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11-18-03, 03:19
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Mr Bleu
04-01-05, 13:57
Hi guys and gals,

I will be visiting Stavanger next week, and I am looking for some tips on the scene there. I have been once or twice before, but with workmates who didn't really appreciate the good things in life, and ended up too pissed to go out exploring at the end of the night!

Have tried making contacts via sexdate and kontaktweb, but so far no luck, and if all else fails I can fall back on the 4/5 girls advertising on the escort websites.

Anyone know of clubs or districts where I can find some action?

Mr B

04-05-05, 11:51
There's no clubs in Stavanger or surrounding areas as far as I know. There is a company where you can book private stripshows, a quick look on the internet will get you there.

How ever - Stavanger being a student city - why not go hunting for a freebie?

Good luck.

Runar K
06-01-06, 19:53
www.escortedate.no is a place you can find ladiz in stavanger:)

09-28-07, 16:41
The last report about action in stavanger became prehistoric. Any new comments? I have planned to visit the area by start of November. Any new suggestion / recommendation?

05-03-08, 17:01
I am currently working onboard a vessel docked in Stavanger, and thought I would update this forum.

There is limited action here of the professional type. Due to Norway's wealth, there really is no need for local girls to go into the trade. The few exceptions are the occasional financial emergency or of course, drug money. The only SW action I saw were a few Eastern Europeans 5-7, and some African imports 3-6, all plying their goods (or bads) along the street and down the block from the commercial docks. This is in the center of downtown, across the harbor from the main group of pubs, bars, and discos. Really not much to see, and being in limited supply, prices are high. I was told 500 cronar for a BJ, which is @ $100US.

Everything that's bad for you is expensive in Norway. Cigarettes $10US a pack, Beer/drinks $10-20US, gas $10US a gallon.

Anyways, I also heard there is a house somewhere nearby that offers the same services from the same level of girls, with a 1/2 normal session starting @ $300US. Not worth it for me, considering almost everyone in the town speaks some good english, and girls equal or better in quality than the SWs are plentiful and suprisingly very willing.

My conclusion, don't come here to monger, don't come broke, and get out to meet some locals.

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11-19-09, 09:14
No mongering going on over here.

The local bar scene is just incredible.

Hang out at the bar and you will find someone.

04-25-11, 18:50
Although bying sex is ilegal, I have tried it several times. I can recommend to use the http://www.realescort.eu/ Website, then search for a girl named "Alexandra". She is a Polish lady. 24 years old. 160 cm tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. And a very nice C cup. She will provide a really nice GFE experience, with a lot of kisses, and a great BBBJ. The fee per hour is 1500 NOK. I have tried her once, and I was very happy with the treatment I got from her.

Have also tried a nice colombian girl, named "CAREN". She is actually sharing the apartment with "Alexandra". She is also a very good looking girl. 3 years older, with big tits and a nice butt. PS. She does not kiss. But I would say she is quite good. The fee is 1500 NOK. I didn't feel so welcomed with "Caren", as I did with "Alexandra"."Caren" wanted to finish me off quite quick. I would say that hooking up with a street hooker is too risky!

Tomux 22
10-02-11, 17:30
Norway is probably easyest country for getting laid with the freebe you meet at the bar / club. Most of the girls is men here, making them think as men too.

04-18-12, 17:14
If you are looking for real good time in Norway, It's guaranteed with this Brazilian lady, She's have a decent profile with real pictures, But most off all a great service. I gave up in stunning girls as I always get a bit disappointed with them not just with the service but 85% they pictures is just a catch up for business.

Honey beautiful MILF website is.


She's also advertising in Real escort as Michelle.

When I choice my escort I start with a little searching online. Gets the phone number searching by Google it's always a good idea and they check they personal website. If they don't have a personal website that is an alert signal to keep away from them, professional and Independent ladies do have a personal website page. So it's easy to figure out what one to see or not.

I hope this tips help some of you guys. I never want to feel like a fool any more. LOL.



04-11-13, 08:01
Where to get good massage in Stavanger?

05-01-13, 20:13

I need info regarding stripclubs or an contacts of gals for a hang out. Please share if you have any pricing information as I observed stavanger is a expensive.

05-01-13, 20:15
No mongering going on over here.

The local bar scene is just incredible.

Hang out at the bar and you will find someone.Please share info of bars and clubs wer I can get and hangout with gals.

05-06-13, 14:38
Please share info of bars and clubs wer I can get and hangout with gals.Head into the city (Stavanger) and you'll find lots of bars along the waterfront. Follow the crowds from there and you'll quickly find out where's lively and where's not.

Happy hunting!

09-04-19, 21:28
I'm actually in sandnes, not stavanger, but it's close enough.

Halfway through my 1 week here (for work). Why here and not stavanger? Well, where I am based for work is out in the sticks and nothing nearby, not even a restaurant, so I thought this would be a better option than where work was. Stavanger would have been further away.

Did extensive searches for this place and couldn't find anything, not even for a call out. Maybe this just wasn't that kind of place. I don't know if there were any ads in the local papers, but didn't want to spend hours on end looking for potential ads and then more time trying to figure out whether or not it was an ad for a hooker.

Plenty of AMPS around. Popped into a bunch of these and all pretty much the same; small places with little side rooms, all masseuse were above middle age and not that appealing at all if extras were to be offered. They all had 2 staff present, and I'm quite certain there weren't any others lurking in the background.

One place I went to again had two masseuse there, one of then being acceptable enough for me albeit no stunner. I didn't have time when I first popped in but thought I'd pop back the day after. When I got there the next day, both masseuse were busy and I was told to come back in half an hour by the prettier of the two. Came back, got taken to a room and after getting undressed and on to the table, it wasn't the masseuse I was hoping for. There were clearly extras available from the number of cock brushes I got and this was offered towards the end. I declined so have no idea on what the asking price would have been. Massage itself was only so so.

Got a few more days and planning on heading to stavanger on Friday to see if it's any better there. If nothing comes of it, I won't even bother posting an update.