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07-01-03, 21:48
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07-01-03, 22:20
Sounds fine to me. How do I make sure I'm still alive on your new membership list?

07-01-03, 22:25

You write on the main page, www.wsgforum.com:

2. For all "Inactive" members, defined as users who have been members for more than one year, and who have never made a single post: I am planning to post a notice on the front page of the forum advising them....

I see one small, maybe inevitable, problem: Probably there are plenty of people like me who have http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/search.php?s=&action=getnew
(or maybe the search form for some local area) bookmarked, and never check in at the front page at all! (So, okay, today I did check in there, because I saw your new "Pruning the Membership List" forum when I looked at the new messages, and I figured something was up.) People like that won't know what hit them.

I don't have any solution!

Anyway, keep up the good work, you're fantastic. And the new hardware seems to be working real good.

07-01-03, 22:35
There is nothing wrong with deleting inactive (for over a year) or useless members (just wanting information without contributing actively themselves). It would certainly make the whole administration of the site easier, and the quality of the posted messages would be improved.

By the way the WSG-forum has a good quality-level in my opinion and it is a very useful source for people traveling frequently, as well as for those who are simply interested into the mongering scene.

Jackson, keep on with the excellent work done so far!

Cheers, Scorpio

Member #4198
07-01-03, 22:48
Hey, Jackson, you are doing a fabulous job here. I have seen the growth of this forum over the years and am really happy at what I am seeing. You truly need to be commended on this.

I post primarily under International - Asia - China - Shanghai section with Goldwind as my handle. I think all your suggestions are well thought out and with a forum like this, problems like that will never go away. I am just wondering if by NOT doing any of what you proposed, will it make this site slower or any other negative effects? Because it seems like a monumental job to do what you suggested by yourself. I hope you get paid somewhat and I still am awed at how you are able to pull this site off all by yourself.

If you want people to monitor different parts of this site (like Big Doggie, etc), just tell me. I would like to help out with this site and maintain it THE source of information.

Yours sincerely,


07-01-03, 23:28
Dear Jackson:

I read your comments on the opeing screen, and I have to say I agree with many of the points you raised regarding pruning of the membership list.

The first few points regarding the "orphan" usernames due to forgotten passwords, lost email accounts, etc... should raise very few eyebrows. If anything, those members will be glad to get their originally intended usernames. The point to consider (Just like Airline Frequent Flyer programs... LOL) is to make sure that if you restore an "orphan" username by combining it with another username, the seniority status should also transfer.

Quite frequently we see posts such as:

"XYZMEMBER, regular member, posts 1- Hi, I will be in XYZ city during this time. Any info on the scene?"

We all know the problems associated with this type of post. The answer is often in the same page, only a few posts back! Often it starts a flame war between the ofending agent and "hard core" old timers, which is an absolute waste of band width and hard drive space, not to mention the time of the thousands of mongers who read it.

Perhaps you or one of the other members has a solution for this, short of out right denying to post this kind of message for first timers.

The other problem associated with haveing so many members wiht little or no acitivity, is that they vastly dilute the pool of moderate frequency users such as myself (about one post a month) so thaqt our name does not come up for "senior membership" as early as it should.

Overall, you raised some very good points and I support you in pursuing them.

07-01-03, 23:49
It all sounds pretty reasonable to me but you should be aware (I have managed some webby stuff for some TV channels) you are letting yourself in for a messy old time trying to negotiate stuff like this with the public at large.

In your position I would be far more tempted to go with some sort of far more automated ongoing pruning process with something not dissimilar to the following rules:

One off job: All accounts not logged into for a year delete.

Daily cron jobs:
Any accounts that haven't been logged into for 6 months -> email -> wait a week, then delete.

Any accounts which contain the same email details, send warning to both, then delete whichever ones are not logged into within month of recieving the warning (that explanation was clear as mud, hope you get the point).

Users more than 3 months old who have posted only messages (excepting to test areas) which appear to contain the same email address, delete.

Finally, publish these rules somewhere (the gist of them anyway) and to all who pay no heed, be damned. Let's face it, no matter how useful this stuff all is and no matter how hypersensitve folks get, it is still only a bloody username on a forum. The kind of people that are gonna be kept up nights by a policy such as this probably should have had their test tubes cyanide lined before attempting to gestate anyway.

If you need a bit of help, send me a sample of the user database (real details obscured of course) and I will write the scripts to do it for you - it should only be about 20 mins work.

Regards :)

07-02-03, 00:17
I do not mind "a little summer cleaning". I look forward to reading the various topics on a daily basis. If its good for Jackson, it's good for me.


07-02-03, 01:07
Your improvement plan for the membership has been articulated well and exhibits the signs that you have thought through various factors and attributes of the membership management. Membership at the WSG is the privilege, and not the entitlement or right of the registered members. When each member is granted the privilege, each member should implicitly or explicitly understand there are governing rules and the protocols that should be observed or followed. As long as you communicate such rules and protocols, which you have already established, with active, inactive and semi-active members, Iím certain that your membership management plan will be supported by majority of the members, especially active ones.

Member contribution to the board would follow classic 80-20 rule: 80% of contributions (quality and number of postings) would be contributed by top 20 active users. 80% of members and non-registered users will equally benefit from generous sharing of experiences of other members.

Hence, I donít think there will be any adverse effect by executing your plan. Even though I have not actively searched similar forums, I think your forum is the most comprehensive from the perspectives of quality and quantity. And, it is complement of Mr. Jackson! Therefore, you should lead rather than follow on this subject. I understand you would like to know what is the best practice out there. It is very nice of you.

Whether it is necessary for you to go through these motions is completely how you feel about it. If your gut feeling gears towards it, I think you should follow through with it.

Again your strategy is sound and good considering the site is privilege based and fee-free. My day job is to head the IT organization (Senior VP, Information Technology) of a major US corporation and your strategy on this topic is impressive. I wish some of my high-paying lieutenants had passions of yours and skills of wide-ranging thought process. Your service and dedication for all those lust-seeking men out there deserve a congressional medal.

If there is anything I can do to help you run the forum, please let me know.

Wish you the best with continuing success professionally, personally and hobby-wise!


The best leaders I've met always solicited the opinions of other people and involved them in the discussion, but they are also decisive in making the final decision on their own.


07-02-03, 01:22
I think that the "pruning" that you suggest is quite logical. The request for backchanneling defeats the purpose of the board. My only hesitation in posting about visits to certain AMPs, etc. is that I am afraid that too much information will attract LE and get some of our lady friends in trouble.

Question! Is there a way to post the same message of general interest on different locations at the same time?

07-02-03, 01:28
It sounds like a good idea to me. If users are just going to lurk and use the info found here and not contribute they should be left out of the membership. I would also like to comment about the posting e-mail addresses for backchanneling info. I know you stopped it for the non senior member. I think you should consider stopping it for all members. If the information is worth diseminating it is worth diseminating to all not just exclusive individuals.

You have a tough job Jackson. We appreciate the effort and patience with all of us.

Thank you.

07-02-03, 01:38

Your plan of action to prune inactive members and other stated parameters seems to be of sound judgement and reflects fairness in your attempt to do what you must to make this forum a more effective and informative web site for contributing mongers to enjoy and share their findings. I salute you.

Hot Rodd
07-02-03, 01:50
The only place you will find fair is in the dictionary... Do what you must do to trim the fat..

07-02-03, 02:00
Your plan sounds logical and reasonable to me.

07-02-03, 02:56
I think your plan is very reasonable and fair. Unless having a large "membership" list is important I think pruning it would be prudent.

07-02-03, 03:01
Go Jackson! good idea, one thing, did I confirm my email to you? i'd hate to get bumped off!

Great site, look forward to seeing the improvements over time.


Alan Cain
07-02-03, 03:12
I think you're overall plan is wise as long as access to all the same information is there. Especially the point about giving people a chance to confirm that they want to retain their Membership list spot. I don't post often, in fact I think I've posted once. But definitely like the idea of being able to post more frequently in the future.

I appreciate and use all areas of the forum as I travel often.

Lastly you can't please everyone so don't try.

07-02-03, 03:20
Originally Posted by Otter Trax.

I propose an improvement: Delete all the Nibu Raphael in <<insert region here>>. Basically the poster is the majority of the time posting solicitation for other people to post information. (If you dont believe me, then do a survey of Nibu's numerous posts and why do many other posters take exception to his contributions?).

The sections are not colourful or informative for the most part in my opinion. Yes I am sure he's well traveled and a player to boot but his posts do portray that. I would like to be proven wrong but to me asking for other peoples experiences and not contributing anything substantial is not worthy of those forum titles and a waste of broadband space.



07-02-03, 03:53

Full support for your initiative to clean-up the membership roster, however, IMHO, a notice only on the front page may not be enough Since members are required to have an active email account to register, can one email notification be sent out to advise them of your one text post requirement to maintain an active membership?



Technically, at the current time, members are only required to have a valid email address to register. There is no stated requirement to keep the email address active. However, I am considering changing this to require that members maintain their email address. This will be a subject of a future discussion, but I can tell you now that approximately 50% of the email address I have are invalid. I've discovered this in my ocassional emails to members regarding problems with specific reports.


Captain America
07-02-03, 04:14
Works for me.(and I would've almost been one of the yaer-and-no-post guys. Would've served me right.);-)

J Wadd
07-02-03, 04:17
Another Yea! vote from me (to all of the above).

Off topic: One thing that continuously nettles me is how lazy fist-time immediate-need posters are. Perhaps those sections that are famous for their scene should have a "Basic Description" section that could be an invite-only place for veterans to post what they think are the essentials for a successful, savvy, time in a city they know well.

However, one thing in which I think this site excels is the "running narrative" quality of it. It really is a pretty good sounding board (all things considered).

I would also, though, like to see it get a little more graphic (like it used to be). I like to have a good gauge of the disposition of the women in any area I go to.

Example: The women in Brasil are crazy, dirty little sex machines! I love them! The women in Uruguay are (typically) chaste, mechanical, etc. I'd like to see posters encouraged to factor performance a little more in with ratings on beauty and price.

Thanks for being patient with this over-long email.

Happy Hunting,


Joe Zop
07-02-03, 04:30
Jackson, this seems like a no-brainer -- every site needs to clean up inactive accounts, if only to maintain some degree of efficiency in the size of the database. I can't think of many online services of any kind that don't do some sort of pruning eventually.

I simply don't see where there should be much issue about this, given that you in no way restrict access to the information on this forum -- people can, after all, read everything regardless of whether or not they have an account, so if they're not using the account to post the only thing they're really losing is the ability to see only unread posts. Big deal.

Blunderer's suggestion about an automatic delete function after a year of inactivity seems to me a good one.

07-02-03, 04:48
Jackson has to monitor the board and take steps to keep it a good place for all of us to trade notes and expand our horizons.

Spamers, flamers, and others who use this site for their own financial gain need to be "pruned". I think they should be warned once and if they continue on, nip um in the bud.

Off the subject - Jackson, with the new board format, will we be able to have private messages between members? I like to be able to do this and it does help a great deal.



Activating the Private Messaging system is something that I expect to do in the near future, although there will need to be some discussion regarding the details before this is implemented.

07-02-03, 04:54
Thanks Jackson,

Your plan sounds just fine to me. I don't indulge heavily in the scene, but I try to share what I find. I get a lot of great info back in return from the active users.

Night Cruiser
07-02-03, 05:02
Well, use it or lose it. The fat must be trimmed. If someone gets angry 'cause they were deleted, well, they can open up a new account.

Member #1553
07-02-03, 05:09
I applaud the efforts to clean up the forum of the parasites who glean information and never give back to the group. How many times do we see a one time posting for information with a promise to relay information back and it never occurs? I usually only post in the Dominican Republic section and of all websites and groups I am a member of, the wsg is the best, no exaggeration. I think of what it can be when everyone gives back what they have taken from this board. Back channeling I am unsure of because I have been guilty of that as well. Do what you think is best and let's keep this great site rolling.


07-02-03, 05:31
Your plan sounds good to me,as far as making every one happy "Forget IT" impossible! there will always be a handful of JACKOFFS (no pun intended) that no matter what you do or don't do won't be right! GO FOR IT. And buy the way thank's for the time and effort that you put forth into this site. GOOD JOB!
Thanks Dr D.

07-02-03, 05:36
Mr Jackson, l support you 100% for what ever you wanna do with your site. There is no other site like this. l was able to gather so much information from this site before l went to Brazil and l had so much Fun. l'm even planing of going back. l don't even mind paying just to be a member of this wonderful forum. Anyway, let me know when ever it becomes a paying site. l would not think twice of joining. You are Great Mr. Jackson.Keep up the good work.

07-02-03, 06:04
I am in favor of your improvements all the way. Somehow I thought we had many more thousands members than we really do. What can we do to attract more active members?

Keep up the great forum.

Attracting more active members will the subject of a future discussion.

07-02-03, 06:50
Hey Jackson,

You da Man!!

I know that you will do what is necessary to keep the improvement of the WSG on track. My hat is off to you.

One suggestion: Is there a way that we can rate the posts? That way, those who provide good information and score higher ratings will be able to reveive higher priveleges than those who are a waste of space.

Take care, bro...

07-02-03, 07:15
That is a great idea, no problems here.

La Gator
07-02-03, 07:29
I think it will help in Cleaning out the Clutter and will make this site a better place.

07-02-03, 07:30
I agree with your plan Jackson... just leave a lifevest in case we fall of by accident.

(Hello guys. from Monterrey, Mexico)

07-02-03, 07:41

I don't have a problem with it. Sounds cool to me.


07-02-03, 07:58
Right on, Jackson. Do whatever it will take to make life easier for yourself.

Your service is tops.

Best Regards,


07-02-03, 07:59

As always you are a fair and thoughtful man. No complaints here with your plan.

07-02-03, 07:59
Hi Jackson - read your brief note on cleaning the membership - on the one hand sounds a good idea, but let's also not forget that a forum is also for those that want / need to find out information just as much as it is for those willing or wishing to share. After all we all at some point got here to find something out about the place we wanted to visit.



07-02-03, 09:00

Like the old saying goes: "You can please all of the people some of the time and you can please some of the people all of the time, but you'll never please all of the people all of the time." No matter what you do and no matter how much you think it out and we all discuss it, someone's not going to be happy.

Simple fact - if someone's membership gets deleted, the world will not come to an end. The worst thing that they will have to do is reregister.

Another simple fact - if someone doesn't get the handle that they want, the world will still not come to an end. Anyone who has been on the Net long enough knows that you don't always get your first choice for user name, kinda like getting vanity license plates. Deal with it and move on.

To go along with your initial effort of cleaning up the users list, I would suggest, if the software has the capability, that users automatically are deleted after a predetermined period of inactivity. I think that the one year rule is fair. If you don't have anything to contribute in a year, you don't deserve to have a user name reserved for you.

Like I've said many times before, your efforts here on this forum are appreciated by many. This is by far the best site of its kind on the Web. The sky will not come crashing down if someone doesn't get what they want. Make the best decisions that you can regarding this site knowing that you have the support of the vast majority of members.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

07-02-03, 10:21
If it makes your life easier and helps keep this invaluable site alive then please do it.

07-02-03, 10:26
Makes sense to me.

07-02-03, 10:27
Makes sense to me, nice of you to give us a voice before the pruning.

07-02-03, 11:25
Hi Jackson,

Posted earlier but nothing showing, must of hit the wrong button. I'm all for the changes if you think it'll improve an already very good site. I have the same question as dsmsugardaddy2, how do i make sure i won't be kicked off based on old info. I only login if i want to post, which i do around once a week max, but i view the board twice a day, every day. I also don't recall sending you any e-mail when i registered.

just my 2cents worth, agree with all the postings below, excllent site, keep up the great work its really appreciated.


07-02-03, 11:35
I agree with pruning Nibu's reports as I check the forum daily whenever possible and look at various countries. I am always travelling, I often see a new report listed but when I open up the country it is another Nibu report which can sometimes be a bit repetitive. I asked the question sometime back with all the reporting he was doing how was he finding time to try the goods.

07-02-03, 12:20
Your suggested changes make sense to me.

WSG is a valuable resource; Thanks for providing it.

07-02-03, 12:40
I think Jackson's plan is extremely reasonable. I'm sure we've all (senior members) been burned by people who email us asking for info and then offer nothing in return. It's been understood from the day we all signed on that this board is there for 'sharing' of information of pulling down some ass.

Granted, I don't have a ton of posts -- Who can be a champ like Meatman, anyway? -- but I always post info when I have some.

Let's keep this forum for what it was meant to be, for the sharing of info. Jesus -- I sound like my kidnergarten teacher. Boy if she could see me now :-D


07-02-03, 13:18

It sounds like you have a great plan of action. Of course, nobody likes change, so there is bound to be some grumbling, but I think the things you are planning to do are fair to everyone. And, I hate it for the people that have registered but have not posted in over a year. If they wanted to preserve their handle, they should have been more active members. So, for them to write you with hostility saying that 'their handle has been in the family for generations' is a load of crap. IMHO, they don't have the right to carry that handle if they aren't going to use it. Besides, it would be as if they had tried to register a user name but couldn't because someone else beat them to it. What do they do in that case?

I try to use the same handle in everything that I sign up for, it's just easier to remember. But, sometimes people have beat me to the boxcc handle. So, I have to alter it a little. I don't see where anyone can have too much heartburn over that.

Oh, as a side note, does my handle past muster? Will I have to change it for this forum? Just curious.

Thanks for all you do,

You handle is a pronounceable word, so the only change I woud ask is to captialize the first letter so the name is in proper case. BTW, the log-in process is not case sensitive, so even if a user name is in proper case, you can still log on by entering it in all lower case.

07-02-03, 13:29
I think your idea is perfectly fair.

07-02-03, 13:32
I feel that your thoughts are well taken and yes, a cleaning of the membership is much needed. Whichever way you decide to go, I am for it. Deadwood can hurt the infrastructure. You are doing a fantastic job and I am lost without the reports.

07-02-03, 13:48
I agree for 100%.

07-02-03, 13:49
Yes, Clean it up, this is for users, not lurkers. My dream only. PW

07-02-03, 13:51
Sir Jackson,

Yep! It's me, MRLA. I know it has been awhile, and you know because of my work I have to be careful about posting. But let me say this, YOU ARE THE MAN! What you have done for mongers with this board is Fantastic! I know you are trying to be FAIR, but you MUST do what is best for you. This job you have is huge, and not a easy task.

All my best, and again thank's for all the good time's.

Hope to see you soon pal.

Monger On,


Just my 2 pesos!

Hey Mr LA,

The girls at Madahos still keep asking me when you will return to BA. The chocolate syrup story has become a legend. I always tell it when I introduce Patricia, much to her constant embarrassment.


07-02-03, 14:04
Makes sense, as we should free up names, space and make the forum more accurate for everyone.

John Aldrich
07-02-03, 14:08
Jackson, its a great effort that you are making and the idea is also good.

07-02-03, 14:30

Is it possible for you to require some sort of tag/flag to the posts, for example:

A request for info must be marked with "?" or a review/experiece with another mark or reports about hotels can be marked with hotel icon etc.

This will make searching for info so much easier, and will cut down on number of posts requesting info only. And the old mongers won't be annoyed and flame every newbie that signs up and asks questions.

How about a section for newbies for each country (or at leat the 'busy' countries) which can be maintained by an experienced volunteer.

I can tell you that when I started in the hobby recently, trying to gather meaningful information was a pain in the ass. Reading hundreds of pages on the computer affected my eye sight enough that I had to get new glasses :-)).

07-02-03, 14:42
I'm all for the clean-up, but the approach means that there will be another inevitable build-up and at some point you will have to go through the same exercise. There are basically two types of users to the board.

1. Active users who want to share experiences, advice, cautions, locations and, often, just plain fun (this is a fun hobby).

2. Passive users who want information, updates or just want to share the fun.

I'd make the membership list continuous pruning-publish or perish.

You are correct in noting that pruning the membership list is an ongoing activity, and I expect to make this a part of the Forum's operating policies.

07-02-03, 15:13
Your plan is a good one

07-02-03, 15:30

1. This is the best run forum I have seen.

2. Prune the inactive. Forget the 30 day test post joke. That will offer no benefit to the forum as a whole.

3. I cannot tell you how effective this forum is for me. Anywhere I go, I leave a note for a member to give me tips, I arrive in the city, check the reply, and go get laid.

4. You are not being to harsh by pruning inactive wannabee's who are too chicken to post and too greedy to give up their cool names.


07-02-03, 15:32
I have no objection or concern with the plan you propose

If anything, I think you are bending over backwards TOO much. Anyone who would actually be upset that they lost a username that they have nevery actually used is being way to sensitive.

07-02-03, 15:49
Jackson --

I think pruning the membership list makes a lot of sense. If you don't ever do it, the amount of deadwood (no pun intended) will continue to rise, and your job maintaining the database will grow ever larger.

And your methods seem reasonable as well -- you've always been a fair but firm (with respect ot posting rules, etc.) moderator of this forum, and I know that I and most of the members here appreciate that. Your efforts make for a nice virtual community for all of us here.

Good job!


07-02-03, 16:00
Take out the greedy name hogs who took good names and never use them.

I love this board. I post in a new town I will travel to and by the time I arrive a nice fellow monger has told me where to go and how much it will cost and I get lucky every time...

Your site kicks ass.


07-02-03, 16:11
I fully approve of your plans, and find that you are rather "too" generous with inactive members.

Cum On Her
07-02-03, 16:28
I believe your idea is a sound one. I think weeding out the potentially bad crowd will make this forum a better one for it.

I dont think non posters should be given any chance to reclaim their posting ability. This is a forum made to share information. so if they are willing to receive but not contribute then they are just wasting the times of the people who do take the time to write and post.

Posters who just write their email address hoping for people to send the information on what is going on in their area, are not really trying that hard to contribute themselves and should be deleted.

People need to be active in this forum in order for it to get to great heights and these type of people only are bringing it down.

Separating the america posts from the international posts woul help the forum very little I think, but on a computer stand point it is a sound judgement.

Making sure all your members are up to date is a good idea also. this could make sure that their is not a person using 2 or more names just to act/sound like different people. Also people who spam will have to fill the needed information to know that they are not legit. this will help the forum a lot.

Are you going to email each individual person to get their information??? Just curious.

Happy hunting, which is what we should all be doing right now.

Buster Highman
07-02-03, 16:31
If you think it's necessary, then I say go for it.

Your plan sounds reasonable. The only comment I might offer is some better "protection" for senior members, given the inconvenience of posting under regular member status.

Crazy Guide
07-02-03, 16:31

Go for it!

This forum is a god sent. You have my full 100% support for what you are proposing.


07-02-03, 16:38

I appreciate your efforts on maintaining a good forum. I am not a great proponent of "pruning" membership lists unless there is an identifiable problem. Of course, freeing up user handles is a worthy goal. Also, duplicates may be somewhat problematic.

Its your call and I support whatever you finally decide to do.

07-02-03, 16:56
I like the concept. Should thin out the deadbeats.

Here is a question for you: How difficult would it be to randomly check IP addys for those who may be browsing on behalf of LE?

Just a curiosity, I'd be willing to assist with IP whois queries to maybe help toss those who use our info against us.

Just a thought.


07-02-03, 17:24
I'm for pruning the list to get all the dead wood out, especially those 687 who just used the forum one time in hopes of getting backchanneled to their email address.

With respect to the ones you want to give 30 days notice to - why even bother? You'll probably never hear from most of them anyway and if they have only been lurking for over a year without contributing, who needs them anyway?

Just my opinion.

07-02-03, 17:34

I remember the old site with Atta. I sent a few reports on my trips to Frankfurt 5 years ago that never got posted. What you have done is great and since you do ALL the work to keep it going, I am more than happy to abide by whatever you think will help you keep the site running smooth.


I also sent in a few reports that were never posted, which is what led me to start making inquiries that led to me buying the domain name from Atta's widow.


07-02-03, 17:34

The plan makes a lot of sense. I would do it faster than you are planning on doing.

One thing maybe split this thread into two threads those in favor and those not in favor that what it would be easy to see what the overall board feels.


Dashing Don
07-02-03, 18:24

I remember talking to you in BA about this very issue and I'm glad to see you utilize a "publish or perish" rule. Yes to culling, pruning, clipping, and shearing. It will make for a genetically-stronger body of mongers.

BTW, this could be an ideal time for you yourself to change your screen name. Perhaps, "Darwin" or suchlike would be appropriate:)


07-02-03, 18:32
I dont contribute much, but I support your ideas, and I support all webmasters and the contributors to this hobby.

I'm here for good, and will start posting more =)


07-02-03, 18:33

Good plan, time to clean up the list. Change and adventure is
what this board is about.


07-02-03, 18:50
A suggestion (and this is what the "Ellaid" forum did when that post did a membership "purging"recently):

Require EACH member to send an e-mail that confirms their existence on this board, by a specified date, or they will be deleted after that date. Hopefully, the "deadwood" will then be seperated from the actual "living" / posting members, and whatever LE sources that are on here, can maybe get purged too!

CT Boobman
07-02-03, 18:51

Your plan seems very fair, and I think you are going to great pains to address everyone's possible concerns. I am comfortable with everything you suggest.

Thanks for your hard work!!

07-02-03, 19:13
Sounds like a good plan to me.

07-02-03, 19:14
It all sounds good to me.

07-02-03, 19:51

This is my first post, but please don't purge me from the roll call. I may have the courage to actually post an experience one of these days.

I think your site is fabulous and the posters provide invaluable advice. But being somewhat shy, and definitely not a writer, I have been a user of info and not a provider. So I guess I'm one of the guilty ones.

In any event, keep up the good work. I've just updated my email info in hopes of obtaining some mercy, Sir Webmaster!

By posting this message, you have ensured that you will not be purged.


07-02-03, 19:55
I think this is a great plan.

In general, the glut of users that contribute nothing except blocking a good user name from being used is a problem that plagues message boards of all stripes. I think you've got a fine way to handle it.


07-02-03, 20:06
It's your forum, you pay for it, and you manage it. No one can complain about being dropped when they have never posted a message or only posted one and then moved on. I think you can be as aggressive as you want in pruning membership.

Maybe certain forums that are real active could use moderators.

07-02-03, 20:44
Clean House = Good plan!

07-02-03, 21:36
(IMHO of course)

J: 1. For all the prospective members who have never confirmed their email address: These "members" will be culled immediately.

J: 2. For all "Inactive" members, defined as users who have been members for more than one year, and who have never made a single post: I am planning to post a notice on the front page of theforum advising them that they have 30 days to post at least a test message in the Site Administration section to preserve their membership, after which I would delete the remaining Inactive members.

J: 3. For the 687 members who have completely used this forum by using their membership solely for the purpose of posting one message requesting back-channeled info along with their email address: I will save this discussion for another date.

Why wait? Do it now. If you want to give 30 days notice that's more than fair, more than they'd get anywhere else. Just do it so you can get on with your stated more important tasks (not to mention your life).

Anyone who's for real will understand that they need to rejoin, and understand that cross-web identity consistancy is a much less likely goal than would be, say, eternal world peace and no-strings uninhibited sexual freedom everywhere.

Bad Santa
07-02-03, 21:46

You'are a class act! You don't charge us $$$ (I think?) to use your board, and still have the courtesy to ask as about our opinion.

I think that pruning should be an ongoing policy. New/old members should be aware that if their account is not active for certain # of days, it will be pruned. By making it a policy, you would avoid justifying your decision each time you need to prune account names.

I'm all for it 100%.

Thank you for asking my opinion.


07-02-03, 22:42
Hi Jackson,

First of all thanks for maintaining such a cool and useful web site. I feel that if your proposal to cull the mongering herd of those who've lost interest will make your life easier, then do it! I see no real problems from where I sit and I think that your proposed time frame of one year of inactivity is very reasonable and also suggest that the deletion process be automated giving you more time to have fun.

Connect 28
07-02-03, 23:00

You are doing a fantastic job. Your suggestions sound reasonable. I would like comment the point badass has made. For each country/city depending on how active the board is there can be a database with key locations/clubs, hotels may some more classification that whenever one has an update can post it and new members can easily see where the happening places are and won't bother the senior members with the same question again and again.


07-02-03, 23:10
Hey Jackson,

Donīt know when I will see you again. Till then, go ahead with your plan. It sounds more than fair to me.

And yes Patricia will be known in the annals (!) for the chocolate.

Thanks for everything you do for all of us.

By the way, what happened with the Clarin event pictures??

Take care.

07-02-03, 23:20

Your site is one of the best online for information of its type. You have been consistent in policy since I first came aboard.

Reviewing your ideas for the new server, I agree with you. Getting control of members is a priority you cannot ignore, giving the reasons you sighted.

I hope that you discourage the practice of pinging posters for info via e-mail. If it's too graphic for this forum, what the hell!!

Anyway, thanks for keeping the regulars in the loop.

This is Starfleet Command,


07-02-03, 23:26
Hey Jackson,

I think you are taking the correct approach to keeping the membership list manageable.

All the steps you've listed appear to be well thought out and logical.

You can't please everybody, but you are looking to please the majority of your active members and this is always a sound business practice.

This is an excellent forum. Keep up the great work.

All the best!


07-03-03, 00:09
you must prune the list for the reasons you described. the less space the deadbeats take up, the more there is for active members, meaning your operation runs more efficiently and effectively. typically, if a member has been inactive for a year (i think you can even get away with 6 months) they should lose their privileges of membership. rather than post a message on the site, i would send an email to every inactive member telling them that they lose their privileges if they don't visit the site and at least post a test message as you say. give them 30 days to do it, then adios. then every 6 months, a year, or whatever timeframe you choose, run the exercise again.

i considered sending a broadcast email, but that option is tor****ed by the fact that approximately 50% of the wsg members email address are inactive/closed/etc.

07-03-03, 01:50

I hate to just add a DITTO to the log here but as I see it, participation in this forum which is run on your private server is a priviledge and not a right. I think meaningful participation in the forum is not too high of a price to ask. Ultimately you have to make the call- but you have all the right ideas. Prune the dead wood and be done with it.

If anyone wants to complain in a flaming manner afterwords, well, that is exactly what your READ THE HATE MAIL section is for.

07-03-03, 02:10

First of all, I never dreamed how much work or expense is involved in running a web site until I started the Juarez Tour Guide in January. We are not webmasters, we are webslaves, so you deserve a real round of applause for making the forum available to us.

I say get rid of the ones who don't post, as you suggest. All of those guidelines sound reasonable to me.

07-03-03, 02:33
Post or perish! (Guess I should post more.)


07-03-03, 02:36
Clean up the list. Although I am a passive user, your board and the posts are invaluable on the trips.

Three I
07-03-03, 02:36
I have been waiting for this day!

07-03-03, 02:56

It's your board, your server, your efforts, what ever is easiest for you makes sense. The GREAT job you're doing gives you the priviledge of making these decisions unilaterily if you so choose.


Mystic Pimp
07-03-03, 02:59
WSG is the best site on the net. Do whatever you have to to keep it running effieciently.

Thanks a lot Jackson!

07-03-03, 03:18

I like the plan. Use it or lose it for the user names. You can read without a user name so it's not a big deal for lurkers.

You didn't address the 24-48 hour delay for new members in this posting. Is that something that you will continue to do, or will that be addressed later?


The Regular Member / Senior Member issue will be addressed in the near future.

07-03-03, 03:24
Hey it's me Gnome,

Jackson you run a first class site. The changes sound good. I know i monger more than I post, but the action is a little slow here in Reno. LE really does do a good job. Damn it!

Jackson, keep up the good work!!

Gnome out.

07-03-03, 03:44
I agree with the plan. It is conservative in that it only culls the lurkers and hangers on, while contributors remain as members.

Sure it will have to happen over and over, but once established as a policy, the user list will settle down to active members.

Do it!


07-03-03, 04:38
I read parts of this forum (usually the European and Mexico sections) a couple of times a week. The reason(s) I haven't posted for quite a long time are:

1. I haven't been back to Germany and the FKK clubs since my last post. I only take one significant vacation per year.

2. When I did post, it was a detailed and lengthy post about how to get to Atlantis FKK by train for about 11 euro round trip. I thought that would be of significant help to other mongers who were paying as much as 120 euro for taxis, but some dude named E-frog took HUGE offense at the post and essentially called me a stupid person, among other things. I don't need that.

Fully 99.9% of the posters on this forum do NOT choose to flame other posters, so maybe I'm overreacting, but it caused me to give up posting when I still thought I had significant information to add.

As for usefulness, I found out how to get to Oase and Atlantis by reading WSG Forum. I found out how to get to FKK35 by tram line instead of taxi by reading WSG Forum. I have found out all kinds of useful information on Boys Town in the Nuevo Laredo section, and fully intend to visit there someday (and know where to go and where to not go while there). WSG Forum is about as useful as it gets.


07-03-03, 05:53

Good ideas, I think you should implement as is.

Thanks for a great forum.

07-03-03, 06:06
1. I like to thank you for all the infomation here.

2. The forum is maintained be you and we all appreciate that.

3. So what ever methods you need to due in order to maintian your site I am sure the members here support you and will comply with you decisions. I do :)

4. Thanks for the opertunity to at least voice our opinions on the matter.

07-03-03, 06:18
Go for it!

07-03-03, 06:19

Good ideas, I say implement them all.

Thanks again for a great forum.

07-03-03, 06:22
Clean up the member list. Save the SQL Server cache I/O's for better utilization!

Don't worry about folks who might get miffed. To get a 90% improvement there's often a few exceptions - don't be hard on yourself for that. You're making good judgement calls using reasonable-man approaches.

Thanks for the forum.

p.s. Don't know if you ever saw my other post in the Admin section, but I still believe it would be a good idea to have some 'universal form' that people could use for rating different areas, clubs or service providers.

07-03-03, 06:36

I can't thank you enough for this site. I'm one to post only when I have valuable info but I try to at least put in an appearance every so often.

I say go with the plan. Excellent ideas all!



07-03-03, 06:50
I agree with everyone else, prune away. I've seen, first hand, how much time you spend running this great resource. And it sounds like your hardware costs keep going up. You make the rules, some of us will contribute, all will benefit, fuck the complainers. We all come out ahead!

Is it ok to mention your other venture in this forum, since so many are visiting?


I would love to see this charity benefit from all the work you do on wsgforum. I think you would too, right?

07-03-03, 07:43
I think it's a great plan. I also agree that continual pruning should definitely be an automated process.

Another wayt to look at it is that, since it's possible to read the forum without being registered, lurkers don't lose anything if you delete their accounts.

The more annoying problem is how do you prune people who post, but offer nothing of value to the board? Not sure how to deal with that without the possibility of thread monitors (similar to IRC Ops) who would have the authority to remove the garbage 'Can anyone tell me about X?' posts. These moderators would have the responsibility of notifying you about these posters so that you could remove the one-offers.

Just my $.02

Jaimito Cartero
07-03-03, 07:47
Well, I think the two week notice is more than adequate. I don't think it should be a "post 10 messages a month or get booted" type scheme, because I've seen those, and all you get is worthless crap posted.

One really good report a year from a guy is worth 100 "oh yeah, I did her, she was good" reports I see every day.

Some people really get a lot of use out of the board, but don't put anything back into it. How can our hobby (lifestyle) really progress when you only hear from the same 10 guys all the time? How would you like to have only the same 10 girls all the time. Variety, people!

Say you love a certain type of music, and want to find chicas who will dance with you all night, and then drain you so dry, you can't move afterwards? How can you find out, if only a few guys post?

You may think you're the only one who likes such things (right, Elvis?), but I'm sure there are plenty of other guys who would like the same thing, but need the good lowdown on the girls.

Jackson, I know where you're heading with a lot of this stuff, and I think that the guys who really want to add to the discussion will still be here at the end of the year. Anybody else is just a waste of space.

Need Some
07-03-03, 07:58
In regards to confirming the email address, I believe I confirmed my e-mail address awhile ago, but I'm not 100% sure. I've been a member for awhile and don't want an oversight on my part to prevent me from using this excellent resource.

So my question is, how do I ensure that I cofirmed my e-mail address, so I'm not deleted?

You obviously did confirm your email address, because you conldn't have completed the membership registration process otherwise.

07-03-03, 11:03
Your plan is just the right one.
Why waiting, giving last chance...
just go and do it. Dead will remain dead even if you wait them a century to wake up... :-)

and :

Great job like always.

A suggestion about the photo area: This is also a clearly slow or dead area : either you also cut it or give a similar no post within xxx days and you will cut it. ;-))) either you will save space or there will be something new on it. It is a win win solution.

07-03-03, 12:15
I agree with most here. This is an excellent forum. I use it as a very good tool as to what is happening in the area. I believe that a "active member" tool should be intitiated. Keep up the great job.

07-03-03, 14:58

The work you do is great and you make it special by involving the users of this forum in the decision making process on how to run it.
This is democracy at its bets. Jackson for President.

07-03-03, 15:02

You're being too nice. Just drop all inactive accounts now. If someone hasn't posted a single message in over a year that tells me they are either useless lurkers or have not revisted the site since they first registered.


07-03-03, 16:32
Go for it Jackson

07-03-03, 16:39
I feel that internet decorum must be maintained so I will have to play Devil's Advocate as the response has otherwise been so overwhelmingly positive.

Genesis according to the Fool.
In the beginning DARPA created the Internet. {We shall ignore the "Gore invented the internet heresy"} Now the Internet was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface, no content was to be found and the spirit of DARPA was hovering over the users. And DARPA said "Let there be access" and there was access. DARPA saw that the access was good and he seperated the access to content from the darkness. DARPA called the access "freedom" and the lack of access to content "tyranny". DARPA then released its Internet unto the multitudes and said "Let the people produce content containing sites, free porn, games and conversation acording to their various pursuits." And it was so.
The Internet became populated by the multitudes but the darkness did not flee, it waited its time. Eventually greed and selfishness overcame the weak willed many and they said "You may not trespass upon my content" even though their content lay in the lands of freedom created by DARPA. They placed fences around their content. They denied access to information of use to all, restricting it to only those who would yield unto them their wallets, their souls or their innermost thoughts.
Today a great battle takes place, a battle between the forces of freedom and tyranny, light and dark, those who provide information without demands and those who make demands and would deny information to others.
The question before the WSG forum is not whether lurkers should be culled. The question is whether we retain our freedom or lose our souls.

Of course I think that is all pretty much bullshit, if someone isnt contributing then they are leaching and may reasonably be removed from membership.

07-03-03, 18:33
Recommend implementation. Pitch the 687 over the side too.

-Uncle Otto

Paranoid Doof #2
07-03-03, 19:13

As a new poster, first off thanks for the site. As for the proposed changes it seems that since you are on the one doing work and paying for it, you get to set the rules. The rest of us are freeloaders - myself at the top of the list.


07-03-03, 19:54
I think you are being more than reasonable.

07-03-03, 20:15
I support your plan as stated (no more, no less).

Thanks for the great site and all you do.

Guess Who
07-03-03, 20:51
Originally posted by progman

You're being too nice. Just drop all inactive accounts now. If someone hasn't posted a single message in over a year that tells me they are either useless lurkers or have not revisted the site since they first registered.

...(prog) I second that. Everything else looks good, nice job. I think the private messenging is a good idea too.

Happy 4th all!

07-03-03, 21:28
I agree with all the comments. You are the MAN. Dump the deadwood; and thanks for all the work you do.

Member #1465
07-03-03, 21:32
Its a great place for finding information before the trips. Go for the changes.

Jackson you are controling this in a great way.


07-03-03, 21:36
Excellent plans Jackson - you do a great job and your judgement is solid. BL

07-03-03, 22:11

you're doing great work! Forget the onetime posters and delete their names. Most of them are just chickens**t lurkers who got the guts to post once then got scared.

The live chat sound cool!!


07-03-03, 22:40
I agree with everyone else. Drop the inactives!!! If they want to use the resource they will register again, and hopefully use the forum.

07-03-03, 22:51
Hi Jackson,

Regarding pruning the membership list, in my opinion it is better to only have a few selected members who are actively posting and reporting. You are doing a fine job and please don't worry about the ones who might get upset after they are cut off.

You gave them a fair warning and just go ahead with the strict pruning and cutting down the membership list to a managable number.

Go for it, cut them off if they don't follow the rules, you are doing the work, you have the right to implement what is necessary to keep the wsg site running smoothly.

THANKS for all the work you are doing for so many of us.

07-03-03, 22:56

I agree that you need to make these changes, and the way in which you presented them seems to be logical, I must also agree with some that you are being too easy in the inactive area. If this was a "pay site" I could understand someone "expecting" to keep their "name".....I say if they are inactive that long, drop them, they can always re-register and if nobody else has taken their name, they can get it back. By doing this you are already taking on an enormous amount of work, why burden yourself more? Let each person take responsibility for themselves, if they post they stay, if they strictly lurk and never post, or only post once a year.....well....bye bye....

Keep up the great work, I admire your drive to promote and maintain this great resource tool.


07-03-03, 23:04
I agree that cleaning up the "registered users" is a must, and re-arranging the "cities" within at least the CA state area should be considered too. Perhaps categorizing by area code (213, 714, 909, etc.) can be done, or by County, and then the cities with each county that SW's are active at. It will make it easier for those of us who can't go too far in pursuit of the hobby!

07-03-03, 23:57

I agree with your current plan of pruning the unused membership.

07-03-03, 23:57
I love the idea of getting rid of the dead weight. I also think that you may consider limiting viewing by non-members. I am unsure of a good way to do this and still be able to gain productive new members without having hundreds register and never come back.

Thanks for all the work you have done!

07-04-03, 00:05
I think Cleaning up the membership list is a great idea. Lurkers as we all know are worthless.

My only concern are the lurkers who have never contributed anything. I'm waiting for them to start posting in the forums made up info just to keep their accounts alive.

Oh well, thanks to you Jackson and the users who share great info

Stay safe :) Happy hunting ;)

07-04-03, 00:09
This is a great idea! And hopefully alot of the chatting back and forth will be done in the chat room rather than using up valuable space in the forums. Kudos Jackson, it is about time!

07-04-03, 00:13
Great idea, I'm in favor of this change

07-04-03, 00:16
It's a pity that this site doesn't have a "bouncing" tool like yahoo groups has;-)

That would have saved you a lot of work Jackson!!!

Just do it.


07-04-03, 02:10
Spot on Jackson.

You have my support.

07-04-03, 02:36
Didn't take my earlier post for some reason. I agree with getting rid of the dead weight. I would like to see a limit on how many times (or how many minutes) someone that has not registered can access the boards. Its just to easy for LE as well as deadbeats that never contribute to look at where the action is and move in thus displacing those of us providing the information. I know that it is not likely to happen though.

I do thank you Jackson for all you have done to bring this site back from the dead. I wish there was a way to thank you more properly than just saying thanks!

07-04-03, 03:28
Drop em like a three foot putt. If they complain about their handle F-em if they don't post who cares. If they want it back, sell it to them for a $100, you'll see how much they really care about it. Maybe I can get the "King of the World" handle :)

Those who just back channel, again they have nothing to offer the forum, drop em.

Hell, you are the "King of the World" Take that handle over :)


07-04-03, 03:31

07-04-03, 04:21
If it's a problem for you having registered members that don't post often or none at all, then cut them, including me. I registered in case I had something to offer, knowing that I usually don't participate often enough to provide timely information. If I am cut, I'll still continue to read the board as I have for a loooooong time. But if I have something to offer, it wouldn't be worth my time to re-register in order to post it. My ha' pence along with a sincere thanks for offering to take it.

07-04-03, 05:12
Your efforts on this board are spot on. I agree that people not active should be purged.


07-04-03, 06:40
Well it is a good idea, also it would be nice to have some way to rate the quality of posts and this should be shown along with tne name of poster (cumulative).


07-04-03, 08:08
Sounds reasonable enough. Which means it's going to be a major headache for you. And let me thank you for having the forum in the first place.

CA Traveler
07-04-03, 09:27

Clean it up, but please don't make us re-register. I have enough problem remembering all of my log on names and passwords!

07-04-03, 15:12

You do an excellent job in maintaining this site and the new initiatives that you are going to be taking are going to improve the site.

As for the member list, your ideas are pretty good. I would add that try to keep the requirements of a handle to a minimum, for example I like my handle and would like it if I did not have to change it!

Keep up the great work!

Chicago Bob
07-04-03, 16:51
This sounds like a great plan, Jackson! This site just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see the upcoming improvements!


Still Looking
07-04-03, 18:10
Sign me up for the GO FOR IT section Jackson. If they have not posted in the last six weeks then they are not true mongers anyway.

07-04-03, 22:59
I don't see any problem with it.

Using your numbers, if you prune those three categories, that looks like about 5-6000.

Out of 20,000 members, that's only 1/4 of the members. That's not really that many, considering you are still leaving 15,000 or so actively posting members. If those 15,000 are where the majority of the useful info is coming from, then I dont' see any slacking off on the amount of useful info if they are the only ones left posting.

07-05-03, 07:24

Great idea to prune the list! By the way I never heard anymore about the "special" forum just for BA mongers you mentioned at last year's Thanksgiving dinner. Is that one of the many new features in the works? I still think this is the best forum on the Net.

Thanks again!


07-05-03, 07:38

I really respect your website and just how AMAZING it is. I haven't posted, but I will soon. Travel plans are being made due to this site.

It's your site, in the end, do what is best!

07-05-03, 09:33
Cleaning house sounds like a great idea. Just don't make the minimum posting frequency too high. Sometimes, we drop off the radar cause we really don't have anything to report.

Great job with the WSG Forum, Jackson. Thanks.


07-05-03, 16:19

As some of us here in Jersey say:

"Some will, some won't, so what"

If they don't like the guidelines set forth then they can go elsewhere. I, for one, feel that 70% of the posts are done by 30% of the members. Those members who will be marked for deletion just take up much needed space (both hard drive and B/W). Keep up the great work!!

Rock on, rock hard,


07-05-03, 17:09

Your plans seem very reasonable to me. I would even suggest to pop out all members who do not post for a year - most of them probably forgot their password and registered again with a different user name. For the others: It is no problem to re-register.

Excellent forum!


07-05-03, 17:18

Your proposal seems quite reasonable and fair.

Compared with other review sites, your policy is actually very
user-friendly. Those who are taking advantage of it without
participating have no reason to complain. Of course, that
will not stop them from doing so.

Oh well.

07-05-03, 19:05
Looks reasonable to me - B61

Randy Farang
07-05-03, 19:32
Jackson, You do a GREAT job, and one that is deeply appreciated. The question of perpetual lurkers and non-participants is simple: this is a cooperative service, we each learn from the experiences of others, but, if someone doesn't contribute what, if anything, is the benefit to the rest of us?

I've learned a lot from others, and, I'm glad to say that I know that I have been helpful to our fellow mongers. I consider my contrubutions as paying my way, and as the ladies say, "Honey, if you don't pay, you ain't gonna play!"

Keep up the good work!

Randy Farang

07-05-03, 19:46
I agree wholeheartedly with your proposal, Jefe.

-Uncle Otto

My Alias
07-05-03, 22:18
I have no problem with you deleting the non-posters, or at least those who are inactive for a year or six months. If they're not posting, but using the Web site it's probably in a read-only mode. You don't have to be a member to read the posts, so if they aren't posting I don't think it would be a problem to prune their names from the list.

07-06-03, 03:40
Yep I agree about all the membership cleanup

I love this board and contribute whenever I find something good or bad this board has been a godsend

Also how do you get regular member status?

07-06-03, 05:37
I like your game plan. Go with it.

07-06-03, 05:41
Sounds fair. Go with it.

Good Neighbor
07-06-03, 16:51
i cannot find anything wrong with your proposal. god speed.

trying to be a good neighbor.

Heinie Lover
07-06-03, 18:18
Membership cleanup! Sounds like a good way ta go...

Goin a bit further, may I suggest a way of deterin 'one hit wonders".
I realize in a first post, we git alotta, "can you guys help me git started? , 'Can ya e-mail me phone #, locations?", den we never get any feed back. I'm pretty sure most of da new posters have some past or present experiences dat brought dem to this forum. Perhaps REQUIREING dem, inna first post, ta share information is a way of gittin more participation.

Just a thought.

Lew Archer
07-06-03, 21:01
I also agree that the user list should be pared down. Though I must admit that I do not post often myself (I am the shy guy poking a toe in the water, dreading jumping into the pool), but now feel more confident to add my opinions (and hopefully soon experiences).

07-07-03, 00:03
I agree with Jackson.

07-07-03, 00:55
The membership plan is a good idea and well thought out. I personally believe you have attempted to take the opportunity to allow everyone involved, even those who haven't been active, a chance to voice their opinions. This is just the latest great addition to an already outstanding site.

07-07-03, 02:35
I agree. That is an overwhelming number of members considering the actual number of posts. I commend you for the amount of work you must do to keep this site going. I have gotten a lot of enjoyment and genuine help from it.


07-07-03, 02:39
I'm in agreement with your plan!

07-07-03, 03:52

Your suggestions are more than fair; if anything, I'd be a little harder than you're suggesting. I'd delete inactive members after six months rather than one year.

And I wouldn't count any message that simply requests information be sent to an email address as "activity." If that's the only thing a member has posted, I would count him as inactive.

07-07-03, 03:57
Press on man, sounds like everyone gets a fair shake,

07-07-03, 04:13
I agree with you, but I'll suggest that those that come asking for their original user names after a year of inactivity, should be allowed to get their user names back. I mean why after a year of inactivity you still have to please them!

All they have to do to preserve their User Name is post a test message at least once per year.

07-07-03, 06:05

First, thanks for this site, and all of your untiring efforts.

Secondly, ALL POWER TO YOU. You do what you have to do. We're all guests here, and get the power to be here from you. I think that it would be perfectly understandable and acceptable for you to cull out the chaffe.

07-07-03, 10:24
You are doing a fantastic job, we all saw the improvement to your site since the beginning of the year.

Your plan sound good, go forward.

07-07-03, 15:14
Looks good so far, is there a way to make sure that I've done everything that need to be done before I get deleted, maybe a user list of users that are in danger of being deleted or a user list of those that are in no danger?

All you have to do is post one report, and it can be just a test message in the Test Message section.

Roversman 999
07-07-03, 15:18
Great proposal. Yours is the best forum there is with universal appeal. Theres others that are local, but from a hobbyist with interests in Manila Shanghai and some other locations. Whatever you do I support. This is the place i tell other brothers where to go, and they love the info. ( I also tell them to post etc.)

This is good work Jackson.


07-07-03, 16:29
Go for it, Jackson, all of your ideas sound reasonable!

07-07-03, 17:09
Your proposal is sound and should be implemented.

-Uncle Otto

07-07-03, 21:04
Sounds like a good plan.

Keep up the good work.

07-08-03, 02:09
Let me add congrats to the many others here...you have a great site!

Your plan is RIGHT ON. DO IT!

07-08-03, 05:14
Originally posted by Iseeu

First, thanks for this site, and all of your untiring efforts.

Secondly, ALL POWER TO YOU. You do what you have to do. We're all guests here, and get the power to be here from you. I think that it would be perfectly understandable and acceptable for you to cull out the chaffe. Jackson, I could'nt agree more with Iseeu.

Thanks for bringing us all this at your own effort and costs. We are all your guests and you do what you see fit. Those who are not happy can go surf elsewhere.


07-08-03, 15:35
This has to be the best site of its kind. I never knew that I was so close to such a great hobby area. The memebers that post always hit the point and always are willing to share their knowledge.

Of the "memebers" who don't contribute, but join a year ago, let them go. send one warning shot to the email account. If you get and bounce back of account closed or full, delet them from our list. If they don't get back to you within two weeks, delet them.

We all would enjoy a more active memeber base, and this is a hobby we all need to be toghter on to protect ourselves.

Thanks for the great work, and keep it up.

Johnny Rocket
07-08-03, 19:33
I think your plan is good. But I think you should e-mail those members who have confirmed their addresses and let them know what's going to happen so they have an opportunity either to contribute or to let you know they're no longer interested. After 30 days, hit the gong and grab the hook.

I thought about sending out a briadcast email to the non-posting members, but I already know from previous experience that approximately 50% of the email address in the membership database are inactive.


07-08-03, 23:30
I have an idea Jackson. It's not quite membership related but I'd like to say it anyway: Sometimes it gets difficult to follow some threads e.g. Europe / Turkey / Istanbul because there are hell loads of messages and sometimes the messages on say the 7th page are answered on the 9th page and one gets nauseous trying to figure what people have been talking about. So.. Maybe you can implement a system that enables the user to view all the messages on a particular thread at once even if there are 768 messages posted? I know it would eat bandwidth, but it would be absolutely useful too.


I completely understand what you're talking about, and changing the forum software will be a discussion topic in the Forum in a few weeks.


07-09-03, 00:06
It was much easier when you could post w/o signing in. I never wound up posting things because of the hassle involved in getting into the email finding the password and sign in then getting back to the forum to use it.

I understand your position, but believe me, requiring a user name and password was the BEST thing I've done so far to improve the Forum. The problem before was that when it was an open forum, I couldn't keep the spammers out, not to mention the fact that certain assholes would post under another member's user name to discredit him or just to cause trouble.

Of course, you may not remember those problems, but that's because I spent hours every day deleting the spam and policing the problems, hours that you didn't see but that you benefitted from.

In fact, considering all the hours I spend keeping up the forum, it kind of galls me that you would complain about having to spend 10 seconds to lookup your user name and password.


07-09-03, 00:45
Big thanks for your site! Atta would be proud of you.

NY Jimmy
07-09-03, 02:53
Hey Jackson,

Thank you for all of the great work you're doing on this website. It does take a lot of work to maintain and update, we all appreciate it. I would propose that a report format maybe helpful to make classifying a report easier on you. Such things as location, time of experience (not necessarily the time of submitting the report) which could be weeks or months later, etc.

Heywood Jablow
07-09-03, 05:34
I agree with all 3 proposed ideas. Implement them! If people don't post, get rid of the dead weight.

Dee Uncola
07-09-03, 06:18
Just read the posts on the
new changes.

Just mailed you a letter with
a list of my old archive names,
whose passwords I had forgotten.
You can free up those for general

Every little bit helps.

The Chat room looks like a good

The New Jersey section rocks.

No recommendations. You are way
ahead of me.

Mozart 21
07-09-03, 07:06
Sensible idea for the cull - wholehartedly support it!

Good Neighbor
07-09-03, 14:34
Johnny Rocket wrote: "I think your plan is good. But I think you should e-mail those members who have confirmed their addresses and let them know what's going to happen so they have an opportunity either to contribute or to let you know they're no longer interested. After 30 days, hit the gong and grab the hook."

For people like me, receiving an email from WSG would cause incredible problems on the home front. Please think twice before sending out a broadcast.

Just my 2 C worth

Trying to be a Good Neighbor

I've never sent out a broadcast email, but there is always the possibility that I might need to send you a personal email, perhaps regarding something in one of your reports. All of my emails have "WSG" as the subject line, which makse them easy to identify. Nevertheless, if an email from me is going to cause you problems, then I suggest that you obtain an alternate email from a seperate email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, Hushmail, etc.) to receive any emails from the Forum. With a seperate address and password, your wife / girlfriend / boss will never find these emails.


Dashing Don
07-09-03, 14:50

THE fastest way to clean things up is to charge a monthly membership fee. A competing site, which is well-run, but whose setup is nowhere near as userfriendly as WSG, charges $5.95 a month.

This nominal monthly fee will deter the type who register but never contribute.

A lot of people are wary of giving credit/debit card #s on line, but I think that everybody knows by now that you are a man of integrity (monger of integrity:) ) and that the membership list will not be sold etc.

The income should cover expenses like new equipment and give you a profit, which you richly deserve.


Hugh Jardon
07-09-03, 15:23
I agree completely with all of your ideas.

Also, thank you for all the work you do to keep this site useful.

One Great Man
07-09-03, 17:11
Hi Jackson:

My last post was in January 2003, but I'm an active follower of the Forum - PLEASE don't delete me.

My vacation has been postponed, so I haven't had experiences that I feel worthy of the Forum. I don't wish to clutter the board with marginally interesting stuff, comments on other mongers' experiences, or make-work for you.

Please be assured that I'm still here, and will post future action. Thanks for everything you're doing.

07-09-03, 18:48
You go Jackson! Good responce to Ralphs issue. Folks like this are just the reason for usernames and passwords. Your efforts are appreciated more than you know. It only takes a few bad apples like this to spoil a good thing.

Thanks again for all your time and efforts on this board.

CaptChaos Out,

07-09-03, 20:40
The plan sounds great to me, clear out the deadwood, if they dont like it, Go F*** Themselves

Rescue Man
07-09-03, 21:17
Hey Jackson,

You have my whole-hearted support for cleaning out the old membership files and although I do post my experiences, I'll try to do so more often.


07-09-03, 23:24
Your proposals are sensible: drop the ghost members.

If they've never posted no-one will miss them.

07-10-03, 01:35
You've got a great thing going here and I think that the ideas you are proposing are only going to make it even better.

There is one thing that I would like to point out: There are always going to be some who are new to the scene and are in here and on other boards 'lurking' because they are inexperienced and uncomfortable with posting to the group. I say this because I have a local board and meet a lot of guys who lurk on my board and this is the main reason they say they don't post. I think that some people are just better 'listeners'.

Just a thought.

07-10-03, 01:36
Jackson: You're proposed changes sound right on!

07-10-03, 01:38
Er... e-mail registration? I don't recall that, and it's likely the e-mail I may have given is long dead. How can I check b4 bearing the embarrasment of banishment?

Thanks for pickin the ball up. It's hard to recall the orginal alt. newsgroup - worldwide, no moderation, and even pre spam on a major level. Then adding the bracketed wsg ect to stay in the game., ect.

This is great. Thanks.

Guess Who
07-10-03, 01:39
Good ideas Jackson, and great job! I like the idea of the private messenging too.

Here I Am
07-10-03, 01:50
Good idea Jackson. This will also free up some space, and less work for you. Almost all other heavily used sites have it. Support it wholeheartedly.

Here I Am

07-10-03, 02:18

Great site & great work.

I use it fairly regularily, and in particular just before I visit a new location. It is invaluable in reducing the 'search time' before getting down to the real action.

I fully support your ideas on keeping the site maneagable, and look forward to contributing later regarding ideas to improve the useability of the site.

In particular the idea of getting more people to contribute to the forum is a great one. There are a lot of locations where information is scarce, yet there must be lots of women willing to spend an hour or two with eager men, who have no qualms about spending a few bucks for the pleasure.

Fantastic work. Keep it up.


07-10-03, 06:00
What the fuck is all this shit. I come back on line after supporting the war on who ever my government decide to kick ass on to find this site is full people kissing ass to the founder. What the fuck?

I am joking. LOL. We can keep taking about you. I am going to TJ next week do you want to go?



Indigo Blue
07-10-03, 10:19
I only want to show my support to the guidelines you presented. Thanks for your efforts in building this site.


07-10-03, 15:56
Good idea Jackson.

I have taken a lot of time replying to emails with information and guess what: the guy takes and never gives back..., and is never heard from again...

Prune away, you got my vote.

Regards, Havanaman

07-10-03, 21:26
I am sure that I have some previous user name too. I support the pruning measures. People who might get cut can always register again if they feel they want to conintue membership.



Happy Cat
07-10-03, 21:51

This is a very useful FREE forum!!! Not only is a truly WSG but also my first choice to find tips about the cities I visit, the info here is much more direct and confidential. Has to do with taxis, hotels, food, local traditions, etc. The least you can expect from the members is to do some basic homework. No one that is not contributing can expect to be considered, so your plan is gentler than other reasonable options.

Go ahead!

07-11-03, 05:09

Your proposed improvments sound more than reasonable. It sounds reasonable to prune the membership list down to the people who actually use them. Why?

1) As you mention, less time for you to spend admin. the inactive guys.

2) More time to admin. the members who post regularly.

You also ask us if you are being too harsh on the inactive members?

Absolutely not! You provide a wonderful service and you should be able to expect something in return (members who post reports or facts). The whole system relies on the posts from members and your incredible work. I think that both you and the active member would probably benefit from your suggestions.

07-11-03, 07:41
I sent a message yesterday, but it appears to have vanished.

I fully support your proposals, and anything which will both make the site more manageable & easier to navigate. I am amazed at how you manage to keep the whole thing 'spic & span' as well as corrected the grammar / spelling / punctuation of some posters, unless you have a large support team of course!

In particular I like the city FAQs which appear for some locations. I is very useful background information.

I also fully support the idea of encouraging new joiners to the Forum. Some locations are devoid of much/any useful information, but we all know there are many male/female liaisons in those areas, but it is all a big secret. So hopefully more awareness of the site will encourage those in the know to join and share their very useful knowledge for the benefit of all.

Excellent work Jackson. Keep it up.

07-11-03, 07:54
I have been a senior member for some time, and now I have tried 3 times to post a message, but it fails to appear. Not sure why!

07-11-03, 09:22
For what it's worth, I'd say go for it. It does not make sense to keep good usernames reserved for people who never had the least intention of actually using them.

The less needless handles on the user list, the easier it is to administrate this place - which, as at least all of us long-time members can appreciate, must be quite a task in itself.

07-11-03, 12:27
Originally posted by Cachondito
I have an idea Jackson. It's not quite membership related but I'd like to say it anyway: Sometimes it gets difficult to follow some threads e.g. Europe / Turkey / Istanbul because there are hell loads of messages and sometimes the messages on say the 7th page are answered on the 9th page and one gets nauseous trying to figure what people have been talking about. So.. Maybe you can implement a system that enables the user to view all the messages on a particular thread at once even if there are 768 messages posted? I know it would eat bandwidth, but it would be absolutely useful too.


I completely understand what you're talking about, and changing the forum software will be a discussion topic in the Forum in a few weeks.

Jackson I agreee 100% with you.

If I may a suggestion more, could you implement the system as you could check all the msg of the user XXXX by clicking on his/her name? Sometime I read "pls see my previuos report posted some times ago....." and it is boring seeking this msg between tons of msg.
And a lot are really interesting, and it's a pity losing them.

In the end, IMHO I think that you could delete a user if this one has less than 10 msg and it's more than 1 year doesn't post a new one.



07-11-03, 17:03
You got my vote. I think you should also explore the idea of exclusive membership like Tommyís group. Refer only to group by current member, with user ID & password sent by administrator to get log in. I believed this will keep the riff raft out and help cut down on LE bust.

07-11-03, 19:05
My 2 cents....

If it is really that important you should be posting to keep the hobby alive. And or making sure your account is verified.

07-11-03, 23:04
Well, I just have two or three things to say:

This is a great forum (I've used it many many times) and it has provided me with valuable information. For us mongers who want to get the best deals possible, it is extremely useful, vital I would say, when heading to a new unknown destination. I know I haven't posted many reports, but I least I'm aware of the fact that to keep this forum alive and rockin' the way it does, contributions are necessary. So, I think everybody using it, should take the time to give something back in return. My humble opinion is that, considering the fact that you're able to get so much for so little (free forum, no money being charged), go ahead, purge the ones that have volunteered no information at all.

I also believe that all your ideas for the future are great. Keep up the good work !

07-12-03, 10:31

I agree with your site improvements. Thank you for the WSG.

07-12-03, 17:23
It makes total sense to me as the dead weight only makes management more difficult ie time consuming, and in the long run more expensive. I have hosted several people from other countries while they were here and though they may post something from time to time in their country of origin, they have never commented on the services they enjoyed or may not have enjoyed here.

You are doing a great job and from my point of view deserve to do anything that makes it less tedious for you.

07-12-03, 21:21
I say thet it sounds good, just as long as my name doesn't get cut. I don't post that frequently.

07-12-03, 23:24

My hats off to you, for always continue to make improvements to this site, and this site is still FREE.

I support your proposed efforts of fine tuning the members list. If there are inactive users for over a year, drop them.

I believe Yahoo does the same thing, for their email, they drop people after three months of inactive account, with no email activity, at least that happened to my friend a while back.

Great Forum, and great service support from you.

Many thanks.

07-13-03, 17:07
Hey, I appreciate the good work and the site that you have. My vote says do whatever you have to to be able to manage it. I appreciate this site, because I travel a lot, and can usually find good material for wherever I am going to be.

Thanks again for the site.

07-13-03, 17:55
I agree, I have used this forum very much and hats of to Jackson for the fantastic effort in maintaining this forum free and very update and useful.

I do know a lot of my friends who are member but do not post. Its a give and take and everyone must participate.

I am for pruning the member list and keeping it to what it should really be.

07-13-03, 19:00

You're the MAN. I agree with you in all your points.

I'll try to post more in the future.

Thanks for all your efforts.


07-15-03, 02:54

It makes sense to me, as long as I can keep my handle ;-)


07-15-03, 04:48
Good Work on the Membership List project. I'm not an active poster, because I'm located in BFE mid-America. I'll gladly post when I have good information to contribute besides the infrequent..."thanks for the help" type of messages.

Have you ever thought of adding a section for South Dakota? Not that anything ever happens there, but it'd be nice to find out if someone has ANY information on Sioux Falls!



I added a South Dakota section a couple of months ago, but there's been no activity.


07-15-03, 07:03
Hey Jackson ! You are not being harsh ,just being practical. Like People who dont use ther email addesses for 90 days, the email is suspended for non usage so why not the forum ID. If people dont want to at least post and contribute once in a while shouldn't be allowed to post anyway. Also somebody else could use that ID instead.

Two thumbs up for your effort to keep this site up and going and absolutely free!


07-15-03, 10:50
Hey, I hope you don't weed me out. I have posted alot but lol I met a SW once who later turned to have a sister who was a cool girl and then we went out and became a thing for a while so I was caught up with her till I learned her real side and ran with my tail between my legs like a scared prairie dog.

Anyways I am back and now I'm in my old home back in good ole San Diego so lets get the chat rollin and get the users who just want to watch and not contribute to get off the user list. Hell I say we permanently ban their IP just for the sake that they're leeches. I'm all for this cutting down non users.

Che Guevara
07-15-03, 20:10
Cairo expat,

I have to thank you for your quite good recommendations. At the same time I must apologize for not being able to return the favour, as promised. I have tried my best to get some contact numbers for local working girls, but to my great disappointment, none was available when contacted. I will keep trying.

It seems those lucky guys who managed to score do not want to share their good fortune:) I hope this will change.

Thanks Jackson for this great site.


07-16-03, 00:30
Jackson, you are a man among men. You have given us a means of communications to improve the physical health of willing men and the financial well-being of willing women. We salute you!

07-16-03, 01:07
I tried to post here the other day, and it wouldn't let me, for some reason.

I think the suggestions you put on the main page, about pruning the list are right on and more than reasonable.

Get rid of the deadwood.

07-16-03, 03:41

I'm in full agreement with your plan. I don't post often since I'm no longer traveling as much as I used to. However, when I get info in my local area, I do post. On my occassional travels, if I see anything of interest I will report.

Keep up the good work. I appreciete it.

Thanks. WOPA 1927

07-16-03, 03:56
You are doing all of us a great service. Handle the forum any way that makes it easier for you.

Many thanks - Rockhunter

07-16-03, 04:00
Please keep my handle, too.

07-16-03, 07:02
Jackson, You have been doing a very good job. The Guide really makes my day when I visit and see new information. Much more needed in the Caribbean though. I will try my best to see what mongers in my neck of the woods have to offer.

Thanks, Alan

07-16-03, 18:53
Hi Jackson,

I support pruning the membership list. I am sure there is a lot of dead weight in the database that we do not need to drag around. As for dead emails, that just seems to be a fact of life. If there is a way you can automatically prune the list of people who have dead email addresses, perhaps that would save you some admin work. One word of caution about dead email addresses. My service seems to go up and down fairly regularly. People seem to tell me that my email address is bad about once every two months. So when you do the prune, it would be nice to do it based on emails that are known bad, not ones that are just delayed or undeliverable. But in the end, you are the boss. If it is easier for you just to kill all the bad email addresses, then go for it. We can re-apply for membership if we are really interested.

Keep up the great work!!

Member #3447
07-18-03, 00:26

Your WSG forum is a terrific service to all the mongers in this world! My job takes me to different countries every month, and I was able to use the info from the WSG to really have a good time in those countries. Do what you must to effectively and efficiently run this forum. Thank you!

I am not sure if you have any moderators who assist you in policing the discussion boards, but it would be a good idea to select a few reliable members who can help you out in this capacity. Just an idea.

An excellent idea, but perhaps you can suggest methods by which I could select persons who would help with such a task? Remember, the internet is filled with evil-doers who would most certainly volunteer as a forum moderator simply to gain admin access with the specific purpose of attempting to destroy this forum.


07-18-03, 01:41
I also ENJOY WSG immensly. I look forward to it everyday when I get home from work. I don't hobby like I used to, none of us do. When I do I never fail to give my assesment.

Keep up the great work Jackson.

Happy hunting to all my fellow hobbyists.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-18-03, 15:51

I just joined the group so have been mostly lurking. Your plan sounds excellent to me. An active Forum with a lot of positive and constructive conversation is an amazingly valuable resource. Thanks for your efforts.


07-18-03, 16:17
Jackson -

I've appreciated your thorough and watchful eye since I joined the site; thanks for all the hard (and I'm sure often thankless) work. Do whatever needs to be done...I think having an accurate member list of proven individuals is important to the life of this board, so trim away!


07-18-03, 22:24
Jackson -

Simple ... your site - your rules! Now if we could "prune" all the members who use the WSG as a political forum rather than a hobbyist forum. Maybe you should create a "special" place for all these folks and call it "BULLSHIT".

Keep up the outstanding work!

07-18-03, 22:54
Jackson, I'd like to keep my handle if possible



For the 10th time, no member who has posted at least one report (including test messages) will be effected in any way by my plans to prune the Membership Database.


07-18-03, 23:44
I agree with your view. It's a good idea to cull the inactive handles. I think a year is very fair.

Good work! Keep it up.

07-19-03, 18:35
Yo Jackson,

First thans for this wonderfull site and vault of information. A real gold mine.

Second - It's your world baby. Do what you got to do to keep it real.

Keep Cool Bro.


Holland Report
07-19-03, 19:22
Hi Jackson,

What d'you do for a day job? And is your interest in this purely philanthropic? I'm kind of curious.

In reply to a couple of your replies: (a) the morality of a lot of the 'moderated' postings is very dodgy / iffy, at best; and (b) the guidelines for supposedly respectable postings are quite clear. So, presumably, quite easy to recruit someone to follow those.

And, finally, a query. How much d'you earn from porno websites, etc?

I challenge you to (a) post this for general consumption; and (b) not to discontinue my membership!

BTW, 'affected' is spelt with an 'a'. This effects of this website Affect me, etc, etc... :-)

Why would I want to discontinue your membership?


Buster Highman
07-19-03, 19:55
Originally posted by Ho_Chaser
I am not sure if you have any moderators who assist you in policing the discussion boards, but it would be a good idea to select a few reliable members who can help you out in this capacity. Just an idea.

An excellent idea, but perhaps you can suggest methods by which I could select persons who would help with such a task? Remember, the internet is filled with evil-doers who would most certainly volunteer as a forum moderator simply to gain admin access with the specific purpose of attempting to destroy this forum.

Jackson For highly active boards, you could allow the senior members to nominate some folks - e.g., someone like a Carlos Perez (in the Monterrey forum) or a Trashman (in the D.C. area forum).

If you had some system where you could give partial admin rights (editing, promoting, or at least nominating for promotion, etc.) then it might ease some workload on your part.

Some good suggesti9ons, and I expect to make this a topic of discussion in the near future.


07-20-03, 01:20
I am a new poster to the system. I think you are doing an excellent job. I do have an issue with the username selection. I wanted to use a name that was similar to my ID for email, mostly using some urban "slang" terms (nothing offensive). Otherwise, I'd have been able to get on here earlier and post more.


You can request that your user name be changed by sending me an email in the subject.


07-20-03, 14:41
Originally posted by Ho_Chaser

Your WSG forum is a terrific service to all the mongers in this world! My job takes me to different countries every month, and I was able to use the info from the WSG to really have a good time in those countries. Do what you must to effectively and efficiently run this forum. Thank you!

I am not sure if you have any moderators who assist you in policing the discussion boards, but it would be a good idea to select a few reliable members who can help you out in this capacity. Just an idea.

An excellent idea, but perhaps you can suggest methods by which I could select persons who would help with such a task? Remember, the internet is filled with evil-doers who would most certainly volunteer as a forum moderator simply to gain admin access with the specific purpose of attempting to destroy this forum.



I think having moderators to assist you would be an excellent idea. I would have to nominate Jimmy Pwhipped. He is a roving monger that really gets around. He has over 300 posts and is a major contributor on many different board. He would be an excellent candidate.

My suggestion on how to do it is to have senior members nominate people like Jimmy Pwhipped that they feel would be a good moderator. You could put it to a vote, or just take the suggestions and pick the ones you want. Give them limited authority in their geographical regions. (i.e, Jimmy over the Southeast.) Don't give them the power to remove posts or alter any data, but they could flag questionable posts and point out idiot posters like 'The E' who have no business being a senior member.

If they flagged the material then you would have the final decision on whether it stays or goes. It could be up to you if the flagged material was temporarily removed from the board pending your review, or if it remained in place until you could review it. Doing it this way, they wouldn't have the opportunity to destroy what you have taken so long to build. It would however, take the burden off of you on policing the entire site, looking for all the bad shit yourself. It would also make it more enjoyable for the rest of us to have a much quicker response to questionable posts and the idiots that post them.

But, opinions are like assholes.... This is just my humble opinion. You can tell me to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut if you like! lol.

Thanks for listening,


[blue]Hi Box,

Good suggestions, and we will be discussing this subject in the near future.


07-20-03, 18:03

Your hard work on the forum is very appreciated, and it's your show. Do what you gotta do.

07-20-03, 23:10
Sounds like a good idea to get rid of the non-contributors. Your plan seems like it should work.


07-21-03, 06:51
An excellent idea, but perhaps you can suggest methods by which I could select persons who would help with such a task? Remember, the internet is filled with evil-doers who would most certainly volunteer as a forum moderator simply to gain admin access with the specific purpose of attempting to destroy this forum.


I think the only "safe" way for you to find moderators would be to scan the forum for people you think wouldn't be doing it just to screw over the site.

I think if you asked some of them to "volunteer" you might get some takers.

Naturally though for quality reliability, you might want to suggest to them that they rotate the job. Maybe find several people you feel you can trust, and then give out a one month password for the administrative controls. That person wouldn't get burned out because they would only be signing on for a month. The next month it would pass on to another person you have pre selected and have contacted.

I think a lot of the Regulars who check in a few times a week to read and post might be willing to chip in on some work under a plan like that.

Of course on determining who you can "truly" trust will still be a problem. All I can say is tread carefully if you do take on moderators. I would hate to see some jerk off do this site harm.

I hope any of this helps

Good Luck


07-21-03, 07:53
Go Jackson! Good idea. One thing, did I confirm my email to you? I'd hate to get bumped off!

Great site, look forward to seeing the improvements over time.



Confirming your email address is part of the memberhsip registration process, so if you have a membership, you must have confirmed your email address.