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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-01-04, 04:52
Daring Mood,

about the "No Hands restaurant" try to do a research with the search engine on this forum , I am sure I had seen that topic a few month back.

Happy New year all, keep it up and hard.


Lovely Indian
01-01-04, 06:12
I am planning to visit Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket on 11th January 2004 till 25th January. Can anyone guide me the Best places of visit for sex in all these three places. I want QUALITY in Quantity.

Had a nice experience on my tour to Singapore and in the Star Cruise. Had a good f*ck with Nina working in Star Cruise in Apollo Spa and Health Centre. She is a Thai massager.

Please reply me back at the earliest as I have very less time for travel. How about Hotel Peninsula in BKK to find girls or any massage activity in the room?

Jaimito Cartero
01-01-04, 07:49
Meatman - It can be a bit confusing about Star of Light and Star of Love. Star of Love was originally called Star of Light (Still said it on the front of the awning a few months back), and then changed (had to?) to Star of Love.

Lobo - Well sometimes I think it's better not knowing what they're saying. :)

01-01-04, 10:21
Time to start the Bangkok 2004 section of the board. It's the New year here in Thailand 2547.

01-01-04, 13:31
I went to a no-hands restaurant near Nana. I showed up at around midnight. They are meant for large groups of people as you must pay a charge for the room, which has a stereo and a sunken table for eating. The girl you choose feeds you your entire meal so you never have to lift a finger. The food was pretty good as well.

I chose a girl with a beautiful face and very friendly personality. She talked to me through the whole meal. She was a little chubby by Thai standards (normal by American standards) but had nice natural breasts (b or c-cup)

They didn't charge me for the room at the restaurant and the I asked the girl if she would like to go home with me. She said yes and told me to wait out front as it was closing time. I think normally there might be some bar fee to take the girl away but she never mentioned it to me. In fact, she stayed with me the whole night and never mentioned money at all.

She seemed inexperienced at sex but was interested in it. Not a great fuck but she acted interested in me the entire time. I gave her 1,500 baht on the way to the taxi.
Apparently anything goes at the no-hands restaurant if you want to pay the girls. You have a private room. The rooms are meant for large groups though. I think you could pay for lapdances and the like and pick which girl you want to take home. I am not sure if you could have a fullout orgy there but it might be a possibility.

If a group of guys would like to go, let me know. I speak Thai and we could at least get a good meal and a little show out of it.

01-01-04, 14:43

At Eden club, I gave the first girl the option to pick the second girl, but the second girl was just ugly (IMHO). So I picke dthe second girl myself, who was better looking of the bunch.
Have photos and will post in a couple of days.

01-02-04, 01:19
Lovely Indian:

I am going to BKK, Burma and Pattaya from 1-14 to 1-26 and I have probably decent experience in selecting the right places. I am by no means as good as some of the local mongers here, but for a tourist not bad. We can hook up on 1-14 late at night ( my plane lands at 23:45PM from NRT) and probably start in patpong. Let me know if you just want info or actually a tour guide, or wing man, depending on how you look at it.

IMHO, you do get quite a selection for 1000 bht and you will see quality. Call me weird, but I like the GFE and normally I get that for 1,000 or less, sometimes even free. So if that sounds cool to you, email me (PM) and we can set something up. I can also tell you about my Pattaya experience from September 2003. Nothing dramatic, I am just not the fastest typist, that's all.



PS.. are you from India or Indian American?

01-03-04, 09:54

I think the Star of Light on Patpong 2 is one of the sleaziest places in the world. The first time I went there, it was about 3:30 in the afternoon. I walked in, looked around and there was an old ugly farang sitting on one of the couches, his pants around his ankles and three girls working him over. I've tried the service at the bar with the cutouts (you sit at the bar drinking your beer, the girl opens the curtains at your feet and hums away) but I prefer the couches if available. This place is not for the shy types.

I've only been to Star of Love the one time and it was great, but I strolled in well after closing so it was just me and the girls. I had read some older reports that the girls weren't as good looking as Star of Light but that they know how to do there work. My experience is that Star of Love's girls were much better looking. I suspect that the turnover in these places is very high as they are primarily BJ bars and the cost is less than the other places like the beer gardens etc.

Happy hunting.


01-04-04, 07:10
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I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

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Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

01-05-04, 08:39
I see the Nana Hotel has been making several changes to the building and grounds over the couple of months. It is about time, great location for hunting of Thai Freelancers, and very near the bars at Nana Plaza. One thing I use to like was getting to the Hotel and seeing the girls sitting on the entrance sign to welcome you. Well, the new sign is much larger so sitting a top it is not possible anymore, but this yong girl seems to have found her own little corner to offer her services from..

01-05-04, 22:31

Thanks for the input. sounds like my type of place! did you have to make a beeline to avoid the katoeys? I KNOW they'll love my blackass!

I can hear em now "hey chocolate man, you come with me!!" ha ha ha!

F Manat
01-07-04, 09:59

I am a newbie here. I will be in Bangkok for a few days on saturday. Can anyone tell me where to get the following combination: bbbj cim rimming (exept from eden).



01-08-04, 03:08
f manat> welcome to the board. the combination described can be had at any of the bj bars, ie alley cats, 600baht (suk soi 8), star of love 500baht, star of light 500baht, kangaroo 700baht, (all in patpong). [CodeWord900] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord900) in asoke is now closed and relocated to alley cats, alley cats name has now been changed to [CodeWord900] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord900) !

only thing you will need to confirm is the rimming, some will, some won't. but all will do bbbj and cim.

there is a particulary fat girl in alley cats, not pretty by any stretch, but one 'extremely' drunk evening i desperately partook, as she was the only one available, despite her looks it was one of the best bbbj's i have ever had along with stacks of rimming which i did not even request. at one point her tongue was so far in my arse, unreal. after i shot a heavy load into her mouth she acted as nothing happened, i looked down at her and said stop, thats it, she said, why you want to stop, you not cum yet !! she'd swallowed the lot and was prepared to keep going !!
there will be others far nicer offering rimming though.

good luck, and be sure to post your findings.

01-09-04, 01:29

Laughed my head off at your post. Hilarious!

Many Thanks and Happy New Year

01-09-04, 05:46
Nana Plaza from a Marriott window.

01-09-04, 05:51
Eden girls I posted about on 12/29/03.
The one on the left was from the left side of the "Yellow line".
Looks better in picture than up close.
Picture was taken after the fact.

01-09-04, 06:01
Strolled over to Thermae. The palce was smokey, old and dead, or so I thught.

As we were talking about leaving, I spotted a cute, petite, fair-skinned girl at the counter, sitting wiht her fat girlfriend.
Started a conversation with Ging.

She works 3 nights a week at various free lance bars, because she is "too lazy" to work everyday or at go-go because they are trequired to work 6-7 days/week. She had a German "boyfriend" for 4 years, who had gone back to Germany.

Her English was so so. She asked for 1500/2000 for ST/LT. Negotiated down to 1500 for long time. Had no problems with the Marriott staff for bringing the girl. They all said Merry Christmas!

Ging was may be 5 feet, 90-95 pounds. Real soft skin and reallu tight/firm ass. One of the firmest butts I have handled in the last year or two.
Great Kiss and good BBBJ. The best part was the FS, in all position. She really enjoyed the penetration. First i thought, sure, fake it, make that noise. But after about half an hour, ceratin contractions and convulsions were very convincoing and she must have come 2 0r 3 times. She locked on for DFK and I had to break away to catch my breath!!

I was realy tired after about 2 hours of work out. Paid her and asked her to leave so I cold get some sleep.
Regretted that later and wished that had her stay until tomorrow.

More in the photo gallery.

Ramn HK
01-09-04, 09:48
Heard a lot of stuff about "The Cave", a so called BDSM place on Soi 33 where you can find a submissive or a Dom, whatever tickles your fancy.

900 Bhat entrance includes a standard drink. I was interested in a takeaway from there. The place is very dark. The girls are average looking at best. Was harassed by the Mamasan to buy all the subs a drink including herself (total 5 people). Being the Dom that I am, I ordered them to buy me one instead.

The sub that looked interesting turned out to have quite large hands and I finally coaxed a few words out of the sub which had the sound of katoey all over. Mulling things over, out of the 4 subs that were presented to me, 2 of them were katoey's.

Mamasan harasses for drinks. The sub is a katoey. I headed for the door which is always kept locked. Mamasan was wondering why I was leaving so soon - all the subs disappeared away. Its like walking into a department store, and if you don't buy in the first two minutes, all the merchandise disappears.

Nice concept bar, pity about their attitude.

F Manat
01-09-04, 12:28
Guys, I am in Bangkok until the 13th (Sheraton Grande), Leave me a message if some of you guys wanna meet for a beer.


01-10-04, 21:54
Hello all,

I'm an African American newbie to this forum and I am going to be in Bangkok from March 7th -13th. I was hoping to get some guidance on "Must see" nightlife as well as some does and don'ts of Bangkok. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me with info if you like. Thanks guys, who knows maybe I will run into some of you while I'm there.

Major Shag
01-11-04, 04:26

I will be in Bangkok till the 17th Jan. Leave me a private message if you want to go for a beer too.


01-11-04, 16:49
About six months back whilst surfing the net I came across a site for a bar/ strip club where (amongst other things) you could get a blow job whilst sitting at your table. I've just landed 4 weeks work in bangkok and I can't find the site again. Can anybody help me on this one. Do many places offer this kind of service. I would be grateful for any help.

01-11-04, 16:52
Do you get sex shops in thailand. Is there any places to buy vibrators/dildos or will I need to bring my own. Also (just out of interest) can you buy Viagra.

01-11-04, 17:43

Congrats on your good luck at the Thermae. I have been there twice and have been happy with my selection both times. If I were looking to pick up a gal for the night I would certainly go back for a look see.


P.S. I liked the pictures you left us of her in the photo section as well. :)

F Manat
01-11-04, 19:29
went to [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) today (suk/soi8) got a girl name sam (i would give her a 6) - 600bth for bbbj, cim and a good rimmin (big fan of it).

thanx to the advice of meaty (see previous report).

i suggest that bbbj+cim+rimming should always be part of the menu.


01-11-04, 20:00

Yeah, I've got the post-LOS blues:(

I cant get back there for another year.
What is man to do??

Jaimito Cartero
01-11-04, 22:14
Micky - Well the place that most fits your description is Star of Love/Light in Patpong. There are 3 or 4 BJ bars in Bangkok.

Jaimito Cartero
01-11-04, 22:19
I'm a bit concerned about everyone asking "PM me all the info". If it's bullshit stuff (Meet me at BierGarten a 10pm), great, but if it's good info, then all newbies that I see will benefit greatly from it.

Badass- Nice pics. I've only been to Thermae once, and had my only bad experience in BKK in the summer. Glad you did better. And hey, maybe you can figure out some way to fit in another week or two somewhere in the year! If airfares go on sale soon, I might even jet over for a week or 10 days!

Bill Miami
01-12-04, 01:44
Kamagra 100 (Indian Viagra) is available all over. They ask 800 BHT, but you can get it for 500 BHT.

01-12-04, 09:02
JC have to agree with you about the PM, its a good idea but its being used completely wrong.

I got this message today..
"holiday in bkk
when were you in bkk last, im goin for 3rd time in feb, 23rd threw march 6th.. tell me more.. Andrew"
I won't post the members username, and i'm not blaming the member but he has not posted a single thing since becoming a member and already wants info backchanneled via pm. This board has not been half as active as it used to be just a year ago, i know lots of members have left and are using more local sources, and i admit i flit between the 2 sites, but if everyone kept posting their findings (not just questions) it wouldnt take long for this part of the forum to thrive again.
Andrew, sorry, but will not PM any info, happy to post answers to questions you have on the forum for all to see, providing a detailed FR is posted by you after the event !!
Peace to all, just seems a shame to see all Jacksons hard work going to waste.
BadASS love the pics, will set up camp in nana car park this evening!

01-12-04, 17:00

I agree with you but the PM system does have its place. In order to make it work I also only reply to real private messages and post everything else. Report information belongs on the site not going through back channels.


Doc Ray
01-13-04, 18:00
I will be in Bangkok for 2 nights and then on to Phuket for golf and women for 10 days. I will be a newbie to Thailand but have been to Philippines, Dominican Republic, South America,etc. Where would be a good location for a hotel and where are good spots to find freelancers? What about the clubs on RCA?


Bill Miami
01-13-04, 20:50
I am interested in obtaining a teaching position at a university in Thailand. I have a Masters degree in Accounting and I am a Certified Public Accountant. I have emailed in excess of 25 schools and have not received the desired response. I have seen other teachers post and was hoping a few of them could private message me with some advice and/or contacts.

01-15-04, 07:11
I will be in Bangkok nett week.

Anyone can tell if there is SM/bondage club in Bangkok?


01-16-04, 03:24
The Cave, on Soi 33 is the newest i know of, theres mixed reports on this site, i've not personally been, i understand its 900baht entrance (us$20) fro which you get a free drink, you must wear black clothes.
There are also various Mistress's in Bangkok, they have websites, best to do a check in Google, you will definetly get hits on there sites.

01-16-04, 04:14

Thanks for the Eden pic, after I looked at the picture of Som, the girl on the left (Eden), I picked her. The one from the right was named Phu, a thai chinese from Hat Yai. I found Som to be very attractive. Phu was okay, a bit more aggressive of the two, though it was Som who wore a trp-on and fucked Phu. I don't need to go over blow by blow, but I left very satisfied. I still miss Kuk from my last trip. She has apparently quit!

01-16-04, 04:58
Hi Guys,

Does anyone out there knows whether Asoke Plaza ( at the corner of Soi Asoke and Sukhumvit) is to be closed ( read "razed")soon? After Clinton Plaza and the Soi 10 area there are so few places left for beer and Isaan girls.

Can someone share some info. on Soi 22?

Regards to all,


01-16-04, 16:00
Day 2 in BKK:

Decided to go to Eden for the second day. Picked Kanh (29 with implants) from the left and Lek (20 yr old). Once again had a good time. Lek was talking dirty the whole time. She is kind of funny. I liked her youth. As we were going down the lift at the Star Inn (seemed like everything now takes place there), she said that she liked black men with big c**k, as the door opened there was a black guy satnding. Not sure he heard any of it but I LOL. She was embarassed and relayed the encounter to others at Eden and they all LOL.

Chris H
01-16-04, 18:29

New member to the forum and I had a few questions regarding my trip to BKK. I am a black male, and I would like to know if anyone knows how the Thai females feel about dealing with us. I am planning on going there in early March, so I just want to make sure it will be worht my while. What is the deal with Eden, it sounds like a lot of fun, but I guess I just need location and cost. I am also trying to find out more about Thermae Coffe House, if someone could PM me and give me some details, it would be greatly appreciated. Or you could just post the answers for any other newcomers.

Chris H

01-17-04, 00:05
Hi Mongers,

I have not been to Thailand lately (last trip 2001) wish to go soon though. So, I have a question re going prices now with bar girls:

1) Short time
2) All night

You may post or PM me and I appreciate the help!

Jaimito Cartero
01-17-04, 03:58
Chris - I'm a pasty white guy, but from the other tanner guys, there's usually been no serious problems. I think part of it depends on how you dress, and act. There are Africans in Bangkok, and they tend to not let them in many of the place since the get too rowdy (or some other excuse).

Some girls may be concerned about penis size. If you're large you may have some turn downs for that reason.

Check the messages in the Pattaya and Bangkok forums for the last few months. I'm pretty sure there have been other field reports and questions.

Eden is close to Nana, in a smaller soi (Soi 7/1?), but pretty easy to find. Thermae is down the road a little more, in the basement of a building (Soi 13 or so?)

01-17-04, 04:08
The Black Africans around Grace etc are believed to be involved in many scams which is kinda logical as they have to eat too. They hang out in bars near Grace but don't spend much as they don't have much to spend.
Check out the reviews for directions to Thermae etc. I posted a photo of it. There is also the Search function.

01-17-04, 05:16
Eden is in Soi7/1 as reported. If you are just walking along Sukhumvit you're very likely to miss it as Soi7/1 bends to the left. On one corner of the Soi is a large luggage shop with the goods placed onto the Soi iyself. On the other corner is a Travel Agency.Eden is nect to the World Inn Hotel.

Happy hunting

Joe Zop
01-17-04, 05:16
Chris, you will find that some TGs will not want to deal with you, mostly because darker skin is not considered socially desireable in Thailand (to the point that many TGs will avoid the beach for fear of tanning and being darker) as it's thought to indicate you or your ancestors come from the rice paddys and thereby have no social standing. But there are plenty who will have no issues whatsoever, and others who will prefer you because you're different from who they usually deal with. It just depends. You might some comments or stares, as well as some fascination, but it will all tend to be done in good humor.

Don't worry, you'll manage to have a good time -- the bottom line for most sex workers in LOS is simply going to be that your money will spend the same as anyone else's.

01-17-04, 06:37

I PM'd you but for all to be brief.

In many boards this subject has been broached. Bottom line from personal experience with brothers in asia, be kind,sweet and all the basics we always talk about. Some people beleive steryotypes so show them you are the same as everyone else. A gentle man in SE Asia will get you more taang and help the next brother. Some will approach you, some wont. But bottom line you will have fun in many different ways from back home in Faang land! Newbie brothers listen up!

World Travler
01-17-04, 08:30

I'm a *really* dark guy myself - I'm Indian (lived in the US most of my life now - lived in Thailand for a while too), and really dark by Indian standards. I've never had a major problem in BKK, Phuket, or Pattaya. It's all in the attitude and how much money you show initially. I find that I get lots of attention once the girls figure I'm actually willing to spend money.

Regarding being confused with an African - don't sweat it. The locals are really good at judging where you are from (and therefore how much money you are likely to have). Indians (like the Africans) are also "known" to be tight with their money, but I've never had a problem - remember, it's business, first and foremost. If you look like you are willing to spend, you'll be treated like a good customer, independent of your race.

Good luck. I'll be in BKK again in mid-Feb (for a whole week - woohoo!). If you happen to be there then, I'd be happy to show you around.

01-17-04, 22:23

Check out my post dating back 12-07-02 I'm an African American myself.You'll get positive as well as negative opions regarding African-American's abroad in Thailand.

Don't worry,you'll have fun,It's all about the dollar.I'll be there for Songkran...I hope!

01-17-04, 23:12
What follows is transcribed with minimal edits from the journal I kept on my first and only previous trip to Thailand in 2000. Consider it an extended introduction to this board, on which I’ve mainly been lurking for the last year or two, pending my return. I’ll be back in LOS from Jan. 21 through Feb. 5 and hope to post regular reports while there. Enjoy:

Monday, April 10 – Home again. My last two evenings in Bangkok and the woman I was with were the best of all. Her name was Taa – Thai for “eye.” She was 25 years old, slim and small-breasted with beautiful long legs. I have a photo of her dancing naked on my bed at the Nana Hotel. She has the biggest, most beautiful smile that lights up her face.

Her hips and mine resonate to the same natural frequency. I’m sure I gave her a real orgasm, and I know she gave me my best orgasm of the whole trip.

I met her at Voodoo in NEP. It was the first place we went our first night back in Bangkok after Phuket. It was also the only place I visited that night. Even though it was a Friday, the place was fairly empty, and I was enjoying the girls, thinking about who to barfine and waiting for one of them to show some interest in me. There were several beauties. I remember one very slim beauty dancing naked at the far end of the bar. I liked her look, but she was too far away for any eye contact. I’ve since decided she must have been Taa.

As it turned out, none of the girls was aggressive and made eye contact. I noticed Taa when she sat at the bar in front of me and to my left, where she visited with another dancer. After several minutes, she moved to the other end of the bar and visited with another dancer. She exchanged a few words with a customer two stools away, but another girl took the stool between them and he took up with the new arrival.

A few minutes later, Taa got up, and as she walked past me, I leaned forward and offered to buy her a drink. I was rewarded with the world’s biggest smile. She sat beside me, ordered a coke and almost immediately was smiling and touching me, lightly stroking my arms and thighs. I, of course, returned the compliment.

A few minutes later, one of the mama-sans asked me if I wanted to barfine her. Of course I did, but I hadn’t yet got to the point of asking. For one thing, I was uncertain if a girl that beautiful would be interested. But I took the mama-san’s question as an assurance of Taa’s interest and said yes, after first asking Taa her long-time fee. She said 2,000 baht, and I simply said yes without further negotiation. She was well worth it. For the record, I gave her 2,500 baht each night, including 500 baht tip, and the barfine was an additional 500.

I took her out of Voodoo and sat her down at an empty table outside at NEP so we could talk and hear each other. I suggested we go to the NASA Disco, which at the time was supposed to be the largest in Bangkok. But first, we made a swing by the Thermae where some friends, Mark and Dan, were supposed to be. They weren’t there, so we jumped in a cab, and she gave directions in Thai to the NASA Disco. When we got there, it was closed – totally shut down – and this was a Friday night.

Taa turns to me in the back of the cab, makes a little dancing gesture with her hands, and asks, “Thai music?” Thinking that I had been in Thailand for a week and hadn’t yet heard any traditional Thai music performed live, I said yes. She gives the driver new directions, and we land about 10 minutes later at a place called Esan Tawandang (this is how the sign inside spelled it), which appears to be a Bangkok cultural center for Thais from the Issan region, which is where Taa was from.

We walk in, and she takes us directly to a ringside table at the edge of the dance floor not 20 feet from the stage. I look around. We’re in what appears to be a beer hall that also serves food. There are about 400 Thais. I am the only farang. It was great.

The music is live and wonderful. Far from traditional Thai, it is Thai rock and popular music. The instruments are electric guitar and bass, drums, congos and electric keyboard. It was like good Western rock peppered liberally with high-pitched whistle- and bell-like sounds.

We ate, drank and danced for a couple of hours, then left the Tawandang around 2:30 a.m. and stopped back the Thermae. This time Mark, Dan and Pokey were there. We visited with them and their girls for a while, then went back to the hotel for round of good sex. Afterwards, we slept and cuddled till about 7:30 a.m., when her cell phone went off. It was a boyfriend calling, apparently from Norway. After the call, we were both awake, so we had another round of sex. She came first, then gave me my best orgasm of the whole trip. The natural rhythm of her hips during sex is the same slow, easy gait that I like. She was perfect. She got on top and would raise and lower her hips, slowly stroking my full shaft from top to bottom. Sometimes, at the top of her stroke, I was afraid I would pop out, but she was in full control. The result was a long, achingly slow build to an incredible explosion.

She was with me from the time I barfined her Friday evening until 3 a.m. Sunday morning when I left the hotel for the airport. Saturday, I took her to breakfast, then we went shopping with George and Tuk. I bought her an inexpensive gold ring with a T on it and a top that looked great on her slim body. We spent the afternoon in the hotel room having sex and watching WBA boxing on the tube (her viewing choice).

Saturday evening, I took her to dinner with the group. One of the guests was the Stickman. He got lots of compliments on his Web site, which he keeps on Mark's server.

After dinner, around 8 p.m., I took Taa to the Voodoo to pay her barfine, have a couple of drinks, and let her visit with her friends. She showed off her new ring and top, and told them about our visit to the Tawandang and our plans to return that evening. A couple of other girls asked me teasingly to barfine them and take them too, but I didn’t need the emotional confusion. I was focused on Taa.

Before we left the Voodoo, a guy came in selling roses. He had about four dozen in his arms. I thought it would be a nice romantic gesture to buy one for Taa, so I asked him how much. He said 250 baht. I countered with 150 baht, and he said, “For you, special deal: 200 baht.” I said OK and dug into my wallet for the money. I counted it out and looked up to discover that he had given Taa the whole four dozen roses. I thought I was just buying one. We took them all to the Tawandang, unwrapped them, and while the performers were signing and dancing, Taa and I took them up to the stage and gave them to the performers. She gave one to each of the men, and I gave one to each of the women, who all rewarded me with wais from the stage.

Here’s the photo of Taa dancing naked on my bed in the Nana Hotel:


01-17-04, 23:32

Thanks for the Eden pic, after I looked at the picture of Som, the girl on the left (Eden), I picked her. The one from the right was named Phu, a thai chinese from Hat Yai. I found Som to be very attractive. Phu was okay, a bit more aggressive of the two, though it was Som who wore a trp-on and fucked Phu.

That Som (or Sum?) was something else. She did the anal and the deepthroat and the CIM. The other girl I had (younger, newer) didn't do much for me.
Glad you enjoyed her!

Jimmy Red Cab
01-18-04, 01:40

I have just returned from Bangkok today, regarding prices there are plenty of short times on offer for 1000 baht and allnighters for 2000 baht. HOWEVER always remember that if the girl is young and very pretty she will know that her services are in demand so will try for more and normally get it, the place seems full of Americans at the moment who seem willing to pay that little bit more for a touch of class. I was also guilty of paying over the odds on one occasion but I just had to have her regardless of cost. Remember when you argue with a girl over 500 baht you are talking about £7-50 Sterling or 10 dollars!

01-18-04, 03:14
Hello All

Will be arriving in Bangkok in a couple of weeks, unfortunately with the wife, and have a couple of questions. We will be staying near Chinatown, mainly to keep the missus a safe distance from all the mongering haunts, so she will allow me to return alone some time!

Anyway, my questions are:

Is there any action in the Chinatown area, or do I need to travel to Patpong/Sukhumvit??

Is it safe to assume that any massage services offered withing our hotel may offer the kind of extra services I'm really interested in? Are they inclined to offer them, or would I have to hint/ask?

Just curiou really, just in case I get the opportunity to slip away from the missus for an hour or so!


Jaimito Cartero
01-18-04, 06:41
Amis - Current pricing in Bangkok is 500-1000 baht ST for freelancers/Bier Garten girls. LT is 800-1500. Some will try to jack you for a lot more, but these are the acceptable levels. Beer bar girls should be in the 800-1200 range ST, and 1500-2000 LT. Bar fine will vary a bit, but probably 300-500. I don't have too much experience with Nana types, but think 500-1000 bar fine.

01-18-04, 08:30
About price for freelance girls ST or LT. Price is relative to quality, so if you want a younger more beautiful girl you can expect to pay more. There are lots of guys paying 1500b for ST.

Beware Thais are small people with small hips and big heads so childbirth can be disasterous here. Often girls that request the lights to be turned off are wearing some nasty stretchmarks or National Geographic tits.

Just like anywhere else you get what you pay for. Also freelance girls may choose to be selective so a handsome man may fare better than ugly man.

Some freelance girls have boyfriends in foreign countries that are sending money. These girls may have quit thier jobs at a bath house or go-go and subsequently go out free-lance out of pure boredom and desire to bring in some more cash, sneaking in one or two guys in the interium. Often these girls will be selective and not go with just anyone.

01-18-04, 15:00
Stickman is quite famous and recently got married to a Thai lady.

Also, I am quite curious about the exact same picture of Taa appearing in other websites.


01-18-04, 15:53

Point taken re Stickman. His fame is well deserved.

Interesting to hear that my photo of Taa appears on other sites, though I can understand why it would be copied. I took it in April 2000. The only place I've ever seen it posted it was in the photo section of the tour group I went with. My handle there is Thai Heart.


Jimmy Red Cab
01-18-04, 20:22

You are so right about freelancers being choosey, I am on the wrong side of 50 and despite being polite, well dressed and sober I have had a few refusals from the young pretty types. I would rather they quoted me a silly price than pretend they don't understand, maybe that is why they prefer being freelancers.

01-18-04, 22:45
Recently visited Bangkok (my last visit was in 2001). I am not sure if my tastes have changed in the intervening period - well, I have been to BsAs, Rio, Madrid and Barcelona in the last year :) - but the quality appears to be changed dramatically. In other words, not as good.

In brief:

Soi Cowboy: The famed Long Gun is just a mere shadow of its former self and the show is now just mediocre. The girls are also unimpressive. Very few customers nowadays whereas previously anyone arriving after 11.00 would not get a seat. Went to the Doll House, where the talent was better but not outstanding. My expectations were high from reading Stickman's site where he raves about the dance floor etc etc but it didn't do anything for me.

Patpong: The quality in Kings Plaza 1 and 2 has also declined substantially. The place looks different - perhaps they split the bar into two ?? In my previous trip, I would have happily barfined 5 or 6 girls but this time I found just one that was appealing (I took her away with me). King 1 used to have very attractive girls. What's happened ?

Nana Plaza: Checked out Angelwitch. Well the girls were better than the above and the show likewise. I went back twice after that and did take someone out, but generally speaking, I think that this is a one time place, unless you have got a favourite there worth going back for.

So the go-go’s were not impressive, but here are a couple of good experiences:

Plaza Entertainment complex – this is a massage place, so check out the appropriate section in this forum for details. I went there at about 9.00. There were just a few customers at the time. I thought the superstars were fabulous – just fabulous ! I picked one in short order and for 4,000 BT, got a great body massage and FS (all covered). This is very much a Thai place and I saw just one farang in the lift. The girls here are all light skinned in accordance with the general Thai preference, while the go-go’s are well stocked with lasses from Isaan (generally darker – farang preference ?). My superstar hailed from Chiang Mai and is a fabulous looker with a wonderful body.

I would recommend this place.

CM2 – This is a club located under the Novotel in Siam Square and has been written up in earlier posts. The talent here is a lot better and appears to be “classier” than the go-go’s. I picked up a skinny one with a pretty face for 2,000 Bt long time. Good live band, though drinks are not cheap. Of course, no bar fine to pay as the girls are all freelancers. There are quite a few Russians working this place but while some of them were nice looking, they did not seem to do too well in the charm department. Consequently not many guys were giving them much attention. I think that most people will agree that Thai girls are very friendly and charming. So anyone wanting to compete with them will need to go to smiling school and believe me, some of the Russian girls looked like they needed a lot of training in this area. On my second visit, I saw a girl from Kazakstan who was very nice looking and she smiled at me too. In time I approached her (I did see her cold shoulder some guys earlier) and got talking and even had some laughs. Eventually she asked for 6,000 Bt, reducing to 5,000 Bt to go away with me. I told her that I will think about it and continued talking with her. I was tempted but decided to move on. I didn’t see the point of paying European level prices in Thailand.

Generally, speaking the quality of girls (Thai girls) in Singapore appears to be a lot better where I had quite a few good experiences and two outstanding ones. I wonder if the better quality talent is leaving Bangkok for greener pastures elsewhere. I found quantity in Bangkok but sadly quality is low, especially in the go-go’s.

That's my 2 cents on Bangkok.


01-19-04, 00:11
re the question from chris about how thai girls might feel about his being black and the response from some forum members.

first of all, i'm an african man living in the usa and went to bangkok and pattaya in 2001. i did not encounter any problem because of my race. as a matter of fact, i thought my treatment was better in thailand than i get here in the usa. whenever i went from bar to bar in pattaya, girls came out to the side walk calling me chocolat... chocolat and i felt like a vip. i even bar fined a beautiful mama sana who has an english boyfriend and ended up bringing her from pattaya to bangkok. and she even escorted me to the airport. i don't care of what other's think of my race/color. that is their problem not mine. other's do not pay my hotel bills, food or drinks nor run my life. i think sometimes one has to say so what? all i want to know is the woman attracted to me? if she is, we talk business. and if she is not attracted to me, why bother anyway. girls have all kinds of reasons to like or not to like a guy even if it is a business. one of the reasons is race/color and other reasons could be handsome, urgly, short, bald, fat, skinny, cheap, generous. you get the picture! still there a woman out there for every kind of guy i believe. in reference to jaimeto cartero about the rowdy african's who are not allowed in some places. i will assume that this group is living in bangkok and not mongers? i'm sure the establishments and girls can easily tell residents from tourists based on such things as clothing, speech, manners and ones tan from the heat from the strong sun at least in most cases. in anycase, personally i would not want to go to places where i have to pay my money to be abbused. so, i would go elsewhere that my money is wanted unless one goes out of their way to reject money from me! and for you skin less to steryotype black africans around grace "are believed to be involved in many scams, hang out in bars near grace". perhaps you need to report them to the thai police since you believe they are involved in scams? may i don't get it .... chris wanted to know how he will be recieved by thai women right? what has the activities of the black african's got to do with chris. and why would chris want to be hanging out with the black africans? so, if some whites or asian's or latin's were pulling scams, then any person who belongs to that group and has nothing to do with the scams should have to worry about it. i don't see your logic. your biggest scams in thailand if you don't know are the taxi cabs who will try to take you to massage places, jewel shops, custom made suits, sea food restaurants and brothels. you will pay inflated prices for any service because they geet a kick-back. and also the various people on the street who are approach about buying gems. in any city if you travel, there are tourist traps, corn-artist, people pulling scams and milking tourists. if you are not street-smart, like to talk to strangers on the street be it black african's instead of the working girls in the bars, you will be taken. and it can even be dangerous yo know.

That Asshole
01-19-04, 03:21
Distinguished Gentlemen,

Two questions please:

1. Where is the PLAZA Entertainment complex with the massage, etc.? How to get there?

2. Anybody had experiences in the `Ratchada` entertainment area up north, near Mo Chit? How to get there exactly?

Thank you.


Jimmy Red Cab
01-19-04, 04:01

It seems to me that the current government in Thailand is trying to kill off sex tourism, I was in Angel Witch the other night near to closing time and the girls were all covered. Even old fashioned London allows topless and sometimes even nude dancing. Some people will argue that the sex industry is only a small part of the Thai economy but there are no accurate figures because much of it forms the "black" economy. What would happen to Pattaya without the girly bars, it would not be just the girls that suffered, it would affect the area for miles around, where would local farmers sell their produce?

Doc Farang
01-19-04, 15:16
Southeast Asia and LOS 8-30-03 (18 Days)

My 5th Trip to LOS was in September 2003. I had a ball in chain attached to me so I could only get away for short periods of time (several hours during the day). We went with a tour group and while in BKK stayed at the Pensula Hotel (Recently voted the world's number 1 hotel). The hotel wasn't my choice (because of the cost) but the tour director got that hotel as a part of her Thailand package. What a place!!! LCD TV on the wall in the bath tub, home theather system in the very large room, Boats every 10 minutes to take you across the river to the Oriential Hotel facilities or to the Skytrail ramp or another pier allowing you to go into the shopping areas in BKK across from the Pensula. Let me say BKK is alive and well.

Using the Skytrain got me to the spots I wanted to go and it was much faster than taxi or tuk-tuk and less expensive. Didn't have to worry about tips and commissions paid to the taxi or tuk-tuk drivers. The Skytrain will take you to the mongering areas such as Nana-Plaza, Soi Cowboy, the famous beer bars, etc.

Day 1 in BKK.
The day was spent in getting to our room, a welcome reception, a tour to the Grand Palace and River tours. The highlight of the day had to be dinning and eating Thai food !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If one likes seafood you have to try the shrimp or prawns as they call them. They are the size of Texas and if you could devour more than 3, you would explode because you've just put away a pound or more of food. Traditional is Thai food is very spicy (which I like) and tastee. The food alone was the second biggest reason I would visit the Land of Smiles.

Day 2 in BKK
On the way to Club Eden, one could gain 20 lbs with all the eye candy floating around. Upon arrival at Nana Station and on my way to Eden, the following couple were also getting off the train. His hands could not keep off that beautiful ass. By the time I got my digital out and fired up, I could only get the following rear view picture. Her frontal view would rate a 7 but her GFE would rating a 10 looking at the expressions on their faces. Lucky Guy!

See Photo 1

It was about 12:30PM and I had to get to Soi 7.1 for my annual visit to see Marc and all the festivities at Eden. Had to make hast because my lady at the hotel knew that I was heading to Pantrip Plaza. Being the computer geek that I am, I needed to visit Pantrip Plaza ( with a side trip to the Eden Club of course). I had to get to Pantrip to make a quick purchase of software so she knew that I was there! She knows that I spend hours in a computer store and she didn't want to waste her valuable time there so she elected to go to MBK to shop with other ladies in our tour group. She knew I didn't like to shop for clothes and junk. Worked out fine and I also bought her some perfume to camophodge any strange smells from the showering and contact with by beauties.

I turned into Soi 7.1, low and behold, I saw Marc out side cleaning up the side walk. Said my hello's and went inside to begin my annual Feast.

See Photo 2

Things have changed a bit probably because APAC was coming and Marc was winding the operation ground rules down a little. First, all the rooms on premise were not being used. We had to go to a hotel several doors up the street. Second, no x-rated photos were allowed and the ladies obliged to this rule (I even offered a good tip for photos but, the ladies would only pose for G rated photos). Lastly, he shut down his web site temporily. Other than that, things were running full steam ahead. The following are a few photos of my ladies. They of course provided all the normal entertainment and were excellent unrushed hostest's. In my hurry to get all my ventures for the day completed and get back to the hotel in a reasonable time, I forgot my vitaman V. No problem, one of my gals got some for me at no extra charge. They put on a show with the toys they had brought with them while the vitaman V took effect. When 45 minutes pasted and willy was responding, I became their toy. You have read before in other reports the activities one experiences, and let me say that I wondered if I was going to be able to get to Pantrip Plaza! My legs were buckeling and all my energy was gone. Great girls and of course I tipped them accordingly (500 baht). They kissed be goodbye we all parted with a smile.

See Photo 3

Lady on the right of the yellow line! Picture does not do her justice but I would rate her and her TIGHT 21 Yr old body a 7.

See Photo 4

Same lady, but I had to show her that she has BIG FEET!

See Photo 5

Gal in red (forgot their names) is 28 yrs old and was on the left od the yellow line. She probably rates a 5 or 6 in looks but, she surely did perform and her proformance and additude rates a 9 1/2 in my book. Gal in blew is the same as pictures above and for additude rating would be an 8. Also the provider of Vitaman V.

See Photo 6

Day 3 in BKK:

On my third night I went to the night market in Patong. Same old stuff, the market and various bars and shows. I went into several gogo bars and they were lack lusture. The most dancers showed no enthusian. I made eye contact with one beautiful gogo girl on stage and she livened up. I wanted to buy her a drink but, another English guy came in and asked the waitress to have her come over after her set. She did and the only potential I saw that night was scooped up before I was able to make my move. I said to my fellow monger that he zapped her away before I could get her. He was very friendly and said, " If you see a diamond in the rough, you have to leap to the ocassion". It was his last night in LOS and he wanted to end his trip with a blast. It was also my last night before going to Phuket for 10 days. The upstairs bars and shows were seedy and after a rip off on a drink, I left and called it a night. You may ask how I got out that night, Well serveral of the my fellow tour guys were going to make the rounds at Nana. I went out with them and then split. I like to monger alone. No stories get back to stragistric command. As Ben Franklin said, " The only way to keep a secret between two people is for one of them to be dead".

See Photo 7

Supposivly a good group is the King's Group but, I got ripped off on a drink and a cover charge for the show which I didn't even see. Watch out for the upstairs bars.

Well thats it for BKK. Tommorw evening we head for Phucket for 10 Days. I know the Patong like the back of my hand. Scored big time on the beach in the evening and on Bangla Road. A trip report on that will follow later on. The first week of the trip was in Bali which was great. I could do no mongering because of my extra baggage. For mongers however, the oppurtunity is there but not as free and open as in LOS.

After 10 days, we left Phuket back to the East Coast just in time the be greeded by the hurricane. Had to drive from JFK to the Cheaspeake Bay into the storn. This will be a trip to be remembered for a long time.

Thanks to the board whose discussions, tips and trip reports provided good assistance and advice to this 50 plus yr old monger. Rent a date activities are fun and rewarding, specially in Asia. Not the crack ***** mongering delima as in the U.S. Womens additudes at home make home a completely different enviroment. Remember, ALWAY have protection while mongering especially in LOS. The GFE, gals telling you of their need to help their poor families, their beauty, and friendly additude may give a monger a false sence of security and importance to the ladies you meet. Never fall in love with a Thai girl for more than one night. We often think with our the small brain, but do not let your guard down. With the additude of the American woman, it is difficult to not be taken in by a Thai lady's willingness to please. If you exercise caution, your mongering days will a great source of excitement.

Have a nice day!

Doc Farang

01-19-04, 22:47
I forgot to mention - I was quite impresssed with the beer bar on Soi 7. Quite good talent and I did take one out of there.

Jimmy - I am not sure if it is official policy but from my observation, some if not a substantial part of the sex tourist industry can be substituted with mainstream tourism. I think that there is quite a lot that would interest people about Thailand - the charming people, the culture, the beaches, the north and the good infrastructure for tourism. From a policy planner's point of view, the substitution would not be difficult and would bring other intangible benefits such as image of the country etc. In fact, I think this change is inevitable. It might be a good thing - give me quality over quantity any day !

Alexander - check out the massage section for directions to Plaza or just get into a cab. It is not far from Sukhumvit.


Jaimito Cartero
01-20-04, 01:19
Jack - Well I almost never go to a place only for girls. It might be 70% of my motivation, but it's always nice to find out about different cultures and meet the people.

Thailand has great food, very inexpensive gifts, lodging and other fun things to do. If there were no girls in Thailand, I'd probably reduce my trips to once every year or two, but it's a nice country.

01-20-04, 16:35
Hey Doc

Nice FR. Where did you post the pics BTW. Looking forward to see them

01-21-04, 05:42
Ventured into town last night, Soi 33 was very pleasant, and actually works out cheaper than nana during happy hour (4pm-9pm), carlsberg was between 70 and 90baht depending on bar. After that the beers went upto a massive price of....110baht, not at all expensive considering 125-135baht a beer in Nana. Plenty of ladies, a few other farrangs, i would describe the soi as being quiet, cozy, freindly, more upmarket and a nice change last night.

Got to Alley Cats/Lollitas too late, 2:35am and only the cashier was there and she didnt want to do the deed, so walked to cowboy, plenty of SW's lining the road all the way there, picked one for ST, asked for 2 BBBJ with CIM and play about, she asked for 500Baht, very good, hit PB, she was great, and unusually wore stockings, i asked her to keep them on and she did, asked for the 500 up front, no probs, didnt even mention money after that. PB ST was 240Baht.

01-21-04, 11:24
My plane got into BKK at 23:35, Jan 20, my 60th birthday. This trip, my second to Thailand, is my birthday present to myself. The flight was full, so it was slow getting off, slow through immigration, slow through the money changing booth, and slow through the meter taxi line. I finally got to the Nana Hotel around 1:30, Jan. 21. I quickly got my room, unpacked, shaved – I had been 26 hours traveling from Chicago – and looked at my watch: 1:45. Was there any point in heading over to NEP 15 minutes shy of closing? Why not? If I didn’t score there, I always had the after-closing crowd in the Nana Hotel parking lot as backup. At least I hoped so. I had no personal experience with it, but that’s what I’ve read repeatedly on this board during several months of lurking.

It had been four years since my first trip. Last weekend, I posted a retrospective field report about Taa, whom I found at Voodoo in NEP, so this time I set out for Voodoo first. I thought it was on the second floor, so I headed up that way and found Angelwitch. I’ve heard so much about it on this and other boards that I popped in. I was greeted immediately by a sexy little thing in a black bikini-like outfit. She seated me, allowed me to buy her a lady drink, gave me a shoulder massage, and promptly disappeared. But there was so much superior talent on the stage that I was glad she was gone.

Last weekend, Amis PMed me about the photo I posted of Taa. She’s his type, and he wanted to know how many others like her I had seen on my first trip. Well, last night at Angelwitch, there were at least six comparable ones dancing on the stage at closing time, still unbarfined. There were about 15 dancers total, and I don’t recall one that I’d rate lower than 7.

After my little friend disappeared, I gave my attention to the stage and actually made eye contact with a stunner, who smiled and nodded back. I thought I had found my evening’s companion. Over the few remaining minutes, we made eye contact several times, but she drifted gradually toward the other end of the bar. Was her smile insincere?

At closing time, she drifted off the far end of the stage with the crowd of other dancers. I finished my beer slowly and waited to see if she would appear. While I waited, I reminded myself of a lesson I’d learned on my first trip: It usually works best when the girl picks you. Not that you should be passive or accept every offer, but there needs to be some interest on her part or your not going to be happy in the end. With that lesson in mind, I waited about five minutes, picked up my Singha and joined the crowd heading out of NEP.

On the way out, a TG hit on me, but she was only a about a 6, so I smiled and passed and continued into the Nana parking lot. The time was around 2:10, and the parking lot was just as described on this board: Essentially, standing room only, filled with available freelancers. I made a circuit through the crowd without seeing anything that grabbed me, then circled back because tons of new talent was still filtering in. Then I spotted a real cutie in a short black dress that showed nice cleavage and way sexy legs. About 4’11”, 90 pounds. Turns out to 19 years old. I will observe the official naming protocol of the International Treaty to Preserve the Illusion of Innocence among TGs, and refer to her as ParkingLotSweetie.

We made eye contact as I moved toward her, and I opened with the classic “Sawadee, khrap.” She countered with the equally classic “Sawadee, kha.” We then began the usual round of what you name, where you from, how long you been here, how long you stay, until ParkingLotSweetie asked, “You have room?”

“Yes.” I gestured at the hotel with my beer. “Right here. You want to come up.”
She nodded and the deal was done. No discussion of money, ever.

I was hungry, so we had a light dinner in the Nana coffee shop and got to know one another a bit before heading up to the room. I made the mistake of telling her I was heading to Pattaya in a few days, and she wasted no time in telling how much she would like to go to Pattaya. I said it was too early to decide.

In the room, ParkingLotSweetie turns out to be a real sweetie and an energetic performer, too, though she’s young and her skills could use some seasoning. She’s very tight; almost too tight. She likes to kiss, and eagerly uses her tongue, but she’s not sure yet what to do with it. She does BBBJ, but only for a few minutes to get you nice and hard. She doesn’t continue long enough. She enjoys DATY, and gets into it. She excels at cowgirl, riding hard to get her own orgasm.

We need a rating system, so let’s try this one:

Looks: 7 out of 10
Attitude/personality: 9
Performance: 8
DFK: 5 for effort.
BBBJ: 5 for trying
Total: 34

We’ll see how she compares as the adventure continues.

I slipped 1500 baht into her cell phone case this morning while she watched. She must have been happy with it, because I had a little trouble getting her to move on today. I took her to breakfast, then she helped me find an Internet café. Imagine reading this board with your TG looking over your shoulder. Do we really want them to know what we write about them?

She wants an extended gig. I took her cell phone number and told her I might call her tomorrow. Which I might. She truly is a sweetie, but I just got here and feel an obligation to butterfly for a few days first. Tonight, I want to try my luck at Angelwitch again, this with more that 15 minutes to score.

More to come.


01-22-04, 03:46
Excellent first encounter Carabu, even with 15 minutes of gogo left you saw how easy it was to still have company for the evening, and from a huge selection.
Stick with your instincts re keeping her on for Pattaya, theres so many others in BKK and especially Pattaya, why waste anymore time on this one. Go forth and butterfly ! Be careful in Angel Witch, the girls tend to be more interested in lady drinks and ST than much else, and charge too much IMHO. Have fun, i look forward to reading more of your FR's.

01-22-04, 03:47
Oh by the way, Voodoo is on the ground floor half way along on the left hand side of the Nana complex.

That Asshole
01-22-04, 04:30
Met a Vietnemese girl in one of the pubs in Sukhumvit. She was really cute but hardly spoke English. Somehow I got it across that I want to see her ID which we would need to get in the hotel.

She produced some crumpled paper printed in Vietnamese with a tiny dark photo in the corner. That could have been anyone's picture, totally out of focus. I liked her but couldn't proceed from there on.

She said no problem, she has a friend with passport. Made a call on her mobile and another Viet girl turned up. Neither young nor cute. I passed on that one.

Anyone else met Viet chicks in BKK?

Also, saw a guy at Nana wearing a shirt and baseball cap printed "WSG Senior Member" on both. He seemed busy with a couple of chicks so I didn't disturb.

Can we actually buy this stuff or did he print it for himself?

01-22-04, 05:56
Hey Doc Farang!

You forgot to post the photos!

Apac Boy
01-22-04, 05:58
nice report Carabu...looking forward to reading some more.

Maybe it's just the flash but that pic makes the girl look older than 19. I bet she's been in this game for at least 5 years now.


01-22-04, 08:53
i set out last night around 10 p.m. to check out all the beauties i had seen the night before at angel witch at nep. i never got there. i thought i would first stop at voodoo, a place with fond memories from my last trip. at voodoo, i was shown to a seat, ordered a singha, and watched the girls dance, mostly topless. the shift changed on stage and a sweet looking girl sat beside me and cuddled up. i bought her a lady drink, and she rewarded me with multiple kisses and homs. i will call her “juup” because back at the hotel, she kissed so well.

i thought at first that juup was one of the serving girls, because she was covered up in a top and had a “country girl” flavor that was not as seasoned and professional as the dancers. i asked if she danced, and she nodded. i realize now that she probably didn’t understand my question. in any case, when the shift changed again, she got up and danced topless on the rotating platform in the center. she looked great with her top off. long, lean body, great legs and great moves. we exchanged smiles every time she rotated my way.

dancing beside juup was another girl who looked so good and had such a great rack that i figured her for a ladyboy. years ago, in my southern california youth, i worked with a guy who i will call john the queen, because he was a drag queen in his secret life. through john, i met a number of other drag queens who used to earn extra money on the sunset strip giving tourists head in the back seat of john’s convertible. i learned back then that most reliable way to recognize drag queen’s was by their exquisite, studied femininity. real women don’t have to work so hard to be feminine.

when the shift changed again, juup rejoined me, and the mama-san positioned the ladyboy near the door so customers who peeked in would see her first. before juup and i left, one of the other punters there barfined the ladyboy. as they walked past us on the way out, i confirmed my impression by pointing to them and asking juup, “ladyboy?” she nodded yes. i felt good that my antennae still worked after all these years, but i wonder if the guy who took her knew. ok if he did, but i’d hate to think he made an uninformed decision.

i attempted some conversation with juup, but the music level was high and it was difficult to hear, so i barfined her – 600 baht. while waiting for her to change, i saw the dancer i should have taken on stage – a totally hot hard body with great, active, hip-undulating moves. oh well. i was already committed, and now i can’t go back for her since all the voodoo girls will consider me juup’s property.

outside where we could hear one another, i attempted conversation again and began to understand how little english juup spoke. we settled in for a light pre-coital meal at the nana coffee shop, and she pulled out an english-thai primer. but it was so basic, it didn’t help much. up in my room, i got out my thai phrase book and tried to find useful words in the dictionary sections in back. this ploy has been useful and even fun with tgs in the past, but it didn’t help this time.

so with the conversation option eliminated, we got down to business. we started with some exploratory kisses, and here’s where she earned her nickname: excellent dfk, sensitive and responsive. i love good dfk. it really enhances the illusion. then separate showers, jump in bed, more dfk, kisses all up and down her body, leading to extended daty, which she arched her whole body into. yummy. at this point, i discovered she not sa-moke. a disappointment, especially with all the great, ongoing dfk, but you move on. condom time, and she took a long hard ride cowgirl style to her finish. then we rolled over and went mish for my finish. then some cuddling with more dfk and clean up time. when she took her clothes into the bathroom, i realized this was going to be short time, even though i had expressly requested long time when i barfined her. obviously, one of us had misunderstood.

when i barfined her, i intentionally did not discuss money. so as she prepared to leave, i tucked 1500 baht into her purse while she watched. i figure this is about the market rate for short time with nep go-go girls. she unfolded it and put it away without comment, gave me a sweet good-night kiss and went out into the night.


looks: 8 out of 10
attitude/personality: 8
performance: 7
dfk: 10
bbbj: 0
total: 33

lessons learned:

1. since i like to communicate, i should try to find tgs who speak more english. my bad.
2. i need to be patient and give myself more time to spot the hottie i haven’t noticed yet. my bad here too, but not a serious one.

re parkinglotsweetie: yes, the flash does make her look older. she's much prettier and sexier in the flesh.


Jaimito Cartero
01-22-04, 09:55
Carabu - Yeah, you definitely don't want to stick with your first girl. If you find a really special girl, then keep her for a few days, but if you let them dig their claws in, you'll never get them off.

One thing you might do when checking them in to security. Take a look at the birthdate on their id's. 80% of them will lie about ages, telling you whatever they think you want to hear. If she's 19, then she's had a very hard life. Looks 29 or more in my opinion.

Sounds like you had a good time, anyway. It's a bit of a crock that you bought a ladydrink and the the lady bailed on you.

Check out Biergarten on Soi 7 if you get a chance. Lots of good stuff there. I think you'll have even more fun in Pattaya. The amount of good looking girls there just boggles your mind.

Jimmy Red Cab
01-22-04, 11:30

I agree with your advice about the beergarden on Soi 7, I would say from 6pm would be a good time. Regarding your comments on Pattaya you say there are lots of pretty girls, I must have been looking in the wrong places. I find Pattaya VERY downmarket which is reflected in prices, 200 baht bar fines, 500 baht short time. I would say Pattaya is an ideal resort for cheap charlies!

Cloud Seeker
01-23-04, 00:14
Hello everyone,

I am new to the board and am about to book a trip to Thailand in May for about a week. Excluding the flight and the hotel, I am planning to take with me approx. 30,000 BAHT for the girls (4-5 Short Time encounters), food, little souvenirs.

Is that enough to pull me through one week (again, exl. hotels and flight)?

Would appreciate some feedback.


Cloud9 Seeker

01-23-04, 05:09
Thursday, January 22, 2004 – my second full day in BKK.

Sorry for the length of this post, but this was an eventful day.

Yesterday, I’d made a scouting expedition for lunch to the Bier Garten on Soi 7. Good burgers, and the talent looked promising, too. So this afternoon, I went back around 5:30 p.m. for dinner and a closer inspection. On the way over, I ran into Juup at the NEP entrance. We said hi, traded a kiss, and I went on my way. Nice to run into new friends on the street.

At the Bier Garten, I walked through to the back slowly and saw some nice looking girls, but no clear winner. The bars were all pretty crowded, so I took a table in back. Four TGs at the next table turned and smiled. I smiled back, but stuck with my lesson learned yesterday about not taking the first offer. I ordered a Singha and a burger and spent to time just looking around while I waited for the food. Again, no one jumped out at me.

Near the end of my burger, I noticed a pretty little thing who sat at a bar in clear view of my table. After a while, she turned around, made eye contact and mimicked me chomping down on my burger. I smiled and made a finger wave at her. When she returned it, I waved her over. I will call her HandyGirl, for reasons that will become apparent later. She’s 32, looks 25 and has been in Bangkok for five years.

After a drink and some introductory conversation, we went back to my hotel for a round of the customary sanuk. In the early going, she was doing such a nice job with her mouth and her hands that I had to ask her to stop twice lest I finish too soon. We didn’t even have the condom on yet. Later in the session, she appeared to come nicely (you never know for sure), but I had trouble getting off. We tried cowgirl and mish. I was plenty hard but just wasn’t finishing. I suggested she go back to oral and manual, since that had worked too well before. But it wasn’t working now. After about 15 minutes of yeoman effort on her part, she paused and asked, “You come yet?” When I said no, she replied, “OK. I make you come.” And bless her heart, she did, about five minutes later.

Again, no discussion of money before or during. I gave her 1000 baht, the approximate market price, plus a 200 baht tip for her perseverance.


Looks: 7 out of 10
Attitude/personality: 7
Performance: 8
DFK: 0 – She didn’t. I missed it. If I could teach her to kiss, she’d be the best so far.
Total: 30

Lessons learned:

1. I’ve got to slow down. Three girls and four orgasms in less than 48 hours. I need some downtime to recharge my happy stick.

With this lesson in mind, I walked HandyGirl to the NEP entrance, where we parted company around 8:30 p.m. Since I was fully discharged, I thought this would be a good time to ogle the beauties at Angel Witch. After all, I was temporarily immune to their charms.

IMHO Angel Witch some amazing beauties. There were seven or eight I would happily barfine. One in particular caught my eye, and I had extra fun when she began actively flirting with me from the stage, dancing just for me with lots of eye contact. Go figure. I knew nothing would come of it this night. She was tall and slim, with great breasts and a face that was a little too plain to match up to her body. I have always liked that kind of woman. A somewhat plain face on a gorgeous body creates a highly sexual tension.

When she finished her shift, she sat beside me. With some future evening in mind, I bought her a lady drink just to keep her with me and get acquainted. I will call her AngelBaby. She’s 19, a student during the day, and has been in BKK for 10 years. She came with her family as a child.

We talked a bit with lots of stroking and cuddling. I stroked the top of her breast, and she pulled her top down to show me more. She asked if I was going to barfine anyone that night, I said no.

“Why not?”

“I just finished with another lady. I have no power. Maybe tomorrow.”

“I give you power.” She reached down and stroked my happy stick, which to my surprise was standing at full attention. Damn thing’s got a mind of his own. “I want you to barfine me.” Why don’t the stunners at work ever talk to me lake this?

I asked her if she liked to kiss. She nodded and we exchanged a few. They showed promise, and my resolve weakened. Actually, I caved. Thinking I might need to just cuddle tonight, I told her I wanted long time. In the end, she was just too gorgeous to pass up.

Outside, I sat us down to ask what she’d like to do. I wasn’t eager to go right back to the hotel, because I wanted as much recharge time as I could get. At this point, she became the first TG this trip to raise the question of money:

“How much you give me for long time?” Was the infamous Angel Witch attitude starting to show?

“How much you want?”

AngelBaby held up three fingers. I shook my head: “Two.” When she shook her head, I countered with 2,500.

After a thoughtful pause, she said, “I need short time. I have school tomorrow six a.m.” Why couldn’t she have told me this before I paid her barfine? This is bait and switch. Nevertheless, I was already out the 600 baht barfine, so I offered 1,500 for short time – the NEP market price for go-go girls – and we had a deal.

We went downstairs to LolliPop, where her friend works. Inside, I bought lady drinks for them both. AngelBaby asked me if I wanted to barfine her friend, and I said no. (Note to myself: There was only one customer in LolliPop, but three or four of the girls looked pretty damn good.)

After about half an hour at LolliPop, AngelBaby and I headed back to the hotel room.

Riddle: How can you tell when a TG has a great body and knows it?

Answer: When she dispenses with the Thai towel trick, undresses fully while you watch and even takes the time to carefully fold her clothes and place them in a neat pile. She looked so fabulous. I got off the bed, wrapped her in my arms and gave her several full body strokes before letting her shower.

But the real question: Did she fulfill her promise? Did she give me power? Yes! After the usual round of showers and sanuk, she got me off with some enthusiastic cowgirl. Score one for her.

AngelBaby’s downside: During DATY, she was minimally responsive. Her most lively moment up to that point was when I tried to insert my fingers, and she stopped me. When she climbed on top, she rode high as though she didn’t want me to penetrate deeply. I had to pull her down to get deep enough. Once I came, she wanted to jump up and leave immediately. I had to ask her twice to stay put, while I took a minute to ride out my aftershocks.


Looks: Solid 9 out of 10
Attitude/personality: 5 – Too businesslike once the sale was closed.
Performance: 6 – She completed her mission, didn’t she even bother to fake an orgasm.
DFK: 2 – Damn little, all of it initiated by me.
BBBJ: 5 –Just enough to get me hard, but no follow up.
Total: 25 – low of the trip, so far.

Lessons learned:

2. Listen to Mr. Happy Stick. He knows best.

3. If you value good attitude and performance over looks, avoid AngelBaby at Angel Witch. Of course, YMMV.

What wonders will tomorrow hold?

01-23-04, 05:10
Here's AngelBary from Angel Witch. See previous post for my report.

Joe Zop
01-23-04, 07:58
Great reports, Carabu, thanks!

Cloud9 Seeker, 30k baht is definitely way more than enough for a week in Bangkok, especially if you're not including hotel costs in that. You can live high on the hog and barfine top-level talent with that.

01-23-04, 11:34
Wow Carabu, I sure wish I was you right now.

When I went to the beergarden a couple of months back, I noticed that most of the guys there were of the 40+ range. Is this normally the case? Not that I have anything against the older mongers here. I just felt a little out of place, and ended up at Gullivers.

Wacko 04
01-23-04, 11:56
Was on business trip in Bangkok, as location was out of the city life, one nite decided to look at the local night tours at the desk. Guide showed the specials with pics.

Immediately interested in the Jone place. So negotiated the price.

Taxi there was 800 Bahts, and the girl there starts form 1800 - 3000 Baht for 3 hr session.

Nice experience as they soap you down and slide all over you.

Will go back there again. They have lots of young pretty voluptious girls.

Will go back again real soon.. and hope to take pictures of them if permitted to post here.

Joe Zop
01-23-04, 16:48
With the recent announcement that there are confirmed human bird flu cases in Thailand, perhaps it's best for now to avoid TGs named Gai or Jeab... :)

Jaimito Cartero
01-23-04, 18:17
Wacko - The only time I've paid 800 baht for a taxi ride has been from Pattaya to the airport. For rides around Bangkok you should always get them to use the meter, or forget it.

I think most taxi drivers work the whole day for 800 baht.

Jaimito Cartero
01-23-04, 18:24
Jimmy Red Cab - Oh I agree that Pattaya overall is less expensive than Bangkok. To say that the girls are less attractive is wrongheaded, though. I'd say that most of the girls come from the same area (Isaan), and sometimes will go to Pattaya for a time and then to Bangkok.

Perhaps Joe Z knows the numbers, but I would say there are 3 or 4 times the girls in Pattaya than Bangkok. If you like a young looking girl, then go to the Superbaby or such go-go. The amount of beer bars that I've been to is just astounding. There were lots of girls I wouldn't bar fine, but the same goes for Bangkok.

You can find the 2000 baht stunners at some of the Go-Gos, or find a real gem on Soi 8, or beer bars on Second Road, or a cutie for 300 baht on the beach.

When I would take the bahtbus down second road, I passed *hundreds* of beer bars that I haven't even gone to. I think Bangkok is nice, but for overall experiences, I had the most fun in Pattaya.

Joe Zop
01-23-04, 19:01
JC, I've no idea of the true numbers or percentages of available TGs in Pattaya versus Bangkok, but I'm not sure I buy your estimate, because in BKK there are a lot of out-of-the-way places and things are really spread out, so the overall impression one gets is different. I think it's a tough call in any event -- the population of Pattaya is supposed to be around 65,000 versus the millions in Bangkok, so such women are not as concentrated in BKK at the very least, which might make them seem fewer in number even if that's not actually the case. The prettier girl thing is also (in addition to being an impossible argument to settle or even really judge) something that can be seen two ways -- since prices are higher in BKK it would seem logical that the prettier girls would stay where they could make the most money, but since the scene is more apparent and unavoidable in Pattaya there might be more money to be had because there's more opportunity.

Who knows? And logic probably doesn't have a lot to do with it in any event :) That said, I'd agree with you that Pattaya is generally an easier and cheaper place to monger. Whether that means better is a judgement call.

Cloud Seeker
01-23-04, 23:42
Joe Zop,

Thanks for your reply. Great, I now have my peace of mind.

Cloud9 Seeker

P.S. Actually, I'll be spending three days in Bangkok and three in Koh Samui, but what the hell. All will be well!!

Thanks again!!

01-24-04, 05:00

You wrote: When I went to the beergarden a couple of months back, I noticed that most of the guys there were of the 40+ range. Is this normally the case? Not that I have anything against the older mongers here. I just felt a little out of place, and ended up at Gullivers.

I've only been to the Bier Garten twice, but yes, most of the guys were 40+. Maybe you've just answered my questions about Gulliver's. See my Friday night report, which follows.


01-24-04, 05:01
Friday, January 23, 2004

Headed out for dinner around 7 this evening. Thought I’d check out Gulliver’s on Soi 5, but from the outside, it looked like just a big restaurant and not a meeting place. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

In any case, I went back to the Soi 7 Bier Garten. Lots of pretty ladies sitting around. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I’d see HandyGirl. Before we parted yesterday, she told me she’d be there tonight.

Not many seats were available inside. Is it always like that? I finally found a seat beside a 40-something TG. I wasn’t interested in her, but she patted the empty stool beside her, and I accepted it because seats were so scarce. I ordered a burger and a Singha, while she started the usual conversation: Where you from? How long you in Bangkok? Where you stay? I responded, because I didn’t want to be rude. She began patting my leg, then stroking it. As her hand crept closer to my crotch, I removed it and said, “Mai ao, khrap,” with a polite smile. I learned that useful phrase from reading the various Thai monger boards. I’m not sure what it means literally, but the general idea is “Not now.” The smile is important.

I used the time waiting for my food to check out the available talent. There were a few good candidates, but no one stood out. About this time, I felt a light touch on my side and turned around to see a pretty little thing who I recognized as ParkingLotSweetie. She wore a red top and a black skirt. I was surprised at how happy I was to see her. We traded hugs and kisses, and cuddled right up. It was a happy reunion. It didn’t take long for me to ask her to come with me and for her to accept. The evening’s hunt had been short.

“What you do yesterday?” ParkingLotSweetie asked. “You boom-boom lady?”

I held up two fingers.

“Two?” she said. “You boom-boom two lady?”

“Only one at a time.”

She pointed at the steak knife on my plate and made a chopping motion with her hand. “I take that, cut off.”

“I be no good to you then.”

About that time, HandyGirl walked past, studiously looking the other way.

Back at the hotel, ParkingLotSweetie quickly made herself at home. She’s so sexy and so much fun. She’s a great tease. She kept saying, “Two lady. You numbah one powah!” Ironically, when I first met her, Wednesday around 2 a.m., she kept getting phone calls from her friend, who was in a short-time group of four TGs hired by one of our brother mongers.

We had my best session yet. No towel trick this time. Both showers, before and after, were taken together. She called me “Tilac” all evening, probably because she doesn’t remember my name. I worked with her a bit on DFK and got her to be less aggressive with her tongue. It was a significant improvement. She really leaned into DATY, arching her back, raising her body off the bed and making sweet orgasmic sounds. During cowgirl and mish, we banged so hard our bodies slapped together noisily. Haven’t done that in years.

She left around 9 p.m. I gave her 1000 baht for short time. Too bad she couldn’t stay for long time. I really enjoy having someone to cuddle with while I sleep.

It was still early, but rather than press my luck again, I took the rest of the night off and slept.

Since this report is short, let me share a ladyboy test that one of the tour guides advocated on my first trip to Thailand. I’ve never heard it anywhere else, but it makes sense to me, and I’d like to hear the board’s thoughts.

Do you remember in elementary school, when a couple of your classmates discovered that girls’ elbows are double-jointed? For the next day or two, everyone showed everyone else how far their arms could bend back at the elbow. The girls could bend them back so the angle at the elbow was greater than 180 degrees, but the boys couldn’t.

This is Marc’s ladyboy test. When he’s not sure, he gets cuddly and strokes his potential TG’s arms. At some point, he extends her arm gently and strokes its full length to see how far it naturally bends.

I tried it Wednesday afternoon at the Soi 7 Bier Garten with HandyGirl, not because I doubted her (she passed), but because I wanted to see how easy the test was to apply in the field. Turns out, it’s very easy. It seems like a natural part of the stroking that often takes place when you first meet a new TG.

What do you think?


01-24-04, 11:59
Hi all.

well. I read many things about beergarden in Soi 7.
In my opinion is that not a good place to find a nice girl.
Particulary, they are no pretty girls.

If you go to Novotel Disco near Hard Rock Cafe you would find more attractive girls. The rate is 9 up. But be careful if you meet a girl who's name is Ran. She is dreaming from a ATM guy :-) and unfortunately she is addict to drugs.

In beergarden, there are only freelancer who like to have many short time shots. Starting from 1000 baht until ...Depends on the age. If you are old so much the better

However, i would recommend place around Soi Cowboy or arround Siam Center.

The Nana Complex was good in earlier days but now it is only a hole of ...

About Eden Club:

Well, I was there two times within one week because for the price you know exactly what you get. I had really the luck to find some beautiful young chicks.It was a perfect performance. The only thing which I did not like was the hotel. Within the Eden Club there are not anymore rooms and you must go to the next hotel. The rooms are very small and a little bit sticky. Especially.when you have three ladys :-)

Enjoy your life!


01-24-04, 12:42
Interesting theory's regarding Pattaya fellows. But if there are many pretty girls in Pattaya, wouldn't economic logic dictate that they would head off to Bangkok where the pay is higher? Why would they be giving out LT1000 baht in Pattaya when they could get twice that amout in Bangkok? I suspect there's probably a few factors involved. Namely,
1) Too much competition in Bangkok
2) More customers in Pattaya(maybe)
3) A lower cost of living(perhaps)

I don't know, these are just guesses.

Wow, that Nibu fella sure does get around in South America. Is he somewhat of a mongering genius? Or just very rich?

01-24-04, 16:27
sainter - sometime ago it was reported (by Nibs himself IIRC) that he's a band manager for some SA group based out of Lima

01-24-04, 19:45
Smoke and Mirror,

News from the Washington Post, " Thailand confirms 2 kids are sick with lehal bird flu"

Thailand confirmed Friday that two children are sick with a highly lethal bird flu that has infected chickens in at least six East Asian countries, heightening concern that an epidemic amoung humans could break out in the area.
A chicken butcher who was also being tested for the virus died of an infection, Thai official said.

Although, the death toll from the virus climbed to six in Vietnam today, health official said this strain of avian flu can be spread to people only through contact with poultry and their immediate envioroment not from one person to another.

Also noted is that the two boys that were infected they contracted it by playing with chickens.

Sounds bleak but don't worry enjoy yourself!


Joe Zop
01-25-04, 00:16
Smoke & Mirrors, supposedly this infection is only spread by dealing with raw poultry, so most mongers should be safe -- hence my earlier joke about avoiding TGs with nicknames related to chicken.

Melon Boy
01-25-04, 02:01
Great Board! Thanks to everyone for their valuable information. I'll be arriving 2nd of Feb with my new digital camera from Tokyo so I'll make sure to make some reports and post some photos.

I'm arriving at around 10.30pm in BKK and I've been thinking about where to get some BAHT at such a late hour. I don't want to waste time! I'd like to at least get some action before closing time at Nana Plaza!

Do any of you know if I can change money at the NANA Hotel, where I'm staying, or are there ATM machines at the airport that can sort me out with my Maestro Card or Visa?

Thanks a lot!

01-25-04, 03:04
just had a delicious chicken dish for breakfast at the buffet at the LEK hotel in Pattaya. Nonody here seems to be pying much attention to the bird flu.

01-25-04, 03:42
Smoke and Mirrors,

Check out the Bangkok Post online. They've been covering the story closely and this morning ran an FAQ story all about bird flu.


01-25-04, 03:46
Saturday, January 24, 2004

ParkingLotSweetie had agreed to long-time me tonight. During the day, she went somewhere – couldn’t quite understand everything she said – with a friend, but told me she’d be at my hotel by 9 p.m. When she wasn’t here by 10 p.m., I headed out to NEP to create a fresh adventure.

I found my way to Rainbow 2 in the far right corner of NEP’s ground level, where I was placed on an end stool at the edge of the pit that surrounds the stage. Saturday night and the place was naturally jammed. Rainbow 2 claims to have 100 girls, and I believe it. The stage was full of gyrating beauties, and dozens of others were all over the place. I ordered my Singha and enjoyed the view. I only saw a few that I wouldn’t barfine. Unfortunately, one of them found me. She appeared at my side and began the usual litany of questions and responses. I’ve finally learned not to get too enthusiastic about the evening’s first offer. Still, her face was quite pretty, so I offered her a lady drink. She waied and went to fetch it, which gave me the opportunity to check her out as she walked away. She was chubby and had thick legs. I knew then I wouldn’t barfine her. Nevertheless, I was polite and let her keep me company while I quietly checked out the girls on stage. Eventually, she asked me if I wanted to barfine her, and I shook my head. After a couple of more minutes, she said something incomprehensible and left.

About this time, the shift changed on stage, and I looked up to see an incredible beauty walking through the pit below and making her way in my direction. I must have been staring, because when she noticed me, she smiled. Such a gorgeous smile. I pounced so fast I forgot to say “Sawadee, khrap.” All I could manage was, “Hi.” To my amazement and delight, she stepped right up to my side and leaned against me, still wearing that beautiful smile.

I will call her RainbowBeauty. She stood about 5’6”. Long slim body and legs, graceful arms, and fabulous breasts. As the man said, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.” Long, straight, black hair spilled halfway down her back, and her eyes at close range had that slightly crossed look that reminds me of Lucy Liu in closeup (but without the freckles). She’s from Chiang Mai and claimed to be 29, though to me she looked more like 20.

I invited her for a lady drink, and when she came back with it, I put my arm around her waist and stroked her. She responded by touching and stroking me. I wanted so much to barfine her, but her beauty put me off. For one thing, she was so tall by Thai standards and so exotic looking that I was afraid she might be a ladyboy. After listening to her voice for a while my concerns eased, but I still gave her the elbow test (see my post yesterday), which she passed with flying colors.

Finally, I asked her if she would like to come with me.

“You want me for long time or for short time?”

“Long time.”

“Long time be tree-tousan’ baht. You OK wi’ dat?” Kind of her to warn me ahead of time – AngelBaby didn’t – and perceptive, too: It suggests she’s had complaints before and wants to deal with them up front. No bait and switch from this one.

I looked at her for a long moment and simply told the truth: “I think you’re worth it.” She smiled and went off to change.

I know, I know. But before some of you start flaming me for driving up prices, you weren’t there and you didn’t see her. In general, I agree with resisting sanuk inflation, but this was an unexpected opportunity. Bottom line: I just wanted her and was willing to pay her price.

While she changing, I pay the barfine – 600 baht – and check bin, then realized that I no longer had 3000 baht in my wallet. No problem. We’ll just stop at the Nana front desk and cash a traveler’s check. But when we get there, the desk man tells me it’s too late. It’s about 11:30 p.m., and they stopped cashing traveler’s checks some time earlier in the evening. He tells me I can’t cash one there again until tomorrow morning. He gave me all the details, but he was hard to understand.

No problem. We’ll just find an ATM. I loaded my checking account up with cash before I left with just this kind of emergency in mind. We walk to the ATM at the mini-mart just to the left of the NEP entrance. I enter my card, push the buttons: “Communications error. Cannot process request.” I try again. Same response.

No problem. She knows where there another ATM close by. She leads me across Soi 4 to an ATM on Sukumvit just past the corner gas station. Enter card, press buttons: “Communications error. Cannot process request.” Try again. Result same-same.

I turn to her. “No problem. We’ll just cash a traveler’s check in the morning.”

She’s happy, but even as I speak the words, I’m not so sure. Exactly what did the desk man say? I think he said I can cash one after 11 a.m. Will she want to stick around that late? I leave for Pattaya at noon. What if I can’t pay her? She seems nice. Maybe she’ll let me pay her next week when I’m back in BKK? Sure.

I don’t care. I have to have her. I’ll work it out some way.

We head for the elevators. There’s ParkingLotSweetie waiting for me. She sees me, starts to smile, then notices RainbowBeauty on my arm. This will be interesting. How will ParkingLotSweetie save face?

She turns immediately and improvises, jumping into the open elevator with an unattached punter. RainbowBeauty and I are right behind them, and the elevator door is still open. It would be natural for us to follow them in. But instead, I help ParkingLotSweetie: I steer RainbowBeauty over to the security desk to leave her ID card. Behind us, the elevator door slides shut.

Up in the room, RainbowBeauty and I share a little conversation – as much we can with her limited English and my limited Thai. Then she fetches a towel, brings it back to the bedroom and disrobes in front me. I take advantage of her nakedness to envelop her in a full body hug and trade some strokes and preliminary DFK before allowing her to shower.

In bed, she’s responsive and active, making nice orgasmic noises as I kiss, lick and suck all her important body parts at length, including arms and inner thighs. She appears to come twice, once during DATY and again during cowgirl. She rolls me over and I finish mish. We cuddle a bit, and I pull out and go to the bathroom to clean up and dispose of my condom.

While I’m in there, I hear her talking on her cell phone. At the same time, I’m starting to think about my morning cash problem. Now that my lips, tongue, hands and happy stick have fully explored her delicious terrain, my ardor is quenched. I could cuddle with her all night, romp with her again in the morning, and then try to find the cash. But tomorrow morning will be busy. I want to write and post this report, pack for Pattaya and walk around to find an ATM that’s compatible with my card. Would she be offended if I offered her 2000 baht and made it short time?

I’m still pondering the question when I come out of the bathroom and she goes in. When she comes out, she tells me about her phone call. Her 10-year-old son is not feeling well. She’d like to be with him. Assuming she’s telling the truth, I was stunned to learn she has a child that old. She has no stretch marks of other physical give-aways. This is where I learn that she’s 29.

Her timing couldn’t be better. We declare short time, I give her 2000 baht, and she’s on her way with kisses and hugs at the door and the customary request that I come see her again when I’m back in Bangkok.

Looks: 11 out of 10 – No doubt about it.
Attitude/personality: 7
Performance: 7
DFK: 6
Total: 31 – Good score. But ParkingLotSweetie, who I met my first night in BKK, still has the high score, and she’d rate even higher now with her recently improved DFK skills.

Still looking for the special one who does it all well. Maybe I’ll find her in Pattaya, where the search starts tomorrow evening.

01-25-04, 21:01
Melon boy,

You can get cash at the airport at that time, don't sweat it.

01-25-04, 23:31
returned from 3 weeks in Thailand. (minus the 3 days in Manila on the way). This post is really for those who have not been. this country is fantastic. Very nice people,,, very clean and very inexpensive... I have rebooked to go back in march. my total was 18 girls in the 3 weeks. all but two were delightful. and those two were nicer than most american girls. In closing let me tell you to do whatever it takes and get to Thailand ASAP.

All the best and please treat these sweethearts well.

I willl submit photos when I figure out this new digital camrera

Pornstar 24:7
01-26-04, 00:03
Anyone know where NASA nightclub is in Bangkok. As well what Soi is Q bar on? I am coming to Bangkok again in March and can't remember where they are?

01-26-04, 00:15
Carabu, must say she is hot. But as we all know hot doesn't necessarily equate to hot in bed.

Have fun in Pattaya.

Jimmy Red Cab
01-26-04, 06:03

I fully understand why you was happy to pay 3000 baht for a girl that you really wanted. Recently I was in the Thermae around midnight, pretty bored sipping my Carlsberg when the door opened and the cutest young girl I have ever seen walked in the door. She slowly did a circuit of the bar and walked out, I put my beer down and followed her, she was standing outside so I asked her why she left the Thermae so quickly. She said that she was looking for her friend (her English was near perfect) and went on to tell me that she wasn't a hooker BUT she needed some money urgently. We agreed on 3000 baht LT and made our way to the Majestic Suites, once in the room she said she wanted the money first, I explained that in Thailand you do not pay first but by this time all the blood had drained from my brain to my genitals so I gave in to her. She turned out to be a complete starfish but the moral of the story is that if the girl is that little bit special she will always find someone to pay premium rates for her services.

01-26-04, 11:25

Hey guys, this is a friendly warning to be very careful between Soi 4 (Nana Plaza) and the Mc Donalds especially along Sukhimvit.

The Police REGULARLY hang out on Sukhimvit there and if you are a Farang they look for you to do the smallest thing to break the law and then they assess you with a huge ticket.

Today I watched many tourists who were smoking and threw their butts in the street get tickets. One after the other complained, but there was nothing they could do. As far as I could see, they were getting fines anywhere from 500 to 1000 Baht. I had a policeman follow me, because i was smoking, but i threw my butt in the trash and he walked back.

So, Please be careful if you are walking down Suk towards the McDonalds (towards Soi 1). The Police really watch there, and you pay fines in the round gazebo type stall. Do not be their next victim!


01-26-04, 17:46
Hello there !!

I will be visiting Bangkok soon and I need some advises
from you, BKK experts !!!

I have read somewhere that the best MP in BKK is
Poseidon Club, expensive but offers premium quality,
even Models !! Is it right ??!! Would you recommend
to get a Model rather than one from the Fishbowl.
By the way, is it just like KL or Singapore...only one
"pop" is allowed or can you get more ??

Regarding Bar Girls vs. Freelancers, if i go for ST,
1 or 2 hours, do I have to expect she will let me after
the first round ?? Which ones have the best attitude ??

Can you recommend me any High-End pick up joint ?

Thanks in advance and I'll keep you posted...


Pattaya Bound
01-26-04, 19:40

I am in need of a girl friendly hotel in Bangkok. I was due to stay at the Grand Inn hotel but the firm I booked with has let me down. I am going to be in Bangkok on Thursday this week, so I need a swift reply.

Thanks in advance, I would like something near to Nana plaza and not to expensive.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

01-27-04, 02:37

You can get more than one pop. Discuss what you want upfront and if you pay for time expect to get it! By the way there is so much info on the board! READ past reports and also the MP section. ITS CALLED RESEARCH! We constantly get the same questions.

01-27-04, 06:14
Your right, what you did will most certainly enrage most regulars who frequent Bkk and Thailand in general. We thankyou for putting in the time to post your experiences and findings. But you deserve a torch held under your azz for a couple of seconds because you did not even counter with a lower figure which I KNOW she would have taken. Sure she was a fox in your mind. But the real fact is that a 29 yr old will always ask for the sky because of her years in the business. Its exactly like the vendors selling shiit on the street. They ask for x dollars and will take usually half. She will not be snatched up like a dollar on the ground in the next 2 seconds. Your having probably the time of your life now,..... try to relax. The other fact is that she will not have as many takers as an 18yr old with no kids and scars. Please try to do better and don't do the same in Pattaya.

Take care

01-27-04, 14:05

Some good advice to Carabu about getting value for your money and not paying too much for a less than hot TG and driving up the prices for the rest of the punters out there.

I was interested in your comments about finding some supermodels in the Hyatt and Sheraton. I don't mind paying some cash if I think they are 9 or 9 1/2.

Have you or any other old hand Thailand mongers out there had experiences picking up a glamour from a 5 * hotel or up market bar?

I would be more than interested as to where I could find some classy TG freelance glamour.

Thanks in advance

01-27-04, 14:53

I need to agree with Bill. No matter how hot the girl is, IMHO, no one is worth 3,000 bht. The average monthly salary for a good job like supermarket cashier (air conditioned, no heavy lifting, no job safety issues) is 3,500 bht. That is the MONTHLY wage. Your little cutie earned that in 1/2 night. Something seems not right here.

In my experience, you pay anything from 200 to 1600. More is too much. If its late and you are charming, sometimes you get a freebie.

I am glad you had fun and an experience you will never forget, but, haggle dude. Its BKK not LA.

01-27-04, 15:07
Eden Report:

I heard Eden might be hard to find,so here are some easy directions:

Take the BTS to E3 Nana. Go downstairs on the NE side of Sukhumvit Rd (direction Asok) Walk 2 shorts blocks to Soi7/1. There is a luggage shop on the corner. Go 150 meters and you will see a huge MASSAGE sign. Eden is 2 doors down frome there. All in all, its 5 mins from the BTS

Here is my report:

I got there at 1PM when the opened. About 30-40 girls were milling around, getting ready for another day of fun and pleasure. I got the intro and here is the deal. You take two girls. Period. You either chose both or one and she will chose the partner. IMHO this is better as they are a team and perform better that way. Girls to the left of the yellow line on the wall do anal, to the right they do not.

They offer drinks but you don't have to buy any, neither for yourself or the girls. The price for the girls is 3200 bht including everything for 90 mins. The owner is French I believe and in my experience it was a stand-up operation. No haggling, no gimmicks, no BS, even a money back guarantee.

I picked Anne and told her my desires. She picked her friend and brought uniforms (nurses and maids) and toys such as strap ons etc. We went to my hotel (Park hotel) 50 meters. Once we got there and they finished showering, the time started. No attempt to cheat here either. Anne was a ball of fire and truly truly seemed to enjoy her job. Anything and everything I asked for they did. Not only did they do it, they did it immediately and with passion and joy. They really liked sex because even when I was taking a break inbetween sessions they worked each other or themselves and it iwas not for me. It was not part of the show or at my request.

We had a potentially uncomfortable situation as my friend came into the room to shower and get ready for his flight home, but the girls did not mind him at all. They even humped him, but he was so late for his flight that he could not indulge.

After 90 minutes we showered and got dressed slowly. I guess the whole thing lasted 2.5 hours and I paid them when they left. There was no begging for tip or taxi money, so it was an incredible experience from start to finish. I know it was expensive, but the money back guarantee and the knowledge that they would do anything without bitching was well worth it. I can only recommend it, and I am not even French.


01-27-04, 22:54
What is the current Baht-to-USDollar Exchange rate?

Thanks in advance for the info.

01-28-04, 02:20
Re: Warning on Cigarete butts tickets.

I think you deserve to be tickted if you throw butts adding to litter on the streets! Ever heard of a trash can?

01-28-04, 03:14
Timmer1001> "its late and you are charming, sometimes you get a freebie."
"They really liked sex because even when I was taking a break inbetween sessions they worked each other or themselves and it iwas not for me. It was not part of the show or at my request. "

Cool report, you've proven Eden lives completely up to its reputation of providing a truly 'believable' and mind blowing experience, but please remember IT IS FAKE.

These girls are doing this 'routine' anywhere between 2 & 6 times a day, to think they just decided to have a munch on each other for their pleasure is niave.

They have a job to do, they do it very well, and are worth every penny, but snap out of it, its for money.

Freebies......i gather from your post on freebies you are refering to freebies from BG's, be very careful here, this is not something to offer to newbies, there are no such things as freebies from BG's, i agree you may not pay in the morning but there are a host of other things you might be getting into that you are unaware of. Check out the Samus Aran thread for more info on people who think they get freebies, usually because they feel they are not the 'a' typical fat, ugly guy, these guys need to wake up, there seems to be far too many 'feelings' coming into play with these BG's, guys, pay them and leave, either that or don't take them.

Jimmy Red Cab
01-28-04, 03:54
In my experience, you pay anything from 200 to 1600. More is too much. If its late and you are charming, sometimes you get a freebie.


I find it hard to take your post seriously. 200 baht, just what quality of girl will charge 200 baht? I know 500 baht is normal in Pattaya but 200 baht in Bangkok is very unlikely. The bottom line is that if the girl is young, VERY pretty and speaks perfect English she will not entertain cheap charlies, even if they are handsome and charming.

Samus Aran
01-28-04, 05:18

No matter how many times SA and the people with the same know how try to explain to these newbies that the best way to deal wit these hookers is to pay and leave, there is still going to be some dude who can rise above the truth and prove the veterams wron that they get freebies. These are the rookies and nothing to be proud of. And, reports from timmer while good, send a very false sense of reality to the newcomer to Thailand. This whole scene isnt about sex for hire. It is about $$ and that is all.

In the ho scene, the majority of these men believe that these women enjoy the sex with these customers. Well, guys, the girl would happily take the cash without you even touching her! She doesnt want to provide you with sex! She just wants your $$$. So be aware of this. These girls have no attachment towards you. Their sole purpose is to drain your wallet.

Enjoy their comfort but leave immediately and forget about it. Timmer your first mistake was getting their names!

Samus Aran

01-28-04, 06:40
Warning to all,

Avoid, repeat avoid chicken meals, at least for the next two months. Another two deaths reported. All new comers to Bkk please take note. This is not a joke. Avian flu is here and spreading.



The Traveler
01-28-04, 08:17

Regarding Eden :

The Eden girls perform very well but I found it very mechanic. If you enjoyed it, cool, but don't expect the girls to even remember your name or face and you shouldn't either. These girls are hardened pros and rarely enjoy to fuck hundreds of unknown foreigners. If they could choose to fuck with you or rather take a nap or look TV, guess what they would choose.

Regarding freebies :

There is no such thing like a freebie from a BG ! PERIOD.

If the girl isn't asking for money beforehand or afterwards you might have found a shy one or one which is new to the business.
Pay, otherwise your are just a big asshole and take advantage of them being shy or new.

Pay and have fun

01-28-04, 08:19
Smoked up Mirrors,
LT = Long time
ST = Short time

SA and those who live in BKK would advise you to go for ST only (avg 1000b), but others would do the math and advise LT (avg 1500-2000b) for two to three pops, especially if you are on vacation. Mix it up.

You negotiate that, some girls want only ST. Beware of the LT girl who wants to make you think she is in love. That is rubbish, re-read the two previous posts by Meaty and SA...

Last comment: You are a dumb fuck if you want to bring a Bangkok prostitute home. Read the forum, it does not fucking work.

Have fun but do not fall in love with a ***** who I will guarantee will not share the emotion. Period.

Patio Bound,
Read your PMs. In addition, I quote from Bill Miami on 1/25 in the hotels board:
"Location is paramount to the experience, as the traffic in Bangkok is horrendous. The Grand President, Ambassador, Landmark, Park Hotel, and any of the Nana hotels will put you where you want to be. "

Enjoyed your report. keep them cummming...

Have fun guys,

The Traveler
01-28-04, 08:27

You are a dumb fuck if you want to bring a Bangkok prostitute home.

Will it work with a Pattaya ho ?

01-28-04, 08:30
Will it work with a Pattaya ho ?

Well maybe, surely they are for real there... I haven't tried that yet. You try it first and let me know! ;)


01-28-04, 19:22
Day 16,

Yes, for a brief moment I was in BKK, that Big Smelly Durian.

This was in HuaLamPong railwaystation, just after midday:
There was no time to go to Annie's or any of BKK other must do's. That is to say, the RWS itself could be a must do.
Three girls started talking to me within an hour and all came up with the same famous line:
I have no money.
Passion in their eyes.
My train was about to leave.
So much for opportunities...

01-28-04, 19:41
I see that some of the senior members (or those with many, many posts) took issue with my freebie comment.

Not sure why the strong language, but since you all are clearly more involved in this than I am, help me understand something:

When a BG tells me at 2AM that she will come home with me for no money I am supposed to say no? is it not remotely possible that:

a) she actually thought I was cute?
b) wanted a place to crash near work?
c) was neither shy nor new and just in the mood?

Of course the sex trade is about $$$ and there should be no feelings involved. I simply reported my experiences, sorry if they don't mirror yours.

So where exactly did I get off course?

01-28-04, 21:06
Smoke & Mirrors:

Boy that was a quick change from your initial post. First it appeared you were gung ho for the sex scene and now you write as if your trying for family-man of the year.

"...if we don't hit it off, I want to know..."

OK, well, regardless of who you choose to be, LoveLOS still had some good points to consider. Also, if you are still considering mongering, please read more of the PAST posts as there are many answers to newbie questions.

Take it to the hole. Ill Eagle.

01-28-04, 21:06
Samus Aran and The Traveler:

Thanks for all your posts, they have been a tremendous help and I usually agree with your posts, but alas, here I am as one of those flukes who got a BG freebie (on 1/15).

Been meaning for a long time to write of my experiences and now maybe this will finally get me going. SA, still agree 100% that "it is about $$ and that is all" and Traveler, after the deed was done I did kind of feel like "just a big asshole", as she certainly deserved better.

I spent an amazing 10 days (with 11 girls) in LOS that I intend to write about over the next few days. I've waited so long 'cause of my 2 conflicting feelings: first, it was one of the best trips I've ever had and, two, it was, in some ways, a disappointment from what I was expecting. Will have many stories to tell (good and bad) and topics for discussion that I hope will help the forum.

BTW, the freebie, my last night/last girl before I had to hop on the plane. Had no intention of being with someone that night as I took my last drink in a Soi 7 bar in BK. Will write more of her later.

Thanks again to all those who helped make my trip so pleasurable.

Take it to the hole. Ill Eagle.

01-28-04, 21:18

Hope your trip is going well. I know you got flamed a bit ( maybe deservedly so), but I hope this does not discourage you from continuing your reports.

They have been informative and we all learn by doing. I know I did and I hope others will learn from what I did right and what I did wrong.

I hope your reports continue.

Take it to the hole. Ill Eagle.

01-28-04, 21:24

I'm OK for opening myself to being flamed, but isn't it the LIVE chickens/ducks who pass the the disease along that you have to watch out for and not the COOKED ones???

Take it to the hole. Ill Eagle.

DVS Mind
01-28-04, 23:51
It’s been a number of years I’ve been using WSG as resource and reference tool, to help me plan my adventures. Wanted to take a minute to thank the folks that contributed my corruption. I recently went on a trip through Delhi, Bombay [Mumbai] and Bangkok. Since the Bangkok forum contains so much vital information, I am just going to post a few thoughts which I think will be helpful to newbies. I will post some details about India in the appropriate forum.

A group of 5 of us stayed at the President Solitaire, a bit on the high end price-wise but worth it. The hotel is on Soi 11, I think about two blocks off of Sukumvhit. The hotel was very girl friendly. The security guard would literally salute us when we brought our LT / SW in every night, not to mention the TGs liked the hotel as well. Remember money talks in Thailand.

We made a few trips during our stay to the MPs, Mona Lisa and Cupidty, they were nice but in my eyes expensive. Have faith in the Mama / Papa san they usually won’t misguide you, they look for repeat business. We got “VIP” rooms when we returned to Mona Lisa the next time.

My associates went to Nana Plaza, I think it was Playskool, where they bar-fined a few for LTs. Which I thought was a waste because it was late in the night anyway.

At night we would wander around Sukh, Nana Plaza and Patpong.

On Patpong, past the opne market there is a dance club, there were so many SWs. Wait till late in the night to get LTs otherwise STs only. There were definitely some 7-9 material. Have a paper and pen handy, or even a cell phone to take numbers down, I never bother with names.

My tips for SWs:

1. Make eye contact
2. It’s the Land of Smiles, so smile back.
3. Make sure your appearance is clean and you smell clean.[I showered before each trolling excursion]
4. Be polite and entertaining, never raise your voice in public.

On average we paid anywhere from 500 – 1200 THB for overnighters, and tipped accordingly. Typically the later it is in the night the cheaper and negotiable the rates were, the selection thins out as well. Don't be ashamed, some people were to negogiate.

Some may disagree with this but I would take them to get some food and/or snacks @ 7-11 or something. I would buy them something to drink, something to eat, [a girl has to eat too] a toothbrush, Listerine, and my own coveralls.

If you can make them smile and laugh, you will have a great time. Don’t be afraid to BS a bit to liven up the conversation. Walk down the street guessing who is and isn’t a ladyboy. Learn Thai from her, interact with them, anything. If you want GFE this is the place to get it, but it takes two don’t be shy. Hehehe..don’t fall in love with her either.

Eat, drink, fuck and be merry.

I am going back in June.


01-29-04, 00:39
Yep IlleagleFun you are right, this raw chicken who pass it to men.

I don't really agree with you Traveller regarding the freeby thing, why do we feel like asshole if the girl is to shy to make her deal before anything or ask her monney after the action???

A few weeks ago 1ball had share with us the story of this BG which a german guy wanted to bring back home to marry, some of us said she was a real b*tch to take advantage of the situation, some others though she just used all the way possible to survive and give another future to her child.

All in all this is just business and anywhere in the world business is war, if the girl make the mistake to don't ask things upfront she will not do the mistake 2 times, but even if you give her some cash she will just ask for more the next time.

After all it is just up to you to take advantage of the situation, some will pay her some will not, it's like after you made a deal with a girl before she leave some will ask for a tip and the monney for the taxi and others will tell you the tip is not necessary.Just MHO.


good to see you back LoveLOS

Joe Zop
01-29-04, 06:03
I'm with Traveler on this one: why set up a situation where you're basically encouraging the TG to more quickly become a hardened pro -- we all love those gems who seem genuine and friendly and hate the mechanical and mercenary. "Teaching the girl a lesson" may teach her the wrong one; we're all expecting to pay, it's not that much money, so why not just be fair (you did, after all, get to fuck her!) and keep the karma clean?

Saint #3
01-29-04, 08:05
Can you guys help me find street kids in Bangkok? I wan to "help them".

This forum full of people who talk. NO help for people. User like Joe, Skinhead, Sainter all just bullshit talk only. Come on do sometin usefull.

01-29-04, 10:39
IllEagle wrote:

"Carabu: Hope your trip is going well. I know you got flamed a bit ( maybe deservedly so), but I hope this does not discourage you from continuing your reports."

Not to worry. Feedback and education is what the board is all about. My reports just moved to the Pattaya setion last Sunday and will be there for the next week. I'll be back in BKK, Sunday, Feb. 1 will resume posting in the BKK setion then.


Albert Punter
01-29-04, 23:10
Dear All,

Has anyone comments/reference/good suggestions about escort services or freelance doing outcalls?

Please post or PM.

Thanks in advance for precious help.

Jimmy Red Cab
01-31-04, 04:23
Albert Punter,

Sorry mate but why anyone needs to use an escort service in Thailand is beyond me. Freelancers are available at lots of locations in Bangkok and will do pretty much anything for the right money.

Paul French
01-31-04, 19:44
the last time i visited thailand, “asia files” was still in circulation. that must be what, 15-20 years ago! wow, time flies. i promised myself that one day i would go back and that day finally came a few months ago, on september 17. this is the story of that trip. a bit late to report it here but since i am a new member, there you go! as english is not my first language, please forgive the mistakes i will make in writing it.

week one

when we landed in bangkok, it was close to midnight. a long flight it was! i had arranged a pick up by the grand president limo (600 baths). the guy was there with the little card with my name on it. it was pouring outside. just to get out of the parking structure took us 40 minutes. in town some streets were literally flooded which forced the driver to change route several times. when i finally arrived in my room i was pleasantly surprised. after reading a report on it, i had reserved a room on their newly renovated “executive” 18th floor. it was called a royal suite, i think, and it was 2900 bht per night + taxes. the place was spacious, new and it had a great view of the city. more on that later.

i had booked a girl with marc at eden but it was too late when i called to confirm the room number. at 1h20 am, everybody was already gone. i decided to unpack slowly and rest.

i woke up early the next morning and had breakfast at the hotel. not great but adequate. the real shock came when i got out to explore the neighborhood. the heat and humidity engulfed me immediately. then the myriad of smells and colors and sounds made my head spin. the first morning in a new city is always an amazing feeling. i walked around for a few hours, spotting some famous places i had read about – biergarden, nana plaza, etc – till i finally found eden club on soi 7/1. as it turned out, it was very close to the hotel. i got back in the room, took another shower (!) and rested for a bit.

around one o’clock, i walked back to eden and met marc for the first time. i had exchanged a few emails with him and i knew what i wanted for my first session there: 3 girls for 3 hours. as a special request, i wanted to try the “hot tea – cold tea” bbbj with uncooked rice in their mouths. marc said no problem, he turned around and called 3 names and started to explain the game plan, like a coach talking to his players. the girls were giggling and looking at me during the little speech. we grabbed a drink, a bag of rice and off we went.

because of the crackdown happening in town, we were not able to use eden’s rooms. after a short walk to the hotel next door, we got up to a small but clean and pretty room with plenty of mirrors. one disappointment was that there was no cd player. the session started with a shower – again! – and i was already on my way to heaven with that sweet little lady scrubbing me and caressing me everywhere. when i got on the bed, the team started their routine like a well-oiled machine. one girl was caressing me and sucking my nipples while the others were taking turn with the hot and cold tea, all that with some rice in their mouths. it was fantastic. i usually ejaculate only once per session. it gives me several peeks till i decide to let all go at the end. it was very difficult to achieve that with these girls. they were so good and tireless. but i managed and succeeded in having several orgasms before ending it doggy style with one of them, while the others were still caressing my balls, ass and nipples. three hours in heaven.

we walked back to the club and marc saw the smile on my face. i paid a round for my girls and while doing so, i saw the other ladies lining up for a new customer. one of them was a real beauty and i asked marc if i could book her for later that night. he said yes but then explained to me that if a vip customer were to request her he would have priority. marc runs his place like a “grand bistro” where chaos is well organized. no bullshit, direct and efficient. in retrospect, i would say that if you find a girl (or more!) that you like, it is a good idea to become a vip member right away and book her. i eventually did that but not as soon as i should have. more on that later...

02-01-04, 00:23

try to pick up the tourist information magazine "Look", it give you infos on what to buy, where to buy, where to go, where to stay, have city maps, about 40 ads for outcall service, 10 ads for traditional massage including the directions.



Paul French
02-01-04, 16:38
Weeek One -- Part 2

At 10H00 PM that night, as requested, two girls from Eden showed up at my hotel. One of them was the beauty I had seen earlier. Her name was Lek. They were both pretty but Lek was more than that. She was perfect. Small with long black silky hair, fantastic body, superb smile. I was smitten big time. I discovered that being in my hotel room offered several advantages. More room, music, drinks, etc. I had just taken a shower, I was freshly shaved, I smelled good and it didn’t take two minutes and we were already making out on the sofa. While the other girl started to take care of my erect member, I turned around towards Lek and she kissed me passionately. That did it for me. Her mouth was the sweetest I have ever encounter in years. It took a lot of strength not to come right away when she took over the BBBJ. Not only was she pretty but she was also extremely sensual. If the afternoon session was great, this one was beyond that. All the fantasies I had had for years were now real. Like the other girls, these two were tireless and we kept going at it for hours. Anything I wanted, they were willing to try. I loved them.

After the session, I was dead. I wanted to sleep alone so I let them go which seemed to be OK with them too.

The following day, I went back to Eden around one o’clock and this time I bought a VIP membership. I tried to book Lek again but she was not available. Bummer. Marc showed me his general booking list for that day: it was full! There were only 3 or 4 girls left in the bar at that time. On a different day, I saw 25 or so of them. A wide variety of types and ages.

At 5H00 o’clock, as requested, two girls showed up at the hotel. Once again, 3 hours of pure bliss. During my stay, I tried maybe 12 to 15 different girls from Eden, some of them more than once. I was never disappointed. True, some were prettier or younger than others, but they were all there to please me, whatever the request was. As far as I am concerned, they were athletes and artists capable of improvising on the spot the most inventive positions. I was truly impressed by them.

The big windows in the room came handy when a cigarette break was needed for the girls. From the 18th floor the view was great. The three of us naked would watch the city below for a while, and then we always ended making love right there. You look down and you have two angels slowly working on you, you look up and it’s a strange city buzzing as far as eyes can see. I will never forget these moments.

As I was to leave for Phuket on the Monday, I tried to have Lek to come with me; it was not possible since she already had a one booking later that week. I must say that Marc is a man of his word. He showed me a VIP booking for her already in his computer and he had to honor it. I tried to argue a bit but evidently he was not going to change his mind. So I left it there saying that I would call from over there later that week to see when she could come to join me. As it turned out, it’s a good thing she could not come.

To be continued…

02-02-04, 05:45
Paul French,

Great reporting!

02-02-04, 07:34
Paul, keep up the good work :) Just one question, how much did the sessions with the ladies set you back?

02-02-04, 12:09
Does anyone have information about Saphan Kwai ?

Paul French
02-02-04, 13:21
Here's Week Two:


I used the travel agency in the lobby of the Grand President to book my flight to Phuket. I do not recommend them. She almost screwed up. Fortunately, everything worked fine in the end but when I saw how many travelers were turned down at the airport because of full flights, I was glad I could make it. Book in advance if you can.

In Phuket, I was picked up by the Marina Cottage limo. Smooth ride to Kata Beach. The bungalows facing the ocean were all being renovated so I settled for a jungle view (US$75 per night). The place was very quiet, well run and located in a beautiful lush garden. After the madness of Bangkok and all these lovely women I had encounter in the last few days, I was wondering if I had made the right choice coming to that remote place.

I did not have too much time to think about it though. One of the goals – fantasy! -- I had for that trip was to get my PADI open water certificate. That course was scheduled over 4 days. It started every day at 8H00 AM and it went on till 8H00 PM! Gruesome! There was the academic part in the morning and at night and the pool practice in the afternoon. A lot of work I must say! The teachers were great and they did not take their job lightly. They were thorough about it. If I had brought Lek with me, she would have been alone for most of the time and since there was not much to do around – not even a TV in the room! – it would not have been fun for her I thought.

To relax at night, I visited a few massage places. There was a bunch to choose from. I always took 2 hours and I was always satisfied. For those who like them, there are several bars in a little shopping center down the road. To spend time in bars is not my thing. A third of the crowd is horny, a third is drunk, and the last third is a combination of horny and drunk. If you sit there you inevitably join one group or another. Knowing myself, I realized it would only lead to disaster if I were to go down that road. But I saw a lot of girls as I was walking by. Some of them were very pretty. I loved watching them on their motorbike, hair flowing in the wind, looking at me from toe to head and then smiling. I simply found them irresistible.

The first diving trip in the open sea was a real rush for me. I was doing something there I had wanted to do for a long time. I will not forget it.

After graduating, I took a couple of days off. I went to a Spa in Patong, the Hide Away Spa, where I indulged myself with everything they had to offer on the menu (3750 Bht), including an herbs shampoo, which was a bit over the top considering the amount of hair left on my head. It was good and I came out of there floating.

While in Patong, I walked around town a bit. The main street, Bangla, was overwhelming. So many noisy bars, weird girls, ugly guys, fat tourists, odd couples, stuff. A tuk-tuk informed me that the Navy was in town. That might have contributed to the zoo like atmosphere but I suspect that the place is probably like that often. Although I was somewhat intrigued by it, I did not like the feeling there. I proceeded to Christin where I selected a lovely girl from the fishbowl. That too was a strange experience. But since it was my first soapy in 20 years it was fun. There was an air mattress in the room that she used pretty well. I took a double session, as usual, and I did not regret it.

The following day, I went Phuket town. I liked it. It felt like a real town, with local people going about their business, plenty of food carts, etc. I had good vibes from that place. While there, I tried the Grand MP, a massage place, where, yet once again, I had a good session with a lovely girl. I just love Asian women. To be able to be with so many as much as you want is simply mind-boggling.

I took my last diving trip in the Andaman Sea on the Sunday. That time I was by myself: no teacher and no classmate. It was a bit scary at first but the dive master teamed me up with a good guy and the dive went really well. I retrospect, I am glad I did it. I know now that I will be able to continue diving in the future.

The following morning I took a plane and went back to Bangkok for the few days I had left in that trip.

To be continued...

02-02-04, 15:59

Saphan Kwai?

02-02-04, 19:56
I guess that we are looking at escorts in hopes that we can find something agreeable to our tastes BEFOREHAND. I can't speak for others, but I am not from LOS, but will be visiting soon. I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but looking at some of the pictures that have been posted here, I wonder if my trip will be worth it.

I found this site, http://russianescortmodels.com, and was wondering if any of you guys have used them. The girls on the site are hot, but I am so scared of the bait and switch or rip off agencies games that are so prevalent in Los Angeles. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


ChiMan II
02-03-04, 01:20
Paul French,

I loved your report. You mentioned about a crackdown going on in Thailand. Is that still going on. When I was there in October. I remember it started right before President Bush came. If it is still going on that is one long crackdown.

02-03-04, 10:29
Monday, February 02, 2004

Before I get to my report, maybe the members of this board can help me out: I leave for home early Thursday morning. Where’s the best place to change my baht back into dollars? Should I do that in Thailand or wait till I get back to the states?

ParkingLotSweetie and I start the day with a nice romp. She’s so tight, sometimes it’s hard for me to get inside her. But we manage somehow. In the bathroom cleaning up afterwards, I notice that she carries her own toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. I like that in a woman.

We have breakfast around 1 p.m. at the Food Center on the corner of Sukumvit Soi 5. We have steamed sea bass and seaweed soup. She places the first serving on my plate, and puts the first few bites into my mouth with her fork. Throughout the meal, she spoons fish off the serving plate, carefully removes the red chilies, checks for bones, removes any she finds, then lays the serving on my plate.

After lunch, we part for an hour or so. ParkingLotSweetie takes the Skytrain home to change clothes. When she returns, we go to Pratunam Market. She leads the way to the Skytrain, we ride about three stops, get off and walk a few blocks before she realizes she’s lost. She asks directions, we walk another few blocks, and she realizes she’s still lost. She has a long conversation with a stranger on the street and decides we should take a taxi. In the back of the taxi, she plays with my penis while carrying on an animated conversation with the driver. Finally, we arrive.

Prathunam Market is huge. There are several hundred small shops selling every variety of clothes. There are even custom tailor shops on the periphery. If you would normally wear it, someone there sells it. We spend about an hour. I buy three spaghetti-strap tops for my 13-year-old daughter for 200 baht, about $5.12 total. In the states, you’d be hard-pressed to buy just one for that, even at a clearance sale. I also buy a couple of dragon-themed T-shirts for my 11-year-old son. For ParkingLotSweetie, I buy four pairs of panties (100 baht total) and a tight, black, spaghetti-strap top with the image of a red-rose on the front (120 baht). She buys herself two new bras (400 baht total).

In the taxi on the way back, she plays with my penis while carrying on an animated conversation on her cell phone. When she’s done with the call, she tells me four of her girlfriends are going to Pattaya tonight to work the bars. The she points at herself, makes a pouty face and says, “Da’ling? I numbah four, you?”

“You’re number one,” I reply.

She looks surprised. “Numbah one, you?

I do a quick count in my head of the TGs I’ve been to bed with this trip. “Yes. You’re number one and number four and number seven.”

She hits me, and we laugh.

We separate again for a few hours so I can do my Internet posting and she can visit with her friends. She returns to my room at 7, and we go to dinner at the Bourbon Street Restaurant near Sukumvit Soi 22. She’s in the mood to walk-walk, so we walk-walk for 20 minutes from Nana to the restaurant. Good exercise, plus the streets of Bangkok at night are unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. Miles of broken sidewalks, street vendors, freelancers, dogs, beggars, ladyboys, and those kids with the clipboards, who keep trying to stop tourists for a survey.

For dinner, I order the seafood jambalaya and a Cornona. ParkingLotSweetie, who has already eaten with friends at the Soi 7 Bier Garten, orders one dish of vanilla ice cream and one dish of chocolate ice cream. She washes it down with orange juice. The jambalaya is very good; I would happily order it again. Still, it is not as good as the seafood jambalaya at the New Orleans Restaurant in Pattaya. This is criticism of the Bourbon Street Restaurant, which is very good, but high praise for the New Orleans.

Around 8:30, we take a taxi to the Patpong night market. On the way, ParkingLotSweetie plays with my penis, while she carries on an animated conversation on her cell phone. I now fully understand all the comments about TGs and their cell phones. Since we left the hotel, she has been wearing hers on a cord around her neck like an electronic locket. Every time I look away and glace back at her, she’s holding it to her ear again.

The night market is busy and crowded. It’s like a junior version of Prathunam. We stop at the first stall, and I check out ties. While I talk to the shopkeeper, ParkingLotSweetie pulls my wallet out of my back pocket, where it’s easy for me and anyone else to reach, and stuffs it into my front pocket where it’s harder to get at. Thank you, ParkingLotSweetie. You are taking good care of me.

The shop keeper wants 250 baht per tie. I tell him I’ve seen them three for that price on Sukumvit Road. He says his are higher quality ties. I turn to leave. He drops the price to 900 for six ties. I tell him I’ll look around and come back. The price drops to 600 baht – bout $15.40 – for six genuine Thai silk ties. We’ve got a deal. In the states, this could easily cost $150. Why can’t I negotiate like this with go-go girls?

I buy some more clothes for my kids and a pair of black shoes – 265 baht – for ParkingLotSweetie, and we return to the hotel. On the ride to Nana, can you guess what she does in the back of the taxi?

In the hotel, we collapse on the sofa, tired from all the walking and shopping. I pull a dish of fruit out of the refrigerator, break out some bottled water for ParkingLotSweetie, who doesn’t drink alcohol, and pour myself a shot of Mekong whiskey. She turns a movie on the TV, then settles on the floor in front of me and massages my feet and legs. When she’s done, she takes her off all clothes and cuddles with me on the sofa. She feeds me fruit, while I watch the movie and sip Mekong.

Finally, we shower and begin a nice, active session. Her cell phone rings in the middle, but she ignores it. When we’re done, she checks her messages. Her girlfriends are going dancing at Angel’s. Do I want to come?

“No thank you.” It’s been a long, physically active day.

She takes my room key and promises to be back in an hour. She makes me promise to be awake when she gets back. She points her finger at me: “Da’ling? Not sleep? OK?”

I break out my laptop and use the time to draft this post. Just as I finish, a key snaps in the door lock behind me, and she’s back, as promised.


Paul French
02-03-04, 13:29
WEEK 3 - Part 1

Returning at the Grand President, they were not able to give me my old room back. I was disappointed. I had so much fun in that room that I got attached to it. After a bit of discussion, she agreed to give me a room on the same floor (18th) but on the other side of the tower. When I go there I did not like it. It was facing two ugly towers, the room itself had not been renovated yet and, worse of all, I could hear the drilling from the work they were doing somewhere near the room. I turned around and went back downstairs. They offered me a room in Tower 1 on the 10th floor and I took it. It was not as good as my first room but much better than the other one. At least I was facing the city. So here’s my advice if you stay at this hotel: ask for a renovated room on the 18th floor in Tower 2 and insist on facing the city – that would mean that you have an impair number; my first room was 1823.

I had called Marc in advance and at 5PM, Lek and her friend showed up. She was even prettier than the last time I saw her. She was smelling good, tasting good, sounding good and looking good. She was just perfect. I was smitten all over again. The three of us made love for 3 hours. A pure delight. Just before leaving for that trip, I stopped by an erotic shop and I bought a bunch of things: good lubricant, good condoms and a small vibrator that was driven by a chip offering different types of vibrations. The unit was quite compact and you could use it like a ring around your finger; the head itself had the shape of a dolphin with long lips. That gadget was a success with all the girls. I used it on them, of course, but they also used it on me. One of them would massage my balls and ass with it while the other was giving me a BBBJ. I could not imagine anything else more pleasing than what I was experiencing during these moments. But, of course, the girls would always find something else!

That night Lek was not available so I got two different girls for another session. I always booked 3 hours wit the girls from Eden and I never regretted it.

The following day at one o’clock, Lek came back with a different friend. Frankly it did not matter whom she was with. I was so focused on her. The second girl was never intrusive and she always found a way to add to the pleasure I had with Lek. By that time I was seriously falling in love with my little angel. She came back again at 10 that night; alone this time. And she stayed till the next morning. It was as if I was 20 years old again and I was with the love of my life. Very warm and sexy at the same time.

I was seriously hooked up on her and I had only 2 days to go. I tried to book her only to learn that someone else had already did that for the next 3 days. I was devastated. I tried everything to get that changed but Marc stayed loyal to the booking that the guy had made a while ago.

I was disgusted with life. Crushed. My love was gone with another man. I would not see her again before my departure. My heart was broken. I went to Baron’s Barber to forget. I did not quite forget but I must say that I was surprised by the warm session I got there. The time spent in the shower with that lovely girl was truly memorable. It was supposed to be an oil massage but oil was never used. Thanks to this sweetheart, I embraced life again and left happy.

That night I got 2 more girls from Eden. One of the was Oum – not sure about the spelling. It was not my first time with her and it was good to see her again. Although she was not my Lek, she was a sweet little thing that gave me a lot of joy.

To be continued...

Jimmy Red Cab
02-03-04, 13:44
ChiMan 11,

I was in Bangkok in January and the crackdown is most certainly still going on. Topless dancing is no longer allowed in the go-go bars, the girls no longer wear numbers and the bars close at 2am sharp. If this continues the tourists will find other countries to go to.

Albert Punter
02-03-04, 17:16
Paul French,

How was for your nice experiences with the girls of Eden?

Can you provide phone number or e-mail for Marc?

Please post or PM.

Thanks in advance for the info.

02-03-04, 17:17

The russians look hot but the ones I had in BKK were useless and a waste of money. It was a rush/rush thing.

Believe me, that when you land up in LOS there are a lot of beauties up there. And more than that, they make you feel good. I have had a few who were better looking than some Russians. Unfortunately had no camera then.

You find all kinds in LOS from the ugliest and old to the young and beautiful.

However, if you are hung up with white skin and blonde hair, there is nothing much we can do.

Have a trip and let us know.

Joe Zop
02-03-04, 18:42
Blinded, unlike the US, there's not that much bait and switch that goes on in LOS -- there's no point to it, as sex is very clearly what's for sale, and it's completely a buyer's market. As far as the photos go, keep in mind that this is amateur photography done in very poor lighting by guys who usually can't decide whether to pay attention to the camera or their need to stick their dick in the model. The photos you're seeing on websites such as you cited are professionally done, and as you know in many cases the ladies don't look exactly the same as in the photos when they arrive at your door.

The only reason you'd end up disappointed in a trip to LOS is if you have a serious hangup on specific western standards of beauty. Thais aren't as large, busty, or curvaceous, have different coloring, etc. But if you at all like the general body type of Asian women, you'll have a great time, as imho Thais have pretty much the most symmetrical features anywhere in the world and you'll be able to find plenty of beautiful and available women in places mentioned on this board.

02-03-04, 19:31

You wrote: "Thais have pretty much the most symmetrical features anywhere in the world..." Right on the money. No pun intended.


02-03-04, 20:34
Being asian myself, I am more so interested in the western type of beauty.


Man, you hit the nail right on the head.

However, if you are hung up with white skin and blonde hair, there is nothing much we can do.Joe Zop,

I guess I didn't take the professional photography into consideration. Thanks for pointing that out.

I still am looking forward to my trip though, will let you guys know how that turns out.

Toy Boy
02-03-04, 23:02

I've enjoyed your adventures. Excellent reporting.

But why bother changing Baht back into $? You hardly sound like someone who is never going to return to the Land Of Smiles :-) .

I always find it handy to have 5,000 to 10,000 Baht in mixed bills when I get back to LOS, avoids looking for exchange places as soon as you arrive, over-tipping bell boys and taxi drivers, and so on.

Why pay the bank’s currency exchange commission twice? With interest rates so low, just keep the Baht until you return. Must be worth an extra S/T on Beach Road.



02-04-04, 00:53
Toy Boy,

you are so right. nothing worse than having to wait in line right outside customs to change some money, so you can jump into a taxi. been on a plane for 20 hours, chomping at the bit to get to the playground....... I always keep my Thai money, knowing i will use it again soon.

Good point.


02-04-04, 08:17
Freeler, I've read about this place called "Saphan Kwai". Apparently, it is a place just of the BTS station Saphon Kwai geared mainly for Thai customers. Rumor has it that it consists of beer bars and Kareoke joints with mainly white skinned Thai girls. I'm just curious if anybody has been there to play.

02-04-04, 09:02
Tuesday, February 03, 2004:

No morning boom-boom with ParkingLotSweetie. She’s used up all my power. I need recovery time. Last night, she seemed to come three times, while I had to work hard for one.

We eat breakfast around 11 a.m. at the Landmark. When we finish the meal, we ask for the check-bin. She moves over to sit beside me while we wait and passes the time playing with my cock. Her friend Too shows up and sits opposite us. It was Too who went dancing with us a couple of nights ago at Angel’s Disco. Over the next 15 minutes, we have to ask for the check-bin three more times before it comes. I pay but leave no tip.

Too joins us as we jump into a taxi to see Wat Phra Kaeo. Too sits up front, and ParkingLotSweetie and I sit in back. ParkingLotSweetie plays with my cock, while carrying on an animated conversation with Too, the driver and me.

Enough, already. I’m tired of writing variations of that sentence. From now on, whenever we’re in a cab, just assume that’s what she’s doing. I’ll let you know if she stops.

We arrive at Wat Phra Kaeo and learn that ParkingLotSweetie’s capris violate the dress code. This morning before breakfast, she ran out and spent 150 baht of her own money on a top to cover her shoulders; she knew Wat Phra Kaeo would not let her in with bare shoulders. Now, she runs across the street and spends another 100 baht of her own money on a nice long, wrap-around black skirt with red elephants on a black background. Wearing her new skirt, she passes.

After touring Wat Phra Kaeo this afternoon, I am convinced that everyone who visits Bangkok should spend at least an hour there. It is phenomenal. Everywhere you turn, you see gold mosaics, murals that run on for dozens of meters, fabulous statues and exotic, classical Thai architecture. If you are into photography, every corner you turn will present stunning, new photo opportunities. But be sure to bring a wide-angle lens. Otherwise you’ll have trouble getting everything you want in your photos.

After Wat Phra Kaeo, we take a taxi for Mahboonkrong Shopping Center. During the ride, I show the TGs a photo of my three kids. ParkingLotSweetie decides that she must come with me to America and be mama to my babies. I laugh, and she pouts in the corner of the cab. Too asks the age of my oldest son. When I tell her he’s 16, she decides she can marry him in four years. At that point, she will dump the English boyfriend she has so proudly mentioned three or four times. After several days with her in Thailand, he returned to England, only to adjust his plans and fly back two weeks later to spend more time with her.

At Mahboonkrong, I buy a small Buddha and a gold chain to wear it on. For four years, I have regretted not buying one on my last trip. Now it’s dealt with. I also buy a gold chain for my daughter and a pair of small, star-shaped gold earrings for ParkingLotSweetie.

Too leaves us, and we take the Skytrain back to Nana. I give ParkingLotSweetie the room key and stop to do my Internet posting. I tell her I’ll be back at the room around 6. When I arrive, I find her eating with yet another friend. This one, whose name is Poo, looks pretty damn good. She’s a few inches taller than ParkingLotSweetie and very slim with an outstanding butt. She wears her hair in dreadlocks with beads woven into the ends. A thoroughly sexy package. I begin to wish I’d found her before I found ParkingLotSweetie.

ParkingLotSweetie tries to tell me about her relationship with Poo. I don’t understand what she’s saying, but it has something to do with the two of them staying in the same room. Am I being offered a double with the two of them? I like his idea.

“This room?” I ask. “With me?”

ParkingLotSweetie shakes her head no. I just look confused and drop the topic. I like the idea of a double with Poo, provided it’s offered. But ParkingLotSweetie is being very good to me, and I’m not going to push anything that might cost her face with her friends.

Poo says good-bye and leaves. ParkingLotSweetie and I shower and leave for dinner, but first she wants to drop by the Soi 7 Bier Garten and see some friends. Poo is there, and she joins us for dinner at the Food Center at Sukumvit Soi 5. Poo’s English is quite good. I learn from her that she and ParkingLotSweetie are roommates. That’s what ParkingLotSweetie was trying to tell me.

Poo, who looks to be about 20, has a 56-year-old boyfriend in Germany. While we wait for our food, she checks out every guy who enters and works hard to make contact with several. A couple of 30-ish American guys sit at the table directly behind her. She grins wickedly and bounces up and down in anticipation. Repeatedly, she turns around and tries to make eye contact with the one facing her, but he is oblivious.

A guy in his mid-40s comes in and sits on the lower level where she can clearly see him. Every couple of minutes she looks directly at him and flashes a big smile, but he fails to notice. She writes her phone number on a napkin and talks about taking it down to him. I volunteer to deliver it for her, but she is undecided. On the seventh or eighth try, she finally connects and makes favorable eye contact. When he finishes his meal, he stops at our table, and they exchange a few words. She gives him the napkin and asks him to call her. As he leaves with the napkin, he glances at me and says, “Don’t let her get too drunk.”

What he doesn’t know is that, like ParkingLotSweetie, Poo drinks no alcohol.

ParkingLotSweetie and I return to the hotel for some evening boom-boom. Again, she comes easily, and I have to work hard for it. Do I need still more rest?

Afterwards, she dresses and heads out to see friends again. She plans to go dancing at Angel’s with Poo and Too, and wants me to come. I tell her I have work to do and that I may show up later. She says she’ll be back at the room at 1 if I don’t turn up by then. I use the time to draft this report and to do some actual work, too.

If I had several days left in Thailand, I would bid ParkingLotSweetie good-bye and butterfly some more. She’s lots of fun, really active in bed and takes excellent care of me. But she’s overly aggressive and clingy about the relationship. On the surface, she’s teasing, but the undercurrent is commercially serious, and I don’t like the hard sell. In any case, with only one more full day left in Thailand, I will take the easy out and keep her till I board the plane home.

This will be my last post from Thailand. In a few days, I’ll file one or two more from home to tie up loose ends and round out the trip.

Mostly, it’s been superb, the vacation of a lifetime. Which is exactly what I thought of my previous trip. I guess that means I’ll have to find the time to do it again.

The clear highlight – a lifetime experience, really – was the week in Pattaya with MySweetie. I may never match it, not if I live another 40 years. Knowing it had to be temporary, probably just made it that much sweeter.


02-04-04, 16:40
Big Gay area that, but hey, if there is TS fuck posting in the Malta section............ As regards TGS (as opposed to TVs). from a quick google search:

Saphan Kwai

While not specifically catering to foreigners, this Thai gogo bar area still attracts a few farangs nonetheless. Located about a ten minute walk away from the Saphan Kwai sky train station are about 10-15 gogo bars for the Thai men. Thais usually prefer massage parlours and karaoke and it therefore comes as no surprise that these bars are usually pretty quiet. Even on a Friday night, it will be unusual to see more than half of the seats in any one bar full.

The Saphan Kwai gogo bars are similar to the gogo bars that cater to farangs but there are a few key differences. First, the seating areas at Saphan Kwai are far more comfortable with booths with comfortable chairs and tables. This is probably because when a Thai goes out to an establishment with ladies, they tend to go along to meet up with friends, maybe do some business etc. Women are not the only motivation. The bars are usually a lot bigger than the farang gogo bars but have far fewer people, both staff and customers, than the farang bars. The bars tend to be very poorly lit other than lights on the stage which is neither here nor there and many seem to have really average sound systems - not sure why this is....

The bars don't seem to have that many girls with no more than about 20 girls in any one bar. In the bars that I have visited, the format for taking a girl seems to be similar. You pay a flat rate to the bar of between 1200-1500. You can then take the girl away from the bar for three hours. This is sort of like a bar fine and short time fee all in one. How much of this the girls gets, I have no idea.

Thai men prefer fairer skinned girls and the girls in these bars are to the Thai man's taste. The first time I visited Saphan Kwai I was not so impressed with the girls so jumped in a taxi and went straight to Nana. When I got to Nana, I suddenly thought that the girls at Saphan Kwai were better - it's all individual taste, I guess. You get the pussy shows in some of the Saphan Kwai bars that you get at Patpong with various objects being pulled out of a canister inside the girls pussy.

The prices in these bars reflect Thai drinking styles. A large bottle of Singha beer is 100-120 baht, a bit cheaper than the farang areas. The staff are not nearly as pushy as those in Patpong (or Nana which is getting worse and worse).

Pros: Not many foreigners go there so it is something new and as a farang, you MAY be a bit of a novelty. Not nearly as pushy as Patpong or Nana for drinks, tips etc.

Cons: You *need* to be able to speak some Thai. Some girls speak a little English but most speak little - none. Not that many girls in the bars and I have never seen any stunners there.

The Bottom Line: Definitely worth a look once but I don't think many will choose it as their favourite hang out.

DIRECTIONS: To get there, take the Sky train on the Sukumvit Line to the Saphan Kwai station. When you exit the station, walk back down Phyathai (the main) Road until you get to the first intersection. At this intersection turn left and proceed for a few hundred metres and you are there.

02-04-04, 21:45

What do you do for a living? You write well and with sensitivity. Hope you are OK back home.

02-05-04, 01:43
Carabou: Please excuse me amending your nic but Ifeel it importat as your talks of Biergarden etc bring back such happy memories, perhaps the happiest of my life. Such sweet memories, of being there, face down, legs apart, one eye closed, and the other beaming down my telescope through the cross hairs at the carabou in the Alaskan valley below. First pressure, then WHAM. One dead carabou! Biergarden always brings that back to me, the women sitting around like a bunch of coyotes or wolves, waiting to devour whatever human morsel might come their way. I wonder how many of the corpses you mention - English, German etc - are sending on their Western Unions to the vixens you mention. Creatures of the Night, such sweet musik!

02-05-04, 09:32
Ok Robux

You shit, I am posting to Nogi tonight, but got real fucked up drunk tonihgt. Have fun bastard.


02-05-04, 13:06

I have heard there is a fun cabaret show on Suk, in the mid to high soi 20s. does anyone know anything abt it, as in is it a good time, is it worth it, etc....



02-05-04, 16:24

about Beergarden in Soi 7.

Do you have any names of some girls and numbers?

Thanks in advance.


Toy Boy
02-05-04, 20:07
The Pattaya board has just discussed a traffic accident with fatalities, so at the risk of seeming sanctimonious I thought I might mention a real traffic hazard in our beloved Bangkok. If you can’t be bothered to read the whole spiel, please at least take in the message in capitals at the bottom.

If you know Nana, you will understand what I describe below: if you have not been there you may not follow but please keep it in mind if you visit as it could save your life.

I was staying at Grace on Soi 3, a few hundred yards walk north from the Nana junction, straight across Sukhumvit from Soi 4 and NEP. I had had a fairly heavy night on the booze, the girl friend I had made at the Bus Station beer garden on Soi 4 had disappeared back to her village without telling me and I was annoyed and hadn’t found anything I liked in NEP. So around midnight I decided to head back and see what was going on in Grace.

Now here’s the important bit: to reduce congestion the Thais allow traffic to go up and down either side of the Sukhumvit dual carriageway at certain times of the day. I thought this was only a rush hour thing. I walked from NEP to the junction, looked right, the traffic lights for Sukhumvit traffic were green but there was nothing coming so I crossed to the centre. At the centre, of course, you are looking to the left for traffic, and although the lights were still green there was also nothing coming. I began to step off the raised pavement (sidewalk I guess if you are American) in the centre but something told me – even in my fairly sozzled condition – to look the wrong way. I did, and at that moment a truck shot past at 50 MPH the wrong way down the dual carriageway, literally inches from my nose. The goddamn traffic control system was still operating on an almost deserted Sukhumvit at midnight.

Ouch! I avoided a certain bone-crunching death by a fraction of a second. My message here is simple:


02-05-04, 20:32
He experienced Thai mongers

What is it like to travel BKK to Pattaya in the morning. I have to go to Pattaya but cannot monger there but I arrive BKK around 10 the night before. I do not really want to go into town and the next morning have to go to Pattaya. Any convenient place I can go to which is on the way?

I have spent the odd 2 days in and around Sumhuvit. I don't like bars usually but massage are fine.

02-05-04, 23:58

Excellent advice toyboy but I'll even take it a step further:

Look both ways twice...

Big El
02-06-04, 00:25
When I arrived my first time in Bangkok, I waited for the locals to cross the street and used them as lead blockers until I got the feel for the traffic patterns, but there's always a bus or motorbike that will whiz by and startle a farang. Best advise is wait for the cross walk light, especially on a night fueled by singha.

02-06-04, 01:35
Paul French, Carabu,

Great reads, guys. I'm usually in HCMC these days and do miss the BKK stuff you guys write about. Bring back good memories. Looking forward to your next posting.


02-06-04, 05:22

'What is it like to travel BKK to Pattaya in the morning.'
Buses from Ekamai busstation every 30-40 mins for B90 aircon.
In Pattaya pay B20 for the songthaew to BeachRoad (Soi 7, 8, SoiPostOffice).

Paul French
02-06-04, 06:13
week 3- part 2 and conclusion

before leaving, i wanted to visit darling and try a sandwich. i selected one cheerleader type, very pretty with a superb body, and another smiling young girl. the session was nice but miss cheerleader was a bit snotty at first. she warmed up though and i left the place happy, thanks to miss smile

i went back to the hotel and i packed. it was already 11pm and i was to leave very early the following morning. i decided to go for a walk, saying to myself that one last “real” massage before leaving thailand was needed for my tired body. i did not have any particular idea as to where to go, it was pretty late and i walked till i saw a place that looked good. inside, on a small stage area were sitting only…young thai men! the papasan noticed my frozen look; we chatted a bit and, although i am not gay, i decided to try it. i even took two of them. their massage, the traditional version of it i mean, was one of the best i received in thailand. at a certain point, they dimmed the light and, yes, like any other girls, they gave me a bj. i don’t know how they were able to get me to come as i had nothing left in my balls but they succeeded.

i had come to thailand to fulfill my fantasies. this one was not part of it but, at this point, i was ready for anything. i would not make it a habit of visiting male parlors but, as an oddity, i am glad i tried it.

in the limo going to the airport, images of the past 3 weeks were flashing at great speed in my mind, leaving a strange feeling of melancholy. i was ready to leave. i had enough and i was satisfied. and yet, i felt a bit sad.


overall i had an excellent trip. beside the sex, i did visit the place as much as i could in my free time. i liked the thais. they were laid back and never aggressive. i am not sure i would be able to live there though. maybe work there once in while would be nice. i saw all these young sexy office workers and i can only imagine how many opportunities a man has there. the sex scene itself has its good and bad sides of course. after a few days, i could see a pattern in the way the sessions were developing. they tend to follow pretty much the same game plan and you have to gently impose your desires if you don’t want to fall in the routine for tourists.

pace yourself. having so much sex in such little time will have an effect on your body. i noticed how much reduced my loads were after a few days. don’t waste your sperms on something that is not worthwhile. you will regret it when finally, after meeting the girl of your dream, you cannot deliver anymore.

some couples walking the streets were weird. older guys with young chicks all over the place. there was sometimes a decadent feeling about it. but, very often, these weird couples seemed very happy together. hey, it could have been me with my little lek walking there after all.

i did tip all these girls generously. in retrospect, i should have given even more. the flesh trade must be a very hard line of work. to deal with all sort of guys from all sort of places must require a lot of strength in my opinion. these girls deserve the best possible treatment from us. it compensates for the assholes they surely encounter in their job. love them, respect them and pay them as much as you can. they really deserve it.

i don’t know if i will have to wait another 20 years before going back. one thing is for sure: i got it out of my system.

thanks to this site and others, i was able to prepare that trip the right way. i wanted to write this report for those like me who like to learn from other people’s experiences. i hope it will help somebody


02-06-04, 09:18
Hello guys,

Thanks for the info about the buses. I have traveled to that part of the world and have heard about these buses. But I was told you can only bring one suit case. True?


02-06-04, 11:17
HELP! My Indonesian GF has grabbed alll my condoms and tossed them out, as she knows I am flying back to BKK next week.
Where can I get the "western size", and what is the name.


02-06-04, 11:48
"HELP! My Indonesian GF has grabbed alll my condoms and tossed them out, as she knows I am flying back to BKK next week.
Where can I get the "western size", and what is the name.


Durex and every 7-11 store carries them in Thailand, so no real problem.

Zaya 25
02-06-04, 13:32
Hi Mates at Bangkok,

Just two quick notes for my experience in Bangkok within last week,

1-Fantastic Lotion Massage I experienced in Utopia. Girl No. 32 (Ley) was fantastic!

2-As you know all massages don’t receipt after 11 – 11:30 night. I experienced one by the name Embassy (at 1549/1-7 Soi 39 New Petchburi Rd. Tel: 02652- 7104-5) quality was not bad but the only benefit is that they accept by 2 midnight.

Happy hunting for all,


Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 14:27
Maybe you should tell her that you like to do it without condoms there anyway! I'm sure that will get your assed kicked pretty quickly. What excuse to you use for going to Thailand in the first place? Elephant polo?

02-06-04, 14:44
Wednesday, February 4, 2004:

No boom-boom again this morning. I’m still recovering from the last one.

Today was largely given over to last-minute gift shopping, packing and travel logistics. After breakfast at the Nana Coffee Shop, ParkingLotSweetie and I took a meter-taxi to MBK to finish my shopping. For those of you who haven’t yet been in a Bangkok taxi, it’s fun and sometimes scary to watch the drivers maneuver through traffic. It’s a cliché, but you really do wonder why the city bothers to paint the lanes on the road. The drivers absolutely ignore them.

Back at the hotel, I packed everything except the essentials I’d need during the day and a change of clothes for the morning. While I’m packing, ParkingLotSweetie spies the pack of condoms I bought for the trip: 48 Kimono MicroThins in a plastic, zip-lock bag. So many might have been optimistic, but I didn’t want to be caught unprepared. There are far less than 48 now.

She opens the bag, removes about 10 and holds them up for me to see:

“I keep. OK?”

“Sure.” I know she’ll find them a good home.

Next, I left her alone in the room for a couple of hours, while I went out to do my Internet filing. For those of you who don’t know, there’s a good Internet café tucked behind the gas station on the corner of Sukumvit Soi 4, right by the Nana Hotel. They have a good, solid connection, and their hours are something like 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.

Around 4 p.m., I’m back in the room. We shower, then head out to dinner. We have Indian food at Bukhara near Sukumvit Soi 9 or 11, right at foot of pedestrian overpass. After dinner, we stop into one of the shops along Sukumvit, and I spend 350 baht – about $9 – on a small bag to carry my kids’ presents.

Back in the room, we lie on the bed and watch TV. After such a big meal, I want to digest for an hour or so, but ParkingLotSweetie has plans of her own. She gets naked and plays with Mr. Happy, who is soon ready for action. I get a good, solid orgasm for the first time in our last three tries. Thank you, ParkingLotSweetie.

Around 7:30, she goes out to meet friends at the Bier Garten, saying she’ll be back around 10. I use the time to head across the street to NEP for one last look. I drop in at G-Spot. It’s early, not many customers are there yet, and many of the girls are still arriving in street clothes for work. I hang around for about half an hour, long enough for a Singha. During that time, I see five or six girls who look highly barfineable.

From G-Spot, I drop in on Lollipop, where about 10 days ago I had seen a few girls that I liked a lot. This time, I find four of five who would well be worth a barfine. After about 15 minutes, I am joined by Jan, a dancer from Isaan. I offer her a lady drink, just to be sociable. She returns with her drink, and we begin the usual litany of questions. Eventually, she asks, “How long you holiday in Bangkok?”

“This my last night,” I reply. “Go home America tomorrow. No can barfine tonight. Meet lady in room soon. But happy buy you lady drink, talk to you.”

We visit and cuddle for another five or 10 minutes, then she excuses herself to dance. Before she leaves, she gives me a parting kiss, then realizes her lipstick is still fresh and pauses to wipe her imprint off my cheek. Very thoughtful of her. It saves me having to explain to ParkingLotSweetie.

About 9:30, I head back to the hotel. I pause at the curb outside NEP to let traffic pass, and two slim cuties grab my arm. Sometimes you can’t find one; other times they’re everywhere.

“Where you go?” one asks.

I smile. “Sorry. Have lady in room. Maybe some other day.” As I cross Soi 4, a third cutie in a short, black dress attempts to flag me down. I wave her off and head straight to the room.

ParkingLotSweetie isn’t due back till 10, but my bedside phone rings around 20 till. It is Nana security asking if it’s OK to send her up. About 30 seconds later, she is knocking on my door. She tells me she called my room half an hour ago, but I wasn’t in.

“Where you go?” she asks.

“Go across street. See dancers one last time.”

By now, she has all her clothes off and is cuddling up to me on the sofa.

“You boom-boom lady,” she accuses me.

I laugh. “No boom-boom lady. What boom-boom lady with? You leave me no power. I only boom-boom you this time Bangkok.”

She is happy with that answer.

We cuddle and watch TV for another half four, then turn in before 11 and nap for about four hours.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

We get up at 3 a.m., and I check out. We eat breakfast in the Nana coffee Shop. As we walk to our table, I am surprised at how many TGs are still around at 3:30 a.m. Two big round tables are fully occupied by groups that comprise seven or eight girls and a single farang. About 4 a.m., as my taxi pulls out of the Nana lot, a couple more cuties are walking in. I see several more lingering on Soi 4. Does the action around Nana ever stop?

At the airport, I check my baggage, get my tickets and give ParkingLotSweetie a good-bye hug and kiss before disappearing into Passport Control. There are no tears, but she’s been subdued all morning. Her hard sell has stopped, and she’s not the jokester she usually is. I slip 1,000 baht into her pocket and tell her, “Be good.” I know she won’t.

She has wheedled my phone number and email address out of me, and has written hers in big, block letters in my notebook. I have no plans to contact her, but somehow I doubt I’ve heard the last from ParkingLotSweetie.

This ends my trip reports. I’ll do one more round-up post over the weekend to summarize the highs and lows, capture lessons learned, and close out the experience.


02-06-04, 15:40

"Where can I get the "western size", and what is the name."

N-11, white boxes, 52mm, everywhere, 3 for B35-55 or 12 for B160-180.

02-06-04, 16:03
Freeler, thanks

JC. You are so clever !!! elephant polo !!! that really is original.

02-06-04, 16:35
Jaimito Cartero,

"What excuse to you use for going to Thailand in the first place? Elephant polo?"

That is of course "without some of the snide remarks that many longtime posters inject in every message."

How could I resist:D?

Jimmy Red Cab
02-06-04, 16:56

Unless you are on a very tight budget why not get a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya, a couple of hours on the expressway, should cost about 1000 baht.

Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 19:31
Freeler - Actually, I saw some elephant polo on the tv a few days ago. I think it was from India though. As for snide comments, a real example would be asking Bil if he was tipping the baht buses. :) We all know how much Bil likes to tip the girls and everything else in Thailand.

02-06-04, 19:51
Jimmy Red Cab,

Let me give you some reasons why the bus beats the taxi:
1- It is just as fast but ten times cheaper
2- It is safer but ten times cheaper
3- It takes the elevated tollway without extra pay but it is ten times cheaper
4- It will transport you and all the luggage you can carry, without asking or the need for tips but it is ten times cheaper
5- When you arrive in Pattaya you take the first songthaew for B20 to BeachRoad, you walk up Soi6 to Ruby and fuck away the money you saved by NOT taking a taxi. And, dammit, there is even money left for an after fuck beer!
6- There is NO taxidriver around to lie to you or give you 'information' that helps him more than it helps you.

There is NO reason to take a taxi to Pattaya in the daytime. Or do you think our friend Manonsanboy is too stupid to find the busstation?

Brandon Lee,

I don't know where you heard that, but it is TOTAL bullshit! The buses have aircon, seats only and plenty of space for luggage.

02-06-04, 20:12

everything is 100% correct.
Ten times cheaper....good comparison.

Enviable that you are in Thailand.

Have fun!


The Traveler
02-06-04, 22:34

hmm, so you like to go to Ruby in Soi 6 ?
We might have probably met in the past without knowing, cause this place is owned by an old friend of mine. He also owns another short-time bar at 3rd road, called Onyx as far as I remember and a share of a guesthouse at Jomtien Nivate.

Have fun

Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 23:18
Carabu - I would never give a Thai girl my phone number. Not unless I have a special mongering cell phone (which I don't). I'll give them a special email address, but that's like asking for collect or other calls forever! Perhaps even a, "I haven't had my period", "Mama/buffalo sick" and such.

Jimmy Red Cab
02-07-04, 04:34

Thanks for your advice on the merits of travelling by bus, but I prefer the privacy and comfort of a cab.

Why is it that so many guys who frequent Pattaya are such cheap charlies, some even try to get the girls to go below 500 baht, I am far from a high roller but I would never pay a girl less than 1000 baht. Just to remind my fellow mongers, an all nighter in London would set you back 700 POUNDS or 1000 DOLLARS.

02-07-04, 05:19
Is the Conrad Bangkok SP friendly.
They usually have two guards by the elevator bank..

02-07-04, 05:55

I hear you about not giving a Tg my phone number, but I have caller ID and a strict household policy of never answering a phone call unless the number is known. Anyone I really want to hear from has my cell phone number. She doesn't.


02-07-04, 08:53
Paul French,

You state that you are not "gay". Guess what, you are now. I can't believe your homosexual experience was not deleted or chastised by admin or other members of this forum. Remember, the WSG if about sex with women only. Please keep your queer experiences to yourself.

East Tech
02-07-04, 10:29
I agree Bil, I was wondering why that entry was not tore up. You guys are real kind. First of all if I went into a place like that to begin with, you can bet your a_ _ I would have been outa there pretty quick when the lights went off!

The Traveler
02-07-04, 11:35

I have a special mongering cell phone and use to give this number to girls I would like to stay with again. I have been called by girls asking if I want them to come over or just meet to go out together or whatever. No one ever tried to get any money out of me. Most girls realize very fast that you are not stupid and fall for their stories.

Have fun

Joe Zop
02-07-04, 14:41
Carabu, great report, again. Your contributions have been among the best here in a long time.

Paul French, I'm with Bil on this one. I've no issues with whether anyone is or isn't gay, but Jackson has made the parameters here very clear. Please keep to the forum guidelines and intents.

02-07-04, 16:29
Hey Freeler - the only problem with the BUS is that from Don Muang to Pattaya at 01:00 or so (after clearing customs and bags), there IS NO BUS and I will probably spend as much on a room in BKK as the taxi will cost to get to Pattaya - less if I can find someone to share the ride with (1350B last time - or 700 each) Otherwise, yes, take the bus

Your luggage goes "under the floor" of the bus - I was a bit concerned at being separated from my "stuff" but no problem

02-07-04, 16:45

If you read the post, Dinghy, you will see that it is about DAYTIME travel.

Jaimito Cartero
02-07-04, 17:03
Bil, JZ - Well, I don't know that the one experience would make him gay, but certainly bi-sexual at the minimum. I'm not sure if PF is a troll, as I didn't see the post because of the delay. Perhaps I've missed his other reports.

If this was his only mention of it, I wouldn't get too worried about it, as long as he knows that it's not an acceptable post and to refrain in the future.

02-07-04, 17:20
I think JC has a good point. I did read Paul French's earlier post, none of which had gay content that I remember seeing. It was well written, informative and worthwhile.

I understand Jackson's pov (Point Of View). I may not completely agree with it, but it surely is his website and he's completely within his rights to make the rules.

Now simply as a point of information and common sense, I have heard women say that another woman usually gives the best head (cunnilingus). It follows that it is likely that another guy will give the best head (felatio). None of that means that I or any other comfortably heterosexual is going to change our orientation. Or start haning out with Katoeys.

The WSG site is not particularly oriented toward improving or even understanding sexual performance. It is about simply exchanging information about sexual availability, primarily on a P4P basis. I've seen people getting flamed for discussing non-pay venues too much here. Most of the people here are the "point and shoot" sort. They simply want a target rich enviroment.

Actually trying to improve your sexual capability (except for the use of prescription drugs) or discussing the variable responses many people have to sexual circumstances is pretty much off the menu. Kinda sad, but hey, so it goes.


02-07-04, 17:31
Freeler - It wasn't like I disagreed with you...

I would much rather take the bus - and I would IF I flew China Air or someone else who got there other than"O-dark 30" at night.

Oh, and Jimmy - One of the reasons for GOING to Thailand is the availability and lower prices for poon. It's fun to negotiate and see how low the price will actually go (of course, the service does suffer when the price gets too low). Ay, laddie, being FRUGAL doesn't mean being CHEAP (even if you're a SCOT by heritage - which I am) It's also nice to not have to look over your shoulder and see if the local gendarmarie is stinging you.

02-07-04, 20:09
Saturday, February 7, 2004

Closing thoughts after 17 days in LOS.

My main thought is that if I didn’t have three children to keep me in Chicago, I’d retire today and move to Thailand.

Will I come back? Oh, yeah. As soon as I can. In practical terms, that probably means about this time next year. I have to rebuild my vacation time and my disposable cash. The only thing that might delay my return would be if I get involved with a woman I like. That’s why it took me four years to return after my first trip. About six months after LOS, I met an American woman I liked. The relationship lasted three years. Last summer, she got a new job and moved 1,000 miles away, so I came back to LOS.

Writing my daily trip reports was great fun. I’m a professional writer, a journalist, so writing them was easy and natural. I wrote them partly for myself, so that years from now I can look back and relive my experiences, and partly to give something back to the boards that helped me prepare for my trip. When I wrote my first trip reports, I thought my experiences were unique. But your responses quickly taught me that they were fairly typical. You all had similar experiences and reading my reports helped you relive them. The great response and encouragement I got from you guys turned out to be one of my trip highlights. Thank you all for that.

My biggest trip highlight was the week in Pattaya with MySweetie, getting to know her and being invited into her home, where she cooked her favorite food for me and introduced me to her little family. I will remember and cherish my week with her for as long as I live.

As far as mongering logistics go, I had good luck at the Soi 7 Bier Garten in Bangkok, but I seem to prefer the go-gos. I place high value on physical beauty – guess that makes me officially shallow – and I like to inspect the goods closely before making my rental decision. The downside, compared to beer bars, is that go-gos don’t provide as much opportunity to get acquainted. This meant I had to go through a few TGs before I found one whose personality clicked well enough with mine to rate an extended gig.

I know many of you prefer a series of short times. My preference is to find one I like and stay with her for a few days. She becomes a 24-hour, full-service guide. She provides good companionship for touristy things, like visiting Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok or the big Buddha at Jomtien Beach, plus she takes me places and shows me things I’d never experience on my own, like great Thai food in back-alley restaurants and Laotian cuisine prepared just for me in her own home.

An important lesson I learned in the go-gos was to take my time and look around before making a decision. Every time I made my decision in the first half hour, I inevitably saw a better one in the second half hour. There are so many beauties out there, you don’t have to grab one fast. If your first choice gets barfined out from under you, there’s always another one just as beautiful, either already in the same room or in the club next door.

For the same reason, you should never pay a go-go girl 3,000 baht for long time, no matter how beautiful she is. The board’s advice on this topic is right on. I did my best to violate this guideline early on, and only circumstances saved me. It was my fourth day back on the scene after a four-year absence, and my head was still swimming from all the action. I like to think I wouldn’t be tempted again, but who can really say what they’re going to do when facing down a true stunner in real time. Even so, this is a great problem to have, and one that only confronts me in Thailand, which makes it a persuasive reason to come back soon.

This is my last post focused directly on my trip. After this, I’ll go back to lurking, reading others mongers’ posts and making occasional comments, when I think I have something to contribute. One of the things I missed while in Thailand was reading all your posts. I usually didn’t have time, partly because I was working in Internet cafés with slow connections, and partly because I usually had one sweetie or another waiting in my room or due to arrive soon. Always a deadline.

But for now, it’s back to “real” life and planning my return to LOS.

Monger on, my brothers.


Jaimito Cartero
02-07-04, 21:27
JRC - So your minimum is 1000 baht? Do you pay whatever anyone asks for? Street vendors, night market stalls, etc? I mean, you're as much a Cheap Charlie as anyone going to Thailand. If it's just quality you're after, I'm sure you can find plenty of 6000 baht girls. I, mean, you're still saving 600 or 800 dollars over what it would cost in London.

Why do most guys go to Thailand? Affordable girls, food, hotel and trinkets. You want to turn Thailand into Notting Hill? Normal workers make $60-$100 per month. Even if you pay a girl 200 baht for ST, she would be making 3-5 times the normal wage (2 pops per day).

I freely admit that I like a bargain. There are drug addicts that I could find within 10 miles for less from where I live, less than the 1000 baht you pay girls. Thailand is a beautiful place, has wonderful people, food and great places to have a lot of fun in. I'd rather go for an extended period of time, meet a lot of different girls, and stay away from hard core drug addicts.

If you do a bit of economics research into supply and demand, it's not really possible for a lone monger to set prices for all girls. For example, if I say I'll only pay 40 baht for girls in beer bars, my chances of taking a girl out are very slim. We can certainly negotiate, but if the prices aren't sufficient, then I'll be going home alone.

I believe that most of the girls would actually think you're just a dumb farang. If that's what you want, great.

02-07-04, 23:14
Does anyone have any phone numbers of any SP's in Bangkok that provided good service, I would be interested in a weekend stay. Please adise the type of service and rates. The prettier the better, do not want a marginal one. I usually go to Barons and a couple ladies offered to stop by when they were off work, I never persued that option, but all the ladies I had were very atractive. Please e mail me details, will share results and photos

02-08-04, 00:16
I have booked my first trip to BKK and Payatta after reading these reports. I am a 43 year old Caucasian from the USA and have a few questions.

Do US Caucasians have any trouble with locals or other tourists over current politics? I can’t tell from reading this board because I don’t know where you all are from. I am a big guy and a gentleman so I normally don’t get into trouble. What percent of farings are US citizens?

I will land in BKK on Sunday Apr 25 at 10:50PM and leave Sunday May 2 at 7:00AM.

I have reservations at the Nana Hotel; can I expect to get there by Midnight to enjoy my first night?

I made my reservations for a 1000baht single for 2 nights there, do they charge to bring lady’s up at the Nana if I don’t get a double?

I plan to bus to Pattaya for the rest of my stay.

Since my plane leaves at 7:00AM to return is it risky or more expensive to leave from Pattaya and take a taxi to the airport or would it be better to go the previous day to BKK and leave from the Nana or another hotel in another area?

I also will begin my search for hotels in Payatta next, should I reserve or is there plenty this time of year? I am interested in 1000Baht or less, I don’t need fancy, just clean, save and aircon and guest friendly.

I will take lots of digital pics and post here, should I also take my video camera or are TG’s too shy in general for naughty vids?

Thanks! I am getting very good info from this board.

02-08-04, 05:43
I'm planning on staying in the LOS for a month. Does anyone know a website for apartments in the action areas.


The Traveler
02-08-04, 08:42

I am with JRC. I also never pay less than 1000 bath, Soi 6 visits and extremely bad service are the only exceptions. It does not hurt me to pay a bit more and it takes out the pressure to bargain.The girls will remember and it gives me some sort of reputation cause they will talk about to each other.

I also never ever negotiate payment beforehand and was never asked to do so. If a girl asks about payment (extremely rare), I tell her that it depends on quality of service.

If I would agree to a certain amount I would have to stick to it, no matter how good I was serviced. I also would have to agree on many details like kind of services, positions, length and so on. That destroys the GFE which many of us like so much.

Your comparison to street vendors is inadequate. JRC already said that he is far from a high roller. Paying for sex has nothing to do with normal goods. Sure, there is a going rate for a ST, but there can be a huge difference. One girl might prefer the dead fish approach, the other might fuck till you drop. In contrast to normal goods you never know in advance what you will get.

Your math is weak and your info about average income is outdated. Anyway, suppose your numbers are correct.
100 US$ = 4000 bath = 20 ST per month. Taking in account that a girl does not work every day due to having her period, being sick or no customer, we assume that she works 20 days/month. To get 3-5 times the normal wage a girl needs 3-5 ST per day, EVERY DAY, the whole year, no exception !!! Even though some girls might sometimes have up to 5 ST a day, they do not do this every day.
At least, what kind of life is that with 4000 bath/month ? They do not work like that just to survive. Don't forget, room rent is between 1500 - 4000, water, electricity, food, clothes, make-up, supporting kids and/or family.

I do not get why a girl should think that I am dumb when I pay more than necessary rather than going home happy. I never heard a girl referred to a customer as being dumb when he payed over the going rate. They call them having a good heart sometimes :).

Have fun

Jaimito Cartero
02-08-04, 15:32
TT - The average wage is 60-100. You chose the high end to take your average off of, and I quoted a 200 baht per pop which is very low. I think 20 days a month is rather low. I'll say 24 is a closer to realistic average. $10 per day times 24 is $240, or 4 times the low average ($60), or 3 times the median ($80) average. And as you well know, most *will* get 300 or 400 baht per pop, so your numbers are disproven even more in these circumstances.

If a girl goes with a Thai for 200 baht, but wants 1500 baht from you, don't you feel as if you're being ripped off? There is a REAL difference between saying "I pay 1000 baht minimum" and saying that you only go to places that the more expensive girls are. Two totally different scenarios.

TT, I'm sure that you don't pay a beer bar girl double the going rate do you? That is what I was commenting on about JRC. If you don't negotiate, fine. If you're really have a good heart, just pay them $100 per pop. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you, and you want to show what a good heart you have, right? There is a difference between being fair and being stupid.

The assertion from JRC said there are a lot of Cheap Charlies in Pattaya. I'm sure that's correct in the basic sense, but his assertion that he wasn't one is silly. Most of us go because it's affordable. Otherwise, he'd be saving his pounds up to go wank off on some over the hill Bulgarian in a small room in London.

Jimmy Red Cab
02-08-04, 15:33

I respect your opinion but as I tend to visit Thailand for 14 days or less I prefer to hunt for the real cuties and in my limited experience they know that they can get more than 500 baht, be truthful my friend, how many real cuties do you see in Pattaya, they stay in Bangkok where they will earn more.

I don't think street vendors are a good comparison, after all a T-shirt is a T-shirt whereas the quality of girls vary enormously.

Joe Zop
02-08-04, 16:15
C'mon, let's be realistic here -- a TG who is going with a Thai for 200baht isn't going to be getting 1500baht from you. She's not going to be hanging in the same areas, have the same knowledge, etc. And JC I think you're seriously missing the point -- regardless of the specifics of the monthly wage or the per-customer rate, you're mistaken if you think that most TGs take a customer home each and every night they're not on the rag. While there are definitely some who do, and a far smaller number who do multiple customers in a day, there are also plenty who don't take even one a week. Hang out over time at a few beer bars and watch the frequency of the staff leaving -- it's less than you might think in a lot of places. Most of those TGs everyone sees streaming out of Nana and elsewhere at closing time still end up going home alone.

As far as I'm concerned, 1000baht is affordable. Given that I usually am looking for LT, it's hard for me to see how paying less than that no matter where I'm picking someone up from (unless it's in the hinterlands at one of Freeler or Skinless' hangouts) is worth bargaining about. I'm far more interested in the quality of the experience than I am in whether or not I've saved ten bucks, and setting a solid tone that it's all about getting the most for the least can end up impacting my good time. Like Traveler, I prefer not needing to bargain and thereby keeping my focus on the woman and hers on me.

Of course, JC, we've also discussed previously that you want to make sure certain sex acts are on the menu, which I generally don't worry about, so you're already in negotiation mode when you start asking about that.

02-08-04, 17:37

You are kind of right saying "a TG who is going with a Thai for 200baht isn't going to be getting 1500baht from you."
But she will get B300 from a Thai.
You are WRONG assuming that Thai girls on the rag will not work. I have pictures to proof that - but keeping your tender soul in mind I will not post them...

The whole thing about the B1000 issue is that it is just a figure that sounds good. Like stock have difficulty getting through a 'resistance at blabla value'.
The point is that anybody can call a taxi, an escort agency or go to a gogo and pay any stupid amount. No one needs specific information to do that, just some general directions.
Gogo's? Go to Pattaya or BKK.
How to get there? TAXI!
No one needs the WSGForum for that.

Girls 'LTAO' when guys overpay. My new found love C had some good stories on that subject. T from SiSaket looked like she would wet her pants laughing over the Thai who paid her B300 just after she took my B200...

On wages: B25 an hour is good money for most workers. Why do you think the BeachRoad girls head home after they had three 'men falang'? Why do you think the Krabi hairdresser treated me so VERY well after a B30 tip?

There are of course always 'guys' who can't perform when they have to deal with WOMEN, not girls of near illegal age.
So they pay B1000+ a night 'for a cutie'.
Some don't even have the guts to set a price up front, thinking that if they (the 'guys') don't perform they can get out of it cheap, blaming it on the girl's 'quality'. Pathetic!

Joe Zop
02-08-04, 20:31
Freeler, I've not joined in on the general ragging people have done about your choice in TGs, because I honestly don't care -- my tastes are important only to me, and hooray for everyone getting what they want, whatever that happens to be. But gibes about the fact that some of us prefer to boink women whose tits are above their knees says more about you than the rest of us. I absolutely recognize what you're saying, and you're welcome to your 60-year-olds who cackle over the extra 100 baht they got from the previous customer -- that's not the experience I'm after. And of course my point wasn't that TGs don't work during that time of the month, but you knew that.

To be fair, when we're talking about this price we're talking about the main mongering areas of Bangkok, (which is the thread we're in) and possibly Pattaya but not Krabi or SiSaket -- and to say that hugely less than 1000baht (especially for LT) in most of these areas is the going rate would be disingenuous. Yes, you can get 500baht ST in places like the Biergarten and Thermae, yes you can find off-the-beaten track places where you can do even better, and that's great. But most of the discussion in this thread is about the general Sukhumvit area, and I'm unconvinced that 1000baht isn't a generally reasonable non-bargained base rate in that area. And the issue of "performing" has utterly nothing to do with it.

Jaimito Cartero
02-08-04, 21:00
JZ - As for JRC comment, he was talking about Pattaya Cheap Charlies, and hence all my comments have been on the same tack. It wasn't so much about paying the girls 1000 baht, but that even if the girl asked for 500 baht, he wouldn't dirty himself by giving that amount.

Many times when we go to different countries we get charged more, sometimes considerably more than a local person. If you're well informed, you can usually ask for the local discount and get it. This is nothing Asian in origin, of course. I was in Costa Rica in December, and when I went into a place the girl held up 6 fingers to the cashier, indicating 6000 colones. After we were done, I casually asked her about it, saying that the normal price was 5000 for locals, and she sheepishly admitted it.

I regards such things as part of travelling, but try to avoid them if I can. The same way I do if a taxi driver won't use his meter. I get out and find one that will.

I don't have 1/10th the experience you or Freeler has in Thailand, but I have done pretty good in not getting ripped off. If TGs think that all falangs are chumps then it will become a much less attractive place to go.

Joe Zop
02-08-04, 21:20
JC, don't get me wrong -- I don't pay more than I think is necessary no matter where I go. If I'm going to a MP, I want to know and try to get the local rate. I'm going to bargain for the best price on hotels or clothing or whatever, and indeed the theatre and histrionics of that is half the fun. I'm not going to pay anyone more than they ask for "on principle" though I'm more than happy to tip for exceptional service.

All that said, I've simply found that I'm more likely to have the kind of good time I in particular am after with a TG if I don't get into monetary negotiations and if I pay around the going rate. I know other folks have had problems with this approach, but that's not my experience and I've had a better overall success rate this way. Whether that has to do with the type of TG I tend to choose, my sterling personality or astonishing sexual technique (LOL :D) I can't say, but it's worked for me.

As you said in another thread -- I tend to treat TGs how I'd prefer to be treated. I've simply found that a casual sense of fairness and friendliness tends to work well for both sides.

02-08-04, 21:25

The '60-year-olds who cackle over the extra 100 baht they got from the previous customer' happened to be a 23 or so year old with her tits definitely above her knees.

You know damned well that throwing thousands around is only to boost the spender's selfesteem - Mommy, look what I can do!
It has nothing to do with the general price level in Thailand, which is as good as unchanged from 10 (ten!) years ago. Only beer, BF, ST, LT and hotels in major tourist areas are more 'expensive' then they were then. Wanna guess why?

This thread is about BKK and not just about the general Sukhumvit area. If you (as in 'all readers') would bother to go to other areas in BKK you would find that the pricelevel in the Sukhumvit area is ludicrous.

But the readers won't do that, they will get into a taxi, never mind the fucking meter, because they wanna go to the Sukhumvit area ASAP!
They don't know what they are missing.
And Joe, perhaps you don't know what you're missing - the Kingdom has changed over the past 12 months, you know.
(But not the prices...)

The Traveler
02-08-04, 23:15

You said, even if they get 200 bath per pop they are making 3-5 times the average wage. So I just picked up your numbers not mine to do the math and as Joe Zop said, watch how many go home alone, take in count that there are low seasons and that we are talking about average girls, not stunners who might get their customers easier.
I also do not feel being ripped off cause the girls aren't demanding the higher amount. It's me who pays more than necessary. I do not like to overpay, but I like to be fair. And yes, I am paying a bar-girl double the going rate for ST. 1000 is cheap and fair for me. Payment always depends on performance and it seems that my approach and the way I treat the girls are honored by them.

BTW, the minimun wage is 125 bath/day.
Please try to stay with 4000 bath/month in Pattaya/Bangkok and also support your family and two children upcountry.

Joe Zop

I absolutely agree with you. I guess we target the same prey with the same approach.


I have been everywhere in LOS within my 20yrs mongering and know where I can get laid cheap. I did it all from a 50 bath ho in Aranyaprathet to a 20.000 bath orgy in HappyWorld.
The point is, that I want a cute one instead of an old hag. Surely there are real beauties available everywhere, but having only a limited amount of time, it is much more convienient to look for them at common places than somewhere upcountry. The supply in Bangkok or Pattaya is just much better and less time consuming. We all know that you travel on a budget and if it gives you a kick to save a few extra bath go on with it. Maybe you are right that paying more is boosting my self-esteem, but I see nothing wrong in it. The girl appreciates the money and I feel as being fair.

Have fun

02-08-04, 23:54

I can answer a couple of your questions:

Q. Do US Caucasians have any trouble with locals or other tourists over current politics?

A. No. Thailand is very American friendly.

Q. I have reservations at the Nana Hotel; can I expect to get there by Midnight to enjoy my first night?

A. Absolutely. I got to Nana around 1:30 a.m., registered, shaved and hit NEP 15 miutes before closing time. I didn't score there, but shortly after 2 a.m. I found ParkingLotSweetie in the Nana Hotel parking lot (hence, her name). When the bars and clubs close at 2 a.m., the Nana Hotel parking lot fills up with dozens of unclaimed girls looking for a guy to take them. You can circulate around the parking lot, find one you like, and introduce yourself.



02-09-04, 10:03
Apparently Thailand has banned internet pornography.

If it does not bring money into Thailand then Thailand doesn't want it. You will get this message:

You were denied access because:
Access denied by access control list.

No more free naked girlie photos online, which leaves some of us wondering what is next?

02-09-04, 11:13
Carabu, I noticed you had a little trouble finding a good internet cafe in the Nana area. Well the best one I found is on Soi 4, down the road from NEP. Keep going down the road past the Dyansty Inn, past Jools and it's on your left. The front portion of the shop doubles as a travel agency. It is directly aacross the road from the Virginia Pool Bar. Rate is 1 baht per minute. I think this is the cheapest and best place in the immediate area.

02-09-04, 21:25
If anyone wants cheap porn in private, there is a dealer in chinatown where vcd's can be bought for as little as 40b each. From sukhumvit take the #25/40 bus for 3.5/10b. #2 bus 3.5b to Pantip Plaza has vcd/cd players for 750b on up with attatchments / cables to hook up to your hotel tv. Another tip is to use a free email service like e-mail.anywhere.com and put your porn favorites' addresses in the folders. 30b/hr fast internet shop on Petchaburi road next to a ricoh camera shop west of Pantip half way to the Asia hotel/skytrain station, south side of the street. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this free information and donate to my cause can use pay pal at- Bil's hoor monging in the LOS account.

02-09-04, 21:40

Oh, gosh, yeah, Thailand is ratcheting down on the internet porn. Not all providers have the filters in place and working. Note other Thailand oriented web boards have members mentioning it too.

So while you (or your provider) may not be doing at the moment, it is happening in LOS now.


02-10-04, 03:14
Four of the best looking women I have had in Thailand include 200 bters in Korat (still gives me a horn, built like an Amazon), Buriram, Si Saket (kinda star fish) and others further north as well. Freeler has an excellent point about getting out of the ghettoes of Bkk and Pattaya. Not only are they more expensive (a secondary point) but they are boring and dangerous with too many drunk foreigners looking for fights and just being a right pain in the ass. Those places suit a lot of people but not

John T Skinless

02-10-04, 05:30

I think you were using a public computer with a porn filter installed. In the US, most librarys have them to keep the dirt away from kids. I know Kinkos Copy centers in the US have this filter on the public use computers.

02-10-04, 08:41
The question for superman is, are there TG's to suit the Jackrabbit in Korat and the northern provinces where you build your fortress of not-so-solitude?

02-10-04, 18:47
Effective March 1 adult entertainment places have to close at midnight. New law just passed. Parpong is exempt. Soi Cowboy an Nana included in early closing times. Bad news for Mongers.

The Traveler
02-10-04, 20:48

sure, stunners everywhere and upcountry is defnately cheaper, but you have to admit, that in average you will need a bit more time to find those amazons. I also like Isaan and did a lot of hunting there in the past. Korat is my favourite, Nong Kai, Rayong, Udon, Surin, Buriram, Khon Kaen, Aran, Chantaburi in that order. Also some cafe/karaoke places at the outskirts of the smaller towns e.g. Kabin Buri and Prachinburi may provide excellent quality. Have a look at the photo section. I found Jeen in Prachinburi serving food in a restaurant, later on she worked as a singer in a cafe. But if time is an issue I prefer the common places like Bangkok and Pattaya.

Have fun

02-11-04, 04:18
Well, it is official. As of March 1 all bars, discos, nightclubs, everything has to be closed at MIDNITE. The only exceptions are Patpong, Ratch Road and Royal City Ave.

What a weird government. Fine. Push all the girls out in the streets at midnight. Better to have it on the street, where there is crime and no control than in the bars where there is control.

This country has gone so far down hill in the past 4 years it is a joke. guess i will only be going to brazil from now on!

02-11-04, 05:14
Can anyone suggest the best place to pick up a attractive lady in Bangkok for LT.
I been to Nana's and the quality was marginal at best.
If any one done their homework and is welling to share a phone number that would be appreciated.

02-11-04, 06:35
Attn: johntodd

You must be kidding about the Nana Plaza girls being marginal.

If you can't find a good one there, then you won't find an attractive lady anywhere. Mabe you should try BA or Rio because Nana is as hot as the babes get in Thailand.



Jimmy Red Cab
02-11-04, 12:02

I totally agree with you regarding the quality of girls in Nana Plaza. Angel Witch is supposed to have the best looking girls but I only saw a couple of reasonable ones.
I personally find the best selection in the parking lot of Nana hotel from 2am, over 100 to choose from, all ages, shapes and sizes. Some real cuties for 2000 baht LT, maybe less but I don't bargain if the girl is a real cutie.

Jaimito Cartero
02-11-04, 12:04
It does seem rather strange that Patpong would get excluded but Cowboy and Nana wouldn't? Unless the usual money passing hands affected the decision. I doubt this would affect me much in BKK, but would probably suck in Pattaya.

Wacko 04
02-11-04, 14:43
Stayed at Asia Airport Hotel and called the inhouse massage center. Cost was 600 baht for normal massage and 800 baht for oil massage, and price the same if in the 10th floor center or in your room. Of course chose for the girl to come to my room and asked for a young pretty one.

Got one by name Jane aged around 25 yrs. So I asked for oil massage and stripped everything. She started on the massage and once a while would stroke on my shaft teasing it.

Then I asked her if she did any body massage which was not in the list. Initially she said no and finally after pestering her she agreed to body massage and sex and the total cost would be 4000 baht. Thought that was ok and so we went on it.

She stripped and had a nice firm medium sized breasts and also tight pussy.

She was good in the massage, body massage and also making love. Has good skills in teasing our penis until we want to make love to her..

Well, worth the money. She did not allow to take any photos.

Wacko 04
02-11-04, 14:46
Tried out a tradisional thai massage, place called BOSS, located not too far from the Asia Airport Hotel in Bangkok along the highway.

Wow, no hanky panky allowed and purely traditional Thai massage.

Has lots of skillfully trained girls.

Cost is 200 baht for 1 hr and 300 baht for 2 hrs. Went for teh 2 hrs. Real refreshing and releaves all the stress and tiredness.

Cheap and good for anyone after a hard days work.

Wacko 04
02-11-04, 15:02
Took teh Skytrain in Bangkok to NANA and went walking around to see the action places around there. Had lots of bars with girls and tourists.

Along the way approached few times by the agents trying to interest you on some full package massage and sex. They had the picture catalogs to show.

There are many such similar places like JONE, Mona Lisa, Embassy, Cupidy to name a few.

Decided to try the Cupidy Massage located at Plaza Entertainment Complex along Nikom Makkman Road in Bangkok near to Nana. The guy charge me 30 baht to and fro in his Cefiro.

Arrived there and gosh the massage center almost like have the whole building to themselves all the 18 floors. Full service package includes the girl bath and cleans you up, then gives you a body massage on a air cushion with soap bubbles all over you, then again bath you clean and next both on the bed where she massages you all over back and front whole body, then gives you a blow job before the making love. Then after making love, she bathes you and again gives you a massage. All this in 2 hrs.

Prices range from 1,800 to 3,000 baht for the normal girls behind the glass, while the higher class girls who during day time work in offices, models, secretaries and some even students or university students charges are from 4,000 to 6,000 baht.

The place had over 200+ girls sitting behind the glass while the higher class one sits on the left and there were about 50+ of them.

Chose a young girl aged 20 (number 142) by the name Mam. She is a high school student from Chiang Mai province and had to support her studies and also send money back to parents. Pretty with thai-eurasian looks. Has solid body, nice pussy with well groomed public hair, nice firm breasts and her nipples were so errect from all teh simulation and love making.

Very good in both massage and making love. Guess the room tv she had it on too loud which distracted my attention during sex which helped me also in a way where it took me a long long time until i cum. She was wondering why i still did not cum after so long of making love which she was getting tired riding on top of me and we changed positions few times.

Will go there again next time i visit Bangkok.. The girls are all clean as this is a high class center and they ahve weekly medical checkups and use of condoms is a must. There were already so many customers there especially tourists even though i arrived there around 9pm.

They sure have lots of girls for you to choose.

02-12-04, 00:36
Has anyone seen a Thai girl named Jenny or Chitra working in Bangkok? She's about 33 years old, small sized and usually wears ALOT of make-up. Also, she loves to talk about her cats.

Please PM is you have any current information.

Pahllus Maximus
02-12-04, 01:46
now this punter was really hard up.....and this story is just too strange, even by bizarre bkk standards

dog [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) attempt goes astray
from correspondents in bangkok
february 4, 2004

a thai man was mauled when he drunkenly tried to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) a dog which fiercely
resisted his advances, news reports said yesterday.

police in samut prakan province, on bangkok's southeastern fringes, told the
thai rath newspaper that toryip rawang, 33, had been drinking heavily with
friends before monday's incident.

toryip was questioned by police after residents of the area notified local
authorities when they saw the bloodied man walking along a road.

he told police he noticed a brown female stray dog wagging its tail and
"acting sexy" and pulled it into some tall grass by the roadside.

but the dog resisted, biting him on his face, chest and arms before he gave
up his attempt and tried to stagger home.

under further questioning toryip admitted to previously [CodeWord125] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord125) three dogs
while he was under the influence of alcohol.

he told police he always became aroused when he drank heavily but did not
have enough money to pay a prostitute.

police said toryip had been given a rabies shot and was not charged with a
crime, but he had fled his home in an apparent effort to avoid public

02-12-04, 01:47



Midnight closures expected to kill nightspots, pubs, and cut tourism.

02-12-04, 03:40
JRC & John Todd >
Guys, to say Nana has girls that are "marginal at best" is truly ridiculous.
Firstly 'Nana' is the name of the soi, so that statement includes every bar and hangout along that soi, including Nana Hotel carpark, did you mean Nana Plaza ? again that is absurd, Nana Plaza must have over 100 different bars, with god knows how many women coming from all over Thailand. JT, how many of the bars did you hit to summarise that Nana had 'marginal girls at best' ? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or beer holder) so i accept you may not have found what you were looking for, but how hard did you look ?
JRC > where do you think a lot of the girls in Nana Carpark come from ? whilst i know they come from many places, ie soi 7, thermae and other bars that have shut, they also come from Nana !! a fair few of them will be BG's Bar fined earlier in the evening and are looking for a 2nd/3rd/4th trick, maybe they appear better looking because it is witching hour, the alcohol has truly taken affect and its time for bed ?

On a personal note i find a lot of the girls in nana to be boring, lacking enthusiasm, and pushy for drinks. But looks wise there is plenty of variety, my statement is based on living here and having drunk in around 99% of the bars, and is of course JMHO !!

JT why not try Soi 33, its a more expensive more upmarket scene, allbeit with the same girls just with nicer getups. Or Soi Cowboy, or Soi 7 Beergarden or....or....or...or...or.., GUYS THERE"S MORE IN BANGKOK THAN BLOODY NANA.

Jimmy Red Cab
02-12-04, 04:00

The Nana Hotel car park seems to attract girls from all over, not just the Nana Plaza bars. The last girl I met there said she had actually come there straight from home to get a nights wages. I am having second thoughts about returning in June after reading about the proposed new closing times.

It seems to me that the authorities are telling sex tourists that they are no longer welcome. I am seriously considering giving Angelis City a try, from what I have heard they have 24 hour bars and a Casino AND the prices are cheaper than Thailand. Everyone will suffer in the end because of this clampdown, the girls, bar owners, hotel owners, taxi drivers, everyone.

Dick Boobs
02-12-04, 06:44
Anybody tried the girls at the Hyatt Bar downstairs?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Atlanta Monger
02-12-04, 10:29
"wagging its tail and "acting sexy"

Now THAT'S funny! :o)

One Tree Hill
02-12-04, 19:39
***** AIR FARE DEAL ******

I usually post on the Agrentina board. Have been to BKK and Phuket. If anyone is interested I can get a SIGNIFICANT discount off you next trip to Thailand.

PM if interested. I have other member references.


The Traveler
02-12-04, 22:17

the girls won't vanish. Even if bars and gogos will be closed early they will hang out somewhere else. You just have to go out more early to find your prey.

Have fun

English Dan
02-12-04, 22:32
The Hyatt Bar tends to attract some high class girls. Some of the girls who work in the Japanese Karaoke clubs hang out there. So their rate tend to be a bit higher. One quoted me 3000 for the night - she was quite attractive and had a college degree in marketing, but it just didn't "pay". So she is doing a little different kind of marketing.

Good luck!

02-13-04, 03:15
JRC > i agree with Traveller, don't give up hope just yet, i have a feeling the scene will actually grow with the changes it will just be in a different form and not so in your face, its all about face and PR, Thaksin doesnt give 2 hoots if Bangkok is the sex capital, as long as it appears it is not. Latest news today in the Nation is that Pattaya and Phuket may be set up as Entertainment Zones, so they would not be affected by the early closing.
Even now bars are supposed to close at 2am, but i know bars that stay open into the wee hours in a couple of the farrang orientated areas.

Joe Zop
02-13-04, 06:13
I'm curious if anyone has the details -- I recall the earlier versions of this law included internet cafes on the list of places that were to shut down at midnight. Is that still the case? How exactly is an adult entertainment venue defined? -- I know massage places, gogos and hostess bars are on the list, but how far does one take the latter? Seems like a fair amount of wiggle room there, to say the least.

02-13-04, 07:48
What zones are the Nana in? Soi Cowboy? Angles Disco? CM2 and QBar? Will they stay open till 2am?

02-13-04, 18:44
Joe Zop,

Internet shops might be included? I wouldn't be suprised. Next thing you know Thaksin will be shutting down the 7-11's.

Jimmy Red Cab
02-14-04, 04:06

You may have been joking about Thaksin closing down the 7/11's but quite frankly it would not surprise me as I think he has lost the plot big time.

What I can see is prostitution and boozing being pushed onto the streets where it can't be regulated. Even the old fashioned UK is moving towards 24 hour drinking licences.

02-14-04, 05:42
Dear All,
I would like to branch out in BKK for some adventure. Anyone stayed in Bangkok's Khausan Road area (backpacker land) and seen any action there with the locals or indeed backpackers?

The Traveler
02-14-04, 06:22

Lots of action at Khao San Road. Easy to pick up girls from bars and other places. Many students and non-pro as well. Maybe the actvity will increase in that area if Thaksin tries to shutdown the hot spots in BKK.

Have fun

02-14-04, 08:02
from what i recall reading in the paper 2 days ago, discos close at 1.00 and night clubs close at 2.00.

i wasn't aware there was that much of a difference between and nightclub and a disco.

(Ahhhh, Asian logic !!! )

02-14-04, 08:35

Many 'English' words have different meanings abroad.

We had a little thing here a while ago, where a guy said he couldn't find a bathroom, even when he asked for it.
He needed a toilet...

You may know that a coffeeshop in Holland is not what it is in most places, same with cafe - happens to be a bar - but they still serve a decent coffee.
And a stripbar would be a cafe where people go to read fuckin' comics!
Nightclubs usually are 'clubs' meaning that you need a membership to get in. To get in the disco you want to bribe the bouncer:(.

02-14-04, 08:57
Freeler, you have a point, however, once inside a disco, or a nightclub, there will most probably be a band or DJ in both, a dance floor in both, and a bar in both.

i wouldn't be surprized if the current nightclub kingpin greased the correct palms a little better than the current disco kingpin, and voila, a later closing time !!!

02-14-04, 09:16
Going to be alot of changes in Thailand over the next few months. You can already see that the club owners and girls are running scarred at this time. Sure you will have lots of payoffs and some places will stay open longer but the tend is very clear here. Overall the government is slowly changing the face of the sex industry in the country. It will not happen overnight but it will happen. When you say Thailand to people outside of the country "Sex Capital" will not be the first thing they think off.

While I don't see the sex trade as being killed in Thailand or Bangkok I do see it going through many more major changes and most of them not good for the sex travelers. Newbies will be the ones hardest hit by this, the guys who spend months each year here will always be able to find more girls then we want. But the newbies will need places like this board more and more to know what is going on.

In some ways the early closings will make things better for finding girls in the short term, and if more and more guys start to stay away from Thailand the girls will become very hungry and start to make deals. Two of the best times I have had in Thailand were after 9/11 and last year during SARS, the place was like a ghost town, lots of girls and very few clients, the deals were great and the service better than ever.

I’m leaving Thailand next week to go home and handle some business, I look forward to coming back under the new rules because I believe things could be better in the short term.


The Traveler
02-14-04, 13:18

I agree with you and in some way I even appreciate the changes that will come.

I was never a big fan of GoGos. It's overpriced and I do not need to see a girl dancing (almost) naked on a platform and doing some so called sexy shows. Many of those GoGo girls are extremely pushy and try to rush you. If the GoGos will be gone they might change their attitude.
Bars and discos will probably stay the same and will still function as a meeting point. I always preferred bargirls and freelancers because they are less business orientated.
Massage parlours might hide away, but also will still be available to at least serve the locals.

There will always be a huge supply of girls, no government can change that just by closing the hot spots. There was a sex industry before we farangs came and there will be one after we will have left the kongdom. If they really want to change it and dry out the market then they have to change the economic reality. Girls work like that due to lack of education and chances to find another well payed job. Low wages and hard work do not sound very attractive if you can earn better money with less effort.

I guess newbies won't have such a hard time to find what they are looking for. There always will be a lot of places where to find a girl and what is this forum for ?

Have fun