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08-22-03, 07:03
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08-18-06, 12:36
See attached a Nepali girl. Not so good looking, but nice oral and a screamy girl. Let me know if you want her number. I will only give number on another number sharing :)

Enjoy pics before the session.

08-18-06, 12:54
Forgot to attach pictures in the previous post.


Ralph Kramden
08-19-06, 14:08

You can easily do simple editing on images, such as rotation and sharpening.

Look for FS Viewer or IRFan on the Net. both are good, easy to use and free

Mua Tur
08-18-07, 07:12
I found this girl in the massafe ceter located at 1st floor of my hotel. I asked the paapasun(actually Papaboy) I want a full survice with the girl. He/She declined and noticed, she is only for massage.

08-25-07, 11:19
One of the places I was able to score a HJ in Kdu in the THAMEL area. The girls are very shy.