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07-27-03, 19:13
I have no idea where this place is, but Rastaman says whe's going there soon and will report back, so we'll all wait and see what happens.

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07-28-03, 14:04
Fellow Mongers and Hobbyists,

Firstly, I must admit prior to this post I had never heard of Balneario Camboriu.

I notice my old '98 version of Lonely Planet Brazil describes Balaneario Camboriu:

"this little Copacabana, with its sharp hills droping into the sea, nightclubs with 'professional companions'...".

If Lonely Planet know about this what have all you guys been doing? Why hasn't this been reported on previously (or haven't I looked in the right places).

Unfortunately I think it will be to out of the way to visit when I pass through Brazil in October. However I look forward to hearing other reports. If it sounds really good, I might even make a special detour.


08-18-03, 18:04
Camboriu is like one hour north of Florianopolis in the Santa Catarina state. I was there this last April and the season was over and the action was dying down, so i didnt bothered to stay. apparently a lot og GPs from the region flock to the area during the high season and a lot of clubs open only during these months.

I wouldnt bother to go before dec or after March


07-01-04, 00:19

We have now gone the the hot period (Jan thru Mar), and still no posts. Doesn't anyone have info regarding the "little Copa"?

05-30-06, 16:21

Because I wasn't finding anything here I want to add some experiences.

There are several good nightclubs. I was in one (I don't know the name any more) which was like a roman palace. Very high quality, very good girls and very good atmosphere. However, my friends told me that it was to expensive to fuck ("good to see, bad to fuck") here and I followed them to another club.

This one was called "cafe do brasil" if I remember correctly, at least something with cafe. It is a smaller stripclub, the whole club has sauna, swimming pool and very nice rooms. I wasn't in the pool and sauna, I just passed by, but it didn't look very good (not that it was dirty, but if you come out of a roman palace you have high expectations).

I've chosen a very good girl, I really have to give her a 10/10, one of the best fucks in my life. I booked the girl and a very big room so that my two friends also could shag their ladies in the same room.

The price was around 100-120 USD, but I paid half of the girl of one of my friends and the whole room on my own. before we entered the room, I fingered the girl in front of it (there are sofas outside the bar where you can find a silent place) and had some beers, all included in the price.

However, this was in 2002, but in Brazil's low-season (august). I expect that in high-season there's much more going on!

Close to the bus-station are the streetgirls. I was walking there one time, not the best idea at night in Brazil (I lost the way), but this place is much saver than e.g. rio or sao paulo. there were some really nice girls on the street and to make a break in my long way home I took one. It was 50R$ for around one hour in a Motel plus 12R$ for the room. Nothing special, but the good thing is that they don't care about time at all. I probably would have got it cheaper, but my Portuguese isn't that good and I don't care about some R$.

There is another place called "Brazilian Girls" or something like this. I just saw it from outside, but it looks really nice and two girls were standing outside and wanted to bring me in. They were both very good looking!

Definetely a nice city to have good sex for little money. In the Brazilian winter when I was always there, there's nothing going on at the beach, so this is definetely the wrong place to search. Not sure how it is in summer.

And beside the sex, this is my favourite area in Brazil, very good for making holidays! So I can recommend!

12-05-06, 15:14

Having read the Little Copa description with the high heeled hookers on tow, I walked and walked and walked and saw f##k all.

While driving on Avenida do Estado(one of the main thoroughfares), there are chicks with dicks on cross street with 3rd street, so you have been warned but further along Av do Estado, both directions, there are SWs priced around 50reais a pop or less(2005 prices) of varying quality and there are various motels for 15reais an hour. You drive in to a garage in the motel, close the garage door and head upstairs. The rooms were ok. Also found a real upscale place where the bed was right next to where the car was parked.

I saw a sauna just off av Brasil around the 2450 block. Didnt venture in as I was with the missus.

Hope this helps, beautiful, beautiful girls there but the garotas were a little bit off the mark!

RCA Knight
12-06-06, 11:59
Camboriu should be booming now, from Dec to Feb after carnival this place has lots of seasonal lady workers. There are street walkers on the Beira Mar(ocean front Rd) later hours. Also has some seasonal boates and discos that have working girls from all over Brasil during the high seasons. But don't expect too much in this resort town, lots of families and vacationers on holiday and long stays.

02-08-07, 21:35
Castelo Don Augusto is another high end brothel in this town.


A lot of mongers should know that the state of Santa Catarina has a great mongering scene.

All the small towns in the state have a great mongering scene.

Florianapolis is kind of expensive but also has a lot of P4P options.


Marcop 12
10-30-09, 21:42
Has anyone been here in recent times to give any information on areas\places to stay, girls or any other useful interesting information?

07-09-17, 04:43
Actually have some agencies now in Santa Catarina in cities like Balneário Camboriú, Florianópolis, Itajaí.

05-30-21, 13:22
A Brazilian I know speaks highly of this place.

Any more recent reports?

Exec Talent
05-30-21, 19:40
A Brazilian I know speaks highly of this place.

Any more recent reports?One of your best posts ever. I'm in.

Looks like my kind of place. If you make it there, please report and I will do the same.

05-31-21, 06:03
A Brazilian I know speaks highly of this place.

Any more recent reports?There was a discussion in the Rio thread a few months ago, search by a KW.

When I was there (many many moons ago), there were 2 termas, one was upscale and fancy and another one was just expensive, but not as expensive as the fancy one. Nowadays, I'm sure there are enough providers to be found online, so no need to pay a fortune.

Balneario is a beautiful but small city, think Copacabana with its own Cristo statue called Cristo Luz. 3 days should be ideal. If you do go there, stop for a few days in a German city of Blumenau nearby where you'll find a much bigger choice of GDPs.