View Full Version : Should I activate the Survey Feature?

01-04-04, 00:54
Would it be a good idea to have a poll feature?

01-04-04, 07:22
Some survey respondents have indicated that they don't see any reason to have a survey function.

Please allow me to suggest some potential survey subjects:

What do you think of the new survey section?

Do you think the Posting Guidelines are justified?

Do you think the Posting Guidelines are too strict?

Do you think posters should be allowed to post in chat room style with no capitalization or puncutation?

Do you think the User Name Guidelines are justified?

Do you think the User Name Guidelines are reasonable?

Have you had your User Name modified by Admin?

What is the best boliche in Buenos Aires?

What is the best therma in Rio de Janeiro?

What is the best club in Nana Plaza?

What is the best city in the world for pay-for-play?

Where is your favorite place for the hobby?

Are you single, married, divorced?

What is your age?

How old were you when you first started in the hobby?

When did you join WSG?

How many posts do you make per week on average?

What is your average annual income?

What is your occupation?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Where do you live?

What is your religious orientation (if any)?

What is your opinion of North American women?

How many hookers have you had sex with in your life?

Have you ever had anal sex with a prostitute?

Have you ever had sex with a prostitute but did not use a condom?

Have you ever had group sex with more than 1 girl?

Where is the best place to find prostitutes?

What age of girl do you prefer?

Have you ever given a prostitute oral sex?

Do you prefer: 100lbs, 100-110lbs 110-120lbs, 120-130lbs, 130-140lbs, 140 plus lbs?

Where do you think is the most overrated P4P destination?

Where is best place to get free AND QUALITY pussy?

What kind of girls do you prefer?

What's the best Latin American P4P destination in terms of pros AND non-pros?

Do you think you are a "pervert" for belonging to this site & having this hobby?

What is the most you ever paid to have sex with a woman?

What is the average price you will pay to spend 1 - 2 hours (guaranteed sex) with a girl?

What is the average price you will pay to spend 1 day (guaranteed sex) with a girl?

Are you actively studying a foreign language now primarily to better pursue this hobby & if so which one?

Do you seek out sex without a condom?

What do women really prefer?

What STD's have you had in your life?

Have you ever been robbed by a hooker?

What do you prefer, Fake or Real Boobs?

Have you ever thought about bringing your vacation girlfriend to your homecountry?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being an ugly skanky american crack prostitute, 10 being a supermodel / penthouse pet of the year / playboy playmate of the year lookalike), what is the best girl you ever fucked, how much USD were you set back and where was it?

Which do you prefer?

Do you prefer Large, medium or small titties?

What is most important with a girl?

How many times can you ejaculate in 24hrs?

When you rent a prostitute do you care if she cums or not?

Overall, what is the best place in the world based on price, selection, best fuck, living, etc.

How would you estimate your looks & physical condition?

What is the most amount of women you've screwed in a 24 period?

How old where you when you first got laid?

Have you ever given a prostitute a facial?

What is your personal best record for the longest session spent laying the pipe to a woman?

What chemical substances do you feel enhance your sexual experience to the next level?

Where was the most outrageous place you got caught banging a ****?

Do you let a working girl give you a rim job?

Has mongering ever affected your work career?

Is sex the only reason you travel?

When traveling do you like to do other things besides pussy hunting?

Do you think people should be allowed to advertise services in the regular threads?

Have you ever been caught mongering by your wife/girlfriend?

Have you ever picked up a girl who actually turned out to be a guy?

In air hours, how far are you willing to travel for a sex vacation?

How often do you get HIV Tested?

Have you ever fallen in love with a sex worker?

Do you keep an up-to-date hit list of all those you've screwed

Have you ever got caught by the police with a sex worker?

What is the best P4P city in the USA?

Have you ever been with a prostitute who ejaculated?

Have you ever gotten a prostitute pregnant?

Do you prefer to bar hop and find the girl on the fly, or use the internet and use an agency to know exactly what you will get?

Do exchange rates influence your choice of destination for P4P?

Do Women prefer large cocks?

Where do you want to retire?

What do you tell your parents you do when you go on mongering trips?

What do you tell your friends & coworkers you do when you go on mongering trips of more than a few days?

Where is the best location for available girls, nice beach, close proximity for bars, clubs, dining, overall good value for the buck, women are beautiful, women are very friendly and available?

Do you prefer a girl who swallows?

Have you ever rimmed a prostitute?

Have you ever "accidentally" broken a condom to allow bareback sex?

01-04-04, 08:03
I think it would be helpfull to us all that travel alot! Make it happen looks good!

01-05-04, 00:37
I think it would be nice to have a poll like this as well as maybe a poll in each Country with specifics. Being relativly new to the forum, I read all the Thailand info from Feb 03, and took a lot of notes.. For me, a poll like this would not only be intriguing, but very useful upon planning my next trip. Sounds like a lot of work on your part, but it would keep me intertained nonetheless.

01-07-04, 04:48

Are you planning to review all poll topics, or let local moderators/senior members actively create polls?


01-07-04, 06:54
I think this might make some people skittish as it has some data-gathering connotations. It could be fun but would also be spurious from a statistical point of view. Plus, do you really need more work related to this very fine site?

01-07-04, 23:33
Jackson san:
1. Not too many people have voted so far (I have not) in your strawpoll. This is interesing if you compare it to "normal" sites where voting on any bs is used to get hits. You might also compare the response rate here to the hits on the photo sections. This needs consideration
2. A good and large survey would prove extremely valuable to you in a number of ways. It would, for example, be more "scientific" than a 1000 bs books on the subject.
3. Could I therefore suggest to you that filling out the suyrvey becomes a condition of upgrade from regular to senior member.
4. Although Dickhead's concerns are valid, you can expect to get lots of lies: people do lie about sex anyway and postees here have obvious privacy concerns (as their wives can vouch).
5. I think the English needs more tummy tucking to make it better.
6. As you are a rich guy(!), I sincerely suggest you go another little bit and get a BA based statistician to help you. This is if you want to release the survey's full value.
7. Let me explain that point a bit more: as you know (all too well), I visit LOS on occasion. Guys of our persuasion, after we get through with the tailors etc, often hit the book shops to kill time. Bkk has sveral books o nthe Thai sex scene including one, Patpong Sisters, by a lady who hung out with the Patpong hookers. The book is bs. Your survey would be much stronger.
8. Anyway, a great idea to unleash the power of this site. BTW, I was going to suggest something similar to you over a year ago as it fell in with my interests. Please feel free to im me as I know some things about all this.

Just my .02

I didn't really expect a lot of people to take this specific survey, I only posted it to test the survey function. When I start posting real surveys, I'll post a notice on the Forum's front page to get everyone's attention.

People will lie on the survey, although I don't know why because the individual responses are not kept in the database. Nevertheless, each member is limited to taking each survey only once, so the results should have some meaning.



01-11-04, 21:41
I wouldn't be very interested in polls that gather information on us, I mean I haven't got the slightest interest in finding out whether the average pussy hunter is single or married, rich or poor, highly educated or semi-illiterate, etc.

However, polls on hunting related subjects would be of great interest, what's more, I consider them essential to give an up-to-date and full picture of the global sex scene.

Imagine getting specific statistic figures in surveys such us: What's the best terma in Rio? What's the best city in South East Asia for pussy hunting? What's the best city in Eastern Europe for pussy hunting? What's the best country in the world to hunt blond stunners?

Considering the high number of experienced and reliable hunters among the members it's clear that some valuable statistic results would definitely be achieved.

Let's not forget that no science would have ever advanced without the use of quatitative methods, and in this case the use of statistics would improve a great deal our knowledge of the subject. But I'd suggest to concentrate on surveys which will enlighten us on where/how/when to hunt more efficiently, rather than on polls asking for information on hunters themselves.

Travis Bickle 2
01-18-04, 05:20
I on the other hand being a sociology/psychology buff would love to know the demographics of those practicing the hobby. For instance it's been my experience that the average monger is quite successful; perhaps more so than the general population. Stuff like this is fascinating to me. Just my 2 cents worth.


01-18-04, 10:13
I think this forum is an excellent place to gather very interesting and useful statistics about the practice our hobby. I have always wondered about many of the topics suggested.

Just my POV.


Yellow Fever #2
01-18-04, 12:30
I think that polls would be a very good and useful addition to this forum.

I disagree with a previous poster about people lying in the polls. I can possibly understand misrepresenting oneself in a phone or other poll where you are directly responding to someone, however in this forum which is impersonal and discreet, we are all (mostly?) literate & educated people who like to share in our hobby. We all wish to provide others with information which is helpful and interesting to the rest of us, the impersonal audience. I believe nearly all the posts I read, why should results from any polls be any different?

This forum has a very great chance of producing some valuable and interesting results because of the nature of this hobby and the type of people joining the forum. Perhaps the results could be scewed becausethe WSGForum participants represent a small bt very active proportion of the mongering community.

I hope that poll questions can be introduced soon.

01-24-04, 01:22
Just a thought, but what about restricting polls to Senior Members only? If people are worried about dishonest post, it would keep someone just surfing the net, who doesn't post here, from voting. I think most Senior Members, would be more honest with their votes.

Just my thoughts, Toxic

Ken Kelova
01-24-04, 02:07
I would like to see this feature actually. Bottom line is this would give people a good general idea of certain places. If a person is skeptical or the results, he can always disregard it and ask the people who post regarding a certain topic.

01-31-04, 18:56

Just my vote: the survey feature should be activated.

I agree with Toxic. Keeping the poll to senior members will not only increase the validity-profile of the results, but at the same time encourage people to post more regularly thus enriching the WSG information content, and thus at the same time gaining “promotion” to senior status.

Regards, Havanaman

Me Crazy
02-10-04, 09:16
Dear Jackson,

Superb surveys you have lined up for us!

Me Crazy.

02-29-04, 03:45
Dear Jackson:

The survey feature is an excellent idea. It's a great way to get a general sense of the perceptions of the members of this forum. This is already the best site of its kind on the net, and adding the surveys will only make it better.

Lover Boy
04-13-04, 19:27
This is the only way for find out about legit pussy addict.

Thumbs up for Grand Master Jackson

Lover Boy

04-14-04, 02:59

One of the details I have noticed with regular and senior members are the on going posting of websites in reports. Although I do tend to think there are some sites which can be helpful to all and add some value, I for one am very reluctant to visit any sites suggested, especially from a new/regular member.

I am not sure if you actually verify and visit every URL added to the WSG, on that note I would expect senior members being conscious as to what they offer to the members of WSG and chances are slim that a competitors website or a mousetrap website will appear.

I would like to suggest that only senior members have the ability to post URL's, If anything, all viewers of WSG could be certain that the future content of post's with URL's would have more substance and resource. Thank you for keeping up this fantastic website and many kudos to you!


Whiz Kid
07-05-04, 17:09
Hey Jackson,

I think the survey feature should be activated.

The poll should be kept to senior members will not only increase the vauthentic alidity-profile of the results, but at the same time encourage people to post more regularly thus enriching the WSG knowledge base, and concurrently culmiinating in gaining “promotion” to senior status. At the end of the day we should provide others with useful information and benefit from their own expeirences as well.

Maybe this might not be popular but if a date of birth feature showing the age like the membership status might be useful to have an idea of what people of simialr age groups like. I find people of a certain generation would appreciate mongering at different levels of entertainment. Although a tad visceral, I think people would find the demographics of those practicing the hobby interesting and greatly improve our knowledge of our great hobby.


Whiz Kid

Johnny Sax
08-17-04, 08:56
I like the idea of a survey feature, and I think it would be nice if there were some surveys only for Senior members, but I think most of them should be to all members, to get ideas of what the average monger things about things.

08-02-05, 04:48
Couldn't hurt to turn it on, except maybe the extra bandwidth.

As to why not many users have responded yet, maybe they are like me and rarely look at the Admin forums?

Good luck!

Albert Punter
12-05-05, 19:32
I believe it would add something to the forum.
It will help to know ourselves better, I mean who is the average member.

Also, it will make us understand how others act or what other think.

Very good idea.

Romano V
01-27-08, 22:07
Voted YES

It is more ineresting for all the mongers.

Money Is Cool
09-15-10, 22:15
Voted Yes. I think a poll is often very useful in a forum and everyone participates more by voting (just a single click away); it's a good, useful tool.

10-09-11, 00:24
Voted yes as it is very helpful in some cases.

Thanks Jakson for keeping the forum up.


10-29-11, 22:33
I like the the Survey Feature so please keep it active.