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08-01-04, 15:44

You wrote: "Why is that? It seems that even when a man possesses the perfect girl he always wants something more".

Maybe because that "perfect girl" is not what you really want? Anyway, or maybe once you have the girl you want all others confirm what you have.


08-01-04, 18:58

Please stifle your urge to use the phrase "over and out". It makes anyone that has ever actually used radio protocol to cringe. "Over" and "Out" are two different commands, only clueless script writers laboring on a B movie use them together as a phrase. (And by now, an unsuspecting public as well, I suppose.)

"Over" means end of transmission. No reply is expected.

"Out" means end of my transmission. Awaiting your reply.

If you had been around in the days of morse code, it would have been the letter "K" for Over, and the letters "AR" for Out. They served exactly the same function for radio-telegraphy as the words "Over" and "Out" do for voice.

dit dah / dit dah dit


The Traveler
08-01-04, 19:37

"Anyway, or maybe once you have the girl you want all others confirm what you have."

That one was good :)

08-01-04, 20:19
TT and Juice,

Naw... That would be too easy. I was just telling it like it is. I imagine that both of you have been there at least once. And as a matter of fact, I know that one of you has been there twice!


08-02-04, 09:45
Geeze! I love it when I make the most obvious mistake in front of the world at large. Effing Humilation with a capital aitch.

"Over" means end of my transmission. Awaiting your reply.

"Out" means end of transmission. No reply is expected.

Okay, sorry for the brain fart in my previous post.

di-dah di-dah-dit


Migrant One
08-02-04, 14:11

Us men are strange animals, and animals are, for the most part, not monogamous.

We also suffer greatly from the "grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome.

Women, I'm sure, have similar thoughts, but different motivations.


The Traveler
08-02-04, 20:20

Migrant One below said it all, men are pigs and I love to be a pig.
It's strange, if I do not have a GF I run around looking for the perfect match but hard to find any. But as soon as I have a lovely one by my side I see great girls in huge amounts. Maybe it's a hormon thing or whatever, but it's always the same. So I decided to keep my freedom rather than sticking to a single one. I like to change or better the excitement of a new cutie lying next to me (or above or below) whenever I want without the hassle a man has when he needs to lie to his GF and steal away. I like LT and that would be out of question with most GFs I had so far.

Migrant One
08-02-04, 21:03

It's funny, I was married for 20+ years and divorced now for 3. I've met a woman here in the states (Philipina, here for 1 year) and she is great.

The problem I'm having is do I really want to go back to married life, been there, done that.

Unfortunately this lady will want to marry (hints already) and while we both do not want more kids, I am still finding the relationship stifling.

I love it when she's over but sometimes find myself not wanting her to visit. The sex is great and if she's gone too long I miss it, but know that P4P is always there (It's only friction and as long as the girl is cute and nice, it works!)

It's not even the monogamous bit, I played while married, but never was tempted to fall in love so I'm sure I'll play again. It's the time I have on my own that I begrudge.

I guess the one factor that still keeps me interested in the relationship thing is farther down the road. When I'm 70's (and hopefully still active) it won't be as easy to find companionship when "I" want it.

Sure the P4P never ends (unless the $'s do) but it would be nice to have a soulmate at that point in life.

Maybe my Philipina will wait???....Yeah right!

Ah well I'm throwing this out to the bretheren for what purpose, who knows.


08-02-04, 22:48
PosterLion - I enjoy your posts and Bukowski-esque ramblings. I wonder how the Buke would have fared in LOS??

Are you crossing at Nong Kai into Laos? The train goes all the way to Nong Kai.

A piece of friendly advice, fwiw; allow for every conceivable delay on the road. I would not push your crossing based on any kind of 'deadline' particularly one so important. I would take the night train up and cross in the morning, well ahead of sched.


08-03-04, 15:04
Speaking of girlfriends, my US Vietnamese girlfriend just dumped me because I take too many trips to Thailand without her... I can't blame her.

We lasted 7 months, nice time, good friendship and the sex was good. I always told her I wanted my freedom and that included taking trips alone and she said she "understood" this. I knew my time for getting canned was coming.

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side. Time to find out.


08-04-04, 10:49

I'm just living off investments, which hasn't been easy during the quarter just past. More on that later. I will detail it with a write-up.



I understand exactly. Follow-up cheesy poem is coming.



Thank you for the advice and that is my exact plan of action. :)



I apologize and it won't happen again. I'm sorry I made it so obvious that I haven't a clue about radios. Next time I feel the urge I shall just say, "Out."


Migrant One,



08-04-04, 10:51

I know a man that has learned everything
how to love

he heard about it in a movie
it was
a long time ago

the greatest lesson that you’ll ever learn
is to love
and be loved
in return

to think about it makes him want to cry
as we now know
he has learned everything

he learned how to work and was taught the value of a dollar
he learned how to make it on his own
he was determined and he set out to get somewhere
and eventually
he found himself somewhere

he’s got twelve million in the bank
and about 1000 in his wallet
and he’s been drinking
all afternoon

he has a woman waiting for him
at home
but home is the last thing
on his mind

right now he is walking on the street
staggering drunk
the side walk
is looking

so he sits on it
then he lies on it
and suddenly, he is comfortable

she is at home with her demands
all he has to do is change
but he knows that he can not

so he smiles and curls up on the sidewalk
1000 in his pocket and twelve million in the bank
and just a few concessions away from
a very rich man

he notices a line of ants marching in formation
and he closes his

now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
if I should die before I wake
I pray these ants my soul to take

our nada who art in nada
nada be thy nada
thy nada come thy nada be nada
on nada as it is in nada
give us this nada our daily nada
and forgive nada our nada
as we forgive nada that nada against nada
and lead nada not into nada
but deliver nada from nada

there is a man that I know sleeping on a sidewalk
many people are watching him
what happened

They have no idea
they will.

Migrant One
08-04-04, 16:32
Any divers out there?

I'm planning a trip this fall and want to do a little diving (between diving between cute brown thighs!).

I'm researching through the dive mags, but want to combine the diving with my other favorite sport and the dive mags don't seem to want to help there (go figure!).

Any suggestions where the monger scene and diving meet in LOS?



08-04-04, 16:45
LOS is very busy when it comes to dive boats. It is common to find a dozen or so boats all tied together around Richelieu rock.

My suggestion, do a live aboard into Burma. You fly to Ranon, and hook up with a dive operation which have a nice catamaran called the "Amadeus". they'll take you up into the Burma banks. Very nice, did it 2 or 3 years ago, had a great time, though vis at the time was poor. we saw 3 dive boats the whole week. only 1,000 US$

here is the link


Migrant One
08-04-04, 17:23
Thanks 1ball for the info.

I should also add that I am starting (very early) to scout for retirement places, so want to find that combo of good mongering along with other activities that I enjoy (diving, fishing, eating etc).

The liveaboard sounds great though and I may do it.

Just hoping the elusive 'perfect' spot is out there that I can play during the day, and play at night (oh and did I mention cheaply? after all I went through a divorce - *****).

Thanks for the info


Migrant One
08-06-04, 15:59

As mentioned I'm thinking of my future retirement.

How has the experience with internet connections been in LOS?

I enjoy keeping busy so will probably never fully retire (besides my ex wife kind of guaranteed that for me). Of my current clientle, some would stay with me as long as they can keep in touch so a reliable internet connection with quick downloading is needed.

I'm not well versed in the technical side, like a car I like to get in, turn the key, and make sure it works.

I imagine I'd need an investment of some type, and obviously some Thai businesses must have good internet.

Any input appreciated guys, whether pm or in forum.



08-06-04, 16:34

Heh, I must be getting crabby in my old age. Anyway, there's a number of things that always ruffle my fur when it comes to writing (screen/novel/whatever). Silenced revolvers is one, the sound of squealing tires in a movie as the car takes a corner on a dirt road is another.

You can't silence a revolver. The gap between the cylinder and the barrel defeats the purpose of hanging a silencer on the end of the barrel.

Dirt and gravel just doesn't provide the sort of traction necessary to make tires squeal.

However, for some reason, I don't mind when movies provide the sound effects of an explosion in outer space, even though I know that there is no sound in outer space actually. (For those that disagree, make a quick trip to the moon, take a breath and think about it.)

I do enjoy your prose and look forward to seeing more of it.


Joe Zop
08-06-04, 17:06
Migrant One, there are a number of internet options in LOS, though they can vary in quality depending on where you are. Internet cafes are all over the place, and there are providers who do both from dialup to DSL. I'll note that I found dialup to be a pain a lot of times -- lousy and frequently dropped calls, etc. and it varied by both what part of the country I was in and the place I was calling from. If you're a permanent resident you shouldn't have any trouble getting DSL, and most folks I know there who have it are generally happy with it, though some say there's more downtime and less throughput than they would prefer.

08-07-04, 16:14

I remember how I used to look forward to my first beer
sitting in my chair with glass in hand
I’d take a drink
then swish it around the mouth
and swallow

I’d boot up my computer
light a cigarette
and begin on some

those where the days
back then I drank to help me
get into the thing
whatever it was
drinking was like a key
and writing was the door

then I went and got myself a girlfriend
we live together and everything is terrific
my writing

now I have to be careful about
scratching my ass
or farting
or wanking it

no longer can I skip out the door without a load
of questions
“where are you going?”
“To the *****house, dear”

she never likes the idea
it always makes me feel like Oblonsky
must have felt
when Princess Darya caught him
with Mlle Roland

now I am doomed to a life
in an apartment
with my one true

now I drink for a different reason
my writing isn’t so

drinking is still the key
is the door

How does this happen
to a man?
Why does he need his
Mlle Roland?

08-07-04, 16:19

No harm done. I actually appreciate knowing that I was using the protocal incorrectly. This saves me from looking like an idiot in the future. Of course, I'll find other ways to appear idiotic, don't you worry! :)

I also hate the sound of screeching tires on dirt roads in movies. But what I hate worse are these stupid movies that show 1100CC motorcycles jumping like dirt bikes or goind around a corner as if there were a berm.

If been riding bikes since I was 11 and this always grates me. If you look closely, these bikes are always a dirtbike dressed in cafe attire. Well, maybe not anymore now that we live in the age of computer generated reality. :)


08-07-04, 16:35
Migrant One,

JZ is correct about internet in Thailand.

Here are the options I know of:

1) KSC dial-up. B250 a month and B5 each time you dial in. They automatically cut you off after 2 hours because they like that B5.

2) DSL is about B800 for unlimited usage. I know a guy that has it and he is happy with it.

3) There are many wireless options and you will need a wireless option if you live in an apartment that doesn't have a private phone line as I do.

I have done write-ups on them in this section. Do a search for HUTCH and PCT. They are separate write-ups so just search for them one at a time. I settled for the PCT option and it works very well. It drops maybe once every 20 hours (which is pretty good IMHO).

I runs me about B1500 to B2000 a month as it is B12 an hour.

poster (out)... :)

08-07-04, 18:11

42 is a magic number
expressed in binary

or you could say
it is ten
and ten
and ten
standing in formation like soldiers

I am thinking about that because that is my age

I started working when I was 11
42 - 11

I’ve been working for 31
that’s a fact

but it appears I am
without a job
and zero %

yes I am
I am

as I
is a

according to the accountants
I can spend twelve hundred bucks a month
for the next 50 years
and I’ll have sixteen thousand
when I’m gone

16,000 minus 15,984

maybe the magic number should be 16
I remember how good
it looked

but now I’m 42
is off limits

according to my accountants
I'll have fifty years
to think

Soi Mike
08-08-04, 06:22
Postet Lion,

Sitting here with a glass of scotch, I am very impressed with your girlfriend: she reads Anna Karenina..good God, she is something else!

I am telling you, if your Thai girlfriend can read Tolstoy and understand mysterious Russian soul...I am impressed. I've read Dostoyevskii's "Crime and Punishment" or "Prestuplenie i Nakazanie" in Russian, and can assure you, this is deep stuff.

She nicely balances playing computer games with the classic literature, bravo!

Soi 5

08-09-04, 19:32

all men understand

it is the boundary
the princess
the whor(e)

it is age old

almost every novel is based

she was a siren
on the rocks

the tiller was turned
and the ship

it was the perfect landing
and nothing
has been the same
ever since.

08-10-04, 04:05
Possibly the wrong thread, but hey, none of the threads tend to resemble their headers these days !!

Does anyone have any info on Cha-am or Hua-Hin ? I am looking to rent an apartment style place for 1mth in Dec, escape the city and all that, 2 bedroom, kitchen, furnished, on the beach, preferably with pool, budget max 20,000baht for the month, which should be more than enough.

I know of such places in Bangkok, monthly rent etc, anyone know of any in Cha - am or Hua Hin ?

Any info is appreciated.

08-12-04, 19:46
it is not for the lucky or the strong
it is a

it happens
to us

an eye meets

and when it happens

it can't

08-15-04, 20:35
Poster Loin

I liked 42 best. But I don't think that you are aware of what the line breaks are for.

What are they for, anyway?

I suggest that you read Ezra Pound and the other imagists.


08-15-04, 20:40
Oh, yeah

Please, reread e.e. cummings with a microscope.


08-15-04, 20:46
Poster Lion

Line breaks. Like here. Why like this?

at 8 a.m. I sit in my chair watching the water before it boils
our coffee cups sit on the counter in front of the Nescafe and the CoffeeMate
and I wonder why I'm so alone
looking deep inside my heart of hearts I know the answer
I’ve never let myself
invariably I always come back to the need for something
and I sit here at 8 a.m. in the morning
wondering if is it possible
to change

And not like this? I am as serious as a festering wound.

at 8 a.m.
I sit in my chair watching
the water before it boils
our coffee cups sit on the counter in front of
the Nescafe and the CoffeeMate
and I wonder why
I'm so alone
looking deep inside my heart of hearts I know the answer
I’ve never let myself go
I always come back
to the need for something different
something new and I
sit here at 8 a.m. in the morning
wondering if
is it possible to change

08-15-04, 20:49
Poster Lion

I'm not saying that my suggestion is better.


08-16-04, 16:08
Dear Ferolga777 (festering wound),

I like your editing. Would you like to be my editor? :)

Hell man... Sometimes I can barely understand why I am trying to type something, let alone to worry about line breaks.

Yeah, I can understand that I probably should think about things like that but things break without reason sometimes.

Anyway. You have done an excellent job in repositioning the words that were written. I am just a sloppy writer, but with your help I might be somebody! :) :) :)

We should have a beer sometime!


08-16-04, 16:12

Seriously, I like what you did with that piece of jargon. It is actually much better than how I presented it.


08-16-04, 16:56
Poster Lion

I'm glad you took my comments the way they were intended. My intention is not to become your editor. In the end, those decisions have to be made by you.

Every writing project consists of two stages. The draft stage and the editing stage. You are right in not worrying about why you are doing anything in the draft stage. It is just best to type without concerns for coherence. Just type and type.

It is in the editing stage, perhaps best done in a different place and maybe once a month, that we concern ourselves with rough hewing and shaping our ends.

Which is why I suggest reading poets like e.e. cummings, ezra pound, william carlos williams and t.s. eliot.

Enjoy this wonderful activity,

08-16-04, 17:44

It was easy to see the indifference you assigned to your passions and I am glad that you put your words in such a way as to be impossible to misconstrue.

A true regular to the board, namely the one and only JoeZop said a similar thing to me earlier to which I defended myself at great length and then only later realized that truly great things become great by relying on something inside themselves and the weather be damned!

But at the time I could think of nothing else but to try and subtly put Mr. JZ in his place with a discussion about the Grand Canyon and how it is grand only because the weather had made it so.

But in retrospect I can see that I put forth such great effort in defense of myself merely because Mr. JZ was (as you are) correct.

I must hasten myself and quicken my innermost desires and remember that there is more than a first draft! Oh my heavens! What am I to do???

After all, I am on my last glass of beer. :)

Cheers! :)

Joe Zop
08-17-04, 05:42
PL, my intention was not to send you off chiseling canyons, but simply to note that craft is what shapes inspiration into something truly compelling. Intentionality in writing is powerful, and the more it is harnessed, the more the writing resonates.

Line breaks are something one can and should take a lifetime to fiddle with. As Ferolga777 aptly points out, there are many models to consider but the real key is to actually consider them and have a solid basis for doing so, regardless of whose approach you want to use until you create your own. In addition to his suggestions, you might want to read Levertov's writings on line-breaks (she feels a line-break provides exactly one-half the pause of a comma, for example, and basically comes from the projectionist school -- she's proscriptive but interesting) though there are plenty of other folks who've chimed in for a very long time about line-breaks -- a lot of this can be found on the web with a simple search.

To me the line itself is the consideration, with the break flowing from that. And yes, draft upon draft upon draft -- imbibing in either kind tends to make one feel they've discovered clarity. :D

08-18-04, 02:39
Joe Zop

That's one smart last sentence.


08-19-04, 16:56

I agree with Mr. F. Your last sentence was great. :)

"imbibing in either kind tends to make one feel they've discovered clarity." - JoeZop

I would just add that imbibing is clarity because it is in the act that clarity is found and thus created. :)

Hmmm, I will remember a line break is one-half of a comma. I have heard others say that a line break is the equivalent of a period. Who can know?

One thing is certain. I have much work to do. My work will not be satisfactory until my critics no longer talk of line breaks. On the other hand that was a lie. I am always satisfied after an act of imbibing. :)

But nonetheless, It is good to have a critics!

Cheers mates!

08-19-04, 20:09
You fellers sure do talk purdy !

Is poetry requisite for living in Thailand ?



08-19-04, 20:34

tormenting the muse

bottles empty on a floor

littered pauses each


Migrant One
08-19-04, 22:30
There once was a girl from Phuket..........

08-20-04, 05:09
To paraphrase Slim Pickins in Blazing Saddles - "You talk prettier than a $2 'Ho"

08-20-04, 16:37

The great thing about this board is that your chances of meeting a normal person are next to nil.

I think Slim Pickens would appreciate that because he spoke about the same as any two dollar ho.

Now... you don't need too speak like a two dollar ho to move to Thailand, but it helps!

After all, the girls do like it when they hear the very words they are familiar with. :)


I think I'll go sweep the floor. There is a line of ants marching through my room that I'm not so happy with. The brooms in Thailand are brill. Have any of you ever noticed that?

One swoosh, and everything that is bothering you is gone.


poster :)

08-22-04, 02:53
PL - drat , now I went and listened to the track - it's "You use your tongue prettier than a $20 'HO"

08-30-04, 17:53

It seems my Po-eMs remark shut you lot up:D!
Just to make up:


PS Joe Zop, this is NOT porn(for a change....)!

Sean Tampa
09-16-04, 02:07

Hi all - I'm an american guy living in Clearwater, Florida and moving to Bangkok in October or November of this year (2004).

I would like to find some folks to hang out with that is already there - or someone that is planning to go during the same time frame so we can share travel expenses and knowledge and other stuff.

I'm a mongerer... let that be known. haha.

I'm planning on teaching English or getting into a computer position of some sort. In addition I will start a digital video based web site or provide content for someone's already established web site...

Videotaping the exploits of a funny guy interacting with beautiful thai girls that hardly know what he's talking about... is the plan. Of course others have had that same plan - and i've seen MANY many clips from mongers who go to asia and film themselves... but it's about the most boring stuff I've seen yet. I have some good ideas for making the content unique, fresh, and "viral" in the marketing sense - not the STD sense.

So - in addition to finding someone to hang with and or travel with.

Is there anyone reading that might have a web site that they want to jack up to a new level? Is there anyone reading that might have connections with the girl scene in thailand now? Or, that has good experience with running an adult video site out of thailand?

Anyone that has any comments about the proposition?

I've had successful porn and regular sites here in the USA. I've sold off a few businesses and made decent money - but not huge yet. I'm seeking huge this time. I have a few buyer possibilities here in the states - if I only produce content, but, am always open to more (and better) choices.

If you are interested in this type of thing. Want to help. Want to invest or take part in some way. Write and let's see if we can put something together.

Thanks guys / gals?

Clearwater, FL
[Email Address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

09-18-04, 22:33
howdy do?

hey mister sean tampa, i'd possibly meet you if you pm me with your contact info. i'm not so interested in your hollywood offer as i've already declined more movie contracts than i have fingers to count with, so i hired an agent.

it's nice to be limited to ten fingers. it keeps you from having too many ambitions. :)


i went to laos for a visa run three weeks ago. now i am back in krueng thep awaiting my next crossing, 29 days and counting. am i getting bored yet? yes, no, maybe, does it matter? after all, i was bored before i started this venture anyway.

i remember my bangledeshi friend's last words, "posterboy... do not go anywhere because of boredom. it is better to be bored where you are. and also, much much easier."

i knew he was right but i also knew (as he did), that i have do things in my own way. hence, as most of you know, i moved to bangkok. one thing is certain. i do miss eating mutton and rice with him at lunch time. he was a very good friend.


tonight the toads are making this wonderful groaning sound because it just rained. it is now the very heart of rainy season and surprise surprise (i hope jim neighbors heard that), it rains almost every day! :)

i recall a comment joezop made after one of my normally upbeat reports. he said, "it will be interesting to see how you feel about bangkok as time goes by."

i smiled at his remark because i thought the same thing. "hmmm, mr. posterboy, what will you think of bkk after living there a while?"


the 64,000 dollar question is the same no matter where you live. underneath the culture, (whatever culture it might be), lies a hideous monster of [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and deception, of tyranny and greed, of practically anything (bad) one can think of. i apologize to all of you that are offended because i end some of my sentences with prepositions. and i apologize if i don't even know what a preposistion is.

but what can i say? i am from oklahoma (which i have come to realize is not a popular place for many of the readers of this board).

in my favor i can say that i did not choose my beginnings and i am certain i will be equally inept at choosing my end.

that said... i am not in a mood to give up yet. which means i am still happy in bangkok, although my tone may indicate otherwise. it is just the russian of my being coming to the fore, even though in this life i am from oklahoma.


now that i have said all of this... there is a little more, gag, a poem!

this is to let yall know no body gonna shut me up

coz no body got skills enough for that! :)



oh yeah, one last fading thought. i've been hunkering down in the trenches trying to make some money this last month. thank god it panned out.

the semi's made a nice jump (although maybe not a healthy one) and i was lucky enough to be long of it. netted about six more months of life without disturbing my principal (may he rest in peace).

now i am looking at mister qqq, an exchange traded persona. i am thinking he will become a good friend. he is liquid and flush with offers. you might say he is a professional prostitute of the soi 4 variety.

i hope we can have a mutually beneficial relationship.

talk to you monger dudes on the flip. :)


it was but a short time ago

in those days
each moment was unique

i might well have said that each moment was like a different

i remember watching me mum as she made

it was just 12 noon and in my mind
i thought
there is more than half a day

in the eyes of the world
i was a lucky child

for it was not only me
that thought me

i have seduced women
with nothing more
than my god-given

it was but a short time ago
when i was a
greek god

it was but a short time ago
when i was a
small soul

trying to live in a body
i thought was
my own

i have but one

i need a little more
for redemption.

Joe Zop
09-19-04, 03:41
Um, Sean, let's see, you asked for comments. How about a couple of really simplistic questions instead:

You imagine you'll teach English or get some kind of computer position, huh? And this will just happen in a month or so, or perhaps after you've already relocated? Do you know where or with whom and for how much? Are they providing you with a work visa? And you speak fluent Thai to make this all work, right? And you're also figuring on developing your particular brand of value-added porn and schlepping it up on the web, right? Do you know anything about getting work in LOS or how the Thai authorities (especially given the current climate) might react to your web activities?

Exactly how well have you thought this all through or researched it?

I ask this because it sure seems by your post that you don't have all that much idea how things work or what you're getting into. A question such as "Is there anyone reading that might have connections with the girl scene in thailand now?" is simply absurd on the face of it if you've read even the tiniest bit of this forum.

And hey, welcome back, PL. How did you like Laos?

09-19-04, 15:08
Have any of you gentlemen ever experienced the taxi drivers? I hear that they are horrible in there attitude towards farangs, show blatent disregard for the safety of their passengers, other vehicles, motorcyces, pedestrians and the law.

09-19-04, 16:45

Actually, my latest three experiences with BKK taxi drivers were pretty good: Shortest routes, FAST and no hassle about change.
The last one, who dropped me off at the airport, had Siliporn coming out of the speakers, so I tipped him!

But back in the old days, before automatic trafficlights, elevated tollways and skytrains, things were a bit different.
Some moron driver, who mistook me for a moron passenger, went around the same block twice - seeing the same part of HuaLumPong RWS within 5 minutes makes one think... So instead of the B50 on the meter I paid him B35 and told him to keep the change. Or call the cops. He took the change:D.


Did you take the new busservice into Laos, NongKhai to Ventienne?

Sean Tampa,


09-19-04, 18:30

Last July myself and another member from the board were going to a business meeting to a part of Bangkok no cab wanted to go at that time of day... I think we got in 3 different taxis before we got on one to takes us. It was a little funny getting in one cab then off to the next one...

I think taxis offer a good service just don't let them get away with little games...As far as safety goes, they drive as good as they can, let's face it Thais are not the best drivers in the world...If you have been in a cab in NYC the driving is about the same, they drive by instinct not by traffic rules.

When in Bangkok I like to use motorbike taxis and the skytrain. If you take a motorbike make sure you wear a helmet. You will have the ride of your life...


Jimmy Red Cab
09-19-04, 20:31
Meat Man,
I have never had any REAL bad experiences with cab drivers, I fell sorry for the poor bastards, there are obviously far too many taxis in Bangkok and now the new metro is operating they will get even less business.
They do not have to take you but always insist that they use the meter----and give them a tip, just like you would in the States or England.

Sean Tampa
09-20-04, 20:22
Joe Zop

Wow. You asked me so many simplistic questions... are you a simplistic person Joe? Push hard and come up with something advanced... I know you can do it - believe in yourself man, you gotta have some confidence in this world...

Wait, 1753 posts here Joe! holy shit! Were they ALL simplistic?! Jesus, I'm so glad I didn't read too much of the board - I'd have lost IQ points just because of the sheer number of your posts. The phrase "Contribute to the board" isn't just an invitation to post your nonsense Joe. Think hard about giving something of benefit to the rest of us. It's just a better way to be.

Obviously I don't have connections and knowledge about Thailand or I wouldn't be writing posts to wsg to open myself up to childish reactions such as yours. So, I wrote a post to ask for information... not as a conduit for someone to make himself look like a really well informed local. But, you saw that as your chance to be somebody special, eh Joe?

Your post seems to have some personal reaction within... do you have a problem with guys that have confidence in themselves? Or maybe you run one of the shit-sites I've seen and made fun of? Don't take it personally... there are plenty of them... guys without an ounce of creativity trying to copy what they see from everyone else because they don't know how to innovate. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's life... and if you're one of them - you're part of the majority - so take solace in that.

Joe I imagine you must have spent your whole life in Thailand... or it's odd to me that you would want to make me appear stupid for not having the answers before I get there. I want you to go to your nearest google.com and look up a phrase, it's called, "learning curve". Can you do that for me? Is that too big a step? I can break it down if you request... It's a big chunk of information to process all at once. Is there some reason you are against guys coming there from the US? When you arrived I guess you had all the answers... Do you have something against all the guys that came from other areas of the world to Thailand and that didn't have all the answers before arriving?

Specific answers to your simplistic questions are below in {} cuntlips.

Your idiocy is posted below:

Um, Sean, let's see, you asked for comments. How about a couple of really simplistic questions instead:

You imagine you'll teach English or get some kind of computer position, huh? {yes Joe} And this will just happen in a month or so, or perhaps after you've already relocated? {yes Joe} Do you know where or with whom and for how much? {no Joe} Are they providing you with a work visa? {not answerable Joe} And you speak fluent Thai to make this all work, right? {no Joe, is that a requirement that anyone moving to Thailand that has plans to succeed speak fluent Thai? I was unaware and I am sure that I will learn.} And you're also figuring on developing your particular brand of value-added porn and schlepping it up on the web, right? {adult material Joe} Do you know anything about getting work in LOS or how the Thai authorities (especially given the current climate) might react to your web activities? {anything? yes Joe}

Exactly how well have you thought this all through or researched it? {I've been looking at this for a month Joe}

I ask this because it sure seems by your post that you don't have all that much idea how things work or what you're getting into. A question such as "Is there anyone reading that might have connections with the girl scene in thailand now?" is simply absurd on the face of it if you've read even the tiniest bit of this forum.

{Joe, I don't think you have the slightest comprehension what I was saying there. Look up this phrase too, "Reading into a question". Please look up "Context" as well while you're there. In the body of my post I'm talking about what I want to do there with the adult business. When I'm asking about connections with the girl scene I'm well aware that people are banging chicks like chinese are eating rice. That's well understood. I failed at communicating - and for that I will apologize. I meant connections in the adult biz world there. I hope that's more clear for you.}

{Thank you Joe for your post... who would have thought I'd be dealing with the inept on here so soon!}

Here Joe, as a value added service I want to help you by pulling out the big words for you just so it's easier and in a nice tight group for ya.

List of things to google later: conduit, personal reaction, solace, shit-site, learning curve, belittle, comprehension, reading into a question, context, inept.

09-21-04, 07:17
I am moving to thailand in December. I am planning on staying in a serviced apartment for the first month. I am considering three places I have not stayed in before and I was hoping some of you could weigh in with your opinions.

I am looking at Jasmine Executive Suites, Somersett Lake Point, and Centre Point Suk. 10. I need a one bedroom and I need internet in the room.

Have stayed at the solitaire in the past and liked it ok, but want something different. I also stayed at the GP for a month but want something a little nicer.

I like the pictures of the Jasmine, but I have never seen it in person and am not really sure where it is.

Thanks in advance,


09-21-04, 15:25
Joe, I know I don't have to defend you at all. But reading this post was kind of funny. Sean hasn't read any of your posts at all. You are the most intelligent and even tempered person on this board. Sean, I do hope you would read through this board (completely) and see why some of us believe your idea is not such a good one, and can get you in a deep amount of trouble. Although Thailand might be the Adult Disneyland of the world, the adult entertainment business is frowned upon by most Thais. And pornography (as classified by the Thai government) is illegal. Read the board first and then decide if you really would like to go through with this. It's just difficult to live in Thailand working a normal business job. I think it might be downright dangerous to work in an adult entertainment business. The newspapers report often about wouldbe porn directors/producers getting arrested. I wouldn't get involved in this if I were you.

09-21-04, 16:37
Sean Tampa

You posted a newbie type question and you got the right response from Joe Zop. His reply to your immature question was given in the most polite sense. Instead of thanking him you are trying to just inflame with your holier than thou attittude.

My advice to you and I am sure others will agree, you are a person who is not fit to live in another country let alone Thailand. You have no idea of the cultures around the world, have not spent time understanding visa and work permit regulations etc. etc.

Post questions on this board after you have grown up. Also, do not respond to this since I do not wish to respond to this topic anymore. You will just be wasting your time.

Good luck with your retired life.


Joe Zop
09-21-04, 16:56
Ah, Sean, what a brilliant post! It's clear from your ability to think deeply and react accordingly that you'll do well in Thailand, and that you truly don't need any help from anyone here. And that's a good thing, since you obviously respond to anything other than unbridled enthusiasm by being an utter prick. Let's see -- the best way to ask for assistance is to heap scorn on the first person who responds -- yeah, that works. I'm sure others will just be lining up to bathe endlessly and luxuriously in your bile spigot.

So sorry to have vexed you, though in order to lose IQ points you'd need to have a few in the first place. Lack of knowledge is utterly no sin, but stupidity is and you've now demonstrated both in just two posts.

If you took a look with your eyes as opposed to your asshole you'd see that my questions were in fact specific suggestions regarding some of the major learning curve and naivete issues and areas your post brings up. There are discussions on most of those issues in this forum, which, had you used your own "unique" idea and put in a few keywords and searched, you might have found.

Had you responsed other than a blustery clueless newbie I'd have been happy to point you toward some, but -- even though I'm someone on this forum who does in fact help newbies all the time, no matter how silly their questions (hence a fair number of those posts to which you refer) as opposed do doing what most others do and simply telling them to RTFF -- no matter how even-tempered and forgiving I am there are limits. Kindly consider, just for a moment, that it might not have been my post but yours that was childish. Ignorance is easily overlooked and brings no shame upon the holder -- lack of civility is different.

Rolly Polly
09-21-04, 17:16
It's a damn shame everytime someone commits WSG suicide. RIP Sean Tampa!

09-21-04, 17:20
JZ, eloquent as always..... good one, LOL :)

09-21-04, 19:07
Oh shit!--LOL!! Great post Joe Z!;)

P.S. Thanks for the info on the taxis guys. Much appreciated!

09-21-04, 23:05

Ouch, nicely worded. Another newbie bites the dust ... :D


09-22-04, 01:58
Jaybee77, Jasmine looks nice on the website. A little on the pricey side. According to the Yahoo travel site, they give it 3 out of 5 stars. It is near Cowboy, on Suk Soi 23 (probably right at the entrance). So it is near Cowboy, the new subway, Asoke Skytrain, and walking distance from Darlings, Thermae, and even from Nana, if you like to walk. It says it was built in 2002, so everything must still be nice and new. I would at least check it out before deciding on someplace else. It looks good, if you want to spend that much.

10-04-04, 19:35
Mr. Joe Zop,

Most eloquent dear fellow,


10-06-04, 02:43
Posterlion, is everything OK with you there in BKK??? Haven't heard from you on this thread in a while. Tell us about your experience so far. I am interested to know what's new.

Migrant One
10-06-04, 04:18

I agree always enjoyed your posts, outlooks and yes, your poetry

10-06-04, 05:34
Dear Joe and Tampa
I must say I agree with 99% of what Joe says.....but unless you were born in the Kingdom we were all new once.... and learning by experience was the only way to go.
Teaching English or working with computers - both easy to do and God only knows how many Farangs do this on a Tourist Visa.
Adult Entertainment! ..... Thats a difficult one. Sex is one of the biggest money making industries in Thailand. Thais, Expats (and even Politicians) make a fortune from it. But the ice can get very thin and when it cracks you leave (if you can.)
If our friend from Tampa already has experience in this field I am sure he will be able to handle the hurdles he has in front of him. This forum is basically here to pass on knowledge. I suggest Sean Tampa you will learn more by listening than exhibiting your patronising lack of patience. Of course it is up to you...but the moment you set foot in the LOS you will find that all the rules that apply to your life in Florida(?) go out of the window.
Beware...once the wheels come off it can be an expensive and painful road back to the USA!
Wayne King

Joe Zop
10-10-04, 01:39
"I'm a concealor, not a deceiver"

I love that -- very, umm, revealing...

Stay well, PL!

10-10-04, 03:27

Now that was a very insightful post. I think you need a very long vacation away from Thailand.



p.s. Keep the gun in the drawer with the safety switch on, at least for tonight.

10-10-04, 06:12
On Vacation :)

I deleted the lengthy post out of respect for the girl. She likes to read this board every now and again.

Hmmm... Yeah JZ, the "I'm a concealor, not a deceiver" line got me also. Her and I are cut from the same mold. I could say the same about myself. That must be why her and I have made it this far. :)

I am well, thank you. The only hard thing is trying to make money in this crazy stock market. Last week was a lot of trading to no avail. Up one day only to be down the next. I'll keep plugging away.

Adios y que te viya bien gup Chaulk dee tuk wahn :)


Joe Zop
10-10-04, 06:28
Well, Poster, I think that line says a great deal about the Thai way of thinking in general, and also a keen awareness of how it can be perceived by farangs.

Plus, it's simply a great line -- full of implications and nuances!

Hung Man 1808
10-10-04, 11:06
With Tampa's demonstration of an extremely short and sensitive fuse, I'm sure his temperment is going to go down a treat in LOS.

Place your bets gentlemen, on how fast he gets his arse kicked, pisses off the police, or gets thrown in jail (or all three!) after he hops off the plane.

I would also have to ask him this: how many times has he ventured outside the USA, and to where? If the answer is none, or never to asia, there might be a big culture shock coming.

Especially in regards to doing business in a foreign country.

10-11-04, 04:03
Interesting article in Bangkok Post 10/10 on emerging "new" karaoke scene in LOS - seems some girls have moved form place where owner is "not interested" in brothel and girls want the money. Supposedly cuter ones (Article was based in Rayong IIRC). Police are having problems because the major emphasis is on FORCED prostitution and without the FORCE (as "I want go slip wit U") it is virtually impossible to stop. (The article continued with several sections of explanation which I choose to abbreviate in the following and add my own commentary as well)

Thus the dichotemy here - a "desire" to improve the LOS image (remove "flesh trade") and the insistance by those participants (accustomed to the baht) saying "BAI BAI!" (go away!) The "old" tradition of selling daughters to work in the sex trade is virtually non-existant, but when poo-ying (ladies) return form the "big city" with baht, the question is inevitably "where/how did you get it" - then the parade starts/continues from the farms to the bars.

An interesting situation - not white slavery (OK "brown, yellow" whatever) as such but a conscious REASONED decision to earn money in the "oldest profession". The police seem to have little ability to influence that employment. (Contrast that of course, with the seemingly "enforced" conditions of brothels employing Burmese near the border and the obvious (and obviously hidden) pay-offs of the local authorities. There are SOME in LOS who are in favour of legalizing the trade. Their voices seem to be few and far between, however.

10-11-04, 05:43

I read that article in the Post. It seems to me that women in LOS are much open to sex and having a good time and if you add money to the ecuation then the temptation is stronger.

I have met a few "good" girls that do it for just fun and sometimes do it for cash on a limited basis. Some of these women are working professionals and are either curious about Farangs or want to make an extra baht. They need not to depend on making a living having sex because they already have a good paying jobs. I'm refering to city women and not country girls.


Migrant One
10-11-04, 23:45
I think the Asian mindset on sex is that it isn't as big a deal as we make it out to be in the west.

I've seen that attitude in Central America where the ladies will boink you just for fun, or the price of an evenings entertainment.

I've also met girls there that afterwards ask for a minor contribution, no mention of money up front, and no anger if denied, but they ask.

My ex wife is Korean and she mentioned that her Father used to go out with bargirls because of business (she wouldn't buy that from me though). I asked about how her Mother felt, and she said she didn't like it, of course, but accepted it.


10-12-04, 23:14
Awww s*it.

I missed Poster Lion's post. I love reading his posts. I missed it because I couldn't get on over the weekend. F$%K

Does anyone have a copy of it?


Since you can't post it because of your "cough cough," can you PM it to me? Thanks.


Member #1661
10-22-04, 04:40
I will be in Thailand in November and I am hoping that someone can answer my question. How much do the banks charge for using the atm machines. Is this the best way to get bahts or should I bring a money order. I was also thinking about bringing cash to change while in Thailand instead of money orders. Thanks for the advice.

Coma Boy
10-23-04, 05:18
It is all very easy.

You can bring cash or traveller's cheques or both; they are very easy to change everywhere. As soon as you walk through customs at Don Muang you will find a bunch of reliable bank-booths.

Or just bring your ATM card. There is always a small fee for using your card but it is not expensive. I think my non-Thai bank account charges me about 3 GBP / 5 USD everytime I take out 20,000 THB from an ATM here. But you always get a very good exchange rate when using an ATM.

10-23-04, 19:34
Would appreciate if someone could give me a hint how much it costs to buy a simple motorbike/scooter in Thailand and what average running and maintenance costs one has to consider. Besides, does it make sense to pay upfront or go for installments that seem to be very common in Thailand?

Thanks a lot for your hints.


10-27-04, 09:27
looks as if i may have to be going to bkk for my job.
what are my options as far as living accommodations? what are the pros and cons to furnished apartments or hotels at monthly rate? how about cost vs location close to the action and airport? i will need a place that will be a reasonable distance to the airport. please keep in mind that the cost for these accommodations will come out of my salary.
what about high speed internet?
i will be spending alot of time over the next few days reviewing all the information in these sections but up to date info would be very helpful.
thanks in advance.


Max Sida
10-27-04, 10:58
Would appreciate if someone could give me a hint how much it costs to buy a simple motorbike/scooter in Thailand and what average running and maintenance costs one has to consider. Besides, does it make sense to pay upfront or go for installments that seem to be very common in Thailand?

Thanks a lot for your hints.


Will be a bit difficult to pay in installments. As a foreigner, you need a guarantor for your credit. Additional to workpermit.

Made it a bit difficult when I bought a car some time ago, after a the hassle I decided to buy the car in cash.

Simple motorbike with about 150 cc, new is not above 40,000 THB. Think this should be possible in cash. Difficult to get the bike registered without workpermit.

Insurance doesn't care about the workpermit, check the details - -you will need a local thai driving licence. Even an internional licence is enough for driving as a tourist. When you stay longer than 3 month you need to get the local driving licence. Problem with the insurance: Many of them don't pay when you have an accident and you were driving without posession of the local driving licence.

The Traveler
10-27-04, 21:21

Max Sida's infos were partly correct.

You definately don't need a local thai driver licence. Insurance does not care, they don't even ask. Therefore you don't need a driver licence at all, but always carry one with you, police will check you ! (I get my chopper insured every year without any hassle, standard insurance is about 500 baht for a 750cc chopper, smaller bike is cheaper)

No workpermit needed for registration of the motorbike. Even as a tourist you can get it registered on your name. There was a change in laws about 2yrs ago. All you got to do is to go to immigration and get a document, provide that document at the registration office, that's it.

If you intend to buy a motorbike in Pattaya I advise you to buy it at 3rd Road. There is a motorbike shop named Road Machine close to the intersection Central Pattaya Rd / 3rd Rd, where Soi Somphon Cable leads into 3rd Road. The owner is a friend of mine, named Chadri, a very nice guy you can trust. He sells and repairs choppers and bigger motorbikes. His brother owns the shop close to his and sells smaller motorbikes. You might ask him about advice (he told me about the new law) or buy your bike there.

10-28-04, 14:47

poor you. :-)

i am currently in one of the centre point serviced apartments and i can thoroughly recommend them. good rooms and facilites, girl friendly and high speed internet in the room at no extra cost. excellent value for money and a great base to look for something cheaper longterm (as i'm doing now).

i think there are 5 locations to choose from. all are close to the expressway so you're never far from the airport. check their web site www.centrepoint.com

10-29-04, 03:52

I ordered my new motorcycle this week and I was told you need at least a 3 month non-immigrant multipe entry visa to register it in your name (in Bangkok). I have a two month tourist visa now and as the registration process takes at least 6 weeks (if they have plates) that wouldn't work.

So I'll be driving without a plate for a month and sort things out when I return on my 1 year non-immigrant. Vrooom!

10-31-04, 06:15
I have read the 71 pages in the General Thailand Section, the 80 pages in the Bangkok Hotel Section and the 23 pages in this Section. Now I hope I can ask some intelligent questions.
Sounds to me like the hot tip would be to get living accommadations close to the Skytrain. Does the Skytrain go all the way to the airport? What about the new airport? When is the new airport scheduled to open?
The company that I will be working for will provide a hotel for the first month. I think the most cost effective way for me to go will be to rent an apartment. I think I'll start out by either buying a king size "work bench" after I get there or bring a quality king size air mattress with me. I'll be working on a month to month basis and this way I'll be "lean and mean" and not have alot to despose of if I decide to bail. My question is this; are the apartments western style? What do they come equiped with? Do they have refrigerators?
What would be the price range for an average studio or one bedroom apartment with A/C close to the Skytrain?
Sounds to me like the way to go with Internet will be the cell phone setup that PosterLion posted on on 05-22-04.
Thanks in advance.


Coma Boy
10-31-04, 07:35
First of all congratulations for doing some homework. So many folk ask questions that have just been answered in detail a few pages back.

The sky-train doesn't go all the way to the airport. It is easier to just take a taxi from wherever you are in town.

Your apartment question really depends on whether you want a regular apartment or a serviced apartment. I would recommend a serviced apartment, the cost of which could be anywhere from 20,000 per month to 100,000+ per month.

If you rent a regular apartment it may well come with air-con, a fridge and "work bench" already in place, depends on the landlord I guess. The sky-train covers a lot of areas of town, cheaper accomodation is available the further outside the centre you stay.

Coma Boy
10-31-04, 07:53
Suvarnabhumi Airport "should" officially open on the 12th August 2005.

It will replace Don Muang for International flights and Don Muang will become a domestic-only airport.

Suvarnabhumi will be sited about 30km from Bangkok, but several new highways are to be built. Plus, they have even considered extending the Sky Train to reach it.

Don't forget our new subway system is also great for getting around town.

The Traveler
10-31-04, 10:05

neither the Skytrain (BTS) nor the new subway (MRT) come even close to the airport.

Check the maps


Do not bring your "own workbench", the mattresses in Thailand are very good and just the airfare for it could buy you a new one (around 6.000 baht for a good king size).

Regarding apartments and their equipment :

The answer is, that you get what you pay for.

There are apartments where you just rent the empty room, some have an AC but usually only a fan at the ceiling, others have basic furniture. Est. 4000 baht up / month.

Most if not all serviced apartments are "western style" with AC, fridge, sometimes kitchenette and fully furnished with TV, hot water, sometimes even DVD players and in-room safe. Est. 20.000 baht up / month.

Again, price depends on location and equipment (just like the girls :))

10-31-04, 15:01
Thanks TT for your quick response.
If I was to bring a "work bench" it would be the blow-up type. Much much more cheaper to transport! I think that at 6000 baht, the thing to do would be to buy one and then give it away when I leave.
After doing my research I don't think that I would need a serviced apartment. I don't believe that I need the additional amenities that come with the serviced apartment because I assume I will be spending approx. 25% of my time out of country and the the money saved can go in other directions.
From what I know now I think all I would need (or want) would be an unfurnished apartment with AC and kitchen w/fridge. Hopefully, I'll be able to find something for 10,000 to 15,000 baht. Is this realistic?
With the guys that I'll be working for paying for the first months hotel the thing to do will be to do my research once I get my feet on the ground in LOS.
Do they advertise these apartments in an English newspaper or do you need to go through an agent? Or would it be a good idea to rent an intelligent BG for a day or two to help me with the hunt?
Thanks for the help.


The Traveler
10-31-04, 19:26

if the apartment has a kitchen or kitchenette with fridge, it will probably be furnished. But what do you need a kitchen for ? In Thailand you can buy tasty food around the clock, all you need is a fridge which will set you back about 5.000 baht if you buy one. But maybe you are a better cook than me.

10.000 - 15.000 (long-term) is realistic, it will be a fully furnished room with AC, not high end but acceptable. Do not forget additional features like gym, pool, sat or cable TV, internet access, security, in-room-safe and the like. You do not bonk around the clock and a rainy weekend can be very long.

I saw Domino's answer regarding "intelligent BGs" in the other section. He has some valid points but I do not share his view. He gives the impression that all BGs are uneducated, unreliable and untrustworthy and everybody could see what they work as. That's pure nonsense in my opinion. If she dresses up properly (e.g. jeans with a shirt) and talks polite how can anybody tell that she works in a bar instead of an office and being your GF ? I made the experience that even girls who use bad language at their workplace are very polite when they talk to people outside of the sex business.

These girls are often quite smart, they had to survive without any help. She might help you to find the place, translate if you intend to stay in a thai community without farangs and the like.

If you found a girl that seems to like you and is smart as well, she might help you to look for a room. But hiring one doesn't seem smart, you got to stay with her several days or on a regular basis, otherwise she has no interest in helping you. It's a waste of time for her.

Furthermore she should just help you to find the place or read the papers, but only you should talk about rental fees and the like with the landlord. You have to make the decisions, not her. She has different needs than you and will therefore decide on a totally different basis.

My advice : Since you do not speak the language and obviously look for a room which isn't "thai standard" limit yourself to places where other farangs stay as well. They will have advertisement in english newspapers or a website in english. If problems occur you might be able to communicate and most important, the contracts are in english. I guess you won't sign a contract that you can't read, right ?

BTW, do not forget the additional costs like water and electricity. Ask for the price per unit and note the meter at start of rental.

11-03-04, 10:53
Hi Guys,
Part of living here, for a large majority of people, is the pain in the arse visa run, be it a business trip to another country or to save time an overland run. As time is precious right now and no business trips are necessary i have decided to try one of these Visa Bus services, Jack Golf on Suk Soi 12, 2,000 Baht round trip to Poipet includes all visas, lunch, drinks etc and is only a 2.5 hr bus journey each way. Now has anyone else done Poipet, I have and haven't seen much P4P activity other than the glamorous looking MP's, can anyone provide info on MP's or action during the day in this border area, there must be some and i'm sure one of you must have the secret answers !
Any info is much appreciated.

Ol Timer
11-04-04, 11:39
Hi all,

Not sure if this is in the right area or not. But does anybody have a line on jobs in Thailand? I have a couple degrees and my background is in administration. I would prefer to do just about anything, I just want to get some international experience. Not really lead by making a lot of money but would like to make a decent salary. Anyone know anything open? Not particular on the area but prefer Pattaya or other major city. Any help would be appreciated.

Ol Timer

11-11-04, 14:40

i live on soi luang suan in bangkok next to the bank thai building. it is a five minute walk from the chitlom bts station and a 10 minute walk from the rachadamri bts station. in a nutshell, it is smack in the center of bangkok. i can walk to central world plaza in 10 minutes or i can walk to siam center or pantip plaza or nana plaza in 20 minutes.

it is a very bizarre (if not misplaced) neighborhood. up and down luang suan there is nothing but gigantic condos in the sky (even a centre point, oh how i envy kipara) and then there is my little thai neighborhood that backs up to the bank thai building. it is like a time warp. the soi’s are about two meters wide (just big enough for a small taxi) and there are little thai restaurants all around, including street food vendors. i envy myself for finding this place.

the apartment is a four story yellow building and i live on the third floor. before i describe it in detail i will mention the one drawback. there is no lift, but that’s okay, i need the exercise.

the room is a basic 20 square meter flat. it has windows on opposite walls, which is good for ventilation. when you open the front door you will see a light blue porcelain tile floor. straight ahead to the right is the entertainment center. just after the entertainment center is the refrigerator and then the entrance to the bathroom. to the immediate left is the green love seat and the huge armoire or closet. the king size bed with two giant pillows is next to the armoire and next to the bed is a small dresser which i use as my computer desk. i must put some sort of cloth over the mirror of the dresser as it is very annoying to see myself all the time whilst typing.

all the furniture is brand new and it came with the apartment. the only additional piece of furniture i purchased was a computer chair.

the bathroom is a small all-in-one unit with no bathtub. there is a sink, a toilet, and a shower with a wall-mounted water heater. the water pressure varies from a trickle to a powerwash about every three minutes with each extreme lasting about 30 seconds. it is a minor irritation that i am accustomed to already.

to the right of my bathroom and to the left of my dresser, on the back wall, is the balcony door. it is a small balcony that has a drain and a water faucet. i use it to hang my clothes to dry and to wash my dishes. sometimes late at night i go out there and stand naked while howling at the moon or i [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) just to remind me of my country life back in oklahoma. it depends on how drunk i am.

did i mention that the apartment has air conditioning? well it does.

there are four washing machines in the complex, three on the bottom floor in the parking lot and one on the fourth floor. they come in varying sizes and cost 20 or 30 or 40 baht accordingly.

the land lady told me i could get my own fixed line for dsl but so far i have been unable to do so. that is because the good people at true tell me that all the lines in my neighborhood are in use and i must wait for someone to discontinue their service. this basically means that i might be waiting forever. in the meantime i am using the pct wireless connection that i reported on in a previous post in the section. it’s a reasonable alternative as long as you can deal with 32k. i tell you... it’s not easy after becoming addicted to dsl, but hey, life is like that. phuking american girls isn’t easy after phuking thai girls either. a case in point!

the bottom line

i get all this for 7,000 baht a month plus water and electricity. my last bill was 7,823 baht. some might say this is a bit expensive, and for the size of the apartment they would not be wrong. ah... but the location! i don’t think you can find a much nicer place to live in bangkok for what i am paying. did i mention that i am a 7 minute walk from lumpini park? well that is also true. i feel like i got myself a dirt cheap (nice place). it’s the same as living in a cheap place off park avenue in new york... but different.

there are occasional openings at my place. if you are interested then pm me.



p.s. the 4th floor apartments are smaller, but they are just 5,500 baht.

11-11-04, 14:49
Carpenoctum: A repost just for you and well... I am pretty sure the "cough cough" is not reading this anymore, but that is a future story. lol...


I can’t believe tourists still buy this t-shirt in Thailand. And it’s not only the tourists! Today I saw a white man pushing a baby carriage with a sweet little yellow/brown thing inside and he was wearing the “same same but different” t-shirt too! Oh well, same shit, different day. I guess the East and the West aren’t so “different” after all.

Okay, it’s been a while. Where should I begin? I don’t know. Where should I go? My mother loves me. My father loves me. My girlfriend loves me. Her father fuck’s me. And all the Thai girls say, “I just want to suck your cock.” Well, as the saying goes on Camel Active Wear: One life, live it. And I hate everything but me... Sorry Mom.

The other day I was sitting in a pool bar on Soi 7. I ordered a beer and as I took the first drink I surveyed the room. It was full of 50-to-60 year old men and I got a glimpse of a subject matter that I believe will be my first novel, “a dude novel”, as opposed to the “chick novels” that are now circulating in the United States of Uncle Sam.

I’m going to call it, “The Single Man”, and I’m going to write about my life (Henry Miller Style). I know this isn’t exactly original, but I don’t give a copper-coin-piece-of-shit about originality. There’s no such thing anyways.

Your toy balloon has sailed, in the sky... But now it must fall to the ground, and... There is no easy way down.

For those dear readers that have been following my saga, I thank you. It is for you and for those that have not yet begun to journey that I type for.

In a nutshell, I met a Thai girl during my life’s journey and it is because of her (and the American economy) that I moved to Thailand. And... There is no easy way, up or down.

Where am I now? I moved out of my girlfriends apartment two weeks ago, from Onnut to Luang Suan. Whispering winds are always looking for someplace to go, and we are always re-united, singing songs of past days.

I was so happy to have my own place, I might have celebrated a bit too hard. For those of you that have never been to Thailand and are thinking about asking a Taxi man to find a girl for you, I say, “STOP!” All you have to do is take the Skytrain to Asok station and walk at your leisure to Nana station. In between, talk to every girl you see. It shouldn’t take you more than 100 paces before you hit pay dirt. This is Thailand. This is the pussy capital of the world. You don’t need to know geography to get laid here, because getting laid in Thailand is as easy as falling into the ocean when you are standing on the beach.

So... I was talking about celebrating a bit too hard. Oh yeah! I took four girls to my room in two days. The first one I picked up (at 1am) during the previously mentioned walk from Asok Station to Nana Station. She was a street girl and she let me fuck here without a condom two times. All I can say is, “Ahhhhhhh, I hope I don’t have AIDS!” I gave her 1,100 Baht and she Wai’d me with the enthusiasm of a child.

I took my second girl (at 4pm the next day) from the infamous bier garden on Soi 7. She wasn’t my first choice as my first choice was taken by the son-of-a-biatch I am still cursing today!

But my second choice had a sweet taste and she worked her lil ass to the bone on my bier drunken penis. I gave her something near 1500 Baht for a job well done. I musta fucked her for 45 minutes before I had to tell her that a blow job was the only way I was gonna come, she obliged with a hardy gusto.

Actually, the payment was not as smooth as it seemed at first glance. I wanted to pay her 1,000 Baht, but she wanted 1,500. Unfortunately, all I had was 1,000 Baht notes, so I told her we needed to go to 7-11 to get change.

Well... It was fun I reckon. She said. “I don’t trust nobody but you can trust me. Give me two thousand and I’ll bring you back 500.”

I laughed and told her, “I don’t trust you or anyone.” So we agreed to walk to the 7-11 together. I bought a small bottle of Sang Som to change a 1,000 Baht note and I gave her the 1,500 we agreed upon. She was worth it! Although I do realize that I did over pay, sometimes these things happen. Lol.

Juicespike was 100 percent correct when he said, “There are thousands (if not tens of thousands) of girls on Sukhumvit. My third girl was someone I picked up at 3am on Suk (26 hours after girl number one).

It might be that the bars are closing earlier but it is no matter. Nana and Soi Cowboy close at 1am. Nana Disco closes at 2am. It’s no big deal. The street vendors are the beneficiaries, big time!
At 2am, Sukhumvit transforms itself into a HUGE and GIGANTIC street fest. You can buy food, beer, and women... Just as in the old days when the bars had no closing time. Come one, come all, the buyers and sellers of the oldest profession/trade on this planet are there in DROVES! It’s a no-brain-er.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever gonna make it home again, it’s so far and out of sight. I really need someone to talk to, and nobody else knows, how to comfort me tonight. The snow is cold and the rain is wet, it chills my soul to the marrow... Until I’m home and feeling right. I won’t be happy till I see you alone again, until I’m home again, and feeling right.

I didn’t fuck the third girl. She was a hot biatch, but she was also a biatch. She had a clamshell Samsung mobile phone, and she had pictures of all her boyfriends: from Britain to America to Italia, and the man from Italia was the man that bought her the phone. Her name was Susan (superstar) and she was a hot biatch, but as I said, she was a biatch.

She asked me for the “boom boom” when we got to my room and she wanted 2,000 Baht short time and 3,000 Baht long time and I just laughed and said, “You sleep free, A/C free.”

The next day I gave her 150 Baht for taxi fare and she went to my night-table and SCRAPPED away the 30 or 40 Baht I had sitting there. Then she smiled and graciously left me alone.

The fourth girl was a gal I picked up in a GoGo at Soi Cowboy for 1,400 Baht. Her name was fa, as in (see fa), the color blue. Her name (blue) was appropriate. After I got her home I noticed that she had been cutting her arm with a razor blade. She had four fresh marks with scabs and numerous scars from previous cuts in the same location.

Obviously her heart is not always happy. I kissed her scarred wrist and said, “baby, although your heart may hurt, I don’t think these cuts will make it any better”, and then I promised that I would call here in two days as in two days it would be her twentieth birthday. I never did call her and I regret it.

The reason that I never called her is that my girlfriend called me the night I brought Miss Fa to my new apartment. I picked up the phone and my girlfriend had many questions: “Are you alone? Do you have a girl? Should I come over?”

I am a truthful man so I told her the truth (oops!). I said, “Baby, I have a girl in my room that cuts her wrists to avail her aching heart.”

“Ching low”


“Are you coming home tonight?”

“No, I don’t think so, it would be rude.”

“Is she a bar girl?”


“Did you pay her fine?”


Well, as you can imagine, I heard a CLICK, JUST AS MY GIRLFRIEND SAID, “FUCK YOU AND GOODBYE!”

I can’t blame my girlfriend for hating me at that moment but on the other hand, I did expect her to be a little more forgiving. After all, this is Thailand and that being the case, it should be obvious that things happen without a necessary explanation.

And I know this from a God given experience. And if you don’t believe in a God then just wait... You will...

Here is a letter that mi fan (my girlfriend) sent to a man that was sending her money. It is a break-up letter and it is a letter that defines my bastardly position upon this earth. I’ve always been a bad man, and living in Thailand has only magnified this point. I’ve never been able to be faithful to any girl I’ve ever met (except the first one when I was 13) and now I am living in the land of the perpetually unfaithful. I’ll never be a good man, but I am a man with a story, a man with a story about what it is I like to be: “The Single Man.”

The man that is the subject of this letter did come to Thailand recently and my girlfriend, out of a sense of obligation, went and stayed with this man and yes, she did fuck his legs off. But he also reciprocated by taking her to a hospital for elective surgery, and after he paid for it and after all was said and done... She looks much better!

Tonight you’re mine, completely. You give your love so sweetly... Tonight, love is in your eyes... But will you love me tomorrow?

Will you still love me tomorrow?


Dear P...

It's only a week left and you will be here.
Are you still confirm for the date of 18th August?
I know that you are pretty busy this lately because of all case and
construction site.
We didn't get a chance to talk much at all or even mails.
I didn't come to the café much at all... stay home and hanging out with
friends mostly.
Do some writing at home is more private and quiet ... better this way I

There are so many things I wanna tell... don't know should I tell you now
or wait till you come.
Seem like there are so many things about me that you have never know
Even we have connected via mails for longer than half of a year now.
Somebody say thousands of e-mail, hundreds of phone call couldn't
compare with meet in person once.
Are you agree with that?
Soon we will meet ... I feel excite and nervous in the same time when I
think about it.
Cause it has been a long time that we knew each other through the net.
I think that you could be a good person that I'm sure you are.
But what make me nervous is... a person I am.
What do you expect to see? A pretty young lady who always funny and
lovely?A surrealism artist?
I'm sick as you know, but if you see me you will not believe that I
really sick at all.
I'm a dramatist and also a good actress
so far I built the wall in my heart and it get bigger and bigger
I keep smiling and say I'm fine... most of the time, even I know I'm not.
Not even my best friends know what happened or how I am when I'm alone.
I have never met anyone who is able to "read" me for real.

During the time that we know each other, you have read my mind pretty
And I actually amazed with that. Maybe this have something to do with
your career, I don't know.
I will know when I see you I think. ( if you still come to see me after

I'm concealing things with smiling and I'm a professional with that.
A walking concealor I am, why do I become like this?
Honestly with all good sake, dream things always make people happy, isn't
I'm a concealor, not a deceiver...please try to understand this.

There is something in my mind that I don't want to conceal any longer,
It is difficult for me to say cause I know that you might be frustrate
with me.
It is my job to keep people happy, to keep this world full with fantasy.
Sometime I forgot that just a human I am, not an angel.
The truth that must reveal might not beautiful as you expect it to be.
But it is the truth ...

What I try to tell you is I'm in love with someone now.
With a man name Michael Collins... he live in Dallas, Texas.
He found me in icq about March, and go to my homepage, read my diaries.
I didn't chat with him much ( actually I rarely chat with anyone in icq)
Then he sent me mails of his writing, mostly poems.
I know nothing about him, don't remember even his name at the time.
Only thing that I knew is he is a guy who write poem everyday.
I first met him in person during his trip to BKK at April.
Only 3 days that I had hanging out with him.
I fell in love, even tho I'm not sure if I fell in love with myself or
with him.
We spend most of the time talking and I found out that we are so much
beautiful face with a sensitive mind.
After all the worst romance experiences I didn't expect anything much inthat time.
I didn't expect even I will see him again...

After that trip, he called me from Texas.
As the time passed by , we talk more and more.
One day he said he loves me and cried on the phone when he said that.
I don't know I should be happy or sad at the time.
Cause I said I said I love him when I wasn't sure that I love him or
And because of we are so much alike, that's make me fear.

During the time that I had to deal my mentally illness, he helped me a
lot tho.
At the time that I feel like I need to talk with someone.
I called on his mobile to showed the number, he always call back right
No matter what time it is, he is always available to talk when I needed.
Somewhat I still alive to writing this letter because of him.

He came back here again for my birthday.
Spoke out loud in front of all my friends how much he loves me in my
Again I smile, concealing fear in my heart.
I do love him but I afraid, and I couldn't help it.
There is nothing certain nor stable, no love no pain, Buddha said.

I felt a bit better after we did the confessions.
I told him everything I could, he told me things.
I'm quite amaze that he still love me after he knew all those crazy
things that I have done.

With no hesitate, I start to tell guys that admire me that I will get
into a relationship.
But with you, why do I wait so long... cause this is difficult for me.
So much I do care about you and what you will think.
I never wanna loose you as a friend, and I really afraid that you will
turn your back on me after all.
I will understand if you do so, and you know how would I feel about that.

You are a great man, Peter my dear, after 3 marriage I know that you must
know women quite well.
I was imagine "if I get into the relationship with you" things that I
concern and somewhat it bother me.
Once you said there are others few women wanna marry you, but I'm the
first one on the list.
Honestly I wasn't happy to hear that at all, cause I always wanna be "theone" not " one of them".
If I couldn't be the one, I rather be nothing at all.
And so much I concern about Rebecca, she is 13yrs old now.
This is very important time of her life, the time that transfer from kid
to be teenager.
She likes performing art, so much of ego she will has.
Cause believe me, I'm a dramatist myself, none of performer can go to the
stage without that.
An artist she will be, and because of that she will combine fantasy and
reality in her head before she know.
You can ask what she dreaming about now, mom and dad get back together I
bet she will say that.
Or if dad will has a new mom for her, should be someone that alike with
her mom.
I always feel that I'm not qualified, I’m only 24yrs old, besides I'm
Sometime I think of Rebecca more than I think of you even.
Put 2 artists in the same house, it’s's sound like put 2 tigers in the same
( House in this case, I mean your heart, my dear)
How would it be? You are smart, think about that.
If Rebecca dreams to be a doctor or anything that does not concern with
the art field.
I might not worry at all, cause it won't be too complicate.
I'm older and more mature, I could control my manner and be calm.
But right now, I have problem with my mind which is hard enough for me to
deal with.
To have a relationship with you and concerning about Rebecca.
I guess we will have to keep things in secret for at least 7yrs.
It is artist nature to express themself, I don't wanna be a secret for
another 7yrs.

All the things that I talk about, it's not because I hate your daughter.
In other way, I do care for her, that's why I sitting here and spend my
time to think for her.
All artist is a dreamer Peter, and Rebecca's dream is not 24yrs old
I know you love her, don't ruin her dream so fast.
You became a single man legally for only a month now.
As a man you feel free and ready to fly... but it is difference from the
last 2 times that you divorced.
You are a man with a daughter, and situation is not the same.

I didn't say this because I already have Michael and brought up this
topic to defense myself of being guilty.
Even I have never met him and you come to see me, I will say exactly thesame thing.
You are a man, you have been through so many things in life.
You are strong and warm, but Rebecca's heart is pure and sensitive.
I do care about her, as a father I know you do care for her much more
than I do.

I understand that you don't wanna be alone and need someone for life.
Nobody wanna be alone.
But you should be careful of selecting... you can't think of only
yourself now.
Think of Rebecca too, even she will be mostly at the private school and
don't have to deal with your new wife.
But living and knowing that somebody took a bit of space in your heart
from her, that's hurt enough.
I'm sure you don't wanna put any wound in Rebecca's heart, me neither.

You might feel irritate about all those money and things that you have
sent me.
I have never forget that and feel thankful even now.
I don't wanna be an ungrateful person but falling in love is something
that beyond my control.
I hope you understand tho, you have always understand me so far.

I'm sure there are things going on in your mind right now.
So much of feeling swirling in your heart...

I will wait to hear what will you say...



That is the letter that she sent to Mr. P to inform him that her and I are an item, and an item we are. But I am a Single man, I am a bad man, and she now knows it.


This was the message I received on my handset the day after I fucked the wrist slashing girl. Did I say I fucked four girls in celebration of my new apartment (7,000 Baht per month on Laung Saun)? Oops! I meant five girls!

I was sitting in a gogo bar on Soi Cowboy drinking 30 Baht Bier Changs when I received the hate mail from my girlfriend. I was talking with a gentleman that had served time in Vietnam and was now teaching English to five year old children. Here we are, a bad man and a teacher of children, sitting in a gogo bar full of prostitutes saying, “I want to fuck that girl!”

A scary thought na?

I chatted him up for quite a long time, long enough for us both to be sick of each other. After about six biers I said, “Look man... I can see we are a lot alike and I know that you (like me) prefer to hunt alone.”

He smiled in agreement and so we went our separate ways.

It didn’t take long until I found my fifth girl. Well... It wasn’t a big deal because my girlfriend was too mad to call me and so I got to fuck five different girls during the week of my open house.
I am a lucky man.

As I am typing this my girlfriend is at Gulliver’s Travels (a freelancer bar) on Soi 5 trying to get a boyfriend for her girlfriend. I helped her get dressed for the occasion, telling her how sexy she looks and that if she is going to fuck anybody she should be sure to wear a condom.

And I sit here, half drunk off my ass, after drinking three fifths of a bottle of Whiskey, contemplating the absolute ridiculousness of my existence on this planet we call, “Mother Earth.”

And way over yonder, is a place that I know, where I can find shelter, from hunger and cold, and the sweet taste of good life, is easily found, way over yonder, that’s where I’m bound...

Trouble is gonna lose me, and leave me behind, and I’ll stand up proudly, with true peace of mind. It’s just over yonder, it’s a place that I’ve seen, it’s full of wisdom, from a long ago dream, and maybe tomorrow, way over yonder, that’s where I’ll be.

11-12-04, 18:49
in response to your ever so poignant questions, yes, i have been writing. i've been working on the synopsis of my book, "the single man." in fact, there is a suicide theme within one of the characters. i figured i should include this as i have thought about suicide since i was 15 years old. there is another character in the book as well. he is one with an addictive personality. he will try to convince the suicide broker to stop his ruinous endeavors with the argument that life is too addictive to cut short. for the record, i agree with this argument.

as for me, i do admit that i've been languishing inside the luxurious folds of that thing known as thai p-u-ssy. i do believe i like it, as many of our readers must, considering the fact that they are reading this board in between their lustful trips to thailand. i live here now. why should i forgo the treasures? if you have been an attentive reader then you must have noticed the places of my hauntings. they are, much like the novels you mentioned, mere stepping stones that we must cross over.

on a side note, mankind was born to party and phuck. why else would our vast history be chock full of the [CodeWord124] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord124) and the pillages of man? when there is no p-u-ssy to be had, we have always gone to war so as to conquer and gain power over the sweet morsels of our desire. in case you don't know it, you are following the same path. take a time out and think a little. i'm sure you will arrive at the same conclusion. there is but one profession older than prostitution and that is the profession of conquering. after all, it is a time proven method for financing our endless parties.

in betwixt of my languishings, i've been studying the financial markets with great interest. just yesterday i set myself up with an annual (and hedged) allotment of 12,000usd per year. i do realize that 12,000usd is a pittance, but i must reveal that i've only invested a mere 33% of my capital. therefore, and thus what, i have my eye on other opportunities. hopefully, i'll be able to do a little more with my reserves than a mere 12,000. however, i am a prudent and cautious man when it comes to money.

i must apologize and defer any comment i might have about philo. i am not familiar with his story (overall). i do recall some of his meanderings but i can't say that i know all his happenings.

i have but one more item of mention. you really should refrain from calling the woman i did and do have feelings for a hooker. i might not be a good man for a long term relationship but i am a good judge of a person's character and just for the record, dear grasshopper, good character is not your strong point.

take care and enjoy your conquests,

Terry Terrier
11-12-04, 20:23

I know you take your writing and literature seriously, so I'll enlighten you: The author of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' (which I've not read) was Douglas Adams who died suddenly in May.

Btw Glad to see that you're continuing to make friends on the forum.


Keep up the great posts. They are fine examples to us all in how to look below the surface of the Thailand scene without using tired, cynical eyes.

11-13-04, 18:03
Terry T,

Korb Khun Krup, Sawadee, Chock dee


Well, ahem... I'm not past stickin' it too the buffalo's, it seems I succumbed to their baws on this night. it would have only cost me 280 Baht, but she was a gogo dancer so I had to fine her from the Cowboy arena. Still... It was a good bull fight and she went straight for the sword, not to mention, she was a good ball massager as well. I recount my errant remarks as per the buffalo's. There comes a time when a coyote Phuck will do. :)

norok (as in Romania)...

11-14-04, 06:26

I can't give you advice about Poipet. I’ll leave that to the veterans (Skinless, Domino, and Freeler), but I can advise you to go to Penang via AirAsia. They are charging a mere 999 Baht each way and you can do the roundtrip in a day.

The total cost will set you back about 3,500 Baht once you’ve added in taxi’s and airport tax. If you want to stay in Penang for a day or two there are rooms for 150 Baht a night on Chulia Steet that are totally guest friendly. You can catch the bus (#66) from the airport to Komtar for 10 Baht. It’s about a ten minute walk to the bus shelter from the airport. Ask the girls at the soda fountain for directions. I don’t know about you but I’m not keen on long bus rides so I’m heading to Penang as long as these airfares hold.

You might consider going to Macau as well. The fare is 1,500 Baht each way. I've never been there myself. I doubt it is a simple solution though. The Embassy is probably in HK so you'd have to do a boat ride from Macau. I plan to go there for a border run (using a multi-entry visa) in February as there are two girls there that I've chatted with on the internet for almost three years. I figure I got to check them out sometime. :)

Que te vaya bien,

11-14-04, 09:11

There is a very alternative route that's superfast, but only for one month visa stamps, Mae Sai!
Get a nightbus to ChiangRai-MaeSai, arrive round 9-10AM, go to the border, cross and return, take a night bus back to BKK and done. Less than 40 hours!
This works very well from Pattaya's Bokoso on Sukhumvit (in Pattaya!) aswell: dep 3PM, MaeSai 9AM, dep 3AM Pattaya 9AM.
Give or take an hour on the dep-arr times, please.

I would of course NEVER travel on one of these vans:(!

The Traveler
11-14-04, 12:53

if you take Freeler's advice bring a big bag with you.
Just when you cross the border there is a big market where all sort of things are plain cheap. If you are a smoker, drink alcohol or need anything else you may want to buy it there.

Sightseeing is another opportunity. Hire a riksha and let him take you around. There is a beautiful golden chedi. Cheap hotels are available as well in case you may decide to stay overnight for what reason ever.

11-17-04, 11:59

11-17-04, 16:42

Queen Sirikit voiced her concern about the situation in the South before.
Last month, the Queen said that she 'Cries for the South'.
Through Thai history a strong appeal by the Royal Family has ended and started events. Last one started probably was the War on Drugs.
Let's just hope that this appeal has a strong effect aswell - and that the violence may end.

11-18-04, 10:44

Thumbs Up
11-18-04, 12:47
Perhaps if the King speaks too critically he may end up "disappearing" or the victim of a "Muslim" plot. How does King Taksin sound?

11-19-04, 04:32
To those of you actually living in Thailand: what are the living expenses in baht or $US like for a normal, pampered, middle class existence?

1. maid service: house cleaning, washing and ironing clothes, maybe making some food etc with zero sex involved.
2. running a car, motorbike. Do the cop fines become a major pain in the butt over the longer haul? Are taxis better?
3. running a middle class girlfriend/mistress/compenera who is not and never has been a prostitute.
4. Taking vacations. The guys I know who live there seem to go to the Maldives and places for breaks.
5. Sundry expenses: tradesmen and the like. Does Thailand have plumbers or are you fucked if you need such work done?
6. Do's and don'ts. What do expats there do besides bonking, drinking and playing golf? Is there more to Pattaya and places than meets the eye?

The Traveler
11-19-04, 14:00

1.) 3.000 up, depending of size of your apartment/house and amount of laundry

2.) Fines are no prob as long as you respect the laws. Besides petrol and some maintenance from time to time, no extra costs.
Insurance (approx. 1.000) and tax (couple of hundreds) are dirt cheap compared to europe.
I would always prefer to drive my own bike or car. It's more convienient when going shopping (food and beverages, not shopping with your mistress of course :)) It's also more convienient to drive around the country, you do not depend on busses, trains and so on and can stop whenever and whereever you like. That way you will see much more of the country. I usually avoid the highways and cruise along small streets. Very nice travelling that way and you are able to see the real life of the "real" and "average" thai.
Only exception is BKK, to much hassle to find a parking lot, at shopping malls you often have to pay for it and let's not forget the traffic jam. Public transportation is the way to go. So choose the location of your house/condo wisely.
BTW, you can get a great BJ in your car, this is another advantage over taking the bus. :D

3.) That largely depends on your attitude, looks and skills. If you are looking for a "mia noi" it can be extremely expensive, but if you just like to have a fiance and meet her from time to time it can be dirt cheap or even free. Look for a girl that has a job, she will be busy over the week and earn her own money.
I am currently involved with a girl who just finished university last year and is now working for Thai Inter. She doesn't cost me anything, except that I pay for food, drinks and fees when we go out. She even once payed the hotel when we met in Pattaya. I arrived late and wanted to give her the room rent back. She denied and told me with a smile that this will be her room and that she will throw me out if I do not satisfied her :D.

4.) Thailand has everything, just like back home. Only prob, just like everywhere else, is to get a craftsman right in time. They often had no special education and the quality of the work is often doubtful, but in most cases it works (more or less). As you might know, in Thailand most services are very cheap and most materials are as well, except wood, which is quite expensive.

5.) Of course that largely depends on the person and his interests. E.g. some people doesn't seem to do anything besides swimming and playing computer games.

Do not forget health insurance !!!

11-19-04, 19:10

'with zero sex involved.'


Leo Monti
11-19-04, 19:24

It sounds strange that "with zero sex involved" from somebody who used to bonk all the maids that clean his room just few weeks ago :)

Peace & have fun.


11-20-04, 06:03
Yes, zero. Considering TT's reply, a maid once a week would make a lot more sense. That's how I do it here. If there, I don't want some retired skank retained to clean the bedsheets spying 24/7 on me. I bonked a maid last time round and it cramped my style (and made me feel bad as I don't believe in sex outside of marriage).

I would also be concerned with security and cop scams: living in a place is different from a vacation. Given how so many object to the baht bus levy, I wonder how they would feel paying a cop every day just for the privelege to drive your own car.

I would also have to say the biggest scam is property. I would guess most of those Pattaya farang houses are made of shit.

SA made a good division of farangs living in Thailand. He forgot the independent wealthy who don't sweat the small stuff - except the over priced condos cum communal swimming pools they have been sold.

Juice Spike posted a lead to a very funny site on the Thai women section, which I followed up. Lots of witty English guys talking about the subjects we talk about (but much funnier and much more enjoyable than the choir boys.) Problem is: "we" all know about the scams etc but Isaan Inc still catches plenty of fools who are easily parted from their money.

This is Domino Jepheson reminding you that character counts (especially when you are trying to run a scam):D

Terry Terrier
11-20-04, 08:48
FFS, Trav, don't encourage the buffoon!. He hardly needs encouragement, in his waffling attempts to turn this Section from an info exchange about the simple art of hiring prostitutes into Einstein's Theory Of Relativity, as it is!

11-20-04, 13:52
I'll throw in my meager two pennies on this subject. I say meager because I do acknowledge that I am in the infant stages of living in a foreign country. I rarely leave the beaten tracks of Bangkok, although I am sure that even on those beaten tracks there are trails yet left unexplored.

I will of course answer the question by asking a question. This has always been my MO. I can't answer any question that requires more than a yes or a no without prefacing my answers with my own queries. And even with yes-and-no answers I will some times begin with a question.

My question is this. What is a normal middle class lifestyle? Is it a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage house with two cars and 1.5 children? I haven't the foggiest idea.

When I was living in America I could have lived in a $300,000 dollar home if I wanted to but I chose to live in an $80,000 home. I owned a car, but I rode the bus and the train most of the time during my last years in living there. I guess I became unimpressed with the trappings that become the cage most Americans live in.

That said, here is what I pay for living in Bangkok.


apartment = 8,000 Baht per month

maid service = 300 Baht for a single floor to ceiling scrub

washing and ironing clothes = 10 Baht per item, unless you do your own laundry and hang it on your balcony to dry. That is what I do and it costs 20 Baht per load.

maybe making some food etc with zero sex involved = so cheap it isn't really worth mentioning. A three pound sea bass costs about $1 USD at the market and it's already been cooked. A serving of rice is 5 Baht. Three bunches of morning glory (a common Thai vegetable) cost 10 Baht.
You can make yourself a kitchen for about 200USD (8000 Baht).

"running a car, motorbike. Do the cop fines become a major pain in the butt over the longer haul? Are taxis better?"

I live in Bangkok so I don't have a use for a motorcycle, except of course when I rent the motorcycle taxi. You can buy a brand new Honda Sonic 125 for about 40,000 baht if you must have your own transpiration. There is a motorcycle dealer down the street from me and he carries bikes with 100cc to 400cc engines. His cheapest machines cost about 15,000 Baht and his pricier models run about 55,000 Baht.

"running a middle class girlfriend/mistress/compenera who is not and never has been a prostitute."

4,000 Baht per month for her apartment and about 10,000 baht a month to keep her in books and computer games, food and clothing, the odd movie and sit down dinner, etc. It's not very expensive.

4. Taking vacations. The guys I know who live there seem to go to the Maldives and places for breaks.

I don't leave Bangkok unless I have too. I like it here and don't require a get-a-way, but you can go to Malaysia or Laos or Cambodia for next to nothing for a month if you like. It'll cost you about 20,000 to 30,000 Baht if you so desire. Malaysia is the most expensive and if you like to drink a lot then I don't recommend it as an option.

If you want to spend more than an average for a vacation then go to Bali or Australia. Airfares are higher for these excursions.

"Sundry expenses: tradesmen and the like. Does Thailand have plumbers or are you fucked if you need such work done?"

I live in an apartment so I do not know. My thought is that it is relatively inexpensive and I reckon that the Thai people can do just about anything if you are paying them. I've seen these guys break down a motorcycle before and they know what they are doing.

"Do's and don'ts. What do expats there do besides bonking, drinking and playing golf? Is there more to Pattaya and places than meets the eye?"

This is kind of a strange question because it is the same the world over. What is there to do besides bonking and drinking and playing golf? I answer this question by asking a question. What do you normally do where you live? If you can do it where you are living now, then you can do it in Thailand as well. I am pretty sure this is a true and accurate rhetorical question.

On the flip of it is this: I seriously doubt you can drink and bonk as exquisitely and as cheaply as you can in Thailand. That said, why live anywhere else?



Just for the record, in case you are not a monk, you will be having sex while living in Bangkok. The cost varies widely depending on your venue of choice. At the present time I am quite happy to choose random girls off the street and pay 1,000 Baht. On rare occasions I decide to hit the gogo and select a girl from the stage. This will run you about 2,000 Baht net, after barfines and a lady drink or two. I have yet to try the massage parlors so I can't comment on that. Also, there is the free phuck. I have experienced that and it is a nice experience, but I prefer to pay as I go so that there are no mis-understandings.

11-20-04, 14:27
i note your apartment costs twice that of your girlfriend. renting is probably not a problem but buying a shoddy thai house/condo might be a bad move. i would imagine well built buildings are the exception rather than the rule.

you seem to have a lot of "free time" on your hands and so a greater maid input is not so important for you. how often do you get your place scrubbed down for 300 baht?

how would thais rank your apartment the the neighborhood it is in?


traveller: glad you have time to analyse my posts. how is the hacking coming along? would you like to chat with me on line and see if you can hack into my pc?

terry troll: you need help. maybe time you got another [CodeWord103] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord103) at eden?

11-20-04, 15:02
Most of the Thais say that my apartment is "Pang Mak" (expensive). And it is a bit pricey for it's size. On the other hand, not one Thai has failed to acknowledge that the quality of the lodging, (furniture, amenities, and location) is excellent. As for me, I am very happy with it, even if I know I could pay less.

My ex-girlfriend's place is located on Onnut and everything on Onnut costs about half what you're required to pay on Luang Suan, where I live now.

The population in my building is about 30% Foreigner and 70% Thai. Some of the Thais own cars as there is a free car park for residents. The majority own motorcycles or comfy shoes for walking.

In summary, the building I live in is a bit pricey compared to other buildings that are not as close to the city center. But the convienence of being located in the center outweighs the cost, in my honest opinion.

Yes Mr. D, I do have a little too much time on my hands. When I get back from America I plan to go back to school and endeavor to learn the freaky Thai language once and for all. It will be easier now that I am back in the ranks of the single file or free.

Last night I had a dream that I made my visa runs using a hang glider. I analized the dream and concluded that the hang glider was a symbol of my new found freedom. Ah... It is a relief to once again be "A Single Man." :)

11-20-04, 16:32
posterlion: how many living/bedrooms you get for that? how would you rate the building's quality; is it easy to cool etc? any plumbing problems? how long is your lease? is there key money, deposits and the like? is there a security guard? did you ever consider sharing with another guy - or with thais to learn thai and break out of the farang ghetto? and, of course, how us your writing coming along?

thanks for all your insights to date. it is important to nail down these little points. it has been very useful to me and, i know by pms received, several others too.

hope all works well. bad mouthing your ex gf was a genuine mistake caused by not rrtff.

the title here is inspired by the argeninta board. they have made a lot more progess there in finding out all kinds of relevant information. obviously horses for courses.

and here's a link for statutory [CodeWord127] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord127) and others who live outside of the law: http://www.mangosauce.com/archives/000032.html

Terry Terrier
11-20-04, 17:07

It's interesting that most of the posters who are resident in Thailand (Posterlion, Coma Boy, Meaty et al) bring positive attitudes to this section, and show human decency in their references to and dealings with Thai people.

You're absolutely spot-on, of course: Travelling to Thailand to spend most of one's time in budget internet cafes in it's major cities hardly qualifies one as an expert on the country. And it makes certain posters' arrogant and condescending attitudes all the more silly.

On a different note, I see that the Waffling Philosopher has made a sort-of apology. Is this a first? Maybe they've found some meds that actually work.

11-20-04, 19:27
There is an internet cafe on Onnut Road directly across the street from Soi 24 that charges 20 Baht per hour. That is about the best price you are likely to find in Bangkok. The Falang oriented cafes charge from 1 to 2 Baht per minute. The best internet cafe I've found near Falangland is next to the Big C which is across the street from Central World Plaza (formerly World Trade Center). They charge 30 baht per hour and have inside and outside work stations.

I like this place because it is relatively cheap and I like to sit outside so that I can drink a beer or a coffee and smoke a cigarette whilst typing.

Yes, I know I have bad habits, always have. I'm sure they will catch up to me one day. On the other hand, my bad habits are one reason I live in Bangkok. No one is ever condescending to me about what I do. This is one of the things I like about Thailand and Thai people, they are realistic and forgiving. They are also sneaky little pirates if given a chance but I am also realistic and forgiving so I can overlook this small flaw.


My apartment is a one room flat with a seperate bathroom and balcony. It is 20 meters square (25 if you count the bathroom and balcony). It has a blue tile floor and it is easily cooled with the massively oversized air conditioner it is equiped with. My electric bill runs about 750 Baht a month. I use the a/c in the day only. At night I just point the fan at the bed and sleep comfortably. Living at my girlfriend place that has no a/c was good training for living in Thailand. I am acclimated to the heat and hardly break a sweat these days.

Oh yeah... There is no security guard per se. The resident entrance is protected via an electronic lock. I carry a card in my wallet that I wave across the card reader and the door opens. The deposit for the room was two months rent (14,000 Baht). I reported that my room cost 8,000 Baht but I was including all utilities. There is no key charge unless of course you lose your key. I've already made copies for 20 Baht and do not carry the original key. The lease term is six months, at which point I get the deposit back and am allowed to rent month to month.

I thought about sharing a room before but I am a private person and need long periods alone if I am to do any writing. This was true when I lived in America and it continues to be true in Thailand. As for the book writing, it is coming along but it is not coming quickly. That is okay. I have times when I am super-prolific and I have times when nary a word comes to my mind. I've been going through a dry spell as of late. It will pass, especially if I don't sit around and worry about it.

The thing that usually breaks a long dry spell is going out and getting crazy with all those things that are my bad habits. I think it is called vice. Yes, lots and lots of vice has always been inspirational for me.


The Traveler
11-21-04, 02:22
Traveller: Glad you have time to analyse my posts. How is the hacking coming along? Would you like to chat with me on line and see if you can hack into my PC?


No, I am not at all interested in chatting with you, because you got nothing to say of interest for me. :)

The Traveler
11-21-04, 02:29
bad mouthing your ex gf was a genuine mistake caused by not rrtff.

that wasn't your first and only mistake. better read and listen - and think !!! - before you say something. bad mouthing seems to be consistent with you.

and here's a link for statutory [CodeWord127] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord127) and others who live outside of the law: http://www.mangosauce.com/archives/000032.html
hmm, did you search for it and read it because you try to get prepared ? :d
quite interesting that you have a constant interest in that issue.

11-21-04, 09:12
A long, long time ago in a faraway Forumland someone said that it was over, already over, that it had stopped.

Did I misunderstand some fukken basic English?

The Traveler
11-21-04, 11:01
Did I misunderstand some fukken basic English?

yes you did ! :)
As usual you forgot the context. I was talking about Mr. D.'s preferred issue which he seems to be obsessed with.
I guess it is overstretched already, what do you think ?
BTW, why do you think he has such a strong fixation on it ?

Anyway, couldn't resist again ?
And did you notice that it always needs at least two people for a quarrel ?
Do you like to keep it going or why did you join in ?

Jack Spratt
11-21-04, 11:15
.......ya mouth that is!

For a guy that gives some appearance of intelligence (from your other informative and helpful posts), you never cease to amaze me, and a number of other posters I would speculate, with the way so are so easily wound up, and then set off.

Forget the fucking idiots, just get on with posting stuff that is of use.

No matter how right you think you are, or how good or pursuasive your logic is, the bottom line is that you can never win an arguement with a (trolling) brick.

The Traveler
11-21-04, 11:25
.......ya mouth that is!

For a guy that gives some appearance of intelligence (from your other informative and helpful posts), you never cease to amaze me, and a number of other posters I would speculate, with the way so are so easily wound up, and then set off.

Forget the fucking idiots, just get on with posting stuff that is of use.

No matter how right you think you are, or how good or pursuasive your logic is, the bottom line is that you can never win an arguement with a (trolling) brick.

Jack Spratt,

it's quite sad, but you are absolutely spot on.
But as my excuse, Mr. D. is somewhat entertaining for me in his uselessa attempts to attack me. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
I would also prefer if he would take it to PM if he needs to go on, but I believe that he needs an audience. :(

11-21-04, 18:51
Jack Spratt,

Don't worry, they're just talking loud and saying nothing.


And there's a lot more if you fiddle around with the url...:)

11-21-04, 21:52
You do understand, folks - most of these arguments is like mudwrestling with a pig - YOU get dirty and the pig has fun.

Scotty Monger
11-21-04, 23:11
you do understand, folks - most of these arguments is like mudwrestling with a pig - you get dirty and the pig has fun.

i actually prefer the other classic: "arguing over the internet is like competing in the special olympics. even if you win, you are still retarded."

it's all so predictable, isn't it? "skinjob" falling back on the ole "****" issue. he will not debate via pm, because he needs an audience to lord over. it feeds some sick need he has to impress total strangers, on a sex forum no less!

skinjob once dained to acknowledge my presence on this forum. it was, of course, to take a shot at me, as that is all he is good for these days.. you see, i had submitted a rather caustic post in which i railed against the constant negativity that skinjob needlessly interjected into this forum, and stated that i wasn't going to particpate in the thailand section anymore. upon reading my completed post, i realized that it was as negative as anything skinjob had ever posted, and therefore idiotic. so i deleted it.

skinjob, ever on the lookout for an opportunity to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on someone's cheerios, took a shot at me for deleting my post. he probably thought, mistakenly, that i had thought better of taking on the mighty skinjob, and had therefore deleted my post.

the truth of it skinjob, is that i find you pathetic. you have all of the markings of someone who has seen too much of this world. it has left you with no soul. i don't know why god has forsaken you. are you not a reverend?

i considered explaining, at the time, why i had deleted my post. but, i realized that the person who was challenging me was the same person who had "officially" resigned from wsg and had his "skinless" account closed. much to the dismay of many wsg members, this person would soon reappear as the pizza man, "senior member" and all. i find neither of your usernames apropos, and so have chosen "skinjob" for you. i'm sure you don't mind.

and so skinjob, understanding your history, i really don't feel compelled to justify the deletion of my "resignation post". the fact that you, someone who has already resigned once, only to reappear, would think it appropriate to ridicule me, begs the obvious question. skinjob, do you suffer from short-term memory loss, or are you just plain stupid?

11-21-04, 23:46
This is all so useless and boring.

Scotty Monger, you started off so well, then just got caught up in old shit and threw fuel on the fire.

Dinghy, Freeler and Jack S. :)

Traveler and Domino, please guys, can we put this to rest for good ? Clearly, you'll never be pals, but how about just being mature enough to ignore one another ?


Scotty Monger
11-22-04, 01:07

sorry, but it's skinjob's need to interject the "**** issue" into yet another debate that i find so pathetic. talk about old news.

my post simply illistrates that i am indeed retarded. i once took 2nd place in the "belch, fart, and stumble competition" but it required the consumption of 17 coronas. have you ever had your stomach pumped? not fun.

i apologize to any any members i may have offended, except skinjob, of course. don't worry, i won't add anymore fuel to the fire. although, the weather has finally turned cold and i'm rather looking forward to basking in the warmth of skinjob's flames.

11-22-04, 03:40
Posterlion: Thanks for your very precise and very useful posts. Opening up my pms on this hot Phitsanalok mprning, I find more PMs praising your posts from guys who say they will be in touch with more questions.

Please ignore the choir boys. They are harmless little children.

11-22-04, 04:25
HEY - FD - that was my intention - kill it and bury it (waste of bandwidth) - or maybe try to SHAME them into SILENCE about each othert?

The Traveler
11-22-04, 09:37

let's see what thailand would be if the thai laws would be enforce, just as you understand them and if you always have been a good person who sticks to the law and always supported the local authorities.

definition of prostitution :

the " prostitution prevention and suppression act ". in this act " prostitution " means

" the acceptance of sexual intercourse, the acceptance of any other act, or the commission of any act for sexual gratification of another person in a promiscuous manner, in order to gain financial or other benefit, no matter whether the person who accepts such act and the person who commits such act are of the same or opposite sex "


section 9 of the " prostitution prevention and suppression act " states

" whoever procures, seduces, or traffics the other person to commit the act of prostitution, even with consent of the other person, no matter whether the commission of various acts which constitute the offence are committed inside or outside the territory of the kingdom, shall be punished with imprisonment of one to ten years and a fine of twenty thousand to two hundred thousand baht.

result :
many parents all over thailand and all owners, managers and mamasans of bars, gogos, massage parlors and the like have to be confined in jail.


section 11 of the " prostitution prevention and suppression act " states

" whoever is the owner, supervisor, or manager of a prostitution business or a place for prostitution, or controller of a prostitute in the place of prostitution, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years, and a fine of sixty thousand to three hundred thousand baht.

if the prostitution business or place for prostitution as specified, has a person not yet over eighteen (18) years of age performing the act of prostitution in such place, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment of five to fifteen years, and a fine of one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand baht.

result :
again all owners, managers and mamasans of bars, gogos, massage parlors and other places like that have to be confined in jail.


section 8 of the " prostitution prevention and suppression act " states

" whoever, for sexual gratification of that person or of the third person, commits sexual intercourse or any other act against a person who is over fifteen (15) years but not yet over eighteen (18) years of age, with or without his or her consent, in a place for prostitution, shall be punished with imprisonment of one to three years and a fine of twenty thousand to sixty thousand baht.

question :
why did the lawmakers add "in a place for prostitution" ? without that addition it would be universal and fit your understanding of the law.

freeler once argued, that i took the girl out of the bar (= out of the place for prostitution) to avoid the above cited section 8 of the prostitution prevention and suppression act. i guess he would have done her on the bar counter, but i am too shy for that.
anyway, did you report to police that prostitutes are available at bars and therefore they must be a place for prostitution ?
police definately would have arrested the owner, manager and mamasans immediately.

the park in korat and the streets where many freelancers pick their customers are owned by the government.
to your and freeler's understanding these venues are places of prostitution too (remember, prostitutes available).
who has to be hold responsible for that, the local mayor, taksin or even his majesty ?
discos, snooker halls and other places are owned by private persons or companies.
should the owner or managing director be arrested too ? what if i meet a prostitute in a cafe, restaurant or lobby of a hotel, cinema or whatever ?


in the other areas section you just posted

"i got them to eat out each other, rim each other and, get this: i got the dwarf to fuck the motorbike driver who took me from the airport (200 baht including the taxi fare). i made him wear his helmet – the head one. he declined a condom and thought the skinless one (okamoto rubber that is) was a big joke.

sounds like you just procured and seduced some women to prostitution !
thus you have just admitted that you have broken the law and should report yourself to the next police station. due to the above cited thai laws you will be punished with up to ten years of imprisonment.
do you have the guts for it and will you stand your own standards ? remember, you requested that from me.

questions :

if you want to improve the current situation for minors, why not report any ****d that you might accidentally find to police ? due to the law they have to arrest the owner, manager and mamasan of the place. have you ever done it ?

would thailand still be your favorite destination if laws would be enforced just like you understand them ?

any idea why the laws aren't enforced as you understand them ? bribing can't be the reason in all cases.

sorry guys for that lengthy post, but i guess displaying the facts/laws involved - which in part were referred by mr. d. himself and are the basement for his constant attacks - is the best way to end it.

i am also interested in mr. d.'s answers, if he has any, which i doubt.

The Traveler
11-22-04, 14:39

24.what is the legal age? 18 years old for prostitution. the age of consent in thailand is 15, but you can be prosecuted for [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) if it's defined as an act involving prostitution and she's under 18. if you are caught fucking **** boys or girls, you are in big trouble. you might end up in jail and get your face splattered all over the thai and international papers. buyer beware. check id cards but realize that many of them carry fake id cards and you could be up for a scam. this can be a very dangerous area, so play it safe. thai jails are among the worst in the world. for more information, do a forum search on the various thai threads. also go here:


25. how do we calculate thai ages? the official thai calendar is calculated from the beginning of the buddhist era in 543 bc. the year 2002 ad is therefore 2545 be, 2003 is 2546be and so on. so, to determine the danger zone, subtract 18 from the buddhist year. be aware, however, that there is a large market in fake ids. be also aware that people might try to set you up for a sting with an ****d girl.

today i have read the thailand faqs for the first time. congrats, joe zop, freeler and you did a great job with it. you better post more of that quality and avoid the nonsense you seem to prefer for some time now.

you should also have a closer look at your own contribution, section 24 and 25 are quite interesting. you acknowledge the existence of fake ids, set ups and scams, age of consent being 15 and that sex with someone below 18 only might be prosecuted if it's defined as an act involving prostitution.

due to thai law the latter also requires the person below 18 or his/her parents sue the other person involved in the act. if this does not happen it is defined as agreed sex and will be handled as a personal matter with no interference of the authorities.

i also hope that you and freeler follow up your own advices, but there is a big error in your calculation displayed in section 25 which leads exactly to what happened to me.
if you only substract 18 from the day of birth you might end up with a 17yr old, since you might meet her in march but her birthday might be in october.
remember, the month is written as a name in thai, not as a number.

so you better think again who you blame and what for. your very own advice which obviously displays your very own behaviour might have led to the very same situation.

you have made good contributions to the forum in the past and i - probably besides others - would like to see more of that in the future. so why not move back into your old tracks and stop that ranting ? attacking others is never useful and there is no way to change anything by insulting your opponent. if you really like to change something or want to convince someone, then be constructive and argue. everything else makes you look foolish.

just once take your time and think about it before you answer, but only answer if your answer is worth to read.
hope this will finally end this unpleasant story.

The Traveler
11-22-04, 15:22

I guess the response of the forum showed Mr. D. that discussions of that kind aren't welcomed and that most guys do not support him silently as he might have expected. Whatever, I am willing to do my part of the deal and lay it to rest.

Joe Zop
11-22-04, 16:55
That's hilarious, TT -- you put up two long missives that ask for response and then post in two places about "laying it to rest"?!?!

It would be truly frightening to count up the number of posts in the LOS threads -- and not simply from you by any means, as I definitely include myself, among many others -- that talk about not talking any more about this or that subject. There are longer discussions on the need not to discuss various things than there are on many specific venues people go to. I'd be willing to bet, for example, that even though there's a fair amount of stuff about the Biergarten, there are more total posts which say "enough of that subject" or "I'm laying it to rest" or the like than there are which talk about that Soi 7 hangout. There has certainly been more discussion about various discussions in the past two weeks than there have been useful posts. (And a bravo to PosterLion for some of those in this section!)

The proper way to put something to rest is simply not to post any more on the subject, including not posting about not posting any more (something, of course, this post does and thereby contributes to the problem, but hopefully in service of making the point.)

This is traditionally the time of year when many folks are heading to LOS and posting field reports. Let's raise a glass to the prospect of more of that!

The Traveler
11-22-04, 17:08
Joe Zop

there are several ways to lay something to rest :
One is to make someone to think about his own position and finally agree on a result.
Another one is to just stop talking about it, but this is only the last exit if your opponent isn't willing or able to understand.

Your proposition shows me that you already gave up and do not believe that an agreement will be possible. I am more patient than you and still believe in Mr. D.'s abilities. But I have my doubts regarding his character.

I stretched my hand out to Mr. D several times. that's more than he has ever done.
Even if he doesn't want to live in peace, a ceasefire might be a compromise. We'll see if he takes it this time or not.

I know and regret that the forum will be messed up in part by the whole thing, but it's sometimes entertaining for me to show how insane he is.
I could ignore him easily, and just like you, I know that my contributions to it will prolong it, but just like you, I only want to point out to something.
So we are not that much different, aren't we ?

Anyway, he will stop as soon as he doesn't have an audience anymore.

Joe Zop
11-22-04, 18:19
This is turning into a channel where the same damn sitcom episode is the only thing that's on, and it was lousy the first time around. This has all been going on for most of the year and you're still thinking it's going to get laid to rest because the two of you will agree on a result? I'm stunned -- I thought you were far more intelligent than that. The point is not agreement. The point is that the argument is not progressing because the two of you are from different planets and not only do not speak the same language, you don't agree on what the purpose of language is. And your universal translators are broken.

The forum has been messed up continually by this idiocy, to the point it's a regular ten-step dance:

Step 1: a bit of sniping
Step 2: some more direct attacks
Step 3: a flurry of crapola
Step 4: mutual moral indignation
Step 5: others get involved
Step 6: noise noise and more noise
Step 7: someone talks about taking the high road or being "reasonable"
Step 8: everyone talks about how this needs to end
Step 9: either escalation and some some degree of brief quiet
Step 10: see Step 1

I've never been in favor of Samus Aran's little prison, but I'm truly at the point where I'm beginning to wish that Jackson would simply consign all who continue to beat this horse to their own thread and keep them there. Your apologies mean absolutely nothing at this point, because they, like everything else regarding this stupid pissing match, simply go on and on and on and on.

Both of you are simply egomaniacal beyond belief, as you clearly could care less about what this does to the forum as a whole.

11-22-04, 18:37

Maybe what we need is a "Spin Room" where anything goes... In there guys can attack and insult each other for either fun or malicious reason... Kind of a "time out" place for the smart, damn and new, and veteran to vent their bs...

Good idea?


The Traveler
11-22-04, 18:46
Joe Zop

... you're still thinking it's going to get laid to rest because the two of you will agree on a result?
To be honest, NO !

Anyway, I didn't say how the result should look like. Mr. D. isn't willing to provide arguments or accept any.
So I rather guess the best outcome would be a ceasefire.

I am with you, this whole thing isn't good for anything and won't lead anywhere, no need to convince me.
I also understand why you speak out, but by doing so you prolong it again.

And as you see, now you are a part of it too.

Please don't get me wrong, but ask yourself why did you post that response ?
Why not stick to your own advice and just do not post about that issue ?
As only being a bystander it should be much easier for you than the one being attacked, right ?

You are fed up with it and wanted to make a point, that's just what I did.
So we do not differ that much.


The Traveler
11-22-04, 19:04

I personally believe that is a great idea.
Most posts - I have to be blamed as well - do not contain any info at all and are rather statements or little discussions (taken the insults and fights aside) which have almost no relevance to the given topic.

Just like on most desktops and mailboxes where unwanted files are moved to the trashcan, those posts should be moved there. This way it might be easier to search the forum and it's easier to skip unnecessary ballast. But that would be a hell of work for the admin.

Joe Zop
11-22-04, 19:05
Juice, you might be exactly right -- it would work if only there were a way to ensure people would use it, which I don't know that there is. We've certainly seen aspects of this argument in every single LOS thread.

And TT, a clarification: the reason I do not interact directly with Domino has nothing whatsoever to do with giving up on him or believing in his capacity to do or not do anything. He's a bright and entertaining guy, and I generally enjoy reading what he posts. During the Traveler/Skinless debacle, I posted something he took to be a personal attack, which was neither my meaning nor intent. My attempts to clarify were not heard, and he stayed angry and whacked at me at pretty much every chance for a while. I felt that, since he was angry with me on a personal level, we could no longer properly communicate, so I stopped. I would in fact be absolutely happy to be conversing with him, as we had lots of great go-rounds, but my take is that since he was the one angry with me, it's his call on any resumption of communication, not mine. Personally, I'm more than happy to interact with anyone when there's a degree of mutual politeness and respect -- heck, I'd even go at it with SeanTampa were he to come in, say, geez, what was I thinking with that attack post, and can we move on...

I posted the last response for a very simple reason, which is a clear contributing factor to the whole thing -- I was utterly frustrated by your response, which indicates that there will be utterly no end of this thing, ever, as you not only still hope to "win" or bring things to a specific outcome and also get entertainment from the whole process. It's the latter aspect I find truly childish and annoying, and I say a pox on all the houses that do this for their own gratification.

And we do definitely differ -- I only post on this subject when I'm utterly sick to death of seeing it. I do not do it to "expose" anyone or to try to win any aspect of the argument, since that's impossible. And now, that's it from me on the subject until such time as I get overly annoyed again...

The Traveler
11-22-04, 19:33
Dear Joe Zop,

even though I respect you as being a smart and mostly fair person, I wonder why you always choose to "attack/criticize" only me.
It looks like you have taken side, which is your right, but then you should clearly say so.

You never address Skinless/Domino. But he is the one who is permanently attacking, insulting and keep this thing going. He has his share too, right ?
Did you notice his remarks in his last post in the Other Areas section ? Not that it is of any importance, it is easy to ignore, but it's part of the big picture which you obviously don't want to see.

Btw, the post was quite funny for the most part and displays that he is indeed a bright guy, but that makes me wonder even more why he acts like a maniac in a discussion and isn't open to arguments and facts. My guess : lack of character.

Maybe you act like you act because he has been a former friend, but please do not use that "I do not address him because he is angry about me and won't talk to me" as an alibi. Would you also stop addressing me if I would turn angry on you ?

His immature way of handling your former post and his inability to clarify it with you speaks for itself and displays clearly what kind of character he has.

Finally I do not try to "win", knowing that is impossible cause he would have to admit that he has been wrong. That will never happen. All I do is raising questions which he never answered, guess why.

Nevertheless, you had your reasons to post, what ever they were, I had mine. If you really break it down to the bottom we do not differ, or do you really believe that your reasons are more valid than mine ?

Jaimito Cartero
11-22-04, 19:41
Maybe what we need is a "Spin Room" where anything goes... In there guys can attack and insult each other for either fun or malicious reason... Kind of a "time out" place for the smart, damn and new, and veteran to vent their bs...

I suggested such a thing earlier this year, but only got attacked by Otto Graham about it. There should be a place where members can just beat the crap out of each other, without subjecting those who aren't interested in it to a long line of drivel.

Joe Zop
11-22-04, 20:56
TT, I will respond to your post simply because you've indicated you feel I'm personally attacking just you, then I'm done.

First, there is certainly no shortage of people whacking at Domino at present, and I'm sorry if you feel I'm only criticizing you; I don't believe that's the case. Just to look recently -- my last post prior to today in this section regarding this silliness was not directed at you, and my post at 12:19 today very clearly said "both of you" and "all." I believe I've always made it quite clear that I find all the continued attacks and sniping ridiculous -- not simply from you and from Domino but from others as well. If you need it said directly, well, here: I think Domino is being a jerk by whacking at you and others, and I think you and others are being the same by returning the favor. I'm uncertain how to be any clearer about my opinion.

I was not using not interacting with Domino as an excuse -- I was responding to your earlier post saying that I had given up, and I was explaining the history involved. That said, I stand by my statements, as I've not interacted directly with him since February, sadly. If you think that's because I think it's more fun to whack at you you're severely mistaken.

And yes, were I to say something to truly anger you to the point we didn't seem to be communicating I would very much respect that my comments were upsetting you and refrain from interacting with you unless you chose to do so. I see no point in simply pushing people's buttons, and am not here to make enemies, but instead to gather good information about finding women for sex and to discuss that subject. You and I have always had reasonable and adult interactions and I respect greatly your ability to keep things on that plane with me especially during times when I am, in fact, criticizing behavior. Because you're a bright guy and we've a long history of conversation I do trust you understand I bear no malicious intent and always try to be respectful. My advice to you is in fact no different than what I gave several months ago, and which was working -- to ignore the silliness and it would lessen and eventually die out.

As for taking sides, yes, I have, but not in the way you seem to think. I have taken the side of being completely sick of the sniping and the issue, and the immensely off-topic personal attack crap. It is the same side I originally had during the Skinless/Traveler thread, as it was my opinion then it would lead to precisely where we are now. I believe that is the general side of "the forum as a whole" which truly has no interest in whether you or Domino or anyone else is right or wrong or good or bad. (Obviously, I may well be mistaken about this and will humbly accept correction.) The truth is that the original issue has long ceased to be what this is all about.

I have no idea whether your reasons or my reasons for posting are more valid or less valid, nor do I think it's a terribly important issue. We all post because we post. I merely know that the motivation is different in that I see nothing entertaining about this situation, and it is nowhere in my interests to "show how insane" anyone is. I simply want things to get back on the site's designated topic and for people to interact as laid out by the forum rules.

11-22-04, 21:16

You silently crept over the 1,000 barrier!
Are you having a beer-and-bullshit party to celebrate?

The Traveler
11-22-04, 22:29
Joe Zop

thanks for clarification.

BTW, if you believe it or not, I was quite astonished that Domino developed so strong feelings, so much hate and agression out of a debate and keept that crap going for so long.
As far as I know only little kids and women are as unforgiving as he is. Men usually have a beer together afterwards and go on with their life.

Maybe you remember that JuiceSpike and me had our differences in the past but we both are mature enough to forget about it. During my last trip we met twice and had some dinner and a couple of drinks together, nice talking to him too.

But as I use to say, you never stop learning, or at least you shouldn't. Now I know that some men act like a pussy (sorry for that wording).

Maybe I should take a rest to let it die down again, just as I have done a couple of months ago.
Anyway, I have more important things to do right now, which will keep me busy for a while.

11-23-04, 03:26
the traveller

bottom line: you have broken thailand's child prostitution laws in a big way. your lies, backtracks and silly slanders cannot change that. i refer to your posts #382, 383 and 384 in this thread. first of all, because you subsequently edited the earlier ones very heavily, you should also have deleted the last one addressed to firedick who, like posterlion, samus aran and others, is at peace with himself and therefore, ipso fact, a good poster, and high in the domino pantheon.

you, as you know, are not. the reasons can be found in the earlier posts on the skinless/traveller thread where you constantly ignored the legal issue until zop’s bizarre intervention allowed you off the hook. it’s the big breasted one’s birthday next week so thanks for reminding me of it, and her. fact is, you broke the law and wrote out a mo for others to follow. and others will pay the price with the thai authorities for following you.

zop has already admitted his minimal involvement in the faqs. freeler had also minimal input into the faqs you cite. before mentioning those faqs, let me also remind you that there are faqs on ladyboys. they are included because of the danger they seem to present and because jackson bars them as a topic of discussion – even though they are a security issue, something which you give your schoolboy smirk to because i put a proper emphasis on it. these faq were included as solid warnings. many of the faqs about anal, oral, vibrators etc were actually taken from ******* in the dr board so maybe he will get on your case. you cannot argue the facts (that you regularly and systematically broke thailand's child prostitution laws) so all you can do is call me childish names with your little terry troll in tow. insecure little schoolboy bullies.

law: you are only now getting round to consider the law, which i pounded all through the skinless/traveller thread. you broke the law in a big way and all the lies, name calling etc that are your party piece do not change that fact.
insults : you are the pot calling the kettle black. if you cannot argue the facts, argue the circumstances, if you cannot argue the circumstances call good old domino names. you cannot stop. you crave attention and for other mongrels to look up to you. i cannot look up to you as i regard you as human trash.

the faq tells the reader to (eventually) go to http://www.ageofconsent.com/thailand.htm for further information. i presume you have now gone there. if others go there, they will see that you have broken thailand’s child prostitution law and, as such, that you are liable to arrest. all the faqs could give is general warnings, which they do. fuck with the thai bull and you get the horn. even you should know that but the truth is not your strong point. the problem with lying, as you are probably finding out, is that lies, as in your case, are hard to maintain. the more you bark, the more aparent your lies become. you broke thailand's child prostitution laws on several occasions: you are a criminal.

your general interpretation of thai prostitution laws : best left to judges who will fry you if thaksin decides it is time to smite a farang. parallel case: drugs. thailand’s middle class kids are up to their eyes in ecstacy, speed etc. guess who get nailed for it: farangs like you or like those who follow your advice as well as the thai small fry they wasted. bottom line: thai judges will decide and you are on shaky ground. your lies and name calling will not work there, or in the bangkok hilton where everyone will want a piece of you.

section 8 of the " prostitution prevention and suppression act : i have quoted this – where you offended – to you on several occasions. last time was in nakhon phanon (thailand, other areas) some months ago. but you ignored it, as you did in the skinless/traveller thread.
question : why did the lawmakers add "in a place for prostitution"? answer: check the link above to find out waht others have said about it. and don’t try to split legalistic hairs about criminal intent with a farang hating thai judge unless you want a long jail time. interesting, as freeler pointed out, you were on to this at the time of the s/t thread. malice a forethought. you knew they were **** and you went for them. you hang yourself with your own words. and all the spam posting you do will not change that.

korat park: to your and freeler's understanding these venues are places of prostitution : wrong. they are places where hookers loiter. it is thai law and the (selective) interpretation of that law by thailand’s rulers, cops included, that rules. again, you try to mitigate your crimes. but your attempts are pathetiically weak: you broke the law in a big way.

other areas: procuring the dwarf to satiate my sick sense of humor. i procured a woman who was working in a brothel to give sex in that brothel? methinks not. ( i got sticky seconds off her later btw) i paid for a thai to fuck a thai in that city's best known house of ill repute. also note the above law also pertains to outside the kingdom. they are talking about trafficking, not to thais fucking thais in a thai fuck house. a day in court would be a laugh there, almost as funny as the samus aran one for inciting anti thai hatred – on a board dealing with the lowest of thailand’s low (hookers). try again to mitigate your crimes by diversions.

if you want to improve the current situation for minors, why not report any ****d that you might accidentally find to police? have you ever done it ? yes, i have. and i have done it here, but only in the past. cops deal with the situations they deal with. they prioritize things and if a crackdown is in order, farangs are first on the list. look how many alleged drug runners they gunned down. look at the massacre of muslims in the south which mr and mrs skipper try to gloss over. fuck with the bull….. try again to mitigate your crimes by diversions.

would thailand still be your favorite destination if laws would be enforced just like you understand them? hypothetical question. thailand is a great place but let us not deceive ourselves. if they decide to fuck you, they will fuck you. again, your take on the fighting thais was, imho, very dangerous and you should know that. you say they should fight one on one so you can kill them. no, they should fight all of them against you so they can teach you, me and all farangs a good lesson. their country, their rules even if there are no rules. (that’s how japan works btw). fuck with the bull…try again to mitigate your crimes by diversions.

any idea why the laws aren't enforced as you understand them ? yes. but remember: selective enforcement. if you break the law in thailand in a big way (drugs or **** sex are the biggies we look at here), they will fuck you. so: anybody following your route, as outlined in the skinless/traveller thread runs a big risk of doing serious jail time. that was my main point in that thread and freeler came at it from a slightly different angle. maybe it is getting through to you now. but i doubt it as you are hell bent on repeating your crimes and getting empty headed vessels to follow your sick example.

sorry guys for that lengthy post: this, traveller, might potentially be a very useful post. it might keep others out of jail. you are set in yoiur ways.

but i guess it might be interesting for some people what the current laws are, how to understand them and the way they are enforced. exactly. vital in fact.and htat was why the faqs you malign were there.

thailand faqs 24 and 25 are quite interesting. you acknowledge the existence of fake ids, set ups and scams, age of consent being 15 and that sex with someone below 18 only might be prosecuted if it's defined as an act involving prostitution. yes, and the need to be very vigilant and the need to read further by beginning at the above link. in your case, htey can only be mitigating factors. however, i would imagine you would get the book thrown at you in court as you cannot stop lying or begin to show remorse for your crimes.

due to thai law the latter also requires the person below 18 or his/her parents sue the other person involved in the act. if this does not happen it is defined as agreed sex and will be handled as a personal matter with no interference of the authorities. traveler, this is very wrong and dangerous legalistic hair splitting. ngos would fry you on this. and so would judges. and your answer here just shows, imho, what a depraved human being you are and why society would be better off with you locked up.

i also hope that you and freeler follow up your own advices, but there is a big error in your calculation displayed in section 25 which leads exactly to what happened to me.
if you only substract 18 from the day of birth you might end up with a 17yr old, since you might meet her in march but her birthday might be in october. common potential problem but you said you checked the id afterwards, not before. guess you need to backpedal once again on your lies here. you are guilty as charged.

Jaimito Cartero
11-23-04, 05:32

You silently crept over the 1,000 barrier!
Are you having a beer-and-bullshit party to celebrate?

It's pretty hard to imagine me doing anything silently! No plans yet, but I hope to donate some sperm in Costa Rica later this week!

11-24-04, 12:45
Personally, I don't mind this little rant between TT and Mr. D, although it has been ongoing for almost one year. Many on this board write it off as mindless argument, but I disagree. I have never seen anything on this board that comes close to the astute thinking and forethought that must have been required to generate these posts. Long winded yes, of little value, no.

The serious reader (or those with nothing better to do) will note that there has been many references to Thai law among other things like: where to find women (sometimes girls, avoid those places), how to check IDs (subtract 543), How to get bears to dance (fun!), the state of Thai prisons (another place to avoid), and many different ways to cut someone down (interesting and sometimes useful).

I refuse to take sides on this discussion because I am unable to claim to be a good (or law-abiding) person, but I will make some general observations, as the serious reader should.

Besides the facts and figures I have gleaned from these discussions I have also reaffirmed many more subtle thruths that are not explicitly stated: 1) Except in oil fires, fighting fire with fire does not usually put the fire out, 2) Those that will not fess up to wrong doing while at the same time talk about doing wrong are generally suspect (where I come from we say, "the guilty always speak first"). 3) Human beings will continue to argue like this untill we are extinct. 4) Once extinct, if we somehow resurrect ourselves from oblivian, it will be so that we can continue to argue even more. :)

That said, I can talk about myself for a moment. I have knowingly broken a Thai law or two. To this I confess. It is rare that I do so, but in my three years of roaming through Thailand I have succumbed to illicit substances two times. I don't look for this stuff (I have mostly outgrown it), but I sometimes partake in things that could get me killed or jailed indefinitely, death would be better I think.

Am I stupid for doing so? I would say that I am. If arrested for such actions I would have to go along with the consequences. Thailand is no place to be in such a position because the Thai police (might we just say Mafia) abide by their own rules and traditions. We, as foreigners, will have no say in the outcome.

Okay, now that all can been sure I'm not faultless, I will continue with what I think I came here to say.

About a year ago I did a rash thing. I threw away my life in America and moved to Thailand. Many people replied to my postings with insults and suchwhat and that was okay. In fact, I thought it was appropriate and I re-evaluated my chosen path. I used these jibes as reinforcent for my decision and also to temper my rash actions. After all, I still have my house that I was originally planning to sell. I still might sell it but at least I let that ride for a while.

Domino was one of my flamers and at one point we got into a small word squabble. I declare no victor, only that the experience was okay for me. I came to appreciate Domino's flippant and quippy ways. I am also a little flippant or at least I have been accused of it.

I have discussed finance and real estate with The Traveler and I consider him to know a thing or two in those areas. If he also has good info about where we can find women in Thailand then I'll be glad to hear it. But, Dear Traveler, if your posts are about girls (not women) then you must refrain from posting as this is not acceptable under the rules of our Jackson God. May we all take a bow in praise of his efforts in running this board.

I admit that I waste a lot of bandwidth on this board by describing my conquests and defeats and my internal battles, but I do get some PMs that encorage me to continue. If the tide turns and people decide all they want from me is raw facts then I will comply. I might actually write more of my book instead of spending so much time here. Although for now, I enjoy posting on WSG.

I don't mean to bring my Mama into this conversation but she was a good Mom and she taught me a couple of things: 1) If you are guilty of something you will always be guilty, but if you confess your sins then you still have a chance, and 2) If a dog don't want to bark then he probably isn't going to. I was trying to teach my dog some tricks and my Mom obviuosly reckognized my lack of talent to which she said, "Son, you might as well move on to something else. If Bitsy wants to bark she'll do it in her own good time."

I did move on to a career that I have written about and now I am living in Thailand (although in America for one month) having a great time enjoying the sweets of my past labors and reading and writing on this board.

So good night. It is six in the morning in Oklahoma.


11-25-04, 16:27
This thread (which I initiated) is now lacking any real info (exept from Poster...s sometimes excellent posts). I have now decided to post here again: I will answer any question to the best of my knowledge.

I will post when I am sober - and not delete any posts.

By the way - whoever asked... The answer is: I don't fuck MY students, I fuck other teachers' students.


Joe Zop
11-25-04, 17:00
Good to hear from you again, Philo. How about an update on how things are going with you?

11-26-04, 09:07
Hello Joe_Zop

I am OK - but generally bored here in BKK. Living here - not having too much cash - meens limited spending and also working.

I also find I like Thailand less than ever before - and the only two reasons I stay is that Europe is dark and frosty and I am addicted to exploiting a young (i.e. not too young) cutie every now and then.

Advice to whoever needs it: If you want to be happy and unknowing here, you should not read newspapers, watch tv, ask about anything in the girls real life, learn to speak (or even worse read) Thai or parttake in any other activity that will educate you on cultural, sosiological or ecomic aspects of the country. I guess that goes for most of Asia.

The winners are - alas - the farang-trash of Pattaya on their lifelong holiday exchanging stupidities in english, not knowing more about the country than its name.

11-26-04, 16:06
Excuse my Ignorance , but what , exactly , is a WAI ??

From the context of posters here , it is apparently some sort of physical demonstration of Respect

.... but what does it entail ???

Khàp khun mahk !!

Coma Boy
11-26-04, 16:13
A Wai is the Thai greeting with the palms pressed together at chest level.

You know what I mean right? You see it everytime you enter a hotel etcetera etcetera.

(PS- Well done for asking in this thread, rather than continuing the Wai discussion that was going on in the photo thread).

11-26-04, 16:37
Please give any search site the string 'what is a thai wai'. You will get 10000-200000 hits. The first simple little thing I found was


The Traveler
11-26-04, 22:16
dear traveler, if your posts are about girls (not women) then you must refrain from posting as this is not acceptable under the rules of our jackson god.

hi poster,

i do not want to get that useless discussion going on any further in the forum. guess most of the members and jackson as well are quite pissed about it and all in all it doesn't make sense to me. but since you have never been involved in the ranting and seem to be a bright guy i will answer. if you feel the need to respond, i kindly ask you to move it to pm. everything has been said, so no need to waste more space in the forum.

domino doesn't want to think about anything that might concur with his one-dimensional sight, he doesn't even want to listen. this behaviour itself displays how limited he is, being a bright guy otherwise. he might have his reasons for acting like that but he has been caught several times lying, especially when he claimed to do only women and joe zop later told us that domino/skinless just had a 19yr old woman.

i guess you have followed the discussion long enough so i do not have to repeat what mistake he might have done in case she provided a faked or borrowed id. i also doubt that he asks each and every girl. he wants us to believe it and tries to make a case where there is none.
anyway, it's unimportant if he had been fooled or not, it doesn't change anything, just that he isn't entitled to judge others. remember what the bible says, "only who is without guilt should cast the first stone".

nevertheless, i found your comment quite unfair and to be true it hurts if someone like you says something like that. seems you have taken side even though you say you haven't. you indirectly indicate that i post about ****d, which isn't the case.

i never posted anything about ****d and do not target them. it is all just a retaliation for a joke i made about skinless and freeler.

as you might remember, i only once posted a picture of a 17+yrs old dressed prostitute and issued a warning so others can avoid her. i asked her about age and id before i took her. she lied regarding age and also lied that she forgot her id at home or something like that. i found out later - when paying after the act - that she was carrying her id in her purse. if i would have just handed out the money to her instead of putting it into her purse i would never have known and we wouldn't have had that discussion.

does it make me a **** ? not only that domino is misusing that term for his very own reasons - by definition a **** is someone who targets minors at the age of 12 and below - he also claims that his assumptions and interpretations of thai law displaying the truth, but ignores all facts and arguments which do not support his point of view. an interpretation which differs from his own is "hairsplitting" and he avoids to answer/explain why the lawmakers made certain additions and formulations.

i ran into a prostitute who claimed to be of legal age. all anyone can blame me for is not insisting that she provided her id because she looked like 20yrs. does it make me a criminal ? but even if i would have insisted -just like domino wants us to believe he does - it isn't foolproof. what if a girl provides a faked or borrowed one ? you are smart enough to see that it might happen to everyone of us, domino/skinless included.

intent is the key. only someone who targets ****d by intent is a criminal.
can you say with 100% certainty that you never have been fooled that way ?

the only difference between domino and me is, that i am honest, saw a problem and adressed it by issuing a warning. domino prefers to keep his own faults undercover.

domino/skinless isn't interested in that issue at all, he only uses that as a weapon against me. why wasn't there any outcry when some guys posted that they don't even care, a pro is a pro and that they do not even ask for age, not to speak to check ids ?

i guess all my posted pics - before and after that incident - speak for themselve. all girls of legal age, so i obviously do not target ****d.

so why not leave it up to the local authorities and law enforcement to judge me ? there is obviously no case in real life. i haven't been arrested and nobody pressed charges against me. it didn't happen in a *****house in a dark alley in pilok, it happened in pattaya soi 8. hundreds of people saw me picking that girl from a bar and taking off with her, people at the hotel including staff saw me as well and even police at soi 8 and the intersection second road/central pattaya, but nobody called police, made any comment regarding her age or felt the need to question or arrest me. guess why ?
if i wouldn't have posted her age, nobody in the forum would ever doubted that she isn't 20yrs old.

there is nothing else to say about it.

11-26-04, 23:38
very few mongerers ask for id from bgs or massage girls. why? because most of the men have already had a few drinks and are thinking about 1 thing only. good for those of you who do check but most people are only interested in the fact that the girl is somewhat cute and that she performs well. bangkok is not a place where people become bouncers and check the id of each girl that they are going to only spend a few hours with in the night time.

i don't think that the girls mind if you ask them. but get real about this. the assumption (mostly a correct one) is that if the girls can work there, then they must be legal. the police are not looking for this type of tourist but the one who seeks out very young ladies. the establishments are only interested in making money. even when there is a crakdown, (police sometimes make the motions and bust some of the girls under 18...mostly to collect money) the girls take a night off and party or go to freelancer places. you could save yourself the effort by staying at a hotel that keeps the girl's id until she leaves. simply ask them how old she is. end of story. not really. many of the **** girls have fake id cards (much like illegal aliens in the usa).

so while there are a few under 18 years old it may be difficult to really know who they are. do the best you can by checking ids and asking around. that is all you can do in the end. think of it as due diligence.

11-27-04, 01:29
WAI is the Thai sign of salutation or mutual recognition =

Raise both hands, joined palm to palm, lightly touching the body somewhere between the face and chest. The higher the hands are raised, the greater is the respect and courtesy conveyed. The person who is inferior in age or rank in the social scale of precedence initiates such a movement of the hands and the person receiving the salutation immediately recipocrates. The Thai salutation may be rendered while sitting, standing, walking or even lying in bed during illness. In rendering a salutation while standing to a most respected person who is sitting, one, as a decorum of good manners, will stoop or bend the head at the same time. When taking leave, the departing person will offer a salute in the same manner, followed in turn by a corresponding salute of the other person. Such a salutation is called a wai in Thai, and is often seen in Thai society.

When to wai

The question of when to wai and how to wai is learnt from the earliest days of childhood. It comes naturally for a Thai, but is a problem for the visitor. A wai is not only reserved for greetings and farewells, but for a manner of other reasons too. When a person is receiving anything from a senior, he will raise his hands as a wai to the giver as a polite gesture of thanks before or after receiving it as circumstances demand. When someone is asking someone's pardon or favour, one usually makes such a wai too. During a Buddhist sermon, monks and lay persons will sit respectfully with their hands to chest level in a wai. A group of students passing their teacher at school will come smartly to attention and wai and bow with almost military precision. On buses and in taxis passengers wai sacred places and revered statues of past kings as they pass by. Even the drivers quickly take their hands off the wheel for a quick wai to a shrine put up to protect road users.

Who to wai

The best advice to farang (westerners) in Thailand is that unless you receive a wai first, stick to the handshake with men and a polite smile with women. As you spend more time in Thailand you will soon learn some important rules:

Do not wai servants, labourers, children and other people of an obviously lower social status than yours.

If you receive a high wai, reply with a lower wai.

The safest people to wai are monks and the very old (but not if they are your servants or street vendors!).

The appropriate deference position is shown by lowering the head and body, not by raising the hands.

Remember, a wai is not a "hello". Overuse would devalue its meaning.

11-27-04, 02:56
1. he broke the law by fucking **** girls. he posted multiple photos of them.
2. read the start of the skinless/traveller discusison to see how things escalated and how he regarded it all as a big joke and less important than learning the codes for bold block and red.
3. read freeler's comments near the end to see waht traveller's agenda, since proven many times over, was
4. i was in pansonbat hotel, philok's most well known brothel. i was not up some alley: that is just part of this guy's tactics of defending himself with smears (calling names as he cannot argue the facts even though he is finally addressing them, while putting in plenty of smears as well to divert us).
5. it has been educational watching this guy's on line gymastical tactics. but it gets boring and that is why i stayed out of his spat with purple n gold.
6. the traveller speaks about him and me meeting for a drink. i do not drink, his smears about me, drink and yabba notwithstanding. and life is too short to meet sickos like him. plus, if you read his bouncer related comments: typical brute reaction, craving violence and proving himself by being king of the schoolyard. nothing boiling water and a few pounds of sugar on his face would not cure. (as he has never been inside, or anywhere really tough, he knows fuck all about that, just like he knows fuck all about thailand's child prostitution laws. or pretends not to. whichever.
7. 19 years of age is a woman in thailand. traveller does not know that, just like he does not know he has broken the law repeatedly in a big way.

posterlion and philo: i have "enjoyed" your posts here and they give me, at least, lots of food for thought. more of that has to be good.

bus leaving: gotta shoot. if interested, read the original thread. once this troll stops, the others wil soon follow and the board will move back to being a god resource.

this sicko also tried to use the fact that i (he and terry troll were wrong here giving credit and blame to zop and freeler) wrote about **** in the faqs. the reason i did this was very simple, and very important:
1. there had been multiple queries about it, and how to calculate the right age. putting it in a faq helped get rid of those wasted posts.
2. i read books like the damage done about doing time in thailand and so i stressed that too.
the whole style was not mine. it was borrowed,: simply because those who went before me thought it worth stressing too.

but i gave up long ago trying to convince traveller of anything. i stand up to him so that others may also be warned and take appropriate action, evasive action included.
maybe germans do not have a word for jail bait. or maybe it is just traveller's family who seem to be into nothing more than violent jobs (bouncers), violent dogs (his uncle) and etc etc etc.

whatever. i hope you and philo write some more insights and that someone redoes the faqs and updates them. now it is bye bye as i have a bus to catch

Terry Terrier
11-27-04, 08:13

I used to think that Waffler Domino's endless lies, deceptions and distortions of others' words and meanings were worth ridiculing. But I realised that I was becoming as big a bore as him. Take your own advice and leave the sad, mentally ill fuck-up to his own devices. He only impresses his (very small) group of harpies. The rest are bored shitless by the whole thing (including our side of it).

11-27-04, 09:34
Very good posting by PsyberZombie about the Wai. However, there are some exceptions to the rules. Sometimes a lower level person, like a servant, may receive the higher level of Wai as a sign of repsect. The person would have to had earned that respect for some past deed.

For example, we had a cleaning lady working for Lever Brothers in Thailand that many of the people would Wai in the highest position because they respected her for giving them all kinds of good advice. Yet she was employed in a lower level position which normally you never have to Wai. A rich girl may have a driver who has been in the family for decades. She shows the highest level of respect...earned from past service to her family.

Yes, the Farung who Wais the bargirl is an idiot, but at the same time, some girls will find it kind of cute. Like "doesn't he know that I am a hooker?" kind of cute. It is definitely wrong but better to give too much respect to a girl who you want to perforn later that evening. If you treat them like crap they may decide not to let you barfine them or rip you off later. Best advice is to just shake hands until you get the general rules down.

Also, if you are a newbie it can be fun to have the ladies teach you about the Wai and their culture. Establishing a rapport (sic) can possibly lead to her enhanced performance...more like a GFE. That is the theory, but you can never forget that you are Farung. Many Thai men will have a couple of drinks with the girls in the MPs before they go up to the room. They tell me that it gives them more time with the girl and shows they are interested in her as a "person." This, in turn, leads to a true GFE. It really does work ...sometimes anyway... so you may want to try it if you have an extra 20 minutes some night.

BTW, many a Thai will shake your hand like a limp wristed fairy so do not squeeze too hard. Many are not used to shaking hands so they offer up the hand, palms down, like in the Victorian days. Go with the flow and never get angry. It is another culture and just think how foolish they would seem in the USA...it will always make you smile.

The Traveler
11-27-04, 09:41

yes, you are right, let's leave him alone.

Also keep in mind that he only compared you with an innocent, helpless and cute little puppy. Not a bad comparison if you ask me. Most girls - if not all - like to hug and kiss those puppies and take them to bed to cuddle and sleep with them. Nothing I would complain about. :)

Since Domino never tells us fictional stories but only the truth, he indeed abused that helpless little puppy instead of feeding and protecting it. Someone who is capable of doing that is definitely capable of doing more. That clearly displays his character.and doesn't need to be commented on.

Let him stay with his 19yr old WOMEN, who have been mutated from being children into being WOMEN during that magic second on their 18th birthday.
I rather prefer to stay with 19yr old girls, who had some time for adolescence and to develop a character.

Damn, reading that I guess I found out about the source of Domino's lack of character and insane behaviour. He himself mutated into a MAN from being a child during his personal magic second, not having enough time to develop some character. Domino, you are excused. :D

And don't worry, I will stick to my own advice and will refrain from going into battle with him again. Sure it was entertaining for some time to pull the strings of my little marionette and see him acting just as predicted. But like most toys even this is getting old and I put him back in the box.
BTW, he should have choosen PINOCCHIO as his user name, that describes him much better.

I only replied to Poster since he never took part in it and seemed to have missed something. I won't reply to Pinocchio, it's wasted time.

The members of the forum aren't just sick of it to the bone like the two of us, they are also smart enough to make their own picture and are able to judge who is honest and who isn't.

The more he goes on, the more foolish he looks like. Be it so.

Take care

Terry, would you please do me a favour ? Pinocchio says I invited him for a drink. Could you please help me to find that post, I can't.
All I recall are his posts regarding he is carrying knives, tough guys like him who did some time and the like.

I would also like to know why he felt the need to explain and assure us about what he did in Philok. Nobody asked him.
I never mentioned his name in any context with it, just used Philok in a comparison. Hmm, strange, any idea ?
Maybe Poster is right with his "the guilty always speak first". :(

I totally agree with Poster, who says : "Those that will not fess up to wrong doing while at the same time talk about doing wrong are generally suspect."

Thanks for any help

Migrant One
11-27-04, 12:41
Hello Joe_Zop

I am OK - but generally bored here in BKK. Living here - not having too much cash - meens limited spending and also working.


I've seen, and read, much of teachers (assuming you are teaching from the earlier student comment) lives there. I've also read a few opinions on costs of living.

If bored could you comment on these? It sounds as if there is trouble in paradise.



11-27-04, 18:53

it is quite boring to read all this nonsense. Jackson, can we please create a "Thailand Kindergarten" thread, then they can go ahead with this nonsense there.



The Traveler
11-27-04, 21:32
I compiled a list of insurance companies with contact info for the ones who are looking for insurance in Thailand (car, bike, health)

American International Assurance (Life)
AIC Building, 181/19 Suwawong,
Bangkok 10500
Tel: (02):634-8888
Fax: 236-6452


Apex Health Insurance Co., Ltd.
11 Monterey Tower, 2170 New Petchaburi Rd,
Bangkok 10320
Tel 3080777
Fax 3080797


Axa insurance Public Co Ltd.
1168/67 Lumpini Tower, Rama IV Rd,
Tel: (02) 679-8277.
Fax: 285-6383

Partner with bank of Asia, in over 50 countries, personal & corporate risks


Ayudhya Allianz C.P. Life Pcl.
17th Floor, Ploenchit Tower 898 Ploenchit Rd.,
Bangkok 10330
Tel: (02) 263-0333
Fax: (02) 263-0313



Bangkok Insurance Public Co.
25 South Sathorn.
Tel: (02) 285-8888.


302 Silom Rd, Suriwong,
Bangkok 10500;
Tel 2378237
Fax 2366541

complete service, fire, marine, car, health etc


Bangkok Life Assurance Ltd.
23/115 Royal City Avenue, Rama 9 Rd., Huaykwang
Bangkok 10320
Tel: (02) 203-0055, , 6415599
Fax: (02) 203-0044, 2030055 ext. 1415, 6415795

security using the Bangkok bank group.


Bangkok Union Insurance PCL.
Bangkok Union INsurance Building, 175-177 Surawongse Rd. Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel : 2336920
Fax : 2383255


BUPA Blue Cross-Health Insurance Co., Ltd.
Pilot Building, 331 Silom Road,
Bangkok 10500
Tel: (02) 235 5832-4 , 266-9230-4, 234-7680-7, 234-7755.
Fax: 238 3307, 238-1298;


38 Q-House Convent Building 9th Floor, Convent Rd., Silom, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel 0-2234-7680-7
Fax 0-2632-0661

for comprehensive health insurance



Chubb Insurance Company.
52 Silom Rd.
Tel: (02) 231-2640.
Fax: (02) 231-2654


Cigna Insurance Asia Pacific.
Alma link Building, Chidiom Rd.
Tel: (02) 655-4099.
Fax: (02) 655-4095

accident and health insurance.


Commercial Union (General)
Commercial Union Building, 1908 New Petchaburi Road,
Bangkok 10320
Tel: (02) 318-8318;
Fax: 319 1199;


Dhipaya Insurance Co
65/1 Soi Thaveemitr, Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang,
Bangkok 10310
Phone:Tel (02) 248 0059;
Fax: 248 7849



Guardian Insurance.
191 Silom Rd.
Tel: (02) 266-2699.
Fax: (02) 266-2671


Interlife John Hancock Assurance Plc
364/30 Sri Ayudyha Road, Rachathewee,
Bangkok 10400.
Tel: (02) 246-7650-99
Fax: 248-5391


Khoomkhao Insurance Public Co.
246-246/1 Charumuang.
Tel: (02) 613-8911-22 216-2288, 214-0033
Fax: 214-3332, 216-7776.

vehicle insurance.


Liberty Insurance
90/54-57 Rajprarop Road, Rajathewi,
Bangkok 10400
Phone: 245 1991, 322-3000-44, 321-7332
Fax: (02) 321-8432
casualty: 321-9060-4 fax: 322-3049


Nam Seng Insurance Public Co Ltd.
767 Krungthep-North.
Tel: (02) 911-4567.
Fax: 236-5883


Ocean insurance Co Ltd. head Office.
Ocean Building Surawong Rd.
Tel (02) 234-8899, 234-8999, 233-4542,233-4550

life, auto, fire, marine


Pacific Insurance Public Co Ltd.
71 Dindaeng Rd.
Tel: (02) 644-6400 248-0900, 248-0910.
Fax: 248-4575


Phatra Insurance Public co Ltd.
252 Rachadaphisek, Huaykwang
Bangkok 10320
Tel: (02) 276-2030-2
Fax: (02) 276-2064

Accident, fire, marine, auto, insurance via ATM


QBE INSURANCE (Thailand) Co Ltd.
161/1 SG Tower. Soi Mahatlekluang 3, Rajdamrj Rd, Lumpinee, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330
Tel: (02) 651-8780 (23 lines)
Fax: 651-8803, 651 -8804.


Royal & Sun Alliance (General) 1550 New Petburi
Rd. Bangkok.
Tel (02) 207 0266-85 ;
Fax 207 0575


Sahawatana Insurance
216-20 Rajawong Rd
Bangkok 10100
Tel: (02) 222-2064, 222-2071, 222-2757, 222-2511


23/5 Soi Prompong Sukhumvit 39
Tel: (02) 662-7010-9


The Samaggi Insurance PCL.
2/4 Samaggi Insurance Tower 12th Floor, Northpark Project,
Vibhavakirangsit Rd., Laksi,
Bangkok 10210
Tel 9550100-29
Fax 9550150-1


Siam City Insurance.
138/36-8 Nares
Tel: 267-1010-3, 267-1034



Siam Commercial Life Assurance.
1060 New Petchburi Rd.
Tel: (02) 253-5200, 692-5132, 692-5122-31
Fax: (02) 276-9161


Siam Life Insurance Co Ltd.
75/72-3 Sukhumvit 19.
Tel: (02) 260-5536-43

served Thailand for 3 decades .Individual &life and group plans


Southeast Insurance
315 Silom Rd.
Tel: (02) 631-1331, 237-7470.
Fax: (02) 236-7614.

all types of insurance, personal accident to life, autos, group life ordinary life.


Thai Life Insurance Co Ltd.
123 Rachadaphisek.
Tel: (02) 247-0247-8 247-0222, 247-0234
Fax: 246-9946


Asoke Building 38/47-56 Sukhumvit 21;
Tel: 259-3068-82
Fax: 259-2070


The Deves Insurance PCL
97,99 Ratchadamnoen-Klong Rd.,
Tel 0-2280-0985
Fax 0-2280-1439


Viriyah Insurance Co Ltd.
1242 Krungkasem Rd.
Tel: (02) 223-0851, 223-0996, 225-0137, 224-0059
Fax: 623-4213

Lumpini Branch
1168/5 Rama 4
Tel: (02) 286-6075, 286-6107, 286-6158
Fax: 286-6029

one of the biggest Thai Insurance companies

The Traveler
11-27-04, 21:36
I recommend one of the following for Health Insurance

BUPA Blue Cross
Pilot Building, 331 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500
Tel: 235 5832-4 , 266-9230-4, 234-7680-7, 234-7755.
Fax: 238 3307, 238-1298;

for comprehensive health insurance.
www.bupa.com or www.bupathailand.com


AIA Co.,Ltd.
28 Old Airport Rd., Suthep, Muang,
Chiang Mai 50200.
Tel. 01-6815403.
e-mail sukontikar@usa.net (Khun Noom)
multiple services for foreigners who need security and medical care.Life and health insurance.


Thai Health Insurance co Ltd.
123 rachadaphisek Rd.
Tel: (02) 246-9680-2.
Fax: (02) 246-9806

The Traveler
11-27-04, 21:42
The following companies offer health insurances for abroad. You will need it if you decide to take your favorite TG back home. A Schengen visa application requests full cover health insurance.

The New Hampshire Insurance
3rd Floor, Decho Building2/1
Decho Rd., ( Near A.I. Tower )
Opposite Esso Gas Station
Surawongse Rd.
Bangkok 10500
Tel: 634 7566
Fax: 02-234 9267


Blue Cross Insurance Ltd.
9th Floor, Q-House Convent Building
38 Convent Road, Silom Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02-234 7755 ext. 730,70702-234 7680-2


Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance (Thailand)
Ltd.24th Floor, Grand Amarin Tower,
1550 New Petchburi RdMakkasan,
Bangkok 10310
Tel.: 02-207 0266-85
Fax: 02-207 0575-76



Health Insurance Division of Nam Seng Insurance
PCLRoom 1404 Silom Office, 14th floor,
Liberty Square287 Silom Road,Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02-631-1582-4
Fax: 02-631 1580

E-Mail: edohlon@yahoo.com


Mondial Assistance
29th Floor, Grand Amarin Tower,
1550 New Petchburi Rd
(Khun Saovalak Wontanawaikoon) Makasan,
Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02-305 8512
Fax: 02-305 8532

E-Mail: saovalak.wontanawaikoon@mondial-assistance-thailand.com


OMNI Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.
9th Floor, Unit 901,One Pacific Place Building
140 Sukhumvit Road,Klongtoey,
Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02-653-2522-5, 02-653-2527 Ext.12
Fax: 02-653-2526

E-Mail: alistairdickmann@omniplans.comwww.omniplans.com


DKV - Deutsche Krankenversicherung
sold by Mr. Bordt
Office in the "Malaysia Hotel"
otherwise Pattaya Beach Condominium (Room 36)
482 M. 10 Soi 13 Nongprue


Hanse Merkur Reiseversicherung
c/a Sea-Air Land Tours
Herr Hoffmann
183/3 Soi Post Office,
Tel. 038 710829
Fax 038 710 831

11-28-04, 06:58
Holy shit Traveler !

Do you work in the insurance industry ? Lots of info. Thanks.


The Traveler
11-28-04, 09:31

LOL, nope, but I found it more useful to compile a list with contact info than just straying hints like it seems to be the case in the forum. If anyone reads back he will see many posts where members only want to give away insurance info via PM. There is no secret to it, these are big companies with real business and not some "top secret" agencies where you never know if your money really reached the insurance company.

My preferred companies are :

AIA for Health
Viriyah for car/motorbike

The Traveler
11-28-04, 10:35
In the past it had always been some pain in the ass to pay the tax for your car or motorbike, especially - just like my case - if your car/bike is registered in a different Changwat. In the past you could only pay your tax and prolong your license at a certain office in the appropriate Changwat. This has changed about 2 years ago. You can now prolong it at any appropriate office throughout the country, no matter where your vehicle is registered.

Since my motorbike is registered in BKK, I had to pay in BKK as well. Therefore I either had to drive to BKK with all the necessary papers and do it myself or use my trusted motorbike shop to do it for me. The latter usually needed a couple of months.

Now you can do it all on the fly. Since I guess that most guys who intent to buy a car/bike will mostly likely stay in Pattaya and around - who drives in BKK with traffic jam almost around the clock ? - I will describe the procedure and locations for that place.


What you need :

First of all you need your license book which you will get with your license plate and which is also the proof of ownership. It's dark blue for cars and dark green for motorbikes. I have seen orange ones in the past but I am not sure for what kind of vehicle they are.

Second, you will need an insurance.
I prefer

The Viriyah Insurance
79 Moo 1 Sukhumvit Rd.
Banglamung, Chonburi 20150
Phone : (038) 703 104 - 12
Fax : (038) 703 113

They are open Mo-Fri. 9:00 - 16:30 as far as I remember.
Standard insurance for my 750 cc motorbike set me back a mere 491.12 baht (456,99 baht for insurance, 2 baht duty stamp, 32,12 baht VAT). A smaller bike (150 cc) is a bit cheaper, around 200 baht I guess.

I used to own a car a couple of years ago, a Daewoo Espero 2.0. As far as I remember the standard rate was around 2.000 baht, but I always used the Premium which was about 20.000 per year.

If your vehicle is older than ten years or had no check up during the last four years, you also have to go to the

Motorway Service Center
158 Moo 2 Sukhumvit Rd.
Banglamung, Chonburi
Phone : (038) 703 149

Don't worry, this year I needed that checkup. They did not check anything at all. He only looked at the motorbike to confirm it's existence, but no checkup of lights, break, exhaust or whatever. Anyway, for looking at it I had to pay 60 baht in total.

If you own a car they will check the exhaust gases/emissions and brake, at least I witnessed that they did it at a diesel pickup.

After that you have to proceed to the tax office, pay another 120 baht and that's it.


Locations and procedures :

Insurance :

It's directly at the highway. If you leave Pattaya on the highway towards BKK you first have to pass by Naklua. On your left hand you will see Naklua Police station and later on the orphanage. Drive on till you will see a building (currently Mercedes Benz service and sales point) with a blue round roof. It's unique and easy to see. There are no buildings close to it, therefore you can't miss it.

Directly opposite this building (at your side of the highway) is the insurance company. Just go in and provide your license book. They might probably ask you if you are already a customer (saves them to type in your details) therefore it is always a good idea to keep the bill of the last year.

After paying they will hand out some papers. Keep the bill, it has to be provided at the tax office. Also tape down the square sticker to your vehicle, if car inside at the front shield, if bike below your seat to protect it from rain. Special foils will be handed out by the insurance company and are available at supermarkets like foodland.

Motorway center

The Motorway Center is quite close to the insurance company, just on the other side of the street. Just take the next U-turn and turn back heading towards Naklua. About 50-100m after you had passed the building with the blue round roof you will see it directly at the highway. But beware, it's quite small (max 6m streetfront) but has a big sign. Just drive slow and you won't miss it.

Stop your vehicle in front, walk in and proceed to one of the mechanics. He will take your license book and tell you to wait. Sometimes they have to make a copy of your frame and motor number on some special tape. So make sure that you know where it is and that there isn't too much paint on it.

After checking your vehicle pay and leave with the paper and your license book.

Tax office :

Now take the next U-Turn again and head towards BKK, but not far, only till you reach the bridge of the superhighway. You have yet to take another U-Turn, the one below that bridge to head towards Rayong, just follow the signs. You will pass several gas stations on your left hand side and think you might get lost, but don't worry, you are on your way. After approx 5-6 kms (maybe a bit more far) you will see a big red building on your right hand side. It's a school or university, called International or St. Andrews or the like (sorry, don't remember). Since it is the only building there and quite big you can't miss it. Take the next U-Turn and drive back till you pass that school. Drive slow ! Directly after you have passed the school there is a small street, take it. So turn left and leave the highway. Just follow the street and you will reach the tax office (left hand side).

Once reached the tax office draw a number at the machine and wait till they call it, there is also a display at the wall. Provide your papers (license book, insurance bill, check up report/bill) and pay your tax. You will get the round license sticker in the end. Place it right next to your insurance sticker mentioned before.


11-30-04, 16:33
Jesus H TT!

I second that comment about Traveler.

Hey traveler,

Would you mind posting what coverages you subscribe to with AIA and how much they cost? I'll go and check their website but I am curious to hear a real life quote.

Thanks in Advance,

11-30-04, 17:09
I just read your reply to JoeZop. May I ask how long you've been in Thailand?

I understand what you mean about the winners and the losers. I've learned a lot about Thailand since I've been here (almost a year now).

My girl friend or ex-girlfriend (not sure as we still talk even though we are phucking around with other people) used to translate the oh-daily to me every week. Thailand isn't for everyone and maybe one day I will end up with an opinion like your own. I hope not but I can't predict the future.

Hmmm... I understand what you mean about the girls too. Their stuff is addictive. I'd say everyone on this board has a case of addiction be it (mild, medium, or otherwise). After all, we spend our time reading and writing about P4P here. Why on earth aren't we doing something more productive? Sometimes I ask myself this question and I think I know the answer. It must be a mild form of addiction. :)


J Ride
12-02-04, 02:07
I am interested in living in Thailand for one year, but I am not sure where to begin. I am a thorough researcher, but I would also like to solicate any advice you all may have to offer. I would like to live and work in Pattaya. Is there a network for Farangs that are new to the country that I can get plugged into. My background is in banking and management. I'm still in my twenties and have my BS degree. If my post seems a little off, forgive me, I'm just dropping a hook in the water. Really, if you guys know anything about living and working overthere that would be helpful to me please share it. I'd be very interersted and greatful.


12-02-04, 13:51

I've seen, and read, much of teachers (assuming you are teaching from the earlier student comment) lives there. I've also read a few opinions on costs of living.

If bored could you comment on these? It sounds as if there is trouble in paradise.



Please see post # 27 in this thread (two links are dead) - and also a lot of other posts amongst the first 50 here.

Money pr. month (Baht):

Canadian in the countryside taking care of a whole family of 9 people (story in Bangkok Post). Budget less than 10k.

English teachers: 20-50 k.

You want new pretty & sexy hired pussy everyday in a nice studio/flat and are drinking in the bars: 100-200 k.

Ph (who gets fucking 36 k for teaching math at university)

12-02-04, 14:16
Hello Posterlion

Only 1.5 years.

But I was stupid enough to try to get inside this part of the world - and that means a lot of books, hundred of hours at websites (including SEA academical ones), going to school learning to speak and read Thai, Lao and Khmer), 2-3 hours of local radio and TV everyday, all local english language newspapers and one in the local language.

I fucking hate Asia - but I will never leave - so that means I love it?. I will only stay longtime with girls who cannot or dare not speak English. That means your girl is a factbook - not some stupid Tinglish speaking doll.

Sometimes the tiny lovelies say to me: Khun pben konn Thai (x percent) / Khun jai Thai / Khun kit muan konn Thai. But Philo will one day be leaving for China or Vietnam where the girls are even lovelier...

12-02-04, 21:35
Sometimes the tiny lovelies say to me: Khun pben konn Thai (x percent) / Khun jai Thai / Khun kit muan konn Thai. But Philo will one day be leaving for China or Vietnam where the girls are even lovelier...

I have gotten these remarks as well but I have not put forth near the effort that you have. There are times I think I don't want to know what is going on around me but my curiousity always wins out. I reckon this means I'll keep studying at my lackluster pace until I have actually made an accomplishment.

I get accussed of being Thai mostly from my eating habits and my aversion to the sun. lol... :)

Well Sir, I am sorry that you hate Thailand so much but am also happy that you somehow love it too. Where you a Russian in a past life? ;)

I hope to see China and Vietnam one day as well. At present, living in Thailand is just a first stop for me on my way to "who knows where?"


Migrant One
12-02-04, 22:46
I get accussed of being Thai mostly from my eating habits and my aversion to the sun. lol... :)

I am by far the newbie compared to you two (and most others) but I did take the time to try to learn a few words and phrases (came in handy due to one ladies birthday, and my ability to say 'happy birthday').

I also went native in my eating habits (even to the extent of the fork/spoon routine).

I think my efforts were rewarded, and at least they were commented on often (albeit often with laughter).


12-07-04, 16:51
Well guys

The days of freedom in Thailand might be over ...

On Sunday the 5th - the Kings birthday - I watched ITV reporting from Sanam Luang - and they hardly bothered to take away the TRT logo when the Kings portrait was in focus ...

Offending, if you ask Ph

Just Marinate
12-07-04, 22:50
Well me and a couple of my friends will be arriving in Bangkok on the 11th of Jan. and I wanted to get some of you guys opinions on whether or not to try and get a serviced apartment or just stay at the same hotel we always stay at. From what I understand there would not be that big a difference in the price for us, but I wanted to know about conveince and any downsides compared to just going the hotel route. And yes I did try to do a search, but I want some current and up to date info.


The Traveler
12-08-04, 19:53
Just Marinate

I don't see any difference at all between a hotel and a serviced apartment (with daily service). I used to stay at the Royal President for some time and indeed there was none. Rooms were made up every day, towels and bedsheets changed just like in a hotel. At the gym, sauna and pool they provided extra towels and you could order drinks and food if you like to. All services you get at a hotel are usually available at serviced apartments too. So no advantages or disadvantages if you ask me.

I Monger
12-08-04, 23:55
Hi all,

I will be in and out of Thailand (in addition to its ladies) monthly in '05 for work (and pleasure). I'm considering renting a NON-serviced apartment somewhere along Sukhumvit and relatively close to a BTS station. I've done as much research as possible on the internet, but going there and finding a place is probably the best way to go.

I'm looking to spend not more than 15,000 baht/mo (rent only), and prefer a 1 bedroom over a studio, with approxiately 40-50 sqm. I don't want a dump, for sure. Any suggestions? I've found this apartment group and kind of like it. Thoughts?




Old Thai Hand
12-09-04, 05:53
There have been frequent questions about teaching in Thailand. It is a very broad issue determined by many factors. But, I thought I would add my experience, because it seems to be more extensive than most. If I go over ground already covered, by others, forgive me.

FYI, I taught in Thailand, at the university level for 7 1/2 years, my last position being a lecturer at Bangkok University. Basically, to make any kind of decent, liveable salary as a teacher in Thailand you need good qualifications and a reasonable amount of experience. I have a MFA, 2 TEFL certificates (one advanced), a Postgrad diploma in Multimedia Design and am currently doing a Postgrad Teaching Certificate, so I can come back and teach at one of the handful of top International schools, where salaries begin at 100,000+/month. I have 20 years teaching experience. I never made less than 50,000/month. My last salary was over 100,000, but involved teaching a couple of adjunct courses at another university as extra work.

If you have a BA and a TEFL, you can get a job at a government primary or secondary school for 30,000-35,000/month teaching ESL.

Not to be a snob, but it really is the bottom of the barrel garnering neither much money or respect. The workload is generally heavy and you have to teach large classes of spoiled (IMHO) Thai kids. Actually, being a Khao San Road backpacker with a fake TEFL certificate, a 99 baht street tie and grubby clothes earning 150/hr. is probably the Real bottom of the barrel. They're to blame for keeping salaries in the TEFL market far too low. Taksin's preference for well-heeled tourists might keep these low-lifes away and help salaries for real teachers rise.

Thai Government Universities (salaries suck, workload sucks, attitudes towards Farangs suck - depends on the uni). You need at least an MA in something they need, business, especially Accounting being the best. There always seems to be a shortage of accounting instructors.

MA 15,000-30,000/month (may have housing as well)
MBA 20,000-35,000/month (ditto)
Phd 40,000-45,000/month (ditto)

Thai Private Universities (better facilities, better salaries, better workload, better attitude...and better looking students, I think. lots of eye-candy)

MA 38,000-42,000/month
MBA 42,000-45,000/month
Phd 45,000-55,000+/month

Salaries can be negotiated up, if you're a "hot" property.

Foreign Universities

Webster University (American)
50,000-75,000/month (including housing) (depends on degree)

Schiller-Stamford International University (French/American/Thai)
35,000-60,000 (depends on degree)

Both of these are down in Hua Hin. (Salaries are higher, workload is less and cost of living is relatively low)

International Schools

You need a legit, verifiable Teaching credential of some kind from a good school (not a TEFL. doesn't count) with at least 18 credit hours of education coursework. There's no way around this as it's a Ministry of Education requirement in order for you to get a work permit for the school. A degree in education is better, especially an M.ed. A Phd in Ed. or a D.ed. is the gold standard (name your price, become a school director, diddle the young kids...sorry, but that's happened all too frequently with the greatest perpetrators being Brits. I won't name names, though I could).

Most, even low-end International Schools pay a starting salary of 50,000+/month. The top schools (Bangkok Patana, ISB, Ruamruedee, NIST, Harrow, Regents) pay considerably more, especially if you're qualified and they really need you. It's better to be recruited off-shore for these. They pay more than they do for domestic recruits, already living in LOS and give other incentives such as return air-tickets. Even low to mid-level International schools will give you an end-of-contract bonus, usually 1 or maybe 2 months salary. There is a huge preference for Brits at the top-flight schools because many are based on the GCE program in Britain and have British curriculum. Exceptions are NIST, ISB and Ruamruedee which are more American.

Thailand, like other Asian countries thrives on connections and an "old-boy" network. I lucked out because my first job was working at The Nation at the middle-management level which allowed me immediate access to the rarified world of Thai HiSo. This is extremely rare.

Arriving cold, unless you have a Phd. from Oxford or Harvard with years of experience won't get you much, if you're looking to make money. If you want to support yourself, that's do-able while you get established. Come debt-free or you're screwed. Also, unless you're really special, if you're over 50, forget it. I'm 52. But, I know people and have interests there. If I was starting out now, even with all my qualifications, it would be very hard and not really worth it.

If anyone wants any other info, PM me.


Vince the Dog
12-12-04, 02:26
I would like to open a bank account in a Thai Bank but I don't have an address out there yet. I'm close to Los Angeles CA, and noticed most of the Thai banks have branches there. Can I open on up from the USA? I have Ex-inlaws in Bankok so I can get an address if i have to. Do I need a certain type of visa to open an account?

12-12-04, 04:11

You will do better to come to Thailand and find your apartment after you arrive. If it is on the internet it is not a good value. Thai people that have resorted to advertising their apartments are not going to afford you a truly good deal.

I advise you to come to Thailand and rent a 500 baht hotel for 15,000 baht per month while you look for an apartment you really like. The best way to find an apartment in Thailand (as anywhere), is to find the neighborhood you want to live in and walk around with your mobile phone.

When you see a place that looks agreeable then call them or just go in and ask if they have rooms available. I realize that this is not easy because of the language barrier, but if your budget is 15,000, you have nothing to lose by staying in a hotel first. Actually, if you can afford that much a hotel is better because you can check out anytime you like, and you can actually leave.

It is a bit daunting at first, but the key is to talk to foreigners that have apartments and ask them questions. It is not difficult to find these people as they are just like you and I and can be found in almost any bar on Sukhumvit.

Good Luck and you can PM me if you like,

Coma Boy
12-12-04, 18:05
Easier to wait until you reach Thailand to open an account.

All you need to show is your passport, the visa is not important. Plus you can use your LA address for the account.

The Thai banks in Cali most likely don't offer a counter service. They are probably just offices for corporate affairs. Have you actually seen branches of these banks? Or did you just look them up in Yellow Pages (or whatever you yanks use!).

12-12-04, 18:29
Coma boy has a good point, but on the other hand you can open an account in LA as well. I would personally open one at HSBC if I were you because it is a very large and very strong bank. I would also open an account at a Thai bank.

When you get to Thailand, unless you have a work permit/visa, you will be allowed to open a savings account only. You will not be allowed to open an account at a bank like HSBC at all until you have had a Thai bank account for one year.

There is a way around that though. You can access your money from an HSBC account in Thailand if you have had an HSBC account in another country for one year. That is why I suggest that you open an account with HSBC. Especially if you have time to kill before you make the move to LOS.

Just a thought,

Vince the Dog
12-12-04, 19:29
Thanks, this is great info. All this info is important since I plan on spending most of my time in LOS for several years and I can afford it.

I may even buy a house with my ex-wife. She lives here in the USA but is a Thai Citizen. I've been friends with her and her family here in the USA for ten years.

I'm very interested in this HSBC and what it can do for me since I do want to get setup financialy in Thailand. I will search more on that.

I've never been to the Los Angeles branches I just saw them on the internet. Maybe they are just corperate offices. I'll just call them on Monday.

Thanks Again

12-12-04, 23:08
We are Los Angeles, LA or So Cal but NEVER Cali....that is for tourists, rookies and people trying to be cool. Cali is for Cali, Colombia and we find that name to be insulting. I am not angry but I think a lot of people are more sensitive after we got a Governor who can not even pronounce the name of our state correctly... even though he has lived here for more than 30 years.

BTW, LOS is only used in the WSG. Grung Tayp is what the people in Bangkok call their city. The full name is really long and hard to remember but most Thais know (although many can't remember) because they learn it in school. It is really funny to see some places with the word Bangkok written in Thai as Bahn Gork. Like Bahn Gork Club or Bahn Gork Gold. Maybe our Governor Arnold used to live in Thailand before he came to LA.

The Traveler
12-12-04, 23:28
Vince the Dog

in addition to the below infos provided by Poster and ComaBoy, you can also access your thai accounts at any ATM abroad that has the "PLUS" sign. When you open your account they will ask you what kind of ATM you like to get. Take the more expensive one (200 baht instead of 100 per year), this will have the PLUS functionality.

Regarding address : Just provide your passport when open a savings account and name any address you want to. It could even be a hotel address. They do not care and won't send you any statements or confidential info.

But if you should decide to buy any stocks or funds at the thai stock market you should have a valid address. Usually they will send you monthly/quarterly statements and other inportant documents regarding your transactions.

Coma Boy
12-13-04, 15:26
BTW, LOS is only used in the WSG. Grung Tayp is what the people in Bangkok call their city. The full name is really long and hard to remember but most Thais know (although many can't remember) because they learn it in school.LOS isn't just a WSG thing, it is called LOS by many people, although not the Thais themselves of course. But the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) loves the name.

Okay, here's Bangkok's full name, in Karaoke Thai:

Kreung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattana Gosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Pop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.

Although "Kreung Thep" will suffice. (Pronounced Greung-Tep).

If you are trying to be polite, in a formal situation, or listening to the news, it's "Kreung Thep Mahanakhon".

Coma Boy
12-13-04, 16:08
We are Los Angeles, LA or So Cal but NEVER Cali - that is for tourists, rookies and people trying to be cool.Sorry, I was trying to be cool.

I know a few Californians who call it that though. I've visited a bunch of times also, I should know better.

How does your new Governor pronounce it?

12-13-04, 19:18
It must have been a brain freeze to not complete the thought. I guess the point I wanted to make was that the LOS thing is promotional rather than a common nickname. Thanks for the clarification.

Just as we say "U.S." rather than the United States of America I have been with many Thai people who just say Groong Tayp and omit the Maha Nakorn part. I can not tell you how many times that I said Maha Nakorn, at the end, and every time the Thai people laugh for quite a while. It became a good ice breaker when you did not know someone very well.

Just like they know the word is Krup but most say Kup...like we say yaa instead of yes. All of them can say Krup when it is needed but many just like to use Kup. But if I used Kup then most people would correct me. Rather helpful people to assist me with my Thai language skills. I learned Biddah and Mandah for father and mother in my Thai language book. Good thing someone corrected me on that one too.

BTW, be careful about learning slang words from Bargirls. The first few times I can to Bangkok I was saying Bullshit and Asshole, in Thai, all of the time. It may work in the bar, but you will get a cold reception with the locals when you use those words. Having said that, there are numerous stories of bar girls and MP girls going out of their way to teach correct Thai to many a foreigner.

12-14-04, 12:41
We are Los Angeles, LA or So Cal but NEVER Cali....that is for tourists, rookies and people trying to be cool. Cali is for Cali, Colombia and we find that name to be insulting. I am not angry but I think a lot of people are more sensitive after we got a Governor who can not even pronounce the name of our state correctly... even though he has lived here for more than 30 years.

BTW, LOS is only used in the WSG. Grung Tayp is what the people in Bangkok call their city. The full name is really long and hard to remember but most Thais know (although many can't remember) because they learn it in school. It is really funny to see some places with the word Bangkok written in Thai as Bahn Gork. Like Bahn Gork Club or Bahn Gork Gold. Maybe our Governor Arnold used to live in Thailand before he came to LA.

LOS in this context is an acronym for 'Land Of Smiles' (though Land of Scams and Sluts would be more appropiate). LOS connotes Thailand - 'prathet Thai' - i.e. 'country Thai' - not the city Bangkok (Krungthep mahanakorn ............., btw also the city of angels).

As for your governor - please consult your president (sic) ...


From a web search:

"Krungthep Mahanakhon Amonrattanakosi Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Nopphosin Ratchathaniburirom Udomrathaniwetmahasa Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathatiya Witsanukamprasit.

So what does this mean in English?

City of Angels, the Great City, the Residence of the Emerald Buddha, the Impregnable City of Ayutthaya of God Indra, the Grand Capital of the World Endowed with Nine Precious Gems, the Happy City Abounding in Enormous Royal Palaces That Resemble Heavenly Abode Wherein Dwell the Reincarnated Gods, a City Given by Indra and Built by Vishnukarm."

From another search:

"The name 'Bangkok' was derived from 'Bang Kork' and refers to the original site. Bangkok is also means as the City of Olives" as Bang means City and kok means Olive as Bangkok has alot of Olives during the past but now vanished."


PS Where did you live before?

The Traveler
12-15-04, 22:56

today I have received a letter of Father Philip of the FR. RAY FOUNDATION.
I regularly donate and kindly ask all other members to do the same.

Please help the poor and innocent and donate some money to

184 Moo 6, Sukhumvit 144
Box 15, Pattaya City
Chonburi 20150

Phone +66 - 38 - 428 717, 422745
Fax +66 - 38 - 716 629

How to donate :


Transfer from your bank can be made to the following banks:

Bangkok Bank Ltd.,
Banglamung Branch
Pattaya City 20150, Chonburi
Account Name: Fr. Ray Foundation
Account Number: 342-3-04125-4
Swift Code: BKKBTHBK

Kasikorn Bank Public Co., Ltd.
Pattaya Klang Branch
336/14 - 18 M.9 Nongprue
Banglamung Chonburi 20260
Account Name: Fr. Ray Foundation
Account Number: 291-2-08018-2
Swift Code: TFBSTHBK

Krung Thai Bank Public Company Ltd.,
Pattaya Klang Rd.,
209 Moo 9 Central Pattaya Rd.,
Pattaya City, 20260
Account Name: Redemptorist Fathers of Thailand
Account Number: 227-6-01534-9
Swift Code: KRTHTHBK
Routing no/chip UID: 7895

Please note, that 100% of your donation will reach the ones it is intended for.
There are NO administration fees of any kind !!!
All monies will directly go to the orphans and disabled and will be spend to feed and dress them and to give them a good education.

Father Ray, who founded and supervised the orphanage, has died on Aug. 16th 2003.and Fr. Philip Banchong Chaiyara took over.

Help if you can, even a bit is better than nothing !!!
Don't forget, it's Xmas
Thank you

12-27-04, 06:28
Hello Bangkok, my beloved city:

City of Angels, the Great City, the Residence of the Emerald Buddha, the Impregnable City of Ayutthaya of God Indra, the Grand Capital of the World Endowed with Nine Precious Gems, the Happy City Abounding in Enormous Royal Palaces That Resemble Heavenly Abode Wherein Dwell the Reincarnated Gods, a City Given by Indra and Built by Vishnukarm.

What else can I say? Schwing! :)

It's good to be back!


12-27-04, 19:33
Hello Bangkok, my beloved city:

City of Angels, the Great City, the Residence of the Emerald Buddha, the Impregnable City of Ayutthaya of God Indra, the Grand Capital of the World Endowed with Nine Precious Gems, the Happy City Abounding in Enormous Royal Palaces That Resemble Heavenly Abode Wherein Dwell the Reincarnated Gods, a City Given by Indra and Built by Vishnukarm.

What else can I say? Schwing! :)

It's good to be back!


Posterlion: Please explain this post. Thank you. Why, specifically, are you glad to be back? Cheap skanks, pretty rats, no snow, cheap blow?

12-28-04, 02:50
While the skanks are cheap and the rats are as pretty as cats, there is definitely no snow although you can get some blow, I thought my explanation self explanatory. Let me repeat it once more for you:

Hello Bangkok, my beloved city:

City of Angels, the Great City, the Residence of the Emerald Buddha, the Impregnable City of Ayutthaya of God Indra, the Grand Capital of the World Endowed with Nine Precious Gems, the Happy City Abounding in Enormous Royal Palaces That Resemble Heavenly Abode Wherein Dwell the Reincarnated Gods, a City Given by Indra and Built by Vishnukarm.

What else can I say? Schwing! :)

It's good to be back.


Ok. I did get laid once or twice since I've been back. Happy now?

Still yet, the rats and the cats and the skanks and the blow are not the only good reasons to be here. After all, we are all trying to reach Nirvana one day (like SA and possibly you), so where else can you live to better test the hypothesis? Bangkok... or what?

I am sure you've got an answer for this so I wait, with baited early morning beer breath. :)

01-03-05, 08:05
Last year was a big year for me. I reduced my assets to cash and a Dell laptop (which is now the most expensive thing I own) and moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Many warned me not to come and advised me to stay put in America. I listened to this advice but did not heed it and so far have no regrets.

I moved in with a women that is not "a lady of the night" as one of our more astute readers concluded after reading the forum. Although she has never been a sex worker, she is a Thai girl and that makes things difficult due to the vast differences between Thai women and their American sisters.

I can say from personal experience that it was a fairly rocky time for a while. The most difficult thing for me to adjust to was the fact that she had no ambition except to play video games and eat Som Tom and yes: I had to pay for everything.

Once again, our astute reader, a quite literary guy, asked me how much it cost me to keep a mistress in Bangkok. Although his question was not exactly valid because she was not quite a mistress but a legitimate girlfriend, I gave him the answer: about 10,000 Baht per month for spending money which was used for books and movies and video games and groceries and whatnot.

She would occasionally bring home a gift or two for me as well with this money. It was sweet but I am not using that fact as a justification for giving her the money. I mean after all, she was my girlfriend. I also paid for the apartment which ran 4,000 Baht.

That comes to a grand total of $350 USD a month and I have to admit that if I was not giving the money to her I would probably have spent it on other things such as women and beer. Having a girlfriend in Thailand is not an entirely bad thing. You can trust me on that one.

Still yet, even though it was not such a bad thing I did choose to end the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and I can tell you that we are still good friends. That is par for the course for me. I stay friends with 95% of the women that were once my girlfriend. As far as I can see, the cultural divide between America and Thailand has no bearing here. Europe has treated me in the same manner, in case you'd like to know.

That is all for the saga of my girlfriend. It is well documented on these pages. I do admit that some of my earlier posts were extremely sentimental and somewhat ludicrous. But don't make the mistake of attributing that to the fact that I had a Thai girlfriend. She never did anything devious to me and she never asked me for money for relatives or sick water buffalo. She was an orphan so that might be why. My point is that I was just unhappy during that time and that was the cause of my sometimes delusional nature.

Now as to my happiness, I am much happier now than I was 12 months ago. There is not one ounce of bullshit in that statement. I am doing something different than writing computer programs and I am mighty damn happy and thankful that I am lucky enough to have that opportunity. There are many in this world that would be envious although I don't recommend envy to anyone. It is a waste of time and energy.

Are all my problems solved? Not in the least! I have a tendency to be sad by my nature and that will and still does happen. I have an addictive personality and quite a few vices. These will never be of great benefit in my life but one must accept his lot. It is possible to improve. I am not a fatalist. But I have no problem admitting that which is the truth.

There where many wars of words on the Thai forum last year. The biggest one was with Mr. D and TT. I (and probably most of you) thought that shit would never end. Maybe the Christ Child (or the Skipper) has finally removed that burden from them. May that battle long rest in peace. :)

2000 and 4 was a year of fame for the one known as Samus Aran. Jackson gave him his own thread on this forum so that he could preach the find them, fuck them, and forget them philosophy. I first heard this phrase when I was a sophomore in High School. The first time I read Samus' articles I had to bite my lip to keep from grinning because of the nostalgia that occurred from hearing something I have known for most of my life.

He preaches a few other things such as the quality of life with video games. This in fact reminds me of my last girlfriend, no offense SA, but it's true. Some of his rants involve the Emporium and fat white men shopping with slim young Bar Girls. There are other mentions of his disdain for watching them frolicking on the streets of Bangkok kissing and holding hands with their customers. I wonder if his ranting stems from some sort of jealousy and a repression of memory. Maybe the girls simply won't be seen in public with him anymore and maybe he is the original fallen victim of the Thai Bar Girl. One never knows.

I admit that it is a bit awkward to watch these couples at times, but I have grown accustomed to it. Let us be real here. I noticed this old man/young girl phenomenon on my first trip to Bangkok 3.5 years ago. I have known of the virtues of video games since I was 16 years old and I have also known of the 3F method since that time. Frankly Samus, there is nothing new here. It is astonishing that you have an entire section on WSG to preach these three things, when most of us have known them for years.

However, I do give Samus credit for getting the thread going. And I also admit that there is a valid need for education on this topic as witnessed my the email I had posted but now deleted because SA got a little flustered that someone with a lot to say stepped on his sacred cow. For that I apologize and I will leave the 3F warnings to SA. It is something he has obviously never been able to get off his mind. I hope the video games sometimes aid him in dealing with such whirling thoughts.

There is a picture of Gold Bullion on the cover of Fortune magazine this month. It is my thought that if Gold bullion is being hailed as the investment of 2005 by fortune magazine it must be time to sell it instead. I have similar thoughts about Samus Aran getting his own thread on WSG. I'd say his glory days have most likely hit their peak and he will be spending a lot more time on the driving range in the near future.

At least he has ambition eh? And what about that million dollars he is going to retire with. He never answered that question from one of his cherished fans (actually I think this guy was not a fan). I am sure that he will one day leave Thailand with that wad of cash and set up shop preaching his beloved 3F method some place else.

Happy New Year to Samus and all the rest of you gents.


01-03-05, 22:57
I can say from personal experience that it was a fairly rocky time for a while. The most difficult thing for me to adjust to was the fact that she had no ambition except to play video games and eat Som Tom and yes: I had to pay for everything.

Sounds like heaven to me. Give me a horny chick with no ambition besides playing video games with me and I'd die happy.

I Monger
01-04-05, 17:01
I've gotten the same advice from a friend who lives in Bangkok - walk around and look at apartments and either ask to speak with the manager or get a telephone number. I understand that those who resort to advertising on the internet are obviously catering to foreigners, and will therefore charge a higher rent. It just seemed like the only "research" I could do being so far. But I will do as you suggest and canvas the areas I like. Thanks again.


Coma Boy
01-29-05, 07:05
Back from Sri Lanka yet?

Why do you prefer AIA to BUPA for health insurance? I'm currently stuck choosing between the two.

I used to take out yearly travel insurance, as I'd visit Europe at least once a year and could easily renew the policy. This would provide about ten million pounds of health cover but AIA and BUPA don't seem to offer more than a couple of million Baht.

I doubt that I'd need a lot of cover but was thinking, for example, if I was close to death on life-support after being stabbed by a ladyboy then it would [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off my family paying a fortune to keep me in a coma for ten years.

02-22-05, 10:18
Hi Folks,

I am sure some of the readers make their living in Thailand and one day may return to their homeland. Assume you made money from salary (local job), investments, rent, services (all legal stuff), what are the limitations of taking these proceeds home with you?


Member #1733
02-22-05, 14:48

I am seriously thinking of making a move to Thailand. I have a very good job back home and wanted to know how one goes about getting a postiion/job in Bangkok. I know I will have to accept less of a salery, but that is OK. I have 20 years in sales/marketing experience.

If anyone has some ideas, I would appreciate the advice and your time.


02-22-05, 14:53
Limitations? None.

You could walk into any bank and exchange 500k THB and more for USD bills. I suppose you could also get a Cashiers Order, Bank Draft or TT.

Simply The Best
02-24-05, 02:18

I am seriously thinking of making a move to Thailand. I have a very good job back home and wanted to know how one goes about getting a postiion/job in Bangkok. I know I will have to accept less of a salery, but that is OK. I have 20 years in sales/marketing experience.

If anyone has some ideas, I would appreciate the advice and your time.

JKI've no "direct" ideas, I've only life and business experiences and earlier sometimes your ideas.

I think the best will be - with your experience, first to get a job in a company which are doing some business in thailand and then to switch with them to this "nice" place.

Otherwise in my mind it will be hard to find a job in that country.

good luck to you.


The Traveler
02-26-05, 09:10
hi folks,

i am sure some of the readers make their living in thailand and one day may return to their homeland. assume you made money from salary (local job), investments, rent, services (all legal stuff), what are the limitations of taking these proceeds home with you?


sad, but member #2702 is wrong. there are limitations of taking money out of the kingdom. sure you can change as much money as you want at any bank, but that doesn't mean that you are allowed to take it out of the country.

take a look around you at the passport control when you leave the kingdom next time. there are signs that say that any amount exceeding the sum of 10.000 baht (as far as i remember) or the equivalant of it in another currency has to be declared. if you fail to do so, the money can be confirep001ed and you might be sentenced to jail for up to two years (again as far as i remember). if you declare the money you have to explain and to prove where it comes from. so you better keep all receipts when changing money and everytime you bring in a decent amount, declare it at customs. keep any single sheet of paper that shows that you brought the money in from anywhere outside of thailand.

if you had legal businesses in los they might want to see tax clearances and the like. anything that proves the origin of the money.

i have never been screened when leaving the kingdom and guess that there is not much risk that they will search you as soon as you look mainstream. i only witnessed that "hippie" like looking guys have been searched, probably for drugs.

guess transfering the money via a bank would be the safest way, but don't know if there are any limitations. remember, even when you buy a condo you have to prove that the money was wired from outside of thailand. there are special forms for it and the bank has to be informed in advance. it should also be mentioned on your transfer form.

The Traveler
02-26-05, 09:21
Back from Sri Lanka yet?

Why do you prefer AIA to BUPA for health insurance? I'm currently stuck choosing between the two.

I used to take out yearly travel insurance, as I'd visit Europe at least once a year and could easily renew the policy. This would provide about ten million pounds of health cover but AIA and BUPA don't seem to offer more than a couple of million Baht.

I doubt that I'd need a lot of cover but was thinking, for example, if I was close to death on life-support after being stabbed by a ladyboy then it would [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off my family paying a fortune to keep me in a coma for ten years.
Member #2967,

yep, just back about two weeks ago and very busy in the meantime.
Logging in for the first time and see not much of relevance did happen during my absence, seems that I haven't missed anything.:)

To answer your question, I prefer AIA over BUPA due to personal experiences. I was once insured at AIA and a friend of mine - a thai chinese local businessman - still is with his whole family. AIA really pays the bills, BUPA doesn't. I had insured one of my former LT GFs and when she got sick I sent the bills to BUPA. They refused to pay and after I complained they even didn't answer. Maybe others might have made different experiences, but mine are quite bad with BUPA.

Coma Boy
02-26-05, 13:11
thanks, i shall go to aia's office first thing on monday morning.

i'll probably get attacked, raped, run-down and burnt, tonight and sunday, but nevermind.

thanks, coma boy.

(not member #2967- the forum has renamed me for some reason).

Jaimito Cartero
02-27-05, 06:39
Has anyone gotten the full physical exam at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok? I haven't had a full medical exam in 5 years or so. (I had normal physical and STD related exams) What was the time involved to get it and the results back? I've always seen good comments on the WSG about this hospital.

02-27-05, 17:17

sad, but Member #2702 is wrong. There are limitations of taking money out of the kingdom. Sure you can change as much money as you want at any bank, but that doesn't mean that you are allowed to take it out of the country.Every country has restrictions, declarations and the like. In the US its $10k. In Hong Kong, the world's freest economy for 11 years in a row, $15k cap will go into effect by the end of Q2, 2005.

Konan Grit
03-09-05, 01:39
If you have no record of where the money came from, then the safest method is to purchase travellers cheques and post them to yourself or a friend or relative in the country where you wish to take the money. If they get lost in the post you can always get the money back, and you don't have to worry about been found with more than the limit as you leave the country.

Hamilton W
03-11-05, 07:50
Is there a place in BKK to get photography lighting equipement such as light stands, lights, umbrellas, bulbs, backdrops, etc. for studio-like photography?

I have a set at home, but I don't want to transport it overseas.

Is Pantip Plaza a good place for this? Or are there photography stores where the locals shop?

I imagine equipment should probably be pretty cheap there (hopefully).

03-11-05, 09:07

There is a pretty well stacked photoshop in MBK building very easy to find.
In the picture, the shop is where you enter the building (footbridge to the 3rd or 4th floor), turn left, past the Japanese restaurant and can't miss.
They are the kind of shop that sell film per box, not per roll...

Hamilton W
03-11-05, 15:09
photoshop in MBK buildingThey are the kind of shop that sell film per box, not per roll...Freeler, thanks. However, I am not interested in film or typical store that sells cameras. I'm looking for a specialty place, preferably a small business not likely to attract foreigners, for studio equipment.

This may involve traveling to a road less visited by farangs. Second-hand equipment would be ideal.

I wonder if there's a local community web site where people can post classifieds.

03-11-05, 15:20

The film per box thing was to show that they cater to the pros.
If that isn't good enough, then what is?

Hamilton W
03-11-05, 18:23
Thanks Freeler. I'll check things out when I'm there. I'm going to be studying in LOS for about six months so in the midst of researching apartments and other things.

Sometimes it take research to find these hidden treasures, and when I stumble across such places, I'll post them here.

03-11-05, 20:53
The Bumrungrad Hospital is a world class hospital. Heck they even have a hotel wing with rooms you can stay in for weeks, even months at a time. They are priced comparable to nearby hotels. I've stayed there for a week once and it was great. I had meetings across the street and the area hotels were booked up, so I scheduled myself an exam full physical, heart monitor workup, etc.; and stayed there for a week.

Medical costs are very resonable too. I had a stress test, ekg, chest exray, full body scan, mri, exrays of other sorts, full labs done, including allergy testing, std checks, blood counts, (CBC) Cholesteral, etc and three doctors exams, all for about $200 US. This would have easily exceeded a $3000 bill in the US. The medical staff I dealt with all spoke fluent English and were trained in western medicine, even having degrees from Europe or the US.

I did this because I like you had not had any medical evaluation in years. The only thing wrong they found was a spot on my kidney. It's a hell of a bargain.

Hope this helps,


BKK Dreaming
04-03-05, 01:18
Has anyone gotten the full physical exam at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok? I haven't had a full medical exam in 5 years or so. (I had normal physical and STD related exams) What was the time involved to get it and the results back? I've always seen good comments on the WSG about this hospital.I had the full exam, took most of the day, you got the results same day,
Forgot how much , but around $300US.

I was real happy with the service and have gone back there a couple other times and the service was just as good.

04-04-05, 20:02
gentlemen (and i know who you are),

my last post was some time ago, back in january i think. at that time i decided (in a some what emotional manner) to refrain from writing to this board, but i have kept up with everyone’s posts and i have also corresponded via private message with a few of you guys.

after a good bit of reflection and certain encouraging remarks from other wsg members, i have decided to post an update of my current situation in the land of smiles. my life in bangkok is much different than it was three months ago, yet at the same time, it is also much the same. for those of you that are familiar with my previous postings, you will soon understand what i mean.

before i begin to ramble on about my current predicament, i’d like to say hello to a few of you guys. it was a pleasure to meet traveler, speedtouch, capt. jb, and duniawala during their stay in thailand during the last two or three weeks. i trust (and hope) that all you guys had nothing less than a wondrous-cosmological-mind-blowing-orgasmic-time shagging all and sundry. it was a pleasure to meet you all.

to traveler: thank you for your insightful conversation and last but not least, thank you for the beer. i have no worries that you enjoyed your stay. thailand is obviously a place you appreciate and understand more than the average bear. to speedtouch: i was a bit worried that you might not find your groove and was glad to see that my first thought was incorrect. to capt. jb: i apologize for not having more words with you. i felt a bit bad for bailing so quickly on the one and only night i had opportunity to speak with you. to duniawala: it was a pleasure to talk with you. your easy manner was most enjoyable and i wish you much luck in both you business and personal endeavors. it was nice you read your field reports and i was pleased by your mention of our meeting at nana. it sounds as if you had a good time. ;)

in your report you made mention that i was always bailing on account of my girlfriend calling me and i admit to you and to the board that you were indeed correct. that leads me back to my predicament which i will speak of briefly. at least that is my intention (brevity) but as some of you know, i may ramble on for some time.

many of you have asked me why i started posting on this board and up until recently i was never sure, or more likely, i was not prepared to admit my intentions. all that has changed in the last fifteen months and i believe i can speak objectively (without sacrificing the subjective) about my reasons for posting on wsg. i realize this has nothing to do with my current situation, but you were all warned i might start a ramble and low and behold, a ramble has begun.

my first thought was that i post on wsg out of sheer vanity. this remains my primary belief, but i can see that i have gone through certain stages of vanity, much in the same way a person that moves to thailand goes through certain stages. my original posts were a result of the vanity of wanting to be part of a crowd. i wrote about my conquests with various and sundry “lady’s of the night.” i wrote about how easy it was for me to get laid and how crafty i was by not paying too much.

in more simple terms, i wrote about how cool i thought i was. if you don’t believe me then just read my posts from april of 2002. it should convince you well enough. i think every monger that reports on this board goes through this stage and i am (sadly) convinced that many long-time posters have yet to get past it. if this sounds preachy then i apologize a wee bit, but i am sometimes a preachy guy. it’s my style.

later, after my barbaric vanity began to dissipate, my i-can-be-different-and-unique vanity began to appear. this type of vanity has always been my mainstay and it is still my primary motivation for posting on this board. to be honest, i am probably just fooling myself and still under the control of sheer (read barbaric) vanity. that said, i’ll get on with what i think.

i post here because it goes against one of the predominant opinions on this board. dorothy’s ears perked up on hearing me and she paused from petting her little dog and looked at me and said, “and what opinion are you referring to sir?”

“the opinion i am speaking of is that of the 3f my dear child.”

“and what is the 3f good sir?”

“it means find them and fuck them and forget them.”

“i didn’t know there was a name for that sir, but that is exactly what johnny did to me. my mom doesn’t yet know and i don’t plan to tell her. in fact, sir, i am thinking of leaving kansas altogether.”

“my dear child. i will not tell you whether you should go or not, but i will tell you that your problems won’t go away by changing locations.”

“i don’t care! i want to leave kansas and see the world. now that johnny is gone i am lonely and i need to do something to forget him.”

“my sweet child. you must do as you see fit, but i assure you that your memories of johnny will fade if you just stay put and let some time pass.”

“i’ll think about it sir, but i can’t promise that i’ll change my mind. in the meantime sir, can you please explain to me why men practice the 3f?”

“i can tell you many things, but some things can never be explained. there is however one thing i can explain.”

“what is that sir?”

“leaving kansas will not solve your problems.”

“why sir?”

“problems do not know about kansas or any other place. they are with you until you solve them.”

“i’ll continue to think about it sir.” with that she went back to petting her dog and i decided to quit writing dialogue. i have my own situation to contemplate.

meanwhile, back in bangkok, there is the issue of my last girlfriend. i am no longer dating my original girlfriend. many of you may remember the photos i posted from our humble abode on soi onnut. you may also remember the dilemma i had with her and the “other man” from japan. i can assure all wsg members that the love triangle story/problem has been solved and all parties appear to be satisfied, myself included.

i am now pleased to confess my new reality, but first, i’ll give you three guesses. if you guessed that i have a new girlfriend then i now bestow upon you my official “posterlion star of approval.” yes! i have a new thai girlfriend. she is not a “normal girl”, no. she is a prostitute to the nth degree. in fact, she has been bonking men for money in bangkok for the last 13 years. she is now at the tender young age of 30. for the record, the years have been good to her. she stands in at 167 centimeters and tips the scales at slim and very shapely 49 kilograms.

she came to bangkok (which i prefer to call oz) at the age of 17 to begin her career in a thai brothel. when she was not laying on her back, legs apart, she would sit by the window and wave at people passing by while longing for the day she might venture outside of the building. after that day finally arrived, she began working at the voodoo bar on soi nana and eventually graduated to the ranks of freelancer. it was in this capacity that i met her.

we have been living together now for the last ten weeks with no ill effect to either of us. we do have some amazing fights at times but this is in the realm of what can be called a normal relationship. this is my first affair with a life long prostitute and i am learning something new every day and the thing that i find the most refreshing is that i am not yet board with her. this is quite an amazing feat for me that i doubt has ever occurred before in my 42 odd years of experience. what can i say? i think i must be lucky.

on the other hand, it occurs to me that i might actually be different and unique. this thought occurred to me because not one bad thing has happened to me in this highly ill-advised affair. i have been reading the many references to “private dancer” that have been posted on wsg lately and each time i see one i have to smile at the rhetoric. i have read the book before and read it a second time during my last stamp run. i am constantly amazed at how little is grasped of this book’s salient point by those that read it.

i think most people that read “private dancer” began reading the book looking through “pete colored glasses” and are still looking at the thai scene through “pete colored glasses” after completing it. i find this amazing. i am under the opinion that most people see joy as the bad apple and see pete as the hapless innocent that was lead to slaughter. my opinion is not in the opposite, but if i had to choose the character with the most issues, i’d choose pete hands down.

when i hear references to private dancer i hear guys quoting a laundry list of the known pitfalls and dangers of dating a bar girl, but i rarely hear anyone talk of how the book gave them a better insight into their bar girl of choice. the book itself states what happens to 99% of the farangs that come to thailand. they try to have a relationship with a bar girl using their western standards and then become disenchanted after they find out their idea of a relationship can’t be satisfied in thailand.

here is an excerpt from private dancer. please read it carefully. my apologies to steven leather for not posting the book in its entirety.

“a notable change in attitude occurs in those expatriates who spend a considerable length of time in thailand and who incur long-term exposure to the bars and the prostitutes who work there. during the initial phase of contact, farangs are attracted to the girls, and during the first few months may attempt to form friendships with them. many farangs initially take the view that the girls are forced into the life of prostitution and that given the opportunity would prefer to have a regular boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. the girls often give the impression that this is the case, but there is an ambiguity inherent in the nature of the bargirl-customer relationship that the farang often fails to appreciate, namely that to the thai bargirl, love and money are not separate aims. the girl believes that money is an expression of love, and that love is an emotion bestowed towards those who offer support, support being more often than not, financial. the girl sees nothing incongruous about linking money and love, but the farang, observing the relationship from a western perspective, believes that the two are mutually exclusive. one is loved for one's money, or for one's self. newcomers to the bar scene tend to the belief that girls will in fact love them for themselves, and therefore try whenever they can to restrict the amount of money they give to the girl. no matter how much the girl is attracted to the man she will resent the reduction in financial support, seeing it as a lack of commitment. the girl might not express her disappointment verbally, but her actions will lead the man to realise that she is unhappy. he in turn will believe that she loves him only for his money, in which case he will try to test her by further reducing the amount of money he gives her. such relationships always fall apart. after the farang has been through the cycle several times, he will begin to distrust all bargirls, labelling them as prostitutes who care only about money. they are unable to accept that the girls see nothing wrong in liking, or even loving, a man for himself and for his financial support, that to the girl such things are inextricably linked. the farang will stop searching out girls with whom he thinks he can build a loving relationship in keeping with his western ideal, but instead makes do with individual sexual encounters, one-night stands if you like, with the sex paid for and no emotional attachment sought. such farangs begin to see all women in thailand as prostitutes, and eventually become resentful and scornful of thais generally. once they reach this stage, many farangs decide to leave the country, never to return.”

does this sound familiar? i read it everyday on wsg and hear it in person from 90% of the farangs that have spent a lot of time in thailand.

i’ve taken a different approach with my current girlfriend and have unlearned everything i think i’ve learned about western relationships. if she wants to go out and fuck a guy for money then i let her. i help her with emails from her long time customers that live in the west and visit thailand once or twice a year. hell, i even let her use the telephone that came with my apartment to receive calls from her old-time clients. one guy recently sent her 5,000 baht and she took me out on the town and spent 3,500 of it in one night on yours truly.

some things in “private dancer” are true. bar girls [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) away the money their clients give them at lightning speed. that’s why i never give my current girlfriend any money except when she needs to go out and by supplies. she cleans my apartment on an almost daily basis. just now, as i’ve been writing this, she has been folding laundry and tucking away in the dresser. afterwards she went to the shower where she is now. she can shower for two hours with ease. this isn’t very good for my water bill but it is nothing to cry about.

that about sums up the current state of my affairs and i am happy to report that i’m a “happy camper” in the “land of smiles.” i don’t recommend that anyone try to follow in my footsteps because there is already too much literature piling up in the bookstores about the sad and fateful ending of many a farang in thailand. if you are interested in having a bar girl (read prostitute) for a girlfriend then i can personally attest that it can be done. you just need to have an open mind and above all, be a little bit careful.

tip of the day: if you want a bar girl to be seriously interested in you then you need to know what they eat, which is isaan food. one of the biggest complaints i hear from thai girls is farangs can’t eat isaan food. thai’s hate to eat alone and like to enjoy their meals with people they like. look at pete and joy in “private dancer.” they always ate at a german restaurant. that is one thing mr. leather did not point out in his book and it shows that he knows less than many give him credit for. he should have included a chapter where joy reflected on the unfortunate fact that she had to eat german food all the time.

bottom line: if you can’t enjoy the food your thai girlfriend likes it negates a serious aspect of her thai way of life and it seriously reduces your chance that she will like you for something other than your money. don’t get me wrong, she will always like you for your money and you’ve got to learn to accept that fact, but that’s a tip for another day.


04-04-05, 20:24



Speed Touch
04-04-05, 22:24
posterlion, glad to have met you in bangkok. yep i found my groove eventually, but i have to say that bangkok does not inspire me as much as pattaya so was kind of glad to get out of bkk after 3 nights. i guess i this say that as pattaya has a great girl. in fact the first night we arrived i went and barfined her on my way to traveller's hotel. i think my mood changed for the better.

i decided to stay in pattaya for the rest of my holiday but it was good to meet you and i hope you get over to pattaya one day. the bar and gogo scene seem so much better than bkk.

glad to see a posting from you! i'll be posting some pics and stories in the bkk abd pattaya sections.

speed touch

04-05-05, 04:37

Good to see you back.

Joe Zop
04-08-05, 07:32
Brave, Poster, and I agree with you about "Private Dancer" which I've always read as a parable about two people having a conversation using more or less the same language about different things. IMHO Pete by and large was the transgressor.

And ego or hubris is far from a unique sin around here :)

Coma Boy
04-08-05, 13:27
If any of you guys want to better understand the Mia-Noi (Minor-Wife), Mia Luang (Real-Wife) situation, you should check out that new Thai movie called "The Mia".

Explains the situation pretty well, plus lots of hotties to drool over.

If you can understand Thai it's better to ignore the English subtitles, as like so many Thai movies it has been translated really badly.

04-08-05, 14:51
Just read your post... welcome back and you are a brave man. I'm sure your new gf is not just for research...:D


04-08-05, 22:41
I wrote the title to this post after catching up with my literary pursuits via reading the WSG board. There was not much thought involved with writing it because it is a reflection (possibly a pensive one) of the reality of this night.

Two ladies are playing rummy on my bed while I hang out with you guys and my computer, much like C-B does in CM except My laptop is not positioned upon someone’s ass. Hey man, I love my laptop and I don’t want it getting too hot on top of some chick’s hot ass. Laptops need love and attention and good ventilation.

I’m not having a twosome tonight (thumbs up Duniawala). A friend of my new girlfriend dropped into Bangkok tonight to pick up some money that her European boyfriend wired to her. She claims to be living on the straight and narrow in Phuket while taking care to pinch every penny her “Love” sends her. She went so far as to claim that she spends a mere 4,000 Baht a month. I gave her a straight-faced-smile as she told me this while secretly rolling my eyes in the bowels of my imagination. Yeah right.

My girlfriend’s friend is a classic example of the Bar Girls you read about in books like “Private Dancer.” I knew she was the type of person that can’t be trusted the moment I met her. My girlfriend calls her a snake and also doesn’t trust her. I’ve often wondered why she keeps snakes for friends, but I figured it out after a while.

Bar Girls are not necessarily friends with everyone that appears to be their friend. Many times the relationship is formed because one girl has a client that likes to do twosomes or threesomes or some other specialty such as anal. As in any profession certain people possess certain skills or specialties. I’ve had similar friends in some of my former professions and I kept the relationship because of what they could do for me and they kept relations with me for the same reason.

The girl (snake) in question has so many specialties you can almost call her a general practitioner. She will fuck any man as she is without any biases, racial or otherwise. Wait! She does have one bias and it is “No money No Honey.” She does anal. In fact, she practices all forms of what we like to call perversion. She is also a natural born liar and possesses no scruples whatsoever.

I know all this because I fucked her on one occasion before hooking up with my girlfriend who is also aware of the incident. She didn’t like it when she found out but declared no harm no foul since we were not together at the time. It still causes friction between us because my girlfriend had a crush on me that I was unaware of at the time. The snake was aware of it though and that is one reason out of many my girlfriend calls her a snake. Needless to say, I don’t feel very comfortable when these two get together. Thankfully it is not often, especially now that the snake is shagging guys in Phuket while waiting for her boyfriend to return to Bangkok next month.

There is a feature of Thai culture that is known in the West as gaining face and it is for that very reason my girlfriend invited the snake to our room. I don’t think that gaining face is something unique to the Thai tradition as I’ve seen people do things for people they don’t like for the same reason where I come from. In the west we call it sucking up and it is generally detested when people talk about it. I think it is probably not liked much by the Thai people as well but it is such a common practice that nobody is publically embarrassed by kissing someone’s ass to gain favor.

My girlfriend keeps in touch with her old friends/associates because I did not become her boyfriend to “save” her from her profession. We had a talk about this before she moved in with me. During that talk she told me I was required to pay the rent and buy the provisions and that I must allow her to go with customers if she felt it necessary and I agreed to those terms. She has gone with two customers in ten weeks and I don’t mind such infrequent excursions.

She is a prostitute but I don’t feel sorry for her and she doesn’t feel sorry for herself either. One day we were drinking a beer somewhere on Sukhumvit just before sunset and all the people with normal jobs were queuing at the train station or the food stalls and she told me that she felt lucky to be a prostitute. She explained that she knew she could not work in an office because she had no training for that kind of work nor the personality for it.

“I can’t do a normal job because all I know is sex. I am lucky I know sex because I never think serious or worry about tomorrow. I can find customer quick quick everyday. Men from everywhere come to Thailand for boom boom so even though I lazy I fuck around the world. I thank my Buddha for that. That’s why I not understand Thaksin. Why he not like me? I like to make man happy and man come back Thailand many time for spend money. I know I good for Thailand, you believe me?”

“Of course darling.”

Anyway, here I am, sitting in my room (reflecting), while two girls play rummy on my bed with the television banging out some MTV tunes at low volume. It’s not exactly what I’d call an enviable position because it’s 05:18 and we are trying to be quiet because my gay neighbor likes to complain to management when sHE deems the decibels are too high. I guess sHE’s grown weary of the weekly fights my girlfriend and I need to keep our love flowing.

Sometimes I wonder if our love making is louder than our fights or if our neighbors confuse our nightly romp on the pillows with our boxing matches Maybe they think we are the street dogs howling at the passing ghosts. Who can know but it is a damn nice thing to reflect upon because our multi-hour sex sessions have recently ventured into the realm of fantasy and illusion.

My favorite thing is the blindfold. There is something marvelous about not being able to see the person that is ever so perfectly fucking my brains out, or as is often the case, sucking them out. Oh yes... I am not kidding. I appreciate every single hour of those 13 lovely years my new girlfriend spent learning her craft. I hope with the purest of intentions to one day wield my words as exquisitely as she wields my cock.

There are not many women on this planet (or in heaven for that matter) that can give you an orgasm that CUMS as effortlessly (not to mention as compulsively) as a yawn. Oh yes! YES YES YES YES YESSSSs! My dear boy, it is true. There is no doubt in my mind that I am experiencing the truest, most sincere, most sublime love that is humanly possible. After all, I am not a God (yet), and I require no alters.

Having a girlfriend with a craft that doesn’t bore me when we’re not having sex has its advantages. The main one I can think of is that I don’t need to waste time haunting Soi Nana or Soi Cowboy looking for a new skank every night that might tell me she is on her period or attempt some other well known hazard of the hunt after arriving at my room . Hell, maybe I’m just lazy, but I’ve done my share of hunting and when you stumble across a hapless prey that sucks and fucks better than the God’s deemed possible, it makes you take pause and consider alternative religions.

For instance, one might stroll down to Soi Three simply to dine on Tandori Chicken instead of following their penis to the Grace Hotel hoping to pork a leftover relic from Jurassic Park. Ali Baba must be grimacing in his grave at the thought of someone paying his castaway jewels for sex. On the other hand I think charity is a good and selfless act and I say “God bless” to each and to all that spend their time and their effort in search of those in need. It is truly gratifying to witness the miracle of the Christ-Child in such unlikely places.

Don’t get me wrong fellas. I enjoy sniffing out and flushing out P4P Poon-tang as long as I consider it a recreational event, but when you live here, when you do it on a daily basis, it no longer seems like recreation to me. I consider daily hunts almost as boring as a nine-to-five job. I realize that there are many of you (definitely one or two), that thrive best utilizing the tried-and-true hunting and gathering techniques passed down from our ancestors. Everyone has their own style and my style is trying to prove that the impossible is possible.

The girls are still playing cards and MTV is still banging out the tunes. They are in the middle of a Glam-rock segment and I am getting tired of hearing that genre but I’m too damn lazy to get up and change the channel. Besides, it’s near the bed and the girlfriend is almost out of money. She’s on a big losing steak and has been threatening to raid my wallet to pay her losses. Thankfully I stashed the large bills in my secret money sanctuary when I got wind that her friend would be dropping by.

It’s a tricky game keeping these girls out of the honey pot after they have given you the key to their kingdom, but it’s not impossible. The secret is to allow them small victories along the way to give them the feeling they can win the war. In a nut shell, it’s a little bit of luck combined with constant and relentless strategy. Be sure and take note of my tip from the last post. Eating Isaan food everyday not only gains you their favor, it is the absolute cheapest food you can buy in the Land of Oz and I think it tastes, “Grrrrreat!”

Excellent! My girl finally won a hand with a handsome pot. Good. I don’t need to think too much about my wallet for the time being.

I noticed a few cynical posts in the recent batch so this is a good time to change segments. I’ll call this the “I can’t believe it’s the cynical hour - hour.” I could also call it “The Hour of Unpublished Recent Scribbles and Reprints.” I dedicate this segment to the poster that penned “My 2nd Cynical Story About BKK.”

Dear Mr. Rugby Man,

It is highly appropriate that you are a hard cynic. It pays invaluable dividends to be a cynic when hunting for a prey that can maim you and kill you in ways far less desirable than death by Tsunami. At least drowning is a fairly easy death, or so I’ve heard. I somehow doubt that you are as “hard” a cynic as you need to be if this is the first time you have witnessed a disregard such as you just experienced. This infraction is of a minor degree in the grand scheme of the grand of schemers, but it contains very real and tangible hints of the brutal inclinations that have been ingrained in the psyche of most if not all of these girls.

Your cynical awareness needs to be hardened to the level that you realize the fact that a Bar Girl never lies. Once you have obtained the ability to grasp this physical truth your comprehension of the world will be altered as much as the comprehension of those brave souls that accidentally discovered that the earth is not flat, but round. A Bar Girl that has mastered the art of lying has accomplished something akin to an out of body experience.

You must understand that when a Bar Girl speaks she intrinsically believes every words she says. They have crafted the skill of manipulation to such a degree that they have no qualms about leading their victim to slaughter because that is their objective. It is akin to a lion or a tiger that stalks and kills and eats its prey. There is no guilt because they are guilty of nothing. In fact, there is every reason to feel good about themselves for they have proved they can survive. They have proved that they can hunt. They have proved that they can kill. It is the stuff that makes for a healthy appetite. When the feline carnivore eats it eats heartily. It is the same story with a Bar Girl.

Most humans call this animal behavior an instinct because they believe it is intrinsically wrong for one human to take advantage of another human via the art of deception or any of the other Seven Deadly Sins. This type of action is labeled as sin for most humans, but it is not labeled as sin for the animal kingdom. It is labeled as wild and Bar Girls really should be classified as something that is wild, even when they aren’t performing their most well known and desired acts.

I am not saying that you should treat them as less than human. It is considered immoral to treat a wild animal unjustly so I am not implying that you should treat them like a chicken being raised for slaughter. It’s not easy to explain what I am trying to tell you but believe me, you will understand this after you have tried to accomplish what is considered impossible once or twice. All I am trying to tell you (and it’s more like I’m trying to convey a sense of feeling or intuition) is that you need to treat Bar Girls as something more than human.

At the core of this intuitive knowledge is the ability to know when the killer has no inclination to kill. Wild animals have little fear of their predators when they know the predator is not hungry. It is something they have learned to sense and it is much the same type of thing you need to master with those wild things known as the Thai Bar Girl. I hope this makes some sort of sense.

Farewell and good luck, especially when defying all things impossible.


Now that I’m done with my letter writing practice I ought to write the letter to my Dad that I haven’t written for the last three months. Oh well, as my girlfriend once told me concerning her style with customers, “I try for finish quick quick. I never go long time with customer. I always think about time. I not want to lose time.” Then she snaps her finger while raising her left eyebrow and says, “You believe me?” Her style with customers has nothing to do with me not writing my Dad except that it conveys the feeling of helplessness one feels when you realize that time passes too quickly to accomplish every thing you want. The emotional angst of this realization is a common rationalization when rushing a customer or neglecting to write a letter to Dad, that’s all.

If you’ve read this far you might consider that I have been sitting here for five hours and the girls are still playing cards as if they just started. Thai women play cards with the highest level of gusto imaginable. I am convinced they are the card players card player. They play to win and they play until they have run out of energy or money or time. I could never have that much enthusiasm for the game, but then again, for them it’s not about playing a game nor is about energy or time, it’s all about the money. After they’ve fleeced their quarry with a quick screw the girls meet and play cards in an attempt to fleece each other for more money still.

The life of the Thai Bar Girl is an amazing phenomenon. I’ve been studying them first hand since November with complete and utter fascination. I am once again attending a university, sponging up every ounce of information I can get my hands on. All I can say is I am happy to have been accepted for undergraduate studies at Bar Girl University.

Now I have but one question left to ask. Will I graduate or not? That can’t be it can it?. It doesn’t sound right. It’s too simple, way too simple. Maybe the better question is this: Will I survive? That doesn’t sound much better either because no one survives. We all have to die sometime.
Maybe I can determine the right question if I think about what I have learned so far from the curriculum. Trying to formulate a question is a funny business. It’s a hell of a lot different than trying to answer a question that has already been asked. It now seems to me that most of the questions I’ve answered in my life were somehow unreasonable and should never have been asked in the first place.

I’m completely stuck inside this current line of thought. I can’t actually remember how I stumbled upon the question of what is the most pertinent question, but I have stumbled and now I can’t get up. The girls are still playing rummy. I’ve been sitting here for six hours and I am getting tired but I have to come up with an answer to this most pertinent of questions. Aha! Have I discovered it? I’ve been asking myself the most pertinent question all along and didn’t even know it. The most pertinent question one can ask themself is, “What is the most pertinent question?” Brilliant!

I was sitting on my couch for about five minutes with a big smile of triumph on my face for solving the riddle I’d created by accident when the ball fell and I was again crushed under the weight of another riddle that sprang into my head. What is the answer to the most pertinent of questions? Jesus H Christ! I have inadvertently created a more difficult riddle by solving the previous riddle. What a fucking mess. Why am I making up unsolvable riddles? What have I ever accomplished by asking and answering all these fucking questions?

I can’t say that I’ve really accomplished anything other than to stay alive and try to be happy, whatever that means (to stay alive and try to be happy), but it now seems a very sad fact that I haven’t got a clue. I look over at the girls and marvel at the amount of effort they put into playing cards to keep themselves occupied and I wonder if they are happy. It looks as if they might be? It also occurs to me how they would answer the most pertinent question, but I don’t think I’ll ask either one. I’m afraid they might think me crazy for asking such a thing. What would you think if out of the blue someone said to you, “Do you think you are happy? And by the way, what do you think is the most pertinent question you can ask?

I crack a smile that I imagine to be the smile of someone genuinely insane when my girlfriend puts her cards down and says, “I win!” Then she snaps her finger and raises her left eyebrow at her friend who is frowning because she did not win. My girlfriend sees that my glass is empty and asks me if I want a beer and I say, “Sure thing.” She comes over and gets my glass and looks at me in a questioning manner before going to pour my beer. After putting my beer on the coffee table she looks at me again and asks me if I’m happy. “I think so but I never know. Are you okay?”

“Yes! Have many happy. Play cards with friend.” Then she looks me again at me with her questioning look, Are you okay, sure? I don’t like you look serious”

“Yep yep. I’m okay. Don’t worry to much for me or I’ll think you serious too.” She laughs. We always joke with each other like that. It’s our style.

She goes back to her game and I stretch out on the couch and light a cigarette and have myself a long drink of the beer. Am I really happy? Damn! That’s it! Why didn’t I think of it? It must be the most pertinent question of all time. Then my mind throws another wrench at me when I wonder how one knows if one is or is not happy. I conclude that I obviously think too much and it is no wonder my girlfriend thinks I look too serious. I decide to resign myself to the wondrous act of sleeping.

Another day in Bangkok has come and gone. I’m lying on my couch trying to sleep and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m pretty sure sleep will be possible. I can hear the girls drawing and discarding their cards and after a few minutes my girlfriend wins another game and the image of her snapping her fingers and raising her left eyebrow pops into my head and I also recall the day she told me she doesn’t like to lose time when she goes with a customer. “I never go long time with customer. I not like to lose time.”

I open my eyes and look over at my girlfriend and she is also looking at me. “Are you happy?”, I say.

“Yes! Are you okay?” I could tell by the look on her face that she was happy.

“I’m very happy.” I said.

“You Sure?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“You sleep now?”

“Yeah, I’m tired.” She pats her hand on the bed next to her, “You sleep here while I play cards then I sleep next to you when I finish.

It was then that every thing I had thought of during the last six hours came together as an understandable whole. I had an answer for everything. What is the most pertinent question? Easy! “Are you Happy?” How do you know you are happy? Piece of cake! “Do I feel like I’m losing time?” Right now I don’t feel like I’m losing time therefore I must be happy. Right?

Right or wrong things aren’t bad. I’ve got a warm body next to me. The air conditioner is working and there is plenty of food in the icebox. I’ve got money in the bank for now and I have a girlfriend that can make money if she wants too. I can’t think of much else that could make someone happier. Can You?

The Traveler
04-09-05, 10:46
The girl (snake) in question has so many specialties you can almost call her a general practitioner. She will fuck any man as she is without any biases, racial or otherwise. Wait! She does have one bias and it is “No money No Honey.” She does anal. In fact, she practices all forms of what we like to call perversion. She is also a natural born liar and possesses no scruples whatsoever.

In short, she is perfect :)
If she is also cute I kindly ask you to introduce her to me on my next trip.


nice to see you back and nice to finally know the face behind it all.
You looked quite exhausted and tired when we met. Don't know if your multi hour sex sessions with your girlfriend or your otherwise very stressful life in BKK were the cause for it. Maybe you should take some time off and spend a few days somewhere else to relax.

Have a good one and keep posting

04-09-05, 14:18

I see it. Roll out a script. You can whipped out in 3 weeks. You got the research done and plenty of consultants.

You are a purist when it comes to love. And a romantic.


04-09-05, 15:25
poster - i was rambling around between buakhao and 2nd in pattaya when i happened upon a water vending machine. after filling my bottle for the requisite 1b (cheap as i am, refilling is less expensive than buying a "new" plastic container for the now 6b), i sat down at a table outside an apartment and started talking to the collection of guys (residents) who happened to be there. between their (large) bottles of chang and over several visits, i amassed a considerable body of knowledge about the pitfalls of both living and working (as a bar owner) in los. i was sort of amazed at the wage structure of how they pay the girls (but thats another discussion).

anyway, after a couple of days of visits, i realized that these folks seem to rarely move from their perches and seldom emerge from their moderately drunken stupor. i got to thinking - is this all there is (living in los i mean)? i mean... lay around, drink beer, eat, lay around, drink beer, sleep, lay around (infinite "do loop"?)...

at least those who "go" and "return home" have another agenda. some of the stories, though were amazing (even if related thru slightly slurred speech).

Coma Boy
04-10-05, 07:21
Dinghy, generally bar-girls are paid 2000-3000/month salary, if they are turning up each day on time and doing other work such as cleaning the bar. Many others receive no salary and just come to the bar when it suits them.

For each drink that is bought for them they will receive 30-40
Baht, and normally receive 150 Baht from a 300 Baht bar-fine.

Go-go girls are usually paid a higher monthly salary and will usually receive 50% of the bar-fine.

PS: Remember a large Chang is translated by bar-girls as Farang Kee Nok, Lo-so Mahk Mahk Loi.

04-11-05, 14:27
as the title indicates, i've been working on my tax return all day and now i'm having a break. i am amazed at the amount of trading i did last year, over 15 pages of buys and sells were recorded on the 1099 that my broker sent me.

i'm happy to say that i actually made some money, but not more than i would have liked. i imagine that is the normal case for most people. what do you think? has anyone in wsg-land ever made more money than they ever wanted? after all, i’ve seen pictures of some pretty large piles of cash on this site. it kinda gives me the impression that money and mongering exist together by some mysterious force of nature such as gravity, much like the force of yin and yang. i'd like to hear your answers?

i reckon i should be happy doing my taxes because it gets me away from my normal perch of eating and drinking and sleeping and fucking, but i'm not. i never considered tax preparation as an enjoyable diversion from normal life, even when my normal life consists of eating and sleeping so as to momentarily emerge from my moderately drunken stupor and retreat from all the god forsaken sex that comes before and after and sometimes during all that drinking.

dinghy makes a good point about life in thailand. is there more than to life than drinking and eating and sleeping and fucking in the land of smiles? i like his question a lot and invite all comers to answer it by substituting thailand for your country of choice. what do you do besides drink and eat and sleep and fuck? i want to hear some answers because i want to know what more there is to life than drinking and eating and sleeping and fucking that is independent of the particular country a person might live in.

i realize that many will post about the job/career they have that keeps them busy. that is far too easy. i’ve done the job/career thing and i know all about it. it’s one of many things i don’t miss about my past life. please post responses that are real-life things that do not entail drinking and eating and sleeping and fucking

dinghy, you asked the question, so i want you to feel obligated to respond. i’ve been to plenty of bars and i’ve seen the roosters you spoke of on their perches and i find it hard to believe that they return day after blimey day, but there are some sad facts in this world and those rosters are nothing less than a constant reminder of that to us all. maybe that’s why so many people make reference to roosters on this board.

after all, it is understandable that someone might stroll down to the emporium or soi nana and see a few birds soldered to their perch that remind them of what they don’t want to become. maybe the people that feel obligated to ridicule our roosters are afraid they are roosters already. one thing i’ve noticed about most people is that they complain or talk down about the things they fear most. if this sounds unbelievable then i recommend everyone take the time to listen to what people say to them when they are complaining and see if this phenomenon is true or not. i believe it is and i’ve seen plenty of examples.

as for me, i’m a rooster. i can’t think of any other way to put it. my life in thailand is a semi-retired life. all that means is that i don’t have a normal job and i’m not looking for one. i’ll try to be real here if that is okay. what actually happens to us all in this life? we are born. we grow up. we are taught that life is not easy, “it’s a dog eat dog world”, they tell us, only the strong survive and all that other darwinian bullshit. we go to school (or not), we acquire a way to buy food and shelter and clothing (or not), then we perish or we survive.

i went to school and got a job and lived the expected life. i succeeded with apparent brilliance, but i was never satisfied. when i was in university i studied as was required, but after i fulfilled my obligations, i never did anything more than eat and sleep and drink and fuck. after i got a job in the real world, it seemed no different than university, except it was never as much fun. i’d went to work everyday like everyone else, but after my work was done i didn’t do much more than eat and sleep and drink and fuck.

okay, sure, i’ve had other interests. i used to play golf and i was good at it. i could make one under par by the time i was 19 years old. i’ve scored over 200 in bowling. i’ve played the piano and the guitar. i started an investment club at the age of 26 and after managing it for four years i sold my position. i got bored with the administration work, but the club is still in existence. i’ve read countless books and i’ve also taken up the pen so as to throw my voice to the world and some of the world did listen because i have also been published. the list goes on and on.

but at the end of it all, i know i am a rooster, because i enjoy eating and drinking and sleeping and fucking more than almost anything. the only thing i like better is the process of discovering the unique individual that lives inside the skin of a woman. i have a natural talent for it. for some reason, whatever it might be, women tell me all their deep dark secrets, and love me for it. most of the women in my life are complete basket cases, as in crazy. i’d say 4 out of 5 attempted suicide more than once.

the way i figure it, these women like me because i am a basket case myself. that’s why i’ve got no problem being a rooster and i’ve got no problem with a life that consists of eating and sleeping and drinking and fucking and discovering the unique individual that lives inside the skin of a woman. sometimes i think my desire to discover the unique individual that lives inside the skin of a woman is the same as a vampire’s desire for blood. i can only go so long before needing more of it.

i started to write a sort of biographical documentary about my vampire-isms that i’ll include at the end of this post. i’ve decided all my posts should be long ones, full of all kinds of bullshit and much more. quantity of content over quality is my new buzzword. maybe i’ll tire of this methodology after a while. it takes a long time to write all this stuff down!

one thing is certain however, i don’t plan to sacrifice quality in my sex life. that is why i’ll continue my assault against the practice of 3f. the 3f is a great way to achieve a high quantity of girls, but it’s not a good way to achieve a high quality of sex. you can’t really get a girl into role-play-fantasy-sex if she hasn’t had straight sex with you enough times to know your body and what you like most. the orgasm that cum’s with the ease and compulsion of a yawn is a low percentage occurrence in the realm of 3f sex. quality sex is something that requires more than the ability to walk into a massage parlor and fork over 2,000 baht. you have to work at it for a while and that is half the fun. :)


hey traveler, i’ll be happy to introduce you to the snake. it would be a pleasure and i could possibly gain some face from the introduction. she’s pretty cute in my opinion. she is small and petite with light skin, ala northern style. she’s definitely good in the sack as i bagged her and shagged her once as mentioned in my previous post. i’m not sure she fits your standard of beauty. you’re a fairly picky guy. :)

i was tired when we met, but on the other hand, many people tell me i look tired after i’ve slept for 12 hours. i’m not sure why this is but it is true. however, i’m not too sure where you got that idea that i have a stressful life. all i do is drink and eat and sleep and fuck.


hey juice, i don’t see myself as a script writer. i doubt i’ll be writing “natural born liars” in the next three weeks either as i must finish preparing my taxes for uncle same by april 15th.

on top of that, i want to have as much sex as possible for the next 2.5 weeks as my girlfriend is going away for a long holiday with a customer that is arriving near the end of april. this will be the first time i’ve gone on the wagon from her so to speak. i wonder just how addicted i’ve become to our multi hour blindfolded sex acts. my gut is telling me i’m going to miss her undying love tremendously. i’m thinking a trip to pattaya might be a good idea to help me get over the delirium tremens (withdrawal) i am certain to experience in her absence.

you see! i have a place in my heart for the 3f after all. there is a time and place for everything, even 3f.


a long and stupid ramble

some of you might enjoy this piece. there are certain metaphoric references to bangkok that i found enjoyable when writing it. the prostitute in this story is not the one i am seeing now. she was a previous encounter that was good for about a month of decent bonking. there as also a couple of decent books that i make reference of for those interested in furthering your reading, but my all means read “private dancer” first. it is absolutely a must read for the newbie in thailand. i actually recommend that newbie’s avoid anything i might write until after reading “private dancer.” it might help them avoid my particular style of trouble. :)


in 14 days i will have been in thailand for one year. if memory serves me i can see that i have in some way followed the pattern of a typical farang that moves to the land of smiles, (and no, i’m not talking about cali... fornia). the last time i was there i didn’t see many smiles and i didn’t smile much myself, although the sun was indeed shining.

what i once considered a huge continent of prostitution has illuminated itself as a small island of illusion. it’s like a mirage that you can touch, but the more you touch it the harder it is to feel. it isn’t actually there at all. it is a cement street between soi 4 and soi 23. there is a magic train that rides in the air. there are panhandlers and beggars and tourists and w-h-o-r-e-s w-h-o-r-e-s w-h-o-r-e-s! it reminds me of the lions and tigers and bears of the yellow brick road.

dorothy and toto are racing through a poppy field with the tin man and the scarecrow and the lion. it is a land without courage or brains or heart and there is little dorothy, standing on her red platform shoes asking everyone that passes by, “are you the wizard. can you take me to your hotel and give me 1,000 baht after you’ve had your way with me? you see sir... i need to get back to kansas!”

yes, we all need to get back to kansas! we need to see our homes on the range. we need to stroll across piccadilly square. we need to walk through the darkness of the black forest. we need to plant our rice and squat down in the paddies and feel the brown mud of earth between our toes. just click your heals three times and repeat after me, “i want to go home. i want to go home.” then go i say! you’ve been able to go for as long as you’ve imagined!

i should try to stop ranting so much, but that is what i do, that is what i am. i am a ranter. please distinguish this from a complainer. i have no complaints. i will reside in thailand for as long as i feel the way i do now. i love this place. it is an illusion, yes. but i see it for what it is and it is a grand illusion! i like to watch the buffalo falang as they walk hand and hand and arm and arm down the cobbled yellow streets of their oz. they seem happy with their new found loves. they seem happy with their dismembered lives. it excites me i tell you. it inspires me to no end.

i like to imagine the day the curtain falls and the facade is revealed. maybe he is shaving and nicks himself when it happens. he will wince and grab a piece of tissue to stop the flow of blood.
his mobile phone will ring and it will be his new found love on the other end and she will say, “baby, i love you so much. i need you to go with me now because i have no money.

he will be thinking that he does not want to go with her because he has felt the deception, but he is still incapable of saying no to his dick and to her. he will look in the mirror at the piece of tissue that is now red and he will wonder what the fuck he has been doing and then he will know.

the tissue has stopped the blood from flowing and in his mind occurs a revelation. if i don’t want to nick myself and bleed anymore, all i have to do is stop shaving. at this point he will transform into a guru and he will smile as he presses the end button on his phone. her voice will no longer be ringing in his ear and he will not care about kansas or dorothy anymore.

something has changed, meaning, i have had a change of heart. i have long thought that my last girlfriend would indeed be my last girlfriend, but in the end, i can see i was wrong. that isn’t exactly true. the fact of this matter is not that i was wrong; it is that i am wrong. yes... i am wrong. i am a time-bandit, as one suspecting young girl once told me. it’s no wonder i came up with the scenario of a man cutting himself while he was shaving. i think i am in love with blood. the blood of the heart.

my last girlfriend has become my second to last girlfriend, or at least it is almost true. you see my dear sirs, i am now working on my new adventure. i have found another girl. she is sleeping in my bed as i am typing this nonsense. she is of course a genius, in the literary and non-literary sense. she is not yet a reader of dostoevski, but she will be when i am finished with her. maybe this time there won’t be an end, but i can’t believe that anything lasts forever. we are all sure to die.

i have lived for at least one thousand years sucking the blood of women that are silly enough to believe in my facade. what’s worse is that i believe in it too! but the sad fact is that i get them to open their hearts to me so that i can drink their precious blood, the blood of the cup of the living christ, then i move on.

being that i am only a young vampire, a bloodsucker of a mere one thousand years, i now realize that there is a new eighteen year old virgin coming of age everyday. her tits are firm and her nipples are hard and i can just imagine how good her fresh blood will taste as it spills from her virgin heart. i am a vampire of deluxe proportions and there is no limit to how far i can go! have you got blood? if not, i offer you some. have a drink and don’t be embarrassed by the red on your lips.

i stayed with my new victim for three days and now she is with me again. she is a piece of work. she is a picasso. she is a salvador daly. she is a work of surrealism that surpasses every imaginable mirage. she could be my masterpiece! but i hope not. i would prefer that i were to be her mona lisa. i would prefer to be her crowning achievement and leave this bloodsucking earth for the last time. i am searching for nirvana. i have been searching for it for 1000 years inside the universe of her heart, not to mention her womb and vagina.

how could i not love her? one night during our last three days she told me a story about her childhood. it was a story about her pussy.

she looked at me with a somber expression and said, “i have studied the pussy of all the animals and i have compared theirs to mine. i have looked at the pussy of the cow and the buffalo and the elephant and i have come to a conclusion. my pussy is the biggest of them all.

“after doing all this research and coming to my conclusion i had to tell my mom. so i went to her and i said hey mom. i have been looking at the pussy of all the animals and i have been comparing theirs to mine and mom... mine is the biggest of them all.

“my mom looked at me and she had a smile i have never seen before and it was such a small smile but it was the biggest smile i’ve ever seen on her face. my mom loves me that is for sure.”

at this point she smiled a huge smile and started to laugh in such a way that i was unable not to laugh and we lied on my bed laughing until our bellies ached. that is the kind of girl that she is. is it a wonder that i might like her? it is no wonder that i am not a follower of the 3fs.

after our round of laughing she started to look around my room, noticing all my books. i’ve imported a small library of books from america to thailand. she went through them all one by one: bukowski, miller, hemingway, hesse, dostoevski, kundera, and then her finger stopped on saint augustine... “the confessions.”

i was amazed at her selection and i said, “god damn!”

to which she replied, “you should not curse your god. i don’t believe in him but i respect him and so should you.”

“err... ahem... i agree.”

so there we were. she was reading the words of saint augustine and i was reading a book titled “thaksin: the business of politics in thailand” by pasuk and baker. i highly recommend either book for you to read. the book on thaksin is a better choice if you want to learn a little bit about the land of smiles.

it was 3:45 p.m. on a monday, the third day of my three day rendezvous with my new victim. we had just finished eating and she was in the mood to have sex. we were lying on the bed after she had finished washing the dishes when she asked me, “are we going to have sex? if not then i am going to masturbate.”

“well go ahead. can i watch? i’m not sure i’m up for it on such a full belly.” she fiddled around on the bed in frustration and i decided to lie prone next to her with my head nestled on her buttocks and her head facing my cock. it was the classic sixty-nine position and i sat there staring between her butt cheeks past her asshole, directly at her pussy. i have to admit that her pussy is huge! it is also possibly the most beautiful pussy i have ever seen. we stayed like that for a long time. i didn’t do anything but stare at that wonderment between her legs. i could imagine the entire milky way spinning inside those beautiful folds of hers. i was actually starting to believe that the universe was inside her and i had somehow been spit out of it like an outsider looking in.

suddenly she jumped off the bed. “i guess we’re not having sex.” she went into the bathroom for what seemed a long while. i heard water running and scrubbing sounds. i was thinking if there might be some way i could watch what she was doing. i noted that i must cut some sort of peephole so that i could watch her the next time this happened. i decided to read my book on thaksin and wait for her to finish whatever it was that she was doing.

the next thing i remember is the bathroom door opening and her coming to me and apologizing and me asking her, “sorry for what?”

at this point she cooed in my ear saying, “we haven’t fucked all that much yet. you’ve never had me on top have you?”

“i don’t think so.”

she went down to my groin and slipped the snake in her mouth and sucked it at a leisurely pace until it was ready to bite. she grabbed a condom and fixed it properly and then mounted me with a lascivious smile on her face. she has one of those bodies that remind you of a gymnast. her legs and ass are nothing but muscle. it is almost embarrassing for me. i am not anywhere close to her form. i am like a ninety-nine pound weakling being fucked by a gorilla, but my masculinity is not threatened so easily and i closed my eyes and thought, “let the rodeo begin.”

it was 3:45 p.m. on a monday and my new victim was riding me like a bull and it was then that my phone started ringing. it was my second to my last girlfriend. i knew this because i have a special ring tone for her calls. she called once and then a second time. she always calls twice when i don’t answer. when i don’t answer she suspects i am in bed with another woman and she is usually right. what a life. i’ve got one genius fucking me and another genius calling me at the same time. it’s almost too much to handle!

i held my hard-on for as long as i could. the ring tone from my second to last girlfriend proffered a challenge. it almost knocked the wind from my sails but i adjusted the tack and kept it up for my new victim. i wanted her to come. if you can make a girl come then your chances of drinking blood are almost one-hundred percent! and i need her blood because i am a vampire of 1000 years!

my concentration payed off and in short order she was moaning softly and her movements became a little less fluid and then i could feel the outpouring of warmth that comes from a contented girl. now don’t get me wrong. i’m not making any claims to being a good lover. if i had to evaluate my sexual prowess i’d get a c minus or a d plus. i maintained a hard-on. she did all the work.

“did you make it yet?” she said.

“not yet.” said i.

“do you want me to help you?”

“if you’re willing i’m able!”

she climbed from her perch and stripping away the condom, went back to that leisurely sucking motion that is her trademark in bed, not to mention her giant pussy! i closed my eyes with legs spread and arms outstretched, like the anatomical man by da vinci, i contemplated the spiral galaxies while giving her the milky way.

afterwards, i made haste for the shower, scrubbing furiously, i was done in about three minutes. i gathered my computer and accessories and shoved them in my backpack saying, “i’ve got to go to my friends house and use his internet. i’ve got some work to do.”

she took a shower and got dressed and it was all thumbs up so far. i was thinking that i might get a little nip of blood by her leaving, but i was wrong.

all love was lost after i heard her ugly words, “can i have something?”

“do you need some money?”

“yes please.”

i gave her one thousand baht and it was a quick khorb khun ka before she was on her way. now that is a girl! i’ve been humping her for about two months. she is a mind blower, but the sad fact is that she is a prostitute. i sit and think about that for a second or two and change my mind. it’s not really that sad. all dorothy ever wanted was to get back to kansas and protect her little dog. why should i deny her a pair of shoes?

because i am a vampire? maybe so. after all she is a prostitute. that makes her a bloodsucker, just like me. bloodsucker blood is not the kind of blood a vampire can survive on. a vampire needs the blood of love! i chalk it off as an experiment. vampires can live for a long time in between feedings. the movies and the story books have got it all wrong. our eating habits are similar to that of the burmese python. we can ingest an almost unimaginable amount of food when it is available. our jawbones unhinge themselves for the feast.

i’ve got time for this one and she’s got the time for me. i’ll keep paying her for now and see what comes of it. i might not need to eat for a year if i can crack her safe. and in the meantime, my second to my last girlfriend might yet offer another morsel.

i said goodbye and closed the door and went for my mobile phone. i checked the time on the missed call and a mere thirty minutes had expired since the milky way blew itself to kingdom come. i pressed the call button and waited for an answer.

04-11-05, 16:07
Happy to see you again Poster

"Is there more than to life than drinking and eating and sleeping and fucking in the Land of Smiles?"

Here is the answer: Reading the newspaper while seated in the restroom in the morning is the ultimate joy in life ...


04-11-05, 17:08
Poster - well... sure, eat, sleep. drink, work... the thing was that I don't have a particular desire to remain in an alcohol induced reduced state of consciousness. I rarely drink more than 1 at home (for that matter, it was "amusing" to see the reaction on bar faces when I generally asked for "nam soda" (not beer). Also interesting to watch their reactions to my eating som tam pet-pet (and everything else pet-pet as well) and utilizing Thai carry out plastic bags - most farang never do thai take out.

I guess I haven't adjusted my thinking to "retirement mode" - being from the "work ethic" generation and all that - but your point is well taken - what else is there to do besides eat, sleep, drink, work and fuck? (Sounds like the five basic food groups) I suppose I could meditate and contemplate my navel...although it might be more fun to contemplate HER navel (or a few inches lower...) but I digress. I suppose the issue is more about fearing retirement than anything else - the aspect of not having to "work" except on something I want to do is a tad frightening (more the loss of the income asociated with the "work" activity, than the activity itself) but I REALLY don't want to sit on a perch and watch the world (or at least one street of it) go by day after day after day... THAT was the observation/ plaintive cry/ complaint. I guess I just can't wax poetically like you.

Joe Zop
04-11-05, 17:10
Poster, I believe you answer your question youself: in addition to the very important things you mention there is also spending good time in the company of other people who interest you and whose company gives you pleasure, and trying (generally fruitlessly) to understand what exactly gives us happiness or satisfaction when we do it and why we do what we do. Me? More and more I simply want to discover how everything in the world is part of me and how I am part of it. If I can forgive the world perhaps I can learn to forgive myself.

The Traveler
04-11-05, 21:13
...However, I’m not too sure where you got that idea that I have a stressful life. All I do is drink and eat and sleep and fuck...


that's what I meant, very stressful life you live. :)

04-12-05, 17:01
speaking of bathroom reading material, after about one week together my girlfriend came to my apartment with a stack of comic books. she told me that she would read them whenever i was busy or did not want to be bothered by her. i was encouraged by the fact that she enjoyed reading something, even if only a comic book. i used to read them myself but i was no older than 10 at the time. i'd say she is about 14 or 15 even though she is thirty. she's never had to develop any mature skills in life except the ability to fuck well and to keep her heart intact, a little more on this later. so as i said, she is a 30 year old teenager. i hold the opinion that i am not much beyond the age of 17 myself.

after she finished reading her comic books i decided to introduce her to something a little more literary. i brought her some books from the likes of hermann hesse, paulo coelho, and haruki murakami. she took to them like a fly takes to shit. she is on the third book now, "norwegian wood" by murakami. the first book she read was "11 minutes" by paulo coelho. it is so titled because it is about the life of a prostitute and it takes an average of 11 minutes for a man and a women to copulate.

the giving of this single book did more than anything i have ever done to endear her to me. i enjoy watching her read it immensely. she makes unbelievably wondrous faces, she laughs and giggles and makes sudden exclamations, "i can't believe this book. i love maria (the main character), her life is my life. i can't believe someone can write a book that knows my life so perfect. my teacher told me that a person can learn everything from books. now i believe her.”

(note to author: her teacher is the only person my girlfriend thinks ever loved her because she took the time to groom her for a language competition. my girlfriend has the gift of language and she won fifth place in the competition. she thinks she is a failure because she did not place in the top three. it makes her feel like she made her teacher lose face.)

in case i didn’t mention it, my girlfriend is from ubon ratchathani. when she speaks about ubon she references it as “her country.” it is as if it is not part of thailand. one day she told me a story that i think is perfect for the wsg-bathroom-library.

“when i came to bangkok i thought people where very strange. they were not at all like the people from my country. believe me when i tell you, i had to learn everything on my own. i used to wonder why the hell people in bangkok liked their toilets to be so high off the floor.”

“why is that?” i said. at this she peeled with laughter and went to the toilet and climbed up on the toilet seat, squatting on her feet as if she was using a thai style toilet. she sat their with an embarrassed look on her face and i have to admit she looked like a little monkey.

“don’t laugh at me, but i can’t tell you how long i was in bangkok before i realized that i was supposed to sit on this type of toilet. i never knew any better. they don’t have toilets like this in my country.” then she bounced up and down on her haunches and peeled with laughter again.

it’s amazing how little of the civilized world people from isaan know about. it is almost like talking to a child. now she knows how to use a western style toilet and she even reads the books i bought her now when she is trying to take a dump. i'm a proud boyfriend. lol...

i’ve got a million little stories like this one and will be sure to tell some more of them at the appropriate time. :)


04-12-05, 18:43
“when i came to bangkok i thought people where very strange. they were not at all like the people from my country. believe me when i tell you, i had to learn everything on my own. i used to wonder why the hell people in bangkok liked their toilets to be so high off the floor.”

“why is that?” i said. at this she peeled with laughter and went to the toilet and climbed up on the toilet seat, squatting on her feet as if she was using a thai style toilet. she sat their with an embarrassed look on her face and i have to admit she looked like a little monkey.

“don’t laugh at me, but i can’t tell you how long i was in bangkok before i realized that i was supposed to sit on this type of toilet. i never knew any better. they don’t have toilets like this in my country.” then she bounced up and down on her haunches and peeled with laughter again.

*raises eyebrow* she still uses the toilet that way??

04-12-05, 18:54
”at this she peeled with laughter and went to the toilet and climbed up on the toilet seat, squatting on her feet as if she was using a thai style toilet.

now, now poster, that ain't funny. i did the same when i first encountered a western style commode. give us country folks a break. :d

04-12-05, 20:04

There is a movie where a guy goes to VN to get his wartime daughter and brings her to the States.
Wifey doesn't like this at all and is particularly upset when she finds the girl squatting on the toilet like you describe.

How did you handle Thaistyle toilets when you 'oops' saw one for the first time?

04-12-05, 20:13
now she knows how to use a western style toilet and she even reads the books i bought her now when she is trying to take a dump. i'm a proud boyfriend. lol...

hey meatman,

ya missed da paragraph that follows. :)


hey duni,

dude, my apologies. i forgot about your country upbringin'. back in oklahoma we [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)'d off the porch quite a lot try'n to see who could squirt the farthest. if we couldn't settle matters by a [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)'n we always had the spit'n contest for back-up. :)


04-12-05, 20:27
There is a movie where a guy goes to VN to get his wartime daughter and brings her to the States. Wifey doesn't like this at all and is particularly upset when she finds the girl squatting on the toilet like you describe.

How did you handle Thaistyle toilets when you 'oops' saw one for the first time?

Jeez Freeler!

I guess ya thought I needed some embarrassment huh? Well sir, I am blushin' like a rose or as red as a beet. I was expectin' my first encounter because I'd read about them contraptions in my guidebook and on WSG, but I didn't know how badly I'd do on my first attempts.

Let's just say this: try and picture me first a takin' my shoes off and then a takin' my britches off and then a puttin' my shoes back on and then a lookin' for a place to hang them there britches so as to keep 'em and my powder dry and then a trying to hunker down over that low ass ceramic hole in the ground and then after all a that not being able to do the business and then cussing and moanin' and doing the whole shootin' match in reverse.

I am sure I looked very stupid to the average Isaan dude wondering how western folk could be so damn strange! :)


Coma Boy
04-13-05, 09:03
Poster, don't knock the comics, they're actually very interesting.

"Kai Huaroh" is my favourite, you should check it out, I expect she has a few.

Makes Hermann Hesse look illiterate.

04-14-05, 14:00
Poster, don't knock the comics, they're actually very interesting.

"Kai Huaroh" is my favourite, you should check it out, I expect she has a few.

Makes Hermann Hesse look illiterate.

A person who is able to state the last sentence in the quote is either uneducated, non educated, lacks education or is plain dumb.

My guess is that he is mentally retarded ...


Coma Boy
04-14-05, 14:04
Or perhaps all five.

If you saw these comics Philo you would realise this was a joke.

04-14-05, 14:13
In that case I apologize: I lack a sense of humor - and accordingly did not understand the joke.

Coma Boy
04-14-05, 14:36
I forgive you Uncle Philo.

04-16-05, 05:31
Know my way around BKK pretty well and have all my favorite places for stocking up on different goodies - but does anyone have a recommendation for a helpful places for buying cell phones? Thought I'd never buy one - hell, even only used one a couple of times and pretty much don't like having people call me - but my life is taking a turn and it looks like its the time. I usually stay in the Siam Center area, do my mongering around Suk, and my computer stuff at Pantip so if there's any particular store in these areas that could be recommended please let me know.

Re: doing the 'thrid-world squat' after living in Nepal for close to 5 years on and off, I've got the moves down pretty well. Hell, I've even got the pants adjustment down to second nature so if anyone needs advice on that let me know. Here in Kathmandu, installed a hose on the tap (like the little shower-like thing on some kitchen sinks) so I can avoid the ass-glass method. Now it's like living in luxury compared to the village scene and I can even read while squatting - though I miss the throne method where I can eat a sandwitch while doing my business. Cheers.

Coma Boy
04-16-05, 06:28
Mosey on down to Ma Boon Krong (MBK) for a wide selection.

Nearest BTS is National Stadium.

But you can pretty much find cell phones anywhere in Bangkok. You're probably never more than a few minutes from a store that sells them.

SB Lumens
04-16-05, 09:47

Get up to the 4th floor, on the north side I think. This will save you alot of time going to the stores selling new Nokias.

Haggle hard, and make them show you that the phone works. I would negotiate price with SIM card, or else they add it on at the end as unnegotiated profit.

At some point you will have a girl with an extra cell phone for you to use each time you come to LOS. Better yet, I wish I just kept the phone I bought one the first trip.

SB Lumens

04-17-05, 11:15

Get up to the 4th floor, on the north side I think. This will save you alot of time going to the stores selling new Nokias.

Haggle hard, and make them show you that the phone works. I would negotiate price with SIM card, or else they add it on at the end as unnegotiated profit.

At some point you will have a girl with an extra cell phone for you to use each time you come to LOS. Better yet, I wish I just kept the phone I bought one the first trip.

SB LumensHi SB Lumens,

It seems you are an expert in this topic and hope you can help me too. I use to go 2 times per year to Thailand and my goal is to have the same Thai phone number. My provider is DTAC. Therefore my questions:

• Can I recharge the SIM card with Baths for a period longer than 6 months?
• If I don’t use my mobile more than 6 months, may I lose the rest balance of Baths in my SIM card? And lose my SIM phone number too?
• Can I recharge my SIM with Baths only when I am there in Thailand or is now possible to do this in my original country via Internet?
• Is DTAC a good provider in area BKK or which one could you recommend me? Important for me is the quality, service and the best value for my money.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hamilton W
04-17-05, 13:49
Moving to Thailand soon for several months for a work/study program. Is there a westernized hair stylist or place to go for decent hair cut?

Preferably a stylist that knows what "tapered on the sides" means.

If there's any guys here living in Thailand that know of a good place to get a hair cut, please let me know.

Coma Boy
04-17-05, 18:11
You can recharge the SIM for up to twelve months. If you can't make it back in time then you simply buy another SIM card- no big loss.

AIS is the best service provider, but DTAC is best value for money.

04-17-05, 19:16
You can recharge the SIM for up to twelve months. If you can't make it back in time then you simply buy another SIM card- no big loss.

AIS is the best service provider, but DTAC is best value for money.Thanks for your reply. However, if I change the SIM card then I will get a new phone number and I prefer to keep my old mumber. But if you are sure that now I can recharge for 12 months then no problem any more but are you sure of this? last year was not possibble longer than 6 months. Any further ideas?

RCA Knight
04-17-05, 19:31
Any hair salon in Siam Square, MBK , Emporium ect can cut very good. There are some very very expensive Japanese owned salons around Phrom Phom, and Asok areas that will cut your hair strand by strand for hours. Expect to pay over 1000 for a cut and shampoo here.