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08-20-03, 04:39
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08-20-03, 16:56
I couldn't resist being the first post in a new forum. Here is a photo from the gas panic bar in Roppongi

08-21-03, 06:03
Endowed - nice pic! I think we have ALL been there at least a couple times during our years in Japan. Be honest, how many of those sweeties did you bang?

Here is a pic of a GOOD-LOOKING Japanese girl. OH, Madoka ....

08-21-03, 06:16
Here's another pic. A cute schoolgirl flashing her panties in front of a 7-11 ... what else could better sum up the sex secne here in Japan?

08-22-03, 01:54
Here is a picture of Reika, one of the girls available from a Korean Delivery Place I have tried.

08-22-03, 07:24
Fishmonger, I will never tell!

Can anyone guess which Roppongi bar this is taken in? Hint: It is below street level and this is the old location.

Lets see who gets around!

08-22-03, 13:55
Originally posted by Sailing
Here is a picture of Reika, one of the girls available from a Korean Delivery Place I have tried.
http://www.yukan.net/k-girls/index2.html RE: Korean Delivery Health

I had been interested about that Deli Health for some time, but was very suspicious about those pictures. Those girls are just too hot. I know they're Korean so it's possible that hot girls would come to Japan to make money, but I'm still a little doubtful.

Was the girl Reika the girl you requested? Did she look as she is pictured? Have you tried any other girls from that place?

08-22-03, 19:00
This is Mire a 22 year old Korean girl who works at the adult party I go to from time to time. Foreigners welcome if they speak Japanese or are accompanied by a Japanese friend. Best togo with a Japanese person the first time. Make sure they remember you if you plan to go again without your Japanese friend. At least find out what name your Japanese friend is using at the place.

08-22-03, 19:05
This is a picture of Reika who works for a Korean Delivery place, 21 years old great tight body and very sweet. Doesn`t come on as a pro but like a sweet inexperienced girl that she is.

08-23-03, 01:19

I have tried the service and in my case and a friend of mine who went with me, the girl on the web is not the girl I got. In fact, I complained on the phone with the mama-san after I rejected the first girl. She admitted that they use "sakura" often, which means fake to draw in more customers. In fact, I think there is a go-between the delivery service and you, so the girl may not know which number you called.

08-23-03, 15:19
This is Tania's pussy. She and her USAF husband are into threesomes. And John Skinless has to oblige:)

08-23-03, 15:24
Tania: nice smile for the camera. Slightly edited so Jackosn does not complain (except re no verb:) That's what swingers r4:)

08-23-03, 15:25
Big girl, big boobs:) Hey, to me, she is only a piece of meat, like I am to her. This is to show that there is lots of free pussy out there. But often it is best to shop around. Tomorrow I wil fuck a ho in Shinjuku even though I have plenty of freebies. Why do we do this? I know why I do:) Sailing: we might do a swop some day.
As I get older, I find fat women can be great fucks. Kyoko in Shin Okubo, BIG girl, is now one of my favorite watering holes. Built like an elephant, she sucks and finger fucks you to make you come quicker. Well worth 10,000 yen for two pops. The smaller ones can be good too, like small motor bikes, easy to rev up, especially if you work on their tiny tits. Women, if we forget about footballs, are the best toy ever invented.

08-23-03, 15:45
Here are some of my business acquaintences, I only fuck these when the other guy pays. I have fucked the chick in the middle and the lady on the left but it is too much work. Best to go for the bottm of the pool.

08-23-03, 15:48
Guess what these pussycats do for a living.

08-23-03, 16:00
No wonder she is smiling. She got to rim John Sinless. This is the same babe whose pierced pussy and milk crates are on display further down.

08-23-03, 16:03
Working hard for a living. Naked women for sale. Hey, I just fuck them.

08-23-03, 16:45
Yes, I got what I asked for at this place. I have to admit that it was rare to get the girl pictured when I called. The guy I took with me, a white foreigner who was accepted to be serviced was also very satisfied with the girl they sent him. The second time I tried to get her they told me that she was off duty at that time. I told them to send someone as good looking as Reika, the one they sent I immediately rejected the second one was a little better but nothing like Reika. The DC that she works for is K-Girls. It is listed on the Yukan.net URL I have posted earlier. It is hit or miss with many of these places but I have never been ripped off at any of these places and usually the girls they send are quite young and for the most part very inexperienced which I like.

08-23-03, 18:52
As Saling said, it may be rare to come the girls who are listed on homepage. But korean girls are generally enthusiastic and devoted than Japanese ones.
FYI : According to k-girls page on the yukan.net URL, they have 5,000yen discount canpaign now.

08-24-03, 17:38
I didn`t know that I went over to see Reika she was great as ever really sweet. I am planning to take her to the beach sometime early next month for lunch and hanging out on the beach. After a couple of times they are really quite fun to be with once you have gotten to be familiar with them.

08-25-03, 14:31
MAP DIRECTIONS ONLY for Cheap fuck: Get a train to either of the stations on the map. Take the backside (South) exit, not the Okubo dori exit. This is the cheap pussy area, 2 pops, 10k yen, no problem. Cheapest near Okubo back(south) exit. Walk the "main" street parallel to Okubo Dori, at the end of which there is a little park. Cheap Thai hookers are often at the at the other end during the day and a little fat Jap fuck with face mask at night. (she is very scared and as she does not pay the yakuza their 2,000 yen a day, she should be scared. Walking from Okubo to Shinokubo, the last two turns to your right before you get to the Shimokubo/Yamanote tracks are wehre the older hookers hang out. Some are good (cheap) fucks. Others only fuck Japanese so life is not perfect. If you see John Skinless prowling around, say hello. If you are a hooker, give me a good price:)
It is easy to get to the Seibu stroll. Just follow the Yamanote tracks and then the map above.

08-25-03, 14:42
MAP DIRECTIONS ONLY for Cheap fuck: Seibu Shinjuku is your marker. The Prince Hotel is o the Shinjuku side. At the other exit (the North exit), furthest from Prince, there is another exit. Some cheap pussy may be had here. Before you come to that exit (waking from Prince, there is a turn to the right. Walk up there and you find the hospital. Walk around the entire hospital block and you have trawled a major pussy area; TYou can bargain but, if they will take you, it is oftwn 15,000 yen for two pops. I have fucked most of them, soem good, some bad, all an experience. This has been another John Skinless social service.

It is easy to get ot the Okubo stroll from here. Streets and streets of pussy.

08-25-03, 16:10
Be careful though, the street just to the left of the hospital, if you are facing north, tends to have quite a few ladyboys from time to time. They are pretty easy to spot though.

09-20-03, 08:48
here is a J. cutie earning her Gucci bag the old fashioned way, he, he, he

09-20-03, 08:49
and the facial ...

09-20-03, 15:25
Hey fishmonger

Is she yui? And is he you? :)

09-24-03, 06:45
No, not me unfortunately, I just thought the photo section was a bit slow, so I posted some stuff.

Skinless - nice pics from 8/23 ... where were those pics taken? It looks like some kind of chose-the-girl brothel. Was it at a soap? Is that place gaijin friendly? Some of those girls look pretty good. Any info would be appreciated.

09-24-03, 07:18
Read the guidelines. Jackson has asked that we not post pictures showing sexual intercourse. Don't bring trouble to this very valuable forum, please.

Le Grand
09-28-03, 07:57

I too am interested in your 8-23-2003 posting of p4s.jpg

Real dig one of the girl in the line up. Can you share where that is and more pics of the line up?

I am considering of stopping over in Tokyo on my way to Singapore next month.

09-29-03, 03:46
Le Grand,

the skinless's pics are coming from an asian sex guide call:
there are infos about japan, thailand, philipine, HK, Malaysia, Singapore and china. It's a good base but the infos are a bit old.


10-27-03, 05:43
Had this one recently-picture tells it all.

10-27-03, 05:45
Ria/Rina is the #1 ranked at Hadaka No Osama in Osaka. No doubt why, as I can vouch for her.

11-21-03, 23:15
Not a wg, but pertinent nonetheless. You never know when it will come in handy!

12-29-03, 06:41
Yumi's butt.

02-07-04, 14:12
Here is a picture on one of the girls at the adult party. Her name is Kyoko nice rack, good service. Don`t tell her you saw her picture on the net, (just making sure, I am sure all of you know better than to do something stupid like that).

02-07-04, 18:06
Sojourn - you know also that one translation of "tissue paper" in Japanese is "horny papers"?

02-08-04, 10:51
Two younger babes by the hospital along the tree lined avnue of love hotels, who were offended when I snapped them earlier. Again, not my type

02-08-04, 10:54
Lazing on a Sunday afternoon, Kabukicho. Again, not worth fucking. The only good looker was about 55 but wanted 1 man for 1 fuck. Not from John Skinless. Pity as she was cute. lady like:)

02-08-04, 10:59
Just so you lurkers know how it works it Tokyo: you look at the dolls in the photo showrooms, phone up and make your order. Just like getting a pizza! But more fun!

02-08-04, 11:01
Very old but very popular hooker (fucks Japs only) Kabukicho half way between the two exits of Seibu Shinjuku. Ugly as hell but not as ugly as Beetle Bailey. I saw her marching in to work at 5 or so but I did not need my ass rimmed today (I showered before going out)

02-08-04, 11:08
Old hooker: Kabukicho by the hospital

03-07-04, 20:39
Dear Lion

how much for those girls shown in your 10/26 post. have onlly been mongering in Thailand but love Japanese Pussy

05-22-04, 22:31

Holy smokes, that's how they operate in Tokyo. Wow, it's so organized. And from looking at the "recommended" section, the ladies look stunning. Is this how many establishments in Tokyo ususally ran? It looks efficient.

Member #2129
06-27-04, 00:58

For Tokyo2.jpg, where is that? I will probably visit Tokyo again in December.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

07-13-04, 07:06
Member 2129, Skinless,

I dont know the answer to that, but its a great question. I was wondering the same thing!

Mac Daddy

08-04-04, 11:00
Misuyo or similar (I dont remember the name) in Osaka, Hotel Nikko
Perfect service !

08-04-04, 11:01
Misuyo 2

Hiroo Tokyo
08-06-04, 13:04

Nice picture, how did you hook up with her? I am in Osaka on business a lot.

08-10-04, 07:05
Here's the view from Koganeicho station looking into the zone. The elevated train tracks are on the left.

08-10-04, 07:06
In one of the alleys. The mini bars are under the red and purple awnings.

08-10-04, 07:07
Some free advice painted on a wall in the zone.

08-10-04, 13:47
New Japanese pussy, a dream itself. Taken at Hankyu Hotel in Osaka. I forgot her name, sorry

08-10-04, 13:48
Hankyu 2

08-10-04, 13:48
Hankyu 3

08-10-04, 13:50
hankyu 4

08-10-04, 13:51
hankyu 5, it was her first european dick incoming so she was happy I guess

08-10-04, 13:52
hankyu 6 , so she got a little stressed....

08-10-04, 13:53
hankyu 7

08-10-04, 13:54
hankyu 8

08-10-04, 13:58
hakyu 9 ... but she allowed me the pic of the week......

Fly Guy II
08-10-04, 18:04

Thanks for the great photo set. So happy to see you played safe. Keep them coming. Only wish I could get a digital camera and some girls to play model for me. Perhaps some lessons are in order.



Big JP
08-11-04, 10:34
I am new at this, but here are some pictures of two girls i picked up at a club in Tokyo. Club Asia. The total cost for the night was 20,000 yen including hotel, drinks and taxis home.

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:35
Another of the same two girls.

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:36
Number 3

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:38
Number 5

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:42
Both girls speak english well. I have one of the phone numbers. Not a pro by definition, I give them both 9 for effort. One was bi-sexual, the slim one was a first timer. I got off three shots in five hours.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:43

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:44
I love digital cameras.

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:45
The slim is Momo and the not so slim one is Satchi.

Big JP
08-11-04, 10:46
I hope you enjoyed them. Last one.

Mock A Bee
08-14-04, 01:14
Great photos!

08-15-04, 20:20
Great Photos fellas. Next best thing to being there.


Lubricate It
08-16-04, 14:05
sorry, technical difficulties. Can't get a photo to load!

Lubricate It
08-16-04, 14:47
This is sex in Asia at its best - Koganecho offer this for Y7,000 to Y10,000. Cheri is from Thailand and is aged 21. She charges Y10,000 but is not fussy about the time taken. She features Brigitte Bardot's good facial looks and hence the name. She had her first ever sex 3 months ago and is very passionate. Once penetrated she will kiss wildly and deeply, seemingly out of control. Here she has just performed a very deep CBJ and is waiting to be f***ked.

Lubricate It
08-16-04, 14:58
This is a typical upstairs room in one of the new buildings at Koganecho. It is air-conditioned. Next to the bedding may be seen a box of wet tissues, a bottle of lubricant (for internal use), a box of dry tissues, and neatly lined up in front of the tissues is a big stack of high quality condoms (the pink item).

Lubricate It
08-16-04, 15:01
The stairs at Koganecho are very steep and hazardous. Take care and don't lose your concentration. By the way, the Japanese junior high school uniform (and variiations on this theme) is the world's eighth wonder!

Lubricate It
08-16-04, 15:04
This is the street on the left side of the tracks, as one walks from Koganecho to Hinodecho. There were lots of pretty young girls standing in the doorways in bright colored clothes, but they all ducked inside as soon as I produced the camera.

Lubricate It
08-16-04, 15:09
The photo is taken just after walking across the zebra crossing after exiting Koganecho station and facing towards Hinodecho. It shows the lane on the right side of the tracks. The booths with the red awnings are part of the new construction, referred to sometimes on the Yokohama board. This lane tends to feature Chinese and Taiwanese girls. The lane on the left side of the tracks tends to feature young Thai girls, and some latinas.

Lubricate It
08-16-04, 15:17
I think it is time for a Koganecho special. Koganecho in Yokohama has the best deal on FS in the greater Tokyo area. Enormous choice, hassle free deals (you deal only with the girl), and cheap prices. Foreigners always welcome. Open 24 hours a day, every day. No worries from the police or gangsters, who occasionally, but rarely, can be seen.

This is the view when you emerge from the only exit at Koganecho station on the Keihin Kyuko line - travel from Shinagawa (30 minutes) or Yokohama (5 minutes) stations. Cross over the street and follow the two lanes on the left and right side of the tracks, towards Hinodecho station. You will soon see what is available.

08-16-04, 21:57
Thanks Lubricate It, these will be very helpful to those of us planning to venture to Koganecho for the first time.

Big JP
08-19-04, 11:51
Thanks Lubricate It, I will be heading to Koganecho Monday. I Will post a full report later that week.


Big JP
08-26-04, 09:47
Greetings fellow mongers,

Went to Koganecho today with wsg member Tokyo Fun (what's up TF). We arrived at 12 noon, only about 50 percent of the birds were out. Koganecho is really a place for quick and efficient service. Emphases on the quick 10,000 yen about 20-30 minutes depending on the girl. Most say they don't have showers, but all seem to have air condition. It is quite a trek for a quickie, coming from Tokyo. So I only recommend it if you have a couple of hours and 30,000 yen to spend. That way you can experience three or four girls and have dinner/lunch at a local bar/resturant.

Tokyo Fun (TF) seemed to get more attention as he looks japanese and speaks more fluently than I do. Language skills will get you further with the right girl. Many types to choose from as mention in previous post by other members (Thai, Chinese, Latin and I think one EU). Today I choose Yani? I am bad with names, maybe she said Yani. Yani is a petite Thai girl. nice tits, but bares the marks of the two kids she says she has. One good thing is while doing doggie, (one of four positions we did) she let me finger the black hole. She wanted 5,000 yen for greek. I passed on the greek (cheap skate). Overall TF and I had a had a good time. I would go back if I had another day off with nothing to do. Night time has more selections but the serviced is rushed.

face- 7/10
Body- 6/10
cbj- 4/10
fs- 8/10
enthusiasm 8/10
over all 7.5

I grade on a curve other's may disagree. For a mid-day romp with cute bird not bad.

Big JP
08-26-04, 09:48
Yani's room.

Big JP
08-26-04, 09:49
Yani the school girl.

Big JP
08-26-04, 09:50
Not into this costume but is was offered for free.

Big JP
08-26-04, 09:52
Gangster Yani.

Big JP
08-26-04, 09:55
Sorry, she wouldn't take it off.

Big JP
08-26-04, 13:29
Lubricate It,

Dude your directions are perfect thanks for help.


Lubricate It
08-27-04, 22:38
JP, that girl is known to me as Yuka. Her room is actually the one next door to the girl in the photos I posted. As I left that girl's room one day Yuka got my attention by calling out "mo ikkai?"which means "Have another shot?".

When I was leaving Yuka's room a few days later, the first girl recognised me from behind and made quite a number of cat calls, although she was good natured about it.

Your scale seems just about right, Yuka has a pleasant, deep pussy and the ability to grip hard, just as you come. She wraps herself around you nicely in the way Thai girls often do. She is orgasmic, although complained ever so slightly about c***k size, saying it hurt a little. Yes, her tummy looks pretty bad, and she knows it.

Big JP
09-07-04, 08:03
As promised, if you read my Tokyo report on Utamaro, these are the nampa girls after.

Big JP
09-07-04, 08:04
Another Kareoke bar shot with two girls.

Big JP
09-07-04, 08:08
Third shot of two girls.

Big JP
09-07-04, 08:09
Nice asses.

Big JP
09-07-04, 08:12
After the ass shot, I received a nice dual BBJ COF. Then the one on the left (who is from a previous post of mine) and I went for a walk. Naked in the park.

Big JP
09-07-04, 08:14
NIce and shaved. Last shot.

09-27-04, 20:43

Not bad brotha, not bad at all!. The one in black panties has a nice ass, as well as Yuma. What's the name of the park where you took the photos?

Big JP
09-28-04, 10:31

I don't remember the name of the park (wink wink). I will PM you with that info. And FYI BBJ in Kareoke room is "Da Bomb". Yuma, Mimi (new girl) and I are going to sing (+) tonight, I will post more photo's in a day or so. Mimi is a model in those cartoon magazine (magna).


Big JP
09-29-04, 11:56
What's up my mongering maniacs,

Here some photo's of another Kareoke night with my now regular Momo and a new friend (nampa style from Futaka-tamagawa) Mimi. Mimi is a model from a magna comic series. I have no idea which one but she showed us the photo's. She is very accomadating was willing to try everything. Good time by all for about 16,000 yen.

Big JP
09-29-04, 11:58
Having some fun.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:00
More fun.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:01
Wow that must taste good.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:02
Nice and slow.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:04
All together now.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:05
That's the way uh huh I like it.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:07
I love it when a plan comes together.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:09
I was starting to feel a little left out

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:10
One on one.

Big JP
09-29-04, 12:12
Last one.

09-29-04, 19:57
Big JP,

Those were outstanding pics, please tell me you have more of nudes of these girls. It makes me want to fly to Japan.


Seoul Food
09-29-04, 21:41
Big JP,

You're my f&*#ing hero!

Seoul Food

Daddy Lows
09-29-04, 23:43

Hot damn. Niiiice! :)


09-30-04, 00:24

Go on JP!!, do the damn thang!!:D

Big JP
09-30-04, 09:54
Yo my fellow hunter,

Thanks for showing me all the love on photo's. Going out again tonight. This time Momo, Mimi and maybe Yuma. Three and me at a hotel. I am going to try and shoot some video. I will need advice as to how to link it to the forum and if it is okay to do so.


10-01-04, 01:40
Good Lookin out! Nice pics folks. Good to see you havin fun. Enjoy!


Big Boy 29
10-01-04, 14:44
Big jp you the f%&# man!! How did you meet them?

10-02-04, 04:15
Big JP-you are living every WSG-poster's wet dream!

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:45
What's up fella's these are the photo's from my night out with fellow mongerer and WSG member Swisscottg and friends Aya and john. Enjoy. Photo 1.

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:48
Photo 2

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:49
Photo 3

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:52
Photo 4

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:53
Photo 5

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:55
Photo 6

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:56
Photo 7

Big JP
10-07-04, 02:58
Photo 8

Big JP
10-07-04, 03:00
Photo 9

Big JP
10-07-04, 03:02
Photo 10

Big JP
10-08-04, 07:07
What my monger dudes,

In the Tokyo section thier is a full report on Swisscottg (WSG member) and Big JP's (me) adventures with Aya (new girl). If any of you are ever in Tokyo send me a PM, if I have anythings going on I'll hook you up.

Spread Love


10-08-04, 15:38
Big JP,

You ARE the Pimp Daddy! Thanks a ton for both the pics and the offer, I think I just may take you up on it in a couple months! Keep on keepin on bro.

Member #1762
10-12-04, 03:30
Thought I would add a few pics of the girls down here in Osaka. This first one was great, ookii opi (big tits) and great oral skills! Her name was Rina, 25 years old.

Member #1762
10-12-04, 03:34
Here is another of Rina in action! Love those tits!

Big JP
10-13-04, 03:50
Fellow mongers,

I have received much respect and love from many of you for my photo's. However I received a disturbing PM from Dark knight, Questioning my sexuality ("Did I post the Homo photo's") and everyone else's who has enjoyed 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 group action. He has since sent me many follow up e-mails to support his shallow opinion.

Anyway because of this I have decided to keep my photo's to myself. I don't have time for such nonsense. It is truly sad when members try to force their own belief and way of life onto others. The point of the forum is to share info with each other on how to get laid in different countries and to also show some of your conquest. Not to bash other member's for doing things within the rules and guidelines of the forum. It is very surprising considering he is a senior member. I have posted many photo's of my self with two woman and other group action.

Thank you and happy hunting.

And to Dark Knight Your first PM to me I told you I respected your opinion. If you don't like my photo's when you see my post you could have just skipped it. You seem to believe that your mongering is some how more acceptable than mine. Dude it's a sex forum, I followed the rules set by Jackson and his crew, grow-up or calm down which ever you prefer.

My apologies to the rest of the member for wasting your time on this matter.


10-13-04, 06:03
Big JP,

Keep those good pix rolling in, makes me want to go to where you are at now. You are the KING !!!

Monger II

10-13-04, 07:48
Big JP,

In each and every section/country of this incredible website you will find those poor idiots, which - out of envy and because of incapability - can't help but throw mud on others.
Be assured, I have a lot of respect and gratitude for your contributions here.


10-13-04, 08:17
Dear JP,

I am wondering about the policy of this board with respect to such behavior as you mentioned. If you forward those PMs to the moderators, can they block this person from bothering you with his PMs? Or even expell this person in a grave case?

I assure you that we others will miss your photos very much and hope that you will reconsider.


10-13-04, 08:45
Big JP,

Your pictures have always been outstanding and one of the main reasons why I check this website so often. Please don't let one confused individual stop this.


10-13-04, 10:42
Without doing a search for Dark Knight's posts to see what he's all about, I can say for sure that I want Big JP to keep posting his pics. I could care less what DK decides; that's really more between him and Big JP than for the rest of us to chime in on, I think. It was a PM deal after all. Regardless, I doubt DK would leave just because any of us said he should, and that's probably the way it should be unless he did something on a public forum that was cause for getting kicked off.

Main thing for us to do here is let Big JP know how much we like him and to not let some dude with racial, er, sexual status hangups interfere with his (and our!) happiness.


10-13-04, 11:30
Big JP,

Weel done. Great pictures.

Make it continue.



10-13-04, 11:31
I say keep 'em coming Big JP.

Don't let a &%*#$ with a chip on his shoulder keep you from sharing.


Old Thai Hand
10-13-04, 11:38
Big JP,

I think your pics are great. Don't be deterred by one moron.

Is this the same Dark Knight on the Brazilian board?

If so, I'm not surprised by your having trouble with him. I've noticed a real prejudice against Asian women among a few posters over there, as if the sun rises and sets with the fat-assed, ugly chicas they seem to prefer.

Let them stay on their side of the pond and leave us our lovely Asian beauties.

10-13-04, 13:23
Big JP,

I can relate to what your saying, but do not change your ways. You set the standard on this forum and every one of us in one way or another envy you. As for Dark Knight, if this bothers you, I suggest you find a different forum to complain in.


Rolly Polly
10-13-04, 14:41
Big JP,

Your photos are commendable! Dark Knight must have been having a bad day in mongerville so just ignore it!

Keep the posts and photos coming.

John Tokyo
10-13-04, 15:13
First post. JP's pics and description of his outings are to say in one word "OUTSTANDING"!! No comments on the DarK Side.

Dark Knight
10-13-04, 21:36
"many" follow-ups = ONE (1) response to HIS question.

My comment remains: If I'm gonna do a threesome, I'm inviting another GIRL, not another GUY. Just one man's perspective. Call me confused. Any Time.

My posted pics speak for themselves. Pls refer to Brazil photo gallery of Sept 12.

Does the P in PM still stand for Private? {"Dark Knight took my lunch money."}.

Netter, Trim: cool your heels with that. Nobody likes a snitch.

You are MEN traveling the world and having paid sex..... are you THAT sensitive?

I love you all.

10-13-04, 23:53
We are sensitive when one of us gets attacked, whether it be by PM or whatever. Particularly when it is someone like JP who had taken a lot of his time to share with us, and the attack makes him feel like his sharing isn't worth the trouble because someone like you feels they need to define the gender makeup of a 3P for him. It' s not as easy getting paid sex here in Japan as other places, if you are a foreigner, so for lots of us, reading these boards and, better yet, looking at pictures like JP's, is a vicarious pleasure for us. That's why you see so many upset members here!

I would recommend taking this conversation either onto the Japan-Nampa board or the Japan-General Info board. Doesn't really belong on the Photo board if we are down to talking what genders should compose a 3P. Personally, I am straight as an arrow, but if I have the chance to do a 3P with another straight guy and a nice looking lady, I wouldn't hesitate. (and I haven't.)

10-14-04, 00:39
"My comment remains: If I'm gonna do a threesome, I'm inviting another GIRL, not another GUY. Just one man's perspective. Call me confused. Any Time."

DK seems to live in a fantasy world where other girls jump at the chance to have 3Ps anythime he suggests it. In the real world, it is pretty rare for a girl to want to share her guy with another chick(especially if she is unpaid). Guys too are not usually that eager, but in this case JP was nice enough to include a couple pals.

Of course we have seen from other outstanding picts that our man JP is quite capable of scoring a two-for-one as well.

I seem to remember the whole deal with this Aya chick was that she wanted a group scene, and our hero was able to provide it. Remember, she was the one commanding the guys to do her this way and that.

Dark Knight
10-14-04, 01:16
Well, Lion...Call it fantastic, then. Because the 3somes that I have had (both paid and UNpaid) have been 2F1M. My comment remains.

Funny thing, gents: if you are willing to take the positive comments, you gotta be able to take the negative ones. Also, if you are gonna expose your sex life (the nature of this board), then you can't very well expect to draw tight parameters around other people's views.

I've seen some very good pictures from Big JP (much props on those), and I've seen some that 'raise suspicions'.

Ambassador: Interesting perspective. I didn't realize that wasn't common in Japan. Maybe it IS a cultural thing. In Latin America, and throughout N. America, the 3somes are VERY easy to come by. In fact, if you go to ciaplusdotcom, you will notice that they offer a FOUR girl party for about US$ 135.

My thought: If some random guy commented privately to me on some pictures I posted,...big whoop!! I wouldn't have a hissy fit and go all drama queen about it.


Big JP
10-14-04, 02:25
What's up my fellow mongers,

It seems DK is in the minority (he probably spends most of his life there). So since I've received so much support from my other WSG brother's, I will continue to post my photo's.

FYI all my 3p's and 4p's have been free (I only paid for drinks or singing, all were non-pros'). I having a swing party on saturday. Three on Three with some of the girls you have seen before. My regulars (wink- wink). I will post by monday. I also requested member upgrade it should be any day now.

The DK issue is dead now back to the fun.

Thanks for all the positive emails and post. I really appreciate it.


(nampa prince)

Dark Knight
10-14-04, 05:05
Big JP,

Thanks for all that mindshare. Not sure why you were ever considering changing your behaviours based on what ONE person said.

Don't let people get in your head like that.




H Mondays
10-14-04, 06:14
To DK,

Will all due respect, [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off!

WE enjoy Big JP's photos and who the f*** are you to judge. I don't post a lot (obviously) but really enjoy this forum, I have a stressfull job and it breaks up my day and allows me to daydream.

Keep on posting Big JP, I with a lot of members enjoy your input!


Luv China Pussy
10-14-04, 08:55
Big JP,

Since you're an African American, I was wondering what's your size. I mean most Asian girl's pussies are quite small. Although, no doubt some girls like them big. But generally, I think Asian girls are terrified at the sight of Black dicks due to the size. Anyway, been enjoying your excellent photos and i wish i were in your shoes. Sure, would like to hook up with you if i ever arrive in the land of the rising sun.

Member #1859
10-14-04, 19:50
Do jap chicks suck dick good?

10-15-04, 11:05
Member #1859,

In a word.....YES!

Next question? ;-)

Havana Moon
10-15-04, 11:09
Is this really a Photo Gallery? It seems more like a teenagerchat.

Dark Knight
10-15-04, 14:37

Who am I to judge?

A better question would be: why would a grown-ass man get his panties in a wad and change his long-standing behaviours over ONE (1) guy's opinion - which was sent to him via PM???

Would you have gone on multiple boards and threatened to stop posting? Is that manly?

Nobody EVER told him NOT to post. Certainly not me. Your friend is a drama queen..

Don't send insults hiding behind your computer monitor. THAT'S COWARDLY....and boring. The thread was over, and you re-started it. Stop cackling like housewives.

If there's anything that anyone would like to say to me in person, please let me know (ThaiHand, Lion)..... via PM.

Big JP
10-15-04, 15:30
My fellow monger,

I humbly request (thank you all for coming to my defense/aid) that we drop the subject. I realize, although the Dark Nit disagreed with my photo's it would be pointless to try and convince him that my photo's are not a result of homosexual behavior.

Each post that he makes he insult me or another member. As Jackson (the gate keeper) would say "ignore him and maybe he will simply go away".

As I stated before, I will continue to post photo's, the sole reason I was going to stop posting was to avoid the possibility of this causing my identity being discovered. I am not one to change my mind because of the opinion of one man. Please, I am a very strong individual, however considering my status in Japan and how easynwould be for me to be identified, I try to avoid needless confrontation.

The Dark Nit has proven himself to be both homophobic and generally small minded. He is free to be that way.

Please brother's let's drop the issue before get further out of control.
Again thank you all for your support and guidance. I hope this last post on the Dark Nit puts it all to rest.

Thank you

Jackson> I apologize again, for the disturbance in the photo section. This site is a winderful service for all of us mongers.

Rolly Polly
10-15-04, 15:56
Although I don't think Big JP's pic was in the least bit gay, I do agree with DK that he response was a tad cowardly. It was admirable to not flame, but threatening to not post?

DK, your photos are second to none, but remember to keep your video vigilante buddy out of my neighborhood. :)

Joe Zop
10-15-04, 16:32
Still, chiding people about hiding behind their computer monitors sending insults while simultantaneously saying someone is a drama queen, getting their panties in a wad, and questioning their manhood after sending PMs questioning their sexual orientation isn't exactly pouring water on a fire. (Umm, how exactly is sending a PM in an anonymous forum any less about being cowardly and hiding behind a monitor while throwing an insult than posting in a forum?)

Move on folks! Bravo to all who share information and pics.

Dark Knight
10-15-04, 21:15

The 'Dark Nit' comments indicate that you are NOT willing to drop it. There you go again with the feminine behaviour. True Colours.

Big Ups, Rolly.

Member #2722
10-17-04, 02:22
Hey kids,

End of subject, please please please! If you still have issues you want to discuss, save it for the PM's. In the meantime, lets get some more photo's happening!

Big JP
10-19-04, 03:46
Photo 1, She is a little shy.

Big JP
10-19-04, 03:56
The girls are a bit camera shy.

Big JP
10-19-04, 04:20
Aya, Posing for her boyfriend in Texas.

Big JP
10-19-04, 05:32
Still trying post this pose.

Big JP
10-19-04, 05:52
The fun is just getting started.

Big JP
10-19-04, 05:57
The girls are really liking this.

Big JP
10-19-04, 06:04
Girls work very nicely together. TEAMWORK. Try to reach a common goal.

Big JP
10-19-04, 06:17
Isn't great when two straight women discover thier bi-sexuality?

Big JP
10-19-04, 06:20
Maybe I should let them kiss each other after I get off.

Big JP
10-19-04, 06:37
They won't stop, I have created monsters.

Big JP
10-19-04, 06:43
Okay, okay break it up.

Big JP
10-19-04, 06:52
Okay that's better. Girls are refocused.

Big JP
10-19-04, 07:01
While this photo was taken we were listen to the best of N.W.A. the song was she swallowed it.

Big JP
10-19-04, 07:10
Hey I organized this little party don't leave me out.

Big JP
10-19-04, 07:20
Too drunk can't hold back. Must try not to explode.

Big JP
10-19-04, 07:31
I have the worst aim or the best depending on your point of view.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:26
Okay really really really bad aim.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:30
I'm guessing I should have fed the little darlings.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:38
Now maybe I should order pizza or something?

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:42
Now everybody hungry, too much margaritas and no food.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:46
The sex toy makes an appearance.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:48
With just a lttle vibrant (vibrator) motivation.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:52
I guess the trip to don quixote was well worth it. (See post in nampa section on how this night/day started.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:54
John goes at Aya I get a little mo' head.

Big JP
10-19-04, 08:56
John say JP should get friend of the year award.

Big JP
10-19-04, 09:06
John and Aya "put your legs in air if you's a true playa".

Big JP
10-19-04, 09:11
When know you are too drunk and won't remember your orgy. Digital Camera's the wave of the future.

Big JP
10-19-04, 09:18
The beast comes out of John.

Big JP
10-19-04, 09:20
Damn too drunk bust, he's gonna regret that last magarita.

Big JP
10-19-04, 09:24
Yup he's regretin it alright. plaese not on the girls.

Big JP
10-19-04, 09:44
Well My Mongering Bud's,

I hope you enjoyed my new photo's. You can read the post in the nampa section. It was a pretty crazy night. After that I went to Karaoke with two birds I just met. I took some photo's of that also. I will post the photo's and story in a couple of days. I am getting too old for this s**t. The drinking and f***ing wore me out. I am making this a twice monthly thing and I have three girls commited, myself and John. So if anyone out there wants to join alone or with a girl it's cool.

The cost is less than 5,000 yen to cover your share of the food/drink and taxi's for the girls at the end of the night (what ever we spend we split it between the guys). All girls are nampa/girlfriends so we treat like ladies at all times. John's house holds up to eight people max.

I hope this helps.

BIG JP (nampa prince)

Can any tell me what this is a picture of, I can't remember?

Paul D
10-20-04, 19:12
I may be wrong, but aren't all the posts by JR under this title supposed to have pics attached??

Did JR neglect to attach them or did they get swallowed by Jackson's new software? haha

Paul D
10-20-04, 19:16

I meant JP. Sorry, my bad!

Big JP
10-21-04, 09:49
What's up my fellow Mongers,

Sorry about that. The new system must have confused me. Any way I asked Admin if I should re-post or will they allow me to edit. Hopefully I will have an answer soon. I will get the photo's on the board.


Trust me they are good.

Big JP
10-23-04, 09:09
What's up my fellow Monger's,

Here are some photo's that didn't make the origanal cut. I am still waiting on a response from Admin. They are busy sorting the kinks out of the new system, I can't edit until they decide on my upgrade. :(


10-24-04, 19:23
They look great JP.

Anymore you can share?

10-25-04, 00:55

Maybe you could post those pics as new messages, rather than waiting to see if you get the membership upgrade in order to edit the old ones. Probably no less hassle and you will get extra karma points from the rest of us who are quite curious to see them ASAP.

10-25-04, 05:06
Why don't you just rename the pic files differently and try posting again? (Sorry if this is a stupid question; I have never posted any pics, so I don't know what is involved.)

I read your play-by-play on the Nampa board. Outstanding as usual. :) I look forward to reading about your future conquests.


Big JP
10-25-04, 09:38
The girls, so shy.

Big JP
10-25-04, 09:43
How nice the girls lick oops like each other.

Big JP
10-25-04, 09:47
And for a little sucky, sucky.

Big JP
10-25-04, 09:51
Once they start kissing the girls can't stop.

Big JP
10-25-04, 09:54
The beast that is John. And the woman who love him.

Big JP
10-25-04, 10:00
Every one is hungry so every eats.

Big JP
10-25-04, 10:05
Cumming to a close.

Big JP
10-25-04, 10:10
These are the orgy pics the report is in the nampa section. Hey Trim thanks for the concern all is well with me in Tokyo.

Will for Sure
10-25-04, 20:45
Hey Big JP,

I just happened upon your pics. It's the real WORLD SERIES. I'm gonna get the passport renewed, Thanks Buddy.

Randy Farang
10-27-04, 01:55
Big JP,

You obviously figured out how to get posted. That's quite a series. Keep up the great work!


Big Kev
10-27-04, 12:30
Great series of pics, Big JP!

Thanks for sharing.

Paul D
10-28-04, 08:47
False start notwithstanding, these pics clearly establish JP in the pantheon of monger-pic posters.

The non-posting flamers among you may now aasume the position. Haha!

Lance Alot
10-29-04, 13:50
Big JP,

A great big thank you for a wonderful set of pictures.


11-27-04, 05:31
I think when you post some pictures here of girls you pickup in Japan that exceed what JP has posted, you can criticize to your heart's content. Until you are able to produce something for us to compare, why troll like this? JP's girls are extremely hot, mainly because they are the real thing. I won't speculate about you because I know nothing about you and I'm not into personal attacks or anything like that. Just knock off the troll activity and enjoy whatever you can from this forum.

JP is living most guy's dreams because he goes out and does it and is kind enough to share it here. Of course, I'm envious and if you're not then you must be some sort of superstud. Please share what you have with us and let the forum members judge it.

I thought the whole purpose of this was to find beautiful women at cheap prices, not watch pictures of middle age dogs? Even assuming argendo that these women are young and beautiful and hot--which they are not, how many times can you view something or information on them. There are more photos of JP than the girls. I thought this site was devoted to chasing hot free or cheap pussy, not paying homage to middle age dogs or showing photos of naked man. Dude, that is too gay.

11-27-04, 07:35
My suggestion is that if you don't like the girls or the pictures, just don't look at them anymore and let the rest of us alone to enjoy what we might enjoy.

Those who follow this board know that we just got through a discussion stimulated by this sort of unkind comment. My vote is for ignoring it and moving on.

I thought the whole purpose of this was to find beautiful women at cheap prices, not watch pictures of middle age dogs? Even assuming argendo that these women are young and beautiful and hot--which they are not, how many times can you view something or information on them. There are more photos of JP than the girls. I thought this site was devoted to chasing hot free or cheap pussy, not paying homage to middle age dogs or showing photos of naked man. Dude, that is too gay.

11-27-04, 16:09
I thought the whole purpose of this was to find beautiful women at cheap prices, not watch pictures of middle age dogs? Even assuming argendo that these women are young and beautiful and hot--which they are not, how many times can you view something or information on them. There are more photos of JP than the girls. I thought this site was devoted to chasing hot free or cheap pussy, not paying homage to middle age dogs or showing photos of naked man. Dude, that is too gay.I think you are mistaken, this forum is not about "free or cheap pussy." It is about pussy and sex in a much larger sense. We come here to know what to expect when we go somewhere, in order to get what we want and to avoid getting ripped of.

If you want cheap and hot, then read the postings concerning cheap and hot. Others may have different tastes, and they will be interested in different posts. So keep bitching about individual posts that you don't like, especially if, as is the case with JP's posts, others have already expressed their appreciation.

If you find here what you are looking for, then enjoy and be happy. If you don't find it, then you may as well stay away.

Daddy Lows
11-27-04, 21:59
Guy #2,

What was that again? :rolleyes:

Big JP,

Rock on dude.

Courtesy of Big JP: http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showpost.php?p=281974&postcount=93


11-29-04, 06:54
I don't know if I should say anything, given that Mr. Johnny-come-lately has just stumbled onto a thread which we exhusted about a month ago. Still, I encourage all lurkers out there to be brave and post your successes.

If you do a cute 20-something J-porn star, take picts and post, I'm sure we will all be calling you our hero too!

Guy #2
11-29-04, 08:01
I am not going to post anying because I am not in a contest to see who is gayer. Coming from a guy name Homer, you should post something. I am scanning the sites to see where is the next place to go to get cheap hot women. I could a be a 400 pound Turk. Dude, the minute you pay someone, you can forget about the beauty contest. Second, perosnality more than looks gets ass. BUT that is not the point. You remind me of some guys who become very protective of their thread and posts like this is some kind of country club. I am scanning for information. When I see something that looks gay, I say it looks gay. Especially when a guy posts 40-50 photos of himself.

Guy #2
11-29-04, 08:11
Do you guys actually think that the women you posts here is some indication of how studly you are? I had a father rent me his 21 year old daughter in Cambodia as an escort for 100. I took her to a movie. She did not want to go home because she was afraid the next guy who would rent her might ass fuck her. I got girls in the US who show up for sex from a phone chat line. Then there are all these milfs and women who put out after meeting you on Match.com or love at AOL. You can always (1) get a woman and (2) find some freak who will do anything.

That is not the point.

The point is where can you find a beautiful girl for cheap prices based on economic market forces?

Japan is like the US or Western Europe. The girls who are freaks tend to be a little older, uglier. Seeing a middle age woman get fucked by two guys half her age is not something new. Of course, I appreciate the posts. I was just kidding the guy.

But the point is I am looking for gold. Show me a young Japanese girl who will put out. It is hard, I know, because you need to speak the language and mingle with the locals. That, though, is the information I am looking for. Seeing a middle age dog get banged is not new. That is very common in any country. Even in the US. Try the show Desperate Housewives.

It is a sad day for men in general when we have to get off on someone who likes like our grandmother. That is why I encourage what you all are doing. Maybe someone out there will score with a hot young college Jap girl for $40 for 3-4 hours.

If you want to fuck Jap women, there is a Japan American or Japan England society in or Japan-whatevere. Japs love white dicks. It only costs 40-100 to join. You go there and meet Jap expatriates, mostly women. It is easier to get in their pants when they are on your turf (pressure to conform). All Japs like to confirm. But on their turf, you are a blonde freak.

11-29-04, 08:18
I don't want to start a flaming war, but a casual search through this fellow's other posts leads me to suspect he is interested in stirring things up. In addition to racist, antisemitic and ethnic slurs, there are a goodly number of posts that are just downright hostile to others. I'd forget him and move on.

11-30-04, 12:14
Hi Guys,
I took this summer "Ukuda" or similar like that to New Hankyu Hotel, Non-Pro ! I took her from a small beer bar close to Hankyu Station. We spend nice evening in the bar and I tried the game whether she would really join me to hotel, and she did and I could not resist. Enjoy !

Big JP
12-08-04, 11:32
What's my fellow mongers. I see I am still the talk of the town. I think guy 2 probably only viewed my orgy photo's. Any one who has been following my earlier work knows they girls are under 25 and with the exception of one they are all nampa girls. My record speaks for itself.

Hundreds of views of my photos' and only two complaints, I can live with those stat's. FYI if you don't like my cooking, don't keep eating my food and complaining about it. Cook your own.

12-10-04, 15:41
hey jp,

glad to see your post. i had been wondering what was up with you and hoped the party poopers hadn't gotten to you too much. looking forward to your pics.

12-15-04, 07:24
You rule JP, wish I could find girls that'll let me take their pictures, all the freebies I encounter won't let me take pictures.

Got any pointers?

03-19-05, 01:09

Where u at bro? Been a bit since you chimed in. Holla! your pics were off the hook!:D

X Man
03-28-05, 14:59
This lady was passing out drink coupons at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I asked her to put her phone number on it. She laughed and said, "next time".

Yea, right.

03-29-05, 07:27
Here's some of a jgirl I met in Melbourne.

03-31-05, 09:45
Great to have a few photos, even if they are from overseas! Obviously her place given all the crap next to the bath.

Well done.

Crazy Jim Wood
03-31-05, 19:07
Here's some of a jgirl I met in Melbourne.
Did she have two suitcases just for all her toiletries? Jesus fucking Christ... I'm surprised there is room to get in the tub.

Deep Diver
03-31-05, 22:07
At lest you konw she will smell nice and she takes seriously the thought of cleaning herself. That being said I aint met too many japanese girls that dont. They seem to be one of the cleanest people I have ever met.

04-01-05, 05:40
Hey Bunko,
That J-girl, here name didn't start with a "T" did it?....Was she living in Melborne recently or just visiting.....looks awfully familiar but need to see a frontal shot to confirm.....just curious! Happy Hunting!

04-02-05, 05:58
Hi all,

Yes it's her place. I guess there are plenty of toiletries now you mention it. No, her name starts with an "h" lol. She was here at uni, we met at karate and she's back in yokohama now. I'm goin over end of the year hoping. Now I just want another jgirl.

I'll post some more if anyone wants to see them.

Shyfool 81
04-02-05, 22:01
Yeah, it'll be great if you post more of her pics.. :)

04-03-05, 06:26
That's cool....I guess from behind they all look the same! lol... Enjoy!

04-06-05, 08:25
Some more when she was here.

Big JP
04-11-05, 12:05
I have been exploring S & M. This is one of my regulars.

Big JP
04-11-05, 12:21
A few more.

Big JP
04-11-05, 12:27
last three.

04-18-05, 22:18
Welcome back Bro, good too see you posting your expolits again!:)

Street Car
04-27-05, 06:52

Its my first time here in the Japan scene,gotta handed it to you dude,you da man. LOL Love the pics man! Good work.

Street Car

Guy #2
05-22-05, 04:31
In my opinion, they both are dogs.

Guy #2,

What was that again? :rolleyes:

Big JP,

Rock on dude.

Courtesy of Big JP: http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showpost.php?p=281974&postcount=93


05-23-05, 03:39
In my opinion, they both are dogs.

I'm sure most Japan forum residents would agree that JP does a great service to the fellow monger.

Those not living in Japan who are just looking for free picts and never post anything useful on this country need not comment...

Big JP
05-26-05, 16:22
I keep getting "can't find server" message when I try to load Photo's. Anyone know why. Please help me out. I have 3 dozen photo's.

05-27-05, 00:16
Somebody! Help!

Can't wait to see what you've been up to Big JP. Wish I could help, but I've never uploaded photos here. Maybe a firewall or virus software problem? That's the kind of advice I usually see for just about any problem nowdays, but may not be applicable here.

Looking forward to your pics. Lion's right, the people actually here in Japan, like me, appreciate your stuff. As much as the pics, I like your telling what transpired before, during and after the pics were taken. Keep on keepin' on. :)

I keep getting "can't find server" message when I try to load Photo's. Anyone know why. Please help me out. I have 3 dozen photo's.

Lance Alot
05-29-05, 09:43
I keep getting "can't find server" message when I try to load Photo's. Anyone know why. Please help me out. I have 3 dozen photo's.Big JP,

Have a look in the Letters to the Editor section (************* > Site Administration > Letters to the Editor > Photo Viewing Issues).

There might be something there that can I help. (I used the information there when I had trouble viewing photos).

Guess you can also post a question in that forum to Jackson too.


05-31-05, 06:20
Long time since I have posted anything on this forum. Here are some pics of a freebie I often meet. Unfortunately, she is not into 3P. I have never done it with 2 girls at the same time, but how I would love to.

This one is 23, with nice breast and a good perfomer. Not skiny but not fat.

(we were a bit drank that day so I forgot to put on the raincoat.... my bad)

Member #3097
06-01-05, 00:38
Fukuoka is not too far from Osaka and they have a BBBJ shop called Angel. They do let non japanese in. They girls are beautiful and they allow multiple pops. 20 minutes is about 4000 yen and for and extra 1000 yen you can choose your girl. The place is located near the American mall named Canal City.

Good luck,

Slim Desu

Big JP
06-01-05, 14:38
Hope it works.

06-01-05, 16:45
Hope it works.

Hey, it works for me big guy :)

Looking forward to the rest. And the story that goes along with the pics, of course!


06-01-05, 17:11
Hey JP IT works man.

But I would not be waisting the batteries on getting her wet I have fingers for that and a lot more fun.

So O.K lets see the main feature!!!



Big JP
06-02-05, 02:46
Getting ready for her performance.

Big JP
06-02-05, 03:03
It all about the show.