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01-01-04, 02:00
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Rabo Verde
01-01-04, 02:56

Cover that bottom, Brazilian judge orders

Pedestrians walk past the controversial advertisement for this month's Brazilian Playboy magazine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Tuesday

December 19, 2000
Web posted at: 9:28 PM EST (0228 GMT)

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) -- A Brazilian judge said on Tuesday he had ordered the naked bottom of this month's Brazil Playboy cover girl on billboard ads in Rio de Janeiro be covered up to protect children from obscenity.

Judge Siro Darlan ordered that official black-and-white notices be plastered over the backside of Carla Perez, a well-known television presenter and dancer.

01-02-04, 09:50
This was back in early October.

I arrived at the airport and used a metered taxi this time to Copacabana. The fare was R22. When I prepayed last year, it was R49. After checking into the hotel, I bought all the neccessities like spring water and sandals from the supermarket. At about 7:00pm, Tuesday, I went to Centaurus, and there wasn't as many drop dead garotas like last year. There was probably 3 or 4 that I would rate a 9. Maybe, Tuesday, is a little slow or all the 10s are busy upstairs. I decided to go to the bar and get a beer, and started chatting up a tall brunette by the name of S******. She spoke some English because she says that she took 5 years of English, but now she's in law school. We sat down and started french kissing while my right hand was grabbing and squeezing her ass. Tuesday must be a little slow because, one by one, all these blonds started coming over and asking if I wanted a blond garota to go with the brunette. I kept saying no or "um a de meis". The brunette thought it was pretty funny whenever I said "um a de meis", but all these louras(blonds) kept walking away acting upset. Also, I noticed that all the garotas that I was with last year all remembered me, and they all kept coming over to give me a kiss. This one chick, Mo****, that I knew from last year, came over and started tongue kissing, S******, the brunette that I was with, to show me what a great time all three of us could have, but I turned her down. Then, I made the mistake of making eye contact with a garota that was sitting across the room. She was average looking compared to the other Centaurus babes. She came over and started rubbing my crotch and french kissing me and, pretty soon, we were doing a "triple kiss". This is when all three of us would tongue kiss each other at the same time. This is so much fun. When it was time to go up, I chose only the brunette. I felt bad afterwards because that other girl was working hard kissing me and trying to convince me to change my mind. When we got to the room, I asked if I could take a picture, and she was cool with it. While she was naked, she didn't want her face to be shown so she'd turn around. She was lying on the bed, and I put my dick next to her face, and she knew exactly what I wanted her to do. She gave a great BBBJ. She rode me cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl while moaning. Then, I went down on her, and she came. Afterwards, when I was on top, missionary, she said "cum for me". I was thinking that I might not be able to because I was still tired from the flight. Then, she said somehing that shocked me, "cum in my mouth. That was all the motivation that I needed, so I jacked off all over her mouth. I just love Rio. Afterwards, I went back to my hotel to make some calls to friends to let them know that I've arrived safely and to get some cash. Then, I went Luomo which was just across the street from my hotel. After changing and showered, I went to the bar and asked for a beer then this one chick kept smiling at me and ask if I remembered her. I wasn't sure, but then she told me her name was T***** which was when I remembered her even though she changed her hair color. We had a couple of beers, and she told me most of the garotas at Luomo were new and that the ones from last year made enough money and left. Also, she now had to work 4 days a week instead of 3 days because the mananger said that there wasn't enough terma garotas Luomo. She told me that her friend C****, with whom I partied with a couple of times last year, moved to Germany with her German boyfriend and only comes back for Carnivale. I could've sworn she told me last year that she had an American bf. T***** spoke some English and told a couple of Black Americans who were with Black Brazilian girls that "she your sister". The American guys simply nodded. When they started playing some hip-hop music is when she got on the dance floor, and, pretty soon, she dragged me onto the dance floor. These Brazilian gals definately can shake that azz. I was doing dances from the early 90s and even 80s, but the ladies thought they were all new dances from America. Afterwards, I did a one hour programa with her. She let me take a picture of her and even topless. She gave me a BBBJ which was strange because last year, she was one of those terma garotas who refuse to blow me without a condom. Since I got off at Centaurus, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get it up, but the thought of blowing me bare back when she refused to do it last time, turned me on. I couldn't get off, but I got her off twice(once orally). A thought cross my mind to grab the camera when she was about to have an orgasm, but I doubt if she would've let me.

It's only my first day in Brazil, and I've had so much fun.

Teddy Booker
01-02-04, 16:59
I will be arriving in Rio on January 20th for about a month. Looking for a fellow monger who can educate me on the sites and pleasures of Rio.


01-02-04, 17:47
Rio Bob,

I did not take the picture. This is one which she sent me. I am sure it was taking by that photographer guy who always walks around (scruffy beard, etc). Anyway, I remember one year he was walking around with his sunglass turned upside down. We all started doing that at the pria. That was in the good ole days when Jona' ran the chair "mafia".

01-02-04, 19:29
What's up guys? I am new to this forum and I can really use your help with a question I have.

Question: I am heading down to Rio De Janeiro for Carnaval 2004 by myself. I would like to know if it is easy to find economical 1-bedroom studios/apartments/condos for rent near the Rio Othon Palace Hotel or club HELP? If so, are these apartments safe? I know there are people on the streets renting out apartments, but are these apartments reliable and safe?

I did some research online regarding apartments. However, all of the agencies renting out apartments are doing so at an extremely high cost, for example $100 U.S. per night! I think I can get a better deal once I land in Rio and ask around for 1-bedroom studios/apartments/condos. I am not sure though. I would appreciate any advise, help and info you can provide to me.

Thanks in advance!


01-02-04, 20:57
Re: DATY in Brazil,

Isn't there a risk of catching HIV or something else from performing DATY on a garota? I read a report somewhere in WSG awhile ago where someone had said that saliva neutralizes HIV. I'm not sure I believe that, but I've done DATY on Brazilian garotas before and haven't had any problems. I'm going to Rio on Jan. 20th-29th and although I'm a big fan of DATY, I'm having second thoughts about doing it this time. Can anyone shed light on this subject? I know I'm gonna be tempted, so any additional knowledge would be much appreciated. Obrigado!!


01-02-04, 21:45
Yes you can get HIV from DATY. Use protection!

01-03-04, 03:11
Transmission of HIV through oral sex is rare but it can happen.


Now for men getting a BBBJTC is almost nil and the person giving is about the same as long that there are no open sores or wounds inside the oral cavity. And from what I've read if they partake in the consumption of semen the stomach acids kill on contact any virus.

I've tried to explain this to many women but they just won't buy it :)


01-03-04, 09:12
While in Rio in Nov, I spent a day and night with a garota from L'uomo on her day off, and also spent a day and night with a garota from Monte Carlo on her day off. They each volunteered to me that the girls in both places are checked by a doctor once a week and have their blood tested every two weeks.

Interestingly, both also stated that they did not like going to Help after they finished work at the therma because they got tired of seeing so many familar faces chasing other garotas. However, I did see a few of their co-workers at Help, usually around 2 in the morning or so.

Finally, earlier posters have complained about all the kids that harrass you when you leave Help. I spent a part of an evening watching the whole exiting Help scene. The kids would harrass guys and their garotas, but as soon as a taxi driver would tell the kids to back off, they would. I also saw the taxi drivers giving some change to the kids - I presume this was payment for their harrassment of customers (and to generate cab fares for the drivers). After about 2:30 or 3:00, the kids all seem to disappear and you leave Help with your garota and just walk back to your place - no hustling by the cabbies and no kids bothering you.

01-03-04, 17:40
I guess tit for tat is OK. I am not one that will turn in my ticket to Rio...going on the 12th.

This is in regards to the Brazilian effort to match the US requirement to photo and print all aliens coming into the US.

Mayor Cesar Maia said the extra immigration checks would damage tourism - particularly in Rio.

He called the measures, introduced on Thursday, naive and reciprocal.

The decision by Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva followed US plans to introduce tougher immigration checks on Brazilians entering the United States.

He made the order after a Brazilian Government office filed a complaint in a federal court over the new US immigration measures.

From 5 January, travellers from all countries which need a visa to enter the US will undergo the same checks.

This is their sovereign right to do if they want to do it

Adam Ereli
US state department spokesman
"I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis," said Mr Sebastiao da Silva in the court order.

Police in Brazil said they began checking fingerprinting and photographing US visitors from Thursday.

A federal police spokesman said Mr Sebastiao da Silva's order could be overturned by Brazil's justice system if it was thought he had acted outside of his powers.

Anti-terror measure

The US said it would watch closely the new Brazilian rules, but stressed that it was the country's right to impose such requirements.

"Our consulates general in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are monitoring developments on this issue closely," said deputy US state department spokesman Adam Ereli.

But he added that the US had no plans to complain or even discuss the regulations with the Brazilian authorities.

"This is their sovereign right to do if they want to do it," he told reporters.

Mr Sebastiao da Silva's order was in response to Washington's new rules as part of increased anti-terrorism measures.

They aim to identify people who have violated immigration controls, have a criminal record or belong to groups that Washington has on its list of terrorist organisations.

An official from the US Department of Homeland Security said at least two of the 19 hijackers in the 11 September 2001 attacks could have been stopped if this security system had been in place.

It will not apply to citizens of 27 nations who do not require a visa to enter the US.

01-03-04, 17:49
As to the chances of HIV from oral sex and DATY...a couple of studies.

A new laboratory study of mouth tissues suggests that unprotected oral sex does have the potential to transmit HIV, although experts say it is still les risky than other transmission routes.

The results, published in the March issue of the Journal of Virology, suggest that, even without any cuts or sores in the mouth, HIV may still be able to infect oral tissue under the right circumstances.

Dr Xuan Liu, of Charles R Dres University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, along with colleagues at the University of California, Los Angeles, took oral tissue samples from over 50 healthy, HIV-negative patients and exposed the tissue to three different types of HIV, says Reuters Health.

They found that two of the types could infect and reproduce within cells called keratinocytes that line the surface of the mouth, and that these cells can then transfer the infection to adjacent white blood cells.

The level of infection in the mouth cells, though, was less than a quarter of that seen in white blood cells.

"HIV is able to get into (keratinocytes), but it reproduces less than it would in blood cells ... because saliva contains an HIV inhibitor," Liu said.

Keratinocytes are, under certain circumstances, able to release the virus to blood cells, which proliferate much faster than keratinocytes. Thus, the transfer of the infection from keratinocytes to white blood cells may provide a "foothold" for HIV in the body.

The researchers examined three cell receptors that HIV uses to latch onto and infect cells. They did not study CD4, a receptor found on white blood cells that is the most common target of HIV.

They found that keratinocytes have two receptors that bind to HIV. However, when the research team used inhibitors to block HIV from attaching to these receptors, they noticed that they did not completely block transmission. This suggest that the cells may have low levels of other receptors used by the virus, Liu said.

Further research is necessary to determine if the laboratory results mimic what actually happens in a living patient. It also remains to be seen how applicable the current study is to a potential treatment.

Dr. Jeffrey Laurence, senior scientific consultant for programmes at the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR) and director of AIDS Virus Research at Cornell's Weill College of Medicine, believes the findings indicate there is "no reason for altering safer sex guidelines that have been talked about for over 15 years."

"No exchange of infected bodily fluids is absolutely safe, but kissing has been shown to be of no risk, and oral sex is of much lower risk than the other traditional factors known to spread HIV."

Second report.

In June 2002, a study conducted amongst 135 HIV-negative Spanish heterosexuals, who were in a sexual relationship with a person who was HIV-positive, reported that over 19,000 instances of unprotected oral sex had not lead to any cases of HIV transmission. The study also looked at contributing factors that could effect the potential transmission of HIV through oral sex. They monitored viral load and asked questions such as whether ejaculation in the mouth occurred and how good oral health was. Amongst HIV-positive men, 34 per cent had ejaculated into the mouths of their partners. Viral load levels were available for 60 people in the study, 10 per cent of whom had levels over 10,000 copies. Nearly 16 per cent of the HIV-positive people had CD4 counts below 200. The study, conducted over a ten year period between 1990 and 2000, adds to the growing number of studies which suggest varying levels of risk of HIV transmission from oral sex when compared to anal or vaginal intercourse.

01-03-04, 20:45
Thanks fellas for all the info regarding DATY and STD/HIV transmission. I'll most likely stick to my usual practice of not doing DATY for quick one-time garotas and do it for garotas that I dig enough to hang with for more than a day. For some reason, this method works for me and gives me more of a chance to check out the goods before going down. I'll be in Rio Jan 20th-29th if anyone would like to meet up for a cold Brahma.


Sunset Strip
01-04-04, 20:22

You can check either of these two websites for Apartments near Help.

I am not sure about Carnaval prices, however.




01-04-04, 22:02
The HIV virus takes about six months to produce antibodies in the human body and, therefore, does not show up in tests until the six months are over. The Garotas in the termas, while being regularly tested, will have had sex with many, many, people in the six month period before they test positive for HIV. Something more to think about.

01-05-04, 18:16
I always stay at an apartment less than 100 meters from Help. It is a two bedroom place, full time doorman, elevator, ac, tv, and ideally located. Contact riotours@hotmail.com. However, I have the place from 14 Jan to 4 Feb. They do have other apartments.

01-05-04, 19:39

We are planning our first (anal:)) anual convention in Rio, so far we have 8-10 existing members who will patricipate, the goal is to share our experiences and teach each other, I'm sure we all will have a great time and plan future activities. As I see it, there is soo much to be done and learn and that is why we are planning this event. You can register with me via private message at WSG, all I need is your screen name and I will inform you as for date, time and location.

Approximate date is set for 22 Jan, 2004.

Future events will be organized on a monthly basis in Rio.

Looking forward to meet you all.

Go Play!

Sterling V
01-05-04, 22:51

It is definitely happening Rio now. I flew in on the 2nd and had no problem. However, a buddy landed on the morning of the 3rd and they had just started it. He wound up getting hit by the press people on the way out to get his comment. I guess his image has been on CNN and printed in Oglobo.

01-06-04, 01:15
I know there's high turnover with the garotas in the termas, but has any been tested positive for HIV.

Rio Regular
01-06-04, 01:28
I have stayed on Ave. Atlantica in this apartment owned by a guy in Miami. It is the nicest apartment I have ever stayed in Brazil. White and blue marble floors super clean white walls, brand new full floor to ceiling closets in bedrooms, Full mirrors, big screen TV DVD/CD stereo, 3 bedrooms jacuzzi in living room looking out over beach. I usually stay at the Marriott and this place is deluxe. Always wows the girls. The entrance is between Meia Petaca and Havana it is on the 10th floor ocean side. 1/2 block from help.

Let me know if you want me to put you in contact with the owner. You can rent direct from him.

Rio Regular

Rio Bob
01-06-04, 01:36
Guys, what you have all said and cut and pasted about the HIV virus is all true, of course. Now I have been going to Rio for many years and I have a good amount of friends who go their regularily also for many years and some who live there and many who own apartments there. Some of these guys I know for a fact don't even use condoms. Now in all this time and all these people I have never heard of one case of any heterosexual man getting the HIV virus and very few getting other forms of treatable std's.

This is my experience, what about some of you guys out there who have been regulars and know people who frequent these places, do you know of anybody who got aids from heterosexual sex?

01-06-04, 06:18
There is a gay guy in my office who also volunteers at an AIDS clinic. He's the guy that informs people that test positive. His office is across the hall from mine and we are often the last ones to leave the building (Dont even think of going there!!!). We've had discussions on on the probabilities of contracting AIDS between heterosexual partners. He is well read in these matters and I think he gave me some pretty good answers to some pretty frank questions today.

First of all he said that getting HIV from receiving oral sex is about nil. He recommended that I read the the following article.


I also asked him what his opinion of the probablities of getting HIV from unprotected sex with a woman who definitely has HIV. I posed it in this way. If a woman had HIV and screwed 100 men in the course of a month (your typical terma girl) how many men would get the virus. His answer was around 15-20. Why 15-20 guys? He said it would probably be the last guy of the day half of the time because there would be abbrasions in her pelvic area that would transmit the disease to the man and most likely to abbrasions in his pelvic area.

According to him, HIV is only tranmitted via blood and semen and it is harder for a male to get it than a female during heterosexual sex.

So my strategy is to get to the termas early and get lots of head :)

01-06-04, 06:22
Well, Magic Johnson supposedly got infected through heterosexual sex, but I don't know anyone personally who has. I brought this topic up in these recent posts because I believe this hobby to be slightly risky, even if it's the most fun a single fellow could ever have, but the topic of HIV/STD sure is scary to even talk about. I almost wanna say "Enough!!", but it's an important topic to address. Again, I certainly appreciate the info provided on the subject . Have a blast but be careful and wear that raincoat anyway.

01-07-04, 01:07
An HIV statistic. In Brazil, in 2001, 610,000 people out of a total population of 182,000,000 was living with HIV/Aids. In the US it was 900,000 out of 290,000,000 total population. In South Africa it was (get this) 5 Million people out of 43,000,000 total. WTF!! Moral of the story. Stay away from South Africa. This info came from the CIA fact book. http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/sf.html

Check it out!

01-07-04, 02:47

Sorry to interrupt the erudition, but I have a question. ABOUT GIRLS. I have been scouting the escort service sites, and, frankly, they look freakin' awesome. Here's the question--

In these ads, there is often a reference made as to 'completinha,' or 'completissima.' Am I to understand that these are the same thing? I would guess they are, but want to know for sure. Also, I gather that this means these girls give up the brown eye, just like 'completo' means in BA. True?

Are the prices listed for 1 or 2 hours? Seems like the price is about 100-200. Is there an elite agency with top grade girls?

Thanks in advance for your replies. It's just that I enjoyed Platynum so much in BA, I really get the feeling that these agencies would make an excellent lunch break.

Rio Bob
01-07-04, 02:55
Guys, I understand that heterosexual men have been HIV positive from sex with a woman but I would like to know if out of all you Mongers who go to Rio and go to Help, the Boites in Lido and all the termas, have you ever heard of anyone (Male Heterosexual) who has got HIV positive from Mongering in Rio?

That is my question, simple and to the point, nothing else.

Im not saying it can't happen all Im saying is do you know of a case where it has happened?

Believe me I was worried about it too. I spoke to alot of people about it and now since it has been many years that I have been going down there I do not know of one case. And you can bet that if there was one you would hear about it and people talk and I have heard nothing. But of course I take every precaution and I am carefull, very carefull.

Rio Bob
01-07-04, 03:08

Yes when the website says: 'completinha,' or 'completissima' it means yes that this is the road on the Hershey highway. For elite type girls try this website, they say they have magizine models for R$500 an hour http://www.viprj.com.br/ I called but didn't take them up on the hype but if its true then it might be worth it.

Also, not that I have had alot of girls from websites, just a couple, whoever takes the pictures and posts them makes the girls look alot better than they are but all of them have been good that I had except one and 3 have been out of this world even though they didn't look exactly like their pictures but close.

Usaully the first price is for 1 hour and then they have a price for 2 hours but I don't know which website you are referring to but I would assume it is for 1 hour if there is only one price.

01-08-04, 01:17
RIO - A Model photo shoot & Model show !!!.

FOBU, an old pal from previous visits, invites me for a model photo shoot - some how he has managed to get himself appointed as the official photographer for an Model Agency in Niteroi.

Crossed Baia de Guanabara on a jet cataraman - a 10 mts journey costing R 5. - then a short walk inland to a commercial building, where the Modeling Agency is located ( asked not to identify the agency ). Met and had a beer with the owner, who calls himself "Jaquar" ( a character & a monger ) - while waiting for 3 aspiring young models to arrive.

It was an interesting session to watch these cute shy non-pro aspiring models, being photographed, while slowly being coaxed to taking off their garments untill they were bashfully nude.

On the way out, FOBU informs me that this building has a couple of cheapo casa's, but unfortunately closed at this late hour.

Took the ferry back to Praca XV de Novenbro - R1.80 for an 30 minutes ride towards the lights of Rio.

"Jaquar" now invites both FOBU & myself to a Model show for aspiring young models organised by another Model Agency in Cinelandia. "Jaquar" would introduce us as LOL - representatives of an American Model Agency. The show was held at the "Noite e Dia" club on Rio Branco across from Praca Floriano in Cinelandia.

About 30 cute slender, lithe models flaunted their natural talents in thong bikinis to a appreciative private audience & fashion photographers.
I mingled in among the photographers and took pictures of this event. But dont think that I will send photo's of these young non-pro models to be posted in WSG.

Next posting - Sex clubs near Guarulhos - the aeroporto of Sao Paulo -
( will be posted in other areas & followed by posting on Manaus )

Ate Logo

Ceylon1 (WorldTraveller aka Charles )

01-08-04, 16:30
I have been reading about the idea of the Rio Police fingerprinting US citizens as they enter the country. Is this going on or is it just idle speculation. Here is one of the articles:


You can see by the article that the City is fearing that this might deter more tourists.

Grabin Buns

Java Man
01-09-04, 06:02
it's not an idea, they're doing it. from what i heard it takes 1.5hrs to be processed. my friend is on his way to Rio as i type this. i'll have more to report tomorrow afternoon after i contact him. in 12 days it will be my turn when I return to Rio :D

BM Rio
01-09-04, 20:38
as a virgin poster to wsg i’d first like to thank you guys for all for the excellent information here. i live in rio but travel all over the world and have often looked for tips on a new destination in these forums. now it’s time to put something back which i hope some will find useful or at least interesting.

let’s start with the cidade maravilhosa where recent statistics show that women in the state of rio de janeiro are possibly the most unfaithful in brazil with 35% admitting to having an affair in a study carried out in 13 brazilian states by the psychiatric institute of hospital das clínicas in são paulo. the cariocas were closely followed by the gauchas (rio grande do sul) with 32% and the potiguars (rio grande do norte) with 30%.

i prefer meeting non-pro brazilian women of all social classes but since reluctantly getting married for residence, i’ve begun to explore the range of pro and semi-pro activity in this great city. the termas/leisure clubs have been well covered already but i have a few comments to make on them and other aspects of rio.

l’uomo, copacabana – i love the excellent strip show some done in costume which is a good way to check out the girls in a relaxed fashion. i particularly recommend valeria from fortaleza who was working there in august last year. nice breasts, golden tan, long curly hair, enjoys her job and very hot indeed. i love it when they say “feel free to cum in my mouth”. unfortunately i had to rush to catch a plane so no time to extend this great session.

club 502, centro – not that many good looking women however there are a few well worth a shot if you like darker women as i do. i entered the main bar on a friday evening last month to see a gorgeous slim mulata pole dancing with an eager crowd watching however she was quickly snapped up by a customer after her act. it took me a while to see anyone else interesting until i met [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) at the bar, morena clara (dark hair, light brown skin) with a fantastic bunda (bum). after getting to know each other better in the quieter back room we had an hour of great sex upstairs. she said she used to work at centaurus until being fired for seeing americans outside of the terma. this club is cheaper than the more popular termas with an hour in a cabine costing r$92 however they can get very busy and be disorganised so watch your order paper is filled out correctly.

solarium, jardim botânico – went here last month on a sunday to see what the mixed saunas were like as group sex is another of my interests. as others have mentioned not a lot going on with couples appearing to wait until the sauna is free before entering. a few couples were upstairs in the bar but i didn’t find the women that attractive and was soon distracted by the resident girls. after looking at two that interested me i decided on yasmin, long dark hair, fair skin and lovely large breasts, who cuddled up with me after an enjoyable time together. very friendly staff and reasonable facilities at this terma in my opinion.

copacabana beach - i have to admit to never having been inside help in eight years of visiting or living in rio and i generally avoid the visible meeting points for pros such as terraço atlântico and meia petaca unless friends particularly want to go there. copacabana prostitution has a bad image amongst the cariocas and when you’re resident here as opposed to visiting as a tourist, it’s probably a good idea to pay lip service to this somewhat hypocritical way of thinking. most of the pros and semi-pros i’ve met on the orla have been very pleasant people providing a service and earning a living although there are definitely a few dangerous ones to watch out for. at the other end of the beach near praça do lido, balcony bar is still the most popular meeting place for mainly darker women although mab’s restaurant still has its following and next door the no name bar has recently been transformed into the scotland yard bar with good clear or dark chopp (beer) on tap and a few pros looking for business.

there is a long list of good places to meet non pro women such as the samba clubs in lapa, the after work happy hour bars near praça xv, and chiko’s bar in lagoa which have already been mentioned in the forum. you do generally need good portuguese however some of the irish or british pubs like shennanigan’s, the irish pub and the lord jim tend to attract brazilian women who can speak english or are at least looking to practice.

any heterosexual guys whether resident or visiting rio, interested in menage a trois, swing or group sex who are discreet and can treat women with respect feel free to pm me.

more to come soon on macaé, brazil’s offshore oilfield capital.

bm rio

01-09-04, 23:03
About girls and HIV: as far as I know, the girls from termas and agencies will not have intercourse (other than oral) without condom; there are massive campaigns against AIDs, everyone is aware of the necessity of wearing condoms.

Even if the condom breaks, it seems that all these termas girls go through a periodic check up; in case of any problem, the girl is immediately prohibited from continuing working.

So, if you wear condoms, the chances of you having a problem are very low (the condom would have to break; the girl would have to be infected; you would have to be unlucky to get the virus passed to you).

Java Man
01-09-04, 23:29
i haven't spoken to my friend that arrived today. he's VERY busy.
the fingerprinting/photo process is taking longer. i've heard it's up to 8hrs!!! the city of Rio has filed a lawsuit to stop it. they're afraid it's going to hurt tourism.

01-10-04, 04:10

Thanks for the apartment info. I will definitely consider your info/advice when renting an apartment.

Also, I will be in Rio from Feb. 11-Feb. 28 travelling by myself. If any of you are going to be in Rio during this time, drop me a PM so we can hook up and pick up some women!


Java Man
01-10-04, 08:26
i finally talked to my friend who arrived in Rio yesterday morning. he said it took him 20 min to be processed. after getting his passport stamped, he was directed to another line. a digital pic and one thumb print was taken. he said there weren't that many americans in the flight.

01-10-04, 18:09
That's good news, I leave on the 12th.

01-10-04, 19:09
Has anyone considered to open an escort service in Rio to support our life style?

If I speak Portuguese, I will do it in a second. Low investment and easy access to girls. With a good management, one can take on these small local operators easily.

Teddy Booker
01-10-04, 19:45
Thank you Chingon for the information. I was hating the thought of waiting in line for 8 hours.

01-11-04, 02:55

What would you do better then locals? Just curious.


01-11-04, 08:10
Hello all,

If anyone will be in Rio after Jan. 17th and want to hang out drop me a pm.

P.S. I signed up for Playboy's "event" on the 24th but as I'll be there a week beforehand it would be nice to hang out with others prior to the show :)

01-11-04, 14:38
Just returned from another great trip to beautiful Rio. This was a short trip of only a weeks duration, but the whole Rio combo of great girls, weather, food and sightseeing is unbeatable even if it is only for a week.

I prefer going to the termas and did not go anywhere else on this trip. My visits included Centaurus, L'uomo and Monte carlo. My previous trip was in september 2003 and I would say that most of my favorites from then were still working at both centaurus and l'uomo. Both places did offer a few new faces, but overall a surprisingly low turnover rate.

Centaurus was a good as my last trip. I still think they have the best overall girls. The number of girls will vary from about 50-60. The downside is that prices are higher, some girls are too business like especially when the place is busy and they are to only terma to operate with a R20 tourist tax.
Having become a regular visitor I know the manager of the girls and quite a few of the girls too - this makes for a quite good and enjoyable time whenever I go there.

My sessions at Centaurus included the standard 40 minute programmes as well as several 1 hour threesomes in special rooms. The 40 minute programme costs R215 and the effort and enthusiam of the girl will vary considerably - although the sex has never been really bad. The latter will set you back about R800, but is highly recommanded as these sessions have been the best sex of my life. The girls will work harder to make you enjoy it because they know you paying them well - each girl will earn R270 from such a session they told me. If you decide to try a threesome here or at another terma I suggest you pick the frist girl yourself and then have her suggest which girl is to join you - if the girls are friends and get on well you will have a much better time in the room.

What sort of sex is available? I had straight intercourse in a number of positions, oral without condoms, CIM, anal and the two girls going down on eachother. For anal and CIM you will need to arrange this in advance as not all girls will do it.

The types of girls is pretty wide, but they only had 1 or 2 black girls. I like to think I am pretty demanding in terms of looks and I would probably be willing to go with atleast half the girls there. So no need to worry here.

L'uomo is a bit smaller, but also a bit more cosy than centaurus. I like the overall atmosphere here a bit better as the girls are more laidback and less business like.
There were about 30 girls or so on the nights I visited. I think about a third of them were within my strict looks requirement.
I did a few 40 minute programmes and also my first ever foursome. The latter was very interesting - two girls going down on eachother while I am working the third. Highly recommendable if you have the energy for three girls. I think the 1 hour foursome set me back about R700. A 40 minute programme is about R150 or so.

This trip I made my first visit to Monte Carlo, which is just a block from L'uomo. Same basic terma setup. I think there were app. 50 girls. The atmossphere was pretty good with some girls stripping. Sex was good and included both 40 minutes programmes and a threesome. Prices and quality of the girls is similar to L'uomo.

When comparing three termas my ranking would be Centaurus, L'uomo and Monte Carlo, but the best girl I had at Monte carlo was far better than the worst I had at centaurus. I think the best way to enjoy the termas is to try out several different ones as the quality of your experience depends a lot on your choice of garota.

I also arranged an date with two of my Centaurus favorites in a sex motel. We used Motel Vips in Leblon which I highly recommand as a high-end motel. For R215 we had a suite with a small pool, ocean view and some food and drinks. This was a very good setup as I knew from the previous night that both girls were very good in the bed ( and other places too ).

Finally I am making arrangements for one of my Centaurus favorites to visit me in Europe on holiday. Can't wait till she arrives.

Marc Monger
01-11-04, 17:48
I think that Captain has a great idea about opening an escort company that caters to hour hobby without all the hassle in-between. My own experience tells me that it can be done cheaper, better, and more profitable (and a lot more fun, too). If anyone is interested in this idea please PM me. I will be in Rio again from mid-January to mid-February and would like to discuss this with anyone interested.

Doc Bill
01-11-04, 19:21
I will be back in Rio in March, from 11-22, so if anyone wants to hook up let me know. I'm also asking for suggestions on side trips, as ten days just in Rio might get a bit old. I heard Buzios (sp?) was hot. Any other suggestions where I might go for a couple of days without having to fly? Thanks in advance!

Rio Regular
01-11-04, 23:00

Agra dos reis is a nice day trip. You can rent a boat and cruise aroud beautiful waters and islands all day long. Buzios is nice but bring a girlfriend.


Rio Regular
01-11-04, 23:05

If your looking for an exceptional apartment check this one out. It really is the nicest apartment I have ever stayed in Brazil. Very "South Beach".


My buddy Dave owns it. It is 1/2 block from help and the entrance to this 10th floor 3 bedroom palace is the gate between Meia Petaca and Havana. So you are right in the middle of things.

It has a massive big screen TV, DVD, stereo and hot tub in the living room overlooking the beach towards sugarloaf and another hot tub in one of the bathrooms.

Copacabana Palace wants to use it for VIP's so it shows you the quality of the apt.

Let me know if you want me to put you in contact with the owner.


Rio Regular

01-11-04, 23:52

If I recommend a girl or a local operator recommends a girl, which girl will you choose? You probably will choose my girl since you know me from this board.

Escort business is no different than other businesses. You choose you target market carefully and try to differentiate your product offering from competitors.

3P for Escort marketing
Product (pussy in this case), Promotion and price.

01-12-04, 05:54

I like the idea, anyone else?

1) would this be described as a non profit organization ? :)


2) Are there interested mongers would be part owner and there for use the services of the biggest pussy factory in the world for free. This is definately a good topic for the convention on the Jan 22nd.
Ideas anyone ?

Go Play

01-12-04, 06:21
Hey guys,

I will be going to brazil on the 19th for a family wedding in Curitiba and then to Florianopolis then to Rio. I will be in Rio on the 28 of Jan through the 2nd of Feb. I will want to check out the night life a couple of nights.

I was checking out some web sites and saw the prices on the sites and saw its 200.00r for 2hrs is this the full price or is it just to get the girl there to your room. Plus would it be better to go to one of the clubs and hook up with a nonpro or a pro from a club. Also I will be landing in San Paulo and have a six hr. layover is there a place I could get a massage duing that time I will be there about 12 am in the morning.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

01-12-04, 07:02
Hey DocBill449,

I will be in Rio from March 17-27th. Since we didn't hook up in SF, I'll see in RIO! Stay in touch.

01-12-04, 15:59

Why go with escorts when you have such a choice of girls at therma, HELP, Leme bars, etc. Better to pick up a girl from Therma for a drink/meal and have a GFE rather than pay top money for a hour or two in a hotel.

Still organizing an escort service might be a profitable venture with the new an inexperenced guys.

Best bet is to learn Portuguese and make private arrangements with the girls.

Travel Capt
01-12-04, 21:54

I'm a newbe to the Board.

Looking for information on flights to Rio from the states.

Thanks for all replies.


Rio Bob
01-13-04, 01:58
Langer, Escorts are cool because for the most part paying for a 2 hr session with an escort is less than 40 minutes with a termas girl. Plus you can have them come to your apartment or hotel and relax, have room, have drinks, take a shower, you can feel at home. And when it is over she has to leave not you. Plus you can do this at any time of day or night while Termas and Help are not open any time of the day or night. Plus most of these girls are young middle class girls from Barra doing it to make extra money while they go to college. Most of them wouldn't be caught dead in Help, they view Help as a place for favela dwellers. Don't get me wrong I like Help and I do go to a termas now and then and usually once during a trip I have an escort delivered because I liked her picture on the website even though they don't always look like their picture they are always young and fresh. The only Leme bar thats any good is Barberella's and they aint cheap.

01-13-04, 03:12
Capt Nemo and other escort service pimp wannabe's:

Guys, I know it's a nice dream, but I hope to hell you are not serious. Local escort service and termas owners, if they survive for more than a few months, do so becuase they are very well connected with both the police and the rest of the Rio criminal underworld (remember, prostitution is legal in Brazil, pimping is not). If you try to compete with them, you will quickly wind up jailed, deported, or dead, depending on who you [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off first.

Just some friendly advice,


01-13-04, 05:37

Is it really that bad down there?


Marc Monger
01-13-04, 07:06

I hope that you have not been watching to many episodes of the Sopranos. I have been an observer of this type of business everywhere from the US to Odessa and it's just a matter of following the rules; which are obvious to anyone. There are dozens of these type of institutions in Rio and an easy issue to deal with. I know from second hand experience.

01-13-04, 17:30
also, the threat is not just from the existing termas operators. even these operators do not bother with you, the cops and the underworld will constantly come "visit" with you such that you won't have a viable business. for a termas to exist and be profitable for years, you are talking about some significant "power" of connection behind it.
think about it, the cost of starting a termas is really minimal but why the barrier to entry is so high that for years, you only see six termas in the entire Rio. actually i am amazed some of you are so naive.

01-13-04, 17:45

I am fully aware of the shady side of such business. Nobody is a fool here. It is just an idea for further marketing research.

People in the business are to make money, even for gangster. With that, enough said.

There is no business like sex business.

Marc Monger
01-13-04, 18:35
Hey fellas,

I think that some of you are equally ignorant of operating a sex business. Why so many people see just the 'police-threat-thug-gangster' side of this profitable business is beyond me. I think that some of you are watching to much TV and not focused on reality. Of course there is some risk, but I think being an employee of WorldCom or Enron for the last 10 years has been far more dangerous. Just be aware and the sex business is very profitable and rewarding.

01-13-04, 19:16
a word of advice to you guys going to rio for an extended holiday . get a local carioca to do the negotiating for you if you want to rent an apartment . you will save a lot of bucks . i am going to rio at the end of this month for 7 weeks and one of the locals ( my girlfriend) has organised a really nice apartment for me for the entire stay for 1500 reais . this is what most of you guys pay for a hotel for less than a week . this is an amazing price considering it incorporates the carnival period . the location is excellent too . it is in a cul de sac street ( so nice and quiet ) 2 streets back from the beach on the southern end of copa . very close to ipanema.
you guys watch out for taxis too . they are ripping us all off . get to know some guy with his own car if you intend to do a bit of sightseeing around rio . the average price for one hour is about 15 reais . my girlfriend lives over 2 hours away from copa and she can get a taxi for 20 reais but she says with some difficulty sometimes . a lot of the taxi drivers prefer to stay around the zona sul picking up clueless high paying gringos .

Rio Regular
01-13-04, 23:06
Fellow Rio Lovers,

I am organizing the wildest trip on earth to Rio for carnaval this year. I have first right of refusal on my friends totally plush apartment (http://www.therioworld.com/penthouse.htm). It will include the nicest apartment in Rio for 7 days, complete with tour guide, and options like 2 days in Sao Paulo to visit Bahamas and Cafe Foto/Bomboa, trip to Sugarloaf, trip to Christ the Redeemer, day trip to Angra dos Reis, day trip to Barra. I have done this for the last three consecutive years and I can tell you it is an epic party! I have taken bachelor partys, executive retreats, and my best friends.

This is a tentative schedule with the Sao Paulo option.

Depart US Sunday February 15th, arrive Sao Paulo February 16th.

Monday - Ralax by the pool, Dinner nice restaurant, then Bahamas, late night option Kilt/Vagao or Love Story

Tuesday - Relax by the pool, Dinner nice restaurant, Drinks at Monte Cristo, then Cafe Foto/Bombar

Wednesday - Fly to Rio (45 min flight), Check into Palace, hit the beach, off to Centaurus, then to one of the hotest clubs in Rio, Baronette, then hit Help Until Dawn

Thursday - Hit the beach in Ipanema, Go try on our costumes for the Samba Parade, dinner at Mario's, Centarus/Baronette/Help Until Dawn

Friday - Hit the beach in Barra, Pick up our costumes for the Samba Parade, Dinner at Porcao, Dance in the streets at local festivals in Copa. Barbarella, off to kick off Carnaval at Scala Until dawn

Saturday - Hit the beach, Sugarloaf, Christ tours, Dance in the streets at local Carnaval Festivities, Dinner in Copa, Barbarella, then Help for live Samba band samba party Until Dawn

Sunday - Hit the beach or trip to Angra for the day, Hit the hippe market in Ipanema, Dance in the streets at local Carnaval Festivities, hit the get cheap seats to see the samba parade, then Help for live Samba band until dawn

Monday - Hit the beach, rest, dinner, dress up in our Samba school outfits go sit in our VIP seats, Go down dance with our school, come back watch the rest of the schools parade until dawn, watch the sun come up on Christ the Redeemer

Tuesday - (Last hurrah) Hit the beach, Free day to buy souvenirs or day trip, dinner, Centarus, Barbarella, Help

Wednesday - Hit the beach say goodbye, plan for next year.

Arrive US February 26th

I know many of you hate Help but during Carnaval it is a great club. The restaurant next door opens its outdoor balcony and indoor dance floor for total hip hop, then the other side is total mayhem. Very Ibiza-like.

I am looking for three gentlemen that want to step up to this party. We need to act quickly. Are three men ready to run this gauntlet with me this year?

Rio Regular

Rio Regular
01-13-04, 23:09
One more note.

Anyone interested in going with me contact me at [Email address deleted by Admin]

Rio Regular

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Rio Bob
01-14-04, 01:52

Check out Buzios as you suggested, just 110 miles north east of Rio by taxi is about 2.5 hours. Downtown is Rua das Pedras (Stone street) this is where all the bars and cluns and restaurants are. If you have a special girl you want to bring fine but if you don't believe me there are some there to be had. Besides the tourists which will be from Argentina, Chile and other Latin American countries and Europe there are plenty of women who work in the shops and stores in Buzios. Some of these women are retired programas from Rio so they are available on a part time basis others are full time and work the bars there. You have to be patient and have exposure they are there. Check out www.buziosonline.com

01-14-04, 04:20
Any more Mongers interested in the Puss business, please let me know. I'm doing my research as we speak, should have some results by convention on Jan 22nd, please pm for more info, about 15 members sofar.

Go play.

01-14-04, 06:24
Cab tips.

Anton is totally right in the money on dishonest cabbies. However, if you must take cab, avoid ALL cabs which are waiting at your hotels or standing around. those are the worst. my experience, any cabs on the move or on the go are usually honest. my personal experience is, out of 100 cabs on the go, i may find at most 1 or 2 dishonest. however, for cabs standing or waiting for tourists, it's without exception, 100% are dishonest.

as to car rental. seems like most car rental cost at least R150 or more for a day. throw in the expensive gasoline, driving your own vehicle may not be much cheaper unless you drive for very long distance.

01-14-04, 15:56
When it comes to Rio taxi ,they are all dishonest and will rip your ass off as far as you are a tourist and don,t speak the damn portuguese or speaks a little.Agree or disagree ,l careless uptill they rip you off,then you know l,m right and got nothing against some of those fools.90% of Rio Taxi Drivers are blood suckers .l started riding buses or using the Metro because of them except if l have a chica with me.My 2 cents

01-14-04, 20:10
Part Two
And yet…now… what exactly is it about Brazilian girls? Why cannot Muri share the worldwide admiration for them? Mariana is a gorgeous woman, with slanted bright black eyes, long glossy jet hair, pouting lips and regular teeth, breasts augmented to perfection, smooth flat stomach with love’s pink rose nestling beneath a fragrant wisp of fur, above trim shapely legs and a hard perky little bottom… an eight or nine for those colleagues who employ a points system. Applying mouth to pussy, Muri (a literary gent) recalled the words of one of the first ‘discoverers’ of Brazil, who said of the Amerindian women:

"Ali andavam entre eles três ou quatro moças, bem novinhas e gentis, com cabelos muito pretos e compridos pelas costas; e suas vergonhas, tão altas e tão cerradinhas e tão limpas das cabeleiras que, de as nós muito bem olharmos, não se envergonhavam… ... uma daquelas moças era toda tingida de baixo a cima, daquela tintura e certo era tão bem feita e tão redonda, e sua vergonha tão graciosa que a muitas mulheres de nossa terra, vendo-lhe tais feições envergonhara, por não terem as suas como ela." (Pedro Vaz de Caminha, May 1500)

Murilloa’s free translation:

"There were three or four girls with them, really young and pretty, with long raven hair down to their arses. Their pussies stood out tight and hairless: we lads stared hard, but they weren’t embarrassed… …one of those chicks was made up from head to foot with that paint they have, and let me tell you she had all her curves in the right places, with a pussy to die for – most women back home would eat their hearts out to have a sexy little package like that."

For five hundred years, the descendants of Vaz de Caminha and those of the Amerindians have been joyfully fucking. The happy result can be seen on every beach in Brazil, and in the wider world wherever sex is to be had for money: pretty brown girls, who take their sex as naturally as eating, or sleeping. In fact, this may be the heart of the problem for Muri. Brazil sex seems rather matter of fact, humdrum, mechanical, and lacking in true spice. They seem to perform one of the deepest darkest mysteries of life as if it were eating breakfast or washing one’s hair. Something like the Brazilian TV soaps, so superficially full of sound and fury and intrigue and sex and violence and passion but so empty and automatic. Or more controversially, compare Brazilian football, so much-vaunted and so many times champion… but who would not really rather watch a game from the English or Argentine league?

Muri contrasts Mariana with the woman he currently visits weekly, a mother 30 years old, on sale for €40 in a suburban house, by no means eye candy like Mariana, in fact rather more sexy in her clothes than out of them; a little thin and awkward in some movements; a fairly experienced prostitute but still struggling with a sense of shame; who blushes and then laughs if you talk dirty, who removes her panties and folds them away with her back turned (in fact Muri has cured her of this habit); who shivers with mingled thrill and shock when you put her hand on your hard prick; who is at first reluctant to be kissed or eaten, and then gives way in a rush; who doesn’t often have an orgasm but when she does get there, it’s genuine and gives her surprise and joy: who seems – whether you’re her first client or her tenth – to be fully involved in the hot sweet mystery of man and woman, that complicated cocktail of delight and disgust, pleasure and pain, rather than just being a garota doing a sexy playful dance with a man in front of a mirror.

Better stop. Muri is starting to sound like DH-fuckin’-Lawrence. Let it be stressed that he has no prejudice against Brazil, on the contrary admires the place and its people. That’s why he would like to feel more of an authentic passionate jolt when he couples with one of its daughters. Perhaps a colleague can respond meaningfully on this board. Otherwise… well… if at first you don’t succeed… Muri will just have to try, try and try again, a task that is not likely to be unpleasant.

01-14-04, 20:11
Curiosity was whetted by reports on Adonis Club. Christmas dealt severely with Muri’s wallet, but by January 9th he had assembled the necessary wad. If you dislike rambling reports: Part One is information and a standard narrative, and in Part Two, for the leisured connoisseur, Muri wrestles with a great existential question: Brasileiras. (how charming: spell check wants to change that to ‘Broilers’…)

Part One
Adonis could not be more safe or central, 200 metres from Marquês de Pombal, focal point of the Metro. The discreet, easily found entrance is Rua Braancamp 22, with a pleasant café next door for refreshment ‘before and after’. Reception is on the first floor; your chosen companion takes you to the third. Service is friendly; the installations are comfortable and hygienic. Six very attractive young women were on duty at 1730 on Friday. ‘Adonis’ is exactly what a €100-an-hour brothel in the business section of a 21st century European capital city should look like. Recommended, gentlemen: though there’s no need entirely to forsake cheaper pleasures in dingier surroundings.

Confronting six fine girls in provocative clothing, Muri had difficulty making up what passes for his mind. The hostess helpfully suggested choosing two, but quite apart from the extra cost, this would be too much meat for one old dog. The decision favoured Mariana, a petite dark Brazilian of 23 years. She escorted her new friend upstairs, touched, caressed and squeezed, stripped slowly, gave oiled massage, shared a shower, masturbated while Muri dried himself, discreetly rubbered him, adopted ‘69’ to begin, then eased through the positions, offering zestful encouragement, and faking orgasm just before Muri unleashed his. Pleasant ensuing conversation was mainly about Brazil: she will shortly return after several months in Lisbon earning rather more than she did at the supermarket checkout back home. Her cheerfulness, optimism and love for her homeland were touching and appealing. A second shot is part of this deal, but Muri, already lost in thought (see below) didn’t press for it and nor did Mariana. The experience was certainly worth three figures.

01-14-04, 20:24

Allow me to explain the following two reports, the first of which at least may seem out of place. It describes an establishment in Lisbon, Portugal, which along with London is the author's main area of operations.

A long way from Rio, you will say, so what the fuck is this guy doing crapping up our board? Well, quite apart from 'mother country' sentimentality there is plenty of useful action in Lisbon for gentlemen who would like to speak Portuguese with a different accent, and as well as the local talent, Lisbon features Africans, Russians, and yes, of course, Brazilians.

A lot of our Brazilian girls are here to study, or having a year out of university, telling their middle class parents back home that they are working as cleaners or nannies or waitresses in order to see a bit of the old continent... what they are really doing is seeing old cocks like mine, and accumulating plenty of Euros by draining them.

Part two of my report contains some reservations about Brazilian girls - although I've not been to Brazil for years I have fucked many a Brasileira, the last one yesterday. Perhaps my doubts will annoy some locals and some fans of the Brazil scene, but I thought I would post this on the Rio board - Brazil HQ as it were - and await responses.

If the whole idea fills you with boredom, skip my reports, go straight out to Help, or to your favourite Termas, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
Bom ano

01-14-04, 20:48

Voce eh romantico de mais... sentimentalismo lusitano. Relaxe e goza, meu irmao! ;-)

Serio, gostei do que vc escreveu, mas acho que esse problema de "transa trivial" nao eh por causa de ser brasileira. Eh a differenca entre transar com uma menina ou com uma MULHER. Mulherona tb existe no Brasil, para quem tem olhos para achar-la.

Abraco do alem-mar,

Tom B.

Genghis Khan
01-14-04, 21:42
Hey all,

Is this escort agency in Rio - some really nice looking girls on
their webpage: www.chasemodels.com.br.


BM Rio
01-14-04, 22:01
I agree with Tom B on this in that there can be a big difference between a girl in her twenties and one in her thirties. Whilst a brothel experience is almost always fun sexually it usually lacks the aesthetics of a relationship whether money is involved or not.

A great bit of writing however Muri and a provocative question!

BM Rio

Rio Bob
01-15-04, 01:05
Genghis Khan

I took a look at the site and yes the models are very nice. I would say that this escort service is from Sao Paulo only because of the many girls whose face is showing. Mostly all Rio escort service cover the face of models on their sites, Sao Paulo agencies for the most part do not.

01-15-04, 01:06
Hi Guys,

I'll be in Rio Jan 24 - Jan 28 if anyone is on for meeting up for a beer send me a private message.

I agree taxis from hotels are a ripoff get a yellow cab on the street and use the meter. Be exta careful leaving Help. Also be careful of people including Gringos offering Apts, a lot of people are getting ripped off, don't pay more than Reals 2000 a month.


01-15-04, 05:04
Ghengis et al,

Chase Models is from Rio. Check the phone number - area code 21. Also if you can read Portugues several of their models are reviewed in various Forums sush as Hotside, Sexdicas and GHBR. I should add that these forums are invaluable resources particularly if you are interested in agency girls. The most popular agencies currently are Karla Models, Scort Show, Escort girl and perhaps Casiascort. The reason: these Brazilian Foristas (as they call themselves) actually go out hire the girl from the agency and then give a detailed report on her performance, etc. (Called a TD - test drive!) This takes a lot of guess work out of the process. And by the way the girls cost $R100 for 2 hours!

For my two cents, I no longer bring garotas back to my room. Mostly for security reasons, but also the surcharge now imposed by the hotels in Copa is rediculous. There are a lot of fine motels available complete with the necessary toys and room service that make it more fun.

01-15-04, 19:04
Safado, if you read this I would love to come to the party...

01-16-04, 07:57
BM Rio, tomb,

Thank you for reading my post with interest and appreciation. It's certainly worth considering that age not nationality is at stake here: perhaps Muri is reverting to his seventeen-year-old self who was always desperate to fuck his friends' moms...

Not out of the question that 2004 will see Muri in Rio or São P for some detailed research. Meanwhile happy hunting, gentlemen.
Até ja

Genghis Khan
01-16-04, 19:55
Rio Regular,

Would you care to share a bit of info about the club you
mentioned - Baronette and where it is located?


Rio Regular
01-16-04, 20:28

It is in Ipanema. It is one the the hot clubs for the hip young crowd. I know the owner and usually can get up to the VIP room upstairs. It is much like Peoples used to be before they closed it down. White leather couches beautiful people everywhere. It is not as hard core as SIX downtown. I like it because it is close to Copa.

Hidden in the mix are grils from Centaurus and the escort agencies. These are their nights off and go out with their friends. One of my buddies uncle owns Centaurus and he points out the girls that work.

It is not a place to pick up girls but a nice distraction before going into battle at Barbarella or Help. Very cool, very laidback with the best hip hop infused with samba I have ever heard.


01-16-04, 23:46
I'm considering my first trip to Rio and have a Question re going prices for the ladies from the Termas and Help Disco for:

a) Short Term

b) All night

PM is ok too and I hope someone can help please!

Rio Bob
01-17-04, 02:49


This club used to be Hippopotumus for many years in Ipanema, I used to go there in the 80's. Recently they changed it to be more update to Baronneti, this is a club for non pro's like Rio regular says its very hot but I know some escorts that go there and im sure if they're in there they might be willing to go to work.

01-17-04, 17:33

check the attached map to see how to get to Vila Mimosa, Rio's by far largest prostitution place.

01-17-04, 18:08
To all Help fans:

believe it or not, the link below will get you to the discoteca Help homepage. There you can check out the photos they made of you (and your garota) when you were there last time....

Doc Bill
01-18-04, 21:03

Can you say more about Vila Mimosa? Have you been there? I heard it was pretty sketchy, albeit cheap. Worth it?

01-18-04, 21:44

I was in Help quite a few nights lately. I prefer an all night GFE. A lot of girls ask for 100 US Dollars right off the bat. But don't pay that price unless you really have to get relief. I never paid more than 200 Reals. I think I could have negotiated lower but I liked the girls I went with and thought 200 R was a fair price.

After the first night the prices with the same girl will naturally get lower anyway. One girl initially asked for 150 Real for a short time fling.

By the way, make sure you set the price in Real not Dollars. Some girls try to scam later by saying the agreed price was in Dollars not Reals, a cheap hustle. Also, one girl tried to hit me up for cab fare the next day saying it is customary. A great big BS to that one. I refused because I thought she was only a mediocre experience anyway. Just don't act needy or desperate and you can pull girls out of there at a good price. Remember you can always walk away and another girl awaits that is even better.

Travel Addict
01-18-04, 23:12
Arrived Rio today. At the immigration counter, they had a little computer web cam type camera and an electronic fingerprint scanner. Clicked my pic and scanned my index finger, total 5 minutes. I was one of the first in the line off the plane, delay might affect those further back. Personally, I was in the luggage area b4 my suitcase arrived, so no net delay. YMMV

Rabo Verde
01-19-04, 07:45
As of today

Solarium Terma, 10 SW, 6-8 rating, 200R for an hour FS, (About $75).

30 SW hanging around OUTSIDE of Help Disco, rate 2-8, YMMV, wanted $150R ($55), for an hour in hotel.

01-19-04, 08:22
Regarding Vila Mimosa, below is a website I found that has 16 photos of the place - showing the street scene, bars, garotas, and the rooms. These pictures are by someone named Olivia Gay. From what I can gather, she apparently is a photographer documenting the lives of prostitutes around the world, or something like that. Anyway, the photos give an idea of the scene at Vila Mimosa.

When in Rio, I have never made it up to VM. For details about it, however, check the postings by other members from November 2003.

In his message, Charly posted a small map of Vila Mimosa. Here is some perspective on where VM is located in Rio. His map shows the Sao Cristavao metro stop in the lower left corner. Sao Cristavao is on line 2, and is the next metro stop after Estacio. Estacio is the stop where line 2 branches off from line 1 coming up from Zona Sul. So, if looking at a map of Rio, Vila Mimosa is just to the NE of Maracana Stadium.

Anyway, check out the pictures if interested in VM.


01-19-04, 13:49
To all Hobbiest,

Heading down to Rio for a three week party and looking for a wingman....drop me a PM if you want to hook up and do some damage. I will arrive Tuesday the 20th.....Let's grab a beer and hit the termas/Help......

The Hammer

Rio Regular
01-19-04, 16:12
Fellow Mongers,

Still looking for more adventurers to head down to Rio de Janiero for carnaval this year. 10 days depart Feb 15th come back the 25th. Trip of a lifetime.


Sam W
01-19-04, 20:22
can anyone recommend a place or person for a good therapeutic massage? relief is not necessary as that can be easily found. but a really good massage is not.

thanks in advance!

Carioca Me
01-19-04, 23:05
Hey guys,

I'm heading down to Rio with a few friends for Carnaval, Feb 18-26. After quite a few trips to Rio, I'm finally going to make Carnaval this year! If anyone's interested in meeting up, or just BSing about the Cidade Maravilhoso, send me a PM.

Thanks everyone for the posts, it helped me get my start in the hobby a few years back. I hope to start reporting during this trip! :)

01-20-04, 01:26
I second your assessment of Help,

Gatorman. There is absolutely no point in paying any more than R$200 for 99% of the girls at Help for all night. Most will settle for even less if they like you and it is after about 2.30.am.

Whip Inflation Now! Remember that slogan from President Ford? (W.I.N.)?

Sexy and beautiful young girls at Help will be very happy with R$200. Don't even mention price until the morning, anyway, and give them R$200 on their way out of your room and they still will give you the performance of your life. DO NOT pay up front or you may get a dead fish performance. Like Jackson says in the Buenes Aires thread, why pay $75 for a steak dinner when you can get it for $50?

Sunset Strip
01-20-04, 02:01
As for the immigration wait, it is negligible. I arrived on Sunday and I was in my ride within 30 minutes. That includes waiting to get baggage. I sat in the back of the plane and was one of the last in line. They now make Brazilians stand in line with everybody else through the first check point. Then, after you get your stamp, US citizens have to stand to the side to take a photo and get fingerprinted. However, by the time we get out the bags are just beginning to come out. So, basically, the wait does not effect you.

Luomo seems to have new girls. The one I was with said she started about 3 months ago. I was last in Rio a year ago exactly and I knew none of the girls this time (the bartender and the massage woman are the same).

Monte Carlo sucked on Domingo (Sunday). The girls had no energy. I do not think they like having to work on Sundays. Has anybody else noticed this somewha negative attitude?

I hate to say it because I used to love the place but Mab's is losing it seriously. There were NO hot girls there all day Sunday or Monday.

The No Name Bar is now Scotland Yard. I am not sure if it is a good spot yet. I pulled a black chick, Velma, last night. In the apartment she barely gave a BBBJ, then had the audacity to ask me to lick her. I fucked her for a while (not sure how long) and then she started complaining that she wanted to go home. I threw R$150 on the floor and told her to get the fuck out.

On Monday, a woman approached me and told me I should come back to the bar to see Velma. A lot of cariocas know me so I assume word spread about what happended. I am not going back there yet because I think that bar treats the European crowd better than Americans.


Genghis Khan
01-20-04, 15:06
I have made big plans for a trip in March. I will do roundtrip of
my favorite hunting spots. The schedule is as follows:

27.february - Amsterdam
I plan to visit the Red Light District and
the high end club Club Elegance.

28.february - Barcelona
I plan to visit the show bar Bagdad and
the high end club Showgirls.

01-march - 04.march and
08.march - 11.march - Sao Paolo
I plan to visit several clubs among them
W, Cafe Foto, Jardim America, W Unico,
Bahamas and Millenium.

05.march - 07.march and
12.march - 13.march - Rio de Janeiro
I plan to visit several clubs and thermas among them
Centaurus, 4x4, Solarium, Help and Barbarela. Will also
try to do a little tourist business like visiting Sugarloaf
and Corcovado.

If anyone wants to meet, send me a PM.


01-20-04, 19:03
Hi Elmo!

Thanks for the great link!
Excellent photos: they give you a great impression on how it looks like at VM. I especially liked nos. 1, 3, 9, and 13

If you need someone to support your upgrade to senior membership - you know now who to ask!

Tchau, Charly

01-20-04, 20:01
i was researching brazil for my upcoming trip. landed up at the following post. found it interesting and useful to other, though outdated. enjoy----> http://www.brazzil.com/archive.htm
it's not just a tall story that brazilians are hot in bed. a new study shows that while americans take an average of six minutes for a sex encounter, brazilians are in no rush when it's time for pleasure, dedicating to the sexual act an average of 45 minutes. the same research also reveals that almost 17% of cariocas (those from rio) between the ages of 18 and 49 make sex each and every day. pure bragging? a little maybe.

this love for sex seems to have influenced the way prostitution is seem in the country. contrary to what most people might think, prostitution is not illegal in brazil, not for the person prostituting herself or himself anyway. foreigners have talked about brazilian sex professionals being as much interested in making a buck as in giving pleasure to themselves and to the client.

we haven't avoided slippery themes in the past. our article about torture in our latest issue provoked more than one tsk-tsk of disapproval. we have talked about child prostitution before -- there is nothing about this subject in our present cover -- and there was positive reaction including from the un which contacted some of the organizations dealing with the problem in brazil.

as our special february carnaval edition, this issue deals with the light side of life. we know about the seedy, criminal aspect of sex and we will probably come back to it another day. today we only want to offer a glossy portrait of the sex market.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

author: espinoza, rodolfo article title: more sex, please. we are brazilian publication name: news from brazil news from brazil volume & number: v.8; n.126 publication date: 06-30-96 page: p. 8

more sex, please. we are brazilian.

everything you ever wanted to know about sex in brazil and never was able to find at your usual sources. what brazilians think about sex, is it true that there are many more women than men in the country, are brazilians really the hottest sexual machine on the planet? and what about sex for sale? is prostitution legal? where is sex available, how much does it cost, what are the code words for men and women willing to pay to get laid?

this is not an exploitation piece on the serious and criminal problem of **** prostitution in brazil. it's a guide and a source of statistics for those interested in knowing the adult brazilian lover and the way he/she lives his/her sexual life.

despite its image of a latter-day sodom and the land of debauchery and licentiousness, the country that gave us the string bikini can be downright prudish. it's true that prime-time novelas (soap operas) use to boost up their ratings by showing unveiled genitalia and the annual street carnaval parade bares breasts and all the rest on the avenue, but there are no public nude beaches as in europe and the hard-core video and cd rom sex industry is far from flourishing as in the us. the real sexual revolution in brazil is very recent but the natives are catching up fast.

that brazilians and cariocas (natives of rio) are sensual is not just a myth. a new study from infoglobo has shown that 17% of cariocas between the ages of 18 and 49 have sex every day. and while the british spend an average of 3 minutes in a sexual encounter, the italians 8, the french and americans 6, rio's residents have a "whooping" average of 45 minutes per sexual session. only africans have the same high rate in this department. the infoglobo study, which listened to 300 men and 300 women, also revealed that 48% of cariocas have sex from two to three times a week. the profile of the average interviewee: a married person between the ages of 30 and 39 with a monthly salary of $1,200 or less.

in an interview with rio's daily o globo, psychoanalyst and sexologist sheiva cherman complained that the study hadn't asked for the duration of the relationship among those interviewed.

-- rio is the most sensual city in the world, she said. and there's a commitment from the population to keep this image. libido, however, doesn't mean practice of the sexual act. the sexual practice is more frequent when the love relationship is recent.

another revealing piece of information is that 55% of all women claimed to have attained orgasm every time they tried it, without ever having to fake it. hard to believe? the american magazine cosmopolitan interviewed their readers in 29 countries and concluded that lack of orgasm is a common and universal complaint. the world average for orgasmic women every time they go to bed is a mere 26.6%. only italians, with a climax rate of 53.2%, come close to their hot brazilian counterparts.

as for the men, they are a proud, boastful and maybe a tad lying lot. a full 64% of cariocas guarantee that they have never had a problem with erection during the sexual act. and the assertion was confirmed by 69% of their female partners. the secret there seems to be the fact that 78% of men and 89% of women like to share their sexual fantasies. machismo, however, is still strong. only 28% of the women, according to the research, have the initiative to start the love game in bed.

this openness, however, doesn't apply to the disclosure of adultery, which is still very common despite the aids fear. says biologist catherine lowndes from the escola nacional de saúde pública (national school of public health) which is part of the fundação oswaldo cruz, "due to social and biological factors, women are more susceptible to venereal diseases. they ignore several facts dealing with sexuality, have little bargaining power in sexual relations and are victims of sexual violence on a large scale. besides, there is a social acceptance of male infidelity and the habit of concealing it."

research conducted among the patients at the gaffr‚e guinle hospital in rio showed that 70% of the heterosexual men interviewed had had more than one sexual partner the previous year, while 7.9% had participated in group sex. all of this has contributed to the increase of aids among women who are getting the disease from their husbands and live-in lovers.

the results from a national datafolha research project about sexual behavior among different professional categories, however, show a much smaller rate of infidelity. the study that was ordered by the central geral dos trabalhadores (cgt), a national confederation of workers, included 3,644 men and women in seven brazilian capitals.

as expected, the research revealed that necessity also makes fidelity. men and women more likely to stray were those with jobs that allowed an alibi for their sexual escapes. so, while 21% of metalworkers admitted to adultery this number increased to 27% among those working in construction.

the study also revealed how faithfulness is seen in different regions of the country. the national average of infidelity is 23%. cariocas appear to be just a little over this number, with an unfaithfulness rate of 29%, the same as gaúchos (those from rio grande do sul). in são paulo 19% of the workers acknowledge extramarital affairs and only 18% of the workers in belo horizonte (capital of minas gerais) admitted to infidelity, but the practice of sex outside the home is something common for 50% of those interviewed in bel‚m, capital of par , a national record in this study.

the male advantage

if the battle of the sexes is an unequal one all over the world, women in brazil have still another handicap: their sheer numbers. census data show, that among those brazilians between ages 15 and 49, there are 1.8 million more women than men in the country. that means an average of 95 men for every 100 women. in urban centers like são paulo and in the northeast this imbalance goes up to 85 out of 100.

some experts believe that this will contribute to 10% of brazilian women never having a chance to marry. according to census data, in rio de janeiro for example, the state where this difference is more pronounced in absolute numbers, there are 315,056 more women than men.

to complicate matters, while there are 4.2 million divorced or separated women, the number of men in the same situation is only 1.9 million. this shows what everybody knows: that it is much easier for a separated man to find a new partner than for a woman. the official numbers also reveal that 80.6% of the 37,000 divorced men who decided to remarry in 1994 chose not-previously-married women. as for widows, there are 4.5 millions of them in the country compared to 870,000 widowers.

this female disadvantage is explained by the so-called "solitude pyramid" theory. interviewed by the daily folha de são paulo, elza berqu¢, from unicamp's (university of campinas, são paulo) núcleo de estudos populacionais (center for population studies) explained: "women look at the top of the pyramid where the offer of partners decreases, while men look at the base which is larger. the matrimonial market always favors men."

this state of affairs has in practice encouraged the number of non-official marriages and in some cases even a kind of mild polygamy in which men have more than one partner. the rate of marriages has been decreasing. while there were 7.48 marriages for 1,000 people in 1986, these unions had fallen to 4.96 in '94. there were 763,000 weddings in 1994 compared to 1 million in '86, when the country had a smaller population.

in a 1992 study entitled "the contraction of the matrimonial market and the increase of consensual unions in brazil" two foreign scholars, american margaret greene and indian vijayendra rao suggested that society allowing men to have more than one partner makes it possible for women to be married at least once and helps to alleviate the problem of the deficit of available male partners.

selling dreams

match-maker agencies have been sprouting all over brazil. all of them, however, seem to have the same problem: more female clients than male ones. paimi (primeira agência internacional de matrimônios e informações - first international agency for matrimonies and information), for example, has been in business for 50 years and has offices in são paulo, rio and new york. with 3,000 clients, the cupid helper charges around $1,000 plus a bonus when there is a marriage. they say they have made "4,000 unions" including that of harry philippe mihalescu who is the owner and son of paimi's founder. their telephone in são paulo: (011) 221-9699.

apego -- (011) 543-2659 -- another match-maker company from são paulo has been recruiting their male clients aggressively even with ads in men's magazines. but really aggressive is partner's owner, who is known only as vicente and who goes personally to singles bars and night clubs to convince men to join his company. partner -- (051) 336-8036 is an agency from porto alegre (rio grande do sul).

happy end -- (011) 853-7466 -- has dozens of connections in the us and europe and more than 2,200 clients. to use the services of this company founded in 1992 clients pay around $1,000 and $1,000 more after 3 months of courtship. one of the newest kids on the block is apego -- (011) 543-2659 -- a service created by inge gruber, an austrian woman who sold her apartment and used the $80,000 she got to start the company last year. the cost here varies from $150 to $800 and the number of clients has already reached 500.

in recife, the brasil exterior agency -- (081) 421-3080 -- is specialized in finding husbands in germany for its clients. after seven years in business, the service which has a catalogue of more than 1,000 women, has contributed to close to 200 marriages. in an interview with veja magazine last year, lindinalva santana ferraz, the company's owner declared, "we don't admit sexual tourism or gold-diggers." every time there's an "i do" ferraz gets rewarded with $1400.

contrary to what we may think, most of lindinalva's clients are not poor girls looking for an easy way out of their misery. by and large they are middle-class women who have a college degree or at least have finished high-school. by the way, completed high-school is one of the requirements to make the list. many times they are women disillusioned with brazil and brazilian men. their average age is 20.

according to ibge (brazilian institute of geography and statistics), brazilian women start their sexual life around 19. but this age has been lowering recently mainly in urban centers. pregnancy among early teens has been also on the increase and this is due not only to a more benevolent view towards sex. biological factors also play a role: every ten years menarche (the first menstrual period) occurs four months earlier. in the '90s the average age for girls to have their first menstruation is 12.

pregnancies among girls between 13 and 15 years of age have doubled in the last decade and a half, still based on ibge's numbers. close to 8,000 children were born last year to mothers who were 15 or younger. in the late '70s this number was around 3,700 a year. another 600,000 children are also born to 16 to 19 year old mothers every year. this number, although bigger, has been stable for many years. the situation is similar for poor and well-to-do teens, but for the richer girls, the use of abortion is much more prevalent.

little *****houses all over

another side of the situation of inequality between the sexes is the rampant increase of prostitution and related services. to hear some people, every brazilian woman except the mother, the sister, the wife and the daughter of the person speaking, is willing to go to bed with the first stranger, for the right price.

the dozens of classified ads under headings like acompanhantes (escorts), casas de massagem (massage parlors), termas (sauna houses), all code names for prostitution, show that there are plenty of women, and men for that matter, willing to make a buck on the meat market. on a recent sunday, daily folha de são paulo had 101 offers under escorts, from abigail ("20, top model from the '80s, brunette, long hair, hotel/motel. $200 tel.: (011) 607-9001) to ymaeda ("burning japanese, your dream girl -- (011) 693-8007).

in bras¡lia, the capital of brazil, there are more than 30 prostitution agencies, all installed in residential areas, which cater to the tastes of the men and also a few women in power. visitors to the city are showered with cards and ads from night clubs like queen's, amore mio, flor amorosa, all fronts for prostitution, as soon as they arrive at the airport. the enticement continues in hotels and places where tourists usually gather.

prostitution is not illegal in brazil. what is illegal is pimping. maintaining a place for sexual encounters is also against the law. to avoid being caught

by a zealous law enforcer, many of the places present themselves as legitimate businesses charging only for beverages and other services, letting the negotiations about bedding be decided between the client and the prostitute.

prostitutes can be found all over the country. in some towns in the interior they live together in an area generally known as zona. in cear , the red light district is called curral (corral); in rio grande do sul, viveiro (nursery or aviary); and in minas gerais cor‚ia (corea). prostitution is also common on national roads and big city streets. in brazil, motels generally charge by the hour and are utilized more as love nests than places for a family or a business man to spend the night.

"the world sex guide", which is available on the internet, has very little about prostitution in brazil. but it presents the personal accounts of men who have been to rio, são paulo and recife and who have met prostitutes.

an anonymous french guy, for example, presents himself as having "a good knowledge of brothels in brazil, due to my frequent journeys there during the past five years". he talks mostly about recife and divides prostitution there into three categories: garotas de programa (program girls), mulheres de bordel (brothel women), and vira bolsinhas (turn purses -- girls who ply their trade on the streets.

according to the french libertine, the garotas de programa are easy to spot in public places like restaurants and bars. "they try to make eye contact, especially if you are dressed like a gringo. how old you are doesn't mean a thing. they know exactly when to talk about money." a motel will cost from $15 to $50 according to this report.

he also describes in detail what happens when the garota and the john get to the bedroom: "the girl will take off her dress and you go together with her to the shower. she will take you to bed when you seem clean enough. she will touch you, suck you (without a condom if you don't ask to put one on), and you can fuck her as much as you like, in as many positions as you want. she will dress your buddy with a condom before fucking. take your time, as there is no problem of time with her. she is not a "*****" and what she would like is to stay with you all night and you can come in her mouth if you want."

the french lecher cites go-go bars at praça da boa viagem as good places to pick up women and the cravo e canela bar at rua das creoulas in downtown. as for brothels, he cites the twenty club at rua luiz de farias barbosa, 20 at boa viagem beach. he describes the place: "the girls are the nicest i've ever seen in brazil. when you enter, mama-san gives you the prices. it was $180 on may 1995. you will pay her directly when you leave, like you would in a good restaurant. for the money you can pick up any girl you want. the best is to drink something with her and when you are ready just say vamos (let's go). the sex itself takes 1 hour for $150."

for years european tour companies, mainly the german ones, have been exploring the sexual tourism in recife (pernambuco), fortaleza (cear ), salvador (bahia), and more recently macei¢ (alagoas). since assuming the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism in january of 1995, minister doroth‚a werneck has been talking directly to travel agents in europe to convince them that brazil has much better attractions than its women, things like beautiful places and good businesses.

southern call-belles

porto alegre offers a special service by fax for those clients interested in seeing the merchandise before buying it. the d¢ris agency, whose girls seem all to have just stepped out from a photo session for a men's magazine and whose ages are between 18 and 23, has been using the photofax since last year. the service became a hit and more than 85% of the business is now done through it.

half of the girls, however, still refuse to be photographed, worried that the picture will fall on the wrong hands like a friend or relative who doesn't know their line of work. the price: $240 for two hours of company and sex. full service for the whole night costs $600. zero hora, a daily from rio grande do sul cites luciane, one of d¢ris's girls, saying, "i had a hard time reaching orgasm before. but now that i know that i am being paid i come every time."

in rio, the vila mimosa, a zona in the suburbs that housed more than 1,000 prostitutes had been razed at the beginning of the year to make room for a residential complex called cidade nova. this didn't prevent the world's oldest profession from continuing to flourish in the so-called cidade maravilhosa. these were naturally poor girls.

sex is being seen as a gold mine for many professionals who are abandoning their more conventional jobs to invest in sex-related endeavors. one of them is william atella, who abandoned a career in an engineering firm to start anew as a modern gigolo. in 1994 attela used $30,000 he got from his severance pay to rent and remodel a house in jacarepagu that became a clube privˆ (another code word for *****house) called paradise house.

last year, already a rich man, he opened a second paradise house, this time at barra da tijuca. in an interview with weekly magazine isto , the engineer turned pimp, explained why aids doesn't scare his clients: "here the girls are always tested for hiv."

as for the upper crust of prostitution in the city, according to a recent article from rio's main daily o globo, the mafia is controlling it. agencies such as ipanema models, rita modelos and roberta modelos offer services of women, sometimes models and magazine covers, who don't charge less than $500 per program and can cost as much as $5,000. the money paid is normally split half and half between the call girl and the escort agency, which is in charge of preparing books with pictures produced in studios and placing ads in major newspapers and publications for tourists. in this market, 25 is the age limit before compulsory retirement.

call girls, for whom the standards are much laxer, advertise by the hundreds in o globo, o dia, and jornal do brasil, rio's three largest dailies. there are also men announcing their services like andr‚ luis, "college degree, loving, tender, 28. catering to demanding women and couples -- as long as the man is a voyeur. personal care in every sense of the word. have safe sex, use camisinha (little shirt -- condom). visa accepted. tel.: (021) 295-2053 -- 24 hours."

camilla and ronald presented themselves on a recent sunday in jornal do brasil as a married couple. "he: a real sexual lion. she: a glutton and super female. together or separate. no one will be disappointed. check it out! (021) 255-5887."

it's symptomatic that the ubiquitous sex-phones -- as those from some weekly tabloids in the us -- appear in o globo and jornal do brasil under "termas e servicos de massagem", the same place where "models", "escorts", "strip dancers" and "masseuses" sell their wares. by the way, to avoid problems with the law, which is very serious about protecting the ****, these erotic talk conversations are generated outside the country. only rio has created a system using special cards and passwords for those willing to call them. caribbean islands, hong kong, san marino and even the faraway ex-soviet republic moldavia are used for the telesex services, which can charge $3 for a minute of conversation.

bars, boates, beaches, brothels

the action in rio is also on the beaches. a famous gathering of prostitutes in the afternoon is in front of the othon palace hotel at copacabana beach and at the tables at the meia pataca bar. they charge from $40 to $100 for a quickie, hotel being extra. first class hotels are known to play hard and not allow the entrance of prostitutes. but others like debret and caprice seem to derive most of their money from these sexual trysts.

the termas present themselves as massage parlors, but are only a façade for *****houses. places like o para¡so  aqui (paradise is here) -- rua dezenove de fevereiro, 123, botafogo -- offer sauna, bar, cable tv and "relax" which is a code word for sex. the prices can vary from around $30 (ped gios) to $300 (aeroporto).

some hotels act as agents for termas. they offer a discreet helping hand. the massage parlor brasiltand from botafogo for example, usually sends a car to pick up a client, when a hotel calls. for about $200 the tourist gets transportation, a suite and a girl.

at night, the sex scene gets even hotter in the boates (night clubs) around rua princesa isabel, near copacabana beach. two of the better known places are mab's and help, both at avenida atlƒntica. the boys sell themselves in places like the ball (praça serzedelo correia), maxim's bar or incontros (posto 6). the tab for drinks can go up very fast in these places while strip-tease shows and live sexual acts are presented. close to this area some very attractive women are really men.

talking about his experiences in rio, a contributor to the world sex guide wrote: "the best place is help discotheque. when i first went there i thought i had died and gone to heaven. picture a combination of a high school prom and soul train where all the girls are selling pussy. usually during the season there are at least 300 of the most beautiful girls in the world there. all colors. none ugly. none older than 25. the price for a superstar is $100 for all night." and he concludes boastfully, "in rio, pussy is available 24 hours a day and reasonably priced. i personally did 11 girls in eight days and spent less than $1,000 total in 1995. i carry a piece of paper with me at all times that says, "brazilian prostitute". i read it often, each time i fall in love. but remember that you will not get any free pussy in rio. during carnaval pussy flows like water. you must see it if you are to be considered a true sex friend."

são paulo's meat market

the latest temple to hedonism, a true xanadu of sex, is bahamas, a club that opened its doors in são paulo last january. the pleasure castle has carrara

marble (the same favored by michelangelo) on its floors, 23 suites, swimming pool and sauna, and cost $2.5 billion to be built. paulista (from são paulo) farmer oscar maroni filho, the owner, is very happy with the investment, however.

the cash register starts ringing the moment the client enters the bahamas door and 250 customers have been visiting the novelty every day. he pays $50 just to get in. a few hors d'oeuvres raise the bill very fast to $150. add $300 for the girl and $40 for using the suite for one hour and it's easy to understand why maroni filho is asking himself why he hasn't left his 1000 plus cows before.

men without deep pockets can choose from a myriad of other places in são paulo. an american businessman who went there at the end of last year told the world sex guide about his sexual experience there around the são paulo hilton hotel, where he stayed, and gave some pointers:

"from the hotel just walk left to the first street and then make another left about half a block to a street known as bento freitas. there, immediately go right and walk a block or two. you'll see a whole bunch of bars with sexy women willing to please you. there'll be no trouble finding them. the women are not only physically beautiful but kind and sweet, and i guarantee you'll be tickled to death."

and he continues: "drinks are expensive, so my advice is not to stay too long. just find the girl you like, chat for a while, negotiate a price (about $50 for full service), pay the tab and take her with you. one of the business people i went to see over there told me brazilian sex workers are among the few in the world who actually enjoy their work. naturally i thought he was kidding. well, based on the beautiful girl i had that night, i can only say the man's observation is right on cue!"

not every one would agree with the american choice, even though bob dylan is said to have gone to my love (bento freitas, 344 - tel: (011) 259-2072) and enjoyed it. the area chosen by the sex-seeking tourist is considered dangerous at night and the whole neighborhood seems to be going downhill. transvestites are all over and police are frequently called to calm down those a little too much excited. things get a little more civilized inside the nightclubs where for around $15 anyone, including couples, can have a drink or two.

men unaccompanied will be approached immediately upon entering. but the girls for more desperate that they are cannot leave the bar before the client pays for two more drinks. for sex the girl will charge between $30 and $60. these so-called boates are located in the vila buarque neighborhood and is known as boca do luxo (the mouth of luxury) even though this name was given in an earlier and more prosperous time for the *****house fronts.

the next step in decadence is the boca do lixo (mouth of trash) where any possible glamour has disappeared. one example of this is the itatiaia building at alameda barao de limeira, 134. the ten-floor building has close to 150 women who work every day including saturdays and sundays from the time the building opens at 9 am to 9:30 pm when it closes. the itatiaia has been a temple to prostitution for 47 years. but it has seen much better times.

the crowd frequenting the building used to be mainly white collar workers. today, however, almost everyone is a blue collar. on pay days the itatiaia can get busy with more than 2000 men using the 19 apartments which have been

divided up in tiny wood partitions. there the customer takes an old and cranky elevator to the top floor and then starts coming down the stairway.

women in the corridors and on the steps practically throw themselves at the men and for $15 take them to a cubicle with a single bed -- the last couple bed was disassembled two years ago -- where the sex has to be fast (in 15 minutes the times is up) to make room for another girl who has caught the next victim. the money is split with the tia (aunt), the owner of the little rundown apartments which normally sports a sofa, an old juke box and a little fridge with beer. each tia works with 6 to ten girls who go back to their homes at the end of their work shift.

another example of zona vertical is the renda building at number 69 on rua dos andradas which is also a ten-floor edifice. as the itatiaia, the renda in decades past was considered one of the classiest *****houses in town. madams and workers on both buildings calculate that in the almost half a century of existence both *****houses have witnessed together around 20 million sexual encounters.

luxury trade

the classier and costlier action these days has moved to more upscale areas such as jardins and morumbi. many times they are a mansion among other residential mansions. this has not been without problem. just recently the city of são paulo was able to close down caf‚ photo, the most notorious of the single's bars being used as front for prostitution, which was installed in itaim. city hall, answering to complaints from caf‚ photo neighbors, invoked a zoning restriction to interdict the place.

maybe on the same level of notoriety is the antiqu rio, a place that dubs as an antique shop during the day metamorphosing itself into a bar at night. in both places, the girls are ostensibly presented as free lancers with no connection with the house. the bar is only used as a meeting spot and doesn't offer bed or other place for the carnal consummation. the idea is to escape the label of brothel. maintaining a *****house is a crime that can carry a prison sentence of up to three years.

recent official pressure against prostitution on the best neighborhoods seems to have only made the contemporary pimps even more brazen. dinho rocha, the owner of antiqu rio, bought the name caf‚ photo after the joint was closed and reopened the place in morumbi -- a neighborhood for the rich -- just to have it closed again soon after.

rocha, normally, very secretive, exposed himself so much, that a police commissioner recognized that face from old times when he was detained for possession of cocaine and revealed the truth. he was a she. and her name is vailde rocha veloso.

unrepentant and unashamed, she declared, "i didn't lie. i am a woman. i have a vagina. and i'm in a relationship with another woman for 12 years. i've never hid my real name.".

dinho or vailde has created a distinctive style: to deal only by phone and with people whom he knew or who had been indicated by someone he trusted. soon he possessed one of these precious and secret top-name lists as the ones held by some beverly hills madams like heidi fleiss. one of his clients, according to rocha, was a paraguayan politician for whom he had to send periodically

seven girls including one who had been in the latest cover of a man magazine.

the idea to create the antiqu rio came to dinho after a disastrous incursion in the legal side of business in 1992 when he lost $2 million in a furniture factory. but he still had money enough to spend $1.2 million to make the sophisticated antique shop. more than a meat market his place is an entertainment spot offering samba and belly dancers and some racier performers like the girl who circulates between the tables covered only with shaving cream.

sometimes a company rents the place for a private party, and a common attraction on these occasions is a sushi table where the center decoration is a naked woman. bachelor parties are also common at the antiqu rio. and how dinho recuperates his investment since officially he doesn't get a penny from the girls, the main attraction of the place? selling liquor, he says. a bottle of whiskey costs $350.

before having his place shut down, f bio puglisi, the founder of caf‚ photo, used to explain why his house was so successful: "here we don't have a girl who does programs, that girl that you call for a quickie. the women here are those who really enjoy the night."

there are at least 200 women -- all pretty, all very young, all very expensive -- who live from bar to bar, circulating among similar places like the caracol club (rua pamplona, 1115 - tel: (011) 288-5344; la colina pizzeria (rua heitor penteado, 474 - tel: (011) 65-5010; iii whisky (rua major diogo, 51 - tel: (011) 604-7031 and farwell (rua avanhandava, 16 - tel: (011) 258-2674).

these girls charge from $150 to $450 for a little action and they have an average income of $6,000 a month. some can make $20,000 or more. it doesn't happen every day but there are those who end up marrying a customer, getting an expensive jewel as gift, or being surprised even with a new car.

in a career with the shortest of life spans, these girls, who normally dream of becoming top models but give up because of the competition, end up making less ambitious plans like traveling to europe, buying a house or opening a boutique.

for swingers only

another option for those looking for sex in são paulo is the saunas mistas (coed saunas) where the women are prostitutes who work for the establishment. most of these houses are located in a strip of rua augusta closer to downtown, the other extremity of the street being flanked by sophisticated boutiques.

don't look for sophistication in the saunas, however. they offer a little bar and a small room with steam where some naked women wait for the hungry wolf. to get inside these places there is a fee that is typically less than $10. another $10 will guarantee a little cubicle with a bed. the price of sex is negotiable and is discussed directly with the girl.

they start by asking $50, but will settle for around $30 for a session that might last 45 minutes. before and after the coitus, the customer is invited to take a shower. the use of condom is mandatory. women are very pleasing and ready to satisfy almost any desire even those of men who would like to have sex with two girls at the same time.

the sauna places at rua augusta have names like caf‚ paris (on the 723 - tel: (011) 259-7871 and night house (at number 757 - tel: (011) 258-8414). the girls here are much less sophisticated than their colleagues from the single's bars. they are women like ana carolina, who declared in an interview to ele ela magazine:

"for the most part the customers here are looking for affection and a little relaxation. all they want is to cool down. i don't see myself as a sexual object. i simply fulfill fantasies and perform dramatic roles."

for couples in search of some excitement, são paulo offers also several swinger clubs. the paris texas club (avenida pomp‚ia, 678 - tel: 65-6785) which is a peep show during the week has room for the couples meeting on saturdays. for $40 (minimum consumption) couples are treated to a series of erotic games and plays. one of the favorite is the magic tent in which under total darkness a tent with a naked couple inside is brought to the room. through special holes opened in the tent's fabric, people are encouraged to touch the naked bodies as they please. in another game, well-hung boys chase after the wives. when one of them says yes, she is taken to the dance floor where she is massaged, kissed and sucked in front of everybody.

at club paradise -- rua correa dias, 161 - tel: (011) 570-4457 -- couples are encouraged to be creative and to expose themselves. there are six suites where the hottest people can continue what they started in public. the meetings on thursdays and fridays, which cost $50, offer a climate conducive to seduction, with little light and male strippers' shows.

the encounters start always the same way: bashful people going around in bathrobes, drinking and sitting close or inside the jacuzzi. but the participants usually warm up very fast when thighs, breasts, pubis and genitalia start to crop up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

01-20-04, 20:22
In response to Sam W's question about a place to get a great massage my recommendation is Termas Luomo. They have a great masseuse on site that will give you an awesome but non-sexual massage. However, she books up quickly sometimes. A couple times when I tried to get a massage from her the wait time was up to 2 hours. The great thing of course is that you can do a session (or two) with the Luomo garotas while you wait.

I've tried the masseuses at nearly all the other termas that have them and the masseuse at Luomo is the best in my opinion. I never tried Centaurus' masseuse because he's a guy last time I checked and if I get a massage my rule is that it's got to be from a woman even if it's non-sexual. Sorry, but this is hang-up I have.

01-21-04, 02:51
Member #1314,

I agree with you. Let's work together to keep these prices down and avoid turning the girls into greed monsters. Don't worry I never pay in advance. I like to chat with the girl first and see if she is foaming at the mouth for my money or if she can relax and make it more of a GFE. It can be cool to dance a little and buy them a few drinks. The drinks prices in Help are not bad at all. After having a little fun and laughs before leaving it is easier to make a less expensive offer to clinch the deal.

Happy hunting.

01-21-04, 06:28
I am planning on being in Rio over Superbowl Sunday. I know American Football is not all that popular in South American, but does any one know where I can watch the big game via satelite in Rio?

Rabo Verde
01-22-04, 07:00
this is high season in rio, xmas thru carnaval, and everything is more expensive and crowded than normal. i speak portuguese, know how to talk to sw, ymmv. $1 usd = 2.70r

help -- (copacabana) cover is 28r, 18r b4 midnite. action doesn`t start until 10 pm, goes til 6 am. jam-packed, 200 sw (rate 5-10) and 200 tourist suckers, so the girls are not hungry and are asking for 250-300r ($80-110) for st, and refusing anything below 250r, which is quite higher than normal. there are also about 20-50 sw working the outside bar in front of help, rate 2-10, asking 150r.

barbarella (copacabana) -- cover is 50r with 2 drinks included. jammed with 100+ sw, rate 6-10, equal number of suckers. sw are asking $200 usd and apparently getting it from the suckers. we left quickly.

balcony bar (copacabana) --- nice, open air, no cover, about 20 mostly black and mixed girls asking 150r ($55).

baronette (ipanema) -- cover is 40r, tuxedo doorman, very swanky, we passed.

villa mimosa (centro) -- oh boy, tough to describe without getting flamed. let me say that i know how to handle myself, and have been in 100 shitholes in 100 countries, and this definitely was near the top of the list. it is not a single business. it is an alley with bars on both sides for about 3 blocks, full of [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109), mangy and dead dogs, used condoms, and stoned gangbangers who would scare rambo. if you really really need to get a $10 black crack-ho, or always wanted to get mugged, this is the place to go. we cruised thru in our taxi, and decided we would be lucky to keep our kidneys and other internal organs if we got out of the car. even our taxi guy was scared. go see blackhawk down to get an idea of the neighborhood. i would have felt safer with a flak jacket, a humvee, and an m-16, and i felt like taking penicillin after just driving thru. other than that it was great!!!! i am sure that someone who has been there is going to say it isn`t as bad as i am claiming, but the bottom line is that if you can afford to get to rio, you can afford to not go to villa mimosa. nuff said.

01-22-04, 14:45

Good report.

Just one comment about Vila Mimosa. I don´t think the main reason for gringos going to Vila Mimosa is to save money. Personally I go there because I like the atmosphere, always have a great time there and because of among all those ugly pro´s there are some beauties to be found.


Rio Bob
01-22-04, 21:59

About your question to watch the Super Bowl in Rio. I know for sure that the Marriott Hotel in Copacabana will have the super bowl on in their lobby bar on the big screen which is on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Just walk in up the stairs and turn right. Also I believe that Lord Jims Pub in Leblon will have it and also Shenanigans Irish Pub in Ipanema. Other places may be in Barra but the names slip my mind at this time.

01-22-04, 22:02
I have been to Vm on several occasions. When you figure the cost of getting there and back to Copa - say $R 30 to40 RT and then add it on to the $R25 for 20 min action, it is cheaper to go to Scort Show or Karla Models and get 2 hours of fun. The reason I enjoyed VM was because it was RAW. Probably no different from the brothels of Rome 2000 years ago. Best to go with a friend especially at night.

Rio Bob
01-22-04, 22:12

Great report, about what the girls are asking for in Help $R250 - $R300, last year when the Dollar was fetching 4 real then $R250 real was only $US62.50 and $R300 was $US75. Last year Im sure many guys would be willing to pay $62 and $75 for TLN so the girls got used to it. And I bet some girls last year even got $R400 real which was $100 (now $143) for TLN if they were real nice. So in their mind this is a fair price, they don't care that our dollar has taken a nose dive this year and we have to cough up more. They only know that gringos have been willing to pay R300 and R400 and the prices of things they need to buy haven't gone down because our dollar has. Hey I want to pay less too but you have to take this in to consideration, it's not really them it's our dollar and its fluctuation..

Mad Max
01-22-04, 23:54
Hey guys,

One thing I know about TLN in Rio.

Most of the girls who work in Rio share cheap apartments with other girls. Usually studio apartments with 6-10 girls sharing the facilities.

Do not pay more for TLN as they do not want to go back to the apartment anyway. I would negotiate for 1-2 hours only. Especially if it is late in the evening. She will stay as long as you let her.

I know this from first hand experience.

Mad Max out.

Sterling V
01-23-04, 07:36
Mad Max is right about the girls sharing apartments. I got the opportunity on a recent trip to visit a Help girls apartment several times.

15 girls and a couple kids live in three small 10 x 12 rooms. Each room had six beds (two sets of three tiered bunk beds). Each girl also had a cabinet for their clothes and other personal items that had a chain and lock on the handles.

It was an incredible look into the life of a Rio prostitute. In fact, as I went in and out of the building, I saw many of the girls you see in Help heading out for the night.


Rabo Verde
01-24-04, 00:37
If you like a really strong shiatsu-style legit massage, I highly recommend Georges, a French guy who works on the beach in front of the Hotel Sol Ipanema in, of course Ipanema. This is a 7R ($3) taxi ride from Copacabana. He works 8 PM to Midnite and sometimes later, every night unless he is sick, and speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese and a LITTLE English. 40R ($14) for 40 minutes, I pay him 50R for "muito forte" (extra strong). His cell phone is 9664-7440, but I usually just show up, especially after that long-ass flight down here. He uses a reclining massage table, so this is pretty limited to the back, shoulders and neck, not whole body, but if you have a bad back, this guy is great.

In the back of El Globo, I see a bunch of ads for escort agencies charging 100R ($35) per hour. Anyone tried these?


Obviously this is cheaper than HELP, but how is the quality?

Rio Bob
01-24-04, 01:43

There is also a nice looking woman about 30 years old who does great massgae on the beach during the day in front of the Caesar Park hotel in Ipanema. They also have it during the day on HO beach in front of the Rio Othon Palace hotel.


I tried some of those escort agencies, the pictures on the websites are great but the girls don't always look as good as the pictures but they are OK and they are for the most part middle class girls from Barra with a semi pro attitude and they really work hard for the money. Very few times have I been disappointed as a matter of fact I have always enjoyed them very much. Usually I call one of these escorts when I have a rainy day in Rio, I stay in my apartment, mix some drinks, have one of these girsl delivered and make an afternoon of it, It's nice.

Rio Bob
01-24-04, 02:22
Apartment Sharing

Mad Max your right, I met a girl one time who just got in to Rio and she was staying in a womans apartment in Copacabana on a cot in the kitchen. This girls stayed with me for 3 nights untill I looked for another. But can you imagine? She slept in the kitchen.

01-24-04, 02:44
I too have been back to my girl's apartment in Rio and seen the bunk bed type of set up as described by Mad Max. I have also seen a girlfriend's apt. that was small but reasonably liveable. I think in general you are right that it probably isn't necessary to negotiate a TLN, especially later at night. I think most of the girls would prefer our hotels or apartments to their own place.

Rabo Verde
01-24-04, 04:19
RB I like GFE hanging out with the girls, but the ads say 100R per hour. Are most of them clock-watchers, and If they hang around for a beer or lunch is the clock still ticking? Over all, do they tend to be older than the HELP crowd?

Based on numerous trips to RIO, I would advise anyone planning a Rio trip, this (December thru February) is a somewhat sucky time to go, and I don`t mean that in a good way. From XMAS thru February (Carnaval) the prices and attitudes are jacked waaaaay up, the SW are very busy, the Tourist vs. SW ration is about even, etc. If you can work your vacation in a little later, things slow waaaaay down after Carnaval, and everyone is a lot happier to see you!

Rio Bob
01-24-04, 14:47

I agree with you about the higher prices for high season. The timeframe you are talking about which is high season Xmas through Carnival has Rio full of out of towners from all the other states in Brazil. They come in for the season to provide a product for the heavy influx of tourists. Even many Brazilian girls who work in Europe during the off season come back to Rio for the Carnival season. they are there to make money and they see that the demand is there so they try to keep the prices as high as they can. This year I am going 1 month after Carnival for exactly the same reason you state that I prefer to meet garotas who are happy to see me and not give me the rush job. But for the most part no matter which way you cut it Rio is going to cost us Americans at least 30% more this year than last year as our dollar is much weaker to the real than last year. Last year we were fetching at times close to 4 real to the dollar, this year about 2.83 to the dollar. So things will be more expensive in general just because we have lost buying power.

The escort girls for the most part tend to be in my experience college girls. Most of the girls are middle class girls who live in Barra da Tijuca and are going to college, they even live at home. They do this escort thing to have some extra cash in their pocket for clothes and things and maybe even tuition. Most of them wouldn't be caught dead in Help and they have no idea what is going on in Help. Most of them go to places like Barronetti in Ipanema and Nuth In Barra with their friends on the weekend, according to them nobody knows they are an escort. I happen to like these girls as they are young refreshing and don't have a pro attitude. Can you get them yo Hang out with you? Im sure you can if they feel that there is more in it for them.

01-24-04, 16:32
I agree with what's been written about the "scort girls". My experience is a bit dated, but several years ago I was staying in Barra for business. I ordered takeout from one of the local agencies, and this really cute 25 year old, Elizabeth, showed up about 30 minutes later. We had a great time even though my Portuguese was, ahem, limited at the time.

Two nights later I was watching TV in my room when there was a knock at the door, and it was Elizabeth. She dropped by "just to see if I was busy." We ended up spending a few nights together, going for dinners, and once joining a non-pro friend of hers to go dancing.

I'm not saying that this is typical, but it is an example of what's possible with these amazing women.

Rabo Verde
01-24-04, 20:57
There are some GREAT fares to Brasil available on www.varig.com
but they are kinda hard to find. click on AMERICAS, then UNITED STATES, then INTERNET SPECIALS and you will see...

Special Note: 'VARIG Internet Bargains' must be booked on the following pages within the North American window you are currently using, please do not use the 'standard booking engine' on the left side of this web page.

In otehr words IGNORE the normal booking window, you HAVE to go to the special Internet window to get these fares.

For February thru June, RT fares to Rio or Sao Paulo are

New York US$ 542
Miami US$ 462
os Angeles US$ 592

The process is a little klutzy, you have to submit your request and they confirm it by email the next day. You get a confirmation number and e-ticket. For about $100 more you can get a free stopover in any city in Brazi, for $300 more you can add Buenos Aires, for $399 you can get a Brazil air pass good for domestic flights for 3 weeks. Worked fine for me, good availability.

Don`t forget you have to buy a visa from the Brazilian Embassy in the USA for $100 before you can go to Brazil.

01-24-04, 21:59

On the agencies in Rio, Karla Models and Scort show (www.scortshow.com.br) are run by the same person, right now are $R100 for two hours. CiaPlus (www.ciaplus.com) has been running a promotion for $R130 for two hours. These agencies are reportedly pretty reputable.

I have personally used cassiascort (www.cassiascort.com.br), the cost was $R100 for two hours plus 'van fare' of $R30. As described by others, the girls are in some cases students (18 - 21 yrs old) earning some money on the side. Remember all these agencies will use the best possible photos, the girl will likely not look as good in person (but not bad). Either the body is accurate but the face is not equal to the one your imagination has created, or the body is similar but she's put on a few pounds.

Performance was very good, these girls are mostly going to go until you can't anymore up to the time limit.

I have also used UtopiaSex (www.utopiasex.com) a few times. Their rate is generally $R200 for two hours and $R250 if you want 'completa' (anal). The girls here are a bit older (21 - 25+) but tend to be more refined/educated and may have other jobs. I have had mostly good results, but not 100%. In one case the girl's tattoos were removed from the photos so that her identity was not obvious, but this was of course a surprise.

With regard to 'hanging out', most of the agencies above monitor the time pretty carefully, so it is not a given. However, at $R100 for two hours I'm sure you could just book four hours at $R200. The majority of these girls will give you their number (many times without you asking) and you can try to arrange something direct, if you are OK with cutting out the agency.

01-25-04, 02:52
Has anyone stored luggage at the Rio airport in the last month or so? I was there just before Christmas and saw the the lockers that are all over the terminal. I followed the directions and asked around to find the booth that rented the keys (supposedly between Terminals 1 and 2) but could not find it.

I'm going back to Rio and would like to use the lockers. If anyone here has used them lately I'd appreciate specific directions to the booth where I can rent the keys.

01-25-04, 03:21
Earlier today I was in the internet bar a block up from mabs. got talking to an American guy he told me was robbed by a girl who was actually in the internet cafe her name was gaberalla or something like that anyway she was black had huge tits and a great ass, I was very going to go with her until I heard the guys story!

Went to Therma Luomo tonight instead, got a great non sexual massage, which helped after the long flight.

Meet a girl there who works 3 months in Ireland over there she charged 400 euros an hour (what a rip off). I passed up on her as I saw a better looking girl. Soon we were chating her name was luanda and off we went to the cabin. Great sex and a CIM.

All in all very good.


Poon Searcher
01-25-04, 10:32
Forgot, I'm planning on being in Rios the whole time I'm there since this is my first trip to Brazil.

01-25-04, 23:53

Did you ever ask any of the girls what the percentage was that they received? I would think that a good approach would be a two hour session, and if you wanted more, pay her 50-60% more for another two hours. I would imagine any follow-up sessions could be arranged for 60% of the price directly with the girl - a win-win situation.
Any information on this?

01-26-04, 15:57
I saw this on the Google News Alerts. There will be some great eye candy for this one!

Fatboy Slim Takes Boutique To Brazil.

Fatboy Slim will be relocating his annual Big Beach Boutique concert from its traditional home in Brighton to Brazil, when he’ll plays a free gig in Rio De Janeiro for an estimated half a million people.

While the first two Big Beach Boutique free concerts took place in Cook’s hometown of Brighton, this year the event will be staged at Flamengo Beach in Rio De Janeiro on Sunday March 7.

Fatboy Slim (a.k.a. Norman Cook) who recently DJed in Moscow on New Year’s Eve, will be playing in front of an estimated audience of between 200,000 and 500,000 people.

After details of the Rio show were confirmed, Fatboy commented, "It looks like I'm going to be getting sand in my record box again."

Also DJing on the bill will be Jon Carter, Brazilian DJs Marky and Patife (who were winners of the Carnival Samba School as you’ll obviously already know) with many more acts to be announced.

Ticket details will be announced soon.

01-26-04, 18:06
Fellow Mongers-
I am planning a trip to Rio next week, (I know last min). Where is 4X4 termas located. I have searched all over and cant find it. How much should cab ride be there from Copa? And are the services of the chica still running around $US150 or so ?????

01-26-04, 18:30

During my last trip to 4x4 a standard programme was about R150 or so.

The address is:
Rua Buenos Aires, 44
Centro District
Mon-Fri 2pm - 1AM

01-26-04, 18:31

4x4 is located in the business district on a street called Rua Buenos Aires. Taxi journey takes about 10-15 mins depending on traffic and should cost you about 15 reals. Probably best not to mention to the driver that you are going to a termas because if you do he may well pretend that he doesn't know where to go and try and take you to another termas where he gets a commission.

01-27-04, 02:54

I think your logic makes sense and will probably work most of the time. I haven't pursued it as: 1) my very basic Portuguese skills make this difficult for me to negotiate, and 2) I'm usually not there long enough to set up the repeat visits.

At some of the agencies, the girls live in a building provided by the agency. I don't think it's an incall location, but if the girl goes out for 2 hrs she's expected back, so it's hard to extend the session directly. You have to arrange something when they are otherwise free.

01-27-04, 03:33

US$150! Are you mad! Thats 400 Reals. I can get Girls from HELP all night for 200 Reals. In Luomo you can get two girls for 400 reals. The price inflation here is crazy. 3 years ago I was paying 100 reals in help now they are looking for 300 and you have to bargin to get 200. 100% inflation. Imagine if that happen to gas back home! Stop ruining the fun! If you have the money get two girls :-))


01-27-04, 03:41
Just back from 4X4 termas (Centro) Went in had a sauna then when to look at the pole dancing girls. Then met a girl called lana, which she told me was anal backwards!! After about an hour chatting we went to a cabin for 40mins, Two shots. First, Great anal sex and then a BBBJ CIM. Top class, she has good english. Total price including drinks 174 REALS. Highly recommended. Go early (before 5) and you get a discount of the entry price about 40 REALS i.e anal bbbj drinks for 135 REALS :-))

There were lots of girls there about 50 or 60, another advantage of going early is that there are less guys there and you have a better pick.


01-27-04, 03:59
Last night went to Sunset boite near Barbarellas, I would not recommend it, small dark and dingy, not a ripoff but no good looking girls there. Later I had a look into Holiday boite again not recommened.

Balcony look good however I did not stay. I have heard a few bad things about Balcony from Help girls I know, they say it is not safe for girls there and that last year 2 girls and a tourest were killed there in seperate incidents. Was going to go meet up with some other mongers in HELP but on the way there I met a girl I know and got sidetracked.


01-27-04, 04:38
This is my second trip to Brazil and definitely not the last. My first trip was in September 2003 when I was given a free timeshare/resort for a week in Fortaleza and stayed in Rio on the front end and the back end of the trip. Fortaleza was a bust, nice beaches but too hot, right on the equator and the girls were not to my liking plus got screwed over by a rental car company. The Rio part was fantastic and I had to go back for a second helping 1/13 through 1/21.

I took the United direct flight from DC to Rio which isn’t exactly a direct flight when you have to sit in the Sao Paulo airport for 3 hours before continuing on to Rio. The fingerprinting and pictures only added 10 minutes onto the immigration experience. When I arrived on Tuesday they were using ink on the finger prints when my running buddy showed up on Thursday they were using biometric scanners on the fingerprints so it’s even faster now.

My report is pretty graphic as I like to relive the events in full detail. If you aren’t into it then please just skip this post and save any comments about it for someone who cares what you think. Also, when I’m talking money I’m always expressing it in Reals unless I specifically put in USD after the amount.

Day one Tuesday:

Arrived into Rio about 1:30, in my apartment by 2:30, shit, showered and shaved and was on the prowl by 3:30. Decided to grab a bite to eat at my favorite churrascaria by the kilo place called the Sigueira Grill on Sigueira Compos and Atlantica.. Now for dessert I decided to go to L’uomo (1 hour, $130 for the girl, $70 for the room, $30 entrance + drinks). Get in there and there are about 30 women and about 10 guys in the place. I talk to a few girls and settle on this blond with braces (I’ve got this thing for chicks with braces, don’t know why) her name was Elis who speaks pretty good English (a lot better than my Portuguese) but not the hottest thing in the place but I enjoyed her company and the 30 minute make out session. We discuss what will happen in the suite (1 hour), no holes barred and will do a BBBJTC/CIM. She goes off to secure the room and powder her nose and whatever they do for that 10-15 minutes that they leave you there. While she’s gone this guy comes over and said that I lucked out that the girl I was with is one of the most talented in the place except guys just can’t seem to get past the braces. We go back to the suite and she is all over me. I take a few pictures first and then I get an incredible BBBJTC/CIM&S and this is in the 1st 10 minutes.

I shower and regroup and still have another 45 minutes left on the clock. She goes back to work and I’m raring and ready to go again this she puts a condom on me and she hops on cowgirl style. This girl has the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in and it took all my will not to cop another nut (I had to think of Mimi on the Drew Carrey Show to keep from getting off just then) she’s riding me for a couple minutes and then reverses it to where her back and ass are facing me and riding me grabbing my ankles and after another minute she then then flies off me into the corner of the bed with her legs twitching and her whole body jerking. She had an orgasm like I had never seen before and takes about a 5 minute break of cuddling and her yabbering in Portuguese about something before we can continue. I’m no stud by any means, I just think this girl really gets off during sex. She gets on all fours and we do it like that and I get off again. Never got to that third hole but I still have 8 days in Rio. We shower together and order a couple of bottles of water and hang out and talk until our time is up. I go back to my kilo place eat and go back to the apartment for a good nights rest.

Day two, Wednesday

Get up eat breakfast and go to Sugarloaf mountain back by noon. Take a walk on Copacabana beach to check out the sites and get some pics of the fine garotas in thongs. Stop at every third beach stand get a drink and go oooh as the girls walk by.

It’s about 4:00 and I decide that it’s been way too long since I had any pussy so I head over to Monte Carlo (40 minute cabini, total with drinks about $200). I get in and shower and head to the boite there are about 15 girls in there and only about 4-5 guys. This really fugly garota walks up and starts yapping to me and I use all the gringo excuses to get rid of her, no falla Portuguese, not now, I’m just looking, you know the drill…. Then this girl comes over and saves me (her name was Lucinda or something like that), very beautiful face and smile, a little on the thick side but definitely not fat and with the traditional Brazilian butt . She speaks really good English with a sexy whispery voice to boot and to top it off she;s a darker dead ringer for my secretary. She takes me over to another boite on the other side of the building, we make out, talk and discuss what will happen in the suite (1 hour) again no holes barred but no CIM but I can do it on her face but not in mouth. We go back to the suite, she lets me take a few pictures and then she starts undressing me. Gives me an ok BBBJ (nothing to write home about). We get down to business, another fairly tight one all positions and then we switch to the bunda (her idea to switch) and she’s really getting into it and with each stroke it she is getting more and more into it. If you are into loud sex then she’s your girl, screaming and slapping her own ass. I can’t hold back and pull out and do my best Peter North impersonation all over her beautiful face. We shower, rest and I just can’t regroup to do another round. We order a coupel of waters and wait for our time to be up. Very sweet girl.

I eat dinner and go back to my apartment for a nap. I’m staying around the corner from the Balcony bar and head over there after my 5 hour nap  Have a few cervejas and watch the action from my front row table. I see a very pretty light skinned blonde garota (with braces), I smile at her and she comes over, she speaks very little English but we are able to communicate. I keep a pen on me at all times and this helps in negotiations. We agree on R$140 back at my apartment plus taxi for all night. I never intend to have them all night as I don’t really like to have people I don’t know in my room when I’m sleeping but I never know what my stamina will be either . This girl, her name is Tatiana very nice body, excellent BBBJ, backdoor not available and had to use her condom or no condom as she is allergic to the lubed ones. . Luckily I had a bottle of astroglide to lube the inside of the non-lubed condom or I might have had to bareback it. . Another tight one, must be something in the water or they teach muscle control in the schools here. Finished with a BBBJTC/CIM. We fell asleep and she left about 4:30 when I took her back to Balcony bar. I stayed for a beer and she hooked up with someone else while I was there at the bar. Good for her, she gave me a little kiss as she was heading out with her new date. I went back to sleep.

Day three Thursday:

Got up about noon, had lunch at the place next door to my apartment and waited for my running buddy to show up. I try to get in touch with a couple of guys that I had met through this and other boards but actually haven’t physically met them yet but we are playing phone tag at this point. Running Buddie’s flight was to arrive at 1:00 and he showed up about 3:00. He got settled into the apartment and we went to eat, bought a cell phone and stuff and then on to L’uomo.

We got there about 7:00 and the place was pretty full lots of girls and a little more guys than I like but hey, this is Rio. My girl from day one was off that night, I was hoping to trip the light fantastico again with her but I still have a week left. At L’uomo they do strip shows in the boite. Much better than in the US as you can see them strip and then take them back to a suite and screw’em. Anyways one girl came out in a schoolgirl costume and did an excellent dance, great body, pretty face and firm natural D-cups and guess what? She had braces (her name was Stephanie). As soon as her dance was done I gave her the signal to come over and we talked ands made out for a little while and made arrangements for a room. Room wasn’t going to be available for 40 minutes so we made out for another 40 minutes until the room was ready. (Note to self: A lot of guys there is not always a bad thing if you get to have foreplay for an hour).

We get back to the suite for an hour. I take a few pics after promising that they won’t be on the internet (no faces that is). She gives a decent BBBJ, sex was good, nice and tight in all positions. Finished with a BBBJTC/CIM and spit. Showered, she tried to get another BBBJTC out of me but was able to do so before the phone rang to let us know the time was up.

My running buddy and I meet up again in the boite and decide to go back to the apartment and hang out at the Balcony bar. Nothing too exciting happening there and the girls available were so-so. So we turned in for the night.

Day Four Friday:

There’s a banging on my door and it’s my running buddy. He has been going through his research papers and found a printout from this escort service CIAPLUS and they have early day specials. 2 hours for $130 if you get the girl before 2:00. He decides I’m going to be the guinea pig and to pick one out. I do and we order one up. They don’t show faces only bodies so it’s hard to tell if you are really getting who you think you are getting. Anyways this girl comes over, great body, perfect c-cups. Her name is Gissel, we sit around and talk for awhile (on my 2hours) and running buddy decides this isn’t that bad of a deal and asks her to order him up one while she’s there. Her friend comes over and she’s not exactly as expected but he takes her anyways.

I take mine back to the room, incredible body but her breath was rancid like she had been eating shit sandwiches all day. I give her a piece of gum and hope it goes away. She would only allow me to take a pic of her boobs and no face shot. No problem, boobs were her best asset anyways. BBBJ wasn’t too good. Missionary was terrible as her face was right in mine and the gum didn’t do the trick. Looks like it’ll be doggie. We go at it for about 10 minutes and it is a no go. That breath is permeating the air in the room. I make an excuse that I’ve had too much sexo since I’ve been there and have no more juice. We get dressed and she showers I don’t want to be anywhere near that breath. New rule of thumb is to do a breath check before paying. We wait for running buddy to get done. Send them packing and compare notes. He definitely got the better end of that deal.

We go and eat a late lunch and decide to check out this new place called La sorenta or something like that. It is a couple of blocks away from Centaurus and supposedly a nice new terma. We get there at 10 and they are closed, they were supposed to be open until midnight. We head back to the Help area and grab a bite to eat and wait to go into Help around 11:30 (this is my 2nd trip to Rio and I’ve never been into Help) we go to get into Help and I find out they have a dress code no shorts and guess what I’m wearing. Stupid friggin rule, they are letting in guys with baggy ass jeans that hang half way down their ass with boxers showing and a basketball jersey over a beat-up T-shirt I can’t get in with a nice pair of dockers shorts and a polo shirt.. We head back to our apartment to change and pass the Balcony and the talent pool there is way up so we decide to hang there instead. We can’t get any action for the prices we want to pay so we hang it up and crash for the night. Still playing phone tag with the other board members all day.

Day Five Saturday:

We get up and putz around the apartment until noon and go grab a bite to eat. Around 2:00 we call that La sorenta place to see if they are open and after bitching at them about being closed we try them again. We get there and the place is a dive $30 entry we pay. They do have lockers but they are the ones in gym class about 2X2 square no problem it locks. The shower room has separate doors but there is nothing separating you from the next swinging dick taking a shower 3 feet away from you, We walk in the boite and it is small with about room for two people to stand at the bar and enough seating for maybe a dozen people, there are five girls total and we are told there will be more showing up. They spent all their money on sound and lighting for the boite with a smoke blower and all. I get latched onto by the old fat garota as usual and running buddy gets the two garotas that body’s are ok but their faces are a wreck. There are two young ones but they preferred to stand and dance in front of the mirror than help save us from these creatures. I hit the restroom upstairs where the cabinis are and they are 5 foot tall cubicles that I can see over and are pretty flimsy, not much to my liking We wait around for half an hour and nothing new shows up so I give running buddy the let’s get the fuck out of here signal and we are off.

We decide to go to Solarium. Good quality looking garotas there well anything was better than the last place. I pick out this hot looking blonde her name was Fabiana with incredibly muscular legs and said this had to be a good ride. I ask her if she takes everything and she reaches under my robe and measures me up and says no anal that’s fine with, I always check on the availability but only go there less than half of the time just on my list of things to bring up. I buy her a drink and of course she goes for the Red Bull $13 + $5 for vodka which she shares with her sister (a younger version of her, better body but the face has some acne) and then she asks for another and I say lets get a room (stop the bleeding and get a nut). We get back to the room for a 40 minute session and I take a couple of no face pictures. I look down at her pussy and she’s got a clit about the size of the last knuckle on your pinky sticking straight out. I reach down and grab it and rub it between my fingers and she melts on to the bed moaning. God I love these women, they don’t hold anything back she gets off in about 30 seconds and regroups to get down to business. She gave a decent BBBJ, the whole time I was fighting with her to play with that clit but she was playing with it more than me. We get the condom on and go for the regular sex and I enter her and she must not have paid attention in the muscle control classes because it was pretty loose down there compared to all the other girls I had been with. She could tell I was losing interest and asked me if I wanted the back door even though she had said no earlier. So I went there, the whole time she had hand down there playing with herself. She finished with a BBBJTC but pulled off at the last second and let it go on her cheek. Within 10 seconds of my completion the phone rings telling her that our time was up. I checked my watch and we were only in there for 28 minutes. I think they have cameras in the rooms and when they see you finish they call to clear the room. Same thing happened to my friend as soon as he copped his nut the phone rang.

We meet up in the boite and run into this guy that we had seen in every terma we went to. He ends up leaving with us and we head out to get something to eat near the help area. I have plans the next day to go with a friend of mine who married a Brazilian chick he met in the states and was there for his honeymoon. No, she’s not P4P girl, she comes from a very well off family, get your mind out of the gutter. I go back to the apartment to get a good nights rest.

Day Six Sunday:

This is the boring part, no sex today. My friend, his wife, brother-inlaw and sister-in-law pick me up at my apartment and we head off to the hippie fair in Ipanema. Nice crafts show and I picked up some pretty cool souvenirs and a wood carving of a café in Rio which will be prominently displayed in my basement. We had lunch at the Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema) restaurant where the songwriters composed that song about this girl walked by everyday. Good food and Caipirinhas and conversation. Also was told I could get the same apartment that I was paying $80USD a night for about $800 a month from someone local. Good info to know for my next long trip to Rio and the brother-in-law has already e-mailed me with a couple of addresses. He will probably sublet one or two for rent in the high season but won’t be nearly as outrageous as what they are getting now. Just enough to cover their rent and make a few bucks.

Went to Fridays in the New York mall in Barra to watch the playoff games and spent the night at his in-laws house, a nice large five bedroom spread on the mountain overlooking the city of Barra. Great views.

Day Seven Monday:

Got a guided tour of all the local beaches where not too many gringos go, mainly surfing beaches. We went to this gem store in Barra, huge place that sold everything at about 1/10th the price of the exact same thing that H. Stern sells. You name it they have it. Hundreds of Amethyst geodes in all different sizes some 6 foot tall and over 300 kilos.
Then back to the apartment.

I can’t get in touch with running buddy so I head off to L’uomo. I finally ran into one of the guys I was playing phone tag with all week there. Great guy and a long time Rio visitor who knows everyone in most of the termas and bars. I hooked up with my blonde with braces again. Had another great session with her and gave her a pair of Victoria Secret thong panties as a gift and boy was she appreciative. Went back to the boite and although she could’ve gotten another guy she decided to hang with me until I left. I finally left and got in touch with running buddy who was doing all the termas in centro with the guy we met at Solarium, which is why I couldn’t get in touch with him.

We met at the Sequeira Grill for dinner and we decided to check out Barberella’s. None of had been in there before but this is the place where all the hotties are. There is a $50 cover to get in ands that gives you two drinks (cokes or juices) not sure but I don’think they sell beer but you can buy bottles of liquor. We didn’t partake in the liquor part. We watched the strippers and there were probably 100 of the hottest looking girls in that place. I guess you negotiate a deal with the girl and then pay a $50 barfine for her to leave the bar and then you pay her what you negotiated. We got a couple of phone numbers and one from the hottest looking strippers in the place, excellent body and face like a china dill and she had braces too. We left, we didn’t want to pay the fine or the high prices. It was 2:00 now and we decided to crash.

Day Eight Tuesday:

Meet phone tag friend near Meia Pataca and get intro to about 6 other mongers from this and other boards. Running buddy and Solarium guy are there too. It turns out that today is some Brazilian All Saints day holiday and all termas except L’uomo are closed.

We head to L’uomo around 4:00 and the place is packed and I mean packed no place to sit, waiting for showers. I walk in and my blonde with braces runs over and kisses and hugs me showing me the thong I gave her yesterday. We sit down and although I wanted something different why pass up a definitely good thing. I say let’s get a room and she comes back and say that there is an hour wait, no problem we have an hour of foreplay. We watch the strip shows and her hand rarely leaves from beneath my robe. Go to the room and have another great session, this girl is a nonstop energizer bunny.

We leave and plan on me finally getting into Help to check it out. We all meet at Help just before midnight and I finally meet the dress code. This place is nutz, about 3:1 ratio women to men and all available. Prices were outrageous though, one guy was quoted $300USD for 2 hours and she wasn’t all that and she wouldn’t budge. Another that was pretty hot was at $500 and wouldn’t go down either. Phone tag friend said that prices go down as the night goes on. Lots of hot women there but I won’t pay those prices plus I’m already pretty phucked out by now after 8 days in Rio. We end up leaving at 1:30 with plans on hitting 4X4 for a last session before flying back home.

Day Nine Wednesday:

Woke up with stomach cramps in the middle of the night and had major squirts, must have eaten something bad. By noon I was feeling better but not sure about doing another session so I just relax, hangout at the beach until time to leave for the airport and go home. I would have like the trip to end on a better note but still had a great time.


Packing: For 9 days, I came here with 8 pairs of slacks, 4 pairs of shorts 2 pairs of jeans, 7 dress shirts, 7 polo shirts, 3 tank tops, 4 t-shirts, 1 jacket and 2 bathing suits in the biggest Samsonite suitcase they make. I only wore the shorts and one pair of jeans (just to get into Help, they don’t allow shorts), a pair of slacks for the flight back and tank tops, t-shirts and polo shirts for the hole trip. Next time I can probably use my carryon suitcase and use the local cleaners if I run out. Always pack a small umbrella, a swiss army knife with all the tools and plenty of pens.

Money: I brought $2,300 USD cash with me, (apartment was prepaid). I did everything I wanted, ate and drank like a maniac. I bought gifts for 20 people and souvenirs for myself and still went home with over $1,000USD. Best exchange rates seem to be in the termas and Help. Most cambios were giving 2.75 and the termas were giving 2.8 and Help was giving 2.83 although none would cash more than $100USD at a shot.

Protection: Bring your own condoms and lube. The girls have condoms but they are very thick and most of the time too small.

Security: I had heard a lot about not wearing jewelry and stuff. I felt just as safe there as anywhere in the US. Just like at home be aware of your surroundings and don’t go anywhere that is considered dangerous like God City.

Gifts: I always bring gifts for the girls. My favorites are Victoria Secret thong panties, usually on sale for 5 for $20USD. They like them and then they look good posing for you. A little generosity goes a long way and they always remember you for it. My running buddy always brings gum, good icebreaker and may kill bad breath too.

People: I met a lot of people while there locals and mongers. Everyone is really friendly and willing to help in any way possible. It’s like the old saying, treat people as you would like to be treated and you will rarely be disappointed.

Rio D
01-27-04, 12:25
'Chuponalgas' comment on Vila Mimosa (1-22-4) was a gross exaggeration. I don't really care if anyone goes there or not; I'm only correcting this false description for the sake of accuracy.

Here are the facts: first, the women of Vila Mimosa are not "black crack ho's" - the racial makeup of the women and customers is about the same as what you find throughout Rio. There are some older women, and several overweight ones, but you will also see many young, healthy-looking, non-drug-taking females there. And it's not full of "stoned gangbangers". Most of the patrons are regular Brazilians, mostly young men. Occasionally you even see groups of off-duty office workers, in shirt and tie, out for a night of decadence.

The buildings and street are decrepit and dirty, but the hygiene of the girls is basically the same as on Avenida Atlantica. Maybe better. VM women are more strict about condom use than the Help or terma girls.
The women who work at a place like Vila Mimosa are not always dogs who can't score on Ave Atlantica. Some are fine enough to turn heads at Help or Meia Pataca. An attractive girl might work at VM because she wants the protection of working in a brothel - she doesn't have the nerve to approach strange foreign men and go off with them to apartments or hotels. Or she can't handle the late hours, or the courtship game they play on the Avenue.

It's time for the guys in this forum to wake up to the fact that the same girl might work at Vila M. one week, Help the next week, and then a terma the week after that (if she's light-skinned enough).

Here are the actual hazards. When you're inside VM you're all right, but getting in and out of VM is the real danger. The area surrounding it is rough. A few taxi drivers won't go there. And some of those that wait there for customers are the criminal, ripoff-type taxi drivers. You need to have a friend with you, if only to insure that the taxi driver won't try any bullshit when he drives you away. Best way is to find a Brazilian guy that you can trust and have him accompany you, buying him a couple of rounds with the garotas as payment.

In general you have to be skeptical when a WSG poster gives an extremely negative or positive rating of a particular place. I've been reading this website for years, and I when visit a place talked about in the WSG it is often different than what is described. Basically you have to see it yourself.
By the way, Vila is spelled with one 'L'.

01-27-04, 15:51
{ Thanks Rio D you said enough l,m not saying too much } Ain,t nothing wrong or dangerous about going to Vila Mimosa.l always go there when in Rio and l,m gonna continue going there.Copa is just as dangerous or even worse than Vila Mimosa.Rio D no need to explain to Mongers, either they should stick to help or the termas and leave Vila to us locals so the price will stay the same.Vila Mimosa girls ain,t different from Terma or help girls.Some are even better looking and honest than most Help hoes .Vila Mimosa is not for every one and no one is pulling any Monger hands to go there.Stay in copa where you have help and some termas and leave Vila Mimosa to the Locals like myself and stop bashing it.

01-27-04, 16:06
Rio D, wrote

"It's time for the guys in this forum to wake up to the fact that the same girl might work at Vila M. one week, Help the next week, and then a terma the week after that (if she's light-skinned enough)."

So true, I know a girl she works HELP and Vila M. She looks for and gets 300 Reals from American guys in Help and when she works Vila M 50 Reals inc Anal

Why? Well she only goes to HELP when she has a couple of friends with her for security. Also I think ¨the courtship game¨ gets to the less cynical girls. Sometimes if a girls has a baby she won´t want to work the late hours.

Thanks Rio D for a good post

Snooky (another good post)

The idea of giving the girls a gift is a great idea. The girls are always impressed. I like the Victoria Secret thong panties idea!

A gift that keeps on giving ;-)


01-27-04, 16:50
Rio D, your use of "black crack ho's" is very derogatory. I travelled too many places in North, Central and South America as well as Europe (and Asia) and I've seen my fair share of "white trailer trash crack ho's" and "white druged up ho's".

Euff said. "Ho's" come in all shape, sizes and 'color'.

Rio D, BTW I know for a fact some of the garotas you maybe getting "jiggy" with/dating in Copa or Help, work in Vila M. as well. These garatos find work were ever they can. So don't be fooled into thinking the girls in Help are any different than the girls at Vila M.


Rio D
01-27-04, 17:09
Spidy, I would never use the term "black crack ho". I was quoting from the post of Chuponalgas' from 1-22-04. Whatever I placed in quotation marks was something he said. And I agree that the term is derogatory, that's why I needed to set him straight. I wish you had responded to his post back when he wrote it.

And I know that the VM girls are usually no different from the Help girls. That's one of the things I said in my post. Read more carefully before you respond.

01-28-04, 15:51
Vila Mimosa,

Don´t judge the girls at VM without giving the place a good inspection. For certain there are many women that don´t look appealing. But there are also many women that looks better than the average Help-standard.

Some works at Copacabana as well and others prefer to just work at VM for safety reasons. They find Copacabana dangerous. A goodlooking girl at VM can have up to 20 customers per day. This gives her at least 400 reais.

Personally I find many of the VM girls to be much more honest, reliable and goodhearted than the Helpgirls.

Vila Mimosa rules

01-29-04, 02:20
Ok, I haven't posted often to the board, although I am a devoted reviewer of comments. So I want to start adding my observations over the last few months. My first trip to Rio was in July of 2003, and I have now been 6 times. So I'd like to think I'm getting more experienced at sucking the fun out of Rio.

I've got two running buddies who have joined me on my trips, and they both speak only English, as is the same for me. So for those of you who have not been and are hesitant because of a language barrier, have no fear.

I am going to offer a positive review for Barbarella's as I have been there on every trip. In fact, I have not been to HELP, and have not gone to a Terma. I have used the Karla Models escort agency several times with great success and will offer some pointers in later post, in particular for english-only speakers.

Yes, Babarellas (B's) is definitely more expensive in some ways, but not in others. First let me review my current status at the club. I don't pay an entrance or exit fee, and I get whatever table I want at anytime of the night. Remember, I've been there six times, and started getting that kind of treatment after the third time. The key is getting to know a waiter and using him all the time. It doesn't matter which one, just take care of one consistently and you will start getting perks.

Now, the first or second time you go, you do have to consider these visits as early payments for later dividends. Now let's talk about the drinks, which becomes your biggest risk factor for cost. Drinks are expensive. You have to order drinks from a bottle that they put on your table, mark where the level is, and mark the level when you leave. The problem there is that the alcohol starts to flow freely, and it becomes easy to drink alot and spend a lot of money. The second exposure is that as you hang out with the girls, you'll start ordering drinks for them, and that gets expensive. Alcohol is your biggest exposure. Here is how I deal with it. On your first visits, before you've established yourself, go around 11:30pm. It's not to early, and not too late to have missed the hottest girls. Have some drinks somewhere else first and get a good buzz going. That way you're not going there for drinking, but for punting. And finally, let the bartendar know that you don't want to drink more than a certain amount of the bottle, and find out what that will cost. Later, this will be important with an established relationship with that same bartendar.

Now, I will admit, that I have spent more money on alcohol on some nights because me and a buddy, on some nights, might have six BEAUTIFUL girls drinking, talking, dancing, and hanging out with is for several hours. But we don't mind this as this is part of the fun of going and hanging out, as opposed to just picking up a couple of girls and leaving. Just set a parameter for how much you want to spend, and drink responsibly.

Why go through all of this hassle for drinks, because the girls in Barbarella, for the most part, are very beautiful and lots of fun. There are some pros who are not worth going with, and on my next post I will list a do not touch list of names who I know will not be worth going home with, but that's for later. I have collected over a dozen numbers from some of the most beautiful girls there, and have had dinner dates, site seeing dates, afternoon romp dates, and just hanging out dates for no charge. That's the long-term benefit!

I'm going to continue to add comments in different posts because, first, this is very long, and second, I've just got myself pumped up to go to Barbarellas tonight, although I've got business tomorrow and can't afford to be out all night.

Finally, when I go there tonight, there will be at least six girls who will walk over and want to hang out, all of which are beautiful and fun. I will get whatever table I want, and will use the same bartendar who is awesome. I'm planning on spending R100 on drinks and R300 for a girl. All and all, not a big investment for a night of fun, considering that would be my happy hour tab in NY, LA, or Chicago. Later, I will talk about some of the VIP motels and which ones to go to if you're into not going back to your hotel room, or want to be able to go for a swim in your own indoor pool. B's is not for everyone, and for what I read, the termas are good investments. But I like the quality and environment at B's and will continue to be a big fan. I also think for those who are thinking about making their first trip, to Rio, it's a great first stop.

P.S. For those who complain about some others who might pay too much...the bottom line is if you are a good negotiator, and have established a good rap and rapport with the girl, most of you will be able to negotiable a deal you can afford. In fact, one night a girl I took back to my hotel quoted a guy right before me at R600 for the night. When she told me that, I laughed and said she must be on drugs. She also laughed and said that she didn't really want to go with him and finally negotiated a R300 rate for all night with me. But she and I spent some time together before I closed that deal, trying to communicate with each other, as she didn't speak english. But that was part of the fun as we talked as best we could, danced and had some drinks. At the end of the night, she came back to the hotel, had incredible sex for two hours, slept until 11am, had lunch, bought her a bikini for the pool, hung out at the pool, went to Sugarloaf for the afternoon, and had a small dinner before she went home. Almost 15 hours with her, sex in the evening, morning, and later afernoon, site seeing and an awesome girlfriend experience, all for R300. She was a 9.5 looks, 10 performace, and 10 attitude. Not a bad way to go.

So long for now and happy hunting!

01-29-04, 16:07
Do any of you guys fancy meeting up and taking a trip to the Vila, might be better to in a group. Anyone interested pm me.

There are also a few good places in Centro catering for the office workers, entry about 10 - 20 reals, girl massage for an hour - 70 reals. Very good value.

01-29-04, 21:17
Here are the details of the down town places which are cheap, they won´t be to everyones tastes but are cheap. Having Portuguese is an advantage.

If you go to the general area midday you will get flyers to these and other places.

Masssagista da Cidade - Travessa do Ouvidor 37 -first floor 20 reals entry

Sem Censura - Rua Urugaiana 39 bloco B sala 812 10 reals entry

Momentu´s - Rua Urugaiana 24 3 floor tel 2242-8457 10 reals entry.

These places are for the office works in centro so they are not open weekend or after 19:30 start at 10:30 for the early monger.

01-30-04, 01:25
Here's a real-time update of Babarella's:

I did end up going last night, and was pleasantly surprised to see that there are double the number of girls normally there. Apparently, a boate nearby, whose name I did not recognize, was closed down for having girls under 18 working there, so all of the girls are now going to Barbarella. Bad news is that the average of the new girls is about 7.5, but there were definitely an increased number of 9 and 10's because of the new flow. Also, this is summer break time, so more girls flock to make some extra money, and a lot are non-pros.

My main bartendar was not there last night, but all of the other bartendars know me as well, so I got my usual seat, and within 10 minutes, I had 4 of my favorite girls sitting with me. I of course drank more than I wanted to and stayed later than I should have, because I had to get up early this morning.

But I did meet a new girl, 5'5", blond hair, 34C, 24, 34. Looks: 9, Performance 8.5, Attitude 10. Took her back for some fun and gave her R300 for the night. She left this morning when I did. She was recommended by one of my favorite girls who I know consider a local friend. She spoke very little english, but we had a great time dancing and haveing fun. Would definitely see her again.

I'm about to head back tonight, but I recommend that if you're in town, B's is a nice place to go. By the way, there really is no increase of guys, so the ratio is very favorable.

01-30-04, 18:07
Everybody knows that the girls try to rip off the gringos. Why? Cause the gringos are ready to pay exorbitant prices without hesitation. Why do you pay few hundred Reais for a Help girl?

The price for a girl in Help, Balcony, etc. is 80 R$ for staying the night with you! All other prices are out of reality. If the girl is talking about US$ she must be sick. Maybe you don’t care about the different between 80R$ and 300 R$ but because of this they try to rip all gringos off.

01-31-04, 01:11
OK, I'm targeting my first trip to RIO in April.

I've been quoted a 4-night package price, departing on any Sunday from JFK (NYC), at $739 (single occupancy). The price includes R/T airfare, 4-night hotel stay at the Copacabana Rio hotel, daily breakfast, taxes & service charges. Each additional night stay would cost me $63 per on top of the package.

This sounds like a HELLUVA deal to me, but I'm leaning on some of the experienced Rio travels here to guide me now.

1.) Anyone know of better deals leaving from NYC?

2.) Copa Rio Hotel - anyone know it? How is it and how far from Help, the termas, and other mongering hotspots is it? As a first-timer, am I better off with different accomodations altogether?

3.) I plan on staying 7 days altogether. How much dough should I plan on taking? I'm figuring a solid G should do me, but I'm open to suggestions.

4.) I know the routine about not acting like a first-timer (especially in the termas or Help) and I'm more than street smart (I lived in Harlem all my life), but is Rio recommended for first-timers traveling alone? Are there safety issues I need mindful of??

5.) How strongly do you recommend that I learn Portugese for the time that I'm staying down there? Can I have a COMPLETELY different experience learning the basics of the language as opposed to not bothering?

Thanks for any opinions and suggestions in advance. This board is the best because of the sharing of information and opinions. I do most of my posting on the NYC board, and I'll continue to do my part going forward for the Rio board as well.

Sterling V
01-31-04, 01:34

The deal looks fine to me but the hotel could be an issue. Are you sure it's "guest friendly"?. I've never heard of it so I assume it's not.

I recently stayed at the Princess Copacabana Hotel. It's newly remodeled, reasonably priced and guest friendly. They do charge R60 for each guest if you're booked as a single. Otherwise you pay R60 more for a "double" and you can bring guests in any time.

They offer a room for R136. Two larger size suites are also available for more. You can make reservations through Ipanema.com or Blameitonriofortravel.com
Both will get you the same rate.

The hotel is located at:

Princess Copacabana
Rua Xavier da Silveira 58
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ , Brasil CEP 22061-010
Phone: (21) 3813-1272
Fax: (21) 3813-1272
Webpage: http://www.promenade.com.br/ingles/princess.html

As for learning Portuguese. I'd recommend it. Get your hands on the Pimsluer CD's and go to town. They are excellent and will definitely make a big difference in your trip. Being able to get your basic thoughts across to people is important. Plus, you don't want to be the "Ugly American". God knows we've got enough of those running around.

Have a great trip,


Rabo Verde
01-31-04, 03:37
In the back of El Globo, I saw a bunch of ads for escort agencies charging 100R ($35) for 2 hours. The "actual price" is higher but they mostly claim in the ads that if you mention the ad, the price is 100R = 2 hours.


I called a few and none of them spoke more than a few words of English. They added a 35R ($13) taxi fee to the tab but were up-front about it, and this is about the correct RT Taxi fare to where we were staying, which was kind of far out.

Overall, it seems that these girls are mostly middle clas college students. All claimed to be 18-20, and were as advertised or maybe 2-3 yrs older. Bodies were as shown on web sites, no bait and switch. The faces are obscured on the web sites, but the faces were all right. The girls seemed sweeter and nicer in general than Help girls, and appreciated some chit-chat and affection. The only names I remember are Sol and Carol, both blonde 19 year olds and both very nice.

Overall this is a relaxing and cheaper alternative to the Terma and Help and Barbarella scene.

01-31-04, 05:08
Thanks Rio Bob & Chuponalgas,

I actually stopped by BrazilianVacation.com's office and the agent quoted me a more expensive rates than they offered on their website. The agent i spoke to also offered the Copa Rio hotel for more money.

I'm starting to think it'll be cheaper just booking the airfare and making my own lodging arrangements (like an apartment) but I want to do that with my future trips, after I get more acquainted with the area.

I know that the Rio Roiss and Othon Palace are very near Help, Mabs Pataca, Copa beach and the other termas, but are there others you guys recommend that are visitor friendly and in the same area?? I'd rather take the taxi to Barbarella's and walk to Help and mabs than the other way around.

One question though, Rio Bob. From what I've been reading, 300R is appears to be on the high side for even a stunner in Help. Has the going (or negotiated) rate of 150-200R passed us by now? Not that I can't afford it, it's still great by America's standards, but why pay more if I don't have to?? Shouldn't I demostrate some pesonality, charm, some dance moves and hold some convo in Portugese, or worst case scenario, just wait them out until the end of the night at Help, or are the girls not going for that anymore either? Let me know.....Thanks man.

01-31-04, 05:18
hey everyone,

sorry for being off topic. hope to keep this thread short and no flaming please.
when i get to rio, somedays i still have to work. i need to know if anyone know of an internet place that has t1 speed in rio. i have been to most of the internet cafes around copacabana with my laptop and the best one is probably tudo y facil but even there it is only giving me very poor rated dsl speeds (ie under 200 download/upload according to broadbandreports.com's speed test tools)

any recommendations to get cable speed (2000 down/386 up) would be greatly appreciated. hotels are usually a rip but let me if there's any executive services that might be comparable. how able in these apartments?

over and out, thanks


01-31-04, 17:04
I never was inside Help, only made it to the restaurant outside (Terraço Atl.) and got some cuties for 100Rs a night...maybe inside you get to pay more, but it depends on the alchemy between you and the girl...either you are Brad Pitt or the black equivalent of it, or you treat them right and show'em good times taking them to dance in a normal place (some of them are quite fed up with having to go to Help every night to bring home some cash, believe me!)...they'll appreciate and you'll get taxed less....these girls are usually the more discrete ones (not the less cute though), mainly the non-pros without flashy clothes and monster heels. These are also the best nights i remember, cuz you'll not follow the usual routine: Help - drinking - making out a price - going to the apt. - and that's it for the night. Meeting semi-pros or freelancers sometimes gets you ending up in real cool places with lotsa party people and metaldetectors at the entrance for the guest's safety inside.


01-31-04, 17:28

Prices have been effected by many US guys here, You see the cost is so high in the (Sex repressed) USA that guys think nothing of paying US$100 (approx R$300) for a girl from Help, also the girls know that most guys in Help are drunk and horny and can be hit for the high prices. Soon will see prices of R$400 being suggested!

To put these prices in perspective:

Escort, such as those listed by Chuponalgas cost about R$150 for 2 hours (there are some gingo ripoffs Escorts avoid)

Most Thermas (except Centarus which is a gingo ripoff) charge R$ 200 for 1 hour (incs Anal and BBBJ no CIM)

Given that Thermas and Escorts are not cheap by Brazilian standards, cheap is R$50 (US$20), the Help prices are a total rip-off, last year I was paying R$ 100 max 150 for the same girls, the high dollar ruined this. Now the high euro is doing the same thing.
Short stay US sex tourist (amazed that a woman will fuck them for under $100 bucks), have ruined prices.

Now I go to Help, chat to the girls and get their cell numbers and bang them (inc Anal) daytime in the 2 hour hotels (Lido etc) for $150 + 30 for the Hotel room.

They will do it cheaper daytime as they have no other work daytime. Also if you are nice to them, when you see them again in Help, they sometimes will go with you for R$200 as they like you.

I know a lot of working girls here and they are totally amazed at how much the guys will pay. One girl told me about some guy that paid her R$300 and then didn´t fuck her, just talked, she called him an idiot!!!

Remember this is business, regardless of the courtship game being paid, high demand = high prices, low demand(daytime) = low prices, Regulation(thermas/escorts) = set prices.

As in business if you know the culture and speak Portuguese you will get a better deal.

Still for the service and by US standards Help prices are not that bad. Also don´t be shy about saying you are American, you will get better service as the girls will think you are a gold mine :-)

01-31-04, 20:02
Sweet! Thanks for all advice again, guys!

God, how I love this board!

Well, where would be the best places to pick-up non or semi-pro women?? I'm getting the feeling that the pros may be too business like for me - am I wrong for thinking this way?

I understand that the women look at Americans as an instant paycheck, so I expect to come off with some amount of pay for play. But, personally, I believe they are women first and they wanna have fun just like any other woman, which makes the sex part even hotter later on!! I guess I come from the "treat 'em right" school of thinking.....

Don't get me wrong as well - I'm going to Rio to have as much fun with as many soccer-ball assed women as possible during my stay. I'm not one to haggle and negotiate on a vacation (Lord knows I do enough of that day-to-day at work), so if it comes to me paying 300R for a night, so be it - money will not get in the way of me doing my thing.

I'm just trying not to make it come to that! LOL :=D

I'm no Brad Pitt, but I'm not exactly Tyrone Hill either (Basketball player reference - if it's over your head, sorry.) I do alright with the ladies here in the States, so I figure I should just the same, if not better, in Brazil. Is this thinking wrong??

01-31-04, 20:08
Sterling V -

"You are so money!"

Thanks for the advice!

Only Looking
01-31-04, 20:59
I took $2000 cash for 10 days. Used 450 for accomodations. The rest for pussy, food , hang gliding, touristy stuff, shopping etc. The last day I ran out of cash and had to draw another 100 for play. On top of that I probably used my CC to the tune of $200.

But I did Everything I wanted without much regard for cash. I doubt if I could have spent more if I tried!

I think $200/day is the max you can spend unless you stay in an expensive hotel.

02-01-04, 17:45
Picked up a little brown honey in the internet cafe near Leme today. She was at the computer beside me sending emails and looking at pictures of her boyfriend in Canada and I got her number, and asked her how much for a hour in a local hotel she said 200 reals. After a bit of bargaining I agreed R$150 which is a high price for the daytime but she was young 20, pretty face, big DD tits and a small ass, just the way I like it. Her name was Thaisa.

Anyway of we go to the hotel Lido $R35 for a couple of hours. First I fuck her and she gives me a BBBJ and I lob some love juice into her mouth (she had a great tounge stud). Later we cuddled and kissed on the bed. Then I´m fucking away with her on top and her phone rings, it is her boyfriend! She gets up turns off the porno TV and takes the call. ¨Hi baby, I´m at the beach...I love you, kisses..I no kiss other man.. you go sleep now¨, etc. He is in the US on his way to Canada and he is ringing her to tell her he loves her, one born everyday!

After the call we resumed and I finished off with a good anal session. Earlier she was complaining her bunda ¨ass¨ was to small, well it is a bit bigger now ;-)

Good session, nice girl, you can meet her in the internet cafe most days around 13:00 - 15:00

One thing, she was so lazy she wanted to get a taxi 2 blocks to the hotel, and after to the beach!! As it was daytime I said no lets walk more time to chat and get to know one another.
After the hotel, she asked me to go to the beach with her but I didn´t have the time as I wanted to get to Luomo for 5 and had some stuff to do. Also didn´t want to be her meal ticket all day at the beach.

02-01-04, 20:04
@ damaja: Tyrone Hill? dunno that guy, but i'm from Europe so basketball isn't quite my cup of tea; with such a name he only can be black, so you gotta be a brotha too ;)

I was pretty lucky to find some freelancers on the other end of Copacabana (between the hotels Copacabana Palace and Meridien)...a beachfront bar called Balcony, there's lotsa fun places in the neighbouring streets behind it too but i don't remember any names. As far as i'm concerned you can find freelancers outside of Help at the restaurant (i was always lucky), but don't ask me about Help...


02-02-04, 20:29
I went to Baronneti of Ipanema on a Sat night by my hotel’s recommendation for normal girls. My buddy and I paid for R$65 each. This includes R$60 drink something. Girls pay for R$35. There were not many good-looking girls that night. Tried to make eye contact with several girls without success. 2 girls seem to be interested in us. However, one is too skinny and the other’s ass is too big. We took a pass.

By 1:30AM, we decided to hit Help for the sure thing. When we left, there are a lot of people waiting to get in the club.

02-03-04, 17:07
I´m surprised that some gringos are willingly to pay the girls up to 300 reais. What´s the reason to overpay them?

This makes the girls trying to overcharge other gringos.

Regardless if I buy a t-shirt or pay a girl I would feel foolish paying three times as much as necessary.

I rather spend 300 reais on 12 girls at Vila Mimosa. Could be fun lining them up next to each other.... : )

02-03-04, 21:51
Thanks Sperto,

From reading the reports (2004's and 2003's), I got the impression 300R was on the high side, but to each their own. It's really kinda hard to put a "price" on a good time, but it's human nature for people to try to get away with as much as you'll let them.

I was reading about VM. How far away is it by taxi from Copa beach? How much should I expect to pay for the girls there?

The conditions look pretty shitty, and probably not something I want to do on my first visit, but I know my adventurous side will probably get the best of me to atleast check it out anyway.


Rus Luv
02-03-04, 23:05

You will pay 20R for 20 minutes at V.M. The conditions are not that great but have a few drinks and you will be ok. It is located in Central. It's about 25 minutes by cab from Copa. This depends on what time you go. Sometimes traffic is bad. Even if you don't participate in any extra activities you should go down there and have a couple of beers just to see what's going on. On a good night you will see hundreds of girls. Some good and some not so good. But you will see some winners. I had a couple of 10's down there. But remember the rooms are really small and uncomfortable. But it will be a good ideal to check it out. You won't see any tourist down there. This is the spot for the locals. I'm going to Rio April 2. I can't wait. I have Brasil on the brain.

02-04-04, 02:55

I have been reading the dialog here recently and have started to wonder if you're diminishing the joy of the trip. It seems that you are fishing for too much of a fix on price. My recommendation would be to use the experienced brethrens' advice as basic guidelines within which you do your own "negotiating". Who knows; the Mack in you just might be enough to get the hottest ladies; pros and non-pros alike -- for less $R or none at all.

Moreover, based on what I have discerned; you will do a "bang-up" job in Brazil; as long as you don't, "... throw water on a baby".

Have fun, and take some good fotos for those of us that are sick and shut in!


Rabo Verde
02-04-04, 06:08
This is the high season in Rio, and most of the hot Help girls are INSISTING on 300R (about $110) and will walk away for less, even if you are handsome and know how to negotiate. This IS ridiculous, and is more than the monthly salary of many poor Brazilians, but once you have gone halfway around the world to get there, it is hard to argue over the extra money...

I also want to suggest to newbies, you may want to stay in Ipanema which is 10 times nicer and safer than Copacabana, has lots of great restaurants and is only a $3, 10 minute cab ride to Copa. Why shit where you eat? LOL It is like the difference between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

VM is about 20 mins by cab from Copa and is a truly grungy place, a whole different world from the luxury of Help or the Termas-- "It´s the third world afffffter all....."

02-04-04, 14:55
If they are willing to walk away for less than 300.reais "LET THEM WALK".... People have been saying they are asking too much for many years... If you refuse to pay that kind of price and they go home alone, often enough, they will start to negotiate...

Doc Bill
02-04-04, 19:23
AMEN Ken! The reason they charge so much is that there are enough foreign fools who pay it. This only drives up prices for all of us and in Rio, land of pussy galore, this is completely unnecessary. Just walk away and find someone else. Go to a terma. Even if I had the money and didn't care I'd still feel a sense of duty to my colleaugues on this board to keep prices reasonable in the given culture. If you had any idea how much 300R really was there you'd see how crazy you'd be to pay it!

02-04-04, 20:07
And yet another amen...

I've been here in Rio for over a month now, and I have yet to pay 300 Reais for a girl, even for the Penelope Cruz look-alike I found in Help. When you consider that you can get laid for R$1 per minute in many of the grungier downtown termas, R$300 should only be paid to a true superstar (and those of you familiar with the term "microspinner" know what I mean.)

Two nights ago, while I was sitting at Terrific Asslantico, a garota approached and asked to sit down. She was kinda cute, loira, with really fair features. She started by asking R$400. After I finished wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes, I told her that I hadn't paid more than R$200 for anyone at T.A. or in Help. She said R$300. I ignored her. She said, "Ok, duzentos ta bom." I smiled, and started talking to my friends. Finally, she whispered to me "Duas horas, cem reais." It turned out she was a real winner for those two hours, and R$100 was a bargain.

Just remember, guys, only _you_ can prevent garota de programa inflation.

02-04-04, 23:16
There are several very hot Help girls who are very jaded (spoiled) and who have been to Europe (London, Zurich, and Barcelona) and think since they were making 500-1000 euros a night there, they can charge 400-500 Reis at Help. They stick to their price and don't negotiate. They stay at Help until the wee hours and walk away if they don't get their price that night, living off their European earnings until the right sucker (who will pay 500 Reis), comes along. Avoid these hotties at all cost, not just because they are overpriced, but also because they end up being a bad experience as well. For instance, refuse DFK, BBBJ, or shorten the session for any imaginable reason.

They are bad news, and will ruin a Rio experience when it can be so good with a less experienced girl.

Buyer Beware!

02-05-04, 02:37
Amen again. When a girl asks 400r, 300r its like she is asking are you stupid? Are you desperate? I don't care if it is their high season 200r is still a lot of money there--almost a typical month's salary for most people. There are too many other options like termas or escort services at a decent price to give in to that bullshit. Most times if you stick to your offer price the girl you want will get reasonable rather than go home to their bunk bed barracks empty handed. Dudes, be a man and don't get p-whipped in the girls a plenty land of Rio.

Doc Bill
02-05-04, 06:20
Take a lesson from Nvr2L8, guys, that's how it's done!

02-05-04, 08:28
Great advice....

What nightclubs and restaurants do any guys suggest to visit for picking up non-pros?? Does Rio or Ipanema have any major shopping area (like a Mall) where many non-pro women congrugate to shop like here in America?? Are there party nights that are more bustling than others (like here in the States, with Fridays & Saturdays), or is any day of the cool?

Oh yeah....cellphones. What are the going daily rates for cellphone rentals....including calls to the US?

I know this is like 20 questions, but this should tie up the final loose end questions which have been on my mind on how to plan for the trip.

Thanks guys....

02-05-04, 11:21

How's your Portuguese??? If you are not pretty good you can pretty much forget picking up any non-pros......

Even if you go to another night club don’t expect too much. I have seen it and heard it many times before. Some young studs walk into a night club expecting it to be just like Help Disco. but with “non-pros.” and get snubbed by every girl in the place…They always wind up going back to Help to get laid..
If you do manage to meet a girl there, what makes you think she is a non-pro? They don't work every night and like to go out clubbing with their friends.. On more than one occasion I have seen many of the working girls at other clubs in town and sometimes they find a customer gullible enough to think they are not working.
It makes for a better sad story later when she asks you for $$$$$... “I got fired from my job and I have no money,, My rent is due and they will put me (and my baby or mother or whole family) in the street…..
I don’t want to go to Help Disco. I can't have sex with strangers for money.. but I’m desperate”…..

I keep telling you guys that you are not very likely to meet a non-pro in Copacabana or even in Ipanema…..
They know you’re a tourist..
You can’t speak the language..
They can’t speak any English, or just speak a few words….
You will be going back home in 1 or 2 weeks… what kind of relationship can you expect?

I have been living here in Rio for almost 3 years now and I can not tell you of ONE successful long distance relationship …. IT DOES NOT WORK…. If you want to meet someone and fall in love you will most likely have to MOVE to Brazil……

02-05-04, 16:25
I don't think there's a right price to pay or at least a standard rate
in the last 2 weeks I picked up 8 different girls (1 of them several times) and I paid different rates
one night I wanted to test (1st time in my life) a duplas (2 girls)
2 hours with them for 300 reais with 2 girls from Help
I paid the same amount in Centaurus for a 40min. session
I also paid 100 reais for 1 hour for one of the best fuck of my life
the lesson I learned is: make a test (wherever, SW, termas or boate), if you like her, get her phone and call for a second session
these girls usually fuck better and better
just remeber that it's very easy to fall in love with them even if pros...
cuidado amigos

Bull Dozer
02-05-04, 21:12
I Just spent 3 weeks in Rio from 12/29 till 1/22, its sad I had to come back, the price for a ***** from Help is way up because of these Europeans who are spending their Euros, thus causing a lot of Americans a lot of pain. I spent $5000 in 3 weeks including $800.00 Airfare from San francisco. I did not account for how I was spending everynight, you go to a Terma 4x4/65 thats about Rs225 for one hour with some drinks, then end up at Help, by the time you leave with a decent girl you will spend Rs350-400 per night, those Vodka & Red Bull cost Rs18 ea time, these girls really know how to suck you up. Every other girl wants a free drink if you even look at her. I have never spent more than Rs250/day in the past, I have been going to Rio for the past 4 years this was my 20th trip, I really screwed up this time, I had a lot of fun though. Will put up some pictures soon.

For two days I had four girls in my appartment, that was a blast. I had no energy left, problem was they were always talking in Portuguese, I don't understand a word of it. There were some ups & downs & Cat fights but was OK, I was too afraid of being robbed with no safe in the room.

I love Rio, no place in the world comes close for Weather & fun. I know I will go to Hell when I die, but I know I have been & lived in HEAVEN (Rio) many times so I don't care.
It is easy for guys to give you advice not to fall in Love in Brazil, but who do you love your wife/girlfriend who gives you a little peck on your cheek & is too busy in doing her own thing, let me tell you Brazilian girls can make you forget all your problems with their passion, even though it is only for a short time, but it is the best feeling in the world, besides getting laid.

I did some models from Belo Horizonte that would rate as 10+/11, 19-21 year old,you could not even get within a 100 yards close to them in States, unless you are Ben Affleck/Ricky Martin, for a guy who is 50+ years old & Pudgy that is Heaven.
Did 35 girls in 20 days, so I am beat for know, but can't get it out of my mind, I have to move to Rio in the next 2 years.


02-06-04, 02:17

There are three main shopping malls I know of in Rio. Rio Sul at the Leme-Botafogo end of Copacabana. One in Sao Conrado, and the biggest and best called Barra shopping in Barra Tijuca. Lots of good looking gals here but beware in Rio Sul for I have seen different girls from Help in there before. You might think you have a non-pro only to be played like a fish by a real Pirahna. But the girls working in the stores seem like a reasonable bet for GFE. Also, local buses and the Metro seem to always have hotties coming and going, another possible source for a pickup. But as everyone says learn as much Portugese as possible.

Rabo Verde
02-06-04, 02:59
Yeah Yeah Yeah you are all experts who coulda talked them down to 50 cents. When you find the exact one you want and you offer 200R after 15 minutes of chatting in fluent Portuguese and she turns around and walks away, you will find out. After I spend $2,000 to get to and stay in Rio, I am gonna select a 10 and I am not gonna cry over another $17. Check out my new entries in the Photo section, including IDENTICAL TWINS, and THEN tell me you would have walked away.

02-06-04, 05:34

Thanks for the advice, but I think you're missing what I'm inquiring about. From what I get from your post, I'll need to know Portugese pretty well to pick up non-pros, and that's cool...

But I'm not looking for a relationship from these women, just a good time while I'm there. Women (non-pros) all around the world have sex with tourists visiting their country for a week or two and don't expect a relationship.....I was just wondering how possible this is in Rio with limited knowledge of Portugese and without spending alot of money.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

02-06-04, 08:31

On meeting local non-pros, here is the basic problem you will encounter. And all Cariocas know that single American and European men travel to Rio for one thing - sex. So many local women know you are only there for sex. Unlike say if you were to visit London or Rome or whereever. Plus few Cariocas speak much english, so you need to learn some portuguese. It's pretty hard to chat up a gal when she cannot understand you.

Now, assuming you speak some portuguese, here would be my suggestions. If in Copacabana, you will be viewed as just another sex tourist. If in Ipanema, you have a very small chance, but this is were the rich elite of Rio live - who can have whatever they want and are thus quite spoiled and picky. Instead, try other areas of Rio, such as the music clubs in Lapa or head out to Barra da Tijuca, or over to Niteroi. Anything to get you somehwere where you become more of a novelty and an attraction, rather than just another sex tourist. If you know how to samba, hit one of the samba school rehearsals, called an ensaio. They normally run Sept to Carnival and are filled with lots of beautiful locals having a night of fun.

However, it is possible to meet and do a local hottie. In 2002, I went to the beach out past Barra da Tijuca on a friday. I met a very cute thin 20 year old morena named Marcela who was skipping out on her college classes that day. She was easily an 8. I started casually flirting with her. We ended up talking and laughing all afternoon. I then invited her to join me for a bite to eat at a local restaurant. We ended up kissing and I said in portuguese "wow, brazilian women are great kissers." She replied, "You have never kissed a brazilian women before?" In a huge lie, I said no. At that point she jumped on me and stuck her tongue down my throat. She then dragged me to a love motel. Once there, she quickly took off all our clothes and asked if I was her first brazilian woman even. Lying again, I said yes, she was my first brazilian. She then proceeded to humped my brains out for the next two hours - so proud that I was her first Brasileira! (Not!) We each came several times. Best sex of my life.

Total cost = about $15 for dinner and $20 for the love motel. She paid for the cab to the love motel. The only thing I gave her was my e-mail address, since I was leaving Rio the next night. We exchanged a few e-mails before her account closed down.

02-06-04, 09:10
My advice if you are heading to Help - remember that it is a barter economy in there. Just because a garota states a price, it does NOT mean you have to accept this price. Too many americans and europeans just blindly pay a garota's initial asking price.

Instead, make a counter offer and negotiate a little with her. It is part of the game. Brazilian women love to flirt and tease so negotiate in a playful manner. If she won't budge on the price - move on to another garota! There are lots of hotties in there.

With the high season now in full swing, it may be harder to do this, but look around Help and compare the ratio of garotas to guys. If it is a sausage fest, you may be stuck. But, if it is in your favor, negotiate like crazy. She knows her odds of landing a customer that night are not great. Also, try going later on at night, around 2, 3, or 4 a.m., when the crowd starts to thin out. Her odds of landing a customer really start to decrease then, and she does not want to crawl back late at night to her bunk bed barracks with nothing to show for her efforts.

My usual mode is to take a nap until about 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. and then get ready and hit Help. I have never paid a garota's initial asking price at Help. Some times I have gotten them to knock R50 off an initial reasonable price. Other times I have gotten them to knock up to R150 off their intial price. It has always been for TLN, with one or two rounds at night and another round when we wake up the next morning.

And I have walked away from 7s, 8s, and 9s who have refused to move from a crazy initial asking price of R300, or even R400!

02-06-04, 12:28

Hey what can I say, I live here in Rio and deal with 300-400 tourists just like yourself every year, looking for free pussy..
Give it a shot, what can you loose......... Time?

Let us all know what you discovered.....

Rabo Verde
02-06-04, 14:38
I agree with Kenn. (Are you Ken with the artificial leg?)
Lotsa guys confuse pros with girlfriends, and become convinced that either:

1. This pro really loves me and I am different than the 1,000 other guys she has been with, and we really have something special, and her mother really DOES neeed an operation.

2. Since I am apparently irresistable to young hot chicks in Help, apparently all 20 year old Brazilian/Thai/Colombian/etc. girls find middle-aged overweight Americans like me irresistable, so I should be able to find a REGULAR girl who worships me.

3. This "regular" girl I finally found is not a pro, and her mother really DOES need an operation.

Been there, done that, have the T-Shirt, and now I get to watch other guys make the same mistake while I get to feel older and wiser.

J Wadd
02-07-04, 00:37
Man, isn't this board about having sex with pros? If you want to pick up regular girls, go to that big mall Rio Sul, or whatever it's called. Why the hell would anyone want to have sex with a regular girl? Do you think you're gonna be able to drop the big perversions on her? Doubt it. Do you think your gonna be able to have sex with her by the fifth date? Doubt it.

But I don't know. A regular-girl friend to a pro showed up to one of those clubs behind the Hilton in S.P. and picked me up one night. She was drunk and wanted it up the glory hole. Really. I swear on my unborn half-'n-half Brasilian children. She was FINE too.

Anyway, we go back to the hotel room (rented for 2 hours), I go to squirt, she walks up, closes the door with a smile, and leaves. Ha. I went back and fucked her friend for 25 dollars. Both were part time models. I have pictures of the pro -- I should get them developed.

Moral? Lighten up. The grass is never greener, and all of that. Hey, that's funny -- cause the pro girl had the added attraction of busting out a joint. Sookie sookie, homes.

Happy Hunting,

Only Looking
02-07-04, 04:20
Lots of discussion around prices and girls from Help. In my experience the independents from Help (or Meia Pataca, Balcony bar etc) were really hit or miss. I had one great experience with a girl who I spent two nights with and in between she took me sight seeing and to a Samba school . I gave her a total of 500R$ for the two days. I had some decent short time experiences at decent prices (100R$ for 2 hours etc) and one bad experience (although part of it was my fault for being too tired!). In that case I had assumed all night for 290R$ with a hot blonde 18yo who spoke good english but she left after a couple of hours.

However the best experiences consistently were the Terma girls. The trick is to make a connection, get their number and have them overnight. I had one who I really got along with and she didnt even want any money after an all nighter. Unfortunately that was my last night in Rio!

02-07-04, 12:59
American citizen Douglas Alan Skolnick, 55, a retired worker from New Jersey, sits in a cell after being arrested for allegedly making an obscene gesture while being fingerprinted and photographed at the international airport in Foz de Iguacu, 800 kilometers (500 miles) southeast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Friday, Feb. 6, 2004. It was the second incident of its kind in three weeks, after Brazil imposed new entry rules in response to similar rules in the United States for citizens of Brazil and other countries whose citizens need visas to enter. (AP Photo/Aurea Cunha/Agencia Estado)

02-07-04, 14:43
How interesting that a US citizen is in a Brazilian jail after breaking the law. That is what usually happens if you don't respect the rules in a country where you are a guest. What do you think what would happen to anyone making an obscene gesture to a US customs officer? The same maybe? Let's stick to the subject of this website, having great sex all over the world!

02-07-04, 19:04
Go Joe,

I have seen your posted photos of the twins. Awesome.

Could you please post some of the 10s and 11s from Belo Horizonte? Did you pick them up at HELP as well?



02-08-04, 03:02
>> damaja


>> I keep telling you guys that you are not very likely to meet a non-pro in Copacabana or even in Ipanema…..
They know you’re a tourist..
You can’t speak the language..
They can’t speak any English, or just speak a few words….
You will be going back home in 1 or 2 weeks… what kind of relationship can you expect?

>> I have been living here in Rio for almost 3 years now and I can not tell you of ONE successful long distance relationship …. IT DOES NOT WORK…. If you want to meet someone and fall in love you will most likely have to MOVE to Brazil……

Kenn's the man, he knows what he's talking about here. I went to disco in Ipanema myself. Ended up at Help that same night, after being (hate to admit) snubbed!

Bull Dozer
02-08-04, 07:13

Picture # 2 for you of the beach with topless


02-08-04, 10:15
Please excuse the dumb questions (and please feel free to point me to a Brazil FAQ).

1) What is a Terma?
2) What exactly does TLN mean? I assume it's an all nighter.

02-08-04, 14:29
Today, Feb. 8th, O Globo (biggest newspaper in Rio) published an article about prostitution in Copacabana, and how foreigners are exploited.

According to the article, foreigners are charged much more than Brazilians for the same products and services. Pretending to be a foreigner tourist, the reporter was charge R$400 for fish and some beers (the beach chairs alone costed R$100), whereas another reporter was charged R$15 for beers and chairs.


Rio Bob
02-08-04, 15:56

At the top of the screen(browser) click on "Terms and abbreviations" this will explain many of these types of questions you have including what is "TLN". You won't find what is a Termas, which is the Portuguese word for "Sauna". But in our case it refers to the several establishments in Rio that this board has mentioned many times like "Monte Carlo", 4X4" and Centaurus. These are basically establishments where men can go and take a sauna, relax, have a drink, listen to music and best of all choose a girl from the selection provided and spend a minimum of 40 minutes with her in a private room to do what ever it is he desires. This for the mere price of about $R225 reais including drinks more or less. Hope this HELP'S.

Rio Bob
02-08-04, 23:20
This is a piece of the front page that unforgiven refers to below.

Only Looking
02-09-04, 02:47
Well if you are stupid enough to shell out 400R$ for ANYTHING you probably deserve it. I didn't see too many tourists paying much over local rates. Every beer I bought was under 5R$ all over Copacabana.

Lover Boy #2
02-10-04, 06:30
Would someone be so kind as to post the 6 best sauna clubs in Rio, their address and tel #, and the price. As to price, I am kind of confused as I read all of the posts of every Rio "year". Are these places "till you shoot", or do you get to utilize all of the time paid for? I know this is kind of a YMMV question, but what is the "rule" on this in general?

Please excuse some of my English, I am from Germany. I have been to Rio once before for a few days (10 years ago), and I visited 2 Termas. Monte Carlo was one and the other I don't remember the name. It was an exclusive club in the Centro area. The exchange rate with the Deutschmark was very poor and the Centro place came to 240 DM (approx. 120 US!), and this was the "basic" price. I have done quite a bit of mongering in the past years and I don't remember what the deal was in these places. Can we have some dialogue on this?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. Thanks!

Max Candy
02-10-04, 09:47
Question: I am porn shooter


Moving top Rio tommorrow, wondering if anyone know anything about agents, model, other producers, its more a 3 month vaction for me, but would love to meet some contacts while there, any advice?

Max Candy

02-10-04, 12:58
Hello Lover Boy #2,

In my experience at Thermas Lumono, Monte Carlo, and Aeroporto, you can shoot as many times as you can for the allotted time. I have never been rushed or had a session end early.


02-10-04, 17:26
oh my god....the sky is falling. all is lost. save the women and children. they have raided the terrace atlantico.

....terrace, in front of help, when there was a large police raid, apparently in response to yesterday's article on prostitution in el globo. feederales with machine guns raided the terrace, along with el globo cameramen shooting photos and videosof people. myself and my girl ran. girls were rep001tering everywhere. they cornered a bunch of girls in the bathroom, and i don't know what happened after that, because we left in a hurry. possibly help is next. events still unfolding...

ba here i come.

02-10-04, 19:32
HEADGAMES-i know of one relationship with one of these girls that is working pretty well- between myself and my brazilian girlfriend but i do admit that it can be pretty tough at times . i met her here last year and we have been virtually inseperable ever since . i am in rio with her now staying in copa in an apartment which we use as a base to set out on exursions around rio .
being in copa can be a real strain . we get some real dirty looks and some stupid comments from the mostly uneducated cariocas.
they all assume that i am a gringo tourist with a working girl . i have to restrain myself from fighting with some of these idiots because i know if i do start a fight you are not just fighting one but their friends also . they are all very brave with their shit statements when they are in bunches of 5 and 6 . i`m sure many of you understand what i am talking about if you can understand the statements or the girl you are with tells you .
the fact is guys these cariocas hate our asses for coming here taking the cream of their girls . many of these guys will never in their lifetime spend a night with girls as beautiful as we stay with here .

02-10-04, 19:57
UNFORGIVEN- on the subject of been ripped of as a tourist in brazil ( rio especially) I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT.
this too along with the smart comments from the uneducated cariocas has been a strain on my relationship with my girlfriend. you see i`m a businessman back home in europe and there is one thing i cannot take is being ripped off.
i can afford it but i point blank refuse to stay in a hotel in copa. because they charge european prices even though the costs to them to provide this service are far, far less than europe.
the price difference between restaurants is crazy. you can easily pay 2 times as much for the exact same meal in the same standard of reastaurant.
on the subject of beach chairs . i bought 2 and an umbrella for nearly the price of 2 days rental here . i am staying in brazil for 7 weeks total .
i am renting an apartment for 7 weeks for what most gringos pay for 4 nights stay in a hotel in copa.
i refuse to leave tips at restaurants where there is a service charge included in the bill.
i sometimes have fights with my girlfriend because she sometimes mistakes my shrewdness for being mean but when i explain to her that i refuse to be treated like a stupid tourist she usually understands .

02-10-04, 22:18
I have also read the Oglobo art. and be gotten about that.

I hope that the favela boys raise her weapons as every year about Carnaval in Rio´s favelas. That the police realize what is really important in this city.

Shit happens, when Help closed down, I go to Vila Mimosa or Termas Bangu, alone the PM has fear to drift in the Bullet holes. What I want is the only one: Beatiful Girls and no more fucking shy woman in the citycentre of my town.


J Wadd
02-11-04, 01:22
Max Candy:

If I were you, I'd just go to the sex clubs and audition women there. I bet any woman you'd want would be into it. In my opinion, there'd be enough talent to compete with the gallery you've posted (and I recognzed some of those girls from Private porn) in most of the clubs.

I don't think there's a lot of porno/explicit modeling in Brasil. Dunno. I know there's a lot of glamour modeling, however. I've long been thinkin of starting a web site on all the pics and videos that I've taken/want to take. I might have enough after next trip. The women there are as pretty as any in E. Europe or Russian.

PM (personal message) me for more if you want. Great question.

Happy Hunting!

J Wadd
02-11-04, 01:25
Max Candy:

Also -- don't forget that Sao Paulo has about 100 times the availabilty of women that Rio does. No tourist rip-off artists in S.P either (or at least not many) -- which is sadly a high pecentage of the garota population in Rio.

I hooked up with three different fashion models while I was there last -- all free-lancing at strip clubs for a little extra cash. What lays!


Rio Bob
02-11-04, 03:31
The Secretary of Public Safety and three police stations have joined their forces to repress the work of pimps and prostitutes in Rio during Carnival. The campaign was launched Monday morning and includes a team of at least 50 officers, from specialized police stations that caters to tourists, entertainment activities and children and adolescents.

Authorities explained that they are aware that the campaign will not end prostitution, but believe the joined effort will minimize the problem in the city, particularly in regards to the exploitation of minors. Yesterday, Edvaldo dos Santos was arrested in Copacabana offering prostitutes to tourists. He carried a catalog that displayed pictures of half-naked women and girls, one of them clearly less than 10 years old.

The business of prostitution on the oceanfront is also fed by beaches vendors. In addition to overcharging tourists, many times they offer women, working as middle-men in the deals. In return, prostitutes stimulate clients to purchase drinks and food. There has also been reports of minor thefts against tourists committed by prostitutes.

RCA Knight
02-11-04, 07:11
Just returned to Bangkok for some more action after 10 days in Guaruja, Santos, Ilhabela. (My 47th trip into Brazil in 15 years of my 35 years of life) Picked up very nice amatures students. Read it in my Sao Paulo section. For people who tired of city of Rio, I like to tell you some nice places in Estado Rio to pick up nice amatures. I recommend Angra dos Reis. Lots of girls on vacation. Lots of out of staters. The girls on holiday are easy to pick up with a car and spending some money on taking them out. They have lots of free time and if you offer take them for drive and dinner, my experiences 50% will go. And after that it takes personal technic to score. Read in my article in Florianopolis section for a personal tip.

And another good place to hunt for amatures is Buzios. Both places are very safe and relaxed. In summer time lots of vacationers. Lots of garotas from other states. Don't be shy and spend some money. So easy to pick up amatures in Brasil. They are much more fun too.

Bull Dozer
02-12-04, 01:12

Looking for more Rio update, after the Police raid. I have only been gone three weeks now. Are Meia Pataca, Balcony & Help operating like the same as before or have they started to restrict girls from their usual activities, I guess this will increase Termas business in Rio. Will it make Rio a safer place than before & for how long.

I guess the Police are doing this just for the Carnaval, because too many foreign reporters are there at this time, it will make them look good, but Brazil needs the mongerer - Tourists & prostitution, it helps the economy a whole lot, there are very few girls that save their money, they blow it on clothes,food, cosmetics etc & some on drugs. I hope some of my girls stick around till late March when I go back.


Redskins Rule
02-12-04, 04:13
Brazil Government just released this press release. I think the US been putting pressure on them or something.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Bare-breasted, hip-thrusting Carnival beauties may stoke lust in some tourists but Rio de Janeiro authorities hope to temper their ardor with reminders that not all sex in the city is legal.

Concerned about Rio's image as a major sex tourism destination and the crime that surrounds prostitution, city prosecutors are launching a campaign against sexual exploitation and the use of minors in the sex trade.

The drive, which involves a police crack-down on pimps and brothels as well as a public awareness campaign, coincides with Rio's world-famous Carnival jamboree that kicks off on Feb 20.

One of its focal points is tourism.

"Sex tourism is no good for the city," Ana Lucia Melo, prosecutor in a special unit combating the sex trade and child prostitution, told Reuters.

Young people wearing T-shirts saying "Sexual exploitation is a crime" will distribute pamphlets to tourists across the city explaining that having sex with a person under 14 could land them in jail for up to 10 years.

"We will make contact with all the tourists coming to Rio, in the airports, in the seaport, in hotels and even during Carnival processions in the street," she said.

The city is already swarming with tourists and loud rehearsals for colorful samba parades have begun.

It is not illegal in Brazil to offer sexual services or to use them but exploiting other people or running a brothel is an offense with jail terms of one to five years.

Melo said police will regularly raid areas in the city center, along Copacabana beach and in the Barra de Tijuca neighborhood that are notorious for prostitution. Seven under-age prostitutes, including three transvestites, were detained in one such raid earlier this week on Copacabana.

"This operation does not end with Carnival. It will go on with the aim of reducing prostitution and punishing those who cash in on the miserable situations that make many women sell their bodies," she said.

A special U.N. envoy said in November the problem of child prostitution and sexual exploitation in Brazil was worse than in most other countries because of poverty, crime and tourism.

Non-governmental organizations estimate the number of child prostitutes in Brazil at between 100,000 and 500,000, out of a total population of 175 million.

02-12-04, 04:31
what is going on in rio right now? they raided the terraco atlantico? i don't imagine you could get in trouble if you're just sitting there right? what are these raids about? is it just for **** girls? if that is the case, who cares, if you're doing **** girls you deserve to get caught. is rio going to change, is what we do still okay?

Bob Amp
02-12-04, 04:44
Article on Rio and crackdown to fight sex tourism. Hope they fail, Rio is a fun spot. Happy Hunting.


02-12-04, 06:59
Antoninho - thanks for the input. Funny thing is, I did hook up with a complete amateur for a while (in Macae, actually, not in Rio). But I've had such shitty luck with amateurs on all my other trips, I just think that it's the exception, not the rule, for us gringos. Man, if I were you and had a real girlfriend in Rio, I would stay the hell away from Copa!

That reminds me, I've got a couple of good stories about Macae, I should post them sometime. There's no section for Macae, though.

02-12-04, 15:23
To avoid getting ripped off in Rio, the best defense is learning Portugese. Some merchants like me for that and charge local prices for a beer or "cerveja" for just 1Real. When I walked up to another merchant asking for "beer", the merchant tried to charge my 5 Reais. I walked away from that stand knowing that the typical price for "cerveja" is 1 Real. I do stand a better chance of blending in than a European because I can look like a carioca when I get a tan. I am actually of Asian decent and I can speak some Portugese. A pro in HELP when I went with my Brazillian friend on my very first trip before I learned English was trying to charge me 400Reais. I was going to naively accept until my Brazillian friend who took my to Brazil pulled me away and said it was a bad deal. My friend spoke on my behalf to another pro and got me a girl for just 150 Reais.
By the way, I heard they were going to shut down brothels and arrest pimps. I was wondering what the latest situation is on this. I read an article about it yesterday that starting Monday they have started trying to clean up Rio for Carnival. I also heard that HELP closed down. have they raided the termas as well? If so, I don't think it is worth going anymore. I also know that all the termas are closed during the Carnival days.

Max Candy
02-12-04, 20:01
Thanks for info guys, just arrived in Rio an hour ago.

Feeling good!

Anyone want to show me the ropes? I can return favour in Prague or Budapest.

Got flat in Ipemnema.

Private message me if your interested in showing a jaded 34 year old pornographer the the Rio thing.



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Cutting Edge
02-13-04, 00:24
Seems it maybe dark times ahead for Copacabana. Somebody I know who was there at the time of the raids on the Balcony told me that news crews accompanied the cops on the raids. Question is, if you're in a terma and it gets raided, do you want to be on television in a robe or worse still, caught in the act in the cabine?

Cutting Edge
02-13-04, 00:38
Go Joe,

I'd like to share your train of thought, but I think its just wishful thinking on your part. Brasil actually has very little organised prostitution when compared with Thailand etc and they definately don't need it to keep the country afloat.

As for foreign reporters? Well I've seen many generalised reports on the TV and in the newspapers about Carnival and very rarely do they focus on prostitution. I guess all those reporters will be upset now as they might not get laid :-).

Maybe Rio will go the way of Cuba..........

Rio Bob
02-13-04, 03:02
The word in Rio is don't worry, this happens every year before Carnival and then everything returns to normal. Don't worry be happy.

02-13-04, 04:57
With the thousands of girls working the program and the many thousands of guys here for the program they only managed to arrest ONE guy and 7 minors!! I don't think they are really trying hard to inforce anything. Just a dog and pony show to show the news media they are cracking down. I bet you will not hear too much if anything more about this.

Java Man
02-13-04, 06:17
I heard rumor that minors where found working at Help, and thats it's closed. anyone in Rio care to elaborate?

Cutting Edge:
when was Balconey Raided? I was there end of Jan, when 6 minors were working Balcony. Balconey was closed for about 3 days. i heard they paid $3-4, 000 fine.

02-13-04, 07:53
The termas will be fine. Although prostitution is legal in Brazil, pimping and running a house of prostitution are not. However, the termas still manage to do a landover business amongst the Rio elite. Remember until recently the termas were the exclusive relaxation grounds for Rio businessmen after a hard day's work, including lots of government officials until just a few years ago. Then the word got out to us fellow mongers. The termas get by with the appropriate payouts to the appropriate officials.

The current action is just a campaign to clear the streets of obvious child prostitution prior to the tourists arriving for Carnival (and a much needed campaign at that!!)

I would not be concerned about going to a terma. They are very discrete facilities. Unless you know what to look for, most tourists would not even notice them when walking by - unlike a child trying to turn tricks or being pimped by someone on Av. Atlantica. Besides, the termas are all closed for a few days during Carnival.

As for minors in Help, every night I have ever been there, I have seen at least a couple of obvious minors in there. I onced asked a garota whom I had seen a few times about it. She just rolled her eyes and said that they either have fake id cards or borrow an older gal's id card in order to get it. So, I guess the usual warning applies . . . if she looks too young, she probably is.

Max Candy
02-13-04, 13:00

Who is in Rio now?


Max Candy
02-13-04, 13:09
So what is everyones favourate place that is open?

02-13-04, 17:59

To paraphrase Mark Twain: the reports of Help's demise are greatly exaggerated. It was just a show by the police in response to a series of articles in the local paper about prostitution in Copa. I was in Help last night (this morning) 'til about 4am.

Hopefully after Carnaval this nonsense will die out.

02-13-04, 20:01
Wish I were in Rio now. It's been a few months and I need my fix. Anyway, some of you may remember that a couple of years ago a weatherman in Rio gave an unfavorable forecast for the New Year holiday, warning away thousands of tourists. When the weather turned out to be nice, they attempted to charge him with a crime and throw his ass in jail. If you consider that along with all the other circus-like actions of the Brazilian authorities, it makes me think that these recent prostitution arrests are more of the same and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

02-14-04, 19:10
am in rio now with my girlfriend- she is brazilian . i met her here last year . we go to help sometimes together. you learn a lot about the rio scene when you have a brazilian girlfriend.
just want to say a couple of things about help disco .
probably the most annoying thing is when i am with my girl and i go to the toilet for a couple of minutes and i come back to discover that some idiot (who knows for sure i am with this girl) offers my girl some ridiculous amount of money in an obvious attempt to buy her away from me . my girl tells me everything that goes on and she told me that this italian shit offered her 200 dollars at first or for her to name her price . this is not the first time that this has happened - i wrote about it here last year . i think it really takes a low life to try to do this behind a fellow griongos back . i went looking for the idiot to give him a piece of my mind or maybe something more but i could`nt find him . this guy knew that my girl was with me because it was the first thing my girlfriend told him but he persisted.

02-14-04, 22:14
The prostitutes belong to Rio de Janeiro like sugar loaf. A lot of tourists come frequently to RJ because of the Garotas here and not because of Sugar Loaf, Cristo, etc. If the politicians and the mayor banish these girls form Copa it would be amount to blow up sugar loaf. The "garotas de programa" are an important economic factor and everybody now this very well. Help probably has more visitors then the modern art museums and other attractions.

Anyway, the raids have only one intention: to show the people the police are present and are well prepared for the Carnival. Actually the police are happy to get the violence during these days.

Needless to say, that the police took this opportunity to “earn” some extra money from the owners of the bars.

By the way, it is not a secret that the “Policia Civil” is always with few guys in Help and Balcony.

Dr. Pimpolho

02-14-04, 22:38
Rio Bob,

Thank you for your words about everything returning to normal after carnival. I was getting a little worried about Copa. I have tickets for April, does anyone know how the weather is during that time?

02-15-04, 03:05
If you don't want other guys hitting on your girlfrend, don't go to Help. If guys hit on your girlfriend, take it as compliment. No reason to get mad. After all, Help is .... HELP.

I actually saw a American couple playing a game in the Help. They seems to be wife and husband. The wife is not young. The husband would leave the wife alone and sat a few seats away. He watched guys hitting on his wife. I did not stick around to see what kind of game they played.

Life is too short. Don't let these litter things stopping you to live the life.

I heard that there are girls fighting over guys in Help a lot. I never see it happened. It would be funny to watch if guys fight over girls. They are plenty of selection in the Help. I have to beat girls away with a stick.

02-15-04, 11:10
antoninho, You have no one to blame for upsetting you but yourself..... I don't understand it. Why would anyone take his girlfriend to HELP Disco. in the first place?? Then you complain when someone hits on her...
I would never never go within 100 yards of Help Disco. with any girl I had any feelings for.

Cutting Edge
02-16-04, 01:50
Looking back over this page seems to highlight how ignorant some people are of Brasil and Brasilians. To actually believe that Rio or Brasil actually owes its financial stabilty to a few gringos paying a few hundred reals for a lay is beyond belief. Last time I looked, Brasil was in the top ten in the world for GDP (thats Gross Domestic Product not Garota da Programa). Looking at the behaviour of some individuals both outside and inside Help may hint at why a crackdown occured. Obnoxious and drunken behaviour isn't welcome anywhere as are T-shirts with Portuguese swear words worn by ignorant gringos. Some forget that Copacabana is a residential area with a population around 300,000.

Boxing Rule 222
02-16-04, 03:25
You should also know it is one of the poorest countries in the world sans Africa.

Sal Dali
02-16-04, 12:15
Cutting Edge,

I have very little to say, but will point out that there is a big difference between the GDP of a country versus it's cash economy base. Brazil is a great example of a country with a HUGE trimodal distribution - 1) Those who earn a lot, 2) those who earn enough, and 3) THE GREAT MAJORITY that struggle. The cash basis that operates most of Brazil's internal economy is not predicated on prostitution, but the economic problems that would be created would be terrific if it were made illegal (without other programs being put in place).

For instance, many of the woman who use this for cash have children. Without this, they would be forced to look for other employment where the money is worse and employability is unlikely.

The examples could go on for hours, but unless wide-sweeping economic changes are made, the GDP will never improve the life of the Brazilian at the lower end of the socio-economic curve.

(I do agree with your assessment of ignorant gringos wearing shirts that only reflect their stupidity. They make all of us look bad. I often find myself wanting to remind these guys that Brazil has a lot more going for it than just cheap P__sy - not that there's anything wrong with the latter.)

Sal (long time traveler to Brazil, but VERY rare poster)

Cutting Edge
02-16-04, 14:20
Boxing Rule 222

...and what about all those other countries in latin america, the far east, middle east, eastern europe etc etc.

Is your statement meant to be an excuse for slobbish behaviour?

The redlight scene in Rio is a pinprick, 1 disco, 4 bars and a few boites. How many such establishments in Bangkok would you say?

Max Candy
02-16-04, 22:46
Ok, I like this town! I was at Help, just as crazy as you guys said, took 2 girls all night 250 each, goning back very soon, if not tonight.

Now I ganna check out the themas, what is best one?

I am in Ppenmea.



02-17-04, 12:24

Arrived yesterday in rio and wonders if anyone wants to grab a few beers and check out the scene.

Please pm

02-17-04, 17:42
Max Candy:

They're all good (except maybe L'Uomo), but start with L'Uomo or Solarium, adress info is on this site, do a search.

Tom B.

Doc Bill
02-17-04, 20:00
Right on, RB, let's keep this board to topic and fun. I assume that even by now HELP is fully in business as are the surrounding cafes, no? Max Candy, my favorite terma is Luomo, followed a close second by Monte Carlo. Both are in Copacabana, Monte Carlo is a walk from HELP. I like starting at Luomo, then going to Monte Carlo and from there walking over to the scene at the Atlantic (Terrace?) Cafe, eating and then hitting HELP at midnight (Thank goodness for Viagra & Cialis!).

I was disappointed with terma 4X4: Too crowded, rushed and unenthusiastic service. Solarium was okay, lots of tall blonds if you like that.

Stay away from the streetwalkers in Lapa. They aren't girls, no matter how good they look. In fact, streetwalkers in Rio are a bad idea in general. They tend to be bottom of the barrel.

Who wants to meet up between March 12 and 22? I'm going down with a friend who's a Rio virgin.

02-17-04, 20:56
Hi All,

Im pretty new to the board, but have read many many reports as I'm going to Brazil for the first time in March -April. First going to Rio for week to ten days, then plan a trip to Iguacu and Manaus via Airpass on either Varig or Tam.

Some advise on A couple of points would be much appreciated.

1. Does anyone know what Easter holiday is like there? Do the clubs, termas close? Is Rio either crazy or dead during this time? If there is spring break equivalent, is this a good or bad time in relation to prices and or crowds?

2. Does anyone know how Varig rates to Tam as to quality, delays for travel within Brazil? As with the above question, is this maybe not an ideal time to travel? I have the option to travel the weeks before Easter.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Exec Talent
02-18-04, 02:39
Got a favor to ask of you guys. Has anyone seen recently a girl who looks like the porn star Kitty Yung, pic attached? She used to work at L'uomo, but may now be at another termas.

A friend of mine met her when we were in Rio and now wants to bring her to the US. I told him what I have been reading here about the girls cheating on their boyfriends and that he had better be careful. If anyone has seen her could you let me know here or send me a private message? He is a good guy and I would hate to see him get hurt.

02-18-04, 05:33
Max Candy,

If you can, please try to hold the donations down to 200 reais.

Rio Bob,

I believe that "we" contribute a huge amount to the economy down there and if "we" went away, the palce would not change for the better. Who else spends any time in Copacabana? I see "civilians" (regular tourists) and I wonder what they're doing there, it doesn't make sense. Would you take your American wife to Copacabana? I don't think so.

I am also amazed that in the photo gallery here, I have slept with two of the girls and my friend "dated" one of them for a week. I would hate to play the game 6 degrees of separation with anyone in this forum, because I already see, I have a connection with some of you.

And lastly, everyone should see "City of God" to see what life is like inside of the favelas without risking your life and going in there. A really good movie.

Brasilian gilrs are the greatest anywhere, and I can't wait to get to Rio on april 16th for my tenth time in 3 years.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Doc Bill
02-18-04, 08:26
Bob, always my pleasure to be of service!

Donnie Cabo
02-18-04, 09:15
Check her out.

Genghis Khan
02-18-04, 10:56
Does anyone know if the restaurant Grottamare still exist?


Max Candy
02-18-04, 18:09

As of yestreday, man that place rocks, seems fair and honest, good prices for drinks 8-12 R$. Rooms 40, girl 100.

Girls are hot, 30 girls/ 12 guys there at 6pm.

Man, now i see what you guys like this town?

Max Candy
02-18-04, 18:13
Questions on thye Brazilian Way?

Seems like alot of guys were french kissing Pros at L'uomo, is that:

A) Normal here,

B) Safe?

My girl at L'uomo started licking my Ass. I did not ask, I did like, though is that pretty normal here too?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Doc Bill
02-18-04, 18:16
Actually, Josh, the favelas are the safest places to be. The drug lords keep crime way down so as not to attract the police. I took, and highly recommend, a favela tour when I was in Rio last. It was very eye-opening (sorry for this totally nonsexual content!).

Rio Bob
02-19-04, 03:33
Genghis, looks like you have fine taste in food also:
Cuisine: Sea Food

Address: R. Gomes Carneiro, 132
Phone: 21-522-3186
Time Open: 7:00pm
Time Close: 1:00am


City Area: Zona Sul (South)

This is off of the BROL website, looks like it is still open.

Bon Apitit

02-19-04, 09:37
donnie cabo,
what a great pick !
please share with us the cell of this beauty
we'll treat her as she worths...

Cutting Edge
02-20-04, 01:56
Exec Talent, tell your friend to forget about her, its not a case of IF but a case of WHEN he's going to get his heart broken. This termas girls have sex with over 20-25 guys per week, having a relationship with one is a nightmare and doomed to failure. The only thing that is sure is that she will milk him for money. By all means, get a Brazilian girlfriend, but don't look on Copacabana especially amoungst the piranhas.

Secondly, tourists in Rio/Copa, the majority are from other parts of Brasil and South America, not the US of A. Most gringos don't realise who are tourists and who are not.

02-20-04, 02:37

Does anybody know if a girl named Isabela still works at Luomo?? She has collar length, straight black hair, big rack and a big dragon tatoo from knee to ankle on one leg. Any mongers out there seen this girl ???? I'm trying to avoid her for various reasons but would like to hit Luomo on my next trip.....

Thanks for the help....


02-20-04, 14:09
I am looking for a brazilian agent who represents brazilian girls.

I am looking to film/photo the girls for a website.

Please private message me with your info.

I plan on going to Rio.

R Holland
02-20-04, 16:01
Ola! Gentlemen,

I envy you. The real is up to 2.99. And you are there in Carnaval.

I will not be there until May 13. So gather some information and pass it to me. But enjoy while you can. If you need a translater. Go to the Sheraton Hotel seek out Leslie. He works there speaks english and is very Honest and Trustworthy. Tell him Richard from California says Hello. and ask if his mother is well. Her name is Clarritta. Enjoy!


Cutting Edge
02-20-04, 19:20
Rio Bob, some people here seem to believe that mongers paying 50USD for a BJ keeps Copacabana afloat, which it doesn't. In any of the termas in Copacabana you may see 15 or 20 gringos on any one night. That number divided into 300,000 is miniscule!

Seems everybody missed the post further down with the screen capture from OGlobo which showed screenshots of another website of this ilk. Who knows whos watching us!!

I've also noticed several new members asking guys to procure garotas for them, I'd treat such requests as suspicious. Maybe Oglobo is looking for a scoop.

Cutting Edge
02-20-04, 21:55
Looks like the games over guys, the Federal Police are involved now.


Cutting Edge
02-21-04, 01:48
Hi Rio Bob,

firstly , has anybody asked you to post pictures of tourists sat in bars known for prostitution? I have spoken to both the guys in your picture over the past few years, I'm sure they'd be very happy to see their faces here. The chick in the white dress in the background is a coke head, complete pain in the ass, maybe you'd like to relax with her?

What I think doesn't matter, however what the Policia Federal thinks does matter. Oglobo, one of the worlds largest news agencies is mounting a campaign against foreign sex tourists, this matters. We now know that several websites have been infiltrated by the Policia Federal and Oglobo reporters, therefore all the touts contact details, meetings etc are known to them. Its obvious they would love to catch a gringo(I'd imagine preferably an American)in the act of running a pimping business. Do you not think it strange that suddenly two new members , both who claim to be in the porno industry are asking silly newbie like questions and asking for introductions to willing ladies?

Rio Bob, I agree, they are off the mark with repsect to the US websites, but somehow, people always hate it more when they are being taken advantage of by a foreign national.

Doc Bill
02-21-04, 03:12
Cutting Edge,

Your link does not work unless I register with Expat, which I'd rather not do. Can you give us a synopsis?

Cutting Edge
02-21-04, 03:32
A new link, seems expats makes their story subscriber only after a short time.This link worked on Friday night and at time of posting.


Basically there was a demo in Copacabana by a group called 'youths for peace' which targeted johns and hookers on the strip. A later paragraph mentioned the the Fed Gov of Brasil was aware of US websites promoting law breaking in Brasil and that they may ask the US gov to take them offline.

Rio Bob
02-21-04, 03:41
Doc here it is:

More than 100 members of the movement Youths for Peace joined the State in its campaign against the sexual exploitation of minors yesterday, in Copacabana. The young people paraded with banners and T-shirts and distributed pamphlets, written in Portuguese and English, warning tourists that sex with minors is a crime punishable with up to ten years in prison. Tourists and women, some of whom appeared to be minors, were seen getting up and leaving tables on Avenida Atlântica in the wake of the demonstration.

The Federal government is also setting its sights on the various Internet Web sites promoting sexual tourism in Rio. According to chief prosecutor, Carlos Alberto Aguiar, of the Attorney General’s Office, the federal government is considering asking the Justice department to forward a request to the government of the United States to have the sites shut down as they serve as an accessory to the committing of a crime.

Can Xes
02-21-04, 13:43
I am in RIO for a few days by myself (except the occasional guest) and would like to hook up with some fellow mongers to see some of the carnival excitement.

02-21-04, 17:10
Rio Bob. I bet the US can't wait to help Brazil. Especially when Brazil singled out only the Americans entering Brazil to be harassed.