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07-19-03, 00:33
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07-19-03, 02:47
Still, my favorite bar in TJ. CC has really taken a dive the last few years. HK has its moments but they are too far between to be taken seriously.

07-25-03, 08:50
Originally posted by JuanTalachero
Still, my favorite bar in TJ. CC has really taken a dive the last few years. HK has its moments but they are too far between to be taken seriously.

I also Enjoy AB more then CC. I use to frequent CC back a few years ago but it does not to seem to be as friendly as I remember it being in the 90's. the past few years I have hooked up with many cool chicas at AB that have treated me very well.
Lately I been hitting AB on Monday nights as there are not so many guys there but there are still many chicas to hook up with.

08-11-03, 04:27
I have been down on both AB and CC for awhile, but I returned to AB a couple of weeks ago and had a very good experience with Beatriz. She is petite, dark-haired, and has natural small breasts with large nipples. From Guadalajara, if I am remembering correctly (and I am not sure if I am). She was standing in the popular standing area to the right and toward the back as one walks in. Cooperative, no-rush, pay after. Solid performance.

Phil #1
08-25-03, 08:56
I put off posting about Beatriz at AB because of the post already here about her. She really does give good service and no rushing. She seems like a pro, never unsure of herself or awkward. Just one time with her around two months ago.

09-18-03, 09:49
This happened a few years back, but I have to mention it. It was, in fact, October 1999. I was on a business trip in San Diego and decided to take a trip across the border to see what everyone was talking about. I arrived @ AB around 8pm in the midst of a mass of women entering the place. I felt like a fox in a chicken coop! There were so many hotties there that a guy could be there months and not see the same woman twice! There were hotties EVERYWHERE! After one of those little beers, I decided on this (fake) blonde with a body to die for. I'll never forget her ... she was wearing this see-thru jumpsuit that hugged every curve very nicely. I don't speak spanish so I was at a disadvantage, but she spoke a little english so we got by. Anyway, we went upstairs and paid 'the man' for use of a room. There was a delay in accessing the room as they were busy cleaning them. While we waited outside what was to be our room, she grabbed my hand and put it right where I wanted it to be! She then reached back and did a little grabbing for herself! When we finally entered, she handed me a bar of soap and pointed to the sink. I'm not sure if she thought I stunk as I had showered just moments before I'd left for TJ. When I was finished I turned around to see her laying across the bed naked, looking like she was posing for Playboy. WOW! She looked so hot! Her services were exceptional. If I ever get back to SD, I'll definitely be headed back to AB!

LE Watcher
11-02-03, 00:13
I had my all-time best hookup this week at Adelitas. I decided to take a lunch in TJ and ended up in the zona. I had never been there before dark before, but at 1 in the afternoon the place was crawling with hotties. I met Fernanda, a hottie from down south, who had a perfect body and beautiful smile. I've seen girls like this at night but it is difficult to get them in the large crowd. I had her and serveral like her fighting to get with me. I'll be having lunch there more often.

Country John
11-06-03, 19:40
Well, I have to say that AB is the place to go for excellent service. Man, I couldn't believe it. All these fine ladies standing around, ready and waiting. Wow. I can say that all of the previous posts were right on the money and helped me a lot. This is all good info guys. I can only add several more wow's and a small bit of additional data. I live just north of the border. I will be a frequent flier.

AB is a remarkable place. The previous posts advising against sitting at a booth are spot on. Once you're in, you're "trapped" and it could cost more than you should spend to unwind it unless you don't mind buying $7.00 drinks for the chicas. They get "points" or "coupons" for every drink they can sell ($2.00 for every drink goes to them and they need at least 7 per night).

The posts regarding the back wall are also spot on. You walk through the front entrance, (wait there for about 30 seconds to let your eyes adjust to the dark if you go during the day as I did). I could not believe my eyes.

Contrary to some previous posts, the girls speak english. Perhaps a few don't but EVERY girl that bumped into me spoke english or a variation thereof so gringos, don't sweat it.

I got there about 2PM and the place was jumping. Lots of beautiful ladies - I was like a kid in a candy store.

I'll post some info in the general section because I can get long winded but guys, here is the scoop:

No charge to get in. The girls will go for $40.00 US which gets you FSTC and we are talking about some nice ladies here. You have about 30 minutes (which goes by too fast). The room is now $11.00 unless I mssed something. She takes you up and you pay. Interesting is that there are always a couple of guys waiting by the "registration desk" for a "cleaning tip." I guess the $11.00 doesn't include the cleaning tip - I'll ask next time. I do about 10 pesos.

Once inside she will get down to business so get undressed right away and get on the bed, you want to have every minute you have available to enjoy these lovely ladies. Small talk is encouraged but DURING, not before because you are on the clock.
You pay when you are done. I ALWAYS tip.

Fellow mongerers: Best to use Pesos. The girls like Pesos. I get a thinline highliter and write the denomination on the bills when I get my money changed. It shows up REAL WELL under the black lights and no chance of getting ripped. DO NOT use a credit card.

Driving across the border is the best way to go. You can park your car close to AB and rest assured that it will be secure (just take care of the attendent with a few bucks). I have maps that I will post soon. You can always email me if you have other questions.

Bring your own party hats and of course ALWAYS ALWAYS use one. The ones they use are industrial strength and feel terrible. The girls will appreciate it too!

Be nice to the girls. Their major complaint is bad manners. Their second complaint is that guys don't like to take baths. Listen, 20 minutes with a latin lady who wants to please is a dream cum true - at least for me. Don't be a rude bastard and dis-respectful to the ladies. Better to stay home a spare them the grief.

After the first pop, I went back to the club to watch some great floor shows. When the girls saw me back, they came by one at a time looking for a drink or a smoke and (always) a hug or two which is nice. I told them I just got back and needed time to re-charge - cuz I am gonna go again. 1/2 hour later I went again and man - what can I say.

I realize this is a long post so I will end off here. I'm happy to answer any questions.

thanks again for the great posts.
Country John

Mutha Foo
11-09-03, 21:35
Does anybody have a good list of women that they can share. I guess I can start:

Connie...32 y.o.,
service 8, attitude 8, looks 5.
Claudia...23 y.o. (always found by the Mens Room),
service 6, attitude 5, looks 10.
Maria (always found by the Men's Room)...30 y.o.,
service 9, attitude 9, looks 5.
LuLu (always has a red dress on)...30 y.o.,
service 9, attitude 10, looks 6.
Nirvana 28 y.o. (tatoo of sun on her stomach)
service 7, attitude 7, looks 7.
Pati..(looks like Celine Dion) 30 y.o.,
service 9, attitude 10, looks 7.
Gloria (blond hair, cute, by the Mens Room) 26 y.o.,
service 7, attitude 7, looks 7.

Guys we should start a top 10 list where the service, looks and attitude are all 10's.


Country John
11-11-03, 04:33

Now we're talking. I've worked with Pati, very much an excellent provider.


11-12-03, 00:38
Hey Guys,

The scene in TJ sure sounds hopping. I'm planning a trip down there in about 2 weeks or so. Can anyone tell me what is the going rate for a sw vs a girl from the bars. Are there any escorts. And if I find a girl in the bar and want her for say the entire evening how do I negotiate for that.


Mutha Foo
11-13-03, 04:39
Country John,

Do you know Rosa? Another great provider.

11-14-03, 06:45

I have been to TJ a few times. Well, looks like there no info on the smaller clubs. Try it u may like it....like I did once. I saw a very beautiful chica in a bar, but she was only interested in dancing for $1. I bought her a drink and danced for a few songs...left that bar came back after a few hrs around 2am she was ready to leave. Caught up with her took her to a my hotel (Hotel Nelson) nearby for an hour and had a very good experience.

This club is facing the street where there a lot of "Street Girls" on either side of the street.

This club is facing the street where hongkong club is.

| |
| |_________hongkong club_____
| |----------------------------------------
| |

Question : Has anyone ever travelled to TJ using advance parole? My work visa and I94 has expired. I have EAD & Advance parole any info will be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Country John
11-14-03, 17:50
Mutha Foo:

I'm not sure if I had Rosa or not. Pati was unforgettable. Great body, great attitude and fun to be with. A real woman and a nice kid.

Said her age was 35? Is that the same girl? About 5', maybe 100lbs to 110lbs, long black hair, real sexy and sensual, small rack, warm smile and a great hug. A true GFE - all the way. Lots of hugs, kisses and warmth-the stuff we want from our wives.

She hit on me three or four times after my first pop while I was waiting to recharge - kept telling her "I'm waiting to re-charge, please give me a bit of time!" and she looked at me and smiled and then said "OK, I'll be checking back with you- I really want to fuck you." She then went over by the ladies restroom (a jumping spot to be sure) and sat there keeping an eye on me then 10 minutes later - she's back again!! Thank goodness for her persistence!!

I'm not sure who Rosa was. The first girl was young (27) and very slim - very tight body- very little body fat (could not pinch an inch anywhere), english speaker, outstanding service. I was so excited, I can't remember her name but she had long brown hair, shiny speckles on her face and a skin tight very short dress - right up to the water line, great legs, firm butt -jeez now I'm all upset again. Did 1/2 1/2 for 40 + 11 for the room + 1 cleaning tip and worth EVERY peso, penny, whatever. Same price for Pati but a different experience.

I did a 2pop and the second was with Pati. She took care of me and made sure I was happy and comfortable.

She (Pati) did ask me to wash my hands because she wanted me to finger her but she had me so captivated that all I could think of was "don't pop! don't pop" because she was all over me in a very nice way - the way we want our wives to.

I wanted (so much) to do pop #3 but I guess I'm getting old and while the mind was saying "yes-yes-yes" the hips were saying "no-no-no." That's why we have viagra I guess but I've stayed away from it because it is very destructive to the penis over time.

There is certainly a difference between the young girls and the 30ish girls. I never thought the in-experience would be such a factor. It is the dream of old farts everywhere to fuck a young chick but you know what? It's not always the best fuck. These younger girls have tremendous allure but what they lack in experience offsets the looks when the lights go down and the drawers come off - pump pump pump pump without the other stuff - the contact - you know that goes into the whole experience.

Now Pati, there is a real mattress monster. Experienced, knows the soft spots, is confident and loves to share. Said she would go to my hotel the next time I'm in town although we did not discuss pricing etc. She also said she usually goes upstairs for $60.00 (her regular price) but because it was slow (on a Tuesday and it was really slow) she went for $40.00. She is worth $60.00, no if's and's or but's about it.

Brothers, I am nothing much to look at but Pati treated me like a king-she is very very good.

I have a very lengthy post to do for the Mexicali section so I'll end off here.

I'll be back at AB next week. How can we Identify fellow WSGites?

Country John

By the way, there are a lot of guys in the clubs now with camera phones. They are pretending to be on the phone but they are snapping away. If you don't want your picture on somebodys website, keep yourself out of the way of these guys. I will talk to management about banning them. If my face shows up on a website, I am in size large trouble.


11-14-03, 18:08

You are describing the world famous Kinkle Bar, where only the best chicas in TJ can be found.

Seriously, this is not the thread to discuss bars other than Adelitas, so let's move the discussion out of here!

11-15-03, 23:35
Anyone know when the shift changes at AB? I was there Tuesday two weeks, and then this past Saturday.

On Tuesday there appeared to have a shift change at 6pm. Some old girls out, some new girls in. It was not a complete change, just a freshing of the crew, if you will. It lasted about 15 minutes or so.

On Saturday I saw a similar shift change at 6pm. Later on at 8pm I saw some new girls come in with no one leaving.

Anyone know what the schedules, if any, are at AB. The reason I ask is sometimes you cannot find that "10" you are looking for, and if you know some new girls are coming soon, you can wait awhile instead of going up with that "8".

Mutha Foo
11-16-03, 01:27
Hey Country John and fellow mongers,

I was in TJ last night and the place was jamming. Hardly any guys but the women were f-king HOT! I felt like I was at the Playboy Mansion. No shit!

Tried a few new girls last night, here is a list of recent girls:

Norma (26 y.o.) - 5' 1" big tits (small frame, small ass). Attitude 7, Service 9, Looks 8.
Lorena (28 y.o.) - 5' 6" (medium frame, great body) Attitude 8, Service 6, Looks 9.
Esther (21 y.o.) - 5' 4" (medium frame, beautiful body) Attitude 6, Service 7, Looks 10.
Also, had Claudia (5 6" big tits, cute face, straight black hair, 23 y.o.) but service was bad (not her fault) cuz she was #4 for me and I just couldn't get it done. I was starving and very tired.

Country John, I think you are describing the same Pati that I have had many times before. She is definately a GFE. I would say that some of the girls I've had at Adelitas were better than many of my ex-girlfirends. At this rate, I will never get married. What for? Everything I need is right at Adelitas.

Mutha out.

Country John
11-16-03, 21:11
MF and fellow mongerers:

Hey MF, glad to hear you scored big time at AB. 4pop eh? Jeez, what must that be like.

The shift changes bring in new girls but a lot of the earlier models who have not produced hang in there. It's a good time to be there because when you pick from who stays, they usually are very much into getting going and providing. The lookers are aggressive. They steal the stage from the young new chicas who are less experienced and don't have the "moves" down yet or their wardrobe worked out. Some of them are not that hot either so AB is an excellent fish tank on many levels.

As for the 10's, they are sure nice to look at and do the feely touchy with but you know what? 7's and 6's are less molested and usually provide as good if not sometimes better service.

The 9's and 10's dress for work and their experience clearly shows because the game is getting YOU.

The seemingly less experienced and street dressed chicas are sometimes learning the trade, are new or just don't give a shit.

Most of the times I like the lookers to do the work but other times I like to control the show. The trainees are excellent for this and I'm sure if you know what you're doing they'll learn a thing or two.

We still need to do more to create a positive image to these ladies. Despite pleas from fellow mongerers and even the girls themselves, we still have gringos going there, mis-behaving and not being nice to the girls. What a disgrace. As the quality of the clientele improves, the management is going to start keeping track on the American Gringo Assholes.

We partake in very sexually aggressive behaviour and whist in the midst of clenched teeth and squinted eyes as we glam slam our way to nervana, the old race for the headboard, let's remember that these girls are people too. A kind word and soft caress goes a long way towards reconciling not only the last 20 minutes but the next (especially if she will be with you).

I know we are not going to change the industry or very many attitudes but I can't help but remember these girls and the tough job they do. I see their faces and wonder about them.

I always give them a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek afterward. May not amount to a cup of cold water but if we value their service, we should at least care just a bit and show some humanity.

Is it true that they closed the back section (to the right in the back as you enter) where the young girls would hang out? Management must want them to mingle more in the main room and not hide in the back.

Next time (perhaps this week) I plan on searching out the girl who seems to be hiding the deepest. . . .hmmmm.

I'm gonna go for 3pop but these tired old bones do well to squeeze out a 2 pop, maybe the young chicas will just go get #3.

See anyone you know at AB?


Country John

Mutha Foo
11-18-03, 03:47
Country John,

You sound like a pro. I agree with being respectful to the chicas but how do you deal with the jealous chicas? There was one girl I have been upstairs twice, on different occasions but when I saw her last Frisday night and I told her that I was waiting for another girl, she flipped! Started calling me names and kept calling me a "puto". Gotta admit, I laughed at her and told her to "come mierda". None of these chicas own me, if I wanted that shit I would get married.

Got any advice on how to deal with the crazy/jealous chicas. Any advice would be appreciated. BTW the back section was open when I was there on Friday night (11/14/03). In my opinion, CC still sucks.


Country John
11-18-03, 23:23
Mutha Foo and Fellow Mongerers:

Women are troublesome creatures who'll leave you singing the blues. The following fix should take no longer than 15 minutes and it ALWAYS works for me. I've only had this happen a few times so maybe "always" isn't the right word but the fix works.

Latinas can be as emotional (by culture) as they are beautiful. My policy when a latina (like my latina wife of 14 years) foams up on me like that with emotion is to:

a) Let her vent - 5 minutes max. She is upset for reasons real or imagined. She has a tough job. Maybe had a bad day. Maybe had some guy earlier who treated her like shit (maybe you reminded her of him), maybe she was counting on you to help her get her numbers up. Maybe you are looking at a girl she doesn't like or with whom she may have issues. Maybe her kid needs an operation. You don't really know what the REAL problem is but you know you set her off. Let her vent and don't do or say anything until she is done and I mean DONE. You DO NOT want to enter into an argument with a provider on their turf because you may end up in a different room than your teeth.


b) LISTEN carefully, (5 to 10 minutes max) the answer might be in the emotion, maybe not. In order to handle the problem you have to identify it as best you can. With these girls having so much going on in their universe anyway, it might be hard to find the real problem. She may not tell you what the REAL problem is because it might not have anything to do with you, the deal etc. What is real to her might not be real to you anyway so don't go off on some big figure figure or you'll disappear up your asshole. Remember these girls are human beings who have reconciled their profession within themselves, contrary to the mores of society, religion etc. They think differently than other girls (thank goodness) and we have to respect that; so take the time to listen.

c) Handle the upset - 5 minutes max. No matter what, you MUST make peace with the girl. Spend time with her, COMMUNICATE to her. Get her to calmly tell you what's up (after she finished venting) and understand her. Buy her a drink and treat her like a lady for goodness sake, and if she calms down and lets you near her then give her a hug and try to losen her up.

If you make the mistake of not doing this you might have several of the girls avoid you because hell certainly hath no fury like a Latina scorned. Believe me. I know.

After you've gotten about 15 to 20 minutes into this, spend the $40.00 and take her upstairs and YOU fuck HER. By then it should be over. No need to worry about getting married to the girl, but you do want to keep the odds in your favor for the next visit because bad news travels fast and in a place like AB You do not want to be the BAD NEWS.

Now some guys would say "..why worry about **** **** *** the F*****g B**** in the first place and just ********* the ***** ****** out ******her ******* and her ********* until she ******* and if ***** she ** doesn't ******* then ***** the ******** until * the ****** gets **all over **********." (Thought I'd save Jackson some editing time and trouble).

To them I say fuck you.

I don't care what your attitude towards these girls might be -I respect them and I will always treat them with dignity, even if they go psyco-dogshit - they ARE worth the time, they ARE people too, just like us. I never take a girl that I don't like.

Once the incident is over, explain that you like to be with other girls too and that you don't want her to be upset about it. By this time she should be in a better frame of mind and if so, she will never forget you for it and your quality of service should improve.

If she does not come around after your effort, then my friend you tried and you did the right thing and nobody will think otherwise. Just like us guys, there are fucked up chicas out there too. Just get on with your hobby and avoid the girl - she'll get over it hopefully and without doing any damage, and so will you.

Now I'm not suggesting that we owe these girls anything beyond their fee particularly but I am a firm believer in helping and being respectful and kind when I can. The bad experience can last 20 minutes by doing the above or it can last all night (OR LONGER) by not handling it at all. Get it?

Who was the girl? What did she look like? When are you next going to AB?

Be Safe and BE NICE.
Country John

Mutha Foo
11-20-03, 05:33
Hey Country John,

Thanks for the advice, I will try that the next time but the fact is I did not want to fuck her again, at all. I don't think I would want to see her again, period. But I am not looking to get into any kind of trouble but at the time I was very drunk and very horny. I wasn't thinking straight. I think the women of AB are absolutely beautiful and I love them all but there are alot of jealous ones. The girl that freaked out on me is Norma. She usually wears a skimpy bra top and has a very nice chest. Straight black with a small ass and very slender build. When I see her again I will simply ignore her but maybe I will try to make peace with her by buying her a drink BUT that's all! I have no desire to go upstairs with her again. I know what you mean about bad news travels fast. I was talking to a girl at the end of the night that I thought was HOT but for some reason she said that I was a "puto". Norma must have been going around spreading the news. If you are a regular at AB such as I am, you don't want to have a bad reputation. I think you can benefit by being a decent person by reputation that being a "puto". CountryJ, let me know when you go again and I will try to meet you there. We can share our notes and recommendations.


Country John
11-21-03, 00:38
Mutha Foo

I'd like to hook up with you on the next adventuer to AB -we may have already met -we'd have a great time. I should be good to go around Dec 2. thought I'd get there sooner but this work thing takes up so much time!!

Regarding the girl, I was afraid she'd spread the word. This is not a good thing. I figure it's gonna cost you about $60.00 to fix it. You might even pick up a little trinket like a real thin gold ankle chain - they're only a few bucks.

MF and fellow mongerers: here's the deal - we don't want to set a dangerous precedent by giving gifts or kissing ass but the dilema is very clear. We have to undo the damage. No sense blowing it off because it will not go away on it's own. We want this to go away so we have to MAKE it go away.

You got to get this girl, buy her a drink, take her upstairs and make mad passionate love to her (for about 20 minutes), tell her you're sorry if you upset her (especially if you were drinking at the time) and then ask her if she would accept the small ankle chain in friendship.

Now some would say why ****** the ***** of*****on the**** for***** to***** the****** anyway? And *** is the ***** a ***** for the***** and **** in **** but ******* for me?

Simple. As much as some would believe that these females are simply Mexican fuck machines, they are PEOPLE, just like us (who would then be American or Mexican male fuck machines).

All too often we talk about the "great deal" at AB. The reality is that is IS a great deal compared to other venues within driving distance. There is no denying that.

By treating this girl as a HUMAN BEING, well, there can only be one result - you out of the soup and her being OK with you again even if you never have another sexual experience with her.

I hate to say it my brother but you got to fix this thing. NEVER let a Latina stew. It doesn't get better, it gets worse -trust me as an authority on the Latina experience.

My Latina wife (of 13 years) is 100% Mexican (from Mexicali) and she typifies (check spelling) the Latina experience so after 13 years of "fixing flat tires" I speak with confidence. Perhaps one or more of our Mexican brothers can offer some input.

The day I start looking at these beautiful Latinas as w****s, that will be the day I get out of this business but I don't see that happening. The stereotypical attitude is that these ladies are fair game. I'm glad my customers don't look at me that way. You get out what you put in my friends.

I hope we can hook up with some other like minded members at AB so we can work the room, have some fabulous encounters and enjoy the fellowship of other mongerers! What say you?

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

11-22-03, 02:28
Has anyone had the full sized blonde at AD? If you've seen her you will know imediatly who I am talking about, she is a big girl, not fat though .Tall athletic blonde, about 21, she looks like she probably has some European heritage, speaks poor english. I don't usually pay the premium, just wondering if anyone has tested the waters yet.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space between sentences. To avoid future delays, please include one space between sentences in future reports. Thanks!

Mutha Foo
11-23-03, 20:10
Tangman, you need to narrow it down. There is quite a few atheletic blondes at AB. I did try Nancy last night. F-king hot body, dark hair, was wearing a tie dye outfit but guess what, the service SUCKED! She was complaining the whole time. I would not recommend her. Even the blowjob was terrible. She likes to use alot of teeth. I also had a skinny latina that gave me anal but I don't remember her name. She was about 5'2" 120 lbs, wearing a white dress. She hangs out at the bar near the men's room and charges $50. Also had a girl name Maria with long blonde hair, medium build and big tits. She asked for $60. She is not a hot looker but she did give me anal. She hangs out just outside the men's room, leaning against the wall across from the bar. Service from her was AMAZING but the trick is, you have to get her a beer and tequilla, you need to get her a little drunk. Then she will do things that she usually doesn't do. She was my third date for the night and she nearly killed me. If you see her, grab her quick cuz alot of guys were going for her. She gets there about 7:30 and I got her right when she came on shift. Country John, I can't make it Dec. 2nd but I will be at AB on Dec. 13th, Let me know if you can make it or send me a private message and we can meet at AB. I usually go on Fri/Sat nights. I will be willing to exchange invaluable info about the women at AB.


11-24-03, 01:38

Holy Cow man, you've got an appetite. The lady I am reffering to is way taller and larger framed than any other girl in the place, I have seen her twice in white jeans and a white bra, very cute face and an awesome body, hopefully she is not the one that sucked because that would kill my fantasy about her. Meanwhile I am looking for Maria for sure, hopefully she will be working on Tuesday when I go in. Anyone else going to be around Tuesday night?


Country John
11-24-03, 17:52
MF and Tangman:

Trying to get away this week but looks like Dec 2 is the date for an overnight stay in TJ.

Does anyone know the thin 8ish girl who has long brown hair, real tight bod (real tight) and wears the skin tight dress to the water line? (I've probably described half the girls in the joint.) I think she goes by Claudia. She wears speckles on her face and also is a fabulous mattress monster. I'd love to have her for the night. (Jeez - makes me quiver just thining about it.)

How often to they change girls at AB? Can anyone tell me if the Mexicali crew rotates into AB? I'd also like a line on a relatively safe place to stay close to the action.

Be safe and BE NICE

Country John

11-25-03, 17:38
Country John,

I'll try to identify "Claudia" on tuesday and report back later this week around Sunday. Thin is'nt my gig though, I like the curvacious Latina. Have you checked out Wendy? What a body, this is my ideal body, unfortuanetly her personality sucks and I've heard she's lousy in the sack, never tried. The first time my Bro and I saw her we couldn't believe our eyes, she has the perfect round ass (large) and massive ddd breast that are still young and perky (and natural) but yet she has a tiny little waist and rock hard flat stomache. OK, I admit this bod is going to fall apart at the first incling of a kid, but for now, she is so fine to look at.

Happy Hunting TM

Mutha Foo
11-26-03, 02:51
Country John,

Yeah, I know who you are talking about. She is hot looking but standard in service. The sex was mediocore at best. Try out Maria (long blonde hair) or Gloria (short blonde hair with big red lips). They are usually found near the men's room. I highly recommend both. Maria is okay in looks but her service is a 10! If I can make it Dec. 2nd, I will let you know but I have to work the next day and I when I go to TJ it's usually till morning.


Country John
11-26-03, 17:15
Mutha and Tangman (sounds like a TV show) -

Yeah - some like 'em hot, some like 'em hearty. For me it's in the presentation. Latina women are so sensual that I react like a bomb anyways, big, small etc. etc.

Your're right about the service Mutha, she was a hottie and the service was soso but I actually had a good time with her in spite of this because (my little trick) is that I let them know (truthfully) that they look so good I think I might do a 2pop, so the performance factor is gauged on their performance whilst having a carrot dangled in front of the nose (among other things).

If they're going to go, they'll go good to get the extra business (sound business judgement in my opinion). If the service is soso as aforestated, then I opt out of the 2pop and work the room in re-charge mode. This is what happened with her. Man she was hot though.

When I go to AB, I like to get there early. If I want to wait out the better stock I'll hang in there but early in the day (3ish) and early in the week (Tuesdays/Wednesdays) is what works for me. I hate large crowds and loud music but I'll take the loud music. Usually more girls to chose from and they are a bit more aggressive which kinda turns things around in our favor. If I can get a 3pop done by 7 or 8 then I'm back on the road State side again at a decent hour.

This trip might be an overnighter though. considering the above, when is good for you?

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Country John
11-28-03, 22:33

Going to AB on Tuesday (subject to absolute final confirmation but we're 99% a go), plan to be there around 2PM and I am considering staying the night in TJ.

Anyone else planning on being there around this time? Sure would be nice to meet some fellow mongerers.

I'm going to experiment with some of the less flashy mattress monsters as long as my Spanish is not a barrier (I speak NONE). Also going to see if this old body of mine can do a 3pop.

Hope to see you there!

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

Mutha Foo
12-01-03, 03:15
Hey Country John,

Have a blast in TJ on Tuesday. I don't think you will need to waste your time with the less flashy women cuz there will be hardly any guyz there. You're gonna feel like Hugh Hefner surrounded by babes. I wish I could go by I gotta work. There is one girl I can recommned, I don't know her name but she is 21 and dresses all in black. Usually you can find her near the men's room but regardless, you will have to beat them off with a stick. Also, watch out for Norma, all I can say about her is "enter at your own risk". When you get back from your trip do us all a favor and post your female adventures and ratings.

Have fun,


12-01-03, 17:19
Country John - Going down to San Diego today - not
sure what my plans are, but may head over to TJ
to see what is going on.

PM me on how to contact you when there - I too
would like to meet some fellow subscribers to
this site.


12-01-03, 22:05
RandyOne, Country John And any other regulars who are cool, Id like to meet up with yea sometime. I usually go down on Fridays. I have Friday off so I get there anytime I want. I always try to beat the Friday night traffic and stay until midnight.
My friend that I normally go down with is too UN reliable and gets weirded out when a chick he likes goes with an other dude. He does not understand the concept of just going and just having a good time with out falling in love and then getting jealous.
Also after he does his thing he wants to leave and will just bother me and pressure me about how he wants to go home.
Anyways I’m just looking for some cool people to hang out with as I usually end up going alone most the time.

Country John I liked your write up in Opinions & Editorials, The Morality of Prostitution and I agree with what you wrote.

I plan to go down one more time this year on the 19th, weekend before X-mas. Send me PM. Let me know if you’re going down on that same date.

Country John
12-02-03, 01:04

Thanks for the feedback on my short story in the Opinions and Editorial Section. I'm working on the next chapter. I feel very strongly about these issues. What many fail to consider is the change in the complexion of these issues with the passage of time. Our society has put too much trust in the shrinks and the psychs who have made mongering a social abberation as apposed to a natural urge and thrust genetically. It's all interesting stuff. I don't want to get "out of forum" here though but check back.

I'm entering the 3pop for the over 45 crowd event at AB on Thursday afternoon so any mongerers who want to come along, PM me so we can co-ordinate our movements.

I like to hit AB in the OFF TIME, for selection and pricing considerations only and besides, I HATE the crowds and the rude gringos who mis-behave (snappers) when they go to Mexico.

Be Safe and BE NICE

Country John

Rabo Verde
12-02-03, 03:49
Any of the regulars make a habit of going on weekdays? PM me.

Asian Shark
12-06-03, 03:33
Hello Fellow Mongers,

This is my first post here and would love to get some info on Adelitas Bar. How long would it take to drive from Anaheim, CA and the direction to get there and where is safe place to park. I have been reading all posts and I was very impressed with all the informations you guys share which is awsome.

If anyone can PM me that would be great too.

Thank you so much for your info. I am coming from Wahington DC area and traveling to Anaheim for business and would like to venture to Adelitas Bar if I can. I would love to have one of you guys to come with me, but that is probably asking too much.

Thank you for your assistance.

Asian Shark

12-06-03, 19:12

If you are going from Anaheim it would take about 1 1/2 hours. All you have to do is take the 5 south all the way till you get to the end of the freeway where it says last US exit. If you plan on staying for more than eight hours I suggest parking at Duty free. From the exit you just go straight, the parking lot is on your right which cost $7 for 24 hours. Then you just walk across to Tj and tell the cab driver where to go.

Depending on when you are going to be there I might be able to meet you there. Have fun and give us a good report.


12-06-03, 20:45
Asian Shark,

The usual advice is to take the last U.S. exit and park in one of the $7 lots just north of the border. You can then walk right through the gate (no waiting) into Mexico.

There is a huge fleet of unmetered yellow cabs, pay no more than $5 and sit in the front seat. Or, off to the right, find Taxi Libre for something like $2 metered. Be careful to pronounce "ah-day-LEET-ah's," as there is a scam where some of them will take you to a Revolucion strip club/clip joint instead.

Getting back to the border is no problem; there will be cabs parked right in front of Adelita's.

TJ Sherpa
12-06-03, 21:13

It all depends on the time and day you plan to go (traffic varies). It should take about two hour on average tho. Take 5 south to 805 south and get off at the "Last USA Exit". Get in the middle lane and go straight and follow the path and there will be a parking lot on your right. Park there for like $8/24hrs. Walk across and jump in a cab. They will all take you there. Pay NO MORE THAN $5 for the cab and NO tip! Or even better take a taxi libre for half that. When are you going BTW? I'll be there 12/13/03.

Country John
12-06-03, 23:39
Asian Shark

You really really should have someone with you in TJ. when will you be here and when do you want to go?

Country John

Asian Shark
12-07-03, 00:17
Country John

Thanks for responding.

I am going to be arriving in Anaheim Feb 13 @ 3:00pm and will be staying for 6 nights. Would love to go either 13th or 14th night. I will have a rental car and I wouldn't mind driving down.

It will be great if you can come along. I'll buy you a beer or two.


Asian Shark

Country John
12-07-03, 00:32
Senior Membership - I made it! Thanks Jackson.

Well, went to TJ Thursday AM, had my meeting (went well by the way) and then got my ass to AB at about 1:30.

Drove across and parked at the parking place around the block from AB. Gave the guy 5 bucks (3 for parking and 2 tip) and also paid a guy who was working there 5 to wash my car. when I got back to my car at about 6pm, the thing was DETAILED in and out. I tried to find the guy to tip him again but he was nowhere to be found.

Met up with Pati(#1) sitting at the bar. She was such a marvelous toss the last time that I paid her 60 to go again. She did not let me down. She is so clean and sweet - ever her pussy has a sweet taste to it.

My strategy for this visit was to walk through the door, find a young tighty and boink boink to get pop1 out of the way immediately and then go for the more mature providers for the serious 2pop and 3pop. The young girls don't have the experieince to get the 2pop or 3pop out of me.

Anyway, I fucked up and took Pati for the 1 pop and I wanted to take her again for the 2 pop but I made her wait too long on the recharge and she had to move on.

Decided that my remaining funds should be invested in the Ally research project. (ARP).

You know, I never ventured into the Alley before. WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

For 20 plus the room you can boink some fine looking and YOUNG ladies.

My first research subject told me she was 18 but I'm here to tell you that she was probably not a day over 16. My first impulse was to toss her back but. . . . .naaaaaa.

Got her settled down and then the upselling starts - got away with 25 for sin ropa and 20 minutes of glam slam - couldn't get 2pop out with her I think the inexperience was a major factor so finished up with a nopop :-(

My fault in the end though.

Went back down to the Alley and got hooked up with another somewhat older girl (and these girls are clean by the way, even though there were a few nastys there they stick out like a sore thumb and are easy to avoid).

Anyways, back upstair for the second attempt at the 2pop and finally got it off.

Each encounter was fully jacketed.

AB is happening that's for sure but you will get the most bang for your buck in the Alley if you keep yopur head on straight and choose wisely.

The results of frugal mongering in the alley are quite conclusive but more research is needed.

Renting the room for the day is one answer - with that out of the way you have more negotiating wiggle room with the girls.

Go to the alley, take your time, choose wisely, an amazing experience.

I did not achieve the 3pop goal - but I lived to see another day and another day I will see.

Our new brother Asian Shark is coming to town from DC and needs someone to help him to TJ. Let's get together and work this out.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Newbie Steve
12-07-03, 16:54
Thank you to all of you who post such valuable information! I've been to AB once, maybe 6 years ago. I'm headed back this coming Saturday during the afternoon. A couple questions if any of you are willing to help.

1. I will be solo and plan on taking a taxi from the border to AB, from there, is it safe to check out the alley for the SW's or walk to Ave. Revo. from AB alone?

2. Most of the posts say Saturday afternoon at AB is very quiet and not likely to find much...agree? disagree?

Thanks to any response, I appreciate your valuable experience!

Horn Daddy
12-07-03, 22:27
Heading down next Sat nite anybody wanna make a trip with a buddy to make things safer.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service and I will contact you with details.

Horn Daddy
12-08-03, 03:55
Couldn't wait till Saturday.

Hit Adelitas bar at 3:00 pm and walked into a full room. Lots of lovely ladies (80 maybee?),and some fat ugly ones too. As usual I tried to look for chicas wearing open midriff clothing as I have gotten up to the hotel before only to find scars from cesaerean born babies which look like they were performed with a butter knife. In my opinion less than attractive. After a while I spotted a hot brunette and motioned her over my table. After short negotaions we headed to the hotel ($11)for $50 worth of FS. I went through assorted positions and finnished with her on top going cowgirl. What was her name again...
Total spent
Taxis: $12
Chica: $50
2 beers: $6
Bike to ride across border to save time: $7

Memories: priceless!

Boxing Rule 222
12-08-03, 06:36
Just a quick question. Does it cost money to enter Adelitas Bar or any other clubs like Chicago? If there is a cover could someone please list the prices.

Lee Bog
12-08-03, 06:41
Malena in Adelita
Dec 6, 2003, Saturday 4 pm
Looks 8, Service 7, Attitude 8
Slim, 5'3" in heels, dark skin, black hair, faint stretch marks on stomach?
Area near men's room, g-string bikini with see-thru wrap skirt
Talks dirty during sex
30 mins $50, Room $11

I was looking around for Pati, who was highly recommended by a couple of users here. I asked a waiter about her but he said there were 3 Pati's. I forgot that the post said she gets in after 7pm, so I started looking around for her. Then I saw this hot body, slim the way I like with this incredibly sexy outfit. I talked to her & her sexy smile & attitude made me completely forget about Pati. CBJ was too short & she really didn't work too hard. No kissing, but she turned me on with her talking dirty, like "Fuck me papacito" while I did her. She has this face that's cute & sexy at the same time. She can handle a good pounding. Her looks and attitude would be perfect for porn. She kept asking for $60 after the sex but I remained friendly & reminded her we agreed on $50. Didn't even use up the whole 30 mins. She smiled & split. Wham Bam Thank You Lee.

Lee Bog
12-08-03, 08:42
Boxing Rule 222,

No cover in Adelita's. Haven't been to Chicago in a while but as far as I know, no cover there either.

Be safe.

12-08-03, 10:38
There is no cover charge to enter Adelita, Chicago and most of those places in the ZN.

Rabo Verde
12-08-03, 12:45
No cover charge either place.

12-08-03, 21:03
Sorry for the off topic question, but what is boxing rule 222?

Mutha Foo
12-08-03, 21:08
Hey you mongers, got a great report.

Went to TJ on Sunday night and it was packed which is unusal for a Sunday night. Got there about 4 p.m. I kept getting hit on my Nancy (a girl I saw before that was terrible) and she would not leave me alone. Finally I told her "no tengo dinero", she was gone in a heartbeat. Then I met Patricia (no not Pati). She was 5'7 blond hair, slutty face, HOT porno style body. Charges $60. I was sitting there with a friend and she wanted to go upstairs with the both us. I had no interest in seeing my buddy naked so I went upstairs with her alone. She was a complete **** and did anal. She made incrdible moans and kept saying "fuck my ass". She was a complete ****. This girl is highly recommended. Looks 8, Service 10, Attitude 10. Afterwards, she came back down and had a couple of drinks with me. I spent about $100 on Patricia but I drank most of it. I also saw a girl name Yvonne (blond hair, big ass, 36C tits) who was okay but charged only $50. After being with Patricia, this was a weak follow up. Patricia really wore me out. Overall, it was all good!


12-08-03, 22:22
Learned my lesson the hard way - Should have listened to everyone who posted here - Was in San Diego last week and made my first trip to TJ. Went to Adelitas, but decided to walk around a bit before going in to settle down with someone.

Met an older woman on the street who claimed to be taking care of a few homeless kids in TJ (She says she is from AZ) introduced me to some of the SW on the street and promised me a great time with one in particular. Paid the 5 for the room and gave the girl 40 - the older woman grabed one of the 20's and booked - The girl now wanted another 20 which I gave her - I think I could have had a better time with a rubber doll than I did with her.

Went back to Adelitas and met Anna, nice figure and seemed nice - showed me upstairs for 40 plus normal room fee. real short CBJ (had own cover which was lubricated - can't blame her) and then DATY. Finished with FS and her asking for a massage - loved running my hands over that body.

Next time I will just stop at Adelitas and enjoy a couple of young ladies there.

My lesson has been learned.

Be Safe

Boxing Rule 222
12-08-03, 22:49
Thank you fellow mongers for your quick replies.

The reason I picked this handle is that i love boxing and it was suppose to say Boxing Rules 222 (darn whisky). The 222 was just an arbitrary number.
So people please remember do not register as a member when you had one to many drinks.
Again thanks for the information about the tijuana clubs.

Country John
12-09-03, 00:14
Newbie Steve:

1. I will be solo and plan on taking a taxi from the border to AB, from there, is it safe to check out the alley for the SW's or walk to Ave. Revo. from AB alone?"

Yes. I would not do it alone at night however. Make sure you get out of dodge before sundown if you are alone. You might have people following you for a handout or whatever. I just pretend I'm on my cel phone - makes them leave me alone because they know I'm not paying attention.

The Alley is safe if you watch yourself and don't show wads of cash etc - you know, common sense stuff. Be polite to EVERYONE. The Chicas will grab at you as you walk by on the NARROW sidewalk, so be ready for that - I just give them a smile as I pull away.

They all want to fuckie suckie for 20 but the real price will jump when you get to the room. Make sure that you (politely but firmly) negotiate before going upstairs - even then there are no guarantees.

"2. Most of the posts say Saturday afternoon at AB is very quiet and not likely to find much...agree? disagree?"

Agree. AB is "quiet" most days during the day. The action picks up starting around 6pm and then it gets really busy at around 9pm (shift change time).

I GUARANTEE that you will find more than you can handle between the Alley anytime and AB ANYTIME. Don't worry about what time it is. My usual schedule is Thursdays between 1 and 5PM and I get more ass than I can handle -believe me.

Just remember to be polite to everyone, be nice to the girls (they are very shrewd business people - so remember to stick to your polite negotiating skills) and have a GREAT time!

Country John

By the way - I got an Adelita Bar calendar from Paty#1 after our session - real cool!

12-09-03, 02:38

You said you hooked up with a girl by the name of Anna at AB? Would you mind describing her? Was she petite with a streak of red in her hair? I hooked up with her once and would love to see her again.

12-10-03, 00:33

Sounds like it could be the same girl - petite and
a figure to die for - has a little girl at home.

Good luck and be safe.

Country John
12-12-03, 20:22
Me, Lancelot and Lee Bog (maybe others) are launching Operation AlleyKat in TJ on the 18th. Our ETA is around noon and ETD is between 4:30 - 5PM. Any others expect to be there?

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

TJ Black
12-13-03, 09:25
I was in TJ on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. I was planning on a 2 pop, but I figured I had enough cash for three if I haggled a bit.

I got into Adelita at bout 2pm. There was a pretty good selection with some new faces. I had a couple of beers and was thinking of going over to Tropical when Leticia came up and asked if I remembered her. I’d been with her younger sister Lupita a few times. I asked her if we’d ever gone to the hotel together and she said yes, one time. It must have been a night that I drank too much because I don’t remember it. Anyways, she was looking pretty good, so I offered her $50, she agreed, and we headed upstairs. This girl was amazing. She’s got a little extra meat on her bones, but I like ‘em that way. No deep throat on the oral, but lots of kissing and caressing, any position I wanted, no rush, no fuss, lots of fun.

After that, I went back to the bar and had a couple more beers while watching the place fill up. I took my time making my selection. I decided I wanted some one new. It wasn’t until about 7pm that I finally picked one out. Her name was Anijra or something like that. She had shoulder length blonde hair and an innocent face. She told me she was 20, had a 5-year-old daughter, and had been working there for 3 months. I don’t usually go for blondes, but I was after something different. She also reminded me of a girl I used to work with. We sat at a table, and she was reluctant to let me cop a feel. Finally she let me put a hand on her thigh. Other than that she was pretty friendly, so I decided to go ahead. I offered $50, but she insisted on $60. I was starting to get a bad feeling about her but decided to proceed. Upstairs she would let me touch her too much before having me lie down. She gave pretty good oral, but stayed down at the end of the bed so I couldn’t feel her up. She got on top in reverse cowgirl, which is always good for variety. We did a little doggie before going into missionary. She kept one arm around my neck in a near death grip so I couldn’t move into a kneeling position, just lying down. Finally I managed to lift up a little and she immediately put her hand between us so I couldn’t thrust fully. Getting her to relax seemed like a lost cause, so I pounded my way home.

She really was pretty cute and friendly. With a little more experience, she should relax a little more and be a pretty good provider.

At this point I’d spent a little more than I’d planned and was marginal on having enough cash for a 3rd. So I headed back to the US and grabbed some tacos and Jack in the Crack. But I was still pretty horny, so I hit the ATM and headed back to Adelita. It was around 9pm and the place was packed. I had some beers and wandered around checking out the talent. This girl with shoulder length black hair kept coming up to me and asking to go to the hotel. Her name was Jasmine and she was kind of cute. So I told her I’d go for $40 and she agreed. She was pretty experienced and provided good service, but it wasn’t GFE or anything.

I went back to the bar and found an available barstool at the end of the lower bar near the back dance floor. It was probably close to 11pm and the place was so packed you could barely move. Some girl came up and propositioned me. She was kind of cute but a little on the heavy side. I decided to see how low I could haggle her. I suggested $20 and she immediately countered with $30. I insisted on $20 and she agreed. I had the cash, but I hadn’t really had enough time to recharge so I told her never mind. A super hot girl came up and asked me to buy her a drink. She straddled me and gave me a sort-of lap dance on the barstool. She was wearing a cut off t-shirt, so I slipped my hands under it and felt her nice, firm titties. There was no way this girl was going to go for $20 or $30, so I didn’t bother to haggle and told her no thanks when she started asking if I wanted to go to the hotel.

I crossed back to the US for a second time. I rested in my car for a bit and wondered if I should sleep or drive. I’d been pretty moderate with my drinking and was wide awake so I headed back to LA.

It’d been a long time since I’d been at Adelita on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s certainly something that every monger should experience at least once. Personally I prefer the afternoons. You can talk to the girls more and even the super-hot ones are willing to go to the hotel for less money if you stick to your guns.

I’m interested in meeting some other mongers for day trips, usually Saturday or Sunday afternoons. I prefer to leave LA by 9 or 10 am and be back by 10 pm. I like weekdays also, but I work Monday thru Friday and can’t really take days off very often. I do have the entire week after Christmas off, and am planning on having a 2 or 3 day long blowout, probably staying in a hotel on the US side (though I’m open to staying in Mexico also). Anyone who’s interested in coming along, either for weekend day trips or the big blowout, PM me. I live in the SFV and usually take the 210->605->405->5 route to avoid traffic.

BTW, Jackson, the title of the section is wrong. The name is Adelita Bar, not Adelitas.

12-15-03, 08:08
I have long advocated two hard rules: (1) negotiate services beforehand; and (2) always pay after. Both rules have been gleaned from hard experience. This weekend at AB, my judgment was impaired and I violated both rules with a chica from Guadalajara whose name I regrettably cannot remember. (Perhaps others know her, she had light brown hair with streaks, she said she has a sister who works there, and here name may have had a "fra" in it, like perhaps "biafra"). Horrible experience, a rip off.

We agreed on $50, went to the room. She asked for payment up front, and against all my own experience and advice, I caved. Then, with all the interest and passion of someone performing an assembly line ritual, she proceeds to have me lay down, whereupon she does not touch me and immediately proceeds to try to apply a condom. Two seconds later, she is complaining that I am not becoming aroused fast enough. I tell her to do a cbj. She asks for a tip to do that! Of course, that is an expected part of standard service at AB. I mumble something non-committal. She did a cbj, for approximately 5 seconds. She fiddles around for a little bit and again starts complaining. After a little more of this, I was so pissed off and turned off, I just get up without a word, get dressed and leave.

Lessons re-learned.

TJ Sherpa
12-16-03, 02:55

We need to weed out these rip offs! Try to give as much detail about the girl as possible. Height, hair color/length, skin tone, where she was standing (most girls have their favorite spots), etc, etc. 5h1t like that will not be tolerated!

12-16-03, 23:56

I've had the same exact experience probably with the same girl but I can't remember her name either. Like you said she's dirty blonde from Guadalajara. She spoke very little English and her brunette friend had to translate for her. She was very agressive in the bar grabbing and touching me, but upstairs was a real dissapointment. She asked for the 50 first and then tried to do a lame CBJ for a few seconds then put on a SECOND cover for FS. Needless to say my semi-hardon just disappeared as she was trying to hurry me only 10-15 minutes into the room. She smiled as she left. What a rip!


Boxing Rule 222
12-17-03, 00:42
I agree we need to start a list of name. Well not names because they change their names on a whim. We need to keep a physical list.
Hair + Hair Length:
Chest Size:

One girl is a drink hound
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Weight: 110
Hair + Hair Length: light brown and shoulder length
Eyes: brown
Chest Size: big around 36 c's
Tatoos: none visible
Location: stands in the back of AB near the rear dance floor looking towards the end of the place where the girls strip.
Misc: She wears tight tight blue levi's with white tops.
Time: Wednesday at around 5:00p.m.
She will sit down next to you and before you even say a word she has a waiter bring her a drink. As soon as the waiter puts the drink down (remember I did not order a drink for her) she accidentally knocks it down. The waiter will quickly clean it up and bring another drink. Now he tells me I owe him for two drinks. I had to stand firm and tell him and the girl that i did not want to buy her the first drink nor the second.
She yelled something in spanish and took off. The waiter still wanted his money so I took off to the restroom and moved to another location.

12-17-03, 04:54
Ok, more detail about the rip-off chica mentioned in my post below. Sorry, this is still a bit generic, wish I could remember more detail about her. Light brown curly hair of medium length. Probably about 5'6", nice body. Very light skin tone. She was wearing blue jeans. Fake tits, decent size, maybe about 36c. Stood at the edge of hottie central, by the dance floor back there. I was with her at about 3-4 p.m. on a Saturday. From Guadalajara, said she spends 30 days in TJ and 30 days at home. Has a small child. She talked to a chica she said was her sister, and the sister was shorter with long straight black hair, and looked nothing like her, so may have been a lie.

I watched her for about 45 minutes before I bought her a drink and she had not gone with anyone during that time period.

Next time I go I will try to find out her name. Her conduct was egregious and should not be tolerated. I did not trust my instincts or follow my own rules, and I wasted $61 with her.

Ultimately it reinforces the point that with these girls you have to be firm about expectations and take control. If you do not, they will, and that means subpar service.

12-18-03, 06:29

It does sound like it might have been the same chica. Similar general description and similar modus operandi. After reading my further description, do you still think it may be the same person?

I am still a little annoyed about the experience, although I shouldn't be because one has to let stuff like this roll off one's back and it is part of the game, really. But, you know, some chicas just are not into what they are doing and so maybe service reflects that. That is one thing, but this chica is simply ripping people off.

Plasma Spray
12-18-03, 08:21
Asian Shark, DUDE!

Feb. 14th is Valentine's Day!

I might join you on the trip to Taco land if I can get off early though!

But what a life we lead, man!

Boxing Rule 222
12-18-03, 09:12
I think it is the same chica let hope fellow mongers listen to our advice.

Country John
12-18-03, 16:10
One thing is for sure, some of these chicas are very very skilled at taking advantage of our vulnerabilities. Pussy control.

Operation AlleyKat is on for today. Me and a few fellow mongerers are going to try to intelligently work the alley - I mean thinking with the right head. Look for our post and wish us luck!

Mutha Foo
12-19-03, 02:39

Good luck on your mission. I hope you meet your quota. Give us some stats when you get back.


12-20-03, 07:00
Greetings mongers.

Have been going ZN since this last summer. Adelitas Bar is a cool place. The city has been upgrading the streets an sidewalks. Almost looks like The Gas Lamp in San Diego, altho I'm sure SD's fathers would not appreciate the comparison.

By the way, anyone been with a lady called Maricela. An older gal, around 40 with a mole near her left eye brow. Speaks some english. Got a little extra weight, long hair streaked blonde, sometimes pulled back in a small pony tail. Has a great kiss. I am enclosing a pic. Any you gents can tell me anything interesting about her? Would appreciate the feed back.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid future delays, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. This practice works for millions of people every day. Thanks!

12-21-03, 10:40
Was back at AB last night. I learned that the name of the rip-off chica discussed in my posts below is Livier. I even had it spelled for me by one of the other chicas. Livier speaks poor English, so it can be difficult to understand her name when she says it. But it is worth paying attention in order to avoid this chica if she comes your way.

Mutha Foo
12-21-03, 20:21
That is so funny! I was at AB last night and was siting with Livier. She wanted me to buy her a drink and I said okay but before the waiter came back I told her that I had to go to the bathroom and never went back. BTW does anybody here know, Lulu, Leticia or Connie? Can any of ya mongers recommend.


TJ Sherpa
12-21-03, 23:43
Good job Irishman.

12-22-03, 19:07
Mutha Foo -

Regarding Connie (about 5'3", light skin, page-boy blonde, freckles across bridge of nose): She was real nice, easy to talk to, and didn't hussle me for drinks. She isn't my type, but she was so friendly and has such a cute, innocent face, I took her upstairs. The service and attitude were good and she tried real hard. However, the small flap-jack tits and big ass (with a tatto of her son's name - Edgar), that she disguises nicely with her choice of clothing and push-up bra, didn't do it for me. Again, she tries hard to please and stayed to clean me up after I finished, which seems to be the exception rather than the rule these days.

12-23-03, 06:57

Yes. Livier is difinitely the same girl who had a friend with long black hair. She might have given me a different name.

She and her friend sat with me and my friend. She starts flirting with me by carressing my crotch and her friend does the translating because Livier can't speak English.

She's a con artist to be avoided. -J1

12-24-03, 18:05
Mutha Foo,

Does Leticia have braces? On the tall side? On a previous post I mistakenly reffered to her as Veronica, if it is the same girl, she is very hot in the sack, the girl I am reffering to is about 6-7 in looks and a little on the shy side, but one of the sweetest ladies I have met in TJ.

12-25-03, 12:16
Hey guys,

All the info has been great so far! I am making my 1st TJ visit in a couple of days. I still have a few questions to make sure I get all this stuff correct. I'm sure most of these questions you have already heard millions of times, but thank you for the info!

I'm taking a taxi from the border to Adelitas Bar. Is it correct to sit in the front?

On return trip, are there Taxi's right in front of the bar to take back to the border? If not, where are they. What is "border" in spanish or what do I need to say to get there? $5 dollar ride, is it norm to tip? A regular taxi is different than taxi libre?

How late are there taxi's available to return to the border?

If I just walk around the club instead of sitting at a booth will I still get slapped with suprise $7 dollar drinks for girls?

Since I am not walking, is it safe to carry all cash with me in a normal fashion or do I need to split it up in case of a "conflict"?

I hear a lot about what the girls wear, but we do you guys wear? casual? nice..super nice...dress down?

Thanks Again!


Sterling V
12-25-03, 21:08
>>I'm taking a taxi from the border to Adelitas Bar. Is it correct to sit in the front?

Sit in the back. In the event of a collision you'll be cushioned by the drivers crumpled body.

>>Are there Taxi's right in front of the bar to take back to the border?

Yes, they are always right out front.

>>What is "border" in spanish?

La Linea (pronounced Lineeuh)

>>$5 dollar ride, is it norm to tip?

$5.00 will get you to the border. No need to pay more.

>>A regular taxi is different than taxi libre?

Yes, taxi libre is cheaper...but not as plentiful. Also, they won't be in front of the clubs.

>>How late are there taxi's available to return to the border?

24 Hours...never a shortage.

>>If I just walk around the club instead of sitting at a booth will I still get slapped with suprise $7 dollar drinks for girls?

Chica drinks cost the same no matter where you are in the club.

>>Since I am not walking, is it safe to carry all cash with me in a normal fashion or do I need to split it up in case of a "conflict"?

Split it up.

>>I hear a lot about what the girls wear, but we do you guys wear? casual? nice..super nice...dress down?

A jock strap and a bow tie. Seriously, jeans or khakis are fine. A clean shirt is always appreciated too. Leave you Armani suit and Rolex at home.

12-25-03, 22:34

Always sit in the front seat.
Taxis run 24 hours a day.
La Linea (the line) is the a good term for the border.
Split your cash up. Never let anybody see all the you have. Cops, ladies, drinking buddies, etc.
Dress casual. You will get better service from the ladies if you are clean. Do not wear your Tux. Leave your Jewelry in the USA.


Lee Bog
12-26-03, 07:49

Unfortunately no one can be told how TJ is. You have to see it for yourself.

But I recommend you look clean & neat but dress down. Look nice for the girls but not for the scammers. I've seen a previous post (besides mine) where someone said they stood out & they became a target for rip-off artists. I had a long sleeve collar shirt, slacks, casual black shoes, something you might see in an office, & it stands out. Bottom line: if someone starts calling after you, ignore them, just keep walking. They will keep calling you till you turn your head, but don't do it! Pretend you don't understand their language, whatever.

I like to split up my money in groups & have a lot of dollar bills in case I have to make it look like I'm forking over everything I have. Ok, may be more trouble than it's worth but it helped me one time. And it's good to have change cuz sometimes the girl, taxi, etc won't give you change & they'll just expect you to give it to them as a tip.

For a newbie, take taxis everywhere when it's nighttime, especially around the Zona. Read Brockton O Toole's TJ Guide in the TJ Table of Contents for the Safety Alert section. It'll tell you the danger roads, corners, etc.

Be safe.
We have shown you the border. Now you have to cross it. Free your loins.

Country John
12-27-03, 00:49
Lee Bog:

Excellent advice. I went to TJ in smart casual business atire and was hounded by everything that moved in the Alley. Later, I dressed clean casual and noticed the difference. I though that being well dressed would impress the girls and maybe it did to a point but you are right in that being neat and CLEAN is all that's required. Dressing up is like wearing a bulls eye on your back.

My favorite trick for avoiding the con artists is to pretend I'm on my cel phone - seems to work real well.

I try to carry a sufficient number of 10's and 20's to have separate bundles for each trick. That way I'm not showing my wad, just shooting it.

I drive across and park around the corner from AB, never had a problem but a newbe or anyone not used to the area should take the cab option. I travel to TJ a lot on bisiness so it's no big thing for me. It could be for the anyone who has no previous experience driving in Mexico.

Be Safe and BE NICE
Country John

Mr Speed
12-29-03, 07:14
Beware YENI

Hair + Hair Length: long black hair
Chest Size:on the big C the "best Tits" I have ever seen at AB
Tatoos: hmmmm top of ass
Location: mainly front also do dances
MISC: Very Fu$#*king hot

Yah She's hot, forgot never go for the hot one but couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Idiot me could've see it coming when she said she dosen't like to hold hand. Went up for 50 second in room bamm her cloth comes off lied on her back she didn't even ride me sigh.... no worm up. Complain to finish fast geeze i'm not superman. it takes time man. She was hot but it was kinda screwing a first timer with no paitent .

On yah there is a drug on teh market that is 3 times as strong as viagra Called cyelim or somethign like it. Anybody tried it? feedbacks.

Mr Speed
12-29-03, 07:21
oh yah
I took my buddy there he had a girl standingnex to the mens bathroom . She wears tub top and short skirts. On complaints . He said her pussy was TOO tight . I was like WTF u talkign about.
Yah he was sorethat how tight. Look for her if you want. Great body skinny tanned

12-29-03, 17:21
this is my first post. i am a total newbie at both visiting mexico and visiting prostitutes. i recently moved to sd, so figured i would check tj out. to take pressure off, i decided to not hook up with a girl this trip, just check the scene out. went to ab last sat afternnoon. just followed instructions read here on wsg. parked in lot on us side, walked across border and got cab to ab. everyone quoted $5 plus tip. after very convoluted ride, where i lost my sense of direction, we pulled up to ab. paid $6. got out and walked in around 1pm. place was very crowded. a dancer was just finishing up. a waiter immediately came asking me if i wanted a drink. i don't drink, so order a coke which came in a glass not much bigger than a shot glass all for $2.75. sheeesh. decided to nurse that for all its worth. just stood around, sat at bar stools, for next 3 hrs, checking scene out.

next dancer did not appear for about 2 hr so it got kind of boring after a while. place cleared somewhat of guys. there was a lot of locals there. noticed that if i kept glass in hand, even if empty, waiter would not ask me if i wanted a drink. was amazed to find so many (about 6) drop dead gorgeous sexy young cuties there in addition to usual assortment of good looking, average looking, and not so good looking girls. am definitely looking forward to next trip. i was approached by about 6 girls, but none who i would have choosen. they all very friendly. noticed that the way to do it is just go up to a girl and start talking. everybody i came in contact with, in and outside of ab spoke enough english to get by. out of boredom i said yes to one girl who approached me and asked me to buy her a drink ($7). she draped herself over me and we talked. after declining to buy her a 3rd drink, saying i needed to go, we parted with a hug. finally as i was leaving, one dancers started up again. one dancer had the most sexy looking breasts i have ever seen, so i stood by dance floor with $5 in my hand, and she came over and let my rub my face in those fantastic mounds. i left the place feeling like i owned it and looking forward to return.

took cab back, $6. then it took 1 hour from when i got into line to cross border to when i got in my car. and it was cold, so take your jackets, of both kinds ;-)

so for you newbies, i would definitely recommend doing it like i did it if you live close enough to tj. first trip, just check it out. takes the pressure off.

i found directions on web about walking from border to ab. will do that next time.

so i have some questions:
1. do you have to buy a drink at ab? i hate paying #2.75 for a thimble full of coke.
2. in evenings, are there more dancers than 1 every 2 hours? or maybe what i experienced was just because of the holiday season.
3. and this is the question i really want to know. whats the best way to arrange for the room upstairs for longer than 1/2 hour. when i do it, i like to extend things out as long as possible before popping. 1/2 hr is just too short of a time. how is the girl going to react? will she want more $$.

many thanks to cj and all others posting info here. it helped me a lot to get up courage to go to tj. i agree with most of what cj has said. treat everyone good.

i hope to return next sat, if weather holds up. will report on what happens.

Country John
12-29-03, 19:47
thought i'd scan through the posts to summarize the who what and where as described by the members. this summary appears below and goes back to the beginning of the catagory. i've included the member and date of the post in case you want to read the entire individual post.

mr. speed - 12/28/03
beware yeni

hair + hair length: long black hair
chest size the big c the "best tits" i have ever seen at ab
tatoos: hmmmm top of ass
location: mainly front also do dances
misc: very fu$#@king hot

mutha foo -various posts
connie...32 y.o.,
service 8, attitude 8, looks 5.
claudia...23 y.o. (always found by the mens room),
service 6, attitude 5, looks 10.
maria (always found by the men's room)...30 y.o.,
service 9, attitude 9, looks 5.
lulu (always has a red dress on)...30 y.o.,
service 9, attitude 10, looks 6.
nirvana 28 y.o. (tatoo of sun on her stomach)
service 7, attitude 7, looks 7.
pati..(looks like celine dion) 30 y.o.,
service 9, attitude 10, looks 7.
gloria (blond hair, cute, by the mens room) 26 y.o.,
service 7, attitude 7, looks 7.
norma (26 y.o.) - 5' 1" big tits (small frame, small ass). attitude 7, service 9, looks 8.
lorena (28 y.o.) - 5' 6" (medium frame, great body) attitude 8, service 6, looks 9.
esther (21 y.o.) - 5' 4" (medium frame, beautiful body) attitude 6, service 7, looks 10.
also, had claudia (5 6" big tits, cute face, straight black hair, 23 y.o.) but service was bad (not her fault) cuz she was #4 for me and i just couldn't get it done. i was starving and very tired.
from 12/08
then i met patricia (no not pati). she was 5'7 blond hair, slutty face, hot porno style body. charges $60. i was sitting there with a friend and she wanted to go upstairs with the both us. i had no interest in seeing my buddy naked so i went upstairs with her alone. she was a complete **** and did anal. she made incrdible moans and kept saying "fuck my ass". she was a complete ****. this girl is highly recommended. looks 8, service 10, attitude 10. afterwards, she came back down and had a couple of drinks with me. i spent about $100 on patricia but i drank most of it. i also saw a girl name yvonne (blond hair, big ass, 36c tits) who was okay but charged only $50.

randy one - 12/08
met anna, nice figure and seemed nice - showed me upstairs for 40 plus normal room fee. real short cbj (had own cover which was lubricated - can't blame her) and then daty. finished with fs and her asking for a massage - loved running my hands over that body.

boxing rule 222 - 12/16/03:
one girl is a drink hound
height: 5 ft 2 in
weight: 110
hair + hair length: light brown and shoulder length
eyes: brown
chest size: big around 36 c's
tatoos: none visible
location: stands in the back of ab near the rear dance floor looking towards the end of the place where the girls strip.
misc: she wears tight tight blue levi's with white tops.
time: wednesday at around 5:00p.m.
she will sit down next to you and before you even say a word she has a waiter bring her a drink. as soon as the waiter puts the drink down (remember i did not order a drink for her) she accidentally knocks it down. the waiter will quickly clean it up and bring another drink. now he tells me i owe him for two drinks. i had to stand firm and tell him and the girl that i did not want to buy her the first drink nor the second.

tj black - 12/12/03
leticia - i offered her $50, she agreed, and we headed upstairs. this girl was amazing. she’s got a little extra meat on her bones, but i like ‘em that way. no deep throat on the oral, but lots of kissing and caressing, any position i wanted, no rush, no fuss, lots of fun.
anijra - i offered $50, but she insisted on $60. i was starting to get a bad feeling about her but decided to proceed. upstairs she would let me touch her too much before having me lie down. she gave pretty good oral, but stayed down at the end of the bed so i couldn’t feel her up. she got on top in reverse cowgirl, which is always good for variety.
jasmine :she was kind of cute. so i told her i’d go for $40 and she agreed. she was pretty experienced and provided good service, but it wasn’t gfe or anything.

leebog 12/07:
malena in adelita
dec 6, 2003, saturday 4 pm
looks 8, service 7, attitude 8
slim, 5'3" in heels, dark skin, black hair, faint stretch marks on stomach?
area near men's room, g-string bikini with see-thru wrap skirt
talks dirty during sex
30 mins $50, room $11

be safe and be nice
country john

01-03-04, 23:18
I made my visit to Adelitas Bar and here is my report. Thanks again guys for the info.

I had myself a 3 pop and it was ok.

I dont have any names, but the experience was the same for all 3 girls. All three of the girls were great looking but they wanted it done FAST. It was a Saturday night from rougly 5pm to 8 pm, was crowded, but shit, I can only take so much nagging to finish quick.

I got none to go for $40, 50 was cheapest and I bardered for quite a while with numerous women.

When I took the third girl upstairs, I was literally in her for maybe 7 seconds and she already started saying "Finish..Finish..come on baby Finish". WTF is that? Not worth the $$.

The cab driver on the way there told me of his experiences in Adelitas and he reccomended other places such as the massage parlors for same price and not hurried. I figured he was giving me the business so say some of you on here, but he was legit.

Those girls are soo worried about getting back down to the floor that it was kinda gay honestly. I was in Jaurez last year and it was not like that at all. I could take my whole 30 mins with NO hurry, any position, much better. But this is just my opinion.

Maybe at the extreme slow times is the best to goto Adelitas cause the reality that 5 guys an hour are slamming these girls is kinda not kewl.

01-04-04, 19:11

The first negative factor that gave you this experience is the day you went to AB. Weekends are the busiest at the Zona. Had you gone on a weekday, your story would probably be totally different.

Your bargaining power with the chicas disappear on weekends because they can see a lot of Gringos who are hungry for them. They have the power to drop any guy at any moment because they can easily find another amorous, heavy $$$ pockets lover in the crowd.

As soon as you are able, try visiting on a weekday. Otherwise, pick a weekend that is not too close to American holidays.

My 2 cents.

TJ Sherpa
01-04-04, 21:14

Also, talk to the girls in the bar for awhile. If she's in a big hurry to go up chances are once you're up there she'll be in a big hurry to get back down. Cut those loose! Generally, get a feel for the chica.

01-10-04, 06:01
I went last week. Had a fantastic time.

Went with Nancy: Cute girl, black hair with blond streaks, tight stomach, large (man-made) breasts. When we got upstairs it turns out she has scars (burns?) over big parts of her body which were covered--including her right breast. The scars disappeared when she turned out the lights. Nice girl. She gave oral until she was sweating. I've never seen someone work so hard for it. Sex was good too.

2nd trip was with Mary Ann: Darker skin, bleached hair. Body to DIE for. Best breasts I've ever seen. Large, firm ass. Several guys patted me on the back was Mary Ann and I left to go upstairs. Dirty mouth on this girl. She was probably in a hurry, but I didn't notice. She was HOT! I got off fast. No physical imperfections that I could tell.

Question: Following the FAQ on this site, I stayed at the Days Inn by the border. It's a 20 minute walk to Mexico, or spotty service each way on the US side. Is there something closer that anyone would recommend? Obviously, my only interest is getting back and forth to the border as much as possible--but I don't want to get ripped off.

01-20-04, 09:01
Had another great time at Adelitas.

Alejandra. Easily the hottest woman there. Hottest woman I've ever been with too. Massive man-made boobs, supermodel face, tight stomach, legs. Black hair with blong highlights. She wore a tight red dress with a low front that exposed a shoulder. $60 for her $11 for the room. She was getting constant attention. During our trip she showed me a very nice time. Highlight: she deep throats. I'd never experienced that before. Lots of good sex in all positions. Very clean and sterile as always. One downer: her breasts are too hard.

Clara. Clara is my new favorite. Beautiful face. Huge, soft boobs. Tight stomach. Straight black hair. $50 for her. She has ever so slightly larger, J-Lo hips that are firm and tight. Very passionate session. Definitely a GFE. I had a hard time cumming, so we went on and on and on. I was ready to give up, but she wouldn't hear it. She layed down on her stomach, and squeezed her ass cheeks when I pumped into her. It was like heaven. Her ass cheeks held my dick in an iron grip and then she let go. One problem: at one point her ass actually grabbed the condom right off me. Even though I was rock hard. Holy shit. Great sex.

I keep planning to experiment with fat girls, small girls, exotic girls, etc., but always end up going with the porn star types. Without exception these girls:

1. Wear too much makeup on their face.
2. Wash only their pussy in the sink when they're done.
3. Never complain about how hard, fast I go.
4. Never allow face/body painting.
5. Never allow BBBJ.
6. Suck better cock (skills!) than any girlfriend I've ever had.
7. Leave after I cum.
8. Never sit with me or anyone else in the club before or after the sex.
9. Never allow me to finish the session without cumming.
10. Always have/use lube.
11. Turn off the lights.
12. Demand the money up front.

Personally, I think the pictures people post on this board are misleading. I would never sleep with those women. The hot girls at Adelitas look just like porn stars.

Rico Cafe
01-23-04, 20:38
I have a chance to visit Tijuana tonight....how exactly do I navigate the area if I walk across? Where do you park in San Ysidro?
I know it's probably the busiest night but its the only night I have available so i want to make the most of it!
I know there will be a lot of competition for the best senoritas but any tips will be appreciated!
Are there taxis that can just take me to AB and CC?
What about the best massage place?
I appreciate any info and check the mexicali posts to see the kind of info I post there.

01-25-04, 04:10

Thanks for the info on the alley, I will be heading down to AB with a TJ virgin. Should be fun seeing the look on his face when we walk in the door! Will post the details tomorrow.

Happy hunting.

Be Cool

Fishin Dude
01-29-04, 22:05
Long time reader, first time poster.

After visiting AMPs in Orange County, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even Philidelphia, I got curious about T.J. After reading the informative posts here, I decided to make a run for the border.

Headed down on a Tuesday afternoon getting to the last USA exit (Camino de la Plaza?) around 3:00 pm. I went straight at the light and parked in the lot next to a large store called “Ueta?” (it's an export duty-free shop). Don't worry if you can't find this exact lot as it appears there are many lots available. The daily cost is $7.00 and you pay afterwards.

Walked on foot towards the border. You will go through two sets of turnstiles. Just walk straight and don't make any turns. You will see a large sign that says taxis about 500 yards from the first turnstile. It was no problem finding a cab as the drivers are standing there waiting for you.

If this is your first time in Mexico (which it wasn't for me), try and give the impression you visit Mexico all the time and are a regular. Walk confidently, purposefully, and speak clearly. Spanish is preferred, but English will do as long as you are confident. At least learn a few Spanish phrases and courtesies (see examples in this post).

As you approach the cab, agree to a price before hand. “Cinco dollares para Adelita?” ($5 for Adelita?) The driver agreed without a fuss both ways. When you get in the cab, sit in the front seat. This is not for safety, but the local custom. Remember, you are trying to fit in. It'll be about 10 minutes to get to Adelita's depending on traffic, which is always. The driver may chit chat during the drive asking you where you're from, if this is your first time to T.J., if you're staying long, etc. Simply be polite and respond with generalities. As long as he doesn't press for details, relax. Most Mexicans are just friendly.

The driver should drop you off right in front of the Adelita Bar. There might even be some gentleman standing outside the bar that will open the cab door for you. This is normal and a simple courtesy. Pay the driver and say thank you, "Gracias amigo" (Thank you, friend). Go through the red velvet curtains and into the bar. Removing your sunglasses before you are inside will help.

After your eyes adjust, behold the large number of beautiful sexy scantily-clad women. I'm not sure if this is what heaven is like, but I won't be disappointed if it is!! While waiting to adapt to the darkness, I got a Corona from the bar for $3 and strolled around the area. I tried not making eye contact for too long with any of the girls because I was still "shopping" and not ready to "commit". While I was sucking down my beer, I spent a couple of bucks tipping the topless dancers on the floor. I simply sat on the backrest of a booth and let the girls rub their tits in my face (best bucks I ever spent).

After I was done drinking my beer, I decided it was time to make a choice. Talk about a tough decision!! $hit, all of life's decisions should be this enjoyable. I finally fixated on a cute little thing smiling at me. I walked over and started talking to her. Speaking Spanish isn't required, but is welcomed warmly and makes you appear like a regular. Sorry if my spelling is off - I speak Spanish better than I can write it:

Me: "Hola, como estas?" (Hello, how are you?)
Her: "Bien, y tu" (Fine, and you?)
Me: "Muy bien, gracias" (Very good, thank you.)
Her: "Como te llamas?" (What's your name?)
Me: "Me llamo, xxxx. Y tu?" (My name is xxxx. And you?)
Her: Perla (petite body, dark skin, perky little tits)
Me: "Mucho gusto" (Glad to meet you)
Her: "Mucho gusto. Adonde vives?" (Glad to meet you. Where are you from?)
Me: "San Diego" (not really, but like she really cares)
Her: "Soy de Mexico City" (I'm from M.C.)

After a few minutes, she asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I asked her how much, “Cuanto questa?”. She started out asking for $60, I countered with $40, and we agreed on $50.

You will actually leave the bar through the front door (sunglasses back on during the day) and make two quick lefts into another doorway and walk up to the 2nd floor. At the counter, she will request the room (and her bag which they hold for her) and then ask you for the money, "Once dollares." ($11) I gave them $15 and asked for change (shouldn't have spend all those singles on the dancers). They gave me $4 in change and I tipped one back.

We walked around a few corners and headed into a little room. It had a bed and a bathroom. Not exactly the Hyatt, but it was clean. I brought condoms, but she had plenty of her own. Perla took her time primping herself in front of the mirror, so I passed the time fondling her from behind (gotta stay busy). She asked for the $50 up front, which after some debate, I reluctantly agreed to. Next time, I’ll settle this in the bar before hand, “Te pago despues.” (I’ll pay you after.)

Once Perla got undressed, she was pretty much straight to business, but I wouldn’t exactly call it rushed. She started with a BJ while I fondled her little B-sized tits although she did draw the line at me putting my lips anywhere on them (there went her tip). We started, and finished, off in missionary position. After a few minutes, she asked if I wanted to try doggy-style, but told her I was good and continued pounding her, so she laid back again and shut her mouth (good girl). I would rate her a 7 looks, 6 body, 5 service.

After we were done, she jumped in the shower while I toweled off and got dressed. I felt a little weird just sitting there waiting for her to get dressed (I guess chicks are slow in ALL countries), but after she was ready, she gave me a hug and kiss and we left the place. A young man will be waiting outside to clean the room. Tip him a buck. I would have walked Perla back into the bar, but I had to be somewhere else, so we parted on the sidewalk and I caught a cab back to the border, “La linea”.

The border checkpoint is a brown edifice with dark windows that looks so utilitarian and unimaginative, it has to be a government building. You will pass through a metal detector and have any bags, jackets, etc. x-rayed ala airport style. Make sure you don’t have anything you shouldn’t. After the security screening, get in line for customs. If you’re a regular white boy American, a driver’s license should be plenty of ID. Answer a few questions like how long you were in Mexico, what are you bringing back, etc.

After that, you are clear. Head out the exit, make two sharp right turns, and walk up the ramp structure leading to the overhead pedestrian bridge. Once you descend on the other side, you should be just outside the turnstiles you passed to get into Mexico. Remember where you parked and come back soon.

A little Spanish for the interested. Helps prevent SGS (Stupid Gringo Syndrome):

$40 – Cuarenta dollares
$50 – Cincuenta dollars
$60 – Sesenta dollars
$70 – Setenta dollars (you shouldn’t be paying this for anything)
“Would you like to go upstairs?” – Te gusta-ira arriba? (She will probably be the one asking this)
“Do you have change for $15?” – Tienes cambia para quince (keen-seh) dollares? (came in handy at the hotel)
“For you” – Para tu. (Used when tipping)
“Goodbye” – Adios.

01-30-04, 18:06
As a new day-time convert to TJ (former night only monger), here’s the data on my day visit of 1/28/04.

- Long dark hair, brown eyes, lt brown skin
- 5’5”, 110 lbs
- Very thin waist, flat/hard stomach and beautiful muscle tone
- Fake C cup titties
- No tattoos, but has braces
- Says she’s from Mazatlan
- Claims to have only been working for 3 months
- Was standing under the big screen against the back wall, between the two bars

She offered service at $60, I countered with $40 and she acted offended. Dickered back and forth for a few minutes. She was so damn hot I settled at $55 (I must be losing my negotiating skills).

Killer hard body on the thin side. Had to be the best doggie I’ve had in eons - she really knows how to arch her back. The only downside is that her fake tits are a little hard. Other than that, I highly recommend.

01-31-04, 00:56

Unlike Mexicali, the San Ysidro area is littered with secure parking lots, you can't miss them.

02-01-04, 02:47
Hi Guys,

My first time mongering in TJ did not go well yesterday afternoon. I will not go into the details of the club since it's been well documented. The provider of shitty service was named Paola. She's blonde, 20, has braces, was wearing a red/white/blue bikini top, and has a smokin body.

In the 4 years I've been mongering, she's easily the worst chica I've been with. I quickly got tired of her telling me what to do, telling me not to bang her hard, manipulating the positions so I couldn't touch her, and putting her fingers between my cock and her pussy. After a couple of minutes of this shit, I ripped off the jimmy and started to get dressed. She was angered asking me what was wrong. I said "your service sucks! You should find another business to be in such as a secretary." She did not find this humorous. She told me to take it easy mentioning policia. Keep in mind, I was not yelling at her or making obscene gestures. She specifically chose a room where there were a couple of dudes were close by. As I was dressing she called for them thru the window. I walked out of the room as I was getting my shirt on. They could see I was not happy. I gave them my "don't fuck with me" look which is universally understood and they didn’t.

Looking back on what happened, I have no one to blame but myself. For some reason, I ignored all the signs of bad service that I usually pay attention too. I rarely go for the hot chicks at the clubs because they usually give the worst service. Part of the problem at this club is the inability to make small talk with the girls. It’s hi how ya doing now buy me a drink or let’s go upstairs. Another problem was I couldn’t remember the girls that were recommended on this site.

Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. Conversely, my buddy was there just to observe. He spotted a cutie named Carmen and couldn’t resist. His story had a much happier ending. Paola has and incredible body but don’t get sucked into getting service from this girl.

On a bright note, the beers were only $2.75.



ChiMan II
02-01-04, 10:58

I think I was with the same girl. Does she have fake tits? When I was with her I paid $60. I was disappointed when she undressed because I like natural breasts. Anyway, she gave good service and did what I wanted. If I knew she had fake tits I would of picked someone else.

Let me know,


C Cube Lover
02-01-04, 14:36
Hey Judd,

Sorry to hear about your unhappy incident at Adelita. I had the same BAD experience yesterday afternoon. Her name I believed is Mary and she has a very pretty face. Initially she asked for 70 and I insisted 50 and walk away. Couple of minutes later she walked back to me and agreed on 50 including kissing.

At the counter where I pay for the room she happened to placed her hand there and I noticed her finger nail was dirty. My guy feeling tells me that this is a bad sign. Anyway, after we got to the room, she insisted that I pay first ( mistake on my part since I should have negotiated before hand) and after we got undressed she pretended her kissing is NEVER part of the deal. I relented and we proceeded to have sex in missionary position. At that moment I detected a very unpleasant odor like she just went to the bathroom without wiping her butt. Anyway, I got dress and left as soon as I can.

Question to the experienced mongers; can I got my money back for my room ($11) if the girl change her mind in terms of service like kissing BEFORE we get undress??
Second question, do I have pay her if she smell bad after we get undress but before we have sex; assuming that I haven't her before hand.

Any information is greatly appreciated; I am greatful to the guys here in this forum who contributed so much information to make our experience in TJ a pleasant one, albeit not all the time.


Mutha Foo
02-01-04, 20:30
Judd, Sorry to hear about the bad service but you should always sit down with the chica beforehand and get to know her. If she is cold downstairs then she will be cold upstairs. If the girl lets you touch her downstairs or better yet lets you stick your finger in her pussy (or something like that), the time upstairs will be good. There was one girl (Gloria, blonde hair, 26 y.o. by the men's room) told me that she didn't like her tits sucked, I said see ya later. And guess what, she sat alone the ENTIRE night cuz everybody knew that her service SUCKED. Not all hot looking chicas will show you a bad time, you just need to conduct the interview downstairs. Always buy the chica beer/tequila and see if she let's you touch her in the right places then you will know she's into it. Better luck next time,


02-02-04, 05:36
C Cube L,

Once you pay the room and exchange money with the girl it will be extremely hard to get any of it back. I have not heard of anyone with such luck. If you force the issue you might have to deal with the TJ friendly cops wich will try to shake you down for every cent they can get. It is buyers beware. Better luck and selection skills next time.

02-02-04, 09:55

Just like every other monger on the planet, I also have had less than perfect service from a chica. But I would say my biggest problem isn't with the chicas so much as the room cleaning boys. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but every time I'm with a chica the dumbass cleaning boy knocks on the door 10 minutes early! Every damn time! It irritates the hell out of me. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and if anyone knows the best way to get all of the time that you pay for.

I have thought of getting a room for a night down there, but I heard that you have to barfine the girls if you don't take care of business in their hotel. I have had the best service from the bar girls and they are the ones that I'd want in my own room.

My spanish is very limited, so it may just be a communication problem with the cleaning boy. I don't know. Anyways gents, thanks for your help and happy hunting!

02-02-04, 10:39
Last week I was in TJ, at Adalitas, and was rapping with a fellow American about the girls. I know I've scolded several guys here about paying more than $50. Well, this guy gives me shit about paying more than $40! Of course, I'm thinking the girls that take $40 must be nasty, but he insists not. Of course, we all know the really HOT ones give shitty service anyways. Well, I agree to give what he is saying a shot. Damn, if he wasn't right. I saw one chick and she said 60, I said 40, and she walked away. The other one I saw settled for the 40. Nice big tits, too. She was good enough, and I am somewhat choosey. Then, later that evening, I grabbed another one out of Miami Bar for $40. I've done that before out of that bar, but still, it shows that even 50 is too much. Don't pay it guys!

Lastly, if you've noticed, the exchange rate has been going up. What this means is that for each dollar you give, they get more pesos! An artificial raise for them if you will. So, this last time, I exchanged a few bills at the border. Once up in the room, after we agreed to $40, I gave 400 pesos! Yes, they both took it. Easy to do, just give them two 200;s and say that is all you have. So, I actually paid only approximately $36 then for each!

Give it a shot guys, $40 then pay them 10 to 1 in pesos. They WILL TAKE IT.


ChiMan II
02-03-04, 00:33
C cube lover,

Once the girl has your money it is not yours anymore. If you call the police they would probally give you the hard time trying to take money away from one of his cousins. In TJ in go in don't cause trouble and get out. By the way prostitution is not legal in TJ. It is accepted but not legal. I didn't like the feel there last month. I refuse to go back to TJ until all them cops go back into their holes.


Rico Cafe
02-03-04, 18:04
She sounds like the Paris Hilton look a like I rented from Adelitas a couple of weeks ago.
She was good looking (smelled fine by the way) but to rate her in
two words: Lousy service.
I posted it in the Tijuana section.

02-03-04, 23:16

i've had the same sh*tty service from Paola ... twice! the first time was Dec 02, then again in Jun 03.

i didn't even realize she was the same girl until she tried to use the same scam on me. she told me i could cum twice. well, after the first nut, she's out the door. the service, while short, was actually pretty good. i think she was still pretty new at the time, since she was into the sex (or at least faked being into it).

the second time, i at least got the full time, but the service was crap. Paola was only interested in getting the session done so she could find another customer. while she wasn't a starfish, she barely put any effort or interest into the session (like she had the first time). she kept trying to use her hand to keep me from penetrating her all the way. after i told her to stop, she finally let up and i pretty much got to do what i wanted until time was up.

when i returned to the bar, i saw Paola working some poor, half-drunk guy over with the two-girl routine. i definitely knew it then: SHARK!

and like you said, i also ignored all the signs of potential bad service, 'cause she was hot! if she is very businesslike downstairs and demands money up front, these are both excellent signs of bad service upstairs!


Rico Cafe
02-04-04, 01:44

That was the same girl I had Friday night the 23rd, your post reminded me that her name was Paola (I had somehow missed that in Judd's post) and the service was horrible!!

After paying for the room she literally sprinted to the room so that I had to practically run to keep up with her and then she just went through the motions, tried to fake me out with the hand and false penetration bit and then that was when I just decided to overpower her and f**k her good, my style.

I'm the type of guy who always tries to please the lady since I take satisfaction in that but after she tried to rip me off with the hand stunt I didn't care whether she liked it or not so I just used my muscle (within reason of course) to power drive her until I was done. I didn't really enjoy it and I would never even consider her again.

But she did look good.


Mutha Foo
02-04-04, 04:43
Has anyone tried the tall hot looking black haired girl. She has a porno style body and always found standing in hottie central. I can assume service from her would be terrible. The service from the hot ones always is.

Late Night
02-05-04, 00:10
Ok guys here my report for Tuesday.

Took off from work and just decided to relax and enjoy the day. Went to the ATM, took out some money and jumped on the 405 Freeway from Los Angeles.

Got there in less than 2 hours, I think most people on the freeway knew I was in hurry for something important. Got to the border around 2:30 pm. Drove with my car to my favorite/safe lot and parked my car.

While I have been to TJ many many times on busy nights like Saturday or Friday nights, I thought I would have a better time during the weekday and during the day.

Visisted Mexico Lindo, and there was no action. Took the cab (of course, Libre) to the Zona. Visited Chicago around 3:00pm and there was maybe two or three girls with maybe couple of customers. Went to Adelita and I was shocked by the amount of girls during the time. Now here is the interesting part, most girls were trying to find customers. Unlike the busy fast Saturday nights where the girls have many customers to choose from. It was total opposite. There were many times that I had to turn down girls' offers and I could see that most of them were trying to catch my attention. I loved it!

Went to the alley and saw a cute girl. Price $20 for the chica and $5 for the room. The price was very good so I got my feet wet with. I negotiated a CBJ with the price.

Went back to Adelita and found the special girl. She came up to me and said "you want to go upstairs?" Then I replied "30 minutes is not really my thing". She countered with 60 minutes while the price was not mentioned. I told her I like to spend more than 1 hour with her and she said it would be a little extra than regular $60. Her price for 1 hour was $80! Vamanos to the room.

Went upstairs and paid for 1 hour. Took a room all the way in the back so those hombres would leave us alone. Asked here if she was fan of 420 and she said that she was dying to smoke some. Rolled her a fat joint and smoked it together while we got ready to get down.

Started the finnest BBBJ I have seen in a long time. Sucked about 15 minutes and asked if I was ready to go inside. "you are clean, I want you without a condom!" Then I said "Mija, lets play it safe!"

So went on for 30 minutes or so in almost every position you can think of. Busted a huge load, then after maybe a minute she said "its my turn to come!". Started the BBBJ again for another 15 minutes and then another condom and another 30 minutes of pure harcore sex. Total GFE, kissing on the lips(she wanted French, but I just stayed on lips).

After the hour, the famous knock came and the girl told the guy to get lost. Smoked the remaining joint, then started on another round of fuck with legendary BBBJ. Ended up coming in her mouth while she kept on going and squeezing out every drop of pleasure.

I spent maybe 3 hours with this girl ($85 for the chica, and $23 for the room, and $3 for the guy cleaning the room).

Took a shower, smoked another joint and called it quits and went downstairs with her. She gave me her phone number and said I can see her anytime in or outside her work.

Feeling like superman, I walked around for few minutes and went back to Chicago. It was pretty dead so I went back to Adelita. The girl that I spent 3 hours went and told all her friends about our session, so almost every girl in the club was trying to convince me to go upsatirs with her.

A beautiful girl passed by me and introduced hereself to me. "Want to go upsatirs?" I said "nah, I can't anymore!"

She said "why can't you?" I said "Too many chicas, no more juice!"

she replied "perhaps if I go get my friend and have a 3some?"

"um. I'll think about it!"

I think you guys got my point. If you want real sex and real GFE go during the weekdays.

Good luck all!


I Luv Emall
02-06-04, 21:14
Damn, Latenight, let me preface my report by saying that yours was just awesome. We must have been there at the same time! Would have been fun to meet you there, and maybe made what was a great trip for me even better. Do you know the name of the Barbie doll girl that was there, and any reports about her?

Tijuana Adelitas Bar (AB) Trip Report Feb. 3, 2004

Traveled out to San Diego on business, and having finished up early in the afternoon, decided to head down to TJ to take care of some more exciting business. This was my first trip to Tijuana, but thanks to the TJ board (you guys are great!), I already had a leg up on what to expect and how to handle myself. I headed out about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, parked just before the border, walked across, and took a cab to Adelitas ($5), and was there by 3:00. As forewarned, the cabbie tried to tell me about a massage place he had heard about, but I told him thanks but no thanks. As I stepped out of the cab, a street girl tried to proposition me, but was hustled away by the door man and some others. Went to the bar, ordered a beer for $2.75, and sat down with a view of hottie central, as recommended. For a weekday afternoon, I was very surprised at the selection of beauties, as I had read that the selection would not be very good. Well, my eyes were popping at all the gorgeous faces and bodies. It was probably about even girls to guys, and this seems to me to be a pretty nice ratio for this business to me, as it's not too crowded, but just enough to keep it lively.

For someone who has never experienced this, let me say that this is the way it should be. I think the setup at AB offers a near ideal solution, especially for the beginner types like me. No worries about being ripped off or mugged, or paranoid about cops, or having to sneak around. Everything is up front and open. The girls take turns stripping in the center stage, so you can have a good look without the clothes. What's great is that you can have a drink, window shop for the girl you fancy from Playboy type beauties, and if you can get past the language barrier, you can talk with them and try them on for size before taking them upstairs to a room for a reasonable price. If you like, you can buy them a drink for $7, but you're not obligated. If they seem in a hurry and want to hustle you for a drink immediately, I wouldn't waste much time on them. No real pressure to buy drinks for yourself or the girls, and a bar-like pickup approach for the girls themselves, except of course they want money, and not just a good time.

After 5 minutes in the bar, I was approached by a tall, lovely, dark brunette named Fernanda. Beautiful face and a nice body to boot, so I was quickly talked into going upstairs with her (mistake! I recommend browsing for at least an hour first to observe the girls and how they act. Take note of how often they go in and out with customers). She wanted $60, but we settled on $50. We went outside and up the stairs, where I paid $11 for the room. The room was not the Ritz, but I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and overall decent appearance. Fernanda asked for the money as soon as we got in the room, and not knowing if this was usual or not, I didn't haggle about it and paid her. Do you guys normally pay before or after? I'm never sure about this in the US either, though my experience says if they insist on the money up front, look out! She started with a half-ass CBJ, then immediately applied lube and gave a hand job before moving to missionary. I didn't appreciate the rush too much, but I took her cue and obliged as she rared her legs back over her head. As I slammed her, she kept saying "Fuck me", which combined with her looks and previously somewhat reserved demeanor, was a turn on, as it gave her a sort of "saintly housewife, but **** in bed" aura. After some time of this, she began to rush a little and try to get me to cum, but I pulled off and turned her over and finished her off doggie style. Afterwards, she gave me a hug and said she hoped to see me again, but then hustled out of the room while I was still cleaning up. To be quite honest, outside her looks, she wasn't very memorable, and I would not repeat or recommend her, unless you just want a good looking fuck. Even then, the same quality can be found with a much more pleasing attitude if you're patient and observe. Tipped a buck to the room cleaners on the way out.

After heading back downstairs, I decided I would check out the Chicago Bar, so I headed across the street. The place was completely devoid of customers, with 3 or 4 girls at the bar vying for my business. The girls there were not bad, but didn't compare to the selection at AB. I probably could have negotiated a good price there, but having just finished the last session, I wanted some time to knock back a few without being pressured. I walked out and noticed some not so prime girls standing on the street corner, but didn't feel comfortable discussing with them in the open there. I walked down the street from Chicago's, away from AB, to see if any other action was to be found. I never found the famous "alley" with the selection of street girls that I read about, but I didn't waste much time, as I just loved the setup at AB anyway, and it seems much safer for just a little more $. After this, I headed back into AB, and sat at the bar and observed while I had a couple more beers. Saw one bronze-skinned, orange-haired blonde stripping on stage, that looked like she was having fun and would be a lot of fun, so kept my eye on her. Meanwhile, noticed another blonde, fair-skinned with huge, firm melons (had to be fake), and tried to catch her eye to talk. She gave off a very snotty air, and I never saw her make eye contact with anyone, even though she walked past the bar several times. Decided she wouldn't be much fun, and then noticed the orange-haired blonde was finished stripping and was now working the bar. She was all in some guys lap, and appeared very friendly. She noticed me looking and gave me a killer smile, and I responded. A few minutes later she came over to me, stuck her tongue in my ear, and we chatted a bit. She said her name was Andrea, and wanted me to take her upstairs. After talking with her a bit, I told her I would be interested later, but needed some time first, and she went on her way.

Meantime, I noticed the Barbie type blonde was on stage, and let me tell you, this girl was smoking. She put on a pretty good show, and with some tipping, rubbed those luscious boobs in a few faces. One small, young Asian-looking guy jumped back when she threw her tits at him, and it was hilarious, as it looked like something you see in the movies where the inexperienced virgin is scared off by the town ****. After her work on stage, she had me reconsidering trying to hook up with her. Meanwhile, I spotted a young, dark beauty in the back, and caught her eye. She motioned me over, but I didn't want to give up my bar seat, so I waved her to the bar. She came over, and I bought her a drink as we talked (the girls collect tickets for their drinks, and cash them in at the end of the day). She was a beautiful young thing, and said she was 22 years old. She had braces, and nice tits that didn't look real to me (she said they were, but I didn't believe it). Her name was Alejandra. We made some small talk, and as she propositioned me, I cupped her tits and confirmed my suspicions. She wanted $60, and I was tempted, but countered her offer. She acted insulted, and said "No, $60 for me", and so I said "Adios".

Andrea then made her way back over to me, and after some more talk, we went upstairs for a negotiated $50. Same procedure where I paid $11, and they gave her the handbag containing her stuff. We got to the room, and she smiled as she undressed and revealed her large natural breasts and shapely J-Lo type ass. Nice, healthy girl, but not at all overweight. She had a tatoo of some kind on her back, just above her butt crack. She had me lay back, and she began a long, slow, very sexy, CBJ. Little Joe very much appreciated her skill level at this, and began to show it soon enough by morphing into Big Joe. At this point, she climbed on top and rode me cowgirl for a while. After she began to tire, she suggested doggie, and I obliged, alternating between jack hammer and oil rig rhythms to keep from cumming too soon. The beds have small mirrors on them, so I was able to watch her face and tits sway as I nailed her. She kept moaning sexily, and after working up a lather, I pushed her down flat on the bed with her legs together and me straddling them. This gave me a great view of her ass bouncing, and she arched her back so that I could still see her tits and face in the mirror. Now she really began to squeeze my dick tight with her pussy, and I could hold out no longer and exploded as she softly asked me "You come?" She asked not in a hurrying manner, but in a way to be sure that I was satisfied. A much better experience than Fernanda, and I can highly recommend her. It seems the ones that look like they are having the most fun, really are the most fun! After my experience in TJ, I looked back through the boards to try and match names with the girls I met and see what their reviews were like. Seems I may have missed out on Alejandra, as she had some good reviews. Andrea looks just like one of the girls posted in the TJ photo gallery board, and I'm guessing she is one and the same, although I'm surprised they work in the same place for that many months. I would point out exactly which picture, but I'm not sure if that's cool to do or not (you guys can let me know).

I'm not quite over the hill yet (40 this year!), and I've never really seen the need for the Viagra stuff, but I tell ya boys, if I had some then or knew how to get it, I would have taken it for the first time just so I could have another go with another of those beauties (or maybe Andrea again!). I'll have to figure that out for my next trip there. I'll be back in San Diego on business in a couple of weeks, and plan to do my best to work in another TJ run then. If I can, I'll try to post ahead and see if anyone is interested in meeting up for a trip. For a guy like me that's limited on time, but doesn't want to pay full US prices, this setup is just about as perfect as it gets (only thing better would be if it were in the States-course then you wouldn't get all the Mexican beauties). You can find the quality of escorts, near the prices of SW, but without the ripoffs. Heaven! Thanks to everybody for their helpful input here.

i Luv Emall

Late Night
02-07-04, 22:22
Hey Emall,

Nice report. I think that Tuesday was a great day for Adelita since there were so many girls there and little amount of customers.

I think you maybe talking about the girl I was really debating to go upstairs with. Was Andrea the blonde girl wearing the white stockings?

Tatoo of a scorpio or something on her ass? That girl was driving me crazy, but I was turned off by her popularity and thought maybe her service would be rushed. Please confirm if this was the same girl I'm referring to.

If I go back to TJ, I think it will be definatly on the weekdays during the day.



02-08-04, 16:37
Mr. I love emall,

Your report is no too bad either. The "alley" is parallel to the street where Adelita is but going south (away from the Chicago) you went north. Basically exit Adelitas turn right get to the corner and right again (away from Chicago) walk about 100 yards and it is to the first intersection to the right. It is a narrow street with bars and room rental places all over. You will get the real south of the border flavor as you walk throught. You will find SW from your first turn all the way around the block but the concentration is highter at the alley. They come in all sizes and shapes ranging from "very nice" to "get away from me ". The girls will try to get your attention as you walk by. Try not to wonder away from that area specially at night, daytime is no problem.

Happy hunting.

Bob Amp
02-09-04, 05:06

I felt the girls were barley ok with attitude and skills and looks. As a guy who loves AMPs, I feel the asian girls really like to please and are clean. The girls at Adelitas (I have only been one time and had 2 women) were rushed and too methodical. One was using all these tissues cleaning every step of the way, the other 'are you done yet"? I like to take my time and feel some interaction. At the AMP's, I satisfy the girls often and they say me sexy, etc. I feel good when I leave. At Adelitas, its like do your thing, hurry, bye.

Am I the only one that feels that way? Any suggestions on how I can better enjoy TJ? Lasty, I was there mid-week and I agree with I love email that mid-week is great time to go, yet, there werent girls dancing on stage. I was there from about 11AM-3PM. What time to they start dancing? I felt safe in daylight, not sure how safe it would be at night. Any comments for this AMP guy who wants to enjoy TJ?

02-09-04, 08:48
bob amp

if you read past reports, you'll find the time you were down there wasn't even during the peek time for that day. keep reading, do your research, you'll get the answers you're looking for.

i frequent amps, and some incalls, too. i can tell you that your experience is limited. i can also say i've been rushed at amps, and have had some bad experiences. they are not all they're cracked up to be. not putting it down as i do have my handfull of good providers.

i think there is good and bad in what ever area you are researching in, and it just takes time to find the good. so, back to the research.

I Luv Emall
02-09-04, 18:15

I don't think we're talking about the same girl. Andrea had a sort of orangy-blonde type hair, with bronze skin. I think the girl you are talking about with the white stockings is the one I called the Barbie doll, and was a whiter blonde (hair and skin). I never saw the Barbie actually leave with anybody, though that's not to say it didn't happen. Other than when she was dancing, I really didn't focus on her too much as she gave off the wrong signals to me. If you PM me, I can point you to a picture of Andrea, and you can confirm. I would have PM'd you, but I don't see that option available under your post for some reason.

I Luv emall

I Luv Emall
02-09-04, 18:31

Thanks for that information, I'll definitely at least cruise the alley next time I'm there.

For Bobamp,

I arrived at AB around 3:00 p.m., and I don't recall if the girls were stripping right then or not. If not though, they started shortly thereafter.

As for the service, as I said in my post, I think it pays to watch the girls for a while first, and take note of their attitudes and how frequently they leave the bar and how quick they come back. This will improve your experience greatly, I believe.

I luv emall

A lot of people seem to confuse my name, i luv emall (as in "I love them all"! Can't make up my mind from day to day which type I prefer-- bleached blonde, dark Mexicali girls, milk-skinned redhead....)>> email's okay, but not gonna pay $50 for that!

Late Night
02-09-04, 22:39
Hey Emall,

I may remeber seeing you. Were you by any chance wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with a vest?

02-10-04, 07:06
Amp Bob raises some valid points. The beautiful Adelitas girls are somewhat clinical. The ugly girls (who seem to be favored by the veterans) seem more open-minded.

PM me if any of you know of any top tier girls willing to do facials, BBBJs, anals, etc.

In comparison with the AMP scene, I prefer Adelitas in the following areas:

(a) Raw beauty of the girls
(b) Oral skills of the girls--although NO BBBJS :(
(c) Price
(d) Selection
(e) Girls' ability to take a powerful fucking without complaint
(f) Work ethic

Adelitas suffers from:

(a) Clinical nature of the visits
(b) Brevity (30 mins includes dressing/undressing/etc)
(c) Impossible to tell quality of girls' skin in the dark bar
(d) The deep shame, hypocrisy of some of the girls

Took a couple of girls upstairs for my first threesome a couple of weeks ago. They were careful to change condoms, wipe me down before I switched girls. Unfortunately, they refused to indulge me in my double BJ fantasy. I still had a fantastic time. Each one cheered me on while I pounded the other. "Fuck her! Fuck my friend!" We were all on top of each other on the single bed. They nearly killed me.

From a previous visit, I think the Adelitas bathroom Viagra is fake. I bought some at the Farmacia up the street. For the hell of it, I did six girls during my afternoon visit (including my threesome). My total bill was $300. Compare that with the US!

02-12-04, 08:26

Sounds like you had a good visit! Please give more details on your threesome. How much did it cost? Did you proposition the girls, or was it their suggestion? Did you still have to finish in 30 minutes, or did you manage to negotiate more time? Did you choose both girls, or did one of them choose the other (or did they come as a pair)? If it was your suggestion, how did they react to it? Did they do anything with each other or was it all about you? What day & time of day did you go?

Thanks in advance! Just hoping to follow in your footsteps!

02-17-04, 21:53
Took my first trip to TJ Friday night and was glad I did! Started off in Chicago (see report if interested under Chicago) and was impressed. While Chicago had just the right amount of women for me to choose from and was not super-crowded, my eyes popped out of my head when I walked into Adelitias.

The first girl I almost walked into grabbed my crotch and started rubbing. Having just finished at Chicago, I told her I needed some time to rest up. She spoke enough English to get the idea. Unlike Chicago, Adelitias was PACKED, you had to really push your way through the crowd. I was a little worried about theft, but basically had no problem (I had a fake wallet in my back pocket for someone to rip off, and cash in two different pockets and my passport and more cash in a neck wallet). Despite all the bumping moving through the crowd, I had zero problems.

The bar was absolutely filled with coutless 6,7 and 8s. There were at least 10 to 12 really stunning women. I was impressed. I killed about an hour inside and although the game looked the same as Chicago ($60 for the girl, something for the room), I was just too tired for round 2 (it had been a very long day working).

But I cannot wait to go back! It goes without saying I am going to visit again on a Friday or Saturday night, as reading other posts it sounds like these are the best days for a big selection.

If you have not been to the TJ scene, it is a must-visit place. Nothing exists like this in the US anymore (what a depressing thought!) and it is all right there, up-front, honest and fun.

As others have stated, you do want to be careful walking the streets and although Adelitias is very close to the border (it is actually remarkably close), take a cab the first time you visit. I also stuck to the main street right around Chicago and Adelitias and did not venture off into the darker side streets for my first visit.


I Luv Emall
02-18-04, 00:28

No, that wasn't me. If I recall, I was wearing olive slacks with a red mock turtleneck & brown jacket.

I LuvEmall

02-20-04, 06:11
My first report..

Althought this is my first report, I have been to Tijuana numerous times. My first two experiences were at deja vu MP, paid 80 bucks for fs and got somewhat rushed service from a chica who was a 6 in looks. I went to her both times thinking that I would get better service because she was with me before, that wasnt the case, they don't care. I didnt find out about AB until i found this forum. I,ve been going there ever since. I stopped by there today around noon, and had the worst lay I've ever had.

So the place was pretty poppin around noon, and I was surprised to see so many good looking women. After a couple of drinks, I was approached by a pretty damned looking chica. She immediately started rubbin on my junk, asking if I wanted sucky fucky, etc. She wanted 50, but settled on 40. Now she was all over me when we were downstairs, but when we went up, everything changed.

We get in the room, and I swear to god, before I could take off my shoes, she was already naked and on the bed. She told me to hurry up and get naked. Upon taking a closer look at her body and face in actual light, she wasnt as hot as she appeared downstairs. I guess you can never tell. Anyways, she proceeded to put the condom on me when I wasn't even the least bit aroused yet. So within 30 seconds of entering the room, we were both naked and she was giving me a half assed cbj that lasted about 15 seconds. After that she got on top and rode cowgirl for about 15 sec, and I'm not exagerating the time frame. She then got off and said, "doggy," I didnt wanna do doggy yet, but she insisted. So within 30 seconds of doing doggy, she yells out the fakest, "fuck me in the ass" I've ever heard. About 10 sec later, she looks behind and says, "finish baby." I was fucking pissed at this point, weve been going at it for what like 5 min, and your asking me to finish? That just ruined the mood right there, and I basically just forced myself to nut.

So I go to the bathroom to clean up and she leaves, then I leave and the "cleanup" boy demands his tip for doing nothing, so I tip. Oh BTW, this girls name was Samantha, I don't know if any of you have had any experiences with her. I'd rate her looks a 8 downstairs, and a 5 upstairs. Anyways this experience marked my last trip to Tijuana. I'm so sick and tired of these shitty experiences. This was my 7th girl in Tijuana, and 6 of them have been absolutley horrible. She basically made 40 bucks in less than 10 minutes. Not only that, they put NO effort into it whatsoever. The first couple times, I thought maybe it was just bad luck, but no, it happens again and again and again. I've spent close to $500 in TJ, which I know is chump change to some of you, but to a 21 year old, its a lot of damn money. From now on, I'll just save my money for a flight to Angeles City, where the girls actually give a shit about pleasing the customer. I don't know how you fellas do it. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Wiz Banger
02-20-04, 10:28
I agree Torino88. I've been done with TJ for months. Bad service is the norm especially in AB. Once in awhile you will find a decent chica, but it's very rare. The hotter chicas give terrible service so what's the point. Their all about the money, the faster the better. You can get good service but that usually involves the less attractive chicas. I don't go there to fuck fat ugly ones. I'm picky so I never seem to find what I'm looking for there. Most of them have terrible hygiene, its just not for me anymore.

I'm planning a trip to either Rio or BA. From everything I've read on here that is the place to go. Super hot chicas with better attitudes. I'm not attracted to Asian women so I'm heading to South America. I won't be missing anything in TJ.

Mutha Foo
02-21-04, 03:04

I agree about the numerous bad service providers at AB BUT there are some good bars in TJ worth trying. Try Cascades or Tropical. You'll be surprised what you can find there but you have to be patient. Try hunting there early Saturday afternoon and just hang out. I found a very hot 19 y.o. provider that spends the whole night with me for $200. And she treats me like a boyfriend and not another hamburger. The secret to TJ is hanging out at the less known bars and going during the less busy times. It is possible to find that diamond in the rough but all in all, I am also fed up with AB. I'm trying new bars and will recommend as I discover them. Peace out!

BTW spending Saturday night with my 19 y.o. sweetie. Hooking up with her at La Mansion for some sweet jacuzzi sexo! VIVA LA MEXICO!


02-21-04, 19:02
I can understand the frustration with AB. I have written the same things many times in this forum--the norm is assembly line service and, as noted in the immediately preceding posts, the culture of the place does not compare to other destinations around the world. At AB and CC, generally speaking, the girls do not give a crap about customer service. For some reason, this is how the culture of those places developed over the years, and it feeds on itself as the older girls informally mentor the newer girls about what to do. It's a shame.

Evidently, there is enough money to be made without providing good service. Also, you are more likely to get bad service on a Friday or Sat. night when the place is packed.

After a period of being a frequent visitor of both, I have for quite some time avoided both places, although occasionally I will still stop by AB. However, exceptional service can still be found there, either by developing a regular relationship (which I don't like to do) or by finding someone fairly new who has not become jaded and indoctrinated into the culture of the place.

A few months ago on a weekday afternoon I met a chica at AB, conservatively dressed, had arrived within the week. Had a couple of drinks with her, liked that she was new (which to me is the most important indicator of the likelihood of good service) and went to the room with her. Undressed she was stunningly beautiful with perhaps the best breasts I have ever seen--natural with very long nipples. The service was great, she had no rules, and her reactions were natural and believable in a way that a jaded chica who has been with 500 men simply cannot be. I don't want to give her name, but it does not matter anyway because I have never seen her again in the place, and believe me I have looked. Experiences like this, rare though they are, are why I still occasionally drop in to AB

Moreover, it is a mistake to think AB=Tijuana. There are a lot of other places to go where good service is more likely, like Tropical, HK, etc. They have been written about extensively in this forum. The opportunities are there, but it just takes more effort to find good service than it should or most newbies expect. If you expect to go to TJ on a weekend night, show up at the most popular tourist clubs AB or CC, pick a chica based solely on looks and get good service, then you are going to be very disappointed most of the time.

Rabo Verde
02-22-04, 05:54
AB was hopping at 2 PM, seems the day shift has improved some.

Bob Amp
02-22-04, 09:04

Is funny - i am the guy who wrote on 2/09 about my dissatisfaction w/ TJ and Adelitas - anyway, I had a GREAT day there today. My only advise to you guys (and myself) is to take your time and hang near the bathroom. I spent almost one hour and 2 beers until this young skinny hottie and I hooked up. Her name was melina or something starting with an M. Slight bummer was that I watched her get picked up and had to wait for her to return. But who cares, they are doing that and we know it. So, if the girl you want leaves, wait for her to return.

From a guy who likes AMPS, this girl was 19, 105lbs long dark hair and a great attitude. She thought I was 27 (I am in my low 40's)and we had fun. I went to town and came back for more.

This time I took her and her skinny friend. both for $, but I did pay $.3 because they were so much fun. Not GFE but very sexy and very attentive.

Was funny, I was arranging the twosome and then some guy who was mongering on these babes (they were 8 or 9's - if you like skiiny babes) - he said "damn, I cant believe he took both of them". That made my day and I know I had made a great choice. Both rode me well. I was definately happy.

On the ride home stopped in fontana. Great day 4 girls - actually 3 girls and one 2 times.

Is nice to report a nice Adeltias esperience. Was Sat afternoon and girls were dancing and good crowd. Have fun and be safe out there.


02-23-04, 00:23
I've been to Chicago several times and never had a bad experience. Last week, I decided to try Adelita since you guys been raving about it. I hooked up with this blond girl named Evette or Evelyn. She gave the worst service anyone can have. She was in a rush to finish where I got so turned off. After 10 minutes, I just said fuck it and walked out. She hangs out in hottie central and was wearing a white dress. She might be the other Hilton sister that you guys were refering to. Anyways, I went back to CC and hooked up with Elizabeth and got the service that I paid for.

Evette (evelyn) is about 5'2'', blond, B cup. Avoid her if you can.

Does anybody know where Hong Kong is. I want a change in scenery.


Krypto Knight
02-23-04, 09:48
Part of the problem with Adelitas is not the girls doing, it's the clubs.

There's a guy who sits at the door with a clip board. He notes when the girl leaves the bar with a customer and when the girl returns to the bar.

I saw a girl get scolded by the doorman for coming back too late. Is the problem the girl wants to give fast, bad, service or are the nazis at the door/club owners creating the environment that causes it. Intimidating the girls?

Voice your displeasure to them. Let them know you are changing your habits to a more customer service oriented club because trust me, they are out there.


02-23-04, 11:40
Ah yes, MELINA, definitely a hottie. The way she stands there and just dances infront me in the green booth. Many times she wears the green wrap on top with white skirt. Buena servicio!! I like the chicas in that area.

BOB AMP - Way to work it!! Can't try it once and make the call. Give it a try a few times, work out what you're doing wrong and picking, then you can get the better chicas for what you want.

Wanna know where Hong Kong & Miami is? Research, WHISPER1, research. The answer is right infront of you.

02-23-04, 16:08
Whisper - easy to find HK - when leaving A-B (as in "out the door"), turn right and go to the corner then right again go to the next corner and right (again)

go about 1/2 way down the "alley" (this streetwalker central) and it will be on your right

Bob Amp
02-23-04, 17:06

Melina was wearing a small white skirt with a red wrap. She is a hottie with great service. Thanks for the encouragement to keep at it to make it right. There is now a new standard for me. Hope she is there when I return. Do you find it difficult to find thin girls like that down in Mexico? Also, you know her friend who spoke no english and was wearing a playboy bikini? Blonde hair and thin.

Guys - here is a quick tip for saving some time when going back over the border. I went Saturday and waited about 30 minutes to cross. The taxi dropped me at the end of the line. However, you can take a bus that will drop you at the front of the line AND they have a separate line that was much shorter. Estimated time savings was about 20 minuted. This is the bus that will take you from the parking lot where you exit in "last exit in USA" and is on the right. $7 to park - $2 for a one way bus ticket to Revolution. On the return, you can take a taxi to the bus stop at Revolution and $2 for bus back. There is shopping while you wait for the bus. I will do this at busy times like the weekend.

Happy hunting and be safe.

Bob Amp
02-23-04, 17:10
Guys -

Is it safe to walk in the alleys?

Gekko - you are describing where Hong Kong is, yet, I still haven't felt safe walking down those streets.

Let me know your thoughts.


02-24-04, 07:29
Has anyone actually stayed and had sex with the girl for the FULL 30 minutes without being reminded to hurry up at least once? GFE's dont count.

02-24-04, 09:08
I rented a girl at the AB once for an hour. She was pretty hot and eager so I was hitting for about twenty minutes and she said "no mas". I was like one hour for $70. She said "just because you pay me for an hour doesn't mean you are gonna fuck me with that thing for the whole hour". I thought about it and she's right. I took a 10 minute break and we started again for the rest of the session.


02-24-04, 13:26

On the threesome at AB, here are the details:

The girls seem to encourage threesomes--probably because it means less work for each. I asked five girls about threesomes and all said yes. I chose the girls I took myself, and they were both stunning. I paid $50 for each and double the room rate ($22). When we got to the room, one unbottoned my shirt while the other one unbuttoned my pants, put on a condom and sucked away. We all laid down on the bed. One of the girls had massive breasts and I sucked on them while the other continued her CBJ. Everybody got naked on the bed. I fucked the CBJ girl while the big breast girl kissed my neck and shoulders and rubbed my back and ass. Eventually she began pushing me into her friend and screaming "Fuck her! Fuck my friend!" Later, I pulled out to fuck the big titted one, and everything stopped while she removed the condom, cleaned me with a towel, and put on a new condom. Then I fucked her while the other pushed me into her.

Honestly, I think the non-fucking girl wants to do everything possible to excite you to finish in the fucking girl so that the non-fucker doesn't have to go another round.

There was nothing lesbianish about the girls, and I don't think they made physical contact with each other once. Afterwards, we hung out together on the bed and they talked to each other about I handsome I am. That was fun. They weren't squeamish at all about being naked and on the same bed together (or fucking in front of each other).

Here's what recommends the experience:

(a) You can compare how the women feel "inside"; all women are different but the contrast really hits you during a threesome

(b) You can focus on the more enjoyable one, so you have a better chance of having a good experience

(c) It's good for the memories

(d) There's more talking, cheering, sexy talk

(e) There's more of a party atmosphere

Here's what recommends against the experience:

(a) It's absolutely not the girl-on-girl, shared bj, cum on the face experience one sees on the porn films (although if someone knows where to find this, please PM me)

(b) It's twice as much for a single pop

(c) You have to take breaks while they remove, clean, and add another condom

(d) The girls talk to each other a lot in Spanish (if that bothers you)

02-24-04, 20:09
Bob - well, there are "alleys" (as in deserted dark alleys where no person in their right mind would wander alone after dark or for that matter during the day) and then there is "the alley" (streetwalker central) which is actually a VERY well lit 1 block cross street between Constitution and whatever street is west of there - no I don't memorize street names. "The alley" has enough people and light to make you feel "at home" (except for perhaps the astern end right at Constitution - but then again there's a little police station right across the street so it really isn't unsafe - just that there are more supposed druggies at that end) Elbow to elbow SWs on the sidewalks. plan on getting your sleeve grabbed as you walk by several times - depending of how hungry the girls are.

read my previous directions to HK. It's about as safe as you can be under the circumstances of TJ in general. IT'S NOT AN ALLEY as "we" Norteneos think of "alleys".

02-24-04, 20:39

Yes, I've had several 30min without the "hurry up". I tell the girls upfront I don't like to be rushed. That doesn't guarantee it but helps. Evelyen with the glasses by the restrooms in the back, stands close to the bar. Corrina stands close to the bar by Hottie Central. Haven't seen her in awhile, so I think she's on vacation still. And sexy Maggie who has great service works the entire floor.

Late Night
02-24-04, 21:17
Ok, here is my report for last night February 23, 2004:

This time I didn't catch the 405 till 4:00 pm from Los Angeles. Also, this time went with one of my mongering partners. Ran into small traffic on the 405/805..but managed to get to the border by 6:30 PM. Went to Adelita around 7:00 pm and the selection seemed pretty low at the time. Started walking around to CC, the Alley and everything seemed kind of slow. I guess this is the transition time for the chicas to get some food and get ready for the wild night shift.

For some reason, I have noticed that I like to monger by myself. I have much better luck when I go hunting by myself. You don't have to worry about babysitting friends.

Went upstairs went a beautiful blonde 19 year old chica. Got a warm BBBJ, steamy spoon, missionary, and doggy on her mindblowing ass. Ended up releasing a huge load inside. She gave me her number, told me she lives in Rosarito and to call her for a date for the whole night (8 hours for $300). kissed her, thanked her, showered and went downstairs.

saw few other mindblowing blondes. I felt good at one point cause two of the hottest blondes there were competing to get my dollars. Got much love from the girls there since the girls are much cooler during the weekday/nights (In my opinion).

Went up with another blonde. service was rather short but great round of humping. Ended blasting my load on her back. Thanked her, smoked some 420, took a shower and went downstairs.

It was now till I ran into Adetila Hilton. This blonde was from another planet. Much nicer body than Paris Hilton, and in some ways prettier than her as well. Here was the catch, cool attitude with it as well. Spent talking to her about 30 minutes (without buying her any drinks) As I wanted to test her "novia-ness" and she did do well in all areas. Her problem was that she was so beautiful everyone there including me were intimitated by her stunning looks. Got some inside info from her friend that she is a 420 freak. Plus, she is one of the wildest ones in bed out of most/all girls there. It was late, reserves were low, and sadly to say din't have a chance to go upstairs with this beauty for some unknown reasons.

I'm liking Adelita weekdays/nights too much. I guess I have to go back VERY soon to have an encounter with Hilton or I shall say Adelita.

Good luck to everyone here,

Late Night!

02-25-04, 06:31

Thanks for the details! Great report! When I went to Chicago Club a while back, I was asking some of the girls about a threesome and they acted like it was the strangest thing in the world. I would ask one girl and she would be like, "What? You want TWO girls?!" and then she'd say something to a girlfriend, and they'd look at me and giggle. One girl asked me, "why you want TWO girls?!" and I was like, "uh... why NOT?" I'll try asking around AB when I get a chance.

One last question: you paid double for the room; did you get double the amount of time? or was it the standard 30 minutes?

Thanks a lot!

02-28-04, 16:09
Went to AB on Saturday night last. What a zoo! As crowded as I've seen it, maybe because of the crappy rain/weather. Did not see a single thing I liked and actually walked out.

Came back on Monday at about 4PM, I've often been luckier then. First of all, pretty empty, you could actualy see across the room. Second thing I noticed was that the crowd of customers was older, average of 40 to 45 versus average age of 25 to 30 weekend nights.

Like many others, I have stopped hanging out by hottie central, great eye candy - crappy service. So over by the bathroom I picked up a real nice little cutie. Probably about 5'1" very slim and a perm. Had on a pair of jeans and a midriff tube top. Spent alot of time with a friend, very shy. But it was the perm that was different, about shoulder length. I really liked the service.

One other thing - about the vitamin V that is $20 a pop in the bathroom. It was the first time i used it. Let me spend a couple of minutes on that subject for those who've never used it. I'm 50, in good health. As mentioned, this was the first time I used it. About 30 minutes after taking it, I had the common symptom of feeling my face flushed. I was also very thirsty. Went down to the corner, got a bottle of water for a dollar (5 Mexican dollars change) and drank it down completely. About an hour later is when I picked up the girl and the stuff worked as described. On Saturday night I had bought the pill and broke it in half. Used it half n half and it was fine for me. YMMV, but that's a first timers experience with it. Drink water, give it time to work. Hope this helps.

Mutha Foo
02-28-04, 20:00
Anybody knows Rosa? She has a scare on her left arm. What's the 411 on this hottie?

Cruz the Nard
03-04-04, 05:34
Second visit trip report:

I had the day off on Monday (3/1) so I decided to take another trip down...I live in Ventura County so it's an all day thing. I headed out at noon and got to AB at almost 3pm. I was suprised to see it so busy, still, the ratio of guys to chicas was about 1:1. It was a much different atmosphere than my previous trip... a Sat, from 4pm til 9pm. I now have a frame of reference to better judge the service of my first two chicas (Alejandra & Fernanda) & I see what you guys meant by assembly line.

I saw Georgina de Mazatlan first. 24 y/o, beautiful face, long, straight black hair, tight, thin body, natural B's (which she let me sample while sitting at the bar BTW), doesn't speak too much Ingles though. I must say she's a very good saleswoman...she says..."mi panocha es muy bonita", then she undoes her tight jeans and shows me the most beautifully trimmed little landing strip, and all this before I've paid peso one. So I bought her a Pacifico to keep her around & see just how friendly she could get. In my lame Spanish, I try to keep a semi-conversation going, the whole time she's selling me on going upstairs, so I decided to bite & we settled on $50 with besos includo. In the room she was very affectionate, almost GFE, lots of besos, a little DATY, fantastic CBJ, she took her time, no rushing, several positions, I was very satisfied.

I then headed out to the alley and some of the other clubs, just to recharge & see what else could be had. There were a few SG's that were worth doing, however, I passed, maybe next trip. I went into Maimi, CC, Tropical, & another that I don't remember the name of. They were all the same...a fraction of the chicas as AB and none of them as hot as in AB.

I went back to AB & was trying to decide on who would be my next conquest, when Angela comes up to me & says in perfect English "I remember you from earlier, you said you'd by me a drink later" (which I did say, just to move her along, because I wasn't too impressed at first). Well, if I thought Georgina was a saleswoman, Angela was the VP of sales...telling me how she guarantees I'll be happy, these new positions she's just learned, how she's all natural, no silicone, yada yada yada. She works on me for about 10 minutes & I figure WTF, she's no hottie, but she's not a troll either. Let me tell you, she delivered in spades. She was game for anything and everything. After we finished, she even told me to lay down and relax, while she gave a very respectable massage.

I've picked up some valuable experience with this trip, and I know it's all stuff that is readily available here on the WSG, but there's nothing like first hand knowledge. Learn one, Do one, Teach one.

Thanks again to everyone here.


I Luv Emall
03-04-04, 23:17
Mar. 3, 2004 Trip report

Had an early flight to catch the next morning, so made a quick run down to TJ Wed. night with intent of only spending a couple of hours there. A few days before I had visited on Sunday night and started at Tropical, and was not overly impressed with selection, so decided to concentrate on AB, knowing I didn't have much time. Sat down at a booth by the stage where a strip act was going on, and the stripper promptly came over and rubbed her tits in my face. Tipped her and bought a drink, and sat back to watch the show. Shortly a guy from San Diego came over, and sat at the booth, and said he had already been with 3 girls. I asked him which were the fun ones, but didn't share his taste so continued scoping my own. He said he was there with a buddy and wanted a threesome, but no girls would do it. I told him he should probably try some other bars to have better luck there.

I was really sort of hoping to see a girl I had hooked up with on a previous trip, but had no such luck. Getting impatient, I spotted a hottie named Stephanie and decided to break my rule of not watching the girl for a while first before making a move. Began negotiating with her, but before I could finish the guy from the booth came over with his buddy, saying I was his good buddy and we wanted a threesome with this girl I had selected. He offered her $30 from each of us, and she looked at him like she had a disease and began waving him away. All this took me by surprise as I was not looking for a foursome, especially one with that male:female ratio, although I suppose I wouldn't have been opposed had the price been right. He continued to negotiate with her, and surprisingly she said she would do it for $60 from each of us. I especially wasn't interested at this price, and tried to distance myself from the other guys, and offered her $50 to go upstairs which she accepted.

She seemed friendly in the bar and going to the room, but when we got there, she immediately asked for the money, and tried to extort $60 from me instead of the agreed on $50, and copped a very bad attitude. I should have walked right then. Instead, being short on time and sucked in by her looks (5'6", long straight black hair, pale skin, very large enhanced boobs, and killer legs and ass), I was determined to have her and make her earn her money. She began with average CBJ, and then mounted me and worked on top for a few minutes before we went doggy. She also had all kinds of rules. After no more than a total of 10 minutes, she said I had to finish, and I said I just got started. She got off the bed and started to get dressed, while I gave her hell and told her she would get no repeat business and that I planned to tell Adelitas about her behavior, and warn anyone in the bar about her. She got back on the bed but said I had to finish fast, so I decided to hell with this being fun and that I would just pound her hard until I was wore out, which I did. She did have the perfect ass for pounding, a great size, and just enough there for that great slapping action. Afterwards I told her that her service sucked, and she needed a new job. Tipped the boys on the way out and told them how bad she was too.

Went back down to the bar to see if there was anything else I was interested in, but being short on time and my mood already being ruined, I decided to call it quits. On my way out, saw Stephanie heading out with another guy, and let him know what to expect from her and advised him to pick another girl. He listened and I could see he was thinking hard, but I didn't see him turn back in the bar before I caught a cab. I really wanted to speak to the AB manager, but didn't know if that would do any good and didn't feel like wasting any more time.

Moral of the story is don't break the cardinal rule: go with a trusted girl or observe first! Here's the breakdown on Stephanie:

Face/hair: 10 from a distance, 8+ up close (due to slight acne)
Breasts: 8+ (due to enhancement)
legs/ass: 10
attitude: 0

Stay away from this one!

Anybody know anything about Yvonne (extremely hot fair blonde with huge tits and nice ass) or Alexandra (black haired, dark skinned Mexican beauty with great tits/ass). Alexandra was quiet with a sweet smile, while Yvonne was loud and laughing all the time. Almost picked one of these on my previous trip, but after watching for a while I felt they both returned to the bar too fast, and they probably wouldn't give the best service.


03-10-04, 05:07
Hey I LUV,

At least she let you go for 10 mintutes without telling you to finish, my last one told me to finish in less than a minute. These girls seriously need to learn some business skills. Better service= returning customers=more money and more tips. But i guess like everyone says, they get enough guys not to have to worry about that.

King Arthur
03-21-04, 10:23
The bar club girls (Adelitas and Chicago, etc...) will tell you $60 for 30 mintues, but they are really planning in the back of their minds that you should come in 15 mintues or less. The girls that don't rush you are rare.

The first time I was at Adelitas a few months ago was a looker named Claudia with blondish hair. She knows how to ride fast and it was all over in under 5 minutes.
Virtually no talking at all as she was all business and looking for her next prey.

Looks: 8.5
Attitude: <2
Sex: <2

Mutha Foo
03-23-04, 03:16
Since my last message regarding herpes (under the 2004 forum reports) I have been recieving tons of PMs, therefore, I am responding to ALL with this message. My friend got herpes from a girl at Adelitas. The girl he was with was 21 y.o., B-cups, black hair, cute face and medium build. One distinct feature she had was an ugly SCAR on her LEFT arm and along the top of her forehead. She claims to work Thurs - Sat nights after 10:00 p.m. and hangs out near hottie central. As I said before you can get herpes even if you wear a condom. So if you see this girl I would recommend to run in the other direction. You cannot get herpes from towels/sheets. You can get crabs from sheets/towels. The only way you can get AIDS is sex without a condom. Also, my friend will no longer visit TJ.


Be safe my fellow mongerers,


Doctor Grim
03-23-04, 19:47
2 types of herpes virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2. 1 is usually oral and 2 is usually genital. But if A has 1 and gives oral to B, the B will have the genital form...vice versa.

If A has 1 and kisses B, B will have 1...etc.

Condom protects against HSV as long as it covers or protects from the sore where the virus is shedding.

So before you have sex, check the mouth area and the vaginal area for sores.

Make sure you don't kiss or DATY if you find sores.

This is why I never do either with a pro.

Again, condom sex is the best practice!

HSV-2 is short-lived outside the body so you can not catch it in public area like using a toilet.


HPV is warts. Several types. You can get it sitting in a jacuzzi or using dirty towels (contact) but those are not considered STDs. You can get rid of them with minor surgical procedures....

The ones that are STDs, it will only be transmitted with SEX.


Just be careful!!

Mutha Foo
03-24-04, 00:58
Hey Doc, is there anything one can do to get rid of herpes on the lip? BTW watch out for the girl I noted in my message. I was there last Sunday night and saw her there.


King Arthur
03-24-04, 04:56
Mutha Foo,

"Get rid of" is a strong word. Herpes is a virus that cannot be eradicated. Current meds, such as acyclovir and valtrex only treat the symptoms, i.e. decrease the frequency and severity of breakouts without killing the underlying virus.

I suppose something as seemingly innocuous as mouth to mouth kissing is actually quite dangerous in terms of spreading herpes. If you ever watch an episode of South Park you'll see that the Herpes was spread by simple touch and sharing of things (towels, tooth brushes, etc.).

In terms of HPV of the genitals, also known as venereal warts (this IS an STD), sometimes they aren't visible. It's quite possible that the warts are deep inside the vagina and only visible when you pull the labias wide open as if you were a gynecologist. So, even taking off a condom with your hands can be dangerous in terms of catching warts. You should use paper towels to take off the condom. If you ever see pics online, warts are the sickest shit you'll ever see!!! I shudder at the thought of looking at rotten pussy.

What ever happened to the health inspector of Adelitas? He's supposed to make sure all the girls are clean. Maybe he's getting paid under the table to let some infected girls continue to work? Or maybe she's giving the inspector some pussy? Either way, the owner of Adelitas should make his place cleaner and make sure his girls are disease free. Infected girls will drive men away.


Doctor Grim
03-25-04, 00:18
Arthur is right. Current meds/treatments for herpes is supportive and suppress the symptoms only. HSV-2 lives in the human nerves forever once you catch it and awaitsthe window of opportunity to break out and shed and spread.

Best thing again is to cover yourself as much as you can and use your big head. Always examine the mouth/vaginal area to see if there are any viscles or sores.

I doubt they do this in Mexico but most low volume escorts in the US do check you (vice versa) for any unusual "things" usually in the shower before they DFK or give you a BJ.

J Wadd
03-25-04, 01:00
Heya guys,

I'm a long-time poster in Brasil (live in S.F.), and was wondering how difficult it is to get a BBBJ from a club girl? How about a SW?


Doctor Grim
03-25-04, 01:34

Not difficult at all, if you negotiate.

I'm not into that with pros and I'd say 50% of the time the BGs have asked me whether I wanted CBJ or BBBJ.

Have fun!

Doctor Grim
03-25-04, 06:18

Yes, guilty as charged!

03-25-04, 10:31
Hmmm. After several girls in AB, not one has ever asked me cbj or bbbj.

Claudia, blonde hair, we've named quickdraw. She's got the fastest turn around time in AB. Avoid her like the plague. She's pretty alright, pretty not worth it.

03-25-04, 20:00
does claudia have a tatoo on her upper thigh?

Mutha Foo
03-26-04, 04:41
KingArt, "What ever happened to the health inspector of Adelitas?" Remember, we are talking about Tijuana and no the U.S. Their standards for EVERYTHING is far lower than ours.


Doctor Grim
03-26-04, 05:36
Took a solo trip to TJ after I woke up this morning. Left OC at 10:30 and got there by 12:00 pm. I always go to TJ with a mission looking for a particular type of women that I adore (depending on who the models are in the most recent magazines like FHM or MAXIM--last trip was for big boobs and today I want skinny tall blonds like Paris Hilton w/o baby fat in the middle).

I've always parked in the US and taken the yellow cabs for $5 as I think it's more convenient and perhaps more reliable.

First thing first. Scouted the rather emptied alley at around 12:30 pm and nothing appealing. So went to Adelitas to get a bottle of water and enjoy the scene while sitting near the entrance so I can see all the girls going in and out and to their private room. Good number of girls ranging from 1 to 8 (I'm very picky).

One hour passed, bs-ed with several women that I wouldn't do as I always tell them later or I'll find you before I leave.

Finally saw a young looking girl who looks like Charlotte from Sex in the City (the younger version) standing near the TV in Hottie Central. Looked at her, smiled at her, she smiled back and motioned me to go over. I did. She was very pretty and tall. Absolutely no English but signaled $60. I agreed and we went up. God! What a mistake I've made. No BJ. Mish only. No emotions. It was like fucking a dead person. She didn't even make any sound. Although she didn't rush as I get all the time I wanted until I popped but listen to this, at the end of the session, I gave her the money and she asked me for $5 more to pay for her new tube of lubricant. Fuck that. I told her No Gracias and walked out. Her name is Roxane de ????? Because she was aloof mish, I begged her to turn over for doggie b/c I just didn't want to look at her face anymore and finally she obliged. Her feet smelled too coz she was wearing tennis shoes w/o socks.

Ok, now that was over. I'm 30 and I'm not looking for GFE with pros anyway anywhere. I just want trophy fuck and sport-fuck can get GFE from my SO who is very attractive.

After I came down the stairs, went to the alley behind Adelitas again and as before, nothing was appealing to me. So I told myself I'm done looking for SGs today.

Went back into the bar and ordered a coke this time. While I was sipping my coke, a girl just finished dancing on the stage and was topless. She came over to all the guys and ask for $1 and the guys get to squeeze her boobs. That was nice!

Then came a girl name Alyssa de Acapulco who was very aggressive. Sat down on my lap and immediately ordered a beer that I didn't appreciate. She apologized later and let me played with her tits for a while and gave me a mini massage which felt good. She told me she's here for 2 mo. only and lives upstairs. I can stay the night with her in her room if I wanted to. Then she asked me if I wanted to go to Acapulco with her in a month. We'd do a lot of suckie and fuckie. She kept on urging me to go upstairs as she would also give me a massage with oil. She has skills but I wasn't attracted to her. So I kept on putting her off and I told her again that I'd look for her before I leave as I'd have a long drive home.

Then came a hot skinny tall blond maybe 5'10 w/o heels with a perfect body. She walked in and sat with me and asked me if I wanted to go up. I was attracted to her but I was still "resting" But I told her I'd want to see her before I leave. Anyway, after 30 more min., I went looking for her and we agreed to go up for $60. I'd pay her $300+ if she were in the US. I asked her what she'd do to me and she said fuckie/suckie. Good deal.

Her name is Carla de Mazatlan and she'll be going home for a short vacation next week. Good moaner and kept on saying fuck me fuck me and said we have to cum at the same time.

Anyway, the fuck was average but I was happy. Good sport fuck with a trophy looking hot model type young girl.

However, watching her dress after the session was the real treat. She slowly put on her clothes in front of the mirror while I sat on the bed behind her enjoying the nice view. After she was done, she asked me if she looked pretty again and I said of course.

I'll definitely see the latter gal again........

So mission accomplished. TJ is indeed the happiest place in the world.

The adelita waiters are pretty cool. Never forced me to buy any drinks while sitting there.

Music a bit loud for the afternoon.

By the way, I went up with Alyssa for a sympathetic session but I told her $40 for a 30 min massage and it felt good. At the end, she wanted to fuck but I just couldn't perform :(


Now re: STDs, if you have to clean yourself up, make sure you wrap your dick with condom over it with toilet paper that they have in the room so you don't actually touch the girl's bodily liquid. And go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap after each session.

Travel Addict
03-29-04, 06:49
NATALIA: There are several girls doing the Catholic schoolgirl look, with the plaid skirt, these days in AB. One of them has big boobs, reddish tinted brown hair, and a nice smile and braces and her name is Natalia. She is not beautiful, but very friendly and cooperative and a superb performer. Highly recommended.

ROSALIE: On the other end of the spectrum, there is a tall 5'8" (even without shoes!) skinny gal named Rosalie, a newcomer who looks like Heather Graham, nice ass no boobs, with blonde streaks in her hair, and she is a TERRIBLE performer. Not to be confused with Clara, who looks somewhat similar, but is very nice.

FERNANDA: Very skinny, young, reddish/brown hair, medium short height, sweet smile, no ass whatsoever, very sweet and nice.

03-29-04, 11:26
Dr Grim, Good report I take back what I said about you going to NY and having phone sex with a girl with glass separating you.
I see you do monger in AB, and had sex with the girl.

I would still like to know details of safe sex romp upstairs. Did you insist on CJB, no DATY, and how did you protect yourself from herpes?

I have heard from other guys that AB management insists the girls use condoms on their customers, and the towel boys will report the girls if they don't fine used condoms in the room. The way the girls get around this is to spit in the condom and then throw it on the floor to fool the towel boy.

Doctor Grim
03-30-04, 18:58

No DATY ever with a pro for me. What if you happened to have a tiny cut on your tongue or your gum?

You first check out the girl looking for sores around the mouth and vaginal area. If they don't have an active lesion, then your risk of catching herpes is dramatically decresed (but not 100 percent) if you cover yourself well.

I only go for CBJs. A few Adelita's girls asked me before whether I wanted a condom for BJ and I always say "si"

If you kiss or lick her tits, neck..etc, rinse your mouth with Listerine or Scope afterwards. Wash your hands with soap before you pick up a taco and put it in your mouth.

Never say never and just be safe and use your common sense.

C Cube Lover
03-31-04, 14:25
Hi All,

Does anyone has any information of getting a refund of the room ($11.00) after I paid if I didn't use the room.

The reason is that sometimes I found out the girl's attitude changed (from good to bad)and/or they demand the money up front even though they said "si" downstair when I asked that I will pay afterward. Does anyone has any experience of walking out the room and getting a refund.

Any info is greatly appreciated! And I thank you very much for this board for the mostly good experience in TJ

C Cube

04-01-04, 11:21
Two AB girls to report on tonight.

Had a nice time with Laura from Guadalajara. Laura is extremely petite with blond hair that she wears straight down to her shoulders and then curled out. Not an ounce of body fat on this woman. I'd say she is about 5'0" and 95 lbs soaking wet. I didn't ask her age, but I'd place her in her mid to latter 20's.

She mentioned that she alternates between Cancun, Tijuana, and Nuevo Laredo. She has been back in TJ for several weeks, and expects to stay another two months. Found her in back near the woman's bathroom.

Nice, profesional attitude and technique. Her English is very good, and she gave me a great deal since I bought her a ficha drink and was about out of cash. I think I ended up paying her 45 for the session. Safe CBJ then the standard three positions. It was a nice time, but I would probably not repeat, due to the routine nature of the session.

The jewel of my trip so far was Anna from Mexico City. If you have been to AB in the past two weeks you must have noticed her standing on the stage behind Hottie Central. Anna is about 5'4, thin and trim, with incredible looking breasts. I'd say they are 36 Ds. I assumed that they must have been silicone (which I do not prefer) until she let them loose in the room. WOW. She has blond hair that is usually pulled back in a short pony tail (at least it was the past two nights).

Her English was also pretty good, so we talked quite a bit before, during and after our session. Her technique was quite perfunctory, but the view was incredible. I think she is quite self-conscious about what she is doing; she has definitely not developed a hardened attitude. She is taking a semester off from her law studies to earn some money.

Of the five women that I have seen in the past two nights, I'd put Anna at the top, due to her genuine attitude, her beauty, and her body. She wasn't the best performer, but the total package was exactly what I was looking for. She said she is only planning to stay one month, so if you want to see her, you will need to do it fast.

04-01-04, 23:56
C Cube,

I have never had that problem but I know of other people who have had that problem but at other hotels (Cascadas). They told me that they told the front desk the situation and the hotel allowed them to find another chick and take them to the room for no additional charge. Also, whenever a chica flakes on her promises at AB, tell the manager there and he will fix the situation.

Travel Addict
04-02-04, 04:11
CARLA: You can't miss Carla, she is thin and 5'9" or more w/o her shoes. Usually hangs in Hotty Central straight back. She usually has straight blonde hair parted down the middle, but right now she has corn rows. She used to work in Chicago, and has had mixed reviews on WSG. She has a great bod but a TERRIBLE attitude. Oral OK but then, hurry up and don't touch me there.

Travel Addict
04-02-04, 04:15
ARACELY: There is a short cutey who hangs out at the inside (second door) entrance of the Men's rooom, just to the left of the door on the ledge which leads to the second bar. Her real name is Aracely, altho she usually uses another name, Adriana I think. She is a young, very short, cute schoolgirl type, with a little "pug" face, if you know what I mean. She is a real GFE sweetheart. So nice I took her to lunch.

Doctor Grim
04-03-04, 01:14
Travel Addict--

Same Carla I saw from Mazatlan. She didn't treat me that bad, in fact, she came to me while I was sitting in one of the booth.

I'd see her again if I was in the mood for a tall hot blond. The Paris Hilton look-alike. :)

Actually, watching her dress and groom herself in front of the mirror after our fun was actually more interesting than the process.

She asked me in her sweet tone whether I thought she was looking pretty again after she was done. :)

Rabo Verde
04-03-04, 06:42
Carla has been around for years, she just moved over from the Chicago Club. She is moody and LOVES to look at herself in the mirror and has always gotten very mixed reviews. Even Freud couldn't figure women out. Doctor G, we oughta hit TJ together sometime, check your PM's.

Cruz the Nard
04-03-04, 23:20
I just came back from my best trip to TJ and AB ever. Well, to be honest, it was only my third trip.

I had a little plan I was working on to give some of the "hottie's" a taste of their own medicine, so to speak.

***Disclaimer*** This worked for me, but I'm not suggesting it be used by anyone here unless checked out by a doctor...I'm
sure one of our "forum doctor's" could give their opinion on this.

I am in the medical field (not an MD) & I have access to samples of drugs, including Viagra & some antidepressants (Zoloft, Paxil, Welbutrin, Effexor, etc...)

Now, one of the side effects of the antidepressants is "failure to ejaculate"; I think you can see where I'm going with this. I mixed up a little cocktail for myself of Viagra & Zoloft, then went to AB to have some fun.

The first victim was a strawberry blond (fake, of course), cute face, with fake "D's" and a tattoo on her lower belly, (trying to conceal a C-section scar) I didn't quite catch her name, Delilah I think, from Sonora. She was tall with her 7 inch spikes on, but w/o them maybe 5'1" or so. We did the negotiations, and was up in the room for .50. She was actually quite affectionate, almost GFE type. Started pretty standard, CBJ, cowgirl, mish, all very hard thrusting, with no fear of losing it early. After each position, she would ask "terminaste?" (finished?) & would be suprised that the condom was empty. I didn't feel like she was rushing me, just concerned that she couldn't get me to finish. I think she started to look at it as a challange, because at one point, she got up & walked to the end of the bed, & demanded I enter her from behind, while standing up & her bent in half over the bed.
Well, she was determined, because when the knock came, I was no where near finishing, & we were a sweaty mess. I gave the towel boy another $11 bucks & we went at it some more, after a little rest. She was muy cansada, we probably changed positions 10 times & I finally finished in the mish, with some real concentration.
We both took a shower (together BTW) & got dressed just passed the second knock.
The funny thing was, when we first started, she wouldn't kiss me or let me kiss her anywhere near the lips, but when I was done, she was kissing me, hugging me & and acting all giddy. She even came back down & sat with me for another hour & watched the dancers, then took a turn dancing herself. She wanted to know when I was coming back, and to not forget her. Yada, yada.

Now, I was ready to leave, but I was just hanging around to let the cervezas wear off & Sara (Sada) walks over & plops down beside me, and starts chatting me up. Sara is the Brazilian from Sao Paolo, shoulder length sandy blonde straight hair, a little thick, but not fat, really I think it's muscle, because she has no unsightly rolls & she is tight all over. She has a VERY cute face, & IMHO, she is the best dancer there. Well, I really didn't want to go up again, but I said to myself, WTF & gave her pretty much the same treatment.

As I was walking across the border, my legs were shaking from the workout.



04-04-04, 04:50
I am thinking about staying at the hotel above AB? Any reviews on that? Prices? safe to stay over night?

Dirk Diggler
04-09-04, 07:41
Stopped by AB's tonight to drop off my load of love juice. It was busy for a Thursday, but few hotties. I bought a Mexican Viagra, but all it did was give me a headache. Nothing like the original American shit. Anyway, I had about 3 beers and scoped out the chicks. I turned down a lot of ugly and fat chicks. Decided to go up with a good looking gal, nice fake rack, big ass and fairly good looking. I forgot her name, sorry! We get upstairs and she rubs her tits all over my chest and face, so I sucked her nipples and started getting hard. She threw the rubber on and began to mount cowgirl, no CBJ! It felt good, but there was no way I was going to cum in that position. She flipped over and I hit from behind as I pulled a "stinky pinky" with one finger in her ass. It had been literally 5 min. and she said "are you done? Hurry up and cum!" What the fuck. . .! I told her, it's only been 5 min. So she flipped and I hit it missionary and then pulled her legs over her head and brought them together to squeeze my dick in her pussy. I fucked her hard and then she started getting into it. She was soaking wet without any lube being used. I was pouring in sweat and then I shot my wad inside her (in the latex rubber). I pulled out and she quickly... I mean QUICKLY!!! got dressed and left. I was like , what the fuck. .. .? Anyway, total damage $11 room + $50 girl + $0 tip for those fucking worthless cleaning boys. I took my anger out on them and stiffed them big time!

Late Night
04-11-04, 03:52
Dirk Diggie,

I find my best sessions to be with girls that smoke a 420(doje, herbs, or 1000 other names)stick with me right before we jump in bed.

I always make sure I take a nice bag with me and they always love the supply from California.

Good luck to all of us.

Doje Late Night!

04-12-04, 13:57
Hey Late night,

Who is the girl in the picture you posted on 2-27. And where can I find her, co'mon buddy help a fellow monger hook up!

Thanks pal,

04-13-04, 02:49
First TJ trip on my b-day April 1st, a Thursday.
Arrived with a buddy at the border at noon.
Took a $5 yellow cab straight to AB.
Was expecting very little selection.
Pleasantly surprised to see about 15 chicas, 5 of them pretty decent.
Played it mellow and sipped a couple Dos Equis, turned away a couple aggressive uglies looking for fichas and more.
Then two sisters joined us and my bro made the exit for upstairs pretty quickly. Her name was Jessica and the better looking of the two.
Stupidly, I played the fall guy and went up with the sister (don't even remember her name), rather than waiting for the field to change.
I speak fluent Spanish and usually get the girls loose with flirty talk, but this one was pretty weak in all departments.
Covered BJ, $45, and back downstairs.
My buddy was already done and feeling the guilts (wife back in SD).
Amazingly, the selection had expanded, there were at least 30 girls in the place, 3 of them definitely HOT (and one of them who approached me seemed like a real winner). There were also topless floor dances going on, although these chicas were not prime quality.
I really wanted to stay, have a few more brews, and look up a better number, but didn't want to send my friend back home alone, so after buying a couple chicas another drink and copping a few carresses, we split.
Crossed the border by 2pm
As a relatively experienced monger, I should have done better.
Lessons learned (take the advice as you will):
1)--Better to monger alone if your mates are in a hurry or have a guilt complex (I've always had my best experiences alone when I could better concentrate on the task at hand).
2)--Never rush upstairs unless you feel just right about your choice of chica (patience will almost always be rewarded.
3)--Don't discount the middle of a weekday (virtually no competition, and possibly good selection).
4)--TJ is very user friendly (no one hit me up for anything, straight-forward transactions; although from other's postings, regarding chicas, it is hit and miss)

Late Night
04-13-04, 06:50

You said >>I've always had my best experiences alone when I could better concentrate on the task at hand<<<

well said my friend. That goes for me too. I hate babysitting my friends when we go mongering. It just takes energy away.

Late Night!

Cruz the Nard
04-14-04, 01:17

You really think that a non-pro is free? I think they cost more than any chica!

They all cost something, be it actual currency or something else you value.


04-15-04, 00:06
1st time poster in the TJ section.

Got to agree with Cruz on this one. Not only are non-pros not free but some of the hot chicas in Tj are twice as hot as any girlfriend I have ever had.

Anyways, nice post Cruz. Gotta try that combo as some of the chicas I have had in TJ are so hot I get too excited & its over too quickly.

I have also had 3 trips to TJ & all 3 were excellent. On my last trip on Sat 3/27 noon time, I hooked up with Fernanda at Adelitas & got the GFE treatment. She is about 5'4" has long reddish brown hair, cute young face & has a great 20 y/o bod with nice firm tits & a great ass. Sat down & bought her a drink to try get a feeling on her before taking her upstairs. Man, as soon as we sat down I put my hand around her & started rubbing her hip & she immediately directed my hand to her tata & hers to Mr. Happy. Long story short, took her upstairs for 25 min. & $71 & got a great CBJ & 3 positions complete with titty sucking, lots of moaning & a great no rush attitude. Nothing like a hottie smiling at you while do the bucking bronco on Mr. Happy. I highly reccomend this chica & am heading down to paradise again this Saturday & hope to hook up with her again.

Thanks to all of the great posts & a fellow monger I met at Adelitas who gave me some great tips, I am addicted to TJ.

BTW I went there 3 weekends in a row & hung out with the same monger all 3 times. Guess I'm not the only one addicted. Great having good company to have a beer with after the deed & brag about the trophy just had upstairs.


Fe Maiden
04-17-04, 15:25
Hello all,

I am new here but have looked at many posts for quite a while.

I made my first daytime trip on Thursday 4/15. I got to AB at about 1:00. I was surprised at the number of hotties!!! I think I now prefer daytime to night! The girls were easy to observe and spot.

I had planned to do 2 pops this day! I spotted a real cutie who looked kind of young and really sexy! She was with a guy drinking. She saw me looking at her and when she did I smiled at her and got a huge smile back from her. I decided to keep her in mind for later.

I then started talking to a girl named Jessica from Mexico City. She agreed on $40 to go upstairs! (maybe daytime is cheaper?)

I liked her tits which were beckoning through her see through top.

I told her I was not interested in a BJ from her but only wanted to fuck. We removed our clothes and she let me caress her and suck her tits. She put the condom on me and we began in the missionary position. She was moaning a bit. I asked her after a bit to get on top and oh my! She got on me reverse cowgirl and did me very well and she seemed to enjoy it as well! I got off when she began going very hard and fast and made lots of noise!

I went back downstairs and it seemed the number of girls had doubled!!! I was looking for the first cutie I spotted. As luck would have it she walked right behind me and pinched my butt. She positioned herself in the location I saw her in before. I could not take my eyes off her! She noticed this and motioned me over. Her name was Melina / Melena from Veracruz. We talked for a bit and I really wanted her! She asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I of course said yes and inquired how much. She said $60 and that she was really good. I offered $40 and she said no $60 honey. I said then how about $50 and she said lets go! We got to the room and undressed but she did not remove her tiny black G-string. She stood on the bed and me on the floor and she let me caress her she seemed to really get turned on by this especially when my hands found her gorgeous perky breasts. She pulled my head into her breasts and let me suck and nibble a bit. This seemed to drive her wild!!! She then put the condom on me and got down to bive me a great BJ as my hands wandered. This went on for about 5 minutes. She layed aback and started to remove her panties and let me finish. I then entered her missionary style she was making lots of moaning and squealing sounds and talking dirty. She then suggested doggie. As I was slowly banging her this way I again let my hands find her tits. She really was getting into it. Next she got on top and rode me good. Damn this girl is tight!!! Then she got off layed down and said fuck me hard. I obliged of course. She kept saying "yes papi" and making all sorts of noise! She either came or is a terrific actress. I then came as well very hard! We cleaned up and she gave me a huge long kiss. This was the best fuck of my life!

I now know daytime is better. I got much better service, no rush, and better prices!

Good luck and have fun!

04-18-04, 05:50
First time posting, long time reader. Went to Adelita's about seven weeks ago. I walked in and immediately saw the Paris Hilton look-a-like and forgot all of the advise the guys provide in the forum. I took her upstairs ($60) and the first thing I noticed in the light was her terrible complexsion. She had a heavy coat of make-up on. Went to a room and she immediately turned the lights off. I turned them back on and told her I wanted to see her undress since this was my fantasy. She became irate and loudly told me to turn them off. I should've walked at this point, however, I was stiff and ready for action. She took her clothes off and somewhat apologized for her attitude. She put the raincoat on me and we went at it. Within 30 seconds I smelled a foul, fishy odor, emiting from her snatch. Yuck! I was so exited, I tried to not think about it. The odor got worse. After about a two minute of pumping, I lost my desire and pulled out. She nicely asked me if it was my first time and if I was unable to do it because I was feeling guilty about cheating on my girlfriend. I was going to say something, but I though I'd better not, since this my upset her and cause a ruckess. I gave her some bogus excuse and she was out the door faster than heck. I was carefull to pull the condom off, not allowing the exterior touch me. The smell on the condom was rank. I think you no where this story is going. A week later, my girlfriend began to complain about pain in her vagina. She also began to smell rank. She went to the doctor and he diagnosed her with a rare yeast type of infection, along with a urinary track infection. The Doc put her on antibiotics and prescribed a topical lotion for her. I also went to the Doc and was prescribed a similar cream. Just a waring, be careful. Sorry it took me so long to register and warn you guys.

04-22-04, 07:27
Can anyone tell me how to find the this club, and tell me if there any hotels in the area, I've never been

04-22-04, 22:48

Take a taxi for your first time there. Just tell the taxi driver "Adelitas 5 dollars?". They shouldn't charge you more than $5 and don't tip. Cheaper taxis are available (Taxi Libre), but you have to know where to look when you cross the border.

There are plenty of hotels in the area, but if you stay in the area by the club, get a room close to the top (because of noise).

Mutha Foo
04-24-04, 04:14

Captain FU wrote "Now I have some bad news. About 2 months ago the waiters had a little chat (chisme) regarding to one of the chicas in AB. This girl did not pass her month check out and now is on vacation for a least 2 months maybe more, looks like she got crabs and herpes; that name of the girl is Claudia, they think that maybe is because of her sexual preferences for womans. she normally stands near to the men's bathroom; she is about 23 years, black long hair, big tits (36 C, man made), nice behind and beatiful. The last time she was working was in 02/13/04."

What the hell is going on. Now I know of at least 2 girls at ABs that have herpes.


Bob Amp
04-26-04, 00:39

Went there early Sun AM.. very light pickings. I wanted to check things out and see this place at different times. Walked the alley and nothing peaked my interest.

NOT GOOD - took a girl (wanted to get rocks off before I left.) Name was Esperanza or Esmerelda. Something like that from Guadalajera. Anyway, I did my thing. She was very accomodating, 3-4 positions, took her time (was Sun AM so not lots of clients) -

PROBLEM - about 3 days later my dick had a rash about one inch from base. Kind of reminded me of poison oak. Not sure if this is herpes or something, but am comfortable that it came from there. Is weird, i always thought that STD comes from something going in at the tip. I never really protected about her fluid on my shaft. Me bummed and put some cream on from some poison oak treatment and it went down. But I am not sure if herpes or something.

MORAL - I will protect the whole shaft from now on. The rash was right where the condom ended. Used to protect tip only.

Has anyone else had something like this? Is not good to see posts of STD's coming from this place. It is Mexico, so I am not sure what to expect, yet, want a safe experience. I have been mongering for 20 years and this is my first rash. However, I mostly go to asian AMP's. Damn I wish Orange County had some action.

Safe mongering to all.


Rabo Verde
04-26-04, 17:58
HERPES: There is a secret system for knowing which girls have Herpes in Adelitas: When they start working, the girls are assigned ¨nombres de fantasia¨and are not allowed to use their real names. Girls with herpes are assigned names that end in A--
Angela, Claudia, Julia, etc. I wasn´t supposed to reveal this, but I thought it was an urgent matter of health.

Late Night
04-27-04, 01:20

You cant' be serious. You are kidding right?

TIA and LOL!

04-27-04, 01:44
Yeah right! I would guess that 70 percent of hispanic girl names end with A. I think this may just be a sarcastic way of implying that all of them have herpes. I would agree with the assumption that the majority of them have genital herpes.


04-27-04, 06:12

You are an evil Mofo. Funny though after you think about the 90% of the chica's names end in 'a'. But now every chico will be wondering as he's slurping up the juices... Her name is Anna hmmmm.


Late Night
04-27-04, 22:20

Great. I will take those down and take em with me to the club, MAJOR LOL!!!!

Cruz the Nard
04-27-04, 23:21
Thanks, Chup

I'll be sure to use those phrases the first chance I get!

Very helpful!

Rabo Verde
04-27-04, 23:51
Also, you can get a 10% discount by wearing pink on days that end in the letter ¨y¨!

04-30-04, 02:33
Checked out Adelitas on Wednesday night. So, So selection. Tried Corel, 24 from Michioacan, pretty face, a little thick but nice poportions, natural D's, agreed on $50 plus room. She was horrible, did the pevervial nail exam while I was pumping away. She was also a little stinky and rushed. After I finished she said business was great and that I was her 6th trick for the night. Don't recommend. Also tried new girl from San Luis, Sonora named Gizelle (pronouced Hizelle). Nice bod, 23 and dark complexion, about 5'02", 110 lbs. with beautiful C breast (half inch nipples) and a great firm ass. She was hanging out by the benches near men's room with three other heavy gals. All said they just arrived from San Luis on a bus and that it was their first day. I tried Gizelle, agreed on $40 plus room. When I took her upstairs the towel guy confirmed it was her first day by saying that he had never seen her before and asking her name. He then whispered some instructions in her ear. At any rate, the service was fabulous. I began to play with her clit and she insisted that I masturbate her before I penetrated her. As she was beginning to come, she asked me to put it in. At this point she got very loud and truly appeared to be enjoying herself. This lasted for a while until I could hold no more. Wow! best experience I've had there. Gave her $55 and it was worth every penny.

Happy mongering and be safe,


Late Night
04-30-04, 22:29
Anyone have experience with 22 years old blonde Fernanda?

Mutha Foo
05-01-04, 01:50
Anybody try Sylvia from Mazatlan. She is by far the hottest chica at Adelitas. She is usually there after 11 p.m. and stands in the booth second to the left of the big T.V.

Mutha Foo
05-02-04, 19:34
Went to AB's last night. Claudia was there wearing a red top and white pants. I asked her right out if she had herpes. She denied it (of course). The strange thing was that she had a band aid on her forearm as if she had a shot. There was a good ratio of women to men. Didn't try anybody new, saw the same ole stuff. Time for this place to get a major turnover. Too many burnt out hookers and the same ole lookers.


P.S. Tried the line "Tu es muy fea" and the girl laughed. Is that good?

Cali Monger
05-02-04, 22:42
Had a crap time Saturday afternoon. Went down with a friend and took the cab right to the club. About 11:30-12:30 afternoon. Not so many girls. Maybe there was 20. About 5 do-able ones.I picked a really hot one which is something I usually stay away from and true to form, got burned with awful service. She is 22, has braces, fake boobs and fake nails, long black straight hair, says she's from Guadalajara. Fakes like she understands less English than she does. Said her name was 'Manissa' or 'Marissa'. I'd normally never go for this type and never go upstairs without first checking the vibe, but I let my friend press me on the time issue and we were trying to fit alot into the day. I should have known after she sat with me a few minutes that it wasn't going to be good. I figured, bite the bullet and how bad could it be anyway. Well, she was totally cold, no vibe, no intimate touching or kissing or anything. I don't expect her to fake that she loves me, but this was just unreal. Like a robot. After she puts the condom on, she washed it off with some kinda alcohol and then takes a 'baby wipe' and puts it around my cock like a bib. And then starts a bj. As good as she looks, I just wasn't feeling it with her surgeon like approach. Really just awful. I couldn't even maintain for the 'operation' and just blew the whole thing off from that point. I won't ever again go under such time constraints where I have to just pick really fast without feeling out a few girls first. All this so we could rush back to Barona Casino to bet the Derby in time. I had no part of the winner as I tend to stay away from favorites. We also found out that while Barona casino is 'nice', it's the only one I've ever been to that does NOT seve alcohol. A casino with no booze. Are you kidding me??? Then the capper was we went to Petco to see 'my' Mets lose again. What a day. Petco is a sweet park though. Ugggh. Another day, A better time ahead I'm sure.

El Gato Gordo
05-02-04, 23:43
Cali, just to give you some more bad news, you could have gon einthe alley right around the corner from AB and bet the Derby at Caliente. I have the done the drill you describe more than once, and agree with you 100% -- it never works when you rush. better luck next time.

Cali Monger
05-04-04, 02:02
Gato, Yes, I know I can bet in TJ but we actually were staying the night at the Barona and I am hesitant to expose my Derby bankroll in TJ. I went heavy on 2 longshots and if either hit I wasn't too sure I wanted to be seen recieving a few thousand down there.

05-05-04, 22:56
Can someone give me a run down of the 3 Paris Hilton look a likes? I notice of the 3 the really skinny one that wears the pink eye shadow doesn't go upstairs much which is weird since she looks hot. The 3 hang out together alot but the one with the pink eye shadow mostly get bought drinks but not tooken upstairs. Can I get a quick rundown on which chicks to avoid at Adelitas? I notice where the smart guys aren't going for stunnas so they can get better deals and service. I hate how the waiters haggle you. Seem like they have a 2 drink limit or something. I feel if someone has one beer that isn't finished and is tipping the dancers on the floor well he shouldn't be bothered. I guess they hate to see the girls making the money and not as much going to the house.

05-06-04, 01:59

What are the three names for the Paris Hiltons?

Mutha Foo
05-06-04, 03:31
Larry, Curly and Moe.

Rabo Verde
05-07-04, 05:28
Talked to two of the cute blondes today, the ones who always wear glitter around their eyes. Turns out they are sisters from Guadelajara. They look like twins but are a year apart. Some guy swooped in and took both of them up at the same time while I was getting a beer!!!! LOL. Anyone have any experience with one or both?

Meanwhile there are finally a few new faces. Ruby, straight blonde hair parted in the middle, fresh in from Mazatlan, talks a good game in the bar but a real mechanical rush job upstairs.

BTW, one of the waiters told me in confidence that the third toilet seat from the door in the mens room has herpes virus on it, so be careful.

Mutha Foo
05-08-04, 00:25
It is confirmed that Claudia has herpes. Claudia is 5'2" 24y.o. from Mazatlan, black hair, cute face, very nice body and is usually found near the Men's room. Usually wears a red top and white pants. Fake tits and nice ass. An insider that works at ABs told me in confidence that Claudia has herpes and YES you can get herpes even if you use a condom. Let the buyer beware.

BTW What good is those health cards if the girl has an incurable disease?


Rico Cafe
05-08-04, 01:00
The Paris Hilton look a like that goes by Paola is a lousy wham bam thank you mam hurry up and finish type of lay.
She will even try to trick you into thinking you are in her vagina when she is actually just holding your well condomed greased up Johnson in her hand down below.
She may be the one you see not getting that much business because most of the veteranos have figured her out.
She doesn't care though... there are always enough newbies tanked up on Tequila and Tecate who will keep her in her knock off Gucci's and finance her into a nice little nest egg even though she doesn't do a good job.
$250 per nite sure beats the hell out of $5 a day putting TV's together.
She sure is hot looking though!!!

Mutha Foo
05-08-04, 17:37
$250 per nite? Is that all an AB chica make per night? I know strippers in Vegas that make $2500 per night and for just taking their clothes off. Life truly is unfair.


05-09-04, 05:13

Herpes virus cannot survive for extended periods of time on a toilet seat. And even if it could, why would the shit-head who told you this story not simply go in the with an alcohol-wipe and desinfect the seat?

Motha: The Claudia story is something that I take much more to heart. Will avoid her. Thanks for the heads-up.


Rabo Verde
05-10-04, 13:07
A very reliable-looking guy on the corner told me in confidence that ALL of the Adelita's girls now have herpes, and we better go to Tropa, where all of the girls are clean. A waiter at the Tropa bar confirmed this diagnosis, so I am taking this to heart. They also gave me some very sound medical advice regarding my sciatica. I gave them each a dollar to buy a taco for providing me with this up-to-date and vitally important health information. Meanwhile, a waiter at Adelita's, Jose, is treating my allergies. IMHO, he is much cheaper and more reliable than one of those quack doctors!

Don Tonto
05-10-04, 13:13

I think that Chuponalgas was just joking, everyone knows it's the second toilet seat to avoid :-)

KJ Vegas
05-10-04, 14:01
I'd hate to get Herpes, Trogan ENZ while my stay in TJ.



05-11-04, 01:47
Hello everyone,

There is this lady in her mid 30's that I always go see in Adelitas. Her name is Zabel. I think she is the best in there. She is beautiful, and has a great body. Stays in shape, I have always offered her a drink but she always gets an orange juice. As to her skills in the bed, all I can say, "mi amor".

Check her out, and won't be dissappointed.


Rabo Verde
05-13-04, 17:23
WARNING: Oh my God, I went with Claudia, and I passed out during the session. When I woke up, this is what I saw!!!!

Migrant One
05-13-04, 18:20

Did you see that on you, or Claudia?

Sorry couldn't resist.


05-14-04, 03:55

Cool! Now I know what the herpes virus does to the instrument!

By the way, the mother of the very reliable looking corner guy told me that he always gets things backwards. So Tropa is herpes-central, and AB is OK.


Mutha Foo
05-14-04, 04:12

I got the same thing from Claudia except I had blisters around the groin area.
BTW you're tiny.

Rabo Verde
05-14-04, 17:30

05-14-04, 20:38
I can't believe the bogus reports here now. All I can say is you dudes to go down yourselves and check it out. Some people here have probably had a bad experience, had their heart broken or whatever... they're determine to turn us away. If you're not sure about going down, then PM someone with the incentive of dinner, drinks, parking and so forth. Or, come up with a deal that works for you. There are many of us willing to do this as part of the fun is meeting others like us. The advantage is you get the dudes experience of where to go, who to do, where to eat, drink, sleep, shower, shave etc.

Rabo Verde
05-14-04, 22:53
Oh Noooooooo!!!!
You looked!!!

Q Bert
05-16-04, 16:16
This section has really gone downhill. Make me not even want to post a new trip report.

05-16-04, 20:57
Hello Guys,

This is a confirm report: I did spoke to few guys and it seems most of the girls in AB have not passedtheir monthly health check. Still many of them are on the floor and working. Adelitas is NOT SAFE. Please do resist your temptations for AB.

Be Safe.



Rabo Verde
05-17-04, 18:06
This is a confirmed report, code A-1, Top Secret. I got it from the undercover gynecologist who is posing as a shoe-shine boy. All of the really GOOD-LOOKING girls in Adelita's have been confirmed to have AIDS through the Western Blot Test, using the latest quantum-enabled reverse isoscolator! Nobody should have sex with these girls until further notice except ME, because I put Ben-Gay lotion on my balls, and a fresh alkaline AA battery in my butt, which reverses the follicular polarity, and electromagnetically repels the HIV virus. This work-around is NOT recommended to anyone with a penis less than nine inches, as electrolylitic homolyisis may result!!! The ugly girls are still safe, however. For further info see Pedro the towel boy, who is conducting a double blind study in conjunction with the Mexican Department of Maricones y Puterias.

Rabo Verde
05-17-04, 18:15
[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of photos that are not directly related to the purpose of this Forum. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

05-18-04, 01:47
Chupolangas, FYI Blot is a french card game, loool.

Ben is Gay, won't help you much once you get HIV or Herpes :)

But seriously, I know that you are messing around, but how serious is the STD report in the AB?

Last time I visited the place was 6 months ago.

Rabo Verde
05-18-04, 17:55
My point is, who knows? Certainly not the waiters or bathroom attendants! Most of the girls are very careful, and if the DATY CIM BBBJ idiots would get smart, we wouldn't have a problem. My guess is, use a condom and wash afterwards, and you are 99%-plus safe, and in the meantime, these silly rumors crack me up. In the general US population, a third of all sexually active people test positive for herpes antibodies, so to accuse some girl of having herpes, based on some "confirmed" rumor, is silly and meaningless. There are hundreds of good websites with STD info, so nobody needs to get "confirmed" information from self-appointed experts on WSG.

In the meantime, we are amusing ourselves here because there is not much to seriously report on at A.B. that hasn't been said here 100 times before. You get in the cab and go there, do your thing and take a cab back. Oh yeah --- Do not lick the urinal mints! Any newbies with serious questions can PM me.

Mutha Foo
05-19-04, 01:05
Chupon, are you kidding? "Wash afterwards"? You think soap and water is the cure? Golly, maybe you should tell some scientist that soap and water is the cure for AIDS. If you knew anything about STDs, you would know that EVEN IF you use a condom, you can still get herpes. Nuff said.


Rabo Verde
05-19-04, 06:29
MF--- You are confusing "cure" with prophylaxis. As any scientist already knows, soap and water, or alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, works just fine to remove and/or kill HIV or Herpes virus from the outer skin. Once it is in your bloodstream, of course, you are out of luck. That is why you need to wash right after sex. You might notice that your doctor wears rubber gloves and washes his hands between patients. Just a dumb superstition, I guess, you know those silly doctors! Guess I am pretty silly for also using the same technique, rubber and soap, to prevent infections. DUH! Anyone who is really interested in this subject can find the research fairly easily in the online medical journals, e.g.: "ABSTRACT: A common bar soap and tap water solution was able to demonstrate a 30-fold human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) inactivation", (Virucidal Efficacy of Soap and Water against HIV in Genital Secretions, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Oct 2003, p. 3321-3322, Vol. 47, No. 10)

Meanwhile, AB today at 3 PM had about 30 girls, nothing special, the usual suspects. Elena from Mexico City is pretty and nice but starts asking "Finished yet?" after 10 minutes.

Late Night
05-19-04, 06:46
Mutha Foo,

Yeah stick with washing. Don't be a fool.

C Cube Lover
05-19-04, 14:11
Hey Chupon,

Your point of view about using soap and water after sex make a lot of sense to me. Thanks a lot. Could you tell me how to loacate the article?

ABSTRACT: A common bar soap and tap water solution was able to demonstrate a 30-fold human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) inactivation", (Virucidal Efficacy of Soap and Water against HIV in Genital Secretions, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Oct 2003, p. 3321-3322, Vol. 47, No. 10)

Do I have to go to the library or the web?



EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: This is interesting, but you might consider re-posting it under the Safe Sex topic in the Special Interests section of the Forum where it will benefit the Forum Members who are specifically looking for this type of information. Thanks!

Platinum Rover
05-19-04, 19:18
UPDATE: For those of you who do not know, the Cliff notes version is: I met a girl from Oaxaca, who after being promised a job as a maid in a hotel, bored a bus and came to TJ. She arrived and it was not a maid job, duh! I found her crying as she was walking to the bus station. I gave her some money, bought a ticket and gave her my cell number. I visited her and her family in late April, after she called me to come down. I talked with her father extensively (yes I speakie the lingo) about what happend etc. and what the girl wants to do in the future. I did the Visa thingy, and got her up here after lots of red-tape and extensive discussions and some dinero.

So to continue: She is here legally(with visa) with me for a little less than 3 months and then we will see what happens. I have her enrolled in English classes, semi private group lessons through Berlitz.

For all those who PM me, thanks so much for the advice, and believe me I took it. She passed the several batteries of HIV tests (dna, rna and several other methods that went over my head) that I had done for her nearly a month ago. Also a pre-nup is in the works. And as one of the fellows mentioned, buy lots of phone cards, AMEN to that brother. And I did put locks on certain doors during the day, just in case (thanks for that hint).

And now for the good part. She has an incredibily good looking body, no wonder the bus/bar operators recruited her. She is 21 (yes I saw her birth certificate and papers). Great rear end and enjoys intimacy a lot. So far so good. Nice to come home to such energy.

I will keep you updated. Thanks again for all the advice. Advice is always welcome.

KJ Vegas
05-19-04, 20:03
What I do, after cuming and after taking the condom off, I sqeeze the rest of the cum out of my one eyed lizard, that is supposed to help also.


Plain White Guy
05-20-04, 16:45
The article that Cube was looking for --

The abstract:

The article (PDF):

The article (HTML):

To hit the highlights, the UnclePiercedAbstract (tm) says... The Ivory soap and water treatment seemed to show a 30 fold "inactivation" of the HIV virus. In fact, they used a weaker soap solution (1/1000) and a stronger soap solution (1/200) and the stronger one did noticably better.

For those of you wishing to show people up in the forum in the future, you can find an article to support damn near anything. Try searching Medline.


I will cross post this in the AIDS forum.


Mutha Foo
05-21-04, 02:43
GREAT NEWS! My friend who is HIV+, has gotten rid of the virus all together! Thanks to Chupon and his incredible advice, my friend washed his thingy with soap and water and NOW he is cured! PRAISE THE LORD!


05-21-04, 08:13

thanks for the update. i was puzzled by a couple of things, however. your original post said you met this girl on april 15 in tj. you later received a call from her telling you she wanted to live with you, you then traveled to oaxaca to speak with her family, and after that you then decided to help her with a visa. your most recent post indicates she has already obtained a visa and has settled in to living with you in the us, taking classes, etc.

my question is, how did you accomplish all of this with such lightning fast speed? how did she obtain a visa so quickly, when usually it takes at least months? you make it sound so simple, as though all a foreigner needs in order to obtain a visa is an american requesting one for her, but of course it is not this simple. what do you mean when you wrote you did the "visa thingy?" is it a fiance visa, or what? i thought fiance visas involved a lot of red tape and careful review by the government, and a personal interview.

the timing of what you have described is impossible or damn close to it. if you actually pulled off the timing, i'd sure like to know how.

Platinum Rover
05-21-04, 20:39

I pm'ed you the methodology and timing. Sufficie it to say, that ole college buddies who are in the civil service are a great help.

The biggest problem/risk is her lack of general skills of buying things. I guess being so poor all the time, makes her "go nuts" when in the gorcery store or department store.

05-22-04, 16:08
None of you guys are doctors. It is irresposible to post hearsay and false information on such a serious matter. If anyone wants some real facts you should contact the CDC or your local Aids assistance center.

EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: This is interesting, but you might consider re-posting it under the Safe Sex topic in the Special Interests section of the Forum where it will benefit the Forum Members who are specifically looking for this type of information. Thanks!

05-23-04, 01:48
Hi Fellow Mongers,

I've been going to TJ a couple times a year for a couple years now. Just long enough to sort of know my way around and to have a couple good experiences at Adelita's. The reports have seemed a little slow recently, perhaps because of all the talk of STD's and infected girls.

Well, last time I was there was at the end of April. I had myself checked last week just in case and I'm still clean, but maybe I haven't waited long enough.

Anyway, the girls. I was there on a Monday and Tuesday of all days. Monday night was actually plenty busy, busier than I expected, and busy enough I couldn't get the girls' attention I was hoping for. There was this one girl who had a really boisterous confident attitude, walked around like she owned the place, flirted with all the waiters, and joked pretty loudly with some of the other girls. Never made eye contact. Twice when I got up to just pull her away from her friends and be more direct, she happened to get up and walk out. Not with another guy or anything, just walked outside to check on something, and would reappear 5 minutes later, when I was talking with someone else. Anyone know who I'm talking about? Shoulder-length hair with a slight curl, maybe 5'3", no tummy, tight ass. (Can't remember anything better to identify her, unfortunately.)

After 20 minutes of that I gave up and wandered to the other side of the dance stage. That's where I found Selena. Or Melena. Whatever her name, she was HOT and from Veracruz, just chillin' by the bathroom in front of the TV. Really short and skinny, longer black hair, I decided not to waste any more time and after agreeing on $50, off we went. She undressed and stood on the edge of the bed swaying back and forth a bit for foreplay as I kissed her breasts and neck and played with this cute gold chain she wore across her stomach. I skipped the BJ since I'm not into them as much, and wanted more time doing the deed anyway. She likes it slow and gentle, folks. Missionary, cowgirl, doggie, missionary and I was done. It was incredible; I was in love for half an hour.

So then I went to get something to eat and recuperate. When I got back, the girl I was originally interested in was nowhere to be seen. I was just standing at the bar when this other chick, Annalisa came up to me and started rubbing her ass on my crotch. She wasn't interested in talking, just dancing and grabbing. I suggested we sit down and she agreed, but once we did, she still was more interested in grinding and rubbing than getting a drink or starting negotiations. I had seen her pull the same thing on someone else earlier. It's gotta be a pretty effective technique. Or she's a real nymph. I just sat and smiled for a few minutes while I enjoyed myself.

I succumbed and we got a room, again agreeing on $50, (I can't seem to negotiate less than that except with the ugly fat and desperate ones). I was able to last the full 30 minutes this time, since it was so soon after Selena, and she seemed genuinely to enjoy herself, too, playing with herself while we were going at it and moaning. It was all going great until we were done and she immediately got up and started chatting with one of her friends in the hallway. Grrr. I know what we're doing, but no other gesture made it so obvious that this was just her job and no big deal. (sigh) Oh well.

All in all, I enjoyed myself. I've had much worse experiences in TJ. And I'd love to hear anything about that mystery girl!


Rabo Verde
05-23-04, 12:02
I think MF is pulling my leg, LOL, which serves me right.
If not, far be it from me to interfere with Natural Selection!
Anything interesting going on at Adelitas this week?

C Cube Lover
05-23-04, 15:20
I went to Adelitas saturday night and went up with Andrea. She told me she has been in TJ for about a month or so and, I believed it is true since I have never seen her before until a week ago.

She is about 5'6" without shoes and the last 2 times I saw her she was wearing ligh color jean with a halter top with a fake 36 D.

She has a beautiful smile with very attractive dimples. The aura about her is the friendliness you can noticed immediately. She is in her twenties since I didn't ask her specifically. To me, she is a very attractive "woman" compared with some of the younger girls like the Paris Hilton loolk alike.

She is always smiling when you talk to her and with a twinkle in her eyes. The bad part is you can see the scar from the implant but I think her attitude in bed compensated for the physical imperfection. However, her hygiene is less than desirable since she doesn't not take a shower or wash her private her afterwards. I try to ash her why and she didn't understand me since I don't speak spanish.

She stand in the hottie central with short dark hair and a great smile, you can't miss her. She works from approx. 7pm til ??, 5 days a week.


Tokyo via AA
05-26-04, 09:23
First time visit to Tijuana last night. Thanks to Brockton O'Toole's FAQ, made everything smooth. Only hitch was that the taxis to/from Adelita Club wanted US$5. I had US$3 in my head. But they were quite insistent on US$5.

I staked out the place a long time. It seemed that the hotties weren't going up to the rooms -- I wonder if they are just too unapproachable, or too expensive?

Anyway, after about 90 minutes of watching the action, Rosi (maybe Rosita?) from Veracruz and I hooked up. She was constantly dancing all evening, and sure enough, she says she is a professional dancer and dances "cinco horas por dia". Wow. Well, good dancers make good lovers. She wanted $60, I tried to go for $50, but she wouldn't budge. Sorry guys, I didn't care.

She was great in the room. Eye contact, vocal, and she took control. Also she did a BBBJ, well, at least for a couple of minutes, which I wasn't expecting given the plethora of CBJ reports around here. Anyway, she's a keeper gents, plus she is studying English so she can deal with the gringos. Have fun!

KJ Vegas
05-26-04, 21:28

Thanks for sharing, I'm making my first trip to TJ in 4 days, can't wait. I'm headed straight to Adelita Club my first night.


Fe Maiden
05-28-04, 16:45

You had Malena. She is HOT! Great service. You said however that she likes it slow and gentle. Hmmmmm. She asked me to do her hard! She was one of the best experiences of my life!

05-29-04, 10:21
Tokyo Via AA,

Regarding taxi prices:

If you walked straight and came out through the turnstile after entering Mexico, the cabs there are ALL 5$ (or 6$ if they can).

You have to do one of 2 things to get your $3 ride:

Turn right and go out the side gate about 100 meters before the exit you went through. After you exit, cross the street and see if there are any Taxi Libre cars about. They are the ones who will take you by meter.

White cabs with orange letters.

If you exit through the gate where you walk straight, turn right and walk to end of block. Cross the street and turn left. Walk about 2 blocks so that you are up by all the busses. there is a Taxi Libre stand there as well.

By the way, if you enjoy football (soccer), there is a great mini stadium about 1 more block up on the right. The games are mostly teenagers, but to sit and have a cold one and a cigarette is a great experience. The people are really cool and friendly.

05-30-04, 20:14
Fe Maiden,

Heh, well I was convinced. That's probably a sign of real talent: making both of us feel like a million bucks even though we like it different ways. It's too bad I can't get down there more often! Instead, I probably can't afford another trip for several months. :(

Mutha Foo
06-01-04, 02:54
Was there on Saturday night. It sucked. Too many guys and nothing new. Same ol' hookers and same ol' lookers. Chicago club was unbelievably slow. There was hardly any people there, what is going on with CC?


06-02-04, 04:43
Went to Adeilita's today around 6PM. Fernanda of Guadalajara kept making eye contact with me so finally I gave in and talked to her. She is about 5'6", I think enhanced breasts, quite nice. And a great ass. She has a nice smile speaks English quite well, with shoulder length (a bit longer actually) black hair. We agreed to $50. She started off with a CBJ, complete with a little moaning, and then moved to missionary, doggie, missionary and doggie again. I think she was getting a bit anxious for me to finish, but she just encouraged me by talking a little dirty. She was a bit professional, definitely not GFE, but also not robotic. I would go back. Definitely feel satisfied. She has a great body , especially for doggy.


Big Daddy III
06-02-04, 07:50
Hey Tokyo via AA I think I had Rosi too about 3 weeks ago. I was in TJ with my friend and stoped by adelitas she came up to me after about as soon as we got there. five minutes later I got her to bring down the price to 45 plus the room. She was a pretty good fuck would definitly get her again whenever I go back.

Filipina Lover
06-02-04, 23:30
Hi it has been over 6 years since I have been to Tijuana and will be going next month. Last time I was there and I can't remember the street the taxi driver dropped us at, but some door man at a club we passed told us that they had $10 bjs by girls in there. My friend didn't want to go becauses he thought they might be guys. Do they have any bj bars you can recomend for that price? A friend that I lost contact told me there was a ***** house there where he got to stay with the girl all night and did her many times for only about $28. Is this true to find a place like that? I think she was around 18 years old. Please let me know asap.


Filipina Lover

Member #2041
06-03-04, 18:48
Going rate at Adelita is typically $50 per half hour, plus 11 for the room. When it's not crowded, or the chica needs cash bad and hasn't been busy, you can negotiate it down below that.

Outside of Adelita, in the Alley around the block, Street chicas can sometimes be found for $15 + 3 for the room, but that doesn't involve her taking her clothes off. Either a quick BJ or a quick, drop the pants part-ways fuck, from a less than hot chica. Ugly ones might be gotten for $10, but I don't ever feed that close to the bottom to know for sure.

I'd rather pay $20-30 for a nude (toda sin ropas) fuck from a good looking street chica, than $15 for the ultra-quickie, clothes stay on fuck from an ugly one.

06-05-04, 03:06
Mutha Foo

Herpes Alert

I am curious. You have written a couple of post warnig us about herpes. You have also stated that you and or some of your friends have come into contact with a woman or women that are infected with herpes, yet you and your friends are down there banging on the regular. If there is a herpes scare in TJ you may be part of the problem. If you and your buddies are infected with herpes, then the girls you are banging can also get infected, would'nt you think?

Thanks for the alerts, but what is really going on?


Mutha Foo
06-05-04, 04:06
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Lustful Sinner
06-05-04, 06:12
Just came back from Adelita's. Saw Claudia, who was wearing a pink top with jeans, and Annabella, with a pink cowboy hat and not much else. Both incredible, highly recommended. Annabella was my favorite because she let me do 69 and had the prettiest p**y. She also wasn't shy about being fingered downstairs. Wow.

60+10+1 for 1 hour.

Baldy Cruiser
06-06-04, 02:49
Wed. May 26th 1:30 P.M.

I am working in Del Mar & my job ends early. So I head down to T.J., Adelita's Bar of course.

2:30 p.m. I am suckin back a cold Corona at the bar scopin out the chicks. Last time I was here, was a couple years ago.

The hottie gallery is still there. I swear last time I was here there were American girls in the Hottie Gallery. Has anyone else experienced this??

I sucked back a few beers & scoped out the entire floor. Lotta girls for this time of day. I love the floor show - a couple of chicks dancing & then takin their tops off. This one chick has great real tits. I love real tits. She came over to me, & I stuffed a dollar in her shorts & grabbed on her titties. She went around to all the guys in a circle, shoving her big funbags in every guys face for a dollar. Boy you sure can't get that at the Wild Goose (near LAX) or Fritz That's IT (Bellflower)!

I had my eyes glued on the hottie gallery as I was seated at the bar to the left. Narrowed my selection to 3 girls. I was gonna suck back about 5 beers & then go upstairs to heaven.

Suddenly this latin chick aproaches me & I wanna get rid of her. She speaks pretty good English & immediately grabs my dick & begins strokin it. I try to get her to leave but the more she strokes my johnson I keep talking to her. I tell her I wanna hang out for a while. She says she only charges $50 & we can take our time & she will do anything & I don't have to pay her till after the deed!

I ask her if her tits are real. She says feel them. Of course they are!! I touch & squeeze & feel like the Charmin guy. They are real & are D's - my favorites!!!

By now my pecker is at full mast, & I can't help it, & I say let's go. We go upstairs & she doesn't ask for any $$ right away. She gets naked & is very nice - probably an 8 1/2 face & body, tits - 10 - real nice 34 D's - almost DD's!

Then I couldn't believe what transpired. I am used to the 15 or 20 min. & are you done yet stuff. She was magnificent. Started with a BJ, which felt like a BBBJ, but her hair was covering my pole & I think she may have been using just her hands with lotion. I couldn't tell. Then she put a condom on does a CBJ for 10 minutes, till I almost came. I said okay, how about you getting on top. She said sure. I sucked on those happy hooters while she road my willy the whole time & I'm expecting the towel boy to be knockin on the door. No knocks came.

We did mish, doggie, & all else. We must have been going for 45 minutes & I couldn't hold back any longer. I exploded & was soakin in sweet sweat. She still didn't ask for the $$.

Her name is Monica & she wears a denim skirt & a white top with a stiff bra whick makes me wonder about her tits. I told her to wear a thinner bra. She said she likes the one she has. Her tits are great! Anyway, I kissed her on the forehead & hugged her & said I will tell all my monger friends about her. $50.00 & $11.00 for room. $1.00 for towel boy.

BOTTOM LINE: Her attitude is great & that is sooooooo important! Great service!

I stumbled out of the hotel & flagged down the nearest cab for my trip home.

Thanks guys,

Baldy Cruiser

Be safe guys.

C Cube Lover
06-06-04, 14:20
Lustful Sinner,

I know what Claudia looks like, but could you add a little more description of Annabella and where she usually hides out. Do the two usually stands close to each other?

It seems to me that all the hot girls I know will not do 69 and not let you finger them downstairs.

Did you really spend an hour in the room with her for only $60?

thanks for all the people who contributed in this forum!!