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07-19-03, 00:32
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07-19-03, 01:26
The actual name in Mexico for these girls is "Street Girls", those girls that line up along the street in the Zona Norte. There are only a tiny number of chicas that actually walk the street looking for customers.

Member #1016
07-22-03, 07:15
It's been almost 2 years since my last and only trip to TJ. I had a SG for about $60. She was okay but I felt like I coulda had pussy for a lot cheaper, especially after reading some reports by other people. Planning a trip to TJ this weekend perhaps and would like some input. I'm strapped for cash so I'm looking for the most bang for the buck.

1) How do SG's compare to girls at bars (ie AB, CC) in terms of performance. Never picked up girl from bar so I have no idea.

2) Is it common to get SG in the ranges of $20-25

3) How's action late in the afternoon on Fridays and early in the day on weekends?

4) Is it safe for a Asian like myself down there? Going solo, no company. I look gullible so I'm afraid I might be potential target for people down there.

Sorry for all the newb questions, but I want to be sure to have safe and fun time.

07-22-03, 21:11
Originally posted by Member #1016
It's been almost 2 years since my last and only trip to TJ. I had a SG for about $60. She was okay but I felt like I coulda had pussy for a lot cheaper, especially after reading some reports by other people. Planning a trip to TJ this weekend perhaps and would like some input. I'm strapped for cash so I'm looking for the most bang for the buck.

1) How do SG's compare to girls at bars (ie AB, CC) in terms of performance. Never picked up girl from bar so I have no idea.

2) Is it common to get SG in the ranges of $20-25

3) How's action late in the afternoon on Fridays and early in the day on weekends?

4) Is it safe for a Asian like myself down there? Going solo, no company. I look gullible so I'm afraid I might be potential target for people down there.

Sorry for all the newb questions, but I want to be sure to have safe and fun time.

you were over charged. its $20 for SG. I've been able to get them to $25 for total nudity but some will stay firm at $30. action will be fine in the early evening on fri. and you get the chicas before their tired. You should be ok as an asian just go directly to places and take a cab. after your done take a cab back to the border. were you getting extras i.e. cum in the mouth or anal? that would be the only reason someone would pay $60 to a SG. Only exception i could imagine if the girl was a straight dime and she said $40 for totally nude.

Member #1016
07-23-03, 06:21
Yeah right, dime my ass. She was a 6 at most. Only thing she did that was cool was play with my balls when I was pounding her from behind.

07-23-03, 18:35
I decided to go to TJ last night. Walked around for awhile
and went with this one street girl name Carla. We agreed for a bj & facial for 15$. This girl was a scam artist when we get to the room she then tells me that she wants 20$ for a bj. When I am ready to do the facial she then refuses. The bj was ok but not great. This is one reason why I am reluctant to go to TJ. A lot of the street girls were asking 20$ or 25$. If I do go down there I like to find a regular who will give good service. Last year there was this one girl named Wendy who was quite nice and gave good service.

Member #1016
07-24-03, 01:55
Originally posted by hargow20
I decided to go to TJ last night. Walked around for awhile and went with this one street girl name Carla. We agreed for a BJ & facial for 15$. This girl was a scam artist when we get to the room she then tells me that she wants 20$ for a BJ. When I am ready to do the facial she then refuses. The BJ was ok but not great. This is one reason why I am reluctant to go to TJ. A lot of the street girls were asking 20$ or 25$. If I do go down there I like to find a regular who will give good service. Last year there was this one girl named Wendy who was quite nice and gave good service. What a rip. Did you pay before or after?

07-24-03, 02:43
Here's my input (have made the journey from OC to TJ about 10 times in the past three years)...

Never had any problems with SG's or TJ in general (and I'm a bald Cauc who doesn't scare anybody). I always travel down there alone and take a cab to and from the border most of the time. Sometimes I have the cab drop me off on Revolucion and walk to the Zona so I can check out the tourist bars.

I often will use a SW for an "warm-up" before hitting Adelitas (so I don't bust my nut too fast with the more expensive talent) and when looking for SG's, I focus on either side of the block above Adelitas or Chicago. The SG's on the Adelitas side seem to be more veteran than the other side of the street - maybe there's a senority system among the senioritas?? I actually prefer the Chicago side - younger and less harsh.

Never paid more than $20 + $5 for the hotel for FS unless I've wanted "sin ropas" (girl takes off all her clothes - usually $5 more) or "greco" (anal - this is very unusual - only had my offer accepted twice and it cost me $20 additional each time). Most SG's don't like to give a cbj and I've made it a rule not to DATY - TJ style.

Mostly its either a 5-10 minute quickie in either cowboy, missionary or doggie and "gracias y adios".

07-25-03, 08:54
Experimenting and always have luck at AB or one of the tourist bars on Revolucion. One even has private booth dances where they'll give a good BBBJ for $40. Not bad. Quick, fun, and to the point.

New at this, but what's the best and quickest way across the border (especially tired, late, going home) and looking at a long drive? Mexicoach does it, but I've had waits of up to 2 hours though mostly it's less than one. Cabs drop me off all over BFE and sometimes make me walk. Last time it got so bad, some bastids were charging $7 to rent bikes just to fast track it across the border. I chinsed out, but still am looking for a way to make my trips a little easier.

It's all good, but coming home is rough sometimes.

07-27-03, 02:10
Going down later next week which bar has the private booth dances?

ANy info on fastest way back across the border?

07-27-03, 09:07
Originally posted by SoCalLans
...they'll give a good BBBJ for $40.
You can find AB girls at $40 for the full service package!

... what's the best and quickest way across the border ... some bastids were charging $7 to rent bikes...
Today, my friends and I joined the end of the pedestrian line to cross the border at 4:30 pm. We refused to pay $7 bicycle rental (standard rates -- not jacked up) to get through the border faster. The checkpoint lines were stopped for a long time, move forward a few feet for about 2 minutes, and stopped for a long time again -- not only the pedestrian traffic but the bicycles as well! We got past the border checkpoint at 5:30 pm. The border patrol will not let you just leave the bikes there -- you are held accountable to check them in to the bike rental shop at the US side of the border.

Most of the previous times we passed through the border checkpoint like a breeze. Want a faster way to get across the border? Stay away during rush hours!

07-27-03, 15:26
Cheapskate, in regards to crossing back easily and quickly to the states at the border:

Take the Bus!

It has been a while since I was down there, maybe 6 months, but I took a bus from the main drag near the Jai Lai place ( I forget if it is Constitucion or Revolucion, but it is an easy walk from Zona Rosa)... the bus was fast and cost like less than us$2. At the border the bus has an express lane and there is an express line for passengers through immigration.

In regards to bringing back booze, make sure you know your U.S. prices before buying.... I hate to admit it but I bought a bottle of tequila there that cost half as much on the California side. Who'd have thunk that was possible !

07-27-03, 17:29
Hi I just posted some bus and customs info on the main page.

As for Street Girls, I visit them weekdays in the late morning and early afternoon. Over time I get to know some of them, they will remember you. Before xmas and such, I bring them a present, or better yet a present for their hijo/hija. Sure I know how many kids they have, how old they are, have seen pictures of their kids, and I know where they're from, yeah some of the Street Girls are like friends.

Best example: Darn was I pissed when Araceli left, I have a picture of us right "after" I gave her a size 4/5 dark blue boys shirt wrapped in Santa Claus paper (for her son) last December. She's wearing a beautiful coy smile, and you should see the satisfied look on my face!

07-28-03, 06:36
Originally posted by StudPlayer
Cheapskate, in regards to crossing back easily and quickly to the states at the border:

Take the Bus!

Thanks for your tip, but I'll pass... I did not even mention that all the buses were full, standing room only, and won't even take more pasengers. Why? Go figure!

What was mysterious is the random closure of the gates to every means of getting across the border. And they did it only last Saturday, never did before!

07-28-03, 10:11
Originally posted by OCTraveler
I often will use a SW for an "warm-up" before hitting Adelitas (so I don't bust my nut too fast with the more expensive talent) and when looking for SG's, I focus on either side of the block above Adelitas or Chicago. The SG's on the Adelitas side seem to be more veteran than the other side of the street - maybe there's a senority system among the senioritas?? I actually prefer the Chicago side - younger and less harsh.Good idea OCTraveler! But works only if you have plenty of time available. Even after only a 15 minutos quicky with one of the street hookers I am usually not errrr - in the mood - to have another girl for at least 2 hours or so. That's why I usually get to the Zona early, say 4 pm and choose one of the girls standing in front of the short-time-hotels (I know selection is better later in the evening but there's usally a cutie or two out there at that time). For reasons mentioned before, I take a time-out and go for an hour or two to the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoy a couple of BMs.

Then I head back (by foot - it's really not that far) to la zona and make an ad-hoc decision whether I go to CC or AD.

Works for me!

Just one last observation: I agree with you that the last times I visited TJ, the "Chicago side" had more attractive (and especially younger and slender!) girls than those on the "Adelita side". Strange but true! Anyone else that agrees here?

08-01-03, 00:53
Member #1016

No I made the mistake of paying her before. When she demanded more money I should have left the room. I was tired and let my guard down. Many of sg's will try and play games with you.

08-01-03, 03:54
Girl in her early 20's, awesome body, implants (but nice), blond/straight hair, dark/round eyes, beaming smile, nice & friendly. But costly. Got $150 from me because I was at the point of wanting it so bad and HOPING for a chance to get to know her for follow-up service. It was all-nude and very, very personable in many ways. But she wouldn't let me do anything without cover - even a hand-job. She did offer to spend an all-nighter with me for $400, and I considered it. But a couple of things just aren't getting me excited about it. 1. I like variety. Once I've done a girl once, that's kinda it UNLESS she's really a special GFE. 2. $400 is a lot of money in my 'hood. 3. She has about an 18" surgical scar at the bottom of her tummy (C-section no doubt). And I'm certainly not perfect, but she kept telling me how wonderfully nice I was (and I was) and good body, etc. And she's on target. Don't know if there's some ego involved here, but I happen to think that the time a girl spends with me is going to be a safe, decent, even fun experience. And obviously I don't mind paying ... but like any consumer, I want to feel like what I got was worth what I spent. Last point about toda la noche: I have to work the next day! which sucks, but that's the reality. her english is very broken, but certainly you can get by having some minor discussions with her. I think for an all-night session, though, the language barrier would get tiring, even for me.

Goes by the name Kenia (pronounced kenya). As of today, these are her numbers, but she didn't give me permission to post. If you call her, be nice, and just explain that you got her numbers from a friend who enjoyed spending time with her in TJ. Home - 683.5938, cellular 044-664-800-9435.

Member #1050
08-02-03, 05:02
Originally posted by Charly
Just one last observation: I agree with you that the last times I visited TJ, the "Chicago side" had more attractive (and especially younger and slender!) girls than those on the "Adelita side". Strange but true! Anyone else that agrees here? I am checking the CC side of SG this Saturday. I will file a report on it.

08-02-03, 22:11

No flame directed at you but.... Did I just read your post correctly? You paid $150 dollars for a sw? :( Please tell you paid 150 pesos!!! I learned a long time ago that paying in pesos is the only way to go in Tijuana - especially when negotiating with the street girls. American money is like Monopoly money to them. Don't let the girl set the price. Tell her you'll pay 150 pesos para un ratito (for a little while = 15 to 20 minutes). At today's exchange rate that's less than $15 dollars.

A hot chica that charges a gringo $20 dollars will charge a Mexican citizen 100 pesos. Don't let their good looks fool you into paying more than the locals. Paying them more will not motivate them into performing better. They will offer you the same service they provide the local guy who is giving her 100 to 150 pesos.

Si tu hablas espanol es mas bueno... "It's better if you can speak Spanish".


08-02-03, 23:01

how much do Mexican citizens pay for sin ropa?

08-02-03, 23:56

The average local usually doesn't care if the girl takes off all her clothes. He's content with her spreading her legs and letting him fuck her. Most will ask 50 pesos more to go "sin ropa".


08-05-03, 02:43

hey man, you're still alive. i haven't heard a peep from you in ages. what's the status on your philippine project (you know what i mean)? my next trip is coming up in about a week. several of the boys from ch, wsg, and ac2 will be in town. drop me an email when you get a chance and let me know how you're doing.


08-05-03, 07:11

wasssup? Drop me a note sdcruiser@cox.net.


08-05-03, 16:16
Originally posted by Progman

No flame directed at you but.... Did I just read your post correctly? You paid $150 dollars for a sw? :( Please tell you paid 150 pesos!!! I learned a long time ago that paying in pesos is the only way to go in Tijuana - especially when negotiating with the street girls. American money is like Monopoly money to them. Don't let the girl set the price. Tell her you'll pay 150 pesos para un ratito (for a little while = 15 to 20 minutes). At today's exchange rate that's less than $15 dollars.

A hot chica that charges a gringo $20 dollars will charge a Mexican citizen 100 pesos. Don't let their good looks fool you into paying more than the locals. Paying them more will not motivate them into performing better. They will offer you the same service they provide the local guy who is giving her 100 to 150 pesos.

Si tu hablas espanol es mas bueno... "It's better if you can speak Spanish".

In fact, try to remember that 'better' in Spanish is 'mejor'. Not 'mas bueno', which sounds as silly as 'more good' in English.
'Good'='bueno', 'better'='mejor', 'best'= 'el mejor' (masculine) or 'la mejor' (feminine) or 'lo mejor' (in general).
This is not just pedantry. Every monger from Punta Arenas to Tijuana will tell you that if you are in latin America the better you speak Spanish, the better the service. Unless you're in Brazil...

hasta luego

Latin Walker
08-13-03, 00:33
I am planning a trip to Tijuana very soon and just came by to say how much I have enjoyed the posts on this thread. It is greatly appreciated.



08-16-03, 00:08
Who is the sg bj artist??? Has anyone had any facials recently??

I have not been down to TJ much this year. Looking for some girls that will do a bj and facial??? Last time I was down there the girls were either good looking refused a bj or ugly and agreed. Guadalupe still works down there but she refused to do a facial

08-17-03, 20:00
Is there a specific place to find SW or a better area to find better looking ones that everyone talks about? Where do you take these girls.


08-17-03, 20:46
Originally posted by j-man
Is there a specific place to find SW or a better area to find better looking ones that everyone talks about? Where do you take these girls.

J Nesar the corner of Constitution and Primera there is one cute SW that hangs out by the guy selling fried buches.
Also, near the Police booth on Constitucion the famous Gudalupe hangs out, if sheshtill is working.

Nw, near the clubs on Ceallejon Coahuila there are quite a few that are better than averae. A girl with full length boots ad shor short black pants hangs out near Valentina.

Eacj girl has a hotel she works out of but some will go to your room if you have one.

Many pasts posts cover this topic. Yo may have to check the regular TJ forum since JACKSON has added this area recently.

08-17-03, 21:24
Originally posted by j-man
Is there a specific place to find SW or a better area to find better looking ones that everyone talks about? Where do you take these girls.

J-man, refer to my post in the TJ forum dated 8-12-03. It should answer your questions. The better lookers are in the alley while the better providers (IMHO) are up the hill a bit standing along Ave Constitucion. As for hotels, it seems like every third door is attached to a short-time hotel, up a flight of stairs and $5 for twenty minutes. Happy hunting.

08-17-03, 21:46
Hello All,

I'm a new-bee here. Just curious, what are the chances of scoring "Greek" in TJ. I've read most -if not all- of the posts here and although some say it is possible, no one is very specific. Just fishing :).

08-25-03, 17:30
I'd love to meet up with some people. I am from NY and will be in TJ on September 19. Anyone care to join me? My first time, so having some friends along would be helpful.

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09-16-03, 22:42
A buddy and I went to TJ 9-12-03 Friday night. First went to Aztec massage parlor and then Went to Hong Kong Bar around 8:30 9:00 pm and on the way saw this cute little SW with jet black hair shoulder length, she was thin and around 5'1 But had on heels which made here look 5"3 or 4. Anyways we went to Hong Kong Bar for a few hours drank beer and watched the stripers, told my friend I was going to step out for a minute and headed back to find that cute little girl who was still standing in the same spot where I saw her before. I asked her how much she said $20. And $5.00 for the room for 20 minuts. I ended up giving her $50.00 and spent an hour with her. This girl was the sweetest little thing I have ever met. We gave each other massages, talked and fondled each other a while and then we had sex in maybe 4 or 5 different positions. This girl had the cutest little butt and it was so firm you could probably bounce a quarter off it. She asked me if I wanted to use a condom and I said yes. I was surprised that she even asked me as I thought they were always used condoms? Anyways this girl was one of the best experiences I have ever had in all my years of going to TJ.

It was all-good!

Also has anyone here ever met or talked to a Mexican guy Sergeant Rodriguez? "Robert Rodriguez" I met him near the SW, s and he told me he was a TJ cop and was watching out for the Tourists. He seemed pretty cool and spoke very good English. He did not have a uniform on but showed me his badge, as I did not believe him at first. He told me my friend was looking for me? Strange that he knew this and he was correct as my friend was looking for me. Anyways told me my friend would be back and to just hang out and wait for him which I did and talked with him for a while until my friend came back from looking for me. Anyways seemed like a nice guy.

This was probably the first time I never made it to adelitas. As I headed home after this.

10-10-03, 18:05
Lame ass Jacquelyn

Hot body w/ pink streaks in her hair (5'5" thin legs w/ heart shaped ass). She's in the alley 50 feet from Constitution on the north side of the street.

Agreed to 30 for full nude, cbj, multiple positions and no rush during arbitration on the street. When the action started, yea she was full nude alright but wouldn't let me even touch the milk cartons! What's the point?!

Only 3 minutes into it and the annoying "almost finished?" crap comes out of her mouth. Then right at the beginning of the climactic crescendo, she jumps off the bed before I can finish off my performance and I have to half finish off w/ out her participation. She gets dressed and walks out w/ a quick "bye" and a slam of the door.

I know many of the zona SGs provide poor service but this was pretty sub-par, even for them. Avoid the noid. Avoid Jacquelyn.

Hobby Fan
10-21-03, 03:08
Highly Recommended:

Monica, a tiny, almost asian looking lady (but she is latina) with long straight dark hair. She hangs out on Constitution. Coming down Constitution and heading North (from 1st Street) you often find her just past the alley that Miami etc. are on. She hangs out about 15 feet past the alley, on the alley side of the street. Normal pricing but quite cute, good attitude, and does not hit up for extra dollars for full range of (normal) activities if discussed in advance.


10-24-03, 19:41
Have not been to TJ since last spring. I used to go but you get a better deal and better service in San Diego. The other problems is that the girls in TJ don't do as much.

The other big reason I don't go down to TJ is that it's really eshausting driving down there and walking across the border. Plus when you come back you are soaking with sweat.......

Occasinally if the action in SD is going through a really dry spell I will go down to TJ....

John Helvete
10-28-03, 23:35
Hey Hobby Fan,

Is Monica a short 5-1 or 5-2 thin check with a ceserean scar due to the birth of a baby girl 3 years back?? Yeah she does look somewhat Asian and she is really a great experience.

11-06-03, 22:42
Here is my take on SW and TJ.

I have been there quite a few times. There is always action down there. Of course sometimes better then others. I love walking along the street and the chicks grabbing me and saying *****. I can just pick one out and say what I want. Some people have said its too far. Well one good point is, its legal in Mexico. Given if I was arrested in the good ole USA for solicitation, my life would be down the tubes. Some chicks do anal. Just say koo-low (ass). I am not bashful at all. Some will do it. For 30 once I got BBBJ, pussy and ended up poking her in the ass. Now the 30 was the weekend price. Come back on Monday and the price is 25. Now with the SW you see the entire line. Young girls, old hags, pretty and ugly to deformed ones. One time this old woman told me she would blow me for 5. The young ones scare the crap out of me. I don’t want to be blackmailed after I finish. One time I smuggled a vid camera into a strip bar and got a short vid of a dancer. Man I was scared if they caught me.

Hobby Fan
11-08-03, 04:38
John Helvete: Sounds like the same girl, by the way her kid turned four within the last month....a real sweetie. About 5' 1 ''

11-14-03, 06:52
Has anyone ever travelled to TJ using advance parole? My work visa and I94 has expired. I have EAD & Advance parole any info will be highly appreciated.

Thank You

11-14-03, 22:56
No problem coming back using an AP. Be aware however that if you haven't used the AP document yet, i.e. it doesn't have a stamp on it, you need to get one when coming back. This can take hours if you choose a bad time to do it. I have no idea what constitutes a bad time, once I waited for two hours at 2 AM on a Saturday morning. In addition to stamping the AP, they give you a new I-94.

This procedure only needs to be done the first time though. During subsequent returns to the US you just show them your passport, the AP, and the I-94 and they let you through.

They don't ask for the EAD.

Horny Chuwawa
11-20-03, 22:32
I found a cute little 19 year old chica from Mexico City named Deanna the other night. I think he said she had been working for only several months. She was standing just outside of the hotel entrance to the left of the Valentina Bar. She has dark skin and ties her hair back in a bun with two little strands coming out of the front kind of like insect antannae. I thought she was pretty and she opened up her offer for $20 including a blowjob and sin ropa, so I jumped on it and up we went to the room.

She reneged on desnudo in the room, saying it was too cold but she'd do it for more money. I reminded her of what she said downstairs and she repeated that it was too cold. I got her to show me her tits which were small but perky and pretty, but I let her keep her top on becaues it was cold.

She soon went for the lubricant, at which point I had to remind her that she promised a blowjob. She said she usually charged more for that so I had to remind her what she said downstairs again. She said she would give a short one but it was of normal SG length and of decent quality.

Afterwards she applied the lubricant and laid back on the bed with her legs spread and arms straighten behind her bracing her upright. She looked like she was ready to give birth. The position of her legs wasn't the best for full penetration, but I worked my way in to where I could get a comfortable rhythm. She wasn't into the sex, so I just did my best to relax and hammer away until I eventually came.

Deaana stands near a friend of hers who is taller and older with pale skin and dark, heavy makeup. Deanna is a dud and I do not recommend her. She was an unfortunate follow up to an explosive time I had with Alejandra at Las Chevalas on a previous night.

Anyone know the friend's name/reputation? She is pretty and I'd like to know if she is better than Deanna. Unfortunately it seems bad providers are friends with other bad providers.

Horny Chuwawa
12-02-03, 21:22
Sonia at corner of Articulo123 and Constitution

I ran into this lovely creature during the late afternoon this week. She was on Articulo 123 crossing the street towards the corner of Constitution. She was wearing blue jeans and a black sweater buttoned over a light colored shirt. Her black hair was long and wavy past her shoulders and parted in the middle. Her skin was a deep brown tone, and she wore a smile that stopped traffic. Having never seen a street chica this lovely, I stared as she walked to a spot immediately to the left of the entrance to Hotel Elva. I walked by her to get another gaze at her smile, before walking back to talk to her. As I approached, the smile disappeared. She was very professional and aloof when I asked her name, barely returning eye contact. Despite my obvious interest, she only answered questions, and contrary to common SG protocol, didn't ask if I wanted to take her to the room. She returned a reasonable price at my inquiry, 150 pesos or $20 US, but she seemed so distant that my instincts got the better of me and I decided to pass her up. I think she may be one to try with lowered expectations (no BJ!, the horror!) which I can simply chalk up as a trophy SG under my belt. I'll return a performance review once she's been bitten by "El Serpientito".

Anyone have experience with her?

Lee Bog
12-08-03, 08:39
Sonia - corner of Articulo 123 & Constitucion by the bldg that says Dulceria, El Eden.

If you speak spanish, you can ask Hotel Colon if she's working 011-52-664-638-4874

Sonia is indeed lovely.

Her smile always mesmerizes me. Being the recipient of her smile makes me feel special even if it's for a short while. She may seem aloof if it's your first time with her but she can be friendlier if you put her at ease. Treat her with kindness & respect because she is genuinely nice. Speaking spanish is a big help since she doesn't know too much english. She's more of a wholesome girl next door type rather than a nasty nympho. Chemistry is different for everyone, so YMMV. But she IS the most beautiful SG I've seen there, & one of the most beautiful I've seen in Mexico, period. Sweet face, nice body. For $20 she's worth it. Full nude, & the room she takes you to, Hotel Colon ($4?) is decent. How can you beat that?

I think she said she'll be on vacation from Dec 22 to New Year's.

Late Night
12-14-03, 01:27
Hello Gents,

I had a few encounters with the SW here by the Hong Kong Club and other bars on that street. Could you guys comment on the safety of these girls?

I find few cute girls always and prefer them over some of the Chicago or Adelita girls (price has a lot do with it).

If everything is with a condom, I shouldn't have any worries?

As always, thanks in advance.


Lee Bog
12-15-03, 00:02
Re: the STD & HIV safety of street girls & bar girls

Late Night,

I recommend you do a Forum Search & type in "Health" , then in Search Options below, choose Tijuana. I found some interesting reading.

A previous post said a bar girl is safer than a street girl because the bar is more likely to enforce the Health checks. A previous post said the SGs are also checked by police for their Health cards. I have no proof as to the accuracy of these posts. It Does seem logical that a bar would be more careful. One sick girl can hurt their business, although it's probably very easy to keep news like that from leaking out. I don't know any other place to get news like that besides this forum & word of mouth. The Health check in bars is also practiced in Thailand & the Philippines.

Having sex with a prostitute is Extremely High Risk. Because they have sex with many men, who in turn may have had sex with many prostitutes. Obviously, Always, Always use a condom, in Any act. Someone with AIDS can exhibit flu-like symptoms, but someone can be HIV positive without showing any outward signs. A health worker recommended saran wrap if you're going to give a girl oral sex. Seems like more trouble than it's worth unless you have a really special regular you go to. Look for open sores or tiny cuts in the mouth or on the body. Drug users are higher risk also because of possible needle sharing so watch for needle marks. If you yourself have an open sore or cut, you're more susceptible to sexual fluid or blood entering your body, so wait till you heal. You can have a tiny cut in your mouth from brushing your teeth that morning. I've never done it, but maybe you can ask to see her Health card. Has anyone here ever done that?

A lot of these precautions go out the window when you're in the moment. I've rarely declined a BBJ; somehow I conveniently forget the danger. It just feels too good. But hopefully I've looked her over & didn't see any warning signs. There's a 6 month window period from the last time you had the sex in which HIV can appear, so I just get tested every 6 months. Many community health clinics offer free or low cost testing. I Always get nervous right before I get the results.

I hope I've gotten my HIV/STD facts straight here. Corrections would be appreciated.

Be smart. & Be safe.

Mutha Foo
12-16-03, 02:46
Hey LeeB,

You are correct but I know for a fact that the street girls do NOT need a health card. Cops only check their ID's, they don't care about health cards. My guess is that they work the streets for one of the two reasons 1) They have a STD or (2) they are under 18 y.o. You have to be at least 18 y.o. to work in any of the bars. I have heard many times that some of the SG's will bypass the condom (sin condom). But I have NEVER heard of any bar girl going without a condom. Recently I have checked the website for the CDC and suprisingly the rate of HIV positive prostitutes in Mexico is very low compared to other parts of the world. Personally, I think HIV is lowrisk as long as you use a condom. If David Lee Roth can go all these years without getting the shit, I should be pretty safe. LOL.

The Shaft
12-16-03, 22:01
Contrary to the previous poster's comments, those of you who are true veterans of the TJ scene know that just about anything is possible, even sex sin condon, from the girls in the clubs.

Mutha Foo
12-18-03, 02:40
Contrary to the previous poster, why would you want to go sin condom? You're better off playing russian roulette. I personally have never been offered sin condom from a bar girl but then again, I have never asked to go sin condom.


12-18-03, 06:32
It seems that the prices for the SW are pretty set: $20 for a quicky. Nothing fancy. Clothes off, dfferent positions and "extras" all cost more and need to be negociated for beforehand. The SW are available 24/7, believe me, all day long. There are good looking girls around, but I think the best ones are at Adelitas.

12-19-03, 10:01
I have been offered sin condom full service by three girls at AB over the past couple of years. It is very rarely offered, but it does happen. However, I absolutely would not do full service sin condom with any chica.

Country John
12-19-03, 18:15
Operation AlleyKat

Well, I hooked up with RODDD at the Alley on Thursday for some serious mongering and further research in the Alley along with some scoping out of AB.

I was right, my Logitech camera is a piece of shit so the pics did not work out (sorry).

First let me say that RODDD is an outstanding member and was a lot of fun - wish the rest could have made it.

Second let me say that ALL of the girls in the Alley are REQUIRED to have CURRENT (within 30 days) health checks and are REGULARLY spot checked by LE and Health officials. They are logged in a register, IDs are verified -all good.

I can say this with absolute certainty because RODDD and I stood in the Alley and witnessed this happening. We actually were walking next to the inspectors as they were checking the girls. This is a fact, so be assured that that aspect of the operation is happening. This happened after my first pop, when RODDD and I were back on patrol in the Alley.

We hit the alley at about noon and did a walkabout to "check the scene and get into the groove which was far out and infinitly distant man." I was amazed at the variety - all shapes and sizes. I was also struck by the number of ladies. The ratio of girls to guys even at that early hour was 5:1 easy. There were at least 10 real jean creamers.

My goal was a 2pop and back across by 5. I wanted to go for one hour with a nice pre-qualified chica and when I made the selection and did some pre-qual before going upstairs, I made sure the negotiations were solid.

First trip cost a total of 80. 60 for the girl, 20 for the room. It was money very well spent. A total GFE experience. The girl was fabulous. I'd say a 7 body, 7 face. She made it a point to show me her medical card and explained that she was very clean and would stay that way so condom for everything. (OK by me man!!!). Showed me her arms (no needle marks) etc and said she was very cautious to "do not ask sin condom please."

She hopped in the sack and lots of skin contact, genital massage. Her perkey breasts (B's) were amazing to touch and suck. After about 10 minutes of this she made sure old velvet head was at attention and then she slowly mounted - I mean slowly. Jeez..almost exploded. Nice slow and rocking on top for about 20 minutes. Never had it like that in TJ before. I love the small of womens sweat.

I used the entire hour (actually the hotel desk guy told me I was 7 minutes over) and enjoyed EVERY minute of it. I asked her how much for an all night and she said 150 to which I replied in the affirmative - I'll definitly hook up next time I do an all nighter in TJ.

Meanwhile, RODDD was hanging over a barstool at AB. When I recovered from my GFE I went to AB and found RODDD sitting at the bar, beer in hand and smiling quietly to himself - he had just encountered a mattress monster at AB. He'll post his experience but we observed that the same ratio of guys/girls at AB made them a little more willing to negotiate and gave us more to chose from. Patty#1 was off - too bad. I would have hooked up if she'd been there.

We finished our drinks and headed back to the Alley (this was about 3PM, and this is when we observed the health checks happening) to re-scope, recharge and check the quality of the girls again.

BTW, drove across, parked 1/2 block from AB, got my car washed and cleaned inside for $5. (a very nice job too) Parked all day for $5. but bought Mexico Insurance for $17 -an absolute must if you take your vehicle to Mexico.

You must pre-qualify the girls before you go upstairs. Yeah, they'll grab ass all day long (one girl commented that RODDD and I were "wearing a hole in the sidewalk" because we walked back and forth so much) but if they are cold on the sidewalk they'll be cold upstairs so see if they warm up to you on the street by being nice to them and asking for a hug. You need to develop this into a workable tactic since it will tell what her temperature is - very important.

Also be CLEAN. My first girl said that she turned down several men because they did not look clean - she said she doesn't need the money that bad - go figure.

Second POP came after considerable scoping and interviewing. Girl 2 was a young slip of a thing, negotiated through a hustler pimp type guy. Last trip I got ripped but this time I wanted to really test the guy because he was coming in cheaper for the same service (1HR FS Good Time yadayadayada).

Before taking the girl I made absolutly certain that she understood the deal and she did. The guy was legit. It is possible to have a decent experience in this way and it could actually save you some time. The girl pays the guy a few bucks for doing the hustle.

Well, it worked out great. Got the Girl for 50 this time for the hour and the room for 10. I could write paragraphs about the experience with the girl. She (both of them actually) could fuck the stars right out of the sky. Having the hour takes the pressure off and gives you time to relax and play with the nice soft toys. Thought the 2pop would be very difficult but she was so sensual (and pretty) that I welled up after about 35 minutes and did my "execution by electric chair" impression after which she gave me a huge hug, got dressed and left. Total time was probably 40 minutes and I wasn't going to argue about it because I was basking in the afterglow and feeling pretty good about my 2pop.

I will focus on the alley for future research and I am in the planning stages for Operation AlleyKat II.

I'm gonna let RODDD post in the AB forum but let me say that we agreed on three things:

1. Go to AB and the Alley early if you want to have the best deal. The girls are great and no sense waiting for the 10's after 9, they don't want to fuck and they are not as customer service minded as the early crowd. If you have trouble with the selection, there's something wrong with you (IMHO).

2. Go with a buddy (preferably a fellow WSG mongerer). If something happens to you (God forbid) you will need to have a buddy there to claim the body. We're all 10' tall and bullet proof right? Wrong. Mexico is not the place to have a problem and no backup.

3. Fellow WSG Mongerers should hook up more often. It's a lot of fun and we have a lot to talk about, it makes for a very enjoyable afternoon.

No problem getting back to the USA, we had 20 to 30 minute wait in line but, again, the company was teriffic.

PM me for my hotmail address if you want to talk about Operation AlleyKat II.

All in all we had a fun day. A big difference when you hook up with a fellow mongerer. That's the way to go.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

PS: Forgive the spelling errors. I'm in a hurry.

12-19-03, 22:30
I used to go down to TJ sometimes, but the action down there is not all that great. The problem with the sw's is that the better looking ones on Cohula alley will not do bj's. Usually I will will choose a girl on Constitucion. Those girls are usually willing to do more and a bit cheaper as well. I found this one girl who was willing to do a facial for 15$. She said she was saving money to cross the border.

12-20-03, 03:10

I've been able to get bj from all the girls there in the alley that I've been with. Flaviola, Jasmine, Erika (2of them), Christina and Monica. Curious, who do you consider the better looking ones there? Maybe I'll give 'em a try on my next trip on the 29th.

Country John

What are the names of the girls you hooked up with? What do they look like? You know, like the color of their hair, were they clean, how tall, how old, what were they wearing. Where were they standing and so forth.

That info would help us hook up for a for sure good time. I'll be going down on the 29th with PrintMan and MrVee if you'd like to hook up.

The prowlin GEKKO

Country John
12-20-03, 22:01

I suck with names. I made it a point to ask the girls their names - even repeated them but do you think I can remember them now? No sir. Sorry, I guess I was counting on my pictures working out.

Let's see,
First pop was with a short (maybe 5'5") snaggletoothed, black haired chica with about decent body that was MUCH better after the clothes came off. Second pop was a spinner, same height, probably 90lbs, probably 20 yrs max, long black hair, NO english which made it a bit difficult to communicate but real cute and petite. That deal was set up buy a spanish speaker who was a barker for one of the clubs.

I promise I'll pay closer attention to names - I owe you guys that but if we hook up for Operation AlleyKat2 on the 29, I'll point her out!

There are a lot of various experiences with girls posted here and I want to say that I've experienced just about all of the good and bad the SWs have to offer but on Operation AlleyKat I used different tactics that worked very very well for me and I speak NO spanish. I am sure that I will have an easier time of it next trip.

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

12-24-03, 01:16
Sorry, but I don't know the names of to many girls. There used to be this one girl named Wendy who worked down there about a year ago.

12-27-03, 17:55
Country John:

Given that the SGs don't speak much English, and you are using translators to secure SGs, how are you having these conversations in the room with the SGs?

How do convince the SGs to show you the holy of holies, their health card, which has their real name on it?

12-27-03, 18:02
Since some guy earlier posted a message about Street Girls that was filled with misinformation, let me correct the record:

1) SGs are more likely than Club girls to have valid health cards. The prime reason for that is they have no place to hide from the inspectors. When the inspectors enter a club, the chicas without health cards will pose as waiters, will flee out the back, or otherwise hide. The SGs simply get caught, since they are out in the open. Therefore, the SGs, except for those around the Hotel Najera, are almost universally carrying health cards, whereas many club girls don't have them.

2) There are health inspectors who do check the chica's health cards, from the Servicios Municipales. Cops will also check out a chica's health card, as that's the easiest way to get a mordida from a chica, if her card is not up to date, they can take the chica down to the station (or threaten to). I've seen the health inspectors in action, they drive a blue Crown Vic down the alley.

3) The health cards don't provide that much extra safety for us. If a chica is infected with HIV, it takes 6 months for the infection to be at the level that a test may show the infection; however, the chica will be infectious prior to this, and therefore you are at risk. Even so, the health system rarely checks the chicas for HIV, instead focusing on more trivial diseases, like VD.

4) The rate of infection in the Zona is alarmingly high. Its not that the chicas are picking up diseases from their clients, they pick them up from their boyfriends, some percent of whom are bisexual, drug users, or otherwise doomed. The chicas then pass the diseases on to mongers who think the chicas are clean.

Country John
12-27-03, 21:54

Thanks for the clarification. RODDD and I observed this happening when we were in the Alley.

Interestingly, the first pop volunteered her card and showed me her arms (no drugs) etc etc. She also made it a point to mention that they did check for HIV. Your comments are still very vaild though and a real reason for concern. I was quite surprised at this. I had her for an hour - no language problem with her, it was pop #2 that had the language barrier (or I in this case).

Through the "interpreter" I made very sure she understood the deal before we went upstairs and she stuck to it. The only comment I have is that it could take 20 minutes to make sure the girl understands the deal and this might not always be workable.

It's also interesting that the girls in the clubs would be less strict about health than the SG's. The common belief is that it's the other way around.

Country John

12-27-03, 22:26
Explorer says:
). I've seen the health inspectors in action, they drive a blue Crown Vic down the alley."


Explorer, If you see a "Crown Vic" driving down the alley, "RUN"
Thats no health inspector. There is only one person I know on this forum that drives that type of car. He is running "amok"on this forum. His possible M.O. is to flash a fake badge, and bother the SG's and Mongers alike.

P.S. Explorer, I notice you question other posters, regarding names, places, and date. How do you know this? and that?

Doing that is just a waste of time, you will never get a specfic response.

Be Careful

Country John
12-28-03, 01:24

I've seen the car so I know it's true. A couple of cops like guys drove through, stopped and got out but they were looking at a vehicle in the alley, not the girls.

It is impossible to run "amok" on this board when you are dealing with morons.

Had an interesting PM from a member who actually met up with one of these guys, saying that these guys really are morons so no big deal, I figured that out a while back. I'm waiting for permission to post the PM now. You'll love it.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Porn Star King
12-28-03, 01:29
Hello Fellow Mongers,

I would like thank you all for the information you have provided. I've been making solo trips to the border every week since late October. I believe I've become quite an accomplished monger based on the information from this board. So, thank you again.

This being my first post and all, I feel it is necessary to tell you why I chose to post now instead of earlier. GettingTang stated that mongerers are suspicious hobbyist. This is true, it is why I have never posted before. Why do I post now, because I am a suspicious hobbyist and would like to warn my fellow suspicious hobbyist to be suspicious of Country John.

Country John has stated that he is ex-LE this may be true or it may be false, he could very well be LE still or worse he may be some type of scam artist or even worse bisexual looking to get a piece of ass with some tang on the side. Who really knows?

If you read the Opinions and Editorials section under prostitution and law enforcement you will see that Country John believes you should be held accountable for your monger actions here in the states, but never states that it is acceptable for you to monger in Mexico. At least that is the impress I am left with. That being said, I suspect CJ to be 1 of 2 things. He is either LE looking to clean up the SD area by getting the SD area mongers busted while crossing the US border.

IE; CJ says he drives his car into Mexico and parks around the corner from the clubs and never has and problems. This tends to make you believe that do this is no problem. Then he wants to meet with you, by doing this he will build confidence and trust in you with him. Then his next step would be to get you to bring your car into Mexico park your car around the corner from the club and then he or someone he has hired would plant drug under neath your car. He then calls the border and tells them to look out for your car because you are a drug smuggler. Bam your busted for drug smuggling and Country John gets a SD monger off the streets for good.

Another possible scenario is CJ is not LE but is in fact ex-LE who has gone bad and become a drug smuggler. He builds confidence, gets you to bring your car in then has a kilo of cocaine planted underneath your car. You drive your car back across the US border unsuspectingly, which makes you a perfect cover. Then he uses his LE ties to run your license plate info find out where you live and goes and retrieves his package. If you get stopped and popped at the border no skin off his back because he'll just find another "deputy" here on this board to do his dirty work.

I know that all this sounds suspicious to the point of paranoia but don't you think you should be a bit suspicious? Trust your instincts.

Now this is the last time you will here from me about this.

On a side note: Country John may be the coolest person on the face of the planet and you have nothing to woory about if you decide to meet up with him.

Lee Bog
12-28-03, 02:30

Thanks for the interesting information on the health cards / SG / club situation. I was wondering, do you know your facts firsthand, or are they from a reliable source? Just want to clarify.

Also, your comment on a girl possibly having HIV even with the health card coincides with the information I got from the clinic. Be safe & cover up, all.

John Helvete
12-28-03, 04:24
Any fans of Monica the spinner? I would like to do her with another guy. 2 on 1 porno style. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

12-28-03, 18:15
Porn Star King/Getting Tang:

Please knock off the paranoia about CJ, your scenarios are so far fetched, it is obvious that you have some sort of "thing" for CJ, I really don't know what that's about. Think about this for a moment, for your scenario to work, CJ would have to have evil assistants plus large amounts of drugs, plus he would have to know exactly which car is the victims, plus he would be willing to have to sacrifice those drugs, just so one more monger would be incarcerated. Since he is inviting large amounts of mongers down to TJ, entire neighborhoods in San Diego would be depopulated!

As for how I know about the health cards, I lived with a club girl in TJ for some time a few years ago. My Spanish is very passable, and I get along well with some of the SGs (last week, I invited a SG up to my room, and she spent the night with me for 600 pesos; along the way we drank a bottle of wine, and she told me her version of events in the Zona, including the real names of her friends).

Country John
12-28-03, 21:44
Just a real quick clarification guys (and girls), Operation AlleyKat is a name I came up with to call our meeting of fellow mongerers in Mexico, not particularly the Alley although I'm sure some of us will end up there.

A way for us to co-ordinate meeting up, sharing a beer and some laughs and then going off to do our own thing, whether in the alley or at AB, CC or whatever. I am in no way suggesting that we mount an assault on the Alley, AB or anyplace else. We'd have the fucking swat team surrounding us I am sure.

I think it's a good idea to have a "buddy" system in place for our trips because having someone watching your back, especially if something happens to you can be very valuable. I don't mis-trust the Mexican people, but remember you are in another country and things work a bit differently there.

In the first Operation AlleyKat that's exactly what happened. Roddd and I met up, shared some booze, had some laughs, went our separate ways, did the glam slam, met up for a few more laughs etc, another glam slam then back to the USA. It was a fun day and I enjoyed the company as did Roddd.

Maybe I should have clarified this a bit earlier and I apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion caused to any fellow mongerer/ member.

I have a list of over 20 members who want in on the next meet, that means that most members get it, and I appreciate that.

I'd like to meet up with Explorer8939 next trip. Sounds like he could give us all an excellent lesson or two.

Thanks for your time.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

12-29-03, 08:56
What is the Alley?

12-29-03, 16:43
Milkyway - to find the "alley" - assuming you know Revolution and what direction "north" is (in case you don't - the street numbers get smaller as you head "north") go up Rev until you get to the giant clock/arch. Turn left and go over 1 block to Constitution (next stoplight) Turn right and go down the hill. Cross Constitution at the bottom of the hill. In between the bars, there is a small cross street. THAT is the alley. You know you have found the right place if there are girls lined up against the walls (and they grab at you trying to get your attention). Locals price is 50 pesos (or at least it was last year) Gringos get to pay at least $10 plus the cost of the room (again last year was 20 pesos) There are girls on Constitution as well and don't be put off by the Policia station at the bottom of the hill - they are actually there to help you.

rabbit - hop on, hop off, no strip, quick clean...poof, back on the street

12-30-03, 05:08
Has anyone taken a SW from First Street (“Primera”) upstairs?

I was tempted by a girl on the corner of 1st Street and constitution on my last trip, but ended up going upstairs with a regular (Silvia) and a pretty young thing (Laura) both from the alley on the north side. I have been taking SW from the alley and from Constitution upstairs for years, but never from 1st Street. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions or experiences to share regarding the SW located on First St. between Niños Heroes and Constitution. Specific information regarding the quality of the SW, the hotel facilities, and general safety on 1st Street would be appreciated. I believe that I fall into the majority group that simply picks from what’s available in the clubs or in the alley. If other SW options exist in the Zona Norte, please share your insights.

Thank you.


12-30-03, 08:15
Has anyone here been to TJ on new years eve? Does anyone know if alot of girls will be working and is it safe? Haven't been there in a while but I speak spanish and would like to go with someone if they are planning on going that day since it's my only day off.

12-30-03, 08:38
CJ: I always travel solo to TJ, although I am happy to hook up with mongers once down there. I don't need an operation, though.

Yesterday, there were loads of SGs out there. I ran into a bunch named Monica at the entrance to hotel Cascadas. Business ain't too good, so they are hungry.

Here are the most active SGs around Cascadas:

New SG in schoolgirl outfit. Went up a bunch of times to the hotel.

Monica (friend of Sandra) dark skinned, long hair, tall, works out of the front of Miami Bar, has one weird front tooth, almost never available since she is always with a client.

Monica #2: day girl, works in the Cascadas lobby, really long hair, goes up 10 days per day, very friendly.

Country John
12-30-03, 17:23

I usually travel solo into TJ as well and hook up on site so I look forward to meeting you next time out. Looks like Thursday next week, will you be around?

Country John

12-30-03, 17:31
I plan to be in TJ for New Years (not mongering, but with a local woman), after that my plans are up in the air, since I am facing an extended work trip that may take to Monterrey, Mexico.

I will in the Zona on Dec 31 in the day, and hopefully will produce more Street Girl info.

Butt Monkey
01-06-04, 22:47
It's been awhile,

But I have hit the zona norte around dusk. The street walkers are okay. Some are a little too old and not to my standards. I really dont care about the fat ones that much, but if they got a cute face that is cool. I am not really looking for a fuck so I usually talk them down to a 15 buck blow job and a 3 dollar room. If they swallow, I drop them the 2 bucks left over from my 20 and I am heading north of the border. It doesn't take that long and there is less chance of getting mugged. It helps to have a wing man that knows the language and is willing to wait for you down stairs. I recomend going with two partners so that you can have safety in numbers.

OH one time while I was down there I was feeling a little "randy" so I took two chicks to the Hotel. They shared my cock and then wrapped me with a rubber and one got on top while the other played with my balls. The total was $50. I was happy with the service too.

More later ciao

01-07-04, 02:22
in tj do they go bb or cover up, how picky are they about that?
is there any **** problems there? meaning do they have rules and limits like in the us? thinking of venturing that way in the future and curious about those things.. wouldnt mind a nice young thing but need to know the limit :).

01-07-04, 03:42
they cover virtually always, especially for first timers. condoms are a requirement. note that 28 percent of all latino males in the 18 to 40 age group are hiv infected, and these are the boyfriends/husbands of the working girls, so you are advised to use condoms in tijuana.

sgs may not work if under 18 years old. in the zona norte, however, the presumption is that all working chicas are 18 or over. however, if you are outside the zona norte and are caught with an **** girl, you will spend considerable time in a mexican jail.

01-07-04, 03:43
New Years Eve in the Zona Norte:

The day shift chicas mostly headed out early Wednesday, preferring to spend the holiday with their families. The night shift chicas mostly never showed up.

There were only a handful of chicas working New Years Eve, mostly low grade newbies.

01-07-04, 15:07

28 percent of all latino males between 18-40 have HIV? What is your source for this information? This number strikes me, quite frankly, as ludicrously inflated, but I would be interested in reviewing the information if you can cite a credible source.

01-07-04, 17:43
Here's one source:


01-08-04, 00:46

You need to read that Intelihealth document more carefully. It cites HIV rates among men who have sex with men, not the general population.

01-08-04, 06:35
That source does not contain the 28 percent figure. In fact, my research shows that the overall rate of HIV infection among US latino males in 2000 was 47.4 per 100,000, or .00474 (source: the CDC).

In Tijuana. the rate of infection of gay men is 19%, according to the California Dept. of Health. I think it is safe to assume the rate among straight Mexican men is a tiny fraction of this.

Wiz Banger
01-08-04, 09:17

Where's your source that 28 percent of all latino males between 18-40 are HIV positive?

If you are going to post something like that you should back it up, unless of course you just made it up because there is no way that figure is true.

Country John
01-09-04, 18:12
Misposted a SW post in the TJ forum.

Country John

01-09-04, 22:50
I clearly misread the statistics, sorry!

01-10-04, 14:40
SExplorer8939 posted

Gs may not work if under 18 years old. In the Zona Norte, however, the presumption is that all working chicas are 18 or over.

I have seen younger SW hanging out. They are bad news. Even thou the Mexicans do it, dont do it. Some guy will see you walking out of a hotel with one of those girls and will black mail you. Even if the cops see you leaving with one they will shake you down.

Shoot I even heard of one guy they tried to blackmail for just talking to one.

Country John
01-10-04, 21:13
This is a post from 09-04 that I mistakenly posted in the TJ section and not the SW section. I am re-posting it here to correct this stupid error. Sorry for the incons.


Hit the alley on Thursday at about 12:30. Left around 3PM, had a 5 minute wait at the border on the way back so no drama there. AB was normal for that time of the day, no shortage of chicas really depending on your taste. Decided to stick to the alley. All the other clubs were DEAD and the barkers were begging people to go in. No thanks.

The Alley was noticable thinner than normal but there were plenty of nice looking girls to choose from, they were all hungry and were doing the normal grab routine. Noticed a lot of California plates on parked vehicles but didn't meet up with anyone because of such short notice.

Hooked up with the chica from the previous visit (the one with the health card etc.). She goes by the name of Gabriella, about 5', petite, perky "C's" with an ever-so-slight thickness, 27 yrs old from Pueblo. Face 7 body 7. Didn't get a picture for 2 very good reasons. She indicated during our talk that she would NOT want her picture on the internet and I didn't get my James Bond Camera yet.

She recognized me from across the street and as I was walking I heard "OOOOLLLLAAAAAA!" and when I looked I noticed it was her, she said she was yelling to me. I had such a good time with her last time I decided to go with her again so I trekked across the street and we negotiated FS for 1 hour for 60 plus the room.

Total GFE experience starting from when we met on the street. I think she is much younger than 27 just from her feel.

After we entered the room she rinsed her pussy and climbed into bed. Started with a sensual massage and lots of talk, got the old feller nice and stiff and started on the 1st pop (convered of course) which took about 20 minutes. She prefers cowgirl which is just fine by me. She has a tight pussy, almost as tough as her hand grip. Even through the condom I could feel her well.

She moved slow and easy but firm - just the way I like it. After the 1st pop we talked for a bit and she was working on the old feller but was having trouble restoring him to glory but she kept at it. I knew I was running out of time but wanted to get the 2 pop done before I crept back across the border, and decided to arrange for another 1/2 hour with her. She was very happy about that and agreed right away for another 20 plus the room (10). So off we went searching for 2pop trying various positions etc. Interesting that there were no BJ's during our encounter, I was so wrapped up in the sex with her that I didn't go there at all.

Anyway, in the end she ripped the condom off and she finished with a HJ to get me off after another 30 minutes of various positions.

Overall, a very satisfying experience. The quality of this girl was every bit as good as those at AB and the experience was far better IMHO. Tight body, nice soft skin, sweet smell -jeez, why can't American women do this? I believe that if you treat the girls right and are fair they will return the favor.

Normal number of shoe shiners and hustlers out, nothing to fret about, low threat level (especially during the day when I prefer to go).

It's important to remember to bring your good manners with you when you visit this part of town. Don't bring your sucker side, be on your toes but always be polite. These people are so used to be treated like shit that they actually appreciate courtesy. Fact is you do not have to get your fucking tennis shoes shined, you don't have to give anyone any money, you don't have to go into the clubs etc. If you are polite, they'll respect that. I'd be glad to demonstrate (as I already have) to anyone who wants to make Operatin AlleyKet II at the end of January/1st of February if needed.

I'll be back either the last week of January or first week of February and plan an all nighter. Gabriella said she'd like to spend the night so I'll be looking for her after a drink or two (cokes) at AB.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

01-11-04, 10:53
got laid twice and screwed once: report and warning!

my buddy at the ab:

i went to tj saturday with a friend. we ended up at the ab around 1pm after taking a taxi libre. although i must admit that i had to walk a little farther to get the cab this time, as it seemed that the taxi lire cabs were only going as far as the traffic circle that’s about one block south of the exit on the right hand side. once at ab, i took in the show while my friend went upstairs with a very cute young girl named claudia. claudia said that she was from the df at first, and then said that she was originally from puebla. in any case, my friend said that he had a good time, with the only problems being the language barrier, and the fact that claudia did not want her tits sucked. oh well, he still had a good time.

getting laid twice:

after my friend had his fun, i went to the alley for some action of my own. i must admit, both the quantity and quality of girls are way down from the last time i visited in early december. after failing to find the girl that i had last time, i proceeded to look around. after going up and down the hill and back and forth in the alley a few times, i settled on a girl named marysol. after a brief exchange, we settled on u$20 for regular sex, full nude, no restriction on positions. went upstairs and proceeded to pound away doggie for a while. given chance to change positions, i took the opportunity and then asked her to jump on top (cowgirl style). man did she know how to ride. under her, i felt like seabiscuit; eager to get to the finish line. i let her ride hard and fast and enjoyed every moment until i finally got to the finish line (big smile). i must admit, it had been some time since i had had such a good “girl on top” experience. i have been with so many of the girls do a terrible job of ridding on top that this really stands out as a great experience. she worked hard at it, and had the perfect angle of approach that lent itself to smooth penetration, and that deliciously torturous way of pinching the head. she stood out for not bending the shaft, or torturing the bone in any other way. she also stood out for her willingness to ride hard and fast, unlike so many girls that could rock you to sleep as they gently rock back and forth and bore the hell out of you. in any case, after i finished and cleaned up, i went to check up on my friend who was watching the football game in the street level lobby/waiting area on the street level of hotel cascadas. we then went back to ab to see if anything caught his eye. he didn’t see anything he liked, so i went back to take another look at the street scene. after not finding anything new that was worth while, i decided it was off to the races again with marysol. she was just as good the second time around. but since this was the second trip, she started to run out of steam before i could finish, so i jumped on top until the happy ending was achieved.

girl description:

girl description:
name: marysol
skin: golden to medium dark brown skin color
height: my guess is that she was probably no more than 5ft without shoes.
hair: a kind sun bleached blond/ bad hair die job that’s hard to describe
body: about average, not fat, not skinny. decent overall
she did have a nice rear, and small perky natural breasts.
she also had some nice big lips, with which she will give head, (maybe next time)

getting screwed, the hustle & shakedown:

well, after i got laid twice, i went to take some pictures of the area to share with the board. this is when i got screwed by the cops. i took a couple of pictures that had nothing but buildings and signs on them. then three cops swarmed in on me. thus began a hustle and shakedown that lasted about twenty minutes. they went through their hustle and explained to me that i had broken the law by taking pictures in the zone. they took driver’s license and my camera. they then reviewed every picture i had. they called it in on their radio, and called a supervisor. these guys have the hustle part down very well. i don’t think that i have seen such a great performances since my second grade play. hell, i knew that all of the pictures i had were beyond clean, as they were al taken at a distance, and only showed publicly visible buildings and signs in the zone. but i figures it was not worth putting up a serious fight, since these guys obviously wanted money, and would get it one way or another. i figured that if they were corrupt enough to shake me down for taking pictures, they could easily make up a more serious charge. so i played along, and let them put on the show for me. it was like one of those terribly acted and poorly written hollywood movies that you are pretty sure that you know the end to, but you just have to see the whole piece of crap to confirm what you knew all along.

the cop that took my id and camera had an sd memory card that he kept showing me. he insisted that he had taken it from another person earlier that was due to be processed at the station for having taken some pictures, like i had just done. he kept emphasizing over and over again that what i had done was against the law, that he had caught and arrested someone earlier for doing the same thing, and that that person was still in jail waiting to be processed. the translation of what was being implied was clear: i can and will take you to jail if you don’t play ball with me, and you will spend the night there. after droning on for a while, he called the “supervisor” to make the whole thing seem serious. by the time the supervisor had arrived, i had already gone into my own act. i pleaded ignorance and apologized for having taken the pictures. i told him that all of the images could be delete. once i determined that this guy was indeed after money, i used carefully phrased euphemism that is very well known in mexico, “y esto como se arregla” [so how does this get fixed]. when the “supervisor” showed up, the cop reported what i had done, and told the supervisor that i was being “cooperative” ($$$), unlike the guy that they had taken in and were going to process for having committed the same crime earlier. this phase can best be described as the good cop bad cop portion of the event. so now the guy who has my id and my camera asks for permission to go easy on me. the supervisor gives an objection and then tells him that he will turn a blind eye, and will leave up to the cop that has my camera and id. now having the supervisor’s blessing to work things out, we go into the buying a used car phase. to strengthen his position, he decides to take the memory card out of my camera. i tell him that it will be a pain to replace that piece of original equipment. he puts the card back in, and i offer to delete the pictures. he hands the camera back, and he tells me to keep the pictures. i immediately delete every picture on the camera. while this is going on, we go through the buying a used car from a shady auto dealer in the hood bit. you know the routine, where you ask how much and the reply is “make me an offer”. so i offer him a generous u$20, figuring i don’t want to offend or [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) him off. he comes back with a look of shock, and complains that he still has to pay off his buddy and supervisor. he conveniently forgets that he can’t say how much and asks for u$150.00! i plead poverty, and tell him that i spent most of my money on the girls. so he goes for jugular and asks me how much i have on me. i tell him i only have the twenty i offered him. at this time the “quiet observer” cop next to him decides to cut in and asks for u$25. luckily my friend finally walks over after having his shoes shined right about this time. i ask him to lend me twenty five bucks, and pay the man. thus, i avoided having to pull my wallet out to let the whole world see how much money was in it. having concluded the hustle and shakedown, we grab a taxi libre back to the border. i tell the cab driver what happened and he first tells me that i must be the most stupid sob in the world. he then tells me that i “should have had the balls to stand up to the cop”. nice. he reminded me that i can file a report to get the bad cops fired. i think to myself: nice speech, but what world do you live in?

i wish that i could have spent the twenty five bucks going for a third round, but it looks like i was destined to get laid twice, and screwed once after that. the moral of the story is that if you plan to take pictures in the zone, be prepared for similar treatment. these guys had their routine down quite well. i know that i was not the first, and probably won’t be the last to witness these fine performances. i’m sure that there will be replies to this post that follow same argument made by the cab driver. frankly, i don’t give a crap. i did what i could to get the fuck out of there as fast as i could, and i now have a funny story to tell my friends. hell, i will probably forget the chick long before i forget the shakedown. especially because my friend will remind me every time i whip my camera out to take a picture.


01-11-04, 18:52

See my report posted in the general TJ forum about my run-in on Saturday with the TJ cops. I can't criticize how you handled it, although when you are completely innocent of any real crime, I think it is probably possible to stand up to the cops. But for only $25 paying also makes sense. I think the "principle of the thing" is irrelevant in these circumstances and you have to do whatever is in your best interests.

I noted the same thing as you, that the cops really have their routines down pat. One thing that surprised me about your experience is that the cops evidently did not search your wallet. When I was stopped on Saturday, they took my wallet.

I don't know, it seems that corruption activity of the cops in TJ has increased. I wonder if the recent publicity has lead to fears by the cops of a coming crackdown on them and they are getting what they can while they can. But I am not sure if this theory makes any sense.

Country John
01-11-04, 20:21
Why don't we start a letter campaign to the Mexican reps? We don't have to tell them about our connection to WSG, but I think there might be enough of us to flood them with complaints and correspondence, isn't worth doing? Seems to me there is little else we can do and this might accompish something. What do you think?

For the price of a postage stamp and a few minutes of our time we really ought to do SOMETHING. Maybe it'll amount to nothing but it's worth a try.

Let's get some feedback on this.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

PS Conejo:

I liked your approach. I'm not sure that running for the border would be a good idea though. Remember the "fleeing felon" laws and I doubt the rules of probable cause are as strict in Mexico as they are here.

PPS: Interesting link:


Talks about a commission in TJ to hear complaints. Anyone with any experience with this? Might be a good place to start a letter campaign.

01-11-04, 20:52

I like the idea of trying to do something about the problem. Maybe letter writing would have an effect. It should be in the economic interests of the Mexican authorities to try to get this under control. It would seem that the economic interests of a wide swath of Tijuana society should be concerned about this. Owners of pharmacies, nightclubs, revolucion shops, hotels and so forth should all want this addressed, as it undoubtedly discourages many people from going to TJ and spending money. I suggest mentioning concerns about this to proprietors of these establishments at every opportunity. This is a difficult problem that can only be lessened, if at all, through the political will of important segments of Mexican society.

Also, my view is that all these things should be reported to the appropriate authorities when they occur. I am probably going to report my incident. Nothing serious happened to me, but I just want to add to the number of complaints. I am going to try to research to whom to complain and I will report back to the forum if I do.

I am not sure what you mean by the "fleeing felon" rule. If you mean the rule that allows law enforcement personnel tracking a fleeing felon to continue the pursuit even if the felon crosses a jurisdictional line, then I don't think it would apply here because I do not believe the rule applies in the international context. I do not think it would be applied to permit the Mexican police to come on to US territory to retrieve a fleeing felon. I think it applies when a felon flees across jurisdiction within the US. However, I must admit I am not 100% sure of this and it would require additional research.

I would be more concerned that there is some rule that would permit the US authorities to summarily return you to Mexico if you reach the entry point while obviously fleeing the Mexican police. However, I believe that if in fact you were being shaken down by the TJ police without any basis and you are credible about this, the US authorities are not going to turn over a US citizen without formal proceedings, especially given all the recent publicity about this problem. And, most likely, the TJ police are not going to want to create an international incident to further their shakedown.

As for violating Mexican law by fleeing arrest, this is why you better be sure you can make it if you decide to try it. If you can make it to the US side, then you are better off dealing with the situation from that side of the border than allow yourself to be abused by lawless Mexican police.

Psycho Knight
01-11-04, 21:50
Been to AB once this summer for my first experience in TJ. Plan to go to TJ soon, but this time want to try to the SGs. I know the common terms, but need to translation help for more unique requests I'd like to attempt. Seems like they would be a little more desperate to get their money. Big difference between talking to fellow workers, shaking to music and drinking free beers while flirting with guys as opposed to standing outside exposed to weather & being bored to death.

How do I explain in Spanish that I desire;

GFE (i.e. kissing, her licking me all over)
BBJ-cum in mouth (suckie sin condom, y comer mi leche, or what?) Anal

If straight translations don't work, I guess common street euphemisms will do. Maybe even a phrase that explains I pay a lot, but also want a lot. Do you think $100-120 for all the above sins ropa por un hora is reasonable for an SG?

Thanks for your help.

Country John
01-12-04, 17:48

LE can use whatever force they deem "reasonable" to stop a fleeing felon, including shooting you in the back. I don't suppose Mexican Police would actually go that far but I don't know for sure. Point is that running for the border might frighten them into thinking that youare going to get them into some sort of trouble. Let's get an address and start sending letters. There is actually a citizen council made up of LE, private citizens and others to investigate reported wrongdoings against tourists.


I think it's reasonable to spend that kind of money. If you are going to get laid don't waste your time bouncing around the dance floor. Use the time for the mattress monster IMHO.

I speak no Spanish and have had no trouble with Spanish speakers in the Alley. They know what you want. Just take your time and find the one that's right for you -they'er out there.

Be Safe and BE Nice
Country John

01-13-04, 01:20
PK - there are various translations available - just go search for them in the archives. however, as to the price you are willing to pay - you are into paying roughly US equivalant? Sheesh - most SGs will do what you want for about 60 tops (unless opyu want to go to AB or something, you are ripping yourself off by paying that much (specially when you can't speak the language - you might as well carry a sign - "?Busca dinaro? - pregunte aqui" (looking for money - ask here) sorry, my 2centavos worth

BJ is "moemahn" (phonetic)
ass is "coolah" (phonetic)

01-13-04, 01:22
Irishman, everything in your post about la ley de fuga is pure speculation on your part, and should not be taken seriously by anyone who happens to be stopped by the police in TJ.

However, I would pay at least $1 to see Irishman actually try to flee from TJ police.

01-13-04, 02:17
I had to make a dash for the border once about 20 years ago when I was young and stupid. This was way before the paranoia and suicide-bombers of today and still almost got my head blown off by US Border Patrol.

I wasn't running from TJ cops, but seriously pissed off vendors who were chasing me with tire irons. Its a long story I won't bore you with, but I learned my lesson. Several US border guards chewed my ass for about a half hour and told me how they almost pulled the trigger. I learned my lesson and don't recommend running for the border under any circumstance.

01-13-04, 09:25
CJ, I understand you want to start a letter campaign for corrupt cops in TJ. Im shocked, according to you, most cops in TJ are hard working people. What happened to you're treat the cops nice theory, and don't bribe them.

Well, Im here to help you, what are friends for.

Conejo, you did a great job with those TJ cops, just bargain down the price $20 to $50. I don't want to scare anyone, TJ is still a great place for pussy. Your chance of a shakedown are still slim, and most TJ cops are only a little corrupt. They really don't have to plant evidence on you, because they usually can find drunk Mongers very easy for a quick buck, or someone who buys perscription drugs in TJ with out a perscription( Viagra take it,don't carry it)

Hey, look at it this way, muggings are down in TJ with all the TJ, police all around. The muggings use to be scary, where one guy would apply a choke-hold on you, and the other would steal your wallet, and sometimes your shoes.

CJ/Conejo , there is a web page where you can file a police complaint against TJ cops with the police department internal affairs office:


Office of internal afffairs 688-2810
Police chief office 638-5137.
According to the TJ police, tourists willingness to come forward shows they trust the city to punish officers if they are guilty.

I could see the TJ cops shaking in their boots now!!!

Country John
01-13-04, 17:09
There you go again poki, making a fool of yourself. I'm considering removing you as president of my fan club if you keep this up. Here we are looking to Mars for signs of intelligent life, we should invest some resources in this forum for the same purpose.

Poki, now read this slowly and carefully:

We don't ever want to file complaints against good honest hard working cops anywhere, including TJ. We want to complain about the BAD ones. BAD ONES. (Jeez . . .this guy.)

Maltrufio, good point. Don't want to get gunned down State side. Seems to me the elements are a) late at night, b) travelling alone, c) dropped in a bad place, d) drunk or at least under the influence, e) vulnerable. How many of these elements are under our control and how do we control them to keep the odds in our favor?

This is another reason why I'm in and out early in the day, I'm just not comfortable there at night. Mexicali (where the REAL babes are) seemed much safer at night IMHO.

As far as complaints, I was thinking more about putting pressure on the Tourist Bureau rather than the police.

LE can disregard complaints but Tourist Bureau might be more influenced by the potential loss of tourist revenue which is hitting them where it hurts. How can we make this happen?

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Travel Time
01-13-04, 20:37

I am a long-long time lurker and I finally developed the balls to start posting. I've been to TJ many times and had great luck at The Adelita Bar and around that block. I rarely remember a girls name but when I visit next month I'll try to post something useful for you all.

Can anyone recomend a "Nice" hotel in TJ? Iwould like to spend a couple of days. Is there anything exciting or any good strip bars in Rosarito? How about strip bars in TJ? I do not care for Madonnas all that much but Lord Black is ok. What do you guys think?


01-14-04, 06:53

Indeed, my post is speculative and stream of consciousness, but is labeled as such. Unlike your just plain wrong and, indeed, ludicrous, factual statements, like your recent post that 28% of all latino males between age 18-40 have HIV. There is no way the TJ police are going to open fire on someone moving away from them near the US entry point and the US agents are also not going to open fire, but it would still take a lot of guts to try it.

However, I agree with those who say the shakedown discussion has run its course.

01-14-04, 07:07
I cannot say with any absolute certainty if the US border agents would indeed gun you down for doing a 100 yard sprint and diving across the border, but I can guarantee you that it won't be a pretty scene if you did. I would also suggest that the police or border agents on the US side can very easily turn you back across to the TJ police if they see fit.

On a trip to Tj years ago, as I was just about to cross, I watched a group of teens stumbling back to the border, one of the guys in the group had been very badly beaten by a bunch of street thugs who used strong arm tactics to rob him. Apparently from what I was able to hear, he had attempted to fight back as his attackers tried to place him in a choke hold. They stabbed him, hit him over the head with a brick and kicked and punched him badly. Some other teens had found him and decided to actually help him make it towards the border. As they got to the border area, rather then wait in line they attempted to walk up and cross where the autos go through, the border agents would not let them pass. I was standing on the side of the street, just before you go into the building to cross. I watched the border agents call both the TJ police and when the police arrived, they called a TJ ambulance for him. The border agents and the teens were screaming at each other. The agents WOULD NOT LET THEM THROUGH ON FOOT because they were on the auto side. The teen ended up collapsing and they forced him on the TJ side!

I never heard what ended up happening to him, but given the dire circumstances and the fact they would not let them pass even though they were obvious Americans, I would NEVER count on them just letting you dive across the border while the TJ police chased you down on foot! They will stop you and throw your ass back! And remember this was way before 9-11 and terror stuff.


01-15-04, 03:05

I take you at your word, but the story is hard to believe. I think some are overstating the difficulty of running up to the US entry point. It is not the Berlin wall, with a huge physical barrier and a group of armed guards ready to open fire. Mostly, it is a sidewalk with open space and a couple (at most) of border patrol agents at the perimeter of US territory with no real physical barrier to reaching US territory. Remember, US territory starts 50-100 feet or so before one even reaches the metal detector at the security checkpoint. Obviously, it is not necessary to get all the way through the checkpoints to have reached US territory. I also don't believe that US agents are going to throw a US citizen back to the TJ police, but we can't settle this argument here.

I recently saw late one night a group of about 10-20 Mexican men take off on a dead sprint at the border. They entered US territory from the entry to Mexico (in other words, running against traffic entering Mexico, or north in the southbound I-5 lanes on the US side.). A number of border patrol agents gave chase, but believe me none were drawing guns, much less opening fire.

Meanwhile, back to the chicas . . .

Lee Bog
01-15-04, 09:38
Nice Hotels in TJ


Jabaloyas is a nice quiet place. 5 min from the Zona by taxi, room for 1, $38, for 2 people $43 (I think).

Las Palmas is about 10 min away. This one had porn cable channels, that was last summer. About the same price.


Travel Time
01-15-04, 23:56
Thanks Lee Bog.

I may try the Del Rio. I heard it is pretty nice.


01-18-04, 19:12
This is my first post and I want to take this opportunity to thank Jackson for the invaluable information in this forum.

Just a little info about hotels/Motels in mexico. Hotels in TJ are the same as the states but Motels cater to "short time" encounters for "monguering activities". That is why you see adult movies in a couple of chanels mostly in the "expensive ones" ( $28.00 to $35.00 per night weekdays and same cost for Friday & Saturday nights for 4 hours only... supply and demand). They are very nice with all features you are accustom in a good US hotels. The least expensive ones are not as nice but are maybe rated as a one to two star motel in the US.

I live in San Diego and work in Tijuana. There are many Bars throught Tijuana besides the Red Zone. Many pool halls are also a front for our entretainment needs.

I will continue reading the board and offer my 2 cents worth as required.

01-24-04, 16:00
Hello again to all fellow mongers.

I need information about two SW at the "alley" Cohahuila street. The first is a girl that has a school skirt and stands midway in the left side of the street and the second is a light skin curvy girl that stands at the end of the alley on the right side(north). If any of you have info on their performance, price, attitude, etc. will be greatly appreciated.



Lee Bog
01-27-04, 13:57
1-25-04 Sunday, 5pm
Had my first Alley SG

Jessica, 5'5'', skinny, blondish wavy hair past shoulders.

Looks a bit like Downtown Julie Brown.

Wore a trendy looking hat.

Starting from the corner closest to Revolucion, she was on the left side, 3/4 of the way down to the end.

She asked for $40 for 20 min; it didn't take much negotiation before she came down to $20 for 20 min.

Looks 8
Personality 7 (if you put her at ease, Spanish helps I think)
Service 6

Beforehand, I told her "sin ropa," BJ, different positions. She accepted. In the room however, the top stayed on, & no BJ. Extra $5 for each of those things. That's ok. I didn't really care about those extras. I was just enjoying the way she looked as I did her. We went at a nice easy pace, & we chatted while in the act. I smiled & stayed friendly to keep her at ease, even when she asked for the extra $5 to take her top off. "Muy buena," she said, trying to entice me to pay to see her chest.

In the middle of it, she asked me for $20 for an additional 10 min. That's ok, didn't need it. She told me it was nearly time to finish, but kept a polite tone. I told her we still had 10 min. Then later, 5 min. I didn't try to come; I didn't really care about that. It was only $20 to have a taste of her. I didn't feel the need to get my money's worth by coming.

I could save that for a longer session with my non-alley SG, the one I go to more regularly over there. I'd rather just save my strength for my regular because I wanted to get her immediately after. I didn't want to wait to recharge because she might finish up early tonight. I'd rather do that then try to come twice which would make me pretty tired for my regular. Guess I'm getting old. I like quality over quantity. I hurried back to my regular & found she'd just finished a session & tidied herself up in the bathroom. (She's Always busy.) Had a nice time with her as I've seen her many times already & we're pretty comfortable. See my previous post on Sonia.

Shakedowns are still rampant. My regular SG & a local girl say so. Walking to the Zona on the bridge 430 pm I saw 2 cops giving the business to a white, college aged kid. I posted an experience I myself had last year. Keep your eyes open & read past posts for advice. If possible, don't walk alone, especially at night, look like you don't have money so it's not worth it for the TJ cops to hassle you. Bring only enough cash for what you need. If you have an ATM card, they can bring you to an ATM & have you withdraw so they can steal it.

730 pm DejaVu's MP was closed, no lights. Anyone know the story there? I wanted to see if this girl I know was there.

8 pm I was on the way to Adelita's then decided against it. From past experiences I had a feeling there was only a slim chance I'd find anyone I'd enjoy as much as my regular. I did want to find Tania La Famosa over there but that'll have to wait til next time. As I turned around I saw this Mexican girl walking, pretty cute. I think I'd seen her walking around also on a previous trip. I said "hola" & she responded. We spent a few hours just talking & walking around. Man, she's had a hard life. Made me appreciate what I have all the more.

1 am, taxi took me back to the border. I walked past the TJ police station, keeping my guard up, but trying to be natural & not to attract attention, trying to look like a local at first glance. Got to the US bldg. Completely empty, I was the only one walking. Freeway was wide & clear. I'll have to go home at that time more often. I breezed through & was still rested for the drive.


01-28-04, 03:30
Shakedowns and cops

Are cops stopping people who violating the law (drunk, running stop signs etc.....) Or are the cops stopping people who they feel they can extort money from.

01-28-04, 05:32
Mr hargow20:

It is hard to answer your question. It depends greatly in the time of day and if you stick out like a sore thumb. I see most shakedowns after 10:00 pm, it gets worst after midnight. They look for US plates that look like they do not belong there. The minute you make the slight mistake driving they will be on you like white on rice. Signs are not so visible and it is not hard to make such mistakes. Just to show a point it is illegal to go thru a yellow ligth, that is why you see the green flashing before turning yellow. Everyone disregards this but if you have US plates, they will stop you.

If you go by foot make sure you are not drunk or obnotious. My advice is to take a taxi to and from the place you are going, a buddy will not hurt. Use common sence, don't do anything will get you in trouble in the states, be respectfull of the people around you and DO NOT leave your guard down.

Good luck.

01-28-04, 14:46
Shakedowns in TJ do happen, but most of the time the cops first notice some sort of violation, and then solicit a bribe. Of course, there are lots of potential violations for drivers, but if you are just walking around, they may stop you and look for drugs, prescription medications, or even dirty pictures. Its rare that they would attempt to get money from you without some sort of violation.

01-30-04, 05:30
Took a trip to TJ this afternoon. Found this one wsw SG name Crystal who told me she was from Long Beach.

Got a bj and facial for 20$. The bj was ok but the facial was great. I was a bit recluctant to go down to TJ, because of the recent reports of police corruption. When I was up in the hotel this I could hear this one cops radio. I was a bit conerned that the cop would try and extort a bribe from me. I just walked out and nothing happened.

01-31-04, 03:55
Hello Mogers,

Need report on SW that stands by the end of the Alley just before of the entrance to the "Nuevo Rio Bar". She is tall and light brown hair, big boobs and round behind (just my type).

Any reports will be appreciated.


02-12-04, 22:16

I did the recon for you. She wasn't in the alley for quite sometime. I hadn't seen her before, but when I did - I see why you are interested. She sticks out like a sore thumb. She's everything you said she was and more. My session was a bait and switch, but I didn't care she was my second girl for the night.
I didn't even get off with her, because she had the bar girl thing down like a pro. She said $23 todos sucky/**cky. Then she says $30 in the room. I said yeah ok. Great body, face and panocha. The CBJ was bar girl with the papel. Her english was too good for a street girl, hell she was too white for a street girl. her cell phone rang in between the CBJ and she answered it. I was finished mentally and didn't care. So I pounded her nice body for a while until I was bored and hopped off. She started complaining like a bar girl that I "no leche". I said "you suck". I said "what bar did you work in before the alley". She embarrasssingly said "adelitas". Her name is Natalie. I'll pound her again for sure, but without too many beers and make her my first for the night.


02-14-04, 21:16
Remember that the Hotel Cascadas is now charging guests an extra $5 for every SG they bring up to their room, so you guys that bring up 5 SGs a night will have to shell out an extra $25 a night.

I will not use Cascadas until and if they return to their own policy.

02-15-04, 03:44

Thanks for the scouting you did for me. I underestand it was a very hard and excruciating ordeal to carry out the mission and finding all the inteligence. It is trully appreciated.

I visit TJ every weekday because I work there. Please PM me to see how I can repay the favor.

Good luck

02-17-04, 04:38
Did a quickie this evening. Head job froma street girl was on the menu tonight. I talked to her about the Hotel situation. She said she heard about Cascadas charging $12 extra for a girl even if you have a room. I was going to stop by and talk to the manager, but was in a hurry. I will scout the Rio de Oro - over top of the tropical bar.

Coqui; I saw Natalie working her spot today. She was in jeans again. She did have a bruise on her leg when I was with her.

Crab report; my SC informant confirmed what I believed, The hotel Irma has crabs, she said so does the one close to the Irma - I just can't remember it's name.


02-18-04, 06:07

Went by today and tried to hook up with Nathalie. By the time I parked the car and walked to her spot she was gone. I walked back south to a young nice looking girl on the corner of first and 123 and she was gone too (bad timing). Walked around the block to the Constitucion and pick up a short skirt girl names Iris or something like that. I just needed to blow some steam so I did. Nothing to write home about. In the search I stopped and talked to a couple of girls but did not liked their attitude.

For those of you that like driving there is a parking lot on first between Constitucion and 123 open 24hr.

Happy hunting

02-22-04, 07:30
I have heard many good things about TJ, however I am quite concerned about travelling down there alone. Is this something that should be attempted or wait to meet up with another person ? I like to have fun In Los Angeles & Vegas, so I deal with LE & various other distractions, But the Police in Mexico the crime are things i am not in a hurry to face. I speak fluent spanish I don't know if this will help at all. Any tips feel free thanks.

02-22-04, 21:27

Safetywise it depends the time of day, the method of getting there, the way you behave, etc. If you are traveling for the first time I recomend to park in the states and walk across. Take a taxi to the red zone (Adelitas, Chicago clubs) and do not let the driver convince you of any other place. Once at the clubs it is safe to do your thing. You will find all kind and types of girls at your disposal. Speaking Spanish is of great help both in the ability to negotiate and talking your way out of any unwanted situation.

Be respectfull and do not do anything that would get you in trouble in the states (routiness, drinking in the street, drunkiness, etc.). Do not flash money inside the clubs nor anywhere south of the border (this goes pretty much anywhere). Just act like you are a regular.

Once you are done take a cab right in front of the clubs and hit back to the border. Do not try to wonder off specially at night, it is really UNSAFE to walk the streets around the red zone alone and at night.

I have visited the area many times for the last 15 years and never have had any problems with anyone. I avoid late hours and never get drunk. Like you I also speak Spanish. It realy helps.

Hope everything goes fine with you.

Happy huntings.

Q Bert
02-23-04, 19:55

If you're interested in going down with someone then let me know. I am taking classes Spanish and you helping me with that could be a side benefit. I'm pretty comfortable in TJ now otherwise.

02-26-04, 08:15

A quick question. How early (late) are street walkers out? What would be my odds of scoring at say 7am weekday?

02-26-04, 23:20

The last time I was in th zone that early for a sg, some good ones showed up at 9am in front of cascadas. I hope you are staying south afterwards, the crossing is very bad in the morning.


02-27-04, 06:02

I agree with SDcruiser it is slim pickings early in the morning and the cross back to the US is a *****. The only SG's you will find at 7:00 AM are so bad you might have to drink the whole night before to find them atractive.

02-28-04, 01:43
From a risk perspective, TJ is infinitely safer than mongering in Las Vegas or LA.

Of course, if you stay in the Hotel Cascadas, bad things will happen to you, but apart from that, the risk/cost benefit is waay skewed in favor of TJ.

02-28-04, 02:41

" Of course, if you stay in the Hotel Cascadas, bad things will happen to you,"

what do you mean?


Muff Eater
02-29-04, 11:07
Has anyone had any success spending an all-nighter with a street walker? I know bar girls will do it.

02-29-04, 18:35
SGs don't like all nighters because they have fairly strict schedules for returning home to their boyfriends. If the money is right, though, it can be done.

02-29-04, 21:40

exp is right about todo la noche with a street girl. Did you know the hotels are watching the girls to make sure the girls don't go to another hotel? It's crazy. If you want an all nighter with a girl you like, get her schedule and work around it.

Vegas Pro
03-01-04, 21:20
I've read reports from guys saying to take Taxi Libre? instead of the yellow cabs that are right there when you walk throught the crossing. Where do you find those cabs, I was there last night and looked briefly but didnt see anything close by. How far of a walk is it to find the cheaper cabs.


03-02-04, 04:55
Vegas Pro,

If you know where Adelitas is you should have no problems. You can't miss Taxi Libre in BIG letters down the side of each one.

As you walk out of AB, go left towards Las Chavellas Bar. There is a small turnout on the street right in front of the church that is currently being rebuilt, for cars and taxis to pick up and drop off. Hang out there for a few minutes and you should see one come by that you can wave down. I catch them there every time I go, and usually have no more than five minutes wait. Also, keep an eye out for them coming from the other direction, because sometimes they will do a U-turn at the break in that new center island dividing the street. Only 2 or 3 bucks (US) every time to 'la linea'. Vive Taxi Libre.


Vegas Pro
03-02-04, 08:53
Hey Rodd,

Thanks, but I also need to know where to catch those cabs at the border going to AB


03-03-04, 01:02
You can find Taxi Libre very easy after passing the gate, you will see all the regular cabs,( blue and white asking you' Cab senor? you say no, and make a right toward Mc Donalds, the first Street you come to about 150 yards, you look to your left., about 100 yards, and you'll see Taxi Libre lined up, they are the white and yellow, small taxi's. You just need to go to the front of the line, or see the guy with the clip board and jump in. The price starts at 600 pesos, the total fare is around $2 U.S. I usually just give $3 dollars, 80 cent to $1.00 tip.

ON the way back, I usually catch them on Nino Heros heading south, or at the end of the SG alley, they also hang out in front of LC bar, sometimes I do have to wait about 5 min to flag one down.

03-03-04, 03:29
Just a technicality, but Taxi Libre is white and orange.

03-03-04, 04:08
The Taxi Libre fare starts at 5 pesos, the meter marks the numbers as 5.00 in red digital numbers. Its not $5, and its not 600 pesos.

At night, the initial fare rises to 6 pesos.

03-03-04, 09:23
Excuse me. Yes the starting price was 6.00. I just remember seeing 3 numbers. I believe the exchange rate is 11 to 1, so I always try to round it off to 10-1. If you don't want to fool with the exchange rate, just give $3 dollars like me, that should cover it.

03-07-04, 07:23

I'm new to TJ and was hoping for some help. I've been there 3 times and each time was just barely OK. My question are:

Is it possible to find a girl who will do anything out of the ordinary such as BBBW, anal, COF, etc. Can anyone make a specific recommendation? please PM.

Also, I'm terrible at Spanish. How about some help with phrases to ask these questions?

Are there any good maps showing the area and specifics that are refered to in previous posts?

Thanks in advance,


03-07-04, 19:37

What is "BBBW?" Not familiar and not on abbreviations list. Might be able to advise you if I knew what you meant.


03-07-04, 20:18

It is dificult to obtain special services but I am sure that as anywhere, money talks. Most of the SW caters to quickies, strait sex and back for more easy customers. The market and the attitude of these women are not too consumer oriented. The lack of Spanish will be a hinderance but you never know.

Good luck.

03-08-04, 01:14
Does anyone know how to say in Spanish "I don't want to be rushed"?

Jaimito Cartero
03-08-04, 01:20
BBBW, I'd guess it's a typo, and it's supposed to be BBBJ. (Unless, perhaps it's Bare Back Ball Washing). ;)

I don't know the exact spanish for slowing down, but I usually just say, "mas despacio" (More slow), and it seems to work fine.

03-09-04, 09:49
First post & as a TJ newbie & older gringo, I thought it might be helpful to others. I'm grateful for the information learned from posts here before making my 1st trip down alone.

Arrived about 3:00 p.m. Monday & parked at one of the lots on the U.S. side ($7.00) & walked across the lower level through the turnstyles. I looked to the right & saw several farmacias & picked one where I was charged $10 for a 100 mg tab of viagra.

I couldn't find the orange & white taxi libras but took a yellow taxi from many gathered at the stand. My driver knew where Adelitas Bar was in the Zona Norte & charged the standard $5.00.

Adelitas was uncrowded & the chica/male ratio was pretty good. I didn't like the dim lights as it seemed to camoflage the hardened looks of some of the ladies & it was difficult to tell who was attractive & who wasn't.

I decided to risk the alley at Callejon Coahilla & turned left out of Adelitas & another left at Ninos Heros to the alley. I also noticed the viagra wasn't doing much other than making my face flush.

There were 2's & 3's all the way to 7's & 8's standing in front of the hotels & bars. It was a slow day for the girls & I had many reaching for my sleeve as I walked by.

I noticed the police presence but nobody seemed to be getting hassled & I felt relatively safe. I sidestepped the barkers, aggressive girls, pan-handlers & one insistant shoeshine guy with a smile & polite but firm "no gracias".

After several strolls on both sides, I settled on a cute, fresh-looking chica in front of the Cascadas hotel in a short skirt with nice breasts, long legs & an angelic face. She wanted $50 "por todos" but we agreed on $30 sin ropas, varios posiciones, cbj, 20 minutes with $5 extra for the room.

The viagra wasn't helping too much other than making my face flushed but I went upstairs with her. She took off her clothes to reveal a gorgeous body & didn't press for the money but I gave it to her.

She sat on the bed & motioned me over & began w/ a cbj. She didn't like the lubricant on my condom & so we got down to business missionary & finished doggy.

She never rushed me, was affectionate througout. Though I wouldn't call it a gfe, it was memorable for an old gringo like me. I was impressed by her politeness & gentleness.

Driving back, it struck me how much the spoiled, self-absorbed gringa women at home (at least the ones I know) leave much to be desired.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

03-10-04, 20:31
Too Big -

I don't want to be rushed = No deseo ser apresurado
Don't hurry = no tenga prisa

03-11-04, 00:03
re: too big, "don't rush me"
you may use varying degrees of politeness, as in english. i will show the "tu" form, that's "you" informal. usted is you formal, but you are not speaking to someone higher than you in authority, and the situation may not warrant you using very polite speech.

don't rush me (please)= no me apures (por favor)

no tengas prisa=don't hurry

mas despacio por favor=more slowly please.

tengo que pararme primero!=i have to get hard first!

te gusta asi?=do you like it that way?

good luck,

03-14-04, 02:59
Finally got a chance to do Guadalupe. She's a doll. 100p for an hour at her hotel. If you've got to use that flea bag, there's a room with a bathroom down the hall to the right. $50 for Lupe todos one hour. Damn I wish I was the one of those lucky chicos in her home town.

Sat and watched the street action fromt he taco shop. Day light sure puts a different prespective on the chichas. I saw some young dudes taken some old old ugly street women up. The must be doing the 100 peso romp.


03-14-04, 17:00

Can you give us more stats about Guadalupe? (Where is to be found, features, performance, etc....)

Oh by the way, did Nathaly, not bad. She can suck a golf ball thru a 50 Ft garden hose.

Happy hunting

03-15-04, 06:38
Fellow Mongers:

I spent several months in Reynosa and found there a small dance club with full service and nice GFE with several girls. I miss that treatment and have not found something similar in TJ (have not look hard enought I think). Most girls are too mechanical and bussiness like. I am sure there must be something similar to the dance club in Reynosa here in TJ. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Happy huntings.

03-15-04, 22:42

She is tall and thin about a 7.5 or so. She has a nice personality, but her bj skills is not all that great and unenthusiastic..

03-16-04, 06:02

true Lupe skills are not like Rosa Maria's, but that face on your wood enough to make up for it. She looks good in red si?


in front of the police station. red or black velvet dress. very busy.


03-16-04, 06:17

I like Guadalupe, but she does not do much for me. It's to bad that there isn't some of those fair skinned Mexican girls working.

03-24-04, 05:29
I been reading on another forum that just talks about T.J. that some guys exchange money to peso's and get away with paying an SG only 100P or about $8.80 in dollars, and if they are really sexy pays 150P, still under $20. Have anyone here ever recieved a quote that low. I was just wondering, because the price I usually get starts out with $20, but I never exchange my money.

I'm really not that much into SG's but just find it real interesting that you can get pussy for under $10. I'm going to try it next time as a warmup or warmdown.

By the way my I go by the name of Paco on that other site.

03-24-04, 08:21

Yes, do it all the time, but the girls get smarter as the time starts to pass. I think the new girls are easily had for 100 pesos. Though I normally say dos cientos pesos for todos.


03-24-04, 14:11

I am hispanic and always speak to them in Spanish. They quote me 100 to 150 pesos first for a SF close on and the bargening begins. I end up with 200 to 250 for BJ & a couple of possitions no clothe. This is only for the ones I consider "doable". Never have aproached anything bellow a 7.

You can exchange your money in one of the many exchange houses all over. Just one thing, only change in places that say "no comision". As you can figure it means no commission. You will get more for your dollar regardless what the others advertise.

Happy hunting

Doctor Grim
03-25-04, 00:22
How safe it is nowadays to walk by yourself scouting the alley in the day time? Kind of worried about corrupted cops. Thanks.

03-25-04, 00:52
I got followed by cops on foot and in my car last night. On foot a beggar approached me and I told him NO. A cop that was standing a few yards away started to walking towards me. I crossed the street, turned to him and said "what's up?" In my bad ass east coast accent. He said " Hola Amigo" and kept walking. Not that he has anything to fear, I believe they are looking for weakness and guilt to augment their weekly salary. I'm neither weak nor guilty.
I drove across the last night because I noticed the wait on tue-thrus after 11pm is nothing. While on my way back a policia follwed me up the hill, I even made a left on red and he just circled around. Ever notice the policia pull over nice shiny new cars? Mine's an old dirty beater. 4 cars ahead of me at the border.


Rabo Verde
03-28-04, 20:50
haven't seen any cop troubles in the alley.

you guys with your daty and bbbj crack me up. it is safer (and cheaper) to lick the urinal in adelitas or lick the assholes of the tj street dogs. based on studies done in other working girl environments, probably more than 50% of the girls have herpes, chlamydia, hpv, warts, or some other std. the health checks check for syphillis, clap and sometimes hiv, not these other viral diseases. none of them are fatal, unless of course you go home and give it to your wife... but they are all nasty and not worth the risk. none of these viruses has an odor, and they rarely show visible sores. as for finding a "clean" girl, here's a clue:
if she will let you do anything sexual with her without a condom, she is not "clean", because she also let 100 other guys do the same. come on guys, wear that condom, [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) and wash afterwards, eat a tuna sandwich, and "just say no" to unsafe sex. ---older and wiser

Member #1050
03-29-04, 07:08

I have found many of the SW won't do anything without a condom. I have never caught anything from these girls. I always use protection though. I have DATY with a few selective girls at AB(just two). After giving them a visual test of their puss and a few direct questions whether they are sick or not. Believe it or not. A girl that has something will discourage you from having unprotected sex. In part because some mexican men will come back and beat the shit out of them (or worse) if they infect the men. I have heard such stories, I don't know if they are real.

I saw a very nice tall 19 yo in the alley. Price was the standar $20 plus $5 for the room. Nice fuck specially now that I use the Maximum brand from Durex. This is the best condom I have used. It is so thin you can feel the warmth of the pussy when you put it in. Almost as good as doing bareback. I bought the entire supply at the pharmacy (48 condoms).

What a refreshing change from the sorry ass action in California.

03-29-04, 14:54
Doc Grim:

Waljing the Alley in day time is safer than walking the streets of San Diego in day time.

03-31-04, 11:16
Had a fantastic time with Diana tonight. She is a very petite woman from Mexico City with the largest natural rack that I have ever seen on a woman her size. They must have been 34 DDs with lovely dark nipples. Oh, and for you full bush lovers: she is like a garden. Diana is 20 years old, no kids, and says she has been in TJ for only a month (aren't they all).

She asked for 20 for con ropas. Sin ropas price was a little steep for a SW at $30, but I wanted to see those puppies uncovered. It was worth the extra 10! Performance was typical for a SW, laid there for the mish and wanted more for any other positions. I was completely satisfied with the view, however, and she did let me take advantage of those amazing mammaries.

I wish I knew the hotels better, so I could give you a little better directions to her, but I think I was almost directly across the street from HK and Miami Club. We used the crappy hotel right there. I will definitely repeat tomorrow or Sunday.

04-01-04, 11:04
Had a nice time with Esmerelda from Mexico City tonight. She is a 19 year old cutie that stands very near the corner between AB and CC. (Since I don't know the street names, I'll just say that if you walk out of AB, turn right, go to the corner, walk straight across the street, turn right, and you will bump in to her).

She was one of the funnest SW experiences I've ever had. She was actually kind of playful and teasing in her broken English. She is very short, probably about 5'1". She has a little tummy and lovely 34 C breasts. No kids yet.

She actually started the session with a CBJ, then allowed 3 positions, all for $20. I felt like I got a deal, because most SW's try to a la carte everything. She said she had been here only 2 weeks.

04-05-04, 21:50
Ok, three more to report and then I'll go back into hiding until my next pilgrimage to TJ. I went back to TJ on Sunday afternoon and focused exclusively on SW's.

Began with Gabriela from Veracruz. She was leaning on a car right in front of HK. Fortunately she uses the Hotel Cascadas. I enjoy having a moderately cleaner room and access to a shower. Gabriela was small (5'2" or so), ever so slightly plump in the middle, and had a very cute smile. She said that she is 18. Nice B/C cups. Cost was $20 sin ropas for mish only.

Next stop was Guadalupe from Acacapulco. Nothing more needs to be said about this TJ treasure. She actually remembered me from a trip I had made to the zona over a year ago. I was impressed!! Her English is the best of any SW that I have ever met, and she has a lovely body. Negotiated sin ropas with bj and positions for $25 so that I wouldn't be faced with upselling later on (I can't resist her eyes and lovely red-lipped smile). After our time was up, we chatted for a while about our children. I asked her why she doesn't work out of AB or CC or one of the clubs. She said that she has tried both, but prefers to work on the street (less smoke, less people, more money). I also found out that she actually has her daughter living in TJ with her. That is unusual.

After waiting for over an hour for a particular AB girl, I finally had to leave for the border, but I wanted one more pop. So I made arangements with Mari (or Mary), a 19 year-old from Puebla. Mari stands directly in front of the lobby of Hotel Cascadas with a couple of other similar looking girls. A description isn't going to help much, since they all look about the same in that section of the alley, but she was petite with nice b cups. She wanted $30 for sin ropas, but I offered $25 and she accepted. After the session we watched a crazy show that was on the television for a few minutes and I took a shower. It was nice that she actually stayed around and chatted for a bit, rather than dashing back to the street once the knock came.

A word to newbies: If you are going to try a SW for the first time, go to Guadalupe; and don't be afraid that she stands right in front of the policia station. Of the five SWs that I had in three excursions this time in TJ, she is the best for a newbie. Diana had the best body (in my opinion), and Esmerelda was the most playful and fun.

04-06-04, 04:11

Diana from Mexico City stands in front of the Mercado Cuatla. Since I did her in 2001, I doubt that she just got to the TJ a month ago. However, she did take a vacation for a few months, and just got back into town about a month ago.

BTW, a lot of mongers are avoiding Hotel Cascadas, at least for overnight stays, because they now charge a joiner fee.

04-06-04, 05:34

"BTW, a lot of mongers are avoiding Hotel Cascadas, at least for overnight stays, because they now charge a joiner fee."

I stopped going to cascadas because of their new policy, but how is this different from the $12 per chica fee?

Also; How's Hotel Leyva for multiples?


04-06-04, 15:23
A few months ago, Cascadas had a policy that if you rented a single room, you got to take one free guest up to your room. Additional guests cost $5. If you rented a jacuzzi room, you got to take an unlimited number of guests up to your room.

Now, the official policy is if you rent a single room, you get to take one guest only if she registers when you check in. Otherwise, new guests cost either $5 or $12, depending where they work. The same policy is in place for a jacuzzi room. So, if you take 4 chicas in 24 hours up to a jacuzzi room, you may be out $48. The worst part is that there is no way for ownership to monitor these transactions, so the front office staff is now incented to watch you very closely, so they can steal some of your money.

Bottom line: Cascadas is now getting very pricey, and overly greedy. There are hotels just as good around the Zona, although I have never stayed at Leyva.

One example is Enva, located by El Fracaso, where the girls are 200 pesos.

Country John
04-06-04, 16:54
Hotel Leyva lets you bring as many girls up as you can handle, no questions asked. Stayed there on Saturday night. If yu rent a room you can park your car in a very secure lot. (lots of security) Park your car when you get the room. Rate was 35 for a room with two beds (clean by the way) lots of towels. The place has a TV, phone, good hot water etc. etc. Lots of bedding when it is cold, also very clean sheets. I will stay there again for Operation AlleyKat 11.

Be safe and be nice
Country John

04-07-04, 23:49
Oh my God! They let you out CJ? I'll have to start you're fan club again, and tell GT you're back.

04-08-04, 01:33

I don't think mister GT is around anymore. A 'forum search' returned no information or posts under that handle. Maybe he got himself booted out.


04-08-04, 03:31
You guys are too much. I was wondering what happened to CJ and GT. I thought maybe they finally met and lived happily ever after at the bar with the Bull on it!!

thanks for the info will check it out tomorrow night. Was there porn on the TV?


Country John
04-08-04, 16:31

No porn on the TV, no CNN, just Mexican programming. You have to create your own porn (a delightful experience indeed). You should have no trouble tonight getting a room and it's right in the center of the action. Good luck and have fun.

Be Safe and Be Nice
Country John

04-09-04, 17:34
Hotel Leyva is a good. Got a street side room on the top floor. No elevators. Everything was clean and the service was good. The same parking guys that were there 4 years ago are still there and they remembered me when I used to drive down, park in their lot and go to Cascadas.
I didn't get the room until I ran into a chica I know that likes to ball for a few hours. She has a regular day job and a novio so it's complicated. I could see getting the girls from Constitution off the street and to the Leyva with no problem. The alley girls - no way unless you put them in a cab and drive there. I think they are being watched or something.


Marble Brains
04-12-04, 03:01
Does anyone have any info on the cutie that stands on Const. just south of the alley, she is the one that likes to wear the catholic schoolgirl outfit? Has she been reviewed here yet?

04-16-04, 16:20
Watched a monger pull a girl from the alley and take her to Hotel Leyva last night.

I was staying at Rizo de Oro. They got me for $12 when I brought the 3rd girl back.

I will be using Leyva for now on.


04-16-04, 18:46
Gern, Guadalupe from Alca, sounds like what I might want to start off with next weekend. Does she stand on the street which runs north and south, just west of Adelitas, where the little police outpost is? Anyone know of any other SW which will let you fondle while doing the act?

Country John
04-16-04, 19:11

I think you're talking about Itary from Guadalajara. She sometimes also stands around the newstand on the corner of Constitution and the Alley and wears the skoolgirl outfits that seem to be getting more popular. I see hundreds of them a few blocks south of the Zona (wait, they are REAL schoolgirls right?)

She's been known to have an attitude, will go for $10.00 but don't expect more than the basics, she's been around since about 2002 at least. Sin ropa (if she'll do it) will cost you.

She's about 22 yrs old. Is not into BJ, covered or otherwise. Tight pussy and a good toss if you catch her in a good mood and have a few bucks for the extras but otherwise a non participant and you do all the work. I were you I'd pass unless you're really into the skoolfit outfit thing.

Country John

04-17-04, 06:10
Marisol de Mexico City @ Hotel Eduardo:

I hooked up with Marisol in the alley the other day, on a referral from CJ.

$20 for her, $3 for the room. Sin ropa, enthusiastic CBJ, multiple positions. She even did a nice little strip tease for me. The only thing she wanted more $ for, was $10 for kissing and BBBJ. I already had the candy wrapper on, so decided to pass on the extras.

Other than that, a very sweet girl, good looker, and a great attitude, which ALWAYS goes a long way with me.

About the Hotel Eduardo: my first time there, AND last. Not a clean place. From what I am told, chicas from that part of the alley will go to the Valentina, or Cascadas, which should only be $5 for 20 minutes or so.

I'll see Marisol again, just not in the Eduardo.


I Luv Emall
04-18-04, 04:52
Took a trip down to TJ around 10:00 p.m. one night last week, and as per usual, started off at AB. Watched the girls, and in general, was not overly impressed with what I saw. Saw a couple I was interested in making the upstairs trip with, but they were scooped too quickly, so I decided to take a stroll with the intent of coming back later. Walked back to the alley, and a young cutie named Sonya grabbed me and asked me to go with her. She was hot, so I thought why not get the first one out of the way? Negotiated for BJ and fuck sin ropas. We got upstairs, and I enjoyed watching Sonya undress. She is petite, but nice b/c cups, flat stomach, and perfect ass. Said she was 21, and I forget where from (Mexico City?). Her body reminded me of an Asian woman more than Mexican.

She did a weak BJ attempt, and we quickly moved to missionary, where I enjoyed the view. I kept attempting small talk in my broken Spanish, and she was pleasant and playful in her responses. She did not object to my fondling and kissing her sweet nips, or her neck and ears. Although I was really enjoying myself, I was not ready to come yet, and she began to warn me that my 20 minutes was almost up. I asked to go doggie, but she wanted to charge me extra for other positions. I decided I would like to stretch this out, so negotiated another session with her at the same price, but with all positions included. We resumed missionary again for a while, then I flipped her over to go doggie. Must say I really enjoyed the view,and that fine little ass and stretched this out until my time was almost up, at which time she began to gently remind me. I began to pound her and then finally exploded.

I really liked Sonya's personality, and she is very attractive with a great body. The downside to her was that she did not provide much in the way of sexual effort, though I found her at least as accomodating as the majority of the AB girls (but not on par with the best there). Overall, a good value, and I would recommend assuming you don't expect too much participation. As with all SG, you would be wise to negotiate exactly what you want up front.

I had my camera, but forgot to ask to take a picture, so unfortunately, can not provide you with that. I'm not very familiar with the alley, but I would guess she was about 1/2 way down, on the right hand side if you were coming from the side closest to Adelitas. Anyone else had any experience with Sonya?

I Luv EmAll

04-19-04, 00:15
Does anyone know if the girl Late Night posted a picture of is a SW or works a AB???

04-23-04, 02:43
Went to TJ on Tuesday night with the intention of trying one of the SW's. Walked around the block and through the alley. It was kind of freaky-Many of these girls look-a-like. I mean like they look like they are genetically related, especially in the eyes. Very strange!

Poon Searcher
04-27-04, 11:47

That girl can be found through Google under tan lines as pointed out by Platium.

05-11-04, 05:06
This is a little off-topic, but does anyone have an opinion or better a recommendation on Spanish language schools.

I tend to stick with the SW and they speak little English.

I know a few phrases but damned if I can figure out what the answers are. I have found 2 -- Berlitz and Language Door ( in Orange County ) I think a college course would be to techincal/proper and books don't really give the best pronunciations, I really need grammar work.


05-11-04, 18:27
Spanish Classes

I would recommend taking Spanish 1 at a local community college. You will learn basic conversation down by the end of the semester. You will learn the pronouns, common verbs and present tense, you will love it.

Try it out,


John Helvete
05-13-04, 02:56
My fave sg Monica is willing to be videotaped. Any interested in taking part? Do you have a good idea about crossing the border with the tape?

05-14-04, 05:43
Made a quick drive down tonight. There's a SG on the west side of the alley with freckles and crooked teeth. She's got one blue eye and one brown. I have agood time with her. Got off twice.

Hey Helvete; isn't porno illegal in Mexico in some way? Be careful. Monica will be great in a video, especially when she cumms with those eyes rolling around.


Marble Brains
05-16-04, 16:58
I made a long over due return TJ run Friday, 05/14/2004, it was so slow that even the street girls were complaining.

I did Daniella. She stands on the east side of Constituccion about 40 ft from the top of the hill. $25 FS completely nude with multiple positions but no bj. She uses the Irma, $5 for the room. Tits look larger with her clothes on than they really are. Overall a satisfying session but without the bj I will probably not do her again. Face = 6.5, Body = 7.

I also did a Carla from Vera Cruz. This is the 3rd Carla from Vera Cruz that I have done. This one stands on the east side of Constituccion in front of the Hacienda Hotel near Coahuilla. $25 FS completely nude including BJ with condom and multiple positions. She has a nice meaty ass and good BJ skills eventhough she is slightly buck toothed. Slight odor from the box but I would her again. Face = 7, Body = 7.5.

05-17-04, 02:24
I Went to TJ yesterday during the day. I got there about 3PM. It took a while to get there, traffic was somewhat heavy. Once I got there, I walked around to see what was available. I must say, I was disappointed that a number of the girls have gained weight. But it did not stop me from finding some good talent.

For my first pick, I selected Brenda from Morelos. She was standing in the area around Bar Cachanilla in the alley. She was wearing a see through pink pant and top outfit. Brenda is about 5ft tall without shoes. She is dark in skinned with black shoulder length hair. Her face is about average. She has a nice 34B rack of natural young perky breasts. But for me, it was her beautiful round ass that closed the deal. I believe she said she’s 20 years old, she and looked it. We discussed what I wanted, and I settled on twenty bucks for doggie with no clothes. She did ask for twenty five for multiple positions, but I was only focused on tapping that ass. We went to the room, where I confirmed just how wonderful her young voluptuous rack and caboose were. I then proceeded to pound away to my heart’s content while enjoying those natural supple breasts. She had very soft skin. Overall, I can’t say that she was any more enthusiastic than the average street girl. But her attitude was friendly and pleasant. She is well worth the twenty bucks, and I will definitely try her again on my next trip.

For my second pick, I went with a confirmed good time and took Marysol upstairs. She stands around La Capirucha in the alley. I did not negotiate with her as much as just invited her upstairs. Paid for the room, and then agreed to twenty bucks for no clothes and two positions. This was the third time I had taken her up for a good time, and she was as great as ever. This girl likes to please. I pounded her doggie for a warm up, and then had her jump on top for what is the best girl on top riding technique I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying in TJ. I let her ride me hard and fast and enjoyed it until I could not hold back. This girl is young (19 or 20 if I remember), energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to please. Marysol is petite, probably about 5ft tall without shoes. She has an attractive thin body with 32A or 34A cups (she told me but I forgot). She has golden to medium dark brown soft skin with a kind sun bleached blond/ bad hair die job that’s hard to describe. Her face is about average, with some nice lips. Marysol is also well worth the twenty bucks.

After having had my fun, I took a taxi libre back to the border. I only wish I would have left earlier so I would have had a chance for a third pick. Oh well, I guess I will have to leave earlier next time.


05-29-04, 07:01
Went to TJ around 5PM Friday. Walked through the alley behind AB's and chose Sonya from Mexico City. She has a petite, hot body. $20 sin ropa, but only Missionary. Not a very good BJ, but had fun with her in mish. She wasn't GFE, but was quite sweet and also carressed a bit during the session. Definitely worth the $20.

King Arthur
05-29-04, 20:12
Past few times I went to Tijuana, I noticed a stench from emanating from their snatches, particularly among the SGs. Could this stench be chlamydia?

I think it's good as a general policy to have STD checkups every 6 months even if you pratice safe sex all the time. Sometimes you can get stuff despite wearing a condom.

Arbol Solo
05-31-04, 23:57
Chlamydia or Gonorrhea do not cause any stench or smell. They may cause yellowish discharge.

Smell may be just from bad hygiene.

Yeast infection causes white or greyish white discharge.

There are some other germs that can cause bad smell but usually they also cause discharge (stuff oozing out, specially if it is greenish).

A good precaution: always examine in good light.

If you see any sores or blisters in vaginal area or thighs, it is 100% herpes. Abort all action. Wash yourself well in any contact area.

Any stuff oozing out (discharge) would also be a reason not to go ahead.

What I now regularly do is to ask the chica to have a below neck shower. I take the shower at the same time and like to soap their chichis - very nice skin feeling.

EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: This is interesting, but you might consider re-posting it under the Safe Sex topic in the Special Interests section of the Forum where it will benefit the Forum Members who are specifically looking for this type of information. Thanks!

John Helvete
06-03-04, 05:06
I am interested in meeting up with a fellow monger on Friday or Saturday night. I am looking for a guy into 2 guys on 1 girl sex. I am a straight male and already
have a girl in mind. Monica the tiny sg. I am willing to pay for both of us. Please
pm me. Other guy should be straight as well and into porno style sex.

06-09-04, 13:38
Count me in JH, when do we start? Just doing the gir if hot and not you! Not into that, but will be a good distraction for her, while you do your business.

06-09-04, 19:37
Note that the Hotel Cascadas has raised their short time rate from $5 to $6.

06-09-04, 21:02
Cascadas did the $5 to $6 raise almost two years ago, and ended up changing it back. The girls complained to the management that they were losing business because of it.

Ninguno Especial
07-02-04, 03:12
Great time of the year on the street in TJ. Many newbies of course there are those on vacation, maternity leave, etc. Always a few pregnant ones for those enjoying the swollen nips and riding the hump. I would wager that on any given day in any block you can find the preggos. Of course you have to be careful, some have just been eating too many carbohydrates.

07-07-04, 21:54
Went down to TJ yesterday to see what has changed since last visit in October. The alley is completly torn up. Saw Isabell, the one I saw in October and since it was slow she said okay to $30 for everything, sins ropa, multiple positions, cbj. The short time room rate at Cascades is $5.50, I got change back from the $6 I paid. Isabell is showing some wear from October with a little weight added on the belly. Still, a very good experience with a mechanical SG. Went to Adelitas and a few of the other clubs and did not see much, at least nothing I really had to get into. After a couple of beers I went back to the alley and tried Juana? Not sure of her name and it's spelling. Like Isabell, she is 22 and petite, said she has only been there for 2 weeks. Unlike Isabell she had a very tight body, no extra weight anywhere. Too bad she was very mechanical but did allow multiple positions for $30 and sins ropa.

07-09-04, 01:51
There are indeed a few new girls at the alley. They are repaving the whole street so the girl I was with told me business is bad. That means good for us.

Happy huntings

Pablo for Fun
07-10-04, 02:32
You would think if business was bad they would try to improve customer satisfaction or drop prices to increase business.

From what i read and some experience it seems like all SGs are mechanical, is this generally true? Guess thats why BGs (bar girls) are better because they put more effort into it.

Member #2041
07-10-04, 20:56

A small percentage of the Street Girls are actually quite excellent and enthusiastic. Most are mechanical. Finding the good ones is what the chase is all about. And considering that one only needs to spend around $25 a pop, even the bad ones are worth that. So the hunt is well worth pursuing.

Sunset Strip
07-11-04, 20:26
I have been visiting TJ for years now, over 10. I deal almost exclusively with street girls. As long as they view you as just another gringo tourist you tend to get the mechanical treatment. Learning some Spanish and visiting them often breaks down the barriers. But, man, it may take years before they really trust you and open up to you. But once they do, it seems many of these girls actually enjoy the sex.


07-12-04, 01:43
I have only been down to TJ one time, about Oct/Nov last year.

Some American woman volunteered to be my tour guide and took me around to some bars and then down the ally - she was looking for donations for some kids she (supposedly) is taking care of. She hooked me up with a SG which was less that what I liked (mish only) and was as active as a blow-up doll.

After that I went over to AB and met someone - Not remarkable, but a good time.

I know the SG's are hit and miss - but as the last post said for .25 you can try again.

I am heading down to SD and will be there Monday and Tuesday evening - will most likely make the trip to TJ since I can hit the streets in San Fransico and Seattle (I do not think SD would be much different from these other cities) and I do admit some of the SG's in TJ are very good looking.

Going during the week - It may not make any difference, but is Monday or Tuesday better - I would think they would normally just take one week off a month and the rest of the time be hustling every day.

I plan the same scenario this trip, visit a SG and unless she is exceptional, then head over to AB, or maybe Chicago (have not been to Chicago yet - but see mixed reviews on it)

Any advice?

I could say its my anniversary and see if they have any specials! Found out on the AB site, birthdays do not make a difference. :-)

Thanks in advance

I will report when I get back.


Rabo Verde
07-12-04, 03:59
Street is very hit or miss and Chicago is dead these days, AB is your best bet on short trip. Tuesday will have just a little better selection than Monday, in general.

Member #1050
07-12-04, 06:40

I did the weekly cruise ritual in the mean streets in LA. As usual, only 3 to 5's on " the land of the free". I did have some luck on Inglewood, but nothing compared what I found at Adelita's on Saturday.

Major boner alert. I met this girl at AB with the best body I've seen in years (stacks pretty favorable against the global competition in Europe and South America). If you like hard bodies, with curves in the right places, specially her perfect hard butt , this is your girl, she works regularly at the gym, and it shows in majestically. Her first day at AB, and she gave me a great fuck. Energetic BJ followed by great doggy and missionary. I busted my nut after pumping her like a champ. She was wearing a tight blue lycra dress that hugged her perfect body.

Face 8 to 9
Body 9
service 9
From Mexicali
Spanish White
Name: I always forgot them, I have to start writing them down.

cost $60
room $11 plus $1 for the cleaning crew

On to model number two,

Beautiful long flowing hair (colored blonde , but very nicely done)
Slender long legs, and great natural titties. Titties and nipples are huge, nipples are like pencil erasers. Nipples got quite hard after I sucked on them.

Great CBJ, I almost busted my nut looking at that beautiful face sucking on my tool. She is a sucking champ.
Quite easily the most beautiful face I have seen in a model type girl at AB. This girl could be a movie star, actually better looking that some of them.

She was the High School queen, and won some other beauty contest in school.

Anyhow, proceeded to fuck her missionary. She made the sweetest noises. Moaning and Puffing with delight. I busted my nut after pumping her , and she responded by tightening her pussy muscles around my hard tool.

face 9 to 10 ( a first!) This is not the Paris Hilton lookalike girl (she was there also), this one looks better!
Body 8, only because the butt was not perfect.
Service 9
tall, slender with big natural tits/big nipples
very exotic look
name , I always forgot them, I have to start writing them down. Names are the last thing in my mind when I am with these beautiful girls.
cost $60 great bargain! ( You would pay $500 in the USA for similar quality assuming you could find it)

Planning my next week trip already.

The papparazi

Stepen Worl
07-12-04, 15:26
Last week, I did anal with a SW girl named Laura for $30. Wanted $40 at first. Nice trim body. Was from Mex City or Veracruz (can't recall). Got a chilidog for the first time in two years or more. Last time that happened was with a dancer from Miami Bar. That one acted so disgusted, but I just laughed. Sometimes shit happens. So what - get over it baby.

Pablo for Fun
07-13-04, 02:55
I did not think it was possible for a SG to have as long as a 10 career doing this, good for them!

Well, went there on a Sunday and decided to visit a few other clubs this time, usually, just CC or AB. So, I checked out Chevellas, Tropical, some small bar behind AB and one perpendicular to it on Constiticion (did not get names of the bars). Just wanted to see what the 'talent' was like at these places - okay from what i could see.

After getting frustrated, i decided to walk around the alley and settle for a SG who stands on the left side of the street alley near Los Herones. It was getting late and needed to leave so not wanting to have a busted night, she grabs me. Her name is Marisol de Mexico City. At this point she is not what i am looking for and she is aggressive saying .2 for 25min and if i am not mistaken "buen sexo." Hah...what BS after like 10min she say "finish" and "one minute" and i am thinking what the F***. Did not even finish, just left hanging...so frustrating!!!

Well, I think the more post's like this will, by process of elimination, will reward those SG's who give decent service from those who don't. This is my research for you guys, so think twice about this SG b/f your spent your money.

07-13-04, 03:14
Walked the alley around 3:00 pm today (Monday) and ate at Los Tres Garcias. It was acutally pretty good. An old coger was hanging out and we chatted for awhile about women, beer, etc. Anyway, I picked Laura, 19, from DF, dark skin, long black hair. A little beefy after the clothes came off. Fully nude, multiple positions, cbj, for $30. The road work is bad for business, good for us. I'll give her a 8 for effort, but probably won't repeat.

07-13-04, 03:54
Does anyone remember Natalia who worked infront of Hotel Eduardo? She was reaaaaly high volume, but definately worth the fee. Anyways, last I remember is that she "promoted" herself to working at AB about 5 months ago. Last several times I've been to AB I haven't seen her around.

The first time I saw here at AB, I told here no way I'm paying AB prices for what I'm already used to paying 200 pesos for.

I've noticed the same progression with many of the successful SG's. They do high volume in the alley for a few years, then switch to AB or CC and are disappointed that they don't make nearly as much money as in the alley. After that they disappear, never to return.


Allen BJ
07-18-04, 05:30
Can you describe Natalia?

07-18-04, 06:37

It may be a diferent Natalia. There is a Natalie that works at the end of the alley on the right side (North). She used to work at Adelitas. She has fair skin nice body long hair. Nice cbj.

Happy huntings

07-19-04, 02:04
Natalia is young. About 20 years old with light skin and long straight black hair. When she was working the alley you couldn't miss her. She has a very pretty face and a gorgeous slim body. She could easily pose for Barely Legal. She didn't seem to do too well in AB because she was too timid and dressed too conservatively. She says she is from mexico city but I never believed her because she talks normal and has no trace of chilanga in her accent.

At least half of them lie about where they come from anyways. Many times I've tested them by asking specific details of the city they claim to be from and either they can't answer, or get the answer wrong.

There was another very good SG named Maribel who worked right next to the entrance to Cascadas. She worked in that spot for almost 2 years before deciding to give CC a try. She ended up not doing well at CC. Of course her problem, like most former SG's is that she was too timid. I haven't seen her around since last year. She went home and supposedly never returned after CC.


07-19-04, 02:20

How does Laura look? Where does she stand? Does she do BBBJ?


Ninguno Especial
07-21-04, 01:44
Heard that the other Monica N. of alley West side of Constitution has returned to the scene of her crimes (much restriciones). Very pretty tall Asian features. I had the pleasure a few times but found better deals and moved on.

Having said that I plan on checking her out at the next opportunity.

07-21-04, 23:25
Hello all,

After leaving AB yesterday(07.20.04) headed to the alley; after 3 years that I had not been to the alley. There was nothing much that I liked. I'm a guy who enjoys a cute face girl and\or a nice big rack. Maybe hard to find in the alley but then again that is what I expected but anyways I wanted to have some fun. Met this one girl by the name of Liliana of Mexico City. I asked if she did full service and she responded fucking $25. Went up and just did that. Nothing else. I guess I didn't do what I've read here and negotiated the service and price before going up. She did charge another extra $10 for sin ropa. She was okay looking. Face: 6. Body: 7. Service: 6. Had B size tits, very bushy, somewhat tight not to lose at least, 18y/o(she says), and petite body. This why I prefer AB no need or negotiating/haggling but I wanted to try the alley for fun. Maybe find a girl that does anal. Have fun guys and do it safely.


07-22-04, 06:53
hey pacifico.. was maribel really short, about 5 feet tall, and a big rack, c cups?? did she also have a mole near her nose?? i remember her dated a few times.... Didnt realize she worked at CC.............. Some of my favs are the famous Araceli, the spinner Monica..... Karen with the D cups.. and ELY, with the big J lo bubble booty....

07-25-04, 02:58
That Maribel that you're talking about is a different one, but I'm almost sure I remember her. There are always a few really good ones infront of Cascadas, but among them there are countless bad ones.


07-30-04, 03:30
I prefer street girls to the AB or CC girls because it's fun to haggle price, then ask for more services by dangling more money in their faces inside "The Room." Met a really nice provider (don't remember her name, sorry) that did BBBJ, no ropa, all positions, and anal for $25.

She was probably a 5.5 in looks, but I liked that it was her first time anal and she probably hasn't been working long as she let me take the lead in everything. Kind of short, semi-sharp features (very non-mexican).

07-30-04, 03:39
Does anyone know anything about a white girl that seems to be working in TJ that looks like she has AIDS? Medium build and brags about her oral skills, but looks chock full of diseases. She is really pretty though.

There is another Mexican girl that stands at the end of the SG block toward CC side. I've heard her speak really fluent English with different guys. Is she working or just tour guiding?

Oh yeah, and there is a really skinny and young looking girl with brown hair that I really want to hook up with. She is usually seen walking different gringos around introducing them to SGs. Somebody told me she work/worked at Eclipse club. Any info on her would be appreciated.

Hunting in TJ is like shooting fish in a barrel.

07-30-04, 04:18
How bad is the alley. I heard it was all dirt and boards were placed across what used to be the sidewalk to get into the clubs? I am thinking about going down on Sat, but not if it is really bad. I like staying on the street and out of the clubs. Are there any girls out there still and where do they stand. Also I heard a rumor the hotel entrances are being re-done to face inside only, is this true ? And that they are trying to force the all the street girls inside the clubs?
Any good information is greatly appreciated.

Mutha Foo
07-31-04, 18:07
It is true. The Alley has been torn to shreds. They are doing a complete revamp of the whole street as well as for some of the hotels. Didn't matter, there were tons of hotties out on the street.

Pablo for Fun
08-01-04, 19:27
As of this weekend, the street is pretty bad. During the day time the large gaps in the sidewalk are visible, and you can see the where a piece of wood board that has been placed over the gap so you can walk over it. Not a solid board by any means, as soon as I step on it, I hoped it did not break, and if two people stepped on it watch out - especiallly with on-coming foot traffic. So my advise is to go during the day, I can only imagine what it looks like at night.

Sunset Strip
08-03-04, 00:13

Was this white girl walking around instead of standing in one place? Does she have black hair.

If so her name is Cristal.


08-03-04, 18:41
I recommend walking in the street and walking over to the girl that interests you. The sidewalks are so narrow that it makes you less visible. The disadvantage here is it gives the banditos more opportunity to rob you. 5 or 6 years ago some crooks robbed me down there.

Country John
08-03-04, 18:53
I talked to the guys doing the work in the Alley and they are laying new water and electrical conduit. The place is slated for a major facelift and they are saying that the SGs are going to be moved. They said the place is going to look very nice when it is done.

No question about it, the place is a mess but it will be fixed and it will be much nicer than it is now. Look for prices to go up, look for some fo the girls to relocate, look for more oversight of the girls by their "monitors" etc. Look for more new marquees and storefronts and also watch out for the cops. They are under orders to start cleaning the place up. I understand that they do not plan on widening the sidewalk so look forward to thos e tugs from the girls that we all like.

I'll be back for AlleyKat 17 this week so I'll try to get an update on where things stand. In the meantime, watch your step!

Country John

08-03-04, 20:11
There do seem to be new hotties in the alley, as on Monday night the quality seemed to be higher than before.

Went up with Diane de Mexico City who stands in front of Hotel Eduardo. $30 + 5 for the room.

She is thin with DD natural breasts and a good face.

speaks very good english. 19 years old.

She is professional, and actually not really into the sex, unfortunately, but she did let me play with her huge tits as much as I wanted.

She has an amazing body if you into breasts. But again, she is not really into doing her job.

But I would repeat to play with those tits.

08-04-04, 13:51
TJ Fannatic,

Thank you for your reply. I think she's really pretty. Would you by chance have any info on her? Attitude, service, price, possible STDs? Any info would be appreciated.

Sunset Strip
08-06-04, 00:35
She is pretty wild. She has a kid. Normally she tries to get as much out of a guy as she can. Because she is not "legal" down there the cops hassle her (unless she gives them a piece, of course, as she puts it).

I do not believe she has any STDs. I am going down tomorrow and will check her out for sure.

Some guys pay her $50, but I have paid only $20 for full service.


Q Bert
08-06-04, 23:32
The street scene service has been declining for the last several years. I actually had a girl constaintly look at her watch when I was there about a month ago.

Similar experiences?


Sunset Strip
08-06-04, 23:52

Well, first off, she probably was a Gamecock and hated your guts. LOL.


The street scence has been going down for a while now. I am down there all of the time and I recently had a girl tell me 10 minutes was 20 minutes and that I had to leave.

I think the type of girls who are coming to TJ now tend to be a little more "sophisticated" than was true in years past. I mean I think they come here with more knowledge of money, the USA, etc. They are much colder and do not care about us. In the past they would be much more grateful, but today they are not.

There are some girls I enjoy walking right past because they have been so shitty.


Ninguno Especial
08-07-04, 04:07
C.T. wrote: "I actually had a girl constaintly look at her watch when I was there about a month ago."

Hey that's the norm with about 2/3 of the SG's but if you find that 3rd chica you can have a ball. Most are accoutomed to some of the locals (in y out) 5 min. sessions so of course any guy who can last 10 min., LOL.

Many will gladly go full nude for 150 pesos (bit more than $13) for 15 or 20 min... double that and you have a half hour session for say $26 plus $6 to $10 for the room.

Bar chicas don't cum with a garuntee they will produce either. I've had my share of duds and no many a monger who has.

Don't give up on the SG's at less than the price of a lap dance at HK why not interview a few more?

08-09-04, 01:56
I finally made it to TJ yesterday. This was my fifth time there and I have to say it was my best as far as the SWs were concerned.

I got there around 6 pm and rather than take a cab as I did in the past, I turned right before the cab stand and headed out the other gate. The first place I saw was a Pharmacia.

This was my first time to try Viagra. I was a little nervous about it, since I have some allergies, but everything was ok, although it gave me a raging headache along with a raging hard-on.

I walked the bridge and path to the arches that separates the Zone from the shopping district. Cool, I saved $5.

I walked around a few blocks before hitting the alley. Man was it tore up! I was trying not to impale myself on the rebar sticking up everywhere, while at the same time looking for the hottest chicas.

I checked out all the girls a few times, asking the ones who tugged on my shirt if they "sucky sin condom?" All of them said no except Carla. I didn't believe her. I asked again, and again she said si. I asked sin ropa? she said si again. I said $20, again she said si. Finally I said let's go. The V was really kicking in and I was ready.

Carla works in front of La Valentina in the middle of the alley. I paid $5 for the room and we went in. I got undressed but she didn't so I started thinking ok, she only told me sin ropa to get me here. She took out a bar of soap from the bag she got with the room and told me to come over to the sink. She washed up my rock hard dick and rinsed and dried it. Cool, I thought, she's really gonna do it.

We went over to the bed and she took off her clothes. Nice thin body, smallish tits (the way I like them). She had really dark skin and very long black hair.

Carla took my dick in her hand and put just the head in her mouth. She started stroking it with her hand but wouldn't go any deeper with her mouth. It felt good, but I was a little disappointed. She spit into a tissue twice while doing this, which pretty much ruined the effect.

When she asked if I was ready to fuck, I said yes. She put the condom on me and lubed it up. We started with mish, but she wouldn't look at me when I was on top of her, a real turn-off for me.

After about 5 minutes I asked her for doggy. She said ok and turned over and got into position. She's pretty tall with long legs so I was able to stand while doing it. This worked out really great. I was really going to town slammin' it hard! after a few minutes I shot my load.

We cleaned up & I washed my dick again. I was happy she didn't try for more money, so I gave her a $5 tip and left.

By the time I got to the corner and half way up the block I was hard again! I decided I like the V, even with the headache. After circling the 2 blocks surrounding the alley, I stopped in at Adelita's to take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140). I like having one of the girls in the men's room, it's a nice touch. I didn't have enough for one of the bar girls, so I headed back to the alley.

After cruising up & down several times I came upon Connie. Actually, she grabbed me as I was going by and seemed REALLY friendly. She was very hot looking as well. She was wearing one of those sexy schoolgirl outfits. I asked her "sin ropa?" but she said $10 more. I looked at her outfit again and decided that she should leave those clothes on.

This time the room was only $3, but it was much worse looking (not that I cared). I asked her to sucky first, then she hit me with $10 extra. Damn! I forgot to negotiate that. Oh well, I paid her and boy was it worth it! It was the most sensual CBJ I ever had. She was really slow and deep. Not like all the way deep, but at least half the length of my dick. She looked at me sideways as she was sucking it

After a few minutes we started to fuck. Just when I entered her she stopped me and started clamping down on my unit with her vaginal muscles. It was a kind of pumping sensation that felt really good. She really like doing it and had a big smile on her face. She looked at me the whole time I was pumping her, which I really liked.

Both girls had a good attitude and were very accomodating, which was made this trip the best on yet.

Whoa shit, I having a viagra flashback! gotta go.


08-09-04, 17:29

Nice report! I've tried V a couple of times when I wanted to do a double pop in TJ & found that when I used 50 mgs & at the same time I took 500 mgs of Tylenol it almost completely prevented the headache. Still got a very slight headache about 4 hours later.


08-09-04, 17:53
What's the going price for viagra down there now? I'm gonna make a run down to TJ soon and I'm thinking about picking a couple tabs up.

08-09-04, 19:39
I bought 10 tabs last time I was there in a small farmacia not far from AB & paid $6 ea. I had heard previously that they usually charge more & asked the guy behind the counter why other places charge more. He said something about depending on where they were manufactured. Sorry, my spanglish is not so great.

Don,t remember exactly where I bought them but I would suggest negotiating if they ask for more or just try somewhere else if they ask too much.


TJ Bob
08-09-04, 22:33
People are saying that if you buy V at AB, it'll cost you $20/pop. Pharmacia's are definitely alot more economical even though I've never attempted to. I'm just hesitant that the corrupt TJ cops will hassle me when I walk out with my pharm supplies. Does anyone know if it's safe to buy pharms in TJ w/o the cops trying to harrass you when you walk out?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

08-10-04, 01:55
I have not posted in a while but here it is along with some questions:

1) I'm considering staying in TJ for 1 or 2 nights any suggestions as far as a good place to stay? I have read posts and I see that one of you fellow mongers stayed at Hotel Leyva. Anyone suggest any others?

2) From reading the board I see that most of you guys like the Sg vs AB or CC girls any luck on having the SG's come back to the room for the night? If so what hotels would be best for that? And what is a fair price?

3) Any luck on having 2 women at once service you? I mean SG for the night 2 women for the night?


08-10-04, 03:05
I paid $9.75 for a 50 mg. tab. It was all boxed up like a diamond ring or something. The box was marked Pfizer which made me feel better.

Like I said in my report, it was the first pharmacy I came to and it was clean and bright. I'm sure I could have done better elsewhere, but I was told about $10 ea. and the place didn't look like a rip off place so I was ok with it.

I wondering what I'd have to tell my doc to get him to write me a prescription that my insurance would cover. I'd gladly pay a $15 copay for a 30 day supply. Any info on this?


08-10-04, 03:39
I have a few really stupid questions, but hey, we're all here to help each other out, right?

OK, question #1 - Can you get safe bottled water anywhere in the Zone? I'm hoping to find cold Aquafina or something like that imported from the US.

Question #2 - Has anyone ever taken a picture of the girls standing in front of the hotels? I have a little spy camera I was thinking about taking next time, But I have a feeling I'd get the shit kicked out of me or get arrested.

Question #3 - I tried to ask for anal sex, but none of the girls seemed to understand me. What is the correct way to say it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,


Chris H
08-10-04, 03:39
Does anyone know if they sell Cialis in the pharmacies in TJ? Or anywhere in TJ?

08-10-04, 04:02
Went to the alley on Friday around 7PM. Went up with Monica of Hotel Cascadas. She stands in front of Miami Bar.

pretty face. One 2 year old kid. She is very friendly and promises good service.

She has better service than most of the SW's. Actually, the best service I have had with SW's. She speaks pretty good English and is very friendly.

Started with CBJ, which was very attentive and good. Then to her on top, until she got tired and finished with mish.

She is about 5'6", maybe B cup, dark complexion and nice soft skin. Breasts are a little saggy. Nice legs.

She has a great attitude. I would recommend as far as SW's go.

08-11-04, 22:57
TJ Bob,

I've heard of this too. The one time I bought the 10 tabs I didn't even see any Policia in the area.

The 10 tabs were 100 mg. & I always break them in 1/2 so I still have 16 - 50 mg doses left. The tabs said Pfizer right on the tab & they worked the same as the ones I have bought online in the US.

Lets get back to chicas!


Rabo Verde
08-12-04, 00:43
Whoopster, every store in TJ sells bottled water, just look in the cooler. You can also order it in the bars, ask for Agua mineRAL, emphasis on the capitalized letters, doesn't matter USA or Mex brand they are both perfectly safe. Even the tap water is USUALLY safe now, the old days when you risked your life drinking a drink with ice in it are long gone. Con Gas means with gas, i.e. club soda, Sin (seen) gas means regular without gas. SExo ANal, or SExo en las NALgas means anal sex, but this is not very popular in Mexico. Be careful taking pix, some guys have been arrested or shook down by the policia for doing so.

The Shaft
08-12-04, 15:45
I have medical insurance through a hospital that rhymes with pfizer, and starts with a K. The doctor prescribed me the V, and turns out they give me about 8-100mg pills every month, and the cost is about $5 a pill. My initial consultation was pretty embarassing because the doc was a pretty young cute asian chick, seemed like she was right out of med. school. She started asking me the questions about erection problems and stuff. The little soldier almost stood at attention just talking to her.
I've paid as much as $20 a pop for V in TJ a few years ago, but the last time i was there (6 months ago) it was $10. Break the pill in half. I don't know if Cialis or Levitra is available. I would like to try them out. I'm hoping these other meds brings down the prices.

Donkey Punch
08-15-04, 19:22

OK, question #1 - Can you get safe bottled water anywhere in the Zone? I'm hoping to find cold Aquafina or something like that imported from the US.

- Agua del Revanche de Moctazuma is the best water in all of Mexico!

- Everyone frowns on pics being taken in the Red Light Dist. How would you like it if you were dumb enough to get married and someone snapped your pic?

Question #3 - I tried to ask for anal sex, but none of the girls seemed to understand me. What is the correct way to say it? -

- Por de tras (from behind) but you have to move your eye brows in a creepy way and have a shitty smile so they understand what you want.

-You can also say "por el otro lado" (lit: from the other side)

Usually the response is "Ay Dios, no!" (Oh God, no!)

-You can also risk it and wait until you are in the room and ask for it. Sometimes they will accept it for an extra tip. $10 - $20. I know I would! Well not for ten. I'm not a cheap Ho.

-Vitamin V is usually around $10 for the 50mg. and $16 for the 100mg. You can also get a bottle of 30 Vs (100mg) for $300. Why anyone would only buy 30 of them is beyond me. What, are you there for only 3 days?


2) From reading the board I see that most of you guys like the Sg vs AB or CC girls any luck on having the SG's come back to the room for the night? If so what hotels would be best for that? And what is a fair price?

-Trust me, if you want to get a decent night's rest don't have a stranger in your room. Take care of business and send them on their way. If she is great ask her (I asume it's a her) to come back in the morning and wake you up.

3) Any luck on having 2 women at once service you? I mean SG for the night 2 women for the night?

-Getting 2 women at once to service you is usually no problem. As long as you realize that they are not going to get it on with each other. Once again, if, you want them to do a "Lesbie show" the response is usually "Ay Dios, No!" Refer to question 2 for the all night thing.


$6 for Vitamin V is suspect. It could be fake. It's just like getting "Vicodin" of any strength for less than $10 (in Mex). Some pharms or their generic equivalents are not manufactured in Mex. However, the power of the mind is a wonderful thing.


08-15-04, 21:05
Has anyone else been to this "La Perla"? Beers and bj's.

How can we say no.

08-17-04, 02:34
Thanks for the info everyone, I really appreciate it. Can't wait to get back down there.

Pablo for Fun
08-19-04, 08:15

As for the question about a all nighter with a SG, I can sort of speak to this question. I had a SG whom, after two close encounters with, I suggested or maybe she even mentioned it, to have an all nighter and she seemed okay with it - kind of even excited. This was on the second visit with her that I had decided to have her company for an hour and we kept getting interruped by a knock every 20min. From memory, this is probably how an all nighter came up. She was very nice, all positions, nude for 25 plus hotel the first time and for the second time it was 25/half hour plus hotel. From this experience, some SG's are okay to do this - just have to get a "connection" with them first.

I never followed up the offer. Either I did not have a pen handy or she did not have an email or cell for me to take down, so it never materialized.

She stands on the Constitucion (alley side) about half way up on the hill. Her name as she gave it to me is Valleria. As for a description, she is tanned skin, black shoulder lenght hair with red highlights, about 5'3'' and wears a short black shirt. That's the best describtion right now.

Blitz Dog
08-22-04, 00:01
I have hit Tj before and went into most of the clubs in downtown, I was only their 3 hours my friend was doing some shopping. nI couldnt hit anything cause my friend happens to be goody too shoes (married). I disnt want to push anything, we just looked. I have some questions?

I know their are SW, BUT are they somewhat clean? Of course I will use a condom BUT has anyone heard of any horror stories?

Where is this alley where the SW work?
Are their hotels near bY?
DO the cops bother?
What are the best clubs to hit?

All help is appreciated!


Marble Brains
08-22-04, 03:37

If you want anal sex, ask for " sexo in el culo". They will all understand but there won't be that many takers.

One suggestion is to wait until in the room to ask for it. Many SGs will say no to things on the street fearing that someone else can hear your consversation, but be willing to do what you want in the room.

Mexican women make a big issue about keeping up appearances, at least until they become totally putafied.

08-26-04, 15:11
Wow, the last 3 trips down to TJ were a total waste of time. Spent a few hours there last night. Each trip has been an even bigger waste of time. Very few SW out. The Alley was bare, about 40 or so. Almost all of them were pigs. And ugly pigs at that.

Adelitas was pretty empty, couldn't find any hot chicks worth .50+. One SG I negotiated .30 for "bbbj, no clothes, all positions including anal" We went into the room and she had the really shitty pay now attitude. As I took the money out, I reviewed what we agreed to outside on the street. The look on her face was not positive. I already knew the service was going to be shitty if she planned on providing it at all. I promptly walked out on her. Lost $3 on the room (big deal). She started to follow me in the hallway, saying "no problem", but I felt she was full of shit (she was). When she realized that I was not coming back, she started cussing at me. Like I fucking care. Always review what you've negotiated in the room again before giving her the money. Her face/body language will give her away as to whether she intends to do it or not.

Paid .45 for 1/2 hour of "bbbj, no clothes, and anal" the girl was pretty, but her body wasn't as nice with her clothes off.

Does anybody know why the quantity as well as the quality of Zona Norte as gone down so much? It can't just be the street construction. I doubt I'll be going down again (4 hour drive) anytime soon unless there are some positive posts on this forum.

08-26-04, 20:04
Hola Compañeros,

All reports of a decline in SG activity are greatly exaggerated. This month marks my 20th anniversary of TJ mongering, and after a trip yesterday I felt more than reassured that TJ will remain the eternal city of mongering. During my first sojourn back in '84 I accidentally walked in to the zona and I remained one of very few gringo mongers engaging the SGs. Yesterday that did not seem the case and there seemed to be an equal amount of locals and gringos but I suppose one can never really tell.

Anyway, IMO the smart money stays on Constitucion. While the alley has its share of hotties, my experiences have been that service for some reason has always been best with the girls on Constitucion. Yesterday I got some wildly satisfying service that made me wish I lived a lot closer to TJ than I do now in LA.

'Kimberly', whom I realized I remember from my last foray about two years ago, is still working Constitucion and still farm fresh. She did the job with no extras, but the release was splendid.

After going around the block several times, I decided on 'Liliana', working near Cohuila. She reminded me of one of my former middle school students (Is that sick?). Liliana's real name is Jazmin, as she informed me, Liliana is her 'nombre artistico'. And what an artist! Mexico has a great educational program in mastering the skin flute. As typical with the fleabag hotels on Constitucion, there is never a knock, especially mid-day, weekday. Since Kimberly had done such an efficient job, Liliana had to work extra hard, and she took that work seriously until I was satisfied. She kept asking me if I wanted more! It just goes to show you, money isn't everything. Man, she earned her tip.

In all these years I have never step foot in Adelita's or any of the clubs, except Club Bambi on Revo on one of my early visits. I learned after that to hang around the hotel where the Bambi girls take their clients and see who comes out. My point is, for me at least, it's all about the act. Not being a lonely type, I'm not after companionship, just the deed. Not being a drinker, sitting at the bar buying watered down booze doesn't cut it.

Who knows for sure what it takes for a GFE, but Liliana, as well as many others over the years, have provided them. Lili didn't even ask for money - I settled with her (over asking price, sorry, but she earned it) when it was over. She then started telling me about her new son, showed my her pink card - I felt like I was in more of a rush to leave than she was. Beeyootiful.

Viva las SGs!


08-27-04, 03:26
Decided to try "The Alley" today at 2:30 PM. Parked my car on the SD side of the border for $4 all day and walked across the immigration building and into TJ, and down the pedestrian walkway to the Zona. For those who never have been there, just steer toward the big arch, and go down one more block, and then one block to the right.

Circled through the area and then down the alley. I had never been there before, and I couldnt believe it. It was lined straight down on both sides with SWs. Kind of reminded me of Pattaya, in Thai. In the alley and on the adjacent blocks, there must have been about 100-150 girls, 5 of which were doable (If I'm gonna pay, I get very picky).

I took Sandra, a petite slender cutie from Chiapas, said she was 18, from down near the west end of the alley. I explained that I wanted FS sin ropa, and meter el dedo (finger insertion). She told me OK, $20 plus $3 for the cuarto, for 15 minutes. In the cuarto she wanted the dinero first, but I said no way and she accepted. (However I failed to use that leverage during the session, when it counted) Her top stayed on, and after short doggie, proceeded with my specialty, which is pelvic exam and HJ. After 5 minutes, she said no more touching and stopped the HJ. I had to ignore her no touch request while I finished the HJ myself. It was a cat (pussy?) and mouse game to continue the grope while I finished. Gave her the 20 and left.

I have to say...It's a hell of a way for a young girl to make a living, and so I can understand their contempt for us, and their non-concern for our real enjoyment of the situation. Its just a desperate game. We want maximum pleasure and time, with an attractive lady for as little money as possible, they want as much money as possible for as short a time, and as little "access" as possible. Somewhere in the middle, there is common ground, and it makes for a "unique" experience. I guess if you want good service, youre gonna have to shell out more cash, ( and that's no guarantee), or take a long trip somewhere.

08-27-04, 20:39
Blitz, I have been going down since 83 on a regular basis. I have always used protection and never gotten an std. Bring your own condom, the ones they have at the room are cheap and don't meet US standards. I have had them break.

The zone is a two block area just north-west of Revolution. Ask any taxi driver. However, it is within walking distance of the main drag on Revo.

Every club has a hotel they work with. Every SW has a hotel she works with. See posts on Adelitas & Chicago re: best clubs. Although the Hong Kong (i believe) has been putting on a good girl/girl show.

As for the cops the only times I have been robbed in the zone have been by the cops who like to detain you until you give them a bite. But hell, they deserve it for keeping it safe for us to party. Remember your partying with criminals all the way from South America to the South West United States.

I have met many fugitives from US justice in the zone, those are the guys who speak perfect English and promise you anything you want. Then you start wondering, "why is this guy here." The answer is because if he came back he would have an L next to his name.

As a matter of fact I am thinking of going to the police station upon arrival and paying upfront for a "leave me alone I already paid card." I have got to guess these guys & gals are only making about $200 per week (based on my cousin making $80 per week as a factory worker) so they deserve a little extra.

I will be down in the zone tonight, with 5 other guys. I will be wearing a New England Pats hat. If anyone sees me and has any good info or recomendations let me know.

TJ Bob
08-28-04, 01:39

What the hell are you talking about? You think it's fine for the TJ cops to rob us because they "deserve" it? i'm not doing anything wrong in TJ, and i will not give them any of my money from being intimidated for no reason at all. They are like beggars with a badge. i don't care how much money they make, robbing should not be a way to make money especially for a cop. Robbing Americans is not right in my book anywhere in the world.

08-30-04, 21:25
A question has anyone or can you possibly get 2 girl action from the chicas in the alley?

Sunset Strip
08-30-04, 22:14
I hear Ariceli is being a little bitchy since she got back. I guess she is a little embarrased about having to return.

Who cares? Not I!