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11-13-02, 20:25
asiaphile has somehow started posting again, he just gave someone bad advice in the Cambodia Phnom Penn section.

Originally posted by Admin
Reason: Posting pointlessly disparaging remarks about the WSG forum while sumultaneously promoting other forums and sites.

If you have a comment or suggestion regarding the way the forum is being run, post it in the "Letters to the Editor" or the "Forum Rules" section were myself and others may respond to the specific issue.

01-04-03, 12:44
Jackson: I find your banning Adlez odd for a variety of reasons. There is a far worse spammer in the Thai section, many of the regular posters, including Joe_Zop met AdleZ and liked him. As regards your specific points:
1. many, perhaps most people here, post the same messages again and again. AdleZ is not alone.
2. Lots of people, RN etc, also like video games. I hate them. My only hobby is real time pu**y.
3. His thing on masturbation was to say he was going to cut back on hookers and spend more on video games, a valid point surely.
4. He is no more a misogynist than many other posters. Read the American women section to find out how misogynistic many of the posters are. AdleZ does have some issues he has to work through but so do all the guys who think American women suck (or don't suck)i
5. His name was banned so he tried to work around it and had been so doing for months.
6. As per point 5.

More generally, I feel the value of the board is coming down all the time. I will be traveling to Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos soon on a pu**y safari but I don't see much worthwhile info here; nor do I see much point in posting. Is that me, the board or a mixture? I note, btw, that Freeler, who is currently in LOS, is not posting much here right now. Nor is Joe_Zop. Nor am I but I have not much original to say right now.


I had intended to wash my hands of the subject and ignore any Adlez follow-up posts, but since it's you posing these questions, I will respond out of respect for your many contributions to this Forum.

1. Actually, as I was reviewing every one of his past messages with the specific intention of preserving those with actual factual content (approximately 20 out of 180 posts), I observed that he had posted the EXACT same message three times, each posting being several months apart from the others. This is a violation of the Forum's Spam Policy. The violation wasn't for posting the same subject, it was for re-posting the EXACT same message.

2. The purpose of this forum is to provide for the exchange of information between men who are looking for sex with women. Whether some members may like or dislike video games is irrelevant, video games are not a topic for this forum, and thus repeated posting on the subject are a violation of the Forum's Spam Policy. If you want to interact with people who are interested in video games, then please go to one of the 1,000's of forums that specalize on that subject.

3. Again, the purpose of this forum is to provide for the exchange of information between men who are looking for sex with women. Masturbation is not sex with women, and thus is not a topic for this forum. This is clearly spelled out in the Forum's Spam Policy, and it's a necessary restriction because this forum gets a lot of lurkers who apparently spend all their time jerking off while reading the forum and fantasizing about traveling to foreign countries and fucking the women. I get repeated requests to start a section on masturbation and to post masturbation fantasies that have been sent to me via email. Personally, these monger-wannabes make me sick.

BTW, has anyone observed the irony in that the guy who advocates the find, fuck, forget system has concluded that all the sex he gets is disappointingly "forgettable"?

4. I have been quite clear on the subject of misogyny. American women deserve all the criticism that is leveled against them, and that's why I created a special section for that purpose. However, the women around the world who willingly provide us with the services we need are in a totally different class, and thus deserve our protection and to be treated with some measure of dignity, respect and affection. Even if you don't agree with my position, I don't think it's too much to ask that the members abide by my wishes on this subject. Adlez has consistently, repeatedly and deliberately posted misogynist comments that he knows I find offensive. I permitted him to have his say in the hopes he would get it out of his system, and I've asked him several time to stop. Nevertheless, he has continued to barrage my forum with this same message, which at this point I consider to be a personal insult.

5. Using adaptations or variations of a banned user name is a violation of the Forum's Spam Policy, and for good reason. Serial Spammers always try to re-register a user name bearing some vestige of their banned name as a means to continue their identity. For example, callstreet returned as lacallstreet, then callstreet2, etc. Obviously, this tactic serves notice to the forum that the serial spammer has defied me with a triumphant return, all to spam again. Your friends use of *****, then AdleZ, then using variations like Z.elda, Z>E>L>D>A, or just Z to sign his messages, all were violation of the Forum's Spam Policy. As before, I tried to reason with him, I tried asking him to stop, and I tried to be tolerant, all to no avail.

6. Using variations of banned words is a violation of the Forum's Spam Policies. Same situation as the banned user names, and deliberate and repeated instances are essentially just a big middle index finger aimed at me.

The bottom line: I just decided that I was tired of policing his behavior, tired monitoring his posts, and tired of asking him to exercise just a small amount of restraint. I have better things to do in life. He's worn out his welcome, and he's history. Frankly, I think I've been more than patient.

There's no reason why you, Freeler or Joe_Zop shouldn't want to post. I don't exercise a heavy hand in monitoring the Forum, and I've rarely, if ever, censored anything you have written. Nevertheless, I provide this forum as a FREE service for YOU. If you guys don't want to avail yourself of it's availability, that's your choice, but please understand that I'm not going to lose any sleep because you may have decided that you don't want to use my FREE service.


01-04-03, 18:22

I frankly don't want Adlez banned because, although it may seem he is very repetitious, he still beings a lot of color and humor to an otherwise boring thread. Skinless is right - this board is not providing as much valuable information as it has the capability to provide. I would ask you to reconsider your decision to ban Adlez - I do believe he has a lot to contribute, albeit, it's on the darker fringes of male-female interaction.



I think you guys should consider another perspective here. One reason that the Forum isn't as valuable a source of travel information that I wished it was is specifically because there's too much chit-chat surrounding the real information. Case in point: I reviewed every one of Adlez's 180+ "reports", of which exactly 20 actually contained in whole or in part some real information, a ratio of just over 11%. I preserved these reports and deleted the others, but frankly, that's a lot of clutter to read through just to get to the real information.

The WSG Forum is a research tool, not a chat room.



01-04-03, 20:30
Jackson: Thanks for going to the trouble to reply. I have had my say on Adlez but I would like to address some more general points made. I do this to reduce the overall level of crap being produced:

1. General chit chat on video games etc: all that is partly a reflection of the board's structure. I think contributors could and should look at some way of cutting down on posting general bs. That is a general problem, not confined to the Thai board.
2. American women: I have only posted once in that section, to ask Joe_Zop something on depression. That said, even though I don't agree with the main trust of that section (American women are no good - all of them??), I find it interesting on occasion as some good posters are to be found there.
3. masturbation: On reflection, I am sure you get plenty of sickos, though in my innocence, I would not have suspected it.
4. Progman and AdleZ: there is a very dark side to sex in Thailand and it is that dark side I am interested in. Although Adlez' mantra is repetitive and often offensive, it is an important metric to have. The main rule in sex and sun countries must be not to lose the head with these women as all kinds of disasters can quickly follow.
5. Future posts: I might throw something in on the Tokyo section after I do some more bonking here. However, my next main project is a real heart of darkness tour, from Myanmar to Papua New Guinea, fucking everything in between with the help of cebu man and soem others.
6. Jackson, thank you for replying to myself and Progman. Hoopefully, if this helps us to focus more on what we want from the board, it wil be all very beneficial.

Apac Boy
01-04-03, 23:03
regarding adlez, maybe u can limit his posts only in the thai women section...

i can see the ban in the pattaya section since he never contributes anything there except that mcdonalds is the best resturant there...


01-05-03, 03:11
RE: Adlez
The board is Jacksons and he is banning users as he sees fit. I think too many people forget the simple fact that, we are all guest on this site if we don't like the way things are going on the board we are free to just leave. Also just as we are free to leave the site Jackson is free to make the rules. Live by the rules or leave it is really very simple, we are all adults here. The poster Adlez is gone and that should just be the end of it.

Joe Zop
01-05-03, 08:35
Jackson -- you've stated your reasoning very well, and I defer to it, but I'd like to make a couple of comments regarding the whole situation.

1. It is the nature of non-threaded conference systems to go and stay off topic at times. Threaded conferences are more forgiving, as it's possible to easily have multiple discussions in a section or even within a single conversation, and thus to allow digressions without harming the overall flow of information. The ability to mothball or prune and entire off-topic thread, after letting it run its course, also gives those on the forum the opportunity to feel free to post while keeping the system valuable.

2. Part of the nature of a forum, regardless of what its defined purpose happens to be, is also that it becomes a virtual community. Part of the purpose of digressive discussions (and let me be clear -- I could care less about video games, and I get extremely tired of the political ranting which surfaces regularly) is to strengthen that community, to allow for a sense of intimacy, and thereby to encourage contribution. This is not about it being a chat room, but about allowing individual and personal connection to the community regardless of whether someone has something useful to say at that particular moment. Most folks on this board are not, and any given instant, engaging the services of a woman -- they are researching it, and still want to find a way to be connected. On one of the forums I ran for years, the most active single discussion was about the weather, which was completely and totally off-topic from the oft-repeated and generally followed purpose of the board. But by having a limited number of such topics people stay connected and the pointless stuff is given a place.

3. I've said this before and I'll say it again -- posters who engage in endless and ongoing bashing of other posters are far more damaging to a forum such as this than are repetitious postings. I can go through every forum here and find repetition -- from the same sob stories being repeated by the exact same posters in the American Women section, to the same "American Women suck" assertion being placed absolutely everywhere, to the same personal anecdotes being posted in various places in the Thailand section by people other than the one in question. Fine, people tend to repeat themselves. Things that had an effect on them end up being said again. But you can look at the Bangkok sections right now and over the past couple of months and there is a huge amount of trash-talking and attempts at personal intimidation, much by a poster who's crowed that he posted useful stuff but has deleted it all because those in the section are not worthy of receiving it. Perhaps you've done it somewhere, but I've yet to really feel any reining in of that, depite essentially ongoing campaigns against specific posters. Sorry, but this is decidedly more problematic and more a reason to give pause about posting than are conversations about video games or being burned out on sex. Right now those sections are decidedly less inviting places to post.

I've not posted much in the past week or two because I've been busy, had a lousy net connection, and, since the end of my stay in Thailand is fast approaching, I've been focusing on my time here. I think it's clear from the field reports I posted that I'm not feeling constrained, though I do get a bit tired of being bashed sideways for no particular reason here and there.

01-07-03, 22:11

Your logic makes little sense. Yes, this is Jackson's board. Okay, it's his “football”. But if nobody posts then what good is it? A football is only fun if there are others contributing – throwing, catching, etc... Get the picture? Jackson has a “right” to protect himself legally and, to a lesser degree, he should be able to assert some guidelines in order to keep the flow of information coming, but the bottom line is if he says "It's my ball so you only play by my rules" then, guess what, we'll find another “ball” and there are other ones out there. Thank goodness Jackson hasn't done that. He has been very liberal at times in what he does allow. I was trying to explain why I thought a poster should not be banned. I guess I'm glad Jackson doesn't have the same attitude as you.


01-07-03, 22:55
adlez was quite obviously a troll we're all better off without him. I don't understand why anyone would want to support him, and I'm quite happy that he's been banned.

01-08-03, 22:22
BassGod was correct he was a troll.

Hopefully the next one is NR.

01-09-03, 15:57
Originally posted by octatron
BassGod was correct he was a troll.

Hopefully the next one is NR.

Oh God that would be too good to be true.

Dick Johnson
01-09-03, 17:48
z may come across as annoying but we need a bad guy so we can be the good guys. He offers a counterpoint that stimulates discussions.

Personally i find him more entertaining then annoying.

Why not keep him in the Thai women section only? That place is like a hangout for us regulars.

Nibu Raphael
01-21-03, 06:15
Man I think Octaron seems more like The Troll. I thought he was my friend,,, Uncool on him,,,, NIBU R......

01-22-03, 01:11

Did you ever hear the saying? "Quality over quantity"

Myself and many others are just sick and tired of all your posts that don't provide much information but server space.

Not to mention you have disgraced Peru and Chile.

So please, I think most of the regulars will support me on this. If you are not providing useful information to this board, don't bother posting anything.

This forum is not a chat room! We especially don’t need to hear your political views! And when will you figure out the words “W h o r e” and “s l u t” are blacked out on this forum!

Did you ever figure out why Jackson created a Nibu in Buenos Aires, and a Nibu in Peru. Think about it!

Thanks from all of us!

Nibu Raphael
01-23-03, 05:10
OWWW Sorry Octatron my posts are very informative it is cause of idiots like you and Chupanalgas I have stoped posting new info now. I thought you were my friend ,,,,Great I hope I never see you in my territory Lima Peru. Do not make me out as an idiot Which I am not. Why do you call me a Troll? Man You are The Troll? I have not ruined Chile I have put new info there. Hey if you are such a Sailor boy How come your ship never hits the ports of Valparaiso Chile Or Callao Peru? Do not play with my intelligence I might not have the money like you but I have seen a lot more then you ever have. Man that is why the WSg Goes Bad cause of everyone attacking each other. Yeh Come to Lima and stay in Miraflores only cause you are to scared to go anywhere else in Lima. You are probably one of the many US guys who spoil it for us and pay too much money. Good Stay out of Lima Yes there are two senor Frogs now in Lima and pay those Ruka Chicks a lot of money overpay dude overpay and go to Tequlia Rock in Lima and OVERPAY. Man I am pissed off This WSG is supposed to be about helping people out. Lets see What else you can post over me NOTHING NOTHING.............................. SORRY Jackson I e mailed you on this problem I have a right to be a 100% Mad Maybe I will make some new posts in Feburary
as For Now I wait and watch and hope WSG goes for good in 2003,,,,, Sincerly NIBU R................

Nibu Raphael
01-23-03, 05:13
[QUOTE]Originally posted by octatron

Did you ever hear the saying? "Quality over quantity"

Sorry again for another post Jackson But my posts are quality I have gone to so many places in SA that the typical Gringo has not seen. To Octartron I have many many friends on my side in the End Victory will Win,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NIBU R...........

01-23-03, 06:06
NR: Your posts suck shit and don't provide any information worth using. Plus you are an ungrateful asshole because Jackson gives you your own section and you won't stay there.

(edited to remove something that was a bit over the top once I read it again)

01-23-03, 07:00

So far it's....

Other board members 2
Nibu 1

You said...

"For Now I wait and watch and hope WSG goes for good in 2003"

Ummm, IMHO that’s grounds for banishment. It’s like something you have been trying for on a personal level.

If perhaps you disappear, perhaps this website has a chance for redemption. However I still feel this is an outstanding place to get valuable information and research on getting laid. If you have time to read through your mirage of neverending posts.

I’ll tell you what if more people support you than me on this thread, I will disappear.

Ever heard of a run on paragraph?

P.S I don't think you want Jackson's opinion on the validity of your contributions on this board!

01-23-03, 08:15
Octatron, Dickhead - as much as I found Nibu's semi-literate posts irritating, must I remind you gentlemen the "Prime Directive" in forums ?


otherwise, good job. ;)


Actually right after I posted this, I did a search on his name. To see what posts he has done recently.

Hey Nibu - if you are going to email someone, don't post to the forum, just fucking email them, you ass.

Oops. I forgot the "Prime Directive". :(

Member #4239
01-24-03, 13:26
Here is my two cents on the Monkey (I guess you guys call him the Troll). His posts are obviously not very informative and extremely disorganized. Having said that, the Monkey apparently has helped some of the fellow mongers in Peru in their pursuit of the hobby, and apparently he is not as idiotic in person. Therefore I believe he should stay a member of this forum.
When I was new to the forum, I found his posts very irritating, but now I basically ignore them. J.G.

01-25-03, 00:22
I must set the record straight I never did call Nibu a troll.

A troll by definition is "The act of posting a message in a newsgroup that is obviously exaggerating something on a particular topic, hoping to trick a newbie into posting a follow-up article that points out the mistake."


"An outrageous message posted to a newsgroup or mailing list or message board to bait people to answer. Trolling is a form of harassment that can take over a discussion. Well meaning defenders can create chaos by responding to trolls".

Nibu does not do that. He just posts, and posts messages as much as he can. With a very few percentage of them that make any sense or have useful information.

I would be happy to take back my request to ban him, if he could assure us that he would start posting smarter, more clear, informative, and of course fewer messages.

He needs to understand this forum should be not be treated as a "Chat Room"

After all he has over 836 posts. Of course a few of them have been informative.

In any case some mongers might want to find old toothless "w h o r e s" for USD 2.00 dollars.

01-25-03, 01:16
Again asiaphile is posting misinformation in the Cambodia section.

Originally posted by Admin
Reason: Posting pointlessly disparaging remarks about the WSG forum while sumultaneously promoting other forums and sites.

If you have a comment or suggestion regarding the way the forum is being run, post it in the "Letters to the Editor" or the "Forum Rules" section were myself and others may respond to the specific issue.

01-25-03, 20:12

What most people seem to be saying is quality over quantity. Carpet bombing this forum with posts seems to be irritating people.

If you have gone off the beaten track and have something to say that everyone can understand and find useful, yes that would be welcome. It might be better to reduce the amount of postings and ask yourself each time whether what you have just written is going to be of any use to anyone.

Just a recommendation - no offence meant.


01-25-03, 22:30

All I can say is, as a visitor to Peru, there was absolutely nothing Nibu posted that was useful to me. When I asked my Peruvian friends about some of the five dollar hotels in Cusco he suggested, they laughed.

On the other hand, he DOES seem to know where some of the chicas are...but I'd have to take his word for it because when I was in Peru last I met some in areas where he'd suggested there were none. Strange for someone who has lived in Peru for so many years.

I don't mind the guy I guess. Is the criteria for banning someone as mediocre as not always having USEFUL info? He also has some strange politics, but again I just figure he's been drinking the water in Lima for too long...or inhaling the thick car exhaust on a daily basis for the past few years.

At any rate, he's never attacked anyone that I can think of...not in the Peru boards.

01-26-03, 02:24
While I don't know this guy Nibu personally, I do peruse a lot of sections of this forum and I must say that this guy seems to go to an awful lot of countries. Either that or he's fulla shit. Either way, he strikes me as kind of an asshole either way. No offense to anybody

Nibu Raphael
01-26-03, 06:45
Hello Thrashman How are you now Why am I an asshole? Shit Man you do not know me I am the kind of guy who respects another person for respect. That is What it is about. Man I met Jackson,James Bond,John Guapo and D Crain with my buddy Juan Muro from Lima In BA Argentina in november that was me a 100% not some imposter. I was Nervous that Jackson would be pissed at me he was a great guy and so were the other guys. Jackson even said most of the guys on the board are nice guys but a few rotten assholes have to ruin it for all of us. I admit I am not perfect somtimes I post quite a bit but I do it to keep the WSG number 1 and going. Man this world is so damn big. Time is also short in this world to Blobster dude Man What I post in the Peru section is true not rubbish not false stories ask Dan Da Man from Monterrey California,Johan from Holland and Judd from Las Vegas 3 good guys that I had to privelige to meet up with here in Lima Peru Where I am living now. In march I shall hook up with Vagringo and Player 274. I am no BSERRRRRR. I think a lot of other guys on the WSG BS. WE must have unity not attacks on this board to Octatron Sailor dude you still never answered my question if you sail so much How CUM you have never hit the sleazy sailor port cities of Callao Peru and Valparaiso Chile. I find it hard that you only hit Punta Arenas Chile all the time. Ok Man I got to get going,,,,, Unity NIBU..............

01-26-03, 07:26
nibu, i do not know you personally, just read your posts occassionally (can't take them all of the time). just want to encourage you to keep on doing your thing. you're not harming anybody, as far as i can see, and seem to enjoy yourself. you add flavour to this board and it would be poorer without you.

01-26-03, 08:26
(edited so as not to feed the trolls)

I will not feed the trolls.
I will not feed the trolls.
I will not feed the trolls.

But it's really hard sometimes ...

01-26-03, 09:30

01-26-03, 16:11

Despite what people have been saying, you have just gone and bombed your gibberish in the Belem section of Brazil !

You say you are doing this to keep WSG as No. 1. ? Really ?

Member #4239
01-26-03, 18:44
I just saw that piece of garbage post in the Belem section. I guess I have to agree that Monkey is a troll. J.G.

01-27-03, 00:54
Originally posted by Nibu Raphael
Octatron Sailor dude you still never answered my question if you sail so much How CUM you have never hit the sleazy sailor port cities of Callao Peru and Valparaiso Chile. I find it hard that you only hit Punta Arenas Chile all the time. Ok Man I got to get going,,,,, Unity NIBU..............

What does it matter if I've never been to Callao, Peru, or mongered in Valapraiso, Chile. Quit asking stupid questions on this board.

If I've mongered there I would post about my experience in the proper section.


If you don't have anything to add do not post.


01-27-03, 01:30
Nibu, while it's true I don't know you, that's beside the point. I don't believe your posts are true and you come across as a complete wimp. What can I say?

01-27-03, 02:04
Originally posted by Beavis

01-27-03, 02:47
Originally posted by Nibu Raphael

I have many many friends on my side in the End Victory will Win,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NIBU R........... [/i]



To steal a quote from Beavis.


Nibu Raphael
01-27-03, 05:06
Hi To Octatron Wow I must be very infamous for you to attack me all the time. I do not believe you are a Sailor at all and if you travel to Chile all the time Why no posts on Concepion,Puerto Montt,Rancagua and other sleazy places in Chile. I think you BS all the time. I do not. Yeh cancel your trip to Peru Who wants you in Peru. You will probably pay a girl 200 bucks and Jack up the prices for us. Go Hit Tequila Rock in Miraflores LimA and get ripped off. I do not believe you at all. What I say Is True. My reports in Peru are totally streetwise. You are probably some Yuppie dude anyways. Trash My reports are real not fake you are just jealous. JD I replied to JW on some scary topic stuff. I Hope for the safety of aLL wsg heads cause it looks like 203 is going to a wild ride. Yeh Great complain Big Deal. Ratufreedie Thanks Man visit me in Peru someday and I will show you all the sleazy places that most gringos are afraid to go to... Dickhead Man Why Attack Me??????'' I never have attacked you. Dickhead I know way more about Mexico then you know. Damn This is THE WSG guide not the Guide to escorts and girls to meet in strip clubs only. Lets get the posts on masage parlors and streetwalkers going. OK Man Stop all the bashing life is short Unity Unity we are Adults here,,,,, NIBU R.....

01-27-03, 07:16

Can you take a fricken hint?

We all feel sorry for you!

01-27-03, 23:34

Thank you for your 841st post, which has been as useful as the previous 840. You have now earned your retirement after such an incredible posting frenzy. I am sure you will find a chat room which has similar individuals to yourself and I am sure you will impress them as much as you have impressed us. Goodbye and good luck with the chatting !

01-28-03, 00:00
Originally posted by Beavis

01-28-03, 06:58
Hey Dudez Man that is Totally unCool we NEED unity man unity here on this Bored and I no I Should Not feed the Trollz but I just kant help my Self BecauZe it lookz like it Is Boredd 107 and Nibu zero but Man that is just UnCool beCause there is some bigg Titted ***** somewhere in Peru that Really Rules and I thinks she Suxx big heavy Metal Dick and I was A suck ass Low Paid Roady for a bunch of Heavy Metal Bands back in the 70s that Really Ruled and then I did a Bunch of Acid and Tried to fuck some Big Titted Girl for Five Bucks in some alley in I think it is the 10000000 block of I dont remember the Street but There aare a Bunch of Xex Papers that have some Numbers I cnat rember cuz I Never Was too Good with Numbers but there are some Tits oh Mann I think they are like 120 CenmtiMeteres but Shit I am really BUZZED right now so can you help be out PLEEZE and tell me where the Fuck i am cuz I have to some BIG titttttted mama right NOWWW and if I kant find it in Peru where I Knocked Up like Ten hot big Titted Bitches or maybe they were *****s I dont know so it Fucked me all up and so I put on some More Head banging music and Checked into a Two dollar Hotel in some Shit Ass town in I think It was Paraguay so can some one Pleeeeze make some New postings SomeWhere so i can figure out where the Fuck I am???

P?S DickHead has been going TO MeXico since before Nibu was Old Enogh to Jack Off.

01-28-03, 07:29
Now that is fucking funny! Brilliant parody! LMAO!

01-28-03, 08:01
This has been the highlight of my vacation (when I wasn't banging, looking, or playing with *****s). A new most popular thread. LMAO

01-28-03, 13:35

Pease don't edit, remove this one. It's a classic!

01-28-03, 21:37
Other than just being plain mean towards Nibu, there is no reason for all these crap postings being left here by Octaron, Dickhead, etc...

If you don't like his posts, don't read them. If people don't like your posts, I'll recommend they not read yours either.

But none of these posts belong here in the "Banned Users Hall of Shame." Indeed, posting personal attacks here is a violation of the board's TOS and could result in the flamers being banned themselves.

As for Nibu, my suggestion is not to take the bait and to ignore posts which attack you.

01-28-03, 21:58
Originally posted by OttoGraham
If you don't like his posts, don't read them. If people don't like your posts, I'll recommend they not read yours either.


How can we not read them he is constantly bombing forums with jibersh which in turn takes me literally hours to filter through useful information.

I do respect your posts you did in Argentina, you are a valued contributor, and an excellent writer!

But it's not just me, If you can see from the response on this thread, many people are sick and tired of him as well.

I must admit his postings have decreased, and he removed his Belem ranting, So apparently this thread is credited towards a better WSG Forum in recent days.


01-28-03, 23:40
Dickhead - in the context of what we were discussing, that post was incredibly funny and got me really laughing. You got a great sense of humour - no wonder you are so successful down in BA ! Fantastic !

Otto - I for one will cease commenting on Nibu's incessant posting, if (and this is a big if) going forward, we can reduce the clutter from this forum. Nibu was a major clutterer; lets hope he has reformed.

Though I don't read his posts (I couldn't even if I tried), his disregard for others' opinions on this issue was inconsiderate. Many who contribute here are informative, articulate and humourous - I like this forum and I hope it maintains its high quality.

Here ends my two cents on this issue.

Cheers to all !

01-29-03, 02:12
Nibu has been insulting me forever, since I am a collectivist/socialist/communist against which he is continually ranting (in violation of board rules, I might add) for no reason that is clear to me. Having said that, I think I made my point in my last post/parody and will say no more IF I can possibly restrain myself.

Member #4239
01-29-03, 04:44
Most people are saying that NR's posts are crappy -that's a fact and not a personal attack on the man. I think you can see a rising level of frustration with this guy and his refusal to put some thought into his posts.
How would you like me to come to your favorite section of this great forum and put 5 useless posts there every day?
Some of us, including myself, have personally attacked him(I call him the Monkey) because of unprovoked, unjustified and very vulgar attacks initiated by the Monkey against us in the past.
And finally, if you don't like my post, don't read it! Peace. J.G.

01-29-03, 05:37
I think there has been some good results here. But overall posts are way down on all boards, maybe except for BA. There is some need for quality control. I gave some info on Mexico in response to Saint and NR who are at very different ends of the pool. The Mexican market area is probably one of the most dangerous areas in the world, even for tough as iron Mexicans, never mnd gringos. For most of us, that is no big deal unless we intend to go there or unless, as many of us do, want to read about others going there and surviving. NR should not worry about Mexico until he goes back there. But he better stay out of that market or hisposting days are history as he will be history. Same goes for anyone.

NR's posts could be very interesting and informative if he thought a little more before he wrote. I personally would be interested in his sexual adventures in the Amazon even though I might never get there.However he should just post on what he knows about or on what directly interests him. He came into the Israel board asking about bonks there. We are all interested in Israel, Afghanistan, all the hell holes. I like the West African posts and really need some black ladies soon but asI have nothing to add there, I just read. So let's wait until the guys with the goods post.

NR should not post that he is going to email someone; just email them. Also, he should make inquiries to US embassies/consulates concerning visas.

People who met NR seem to have liked him. But busy people look here for sex related information, not that John a is going to email a JohannB.

I too saw all his posts and I asked him in the Peru section what he works at that gets him traveling around so much. The answer, and I will stop here on this note was, later man.

Lets all stop here now. Hopefully, the quality if not the quantity of posts will improve. Nibu, take a break and come back with a good description of some hot Latino town.

Nibu Raphael
01-30-03, 02:34
Hi Skinless Yeh My times living in Mexico ruled. Yes for the new year the posts are horrible really no new info at all. To BA Argentina the posts are way overloaded that sucks lets have some posts in other countries. Too many Dudes are posting like crazy in BA argentina it is way overloaded and not with much info on streetwalkers or massage places.... It seems in BA same posts expensive hotels and rip off strip clubs OK Back on to Mexico yes Mexico is a bargain. We all know the most expensive Latin place in the world is Puerto Rico which is actually US Property. So Skinless What Mexico City is much more dangerous now since 1998? I respect you that you know a lot just like me. I am glad you are kicking ass on your reports in Thailand. WE must Unite on the WSG for more posts. Damn look at Belize no info For ages there And Why hardly any posts in Chile. Octatron reports on Cold Punta Arenas does not do justice at all there are much better places to go to in Chile then way down there. To Dickhead you are a Commie that sucks Big time I hope you are joking on this. Yes I posted on Isreal and Afghanistan cause those other two countries fascinate me too. What about Libya I never saw a post there and prostitution does exist there. Gaddafi gets girls from other African contries to work there... Ok Man I got to take a raging [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) Rock On Sex And Rock N Roll Forver NO No Salsa Ha Ha,,,,,, Signing off,,,,,,,,,,,,, NIBU R.........

01-30-03, 19:35
Octatron reports on Cold Punta Arenas does not do justice at all there [/i]

Will you ever learn?

First off! If you do a Forum search with my username, you will see that I had made posts on allot more than southern Chile!

Second! Again your ranting on about generalized nada. No more chatting!

Remember your new appointed goal! Quality over Quantity!

01-30-03, 22:41

Have you not understood what you have been reading in this section ? Your posts are garbage. The posts in the BA section are of good quality - perhaps you don't understand what people are saying.

You have insulted Dickhead whose posts are very entertaining and informative.

Your finale says it all....."....Ok Man I got to take a raging [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) Rock On Sex And Rock N Roll Forver NO No Salsa Ha Ha,,,,,, Signing off,,,,,,,,,,,,, NIBU R........."

What kind of jibberish is that ?

Have you found yourself a chat room ? Yes, go there straightaway and spare us your illiterate, rambling, nonsensical garbage.

Get the message ?

Dick Johnson
01-30-03, 23:43
I have to agree Dickhead's posts are interesting.

Nibu you really post a ton, most of which are not very useful.

skinless, your posts haven't been useful for a long while either, though I think you're alright.

01-31-03, 17:41
Nibu is at it again.

He is bombing Ecuador.


Dick Johnson
02-01-03, 00:36
Perhaps Nibu is shooting for 1000 posts(the first in this forum?). I just hope his posts are more informative and coherent.

02-01-03, 05:45
I don't think that Nibu's posts will ever get more informative and coherent. He would not understand what these words mean. He clearly has no regard for anything that people have said and continues to bomb this forum with trash.

I think the guy is infantile. We should continue to ignore his rantings. Clearly he is not going to stop spreading his trash from country to country.

Nibu, only one or two people read your trash, so why don't you get their email addresses and write to them directly. Let the rest of us appreciate the posts in this forum without your clutter. Do you understand what I have just said - if not ask someone in the internet shop to read this and explain to you.

02-01-03, 19:42

Stop the bull*** and lets talk about women.

02-01-03, 20:44

Sorry this thread, this section is the proper venue for what we need to discuss. As you can see there are far to many people who feel that Nibu does more harm than good with his illiterate forum bombing!.

The sections categorized geographically are the place to talk about women.

02-01-03, 21:15
Sorry octatron, I understand this is the place to talk about banned users and what users should be banned, not to throw a chain of insults to a user that makes a great collaboration to this site and everything he writes is about where to find women.

I have personally been twice in Lima and some of Nibu's posts have helped me a lot there. Give the guy a break...

02-01-03, 22:14

Now if you go back through this thread I have not once personally insulted Nibu. I have clearly stated my unhappiness on what he has done to this forum with his bombing.

If you go back far enough you would see that I use to be a large contributor in Peru. however I gave up on Peru, as he has destroyed it. I just am sick and tired that he is destroying other countries now too.

In fact? Why don’t you look at Other Areas in Chile, and see how much he has posted rubbish in there.

If Jackson thinks I’m out of line, I’ll wait for him to tell me, by email, by a reply in this thread, or by my own banishment.

Nibu Raphael
02-01-03, 23:26
Hi Piloto thanks Man it sucks we never ever met up in Lima Maybe next time around. Well hey Piloto keep me updated on Puerto Rico if you can That would be great. I still feel Puerto Rico lacks a lot of posts. Argentina gets way too many posts in the BA Section and always the same type of posts. To Octatron Back then I thought you were my friend until a fellow WSG friend says look at The Banned Users section you might get pissed on What Octatron is calling you. You started this attack on me personal. Why call me a troll??? You seem like the Troll not me. I looked at your old posts in Lima all you mention is the Yuppie places yeh Larco Mar Yeh Senor frogs. Dude you do not much about Lima. Do you know about the clubs in Los Olivos in Lima? Blvd. Los Olivos? Vaqueros on Colonial? Pitchers in Los Olivos? Persopolis? Before I came it was the trendy Rip off places posted all the time Like Tequila and other places. My posts in Chile has done more justice then your dumb posts on Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. Why do you not visit Santiago and The Port City of Valparaiso? Osorno? Valdivia? Talca? Talcahuano? How old are you Octatron that you get a kick out of attacking me? HOW OLD are You? You act like a 10 year old attacking me all the time And TO JD drink your JD your thoughts are useless,,,,,,, NIBU R.............

02-02-03, 00:38
You started this attack on me personal. Why call me a troll??? [/i]

Where did I call you a troll? In fact I stated you were not a troll! Again I said you were not a troll!

See again you write things that are coherent, don't make sense, and are not true.

"My posts in Chile has done more justice then your dumb posts on Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. "

At least people will understand, read, and find my posts useful that may be off the beaten track!

Nibu, I am not attacking you personally!


02-02-03, 01:16
"BassGod was correct he was a troll."

I was referring to adlez, he was a troll.

"Hopefully the next one is NR. "

I was not stating you were a troll, I was just hoping you would be the next one that get's banned. Due to the fact that all you do is bomb the forum with incoherent and a very high percentage of useless postings.

So I hope that clears up any confusion?

02-02-03, 02:02
This is exactly what we are talking about!

Look the all the postings below Nibu has made just today!

Bombing, bombing, and bombing.

Does anybody need anymore proof?


Belize City

Post: I heard there is A Casino in centro Belize called

Preview: I heard there is A Casino in centro Belize called Odyssey where after 11 Freelancers CUm in. Any info on this can someone post it? Are there also any streetwalkers in Belize City? Are there any other Casinos...


Post: BIG BG bud. Where are ya?' PLEASE make an update o

Preview: BIG BG bud. Where are ya?' PLEASE make an update on the sex scene in Santiago? More info on those massage places and streetwalkers too. Hey can you give us the scoop on the streetgirls of Gen. Vicuna Makenna...


Post: Hey Elvis would you have any info on Quito now for

Preview: Hey Elvis would you have any info on Quito now for the year 2003? Like I made in other posts Ecaudorian women are very hot Just like Peruvian women. Quito is a great destination. Any updates I would...

Other Areas

Post: Cote Did you find out about the massage parlors in

Preview: Cote Did you find out about the massage parlors in Valencia? How are the streetgirls now in Valencia? Any one have info on Puerto La Cruz and Merida?

Other Areas

Post: HMMM Bear I would like to know more on Leon too. I

Preview: HMMM Bear I would like to know more on Leon too. I know Leon has quite a few strip clubs. I would love info on Leon on Where The street*****s are and also if any massage places exist.....

Other Areas

Post: Any New updates on Piedras Negras? What are the av

Preview: Any New updates on Piedras Negras? What are the average prices? How is the Boys town and strip clubs????

Other Areas

Post: Porker thanks for the info on Saltillo. What about

Preview: Porker thanks for the info on Saltillo. What about massage places? Strip clubs and streetwalkers in Saltillo? I mean I think Saltillo is a big city of like 500,000 I guess the city fathers keep it to conservative....


Post: HMMM I think the street is Ave. Bausate Y Meza it

Preview: HMMM I think the street is Ave. Bausate Y Meza it is on the north side of the st. Next to the vegatable Market like two small blocks there on the left side you will see a big door and entrance with a lot...

Other Areas

Post: Hi Poturu If you go to Pucallpa The Amatuer Action

Preview: Hi Poturu If you go to Pucallpa The Amatuer Action is better then the pro. action I was there once for a night only Try it but I would try Iquitos first if I was you,,,, Later.... NIBU R.......


Post: Wow Next month I should be in Iquitos. I need info

Preview: Wow Next month I should be in Iquitos. I need info on this great big jungle city before I come there. I guess I am coming when it is still the rainy season. I hope the flight will not be that bad. Dan...

General Info

Post: No Problem dude make it up for me by making a grea

Preview: No Problem dude make it up for me by making a great post in the San Juan Puerto Rico section,,,, Later NIBU R.....

Other Areas

Post: Hi Is there any out there besides Octatron that co

Preview: Hi Is there any out there besides Octatron that could make some good informative posts on other cities in Chile like Osorno,Temuco,Talca,Talcahuano,Valdivia,La Serena,Copiapo and more cities in centro...

has made in one day.

02-02-03, 02:19
Man, those posts Really Rule.

02-02-03, 02:54
(I originally posted this on another board, but I felt that it would be appropriate here, as well.)

I'm neither a supporter nor an antagonist of anyone on this board. However, I felt that I need to speak up a little and just let my thoughts be known. LET'S STOP IT WITH PUTTING DOWN OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD - THIS GOES BOTH WAYS.

(1) Now, I'm not going to go into finger-pointing (no names in this post), but I will state that we should all post freely and, if you have anything against the manner in which another member posts, unless what they're doing is truly out of the rules, just e-mail them personally rather than wasting our time in having to read your arguments; if you truly unable to refrain yourself from publicly posting on it, be civil.

(2) Reciprocally, even if you're the one being attacked on this board, just ignore them and keep posting in the manner in which you think would be best for this board; if you've had some constructive criticism, consider it and try to apply it. Maybe you need to sincerely consider what others are saying about your posts, and, perhaps, you can apply their criticism to your posts to make a change for the better. Cool?

If we keep to these guidelines, the more people will be posting more quality posts ... without the bickering nor having people hold-back from posting information. The last thing I need is for people to stop posting on this board due to hostilities.

Thanks for indulging me, guys! I'll try not to talk 'wsg-politics' anymore ... with the hope that these 'politics' will cease. Talk to you later, my friends.

02-02-03, 03:35

WE are just asking for quality over quantity!

You need to take a little constructive criticism, I've looked at all my posts I've made here, and I have not really personally attacked you Nibu. Just please slow down on your daily bombs. That’s all we ask?

Think before you click "Submit Message"


02-02-03, 04:03
Here is Jackson's opinion on the quality of Nibu's posts:

I guess I'd better step in here and explain my strategy. My decision to create a seperate section for a specific poster is usually so that their multiple trip reports posts can retain a sense of continunity. However, in Nibu's case, I simply wanted to keep his indecipherable gibberish out of the main thread.

JacksonNibu, "indecipherable gibberish" means "useless crap."

Dickhead the Communist Atheist

02-02-03, 04:19
Unless I need to defend one of my previous posts. I think the point has been made!

Happy Mongering!

02-02-03, 04:51
Guys - just my two cents worth - Nibu is a bit hard to understand and I usually scan his "stuff" for the occassional item of interest; however, he has done nothing "wrong" (unless you consider verbosity an offense - and he IS the only poster who goes into the "back woods" of the Amazon routinely) and shouldn't be "banned". As for you, Nibu, a bit of PUNCTUATION would help... IF English IS your first language (I don't doubt that it is, but I wonder what they teach in Chi Town)

I'm not supporting his postings, just his participation. You DON'T have to read it, after all (just skip over it, I _usually_ do except for Lima, where he seems to know his stuff)

02-02-03, 05:14

At this stage, every time I see he is the last person to post, I ignore that section. I am probably missing very good information posted by others but...

Jackson has tried to facilitate this memberbut I feel the time has come for more direct action.

Why not have a poll?

Take care all.


Dick Johnson
02-02-03, 05:18
Play2, I totally disagree with you. This board needs to be on track and it goes out of track when individuals bombard the board with useless posts. We have to point it out to the individuals. And some individuals just don't get it into their thick heads.

02-02-03, 06:52
(rapid fire wrap-up)

DJ - I understand and respect your point of view ... and I hope that you understand and respect my point too.

Agreed Octratron - the point has been made.

Latin, I don't know about making a poll ... this topic (although probably intriguing to many readers) has hopefully run it's course. Nonetheless, feel free to do as you want.

Nibu - there's no need to feel hurt; I just state things as I see them ... no matter who I speak to. I don't try to attach excess feelings when I state things that I objectively believe, and I hope that you don't misconstrue my posts.

Dickhead - you're a communist atheist too? After the cold war, I didn't know that there were many of us left around (this was meant in jest ... and is not a political statement ... lol).

Dinghy, you're right - people should just skip over posts that they don't want to read ... similar to how many readers are concurrently skipping over my post.

DJ ... on second thought ... there's nothing wrong with a THICK HEAD, is there? Just as the last girl who was lucky enough to be with me said ... "mmm ... thick head." Well ... okay fine ... in this aspect, maybe I did miscontrue your last phrase.

With that said and done ... I'm not gonna spend any more of my posts on this topic. Whatever I say are just suggestions that I want to throw out there ... I never want to impose my opinions on others.

Okay. The next posts that you see from me ... will be ones of my journeys in SHEER enjoyment. To all - thanks for all your posts on all these boards. Keep up the great work ... and play it safe and hard!


Allen Eire
02-02-03, 12:07

NIBU is a Polock from Chicago. I'm not sure if he emigrated from Poland or is a first generation American but I can understand his disdain for Commies. The only good Commie is a dead Commie. I personally think he's jacked up on South American coffee and after years of head-banging coupled with caffine his post's consist of to much jibberish.

02-02-03, 15:30
Many of us have appealed to Nibu to stop his bombing of this forum with trash but he has not taken any heed of our appeals. It is not surprising that some people are getting very irritated. I was not going to say any more on this subject, but I do feel that Nibu's postings lower the quality of this board. I am sure one or two people have gleaned some information from his postings but most people feel like I do.

Before I went to Peru, I checked out the Peru section but was put off by his postings. The Argentina and Brazil sections kept me coming back (thankfully Nibu free). I wonder how many people have had a look at this forum, seen Nibu's posts and thought "No thanks" and have gone away for good.

Can you imagine if all the members of this forum contributed daily with phrases such as "RocK andRoLL ruLes" and "SaLsa SUCks" and "coMMiEs scuk" and "Man, I goT to taKe a raGing [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)..." ? The forum would be swamped with trash.

Do I want him banned ? I would prefer that he is rehabilitated.

Dick Johnson
02-02-03, 20:53
50 or so posts by Nibu were deleted.. by Jackson..?

02-03-03, 14:30
This is to Jackson!

Thank you very much for your efforts on this subject.

If we can’t rehabilitate then we can quarantine!

Much appreciated!

02-03-03, 17:35
Guys, face facts, this guy is simply a wimp and a loser and full of shit. He gets his jollies by writing douchebag crap here instead of getting laid. Forget him.

02-03-03, 19:46
As regards the last comment, actually, of the posters on this board, Nibu probably gets laid the most.

Now, the fact that a lot of his girls are, let's be tactful, "at the lower end of the sociological scale," puts him "at the other end of the pool" from old Uncle Otto. So while his posts might not be useful for my own prowling, I know there is useful information contained within a lot of them.

Reading this thread, the only name amongst the posters attacking Nibu whose name I recognize as having provided useful, on-subject G-2 is Dickhead. His posts on his time in BA had me pissing my pants from laughing too much. He might be a Commie, but he writes well..... Perhaps we can take up a collection and have him scope out the scene in Pyongyang.

Maybe some of you other fellows have had something useful to say, but I haven't seen it. I have seen a lot of attacks passing for commentary.

Nibu, you didn't take my advice not to take the bait. Shame on you, I am going to have your John Birch Society membership revoked......

04-11-03, 18:42
Originally posted by Admin
Reason: Requesting information on finding minors for sex in the Phillippines and Thailand sections, as follows:

"When in the philipean is there any place to find 12 year old and 10 year old as well as 15 year old *****s?"

"Does anyone knowwhen in bangkok to find 10 , 12 15 and 16 year old *****s? I herd that the ***** houses and tea houses specialize in that what would the prices be."

What more do I need to say? Admin, Jackson

I don't envy your job at all..DO you get paid for having this forum UP online? if not then you need to be compensate for it via ads companies.

Dick Johnson
04-30-03, 02:37
how about kicking a moron called tallnhandsome, for :
a)going on and on about nonsense like sushi.
b)insulting other senior members, though not myself.
c)lying about going to thailand, amsterdam and london. when he's never been out of orange county, l.a.
d)claiming to have had sex with an **** girl in thailand.
e)detioriorating discussions in several threads.
g)general shamelessness

if z can get kicked, this tallanddumb should be kicked immediately. if not, he should be downgraded to regular member at the very least.

Indigo Blue
07-16-03, 02:15
Even if I am a regular member, I want to support the Dick Johnson's request.

07-19-03, 00:41
A quick of check the infamous CallStreet's website reveals he was reincarnated as TallnHandsome. Look on his Yahoo Groups website [message 367] where he inadvertantly ends one of his messages with ....by T&H.

07-20-03, 06:30

Could I request that you review the "Senior Member" status of "The E" as I believe regular member status is more than open minded for that clown.

He has 49 posts, and as far as I can tell, ZERO usable information in any of them... He has made dozens of inane requests for for wierd ethnic SWs and most of his posts are either basic RTFF questions or bitching about a slow forum.

He got into a major pissing match with no less than five senior members of the DC board in April.


07-20-03, 14:26

I have to concur with my buddy LoveLos. It seems that this 'The E' guy has been stirring up shit all over the place. We have reviewed all of his past posts and cannot find any usable info. Now, we don't want to question your authority or anything, so please don't think that we are. I just think that this guy got grandfathered into senior member when you made the change a couple months ago. Unfortunately, he doesn't deserve it!

Thank you for listening to our bitching!

Keep up the excellent work! We love what you do!


08-05-03, 07:09
Please Select "Add New Report" to begin this Section.

08-08-03, 21:42
Jackson - We've got a problem child on the Maryland > Jessup board, and perhaps elsewhere; please see msgs from "Jony Vegas" (sic) on that board. Thanks.


Hi Haz,

I crushed that bug,



James D 2004
08-24-03, 07:54
Originally posted by Scoots
A quick of check the infamous CallStreet's website reveals he was reincarnated as TallnHandsome. Look on his Yahoo Groups website [message 367] where he inadvertantly ends one of his messages with ....by T&H. I think your logic is flawed (in other words not clever). I did once contributed to that group indirectly - at least they are liberal with english. I didn't post myself but asked that my handle be included if the info ever get posted - to let clever reader knows that the same information contributed to WSG and that group are from the same person, me. If you don't see my handle, then you can assume that the poster is me, because the same piece of info can be also found in WSG.

The correct spelling of inadvertantly is inadvertently.

Joe Zop
08-24-03, 15:53
Originally posted by TallnHandsome
The correct spelling of inadvertantly is inadvertently. Hmm, so it's ok for you to be liberal with English (let's see: it should be "I did once contribute" and "clever readers" among other things) but you're going to correct someone's spelling? Hilarious!

James D 2004
08-26-03, 00:46
originally posted by dick johnson
how about kicking a moron called tallnhandsome, for :
a)going on and on about nonsense like sushi.
b)insulting other senior members, though not myself.
c)lying about going to thailand, amsterdam and london. when he's never been out of orange county, l.a.
d)claiming to have had sex with an **** girl in thailand.
e)detioriorating ( correct spelling: deteriorating ) discussions in several threads.
g)general shamelessness

if z can get kicked, this tallanddumb should be kicked immediately. if not, he should be downgraded to regular member at the very least.

dick, i didn't find any need to reply to your accusations. you are the kind of guys that will incite mob violence. guys like indigo will support you. if you look at his post and you will understand; but try not to laugh.

but since i'm also interested in the human side of things, here is my impression of you. you are the kind of born general without a single soldier type, that every school class have at least some. you are bound to find someone listen to your shit since they have to live with you for years after all. but once they are freed, you found that no one wants to listen and you have to find platforms with willing ears.

but even in wsg i don't think people are interested in your post. come on, hk, taiwan, singapore? you had better find some actual prostitutes to report, or at least find something new and exciting. but you seems to special in public health that wsg isn't a good platform, unless the punters don't read news at all. after all, all the decent tourist hotels in those cities have cnn in every room.

i'm not judging the quality of of your post in places i'm not familiar. but for la, your info includes 'catalina has nothing', 'i said 2 years ago that incall is better than outcall'. come on, all those guys on the board are locals.

i can see that you are not a man of reason. you don't even try to back up your finger pointing.

a) some guys said they know authentic cuisine from non-authentic cuisine. i'm just giving an good example that the line is hardly that clearly drawn. the relevance is to c.

b) it shows what sort of person are you.

c) it's as silly as accusing joe_zop of emailing you virus. did you find the evidence yet?

d) it's taken out of context. it was never a big deal to do girls in the borderline cases as long as they look old enough to take it, until us imposes their law all over the world. before that nobody will be that silly checking id's. as long as the girl looks old enough, you have the moral high ground. even today in many european countries it's no big deal when you find out afterward that the girl is a few month short, provided that someone actually bother to complain and someone bother to catch you.

e) i don't see you involved that much. same as b.

f) did you forget your alphabets?

g) i doubt if anyone is willing to say these to your face. not worth it. but get use to the internet age. i'm telling you what is in my brain. good for you.

James D 2004
08-26-03, 04:55
Originally posted by Joe_Zop
Hmm, so it's ok for you to be liberal with English (let's see: it should be "I did once contribute" and "clever readers" among other things) but you're going to correct someone's spelling? Hilarious!
Joe, can you see that it's my good illustration of what I meant by liberal with English? Can you think outside the box? I am, you are, he is, are these different verbs necessary to convey any different meaning? No. Just as WSG readers choose what laws to obey and what to break, these are just grammatical rules. Chinese icons has no tense. Is it worse? Hindi scripts has a verb stem with lots of things around it, including tense and whether the action is completed or not. Is it better? Action and time are two independent things and I don't really bother to hurt my brain for no good reason.

As for spelling, I just happen to have a free browser integrated spell checker. That's what perfect spelling is worth (less). Same for grammar. The reason I correct spelling is to help Jackson out, and make sure that when I quote other people, their misspelling don't count as mine.

Joe Zop
08-26-03, 08:07
I'm sorry, but the point is very simple: it's laughable for you to assert that you are somehow endowed with the ability to use "special English" and then to criticise someone's spellling. The issue of your spell chekcer is truly secondary to that of your essential attitude. Just how special do you think you deserve to be, as opposed tot he poster you've criticisized? Your grammar and hebrephenic approach is ok, but someone making a minor mistake on a specific word is not? As always, you miss the major point in service of the obtuse: You are a grammatically lazy fuck who has no right to criticize anyone's mistakes -- if you want to complain about a breaking of language rules, then first follow them yourself, otherwise you're simply as disingenuous as can be.

James D 2004
08-27-03, 07:25
Originally posted by Joe_Zop
I'm sorry, but the point is very simple: it's laughable for you to assert that you are somehow endowed with the ability to use "special English" and then to [criticise] someone's [spellling]. The issue of your spell [chekcer] is truly secondary to that of your essential attitude. Just how special do you think you deserve to be, as opposed [tot he] poster you've [criticisized]? Your grammar and [hebrephenic] approach is ok, but someone making a minor mistake on a specific word is not? As always, you miss the major point in service of the obtuse: You are a grammatically lazy fuck who has no right to [criticize] anyone's mistakes -- if you want to complain about a breaking of language rules, then first follow them yourself, otherwise you're simply as disingenuous as can be.

I hate to add another post but Joe you say time and time again that I criticize whatever. I didn't. I just point out and correct the spelling with my given reasons. No complain. That's not a crime too. Over and out.

By the way, you score 7 in one paragraph that I [square bracketed], well done. I assume if you teach British English in US, those count as errors too. Are you challenging my spell checker or Jackon's rules?

Joe Zop
08-27-03, 08:05
I'm saying that if you're going to swim in shit you've got little right to talk about someone else's hygiene. You argue on this board that following grammar rules is something you don't think needs to apply to you, but then you have the gall to point out other people's minor errors. That makes you a sanctimonious ass. Saying this is to "help Jackson out" is absurd, as is worrying that by quoting someone those errors are going to be attributed to you -- the quotation italics make very clear who said what. My general level of writing sophistication is at least equal to anyone else on this board, but I sure as heck don't go around pointing out typos in an attempt to demonstrate superiority over other posters, as you consistently do.

(Oooh, geez, I made some typos -- thanks so much for pointing them out -- would you like to go through and categorize them according to type of error? I.e., "chekcer" and "hebrephenic" being transpositional errors, etc.? That would certainly be a major contribution to the content of this board, and would alleviate you from having to actually deal with the content involved, which seems to be your general approach. Far better to put "hebephrenic" in brackets than deal with what the word actually means, right? I suppose these somehow made my point so unclear that a twit like you couldn't understand it.)

This is definitely a time I agree wholeheartedly with Dick Johnson.

Dick Johnson
08-27-03, 08:38
Tallanddumb, thank you for your TIMELY (sarcasm) response. It was back in April when I made the last post on this thread. I also questioned if you are Korean. And then recently on Yahoo I found YOU - 'tallandhandsome2002' posting that "N. KOREA SHOULD NUKE USA!"

If you hate USA so much then go back to Korea you f*&k. Or I'll have Homeland Security on your tails, dumbass.

James D 2004
08-27-03, 15:36
Dick, as I've said, I did not feel the need to response to your obviously groundless finger pointing - that's why the timely response. Did you get more virus from Joe, you not clever guy? My email on record is tallnhandsom2000, did you make up the yahoo posts?

08-28-03, 06:19
COMES AROUND: Jackson, please ban this asshole immediately and delete his posts. He is obviously some juvenile prick posting girls' email addresses as a great joke. He has three posts for different parts of Japan and all they give is email addresses and at least one senior member, Fishmonger, has fallen for his bait.

09-16-03, 20:46

First of all thanks for restoring the board. However something has to be done about this Larry ***** guy. He is posting nothing but garbage not to mention wasting his time and ours. Thanks for listening.


Hi Yankee,

Thanks for the head's up. This guy is a complete waste of bandwidth, so as of today, he's history.


09-17-03, 22:03

Thanks for deleting this Larry *******. At the same time, I am glad that made my response to him unnecessary.

I wanted to report his post to you but when I clicked on the "report this post to moderator" I did not know to which category his posts belonged, so I hesitated and just send off a new post in response. Sorry about not letting you know earlier.


Hi Lilojo,

It's easy. Just use the "Report this post to a moderator" function to report the post. The function will open a dialog box where you can enter your comments, and when you select the OK button, it will send me an email with your comments and a link directly back to the suspect report. This is so easy foe me because I don't have to hunt for the suspected report.



10-15-03, 05:43
It's been a long time since I read this particular thread. It just goes to support my position that this Forum is one of the most entertaining things on the web today. I never fail to get a laugh, a hard on, and a good idea whenever I spend a bit of time perusing the site.

Unlike most other of these type web sites, our admin has the good sense and good humor to come out of the dark and say something rather salient or sometimes downright really funny from time to time. It completes the circle.

Reading some of the firefights between posters gets me to laughing sometimes and then I realize that there have been times when I have gotten into verbal fisticuffs here and must sound much the same as those that make me laugh.

I do applaud our admin though for having the courage of his convictions to actually eject people from time to time when the situation actually warrants it and not just for some minor and usually inadvertant egregious infraction of rules. He knows when to bend and when not to and that's a valuable thing. It means that people actually have an opportunity to learn from mistakes and see the error of their ways and change. I have read posts in all areas that show that in action. I think that it also allows guys to kind of let their hair down so to speak and perhaps say or ask things that they might not otherwise ahve the opportunity or feel safe enough to do so. I think that's why the posts are not always 100% pussy finding in nature, but instead run the gamut and prove to be a really useful tool with which to learn. I know it has helped me both get what I want as well as have the balls to do things that are pretty wild in a relatively safe manner.

Enough said, thank you Jackson.

Dick Travel
02-27-04, 23:26
dear jackson.

(posted this in letters to ed too before i saw this section ! sorry)

i appreciate you have a major task running this board, and a fantastic thing it is, well done.

could you take a peek at recent run of messages in russia/moscow section.

i don't wish to name people specifically but if you read back over a few pages you will note one member often puts down other members and has taken taken up a less than decent and respectful attitude to other members in general. i am sure many regular moscow section readers are getting beyond laughing at the behaviour and finding it rather tedious.

many thankks in advance.


02-29-04, 09:01

Primera, thanks for the Sr. status.

Segunda, there is a poster in the Dominican Republic photo gallery, Dominican Hunk , who has been posting photos from Brazil and other areas , and claiming them to be from RD. Several members have called him out on this, and one was able to refer the photo to the Brazil photo gallery.

I feel a bit childish doing this...but it is a slap at the other members who really do contribute valuable info.

Muchas gracias.

03-07-04, 11:14

I am making this report since, for the past week I have logged off of WSG, fuming about a situation that you are probably aware exists, but possibly are not aware is a cancer at WSG. I wish to report a troll, who has repeatedly violated the rules of the forum and stirred up an amazing amount of controversy and, in the most recent event, anger. I want you to know this because the said party claims he is your close friend. No, not just claims, he brags about it everywhere he goes. And it is to your detriment and the detriment of WSG. Just to clarify, this is the same matter that WSG senior member Trashman recently posted on this board. The cancer: OttoGraham.

Recently he has begun confusing his status as a senior member and yours as the administrator. He has more than one time confused his station with yours, and is not reticent to admit that he has special privileges that other senior members do not enjoy. In light of the recent incident with this party in United States > Virginia > Northern Virginia I further believe and am convinced that one of two conditions exist:
1. You have shown exceptional preferential treatment to this member.
2. He has the admin password.

Jackson, with all due respect, either condition is untenable given that this member, while being an excellent writer and contributor in his areas of visitation, has shown very little regard or respect for those who contribute the most to WSG in areas where he has contributed absolutely nothing. He keeps talking about sniping and trolling and flaming as driving good posters away while is fanning the flames, continuing to troll, referring to us as children, and finding it necessary to have the last word even when the local seniors have asked that we get back on subject. I am not talking about local seniors with 11 posts to their credit, I am talking about the guys with 300 - 400 - 500 or 1400 posts who have carried the local boards for years without Mr Graham's wisdom or guidance.

In addition, Mr Graham has gone so far as to personally invite a highly respected senior member to post elsewhere and to let him know if he had a problem with it and then told the member (as opposed to advised the member) to edit his post. As I understand it, only Jackson can make those statements on this forum.

Sir, we know it's your sandbox and we thank you for letting us play, and we pretty much have the rules understood. And if we get hot under the collar and out of line, all you have ever needed to do is drop a note and we have always gone ship shape immediately. But I will not be lambasted and lectured by an imperious jerk who has never contributed to the local area, even if he does so "in your name." It is precisely that he claims to be doing all things in your name, while being the ultimate troll, that is so infuriating in this issue.

For that reason, I have and will continue to contribute NOTHING of consequence to WSG until you feel you can muzzle your close friend, and I would prefer either your comment of support in this matter (or an apology from Mr Graham) on open forum. If you feel that I am completely out of line in feeling so strongly on this issue, I remind you that it is always in you purview to terminate my membership.

Kind regards,

Reference also: http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=186748#post186748

03-07-04, 11:16
OK Guys, I vowed silence, and I apologize that I am going to stir up a hornets nest here. I'm pissed and this needs airing out. I respectfully submit that my comments NOT be edited by the admin because this is not a personal attack, I will stick to the facts, this is an attitude adjustment that needs to be made, and as one of the two most senior members here, I am making this adjustment even if it costs me my membership. That is how strongly I feel about the subject. Other local members probably have not researched the history of our new friend Mr Otto Graham.

Background: He joined WSG as a contributor in June of 2002 and immediately made friends with the admin, the respected Jackson who hosts this wonderful forum. In fact, his fourth report was actually filed by his new friend. It turns out that Otto is a gifted and talented writer of trip reports and soon gathered a large following of fans on WSG. His friend Jackson soon gave him his own board in Argentina, where he has contributed much. I first noticed him when he spammed the whole of WSG to contribute to the WSG charities, then later spammed the whole of WSG to tell us about PMs. While spamming the boards is against the rules here, it is obvious he did so with the admin's blessing, so very few people quibbled. I estimate these posts added at least 150 -200 to his post count, not that anyone looks at that when considering the contributions a member has made to WSG. Those few incidents are the only time I have noticed he has "contributed" to our welfare here in the DC/Nova area.

On 02-25-04, about four pages back, a new member Jim Rob made a rather "un-researched" post asking about AMPS in the area. You have seen the basic RTFF type question. However, Mr Graham went so far as to accuse the newbie of being a law enforcement officer!! WOW! I felt that was strong, perhaps even a personal attack, hmmmmmm? I added instructions for RTFF, and Trashman added a rather gentle asswhipping in case the newbie missed my subtle hints. Now, everybody who reads this board knows that when the Trashman speaks, that is usually the end of the issue.

At this juncture, I will introduce the concept of a troll. A troll is someone who fans the flames when they need not be fanned, someone who has to have the last word and does not have the perception to see that they should just shut up.

OK, call me ignorant for asking, but please give me a show of hands of those who think it is a good idea to tell the Trashman he is acting childish, being profane or insulting? Oh I see one hand. Our troll, Otto. He managed to do this while still calling the newbie a cop, and telling myself and the Trashman that it was his decision to stop insulting the new guy. Excuse me? Since when is a non-contributor calling the shots on a local board? He did call on his stolen admin password or his best friend (the jury is still out on that one) to edit a few choice zingers out of Trash's post. Well, the troll did his work well and got the expected response from Trashman, which he also edited or had edited. Funny thing about that post was there was a lot of editing done that had nothing to do with a personal attack, just some explatives. I would call that some very special editing that we normally do not see, and is the basis for my theory of the stolen admin password.

In the mean time, our spanking of Jim Rob had the desired effect and he agreed to mend his lazy ways, so I took the responsibility for calling it quits on his persecution. I welcomed his posts to the board and pointed out that even senior members (and referred to Mr Graham) sometimes do things that were out of line and we get after them, but we don't hold grudges when they conform to the expectations of the board. I then made a very plain admonition to Mr Graham that he was out of line and tried to gently explain in what ways he had offended myself and the Trashman. I also explained to him that, although this board may seem a bit harsh in meting out punishment for errors, we are gentle enough that we lose very few of those we spank. I thought I had made it very very plain that we need not continue the thread any further.

Unfortunately, rather than yielding to local members senior to himself who, for the second time, had attempted to bring closure to the thread, the troll spoke again. He played the respect to Jackson card to lambast two members who, from the actions noted here, have far more respect for Jackson than Mr Graham. Ironic was the words he used:
..we can't just decide to come into his living room, take a dump on the carpet, throw bricks at the TV screen, and call it "my home." The irony is that if you accept his position the board is Jackson's (which we agree to) then this post and the previous troll post was just another pile of shit on his carpet. If you are one of the many here who think of this board as your "home" on WSG, then again, the troll just threw another brick through our computer screens.

Trashman apparently tried one more time to get the troll to silence, but the troll had his comments deleted before anyone read them. At that point Trashman called it quits on the thread and I stopped contributing to WSG out of protest. I have, however been researching the archives and I have now come to the conclusion that this is not an isolated incident, but a pattern of behavior which, IMHO the admin needs to moderate or Mr Graham needs to repent of.

Otto, you continually tell us that you are working for the betterment of the forum. I believe that you are sincere in that respect. Unfortunately your 'imperial' attitude, lack of respect for other seniors on this site (due to your special relationship with the MAN), your apparent need to pontificate, and your lack of understanding of how others feel about the local boards, and finally the feeding of the troll; has had the opposite effect. Without making a statement that may affect their status, I am not the only one who is abstaining from contributions to WSG until a reform is made. We have no problems with adhering to Jackson's rules; but until HE tells US, publicly, that you are co-admin, we do have a problem submitting to your lecturing.

For the third time I admonish you to please put this behind us so we may get on with the purpose of this forum. Yes, I ask you to humble yourself from your position of power, but I believe the exchange will be beneficial.


Yes this is one hell of a long post, but I add the following to substantiate my concerns that this behavior is neither isolated nor accepted on other local WSG boards. Please note that I am not quoting from any regular members, all of these guys are respected senior members on WSG with at 400 to 1400 posts to their credit:

Originally posted by OttoGraham 01-06-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand
Boys (and I do mean boys!):

This is Jackson's sandbox. We just play here because he's kind enough to let us do so. I think what he wrote just below ought to be the final word on all this nonsense.

In other words: Grow up!

-Uncle Otto

Originally posted by OttoGraham 01-06-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand
WSG is bigger than any one poster, unless that poster is Admin. I do not cry over the loss of any poster, especially one who can dish it out but not take it when it is thrown back at him.

Almost all of you are acting like a bunch of crybabies, IMHO. ed note: ZERO, I repeat ZERO tolerance for personal attacks.

-Uncle Otto

Originally posted by Joe Zop 01-07-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand
Obviously, Uncle Otto, we value and care deeply for your opinion and name calling, and have appreciated all your enlightening and valuable field reports in the Thailand section.[/i]

Originally posted by Skinless 01-07-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand edited for brevity, emphasis mine[i]
Otto: ...snip... Trollers and flamers do not help: I am not classifying you as one but merely pointing out the dynamics to you. Please don't feed the troll.
Joe: Let's ignore our latest troll.

Originally posted by OttoGraham 01-06-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand emphasis mine
Over a bottle of wine and a fine dinner, my good friend Jackson recently confided to me that his biggest pain in the ass with hosting this site comes from people in the Thailand section constantly sniping at one another.

My attention was drawn to this section recently when one of your number made the point of cross-posting his personal problems/gripes on this subject on a number of other threads on this site. As the problem seems to be metastastsizing like a cancer, I decided to come take a look at the root of the problem myself. ed note: Your initiative, not Jacksons?

You are absolutely right that I've not contributed field reports on the Thailand section. I've contributed them in the U.K., Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Argentina, and a few others. ed note: who cares where you have posted? that was not the issue But as for Thailand, I've not visited yet, and thus can't offer any reports. However, just like my lack of contributions to the Thailand section, all this juvenile sniping and flaming doesn't add anything either! Indeed, it drives good posters away. ed note: Damn, case in point. I quit until Uncle Otto is muzzled!

I've taken the trouble to read quite a bit of the Thailand board for the past several months' worth of posts. It's clear to me that there are NO white hats. Nobody is a poor, put-upon innocent. ed note: Hmmmm must have missed my posts...

And I say this as somebody who has read these posts as a completely disinterested outsider.

I know how frustrated El Jefe Jackson is at having to constantly deal with personalities in the Thai section - the following words to the wise ought to be sufficient: Clean up your acts, get back on topic, stop the flaming, stop the reaction to the flames somebody makes about you. OR you'll be throttled back to "Regular Member" status or even have your accounts cancelled altogether. ed note: That sounds like a threat, but it was not written in blue

-Uncle Otto

Originally posted by Joe Zop 01-07-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand emphasis mine
Uncle Otto, I agree that there's a lot of carping that goes on in this section, and while I occasionally contribute to it and am thereby far from blameless, most folks will agree I spend far more time trying to tamp it out and make people play nice. (Half the spats I end up in come from that, it seems.) Thailand is far from the only area where that happens and that's for certain, but it's certainly one of the more active areas, which means more carping. I agree this drives good posters away, which was what I said earlier, and was also precisely the point you said you didn't care about! I do cry over the loss of good posters, as it means there's information I'm not going to receive.

I have never treated Jackson with anything but the utmost respect, and would happily share a bottle of wine with him. I've read your reports in other areas and have appreciated them, though they are not in places I'm planning on visiting for the most part. But in the same way you found it annoying to have someone from this section griping in other sections, it feels the same way to have someone come in out of the blue, call names, and lecture. You may have the best intentions, but it simply comes off as high and mighty when you come in and refer to everyone as children and crybabies, which means your point dissipates. Why should anyone give credence to someone who comes in, adopts an imperial tone, and does basically the same thing he complains about?

This bears repeating, with 1475 posts currently Joe Zop is one of the MOST SENIOR and MOST RESPECTED members on all of WSG, IMHO: ...it feels the same way to have someone come in out of the blue, call names, and lecture. You may have the best intentions, but it simply comes off as high and mighty when you come in and refer to everyone as children and crybabies, which means your point dissipates. Why should anyone give credence to someone who comes in, adopts an imperial tone, and does basically the same thing he complains about?

Originally posted by OttoGraham 01-07-04 Asia > Thailand > Samus Aran in Thailand
Perhaps because I have the ear of the emperor in a way most of you don't? ed note: Need I say more?

Reference letter to the editor: http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=186747#post186747

03-07-04, 12:21
LoveLOS -
Did not research the issue in depth, but based the quotes, data and observations presented, I gotta support your conclusions.

You have presented your opinion in a most even handed and, shall I say, professional manner. Should you be banned for that, shame on Jackson.

If Trash has indeed left the board for good - what a serious loss since he provides positive information on the board and backchanneled to. The main purpose for the board. What the fuck is going on?

Jackson has always presented himself as reasonable and fair.
I would be most surprised if resultant action is negative toward you.

If non action is his decision on the big picture, I would be surprised and disappointed also.

Something just aint right and only Jackson can rectify the situation at this point.

Reminds me of why I left *** years ago - the Big One himself came down on me from his imperial throne in addition to one of his moderators. They were entitled to do so, but the magnitude of the dressing down was not equal to the issue at hand. Although I was not banned, I left. Concurrently, I was given a lifetime membership to another pay board because I stood up for what I believed.

With all the free boards, why pay. WSG has been a breath of fresh air for a long time and I like this board, but should the same imperial attitude dominant, then it is "see ya later".

Hope we stay in touch via backchannel.


Hi Clix,

No one gets banned for expressing an opinion, even if it's an opinion that is directly in contrast to my own opinion on the same subject.



03-07-04, 12:54
Bravo, it's about time someone puts that big bully in his place. Message to Otto, you are no better than the rest of us, so stop acting like "king dick".

Joe Zop
03-07-04, 19:28
One of the major reasons WSG is such an excellent resource is Jackson's even-handed and measured approach, which allows for a range of individual voices and approaches while still making clear where the lines are. I can understand, appreciate and even applaud UncleOtto's desire to act to protect Jackson's interests and workload, but he tends to do so without the grace and restraint Jackson shows, and a member simply assuming unofficial authority by dint of of a personal relationship does nothing but fan the flames and muddy the waters.

There are certainly ways to call for civil discourse in areas without resorting to using the same tactics one complains about and without setting yourself up as being on a different plane from other posters. Doing the latter is simply an indication that you don't believe a straightforward argument for civility will be listened to, which shows a basic lack of respect for other posters and again says you're somehow better than they are. In the absence of Jackson appointing moderators for various sections or some sort of official co-administrator, such admonitions from non-posters in another area almost invariably have the same effect as trolling. It's like someone from another block deciding to come over and spank your noisy kids -- they might deserve it, but it's hardly the neighbor's place to administer such punishment.

03-07-04, 20:33
Greetings everyone,

I will formulate a compromise to this discussion in a few days after everyone has had their say and perhaps even calmed down somewhat. However, at this point I would like to state categorically that I am the only person on the planet with Admin access to the WSG, and thus any editing of any reports that you may observe in the Forum were done by me.



03-07-04, 22:15
Dear Jackson
I sent you and others a PM about the Otto business as Lovelos had PMed me, Geneeral Stonewall Skinless, for support (!). I had noticed the Virginy spats but had ignored them just as I have been ignoring the entire board.
I am not the person who threatened to pop Otto; I am not a NRA guy. I did promise to slice up a prolific non person lisper if our paths cross in LOS or Lenawee by the see but that is another matter.
As regards you and Mr Otto:
1. You do need firebrigade men. One has to trawl through the entire site to find gems: Belguel, Saint, Looking 4 Lefty (all up to a point, all boring after a while)
2. You did add 43 new sectors, one of which was my suggestion (Photo of the year, which I am pleased to see I have seen mentioned by others). Many of those threads are not being used. Some are being abused. Check out Thailand or Malaysia for examples or read my earlier PMs.
3. Some dudes seem to have more than one personality: not just the split personalities like me who hang out here but dudes/cobbers using more than one account. You need help monitoring shit like that. Perhaos Uncle can help.
4. Most local threads are carried by one or two good posters: Looking for Lefty, Lynntrash etc. They develop their own dynamic and a hands off policy might be best and, like all shit, they attract flies. The Boston thread had a good way that way. It works when the main poster (Lynn, Looking) has a personality. But, as Samas Aran pointed out to the Thai spammers, it is hard to carry (and SA posts are now no good too and Lefty's are deteriorating as well)
5. So, where does this monolog get us?:
a. Divide up the world with your BA bros and tell the board you are doing that. Ask them to monitor big areas and report to you at your weekly AMA meeting/orgy. It is too much for one person to do. This is particularly the case as you insert ever more threads. Each extra thread magnifies the chances for bs. Have a look at the dudes/cobbers posting to each other. Issue a simple imperial edict. "Peasants, subjects and Rev Skinless: I Jackson Caesar hereby decree that........."
b. Organization is the key and you don't have it yet. Organize from the top (or the bottom if BA, like Australia, is at the ass end of the world). And organize from the bottom: let the locals keep their house primarily in order. I am sure the Army of Northern Virginia can do that.
c. You must tighten up. Give the board an organizational pussy tuck.
d. Thailand is, of course, a special case. This is because it attracts so much foreign farang shit. One had to only look at the photo of "tourist animals" Freeler posted or to read the bs some of the losers post. Speaking of which: I would appreciate it if you deleted the entire Traveller-Skinless thread as you promised. This is to keep my posting numbers down. Although, as a man of God/God, I forgive all the morons who disagreed with me, from now on they are all non persons. When I start to post again on Thailand, probably in May, I will remove any post that the non persons comment on. Perhaps Lovelos and friends might care to copy back in old Virginny.
e. One of the keys to the success of this board is the local loyalties. It would be a pity to lose that as the porno pictures of Belguel et al attract more srufers and posters. The emotion of Lovelos is understandable. So too is the over enthusiasm of your uncle. You are trying to cover the entire world: from Nibu and his jungle bunnnies to Saint and his James Bond settings. A tall order that can be solved with some human organization.
f. The nature of this hobby being what it is, a large number of posters are probably odd balls. One has only to think of the words of our own dear and blessed Prokofiev: To ask whether guys here have a problem with sex is like asking in a crackhouse if anyone has a problem with drugs.
g. Bottom line: tighten up but be loose as well. Many of us wil survive being banned or demoted.
h. Otto etc should probably not twist the other's word when replying. It is a cheap trick that belongs with cheap people.

Rev John T Skinless is happy to report he took a doll to see The last Samurai yesterday. Love must be in the air. The cherry blossoms will be here soon. Beautiful, romantic spring time aromas. Almost as good as the whiff one gets in a cheap Thai brothel.

Peace to all the people

03-08-04, 00:03
about this ottograham controversy =

where i live [ in rhode island , usa ] we are home to
brown university , arguably the most politically correct campus on earth.

and they have a supposedly joking saying there
about free speech :

" if you don't like what some·one has to say ——
don't let them say it !! "

that appears to be the attitude of some of the posters here about
mr o·g , in their efforts to get him banned

allow me to propose a different standard :

" if you don't like what mr ottograham has to say =
** ignore ** him !! "

that certainly would avoid all this waste of band·width
around here !!

James D 2004
03-08-04, 02:47
You guys are too serious. My post this time is not about complains, but compliments.

This bears repeating, with 1475 posts currently Joe Zop is one of the MOST SENIOR and MOST RESPECTED members on all of WSG, IMHO: ...it feels the same way to have someone come in out of the blue, call names, and lecture. You may have the best intentions, but it simply comes off as high and mighty when you come in and refer to everyone as children and crybabies, which means your point dissipates. Why should anyone give credence to someone who comes in, adopts an imperial tone, and does basically the same thing he complains about?

I bet most people let him off because rarely anyone read to the 3rd sentence, or to the 2nd paragraph if there's one.

03-08-04, 02:54
Otto, Otto, Otto.

Shame on you for translating my post and calling it a "Quote" from me. None of those words were mine, and the ideas put forth were basically 100% incorrect. In fact, you missed the whole point. Let me quote the salient paragraph:
This time accurately, as LoveLOS wrote it, emphasis mine:
Otto, you continually tell us that you are working for the betterment of the forum. I believe that you are sincere in that respect. Unfortunately your 'imperial' attitude, lack of respect for other seniors on this site (due to your special relationship with the MAN), your apparent need to pontificate, and your lack of understanding of how others feel about the local boards, and finally the feeding of the troll; has had the opposite effect.
...snip of unrelated thought that should have been put in another paragraph...
We have no problems with adhering to Jackson's rules; but until HE tells US, publicly, that you are co-admin, we do have a problem submitting to your lecturing.

I have held out the olive branch to you in every post, and do so again here - please stop snipeing back at me! You will note that Jackson did not deem my previous posts in NoVA an attack, as none were edited. Therefore I argue that you are attempting to cloud the issue with regard to my taking offense at your efforts to aid Jackson in his policies. That is not the issue here.

I regret that you have chosen to remain uncivil toward your fellow members, for that is the very compaint I am filing. Your tactics have resulted in MORE, not less strife on the boards you choose to visit, and that is the concern.

As far as researching your posting history, I remind you it is a tool that all senior members should use when trying to assess the personality and history of another member. We use it for every newbie whom we are trying to decide to send information to. Jackson presumably uses it to determine senior status and to settle disputes. I used it because your attitude bothered me. As indicated, I was going to let the issue drop in NoVA, but when I saw the Deja vu in the Thailand forum, I realized that, IMHO, your actions were unbecoming the gentleman you project in most of the reports. The way I was raised, is that when you have a problem with someone, you air your feelings, discuss the matter, and hopefully you can come to a peaceful resolution with that person.

My last comment is that I regret that my comments may have caused another party to threaten you with bodily harm. Rest assured that was not my intention, and be doubly sure that I am not the party who made the threat. I urge the party that made that threat, if the threat was more than hearsay, reconsiders his gut reactions and calmly states his concerns in this debate.

Again, I am hoping for a peaceful solution to this issue and regret your attitude at the last post was so hostile. Please re-read and take to heart my above comments and you may find our differences are not so great.

Peace be with you.


I apologize I felt I had to open a wound in this community, but as I implied, a wound needs to get air to heal. I hope this discussion will provide that.

Thank you for clarifying that you are the party that edited the posts. I hearby retract my comments regarding Otto acting outside your knowledge.

And again, for the record, We here in NoVA / DC have no problem following your rules.

I reiterate that I am not asking you to ban either myself or Otto, as he again misread. By "muzzeling Otto" I really meant that you ask him, as you have done in other cases, not to pop in from out of the blue to a board he does not regularly post to and start playing tough cop. If he does enter a discussion, please implore him not to feed the troll. My aim here is the same as yours, to REDUCE, not escalate, the rhetoric. I understand he is your friend and it is difficult to tell a friend when he is out of line. As a businessman myself, I have been faced with that challenge and it is unpleasant. You also know it is part of being the boss, so I know you will follow your concience.

As an alternative, I might suggest that you do as Skinless suggests and give your trusted friends, including Otto, a special status where they can act as moderator in certain areas to reduce your workload. I personally would not have had any problem with Otto's "imperial tone" if he had co-admin beneath his screen name. If you choose this solution, may I humbly ask that a party less openly hostile to myself and others in this area be given operational control of the boards here, for the sake and health of those local boards.



To all,

I hope I do not have to add another comment to this section and that all parties will calm down and be civil. I do trust Jackson will arrive at an intellegent and well thought out solution to my little tantrum, which is exactly why I felt confident in offering my existence here at WSG as sacrafice to the resolution of this matter.

I ask you in your posts here to try not to flame Otto or myself. If you agree or disagree with either of us, try to phrase it in a manner which is civil and that will be considered more deeply by our moderator, whose authority both of us totally respect.


03-08-04, 03:09
originally posted by tallnhandsome
you guys are too serious. my post this time is not about complains, but compliments.


this bears repeating, with 1475 posts currently joe zop is one of the most senior and most respected members on all of wsg, imho: ...it feels the same way to have someone come in out of the blue, call names, and lecture. you may have the best intentions, but it simply comes off as high and mighty when you come in and refer to everyone as children and crybabies, which means your point dissipates. why should anyone give credence to someone who comes in, adopts an imperial tone, and does basically the same thing he complains about?


i bet most people let him off because rarely anyone read to the 3rd sentence, or to the 2nd paragraph if there's one.

while we're on the whole banning topic, can we boot this [deleted by admin] as well? better yet, why don't we round him up and go all "passion of the christ" on him.

i know that sounds like a personal attack, and, well, it is. but, the guy has very little knowledge, makes up stories, is a complete troll (as defined by lovelos) and is probably **** to boot. his posts are full of grammatical errors to the point that many are incomprehensible. when they are understandable, they are either silly fabrications or flames.

please, muzzle this [deleted by admin].

editor's note: this report was edited in accordance with the wsg forum's zero tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another forum member or the forum membership in general.

03-08-04, 03:54
I have in the past just ignored or read over the stuff posted by Otto. I will have to say that I was pissed by his spamming us all with his personal request. If I wanted to donate, I would have, but would not from the spamming by him. LOVLOS has been a good poster, and Otto was out of line. I guess I will now be the reciepient of his insults now. I would not have responded but with his attack on LovLos, I just had to. If I am banned also, so be it, I shall live for another day, but hope not with any more spamming. I will not respond to any attacks from Otto nor others. If I do get attacked, I will just consider the source and ignore. This is a great forum and I enjoy it greatly and plan to continue, and I hope LovLos will still be around also. PWhipped

Left Fielder
03-08-04, 04:56
what i find great about this board is that everyone (from a 0 poster to a 1000 poster) has a voice. let's keep it that way to the best of our abilities. the only one that we can 100% control is ourselves.

this board is jackson's creation for men who want information on play-for-pay (and then some) - men like us. quite a community has grown from this, and, with such a community, it is inevitable to get a significant share of haters and conflicts. if you have a problem with somebody, you will fight at your own risk (ie. even enough to get your "skull capped off"); it's the risk you take, and ottograham is well aware of it. otto's a big boy, and he can take care of himself; he also has the right to express free speech.

if you don't like somebody, as already mentioned, you should simply ignore them. we're all adults here, and we may as well act like them. i cannot speak for jackson, but - unlike many others - i postulate that he could care less about having "power" on this board. he, like the average poster here, simply wants good information on meeting pfp women and to have some entertainment and education along with it. there's no need to run around feeling like a "more senior" member than other and taunting it. moreover, if someone else flaunts it, let them be; it's a free world (just as much as we should all be free to have pfp sex with whomever we want - without le on our tail).

so, what should you do? rather than arguing and pointing fingers, relax and enjoy this forum. moreover, please continue to contribute. if someone attacks you, try not to take it personally. this is an internet forum with a great variety of different personalities. thus, it is obvious that we won't have everyone agreeing with each other. if you can control yourself, just ignore the flamers and fighters. however, if you want to be a "flamer/fighter" yourself, hopefully the majority of others will simply ignore you; within certain bounds, you have the right to do what you desire.

now, let's forget this finger-pointing and enjoy something that we can all agree with: *beautiful ladies from all parts of the world*! from the lurker to the most senior members -and- from the most polite to the most beligerant members, i enjoy all posts to varied degrees.

make life easy for yourself and simply enjoy it, as well. life's too short.

thank you!

James D 2004
03-08-04, 05:49
Hi again PNG, since you say it's a personal attack, I have to reply to your groundless attack. 'Little' is relatively speaking and I'm a humble personal. What story did I make up? What did I fabricate?

Rabo Verde
03-08-04, 06:43
JACKSON: I would like to complain about myself. I am not getting laid enough. I also have DICKEY-DOO disease... my belly hangs out further than my DICKEY-DOO.

03-08-04, 08:38

You are out of line, and, to put it simply, just plain wrong. From your last post, it looks like you are just now beginning to realize that.

The idea that Jackson would play favorites among WSG members and hand out ADMIN rights is too ludicrous to even be contemplated. And yet, here you are, hurling threats and insults at OttoGraham for just that. Sounds as if YOU should be apologizing to HIM.

It could very well be that the BA members feel themselves to be just a little closer to heaven than most, given their physical proximity to the Holy See. But the idea that Uncle Otto, or anyone else, would actually consider themselves to be a pretender to the throne just because they broke bread with Jackson a few times is, also, laughable.

I didn't have to research Otto's posts, since I've already read most of them. I think it's clear to a reasonable person that, in addition to being a valuable contributor, he is sincerely concerned with the welfare of the WSG. He is always among the first to welcome new members and to encourage their participation, and he has always been more than generous with his time and advice. Perhaps he is a little too vigorous at times, but, if so, he errs on the side of the good. Personally, I have never understood why anyone would complain about his broadcast for charitable contributions.

Yes, he has expensive tastes; in women, food and drink. And he likes to talk about it. So what? I would not condemn him for that any more than I would condemn Dickhead for pinching pennies (or pesos). They both have their own style and valuable information to impart.

So, it seems that your complaints are totally specious, without any value or merit. You should think twice before you start up a firestorm. You may be the one who gets burned.


Atlanta Monger
03-08-04, 13:49
Very eloquently stated, Left Fielder, and right on-target.

Jackson, you should make this guy a Senior Member - he's got the right attitude.

- Atlanta Monger

03-08-04, 15:09
Otto, no one would begrudge you an opinion. The resenment that many here feel, is that you sometimes come across as having a "superior" attitude.

In any case, let's all move on. For the sake of poor Jackson who's probably losing all his hair (if he isn't already bald). Just remember, it takes a bigger man to walk away.

03-08-04, 16:13
i was under the impression that this problem (nova/dc board)would have resolved itself by now but i see i was wrong.

the novs/dc/bmore board(s) have always prided ourselves on having a self sufficent (jackson you are the man and i mean no disrespect to you in any way!) and informative board. along comes a senior member, (otto) who to my knowledge is not and has not been a frequent poster to any of the above mentioned boards, who comes in like the new sheriff in town. the message (as it was perceived) was i'm buddies with jackson and there is nothing you can do about me. usually when someone makes errors in these threads one or several of the senior members will attempt to lightly correct the problem either through a general posting for all to read or a pm. in this case otto appeared to relish in stirring things up. stronger worded postings followed ( i admit i posted a very strongly worded reply that probably should have been thought out better) which seemed to be reported to jackson with astonishing speed. pm's containing what i will call whining and veiled threats from otto were delivered to those who chose to speak out aginst him. otto states "*i am not going to apologize for encouraging members to follow jackson's no-flame, no-attack rule. *i am not going to apologize for referring your posts or anybody else's posts for editing due to your inability to keep from attacking other members (including me, it now seems)." to me it appears that you are willing to dish it out but not take it in. in my opinion,this clouds your judgement . in several of your postings you degrade the rest of us by your attitude and choice of words. no one has referred to me as a boy in a long time. i served my country proudly in the military and am a veteran of two wars. if i have a problem with someone i sure don't run to mommy (jackson in this case) to tell on them.

the effects of all of this are now very evident. posts in these threads seem to be edited quickly. posts are being deemed as spam are removed and several senior members of these threads ( sorry guillermo you don't count here because as with otto, you aren't a frquent poster to these threads) have stopped posting in protest. these members have been extremely valuable posters for years and the knowledge they have passed on is great. i challenge anyone to review posts from lovelos or trashman as examples. even the corrections (spankings) they have delivered are usually done so with tact and lightness. if this problem isn't addressed quickly then i believe the loss of these valuable members is soon to be a reality.

i am the first one to say that otto has the right to post his opinions. my greatest concern is that his postings have brought a festering sore to the board. yes i agree with sainter that the biggest problem is his attitude. otto does appear to be able to get away with things that most members don't. case in point is his spamming. how jackson defines spamming is still a mystery to me. how a posting i sent out could be labeled as spamming but otto's aren't leaves me scratching my full head of hair. again jackson no disrespect. i believe you do a remarkable job with this board.

i follow suite with trashman and lovelos in offering the olive branch to otto. i do so only with the understanding that your posting need to change. if you can see past your better then you and hostile attitude you will see we are all pretty much the same. i do not believe in ignoring a problem because i have learned in my life that ignoring a problem only makes it worse.
in closing i would like to say that i do believe jackson does a great job of keeping a an even hand on this board. i look forward to reading his solution to this mess. several members have posted some very good thoughts here. others seem to posted where they should have thought before typing. i have had that same problem as i stated above.

03-08-04, 16:44

I have been reading this thread and wanted to add my two cents worth. First, I want it noted for the record that I consider LoveLOS to be a friend and wish to defend him as much as possible. At the same time, I want it clear that I mean no disrespect to Otto whatsoever. In fact, I do respect Otto and his voluminous contributions to this forum. Therein lies my dilema. I want to support my friend without casting dispersion on Otto, while I call it as I see it. So, here is my attempt.

I think that they both have very valid points. I learned the hard way that flame wars did not add any positive contribution to this site, and as you so eloquently pointed out, is not the purpose of this site. So, this must all come to an end. But, I don't want to see it end where we loose a couple of well respected members because of this. Some sort of compromise must be made.

I do not think that Otto has your password or has Admin access to this site. I believe that you, Jackson, edit personal attacks out of any posts that comes to your attention. I know this from personal history. I myself got into a flame war and attacked a fellow member on the board. When I came back to see the response, I noticed that my original post had been edited and any personal attack that I had launched on a fellow member had been deleted or changed. At first I was upset, but later realized that you were just protecting the integrity of this site. If things just degrade into personal attacks, we all loose. So, I have to defend Jackson on this one LoveLOS, I believe he is the one that edited any personal attack out of your posts.

Now, don't get me wrong, I totally agree with LL and Trashman in flaming a newbie about RTFF and asking stupid questions. And, I further agree that you try to encourage the offending party to mend their ways and post only useful information, or to only ask questions that have not been answered recently. Hopefully, the newbie learns the error of their ways and then goes on to be a great contributor to the forum. I further agree that if someone is posting bullshit information then it is our duty to point that out as well. This is where my opinion differs slightly from LL's. He said that no one looks at the number of posts that a member has made, and I disagree totally. I think the number of their posts plays a very big part in how you view the member. Now, when I look at guys like LL, Trashman, PWhipped and even Otto, I see that they have contributed several hundred posts each and I tend to give them more respect out of the sheer volume of their contributions. No, I don't look at the specific numbers, but if someone has posted more than 200 times on this forum, you tend to really take notice of what they say. When I look at a newbie that has 2 or 3 posts that wants to start a flame or cause problems, then I think it is a senior members responsiblity to try to inform and educate the newbie as to how we operate around here.

This is where I agree with Otto, I don't have a problem with him visiting other areas and giving his opinion on matters. In fact, I encourage it. If a senior member like Otto weighs in on a subject, it can only improve the situation. However, I think he should respect the senior members that post on that particular board regularly and not flame them as well. And, I don't think he should drop your name as if he is speaking for you. He should state his opinion and maybe even allude to your stated opinions on matters, but he should not speak for you.

Now, as to Otto being creeped out by being stalked! I think he was trying to be humorous, but it is very easy to do a forum search to find any information that you are looking for. And, I have to say that LL did an admirable job doing research and posting all that he found to back up his point. So, now we get to the point of asking the question, How the hell do we fix all this?

IMHO, I think both parties, Otto and LoveLOS should be made to write formal apologies to the other. I don't give a shit about the semantics of who started what and when. I think at this point they have both engaged in bad behavior and should have to apologize for it. (Sorry LoveLOS, just my opinion) And, as senior members, we should support each other whenever possible, especially if it is on your own home turf. So, I would expect Otto to show more respect to people on local boards whenever he decides to chime in. As, I would expect anyone else to show him respect on his home turf or boards as the case may be.

I think they should apologize to each other and agree to not attack the other again. And, I don't think that anyone should ever speak for you Jackson, or to even state that they are speaking for you. That way we can put all this shit behind us and go looking for some women. After all, that's what we come here for in the first place.

Now, I hope that LL and Otto are not upset with me for my opinion. After all, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! lol. But, I felt it important to defend LoveLOS out of my respect for him and the friendship that we have, even though I do not agree with everything that he said. I also did not want to anger Uncle Otto because of the respect that I have for him.


Randy Farang
03-08-04, 17:32

Let me start out by saying that this entire discussion is based on what appears to be a clash of personalities, and it has nothing to do with either your rules for the board, or what seems to be perceived as some lack of respect for you or your administration.

In fact, I have gone on record several times in the past praising your efforts and commending the time and money you put into running what I, and many others, consider a crucial service.

Those of us who consider the DC/NOVA boards to be are "home" are proud of the fact that we contribute to what we see as among the most vibrant and healthy areas of WSG. And, we also see that this area has run well, and has been almost entirely self regulating and free of friction.

What seems to have raised the ire of many members is that someone who had made no noticible contributions to the local boards suddenly appeared to have taken on the self-appointed job as our local moderator. And to escalate the tension his relationship with you was frequently mentioned as his reason for his new position.

Some may say we did not react well. In fact, I'll freely admit that I made an intemperate posting that you quickly edited. I deserved that. I regret that I responded to a situation with words that were uncalled for. And perhaps that intempeate posting could be used to argue that we need some kind of a moderator here in DC/NOVA. That, of course, is your call.

I have no problem with the fact that every member of the board has the right to express his opinions. And while I have a special kinship with Trashman and LoveLOS because we share the same hunting grounds, I fully support OttoGraham's right to share his opinions with us as well.

But I would hope, and most respectfully request, that if you see some special need to appoint a moderator for our area of the board, that it not be a principal in this little conflict.

Hopefully, we all have a common intention, and that is to keep this board as the premier source of information on our hobby in the world. My "senior" status is really because of the silver in my hair and the miles under my tail. I cannot tell you how many years were wasted in looking for love in all the wrong places before the board came along. What we have here, thanks to your unstinting efforts, is a remarkable tool that makes the pursuit of our hobby far easier than it was in the old days.

I trust that the current spat will soon be forgotten as tempers cool and calm returns. Frankly, I don't see a major problem here and would follow the old addage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But, if in your opinion some remedial action is required, I trust you to find the correct course.


03-08-04, 17:56
Jackson "spams"
1. As this is Jackson's board, we all have to expect solicitations for the BA charity. To me, it is ok if Otto spams on that. My trawling shows that Freeler and some others complained about it but I figure those reminders are a cheap price to pay and I ma sure the army of Northenr Virginia do not have a problem with occasional shots like that. I do not contribute for my own reasons, most of which concern personal security. I am a cheap Charlie in many, but not all ways. I do like to help the poor, mostly direct, to young and not so young women with loose morals and looser teeth (toothless old women give the best bjs: take it from one who know;) As regards the BA charity, I am not giving out my credit card details to anyone here, Jackson and Paypal included. Nor, this being Japan, will I mail a check!
2. The Globo trotto ads, complete with Jackson's warning, are also a small price to pay. I doubt that Globo gets rich from it and at least one dude, Robux, enjoyed the service and "shared the love" with us all. Again, a small price.

1. I thought PNG's flame of TNG was a classic and I was very saddened to see it edited. I particularly love the piece about doing a "Passion of the Christ" on TNG. That is a new way of expressing something more earthy than personal love and I like it. Well done PNG. I forgive you your fondness for young skanks; you are a good little boy at heart.
2. Jackson, please allow witty flames to stand if the wit is more than the shit. On this matter, I feel you wrongly censored the poets on the Mongolian board. I don't think they were flaming; rather I think they were just delving into Ulaan Bator's dark side. I was annoyed with some asshole saying I do low quality flaming. There ain't nothin' low quality about Rev John Tits Skinless.

1. So you are a veteran of two wars? Big ones or small ones?
2. The real question is did you survive the school playground? If not, maybe this board wilkl be good training:)

Nibu Raphael:
1. You are the wisest man on the entire site (admittedly there is not a lot of competition).
2. Give my regards to Big Titted Sandra and all the other jungle bunnies. Do one for the Gipper:)
3. You might be interested to know that JTS has a bunch of big titted Thai skanks lined up for next month. "Climb every mountain"

03-08-04, 18:33
My Two Cents
I am posting out of respect for LOVELOS, flinging mud only guarantees that you get muddy so I try to avoid any internecine brawls.

I have only two problems with the Virginia>NorthernVirginia board.
1) Aint nearly enough action. There has got to be some latina SWs out there serving the transient labor market but no one seems to post it.

2) OttoGraham. The NoVa board does a great job of policing itself and we do not need some self-appointed champion showing up, causing trouble and telling us how to handle ourselves. Otto, if you want to become a member of the local community - someone we will pay attention to - then do some mongering around here and give some advice. Otherwise take (what many people see as) your superior attitude elsewhere and let us deal with own local issues and idiots. The fact that we are wasting so much effort on YOU proves that this isnt about your cleaning up a board that needs your help. It is all about YOU and to be perfectly honest I do not care how many ho's you have turned into love slaves due to the magnificence of your love making, what your preferred chardonnay is or whether you prefer straight or clarified butter with your lobster (personnally I am an advocate of a hint of rice vinegar but that is an acquired taste and...do you care?). I do care that you have antagonized a number of very respected members on our board and contributed nothing.

Joe Zop
03-08-04, 19:45
UncleOtto, you seem like a very bright guy, and I've thoroughly enjoyed most of your reports in various areas. So I confess I'm baffled as to why you don't seem to recognize that most folks here are not objecting to what you did, but how you did it, i.e. acting as unofficial and unappointed militia, with that same degree of military swagger. Given that your chief complaint against members is also one of methodology (the impermissibility of attacks on other members) this simply seems very strange.

Or is it that you are very clear on this point, and just don't care? Because if so that clarifies things considerably.

No one has a problem with how Jackson polices the board -- you're just setting up and knocking down a straw man with that statement -- the paranoia over editing and admin passwords aside, which has been clearly laid to rest.

(As an aside to all, is it simply this time of year that gets everyone so testy? Sure seems like a recurrent pattern. I think everyone just needs to go get some and chill a bit.)

Joe Zop
03-08-04, 21:04
huh? yet again, you miss my point -- not that you're referring anything to the admin, which many of us have done, or that he's edited things, which he almost invariably does quite deftly, but that your tone in lecturing people is what has pissed them off, somehow that specific subject is the thing you continuously ignore or obfurep001e.

i agree that it would have been better had lovelos simply let this whole stupid thing die, as, for example, i did in the thailand section despite the fact that i felt you were being a bit of a self-righteous pain. (big deal -- so am i, far too often.) i had my say at the time, and that was that, and that's what should have happened here. and in reading through the whole virginia section i personally thought your comments were fairly mild in any event.

but using the forum's search function is hardly cyberstalking any more than is you visiting new sections and whapping at members there. lovelos (who's not my "friend" as i don't know him and have at most had an exchange or two with him on this board, if that -- i only got brought into this because he quoted one of my old posts) specifically denied making such a reprehensible threat and said he regretted that someone did. given that he's admitted being mistaken about the whole password thing and apologized for that, i see no reason not to take him at his word on this as well -- his posts in this thread have always been civil, and the admin has seen fit to edit none of them. and as i recall, lovelos did not in fact say he knew his post was going cause offense; he apologized in advance for stirring up a hornet's nest.

you're rightfully offended that someone made a stupid and threatening comment -- why is it so hard to grasp that the tone and language of some of your posts lecturing people about how to behave could have had the same effect?

03-08-04, 21:38
Just trying to clarify the misconceptions and errors. I realize i'm long-winded, but please read carefully before posting. My detractors, including Otto, are often making arguments that have nothing to do with my complaint.

1. I thought Jackson and I made it very clear that the issue of the hacked password is a moot point. Jackson verified he mad the edits and I humbly retracted my concerns. Let's all please drop that issue.

2. Otto has repeatedly brought up accusations of a threat to his person, which he has not subsantiated. Now he has simply accused me of this. That, gentlemen, is a personal attack. I have never threatened him and have repeatedly tried to tone his rhetoric down, to no avail.

3. Which is it, hysterical or premeditatied? I ask you all to read my comments both before I posted my complaints (in NoVA) and after. I have tried to be even handed and non-inflamatory, although my intent has obviously been misread. :( I admit I posted the complaint itself in a manner designed to get Jackson's attention, but not after a lot of PMs from most of the guys on the (LOCAL) board, not one of which was complimentary. I feel now that I must add not one of which was a threat to his person. I opened this discussion not because he attacked me, but because he attacked all of my friends.

4. This issue is not with Jackson or following his rules. Only one of my posts has ever been edited by the admin, and I learned from that. I have had nothing edited since the zero tolerance policy went into effect, and I honestly don't have any clue when that occurred. Otto, your claims I am a serial flamer are unfounded, according you Jackson's interpretation of his rules (as you stated, "in his good judgement").

5. Otto, your contributions to WSG forum are fabulous. Your "on-topic" posts and reports are some of the best I have ever read. I have no problem with you when you are talking about banging chicas or your food/wine/hotel posts. When a member (e.g. Fool4FishNets) refers to any lack of contributions to THIS board, he is referring to the NoVA /DC area local board.

6. Most of the parties supporting me understand where I am coming from. It is the STYLE, not the CONTENT of Otto's POLICING posts and PMs that I am objecting to. Otto and his suporters seems to be willfully blind to that concept.

7. The NoVa board is now flame free, congrads Otto. It is also devoid of posts because you have pissed off those members who keep it active. I do note Jom Rob is posting, guess we didn't run him off and limit him. Please do not claim credit in helping make him feel welcome as you did not bother being kind to the guy. Remember that incident is the basis of my complaint, you AGGREVATED the flaming on the board.

In a nutshell, my complaint is that you FLAME BAIT and then BASH the party that TAKES the BAIT. Is that too hard to understand?

6. Let me make it clear to all that I am not above admitting a mistake in judgement. This is not a change in my stance as I believe firmly that I have not made a mistake in judgement; and because I have always stated my respect for Jackson who I turned to to officiate this diagareement. Thus, if, in Jackson's opinion I am totally out of line, makes clear to my why he has come to this opinion using his usual even handedness and logic, and asks for my apology in this matter; I will back down. I hope Otto can say the same thing if called upon to do so.

7. If you think I pay $160 to an ugly mamasan for a HJ, please research my posts a little more in depth :D, I promise I wont get creeped out... <LOL>


03-08-04, 23:11
Otto, I have extended an olive branch to you now on several occaisons, including an invite to bury the hatchet over a beer.

Your response was to initially ignore me, followed by an accusatory message, and now the zinger, snipe, flame, whatever you choose to call it at the bottom of your post to LoveLOS.

I think that you are a hypocrite. Your post referencing me in derogatory terms, again accusatory, and a rather rude decline of an open invitation to make peace is just the kind of thing that you have been whining about on this board that others are doing.

I strongly suggest that you keep your [Deleted by Admin] mouth shut about me. You want to blast back flames at LoveLOS or anybody else, that's your business, but to not drag me into it. Am I making myself crystal clear?

And to set the record straight, I invited you out, you answered with a yes, I asked when and where and then you [Deleted by Admin] out. That's NOT desperation. Quite to the contrary, your answers seem born of desperation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Jaimito Cartero
03-08-04, 23:20
I enjoy a good fight as much as anyone, but this thread has gotten to the point that ALL the parties are in violation of the rules. Perhaps Jackson would do the honor of putting a kill date for messages similar to last months Thailand discussions.

03-08-04, 23:54
I’ve sat back and watched this whole mess ramify over the last X days to my ever increasing exasperation and dismay. My hope is that this whole mess just STOPS, and I thank Jackson for relocating it here from the Northern Virginia board. I offer these comments, observations and opinions for your thoughts and consideration.

1. Gasoline doesn’t extinguish flames. While this appears to be a fight between Otto and the rest of the members that have contributed here, most all of the rest have calmed their provocations down considerably while Otto hasn’t. My suggestion to Otto is that he also calm down. My suggestion to everyone is that this become a debate about behavior and not a fight between people. I’m not the first to bring this up, but it begs to be repeated.

2. When you ride in on a high horse, you have farther to fall. My first thoughts when Otto began posting on the NOVA board was “there’s a new sheriff in town.” Now, nobody likes a hard-assing cop (or an officer of the court, Guillermo) abusing their unestablished authority or making specious arguments -- especially mongers, and that’s the way Otto has presented himself to us locals. We’re basically scofflaws at heart, so I’m not surprised at the local reaction.

3. This is Jackson’s board, but is Otto Jackson’s proxy? Establishing this will go a long way toward calming the restless natives. Jackson? WSG isn’t a democracy, it’s a benevolent dictatorship, and Jackson is privileged to dispense special dispensation to any and all of his friends, with or without preamble. My only comment is that here in Northern Virginia, which is essentially Washington, DC Metro, we’re used to a rather high quality of diplomacy, which is considered one of the local arts, and exports. Words are the tools of our trade. It’s not always pretty, as evidenced in what might be misconstrued as personal attacks by outsiders. This is the local product, not the export product.

4. Messing with a man’s art is the surest way to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) him off, and his friends. TrashMan is the undisputed Don of Washington/NOVA/Baltimore, and his art, besides posting on his many P4P experiences, is his good-natured trash talking, humility and worldview. LoveLOS is his consigliere. Trash’s widely held high level of esteem cannot be fully understood without a detailed study of his canon of posts in their original context. I have personally been on the receiving end of TrashMan’s missives, and can honestly say it was an honor just to have come up on his radar. What’s important to note is that TrashMan’s derogatory (yes, derogatory) comments are instructive, humorous and entertaining in the local custom. When he’s wrong, he apologizes fast, as is the local custom. Otto’s behavior was so jarring because he presented himself as an outside colonizing influence. Few, if any, of those of us on the receiving end of Trash's posts have been scared off from subsequently posting, usually issue a mia culpa, and our posts become better for Trash’s instruction. Please note: We have no local flame wars except for small dustups about the quality of posts, with the exception of this latest more personal situation. The local boards under TrashMan’s purview are better for his participation. As TrashMan represents the heart and soul of our local boards, it is my considered opinion that this whole firestorm was catalyzed by those local men who respect TrashMan and came to his defense.

5. Too much paranoia. Otto, nobody is going to put a cap in your skull. That type of talk, which is never posted on the boards except by you, can also be considered local custom. Believe me when I tell you this. We have such a large former and current military and spook population in this region that only those unfamiliar with this subculture would be shocked. For example, on a recent evening, sitting over dinner with my local charitable service organization, I counted well over 60% of the men I was dining with who had personally killed numerous people in the service of their country. No, LL and Trash are not members of my club. :) So go enjoy your beer with TrashMan and bury the fucking hatchet already.

6. Is peace the goal, or adherence to policy? The NOVA board has been self-policing, productive and very popular. This firestorm has brought NOVA to a halt for all practical purposes. My question to you, honorable Jackson: If peace is the goal (and we have been peaceful in NOVA), is creating a forum-wide policy to solve a Thailand-specific problem the best possible solution if the unintended consequences of the cure shut down entire boards? Is the letter or the spirit more important? I believe we in NOVA have adhered to the spirit and created a great place to call home.

7. ”Can’t we all just get along?” My posts to attempt to get things going again, and inject a little levity, have utterly failed, and it’s about time we got back to posting about getting laid – or jerked off, which is the norm in NOVA AMPs. As a result of those pissed off not posting, the whole region’s boards have suffered. In this dearth of anything good to read or discuss, even a pic of my dog has gotten almost 600 views! All you warring MF’s can get together and have a drink on me. Let’s get past this and back to posting about pussy.

Well, I shot my wad.


P.S. Jim Rob, the recipient of the initial dissing by TrashMan and LoveLOS that provoked Otto’s scolding, is actively and productively contributing posts, so what the fuck is this flame war really about Otto?

03-09-04, 00:15
The WHOLE Argument here is =

Do YOU *LIKE* What OttoGraham has to say ??

Or = Don't You ??

IF You DO NOT LIKE what he has to say =

** IGNORE HIM !!! **

In my humble opinion = Uncle OTTO is one of the
Wisest and Most Experienced Senior Members Here

I'd rather be Kicked in the Ass by OTTO ,
Than be Knighted by the Queen of England !!

But that's Just me

Atlanta Monger
03-09-04, 02:19

Great post, sir. And not surprising, given your WSG history.

Personally, I'm not taking sides in this battle, short of hoping that it all ends peacefully, and soon.

I do tend to completely ignore most of OttoGraham's offerings as a bit too high-handed and holier-than-thou for my tastes, and typically look forward to reading posts by LoveLOS and TrashMan as they tend towards the witty, funny, and informative. There are also other posters whom I alternately chose to either ignore or read, however, that's just my take on things; others can do what they wish regarding the reading or ignoring of posts. It's a free forum.

In any case, I'd hate to see ANY of them go, because they ALL provide value to WSG in one form or another. Jackson, please consider this in your evaluation.

My 5 cents, adjusted for inflation.
- Atlanta Monger

03-09-04, 02:53
Otto, Please sir, I reiterate for the nth time: I absolutely do NOT want you kicked off of WSG. Never said it, never will.

Your arguement will be more convincing when you get some basic facts straight.

03-09-04, 03:19
Originally posted by LoveLOS:

6. Let me make it clear to all that I am not above admitting a mistake in judgement.

Well , We ALL make Mistakes , LLOS !!

And On Behalf of the This Entire Site =

We THANK YOU for being MAN Enough to ADMIT It !!

03-09-04, 03:22
Sorry, I forgot you don't read my posts. That would help though, because I clarified what I meant in this matter:
From my first reply - addressed to Jackson:
I reiterate that I am not asking you to ban either myself or Otto, as he again misread. By "muzzeling Otto" I really meant that you ask him, as you have done in other cases, not to pop in from out of the blue to a board he does not regularly post to and start playing tough cop. If he does enter a discussion, please implore him not to feed the troll. My aim here is the same as yours, to REDUCE, not escalate, the rhetoric. -LL

03-09-04, 03:52
I appreciate your loyalty to Otto, loyalty is a good thing. It is loyalty to my brothers here in VA/DC that caused me to no longer be able to ignore his behavior here.

I had been trying to let your posts go but now I had to clarify since you apparently misread the meaning of my comment (or perhaps you should have quoted the second sentence also instead of selectively quoting me), let me re-word it:

If it is Jackson's decree, then yes, I will be man enough to admit error. As you are aware, niether you, Guiellermo, nor Otto has Admin beside your names, which is a root of this discussion: Jackson is the only authority on WSG. Everybody else, including me, is just an opinion and you know what they say about opinions. ;)

I am frustrated that so many of my comments have been misread and twisted when I believed I was writing clearly. I ask those commenting to please carefully read all posts before starting a meaningless tangent that has no basis in a post another party makes...

Thanks for your comments.

P.S. Jam Cat, I concur.

03-09-04, 04:23
Gotta say that this discussion is growing tedious. Jackson, please come down from on high and settle it one way or another.

Either tell us that Otto, Guillermo, PsyberZombie, et al are el capitains, or tell them to lower their volume. I'd prefer the latter, but, please, settle it.

Now, my personal stand on the soapbox:

I don't know LoveLOS, I don't know Trashman and I've never read the Virginny boards. I do know that they've presented arguments, olive branches and requests for fairness and been attacked (without edits), slandered and had their words completely twisted by a group of bullies using the flag of "I'm a friend of Jackson, so watch out!" Is your silence on this issue a tacit approval?

I'd like to note that, while Otto's reference to 'garbage-guy' and several other personal attacks have not been edited, my use of the words 'moron' and 'imbecile' got chopped incredibly fast. I'm not complaining about the edit (though I really do appreciate the reverend's support and forgiveness :)). I'd just like to point out the imbalance.

This is a sad state of things. Losing a local RTFF poster because the local boys flamed him isn't really a losss. Losing senior members who are experts on their local area is another matter.

If people like Otto are allowed to roam unchecked the board will die a slow death. Here's the thing, when senior members are posting useful info direct to the board, then it is quite correct for someone coming in asking for "any info on..." to get flamed; the usual "Read the posts dumbass" responce should suffice. However, once Otto and Crew successfully bully those senior members into lurkerdom, the quality and quantity of the posts will drop dramatically, and since there is not quality information on the board, the "Can someone back channel me..." requests will become more common and more appropriate. This will result in those who otherwise could give two shits about O&C's style to head off in search of a better pasture. Vicious cycle.


Given their consistent lack of anything remotely resembling an attempt at understanding their opponent's arguments, I doubt if O&C can grasp the subtlety of the reference here, but I have faith in you, Jackson.

I'd like to repeat, either way, please, settle it.

03-09-04, 04:38
Man -
This whole thing is freaking unreal.

Two fine members of WSG, one I know personaly and the other I know, albeit through backchannel and Posts. Don't know much about the other person other than I responded to his, unbeknownst to me at the time, SPAMMED request to give to WSG charities. If i had know it was spam, I might not have responded, however, I do believe giving to WSG charities is a good thing, but that is not at issue.

First, I have gone out with Trash a couple of times, and if my damn schedule permitted it, I would go out more.
Trash is the consumate monger and willing to share his experience and insights with others. He also delivers his insights/responses in a manner that often confronts/challenges a particular poster to reexamine thier MO and adjunct issues. This, I find to be, most beneficial generally since should the reader take the (often inferred) dressing down like a man and truly think about the point(s) being presented, they will learn some things to protect themselves. Similarly, when other senior WSG members come to town, there is no better resource for hooking them up with than Trash. In addition, Trash, if available, will get out there and show them the ropes of our little City that Reads.....Trash's challenges are for constructive purposes. Posts I see from "Uncle" on this thread are challenges which do not serve to benefit anyone, except, perhaps, the poster.

Now, Trash is the last person who would ever want or ask someone to defend him and I am not here to do so.
I do know him personally and can tell you that if indeed he is pissed and someone is fucking with him, then that person is an fucking up, shall we say, an idiot, short and sweet.

LoveLOS has been nothing but constructive in the OVERALL tone and general content of his posts. His quotes from others posts appear to capture the essential essence of the poster's post, and not the schtuff that can be taking out of context and morphed into another potential interpretation. His contact with me, albeit, limited to non face to face contact, has been extremely positive over the years. Willing to provide information, organize parties, you name it. He has my confidence, for what it is worth.

Uncle man did a very good thing promoting the WSG charity, and I do think he deserves Kudos for that. However, the overall tone and essence of his posts herein are, from my perspective, confrontational, and somewhat vindicitive, only, and not an attempt to better the "community of the board". That I am not impressed with.

We all make mistakes, no question. We all want to respond and ofter initially with knee jerk "fuck you" responses and tailor them down as need be to "hide that feeling as best we can" while in the reactionary pissed off mindset.

Walk away from the whole issue and get a grasp on the large issue here. We are here to assist each other in the adult pursuit of finding those ladies who love to engage in sexual activities we all enjoy and, adjunct to this, avoid legal health entrapments, at least in the States, and health issues, which could diminish our enjoyment of these activities, whether legal or not (and they should be legal between two consenting adults).

Guys, We all have our moments. We can flame to no end or we can get back to business/ the main purpose of this board. Share vital information with true mongers and not LE. Let us quit the sniping.
It would be a shame to have any of the players involved in this mess now depart voluntarily or by decree.

Let us all remember what humility is and admit, to oneself, they fucked up, and move on by taking positive steps toward the bigger purpose. For instance, perhaps the next posts by these gentlemen will be on thier excursion to the Baltimore Block, or to the land of smiles (GOD I GOTTA GO THERE), or Buenos Aries and ignore this whole thread.....Time heals all wounds that are not etched into the core of the person...and none of the stuff here is of that magnitude.

So, please monger on and let go of the resentments being incubated by continuing to contribute negatively/maintain this thread.


03-09-04, 05:35
1. BA: Nibu, the wisest man on the block, has asked for information on BA (Nibu in BA). Can someone help him out?
2. Saint is back in Europe. Has he a private jet?
3. Robux:you seem to belong to an interesting club? Maybe we can settle this like Gangs of New York? That would be nice, if we could all meet somewhere and chop each other up. We could all wear ID tags so we know who to chop.
4. Purple seems like a clever boy. Pity about the moron/imbecile edit as it was a nice turn of phrase. Thank you Purple for the link. The Nazis were, of course, big time into flaming and spamming. Hitler used to get over 500 email flames a day before he sorted the problem out.
5. The cherry blossoms are almost here. Time to unfurl my springtime collection of Okamoto Skinless condoms:(

03-09-04, 05:46
Maybe we can settle this like Gangs of New York? That would be nice, if we could all meet somewhere and chop each other up. We could all wear ID tags so we know who to chop.

ROFLMAO. I thought it would be at least a couple days before my "Passion..." line got topped.

03-09-04, 06:29
Skinlesss & PnG,
Anytime you're rummbling with us fucking crazy Virginians, you have to remember: "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight!" Otto - that was a joke, I'm kidding!!! Relax. Smile.

Thank you guys for the levity. I thank all those who have posted reasoned, civil comments in this discussion. One request that keeps being made is that it is time to put a timer on this thread. I concur and request Jackson to number the hours and edit today's flames so those with something constructive to add can weigh in. Just remember, Uncle Otto needs to get to the task of helping Nibu with his assorted questions about BA.

Say goodnight Gracie...


03-09-04, 06:43
Lovelos: Depends what you can do with a blade and how and where. Trust me on that one; if not, ask the good women of Thailand who also like to specialize in the blade and feeding naughty farangs' dicks to the ducks (literally, not nice). Also, Nibu does not need any help. That guy's dick will fall off from over use and his nose seems to be able to sniff out the big breasted hookers. Oh, as we are in a goody goody mood, please ask Roboux to empty his PM box as it is full. It is a beautiful day here in Tokyo; man I love this time of year

03-09-04, 06:47
something else to add to the levity:

i bet there's a sysadmin at calvin or an nsa guy somewhere shitting his pants at the spike in traffic that nazi propaganda speech is getting right now :)

James D 2004
03-09-04, 06:54
Losing a local RTFF poster because the local boys flamed him isn't really a losss. Losing senior members who are experts on their local area is another matter.
Ah, I know what's all that fuss about without looking at the early posts. There's an English word for it, double standard.

Democracy without sound constituition is mobbing. The Incus sacrifice, the Nazi eliminates ...

Seeing that how some WSG gangs operates, I think some deserve being put into the hall of shame, and that someone in the hall should be resurrected.

As for the quality of posts suffers because losing some 'senior' members, I smell another supermarket picket line forming. All fireworks but nothing to show for at the end. No offence, do we care if we lose Virgina (is it a town?). Take my hero, the wisest man on the block, for example. Does it matter if we take his posts out? A few local wanabe may suffer but most dumb tourist don't. Darwin and Carl say that something will always evolve to take something else's place. Now I'll take RTFF posts anytime for a change.

03-09-04, 07:33
"Democracy without sound constituition is mobbing. The Incus sacrifice, the Nazi eliminates ..."

TnH: That is a very profound line. I haven't a fucking clue waht it means. Are you into haiku by any chance? Man, I love this time of year. Here is one for you:

One week every year
I forget the news and walk
Cherry blossom paths.

For the more vulgar WSG members: there is nothing in the world to compare to unrobing a Japanese kimono under sweet falling petals. No much good to Nibu who is hooked on acid and big hooters. But Saint should probably try it.

bind my hands to yours
make me submit to your love
dominate my heart

03-09-04, 12:24
I have deleted everything I have previously written on this thread except for this post.

I have given Jackson my private view on this matter, and await his decision.

I do not have anything more to say on this subject, so if you want my input or reaction to your opinion, too bad, I shall not reply.

For the piece of garbage who has made an explicit threat against my personal safety (and for LoveLOS, who has repeated this threat in the form of a "joke" -- ha, ha, ha, you're really fucking funny) that I view those threats quite seriously.

I have taken and will take appropriate steps in response to this threat.

-Uncle Otto

Atlanta Monger
03-09-04, 13:25
To those who missed it:

Very interesting indeed that Otto chose to delete his posts in this thread only after Jackson saw fit to edit them.

I guess nobody here is above the law, after all. Good to know.

- Atlanta Monger

03-09-04, 14:46
Skinless, that is too funny! I agree, this all needs to be ended soon. I myself don't want to 'grip a cold dick'! So, before we have to have more Haiku, let's settle this.

Or, as they say in South Carolina, it's time to shit or get off the pot! I think most people have had their say. I don't want anyone to leave the board. It is too damn entertaining they way it is now! But, some sort of solution has to be forthcoming.

NC Hunter
03-09-04, 15:04
This Mess:

It would be a shame to lose icons such as LoveLOS and the Trashman because one member appears to have the ear of our benefactor, Jackson. And I think this member announcing his "special" relationship to "the man" is absurd. So now in matters of disputes with this particular member, will Jackson excuse himself due to conflict of interest?

This board is an excellent tool for us hobbyist and if anything can bring it down it is infighting. Many seniors have been issuing “spankings” and now are told to cease. I have anticipated reading the spankings the Trashman has issued. The LOS is really my mentor and he is the one that motivated me to begin contributing to the Charlotte board. After he lambasted (and rightfully so) a few newbie’s and lurkers asking for info, I decided to become a contributor and look what has happened to the Charlotte board since my contributions.

Jackson has done a most outstanding job administering this board and I can imagine his headaches, heartaches and frustrations we bring to him. Why not let the senior guys who are known for spanking be grandfathered? We know they do not insult out of malice. It is Trashcan's and LoveLOS's trademark. Hell, WSG without those two guys issuing much needed spankings is like a day without sunshine. When ever I am on the DC or VA boards and I see a newbie ask, “Where can I?”, or “Who is?”, or “Where is ?”, you can feel the board tense up in anticipation as a much needed spanking is coming.

I personally will adhere to the rules and no spankings from me, but for the guys who are known for it and who has it in their WSG persona, let them have at it and leave them alone. My .02.

NC Hunter


03-09-04, 19:09

You got me worried: all this 'I love this time of year' stuff sometimes ends in a jump to oblivion.
BTW I was told when I was three or four years old that a rhyme rhymes, but now your damned haikus got me all confused - but not jumpin'!


"I have deleted everything I have previously written"
Not reading some posts in their entirety can be fun:D!

Randy Farang
03-09-04, 19:42

I too think that this little brush war has about exhausted itself, and probably needs to be brought to a reasonable conclusion.

It seems obvious that it is largely driven by a clash of strong personalities, and that is unfortunate. One seems to feel a need to moralize and correct others for their perceived abuse of the rules of the board. Others seem to feel that they are being abused by someone who has little connection to to a local board, and who seems to be abusing his claimed frendship with "the Boss."

Some of us feel there appears to be a double standard at work here. On February 28th I posted an intemperate, and unfortunate, post pertaining to one of the principals. That post was rightfully edited as being contrary to the policy of this board. I not only regret having made the post, I have have so stated here publicly already. I learned a lesson, and, hopefully, will be a better member of the board in the future.

But let me quote a PM I received that day shortly after I made that regretable post:

"Please share with me the authorization you have to flame away at other on the board (sic) at people such as myself. I must have missed it when it was first posted." It was signed "Uncle Otto."

All I can say about this entirely forgettable incident is that it seems that there is a double standard at work when a member chastises others, and puts members on report, for their alledged short-comings, and at the same time feels free to fire away at those who might disagree with both his tactics and his attitude.

Perhaps it is time to send all parties to a neutral corner with instructions to take a deep breath, count to ten, and not come out until they can play nice together.

For myself, I have placed a chair in a corner and will write "I will behave in a more respectful manner" 500 times, or until my hand cramps up.


03-09-04, 20:20
Dear Friends:

Allow me to be the first to sincerely thank our good uncle Otto for stopping this counter-productive line of exchange. Otto, by doing so you are once again demonstrating to all of us that you are a true GENTLEMAN, acting with HONOR. I also thank LoveLOS for having done the same.

I have had the pleasure of knowing our good uncle, as have many other senior members of this board. His exquisite style has been a source of inspiration for me. There is no doubt in my mind as to the sincerity of his motives, and he has my full support. Although I have never had the honor of seeing LoveLOS in person, my few exchanges with him in the past have been nothing but extremely pleasant and positive. His voluminous contributions to the DC/NOVA board speak for themselves, and I personally have been a beneficiary of them.

In the past few days we have been the unfortunate witnesses to an escalating dispute between these two very well respected and valuable members of the board. Both members have undoubtedly contributed immensely and selflessly in the past, and both believed, with conviction, that their point of view was "right". Of course, in an argument both parties feel that they are "right"; this is the very essence of an argument! For this reason, both argued their point of view with vigor. It is, however, profoundly sad to see a mere disagreement escalate into such hostility. I sincerely believe that there are two main reasons why we are where we are today:

1-There are many inherent limitations in this medium of communication. Humor gets misinterpreted, smiles go unnoticed, facial expressions do not convey, and there is no immediate feedback when one begins to get out of line, etc. A friendly argument that could have ended in a few laughs and handshakes (had it taken place in person) can escalate into a civil war like this.

2-The central question of this debate still remains unresolved. Jackson: with a few strokes of the keyboard you have the power to put an end to this and go a long way in preventing similar feuds in the future. You know what the circumstances are: Our good uncle, out of respect for this board and his desire to be helpful to you has been browsing several areas of the board in which he is not a frequent poster. When he sees material that he deems non-conforming to your standards he gives a warning. If the warning goes unanswered then he refers the post to you. Some senior members of the local boards subject to the above have taken offense, mainly due to the fact that they see this as an undue "outside" influence by an unsanctioned person. May I humbly suggest that you make your views on this known soon? Friendships are becoming strained, armies are being formed, and Otto says he has been threatened with physical harm (although I highly doubt there was any substance to this threat and firmly believe that it did not originate from LoveLOS).

As much as I wanted to comment publicly on this dispute, I simply did not believe that with only 60 or so posts I have adequate seniority to do so. In addition, I DID see both points of view and could see that no one was completely "right". Now that we hopefully are resolving this dispute please join me in thanking both uncle Otto and LoveLOS for putting a stop to it.


Jaimito Cartero
03-09-04, 20:54
I have been neutral for the most part in this whole thread. I've asked for calm from all parties, as I believe that "discussions" such as this only undermine the WSG as a whole.

A couple of days ago, I put up a request for a "Pissing Contest" forum so that people who want to have it out with each other don't pollute valuable forums. This request was not a jest. I do believe that some people need to blow off a *little* steam from time to time, without blowing off new or old members.

As for the main combatants in this latest joust, I've seen both of their posts and have no axes to grind in either case. I was rather disturbed that it's gone on as long as it has.

You'll imagine my wonder when I opened my PM box this morning to have this in my box from Uncle Otto:

Having read your posts on this subject and concerning LoveLOS's complaints, perhaps it would be better to suggest we open up a new thread discussing you, your posting habits, and your personal characteristics?

I didn't ask for somebody to dredge up something from two weeks ago, then start off on an attack mode on me, all for the fact that I occasionally insist people follow the rules of the site and refer flames for review.

Because that's what this whole fucking business is about.

But if you think this proposed new subject is really such a good idea, perhaps we should make you the next person we discuss?

end quote
Let's make this clear, I haven't emailed Otto on anything other than WSG Charities matters. I find this email to be pedantic and insulting. By the way, this email was sent 2 hours after he said, "I'm done posting".

So let's clarify this. Obviously Otto thought I was attacking him by asking for a new forum. (I wasn't, I found both sides needed to calm down, and at least one side did.)

Now that Otto thinks I was attacking him, he threatens to start a flame war with me? While I've always known Otto to have an imperious tone in his messages, I've chalked it up to internet persona and not bad intent.

If Otto removed his posts because they were edited by Jackson, then it seems like it was just a way of hiding the fact. Let's not revise history here.

Now I haven't applied for the job of WSG moderator or forum police or such. I myself have reported a few posts that I thought were spam or inappropriate. I think every member should use the reporting feature with care. Just as it won't endear you to your neighbors for calling the police every time you can hear their music playing.

Just as when I go to Thailand and watch 5 people on a motor scooter and wonder how they don't kill themselves, especially the 2 year old that's in the front and hanging onto the handlebars. I don't call the police and tell them to arrest the driver, however.

Even though all the individual forums are part of the WSG, you do need to understand the local customs. What might be joking in one forum, might be a fist fight on another. Many have forgotten how to behave appropriately, and to treat each other with respect.

I respect both Otto and LoveLOS. I simply ask that they respect each other, and other members.

03-09-04, 20:56
Oh, and a final thought:

Otto: Imagine being in B.A. at this moment.... You have the option of either heading down to Black, or heading to the Locuteria at the start of the restaurant row to respond to this thread...

LoveLOS: Imagine being in LOS at this moment.... You have the option of gettin your brains @#$*'ed or turning on your laptop and continuing this discussion...

Now, which one of the above would you actually do???? Really????.... I rest my case!

Proof positive that being in the sex prison can take its toll on even the most senior of the mongers!

03-09-04, 22:31
Jaimito Cartero:

I apologize for writing you a Private Message when offended by a post of yours.

My mistake.

Next time instead of sending such a complaint privately, in order to avoid the possibility of public nastiness and unpleasantness, I will follow the recent fad. I will instead open up a public thread about how I was offended by your post, and invite other posters to jump all over you as well, about how they might also be offended or not.

Turnabout is fair play, yes?

By the way, I am pretty offended that you would ask me for advice about where in Buenos Aires you can find women for sex who will not be [Deleted by Admin]. It's been a while since you asked me, but hey, I'm still offended by the thought. But even though I was offended by this, I still cheerfully provided you with the requested information. I won't make that error again. [Deleted by Admin].

Finally, since you ask, I removed all my posts about that other subject in an attempt to dial back the nastiness on this board (yes, Jackson did edit my use of the word "degenerate" from one of the posts, this is true). But despite this intent to stop the nastiness (at least the nastiness which is not directed at me - that seems to continue unabated), it seems that you're intent on continuing attacks on me. Congratulations, you've proven that so far as I am concerned, no good deed goes unpunished.

But now we have the new subject to discuss: [Deleted by Admin]. So I'll confine my comments to this new subject and leave that old one to the history books.

With highest respect for all your efforts on behalf of WSG, Jaimito,

Uncle Otto

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

03-09-04, 23:04

I was not aware of the fact that PMs are for offending fellow members.
Is it now so that one can not offend someone on the board but that one can in a PM?

03-09-04, 23:21
Go back three days and note, Freeler, that I didn't start this whole business of being "pubicly" offended.

If I have something to say which is less than completely complimentary of another poster, I generally send a PM.

You've now got one yourself.

I get them on occasion too, though almost none from the contributors to this thread who are so concerned with my posting history - they generally were too busy typing up public attacks on me to take the time to send me a PM.

However, I don't post the PMs I get because I recognize that they are Private Messages.

With certain people, however, I see that I need to be more open with my thoughts. After all, they started all this by being quite open with what they think about me and what they'd like to do to me!

Uncle Otto

03-10-04, 00:09
For someone who professes to be solely interested in the good of the board as well as someone who said he was through with discussing this matter, you sure have a helluva lot to say.

Additionally, your two most recent posts here seem to me to be flaming, especially your personal remarks indicating that another member is obese, etc etc.

You still seem to miss the point EVERYONE has been trying to make to you and that is no one seems to have any problem with Jackson making the rules and the results of breaking them; rather the problem people have is your attitude and your unilateral decision to judge what is and is not a flame or an infraction of the rules, taking it upon yourself without authorization to then warn the offender, and then finally to tattle.
That's where people are having issues with you, period. Concentrate in not doing those things and I believe this will all blow away in the wind.
As far as people posting your PM's, hey, that's the chance you take!

03-10-04, 00:34
Ah, Trashman: his posts are a good subject to discuss. Yes, I want to file a complaint about TrashMan. I'm gravely offended by his posts, all the while having the utmost respect for his outstanding contributions.

He consistently attacks new posters when they post questions. Rather than urging them to read the forum archives, he takes it upon himself to administer rough justice and abuse. Spanking people who he doesn't like. Acting like Lord of D.C. If you have an opinion different from his, expect to get slammed. And to top it off he's a poster desperately trying to get face-to-face time with me for reasons known only to him.

And if you urge him to dial it back a bit, expect to have a friend of his post multiple attack posts against you.

But lo! Urging TrashMan to behave like a gentleman is inflammatory. We must let him post whatever he wants, according to the local custom which he inaugurated, flaming whomever and whenever he wants. After all, he's TrashMan, and I'm just some guy who urges the board to follow Jackson's rules.

I didn't start this thread, TrashMan. Your bud did. But I'll be damned if I am now going to be "muzzled" by anonymous threats to my safety and nasty attack posts which aren't quite so anonymous. But less about me. I've said my piece about myself and have nothing more to say on that subject.

So - let's turn our focus for a while on YOUR posting history. As mentioned, turnabout is fair play.

-Uncle Otto

03-10-04, 00:49
Ouuch! So much for the supposed Brotherhood . . .

Peace, Please . . . -P

03-10-04, 01:02
Ah, TrashMan and his valuable posts.

Here's one from Baltimore! (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=177733#post177733)

Originally posted by Trashman

[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

03-10-04, 01:04
Here's another of TrashMan's valuable posts:

From Washington, D.C. (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=181729#post181729)

Originally posted by TrashMan

[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

03-10-04, 01:07
Yes, TrashMan thinks I have a problem for having urged him to stop flaming.

Here's one more example of TrashMan's valuable contributions to this forum:

Here's one from Northern Virginia (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=183100#post183100)

Originally posted by TrashMan

[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

03-10-04, 02:16
Hey, I want to complain about Reverend J.T. Skinless.

His posts make it hard for me to read the rest of the board because I'm doubled over laughing.

Oh! Stop the [Haiku] insanity!!! :D

03-10-04, 02:30

Why seek Jackson's assistance? I think you'd better aim your encouragement on the couple of malcontents who started this nonsense by calling me out publicly.

The point is this: if you intend on flaming Otto, then look to yourself before you do it. While I don't go looking to attack other members, I will not turn the other cheek when subjected to unfair abuse.

What I've done here is respond to those who've chosen to explicitly attack me.

Self-defense is a right inherent to any gentleman. Even Jackson recognizes this.

-Uncle Otto

03-10-04, 02:44
There I go talking about myself again. And here I had promised to stop that. Sorry, folks.

Just to put this discussion back on the relevant course, I found yet another valuable contribution to the Baltimore board by TrashMan:

Another link to another valuable post from TrashMan (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=177990#post177990)

Originally posted by TrashMan

[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Yes, obviously, I am the one with the problem, encouraging this member and his valuable posts to refrain from attacking others. Yes, my bad, indeed. Maybe if somebody puts a cap in my skull I'll finally get the message.

-Uncle Otto

Scotty Monger
03-10-04, 02:53
You guys, COUGH, are sure setting a fine example, HACK, for us "junior members". Kind of like my Dad, WHEEZE, smoking cigs while I was, GAG, growing up.

Scotty Monger

03-10-04, 03:01
Otto, I think you misunderstood the threat. I've heard a couple of people say that they want to put a cap on your skull to hide the fact that you've pulled out all your hair over this silly situation :)

BTW, I feel left out that I didn't get a PM from you. Could you take this joke as a personal attack instead so I can join the 'PM'd by Uncle Otto' club?

Atlanta Monger
03-10-04, 04:02
Man, Otto, you sure make a lot of noise for somebody who posted:

"I do not have anything more to say on this subject, so if you want my input or reaction to your opinion, too bad, I shall not reply."

Ha! Excluding your PM to me telling me that "I could kiss your ass" a mere TWO MINUTES after my post, it took all of 10 hours 7 minutes to start again spewing your high-'n-mighty vile attacks on established and respected members. Eight more posts during the next 4 hours, none with redeeming social (or other) value. Nice self-restraint, dude.

All I did was point out the facts surrounding your post deletions. All you do is flame away when you start facing any serious opposition to your 'argument'. Pretty typical reaction for a bully.

Nobody really needs to call you an ass, you do a great job demonstrating it all by yourself.

So it turns out that this mysterious photo might actually be of you:


- Atlanta Monger

03-10-04, 04:37

Apparently you either cannot read or are so taken with yourself that you can't see the truth. You are lying here in several posts and you know it. You refuse to see the whole point of this because you are either ignorant or an ass, I really don't know or care which. I have extended peace offerings to you on several occaisons only to be slapped in the face and accused of all sorts of crap.
Then, when you are called out by more than two members, you don't like it and instead of dealing with the issue head on, like most liars, you choose to sidestep the issue and try to throw people off your trail by slinging new bags of bullshit and changing the subject.
It's all over Otto, people know you're a dick and your shit is on the street. Just go away.

03-10-04, 08:38

Jury Duty
03-10-04, 09:41
My background:

I started following the WSG over a year ago. I have been looking at the VA board for the last couple of months for an upcoming trip, it's this weekend actually. I will admit that I am a newbie and have not contributed as much to this board as those already in this discussion. Flame me if you want for this, I don't care. I personally have nothing better to do and don't care.

I haven't taken the board personal enough to look at everyones name when reading it, but I do know certain posters when I see them. Before this incident I did not know of Otto, although I did recognize Trashman and LOS.

My View:

Newbies look for alot of information on the board. One would think that the more posts a person has the better the info. Many posts here have being questions already answered, personal interaction that should be sent in a PM, or just saying I was gonna go out today but I couldn't. Post numbers really mean nothing here. But it really pisses me off that someone shows up on almost any board with a random post, while increasing post numbers, and then turns around and uses that number to claim that they are right. I could easily do a search for hotels in every city that has a board and make a post on all of them saying here is a place to take a SW. I could tell every board that PMs are available. I could answer every question with RTFF. I could do all this as a 5 year-old that has never seen action and never left the house. But does this make me right. I guess everyone gets my drift. I could care less how long this goes on. I have decided in MY mind who is right here. I think Trashman just summed up Otto in a nutshell on 3-09. I state the date since I am not a senior member and know it may be a day or two before this is read. My opinion may be a waste of space, but I'm only putting one post up on this matter. I'm not gonna waste more than one post like many others. I've said all I can on the matter. The Jury has spoken.

Thanks for the time,


03-10-04, 10:56
i am amazed yet once again at what i see here. dear otto for someone who said he was done posting things on this matter (hey just where did that posting go? seems to be gone..) you do still have much to say. now who is checking out who has posted what and at what time in history did they do it? didn't i read something you posted questioning lovelos for doing the same thing? (damn...can't find that posting either....note to self...put lojack on messages so they can be tracked) i went back to re-read your posting (damn....jackson is there a hole in the server because all of otto's old postings seem to be no more..) where you (pardon the paraphrase but since the original is gone i have to work from memory) pretty much called us all cheap sob's for not giving money to jackson.
i guess once again you have shown yourself to be what you are. an old sad man who is bitter and filled with hot air. did you get your ass kicked often in your younger years? did you have many true friends or did you have to buy them?
by removing your posts with increasing speed you only show just how repulsive you find yourself.
once again the olive branch has been extended to you by many of the senior members of the nova/dc boards. you refuse to let this pass yet strike out time and time again. wake up...take your meds....relax..and chill.

"intolerance breeds injustice. injustice invariably leads to rebellion and retaliation, and these will lead to escalation on part of both making reconciliation impossible. it would appear that during times of stress, despair and frustration, people become increasingly irrational."

i am in favor of the haiku. it does provide a sense of class here.

03-10-04, 15:43
Deleting your posts is the strongest case you have made for yourself to date. They say those who rewrite history will be the ultimate victors, good strategy. I have little further to say on the original complaint, you are doing a fine job of making my points for me, be sure to keep it up.

As far as the "new" issue brought forth to cloud the "original" issue:
I guess Trashman could also go back and delete any and all of his posts that have ever been edited or deleted by the admin, as you have done. I don't expect that he will do that since he his own man and not particularly concerned if anyone has a problem with that. One reason we respect him, he respects himself.

I had previously assummed that you have only ever had two posts edited, now I have to wonder is you have had many many more edited, but you just deleted them? Now may I suggest you delete the whining you have posted since; incuding the pedantic attacks on about every senior member who has anything to say that may be misconstrued to be against your cause.

On another subject, some compliments:
I will note that Guillermo, via PM, sent me a most reasoned and even handed response defending his comments on this board, and while he chose not to take the edge off of his anti-LoveLOS position here, he has nonetheless gained my profound respect.

I want to publicly thank those who posted on the "original" subject, your wordcrafting has been is excellent. The opposition had little to say (especially in retrospect when reviewing the posts). I ask that Jackson craft his ruling so that the NoVa/DC boys can get back to the reason we really subscribe to WSG.

Rev, I have enjoyed the haiku.


03-10-04, 16:51
Hi all,

I just received this PM from Otto himself!

"Your Posts

If I think a poster has said something that is stupid, I think to address the stupidity the best way to do it is by a PM, not by a post attacking that person.

Of course, there could very well be no shortage of what I think are stupid Freeler posts which might be fare game for public comment, wouldn't you agree? But nah, I would make such a statement in a PM, rather than be a jerk by posting an attack on the board.

Do you see my point?

-Uncle Otto"

I am absolutely delighted with his PM and I am secretly, no openly, hoping that this PM will become valuable in the future, the way Vincent van Gogh's letters to his brother became valuable.
We now know why Otto spammed the board to advertise the PM feature.
I am sure that all of you see my point,


03-10-04, 18:37

Thai Pussy

Railway brothel dump: - Pitsanulok? NakhonSiTammarat?
Rats rattling the empty cans, - Pitsanulok!
Stench of rotting teeth - NakhonSiTammarat!

Freeler: I hope you like them. - I do!
Sorry your teacher retarded you by saying poems must rhyme. - She was nice and had soft bouncy tits! And she was about 20 years older than I was. Can you feel the connection?
We must meet some time. Perhaps the May tour of duty, when I will be after cheap Thai booty. Now I feel like MinM. Talking in rap. taking in crap, wasting my time, thing of nursery rhymes, there's hookers to be laid, scores to be made. Lets put this fucking thing to music. - DooWahDiddyDiddy Dumb?

Haiku are not supposed to rhyme - I know that, sigh...

03-10-04, 18:57
The following is perfect example of the kind of flaming and attacks made by this member until Jackson started deleting his posts. If you want to see more of this member's valuable contributions, take a look at the archives in D.C. I am only the latest in a very long line of WSG members who has become the target of this poster's attacks.

Originally posted by TrashMan

Apparently you either cannot read or are so taken with yourself that you can't see the truth. You are lying here in several posts and you know it. You refuse to see the whole point of this because you are either ignorant or an ass, I really don't know or care which. I have extended peace offerings to you on several occaisons only to be slapped in the face and accused of all sorts of crap.

Then, when you are called out by more than two members, you don't like it and instead of dealing with the issue head on, like most liars, you choose to sidestep the issue and try to throw people off your trail by slinging new bags of bullshit and changing the subject.

It's all over Otto, people know you're a dick and your shit is on the street. Just go away.

Yes, Jackson really has a problem by banning these kinds of posts. Shame on Jackson.

-Uncle Otto

03-10-04, 19:35
Believe me, Skinless, the last thing Nibu needs is help about where to find big hooters. He is the prince of hooters. He can smell and find them the way trained animals sniff out truffles that are buried underground.

03-10-04, 19:42
Might you add me to your excellent list of posters who "bravely stood up for Nibu" when he was also the subject of attacks by other members?

Otto defends Nibu on 1/28/03 (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=60766&highlight=nibu#post60766)

Otto defends Nibu on 2/3/03 (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=62365&highlight=nibu#post62365)

-Uncle Otto

And OK, OK, message received, I will find some Argentine breasts for Nibu to play with....

NC Hunter
03-11-04, 11:43
Question #1

Can the quote below rendered on this board 03/09/04 be considered a "personal attack"?

By the way, I am pretty offended that you would ask me for advice about where in Buenos Aires you can find women for sex who will not be repulsed by your obese, 400 pound body. It's been a while since you asked me, but hey, I'm still offended by the thought. But even though I was offended by this, I still cheerfully provided you with the requested information. I won't make that error again. You can find girls to smother beneath your blubber with the help of your other monger friends.

Uncle Otto

Questiom #2

If this is considered a "personal attack", as I assume most will, why was it published? From all this hoopla the rule is zero tolerance.

What appears to be happening here is a certain member or maybe even members are getting preferential treatment because their noses may be a bit mor tanned than the rest of their bodies. After all that was aired regarding personal attacks, I was rather surprised that the above quote passed censorhip (appearance of double standards). What I think needs to be done is members stop calling the name "Jackson" in vain and let each and every one of us fall or rise on our own merits.

And while I am at it, I also think it is about time that we stop distinguishing members by the number of posts but by the quality of posts that they make. Sure, I only have 150 some odd posts and am a "Rebular member" by choice as not to get caught up in the "Senior member" hype, but I have quality memorable posts and not 100's of spam posts to increase my post count.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to add my other .02 Jackson.

Peace, safety and happy hunting out there.

NC Hunter

James D 2004
03-13-04, 19:36
Again I'm not complaining. I want to pay tribute to the poetic giant. Since I can't beat him at his own game, so here it is:

My name is skinless
Skinless is supposed to be shy
But I like to expose my round round bottom
Under the big big cherry blossom tree
I like old old Japanese women
With short short legs
And lots and lots of them
And my butt kicked

03-14-04, 02:46
Personally, I have nothing but praise for Jackson's actions against abusive members-senior or otherwise. I’m tired of the people with control issues who like to play out their sadist fantasies while hiding behind a monitor. It’s not why the forum exists. As far as losing out on their posts. So what? How many posts have we lost because of their abusive treatment? I’m not talking about the people they’ve attacked. I’m talking about mature and intelligent individuals out there whom after reading an attack on some unsuspecting poster who does not bother taking the risk of raising the ire of the control freaks themselves. We lose a lot more keeping and empowering the abusers than we do by silencing them. Not that Jackson is silencing them, just the BS that doesn’t belong here. They can continue to post on topic. If they don’t like that, they can put their money where their mouth is and set-up their own boards to talk. I don’t expect there will be much posted there though.

Seva Lurker
03-14-04, 14:23
I have tried not to get into this. It has gone on long enough and each post just adds fuel to the fire. I did something like this once before and regretted it. Mark Twain once said "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear the fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

This could apply to me now, but as the NOVA fued has escalated, it applies to the main participants and those who won't let it lie, and yes right now that includes me.

At the risk of losing my next invite to LoveLOS' block party. At this point, we are all at fault. This word game has gotten out of hand. One reason I have not posted on this previously, is both LoveLOS and Trashman are well able to handle themselves in the word game. As none of us are perfect, for the most part, I tend to support them. I know their methods and I respect their posts. I cannot say that for the other "participant". I don't frequent the boards where he normally posts. I don't travel there, so no since reading about what I am missing.

If Trashman comes down hard on a new poster who says they've been reading the Forum for a long time and then ask where the action is. Trash is doing something most of us would like to do. Telling ther person to RTFF, which contratry to their post, they obviously haven't done. When Trashman or LoveLOS error, they are man enough to stand up and admit it.

Since this ruckus started, the once bountiful NOVA board has had less than ten posts. Others have stated it in their posts, and I echo their sentiments. It is time to end this and go back to getting information on how to get laid, not screwed.

We are at risk of losing two very informative members because one individual comes rambiling through the Northern VA board in the guise of Don Quoxtie to save us from ourselves.

Of the nearly 500 posts by that individual, only 12 are on any of the Virginia boards and 7 of them, that remain posted anyway, have been made since this fiasco started. Of the twelve, only two were of any substance and one of those was to tell us he'd gotten laid for free in Richmond. Okay, if you don't want to monger for money all the time, that is nice to know.

Right now, I tend to feel sorry for the position that Jackson is in.

Jackson has enough to do each day in tasks such as reviewing and sometimes editing the posts of the regular members. His policy of no email addresses, though I am sure there is a filter for this, also takes his time. Maintaining the Forum's hardware and software and now mediating this dispute. Plus as he has said, he has a real job to do as well. I tip my hat to you sir. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

I trust that Jackson will make an equitable decision. In the meantime, Uncle Otto, the next time you feel the need to go tilting at windmills, find and destroy one somewhere else. Please.

As an aside, but related to Uncle Otto is his response to a post on the Richmond board from March 6th. I have mixed emotions on the issue with the pimp who got the suspended sentence. That LE closed down his places for us to monger was bad. That the courts let the pimp who ran the places off is even worse. It rubs me the wrong way to think that most or all of donation I make to the young lady goes to some sorry pimp.

Pimps are like pushers and Hoyt Axton in his song "The Pusher" tells us what he'd do to the pusher.

03-16-04, 04:39
Just returned from a wonderful vacation in LOS and see the flame war has esclated to the point those of us in the Baltimore/DC/NOVA area risk losing two of our most valued senior members. This due to the intrusion of some "man of the world" that has little history of constructive posts in our area.

I believe the locals should have more input into Jackson's decision, so I want to confirm my full support of LoveLos and Trashman. These are real people who have contributed a wealth of information on mongering in the DC area. Yes trashman is the true "Don" of the board and LoveLos has done more to bring the local mongers together by hosting several round-tables where I have been able to meet and exchange information face-to-face with some good people.

To Uncle Otto: Your "world" history of reports has been excellent but your record in this area has not. Trashman has extended an invitation on several occasions to meet and "bury the hatchet" over a beer, yet you dance around the offer. Possibly because you are no where near the area and chose to stir up trouble from behind your PC. If you are concerned with your personal safety perhaps we can turn it into another "round-table" at a public establishment, where you need not be concerned about a one-on-one confrontation. Many of us are interested in hearing your words of wisdom first hand. And if such a meet can conclude the flame war so much the better. So are you really a man of NOVA or not?

To NOVA board members: Although I live in NOVA most of my posts have been confined to the DC board since that's where I do my mongering. I do (rather did) find the NOVA board informative and I respect your regular posters. Lets all remember the board was doing fine for the past year until Uncle Otto decided to call it "home".

I say "Bravo" to Trash and LoveLos for standing up to an obvious intruder. Monger on dudes!


03-19-04, 22:46
Well it's been 4 whole days since anyone has commented on this situation. I guess now that things have calmed down a bit, it would be a good time to find out what Jackson has to say about the whole thing?

BTW, Jackson, I think it was very smart to let things just play themselves out. Eventually everyone just got bored of the whole subject. But, if you could let us know your opinion on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

03-20-04, 09:18

Member Starfe's contributions to the China board have been negative at best. I don't want to start or have a flame war with him but his comments are unnecessary. If they are critical but constructive than they are always welcome, but in this case they are not. Thank you for looking into this.


Jack Spratt
03-21-04, 14:13

I support Intransit's comments from a couple of days ago re Starfe, and if you look at his (Starfe's) posts since then, he seems intent on turning up the heat.

As a Senior Member he has obviously made some contributions in the past, but his China comments are taking us nowhere - except perhaps into a damaging flame war.


03-21-04, 14:13
I totally agree with Intransit, although he's not stating the case against STARFE in strong enough terms.

Many of Starfe's posts meet your definition of 'spam' as given in the Forum FAQ ; namely : "Personal insults and attacks" and "General B.S."

The Spam FAQ also lists the sanctions for such behaviour, and I believe at the Very Least a Warning is in order

03-22-04, 09:23
My compliant is not about one member per say but all the non-posters or the very low posters who just want to take and give nothing back to the site. As many of the readers in the Thailand section know I posts a lot of picture and you would not believe the emails that I get from zero post members or very low post members asking for information. These guys just want to take information and in my opinion add very little if anything to the site.

Below is a PM from one of them:

“(Name Removed)
Regular Member
Posts: 1
Thanks SexReview. I am coming tp Pattaya in about 2 weeks, probably for about a month so I can really explore and meet some hot babes. What are your favourite go-go clubs in Pattaya at the moment. Are there any girls' numbers that you would recommend at any of these clubs?”

While I never mind giving information to the guys who post I don’t reply to the request from guys like this. Also the information he asks for is already on the site, if he was not so lazy he could find it. But instead he and others just want to be spoon-fed the information, never mind that the information is something that other members could benefit from. I would asked all the regular posts not to respond to PM from zero or low level posters and if you do get a request for information that the general board would benefit from not to reply in a PM but post the information for all to share.

I would asked Jackson to think about maybe disabling the PM system from these zero and or low post guys, if it is not to much work. Maybe keep the PM system as a reward once people have added to the board, I would think at least 5 to 10 posts would be more than fair.


Jaimito Cartero
03-22-04, 20:06
SR, that's a great idea. I get some of the same PMs, and while some are genuine, most are just stupid and want all the info without bothering to read a few pages of the forum. I don't know if Jackson can set up the PM system that way, but 10 posts pops into my head as a good number.

Joe Zop
03-22-04, 20:47
I don't know that I agree with you guys on this -- while I've certainly gotten lots of the same kinds of PMs, I've also gotten a number from very new members that were quite specific and showed they'd spent a fair amount of time reading the archives. Some have asked very specific and pointed things about a particular place where I've mentioned staying, things which were not in my original post. It doesn't seem fair to me to penalize the ones who are doing things the right way just because there are lots of lazy bozos who aren't.

When I get posts such as you describe, I generally give them directions for searching the forum, with a couple of suggested keywords pertinent to their question. I usually get a follow-up message saying thanks and indicating by content that they've taken the advice and looked a bit. Sometimes these new folks simply don't know how things work as opposed to necessarily being lazy.

03-22-04, 21:16
PMs & photo-viewing for newbies,

Some zero post 'members' pmed me on all sorts of stuff.
I didn't really bother to reply, but I exposed one or two on the board.
Ten posts doesn't seem the answer to me, some newbies ask 'where should I go' on several pages. That is not my idea of 'ten posts'.
On some boards posters have to be active posters of on topic material in order to get valuable information themselves. If I had a site, that would be the way to go if said non-existing site ran out of bandwidth...
Bandwidth can be expensive, specialy when it's wasted.

No PMing and photo-viewing for newbies? Sounds right to me!

Jaimito Cartero
03-22-04, 21:19
I think the thing that should be encouraged is writing (hopefully) good reports. I, of course, would be against forcing anyone to post if it's against their nature. However, in a P4P world, they should be strongly encouraged to participate. I'm not sure how to accomplish this without going through a lot of bs. I certainly don't think that Jackson needs any more work to do in relation to the WSG.

I find that about 80% of the PMs I get from people with less than 10 posts are dumb, or really dumb questions. I've asked dumb questions myself (probably still do), so I try to be helpful. If it's too bad, I just ignore them.

Luckily 75% of PMs are from established members. I even had my mailbox fill up a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know the limit (size or number of messages?) I'd guess about 80 messages, but haven't seen it refered to anywhere.


Please read the Forum FAQ for information on the PM system limits.



Stuck in B-town
03-26-04, 10:25

Thanks for the dedication and work ... here's a pointer toward someone who puts that work at risk for everyone:

A quick search of the posts for Tiny Elvis indicates he is trying to scam the US-Indiana-Bloomington board into PMing him for info on a WSW. The post is IDENTICAL to one he posted on the Gary board a week ago, indicating the same thing. Apparently the first time around he gave out a church's phone number to those who PMd him.

I also see where he's applied for Senior Member status. Jackson, giving this man Senior status would only lend legitimacy to his scams. I hope I've spotted him before he generates too many calls to God-knows-where in Bedford.

I think a revocation rather than a promotion is in order.

Tiny Elvis
03-26-04, 13:34
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

Atlanta Monger
03-27-04, 11:24
Now THAT's funny. I'll just have to "fill in the blanks" about what specific complaints that Tiny Elvis must have posted about himself.

Thanks, Jackson.

- Atlanta Monger

Green Machine
03-29-04, 15:55
Jackson and Other Interested Members.

I realize this is a bit late but I have been away on business (with no play) and this has only come to my attention this afternoon.

I have been an active participant of the Baltimore board for quite some time now. I try not to post excessively and try only to post when I have relevant information to share regarding our hobby. However, I must post in reference to Mr. Trashman.

Regardless of Uncle Otto's assurances, a serious read of the Baltimore board will demonstrate that Trashman is a respected and active member of the our community. He provides expertise, information and a wealth of experience and has been willing to share that knowledge at any time with most any member.

He is also a member who has not been afraid to challenge and call out those posters who show no respect for other members (i.e. posters who appear out of the blue asking for hand outs without researching the forum). Trashman can be blunt and direct but a serious review of the board will demonstrate the level of fairness and even application Trash gives to this kind of posting.

I've seen Uncle Otto's posts elsewhere on WSG and with almost 500 posts to his name one would expect a little more respect for the time and energy of fellow members when visiting unfamiliar territory.

03-29-04, 16:54
Atlanta Monger, I agree, that is too funny. I guess we will just have to imagine the incredible tongue lashing that Tiny Elvis gave to B-town!

03-29-04, 17:44

Is there a way to bar newbies from using the PM system to bug me?

This morning I woke up to a PM from one character named Member #1453 - does this handle conform to your username policy? - asking stupid questions about Pattaya.
This character has just ONE post to his credit, and - you guessed it - it was a question (on the Jakarta board).

Strangely, two posts above his, is a post from another ONE time poster with a very similar handle...

Thanks, and even more thanks if you get rid of these posters,


Jury Duty
03-29-04, 19:12
This topic is really starting to upset me. First of all the board is free to its users. Secondly it is available to anyone who is willing to follow the guidelines. So posting related information has to be open to every member and so should pms. Other than that I have two suggestions.

Keep photos available to non-members. Why waste Admin time setting up accounts for people who will probably never use them. Plus is they want to post they would join on thier own.

My second suggestion will take alot of heat. I think member status and number of posts should be taken off of the member name when posting. Too many members just want to see their post number go up and will post anything anywhere that helps. Then they act like a guru but get upset when a newbie ask a question. The newbie would not ask them if they did not have such high post and seem willing to help. I'm sure some senior members get overloaded with stupid pms. If they are truely stupid ignore them. I would get frustrated too. But if members were not concerned with numbers they would waste alot less space.

Since the board is free to users we should not complain about things that work right even though they are not to our liking. After all, you can't just get rid of everyone who starts talking to you in real life just because you think they are stupid. We would all be more alone than we are now.

The Jury is in Recess.


I appreciate your comments, but this would have been much better if it had been posted in the "Comment on Forum Rules" section. This section is really intended for Forum Members to complain publically about other specific members, not about the Forum's operation or the membership in general.



03-29-04, 20:06
Freeler, I get a lot of shit PMs too. Usually from guys too damn lazy to RTFF. I don't mind helping a newbie out, but I'll only do that on the public board. If a newbie PMs me, I usually send them a polite, fuck off until you're a senior member message!

Remember, I said I was polite about it. lol.

However, I don't want to disable the whole system because of a couple of idiots. I have received some useful info from a newbie too. He asked a specific question about some information that he had and how I thought he should post it on the board. He didn't want anyone to be exposed. I told him what I thought, but the info he had was fresh and something that I hadn't heard about before.

I guess it's just hit or miss!

NC Hunter
04-01-04, 00:01
Can anything be down to shut down Sloppy Balls? He never posts anything but complaints and criticisms.

NC Hunter

04-02-04, 16:55
NC Hunter, I think Jackson has already seen Sloppy balls' work, as evidenced by the editing of personal attacks. I think it is good when we police our own boards and save Jackson the aggrivation, as long as we stay within the guidelines and don't personally attack anyone. But, the quickest way to get Jackson's attention is to use the "report this post" link to send the post directly to him.

Happy Hunting,

04-03-04, 11:50
Sloppy balls seems to post all of his reports in blue, and they just say:
[report deleted by admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth. Gee, I personally kinda like the goofball, he makes life amusing, adds color the board (literally); and we can see that no matter how bad shit is for us, there is still somebody more pissed off and miserable. ;)

I just wish I could have read the zinger he just fired back at me before it got edited (Jackson, can you PM me a copy?). Oh well, guess I'll have to get my amusement another way...


04-03-04, 12:37
I have a complaint about NC Hunter:

His reports are fucking excellent, but he won't ask for an upgrade to senior status. Rather set in his opinion on this, but we have to wait for his pearls of wisdom until you pass them to the board.

Is there any way of marking his login so his posts hit the board immediately and still have him "listed" as a regular member?

[huge grin]


04-06-04, 01:42
Skinless has recently been taking up Too Much Band·Width with Ridiculously Off·Topic Posts and Personal Flames here to be Ignored any longer

His 'Letter to the Editor' today was the Last Straw !!

At the very least , a WARNING that he's skating on Thin Ice may be adviseable

World Traveler
04-08-04, 09:58
Letni, a fellow hobbyist keeps posting right after me in different sections (no problem) and is hung up on convincing (me) that I am wrong and that Prague is this and Prague is that. What do I care? I make good effort to remember to include in my reports that it is ¡®my opening¡¯ or that¡¯s what ¡®I think¡¯ but he seems to have a problem with that. And I never use the word ¡®cheap¡¯ in my reports like he keeps quoting me on that in his posts. The fact is that I have visited all the cities that I have mentioned and the observations are based on my own personal experiences. Who is the World Traveler here?

I could just feel his negative energy all the way through the wires. To me, it looks like he could have posted his reports some time earlier than me. And I am sorry, my first impression was that he was promoting local talents. I know it is possible that he may be doing it unintentionally but either way it is not showing much respect to another member.

What do you think of his posts Jackson? Do you see anything malicious about them or I am over reacting? Or perhaps it is my fault and my posts are being read differently than they were intended to? I don¡¯t mean to add another request to your already heavy load of responsibilities but I am (really) not into off-topic subjects, to start a flame, or tic for tat. Do you think you could send a few words to him to please be more appreciative of a report than critiquing it? I could send him a PM or say a few words of response in a post but I rather not to.

If you think I am over reacting, I will just let it go. Many thanks for taking your time to read this. Keep up the good work.

World Traveler

04-08-04, 11:44
World Traveler asks =

What do you think of his [Letni's] posts Jackson? Do you see anything malicious about them or I am over reacting?

I think you're Over·reacting , World Traveler

Letni's posts that follow yours sometimes express a legitimate difference of opinion; but he states his case in a manner that is informative for all of us, and he never makes personal attacks on you nor is he even rude to you

A Search of Lenti's posts show that he is also a very well traveled individual who has a lot of good info to share = as do You

So he doesn't agree with everything you say = So What ??

I don't even agree with My·Self 100% of the time; so I recommend you take a chill pill, Dude !!

And Keep Writing those Excellent Posts you're famous for !!

04-08-04, 20:50
I was being serviced in my car when another monger pulled up next to the car. He was crying and begging the sw to give him back his wallet. She was a bsw and she kicked the guy out the car and took off with his wallet and car.

I felt sorry for the guy and gave him twenty dollars. I told him to read this Board in order to be safer. All I got from his rantings was that his name was "piper" or something like that.

He was oozing from the leg and I noticed plastic hanging out of his ass...it was a condom..this was auful, imagine getting reamed by a bsw and then being trown out?

I found lot later that this a male tranny who was taking advantage of monger.

From Florida buyer in Ft Lauderdale. A NUTJOB!!!

Atlanta Monger
04-09-04, 08:33

Please, enough is enough. Slappy Balls is now resorting to posting ficticious reports in the Charlotte and Columbus sections.

You've already edited and/or deleted 10 of his 20 reports, and now he is making a mockery of this fine forum by posting boastful non-information that isn't even true.

We don't need his type here. Please ban this immature laddie.

I also agree with Heat Seeker regarding Florida Buyer and his apparent feud with Gpiper in the Ft. Lauderdale section. Gpiper certainly wasn't faultless when it started, but has since wisely avoided additional confrontation.

Perhaps a warning shot to Florida Buyer to straighten up would be warranted?

Thanks for the consideration and for your fine efforts and dedication to continually improving the forum.

I originally posted this in the "Banned Users" section, but decided that it probably belonged here, instead. Please delete the extra post in whichever section you feel it does not belong.

Atlanta Monger

Orlando Goat
04-13-04, 01:53
A Florida Buyer Post!

I was being serviced in my car when another monger pulled up next to the car. He was crying and begging the SW to give him back his wallet. She was a BSW and she kicked the guy out the car and took off with his wallet and car.

I felt sorry for the guy and gave him twenty dollars. I told him to read this Board in order to be safer. All I got from his rantings was that his name was "Piper" or something like that.

He was oozing from the leg and I noticed plastic hanging out of his ass. It was a condom. This was auful, imagine getting reamed by a BSW and then being thrown out?

I found lot later that this a male tranny who was taking advantage of monger.

Please get rid of this nut, he has good information but just goes overboard over nothing. He is not worthy of this forum.

Lover Boy
04-19-04, 21:07

Added these fake pic in Colombia, Peru & Argentina section also.
Now he can't remember if they were stolen pic from Colombia Argentina or Peru.

These Pic are misleading.

He should be BANNED

Lover Boy

Please use the "Report this post to a moderator" to advise me of any photographs that you suspect were copied from another website. Thanks!

04-21-04, 15:44
I posted this in the NOVA board, and wanted to post it here as well. I wanted it to be in both places so that someone would see it:

What the fuck is this forum supposed to be about? It is supposed to be about the pursuit of the ultimate happiness: finding pleasure with women. I have read the last few pages of posts here and apparently I spoke too damn soon in the letters to the editor section about this whole damn situation.

Uncle Otto, I love you man. That is, I love all the information and posts that you bring to this forum. Well, at least the ones about women. I do not like the ones where you claim to be against flaming and personal attacks, all the while flaming and personally attacking people. I have long tried to remain neutral in this affair, but I can no longer sit back and watch as you trade barbs with Trashman and LoveLOS. If you don't like what's going on in a particular section of the board, then pass on by. Change the fucking channel, do something, but quit telling people how to communicate on their home court. I myself am against flaming. I've have learned several hard lessons about that subject, so I try never to flame anyone, if at all possible.

Take the Greenville, SC board. I am a very active member there and I think I have built an excellent reputation as someone that has reliable, valuable information in that area. I try to encourage as many newbies as possible to post. I even try to teach newbies how to post properly so that they can contribute even more to the forum. And, I think this part is especially important, if I notice someone posting just for the sake of posting. Someone who only posts information that has been given in the past or only asks RTFF questions, then I think it is important to point that out. I try never to personally attack that person but I feel that it is important to point out bullshit when it is presented on the board for the benefit of other newbies that might be hurt by that bullshit info. I think this is a valuable service that senior members can provide, and more importantly, I think it is required of senior members to help police the board. In other words, I think it is up to all senior members, not just you, to help keep this forum doing what it is intended, and that is sharing information about our hobby. But, it is obvious to me and everyone else on this board that you cannot and will not ever change Trashman or LoveLOS, so, why do you keep trying? More importantly, I don't think they should change. They were a part of NOVA long before you and have not really had any problems, so why are you trying so hard?

Now, to Trashman and LoveLOS, I love you guys too! My advice is to do what you want in your own back yard and to hell with anyone else, including Uncle Otto. Ignore him. Obviously, you will never be able to communicate effectively that he is guilty of flaming and personal attacks, so why waste your breath? Stick to what you do best, sharing info and policing your own section of the board, and fuck everyone else!

I know I probably should have posted this in the Complaints section, but I wanted to post it in the area effected most by this bullshit. Gentlemen, I think it is time for everyone to grow up and come to a 'Gentlemen's' agreement. Otto, don't post about Tman and LL, and Tman and LL don't post about Otto. You all are hurting the board by continuing this war.

04-21-04, 15:52
boxcc, i made a conscious decision not to post in the northern virginia thread for over a month. in my absence, there was almost non-stop off-topic posts and flaming. a few of the many examples posted in my absence:

originally posted by trashman

as the rest of you can see, this clown is just like others who get called on the carpet for something and then refuse to answer the questions posed to them because they either have no answer or have an agenda that would reveal their real identity.

what a wimp!

i would not expect any meaningful contributions from this jerk. he'll get tired of this little game soon like others have and will go away. meanwhile, just ignore him completely.

originally posted by motorback

ok so let me see if i can get this right.....
huntergirl self admitted fag....fag = slang for cigs (he should know this since he's a world traveler)
huntergirl self admitted fag but doesn't like other little girls???
likes jello and to peddle things (i hope not her ass because thats illegal in every state i know of).

so what we have here is a little girl who likes to follow the big kids around on her pink big wheel pleading to be accepted while picking up dropped cigs in an attempt to be cool and accepted. all the while asking to see others asses so she can dream of what it would be like to have one perched on her nose.

little girl please either change your tune or get lost. this kind of bs that spews from your mouth (along with other things) has no place here on the board. if you wish to be a positive contributing member of this board, we will gladly accept you. if you choose the other route then i can assure you the road will be a bit rougher.

originally posted by lovelos


i notice you seem to have a thing for being an unpleasant participant on this board. you admit to being an **** faggot, so i guess there is no reason that you should take offense if i continue to refer to you in those terms. so please, until you come of age and figure out your sexual preference, why don't you take your whining to some other site, cause we are all tired of fucking hearing it.

mind you, all this posted while my narrow ass wasn't anywhere in sight for over a month. these three posters, among others, were posting garbage and flames galore. but somehow you claim it's my fault. i'd like to know what you're smoking.

-uncle otto

04-21-04, 16:04
Otto, I didn't say that they were innocent. My whole point is that everyone needs to quit, you, Trashman, LoveLOS and anyone else that keeps trashing each other.

I have read the posts, seen the attacks and quite frankly think all of you need to grow the fuck up! I agree with your whole premis that this forum is about the women, not personal attacks. Nobody benefits from this kind of back and forth swipping at one another. HOWEVER, this whole thing has degraded into childishness: You are a poo-poo head! No, you are a poo-poo head! No, you are! I know you are, but what am I?

I expect that from my 6 year old, not fully grown, well-respected mongers. All any of you are doing is harming your reputations and stature here on this forum. Grow the fuck up and move the fuck on, and I mean ALL OF YOU!!!

Now, you can listen to the boxman or not, I don't give a shit. You are the ones hurting your own reputations. By all means, keep it up if you want to. Nobody else is paying attention anymore!

04-21-04, 16:31
A-Fucking Men!

04-21-04, 17:01

I am surprised at your conduct as you are clearly are very sharp guy. But you are allowing Skinless to use you shamelessly. He flaunts your rules by repeatedly spamming via personal attacks and abuse. Now that he knows you will delete his abusive posts, he goes ahead and posts threats in direct violation of your policies and he then orders you to delete his post (which he knows you will do) so that he can delude himself into believing that he is in charge and that you will obey his commands.

Does he "have something" on you such that you are afraid to enforce the rules against repeated spamming when it comes to him? Why have you not reduced him to regular member status as your policies state you will do to repeated spammers. Why is he immune?

04-22-04, 01:07

I trust that you have seen the latest barrage of vile personal comments following my disclosure of having terminal cancer.
They really are beyond resonable. Anything that I may have posted pales by comparison.

You do whatever you want with whomever you want seeing how this is your business, but I formally request that Otto be admonished and censured for gross violation of the very rules he claims to defend on your behalf, that of no personal attacks and zero flame tolerance.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post.

Jaimito Cartero
04-22-04, 01:42
Ljohnson, I think there is some difference between some of the people involved here. I always consider Skinless somewhat of a joker, and his posts seem to bring to light the whole absurdity of many discussions. In my opinion, they're not serious threats.

I think a lot of people want Jackson to step in and just give a verdict. I'm not sure that will happen, as I don't think he wants to get immersed in these thick rivers of BS running across his screen.

04-22-04, 02:33
TrashMan, yet again you use your claim of illness to excuse your flame posts against me and others and your threat made to me. You act as if everything you do is some kind of funny joke and that people should just laugh it off.

I never thought your attacks on other members were funny from day one. It was even less funny when, in the midst of an inexplicable series of solicitations for a face-to-face meeting, you boasted about wanting to put a cap in my skull.

My heart is not filled with sympathy for anybody who wishes me bodily harm, whether they are really sick or simply lying about it in order to engender pity.

-Uncle Otto

04-22-04, 03:33
Jackson, I frequently travel through Virginia, and while I do not post there had found the No.Va. board to be a wealth of information. I particularly admire the fair but firm attitude of Trashman, in that he respects the posting of useful information.
I do not appreciate the arrogance of this gentleman OttoGraham (although I do admire the legendary quarterback bearing the same name).
May I suggest that you establish a separate section of the Virginia board for OttoGraham in a manner similar to that which you established so masterfully for DeeUncola-in-NJ.
I beleive that those who enjoy Mr. Graham's comments would be free to enjoy them, while those seeking information of a sexual nature whoul find that in the normal areas. Thank you.

04-22-04, 03:58
Wooly, you never made one post in the Northern Virginia thread until you came in today to attack me.

Would you think it appropriate for me to come over to the New Jersey threads where you normally post and make an attack on you?

-Uncle Otto

04-22-04, 04:26
Please, you have to be kidding! You are saying that I threatened you...would you be so kind as to tell me when I directly threatened you ever?

You seem so caught up in not approving of or liking or whatever things I say. I can appreciate anybody having the right not to like something or someone, but that doesn't seem to be reason to either go after them directly or indirectly. I have no problem respectfully agreeing to disagree about anything with anyone. I wish I could say the same about your obvious feelings on the matter.

The reason I ask anyone out to have a beer is simple, I want to have a beer and meet this person that has come to impact my life in some manner and see what makes them tick. See if I feel comfortable with them, trust them, etc etc. Especially true with meeting fellow mongers for the first time, you're always a little wary, understandable. It allows both parties to relax, go over what happened, find where things went off track and then try it all again. Sometimes this works and sometimes the two part ways still not feeling really right. Normal.

You know sometimes people build up an impression about someone based on all the wrong reasons and that first impression can be tough to overcome. The reality is usually way below that picture in our mind's eye. I'm actually a pretty fun guy to party with, just ask the guys who have and they'll tell you.

The offer is still good.

04-22-04, 05:49
Trashman, you just won't give up this nonsense, will you? Not even after 30 posts have been deleted just this evening because of your constant flaming. For somebody who keeps claiming to have a terminal illness, you are expending a lot of your last energy on me. I'd be flattered if I really cared one whit about your well being.

As you well know, I never said you directly threatened me, as in a post left on this board. As you know, one of your colleagues emailed me details of your (drunken?) boast of planning to put a cap in my skull as a warning to me against accepting your repeated requests to meet me face-to-face. I emailed a copy of this to Jackson many weeks ago soon after I got it.

Another poster on this board (with whom you get together with regularly) wrote something to the effect that it was likely I am so stupid that I would bring a knife to this gunfight.

Still another of your personal friends who has been present with you on many occasions wrote here that the violent background of a couple posters who have actually killed other people could be revealed to me.

It's not my intention here to catalog the entire history of your "joke." You've coyly had a lot of fun with this for six weeks or so - even boasting last week that you'd run me off for good. It was in the wake of this comment of yours that I decided to enlighten you to the fact that my silence in the last month had less to do with your threat and more to do with my desire to provide a decent interval in which you could hopefully exhaust your unending desire for "spankings." An interval which you filled with attacks on other targets since I was conveniently absent.

Now, you want to come out and deny making any threat against me. Nice gesture, but one which is hollow since you've capitalized on the threat and continued to "joke" about it until tonight. I did then, and do now, consider your boasting of planning to do me in to be simply borne of spite, malice, and "big man" talk. If it had been truly genuine, I can assure you you'd have been visited by a couple of beefy guys with badges who probably would have dragged you off to a jail cell. I have connections that would have made that happen with one phone call. (It's nice to have had a prominent law enforcement personality around here as a client.)

You're really a fun guy to party with? Only if my idea of fun would be to trade cheap talk about rubbing out somebody who pissed me off online.

As I said, you're spending an inordinate amount of time on me when you claim to have little time left. If this is really true, don't you have something better to do, like writing a will, making peace with your family, or getting straight with your creator?

One thing I would encourage you NOT to do is keep soliciting me for pity. I have a limited supply, most of which is reserved for poor kids in Argentina who are innocent and haven't threatened or made light of my safety. (Don't think I've forgotten your encouragement of complaints against me for doing fundraising for Jackson's charity on this board - no good deed goes unpunished, indeed.)

-Uncle Otto

04-22-04, 08:41
OK, Otto i have had enough of your fucking lies. You are pathological in them.
I NEVER boasted that i 'had gotten rid of you off the forum"

I NEVER said a word to ANYONE about you soliciting for the Charity, that's a total lie!

I NEVER have looked for pity from ANYONE, least of all yours.

As for your "connections"? Don't make me fucking laugh! You can't decide yourself what you mean. You claim to be oh so freaked out and frightened by "death threats" yet in the same breath brush them off as "drunken" rantings, boasts, or Big Man talk. Which is it? You can't have it both ways.

As for my "unending desire for spankings", please! Again, a little verbal fisticuffs never hurt anyone, but once again the only ones that are any of your fucking business at all would be ones directed at you, period.
You are NOT the forum police! Get off your soap box! Mind your own business. This is what started this whole crap in the first place was you sticking your nose where it didn't belong and NOBODY, not just me and not just people on the NOVA forum likes that.

And as for what I should do with my time, don't you EVER fucking presume to tell me how I should be spending my remaining days here because you don't have the right nor a clue!

You are such a total coward.

Member #3447
04-22-04, 15:43
jackson, here's a spam that i received via pm from a member named tooth ferry. we need to ban this guy. thanks.

fw: hey fellas, are you thinking!

malta, italy, greece, where ever, most of the young women and girls that you talk about are sex-slaves, brutalized, tortured, raped repeatedly and shocked into forced prostitution!!
the young women and girls that you abuse, [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and put through hell on earth are all playing a charade!! they, like most of the poor, innocent women of eastern europe, were railroaded into the cesspools that you patronize. they are guarded like property, live in usually wretched conditions and are always terrorized into performing. they are essentially enslaved to the sleazeball pimp, club owner, stinking mafia-scumball-hood, or whoever they're owned by. they are often descent, educated, naive women and girls who have had the terrible misfortunate of falling into a heinous and evil net of sex-trafficking.
it's not like anyone is saying don't party with a consenting, adult gal who know's what she's doing and is not physically or emotionally-ill, and wants to make some cash. it's a free market world.
but you guys are fuelling a mob-run, evil and monstrous machine that preys upon the poor women of eastern europe and in devious, criminal ways dupes and terrorizes them into forced-prostitution!!
you guys have to know what's going on, and if by some reason you don't. now you do!!
the party is over!!!!!get with it before you really get sucked down the toilet with the scum-mobsters and criminal-traffickers of these poor women. all the shit pimps, club owners, keepers and guards who put these poor souls through hell on earth will soon be punished, i can assure you of that!!!
you are now duly warned!!

tooth ferry

04-22-04, 17:45
Originally posted by Trashman

Mind your own business. This is what started this whole crap in the first place was you sticking your nose where it didn't belong and NOBODY, not just me and not just people on the NOVA forum likes that.This actually began when you took it upon yourself to attack ("spank") any forum poster who risked posting an opinion contrary to yours, and escalated when your frustration gave way to threats of physical attack.

I freely admit to your accusation of being a total coward - at least inasmuch as I don't have even the slightest desire to be on the receiving end of your violence, be it a genuine threat or simply bluster.

Indeed, for somebody who claims to supposedly be so peaceful, your last profanity-laced tirade and continuing threats belie a personality bent on lashing out. Be that as it may, I am now content to await your demise, as it will end your nastiness once and for all.

I do not understand where all your hatred of me comes from. Perhaps you're substituting the nearest available target (me) with the source of your deeper psychological problems. A week ago it was another poster. A month ago it was still another.

You need to make peace with God and stop blaming me for your problems.

-Uncle Otto

NC Hunter
04-23-04, 00:56
can we donate funds to the wsg charity to give guys like catire down in rio some racial sensitivity training? his nonsensical stereotypical claims cloaked as observations and labeled as "real" are as bigoted as they come. he claims he has black friends, but then most bigots preface their racially inflammatory statements with that sentence.

i am one for free speech but when that speech is 100% bullshit that inflames and denigrates a number of board members then something should be done. i know it won’t happen but i vote you ban his ass. now i feel better.

nc hunter

04-23-04, 02:00
Look Otto, if my prolific use of profanity bothers you, I apologize for that. I have always had a sailor's mouth and probably always will.

Look, can't you get past this belief you seem to have that I hate you. I don't hate you, you just annoy me.

Otto, like probably 99% of the guys who post here, I am just a regular guy living in the burbs who hasn't the slightest intention of comitting a violent act against anybody so can we just get past THAT whole issue? If anything, I am guilty of having a vivd imagination which comes out verbally and here. God, just let it go, will you?

And as for spanking, yes yes yes, I freely admit that I enjoy the shit out of verbally spanking someone with the express intent to both educate the poor slob before he does damage to himself out there as well as the entertain both myself and others.
I am deeply sorry that you do not find this good natured verbal sparring entertaining. No one can please everyone. I may just be a guy who really rubs you the wrong way. I can accept that if you can. Why don't we each just chill the "heck" out and drop this. I accept that I am not your favorite guy.

Balls in your court Otto. I can't get any clearer on this matter. I am formally extending a really big olive branch to you openly. Please accept it.

04-23-04, 02:15
Will he take it? Will he go into another long post? Will we all get back to doing what we do best? Will I stop acting like a sick twisted fuck?

Don't touch that dial!,Stay tuned to this board!

04-23-04, 03:52

Spanking newbees with RTFF type questions is a "right of passage" on the NOVA board, which you chose to invade. I, as well as others who joined the board the past year, were subject to this "education". We learn to benefit from this as we soon find out Trashman and others have a wealth of knowledge they willing share with worthy members. So the "Village Idots" as you refer to us, do take stong offense to your comments.

You, have only proved to be one heartless SOB without an ounce of human compassion. You have done nothing but rally the board (village idots?) against you. Why don't you just go away and leave us alone?


04-23-04, 14:14
I am all in favor of RTFF. If that were all that this is, you can be sure this would have been over a long time ago. In fact it would never even have started. I've even posted RTFF myself.

Xsailor, I have as much right to post on this board as a foul-mouthed, offensive troller of streetwalkers. I got your PM demanding I quit. You didn't need to repeat it in a post. (Or maybe you did, since you've posted it before and I ignored it then, and as well I ignored your PM.) In fact, the more you demand my banning and resignation, the more I am determined to stay. So get over it. I'm not going anywhere, and with each new attack on me, you ensure I will continue to post.

Which - I've never posted anything remotely close to the most vile insults which have been hurled at me in recent days. Nazi war criminal (a nice one to hurl at somebody who, like me, had relatives exterminated by the Germans). Lying dick. A jerk for having solicited charitable contributions. Cocksucker. Et cetera. In fact, some of these are still up and posted in this thread and others.

And to top it off, after six weeks, NOW we see a written denial of the "joke" threat to kill me. Kinda late, isn't it? And it comes on the heels of being derided as a total coward. I wonder how somebody can ridicule me as a total coward when their intentions are benevolent. That's the kind of taunt that ALWAYS follows an invitation to "step outside." (So that a cap could be put in my skull?)

So, I'm supposed to have an upswelling of human compassion for the source of all this? Hah! I'm not Jesus. Why keep petitioning me for pity? FORGET IT. Personally I wish excruciating pain and suffering on those who threaten me, attack me, and otherwise position themselves as my enemies. Seems possible I may be getting my wish. Of course, if somebody is really my close friend with my best interests at heart, they know they don't have to worry about the bad karma streaming out of this post. ;-)

-Uncle Otto

P.S. If you really are as sick as you say you are, Trashman, mightn't you be better off giving your olive branch to somebody close to you? I can imagine that with your abrasive, attacking personality you have made a lot of enemies that you need to make peace with a whole lot more than with me.

04-23-04, 15:42
damn otto, how's your blood pressure? are you doing alright? it sounds like you are about to loose it completely! if you haven't lost it already. man, look at yourself. you cannot even talk rationally about this situation any longer.

trashman has apologized and wants to move on. lovelos has done the same. why can't you? i don't give a rats ass if you believe them or not. i could give two shits if you even care, but they are not going to attack you any more. they just want to write on their little section of the board without getting flamed by you on everything that they write. i don't think that is an unreasonable request. you don't have to like them, because i know that you don't. you don't even, have to pay attention to them, but the last time i looked, the united states of america was a free fucking country and we have the right of free speech. if you don't agree with what they say, then fucking ignore it. they do however have the right to say it. and, before you tell me that this isn't the united states, and that this is a benevolent dictatorship run by our beloved jackson, i already know that. and, i further know that we have to follow his rules to post. but, as long as we follow those rules, then we can post what we want and don't have to get approval from you.

you yourself have admitted to flaming people for rtff:

"i am all in favor of rtff. if that were all that this is, you can be sure this would have been over a long time ago. in fact it would never even have started. i've even posted rtff myself."

so, if you are in favor of rtff, and have posted rtff yourself, then why can't others? it seems to me that it goes much deeper than that. i understand that you feel that you were threatened. i would take that rather personally too. but, it is unproductive to continue with attacking trashman and lovelos everytime they post. if you don't want to meet them in person, then don't. but, this board is fairly anonymous. if you fear someone 'putting a cap in your skull' then i think you are overexagerating the danger because how the hell are they going to find you?

why keep this up? why not end this? they are not playing anymore. they are not going to attack you any more. hell, they don't even want to talk to you anymore. they just want to post in peace, without you jerking their chains every chance you get.

as of right now, you are the only one continuing this war. you and only you have the power to end it. if you continue to post lengthy rebuttals, you do nothing but damage yourself. man, if you haven't noticed, you aren't doing any good on the nova board. hell, even the guys that t-man and ll have flamed are on their side not yours. they all want you to stop. if you continue they will do nothing but laugh at your feeble arguments.

this is my last post on the subject. i will not respond any further to anything you do or say. i believe that trashman and lovelos will do the same. it is time to end this, so we all are. henceforth, that means 'from now on', we will not repond to you in any manner whatsoever. jackson has stated numerous times that that is how he wants it, so we will obey his wishes. i just think it is about time that you obey those wishes also.

i wish you a long and happy life. i do want to say also that i wish you would get back to posting information about women, because i do actually enjoy your reports. i just hate this damn flame shit!

04-23-04, 15:56
Boxcc, looking at the complaints and opinions section of this board, you seemingly have a complaint or opinion to post about other members virtually every day. (Well, to be accurate, you've done it nine different times in the last 21 days.) And you want to lecture me about getting back to posting about sex? Rather like the pot calling the kettle black.

Since yet again I've been demanded to have pity on poor Trashman, let me say again: No.

When the time comes when you've been threatened and called the most offensive things you can imagine by another member, Boxcc, you can be sure I won't lecture you about your need to forgive and forget.

-Uncle Otto

04-23-04, 16:06
I meant what I said, I am no longer posting on that topic.

04-23-04, 16:58
And for the final time having said it several times before, but for some reason you seem to want to keep saying things that are inaccurate...I never have nor want to have your pity. I never asked you or anyone else for pity so why do you insist upon posting that I ask you for it when you know that's not true.

I don't think anyone really has as much problem with you or your viewpoints as much as the way you continue with whining about things people have said to you or about you when they have ceased. Yet, you keep going on and on and on, why?

Last point, you want to critisize me for supposedly posting about my health situation in order to gain sympathy and pity and you seem to have a problem with me doing that if in fact that's what I was doing yet you have mentioned several times now what I assume to be your ethnic heritage with regard to Nazi was crime atrocities. Aren't you doing exactly what you accuse me of in so doing, trolling for sympathy?

Sorry, one more point. You say in your post on the NOVA board
recently that we should all be talking about sex and stay on that subject, yet you use the phrase "troller of SW's" as though you consider that to be a bad and offensive thing. Why the hell are even here if that is a problem for you? I thought this was all about fucking pussy and the variety of sources for that. Now you don't like anyone who fucks SW's?

And the issue that Box raises about anonymity is a poignant one. How on earth would anyone be able to find you and do harm to you anymore than you could find someone you felt had threatened you and turn them over to the authorities with whom you claim to be friends with? Unless of course somehow you have access to records that you should not have access to!
Why don't you tell us?

You can respond to this or not and in a normal fashion or hostility driven one, I don't care. I am going to take Box's advice and simply not respond to you anymore. I kick myself for being so stupid as to get drawn into this crap continually with you as I thought I was better than that, but this really has to be it. Goodbye and good riddance.

04-23-04, 17:01
Trashman, don't you have a chemotherapy appointment to go to or something? For somebody who keeps claiming to be so sick you sure have a lot of energy to continue to attack me, even a day after you claimed to have learned your lesson.


-Uncle Otto

04-23-04, 17:06
Originally posted by Trashman

Sorry, one more point. You say in your post on the NOVA board recently that we should all be talking about sex and stay on that subject, yet you use the phrase "troller of SW's" as though you consider that to be a bad and offensive thing. Why the hell are even here if that is a problem for you? I thought this was all about fucking pussy and the variety of sources for that. Now you don't like anyone who fucks SW's?

I think the best answer to this is to quote from a PM I got this morning.

Originally PM'd by _______

Those guys you are arguing with are numnuts who spend all their time picking up crack *****s in the inner city and hanging around massage parlors.

You are a well travelled gentleman who has met women all over the world.

Just my opinion but I would ignore all of them and keep posting about your overseas adventures.

Good advice, which I may take as soon as the constant attacks on me cease. Till then, attack away, I won't quit in the face of flames. The last time I did Trashman was crowing that he had driven me from this site.

-Uncle Otto

04-23-04, 17:10
As I just said in the Nova post, what in my last post here constitutes "attacking you"? Perhaps I am being really dense and just don't get exactly what it is that you find offensive in those two posts or even what could be construed as an "attack"?
Be specific. Perhaps I can learn from you so that I can be a better person if I don't realize that certain things I say that I consider inoffensive are actually offensive. Again, please be specific and refer to those two posts. I really want to know.

04-23-04, 17:19
I thought you announced this morning that you would have nothing further to say on this topic?

I guess that statement was as true as your belated denial of having threatened me.

If you want to keep it going, Trashman, just continue posting about little old me, your obsession. Because I won't give you the satisfaction of thinking (again) you've driven me to quit this site. I spent a month not posting here to give you an opportunity to calm down, and it obviously didn't work.

If you are as sick as you claim, I have a lot more time to respond to your taunts than you have to post them.

And I won't fail to respond to attacks.

-Uncle Otto

04-23-04, 18:20
OK, Otto.
Read the post I just placed on the NOVA board once again offering to make peace once and for all. You're right, I don't have the time nor the energy to keep this up. You got me, OK?

I have invited you out to the Block tonight where I will be and I will buy the first round in a nice safe comfortable public place and you can bring anyone you want with you, if you should so choose. I will be alone and meet you at 10PM at the Plaza. The purpose of this meeting is to stop all this nonsense by each of us having the opportunity to see that the other is not really an asshole, but merely a strong willed, strong opinoned person. I believe we might just be able to forge a cease fire at the very least and just perhaps find some common ground.

I can't make it any clearer than this Otto. I have extended multiple olive branches in the past in hopes that we could end this thing civilly and the same holds true for this offer. It is sincere and you can decide if you wish to make peace or not.

If the location does not suit you, name another and I'll be happy to oblige, but the reason I am headed to the Block is for the proper subject matter to be discussed here...SEX!

It's up to you

04-23-04, 18:45
BTW Otto,

I really don't want you to go away and never considered it any kind of victory when you stopped posting for a bit. I have no desire to see you stop posting. You say you don't have any problem with me posting as long as I don't attack you or anyone else . Well I don't have any problem with you posting as long as your posts don't consist of warnings about not adhering to rules and complaints to the Admin. I find that as bothersome as you find my language and approach. If you really get around the world as much as you claim, then you clearly have a lot to offer in terms of advice on when, where, and how much for pussy in various parts of the world that I'm sure others on the NOVA board would find to be of great value, so please do NOT stop posting about those things.

04-23-04, 21:03
Two whole posts without any serious slaps at me. At this rate, perhaps there is a chance for the Jews and Palestinians next.

Rather than continuing to insist on a face-to-face meeting with me, I think the best course of action is for you to simply stop mentioning me in your posts at all (not to mention stop attacking people in general). Because our face-to-face meeting will never happen, for obvious reasons.

Happy hunting in Baltimore. I have other plans.

-Uncle Otto

04-23-04, 21:25
Ah, a sarcastic attitude! I love it! You DO have a sense of humor after all.

I will be happy not to mention you in my posts as long as you agree to do the same, I think that's only fair. As I stated on the NoVA board, my sole interest in meeting with you was to end this. I felt that the personal touch of sharing a drink or two would help that take place. It's definitely your choice.

I will continue to post when I feel i have something worthwhile to say. It may not always be about sex. And it may contain use of profanity. And last, it may address others on the forum.

If you are sincere about making peace and ending this then you will agree not leave me alone and I will do the same and if you have a problem with something I post as being A) not about sex
B) use of profanity, and/or C) a statement toward another that you don't care for, then I will expect you to report my problematic posts either here where they belong as a Complaint about another member or directly to the Admin, thereby allowing him to decide what goes or does not go on HIS boards. Agreed?

I don't always "attack" others with my posts so it should not be a surprise to you that, as you pointed out, you saw two posts previous to this without containing anything you felt was an "attack" upon you. Since I know now what you dislike, whenever I should feel the need arise to contact you, I will refrain from those hot button items so as not to offend you directly.

Most importantly, BOTH of us need to agree not to refer to the other in 3rd person or by inference in our posts. It's too easy to slip back into a fight again if we do that. Agreed?

Have a nice day, Otto.

04-23-04, 21:37
Trashman, I left you alone for a month. In fact, I didn't post anything on this board at all for a month. A lot of good that did me - it got me called almost every foul name in the book upon my return.

If you show that you can continue to post about finding women for sex without the attendant baggage of flaming and attacking those who disagree with you, you have nothing to worry about.

And if you think that my public disapproval of attack posts is something limited to you, you need to read what I posted just this morning on the Argentina board.

A few cretins may be highly entertained by your attacks on me and on other members. Personally, I'd like to be entertained ONLY by your posting of information about finding women for sex.

As I said, happy hunting. This actually goes out to all of you on this board.

Back to the subject at hand, perhaps tomorrow I will post a photo of the lucky girlie who gets to suck my dick tonight. I need to pick up a wide-angle lens for the camera beforehand, though.

-Uncle Otto

04-23-04, 21:46
Sounds like we're almost done here. I don't recall that I said anything about you during that month and if I did, I apologize.

Actually though, a great many guys seem to find entertainment in good natured trading of barbs which I will continue to do, just not with you or about you.

I realize full well that your "post police" ( No offense ) activities are not only not limited to me personally nor to other NOVA board members and not even to just the NOVA board.

Again, you have the absolute right to your opinion, but not the authority nor responsibility to admonish others in a way that infers you will have them banned or other punishment that Jackson may see fit to administer. That one issue is seemingly the last place that we differ. I wouldn't bring it up except for the fact that so many members of both NOVA and many other boards seem to share my take on that one issue. Can't ALL be wrong.

I am man enough to admit when I have erred and have done so several times. I am NOT looking for anything from you other than acknowledgement that you understand where I draw the line.

04-24-04, 05:23
Quote from your post:

"Nazi war criminal (a nice one to hurl at somebody who, like me, had relatives exterminated by the Germans). Lying dick. A jerk for having solicited charitable contributions. Cocksucker. Et cetera. In fact, some of these are still up and posted in this thread and others."

Truth hurts don't it?

I don't see anyone demanding your banning or resignation. I thought I was very civil asking "Why don't you just leave us alone?"


04-24-04, 14:37
Indeed, the truth hurts. Which is why I saw the Nazi cracks to be insulting and hurtful.

Now, since you want to insult me, Xsailor, let me discuss what I've heard about you by way of PM this morning. How does "low-rent, worthless gutter trash" sound? Which is how you were described, Xsailor.

Or "waste of bandwidth," which is how I would describe your posts on this board.

Does your daughter swallow when you have her blow you? Personally, I agree with the guy who PMed me when he said you should have let her stick to servicing the varsity football team.

-Uncle Otto

04-24-04, 19:09

I prefer " King of the low-rent, worthless gutter trash" but I won't begrudge you for the omission.

If I had a daughter I might take offense to your other comments. Nonetheless, it displays the typical Nazi reaction of extending personal attacks beyond the individual to family members. Even on this thread, I don't think anyone has ever stooped so low.

You are correct on one thing, it is a waste of bandwith to continue to trade barbs with you. So now that you have sufficiently displayed your true character to Jackson and this board, I'll take Boxcc's lead and no longer respond to your heartless, vicious, and cruel attacks.

Hiel Otto and his fourth Reich!