the occasional monger. next, there is a set of stairs leading down to the outdoor pool and the well maintained gardens. back in the building, there is a large dining room with a very large (20+ chair) table, where a buffet of soup, german wurst, and a few salads are presented. the food is o.k., but certainly not on par with the rest of the club. next to the main dining room there is another smaller area with 3 smaller (4 chair) tables. i never got to spend any time in there, but right beside the bar there is the movie theater (kino).

from the back of the room, a corridor and another set of stairs lead you to the lower level, were there are about 10 rooms with beds, several hallways, a large indoor pool, a whirlpool, a “dry” sauna and a steam room, and a few (maybe a little too few) toilets. there is a large massage room where a real male masseur can attend to you. there is also another richly appointed room with persian carpets and bronze statues and a few couches, with a large television displaying, err… what else? from this room, you can access the atrium that contains the dry sauna and opens up to an outside porch in the garden.

after a quick look around, i came back upstairs and went to the dining room to get something to eat. there was a chica sitting around the table and doing the same, all alone. she signaled to me to join her. i got a plate and loaded some food into it, and sat near the chica. she was a petite light brown-haired girl of about 22 years who spoke decent english. she was from romania, and said her name was andrea. i immediately recognized the name from this forum, but almost instantly realized that she could not be the famous one. i said to her that this was my first time, and she explained how things work. after i ate, i thanked her. she acted somewhat annoyed that i am not going into a session with her immediately: “sure, you talk to me but go with other girls….”, she said. not ready for my first session though, i gave her some polite excuse and started exploring some more.

* i took a soft drink in my hand, and started walking around a little more to get the “lay on the land”. people would come and go, but at any give moment i would estimate the average number of mongers in presence to be about 30-35. as for the girls, there were about 35-40 in all. as far as looks go, there were a few 6’s, lots of 7’s, about a dozen 8’s, and less a than handful of 9’s. nationalities? here is how the breakdown was on that monday night in early july: about 60% were from romania, most of which, for some reason, were from transylvania. in the remaining 40%, there was a single german girl, a single turkish girl, a single black girl, and a single latvian girl. the rest was a mixture of polish, bulgarian, and czech girls. some notables: first, shiatsu’s andrea was not there, to my knowledge. second, the one german girl there was huge! i mean that in a good, sexy way, as in “a lot of woman”! she was at least 1.85m, was wearing glasses, and had a very pretty face and very long legs (not petite, but shapely). she was never available as she had mongers drooling after her left and right. the turkish girl was also sinfully delicious. she had a pretty face, a very generous rack, and an ever so slightly rounder, middle eastern type of bum. yummy! she ran into me once and i promised to take her soon, but when i was ready she was already gone with a monger and had another one waiting for her; another busy girl.

*the romanians dominated the scene, and they were everywhere. true to form, as the cloak of darkness grew, these transylvanian beauties came to life, becoming ever more aggressive in the hunt for their hopeless prey. each girl had developed a special “hook”, a method for entangling the potential victim. some would shamelessly attack, some would blow kisses, and one who i eventually “session’ed” with would grab your face and show you to her friends saying: look, isn’t he cute? i just have to fuck him today. well, she got her wish, and i’m sure the €50 was merely an afterthought ;).

the polish “mission” congregated in the lower level by the stairs, and one could be certain of an ambush as soon as one would descend the steps. they were, for the most part, very pleasant in their advances but i did not have the “pleasure”, as austin powers would say it. i never understood the idea of a green eyed, fair skin blonde dying her hair jet black, but this seemed to be “in” among these polish girls. ditto for the latvian i eventually “session’ed” with.

something in my head (or maybe it was something under my towel ;)) was telling me it was time for my first session. being an fkk virgin, i had no idea what to expect as far as sex is concerned. as if this entire post weren’t a giant digression, allow me to digress a little more: at that point in time i had two entirely opposite frames of reference. on one hand, i was thinking of my previous experiences in germany. years ago, when there were still a meaningful number of actual german girls working in eros centers, i used to visit them from time to time. i don’t need to tell you that the service consisted of hardened pros trying to milk you for as much money as possible before rushing you to finish as fast as possible. that was then, i was a horny teenager, and just didn’t know any better. now if i’m ever confronted with the same situation i doubt if i could even finish the task. on the other hand, i had just come from moscow, the land of passionate, “hot and heavy” all-nighters, and as such demanded a higher level of service.

*before i could ponder for much longer, i was approached (rather entrapped) by alexandra. she was an aggressive 22-year-old romanian with short black hair and a rather flat face. not bad, and i would give her a 7 for looks. not having had any pussy for an unfathomable grand total of 16 hours by now, i happily obliged, and we retired to a “zimmer” to consummate the deal. she was a good “warm up”, and offered light kissing on the lips, quick but brisk bbbj, followed by missionary and cowgirl for a few minutes before a quick pop: nothing special, but no complaints either. it would only get better from here. we then walked to the locker and she collected her little gift of €50. my fkk virginity was lost….

i took a shower, ate some more food, and took a walk in the garden. i noticed a tall, good-looking monger chilling on the porch and speaking english with the characteristic american intonation. i thought how funny it would be if he too were a wsg member. i opened a conversation with him while sitting on the chair. before long, i was ambushed by the latvian girl who started to dfk and rub herself on me. but i’d just come out of another session! damn! what a wonderful problem to have. after a few minutes of this and the latvian not giving up, i excused myself from the aforementioned monger and started to “walk to the bathroom” just so i could escape! i told the girl i would take her later that night.

*about half an hour later i ran into alice, a 20 year-old romanian whose “hook” was to grab faces and show her victims to her friends. well, it worked, and off we went to a zimmer. the session was better this time, with dfk, longer bbbj, cowgirl, missionary, and doggie. another pop, and we were soon standing by the lockers for a €50 donation to alice’s favorite charity.

after a shower, i went down and sat in the whirlpool, and was joined by the aforementioned monger. well, as it turns out he not only was a reader of wsg, but also a contributor. he was no other than our esteemed “beffen1”! we had a few interesting conversations, but were cut short again by the latvian waning to claim her prey. so, off we went to a zimmer again….

*i didn’t catch her name, but she was very passionate; a 20-year-old blonde-turned-brunette (well, actually not even a brunette, we are talking jet black hair!) with a killer body (8) but sadly, bad teeth [post script edit: beffen1 later wrote that this girl was lisa]. long bbbj, followed with some missionary, and i finished with slow, rhythmic cowgirl. great session! we went up and i made a €50 donation to her college fund, and off i went to the shower. i could now have some peace!

*wrong! as soon as i sat on the couch in the downstairs “formal” room to watch some porn, a czech duo approached me. one was a taller, petite redhead with a b rack, and the other was a shorter, but more enthusiastic brunette. having just walked out of my 3rd session in only a matter of hours, i could not even begin to think of being able to even get an erection, let alone go through with (and finish) another act. but, as it turns out, i had taken a cialis tablet the night before while i was in moscow. well, friends, much to my amazement, the yellow devil turned that “relaxing moment” into a “ right moment” after only a few minutes of couch action. still, i wasn’t sure if i could “finish”, until i saw the shorter one stick her tongue out and rotate it in a provocative way…sold!

*so, i was now not sure whether i have enough euros in my wallet to pay them. no problem, i could use the atm. but then again, i wasn’t keen on leaving such an obvious paper trail, whereby i could be traced to an atm inside an fkk. again, no problem! they would gladly take $60 each in lieu of 50€ (ah, the good old days… everyone remembers it was the other way around not too long ago). financial worries aside, the three of us headed for yet another “zimmer”. once inside, some heavy duty dfk ensued, and i discovered that the little one has an affinity to bite. this wasn’t a problem, but it soon became too much of a good thing during bbbj. the redhead was a little more sensual so i started to kiss her neck and shoulders and she began to get “into it”. she then climbed on top for some cowgirl while the shorter one was licking my two soldiers and then straddled my chest. awesome! a quick switch to missionary was made, and the redhead started going crazy, trashing around, etc. with each movement of mine. the shorter one wanted a piece of the action by this point, so i switched girls (but not positions!) and continued missionary with this very wet and enthusiastic girl. in no time, i reached orgasm in a rather loud manner, causing the chicas next door to peek in to make sure everyone still had a pulse. after catching my breath i took them upstairs and gave each of them $60 to add to their foreign currency collections. oh wait! i still had another €120 in my wallet! i thought to myself, that there is no use for this money tonight, as i am “done” for the night. well, i was wrong again! after yet another shower, i went to the whirlpool and talked to beffen1 and his friend, and later to two other international mongers whose language i could speak.

i said my goodbyes, and started walking to the dining room to eat some more food and leave. i went to the bar to get myself a soda. in one of the stools, a most gorgeous romanian with black, curly hair was sitting. she gave me a very subtle smile, and fixated her huge, hazel eyes on me. it was as if dart vader had fixated his laser saber on this mere mortal that was i. naturally, i was drawn to her. she gently touched my towel, and remarked (in the best english i had heard from the girls the whole night) that she will be getting me a new one, as this one was wet. she brought me a new towel while i was eating on the table, and sat down and had a “normal” conversation. her name was georgia, and she has a kind of an untamed beauty in her; nice facial features, very sensual collarbones, wide-open hazel eyes and a very alluring demeanor. after about 25 minutes of just talking, when i brought up the subject of being “sexed out”, she said: “honey, i have an amazing mouth! i wouldn’t miss out”.

*well, once again the “relaxing moment” turned into a “right moment”, and her slow, methodical dfk induced a raging hard-on. we retired to the “zimmer” and just kissed one another for a good 10 minutes: on the lips, on the shoulders, on the back of the neck, on the sides of the body, and so on. georgia was truly the “pièce de résistance” for the whole night, and couldn’t have come at a better moment. even though i was fully aroused, the acute “hunger” for sex was fully satisfied by that point, and i could appreciate her slow, sensual moves. she started her bbbj, and i realized that she hadn’t lied to me earlier in the dining room. she was very wet at this point, and got on top of me for a very deep but slow, drawn out cowgirl ride, while intermittently bending forward to give me an amazing dfk. i then finished both of us in the missionary position. of the 6 girls tonight, she was the only one who had an orgasm (i hadn’t daty’ed anyone, including her, and that is probably why). i thought her performance was outstanding. to be able to give such a profound illusion of class and infatuation in a mere 30 minutes takes some skills, and she certainly had it.

i showered again, changed into my regular clothes, said goodbye to all the girls, and left around 2:45am. the receptionist took my wristband off before leaving. imagine forgetting this step and walking into the local hotel, where just about everyone knows where the wristband is coming from! but then again, in germany this probably wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. outside, there was a very gentle, perfect breeze, and the temperature was just right. i let the car top down, and slowly began to drive away. i can not begin to tell you how euphoric i was, having had sex with six gorgeous girls in only a matter of hours, and now i was feeling the night breeze through my hair as i was driving this beautiful car and listening to great music on the radio…incredible stuff, never to be forgotten.

in the morning i woke up around 9:30am. i showered, went down for the incredible breakfast buffet, checked out, and headed down to the airport for my noontime flight. i was at the airport by 10:20 am, and had plenty of time to return the car, get my boarding pass, go through passport control, and relax in the first class lounge. yes, this was a freebie award ticket and the only way i would ever fly first class, and it sure felt great! to top all of this off, once i was in my seat i realized i was in for a rare treat. i had a gorgeous french babe as the flight attendant, in an airline where i expected it the least: united! those who fly this airline regularly know how rare this is. once i told her a few french words, she smiled and conducted the whole thing in french, all the way back to the sex prison…


07-23-04, 21:15
hi sexplorer,

great report, you had me reliving the night. the girl you had dinner with was my "girlfriend" of the trip andrea, as you were dressing to leave we had a final session for one hour of snuggles, intense dfk and oral only, after three days and three sessions with andrea- i was ausgeneukt, all fucked out. then as my friend and i dressed, she appeared at the locker to get paid yet again by a young guy who came in 15 minutes or so.

your little latvian sex bomb brunette is lisa - cute as hell except for those teeth. my friend also succumbed to her [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) like ways- she told me at the pool during the day when she tried to seduce me that she was 19. i like that patio, my polish ice queen veronika tried real hard to get me again there.

very nice to meet and monger with you. i too was on an award ticket first class that trip. the only way to go. and i just got another, except in coach this time for sept 1. so, i wonder if i can hold out until labor day? i must.



07-24-04, 03:03

Now you understand why we are so enthusiastic about FKK World. I have mongered in many countries around the world, but FKKW is tops on my list.


07-24-04, 16:53
Beffen1, Euro 100:

Thank you for your kind words. I am "enlightened" now, which is a euphemism for saying I am hooked!

I too can not wait until the next trip. I doubt I can sustain the rate at which I "session'ed" that day for more than one day at a time. I posted some of my thoughts about this on a different thread (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=256614#post256614). As such, and given that Frankfurt is a convinient transfer point for just about anywhere in Europe, I think in the future I will arrange my trans-Atlantic trips with a one night layover in Frankfurt, such that I can visit FKK-World from time to time.

I'll look forward to seeing you and many other gentelman mongers in the near future.


07-24-04, 21:24
this july 4th trip was turning out to be a corker. after a four girl introduction to the new club golden time in bruggen on jet lag day, followed by a day 2 visit to phg that featured a 2.5 hour gfe romp with tiny tik of thailand and a shorter session with teen porno queen sammi, i awoke on day 3, a sunny saturday, to the racket of the traffic and street noise of downtown venlo. i hurriedly packed and eschewed the rather meager breakfast at stationshotel and caught the 9:04 regional express to dusseldorf. unfortunately, my connecting ice train would be 35 minutes late and then it would lumber slowly to cologne where it broke down. after another 30 minutes waiting for instructions, a second ice pulled in on the next track and the conductor told me its next stop was frankfurt flughaven so i jumped off, leaving the largely dutch passengers on my amsterdam bound train, and switched trains, as did only a couple of other passengers. arriving at the airport, i took the s-bahn from the airport to frankfurt main without buying a ticket and happily no one was checking tickets. arriving at my room at excelsior hotel just across the street from the hauptbahnhof at 2, i collapsed on the bed and relaxed waiting for the prearranged meeting at 4:30 with ortos.

down in the lobby of the excelsior hotel, ortos was right on time and as we got into his renault rental and hit the highway toward fkk world, i felt as though we knew each other already, and in many ways we did. his unbounded enthusiasm for the hobby matched mine and i knew it would be fun hanging with this learned practitioner of the sacred quest. taking careful note of the route and trying to remember the wealth of information ortos imparted on the 40 minute car trip, we soon arrived at the club which is in a peaceful and quiet wooded setting. we parked at the end of the large parking area whereupon ortos presented me with my gram of buddha’s sister and some papers. he then lit up a bowl of neville’s haze and i had two or three deep lingering tokes which was all i needed. i left ortos in his car to stoke up more of his diverse stash while i walked the long winding path to the entry way, peeking over the fence in anticipation to view the largely empty grounds. by the time i arrived at reception, i was totally blasted and cottonmouthed. i paid the 65 euro eintritt, was wristbanded, given my key and two towels and a short tour of the dressing room area by an attendent. i hurriedly showered just to get some water down my throat. at the bar, i ordered a cola and surveyed the scene. the first girl sitting at the bar was quite cute, a slim blonde girl with a christina aguilera-like face. i chatted her up in a stoned haze and she seemed friendly enough but i didn’t want to commit to the first girl i saw so i excused myself and walked around the room and then the garden. it was sunny breezy and cool so i relaxed on a lounge chair in the sun. every now and then naked girls would walk by, alone, in pairs, or with a guy. a librarian blonde made a wisecrack that i should be inside screwing. so, after a short rest, and another look inside, i did indeed find myself back with christina aguilera.

alexandra is from bulgaria and 21 years old. she led me by the hand through what then seemed to me an inscrutable maze of hallways and rooms- i was lost and just putty in her hands. after a long stroll through the maze, with me admiring her supple young quite naked ass,we reached a room that was quite dark with no means of turning on the lights. i informed alexandra that i want to see her in all her loveliness and could we find a room with better lights. we found another adjacent room and we spread our towels on the bed. this is one difference from phg and golden time, you bring your own towels, the ones you wear, into the room, no new sheets for each punter. anyway, sex with alexandra was fine, dfk was gfe all the way, lengthy deep and passionate, and her oral skills were delicate, varied, and did not neglect any of my erogenous zones. indeed i found that many of the girls i met on this trip payed much skilled oral attention to the nether regions. fuckwise, i flipped her any way i wanted her, kissing and licking her everywhere and fingers were allowed too. a very nice session but i was a bit distracted since we apparently had noisy neighbors. some areas of fkk world have blocks of rooms which are simply cubicles with chinese screens and the walls are very thin. so on one wall a girl is moaning and screaming, in the other wall a guy is making small talk with a girl about his vacation, and the third wall another guy is grunting and spritzing in a girls face after which we hear the discussion that she is ready to get up and clean up while he wants to stay bask in post coital afterglow. a bit of sensory overload for me, so i did not finish with alexandra, though she is to be recommended.

nonetheless, i emerged happy with the quality from my first fkk world encounter, and was soon joined by ortos at the bar. more girls were arriving and ortos imparted some tips on how to use couch action to size up the chemistry you have with a girl. he walked me around the club, pointing out high traffic areas like the downstairs indoor pool and relax zone with couches, where one can rest and observe. he then was off to do a session since he wanted top leave about 10 pm to see a new flame at palace. for my part, i soon forgot everything ortos told me about couch action and went to chat up a slim drop dead gorgeous supermodel waif i had spotted earlier leaning seductively over the cocktail tables. veronika is from poland, with low back length brown hair and a slim schoolgirl body i love so much. she spoke no english but i got her to sit on a couch with me for a couple of minutes, during which exploratory kisses went well despite the language barrier. so i asked her to get a key and off to the zimmer we went. veronika was a gorgeous ice queen in the zimmer. dfk was permissive but not passionate. i was not allowed at first to play digitally with her pussy, although she later relented. her bbbj included some degree of belly and ball licking but was largely unvaried and insistent, trying to get me to come. sex was just ok, she was not very responsive, but unbeatable eye candy. after a while, near the end of our session, i had her lie on me belly to belly and gave her a deep shoulder, back, and butt massage which caused her to relax and melt into me sighing in restful pleasure. another no pop session, and we went to the lockers i gave her 50 euro for nearly an hour of room time, i did not charge her for the massage.

again, i met up with ortos, and complained lightly about my difficulties in finishing, but i was having a great time. soon, ortos went off to do his second and last session before leaving for palace. soon i found myself chatting with a girl in the romanian section. carmen was a black haired curvy cutie pie. aged 21, they all seemed top be 21, she gave good couch action and we found a room after 10 minutes. another gfe kisser with great oral skills, carmen excelled at cowgirl, writhing her pelvis to get maximal pressure and friction while riding peppy to what semed like miniorgasms on her part. she appreciated any attentions given to her ample bosom. finally, i exploded on her ass during doggy. facial finish is 50 euro at world, and i am not that into franzosiche totale.

back at the main room, it was now raging, there were many girls all over the place. i sat on a couch and two black haired german girls sat either side of me. one had ddd’s and the other was firmer and more athletic. they flirted, kissed, rubbed stroked my body and my unit, and i tasted their tits and lips and rubbed their pussies. the athletic one tried to suck me but i stopped her telling them, i was not ready for a zimmer. they laughed and tried for a few more minutes, getting me rock hard under the towel but i declined again and they left me to hunt for another. so, after a free 15 minute foreplay threesome on the couch, i again found ortos. we wandered around downstairs, my head was turning back and forth from all the hotties. then, near the relax couch zone and the pool, a long-legged dark haired romanian [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) caught my eye. a quick flirt with her and i was hooked on her looks, and i said goodbye to ortos, and we agreed to meet in my hotel the next day at 4:30 pm for a return trip to world or perhaps oase. off i went to the zimmer with valli, without benefit of couch action. she seemed younger than her stated age of 21 and was not a great provider, a little bit evasive, distant, and “un professional”. but she was a comfortable screw and worth the 50 euro for 30 minutes of riding yet another fantasy [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) girl.

now its about midnight. i had something to eat, a sauna, as short dip in the pool inside, and a rest. i saw a cute slim blond girl with a pony tail and a largish but very cute nose. magda is 22 and from transylvania and we went to the couches but ended up just talking for 30 minutes, she doesn’t do couch action and i couldn’t even get a kiss. on the next couch, a guy had a girl giving him a deep throat bbbj pouring champaigne on his unit and slurping away with her ass pointed in magda and my direction. magda dreams of visiting the us and i of course told her all about beffen’s travel agency and home for wayward girls. we parted ways for a while. i went back to eat some more and was joined by two black girls at the table, a brazilian thalita and her cuban friend. we chatted over dinner in spanish, which they loved, and they tried to seduce me at the table, offering me their body parts to play with between forkfuls of food. i declined to go to the room and we exchanged phone numbers, thalita also wants to visit ny, and i went to the pool lounge chairs. it wasn’t long before my negritas found me and began molesting me again, this time surrounding me with the proffered nipples, deep alternating threesome kisses, finally yanking off my towel and manulally working me to full erection in view of two us army mps in the whirlpool. after some 30 minutes of this, i convinced them that i was not going to a room anytime soon and they relented, leaving me with my hard on and my thoughts. but not before thalita lay on top of me, bending my throbbing johnson, and demanded i giver her an erotic massage for her troubles. of course my sweet, so for another 15 minutes i rubbed her belly, ass, back, shoulders, boobs, and tickled her twat while she twisted this way and that and and sighed with pleasure.

they rest of my first night at fkk world is a blur, i remember wandering around and marveling at how hot and varied all these girls look, walking around, posing, fooling with their mates, all naked. no one used the stage or pole to dance that night. i figured i would stay until 4:30 and catch the 5:20 train. i visited my locker and sneaked a shot or two of my hornitos and grabbed my weed stash that st supplied earlier. i took a stroll in the garden and smoked a micromini joint outside. after a while, i saw the slim cutie magda was free and as she rang my bell visually and we had had a good couch chat earlier , i approached her again and we took a room. magda was a bit of a control freak, “you lay down there” but after a while we found a rhythm. at first she wouldn’t let me lick her, stating a guy had bitten her a few days earlier, but i am a gentleman and behaved as one and she relaxed and allowed me to beffen her muffin. we had an ok session and i forced myself to finish as she rode me reverse cowgirl and i fingered her ass hole gently as she writhed atop my nearly pooped pole.

at 4 am, i stopped one short of a six-pack and asked the desk lady to call me a cab to giessen for 4:30, in hopes of making the 5:20 to frankfurt. i ended up sharing the cab with the two very young us army mp’s, who were starting their day shift one hour after returning to base from a night of fkk world. at the gates of the us army post, there were two streetwalkers waiting for returning lonely soldiers right next to the guard house. only in germany. i paid the 15 euro taxi fare and got out at giessen bahnhof. but wait, scheiesse. i had miscalculated. this was sunday morning and i missed the 4:40 train to frankfurt. the next one is not until 6:50. so, i made myself comfortable on the platform, sipped my remaining stash of hornitos tequila and smoked another minimicro joint of buddha’s sister, and spaced out in the daybreak sunshine until my train came. i arrived back at the excelsior at nearly 8am, went straight to the breakfast room and gorged on sausage, ham, cake, and toast and fruit, and went to my quiet room to sleep the day away until my 4:30 pm rendezvous with ortos.

tchsuss. to be continued.

07-25-04, 09:32
I'm doing my (probably) last ever trip to World this weekend coming - July 30, to Aug 1 inclusive. If anybody is planning to be there then maybe PM me so we can say hi?

07-25-04, 14:02

"Last ever trip to World"? Whats up with that, are you getting married, dying, coming out of the closet ?

OR, did you fuck everything you could in that place and heading to a new playground like Buenos Aires ?

Have a great trip regardless, Maybe if Andrea shows up you will change your plans !



07-25-04, 19:42

Awesome post!

I wonder if the Alexandra you had was the same one I had. In that case, I was mistaken in reporting that she was from Romania. She had rather short black hair, slightly darker (or more tan) skin, and kind of a flat face. Even though everyone there is pretty thin, she was a little thinner.

You also wrote:
...a second ICE pulled in on the next track and the conductor told me its next stop was Frankfurt Flughaven so I jumped off,.... and switched trains, as did only a couple of other passengers. Arriving at the airport, I took the S-bahn from the airport to Frankfurt Main without buying a ticket and happily no one was checking tickets.

Your worries were unnecessary, as I do believe you were riding the S-Bahn legitimately, since you already had a valid ticket to Frankfurt on DB. Remember, S-Bahn's are also part of DB in addition to being part of the local transport network. At least that's the way it was when I lived in Germany, many, many years ago ;). If I'm [out]dated on this, please correct me guys.

07-25-04, 20:34

Our Alexandra is definitely from Romania.

Beffen's Alexandra must be another girl.

07-25-04, 20:41

No, my Alexandra had dyed blond hair that was shoulder length and she looked just like Christina Aguilera facially. I actually repeated with her on my final day, taking her to a cabin for 30 more minutes of GFE makeout sex.

Regarding the train, actually, the agent at the international desk at Schipol had only ticketed me for Venlo to Frankfurt Flughaven at 63 euro intead of to Frankfurt Hbf for 68. So I did get over on DB, good, they have been nothing but late everytime I use them.

Thank heaven for the Levitra, set loose in this supermarket of international sexual delights that is World, it is great to be able to make hay while the sun shines and test drive a bevy of beffable beauties, selecting the real GFE material for those more relaxed and prolonged microhoneymoons.


07-25-04, 21:21
Carnal 1

My wife is getting fed up that there are no FKKs for women, so it may be that my activities follow her towards partytreffs instead of FKK! And even worse/better - I'm thinking a weekend at home with my wife will be more fun than World!!

So yes - married I am, dying also but no timescale (all the more reason to go to World) - but definitely not coming out of the closet

As ffor Andrea - well, I had an amazing experience on the E55 (see Czech posts) which make Andrea see like getting blood from a stone. Very fond memories - but I hope to keep them in the past

cu again sometime

07-25-04, 23:00
Great posts Beffen and Sexplorer,

Beffen: You are taking a chance when you bring any illegal substance into a club. They get raided from time to time and when they do all of the lockers get searched and you will likely get caught. Probably you won't get into too much trouble for just a few joints, but you should check this out.


I also used to think that there weren't enough toilets at World, but then I discovered that there is a huge bathroom by the reception with plenty. They should probably put up a sign or something.

07-26-04, 03:18

I sincerely wish you luck in your marriage. I hope you can stick to your intention to avoid FKKs from now on. But I have my doubts. I have yet to meet a guy who has sampled the FKK pleasures and then been able to stay away. It's just not within our nature. We need to f..k as many beauties as we can. One is never enough, even if she is a goddes in the sack.

I was not able to stay away from the scene, even though I was married to a gorgeous model, a girl who just about averybody agreed is a 10. But somehow there is an inescapable lure to an FKK, where you can have fantasy encouters in almost complete anonymity.

But hey, maybe you will be different. That would be great for you.


07-26-04, 15:34

I cannot recall if it was you or Isseu that brought Andrea over to me and placed her on my lap? I broke my Kino Cherry that night at World, what an experience. I vividly recall sitting in the Kino while she gave me an incredible DTBBBJ, all while some cleaning gal kept walking over next to me emptying a "empty" ashtray. She did this at least 3 times while I was lying there with Andrea slurping away. This gal must have got alittle excited watching all of this, doubt it was her first voyeur experience!

FKK for women, doubt that you will find anything like that unless you have your wife saunter thru an American Bar wearing a towel!


Carnal 1 aka Lanrac

07-27-04, 01:25
trip report 2 of 6

thursday 22. july. arrived with 3 collegues (x, y and z) at 13:00. this was only my second visit to world. the settings have been described enough already , but here are my 2 cents: it is great for relaxing, the pool, sunbeds and the outside area is great. but the inside area is just to big with do many exits. you might see a girl you want to have later, just to never find her again, even if she's not busy all the time. it also seems to me that gravity has taken more toll on the girls at world compared to oase and palace, although the world girls night be younger on average. either the gravity force is stronger at world or perhaps you have much higher percentage of young moms there. also seems to me that world is becoming a romanian dominant place (each to his own if that is a good or a bad thing).

we had some good sessions here, but also some of the worst during our trip. you will understand what i mean when you read the report. grading system is described in first trip report in oase section:

millenia - romania - c: my first session. blonde [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901). very small and thight pussy. nice bbbj. did not speak english but understood basic things and obeyed. uninspired and did not connect. had a foul breath (not the smoking type, just plain bad breath) which killed all kissing activity.

now for the strange thing: there was this porno movie playing. i was watching while relaxing after first session. the girl is beeing pounded and is obviously is having here period with blood coming out. i'm used to many things, but this is a real turnoff for me. why in the hell would they be showing that kind of a movie? well, the strangest thing happens in my next session and colleague y session.

y chose a ramona (albanian/italian). average bbbj and on to regular fucking. all of a sudden there is blood everywhere. this girl was having her period big time on the bed. y is totally put off by this and the girl seems to be extremely sorry "it is too early. i'm not to begin my period until few days. i'm very sorry yada yada yada". she seemed genuenly sorry. she had to call for help from staff of the club to clean up the mess. she said she would have to stop working today because of this. well guess what. this girl continued working all day and night. management must know this as they had to clean up the room so we felt there was nothing more to add to their knowledge about the situation. we thought about to tell her prospects, but decided against it as we did not want to cause a scene.

if this was not enough in the weird dept., my next session was with a very muscular girl (i don't remember her name) but i remember to have read a review of her. she claims to come from check rep. did gymnastics and is into fitness. extremely strong thighs and strong arms. smallish perky breasts. inspired by catalyst, i asked her to do it on the lawn behind the trees. she was ok with that. we found a semi privat spot and she started a very deep bbbj on the lawn. i comment on that she is able to go pretty deep. she somhow misunderstood as i wanted deeper (ok with me), and starts deep throat. she literally took it all in, gagging quite a bit with salive flowing out of her mouth. at one time there were such noices from her stomach, i thought she was going to throw up and i told her to take it easy.

this is now looking to be a very good session. she mounts me cowgirl and i ride her hard. i have never fucked a girl with such strong legs. i decide it is time for some missionary and ask her to get on her back. take my member out for a second and to change position and the condom is covered in blood. what the hell. is this the twilight zone? first the porno movie, then my colleague and now me. this is disastrous. she does exactly the same act "i'm so so so sorry. this is too early yada yada yada". then i saw her an hour later going with another customer. what was developing into a great session turns out to be a disaster. not only the turnoff, but i had gone down on her and have that to worry about also.

rating is hard but we agreed that working while menstruating cannot be anything but an big f.

but there were some decent sessions also:

cindy - check rep - b: tall blond with glasses. there are several reports on this girl. she is a model type. could probably do well as a high class escort. very gentle.

anna - romania - c: good body, long black hair, rather quick and uninvolved experience. good bbbj and decent sex.

forgot name - spain (la coruna) - c: dark brown hair, medium figure, ok attitude and ok sex.

"anorexia" (colleague z forgot her name, but we named her after her body - you will understand when you see her). - c: blond extremely petite and thin 18 year old blond from romania. has been working in world for a month. regular sex, very controlling an inpersonal.

sabrina - germany - b: black hair, glasses, "teacher look", rather dark skin. birth mark on hip. good bbbj, nice attitude and all in all a good experience.

carmen (bulgaria or romania) - c and larissa (romania - b): after the "blood bath" for me and my colleague y, we were relaxing downstaires in the sofas next to the pool and this girls starts posing for us. we are not interested but she continues which was fine with us. her friend arrives and they do some more posing and we decide it might be fun to to them together in a large bed. a deal is struck and we go find a room. i did larissa and y did carmen. i had a hard time coming and while fucking larissa had one helluva workout. she would moan very loud (a bit too much faking it) which cracked me up and she got a bit embarrassed by that. she claimed to be from spain but afterwards i said "so larissa from rumenia, do you want a cigarette". i was just fishing on a hunch, but she admitted she was from romania and explained that with so many girls from romania in there she thought it would be better for her and business to be from somewhere else.

we got into discussion with these girls about our previous problems in the club with the menstruating girls. they tried to avoid the subject, but finally said that we should have stopped immediatly, not pay, and report to management and they should not be working during their period. well, management definetly knew that one of them was working so i'm not sure if that would have made any difference (i later discussed the issue with a girl at palace and she said that many of the romanian/bulgarian/albanian girls might work during that time of the month), but you would probably never find a western european girl doing that.

i had harder time doing the pre-rituals with the girls at world than at oase and palace. i like to talk and get to know them a little bit in order to have some kind of minimal connection before having sex with them. i felt that on average, girls at world have the worst english language skills with the girls at palace having the best english skills.

our experience at world this time is hopefully not typical. but after my visits to palace, i will stick to oase and palace and skip world.

next stop was flamingo island.

Traveling Male
07-28-04, 17:42

I totally agree with you, even though I am single now, and I have just discovered the FKK scene 2 months ago (Thanks to all of you here ;) ) after a year of frustration with local girls in the U.S., and a major break up with the one and only person I loved in all of my past relationships.
Now I can totally see myself going back there very frequently whether I get a girlfriend or not, however after I got back from my FKK trip, I've noticed I have been getting a lot more attention from beauties and goddesses here in the U.S. Somehow women can sense the vibe around a guy who is sexually drunk, and they get attracted to that. Since I got back from Germany a month ago, I have been with at least 2 gorgeous blonds here that I never dreamed of being with before, and now I'm trying hard to resist any sort of commitment with them, because my boss downstairs left his mind and his heart back in the promised land...

So much for a traditional kind of life for me, and live long the FKK ;)

All the best,

Traveling Male

07-29-04, 03:22
Chivaz wrote:
Take my member out for a second and to change position and the condom is covered in blood. ....Not only the turnoff, but I had gone down on her and have that to worry about also.

I know the feeling. The same has happened to me elsewhere (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=253789#post253789), and unfortunately again, somewhere else (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=209383#post209383). I learned my lesson and asked the local fellows how I should ask the girl if she is in or near her period.

Which brings me to my question for you, our Deutsch speaking "cunning linguists" (pun): Auf Deutsch, how do you tactfully ask a girl if she is in or near her period?

BTW, the answer in Spanish was given to me here (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=258136#post258136).

Round the World
07-29-04, 05:42
I'm debating whether to go back to World soon or have a first visit to Palace.

What would sway me is if anyone has seen my favorites at World lately:

Anna (Belorus)
Lana (Germany)
Diana (Romania)
Olga (Belorus)

Please let me know if you have seen any of the above ladies recently at World.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Shiatsu, sorry to lose you from the hobby. But your wife knows about you FKK habits and doesn't beat you to a pulp? You're wife is a lot more understanding than I would ever hope for...

Bruce Ley
07-29-04, 08:08
Catalyst wrote:

Beffen: You are taking a chance when you bring any illegal substance into a club. They get raided from time to time and when they do all of the lockers get searched and you will likely get caught. Probably you won't get into too much trouble for just a few joints, but you should check this out.

When I went to Atlantis last year, I had around 5 marijuana cigarettes in my pack of Marlboros, because I had just come from Amsterdam and my Dutch buddy had bought some of Holland's finest for me. Good I didn't get caught. Heheheh.

07-29-04, 08:59
Round the World,

Anna, Diana and Olga are currently "on duty" at FKKW.

I have no information about Lana.

07-29-04, 15:21
RtW - I expect to be going tomorrow so I'll keep an eyes out - especially for Anna who we know.

RtW, Carnal 1, Euro 100, Novize - thanks guys for the goodbyes. I was surprised to get so much interest! However I may have been unclear- I was only trying to say I don't think I'll be doing any more weekends at World. That doesn't rule out the odd visit now and again. I expect that I'll be joining my wife's interests in partytreffs - it's about time she got what she wanted. So there may be further signs of life from me on the Forum - it's far too good a thing to give up. As Mark Twain said - rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated

07-29-04, 18:18

"Anorexia" is called Magda at FKKW.

Girls at FKKW don´t just have the worst english language skills, they also have the worst german language skills.

But you can nearly always find some nice girls for a conversation (and more) at FKKW.

Girls working during their period most often have enormous pressure to earn money. You will them in every club. I don't want to discuss this issue in detail, but not every woman working in this business does it volunteerly. You can couse them a lot of trouble, when you complain. They don´t get punished by the management, but perhaps by someone else. Just leave the room and refuse to pay. And be careful, if you like to lick pussies.

Most women use little sponges to hold back the blood. Then they don´t like to be licked. That should be a sign to retreat.