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01-23-04, 16:19
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01-24-04, 16:00
Thanks Jackson,
For adding this page from all accounts Abu Dhabi is the next Dubai, have heard very good reports on Al Ain Palace and the Rotana beach club is supposed to be a good bet. Anyway I arrive Friday for about a month so I should be able to to give some good input to this location, last time I was there which is a few years back the Zakheer tower was the place for Russians.
The other option you had was to stand at the rear of the cinema on Electra street close to the road a taxi would go by checking you out then round the block and stop again in front of you, sometimes there was a chick in the back seat other times he would offer to get one for you.
Anybody any info please post ASAP as I can put it to use this coming Friday.

May the force be with you.

El Mujerista
02-01-04, 19:07

The situation in Abu Dhabi indeed has improved considerably since my first visit there about seven years ago. It used to be bone dry. In addition to the places you mentioned, one can find loads of Chinese ladies at the Blitz disco at the Novotel, which fires up about 10 p.m. The quality can be quite variable, and the girls rather aggressive. I've heard Russian girls can be found there also, but in my experience the place has been exclusively Chinese.

I've also had some great semipro experiences at the basement bar in the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Heroes). One was a Thai chick in AD visiting her sister, who was married to a Brit working there. The other was a Chinese who has since become a regular for me and gave me a freebie on my last pass through town.

Let's all hope the UAE stays the lovely Middle East oasis it's become!

02-02-04, 17:12
I was there last year for 3 days, I found some interresting action there, with some choice.
If you are willing to spend big big bucks you can go at Le meridien where there is expensive FL, they are generaly after the rich arabs who play whith their mobile phone with the right hand and scrotch their right foot with the left hand in front of a bottle of sky. Not the new Le meridien grand on the corniche, but the old one at the junction of Zayeb 2nd and electra st, cannot miss it there is a huge round about with a big funtain in the middle, the hotel facing Zayeb 2nd street.
When you are back at the hotel up on the left side of Zayeb 2nd you will see the Pionneer club sign with a "cowboy", this is where to go for P4P, russians, chinese and african girls.

I heard about another club in the same area named Gauloise, but hadn't been there.

Cannot recall the price I paid, but enjoy a Djiboutian beauty with HUGE arguments, 2 front and 2 back.

have a good hunt


Member #1635
02-12-04, 21:52
Abu Dhabi is great place for hunting. Look at the attached map and you will find some examples:

1. Al Ain Palace Hotel. Enter the hotel lobby, turn to the right, and you will find a pub with plenty of ladies. Mostly Chinese girls, but also Africans and CIS. About 300 dhs.

2. Howard Johnson Hotel. Late in the evening, plenty girls are available in the disco.

3. Health Center (in a hotel building). Chinese girls giving massage (60 dhs), and HJ (50-100 dhs), and their telephone number!

4. Hotel International Rotana, ”Red Lion Pub”. CIS ladies. Cosy place.

5. Local Nightclub (floor 8-10?). Mainly for local gentlemen and CIS ladies chasing rich Arabs. But for a foreigner, it is a OK place to listen to music and study the special chasing game. African Nightclub. Same building, but another entrance (floor 4?). Good, live African music, plenty of girls, not necessary pro’s, but all are willing to leave with you.

6. Sands Hotel. Massage is given at the health cente + HJ.

7. Blitz disco. Next to the Novotel Hotel. CIS and Chinese girls.

8. Dana hotel: Chinese, CIS and African ladies.

9. Abu Dhabi Grand Hotel. Good-looking girls available, but expensive.

Good luck!

02-16-04, 17:10
Having fun in Abu Dhabi Aly Pally is heaving with pussy but a lot are below par, will post full reports this Friday.

So far prices have been as low as 100AED and upto 300AED sorry but no time to write a story.

Nice Guy 99
03-03-04, 13:35
I'm spending some time in Abu Dhabi on business. It has been a number of years since I've been here and things have certainly changed for the better.

There are many hotel bars with available women. Generally in my prowling it has been the pub, or the sports bar, whatever the most informal bar is.

This is not Dubai, at least as far as I have been able to determine. There are no Cyclone equivalents or CIS houses that I have found thus far. The majority of the available women seem to be Chinese or African. The going rate seems to be about 300 Dirham for a short time and 500 AED for all night. They vary from hotties with the hooker look to obvious shop girl types. I've tried to bargain with a few, even waiting until late and it looks like the lady in question will not be booked that night, but I've found little price flexibility.

After a few nights of calibrating the market without actually closing a deal I got more serious. My preference is to find a girl with a nice personality and book her multiple times. In my mind this produces the best over all experience. I have found a nice young (20's) African girl and met with her twice. She actually works a day job so the all nighters need to be phased to accommodate both our working schedules. So far it's been pretty much a GFE. She's actually planning on cooking a dinner for me on the local weekend. Sex has all been protected except for my DATY sessions, which really seem to drive her wild. I'll be keeping her the rest of the week but next week may switch to a Chinese girl just to see how they are here in Abu Dhabi.

I have some pics but can probably get some better ones so I'll wait to post those. Anyone who wants to send a private message with suggestions for me or questions of me is certainly welcome.

03-05-04, 09:37
Hi all,
Time is again limited so only a brief report, The visa changes here in the UAE have quietened things down considerably on the Chinese front there is currently a mass exodus of chinese hookers returning home.
Most appear to leave via Sharjah I think China airlines possibly use Sharjah airport, Last night was pretty quiet which should have been the busiest night of the week, tried all the usual spots 49rs, Al ain palace, Blitz, Galoises and Howard Johnson.
The best for variety was Galoises located in the Meridien hotel not overun with Chinese several CIS states were represented as well as Eastern Europe.
Prices are a little higher 500aed normal prices elsewhere are 300aed, Al ain palace opens at 12:30 and is the best place for an afternoon event, the massage parlours mentioned before are now all closed but there is one other which is still operating the hours are 10:00am-23:00 some of the girls there used to work at Sands hotel 4th floor. I will PM details to anyone who is a member of the forum I don't want to close it down.
The price is 100aed for an hour of real massage which is truly very good followed by the baby oil knuckle shuffle which will have you squirming violently I tipped 50aed she offered to come to my hotel anytime in the future.
There is a bird in the disco Blitz who comes from Uzbeckistan who whilst not stunning is always in big demand she tries for 1000aed but usually goes for 500 I got talking to an ex punter she had and he was saving his money for a return match will try and report later. May the force be with you.

Nice Guy 99
03-05-04, 17:18
I agree with Luke that last night was quiet and I was surprised. I visited my usual most productive place and saw one lone Chinese shop girl, smiling at everyone as they came in. She was a charitable 3 and went unclaimed all night. Late in the evening a group of Africans showed up ready to play. Several Chinese drifted in and out on the arms of customers, as in already booked.

I asked the doorman at the bar, why so quiet tonight. The answer was a shrug.

Steve W
03-06-04, 14:06

I'd appreciate any phone numbers with the description of girl, services and price. Please send me a message.

Also, any recommendations on a hotel which is girl friendly or has services readily available, either within or on nearby.

Thanks in advance.


El Mujerista
03-07-04, 22:45
Steve W,

The Crowne Plaza is definitely guest friendly, and as I posted earlier, I've scored before in the Heroes Bar downstairs.

Happy Hunting,

03-08-04, 08:48
Hi all,
Quiet again last night Chinese contingent much less as I stated before, Abu Dhabi grand is a good hotel well located and no problems with overnight squatters.
The Howard Johnson cellar bar is a good early evening drinking spot very homely sometimes a couple of girls inside but not always most guys use this bar with their chinese girlfriends good food also available. the 17th floor disco has now been taken over by Phillipinos and action has dissapeared almost completely, the small bar located also on the 17th just below disco has a few girls looking for punters but numbers vary.
The best place for guaranteed sucess at the moment is Blitz disco quality varied but a gem can usually be found do not pay more than 300 for all night.
If I was coming here for a first time the best plan of attack is to circulate the bars chatting to anything that looks OK collect mobile phone numbers they are always freely given then when you fell like a massage just call one, I have never paid more than 200 for a daytime punt.
The Uzbek girl I spoke of earlier appears to have also been victim to the visa renewal exodus. Anyone wanting more specific info PM me.

May the force be with you (or Viagra and Ciallis can be bought here for 180 aed for 4) Chemist opposite Howard Johnson.

Nice Guy 99
03-16-04, 20:41
I'm back in the States now but I'll be returning to Abu Dhabi in a few weeks and am looking for some advice from Luke and others on maximizing the bang for the buck.

I mentioned before that I tried to negotiate girls under a variety of circumstances but found that the 300AED ST and 500AED overnight did not seem very negotiable. This was true for Chinese and Africans ranging from obviously flawed to pretty hot. These were all for first time experiences with the ladies in question.

I also mentioned that I hooked up with a very nice African girl and got into an every night thing for almost two weeks. After the first night we settled on a weekly rate of 1000AED for the whole week. She'd call me every evening, I'd tell her when to appear in my room, and she'd stay until morning.

The question is, I see you guys claiming to be connecting below the usual 300/500 numbers. Is their any special technique you use? I certainly try to negotiate everything before I pull a girl. I'm actually in their prime demographic, a nice clean older guy who doesn't look like trouble! What am I missing here? How do I maximize the bang for the buck?


03-31-04, 17:12
Scene in Abu Dhabi is not as good as Dubai. But something is better than nothing at all.

Mainly there are few places- one Disco in Meredian,Blitz at Novatol on Hamdan Street, and 49 club and there is one pub on First floor at Hotel Dana on T.C area.

Main wares are Chinese and CIS and sometimes you can find Africans also. Many of them have their own flats. Chiene will not mind staying till morning but CIS mostly will push off after a short time although you might have agreed for a full night. So be careful.

The going rate could be 300 onwards for full night for CIS and Chinese may even come for 200 if you bargain very hard. But offcourse service will differ with the amount.


Nice Guy 99
04-06-04, 18:24
I've been back in Abu Dhabi for several days now. Weak person that I am, I let my weekly rate African friend know I was coming and picked up a bottle of her favorite perfume coming through Heathrow. A little gift, like a little respect and kindness, really goes a long way. Since she's an amateur, with a day job, there was no problem arranging for an overnight stay every night at a weekly rate of 1000AED. She's very nice to sleep with and after the number of nights we've spent together we've got all the "buttons" down pat!

I gave her the night off last night and checked some of the local pubs. A month ago it seemed that there were fewer Chinese girls but now they seem back in force.

This afternoon I partook of a Chinese girl that had been recommended by another member. This girl had a very nice body, was excellent at massage, and had a talented tongue to say the least. She told me that she really doesn't like going out late at night and hates overnights. She loves ST in the afternoon and was very happy with 200AED for that effort.

So two lessons learned here:

- It seems to me to make good sense to have a weekly arrangement in place as a foundation for hobby activities.

- Off hours arrangements (ST in the afternoon) seem to appeal to some of the providers and in any case shouldn't cost as much as prime time.

Abu Dhabi ain't Dubai, but it's not all that bad!

Nice Guy 99
04-07-04, 22:32
I hate to post two in a row but it's worth the effort to keep the Abu Dhabi thread going.

Tonight my African friend wanted to go to a girlfriend's birthday party so I gave her a pass with an optional midnight call if I felt too lonely. It turned out that wasn't the case.

I hit the Chinese massage/FS girl mentioned in my post below in the early evening and then decided to go exploring. The one pub I stopped in (Heros) was dead so I went to the Blitz disco in the Novotel.

The Blitz, as many Gulf entertainment spots, has a GREAT Fillipino cover band with the obligatory line of nubile young girls singing up front. I arrived a little after 10PM. The providers were either Chinese or CIS, no Africans in sight. I was very disappointed in the quality of CIS. If there was a 3 there I missed her. The Chinese were an average lot ranging from 3 to maybe 7.

I hung in there until about 11:30 hoping that higher quality CIS would appear as I really wanted to pull a CIS girl. The quality did not improve although the number of girls increased.

I finally gave up and pulled a Chinese (7 looks, 9 service) for 200AED for a massage and short time.

Today's hint: If you pull a Chinese girl don't overlook the massage. All of them I've been with have been great at it. They are happy to just go straight to sex so the ST becomes shorter but you're really missing something if you don't insist on the massage.

04-08-04, 22:34
Hi nice guy,
I am back in the UK now but one place you have not mentioned in your posts is Meridien hotel Gauloises, it is worth a visit. Prices can be a little on the high side compared to Blitz but are similar to 49rs but the standard is usually very good.

I like Kyrgystan girls and here you will find a few,they are much more attractive than the chinese but are also more expensive but it is worth the difference.

Great you are keeping the board active I will be back in a couple of months so I am reading rather than writing at the moment.

Best move I made while I was there was to get a local Sim card for my phone 160dhs you can text the birds cheaply and they can call you easily to make arrangements.

Nice Guy 99
04-10-04, 14:20
Unfortunately I've left Abu Dhabi and am now in Kuwait (What a contrast!). My last night didn't quite turn out as planned ...

The "regular" African girl called me early afternoon and said a bunch of her friends were in from Dubai and they were having a big bar hopping party (bars close at 3:30 or 4AM on Thursday night/Friday morning) therefore she could only fit in a ST and wanted to leave at midnight. I was a little irritated and politely told her not to bother, just have fun with your friends. So my weekly rate girl didn't work out that well this week. She only showed up five times, but, on the other hand, I pay on a pro rated basis so she lost two payments of the weekly stipend.

Since it was Thursday night and also my last night, I didn't want to take any chances exploring new places so I popped a little blue magic and headed on down to the Blitz disco in the Novotel on Hamdan street. One of my motivations, other than the obvious one, was to see if the CIS participation got better on the local equivalent of Saturday night.

As I mentioned before the band at the Blitz is great (but VERY loud). The waitress I had tipped 5AED my first night spotted me when I came in and rushed over like my long lost sister. She installed me at an up front "reserved" table that I shared with some relatives of the band. It's amazing what a 5AED tip and a little friendliness can do.

The CIS contingent was larger than the previous night and of better quality. There were a couple of nice looking blondes (maybe 6's) that were a little on the elderly side. The younger ones all had kind of a "washer woman" look to them. There were also two younger ones that were quite fat and it was evident from the attention they were paid that there were "chubby chasers" present. I had intended to do a price check a sample of the CIS crew but was led astray and never got that done. It would be great if someone else could report a price range.

LukeSW: Thanks for your tip about the Meridien's Gauloises, I will certainly check it out on my next Abu Dhabi run. A Phillipina cutie who works at my hotel and knows the score also suggested 49rs; any thoughts on that?

Oh so what happened to me? During the second set the Chinese girl (looks 7, service 9) I was with previously for ST plopped down next to me to say hi. I started thinking, since I really wanted an over night it might be better to go with someone I am at least somewhat familiar with. (I've never had a girl steal something and leave in the middle of the night, but it certainly happens) She said she'd love to overnight with me (surprise!) and we left after the second set.

I used one of my favorite tactics when time is not of the essence. With both of us nude in bed, I chatted her up for 30 minutes or so without touching her, asking her about her life, etc. Expressing interest in these girls as human beings goes a long way. What followed was DFK, DATY, and FS in all sorts of positions interspersed with a little massage (which she is very good at). We went to sleep and about 90 minutes later she woke ME up for more sex. She must have been playing mind games with herself because she was unbelievably wet and horny.

Another interesting thing was she got several phone calls around 4AM. The voices were girls on the other end. I asked her what was going on. She said her GFs were calling her concerned because she wasn't home. She shyly admitted that I was her first overnight ... and, looking at her expression, I believed her.

In the morning we had a nice massage and HJ as I think she was a little sore "down there". We then did some nude pics and she watched as I worked them in Photoshop on the laptop. After a nice shower for two she left about 11AM. I'm sure she would have stayed into the afternoon if I indicated that was something I wanted. The tariff was left to my discretion. I offered 300AED or $81.69, which she seemed delighted with.

By the way, I do have the number and a pic of the Chinese girl I reported in my April 6 post. The girl said it would be great if I gave her number to "my friends". I'm willing to share with any member with a posting record. This girl is quite health conscious and does not do BBBJ.

04-11-04, 00:19
Regarding Abu Dhabi for mongering:

I was in Dubai last month, then Abu Dhabi this month. I really must say that Dubai is the place to go for the best selection and variety. I liked Abu Dhabi as a place to visit, but all I could find in the "mongering" sense was Chinese "threes and fours" at places like Al-In Palace, Grand Hotel, etc.

I think the Cyclone Disco in Dubai should start a franchise and open up in Abu Dhabi.

Nice Guy 99
04-14-04, 13:45
I'm back in Abu Dhabi for a few days.

Since I knew I would be arriving on a late flight from Kuwait I called the Chinese girl reported on in my "last night" post below while I was still in Kuwait. She was very excited to receive this "international" call. If you just pay a little attention to these girls it pays off big time.

I checked in to the hotel close to midnight and phoned the room number to my friend who appeared in 8 minutes! What ensued was a really wild night of sex. You may have read below that I was this girl's first over night (I believe that) and she now seems a little emotional about me. This is both positive and negative. I enjoy the results but I really have empathy for these girls and never lead them on.

I introduced her to girl on top DATY which really got her going and then finally (our 3rd "date") convinced her to BBBJ. I wish I had pics of her face at the first taste ... I could tell she was prepared to taste something terrible but now seems to be getting in to it. Again she said it was her first time, and again I believe her.

Tonight I told her I was "busy" and I plan to check out Luke's Gauloises recommendation as well as 49rs. I've got a great African girl on the string as well as a Chinese. Now I need a CIS to make my Abu Dhabi experience rounded.

04-14-04, 21:23
Great that nice guy is keeping the Abu Dhabi forum active I am just about to head to Finland nothing happening there but I will make things right with a short visit back to Thailand soon.
In 49rs there are 2 bars, the main one which most westerners go is on the top floor but the first floor also has a bar with women which starts earlier.

For street action the area near KFC/Snow city sometimes has Chinese milling around, I was approached twice in 2 weeks not what you class as regular but this is an emirate were 5 years ago you couldn't sit in the back of a taxi with a lady unless she was your wife!

Nice guy, try a Bishkek take away from Meridien leaves a funny taste in your mouth.

May the force be with you.

Nice Guy 99
04-15-04, 10:09
Hah! Thank you Luke, I shall remember your advice.

Wednesday night I could not decide which to visit first, 49rs or Gauloises, so I asked the cute Phillipina at the hotel to compare the two. She said that they were both good but there was one thing she didn't like about 49rs. Too many "Russian prostitutes". I will give you one guess where I went first!

I arrived at 49rs about 10:15PM and it looked like the action had been rolling for some time. I saw the first floor bar but as I also saw four CIS waiting for the elevator to 49rs I followed them.

The place had a nice balance of CIS, African, and Chinese. The overall quality was better than the Blitz. The feeling I had, based on a few conversations, was that the going price here was 300LT/200ST although some would ask for 500AED for the night. The band was not very good but one cannot have everything. There are three nights of the week, Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, where 49rs provides some number of free drinks for ladies so I think these would be good nights to go. You also must be wearing regular shoes to get in; I saw one fellow turned away in sandals.

The CIS quality was OK but no stunners. It seemed to me the African and Chinese quality was better. In particular I saw several slim young Africans that looked pretty wild to say the least.

I had intended to either select a CIS at 49rs or to leave after a couple of hours and try my luck at Gauloises. As you probably know by now sometimes the "little head" rules and I happened on to a very high quality Chinese with a nice personality. I never made it to Gauloises and I gave the Chinese a kiss and 300AED at 10AM this morning as she was leaving my room. I fear I am becoming addicted to Chinese with their wonderful massages and GFE style.

Tonight I have a prearranged "date" with another provider but I think we may go out and check out at least one new bar or disco.

Nice Guy 99
04-16-04, 09:28
Thursday night I had a prearranged "date" but I took her out to a bar recommended by locals because of the "great band". The bar, which is actually also a restaurant, is Rock Bottom in the Al Diar Capital Hotel (just ask a taxi for Capital Hotel) on Mina Road.

The band was not good at all (and now there is some confusion with my recommender if this is a new band) but I did see a handful of the most beautiful CIS girls I have seen as yet in Abu Dhabi. They were young, they were slim, they were good looking. There were also a few good looking English/Aussie/Kiwi(??) girls who were drinking heavily and carrying on, however, they were probably not in the P4P category. Since I had a girl with me it was not possible to do price checks, etc. I was at Rock Bottom from 10PM until midnight so I also may have been a bit early.

Conclusion: Rock Bottom could be a good place to pull a high quality CIS but I think success is far from assured.

The next two on my list to check are Howard Johnson's disco and Gauloises at the Meridien.

Irish Hunter
04-18-04, 17:14
Arrived in Abu Dhabi about one week ago and have visited the following places:

Gauloises: Had a fantastic night on Thursday as I met a very cute Chinese girl. We went back to my hotel and for Dhs400 I had a great night of massage and sex. She had a great body and was a real diamond personality. I have to say I really enjoyed the atmosphere in there, as there seemed to be a real buzz in the air unlike other places I've been to (more of later).

49ers: Left it quite late to go in here last Friday night (approximately 1am). There were only a handful of pretty women there, mainly Chinese and although their bodies looked neat their faces weren't great to look at. They were also quite forward and didn't leave a good impression.

Ally Pally: I had heard a lot of stories about how good this place is and the wide selection of girls of varying nationalities. Just walking in made me feel uneasy as it seemed increadibly shady. There was a high percentage of women versus men (about 3 to 1) and as soon as my friemds and I walked in we were approched immediately by 3 of the ugliest women there (on a scale of 1 to 10, these girls ranked at 2) We politley told them we were not interested and for the next half hour that we were there they just stared at us accusingly. Didn't feel comfortable there so left and went to Gauloises where we had a great night.

Al Hamra Plaza Residence: Here you can get an hour long massage in the Health Centre for Dhs150, and it is an excellent straight massage. If you want extras, go the the Chinese Massage Centre on the first floor. Pay the guy on the door Dhs100 and you will get a one hour massage by a beautiful Chinese girl. About 30 mins into the massage the girl will ask you if you want 'this massaged for tips' whilst holding your pecker. If you say yes she will ask you for Dhs100 - and I can assure you it is worth it. The girls in there are incredibly friendly and I would recommend any time.

I have one more week here and hope to visit some of the other places like Rock Bottom and Hemmingways and will keep you all briefed on how I get on

Nice Guy 99
04-21-04, 20:31
I've just returned to the US having failed to visit any more Abu Dhabi establishments during my last few days there. Work became rather all consuming so I made a regular arrangement with one of my Chinese friends to come over every night, at a reduced rate, for the remainder of my stay.

This also has a collateral benefit of being able to institute a "training" program. As a result, her service, which was a solid 9, has now moved to a clear 10.

I'm very happy to see Irish pick up the reporting slack and I look forward to more reports from him. It's all driven by business but I hope to be back in Abu Dhabi in a few weeks.

05-05-04, 15:24
Have the Chinese returned in strength after the mass exodus beginning of March ? Irish, I know Ally Pally is a bit rough but you can use it to fall back on for an afternooner.

May the force be with you.

Nice Guy 99
05-05-04, 22:13

Based on my last trip it seems that there is no shortage of Chinese. I'll be back in Abu Dhabi Friday night for a few days and will be sure to file a FR.

Nice Guy 99
05-09-04, 13:13
I've been in Abu Dhabi for two nights now. First night was a late arrival via aircraft from Europe so I had my current regular Chinese on tap. In her usual fashion she was in my hotel room ten minutes after I called her.

A guy could really get spoiled here. While I was taking a nice long shower after 24 hours of travel time she unpacked my suitcases and had a big Gin and Tonic ready for me when I stepped out of the shower. This was followed by an hour of massage and then DFK, DATY, BBBJ, and FS ... the standard GFE for a well trained Chinese lady. She insisted on taking my laundry with her in the morning even though I was not committed to meeting her the next night.

Last night I checked out Ally Pally in the Al Ain Palace hotel. It was my first time there. AP is a typical English pub/sports bar establishment. Don't be put off by the big "Members Only" brass sigh on the big wooden entrance door or the "couples only" sign. It appears that any reasonably dressed male (not sure about racial discrimination) is a member. It is also clear that any working girl who visits the guy with the cash box must be part of a "couple". AP has a large screen TV for sports and serves a little buffet. It is much better lit than the typical venue so you can examine the ladies with better clarity than usual.

The AP working girls were not very attractive. I did a careful circuit before taking a place at the bar ... all Chinese and most 30+ years of age. I spent my time at the bar carefully avoiding prolonged eye contact and hoping that a young Chinese would show up. I did have the pleasure of two ladies (a couple?) coming up to me without me even looking at them. Their opening line was priceless, "Hi, would you like to fuck me?" I politely declined. I had hoped to pull a young Chinese but gave up after a little over an hour and left AP.

Conclusion: AP is a "sure thing" for lower quality older Chinese. Prices there should be 200ST/300LT maximum. I understand from others that occasionally you'll find a younger, higher quality girl there also at the same price.

Plan B for the evening was to continue my search for the best Filipino cover band in Abu Dhabi. My band recommending Filipina friend (the one who previously suggested 49ers) had suggested the Safari disco on the 17th floor of the Howard Johnson hotel. I called my regular Chinese and of course she showed up at my hotel, with my clean laundry, in ten minutes. We walked over to HJ's and found that there were four places of entertainment. There is a pub on the ground floor with a Polish rock band (they didn't sound bad from the outside). On the 17th floor there is a Chinese KTV place that was packed with Chinese girls and very very smokey (so I didn't do anything but look in), an Arab night club with a belly dancer, and the Safari. Safari was primarily a Filipino place. The band was OK but not great. The dance floor was small. There were a couple Chinese working girls but what caught my attention was that there appeared to be maybe ten Filipina working girls. This is the first concentration of Filipinas that I've seen in Abu Dhabi.

Conclusion: HJ's deserves more checking out. I didn't really check the ground floor pub. If you don't mind smoke the KTV certainly has many Chinese. If you fancy a Filipina you may find one at the Safari.

After one set at the Safari we decide to walk over the the Blitz disco in the Novotel hotel. The Blitz still has the best band I've seen in Abu Dhabi. The five girls up front include two clear 10's and they are all very good musicians. Blitz has plenty of girls. The Chinese range up to 7-8 (but of course there are lots of 5 and below). There were more CIS there than on my last visit but the CIS quality is in the 5-6 range.

We danced ourselves silly at the Blitz and then went back to my hotel where I got a very late business call that essentially told me to delay my current business discussions for 3 days. Since this cancelled all my meetings I am now a man of leisure. My Chinese made a few calls and found a way to avoid going to work today so we didn't get out of bed until 2PM. She also asked me not to take any vitamin V ( I am an old guy) and pointed to Mr. Happy saying "this MY job to keep hard", and you know what ... performance has not suffered. Ahhh the joy of a well trained Chinese.

Nice Guy 99
05-16-04, 11:01
I'm back in Abu Dhabi after several days in Dubai. Business was very intense in Dubai and I only got out one night where I had a ST with a beautiful 18 year old Ukrainian girl named Nadia. That exceptional session is written up in my May 14 post on the Dubai board.

While driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi last night I called my regular Chinese who was then waiting for me on arrival. I find a comparison of Nadia and my Chinese to be interesting. Nadia is young and wild. Virtually nothing is off limits. Her oral skills are amazing; certainly the best BBBJCIMWS I've had in recent memory. She also loves to rim, which I find very pleasurable. Her eyes sparkle, she's enthusiastic, and she actually seems to enjoy what she does.

My Chinese in Abu Dhabi is 28. She is a strong 7 in looks, Nadia is maybe a 6.5. The Chinese, as one would expect here, gives exceptional massage. It was our third "date" before she would BBBJ and from her initial technique I believe her claim she had never done that before. I doubt if I ever will CIM with her. She loves to dance with me, in the room or in a disco. Every time I'm with her she insists on taking my laundry home to wash. Lately she has been finding substitutes for her "day job" (she's a cook) so she can stay later in the morning. She likes to cook and bring dinner to my hotel room. She is often the one who suggests we need to get naked and get to bed. She loves sex and has HUGE orgasms, which are absolutely not faked.

The Chinese is a real GFE, she calls herself my "Abu Dhabi wife".

Nadia is wild teen age sex; an exceptional opportunity for a guy in his 60's.

Which is best? I just don't know. The Chinese is a wonderful steady diet, I never get tired of her, she even knows how to pack and unpack my suitcases now. Nadia is the hot spice that sometimes one craves; perhaps not suitable as a steady diet but every now and then, WOW.

These two are indicative of the range wonderful experiences currently available in the UAE. I hope that you guys take the time and have the patience to experience the entire gamut. Am I crazy, or is sometimes steady and sincere better than a wild teen ager?

Irish Hunter
05-20-04, 14:52
I'm due back in Abu Dhabi in the next couple of weeks for a few days.

Apart from checking out the clubs, does anyone know of any good places to go to during the day that involves NOT bringing her back to my place - boss will be over this time also and can;t be seen to be bringing sweet younng things back to my room

Any advice/direction received will be greatly appreciated


Dubai Dog
05-23-04, 19:03
I was in Abu Dhabi recently and followed the good advice here in the forum. 49'ers at the Dana Hotel was good for food and hunting, plenty of African CIS and Chinese, however don't miss out on the display available in the Trap Bar as you walk in to the Dana. There is a cracking russian band playing there and the place is heaving with 6 - 7's.

Without doubt the quality appears to be in the nightclub Gauloises at the Meridien. Definately the place if you like pretty young things and the deep pockets to afford them.

Good hunting


05-28-04, 12:29

I will be visiting Abu Dhabi in near future. Are there any short time hotels or incall houses in Abu Dhabi.


Atilo Lailo
06-02-04, 17:56
This is my first feild report.

How are you all doin?

I hope everything is ok with all the members.

There is this MP that I reguraly visit, and I want to share it with all of you.

It is located behind Madinat Zayed Center. There is a small white building behind it and under you would see a small music store. Over there you would find chinese ladies, giving you a wonderful massage and then they ask you if you want ur pecker to be massage for a tip. Now it depends on how smart you are and to what extent you can go with her.


For more info pm me guys.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

Atilo Lailo
06-04-04, 08:56
Aloha Amigos,

Has anyone checked the Regency Hotel ?? That's behind Shamiat Restaurant on the Corniche!

I dont remember the name of the bar over there!


Steve W
06-07-04, 00:15
I can confirm that the Abu Dhabi Grand is girl friendly. Well, it was in Feb/Mar this year. I would recommend the Mellenium (5 mins walk away) as a nicer hotel - its quite new - and is also OK with guests.



Atilo Lailo
06-10-04, 09:49

I just came back from the MP that I usually go to. Although I'm a regular over there it turns out that they are being strict about the HJ due to the fact that there are so many MP closing down. But once again I was able to get my usual HJ.


06-11-04, 06:44
Don't forget guys if you struggle to find a massage parlour the girls in Ally Pally will go to your room for short time and give you a massage, the prices will be the same unless you are a little thick.

The best tip I can suggest is to buy a local Sim card for your phone and start collecting numbers and give yours out to a few girls aswell.

May the force be with you.

Atilo Lailo
06-14-04, 15:22
Hey all!

Just remembered an experience that i had and i thought of posting it over here.

A while ago, on a thursday night I decided to go to the Regency hotel and check out the CIS over there.

I went up to the Bar, I think it was on the third floor. there was this russian bar and they seemed pretty ok.

I waited till around 11 untill it was fully packed with CIS girls.

At 12 I made my pick. I took a girl named Lisa and she is 26 years of age. I took her for a full night starting at 12 and it cost me
300 Dhs. I took her to the Abu Dhabi Rotana International Hotel ( which is very guest friendly).

Once I was in the room, she showered. We were on bed and we started talking and it turns out that she is a nurse and that she has been forced into such a job. We talked for a while and then she started to go down on me. She started to kiss me and lick me all over and then she started with a BJ and then the we start having sex. The session went untill 6am. The next morning she wanted to go back, so she woke me up and we went at for another two times. For the 300 Dhs I paid, it was the best service I got so far. Service 10 , Looks 8 , Body 9 , Personality 9

When I remember more I will post my other encounters .


06-18-04, 13:46
Hello folks,

I was in Abu Dhabi recently and had the pleasure of visiting Ally Pally at the Al Ain Palace Hotel.

Its has the look of a pub with a large wooden bar and lots of space for discreet and bar stool seating.

I went there late in the afternoon and found about five patrons and about twenty girls. The girls are all of Chinese origin and I did not see any CIS contingent.

The girls will approach you and will do so in droves. All you have to do to get the attention of a girl is to simply look at her and make eye contact.

The rates are minimal and I should say that Dhs 100 would do for a short time. You are free to negotiate for better services and more time.

A word of caution is that the place should only be frequented if you have a penchant for the Chinese.

Happy hunting.

El Mujerista
06-26-04, 19:26
report: quick trip to abu dhabi

had a recent one-nighter in ad whilst on a primary visit to dubai. i have a regular chinese i've been visiting in ad (as i used to in dxb, though that's another story...), but i decided to forego the regulars and get something "strange" on this trip. i was not disappointed.

i stayed at the crowne plaza hotel, my regular place. there was a bit of a cock-up on my arrival, as the hotel was overbooked since the manager had been "asked" by sheikh zayed's wife to extend the stay of some friends of hers in 14 guest rooms. for those with no clue as to who this guy is, he's the big cheese of the uae (see www.sheikhzayed.com). no kidding.

obviously, the manager didn't have much of a choice. the good news is that whilst they put me in a crappy standard room for a brief time (i had been booked in a deluxe), they also upgraded me to a suite for the night, which helped lend credence to my bs story to my provider of being in ad for a month.

the cp is also adding high-speed internet access, to those interested in such stuff. however, it wasn't working in either of the rooms i stayed. the tech staff fussed with it a bit, but apparently the system had just not been activated despite the presence of rj45 jacks and instruction cards which suggested it was up and running.

ok, to the fun part. i first tried heroes bar in the basement, where i've found a bit of fun in the past, including the aforementioned regular.

this was not the night to be there, as it was the france-england match of eurocup 2004 and the place was loaded with rowdy drunk or soon-to-be-drunk brits, their ladies included. any service providers would be hard to spot in this crowd, so i took a pass and grabbed a taxi to the le meridien hotel.

it was a wild cab ride, with the arab driver cutting off a mercedes, the driver of which then got royally pissed off and who proceeded to then cut us off (the point where i looked for seat belts in the back of the taxi, disturbed not to find any) and then pulled alongside. with windows rolled down at a stoplight, my cabbie and the offended mercedes driver and pax proceeded to exchange what sounded like terrible curses in arabic; i was quite tempted to drop an aed 10 bill and bail, but then the light changed and our respective vehicles went different directions. shit.

anyway, i finally arrived at the le meridien and paid the aed 50 cover to the gaulloises, apparently the closest thing ad has to compare to cyclone in dubai.

i was a bit early, about 23:00, and like the places in dubai it seems the chinese are the first on the scene (there were some apparent cis at the time, but i didn't find them attractive). i sidled up to a pretty chinese at the bar and immediately impressed her by speaking the little chinese i've retained after a couple of trips there and lessons from the aforementioned uae regulars.

her "english" name was "niko" and she also gave me her chinese name, though that isn't relevant for the purposes of this forum. she is from ha'arbin (home of my aforementioned previous dxb regular, as if that matters). i have been there, so this was another thing that helped build a rapport. (though i mainly just amuse the chinese when i try to speak my sparse mandarin, they are always impressed when i pronounce the name of this city as they do -- apparently not many "gweilos" can do that.)

she is a pretty chinese with rather large (though i think real) breasts, which seem to be another feature of ladies from ha'arbin. a key mark is a tatoo on her left forearm of a rose stem piercing a heart. i wonder if this might be the chinese that irish hunter referred to in his post of 18 april 2004.

before we get to the good stuff, let me add that it appears that about 23:45 is when things start to pick up at gaulloises. while the overall quality is nothing like cyclone, there were indeed some stunners present. one was a petite apparent cis with little titties (my type) and hair down to her ass (yow!). another was an angel with a great body and jlo butt who appeared to have light black skin, but with model-quality facial features that appeared eurasian. umm, wish i'd have had more time in this place.

anyway, i was feeling like having a taste of chinese since i'd already had a steady diet of cis in dubai. niko and i got along well and i decided to strike a deal. she asked 900 aed. speaking chinese, i was able to negotiate a lower price, though since the services rendered later were so extraordinary i eventually tipped her equal to her asking price.

which is where we finally get to the good stuff. once back at the hotel, this was a full-on no-holds-barred fuckfest: vigorous bbbj, cg, k9 and finish in mish.

as if that wasn't great enough, about 30 minutes later, as we both lounged in bed wearing our hotel robes watching some boring movie on tv, she suddenly went down on me again. she sucked and stroked me to a second climax, which in in the space of an hour isn't possible as often as it was in my younger days.

and as if that wasn't enough, when the alarm went off at 07:00, sweet little niko gave me a repeat of round 2. sheesh -- three bells in five hours is quite the accomplishment these days.

i slept on the drive back to dubai (i had a driver, don't worry), and wondered if after a night like this i would have the stamina to perform again soon. as will be documented in dxb forum, to my own surprise it happened with vigor.

happy hunting,


Nice Guy 99
07-10-04, 06:43
I'm back in heaven, sometimes spelled Abu Dhabi. I should be here for a week or so and hopefully, with the pace of business in the summer, I'll have plenty of time to pursue the hobby!

I arrived Friday evening and by a little after 10PM made my way to the Blitz disco. When I walked in fear gripped my chest! Yes it was the same great band, but the place was full of GUYS! Where were the ladies? I made the preliminary circuit and counted 5 CIS and 3 Chinese. None of these ladies would have been a serious threat to be rated a 4 and all had seen their 40th birthday. Worried, I sought solace in a nice cold Fosters.

The Blitz had always been a sure thing. Usually there were 20-40 Chinese and maybe 15 CIS. The Chinese contingent was always well represented by 10PM. Then I remember I'd never been to the Blitz on a Friday night, maybe that was what was going on. To my GREAT relief at about 10:30 some foxy CIS ladies arrived. I was thinking about maybe pulling one but I really wanted an overnight and I recalled that the FRs on CIS in Abu Dhabi and Dubai say the great majority of CIS don't truly do overnights they always want to leave after one shot, plus they generally cost more than the Chinese.

I forced my self to wait. Just before 11PM the Chinese started to stream in. Ah, this was more like it. I love that "kid in the candy store" feeling. By 11 I spotted a beautiful, very petite Chinese wearing a classy long black dress. We'll just refer to her as Miss N. A smile in her direction got her over to my bar stool. She passed the English test and close up she was in the 8.5 to 9 range. Actually one of the cutest Chinese I'd ever seen in the Blitz. We chatted for a few minutes and I emphasized how frequently I came to Abu Dhabi and how I was looking for a nice girlfriend. I made the offer of 200AED for overnight. She countered with 400 and told me she always gets 400 or 500. After a little bargaining we settled on "300 this time and 200 next time". They love the prospect of a long term customer.

Back in my hotel room we confirmed that she doesn't drink and she doesn't smoke, two giant pluses in my mind. We chatted for a while and I took some pictures of her in that sexy black dress. I asked if she minded if I took a shower and of course she didn't. When I emerged from the bathroom toweling off, there she was in a very sexy lacy black bra and an outrageous black thong. I've posted a "morning after" picture of her in her undies in the UAE photo gallery (NU1.jpg). At this point I was convinced that she is a solid 9. After a suitable time admiring her in her undies she excused herself for a shower and I went off to the bedroom.

Nude she was even more lovely. Perfect B cup breasts with the typical long sensitive nipples, not a stretch mark or a scar, not an ounce of fat, and that great silky smooth Chinese skin. Then came the big surprise, she is the only Chinese girl I've ever been with who doesn't give a massage! She has very full sexy lips for a Chinese girl and we began with a "Chinese kiss" which rapidly evolved into DFK. Her hands were lightly coaxing Mr Happy to full attention as I sampled those lovely nipples. I worked my way down to the Y where she passed the close visual and olfactory inspection. DATY got her full attention but when I went down a little further and sampled the starfish she went wild, thrusting herself against my face with loud moaning. Now that I had her primed, there was nothing she could do when I rolled over on my back but BBBJ. I could see her thought process. She had Mr Happy in her hand, she was not sure she wanted to do this, then a "what the hell" look passed over her face and down she went on me. Now I must admit that her technique was a bit amateurish and there was no way she was even in the same league as Nadia, the CIS girl in Dubai, but it was quite pleasurable and I'm sure she can be trained.

We continued on as might be expected, 69, cover on, CG, ACG, mish, and a side by side thing with an unusual leg wrap that she initiated. After we both washed up we made some attempt to go to sleep but within 20 minutes we were back at DATY and 69; she REALLY likes to get rimmed. Finally we slept. In the morning somehow we got back into oral which culminated with a great combo BBBJ/HJ.

If my first night in Abu Dhabi is any indicator this is going to be a great week.

Nice Guy 99
07-11-04, 06:52
Saturday night I was again ready for action having taken a significant nap in the afternoon. Around 10PM I tucked a vitamin V in my pocket and headed for the Blitz. Another major surprise when I walked in, the place was full of Fillipino couples dancing to Latin music! I consulted with my friend the head doorman and he explained that Saturday was a late start for the normal band, the Latin stuff would be over by 10:30 and the regular band would start shortly thereafter. He also told me that the band gets only one night per month off! (Love these working conditions) "My" waitress sought me out and found me a seat. I tip this girl 5AED one time each night and she really goes out of her way to make sure I'm well cared for.

Sure enough the night unfolds as the head doorman explained. (Always befriend the door man) The Chinese and CIS start arriving in force shortly before 11. I can feel the V burning a hole in my pocket as I weighed my choices. Predictably Miss N, from the previous night, shows up and shoots a smile in my direction. I reply with an acknowledgment level smile but not a "come over here" smile. I continued to scan. There were some good possibilities in the 6-7 range but they were not well dressed (jeans, etc) so it was a bit hard to tell. I noticed a guy or two talking to Miss N but no one stuck. After about 20 minutes she came over to me "just to say hi" and to ask why I didn't call her. She very cleverly managed to press her breasts against me while shaking hands (that's a trick!) and there was also some brushing up against my fly.

I reminded Miss N that I was a very honest guy, told her that I liked her very much and would be with her again some time, but tonight I was looking for a lady (never call them girls) who also gave massage. (You may recall the previous evening she said she doesn't give massage) She said she would be happy to give me a massage, and smiled sweetly. OK, this is fate at work and I asked her if she might like to spend the night with me (like she hadn't really advertised). She said softly, "You pay me same as last night"? I looked skyward and said, "Hmmm I believe I remember you saying something about money last night". The look on her face was priceless. (Last night the deal closer was 300AED for that night and 200AED the next time) Ahh, ha! Caught!

Just then it was break time for the band, which at the Blitz means dancing to a DJ, so off we went to dance. She was really getting into dancing (I'm not bad for an old fart) but I could imagine that 200AED thought in the back of her mind. After the dancing I said, "Would you like to go?" and she answered, "Yes". I popped my V, finished my Fosters and off we went. (We clearly left the Blitz with her thinking that she was going for 200) Once we were outside of the cacophony and could talk I told her I appreciated her offer of massage and I wouldn't hold her to the 200AED deal. Her mood, which wasn't bad, became ebullient.

In the room we chatted and looked up some English-Mandarin word translations on the Internet (they always like this, but make sure to NEVER show them this site or speak about it). I also showed her the pictures from the previous night, which I had touched up in Photoshop. The big question here was would she like the undies shots? She was a little embarrassed but she said she liked them, claiming it was the first time anyone took pictures of her like that. We then took a shower together. Chinese ladies are always worried about too much soap drying their skin (as well as getting their hair wet) so don't be surprised if her shower is more of a rise off except for a little soap in the nether regions. She thoroughly washed Mr. Happy and environs. By now the V had kicked in and she could have done chin ups on old Mr. H.

We proceeded to bed for the massage. It was really quite different, much softer than the normal Chinese massage (she only weighs 45KG), but very pleasurable. It lasted for about an hour and culminated with a very nice BBBJ. The rest of the evening went predictably. I warmed her up with DATY etc, and then we went through the same positions as the previous night with some K9 thrown in for variety.

In the morning we picked up where we left off. I had repositioned my camera bedside and as she was sitting between my legs slurping on Mr. Happy (who was very happy at that time) I asked her if I could take a picture. She didn't say yes and she didn't say no. So I did, and she really got into it. Nothing like a nude smiling Chinese girl between your legs.

Monday she is off to Iran for a visa change but she asked if she could spend Sunday night with me. Thinking about how much progress we'd made in the photo area and the possibilities for further progress, maybe even a movie, I agreed. She said she was going to start her period in a day or two and she would call me tonight between 7 and 8 to tell me if she had one more night left. Thinking about this I now believe that these Chinese girls on 30 day visas synch renewals up with their periods so they don't lose any working time. Unlike some of the others, Miss N doesn't have a day job, all she does is fuck.

My biggest challenge this afternoon will be turning at least one of this morning's photos into something she'll like to see so as to encourage further photography tonight. I also have a Plan B for tonight if Miss N unable to visit for womanly reasons. Then there's Monday night to look forward to, Miss N will be gone and I'm off to new adventures.

Nice Guy 99
07-12-04, 05:27
Sunday, day three in paradise, was a little disappointing but mainly based on the high standard set on days one and two. Miss N called me at 8PM as she said she would and told me everything was OK, she could come over. I interpreted this as her period had not yet started and said please do. We watched a movie on my laptop and transitioned to a little TV in the bedroom thereafter.

We were getting undressed slowly, going with the flow (no pun intended), and I was not very surprised when the bra came off and the panties remained on during a very long BBBJ. As it seemed she was trying to get me to CIM the light was slowly dawning in my brain. I asked her to remove her panties and she said, "Blood come and we will make big mess". She was willing but as I pictured the hotel staff looking for the dead body in the morning, I declined and it was a night of oral only. I was a bit put off by this turn of events and never pursued more explicit photos.

An appropriate slight reduction in compensation was made in the morning, just to maintain discipline. Miss N is off to Iran to "change visa" and tonight I think I'm off to 49ers at the Dana hotel.

Nice Guy 99
07-13-04, 10:08
Monday was my fourth night in Abu Dhabi. As planned I went to 49ers in the Dana hotel. I passed by the little first floor bar, which is supposed to have some pretty nice CIS, and went directly to 49ers on the top floor. I arrived about 10:30. There were approximately 15 Chinese and 5 Africans. As I mentioned in my previous FR on 49ers the African girls here are quite exotic, lots of wild hair and the tightest clothing you can imagine. The African quality ranges from overweight 2's to very tall and sexy 8's. The Chinese quality seemed to be in the 4 to 7 range.

By about 11-11:15 the place was filling up with girls. The mix was about 60% guys, 40% girls. I had been approached by several Chinese and had my butt pinched by one African. I had done the "Engrish check" on several of the cuter Chinese and they all flunked. A number of other hotties were ruled out because they were constantly smoking. About 11:30 I made my choice, a Miss W. She was on the thin side with tight jeans and a tight top, nice face, I'd rate her about a 6.5. She accepted my overnight offer at 200AED without any bargaining (surprised me!)

We chatted for a bit, I shook hands with her girlfriends (earns points), and then I said, "Let's go!". "Oh no", she said, "cannot go until 1 o'clock or they won't let me in." Huh?? This was followed by 15 minutes of conversation, with a loud band making it difficult to hear, trying to figure out what she meant. I finally excused myself and went to speak with the doorman, who explained. 49ers have a policy regarding Chinese ladies. Of course all single ladies pay to enter the bar, this is true in every place I know. The doorman explained if things were left to run their course 85% of the ladies would be Chinese, and our customers don't really like Chinese so we lose business. Therefore we make the Chinese ladies stay until 1AM. If they leave earlier then we don't let them in the next time. If you want to leave with an African or CIS lady it's no problem. Huh?

I think what is really happening is that the Chinese would quickly link up with guys and get them out of the bar so therefore less food and drink were sold. The idea that "our customers don't like Chinese ladies so we make Chinese ladies stay late" is rather contradictory to say the least. The doorman also didn't seem amenable to 50AED erasing his memory that Miss W left early.

So I hung at 49ers another hour and bought another Fosters (guess it works). Observing the scene I noted the Africans getting much more aggressive after midnight (you'll see why in a minute). There was very suggestive dancing, dry humping, crotch grabbing, and DFK going on as they tried to bag a bunch of Brits. As 1 o'clock approached the Chinese went into high gear (and I'll bet prices were dropping) and at the stoke of 1 there was an exodus by maybe 20% of the crowd, primarily with Chinese girls. The Africans knew this was coming so they were trying to close their deals before "bargain basement" time with the Chinese.

Miss W and I beat feet back to my non-smoking hotel room and to my disgust she begged to smoke one cigarette in the bathroom. Sigh. No sense having her pissed off at 1:20AM so I let it go. Then she didn't want a shower, "already clean". She just washed off the target areas while I took a shower. She didn't really know how to do massage very well (where am I finding these!) and I was starting to lose interest until she kissed her way down my belly. What she DID know how to do is BBBJ, ball sucking, and rimming. Grin!

After about 20 minutes of oral attention she wanted to get on with it and I made the best discovery of the evening. This girl has possibly the tightest pussy in the UAE! Woah! I'm not a huge guy and I sometimes get lost inside the pros but this was like the girls I remember from high school.

After we finished I brought out the camera and took a few bare breasted shots of her. She was reluctant to go further so I suggested that SHE take some nude shots of ME (this almost always works). After we laughed about how silly I looked she was amenable to some full nudes of her. (I have posted one in the UAE photo gallery.) Then she announced she wanted to sleep until noon because my bed was better than hers. I had made the mistake of telling her earlier that we didn't need to get up really early. By 7:30AM I was awake but couldn't rouse her. I worked in the room until 9 and then finally got her going. Her day got off to a tasty start with another BBBJ and penetration of that tight pussy. I finally scooted her out the door at 10AM. I don't think I'd go a second round with her because of the smoking and no massage.

Not sure what I'll do tonight but I would like to find one that gives a good massage, like my old Chinese GF, sigh, she was FINE.

Nice Guy 99
07-14-04, 05:43
Tuesday, day five in Abu Dhabi, and I should have known better, always stick to the plan and avoid making spur of the moment modifications in the field.

I was looking for a nice Chinese with emphasis on a quality massage and of course good sex. I decided to go to Ally Pally in the Al Ain Hotel. This place is full of Chinese ladies, a bit aggressive as I have previously reported. My thought was to tell the first few ladies who approached that I was looking for good English, no smoking, good massage, over night, good price (AP is generally in the 200-300AED range). My plan seemed sound until I walked through the door.

The onslaught of Chinese ladies was overwhelming. They were "Hi, how are you. What's your name? Where you from?" while I was ordering my first Fosters. I couldn't even make an initial tour of the room without a continual stream of queries. In desperation I retreated to the "African corner" where no Chinese ladies tread. There were 4 or 5 African girls there ranging from 5-8. These are not the exotic types I found in 49ers, they were nicely dressed (as opposed to wildly dressed) and didn't have the dyed hair, etc. From the quiet of the African corner I observed the Chinese and the Africans were friendly but not pushy.

I started down the slippery path of error when I allowed a conversation with Miss B from Ethiopia about Chinese ladies vs African ladies. In response to her questions I said that the African ladies of my acquaintance were prone to not do massage, not do oral, never do anal, and in general be quite conservative in bed. (I can't believe I was this stupid, and I hadn't even finished my first beer!) Of course Miss B sympathized and said some African ladies, like her for example, were quite different and they did all these things. She was quite cute ... sigh. The Africans I have met usually have much better English than the typical Chinese and they all have this pleasing, joking, personality.

While this was going on I performed a little test. I stepped across the invisible line defining the African corner and immediately was approached by two Chinese. I stepped back and the Chinese went away. Mind you, this is a movement of less than one meter!

The predictable was happening. I was having fun talking with Miss B and I started thinking maybe she IS different. We opened negotiations with me at 200 AED and her at 1000 AED. She dropped rapidly and I held fast, occasionally stepping across the line and having Chinese rush over to "Hi, how are you." The illustration of how Chinese affect the market price could not have been more vivid. We settled at 300 for overnight until 7AM with all the unmentionables being included.

Back at the hotel Miss B continued to be charming and soon climbed into my lap and began DFK and a wake up call for Mr. Happy. I asked to take a picture of her fully clothed and got a "Maybe next time". Hmm, we didn't discuss pictures in our negotiation so I guess that's OK. We had a nice shower together and repaired to the bed room. Her idea of massage consisted of sort of squirming on top of me and rubbing her breasts on the strategic places; kind of a Thai soapy experience without water or soap. When I mentioned slurping on Mr. Happy she announced that she didn't do that. I was getting an African deja vu feeling by now. She was so "horny" (hah!) that she couldn't wait to have me inside her. On came the condom and we proceeded to some energetic African pounding with the big booty providing quite a cushion. About five minutes after we finished her phone rang. It seems that her "sister" was locked out of the apartment and Miss B needed to bring her the key. (Right!) She said she'd be back in 20 minutes (sure!) and scooped up the 300AED from the dresser. It's silly to argue in these cases, I should have known better, so I said that I eagerly awaited her return and off she went. I turned out the lights knowing I'd never see her again and got a good nights sleep.

Moral of the story: Africans (and to some extent CIS) never live up to their promises. The Chinese almost always do. You pay your money, you take your chances. Tonight it's Chinese for sure I just don't know who/where as yet.

Nice Guy 99
07-15-04, 05:02
Wednesday, day six in Abu Dhabi, and this time I took my own advice and stuck to plan. I called Miss N in the early evening. She had called me the previous evening while on the road coming back from "visa change". She offered to come over at 4AM when she would be arriving in Abu Dhabi but I declined. Miss N was delighted to hear from me and told me that her female condition had passed and she was 100% ready for action. (She realized that she had been subtlety disciplined on our last engagement.)

I invited her over and she appeared within the hour. We chatted and snuggled for a bit and then went to the Blitz for a couple of sets and some dancing. I could sense that she wanted to parade me around a bit as a "good catch" as well as say hi to her GFs after returning from visa change. I shook a few ladies' hands and listened to a little Chinese chatter.

We then returned to the hotel, showered, and had a real GFE with everything one could imagine. She's still sleeping in the bedroom and I'll be heading back there soon. I think I'll probably keep her for the weekend and maybe for the rest of the stay. When you do a number of days in close proximity with a girl (or better yet, in a row) it can become very very nice.

I am a happy man.

Nice Guy 99
07-16-04, 12:59
Thursday, day eight in Abu Dhabi, was basically a repeat of Wednesday. Miss N is outdoing herself on the GFE.

A few interesting points giving insight into the mind of a basically good hearted provider:

It may feel like GFE but it's still business. I've told her to be completely honest with me and that I understand that she does this for a living and has many customers. She seems to have accepted this. Wednesday night she took a call from an American guy she'd been with before looking for an overnight on Thursday. She told him she was busy but could maybe fit in two hours in the afternoon, which she did. The interesting thing is that she was open with me about it, as I had requested. I respect her for that.

Last night after we came back from dancing we had one of those long late night conversations on the couch. I shared some things about my life and she finally opened up about her life in China. She shared some really intimate details that also indicates that I'm something other than just a customer. This seemed to break down the last barrier of what sometimes can be an arms length relationship with these girls. Now nothing is refused, she stayed in bed with me until 2PM, and she'll be back early tonight.

I've decided to keep her for the rest of my stay (leaving on Monday I think). I seem to have found another really nice Chinese. These girls really respond to kindness and are quite vulnerable emotionally. I urge you all to treat them well, show respect, don't take undue advantage if/when they finally open up, and you'll have a very very nice time.

Probably no more FRs from me on this trip unless something noteworthy happens.

Nice Guy 99
07-17-04, 13:07
I now have a ten minute movie of us in bed, and when she watches it she gets all wet and wants to go again. Then she wants to see the movie again, sigh, the cycle repeats.

All I'm doing is sex, Internet, sex, work out, sex, pool, sex, eating, sex, but I did take a short break and do a little work today.

The message is, when they really get in to you it's an incredible time. My experience is that this seems to happen most often with the Chinese girls.

Are there any other mongers in Abu Dhabi? I seem to be monopolizing the thread.

Nice Guy 99
07-19-04, 09:54
I'm now out of Abu Dhabi after a 20 hour marathon in bed with Miss N on my last day. I just got dressed a few times to go get some food. What a trip!

I left on a late night flight and incredibly Miss N made an appointment with an incoming monger who was arriving on a flight that night and was in bed with him about the time I was taking off!

Business may dictate that I don't return until September but I'm already looking forward to it.

07-19-04, 11:16
Hey niceguy,

I read your posts regularly. Just confiming that you are not alone. Anyway, I am not in Abu Dhabi right now, but was there some time back and will be there in September or so.

JSF from the Dubai section knows me from the other forums (JSF... it's me supernova_letdown. :) How are you doing buddy?) Anyway, wish I could contribute some thing, but frankly when I was in Abu Dhabi, I could not find any action out there and had to run to Dubai all the time! JSF can confirm on that.

Anyway, your posts do give me hopes. Haha. As for me, I just got my membership upgraded only recently!

Let me know how long you would be there though!

JSF - sad to hear about F's place! I'm gonna miss the house!

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07-21-04, 11:36
Yes you are not alone. I am a regular visitor to UAE but am back in the UK now. I love the Abu Dhabi Scene, and will be back next month. One place that I havent seen mentioned is the Novotel Hotel - and no, I am not talking about the Blitz disco (which is good) but the massage centre on the 4th (i think) floor. You book a massage and are directed to go to one of the rooms, which is stripped of all furniture barring a massage bed. You then get a wonderful massage from a Chinese babe for AED 100 plus a tip for hand relief if you want it.

In my opinion the massage here is better than the one I had on the Chinese Massage Centre near Madinat Zayed. I found the girl there a bit pushy, although I would love to know if anyone has ever negotiated more than just hand relief from one of these places.

07-21-04, 11:40
Am interested in the Alain Palace hotel scene too. Never actually been there, but the reports sound interesting. Seems like the only place to get some afternoon action, or is that wrong?

When is it generally busiest?

Dezert Mirage
07-22-04, 20:24
Anyone ever had Moroccan women before? For 650 a night, they are legendary in bed.

BTW, for all you mongerers, there is a dirty sheesha joint with closed rooms in the tourist club, nearby the navy roundabout, i dont remember the name but excellent women. In adittion, try Sabaa and Zakher Hotel for some action.

Dezert Mirage
07-22-04, 20:50
Does anyone know where I can find a nice African?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Irish Hunter
07-23-04, 16:30
Hello again all

I'm back in Abu Dhabi for a few days and I'm hoping that the next 3 days are better than what I experienced last night

I arrived here late Wednesday night, worked a little yesterday and after dinner my colleagues here went their own way, and I went to 49ers

I got there about 10.00ish and wasn't too sure what I fancied but when I got in there I saw an African girl who was sensational looking. She was with 2 of her friends and I couldn't wait to go over and strike a deal.

So, bought myself a drink and motioned to her to see if she wanted one - she had a beer with me and we chatted for a bit and then she had my nuts in her hand and asked if I wanted her for the night. She wanted 500Dhs but agreed to 300Dhs, and after a couple more drinks we went back to the Meridien where I'm staying

Got into my room and she turned from dream into a nightmare - didn't want to give me the massage she promised, wouldn't entertain giving oral, and after a short time I lost total interest myself. I thought even a wank would be better than this.

So, as it was obvious that I was not going to get a decent level of service I said to her that she could leave if she wanted as it was still relatively early (12.30am). Don't want to sound as though I threw my toys out of the pram, but what's the point in paying for a girl that doesn't deliver the goods?

Anyway, I'm going back to my favourite haunt tonight (Gauloises) and I am sure that the action there will make up for last night's disappointment

Vikas Arora
07-23-04, 23:29
Tried Chinees Massage at Al Hamara Plaza (1st Floor). Really nice massage and excellent hand job. Check out Lisa or Anna.

Vikas Arora
07-23-04, 23:33
Can anyone suggest some hotel where a lady can be taken in Abu Dhabi. I am looking for not very expensive hotel.

07-24-04, 11:38

The Novotel might suit your purpose. Girls can be taken up, although they have to have their ID, Visa, etc on them obviously.

Dezert Mirage
07-25-04, 02:04
I would suggest to get the most out of it, take the girl out for dinner, nice meal, take her back to your room open up a bottle and get busy has always worked for me I've always got what I wanted, after all these are pros that appreciate being treated nice.

Dezert Mirage
07-25-04, 12:40
Real quality, however can be found in one of the many *****houses in abu dhabi, try the one in the panasonic showroom apartments in al istiqlal road, or the one in Saeed Bakery in Hamdan, mostly 8s and 9s, CIS, Indian and Lebanese only locals like myself know where they are :)

07-26-04, 07:41
Hey Dezert Mirage,

Are you serious about these places? Wow, I had no idea that there were these houses in Abu Dhabi. I've been frequenting Abu Dhabi for ages (almost 24 years, but mongering only from the last 3 years) and always run to Dubai for some action. Will be coming there soon though. Maybe september or so. Will surely check out these places then. what are the rates in these places though. Generally the indian ones are priced high. What about the other ones?

Do let us know if there are new places.

07-26-04, 08:57
How does that work Dezert Mirage? Saeed Bakery? I imagine that you dont go in and ask for three chocolate muffins plus a spot of oral - so what exactly is the format?

Vikas Arora
07-26-04, 13:29
Dear Mirage
Nice to know *****house exist in Abu Dhabi. Wonder what are the rates of CIS, Lebanese ( 8s and 9s) at these places. And if you can give some more clear directions.
Dezert Mirage wrote:

Real quality, however can be found in one of the many *****houses in abu dhabi, try the one in the panasonic showroom apartments in al istiqlal road, or the one in Saeed Bakery in Hamdan, mostly 8s and 9s, CIS, Indian and Lebanese only locals like myself know where they are

Irish Hunter
07-27-04, 10:41
Dezert Mirage

You mention the local knocking shop at the bakery on Hamdan Street. Do I just enter the bakery, or is there an alternative entrance?

Dezert Mirage
07-28-04, 11:51
Wait under the apartment near the apartment entrance near the bakery, you will see these Russian ladies go in. Don't talk to the ones in the striped uniforms, they work in a nearby cafe called La Fontana they aren't knockable I think. Always look for buildings built in the 80's that white Russian girls go into. Very easy to spot slavic features.

Irish Hunter
07-31-04, 16:45
Dezert Mirage,

I had a good nosy up and down Hamdan Street today and couldn't find the building you're talking about I'm afarid

I will have another look again tomorrow or Monday (my last full day) so could you give a bit more info on exact location (i.e. which end of hamdan street and which floor / apartment number to go to)

Cheers mate, dying to find out how good the totty is in there!

Member #2326
07-31-04, 18:02
Is there anywhere in Abu Dhabi to find some afternoon or lunch action?

Nice Guy 99
08-01-04, 02:09
I've been off line for almost two weeks because of travel in other countries and I was very happy to see how the Abu Dhabi forum has picked up. I've answered the PMs that several of you have sent.

Irish, I sympathize with your African experience. I've found only one that will really fuck and stay all night. She's mentioned in my early FR's. Still, even with her no oral, no massage.

In my book stay Chinese!

I'll be back in Abu Dhabi for one night next week. A quickie business meeting. For that I'll book Miss N.

08-04-04, 08:57
I will be in Abu Dhabi next week for 2 weeks, does anybody know if the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel is girl friendly? Thats where I am booked into, and have not stayed there before.

Nice Guy 99
08-06-04, 13:53
Back home from a 30 hour stay in Abu Dhabi. As mentioned I booked Miss N since I didn't see any time for hunting and I do like repeat service from a well trained Chinese.

I called her and gave her my room number as soon as I checked in, telling her the door would be left open. I heard her cheery hello while I was in the shower and she had unpacked my clothes by the time I was out. I had the usual GFE with Miss N; ever since that marathon session on my last trip we are through the "barrier" and her whole heart and enthusiasm are focused on making me very happy. I won't bore you with the details of the GFE but here are some points of general interest:

- She and her girlfriends are not seeing any problems as yet making the monthly trip to Iran for visa renewal.
- The customer population is really slim now that we are in August and some girls are having trouble even covering expenses. Miss N tells me there are even nights when she can't find a suitable customer. (This is surprising because she is quite good looking and dresses very nicely; she is, however, quite picky on who she goes with, looking primarily for older Brits or similar Northern Europeans)
- An added benefit of our close relationship is that I can now get her to tell me stories of some of her customers, which I find interesting. I almost fell out of bed laughing about the German she spent two days with who wouldn't remove his clothes in bed. Her animated descriptions of his mechanical actions completely fit the German stereotype.
- She had some nice new red panties and I'll post a pic in the photo section shortly

Dezert Mirage
08-07-04, 03:33
Another location, in ELECTRA street, the side opposite the Eldorado Cinema, walk along the back entrances of some of the apartments to find russian women hanging out undernearth, go and chat them up for some action.

Dezert Mirage
08-08-04, 00:23
Anyone up for multi mongering ? Where you and a guy (s) put all your mongering skills to use to find as many possible.

08-10-04, 07:03
Dezert Mirage,

Thanks for your leads to day action. But have not been able to follow and find any. Can you help? I have sent you a PM


08-21-04, 12:21
Hi Abu Dhabi forum,
I will be bringing my light sabre back again but only for a few days I intend to dismember a few Chinese right up the middle again. I will be arriving late at night due to the flight from London and should be at my hotel around 00:30 I will be looking for something to help me sleep.

I have in mind maybe a visit to 49ers or Novotel for a quick pickup anybody any other ideas or suggestions it is almost 6 months since I was last on Planet Abu Dhabi.

May the force be with you.

Nice Guy 99
08-21-04, 15:50

Your two choices, 49ers and Blitz, have both been recently validated :) and should allow you to easily accomplish the mission. This time of year and that time of night you may even get LT for 200. Good luck and we look forward to FRs.

08-24-04, 14:29
Just got back from a two week visit to Abu Dhabi and during my spare time I checked out a few places.

Firstly, a word or two on the general massage scene. This seems to have been closed down. The two chinese places that I have frequented before, one, in the Novotel Hotel (see my earlier post) and one by the Shoe mart on Madinat Zayed both no longer exist. I dont know why. There is or was another place in the Sands Hotel but I dont know if that is still going.

Secondly, the daytime scene. Not a lot to say about this, it doesnt seem to exist. Following Dezert Mirages post I wandered over to the Eldorado Cinema, but there was no sign of life at all. Dont know about his other locations, as I want sure where he meant.

So finally we have the club scene. I went to the Al Ain Palace hotel for the first time on this trip and I was pleasantly surprised. Girls aside, the environment is nice enough, its not too packed, and the food is good. Mostly Chinese, with some African contingent. The place is fully lit, and the music is often quiet, so you will be noticed quickly. Girls there are average. I didnt see any girls in there before teatime either.

Blitz Disco (Novotel) This is a shadow of its former self in my opinion. I went on a Thrusday night (the busiest) and the selection of girls was very poor. A smattering of rough looking Chinese girls, a few Africans, some snooty Russians and that was about it. As an aside, the Freemix band here, which used to be absolutely superb and I am sure pulled in the punters, has a lot of new faces. While the new girls are still quite good, they lack the chemistry of the old singers.

Le Meridien Hotel (formerly the Grand). Still pretty much same as before. 4th floor disco, same doorman, 95 % of the girls are Russian or CIS. The remainder are African. I didnt talk to any of the girls in here, while many of them are good looking, they seem very aloof and unapproachable, and they all smoke which I am not keen on. The music is much heavier here too, more like dance or house music rather than the usual filipino band.

Prices here I think are high, I heard one girl telling an Arab guy it was DHS 1000 for the night.

Howard Johnson hotel : 17th floor. There is an Iranian or Russian group of four girls on stage. You cant exactly call them a band, as they dont seem to sing - just dance to the music. This place is the bargain basement. 95 % of the girls are chinese. Not particularly great looking but cheap - I was offered a 3 some for DHS200 (which I didnt go for)

49'ers disco, Dana Hotel. This was my first visit here and its one of the best. It reminds me of how the blitz used to be. Loads of girls, many chinese, some CIS/Russian, Africans, theres something for everyone. I had a great Chinese girl from here for all night for DHS 300. The place is big, modern, great band, very easy to get food and the entry fee is only DHS 30 which also gives you two free drinks tokens (drinks are normally DHS15). So if you are planning on drinking two pints anyway - you are basically in for free. Highly worth checking out.

La gauloises - Meridien Hotel. Not to be confused with the Meridien I talked about above - this one is a two minute walk from 49'ers - you cant miss it if you go to the Dana Hotel and just look across the road. Also a good place, but I think they need to look at their cover charge. They charge DHS 50 to get in, which only gives you one free drink. Silly, because its just as good over the road in 49'ers. I went in one time in the name of research, and, the quality was good.

And thats more or less it. Very much business as usual in Abu Dhabi !

Nice Guy 99
08-24-04, 23:19
Sterile, a question regarding 49ers, have they gotten rid of the silly rule where Chinese ladies cannot leave before 1AM or they get banned the next night? See my July 13 13:08 post.

Also on 49ers, they did not have an entrance fee for gentlemen (although they do for ladies) when I was last there. Are they charging all guys 30AED now?

08-25-04, 09:53
Hi...yes I think its now possible to leave with a chinese girl before 1 am. Whilst I didnt ask directly, I am 99 % sure I saw it happening.

Yeah everyone now has to pay the DHS 30 - not ideal, but not as bad as some places. You get two free drinks for that, which have to be drunk on that night if at all...

08-30-04, 15:01
A short stay in Abu Dhabi here are the results,

After arriving late Monday evening/Tuesday morning headed straight to Novotel Blitz disco, pickings where light compared to visits in the past and standards have cetainly dropped but plumped for a Chinese who was quite game and put up a good fight. Any Senior members who want her number PM me, her Abu Dhabi name is Donna as in DIRTY and she takes it up the back. As I said Blitz has certainly gone down hill and I won't be going back.

Tuesday night back to my old mongering ground of Al Ain palace not to busy but enough to go round, some of the girls have been there for quite awhile now but don't admit to it, this place has always been a steady bet and guess what another Chinese was on the menu, not as frisky as Dirty Donna but a good attitude so more of a girlfriend experience and a tight fit is what I like. Her name is Lili whilst here in AD and again senior members PM me and I will give you her mobile if you are interested.

Wednesday night decided to look in Howard Johnson 17th floor used to be hit and miss 6 months ago but sometimes a gem was to be found, there where a couple of good ones inside but I made a real prick of myself as soon as I went through the door I was approached by a girl who I thought was a waitress, I told her a pint of Fosters and she shouted to the barman who then passed me the beer, I gave her the money and she passed it over then she followed me to my seat, it was then it clicked she was just so forward it misled me. Well she wouldn't leave me alone, she was a little on the plump side this reminded me of the wife too much so I fled the scene.
Went upto the 4th floor in Abu Dhabi Grand (Le Royal Meridien) to illusions disco lots of russians and a few blacks but mainly on the
old side. Was very tempted to take Chantelle from Zanzibar but she wouldn't come down from 500dhs and started at 1000 decided a night to recharge the tanks and retired to bed.

Thursday night started off in Rockbottom in the Diar Capital hotel quite a good choice with some real good looking girls couldn't decide and it was early so decided to check out the scene in Gauloises in the Meridien hotel. Before I was very impressed with Gauloises but what a change has taken place here it was CRAP not a lot of girls possibly outnumbered 5 to1 by men, ok some stunners but on average very poor in quality.
As it was starting to get late beer was having an effect on my loins and vitamin V was kicking in decided another Chinese was on the menu but wanted one who was of a similar nature to Dirty Donna ended up with Lisa who did a blowjob to completion twice.
Lisa was 38 and and not a stunner but ok if you keep a pillow over her head I have her number also, the girls said they don't mind me giving their numbers to my friends. I will add some more details on hotels etc later.

May the force be with you.

08-30-04, 21:46
Regarding hotels or a particular hotel in this case, the Royal meridien or Abu Dhabi Grand as it used to be known is excellent for mongering activities.
There is a side door which gives direct access to the lifts so reception can be avoided but there is no need as they are very guest friendly but I like to keep my activites as profile as possible.
You qualify for free access to illusions on the 4th floor if you like Russians, Turks, Bulgarians or certain Arab countries this is a good bet but prices are a little higher. My night time entertainment usually cost me 300dhs but 200 to 400 is what I would aim for.
Just a tip regarding Taxis they used to charge 10 dhs after midnight no matter how far you went if you got into a taxi outside of a club. This has changed slightly the 10 dhs charge now kicks in about 22:00hrs it is usually Paki taxi drivers who are the culprits so walk 100 yards and flag a taxi down and pay the normal 2-3 dhs.

08-31-04, 21:41
I have had some PM messages asking for girls numbers but I am reluctant to give them out to members who have never posted or only posted once, sorry but I know the authorities are always shutting down massage parlours etc so I don't want to put the girls at risk. I have a local Etisalat sim card and you have to give all your details to get one 2 passport photos etc. I have heard it is now easier to get a card and you don't have to go to the Etisalat building anymore but not sure how long it has been like this. May the force be with you.

Nice Guy 99
09-03-04, 17:05
I'm back In Abu Dhabi for a quick 48 hour stay. Things are still in the summer doldrums with many residents out of country and not too many businessmen present. Therefore it is a good time for P4P consumers and a bad time for P4P providers.

Given my short stay and my weakness for maximum sex with minimum effort, I checked my calculator and determined that Miss N was neither on her period nor due for visa change so I called her a few days ago and told her to expect me on Thursday night (prime time for P4P). This is a multi country trip for me and I purchased a bra and panty set for her in Europe. (It never hurts to know what their sizes are!)

On Thursday evening I called Miss N as soon as I knew what my room number was to be. As always, she was there in a flash and literally flew across the room pinning me to the couch for a round of welcome back kisses and gropes. Being Thursday I knew she'd want to go out dancing but I decided to give her the gift before we went out. What a reaction I got. She was absolutely delighted that I would buy intimate apparel for her and even have it in the right size. I was still in a robe having just gotten out of the shower and she actually dragged me to the bedroom and insisted on getting fucked before we went out. Sometimes Miss N and I "make love" and sometimes we fuck. This was definitely fucking. She was amazingly wet and orgasmed very quickly; the whole thing was over in ten minutes and then she grinned and said, "Now we go dancing!"

Of course we went to her office, the Blitz in the Novotel. Our colleague Luke recently reported that he thought the Blitz was headed down hill so I was a careful observer of the scene there. The band, Freemix, recently won a local "battle of the bands" and in my mind still is the best cover band in Abu Dhabi. They are too loud, of course, but what band in Abu Dhabi or Dubai isn't? They have added a new girl singer bringing the front line to five Fillipinas. They have a new guy on keyboards also. My regular waitress snagged us a table right in front of the band and before long two of Miss N's friends dragged their "boyfriends" over to the table and we had a nice group for the evening.

In light of Luke's comments I carefully scanned the available providers and actually made two circuits around the room (with Miss N watching me like a hawk). It being Thursday night Prime Time there were many women there. I'd say it was 50% Chinese, 40% CIS, and 10% African. The Africans were very high quality, similar to 49ers, but I don't think I'll ever pull an African again (see previous FRs). The CIS had the widest range. I'd judge that 75% ranged from outright trolls to that "char woman" look; you wondered where their pail and mop were. The top 25% of the CIS ranged in the 6-7 area. I saw maybe two that I would pull. The Chinese ranged from 4-8. There were no real trolls (as there were with the CIS). I saw maybe three Chinese that I'd pull and if you just wanted excellent service and didn't mind a little age there were maybe another ten that would do well. My bottom line assessment - when it comes to bang for the buck Blitz ain't bad.

After a couple of sets Miss N and I repaired to the hotel to recover from ringing ears and shower the smoke away. The rest of the night was GFE sex. About 10AM we did some breakfast in the room and then back to bed. She finally left about 4PM and I went to the gym to run. She's now at home, showered and spiffed up awaiting my call. Tonight we'll do some pics in the new undies and I'm sure I'll post one. We also plan to do some movies. Ah the joy of a well trained Chinese.

Nice Guy 99
09-06-04, 02:32
Miss N returned on call early Friday evening. We had talked about some photos and movies but I asked her if she'd like to go out anywhere prior to breaking out the camera. She said that one of her room mates was at Ally Pally and she thought it might be nice if we went by and talked. (They like to show off regular "boyfriends") She had been to Ally Pally once when she first came to Abu Dhabi but she said she didn't like the odds (too many Chinese girls) plus it's more or less a sports pub and there is no dancing (which she loves to do).

I told her about my experiences at Ally Pally to include the "African Corner" story I related in a previous FR. She laughed at my account of very active marketing by the Chinese contingent and really chuckled at the way I got the African that I pulled to lower her price based on the Chinese price list. (AP is no more than AED300 for overnight and AED200 for ST massage and FS on the Chinese side, the Africans try to go higher) In fact we got into an interesting pricing discussion; Miss N hardly ever does ST, she prefers overnight in a hotel. She always asks for at least AED500 with a view of not going below 400. Her absolute minimum is 300 if the player seems like a "nice guy". Nice guy is defined as 40+, clean, not too fat. She tells me the best she's ever gotten was AED800 from a Japanese businessman who came "in two minutes". Like many Chinese, Miss N is racially prejudiced. She will not even consider blacks, South Asians, or Arabs. Her main target is Brits, Americans, and Europeans, in that order. Since she's at least an 8 on first impression and she dresses really well, she gets away with all this pickiness. I certainly don't condone her racial prejudice but it's something we mongers should realize exists and factor it in to our plans and negotiating strategies.

We arrived at Ally Pally about 9:30PM. It had the typical ratio of about 3 women for every man. There were only a handful of Africans (including my previous pull). The male contingent is largely Brit. I noticed that the Chinese quality seemed to be a bit better than my previous experiences. I'd say that maybe 10% of the ladies were pullable, particularly if you don't mind a little age. I may be prejudice myself but Miss N was clearly the best looking girl in the place. Our visit didn't turn out very well however. Her room mate was there but she didn't spend much time talking with us. I could tell that the roomie was rapidly scanning for a hook up but I could also tell that Miss N expected a little more discourse and, in her view, lost face, which made her very quiet and in need of some reassurance from me. It was also interesting that despite the obvious fact that I was "with" Miss N, who was very clingy, I was still getting aggressive eye contact and smiles from many of the Chinese ladies (ah the joy of being in the prime demographic). When Miss N went to the bathroom several other ladies even cruised by and gave me a hello. We left AP after about an hour and ran into the AED20 taxi racket from the taxis in front of the Al Ain Palace hotel. By walking 100 meters and flagging a taxi the trip back to my hotel became the normal AED3.

Back at the hotel we had a great photo session and also made two movies. Miss N is now very comfortable with the camera and we even "Photoshop" the pics together. In fact one of my favorite pastimes has become working in Photoshop with a nude Miss N sitting on my lap. Earlier I posted a pic in the photo thread of Miss N in the white bra and panty set I brought her on this trip.

The rest of my all too short Abu Dhabi stay has been pure GFE with Miss N punctuated by minimal business meetings. One of my favorite vignettes was early on Saturday afternoon. Business done by about 1:30, I called her and she was on my doorstep 12 minutes later. She knew I was leaving that night and after initial greetings we curled up on the couch. She was very quiet, her head buried on my shoulder. I know her well enough now to sense her feelings and I said "Do you want to go to bed?". Without looking up she snuggled closer and nodded. What followed for the next nine hours is the reason I'm such an advocate of finding a nice girl and treating her well.

Irish Hunter
09-11-04, 13:22
Well folks, my faith in African women is restored!

I was in 49ers on Thursday night, and after chatting to a few Chinese possibilities I was introduced to a damn fine young lady from Eitrea (please excuse spelling)

She was about 5ft 7inches, slim, excellent legs and a firm rack - and she did one hell of a good marketing job on me and promised all sorts if I took her home. Being a sucker for a sexy girl with a filthy mouth we soon agreed on a 400dhs stayover at my hotel room (at the Meridien - just had to leave her passport at reception and no troubles had)

Got back to my room and I must admit I was worried that I was going to have the same experience as before, when the African girl was abysmal

I need not have worried as this girl was pure dynamite and she wanted it all ways up!!

She got down to business straight away with a sexy strip and then down on her knees for a BBBJ...think I almost shot my load after about 30 seconds...but held on for dear life

Got down to some of my favourite action...69...tasty pussy and she really got going when I slipped my tongue and then a finger in her ass

Soon moved into covered FS in mish, K9 and then stood up and fucked her up against the wall...she then told me to pull out and I could come over which part of her I wanted.....so her face is well and truly moisturised now!

Woke up about 7.30am and we have another 90 minutes of fun and games, shared a shower and then she jumped in a cab and went home

Can't wait to get back to Abu Dhabi again...thankfully it won't be too long as I'm going to be here every 2 - 3 weeks for the next few months

Tom Sorenson
09-14-04, 05:35
A couple of months ago I met a Philipina girl online in a chat room. She is a maid in Abu Dhabi and we chatted online for a few weeks getting to know each other. I used my cam and played with my cock while we chatted and she watched.

She finally agreed to meet me in person one time when I was in Abu Dhabi and she came to my hotel. She is 32, looks 6, body 7. She was no pro, hadn't had sex for a couple of years and I believe her. We talked for while and then I kissed her. She was a bit shy but after a minute she started kissing back. My hands were slowly running over her body and we lay back on the bed. She pushed my hands away as they reached her tits, but her breathing was getting heavier and soon she let me touch them.

I took her hand and put it on my cock. I had to hold it there for a minute but then she started squeezing it through my pants. After a bit, I took off my clothes. It took some convincing but, she finally took off everything but her panties. No way she wanted them off. Turned out it was her period.

We kissed and played a bit more and then I told her I wanted her to suck me off. She hesitated for a bit, but I laughed and told her she had promised if we ever met that she would give me a BJ. She smiled and asked if she really way that. I said yes (and she really had) so she moved her head down and started BBBJ. After a few minutes of good sucking I came in her mouth. She pulled her head back and spit it onto my stomach and laughed.

After she cleaned me up, we just lay back and talked and DFK for a while before she had to get back to work.

All in all, it was a good time, and I hope to see her again when I am in Abu Dhabi again. Next time, though, I want that sweet pussy.

Tom Sorenson
09-17-04, 06:52
One of my Abu Dhabi chinese regulars is tall and very slim with small tits. I like to be with her cause she is a very GFE - lots of fucking and sucking and also lots of cuddling which I like.

I called her the other day, told her I would be in town the next day and wanted to see her. I asked if she had a friend, cause I wanted a 3-some, a friend with big tits. She assured me she had a friend with big tits who would go with us.

The next day when I went to her place - she has her own room - she greeted me in shortie night gown and let me to her bedroom. Inside was her friend, also in a shortie night gown, a little shorter, a bit on the chubby side, but with nice big tits. She came right over to me, introduced herself, pressed her tits into me, and pulled my head down for a DFK. WOW - what a great start.

We sat down on the edge of the bed, one girl on each side, fondling, stroking, kissing. Big tits then got up, stood between my legs and leaned over rubbing her tits into my face. She stepped back and pulled of her night gown then stepped back in close so I could nuzzle and lick her large firm tits. Meanwhile, small tits was massaging my cock through my pants and I was as hard as I`ve ever been. She took off her nightie and then they undressed me.

First on the menu was BBBJ with both girls on my cock and balls. I ended up cumming in small tits mouth. I spent about 3 hours with them and ended up shooting 3 times – the CIM and once in each pussy. Missionary and doggie with big tits while small tits played and licked me until I shot. Had small tits ride me cowgirl while big tits lay between my legs sucking and playing with my balls. DATY with both girls until they both came – and it was real. Not often that I am sure if they really cum or not.

Finished missionary with small tits (my regular) while big tits just sat on a chair and watched. For some reason, it was very close and intimate. Small tits seemd to be really be making love with me. I knew she liked me and seemed to be developing an attachment to me, and this seemed to confirm it. After I shot, she just wanted to me to hold her tight and close and cuddle with her. After about 10 minutes, I asked big tits to come over and the three of us just lay on the bed, some kissing some playing around and talking for about half an hour.

When I was leaving, they both gave me big hugs and DFK and I left feeling very very good.

Nice Guy 99
09-18-04, 06:41

That's an interesting FR. May I ask where these two Chinese ladies you mention have their "office"? Perhaps in one of the bars or discos? Maybe you'd even go so far as to reveal at least the first initial of their "bar names".

I'm always interested in calibrating the Abu Dhabi scene.

Irish Hunter
09-18-04, 09:01
Nice Guy,

You took the words straight out of my mouth as when I was reading Tom's report I was going to ask him the very same question


Any info would be highly appreciated as getting a 3some where both girls are into each other is hard to find!

Tom Sorenson
09-18-04, 18:47
Nice Guy and Irish Hunter,

First, I hope I didn't mislead you somewhere. T he two girls were not into each other - there was no girl on girl - only 2 girls on 1 guy (lucky me).

Small tits hung out at Ally Pally but has just gone back to China after her 3 month visa ended. She wasn't sure if she was gonna come back or not. I have no other info on big tits, didn't get her number or anything as she said her boy friend was headed back and she wouldn't be available - sorry.

Tom Sorenson
09-19-04, 04:54
I posted this one on BKK forum before I got regular membership here. This happened a few months ago and as seems to be happening lately, both these girls went back to China before the summer.

I picked up a number of chinese just walking around in the early evening. You can tell they are business ladies. Just catch their eye, smile, say Hi, and away you go. I got a few duos that way too.

One duo in particular was especially memorable. They were both naughty girls - one tall and slim with nice C rack, one short with small A rack. Met them about 6:00 pm just walking near the Sheraton. Went for a few drinks, then back to my hotel at about 9:00 pm.

They both stayed the night and I had 5 shots - nearly died at my age. They played with me together - none of this tag team business that sometimes happens. BBBJ, CIM, rimming,DATY. Only thing they didnt do was each other.

The best shot all night started with the small one on her back and I was 69ing her, me on top. Then the tall one pushed me up so she could suck my cock. That left me straddling the small ones face, with her tongue no where to go but my ass, and the tall one giving BBBJ with my fingers in the small ones pussy. It didnt take too long for me to fill her mouth.

Tom Sorenson
09-21-04, 17:11
Saw my Abu Dhabi freebie this afternoon at her place. She greeted me in her pjs and had lunch ready for me when I arrived.

After lunch, it was down to business, clothes off and on to the bed. She parked herself between my legs and played with my cock and balls with her hands, then her mouth. She gives a great BBBJ and I just lay back and watched.

After a bit, I sat up and slid my cock into her pussy as she sat on my lap, her legs wrapped around my back. Then she got up, stood beside the the bed and said she wanted me to do her from behind - her favorite position. She leaned over the bed and I slid my cock in while my hands played with her tits and rubbed her clit. She was nice and tight and held my hand tight to her pussy as I fucked her and rubbed her. I finished by shooting over her ass and back.

A hour or so of cuddling and talking then she moved down to BBBJ again. Her finger found it way to my ass as she sucked me. A few short minutes later and I filled her mouth. Sometime she spits it out but this time she swallowed - love to see that.

A little more cuddling, DFK, and then it was time to leave.

See pic in the photo section.

10-06-04, 19:10
Met an older ~40 yo Thai lady a few weeks back....stuck in my mind. Has any one had any experience with her. Swears she isn't a pro but hangs out in all the wrong joints....or the right ones....

Nice Guy 99
10-08-04, 03:26
Rayman: If she's hanging out in P4P venues by herself there's probably not much doubt. Another clue is if she is consistently at one place since many of the providers pay a monthly fee to get access to a particular P4P place. Where is it that she hangs out?

I've just arrived back in Abu Dhabi and, being weak, the lovely Miss N is currently in my bed. She didn't even want to go out dancing even though it was Thursday night, very unusual for her. Another first, she bought me a little gift, but then again she knew I was probably bringing her some new panties. Pictures in the next few days.

I have a pretty intense business schedule this trip but will see if I can generate a few FRs anyway.

Nice Guy 99
10-09-04, 12:50
Spent the last couple of days with Miss N. She sure gets a lot of shots out of me for an old guy! It's nice when they learn what buttons to push and vice versa.

We stopped by the Blitz last night. The crowd was not too big. For the first time in these venues I tried some airline earplugs and felt that I enjoyed the music more with a bit of a mute in my ear. On the way out down the stairs an Arab guy coming up the stairs grabbed Miss N's cute ass. She squawked loudly and security was on the guy in a flash. Kind of nice to see them take the ladies side.

I posted a pic of the panties I brought for Miss N in the photo thread. A little gift goes a long way.

Tom Sorenson
10-12-04, 04:57
Another trip to my Abu Dhabi freebie on Monday and as good as ever. Spent 3 hours with her in the afternoon just enjoying each others company and of course getting off two shots in between.

She started off with BBBJ and I love the looks she gives me with my cock in her mouth. She brought me to the brink four times with that great mouth and her finger up my ass. After a little DATY, it was time for her favorite - standing up and bending over the bed, while I stood behind and fucked her. My hand was rubbing her clit as she pushed her ass back hard onto my cock. Five minutes of this and I pulled out and shot a huge load over her ass.

The second shot was BBBJ CIM. As always, she gave a little laugh as she finished up and looked at me with her smiling eyes. Sooooo good. Pic in photo section.

10-12-04, 09:36
Hi guys,

I'm finally here. Looking forward for some action now. thinking of visiting Harvesters pub in Sands hotel. Heard they have quite a display, even though it's very limited.

Also thinking of hitting a few MPs. Anyone has any ideas on which ones are still runing? Do let me know. If there are any favorites, do let me know of those as well.


You seem to be having a ball everytime you get here :)

I have to admit, everytime I read your posts I get more and more jealous ;)

Well then,

Later guys,


Nice Guy 99
10-12-04, 17:13

Thanks for your kind words. Unlike Dubai, the venues here will largely close during Ramadan. The providers will be in dire straits and it will be a buyers market.

I am not familiar with Harvesters.

On the last two nights you should gather numbers to sustain you through Ramadan. Any girl you call during this period will be very glad to hear from you.

I asked Miss N, who is currently padding around my suite wearing only slippers and a smile, about the current state of MPs. She told me that a number are still open, she has a friend who organizes girls for one of them. I'm afraid I do not know locations and quizzing her gets some vague idea where they are that would require me to go there to actually determine where they are. MP providers should also be happy to give out numbers to be used during Ramadan. I'm not sure if the MPs remain open during the holiday.

Miss N is rubbing her nipples in my face as I attempt to type (she doesn't read English) so I need to go.

Nice Guy 99
10-14-04, 06:03
Last night was the final night of music and drinking before Ramadan, which should begin at sunset today. Miss N and I took an early evening nap in anticipation of closing the bars last night and trundled off to the Blitz about 11PM. The place was crowded and the atmosphere festive. I don't know if it was just my imagination but I seemed to see a lot of mobile numbers being exchanged. We left a little before 2AM as terminal horniness was setting in but, while I was driving, Miss N got a call from her roommates who wanted to "go to disco". So I swung by her place (six girls in bunk beds) and picked up 4 girls. All four work at a local MP and I got some interesting info while driving back and forth.

The MP girls get a token VERY small amount (story not consistent) and keep all the tips. Their clientele are mostly Arabs and, although they will be open, they expect business to be slow during Ramadan because of the prohibition against sex during daylight hours. The Arab customers (and please remember how prejudiced many of these Chinese girls are) sometimes tip in 30-50 Dirhams range. Most of them seek BBBJCIM but the girls tell me that mostly HJ is delivered because the customer is "not clean" and "pay little money". Some of this may have been racially inspired to communicate to me that these proud Chinese ladies wouldn't stoop to BBBJCIM with this class of customer. However, I'd be willing to bet that most of them get adequate protein in their working day diet.

At the Blitz they all had to come in with me as my five GFs to avoid paying. They each wanted one drink, which they paid for themselves, and then danced with each other for the final few minutes before closing. Several of them were hit on by some very unsavory looking potential customers but all turned down the obvious pitch for ST or LT action. I wound up driving all four of these roommates back to their place when the Blitz closed.

Miss N gained considerable face from this episode as her very handsome rich boy friend (err that would be me) drove these "ladies" back and forth, got them in without charge, talked to them, etc.

I'll check out the local scene during Ramadan and file a report so it is clear what the difference is between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Thank goodness I've got a full liter of gin in the hotel fridge along with a few beers.

10-14-04, 15:56
Superman: Good to know you are back in the emirates. It was nice talking to you yesterday. Looking forward to hooking up with you again the next time you are in Dubai. Pity Nadia is not available any more. But L is around. And there is another one at E's place. Dar. She is an animal mate. You will love her.

Niceguy: Hey mate you are having a good time there. When you planning to pop over to Dubai next?. Still looking forward to a nice relaxed talk with you over a couple of drinks. The last time we met I had my pants around my knees and found it difficult to talk much with all the ladies around in the bedroom. Took a lot of ribbing from the girls for that hehehehe.


Nice Guy 99
10-15-04, 03:49
JSF: Nice to see that one of the "Dubai Kings" reads the Abu Dhabi thread to see how we are doing over here in the "bargain basement"! I should be in Dubai for a few days in November. Your number is still loaded in my regional mobile so I'll be sure to give you a call.

It seems strange to see the clubs dark. Last night Miss N and I went for a stroll in Marina Mall and I kept an eye out to see if some of the providers were doing a little mall crawling looking for prospects. It did not seem to be the case. This is just the first day of Ramadan so perhaps innovation takes a while to get started.

It's a good time to have numbers.

Nice Guy 99
10-15-04, 03:58
I've taken an interesting step here in Abu Dhabi, I've put Miss N on a monthly stipend. It covers her living expenses plus a bit to send home. In return she has retired, at least for now, from the P4P scene and spends all her time with me when I am here. The current trial is for two months.

How will this work out? I'll keep you posted. I actually think she is a very honest person and I would be surprised if she goes out when I am gone. I have enough contacts in the area that I think I would find out unless she totally changed her venue.

Part of my reason for doing this was to let a very nice girl get through Ramadan without a large financial loss and without temptation to engage more dangerous clients/activities in desperation.

In some ways her girl friends seem more excited about this than she does. I seem to have been officially dubbed as a "good man". We shall see.

Nice to see this thread hit 100!

Member #2326
10-15-04, 05:11
Just got back to ABu Dhabi after a well deserved break back to the States. Upon my return I find my cell phone dead, disaster- all my numbers gone- help!!!! With ramadam starting today this is really gonna mess things up as this will be my last trip for quite awhile. Mongers if you dont want to use this forum, I'll send you my yahoo address if you think I am not for real.

10-15-04, 09:25
Hi Nice guy 99 and board,
I am surprised you think Ramadan is a hard time financially for the girls working in the UAE I hope it wasn't Miss N who gave you this idea if so she maybe misleading you. I have been in Abu-Dhabi 3 times during Ramadan and each year it gets better for the girls and some of them I have met prefer the different business arrangements in place at this time.

I keep looking at your pics to try and recognise Miss N by the way I will be arriving 14th Nov just after Ramadan.

May the force be with you.

10-15-04, 11:41
Hey guys,

Niceguy: That’s quite a step that you’ve taken. You must really like her to keep her that way!!!

Anyway... here’s the report on Harvesters pub. If one is familiar with the joints in Dubai (TGIT, York ... etc) then this place sucks!! . I went there at around 11PM and it was just 3days before Ramzan, so I expected quite a crowd. The ratio would be along the lines of 12 men to 1 girl. Though there were some stunners the overall impression was quite bad. Not worth a visit if you are not in the area. I stay near the place, so in case of any better developments in the future I’ll let you guys know. As of now, it’s a waste of time.

Now for the interesting part...

I was getting back home at around 1AM and lo and behold... a stunning WG right below my building. She was oriental and seemed to be waiting for someone. So I decided to wait around and see if I could get her number or something. After a while she got a call, and I’m guessing by the nature of the conversation, the deal was off. So I tried to move in. But as soon as she saw me coming she just walked away fast. I guess she must have thought that I was going to call the LE or something. Anyway that was that!! Bad miss.

Niceguy: that’s some valuable info on the MPs. I might get in touch with you in case I need some help from Miss “N” since she has friends in the business, right?

In the mean time I took a trip to Dubai and had an interesting time (FR in the Dubai section)... will be going there today too …

Have fun,


10-15-04, 11:42

I've replied to your PM.

10-15-04, 19:23
Nicegay99-Monthly Stipend Arrangement.

Hi,good to know that you have made this arrangement for Miss N. and hope it works fine. But I like to share my experience in such case. About one year back, I had a contact of a very pretty chinese girl and she was also on her month stipend with a European boyfriend. I had visited here for more than half a dozen times, so she was quite friendly with me as well. Many a times, I have mated with her in her boy friend hotel room while he had gone to work ! This had happened in more than one hotel rooms and Furnished Appartments. I think these girls are here for money and that is the bottomline. While you are taking care of her basic needs, what she gets extra is her bonus.

So be careful mate! Dont expect too much.I read all your FR and find them very interesting. Keep it up.

Nice Guy 99
10-16-04, 09:32

It was my own conclusion that business must not be good during Ramadan from the providers perspective. I'm surprised you have insight to the contrary (but not doubting you). Are there any details why it is better?

If you recognize Miss N out playing when I'm gone please tell me as that would violate our current agreement and cause me to lose all confidence in her, but better earlier than later.


Yes I do like Miss N very much. I'm one of those guys who plays the field for a while and then finds a good one to settle in with. It's a matter of individual preference and I do understand the guys who prefer to hop around. She spent some time earlier today calculating how many nights we've spent together, 21 thus far. As I mentioned before she now anticipates my every need and wish; a guy could really get spoiled.

I've gotten additional info on the MP where Miss N's roomies work. It's in the same building where she lives. A local has a financial interest in the business. It does no advertising and services locals only. Therefore it will not be a suitable venue for most in this forum

I wonder how many other "secret" MPs and houses are around?

10-19-04, 06:36
Have to say i was a little dissapointed when i couldnt access the forum for some time. But this new look is awesome. Still checking out the new options. Also , it finally reads top to bottom :) .

Have fun

Nice Guy 99
10-19-04, 06:50
I think we have all heard the rumors that the Ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE is in very poor health sustained only by medical science at this point with no real hope of recovery. Most feel that he will expire during Ramadan as this is an auspicious time.

What I have also heard is there will be 90 days of mourning in which the discos, bars, and night clubs will be closed? Has anyone else heard this? Would this be Abu Dhabi only? It would certainly have some effect on P4P activity.

Marad: I certainly take your point, my friend, regarding my current arrangement with Miss N. It is somewhat of an experiment for me and my antennae will be up as far as any straying on her part. We shall see.

Irish Hunter
10-24-04, 12:18
Nice Guy,

I've heard the rumours too and depending on who you talk to, the codition of his health is somewhat variable

I did hear today that all members of the national guard have had their leave cancelled. Then again, I heard from someone else that he is in good shape

So..who to believe? The rumour mill is working overtime!

Irish Hunter
10-24-04, 12:31
Hi folks,

Back in Abu Dhabi next week for a few days, but realised that I haven't posted my FR from last trip

Had a great treat when I went to Hemmingways in the Hilton at the top end of the Corniche. After a meal and a few beers with some clients, I was taken to Hemmingways by our local dealer and sitting in the nightclub was a fit youg thing by the name of

She is about 5ft 4, slim body, great rack and wears kinky high heels that make her look soooo fuckable! I went over to talk to her and after 10 minutes or so we agreed on 500Dhs for a LT, and went back to my hotel (Le Meridien).

As she was European looking and it was before midnight we didn't have to go through the usual routine of handing in her passport at reception.

She spoke great English which meant that for almost the first time with a proider here I was able to have a proper conversation, which made for an excellent night all round.

Didn't take her long to get down to her very sexy g-string, and at my request she kept on her fuck-me shoes. She gave an excellent BBBJ and then she told me to sit in the chair while she played with herself on the bed, and then she ended up standing on my chair and bent over and asked me if I would liek to lick her pussy from behind. I didn't need asking twice!

Had her in mish and doggy style and then blew over her tits...fantastic!

Fell asleep about 1ish and then she woke me at 4 and 7 for 2 more goes

All in all an exellent night! She offered her mobile number but I maintained my policy of neither keeping or giving telephone numbers.

Having said that, when I'm back I'll be hoping to see her in hemmingways again..but not sure how Ramadan will affect business

Keep huntin!

10-24-04, 17:38
Returning to Abu Dhabi end of the week any of the discos open or other places of interest?

10-25-04, 14:32
Went to one of these expat 'Welcome in Ramadan' drunken house-parties at the start of the festivity, lots of single guys along with their local crumpet; Chinese and CIS mostly, some wives came along but difficult to compete with these babes so they soon got hold of the husbands ear and dragged them off, whiskey half drunk.

Saw one classy Asian lady, mid 30's, leave with just a nod to her partner, who was one of these red-faced, 'best days are 20 years behind him' chaps, preoccupied talking shop with some other guys. I was thinking about making a move myself so she was just the sweet excuse I needed. Said my best to the host and soon saw her wandering along towards the main road with one of these lazy indolent walks, strapped handbag dangling to one side. Fancy a lift, fine, hop in baby.

Once again I was full of presumptuous thoughts, arrogant lust and wandering hands all fed by a few bottles of pop, and despite her various 'Do you mind!! How dare you!! I am not that type of girl' protests we were soon parked with my tongue down her throat, and her hand down my pants. Unnerved by a loafing security guard I put the car into gear and drove onto the Airport highway, using my right hand to massage her breasts and to guide her head into giving me a bj; got lost around the Gulf Hotel but managed to come back via the coast road and ended up parked beneath some palm trees, just off the main road near to a construction site.

More fainthearted objections followed but she was more than willing to be bent across the back seat, hands pulling down her own panties with 'Ray' squeezing himself inside, her head deep in the rear floor-well, arms angled back clutching at the door handle and head rest. Well, cars are not designed for this type of usage…are they? She came (or so my pride tells me) with a muffled scream with me finishing on her rumpy-pumpy-ass.

Jumped back into the drivers seat and sped off having spied a group of Indian security guards watching us, leaving her bouncing around in the back trying to rearrange herself before clambering over with a curse to join me in the front. I did think of offering her something for her troubles, but I couldn't think of any so didn't, and she stayed silent beside me apart from a few directions to her place, and what a place it was! 'Your boyfriend treating you nice eh?' She gave a look of complete disdain and pouted, 'That was my husband actually, and yes he does, and if you want some more you had better keep quiet', and with that she flounced out of the car, slammed the door and strolled up the driveway, without a backwards glance.

Shiite, no phone number, so a few days later – full of hard intent - I summoned up the courage to call around during my lunch time, excuses ready in case her man was at home, he wasn't; the maid was dismissed, and we f**ked expressively upon the marital bed. Not sure how long this will last but my goodness, isn't it great being used.

Incidentally, the maid is also an insulting dirty looking mulatto girl, short but all heaving bosom, tight waist and round wobbling ass…I might toss a hand or two in her direction if the opportunity arose. Now, I guess some of you are thinking what an indiscreet fellow I am; well you are right. Sorry, to all my fans out in www land.

10-25-04, 20:10
Hey guys,

Rayman: Man, you are one lucky dog !! :). Nice report. But what really got me jealous was that photo you posted on the photo section. Anyway, enjoy it while you can buddy ;) .Since it's a freebie, I'm not gonna ask you for any contact. But do keep me posted on any further exploits. That photo really got me worked up. Seems like she's a very classy lady. Is she?

Nice guy: Where are you buddy? Are you out of UAE? No news about the lovely miss N.

Otherwise, it's been boring!! I havent been in the game for sometime now.

Have fun.

Nice Guy 99
10-25-04, 20:31
Looks as if I may have an opportunity to pass through AUH airport while on business in other Gulf countries and I'm thinking of taking a few days vacation to visit Miss N.

Normally I stay at a very nice hotel on company funds. However, my requirements for luxury are greatly moderated when I have to pay from my own pocket. I see that one can get rooms at the International Rotana Inn on Hamdan Street for about 200 AED. I believe this is the Rotana just down the Street from the Crowne Plaza.

Has anyone stayed there? Girl friendly? Any other recommendations for a 200 AED hotel in that general vicinity?

I know I should have checked this out last week when I was in Abu Dhabi on business but I the opportunity for "vacation days" hadn't materialized at that point.

Irish Hunter
10-30-04, 10:51
Nice Guy - where else but the Al Ain Palace!!

I think you can get a room there for about 220/230Dhs

Have fun ;-)


Cool Man
10-30-04, 22:23

Would appreciate any help in locating MP, CIS houses or call out girls in AD. Pleae PM me!

11-02-04, 18:28
Hey guys,

Well, I guess everyone has heard the news about the big "Z". I've been frequenting UAE from the last 25 years, So it's quite saddening for me. He was actually a good man and leader.

However, be ready for some changes in Abudhabi soon. It might be for the worse or for better!!. we'll have to wait and see. In the mean time, it might be a little strict here during the mourning period. I'm expecting a few days off too.

Later then.

Nice Guy 99
11-03-04, 07:42
The Presidential Court announced on Tuesday, November 2 the official mourning for the death of President H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. "Flags will fly at half mast for 40 days as of today, and federal and local ministries, departments and establishments will remain closed for eight days as Wednesday, a court statement said. The statement said the private sector will go into mourning for three days from Wednesday to Friday. (The Emirates News Agency, WAM)

11-03-04, 20:47
Hi 99,
I will be ariving at the end of Ramadan I am booked into the Royal Meridian as usual, with the 40 days of mourning anounced will the bars be open at the end of Ramadan. Any info from the board will be useful as I have the option of staying put in Dubai if things are too quiet in AD.

May the force be with you.

11-05-04, 11:32
Hi 99,
I will be ariving at the end of Ramadan I am booked into the Royal Meridian as usual, with the 40 days of mourning anounced will the bars be open at the end of Ramadan. Any info from the board will be useful as I have the option of staying put in Dubai if things are too quiet in AD.

May the force be with you.Hi Luke. Dont know about Abu Dhabi. But here in Dubai most of the favorite spots were open last night. York was closed on Wednesday but was back in action yesterday. Rockefellas and Panorama were opn too. so I guess Imperial suires also must have opened up. Of course there is no music at any of these places but that hs been the scenario since Ramdan started so no real change. Cyclone was also open.


Nice Guy 99
11-07-04, 01:31
I got a phone call from the lovely Miss N today. The poor thing is stuck in Iran on a visa run. Seems as if the girls can get out but, due to the death of Sheikh Zayed, visa processing is temporarily shut down. Miss N says that Chinese ladies are piling up in Iran and she may not be able to get a visa until the Abu Dhabi government officially reopens on November 20th.

She is not a happy camper ....

11-07-04, 18:40
As your such a "Nice Guy" you need to get yourself over to Iran and help out I am sure you could assist Miss N and several of her friends in their present predicament. I suspect they will be extremely greatful and try to please their Chinese benefactor in many different ways.

11-07-04, 19:53

Are you having a laugh at the poor provider´s expense or are you poking good natured fun at another´s forum handle?

In either case, I do not get the joke. Must be me.


11-07-04, 22:49
I have been following Nice guy 99s posts in Abu Dhabi he has kept the board alive and all credit to him, he was accused in one post of being too nice with Miss N, this is where I am coming from. As far as laughing at the expense of the providers the more Chinese there are in Abu-Dhabi the happier I will be.
Greater competition=lower prices.

May the force be with you.

Nice Guy 99
11-10-04, 00:52
Luke ... I'm not in Abu Dhabi at the moment so could not mount a rescue operation ... although I get exhausted just thinking about the rewards that could be heaped upon me.

I spoke with Miss N today ... she is back but had to pay an inflated price for the visa (cynics would say ... "99 she's just workin' you for more money")

As you know, I'm just a nice guy at heart, and have great sympathy for many of the P4P ladies. My particular fondness (and financial support) continues to focus on the lovely Miss N, now "retired" from the business thanks to my largesse.

I hope to be back in Abu Dhabi shortly after the Eid.

Desert Sandman
11-13-04, 12:32

I am booked into the Beach Rotana hotel this week after eid. Anybody know if the hotel is GF?

Not been to AD for several years. Are the MPs still going in Sands hotel and Regency hotel? Want to stay away from the Ally Pally bar as too many girls will remember me. Are the trap and 49ers in the Dana still worth visiting?

Appreciate any info. Cheers, Sandman

11-13-04, 21:37
Never had a problem taking ladies into Rotana Beach.

49ers' still pretty good, mixture of CIS, Chinese and African, the Trap is hit and miss (Chinese). Others worth visiting disco at Le Meridan (young CIS) and Blitz (older CIS & a few Chinese) at Novotel.

Have fun!


Nice Guy 99
11-14-04, 15:44
I neglected to mention, the bars and other venues opened on the first day of the Eid. They may close again during the three days that commercial business is closed for mourning (17-19). This will apply to Abu Dhabi only, I believe.

FYI I am still out of the country.

11-22-04, 18:29
Hey Guys,

Have'nt been out punting for a long time and was generally getting frustrated. So decided to go out and "try" getting some action.

So I went to a popular massage joint. Very pretty girl and a great body to boot. Everything went fine till she finished the massage. I asked her if she did extras. She just gave me an angry look and marched out of the room. I figured there was no point in staying on any further, so i just got dressed and walked out. The damage was not too much, but it did have an adverse effect on my desperation.

So I went to Madinat Zayed area... only to find out that all the massage joints had moved out from there.

Then decided to hit Sands Hotel ( the chinese massage there, used to be quite popular), only to find out that the massage section has been shut down for good!!

Like I said, very frustrating night. I'm gonna keep my money in my pocket till I reach Dubai.

Niceguy : The next time you're here, could you find out from Miss N where all these joints are ? and if they are cautious about the activities?

If anybody else have any experiences .. please post it or PM me.

Thanks guys,

Have Fun

Nice Guy 99
11-24-04, 08:32
I'm back in Abu Dhabi, enjoying the lovely Miss N.

A correction to my earlier post on venues, there is no music until the 40 days of mourning are over. The effect of this varies: the Blitz is closed, 49ers is open sans band, and Ally Pally is packed but then they never have music.

Nice Guy 99
11-25-04, 03:20
After my first 24 hours non-stop in bed with Miss N I am now resuming a more normal existance. To say the girl was horny in her new "retired" status is the understatement of the year. On this trip I brought her a B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) to sustain her in my absence. (No problem with the baggage x-rays bringing this item in.) She says she's never used or actually seen a "B.O.B." but she has heard of them. Thus far she has distained to try it, prefering the real thing. :)

Last night one of her friends called and asked, now that I was in town, would we like to drop by 49ers (Dana Hotel) for a drink and a hello. We arrived at 49ers about 10:30 PM, no admission fee, and the place was packed, perhaps more so than in normal times when they have a band. (This may be due to the fact that some places remain closed until music is again permitted.) My rough estimate was about two thirds of those present were ladies so it was a buyers market. The mix was perhaps 70% Chinese, 15% CIS, and 15% African. The ages seemed to range from a few very young looking Chinese to a grey haired CIS that must have been a grandmother.

We stayed there about two hours. People seemed to be drinking even more than usual. A waitress was circulating in the crowd carrying a bottle and a few glasses hawking shooters. I'd never seen that before and somehow it reminded me of someone serving gawa.

The quality girls seemed to be hooking up and leaving. With Miss N at my side I was not able to get a price calibration.

The way other Chinese flocked around Miss N led creedence that she had remained retired during my absence. She was very busy showing off the watch that I had brought for her. She seems quite devoted to her new status and I'm extending the arrangement for another couple of months.

Nice Guy 99
11-30-04, 17:18
Music will be back on in Abu Dhabi the night of December 12th. I would assume the closed venues will open that night.

The saga with Miss N continues, so far this trip I've lost 1.5 Kgs. Must be the exercise. Sigh.

Nice Guy 99
12-05-04, 12:30
Hmmm, the lovely Miss N is on a visa run. I have one night free. The previous 12 nights (and considerable parts of the day) have been spent with her in my bed. I'm looking at two more weeks with her when she returns.

I know Miss N is "retired", but am I? I'm currently mulling this over while sipping a mid afternoon G&T. Miss N also told me that one of her GFs called her yesterday while I was working out in the gym and asked her to tell me that she, the GF, would be happy to sleep with me the night that Miss N was absent on the visa run. Very strange to say the least. Miss N laughed and told her GF that I was not available. I find it comforting that Miss N told me this, the GF is a real looker.

Think I'll get another G&T.

12-10-04, 04:10
El Suave, Don't be so hard on Nice guy he is giving us something to read about in Abu Dhabi, I was smitten 2 years ago with a Thai hooker and it was this board that brought me down to earth.

12-10-04, 06:15
In the real world, real men who don?t suffer from neurosis aren?t proud to have a prostitute for a real girlfriend, nor is this considered a phenomenal accomplishment to brag about internationally. :DDear El Suave,

please allow me to express my concern about the way you are judging about prostitutes. Are you aware those prostitutes are all girls (may be not, but humans? definitely). If you fall in love with such girl, like Nice Guy is experiencing it right now, does it really count what she has done before? I believe not at all.

But even if you would never ever consider your girl friend could be a (ex) prostitute it is not an appropriate way to commenting about the reports NG is contributing to this forum - I read and enjoy them and if you are not happy with, why do you not just ignore them.

It is not my intention to start a big discussion about this, but felt necessary to state my viewpoint. May all readers enjoy the reports delivered in this forum

Take care,


12-10-04, 07:01
Well, nice to see you back. What happened, get banned earlier?



El Suave
12-10-04, 10:51
I hear ya Wanker, and you might have a point there. Listen, if it’s any consolation, here’s something; last month while on a transitory stay in Abu Dhabi, I encountered this drunk and hungry CIS chick at the KFC near Le Meridien Hotel (turns out a great pick up joint, light on wallet), total cost: the embarrassment of funneling her ass into and outa of a cab + effort to get her ass to leave before my flight was due. When these CIS operatives are sober, they become more demanding. A little knowledge of Russian did help. (donno if photo loaded)

Sporadic, I wish I knew what you’re talking about, but gosh darn you’re friendly

12-10-04, 15:31
She's in love with your money. Once a hooker, always a hooker!

Nice Guy 99
12-10-04, 16:59

Thank you for your advice and comment. I will certainly factor what you say into my considerations for the future.

El Suave: A particular thanks to you. It is not often we get posts from someone who is self actualized.

Please excuse me, I must go as Miss N has just gotten out of the shower ...

El Suave
12-10-04, 19:01

While your philanthropic empathy for pros in general is admirable and noble, you maybe better rewarded if you channel your benevolence towards a more worthy cause like child labor for example. And although prostitutes maybe “human”, they most certainly aren’t humane like you.

So while you’re looking out for the prostitute’s best interest, she’s looking to rob you, while you’re concerned about her well being, she’s concerned about your estate. While you call an ambulance when she passes out, she will relieve you of every possession you own and leave you for dead just cuz you passed out from copious quantities of muff juice. And while you’ll swear to her that you had enough fucking and want no more, she’ll never ever reply she’s had enough of your money and wants no more.

Are you beginning to see the difference between you the humane monger and her the inhumane “human?” And you’re telling us that you’ve no objection at all to a specimen of this nature being the mother of your children at some point in time. That’s why I’m concerned about you, the monger, not her, the vampire.

In the final analysis, your violin is small and inaudible, it won’t register, not with me. You can ask the monger to pay a fair price for a good fuck, but you can’t ask of him to dispense dignity and respect upon creatures who have and deserve neither. And of course it matters “what she has done before”, that is if you care about your safety, reputation and security. Consider this, no one is hiring you right now because you’re an ex convict, dig?

It all boils down to who you can trust, I’ll always trust your honorable sister and her sense of decency because her background is that of a wholesome librarian. However, I’ll never trust a “Miss N” or F with my reputation, financial and physical security because after all, she fucked the entire northern hemisphere. Just cuz she’s ready for a wee pamperin’ break, don’t go on falling in love with her. Mongering for the sake of mongering is a private, secretive affair, turning mongering into a full blown relationship is a scandalous, ruinous public affair.

By the way Tom, will you still be 2004 in 2006? And what’s the point? 04 was a horrible year, Bush was reelected and the $US is being massacred. Get another year, you gonna jinx the entire forum with your fucked up dates. :eek:

El Suave
12-10-04, 20:38
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

Member #1071
12-11-04, 01:02
She's in love with your money. Once a hooker, always a hooker!Sorry to disapoint Nice Guy but what was written by Elsuave and Gallant is absolutely right. I ran into this experience couple of times and believe me you will be chocked if you do some camera surveillance of your flat.

Once a hooker, always a hooker.

Believe me I have more experience in this than any one else in this forum, (and I am not bragging about it).

12-11-04, 22:32
El Suave:

Well done! You now have several posts without the word "bovine."

Just a suggestion, pick another adjective if you are looking for a new persona.

Who, exactly, do you think you are kidding? Just curious. Why on earth did your earlier post vanish? Change of heart? Do tell (to quote your doppleganger) oh wise one.

As far as the "once a hooker- always a hooker" well, that very well could be.
Having said that, I personally have found it useless to treat people as one-dimensional.

I do think that being degrading towards others to make your "point" is self-defeating. I hope you learn that someday as well, estimado smooth one.



12-12-04, 03:48
Hi Folks,

it is not the intention to spoil the forum but I am just wondering what happened to El Suave and Member #1071. I really can not share your experiences because with me it was just the oposite. And again treat the ladies as ladies, be honest and human torwards them - in most cases you will not have a bad experience.

I felt challenged when you asked if I have "no objection at all to a specimen of this nature being the mother of (my) children at some point in time". No I wil not in case I am convinced she is the right one.

Talking about good and bad - who is worse the monger using its money to purchase or the hooker fulfilling his demand? None of both, because at the end it is just a business. Stay relaxed and keep it simple. Would we not have fucked "the entire northern hemisphere" if we had time and money to do so?

If Nice Guy is enjoying his affair with Miss N why not. Not only since "Pretty Woman" this theme effects our motions.

You are right Tom2004 is somehow stupid, but I fear I am just to lazy to change that and it seems less important to me.

Let us see what is going on in AUH and take care folks,

Stay safe,


12-12-04, 12:56
These 'women' don't have to sell their bodies for money - they choose to do it! Fair enough they may have not had a chance to become educated but they could still do another job that doesn't need skills like waitressing.

One respectable real woman friend once said to me, " I'd rather work as a toilet cleaner than a hooker."

These prostitutes don't need your sympathy.

Nice Guy 99
12-12-04, 17:39
After some research today I found that music will not return to Abu Dhabi until the 15th ... and hence some venues will not open until that date.

Sigh ....

El Suave
12-12-04, 18:38
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

El Suave
12-12-04, 19:48
Tom2004, I am just wondering what happened to El Suave and Member #1071. I really can not share your experiences because with me it was just the opposite.Nothing happened. I won’t allow anything to happen, I fire and forget, no chance for anything to happen. Hookers are great fun for a few hours, but not for a few years. And anyone who treats them badly for these few hours is simply stupid, he won’t get a good return on investment, nor a good fuck, this really goes without saying.

Tom, you’re missing the point, my experiences with hookers are not opposite yours, they’re just as erotic, lascivious, steamy, juicy and creamy; they’re simply wonderful. So I’ll never turn all these wonderful experiences into dog shit by having meaningful relationships with hookers. It’s all about the nature of the beast, that beast being the hooker.

The quintessential question is whether the majority of hookers are bad apples, yes they are. Do they serve any purpose other than a quick and not so quick fuck? No.

Gallant and Member #1071 are soooooo right and smart.

12-12-04, 20:04
" I'd rather work as a toilet cleaner than a hooker." I suggest that when toilet cleaners are paid as well as call girls, many more women will choose morality. In any case, the qualifications are different, at least where I am concerned. ;)

These prostitutes don't need your sympathy. Here we agree. They need your custom.

There is an excellent thread titled "The morality of prostitution" that is probably a better place for this discussion.



12-12-04, 20:08
I am just wondering what happened to El Suave and Member #1071. Join the club.



El Suave
12-13-04, 09:42
There is an excellent thread titled "The morality of prostitution" that is probably a better place for this discussion.
Who’s looking for morality here? Fuck morality as it pertains to prostitution. I for one luv hookers, but only for a few hours at a time and in their traditional function. I want their numbers to increase and price to decrease. So Don’t go looking for some malicious, melodramatic incident which causes one to lament their nastiness, there ain’t one. When you have a long term love affair with a hooker, it’s you who’s swimming against the current, not the mass of men.

Hasn’t anyone read 11Bravo’s great tome on engaging hookers? Listen to what he says, and I’m merely paraphrasing here, “hide your valuables”, “secure your minibar”, “lock long distance access on your phone”, “beware of the swindling currency game which aims to rip you off”, “never say you’re new in town, they’ll gouge you”, “make sure it’s a fixed rate, or get ready for a ballooning bill”, etc… And all this is only the tip of the iceberg.

No one takes precautions like that in the companionship of non prostitutes. When the female interior decorator surveys my home and office for a new look, I’m not worried about this stranger cleaning me out when not looking. Certainly 11Bravo isn’t cautioning you because hookers command trust and are of great character. To people like Tom04, a hooker is god, to the sensible man, she’s just a street hooker. How do I know that? Cuz he introduces the movie “pretty Woman”, a product of fantasy devoid of any reality.

12-13-04, 16:50
El Suave:

Hey, thanks for your insightful comments. I guess I never realized what I am really all about until you took the time to point it out.

You really are my hero. If only the rest of the world had your gift for erudition, it would be perfect.

Falling in love with a working girl: Though it remains neccesary to call people who do this unwise, it would be unwise to call them fools.

I agree completely that emotional entanglements should be avoided at all cost. That does, however, depend upon personal circumstances. In my case, it would be folly, bovine as that may be.

Two down (three if I count another thread) and three (or only two) to go! Keep it up Smooth-Window!



El Suave
12-13-04, 18:01
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

12-13-04, 20:01
Well Nice Guy I hope you are still having a good time in AD and thanks for the info regarding the 15th, everybody else seems to be concerned for your welfare or the welfare of Miss N.

May the force be with you

Nice Guy 99
12-14-04, 11:51
Thank you Luke. Are you in AUH anytime soon?

Speaking of amused, I was walking down Hamdan yesterday afternoon, coat and tie, carrying a briefcase when I observed two Chinese ladies coming toward me obviously locked on to a target in the prime demographic (old guy who looks like money). Just then my mobile rang, it was Miss N, and I gave a loud "Wei! Lao po!" so the ladies approaching me on a mission could clearly hear.

Their eyes got wide but they swung into trail as I explained to Miss N on the phone (so they could hear) that I was being followed by two business ladies. They followed until the conversation ended and then both said "Hello". I replied, "Thanks but no thanks" and they toddled off resuming their scan. :D

I have noticed increased activity on the streets, in the malls, etc. Maybe it will calm down when all of the "offices" reopen. Miss N tells me that the AUH Police have been stopping suspicious looking ladies and searching for condoms. This is then regarded as evidence of intent and off they go to jail and export.

12-15-04, 08:53
From the Khaleej Times:

RAS AL KHAIMAH — The RAK Economic Department (RED) has stopped issuing new licence for massage centres after the discovery of violations committed by some centres. The department has recently issued a number of new rules and regulations to be strictly followed by these facilities.

...that the department has also banned massage centres from receiving clients under 20 years of age.

According to the source, the new regulations have also stipulated that a centre will be reserved either for men or for women and that all employees should be of the same sex. Besides, the centre’s premises would not be used as a residential compound for its workers. Besides, the centres cannot operate after 10pm.

I guess that would tend to put a damper on the business in RAK then.



Nice Guy 99
12-15-04, 11:56

Given the number of gay guys I see dancing with each other in various venues I'm not sure!

What ever floats their boat ...

Nice Guy 99
12-16-04, 08:07
Last night (Wednesday) was the first night of music after the mourning period for the late Sheikh Zayed. All the venues have now reopened.

Miss N and I went to the Blitz about 11 to meet some friends. For about 100 meters either side of the entrance there were girls on the street obviously available. The mix there was 90% Chinese and 10% CIS. I think this heretofore unusual population may be due to the monthly payment that girls pay for entry to the "office". It will likely subside when things get synched up.

To my surprise the club was not full, in fact, I'd say it was down from the usual Wednesday night crowd. Further, there was a bigger percentage of couples and fewer cruising P4P girls. Mix was the Blitz standard: 75% Chinese, 15% CIS, and 10% African.

I guess things will take a little while to get going again.

12-17-04, 12:19
How come I’m not the one who’s countin’ and sweatin’?Stats - I love 'em. And I do admire consistency. Last life, you went 0 for 43. This time, 0 for 17. It's just too easy.

El Suave
12-17-04, 22:12
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

Irish Hunter
12-19-04, 05:31

I landed in Abu Dhabi yesterday evening and had a few beers in 49ers but didn't take anyone home with me..too knackered :-(

However, I was thinking more about how I could organise a party for me and 2 of my friends who have just moved out here and are on their own until the New Year

Instead of taking a hotel room on this trip I have rented a serviced apartment for a week which has two bedrooms and a large living room with 2 sofas.

I was thinking of maybe going to 49ers or Gauloises one night this week and taking 4 or 5 girls back with me - hey, fuck it, might as well make it 6 and we can have 2 each.

Just wondered if any of you have any experience of this as I'd like to know whether a mixture of different nationalites would be acceptable. By this I'd like a mixture of Chines, Russian and Arabic (if that's possible here) - will it be the fuckfest I'm hoping for, or would it all end in tears?

12-19-04, 17:29
Anyone truth to the rumor that no new visa's will be issued for the working girls coming and going after the first of the year? Sure would put a damper on new arrivals.


Nice Guy 99
12-20-04, 05:22

For sure I wouldn't mix nationalities.

If you have in mind everyone running around sans clothing and group sex it might be best to let a girl organize it. I think the best chance might be with Chinese. If you've been with one of the 49ers girls a time or maybe two is better, you got along with her, and she speaks enough English to understand what you want I'd give her an opportunity to organize (offer a bonus for success, of course, maybe an extra 500 if everyone is happy). It's probably best to give her a day. Perhaps take her back to this apartment one night, have a session, explain, and be clear about what you want to include the right to opt out of uglies or girls with bad attitudes. Have her bring the six or so to the apartment for a "party". Have it worked out with your buddies that they pay the girls that stay and play all night 300-500 AED each. Party with the whole crew until midnight then invite the keepers to stay and excuse the others without pay.

Could work. Let us know what happens.

Oh, and be a little discrete so as not to garner unwanted attention from neighbors, security, or worse - police.

12-20-04, 05:25
Just wondered if any of you have any experience of this as I'd like to know whether a mixture of different nationalites would be acceptable. By this I'd like a mixture of Chines, Russian and Arabic (if that's possible here) - will it be the fuckfest I'm hoping for, or would it all end in tears?Pretty well known that all the other working girl nationalities dislike the chinese (if for no other reason, keep the prices down). I'd say the mix and match idea MIGHT produce some artic chill in the room.

The other thing to remember is you might want to use the bedrooms and not expect the living room to be a general party area, as a number of girls are really not exhibitionists, and tend to be more restrained around others (unless they know each other, but even then...), especially if mixed nationalities.

MY experience: except for a few memorable occasions, even a 3-some's reality was better in expectation than in realization. Really hit and miss, even with same nationalities.

On the other hand, you'll never know until you try. My suggestion would be to try the "BKK Eden recipe": pick her, and have her pick a friend.

Nice Guy 99
12-20-04, 05:28
Went to the Blitz on Sunday night with a group for a "farewell" party for a guy who was heading back to Europe for the Holidays. The place was not too crowded but I noticed that the quality of the P4P girls seemed to be several notches higher than the much larger crowd that was there on Wednesday night.

Conclusion: Nights other than Wednesday or Thursday might weed out some of the uglies.

Mix was 75% Chinese, 25% CIS with no Africans noted.

12-26-04, 08:35
Hey guys,

I was passing by Sands hotel yesterday night and noticed a "Bollywood night club". The entrance was tucked away in a filthy part of the hotel was from outside (ie: you dont have to get into the hotel to get to the bar). Anyway , curiosity got the better of me and i entered the bar.

Inside i saw around 6-7 Indian (could be Pakistani too) girls dancing, inside a small ring made out of chairs, ala Bombay style. But the sight was grotesque. The girls were overweight, the bar was empty (hardly around 4 people), the existing crowd was really bad. I must have been inside for maybe 30 seconds before I stepped out. The girls did, however, did look quite desperate for some male attention, and I would imagine that it would be easy to get friendly with them and work a deal with them. No assurances on that, but if one would fancy a Bombay style dance bar.... than this is the place. Me personally??.. wouldnt go there again

Have fun guys,


Irish Hunter
01-03-05, 16:06

Thanks for your advice on 'party planning' which was heeded so we stuck to single nationality and got one girl toround up the others

We decided to stick to the best service providers so headed down to the Ally Pally and rounded up 6 girls and took them back to the apartment at the Al Hamra Plaza

We were discreet so entered in pairs so as not to attract too much unwanted attention in the lobby

Up in the room it was great - the girls were relaxed and me and they guys had a blast. We had sufficient beers bought in for the evening (thanks Mr ?????? for introducing me to A&E where you can get your booze without a liquor licence)

It was a great night and every so often 2 or 3 of the gang would slip off into one of the bedrooms for some and games. I am pleased to report that the 3 of us managed to have sex with each of the 6 girls, either 1 or 2 at a time

A lot of BBBJCIM and DATY and even a touvh of mutual rimmimg...no anal though :-(

No lesbo action either between the girls though...but that was cool and we didn't pressurise them to do anything they didn't want to - honest ;-)

They guys had to report home to their wives so I ended up sleeping with 3 of the girls in the bed with me and woke up the next morning with a stormer between my legs which 'lady A' gladly sucked whilst 'lady B' sat on my face. I then treated them both to a shower of spunk over their faces......what a way to start the next day!

In the AP we agreed Dhs1,500 total but I ended up giving them Dhs1,800 (or 300 each) as they were fantastic party pals...my mates never had a better Christmas present!!

All in all a great nights

Nice Guy 99
01-09-05, 21:05
There's been an immigration sweep going on in Abu Dhabi for the last 24 hours or so. The authorities are stopping girls on the street for visa checks as well as appearing at dormitories and apartments taking copies of everyone's visa. Rumor has it that a significant number of girls have been found without valid visas.

No indication yet if this is a precursor to tightening up renewal of one month "tourist" visas. I would certainly hope not.

Irish Hunter
01-10-05, 17:59
Nice Guy: Got back this morning from Doha to hear that up to 90 of our favourite ladies were rounded up by the local constabulory and ivited to a night in the cells...not sure how many have been deported but I imagine that there will be more arriving all the time anyway

Check out my Doha report soon as I FINALLY got some action here.

01-13-05, 22:22
i was in abu dhabi for business on wednesday night. blitz(at novotel) between 11 and 12 had a male:female ration of about 4:1. there were only a rep001tered few chinese. the one very attractive girl i saw (maybe turkish or something-stani) was immediately surrounded by piranhas. the man at the door said the immigration crackdown is really affecting the woman traffic.

ally pally(al ain palace hotel) was a little closer to 1:1, but mostly the girls were ugly or past their sell-by date. there was a fun group of golf course designing guys so i gave up on mongering and decided to just hang out with new drinking buddies. the girls were still clingy and annoying. funny they're still so desperate even though it's more of a seller's market.

the building with the chinese restaurant at al ain palace hotel, on the left hand side of the car park, has a bar with a pretty good band. i saw a few filipinas in there in groups with guys. there are probably times when there are cute ones that you can approach.

it was rotten timing that this crackdown happened just a couple of days before my first-ever abu dhabi visit. between this and the dubai shopping festival now may not be the best time to monger in the uae. i would put off visits to mid-february if you can.

Nice Guy 99
01-31-05, 13:19
I'm back in Abu Dhabi for a few weeks. The weather is wonderful ... the mongering not.

After spending the first night in a reunion with Miss N I finally came up for air and Miss N and a friend of hers accompanied me to the Blitz. At 10:30 PM I don't think there was a single Chinese, other than those with me, in the place. The usual collection of CIS was there in force. Perhaps one was an 8 but the majority clustered around 5.

By 11 a handful (less than 10) Chinese were there and that was the peak for the night. Usually there would be 25 to 40 Chinese by 11. Miss N questioned a few people and the conclusion was that the doorman just wasn't letting Chinese in. (But no problem with me bringing two Chinese in with me) I didn't get a straight answer from anyone if the Blitz was still taking 200DHS/mo "office money" from Chinese girls. It appears that this is a Chinese only problem not affecting CIS, but then come to think of it I didn't see any Africans and there are usually 4-5.

There haven't been any more high visibility immigration sweeps and people still seem to be getting visas.

02-02-05, 15:53

I will be in Abu Dhabi for the first time from the 9th-19th and a local partner has booked me at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Resort & Towers. Does anyone know if they are girl frindly?

Since i wil be traveling alone i would welcome invitations to hook up for some fun by fellow forum members or if anyone has som good telephone numbers to share with me, thats allways welome :-)


02-05-05, 10:53
I spent 3 month here once and they are girl friendly I was in the Spanish restaurant at the back with a Chinese in November and access is through the hotel.


I will be in Abu Dhabi for the first time from the 9th-19th and a local partner has booked me at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Resort & Towers. Does anyone know if they are girl frindly?

Since i wil be traveling alone i would welcome invitations to hook up for some fun by fellow forum members or if anyone has som good telephone numbers to share with me, thats allways welome :-)


Nice Guy 99
02-11-05, 10:26
It looks like things are gradually returning to a more normal state in the Abu Dhabi P4P world. I was at the Blitz on Wednesday night and the Chinese population was almost back to normal.

Blitz has instituted a "Russian Night" every Wednesday. Didn't seem to be any more CIS there than usual but the wait staff had to wear silly "Russian" garb.

At midnight we got a call from some of Miss N's roomies who work at a massage parlor. They said they were done with work and wanted to know if I could escort them into the Blitz (they don't go there regularly and have not paid an "office fee"). I said I'd give it a try and some time later 4 of them called me from outside. I was a bit dubious at claiming 4 GFs but what the heck, I gave it a try. The doorman stopped me to ask what was going on and by the time I got out that I was bringing my 4 ladies for the night in they had scooted by me and disappeared into the darkness and cacophony. The doorman chuckled and shrugged.

But that wasn't the end. The 4 bought Miss N and I drinks and started drinking beer themselves at a ferocious rate (life at the massage parlor must be dull). Very rapidly 3 of the 4 had hooked on to guys and were dancing. Meanwhile their mobiles were ringing and they were NOT answering because it was the massage parlor management calling. Finally at about 1:30 AM the lady who manages the massage parlor shows up at the Blitz and chases 3 of the 4 back to work. Evidently the 4th has an agreement that she can "go out".

A funny evening and more insight into the Chinese world.

Nice Guy 99
02-19-05, 12:17
This FR is a bit late because of "server busy" problems getting on the forum.

A few nights ago Miss N and I went to the 17th floor of HoJo's and visited the Arabic night club. They have switched the clubs around on 17, the Arabic club is now to the right as you leave the elevator.

The room has a small dance floor with all sorts of lighting options. When we came in there was a DJ playing Arabic music and four 'stan girls in very tight jeans and tank tops dancing. All the tables around the floor were filled with Arab guys cheering and dancing in place. The next row back had maybe 15 Chinese girls who were obviously available for P4P. The dancing 'stans ranged from 7-9 and the Chinese were averaging 6-7.

After the 4 girls finished their dancing the DJ continued with Arabic music and the floor filled with guys dancing. It was quite entertaining to watch. Many had quite a bit to drink and there were really some moves going on. During this time one of Miss N's friends showed up with an elderly Korean guy in tow. The friend speaks very little English and it turns out that the Korean speaks even less. The friend whispered to me that she had him for three days now, 600 AED/night, and "he no talk". The Korean guy's eyes were bugging out of his head watching the Arab guys dance. I couldn't resist; I motioned to him indicating I'd like to dance with him and he almost fell out of his chair. It took five minutes of sign language to get across the idea that I was just kidding.

After a few tracks the music switched to more conventional fare and guys and girls started dancing with each other with the Chinese girls trying to display themselves in the best manner.

Then the floor was cleared and the 'stan girls returned, one at a time, and danced in rather revealing belly dancer costumes. I've seen very good belly dancers in Dubai and Egypt and these girls were not of that class - but they were very sexy. Again the Arab guys were going wild. cheering and dancing in place at their tables.

I suspect the 'stan girls were available when the evening ended but I'm sure the prices were high. The Chinese contingent were above average and probably priced a little high given the clientele they were pursuing.

All in all an amusing change from the disco norm.

02-23-05, 19:14
Thanks to all the input from this forum my first time visit to Abu Dhabi became quite exciting.

I was visiting for ten days during the IDEX defense show. All the hotels seemed to full so I ended up at THE Sheraton Resort at the Corniche paying 1040 dhr during the show period(doubled thenormal price). Sheraton was absolutely girl friendly and I had no troubles or inquiries from the staff at any time.

Arriving the first night feeling fresh since I fell asleep on the flight down, I went to Ally Pally at the Alain Palace since it was only a couple of hundred meters away from the Sheraton. It was rather late so I guess that most of the gems where already busy, but I met a Chinese device provider wanting 300 dhr LT. Don’t remember here name but I didn’t matter, she started to complain: You to big, fuck to much. I’m no superman so there was no reason to complain, but I wasn’t in the mood to argue, so I sent her home and went to sleep.

It gave me a good feeling a couple of days later to tell her that behaviour didn’t leave much chances for a second go..

Next day I went to 49ers at the Dana Hotel in the Tourist Club area who has quite a lot more providers than Ally Pally. And some of the CIS ladies here where doable, which was not the case at Ally Pally. Ended up With Lili nr 1 a cute Chinese, but the sex was not above average so. 400 dhr LT with FS in the morning

Back to Ally Pally, African girl from Eritrea. Nice and friendly and with much better English skills than the Chinese ladies from the days before had a nice evening with her. We went to the Iriih Bar in the alley at the East side of Alain Palace. I liked this bar with live music and a more relaxed atmosphere than Alley Pally. (Especially since I already had decided who would accompany me that evening ) 400 dhr LT.

Blitz at the Novotel, Not the same quality as 49ers or Ally pally but the Filipino band did a good job entertaining the crowd. I ended up with Chinese again, nothing special.

Back to 49ers I arrived late since I fell asleep in the evening. Couldn’t find any provider that made me excited, but just as they were about to close I noticed I really!! cute Chinese. Her name was Nini and of we went to the Hotel for my absolutely best experience so far. I’m quite sure that she also enjoyed herself, especially during my DATY. A real GFE performance but her English skills were limited, at best. She still compensated for that with other oral skills BBBJ with CIM ….

Blue copy of Sunday. I was told by Nini that she was not allowed by to leave 49ers before 1AM by the management. Anyone know if this is normal?

Tried Blitz again but was disappointed both at the male/female ratio and the average quality. Decided to try Gaulousies at the Meridien hotel, by the Tourist Club area. This seems to be the place that is most popular with the young CIS providers. There were some absolute stunners CIS and I was able to grab Laura which I considered to be the best looking girl:- ) I considered this to be an achievement since the place was packed with sailors from the Italian Navy, probably down because of the IDEX show.

Well, me and Laura went to the hotel and this was the best looking girl I have seen so far in Abu Dhabi. Her performance was very satisfying too say at least, still unlike Nini from the two previous nights there was something professional about her act and not a real GFE. But I can still close my eyes and see here face….. The most expensive so far 600 dhr LT

Ally Pally again, Lili nr 2. There was nothing wrong with Lili Nr2 neither with appearance or performance, but I the looks of Laura and the GFE of Nini from the previous days had me spoiled. 400 LT with DATY and CIM

Got to the hotel quite late after a business dinner, and tried to call Nini but she didn’t answer. Next on my list was to meet with the stunning Laura again, she was busy so no luck there either. A bit disappointed I walked over to Ally Pally and to make my disappointing evening I ended up with some Chinese that after I paid here upfront for a LT (Although knowing better…)
After a quickie she suddenly discovered that she had to go back to the apartment where she lived with her friends since they had no keys. I was more pissed of with myself for paying upfront than with her act so I told her to go and went to sleep with dreams altering between Laura an Nini..

I arrived quite early at Ally Pall. I was only planning to enjoy a couple of beers and read the newspaper. Lina a pretty Chinese with bleached hair came over to talk after chatting along for a while I got hungry and decided that we should grab something to eat. We went to the Italian restaurant next to Ally Pally and after that to the Irish Bar mentioned above. She really had a model look and showed me some model photos she had of herself on her cell phone. But they didn’t come through to my phone when she tried to SMS them to me, otherwise I would have posted them. Her performance back at the hotel was way above average with BBBJ and CIM. I gave her 500 dhr after some Saturday morning exercises.

I wasn’t planning for any P4P activities since I was flying out at midnight and had to leave the hotel at 2130. But at 1900 my dick started to think that I would have been nice to meet up with Nini one last time before leaving. I called her and after thirty minutes she came over for an excellent ST. As I was about to go out of bed to shower before l was leaving she started to DFK and then a BBBJ with CIM just to send me happily off… O’God I miss her, well at least one part of me do..

Ally Pally: Some nice Chinese
49ers: Best overall mix
Galousise: Young CIS some real stunners
Blitz: Second to all of the above.


Nice Guy 99
02-24-05, 11:36
Wolfram, nice report!

Regarding your question re girls being prohibited from leaving 49ers, this has been an off and on thing. A number of months ago I ran into the same problem (reported here) and questioned the door man. At that time the policy applied only to Chinese and was an effort by 49ers management to have customers spend more money as in "stay and drink more beer". It is enforced by the doorman refusing to let the girl in the next night. There wasn't even a way to slip the doorman 50AED and get the lady out. I regard it as a major downside to 49ers and I recommend that mongers inquire from the doorman on the way in; if the policy is in force that evening turn around and leave. Eventually 49ers will get the idea.

Are you sure Nini wasn't possibly Nin Nin, with the second "n" in each pronounced very quickly? Pretty, little bit of a round face, very happy, chatters constantly even though she really can't speak English.

You were lucky to pull a good one out of the Eritrean crowd at Ally Pally. I have heard of, and experienced, many from that bunch who fail to deliver the extras as promised and leave early. They are very articulate compared to the average AP Chinese.

Sorry your experience at Blitz wasn't up to par. My experience there is that the quality of Chinese at Blitz is normally better than AP, particularly from an age view point, and at Blitz you also get CIS in the mix.

02-24-05, 14:18
Wolfram: Excellent report!! 2 excellent reports (see NC's Dubai report: http://www.*************.info/forum/showpost.php?p=339883&postcount=2539 ) within a day of each other.

Here is someone who did the right thing: he read previous posts to find out where to go, what to do, how much to pay. Outstanding!

It gave me a good feeling a couple of days later to tell her that behaviour didn’t leave much chances for a second go..Like I've said, sometimes, even a bad experience pays dividends later: And sometimes, you get a chance at one of those perverse self-pleasures, when, the next time you're at her office, she comes over, thinking "Here's that easy mark; got you again", and you have the pleasure of fully seeing her, and can politely say, "No thank you", thinking to yourself, "What WAS I thinking?".

the IDEX show.Seems like you kept yourself entertained and had no trouble finding providers even with the big convention in town (and with IDEX, those folks, hard to believe, I know, do participate in the after hours action).

with some Chinese that after I paid here upfront for a LT (Although knowing better…) After a quickie she suddenly discovered that she had to go back to the apartment where she lived with her friends since they had no keys.Ah, the old "my friend, no key apartment" routine. You'd think they'd come up with something better. At least you saw it coming... For me, unless she is extra special and I just can't pass on her, you know what 11bravo says...

Tom Sorenson
02-27-05, 12:59
Please HELP me.

I am waiting for anyone who can provide me any info on p4p in Al Ain. I may spend sometime there in the near future and no nothing about the place.

Any action in Al Ain at all????

03-01-05, 17:25
Bravo / Nice Guy

I apprecaiate your positive feedback on my FR. But me beeing able to make the report and the experienses is due to earlier posts by guys like yourself.


No I do'nt think Nin Nin is the same provider. Ni Ni's face was not that round and she was'nt very talkative unless you helped her on her way.


Ever Ready
03-01-05, 18:49
Tom Sorenson
The only thing available in Al Ain for shagging is the camels
Find an attractive one, and you'll be fine.

03-02-05, 13:23
Tom Sorenson
The only thing available in Al Ain for shagging is the camels
Find an attractive one, and you'll be fine.
ERI heard they had some really fine imported sheep, but as they're not chinese, I'm not interested. Others might be - just say baaaaaaaaa

03-03-05, 09:58
If I were you I would catch up on sleep, save money and wait for better times when you get to other places.

The meager possibilities in Al Ain will consist of two areas: Chinese massages and girls working in hotels and shops.

There seem to be massage places in all the main cities of the emirates. In the smaller towns like Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah I've never seen a good looker in these places. But if you just have to have something this kind of place will be your best bet. It's best to have a local contact to show you this kind of place.

There are lots of girls from the Philippines, China, Africa and the Asian subcontinent in the hotels and shops. But in most cases you'll need time to work on girls like these. I have a girl in Al Ain but I needed several visits before she was up for any action. If you have more than a couple of days there you might try this. I was in Al Ain last weekend for a staff party at one of the hotels and there were quite a few stunners.

Other than these, like others have said your final resort is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad company.

Tom Sorenson
03-04-05, 16:53
I am very disappointed bythe response on Al Ain - I really expected more from you guys.

What am I gonna do?

Long lonely nights with no cute chinese in my bed is gonna be hard to take.

I hope I run into someone with some contact there.

Seriously, thanks for the replies - even if they aren't what I want to hear.

Nice Guy 99
03-05-05, 04:36
Tom: Try take out. Pick one of your favorites and bring her there with you. I'm not sure what the hotel vs GF situation is in Al Ain but it's worth a try. If it doesn't work give her bus fare back to AUH or DXB.

I'm back in Abu Dhabi and happy to see this new WSG form hasn't been blocked as yet despite the provacative URL name. Keep your fingers crossed ...

03-05-05, 08:39
Hello folks, I am now in Dubai and think that I shall also visit Abu Dhabi. I mainly look for mightlife. So, is Abu Dhabi word a visit or shall I better stay in Dubai for that?

03-05-05, 14:04
Tom: Try take out. Pick one of your favorites and bring her there with you. NO experience myself, so just throwing the s*it around, BUT, you might want to be careful. Al Ain is not as cosmopolitan as Dubai or Abu Dhabi; might be best to feel out the hotel. AND I'd watch out for phone bills; stuck in a hotel room all day, no friends, nothing to do....

Nice Guy 99
03-06-05, 02:58
Hello folks, I am now in Dubai and think that I shall also visit Abu Dhabi. I mainly look for mightlife. So, is Abu Dhabi word a visit or shall I better stay in Dubai for that?

DG: The comparison is straightforward.

Dubai has more activity, many more choices, is a little bit more liberal, but the prices are a bit to a lot higher.

If business takes you to Abu Dhabi or saving 10% is very important then by all means study this forum, drive over, and give it a try. If not, you are better off in Dubai.

03-06-05, 17:29
Tom, Folks,

Maybe I can be of help to you. I had a nice relationship for some month with a girl in Dubai and was not interested in this business, but now - while this relation came to an end - wish to be back at the scene.

Here comes my strategy for Al Ain:

1. Find a nice girl in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and invite her to Al Ailn - this deal should be not to difficult.

2. Enrol into Hilton Honours Club and book in the Al Ain Hilton Hotel, Al Sarooj District, Hilton Street, Al Ain, AE, T. 971-3-7686666. Book for yourself first and advise them later, according to your membership, you wish to have your spouse with you - you are entitled and at worst you may discuss. I managed to get in the girls all over the world with this stategy.

3. Report the resulsts.

This is the most efficient and easiest way to get around with the problem. Hope this helps.

Take care and enjoy life,

Greetings tom

03-20-05, 15:02
Finally my membership to this august forum has been approved. It has been quite a long wait due to the server failures etc. I had applied for regular membership in October and after the shift of servers, Jackson approved my membership immediately. Thank you Jackson for approving my membership.

I have been a resident of Abu Dhabi for around 2 years now. My experience earlier has been only visiting a few Indian Night Clubs in the company of a few friends Abu Dhabi and the Bollywood Café in Dubai which were mostly eye candy. Had never even thought of mongering as an activity till I came across this forum and found the details. Moreover being more of an introvert/shy type and also the fact that I do not smoke/drink, do not have the guts to go out to clubs alone. However reading the experiences of other mongers in this and Dubai form emboldened me to try my hand at it in a limited way. This is my first experience in mongering and more specifically in an AMP at Abu Dhabi.

Based on reports from this forum, decide to try out an AMP in Abu Dhabi. Since a report mentioned that the ones in Madinat Zayed and Novotel had closed down, decided to try out the one mentioned in Electra Street, Al Hamra Plaza. Was confused initially as I thought this was located in the building of Al Hamra Plaza and not inside the Hotel Apartment. Finally went upto the first floor where it mentioned a Health Club and found that there was a man sitting in a counter. Asked him for the rates and was quoted 60 dhs for 30 min and 100 dhs for one hour. Decided to take the one hour session and pay up for the same. Taken to a room with a massage table and a small TV.

The lady introduced herself as Lisa. She wanted to know how I knew about the place. Wants to know what type of massage is preferred. Then she says “Will make u very happy, but some tips required”. I say ok and quote an additional tip of 100 dhs. She says tip too low and demands 200 dhs. I say no chance and final offer is only 100 dhs. After a few minutes of protracted negotiation, she says will settle for 100 dhs with promise of future visits.

Starts off with a soft massage and feels nice. Then starts a HJ during which I ask her to remove her clothes and she refuses. Says not allowed etc. Finally end up only with a HJ only. No BJ and nothing more. Then she started off with a hard massage and tried once more a HJ, but Mr Happy was not really very happy and informed her of the same. The session ended and went to take a shower alone in the bathroom during which was interrupted a few times with request to finish fast.

Overall experience – Massage ok, otherwise average or even a bit letdown as was expecting a lot more action. Girl – average around 5 in looks and around 8 in massage, but with a lot of attitude, and short on enthusiasm.

Would definitely not try it again and am planning to explore the AMP’s in Dubai, where according to this forum the action is much better. Have noted down some of the contact numbers from the classifieds and itching for a visit at the earliest. Dubai, here I come.

03-21-05, 18:34
Based on the reports here went to Le Meridien night club. I came late and thought the quality there was not super impressive - ok-looking girls but no stunners really - maybe they had left already. Just when it was closing I noticed a very nice looking 'stan girl, who was not aggressively marketing herself like the Chinese. Instead she was just standing there and taking it easy, which I liked. I talked with her and she was rather sympathetic. We walked out and I asked her to come with me, she didn't mention a price so I asked her how much she wanted. "You tell me" - I said 300 which she was happy with. In the hotel I noticed her body was maybe even better than I had though, with some breast enhancement though.

She was really like a good girl in bed, being pretty shy but very natural. No pretending but getting naturally excited. She didn't give a great BJ but was fantastic otherwise, her body was really nice and I especially like her riding me with the thin waist, full breasts and pulsating pussy. Girls who make pretentious moaning are really a turn off for me but this girl was like one next door, naturally horny. Maybe a common feature with 'stan girls? I like them! We had another session in the morning (after 3 hours sleep) which was as good as during the night.

Member #2905
03-30-05, 02:11
I have been to Dubai several times but get to spend a week in Abu Dhabi in mid-April. What is the latest info on girl-friendly hotels and providers in the bars / nightclubs?

Nice Guy 99
04-14-05, 13:16
Just out of Abu Dhabi after a month. It's really a shame that access to the forum has been cut off by the local internet provider. I sure hope Jackson comes up with a solution for this problem.

The mongering scene remains steady in Abu Dhabi, things have returned to normal after a concerted police effort a few weeks ago on visas and streetwalkers.

Tried one new venue, the Cellar bar at Howard Johnsons. It's a small place with a nice Russian band that plays at an appropriate volume. There were a couple of CIS girls there who I assumed were working but they were not approached in the two hours I was there. Unaccompanied Chinese girls are not allowed to enter this venue but there was no problem with me bringing Miss N in with me.

I've been with N now for nine months and the experience only gets better. I'll be back in Abu Dhabi in a few weeks.

04-22-05, 17:06
Abu Dhabi Scene (Apr update)

49ers - Top Floor of Dana Hotel (Pub with Philippino band, entrance fee 35 Dhr). Some CIS and plenty of PRC. Generally gets crowded by about 10.30 pm.
The Trap – 1st Floor of hotel. There is another pub & band (probably Rusky), floor charge 20Dhs. Mainly PRC Chinese frequently this place. The band starts at about 9.30pm and there is a reasonable crowd by then.
There is a house rule that requires the girls here to try keep their potential clients drinking. Hence a girl that has just got in cannot go out with a client straight away without some “penalty” the next day.

Ally Pally – Al Ain Palace Hotel (Corniche Rd)
Enter hotel, turn right to bar.
Let me say that there has been some mistaken views about the place. It is the best place to go if you wish to pick up girls early. They start operating as early as 4 pm.
The crowd is mainly PRC Chinese. You have to pick and choose. Some are foreward and come over to say hello and chat you up. Reason is that there quite a lot of girls here (definitely outnumber men). But you can always circulate and buy time to choose the one you like.
Between 7-9.30 pm, the place is brightly lighted and really comfortable. You can see everyone clearly. I understand they dim the lights later. So go earlier to know what is going on. The place has no band, only a large projection TV. It is also not too smoky inside like Blitz.
Spoke to a number of PRC Chinese there. Many are very comfortable there.

Al Hamra Plaza Residence & Best Western Hotel (along Zayed the Second St)
- Direction : Najda St & Electra Rd (this is a local name, there is no such name on the road sign) junction. Go thru hotel entrance to lift and stop at first floor. There is a sign that says Chinese Herbal Massage.
- Cost : One hour massage by Chinese lady is 100 Dhs. Nice clean hotel room with bathroom & privacy. Massage is pretty good. You strip down total & wrap a towel round yourself, lie there and she does the rest.
When she finishes your back and works on your front, she will ask you if you want a handjob. It’s typically 100 Dhs. Girls are friendly, place is relaxing and relatively professional. Certainly good place to spend the hot afternoon cooling off with a massage and handjob. Most of the girls are from North East China. They speak and understand a bit of English. All tend to be fair and a bit taller than Southern Chinese girls. Must say they all treat customers quite well.

Blitz (Pub with Philippino band) – next to Novotel Hotel at Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed St. A mix of girls. But numbers seem to be dwindling. Smoky place but band is not too bad.

Gauloises (Pub, entrance fee 50Dhr for just one drink!) – the old Le Meridien).
This inside the Le Meridien (not the Grand Meridien, the new hotel). Action only begins at 11 pm. Anytime earlier there is nobody, except one PRC Chinese girl from North East China. She is tall, lanky, quite sexy, speak reasonable English and has been working there for nearly a year. Tend to pick up all the Europeans. It’s the place for CIS. They generally don’t admit PRC Chinese unless by regular arrangement.

Rock Bottom - Al Diar Capital Hotel (upstairs) on Mina Road.
Good band and excellent place for dinner & beer. Setting is good. Didn’t stay long enough to find out if it fills up with CIS. But this is one of their haunt.

Howard Johnson Hotel, 17th floor disco
Mainly Philippinos. Nicer, cleaner and less smoky place. A sprinkling of PRC of varying quality. Not many girls.
Cellar pub at ground floor doesn’t allow PRC girls to go in alone. Must be accompanied by man.

”Red Lion Pub”, Hotel International Rotana (upstairs). Has a small band, no cover charge.
Cosy place but quite small and squeezy. No PRC Chinese. CIS, “stans” and some brown sugar.

Typical rate – ST (2-3hrs), 200 Dhs, LT (6 hrs), 400 Dhs. This the avg. It will vary about this figure depending on the quality. CIS may be slight more.

Nice Guy 99
04-25-05, 21:01
Remember, in the last nine months we’ve become family and you owe us. ;)

Of course I consider you family, my friend, and one of the more colorful members of the family to be sure.

In the course of reporting information that might be of some use to mongers I will be sure to mention any significant information about Miss N.

04-26-05, 16:21
NiceGuy99: You are class.

Fast Freddy 747
04-28-05, 19:27
Please HELP me.

I am waiting for anyone who can provide me any info on p4p in Al Ain. I may spend sometime there in the near future and no nothing about the place.

Any action in Al Ain at all????Tom, finally able to post a reply due to upgrade from lurking status!

Stayed in Al Ain back in Febuary with a colleague non-mongering who had lived their for a while so I was able to participate with a pointer in the right direction.

At the hilton hotel their is a pub bar where all the ex-pats hang out but the p4p action is in a bar come nightclub called the "Peach garden" which is outside in the hotel grounds towards the side.

Well with a few drinks inside me and the mongering beer googles on, I made my excuses to leave the regular bar and headed into the Peach Garden around 11pm.
A very small nightclub set up with a live band etc not more than about 50 people and a 50/50 mix guys to girls who seemed to be mostly chinese with a gaggle of Russians and a couple of Arabic looking babes.

Chatted to a couple of girls who gave me the low down on prices and had the hard dick rubbing sell from a Chinese "5", now feeling as horny as hell I knew I had to get a room in the hotel for my pleasures , so popped back into the bar told my mate I would be staying out and drunkenly negotiated with Hotel reception for a room ,settled at 450dms with the understanding I would be bringing in a guest from the club round the side when I had made my selection...........no problems with this, got the key did a quick shifty at the room them hot footed it back to the club.

Now having a room I was ready for action,the punters and the girls were becoming more spartan so I acted quickly striking up a conversation with a Russian girl who was about 27 or so.She turns out not to be working but is the boss of the Russian gaggle and tells me I can have one of her girls for 400dms for the night with as much action as I like, well she had only three girls left none better than a 7, so I choose a quite pretty 21yrs brunette with a slim build.We make a little small talk, I popped a vitamin v with the last of my scotch and we ventured the twenty yards back to the hotel, lifts were by the front door so straight up to the room without being bothered.

I was in heaven! a cute, although certainly not a model girl, talking with broken English in a wickedly sexy Russian accent with a wonderful fun personality who is mine for the night.A fantastic time followed ,we demolished the whisky in the mini bar and me another half a V and shagged ,slept then shagged and slept some more and had a repeat in the morning.

Well cutting this short now, I had such a great time "my first experience of a Russian girl" that I arranged a repeat for the following night and now the girl was totally relaxed with me she was truly a GFE but as horny as hell and great fun to be with and the next morning her friend who had been with a client also in the hotel came down to my room, I did invite her to hop into bed as well and she called my bluff by saying sure!!! but being over awed by the situation I laughed it off and instead had another round whilst the friend waited discretly on the balcony.

I think these Russian girls who are only 6-7s are used to being fairly badly treated by some of their local clients and a little bit of kindness seemed to get great results ..... wild hardcore action with photos(promised to keep them private) but with a gfe chucked in as well.

I was almost totally smitten but luckily I was booked on a flight to Thailand with my buddy the next day, another story!

In summary their is p4p in Al Ain if you are already their for another reason as I was and the Hilton set up is convenient, but probably not worth a special trip considering what seems to be available quality and quantity wise in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

05-17-05, 20:47
Glad to be a regular member. I use the Forum for quick info all over the world! I will be in Abu Dhabi around June 1. In reading the messages, it seems the Sheraton Resort and Towers is girl friendy. I am booked there. If the status has changed, please let me know.

06-16-05, 19:38
This is an experience a few months back. Visited Blitz at Novotel Hotel. Entrance Fee of 50 dhs with 4 drinks thrown in with the ticket. There was a lucky draw on the drinks ticket also. Spent sometime looking around and could not find anyone very interesting. Decided to relax and sit down. Noted an attractive Bulgarian lady. Started up a converastion with her, but found that she did not have her own place and had to drop negotiations with here. Noticed a very young buxom attractive CIS lady who was cornered by a punter and who was the cynosure of all punters in the disco.

Later on stuck up a conversation with another chinese and agan the problem of her not having a place came up. But she was very dynamic and spread the word around and immediately after a few minutes brought another chinese saying that she had her own place. The other lady kept persisting for more than half hour and after that I could not resist. Settled for a price of 200 dhs LT. Waited for the lucky dip which the chinese lady was interested in (Of course she or I did not win any prizes). Then went to her place. Would classify it as an average place. Her roommate had gone out of Abu Dhabi and she had the room to herself. Started off with a CBJ and then had two sessions with her and decided to move out as the place was not very comfortable. Overall experience - 6. Girl was around 5/6 and had enthusiasm.

06-17-05, 10:21
Posting some of my previous experiences from outside UAE where I am now, since the forum is not easily accessible from the UAE.

It was after Ramadan, but the scene in Abu Dhabi was restricted due to the mourning of the death of Sheikh Zayed.

The only place which was open during this period was the 49ers Pub at Dana Hotel. The entrance fee at this place was 35 dhs with two free drinks. I visited this place a few times, but generally the talent there was around 6/7 with an ocassional 8/9 and also quite a few 4/5 around.

After a couple of days of just watching around, finally found a short plump lady with a huge rack. She was me noticing her and became aggressive in here marketing. Made a deal with her for 300 dhs LT. Her name was Kareena and she was from one of those CIS 'stans'. She wanted the payment upfront, wheras I said I would pay after. But she stuck her ground and said that last week she was deceived by this and would accept only payment before. So went back with her and paid her after reaching the place. Had a session with her with CBJ followed by FS. After some time had another fondlind session followed again by an excellent FS. Took some rest later on and had a final session early in the morning. Looks 6. Body 6. Rack 8. Attitude 8. Overall a very good experience.

06-17-05, 11:02
Called up a Chinese lady Laila during the daytme whose number I had picked up during the visits to 49ers Pub at Dana Hotel. She came down after the call. Due to the language issues had to give instructions to the taxi driver. Had a short session with CBJ followed by FS for 100 dhs. Lady was around 7 with a nice rack. She had been only a few weeks in Abu Dhabi and she was not very impressed with the place. Anyway kept her number for future use.

06-18-05, 20:18
Had picked up a number of an Ukrainian Blonde from 49ers Pub at Dana Hotel. Decided to call her up for a night. Called her up quite early in the night and was redirected to talk to her boss. Settled for 400 dhs for LT. The girl was sent with a companion to drop her and pick up the fee. Paid the fee.

The girl, Lucy was nice looking with blonde dyed hair and a decent rack. She was around 5’4” tall. She had been around 1 month in UAE. Had a first session with a CBJ followed by FS. Relaxed for around an hour and had one more session of FS with her. Then the girl wanted to go back. I argued with her, but of no avail. Then decided it was no use to try to keep her back and let her go. Definitely know that she would have gone back to the pub for another LT client. A lesson learnt again as per 11Bravo. Always pay after.

06-18-05, 20:44
Had gone out of UAE for around 2/3 weeks and was itching for some action. Called up Karina with whom I had gone out earlier. She came in. Had a first session with CBJ followed by FS. Had some rest and another session and rested for the night. Had another session in the morning. However, her attitude this time was not as good as the earlier and she seemed to be more cold professional than friendly.

Nice Guy 99
06-27-05, 07:46
Joyboy said:

Visited Blitz at Novotel Hotel. Entrance Fee of 50 dhs with 4 drinks thrown in with the ticket.

Never heard of an entrance fee for males at the Blitz?????

I've just returned from a month in Abu Dhabi and a month in China with Miss N. This forum is blocked in both countries although obviously the old China hands have figured a way around the problem.

Two interesting developments at Blitz:

1. A new band. The strange thing is one of the female singers from the old band is still around with the new ... she's a "fish out of water" though
and I wouldn't expect her to stay long.

2. A notice prohibiting male male dancing. It's OK in the Arab culture for men to dance with each other (although some at Blitz were obvious "limp wrist" types). The prohibition is being aggressively enforced by the bouncers. Not sure what precipitated this.

Other than that, all is normal on the P4P scene in AUH. Plenty of action, prices lower than DXB, they may not look as good as some in DXB but they deliver good service.

06-27-05, 18:04
Returned from AUH recently, quality and qty of the ladies seems to be down in all the normal venues. Have also noticed during recent visits the ladies seem to be more business focused.

Still a nice place to go, hopefully things change after the summer.

06-29-05, 17:12
Visited Blitz on Monday night. The number of girls were very few and the place looked dead. There were only a few asian girls and no CIS/African girls. Stayed for a few hours. At around midnight a couple of CIS girls who were quite old came in. Stuck up conversation with one the ladies and she was willing to come for LT at 300 dhs. But was not much interested and excused myself. The CIS girls also left the bar after a quarter hour. Maybe the action has moved over to some other location.

Never heard of an entrance fee for males at the Blitz?????

There is an entrance fee which they enforce depending on your origin. Normally asian males are asked to pay the entrance fee while it is not the case for europeans.


07-01-05, 00:58
Hi All. I have really been enjoying reading all these great reports. I will be back in Abu Dhabi for 2 and a bit weeks in August after not having been there for a few months.

I apologise in Advance for this which is a little off topic, and perhaps also a bit naive :

I'm going to have quite a bit of free time at the start of my trip and was thinking of maybe heading over to Dubai for a couple of days - whats the best way to get there from AUH? Does one simply just jump in a taxi, and if so what would be a realistic price?

Thanks in advance.

Nice Guy 99
07-01-05, 03:39
Sterile ... I'd suggest that you get an international driver's license, rent a car, and drive yourself. It's quite easy, the UAE drivers are well behaved compared to other third world countries, and driving gets you into the country much more than being driven.

That said you can get a bus from the AD bus station for very little money. You can bargain a taxi driver down to maybe 100 AED for the trip. You can get a hotel car to drive you for 250-300.

If your company will pay for a rental car the answer is very clear.

07-01-05, 20:34
Sterile (with respect to NiceGuy99): all depends on your prime motivation. If it's to see a bit of the country, then rental car is way to go. If it's P4P, then...

Traffic just gets worse and worse in dubai. I still drive, but becoming more and more tempting to take taxi's. I don't even bother going downtown before 9pm. Month ago, it took me longer to drive from Internet City (15 kms from city center) to Diera than it takes to drive from Internet City to ABU DHABI.

Plus, if you drive, DON'T drink. I've never been stopped, but I don't worry about it because if I am driving, I stick to soft drinks. So if you want to have a few while you're out... taxi.

Finally, with all the new construction, parking is becoming a greater and greater headache. Yes, I know where to park, but even then...

If it was me, and I was coming to dxb for the nightlife, then I'd take the express bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. From then on, taxis within the city. Fairly cheap, average fare 10, 15 dhs. If you stay out in Jumeriah beach hotels (not recommended for P4P), then it's 35, 40 dhs 1 way.

Dxb does have some nice architexture, malls are OK for window shopping (depending on where you come from, depends on if prices are OK - think MSRP). But other than that, not much to see here (museum - old fort in Bur Dubai ok), as well as abra (boat) ride across creek.

Off peak travel times, you can take a nice drive to Sharajh, Fujirah (spelling), with a "back road" return to abu dhabi. Nice to do once.

All depends on your interests.

Dr. Cop
07-04-05, 03:56
Anyone know where you can get a masssage now that they have busted the one over Shoe Mart. Can't seem to find where they moved to in Abu Dhabi. Need a little afternoon delight!

07-04-05, 12:20
Had gone out of UAE for around 2/3 weeks and was itching for some action. Called up Karina with whom I had gone out earlier. She came in. Had a first session with CBJ followed by FS. Had some rest and another session and rested for the night. Had another session in the morning. However, her attitude this time was not as good as the earlier and she seemed to be more cold professional than friendly.Hi my friend,

Do you have her contacts.

Tom Sorenson
07-31-05, 05:16
Thanks to Fast Freddy for the info on Al Ain. I visited Al Ain the end of June and went to the Peach Garden at the Hilton. Very small venue with Philipino band. At about midnight there were 2 Chinese and 4 CIS sitting around - not much to choose from.

I started to chat one of the Chinese - maybe a 5 or 6. She seemed nice enough and was the best I was gonna get that night. She offered 300 for the night and off we went.

She had a good attitude and we had a good night. She started wtih BBBJ and rimming. We moved into 69 and other positions and I finished her in doggie.

We had 2 more sessions that night, the last one a CIM.

All in all a very enjoyable night.

08-22-05, 06:45
Is the 49ers busy everyday ? or some days, 49ers is empty due to week end.... ?

I will be there next month for work & want to plan a few days of to enjoy some of these girls....

Nice Guy 99
08-22-05, 12:34
Is the 49ers busy everyday ? or some days, 49ers is empty due to week end.... ?

I will be there next month for work & want to plan a few days of to enjoy some of these girls....

49ers is always active unless everything is shut down for some reason such as Ramadan.

08-22-05, 16:31
Called up a Kazakh contact Azeeza whose number I had picked up on a previous visit to the Gauloises club at Le Meridien. Talked to her and settled for an LT at 400 dhs.

Picked her up from her "office" at Le Meridien and took her to my place which was free that night. Paid her after reaching my place. Then had a problem that she had only one condom. Had one round with her. Decided to take some rest and after some time found that she had left noiselessly without a trace.

Again another bad luck of LT turning to a ST. It was a nice Houdini act and I was really very tired to notice this. This has happened thrice with CIS girls for me. So I think that it is better to negotiate ST with these ladies than LT.

Anyway, a learning experience.


08-22-05, 20:47
Paid her after reaching my place. ...Again another bad luck of LT turning to a ST. Thanks for sharing your cautionary note.

OK, let's say it all together now... Pay AFTER.

I don't mind showing her the money beforehand. But, before leaving the bar, I always let it be known it's pay after. If she says no, then, chances are, I keep looking. For a "pay before", she had better be absolutely stunning.

And bring your own condoms.
Another thought: Certainly not defending her actions. But, be careful. Some WG's (especially a-listers) definition of LT is "until you sleep". Sounds like you dozed off for awhile. That's why I use the "full specification" approach, and specifically mention a "morning wakeup".

It's been a LONG time since I've been asked for pay before, but, in that situation, where this is being discussed before departure to my place, I would hope I'd remember to ask her what time she was planning to leave in the morning go for ST, with option for LT. This would be fare to both client and server.

Me Crazy
08-23-05, 14:44
Thanks for sharing your cautionary note.

OK, let's say it all together now... Pay AFTER.



08-24-05, 03:07

Is the Le Meridien girlfriendly ? I mean the old one, not the The Royal Meridien where the Gauloises is....

Thanks !


Steve Dubai
08-24-05, 07:45
Is the Le Meridien girlfriendly ? I mean the old one, not the The Royal Meridien where the Gauloises is....

The Royal Meridien does not have the Gauloises - The Royal Meridien is the tower hotel with the revolving restaurant with the Al Ain Hotel on the corniche side (same block). Last reports suggest it is guest friendly, but quite a walk of shame though - unless you pull from thier Illusions nightclub which is on the 4th floor - straight into the lift and upto your floor.

The Meridien Hotel is the low rise, just accross from the Dana Hotel (49'rs) which has the Gauloises club. Have no idea whether this place is GF.

08-24-05, 11:16
I messed up my sentence. You are right & i meant this, but wanted to know if it was girlfriendly...

Anybody knows ?

Generally speaking is this easy to bring in a girl in most Abu Dhabi hotels ?

Nice Guy 99
08-24-05, 12:25
Generally speaking is this easy to bring in a girl in most Abu Dhabi hotels ?

Yes it is.

08-25-05, 15:03
Hi, just got back from 2 weeks in A/D. Nothing to really add to the night scene but if anyone is interested in Massage plus handjob (extra AED 100) you can find it next to the Grand Continental Hotel near the Home Centre. The place is called Royal Residence, take the lift to Floor C. You will need to pay the guy 65 AED for half an hour for the room. No sex available.

Desert Sandman
08-27-05, 13:12
Due to be in Abu Dhabi soon. Looking for advice on GF hotels. Thinking of either Crowne Plaza or Beach Rotana. Which is less hassle for bringing a girl back to the room? Any suggestions of a more liberal hotel?

Advice appreciated.


Wicked Roger
08-27-05, 13:20
Hi everyone,

Nice to be back, was somewhat miffed when the powers that be stopped me viewing the site from KSA! Now in AD full time and what a lovely place to be. ET, have now read your posts and keep up the good work, am proud of you.

Thought would post report regarding the above where I have been staying for while. Nice place, discrete and have bumped into many young ladies, mainly CIS and Chinese over the last couple of months either leaving or coming (great time to get phone numbers, see what they look like before and after).

Most bizarrre but also thoroughly enjoyable was when 2 Chinese knocked on the door by mistake (I thought it was room service, honestly). Quick chat about wrong room, wrong floor and Bobs your uncle, had a very nice ST for Dhms 200 each, CBJ, CFS and BLS plus a bit of lesbian, doggy but no anal. Shi Shi was one of the ladies, slimmer that the other whose name cannot remember, but both very enthusiastic. Preferred Shi Shi but whose complaining when it was such a nice surprise.

Around 5/10 for bodies etc but 7/10 for enhtusiasm and skills. Both live in the Meena area and have a friend (Annie) who seems to know quite a few ladies.

Got to know a few Filipinas since here as well, one whose best friend can provide very atttractive ones for reasonable price. She has a few friends with whom I have had the pleasure (freebies) and I see once/twice a month when I am not travelling.

Have read the posts, now keen to explore and will post more soon. Anywhere to post photos or is that OK on the Dubai thread?

Good mongering


08-27-05, 17:35
Have read the posts, now keen to explore and will post more soon. Anywhere to post photos or is that OK on the Dubai thread?Call me crazy, but guess I'd post photos on the photo gallery thread. But that's just me; you can post anywhere.

Wicked Roger
08-28-05, 07:02
Best call me crazy. I was having a brainstorm when I wrote that last sentence and then after posting realised what I had just asked. Stupid is a word that comes to mind!


08-28-05, 17:35
Both Crowne Plaza and Rotana Beach GF. Most of the major hotels are in AUH.

Soaring High/Low - Airplane1

08-28-05, 21:03
...when I wrote that last sentence and then after posting realised what I had just asked. Don't you just hate that! Life should come with a rewind button. It was just too good to resist the CHEAP shot.

Desert Sandman
08-29-05, 07:56
Both Crowne Plaza and Rotana Beach GF. Most of the major hotels are in AUH.Thanks for the info Airplane1

Wicked Roger
09-03-05, 09:50
Just thought I would post my observations from last weekend. Went around town with colleague non-UAE to show him a few sights and see if he was interested (he was not unfortunately!). But we still had a good time leering, lurking and chatting. Breif report as follows:

Safari Club (Howard Johnson)

Recommended as a 'dirty place' by a gorgeous 18yr old expat brat who had obviously done her homework. Very smoky, lots of PRC, the only CIS I saw were the dancing girls who came in all shapes and sizes (4 girls - the one with the 6 inch FM heels was the best in my opinion but then I am a sucker for heels!). Mainly Arab and Indian/Pakistani crowd, a few Europeans. Girls were no more than 4/10 and some 2/3s as well.

Also popped into the Arabic place on the same floor (17th) to see what the action was. Not much, quiet with around 10 Arabs sitting smoking etc. 4 girls about to dance etc, the PRC/Filipina was good looking, tall and had nice body but did not stay long as no atmosphere.

Must try the Filipino place at the hotel (on 2nd floor?) - or this being confused (or am I confusing it?) with the Safari Club as few Filipinas there. Will ask my house girl and report back as she was in the queue for the lifts with friends as I was walking out!

Cellar (Howard Johnson)

Loud band (CIS I think), poor ratio of girls to guys, African and PRC mainly. Again 4/10 (average) so stayed for drink or two and moved on.

Gauloises (old Meridien)

Much better place (although Dhms 50 per person entrance for a drink is a bit steep!), loads of CIS, some 7/10, also some PRC (despite previous report saying may not be allowed in). Much better atmosphere despite the Arab guys dancing together. After looking around, got talking to a couple of CIS, pretty, reasonably good English, nice bodies etc (would give them 6/10). Although not in the market as had colleague, wanted Dhms 500 LT (a bit steep given what I have read on the forum) and am sure this was opening price. May go back next week cos she was nice as was her friend. Wonder how much for 2?


Again good mix of PRC,African and some CIS. Variety for all to see from the thin to the chubby. Band not bad either. Entrance fee as noted elsewhere in forum. 5/10 average, a few 6/10 but these were already engaged in negotiations (mainly with western expats).

When I was entering, a guy with PRC came out and was stopped but he ignored the door staff and walked on. Not sure if door staff were trying to stop girls levaing before a certain time (I entered around 11.30/12) - can anyone else enlighten me?

Can anyone tell me about the Saba Hotel? Am told by the 18 year old girl that this is equally dirty and am keen to investigate and explore. Thanks


Tom Sorenson
09-03-05, 20:39
I went back to Al Ain and called the chinese girl I had taken the first time I was there last week. maybe 6 for looks but had very nice ST with her both times.

She really got off on DATY and was squirming and moaning and grinding and quivering as I chowed down. She got really worked up when I stuck a finger in her ass and 2 in her pussy as I gently chewed around her clit.

Did a number of different positions, and finished doggie. I was really worked up and fucked her hard and fast, pulling her back into me as I pumped and then pulling her up by her hair. I finished all over her ass and massaged it into her.

09-03-05, 20:59
Just to say that for the PRC, you have to be a bit of patience...they are pretty desperate as the cost of living is quite high for them. So if you go steady, you will be able to get them for Dhs 300 + 10 for taxi, for overnight session (say 10 pm to 7 am). Done this a few times. Had a really young 25 year old, C size (a rare thing), not married, no kids and just arrived about a month ago. She works at Internet cafe and does it for a bit extra on the side. She was easily excited and you can tell (always check if their palms is warm and wet) and of course, honey dripping between their legs.
Great time...for 300 Dhs.

So far Dana Hotel (2nd floor and top floor) is the most crowed. The other is Al Ain Palace (ground floor - Ally Paly).

Checked out - Grand Continental (Clansmen), good Philippino band, mainly philippinos and a few CIS and PRC. Clean place but expensive entry charge (35 Dhs and no free drinks!!). Also checkout Sahara Hotel (basement - Harvester, crowded and good mix of stans and PRCs, but nothing exciting).

Looking for other exciting places then Le Meridien, Blitz, etc..I understand there is an exciting disco place...info anyone?

09-03-05, 21:36
I went back to Al Ain and called the chinese girl I had taken the first time I was there last week. maybe 6 for looks but had very nice ST with her both times.

She really got off on DATY and was squirming and moaning and grinding and quivering as I chowed down. She got really worked up when I stuck a finger in her ass and 2 in her pussy as I gently chewed around her clit.

Did a number of different positions, and finished doggie. I was really worked up and fucked her hard and fast, pulling her back into me as I pumped and then pulling her up by her hair. I finished all over her ass and massaged it into her.

Go Tom! Sounds like a great ST, you big bad muncher.

Soon I'll be working a day or two a week in Abu Dhabi with overnight stays (I was the first to volunteer when the boss asked around), and will be looking for similar action.



Wicked Roger
09-05-05, 20:08
[QUOTE=Wicked Roger]Must try the Filipino place at the hotel (on 2nd floor?) - or this being confused (or am I confusing it?) with the Safari Club as few Filipinas there. Will ask my house girl and report back as she was in the queue for the lifts with friends as I was walking out!

Am told by reliable sources it is up the stairs from the 17th floor where Safari is. Must try it then I suppose!


Nice Guy 99
09-08-05, 14:50
Wicked Roger:

The Phillipino club in HoJos is the Safari Club. It's the one you walk up the stairs to from 17. It's not a particularly good place to hunt P4P.

As far as 49ers goes they sometimes do not allow Chinese working girls to leave before midnight. I have reported on this previously ... it's an off and on thing. I've never seen it applied to Africans or CIS.

Wicked Roger
09-11-05, 17:53
Fellow mongers,

Just reporting that access is blocked again from the UAE unless of course you live in the Springs, Media City etc that has a different proxy or somehting like that!

Does anyone have an idea of how to bypass this given that most/all the ISP masking and proxy sites also blocked? Have looked through the old logs and the ideas given are all blocked. Looks as though Etissalat is getting more savvy (at least with regard to its proxy!).

Any ideas welcome.

Thanks and happy whatever!


Island Hunter
09-11-05, 20:17
Have you tried www.attackcensorship.com? I'm behind a military firewall and it works for me.
Fellow mongers,

Just reporting that access is blocked again from the UAE unless of course you live in the Springs, Media City etc that has a different proxy or somehting like that!

Does anyone have an idea of how to bypass this given that most/all the ISP masking and proxy sites also blocked? Have looked through the old logs and the ideas given are all blocked. Looks as though Etissalat is getting more savvy (at least with regard to its proxy!).

Any ideas welcome.

Thanks and happy whatever!


Wicked Roger
09-12-05, 20:44
Have you tried www.attackcensorship.com? I'm behind a military firewall and it works for me.Island Hunter,

Blocked again. Move fast do the guys when they know we are up to no good. Am using something as a 'fix' but not sure how long it lasts.


Wicked Roger
09-13-05, 20:29
Fellow Mongers

I always think afternnons are great for for some relief especially during the long lunch breaks I get in Abu Dhabi. So I thought why not find two attractive ladies and have a Doubles!

Through contacts, have met a few people who know people who thus know the right sort of ladies - Filipinas as I think they have great pussies and are reasonably open minded (well my last few girlfirends have been!). Have a contact that was able to provide me with 2 lovelies - I met them one evening, took them for a look see before the purchase and to make sure they all OK etc. Both here on visit visa. Normal story, promised job etc

So hook up with the the 2 ladies - Claire and Jane (both 22 years old) - this afternoon and what a lovely and energetic lunch break it was at my apartment.

Claire is very slightly fat (not that I noticed too much) and Jane very petitie (I reckon less than 5 ft) but both had lovely racks and nice arses. Claire looked very good in the g-string and both like heels etc (one of my favourites!). Claire looks the hornier of the two, Jane is shy but was I to be surprised!

While C was in the shower, J got to work with a BBBJ, BLS and DFK (very nice lips - both sets I mean). Joined by C who was a bit fussy in some areas (straight away she says no Greek, no finger there either (she cliams she turned down Dhms 1000 from a local for her Greek virginity)). However she was OK with some DATY first to warm her up and some fingering.

J was not keen on Greek to begin with but after some DDP she was feeling relaxed. But first C just got on top and was going at it like a banshie while I had more DFK and DDP with J. Safe sex as always.

J then takes her turn on top while I DFK C, who was not as good as J but then again I am not too fussy at that stage. By this time I still have my digit in the lovely J's tight bum and turn J to doggie for Greek - she claims her first and if I was, well she was really relaxed about it, very tight, lovely arse (I could wax lyrical about it but you get the drift). C is watching, saying she will never do that (so I get 1 out of 2, again am not complaining at this stage). Back on with the cover and giving it to C again missionary and doggie before I turn back to J's bum (I did say it was great) and had a nice enjoyable Greek with her. By the way mongers I like bareback Greek (please no replies to the last sentence and if interested read my comment in the Special Intersts Section of the Forum).

Were not interested in the toys etc (well a man has to have accessories also I hear you say!) but maybe next time I can have a dildo or butt plug inside them after some warming up.

By this time C was clock watching (been around 90 minutes) and I refuse to come for anyone on schedule just for the hell of it. However, J was asking when I would 'finish' and is she very sweet, so I had a nice ATM from J (remember she was/is the shy one mongers!), before I CIM in J while C watched and cleaned up the mess.

Showers after, chat, some lunch (well what could I eat after all that?) and took them back to their place.

Cost I hear you ask? Well Dhms 250 per girl for around 3 hours for a long lunch break. Likely a bit high based on other reports but I am a horny dog and sometimes my other head does all the thinking! However been promised regular rates as likely will have them LT overnight at the weekend and see what transpires (may share with mate though who is gagging but is shy) - though depends on Roseanne (see later)

Service: J 7/10 (shy but willing, more GFE than C, ATM and Greek). C 5/10 nice rack and arse but too fussy sometimes (but I will like her as she promised me tall Filipina next time).

Bodies: 5-6/10, nice racks, nice arse, J very petite and sexy but she has a C section scar. Despite this nice and I am a sucker for petite ladies.

These ladies and their friends not hang around the normal places. I have thier numbers and the boss number also. Will report more if/when as have also been to see a sexy 19 year old Filipina (Roseanne) 2 nights ago and may give that a try over the weekend instead (she is not into Doubles etc but I am a fair man and will give everything a go!).

Well if you have read this far, well done!

Happy mongering and keep it hard


Wicked Roger
09-16-05, 09:44
Fellow Mongers,

Access blocked is a headache but am still here to let you to know the gossip!

Went out last night with the view of starting down market and then going upscale with a mate. It sort of worked but not in the order we planned!

Actually stared at Ratszy's in Grand Continental. Good band, loads of Filipinas (I like them a lot), got talking to a few but was not looking as too early and left but will return and see what action there is. Some very pretty ones so if you like Filipinas that's a good start. Others may let me/us know if this is possible in Ratszy.

Off to Blitz, probably a little early as few PRC hanging around but by 12/12.30 filled up, mainly PRC, some nice ones and one with a nice rack who was giving the flick to many Arabs - as though she was choosing. Got talking to a couple of PRCs (about 5/6 of 10), quite cute is a sort of way but too early and wanted to play the field. Were talking of Dhms 300 LT etc but maybe they thought I was a nice fellow to be generous so early in the evening or they know something we did not! Then I met Shi Shi again (see earlier report re Sheraton Residence). Remembered me, got talking, was interested as she was OK last time and reliable, would not want to turn LT into ST etc. Wanted another for my mate but then we thought perhaps we share. Spoke of it and Shi Shi was sort of OK but we had other things and places to see first so we said we would catch up later. Generally the PRCs no more than 5/10 (Shi Shi better than that but thats the average in my opinion). One or two quite nice, good rack ect but a few chubbies but everyone has

Band in Blitz very cute (girls looked in in the blue tank tops, hot pants and heels - fancied a couple almost immedately but I am a sucker for petitie tight Filipinas!) but moved on as early.

Then we thought Saba hotel as had been told by my 18 year old expat brat friend that this was a dirty place. It was with many clubs for all tastes (South Indian, Pakistani, UIrania, African, Bangla..) Basically dancing and singing, some belly dancing etc, cheap. Went into the Blue Nile (Dhms 25 entrance waiveed for 2 western expats - would not have paid as it was down and dirty) and what a site. Instantly popular as soon as we sat down for a drink - only westerners in the place, perhaps we screamed "we have cash"? Got talking to few ladies, all Africans, 5/10 but some 3s (but it was dark so maybe a 2!). Not that interested but an nintersing experience that will explore furtehr one night when feel desperate!

Also went to the Iranian club on the top floor. Bely dancing, singing, shishah and Asian gilrs with a smattering of Arab girls. Few ladies though and did not pursue but an intersting bypass for a while.

Thought of Ally Pally but ended up at LAB, not my normal haunt for action but the mate wanted a change (think the Saba was a bit too much for him). Got talking to a another Filipina (yes I really like them) Gemma, 22 years old, small frame very talkative. Was not thinking mongering as not associate LAB with that (unless anyone has other experiences - not read all posts on this subject sorry). Lots of ladies but as I said not know LAB for P4P so will not comment except a few very tasty CIS - one with long blond hair, heels and short jeans mini had me hard in seconds but she was with people.

Gemma on the other hand was very nice and we establish she was game. Nicely dressed, understated and we had a great time. Mate went off and found other company (apart from the vodka red bulls he had been knocking back most of the night) and I was left with her. I think she was new to this, think she was trying to make some money etc as when we dicussed prices she was not that pushy.

Cutting to the chase, Dhms 300 LT, FS, BBBJ (really not interested if offered CBJ), DATY (shaved pussy), no Greek but will persuade her slowly when I see again, had a nice breakfast and more FS, BBBJ and an energetic shower afterwards. Still would like to get back to Shi Shi though so may call her tonight.

Well, reading this back it is a bit long but I get carried away!.

Will have to restrict my mongering for 2-3 weeks as Filipina girlfriend arrives for a holiday from Saudi. She encourages the mongering when she is not around (she says you have needs so must get relief) and sometimes when she is there as she is a bit kinky as well. But best not upset her in the early days of her time her.

Keep happy and hard


Wicked Roger
09-17-05, 19:16
Fellow mongers,

Is it just me or do others get really horny around 10/11 am and feel like a shag around lunch time? Fortunately I get very long breaks (downside is I have work late in the evening) but I try to spend my lunch doing something healthy like eating pussy!

Claire (see report Afternoon Delight) called me to see if I was free (ie did I feel horny and feel like parting with some hard earned cash?). I thought about it briefly as I was horny - maybe from watching some of my home made vids with the girlfriend and friends - and said why not? But... I wanted a second girl as she had promised me a tall Filipina next time, and she did not disappoint.

Michelle (25) turns up, tall, slim, shy and a nice rack for Filipina (see the pix I post - hopefully will succeed). She is new to Abu Dhabi, same story as the last meeting with C and Jane.

So after some small talk in which I played with C's tits and pussy in front of M, I start DFK with M and she is very good at that, what really turns me on is a girl who knows how to use her tongue. By this time C is naked in my living room, giving me a nice BBBJ and M is stripping off to reveal al ovely pair which I instantly lick and suck.

Off to the bedroom as the ladies prefer the bed to the sofa, and who am I to say no. Start with M as she is quite a horny and she straddles me first, then doggy and missionary all the while am playing and kissing C's firm rack. Finger in the glory hole is quickly rebutted but I do not give up and succeed (see Piper's and my comments in the Anal part of the Forum). While this goes on C is licking M's nipples which I really enjoy watching.

Then onto C, who as always has a slight attitude but she looks dirty so I do not mind and her arse and rack are so firm. C likes to try and do as little as possible when a second girl is around, she will look interested but actually lets the other girl do most of the hard yakka! Well not with me, I get her to straddle the pork sausage while M licks it at same time, then doggy (she tells me all her customers love doggy, wonder why?), reverse cowgirl and then I focus on M who is now DFKing me - she really is a good kisser. In between this M has licked C's nipples beautifully and I am in raptures as that is another thing I really like in Doubles!

Start again on M who looks a bit tired but is still very willing as has such a nice rack to boot as well, that I love playing with it. Small arse, long legs I was a very happy camper. Finished with me coming all over C's rack - neither really keen on CIM but will persuade them later. Got M's mobile on the way out as C soon to depart for the Filippines and then Dubai (or so she says but she will call me when she gets there to make sure I know where she is in Dubai if/when I visit and am horny!). Cost - same as last time Dhms 300 each for 3 hours. Pricey? Well I am not going to fuss over Dhms 100 when i had such a good lunch break.

Back to office, feeling great and everyone wonders while I am smiling so much!!

Have posted a few pix, no faces, but racks certainly, enjoy!

Have the number of another girl as well who called today, am I getting a rep for shagging Filipinas? Who knows but as long as they are keen and willing I am ready for action!

Keep hard and horny


09-21-05, 23:49
Anyone know what venues are open during Ramadan in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?


09-22-05, 10:50
Anyone know what venues are open during Ramadan in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?Yes.

Ramadan comes EVERY year, and it's the same.


If you can't remember, try this:

Nice Guy 99
09-23-05, 04:14
Sigh ... collect those numbers ... save alcohol in plain bottles ... and have a great Ramadan!

09-23-05, 05:55
Sigh ... collect those numbers ... save alcohol in plain bottles ... and have a great Ramadan!

Ramadan is starting on October 5 this year, right ?

09-23-05, 11:44
Ramadan is starting on October 5 this year, right ?That's the PREDICTION; all depends on the moon (and weather).

10-04-05, 06:31
Hi guys !

I just came back from Abu Dhabi where I spent 3 days & stayed at Le Meridien hotel.

I went to both 49ers & Gauloises (the night club inside Le Meridien), all girls told me that they cannot come to my room because of the security.
This means 3 days, no action, very frustrating....

This is a OK hotel, but avoid it for mongering sakes.


10-04-05, 13:41
Le Meridien hotel.
This is a OK hotel, but avoid it for mongering sakes.Did they offer any "alternatives".

BTW: Ramadan started today, 4th Oct.

10-06-05, 03:34
Did they offer any "alternatives".

BTW: Ramadan started today, 4th Oct.

Nope, nothing. This was like the non negotiable thing to say: "I am staying at Le meridien"...