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04-11-02, 07:50
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04-13-02, 07:21
White Dog, it's a two to five minute walk from the Balmoral to the Blue Marlin, just depends on your pace.

Go to the Park Hotel show on Fri or Sat night. It's too wild and outragious and a must see for all visitors to SJO. Stay after the show, I won a free blow job on my first visit. The girls are nice and a really good value. I'll be spending time there this coming trip.

I like the El Presidente Hotel. They have a breakfast club of mongers that are the nicest guys in the world. Best place for snatch news on a daily basis.

The MPs are a good value. The Strip joints have the best looking bitches, but they want too much money, quick bang and are gone. Not for me. I like to relax and have a good time along the way

Read the old forum reports, lots of great posting there.

Do practice safe price controls, bargain and offer tips for excellent performance. I never pay in advance.

Gotta go, take care

Big Mal
04-13-02, 08:44
*******/Whitedog, et al

Well, I have relatives there, so I haven't stayed in a hotel for awhile. Unfortunately, I can't bring any Chicas to the house I'm staying in. :(

I'm pretty set on the month of August, unfortunately. Arizona is WAY too hot, so any chance to get the hell out of dodge is taken.

I don't have plans for any other times in the near future, though you never know!

I've got my eyes on Brazil and DR for other entertainment, money and time willing. (Probably wishful thinking).

I've only been in the El Presidente to play in their casino 10 or 12 years ago. Seemed okay.

I've never payed more than $35 for an in town session with a Chica, so you know I've never picked up Blue Marlin chicks.

Arte Sauna is nice (haven't been to the new location though), Molino Rojo is my favorite the last few years. Pretty cheap, $15 or so. If you don't like the first one, try, try again.

A few lesbians are usually there. I'm thinking of finding a couple that *really* like each other, and having some fun.

It's not a very spectacular place, but it has good quanity and decent quality too.

If you want a girl at the beach, TAKE HER WITH YOU.

Find one who really does what you want, and then ask her, "Playa"? Ticas LOVE the beach.

3 or 4 times their 'one shot' rate will cover their fees. I've never paid more than $100 a day myself. Buy them some clothes and sunglasses, and you have an instant girlfriend.


Big Mal
04-13-02, 09:02
Hotel Rates:

Remember to negotiate for longer stays. Many hotels will knock 10-20% off for stays of a week or more.

Also, check travelocity.com - expedia.com and other travel sites. Travelocity has the Balmoral listed for $40 a night, the Gran Hotel Costa Rica for $38 a night. Figure $10 a night more for taxes on these prices.

I've stayed at the Balmoral in the late 80's. As a matter of fact, I was woken up at 5am in the morning by an earthquake there.

It bills itself as a "business" hotel. I don't know it's policy towards "guests".

Unless you are a HEAVY sleeper, always ask for a room far, far, far, far, far, far away from the street. The horn is the national musical instrument, and is used quite frequently.

04-13-02, 16:22
Up Grade 1

The El Presidente comes highly recommended from many a monger. I had their cheapest room and will not do it again, but I will upgrade, you do get what you pay for.

Have a happy 50th, kid, I plan on doing my 56th this summer.

There is a small convience store about two block from the El Pres, It's real close to the Gran Hotel on Avanade Centeral. Great place to get nick nacks.

Someone said something about the Gran Hotel, a posting a while back really put the place down. Great exterior, lousy interior, no AC, check it out before you stay there.


04-14-02, 22:21

Jaco is not a very good beach. It is a black sand beach and is not very pretty. It is very popular with the young surfer crowd and that is practically all there is there. They rent 1 room for 4 guys and sleep on the floor and hang out as cheap as they can for the surfing. If you want to go surfing this is a good choice but to go relax and hang out on the beach this isn't the place.

The beaches at Manuel Antonio near Quepos are better but not much to do. It is awful hot on the beaches and miserable. On the Nicoya there are some nice beaches but the same deal. San Jose is where to be in CR. About 75 degrees in the day and 60- 65 at night pretty much year round. If you want the nice beaches go back to Acapulco as CR is not about beaches.

04-24-02, 15:31

Blue Marlin and Key Largo are main stays of the gringo monger crowd. I found a lot more fun off the beaten path. Arte Y Sauna is a day time operation, well worth a visit. 747 is another day time operation. Lucy-Eros massage was real good.

I love the Park Hotel Show on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a must see for all visitors. Show around 9pm, get there early for a seat at the bar ($20). I like the girls there, always worth a visit.
Take a Taxi to the Park at night, it helps to be safety minded in a big city.

Try anothe site, costa rica sex . com. they have a map of SJO and some great discriptions. The map can be found at a message from DonGordo, Map of SJO. Best damn monger aid since vitamin V.

Hook up with some more experienced mongers. Breakfast at your hotel is usually a good place to start. The guys who approach you on the streets who want to be your buddy or guide are potential rip offs.

Hope you have as much fun as all the rest of us do.


04-26-02, 04:32

I read your message to me on the Louisville board, I hope Beavis responds to you also, he is very knowledgeable on SJO.

The people are very nice in SJO. Like any city of 3.5 million, there are some who we love less. I was impressed with the overall niceness of the population. City is very safe, but don't press it at night. Take a cab if you're going out of gringo gulch.

The old forum is pretty accurate, it has posting that aren't too old.

I always tell all new visitors to go to the Park Hotel Show on Friday or Saturday night. A seat at the bar is $20, $15 for a table. Don't ware good clothes, it gets pretty oily. It's the best oil in town. Not the place for a prude, it's a wild sex show with full participation.

You can get girls at all prices, but it's how you treat them more so than the $$ that makes the difference. Most guys hit the Blue Marlin, I like other bars, Key Largo and massage parlors, Arte Y Sauna and Lucy-Eros. You can find some real nice girls at the Park Hotel also. Remember price control, if you splurge, you will always pay through the nose and it drives up the prices for all the rest of us.

I'll be staying at the El Presidente Hotel along with a hord of mongers who are the best and nicest guys in the world. Feel free to stop by for breakfast in the back corner with the mongers.

Hope you have a good fishing trip. I hear the pink snappers are allways running in SJO, that's my type of fishing.

Look up costa rica sex . com. Message from DonGordo, subject MAP, look it over, great map of SJO, nice verbage.

Hope to see ya


04-27-02, 04:54

I hope Beavis gets back with you, he's a wealth of knowledge on all things CostaRician.

I left you a bit more info on the Louisville board, check it out.

Breakfast at the El Pres, come in the front door, we usually sit in the rear, left side. I'm 6'2", heavy, gray hair past my ass w/ gray goatee. I put my hair up in a top knot most of the times. I too have a striking resemblance to a movie star, Burl Ives. I'm not the oldest in the crowd, most of the guys are early 30's on up, one is 72. You can ask around for me, the mongers are great people who will help you out any way they can. It really surprized me how friendly all the guys are, makes the trip that much better.

Hope you have time for the Park Show.

There is a small convience store a few short blocks away, you can get the knick-knacks you need or forgot. The water and food is safe to consume, but bottled water is better.

Hope to have a copy of Lump's map to give you.


04-28-02, 01:38

Beavis is the expert, I just have a lot of spare time on my hands.

Read my other postings for some info.

Hotels in the area of gringo gulch, Del Ray, Holiday Inn, Morazon (spelling does not count, it's next door to the Del Ray), Balmoral and my favorite, El Presidente. The Gran Hotel Costa Rica looks real nice, but other postings say the interior suxs.

As far as going by yourself, trust me, you will not be alone for long. You can hook up with any monger and in short time you'll have many new and great friends.

I always tell everyone to try the Park Hotel show on Friday or Satuday night. Starts at 9, get there early. There are some really nice girls at the Park, not the prettiest, but real nice and a good value cost wise.

All ways take a taxi to the Park after dark. All the guys do it, it's just a smart and safe thing to do. The Park is so close to the gulch most of the meters don't even click over. 500c for the ride is a good deal.

You can easily meet mongers at your hotel, ask the staff for some help. If you don't stay at the El Pres, stop on in for breakfast. I met a few really great guys in the bars by striking up a conversation. Since the action is legal, you get a good mannered group of dudes.

The food and water are safe to consume, this makes a big difference to me.

Do NOT take 'C' notes, a wad of 20's is your best bet. Most of the hotels have safes in the rooms that do work. There is too much counterfiting of larger bills, the locals are gun shy of them.

Hope you have a great time.


05-01-02, 17:05

I like the Blue Marlin for lunch. I did pull one girl out of there and had a good time, but I like the less expensive places. Seems like the more money the girls want, the worst the deal is. The Park Hotel usually has a few pretty girls. Since you habla, you should be able to strike up a good conversation that can lead to a much better experience. Show some interest in the girls and their lives, you will get treated much better.

Lucy - Eros is a massage parlor, usually a few pretty girls. Use clones, they tried to pull a fast one on me with the exchange rate. I don't think they have carry out.

747 is a day time operation, closes at 6pm.

Arte Y Sauna is real nice, consider it.

I really like the WSG and this forum. There is another site that will be of assistance to you, ************.com. Go to Forum, message by DonGordo, Map of SJO, it should be around message 14, give or take a few. Follow the link to Lump's map and read the added verbage. The map is the lastest best thing for mongering.

Have you ever surfed around Porto Escondito Mex? I used to go there many moons ago.


Big Johnson
05-03-02, 19:52
Was in Costa Rica a few weeks ago. Did Krysis and IDEM.

Krysis was more money and the girl acted like she wanted to be somewhere else. Little conversation just going through the motions. 20000C. The girl was good looking tica, thin, hairy legs, small tits, 19 years old. I think her name was Katolina. There seemed to be one girl that was more interested but I passed because I liked this girls look better.

IDEM was another story. It is across the street from Lucy's/Eros. Roberto the owner picked out a young 22 year Tica. Short brown hair. Medium tits. Carried on a good conversation. I enjoyed my beer and went to the room. Great BJ but covered. Fantastic body 33-24-35. Beautiful face. Rode me Cowgirl. She even knew the English term. Spent time at the end carressing and talking. Totally unrushed. No one else upstairs when I was there. About 10 or so Gringos and Ticos downstairs drinking and conversing. I would recomend this place.

Happy hunting all.

05-10-02, 04:41
Thanks for all the info. it looks like we will cross paths , my planned schedule has me in San Jose from 23 to 26 and then back on 28. I hope that I can meet you as you have been a great help. I am hoping to spend two days at the volcano. This will be my first trip and I am really looking forward to it.

05-11-02, 07:37

re: the mall at san pedro
i aproach it simply as a girl friend hunt
the mall is a great place to bring me back to reality after the ZOO in the BM- i rap with the clerks and the shoppers and it's real life life- it's the usual amount of work involved - with no guarantees-in my last 2 trips i've had 2 dates that met me with their girlfriends at a specified place and got one of them in bed. It's no different than any college town

for me it's a reality check, i know i can score at the BM but do i have the goods to meet a real caring person in cr and have a date

05-13-02, 06:54
Hey rico,

I know what you mean man, after the BM a reality check is good.....when I was in CR earlier this year I would rather hang out at el Pueblo, met a couple of ticas at the salsa clubs (rocoloco, etc....not Infinito's).......dance with them on more than one evening (one of them even took me to her little town up in the mountains to meet her family, beautiful countryside).....but I didn't attepmt the same thing at San Pedro.....I think on my next trip I'll try it......


one Sunday nite I was at the BM having drinks with a couple of buddies (each of them with a chica at their side), when I suggested to the guys we leave BM and try our luck at El Pueblo the working girls got upset with me....gee, I wonder why?

05-14-02, 13:12

thanks for your reply, so many us are just pounding away having a great time , that we dont take a little bit to experience life in san jose.

i really enjoy the lifestyle down there. my first time, my buddies only wanted to stay in the american -priced-styled places- i always wanted to explore-

in september i met a girl at the bm and after 2 'dates' she took me to her house for dinner in heredia- i then understood how people live in costa rica- my goal this trip is to score 15 times, have fun and spend less than $500

05-14-02, 23:19

I just got a great rate to SJ using miles. I checked in at the Pres, but the $ 60 rooms were full. They offered me the older rooms for $45. This is a good rate, but is it viable. They assured me their are safes and bathrooms in each of these rooms. I am also planning the trip to the Volcano as discussed. I plan to take US currency in 20's. Any info re what is acceptable in SJ. How much to exchange in dollars etc. Will the places take local or do they prefer dollars. Any more info would be most appreciated. Looks like this is almost a done deal.

05-15-02, 05:41

I've had the worst room in the Prez and it was ok. All of the rooms have good lock safes (double action), big bathrooms, my room was not small, but not big, normal sized for a single, TV and AC worked, no view, but I had the room for sex and rest. If I had time to burn, I went out on Av Central and people watched.

I am impressed with the honesty of the hotel staff and of 99% of the Costa Ricians. As with any big city, be smart and safe and you'll have a great time.

$20 are your best bet. I always change my money at the hotel desk. Rate is always good and it is so close. I never found a place the would not take $, but the exchange rate is always less. I saw a guy with a wad of C notes get told that the restaurant would not take 100's. He shit, thats all he brought with him.

There is a small convienience store about two block from the Prez, take a left on Av Central, it is on the R side close to the Gran Hotel CR. The food and water are safe to drink in town, but the bottled water is better. Store has all the nick nacks you need that you forgot.

All of the guys that I met were great, from 20's to 70's, all out for the same thing and all willing to trade notes and give advise. Great Guys!

Ask if you have any more questions, I have the time.


05-16-02, 05:23

Since your getting there a day early, strike out and explore. The big city square around the Gran Hotel is great for people watching. The grocery store is right there also. Most people hit the Blue Marlin first. I went to the Key Largo first, I got to talking to the only other guy in the place and it turned out he is a homie of mine (acatass). I missed a really pretty one at KL, so we went to the BM. Acatass pulled an 18yr newbe and took off with her. I went to the Monkey Bar, Nashville and the nopiano Piano Bar. Went to Lucy-Eros, had a great time there. See you when I get there.

I read the same report about the sweep. The Columbians and Dominicans were usually the higher priced ladies. There are more than enough local ladies to go around.


The park show is a must see, your hotel is real close so we should hook up. I'll proberly go Friday night, more the merrier.


05-17-02, 05:02

City is pretty safe, especially around gringo gulch. I heard two people that said they had been mugged. This was the day that CR beat Trinadad-Tobago in the world cup qualifying
soccer match. Town was wild and they were partying in the streets. One guy was drunk and walking to the Park Hotel by himself at night. The other was an old dude, 70ish, falling down drunk.

I have seen other people who should have been taken advantage of and they were treated great.

In short San Jose is not a bad city, like I said in the other posting, I am impressed at how nice and honest 99% of the CR people are.

Take a taxi to 747, remember it closes around 6pm. Someone posted the Club 40 is hot, don't know where it is.

Drinks are usually low priced for bars. I felt I got a bum deal at the IDEM on a beer. Always ask first. Local beers are 16oz and pretty good, about $1.25 ea. Great thing, the drinks you buy for the ladies are the same price as your drinks and they are real drinks, not koolade or watered down w/cork twist.

I'm bringing a bottle of Kentucky's finest whiskey with me, I doubt if I'll finish it. Last time I took one drink out of it and passed it on to the guys for their Sunday brunch party.

The strip clubs are a rip off, Blue Marlin is expensive but the honies are good. I like the 747, Lucy, Arte Y Sauna, Key Largo and Park Hotel.

As far as the show at the Park goes, I'm going Friday night, hope you do. As far as getting a few people to go. Believe me, we will be in the company of many more people who I'll introduce you to. They are absolutely great and fun loving people.


The Park Hotel show starts around 9pm, you should have time to get there. The later you are, the further away from the bar you'll be. But don't miss it. Your brother doesn't stand a chance. I learned to get there early 7:30 or so.

Lets all go trolling for pink snappers.

05-17-02, 07:36
OK guys - just got back from SJ and here's my report. After spending a few days on the coast on business, I settled down in SJ for three nights. Got a very nice room at the El Pres for $60 - word of caution here though: I was first put in the "old" (ie: not yet renovated, and no windows!) part of the fifth floor. Room was not too great, and the door had an old lock. I asked to move and ended up with a great renovated room on the third floor. Good doors, windows, nice bathroom, safety box and two good beds (one for sleeping, one for boinkin', I guess). Breakfast was great, and the staff was super. No extra charges for "guests" although the girls have to sign in on the guest book - none of the girls I brought back had any problem with that. I'd highly recommend the Pres.

I checked out a few places, but ended up at the Marlin each night. Why? Well, the girls were outstanding. Each night, at pretty much any time between 10 and 2, there was a great choice of girls from about a 5 to a clear 10 on the looks scale. Prices? The girls ALWAYS started asking for $100. Some would drop the price a bit, as low as $50.

During the days, I had a session at Arte Y Sauna. Again, highly recommended. It is basically around the corner from the Pres (down the street from the DeyRey/Marlin). 13,000 colones got you 1 hr with the girl of your choice, including sex.

My first night: great chica girl from the Marlin - probably about a 7 in terms of looks. I paid $100. Learned my first valuable lesson: don't assume the girls have condoms! I didn't have one, but she more than made up for it with a great bbbj and hj. Really good experience.

Day 1: At the Arte Y, picked a really fun black girl from Limon. Great session - she was really into it, which is a bit of a change from most massage places. Caught the show at the Park: small dingy place with pretty ugly girls. The show was pretty raunchy (9pm sharp, 6,000 colones, get a seat at the bar for the most fun). There were about 8 girls, totally naked on the bar. After a strip, they got into each other, and the crowd, with oil, champagne and dildos. Worth it, but only for the experience not for the girls. In the evening, picked a STUNNING Columbian girl at the Marlin, 19 years old. Not the greatest in bed, but her looks made up for it. Paid 30,000 colones.

Day 2: For fun, bought some Viagra from a pharmacy down the road from the Park (no prescription needed). Took one, went to Arte and picked a really cute fat girl. We rubbed oil all over each other and shagged like mink. Fun. In the evening, picked a fairly hot black girl from the Dominican Republic. 25,000 colones. Probably about a 7 on the looks scale, but really enthusiastic in bed.

Day 3: Tried to find 747, without success. Went to Lucy's, but it didn't seem like a great deal: they wanted 26,000 colones for the hour and the girls didn't look that great. So, back to Arte. Picked the best looking girl there (13,000 colones again), but she really wasn't that great. I guess I was probably not her first customer of the day. Had a nap afterwards, then hit Key Largo (great band but small crowd), and then the Marlin. Managed to win a couple of hundred bucks playing roulette, and then swept into the bar. Picked a breathtakingly gorgeous blonde girl from Columbia (35,000 colones), and back to the hotel. Worth every penny. She was absolutely great - we went at it for pretty much close to an hour. Thought I was going to die. Afterwards, I asked if I could take a photo (this girl was too good looking not to). She really got into it and posed for a bunch of great shots after making me promise that I'd email them to her.

All in all, it was a great trip. I know that the prices at the Marlin are a little steep, but I figured that I'd rather pay a bit of a premium for the amazing quality there. I've been all over the world, and the girls at the Marlin compare with the best I've ever seen. The only drawback is that you really don't get the total girlfriend experience that you would get in some other places - Manila is clearly the best place on the planet for that. And the girls aren't necessarily as nasty as some guys might want - if you want girls who will pretty much do anything, go to Bangkok or Moscow. But in terms of beauty and variety, my vote's with San Jose. I'll definitely be back.

Happy hunting!

05-19-02, 04:50

I spent 2 years going back and forth from Costa Rica as I am a Merchant Seaman and if I had a chance to live and work here that would be a no brainer. I would work for half or a third of my salary to live here full time.

The girls at the Gringo infested sex joints/pick up bars have become way too expensive and business like but if you lived here you would have the chance meet regular girls that worked in malls, banks, ect. and you would be in heaven.

My advice to you is pack ASAP and get on down there. Brush up on your spanish and try to see how many non working girls you can get in the sack in the 1st year. Be sure to report back to us.

Redbull #1
05-21-02, 19:04
Hey Guys,

Heres the deal for all the monger dudes that are going to be in SJO over Memorial Day weekend.....We should all meet in the lobby of the Prez at 730pm sharp Friday to cab it over to the Park.....like Shamas said the more the merrier. Does that sound like a plan? Feedback? Take care, be safe, and happy mongering!!!

05-26-02, 07:43
Just got back from san jose and had a great time. The presidente hotel is excellent, but a little pricey.$80 a night double occupancy including tax. No extra charge for visitors Had a great room 506- looking out at the mountains, nothing like a bbbj with a view of the countryside, the Balmoral and the Morazon were advertising $35 plus tax
Had dinner one night at a beautiful restaurant up in the mountains called Ram Luna- million dollar view of the valley and dinner for two was under $40, any cab driver will take you.
My roommate went after the older ladies -over 30-from the bm and key largo and got excellent results, they were eager to please and great fun.

I enjoyed a nice 20 year old Columbian gal who was very pretty and energetic, bbbj, swallow, multiple sessions , she wanted 100 but I paid 60 plus a small tip afterwards, worth every penny. Enjoyed a nice little costa rican girl who could deep throat like I’ve never experienced before, but as soon as I came, she started packing up. I learned to explain to each girl that I want to come twice- that weeds out the lazy ones and really opens up the night for full service. Tried a well packed Dominican girl but got turned off by her breast implants, she had to work hard for the second go round but that’s life.
The day shift at the blue marlin was also very solid with great quality.
Checked out some local bars, sharkey’s, monkey bar and met some American ex-pats living in costa rica, great information and lot’s of fun
The show at the park hotel on Friday night was interesting , several ladies on the bar dancing and prancing and the cover charge was about 20. lots of guys enjoyed drinking champagne at the Y. the girls were ok and were asking about 38-40 room included. The park is a no frills, consistent place where you get what you pay for. The arte y sauna was also good. Decent selection, and all for around $33 or 12,000 colones.

Also enjoyed meeting some locals at the mall in san pedro and met up with one later at the disco at el pueblo Friday night, she came with 2 other college friends and we danced all night, got her number for the next trip.
I need to increase my exercise program to keep up with the activity.
Looking forward to returning in July.

05-26-02, 07:53

the vocabulary is very basic in costa rica

use the verb mamar for sucking, quiero mucho mamar -i want a lot of blowjobs or quiero te mamar - i want to eat you out

the word sexo is used for everything else, te gusta sexo en su culita - do you like it in the ass, for example

one of the most important ones is, quiero lecher dos veces-
i want to come twice, that weeds outs alot of bull and really tells you if the girl is into the experience and dedicated to the task before her

05-28-02, 05:39
First day of pink snapper fishing.

Five days and four nights just isn't long enough for a pink snapper fishing trip. Too many snappers and not enough time. Like Rico, I stayed at the Hotel Presidente. I really like the place, the News Cafe is a great place to sit and have breakfast. (If you don't know, the main walking street in down town is right in front of the hotel. The front of the News Cafe is open so you just sit there and watch all the pretty ladies pass by. All types of them, 6-7--8 all day long and a few 9's & 10s, every minute). We did breakfast each morning and watched soooo many beautiful ladies pass by on their way to work. No better way to greet the day. The hotel staff is really great and the open acceptance of the 'catch of the day' parade is too good. Great thing about pink snapper fishing, it's all catch and release. If you don't want to go out, all you have to do is sit down stars and screen whats leaving. You do have to be careful, most of the local ladies dress sexier than the hookers. You could end up trying to pick up some guys wife or daughteror both.

When I checked in, I was met at the desk by nonone', great timing. I threw my stuff in the room and joined him for lunch in the News Cafe. We went out trolling afterwards and ended up checking out the day shift at the Park Hotel. Well, we said hi and talked a bit and went on. Nonone' had two of the Park Hotels finest night crew girls on order for 2pm so his time was short. We returned to the Pres and I continued on to the Blue Marlin and nonone met his 2 dates. Had a cup of mud at the Blue Marlin, prettiest girls but expensive. It's a last resort for me. Continued on to the Key Largo and most of the other ponds in the gulch. Met up with M**** at the noPiano bar, she speaks very good english, is a bit heavy, but has a great attitued and really gets into her job. First catch of the trip.
I'll continue on, have a call

05-28-02, 06:01
Day one continued

M**** at the no Piano bar (don't remember just who it was who so aptly named it the no piano bar) is a super nice lady, sucks with gusto and is very cost effective. When we hooked up, she had some really red lip stick on. When we got done it looked like she had gutted me and skinned my dick.

It was pretty late Thursday night when she left so I had a few beers at the noPiano and called it a night.

I found out that Ace was not going to make the trip, he was sick. Too bad Ace, we missed you.

05-28-02, 18:29
Fishing trip report, day 1 continued, a few observations

Air port security was effective but posed no big delays as I had feared. I felt lucky that they didn't pull me out of line for the special second search.

It looks like all the airlines are now using the new terminal. I like it better than the old terminal with Delta. My flight got into SJO about 15 minutes early. The line for Immegrations was time consuming but customs was a flash in the pan. As soon as I was out of the controlled area I was picked up by an older taxi driver. (The red cabs have a set fee of $10 for the trip to town and $12 for the return trip to the airport). I tipped my driver $2 because he was so safe and nice.

The driving and pedestrian traffic in San Jose is exciting. They drive with gusto and don't waste any time. You must watch your step when crossing the street, the autos have the right of way. I have not seen any accidens or run overs, so their system must work. 4" between bumpers is a mile, they toot the horn at 3" and actually start to move apart some at 2" of clearance.

We found another food market two blocks from the Hotel Pres. Take a right, cross two streets, shortly you'll see a fair sized market on the left side. They have a full selection of items plus a deli and bakery. We got some really good prices on 1kg bags of El Ray dark roasted coffee. I've reported on the other market whice is the same distance from the Prez, but it's to the left.

I was told not to carry an umprella on the plane, even the small fold up ones. so I checked mine in my check in bag. The first two days were real pretty. Every morning was clear and cool, Saturday and Sunday it rained most of the afternoon and into the night. Usually let up around 2am.

When it is wet, you have to be very careful walking. Lots of metal covers on the side walks and lots of slippery red tile also.

05-28-02, 19:07
Day 2 (Friday) more pink snapper to catch.

Started out with breakfast with nonone at one of the raised front row table looking onto Av. Centeral. Too many pretty ladies going by, makes eating a distraction.

The last of our party arrive just before noon. G'tano aka Walking Man arrived. Nonone had more ladies lined up for nooners in his room so G'tano and myself set out on foot to explore some sites. We walked to the Pension houses (#26 on Lumps map). We checked out the one on the west side of C6, departed quickly. Contined on to Krysis, then to the Key Largo which was not yet open and finally to the Blue Marlin. The Friday lunch selection was very poor. The Pension and another place two doors away were real poor quality. We talked with a few of the girls and they seemed to be quite uninspired plus UFOs. Krysis was the same. There was a few at the BM, G'tano pulled a young one and split. I got to talking with 'G***' from Alaska while G'tano was busy talking with his tica. 'G***' a really nice guy who traded notes with me each day afterwards.

I was lined up with M**** again so I cooled it when I didn't see anything that appealed to me that afternoon. Early that evening the three of us and "J" had dinner at Machu Pichu an excellent Peruvian eatery in San Pedro. 'J' lives about three blocks away so we went to his Casa for coffee and cake desert. No man should have it as good as 'J'. When we got to his Casa we were let in by his step daughter, a 10!, met his wife who proved the old adage, pretty mothers have pretty babies, his wife was absolutely gorgous and exceptionally nice. I'm happy for 'J', he lives the life we all dream of. The coffee and cake were out of this world. If it wasn't for the two ladies of the house, the coffee and cake would have been the best things I saw on the trip.

I had every intention of being at the Prez at 730pm to meet up with some of the guys for the Park Hotel show, but we didn't leave 'J's until 930pm. Sorry I missed you guys, but I spent my time in the best way possable. When we left San Pedro, we stopped by the noPiano bar to see M****, she was not there so we went to the Park. The show had just ended and the place was still fairly full. Nonone introduced me to S*****, a pretty girl in her early 30's. She has a B cup chest, pretty face and just a super nice gal. I pulled her out and we went to my room.

I gave her a great massage and she returned it rub for rub. I explained to her that I enjoy a lot of oral stimulation so she sucked on me and sucked on me. She got so hard that she left hickies on my nipples, dick and balls. We took a few breaks and the session lasted for over two hours.

After I put S***** in a cab I saw F**** who I had met on my last trip. F**** is in his late 60's but doesn't show it at all. His flight had arrived that evening and he had already been stood up and was going out to see what he could find. Ten minutes after he left his date showed up.

I went across to the noPiano and M**** was there then. She knew she had been quite late and understood. She suggested another session that evening but I passed. I did have a few beers with her and set a date for the next evening.

Life is Good.

05-28-02, 20:15
Day 3, the fishing is still great.

Breakfast with nonone at the same table as yesterday. So so many pretty ladies strutting by, I got so distracted I almost stabbed myself with a fork while eating.
G'tano had a legit massage, said it was pretty good. I'll post the name and phone number when he sends it to me.
I saw G*** and F****, traded notes with both of them. Nonone' had more noon action lined up, again two pretty Park Hotel ladies. G'Tano any myself struck out in search of more fish. I didn't see anything. I went to the 747 and had a decent rub and nice session with a young tica. I can't remember her name.

We had dinner at Tin Ho which is a very good chinese place a half block from Idem & Lucy.

I went to the noPiano bar and M**** was missing in action again. The three of us went to the Park for the show. The quality of the girls was down this weekend for a few reasons. The two prettiest ones were not in, one off with headaches and the other off with boyfriend. The next two pretty ones had been worn out by nonone' and took the night off.

A new girl in the show was very responsive to stimulation. Nonone' was working her over and she was getting into it. He got so much oil on his face it was funny looking. He drank quite a bit of champagne off her stomach and puss during the show. Sorry, I like mine from a glass.

Aftger the show G'Tano departed to search for his Tica from the BM. He left his ticket behind, I used it to win the second free bj door prize of the night. I grabbed S***** and off we went. She gets compensated for the action but I tipped her anyways. We played for about an hour and finished up.

We retured to the Pres and nonone' went to bed, poor ole boy was tired. I went to the noPiano again and M**** had not shown up. I had a beer and went to the bar in the News Cafe. Had a good time there.

05-28-02, 21:05
Day 4, (Sunday), fishing a bit differently

Had breakfast with nonone' at a different front row table. Too good. I hooked up with G'Tano around 10am and we went to the outdoor cafe at the Gran Hotel Costa Rica. Sipped some mud and traded notes. G'Tano is a great fan of Rio and was telling me all about it. We watched the world walk by. It stated to ran a little bit around 1130am so I headed back to the Pres. G'Tano went out walking, he walked to two places, #30 & #34 on Lumps map, they were open but nothing worth while to wet your line over. He then walked to 747. He told the owner he was leaving and the owner begged him to come back in half an hour as a pretty girl was coming in. I don't think he went back.

I pretty well have given up on M****, but I have kept looking. Nonone' called 'A' from the Park Hotel for me and set up a date for that night. 'A' is very pretty, speaks fair english and has a good body. She looks great undressed and is super nice. She, like S***** can suck and suck.

Use guys watched the Indy 500 and went out afterwards looking for action. Well, a few nibbles, no keepers. Had an early dinner with G'Tano at the Hacienda which is just around the corner. A wee bit pricy, but excellent food.

G'Tano went out to the BM afterwards, I went back and got ready for 'A'. She arrived right on time. As I said earlier, 'A' is very pretty, petite with good B cups, great figure and very much into her work. She is one of nonone' favorites.

Our session lasted over 2 hours, I was shot and totally worn to a frazzle. This girl sucked as good as S***** did, and is prettier. 'A' smiles when ever she can, know what I mean guys, and is open to many activities. Because of her petite size she was easy to play with. At my age I can only stand so much and 2 hours is taking it to an extreme. I ended the session to keep from having a heart attack. Believe me, I damn near opted for the heart attack. We showered together before and after our session, soap is nice. I escorted her out afterwards and made sure she got in a cab safely. I added her cab fare to her asking price and then tipped her another 3000Cs because she was so so good.

G'Tano and nonone' both turned in early as they had early departing flights. I talked to a girl in the hotel bar for a while, knew it was too good, her girl friends showed up a while later and they all split. Two Imperials finished me off.

05-28-02, 22:21
Day 5, Monday, heading home day

Had breakfast with F****, traded notes and enjoyed our last chance to watch the pretty ladies parade by. I didn't blink.

Packed up, cleaned up, double checked the room and checked out just past 10am, door man lined up a cab. The maid was very helpful so I left her a 3000C tip.

I paid the departure tax out front. I was just a hour ahead of the five day change of $40. I paid $12 if I remember right. I had to pay another tax of $6 at the Continental check in post. The line for the initial check in was long and slow, they basically were keeping the baggage inspectors backed up with just one extra person.

Baggage security was very good, they looked through the bags much better than in the states. I still had the screening with my carry on baggage which was just like in the states.

I had an hour to kill. We departed on time and the flight was AOK.

Reentry to US was simple and painless. I did get a good looking at by the guy who checked my passport. We had to go through Houston security again, it was fast.

We were delayed in departing Houston and got home about 15 miinutes late. Of all the places I went, SDF has the slowest baggage delivery.

Nice to be back. I found an old and dear friend had died while I was gone. Looking for the Funeral this afternoon.

05-29-02, 04:00
Well I think the $40 departure tax is a crock of shit. Everybody trys to put it to the Rich Americans every way they can. If only we were rich it wouldn't matter. The last time I was there was May 2000 and the Dep. Tax then was $17. I think I will stick with Mexico where it cost me $2.00 to drive into Mexico and $19 pesos to drive into the U.S.

I guess they figure the ecologist who go to CR won't have a problem spending the $40 and the mongers will spend all their money on *****s and have to pawn their watch. This along with a lot of the other BS I think is enough to keep me away from there for good. It is a shame that CR had to get fucked up because it is a beautiful country with friendly people and fine Chicas.

Big Mal
05-30-02, 11:06
I think the higher tax of $42 or so is for Costa Rica nationals and people who have stayed for a longer period (60 or 90 days).

I would not buy any stamps outside of the terminal. There are a number of scams with people reselling used or fake stamps.

If you compare the standard $17 tax to what the US charges you for every flight, it isn't much.

On a standard flight in the US that costs $300, about $30 is 9-11 tax, airport tax, and other stuff. Not counting the other sales taxes. I bought a $240 ticket to the East coast recently and the actual ticket price was $175.

There was some talk about the taxes being included in the tickets in CR. People wouldn't even notice, then.

-Big Mal

05-30-02, 22:03

i was at the park on friday, may 17th, a week before you were.
but i'm sure it was the same show. a couple of us were kind of taken by surprise, the show is realy something for those guys who get into the spirit of it-
i dont want to give all the details and ruin the show for the first timers.
The Park is a trusty hotel and the girls all had great personalities and were really fun and down to earth, didn't sample any of them, i really liked the selection at the bm and kl best

i did meet a personable young blond-haired canadian fellow at the Park on the 17th, very knowledgable about the brothers,

06-07-02, 08:05
On my last visit to SJO over the memorial day weekend my very good friend and a most experienced SJO traveler warned me to take a taxi to any place I go after dark. We had dinner with our friend who now lives in San Pedro who also complained about the rapid rise in street crime, especially in the Gringo Gulch area. CRsex.com has a posting about how much more dangerous the gulch has gotten and how it appears that some of the local shop keepers are turning a blind eye to muggings and the young punks who are doing them.

I e-mailed the Costa Rican Embassy in D.C. and informed them that they had better put a stop to this type of street crime. It is not difficult to stop, but the government must exert more pressure on the police to ensure our basic safety.

I also informed them that they are not the only country in Central America that caters to my needs and that I will spend my money where I'm safe.

Guys if we all take just 5 minutes, look up the CR embassy in DC, shoot them a quick e-mail and let them know just how many of us are concerned, they will understand just how much they have to lose and how it will hurt their economy.

Time to get off my soap box and relax, e-mail today.



06-07-02, 19:28


06-08-02, 04:15

Got two E-Mail addresses

The first one is for general information. The embassy site says the email address is .org , but when you use it, the address on the email itself is .com. So I'm sticking with the .com address


This address is for the Consular Information. This is the address that is on the email.


Getting mugged by the Cheetah is too close and too bold. There is trouble in paradise.

A few weeks ago the Tico Times had a big spread on the new chief of the Costa Rican Tourism Dept. The paper claimed the Tourism Dept was top heavy and ineffectual. New director pledged his support to increasing tourism and making the department very effective.

Found the Official Costa Rican Tourism Department web site.
Costa Rica
No Artificial Ingredients


When the above address is printed on the board the address is corrupted from what I have written, not sure why. Address shows c...., it's supposed to be /tourism-costaricacom/html not c... . I tried to rewrite the whole address again, and again the c... was put in, so hope you figure out what is needed to get the address right.

I followed their route to contact them. They have a mandatory registration form, here is the address that was displayed.

www.tourism-costarica/tourism-costaricacom/html/contact us/index.html


06-12-02, 07:05



















COSTA RICA………............... www.************.com

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC www.fantasyislandadventures.com

06-14-02, 09:44
Frank,all of the girls quote you in dollars.Some gift shops will give you discount for dollars instead of colones or credit cards.Any business will take your dollars,but they give you change in colones.I normally go to a bank and get a 100.00 dollar bill converted to colones.Hotels usually give you a lower rate. Right now 100 dollars converts to about 35 to 37,000 colones.

06-14-02, 15:22

Yes, the ladies do quote you in dollars, but I have found that they aren't good at exchange rates, and if you tell them that all you have is colones, they will quote you in colones. At times you can save a few bucks. Also, if you speak spanish fluently and can get into a good conversation with them, you will find they have a Costa Rican rate, which is essentially their minimum..

The hottest chicks, of course, those that the Americans tend to pay inflated prices, will probably hold out, since there is always another gringo who doesn't care about price, but if it isn't too busy, which after the fishermen get out of there and the normal tourist season slows down, the asking price can drop significantly, and the real price will appear.

Anyway, regardless, get your conversions going in your head for 60-70-80-90-100 dollars and start talking colones..chances are you can save 10 bucks without really trying. good luck

06-16-02, 15:22
watched america's most wanted last night- concerning sexual abuse of **** girsl in cr
on each trip we are reminded on the immigration declaration that us citizens cannot enagage in sex with anyone under 18 in costa rica.
i thinks it's absolutely wrong for a sane man to abuse a young girl before the age of 16, and even many 16 year old are not yet mentally mature.
in costa rica, the real problem, as stated on amw last night is apathy-

we should be aware that while cr boasts of high literacy rates, most costricenses finish 6th grade and that's it ! many of the girls at the dr will confirm that. secondly by the time a girl is 16 she's probably pregnant by a deadbeat cr lad and since she has limited education, apathy from the government, and her parents are probably disadvantaged as well, she really has limited choices.

currently a stagering number of teenage mothers give birth in cr and the father is unnamed or unstated on the birth certificate. by the time americans meet them at age 16, 17, 18,etc , it's too late and they have few options for survival.

18 years old is the legal limit and the legal activities that we engage in in cr are a tremendous boon to the economy, a large number of families benefit from the relatively large incomes of the working girls, especially the ones at the dr. my responsibility as an american tourist is to be a gentleman in dealing with another human, and to be respectful.

the cr's governement's responsibility is to improve their educational incentives for their youth, provide more opportunities for their young citizens to prosper, reduce teenage pregancy, provide meaningful assistance to the large number of single-parent (teen) household and to recognize that this problem begins in 6th grade

06-20-02, 06:02
It's not too unsafe, but you just have to take some precautions. It's safer than DR, others have said that reciently, we're just making more noise about it to see if we can get enough pressure on the CR government to act more.


Sunday the BM is open. The selection is not always great during the day but always pretty good at night. 747 opens on Sunday. KL was not open a few Sundays ago. I know a girl that is working across the street from the Prez, at the Piano bar, her name is Mar*a. Look her up. I do like her.

Check IDEM and EROS also for Sunday evening action.

The Park Hotel bar is open during the day and quite late at night. The shows are Friday and Saturday nights and they start around 9pm. We always get there early, about 730 or 8p to make sure we get a ring side seat. Stay after the show, Bill gives away a free TShirt to who ever had the most fun during the show, he also give away two free BJs. You get a ticket for the show ($20), he draws the numbers from a glass about 20 minutes after the show and again about 15 minutes later, who ever matches, picks the girl he wants and away they go to Free BJ Heaven. They also have BJ Tuesday. You get a numbered sales receipt with each drink, each hour Bill draws a receipt number and whom ever has it, gets to pick his BJ girl. I won two of the aftershow BJs. I always tip the girls a few thousand clones anyways. I've had so much fun after that, that I tipped them a few thousand more when I left.

You asked how far from the Prez to BM, two blocks, you go out the front of the hotel, take a R, at the first street take a L, BM is at the top of the hill. Keep going past the BM and take the next L go to the next corner and your at KL. Out of the KL, take a L, one block your at the Morazon, keep going one more block and your back at the Prez. Short walk, lots of action. Take a taxi after dark. The Park Hotel by taxi only costs about 300Cs, we just give the guy 500c and we get there directly.

Just arcoss from the KL is Morazon Park, stay out of it late at night.

Hope that helps some

06-21-02, 22:07
went to CR in Late May to early June! Now I'm back home in New Orleans. I tell ya, I haven't been the same. This is because I get so much love in CR! I had a hell of a time. I was there for 6 nights and got laid twice a day I was there. I stayed the Del Rey the food was good the sex was good the drinks was good. Hell what more a man can ask for!! I also got a chance to go fishing in Quepos Thats was also Great! Can't wait to go back! I just want to say to all Americans to please don't fuck it up! Keep it real and don't be telling the assholes you know in the US who will go there and mess it up for the good mongers. I will work hard in the US to take care of the ladies that are in CR. MUCH LOVE TO the people running the Marlin!!!They got it set up right!!! You don't need to take what there askin for($100), $70 is my max! right SHAMAS! My Man Shamas thanks for all the info!!!

06-22-02, 20:04
got back from san jose a few days ago, the BM was not only THE BOMB!!!!! it's like a nuclear explosion!!!!! i couldn't believe my eyes, i got there at 7:30pm and couldn't decide till 'bout 10 who i was gonna go with. the other guys posting are right don't tell jerks about this place, only people who are worthy of such an excellent establishment. met some great panamanians!!!!! if anyone sees a tall 1/2 dominican1/2 panamanian in the BM during the day or late afternoon, she's super!!!! treat her right!!!!can't miss her long straight hair, stunning eyes, long legs.........y'all enjoy...... peace-out....the rabbit

06-26-02, 01:04
some of my observations from last week in SJ @ the BM, ....the costa rican girls seem more business like, while the dominicans always seem to be joking & cuttin' up, the panamanians seem to be the best at making conversation and small talk....while the nicaraguans are very persistant & work cheaper than the rest......last weeks average price was $60 for an hour or so.....of the 4 ladies i went with, 2 were pana, 1 CR, and 1, 1/2 dom 1/2 pana............can't wait to go back in sept/oct......peace........the rabbit

06-29-02, 02:31

I just got back from my first trip to CR on Wed. It was even more incredible than everyone described!!!

I stayed at the Del Rey. OK hotel by US standards. The fee for girls in your room got annoying by the end. Check your bill carefully, they overcharged me for things.

The BM is a great place to pick up girls. For the "mayor tiempo",
you should know conversational Spanish. There was a girl that was a dead ringer for Shakira, very business like though.

DO NOT PAY OVER $70.00 FOR COMPANY!!! It ruins it for the rest of us. Also, the cab drivers will try to rip you off. Insist on a metered cab.

Arte's Sauna is filled with 5-6s, that offer decent massage and BBBJ or FS for 12000 colones.

Park Hotel show-- One word... Frightening. Bill is a great guy and his wife and his staff are very friendly. That show though, Fri. & Sat. b/t 9-9:30, is something to be seen. These girls come out on the stage and the audience oils them up. They then start fisting each other, going down on each other, using toys, etc...

We went to the local discotecques on Sat. A place called Puebla made up of five clubs/restaurants. I had the hottest DR girl go down on me at the table in Infinito. My buddy hooked up with a chick from Columbia. I actually hooked up with another girl later that night that I had met at Infinito, a half Italian/half Columbian.

Try working the free angle with chicks before resorting to paying for it. Key Largo is a good place to dance and is across the street from BM.

Tin Jo-- good Asian cuisine
Ram Luna-- good cuisine, outstanding view.
Ministero-- excellent cuisine, outstanding view.

On the subject of safety-- I don't know what the previous posts of concern are about. There is nothing unsafe about that city. There are cops every three feet!! The place is a hell of a lot safer than New Orleans or Hollywood at night.

The Morazan at night is a place to avoid unless you want to have sex with a transvestite, to each their own. West of the Morazan, all the way to the highway, one should be aware, this is where the trannies are. You have to drive through there to get to Puebla. My buddy made a comment about one "girl", until I told him to look at her neck...

CR is a great place as long as American capitalism does not destroy it. We even went white-water rafting one day, it was great.

We are going back in August. Good luck to everyone!!!

07-02-02, 03:33

i got this off another site, i hope it helps.

the place is called la casa de masaje profesional. the owner is marta-she´s a licensed massage therapist. her daughter ruth also is very good as well. cost is 12,000c or about $33 for 1 hr massage. you might be able to get a discount for multiple visits. this compares well with arte y sauna which charges 5000c for 30 min and apparently won´t come down from this. the massage is much better than arte y sauna.

it is completely legit so please don´t ask for extras.

you can easily walk from the del rey or presidente. it´s at calle 5 and avenida 11 in barrio amon. best directions are if facing the front of the holiday inn aurola-take the street on your left, calle 5. walk down the hill on c 5 about 3 blocks until it dead ends into a 11 and it will be right in front of you. it´s a blue/green building. they are pretty busy so it´s best to call at 223-0365 or 398-5662 to make an appointment.


07-09-02, 16:30
What's going on guys, no posts?

Just got back from six days of pleasure and one night in St Louis that really sucked.

I got to SJO very late on Wednesday. I checked in and threw some water on my face and went straight across the street to the no Piano Bar. Found Mar*a hanging out there. She was supposed to hook up with Ace, but he was too tired and not feeling very well.

Mar*a stuck to her $80 price, so I said what the hell, let me see. Best money I spent the whole trip. She stayed over 3 hours and would have stayed even longer but I wanted to finish and take in the action at the Blue Marlin and Key Largo. We hooked up the next night and she stayed for just over four hours when again I had to run her off so I could go and explore. Mar*a has a very pretty face, great tits, a bit heavy in the hips, but not fat, shes nicely firm. Best of all is her attitued, sooooo nice and pleasent, never rushes, never bitches always a good hard worker.

I went to the Blue Marlin and Key Largo around 2am. BM always has the best looking selection, but I spied a dark haired beauty at the KL who just turned me on. I went back to the hotel to recharge my batteries.

I already had a date set with Mar*a for Thursday evening so I spent the day shopping and exploring. Started off with breakfast with Ace and Nonon', went to the BM with Ace for lunch. He pulled one lady out around 2pm. I went to the cafe at the Gran Hotel and sipped coffee while watching San Jose walk by.

Mar*a was about 20 minutes late, she has to come from way out in the country so I didn't mind. She again was 'marvalous'. So hot, so exciting, so talented and such a GFE. We always take at least one shower together and then play at various techniques and forms. She's best at her oral techniques, has a wild tongue that can make me wiggle with tickles. Around 11pm I sent her home and went bar hopping.

I met Circus at the BM, shortly afterwards Sierra Madar, Easy, Pritzelking and Dino all came in. What guys. Real gentlemen of the Monger nation. We all spent time in varous stages of mongering. Time to recharge the batteries.

I'll be back with the second act tomorrow.


07-10-02, 15:46
July trip, second posting, Friday and Saturday

I started off each morning with an early breakfast. The Hotel cafe has an open air front that looks onto Av Centaral which is a walking street. Watching all the pretty ladies every morning is the best way to greet the day.

A couple of the guys would go to 747 each afternoon around 2pm. They had 75% pick up rate.

Friday I started out at the Park Hotel. Found out that one of my favorites is leaving the business and getting married to a gringo. I do wish S all the best.

I went to the Blue Marlin and saw one girl there who is a great beauty. Never got a chance to talk to her as she kept getting picked up before I could get to her. She's short, busty, pretty face with a great ass. She looked to be from Columbia.

I ambled over to the Key Largo and checked out the action. I found a girl with dark brown hair and a face that made me melt, just like the pretty girl next door. I couldn't remember her name and was too embarassed to ask again so I'll stick with DHB (dark haired beauty). We had a very inspired evening. Our sessions lasted over two hours during which we F'ed, sucked, rubbed and sucked some more. She was really so nice and not the Bi!ch type. We called it a night and I finished off a few beers before hitting the hay.

Saturday I picked up B*anca and M*ria (different Mar*a from Wed & Thurs) at the BM around 1pm. Since they are good friends and hang together, they perform as a duet quite well. We settled on $50 each for an hour. The session lasted over two hours and and was excellent. M*ria was by far the best of the two and I'll visit with her on my next trip. B*anca started the whining and bitche stuff afterwards wanting more money. I had every intension of an added tip since the session had gone much longer than agreed on and they did it willingly. B* just bitched too much so I'll pass on her next time. I made a date with M*ria for Sunday but cancelled and gave her a show up fee of 7000C. I found out that "E" from the Park Hotel had just got back in town and was available. I set a date with her for 4pm, she cancelled and rescheduled for 6pm. She was prompt. 'E' is quite pretty, very personable and the second best of the whole trip. Mar*a from wed & thurs was the best. Any ways, the session with 'E' lasted almost two hours. She has a great body, nice and trim with +B cups. As my normal routine, we had a rub down session, followed with head till I was dead then back to life with her on top, then dog style for a finish.

I flew back home early Monday morning.

A few side notes.

Thursday afternoon at the Park Hotel they had a pig roast. The place was jumping and the most active joint in town. Matter of fact, it was so full, Bill staged a show that night. I had an early date lined up so I missed the show.

Thursday there were three gringo jerks at the BM. They got in a fight with them selves and in general showed just how stupid people can get.

We had a girl working at the News Cafe as a waitress who just blew my socks off. Shes a columbian, braded blonde hair, tall with a very trim figure and a butt that is 'great'. She has a smile that was so pretty and natural. I ate dinner at the News Cafe just to watch her work.

Saw lots of Police at night, expecially on Firday and Saturday nights. Now after 2am your on your own. I never saw anything in the gulch that suggested any danger and I did stay out late. Then again I'm big and not an easy target for the much smaller Ticos.

Some of the bartenders are absolute beauties. Two during the day shift at the BM were exceptional. KL has two petite blondes that are solid 10s. We would set behind them so we could watch their butts as they danced all night. Life is Good.

See y'all later

07-12-02, 18:18
Originally posted by hunterman
Arriving San Jose for my first visit at end of August and have four questions:

"1) I see from the previous posts that girls do their thing and leave. I am interested in someone who will stay after sex, until morning. Do you offer more money or just them to stay?"

Personally I have no idea why you'd want that but yeah, it'll cost more and they will try to leave anyway.

"2) Is payment made upfront?"

Some guys claim to be able to avoid this but I never can.

"3) Do the girls have any rules about being kissed on the mouth?"

What I like about Latin American in general and Costa Rica in particular is you can often find gals who like to kiss BUT you MUST negotiate this and everything else VERY specifically, in advance. If you go through the archives on the old board you will find advice on how to accomplish this in Spanish. Me, if they don't want to kiss, I wait until I find one who does. I found several gals at the BM who would kiss and let me eat their pussies.

"4) Do hotels keep tabs on who stays with you?"

Hotel Del Rey keeps the gal's ID while she is in the room with you. I really like this.

Thanks guys

07-12-02, 22:18
hunterman: If you want a chica for overnight, do tell her that before hand ad negotiate.

Do not pay before hand

Hotel policies depend on hotels. Some want to register the girl, some do not care.

07-15-02, 18:21
to iamlooking, wish i can meet up with you

fluent spanish will definitely help,
you can negotiate everything, alot of visitors from other latin american countries dont spend or have near what we do
i found if i tell people i'm canadian the price drop quickly.

cabs from the airport: last time i met 2 fellows, on the plane going to the delrey, i was heading to the presidente
the guy wanted like 10 apiece, i hablo a little, we split the cab for $12 (4 a piece). The registered cabs have numbers on them, otherwise trust your instincts for an unregistered one.
the bus to the san jose terminal is real cheap, a friend took it once and paid some ridiculously low fare., transportation is as plentiful as the girls. i will never rent a car in cr again.

the presidente is nice, great breakfast, no hassles, ask for $45 'tsm' discount. try to get a room overlooking the valley instead of the street. one thing is that they've tried to control the transportation monopoly to one firm, i didnt like the attitude of several drivers so walked around the corner and got my own cabs

the morazon is nice too, lower price, nice bathrooms and no extra guest charge. the balmoral is an older style wood panelled place that charges for extra guests, the delrey is a good bet for first timers,

first timers stick to the delrey and key largo for action, but idem is really good and less than 60, there are some i've heard about for 7-20 bucks, but have not tried them
speaking spanish helps, my first time at the delrey i was paying the 100 they all ask, now i only speak spanish with the girls and do not pay more than 50-60, and NO cab fare
next time i'm bringing 10 dollar bills instead of all 20's

good luck

07-16-02, 07:27
Just returned from CR. Taxis charge 12 dollars from the airport to down town. The departure tax is still 17 dollars. I stayed in room 520 it is a fairly nice room. There were alot of colombian girls there. i met several outstanding girls from Panama. There is a blond there named Jenifer with a very beautiful body. I have her email if anyone is interested.I did not hear of any robberies or crimes commited against Americans while i was there. I am tired and will write more about my experiences later. Nick

07-16-02, 19:24
That was at the Hotel Del Rey. My first night there there were about 5 girls to every man. The colombian girls are very aggressive. There is a girl there from Panama named Jenifer. She is really something,blond and with a very good body.sdhe has several girlfriends that are very nice also.There is aCosta Rican girl named Sabrina who only works days who i thought was very good. There is a hotel casino half a block up from the Hotel Del Rey advertising rooms for 35 dollars. It is the Morazan. There was a large varity of girls to choose from. i totaly enjoyed this trip. Jaco on the Pacific coast is very nice. There is a bar, the beatle bar,it has many of the girls from SJ. I met 1 girl from Colombia and 1 girl from Nicaragua. the Nicaragua girl was really something. We had sex for 2 hours. If you would like to know anything i would be glad to help you if i can. Nick

07-17-02, 04:11

IDEM is a *****house. Roberto operates it and the costs are around $30 per pop. Usually 6 to 10 girls working, mostly 7-8.

Lots of guys really like it, across the street is a MP, Eros, it is good most of the time.

About 10 doors up the street is Tin Jo Chinese eatery, it's the best of the three.

Take a cab after dark, it's a short ride from the gulch. We go from the Hotel Presidente. All we do is get a cab on the street, give the guy 500C and tell him IDEM.

Do the Park Hotel show on Friday or Saturday night.

07-21-02, 00:38
The Hotel Morazan has rooms advertised at 35 dollars per night.It is just 1 block from the Hotel Del Rey.The email address is crmorazan@racsar.co.cr i meant to check out the rooms before i left san Jose but i was unable to. I was told by a friend that the rooms are nicer that the Del Rey.

07-22-02, 15:26
747 is safe, but don't venture into the neighborhood, it is unsafe. Lots of guys walk during the day, but take a cab, it's safer and quicker.

Park Hotel is at Av 4 netween C 2 & 4. Take a cab after dark.

A few posts down you'll find Lumps Map, print it out.

Do check out Idem, Eros and the Park, all have a few prettty girls. Seems like the really pretty girles at the BM can be real b*tchy also.

As far as hooking up, SJO is the easiest place to make new friends with other mongers. Say Hi a few times and you'll be on your way.

Gotta go.

07-23-02, 00:06
Originally posted by iamlookin
thanks Shamas, I'll post my experience when I return.

see you all later

Hey Dude, Just relax and have a good time. Remember all you have learned here and you'll be ok! I always make it a point to have $12.00 even in my pocket for the cab ride to your hotel, the airport cabs never seem to have change!

Let us know how it went on your return. Take Care

07-23-02, 07:36
Hey iamlookin, me and a couple of mongers will be in CR this coming Thursday and will be staying at the Morazan. If you want us veterans to show you around just come over and hang out with us. BTW, Shamas odognasty knows who I am and he'll vouch for me.

Also, I have stayed at the Bestwestern down town a couple of times a few years back. It is not a bad hotel, reasonable price, no charge for extra guest, free buffet breakfast, one of the few hotel with swimming pool downtown area. It is true that it's not in the best neighborhood at night time. There's no gun shot or anything like that but a few shady characters hanging around the street corners at night. The hotel has an armed security guard in front of the hotel. After 1:00 am it's very hard to get a taxi in that area. But in the morning everything is back to normal with alot of traffic and people walking outside with no worry of safety. If swimming pool is the only reason you want to stay there, forget it! If this is your first trip you won't be lying around by the pool because you'll want to spend most of your time around the"gringo gulch" area.

Happy Mongering,

Redbull #1
07-26-02, 22:15

There is a travel agency on the same street that the Presidente is on but just on the other side about half a block up. It's the street where cars drive on. Just cross the street and go up the hill a bit...its called Escape tours. Talk to Silvia she's a really hotty but a nice girls (not a pro) She hook you up with the tour and they are very honest there. There is another guy that works with her ...he's gay but they won't rip you off and they'll make sure you get everything your looking for.

08-01-02, 04:09
Back from CR!
First thanks to Shamas and Worldtraveler for the info on sjose before going. Sorry I did not check the postings after the 23rd and did not see Dino's mail.
Anyhow, this was a great experience! Besides the mongering I did white waterrafting, canopy and jungle tours. I went to the really bad area of San Jose where you will find 4- 5 houses with girls that charge 3,000 colones (about $8.00). It aint worth it. Girls are about 3- 4s. Some I wouldn't even rate. Went to Club 40 had a really nice tica girl there for 5,000 colones. Generally girls here range from 4s to 7s. Later I stopped by Vips and had a nice dominican girl for 5,200.

I went to Key Largo met a cute Tica girl there. She started by asking for $100, we agreed on $60 for an hour and a half. It was my first time there and it sounded reasonable enough. This Tica had the nicest ass and legs that I have seen in a girl. We talked for a while and instead of leaving after 1 1/2 hours she stayed most of the night and she gave me her number to call if I was interested in seeing her. I did, for 2 full nights at the same price. My plane was cancelled to go home and the airline gave me a stay and one of the airport hotels nearby. I called her up and we had sex all night. On the way out she did not even ask or look for her money I gave her extra money this time. This was one sweet girl, about 25 years old and provided me with real GFE.
I thought that the other girls I was talking to at the bars were hustlers but this particular girl was not like that. I approached her as she sat alone drinking orange juice at the bar.

I also went to Josephines, price was 6,000 colones and the girls were not bad looking 6s-7s.

If anyone as anyquestions just post them here.

08-01-02, 13:36
Josephine is open. Maybe it was closed as you said but it was open. I don't know the street address but it is near club 40.
It is a house with the words Josephine on the window with white curtains. It is open only during the day, it closes at 10pm.

I was in CR and I am only posting my experience as I wrote last week to Shamas with questions on CR. If you don't believe it well
Who Cares?

08-09-02, 05:16
Shamas,there is a cigar store up the street from the Key Largo.I believe it is next door to a gift shop.They have Cuban cigars.The Hotel Del Rey used to sell a very smooth smoking cigar at their front desk. i believe a box cost about 40 dollars. they made very good gifts.

08-09-02, 19:55
This is my first posting. I am very famiar with San Jose and will probablly spent most of this winter there. I know where to go, and where not to go. I know where the underground is. Don't even think about anything under 18. It may be there, but 17 can and will get you 20. In November or maybe even in October I plan on giving, safe, private, daytime, walking tours thru San Jose. In one or two hours I willshow you how to save hundreds of dollars. If I get a good response I will post my email address. Also I will have a phone number when I am in San Jose. You will be satisfied

08-11-02, 07:30
Menteng,on the Pacific coast ther are several places where you can find girls. In Jaco there is an American bar called the Beatle bar. When i was there there was quite a lot of Colombian girls there. I met 1 colombian and 1 girl from Nicaragua,both were very good.There is a disco the La Central,i was there about 11 o'clock and it was not very crowded,i was told that it gets crowded later. Jaco is small surfer community.There are alot of small inexpensive hotels.There are sodas and juice stands everywhere. I found the food to be very good. You can walk every where. I was out ot 1am and did not have any problems. You have the Pacific Ocean on one side Jaco and the Rain Forrest on the other side. It is really something. there are a lot of Americans living and owning businesses in jaco. I booked Interbus out of the Hotel del Rey for 17 dollars each way. If you are going to be in Costa Rica for an extended stay i would recommend giving Jaco a try.

08-11-02, 12:47
I am looking for a tour for 2 weeks in Costa Rica a combination
of sex and travel around the country.

08-12-02, 22:36
NICK & LEE, thanks for the information. If I understand it correctly, in San Jose and along the Pacific coast I will not feel lonely : ). Do you happen to know about the common rates and special treats (like a rim job) they provide? BTW if you want some information about Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, just let me know!

09-11-02, 18:40
Take the TICA Bus from San Jose. Air conditioning, movies, toilets. Youwon"t want to get off. I will be in San Jose for the winter. I will be giving underground tours, walking, daytime, safe. I'm an American from Seattle. I will intrduce you to other americans. I will show where the action is. I will be in San Jose startins Nov. 18. The high season or their summer is late Nov. thru April. I will have a phone at my hotel where you can call. The tour includes rooms $7,$20,$30, and up. Girls $8, $12,$14,$20,$30, and up. Bus to beaches$3 to $5. Bus to airport less than $1. Dentists, Park Hotel, 747, IDEM, Casinos, saunas, If needed the Del Ray. No taxi will be needed in the daytime. Most of these places are hidden. If you are interested Email me, sanjoseguide@hotmail.com

09-11-02, 21:54
Went to SJO for five night, Aug 28 to Sept 2. I hooked up with Nononsense and Ace and met sexhound69 from JAX, heck of good ole boy.

I stayed at the Presidente and had a jr suite at the TSM rate of $60 per night. Room 500 is BIG, has a king size or larger bed that sits up quite far off the floor. The entrance way has sky lights, a dry bar with refrigerator. They must have read one of Dino's reports, they make sure to check the TV remotes to make sure they work.

The shower is really large, 6' X 3'. So much room to play. I had two different women in there, all lathered up, hunching, bumping, poking and making all types of noise. On the third day I found out that the lattice work ceiling has a common air way with the bathroom of 501. Well they got two free shows. After that I tuned it down noisy wise.

Al & myself went cigar shopping on Thursday with Orlando, a local monger guide. We went to a small house near the womans Hospital where an old Grandmother sells bundles at a good price. I will go back.

I had in calls from M, E and M again. All of which were long showers and even longer bed time. My second night with M after we got out of the shower I put on the Best of Bob Seger CD, when it was done, put on the Best of John Cougar Mellencamp CD then finished with with a bluegrass CD (Appalacian Stomp). If it wasn't for the breaks between CDs I think she would have killed me, she does know how to make you quake and quiver with delight.

E is so pretty. She stayed for over two hours for $50. I just love to talk to her and watch her face. As far as the sex goes, she is my second favorite.

Ace, Al and myself went to the Park show on Saturday, Ace and nononsense went on Friday. Both shows were real good. I met Jeff there and Steve from LV, but not LVSteve from the CRS board.

After the show Saturday, Non' had E and R to his room, he has the best ladies in town. Thank goodness he shares. I met his favorite A, she's a short, busty, pretty, full lip baby doll.

I missed Dino and Circus, hope to hook up next time.

Watched the football games on Saturday and Sunday at the sportbooks at the Morazon and Colonial both.

Gotta go


09-16-02, 05:05

Rating the girls is a personal thing. It is really difficult to tell if your going to like the girl like the other guy. Read the posting for the worthless ones is the best thing to do. The massage parlor across from IDEM (EROS) has been getting some bad reviews for screwing people on the price and exchange rate.

IDEM has a very good rating. If you don't habla, then you'll have to look for the ones who speak English. The guy who runs the place (Roberto) will help out. Don't be imbarased to talk to him and get his recommendation, it's his business. Good prices.

Park Hotel has a few pretty ones, even during the day. Very good price. Make sure you make the show on Fri or Sat night. He has BJ Tuesdays, where you can win a free BJ from any girl you pick. Tip the girl, she only gets paid half price by the owner for the freebe.

Blue Marlin is a 24-7. Always a few nice one at lunch time, lots of good ones at night. Fri & Sat nights are the best. Pricy, girls always start at $100 hr or first pop. Please negotiate price. I always pay when finished and the most has been $80 for two hours.

If the girl lets you pay when your finished, it is a good sign that she will perform to your expectations.

Key Largo has some nice ones. I have one girl there that makes my night.

747 and Arte Sauna are good ones for nooners.

Get Lumps map of San Jose from the ************.com board. The map is great, shows all the known gringo monger sites.

BE SAFE the gulch is dangerous now. After dark take a taxi or walk with a few other gringo's. A friend was mugged at the corner going from the casino at Hotel Morazon, going straight to the Prez. Really sux that it is that bad now.

You'll meet many people at the above mentioned places.

Always ask price first, everywhere.

Relax, it's a great place with great people, very few assholes and most of them are gringos.

09-17-02, 04:23
Just to let you know that a place named "Siboney" was busted and all were apprehended including three clients and eight of the staff. Apparently this was a family operation that was not fully informing the workers what they were going to be doing when they inquired about working there...

09-17-02, 17:00
Hi....AS a frequent visitor to San Jose ...Here is some insight to what I know.I stay at the Del Rey It is $55 anight and the rooms are clean and security is good...never had a problem myself...but get a room on a high floor if possible cause the noise can be bad on the street side.The Holiday inn is at parque morazon (2 blocks away but is more$). The Del Rey people bought the bombed out block across the street and are building condos there...Key Largo is going full blast...Also they are cracking down on the columbians,Dominicanas,etc. for immigration issues also heardthat a passport for US citizens is highly reccomended as a birth certificate entry is sketchy now. Check out Idem ..Ask for Roberto he will give you the tour..See ya in December

09-18-02, 00:19
Just a quick question in regards to Colones V.S Dollars. Is it better to hit the hotel desk and exchange a couple hundred dollars for colones before venturing forth to the del ray or elsewhere for the chicas. If not is there a base formula to use to more easily guestimate the exchange amounts .. for example $25.00 = ?? in colones ?

First time there so its all new to me


09-19-02, 00:10
I buy cigars from Uwe (the grandmother) every trip. I always bring her a little gift and she really responds well to it.
My favorite cigars there are Nazareth and Pintor. They are both inexpensive but very high quality. My friends in So Fla like them as well. I usually buy about 10 bundles each trip and wind up supplying my friends habits as well as my own..

Anybody who is interested in low price, high quality cigars( in bundles or boxes only) can contact Orlando or go to the Hotel DelRey taxi stand and ask for Tony or Juan. Tell them you want to go to Don Gordo`s cigar lady. They have been there many times and they can translate for you as well.

Pura Vida


09-21-02, 21:12
For Imalookin,
The Presidente charges US$45 plus tax if you ask for the "TSM" rate by email thru their site. hotel-presidente.com
There is NO charge for chica guests and breakfast is included. Not included is a $3 per night charge for a key to the room safe.
I like it as a safe friendly hotel with A/C and TV and jacuzzi...room service, cafe, bar with some chicas, tour desk, taxi stand, casino connected and a KFC next door. Within 2 short blocks walking distance to the Blue Marlin Bar.

09-22-02, 00:45
The following is a post which I wrote a while ago and have posted it on several other locations. It still is a good guide for newcomers to Costa Rica. Print it and enjoy your tour.

I can hardly remember my first trip to San Jose .I do remember my brother and I getting lost several
times a day while walking around San Jose. We didn`t have the benefit of this board or
others so we just went out there and tried to find places on our own.We spoke no Spanish
but we had the spirit of adventure that was required to explore San Jose.
This is going to be a capsulized version of a walking tour of San Jose for newcomers.
One of the keys to this tour is that whenever you find a spot that you like(or a Tica that
you like) the rest of the tour is postponed for another day.
I recommend starting this tour around 3 pm which gives some of the locations the
opportunity to get their daily operation in motion.
First stop is Arte`s y Sauna where you can enjoy a great massage, steam,sauna, and full
sex for about 12000 col. The talent is not always the most beautiful but it seems as though
even the plainest of “masseuses” will go out of their way to please you. Don`t feel
pressured into using the facilities if you don`t see anyone that you like. Just tell them that
you`ll be back later.
Make a right turn out of Arte`s and go to the next corner (ave 4) and walk up the hill a
couple of blocks to “Bar Camelot”. Go upstairs where you will find a Tico bar where you
can get female companionship for approx.5500 col. This bar is always a hit or miss kind
of place. Sometimes there are several attractive women available but at other times it is
loaded with mostly Ticos. It is, however , a friendly place where you can have a beer and
experience some local flavor.
After Camelot, continue up the hill on ave 4 past Parque Central until you come to the
world famous Park Hotel. Stop in for a drink.Meet Bill Bullock(the owner and MC of the
famous Park Hotel Show). The girls will range from very nice to fat and homely but it is a
one of a kind place.One thing to remember is that you are not in the best part of town.
Don`t wave any money around and don`t wear any flashy jewelry unless you want to be
come a target for robbery. After dark, TAKE A CAB!!
If you haven`t found anything to your liking yet you can leave the Park Hotel and turn
right until the next street(calle 4) . Turn right and cross the street where you will see
Centro Massaje. Go upstairs and you will find several women available for massage, etc.
I think that the price is 4500 col for full service. The quality of the girls here always
varies. I have been in there several times and actually ran out because they were a little
scary. At other times there were a few decent looking chicas available.
Whenever you are checking out these Tico operations, the price is low but the talent is
also on the lower scale.
If you still want to go further, it is time to go to 747. Go out of Centro Massaje and turn
left on calle 4 and walk about 6 blocks and you will see a house on the left side of the
street with the number 747 on the front of the building. This is the actual street address .
(It is located on calle 4 between ave 7 and 9) .When you enter 747 you will be in a large
room with chairs lining the four walls. Some will be filled with Ticos, some with chicas.
If you see a chica that you like, simply make contact with her and she will take you into
one of the rooms in the back (4500 col.).
After 747 continue on calle 4 to the next street(ave 9) and turn right.Go to the next corner
and you will see La Bella Mansion. This is a Tico bar where you can have a drink and get
full service for 4500 col. The last time that I was there, I found a 20 yr old Tica
(Vanessa)who was 5 feet tall and gave one of the best bbbj`s that I have ever had.
When you leave La Bella Mansion, go up the hill to ave 7 and turn left. On the right side
of the street is Club 40 which is another Tico bar where they do some stripping but again
you can get some low price action (under 5000 col).

This has been a rough guide and I hope that some of you “rookies” will benefit from it .
This only scratches the surface of the action that is available in San Jose. Try to make
friends with other gringos and travel at least in pairs. It is nice to have someone watching
your back.Remember, After dark, TAKE A CAB!!


Jaimito Cartero
09-22-02, 09:47
I'd like to thank Don Gordo for all his nice reviews and such.

I recently returned from a vaction in CR, and took a "Road Less Traveled" tour through a few different Tico places.

I first went to Molino Rojo and saw Lina there. I had seen her before and had always had fun. This time was a little different. The door (1 beer) is now 600 colones ($1.70), and the room, with girl is 6000 colones ($17).

I had spend up to an hour in these rooms on previous sessions and never had the "knock" like I had in Tijuana. Well, either it was a busy night, or things had changed. She tried to get me to go for another HOUR after the first 6000 colones.

I regretfully ponied up another 6000 colones, but nothing else.

Lina is fairly decent. A short Dominican (4-11 or 5' tall), light skinned, mid 30's, but doesn't look like it. Gives a moderately decent BBBJ. Smallish tits. Kisses nicely, and gives good service.

There were a couple of lesbians at Molino Rojo that I wanted to "give a try", but was a bit pissed off about the "knock", and didn't go back. I rate Lina a 6.5

Second was 747. I had never been there before, and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure if Don Gordo or CSG has said to ask for "Rosie", a blonde. I think her name is Jocio though. She's a blonde in her late 20's, early 30's. Implants, but a nice body.

She was very enthusiastic, especially after I told her that Don Gordo sent me. She gave some first class BBBJ, and then wanted to fuck my brains out.

I told her to keep on sucking, and she took it like a pro, and did a good job. I'm not sure if she swallowed, but she didn't spit it on the floor like others I've seen. I rate her a 8.

She didn't stick around long after the deed, but I guess at 4000 colones a pop, she wouldn't get rich staying any longer. I tipped her the Don Gordo recommended 1000 colones.

I didn't try any of the other girls out, but there were 12-15 girls there, and most of them looked quite nice! The rooms are very basic, but most guys are there for the BEDS.

Lastly I went to Club 40 on a Monday night. 500 colones entry, 5000 colones for "arriba". There were about 10-15 girls there. It's pretty cramped and smokey, but interesting, none the less.

I always like to check all the girls out, but then noticed that a lot weren't coming back. One girl told the place closed at midnight, though the girl I chose said 2am.

I picked a youngish looking girl and took her upstairs. The stairs look a bit rickety, and the whole upstairs reminded me of an abandoned building.

The only positive here, was a mirror running along the wall, so you could see her little mouth giving me a CBJ. I couldn't pronounce her name, but she was Dominican, small tits. Used to work in Puntarenas for 4 years. I rate her a 4.5

I was going to check out Idem, but never got the time to do it. I did drive by it, though.

One place that I had gotten a lot of info from was Costa Rica Sex Guide. I feel that it's really gone down hill though. Lately it had seemed that Don Gordo was giving him all the girl reviews, and no real news or indepth 'reporting' going on.

I have stopped my subscription to it, since I seemed to get all the good info here. Thanks Jackson!

09-26-02, 20:14
NYGuy- The Del Rey hotel has suites with two beds for reasonable prices. A couple of friends of mine used to go there on a regular basis and had no problems. Unfortunately one of them known as Santa Claus, died last year from throat cancer, in case any of you knew him. Ask for a corner room I believe. Anyway check their website for their email for your request. Request a frequent guest discount.

Re Thanksgiving holiday. It is NOT high season in San Jose. But many gringos will be heading there including myself. Get your reasonably priced hotel rooms now before they fill up

Re AA fares. I find that the price I quoted for the weekend deals did NOT include taxes and fees...on American Air's site and mailings. Too bad the weekend sale e-mail that I received from AA was misleading. Delta's quoted fees are more straight shooting and include all extra fees and BS charges.

Re the regular guy, Don Gordo, of room 214 fame. Nice reports. Let's see some of your famous photos here. I concur on your chica location tastes and choices. You newbies cannot go wrong listening to the Don Gordo, except maybe, maybe not walking in some questionable areas alone.

As Shamas says, Life is Good. But better with Kentucky whiskey I say.

Ace says keep those digital cameras working while you are getting that $14 BBBJ at the 747. I just checked Am*zon.c*m and found Sony and Canon have new small models of HIGH quality digital cameras under $250. What is your excuse now?

09-27-02, 16:55
Re Viagra in San Jose or CR.
Viagra is available with an RX just as in the US and Canada.
The cost is about the same, C4000-4500 (US $ 11) for a 100 size pill. According to my friend TG, some pharmacies have doctors on call to issue you a RX on the spot. He suggests pharmacy Fischel on Central Avenue or the one at Calle 2 at Avenida 4 near the Park Hotel. Do not buy them from a street hustler. Better get them before you leave for a bit less money if you can. I would be weary of a bar selling them for US$ 20 a pop as one does.
Just as I would be weary of a street vendor selling "Cuban"cigars at any price.
Which reminds me, while illegal drugs and weed are available and cheaper in CR but the jail and other costs are out of sight. You will be yelling "send lawyers and money".

10-02-02, 04:44

Welcome to WSG. As you can see we are dedicated to the furtherance of manly pleasures. In some cases it goes beyond that.

New Years in SJO. Many of the girls will go home for the holidays, but there are always many pink snappers to be caught. The local girls will be working and many of them are true jewels.

My favorite hotel is the Presidente. Morazon is also a good one. Many 'live; at the Del Ray, I don't like the fact that the DR charges $10US for each lady you take to your room. Unneeded extra costs.

As far as othe activities like tours of the rain forest and fishing, proberly the only times you'll have any problems will be on the holidays themselves.

Read the other posting for more info.


10-03-02, 02:47
Trip Report Sept 26- Oct 1st

Just got back and I had a great time. Some details and tidbits.

On my first day I stopped by Joselyns. I had been there before on
my first trip but was a bit disappointed. Normally, the girls sit and wait for you to approach them. I had one keep badgering me until I finally agreed. ( 6,000 colones +500 admission that includes a beer). She was fair in bed and asked for a tip.
That was the first time that has happened to me at Joselyn. I can't remember her name but she is a bit heavy with big tits and walks up to you at the bar and tries her darnest to get you to pick for her. Next I stop by Club 40, had sex with a Blonde NICA
girl that i knew from before. She had gained a lot of weight since I last saw her and the rest of the crew there was sup par. So I did not bother to go back after that.
Met up with a Tica girl friend of mine that now works at the Morazon casino (tropical). She told me that since the owner of Del Rey bought the Key Largo he does not allow the girls from other places like Morazon-Tropical in. She was to meet me on one of the nights at the Key Largo but the bouncers would not let her in. Hooked up with her the next day and had incredible sex.
In fact we had sex for a three nights and none of the girls that I have had compare to her. She is a brunette, very pettite and is a very sweet person.
Shamas, I never gave you her name. If you still want it please just post a message with your email. She is a wonderful person and I do not feel comfortable in giving her name out to the general public here. I met Carolina at the Del Rey she has light brown hair, nice tits and a cute face. However, at my room she wanted money up front. I said no to that, we had sex and she was not the most enthusiastic. Would not recomend her. I paid her $60.00. Went to the Key Largo and had a Tica there as well.
She was a bit older and not that great looking. I figured I could get a rid of her by offering her only $40 dollars and telling her I expected her to stay for 2 pops with me. To my surprise she agreed. The sex was mechanical but it was cheap.
I went to VIPS and actually so saw some decent girls. Price is now 5500 colones for a girl. The biggest surprise is when I went to Jet Set next to VIPS. This place usually has the very low end at 4,000 colones. But, I saw one girl that would put most of the girls at the del rey to shame. She was gorgeous but left before I got a chance to ask for a session. Looked in the NY Bar but saw hardly any girls there. A bit disappointed at some of the pickins at the Del Rey. Some of these girls were no better than what you see at Club 40 or Vips. Anyone adios amigos and pura vida.

10-07-02, 15:47
just got back from san jose last night...the BM was still great, not as good as it was in June, but....that's splitting hairs!!!!! its still numero uno in my heart!!! in 4 days had one domican, 2 Columbians, the second Columbian was awesome, had to go back the next night for another round (good GFE)...saw this killer panamanian (thought she was Nica)...black hair, KILLER!!!!!! body, real pretty face....wearing a yellow halter 1 night and a leopard print halter the next....as fine as she was i never really saw anyone take her out!!?????...i wanted to but was occuppied with some others at the time who were just as fine!????....so what's a guy to do?????.....damn i wanted some of that!!!!!...the rabbit

10-11-02, 04:16

KL is open. It is now owned by the BM and has been altered. You can enter through a door across from the BM.


10-17-02, 01:29
Hello all...

My first post here, though I see some old friends. Looks like a good board.

I was in San Jose this past weekend. Yes, that was me on the bar, though Shamas, I was wearing a black thong, not a red one this time.

Just a few notes:

. I'm a Park Hotel afficionado. The atmosphere there is better than I've seen in quite a while. There were also a few cute new girls.

. One of the girls who works the Del Rey told me it's getting so crowded with girls from other places (she's actually a Nica, but apparently that doesn't count) that many of the Ticas and Nicas are going other places. Some of the girls that I know apparently are spending more time at the Monkey Bar, the Morazan, and even the Piano Bar. I looked in on the Morazan a couple of times, and indeed, there were indeed about a dozen girls there, at least, and not bad lookiers.

. I can pass on an excellent restaurant recommendation... though be alerted it's expensive compared to other places (11,000c per person). It's Tommy's Paprika. A lot of cab drivers know it. It's a tiny, elegant place, in a nice house near the San Pedro mall. The chef is a Swiss who works at the embassy, and cooking is his passion. There's no menu. He simply cooks what he wants, and serves a succession of small dishes... you will be full by the end of the evening. I took two girls from the Park Hotel there. I had a blast. First, let me say that these two dressed quite nicely, and looked and behaved beautifully, in case you think that's not possible for Park Hotel girls. We could have been in the most elegant restaurant in NYC or LA, and every eye would have been riveted to them. They looked like a gallery owner and a model. When we entered, there was classical music playing on the stereo. There was a futbol match on, and the girls wanted to hear it, so I asked the chef to change it... He got a big kick out of getting a request from two elegant ladies to put on a futbol match. Unfortunately, their team lost big. The food there is great, the service and atmosphere excellent. For a real change, try it.

10-23-02, 20:58
Cannon, you might try the Hotel Morazan (sp?) or try the site at casino-tropical.com which is the casino attached to the hotel. Ask for the gambler's rate or discount. It is in a prime location near all the action and one block from the Blue Marlin bar/Del Rey Hotel.
I would also try the Hotel Del Rey asking for a frequent visitor's discount and it should be in your budget before taxes. It is a good place for a new visitor to start, for it is where all the tourist sex action in San Jose started a few years ago. They always had sex of course, and they always had play for pay action on the side since the beginning of time, but the Hotel Del Rey made it legal, safe and easy for visiting tourists. They have a web site which a quick search will reveal and their site has streaming video from their bar. Very interesting barmaids...
If an airport cabbie or someone else besides you, gets you a room, you will end up paying extra for a commission. Same goes for visiting massage parlors or similar places. Go with a buddy from the bar if you can, and for your sake take a cab. Do not walk at night ever.

10-25-02, 21:36
Do not show up without a reservation, if possible. Try to make one in advance. Be clear on the cancellation policy at the time of making the reservation. If you go on a moments notice as I have done when a great airfare sale appears, at least e-mail a request for a reservation. The Del Ray often has last minute rooms but sometimes they are full too.
At the airport do NOT tell the cab driver that you do not have a reservation. They will ask you. If you say you do not have a reservation, they will always tell you that the hotels are all full but that he has a special deal for you at a place he knows... It is cheaper to call another hotel from the lobby of where you tried to stay and take another cab there. The guide books and hotel listing often list hotel way the hell out of the downtown area. Be careful. Also many tourist hotels are not receptive to you bringing a guest up to your room. Including the Holiday Inn downtown. It is a nice place but you cannot do the deed there.

When you get to your hotel remember these things:
1. Get your credit card back. Ask for an upper floor- less noise.
2. Get a safe key and or instructions on how to operate it.
3. Change some money. Or ask about an ATM.
4. Find out where to buy bottled water although tap water is safe
5. Have some one dollar bills available for tips. Tip the maid and bell boy generously.
6. Ask the maid for extra towels. Girls use em for everything.
7. You can buy some booze at the nearby Max x Menos store. Its reasonable except for whiskey. No need to bring it
8. Keep a US ten dollar bill for the return taxi ride to the airport.
9. Keep US Seventeen dollars for the airport tax. It is probably more now...
10. Keep 500 and 1000 colone bills available for the taxi rides. Cab drivers never claim to have change.
11. Keep your passport, air ticket, wallet, jewelry,medicines and money in the safe. Only carry what you will spend. Use a money belt. All experienced travellers there do.
12. Bring extra US made condoms. The little Korean made ones sold in CR are for asian guys with tiny weenies. Bring lube.
13. Bring a folding umbrella and pack it in your CHECKED bag. You cannot carry it on the plane from San Jose. Different rules there. Yes, true. Do not ask why. Also no aerosols on board.
14. Before you go, download and print a map of the action spots in San Jose. One is availabe on this board, by Lumps I believe.
15. In general don't wear shorts unless at the beach. Only tourists wear shorts and you will stand out. On the other hand sometimes they are fun to wear in a bar with the girls...
16. A good place to exchange money is the Hotel Del Rey casino.

Learn the going rate for girls. Do not pay asking price at the Blue Marlin. Negotiate down. Speak Spanish, even a little. Explor alternatives to the Blue Marlin. Read Don Gordo posts. Be a good Gringo and not a bad example. TREAT ALL GIRLS WITH RESPECT at all times. You will be repaid tenfold. Tip the girls for a good time. Suggested gifts include perfumes, lingerie, condoms, cosmetics, and cash.

Last, do not get drunk and walk the streets at night. Need I have said that?

When you get back to home, look up or search for confidential photo processing, such as Affections, and mail your private film there. Pricey but worth it.

With all that have a good trip. Being in the know makes the experience more fun and you get more bang for the buck.

10-26-02, 01:16
I diasgree with Ace00 with regard to the Holiday dowtown, at the parque morazon across from Del Rey, etc. I have not only brought ladies in there, but they didn't charge me. Unless the rules have changed since July, 2002, I beg to differ. Or unless it had to do with the type of rate or something. I am a priority club member with HI, maybe that made a difference.

10-26-02, 09:47
That is good news if the Holiday Inn downtown has changed it's policy regarding guests. It is a nice place.

Jaimito Cartero
10-29-02, 07:03
Fantasy -

I think telling someone to go back to DR is a bit silly.

Costa Rica has a lot of beautiful women (some from the DR, obviously), and all price ranges.

I've gotten totally beautiful girls for $10, and found some semi-pros that were very easy to hang out with.

If you only hang out at the Del Rey, you will get more of the Columbian high dollar girls. If that's what you like, great, but think like Columbus. EXPLORE a little!

10-29-02, 17:31
Ok. I've been convinced that CR will be our destination. Which guest - friendly hotels would you all suggest? What about some of the hot spots for the ladies? I'm under the assumption that BBBJ to FS should run from 10 - 50 USD. Is that correct?

10-29-02, 23:46
(http://www.hotel-presidente.com) for the best value.
(http://www.hoteldelrey.com for moust fun.

10-30-02, 00:05
$10US, possible some location, but not likely at the DelRay, IDEM or likes. I am not sure one can do that good at the Park. That said, never go with the first offer, negotiate. Also, at $10 not sure I would go BB, but that is your call.

10-30-02, 01:16
I must agree with Strikesfun on price.I am a Blue Marlin fisherman. I like to let the fish come to me and price is not critical to me. That is $100 us for 2Hr off fun with the best the BM has to offer is OK with me.But on the outh hand I have hade two girls up for all night for $70 us (that is $70 total).

Jaimito Cartero
10-30-02, 09:15
$10 BBBJ.

You can get a might fine one at 747.

Don Gordo has posted this in the past, and there's why I went there.

A nice looking blonde nice Jocio, is the only one I tried, and she was mighty good.

It was just under $11 when I went there in September.

You can spend $40 and have a very nice time at Bar Idem, I've heard. There are many places where Ticos go and get good service for $15-$20 including room for 1/2 an hour.

10-31-02, 04:19
747 will cost 4000 col.(under $11)
this will get you a half hour with any of the chicas. At these prices it is a good spot to take 2 girls at the same time.There is a lot to be said for 4 hand massages, etc.


10-31-02, 04:38
In reference to 747. I stopped in once but did not use their services. If I were to want 2 girls what should I be tipping them
or is the 4.000 colones good enough? Have you tried a duo before there?

Jony Vegas
10-31-02, 06:38
Hi gents from a newbie. I have read all the postings in preparation for my first trip to CR for anything like this for that matter.

I am planning my trip in mid-Nov, just before the Thanksgiving rush, and based on my readings, I plan to stay at the Hotel Presidente. For those of you who I see will be there then also, I look fowrard to seeing you.

My questions are as follows and I appreciate any and all respones:

1) For those of you who have frequented CR, have you gotten any STD's and if so what kind and how prevalent?

2) ATM's, can you withraw cash using typical ATM card or do you need to do cash advance ona credit card?

3) Will I need any U.S. dollars there, or is everything typically negotiated in local currency?

4) Shoudl I take travelers checks or just lock up cash in room safe?

5) I know practically NO spanish, will that pose a problem in everyday transactions with the locals?

6) I thought of a trip to Jacko to hit the beach and clubs ther for a Saturady night stay - good or bad idea??

7) Do the girls ever try to steal money from your pockets or when sleeping?

8) Other than not to walk the streets at night are there any other pecautions to take??

9) Anything els to do in town during the day? Is a day fishing trip worth it?

Thanks so much for your help and I will do the same for the next guy.


10-31-02, 08:10

1. No STD''s here. I wear a rubber at all times and bring my own just to be safe. BBBJs are great but to be safe from herpes I'd stay clear of them. You maight get crabs but thats an easy fix.

2. You can do both... I'd recommend travelers checks..

3. You can use dollars in most places but I'd have some colognes on hand.

4. Travelers checks

5. Depends on who you are dealing with. Most of the hotel employees speak english as well as restaurants. The *****s know the important words but who cares do you actually want to talk to them anyway?

6. I'd reccomend getting out of San Jose for at least a couple of days. JAco Quepos Flamingo are all good places. The ***** action is a little slower but after acouple of days in SJ you should be dried up anyway.

7. Lock all your shit up and don't trust any of them. I had no problems on my trips ut better safe than sorry. Never carry your passport around but make a photocopy and carry that around.

8. Don't do drugs or [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) in the street.

9. San Jose is pretty lame with the exception of banging *****s. I
whitewater raft the Pacuare every time I'm their which kills a day in SJ http://www.adventurecostarica.com/rivers/html/pacuare1.html
The fishing is unbelievable and I'd reccomend doing at least a day if your heading to Jaco.

10-31-02, 17:11
Dondorgo, Iamlookin

747 Questions

Are they open in the afternoon 12-1? Open on Sunday?
How does the process work, Do you have to get a room? What is the room cost? Do you go back to your hotel?

Thanks, Frank

10-31-02, 17:30
They are open at 10 am (really 10:30 ) every morning except Sunday. You walk into a waiting room like a doctor's office. The girls are sitting on chairs and you pick one out and signal or nod to the back rooms and go in with her. Or you can wait until another selection appears from the back room when she has finished with a client. She points out her room and you pay her 4000 colones and get naked. She re-enters and bingo. Your price includes her and the room there. No take outs.
Tip her if she earned it. Bring a condom for FS. Expect a half and half with BBBJ.

KYJ, love that Kentucky Jelly.

Jony Vegas
10-31-02, 17:48
Thanks for the info Whitedog. Couple more questions.

1) I notice some people quote prices for girls in Colones and some in U.S. dollars. Are the independents paid in $, wihle the MP's, etc..are paid in colones?

2) Will hotel exchange traveler chacks or do I need to bo to the bank, etc... Also, should I get travlere's checks in U.S. dollars or Colones, if that is even possible.

3) Another thought, while highly unlikely it would be convenient, do the girls take traveler checks? wouldn't that be convenient.

4) What's best way to book and ensure a room at Hotel Presidente and in Jacko at Pisodan Hotel? ANy particular type of room size I should get at either place (I don't want to feel like a sardine), or any specific room numbers?

5) Is there a way to get a better than normal rate at either place?

6) Does the Blue Marlin set up fishing trips, or is there a better place to arrange that? Will any charters provide drinks and food or do I need to take my own?

7) Do i need to make reservatins for fishing before arriving or can I get a weekday trip scheudled while there?

Ok, with these questinos I shold be al set. Thanks again everyone.


10-31-02, 22:47
Girls take both dollars and colognes.Travelers checks can be exchanged at most hotels and can be converted into any currency.The girls take cash! Request a superior room if you don't want a sardine can. Go online to find your hotel - I've found that bargaintravel.com has some good deals. The Blue Marlin does set up trips but I'd reccomend doing it direct to save some cash - search the web. Most charters provide food and beverages but check to make sure, I'd book your fishing trip prior to arrival because the Sailfish season is going to be kicking into high gear soon. As for the hotels you mentioned you better book now or you may not find a good place.

11-03-02, 18:56
All hotels will take travelers checks or USD. Most girls prefer to be
paid in dollars. The Posidan Hotel in Jaco is owned by an American couple from Tennessee. It has an excellent resturant. I made reservations through thr Hotel del Rey. You can also make arraingements from them for transportation fron Interbus, for about 34 dollars round trip. There is a bar in Jaco called the Beatle Bar. There are alot of girls there.

Jony Vegas
11-04-02, 00:44
In Jaco, how far is the Poseidon hotel from the Beatle bar? Any closer hotels?

In Jaco, has anyone been to or seen the Backyard Hotel, or Hotel Pachoe Grande, or Hotel Paco Beach resort? Wondering how far these are from the action.

What is the Poseidon hotel on a scale of 1 to 4. Is it equal to worse than Hotel Del Rey?

This goes to people who have been to CR within the last 3 months. What are your top 5 places other than the Blue Marlin?

11-09-02, 17:36

This is a pass on from Don Gordo. He posted on a different board a few days ago and his wisdom is well worth the time to read.

GET OUT OF THE GULCH, there are many places other than the Blue Marlin and Key Largo.

IDEM, 747, Arte, Jochlyn, Bar Dandy, Club 40 are a few. All of these places + the Park Hotel almost always have a few solid pretty ladies and the price is so much better. The ladies are usually much nicer and more apprective than the BM KL pros.

Time is ticking down till Turkey Day in SJO.

Life is good


11-13-02, 21:06
Jony Vegas-
No, nobody had been able to pick up one of the bartenders at the Blue Marlin, Hotel Del Rey. They probably make more money than most of us do.
Think of it. If you were a 23 years old latina in San Jose and making good money you would be looking for a young good looking professional successful latino type who understood the culture, was a native and who appreciated a good woman.
Many tourist has tried to pick em up but most all have fallen on their face.
Besides, there are so many sure-fire opportunities, just as good looking right in the bar, in the Monkey bar across the street and in the Key Largo club, across the parking lot, not to mention Sala de Massages, Centro Masaje, Club 40s, Black Door, 747, the no-name purple joint next to 747, Bar Tangas, Miss Caribe, Idem, Arte's Sauna, VIP Molina Rojo, Hotel Park, Dreams,Hotel Morazon casino bar, Krysis, Josephines, Eros/Lucys. What did I miss?
Other club's waitresses? Try em.
Remember however that all strip joints in San Jose are big tourist rip-offs, and sometimes cheat on your credit card and bill. I mean all. Read the archive reports on this.
If you want a strip show or a good time, go to the Park Hotel, pick up two good looking girls and take them back to your hotel for a private strip show with photos and sex from each. Should run you $120 total ($60 each) for two hours and multiple pops, including a BBBJ. Buy em wine, pina coladas or booze for best results. Use condoms upon entry.

11-13-02, 23:20
Awhile back in this post, possibly now in the archives, one of our members stated that he took one of the barmaids from the Blue Marlin upstairs to his room. There were no details, and I am sure that one of our members wouldn't tell a fib, but you know, this is the Age of Verification !

11-14-02, 05:44
.....most of the bartenders at the BM are married or have bfs......I always overhear them talking to each other about their relationships......

11-14-02, 16:25
Credit this news to Don Gordo (getting to look like I'm his secratary on this board) :-) :-)
He just returned from SJO and found out that from Nov 30 to 2 Dec the bars won't be serving booze. It's election time. I thought we had it bad with one day. Stock up you rooms and get a hip flask. I'll take my Woodford and tough it out. I don't know if the grocery stores will be selling booze so prepare early and avoid the rush.


11-14-02, 21:55
Shamas, I do not want to believe it. Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be dry when I am there. This is the second time this year I have been screwed. This means not only will there be no booze but the guys will stay away from the Blue Marlin so the girls will stay away too, to an extent. Furthermore, the last friggin time this happened the Idem was closed. Figure that? I may as well be with my sister and her family for all the action that is available there. Well, it is not that bad but almost. Yes I will stock up on wine and beer at the Max x Menos but the whole atmosphere is not the same. The last time the Blue Marlin did allow you to BYOB and the Park Hotel had a "private party" deal serving booze but the girls were not there in force. Naturally the Saturday night show will be nothing, so make the most of the Friday night show.
This pisses me off big time.
BUT there is one possible advantage for you readers. If you want to go to a very dry SJO that dry weekend, the airlines may offer very good deals because of empty seats. Keep checking.

By the way, look at the web camera from the Blue Marlin and if they have the guts to keep it running, it will show the bar covered with black plastic cover-up as not to display booze during the prohibition. They will serve cokes however.

11-14-02, 23:22
Election prohibition means erection prohibition.
If my airline's phone don't ring it will be me.

The private party and show at the Park Hotel on a typical Friday or Saturday night is about $18. or 20. That includes the famous sex show and a very good chance for a free blow job, later. When it is dry due to the election/alcohol prohibition, there is NO show and the "private party" is just a closed club to sell alcohol, and is free. But there most likely will be no babes there. I guess that means you party with other male tourists? Thus no erections.

I do not recall about the gambling issue for sure, but I think, think it was allowed since it did not involve that evil alcohol.

By the way if anybody has the election schedule for San Jose or Costa Rica please let us know so we can plan on not being there.

I guess the election/alcohol prohibition is an erection prohibition.

11-15-02, 02:15
I'm sure Bill at the Park Hotel is pissed. He was screaming, that they had elections right at the end of the HIGH SEASON last year, and on the week-ends. Now they are doing the same thing at the beginntng of the HIGH SEASON this year. The places that don't serve alcohal should be open. They tap the doors on allthe alcohol Bars. Seahawk

11-16-02, 00:46
I just got off the telephone with Roberto from Idem. He confirmed that all bars in San Jose will be closed from Nov 30 to Dec 2 because of the municipal elections.
How this will affect the hotels is not known because there are mini bars in the rooms where you can stock your own liquor.


11-21-02, 01:39
I just returned from another trip to San Jose where I, once again, had a great time.
I met up with many members of this and other boards (sorry LV Bob...we kept missing each other).The action in town is pretty much the same at the Blue Marlin where chicas are all asking $100 and more. Some first timers are happy to pay that price , because in the US the price is sometimes triple that. I have no problem with these guys.They are happy and they can obviously afford to pay those prices.
There are always going to be chicas who will not bargain with you. By the same token, there are always going to be the one who will come down on their price. Be patient and learn to recognize which of these types that you are talking to.
As far as I a concerned, the best deal in town is at Idem. For $40 you get your pick of up to 20 beautiful chicas for a full hour in a nice clean room with a nice atmosphere. Personally, I will always go to Roberto and ask for his recommendation...he has never steered me wrong.This trip, I broke one of my own "unwritten rules". I went with the same tica 3 nights in a row . Her name is Karla, a 21 yr old Tica with large breasts and a great attitude. If you like full titty massage (front and back) followed by a BBBJ , I highly recommend her.
Just ask Roberto for Don Gordo`s recent favorita.
For daytime action, you can`t beat 747 for 4000 col for a half hour. There is a new place called New Fantasy (near Hemingway`s) that has steam and sauna for 6000 half hr. and 12000 hr. I got a tour of the place and it looked ok to me.
I`ll be stuck here in Florida until mid January when I will be returning to San Jose with the new enthusiasm that I try to muster up every year.
I just love Costa Rica.

Pura sploooga


11-21-02, 22:44
Hi Guys:

I have been reading posts for about 5 years now, I went to Costa Rica in '97 and met a very attractive blond in club Elite. Her name was Xinia, Roxinia. I was a virgin and she rocked my world, gave me BBBJ and we spent the night cuddling each other.

Well, this November 2, I went back and stayed at the Del Rey. On Friday, I arrived and registered on the $55 per night room, the guys sent me to the wrong room (the $45 one). Then moved me to a room that was in front of the street. I was advised by the board against this so I changed to one of the secluded rooms in the 5th floor. This was worst because at night the tobaco smoke from downstairs and the lobby gets inside, and since I don't smoke, this bothered me greatly. My suggestion is stay in one of the rooms with windows, and stay in the lower 3 levels.

On Friday afternoon I saw the action in the bar, I kept seeing the same 5 or 6 girls gringo hunting.

At 2 pm I took a taxi that took me on a sex tour of most massage parlors in the san Jose Area. The driver drove me to IDEM, Kryssis, elite, the former Green Door(now closed) and some other very underground places. He waited an hour while I went to Krissis and got a great BBBJ with massage. The girl I think was called karen. She charged me the standard $60 + $20 for the BBBJ, half of what I pay for a covered BJ on Puerto Rico. I took a bath after the BBBJ with a red liquid soap they have there, try it, it leaves your skin very nice. I then got back and got my massage.

After that I left for the DelRey. Took a bath and left for a visit to some family I have there.

By 10pm on friday I was Back at the del Rey and it was teaming with *****s. I had to take my bag to my room. But girls were hitting on me even before getting on the elevator.
When I got down I scouted the place for the 10's and put my eyes on a girl with perfect skin, natural blond hair and very sexy.
I lost her because there was a gringo already with her, Then this 2 girls entered, both redheads one a 8 one a 10, they are the ramos Twins, I invited them both for a drink some $4.00 each. I asked the price for the 10 one and she would not come down below $100 and $320 for the night. I negotiated an option for the whole night (for $220) after the first hour if I liked her. She was my girlfriend for a whole hour. Then she got a phone call which ruined my night, but it was good because I had no more dollars left for sex. I washed up and went downstairs ate a $10 hamburger in the restaurant and started looking for an ATM, but not my ATM or my American Express Optima Card would be taken by any ATM in Del REY or any other Street ATM. If this happens to you use the ATM station near Banco San Jose or Scotiabank.

I went back to the delrey with $135 at 3:00 AM and got myself 2 girls for 40,000 colones $135 for the night. They were a 6 and a 5 , and gave me standard oral sex. believe me I wanted them out of the room after the deed was done.

Lesson pick from the best girls at bargain time. Dont try 2 uglies it wont work.

Well, hope this helps you guys.

For more info email me at arrb@email.com

Jony Vegas
11-26-02, 21:43
I just returned from 9 days and my first trip to CR. I have some advise to pass on to the first timer visitor, keeping in mind different strokes for different folks. I would only take girls 8-10, which can be had at reasonable rates to nothing, if you have a good technique.

First, Don, the trip you are planning in Feb and the price sounds about right. My travels were to the same places you listed for about the same price.

I will begin with my Cardinal Rules:

Cardinal Rule #1: Always take a taxi!!! During the day you are Ok in busy places, but at night, a taxi is a cheap insurance policy.

Cardinal Rule #2: Girlfriend, semi-pro, pro, in that order. If all else fails, as a back up plan you can pay for a hot girl, but if you are reasonably atractive, suave and can dance, you will likely score a true girlfriend experience at NO COST! I scored 3, one in each, SJO, Quepos, and Jaco

Cardinal Rule #3: Agree on all terms upfront...and I mean every little detail. Gringos = Suckers; Most pros and many others will lie, cheat or steal, either intentonally or unintentionally to get whatever they want from you. Buyer beware....one bad experience is all it took for me to REALLY learn what people mean by agreeing to everything upfront.

Hotel - I stayed at the Hotel Presidente. Ask for the TSM rate ($45), also they do not have a guest fee. Room 310 is interesting and street view. Very good personal staff who will do whatever you ask to make your stay comfortable. (only 1 1/2 blocks from Del Rey)

Massage - I payed a taxi driver to drive me to all the massage places listed on here and other places also. I negotiated a rate, and he waited while I entered each joint to check it out. He alerted me of which places were in bad locations and it was obvious as I entered. My recommendation to a newbie is for a massage place go to Artes y Sauna or Eros. They are in a safer area with plenty of 7's. Tables are hard, but service is good. Other locations may be cheaper, but I did not feel safe there. Also, most massage places are closed Sunday.

Blue Marlin - Previous post of $100+ with limited negotiation is correct, for 8 to 10's. I only shop blue marlin for a 9 or 10 at $100 for an hour; Note - was able to turn it into an all nighter for same price with one, paid $200 all night for another (personal recommendation - don't pay for an all nighter, save the money for another gir...also try for non-pros). Otherwise, shop elsewhere for a 7 or 8 at a lower price. My mistake at Blue Marlin, negoitiated an 8 for $65 and got what i payed for, my worst experiecne ever.

Girlfriend Experience - My preferable approach, when possible, is to go for non-pros, then semi-pros. Women are all over, if you treat them with respect and make an effort to charm them, dance with them, you are reasonably attractive, buy them drinks, etc.. at local discoteques, casinos, bars, etc... you can land a great all night experience at no charge to little charge. I prefer the total GF experience, others may not. Without going into all the details, I had two girls invite me to stay with them at their place, cook me breakfast and Dinner...sweet!

Newbies - Stick with the places most frequently listed on here for fun, safe, and reliable service. Many of the "off the beaten path" joints aren't worth the time and effort, UNLESS you are just looking for the cheapest experience you can find. I prefer quality, and there are plenty that can be had at reasonable rates. Try Artes y Sauna, Eros, or IDEM, during early evening hours.... if you like the girl, negotiate a rate for when she gets off work (you can get a good rate ($40) for a 7 or 8).

In the meantime, go shop around, and enjoy the scenery and see what you can line up for the following day. It would be too lengthy to explain how, but I landed a couple chicas (8 and 9) who spent the whole day and night with me for $0 (non-pros) and $100 for (semi-pros).

Try the El Centro (forget the name where there are many discos and restaurant) for non and semi-pros, and just a fun experience. Many don't like these places becasue you have to make an effort to get the girl, like a typical bar in the U.S., but the rewards can be great. Best thing is, you have the Blue Marlin as a back up plan.

See Quepos for my BEST experience EVER!! And my Jaco vist it posted there also.

Happy hunting, and Don, I am interested in the February trip.

11-27-02, 02:40
Dear Jony Vegas:

The place you refer to as El centro is really named El Pueblo, this place is kind of fun, is like a maze of little shops and some discos.

The non-pro and semi-pro in my experience are a rare breed, I dont mean that you're incorrect, in fact my cousin used to go to these discos and get an occasional boyfriend for the night and get paid well for it. But things have changed, the cost of life in CR is very near to that in the US, and I have gained some 50 pounds since I last tried non-pros.

Also, I like a fast paced trip. The february trip lasts 8 days, not nearly enought time to get to know non-pros.

Semi-pros, I find are a rare breed since the government crackdown (too many faces on TV).

Jony Vegas
11-28-02, 07:49
As iamlookin stated you should do. Also email them and have them return an email with the confirmation # and rate, otherwise they may not honor the TSM rate. Take that email with you at check-in.

Best Western will charge you for visitors.

Yep, that's the place, El Centro is a disco I went to in Jaco. El Pueblo is cool, but best if you go with a person or two. As far as non and semi-pro, it all depends on where you meet them, how you approach them, etc... I hear what your saying, but my M.O. was try for a non-pro and settle for pro otherwise. It worked about 25% of my time. Meeting some local Tico guys and buying them a beer or two helped...plus all chicks love to dance, etc... It is a matter of luck though. The non/semi pros I met all occurred in one evening and landed them that evening. Dance and drink with them and your half way there. If your traveling with a bunch of gringos, it is more difficult and my not be woth the effort then.

Hey Don, rather than pull the girls from Del Rey for the Quepos trip, why not get them in Quepos. Better than dragging along chicks that may end up having a bad attitude. I can tell you where we can get em.

My experience was hot lip to lip kissing. But then again, much of it is your approach and where you pull the girls. I only took girls I would rate 8 to 10's, well maybe one 7 for a massage, and 6 of the 8 girls I had excellent lip to lip kissing. It is possible, again, from my experience it is where you pull them and whether they are non/semi/pros. 4 of them were total GFE. Pulling a pro from Blue Marlin, your chances are less to lip kissing or a real GFE. It's very possible, just think of what they want and play on that.

Trust me they didn't start out as a GFE experience, you have to invest a little time and energy and really be into her and sense if she is really into you. A tip that works for me, find something out about them, charm them, get them out of their work environment and you have a better chance of a GFE experience.

12-03-02, 06:27
Just got back form a great week of stuffed pink snapper for Thanksgiving. Had a great time !.

Had visits from a few of the Park Hotel girls, went to the Park for the Friday night show and spent some time there on Saturday.

I met two new girls at the Park who work the day shaft. A & E. Both are very pretty and have great attitudes. I wanted to try A on but I let her get by me on Friday because I already had a date for that night, Saturday she was not in.

Tried Arte Sanua twice, I give it a full erection with two balls knotted up.

Three of us with dates from the Park Hotel went to Thomy Paprika for thanksgiving dinner. It was great. Not the place for a quick bite and run, we ate for over two hours. Ended up at 21KClones for two, drinks included. I'll post the address late.

High light of the trip was my second night. Around 10 pm I went to the Morazon. I had drank four beers and eaten so I wasn't drunk. My back is stiff from arthritis and my left knee is stiff (will see ortho doc in the morning for it). At the end of the day I can't sit down in a chain, I sit down and backwards. Well I aimed for the chain, got on the back a bit too much, and went ass over elbows, did a full flip. Got up and went straight out the door.

A newbee "J" showed up, he is having a great time.

At the Park Hotel a guy from Cleveland gave me his tickets for the free BJ, sorry I didn't get his name, nor do I know if he posts, but if so Thanks so very much man.

Gotta go

I'll post some more tomorrow.

Shamas O'Dognasty

12-03-02, 18:54
To supplement what Shamas has to say...
The Blue Marlin was closed for election of the mayor on Sat, Sun. They wrapped the place in plastic for rennovation I guess. Anyway the girls hung out in the sport bar sports book area. Not much selection during the elections.
Prior to the elections on Thursday and Friday the selection of chicas was [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) poor until after 7PM. Nothing but agressive Dominicanas for the most part and not very attractive at that.
Much better luck with the day shift at the Park Hotel where A. and her friend arrived about 12:30PM. Naturally I gave A. a ride so to speak. And I gave her regards from Wmax.
The Friday night show at the Park Hotel featured some new talent including some slim good looking ones. One of my friends selected one for a date the next day at his hotel and she showed up. Showing up is usually a 50-50 bet for a new date. She exhibited great talent as a photo model and in bed as well. There was another similar slim one who was on the job for the second day when she was in the Friday night show. She had a near full bush which I like, and looked great. Unfortunately, I was not recharged enought to make a date with her that night, having just spent an effort as indicated above.

On a slightly different topic,

Airline security searches in San Jose apply different standards than in the USA.
The standards published for the USA do not apply in San Jose Costa Rica. For example, your carry on items may not include a folding umbrella.
Likewise, corkscrews are still prohibited. What is a wino to do? And at last check, sunglasses with pointed frames were not welcome on board. The so called reasonable standards now applicable in the US do not apply here.
All aerosols are prohibited including in checked luggage. Not matches either. What is a smoker to do?
Cans and bottles of booze are OK (if you can open them).
ALL checked bags are hand searched in detail. Carry on bags are x-rayed, and hand searched at random by multiple searchers.
Drug dogs roam the airport waiting areas. The dog spotted my ham sandwich laying on top of a bag. At least he did not lick it to check it.
Going thur US security with the new federal employees was absolutely a relief from the high school drop outs who were previously used

12-04-02, 00:32
The Park Hotel show must have had 12 girls performing. They couldn't lay down all the way on the bar. Jackster has seen shows in Thailand, but the Park was much more memorable for him.

Most of the good sport shows are in Spanish with English sometimes. Makes football watching a lot more fun.

As Ace said the bars were closed Saturday and Sunday and the quanity of girls at the BM was down. I usually have a few beers at the BM & KL but the girls are too expensive and so many have poor attitudes I rarely even entertain a thought of asking any for a flop in the sack.

There were many fine looking ladies at the Park Hotel this past visit. I'll spend a lot of time there on my next visit along with Arte.

Monger on gentlemen


12-05-02, 06:58
Park Hotel show startes after 9pm BUT we always get there around 730pm to get a seat at the bar. Wear your worst cloths, it can get real good and messy.

12-10-02, 19:14
Hola Amigos...Let me relate a true story for the unwary naive first timers to CR.I sent a couple of guys down Sept 02.One guy who we.ll call "Joe" who is 65 met a 27 yo Dominicana named "Lola"at the Del Rey and thought he had found the love of his life.After he returned to the states he called her every day...sent her money$$$ to come to the US ...but alas there was always a problem and she couldn't get a visa...mother was sick$$$ need $$$ you get the idea ....Well after a $900 phone bill and who knows how much he sent her... he decided to vaya to see her in San Jose.She met him at SJO ...put on an acadamey award performance professed her love and it was off to the El Presidente for the honeymoon..but first her madre was sick again$$$$ He had a week planned but after one day she needed $$ for a court date...she stayed gone for the rest of his trip ...but on the last morning she called crying ....would he bail her out of jail...please ...so he takes a cab to a prearranged location ....gives her friend you guessed it ...Big$$$ and never sees her again.....SCAMMED.....Moral to story...To them you are a walking wallet.....get laid....not fucked

12-10-02, 21:04
I would stay at the Del Rey to start in order to get into the flow of things...and meet fellow travellers and drinking buddies.
Before going read every single posting for as long as you are able to stand it and you will get the flavor of the place before you arrive. Costa Rica is a bit different from other Latin American countries and you need to know the important points. Like the water is safe to drink. Cops do not routinely harrass you for small bribes. Never pay the first asking price. Do not expect a pristine clean city with wide streets and sensible traffic.
Above all, behave like a fine North American gentleman at all times and have fun.

12-11-02, 01:34
After hearing so much about the Park Hotel Show I finally got out of the gulch to check it out. They told us the show started at 8:00 but after a couple of rounds and more waiting it got to be 9:15. Finally when I was about to leave Bill (the owner) started collecting the $$. There was about 8 girls dancing and being oiled up and eaten out by some gringos who obviously are not concerned about any oral STD. Out of the eight girls one was a 7 the rest were nasty. One girl had the worst tatoo I ever saw in my life that went from her navel to her tits(if you call them tits) I think it was covering a knife wound. I give the show 2 thumbs down but if your bored of good looking girls at the Marlin and want to see some real skanks check out the Park Hotel show. Be prepared to be badgered into buying rounds the whole time your their.

12-11-02, 05:24
About the Park Hotel Show

There are times that the Park Hotel show can be really nasty, but here are also a lot of good times to be had. I have seen the show at least a half of dozen times and about half of the time, the girls were ok...the other half were nasty. If you go, do so to have fun and don`t expect strip-club quality girls. Have fun, have a few beers and enjoy one of San Jose`s unique rituals.


Jony Vegas
12-14-02, 00:16
Hello everyone, a few remarks, comments and suggestions:

Posterlion - Everyone has their own "preferred place" and you can't go wrong with any places you mentioned. I prefer Presidente, getting the "TSM" rate of $45 and there is no fee for dates. It is 2 blocks (safe walk) to Blue Marlin.

******* - What you said about the women couldn't have been stated better!!! Anyone who does not take your advise is a fool, and fools part with their money.

Donricoh - I have a few questions and suggestions about the trip. First, what's the reason to travel to so many different places? Quepos does not have much of a night life, and I find that moving every day or two you lose fun time. Also, why take women with us from Blue Marlin? The places you mentined have women and half the fun is drinking, chatting, and picking the one you want. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the places you mentioned, but seems like too much traveling for a short trip and those locations have women to choose from that are every bit as good as that in Blue Marlin (I know, I tasted the local treats...hehehhe). As far as the price goes, it is reasonable. But, I have learned....you can't trust the Blue Marlin women, and if one turns out being a bad apple we are stuck with her. Besides, who wants to put up with coordintaing 10 bitches traveling with you to various places - that would be a nightmare. Forgive me if I misunderstand the arrangements, but I vote for us picking up the local talent in the city we visit, and perhaps visiting only one other city (perhaps Jaco) to limit the travel. Just my thoughts, but open to others ideas and suggestions. Imagine if 10 guys have different viewpoints how bad it will be dealing with 10 women on top of that...lol.

12-14-02, 00:51
johny vegas is right, the presidente is a great choice, book on the internet, they are pretty reliable

balmoral is not monger friendly and charges extra for a guest. its got the oak panelling decor that is wonderful for an old timer-
the last time i stayed there , the room was about 3 feet larger than bed and then they hit me with the fees. on some recent post i read that the extra guest fee was raised

the delrey is a great central point for your first visit and if you do your activities in many of the spas and saunas you would have a great adventure

1. only pay 10-12 $ total for a cab from the airport and share it,
2.stop at the Mas Y Menos and buy some groceries they sell beer, wine, vodka and ice too. that supplements anything the hotels and bars have
3. the blue marlin is like nothing you ever experienced in the states and i would advise you calm way down for your first time.

12-14-02, 01:43
Hi All;
I was in San Jose in November and visited the Del Ray.
What a place - my God! Wall to wall (literally) beautiful women - all shapes and sizes for the variable tastes.
They seemed more mercenary than in Asia but I understand the Latino women are a little more catty and competitive with each other than, say, Thai's or Filipina's.
There's enough info hereabout the Del Ray but I'd like to recommend a great strip joint where you can get your rocks off too:
Tango India
This place is near the Best Western Hotel which can't be missed since it's about 5 minutes north of downtown San Jose on the way to the airport.
Thursday's there's a hot lesbian act on stage (but don't volunteer for the show because they do a torture routine on some poor sucker). Lot's of beautiful women - and you can test drive them upstairs for a mega-hot couch dance or go for a tamer $6.50 table/lap dance.
The place is classy and cool - there's an entire airplane inside the place and a hot tub room for rent as well.
I found it a great change of pace from the Del Ray and alternated my visits between the two.

El Ricardo
12-17-02, 05:45
Hi! I'm new to this forum but not new to the scene. Going to CR for one week between Christmas and New Year. Staying at El Presidente (habitacion standard...suficiente?) I would like to meet any others who will be there during this time period...breakfast club??

Although I normally travel to Buenos Aires (incredible!) I've been to CR twice. Once I tried an arranged package through Happy Days (I wouldn't do it again, but it was an introduction.) The last time I went for two weeks to a language school to continue improving my spanish. Since I was staying with a tica family. it was pretty hard to bring anybody home with me. So I visited Arte Sauna several times, and I think Idem once as well (interesting experience!) So this is strictly freestyle...with the information I've just been reading about from all of you.

Some place along the way, I read about a massage place called New Fantasy (3 blocks north of the Del Rey.) Any information available, or is this one going to be my research project?

12-17-02, 19:50
Jony Vegas,

Just came back from Costa Rica after spending 9 days in Del Rey. This was my second trip to CR. In November, spent 9days in Buenos Aires. Visit Thailand several times a year and going again in January for one week. In my personal opinion, if you like latin women, Argentina is "the place to go". Most beautiful women in the world could be had in half the price of Blue Marlin girls. The BM girls this time looked so bad to me after Argentina, that I had to spend with a russian girl at Del Rey most of my time. Although, I must admit, the brothel scene in CR is quite developed. Places like "Idem" and "New Fantasy" rock and who can beat the price/pleasure ratio of "747".

If you like Asian women, don't look anyfurther. Go to Thailand. Must experience the pleasure of Soapy massage in Las Vegas type establishments, namely Poseidon, Ceasers, New Cleopetra etc, at laest one time in life. Depending on money situation, you can get models, sideline girls, and fish bowl girls in all these places. Last yaer I was with a Thai penthouse model one night.

At this point, I really love Argentina, although I would go back to CR because I befriended some chicas from my previous visits. Hope these information helps.


12-17-02, 23:45
Answer to Tango India question:
Tango India has an upstairs section with private booths - quite nice and comfy - it's Arab stye and even has a hooka (sp?) in the corner. Private bathroom upstairs too.
What you get depends on the girl. Ours gave us (I was there with another woman) 4 songs for the price of two since she liked the head she was getting and didn't want it to stop. She had us hang around outside the booth a bit afterward so the management would see we weren't in the booth the whole time. We asked her if she wanted to come home with us and she said "yes". Only then did we realize it was 4:00 a.m. we had no more time for hanky-panky. Too bad since both girls were discussing the merits of swallowing...
Short answer: you may get sex in the booth but the girl may also advise "no sexo" so find out first before you go upstairs. I would recommend going upstairs for a quality check prior to taking the girl home.

12-18-02, 17:19
Tasty1, At last check the Fleur de Lys was not guest friendly. Try the Del Rey or Gran Hotel Costa Rica or Presidente but NOT the Morazon. The Morazon does not always honor your reservation and some report that they had an attitude problem. The Aurola Holiday Inn is pricey but very nice and is convenient. Please avoid the Morazon. First time visitors should stay at the Del Rey until you know your way around.
I have another opinion on Tango Indio or any and all strip clubs in Costa Rica. Every strip club is a big rip off in my experience. You can research the archives for story after story of horror tales. For what you pay there just to look, you could have a girl in your room both stripping, posing for photos and sexo. Full service. Strip clubs overcharge for drinks, try to get you drunk, pad your credit card bill, and who knows what else. If Don Gordo does not go there, you should not. That is a good rule of thumb for the novice. Think long and hard about it especially if you are a gringo and have a credit card. You are asking to be taken. I have some banana plantation land to sell you as well as an unregulated investment earning 36 per cent a year.

12-18-02, 17:48

New Fantasy is a new massage parlor located almost at the corner of Av. 9. and Calle 9. Open 9 AM to 9 PM. Some of the girls are really hot and the place is very clean. The only thing missing is "Roberto" of "Idem". Then again Roberto runs a great enterprise of his own. The best time to go there is between 11 AM to 2 PM. After 2 PM, they really get busy and many girls may not be available. As opposed to Idem, there is no bar in New Fantasy. You can contact them at the following e-mail:


Their phone # (506) 221-4916.

Hope this helps.


PS: You really picked a bad time to go to CR. Most of the girls will not be avialable between Christmas and New Year. This time ,I went during the first week of December. Even then, one of my favoritas, went home 2 weeks before my arrival. If you could push your arrival in the middle of January, you will have an awesome time.

12-18-02, 18:34

I never went to Brazil, although I spent 2 nights with a Brazillian goddess from "Black", the most upscale night club in Beunos Aires. She was angry that I came to Argentina instead of visiting her country first. I promised her next time I will visit her in Brazil. Few of us are planning for "Rio" next year. General impression is that Brazillian girls love sex whereas the Argentinian girls give you more of a girlfriend treatment. Having experienced with both kinds, I kind of agree with this observation. By the way, about 20% of the girls in Black are from Brazil.

I would like to clear something about my previous post regarding Blue Marlin girls. In Beunos Aires, the club scenes are highly dominent. Being of european decend, the girls are predominantly fair skin. In addition, they really dress elegantly most of the time. You get the feeling that you are with a girlfreind rather than a working girl. In Blue Marlin, the girls are not only ugly but also dress as "hookers". This was the big turn off for me this time. One of the girls told me that if they don't dress provocatively, the security will not allow them to enter in Del Rey. I am sure there are many girls in BM who will be good for short sessions. However, since I only take them for whole night , my options at BM were very limitted this time. I would like to stress that these opinions are solely based on my perceptions and I totally understand if other people do not agree with me.

The one other thing about Argentina is value. Since the devaluation of Peso, everything is very cheap. You can have a full course steak dinner for less than 12 USD. The girls who used to charge 300 USD for a whole night session, could only get 300 Peso (roughly 100 USD) now. There are many girls who will do a whole night session for less than 50 USD. In addition, Beunos Aires, known as Paris of South America, is heaven compared to downtown San Jose. Even you are not involved with girls, you would just like to be there to enjoy the beauty of this place. In my opinion, Argentina currently offers the best value for our hobby.

12-18-02, 22:50
You are right about strip clubs - if you find what you're looking for at the Del Ray, why bother. I liked Tango India because my $6.00 cover got me 4 drinks and for 2,000 colones, I had some beautiful women come into some very intimate contact for a dance or two. It was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and I had a great time.
However, the private dances can be a waste of money for the economical traveler - as you mentioned, it only takes a couple of dances to spend the equivilent of an all-nighter with a pro. If you are budget minded and have some discipline (even after a few drinks), it's still a good deal to get your 4 drinks and watch the girls on stage and off for an hour or two.
Summary - it depends on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend.
Padding the credit card? Yikes, I hope not. Stay tuned as my cc bill hasn't arrived yet. Fortunately my cc company is good about reversing unauthorized charges. I'll let you know if it happens to me.

12-19-02, 17:53

Very interesting! You are organizining a sex tour and you do not know where "747" is! "747" is the premier brothel in San Jose- best value for your buck.

By the way, 747 is the actual street address. From Del Rey go north until you hit Av. 7. Make left on Av.7 and keep walking for 10 min until you come to Calle 4. Make right on Calle 4. 747 is the 2nd or 3rd house on your left. Next to 747 is a pink house called Cha Cha Cha. Same action, little bit more expensive. For my money and taste, 747 is the best. Ask for Roscio. Look at her picture under DonGordo's site. You will go back to her in an hour, if you can wait that long!


12-20-02, 12:24
Does anyone know if the El Presidente checking into a room without a credit card? I have a cash card with the Visa logo, but if I try to use my real credit card, the charge will be noticed by my significant other. For obvious reasons, I'd prefer this trip be less noticeable.

12-20-02, 18:20
To answer Tasty1
The Del Rey is a bit worn at the edges. The Holiday Inn is now reported to be guest friendly by others. I have visited there but not stayed there. I believe that the report I read on another board said it did not charge for guest. The Presidente is a good more upscale alternative and is cheaper IF you request the "TSM" rate when making the reservation. That place is getting so popular with the gringos, that I hope I can get a room when I need to be there. It is a real hoot to see 60 year old gringo men with bald or white hair, with beautiful 20 year old models hanging at their sides. Of course they must be their neices.

To answer purplengold,
Go LSU? Is that the purple and gold?
The Presidente does not even require a credit card to make a reservation. Nice huh? If you choose, you use a credit card to check in but pay cash in full upon checkout and they will tear up the credit card voucher and return it to you at check out.
Or you can pay cash or use your fake visa check card. They may require a cash deposit if you have no card to secure the hotel and indicate you will be paying cash. Request the "TSM" rate when making a reservation by e-mail. It is too late to ask after you are there. They are guest friendly if you wish, (be discrete as always) and there is no charge. In other words do not bring a loud drunken chica from the Blue Marlin to the bar at the Presidente. Sign her in at the side of the registration desk where the sign in book is located.

12-21-02, 05:05
Hi......Typing this in the Del rey restaurant...Last night around 10 immigration along with TV cameras present raided the Del Rey.Adios to many fine Columbians..At least 50 girls were arrested and deported.

12-23-02, 00:01
Hey everyone, Happy Holidays

Wanted to get some 411 on Costa R. I have been a good monger over the years with about 12 trips to Bangkok, two to the PI and two to MOscow. Have not yet experienced the Latina Lovelys as of yet. LOL, in all those travel, not ONE Spanish girl. Imagine that.

Why CostaR? Well it's closer by to the New YOrk area and I am not looking to do the 24 hour trip again to BKK this year. Already been twice. So, no....I don't expect CR to be anything like BKK by a longshot, but still....I keep a very open mind about mongering in CR as a TOTALLY different experience.

I am looking to go in Late February for let's say a total of 7-10 days including the flight day down and the flight day back up.

Now, I can speak a little bit of Spanish. However, I was looking for advice about Hotels versus let's say renting a place for the week to ten days. I would totally be down for a nice little apartment for that time. The only thing that concerns me is security of personal effects and other forms of security. However, I like the hotel idea beause of room safes, etc. BUT, I don't like hotels overall due to the fact that too many folks come and go and my business becomes everyone elses. Maybe that makes sense, maybe it does not.

However, I am TOTALLY unfamiliar with the neighborhoods in CR and if there is even a "safe area" with which to rent in. Other than that......from what I have been reading, the Presidente and the Del Ray seem to be at the top of the food chain in terms of access and convenience. That is an added plus.

So, any thoughts on all of this....please let me know. Also, flight times from NYC. Any local guides that folks have used, suggestions on taxi service from the airport (to avoid being ripped off) and additional security precautions. Does one need to carry the original passport, or will a photocoy do just fine, reastuaruants, Internet Access and Finally Cell Phone GSM Service. I have a T-Mobile GSM Phone for world travel, so what are folks experiences with that.

Finally, if a small comfortable apartment is okay, does anyone have a suggestion for a website, or ideas on costs versus the hotel, or REPUTABLE contact info for rentals to start the process.

Thanks all, I appreciate it.


"Low Drag and High Velocity"

12-23-02, 15:15
CostaRica Newbie,
I would read as many of the past posts, as possible, to answer your questions better.
Here is a summary. Speaking spanish helps a lot. Brush up on what you can. The neighborhoods become fairly apparent as to which are not nice. Never walk at night. Take a taxi. Taxis from the airport are painted orange and strictly regulated to avoid ripoffs. Dont worry. It is US $10 prepaid there to the downtown area where most tourist hotel are located. It is US$12 to return from downtown (el centro).
In a small apartment, everyone knows your business and there would be no privacy compared to a hotel which are larger and less personal. Almost nobody uses an apartment for short visits.
For guides, I would avoid individuals unless you have a personal recommendation and, instead, use the tour desk at most hotels. They book the same tour companies which are very reliable and fairly reasonable. Your original passport is needed to enter and leave Costa Rica and to cash traveller's checks and maybe at check-in to a hotel. Other than that, keep it in your safe and carry a copy. I have never had to show it. Internet cafes are abundant. There is a fine one called Netopia on the same block as the Del Rey, at the Southeastern corner of the block. About C500 per hour. Serves coffee. Your phone. I cannot answer that. CR is changing it's cell phone technology next year sometime anyway.
Finally remember, do not ever pay the asking price of $100 for the girls at the Blue Marlin. $60 is the going rate at the BM and better yet go to the IDEM for $40 plus C500 (US$1.40) cab fare. And, I try to get nice local Costa Rican (Ticas) girls and Nicaraguan (Nicas) as they are less agressive and more likely to give a GFE. And they are more likely to be true part timers, earning a few extra bucks to pay the rent and feed the kid.

The bartenders at the BM are mostly taken and very seldom, if ever, can a tourist even get a date with them. But they are nice and friendly and honest. Certainly not play for pay girls. They would be fired. There is a knockout blond named Jessica who used to live in Los Angeles and speaks perfect English. Interesting to talk with when she is not busy.
Remember never pay the $100 asking price at the BM. Never. I boycott the agressive bitchy money grubbing foreign girls and select nicer Ticas and Nicas. If I wanted an agressive, money grubbing, complaining ***** I would stay in the US.

12-23-02, 20:43
My number one rule is don't go south of 4th Ave. Exception: IDEM. Other than that there is absolutly nothing there and you will be mugged. A good friend was mugged Saturday, daytime on Calle 2, Ave 6 & 8. Three guys pulled him into a office space, closed the door, beat him up, and bit his hands. This guy has lived here 3 years and is well experenced. They didn't get much, he knew enough not to carry much. Believe me this is a city of crime, take a cab or stay in the gulch until you know your way around. If anyone needs a tour of downtown get ahold of me. SEAHAWK

12-24-02, 00:38
For my trip to CR in November, I used the travel service from Grupo Papagayo. They have 3 resorts - two in Guanacaste and one jungle lodge in the Northease.
The local (San Jose) agent was Milagro Miranda. She booked my hotels and rental cars. Her email address is: miraclemir@yahoo.com
I don't know if she'd be much help with hotel accomodation in San Jose but it wouldn't hurt to ask. The reason I'm recommending her is that she got me a rate of $25.00 a day for a mini 4X4 which was about 1/2 of what could get on my own (the rental agency was Alamo). She's very personable and seems to care a lot about finding the best deals. She's just a travel agent so don't ask her about the sex scene in CR...PLEASE!
I bought the Fodor's book on CR before I went - it included a map and had a lot of good advice. There are 100's of Jungle tours, rafting trips, etc. Generally, you should be safe with recommendations (of tour operators) from Fodors, Lonley Planet, etc.
I went to Mal Pais on the West coast for surfing, up to Liberia to view a volcanic park, down to San Jose for a coffee plantation tour, and two volcano tours (Poas and Arenal).
Oh yeah, I got my balls sucked and fucked dry in San Jose...but I've talked about that in earlier posts.

12-24-02, 06:59
ACE00 And Whistle830,

Thanks for the good advice. Well, as you will hopfully get to know me on the board, you will see that while i don't question advice, I seek clarifications. Just to get the "deal" and all.

Okay, good advice on the whole. Not to be Pedantic, but I would have thought just the OPPOSITE was true with an apartment. See, I am having a couple of mates from work join me about three days in (secret stuff as their Mrs. Think they are on a fishing trip, etc). So, I would have thought that an apartment would be the best way to come and go, and relatively discreet without having to do the "mornining walk of shame" type thing at a hotel.

Also, for $165.00 for a week, an apartment seems like it's a cakewalk. ACE, can you elaborate as to WHY most don't rent an apartment (may be self explanatory) and your thoughts on how UN-private it is compared to the hotel? Just some elaborations and clarifications. For instance I rent an apartment in Bangkok and in MOscow whenever I go there.....so.....

Okay, the apartment that I have an idea on (just one of three) is located at LOS YOSES, AV. 2, BETWEEN ST. 27 & 29. 25 MTS WEST FROM THE K.F.C IN SAN PEDRO (15 MIN. WALKING FROM DOWNTOWN). Is this 15 mins to downtown like....to the Del Ray? Thoughts on the neigborhood? etc. I see from Panadero NOT to go south of 4th avenue. Well, this place mentioned to be is Av. 2. LOL, wondering out loud if that's SOUTH of 4th. Me needs a bloody map i guess. Will go map hunting.

Also, yes...have been copiously scanning the posts to the board regarding the issue of $100.00 and how NOT to pay that as the "going rate" and all. Get it practically in writing upfront, etc and ALWAYS negociate. Yes, different than Thailand in some ways, but alot like the drill in Moscow. Hence, the interest in CR.

Again, thanks for the head's up on the Internet Cafe's. Heck, I figured there had to be some at least. Even in Cambodia I can track one down....:)

Cool more quesitons as they come up I guess. Oh, as far as tour guides, etc.....if the apartment thing flys, maybe just going to one of the good hotels and getting one is okay. However, if the hotel comes into reality, well then......it's a moot point.

Cheers all and thanks for the ongoing advice. I appreciate it.

PS: thoughts on the talent in March?

12-28-02, 22:55
I got some recent infomation that some visitors have found small apartments and have had luck with privacy and with guests. But they seem to be more like small hotels without facilities. I guess it is like a European "pensione?" So if you find something I would experiment.
Even at large hotels in San Jose it is easy to be discrete. I have seen more than one older gentleman with his college age "niece"sipping a cool one in the bar without raising an eyebrow from anyone. But it is easy to go directly to your room after sign-in of your guest, and use room service. A guest usually can find her way out and to a taxi without you being seen.

Yes equally good looking girls are in the Blue Marlin and especially at IDEM. And elsewhere on a hit and miss basis. Throphy girls are consistently found at the IDEM and at the Blue Marlin later in the evening --- not in the daytime however. I guess they have other jobs or are students, for real.

For All,

Incidently I read another newspaper report of the immigration raids at a few popular "night clubs" which found about 50 illegal female tourists whose papers had expired or were not in order. They included Columbians, Dominicans, Russians, Romanians, and Nicas. They face deportation. I wonder if they can bribe their way out or if this is a major political issue. The local girls are complaining about their agressive competition from illegal foreigners. As you may know I prefer local girls anyway for many reasons but your tastes may differ.

Speaking of taste, I sure could use a cold Imperial and a hot and wild Tica chica right now. I have found many hot wild energetic thin ones at the Park Hotel on a hit and miss basis. I love it when they love to pose for digital photos, especially after a shooter or two.

Do a search for Costa Rican newspapers and look for ones in English like AM Costa Rica, Tico Times and also look for La Nacion which has a weekly summary in English. You can learn first hand on a daily basis, all the news that is fit to print. You can also use a translator site to translate the Spanish ones if your Spanish is marginal like mine.

Pura Vida,

12-28-02, 23:16
From La Nacion newspaper:

Illegal foreigners detained

Agents from different law-enforcement agencies -including the Immigration Service- raided a couple of night clubs in San Jose and detained some 50 women -including Colombians, Dominicans, Russians, Romanians, and Nicaraguans- a majority of whom were in Costa Rica illegally and now face deportation. According to official sources, the goal is controlling foreigners who are working here even though they do not have the proper documents or have no documents at all.

12-30-02, 02:19
Saturday nite the Beatle Bar in Jaco was raided. There were about 50 migracion officers and 2 big busses which took dozens ? (more info later), to San Jose. Anyone with even slightly questionable documents was herded onto the bus, including some gringos. Then they let some off if their docs proved to be ok on closer inspection.

If you don't carry your passport, at least bring a photocopy AND another id. They were ok with that. Lots of working girls here in Jaco, very beautiful!

12-30-02, 22:21
New Fantacy located on Ave 9, Between Calle 7 & 9. There is a sign on the front. SEAHAWK