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09-01-03, 02:12
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Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 17:50
This bar had about 10 girls

Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 17:56
This is just a picture of one of the girls starting to get nuaghty inside of the bar. Just got to buy them a drink to get them started.

Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 18:01
Another Bar with girls

Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 18:05
Here's a few more pictures of the Red Light District in crete.

Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 18:07
Red Light District

Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 18:09
Redlight District

Dirty Dog
05-04-04, 18:13
These pictures are about a year old. I was unable to take any pictures of the girls in the Redlight District. Most of them told me to leave just because I had a camera

Grass GR
07-23-04, 11:36
A very nice escort girl.

Nice Guy 99
08-14-04, 01:38
These are a couple of years old, I just rediscovered them on my hard drive. Vanna is a girl from an Athens escort service. She only spoke Greek and had been working part time for only four months.

Here she is arriving in my hotel room.

Nice Guy 99
08-14-04, 01:39
Vanna checking in with her service.

Nice Guy 99
08-14-04, 01:42
Vanna's top comes off showing her sexy bra and very large breasts.

Nice Guy 99
08-14-04, 01:44
I display Vanna in front of the camera in her bra, panties, and thigh highs.

Nice Guy 99
08-14-04, 01:45
Vanna's bra comes off revealing those magnificent young breasts!

Nice Guy 99
08-14-04, 01:48
Off come Vanna's panties and I soon had my face buried in that ample foliage. About 5 minutes of DATY and she was having orgasms. She was very tight, it was like fucking a school girl. I have the escort service number if you want to PM me although I'm not sure it's still valid.

08-29-05, 21:28
Hello Grass Gr.

I am looking for escort girls in Athens. Can you give me some more info (tel.)?

Thank you,


A very nice escort girl.

09-24-05, 00:47
Its from my last visit in Athens in its from a str near the Athens City hall (I don't remember the name of the str propably the name of a ancient greec guy) the area is full of foreign ladies, usually black girls, but nice looking they waiting for customers outside the hotels in the area Mahim hotel etc. The price is 30 euros for a quick fuck.

10-22-06, 08:20
Hello there,

Has anyone ever met this lady?

Used to call her often, but lately the agency she was with closed down.

Any idea where she might be?

10-22-06, 12:28
Sorry pic did not attach.

Trying again.

12-21-06, 22:00
I met this girl (non pro) on a dating site. Got to my hotel and 1 hour later there she was. She’s a dance instructor with a beautiful face and body. We walked around the Plaka, grabbed a bite to eat and headed backed to the hotel. Once there, it was on! This girl was WILD!! She was also very sweet. She took me to clubs and showed me the sites, but she just asked too many damned questions. Felt like I was being sized up for a tuxedo!


02-15-09, 14:57
Hi men,

I would like to find out why the Czech beauty doesnt like Greek guys.

Anyone give me some polite explanation here?

07-07-09, 11:15
Hi men,

I would like to find out why the Czech beauty doesnt like Greek guys.

Anyone give me some polite explanation here?Who s the girl m8?

What Czech beauty you mean and where?

11-02-09, 18:38

Here are some photos from a brothel in Thessaloniki

you can read my short report in the Greeksection


01-07-12, 00:33
A very nice escort girl.Very nice female is there a chance for me too meeting her?