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09-04-03, 05:39
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Cheese Dog
10-29-03, 17:07
Was in Hefei for the first time last week. Stayed at the Novotel and decided some action was in order after a hard day's work. Went down to the Faces bar on the second floor for a beer but the place was dead. It was 10:30pm and there didn't seem to be many people there. Fortunately, I noticed a hairdresser/health club also on the second floor....needless to say, this was more like it. I was offered a choice from eight pretty young things aged between 18-21, (or so I was told). Man, I was spoilt for choice and it was tough deciding. In the end, I picked out "Xiao Hu", an 18 yr old from Hunan, because she had the long haired sweet girl look that I like. Small tits but a nice package overall. We proceeded back up to the room without any problems from hotel staff and got straight down to business.

She was not so experienced but more than made up for it with enthusiasm. After the obligatory shower, it was an ice fire BJ, followed by FS in several positions. Although she offered to stay the night but I had an early start the next day so had to decline. Total damage was 500RMB. No idea if this is too much or too little for Hefei but she seemed satisfied.


Member #1983
05-08-04, 10:11
Was in Hefei last night, Stayed at RGB Plaza Hotel (Red Green and Blue). Walked out alone the street down around 10pm and find a small and dirty KTV. Welcomed by an ugly lady about 35 asking whether I need a girl or not. Decided not to be hurry, I ordered a beer and sit at the bar. In the next 20 minutes, several average girls approached me but no one is my type.

The mamasan came again and suggested I rent a ¡°KTV room¡± and implied that I could do whatever I want. I was excited and asked her to find more girls to pick from. She brought four, all from 5 to 6. I picked a girl from Sichuan. 22(she told me), and headed to the room.

There¡¯s a set of sofa and a poor set of AV. The girl led me to a back block about 10 square feet, started dancing. (what a damn small place for dance, but nice place for flirting, hehe). She started to caress my back and I was squeezing her butt. Average and firm tits. Skin is smooth. No French kiss. Our clothes were off during the dancing, and my fingers were in her pussy. A little dry. My mouth and teeth were on her nipples.

After she brought the cap, I was getting soft. I suggested a BJ but she refused, using her hand to get it hard again. Woman on top, doggy, missionary. About 8 minutes, I was off. After the clean up, we lied on the sofa and sang together for about an hour.

Face: 6
Skin: 8
Body: 6 (some extra fat)
Attitude: 6 (a little hurry)
Moan: 7 (fake but nice)
GFE: 8 (sings well)
Tits: 7 (firm and smooth)
Butt: 8 (soft and white)
Total Damage: 80for the room, 100 for the fuck, 10 for two beers and 10 tips. Total 200rmb

To be continued

Member #1983
05-08-04, 10:37
Not satisfied and got back to the RGB Hotel. Find that there¡¯s a BBS on the top floor. Got back to the room and called the BBS. A nice voice was in the phone. Asked whether it offer An Mo (massage) or not. The answer is positive. And then asked the price. She said the girl will come to my room to quote.

Only three minutes later, a nice girl appeared. (it¡¯s around 11pm). Entered the room and sit on the bed. Took bath together and started the FS. She begged me to treat her "nice and gentle¡". God! What a nice experience. I said ok!

Cat bath with her little tongue all over my body for about 5 mins and then she asked me whether I wanted a BBBJ or with a cap. Shit, what do you think? Hehe. BBBJ was very hot. If I didn¡¯t cum 30 mins ago, I must have unloaded under her tongue.

After about 8 mins, she put on the cap for me and laid on the bed. Very large nipple, slim legs and soft butt. I said ¡°I want you over night¡± while sucking her nipples. She said ¡°it¡¯s so expensive, why not just be happy now!¡± What a lovely girl!

French kiss and DATY. She's getting hot and the face turned red. Very tinny moaning but exciting. The pussy is very wet but tight. She said she¡¯s not happy with woman on top. So, just did missionary and doggy. Getting harder and harder, her moan got higher and higher.

Lasting around 20 minutes, she said she came and asked me to be quicker. Hehe. I pushed another couple of hundreds times doggy and contributed my load again.

After the clean up, she laid by my side for a while and had a little chat, and then took the money and left.

Name: Liwei
Origin: Huainan, Anhui Province
Face: 9 (sweet, not so smily)
Body: 9
Skin: 9
Tits: 10 (firm, 33B, large and pink nipple)
Butt: 8 (soft, white)
FS: 9
Wetness: 8
DATY: 6 (a little smell)
GFE: 9
Total Damage: 300rmb

05-09-04, 05:13

Thank you very much for the nice report. I love this story.

Again, thanks and happy unloading.

Member #1983
05-10-04, 02:37

Really? hehe. Are you in Hefei currenly? I am heading to the city this weekend again.

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Hoser Hater
05-15-04, 09:27
Hefie is a great little hole of a town. Litely populated and plenty of BBS. All the Bull about china growing isn't in Shanghai or Beijing it's in the little sleeper towns like hefie.

If you'd like a nice drink the Madison Club is a good pub venue and if your up for more the century dico is next door.

When I live there last year the only foriegners I saw were at the Holiday Inn picking up their adopted children. That gives you a sense of how far out Hefie is from the chinese PR loop. In other words if you like navigating the real china, with it's mulitudes of cheap pussy, hefie is a great town in the middle.

Happy hunting,


P Funz
09-03-04, 12:31
After benefiting so much from the Shanghai board especially it is now my turn to contribute a bit to the Hefei section.

I have been living here for quite some time and in my experience as a non-chinese speaking "laowei" it is rather difficult to find fun outside the karaoke / BS places. Although there are now a few new "western-style" bars, there is not a single interesting/ lively one.

You can find lots of small BS all over town with the usual pants down/handjob service. Some allow full service.

Unless you have help from a local friend, as a traveller I guess the best choice is to call the hotel Beauty Salon for service. The prices range from RMB 800 ST, 1,200 LT (in Holiday Inn) to down to RMB 300. I had lots of this service at the Novotel where I most of the time paid 400. 50 meters left at Novotel is a Barber shop and they offer FS for 200. They always insist on taking 2-3 girls. At that time I paid 300 for both. Another 100 meters further is the Loong Xia Lu (small lobster road) and there are about 10 small BS. Been there about 20 times but never got FS.

Right side of Novotel, 1km down the road is Meiling Hotel, turn left and there are another 5 BS. Last week been to one, a 18 yo sweet nice girl. She closed the shutter right away and we could start to play. Very nice. Went again 3 days later and she nicely sucked bbbjcim. Went there again lunch break Monday and entered another shop. The laoban was there also and a little tiny beauty, maybe 20 yo, smooth white skin, 45kg. After a covered bj (could not convince her otherwise) she rode me beautifully. Before it started it was showtime as the laoban wanted to see my pipe (guess she had not seen any laowei one yet).

Anyone coming this way, please PM me. I will be glad to be of mongering help.

Last night a girl I had known for some time wanted to visit me (had her 3-4 times before). She is only 20 and always pretends to be a Student, as she cannot find a decent job, she tries to sell her body sometimes. Attach a pic for your viewing pleasure.

09-17-04, 04:13
I'll be flying up to Hefei on 24/9/2004. Haven't confirmed place of stay yet. Where can I find ST places with FS? What is the chinese pronounciation for Novotel? I don't mind taking taxis to ST places.

Might try the BBS near Meiling Hotel, as mentioned by P Funz. I don't want to try the hotel beauty salons (although I have a room all to myself) as GM and family, plus an associate is along for the trip. What time does the BBS near Meiling Hotel close? Perhaps I will have to sneak off for some fun after midnight.

Would appreciate info on this. Pls PM me. Thanx, mates!

P.S. What are the rates for ST in BBS there?

09-27-04, 04:57
Was in Hefei for the weekend. I stayed at Novotel-Hefei and I would like to recommed the hotel to whoever is going that way.

Service is great; the staff is friendly, the rooms are great, the facilities are way above par for its current star-rating. I had an excellent stay there. The Biz lounge on the 15th floor was heavenly - quiet and good for brainstroming discussions or discreet meetings with clients. I had a fruitful Sunday afternoon session with my boss and colleague. If I'm headed to Hefei again, I'll definitely stay there again.

The Beauty salon in Novotel (2nd Flr) provides FS. Had an Anhui girl (forgot her name), good service overall. She has delicious breasts...yummy... and was playful all the way.

Will definitely stay at Novotel again if I'm headed to Hefei again.

04-13-05, 19:01
Hoeman, sounds great. Will be in Hefei in the next month. Can you just say the price of your Novotel FS?

04-13-05, 19:20
P Funz: How come I can't PM you when you welcome contact in your post?

Rob Roy
07-10-05, 16:10
My first post.

I was in Hefei 2 nights ago. I stayed at the Anhui Business Hotel on Wuhu Road. I went for a walk around 11pm. I found a MP directly across the street from HJ Coffee (I'm not kidding, that is it's name).

Provider was a 8/10 Xinxiang decent. 20-21 years old and eager. Went for a HJ at 40 yuan but "upgraded" to a BJ at 80 Yuan. Service was excellent and deep =o ). I paid her 100 and was on my way. Even with my limited Chinese I was not overcharged, nor was I hassled for a tip. I tipped on my own accord which suprised the provider. I highly reccommend the place right across from HJ Coffee, it was one of the best experiences I had so far in China. Out-call is also available for 250 RMB. If youi like young girls (19-24) who are experienced and striking then go here.

08-24-05, 14:53
A lot of this information goes out of date very fast, since this city seems to be constantly having something torn down.

I'll say that there are a lot of filthy barbershops around here-- with a lot of very ugly girls. There are a few lookers, but the time wasted in searching/ paying for a taxi and the risk of receiving bad service justifies the extra cost of a KTV. KTVs seem to be few and far between. And I've also gone to hotels mentioned elsewhere on this board and found that the prices of the girls were too high.

I did hit one gold mine of a KTV contained within a hotel. It is called "New Century Plaza" (Xin[1]Shi[4]Ji[4]Da[4]Xia[4]). I talked to the Mamasan and she was happy to give me her card (for which I will post the number later). The price was 300RMB for the room and the the girl included. And there were some real lookers there that evening.

It seems that I was the first foreigner to come through there, and a lot of the girls were TERRIFIED. The first three rejected me, but the Mamasan was resourceful and sent in one that turned out to be good. She said that she was 19 years old, but wouldn't tell me how long she had been in the business. She was also insistent on using a condom, which was fine. That was the first and last topic of conversation when we negotiated the deal.

I paid 300RMB for unrushed (almost) GFE sex in a clean KTV room. She said that I was the first customer that day, and she had almost no smell around her box and a magnificent body. Also noted was a fat, hairy xiaomeimei. (God bless these Chinese/ Asian girls. I don't know what the fuck is on the minds of these guys who like shaved muff. ) We also traded numbers so that I could meet her outside of the place. (It happens that 200 of the cost was for her and 100 was the cost of the room. I'm willing to bet that she had to pay the Mamasan a percentage of what she made. Of course she was willing to negotiate something like two or three cums for the same cost, business to take place in my clean/ safe/ private apartment.) They then gave me a free bottled water (because I don't drink any alcohol) and I was on my merry way. It's likely if I develop a rapport with the place (which I don't intend on doing), the other girls would be willing to take me-- They just had to see for themselves that a Chinese girl could have sex with a black foreigner and not come out of the situation ruptured.

The Mamasan's Name Card says:

Chen Fei
Phone Number: 0551-2655660, X150
Local Mobile Phone: 3277613

If you call her, I'm sure that she will talk to the taxi driver and give him directions-- though he should be aware of where the New Century Plaza is-- if you pronounce the word with the right tones. She seemed desperate for customers and insisted that I take five or six namecards with me. You won't regret going.

Happy to be able to correct some of this dated information.

02-03-06, 17:24
Anyone know anything about Xuzhou action. I need to stay there for a couple of days and can't find anything in forum.

Damn Shame
02-24-06, 12:25
I am travelling to this area late next month and was wondering if people could give me updated information.

I am only there for 2 days and would like to find a lady to stay with me in my hotel over night and maybe have a short time when I have finished work.

Someone here has recommended the Novotel and I would like someone to confirm if this is still a good choice.

Can anyone recommend guest friendly hotels and what are the current prices for LT and ST. I dont speak any chinese and was wondering will this be a problem.

Thanks in advance

06-20-06, 23:52
Thanks Punter for the link. I will see what I can verify in the information. I am staying at the sofitel and went to the Karaoke place on the 10th floor last night. Room was pretty standard, 498RMB for a large room that a friend and I shared. Drank some wine 148RMB/bottle. Had a couple ladies for the evening and brought one back. I know I got the tourist rate of 800 RMB for a couple hours, but wanted some true asian room service so I decided to try the menu here.

The ladies were young and cute, but no real english except for the one my buddy got.

Being accustomed to good service with most of my dinners, I figured what the hell so I brought a girl called NA NA back to my room. She was a sweet young thing (SYT), but no experience and no warm up at all. No BJ, no DATY, etc. Just get to business. She pretty much capped me and laid on her back. Little wiley entered and began his favorite dance, the horizontal Mambo. After he pried his way in and started the dance, she was screaming and had to stop. Little Wiley retreated and she inspected to see if he had some blood on him. Needless to say I was not happy about this so we tried again and I gave up. She was only here for a half hour and could not continue. That is when the drama starts. I told her that I wanted half my money back (something I have never done before, but was pretty pissed off). She said she couldn't and after some debating, she called a friend of hers that spoke some english to the room. We all talked and I only got 200 back. I will be seeing the mamasan tonight to see what kind of recovered damages I can retrieve, but not holding my breath.

I know this is a strange post, especially for me since I usually maneuver my way through the mongering environment very well. I am posting a sad wiley report only to share a couple of things I know better but got too comfortable to follow through.

1) Don't go somewhere, even a nice place unless you have a translator or a companion familiar with the environment.

2) Hold your ground on the rates that should be normal. It may mean you go home with your dick in your hand, but there's always tomorrow.

3) Don''t pay all up front, save some for after.

4) Biggest of all, and my major mistake... Don't let your "brother" lead you (yeah, easier said than done).

I won't elaborate further and wont discourage anyone from going here since I Know better and take responsibility for not following the basics. Even though It was a lousy experience, I will return with a better tactic next time. Then I will post a true evaluation.

To make a long story short, I made a beginner mistake. I did not have anyone to translate (and I don't speak Chinese well at all) or go with anyone that knows the area.

Came back to the room,

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread.

06-25-06, 07:46
As I mentioned in my first report, I am a glutten for punishment...LOL Actually, went back to the Karaoke and just sat in the main area watching the football game (dont remember who was playing too much rice wine, bi chu?) Anyways, met with na na again and after a little drinking game, we went back to my place. She apologized over and over for the previous night. Well, she is still young and inexperienced (not like one day will change that eh?), but I just think she is very nice. Long legs, nice rack, pretty face, unshaved, but good shaping, etc. service this night was much better, she took a shower with me, we spend a couple hours doing the horizontal mambo and she kept up with me this time. overall, good move. 800 RMB.
I'm in Shanghai now, so time to learn about the red rope eh?.


Clean Gene
03-25-07, 19:10
There is a little pllace across from the Television Station in Hefei. Narrow little stairway to the second floor. 60 RMB per night. Room small but clean. Private bath with shower. TV. No phone. Girl friendly of course.

The manager is a very pretty lady. Named Yiong-Yiong. Says she is 24. She was originally from Huainan. Started in the trade at age 13. Has worked in ShenZhen and Fujian. Her mother lost a hand in a factory accident. Her sister is married to a railroad guy and has a nice income but won't support mother and father and 7 year old brother. Also Yiong-Yiong is best looking in the family. Face really pretty. Light skin. Very good body. A 10, I believe. And the skills! Wow! Will elaborate later. We got friendly after I dropped in with a gf a few times. I slip 100 RMB in her pocket after good service.

Clean Gene
03-26-07, 07:24
More on Happy Hotel. YiongYiong is not always at the desk. The stepmother of her BF has come to town to help out. The stepmother, called Wang Yi or just Yi (Auntie) is about 30, and quite attractive. Large luminous eyes, nice rounded breasts (still pretty firm, but not as responsive as YiongYiong's), and stands 5'5" light skinned from the countryside near XuZhou. XuZhou is at the confluence of Anhui, Jiangsu and Shandong. She has been a sex worker for over 10 years before "marrying" BF's father after the father got out of prison. He was incarcerated at Baihu (White Lake. A prison on an island and hour of two SE of Hefei 8 years. His son. YiongYiong's BF just got out of BaiHu a number of months ago after serving only 4 and 1/2 years. Pretty good especially after killing an older guy in prison who had been picking on him. The father helped a bit because he has good connections. Father is an ex-PSB.)

Anyway. Yi let me know that she might be of assistance, especially since she knew a thing or two. Turns out she couldn't do anything YiongYiong couldn't do. She has a well educated and lubricious f. K tube, but it was rather long. She said that BF's father, her "husband" was well known as "donkey dick" and that his dick was indeed comparable. Well I manipulated her through quite a few positions and finally in doggy, I was able to get into her "cuckoo's nest". She was able to grab me quite nicely in her nest, at the end of her f. K tube and gave me a very good ride. And she was skilled in the tantric style (dry orgasms) which was not new to me since I had learned in Shandong nearly 20 years earlier. My teacher in Shandong instructed me that when I reached 40, I should practice this always. But Hey! I'm a well nourished American not an emaciated elderly "Chinaman", so I should be able to ejaculate fluids a few times a month anyway. Auntie has started bringing me breakfast (with a bonk) and I pay 50 RMB for it. YiongYiong does the same when she is on duty.

Clean Gene
03-26-07, 08:27
Have to elaborate a bit more on YiongYiong. Very pretty. Lovely skin texture. She looks tall because she is slender and in heels, but when she's stretched out next to you, you realize that she is only 5'5" to 5'6". Good white legs. Rounded firm breasts. About a handful. But as you cup them in your hands, rub the hardening nipples with your thumbs, kiss her lightly on the lips. Such soft, sensitive responsive lips, and move your tool gently back and forth in her deliciously lubricious fuck tube. Her breasts swell turgidly in the most responsive way. She understands the Dao style even though she is only went as far a junior high school (chu zhong), and as you climax she knows how to grab the head of your dick so firmly in her "cuckoo's nest" that you can hold your erection even if you don't tantric it. She did that three times which means that she either has marvelous control of the vaginal muscles or has a heck of alot of contracting hormones. Quite a gal. I'm going to have to visit my GF in Hefei more.

Yiong-Yiong's family lived on a farm which grew mostly vegetables on the outskirts of the city. Pretty prosperous. Then the brick factory in the city expanded and bought up the farmland, and her parents began working for the brick factory. Mother lost her hand in an accident. (Not clear what happened to the father. Perhaps he took to drink. Something not so good.) And Yiong-Yiong got a job "zuo tai". She says that at first she just drank and danced with the customers, but eventually became a prostitute to support the family. She was 13 when she started working at the bar. It is possible that her father may have gambled, but they have not told me. Yiong-Yiong's mother is a very talkative, and very unpolished woman. You can tell she was quite attractive once upon a time. About 40 years old. She is very proud that she is sending her 7 year old son to the best boarding school in the city. And it looks like Yiong-Yiong is footing the tab. Her BF must be making good money helping local farm girls find work in points south (SZ and ZH). The Hotel seems not to do too well because mostly the people only stay a few hours at a time.

Clean Gene
03-28-07, 01:42
My Chinese is not so good. In fact when I am home in the South Bay, my wife asks me to speak English with her friends. I just say, "Tingde dong" and reply in English. I think it is a status thing because my English is better than their Engllish while their Chinese is better than mine.

Twenty years ago I even got a Newly arrived Mainland student as a Mandarin tutor, but I didn't learn much.

Some time later, a good friend loaned me his father's book he got while serving in China during War II, which instructed Air Force personnel on "Pidgen". Pidgen English is roughly 100 words of English strung together with Chinese grammer, and it used to be sufficient to conduct biz all over East Asia. "You likie? " "Me likie! " Learning some 150 to 300 words of Chinese and using "Pidgen" structure one can communicate all over China. There are Chinese characters and pictures in the back which one can use in regions Mandarin is not spoken. Just point at the pics and ask how the word is pronounced. I think I have toured most regions of China and have found this technique useful.

Crazy Jim Wood
04-13-07, 19:49
See my report on this hotel:


Clean Gene
04-14-07, 07:20
See my report on this hotel:

CJWCrazy Jim: Thanks for the great post. I'll wander over to Holiday to see if I can catch a glimpse of "Y".


04-26-07, 11:50
Was in Hefei for the weekend. I stayed at Novotel-Hefei and I would like to recommed the hotel to whoever is going that way.

The Beauty salon in Novotel (2nd Flr) provides FS. Had an Anhui girl (forgot her name), good service overall. She has delicious breasts...yummy... and was playful all the way.Spent a night in Novotel after my flight was delayed by fog, so went down to the beauty salon. Price 800rmb was a bit offputting but one of the girls was so stunning I couldm't say no (easily the best of the bunch).

Back in my room I started to regret it as it seemed I was in for a really mechanical session. It was pretty clear that she Just wanted to get straight at it and get it over with. Fortunately, she warmed up (slowly) and after about 15 minutes she was getting pretty excited, moaning and showing a lot of enthusiasm. In the end she even hung around for 20 minutes afterwards stroking the hair on my chest, whereas the first impression was that she was going to bolt as soon as the deed was done.
I spent a lot of time walking around central Hefei and never saw any barber shops or massage places with any promise. Had 2 massages while I was there with nothing extra offered. If anybody knows exactly where these places are the info would be appreciated.

Flower Seeker
09-21-07, 01:01
Does anyone have any information on the scene in Huainan? I will be there for three weeks next month, and will do a thorough search but would love a head start.

Clean Gene
10-15-07, 16:48
Does anyone have any information on the scene in Huainan? I will be there for three weeks next month, and will do a thorough search but would love a head start.

Huainan produces tons of coal and ****.
Happy cunting!
PM if you have trouble. I may be able to pop up there.

Clean Gene
11-04-07, 07:42

Haven't heard from you in awhile. How was Dalian? Did you try any of the places in Huainan? You may have already left by now.

Saw a couple of GuangZhou business guys in Bengbu hotel running down the stairs (sans pants), chasing a couple of *****s who had stolen their valuables. The manager and I had a good laugh. (The manager is an old acquaintance. I have her step father in Hefei on retainer; haven't used him since 2000.)


Flower Seeker
11-07-07, 23:26
Well Clean Gene

I am back home from Huainan and can report my findings. Probably the best bit of advice I could give about Huainan is "Don't go there."

The city has little to offer in terms of tourist sites and is very much unused to having westerners present. That said I would have to say that the Huainan women are very attractive on average. But with very few speaking English you (or at least I) have little chance of dating them.

So we have to seek out the pay-per-root providers. I didn't try any of the nightlife venues like KTV, I never feel safe in them. There is a lane with a number of "shops", maybe people would call them barber shops, but they supply cunts not cuts. This lane runs south off ChaoYang road, east of Maccas and just past the 99 Hotel(?). It is a dirty dingy lane and the girls look pretty low grade. Still I went into one and found a girl with a nice smile and attitude and the back room was clean. The fee was 200 for fs including cbj. I paid an extra 100 to receive bbbj. It was quite ok but I decided not to go back due to the atmosphere of the locality. From the stares I got they see very few westerners there.

So I moved up class to a spa, doesn't seem to have a name and no business cards. It is in Long Hu Lu just south of the Guyang Hotel and pedestrian overpass. It has a fairly narrow frontage, inside the door is a guard and a pair of escalators that don't work. Walk up the escalator to the desk and everything is very business like. There are two types of room available and I asked for one with a shower. You pay 54 Yuan for the room.

My first trip there I met girl number 99, name maybe Mong Jie. She spoke no English but is an absolute stunner. Gorgeous tits and a round arse. Everything she did was great, except the bj was covered but it was still good. After 30 minutes of play and kapow, she laid with me and we chatted with my limited Chinese. I agreed to meet her again the next Friday.

But then I changed my mind and went on Thursday, sadly 99 wasn't there. Had to settle for 29. She was about 70% worse in looks too. But not too bad. One thing she did that was different was slip a condom on her tongue and proceeded to tongue fuck my arse, nice!

So I would thoroughly recommend this place all up cost 454 Y for 45 mins. There were other options but I couldn't understand the Chinese writing. But you should get smart and ask for 99 if she is there.

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04-26-08, 10:52
Just arrived in Hefei a couple of nights ago, my first trip here in about 5 years. And my first time staying at the Sofitel in the Economic Development Zone. Didn't really want to stay here by my customer's factory is near by.

I've tried to read the forum but it looks like no one has submitted anything for a long time. Left me with no choice but to do some exploration myself, and to rely on some local expertise.

I took a taxi on my first night here and asked the driver whether there is anything like BBS around. He told me no and that the Development Zone is very quiet in terms of entertainment. He told me that it's not far to go into town at that time of the night (about 11:30 already), and it will only cose about RMB 20-25. I didn't trust him 100% but have no other choice but to give him a try.

He kept asking me whether I would like to go to a sauna or bathhouse. I said firmly NO. First of all because I don't really like a sauna as most girls in those places have been trained to become too mechanical. So unless the place is well acclaimed and recommended by brothers here, I am usually not interested. Second, I learnt from prior experience that these cabbies will take you to the sauna that he knows and where he can get a good referral fees, but not neccessary places with good choices and services.

He first took me to an area in the Shu Shan District, near Chang Jiang Xi Road. On a street called Chen Cun Road, there are a number of BBS. Some of the girls were older and didn't look attractive at all. There was one shop (which is not even a BBS, just an open space with a few girls sitting there waiting for business) with a few young cuties. I spotted a young girl. She smiled at me and I smiled at her. Yet before I could say anything, a couple of local guys came in and took her. Damm!

I went to another shop. There was a slightly older girl that looks OK. Not very pretty but with a friendly face. I asked her to come back to the hotel with me. The entire street charge RMB 100 for ST, RMB 200 for LT. She and her mama said my hotel was too far and they need RMB 300 for LT. OK. Then they wanted me to pay her the cab fare first, so that she is sure that she won't be ripped off. I don't usually do that, but since it was getting late. OK. But when I was asking her to get into the taxi, she got so panic or worrisome that she won't even get in first, and insisted on sitting on the outside. Now, I have enough! I told them to forget it and give me my money back! If she is so panicky, there is absolutely no way that I will find a GFE in her. So that was it!

The other shops didn't have much selection. The driver then took to another street called Gui Chi Road, which is just a few blocks away. There are a couple of shops on the street that the mama will take the girls out and present them to customers in the car. Same price, 100 for ST, 200 LT. There is a young girl that looks quite pretty. Took her for 200.

This girl was in fact quite funny. Not long after the driver starting driving, she began to yell at him. He had in fact took me on a detour to rip me off. The girl was very unhappy about that and giving him hell.

Yet the fun had stopped soon after that. When we get to the hotel, it was not anything close to GFE at all. First, she claimed to have taken a shower and refuse to do that again. When I insisted, she just went to the bathroom to wash her private part downunder. Then there was no DFK, not even kissing on the lips. I kissed her body for about 5 mins, then she tried rushing me to put on the condom and get to the act. DATY was of course off the limit!

All in all, it was a rather frustrating experience. After the first act, I just laid there and rest for a while. I then decided not to get myself more frustrated. Just told her to leave. I know I lost 100. But honestly, that was not a lot of money and if it ain't what I really enjoyed, it doesn't worth anything anyway.

I might tried to go back to the Chen Cun Road to look for that little cutie again and see if I would have better luck.

If any brother can provide some pointers or ideas, that would be great too.


Clean Gene
04-30-08, 09:04
You are doing very well. I believe you know the bee's wax better than I.

I get a massage frequently in your mentioned area. From head to foot. Two hours. (100 RMB and I tip 100) Friendly girls. Many from Fengyang, Fuyang and vicinity. Good strength and endurance. I usually just chat with them.

Clean Gene
05-26-08, 07:56
On Happy Hotel across from TV station. Yiong Yiong's BF sold at a loss over a year ago. The guy he sold it to sold at a greater loss a few months later. It's 12 rooms have greatly deteriorated. Yiong Yiong texted me a couple times from Fujian last year. Among other talents, she can hold very many liters of beer in her bladder.

Clean Gene
05-27-08, 07:46
Checked on present condition of "Happy Hotel". It's gone. Lots of the places around Hefei Guangbo Dian are gone. A couple of other places I used to frequent within the first ring look dead. I didn't pound on any doors.

Sniffer's area near Chang Jiang Lu and Chen Cun Lu, between 2nd and 3rd rings, look OK.

I've heard of a few good places south of the 3rd Ring, between the International Hotel and the Golf Course; they are close to my place. I may go and sing a few songs at a KTV sometime, but I won't stay (don't drink or smoke anymore). Will report.

For now, I like Hefei for its central location and its friendly locals. Good connections by car to Xi'an and Shanghai.


11-02-10, 03:11
I might visit Hefei soon.

There haven't been any posts about Hefei in quite a while.

Is it dead for mongers?

Clean Gene
11-18-10, 13:26
I might visit Hefei soon.

There haven't been any posts about Hefei in quite a while.

Is it dead for mongers?

Heifei is now a couple of hours from Shanghai by fast train. Much like Shanghai a couple of years ago. Hard working people at better prices. Got to be careful. Provincial Government well organized. The side streets are a bit safer than years past.

I've been in Europe and the States for the past few months. Will be back in Hefei after Christmas.


White Dragon
11-23-11, 02:12
International Peace hotel in Hefei has in house sauna and massage to your room. Ask for sexy massage or they will send you legit massage girl. I had a girl from Hunan to my room. She was pretty but skinny and a bit young and inexperienced but still pleasurable. She was a nice girl but a bit timid. First time with a foreigner, I banged her hard.

09-25-12, 18:31
Hefei is, I have to admit, very interesting. I get the feeling there's a lot of stuff just under the surface. Just got to look around. Hefei reminds me of what Shenzhen used to be like 7-8 years ago.

What A M8
12-10-12, 13:49
New to the area!

I see lots of spas around here, anyone know any good ones, as in safe, clean and with hot girls?

Haven't seen any pink lights though, could anyone give us a clue on where to go, I'm look around the city centre area.


06-27-13, 20:08
New to the area!

I see lots of spas around here, anyone know any good ones, as in safe, clean and with hot girls?

Haven't seen any pink lights though, could anyone give us a clue on where to go, I'm look around the city centre area.

ThanksYou will find very few BBS here. I found out some interesting things and will write them up in a report when I am a bit less tired.

06-28-13, 19:32
here is what i have found out:

there seems to be three basic venues here for finding women:

1. a very few massage parlors. but they are not many in number. and the women who have been in there have a lot of traffic over them. i was out walking last night and i saw a decent looking girl in a parlor and so i went in to have a conversation with her. as a rule, i don't frequent bbs (for the reason of the excessive traffic) , but i've had an erection that just won't go down for days, and so i thought about taking a second look here. i came in and the girl took one look and said "sorry, i can't take you. i'm having my period." (at this, she opened up so i could see the outline of her maxi pad.) but we did sit down and talk. she said that she had only been working "a few months" (which on later pressing turned out to be 24 months [! ]). she also claimed to have had 10 customers per day and work between several places. sometimes at the bbs, sometimes at the sauna. if you do the math: 20 working days per month (which may have been more, since she was working during her red time) , x 11 months per year x 2 years x 10 customers per day. that works out to 4, 400 customers. and she claimed to offer oral sex, tongue service and other things. (that did take care of the problem of that pesky days-long erection, btw.) so, i left and went on. i did ask a taxi driver if there was a full on red light district, and he flatly told me "no" (and if anyone would have taken me, it would have been him- he just talked himself out of a fare).

2. saunas. this is where the taxi driver told me to go. i didn't go to any of these (for service) because the girls have a bit too much traffic over them, too. (same thing. the girl in the massage parlor told me that she could do the same 10 customers per day in a massage parlor as in a sauna.) i did walk into one playing the role of non chinese speaking foreigner and there was a room full of men sitting in chairs watching tv. one of them was an old man who looked like he had been eating charcoal. he had a masseuse's hands around his junk. so, so much for a visit there. and as i think back. it does make sense that a girl who worked there could have 10 customers per day, because there were enough customers sitting there as of an instant and enough taxis sitting there waiting for people to come out.

3. card girls. these numbers are often in front of places like 5 star hotels (the westin at the wanda square [guangchang]). you can also find these massage cards if you open up a room somewhere. the girls who come at your call tend to be nice looking. last night i called and they sent one girl. the price was to be 600 for one shot and 800 overnight. all the communication was done by text message and in chinese, so they didn't know that i was / am a foreigner. but when that girl got there and took one look at me. if anything has moved faster than the speed of light, she was it. the second night the prices were the same. i think they asked for 400 for one shot and 800 for overnight. my requests were very specific. i don't want a grandmother, and i don't want anyone with shaved / missing / sparse pubic hair. they sent me a girl who met all those requirements, but they didn't tell her that i was a foreigner (1) and they didn't tell her that i had requested overnight (2). they also weren't even clear whether she was shaved or not. it is just my good luck that she was not. she had a great body but would only allow limited snatch eating and one shot (because of the misinformation). i took back 200 of the 800 and sent her on her way. it seems that these girls have to give the agency about 5% of their take and pay the taxi fare. there is some type of way that they pay it in advance. most of the girls are women who work during the day and want to earn a bit of extra money at night. she claimed to have been a university graduate, but couldn't tell me things such as what her major was. but she didn't have the demeanor of a hooker, nor any of the clock watching. in hindsight, i should have pressed for the second shot.

she did give me her number for further visits.

and so there you have it, gentlemen. the least bad of the three options is likely the third. but the problem is that you just never know what you're getting and getting the girl to your room can be very time consuming. if she runs in fright, then it will take so much time to get a new girl that all the girls might already be out on overnight calls. and you'll be out of the price of a hotel room.

hefei is not quite dead. but you can get overnight for a better price than in other places. you just have to speak chinese and do some legwork.

i am not excluding the possibility of a red light district, but it is likely that it serves construction workers (or somebody like that) , and there would just be too much traffic over the women for me to want to take one. (i have been to such a district before years ago. i can't remember where, but those women were disgusting. instant erection killers. so i could guess what i'd be in for if i went to a comparable place again.)

G Schyman
01-30-14, 14:28
I visit Hefei frequently and it is hard to find decent places if you don't speak Chinese and / or have a Chinese speaking person that can help you. Fortunaly I have a Chinese colleague who shares the same hobby and lives in Hefei.

There are about 10 decent SPA's that will give you good service. The best one IMHO is the one next to the Hefei University. It gives you a massage and HJ for RMB 300 and Massage and BJ for 350. If the girl likes you they are allowed to take customers on their own bill and you can invite them to your hotel. Cost for this is about RMB 500.

There is an upscale "invitation only" brothel at the Holiday Inn, (not Holiday Inn Express but the normal Holiday Inn). Costs RMB 1500 for two hours but the quality is great. You can even choose dress for the lady in advance.

On Wechat there are a lot of working girls but many refuse to serve Foreigners (laowei) because they fear big dicks.

Then there is the KTV-Girls.

Also at the bars downtown there are the "bees" who are Girls you tip 300 RMB to drink with you. I have only succeeded once in bringing them to my hotel but then it didn't cost anything. It takes several visits and dinners etc to do this. Only if you stay in Town longer.

Enjoy Hefei and PM me if you need additional info.

04-08-14, 17:34
I am in Hefei for a few days and am looking for a little something. I speak very little Chinese, but know some basics. If anyone would like to make a trip out who knows the area well I would greatly appreciate it. This could be KTV action or something else. Or if anyone can make some decent recommendations that also would be good. I know there has been a recent crackdown in many parts of China (I live in Shanghai) so would like to keep it on the safe side. Any help is much appreciated!

Clean Gene
06-07-15, 00:24
Will post details later. A bit busy right now.

There's action "underground".

Will be good when "underground" is completed.

10-05-15, 13:54
Will be working in Hefei for a while, this thread is great. Is there any recent information about what's going on around town?


01-30-16, 07:37
The raids by LE on 1/18/2016 on 2 establishments operated out of 2 hotels made national headline news in FireFox China. 82 people were arrested. Are there details about what happened from the locals?

06-23-16, 12:58
I am relocating to Hefei, any fun near the Shinzhan Sheraton?

I prefer a sauna club, got pretty familiar with those in Shanghai.

Any information is appreciated.

I see there are a couple shady looking massage parlors near the Jiatianxia Mall on Fusu Road,
but I still would much rather go to a higher-end establishment like a sauna club.

06-05-17, 16:10
Spent a few days at the Hefei Hilton. I arrived with phone numbers to four escort services that listed girls available in Hefei. When I called, none had girls in Hefei. I had two massages at the hotel, and both ended with outrageously expensive (600 and 800 RMB above the original massage price) fully clothed HJ's. There was a KTV kind of hidden away in the mall across the street with the Walmart, and also a spa around the corner, but I didn't venture into either.

07-18-17, 06:15
Spent a few days at the Hefei Hilton. I arrived with phone numbers to four escort services that listed girls available in Hefei. When I called, none had girls in Hefei. I had two massages at the hotel, and both ended with outrageously expensive (600 and 800 RMB above the original massage price) fully clothed HJ's. There was a KTV kind of hidden away in the mall across the street with the Walmart, and also a spa around the corner, but I didn't venture into either.You need use QQ (like wechat), escort (English) in China is not very popular in the not international city. You can search hefei (it must be Chinese) SPA in the QQ. And there many escort in there, can be BBBJ and real sex.