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08-19-03, 03:33
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08-19-03, 05:44
Here is my beloved Big Breasted One for all you lesser mortals to enjoy and perv over. I feel, given the history of the Thai Women section, she deserves pride of place here. This is NOT an X rated pic. Still, you should worship here and imagine that it was your dick and not mine that explored all this Pattaya beauty had to give, that you, and not I, fucked her for hours on end on that first Viagra laced night in Soi 8 and that you, not me, opened your heart and her bank book to her as Pattaya bay formed a perfect backdrop to this innocent angel from heaven, this mermaid ho walked amongst us and gave us her prize jewels, and all at bargain basement places.

She was an awesone fuck, she had a great pair of hooters and she was a nice kid, even if life, and perverts like me, screwed her up. Please feel free to post in praise of her good looks and divine hubcaps. An appreciate John Skinless.

And if my beloved is reading this, thank you for ever. How I wish I was snuggling into those hooters right now:)

08-19-03, 07:02
To all mongers:

Here are the two girls from thai university student which I acquired the services from. They were very young and cute & petite but can contact through their middleman (he charged 500bht for the service) providing this sideline business through this lady boy called Jetse 066886573 via his/her mobile. Please make sure they don't have classes the next day as sometime they do rush you to finish it off even you booked them for overnight services. Overall, it's kind of new thrilling experience beside hunting on massage parlors.


08-19-03, 07:03
Sorry missing another attachment is here....

08-21-03, 19:48
This thread is for loosers only:

As I have said before: One day you photo freaks will fall in love with / make GF / marry a TG. And your karma will see to it that you find pictures of your beloved GF/wife with some old fat bald moron in this very thread.

Chok dee ........

08-21-03, 20:10
the post from giffy sounds like you will be set up for a scam.
The girls look like cover girls of notebooks you can buy at any stationery shop.
Probably the owner of the mentioned phone number will rip you off.

Joe Zop
08-21-03, 23:12
Ouch -- harsh on both counts, don't you think? Philo, if someone is seriously marrying a TG who's got the least possibility of being in a gallery on a site like this, that should be the least of their worries. Either you know the score and you've accepted the past and its side-effects, or you're being played completely for a fool. (Or both of course can be true.) The karma side of the equation only holds true if picture posting is somehow transgressive -- please keep in mind that there are TGs in the trade who see such pics and discussions as good business advertising, who will have no objection to them, and may even encourage their posting.

And Zork, you may be right -- a rip-off is always a possibility when you're dealing with a middleman -- but the photos themselves certainly don't prove anything about that. the majority of the TGs I've met, whether pros or not, have loved photos of themselves looking like cover models or pop stars, and want poses looking like that. How many TGs are running around -- total pros -- wearing cutesy little t-shirts covered with teddy bears or pokemon characters

To me the whole issue about photos here revolves around two aspects -- whether or not the photo posted is legitimately from the poster in question (remember that people have posted phony phone numbers for revenge, etc., and there's also a tendency on other boards for people to post photos that come from someone/somewhere else to get the props) and whether permission to post was given by the subject. It's difficult to absolutely determine either, but those seem like reasonable criteria to ask for in order to keep down the hassles and misuse on an open site like this. I know there's always argument about the permission issue, as some people feel that prostitutes somehow give up their rights when they're in the business or hired by them, but given that Jackson's been quite clear about his demand for women to be treated with reasonable respect on this forum, permission seems like a logical extension of his perspective. (I don't want to derail things into a policy discussion, but looking at other areas on the board it seems pretty inevitable we'll end up there sooner or later -- Jackson, I suggest this swiftly should become a topic for board-wide discussion to help gather things together. And forgive me for presuming to divine your intents here, which I stress to everyone are simply my own interpretation.)

08-21-03, 23:26
Jackson should probably revert to limiting photo viewing to members only. I am sure that the Filipina shown doing the mike testing (philippines-manila-081803-elizabeth from edsa) gave permission and that the guy signed a contract to that effect before allowing her to lick the lollipop. Let's face; the photos are a much needed breath of fresh air. Well done Jackson!

08-22-03, 02:54
Kudos to Jackson for putting up this photo feature in this forum. For those losers who complained about this new introduction photos, please do not bother to come in to this forum. At the end of the day, this forum is served for those who really value the kind infos submitted from all mongers all around the world.

For your information, the photos attached previously were actually the same photos were emailed to me before my confirmation to acquired the service. The photos and the nos are genuine and many mongers like myself had successfully use this service. Hence, this is actually a good way to promote their business through this mean. After all, we are here to learn how to share, source, make choices....So the choice is yours !!

Please do not flood this thread with all your silly comments or one sided argument, this is the thread for photos attachment....

Here is the photo sent in from the girl friend of Philo....

08-23-03, 16:57
Here is another photo of the BB Obe. This time she is with the European guy who loves her. I blocked out some of his face as he is not for sale. Please note how her looks have gone downhill. That's what happens when JS stops FS them

Le Grand
08-24-03, 11:39
Took her out for a night last December. A real sex toy!

08-24-03, 21:35

Your opinion is as always (superficially) a balanced and reflected one.

I hereby ask you: Could you please ask Jackson to put up a thread where we can post pictures of fat, old, lonely and stupid punters?

Thanks in advance ........

08-24-03, 22:08
Originally posted by Joe_Zop Ouch -- harsh on both counts, don't you think? Philo, if someone is seriously marrying a TG who's got the least possibility of being in a gallery on a site like this, that should be the least of their worries. Either you know the score and you've accepted the past and its side-effects, or you're being played completely for a fool. (Or both of course can be true.) The karma side of the equation only holds true if picture posting is somehow transgressive -- please keep in mind that there are TGs in the trade who see such pics and discussions as good business advertising, who will have no objection to them, and may even encourage their postings. (continued)

And when Jackson has put up the thread for pathetic punters portraits, we assume:

1) Even if the Thai girl the punter stays with now knows that he has been boom'ing other girls before, she is thrilled to find a picture of him and his dick with other girls. Good old memories. Something to show to their families and friends........

2) The punter agrees to have pictures of him published on the net..........

3) The punter thinks pictures on the web is good for business: He will be known amongst the Nana queens (and maybe his children and his mother back home).......

Give me a break, please...... (and let Thai girls who want to do so promote themselves on ICQ, BangkokChat or here.......)

Joe Zop
08-25-03, 00:13
I'd have no problem with a gallery of old punters -- if that was the stated purpose of this board, which it's not, and if the punters gave permission. My other objection is practical: there are far more "fat, old, lonely and stupid punters" than there will ever be of sex workers, so there's a serious bandwidth issue here :)

This is a board about finding women. There are a million discussions about which ones are more and less lovely, and a picture can be a way of letting anyone make up their own mind. I don't know how many discussions I've seen where someone is described one way, or a picture is shown, and it has nothing to do with how the woman really looks. I don't fall into the "they're wh***s, you can do as you please school," but adults who give permission when they can foresee the outcome -- pictures taken are pictures seen -- are making their own choices. (That doesn't mean I think people like the guy who put up a pay site populated with TGs from the Eden Club are anything but scum.)

And I've had a number of TGs I was with encourage me to circulate photos, to mention them to other farangs, and to give out their cell phone numbers and email addresses. Generally, those aren't the type I spend a lot of time with, as they don't tend to be good longer-term company, but they're certainly there and hustling for business. Still, I find it a rather curious idea that it's not being exploitive by hiring them for sex but it is being exploitive by circulating pics when permission is given. To me, the issue of permission and choice is truly key, in the same way that I believe adults who decide to be on either side of the pay-for-play equation are well within their rights to do so. You'll never see me, for example, post any pics of the TG I spent lots of time with las year in Chiang Mai, because she specifically asked me to keep all pictures to myself, and that was one of the conditions of taking the few I took.

For what it's worth, at this point I don't see any pics of TGs with "old fat bald morons" in this thread, or, indeed, any pics that at all show these women in an unflattering light.

08-25-03, 04:57
Philo: This is an interesting experiment, nothing more. Perhaps your long posts on photos should be put into Letters to the Editor, where they belong. On a more personal and, for you, far more serious note, from glancing through your many posts, it appears to me to me you are on a self destruct mode. Perhaps you should clean up your clap, cut down on your drinking, take up swimming, get a goal in your life and then resume posting here. Having their photos posted for the world to see is the least of the problems these hookers face. And you have other problems to address.

08-25-03, 06:04
Joe_Zop, All

I shall speak no more on this subject.


Thanks for the healthy advice.

08-25-03, 10:06
Le Grand: wtf did you let her soil the towel? I hate that.
I love these little takeaway meatballs, steps of Thermae, between Sois 13 and 15

08-25-03, 10:08
hookers and beer for sale, just down the steps to Thermae.

08-25-03, 10:09
hookers for sale, Thermae. Simple walk up and say "How much long time. How much short time?" Agree on a price Bring them back to your hotel. Fuck them. Easy

08-26-03, 03:42
Thanks for the great photos. I dream about that sign and the famous steps down into the Thermae! It's forever etched into my mind! Got more photos?
I'm bringing my laptop and digital for my next trip. I have had one of the girls in your photo! She was a great one too. Go Go bars are great, massage parlors too, freelancers can be hit and miss, but generally if you have any experience you can almost always pick a good one, but there is only one Thermea! It's a must for any true monger visiting Thailand.

Some of my most outrageous sexual experiences have come from this little bar! Skinless is correct, it's rather simple, go in, have a bear, scope out the meat. Strike up an easy conversation with any Thai lady not busy in the joint, ask how much ST, or LT, then go f*ck your brains out! Simple! I recommend enjoying the atmosphere a bit and be choosy before selecting a girl. Your dream girl might just be coming down those steps as you impatient horny bastard settle for something of lessor quality. This has happened to me on more then one occasion! So take your time!


08-26-03, 07:39
Originally posted by CheapYngHoLuver
if this is the service from Siracha or elsewhere.
Just wish to ask a couple of questions.

Cheap & Giffy,

If this is in Siracha, Let me know. I will love to contact somebody who can introduce to University Student here in Sriracha.

The phone number fiven by Giffy is not working/not being picked up. Can you please check again.


08-26-03, 09:58
Pattaya pussy for sale. I fucked the one third form the right. If you meet her, say Hansum Man says hello:)

08-26-03, 10:00
Soi 8 Pattaya wall to wall cheap pussy and obnoxious tourists

08-28-03, 03:15
Hey Skinless,
That guy looks like "NastyNigel" (the bald headed Brit that goes around humping anyone and anything without protection) in your Thermae pic...anyways..nice pic's!

Marco Pole
08-29-03, 06:42
I was thinking the same thing Chikan. That dude has got to have caught something by now. Ruthless!

08-30-03, 12:32
Originally posted by Skinless
Pattaya pussy for sale. I fucked the one third form the right. If you meet her, say Hansum Man says hello:)

Which Hansum man were you? #1,234?


08-31-03, 19:35
Hey skinless where and when did you take that pic ?

I fucked the second from right , her name is Uan (One).
She's a nasty *****.She was married with a french guy.
Very suggested.
Here a picture she gave me.

08-31-03, 20:18
..and who say Thai girls got no ass ???
(all clothes by marcos..)

08-31-03, 20:20
..One more. Her ass deserve it.

08-31-03, 20:24
Laotian tiger in red (same girl).

09-16-03, 00:15
Damn! Now that's what I'm talking about!

Marco, where did you meet her? A brother needs to get up in that piece. Wow!

09-19-03, 01:37
This is Maliwan. I met her in Pattaya on my first night of drunken debotchery. I was drunk and she was pushy, she ased for my hotel and room number, and she showed up about 3 am. After all the fun I gave her 1000 bhat.

Hope you enjoy

09-19-03, 01:37
This is Maliwan. I met her in Pattaya on my first night of drunken debotchery. I was drunk and she was pushy, she ased for my hotel and room number, and she showed up about 3 am. After all the fun I gave her 1000 bhat.

Hope you enjoy


09-19-03, 01:38
This is Maliwan. I met her in Pattaya on my first night of drunken debotchery. I was drunk and she was pushy, she ased for my hotel and room number, and she showed up about 3 am. After all the fun I gave her 1000 bhat.

Hope you enjoy


09-19-03, 01:40
This is Maliwan. She is 26 and from Indonesia (so she tells me) I met her at "Living Dolls"

09-19-03, 01:44
This is JoJo. She worked at the Expat Hotel in Patong (Phuket). I didn't stay there but I met her on the internet. She is 23 (same age as me)

She came to Koh Phi Phi with me, and really got on my nerves. Also she has tons of internet boyfriends, I got into her email (actually I watched her type in her password, it was... 12345678)

Anyway, she has guys from all over sending her stuff. She tells them all that she loves them, quite dirty. But fairly common from what I understand.

Anyway, if you meet a girl from Phuket (she may have gotten a new job as a tour guide in Koh Phi Phi) beware, she is ok in bed but she is a nut job.

Warm Regards


09-19-03, 01:52
This is JoJo.

09-19-03, 02:18
This is JoJo.

09-19-03, 20:38
More jojo (the uncool one)

09-19-03, 20:39
More jojo (the uncool one)

09-19-03, 20:49
More jojo (the uncool one)

09-20-03, 00:55

Jaimito Cartero
09-20-03, 06:01
Here is a picture of the only time I had a bad experience in Thailand. I checked out Thermae, and after a few unacceptable girls came and sat in my booth, these two came up.

They looked cute, and the one in the red, said she "smoke good, for a long time", which is one of my minimum requirements. They asked for 1000 baht each, which I negotiated down to 700 each.

While the one in the front (Ahn-28) at least tried a little bit, her friend (in red, I think her name is Pik-30) who was the main negotiator did not live up to her "smoking" claims. And Ahn said she can't smoke at all, though she did try. I think that one minute of a half hearted BJ before trying to give me a HJ is not what we had agreed to. I tell them to dress, and hit the road.

After 40 minutes of arguing, they finally left with about 450 baht for both of them. I actually wanted to just pay Ahn, because she at least tried, but her friend demanded half of it.

09-20-03, 14:17
Hey Marauder, great pics.
So you like that girl , do you ? I heard she's in France now married with a guy.
Here more pics 'bout her.

09-20-03, 14:21
Another romantic picture.

P.S. This time you can appreciate also her beautifull face.

Jaimito Cartero
09-20-03, 17:57
Here's a picture of two Eden girls, Ying and Poo getting into my shorts this week. I'm a big guy, what can I say?

Last trip I started out with an Eden adventure, and this time I ended with it. Still a decent selection of girls, though I was bewildered that most of them were on the right side of the line.

Marc had posted about the warm tea and rice BBBJ, and decided I'd give it a try. The girls had never done it before and had to have it explained a few times.

It was good, they'd start off with warm tea in their mouth, and then start on the BJ, then the other would have cold (coooooooooold) water in her mouth and switch off. It was a nice experience, but I think I would go with just the warm tea next time, as the cold water would just dribble out and go far south.

They were both enthusiastic, but didn't put much gusto into the lesbian show. They were the only time in a month in Thailand that I got off twice in an hour though. They do try quite hard.

09-21-03, 00:46
JC: Very funny photo, thank you!

Marco: Oh yeah? Which girl? JoJo or Maliwan?

:) Warmest Regards

09-21-03, 00:48
JC: Very funny photo, thanks!

Marco: Which girl? JoJo or Maliwan?

Have fun everyone!



PS, has anyone had trouble uploading to this forum? It seems to behave very oddly. If I uplaod a few pics, I will notice that some are not there. So I re-uplad them, and I notice that the new photo replaces the old photo. Also sometimes my messages are truncated. Odd. :) Oh well! They are all on the photo album below.

09-21-03, 00:49
JC: Very funny photo, thanks!

Marco: Which girl? JoJo or Maliwan?

Have fun everyone!



09-21-03, 06:29
Jaimito Cartero,

'Warm Tea, Cold Water' sounds a bit like the 'fire (hot water) and ice' treatment.

Jaimito Cartero
09-22-03, 06:15
Here is the picture of the fishbowl girl I saw a few weeks ago at S. Botan Massage. 800 baht for an hour and 15 minutes or so.

See my report under MP for more info.

Jaimito Cartero
09-22-03, 06:27
Here was my favorite girl from the whole trip. A beer bar girl in Pattaya, from Orn bar around Soi 11 or so, Second Road.

She is also one of the singers for place. When I first got there, she was singing and I didn't think she was available. She came over though and was so friendly and nice that the one girl who come over to sit with me quickly saw that she had to leave.

I spent a day and a half with her, and had tons of fun with her. She told me her name, but when we crossed to the road to go to the Apex hotel, she was such a chicken crossing the road, I just started calling her "Kai".

I negotiated 500b ST, or 1000b LT. 200b bar fine. I kept her for almost two days, so ended up paying 2400b total. Well worth it.

Jaimito Cartero
09-22-03, 06:54
Here was Ai from Star of Light BJ Bar in Patpong in Bangkok(formerly Star of Love, which big sign outside still says. Not to be confused with other Star of Love on other Soi in Patpong).

Read my report from a few weeks ago for all details. 500 baht, excellent service. Wait for the small room in back unless you like the stool or chair "service".

09-23-03, 20:28
This is 228 from Sabai Room, Pattaya Thailand

09-23-03, 20:30
Here's another shot of her fully clothed. Sorry if the pic is blurry, but I had to resize it.

Mr Z
09-24-03, 12:25
Where is Sabai room?

09-25-03, 09:23
2nd road right next to the Big C supercenter.

Mr Z
09-25-03, 12:56
2nd road right next to the Big C supercenter.

Hi Eltib,

Thanks but I don't know where the Big C supercenter is. Is it on Sukhumvit?

09-26-03, 08:26
Take a baht bus north on 2nd road until you pass Central Pattaya road. Big C and Sabai Room are at Soi 3 and 2nd road. You won't miss it. There's a big sign that reads Big C supercenter. Get of the bus there. Sukhumvit road is about 1 mile east of 2nd road.

Jaimito Cartero
09-26-03, 18:18
I think there is a KFC on the corner of the Big C. That's what I looked for, anyway. Love that spicy chicken they have there.

09-27-03, 07:31
There is a new Big C now at Sukhumwit and Pattaya South intersection.

09-27-03, 15:45
More JoJo

09-27-03, 20:12
I put a map up. Actually there's 2 other soapies besides Sabai Room listed.

Thumbs Up
09-28-03, 00:01
I'm a newbie here but a good map of Pattaya I have found during my research for my upcoming trip to the LOS is at www.bahtbus.com. Not having been to LOS yet I do not know if the map is accurate or current. Perhaps some of the Vets here can give the rest of us their opinion.

10-04-03, 00:02
Yes that is a better map. Lists more bars than mine does.

Joe Zop
10-04-03, 07:00
Good research, Thumbs Up -- that's one of the better maps out there. Pretty accurate as far as I can see.

10-09-03, 18:30
A Khmer bargirl working in Bangkok.

10-09-03, 18:57

Thanks! It is so refreshing to see a photo here. And a great view by the way. I gotta buy a Digital Camera before I visit LOS.


10-10-03, 06:32
Excellent pic HH. I'd love to see more.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Malter Man
10-13-03, 07:37
This is Da from Korat at Black&White on Soi Walking, Pattaya.

Malter Man
10-13-03, 07:38
Pic taken at Black&White on Soi Walking, Pattaya.

Malter Man
10-14-03, 12:41
Girls at Bamboo Beer Bar on Nana Nua, Sukhumvit, Soi 3, Bangkok.

Malter Man
10-14-03, 13:04
One of the them girls in Sukhumvit. Gives decent bj.

Malter Man
10-14-03, 13:05
Some of the very few local girls found on quiet Koh Samet.

Malter Man
10-14-03, 13:05
Girls on Koh Samet.

10-16-03, 16:19
an interesting bunch of girls Malter-man! I like your sophisticated method of masking out the guilty! Looks like a good time was had!

Malter Man
10-17-03, 09:37

as I mentioned in my reports, spending weeks on end in Pattaya is a mistake. LOS has so many places to enjoy. And you can find pussy simply all around.

10-17-03, 19:31
This is Nee, a girl I met in Pattaya in August 2002.

10-17-03, 19:34
Another shot of Nee.

10-17-03, 19:41
These are a couple of Eden Girls. August 2002

10-18-03, 08:22
Headhunter photo of Khmer backside.
Great shot. I will look for her on Sukhumvit.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-18-03, 10:04
Great with pictures of eden girls! Is there anyone who has got some more!

Best regards,


10-21-03, 07:14
Time to add some more pictures to the mix. Here is a photo of Wan found her at Super Girl, Soi Diamond, Pattaya. Most of the time I stay away from Super Girl and Super Baby as the girls are hard but it was a slow night what can I say. Bar fine 500 baht short time 1500 baht with photos.

10-21-03, 07:21
Not all the Thai girls you find in Thailand will always look Thai, here is one of the girls I found at the old Frozen on Soi Diamond, Pattaya. This girl could past for western any day of the week, in fact this is what happens when Expats have been running around the country for the last 4o or so years. They leave behind half Thai girls. Bar fine was 500 baht short time 1000 baht.

10-21-03, 07:26
From Pattaya, Diamond A GoGo, Soi Diamond, shot in April of this year. Below is Ta, 18 years old and lots of fun.

10-21-03, 08:09

The picture you posted of Wan is most impressive. It is the one that made me book my trip to BKK for early next month. Much thanks

Jack Spratt
10-21-03, 13:34
SR, no intention to flame, but if Ta is 18, so am I. But my birth certificate says 1950.

Keep the photos coming.

10-22-03, 06:03
Here is a couple of girls I found in Pattaya on Soi Diamond, no bar fine as they agreed to meet me at 2:00 after they got out of work. And sure enough at 2:10 there were knocking on my door. What started out as short time turned into them leaving my room around 7:30 am, but sleep was not part of the night.

10-22-03, 11:49
Fanatastic Photos,
Matching to the class of Pattaya
Keep up guys

Jaimito Cartero
10-22-03, 18:42
Are my eyes fooling me, or do both of those girls have belly button rings? That's one thing I haven't come across in Thailand yet. (That and tongue piercings)

10-22-03, 20:01

Like all the girls that I have shot I have a copy of Ta ID Card. She is 18 years old birthday is 12 mee-nah kohm (March) 2528 (1985), the current year in Thailand is 2546 which makes her 18 years old. Why, you believe she is old or younger than 18? I know the club owner and he doesn’t hirer girls under 18, also another friend of mine is married to a Thai girl and she knows her and confirmed the age. In any case I didn’t take it as a flame and will post more pictures.


You’re right the girls of Pattaya are a class act.

Jaimito Cartero,

Your eyes are not fooling you both do have belly button rings. You also mention tongue piercings, while not as common as belly button piercings I have found many girls with them. Below is a picture of Tai, a dancer at Gilligans, Soi Pattayaland I, Pattaya, among other things she has a tongue stud. By the way if you look you can see that the picture was shot inside the club, while most clubs say no pictures many will allow you to shoot inside if you handle things right.


Jack Spratt
10-23-03, 12:50

Definitely didn't see her as under 18. I must need new glasses, as I thought 23 -25.

Thanks for clarifying.

Keep the pictures coming.


10-25-03, 04:48
Here is another one of the honey’s of Pattaya, found her in Diamond A Go Go, Soi Diamond, Pattaya. She was lots of fun, can wait to get back to Pattaya in a few weeks. Bart fine was 500 baht and short time 1000 baht.

10-26-03, 00:46
Sabailand massage chick. An average session, nothing more.

This is one of the 100+ pics filed with my full report on another website. Please email [Email address deleted by Admin] for details.

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

10-26-03, 05:45
Hey Porker...I like the door in that pic. Looks like it's been kicked down, pried or generally misused over the years! Nice photo....

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:35
Fly for Thai

here a few pics from chics I have met in BKK (contacted them over Yahoo). But beware, many are just bar/gogo girls or part time students who look for a sugar daddy. I will only post their Yahoo profile pics, otherwise they could easily identify me and get mad on me if one of you guys (yes some of you are stupid enough to visit this site with a ho standing right behind) point the girls to here.

This one is Aoy, I found the pic charming, in real life a 6.5-7 on my scale but a great fuck and really nice attitude. BTW, she can be found in Soi Cowboy at Tilac Bar.

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:37
This one is a part time student looking for a sugar daddy. Pic is also charming, a 7.5 in real life on my scale. BTW, she got a real nice cousin who is with a french guy.

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:38
This one is also a part time student who also works as a hostess in a karaoke at Wireless Rd. In real life an 7.5 on my scale.

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:39
Here a few pics from some former GFs. I took them back home with me for some more pleasure :-)

Please excuse the bad quality, photos were made with an anaolg camera. I also don't post nude pics without permission of the girls.

This is Anne. Was a gogo dancer at the old Baby Gogo in Pattaya. An 8-8.5 on my scale. BTW, also had her younger sister without knowing it. Just recognized it when I brought her home. Both were fun. :-)

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:40
This is Sopha, a former gogo dancer in Pattaya. Was willing to do it at any time, any position, as long and as many time I could get it done. At 8.5 at my scale.

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:40
This one is Jeen, a former singer at a cafe, so she knew how to use a micro (if you know what I mean :-) Have been with her for almost 2.5 yrs and she knew how to make a man happy. Definately a 9 on my scale.

Fly for Thai

I think there is a slight difference between our judgements in the looks department. I don't like if the girls use a lot of make up (some try to hide pimples). I prefer natural beauties.

The Traveler
10-27-03, 01:01
Samus Aran

What do you think ? Saw your comment below. I am with you, some nice bodies (not many) but almost no nice faces at most of the pics. Wouldn't have taken most of the girls with pics in the thai section. Some guys seem to get what they pay for and some seem to drink a lot which must have had some effect on their sight.

Since you live there and I use to travel to thailand and have been with thai girls for the last 20yrs we look at them from a different perspective. It's not exotic to us anymore and we are used to their looks.

Have fun

10-27-03, 01:05
The Traveler

You have good taste. When are you going to be in BKK again?


10-27-03, 08:19
Samus Aran,
In the past I regretfully made fun of the pictures posted by gracious enough members of this fine forum, who gave up their personal time and effort to share with all of us. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You regularly Diss Pattaya and all of its bar girls. I happen to think there are hundreds of gems to be unearthed and penetrated in this part of Thailand, with inventory changing daily. You seem to be very discriminate in your choice of ladies. How about showing us your personal view of a "10", and letting us judge your taste?

10-27-03, 20:19
The Traveler,

Heh, that pic of emma is very cute! Maybe I could be her sugar grand daddy? Oh well, not going to be in LOS in the near future, but the day will come! Thanks for sharing.


The Traveler
10-27-03, 21:30

Will be in LOS from Dec. 12th - Jan 18th. I intend to spend a few days in BKK at the beginning of my trip or maybe around Dec. 20th.

We can meet for a drink and some mongering :-)

10-28-03, 00:32
The Traveller,

I will be in BKK in December around the 15th through Jan 6.

Yes, a drink and mongering sounds good. Please contact me via a private message through the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

Look forward.


10-28-03, 02:35
I will also be in Thailand for a few days right after Christmas before hopefully heading on to the Philippines. Can't wait!!!

Totem Pole
10-28-03, 04:10
Trip to Eden's Den

Totem Pole
10-28-03, 04:12
Trip to Eden's Den-getting ready for round 2

Totem Pole
10-28-03, 04:13
I hope you like my first posts. I've got some more to follow.

Mad Frax
10-28-03, 16:23
Hey Totem Pole,

Thank you for your gorgeous pics of Eden girls. I hope to see more pics soon! For example of girls giving blow job!

But what about Eden Club of Bangkok? The site www.edenclub-bkk.com is no longer active, what does it mean? Anyone know if Eden Club still exist?


Stay cool,

Mad Frax

10-28-03, 23:52
Mikey, a freelancer I met in club in BKK... she was married to a Brit and he happened to be out of town when I met her... (image taken from a video)


10-29-03, 00:24
Mikey....fun girl


10-29-03, 00:26
Mikey.... Image from video...


10-29-03, 00:28


10-29-03, 00:29


10-29-03, 00:30


10-29-03, 00:33
Mikey.... a freelancer I met in a club in BKK...all pics are from a video image.... enjoy...


Totem Pole
10-29-03, 01:04
Phuket girls

10-29-03, 01:42

Would that lovely from Eden happen to call herself "Apple?" She looks damn familliar!


Totem Pole
10-29-03, 05:33

I don't remember her name, but here's a better picture of her that might be more recognizable.


10-29-03, 18:13
Well, Samus Aran, or whatever it is called, is a fascist and a racist. Just the contrary of what we need on this forum dedicated to love of natural beauty. And we are tired of him.

10-29-03, 21:23

Your posting and picture of Sopha, 10-26. She looks very familiar.
I picked a girl up that look just like her about 1 1/2 years ago at Happy go-go except her hair was alittle shorter. Took her one night for LT. and as you said she was great 8.5

Went back a few months later and she was gone. Was this photo taken recently in Pattaya and if so, if you don't mind, where is she working now? Heading to Pattaya in a few days and want to see if it's the same person.


Totem Pole
10-30-03, 00:04
Max Frax,

I don't know about Eden, I was there in March.

Here's what you asked for.


10-30-03, 04:04

Thanx for the extra (fine) pic, but she is not Apple, who was working there last month, very fine.


Jaimito Cartero
10-30-03, 07:54
One thing to note: If you post nude pictures from Eden (recent pics), it's likely to get the girl fired, and you blacklisted from going there again. Marc seems pretty adamant about not have nude pictures posted since June or so.

10-30-03, 15:02

Marc not going to fire anyone, the business is too poor to be firing people. He needs all the quality girls that he can fine. My problem is that I have never seen a girl worth shooting at Eden Club, all were over the hill and/or they had bad scars from having kids. The guys are free to post whatever photos that they want. I think the reason that he doesn't want photos posted is that it would show how average the girls at the club really are.


Jimmy Red Cab
10-30-03, 15:57
I visited the Eden club in January of this year and must admit the quality of the girls was not very good. I only saw one that was a 9 and she was already booked. Marc also tends to pressure you into taking two girls, if you want two or not.

10-30-03, 16:05
Totem Pole,

If you or anyone got any more pictures of the Eden girls, with or without cloths, please post them.

I simply adore all of them!

They might not be at the top scale in terms of looks but there is no other girls around working that hard for the money.

They are true masters of their craft!

And furthermore, most of them have terrific personalities if your treat them well!


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

The Traveler
10-30-03, 21:20

Your posting and picture of Sopha, 10-26. She looks very familiar.
I picked a girl up that look just like her about 1 1/2 years ago at Happy go-go except her hair was alittle shorter. Took her one night for LT. and as you said she was great 8.5

Went back a few months later and she was gone. Was this photo taken recently in Pattaya and if so, if you don't mind, where is she working now? Heading to Pattaya in a few days and want to see if it's the same person.

It can't be the girl you are looking for. She stopped working when being with me, cause I took her back home to my country to have some more fun. After that she was with a guy who told her that he would really love and want to marry her. So she got pregnant from him, gave birth and separated a short while after. Same old story. She finally went back home to Nakhon Sawan to take care her little son.

Have fun

10-30-03, 23:20
<<Hey Totem Pole,

Thank you for your gorgeous pics of Eden girls. I hope to see more pics soon! For example of girls giving blow job!

But what about Eden Club of Bangkok? The site www.edenclub-bkk.com is no longer active, what does it mean? Anyone know if Eden Club still exist?


Stay cool,

Mad Frax>>

The reason Marc took down the website is because of the APEC Summit in Bangkok recently. He didn't want any unwanted scrutiny from government officials.
Last I heard Eden Club is still open.
But a new policy is that if you want to photograph and/or video any of the Eden girls nude you will have to pay a fee to the girls. If I remember right the fee is 6000 baht.
The reason is too many of these photos and videos that were supposed to be for private use have ended up posted on websites.
So the new policy is if you want to film the girls, you'll have to pay them and then you can do what you wish with the photos.


Mad Frax
10-31-03, 12:32

Thank you very much for Eden Web Site information!

Stay cool,

Mad Frax

Jaimito Cartero
11-01-03, 05:54
gwailo - Incorrect on the photo situation at Eden.

Marc had toyed with having some sort of extra fee that would go to the girls, but quickly dropped it when it became too difficult to work out.

And SR, we all know what you think about Eden girls. I've seen some really hot stunners in there. I personally got better service from the older ladies, such at Ton, who I hear is actually 41 or something.

11-01-03, 13:06
Jaimito Cartero,

If I remember correctly from one of your early reports, you even took your time setting up the video tripod, and you didn't mention no freakin' B6000!
Hell, I would have been all over you, especially with all the advice you asked and got before you set out on your maiden voyage to the HolyLand.

The mention of 6000 baht for a photoshoot made me LOL big time.
B6000, that's a high class hotel + two girls + a photo and video session + plenty money left for the same thing the next day.
Or 30-40(!) Korat st's!

11-01-03, 21:00
I got my information about Eden from the nanaplaza.com message board.
I couldn't find the original post from Marc but following is one of his replies:

<<Says Big Kev:

And guys who claim they are taking pix for their own use and then post on internet are sleazebags.

edenpapa > if no pictures have been on the net
we wouldn't have this thread
the photo service would still be totally free

But 7,500 baht seems like a VERY high price. Why not leave it to individual girls to set price they want? Especially since Marc keeps emphasizing that all the "photo charge" money is to go to the girls anyway.

edenpapa> the high price was quoted to deter the guys to ask for it
our primarily function is services , not photo studio

I also got to wonder how this is to be enforced. Frisk customers before they go upstairs to make sure they have no camera??

edenpapa>the ladies will come down as soon as they see a camera appearing

Again, if the girls don't mind, why should management get involved??

edenpapa>what they do mind is to have their face all over the net
this free service was for private use ONLY


see you

edenpapa >>


Jaimito Cartero
11-02-03, 01:11
If you want to post info from another board that is probably 4 or 5 months old, go ahead. However, claiming that it's accurate is folly.

I was there a little over a month ago, and there was a NO PICTURES in room policy. I did take one before we went up, and I took one of the girls outside the room, but nothing inside.

I certainly wouldn't pay 6000 baht to take pictures. (Not unless it included their company for a week!). I think the original reference to 6000 baht (back in June or early July) was for the normal service, plus a photo fee.

I'd say to check out Eden at least once in your Thailand adventures. It's not for everyone, but I've had excellent quality and service the two times I went there. It was much funner taking pictures and videos, it's too bad that some guys had to screw it up.

11-02-03, 20:17

I agree, those chicks at Eden are on the ugly side and not only that, they have been fucked so much that it shows on their faces. I once stepped in there during the afternoon and it was scary.

By the way, I went to the "Barber" on soi 33 on my lastr trip and found a gem there...she was nice looking and at first wanted to rush things a little until I got her going... then it was all fun...


Jaimito Cartero
11-02-03, 21:14
Juice - Oh, so you've STOPPED in once. Wow, I guess that makes you an expert. There are some really hot girls there, and there are some that are so-so. Pretty much like all other places in Thailand.

Samus - Well, as usual, you're FOS. You can't even spell your OWN name correctly. If you don't like the pics here, I don't recall you being forced to look at them.

11-02-03, 22:51

Calm down.... Actually, I have stopped there more than 3 times looking for something worth fucking... Maybe I was not as lucky as you were... One time, I did take 2 girls, OK looking... I wanted to try... Well, it was so mechanical that I told them to stop and left. I did pay.

I get much better 3somes from freelancers and an occasional regular girl that is willing and curious....A lot cheaper and a lot more real than Eden.

Just my opinion.


Joe Zop
11-02-03, 23:55
C'mon, guys, this issue is unsolveable -- it's like complaining that you get rushed in the Red Light District of Amterdam or that blowjob bars lack romance, or that Singha is better than Carlsburg, etc. Eden is what it is, same as massage parlors are what they are and so on. If you don't like it, there's no need to harp on it. Juice, while I agree with you that it's eminently possible to set up the same exact scenario in Bangkok on your own, and cheaper, Eden does offer the experience in a straightforward menu format. You pay a high rate for it, but you can be fairly sure you're going to get what you ordered.

I tend to agree with Samus that too much is made about the whole pictures at Eden issue, both in terms of how terrible it is and whether or not it's a big deal, but the ladies' looks are irrelevant to the issue, as far as I'm concerned. I don't see how it's any different from hooking up with a TG in any other place in one respect -- if you want photos and the TG either says no or else wants X exhorbitant price, you either say ok or you find someone else. If it's a big deal to document your Eden-type experience, either pay the Eden rate or find an alternative.

By the same token, of course, it's worth remembering that Samus' general take on things is that there's little reason ever to remember any TG you boink unless she gives an exceptional massage. That means this whole section is pretty much irrelevant to him unless the pictures are going to designate massage parlor and TG number. :)

Seriously. while I've taken photos of a number of ladies I've been with, it's hardly the major issue, no matter how nice it is when I've got things to look at later. (Half the time I forget about the whole idea.) When it comes down to the issue of documenting as opposed to screwing, I'd far rather get a great boink than a great photo. I get the camera out to see if it will act as an aphrodesiac, mostly, if one seems needed.

11-03-03, 00:16

I think this whole thing is very funny... some guys in here take the fucking and the photos way too serious.

As far as cameras goes, I have found that some girls like it as long as you respect their wish not to capture their face or something else. In the case of Mikey (I posted some pics in here) she wanted to see the tape after we were done. She watch the whole thing and commented on her performance. I gave her 500b extra and that was it. She did not ask for more. The whole thing started as a playful challenge and not as a photo opportunity thing.

If the girl you take does not want pics taken there is no point of doing it evevn if you have to pay too much extra because she will be thinking of money and not sex. Some girls get turned on with a camera around. True performers.


11-03-03, 00:59
The whole Eden thing is really a thing of the past, once you have been their once most guys will not go back. If you are death, dumb , and blind then Eden would be a great place for you. Just look at the number of guys would spent lots of time in Thailand and their opinion of the place. But as I said it seems to be a thing of the past, their website is down and out and very few people post about them on the sex boards, it seems with everyday the club is becoming less popular.

Given the current climate in Thailand towards the sex trade Eden Club is a big target that is clearly in the sites of to many people who can close the place down. They are not even using the rooms within the club any more, why would they do this? Because the heat is on, big time.

When Eden closes the Newbies and the sex tour operators will be upset, but the guys that really know Thailand will not care because better services are offered all over Thailand for less baht.

11-03-03, 01:18

You are 101% right in my opinion.


11-03-03, 04:56
Is this the "Photo Gallery" section or the "Photo Gallery Discussion" section? Gentlemen, could you please go back to posting photos. Take your discussions under the General Section.


Joe Zop
11-03-03, 07:54
Point taken, Bandy, and I look forward to your photos popping up here forthwith.

Traveler Tom
11-03-03, 11:35
Dead right, Bandy

Jackson has taken the trouble to set up the Photo Galleries and it is quite pathetic the number of people who use these sections for text posting rather than photos.

I suggested to Jackson that this was not the spirit at all and he replied that he agreed but was not sure how to handle it. I suggested that no 'text' message could be posted without a photo icon as part of the message in a Photo Gallery - do not know how he will solve it.

People posting using text just bugger up the system and undo the whole point of having Photo Galleries.

Whether one posts photos on the forum or not is immaterial - the WSG has huge support - some can post, others cannot but if more and more people insist on using the Photo Galleries for the wrong reasons it simply means that these galleries will soon have no, or very little, relevance.

How many photos on this page?

11-03-03, 14:03
I too want to see Brandy photos, while this thread is titled "Photo Gallery" when you post photos, people want to discuss the photos and it turns to discussions, those discussions belong in this thread because they are related to those photos. But for those of you who want to see more photos here is another LBFM for you, this model can be found in Pattaya, Honey A GoGo I believe and is open to anything and everything. cute backside that should be used and then walk away. Bar fine 500 baht and no more than 1500 baht LT, picture was taken in late September.

11-03-03, 20:38
Bkk Bier garden girl, said she was Mexican/Thai

11-03-03, 20:55
Nana hotel lobby freelancer, Bkk

11-03-03, 21:59
South Pattaya Freelancer, 400 baht but only because she rushed me. Looked half arab, 26 yrs. old, full bodied and great titts..... I notice the wannabe macho crybabies in this forum. They don't contribute, always criticize, and certainly don't miss any photos. Probably massaging their 2" peckers.

11-03-03, 22:09
18 yr old beach road freelancer. Central Pattaya. Extremely sweet and gentle. I swear her titts are still growing. Someone will marry this girl soon. She asked me for 500b.

11-03-03, 23:08
Nice pix BIL how recent? Heading there next week, hope to see the beach girl.

Young Sukhemvit Rd Gal 2002. Fun friendly and almost free mista.

11-03-03, 23:34
Samus Aran,

You posted “But, I am still curious as to why guys feel the need to photograph a ho they have just boinked? Can you answer this for me?”

Everyone is different, if you don’t want to take pictures then don’t, but the readers overall seem to be very interested in them, with the average picture being opened several thousand times with the first week of posting.

Some people would say why do you have to go to Thailand? It is about the freedom of each of us to do what we want.

Traveler Tom,

Funny thing here I do see any of your pictures on the site? I did find in your 20 posts three posts in Letters to the Editor, you sure seems to have a lot of opinions about changing things and have contributed very little information to the site?


Guys take this and the other sites, like it way to serious, I think things would be very different if they could not hide behind the keyboards.

In general about posting text in photo gallery threads, I believe that the pictures alone without the text are worthless. The text gives the readers the information to make use of the pictures as a tool. Many sites have thousands of pictures only on them but that is not the goal of this site. And if a text only posts gets put in these threads that is just part of life until Jackson has a problem with it.


Joe Zop
11-04-03, 00:26
SA, given that most of the guys on this site are not living in Thailand, consider the photos to be in the category of vacation snapshots, meaning "I was there and did this." People take pics of Disney World, why not this?

And amen, SexReview, to pretty well everything you posted, though I don't know whether the number of times the pics are opened means anything, considering we don't really know how many people are looking at this or that post. Might be exactly the same for all we know. But they're certainly not being ignored!

Great pics, Bil -- thanks!

Traveler Tom
11-04-03, 10:25
Sex Review

As a good critic you have, obviously, done your homework. Well done. The only way we differ is that I am unable to find these ‘lot of opinions about changing things’. However you obviously have found something that I did not know about.

I did contact Jackson about the 'Photo Galleries and, as I am sure you read, his reply was that he DID have a problem (Perhaps in your enthusiasm to criticise you missed this relevant point but I rather think that you just checked on the postings without bothering to read them!?).

Anyhow, as you say, carry on messing up the Picture Galleries until Jackson finds a way of sorting it. That is your approach and your view - Fine.

My view is, however, rather more simplistic: Photo Gallery’ should mean what it says – that is pictures posted by members for fun and for others to look at. We are fortunate that we have the ‘Discussion’ part of the Forum, which is for ‘debating’ and there is a facility to post pictures here, as well. This would seem to me to be the logical place to put the photo if you are looking for a detailed reaction and embark on a philosophical exchange on the lady (or whatever) in question.

You will know, as a great researcher, that when text is posted following a photo on the Photo Gallery sites there might be the occasional comment or two relating to the picture in question but this, then, drifts into pointless discussions about photographing in general, posters’ adventures, photo techniques etc. etc. which has little to do with a Photo GALLERY.

Anyhow, I anticipate (and we are going that way) that many of the popular Galleries will soon be 90% text and 10% photos. This is a shame, as it will have undone what, I assume, Jackson was trying to do and that was to have a fun selection of pictures with a few well-written ‘one-liners’ attached to them.

Your encouragement to members post text in the Gallery section seems to me to go against the spirit of this new section. I hope that you are wrong. The Forum is for discussion, exchanging, relating, pontificating etc., Galleries are for viewing!

I may have ‘contributed very little information to the site’. I wonder, however, whether my contributions have not, at least, been informative and positive of the WSG Forum whereas I rather feel that your latest effort is not particularly helpful when Jackson is trying to prevent this mass text posting in the Gallery section.

In case you think I have misread the point of the Photo Galleries – see Letters to the Editor 10.17.03 (I assume you have not as you would not have mentioned ‘until Jackson has a problem with it’…………!) although this was, presumably, the basis of your criticism?


Great photos – I pray that we do not get 50 postings of waffle about each of them otherwise another 10 pages of the Gallery section will be filled up with rubbish!


11-04-03, 18:16

Traveler Tom never posted a single picture...

11-04-03, 18:22
wanderlust 1,
two weeks ago.

as usual, all talk and no walk. you don't contribute because you can't. you can't get girls because of your attitude. you can't afford women so you pick up men. you can't wait for the next pic to post so you can play with your tiny [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) with herpes you got from a bkk guy who sold you luggage. the stray dogs you feed are your only attention. you're a pathetic , fantasy wishing, homo loving, macho dreaming, closet fagg. you s tupid a ss, there is no film in a digital camera. but please don't go away mad........just go away..... ha ha ha!

11-04-03, 19:34
I would like to see photos from the hotties that SA has boinked. Until you post proof of the models you are banging, then you have zero room to talk smack. To all those that have posted pictures, I say thank you.

11-04-03, 19:51
this is getting even more funny and plain stupid.... good comedy is based on tragedy... a lot of tragic people in here...


11-04-03, 21:23
Samus Aran

~SA wouldnt touch her with a Bangkok dog's dick!~

Ouch! SA, I can understand that reasonable men differ. But reasonably. [Note: Unless, of course, watching her do a doggy is what makes you howl.] That 18 year old is seriously cute. Not overtly hot, but girl next door cute. Different kinda mojo going on, but it can be quite effective. At least for some guys. And that is what it is all about. Finding the ones that trip your trigger!

And your disdain for photos is completely in line with your 3F policy. But for us poor punters stuck in our pedestrian lives back in whatever country we call home, those photos are a invitation to dream of things to come (or conquests previously experienced).

Some guys like them short and skinny, some guys like them tall and curvy. I just like it when they remember not to talk with their mouth full. <eg>


11-04-03, 21:42
Guys lets put some more photos up. Here is another girl from Pattaya, Walking Street, GoGo girl. Bar fine 500 baht, ST 1000 baht.

11-04-03, 21:46
Pattaya Beer Bar girl Soi 8 Queens Bee, bar fine 200 baht, ST 500, LT 1000.

11-04-03, 22:23
Another Pattaya girl, Walking Street, Living Dolls.

11-05-03, 01:57
A freelancer from CM2, Bangkok

Joe Zop
11-05-03, 05:44
Thanks, Bandy, for the photo. Thanks, SexReview for your many, many contributions, and you clearly nailed Traveler Tom pretty solidly, as his response is to fill the section with opinionated verbiage of the kind he complains about, and significantly not to post a photo. (If you look at his posts you'll find he also complained about photos in the Argentina section and got slapped down by Jackson, which he doesn't bother to mention, trumpeting instead a mild agreement in the Letters section.)

Traveler Tom, are you seriously trying to stack your contributions against SexReview's and saying you come out on top? Where the hell are your photos, or even useful information? I read through all of your posts, and I see precious little information -- a fair amount of opinion and slapping at people, but very little in the way of field reports or concrete facts. I don't see that you've even posted enough content to meet Jackson's minimum for Senior Membership.

And to walk the walk: Here's a clockwatcher from one of the gogos off Soi Bangla in Phuket -- one of the rare TGs I ended up kicking out as she was complaining about how long I was taking and trying to renegotiate the deal in the midst of bonking. Rather ruined the mood, so out she went. (One of the cases where I was not requested to keep the photo private.)

11-05-03, 07:20
Joe Zop,

I really have to laugh that some guys think of these sites as some kind of competition , who can answer the most questions, or who can posts the most photos etc. I think many of these guys never travel any farther than to the TV or computer keyboard. When will they learn that it is not a competition, that is it not about always being right or getting the last word in? I believe the answer is never because many guys just enjoy rocking the boat to do nothing more than make waves.

I believe most of us we just keep posting as we always have and just laugh at these boat rockers who would not know what a Soi is if they were standing on it, and think that Baht is a strange spelling for a guys name. O well some people will never change.

Back to the posting of photos, the girl below worked at Frozen A GoGo in Pattaya on Soi Diamond, Frozen was the first bar on the left as you entered the Soi from Walking Street. Always lots of girls working at this GoGo, they opened early at 7:00 so it was a great place to catch before the crowd started to come in around 8:30.

The club has changed names now do to problems with the brown shirts (LE). Any ways funny thing about Aoy, five years ago she told me “she just work three months, and every time after that it was always the same. “I only work Pattaya three months” You really got to love these LBFM.


Joe Zop
11-05-03, 08:09
Totally agree -- but as long as there are posters of useful info here, who cares about the rest? Sorta just like junk mail... :D I still get lots of content from this site.

11-05-03, 14:19
Sama Aran: John Skinless has spent many happy hours surveying these photos. He has fucked prettier and he has fucked uglier. He has even fucked some of the items on display here. He finds it eternally fascinating that just about every woman displayed on this entire site would fuck JS for $$. He would like to have a big zoo, full of all these ladies so he could fuck them whenever he felt like it and give them to his friends to fuck too. It is interesting to know all these ladies are spreading their [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) flaps tonight for some chump change. Skinless imagines what they would be like to fuck. Why don't you post a photo of any Thai woman, working or not, that you would fuck (Royal family excluded). Just so we all know what Samas Aran likes. One of Sex Review's recent puppies has a nice pair of nipples John Skinless would willingly suck (especially as she has only been in Pattaya for 3 months). John Skinless does not have a very discerning cock: his cock is always **** hungry. What about Samas Aran's pecker? What makes it peckish? Photo please? Arigato!

11-06-03, 01:16
This is a stay away from kind of girl who was a clock watcher, are you done yet, bad bj, etc kind of experience. Drink your beer AFTER picking girl...

Found her in Phuket on Soi Eric

11-06-03, 01:40
A go-go girl from Angelwitch, Nana Plaza, Bangkok

11-06-03, 01:41
Massage girl from J-One Massage Parlor, Bangkok

11-06-03, 08:31
Muy bonitas Thai/Latino combo. Some other very fukable models there also. thanks.

Damn shame she was a starfish. She looks like a classic Thai beauty.

Looks like she could give a nice BJ...

LoveLOS is losing respect for SA. LL has seen some that look pretty bad in pixels that look a whole lot better bouncing up and down on little LoveLOS. It's easy to talk the talk but harder to walk the walk. LL's vote is SA is "Full of Shit" when whining about perfectly normal Thai girls and then not posting any himself. If SA does not like pictures of Thai girls or other used condoms, SA should avoid this thread.

John Skinless,
Well spoken, can I visit your zoo?

And so Traveller Tom cannot whine, I post a picture... Met this FL on Sukhumvit near Sio 17 about 2am. 1000St. Should have kept her LT. Calls herself Ning.


11-08-03, 19:15
SA is ashamed of taking his camera anywhere. It's the cheap disposable type with film and SA doesn't like to be made fun of. SA does not know how to use a digital camera. Even if he could, SA does not wish to share photos of his male lovers. SA has no idea what LOS is all about because he has been there too long. Working a dead end job and can afford katoey a$$ only at the end of the month. SA should save the 300b for tissue to clean his pecker because he can't really afford to buy a magazine. The WSG brotherhood of poon tang seekers can see through SA's BS. Noone secretly cares if SA is "impressed," but makes for fun reading as long as SA doesn't go on another repetitive, mental , and boring tangent.

P.S. This is an opinion (partially fact) and "like art, is open to interpretation."

11-08-03, 22:25
SA says:

"You will never see any of the trash or the beauties that SA fucks. SA doesnt take his camera when he screws. SA goes to fuck not to be a photographer. Isn't that what Thailand is all about."

Hey SA,

This is the Photo Gallery. I agree the pictures are not the best in the world, but at least these guys are making an effort to be constructive, and of course using the Photo gallery as it was intended. Your post is perhaps the least constructive thing I have ever experienced on the internet.

You make a post, on a free discussion board, in the photo gallery, where you state you never take photos, and deride others for using the photo gallery for it's intended purpose.

Then you cap it off with the statement that Thailand is ONLY about fucking.

Can you please post a picture of yourself so that if I should see you I can turn around and head the opposite direction.

I apologize to the rest of the board and Jackson for ranting in the photo gallery and not posting a picture, but that is ridiculous.

11-08-03, 23:57
MOS and others....

If you don't like SA ignore him. All you guys whinning like high school dropsouts is annoying to read... I have been ignoring you whiners but its getting silly again...

SA has a lot of opinions.. some are strong but he lives in Thailand and he and the others are entitled to their opinions. Make comments on others people's views/experiences even on pictures but stop the whinning.

If SA does not post pictures so be it. Who cares... Post your own pictures and shut up.


Joe Zop
11-09-03, 00:30
Amen, Juice, well said.

And for what it's worth SA also makes a most pleasant companion over drinks (not nearly as hyperbolic as he is here, with a great sense of humor) and I'd certainly not head in the other direction upon seeing him. In face, I very much regret I wasn't in LOS to make the monger gathering that took place, what, yesterday?

11-09-03, 08:51
Samas-san: Please post a photo so we know where you stand and waht, if anything, you like. Do you like small hooters, big noses, small butts, big lips? Let's see so we can judge. Personally, I find all these photos interesting. Just one photo of one Asian babe so we know what you like.

11-09-03, 19:50
SA will never post pictures of his wo"men". Surely this would disparage SA's image as a rich Bkk playboy who only fukks the top 1% of Thai models. I am very sure SA likes his wo"men" with big feet and hands as well as a very large adams apple. Add to that an exagerated walk and a suspect voice, and SA is in Buddah heaven. It is easy to put down WSG members and real Thai girls because it builds his already low self esteem. Also, working as an english teacher for 10 baht an hour is a hard living, bu SA will make ends meet. Occasionally selling his white backside helps pay for his fan room hell hole. Ha ha ha!

11-09-03, 21:15

SA doesn't want to post pics. Why? He ain't got them. That's probably the single best not posting reason that I can think of.
Suggesting that SA would have a preference for katoeys is totally pathetic, didn't SA post about a thousand times of his MP exploits and how quick he forgets about them?
So, get real and post some gawddamn pics yourself!

The picture with this post shows a girl I picked up at KKbar in Pattaya years ago. She was a bit of a disappointing fuck, but I liked the view.

11-10-03, 04:43
Hey Bandy!

Did you see this little spinner at Angelwitch? I bar fined her twice!

She is one of the traditional dancers there!

I miss LOS! Can't wait to go back!


11-10-03, 04:51
Here's a hot little spinner I found at the Tiger Complex in Phuket.

Lets have more photos guys!

Too many women , not enough time!


11-10-03, 04:52
It's all pretty funny. People here whining. Then people whining about the whinners. Now i'm gonna whine about the people who whine about the whiners. LOL

11-10-03, 16:20

Which is probably why, with 31 posts in the bag, you are still a regular member...

Pic: NOT a regular member... LOL

PS Nice pics Nocbj4me

11-10-03, 20:44

Thats fucking disgusting. Damn funny though -ROFL


11-10-03, 22:01
One thing you really need to watch out for is things that crawl around in your room in Thailand. Many different types of wild life can be found in your room. Around the water in the bathroom too is a place to be careful of, you never know what may be on the floor.

11-11-03, 17:27
For all of those newbies asking for direction around Sukhumvit, here is a map Courtsey of Bangkok Tonight.

Note: Red numbers indicate Sois
Oops. Here is the corrected one. If anyone has more updates let me know.

map © www.**************.com

11-11-03, 19:15
Be warned that this map has not been updated in over a year. For instance, Clinton Plaza no longer exists.

11-12-03, 06:30
Clinton Plaza is gone, but there are seven beer bars there and the taxi drivers still know where to take you when you tell them Clinton plaza... (Soi 13/1)

And it appears as if the new map was posted on edit.


I could not re-post this picture, but here is a link to the bars of NANA Entertainment Plaza:

11-12-03, 17:37

Although the Clinton Plaza is gone there are some beer bars next to it as you say. I could be wrong but I heard thet they are building Sofitel Hotel in that place.

Posted the pic for you.

Bear Foxtrot
11-21-03, 20:53
Hi everyone!

I was recently browsing through the archives, and I spotted this picture from Sex Review. She is sooo incredibly hot! I almost want to thank the expats who gave us these half - Thai gems! :) Can anyone possibly offer up anymore pictures or information about this one or any other girls like this? I would really appreciate it.


11-27-03, 17:35
Alexios Hellas,

What information did you want to know about her? How about a photo from another angle? I only have about 400 pictures of her.


You Got Male
11-27-03, 22:37
Wow sex review that is nice! I gotta find my way 2 thailand quick. Did you have her, was the service good?

Nice pix thanx again for the eye candy.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

Wine Guy 247
11-28-03, 03:37
Sex Review,

On behalf of mankind, it would be great to see the other 398 pics! Seriously though, great pics, would be nice to see a few more.


11-30-03, 07:39
Here is a pic from BKK #1

11-30-03, 07:40
Here is a pic from BKK #2

11-30-03, 07:43
Here is a pic from BKK #3

Bear Foxtrot
11-30-03, 10:04
Sex Review,

What wouldn't I like to know about her!? Please tell me all you can, I would love to hear it all. And any pictures that you can include would be greatly appreciated.;)


Alexios Hellas

11-30-03, 16:57
Meguro Joe,

Sorry Jackson does not have the space for all the photos but I will post a few more. As for the girl in question, yes we had lots of fun, oral skills only a little above average(but I have high standards) and the rest was great. As of 48 hours ago she was still working at Living Dolls Showcase Walking Street Pattaya.


12-04-03, 05:07
UMMMM.... Off the street in front of Thermea last week after midnight. What a beauty. 1000bt LT.

12-04-03, 05:41
Here's a real fun one from "love 4 you" bar soi 8. Her name is May. Huge soft natural hooters , sweet personality and a cute dimple. Get there early she goes quick.

12-05-03, 04:40

What is she holding in her hand?

1) mobile phone
2) your wallet
3) TV remote
4) none of the above



12-06-03, 20:11
Wonderlust photo dastuff,

Yes I can second that referal. She is genuinly sweet but just a bit shy on bj technique. I hope the greek boyfriend that sends her 30k baht a month does not see that photo.

Good luck finding her again because I do not believe she is a regular.

12-06-03, 20:19
How about this one. Shes cleans the room as well in the morning.

12-07-03, 06:34

Do you happen to remember the Thremae girl's name? She looks like a former friend...


12-07-03, 18:40
Globoto: Now there's a girl I would bring home to mom!

LoveLOS: Lot's of girls claim they are not regulars. This one claimed the same, and I do not remember her name . Sorry.

12-24-03, 00:52
it's dead over here.

Who likes belly button rings ?????

I DO !!!

12-24-03, 01:55
if you paste this one and the previous one together, one below the other.........

One Great Man
12-24-03, 03:12

I for one totally enjoy your explicit photos. Please keep it up! They are good viewing for a cold Manhattan night.

12-24-03, 03:16
thanks T1GM, it is hard work, but since nobody else wants to do it...

nice to see that it is appreciated.


Ed Wood
12-24-03, 03:28
Very pretty between the legs, one of the more attractive pussys I've seen. Got a face shot? I was wondering if the face was as fine as the rest of the body.

Thanks for the pics.

One Great Man
12-24-03, 03:59
1ball: Did you do the shaving, or was she prepared for you?

12-24-03, 06:31
T1GM, she is a friend of mine, a travel agent on silom road. I suggested, and she obliged.


Bearded Clam
12-24-03, 07:16

i likes very much! keep it up.


12-24-03, 17:23
Ed Wood, yes I do have a face shot, but out of respect for her, sorry.

Plus, my dick's in her mouth, so probably not too interesting to you guys, ( I hope ) LOL


Carlos Primeros
12-25-03, 06:43
1ball - a nice christmas present. Keep up with the good deeds.

Carlos Primeros

12-28-03, 08:35
Nana Plaza across from Nana Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 4:

Many go-go's and its worth it to peak in before commiting to a seat in one. You pay a bar fine typically 600b and anywhere from 1000B on up for services from the girl. I have seen postings of men paying 2500b for the girl but i have never paid that.

There are beer bars in the center with girls desiring to draw you in to buy drinks and possibly bar fine them out. The rate you pay for the girl is something she is comfortable with and you are comfortable with there is no standard rate here.

Nana plaza has one way in/out and its a bottle neck therefore its possible to comandere girls when they get off work.

12-28-03, 20:19

These are some photographs I aquired on another website.

Nothing special really.

12-31-03, 18:15
A photo of two girls I saw at Eden club.

12-31-03, 18:16
Girl I saw in Phuket.

01-02-04, 03:14
Time to add some new photos for the New Year, here is a shot of the lovely doorgirls at Living Dolls Walking Street Pattaya. I guess they think the more girls you put in front of the club, the more customers will come in the club? Photo taken New Years Year around 7:30pm.

01-02-04, 05:43
Wow those girls look to young to me.

01-02-04, 11:17
I agree. The girls look very young and I think the photo should be withdrawn.

Joe Zop
01-02-04, 15:12
I don't at all agree -- there are plenty of over-age women running around LOS looking like this, plus this is a shot any tourist could take on the street.

Jaimito Cartero
01-02-04, 15:45
Nothing wrong with the Living Dolls photo. Usually all their girls look young, but are of age.

Freak - Shouldn't you put up photos that YOU took. That's the whole idea, as I understand it. And if they're not special, then why waste the bandwith here?

Traveler Tom
01-02-04, 16:23
are you guys talking about the same photo?

this group is, on the whole, miles from the danger area - you must take off the sunglasses to get a better view!

don't be fooled by the schoolgirl uniform, though, i do not think that they have just come out of a geography lesson but i could be wrong.

have another look and let us know which one is **** (i.e 3rd from left etc.) . if this lot is approaching the danger zone god help you if you slip into one or two of the other establishments around - they are in gym slips!!

there is a possibility that you could, however, have a point - i cannot make up my mind about the bum and legs in the background!

01-02-04, 19:37

Right you are. Furthermore, there is nothing lewd or suggestive in that photo, so there could not be any legitimate claim to minor exploitation. It would be silly too withdraw it.


01-02-04, 19:39
About the Photo of the Living Doll Doorgirls that I posted earlier today. The Photo was taken on Walking Street, a public way in full view of the tourist police standing off to the left. Board members who have never traveled to Thailand may think the girls shown are young but in fact they are not. I know all the girls in the photo and the youngest girl is in fact 22 years old and the average age is about 25 years old. The fact is to westerners Thai girls look young, even when much older.

Not to start a debate here by we also must remember that a Thai is a legal adult within the Kingdom at age 15, Unlike in the United States when 18 or 21 is the age you become an adult. It is very common to see young girls by western standards working in the malls, hotels, and shopping areas. I see nothing wrong with the posting of this public photo.


01-02-04, 19:53
This is a photo I pulled from an Italian mongers msn site. I've got to meet this girl on the right when I hit Pattaya in 4 weeks. Does anyone have any information on her, where she usually works?

01-02-04, 22:09
the urge to be pc runs amok! it is a photo of women wearing clothes and at work on a public street. even if they were 10 years old, it would be legit. well, you might wonder why 10 year olds were touting a bar, but that is besides the point. we have good assurances they are not **** and so on.

i can understand and applaude the effort to keep any "child porn" from tainting this site. but you can get way too wrapped up in keeping it "clean".

now jackson makes the rules for the board. and as far as i understand, anything showing nudity or sexuality, the subject(s) have to be at least eighteen (18) years old.

but if you are showing a street shot, exterior shot, "snapshot of city life", then barring the rule above, i don't see what the problem regardless of age.


hi tatoosh,

i would have to agree. as a personal issue, i don't want any discussion of guys having sex with **** girls, but posting a photograph of a fully clothed girl standing on the street in what is obviously an unscripted situation does not cross that line.



01-03-04, 04:08
The photos below were taken at Siam Center in Bangkok, in the early afternoon. If you are not really interested in bar girls and want to date non pro Thai Girls then this is a great place to find them. Two things you should know, first if you don't speak some Thai your options will be very limited and a "date with a non bar girl is never one on one until the realationship has been going for several months. As can be seen from the below photos, in this case she had four friends with her.

Walter BKK
01-03-04, 05:36
An example of go go dancers in Pattaya.

Walter BKK
01-03-04, 05:39
This girl works at Sabai Land Massage in Pattaya. I had a session with her at the MP and then took her out for several days of fun! She is half Vietnamese and half Thai.

Walter BKK
01-03-04, 05:43
This beauty works at the Sabai Land MP in Pattaya. I took her for several sessions at the MP and she also met me after work for more fun in my room.

Walter BKK
01-03-04, 05:45
I bar fined this girl in Pattaya at one of the go go bars. She really has a sweet face and great body!

Walter BKK
01-03-04, 05:46
Here is another picture of Ying. I bar fined her in Pattaya for several days of fun!

Walter BKK
01-03-04, 05:48
Here are 2 freelancers in Pattaya. I had the one on the right. Her name is Nit.

Old Thai Hand
01-03-04, 21:06
the girls in the siam square photo from sexreview are definitely under-age. i'd say they're no more than 15 or 16 tops. you can tell by the state school haircuts they have which are regulation here in elementary and high school. siam square is a known teen hangout and unless you're a ****. you shouldn't be approaching girls there for anything nefarious. the other fact the sexreview has wrong is the one about 15 being the legal age in thailand. the age of majority is 17, not 15 and you have to be 18 to legally work as a gogo dancer. i teach law at bangkok university. i will tell you that the statutory [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) laws here are just as strict as in the states. they will particularly go hard on you if you are a farang. believe me, you do not want to end up in jail in thailand. although i don't want to be a moralizer here, i'm somewhat disgusted at times by the attitude of some of you towards thai women. thai hookers are thai hookers. but, they are in no way representative of thai women at large. it's like night and day. lumping them all together by making generalized statements like, "thai women are only good for fucking" is just ignorant. thai hookers are only good for fucking. thai women, on the other hand are for the most part gentle, polite, shy and lady-like. if you have the good fortune to actually get to know a "good thai girl" as they like to refer to themselves, it will take you months of work to ever get anywhere with her. that is, if you speak thai, which is essential. if you look like tom cruise or brad pitt, you might score more quickly. but generally, it's a long hawl. and, in the process, you will have to deal with her friends and family who will look you up, down and sideways mostly with curiousity in the case of the friends and with horror in the case of the family. farang visiting here and even many who live here have absolutely no idea about real thais or real thai culture. their perceptions are warped by easily available sex on offer by what thais consider to be the pond-scum of their society. of course, i indulge, to. but, i know that it is a fantasy and i know how to differentiate. i have had 'real' thai girlfriends. trust me, they are nothing like bar-girls.

i'll step away from the pulpit, now.

01-04-04, 05:53
Yes, asians in general look young especially if they're state side. I'm 43 myself. When I meet new people and we start talking about age, I always ask how old do I look. Their guess is always in the low 30s. That makes me feel very good.

Here's a girl I dated earlier last year. Met her at an incall. How old do you think she is? PM me what you think and I'll let you know.

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:30
Here is a picture of Win. She is a dancer in Pattaya. The picture was taken at night with poor lighting. She is an extremely attractive and sexy girl, a great GFE.

Body 9+
Face 8+
FS 9+

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:31
Here is another photo of Win. Once again, sorry for the poor lighting.

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:35
This is a picture of Tuk. She sometimes works at the Sabai Land MP in Pattaya. The papasan there told me she is flaky and unreliable but I enjoyed her the few times I had her! I arranged to meet her after she got off work several times and she always provided me with an excellent GFE.

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:38
This girl's name is Boom. She tagged along with us to the water park. She is a dancer somewhere in Pattaya, but I don't know which bar. She bragged about having several German boyfriends sending her $$$$ every month!

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:46
This girl works at a beer bar in Pattaya. Her name is Ratee. I was one of her first customers and she was really inexperienced. She undressed in the bathroom and wrapped herself tight in a towel. She kept saying she was "not pretty, don't look" that kind of thing. But she was hot and she had a great body. Too bad she kept it tightly wrapped up in the hotel towel during the sex.

You can tell this is a Polaroid picture

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:52
This is Oom. I found her at a bar on Soi Cowboy. She is cute but very business-like.

Member #2984
01-04-04, 10:52
NAILR that girl on the right you're talking about isn't a girl you idiot! Gotta watch out for them or you'll be straddling a Stick down there!

Walter BKK
01-04-04, 10:58
This is Tik. She is a dancer at bar on Soi Cowboy. I walked into her bar, saw her dancing in her little see-thru outfit and paid the mamasan her bar fine on the spot without even talking to her! It turned out ot be a good decision because she provided me with a great GFE.

Body 7
face 7
Attitude 9
BBBJ skill 9
FS skill 9

01-04-04, 16:51
Jaimito Cartero

Got your message there, in my opinion the girl in the picture wasn't very attractive, thats why I said "nothing special" which I suppose is in my prorogotive to say. I posted it because it may be of interest to other members, I thought that was the point of the forum. Also, my friend is currently in thailand and sent me 104 pictures, I posted some of them, I thought people would still want to see them although I didn't take them myself personally. However I won't do that any more. I didn't realise that was so important, but please be patient as I am relatively new to the forum and only just started posting. If anyone does want to see the pics my mate sent me you can email me I suppose. All in all though I've got to be honest this is a great place to people tp collaborate together and post their experiences. I will be visiting next year for the first time and have learnt a lot from this site, thanks to everyone who has posted.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

01-04-04, 17:48

If you ever find her make sure to check the merchandise before you take her? to your room. TG's don't ussually dress like that in bars.


01-04-04, 20:31
i agree that the girls in sex review's siam centre photo are definitely ****...
however, the ones in the living doll (walking street) photo are not...just because they wear school uniform doesn't mean they're school girls, and vice versa (siam centre photo)