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12-31-03, 01:03
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01-02-04, 14:30
Can anyone tell me how many girls Idem has lately, and what is the look ranging from 1-10 and 10 being the best?

Jaimito Cartero
01-02-04, 15:42
I had a great time during my 3 weeks in San Jose. I didn't get to Bar Idem this time, but did get to see a lot more of the local places that I hadn't seen before.

America West is a decent choice if you're flying from Phoenix, LV or LA. Just don't expect any food or free earphones unless you're up front. They've really brought down the price of the fare, with all other airlines now matching the $335 or so price they have.

01-03-04, 02:57

Well, I've made numerous stops by New Fantasy and for some reason I've not found any ladies to my liking, oh well. Many have recommended this place, so perhaps I'm either too picky or my timing is off.

Found IDEM finally, didn't select any, but it's not too far from the Marlin Bar so I picked up a cab ride back.

Haven't seen if Wanda's place has re-opened, Jaimito have you heard anything?

I have mainly been hanging out at the Marlin Bar in the Hotel Del Rey, and it's been realy good. Tica's and Columbiana's, and have even spoken to a couple of Russians and a girld from Romania. Aside from the many bartenders who'd I'd like to proposition, the bar does have a fun environment. Surprised at how many American expats I've met who've been living down there, I envy you all.

Again, wishing all of you a Happy New Year.

Adios amigos,


01-03-04, 06:02

I'm going to San Jose next week. My first trip. I'm going solo, and only have reservations for the first night. I got a room at Kekoldi. I never heard of this place, any feedback? Then I'm going to look for another place. Is this a bad idea? I also want to go to Jaco, but have no reservations. I would like to stay at the Copacabana. Any feedback? Should I get a reservation before hand? Any feedback would be great.

01-03-04, 07:55
I wanted to post this on the San Jose - 2004 Reports area but was unable to get in. I got a message that the thread was closed.
I saw a report that the owner of the famous Park Hotel was sick and was seeking a real sale of his hotel/bar.
That would be a real loss to Gringo tourists who enjoy the finer things in life. No more would the famous girly shows on Friday night be the same. No more would the owner take advantage of the girls in the show by making money off the admission and not paying the girls. No more would his rants and drunken rages against his bartenders exist.
In spite of his being a real SOB to the chicas, the place did have some nice and not so nice chicas hanging around there for the picking at 10.000 Colones per pop.
The place was rundown and not the kind of place your Mother wanted you to be seen in. It did have it's good parts however in that some very nice chicas could be seen there. Some only worked daytime and other came out at night .

Catch it while you can.

Jaimito Cartero
01-03-04, 21:55
Wanda's Zona Blue - Wanda PMed me a week ago and said she's working on the reopening soon. She won't let me tell the date quite yet. Hopefully she'll post here, now that she's a member, or I'll post any info as soon as I get it.

Blanco - Never heard of that place. It is the high season, but hopefully you'll be able to find rooms. Any reason why not to check out the Presidente?

01-04-04, 00:07
My seven year old Lonely Planet guide describes the Kekoldi as overpriced for the simple rooms. $31 in 1997. Occupied by a "younger" set. It is in Bario Amon down the street from the Zona Blue. If you go there take a cab at night always.

01-04-04, 02:32
I will be in San Jose from Jan 7 to Jan 21 at the Presidente in room 802.
Give me a call if you are in town and want to hook up for a beer or two.


01-04-04, 02:34
I am also tired of visiting New Fantasy and not finding
any girl of my liking.... I do not think I will visit that place
On the other hand, I was at Wandas place just before
its closing and I had a very hard time choosing a chica.
At least 6 nice looking ones. Contrary to my instict I
followed Wandas recommendation Vanessa and I was
dissapointed.... It was mechanical and she was just not
the erotic high I normally enjoyed. I am sure the other
girls must be a better experiences.

01-04-04, 03:50
New Fnatasy has gone downhill..Sorry but you are corrrect..Selection last month sucked.............mule69

01-04-04, 05:40
Whats the story of the Park Hotel? Is the owner still alive? It used to be a good place to go. Have things changed?

Jaimito Cartero
01-04-04, 12:15
New Fantasy was adequate, but not the special experience that I had earlier in the year. The manager before had been super friendly, very, very helpful. Heck, she even came into the room, and had a mini threesome with me for 5 minutes or so.

Let's not even talk about the experience of Wanda there.

Speaking of Wanda's place, and someone not liking Wanda's pick. I told her exactly what I wanted, and she picked Natalie for me. I was a little doubtful, since she was 19, and I usually do better with 23-33 year old chicas. However everything was great. Not a Wanda experience, but probably the best experience I've had with a 19 year old!

I would personally let Wanda know about any problems in performance. I'm sure that she wants everyone to have a really good experience.

Master Monger
01-04-04, 14:07
Dear fellow mongers,

I would like to ask a few questions about Costa Rica and Latin America.

But first, I believe in reciprocation, so here is a little information from me about Costa Rica.

I managed to find a three-star hotel called the Gran Hotel, apparently it has a casino. Is it nice? I found it for $38 a night! It's big and yellow and looks Hispanic Victorian.

You can private message me any time and I'll give you the details.

Here is my second offering, my travel agent, this is one of the most valuable pieces of information I have, because I can search on the Internet for three hours, call her up and she has a price $30 less with no restrictions. Sometimes it's $50 one time it was $100 it depends on your destination but she only does international travel. Also the tickets are easily changed with little or no fee. Private message me for her information!

Hope this helps someone!

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

My next message will include my questions!

Master Monger
01-04-04, 15:21
Dear fellow mongers,

I'm ready to tackle the Spanish-language, I currently speak Chinese and Indonesian fluently.

I have some ideas and want to run them by my wise fellow mongers.

I was thinking of starting my vacation, for two to three months, depending how much I like Latin America, in Costa Rica.

I have looked into all of the necessary arrangements, I am discouraged although by the prices of hotels or extended-stay apartments. In Indonesia, in Bali, I can recommend the best Mongering hotel/apartment available it's incredible for only $250 a month. Daily maid service, refrigerator, beautiful, clean, safe, monger friendly. In China I had a beautiful apartment on the 10th floor of a beautiful building for about $250 a month. I am confident knowing the economic situation in Costa Rica and Latin America that I can find a similar price for the same Western-style quality. My question is where?

In China I could not drive but I had a motorcycle, in Indonesia I rented a car for about $230 a month. What are my options for independent transportation in Costa Rica? I have surfed the Internet and the cheapest I could come up with for any car rental is $1000 a month for a Nissan Sentra. Any other suggestions?

I have contemplated one option, buy a 1997 or so Japanese SUV and drive to Costa Rica, stopping along the way at some favorite monger hotspots. Also once I get my feet wet in Costa Rica I can go to Colombia, Panamá, and use the car for two to three months and then sell it for a small profit. And take a cruise home or maybe just fly.

This idea of course is excellent in theory, my ignorance lies in all of the negative aspects that I am not aware of.

I know you can never drive outside of the citys at night.

I also plan on having all of the windows in the car laminated with a special lamentation that makes them bullet proof and tinted, it will cost about $350 (Friend Price) but better safe than sorry.

Tell you the truth since I will be traveling on the major highway to Costa Rica and never traveling at night with bulletproof windows in a midsized SUV I'm not really afraid of terrorists or rebels or locals.

The scenario that frightens me the most are the immigration checkpoints I will be going through in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua even though I'll be on the major highway are these super safe? And will I have any problems bringing my vehicle across the borders?

My real concern is if it would be possible for me to travel alone or if I would have to travel with someone else. I'm sure it would be safer not to be alone but maybe it's less obtrusive or suspicious when you're alone. Let me know :-)

Please help me with any information that you can, and everyone's advice is welcomed without criticism!

Thank you very much!

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

Jaimito Cartero
01-05-04, 02:44
MasterMonger - Well you can find a small apartment for $250 a month. However, many might be very hesitant to rent to a foreigner for such a small time. Costa Rica isn't a huge bargain in this respect.

In regards to driving, this may work okay. You will be limited to where you can sell your vehicle, though. Panama might be okay, but CR definitely isn't. Too much in the way of taxes and paperwork. (You're actually penalized if you drive your car to CR and then want to sell it. They tack on a large fee for what the shipping fee should have been, or something of the sort.)

While your bulletproof window idea is interesting, but think about the physics of it and you'll understand that it's not easily possible for $300. You might be able to stop a 22 with a simple add-on laminate coating, but not much above that. On real "bulletproof" cars, they have a 1/2" or thicker laminated window. And even then, it's usually only rated for 1-2 shots. Shoot it three times, and the third bullet goes through. And remember that sheet metal is pretty easy to punch through too. It's like locking the door, and leaving the window open. :)

I've heard that you need all original paperwork (title, etc) at some border crossings. If every "I" is not dotted, they may hold you up, or want some money to pass you through. I'm considering driving down to CR sometime next year, but haven't done it yet. I'd like to have a "driver" car there, but not pay the outrageous taxes in import one in. I think you can have a car for three months in country, but then to leave for 72 hours (or you can get 1 extension) and return.

Jaimito Cartero
01-05-04, 03:10
Wanda has PMed me, and asked that I post a comment and a question for all you guys. I think she's a bit shy about posting, so we should all encourage her! She really does care about the treatment you guys get there. Here is part of her post to me:

>i am trying to work on a good system so that if somone who does not like one of the zona blue coyotes..:) I will know so each time i can fix things.

>we are working on new things and ideas and i want to ask you.. what do you think of a package for a certain price

>1 client can stay at zone blue for for 3 days and 2 nights and it would include at least 2 VIP sessions every day with girl of choice plus breakfast lunch and dinner pick up and take to airport.

>plus lots of extra things..:)

>we would only allow 1 customer at a time

(I've given Wanda some of my recommendations, and some other ideas that would turn Zona Blue into a really superb place. Other than cloning Wanda, that is!)

Soft Touches
01-05-04, 05:22

Thanks for the advice, I'm starting on some spanish but am sure I'll get lost in trying to get what I want, at first. I'm hoping to find a steady that will help me thru the long term assignment. Just a matter of hunt and peck, so to speak.

But the trying willing be the fun part, sort of like test driving many cars on the lot.

01-05-04, 09:20

Gran hotel is ok. Yes, it is girl friendly, but you have to to register her and pay a fee, unless you check in with her. It's best feature is its location, and the little outdoor cafe/veranda. It used to be nice, but with all the new hotels and the focus for other locations, it has become run down. However, for the $38 it is okay, just don't expect great beds and the rooms are a bit small. It is a lot like the other hotels Balmoral, and Morazan, but more of its own atmosphere, and of course the casino, although several hotels have those. It sits in front of the national theater with a parque in front and lots of opportunities for people watching.

As for passing those borders, I have done so several times. You will need all your paperwork for the title and ownership of the vehicle, but if you have it correct for one, you have it for all of them. Just check with AAA or some travel organization and they can give you a list of what you need. My biggest recommendation would be to start early in the day, and don't travel at night. YOu can easily make it between San Salvador and Managua in a day, Guate to San Sal is only a few hours. You could stay in San Miguel if you like and head from the border from there. Managua to San Jose can be made in a day as well, and once you are in Costa Rica you are pretty safe compared to the other places. The key is daytime travel. And remember, there are only about 12 hours of sunshine there year round. So, get an early start, and be patient at the borders. It takes time, but they do hundreds of vehicles a day. Be pleasant and congenial and they will get you through. However, don't rely on greasing the wheel if you don't have the right papers. Just get them right, which isn't that hard.

good luck...

Master Monger
01-05-04, 10:41
Dear Jaimito Cartero and ViajeroTropico,

First I would like to thank you guys greatly for all of your advice and your help, I owe you each a night on the town on me!


What I like to do when I monger a place is set up a base of operations. Leaving everything that I decided to take to Costa Rica of value in my base of operations, and making small shorts sorties to neighboring cities and countries. So actually, do you think two or three months might help with the renting of the apartment? Would it be Western-style? I am a little picky :-) I would be willing to go up in price if it was less then the hotel.

About the laminating, my friend in Miami does this business it is called ACE Security Laminates you can search for it on the Web. The normal price for an average car is about $1000, also the fact that it would tint the Windows, so they couldn't tell I was a foreigner when driving by me, is a plus. Also his laminates are rated for up to a 9 mm shell only a little bigger than a 22, but for $350 I can tint and laminate as an added low cost bonus for the purchaser of the car. Good tinting alone costs over $200.

I was told by some friends who first told me about Costa Rica and live there that if the car is over five years old the taxes and fines are minimal???

On a final note Jaimito, maybe you want to drive down to Costa Rica with me. If not, maybe you want to buy the vehicle from me. If you told me what you wanted I could find that exact vehicle, drive it down to Costa Rica and offer it to you for the same price that I paid in America. I don't need to make any money off my monger brothers. Of course before I sold it I would want to use it for the three months. I'm a whiz at buying cars. Let me know!!


Do you think Balmoral is a better hotel, and location? I can get that one for $55 a night. My overall goal is to get an apartment but the first week I must have a hotel while I look at the different apartments. But I want a nice place, as well as a good location for Mongering. I have noticed that sometimes because of location it is much easier to meet girls just by happenstance. While I want to have a nice place I also want to blend in with the people an become Costa Rican. :-) Let Me Know Your Opinion.

Also, that same invitation includes you if you would like to drive to Costa Rica with me. I would pay for everything for either one or both of you including food and lodging on the way down. Of course once we got there you're on your own so to speak. Either way I would love to engage in some Mongering campaigns with you guys.

Again, thank you very much for all your help!

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

Jaimito Cartero
01-06-04, 01:32
SoftTouches - Well you can get one of the little card that lists about 100-200 of the most popular words in Spanish ($3-$5 in most bookstores). Tells you how to ask directions, find the bathroom, bus, etc. It's really quite easy. And most people appreciate you taking the effort.

If you search a bit through the Latin America forums here, you can find some of the Sex Words you'll need. Sometimes I'm sure I use the wrong words, but the chicas generally understand. Even fellow mongers will tell you wrong sometimes. Jackson told me a funny one in BA, and I didn't learn until a few days later he had told me wrong.

Jaimito Cartero
01-06-04, 01:41
MM - Well the only reason I'd drive down is to bring my own car. I'm adventuresome, but NOT that adventuresome.

Bringing a car to Costa Rica to sell doesn't make sense. They have huge import duties (compared to value) that make a good deal in the US, not a good deal when you add $5000 in taxes to a vehicle.

After 5 years of age (ie a 1999 model this year), cars are taxed at a lower rate, but still usually a lot more than you'd want to pay. For instance, a 5 year old car would probably cost $8-10k in the states. Expect another 4-6k in taxes. Plus if you drive it in, they tack on a percentage for what the shipping would have been.

The only logical way that I know to do this, is to have a Costa Rican car dealer bring your car in for you. They have "deals" with some of the customs guys, and can value the car at a much lower price than you can. I think it would cost $400-$800 to ship down.

You might be able to sell the car easily in Panama. One thing to remember, is that MANY stolen cars are driven down from the US, so many countries have strict rules about selling them and proof of ownership.

You might do okay with a 3 month rental. You can check out the Tico Times gringo paper, or AmCostarica.com - Both of these have classifieds section that might list people renting stuff out. There are a few discussion groups as well on Yahoo (GalloPinto and Costa Rica Living). These are definitely non-sexual discussion groups, but they have a lot of info on there. Mostly people living, moving, or thinking of moving to CR.

As for hotels, I really dislike hotels that charge joiner fees. Check out the Presidente. I've stayed at the Balmoral 15 years ago, and while okay, it's nothing special and does NOT cater to guys with chicas.

Jaimito Cartero
01-06-04, 01:44
Panadero - When I went to the Park show a few weeks back, the guy said that Bill had hurt his back. It definitely lacked the spark that Bill brought into it. I don't know any more than that.

Master Monger
01-06-04, 07:22
Jaimito Cartero ,

Thank you again for all of your help!

You are a valuable source of knowledge!

Do they rent any motorcycles or scooters in Costa Rica?

How imperative is it to have a vehicle while in Costa Rica?

Thank you again,

Look forward to Mongering with you,

Master Monger

01-06-04, 17:45
If you stay in San Jose you can take a taxi or bus. Matter of fact I would use public transportation to the extent possible.
Driving from North America is a nightmare. Read reports on Fodors and Lonely Planet. Bribes at every border/ stop.
It does not stop. Do the research before you try it.

Read my post on the Park Hotel on 1/3, on this forum.
The owner is sick and trying to sell again this time for real. My source is the chicas who work there.

01-07-04, 03:46
Has anyone stayed at the Hotel Amon Plaza? http://www.hotelamonplaza.com/hotel.html

It looks nicer than the Presidente or Del Ray. They are more expensive but is it worth it? How far is it from the action? I heard only 5 or 6 blocks. Inquiring minds want to know. I'm headed down there in a few weeks. Thanks in advance.


01-07-04, 04:34

You can't go wrong with either of the other two hotels. I stayed twice at the Hotel Del Rey, and it certainly contributed to my laziness, as I never left the Blue Marlin Bar. Haha.

THe Del Rey is where it's all happening, and they charge you an additional $10 for "guest fee" when you take a girl upstairs to your room. Had friends who stayed at the Hotel Presidente and thought it was very nice, and they don't charge the "guest fee".

The News Cafe at the street level of the hotel Presidente is a nice place to park and watch the people too.

I've read many of your report on other sites, so this is my small return for all your wisdom. I just returned from Costa Rica a couple of days ago, and I sure miss it already.

Have fun,


Jaimito Cartero
01-07-04, 06:11
I haven't stayed there, but I'd be a bit wary of it's supposed 5 star rating. Expedia gives it a 2 star. Also, if you look on it's own pricing page, they charge $2 for bellboy service, $1 for daily maid service, plus the normal taxes (16.39%) on top of everything. Seems like they're nickel and diming you to death.

I've stayed in the Balmoral (so-so), the Irazu (okay), and the Corobici (nice). If you do stay at any of the non-standard places, make sure you report so we can all find out about them.

The Hotel Santo Tomas is in the same general area. About $55 a night. A converted 1908 mansion. 20 rooms or so. I would check out the noise as many in city places can get noisy starting at 6am or so.

01-07-04, 10:14
KY3, I read your post about the Hotel Park. Everything you said was in the past tense. I know the owner has sold the place at least a half dozen times every year. I thought some other member of the board would have more info.


01-07-04, 16:08
Thanks Keg. I decided against Amon Plaza. They charge $20 per guest and it seems to be a few blocks from the main action. The Presidente is full and so is the Del Ray.

I booked the Holiday Inn which is more expensive but it looks a hell of a lot nicer than the other places. One of my amigos told me he stayed here and you have to pay a chica fee each time but said it was clearly nicer. Does anyone know what they charge or what their guest policy is?


01-07-04, 17:49

I would like to know the cost of airfare from Costa Rica to Brazil and or Argentina.
Please post here or pm me.


I hope to contribute to this website after my travels to the above mentioned locations


01-08-04, 00:21
I'm planning my first trip to San Jose jan 14-26. I am wondering what the best palces to stay are. I'm on kind of a tight budget so am mostly looking for a cheap safe place that doesnt charge fees for company. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Best Western and if they charge a tica fee. Anyways would appreciate any advice or help. Also if anybody is going to be there at the same time wouldn't mind having a drink.

Jaimito Cartero
01-08-04, 08:56
Saint - I've only been in the casino of the Aurola (Holiday Inn), seemed okay. They had a big sign up on the way from the airport advertising a $75 rate. It was funny, since a lady on the plane had told me how she had gotten a great price of $120 a night.

It is right across the street from the Del Rey, but be careful of the Parque Morazon. Lots of tranvestites hang out there, and they will rip you off given the chance. I walked in the area after midnight with a Tico friend a couple of weeks ago and had no problems. There are some pretty convicing "chicos" there. A few flashed their tits when we were going by.

Soft Touches
01-08-04, 16:57
I am so glad this site exists. Seems my SJ trip has been pushed back to June vs. February, but the good news is that the project will cover several countries in South and Central America.

The information this board provides will be a great help in preparing for my adventures.

Thanks all.

01-08-04, 16:57
My report of 1/3 on the Park Hotel was based on conversations with Chicas around Christmas time.
The owner is still alive and a bad dude as always.
Maybe his luck will expire.
We shall see.

Saint and others, on topic of hotels:

While the Holiday Inn is a nice but expensive choice, I would reserve there if alternatives are full and try to get a Tico Times advertised rate at the Morazon. It should be from $ 29 to $39 a night. Walk in and ask but get a reserved room somewhere first. Like at the Holiday Inn. Reservations at the Morazon are not honored as a sure thing. Another less expensive walk-in alternative is to try the Balmoral across from the Presidente.

Mickey Mouse
01-08-04, 17:54
In my humble opinion, the Aurola is the best place to stay. Back in the spring they had a special for I think around $70/ night including taxes and breakfast. At least you can get a American Type room with King Bed and Good Bathroom which are hard to find in CR. You are within walking distance of most places, just don´t walk through the park at night. Take a cab!
As far as the Casinos go, don´t expect alot. You will probably end up at the Del Rey (definitely for the ladies anyway) or the Colonial next door. If your game is Black Jack like myself, you may not like the Tico rules. 1. They don´t pay Black Jack 2. They encourage the ticos to take hits with dbl 7 by offering a premium for triple 7´s and 3. people in CR have a bad habit of surrendering all the time if they don´t like their hand so they won´t work a deck and the dealer ends up winning many times by default.
The Quality & Ratio are incredible in BA at the moment!
As always,

Mickey Mouse
01-08-04, 17:58
PS: Most places have the Chica fees, I don´t remember exactly what the Aurola charged, but it was in line with the others. Actually, I think the Del Rey had higher fees than most.
Good Luck,

01-08-04, 23:25
Thanks for the advice guys. I already booked the Holiday Inn and while I'm sure it isn't the "5 star" that they advertise it can't be that bad. The rate is around $90 a night with taxes which I'm fine with. Having a good room with more importantly a good bed is very important to me.

I'm just there for a weekend trip towards the end of the month but I'll report back when I get back. Should be a fun filled trip. I'm going with one of my best friends and with my good friend Starfe.

01-08-04, 23:26
I think the Holliday Inn Aurola is the top of the line also, with an execellent view of the mountains from the upper floors.

However I was upset when there was no hot water one night and I had to shower the next morning in cold water and caught a bad cold/flu. I complained to the front desk as I checked out and was put off, told to talk to the manager who was not in. Called long distance to seek a price reduction from my credit card bill and was put off several times.

As a result of this illness, I no longer stay there.

01-08-04, 23:35
I would like to know how Costa Rica stacks against Brazil for our hobbies. I make regular visits to Brazil but the distance and recent policies towards Americans kind of shifted my interests for other locations. I am more into fair skined with Blonde types. Is Costa Rica pretty much dark skined latinas only? Also, I would like to what kind of institution and prices are offered in Costa Rica? Where is the best place for the hobby in Costa Rica? I would appreciate some responses.

01-09-04, 00:05
Just a note for those considering the Del Rey versus the Presidente hotel: While there is no charge to take a chica to your room at the Presidente, they will only allow in one chica at a time. By contrast, you can take two chicas to your room at the Del Rey: something to note before its offered within the casino and bar, Blue Marlin.

Damn, I wanted to do two chicas but figured its more than a challenge keeping my eyes on one while in my room, can't imagine watching two!

01-09-04, 07:09
Saint and others

I stayed at the Holiday Inn about two months ago and posted about it on the '03 section. It's main advantage is being able to take up multiple guests, down side $20US fee each. Walking to and from the gulch after dark and alone is not the best idea. I took a cab from the Key Largo late at night and didn't feel like a fool (it's about 500 yards). I made reservations thru Holiday Inn web site and all was smooth and I got the best prices available.

My room was large but worn. The Casino was empty and the resturant was good but pricy and virtually empty all the time. Breakfast was fair and on Sunday morning no hot eggs.

As others reported it does have great views.

My preference is the Presidete with one of the accepted discounts. A junior Suite at the Prez is much better than a regular room at the HI and very close in price. The News Cafe is much better than the HI resturant and the view is better (walking ticas beat the mountains any day IMHO).

One of the other guys asked about the Gran Hotel, it's old and NO AC. The cafe is great, I like to do a late afternoon coffee and danish and people watch.


Master Monger
01-09-04, 16:26
Dear Fellow Mongers,

When it comes to finding the best price on lodging I have great experience. My business requires me to book a hotel in a new city every single weekend, that I want to work. I never stay in less than a three-star, and I pay an average price of $35 everywhere in the US except New York always about $60.

I am in showbusiness so to speak, I sell products at home shows, car shows, boat shows, computer shows, RV shows, women's shows and fairs and so on... it is a very good business for a monger. You have no set schedule, you only work three days of the week typically, in a fresh new city you can monger. The best part is there is no responsibility, if you leave for one month you have nothing to worry about. Shows are available all year long, and modestly, an average salesman can make $1000 a weekend. Almost impossible to be tracked by the IRS. If there are any salesman interested let me know.

Now that I have subjected all of you who really don't care to my banter. Let me first apologize and then explain my true point.

I am one thrifty son of a biotch, but I still live like a king and to look at me you would think I was very wealthy. I have developed a system on the Internet for booking hotels and travel arrangements, below is that system in the order which I use it.


1. Hotwire - www.hotwire.com -right down the best price you get with location but don't book it yet unless above $50 then go to step 3

2. Priceline -www.Priceline.com - enter a price $10 less in the same location as the Hotwire find, with the same star rating, if declined go $5 less and enter a close location or different star rating if still declined if the price is around $38 from Hotwire I would recommend booking or only proceeding to step three

3. Sidestep - www.sidestep.com - sidestep searches the entire Internet although it is still not better than Hotwire and Priceline but sometimes it has exceptions. If sidestep has a lower price than Hotwire enter the sidestep information into step 2 accordingly.

4. Orbitz - www.orbitz.com - here is an unknown fact, Orbitz is owned by major airlines and hotel chains. It would be my number 4 choice for finding prices on hotels.

5. Hotels - www.hotels.com - sometimes has surprising information

6. Expedia - www.Expedia.com -this web site is owned by none other than Microsoft.

7. Travelocity - www.Travelocity.com - this would be my last resort for hotels


1. Sidestep -- www.sidestep.com

2. Hotwire -- www.hotwire.com

3. Orbitz -- www.orbitz.com

4. Priceline -- www.Priceline.com -- the only bad thing about Priceline is your bidding on a day, unless you can get it for at least $40 less than the other web sites I don't think it's worth it. So when you enter in your bid make it for $40 less than the lowest price you have found.

Flights and Hotels

I don't recommend booking your hotel and flight together on the other web sites, it is rarely a better deal.

1. Site 59 - www.site59.com -this web site is dedicated to package deals and sometimes will offer a substantially lower price than the others.

Summary and Conclusion

If you're planning a long trip, I recommend you check the prices on all of the web sites I have listed.

The proof is in the pudding --

San Jose:

Apartotel La Perla - $35 - Found on Sidestep

Gran Hotel Costa Rica - $38 - found on Orbitz and Expedia

Casa Morazan Bed and Breakfast - $42 - Found on Sidestep

Hotel Vesuvio - $45 - Found on Orbitz

Barcelo Rincon Del Valle - $46 - Found on Expedia

Best Western San Jose Downtown - $49.05 - Found on Orbitz

Hotel Santo Tomas - $49.50 - Found on Sidestep

Balmoral Hotel - $55 - Found on Orbitz

Quality Hotel Centro Colon - $58.50 - Found Orbitz, Expedia, SideStep

Hotel Palma Real - $65.92 - LOOKS NICE!!! - Found on Expedia

Best Western Irazu - $75 - Found on Orbitz

Holiday Inn AUROLA - $75 - Found on SideStep and Expedia

3 - Below $42

4 - Below $50

2 - Below $60

3 - Below $75

Now that I have done all the research for you guys, if some of you area Savvy Mongers can rate my list according to Location and Quality that would be great!

As always, I hope this helps someone.

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

Jaimito Cartero
01-09-04, 19:41
I personally wouldn't worry about no A/C in San Jose. If they have a fan of some sort that will make your stay enjoyable. I've spent over a year of the last 15 in CR and in the San Jose area a/c isn't an issue for me.

I would try to get on a waiting list for one of the other places. $20 a night is outrageous for a chica fee.

Jaimito Cartero
01-11-04, 00:39
Well Wanda has emailed me about the grand reopening of Zona Blue. I have to clarify the date to make sure that I didn't misunderstand her. It will be before the end of this month, and probably sooner! I'll post complete info as soon as I get the clarification.

Wanda has taken all the comments that I and others here gave her about what we really liked about the girls. I suggested that it be clear what was available from each, so you wouldn't be disappointed.

I told her that most guys would want a GFE from the girls, including BBBJ. That there should also be some girls who will do an indepth 3 way with you, plus some other "options".

She said she's going to be doing a "training" session before she opens again, so that all the girls know what us horndogs want. Ah, I'd love to help out on THAT training session.

01-11-04, 01:05

Costa Rica doesn't stack up to Brazil. The only thing it has going for it is that it's closer. Food is way too expensive as well as the women compared to Brazil.

01-11-04, 15:49
Holiday Inn, just for the record, has never charged me any money to bring in a lady. I have done it three times, but not since 2002, January. However, I am a premium priority club card holder, and that might have something to do with it, or they may have changed their policy since then.

Just spent 2 nights in San Jose, met up with a guy from Bernuda and we cruised a few places...he stayed at VIPS 1, finding something he liked, I went back to the Del Rey and found what I like, an older mother (27) who is just in it part time to make ends meet. However, she told me a couple things I found interesting. She only has to fuck a guy about 1 out of 5-7 encounters. She says that most of the older guys just pay here to hang around, accompany them while gambling, go to eat, etc, a lot just like to get jacked off even, but most of them don't even get into the deed. And, those are the guys that are paying the high prices without questioning, not the mongers on this board. I paid her 50, and it was great, we did it the next night, too. She came to my hotel, and we went to dinner then some dancing in the hotel club and then a great GFE.

Blue zone looks nice from the outside, but still not open. It might become THE place, huh, Jamie? luego amings, VT

Jaimito Cartero
01-11-04, 22:27
VT - Well, I think that Wanda has the right attitude, and really wants the place to be successful. Hell, if I had some money, I wouldn't mind being a part owner. I don't think that's an option, though.

I had a great first experience, and was really hot to go again, but the policia kind of ruined my Christmas present to myself. I think the first six months will really tell what kind of place it'll be. It's a bit more expensive than NF, but if the attitude and service is better, I'd much rather go there for my "executive" sessions.

I'll still go to Molino Rojo or Arcadas for my everyday whoring and hanging out, but for the really special occasions, that's where I hope to go.

01-12-04, 01:52
IMHO you can not beat the El Presidente for accomodations.I have stayed at the Del Rey 7 times and it gets old.Too many obnoxious gringos and the guest fee are not acceptable any more to me.The Prez offers security,free breakfast and a jacuzzi on the eight floor by reservation.You can hang at the News Cafe and meet regular Ticas and not be bothered by the pesty putas at the Blue Marlin.$48 a nite...It is my hotel of choice and a block from pussy central.......Mule

01-12-04, 17:01
A chica who goes by Maria Perez or Maria Lourdes is working the Park Hotel again.
She is trouble.
Several gents have reported that her ex-husband has confronted them and I have even had her Mother call me in my hotel room concerning her.
She got out of a month in jail recently for a fight.
As I say she is trouble.
She looks to be in her late 20s and is a big girl with big tatas and almond eyes.

Another reason to use only your nickname and never your last name around chicas you do not know and trust.

keep safe,

01-15-04, 07:33
Ace00 is most correct, I had the displeasure of being one of the guys who he mentions. Her husband (or x husband) had a copy of an email I sent to Maria and wanted to know why I wanted to see her. Hell we all know her business and he does too. Maria had promised me in the most sincere way that her email was safe and that absolutely no one knew she even had an email account.

Again as Ace states, don't give the girls your real name or your internet name. Maria's husband showed me anothers guys name he was looking for, Bill Klinton. Turns out BK is one of our bros. The BK was a good idea.

I've had a few recient conversations with a newbie who met up with Maria. He was very taken by her, as all of us have been and gave her his business card. We're hoping she has learned her lession and is keeping her business private.

Maria speaks good English, has a great personality and great tits. She's an excellent provider and many of us who used to see her all thought the world of her UNTIL we started to get phone calls and visits. Suck City !!!.

After my visit with her husband, I saw her at the Park after the Friday night show. I confronted her with about 6 other guys watching. I didn't get nasty but let her know it was AMF time, A is for Adios, we all know the MF part. She cried and cried. When she went home she took a knife to her husband.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the Coasters song, Poison Ivy = Poison Maria, you can look but you better not touch.


01-15-04, 23:27
Be careful with business cards. Also, remember that many of us keep business cards in the tag holder on our suitcases or bags. I once had a girl in Buenos Aires steal my business card from my bag. I never thought I'd have a problem with something like this. Some of these girls can get obsessive. Thank god she never called my office (although she called my cellphone up to 5 or 6 times a day everyday for months on end).

I think it's safe to use your real first name but don't offer any last names. Also, remember that if you email with them they often times forward your email asking their friends for translations. I've read several dude's personal emails from girls in Rio and Buenos Aires that need translations. Some of these guys email the girls from their work emails so I can see their real names and where they work. Luckily I'm no threat but other guys out there aren't so nice.

The thing I found most surprising is many times married guys will send photos to the girls of them with their kids or family photos with their wives! Trust me. I've seen it all.

Be careful.

Jaimito Cartero
01-15-04, 23:34
Zona Blue is open for viewing, but not for chicas yet. I guess they're waiting for one more license to get approved. Wanda says to stop by this week for a free drink and get a look around the place.

01-16-04, 07:41
Another update from Wanda...

I saw Wanda at 2.15 this afternoon and she told me that she now has the necessary documents and will open on Monday, Jan 19 at 9AM.
I plan on being one of the first customers.

Pura Sploooga


01-16-04, 07:57

Just returned from my first trip to Costa Rica. I stayed from Jan 9 to Jan 14. I only booked my first night and decieded to leave the rest of my trip open. I booked Hotel Kekoldi trough Travelocity $45 + taxes including breakfast. Very nice room, clean, safe and of course noisy. I'm not sure if this place is chica friendly, but you have to surrender your key and you are buzzed in by the reception. This place is on Avenida 9 between New Fantasy and Zona Blue. Also good breakfast in a private garden that is in the middle of the hotel.

I spent most of my day walking around the city getting oriented, and looking for a Hotel for the next night. There are a thousand girls in this city who are ready to fuck. They let you know with there clothes, walk, and most of all their eyes. Girls on the streets, in cabs on buses in stores will all give you the fuck me stare.

I ended up at Hotel Presidente to check thier availability. Front desk told me there was no rooms available, but to talk to Maria upstairs. She booked me a studio for $50 + taxes incd breakfast for the next night (Sat Jan 10) Then went to the Presidente's tourist desk where Magalyn helped me book a shuttle bus to Jaco ($34 rt door to door) And I also booked a room at Cabinas Marilyn for two nights (Sun 11 and Mon 12). After all this walking and planning most of the remainder of my trip it was time to have some real fun. Off to the Blue Marlin it is. Now this is my first trip for mongering and never have seen anything like the scene at the BM. It's an all you can eat buffet for the eyes, sensory overload. All shapes, sizes, colors of women. Beautiful bartenders, a small casino, a sports book, TV's with Espn on. I died and went to Man's Heaven. Drank a few Imperials, let some girls rub my croch and headed over to New fantasy. It was around 6pm the worst time to go to NF. Half of the girls leave at this time. I scoped out the talent and decided to make the short walk to Zona Blue. I was buzzed in by a woman who I found out later was Wanda. She informed me of the situation and gave me a tour. They will open on Jan 20 because they need some sort of certificate. The place is beautiful. The private rooms have a shower right in them. There is a sauna, a steam room, and a little sitting area to have a drink and talk to the chicas. She gave me a t-shirt and told me not to forget ZB on my next trip, I wont! I walked back to NF and picked a chica from the dwindled selection. 7 looks, 7 body, 4.5 preformance. After some talking i found out it was her third day working and it showed. She was nervous and not that experienced, no bbj, just blah. That was the jist of my first day and night in SJ. I will continue my report when I get a chance.

Jaimito Cartero
01-16-04, 08:00
DG - Hopefully all the good chicas will be back. Natalie was very nice when I saw her in December. Take some pictures of whatever chica you do decide on. Give Wanda a kiss from me too.

01-16-04, 23:43
Hello fellow mongers,

I read my first report from the W.S.G. on Costa Rica 4-5 years ago. Since than I have spent many months in San Jose. Thanks for your good and accurate account of what's happen. I hope to give back some good input to help you mongers who are new and kept the price down for the rest of us. You can meet local woman and pay 5000 = 10000 C ($12-$24) for some good hot sex. These girls are young 18-25 and are not pros but are part time hookers or go to the tico massage pallor for 3000 - 6000 C ($8 - $16) . There is a hotel named La Gran Via ($35-45 no guest fees) this is were I stay. Many full time mongers meet locals there and some times fist timer hookers.The sex with these girls are mostly GFE because they want to please you. (never pay upfront). Next to the La Gran Via Hotel is the Gran Costa Rica hotel with a casino and an out door restaurant. Many local mongers hang in this area and can find hot chicks for $25 or less. The Dell Ray is my favorite bar in the world but many of the pros there are hard core and expensive $50-200 but if your in town for a short time you must check it out. I just want to say "Thanks again" on helping me in my Quest and if I can help out a fellow monger all the best.


01-17-04, 04:37
Ok, just purchased my airline tickets and will be in San Jose Jan 26- Feb 5. I havent booked my hotel yet and would like some ideas. I will keep updating my trip when I get there.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

01-17-04, 21:30
Just pulled this from inside Costa Rica daily news

Authorities are using a heavy hand on night clubs and massage parlors, raiding locations and shutting them down for licensing violations. The Municipality of San José is being aggressive in it's commitment to the prestigious and established community of Barrio Amon and surround areas.

Yesterday, in two separate, but related, incidents officials raided the New Fantasy massage parlor in Barrio Amon and the newly opened Atlantis night club in La Uruca.
Atlantis had opened it's doors for the first time on Thursday night. A visit to the night spot was greeted by a sign on the front gate "Cerrado Hoy" and when asked, the security guard told a story of electrical problems forcing the club to close indefinetely.

The New Fantasy massage parlor is located in Barrio Amon and residents and community leaders have been up in arms over the past year over the opening of another massage parlor in the community and the transvestites who have overtaken the streets at night
Johnny Araya, mayor or San José, has promised a clean up of the area and is using licensing and other municipal code issues to close or at least temporarily disrupt those businesses in the area.

In the case of New Fantasy, municipal officials claim that the locale was using a license to host guests and not offer sexual services. In the case of Atlantis, they fall 5 meters short of a law that pretends to move establishments that offer the sale liquor to 400 meters from schools, parks and churches.

Atlantis, according to municipal officials' calculations is only 395 meters from the nearby sports park in La Uruca.

Jaimito Cartero
01-17-04, 22:45
Willy - Yes, it seems they're using all sorts of technicalities to close places. Hopefully this will not affect any more places, and the places they've closed will reopen. Even though they're competition, Wanda was very upset by this closing, as it will make it harder on all other like businesses. She hopes they'll be reopening soon.

While I think NF has gone down hill, I don't deny them their right to exist. I remember when Arte Sauna was closed down (A year ago?), and I kept expecting it to reopen.

01-17-04, 22:50

For my money the La Gran Via Hotel is the way to go. The rooms are big and you have a balcony there are no guest fees. The price for a room is very reasonable there are many Mongols that will show you the way and the receptionist speak English and are more than happy to help you out. There are many local part time woman that look for gringos there and it will only cost you 10,000 or so ($25). You are close to all the hot spots (the Dell Ray, fantasies, 747, and so on) but you will find out the girls that stop by there are your best deal.(some work at the Ray but will ask more $$$ at the Ray) some are just part timers. they have a website (www.granvia.co.cr) if you email the hotel use my name (dino) and ask for a discount.

Good luck in CR and have fun.


01-18-04, 00:54
Jaimito Cartero, I made my first trip last May and am planning on returning this May. One place I look forward to visiting is Wanda's.

I made several trips to NF, and from reading several reports I understand they have changed a lot, but I still hope they are open when I get back.

I am looking forward to exploring other places as well.

01-18-04, 05:39

As far as hotels go, here's a few

Presidente, my 1st choice
Morazon, Del Ray, Balmoral, Royal Dutch, Europa, Gran Via, Holiday Inn, Gran Hotel.

Presidente has nice rooms and the cafe is excellent. One draw back, you're restricted to one guest at a time, but as many in a day as you can stand.

Holiday Inn is a bit pricy and has a $20 fee per guest.

Morazon has a bad reputation for not honoring reservations, but is cost effective.

Del Ray is old and has a $10 per guest fee.

Royal Dutch & Europa are owned by the same people who own the Morazon, not top of the line but will do in a pinch. The RD has an absolutely great grand suite. The shower/tub is glass lined, you can sit in bed and watch your ticas clean up.

Balmoral is across from the Presidente, is more expensive and has a guest fee (last I heard).

Gran Via & Gran Hotel, I've just seen them, don't know anymore than that.

Last but not least and a place where a true monger can play to his hearts content the Park Hotel.


01-18-04, 08:04
La Gran Via is not a bad place to stay, cehap ($45) a little run down but typical fare, clean, nice staff at the desk and easy to get chicks in, no stares, etc in the lobby. I tend to stay there as it is a few steps away from all the fun places, on the pedestrian plaza, the front rooms have balconies, and you get the sounds of the city there. If noise bothers you, this is not the place to stay, or maybe get a rear-facing room, although I've never stayed in one in the rear. There is another place up the pedestrian plaza called "Bulevard" or something close to that. Anyone with info on it?

Ditto to the guys about giving out work email addresses, etc. I've had to translate several emails from you guys to chicks in B.A., and was the writer of some of the messages you recieved. These girls hand these emails around pretty freely and an asshole could make trouble with your info. Just FYI.

Baby Huey
01-18-04, 15:23
7 days and counting!!! There has been some reports on other sites that the girls are down at BM? Not even a 1 for 1, allot of people are posting 1 girl for 2 guys, so the girls are charging high prices, because of the seller market. Is anybody in town or just left town that can put some light on the situation? Was it just a Holiday time period problem, or are the girls still down? Is anybody going be in town 26-30 January?

01-18-04, 18:19

I was just got back from San Jose a couple of weeks ago, and the ratio of women wasn't that bad at the Blue Marlin. Some nights however, the quality of the selection wasn't as nice, with just a handle full of really hot looking girls and the rest simply adequate.

I was told on more than one occasion by expats that many of the girls had left for home during the holidays. Your time frame for your trip should coincided with their return. I wouldn't focus so much on the ratio of women, compared with the quality. I really got the impression from the expats that many of the hot Colombian women who work the BM should be on their way back after the holidays. Have fun.


Member #1507
01-19-04, 00:31
Hey there JimHart69,

I'll be passing through on the 28th. Not sure where I'll stay just yet. I like the professionalism of the Presidente, but can't discard the convenience of the BM/DR.

I was there the week before Christmas, and the girls were telling me that many of the girls do go home, mostly on the presumption that most business travelers stay home as well. Many of those girls felt there wouldn't be enough guys in San Jose to make their time there worth it, so they go home to their families instead.

I'm hoping, and quite confident, that things should be back to normal already.

Good luck!

01-19-04, 04:14
I just got back and the ratio at the BM varied from time to time. It was very good at times.

01-19-04, 08:33
Ok I was looking seriously about booking the Hotel Morazan from Jan26-Feb5. Are there ticas working in the casino, and do they charge a guest fee?

01-19-04, 21:40
Can anyone tell me where is Puntarenas? Is that where Jaco Beach is? How far of a drive is it from San Jose? Finally, if it is not where Jaco is does anyone know about the babe action to be found there?

Many thanks


01-19-04, 21:48
Hello fellow hobbiest,

I will be in CR beginning on January 29. I went back and read all the posts from the last page (2003) to the most recent posts. Thanks for all the great information and advice. This will be my second trip to CR, and I feel more confident this time in most aspects. I tried to get a room at the El Presidente, but I had to settle for the Hotel Europa. I would be curious to know if any of the locals to CR on this board get together for dinner and drinks on a regular basis. If not, can I test the interest for doing such? Maybe a senior member could suggest a time and a place (after the 29th and before the 12th of February please) where we could have a few drinks, share stories, complaints, etc. Any interest?

Rabo Verde
01-19-04, 22:12
There is one pro bar in Jaco, forget the name but it is easy to find on the main drag, open-air fron, maybe 10-20 SW there on average, OK appearance, asking $100 for a quickie.

Hog Penny
01-20-04, 01:45
The pro bar in Jaco is the Beatle Bar. Have fun

Kosher Kowboy
01-20-04, 15:19
Under photos Kosher posted a picture of two of the girls he did from, beetle bar, Jaco is ok, not the greatest, very laid back and casual and hippie/surfer dudes and chicks.

Across from the beetle bar is a hotel, NOT the Copcacabana, the other way, to the center of town; just cross the street from beetle bar and the very first hotel on your right, kosher forgets the name, is a hotel where a lot of the jaco working girls come in and stay at, so if looking for daytime fun, you may see them walking around, hanging out, walking to the stores, etc.

KosherCowboy: Liked Jaco, very slow esp during day, loved san jose :)

01-20-04, 22:45
NEVER go to lipsticks on 7av and 2calle or abouts there. I went there a few weeks ago and was taken for almost 300$. Now I admit I was really stupid but this isnt my first time in dodge so watch out. The night began after a few beers at Zapote festival and I decided to see if there were any good shows to watch. I wasnt ready to go to bed yet so I told the cab driver to go to lipsticks, as I thought it may be like lips in San Salvador a great place! he told me he had a friend who was in college he wanted to show me so I reluctantly agreed. he proceeded to take me to the park I knew well because it is a block from where I am staying and introducing the tranvestites as his friends! I said these arent women they are men! he insisted they were his friends and I needed to pay him an additional 5000 colones! Now at this point I should have knocked him out and went home to bed but I was like whatever and I gave him 10000, the only thing I had AND HE TOOK IT and of course didnt give me back the change. Now this is already bad but it gets worse! I enter lipsticks and there is a 5000 enter fee but you supposely get 2 drinks or three. I sit down content to just watch the show and drink my coke. after a while I see a girl I like and I ask her to sit with me and talk. well ofcourse she asks for a drink after about two secounds and I hesitently accept after all its only money. I buy her another drink on the premise she gives me here number so we could arrange a non taxed meeting. She is up next to dance and leaves while I wait for the drinks. 6000 a pop. She dances and comes back, I tell her she dances like a chicken, just as a joke, and she gets all pissed off and brings me another girl and say talk to her! so Im like what a ***** good to be rid of her! buy the new girl a drink, shes like gumby and I am getting horny at this point so i ask her howmuch to f*** . she quotes me 150$. Im like woe are you for real! but again i say what the f*ck I already got 100$ into this night so I might as well go all the way. so we head to the back room. begin to f*** when the guy come in with the bill and completely ruins the mood. the bill is in colones and a huge number, so i say to bring me a new bill in dolars since thats what she qouted me in. He brings a calculator after making a huge fuss and I discover the bill is for 280$! Im like what the f**k is this! and say im not paying this, and at this point he of course says hes going to get guido to smash my head in. Im in a back room with no way out so Im a little bit scared at this point but not willing to give in. he explains there is a 23% tax on "night clubs" a 7% card usage fee and a three drink minumum "for each girl" to bring a girl back to the room, all of which is news to me. I agree to the bill minus the 23% as a comprimise, still getting f**ked, but I will live to tell the story, so they take me to the cash machine and I give them about 100000, enough to go to NF 10 times! So then I negociate starting the hour over and we begin to f*** but she it so dry in hurt her every time I go in, she of course has no lubrication so I rail into her anyway and I come finally despite an awefull performance by her. Only to discover blood on my condom!! It was hers and just a little bit but it was gross! so to sum it up, dont be like me, dont use a credit card, alway have change for a taxi, dont believe they have a "friend", and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GO TO LIP STICKS IN SAN JOSE.

01-21-04, 05:35
Cannon and others...

If you are thinking about making a reservation at the Morazon Hotel, forget it. Their so called reservations are not honored if a gambler happens to need a room and you are out of luck. They do charge a guest fee and, yes, all girls at bars are working girls.

The Presidente hotel seems to be booked up in advance by about 4 weeks or more but you can try.

The Del Rey is reliable for reservations as well as convienient.

The Royal Dutch is third rate and unreliable as to reservations, to boot. Owned by the Morazon bunch last time I checked.

The Holiday Inn is pricey but nice and reliable. Try to get a Priority Club or similar rate in advance. $20 guest fee.

Get your hotel reservations down in advance, before getting your air reservations, is my advice.
Without a good hotel your trip can be ruined.

01-21-04, 06:34
Thanks for the advice, I'm going try and book the gran via. Looking forward to the trip, it is coming up soon. I will try and bring a digital camera to add some pictures to the gallery.

01-21-04, 17:46
Continuing report from 1/9/2004-1/14/2004

Day 2 - Saturday Jan 14

Wake up around 9:30a and enjoy the free breakfast at the Kekoldi hotel. Pack up and take a cab to the Presidente for my second night. I had made reservations as a walk-in with Maria (it is possible). Room 708 studio, small comfortable room for $50 a night. Drop my things in the room and its off to the streets. But first time to drop a bet off at the sports book at the BM. $55 to win $50 two team teaser Carolina +13 and the Pats even. Off to the streets with Don gordo map in hand. I visited Pensiones. What a scene, mostly ticos and the women were tired and sloppy. But for a cheap BBBj to start the day I guess it is doable. Not for me I walked out. I walk down to central massage. Cheap but not for me. It was just fun walking around the city making all these imaginary places become reality. I walked down to where the map had Arte y sauna but could not find it? Walked some more, and ate at Mariscos on the same block as the Presidente cosado with Pollo delicious. Finished my meal and time to watch my money pile up in the Playoff games. The BM is an excellent place to throw down a few bucks on a game and enjoy a beer while getting your croch rubbed, which I did all afternoon. Many women wanting to take me away from the game, but I stayed until the end of both games. One tica wouldn't leave me alone and to my surprise she somehow ended up with me at room 708 in the Presidente. She wasnt the best looking but horny as hell and great BBBj, thats all I want ed from her, sorry guys I paid $40. I'm new at this and I'm learning. The rest of the night not too eventful. I will continue my report soon.

Day three takes me on the shuttle to Jaco for complete disappointment!

Stay tuned.

01-21-04, 19:11
See my post in the photos section of Costa Rica.
I am urging readers to visit Costa Rica instead of blowing money on strip clubs in North America and on expensive dates with clueless broads who give you a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night and expect you to call again.

Everything that goes on in Costa Rica is legal and above board. The do-gooders news reports have their own slant on things, influenced by women's groups who cannot stand the competition. They would have you believe that young ones are constantly being abused and that just is not true. As I say, it is all legal and helps the economy. I just love to help out the chicas in my own way. If the chicas did not want the work they would not do it. They say it is easy money and fun. I agree.

Master Monger
01-21-04, 22:06
Hey Blanco,

If you're going to pay a girl that much money explain to her that you realize you only need to pay $5, but you have a special connection with her so you are willing to pay her extra money.

This way, you don't screw it up for the rest of us!

Knowledge is power.

Master Monger

01-21-04, 22:43
Sorry Blanco.
The Arte y Sauna was closed several months ago during a raid by the morals police to impress a convention of anti-sex worker nuts in the city at that time. It has not reopened.
The authorities claimed illegal pimping was going on there.
Heck, the place had been open and operating for years.
So much for logic when politics interferes.
Note: So called escort agencies are considered pimping and thus technically very illegal.
You will note that at Idem you pay the girl who rents the room for you and her to boogie. That is how most massage joints operate too. The girls are thus independents.

Baby Huey
01-22-04, 19:11
What is the best Strip club to go to San Jose? The best all around Strip Club to go to, in cost, girls and fun?

Jaimito Cartero
01-22-04, 21:07
a lot of the problems with massage places hinge on them having the right licenses. for instance, they can't just be a bar or a massage place. they have to have a hotel or lodging license also. hence when you give the girl the 6000 or 19000 colones at a place like bar idem, it's generally a 50/50 split, half for the "room" and half for the girl.

if this were the actual case, then you should be able to rent the room for a longer time, or bring two girls into the room for one room rate. if you've ever tried to do this, you will learn it's not possible. really, it's just a way to get around the law.

places like arte sauna never had a hotel/pension license. they had been doing it for a long time. (not sure on arte sauna, but i went there first in 1989, and it had been around for awhile then.) there was alleged **** workers there, but they never found any when they inspected it. i can vouch that there have been **** girls there in the late 80's. i took a girl from there to the beach for a few days, and she told me about a 16 year old girl who had worked there, and one of the other workers had turned her in because she was "too popular".

this is causing the same problems with new fantasy and was why zona blue was closed down too (i think the wrong name was on zona's hotel certificate).

i don't think the street prostitutes are legal (and i'd stay away from them too - most are transvestites), but they don't seem to get bothered much.

Jaimito Cartero
01-22-04, 21:17
Here's a quote from someone. It seems a shame that they can't follow their own advice.

>Actually, as of late on this board, it would not hurt to have a few people to read back a little. Every two weeks, it is the same subject all over again.

01-22-04, 22:54
To Jimhart69,

I think all the strip clubs in Costa Rica are rip-offs. I went to one 4 years ago the drinks are $$$. and the pussy is $$$$. I have never herd of anyone who said anything good about a strip club in CR maybe I'm wrong and someone can tell me and you different. Good luck in CR and have a good time.


Mike in Miami
01-23-04, 11:50
I will be staying at the Hampton Inn hotel at the airport in a few weeks and was wondering how long by cab does it take to get to the Park hotel or Idem. Any info would be appreciated.


01-23-04, 15:07
Anyone who pays $100 for a quickie in Jaco (Beatle Bar) is an idiot! Ditto the Del Rey.ALL Strip clubs in San Jose are rip offs.Same old points,same complaints.All newbies should read the posts before asking ...............Mule69

01-24-04, 00:45
Mike in Miami,

You're not going to have a short cab ride from the Hampton Inn to the "Gringo Gulch". Depending on traffic flow and time of night, it could take you approximatley 15-25 mins., as an average commute timeframe.

Probably not a big deal if you're only in town a couple of nights, any longer and you may be better off staying at the Hotel Presidente or Hotel Del Rey for convience of location.

Happy hunting.


01-24-04, 02:41
Just saw this one

They’re back in business

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

New Fantasy, a supposed sauna and massage parlor, is open again at its Barrio Amon location. The upscale sex tourism destination was closed up by the Municipalidad de San José Friday because officials said there was more going on than just massages.

01-24-04, 03:07
Mike...Around 20 minutes depending on traffic...I can not imagine them thinking there was more than massages going on at NF!!!LOL....What a place!.........Mule

01-24-04, 07:02
Hey, this is an English only board, comprende?

Jaimito Cartero
01-24-04, 07:16

You're a long way from the action. And since you're in another canton or something, they don't even have to use the meter. I'd check and see if the hotel has a shuttlebus, that might at least save you some grief. Otherwise, probably $6-$10 cab ride each way. If you're adventuresome, you can take the Tico bus for less than a dollar. It's not bad, I've ridden it before.

Dinoman - If you look at some of my reports from December there are some more moderately priced strip places. Drinks are 500-1000 colones. Tango India has a nice "strip show in the airplane" that costs 2000 colones. I don't think anyone actually takes the girls out though. (They quoted $300 US dollars!)

Mike in Miami
01-24-04, 12:15
Thanks everyone for the answer to my question. Has anyone stayed near the airport and is there and action right there at the airport hotels or is it going to be the $10 cab ride which is okay since it will be around 8:00pm after working all day outside of the area. Thanks again for the info.

01-24-04, 13:01
Has anyone every used Costa Rica G & G Escorts. I know an agency isn't necessary but they do have some nice looking women on this site.

01-24-04, 15:05
Although I have never used the service, it makes no sense to spend all that money in CR. for an escort service. From what I have heard, you never know what the girl is going to look like that you will be with and the cost is very high. CR is like a "candy store" for women. You don't have to go to a "service" to get quality women. I can't remember the cost for a service like G&G escorts but it is a lot more than what you can negotiate by yourself. I have had good looking ticas stay with me for the night for $60. ( Although I am fluent in Spanish ) and I would definetly go back for them. The escort girls you get are usually unenthused about being there and you are generally stuck with what they give you for a limited time. Alot of money wasted!

01-24-04, 15:19
Thanks iamlookin, I was just curious about what they offered.

01-24-04, 17:28

I went back and read your reports from this past December, very informative. Most of the places you visited aren't usually given much milage on the boards. Seek and ye shall find.

I got a good chuckle out of the storage room under the steps, reminded me of a few places I've been to (but not in SJO).


01-24-04, 23:53
Evening Gentlemen,

I have read many reviews about various hotels in CR. The Presidente, Del Rey, Best Western, etc. I have a simple question. While I am a fellow monger, I am also one who does his mongering in the evening. During the day, I love to lay by the pool catching some rays and having a few drinks. Thus, when I go to any place to monger I want to stay in a nice place.

Of the many hotels mentioned in CR. Which is the best? I don't want to stay in a dump and I like my room to be a nice one. Hotel with a nice pool etc... I would greatly appreciate any info about which hotel is best in quality.. Price is not an issue, just nice and one that allows me to bring in guests without any hassle.

Thanks all,



01-25-04, 03:32
I have not used the service in two years. I would rate it from very good to head for the nearest exit. By that I mean sometimes you get a very nice young lady for a very nice evening and sometimes you look at the girl that shows up and say are you kidding me. If you're not interested in hanging out at the blue marlin and doing your on shopping the agencies or an alternative . If you don't mind doing your own shopping you can do just as well if not better at places like the blue marlin. If you have a need for discretion the agency may be the way to go. What ever you do do not hand over any money to you see and are happy with the girl. Do not hesitate to say no thank you and send them on their way.

01-25-04, 16:55


I have stayed here twice before. 10 minutes to downtown with wonderful food and a great looking pool.


01-25-04, 17:18
I have brought guests back . But this was 2 years ago and things might have changed since it was a Camino Real hotel at that time.

Best to call ahead and ask.


01-25-04, 17:51
Thanks for the advice lee. I don't mind the BM, I really enjoyed going there. I was just wondering about this service. I just like to try everything I can.

With place like New Fantasy and now Zona Blue and the others I agree there is no reason to use a service.

I speak very little spanish and thought this may be a way to connect with a woman who spoke English to take trips with.

I am heading back in late May and would like to have a woman to make the site seeing trips better.

I am working through Pimsleur instant conversation Spanish to help with this trip.

01-25-04, 18:14
Thanks Starfe,

This place looks great. I appreciate the help.



01-25-04, 21:44
Jim Hart,

I can confirm the sellers market at the BM based on a recent trip, my 4th one in a year. Had a 7 that would not budge from $250 for an all nighter. Had hot ones that would not work 2 hours for their $100. Had a pretty hot one agree to my $60 offer but insisted on only 30 minutes of service! Encountered upselling and changing of terms in the room with two. Both were shown the door with a $20 bill. I was generous. BBBJs? All but one held the line on the condom. These problems hardly existed last summer. Idem and New fantasy saved the trip somewhat, that and the fun I had doing other things, exploring the markets and shops.

Here is the problem as I see it. A paradise must be a secret to a degree, or it will stop being such. Costa Rica and pay for sex there is pasted all over the net now. People, including women around my town that would not even think of going there, know what the game in Costa Rica is. Is getting to be household knowledge. Is why I am hesitant to tell anyone I go there at all. I fault no one for sharing the knowledge. Would not have known about it myself had it not been for the net. But shift the gringo to chica ratio in favor of the chica, it all changes, especially when many gringos are tossing around C notes. The BM is even filling up more with quite young, seemingly financially successful guys that likely would be considered surely attractive. They should never have to buy a hooker. But I suppose the temptation to get a date with a hottie, sure lay $100, is great. Understandable.

In any case, I am not going back down there until it is raining very hard every day again. If that does not help, I am looking into to other spots in Central or South America.

Good luck to all.

Member #1507
01-26-04, 00:15
Hey WillySP:

I have used that G&G Service before, several times in fact. When I have time to stay downtown, I'll use one of the convenient hotels and take advantage of the ABUNDANCE of women one finds in that area. But at other times, I stay away from downtown and going to these places is not as convenient anymore.

I would like to add that the G&G service is great!! True, it's more money. Sometimes much more. But the service has its place in San Jose. They also have a website where you can see pic's of the girls, and so far every girl I have called for has been just as good as the pictures. I don't know how the lady that runs the service does it, perhaps it is the culture of Costa Rican women, but every single one I have called and been with has been nothing less than 100% pleasure. Great attitude, no rush, and willing to do almost anything you tell them to.

Again, it's not the cheapest, but it has it's place. If you are willing to spend the money, and the service is convenient for your particular situation, you can't go wrong.

I will be in San Jose this week, and again will not be able to make it downtown. So I will be staying by the airport, and calling for another one of these girls because of the convenience.

So far, I have not been able to find anything that fit's our "needs" by the airport. If anyone knows, please let me know!!

Best of luck, pal.

01-26-04, 04:57
Fellow Mongers,

Was in CR from 21 Jan to 24 Jan. The following is my attempt to repay for advice gleaned from this site prior to my forays into CR. While my many conquest there during this time are memorable, I thought it more helpful to pass along observations and unbiased opinions – yes MHO. Don’t hesitate to dispute any of this, after all everyone’s experience will be different.

The Del Rey Hotel & Casino: Three negative points; First, I noticed several large roaches scurrying around the salad bar in the restaurant. Second, the food tab includes the tip (propina), but they never tell you; encouraging you to pay an additional tip. Thirdly, in the Casino, strangely, none of the Dealers speak English while 80 percent of the gamblers are American, yet all other employees that take your money speak English. Lastly, most Dealers and all supervisors openly display displeasure when you win at the table games and display more subtle satisfaction when you loose. This is true at all San Jose casinos, but I just don’t get it!

That said, undeniably the Del Rel is the place to pickup the talent. The combination of casino, bar and restaurant makes it an ideal cruising base for pros and mongers alike. Personally, I prefer to sit at the corner of the roulette table, in the seat closest to the ladies room. That way, I can see the entire casino except for the back area where there is limited action. In this seat I can see the entrances, the lounge area, the restaurant entry and scope out the BM bar all while patiently playing roulette. In addition, this location is good for the “rub-down”, but of course not as good as the BM itself.

This is my third mongering trip to Costa Rica and each time, was there over the Thursday and Saturday night’s, no Saturday night this particular trip. My observations: Thursday night’s talent was heads and shoulders above the Friday and Saturday night’s talent. That is, you will see more of the 8’s and 9’s on Thursdays, early Friday (less) and early Saturday (less). The reason for this, as I came to understand was fairly simple. The guys that are spending the money for the fishing trips and other get-a-way weekends are paying top dollar for the higher echelon talent to accompany them. And yes, many of these select few are getting several hundred dollars to stay with this group for the one, two or three day ‘lay’ over. Consequently, they are typically not available for us during the reminder of the week. I have noticed that the top talent (8 & 9) prefers the get-a-way weekend and will generally spend their Thursdays and early Fridays seeking the attention of the guys (generally a group) that will pay. These girls are generally disinclined to hang out within the BM bar for any extended period of time because it is too dark. They can get quicker reaction from the lounge or other bright area.

Conversely, the BM bar area tends to attract the “lower-end” chicas (7 and below) that don’t have the stunner looks, or who may have a flaw or two, precluding selection if exposed to bright lights. Be wary of the chicas that never stroll beyond the comfort and security of darkened BM bar area. They are more likely the ones that are providing the “rub”, and other means to get attention. Those with nice packages to advertise will often make a strolling effort to get attention. But of course, that occasional “rub” from the BM bound is always appreciated.

While reading this board, I come to believe that the often-requested cientos dolares ($100) should always be countered, and I have done that, after all it is expected. Now, I recommend that you not only agree on price, specifying in dollars or colons, but also agree on the amount of time. It would also help to make a verbal notation of the “start” time while in the hotel to ensure that she knows that you are aware of the agreement -- otherwise, expect the short shrift. These chicas often deal in volume so they won’t mind reducing their price as long as they can spend the minimum amount of time with each stiff.

While us guys don’t correlated sex with the woman’s Period; once a month, every month many of these chicas “work” without telling us customers. Consequently, it would be wise to specifically ask whether she is having her Days, unless you are adventurous and like exploring the Red Planet. They will not volunteer this information; typically these are the ones that demand payment up front.

While I have not used the Del Rey Hotel, it is preferred by the ladies because of its proximity to the action down below. Many of you will note the common question posed by the chicas during ‘contract negotiations ‘; “…which hotel are you staying at?” The purpose for this is that the chicas are making a mental calculation of the amount of time traveling to and from your hotel in addition to time in bed for sex. These girls are savvy; they include their total time in the price.

Respecting that many mongers here prefer the Presidente, I hesitate saying that it is over-rated. I stayed at the Gran(d) Costa Rica ($90 w/tax). This after the Presedente ‘lost’ my reservations, which meant I had to vacate my junior suite ($120 w/tax) after a day’s stay. In the hotel Gran Costa Rica, like the Presidente I took a junior suite (js) so I am able to make a comparison. First, in my previous trips I have stayed at the Presidente and the js was ideal; new and spacious with convenient proximity to the Del Rey. The negatives are those thin #&^%$ pillows and the lack fitted sheets. The employees do enter your room without notice – in spite of the “Do Not Disturb sign. And, each morning the same street musician abruptly awakened me. Very annoying, but perhaps could have been avoided with a different room view.

The Gran Costa Rica hotel’s junior suite was larger and furnished with a large couch, fridge, and plenty of tabletop space. My js came with two queen-sized beds, each with fitted sheets -- firm pillows too. In addition, it had a nice sized walk in closet with safe (not digital). Now, in order to avoid the “guest” fee, you must pay for a double occupancy, which is included in the aforementioned price. That way, you can bring in as many chicas as you can stand. Below the hotel and on ground level there is a casino and indoor-outdoor restaurant. The free, off the menu, all you can eat breakfast offers more variety than that at the Presidente. This hotel is centrally located but if its level of noise bothers, you’re probably in the wrong city. I personally travel with earplugs but didn’t need them here. The area is vibrant so while sitting in the out door restaurant, you will see a wide range of cuties casually strolling and sitting about. I met several part timers while there. The Gran Costa Rica is also the hangout for many Expats – they most know something, right? While I like the central and open area more than that of the Presidente, the chicas may mentally think it’s worth a premium price, but it’s only a straight, short block and a half from the Presidente – actually a pleasant walk.

By way of recommendations:

First: Develop a simple, very small sized cheat-sheet conversion chart and keep it handy. Always good to have a quick reference especially when lots of zeros are present (Depending on the fx rate):
Colons $Dollars
1000 11.50
5000 23.00
10000 58.00
Ect. Ect.

Second: Guys, always, always buy and preserve your exit papers, Tax = $26, as soon as you arrive. On your arrival, and when you exit customs, go out the door across the street, up the stairs and back inside the airport. This document is valid for a minimum of 3 months after the date of purchase. The attendant should put a stamp on the “exit ticket” and give it to you along with the stub for your records. If for some reason you neglect to buy this ticket upon arrival; during your stay, take a taxi back to the airport and go just inside the entry on the right, you will see this long desk with a couple of attendants. On the day that I departed, there were very long lines at each airline ticket counter; but by far the longest line was the Exit Tax line. Ironically this was the only line that could have easily been avoided!

Third: Let there be no doubt, the action in San Jose is back to full form. And yes for those of you that are concerned about the ratio of women to men, it appears to be more even. Don’t let that bother you however, because these women, like us, do several each day.

Fourth: Let there be no one excluded from the art of mongering. Separately, I saw not one but two wheelchair bound guys pulling action from the Del Rey; both with 7 range chicas – no idea what they were paying. One left with two cuties!

Lastly: Stop in Key Largo (?) they are putting on different Latin bands each night. Lots of dancing, great beat on this past Thursday night. Colons 1000 cover.


01-26-04, 06:26

I really enjoy Presidante. It is clean, close to everything and run professionally. But it does not have a pool.

01-26-04, 19:01

Nice thorough report about the hotel scene. I especially liked the reminder about the Airport exit fee, as I have already throwh mine away without any thought of the duration of it's validity.

Also, did get over to the Key Largo several nights to check out the live music, you're right, it's a nice change of pace from the MB.

Happy Hunting.


Costa Trip
01-27-04, 01:34
I'm heading down next week and would like an overview on where to go and what prices to expect. Can some provide me with the short summary on where and how much for San Juan? Also, Dominical, if at all?

Thanks for the help.

01-27-04, 04:32
To All,

I have been going to CR. for 4 years. 4-5 months of the year I am in CR. I spend most of the holidays there (Christmas and New years ect.). The best all around deal for a hotel in San Jose is the La Gran Via Hotel near the Gran Costa Rica Hotel but on the walkway. Price is very good I have stayed there for $33 a night that included tax and no guest fees (this was in the rain season) and the rooms are clean, big and if you want they have balconies or you can have a back room that is more quiet. Many Ticas hang there and you can pick up pros or semi pros for a lot less money than Dell Ray. The Ticas go from 5's to 10's.

They only have about 45-50 rooms so you should e-mail first (they do kept reservations). To top it off it is a hang out for many gringos that live in CR. When I am in San Jose I stay there if I can get a room. It is the perfect monger Hotel.


01-28-04, 04:40
Trip Report Jan 22-26

Warning: Long and detailed. I don't do pictures so I end up with more description.

Part I

This is my second trip to CR. I'm busy at work, but just needed a quick getaway from the freezing weather. Arrived around 9PM Thursday and stayed at the Presidente. Last time I stayed at the Gran Via and although I agree with some good points of Gran Via mentioned, the Presidente was cleaner and I really like air conditioning.

Headed to DR out of the gate. Took in the scene for about an hour and was approached by a late 20s lady called Jasmine (I think - I really need to keep a diary next time with names since I forget). About a 6 I would say, a little on the heavy side, but nice enough and big lips. I was really trying to keep costs more contained this time, so I offered 20,000 colones about $48. I didn't intend to tap her, but just wanted to start the trip with a good BBBJ. She did a great job and allowed CIM - nice surprise. Note on CIM: I get warned by chicas enough about no CIM because of the position I like. I can only come with BJs by having her head on the pillow, me on my knees with one hand behind her head and the other gripping her ass while I gyrate my shaft in her mouth. I can start out OK by lying on my back but can never finish that way.

After the tension was off, showered and relax a half hour and back to the BM. Vivian approached me. I would say a 6 with a bit of a bubble butt. Key characteristic is short, about 4' 10". I've never really done it with a really short women so I was considering, plus she was really very affectioate with DFK in the BM. I was hungry and so was she, so we agreed to 20,000 plus dinner at the News Cafe. In bed she was very passionate. Stangely she is mid-20s, no kids, but is trying to save for a house and I think really just likes sex.

Anyway, eventually get to Zona Blue. Meet Wanda and she introduces five ladies and we are having a moderate chit-chat in my moderate Spanish. Decided on Vanessa because I actually thought she was tica. Turns out she is nica. Doesn't show the baby tummy and she said it was very natural, no pain. Very passionate and very acceptable to me. Nice DFK and BBBJ. About an hour and half session and a nice start to the Blue experience. Overall, the place itself is nice and new and clean. One issue I have is the beds are a little small, which I mentioned to Wanda for a future thing. Side and ceiling mirrors are a great touch.

Anyway, off to BM to have recoupe. Have a beer and another 6 approaches me. I don't know why I kind of let the action be coming to me this time. I am drained and should have just let it slide, but again I make a 20,000 + lunch offer and get an OK. She had a nice mouth and lips and figured just like the first I just wanted a BBBJ. Problem with her was she was a cock drooler. The kind that let a lot of their saliva run down your cock to avoid swallowing anything. Her mouth was great if she could just keep more liquid in it. Just couldn't unload even though I had her head almost smothered into the pillow with by belly and groin. Just too tired I guess.

Sleep a bit and off to BM for Friday night. Finally, I see something I like and can make the move. Alison has a nice fresh look and about 5' 8". Light features. 24 with 5 month old twins!! Couldn't believe it and I find out they are csaesarian (sp?). Anyway, she looks an 8 to me and I offer 25,000. She wants 30,000 and I say OK. We have dinner and are having a nice dinner at News Cafe and she has great teeth and a pretty face and smile and I'm getting really turned on. La cuenta, por favor. Overall a nice physical experience - nice and tight (by DR standards). She wanted to do a covered BJ, but did sin when I asked. The only thing that I would say made it a non-repeatable was that nice personality and smile at dinner just went to Mars as soon as I entered her. She sorta tunes out and doesn't give the greatest feedback. If you could just join her out of bed brain with her in bed body, there would be great potential.

To be continued....

01-28-04, 04:41
Trip Report

Part II

Saturday morning, I'm at Blue for a two hour session with Natalie. Like Jaimito Cartero says, a very nice experience for a younger girl. Very nice carinosa. And, like what makes all good experiences, she has a personality. You need to have a decent spanish to help uncover a nice person behind the nice smile and body. Towards the end of the session she just fell asleep across my whole body. One small thing is she has a little buck in the upper teeth which was mostly not a problem but can give a slight scuff occationally in more aggressive BBBJ positions. Don't let this be a reason not to try though.

Late afternoon, off to Idem to give it a try. I'm there half hour early (open at 3PM) so I go off to a bar the next corner (Heineken for under a $1!). Only two to choose when it opens, very skinny and moderately chubby. Skinny please (think the name was Angie). Talk a bit after getting naked and shower. For me, at least these days, I can't come if I don't get somewhat engaged in where this girl came from. No kids but looking to make more money than elsewhere. Nice lean body and shaved kitty were a big turn on. However, mouth was a little too small to be useful to me. Just as well, since I really didn't want BJ this time. I specifically wanted a nice pounding session and she was just perfect for that. As an aside, I generally like smaller asses since my favorite pounding position is what I call sideways missionary - I on my knees, with one of her legs between mine and the other on my side with her ass grinding into the side of my groin while I control the stroke strength by controlling her side leg.

Now I'm into Saturday night considering whether I even want any more. Maybe I should just sleep. Ya, right, off to BM. Now here was my big dissapointment for the trip. I end up talking to this guy who is down for a few months from the midwest. A pair of Nicas come over and talking starts. The guy wants to film them doing a lesbo scene, at least from what I could make of the conversation since the girls were between us. The girls lose interest in him and are pushing me for a three-way. I'd rate them about 8s. A clue should have been that they were pushing hard. I told them I was at the Presidente and couldn't do it. They suggested the temp. hotel around the corner ($8). I really didn't want to but memories of a nice nica twin experience last time got me into it. Anyway, to make it short, the room was disgusting. They kept talking to each other and laughing over stupid things and I just couldn't get the mood right. I tried to enjoy kissing one while getting a BJ from the other, but it just didn't work. 20,000 colenes each, so the price was right. They wanted more but agreed to an extra tip which they never got since I couldn't nut in that room. I guess I'm getting to the point where atmosphere has to be right.

After not nutting, I figure I better head over to Blue. Was a little stiff from walking, so I figured I just wanted a good massage first. I can't remember her name, but she is the lesser attractive one but a massage professional. Excellent massage and she had some good advice on how to relax certain muscles. She didn't do anything for me enough to do her, but I knew I would do another hour for sex. That hour turned out to be with Vanessa from my first time - same general experience.

Sunday's quiet so I do more walking and figure I'm going to do two more at the BM. My strategy tonight is to try and get a few 9s. Now, what screwed me up is that you can't go after 9s with 20,000 colone bait. I should have known that and the girls were walking quick without counters. I quickly changed lure to 30,000. Most don't even want that and are getting the c-notes. I'm determined to stay with colones and not go higher. I planted a few with the offer and let them sit. One Panamenian with a super body, nice face ended up coming around after I left here sitting with the drink I bought her. Now, I almost wanted to reneg. since when we were talking, some of her responses led me to believe she was a bit stuck up. But, I guess I felt like she really was a beautiful girl and I never did a Panamenian. Well, I guess always remember that attitude carries to the hotel. I screwed up by not qualifying everything enough. She didn't want to kiss, guarded her pussy like it was the crown jewels, told me that she only does this for very important people in Panama when she is there, yada yada. Well, what the fuck are you banging any Tom, Dick, and Harry here in CR I'm thinking. She had beautiful soft skin and a pussy that was perfectly trimmed and heart shaped, but nothing makes up for attitude.

Back to BM Sunday night and now am back to looking for 7s that I know will perform. Meet a 27 year old one childer. Attractive face and good body. A little more meat than a 9, but looked decent. Ended up at 20,000+$10 us (since I was low on colones and didn't have other currency on my person at BM. Name is Karin and was a great relief after the Panama Canal deal. Nice DFK with her tongue lashing out into my mouth like a Jack-in-the-box. One of the better BBBJ I had on the trip and I really got into the sex. Maybe it was the position or her muscle control, but my dick got a serious bear hug at least once that I recall. She said she came twice. Maybe it was crap, but I enjoyed the sex and mental compatability immensely. I'm really pissed I didn't meet this one at the beginning. That is the one thing that didn't happen this trip was having a good connection for a repeat or two. Just not in the cards I guess, she has to be with her kid till 2PM tomm. and I fly out at 3. Oh well.

Figure I need to leave by 1PM from the hotel. Figure let me try New Fantasy once. I'm there bright and early right at 9. Beat one other guy there who I can tell might be a little dissapointed he doesn't have first pick. I figure I'll play it by ear in that if I find a good one I'll do a three hour session, otherwise I'll just kill some time in the gulch. Anyway, there is only one there that is under 120lbs that I can tell. Her name is Joselyn and if you go, treat this one right. 21 with one child but you cannot tell from the stomach. A touch of mommy breast droop (I'm talking slight). A killer tica smile. We start a little conversation in Spanish. Nice sauna and I'm hoping this is going to be a real nice send off back back to the States. Nice conversation and then she starts with gentle kisses. No DFK, but she will let you kiss gently on the lips. She starts the BJ covered and I think to ask, but say she is a solid 8 in my book and I'm thinking I may want some control. Surprisingly, I enjoy it covered. Nice mobility in the act and she has really nice skin...round 1 bell, on to the 2cd. Overall spent a lovely three hours. Now, there were a few moments in the first round that she was disengaged. I'm sure it is necessary for these girls to handle this (think she said only been there a few months). I really suggest a multiple hour deal with her and I think spanish will make this experience really nice. Where a girl like Natalie at Blue you could enjoy more by conversing with a little spanish, she could also be a very good experience without. I think Joselyn needs to be engaged a bit more and things got better with time.

Bottom line for the trip, about $2,000 in total (Air, room, food, little gambling), about $1,000 for 15 hours of sex. I did a little better this time for sex prices, although you experts may tell me you could have kept the prices lower.

Well, that's it. Sorry so long winded, but sometimes I need to just write this stuff out to understand the experience myself. I consider myself a junior monger and only indulge between relationships. I just think sometimes what there is not a lot of on this board is how this stuff unfolds when you are not in the mindset all the time. Perhaps this is useful to other beginners/intermediates.



Mickey Mouse
01-29-04, 02:18
Hi All,
It looks like I may make a return trip to CR soon for some Sun and Golf. I have previously visited CR about 15 times before I got hooked on BA, but not in the last year. I am "Very" familiar with the Del Rey, Park, Idem's etc .... and I've read your posts about New Fantasy (been there) & Zona Blue.
My question is this: Where are the 9's & 10's found these days? Is there a secret hiding place where you can sneek up on them? The Blue Marlin is a Great Spot, but rarely has those diamonds in the rough.
Thanx for the help,

Spin the Globe
01-29-04, 12:43

Nice post with some good info–however, your numbers in the “cheet sheet” were way off:

“First: Develop a simple, very small sized cheat-sheet conversion chart and keep it handy. Always good to have a quick reference especially when lots of zeros are present (Depending on the fx rate):
Colons $Dollars
1000 11.50
5000 23.00
10000 58.00
Ect. Ect”

I didn’t want too many people to get scared away by these numbers then the subsequent 20,000 colones negotiations.

Given the current 421 c to the dollar rate and even rounding that down to 400 due to where you might exchange money your numbers should have been:

1000= $2.50
5000= $12.50
10,000= $25.00

I just wanted to clear this up for the newbies–otherwise great report.

01-29-04, 14:58

Need help with Spanish Words.

Please post some common phrases in Spanish to help us negotiate with Ticas in San Jose places:

Like How much for long Time
Whole night
Natural Breasts

In short all that is required to negotiate upfrontwith Ticas.



01-29-04, 18:56

Need help with Spanish Words.

Please post some common phrases in Spanish to help us negotiate with Ticas in San Jose places:

Like How much for long Time
Whole night
Natural Breasts

In short all that is required to negotiate upfrontwith Ticas.





01-29-04, 21:11

The idea was to get folks accustomed to using the "cheat" sheet concept; not emphasizing the fx (exchange) rate since it constantly changes. Yep, you're right, the conversion "cheat" sheet depicted was off because I inadvertently excluded the first line from the US$ column (1000 colons = $2.30). Noted as soon as I let it go. thx

Now, hopefully, the newbies will grasp more of the substance of the report to help make their SJO experience as enjoyable as my own.


Use this site http://ets.freetranslation.com/) for free simple translations of words form English to Spanish, and others too. But if you want some of the more vulgar "pillow-talk" words, let me now via PM. I do have a few.

Like How much for long Time Cuanto (cobra) cuesta : por , la noche. el dia, la hora, por dos horas, por tres horas, etc.
Whole night = todo la noche
BBJ == chupe sin el condon
Natural Breasts == titas natural
Kissing == besando, (beso= kiss)

Don't forget to let her now that you want to come: Yo quiero venir!


01-30-04, 01:32
Member #1507
Thanks for the input, I may try them just to see what happens.

01-30-04, 04:00
Gringo Spanish....All nighter..."Quantos para toda noche"BBBJ....."mammame sin condom"Kisses....."Besos"..Natural Titties...."Tetas natural?"......Mule

01-30-04, 04:11

Good. "Gringo Spanish" and a little cash makes everything understandable, right?

Let's be honest, we should worry more about the lack of stamina than the lack of Spanish!


01-30-04, 06:55
Mickey Mouse,

It is hard to find a 9-10 at the BM but I have seen some there. The best thing to do is talk to some ticos that you become friendly with ask if they have a friend or know a pro that is a 9-10. Take a walk to the cafe at the Gran Costa Rica Hotel there are some Ticos that hang there that know some semi-pros that are young (18-22) and hot. Pussy is everywhere in CR. but to get the real hot ones you have to spend some time and look in the right places. If your going for a week or so it is hard to get the right connections. But if you do find someone that will hook you up be sure to ask if you can meet for coffee and see if she is what you want. good luck with your search bang one for me.


01-30-04, 08:02

Most all of the girls understand the phrases you're refering to, it's part of the business. At a few places like the Park Hotel you can get a demo ride just to make sure. :-)

I'm cuming to SJO 12-16 Feb, staying at the Prez with my nephew. I'm going to take him to the Park show Friday night, hope it's a good one.

I think we should all know this one, what's the difference between a dog and a fox.

About five drinks. A friend won't let a friend monger drunk.


Mickey Mouse
01-30-04, 23:46
I agree, thanx for the tip. I will check out the Gran Costa Rica (after the BM) and see what I can find.
I will be arriving on 2/9 for 9 nights, so if anyone would like to meet up for a drink or share some tall tales - PM me.

02-01-04, 00:29
I got into CR on Thursday night for my second visit. Three planes landed at similar times, so getting out of the airport took about two hours. I wanted to get the exit paper mentioned earlier, but it was too late, around 11:30PM. I am considering the possibility of going back during the day.

I made my way to the BM after I got to my hotel (Hotel Europa...located between Avenidos 3 and 5 on Calle Central. It is clean, centrally situated, no guest charge so far, $47 per night includes breakfast. The same folks who own Hotel Morazon own Hotel Europa.). After reading this site, I altered my techniques for my approach from the last visit two plus years ago. I saw a gal who was not that pretty but had a dynamite smile. She was not talking to anyone, and she gave a little smile and a coy wink. She then looked down. Bingo! I walked over to her, had an awesome conversation (in mediocre Spanish...I cannot emphasize enough how much Spanish will help you in CR. You do not need it, but it sure does help. My Spanish has improved by about 50% since my last visit, and I cannot believe the difference in my experience here), she wanted to make out right there in the bar. So much for coy! I said in Spanish that my mother does not like it when I kiss in public. She laughed and laughed. She quoted the typical 100 dollars. I balked. I talked her down to $70 for an all nighter. Total GFE. Her working name is Maria.

Went to the Park Hotel show last night. My goodness! When I first got there, I figured I was in the wrong place, and I would have left had I not seen the picture of the place on this site. The bar is quite small, and I saw no place for the girls to dance, et. al. Little did I know! The girls come out in bathing suites and get on the bar itself. They put down towels, and the show begins. They dance to a couple songs, first in bathing suitess and then in the nude. Once they turn up the "heat," they start to gyrate in guys faces, on their heads, etc. all while hanging from the beams on the ceiling. They then do a lez show, containing oral skills and dildos. The girls are not hot IMHO, but they are totally into the show. It is a must see. Go to El Parque Central, walk through the park, and take a left. See the sign for Hotel Park. After the show, I went to BM and saw the Panamanian from the night before. She was almost begging to get together, but I was so tired. I will try to catch her tonight and ask her to dance with me at a local dance club.

Today, I went to New Fantasy. I chose Michelle. She is not that cute but has a dynamite body IMHO (My motto is: It is not the face you fuck, but the fuck you face). Thanks to this site, I made the right choice again. Total GFE. Warning...we got so into it, and she was so enjoying her experience DATY (with the big O) that we ran over time, and that cost me another 8000 colones (around $20). After our session, she told me that she has a bit of a problem having orgasms. NO, REALLY? It only took fifteen minutes. My jaw muscles are still sore. HOWEVER, it was totally worth it to watch her squirm and moan in ectasy. There is nothing better in my world.

I stopped by Zona Blue for a tour. I met Wanda, and her picture on this site does not do her justice. She is a little hottie. Natalie gave me a tour. Jeez! She is amazingly pretty too. By the way, I met Danny (one of the owners) at the door. He gave a very friendly reception, and this is always appreciated. I just went for the tour this time, but I will go back there. It is a lot nicer than New Fantasy: cleaner, prettier girls. I cannot speak toward the experience itself.

Have fun and message me if you are in CR and want to meet for a beer.

02-01-04, 02:02
I agree with Dinoman; however, what is great about Costa Rica is that there are a slew of 9-10's lying in the woods...great habitat.

Over a decade ago, a certain quanitity of them hung out in gringo gulch, but after the big event at Key Largo quite some time back, it is like the whole scene changed.

But, I want to emphasize that just recently I went into a client's office, and one of the secretaries (unfortunately not the receptionists with whom I had to interact) in the background was an absolute 10+; young, but not under-age. A woman of such impression that you only see a few every once in a while, regardless of where you are traveling.

Additionally, during the trip before, as I was getting out of the cab to enter my hotel, I saw another one entering in for some type of modeling project; TV shoot, promotion, whatever.

All I am saying is that A) they grow there, and B) since Prostitution is legal and has been for the culture for a long time, there can be an exquisite joining of the forces like few other places I have been..

Good hunting, just keep in mind that CR is fertile ground....

02-01-04, 02:16
Hi all. I'm in Costa Rica right now. I've been here the past two days. I guess I know why I never had any interest in visiting Costa Rica before. I came down with my two good friends Starfe and *** (whom I went to Buenos Aires my first time - see trip report May 2002). I know you can't compare destinations but Costa Rica is severely overrated IMHO.

Call me jaded from traveling around the world, but I don't find the girls here that attractive. The clubs aren't that nice. I'm still managing to have fun though. You know what they say... when you get lemons make some lemonade.

I'll post a more detailed report when I get back. Last night we went to the Blue Marlin. My amigo, "***" scored with a hottie from Panama. She was nice and had a good attitude. I found most of the girls here to be old and not attractive. The place was crowded. I saw maybe only 3 doable girls and they all wanted $100 for 1.5 hours. They weren't budging at all. The hotter girls I guess will demand more. I saw them getting turned down all night though. I guess like some other places a girl would rather go home alone and not make anything than session for an amount she deems "too little".

Since the more attractive girls wouldn't move on price I negotiated for more time. I found a Columbia that was sweet for $100 for 3 hours. She was cute but not gorgeous but one of the better looking girls in Blue Marlin, which admittedly isn't saying much. She was a sweet girl that was super GFE though. Two rounds and I was happy. She stayed until 4:30 AM. She gave me her #'s and even invited me to Columbia and I might go. Who knows. All the girls from Columbia are telling me that Columbia isn't as dangerous like everyone says. I might go there later this summer.

Anyway, I went to the place next door and it was dead. We had to pay $3 cover. Starfe was tired and went home alone. *** told me today his girl was OK but not super GFE. She wouldn't allow deep kissing and didn't give him BBBJ. I told him to be more assertive.

We went to Fantasy Spa today and the girls were not so good. *** found a pretty girl but the other 15 girls were not above a 5-6. Starfe and I were going to wait in the waiting room but their were only folding chairs. I told him I was going to get a massage, hit the sauna and have a session. I sessioned with a girl from Costa Rica. She wasn't that pretty but she sure put her heart into it and the session was great. Starfe also scored with some girl. Again, not the prettiest daisy in the meadow but I guess she gave him a great massage and he got a good steam.

I took pictures of the girls and some from Fantasy Spa so I'll post when I get back. We are going out to eat then hitting maybe IDEM or the Blue Marlin again.

I seriously think people should save their money and vacation time and hit Brazil or Buenos Aires. South America is where it's at. Sure it's a long ass haul but it's worth it. I'm a little tired as i just flew back from Paris last week and I'm going to Germany on Thursday.

More later....


02-01-04, 17:42
Hi guys. I have had 3 sessions in the past 12 hours. 1 horrible and 2 GREAT. We went to a fabulous restaurant last night called Inka. I will give more details when I get Stateside.

We went to Blue Marlin and it was packed. Starfe didnt like this place too much and either did I. I decided to take us to IDEM and it was ok. A few cute girls and only 2 guys. Just 5 blocks away. This place is cheap. Its only $47 US for an hour to see them upstairs and $57 downstairs in a bigger suite. (think suite type place at Luomo in Rio).

Starfe wanted to take them out but they charge $65 to take them out plus the girls charge $100 for 2 hours. Bad deal. I suggested we just session there. I picked a cute girl that was OK but she had great tits. I will post more later but lets just say that this is my first session ever were I ended with a handjob. (my choice). This girl was lactating like you wouldnt believe!!! Why me! I just was totally NOT into it and milk was going everywhere. Now I knew how my buddy TAD felt in Cuba when he had the same thing happen.

I finished with her giving me a BJ which she was horrible at. She was a rookie and not so experienced. I ended up jerking off on her tits. Oh well. Call me romantic.

I went to Blue Marlin to meet my friend, ***. No offense Costa Rica regulars but Blue Marlin gives the feel of full of degenerates. SJ in general is full of degenerate types. I hate to label things that way but I call them as I see them.

It still is possible to pull a hottie but last night I was going to come home alone because I thought every single girl was ugly. Then I saw a hot Columbian girl standing quietly against the wall. Same deal. $100 only she wanted it for only one hour. I did the same thing and negotiated for 2 hours which she quickly agreed. She had the most fabulous natural tits.

We went back to the room and she was GREAT!! She let me take lots of pictures so I might post a few. She stayed longer than two hours and she also gave me her real name, phone number here, phone number in Columbia and her email address.

On the way to the hotel last night I saw this degenerate type older dude with this hottie! They entered the hotel around about the same time. I was giving this girl the eye. The guy was obviously shitfaced drunk. Anyway, this morning I went down to the lobby to get a newspaper and I see the girl coming down in the elevator. She looked hot. I talked to her and she told me that that drunk dude passed out. He paid $300 US for all nighter and she just watched tv. I believe her. I told her te quiero and we talked price. I paid $50 for one hour. She was also great and gave me her info.

Im in the Holiday Inn business center now. Im waiting on *** and then we are gonna grab some chow....

This town is a dump but at least I just sessioned with two hotties. They are rare in this town....

more later

02-01-04, 22:42
Hey Saint,

Thanks for the great report - and I agree with you about the degenerate feeling. What hotel did you stay in? I never stay in the gulch because I have to get out of that area to sleep and wake up in fresh air and normalcy. I still love our hobby and will frequent the gulch. So I thought you might have a good choice for a hotel. I usually use the Best Western Irazu since they are girl friendly and classy enough to enjoy myself.

Thanks again!

02-02-04, 12:11
Just pulled this off AM Costa Rica, whats going on down there?

Ministry planning crusade against sex parlors
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministerio de Seguridad Pública will crack down on massage parlors and, among other things, require that practitioners be accredited by the national medical society and that any beds on the premise be of a type used by massage professionals.

Many massage parlors in Costa Rica are thinly veiled fronts for prostitution.

The ministry announced last weekend that various decrees now in preparation would crack down on sexual exploitation, including massage parlors. In addition, the decrees will target Internet cafes and video games.

Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, vice minister of Seguridad Pública, is working with the Comisión Nacional Contra la Explotación Sexual Comercial in preparing the decrees, said the ministry.

Among other things, the minister wants to "avoid the camouflage of places of prostitution that function under the name of massage parlors," something that law enforcement officials find frequently.

The proposal by the ministry would require that sanitary permits be issued for massage parlors by the Ministerio de Salud and that the persons working in the massage parlor have
professional accreditation from the Colegio de
Médicos y Cirujanes de Costa Rica, the national medical society.

In addition, massage parlors would have to use special massage tables rather than the single or double beds that are common in many places now.

If the ministry carries out its campaign, dozens of houses of prostitution that call themselves massage parlors will have to close. The effect on sex tourism would be dramatic, although persons who pay for sex still would be able to bring prostitutes to their homes or hotel rooms.

The video game parlors will have to post signs specifying the level of violence found in each game. Plus they would have to specify the age group for which the game is appropriate, said the ministry.

Internet cafes would have to adhere to specifications already announced by Casa Presidencial in that youngsters 12 and under would have to leave by 7 p.m. and those between 13 and 17 would have to leave by 9 p.m. The idea is to reduce possible exposure to pornography on computers.

In addition, Internet cafes would have to maintain at least some computers with anti-porn filters and some computers that would be technically unable to access porn sites, said the ministry.

02-02-04, 18:57
The rest of my report....

Here are some more thoughts on my San Jose trip. I’d first like to mention that I’m sure that the rest of Costa Rica is beautiful. I just stayed in San Jose and the Centro area is a dump. Once you get out of the city I’m sure it’s a paradise. If you’re going for fishing or eco-touring than it would be a good trip. If you’re going just for hobbying then forget about it. Granted, it IS better than the United States but honestly I didn’t think it was worth it and it will probably be a long time before I’d go back. I honestly thought there were a higher number of hotter girls in Tijuana if that tells you anything. Granted, the girls in TJ weren’t GFE but like I said I’d rather save my money and go somewhere else. If you don't have the option of taking time off and going to South America then I guess CR is still a viable option.

The airport code there is SJO. I’m sure there are several airlines that fly down there. I flew on my exclusive carrier of American Airlines. They had a direct flight. Starfe and I flew Business class, which was quite comfortable for the relatively short flight. However, upon landing we found the airport chaotic. 2 other international flights arrived from Houston and France. There were huge lines and only 2 lines opened. This was ridiculous and as far as I’m concerned a slap in the face of tourists. This is very idiotic of Costa Rica! We waited in line to clear customs almost an hour. I’ve been to a few airports around the world and this was by far the worst. The airport seems newer and clean but I’d rather have an old dirty airport with quick service. To add insult to injury they have no Admiral’s Club in this airport and they told me they wouldn’t for at least another 2 years or so.

The currency there is the Colon. US Dollars are accepted everywhere at a rate of about 400 Colones to $1 US. If you are only there a short time you might not want to exchange money but usually it is cheaper to exchange. The Holiday Inn was giving a rate of 413 : $1US. ATM’s I was told are giving about 416:1. Taxi fares were about 1000 C. or $3 US.

Maybe for the average guy that doesn’t travel too much he can find a suitable girl in San Jose. For the guys that travel down to South America, Europe or other cities you will be disappointed with the selection. Again, take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. I’m kind of on the picky side but still my friends didn’t find the selection that great either.

The girls at the Blue Marlin for the most part aren’t aggressive. However there are a few that are and those girls are usually ugly. My friend and I constantly had girls grabbing all parts of our bodies. There was one girl that was kind of “obsessed” with me. *** was with me when she first came up to me. She wasn’t bad looking but she seemed high on “something” and let’s just say it wasn’t ‘life’. She even offered to leave with me for free but I just didn’t want to be with someone that was drunk or high. Later in the night after I left I guess she asked *** about me again. Thanks but no thanks.

New Fantasy Spa was a nice place. Good operation that ran smoothly. It was very clean. Upon entering there is a room to the left where the girls sit in. There is a window you can see them through or you can walk around on either side and see the girls. This particular day the girls weren’t pretty. The manager spoke good English and kindly explained it’s $40 for one hour with the girl of your choice. You can use the sauna (they had a wet and dry one), showers, etc. They gave us a tour before we selected the girls. The place seemed nice. There are 15 rooms in this place. They had a waiting room but it was very small and only consisted of folding chairs that weren’t comfortable. It did have a TV though.

Starfe and I told *** that we’d wait for him but there was no way I was going to wait here for an hour. I figured I’d relax and make the most of it. I went back and selected a Tica (girl from Costa Rica). She was nice, had great tits and although she wasn’t going to win any beauty contests and her body was bigger than I like, she was pleasant. She really put her heart into it. We got to the room and she brought towels. We went into the sauna and she gave me a massage with oil. We showered then sessioned. The rooms were clean.

The session was great. Total GFE and she was really into it. I found it funny that there is a suggestion box mounted on the wall. I took a picture of it afterwards because I thought it was funny. She gave me her real name and her phone number in case I wanted to call her later.

Fantasy Spa is open 9 AM to 9 PM Monday – Saturday. It’s kind of funny that it’s open so early. It really would be perfect if it had hotter girls but it’s a good spot that I can gladly recommend. I wasn’t sure how much to tip the girl. I gave her approximately $25 US (10,000 C). She seemed very appreciative and said that some guys don’t tip anything which to me isn’t very cool if the service is good. I thought I read somewhere that it was $60 US anyway so it is a cheap option even with a good tip. I asked her how much she made in the candy factory she said she used to work at before working here. She said she only made about $50 a week (working 6 days a week; nine hours a day) so obviously this was much better for her financially but she mentioned tough mentally.

This is a place you want to bring Colones. They charge $40 US or 14,000 C. so it’s a little cheaper if you pay with Colones.

Two restaurants that I can recommend are La Casa de Doña Lela. It is a little drive outside of el centro but it’s worth it. The taxi fare going there was $8 and coming back $7. It’s a good-sized restaurant with a pretty good menu. The place looked clean, the service was pretty good and the food was good. Here is a picture of the place.

The other restaurant is called Inka Grill. Starfe picked out this restaurant and he did a tremendous job. There are two of these restaurants I’m told. One in Curridabat (283-7870 / 224-7224) and the other is in Escazú (289-5117). I was told there is also a rápido (fast food) type place of this restaurant. We went to the one in Curridabat and it was nice. The menu was HUGE. It was at least 13 pages long. Ask for Stanley who was a good waiter. The cost for appetizers, soup for Starfe, entrees, a bottle of good Argentinean wine and one dessert was about $40 @ with a good tip.

The other place we went to was Bar IDEM. I was surprised that there were virtually no customers in there on a Saturday night. Roberto is the manager there and he speaks excellent English. The address is 11 Street between 8/10 Avenues. Phone number there is 222-3352 or 233-1977. There was about 8-10 girls there. The girls were at least as pretty as at the Blue Marlin. Not gorgeous but cute and doable. The sessions were cheap at $47 for a room upstairs or $57 for a bigger suite downstairs. The session time was one hour. Something interesting is that it is so much more to pull them out. You pay a bar fine of $65 US and the girls charge $100 US for 2 hours. I asked what if you only wanted one hour. They said it’s still $100 US. It’s much cheaper to session there. . Also, keep in mind if you wait till after 11:30 PM they don’t charge an exit fee since they close at midnight anyway. You can also use your credit card here.

I tried to get a suite downstairs but they only had 2 rooms and they were both busy so I had to go upstairs. I already posted a little about my experience with the “milk maid”. I SO wasn’t into the session after the milk started coming out. The girl I was with was lactating. She had fabulous looking tits but I had no idea she was lactating until after I started sucking. (I was wondering why she half tried to stop me). This girl was totally inexperienced and I didn’t like that fact. Call me old fashioned but I’m not into any weirdo stuff like being with girls that are lactating. I tried to constantly change positions to stop the flow of milk but it wouldn’t stop. At one point I got her on top but that made it worse and the milk was just squirting out like a squirt gun onto me!

Anyway, I took a GOOD shower and headed to Blue Marlin to see if *** was there. Sure enough I found him playing Blackjack. While I was waiting I had this nerdy guy try to give me advice on picking up girls there. In his words, ask the girls where they are from. Gee, Einstein thanks! I try not to judge guys but again I found most of them to think Costa Rica was the end all be all of hobbying. That is so not the case.

I was going to leave since I thought every single girl was not up to par, plus I was still a little disgusted by the milk experience. I was standing with *** when we saw this hot Columbian girl. I started to talk with her and ended up leaving with her. We got to my hotel and had to register as usual. The Holiday Inn is supposedly one of the best choices in the Centro area. It was clean and was decent. The rooms did have pretty good views. The beds I found weren’t that great and the pillows were horrible. They also charged $20 US per chica which can add up.

Anyway, I’m with my girl and this old dude walks in. He is a loud drunk. Imagine a guy dressed in raggedy shorts and a t-shirt. Grey hair and beard. Maybe late 60’s. He finds out I am American and starts talking to me. He is an “ugly American”. Just talking loud about how “it’s great that us Americans can come down here and fuck these girls”. I just wanted to get away from him. The only redeeming thing was he was with a hot Columbian girl who I was giving the eye to. I was already with a hot girl so I didn’t care but at least he had good taste in girls.

His girl pretty much knew I was digging her. She had on a shirt that said, “God Spent More Time on Me” in glittery diamond type lettering which I thought was cute and obviously true. I just wanted to get away from this dude as it looked like he was going to pass out or throw up or both!

I had a great session with my girl. I took lots of pictures and we had a good chat about Columbia. She stayed for two hours then left to go back to Blue Marlin to make some more money. The only annoying thing is that she asked me for a propina (tip) and I told her I would give her $3 for taxi and her tip was my “love” for her. Ha, ha. She got a good laugh at that and gave me a kiss and asked me to call her again.

The next morning I woke up early. I wasn’t sleeping that well because of the shitty pillows. I went down to see if they had a newspaper and check my email. When I was walking out of the business center who do I see walking away from the front desk? That’s right. The “God spent more time on me” girl. She was looking good. Obviously she overnighted. She was walking out the door when I yelled, “Amor”. She came over to me and we started talking. She told me that that old dude passed out shortly after entering the room. He did pay her $300 US for an all-nighter so she said she watched tv, showered this morning and was leaving. I admired the fact that she stayed instead of leaving but I guess maybe she didn’t want to see this dude the next night or something. Anyway, she said she didn’t have to do anything. I asked her if she wanted to go make love. She started laughing and asked me where my girl was as she saw me with this girl the night before.

The cool thing was since I yelled “amor” I think the hotel staff thought she was the one I was with the night before. The girl already got her ID but I went up the elevator with her and didn’t have to pay the $20 chica fee. Gotta love it.

I had a great session and it was a good way to start the morning. I got her email and phone number in Columbia as well. I’ll probably hit Columbia later this year. My Spanish has improved a lot over the past few months and it makes a big difference with the girls.

Over all good sessions can be had in San Jose but I honestly think you should save your money and use it towards a trip to South America. Good luck.

P.S. I wouldn't worry any about the "crackdown". When we were walking to New Fantasy a police officer was actually the one that told us if we want chicas to go across the street there. He was smiling too. He was one of the few police officers I saw in San Jose which was surprising to me.

Also, some guys are emailing me asking me for the phone numbers of the girls. I don't make it a personally policy of giving girls personal info to strangers or guys that I don't know. It really doesn't matter anyway. Most of these Columbians that I met only stay in town for 10 days to 2 weeks at a time then head back. They come and go. Just go to the Blue Marlin and some of those other places. Again, I'm kind of picky so SJ might be perfect for you.

02-02-04, 20:00
Tipping $25 on a $33 is way too much. Sorry, but I've got to say that it takes a certain kind of person to walk into ANYPLACE and tip 75%. Not 10, not 20, not 50, but 75%. And I think the person who needs to do this is probably a 'rescuer'. And God save the world from rescuers, because while they are out doing there good deed, I think(IMHO), that they are really screwing up the system! Any girl in new fantasy will do ANYTHING you want for just about the basic price. So why put dumb s**t ideas in there heads. I think some guys get off more on the tip then on the sex.

Thought for the night.

If the system ain't broken, why try to fix it.

Guys, also remember tipping is a social custom here in the U.S. but not in Costa-Rica. I'm a firm believer in "When in Rome". It's not that I'm cheap, I just like to keep the local balance the way it is. If the custom down there was to tip 40% I would gladly do that. If we go down there with our American guy tips and our "Dudley Do Good" attitudes pretty soon the Ticas and Chicas are going to be just like the American ******s we go there to get away from. I'm with Pirate on this. I think it's a good idea for everyone that if you really need to tip, to tip small. It's currently not expected, and 9 out of 10 times you get the good service anyway. If the tipping becomes commonplace down there service and sweetness will fall off and greed and selfishness will replace it.

The average wage in CR is $300 per month.

Baby Huey
02-02-04, 20:54
First trip to San Jose!

I just return from my first trip to Costa Rica. It was a good trip! The scene is smaller than I though it was, but it was still fun to be had. Costa Rica is not like Thailand at all, same game just a different playing field, with different players. The only thing I can say about the playing field, I have been at better fields. I did not care much for the town San Jose, you just got that feelin' of being un-comfortable all the time. The people are not friendly, the city is semi clean, crime seems to be every high and overall it is a every poor town. The main park intown is call central park and it is a run down hole! Girls are more business like than the girls in Thailand.

A question that I asked and other people have asked; does your U.S. Cell phone with a U.S. company will not work in Costa Rica. I am with AT&T, and it did not work at all in San Jose.

Trip Report:

I landed in San Jose at 9:20 p.m., Monday Jan. 26. When thru Custom and Immigrations, fast and easy. Walk to the front door of the airport and took an orange taxi to the Del-Ray Hotel for $12. I was at the Hotel by 10pm. Got out of the taxi and walk right into a hornets nest at the Del-Ray. Blue Marlin was pack and over flowing into the hotel lobby and Casino. You do not know if you wanted to check-in or check-out the girls. The girls are coming by and asking you if you need help getting to the room or if you need company in your room. I went up to the room showered and back down stair in 15 minute.

Let the game begin! The mix down stairs was 3+ girls to every guy and you could not get to the bar for a drink even! It was great! If you stop moving the girls will be on you in seconds. After 20 minutes of Shopping, I found a great light skin girl from D.R. ($70) and went up to the room for 2 hours of fun! Her Service was she good, not great. Sent her on her way and clean up the room and return down stairs at 1:30. The volume of people in B.M. was down a little and you could get to the bar even for a drink! I found a guy at a table by himself and join him and talk little about San Jose and the scene! Setup a meeting to go to Moure Rouge Strip Club for the next night together. While talking to him found a great looking Columbian girl, call her over and decided to have a drink with her. After talking for a while her friend came over and asks what I was doing talking to her girl friend for so long. She when told me, they were true girl friends and would love to give me a great show in my room and I said why not. These 2 girls were true lesbians, it was great! It was great to be the meat in their sandwich! Little after 5, kick them out for some will need sleep! ($75 to each girl)

I got up at 11, pack up my stuff and move to the Presidente Hotel. Between the Del-Rey and Presidente Hotels, I like the Presidente more. The Hotel was more low key and quiet. The Del-Rey can be more of a 24 hour a day party. The Presidente has a nice bar down stair that you can talk and not be attack all the time like at the B.M.

After getting move into the room and lunch, decided to head over to New Fantasy Massage for a good massage. This place is great! A good cross section of girls to pick from and very clean rooms. Plus the price is great for the service you get! Looking back on the trip, this was my favorite place in town to have fun at! I paid for 2 hours ($35 a hour), which you can for any amount of time at this place. I pick a girl from Nicaragua, and off to the room got under dress and ask to start in the Steam room, some hard DFK in the steam room until we had some visitors join us in the Steam room. Then we headed to shower for more DFK and then back to the room for DFK, BBBJ, DATY, 69 and than 3 positions. After that I need a massage, she gave me a great 45 minute massage and than round 2, which was even better than round 1. This place is great!

After the massage, I headed back to B.M., to meet the guy from last night for dinner and our trip to Moure Rouge Strip Club. We got to the club at 7:30, a few locals there and about 9 girls. I sure happy I when with a guy that had been there before, because I did not see a sign with the name on it for this place. The shows were O.K., not great, but good to watch. After 30 minutes decided to try a lap dance, which was good, basically anything goes, let your hands do the walking! After 20 minutes of this, it was time to more into a room for some fun. Once we got in the room, the girl asked if her friend could join us and I ask if she like girls and she said of course! 1 hour of great sex with two lesbians again within 24 hours was great! Both of these girls were from Costa Rica! The service was good here and the price was good too, but the rooms are small. I did not have any of the problems at this Strip Club that you hear about all the time in Costa Rica!

Head back to the hotel to clean up and shower and back to the B.M., I got to the B.M. at 11 and it was packed. So I head across the street to Key Largo, which is an more low key scene with the girls. They are asking these three question in order with in 1 minute of talking to you; what is your name? Where are you from? Do you need company in your room right now? Key Largo is a great place to talk to the girls and have some fun! They have a live band every night. Key Largo has the best looking staff that I seen in town. They are every friendly and easy to talk to, but they are staff and not working.

After an hour headed back to B.M. and found a great looking Costa Rica girl! Her name was Jessica, age 19, looks 9, attitude 9, and she could speak great English! Took her back to Key Largo for some fun. We play pool and had a late dinner and back to the room for a great night of fun! This girl was great in and out bed. She was open to everything, except anal. She love to have organisms, want to have as many as possible, I lost count at 7. We got to sleep at 5 and a got up at 11 for round two. Off to lunch and setup date for dinner that night at 9. She had to good home to her son. (I give her $120 for the fun)

After she left, I headed over to Blue Coyote Massage (Blue Zona). Got there and had a short tour of the building, pick one of the girls and off to a great massage. Got under dress, into the shower, we shower each other, then to the steam room, and then back in the shower and to the room. She give me a massage for 20 minutes, and then to the main event. DFK, BBBJ, 69 and 3 positions. The only thing I did not like here is the A.C. was not good in the rooms. Otherwise great place for $45 dollars, but New Fantasy is still better in price.

When to the Blue Marlin to see if anybody I knew was there and had a few drinks. Middle of the afternoon and 12 guys and 19 girls hanging out, looking for fun!

5:30 head over to the Teen Ho for a light dinner, which was good! After dinner head over to Idem Club for a few drinks. Call a girl over and talk to her for a few minutes, she was from Columbia and decided to take her to a room down stair for 19000 clone ($45). 20 minute massage, and then to the main event, DFK, BBBJ and 2 position. Good, but not as good as New Fantasy.

Head back to the room to clean up for Jessica. She call me right on time, I go downstairs and sign her in. We get into the elevator, she DFK kiss me like she has not seen me for months. Right into the room and she has her cloths off in 30 second. After a hour of fun, into the shower and she take me to a restantaut that she knows and we have a great dinner and we head back to Key Largo for some pool and fun. We get back to the room at 2:30 for a night of fun! We get up at 9, because she has to pick up her son and go to her parent’s house for the day. Of course she will not leave without some more fun in the morning! There was no talk of money all night! So I gave her $120 again for the trip home, she said no, but I made her take it. She said, she would be back in town by 6 and wanted to know if I want to see her that night again and said yes. Setup a date for her to come by at 7 for dinner.

This is my last day here on this trip. Too many things and places to see! I head downstairs for eat and than walk over to New Fantasy for a massage to start to day off. Again I pick a girl for a 2 hour massage and the service the same as the first time, great! I pick another girl from Nicaragua. This place in my mind is the best place in town for service and cost.

I head over to KFC for lunch and walk over to the B.M. to check out the afternoon crowd. After being attack for a hour decided to have a girl join me for some drinks and the other girls may stop attacking. After a few drinks, I decide to take this girl back to the room for some afternoon fun. We agree at $60 for 2 hours with a massage. We get to the room and she goes into the shower and comes out and starts DFK and is in a race to get to the main event. I try to slow her down, but she is pushing to get to the main event. CBJ and 2 position. The sex is O.K., but not great! Afterwards, she gets dress and I say how about the massage? It has only been 30 minute? I have to go and see my kids. I pay her $50, because of no massage and send her on her way. The worst girl I saw in Costa Rica.

After she left, I watch a movie until Jessica came back. We when out for dinner right away, because she was hungry and I was too! We had dinner and when to a movie. After the movie was done, back to the room for a great night of all night sex. Just like high school kids, in their parent’s house for the night without them being home. In the bed, on the floor in the bathroom, shower, etc. I think we may have slept for 45 minutes all night. I had to leave the hotel at 6 a.m. for the flight; I think I left at 6:30. I wanted to stay for at least one more day to play more! Gave her the cheap boom box I brought, candles, and couple C.D. and you would have thought I gave her the world. As I put into a taxi that morning I gave her by remaining Clone which was 55,000 ($130). And off to the airport!

In closing, this was a good trip!

In my mind, Blue Marlin is good place to find girls, but a lot of them have a pretty major attitude. B.M. is just like jumping into a shark tank, within second they are swimming around you waiting to bit. B.M. is a high pressure scene! Not a place to go to have a few drinks and bull shit with the people. But on the other hand, it is not hard to find a girl for some play! Earlier in the evening the girls are in a rush to find a guy, so they can do a quickie and return for another guy.

Thailand is still a lot better than Costa Rica for fun! The girls are better looking in many ways in Costa Rica, because of variety and the fuller body, than in Thailand. In Costa Rica; there are girls of all size, colors (expect for Asian), and body types. But Thailand the girls are small and petite. The Girls in Costa Rica are not scare to show there bodies off, once they in the room they are nude within seconds. Where in Thailand, the hind there bodies all the time. The one thing I can say the girls are a lot better looking in Costa Rica, then the girls you see posted on site on Costa Rica. The girls in Costa Rica are more about the business than have a good time. This is good for playing with a lot of different girls in a short amount of time. You get truer GFE in Thailand, than in Costa Rica. I actual had one of the girl ask me why I only had 2 girls that day, and why I was not rushing back to B.M. for another girl. It is a true place for 3f’s (find, f*ck, finish). The other thing I could not believe is the amount of girls with multiple kids working in the clubs, it was like you had to with a kid to work in the business. Also in Costa Rica the girls are not stuck to you like glue, once you take them back to the room. When your time is done together, you both move on to the next person to have fun with, and don't look back. They do not ask to spend the week with you or looking for the ticket to the promise land; as in Thailand.

The scene in Costa Rica with the monger is mostly American; I would say average age mid-forties. I would say there are a few hundred people there playing there this time of the year in San Jose. Compare to Thailand being more world wide with a wider age group and thousands of people playing there everyday. Costa Rica has less than 10 enterentment places for foreigners in San Jose, compare to 100’s in Bangkok. Costa Rica has a narrow band of things to do both during the day and night in San Jose than in Bangkok. Bangkok is a more modern city by comparison to San Jose.

San Jose is a good place to go for a shorter periods than Bangkok, because it is closer and in the same time zone. But Bangkok is cheaper and better once you get into town. It is a lot easier to use English in Bangkok than in San Jose. If you do not speak Spanish in San Jose it is very hard to get around. Bangkok is easy to get by without speaking Thai. Bangkok is a lot more modern compare to San Jose. Bangkok has a lot more to do in the city than San Jose for other than monger activates. Outside of the cities both countries have great things to do!

In San Jose, you are always worried about walking around, you are ever comforable. Between Presidente and Del-Rey at night, there are many beggars/muggers hanging out at night. I am younger guy that is bigger so they ever bother me, but I would not want to be small older guy with one to many drinks under your belt, you would be done. Even during the day, you can feel un-comfortable walking around. I have been going to Bangkok for 20 plus years and have ever feeled un-comforable walking during the day or at 3 in morning in any part of town.

Both places can be fun! But if it was not for the distance and the time difference I would ever go back to Costa Rica for Bangkok and Thailand. Thailand is still the best to play! It is still the Adult Disneyland of the world with a lot of fun to be had!

Costa Rica is a good place to go for the long weekend! I will be back, but next time go to the beach with a girl from B.M. or escort from G&G Escort in San Jose and not play the game in San Jose!

02-02-04, 20:59
Just got back from San Jose: Trip Report

What a dump


02-02-04, 21:04
Maybe I should be more direct:

What a sh#thole.


02-03-04, 15:44
Very direct assessment Starfe. I posted this on another board but I'll copy and paste here too.

Trust me. San Jose is a dump. There is no nicer way to say it. I did see a few nice girls but they were like the only ones in the entire club that I was even remotely attracted to. It wasn't just me either. Both Starfe and *** and I all have 3 extremely different tastes and we all thought CR was a crap hole with poor choices of girls.

The plain fact of the matter is that many guys that haven't traveled much "upsell" San Jose. Yeah, it's a quick and easy weekend and you can score but as I mentioned, it just wasn't my thing. That shouldn't stop the rest of you from going. All the girls gave me GFE so I can't complain. I just like being honest with my opinions as those that know me know I always do that.

I just found out that my buddy, *** didn't even session on a Saturday night because he didn't see anyone worth sessioning with. He isn't nearly as picky as me either. He also mentioned that he had decent sessions but no mind blowing GFE sessions from any of the girls.

Honestly I put Costa Rica in the same category as places like Tijuana. The girls worth leaving with would NOT deviate from their $100 asking price. The girls that WOULD decrease their price, I had ZERO interest in even talking to.

If you're not too picky with girls, like shitty hotels, like the feeling of being in a seedy city than San Jose is probably worth a visit.

Good luck all. Remember, all are just my opinions. I'm no expert on anything and don't claim to be one. The important thing is having fun so if you go there and have fun that is all that matters. No one's report should matter at all. Just one guy's thoughts..

02-03-04, 19:29

"If you're not too picky with girls, like mediocre at best hotels, like the feeling of being in a seedy city than San Jose is probably worth a visit."

I think your being to kind about the hotels in San Jose.


02-03-04, 21:05
I changed it for you Starfe. You're right. I was being too kind. Also, to "Katokay"...I just read your post regarding tipping. Tipping is something that is a personal preference. Especially at a place like Fantasy Spa where you pay the house fee upfront and you can opt to pay a girl a tip AFTER the session. Paying a girl a tip that offered a great session in no way will alter any economies of scale.

Judging from the average age of the average monger in CR (probably 50+) I think you all can spare a few bucks for a good effort. I love how guys always use the excuse of not wanting to "ruin a city" by offering a tip for good services to mask the real fact that they are a cheap ass that is looking for the cheapest possible session.

Judging from your post, you are EXACTLY the type of guy that fits in down in San Jose.

Good luck.


02-03-04, 21:25

I tip whether the session is good or bad. Call it a bad habit


02-04-04, 05:38
San Jose is a shit hole.

There are nice towns near SJ that are big $$$$$ Escazu, Santa Ana to name a few.

The problem is the pussy it is in San Jose.

I have been to Bogota Colombia it is a beautiful city with many clubs and 5 stare hotels for $50- 75 for a suite. Woman everywhere but there is no Blue Marlin. I have talked to many mongers that have spent much time in Thailand and all tell me that there's nothing like the BM there. That is a good reason alone to go to CR.

What I like to do is find a woman that I like to bang than take her to the coast or volcano (hot springs) fuck her for a week or so than go on to the next. I like a good blow job at a cheep pallor when I am in SJ this is always good.

If a monger spends any kind of time in SJ his only problem with woman and sex is there is just too much. As far as the safety factor downtown you must be careful. Some bad shit does happen. There is not a lot of mugging but there are some. I would recommend that you travel with more than yourself. Do not be shitface and alone. Carry pepper spay that you can buy at any gun shop in SJ. Outside the city is much safer but I think in this day and age You have to be prepared for anything.

I love Costa Rica and can be a playland of sex and travel. But if you just want to bang beautiful Latin chicks stay in San Jose.


02-04-04, 07:43
Tipping, isn't that a city in China ??? Where have I seen that before :-) ???

I will tip for good service. Poor service deserves a response letting them know you have no intension of seeing them again. I won't tip a waitress who doesn't try, it's how you let them know it's time to perform better.

One of my early mentors in mongering told me he had joined the service just before the end of WWII and ended up being sent to Berlin. When he was packing he went in debt loading up on candy bars because that was the going price for pussy. When he got there the price had gone up to $5 and all he got was cavities. Moral of the story, price control, price control, price control. Call me cheap it you want.

Just my humble opinion gentlemen.


02-04-04, 14:08
Saint- EXCELLENT REPORT as always

02-04-04, 19:35
I met many great fellow gentleman travelers in CR and take it as a compliment to being considering as fitting in. As for sex destinations if convenience is taken out of the equation it is in the middle of the places I have been traveled to.

I'm almost certain many guys feel compelled to tip because they can't lose the gringa attitude beaten into them. They are so used to being pussy whipped & catering to gringas they just can't help themselves. USA is by no means a macho culture. Women rule american men w/o any question. So the gringos just can't accept paying the chica her fee. He is not used to getting such a good deal. After paying tons of money on his wife or gringa g.f. a good deal for a women becomes foreign to him. These are guys that just can't comprehend a dif. culture where paying a women anywhere from $20-$100 is perfectly acceptable. In the U.S. I see ads all the time for $200-$300 *****s. I hope these same guys who tip 75% to the chicas in C.R. do not discriminate and also tip the U.S. *****s 75% as well. If they do not then they are just hippocrites or perhaps liars. Lets face it, you are not tipping cause of good service you are tipping cause you feel you are exploiting these poor girls. And if that is your attidude just go to the Red Light district in Paris instead.

Why can't we just leave things alone and follow the rules of the culture were in when were there?. Everything runs smoothly down there. If you are a real bleeding heart and a Dudley Do Good realize that the prices your paying and the amounts the girls are being paid in most of the popular Gringo places are already jacked up to the sky, they're already making more than plenty without your gratuity. There are Tico places where the girls get $8 a lay and have to pay a portion to the house.There is no need to tip in CR for sex, it only serves to stroke your ego and make the girls more materialistic. If you get really good service show your appreciation by telling her what a great job she did and how beautiful she is or how great her sex is. You will make her feel alot better by doing this than giving money. Money is the end all be all in our society, it's not in thiers YET. In thier society throwing money around like that won't get your thier true appreciation or affection, it's looked on as arrogant. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this kind of attitude is going to turn them into American type women.

Baby Huey
02-05-04, 00:23

Who ever you were talking too about Thailand and state that Thailand has no places like B.M. does not know what he is talking about. In Thailand these places are Freelance Bars/clubs; Nana Disco in the Nana Hotel on a nightly has 10 fold the girls that are at Blue Marlin, college girls, pros and non-pros every night of the week. Just standing outside the Disco, trying to get in there more girls than Blue Marlin. Across the street from the Disco, is club call Morning/Night Bar, which has about the same amount of girl as the B.M. 4 blocks away from there in either direction is Gullivan Bar and than Thremen that has the same amount girls in them that are freelances, like the girls at the B.M.

In Bangkok, within a 2 mile stretch on Sukvitmit Road there are at least 75 GoGo bars, and another 20 regular bars with pro working in them, there another 30 Beer gardens and regular bars with semi pros in them and numerous Oil and Soapy Massage. There are also two areas which are close to 1 square block each filled with freelance bars. In this area is Nana Plaza with 30 bars in a 3 store complex that you can walk out one door in to the next bar, these bars have between 20 to 200 girls working in each of them. Also Soi Cowboy which is a 2 block strip of only bars. There are numerous hotels (50 plus) in this same area from 1 to 5 star hotels.

In Bangkok there is Patpong which has a great night market along with another 50 plus Bars and Clubs. There is Washington Square with another 10 bars, Soi 33 with another 12 bars. You can go over to Saopy Row, where there is 2 miles of Massage Place and complexs; in which some of them have 300 plus girls working at all times.

Outside of Bangkok, you have Pattaya on the Beach with 200 plus Bars, Clubs, Disco, and Massage Places. In the south of Thailand you have Phuket with 50 plus places to go. Up north in Chang Mai another 50 plus places.

At the end of the story, Costa Rica is nothing like Thailand at all! Costa Rica is O.K., I was there last week had fun, but it was not a great time. Everytime I am on my way back from Thailand, I am planning my next trip back on the plane home. And if I could, I would be getting on the next plane to Thailand right now! There is nothing like Thailand. Other places I like better than Costa Rica are Brazil, South Korea, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, and D.R. But Thailand is the true Adult Disneyland of the world.

Go to the Sites like stickmanbangkok.com and **************.com and you will learn alot about Thailand. Look at the WSG too!

02-05-04, 03:17
I went to Blue Zona, now called Blue Coyote. New Fantasy is not as nice a place but the service at the Blue Coyote is not as good at New Fantasy (IMHO). The girl I chose (a Nica) was cute in the face--really cute--but when she took off her clothes, I swear that I couldn't get junior to come out of his "no fat chicks" coma. She wasn't a big girl, but everything she had was one big golf ball: dimples everywhere. To boot, when I said I didn't want a BJ (wasn't in the mood in the situation)), she just about cheered. She gave a so-so massage, and she gave so-so sex. I am not sure I will go back there. I will hit New Fantasy again.

Went dancing at the Key Largo on Saturday night, and JimHart69 is right: It's a fun time for dancing. The band on Saturday was fabulous (IMHO). They were definitely better than the CDs being played while the had breaks.

On Monday nights, check out Cuartel. Jeez! Foxes were everywhere. What was I thinking taking a date to this place? You will not be disappointed. The bar is not far from Gringo Gulch. Just hope in a cab and say "El Bar Cuartel, por favor." No charge for gals; 1000 colones for guys. It was so crowded and there were so many foxes (I wasn't going to be an ass to my date by looking at every 10 there) that I decided we would go dancing at El Pueblo. We had a reasonable time for a Monday. I will go back to El Pueblo this weekend to see if I can find the girl that was winking at me...yep!...I'm an ass.

Did the Aerial Tram ($79) today with a Panamanian gal. It was well worth the price.

L Dog
02-05-04, 03:17
I'm coming to CR for the first time Feb 10th, and will be there a week. If any mongers want to meet up for some drinks at the BM sometime during my stay PM me.

Mickey Mouse
02-05-04, 03:45
L Dog,
How about 9pm on the 10th in the Blue Marlin on the long side of the Bar facing the Side Door and Street? Could be the beginning of a new adventure.

Jaimito Cartero
02-05-04, 03:49
Jim - Interesting report. I've never heard of the strip club you mentioned. Any idea where it's located, and what the price you paid was? (Unless you're speaking of Molino Rojo (Moulon Rouge in french)

I find Bangkok to be a bit uglier than San Jose, and definitely hotter all of the year. You paid a bit on the high side, but if you had fun, I guess that's all that matters.

There are many places that you can find girls for $10-$17, but you just have to know where to look. Perhaps I'm somewhat jaded about San Jose, since it was my first destination outside the US/Mexico that I really mongered in.

Starfe - I think that calling San Jose a shithole, in comparision with TJ or Juarez is incorrect. It's a crowded city, and moderately poor. However, it doesn't even compare to the squalor or many Mexican towns I've been to.

It's also 3-6 hours from most US cities, not 16 or 24 hours like Thailand. As for tipping, I do it for excellent service. However, to tip for good or bad service is only reinforcing bad service. They expect it whether they try or not.

I've never seen so many negative comments on CR before. It is a smaller "market", but has many gems in it. I'd certainly rank it in my top 10 places to monger in.

I certainly like Thailand. I'm going there next week, along with Malaysia. And then to BA in April. Hopefully Brazil and Colombia later in the year too. Almost every country has some real differences, and I hope that people don't get turned off of CR by these reports and miss out on some of the really good chicas there.

02-05-04, 05:41
Does anyone have any recent information on hotel rates? I just called Morazan about the last week of February and they are quoting $50/night. I usually stay there and pay $35-39 per night. However, I've never gone in February.


02-05-04, 06:16

We paid $75 a night at the Holiday Inn , and let me tell you, the pillows can be dropped from the 8th floor and bounce back to the 7th floor. That alone will bring me back.


L Dog
02-05-04, 13:35

I had a total bill of $483 for an 8 night stay at the Delrey. That includes being in a base room fror a few days, then the next best room for a few, and a suite on Fri and Sat. That price includes tax and all the other BS.

Jaimito Cartero
02-05-04, 15:27
I'm really amazed that people would pay a $20 joiner fee at the Holiday Inn. That seems rather outrageous and an invitation to just let them rip you off. If it's the difference between the cost of a single and a double, then you should just be able to book a double. I thought the Del Rey was bad enough with the $10-$12 fees!

I believe that joiner fees like this are what has given the Del Rey the free cash to buy up all the property around them.

02-05-04, 15:40

Sometimes it is what it is. We had no choice. That was their rate. I tried booking a room at several places and they were all booked. I'm sure the Holiday Inn was much nicer then some of the other holes in San Jose. Some of the other places also charged the chica fee. They might not have been as much but we were only there a weekend. The fee CAN add up but we knew the fee going into it.

I doubt I'll ever go back to Costa Rica again unless it's to go eco-touring and see the beautiful side of the country and not the dump of San Jose.

Baby Huey
02-05-04, 16:01

You are correct on the name of the club, Molino Rojo. I do understand that I was paying a little on the high side, but this did included a tip in the totals. One of the biggest problems I had in C.R. is my spanish is not great and communcations were every hard. The hotels were nothing great, basically 3 star. I like to walk around and see places when I am in a new place and in San Jose I got a bad feeling when doing this.

I am also like you, I like the first place I played outside of the U.S. which was Asia as you were C.R.. The 1st place you play, you like and feel more comfortable with. I lived in South Korea for 10 years, and I speak Korean, some Thai and Chinesse. During this time I traveled throughout Asia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, China, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam, Loas, etc. I still travel to Asia 1 to 2 months a year on business, so it is like a 2nd home.

Next time I go to C.R., I want to get out of San Jose. I agree somewhat with some of the guys on San Jose, it is kinda a hole. Not the best city in the world, kinda a small scale Mexico City.

The Blue Marlin I did not like a lot either. A great place to go find a girl, but not a great place to have some fun at. Key Largo was better for fun. The best description of the Blue Marlin is a Shark Tank, monger are the food and the girls are the sharks.

The other places like New Fanasty, Blue Coyette, EROS, IDEM, are good. But these places are short time house. The New Fanasty was great and reminded me alot of place in Asia. There are not a lot of things to do San Jose for fun, outside of playing with the girls in the clubs, bars and M.P.

02-05-04, 20:26
I will be in CR from Feb 27th thru march 7th . There was 3 of us going and one backed out . I have a boat booked for March 1,2, 3 in Quepos. I'm looking for two people to share the expense of the boat.

02-06-04, 22:28
Anyone had recent (last 2-3 moths) experience at Balmoral hotel. How are rooms and charge for guests? I like Presidente but it is sold out.

02-06-04, 22:59
For a good Hotel

I think the best deal for a hotel in downtown San Jose.

The Hotel La Gan Via Hotel. It is clean and cheap and big rooms. They have weekly and monthly deals. Never a charge for guest. It is 2 blocks from the Pres. on the walkway. this is there web site check it out. http://www.zurqui.co.cr/gran/via.html Rooms can be had for about $250. a week tax included and that will give you more money for SEX and that's what it is all about.


02-06-04, 23:12
I went to the Tin Jo restaurant the other night, and I thought it was hugely over rated on this forum and expressly over priced. The curry that my date had was bad, the Pad Thai that I had was worse. The service at the restaurant was AWESOME. Given the opportunity to make comments, I wrote that I currently live and work in Korea, and the dishes that I experienced at Tin Jo lacked authenticity to true Asian cuisine at cultural restaurants there. I was surprised to get a email reply from the restaurant. Here it is:

Dear .........:

Thank you for coming yesterday and for taking the time to write us a note.

We are glad that you enjoyed our service. A..... and I both appreciate your comment.

We regret that you find us overpriced. Unfortunately, most of our ingredients are imported and our prices reflect our cost structure.

I totally agree with you that we are not authentic. We don´t strive to be authentic. Our food is Asian-inspired. Most of the recipes are of my own creation. In this sense it´s very personal. My guiding principals are that the food be fresh (organic whenever possible), well prepared and nutritionally balanced. Taste in food is very personal and I understand if you were not pleased. I am sorry about it.

Thanks again for expressing your opinion.


M.... ...
Tin-Jo Restaurant

I thought the email was both direct and honest. However, if a restaurant is going to list a dish as, say, Pad Thai, the dish should be just that, not a personalized version but a culturally specific one (IMHO).

Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 23:24
JimHart - Molino Rojo does have a sign on it, by the way. It's on the top of the building, near the corner. It's a fun place, and for $13 or so for 1/2 an hour, you can't loose too bad.

What I would recommend is to find a girl you really like, and arrange to take her for the whole night. That way no barfine or such. I did that with a nice Dominican chica a couple of years ago.

One thing that I run into when I tell people I'm going to Thailand. About 90% just assume it for the girls. Costa Rica doesn't have the sexual rep that Thailand has.

02-07-04, 11:59
I'm taking my first trip to CR on Sunday. I've done the Thailand trip six times and don't expect CR to be at the same level.

I love the Thai girls but for the most part they don't want to "samoke" (BJ). Are the CR girls a little more receptive to services above the standard call of duty such as BJ and "greek".

Just curious, I hate being the ugly american.

Mickey Mouse
02-07-04, 21:34
I have a problem. I'm sorry to announce that because of work responsibilities I will have to cancel my trip to CR this week. I was so looking forward to meeting some new friends and having new adventures.
L Dog, Shamas and the rest will have to explore without me, but please let me know of any new findings or experiences.
Until next time,

02-08-04, 00:54
The cost to call the States from Costa Rica using a calling card is ridiculous. I am paying 3k colones for 15 minutes. Any suggestions for alternatives?

I went to El Pueblo last night. I found the girls there a bit unapproachable. I think part of it is the grandiose attention a guy gets at places like the Del Ray and the Blue Marlin. Being out in a regular bar was a bit of leveling for the ole ego. Good music, though. Someone told me there was a good live band at the Key Largo, and I ended up going there at the end of the night, but I wasn't into the whole scene there. I went home empty handed.

I had reason to book a flight to another Central American country today. I went to OTEC Clubes De Viajes. The proprietor whom I worked with was Kattia A. Ch. (kattia@arenastours.com). She gave me the go ahead to use her first name and email address. Folks, she was awesome. She helped me with all aspects of my travel. I got a great last minute price (I went to another place earier in the day and was quoted $490. to a neighboring country. Kattia found me a flight for $245.). She is patient, speaks fine English, and is centrally located in downtown San Jose at Del Teatro Nacional, 275 Norte, Viajes OTEC.

02-08-04, 05:31

No problem with BJs in CR just do not pay to much.

At the Dell Ray You should pay about $30-50US. Some places as low as $12 US. If you want BB ask upfront. Most chicas will say yes. Have Fun!


Jaimito Cartero
02-08-04, 15:41
Carrick - Well, at least you got an actual response from them. I'm not much into curry, but enjoyed the items I ate at Tin Jo last year. I'd kind of think that the idea that they import most of their items might be stretching it a bit.

I'd recommend a nice Peruvian restaurant, called Machu Pichu. It's just off Paseo Colon, make a left when coming from La Sabana, and it's about 1 block, on your right. Usually open from 6pm or so, I think. It's closed either Monday or Tuesday. Not a fancy place, but good food.

02-08-04, 16:48
About TinJo, my last visit I offered to take E there for dinner, she said no which was most unusual, it's the first time she's ever said no to any resturant. She has a very low opinion of all Chinese places in CR.

Tomy Paprika's out in San Pedro is excellent, up scale little gourmet place run by a Swiss guy. It's only open for dinner and it's by reservation only. Best Iv'e had in SJO.

The cafe at the Gran Hotel was very good and it's open air simular to the New Cafe.

I've eatten at Machu Puchu and it was very good.

Don't beat me up on this one guys, but the Pizza Hut by the Royal Dutch was very good. They have one dish, can't remember the exact name, it's a pasta with Alfredo sauce, chicken and vegies. I really liked it.

There are many very good and cost effective resturants in SJO and a few over priced ones also.

Bon Chowdown


02-08-04, 16:53
I agree with many of you that Tin Jo is not really an authentic chinese restaurent Eeven the the menu which advertises indian food are not by any means authentic. Machupichu meanwhile is a really authentic peruvian food establishment. This is just for information only. I really do not agree with the explanations given by Tin JO. When you advertise certain ethnic food all over the world make sure you stick to the standard or else just change the menu. I have eaten in many mexican restaurents in San Jose that are really authentic. This is IMHO.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a spaces periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

02-08-04, 18:27
Machu pichu also has lunch hours.

I like Tomy Paprika's but be warned he has a limited menu. My party were the only patrons the night I went and fish was 4 of the seven courses. Better to ask when making reservations what is the menu for that night,as one of my friends doesn't eat fish and couldn't eat most of the meal.

02-08-04, 18:32
This new culinary thread is interesting. Thought I'd share my two cents, as I had the pleasure of an enjoyable meal at a steak house. La Cascada was recommended to me by some lovely ladies when I was at the BM, and it's about a 15 min. cab ride from there. Nice place, well-lit open atmosphere, it's a bit out of the way from the Gringo Gulch, but the cab driver offered to stick around until we were through, just negotiate the tip for the wait.

I only wish I had gone to eat there earlier in the evening, I couldn't truly engorge in the largest available cuts, as I had to same some appetite for the BM ladies.

Lately it seems that some have posted "less then enthusiastic" reviews of San Jose, and that's fine, it is what it is. While La Cascada isn't Ruth's Crist, for San Jose it's a nice place for a steak dinner. IMHO.


02-09-04, 08:26
As far as the negative reports go, all of the posters have expressed why they liked other areas better than SJO. To me the one big advantage to SJO is how close it is. South America and Thailand have many advantages over SJO but you have to factor in the travel time. I can do a long weekend (5days) and get five days in SJO, for South America it would be four days and Thailand three days.

Some have said they don't think the SJO girls are pretty, well we all know that each of us have our preferences in women. I've read a great deal on southeast asia and some guys think the girls in Thailand are the pretties while other swear by the Cambodians & VietNamese. I work with a Mexican, he thinks the gringo ladies are the pretties in the world, while I think the latinos are numero uno.

Viva la differance.


02-09-04, 22:17
Shamas ... I'm sure you mean the latinAs are your favorite instead of the latinOs.
Not to many latinos hanging out in the Blue Marlin ... at least I hope not.

Just a little humor ... forgive me.


02-10-04, 02:50
Two of the great places to eat in San Jose.

1) Authentic Chinese food Casa Chino 5 min taxi ride from BM.

2) Sea Food restaurant Princes Marina (There are 3) all about 15 min. by taxi

02-10-04, 04:22
Carrick, and any others interested. I can't speak with certaintity regarding today's atmosphere, but in the past, the chicks who came to the clubs in El Pueblo on Fri and Sat night were different from those that attended during the week. I discovered that on friday and saturday night it is filled with local lovers, those in a crowd that go to see each other, etc.; whereas those out in weekdays are more adventuresome, have even found some pros working there...may be different now, but you reported on having gone on the 6th and they were unapproachable, just a thought as to why...would be interesting to have you try a weekday, especially thursday night..Viajero

02-10-04, 06:59

Now you tell me, I always wondered why it smells so crappy in my room after a session :-). Thanks for the correction bud, I'm still trying to get the very basics of the language down pat.

I'll be in SJO this coming Thursday afternoon with WFKY24 in tow. With a great deal of help from Nononsense and Ace00 I have my date book filled up. Life is good.

The clock is ticking seriously

Shamas O'D

02-10-04, 12:29
heres part one of a news report from abc 7 in chicago

for years, chicago men who didn't want to indulge their shameful obsession close to home, would travel to countries such as thailand. the i-team takes you to a much closer destination-- costa rica, where teenagers are plentiful for a price.
night and day, american men cram into bars where prostitutes offer services that are illegal back home. here there is both anonymity and impunity because prostitution is allowed, as long as the woman is at least 18 years old. but local investigators estimate there are 3,000 **** girls working as prostitutes in costa rica. many of them were brought against their will from nicaragua, colombia, honduras and the dominican republic.
"you cannot really sometimes see the difference between a seventeen-year old girl or a nineteen-year-old girl. so that it's there that we have this age line that will permit for sometimes that younger girls be exploited and it's hard to know," said rosalia, gil, c.r. children's affairs minister.
about 2,500 miles from chicago, an intersection in downtown san jose costa rica is what many male american tourists refer to affectionately as ground zero, the baseline for their sexual holidays. within a few blocks of here are dozens of nightclubs, massage parlors and one hour hotels that feature prostitutes of all ages.
chuck: "how old are you?
michelle: sixteen."
michelle was one of the prostitutes abc7 news met while working undercover in san jose who admitted being ****. however, many working girls appeared to be younger than 18.
"if you can imagine 11, 12, 13 year old girls and what they are put through. it pretty much ruins their life," said mark cullinane, u.s. embassy-costa rica.
u.s. diplomats here warn american tourists not to hire **** prostitutes and pledge to help local police prosecute american violators. nevertheless, american patrons the i-team met seemed to have convinced themselves that barroom prostitutes are of legal age.
bar patron: "they are all over 18 or else they wouldn't be here. make sure they are."
chuck goudie: he says there are a lot of guys here from chicago...
bar patron: yea there was...big group of 'em here.
abc7 news met those chicagoans who had come here on an expedition organized by the owner of emmit's pub, a well-known irish tavern in west town.
"one girl i had last year, her husband was killed, she brought her two kids here, she makes $600 a week and only works 2 days, she says that's all i need. she does three tricks a night."
he told us the costa rica contingent included a chicago policeman and a chicago fireman.
"some of these firemen have been doing this for 18 years...it just grows every year and it gets more fun. you've got to love this, it's unbelievable, its so safe...i want to be comfortable, i want to feel safe," said ronald halverson, costa rica visitor.
costa rica's slogan is "pura vida," which means pure life. it is one of the world's greatest eco-centers, with cashmere beaches, lush rain forests, volcanoes and tropical animals. but for thousands of american men, the pure life that draws them is human wildlife.
among them: scott fawell, the now-imprisoned aide to ex-governor george ryan. fawell and several other former illinois officials were treated to costa rican prostitutes by then-state lobbyist roger "the hog" stanley in exchange for government contracts. stanley-- also now in prison-- owned a home here in san jose, has a child here, and operated a travel agency that catered to americans.
"costa rica has been sold out in the united states on the internet as a sex paradise and we are trying to stop it," said rosalia gil.
many of the chicago men who take these trips write vivid reports on their conquests and post them on some of the 70 websites devoted to costa rican sex tours. they call themselves "chicago mongers."
popular websites feature still photos of very young-looking girls. in some cases, there is also videotape shot in san jose hotel rooms, along with consumer ratings for each girl's hygiene and performance.
last month trafficking experts from chicago and central america met in costa rica to devise a battle plan. this month in san jose taxi drivers are being trained to identify and turn in sex violators. costa rica cops are stopping street prostitutes who appear **** and checking birthdates on their government id cards. they're also delivering a message to american men.
"they can enjoy our nature, our country, but this is not a place to come for sexual exploitation."
the best deterrent is probably the possibility of time in a clammy costa rican jail. authorities invited the i-team to see what horrid accommodations await american tourists arrested for child sex.
"we make investigation. we make arrests. in 2003 we arrested nine persons involved with crimes against children in costa rica," said dir. paul chavez, costa rica police.
but none of nine arrested last year was american, even though more sex tourists visit costa rica from the u.s. than anywhere else. chavez says police need more money for undercover work. at the american embassy, mark cullinane has a more simple deterrent.
"i think we should ask those gentlemen if they have wives and daughters and how they would feel if their loved ones were victimized by their activities?" said cullinane.
since word got out that the i-team was doing this story, internet chat rooms that cater to costa rica sex tourists have been buzzing.
tuesday 10p.m., the i-team looks at the women caught up in chicago's shameful obsession and the men who keep them there.
you can see the abc7 report by clicking on the video icon above

Baby Huey
02-10-04, 15:49
it sounds like the chicago local news are looking for stories to do. the problem with american news both printed and aired is, they never want to do positive news, just negative news. outside of sports, how much positive news do you hear on cnn, your local news and newspapers? all you hear about is this person was killed, this business is going bankrupt, etc., you never hear about people helping people, local business are doing this to help the local people, etc. all you hear about iraq is x amount of solder were killed today, you never hear that the un did this today to help the local people, etc. i think it is american sociality, negatively sells, something was lost years ago in american culture. i travel allot, and in our countries, 25% of the news is negative and the other 75% is positive, giving people a good feeling in life. here in the u.s. it is 10% positive and 90% negative. the problem is the media is so strong throughout the world and affects the way people think. the media can change how people think, from elections to war, from michael jackson to president bush; they have too much power and the love to spin negativity to american sociality.

in costa rica and other countries, to included thailand, the local males used the prostitution more than the foreigner. the foreigners are just a small portion of the users compare to the locals. and if you look, the locals are the ones using the **** prostitution more. but the foreign press's and government love in these countries, like pointing out the foreigners are causing these problems. it is easier for the local government to point there finger at the outsiders than people from there own country. i personally do not used or believe in **** prostitution, i believe the girl should be at the age that they can make there own decision before getting into this business.

the other thing that this story did not bring up is prostitution is legal in costa rica, thailand, and many other countries. also the positive affect that prostitution has on the local economy. it has a bigger affect on the economy in thailand than in costa rica, but it does have affect in many ways.

this is the good old american way, our way is the only way and prostitution should be illegal around the world. it is the world’s oldest profession and illegal here in the u.s., but still happens in the u.s., just underground. in other countries, were it is legal, the sex workers have regular health checks, it is tax, and more controlled. but in the u.s., it is underground, no health checks, no taxes to the government, etc.; which way is better?

it is legal in canada and controls have been put in place by the government. but you ever hear u.s. media writing about this, they love writing about 3rd world countries, because it is easier to put a bigger negative spin on it.

02-10-04, 23:56
A sex story on the local TV news broadcasts in February? Must be the "sweeps" rating period. The oldest trick in the book.

Migrant One
02-11-04, 01:33
Hey Guys,

Haven't posted here before, but have followed with interest all others.

Besides the women the recent talk of eating is also near and dear to my heart. Last trip with my Honderena we stayed at Hotel Le Bergerac in Los Yoses and their French restaurant is as good as any I've eaten at in NY, LA. Pricey for CR, appetizers, main courses, wine and dessert for 2 just under 100 which includes tip but again world class. Perfect for a Novia you want to impress.

Balcon de Europa is also great with home made pasta and just down the road from Del Rey.


02-11-04, 02:54
news stories like the one posted here are just advertisement for hobbiest. pura vida! (however, the **** thing is not okay from my perspective. a child just cannot make an rational decision about sex.) the guys back in chicago were likely hoping that the wife/girlfriend weren't watching the same news cast. this way, he can actually make a salient excuse to make a break for cr!

jaimito cartero, thanks for the tip on the peruvian restaurant. i wish i were going to be here for a day or two more to check it out, but i am off on a tour tomorrow and gone the day after. 'yes' to dinoman's recommendation of princes marina. it was excellent when i went there with a date. good service. it was my date's birthday, and i pulled the waiter aside on a trip to restroom, asking him if we could have a small celebration for my date. perfectly timed, two waiters brought out a piece of tres leches cake with a candle. they lit the candle, and helped me sing happy birthday to her. i got 'mileage' for all that later. viajerotropico, your suggestions sure would explain why i went home with frost bite from el pueblo on the weekend, and it would further explain why i had a better experience during the week.

i finally made it to item. cool set up. i hooked up with a little nica named ana. she was sweet and seemingly innocent (is that an oxymoron in this situation?). in the next breath, i must tell you that she did this little masturbation thing that just about had my 'traffic controller' dropping his flags before i reached the docking bay. she gave me her number, and we are supposed to be having dinner tonight.

enter hell.

i went to panama over the last three days to meet up with a female friend there. i lost my f-ing passport, and i spent the whole of my three days dealing with a very bad circumstance. i left it in a cab (in a plastic portfolio) with a bunch of money and some desireable paper, including ana's number (not important in the scope of things). i had to go to the embassy (they sent me on a wild goose chase...i will explain on another post), pay nearly $100 for a replacement, and give up any resemblance of touring in panama city. mathematically, what is 'it sucked shit' squared?

as i mentioned earlier, i will be leaving cr soon. if you find yourself with an urge to hobby with beautiful korean women in seoul, do give me a hollar at the seoul, korea posts. i can show you the ropes.

02-12-04, 02:10
Carrick, Ditto on the Balcon de Europa, It's about the most authentic "old Costa Rica" place I've been to in CR in over 10 yrs and it's right under the noses of most mongers, walking between DR and the Prez. One of my favorite Ticas turned me on to it, and I've never been disappointed there, which is more than I can say about her.

If you want to REALLY impress a novia though try Ram Luna, It's way up on a mountain overlooking San Jose and the view at night is pretty impressive and the food and service are excellent too. The president of CR even goes there to eat sometimes, (and the prices are pretty reasonable) But you don't need to have the taxi wait, ask your waiter and he'll gladly call you another when you're ready to leave.

02-13-04, 21:25
I can confirm Ram Luna up on the hill, actually if we are talking about the same place it has two sides: one is a pure restaurant, and the other a little club with some live music..both have the cool views.

02-15-04, 14:39
I plan to be in CR in a couple of months. I want to travel to Cuba as well. Can anyone with experience leaving from CR to Cuba tell me what I should do and watch out for. I was told that I would not need a passport and that I should not if I did bring one to Cuba not have it stamped. thanks

Gringo Tico
02-16-04, 14:40
First time here. I just returned from two weeks in Costa Rica. I have been there many times but the first time in 8 years. There were quite a few changes but still my favorite place. I speak Spanish like a gringo but get around fine.

Thanks to the reports here I intended to visit many of the chica places listed here. The first place I visited was the 747. Located on Calle 4. Calle 4 is the street that runs North-South in front of the Banco Central. From the Banco Central walk North which goes down hill to Avenida 5. Then continue on Calle 4 about 50 meters. 747 is on the left and just before the "Purple House".

At 747 just reach in and unlatch the metal door and have a seat. About 8 chicas when I was there. Number one chica is Rosio. (See my photos of her in the PHOTO SECTION). She is very busy so if you don't see her just ask if she is working. They are open from 6:00A until 6:00P, closed Sunday. To find her free it is best to go in the morning. If not you can wait for her but as soon as you see her get up and grab her before someone else does. I am 68 and need a chica that will give that extra touch. She is a very sweet chica and let me do whatever I wanted. She quoted C4,000 (US$9.52) for half hour. I don't go for anything weird so I don't know how far she will go. She did offer bbbj or cbj but I took the covered. She finished my off on top and WOW did I cum. You can take a shower with her before and/or after. The best in years. I would rate Rosio --- Looks face and body 9+, GFE 9, Personality 10, bj 10, sex 10. She is just great to be with. She was so good that I went back to her several times and each time was great. Why spend $100 on a chica that will be no better when you can have Rosio 10 times for the same price.

She also stated that she does out-calls to hotels. I didn't ask her price for this.

While in the same area I checked out the Purple House. It has the same setup and had about 10 chicas when I visited. Just set on the sofa or chairs and chat with the chicas. I took Karen once. She is a cute little 19 year old. Said she had one year experiance but didn't have that special touch. They ask C6,000. I offered C5,000 and she said OK. They will probably take C4,000.

I also checked out the Oasis Massage near Paseo Colon. About 8 chicas in the range of 6-8. I took an 8 for C10,000 one hour. I made it clear to the manager that I wanted a shower with the chica before and after. But when we went to the shower she wanted me to shower first. I called the manager and she made the girl go with me. At that point my expecations dropped along with my cock. The massage was only legs and back, bj was covered and so-so. Finished with sex in various postions but was also so-so. I would not go back.

I never got around to go to other places as I kept going back to Rosio 747. All in all a great trip.

Member #1625
02-16-04, 18:19

I agree with your post that CR is a great place to go and doesn't require a day and a half of travel EACH WAY. It is cheap, I always have a great time, the ladies are second to none in beauty and it is safe. Sure, there is crime but read the Metro section of any large city in the U.S. and tell me where the danger is.

I found CR on my own in late 2002 and have been the 8 times now since. I am going next month and I am sure that I wont be dissappointed.

Friar Lust
02-16-04, 21:05
As and old TJ monger I had heard stories about Costa Rica and finally decided to visit last year in May. It must have been good because I went back in November, January and am going back in March!

I can't yet compare it to Thailand as I haven't been since I was a young military man way back in 62 - but I am planning a trip in May to Pattaya.

I find Costa Rica very pleasant as a county, the people are very attractive and friendly, the weather is moderate, the hotel and food prices are very reasonable and the availability of GFE is outstanding.

In three trips I only had one bad experience where I was 'rushed' and several that were great GFE's.

I am new to this board but I will post a trip report after my March trip.

Fr. Lust

02-16-04, 23:04
Just got back from my first trip to CR and thought I would share it with everyone.

I've been mongering here in the states for 20 years and between 1998 and 2001 I made 6 trips to Thailand as well as a couple of short day trips to TJ.

Sunday: Arrive in SJ at 2:30PM and meet up with my friend who has been to CR several times.

Check into Presidente, drop bags in room and head for taxi. First stop was New Fantasy Messaje but it was closed on Sunday, then off to another MP but it also was closed on Sunday too! (I started thinking maybe this trip wasn't going so good). Then my friend mentioned Park Hotel and I was all for it. He seemed reluctant and said the place was kinda sleezy and the girls were on the low end. Sounded good to me, afterall, I had been in SJ for two hours and still hadn't gotten laid. Park Hotel had about 5 girls available and I took the best looking one of the bunch. Went up to the room and thought I was doing good til she took her clothes off. She had stretch marks that bordered on horribly disfiguring but considering that she didn't have a dick I went for it. She seemed pleasantly suprised that I insisted on a condom for the BJ. After BJ for a few minutes, I crawled on top and noticed a bit of butt smell and thought "at least she doesn't have a dick" and finished my business.

Went back to Presidente, showered and went to check out the Del Ray. I wasn't terribly impressed with DR but it was Sunday and early yet. I got on the slot machines and couldn't seem to loose. I got up about $400 and called it quits. By then the place had filled with hotties and I started thinking this was like a upscale version of Thermae with gambling. One of the girls came over and asked if I like her sister. I think she was columbian but she was awfully pretty and really young looking. I had her show me her ID and tried to negotiate the $100 DR asking price. She wouldn't come down on the price so I thought "I'm up $400 and I don't think she has a dick". Took her back to the Presidente and had had the clerk double check her ID to make sure she was old enough. She took her clothes off and had a perfect body. She seemed pleasantly suprised when I insisted on condom for BJ. Got about 15 strokes into the sex and looked down to admire her body and noticed she was on the rag "Yuck!!!", but of course I thought "at least she doesn't have a dick", finished up and walked her back to the DR to meet up with my friend.

We ate dinner at Morazon and just hung out for a while. About midnight we walked over to Key Largo and my friend hooked up with a cute little plumper and she brought her friend over who was a little plumper than I care for. The night wore on and I was ready to get some sleep. My friend had come up with a price of $45 for his girl so I assumed that mine would be the same. I got her back to the presidente only to find she was chunkier than she appeared and I thought "at least she doesnt' have a dick". Anyway, she seemed happy when I insisted on condom for BJ. She was actually the best fuck of the day (yet more butt smell) and finished off via tittie fuck with pearl necklace. She got dressed to leave and wanted me to pay her. I must have been really tired cause I asked her "how much".(The common response to this in Thailand is "up to you"), so imagine my suprise when she said "I THINK YOU KNOW". I said NO,NO, No, I don't know. She said $100, I almost felt bad for laughing at her and told her, jokingly, that she should pay me. I gave her $40 and sent her on her way, she didn't complain.
Monday: I wake up around 8:30AM to the sounds of some bastard on the street yelling in spanish something about lottery tickets. I get some coffee at the News Cafe in the lobby of Presidente and reflect on the previous day. The thought runs through my mind "why do these girls seem to have the butt smell?, afterall, I never got the butt smell in Thailand". Maybe my sense of smell has gotten better since I quit drinking a couple of years ago. I came to the conclusion that CR is not the place for me and I should go fishing and give up mongering. I go meet my friend for breakfast and around 2:00PM we head over to the New Fantasy MP (you didn't think I'd really give up did you?), I pick the best looking girl and go back for the room. The massage is $40\hour or $20 for the half, I paid for an hour.The girls name was Jessica and when she took her clothes off I new I had a winner. She gave a pretty damn good massage and seemed pleasantly suprised when I insisted on condom for BJ.

The sex was really good and I thought "this is more like it, no butt smell and good service". After the massage we went to the steam room, we fooled around for a while in the steam room where things got really hot. No time for more sex cause my hour was more than over. Not only was this the cheapest service I had found it was hands down the best so I paid for another hour. The second hour turned out to be by far the best GFE I've ever had while mongering. The second hour turned out to be by far the best GFE I've ever had while mongering. Yes, I said it twice. Finished the session and left New Fantasy a very happy yet exhausted man. Went back to the DR and had dinner and won $200 in the slot machines (don't worry, my luck will run out later). Decide to make an early night of it cause we have to catch the Grey Line bus to Tamarindo at 7:30AM.
Tuesday: Bus ride to Tamarindo blah, blah,blah..... Ok, check into hotel Pasatiempo in Tamarindo and ask desk clerk if he can hook us up with any chicas. He say he's got a friend who can hook us up, two hours later he's still waiting for a call back. Talk to several people who say WHY NOT bar is the best place or Mombo bar but nobody recommends it saying the girls want $150. we walk down to Mombo bar around 8:00PM thinking would could have fun saying "No Way" but it's closed, take a taxi over to Why Not bar and it's closed too. I cringe at the thought of what happened next, we asked the taxi driver if he new any chicas (actually, my friend asked, I would never ask a taxi driver). He gets on his cell phone and turns into dark dirt street and say's "she come out, if you like OK". I thought we'd get robbed but turns out this really good looking columbian girl comes out of the house in just a towel my friend talks to her in spanish and tells me she agreed to $50. We toss a coin to see who goes first and he wins, I tell him it will be fine once I get past the used part :-)

The taxi driver gets back on the cell phone and gets another girl (unseen) to meet me at the bar at pasatiempo. She shows up and shes a hottie too!!! Take her to the room, she's pleasantly suprised when I insist on condom for BJ. Average quickie fuck and send her on her way $50 richer. Go to the Bar at hotel and see the clerk, say's he's still waiting. I tell him if he needs girls to give me a call, I've got connections :-)

Wednesday: Go Fishing and take a break.

Thursday: Go Fishing and take a break.

Friday: Go Fishing and take a break.

Saturday: Leave Tamarindo 6:25AM via Sansa Air to SJ. Arrive about 7:30. Drop bags off at hotel because it's too early to check in. Get some breakfast at hotel Gran and some chica comes by and gives me her cell number. I tell her I'll call her later. Get to the New Fantasy around 10:AM only to find my girlfriend is out sick that day. I consider sending her candy, flowers and a get well soon card but decide to fuck one of the other girls instead. Get a girl named Pamela and get a good massage. I'm suprised to find out she insists on condom for BJ. Good FS but just not my Jessica :-) so I don't do another hour with her. Go to DR to find my luck has run out on slots and loose $300 in an hour. Suddenly those overprice DR hoes don't sound too bad. Spend an hour or so hanging around smoking cigarrettes and drinking coca-cola lights. Go back to the hotel, freshen up and grab a little lunch. 3:00 head back over to New Fantasy and get my second choice from earlier that morning. She's the first Tica I've had and was alot of fun, she didn't speak a bit of english but was very enthusiastic. If I spoke any spanish she would have been even more fun.

Got her in serval positions and finished with a nice tittie fuck/pearl necklace. Went to the shower room for a bit, got dressed and went back to DR and dropped $200 more in slots.
Ended up back at Morazon and dropped another $100 in the slots there. Ms. "I THINK YOU KNOW" shows up and hangs all over me for about an hour so I tell her i'll be back but opt to get a good night sleep before my flight home on Sunday.

Sunday: Get up, have breakfast and loose another $100 in slots at DR. Head to the airport and fly home. Get home and the wife is horny as hell and I'm happy to help her out.

My last thought of Sunday was "Mongering is fun but when it comes down to it I enjoy barebacking my wife more than anything", plus she doesn't have a dick or the butt smell.

In closing I have to say CR was really fun. When I compare it to Thailand I have to look at the bright side. 3.5 hour flight, CLEANER, less pollution, not as crowded, no problems exchanging currency.

I know a hell of alot more Thai than I do spanish so some work on my CR communication skills would really help.

02-17-04, 08:04
Just got back from five days/four nights in SJO. Took my nephew down who thought he was going to see the wildlife in the rain forest. I told him that the first night I had two friends coming over for dinner and that he would have to sign one of them in for me. E & R showed up on time and were looking absolutely great!!!. E is so pretty and has such a great attitude and smile, R is a beauty who could be in any mans magazine. They knew my plan to have them do a double on him. We sat down for dinner at the New Cafe, E sitting next to me and R sitting with my nephew. About half a second lately R ran her hand down his thigh, he sat up straight and half gulped. Dinner was good, he didn't eat much but the rest of us dined well. In the room I got E in my room and talked with her, R kept at my nephew. The girls went to the shower and I offered to leave him to the two ladies. Chaching, he said hell yes. As I left the suite I told all of them I didn't want to see any of them for at least an hour. Well I was so involved in getting him laid I forgot to tell the girls not to leave when they were done. After taking care of a few things I went back up and waited in a chair in the hallway outside ther room. I got the maid to get us some extra towels, she wanted to take them in the room but I explained w/added facial features, oh no, busy, busy. She laughed and smiled and I sat there with a lap full of towels as the stright guests walked by. All three lived up to my instruction (don't want to see you for at least an hour). Yep, over an hour later the girls started out the door, I jumped up, no no stop, it's my turn. Since my nephew was new to CR I had him wait in the News Cafe. My session with the two beauties was primo to say the least.

Next day I had my massage lady Y come in. She's not a spring chicken but for any age she's really good looking. Her one hour massage always lasts over 1.5 hrs. She has an excellent technique (both ways) and finishes me off with a bbbj. My nephew got the day off. That night we went to the Park Hotel show. I lied to him about the show, he thought it was going to be a bunch of guys getting drunk and hooting and hollering. When the show started little wild Maria was in front of him, her first move was to throw both of her legs around his head and pull him in for a full frontal muff assault. Go Boy Go, next thing, he's clit licking and drinking a beer off her puss. I tried to stop him, but he had a mind of his own. Two other girls pulled the same routine on him. Well his luck ran out, he didn't win one of the after show bjs.

Will finish this report shortly


02-17-04, 08:21
Part 2

Saturday E & R came by, I had a session with them and E was supposed to stay the night with my newphew. Ended up she couldn't. Sunday my massage lady came by for two hours, she was late and it just about ran into E & A who came by for dinner. After dinner both ladies agreed to stay all night with my nephew. I was so happy. Between the three ladies, E, R and A, I can't pick one over the others as they all have their own special qualities, but E does me the most good. A is so nice and precious and R is so pretty. I've seen R a dozen times, my last visit I finally noticed what a great butt she has, that says something about how pretty she is from the front.

We hit most of the bars in the gulch, BM, KL, NY and Piano. Hazel was working a few nights at the Piano, man what a babe !!!. Illiana was working the bar at the KL, another hot bod. There were some stunning babes at the BM, one newbie from Gutamala was about 4'10" and pretty as can be. I got one quick look at her, she had guys lined up waiting on her. I'm not jokeing, she would get off the elevator and walk up the steps to the bar and another guy would grab her. The guys actually set up a picking order for her services.

I saw D'man, Dino, Senor Dos, Playtime, Lurker, Snooky and a couple of new guys. Lurker had a lazer pointer so you didn't have any doubt who he was pointing out. Dino and Dman were rating all of the girls, they laughed so much on night I thougt they were close to losing it.

That's the high lights as best I can remember them,

Got some pics for my nephew, he can't have them, he has to come to my place to see them.


02-17-04, 18:26
Shootout on Avenida 8

Last Feb 6, in San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica, a drug dealer stabbed a hotel owner who would not pay him and fled to a nearby shop where he was cornered by police and took a hostage. He stabbed two policemen in the process. I do not have those details. When he tried to flee he was shot and killed, all recorded by two news cameras. I saw the reruns on TV for hours...and happened to be about a block away at the Park Hotel.
Here is a newspaper report:

"The hostage standoff in the downtown started when a man fatally stabbed Mario Cortés, the co-owner of the Hotel la Flora on Avenida 8 between calles 2 and 4. The murderer later was identified as Lorenzo Gílberth Thompson Shang, about 30, of Panamá, a man with a lengthy police record.

Thompson fled from the hotel to a nearby shop where he put a knife to the throat of owner Manuel Rojas and dragged him into a bathroom where he resisted negotiation efforts by police for nearly two hours.

All this happened around midday about two blocks south of Parque Central.

Thompson ended up stabbing two police officers, but his hostage was freed when police gunned down the murderer. "

I saw the shooting on the TV news. The footage was repeated over and over. A plainclothes officer pulled what appeared to be a Beretta 92 from his waist holster and fired two shots at the murderer/drug dealer as he tried to make a run for freedom. He died on spot on the sidewalk.

I will try to post a photo of the scene.
The shooting took place at the rear of the black van in the middle of the photo.

02-17-04, 19:20
Gringo Tico,

You found a winner in Rocio (with a c). If you do a search of this board, you will find other great reports, including my own. Even though she's been in the biz for at least four or five years, she still isn't hardened. Probably the best oral skills in SJ. Her asking rate for hotel outcalls is significantly higher (starting at USD 70).

Le Spuff
02-17-04, 20:00
Is it me or Costa Ricas' Chicas sounds so overpriced now. How much does it cost? $80-100+ for all night, $60-$100 for a short time. Though the massage/fs sounds like what is the best bargin $40-$50 but, these chicas are so pricey. I was debating DR or CR I was leaning towards CR because, DR's chicks are mostly of the darker shade. The mongers probably spoiled these chica in CR and now they want more. I was planning a trip during offseason(the summer) to either DR or CR. I'm thinking it would be cheaper during the offseason. I mean in NYC it cost me $120 (my VIP rate, usually $160) f/s at asian massage parlor for probably 1 hr or less depending on your stamina. So CR prices are still cheap but, I don't want to pay those prices. LOL. Just wondering if those are correct.

02-18-04, 01:50
Hi fellow mongers,

The reports are much better this week than the last few weeks. I am leaving for San Jose Wednesday Feb. 25 . I will be there banging chicks for one month. I stay at the La Gran Via Hotel $750. for the month tax included.( I hate to spend good $$$ hotels) I Hope to run into some old friends and meet some new ones. I go to all the popular joints so if you meet someone by the name of Dino ask if he is a W.S.G member we well have some laughs. Have a good time wherever you bang chicks.


02-18-04, 02:31
Last month I was in San Jose for the first time. One recommendation that I have is to hit Oasis Massage before dinner (e.g. 6:00pm) and then when your hour is up, walk across the street to a resturant called Machu Piccu. The food was great and local beers were only about $1.40 US. The tica I had at Oasis said she was 18, but she knew what she was doing. Thirty bucks for an hour & it was a great break from New Fantasy & the Blue Marlin.


02-18-04, 13:49
500 Colone Bill Worthless?
I had a 500 Colone bill rejected by my hotel when I tried to pay part of my bill with it. They said that the bank no longer was accepting 500 Colone bills.
The new 500 Colone coins, the size of US half dollars, are especially useful for taxi fares and I usually kept a 500 Colone bill for the same purpose.

Cajun Muscle
02-18-04, 22:16
Which web site is the best for finding the lowest airfares to Costa Rica?


02-19-04, 19:27
I have found that going to each airline's individual website is less expensive. Taca airlines is usually the least expensive but has a limited number of departure cities in the U.S.

Le Spuff
02-19-04, 19:57
Just wanted to say I use travelocity/yahoo for my tickets. I just punch in the airports and state my time is flexible and that gives me the best prices. Right now the cheapest tickets from NYC-SJO is $385USD.


02-20-04, 02:49
Cajun muscel,

AA.com is good real low prices,

Good luck

Jun Fan
02-20-04, 22:44
OK....I'm in!

I bought my airline tickets today. I'll be down in C.R. from March 3rd-7th....direct from DFW on American was $427.

It sounds like I should just get a room at the Prez., so I'll probably go ahead and make reservations. I need to go back in the archives and try to dig out the better rooms some of you guys have already mentioned.

My plan is to spend the first afternoon/night in San Jose, getting some pussy, and then catch a puddle-jumper first thing in the morning to go to Jaco/Quepos/Manuel Antonio for two nights. It sounds like Jaco has the most action of those towns, but any input would be appreciated. I'll probably fly back to San Jose for the last night, just to bookend the trip properly ;)

Where are the most convenient ATM's that you guys use in around the Prez?


KR Man
02-21-04, 09:03
Hi guys,

I'm heading towards CR in Mid March for about a week (between 11 and 25th).

I am of French citizenship living in TX right now. I wanted to know if I needed a visa for CR?

Also what are the best place you recommend me (night clubs, place to monger, street locals) as I don't speak a word of spanish, recommend price etc. in CR to monger?

Do you think it is better to get an escort there? They charge 200$ for overnight. I bet it is too much but I have no idea about price there!

I am a bit into Anal stuff right now, is it acceptable by the locals girls (like in Brazil where it is common and normal ) to do that or should I just don't even bothered to ask.

Well if anyone will be there during this period let me know and we could meet.

And does anyone know about good deals from Dallas or Lubbock for CR.

Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate.

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Kosher Kowboy
02-21-04, 17:36
Kosher will arrive the 11th and shoot cum twice daily until the 15th when he leaves.

KosherCowboy: Drinks coke or pepsi but will treat other mongers in town to beer.

02-22-04, 01:57
KR....Go to yahoo.com type in "entry visas" in the search block,scroll down to Costa Rica and you can find out. You probably do not need a visa.As for the escort thing I would just go to the Del Rey and pick a girl there.Of course there are other options close by.Read some of the older posts...Hope this helps.......Mule

02-22-04, 22:46
Dancing at KL 1

KR Man
02-23-04, 04:46
Thanks Mule,

Do you know if I can manage my way around (expecially with dealing with the ladies when negotiating price) without speaking a word of spanish?

Do they most speak english or not?

Thanks for your help again.

KR Man
02-23-04, 06:39
By the way,

Which hotel is the most Chica Friendly in San jose? Does the Presidente have many ladies in the lobby?


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02-23-04, 07:18
KR Man,

Speaking Spanish helps but it's not hard to get around the language barrier. They all understand 'how much', 'too much' and the universally accepted hand signs are recognized.

Back in the December 2003 trip reports Jaimito Cartero wrote an extensive series of reports on many of the places in SJO and their price range/services offered.

Dallas area check American Airlines for their specials. Continental out of Houston.

Most guys shop at the Blue Marlin, I don't. IDEM is good. I also like to check out the Park Hotel during the weekday afternoons, you can catch some local hot babes looking for a few extra bucks.

You asked about a visa to SJO and you also said you're French. If you have a US passport, no visa required. I'm not dead sure about the requirements for a French passport carrier. As suggested you can check out the Yahoo site and you can contact the CR Embassy via email, look them up on the net.

I'll PM you a few other items.

Shamas O'Dognasty
Gourmet Catering &
Septic Tank Cleaning

02-23-04, 11:32
Midwest Mongers,

On AA; Chicago O'Hare, IL to San Jose, Costa Rica $258 through 31 March. Guess I'll be planning another foray to San Jose -- soon!

MIA to SJO $178


Jaimito Cartero
02-23-04, 13:32
Navets - Nice report. It's weird you got so many stinky butt chicas. I'd say that 90% of all the girls I've been with in normal hotels take a shower before and after the deed. Places like Molino Rojo are of course the exception, but most of the girls there do a quick cleaning up after they're done.

I'm in Thailand now, and I think I'm getting bored of it. Maybe I've been here too many times (4 times) in the last 9 months. 5 or 6 hours of flying time is attractive for me. I hate the 22-24 hours it takes me to fly back from Thailand.

02-23-04, 14:56
KR Man,

Go to the following Delta Airlines webpage:


This is a visa and passport search engine managed by the International Air Transport Association where you can input your nationality and country of residency, as well as what country you are coming from and what country you are traveling to and it tell you exactly what your passport and visa requirements will be.

It works very well.


02-23-04, 16:51

THanks for the help in clarifying that point for me. You're correct, she's not an employee there, but simply another one of the girls that works the scene in the MB.

She was a bit on the shy side at first, there's always a few of those, but she did warm up nicely with a few drinks and light conversation in spanish. THere's certainly a variety to pick from; either the assertive pro's in the bar or the demure one's sitting in the cafe by the sports book. Try 'em all.


02-23-04, 17:45
KR man

I sent you a PM and talked about hotels. The Prez doesn't have ladies in waiting, you have to go out and find them. The Del Ray is a pussy supermarket but like I've stated I don't shop there. I don't know if there are any girls still working the bar at the Morazon.

One thing for all and most of us have realized it, SJO is around 4,500 ft in altitude, booze will effect you more quickly and profoundly. Watch your drinking.


Tico Loco
02-24-04, 04:30
Hey Shamas,

We met at the Park Hotel show on Friday night . "I'm A Thug" T-Shirt...anyhow, it was cool meeting you and your nephew, and as i told you that night, you're a great uncle, that kid had a blast!! and man, did I have fun squirting those chicks!

Saw you at key largo for a bit, but I got way too fucked up and don't know what happened for a while there, way too many pilsens, hahaha, another good night thru the gulch.

02-24-04, 04:33

That is a great site, Thanks. Snooky...

02-24-04, 17:07
Tico Loco

Also had a great time with you, I'm trying plan my next trip right now. Nephew is on his own now, I showed him the fishing hole, now it's up to him to throw out the next line.

Have fun at home and do be safe.


KR Man
02-24-04, 20:25
Trojan and Especially Shamas,

Thanks you guys are great!

Shamas you really help me out, you're the best.

02-25-04, 04:12
Hi to All,

I am going to Costa Rica for one month. I will be there 2-25-04 I hope that many WSG members will be there. I am flying from NY for $347 thetas tax and all on AA. this is the time to go before prices go up. I am staying at the Hotel La Gran Via I think it is the best kept secret in San Jose. I go to all the HOT SPOTS but will not pay for the girls in the Dell Ray but love to hang out at the bar. You can pay as little as 5000c ($12) for ticas on the outside. they are for the most part not as hard but try hard to please. Do not think twice about approaching a tica on the street even if she s not a pro you might get lucky. The most experienced mongers in San Jose pick up there woman that way. Of course knowing Spanish helps. I will post anything worth while when I am there. The woman there love sex it is the latina way. So anyone planing a trip or is there now remember its all about the sex.


Le Spuff
02-25-04, 07:12
I heard the Gran Costa Rica is a good hotel to stay at. I was going to stay at the President but, since people say don't walk between the Del Rey and President. I mine as well stay at the Del Rey if I have to take the Taxi anyway. It's close to everything anyways. How is the crime in San Jose? I also heard that the Gran C.R has a lot chicas working the bar also but, ask for less and look good or even better than the chicas at Del Rey. Is this true? Thanks a million. Also how much should people be paying for a short time with a chica? all night? Massage/fuck? Last I heard it was like 60-100buck for short time for Del Rey chicas. Have the chicas gotten that spoiled. Those rates are outrageous. In DR is like 50 bucks all night but, there been a haitian invasion. I like my chicks not looking haitian.

Grey Ghost
02-25-04, 16:39
Le Spuff,

I have been to San Jose 8 times in the last two years. I prefer to stay at the Presidente. The walk to the Del Rey is only one block. Just be careful and keep your wits about you. If you need to, take the taxi for $1- $2 US. I never had a problem, aside from a few beggars looking for handouts, mostly kids. The Presidente is clean and laid back and also has a free breakfast buffet in the AM. The bar is facing the sidewalk and is great to watch the chicas walk by. The Presidente also has a jacuzzi, sauna and stem room on the 8th floor that you can reserve by the hour, no extra charge.

The Del Rey is convenient but will charge you $10-$12 per chica to bring the chicas to your room and the chicas are more likely to be in a hurry to get back downstairs. Stay at the Presidente, go to the Del Rey, find a chica that you like and appears to be into you and negotiate, first price then time. If they are firm and don't negotiate, walk away, they will most likely be uncooperable in the room too! Always know what you getting and when the time actually starts. Practice up on your spanish, this will go a long way, just trying to make the effort. Never pay the asking price which will be $100/hr. Learn some basic spanish phrases.

Also, if your into the less expensive bar/massage parlors go to this website and print out Lumps' map to take with you.


You can read about these places on this forum. Good Luck and have a ball!!

I will be there for a few days on Sun 3/7 thru Tues 3/9. If any other members will be there you can PM me and we can hook up for a beer and maybe criuse the afternoons.


KR Man
02-25-04, 23:06
HI guys,

Need your advice. I am hesitating between San Jose and Caracas. Which one do your recommend me in terms on money spend on girls and quality?

Thanks for your help.

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L Dog
02-26-04, 03:10
I just got back from my 8 day maiden voyage to CR and I must report. After months and months of great deliberation between the DR and CR I finally chose CR. Just before my trip there were some mixed reports coming out of San Jose, by some experienced and well respected posters if I might add.

The bottom line is I had a good time and would go back without a doubt, but I was disapointed with a few aspects of the scene there. I stayed at the Delrey for my entire trip with a one day fishing foray to Quepos (sp) sandwiched in the middle. I don't know where to start exactly but let me just break down some of my observations for you.

The Delrey and the Blue Marlin bar- The hotel Delrey is about a 2 1/2 star hotel. The rooms are sparse but relatively clean. I rate it about the same as a Motel 6 or Days in as far as the room goes. My door did open up to an attractive atrium but it did smell like smoke at all times in the hallway. And you could hear the casino action in your room if you stayed on the first 3 floors. So if you're a light sleeper ask for a room above the 3rd floor. The breakfast buffett was pleasant enough with quality food and a relaxing atmosphere. And I ordered room service one night that never arrived after 3 calls down to them with promises of 2 minutes each time.

The BM is something special now isn't it. My tongue rolled out of my head on my first evening at the bar. I mean there were over 100 women of all shapes, sizes and colors readily available. On Fri and Sat evenings I heard that they only let 200 girls in at a time and send the overflow to the Key Largo across the street. That's 200 women with about 30 guys if that. It was definetly a buyers market. The better quality showed up at around 10-12 pm. I saw about 8-10 10's IMHO on Fri and Sat nights intermigled with all the rest of the usual 7 and 8's. The average age was between 20-24 from what I experienced and they all asked for 100 right off the bat. I never paid that once as a service to all my brothers. I didn't have any of the 10's though either. I'm happier doing 5 different 7-8's all day long for an average price of 60 than 3 10's at 100 each but to each his own. I had 2 3ways. Both costing 110 total. That was a first for me and to tell you the truth I thought the experience was overated.

The casino is quaint to put it nicely. I probably would have liked it better if I hadn't lost over $1500. The dealers don't speak to you. The pit boss changes dealers and decks whenever someone hits for anything over $25. This got annoying to say the least. Do I really have to wait for 5 mins everytime someone hits a pat hand in Carribean Stud for the film to be reviewed? Very petty IMHO. They sure do try to get you drunk though, and that high mountain air makes it hit even harder. It's not really fun to sit and play with the dealer making no gestures or comments or anything ever.

Driving and the pacific coast- Driving here is insane to put it mildly. I would never endure that experience again. I wanted to go fishing so I made arrangements with a pirate taxi driver to take me to Quepos round trip and wait in the interim whilst I fished for 8 hours. We left the hotel at 3am with no reservations with any fishing boat but a pocket full of dead presidents and a strong desire to catch a Sailfish. It took 3 hrs and 15 mins to get the 100 miles to the coast. That's with no traffic. We hit and killed one of the seemingly millions of stray dogs on the way there and that was a downer. I got to the tourista dock and bargained my way on a boat fishing with a nice older couple from Texas for $200 for an all day excursion. Alot of excitement slowly turned to boredom with not one fish for anyone in 8 hours. What a crock. The ride home was nearly unbearable. It took 6 hours on a Fri night to get to San Jose. My driver must've risked our lives over 20 times with blind passes of overloaded trucks on those mountain roads. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

Quepos is the most beautiful place i've ever been though with mile long strands of unspoled beaches dotting the coastline. And little soda stands everywhere for some liquid refreshment.

San Jose- This place is a scary shithole. I've been to some shady places but none like this. Now mind you I went on my trip alone but i'm not easily intimidated being 6'5" and over 300 lbs and relatively young. Now I know i'm easy to recognize as a foriegner with my blonde hair and blue eyes. After going for a walk around the block downtown at about 10 pm on a Thurs I never left the hotel again unless it was in a cab. I know that San Jose is over a million people and in all big cities you are going to have panhandlers and beggars and thugs. I know sunset strip is full of beggars also but they don't look at you like they'd roll you for your Nikes if given half a chance. Now i'm not condeming the whole country for this. It's just that they have over 30% unemployment and a person is pre-programmed to survive is he not? And people have to do what people have to do to eat.

Bottom line again-I've got it figured out now. I'd fly in on a Weds eve with about 3 buddies and stay at the DR and negotiate a girl for 3 days for under $300, and fly out the next morning with her and my buddies and their chicas on a puddle jumper to the coast for 3 days of fishing and eco-touring. Stay in a place owned by an ex-pat for about $35 a night and drink $1 cervezas and eat $3 roasted chickens at sunset with my chica.

I definetly wouldn't stay in San Jose again for over a day and I wouldn't drive anywhere but between the hotel and the airport. My total lack of Spanish was not a factor. The normal people are very patient and nice with tourist.


L Dog

02-26-04, 03:47
L Dog

I am certain that I speak for many of our Mongering Brethren when I say, Good Job!. I for one; appreciate the honest, substantiative and well written report. Thanks for not trying to alter my opinion.

I see that you too were annoyed by the non-English speaking money takers in the casino. I think its all by design, so you "pay to play".

Thanks again for the excellent reporting.


P. S. Hopefully, you purchased your Exit Papers upon arrival.

Le Spuff
02-26-04, 08:21
Thanks for the reply Grey Ghost but, L dog seems to think its dangerous outside the hotel. I'm really just concerned with the area between DR and Presidente at night. Should I only stick with cabs? Also the Blue Marin and Key Largo and directly across from each other right? Thanks anyways. Thinking about going by myself too but, wasn't sure if that was a good idea.

02-26-04, 19:20
L Dog and interested others:

A few tips and hints based on my experiences should help future adventures in CR.
Casinos are made to take your money not permit you to win. Enough said. Your opinion may differ.

Never should you walk at night in San Jose EXCEPT from the Del Rey to the Presidente. L Dog's trip around the block was a big mistake and could have been most unpleasant.

Do not count on finding a chica you can take to the beach in one night. First, most have little ones and have to arrange a sitter which is very hard on a moments notice. Next you will most likely have conflicts in 1. smoking, 2. drinking, 3. drugs, 4. music, 5. TV watching, 6. expected behavior/cell phone use/ communication/ what to do/ and sleeping. Next they will view it as all work and NOT a paid vacation. They may rip you off in the middle of the night and take a bus home. Like a wife, they may become cold and not interested in sex except as a mechanical act. Please get to know a chica very well and discuss what is expected ahead of time.

It is good to get out and walk around during the daytime and it is good to get out and take a tour to see the country in my own opinion. Yours may differ. But taking a pirate taxi is not a safe way to see anything again as L Dog found out.

An organized fishing trip, planned with transportation to and fro and a boat arranged in advance, would have worked out better . Planning in advance always works out better.

As far as a choice of hotel, there are better and cheaper so to speak. A lilttle research here on this board would have yeilded big savings for you. Shamas knows this subject all too well.

I have made about 15 trips to CR and San Jose in the past three and one half years and plan to do it again. I have buddys on this board who I regularly see there. I have chica friends there who I see on a regular basis ( See the photo from Don Gordo posted in the photo section on 9 23 03 , the one on the left ) and who have become such friends that I can and would take them to the beach with me. Others, I have a friendship with, but would not take them on a trip. These are things you learn with time.

Last trip I selected one chica from the Blue Marlin based on a trip report from someone on a board and I recognized her face from his photos. His report said she was a winner and she was.
Thus, I learn from the board on a continous basis.

Likewise I selected another shy chica from the Blue Marlin on a lonely Sunday night based on reports of what behavior to look for. Sure enough she was a part timer, and worked on a regular basis in a hair salon. She was a local, not dressed in a real come get me manner, and was not agressive.
I approached her, bought her a soda and we talked in broken Spanish a little. We made a deal and it worked out well. I treated her with respect and tipped her at the end for performance beyond the call of duty. I have her e-mail and phone number for future use.

I also had dates with old friends and a new one at the Idem bar.
I simply followed Roberto's advice as advised on this board.

If you read the reports from this board and listen to the regulars you can learn what to do and what not to do.

A valuable resource, if you readers will just use it.

02-26-04, 20:07
Kr Man and others
There is no choice between CR and Caracas in a normal week, but this week especially. The President of Venezuela has just done something stupid again. The Carter foundation is about to declare the referendum a fraud and leave the country. Riots will follow next week! Go to CR and enjoy!

Grey Ghost
02-26-04, 22:23
Le Spuff,

Here is a map of the area of the Del Rey, Key largo and the Presidente. You can see on the map where the Presidente is. The Del Rey (DR) is the pink building and across the sreet is the Key Largo, the yellow building. The walk between the DR and Prez is highlighted in blue. It is about a 70 yard walk to the corner and about 100 yards up the hill. The Morazzon is also in safe walking distance to the Del Rey, it is behind the Key Largo. Just don't wander any further than that at night and you'll be fine. During the day, I have walked all around this area with no threat at all. Loads of people around this area up until at least 9 PM, then it thins out quickly the later it gets. I've done that walk many times back and forth 2,3 4 or 5 in the morning.

Have a blast and enjoy. Bring plenty of raincoats and brush up on your spanish phrases. Check out the Argentina section under phrases. Some of these will be helpful. You can also change your dollars to colones at the Del rey or the front desk at the Prez. f you bring travelers cheques, there will be a fee to cash them unless you do it at the Gaming tables. You will get dollar for dollar and can gamble in dollars. Good Luck! Buena Suerte!

Pura Vida,


02-26-04, 23:06
L Dog,

I've taken the the Puddle jumper to Flamingo and believe me you are safer on those crazy roads and dealing with the unbearable traffic at times.

The planes are at least twice as old as the pilots and flying over the mountains is not fun and extremely turbulent. At one point the pilots got a little frantic looking around for another plane that appeared on their radar that I wouldnt put in my boat. The other thing is the console on the plane was so high they could barely see over the top of it. To top it off we had to fly over the runway /parking lot twice to scare off the goat in the middle of the runway.

I'd reccomend taking the bus...

02-26-04, 23:28
i actually recommend renting a car and driving. i have rented 4 times down there, and have had no problems. use your platinum credit card to rent and includes car rental insurance for you so you can decline the local jacked up price for insurance they try to charge.

i've used hertz and dollar. both were fine, and i just go with the better price/deal that i can get.

driving is a trip down there. just go with the flow, when in rome, you get the idea. a couple of things i learned...

1) the police always move around with their lights on so you can see them ahead.
2) when running a radar trap, they have to be in the open where you can see them, they can't hide.
3) passing slow moving trucks on a double solid line is ok as long as it is safe.

my last trip down i had a policeman in the car with me, and he had no issues or complaints with my driving. in fact, he told me when checkpoints were coming up so i could slow down and not get hassled. when you see orange cones in the road ahead, drop to the speed limit as they are checkpoints. the cops stop buses and trucks and almost always ignore passenger trucks and cars.

i've driven all the way to the nica border in guanacaste, to jaco, manuel antonio, to the volcanoes, no problems. just look a tthe rental car map and navigate from large town to large town.

for example, in going to the beach, find the larger towns along the path, then you will need to follow the signs to those towns, when you reach a town on your list, look for the sign to the mext large town on your route. and when in doubt, you can always pull over at a soda and ask directions and have a drink.

p.s. i also drove in nicaragua on a different trip, now that was an experience.


Migrant One
02-27-04, 03:16
i've driven the few times i went to cr. fly into sj for a few days then drive to playa hermosa (by liberia ~ 4 hrs) then from there to arenal and back to sj.

roads to arenal are terrible but others are good. outside sj things are pretty well marked, but in sj little to no street signs. you need a map and a good sense of direction if you are going anywhere.

first trip i used thrifty and after a day of diving at playa hermosa i found someone had hit the back bumper and smashed the light, slight scrapes on the bumper also. oh-oh here go the horrer stories i heard about, i'll have to buy the friggin car, etc.

when i took it to thrifty sj they said the woman that settles these is not in, come back tomorrow. i explained i was flying out early so couldn't. they said don't worry, leave a number in the states and we have your credit card number (yeah.... don't worry).

well, no choice and about a week later i got a call at my home, she said the damage was already repaired and they were going to charge my card. i was going to protest that i should have some say in the repairs, etc but instead gulped and asked....how much?

$27.15, wow! i was as happy as the first time i talked a blue marlin girl down (well almost).

can only say good things about them.

if you are only going to be in sj, don't get a car it's too confusing in my book, but if you can, see the country it's beautiful.


Jaimito Cartero
02-27-04, 16:00
It's interesting that the "dermatologist" they were looking for from NY was found in Samara. I stayed at the hotel he was staying in last December. I think he must have stayed there because they had no phones in the room and no TV.

They did have a cool tarantula looking spider crawling around the restaurant. That's always bound to get some reactions. I have some naked spider pics I could put up. ;)

02-27-04, 19:34
Day 1:

Flew into Costa Rica Friday morning. Staying at the Delray. Went straight over to the New Fantasy had a tica named Alaska. Looks a 8 no dfk or bbbj. Went back to the DR for lunch and will head over to Blue and try it.

02-28-04, 06:54
Not trying to start a squabble IMHO SJO isn't a dump nor that dangerous for all things considered. I've been to a lot worse, been to better. At night I've walked many of the streets alone and haven't had any problems. One thing I'm sober, large and pay attention. So far so lucky I guess. I think being sober helps a lot.

Now I don't tempt fate, when I visited in early December I took a cab from the KL around the park to the Holiday Inn late at night.

There are many stateside cities that are much worse than SJO, even my hometown has many areas that I will not walk at night.

Nuff said on this.

Like William Wallker I aslo see some steady girls, having them in call to the hotel is quite nice. Knowing them, being comfortable with them, knowing what to expect (which is everything I can stand and then a few other twists) makes my visits oh so nice.

Since I do most of my in calls during the early evening I have the nights open to spent time with the other board members and visit the BM, KL and a few other places. My next visit I'm going to have a few overnights to see if I can live through it.

I do like SJO

Shamas O'Dognasty

Jaimito Cartero
02-28-04, 14:58
I think people saying that SJ is squalid haven't been around the world enough to compare. I've walked alone many times in San Jose at night, and never had a problem. As Shamas says, you shouldn't be drunk or stupid when you do it.

Most Mexican border towns (Juarez, TJ, etc) are much dirtier and dangerous than San Jose. I've strolled by putrid Klangs in Bangkok and, smelled things that I don't even want to know what they were in Juarez. The place that was scariest to me was Detroit, in the mid 80's. I was driving through, and spent the night there. Not the fashionable district, that's for sure.

Big Red - I'd check out Zona Blue if I were you. No DFK and no BBBJ just isn't acceptable. Idem is also a good choice.

02-28-04, 16:14
I also agree with Shamas..San Jose is not that dangerous and seedy as some would have you believe.You are in a crowded busy Latin American city with all the problems that come with it.Remember this is not Las Vegas.Eveyone who has spent any time there will tell you when the sun goes down it does change your options for moving about but that can be said in any downtown district anywhere. I have visited there 8 times in the past 2 years and have had no problems.Last time I stayed at the Presidente and walked the block and a half to the Del Rey late with only the kid beggars to contend with.But you can bet your ass I am aware and looking.It's been said over and over if you feel uncomfortable just take a cab.There are no guarentees in life...Mule

02-28-04, 17:15
Amen Mule69 & Shamas,

I did a lot of walking about during the day and into the late afternoon in San Jose, and nobody bothered me.

As you summarized, in the evening I did exactly what I would do in any other large city (Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, DC, NYC, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Budapest, etc). Common sense in an unkown city should prevail, there is no expectation of "perfection" in the U.S., so why should a traveler have that expectation in a 3rd world city?

I had a friend who walked back to the Holiday Inn from the DelRey after dark. While nobody bothered him he did admit that he wouldn't do it again. Taxi's are available and inexpensive, and he acknowledged that "exposure to risk" is the issue, so he learned his lesson without anything bad happening.

Just my two cents.

In the lighter side, I've talked to some of the expats living there, and they wondered why anyone would even want to leave the DelRey property. Now that's funny.


L Dog
02-29-04, 00:09

Thanks for all the helpful advice and pointy barbs to make my next trip to CR even better than the first. There are just a few points i'd like to reiterate if I may.

1. I said I had a great trip and would surely do it again.
2. I said that the coastline was the most beautiful place that i've ever had the good fortune to see with my own two eyes.
3. I said the ratio, quaility, quanity and market of the women was great.
4. I said the everyday people I ran into were more than patient and kind in all my experiences with them.

That concludes the list of positive things about my trip.

Now the negatives certainly don't outweigh the positives or I would'nt be planning my next trip. I'd like a chance to clarify some of my negative comments though.

1. I said that SJ was a shithole. I'm sorry to offend if some members think i'm being too harsh in my description. And I agree that the Mexican border towns are indeed worse than SJ. Hell I supposedly live in white bread middle america but there are neighborhoods in my city that no man would want to walk alone in at night or day. But this thread isn't about Mexico or Detroit or Florida or any other shitty place. And when I said the town was a shithole I didn't know I was supposed to gauge how much of a shithole it was, and not worse than this town but better than that place...etc.
The point is that there isn't anything to do in SJ but monger. The country is a great place to vacation but what can you do in SJ but fuck? And please don't give me any shit about the museums or cultural arts scene or great restaurants or any of that nonsense.

I stayed in SJ for 8 days and screwed 38 women. And after a while I got bored with it. I never thought i'd be bored with sharing time with beautiful women but the saturation point was reached by day 4 or 5.

Now if you just want to fly somewhere and check into a hotel and screw till your dick falls off and watch TV and shoot the shit with the barflies then this is your place. That just doesn't amount to a vacation destination for me. And you can't see the rainforest or go fishing in SJ. You can't explore the city on foot at night.

The casinos were dingy little non friendly places as well. And before you bash me I realize that I didn't fly there for the casinos, I could drive to a casino in an hour. So that part was rather unimportant.

And in closing a few responses to other members. I have driven over 50k miles a year for the last seven years for my job in the mortgage industry, which is more miles that some will ever drive in their life. And had no accidents and consider myself a master driver and again I wouldn't even consider driving in CR. The other factor is they only have small cars and i'm 6'5" and 300 lbs and that wouldn't be very pleasurable having my fat ass crammed behind the wheel of a 89' Hyundai for three hours or more.

As far as already having dates set up...why would I want to do that? If I wanted to fuck the same women more than once i'd have a wife or gf. I thought the whole excitement about mongering is new, young pussy. I want to do a new one everytime if i've got to pay for it.

Again, no offense meant to my brothers at all but some of you seem to defend this city like you are the mayor or something and don't like any negative comments made at all on this forum. I'm just trying to call em like I sees em.


L Dog

Jun Fan
02-29-04, 00:50
L Dog,

Thanks for the posts, I like the way you write ;)

I'm heading down there this Wed. My plan is to spend the first night in San Jose, and then head for the pacific coast for two nights, and then come back to SJ for the last night. My inclination is NOT to recruit a girl to go with me, but rather take my chances with what's available in Jaco. But I'm still undecided. I can see the pros and cons either way.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most is not having much structure to this trip. I'm just gonna kind of hang loose, and see what cums my way in terms of the women. If I can find a real hottie that I click with, I might consider taking her to the coast with me.

If anyone has any comments I'd love to hear them.


02-29-04, 03:55
L Dog,

Knowing the content of your earlier report would offend some; was quick to say, I thought it was unbiased. No need to say it again, I agree with all you said!


Jaimito Cartero
02-29-04, 06:46
Well I guess I just took the "Shithole" comment a bit too seriously. I don't consider it a term of endearment, and would only call a place a shithole if I would never return.

38 times in 8 days. Almost 5 times a day? I would think your dick would be getting numb. Maybe that's what happened on day 4 or 5!

There are no huge American-like casinos in CR that I've ever seen. I occassionally have gone to the place across the street from the Del Rey, and the one inside the Balmoral (Closed now, I think), the Presidente (10 years ago), and the Irazu. The one at the Irazu is probably the nicest, but not too large. I would never take a bunch of money to gamble, as most of the games are considerably worse than Vegas odds.

L Dog
02-29-04, 14:44
2 times I had a 3 way so it wasn't 38 seperate sessions. Now that's what I call better living through modern science.

Man the f'ing towel situation was a constant f'ing battle. OK, they supply the room with 3 large towels and 2 small towels and no wash rags. So the chica usually takes a shower beforehand and puts one of the towels on the floor to step on getting in and out, uses a small towel as a washrag, then gets out and dries off on another big towel. We fuck. Then she showers again and uses another seperate big towel to dry off again. That leaves yours truly with one f'ing hand towel. And there ain't nuthin' funny about a big man trying to dry off after his shower with a f'ing overgrown washrag. At least not funny to me. Man, I worked over the maid staff with my constant request almost as much as I worked over the chicas in the BM with my constant request. But, I always tipped $3 to insure expedient service. With the maid that is.

I sure liked the proximity of the ladies to my room being that they were only a short elevator ride away. So I don't know if i'd like to stay anywhere else in SJ. I mean I wouldn't want to keep walking over from the Pres 5 times a day, and from what I can gather no other hotel has the selection of the BM.

I think that it'd be alot cheaper to take one chica to the coast for a short weekend than keep paying the $10 house fee per girl and the $60 average session fee per girl.

It was hard trying to go fishing being a party of one. I put my name in with the travel agents at the BM. So if anybody had an incomplete party I could join them for the day to help offset their cost. I even stopped at a couple of the places on the way to the coast to inquire with no luck. (Blue fin fishing charters etc.) I'm sure the other day trips are more accomodating to the single traveler.

One thing that I did neglect to mention earlier. The oral was never exeptionally great from any of the ladies. It seemed that they just wanted to get that part out of the way and get to the meat and potatoes of the matter so to speak. I fancy myself as an oral connisuer (sp?) and would have just settled for BJ's most of the time but none of them could get me off in that way. I kept waiting for the next one to blow me away, no pun intended. But it just never happened that way. Is it something cultural? I mean as soon as I got back home I picked up three SW's who performed much better BJ's than any of the girls in CR. The SW's were cracked out though and not nearly as nice looking or nice to talk to than the Chicas though. And the average age is alot higher of the cracked out SW. But enough of that i'm getting off topic.

I know this is the SJ board but does anybody have any recommendations for lodging in Quepos or nearby? Like a B&B type place owned by American expats.


L Dog

Jaimito Cartero
02-29-04, 15:01
If you shelled out $380 in joiner fees, that's a bit ridiculous. That's what the whole hotel should have cost, really. To think that you had to shell out another $3 a pop just to get towels is pretty sad. That's about $500 total. You could have gotten another 8 or 9 chicas with that.

I don't think the Presidente is that far away. And it would give you some nice cuddle time on the way over. That is, unless you're shooting for the Guiness World Record or something.

I don't remember if you said you checked out Idem or Zona Blue, but there, you'd spend $45-50 per pop, and get all the towels you wanted. (Or if you're really cheap, you could go to Molino Rojo, bang every girl in the place in one night for $450! (30-35 girls).

Jaimito Cartero
02-29-04, 15:04
LD - There are a number of B & B and Cabinas in the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area. How nice do you want them?

Kosher Kowboy
02-29-04, 17:46
KosherCowboy must have made the walk from his room at Pesidente to Del Ray about 20 times in his 8 day stay in dec, piece of cake. Most of these walks were at night. It was safer than Chicago! Besides some beggers (ignore) there is nothing. Kosher always walks fast, is ready to run at any time, keeps his passport and wallet in front pockets, and carries no more than US equivelency of 200 on him, keeps rest in safe. Leave the jewelry behind too. Furthurmore, Kosher walked the Presidente to Bella Mansion and NF in the dark, looked for Zona Blue in dark, walked to and from Idem/Eros in dark, walked to and from Park Hotel to Presidente in middle of night, and walked through the Morazon Park a million times at night too. No problems anywhere! There is even a cop or two in Morazon Park at night as well as Parque Central.

Kosher also makes it a habit when he hears a street person "habla ingles" or "do you speak english" to ignore them. There is nothing positive about stopping your walk to talk to these people, its just a way to let trouble start. Kosher looks 2 blocks ahead at all times, and if you see soemthing ahead that doesnt look good, just cut off in to a bar or store or simply turn on another street. If one is that scared, take a cab, but kosher could not have felt safer or non-threatened on his trip.

KosherCowboy: Has ticket for March 11

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

02-29-04, 18:10
LDog, 38/5 has a nice ring to it. Now what we need to do is get a good hotel that will support these numbers and not try to price us to poverty.

I'm working up my yearly travel schedule right now, looks like I'll have three short visits and a few longs ones this year. 38/5 is out at my age, but 14/7 will work.

Got to go, breakfast is calling


02-29-04, 22:21
You seem like a nice guy with more "drive" than I have even with help from vitamin V.
I was in the same business as you for a long while.
Next time you are going to make a trip to CR, private message me in advance. If I am going to be there I will let you know and meet you and introduce you to some friends.
In my opinion, staying at the Presidente and walking to the Del Rey is actually nice, even five times a day. There is always action at the Blue Marlin bar at the Del Rey as you know but it is nice and peaceful in your room at the Presidente when you wish to relax. Of course some cerveza helps, too. Most visitors prefer the Presidente, but I stayed at the Del Rey for my first three or four trips because my local pals that I travelled with, stayed there before. Some of my local pals still prefer it.

Yes, the city leaves a lot to be desired. I was in Narobi, the capitol of Kenya a few years ago, and talk about a hell hole. The situation is so bad the hotel is an armed compound. There was a shoot-out bank robbery across the alley from my hotel when I was sick in my room and I heard the shooting. Seven killed. None of the bullets hit my room. I was on a tour and about everyone got sick from the food or water sometime during the trip. Narobi makes San Jose feel like Salt Lake City, even with the recent shooting on Avenida 8 in SJO.

02-29-04, 22:23

Would you like to share her phone number? Send me an e-mail by this site. I will in SJ at Presidante from 3/1 to 3/4. Anyone wants to say hi, look for me, I am usually wearing a white polo sun visor.

02-29-04, 23:16
Made it to Costa Rica, traveling around to see the sights before I go back to San Jose and blow to much money and have to go back to the States. Promise to do alott of mongering before I leave to try and find a good girl. Have seen some very pretty girls in other area of Costa Rica but have not asked for sex. Need to brush up on my Spanish.

I spent a night in Managua before I got here, Guatemala City has really good prices compared to other places. You can go to a really nice club in Guatemala City and get a girl for $40 to $60 bucks easy for 45 minutes in the club bedroom.

Jaimito Cartero
02-29-04, 23:31
Muff - I haven't done been further than the airport in Guatamala, so I can't comment on how nice the girls are. However, $40-$60 will buy you a nice hour at Idem, Zona Blue and New Fantasy. And $20 will buy you a nice GF for the night at Polankos in Managua. (Downstairs, not the strippers upstairs).

L Dog
03-01-04, 03:11
Ace-I used V on my trip. I surely couldn't have completed that volume without it. And i'll PM you before I go again this year. Thanks.

Jaime-I don't know how nice. No bugs is good enough for me. What are some of the average prices? Are there some bargains? I saw 3 Banderas resort shirts a couple of times while I was in SJ is that place any good. What's the story?

Maybe I should move this convo to the general CR board and not SJ.


L Dog

P.S. Hey Shamas, I never said I didn't spend alot of money brother. It was quite an expensive trip that's for sure. But I guess it doesn't have to be if I would watch my pocketbook a little tighter.

KR Man
03-01-04, 20:39
Anyone have a username and password for the member area of [Deleted by Admin]?

Thanks for your help

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03-02-04, 09:40
Wow! I just returned from a week's visit and since I couldn't connect with my two regulars, I decided to do something a little different. I just went to a couple massage places for variety.

I arrived on Saturday and was expecting to stay at Morozan, as usual, but due to a communication error, I was referred to the larger Hotel Europa, which was a little out-of-the-way, but wasn't bad.

Hotel Europa:

Even though it was during high season, the Morazan mgr negotiated a rate of $42/day, plus tax, including American breakfast. I added the room safe to that, since they did not have free safe boxes, like I use at Morazan. So the total was a little over $360 for seven nights. They also have a pool, but it was too cold.

There were a few families in/out during my stay, but no real distractions.

I asked the beautiful chica at the front desk, if there was a guest charge and she looked around for families, then whispered, "It's $10."

The hotel staff, especially the bar/restaurant ladies were very friendly, but did not speak as much English as other gringo hotels there, but with my limited Spanish, it worked.

The formal evening menu was a bit pricey, but the baked/grilled corvina with cream sauce was excellent.

The Europa is about a block from Lipsticks, (the old Club Olympus), but I'd heard so many bad things about Olympus, I didn't go, and I think that it might be the same owners.

The Massages:

New Fantasy:

Brenda, a Tica was average, but was lactating, and so overly cautious that it took away from the experience.

Paula, another Tica, I believe. She's definitely worth a second trip. As a matter of fact, I did, but she was busy both times.

Carla, a newbie. Says she was a former bartender and her first day at Fantasy. The friendly hostess had recommended her. Also was average, but very passionate, which is good for me.

Also saw another at New Fantasy, who was consistent with Fantasy standards, but can't remember her name.


Across from IDEM,

Their sessions are priced to match New Fantasy, at $40/hour. However, they are not as experienced, or attentive to details. Also, more clock watchers. Fortunately, the weather was cool, because one of the rooms was still rather warm.

In spite of this, it was good for variety and I had a couple of good experiences there. I would definitely stop by, when I return to CR.


Not into the BM scene but went to BM on Sunday, since there were few other options on Sunday. I met an expat friend there, who told me that Jocelyn's was closed, and that one was on my list for this trip. I met a blonde Tica, Elizabeth. She was not bad for $50.

Other food places:

If you are new to the SJ area, you might try La Campesina. It's a Chinese place, but the "rosty pollo" is their specialty. 1/2 chicken, with salad, side dish and 'refresco" is 1380c.

For a seafood experience, try La Princesa Marina, in Sabana. A taxi from Dtn SJ is about 780c. They serve a whole seabass or red snapper, head and tail attached, but deboned ("sin espinas"). You have choice of small, medium or large, a price accordingly. The medium was about 3000c. which is still a good price compared to the States.

All for now, until next time.

Le Spuff
03-02-04, 18:16
Just wondering do a lot of people travel alone to these places? I am planning on making a trip but, I was wondering if it was a norm to travel alone. I don't speak the language well but, I am trying to learn now. Planning on a trip during green season. Around June sounds cool. Anybody planning on a trip around that time also, I'll buy the booze. I also heard marijauna is legal in CR. What you say? I heard that it really dies out during green season but, the prices also drop too. From what I gathered on this forum anybody paying $100+ for a short session from a BM tica is not doing the brotherhood justice.

03-02-04, 18:20
Second trip to San Jose. Tried New Fantasy. It was so much worse than last year. Overall quality (looks) was rather poor. Charge was 14,000 Col/hr. A/C in rooms did not work. Still chaep but not what it used to be. Was told better selection in afternoon. I was there at 10:30 AM.

Tried Blue Coyote (same street as NF). Nice and clean set up (because facilities are new). Beds are like message tables, not most accomodating for certain positions. Charge is 20,000 Col/hr. So it is about US$15 more per hour than New Fantasy. Tried a girl Estrella (calles herself STAR), blond, big boobs. Very good message and good personality. But wanted me to cum as quickly as possible. Would not slow down when asked. Reasonable English. Other selection also looked lot better than NF.

At BM hooked (no pun intended) up with a Panmanian who arrived to San Jose today (showed me passport stamp) but was also there last year. A petite Cindy Crawford lookalike. Speaks good English as well as Italian and some French (I mean language). Great girl, expensive but worth it. On top of that my first p...y in SJ who was not stretched by childbirth. She had no bambino at home.