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02-19-04, 03:42
Tantrik the Zen Comic Insult Master :

Surely Tantrik the Master Debater knows that Force Used against Itˇself is TWICE the Force.

Or is it the Other Way Around ??

Either Way = you Know What I Mean

02-19-04, 04:04

Yes, you're right. But my point is still that most people don't decide who wins the debate based on the arguments. They decide on who gets to humitiate the other part, who will cause them the most pleasure and/or the least pain later on, and who looks best on TV.

02-19-04, 05:26
27.5 hours 'till this BS disappears, but who's counting?

Let's hope this discussion doesn't reappear on another thread....

02-19-04, 05:58

"(ba time?) "
a valid point - a day lasts 48 hours on this planet...


"and it doesn't matter if you lack a real foundation for what you're saying."

hmm, so confessing to fuck **** kids (that means not yet 18 years of age in prostitution...) in thailand and posting pictures of these kids is not enough?
a thai court would be all to pleased with all this evidence.

pounding us with a definition of ****s doesn't change these facts.

and if anyone wants to follow in ******** footsteps, by all means, scroll down to my mo-explaining post and go ahead.

Joe Zop
02-19-04, 06:15
Amen, 1ball. Hey Jackson, any chance of taking the international dateline into account?

And since it has been (as seems usual in this thread) radically distorted, let me clarify that my point in noting Skinless' dalliance with a 19 year-old was decidedly NOT to say or imply that he was messing with children, it was to note the thinness of the lines here, and that the ability for any monger to easily and clearly recognize whether someone is that age, which is legal, or fifteen months or so younger, which is not, is at best difficult and problematic. (I understand that to actually post in this thread and not hurl an grave accusation at someone is confusing.) I agree that ID is critical, but that can of course still be borrowed or faked.

To repeat what I said then: There are many, many mongers who have posted here over the years who talk only of getting the youngest and newest available TGs, and this thread is, to say the least, a troubling statement on where that can lead.

To say it clearly, lest it be misinterpreted again: this is not saying that people are child molesters -- it says that being close to the age line puts you closer to tragic error and thereby at greater risk.

02-19-04, 08:42

Your post on 2/18 17:25 was totally right on. I still feel -------- will still put one last denial post in.

02-19-04, 11:43
good evening jackson: it is 7.43pm here in tokyo japan. some points:
1. the bb one: i did get pmled about her but not, fortunately, about her younger sister. if i may quote her "i too have a heart". some thai/japanese zen for you. low and pathetic shots indeed.
2. brainless. that's a good, original one to add to the list. i thought i stayed to the letter of the law in trying to impart an important message.
3. freeler: is his own man. check the start of this thread.
4. general law warning: do not break the child prostitution or drug laws in thailand. if you are caught, you are fucked. traveller will be caught.
5. lbj: i am a polite guy. i take your points about shrinks. and attorneys. sometimes, however, attorneys are needed.
6. tantrik: i am not in an argument here. i merely read the law to someone who broke it and who, by refusing to listen, put his liberty but, more importantly, the liberty of others who might follow him in jeoparady. the whole basis is traveller broke the child prostitution law and he and his fellow travellers tried to turn it that freeler and i broke the same law by fucking women ages 19-61.
7. psyber: i am in no argument with you, not even a pedantic one over a definition. traveller repeatedly broke the child prostitution law.
8. granted, maybe he forgets he broke it, the same way he forgets who pmed him looking for **** sex in thailand.
9. anyway, time now for the milwaukee board.
10. jackson, at 7.43 tokyo time patience and apologies for this extra workload. i believe it has been worthwhile and will prove to be in the future. you deserve a good bottle of argentine champagne or wine after that.
11. my original post was half to traveller and half to sweden who had problems of a different sort. please go back and read the thread. the same goes to see where the name calling began.

02-19-04, 12:58
Skinless, I wasn't being racist about the Japanese men. However, their mongering reputation around the world isn't too flash.(recent events in China). All I was saying is that, it was no surprise that the fella you mentioned was Jap.

The Traveler
02-19-04, 19:49

hmm, maybe your assumptions about "playing this game" is correct. it's hard to leave the last word to someone who calls you a **** without knowing you at all. but i had no self doubts. anybody can have a look at the pics i have posted. it is quite clear that i am not a ****.

left fielder/joe zop

i absolutely agree with both of you and let's get back to what this forum is intended for.


wow, i am really impressed. this is absolutely the best post i have seen (dated 02-19-04 01:04).
not because it favours me in some way, it is exactly what i think about this discussion. you analyzed the things that you have seen in a very rational and objective way.
some others here should follow your example.

The Traveler
02-19-04, 19:49

Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvinience caused.


Thanks for entertaining me.

all others

Thanks for all your comments.
I think we all agree that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. But do not deny them, learn from it !

02-19-04, 20:26
Traveler (or anyone):

Just where are those notorious pics you posted that everyone is talking about. I missed that part?


02-19-04, 20:27

"I still feel -------- will still put one last denial post in."
Just one?

PS Are you still counting?

02-19-04, 20:37
Thanks Traveler, glad you liked that posting ( 02-19 01:04). I did my best.

The Traveler
02-19-04, 20:52

I asked Jackson to delete them to avoid any further useless discussion on that topic.

02-20-04, 01:19
Traveller know fucks children. He breaks the Child Prostitution law and thinks fucking children is "entertaining". Nothing has changed. The Thai thread and Thailand would be better off without him and his fellow Travellers.

02-20-04, 01:29
A pox on both your houses, I say.

-Uncle Otto

02-20-04, 03:42
thank fuck this shit is over

02-20-04, 06:18

not really over.

posting on **** children and where to pick them up will continue unless jackson puts a ban on not just asking where to pick up **** children, but also on telling people in a covert manner where to find them.

or, in my opinion, this type of posting doesn't belong here:

"ooo, listen to this, i went to fukkie agogo and accidently picked up a 17 yo. and the damndest thing is, i didn't even know about it till the next morning when i put some money in her purse and saw her id. shame on that little girl! it has nothing to do with me, i am handsome, have a chopper and have investments that make me rich. it is all the little girl's fault!"


"to send someone to cambodia instead of pattaya really makes no sense. (...) the one major thing about cambodia is the number of **** girls available. and that is something i'm not interested in."

Jaimito Cartero
02-20-04, 06:40
Hey, The Traveller, deleting those pictures really killed the discussion, didn't it?

I'm going down to Beach Road and check some ID's. :)

Travis Bickle 2
02-20-04, 06:57
Quote: "Traveller broke the Child Prostitution Law and he and his fellow Travellers tried to turn it that Freeler and I broke the same law by fucking women ages 19-61"

IMHO, fucking a 61-year-old woman should be against the law also. Not only should it be illegal but its downright sick. LOL


02-20-04, 08:26
Civ: Old wines are often best. Maybe fucking 61 yo babes is against the law in Saudi Arabia. Not in Thailand. Get with it. I find they are better at bjs than fs. Read Freeler's earlier post to find out why (if you do not want to indulge). The older gals get a steady trade and get few complaints: many of them are quite good as they have lots of experience. Here is Tokyo, there are many older providers won't even fuck JTS. Not in Thailand though - where Skinless also obeys the law, and his own lawful urges. I have to say I am nearer 61 than 18 (or less) myself so it is not an issue with me.

Just Me
02-20-04, 08:47

I must say.

You two might single-handedly take down the Thai and maybe even the Asia sections.

Skinless, you've made your point about 75 times, why continue?? Traveller, let it go. Do you two really have nothing better to do?

This has to be the most inane thread I have ever witnessed.

I've followed this from the beginning and must say, you two have wasted alot of space.........

Jackson, please kill this early so these two children can go on and play elsewhere.

Just me

02-20-04, 10:10
Nearly 300 posts in 5 days. What have we achieved by all this?

Hey it's the 20th. When's this all getting deleted?

Travis Bickle 2
02-20-04, 10:12
Skinless, Maybe it's time to develop a sense of humor. I was joking. That's why I put LOL after my comment. I believe in freedom to choose and if you choose to give your hard earned money to have sex with Grama then go right ahead. I know there are some 61 year old hotties out there -- its just that I can often meet them for free at my local buffet restaurant.


02-20-04, 10:15
CIv2k, now's probably not the best time to make jokes with JTS. He's been in a shitty mood all week. Probably got his period.

02-20-04, 15:55

"its just that i can often meet them for free at my local buffet restaurant."

the coffee you're having while checking washingtonstate grama out is more expensive than what thai gramas expect me to pay them.

please not the 'lol' after this question:
when did you last post a report on thailand? - lol!
yep, the answer is never! -lol!

you don't know shit about thailand, except of course how to pick up **** girls, as ******** told you.

02-22-04, 21:24
Final Conclusions


In reviewing the contents of this section, I have come to several conclusions:

1. It is not possible to discuss, intelligently or otherwise, in any fashon or form, and under any subject header, the subject of any interactions with persons under the age of 18, wether the incident was accidential, incidential, or completely innocient. The subject is simply too voltile, and apparently causes otherwise level-headed and rational Forum Members to lose all sense of control. Certainly I'm not enthuastic about policing these discussions and otherwise cleaning up the aftermath.

2. The escalating number of recent reports containing personal attacks and derogatory comments towards other Forum Members demonstrates that I have been too lax lately in enforcing the Forum's SPAM policies that prohibit such practices.

Therefor, I have decided that it is necessary to adopt a Zero Tolerance policy in enforcing the Forum's SPAM Policies, including the policies that prohibit:

- Discussions about sex with persons under the age of 18.

- Personal attacks and derogatory comments towards other Forum Members.

Effective immediately, all reports containing any mention of interactions with persons under the age of 18, or...

Any reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general, will be deleted in their entirety.

Regular Members who repeatedly violate the Forum's Policies will lose their posting and PM privileges.

Senior Members who repeatedly violate the Forum's Policies will have their Membership Status changed to Regular Member.

You may direct your comments regarding this new enforcement policy to me by posting a report in the "Letters to the Editor" section or by sending a Private Message to "Admin".



P.S. Look at the good side: You can still hurl personal attacks or derogatory comments to persons and organizations who ARE NOT Forum Members.