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05-09-02, 03:23
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05-10-02, 00:45
Buenos dias, amigos. What do you know, first to post on the "new" forum. Too bad I don't have anything to say.

Well, maybe one thing to say. I was unaware that the cabbies were getting a cut from the MP's like they do from the clubs in the zona. I thought when you hired a cabbie to take you anywhere outside the zona you paid (or in Anonymous' case overpaid) the cabbie to take you where you were going and that was that. Do these parasites follow gringos into the grocery store and demand a piece of the action??

Guys, do yourself a favor and walk right past these leeches when you cross the bridge and at least take a nice stroll down to the Cathedral and hop a cab from there. Or better yet, learn to use the bus system. They will take you anywhere in town for $4 pesos and it is an interesting cultural experience to boot. If you are really adventurous, and have the legs for it, ride a bicycle. Just stay off Lopez Mateos, it is a real killer.

05-13-02, 03:00
Dougie. Doesn't matter if you walk to the other side of town or what. If you take a cab to any joint serving sex, the cabbie will follow you in to get his cut. End of story. It's a no brainer. Grocery stores, no. Sex industry, YES....Such is the cesspool of Juarez. God I love NL!

05-14-02, 01:26
There are 18 different ways to beat the cab drivers, and, number one, Dougie is quite right about hiring a cabbie further down Avenida Juarez. Just tell him the address or intersection, pay him, and get out. He will not follow you into the MP.

And Juarez is not a cesspool.

BorderJumper had a bad experience here with a woman, and now he runs down every single thing about Juarez. I watched all of this happen first hand. Read the history of his posts if you do not believe me.

Well, that's his business...I have lived in the city for two solid years and can tell you most of the bad things that happen to people here are due to their own attitudes.

Sorry, Border Jumper, but it seems that you have made it your mission in life to run down Juarez on every single Internet forum in existence.

A little balance is in order here...

Please don't take this as flaming, but when someone consistently maginifies the negatives about a place 1000 fold and pretends there are no positives it seems someone should point this fact out in a non-confrontational kind of way.

If you want good information about Juarez, listen to me and Dougie and a few other experienced hands instead.

05-15-02, 12:31
Damn, wondered what had happened to you DE. Had seen any posts for awhile. It wasn't just a woman my friend but the attitude of the city in general. The lack of intellect amongst the populace. Having made the comparison between where I am now and Juarez, NL wins hands down and as I was once told my a friend, most Mexicans in other parts of the country look towards Juarez and the state of Chihuahua in general as the"niggertown" of Mexico. and as I travel more of this beautiful country and meet more of the wonderful citizens of Mexico, I'm inclined to agree with that observation. And, my friend, I might point out, we've both lived in Juarez for an equal amount of time, but in my case, I've been coming down there since the early eighties. I believe I am as qualified as you or Dougie to offer opinions on the subject. No two people look at the same subject the same way. By your own admission, you no longer patronize the bars in the zona. I do, to a point. I have also made the rounds of some of the MP's that you are hot on and quite frankly, wasn't impressed. So, to each his own. Take care.

05-17-02, 02:55
I took the computer to Mexico a month ago to break the internet habit but had to bring it back for work reasons. Now I spend too much time posting on monger forums, as I did before...

I still feel Juarez is at least 100 times better than you make it sound in yours posts, but I am glad you are happy in NL.

05-20-02, 00:45
Finally a bit of action in the Juarez section. Thought you all had turned in to monks or something.
Been a while since my last trip down that was but hoping for next weekend. Any new info on the Masaje action. Read about a couple new places. Prices seem to be fluctuating & chicas expecting propina. What's up with that? Maybe they've become more popular than the Ho bars because of boards like this. Come on guys, FS massage is 35 - 45 USD.. Tip if it's great but be reasonable. If we keep this up, the Mexican guys that patronize these place will find a way to make them off limits to Americans just to keep the prices down to what they can afford.

05-21-02, 03:13
perhaps i can comment on both beetle's post about pricing and another one about how cj compares to tj.

the mps i know charge this way: felina's, $45; sirena's, $45; venus, $50; genesis, $30; corpus, $30; el encanto, $30 (possibly $35 - don't go there much); roma, $45; marilyn's, $35; lepetit $35; and loyred, $35. sometimes the girl will ask for a tip at the end of a session, but i have never been bargained with in the room for service. it's a masage, if you want one, a little oral, and sex. i have heard these reports of guys saying they were upsold in the room, but in two years it's never happened to me. well, one girl at roma didn't want to take her clothes off and wanted to finish me by hand, but i complained to the manager and got me another girl for no extra charge. the girls i see now are the ones i see all the time. they never pressure me for anything, so i feel very good about giving them a $5 tip. some days, i don't have the $5, and that's no problem with them either.

i don't visit the $45 mps anymore, although felina's is one block from my house. one caught me in the little store across the street not too long ago and asked me why i had not been back, and i just told her the truth, that i had found girls i liked a lot in places that only charge $30-$35. "well, you have a lot of time here now," she replied. "buena suerte."

my american neighbor george cruises the street girls on weekends and never pays more than $10. he just keeps telling them the other girls do it for $10. nor will he go to the cheap hotels these girls use. they have to come to the apartment and agree to take a shower. nor will he give them the money before they get to the house, or they will hop out at a red light and hop on the bus back downtown. if they say no to all these conditions he cruises on. he brings home some sweet looking girls, but there are a lot of problems with the street girls. lots of them are drug addicts, and now someone you can't possibly trust 100% knows where you live---a bad, bad mistake in mexico, i have learned. unless you have an extraordinary 6th sense from spotting tvs (sometimes easy, sometimes not) you also have to ask them to show you the pussy when they get in the car. the two times i've done this i really had to ask myself what the fuck i was doing in a place where you had to make the girl prove she had pussy... personally, i'll stick with the mps. also, you have to drive them back downtown in heavy traffic. it can take an hour to go the 5 miles there from my apartment and back again.

the girls in the ***** bars will go for as little as $30 on a slow afternoon but not when the bar is full of papa smurf's truckers, who can be counted on paying a minimum of $50. there is always a negotiator to tip and condom lady to tip as well. i just don't go down there anymore although i have fond memories of three girls i would love to see again.

from what i can tell from extensive reading of the tj posts on hombre, tj must have at least 100 times as many girls to choose from, and they seem to have more leeway to negotiate the pricing than the bar girls do here---at least in the three main ***** bars here, casa colorado (a/k/a sans suici, which is the what the sign on the building says), panama, and pink lady. on a busy night, they are going to ask for $50-60 and stand pat for it.

so guys who just pop into juárez one weekend always post mixed results. some have a great time, and others get lost down in the hustle atmosphere of el centro, don't find what they want, and come home disappointed. it happened to me a couple of times when i first got here.

given a choice, i would not pick cj as a weekend sex fantasy destination. it's definitely a place you have to know well. for one thing, the mps that get posted here are rep001tered about the area east of downtown. getting there in buses is possible but not at first. paying the taxis will eat you alive. worse, every one of these mps has only 1 or maybe 2 girls which come to my standards, anyway. the rest of them are invariably way too large for me.

so if i did not have a car and could not make the rounds of every place mentioned above in about 1.5 hours i would be quite frustrated. as it is, i find what i want in the 1st or 2nd place because i know the routine. i will certainly defend juárez as a good place to explore if you have time, because if you have time on your hands what you come up with is as good as even san jose, costa rica. but, my god, it's like panning the river for gold at first. you sift a lot of dirt before you look down and see a gold nugget. then it's mismo, but i know you guys don't have that kind of time on your hands. just being honest.

05-29-02, 05:36
This board is so cool! I would be uacwoap (up a creek without a paddle) if it weren't for this board and all the great posts. I've been exploring Juarez for about 3 months - several times per month. At first, I did the walk accross the Santa Fe Bridge and visit the bars routine. I wasn't real impressed with the Pink Lady nor the Panama Club. Don't take this as gospel, however, because I was there on Sat. or Sun. afternoons. Perhaps, the scene changes for the better during the weekend evenings. But I don't like to do a late night visit in el centro.

Several comments on el centro. The one gal at "Laura's Place" or something like that was thin, sort of tall but had the prettiest smile you could imagine. I negotiated $30 with her male partner and I must say that this gal, Blanca, I believe, was the best f**k I've ever had. She knew how to move. Unforturnately I had just come from the Pink Lady about 45 minutes prior to this and so I did not even get the biggest bang possible. But I caressed her face and looked deep into her eyes. She lit up with a killer smile and she was a natural. Not Hollywood stuff. Just a sweet gal with a killer smile. The other gal out of "Laura's" several weeks later was about 17 years old. Very pretty. I felt badly after leaving her because I was a little more demanding than what I like to be. She went along with it nicely and I guess my disgust with myself was somewhat alieviated when I handed her a $20 tip afterward. She rolled her eyes in pure joy and did the sign of the cross (I"m not Catholic-don't know what it's called) - but she seemed very pleased.

But here's the kicker. I've not heard any comments in regard to this problem that bothers me. It's this - I have not felt comfortable in "Laura's" rooms or even at the Panama Club for lack of cleanliness. The bed sheets are used over and over it seems. Doesn't this bother anyone else???

So more recently I've been driving over Cordova Bridge and visiting the MP's. I went to Felina's and did not care for the service there. She rushed me. I don't make a big deal out of it except to point to my watch. So I will never return to her again. Can't remember her name and don't care to know it. But I visited Salina's (?) across from Villa Manport Hotel. There I"ve found a wonderful gal and very clean facilities. I don't get rushed. I get treated like a King. Several of the other gals manage to pinch me in the butt as I am walking back to the room. I really enjoy it there.

I've been driving a 1979 BMW which may seem foolish. I don't know. But I will probably continue unless I find a good reason not to drive my own vehicle. It looks expensive but the car is not really worth that much. But then, someone may decide that I'M worth a lot of money. Anyway, I don't have any other vehicle.

Didn't mean to ramble on here but I hope somehow some of this becomes useful info for someone. I've thoroughly enjoyed this web site and the postings. More later .....

05-30-02, 02:29
Regarding the lack of cleanliness downtown: it's definitely a turn off. When the girl straddles a sink afterwards to wash her pussy that tells you there is a lack of concern for hygeine. I just don't up there anymore in favor of the MPs.

Regarding Felina's: You might give it another chance and pick Tamara this time. She is about 26, slender, pretty face, warm smile, will not rush you.

Regarding Serina's: Don't know the girl you picked. Sounds like Denise. But there are some sweeties there now and then.

Both of these places, however, are $45 MPs, and you can find identical quality (with a little patience) in the $35 MPs. So I never go to Serina's, Felina's, Venus ($50 now - they are *really* proud of their pussy), or Roma any longer. There is just no sense in it.

About your car: you cannot do the MPs without one. The trouble with the MPs is selection. Everyone I know only has 1 or 2 girls I like. Some days they are not working. Sometimes I have to hit 2 or 3 places before I find one I like. On the bus, making the rounds would be impossibly interminable timewise, and impossible to make the rounds in a taxi costwise. Besides, you will enjoy every aspect of being in Juarez more with a car.

The fact that a BMW says "money" to a lot of Mexicans is just that, a fact. But as long as you are moving around and not stationary too long, I do not think you will have a problem. I personally had a lot of new problems when I started driving my '98 Firebird to my apartment. It's in mint condition with an illusion blue/green paint job, power everything, and has T-tops. Just the kind of muscle car every drug-dealing cholo in Juarez would love to be driving.

Suddenly, my neighbors were asking me for $2 for some beer. Did I want to buy a used VCR for $40? Could I spare a dollar for some tacos? People began to even knock on the door uninvited. These are not really bad people. It's just Mexico, and since I know them it was not even intimidating. I believe I have *finally* convinced them I DO NOT have a lot of money. The answer now is NO to each and every request, and no one who knocks on the door is allowed in the house. NEVER let anyone except your closest friends into your house or hotel room in Mexico, never. It's rule #1 with any Mexican to never let strangers or mere acquaintences into the casa. But it's no coincidence these problems arose after the arrival of the shiny late model car.

Regarding the bad reputation Juarez has on this board, if you will look back it all arises from one single individual who began running the place down because of a bad experience he had with his wife here. These posts magnify the negatives by a factor 1,000 and have contained a number of outright prevarications which I would glad to point out if forced to but would rather not. These posts may be disregarded in their entirety by anyone who wants to know what things are really like here. To complicate matters further, this individual is really a very thoughtful person and doesn't deserve to be flamed. He really got hosed by this girl and deserves to vent a bit.

I'm sure not sorry I moved here. With a little patience you can accumulate a few favoritas which are top notch without spending much money at all. It just takes time and patience.

05-30-02, 05:27
Thanks for the comments DreamingEagle and Beetlejuice. I appreciate it. I get on this board sporatically. After having perused the old board for the past several months, however, I did not pick up on the bad vibes that were coming out against Juarez.

But I listen and read everything. Then I explore and make my own opinions and judgements. I have my own likes and dislikes but really appreciate any and all comments about the experiences of others.

I just love these Juarez gals, however. I'm picky and there's only one, perhaps, at each place that appeals to me. If I'm "ready" I'll settle for a little less. But I usually goof off for a half hour or so and then patronize another place in hopes of really clicking.

Has anyone had a nice time with Gladys at the Pink Lady? I passed her up for a little pistol but afterward wished I had stayed with Gladys. But I'm pretty much sold on the MP's around town, however - thanks to the great directions and posts here on this board.

The gal at Serina's is named Katrina. She's so sweet. Likes to be playful too. I speak very, very little Spanish, but we "communicate" very well despite the drawback. I mean, when a gal has got her hand around my you-know-what, I'm not going to go outside and ask, "Gee, what does she want? I don't speak Spanish at all".

More later ......

06-03-02, 06:09
If the girl you are talking about at Serina's is a very tiny girl with a pretty face, her name is Corina. If it is her, and you like her, I can tell you that she loves chocolates. Bring her a little box of Millionaires and she will be very happy you were thoughtful enough to do so. Perhaps it is a different girl.

Hearing the very name Serina's brings back a lot of good memories. When I first started going to Juarez two years ago I was fond of staying at the Hotel VM across the street and alternating between relaxing in on their nice air conditioned rooms and then going back to Serina's. Corina and Tanya were my favorites, although I sampled the entire collection at one time or another provided they were not fat. Back then money was no consideration, however, and paying $45 with a $5 tip was no big deal at all. I could always aford to do it more times than I wanted pussy. Being 50 years old is not all bad. When you fuck it's just the same as when you were young, but I, at least, just don't need sex more than 3-4 times a weekend. All this pleasure followed up by a steak dinner at the restaurant next door to Papaguyo's Bar, followed by a long night in the bar talking to Elva the bartender and getting to meet her friends and practice my Spanish.

When that routine got boring one could hop on the Circunvalacion autobus to el centro to check out the ***** bars. Had three favoritas down there, too. It was pussy heaven, but at the time I wanted love.

Be careful what you ask for. Finally a girl working at Felina's gave me the address to her apartments and said there was a vacancy. I've been in that apartment building almost a year now and found love with the girl who had given me the directions, who turned out to live next door. But I did not want to raise a family or re-marry. She finally married another American, and, to this day, although we no longer are lovers, the situation tears us both apart. She will always be my personal Road Not Taken, and I suspect we will be in touch for many years to come.

(As a side note, my advice to anyone who wants to actually live among the Mexicans in a safe family neighborhood is that you had better be clean, friendly, and a good neighbor, or they will not hesitate to run your ass off. There are no cholos in our building; no one is allowed to play loud music; and any sign of drugs is the kiss-of-death. I found my neighbors to be fine people, which is one reason I tend to go off on anyone who paints Juarez as simply a heaven for drug dealers, TVs, and thieves. I defend the average guy on the street on Juarez because I know he is probably not a thief or violent person. I know because I have risked my own personal safety walking the streets of Juarez and never had an incident. Other Americans come to the city and have trouble with the locals instantly. I have no idea why my experience has been so charmed, but I suspect a little sincere respect for the locals is the key.)

My point to all of this is that you can find whatever you want in Juarez with a little patience. If I have $10 for pussy, I know where I can find a little sweetie around the Municipal Gym in the zona who will come to my house and give me a good time. Trouble is she will be a very troubled spirit with tons of problems and will leach if given the chance. Or I can pay $30 for a nice hour in the MP with no complications. Or, since I don't look my age, I can still "date" a nice girl who works in a restaurant or one you see doing a promotion in the big supermarkets. These girls are like models, but you are going to get sucked into a relationship so fast you might as well be something in the toilet spinning 'round and 'round faster and faster. Nice Mexican girls are looking for serious love interests and not remotely interested unless you are looking for the same, and their families will check you out, also.

Too complicated, but sometimes I do think about that Road Not Taken sometimes, meaning marriage.

I think that's great you make up your own mind about things, because it's too easy to cop the standard "all of these people are out to fuck me" attitude. Tons of them are. I'm not a dumb guy. But to assume they are all out to fuck you is to miss out on some really good cross-cultural experiences and the opportunity to see Mexico for what it really is---millions of really poor people doing the best they can to survive and retain a sense of humor and little humanity in the process. That 2% that will slit you from your ribs to your privates for $1 is no joke either. It's definitely a place where there can be eyes behind the mirrors and people watching your routines and patterns in order to strike. A Pollyanna attitude will get you killed in Juarez. If you live there you had best have neighbors and friends who trust and respect you, or you'll get fucked every time.

If you want more specific directions to the more inexpensive MPs which also have lovely girls sometime, just let me know.

06-03-02, 11:48
First off, I would like to thank borderjumper for the pointer to the Cave. For those with maps, I believe it is at the intersection of Mariscal and Samaniego. There is a blue neon sign with "CAVE" above the door, but I didn't notice the sign until crossing the street and turning around. Also, it is a block down from Club Laura, which has a more prominent neon sign with "Club L" (near Victoria & Samaniego I believe). Note that being close to the gymnasium (Mariscal & Martinez), it seems to be in a safer area than the Pink Lady (Ugarte & Altamirano).

Anyway, I went to the Cave this evening (Sunday) and it worked out well. The atmosphere in the bar could have been better for hanging out (a bit rundown & more like a large recreational room in someone's home). However, the girl I ended up with (Maria) was sure sweet: about 20 or so, quite friendly although not talkative, a few extra pounds but not chubby, and certainly well-endowed which more than compensated. All in all, it was not bad for just $40 (w/o haggling) plus the usual fees ($5 negotiation tip & $2 for condom and toilet paper). The room was small, but at least it was cleaner than at the Pink Lady. I had tried that earlier in the evening but the selection was not good, with mostly chubby girls. At the Cave, the girls seemed trimmer, but I'm not sure all of them were working rather than hanging around outside since they were not dressed up. But then again, the one i was with was just dressed in jeans and a tight top (no second guessing her endowment, which can be a problem with some of the more typical attire).

Also, I would like to give support to borderjumper's preference for Laredo over Juarez, at least with respect to the clubs. There you were almost guaranteed to find a couple of hot babes to make your mouth water. True it costs more, especially with the cab fair added on, but it made for more excitement. Here, it seems you have to settle at times. Although the MP's here are an alternative, there is the inconvenience factor (when not driving) and most of the girls there seem like the girl next door type (nice but not knocking your socks off).

Two Saturday's ago, I actually went to ten MP's trying to find a babe and didn't find one that seemed right, which basically would be pretty, trim and buxom. I went to the following places (believe it or not on foot): Felina's, Corpus, El Encanto, Sirena's, LePetit, Roma, Marilyn, El Encanto, Venus, and Michele's. However, I was being very picky, because I had started a session with a pretty but large-hipped girl at Felina's (at Peru & Borunda), which didn't work out due to a decline in interest so to speak (aggressive tip hustling, rickety massage table & hygiene issues).

I did have a great experience previously at Sirena's (at Panama & Escobar) with a most playful Carlina (?), who is cute and petite, but this time I was hoping for someone more voluptuous. My other MP experience was at Michele's (near Americas & Marti) with a friendly but overweight girl (buxom but not compensatingly so). One nice touch was that she took a shower with me afterwards. By the way, although Michele's isn't as nice inside as some of the other discount MP's ($35 range), it seems somewhat convenient, being close to the Cordova bridge (the "free bridge").

06-03-02, 12:14
Correction to previous post: that was nine MP's (on foot). El Encanto was listed twice by accident. I actually did visit it twice, but the second time there was just a single girl there who was overweight. This made me feel guilty turning her down ("Lo siento." "Porque?" "Lo siento."). Naturally, I wouldn't recommend such a trek through Juarez, unless your a fitness nut.

Also, as an aside, the first time I went to Sirena's, I noticed a sign in a laundromat just down the road (near Venezuela & Escobar). It read something like "servicio completo en una hora". This seems like a good slogan for the MP's.

06-04-02, 05:02
You remind me of me. If you made all of those places on foot you must love to walk. Funny thing about walking to them all. If you decide to rent a car next time, you are never going to be lost. After walking for a whole year with a little help from the autobuses I could get turned around and see a little or store or something and get my bearings again. That whole area east of downtown is easy to figure out, really. Hats off to you. Not many gringos have the huevos to take to the streets this way...

06-05-02, 05:15
And I thought I was the only walker. After reading the posts and the excellent directions, I parked my car several months ago in El Paso near the Sante Fe bridge and walked over the bridge, through el centro, down to Ave. 16 Sept., and on down to Felina's. Just a couple of miles, I suppose. I would not have ventured as I did had it not been for the great info I've received from everyone, especially DreamingEagle. So gracias!! Muchas gracias! When I lived in Chicago, I lived and worked right downtown or just a little to the north (Gold Coast). I would walk for hours at times in many different neighborhoods instead of taking the bus or subway. However, I did NOT have access to many MP's for lack of info and for lack of $$$. I was making decent money, but it's very expensive living there. I mean, when you pay $30,000 for a parking space in a high rise condo, you sometimes don't have a generous overflow of cash left over for the MP's. But I would not have traded that life there for anything. It's a long story on how I got down here to EP.

I enjoyed your nice long post, DreamingEagle. I'll re read it again and reply with some comments. I believe several of us are talking about the same gal at Serina's. I thought it was Katrina, some say Corina, some say something else. But she's a cutie and very pleasant to be with. Sometimes she has brown eyes, sometimes they are blue. Either way, she's a cutie.

More later ....

06-08-02, 03:01
Crespo....e-mail me you get time at this address. bprderjumper@**********.com....Thx. And for you too Dreamingeagle. Glad to see you are back in your usual fine form. I appreciate the kind words further on down the page. You know guys, these border towns are what you make of them and with the influx of people from the interior into Juarez looking for jobs that aren't there, you are going to have these problems. True, as Dreamingeagle states that the whole town is not bad as I have never disputed. I knew doctors and lawyers in Juarez when I lived there that were fantastic people. Unfortunately, the element of people most of us experience when we go trashing around the zona or the MP's is exactly what gives the Juarez that most gringos see a bad flavor. ELPASOGENTLEMAN...Hope you took precautions at CLub Laura's...Most of those women in there are hard core druggies thanks to Chito, the owner. He gets em hooked and then uses them to the point they are worthless. Many of the $10 crack *****s you see on the side streets on the alley by the Cave started at Club Laura. Chito's a nice enough guy but still an asshole in the way he treats his ladies. And yeah, the rooms are the pits! Hasta luego....Gotta take the ninos for pizza!

06-08-02, 05:49
Okay, Dreaming Eagle, I need some input here. I went to visit Katrina at Serina's this evening and, when I got there, she was "busy" and not available. I sat for a few moments and attempted to talk with two other gals. One whose name is Othalese - or some reasonable facsimile thereof - struck my curosity. So off we went.

She was nice enough and by golly she loved to kiss. I'm usually very cautious about who I kiss, but sonofagun, I was ready and we kissed for a long while. After the kissing and the usual other entertainment, I took a shower. I then returned to my room, got dressed and Othalese led me down the hall. And guess who was standing at the end of the hall, primping her hair in the mirror? Yes, it was Katrina.

As I approached, she turned with her hands firmly planted on her hips. Then she glared at me and sharply jerked her head away. I shrugged my shoulders as I passed with a look on my face like, "what was I supposed to do?"

I don't think she did this in total anger. I believe she was trying to make a point in mock anger. But I thought these gals were supposed to be cool and not possess some of the "territorial" habits that you find on the "outside". After all, I did not make a big deal when SHE was busy with someone else.

It looks like she'll get some chocolates and maybe a rose on my next visit. So any comments or feedback? I'm relatively new to this here in the southwest, so what's going on?

06-08-02, 17:54
She was not really upset. There used to be a girl there about the same size (can't remember her name), and I used to pick one or the other of them right in front of the other one all of time. I've read a lot of posts about guys trying to be "true" to a favorita and leaving if she is not there because of concerns about not getting great service in the future. But if anything, it always seems to make them hotter and more eager to please the next time. It's actually a great little game to play (not that it's really a game, because it's just what you want).

I used to do the same thing with two girls at Casa. Inevitably each one would be giving me a great blow job while telling me never to pick the other one. "No mas Monse," Celeste would say as she slapped herself across the face with my cock. "No mas Celeste," Monse would say just before her little head would start flying. I actually set aside enough dinero to have a little fucking contest with them at one point but could never catch them there together. Eventually, a third girl entered the same picture at Casa, Patti, and she could give them both a run for their money.

They all figured "so be it" and would say I wanted to fuck every woman in Mexico. "Sólo todos los jóvenes delgados" I would tell them (only all of the young slender ones).

The truth is that if they enjoying fucking you pleasuring a number of girls in the same place can make a world of difference when you walk in the door...

This picture all changes, however, the minute you enter into a real relationship. If you took Corina (you must get the correct spelling of her name if you don't mind) out to dinner and she spent the night with you for free, and *then* you picked another girl in front of her---oh, la la. You would have about 100 lbs. of Mexican tornado to deal with, I assure you, because then she would have invested some of her heart in you---only to be shit upon in front of the other girls.

You don't want a Mexican girl angry with you. She may be a little 100 pound girl, but she has male friends. If you really [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) her off you will get to meet them. All she has to do is cry and tell them the story. Of course, you would have to do something really, really bad for that to happen.

Strange to say, but a girl can be a ***** and insanely jealous of you at the same time. I learned this the hard way after my neighbor fell in love with me. She would come in every Friday and Saturday night after work with her ***** glitter on her face wearing some tight outfit after fucking 10 men in the same day. But in her mind this was "business", and she felt like she should be the only woman in my life. She would get plenty pissed if she found a card from an MP or a phone number lying around in my apartment.

Kind of amazing, but it all has a certain logic to it, if you think about it. You are supposed to overlook what she does at work as an unfortunate necessity of survival, and she will tell you over and over again how she hates her job. In her mind, you are the one who has her heart, so you should not be needing to be with another woman. She will deeply resent the fact that you pay other women for sex and give her very little in the way of money, and, once again, not hard to understand given the cruel economic realities in Mexico.

Ah, well, too long of an answer, but you got me to thinking.

But I sure would not worry about playing eenie-meenie-miney-mo in a roomful of girls selling pussy minus a relationship with any of them. Having a little harem in one spot just causes a lot of talk about you, which is good, not bad. As you can see, I even advocate using this "professional" kind of jealousy to your advantage...

Que hora de cerrar mi boca y voy a México...:)

06-22-02, 22:09
"It always seems to make them hotter and more eager to please you" - now this might get interesting. I appreciated your comments, DreamingEagle. I haven't been back to see her and I yearn to go - perhaps next weekend. I'll try to catch her real name - is it Katrina, or Cornina, or what? I don't speak much Spanish but I sure have fun with several gals.

However, I am not real pleased with the quality in the bulk of the gals in the various MP's. I've been to Selena's, or course, and Felina's, to El Encontido??? near Selena's, Venus and to Corpus. I've not f*cked any gals at El Encontido or Corpus because they have NOT had anything of interest for me.

I do enjoy Katrina because she is petite and playful and I enjoy Janet at Venus. But even these gals have their limits when it comes to finger f*cking, and kissing, etc. But I find that as they get to know you more and if there is only playful pressure (god forbid any serious pressure) they get more liberal and really open up. There is definitely an element of trust that I have used successfully in the past with gals from the midwest. They just don't like the pressure. They like the layback, playful approach.

I had a session with Tamera at Felina's but did not enjoy her because, again, I felt rushed. She wanted to get right down to business. I want to tell them that I hope to be a regular and would not like to be treated as a passing tourist. But I can't communicate that to them except to patronize them regularly, I guess.

I have driven by Genesis and have not had the nerve to approach this place. There seems to be a number of guys hanging around this place. With my silver hair and white skin, I definitely cannot "fit in". When I walk the streets, I'm the first one the cab drivers will say, "Need a ride".

I see a number of gals on the streets whom I would love to get in their panties with. They are 10s. However, I am assuming that most of them are not working the streets. Even in El Paso, I see so many in public - god, I love these young things!!!

That's it for now.

06-23-02, 18:06
Hey, Dougie - I don't think Othalese is the same gal you were with. My Othalese, while not a bad looking gal, was not what you would call a real beautiful girl. She was average. Nothing more, nothing less. I sometimes like to uncover average looking gals if they have something hidden that is not readily apparent. Just the simple fact of a satisfying personality or a certain twinkle in the eye can go a long way with me. Other times, if a woman holds me and/or touches me in a way that is sensual, that, too, can go a long way.

Anyway, employment is tough down here. If you have a certain skill set, that is about your only hope. If you are seeking a routine position whether it's professional or non-professional, stay in Indiana. I had expertise in a certain software package that got me where I am in El Paso. Plus I had the all around experience of setting up and organizing an in-house accounting dept. over the years. So my skills got me here. Not anything else. If there is a demand for a certain skill set and if it is hard to fill with local people, you'll get your foot in the door.

Good luck.

06-24-02, 05:03
"It always seems to make them hotter and more eager to please you." Posted this regarding picking another girl over your favorita now and then. Funny you picked up on it this week since I was about to post a big qualifier. It sometimes does [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) them off. Saturday before last I returned to an MP where I had selected a different girl the week before, and my usual girl was cold as ICE. And I'm talking about a girl who got so hot in the past she would let me start fucking her without a condom on. I was absolutely astounded, did not even finish, and almost let it ruin my weekend. The usual $5 propina was not forthcoming, and I did not even let her walk me to the door. So I guess it all depends on the girl. In this case, however, there are two or three more there who fit my requiremets, so I'm not going to let it bother me.

07-03-02, 04:38
DreamingEagle - can you give me the locations of three MP's? Marilyn's, LaPetite and Loyred. I believe you mentioned these in one of your postings. Thanks.

I finally made it to Genisis. It was not bad but I'm getting more picky as time goes by. It cost $35 and it was their "special promotion". The gal, however, also ask for a tip afterward. I told her next time. She was sweet.

So, other than the lower wages, how do you like NM? Did you like Dallas? Just curious. Isn't it amazing how life changes and you may be, at times, living in places and doing things that never in your wildest dreams just several years ago would you have imagined.

Anyway, have a safe and interesting 4th.

07-04-02, 03:06
ElPaso, strangely, you have zeroed in on what I think are the best three MPs in Juarez: Marilyn's, Loryed's, and LePetit. You definitely showed up at what is IMHO one of the worst, Genesis, on Montes de Oca---which only means most like your experiences will improve 100% in the three places you asked about.

Marilyn's is at 2900 Del Ejico, which runs west from Lopez Mateos. You find it by driving east on V. Guerrero until you come to the Rio Grande Mall at the big light at Lopez Mateos. Turn right on L. Mateos, which is the only way you can go, stay in the right lane, and drive to the 3rd or 4th stop light, which is Del Ejido. Turn right on Del Ejido and watch the numbers on the houses after you come to the first stop sign, which is Montes De Oca. Marilyn's is on the left side of the street at a corner of a side street. Look for a green building which looks pretty much like all the others and has the word "Marilyn" spray painted with black paint over the doorway, which faces the intersection, not Del Ejido. It's easy to miss, but the address is 2900. You can drive back to the stop sign at Montes de Oca and turn left and get to LePetit.

LePetit is located at De La Raza and Montes de Oca and is on the second floor of a tiny strip center on the southeast side of that intersection. Or, if you are coming from downtown on V. Guerrero, turn right on Costa Rica, turn left on Insurgentes, and then turn left on Montes de Oca. Don't have the address, but if you get to Montes de Oca and Ave. De La Raza you have it.

Loryed's is behind Hipermart off of Triunfo de Republica. Triunfo is really 16 de Septiembre, which is one way going downtown, after it turns into a 2-way street past the baseball park on V. Guerrero, which runs east from el centro. I know this is confusing, but it's the best I can do. Take V. Guerrero to the 4-way stop sign at the baseball park. Turn left, and then turn right on Triunfo De Republica. Just keep going. You will see a dome shaped building on the left side of the street which is a restaurant. Stay in the right lane. You will come to Hipermart around the bend to the right. Turn right on the right side of Hipermart and take that little street until it deadends at the back of Hipermart, which will be on your left. Loryeds is on the second floor of a little stip center overlooking the street ahead of you. I mean, it's right ahead of you. If you kept driving you would crash into the building.

I just reread all of this, and I realize it's like a hunt for the Xs on a treasure map, but it's the best I can do, and I assume you are driving. If you are in a taxi, here's all you need to tell the driver:

- Marilyn's - 2900 Del Ejido de Mateos Lopez
- LePetit - Avenida De La Raza y Montes de Oca
- Loryed - Hipermart, Triunfo De Republica

From downtown pay no more than $8 for Marilyn's or LePetit and no more than $10 for Loryed, and that's $2 high if you are in a hurry for a taxista.

You can also get to all these places on the bus, but, God, that would take 10,000 words and you would not be able to use the information anyway.

Best of luck.

07-04-02, 03:49
Regarding your other question about NM and reduced salary, I still think moving here is the best decision my little pea-brain ever made.

I mean, I worry about things like can I afford a breakfast burrito in the morning when the burrito lady shows up at work. At $2 a day, that's $40 a month. It's kind of like being a poor but happy musician all over again when I had gotten used to never worrying about bills or money.

But then I show up at my apartment on V. Guerrero and find the old woman who runs the building sitting outside to escape the heat inside with her old dog, Chulie, flopped out beside her chair. Chulie jumps up when she sees me, and Carmilita takes my hand and tells me the latest gossip in the building. I usually sit down beside the dog and listen up. She talks to me like I am a tenant and a friend now, not some damn gringo who just turned out of the woodwork, because I am not someone who just showed up yesterday. I've been living there a year now. Carmilita likes me a whole lot more than she likes some of the Mexicans living there. These are the kind of changes time can bring about across cultures. I also trust her a hell of a lot more than I trust many Americans.

You don't get to know people overnight, and, once you do, it really does not matter what language is spoken or whose country you are in. If you make an honest effort to learn each other's language, you can get by with acting a fool and pantomiming things out until you are understood, until one day---surprise!---you don't even have to pantomime things out anymore. You have "learned each other", somehow, someway, and now communication is possible. When that finally happens, after all the effort on both of your parts, you just have to laugh and laugh together when you realize some kind of miracle has finally happened that allows you to talk. People are just people and work things out, or don't. It all depends on good will, and, once you've lost that, you have nothing. You keep that good will, and you have everything in a foreign country. It's almost a 100% win or 100% lose situation.

So, to answer your question, I'm kind of like Charleston Heston about his guns regarding Mexico. You can pry this place from my cold dead hands, and I will still be reaching for it. Marilyn's, LePetit, and Loryeds are just the MPs of the moment. The sand shifts here, and as long as the flowers of the nation's youth have to offer themselves up for our gringo dollars here the sand will keep shifting. Once you are here you don't have to pay even $35. You can find pussy for $10. You can feed her a bowl of frejoles for pussy, and she will be happy. It's just all how deeply you want to get involved---meaning just pay at the MPs and go home or have some beautiful homeless girl sleeping in your bed hoping you are the answer to her prayers.

Whatever you want, you can find it in Latin America, and not just Mexico or Latin America, but any third world country this planet. We have to be the luckiest guys on the planet to fly in or move in and have the best of the best of the country's young women to choose from. How much better can life get?

Just please don't be the conquistador. Not many are, but there are a few who have that strange attitude of being part of the master race, us being Americans of whatever color. I've come to love these people, and I have no patience with pendejos who treat them like servants. I would be like Kevin Kostner in "Dances with Wolves" when he spits out Sioux to the American soldiers holding him captive, but my words would be Spanish. Don't fuck with my friends, for I have become part of them now. I am no longer of your world.

So, yeah, I am pretty happy here...:)

07-06-02, 00:53
my faith has been renewed!!! at least for the mean time. after patronizing the mps for several months, i walked accross the santa fe bridge yesterday to check out a few of the bars in el centro. i had been to laura's before and enjoyed the quality of the women but was really turned off by the lack of cleanliness of the rooms.

but yesterday, it was as if they said to themselves, "here comes the elpasogentleman. he likes beautiful women, reasonable prices, clean facilities, and a no rush encounter." well, i got it. as i walked in to laura's, it was sort of dark after coming in from the bright sun light - but i immediately spotted a gal at the bar. she was not only very pretty, but she had those sensitive eyes and gave me the look that i am always seeking. she slipped me a quick smile as if she, too, was immediately impressed. she grabbed her purse very quickly off of the chair next to her to allow me to sit down. and sit down i did. we spoke very little but i peered deep into her eyes as she did likewise. hey, i'm fantasizing now but i enjoy it to the hilt. i know what the game is and i know what i like.

so i negotiated a $60, one hour deal which included tp, a condom, and a towel. when i got to the room, i could not believe it. it as a clean as any holiday inn - well almost. it had clean bedsheets. the bar lady told me that they know americans like it clean and she emphasized that i would have the entire hour with no rushing. i spent the most wonderful hour with a most gentle and responsive beautiful woman. she acted as if she really enjoyed it. but i know these gals need to be good actresses too if they want a tip. so afterward, we took a shower together. we scrubbed each other and it was a leisure time i'll never forget.

the owner, i forget his name, had even indicated that blanca, a gal i had met last winter, was now working down the street. he told me how to get there. i returned to laura's because blanca was not to be found and i enjoyed the treatment he gave to me.

anyway, it will be costing me a little more than the mps. but i am glad i went back. i did have trouble at the mps on those damn massage tables. they were so uncomfortable. at laura's i had a nice bed with some bounce to it. so, take it for what it's worth.

i did encounter a pesty fellow who wanted to escort me to the pink lady and several other bars. i got a little tired of him. he even waited an hour for me at laura's so he could escort me back into the bar. finally, the owner ask me if i was brought in by this gentleman or if he was just being a pest. i said, he is sort of being a pest and that i had come to laura's on my own. i know he's just trying to make a living, but i was not a virgin when it came to patronizing the el centro bars. so there you have it.

have a great weekend everyone!

07-06-02, 05:45
That pest sounds like Ramon, and, trust me, if you ground the little bastard into the dirt 98% of the people who work in the zona would applaud you. He has no friends. Was he a slender build guy in his late 20's or early 30's with a few pockmarks on his face?

07-08-02, 03:23
I don't think it was Ramon. This fellow was more stocky. He was a rather amiable chap, and I applaud him for his persistance. But, I did not need an escort. And I was reluctant to blow him off completely because, I can learn from people like him.

On my first trip into the zona last fall, I was approached by a gentleman who used to live in Memphis, Tenn. He showed me to the Pink Lady and I bought him a beer. I sort of like him.

But the fellow that approached me last week mentioned how the Pink Lady has a bunch of new women (that's probably a take off from some of the Madison Avenue stuff we see on TV or in the newspapers). And he told me how clean it was - I had not even said anything about the cleanliness.

I'm amazed at how many Hispanic El Pasoan's are afraid to go into Juarez. And then again, it does not surprise me based upon the stories I hear. A young Hispanic lady told me today that her mother and father DO NOT want her to go into Juarez. Yet, she has very fond memories of shopping at the City Market as a child (she's now 43 years old - so not really that young). But she told me how several years ago some banditos entered one or several restaurants, shooting guns at whomever and killing a number of people. She told me how mean the police are there. She got into a minor accident and had a difficult time; speaking to them in her broken Spanish, she erroneously told the cops she had "pissed on her auto parts" rather than saying she "ordered her auto parts." They laughed and laughed and made her say it again so they could laugh some more.

I'm sure my perception would change if I had a bad experience with banditos or with the cops. I can understand why banditos would not care about how they treat visitors or tourists. After all, I think it was Al Capone who said, "You can get a lot more out of life with a nice smile on your face and a gun in someone's back rather than with just a nice smile on your face." But I don't know why the cops would treat visitors and tourists badly. It seems to me that a sincere, concerted effort by all city personnel to accomodate visitors would be totally beneficial. What is the point in driving people to retreat. I think Juarez could use some Americano dollars - a lot of them. And spread it around rather than having it funneled to a few in power. I guess when it comes to corruption, there is a narrow thin line of people who benefit. And the masses suffer. When power is wielded by a few, the masses suffer. That's what I like about our great country. Not that we are devoid of corruption - just look at Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Martha Stewart, etc., etc., etc. - but power is diffused throughout institutions and when corruption does surface, it is counteracted with a severity that sometimes goes overboard.

Hey, just some thoughts - just rambling on a Sunday night.

Good evening everyone!

07-08-02, 05:13
My advice to you is don't try to understand Mexican politics. It's a waste of time. Just appreciate it for what it is. What I enjoy most about my visits it CDJ & other areas of Mexico ( besides the women) is the live & let live attitude of the people. Unless you're being a total asshole, no one will bother you. Of course there are plenty of visitor who do just that (act the fool) but they usually leave there with the attitude that they'll never return because they were treated "badly". I rarely go to the bars downtown with the intention of getting laid any more. I prefer the MPs. Rather, I go to watch the Americans get drunk & make total fools of themselves. Great entrainment....
A lot of people (men) I've talked to hate to go to Juarez cause they felt paranoid about the police. Some actually said they were being followed by them. By experience has been just the opposite. I always feel more relaxed in Juarez. This is because most people there, including the police, could give a shit why I'm there. They have better things to do. Not to say they aren't friendly. They most defiantly are but they aren't judging me for my reasons for being there. This isn't to say that there isn't danger in Juarez. You're just as likely to get robbed or mugged as anyone, including a CDJ resident that ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mentioned in another forum that maybe that's part of the attraction of Juarez, the sense of danger but you'll find that in any large city.
I've really enjoyed your posts over the past few weeks. Hope you keep them coming. I really envy you for living close enough to visit Juarez as often as you do. My situation limits me to once or twice a month but it's always something to look forward to.
I was there its past weekend & kept a look out for a "monger" looking guy in a Beemer. saw a few. Wonder if it was you?
I'm going again in 3 weeks. Let me know & we can get together for a beer or maybe one of those 10 dollar, one leg outta the jeans piece of ass D.E. mentioned on another site. hahahaha

Border Rat
07-08-02, 17:28
EPG, good to hear you had a positive experience in CJ. I just happened to be at Laura's on Friday also. About 5 or 6 I think. Think I saw your girl there. Only one in the bar at the time, but she looked really nice. Never seen her before, and except for the past two months, I'm a twice a week visitor. Since I was recently unloaded, I didn't bother buying her drinks and talking to her. Maybe next time. Yeah, the owner Chito is a decent guy, but the whole bar is heavy into drugs, so be careful. While I was there, some police came in and sniffed around and then went upstairs and looked around some more. As far as police harrassment goes, I have been stopped and searched on the street 4 or 5 times out of over 100 visits. Once a cop took $20 out of my wallet, but if you speak a little spanish to them, they are usually pretty nice while they are fleecing you. Happy mongering.

07-09-02, 00:21
border rat is very right about laura's being a bar which is very much into drugs. being paranoid probably to the extreme of [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) stained jails cell on 100 degree days i just don't go in there anymore.

that's the trouble with the street girls, too. for $15 they will take the time to come to your house, but i am always worried about one of them having drugs on their persons. i think maybe the way to deal with them is fuck'em in the little rooms they use down there in that ratty hotel across the street from the gym. at least then you can't get accused of having them in your car.

actually, if you take the time to drive around and around the gym starting about 4-5 in the afternoon, there are a few real cuties working the streets.

Border Rat
07-09-02, 07:30
DE, wow, $15 is pretty cheap. I guess that is the going rate for a SW down there. Comparable to the market girls. That was fun. You pay by how much clothing she takes off. I had to walk thru this house where a family was having lunch and they rented you the room. The old lady is cooking tortillas, kids running around everywhere, and you're taking this ***** to the cuarto in the middle of all this. Good stuff! I think it was $20 with the room......another place to be careful in is The Cave. I was there once during a drug bust and I think I was the only one not sweating. I have seen very sexy women there, but they are a rarity.

07-10-02, 03:31
actually, man, i'll swear this is the truth: my older american neighbor, george, could get them to come home for $10, and not just the fat ones, but some slender cute ones. he did it by just sitting there in his car saying $10 over and over and pointing up the street and saying another girl would go for $10. a few of them walked off from the car, but a lot of them finally said ok and got in. then they would hang around his apartment because he would feed them and let them sleep a few hours. some of them would come back looking for handouts later, like stray cats. some of them were even ****, and, man, it caused a lot of problems in the apartment building because he had all these problem girls coming around. he finally could not pay the rent and got evicted, and, although i learned a lot from him, it made my life a lot easier as another american when he finally left. had i not already been there a year before he came, the owner would have just cleaned the building of all the americans, and i do not anticipate he is going to be renting to any more americans even though we have vacancies. my buddy upstairs tells me words out among the neighbors that ron is ok, pero no mas gringos en el edificio, por favor!

i just don't have that kind of a hard-ass. i say give the girl $15-20 bucks. sheeh, i'm not conquistador, and i don't take any smarmy pride in being a savvy man of the world because i can make some poor female in a third world country fuck me for $10. i mean enough is enough, man.

on the whole topic of americans in mexico, i have met a lot of really decent guys who are frequenting the ***** bars and mps in juarez. they are not out to fuck anyone around, show lots of respect for the locals, are not big mouths, and are really just there to have a good time with the girls.

but a lot of the gringos actually living there are some warped dudes, let me tell you, and my advice is avoid them at all cost. i've run across about five of them. don't ever be fooled by that "i've been living here <xx> years and know these people for the rats they are and if you have any sense you will let me preach to you" bullshit, either. because most of them are living there because they could not play well with other people in the u.s., if you know what i mean, so there problems follow them anywhere they go...:) they know nothing about how to get into trouble with the mexicans, not get along with them.

and that stain will rub off on you really quickly by taint of association.

end of rant. i think $20 for a great fuck is a damn good price. it takes a lot of balls to get out on the streets of juarez until you find those kinds of deals, and i don't suggest anyone try it their first few times over here. el centro is a place i think you'd best wade into one little baby step at a time until you know what's going happening on the streets.

Border Rat
07-10-02, 18:19

All the bars with girls are located in about a 3 block radius. The MP's are far away and spread out. From the Santa Fe bridge, walk down Avenida Juarez til you get to Ma. Martinez street. Turn right, walk two blocks and you are really close. DO NOT take a taxi if you are just going to the bars. Check the archives if you haven't already done so. Anything by Dreaming Eagle is good stuff with lots of directions. Good luck.

07-11-02, 05:09
To get to the ***** bars, walk down Ave. Juarez as posted until you come to Martinez and turn right. You will come to big building on the left side of the street which is the municipal gynmasium. The building ends at the corner of Martinez and Delgallado. You have two choice here.

Turn left on Delgallago and come to Club Panama about a block further. It has a fake marble facade with the name of the place in green letters. Or go straight on Martinez a couple more blocks until you come to little red two-story building which says "San Souci" on the sign. That's Casa Colorado. No one knows why the sign says one thing and everyone calls it another, but that's it.

There is another one called The Pink Lady, but I'm way too fuzzy on my directions. You have to turn left in front of Casa Colorado and walk to the next street. Club Laura's is at that corner and has girls but it's infested with drugs. From there you turn right and then left and do some kind of little zig-zag I'm not going to try and describe. You will just have to ask around from Panama or Casa to get to the Pink Lady. I don't want to mislead you and get you lost in that part of town. But you follow these directions, and you will get safely to Club Panama and Casa Colorado.

The reason we say do not take a cab to the clubs is because the driver will hang around and jaundice your deal with the negotiator. They get a kickback and will hang around playing pool or drinking a beer (which you usually buy) until you pick a girl to make sure they get the tip. It's a safe walk from Ave. Juarez, so why bother?

I say it's a safe walk provided you stick to that little Martinez to Casa or Martinez to Delgallado to Panama route. I would not recommend you just wander the streets in that part of Juarez, although you will find lots of guys posting who spend the whole evening down there checking out bar after bar. But they know the place. A pretty good rule is that if you start walking down a street, and all of a sudden you do not see a lot of other people, get your ass back the way it came. And do not even start a conversation with any of the would-be pimps/drug-dealers/tour guides down there. Just say "no gracious" and keep walking.

All that said, I have to add I hate that part of Juarez at night and never go there except in the afternoons. I hate that part of town because it's the only part of the city I don't feel safe, ever, not even fully in the day time.

As far as hotels down there, everything in el centro I have seen is a flea bag. You can pay a taxi $6-8 for a ride to the Villa Manport Hotel at Hermanos Escobar and Panama and sleep in secure, air-conditioned comfort for a measly $35 a night. No one will fuck with you at the VM because you are arriving in the wake of a long stream of gringos who---thanks to these forums---have left a good reputation behind them. They like us there, and Sirena's Massage Parlour is right across the street.

It will only cost you $5 to get downtown from the VM if you want to go back to the *****bars in a taxi. Just have them drop you off at 16 de Septiembre and Ave. Juarez and walk the rest of the way with the directions posted.

Unless drinking is part of your pleasure regarding the pussy---which it is for some and something I understand having been young once---you will soon tire of the ***** bars in favor of the massage parlours.

07-11-02, 05:18
One more thing: There is a big guy with a big mustache in his late 30's or early 40's named Martin who works at Club Panama who will show you around the zona for a beer or two and maybe a $5 tip. He lived in the U.S. for a long time and speaks English as good as we do. Having known him two years, I can assure you this guy will not fuck you around. He will take you into a few of the little out of the way bars which might have 1 or 2 girls and may just show you something you cannot refuse. Or he will just walk you where you want to go. He won't pressure you for money either. Just give him what you think is fair, and he will be happy. Once you have made the tour with him you won't be lost any more down there.

Border Rat
07-11-02, 06:39
I guess I can throw in directions to the Pink Lady since DE did such a good job with the other bars. Facing the Casa Colorada walk left (south) one blk, right two blks, and left one blk. If you don't see it there, walk one more blk to the right. You really can't miss it since it is an oasis of smut in the midst of a desert of civilization. I never really liked the PL as the girls there are usually more aggressive than the other bars. It's out of the way, overpriced, and the taxistas pimp it. Some hobbyists swear by it, but I guess that's a personal preference thing. Oh yeah, there is a Manport hotel a blk down from the PL, but it's not the same one spoken of on this board. Stayed there once. Quiet on the interior upper floors, but a little pricey. $30 or 35, can't remember. I should be down there in Cj Friday. Good luck.

07-12-02, 04:32
I hope you do have a good time, man... Despite all the cars and loud music and hustlers on the streets, this is still the land of Billy The Kid and Pancho Vila, and when you have a fine muchacha in your arms---even in a ***** bar or MP---you realize modernity has done nothing to dampen it's charm. Each of us is just one more little gringo ant who has marched down here following a trail of sugar crumbs which has been there over 300 years leading us all to some really great pussy, good laughs, and memorable---and sometimes hair-raising experiences. To me, it's like the Halodeck on the SE. You punch in the fantasy, and it always comes true, but---surprise---with a few twists you had not anticipated, were not part of the script you read but just thrown in to test you a little. I think that little element of danger mixed up with the guarantee of some hot sex turns us all on.

Viva Mexico!

Looking forward to your report. That's our little reward for sharing what little we know.

07-18-02, 05:00
Hey, I just got back from a little vacation stint to downtown Chicago - my real heartthrob. But soon after buying a nice bracelet for one of the chiqitas in Juarez, I made a major breakthrough with my old co-worker. Her name is I-wen from Taiwan. What a beauty!!! - 23 years old, beautiful face, twinkling/flashing eyes. a radiant smile, killer dimples and when she wrinkles her nose as she talks, it drives me crazy inside. But on the outside, I'm trying to remain calm and collected. Anyway, she has been very cautious with me and I've been very, very patient. And when she whispered to me that she really enjoyed lunch with me the day before, as well as mentioning that mayble she could come down to El Paso for a new experience - I really had to fight hard to keep from coming totally unglued. Anyway, shit, I just love these women and what would this world be like if only guys inhabited this earth. What a depressing thought (no offense guys)!!!!! So I will still go to see my chiqita and give her the gift. She's so sweet. But I'm so torn between the two or ten and I love it.

Lastly, right before leaving for vacation and immediately afterward, I had trouble logging on to this site with my saved website. Finally, I did a search on Webcrawler and got back in real easy. I was afraid the board was down. I'm so glad to be back and it's enjoyable reading all of the posts. I will be cautious about Laura's but would really be upset if I had a run in with the cops or anyone else. But, that the way it goes. One never knows.

Border Rat
07-19-02, 21:00
Went down to Juarez on Wednesday. Did the usual tour of clubs. Funny thing happened at Laura's. I was using the restroom and this other gringo came in there to do his business. He asked me if I knew a "really classy" restaurant to take his girl to. He was meeting this girl here for the first time that he met on some mail-order bride website. I asked him if he knew what kind of place this was and he said "yeah, it's a cantina." I didn't have the heart to tell him his bride-to-be was a working girl. Poor guy, but I firmly believe that everyone gets what they deserve. He might have been better served doing a little research on a fine website like this one.
It's amazing how many gringos have been married to these bar girls. I will never understand the reasoning behind that. Maybe they think they can "save" the girl, or "take her away from all this." I have fell for a couple of them, myself. One even quit her part-time bar job for me(she had a good day job), but I just couldn't be serious about a girl with questionable morals. How do you trust a girl lke that? I realize that legitimate jobs are scarce and low-paying for them, but I know a lot of girls down there have 3 kids and no husband, and somehow they manage to make ends meet without working in the red-light district. I'm not complaining about the choice of employment for the bar girls, but as hobbyists, we must clearly understand the purpose they serve. It's not hard to blur the lines of reality when you are on Fantasy Island.

07-20-02, 01:29
Reasoning behind it Border Rat...Why does anyone get married? I married one out of the bar, The Cave and had a good run of about a year out of it. Not sure the reason it failed, I have my thoughts on it but nothing concrete. You got to look beyond what these women are doing when you meet them and if something serious comes of the relationship, go with it if it feel s comfortable. We look at our moralistic view of the world and these girls look at what they are doing the same as if the were going to work in a factory each day. Nothing more nor less. To them the sex is not sex, but a job. Pure and simple. It took me a long time to realize that but there it is. Questionable morals? Not really. The person they are away from the job is the one with tthe morals. These women basically divorce themselves from reality to work in this occupation. I'm with one now that takes every opportunity she can to remind me how much she appreciates everything I do for her, not once, but dozens of times a day. Look beyond the limited scope of your own morals and immerse yourself in the culture of mexico in a non-judgmental way and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you discover!

Border Rat
07-20-02, 17:10
borderjumper, you make some valid points and definitely have a more positive (albeit a little rose-colored) view on the whole situation. Sorry if I ruffled some feathers with that last post. I do have a lot of experience with the mexican culture (mexican-american, border, and interior) and never try to impose my own morals or ideals upon the locals. All I am saying is that there are a ton of beautiful girls in Juarez that could easily pull in a grand a week, yet are above working in the zona. Call it morals, ethics, pride, or decency. They are a cut above the bar girls. I agree that some of these bar girls are able to "divorce" themselves from work to reality, but this capacity to do so opens up a HUGE can of worms. It's hard enough to have faith in a "regular" latina. I'm glad that things are going well with your girl, but I assure you that you are in the 1% bracket in that regard.........So why would a gringo be interested in marrying a bar girl? Pure and simple, availability and accessibility. The possibility of a middle-aged man having a pretty, young wife is indeed a nice thought, but everything comes with a price. Good luck to you.

07-20-02, 19:10
Thx for the input...Not rose colored. More realistic. Unfortunately, the women you speak of in this economy would be lucky to pull down a couple of hundred a week. What I've noticed about Juarez is the stupidity of the people there in the industry. With the US economy as it is and people not having the money to spend as they have in years past, what do the bar owners do? Raise the fucking prices to try and compensate for the decrease in business. Where is the rationale in this? Unfortunately, the Juarez bar scene has deteriorated from years past. I have to agree with Dreamingeagle that the MP's are the way to go. Over here in NL, the bar owners and girls take a more realistic view of the situation. Prices fluctuate with the economy and as a result, business is steady. For instance, last night in Boystown, it was so packed, you could barely drive through there. The exchange here is now 9.60 to 1 down from 9.95 last week. Something is right here!

07-20-02, 21:56
Borderjumper! I hear you. They've done the same thing in TJ. The drink prices went up in places like Adelita's. Not much but enough to make it annoying. It translates to a smaller tip for the bartender or waiter since the change isn't as much. Hotels like the Nelson and LVZ also went up to where you almost don't have a choice but to stay in La Zona Rosa which isn't always the one best choice if you want some peace and quiet. More of the girls now want top tier but if you hold out they'll coe down to a reasonable proce though it sometimes leads to poor service. Now, this really bugs me since I can't understand why someone would not put out in a manner that would insure repeat customers.

07-21-02, 05:09
Very interesting posts! I enjoy each and every one of them. As we all walk out on this "gang plank of life" (and believe me, in reality, we all end up dead) - one has choices to make. Do you look down at the sharks and scream, "Oh my God! I'm going to get eaten alive!!!" Or do you look beyond for those few remaining moments and view the beautiful sunset adrift with fluffy clouds amidst the robine egg blue sky?

Each one of us brings a certain mindset that establishes the framework of how and what we think and feel. And we bring this into a mixture of other peoples who themselves possess a certain mindset that establishes how and what THEY think and feel.

One man's poison is another man's milk. And I've seen several of you mention about the rewards of having tolerance, of not imposing YOUR mindset on others and of just enjoying different cultures the way they exist.

Personally, I look forward to really getting emotionally involved with a gal whether it be a bar girl or otherwise. It may last and it may not. But for sure during the trip, I will be as sincere and genuine as possible even though I may NOT get the same response. I've found a gal that really turns me on chemistry-wise. And the sex is all that much greater. In fact, it's fantastic!! And she comes through with orgasims where there ain't no faking. It's so exciting to see her build and build in sexual fervor and then really explode, taking several minutes to wind it down to the point where she can generate that little smile and a great sigh of relief. And then I take my turn and ..... well, you get the point.

Best wishes to all of you and I hope Juarez stays relatively safe, secure and reasonably priced for all of us. Or, if it takes a turn for the worse, let's start our own professional organization and call it something like, "Pisssed off Peckers from El Paso". We could form a small group to lobby for better prices, conditions, etc., etc. Any takers?

07-23-02, 07:44
hey guys! just wanted to give a quick report on tonights activities: monday 7/22/02

went across around 8pm and looked for girls near the central gym - very few to be seen on the streets and those that were out were not very attractive. from there i decided to check out the clubs near downtown (central). only two girls were in the red room so i opted to try club panama.

there were about 12 girls available in club panama but only 2 that i had any desire to spend time with. most were a bit on the chunky side and seemed disinterested. as always, the waiters were very pushy about buying drinks or getting you back to a room - i really hate this and finally told them to leave me alone until i called for them (didn't work though).

I chose a very pretty 22 year old girl named Nina to spend time with in her room. she is about 5'6 115# with VERY perky breasts, long brown hair and a beautiful smile and attitude. price was as usual for the club - 60 for a half hour or 120 for the full hour. after asking her if we could have sex more than once in an hour i opted for the longer time. the waiter walks you back to the room and wants a tip for that as well. Also have to tip the house mother for condoms and toilet paper (4 bucks! - they are getting out of hand with asking for tips!).

all tipping paid - the time spent with this girl was well worth the almost 130 i spent. she took things slowly and let me enjoy my stay with her instead of rushing like most girls do. it was very much a girlfriend like experience. she let me touch and kiss where i wanted before moving on to a bareback bj (not over enthusiastic but very good just the same). once the condom went on, we had sex in several positions with her letting me take my time to make it last - finally cumming on her tummy. we talked for a while while i recovered then she used her hands to get me hard again. new condom and more fun.

I will definately go see her again when i come through elpaso next month! I liked her unrushed attitude and apparent enjoyment of our time together. not to mention that she has a very nice and tight (inside and out) body!

07-24-02, 00:10
Uhm Pathfinder...
I'm not flaming you or anything but don't you think $120 + tips is a bit pricey especially considering it was a slow night?

07-24-02, 03:23
Yes, I agree with Beetlejuice. The time may have been worthwhile action-wise. But it is too pricey. Read through the numerous posts by some of the more sophisticated elements of the southwest region and you'll find several goldmines - for anywhere from $35-60 for an hour.

Of course you won't ALWAYS make it to heaven and back with each and every venture. But even if you get there several times a month - not bad.

Good hunting.

Border Rat
07-25-02, 06:50
hey Borderjumper, don't start up with the Juarez bashing again. Things are not near as bad here as you would like them to be. Last Friday it was packed, even during a major rainstorm. I haven't felt much of an increase in prices in the last few years. The peso went from 7-1 to almost 10-1, so the accompanying increase in peso prices should be expected. I've spend a great deal of time in NL and I actually prefer Juarez. The zona in your town is nice, but its just a zona. If you want to go to a real bar and get away from the scene, you have to take a taxi or drive. To even get to the zona, same story. I prefer being able to wander freely. Last time I was there (May) there was a raid on a club down by the donkey show that scared the crap out of me (and I don't scare easily). A big group of Narco-police or something with machine guns came bursting in and grabbed some guy, searched the place, and then took him away. These guys were pretty forceful and they meant business. Quite a stretch from the transitos that jack with you in Juarez.
On a related note ,I got stopped and searched on the street last Friday in Juarez. Seems like everytime I take a backpack that happens. They were decent and asked me where I learned Spanish. I wanted to tell then that when you have shagged as many Mexican girls as I have, you pick up a word or two. Didn't think that would help my case,so I told them the truth (Costa Rica). They were cool,and when they were done frisking and searching me, they told me one thing. "Remember, the police are your friends." (in spanish , of course.) Guess I was drunk enough at that point, as I actually believed them.

07-26-02, 00:41
Amen, to the Juarez bashing. Funny how life is like a little trick image of the sort put in kids' cereal boxes---hold it one way, you see one thing, hold it another...

As I have said a dozen times before, Juarez may not be the best destination for a fantasy vacation---too hit and miss with a lot of the best offerings tucked away in hard to find massage parlours. Hence, a lot of bad press on the monger forums.

Whole different world when you have the time to explore and become familiar. They guy who paid $120 for 1 hour at Panama did not surprise me. When I first got here I paid $60 every time and even tipped the negotiator and the condom lady $5 each. I was so scared shitless of the streets I would not even walk to the ***** bars but took a cab. Still, compared to my life in Dallas where it was come home to my three cats and jack off every night it was immensely exciting and well worth the expense. In his mind it was $60 for one hour, therefore $120 for two hours.

When you are new and a visitor you are also eager to fuck---way too eager. When negotiating with the muchachas it has to get to the walk away stage, or she will not come down. On a slow night in the zona you should be able to get the girl down to $35-40. On a busy night you are going to have a very difficult time getting her to come down to anything below $50.

However, at Casa if you show up after 9 p.m. I guarantee you for $120 they will let you take the girl to your hotel all night. They will ask $150, but you just act like you just flat don't have it.

My interest in lower prices grew out of economic necessity, and now if more than 3 $10 bills disappears from my wallet for something really exceptional (in my eyes, anyway) I feel really stupid. But I don't want to make anyone feel stupid because they paid too much. We've probably all done it at one time or another.

07-26-02, 20:10
Not bashing Juarez or anything Border Rat. Just stating the facts. It's sad that Ricardo at the Casa is too damn stupid to realize the concept of supply and demand. None of us have the money we had a year ago. The truck drivers that is the core of his business don't have the money. When times are bad you don't increase prices and drive business away. And when there is no business the girls don't stay. Was it here I read there was only a couple of girls in the casa the other night? Club Panama basically the same way. And of course they demand the propina. Take Chito of Club Laura's who controls his girls with drugs for the most part. A good man but with a wrong business sense. Pancho at The Cave will bend over backwards to accomodate his customers because he understands the reality of the economy. Unfortunately, his establishment is often overlooked but I've had some good times in there and consider the man a close friend. I agree with DE about the MP's. they are the best deal in town for the price and the convenience. We disagree on which ones but his information is more up to date than mine. Hopefully, their prices will remain the same as they have been. Remember one thing though before you accuse me of bashing Juarez. I lived there for a number of years. I've been involved in the business of the bars and been friends and adversaries with some of the owners. I've traveled in circles and societies within the community that most of ya'll will never experience nor would you want to. No doubt the neighborhood that DE resides in is full of good decent people. Most of Juarez is. But to the traveler or monger going there to practice the hobby, Juarez will come off as the shit town that it is simply because of the type and charactor of the people involved in the business. The real Juarez, most people will never experience because you can't find it much less experience it unless you spend time there like DE and I have. FLAME ON AMIGOS! ME GUSTA MUCHO!!!

Border Rat
07-27-02, 00:37
BJ, we all know that you lived in Juarez for many years, know all the bar owners, blah, blah,blah.....we also know that you married a bar girl there and got jerked around. IMO that detracts from your credibility in giving an honest assessment of the Juarez scene. I do agree that business is a little slower now, but not much more than a year ago. However, I have not noticed all the price increases you talk about. I'm still paying just a little more than I did 3 years ago. Just after 9/11 when business really slacked off because of the lines at the border, some of the bars even dropped prices on the girls. I still prefer the bars over the MP's. For pure sex and the best price, the MP's win hands down. I just like to price myself above the range of the locals. I hate thinking that every cholo with $30 in his pocket has been before me. Happy mongering.

Border Rat
07-28-02, 17:09
BJ, I may be completely wrong about you disliking Juarez due to a bad relationship. While browsing the NL forum, I discovered that you have some type of tour and latina introduction business in NL. Could it be possible that promoting your services in NL and maintaining an objective view on other border cities is a conflict of interest? Who knows? Better yet, who cares? Why am I even bringing this up? Because I think that newbies here should know your angles, and not stay away from Juarez just because an experienced monger like yourself said it was a "cesspool."

Anyways, I shall not be lurking around these boards much longer. I'm re-entering the sociological ritual of dating non-working girls. Wish me luck! Hell, who am I kidding? I'll be back down in Juarez in a few weeks probably. It's so much simpler. Remember, we don't pay them to sleep with us. We pay them to leave afterwards! GL to all.

07-28-02, 21:56
Hey, let Border Jumper rant all he wants about the short commings of Juarez. If it scares the less adverturous away & keeps things as they are without a massive influx of americans then more power to him.
I'm here now at at a internet rental place in Juarez. Just finished a great weekend & heading home in a few hours.
All I can tell you for the time being is things are great. The brothel/bars are pretty much the same as usual but the street action has improved 100% if you can pry yourself away from the red zone & check out the area along the tracks just east of Juarez Blvd.. There were actually a few 8s & 9s mixed in with the usual 4s & 5s. Going price ranged from 15-25 USD (less if you pay in pesos)
Also found a very interesting spot you'd never think to look with some nice looking chicas. I'm limited on time so I'll give a report on that when I get home..

07-29-02, 02:47
Yes, I have no idea where this price increase crap comes from from BorderJumper. Nothing has changed, not in el centro, not in the masajes. I have a great problem with this guy because he continues to trash Juarez for no reason. He hates Ricardo at Casa because his wife found refuge there after they broke up. When they broke up he actually went so far as to post pictures of her and tell everyone she had a veneral disease because he could not stand the thought of anyone fucking her. Before that all happened, Casa Colorado was the greatest place on earth to hear him tell it.

Also, he always touted Genesis on Montes de Oca as a great mesage parlour even though it was full of fat, gross, girls. He used to have a web site on which he posted pictures of fat *****s holding thier pussy lips open in ways that would make any normal guy puke at the very thought of touching them. He simply likes gross females. And when he likes a place he has to run down all of the other places and tell bold faced fucking lies about them.

I have been holding my tongue for a solid year about this guy, and that is no joke. I have also told him in personal emails if he continued to run down Juarez I would finally speak up.

Now he pretends he is not running down Juarez and concluded his remarks by stating lots of guys discover Juarez for the "shithole it is" when they come here.

Wait and see, when things go sour in NL it will become the shithole of the earth, and he will begin touting the virtues of the next place he chooses to inflict himself upon. And wait and see, things will eventually go to shit anywhere he goes.

Sorry, BorderJumper, but I've warned you a million times to quit telling lies about Juarez on the monger forums, and it's taken a year for me to decide to finally reveal the fact you are full of crap to an unbelievable degree. The sad thing is you totally believe your lies...

07-29-02, 03:07
The real Juarez is what you make it.

Yesterday I went to Maseje Loryed and picked the same girl I have picked there the last two times. Last Saturday I left because she was busy, and I did not want to wait. This Saturday she was sitting in the parlour waiting along with four other girls.

She asked me about last Saturday, and I told her I could wait because I had company in town, which was the truth. I asked her how her two sons were doing, and she was obviously pleased I remembered their names and ages.

After my shower, she climbed on top of me and rubbed her big perfect tits all over me as she worked her way down for a long, bare back blow job. She's 22 years old and has a perfect tight little body, not skinny not fat, just right.

We put the condom on, and I fucked her for about twenty minutes with her screaming all the way until she finally clamped her legs together and fucked me back until we came together. She made so much noise another girl into the room while she was taking a shower to see what was going on in there. The other girl was also slender and cute, though I had never seen her before.

The night before I had spent the entire night drinking beer with my beautiful 25 year old neighbor until 6 a.m. in the morning. She is so much fun just to talk to I usually forget to fuck her, even though I can any time I want.

Sunday I drove south on Lopez Mateos and happened to see a nice little apartment for rent for only $125 a month complete with bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. I am thinking I will take it tomorrow when I can reach the landlord in El Paso.

Back on the street where I live the landlady fed me four tacos bistek and salad and beans for nothing, just because she's my friend and thinks of me as a son after living there for year.

I would love to know where anyone gets off putting this place down just because they have been here more years than I have. I think you can see what you want to see about a place for 20 years if you want to, and I have met more pendejo gringos than I can count who turned sour on Mexico when they were the problem all along. I think if you approach the place with an open mind and open heart you will discover things about the place other people will never see in a million years.

I'm sick and tired of people who have been coming here for a million years and have developed a jaundiced attitude about the place and think they have a monoply on the truth and want to lord their cynical views over the rest of us. Pobre pendejos que saben nada de la vida. Larga te! Moltesa me no mas. Hablo la verdad, no tú!

08-03-02, 14:45
Parking is available on the US side for about 5 - 8 dollars a day. I suppose it's a secure as can be expected.

Staying at the Hotel Villa Manport is a good choice. Current rate has been around 27 USD per night. The parking there isn't what you'd call secure but is you just use common sense like don't leave valuables in plain view & lock your car you shouldn't have a problem. While staying there, take a walk around the immediate area & you'll probably find everything you're looking for. A couple MPs, a nice restaurant, Pappagallos bar.

If this is your first time visiting juarez, take the time to become familiar with the downtown (tourist) area then work your way out from there. Find yourself some landmarks & get to know some of the major streets. This can help you if you become lost which is easy to do in Juarez.

Copy & print some info from this board that you think might be useful to you. I've found that most the directions to certain places mentioned here are quite accurate thanks to folks like DreamingEagle & others. On that note, be sure & read the other posts regarding some of the hazards of the city. A lot of the guys that contribute here either have lived there or live close by & know what to avoid.

Use your ATM card to get pesos from the bank machines in Juarez. This will give you the current exchange rate & as far as I've seen, no service charge. It's been my experience that using pesos is a lot more convient that using dollars but anywhere you go will accept both. You just have to get used to the idea that when you pay for a beer with a 20 peso note, it's like paying with a 2 dollar bill, not a 20.

Outside the downtown area, lack of Spanish skill can be a bit of a problem. I spent weekends there & never heard a word of English. But that's all part of being in a foreign country.

To make the most of your trip, read this forum & the archives from beginning to end. Make notes on what info you think might help you out.

Be safe, use good judgment, don't get to wasted & above all, don't forget, you're in Mexico. Things are different there. Don't try to make comparisons between them & us. Accept the people for who they are & you should have no problems.

Let us all know how things go.

08-03-02, 20:29
Rich, this is a personal opinion but the best place to park in EP is at the airport long term parking. It is $4/day (cheaper than the places on the border) and is ABSOLUTELY safe. I avoid parking overnight in downtown EP or by the border. I know folks, including Elk Dreamer, who have had their cars broken into while parked on the border. From the EP airport, you can then make your way to the EP downtown area on Sun Metro for the extravagant sum of $1 and then walk across the bridge to El Centro in Juarez. I forgot the exact route number of the bus you take but I will look it up later and post it. Or park at the EP airport and ride a bicycle to Mexico as I have been known to do on occasion. Once in Phoenix I left my car at the airport for a week with the driver's window down (made sure I locked the doors though). Nothing got stolen but a freak rainstorm wet the interior down real good for me. Luckily, being in Phoenix, it dried out pretty quickly. Morale of the story, airports are very safe, especially after the events of last fall. Every cloud really does have a silver lining.

You can use the public transportation in Juarez also, but you will need to learn the routes the "hard way" since there are no published routes or schedules. I know the busses marked "Ruta Central" and "Circunvalation" go right by the Villa Manport, and the other busses have their destinations/routes written on the windshields with a paint marker. Nice if you know where you are going, not so nice if you are not familiar with the city.

And as far as places to stay in MX, the Villa Manport is great. It consists of a main hotel and an "annex" they call the cabana. The main hotel lacks "secure" parking but to get to the rooms you have to go through the lobby and up the stairs. The cabanas have a little guard shack you must pass to get to the parking area but you enter the rooms directly from the parking lot, like a motel. In other words, there is a tradeoff between the two, with the main hotel being having less secure parking and more secure rooms than the cabanas. I prefer the main hotel.

As far as driving, I am prejudiced against taking a car across the border for a number of reasons. First, the lines to get back to the US can be a real MF, just ask Elk Dreamer about that. Second, you must purchase Mexican auto insurance which is somewhat expensive for short term rates. Third, the cops are likely to fuck with you for the least little thing if you have US tags on your car. IMHO, the best move is to leave the car at the airport and walk, ride a bicycle or ride the bus while in Juarez.

08-03-02, 23:21
Rich, you'll do OK without being able to speak spanish, although it is a big help. I am trying to learn but it is slow as I don't have anyone here to practice on. In the Zona they are used to gringos that speak no spanish. In the MPs you will find that most of the girls speak only spanish but there will generally be someone in there that speaks enough english to manage. Once you get in the room you will be speaking the "universal language" anyway.

I have used the ATMs at both Citibank and Bancomer in Juarez with no problem. There are plenty of banks so you will not have any problem finding an ATM. I do recall getting a slightly less favorable rate for the exchange than I would have gotten had I exchanged actual greenbacks at the casa de cambio but it was reasonable. I also do not recall how much the ATM fee, if any, was for using the ATM. I know MY bank charged and ATM fee for using an ATM out of their system but they would have charged me that anyway even in the US. I will go back and check the statements and see if I can decipher whether or not the Mexican banks charged me an ATM fee or not. Seriously though, it is not an issue. Have fun.

08-04-02, 20:37
Rich, the bus from the airport to downtown is the #33, although there is an insert in my Sun Metro bus schedule that says it no longer goes all the way downtown as of last october and you will need to tranfer to get all the way downtown. no biggie, transfers are only $0.10. Your best bet is to stop by the Sun Metro kiosk at the corner of Main and Oregon, just south of the EP public library, and get current info and a route book before heading to the airport. It is not even out of your way (~2 blocks) if you are coming in on I-10 as I suspect you will be.

I also checked my bank records and neither Bancomer nor Citibank charged me an ATM fee, unless it was somehow buried in the cambio.

One last thing, avoid the cabbies in Juarez. Enough as been written on that subject to fill a file cabinet so no reason to rehash that. Read the archive here and on **********.com for more info.

08-05-02, 00:10
Just a quick note for Rich_AZ and dougie - I park downtown almost all the way to the bridge on Santa Fe. It's $3 bucks for all day and I think as safe as you could want. But I've only parked during the afternoons and early evenings. But I would not be afraid to try and park overnight. Just an idea on the parking. I've not stayed at the Villa Manport, but have used the banos and have had a coke next door. The people at the hotel are very accomodating, especially if you are polite. Good hunting or browsing - or whatever you call it.

El Putero
08-06-02, 19:54
I just completed a short trip to Juraez (48 hours), and without the information provided for free on this site it is unlikely that I would have had as good of a time as I did. Dreaming Eagle and Border Rat provided me with detailed and accuracte information, and I thank them again for that useful information. When I first crossed the border in the late afternoon, I headed for Club Panama where Dreaming Eagle advised me to seek out a man named Martin. The bartender said he knew who I was asking for and left to go find him. A few minutes later, in walks Martin, and I introduce myself and ask him to give my a tour of the neighborhood. Fortunately Martin speaks English, and he took me on a thirty to forty minute tour of the better-known clubs in the area. When we entered each place, he introduced me to the owner or some other employee. As we walked around, he explaned the procedures for conducting business in each place, along with other bits of interesting or useful information. After visiting about four clubs, he then escorted me over to Mariscal (spelling?) Street and pointed out what he considered to be the best strip clubs. He explained that the girls in these strip clubs are available, but that the clubs do not feel responsible for their customers, and they are not as safe as the other better-known clubs. For his trouble I gave him a tip of $10. This tour made me familiar with the neighborhood where the entertainment is located, and with what is going on there. If you have the time, a tour with Martin may be both enjoyable and valuable.

08-07-02, 00:44
EPG, I also park at that lot, the one with the little attendant shack under the big "Border Parking" sign. It is $3 to park all day but is $5 for 24 hours. I feel safe parking there during the day also but I have been leery of leaving my car there if I plan to be in Juarez for several days. Also, I believe that is the area where Elk Dreamer had his stereo stolen out of his car. I stick to my assertion that the airport and the #33 Sun Metro bus downtown is the safest and most cost effective way to stash a car in EP while on a trip south of the border.

08-07-02, 01:11
It was on one the big lots down close to the bridge where my car stereo was stolen. That is correct. After that, I went a couple of blocks back North on Sante Fe and resumed parking in a much smaller lot where they really watch the cars. If you are headed towards the border on Sante Fe, it's a small lot on your left with a sign on the building beside it saying "Public Parking" between 3rd and 4th Streets. If you see a young Hispanic guy named Eugene, tell him Ron from Las Cruces said hello. If you will notice on the left side of the lot are a row of apartments. Eugene and his father live in two of them, so they are never far from the cars. The father is a wizened old guy in his late 70's or 80's. My only concern there now that I drive a new car is that they cram the cars in there so tightly I'm afraid someone would hit mine pulling in or out. Not that it matters since I drive over now, but if you don't have time for the "100% safe" deal at the airport this place is worth considering.

08-07-02, 05:05
Yes, I too, have parked at "Eugene's" place just north of the larger parking lot closer the bridge. And I had a good feeling there except for the crampy parking accomodations. I've got an older BMW and not too concerned about a scratch here or there even though the car is in immaculate condition. But I usually give them a good tip because I've always enjoyed the hospitality at this parking lot. I really am amazed at how one can find good hospitality in such places as a parking lot and then, in contrast, find such inhumane hospitality in some of the more "cultured" businesses. Anyway ....

But if I were driving a new car, I would be a little concerned about such close quarters. I agree, for an overnighter, I would park at the airport. It's just the fact that I only go over for a couple of hours and it's always in the later afternoon. And my schedule is always tight so I grab the closest thing to the border.

I'm going to be in L.A. this weekend and, sadly, I had to tell my favorite gal, "Proximo semana no aqui". She appreciated my letting her know. I can't believe how well I communicate with someone with whom I can barely speak the same language. It truly tells me that good communication springs from the heart and not necessarily from the mouth.

Okay, I'll admit I do miss being able to talk to her more. But that just leaves more time for kissing. She is a kisssing fool and Mary Kay is missing a great opportunity to have some of their lipstick and whatever tested.

Border Rat
08-09-02, 02:29
Well guys, I made it back to the world of lust and crime. Was in J-town the other night and I have to say that there is a totally sexy girl now working at Laura's (forget the name, but she has a little nose ring and is super cute.) I was already with another girl at the time, and don't really like to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) the girls off, so I didn't make the switch. Much later that evening I see her walking down the street so I say hello. She remembers me and I notice that she is way wasted (hiccups and incoherency). So we hook up and she says she wants a drink. We end up at this totally Mexican bar about 4 blocks south of the Panama. We have a drink and she keeps wanting to kiss me. I mean really kiss me, like porno kisses. I'm thinking for sure I'm getting killed by jealous Mexicans tonight, and try to play nice guy with her. She gets tired of this nice guy act eventually and takes off, much to my approval. I definitely do not need more enemies down there. So she leaves and I'm chatting with this Mex. guy next to me and I recognize a girl down the bar. So thinking I would be clever I tell this guy in spanish, "You see that girl over there, she works at the Panana club, she's a real sweet heart and I had her one time." In retrospect it was not a good move, as this guy tells me that is his ex-girlfriend. Surprisingly, he was not even mad and we ended up going to a few other places and I gave him a tour of the zona (imagine that). Just a typical night for me.

Border Rat
08-09-02, 04:49
jefegeoff..... I have seen wheelchairs in most of the aforementioned bars at one time or another. How are you planning to get to the zona? If someone was with you, you could possibly transit around in your chair between the bars. Another option is to just order out. Last time I did (2 years ago), it was $60 for 2 hours at 2 am on a weekday morning. Guessing much more for prime time. Or if you plan to use taxi's, you might as well hit the MP's if you are there early enough. Yeah, you can get in all the bars in a chair, but I wouldn't wheel around the zona by yourself. Good luck to you!

08-10-02, 03:12
Ordering from a night service will definitely get you mixed results...

The first time I did the result was awful. The guy showed up with one girl. She looked okay in her overcoat, but when she disrobed she had a flabby body. I could not even get off fucking her and sent her back in about 30 minutes.

The second time was better. A dude knocks on my door and asked me what kind of girl I want---like he is just going to run back down to the van and pick the one closest to what I described.

I told him I wanted to see all of the girls, and he comes back three minutes later with 8 girls in two. They parade into my apartment, and 7 of the 8 girls are either gorditas, too worn out looking, too something...

But I was horny and picked on with a very nice smile and the most beautiful long thick black hair I have ever seen. She looked a big large for my tastes, but when she stripped down she had a beautifully firm body with big firm tits that kind of left you like "wow".

First, however, since I had two hours, I gave her a beer and talked to her a long time. She liked the Native American art in my apartment. She place was clean and spiffed up that night, and I played my Native American flute for her. By the time we went to bed, it, was, well, a romantic encounter.

Put her on top and let her fuck me until she came so hard her pussy started convulsing and spurting juice that ran down my balls and made a big wet spot on the bed. That sent me right over the edge along with her. It was a great fuck.

I gave her my cell and invited her to return anytime. She gave me her cell and said she would like to come back sometime, but please, I would call her when I was ready. When she left she said god bless you, made the sign of the cross on my chest with her fingers, kissed them, and threw a big warm smile over her shoulder as she passed through the door to leave.

The cost was $45.

You just be sure to tell them you DO NOT HAVE more than $50, because they will jack the price up to $70 if you are in a hotel. Mexican guys pay $40 for the same service...

Hope this helps.

Oh, if you do not want any of the girls they bring you, it's customary to give the driver $5 for his time and gas. This comes from one of my girl neighbors who worked for the night services for quite a while.

Border Rat
08-11-02, 03:15
jefegeoff......unless you need to live close to the US for whatever reason, I wouldn't recommend living in Juarez. There are MUCH nicer places in Mexico, if you really want to live down there. I just got back from a 2 month trip to see my favorite places, Zacatecas and Morelia, and the difference is like night and day. Juarez, like most border cities, has more crime, trash, drugs, transients, and panhandlers than almost anywhere in the interior except DF. I'm not saying Juarez is all bad, as my weekly visits should prove. As a monger destination for those living nearby in the US, it is a convenient, exciting, and somewhat safe place. I'm just glad I can return to the US each night when my fun is over.

As far as finding reasonably priced assistance for your needs, that shouldn't be a problem. I think the average wage is about $40 week and jobs are scarce. I'm not really sure if you want live-in or hourly help, but you may even be able to solve your previously mentioned outcall needs at the same time. Finding help should be easy, but finding help that won't rip you off at any given time will be a task. A referral should be your #1 priority when looking for someone. Good luck to you.

08-14-02, 02:45
Jefegeoff, you might find things a little challenging south of the border. I am pretty certain there there is nothing ever remotely resembling the ADA in Mexico, LOTS of places will be completely inaccessable to you in a wheelchair. Lots of the hotels, especially the better ones (including the Villa Manport) have wheelchair ramps into the building but going might be tough after that.

Think of it in these terms, most of the buildings down there, especially places of interest to "us", are just plain OLD, and predate even voluntary efforts to accomodate the handicapped. And no money available to update them. Lots of narrow, steep staricases, few wheelchair ramps, ect. You will need to spend a little time down there and judge for yourself. I don't want to sound like a Negative Nellie, but I think a dose of realism is in order here. Hopefully someone will pipe up and contradict me and paint a rosier picture for you.

09-12-02, 04:47
I do not know if ElPasoGentlemen is talking about the little lot on the left side of Sante Fe as you head towards the bridge between 3rd and 4th Streets or not, but, if you can get a space in this lot, I highly recommend it. In one of the large parking lots towards the end of Sante Fe I had my CD player stolen out of my car, and when I reported it to the person at the booth I got a very hostile response about them not being responsible for anything. A couple of the guys who worked there were standing around with little snickers on their faces.

So I went back to the small lot I'm telling you about, because it's run by an old man his son, Eugene, who live in the apartments facing the parking lot. The cars are watched a lot closer than they are on those big lots. It's between 3rd and 4th Streets on Sante Fe and has a sign painted on the building facing it which says simply "Public Parking".

09-17-02, 04:55
regarding the question about the mps. i have only encountered one girl who was not from mexico in either the mps or the ***** bars in two years, except one american girl from milwaukee. she later strangely became my next door neighbor, met a mexican guy, moved out, and is no longer whoring.

regarding the question about finding younger girls to play with. you can find some downtown, but they are drug addicts. and, frankly, you'd be better off drinking turpentine and pissing on a brush fire than fooling around with **** girls in juarez. the age of consent is 18, and if you get caught with one and can't pay off the cop you are going to prison, and the american counselate is going to bring you a tooth brush and say good luck, if they come at all. i recently had a close call because i knew the girl for a year due to an association with another neighbor. she will be 18 soon, and i was just taking her out to dinner. but i almost did not get out of that one, have no plans to look her up until she's 18, and am not about to tell anyone how to get into that kind of trouble.

09-17-02, 05:15
why you old rascal, dreaming eagle!!! shame on you for trying to get into an ****d girl's panties!!!

i'll tell you, not only would the young gal miss you if you were thrown in the slammer - but howabout all of us guys on the board here. we would have to take turns smuggling a laptop in to you so you could continue doing your posts here on the wsg forum. and we would be more than happy to bring you a clean toothbrush now and then.

reader's beware, de knows the ropes and it would pay to take heed.

i once took a young gal for an hour of pleasure. she said she was 17 and, dumb me, i did not even think of what i might be getting into. she was a very nice and beautiful girl but she lacked some of the sexual skills that i was seeking. in the final analysis, i would try the sex thing with her again - but i'd make sure she was 18 first.

currently, i'm seeing an "older" gal on a regular basis and getting very close to her. she is not working the bars anymore. i don't know how things will shake out - but i don't worry about it. i do love to watch her come to orgasms several times each time i'm with her; and it's difficult for others to do that if you only see them occasionally. anyway, more later.

09-17-02, 06:26
Howdy, Folks. This is a great forum and I'm glad to have found you.

A little over a month ago I went to the Queens club (green lights, a couple of blocks west of Juarez). I met a beautiful girl there who never had sex with customers. (I'm just not interested in prostitutes.) We became very good friends and I gave her all the financial help I could (a little over a thousand in a month) -- and have absolutely no regrets. I met her children and couldn't help myself. Unfortunately, I fell in love with her but after five weeks she still couldn't kiss me even though she held my hands for dear life every time we met and she talked about a longer term relationship. But she's had some bad experiences with men and trust is very difficult for her. I've had to back off just for the sake of my own mental health.

Most of the girls at Queens aren't prostitutes even though it's a strip bar. I was surprised about that, but after several weeks of observations three nights every week, I am convinced. I would like to meet another girl in a similar club, i.e., where most of the women aren't prostitutes. Obviously, I can't consider any of the other girls at Queens. I'll be grateful for any suggestions.

09-18-02, 01:49
Thanks, El Paso, but truth be known I really wasn't trying to get her pants. I've known her about eight months and was looking to the future when she turns 18. She speaks great English, and there is just a genuine connection there. But up rush the cops before I had gotten ten feet in my car---a male and female cop. I agree it's better to have a steady date or girlfriend. How did you meet yours?

09-18-02, 01:54
EveningStar, I know two places you might check out. One is Papallon's on Vincente Guerrero about three miles east of downtown. It's a medium sized bar with lots of pretty girls working behind the bar and in there to drink on weekend nights. Then there is Saloon Mexico across the street from the Rio Grande Mall on Triunfo de la Republica. It's a really big dance hall with world class bands---mostly couples but always a few gaggles of single girls hanging together. That's about all I know. The bar scene is just for me.

09-18-02, 05:29
A short word to Dreaming Eagle and Evening Star: Okay, I made a bad assumption there, DE - just thought you might be trying to get a little young nookie like I would. Were you talking to her on the street? Do the cops make it a habit to jump on situations like this? Do they do it out of more or less a "protective" effort for their young virgins? Or do they do it to make a point to would be perverts? Just curious.

Evening Star, I know exactly where you are coming from when it comes to selecting a non-prostitute. I would prefer that myself. However, at my age, I have become more open-minded and I think it has benefited me over the years. I don't care much about a person's past or what they have or are doing (except I do have high standards, no dingbats or drugees). I accept the fact that people do things for a number of reasons and it's not for me to judge their motivations. My only focus is on the "relationship". Is it genuine and does it flow smoothly, or do you find yourself fretting and uptight, etc.?

I go with the flow with the women. In my particular case, the moment my eyes met hers, there was a solid and profound connection. I can read a lot of people in about 1/100 of a second. I can say that every moment from that first eye contact with her has been wonderful. I didn't want her seeing other men, but I only raised the question one time as to whether she was going to be "working" the evening I left her. She said, "Maybe". I said "Oh" and headed back to E.P. The next meeting with us was wonderful. The bar maid called her at home to tell her I was there waiting. It took her an hour to get there. She asked them to please tell me not to leave that she was on her way. I said I would wait until the sun sets in the east. She was so excited to see me. We've had some serious discussions with the help of the bar maid and I did ask her directly, "No mas ortro hombres?" She said, "No, and it would be no problem". I believe her and I would know if I could not believe her. Our best moments are probably lying in bed before sex. For a half hour or so, we exchange hugs and light non-sexual caresses. We kiss and kiss and kiss. Sometimes with passion when it overwhelms us, sometimes with little pecks and sweet talk. She will then place her head on my chest as we both extend our arms around each other. It is one of the most fantastic feelings I've experienced. And here she is, a former prostitute and I couldn't care less about her past. But I do want and enjoy a very sexual woman.

I'm saying all this to say this - and I don't like to necessarily preach. But try to be open minded. Look at the woman's heart. The way to her heart is to look deeply and intently into her eyes. They won't lie, or if they do, you will know it. Hold her and caress her - she will come to you on her own terms. Don't force the situation. However, if time after time she does not respond with genuine affection, then, as difficult as it is, go on your way. It seems like that is where you are right now. Don't necessarily go feverishly hunting or looking for the right thing. Just be open minded and make that eye contact. You will know it when it happens.

Again, I don't mean to lecture here, but I am basically explaining my process and it works although you won't find that true love every day or every week. It may happen only once or twice in a life time. In the mean time, find a nice gal and screw her. Have fun, don't get all messed up in the mind. Go with the flow. If you believe - it will happen.

09-18-02, 10:21
ok, below's the translation of "desempleadas se prostituyen" from http://www.freetranslation.com/. the translation of maquiladora seems quite a propos: 'bonded assembly plant'.


unemployed itself prostituyen
pablo hernandez batisita

single mothers, ex employed of bonded assembly plant and immigrants of other states, find in the rooms of masaje an alternative that mitiga 'quickly' the economic crisis that live in border.

"in a day i can remove more than what gained in a week in the bonded assembly plant" indicated a masajista of 'complete time' employed by an establishment of the branch in this border.

at present, to be positioned in the local market and to be supplied of several, human resources rooms of masaje request "small" through the notice classified, while undertake aggressive compañas of promotion that go since the volanteo in cruisers to the diffusion of its services through the internet.

in which it could be considered as the first entry thrown locally by a room of masajes, it petit promises to offer its clients a careful attention that includes the endowment of water bottled, clamatos, beat and pantuflas desechables and to the sixth one masaje free.

"aside that there is not a great deal of job in the maquila, here i gain what i need to maintain me me and to my son", indicated a young woman that since three months ago affirms to be dedicated to the business of the masajes, obliged by the economic need and by the fastener of the plant bonded assembly plant where labored.

it is the case of some of its companions of job inside a room of masaje established here in a commercial center.

"here there we are single mothers (...) i know to a that studies and another that was teacher", he assured the woman of 20 years who intially decided to test like masajista 'of medium time' when still he had the hope to return like operadora in the industry bonded assembly plant.

hiding its identity after a fictitious name, assures that his step by this job is momentáneo.

"it is for the time being, while together money (...) or me case with a rich client", expressed in the middle of laughters.

above all now that it is "young and thin", since the owners and administrative of the rooms generally choose girls of 'good body' from among 18 and 25 years, said.

"to times enter girl that seem **** (...) i create that because are veracruzanas", notified it interviewed who preferred to be maintained anonymous.

the cost of the masajes oscillates among the 300 and 500 pesos depending on the type of service requested, that can be "simple" or "supercompleto", said.

the first one is comprised of "a manual rest" to the client (masturbación), and the second, "the most requested one", includes to maintain sexual relations, inside a service that hard among 45 minutes to an hour, explains.

it mentions that the profit of the masajistas generally is 'to piecework', that is to say, to the 20 ó 30 percent of the cost by masaje that carry out during the journey. they lack social security but are submitted to medical exams newspapers that are paid for the boss.

they can come most minimum, free incomes to obtain, that oscillate among the 300 or daily 500 pesos, quantity that can enlarge easily the end of week or when the clients "of wool" offer generous propinas.

"i am alone (single) and i have to my' jo", justified the youth while desfajó its blouse to teach the scar of a cesárea upon its abdomen.

also by internet

in its eagerness by attracting clientele inside or out of this border, the owners of the rooms of masaje have undertaken an aggressive advertising campaign that goes since the volanteo simple in cruisers until to the diffusion of the services through internet.

example of the first is the promotion of the room venus, that in its volante announces new masajistas: "18 girls to elect, coached for relajarlo of the tensions that originate the routine problems".

showing a girl in bikini, the establishment indicates to count on "new rooms of vapor and jacuzzi".

it arises in juárez the first room of masajes that promotes its services through the internet.

in turn, the room of masajes it petit diffuses its services of masajes "relajantes" through internet, in which could be considered the first entry of its kind created since this border.

previously itself toward reference to the rooms of masaja and to bars of juárez through other entries 'turísticos' created in the united state.

last year, the bar panama threw a similar entry that was suppressed for its sponsors then that was exposed publically through the local press. today only the reference appears, but its content exhibits only photographs pornográficas.

in its page web, it petit stands out the qualities of its service in which combines "the experience of the entretenimiento" and the "technical" of health and welfare of the body".

in its publicity promises to offer a careful attention that includes the endowment of water bottled, clamatos, beat and pantuflas desechables and the sixth one masaje free.

it petit exhibits besides in its direction (www.le-petit.com) a map to find the localities as well as an encuestra to diffuse its services among the acquaintances.

09-18-02, 10:35
I have a question for the regulars who cross the border twice or so a month:

How do you guys handle or avoid the questioning on the way back?

The last time I came back, which was a month or so ago, the attendant gave me the fifth degree. I was taken totally off guard since it was during lunch time and thus there were hundred or so people behind me waiting to get through. Of course, this was a weekday afternoon, which might have seemed like an odd time for a gringo crossing the border. Anyway, I just mentioned that I was sight seeing before school starts, which wasn't entirely offmark. But he just kept on asking stupid questions, instead of just letting me go.

Usually, if I'm coming back at an odd time (e.g., Sunday night), I'll buy something like another blanket or some tricket. But you can only have so many blankets :)

09-19-02, 02:34
Where can I find a good map with hotels listed close to the downtown bridge in Juarez? Has the downtown scene changed much in the last 4 years?? Before I could always drink a few 2 for ones at some bar just off the main drag and then walk a few blocks down the back way towards panama and this other little 2 story red bar where I could find a decent lay for a couple hundred pesos. Just curious as to if anyone has been around has any say on this. Later JKC

09-19-02, 03:17
"I don't care much about a person's past or what they have or are doing (except I do have high standards, no dingbats or drugees). I accept the fact that people do things for a number of reasons and it's not for me to judge their motivations."

Gentleman is right...

If I wanted to get married I would have married my neighbor in a heartbeat. Same kind of feelings you describe, but I just simply could not give up my single life. She was a prostitute in the massage parlours when I met her and downtown for a while later in one of the bars. Never drank at work, and took care of her three kids like a perfect mom---was always dreaming of a better life and working for it. She's not a ***** anymore and has little house in East Juarez---married an American who takes care of her financially the way I was not willing to do. She's still a dear freind and one of the most honorable and decent people I've ever met, and if I were her, I would have made the exact same decisions.

09-19-02, 03:30
"Where can I find a good map with hotels listed close to the downtown bridge in Juarez?"

"Before I could always drink a few 2 for ones at some bar just off the main drag and then walk a few blocks down the back way towards panama and this other little 2 story red bar where I could find a decent lay for a couple hundred pesos..."

If you find a good hotel downtown where you don't feel like there are eyes behind the mirror be sure and post, because lots of guys are asking. I'd recommend staying at the Villa Manport Hotel at Hermanos Escobar and Calle Panama. You can take the bus downtown for less than 50 cents and taxi back if it's late. The rooms are $35 a night and very clean with AC, heat, and cable TV. There is a massage parlour directly across the street.

The little 2 story red bar is about three blocks west of Avenida Juarez on Martinez. It says "Sans Suici" on the roof but is commonly called Casa Colorado for some unknown reason, but you won't be getting any there for 200 pesos these days. You might get her for 300 if it's slow, but if Papa Smurf drags his truckers in there that night it's going to be $50-60 bucks for a pretty one. When I do the ***** bars---which is like almost never now---I like to go late afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. Not many will be working, but if you find a hot one she'll be willing to compromise. I like to just say I just came in for a beer this time because I only have <whatever I'm going to pay>.

Of you like street drama, the drug addicts around the gym will screw you for $10. Some of them are pretty cute. I had one who weighed only about 95 lbs. who would come to the house and not bring any drugs with her, but I haven't seen her in quite a while. Trouble with screwing them in their rooms, they usually like to smoke a little crack first. Not that anybody gives a damn, but if something should go wrong there you'll be amazed at how an encounter with the cops will instantly sharpen your Spanish skills, if you don't shit your pants in terror, that is. Anything to do with drugs is a serious offense in Mexico, and if she happened to also lie to you about her age...oh, my.

09-19-02, 03:41
"Unemployed itself prostituyen
Pablo Hernandez Batisita

Single mothers, ex employed of bonded assembly plant and immigrants of other states, find in the rooms of masaje an alternative that mitiga 'quickly' the economic crisis that live in border.

Oh, God, not again!

Every time El Diario resumes its crusade on the massage parlours the local do-gooders start demanding the government "do something about this".

Because see here's the deal: The massage parlours according to the letter of the law are supposed to provide massage therapy, not sex. Lots if not most of them, like the two by my house, operate in residential neighborhoods.

Corpus has a buzzer that sounds, and when it sounded the time I was there, the girl snatched up her clothes and stuffed her lubricant and the condom we had used wrapped up in my jacket saying "Por favor, por favor!" It was because an inspector had showed up. I walked out to see the manager talking to man who was asking a lot of questions. The next day the place was closed.

It was open again the following weekend.

When I went to different MP the day after being rushed out of Corpus, they had a girl sitting outside on the steps watching for inspectors.

What set the hoo-hah that time was an article in the El Diario about Masaje Roma flushing so many condoms down the toilets that it stopped up the plumbing on Lopez Mateos for several hours. No doubt those sanitation workers had quite a story to tell about what they found in the system!

This too shall pass...

09-19-02, 04:02
"How do you guys handle or avoid the questioning on the way back?"

First of all, if you have not been incredibly stupid enough to actually be smuggling something, you have nothing to hide and can tell him you went looking for girls. If it's a lady agent, I would say girlfriend.

They all respond best to a crisp, "Good afternoon, sir, how are you today? U.S. Citizen." as an opener. If you have a passport, be handing it to them as you speak, or hand them your drivers license.

Answer their questions truthfully. I see these guys every single Sunday afternoon and have actually come to look forward to the interaction I have going with a few of them. Two weeks ago, when asked what I was bring back, I held up a pack of tortillas I had bought and S-Mart and said, "Can't remember if these are on the can bring or can't bring list!"

He leaned into the car and said, "Now what am I going to do with you? Here I am looking for terrorists and drug smugglers and you're in a snit about a pack of tortillas. Tell you what. I'll let 'em pass this time! Open the trunk for me, please."

He went into the booth and brought out a list of things and took the time to explain it. "Most of these laws are older than we are. I mean why can you bring certain meats only if 'fully cooked'?"

He must have stood there talking for five minutes, and he struck me as a pretty nice guy. Lot of them are, and lots of them are not, I've discovered. I've actually seen them banging cars on the hood as they walk the bridge shouting things like, "Move it, shithead!"

Incredibly, I got the same guy next Sunday. He looked into the car and asked sternly, "Any contraband tortillas in this car?"

"No, sir!" I snapped back in my best military fashion, trying not to laugh.

He just cocked his head and smiled. "You can pass. Have a nice week."

Just don't have anything you are not supposed to have, and do not tell them you bought something for anyone else, unless it's something like a blanket or trinket. Any medicine or stuff like that is supposed to be just for personal use.

09-23-02, 04:40
Longbow, I'm not sure how the page shuffling works on the forum, but right now there is a post by me giving specific walking directions to the ***** bars downtown on Page 5 on the links below. Other than that, there are great massage parlours in Juarez, too, but they are hard to get to on a short, first visit unless you have a lot of money for taxis. By the time you've spent money on the taxis the cost is about the same as just going to the ***** bars, where the selection is better.

Juarez is not T.J. I will tell you that right up front. From what I can tell reading the posts on this sites and others T.J. sounds like it has two hundred babes available every night. In the three main ***** bars here you will probably only see a handful of knockouts. Of course, what difference does it make when you find one? But just a heads up there are not as many girls here.

Look for a big friendly guy with a big handlebar muschache named Martin (pronounced Mar-teen) who works at Club Panama and speaks perfect English. He will help you find what you want and also show you around the zona until you do find what you want, and you can trust him. He's a very nice person I've known over two years. Buy him a beer and give $5 for his trouble, and you'll never be lost down there again. Plus, I think you might enjoy his company.

Just be careful. The zona is also full of drug addicts and unscrupulous people, not to mention corrupt cops always looking for the mordita. Never judge Juarez by its downtown area. Don't bother to wonder where the bad neighborhoods in the city are, because you will be in them...still, it's relatively safe, because they want the money.

Whatever you do, avoid the street girls. They will fuck you for $20 ($10 if you bargain hard), but 99.9% of them are drug addicts who will take you to some seedy little hotel and blow crack smoke in your mouth. The ***** bars will charge you $50-$60, maybe $40 on a slow night or $30 on a really dead afternoon, but you are SAFE...:)

All of these wonders are within walking distance of the bridge from downtown El Paso where you can park on Sante Fe for $3-5 a day...

All the warnings given, you should have a good time and be able to find a hottie in one of the three bars in my post on what is currently Page 5, dated 07-11-02 05:09. The only one of the three without specific walking directions is The Pink Lady, but you will be able to find it by asking someone in the area. It's only three or four short blocks from Casa Colorado.

09-24-02, 00:57
I haven't been able to post onto the forum board maybe because I just signed up a couple of days ago? anyway i would like to post this on the Mexico, Northwest Border Towns Jarez.

I have been to Jaurez several times, I will be there again Oct 11, 2002. In 7/99 I stumbled across the Pink Lady and had a great time there with a chica named Paula, small little thing and was hot and fun to talk to in English. The senora who gave me the VD check cost $3. I made the mistake of using the services of a taxi, so the whole deal cost $60, next time I'll know better.

In 3/4/01 I repeated the scenario at the PL with a Sandy or Alexia anyway it was great sex after a couple games of pool. She was the cutest one there on three that evening. I usually go there in the early evening and wasn't as scary as at night. I appreciate the information and advice on this page especially from DR & Elp gent. Due to their discussions I will check out the three MPs recommended because I'm not into drinking. Look forward to trying them out. I was wondering if there is such a thing as an all night deal in Jaurez? Thanks for the great info.

09-24-02, 03:48
First, and I don't mean to be picky, but its Juárez instead of Jaurez. It's pronounced, loosely, "WHAR-es".

The all night deals are to be found only in the *****bars. I'm sure with enough money you could entiice an MP girl, but they mostly have kids they have to go home to, so you would sure have to talk to a lot of them to work it out. And you won't be able to do that, whereas in the bars you can put out the word that's what you are looking for among a number of them.

Casa Colorado will let you take a girl with you for the night about 9 p.m. for $150 I am sure---if, of course, she has the time to be available. I'll bet on a slow night you could talk them down a little.

Be sure that you are crystal clear with the girl and the negotiator that you intend to take her to a hotel and not spend the night upstairs in the fucking rooms with her. That would be a drag: nothing to drink or eat, no freedom to do anything else excect sit there in the room with her or fuck. Get that straight up front, first words out of your mouth. "Quero una muchacha toda la noche a mi HOTEL!" :) Write out the name of the hotel on a piece of paper and show it to her.

09-25-02, 01:03
Just returned from another trip to wazoo. For the second time in a row I went to Loreyeds (sp?) and had good service, although the girl that I went there for wasn't there. I still would like to find a place that has fairly young and slender girls, even if it costs a bit more. Any ideas?

09-25-02, 03:04
malaka68, four posts down you will find a post directing you to yet another post which has walking directions to the *****bars in el centro. When I can find a good map of the zona I am going to put it in an image editor and with the location of the bars marked, so if anyone has one please ask for my email and send it to me. There used to be one on the Club Panama website, but that site is no longer with us. That would settle all the "where are the bars" questions in one fell swoop.

BubbaGoes, I am not aware of any MP in the city which has all slender young girls. It's typically a parade of smiling fat girls with perhaps one, maybe two slender pretty girls in the lineup. It does not seem to matter where you go or how much the place charges for service. There *must* be men out there who like 'em big, is all I can say, or why would they be there?

I have a little tour in mind when I set off on weekends. First I figure which girl I want to see again that day and go there. If she is not there, I check out Corpus, LePetit, Marilyn's, and Loryed's. These are the $30 places since saving money is important to me right now. (Excuse me, Marilyn's is $35). Now that Felinas is also $35 I intend to check them out this weekend.

I like to see one favorita and one new girl, funds permitting. Jeesh, what a great life, have breakfast, stretch, and decide it's time for a girl...:) Where did our country go wrong?

09-25-02, 05:19
You didn't do everything wrong if you had a good time, but those cab drivers will not leave once they take you there. I had one lose track of me and when the bartender told him I left without a girl he went looking in the rooms himself and found me. That boy meant to have his tip!

To get to Martinez just keep walking south on Avenida Juarez until you come to the last street *before* 16 de Septiembre. It only goes to the right. Walk on the right side of the street on Ave. Juarez until you come to it, and you will come to a casa de cambio at the north corner of Ave. Juarez and Martinez. Across the street from the casa de cambio on the south side of the street you will see the side of the building painted brown with the words "DENTISTA" in big black letters. That's Martinez. Turn right and follow the rest of the directions.

09-25-02, 07:58
Thanks we will try it again tomorrow we just got back from the strip bars in El Paso.
So I was wondering do they have strip bars in Juarez it looked like they had a stage in Pink Lady but no girls were dancing.
It was about three or four in the afternoon.
We crossed time zones on the trip down so I am not sure.

09-25-02, 13:44
They have them, but they are total clip joints. Lap dances are $12, and a shot of tequilla for a girl can be $11 or more. Nor will the tell you this upfront. They will just tell you that much is owed. You should be able to find some information in old posts here to confirm this.

09-25-02, 15:09
Hey DreamingEagle,

If u were in San Antonio, what would be your choice and how far is it? I need to make this happen soon. So i could really apprecitate your help! The directions you directed me to was for Juarez. Were is that? I have heard that Ciudad Acuna, Across from Del Rio was nice right now. What have you heard? I am trying not to drive way out of the way and most likely will be by my self so some were safe would be nice. I have been reading all the do's and Donts. You could wright a book on them there so many. LOL!

Well Anyways I will go.

Happy Hunting!!

09-26-02, 04:38
Okay, getting back to the board here --- dang, Dreaming Eagle!! first you are trying to get into little girl's panties, now you are smuggling tortillas across the border! I hear that Bush is going to beef up the border patrols to seek and find any and all tortilla smugglers. You are a bad influence on the many innocent souls searching this board. Oh well,,,, Happy hunting with the girlies AND the tortillas.

In regard to another post by another (can't remember) about border agents searching personal items. I've been taking my backpack almost every trip and I have it packed with several bath sized towels. The female agent started questioning me and I was a little hesitant to tell her that they were for me and my girlfriend after taking a shower. I told her I had towels in there and she was sliding her hand down into my backpack all the while saying she was curious (probably because I was rather hesitant in answering her). Finally I said the towels were for me and my girlfriend. She immediately began zipping up the backpack and said nicely, "Well, now THAT explains it all". She ended by saying, Have a nice day and I passed on through. I'm glad they are curious, I guess. Thank god I didn't have any tortillas in that backpackl. I'd still be in Juarez in the slammer!!!

Have a good day!

09-26-02, 04:55
Yeah, I think after watching the line over 100 years the Border Patrol figured out a long time ago lots of us American men are just the current parade of ants snaking up the side of the sugar jar for pussy in Mexico. Nor is there anything against the law about it. No need to say it outright, but why lie about "your purpose for visting Mexico today?"

We are not in their crosshairs...

09-27-02, 03:00
Malaka, from San Antonio I think the best bet for you is Nuevo Laredo. Not all that bad a drive and since they have a "boystown" for you to play in the learning curve is a lot less steep.

09-27-02, 18:34
For sure BT. Logic dictates it. You have Boystown with several hundred girls working the rooms and the clubs. Prices are right. No MP's but equal service from the street girls and a little cheaper. San Antonio to El Paso is 570 miles. To Laredo, 140. It's a no-brainer. Ciudad Acuna (Read post from Beavis on ubject) has a small expensive BT outside of town by the towers. Not reccomended and the cops suck over there.

09-28-02, 08:44
I agress that Nuevo Laredo's Boys Town is the best choice from central Texas: 150 fast miles from San Antonio. Some of the girls in there will definitely knock your socks off (i.e., playboy material). A taxi is a must, but at least parking is free. As an aside, I recently saw a Mexican film on Telemundo (Fiscal de Hierro) that featured scenes from Boys Town (circa 70s), such as Papagayos (top rated) and Tamaiko (home of the infamous donkey show). So fans of NL might want to check that out the next time it's on TV for nastalgia's sake.

As as alternative, Reynosa is not bad and is under 250 miles from San Antonio (but not interstate). This has the advantage of being close to South Padre Island, which provides better day-time activities. Also, the Boys Town there is within walking distance (< 1.5 mile) of the bridge, so you are not stuck there when you are recharging. There are some OK but run-down motels right by the BT gate. However, beware that the waiters in Reynosa are very aggressive and are known to shortchange you.

However, whatever you do, don't go to Matamoros. There is only street action there and pretty lame action at that.

09-29-02, 13:56
DreamingEagle, I got motivated and scanned the maps earlier this evening. They can be accessed from the following links, first an overview map and the six detail maps referenced on the overview.










09-29-02, 21:58
OK, Crespo, you have my attention. Tell us more about the donkey show at Tamyko's. I know it is off topic for this section so I will ask on the NL forum also, just prime the pump for us. Is this donkey show REAL or is it bullshit? If it is real, how about some specific information.

09-30-02, 13:25
The donkey show is real alright, real gross :) I would recommend it as a one-time thing unless you are an animal lover, because the poor donkey is physically forced into doing it with the lady. Imagine Eyeore being forced into getting laid to get an idea of the donkey's expression. When I was there, which might have been two or so years ago, the woman was in her mid-forties, so she seemed kind of ragged. Perhaps, that's another reason the donkey didn't it.

Basically, they keep the donkey roped outside and then every few hours drag him in for the show. I forget the details but I think they tie him down so he doesn't run away. Then she does a strip show over him, starts to jerk him off, and then after a while will stick his dong inside herself and grind away. She might also give him a BJ beforehand but I forget.

10-01-02, 02:09
Map 11 is the one we need for the *****bars, but in order for it to be any good a little leg work will be required. The problem is that the relevant streets, except for Martinez, are labeled on either the section above or below the one shown in Map 11. My memory is not good enough to count them and arrive at a correct guess, so I will have to make an early morning trip to the zona when I can to fill in the blanks, hopefully this weekend, although I cannot promise that. It's definitely something I will do soon, however. I will also print out the other maps at work and see if I can fill in some of the pieces from them.

10-01-02, 06:52
I am familiar with Cd. Juarez, and can assist with the map. What do you need to know? I can place the h**ker bars if you need that. How do I upload an image here? I have already started with map 11. Which bars do you need identified? So far I have placed Panama, Lauras, Cave, 4-10, Pink Ladies, and Casa Colorada. Also the street names are on map 11, just a little lower on the map.

I also do'nt care to see a donkey show, hell, I don't even want to see a woman that would f*ck a donkey.

10-02-02, 18:16
I got the Juarez Mapsco in Cruces several years ago, maybe at Walmart. But I have seen it recently in El Paso convenience stores. I believe it can be found at the big gas station about two blocks on left on Montana from the Cabaret when going towards the airport.

Note that you can always overlay pictures of some of the girls from the bars on the map so that it qualifies for the photo gallery. If the girls are representative of their respective bar, this might be an interesting gimmick.

10-03-02, 01:01
DreamingEagle, I have just started cleaning up the map and adding the street names and bar locations, when I get through, and it may be a few days, I'll send it your way.

As for 4-10 club, it's just up the street from the Cave, not far from the Casa. It's a bar with a hooker joint next door, the hooker place is open way after the bar closes, most if not all of the girls there are HEAVY drug users, sometimes a cutie but that is not the usual case, most look strung out bad. It used to be a place I looked in once in a while, not anymore. Also a good place to get stopped by the police and checked for drugs, I think it is the only place that I have been directly offered drugs. My advice STAY AWAY. I won't even walk by there going from the Cave to the Casa, better to pass by Lauras then on to the Casa.

10-03-02, 01:09
I agree with you about avoiding the girls who do drugs in the zona and drugs in general in Mexico. I had a recent experience down there with the police which would have ended life as I know it because I overlooked these reservations because I wanted the girl so badly. Only had 100 pesos on me, and I was guilty as sin of two major felonies. Fortunately, after some sheer begging on my part in Spanish, the cop finally decided 100 pesos was better than no mordita at all. Could have been a different cop...might not have known enough Spanish to get the point across things were not as they appeared.

Everyone should remember if you get yourself into some trouble you can't buy yourself out of with drugs in Mexico, the American Counselate is going to bring you a Time Magazine and a little toothbrush and say good luck---if they come at all.

10-03-02, 01:14
Nor will you get a trial, as you think of it, where you have representation and a jury. Most criminal cases in Mexico are decided by a judge who reads written testimony of witnesses and a statement by the defendent, makes up his mind, and passes sentence.

10-03-02, 05:30
Dreaming Eagle - I'm so glad you got yourself out of a jam. Some of those women will weaken the strongest man, I am sure. But, I am curious - were you indeed guilty or did the cops THINK you might be guilty? Please clarify. I am curious.

One evening, I was headed into a room with a gal from The Cave. As we were ready to go in, we both saw the paddy wagon and the police hauling several guys into the back. I don't know if they were Mexicanos or Americans. I just wanted to get inside.

Do the cops stereotype some of their "prey"? Or do they have just cause? Or are they trying to meet their quota? What's the scoop or does anyone know?

I am probably naieve, but I think that if you stay clean and "looK' clean, you won't arouse any suspicion or provide any just cause. I hope I never experience a confrontation.

10-03-02, 11:50
In the zona area, you can be stopped just for being there. Some cops will check you out and let you go, others will take money from you. Their usual reason is looking for drugs, the real reason, usually, is to see how much money they can get from you. I know of guys loosing hundreds to them. They will take, what they feel they can get away with. The more you have on you, the more they take. If you are drunk, they may threaten arrest, and take it all. Best not to walk around drunk, and don't carry a lot of money with you. Sooner or later, if you go downtown enough, you will be stopped.

10-03-02, 16:04
Went to Le Petit yesterday afternoon. There were only about four girls there, two of them rather large, one semi large , the other one nice and slim. Mammasan offered me 30usd for one , or 50 for two, I selected the 2 fer special and picked Alex and Gabby.
Now this was interesting, all hands at first but when it came to the action I couls only get head from one (no pussy), then a little bit of head from the other (after a change of condom), then I got to finish with the other.
Rather disappointing, I guess they don't have the two girl action down like they do in other parts of the world. Maybe they don't heat up till later in the day or on weekends.

10-04-02, 03:13
"but, i am curious - were you indeed guilty or did the cops think you might be guilty? please clarify. i am curious. "

guilty as sin. she was a year **** and had been indulging in her habit in my presence.

10-04-02, 03:18
Bubba, you greedy boy!

First of all, neither of the two girls you picked are much of a GFE one-on-one, so together they probably reenforce each other's tendencies to give the minimal required to get the job done.

I've been waiting to find two GFE favoritas at the same place and then get them together, but that's pretty difficult considering they often work different hours. This little fantasy almost came to pass at Marilyn's with Naomi and Yatera, but Yatera quit by the time I had the money. Two summers ago there was Celeste and Patty at Casa, but I could never catch them working at the same time. There were two at Roma's for a while, but I never had the cash...

Ah, well...

10-04-02, 03:29
bbond pretty much sums up the situation with the cops in the zona, but you can report them and at times get results. After getting bit for $140 by two bicycle cops an English friend of mine marched into the police station three hours later along with the friend who had been with him at the time, the friend's Mexican girlfriend, and the girlfriend's mom to help with the Spanish.

The police supervisor called in all the bicycle cops in the station in one room and asked them to identify the two cops who had stopped him, but they were not there. The supervisor then put out a call for all of the bycycle cops in that area to report to the station. Twenty minutes later they were all there, and the two guys who had stopped them totally freaked when they saw what was happening. They quickly went into a song and dance about how the money had fallen out of the Englishman's pocket to the ground. "After you left, we tried to find you," they said. "But there was only $106".

They gave TexasBob the $106, and he was damn glad to get it back.

But I would not count on that being the norm, and, then, besides, you then have a couple of pissed off cops after you in the future.

Beware particularly of a paddy wagon numbered 007. It may circulate around from cop to cop, but we had three reports of it being involved in these kinds of stings in just three weeks time on a different forum.

I hate el centro. I've said it a dozen times. I would not be surprised to see a vampire walking sideways up a wall down there.

10-04-02, 03:59
here is something dug out of the archives of another forum which i posted not long after moving here;

sunday, august 27, 2000
i wish to report on a disasterous experience in juarez today and warn everyone about a dude named ramon who haunts the red light district. i also wish to prefice this report by stating it was my own stupidity which got me into trouble. hopefully, this sad little tale will at least be instructive to any newcomers, and i'd sure love to hear the comments of those more experienced than me about what happened today.

the day began on a great note. i had waited two weeks to go back and had saved four hundred dollars. i was going to 1) drop by club panama and start the day with a little fun there, just because it's familiar territory, and i also wanted to speak with martin about living there on weekends (apparently you can actually live in the *****house). then, 2) go on to sirenas massage parlour where i would have a girl and then get a
room at the villa manport for $30 (as recommended by abq of the
redsnake forum)---maybe bring one back for an all-nighter.

after crossing the bridge and walking two blocks up avenida juárez i spied one of my favorite cab drivers, an older gentleman named roger who speaks pretty decent english. i asked him about sirenas, and he knew the place. i thought i made it clear that i first wanted to go to club panama, *then* sirenas, but roger got it backwards and took me to sirenas first. it is just as abq and others have described it. just a locked glass door with a little sign on it. i wish i could tell you what is behind that door, as promised in earlier posts, but i was not to find out today, because i wanted to go to panama first.

roger then took me to club panama. martin was not there, and there were about a dozen girls---none of which i wanted. one of them approached me at the bar, and i bought her a beer. i told her i could only buy her one, and she turned out to be a nice sort---i just did not want to fuck her. then i saw a beautiful chica enter the room wearing a red dress. she was tall and slender, the way i like them. after being taken to the little room next door, while waiting for ellena to appear, i was surprised to hear roger's voice outside the door. i opened the door, standing there in my underwear and socks, and he was looking into the room next door to find me. i said hello. he told me the someone in the bar had told him i had left the bar without getting a girl. "i knew it was not true," he said. most interesting...that boy was going to peek in every room, i guess, to make sure he was not deprived of his commission---the only humorous incident of the day, i assure you. ellena is 23 and her body did not disappoint. everything seemed to be going fine. unfortunately, when i
finished, roger was gone. i knew he would come back shortly, but i did not want to wait.

so i got directions from the doorman to avenida juarez and decided to walk there and get something to eat at el coyote---a fairly mediocre diner a few blocks from the bridge but one which is at least cool inside and has decent evaporative cooling. it was quite hot today. i had walked no more than a block when ramon appeared. "my friend! my friend!" he yelled, running across the street when he spied me. on one of my first trips to juárez i had paid ramon $5 to walk me to the pink lady, and he had not forgotten me. i had wanted to walk there that day so in the future i could cut the cab drivers out of the picture, but,
after today, i don't plan to do much more walking on the side streets of ciudad juárez---at least not in zona roja.

i had not been talking to ramon more than three minutes before a police van pulled up with red lights flashing. it was a young cop in his late twenties and a woman in her forties. they told ramon to put his hands on the side of the van and spread eagle. i got the idea this dude is a familiar face to the police despite my poor espanól, and for a minute i thought i myself was in the clear---until the young cop motioned for me to put my hands on the van, too! maybe i'm stupid, but i've learned enough over the years to know that's not a good position to be in---not in the u.s., not anywhere. things seem to always go downhill from that point.

"they think i sell you drugs," ramon said. hey, i don't frighten
easily, but ramon was obviously shitting his britches, which did not exactly fill me with optimism. they searched that boy's pockets, his socks, made him take off his shoes, and did everything but have him drop his drawers, then turned their attention to me. now comes the stupid part.

it's probably almost 100 degrees today, but what do i do but bring along a dapper little sport jacket? so i could bring along a bottle of my favorite massage oil---kama sutra, original formula. i thought if i'm going to have a massage, it's going to be just as i want it to be...ah, well... the trouble with the sports jacket was that i've had t some time, and, although i'm no big druggie, i dearly used to love a little good smoke now and then. all it would take is a couple of grains of herb to be in one of the pockets, and i would be in some stinking cell with [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) on the floor---100% certain. so, there stood international traveller and dispenser of advice to others about how to conduct oneself in latin countries---spread eagled in juárez---standing beside a known drug dealer for which they obviously had little bon ami. estupido! estupido! estupido!

the contents of my jacket raised that young man's eyebrows, let me tell you. first he found my passport, which is very, very good. i'm glad i thought to bring it. it was the only right i did today. but the bottle of kama sutra oil caused a lot of perplexion. "he thinks maybe it's some kind of drug, my friend," said ramon. great, how do i explain massage oil without knowing much spanish? believe it or not, i did. i made the shape of a chica with my hands, then mimed pouring the oil and rubbing it on her body. "por chica?" he asked me. "si! si! is muy agradable," i assured him. this comment at least brought a little smile. since he had not yet smiled, i was beginning to become a little more optimistic---but not much.

ten came the search of the pockets. tobacco was all over his fingers from the pocket in which i had put the kama sutra. that's good, good, good! then the other side pocket, where i had put twelve, yes, twelve magnum rubbers, large size. i hate those little condoms they bring you i juárez and always bring my own. he looked at them carefully, then a little smile again. you didn't have to speak spanish to know he was asking me why so many. there were twelve because i had bought a box on the way to the bridge in el paso. "yo compragne en el paso," i said (which is almost babble in spanish, i know realize). then another question containing the word "buscar" which means "look for", and i
knew he wanted to know what i was doing in juárez. "chicas, chicas! yo va club panama. yo va the pink lady. yo buscar chicas! no narco, me no loco!" that's more terrible spanish, but, hey, i was pulling every trick i knew out of the bag to convince this guy i had no interest in drugs---which is very, very true where juárez is concerned! better simply admit to being a sex maniac and hope for the best. but, damn, we had at least two more pockets to go.

next out pops a package of hall's cherry caugh drops---good,
good---more tobacco in the lining of the pocket. then a bigger smile as he pulls out four more condoms from the last remaining pocket. some statement containing the word "woman", and i knew he was saying that he could see i certainly did like the chicas! more tobacco! excellent, jacket test passed! i knew i had nothing else on me but money---a hundred dollars in each front pocket of the jeans and a hundred dollars in each sock---with the hundred dollars in the left sock definitely needing a good poke down to the ankle as i could feel it had worked its way up and almost out of the sock. he was sure to find it, and he did find the money in the pockets but never checked my socks.

i will say this for the man. he seemed to take great care to show me he did not intend to steal from me, handing me each and every item he took from my pockets. so, now, twenty minutes into this little misadventure i find myself with hands pressed against the van holding two hundred dollars, 16 condoms (hanging down in two long strands), and a package of caugh drops. he even pulled my wallet out and looked in it. another $40 u.s. it has a little zipper compartment. great! more fucking money! about a hundred dollars in pesos i had totally forgotten i had!

although i have not mentioned it, all the while he is searching me
ramon, still spread eagled, kept saying, "my friend! my friend, give me $20! give me $20."

call me hard-headed, but i wasn't going to resort to a bribe until it looked like i was going to jail. i did not have any drugs, had no
interest in drugs, and had done nothing wrong. when it came time, then i would attempt a bribe. but, hey, not right away. you never know how some latin cop is going to react if you come off like you can buy your way out of anything. as i had learned in costa rica, bribing latin officials is a delicate and triky business...

but, sadly, that moment did come. this guy was satisfied i had no
drugs on me---at least not any i had bought from ramon in the three minutes they had seen us talking---but that bottle of kama sutra oil was most perplexing to him. he held it up and spoke to me at length slowing shaking his head. falling back on everything i had ever read on esp and everything single spanish word i had ever heard in my life, it sounded to me like he was saying he would have to take me downtown until they could have this stuff in the bottle analyzed!

"my friend," said ramon, desparately. "you can pay here or you can pay from jail. cheaper to pay here. give me twenty dollars!"

"ok, but this man tells me to keep my hands on this van!" i said. i looked at the cop, and he nodded. i handed ramon a twenty, and he passed it to the female cop. i saw him add some money of his own.

that was it! they were gone in, oh, say, 90 seconds---leaving me with ramon---taking the kama sutra oil with them, by the way...

after tucking away those long strands of condoms, putting my money back into my jeans, and popping one of those caugh drops (my mouth was so dry i could barely speak), i headed toward avenida juarez leaving ramon standing there, but, of course, he caught back up with me in a heartbeat. "you lucky i was there, huh?"

"lucky! if it were not for you i would have never been stopped! i just want out of this fucking neighborhood, and i want you gone!" foreign country or not, ramon being a mexican or not, i was ready to pound that little shit into the ground if he laid a hand on me.

"but where do you want to go?" he said. "i take you to place where pussy is much cheaper than panama or pink lady. where you want to go?"

i walked along ignoring the little pest until, sure enough, suddenly i'm on avenida juarez again. thank god!

"hey, i gave them twenty of yours and twenty of mine," said ramon. "the mexican money. you give it all to me, right? what you need it for?"

this little asshole is about 5'7" and weighs about 150-160 lbls. he's in his early to mid-thirties. stay away from him. apparently you can go to jail just for being in his fucking space!

"that's your problem," i told him. "now vamos!"

he shot me a dirtly look as though *he* were the injured party and left, and i ducked into el coyte a few minutes later, no longer even remotely hungry but just wanting some place to pull myself together. in the restroom i discovered my hair had actually frizzed out to the degree most of it was standing staight out from my head. i thought about just going back to el paso. the stars did just not seem in the proper alignment today somehow.

but, no, i had to press on to the pink lady to see my favorita. i was no longer in any mood to explore the pleasures of sirena's messages parlour, much less spend the night at the villa manport---that much i was sure of. another good lay, and, thank god, back to the safe confines of mi casa en el paso.

she was there, but in the restroom at the pink lady i felt my left
sock, and no money! it had worked it's way right out of the sock and onto the street while i was trying to get rid of ramon. some méxicano is counting his/her blessings tonight, believe me. the cops never came near my socks, so they didn't get it, and it's some comfort to know ramon didn't see it fall out or he would have kissed me goodbye and circled back to snatch it. so, let's just hope some nice mexican family is eating steak tonight for a change...

believe it or not, it gets worse...

when my favorita and i went to the rooms at the side of the pink lady there was the putred, pervasive smell of human excrement in the air. the old lady running the rooms told us to sit down on the couches near the entrance. i listened to their conversation in spanish, and this one was not so hard to follow. some american had been unhappy with the service he got in his little room, so he decided to take a huge dump right there on the floor in front of the room and [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) all over the walls and floor!

it's no wonder people all over the world love us so much...we are so compassionate and respectful of the natives everywhere we go...

we sat there about twenty minutes. the old lady would walk back there and look at the crap on the floor, then come back and gripe some more to us. she didn't want to deal with it, and who can blame her? ruby went back and looked at the crap and came back with a disgusted look on her face. she told me it was a pile of crap three inches high! ruby is a sweet gal, guys, but she was tired tonight, too, and this was just too much! the old lady *finally* went back there with a huge dustpan and a broom and carried it back out the door, trying not to puke as she passed by. then we waited for her to come back with a mop and treat the floor with disinfectant.

it smelled like a hospital by the time we finally settled into our
room, but---i'll tell you, guys---at this point homer was just *not*
in the mood. i poked him in the girl, and he rose to the occasion for a while, but today this was just not the land of poncho villa and billy the kid where you spend a lovely serene afternoon with a couple of young latinas wrapped around you. it was "my friend! my friend!", flashing red lights, a hundred dollars lost on the fucking street, crapo grande on the floor, and a headache the size texas i could not ignore any longer. limped back to el paso, bought a whole twelve pack o beer, and barely restrained myself from kissing the carpet of my lttle apartment. a meager $140 left out of $400...

well, this is your man in juárez signing off for tonight---as always
bringing you the kind of reports and pithy insights which only a truly sophisticated and seasoned man of the world can bring you...

10-05-02, 09:57
Bubbagoes, about two months ago I had a 2-for-1 at Le Petite that was quite satisfactory. Then I believe it was $55. This was at 11:30am on a Monday, so I don't think the time of day was an issue. It just might have been the girls you had.

One of the girls for my session was quite attractive and had a good body, although a little on the slim side, in particular on top. The other one was overweight but at least top heavy. It was definitely 'La gorda y la flaca'. I figured they might complement each other since I usually need big breasts to turn me on but a slim body so I don't get turned off, which is hard to find in the MP's. The message was great with two girls, but then when we got down to busy it didn't make that much of a difference. In fact, it was a little bit of a drawback, because they were yapping away the whole time, even when the one was giving me head. But on the other hand, it was sure convenient when I was fucking the attractive one to be able to suck on the big tits of the other one.

By the way, I experienced this YMMV at the Cabaret last month (on a Wednesday evening). I had asked an attractive girl who seemed new for a table dance. When we waiting for the song to get over, she asked if she could give a dance to another guy first. I didn't mind, but when she came back early she said the guy was looking for something else and that she didn't do that. Well I was looking for something else as well, so I declined the dance with her and later had the time of my life with another one of the few lookers there. She gave me more than I had expected or hoped, which definitely took me for a ride.

10-05-02, 10:42
I might as well mention the previous time I was at Le Petite. This was three months ago on a Thursday at about 5:30pm. We were having a wind storm that day, so Juarez actually had a power failure when I was shopping around for MP's. First I went to Genesis which is two blocks down the road. When I was walking towards the entrance, one
of the guys waved me away. So I thought "OK, no gingos there today".

So I went to Le Petite and didn't notice the lights were out, since the MP's are usually on the dark side to begin with and it was still early. The selection wasn't the best, so I selected a boxom girl who was a little bit overweight. She mentioned something in Spanish when we were walking towards the room, but I didn't understand. But then I saw the candles in the room, so I finally figured out what was going on. The shower and massage were in the dark, but fortunately the lights came on before the real action started. She was friendly and was an enjoyable fuck, especially with the bouncing boobs, so it turned out to be worthwhile for the $35 I paid.

10-05-02, 21:25
Crespo, the lighting in the rooms at Genesis is dull even when the power is on, with the power off it would be pitch black in there. But there is a flip side of that coin, with no lights you could not seehow fat the girls in there were. The last several times I have been in Genesis it has been staffed by a pod of real whales, some of the girls I recognized as not having been fat in the past but it must be contagious because after working there for a while they all blew up like baloons.

I had the power failure thing happen once in Sirenas, still had a good time, so much so that on my way back across the street to the hotel I failed to notice that the power outage had also caused the traffic signal at Panama and Hnos. Escobar to stop working and damn near got run over. That was my last day down there too, hell of a way to end a vacation.

10-06-02, 02:25

I always enjoy your posts. Very informative. I'll be staying in Juarez for business Oct 14 - Oct 21 and I'm looking for a "girlfriend" for the week. From the posts I've read, it seems the Juarez scene focuses mostly on one-night-only sessions. What would be the approach for finding a reasonably attractive girl that provide a GFE and would spend 4-5 nights with me during my week in Juarez? Would I best looking in regular bars, strip-clubs, massage parlors, or escort service. I was planning on spending about $100 per night for the girl.

Also, if you're in town that week, I'd like to meet you at one of the clubs and share stories/info on the Mexican border town scene.


10-06-02, 09:50
Dougie, I noticed what you mentioned the time I checked out Genesis before going for the 2x1 at Le Petite. There was just two girls there and they were both gorditas. Perhaps if they offered a 1/2 for 1 special with liposuction of the girl you chose it might work out.

10-06-02, 10:33
Viagra question: where is a good place in Juarez to purchase it? I image the price is inversely proportional to the distance from the Sante Fe bridge.

I checked the Viagra section (WSG Forum > Special Interests > Viagra) and apparently the price will be from $15-20 a pill, based on a post regarding Nuevo Laredo and one for somewhere else is in Mexico. Let me know if someone found it cheaper, since that seems a little high.

10-06-02, 19:06
The last time I was in Genesis, there were 8 girls, mostly larger, but a couple were not too bad. This was a Saturday morning around 11:30am. I have seen as many as 14 girls at the same time in Genesis, about 3:30 in an afternoon.

10-06-02, 21:32
Crespo, stop in any farmacia and ask for Viagra by it's generic name, Mycoxaflopin. Much cheaper than the brand name stuff. (sorry, couldn't resist).

And I have never been in Genesis when they had less than half a dozen girls available. Often there will be one, maybe two that is acceptable with the rest in desperate need of a few weeks in a fat farm.

10-07-02, 02:54
"...Oct 14 - Oct 21 and I'm looking for a 'girlfriend' for the week...."

I don't think that is going to be possible for $100 a night. Juarez is not like Costa Rica where such an arrangement would be easy to find. But if it is to be found you should probably look in the ***** bars. After about 9:30 they will let you take a girl for the night for $100-$150, but make it clear you intend to leave with her, not spend the night in one of the fucking rooms with her---because that's what the girl will want you to do unless you ask.

You should look up a big guy with a handlebar mustache named Martin who works out of the Club Panama. He speaks perfect English. If anyone can help you, he can. You can trust him.

10-07-02, 03:04
At the Rio Grande Mall you can get it for a little over $11 per 100 mg pill---quite high. I think I paid $16 downtown once.

The cheapest Viagra commercially available in the world might just be at http://www.generics-online-pharmacy.com.

This is a company in India who will send you a generic registered mail in a plain looking envelope. I just received 8 100 mg pills for only $29.50, including shipping. That's $3.69 a pill, and they come with a slit through the middle so they can easily be broken into half for 50 mg doses. I took it this weekend, and, wow, it's just the same as Viagra, maybe a little stronger. The white/blue shift effect in vision was more pronounced. You can also get 16 pills at a time for $41.90 + $3.50 shipping, which is $2.61 per 100 mg pill.

If any of you guys know anywhere that beats that, let me know...oh, yes, it took 15 days for it to arrive.

10-09-02, 15:01
Deaming Eagle,
I did check out the generic viagra in Juarez, unfortunately its not much cheaper than the real deal. Its cheaper to get a prescription in the US and get it filled at drugsore.com, it's about $8.60 per 100 mg.
Your information on the Indian V was right on the money, I'm just a little suspicious about giving my credit card info to a third party receiver.
You can also buy Uprima in Mexico for about $11 per pill, its the European form of V, I tried some the other day at a 2 fer special at Loreyeds and was pleased.

10-10-02, 01:41
If it makes you feel any better, actually, they use PayPal, which is about as secure as you can get on the internet. I don't have enough credit on mine to worry about any more, but when I did I would use a card with a very low credit limit for internet purchases. But in 6 years nothing out of the way ever happened, so I'm not too worried about it now.

10-11-02, 06:45
I checked out some of the farmacias at the Futura mall. I was hoping that being so far away from the bridges, I could get a good deal on Viagra.

Anyway, it was surprising that the price was still high. At ABC it was $13 a pill if bought in a 4 pack. The other places were higher: $17 per pill at the supermarket inside and $18 at the farmacia at the northern part of the mall.

My inverse-price theory was negated though, since at the closest farmacia to the Sante Fe bridge, the pills were just $13.50 per in a 4 pack.

The Indian route is probably the way to go in case this gets to be a habit. Most of the reviews in the WSG Viagra section on it are favorable.

10-11-02, 06:57
After getting Viagra at the Futura mall, I paid my first visit to Roma's.

The Viagra certainty did do it's job. It was a little embarressing though, since it was like being in high school when erections would arise at the most inoppurtune times and not die down.

I was very impressed with the message rooms in Roma, by far the most upscale of those I have seen so far. Silena's is still probably better for atmosphere though.

Anyway, it was a bad omen when I said "Como estas" to the girl as she came in to start the session, since she came right back with "Muy bien. Treinta dolares, por favor!" Talk about getting down to business. I guess she was having a bad day, since she was generally nice otherwise.

The message was great, but the sex was half-hearted. Also, since I'm taking Paxil, an anti-depressant, there was virtually no way I was going to climax in the alloted time. Oddly enough, I'm taking Paxil as a way to combat DE (dynfuncion erectil in Espanol), due to the correlation between it and depression. Maybe I'll just switch to Viagra instead :)

10-12-02, 12:35
Westex, if you are driving into Juarez, then the most convenient MP is probably Venus, which is not far from the free bridge on Ave. Lincoln. It is about two blocks up on the left from the Colonial Hotel, near a Montana steakhouse and a Scotia bank. It's a little more expensive than the others, so I don't go there.

Roma's is not convenient to get to. It's perhaps two miles from the bridge on Ave. Lopez near the Church's Chicken past the Blockbuster Video. There are detailed directions available in the archived forum section for Juarez, courtesy of DreamingEagle and BorderJumper.

Le Petit has a map on it's web page: see http://www.le-petit.com/directions.htm. It is two blocks from Genesis and also close to Maralyn's. Again see the archive. Let me know if you can't find it.

A highly recommended MP is Sirena's, which is near Escobar and Panama. It is a little out of the way, but there is another MP nearby (El Encanto).

10-13-02, 00:49
okay, ya'll have peeked my interest in viagra. never have used it. don't have a problem with a hard-on. only thing, i've lost some sensitivity in my dick. it comes with age, i guess. so i've not heard one thing about any other benefit of viagra other than it makes for a good hard-on.

so tell me, does viagra enhance penis sensitivity at all? sometimes i actually have trouble getting off because i have lost some degree of sensitivity. it still feels the same when i climax compared to when i was a kid. but it just takes a lot longer and the urge to climax it not that intense.

not all bad, however. i can stay hard for an hour or maybe much longer. and i like it when the my partner climbs on top and does her grind. occasionally my partner goes for two climaxes. she seems well pleased and i can still perform for her as long as she wants.

so any info on the "other" benefits of viagra???

10-13-02, 22:23
Crespo, the inability to have an orgasm in folks taking SSRI antidepressants is pretty well documented. There has also been a lot of research on ways to reverse this effect. One compound which has shown a lot of promise in reversing the effect is yohimbine, naturally occuring in the bark of the yohimbe tree. It is available under several trade names as well as the generic version, but I believe a prescription is required to get the pure stuff. Yohimbe bark and yohimbe bark extract are, however, available from numerous sources, including health food stores, without prescription. Go to yahoo and type in "yohimbine", "yohimbe", and "yohimbine ssri" and you will be hit with a flood of information.

Strangely enough, yohimbine has the exact opposite effect on those not taking SSRIs. It will result in rock-hard boners which will sometimes not go away or go away only slowly even after ejaculating, and can and will result in delayed ejaculation in most cases. You will, should you so desire, be able to stay hard or immediately get hard again and just keep going and going like some pornographic version of the Energizer bunny. It has been shown to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, not as sure a thing as Viagra, but works in ~40% of the cases. The sexual effect is amplified by androstenedione (andro), the combination making you extremely horny which Viagra will not do, and what good is a hard-on if you are not even horny? Both are available from health food stores and from online and mail order nutrition places. My favorite, which combines the benefits of both in one place is Twinlab Andro Fuel, available for a real reasonable price from JBN, www.jbn.com . Take one capsule about 2 hours before sex and you will be transformed into a super stud and have explosive orgasms to boot. I also keep a supply of Action Labs Yohimbe Power Max on hand when I want the action of the yohimbe without the effect of the andro, yohimbe being a pretty powerful CNS stimulant by itself. I could get REALLY technical on this subject but it would bore you guys and the info is out there for anyone who goes to the trouble to look anyway.

One word of warning, yohimbine is powerful stuff. It will keep you awake, will raise your heart rate and increase blood pressure and increase your metabolic rate which can cause sweating and stuff. Start small, the amount in one of the Twinlab Andro Fuel caps is just about right for me. The Action Labs product is too strong, break the tablets in half or even quarters to start out. Don't take a whole Action Labs tablet until you know your tolerance for the stuff. And I also do not advise anyone with any underlying cardiovascular condition to fuck with the stuff at all, it might just kill you.

10-16-02, 05:15
I'm not sure he was referring to Viagra, and, if so, my experience has been the opposite.

I can get a hard on quite easily without the drug.

But I love the way it turns white things into a pale shade of blue and makes me so sensitive...

I get that teenager-about-to-have-sex for the first time feeling all over with Viagra, and I can just touch her on the arm and get a hard-on.

Maybe he is referring to Viagra. Maybe we just have opposite experiences.

But I just ordered 16 pills from the Indian source mentioneed below.

That will carry me into the New Year!

10-18-02, 03:40
I´ve found a great club in Juarez called Amadeus. Every girl in the club is beautiful, the club is classy, nobody hassles you, great music, and you can take most girls back to your hotel ($150). The only drawback is it´s about 25 minutes from the border.

I don´t know, maybe it´s just me, but I´m disgusted by all the scum that hangs out around the border. In the clubs, the women constantly bug you for jukebox money and drinks and outside the clubs these little weasels are always following me around trying to get credit for showing me a club. Also, what´s the deal with everyone trying to help park my car? My guess is they want me to think they´ll mess with my car if I don´t toss them some cash.

Anyway, if you want beautiful women and are willing to spend $150, try Amadeus.

10-18-02, 10:50
Kdog, where exactly is Amadeus? Beautiful women would be good for a change. So is it a strip club or just a place the women hangout? An American-style strip club would be nice. Does anyone know of such a place in Juarez?

The parking "attendants" seem to be part of the culture of Mexico. I encountered them at restaurants as well as the movies, which by the way are quite inexpensive. I asked a Mexican friend how much to tip them and she said not much, just 5 pesos or so.

10-18-02, 13:43
Strip bars. There is the Don't Touch and Club Horazontal but they are clip joints. Shot of tequilla for a girl, $11. Table dance, $12. Don't know about this place just mentioned, but am curious. Where is it? Is the $150 for all night or just one time?

10-18-02, 13:48
The downtown scene is truly disgusting, which is why I favor the tranquility of the MPs. Trouble with the MPs, you really have to know who's working where to make them work for you. Once you do, you can have a GFE everytime with a stunning girl. But if you just show up one day you're going to see mostly gorditas and have to get lucky.

10-19-02, 00:54
"Can anyone give me good walking directions from the SF bridge to the Venus MP?"

I guess you mean the Sante Fe Bridge between El Paso Street in El Paso and Avenida Juarez on the Mexican side. If so, there ain't no walking that far, unless you are willing to walk over an hour, at least.

Venus is very close to the Free Bridge, which is the easiest one to drive across. But there is no handy parking on the other side. From el centro Venus is quite a ways.

What kind of prices were they advertising at Venus? A new guy took over a few months ago and raised the price to $50! Seeing the other ones were only charging $25-$35 that ended my little love affair with the place. Maybe reality has set in there...

10-19-02, 01:02
Here is the address, though. If you take a taxi on Avenida Juarez walk about 8-10 blocks before asking for one. Don't pay more than $10-$12 for the ride, and tell him you are going to the Montana Restaurant next door to eliminate any chances of him coming in for a tip.

Masajes Venus, 1126 Av. A. Lincoln, just north of Hemannos Escobar in a small center beside a Scotiabank sign and next door to the Montana Restaurant. The phone number was 611-2832 at the time this information was recorded.

10-19-02, 01:10
The prices in the MPs are going down because the economy in Juarez is still feeling the effects of 9/11 and because of massive maguilas moving their operations to China, where, they discovered, a person will work for $50 a month versus $50 a week. 40,000 factory workers, mostly young women, have lost their jobs since January, 2002. The recent weaking of the peso to 10 to a dollar, versus 9.35 to a dollar a few months ago is also no doubt playing a factor.

Before anyone chimes in and says, "Great, hope it goes to 15 pesos to a dollar" please give a little thought to how many millions of people would have to suffer to save you a few bucks to get your rocks off. At $25-$35 for an hour with a clean lovely girl, Juarez is quite a bargain at the present time. I never recommend it as a mongering destination because, as you regular visitors know, you really have to take the time to find out where to go and when to go to find what you want. Now that I have, I wouldn't trade it for Costa Rica...

Well, then again, I might. Costa Rica has prettier scenery.

10-19-02, 03:43
The place I mentioned in my last post, Amadeus, is a higher quality strip club than you would typically find in the US both in appearance and in the women. Although, I noticed one curious thing, some women don´t take anything off, some take off their tops, and others take everything. This seems to be true at the other clubs too. The VIP dances were $10 each.

Last night I found an even better club called Joker, which is fairly close to Amadeus. The appearance of the club is a little more run-down, but the women are just as beautiful and the stage shows are completely wild. It was extremely crowded there on Thursday night. No place to park and no place to sit. I´m going again tonight and I plan on asking a dancer back to my hotel. One drawback, the VIP dances were $18 each. Very steep for Mexico.

Now the bad news, I can get to both clubs, but I don´t know any of the street names nor any major landmarks. About the best I can say it they´re both in the direction of Juarez airport and about 25 minutes from the border. Roughly speaking, travel on Septembre 16th street for about 5 miles from the downtown area. The road will curve sharply to the right at this point (and the road changes names). Soon after that, there will be a bridge. This bridge travels over the street that the Joker is on. The Joker is about 1 mile to the left (sorry, I don´t know east from west in this crazy city). The Joker is on the right side of this street. Ask someone from the Joker how to get to Amadeus.

BTW, Don´t Touch is no longer in business, but they still have a sign which even advertises the girls working "tonight".

10-19-02, 04:28
Masajes Roma - 1251 S. Lopez Mateos near 8 de Mayo. In small shopping center beside Church's Fried Chicken on Lopez Mateos. Tele: 616-3936.

Masejes Sirenas: Hermanos Ecobar & Calle Panama, directly across the street from the Hotel Villa Manport. Tele: 612-6973.

Print these addresses out, and any cab driver will take you there. All are major streets in Juarez.

10-19-02, 04:41
KDog, your posts about these clubs is most interesting.


Please remember every place in a foreign country has: 1) a street address; 2) an exact name; and 3) usually, a telephone number.

I realize when you are out mongering the last thing on your mind is reporting back to us on what you have found, yet that upon returning the first thing on your mind is reporting back to us what you have found. Regarding specific locations the mind goes numb...because you never wrote down where you have been.

Yet a great scientist here who posts as "Dougie" set us all straight on these matters a couple of years ago. He pointed out to us that there is no need for everyone who comes after to be looking for a building with a green waistcoat with a sign painted on it which says "tortillaria" and then to turn left and walk two blocks until we come to what appears to be an abondoned building with a glass door on the second story which is where the girls are...

So, next time you go, if you could get the straight scoop on these places, that would be great.

10-19-02, 04:52
Amedus and Joker are close to the Wal Mart in Juarez.

10-19-02, 04:58
Took a girl home from the Cave, 11:45 at night until 6:00am, $80, probably could have negotiated lower, but why? Great fucky- sucky all night. Mostly sucky-sucky, who's complaining? Good pussy is there , finding it is another story..................but it can be done, trust me on that.

10-19-02, 09:37
DreamingEagle, the Mapsco street map for Juarez can be found at the Chevron next to The Stampede on Doniphan (at Redd Road). There were two copies there yesterday and I imagine they won't be going quick since they cost $15. Nonetheless, I would recommend it for those who spend a lot of time in Juarez since it is quite detailed. The only problem is that it is a little bit detailed and not convenient to carry if you are walking across the bridge. (The place I mentioned earlier near Cabaret didn't have it when I checked last week.)

10-19-02, 09:50
Here's the Walmart address and phone number which I found via a web search (see http://www.walmartmexico.com.mx/info_dwm.html):

C.P. 32530

(01 65) 6629-0908

I remember someone posted directions to the Joker in the old forum, however I checked and the forum is no longer accessible. I sent a message to the forum webmaster about the inaccessible archive previously, so if others can send similar request maybe he will make it available again. (Or perhaps it is a nontrivial change and thus we need to wait for the next holiday as with the Labor day conversion.) Anyway, in the meantime, if someone has copies of the old archive for Juarez, can they check for the directions? I did save a copy, but it is on an old computer that is no longer functional. (I did do backups, but not for the juicy bits out of paranoia.)

10-20-02, 00:29
Yes, Amadeus is near the Walmart, but on the other side of the street. It´s easy to see (neon lights). The Joker is one block east. Just ask someone at Amadeus and they´ll tell you exactly how to get to the Joker. The two clubs are just minutes apart by car. The Joker is more difficult to see at night (litte/no lights) and parking is very difficult.

Last night I went to both clubs and found Amadeus to be better. The bartender at Amadeus remembered me from before and gave me free open bar the entire night. Also, he would not accept any tips. I kept waiting for a surprise bill or something. He even brought me a pack of cigarettes. Unfortunately, the club was packed (all locals) and I didn´t have a chance to even get a dance from the girls. Still, I had a great time.

10-21-02, 03:07
Venus: I heard they went down from $50, but to what I do not know. The last time I was there, before they went up, a few months ago, they had a decent selection but nothing spectacular. $30 is the max I will pay these days, and Corpus and Loryed are only $25 now.

10-21-02, 04:57
Here´s the phone number for Amadeus: 617-60-19. If you are there and want the right girl for dances, have Francisco select a girl for you. These girls a genuine and beautiful. They are expensive to bring back to your hotel/home ($150-$200), but if you want the best, you have to pay a little more. For me, it´s worth it.

10-23-02, 04:41
I agree. The girls I spoke with at Amadeus had never been to the US. I suspect if they could go there, they'd be dancing/escorting in the US for triple the money.

I would suggest considering staying at the Hilton or Radisson in Juarez if you want to enjoy the high-end Juarez strip clubs. Both hotels are close to Amadeus and Joker.

Also, if you want to take girls from these clubs home, you should plan on arriving late (around midnight) since it is very difficult, if not impossible, for the girls to leave early. The clubs close at 1 pm or 2 pm depending on the night. Also keep in mind that not all girls will go home with you. If they do, it's probably because the genuinely like you.

The VIP room at Amadeus is not very private, but the action I got there was great. The two times I went up there, the girls wouldn't stop fondling/kissing me. Every now and then I would toss them $10, but they didn't seem focused on the money at all. US women, on the other hand, have no problem saying "ok, that'll be $20...see ya".

10-26-02, 04:46
Question: have any of you guys ever felt unworthy of fucking a beautiful *****?

Right now, at age 52, I am undergoing this wierd thing where I am gaining weight around my middle and can't seem to stop it. It's not bad yet, but in another year or so I will be a gordito (fat man).

I have always been in good shape and felt like any price was worth paying to avoid buying a bigger pair of pants. But I can't seem to find the motivation to go work out and do the things you need to do so say trim and fit. At some point the price in terms of energy and commitment seems not worth the effort. ***** or not, I want her to feel good about fucking me, though.

I'm even thinking about not going to Juarez until I have worked out three times in the span of a week---kind of as a motivational thing.

I love the *****s of Mexico, but I don't want them to have to close thier eyes when I take my clothes off. That would take all the fun out of it.

How do you guys feel about this?

Butt Slug
10-26-02, 05:25
Originally posted by DreamingEagle
Question: have any of you guys ever felt unworthy of fucking a beautiful *****?

Right now, at age 52, I am undergoing this wierd thing where I am gaining weight around my middle and can't seem to stop it. It's not bad yet, but in another year or so I will be a gordito (fat man).

I have always been in good shape and felt like any price was worth paying to avoid buying a bigger pair of pants. But I can't seem to find the motivation to go work out and do the things you need to do so say trim and fit. At some point the price in terms of energy and commitment seems not worth the effort. ***** or not, I want her to feel good about fucking me, though.

I'm even thinking about not going to Juarez until I have worked out three times in the span of a week---kind of as a motivational thing.

I love the *****s of Mexico, but I don't want them to have to close thier eyes when I take my clothes off. That would take all the fun out of it.

How do you guys feel about this?

I'm 40. I'm not as thin as I used to be and am a little self-conscoius about it but not to the point where I won't screw a chick I like. I think I'm used to it since I don't consider myself the handsomest guy around either. Everytime I am with a woman I seem to feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world... even if I am paying for it... it's like, why is ths beautiful creature in the same room with me letting me do these nasty things to her?
Hang in there.

10-26-02, 06:07
Dreaming Eagle, wow, often times you really hit the bulls eye on a variety of things. I just turned 60 but could pass for 45. But my waist size went from 34 to 36. To me, this is totally unacceptable and I was considering suicide but I'm too busy eating my enchiladas.

So every time I'm with my regular gal, I'm trying to suck it in and pretending that somewhere deep down is that washer board stomach that I have alway yearned for.

Well, lo and behold, my regular gal turns to my friend at dinner and tells him that she is going to cook for me like no one else and that I can get as fat as I want. Now, this really upset me because I've been so obsessed for the past year wondering how I'm going to get back in shape. But all the while, my little chica is hoping I'll get more plump.

So it all depends on where they are coming from. I still work out but not with the intensity as in the past. It's hard to pump iron while sitting at a computer for 10-12 per day.

Furthermore and lastly, my first real love, 15 years ago, was a dynamite babe of 23 years of age. She gave me a massage while I was totally nude. All I could think about (among other things) was trying to suck it in while she was massaging my tummy. And lying on your back is a good way to keep the tummy from hanging down. Anyway, she casually mentioned one day (after I had mentioned my concern about my tummy) that most of the guys carry a "little pouch". She didn't seem to mind at all. Damn I miss her!!! She never jacked me off but she sure enjoyed watching me jack off. And believe me, there were moments when I didn't care anything about my tummy. Damn I miss her!!!

10-26-02, 19:40
"Everytime I am with a woman I seem to feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world... even if I am
paying for it... it's like, why is ths beautiful creature in the same room with me letting me do these nasty things to her?"

Just goes to show you God really is in his heaven and wants us to be happy...

It also brings back shades of Costa Rica, 1999 for me.

I was 49 years old, and a little background might be in order. From the age of 15 to 30 I was professional club musician in Dallas, TX, working both regular dance clubs and strip bars. To say that a guy in that position gets a lot of pussy would be an understatement. This figure has been challenged many times, but on an average of 2 new girls a week for 15 years brings the total to 1560 girls---all of which were 1st class babes in terms of having hard bodies and being at least cute if not downright breathtaking. At the time I was young, I was, no doubt, an arrogant little shit who thought he was something special, but looking back now I see it was the glitter and excitement of the music, the influence of alcohol, and looser sexual mores of the era which made this possible.

The trend continued throughout my 30's on a more toned down level when I gave up music and went to work in the traditional sense. In my 40's I found spiritual awakening---and, at last, some sense of humility---in the Native American religion, and sex became more meaningful. There were only a few, but all of my lovers were young and beautiful inside and out.

As 50 approached, however, the girls in the supermarkets began to call me "sir", and I realized youth was finally fading. What a cruel reality to face since my taste for sexual encounters with the finest had never abated. I even resorted to having two mistresses, which worked out remarkably well, albiet a tremendous financial expense. I paid each one of them $2,000 a month. They were world class girls, no doubt about it, and any price seemed willing to pay to keep that feeling of being truly alive again...

Sometimes I would lay there and watch them sleep and think of what a wonderous thing a beautiful young woman is and how the pleasures she gives a man truly are like diamonds to put into his bag of memories and how I taken all of this very much for granted in my youth.

Then I discovered this forum.

Wow! The world of prostitution! I had never even thought about it as an alternative! I read about some guy who went to the Philippines and paid $10 each to have 5 gorgeous young girls spend the whole night with him! They looked just stunning in the pics! Other posts about Central and South America were equally compelling. I was glued to the computer for almost two weeks reading posts from the archives and began to plot my first mongering vacation.

Costa Rica seemed just right. Reasonable airfare. Beautiful girls. Beaches on two oceans. Rainforests. Native people in the north. Wow.
So I kissed my mistress goodbye, got $3,000 in traveller's checks, and boarded a Continental Airlines flight to San Jose.

Arrived at the Hotel Del Rey at 2 p.m. on a Sunday, and the lobby was crawliing with girls. Beautiful girls. 8s on a scale of 10. Some just flawless in my eyes. For once, I was going to get all the pussy I wanted.

The Blue Marlin bar behind the desk of the hotel was packed with girls at 3:30 p.m. when I got down there. There were only a few other guys there, and all eyes turned to me when I walked into the room---beautiful hungry eyes. Yes, this was paradise, where once again, I was the hunted. Nevermind if it was for money or not. I could easily put that little detail out of my mind.

Girl one was awesome. She weighed about 110 pounds and could not get enough. Did her twice in an hour. She wanted to return the following day, but I told her my fantasy was to have a different girl every time. "Porque?" she asked.

The eternal question between men and women...

Six days later I had seen nothing of the rainforests, had not been to the beaches, and had only crossed the street two times to check my email at an internet cafe run by some German guy who said he had moved to CR 10 years ago for the girls...

My life looked utterly ridiculous as I read the many messages from friends. My mistress wanted to know if she could come a week early when I got back so she could buy a Dodge Viper. That would cost me a $1,000. Letters from women I had been writing through the personals ads. 99% of them would wind up to have butts the size of a barn and all these wierd ideas about color therapy or something. A long email from a female friend who was joining Greenpeace to save the whales and urging me to join PETA.

As I walked back to the hotel I felt physically shaken. This life was not enough anymore! Something had gone "ping!", and my entire mission in life had become to get to Latin America anyway I could---whatever the price.

And it did. It all started right here on the World Sex guide.

Returned to the U.S. 15 girls later feeling like a new man. The mistress came over, and I didn't give her just the sweet romantic sex we had enjoyed in the past. Looked over in the middle of the night and saw her perfect little butt shining up at me like a full moon, slapped it, and told her to come here, I wanted some more pussy. Gave her a hard, nasty fucking that made her come her guts out and left her wide-eyed. She said she didn't know what had come over me, but she sure liked it! Bent her over the couch and fucked her again before she left that morning, leaving her in the mood to take a little nap on the couch. She woke up with my cock in her mouth and sucked me to completion.

I was baaaaack!

Turned 50 years old in Juarez with two girls in one of the rooms at Casa Colorado on a weekend vacation. They were both hotter'n a pistol. Hell, I didn't feel old! I was just getting started. Returning to Dallas was agony.

Astonished co-workers watched me turn in my resignation and kiss my stock options goodbye. They could take the beeper and cell phone and shove it right their asses, too. We were high tech slaves in my mind. One final time with the mistress. The timing was perfect. She was graduating from college and would be starting to work for a telecommunications company for $40K right out of the box. Completely levelled with her about the reasons for the move. Such a thoughtful reply she gave me. "Yes, Latin America is perfect for you. You really need a young woman in your life, and here no one will ever understand. I want you to know I was never ashamed of you, but I've wanted to keep this private because there is no way any of my friends would ever understand in a million years. I could not explain it. And thank you."

It made no sense to anyone, and I had serious concerns about my well-being in an area of the country where the economy is depressed. It would be tough making it in El Paso. But I remember never feeling so content as I was driving the U-Haul across Texas with my cats whaling all the way from their cat cages. It was "second star to the right and straight on 'till morning!" There would be no going back...

Two years later, and this still says it all:

"Everytime I am with a woman I seem to feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world... even if I am
paying for it... it's like, why is ths beautiful creature in the same room with me letting me do these nasty things to her?"

Life is too short to waste away eating fruit cake in The Shire, and I cannot comprehend the men who do not avail themselves of the opportunities we enjoy. It's like there are two entirely different species of men...

I'm glad this site exists, because it did not just lead me to fun vacations. It led me to second youth, and, that, I am sure you all agree, is nothing short of a miracle!

10-29-02, 01:39
WHAT A WEEKEND!! Arrived in El Paso Friday 10 PM 20 bucks cab fare to the bridge 15 minute walk to the hotel plaza- Not a 4 star joint but it is in the zona, friendly staf, brodcast tv, secure parking if you have a car, and hot showers. 19 bucks a night. 11 pm checked out the bars dia y noche and the lot right around it, nothing muching happening. casa colorado, and panama packed didn't feel like waiting, settled on a little cholita from one of the ***** apartments on the other side of the street from the row of burrito stands by the dia y noche. She acted like she liked it, wanted to set me up with her friend for round 2. 200 pesos and another rip off 60 for the room and 40 for the condom and tissue. I passed up on round two. Sat 11am went to genisis, candy was her name very young, smart, sexy looking chica. Great massage from neck to toes, turned my over and sucked her way from my ear lobes to number one, she said she liked it from behind. So I obliged, Condom broke half way thru, luckily I had another as that may have been an ordeal, finished the dead, we talked a bit, she was real cheerful, and joked around. Then took a shower together and departed I decided I would go back before leaving Sunday and asked her if she was going to be there. Yes she said. Back to the Hotel to watch ND kick FSU's ASS Go Irish. 2 pm went out to panama and Colorado again nothing happening bought a girl at the panama a couple of Drinks. As I opened the door into the front she jumped up and shouted BOOOO I jumped as it was dark, startled the hell out of me she laughed and laughed, after gaining my composure I smiled and said cabrona and slapped her on the ass, she followed me in and joked around, not really interested in fucking her. She was cute enough around 30, she was telling me about her big chested 10 year old daughter who has a 15 year old boyfriend. She seemed fine with it!! What the hell, anyway took off and a cute little mamacita in front of her apartment( I thought) asked if I wanted some her all lady she said. Hell yes So we go in 2o for her and 5 for the room So it wasn't her room however Right then when the pinchi crossdresser showed up is when I should of left!! But no, I had to have at least one bad experience Gave it the 5 dollars for the room and not 2 minutes into fucking this shaved little pussy, the half man shouts through the door you want me to join, hwo about my half man friend, let us in. Go to hell shut up is my response then, times up 4 minutes tops, the girl is like give them 5 more dollars- again fuck that, so I said fine, I am leaving got Up like I was going to leave, she yelled at them in Spanish, they left, and she got on all fours and told me to take her from behind, so I go at this girl like mad, to vent my frustation and she gets off or puts on one hell of acting job. and right when she does the ladyboys come back and with the first words out of there mouths I filled that condom full- ofcourse they wanted more money, But I got what I wanted so I hurried up and dressed left the room before she even got dressed and walked out the fag grabbed my cock on the way out and said some shit -- I stiff armed him and double checked my wallet and headed off. I know a few Thai crossdressers who are really good people but the scum that hangs out there a few blocks from casa colorado at night and these are unnecessary. Anyway I have had a few experiences with women who hang out with the cross dressers and none have ever really been good. They are real desperate people it seems around there. My advice would be to avoid. Part 2 tommorow at genisis, I agreed with the taxi driver for 40 for the massage and 10 fro the roundtrip ride before I got in the car He first wanted 60 and 10 And I tipped durce 10 bucks as she was really was sweet.

10-29-02, 02:25
Genesis: "I agreed with the taxi driver for 40 for the massage and 10 for the roundtrip ride before I got in the car."

I'm just glad you had a good time. When on a vacation it really does not matter what you spend if you enjoy yourself.

But the going rate for full service at Genisis---and many other MPs now---is only $25. Next time just pay the cab driver $5-7 for a ride to Vincente Guerrero and Montes de Oca, turn left on Montes de Oca, and you will come to Genisis in about two or three blocks. Or you could have turned right on Montes de Oca and walked to LePetit at Ave. De la Raza. This neighborhood is perfectly safe to walk in.

You are also very right about the street environment in el centro being very dangerous. Almost everyone living down there is a crack addict.

You also might try the Hotel Villa Manport at Hermanos Escobar and Calle Panama on your next trip. It's way away from all the crap you encounter downtown and there are three MPs within walking distance. Would be glad to give you better directions if interested in the future.

But, as I said, I didn't mean to make you sound like you wasted your money. I used to hate it when more experienced people kept telling me I was "paying too much". If you had a good time, you didn't pay too much, but you can save money and have a hassle free time going to some other places.

10-29-02, 05:11
Those apartments across from the burrito stands should be avoided at all cost. Too many fags and too much dope. Especially for the un-experienced.
I agree with DreamingEagle, if you know where you are going, have a taxi drop you off close by there, never mention the name of the place.
Aviod the commissions and deal directly with the MP's I have not been ripped off in one yet, some up-selling once in a while, but outright ripped off, never. Genesis is a very dependable, secure place, as is Marylins, Corpus, El Encanto, Sirenas, Parisio, Loryeds, and several others. They want you to be happy, to spread the word and to come back.

A slight correction on DreamingEagle's directions to Genesis. From the corner of Montes de Oca and Vincente Guerreo, it's only the second or third house on Montes de Oca from V. Guerreo, I think it's the second house, anyway it's very close to the corner.

10-29-02, 07:48
Originally posted by DreamingEagle
Question: have any of you guys ever felt unworthy of fucking a beautiful *****?

Right now, at age 52, I am undergoing this wierd thing where I am gaining weight around my middle and can't seem to stop it. It's not bad yet, but in another year or so I will be a gordito (fat man).
How do you guys feel about this?

Hey, let's admit it, being in shape it's very important even if all what you fuck and hang out with is pro's and no more than pro's. I fight the same problem of DreamingEagle and have the same toughts sometime. Even if we live in a society with an overflow of information of fitness let me share here the basic motivations:

- stay in shape and live longer. Aside the heart attack that just kills you, you're also a lot less likely to get diabetes that in extreme cases leads to limbs amputation and blindness.

- stay fit and you will have better sex and enjoy it more. I was talking to a friend of mine at the gym and she made the stupid comment that one doesn't need to workout so hard if he is just shagging *****s. What she hardly understand is that a major part of the sexual experience is higly visual, just like we like to see the small waist widening in full hips and round butts when we look at the girl's ass in a doggy position, we also like to see ourselves as a decent male body pumping and showing muscles. When there's is a mirror (and often there's a mirror) that will just make the whole thing more interesting, we can talk with our partner about what a nice pair we make in bed, what beatiful <whatever> she has, and likely we will be complimented too, who doesn't like that ?

Now these should be motivations strong enough to convince you, so let me tell you what works for me (and most people) to get and stay in shape - I mean just loose that belly or even loose 50, 100, 150 pounds.
First of all, a lot of aerobic workout. Forget about weights training. I've been lifting 5 days a week for more than three years, become a lot stronger and built muscle, yet I didn't shred a single pound of fat. I mean, the belly and the freacking love handles just remained the same. At some point, that become frustrating. Now I've switched to aerobic and here I'm twice a week with a buch of gals doing funky kickboxing moves. I alternate it with studio spinning that is a lot of fun too when done with a good trainer. Now the key concept:

- don't illude yourself that half an hour a day of walking, or stationary bike with a book or treadmilling your way thru the evening news will do any good, it will NOT. I see people doing this everyday and I feel sorry for them, some are in a quite good shape and could have more fun doing a real sport like indoor squash or basket or whatever, others that are from a bit overweight to plain obese and obviously aren't burning any fat. Either kind of people are simply wasting time. Either you sweat 45 minutes on the rowing machine or spinning bike, or just stay home, watch TV or read a book.

- now about the diet. First of all, go to atkinscenter.com and educate yourself about how the mainstream 'diet science' has fooled America and the whole world for 30+ years with this fucked-up idea of avoiding fats but eating carbs and fruit in huge quantities. I've been kind of caught in this trap and again I can witness I never lost a pound. Finally I switched to a radical carb cut and lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I didn't knew jack about Atkins and actually it was just later on that I read about it and rationalized my diet furthermore. I don't buy the overpriced atkins foods (except the bars that however you can find cheaper from other brands) and I just follow the free advice (there's a lot) on their website - overall cost of this diet is $0. Most important thing, you're never hungry doing atkins, you don't count calories, and you can eat plenty of meats, real cheese and eggs - good stuff. Sorry, you have to curb beer and booze when you diet. I know, it sucks, but find your way to hang in there at least until you have results, these will come quick.

- finally, and I get off from the soapbox, don't diet w/o exercise or viceversa, it will NOT work.

10-30-02, 05:37
Stoly, you are right on about the low carb diet. About 3 years ago, I did the low carb thing (but not exceedingly strict) and I lost about 20 lbs. in 3-4 weeks. It was fantastic and I simply could not believe it.

The best part, however, was the doubling of energy that took place. I had been eating a lot of pasta for lunches (thinking it was good for me for running and working out, etc.). And for a number of years after each lunch, I got extremely tired and could hardly stay awake at my computer. And my thighs ached terribly. I have put my weight back on but to this day, I have not had been tired after lunch and my legs don't ache like they used to right after lunch.

I am wondering if the low carb routine would work again as well as the first time. I have slowly included more carbs in my diet but not to the extent that I used to. My weight gain now is due more to sitting at a computer for 9-10 hours per day. Diet and excercise are the only way to go but most people are not disciplined to do them both consistently. I used to but it gets harder.

10-30-02, 08:01
Originally posted by DreamingEagle
Stoly, you are right. The main reason I feel so guilty, etc., is because I know these things, having had the workout habit for 10 solid years. Haven't been in two years now, and what a toll it takes---a slow creeping diminishment of energy and self-esteem---gradual but devasting in cumulative effect. Once I'm over this flu, I'm back to the health club again.

Don't mind anyone holding me to my word.

Everyone has his down times, since when I quit my job and adopted a lot of DreamingEagle's philosophy, I've also somewhat abused of the my free time, been too idle and generically lacked direction. Bottom of the curve have been some afternoons of half-hearted boozing that invariably culminated, surprise surprise, with solid headaches.
It took a while but I shrugged off this improductive laziness and now I realize how precious every moment of our life is, especially when we're so lucky to be in control of our destiny. I avoid stress at all cost but I also work hard toward my goals that include a complete life with good sex, romance and kids if they will come, paramount to this is living in a country of good wheater and positive attitudes. The daily workout has become part of the daily routine and never bothers me - note that I used to unconditionally hate gyms and exercise until few years ago.
I don't want to sound like a two bits motivational speaker but it's just my thing that I'm saying here.
It is funny how I see more and more guys with a positive approach to life among fellow travelling mongers, while I've meet very very little good karma when living as a corporate droid.

10-31-02, 04:03
"Corporate droid" is a great term for it. Just wait and see. One day soon those people will be wanting to put cell phone chips behind your ear.
A company called Active Data Solutions (ADS) just released the first commercially viable implantable identity chip this week, offering a $50 'Get Chipped' discount on the $250 price. This insanity will start with people with serious medical problems and paroles, until the technology matures into cell phone communications and GPS capablities and the ability to pay for your groceries by passing your hand over a scanner at the supermarket---until the powers that be will be able to pinpoint anyone's location at any time down to an accuracy of three feet. Anyone who thinks I'm kidding does not work in high tech or is not thinking about the far-ranging implications of computerization.

The fact that this company earned its niche in the market selling these devices to help ranchers keep tabs on their cattle should tell people something. But of course it doesn't, because people in America have been pre-programmed by the media since birth to think anything and everything technology brings us is just wonderful. To me, the cell phone and the beeper are symbols of servitude in most cases, not freedom.

So many other "Borg"-like aspects of being a corporate droid. I actually worked for an insurance company whose managers openly prayed in meetings for hurricanes to hit the coast so we could send in our crew of 24-hour Johnny-on-the-spot claims adjustors down there and get rich on it. I would just blink in disbelief, but there were these adult so called human beings actually praying to God for that.

I work for a small state entity in New Mexico now, and the change in attitude is a breath of fresh air. We work hard every day, but if something does not get done, well, it just didn't. Everyone, from the general manager on down, feels this way. There is no Mr. <So and So> trotting over or calling every half hour for "a status report on Issue #10293" or needing a "percentage complete" on some task so he can update his project management software for his Powerpoint presentation. Plus, unless people quit farming for some reason here in this part of the country there is not much chance of us going out of business.

Then, of course, there is Mexico waiting with open arms on the weekends. I'll stay here for half the money any day. At least my computer skills do some good here, and the muchachas are always there.

10-31-02, 05:39
I checked out Amadeus last night, but it turned out to be disappointing since none of the dancers removed anything past a g-string and top (i.e., not even topless). The girls were pretty, but not enough so to justify staying around for a lingerie show, especially since the drinks are expensive (although without cover). To top it off, during the dancer switch, they would always play 'Rock me Amadeus', which gets old quickly.

On the positive side, it is quite nice inside, so it makes for a comfortable place to hang up, say after quenching my thirst elsewhere. There's a very good restaurant across the street (El Refran), right next to a 10 theatre movie theatre (Cinemark?). Movies are inexpensive in Mexico and fairly current, so next time I'll probably catch a flick before trying Amadeus out on a busier night.

In terms of getting there, it seems best to take Triunfo de Republic east and continue on it as it turns right towards the airport and eventually becomes Ave. Technologico. Go about 2 miles from the bend until just before you reach the second overpass "hump" in the road at Ave. Ejercito National, with the first one being at Ave. De La Raza. (Note that if you reach the Hilton then you have gone a little bit too far and need to turn around and take the next exit off of Ave. Technologico.) Get off before reaching the second overpass and take a left under it onto Ave. Ejercito National (heading east). Amadeus will be about 3 blocks on the right (say a block past the WalMart which is on the left).

11-02-02, 05:01
Some of you guys just have a lot more money than I do these days...

I'll admit, the quest for equally exciting pussy for less and less money began as a necessity as the economic realities of living here on the border set in, because when I lived in Dallas coming down here and spending a $1,000 a weekend was no big deal.

But keep in mind you can get a lot of fantastic girls down here for $30 an hour in the MPs. Or, if you like to hang out in the bars, you can get it for $50-$60 in el centro, or $100 for all night long if you wait until 12 p.m. or so.

The strip bars are just a rip off, or am I misunderstanding? You're going to drop $50-$100 in the place just to get warmed up. I guess my point is that even if you get laid, did you get the best deal for you money?

Oh, God!

I used to HATE guys who posted things like this when I first got here...:)

11-02-02, 12:56
i like the variety of strip clubs. where else can you see twelve or more naked women up close and personal? i'm frugal myself. at amadeus, i only spent about $15 ($10 for drinks and the rest tips). i wouldn't mind spending a little more if the dances were more revealing, but rarely do i spend more than $50.

i do prefer the mp's for the one-on-one action, and in fact went to sirena's beforehand for an enjoyable session with a petite natalie for only $40. she had a wonderful way of kissing the back of my neck towards the end of the message. also, she was very forgiving of my taking forever to do the deed and seemed to enjoy it after a while. she gave fake moans right from the start,
which i find a little annoying, but towards the end they seemed more wholesome. due to the paxil, i didn't finish up (even with some yomibe as an antidote), but the session was therapeutic nonetheless (unlike the previous time at roma).

by the way, you would have been proud of me. this time i drove in, and on the way back said "i went for a message" when the border guard asked me the purpose of my trip. he then said "oh, you went for a message" paused and then asked "so what are you bringing back?"

11-02-02, 18:09
Yeah, that's not too bad, and you are correct about there being so many more girls to look at.
I just wish I had more money and will soon if I can sell my land in Texas.

Had a fantasy dream last night in which I dropped $1,000 in one night at Casa Colorado. I paid $150 each for all nighters with the three hotest girls I've met in Juarez: Celeste, Patricia, and Monse.

When we got to the house, I told them I had a little surprise. The night would be a contest to see which of them was the best lover. For #1, another $150. For #2, another $100. For #3, a $50 tip. I showed them the cash so they would know I was serious. You can imagine the rest of the dream. In the morning I got out three envelopes which all said #1 on them, and in each one was the top prize of $150.

Can you imagine what would really be possible if a man had unlimited funding for his hobby?

11-03-02, 03:58
I really, really enjoy reading all the posts here. My hats go off to all the donors - I've been guided well - so well, in fact, that I've come upon a lifetime partner. I can't believe it. But about 4 months ago, I was planning to make every beautiful chica in every bar and MP in Juarez. And then move south until I got to Guanajuato.

But I've met a gal who truly and totally has captured me. I've been visiting her on weekends with her four hijos. They all love me. The four hijos are as cute and personable as you could imagine. And yes, I've captured my novia tool. We plan to get married in El Paso after we get her and her girls immigrated here. She has stopped *****ing in the bars several months ago as I am providing support until we all get to El Paso.

She has never known anything like what she is going to experience and yet, she is very level headed and understands the time involved with the immigration papers, etc. Shes says, 'we'll just have to be patient." And I'm in the market for a very nice, large home and I think it will totally blow her away.

I could go on and on. But the bottom line is, I'm very contented with her to say the least and her girls give me so much attention. Now I've got five girls all at one time. Several months ago, I too entertained a more simplified version of Dreaming Eagle's fantasy with the $150 in each envelope. And that would have been nice. But I'm very contented with the five girls as we are now.

I did help raise six step children in my previous marriage of 23 years and now have 14 grandchildren. So I know to some extent what my responsibilities will be. Heck, I always wanted my grandkids to babysit my kids anyway.

So I'm not quite saying Audios right now. Because I enjoy reading the posts from all you guys.

A special thank you to Dreaming Eagle for your good directions and your sensitivity to not only your own personal needs but to the needs of others. If I could email you a tecate or some chocolate cookies, I would.

Have a good weekend everyone.

11-04-02, 02:02
That's great, El Paso Gent. The year I was seeing my neighbor was one of the happiest of my life, and, now that she is gone, I am acutely aware of how much richer I was when she was in my life. I came to love her children as well, but I did not wish to raise them and took a different decision than the one you have made. She will probably always be my Road Not Taken. You may get some cynical posts about these love affairs with working girls ending in disappointment, but my advice is ignore them and follow your heart. In a whole year she never gave me a single lie or ever took advantage of me. The only memory I have of her is love. I also have a friend who has had a baby with an ex-working girl. They plan to get married when the papers are complete, also. There are a lot of jewels in Juarez.

Buena suerte y felicidades....

11-06-02, 19:25
So I spent the last couple weekends in Juarez's zona roja. I had a great time spending minimal money. Enough to make the girls happy and myself also.

DreamingEagle did you ever get that map of juarez? If not, I picked one up. Maybe we can start marking it up. I walked the area fairly well but I am sure that I have missed much.

I stayed at a little hotel. It was very friendly but that was about the best I could say for it. Hotel Verde, twenty dollars(15 without the bathroom.

I have limited time today so my post will be brief. Let me know about the map.

I stayed away from doing business at the bars and kept to the street girls, no real reason just a strategy for this time down there. Prices ranged from 20 dollars to 35 and matched the talents of the girls.

11-08-02, 02:23
did the hotel verde try to get a mordita when you brought a girl back to the room or just let you pass?

i'd like to hear all about those sgs when you have time. there are a few cute ones down there, but they all seem to want to bring drugs with them. plus i had a really bad experience getting caught by the cops with one i did not know was **** in my car, but she was...

11-14-02, 21:15
Visited a few esteticas, one I could not see the name and the other was Selenas next to the Manport hotel. Both had really lame girls and all were fat. I also went around 8:00 pm so that might of had some effect as well being that it was a little late in the day.

After that, I went to Panama and there were about 5-6 girls, only two were doable. Met one, Perla who was a little fat but said that she would do BBJ + FS for $55. She wasn't my type so I selected a little 19 year old Jessica, she was slender but with a great ass and the nicest perky chest. We settled on $55 for FS and BBJ to start with. She kept wanting to stpo the BBJ, but kept asking her to continue and she kept on. Three positions and finished with her doggie style.

Also before she danced four songs for me in the room as I slowly underessed her.

Beers for me were $2 and for the ladies $3. When I returned from the room - about 45 minutes later, there were a few more taller cute girls. One had a really nice pair of legs.

Anyway, I was not expecting to have time to visit the Monge spots in Juarez so I didn;t do any planning for the event but overall it went really well.

11-24-02, 09:39
Dreaming Eagle,

I wandered those streets till I had blisters. Well, one anyway.

As far as the Hotel Verde went, yes there was a five dollar extra charge per night if I wanted "guests". A small price overall.

I went to as many clubs as I could find. Club Panama seemed to be the best and have the best girls. But they really wanted more than I wanted to spend. I was there on both Friday and Saturday nights. Things really get slow after about 12:30. The street girls were as cute as the club girls. The street girls started at 20 dollars the most ever asked was 35 dollars and she was quite nice.

The real kicker was one of the most beautiful girls that I tried to pick up who also wanted 35. I would have gladly paid that but she said, "I'm gay". Well I don't care. She said, "No, I am an ******. Hmmm, just my luck. At least he didn't wait till we got to the room. We parted ways on the spot.

So overall the best place I found was on one of the corners of the municiple gym. The girls that I picked up did not mention or use drugs in my presence. I saw many other girls in about a four bolck radius of the Club Panama. Actually they were mostly west.

I looked and asked for Martin at the Club Panama but he was not there.

I had no trouble from anybody. Seldom saw any police and the ones I did see were on bikes. I had lots of good food while I was down there. Ate at a place on Juarez and 16th de Septiembre which was good.

Well, till next message.


11-25-02, 05:06
So, OB1, let me see if I have this straight and please permit a few questions.

You stayed at the Hotel Verde and paid how much a night? (Or did I miss this?) Was the $5 "for guests" a once a night charge or $5 per girl? You took each of the street girls to your room, right?

I'm just trying to get all of this right because I also like the SGs. It's just that the drug angle scares me shitless. Sorry to be so nosy. But if there is a safe way to enjoy them I might be wanting to try it again. They are inexpensive, and I had some great experiences with them before things went wrong one day with the police. But that happened because she was in my car and was leaving with me.

12-01-02, 10:59

Ask all the questions you like. Hotel Verde cost 20$ a night with a bathroom. 15 a night without the bathroom. The 5 dollars was for a guest. Hotel Verde is on Dr. Mariano Samaniego and Manuel Altamirano. This is a place that I would not climb under the sheets but it a far site better than Hotel Rex. It was a place to crash for the night and I had my backpack with my sleeping bag so sheets were not a concern.

I never had a problem with drugs or police. To be totally honest I asked around quite extensively for a young lady of 18. Never found one. The closest was 20 or 21. Again, I think the SG's are the best value.


12-04-02, 06:03
Interesting board I ran across here, so I signed up. Really only experienced one MP by the name of Stephanie in the Plaza Waterfill by the Zaragoza bridge. Company I used to work for had a maquila by there, so I'd stop in. Excellent girls, all young and tight. Haven't been there for a long while. Anyone know if it's still there, they aren't advertizing in the Diario anymore it seems?

Stopped by Encanto about a year ago; extremely disappointed. Gorditas galore. I guess Stephanie spoiled me.

I don't know Juarez well, so I haven't tried looking for any other MP's. But since reading up on the info posted here and the excellent directions (thank you DE), might give it a crack. The two on Montes de Oca are not far from where I go to the dentist on Americas. How are the girls there these days and what is the going rate?

Disappointed to hear negative stuff about downtown. I used to like to party in the bars overseas. Booze a little, then take a little hottie home. Was thinking about making a hop over the downtown bridge, but don't know now. Really that bad?

12-05-02, 03:57
Originally posted by WS6
Interesting board I ran across here, so I signed up. Really only experienced one MP by the name of Stephanie in the Plaza Waterfill by the Zaragoza bridge. Company I used to work for had a maquila by there, so I'd stop in. Excellent girls, all young and tight. Haven't been there for a long while. Anyone know if it's still there, they aren't advertizing in the Diario anymore it seems?

Stopped by Encanto about a year ago; extremely disappointed. Gorditas galore. I guess Stephanie spoiled me.

I don't know Juarez well, so I haven't tried looking for any other MP's. But since reading up on the info posted here and the excellent directions (thank you DE), might give it a crack. The two on Montes de Oca are not far from where I go to the dentist on Americas. How are the girls there these days and what is the going rate?

Disappointed to hear negative stuff about downtown. I used to like to party in the bars overseas. Booze a little, then take a little hottie home. Was thinking about making a hop over the downtown bridge, but don't know now. Really that bad?

Never managed to find Stephanie, so can't tell you if it's still there. The MPs on Montes De Oca are Genesis ($25, but I can't find anyone there I want and have quit going) and LePetit ($30, hit or miss). Regarding downtown, don't take my negative press as the gospel. Lot's of guys have a great time in the *****bars and with the street girls. Some of the girls in the *****bars in particular I really like. It's just they cost more for the same quality of time, and worrying about corrupt cops is no fun at all. So I just go anymore.

12-09-02, 06:35
Your directions lead towards Casa Colorado, the bar in a red building on the left side of the street past the gym on Martinez off of Ave. Juarez. Frankly, I have never ventured further down that street that Casa, but the next time I am downtown in my car I will check it out.

12-09-02, 15:53
Have been to both Casa Colorado and Club Panama this past summer. The gal at Casa Colorado was a bit on the chubby side, looks 6-7, but GFE was 9-10 - very affectionate, liked to kiss and caress. The girl at Club Panama (name Veronica) was 21, and absolutely hot! Looks 9-10. Both gave CBJ and FS for $50 each.

12-11-02, 03:14
Hohunter, the "Lost Indian Princess", formerly known as "La Posada del Indio" is on Martinez on the south side of the road between the Casa and Juarez avenue, as I recall. I have not been to the Zona lately and do not know if it is still in operation.

12-12-02, 07:32
Originally posted by DreamingEagle
Your directions lead towards Casa Colorado, the bar in a red building on the left side of the street past the gym on Martinez off of Ave. Juarez. Frankly, I have never ventured further down that street that Casa, but the next time I am downtown in my car I will check it out.

Yes, that sure sounds right. If you get the chance, I'd be interested to hear. If anyone ever comes TJ way, I can definitely steer you to the right places.

12-12-02, 18:01
What has happened to Loreyeds? It's been one of my favorites for a while, but when I went yesterday both of my favorites were gone, on to greener pastures I guess. I like them slim, so wasn't too pleased with the heavyweight leftovers, nice personalities though. So were are the good ones now? Having just returned from a 4 week tour of beautiful women in SE Asia I suppose that I'm a bit jaded. Also, every once in awhile I like to go to the backdoor, never had any luck finding that in Juarez, any guidance?

One MP that I haven't tried yet (for lack of directions) is Felina's can anyone give me some nearby crossstreets and directions?

12-15-02, 23:57
Originally posted by hohunter
formerly known as? how far back? I first encountered as LIP on New Years Eve of 95 or 96. Thanks!

Actually, I have never been in the place. I try to do all my mongering before dark or the early evening at the latest and the LIP was always locked up tight. I do recall seeing it with the "other" name on the sign, I think it was 95 or 96, got the info from the WSG in it's previous incarnation. The report is still archived, I looked it up. The next time I was the place it had a new sign, still locked up tight at 3:00 in the pm.

12-16-02, 04:52
Originally posted by bubbagoes
What has happened to Loreyeds? It's been one of my favorites for a while, but when I went yesterday both of my favorites were gone, on to greener pastures I guess. I like them slim, so wasn't too pleased with the heavyweight leftovers, nice personalities though. So were are the good ones now? Having just returned from a 4 week tour of beautiful women in SE Asia I suppose that I'm a bit jaded. Also, every once in awhile I like to go to the backdoor, never had any luck finding that in Juarez, any guidance?

One MP that I haven't tried yet (for lack of directions) is Felina's can anyone give me some nearby crossstreets and directions?

I live a short distance from Felina's. It's at Borunda & Peru. To get there take V. Guerrero from el centro and turn left on Peru. The first street will be Borunda, and Felinas is on the second floor of the three story green building on your right as you approach that intersection.

12-16-02, 17:52
I think it's going to be hit or miss. I was at Panama Club in the afternoon a few years ago and there were 3 real fat woman(how do they make money?) and one ugly thin girl. Since everthing is so close together it'll be easy to go to other places. You have plenty of time to find something nice.

I hate to say this but if you've never been there before this might be one of those times to let a taxi take you or use one of those parasites always walking around asking to give tours. They take a big chunk of the money from the house which means less for the girl but you really don't have time to worry about that.

12-19-02, 16:31
Took a friend down to felina's yesterday afternoon. I hadn't been there for a long time but I had read a previous post from a member praising the talents of a girl named Patty, so we loaded up and gave it a shot. I have to say that I was disapointed with the service, first she tells me no La Boca, so I asked for another girl (I had almost taken this short cute busty one that I saw), finally she got down to business. I would rate this one about a 4-5 on talent.
My buddy got hit up for a extra $6 sexo charge before the service was rendered, I should have educated him better, probably happened because of his lack of spanish.
That was my education for yesterday.

12-20-02, 05:46
Wow, I keep hearing these reports about upselling and am glad it never happens to me. Course, I'm just there to fuck and don't care for the extras and speak at least advanced beginner Spanish.

Felina's used to be pretty awesome. They had Tamara and a couple of other hotties along the way. Now she is behind the desk and unavailable to all except old regulars, and the pickings are slim indeed. To think they are still charging $35 is kind of incredible, given places like Brendas are charging only $25 and other places only $30.
The selection seems to be about the same, whatever the price. A bunch of gorditas and one or two slim ones---if you are lucky, which ain't always the case for an occassional visitor on a limited budget regarding cab fares and time.

Juarez is a *****, man. If you know the town and have a car you can always get lucky. If not, it's defintely hit or miss.

12-20-02, 22:21
DreamingEagle--They see you coming in and say to themselves,"There's Dreamingeagle. He knows the ropes so we better just take care of him."

When they see a big gringo like me who can't count to ten in spanish they say,"We'll probably never see this fool again so lets get all we can get."

I wonder if telling the house mother that your doing a review on the internet if you get better service or prices? I had a friend who would tell restaurant managers he was a restaraunt critic if the service was bad. They would freak out since he was pretty convincing. Of course in this case you'd have to tell them beforehand.

Dreamingeagle-You know so much about the area and speak so well of Martin I have a theory you are Martin. Is that true?

12-21-02, 00:03
Brenda's? that a new one on me, where that one Eagle?
So far I've been to,
La Petit
Both of the ones near the Hotel Villa Manport
I've heard about Venus, and the one a few blocks away from Genesis and La Petit, but haven't tried them yet.
What else could I be missing? I want my research to be complete!

12-23-02, 08:04
Brenda's has only been open about a month, and I actually misinformed you about the price. It is currently $20, not $25. It's for half an hour, but that's long enough, and I have actually been in there longer the day I took two girls for $30.

It's at Hermanos Escobar just before you get to Avenida de Las Americas if you are coming from the Hotel Villa Manport. It's upstairs in a strip center on the left side of the street just before you get to that intersection. They are two or three littles ones who are fun to fuck, and the place is very friendly. The rooms are nothing special, and the shower is not in the room. But I like the place and plan to put it on my new website.

And, no, I am not Martin, but I have known him a couple of years and trust him. I have referred three people to him who actually did look him up, and all three were happy with the information he provided. One poor bastard was running around in the red light district low on cash and disappointed because he could not use his credit cards to buy pussy (kind of a ludricous idea but this is a true story). I fixed him up with Martin, who took him to a long distance phone place, and the guy had $1,000 wired into his bank account which he could access from the ATM Martin took him to a couple of hours later. He tipped Martin $40 at the end of the night, which sounds like a lot, but you have to realize these things are hard to figure out when you don't know Mexico, and Martin was sure to tell no one the dude had that much money on him. The other two guys just paid him $5 for a walk-around tour of the red light district. I'm not him, but I can't say enough good things about him. If he's ever fucked anyone around it will be news to me.

It does help to be a regular, and when you are unfamiliar you are going to get pushed a little for more money. Unfortunately, there is not a dang thing which can be done about the situation. But the pussy in Juarez is still vastly cheaper than any escort service in any city in the U.S.

12-23-02, 08:18
By March of 2003 I will be posting a link to a website called Dreaming Eagles Tours. The site will feature an information package for $49.99 which will include the locations of all the known ***** bars and massage parlours in Juarez, complete with maps and precise addresses, telephone numbers, hours, prices, and directions to get there on the bus or in a taxi. It might even include strip bars for you guys who just have to pay out the ying-yang for essentially nothing. It will also include a complete guide to the best values in hotels, leather goods, dental services, legal services, auto repair services, Mexican auto insurance, apartments, markets, internet cafes, and whatever else I can dream up.

It's about time there was a compendium of information in one container which covers all the bases, and with my computer skills I am going to deliver accurate and up-to-date information in book form which can be taken with you to Juarez. A person can spend hundreds of dollars getting ripped off by cab drivers and other forms of hustlers. This Mongers Guide to Juarez will provide maps and exact directions and teach a person how to eliminate taxi drivers from their life or drive safely in the city. It was cover everything from the $15 pussy afoot in el centro, to the ***** bars, to the massage parlours, and also point out the best places to eat and get a room for the weekend. I will also be offering $50 two hour car tours of the MPs.

Finally all of the pieces of my life in Mexico are coming together and possibly affording me a way to live there full-time and help my fellow mongers save money all at the same time. The for the cost of about 1 girl in the red light district I can give you information which will save you the investment on your first trip, and it will be yours to keep without ever giving me another penny. The website will allow you to download the latest Monger's Guide free of charge at any time.

12-24-02, 04:06
That's interesting about what you are doing and wonder how many people will pay for the information. You've done a good job listing the info for free. I also wonder how many people read this site and never submit anything. I would think for every person who posts there are several hundred people who just read. I hope you do well with it.

I turn 40 in January and worked it out to have 3 days alone in El Paso in February. I do have a 4 hour meeting with a customer on one of the days but that was my excuse to get away. After 15 years of marriage and dealing with kids it will be nice to taste what it is to be young and free again. That's my 40th birthday present to myself.

I'd use you as a guide not so much to save money but not to waste time. Money I have, time is precious. When I was a kid I had time but no money. It'll probaly be the same when I'm old.
Anyway, when we get closer to the date we'll work out the details. I've been to Juarez before for a few hours at a time but never got away from the bars.

Last thing- scratch the theory about you being Martin. I believe you.

12-25-02, 09:29
I would be the first to congradulate and encourage Dreaming Eagle's venture into the website service - $49 would be a well-spent effort. If it were not for Dreaming Eagle's fine posts, I might still be jacking off in the shower every morning. Now, I've found a steady gal in Juarez and she and her girls are the light of my life. I've got sex, affection, love, BJs, loyalty - you name it - I've got it all. She's crazy about me. And I owe a lot to Dreaming Eagle's honest and forthright input on this board.

The fee will be worthwhile for anyone but especially for those who are short on time. I did have to spend many hours going through all the posts and making notes. It was good info, but I had to dig it out. Save yourself the time and get on Dreaming Eagle's band wagon. You won't go wrong.

And for you Bigbuddy - congrats on your 40th. Have yourself a great time in Juarez. There are some wonderful people there. I told my 20 year old grandson (I'm 60 but much younger at heart and in appearance) to enjoy yourself. You are only young TWICE. Once when you are about 20, and once again after you get divorced. Only the second time around, you usually have more money. Best wishes to all.

12-25-02, 10:47
Thanks for the encouraging remarks about the website from both of you. El Paso, I really got a belly laugh on that comment about only being single twice and having more money the second time around, and happy Birthday Bubba. 40 is a big one in our minds, and I hope you get to spend some time with 2 girls wrapped around you sometime soon.

As you pointed out, the majority of the information is already posted on Monger Forums but a little science is necessary to bring it all into one container. I have in mind as the final product a downloadable Word document you can print out and stick in a three ring binder and take with you---complete with pictures, maps, and directions.

It will focus on finding girls, but good hotels and restaurants should be part of it, and it should also contain Emergency Contract Numbers---the number of the American Counselate and telephone numbers for Mexican Attorneys should you get arrested for some reason...some recommended dental clinics if you get a toothache...who to call if your car breaks down...where to ask to be taken if you have a medical emergency. All of that stuff should be in there to make it worth $50.

Thanks again for the encouraging comments.

12-25-02, 21:11
I stand corrected - it's not $49, it's $49.99. Well, just let the ex know what your needs are and I'm sure she'll forward the 99 cents. Merry Christmas all.

DE give us more info on exactly when and how this will be available. I've been searching for a good dentist and orthodontist. And, while I'm not in need of any new chics, I may be interested in the collateral information.

Thanks again, DE.

12-25-02, 21:54
I am putting a figure of 300 hours to take the pictures, write the text, prepare the document, and finish the website. I have 8 days off and will be working on it day and night, so I'm thinking sometime in late January early March.

Regarding a dental clinic, the George Wasghington Dental clinic come highly recommended to me from two sources, the manager of the Hotel VM and another poster here, Dougie. I believe it is on Ave. Lerdo downtown, but I will check with Dougie when I see him (he is there now).

Another of the million things to do...

Feliz navidad to all.

I'm out of here!