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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-03-04, 14:32
Thanks for the informative post. I am going to take a two day trip to Angeles City in a week or so. A friend of mine here in Davao recommended a hotel callled Patio Inn where he often stays, and a bar called DMZ owned by a former US Marine. Do you have any knowledge of these places, and would you recommend them. Also, could you let me know the going price for taking a lady out of a bar, and about what I should expect to pay for a the hotels you mentioned.

Thanks for the advice.

01-03-04, 16:04
Good Enough,

To be honest I have not heard of Patio Inn but I have heard of and been in the DMZ bar and its OK but certainly not a top bar in town. It depends what atmosphere you like in a bar as to what is good and what is not. DMZ is a bar to play pool in and to have a few drinks and it can be fun but I thought the girls are only average looking, but as in all bars at any given moment you may find a diamond in the rough. I like a bar with above average looking girls and for sure Blue Nile has the best looking girls in town as a group. Honorable mention must go to Roadhouse, BunnyRanch, Las Vegas, Stinger, Amore, Champange, Nero's, Cambodia Club, and Treasure Island.

Price to take a girl out of the bar is 1000 pesos of which the girl gets half then I usually tipped the girl 100 to 500 pesos depending on the service but tipping is not required so you can get away with 1000 pesos for a girl and nothing else is demanded of you.

Also at this time of the year with so many tourists in Angeles if your seeking out beauty like myself then you have to get to the bars just as they open or else all the best looking girls are gone. I was there in mid October and most all of November so it was not tourist season then and pickings were easy no matter what time you showed up at the bar but the bars are alot more full with customers now so its get there early or settle for less.

As for price of a hotel it varies greatly from like 55O Pesos to 4 times that price for a suite at say the Oasis. Tell me what your requirements are for a hotel and I can suggest a good hotel. Example do you want a real nice swimming pool, a quiet hotel, one in walking distance from the hotel to the bars, one that has a full 24 hour room service ect ect.

My favorite is the Clarkton because its well managed, very friendly, has a very nice swimming pool, has great internet service, it has a telephone in the room,the rooms are clean and well kept and the price is reasonable at about 23 usd a night for an air con room. The down side to Clarkton is that you must take a trike or a jeepney to get to the bars but that never bothered me and I have never had a problem with any form of transportation in all my many stays in AC.

The Villa Modesto was recommended to me by an Aussie friend of mine. He said he walked to the bars from there and it had a decent swimming pool and was reasonably priced too.I forgot to mention the Clarkton also has a shuttle ever hour to the bars and back too and its free for their guests.

Happy Hunting,


01-05-04, 14:53

Thanks for the information. The Clarkton sounds like it would meet my requirements nicely. I assume that the distance between the hotels and the bars isn't great and that I'll be able to get transportation at about any hour. I'll take your recommendations on the bars as well, and I'll write a report on my activities once I return to Davao.

If there's ever anything I can do you you in Davao please let me know.

01-06-04, 23:52

It sounds like you're getting decent info from Mcbarker, with the exception of Villa Modesto. I have stayed there, back when it was much nicer. It's fallen into disrepair. It's also in a shitty part of town. I would not walk from the bars to it after dark, and I used to live about 500 meters from it. We "Hashers" use it for parties from time to time for it's seclusion and pool. But we're in a large group.

As stated DMZ is a little "neighborhood" type bar. Probably not where you want to meet your lady, but not bad for a game of pool and a beer.

Patio Inn is across Macarthur Hwy right across from Swagman. It is owned by a friend of mine named Bill. I wish I could "plug" his place, but, despite it being nice enough (I've never seen the inside of a room) and it is in a decent part of town, it's location is too far away from the night life for me. You'd be amased at how fast just crossing Mac Hwy gets old. If you do go to check it out, tell Bill that fireman Richard from L.A. sends his best. Poor guy is fighting cancer right now.

For me, Orchid and Clarkton are my top two. At Clarkton, get a room on the side street. Don Juico Ave (what Fields ave becomes that far up the street) can be loud enough to disturb sleep.


I judge from your comments that Stinger is open again. It was closed my last time in town. I love it for it's combination of atmosphere for shooting pool and checking out the ladies. Few places in town are good for both. Illusions (next to Roadhouse) can be good for the same thing also.

Happy hunting.


01-07-04, 02:20

yes stinger is open again and its managed by an american named tango, i think it was one of the first days of november when stinger reopened. gary the aussie owner was not in town at the time so says tango. as far as danger goes walking from villa modesto to the bars i think its all in the way you appear. i always look confident and never nervous and i never act like i dont know where i am even when i dont know where iam. being big helps as im 6ft. 3in and weigh 285lbs. i often go to several cockpits in the area both at day and night when there is a derby and i never have problems but i know half the filipinos at the cockpit and they know me too.i have many very good filipino friends in mt.view, clarkview and ac and i feel safer in ac than i do here in tampa,florida in some neighborhoods. i cant walk down fields ave. without seeing 3 or 4 friends i know.so as far as danger goes i really believe there are general rules to follow but that every case is different.one way i keep my costs of ladies drinks down is to bring my best filipino friend with me barhopping. if a girl approaches me and sits down and asks for a ladys drink i tell her the guy with me is my brother in law and he's watching out for me. the girls then back off and i either leave without having to buy a ladys drink or find a girl i like and have my friend bring her to the table.it costs only 55 pesos for san miguel beer for my friend compared to 150 pesos for a ladys drink,plus i dont feel bad about buying 7or 8 beers since the guy has been my close friend for over 10 years now.his wife is one of the mamasans at blue nile so i can reserve girls at that bar too without leaving my room.i just call my friend and tell him to reserve a girl then he tells his wife and the girl i select is there waiting for me at 9 or 10pm when i show up, no rushing to get there at 8pm. plus i get great inside information about all the girls in blue nile and blue nile exec. too. that helps take the risks out of choosing a girl blindly as in avoiding getting a girl who does not preform well. the las vegas girls that were at the bunny ranch when i was there were nice.several 8's in the group and i plan to go to las vegas bar when i return to ac in early may, ill be there for 2 months.i plan to also go to dumaguete,cebu and boracay too.my aussie friend said villa modesto was remodeled and he really liked it but then again he was in the vian prior to that.the reason i did not like orchid was because there was too much noise from drunks going back to their rooms when i was aleady sleeping and a few times unwanted girls showed up at the gate of the orchid and they would ask the guard to go see if i was there. and yes i was there but with some other girl so the close access for the girls to the orchid did not appeal to me. the bathrooms in orchid were tiny and not clean at all and the rooms really are showing signs of wear now.the doors are hung so flimsy that i could knock down the door with 2 fingers. i was in room 16 right above the front desk and i did not like it.by the way i dont get 1st floor rooms at clarkton anymore i already caught a waiter peeping though the drapes one night and i did not like it. i told noel the night manager about it and he laughed and said alot of babies have been born in those bushes outside the first floor rooms. keep the drapes closed or the moaning you hear many be from more than just from your girl for the evening. well im out for now best wishes to all mongers.

reguards mcbarker.

01-08-04, 07:05

Preach'n to the choir brother. As I said, I used to live nearby, the old Wally and Carmen Brooks place, if you know it. Two blocks down the side street from the Sunshine laundry. I also lived in Diamond for a while.

My comments were for the "uniniticiated". In any case, the Villa Modesto would be way down my list of places to stay.

At Clarkton, avoid room 304, one of the top floor suites. A girl was murdered in that room and it freaks some of the girls out. Although, it has been long enough ago now that perhaps any girl that would remember it would be too old to bring up to your room ! I do MUCH prefer the pool area of the Clarkton to Orchid. Mirrors can even be fun and it can be an advantage to put your girl on your room tab, although you can do that at Orchid as well.
Jeez I'm getting "wordy" Sorry guys.

I may be back this spring. But I want to lose some weight first. I get so tired of the girls pointing out "...you're getting fat". No shit, I've noticed !

Last I heard Gary, from Stinger, was not out of town but in jail. But, if he's out now, it would make sense to get out of town.

Party on,


Kong Zi
01-11-04, 03:28
Seven more days til PI. Angeles take me away!

01-16-04, 03:50

I always enjoyed your reports and Programs too and found the reports to be very accuate to what I have experienced in my numerous trips to AC. Anyway Ill be there about March 17 until about March 25. If your in town Ill buy you a few one night out bar hopping somewhere along Fields Ave. Ill likely be at the Clarkton after what you say about the Villa Modesto.



PS- I hope this board does not die its been so slow lately.

Mister Ed
01-17-04, 01:55
To Angeles City veterans, can you describe the BJ bars in Angeles a little bit? Are they BBBJ? BBBJTC? Private or in the open like in Bankok?

Your posts are great - I am going to take my first shot at AC because of them. The place sounds like monger central. Will be there in August.


01-17-04, 02:40

Thanks for the kind words. March is unlikely but possible. I'll gladly take you up on the beers whenever we're in town at the same time.

I know what you mean about the board. I would guess that there are a lot of regulars out there who are keeping track, but, like me ("as I" to you grammar nuts) just have nothing new to add. Always happy to chime in with info that I can supply.



PS: Firedick is my Hash House Harriers name. Any of you who travel SE Asia and need a little deversion from mongering, local Hashes are a lot of fun and a great info resource. In A.C. they meet at the hotel that used to be the Bonanza over in Mt View (somebody help me with the new name) at around 3:00 PM on Sundays. Check em out. On on !

Mister Ed,

BBBJTC, some swallow some don't, private rooms. Santos Street, off Fields Ave, between Kokomoz and La Bamba.

Kong Zi
01-17-04, 18:11

Lately I have it in my head to try a prostrate massage. Hear tell that such is nirvana. Any tips on locating a prostrate massaging Miss up Angeles way?

Retired AF
01-17-04, 18:43
Got that PI itch. Anybody got any information on the Space A flights into Clark? See you all in April in Angeles, one way are another.


Retired AF

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01-17-04, 22:02
Mister Ed,

The BJ bars in Angeles are located on Santos St. AKA Blow Row. They are very small in comparision to Fields Ave bars. Consisting of maybe 3 to 7 girls per establishment. Looks of the girls are average although there are always gems to be found you just have to look a bit. There are bars on on both sides of Santos St. with names like Heaven, Black Pearl and Shadows Mini Bar 2. Its 500 pesos for about 2 hours of fun. Conditions at these bars make it better taking the girl back to your hotel room then doing the deed right there unless you enjoy showering using a bucket of water and getting a half used bar of soap if your lucky. It can be dangerous on Santos St from say 10pm to daylight but any other time its safe even alone IMO. With a companion its fairly safe anytime. Girls working giving massages often have equal skills like at Palace Massage on upper Fields Ave (Don Juico Ave) or You and I massage on 1st St. Girls on Fields Ave and Real St seem to be less skilled than there Santos St sisters again IMO.

Happy hunting,


Mister Ed
01-18-04, 18:25
Firedick and McBarker,

Thanks MUCH guys. You just saved me a lot of "trial and error" time and effort.

Mister Ed.

01-19-04, 20:42
Retired AF,

I looked this up in a Space-A guide, and space-a's are not allowed in and out of the PI. I recommend you consult with your nearest pax terminal to find out for sure, but that's the best info I have. I've found some cheap flights from LAX to MNL (anywhere from $450-600) on airline websites including NWA, Eva Air and China Airlines, and if that's not too much for you to spend, it's well worth it to have that confirmed reservation on a real airline. Good luck.


01-28-04, 07:50
I'm arriving into Manilla on February 8th, about 4pm. Is anyone scheduled to arrive at around that time, would you like to share a cab to anngels with me.

[Email address deleted by Admin]

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01-30-04, 18:50
Hi Fellas,

I am embarking on my first trip to RP on February 7. I am in a bit of a last minute dilemma for several reasons. One is that so far I have struck out in the hotel area, three of the ones I researched and wanted are booked. Is the Apartelle a good deal and near to Kokomos? I ask about Kokomos because I like to lounge around the pool in afternoons and wonder if it is close and a good pool to hang at. Lots of girls there in the day? Action? Also, I have been meeting what I think are regular girls from Manila area on several websites. I was interested in possible meeting some regular girls for a relationship but am curious whether Manila is worth staying at for that reason only versus the debauchery to be had in AC. Any ideas how to meet regular girls in AC? Am I barking up the wrong tree? I am a bit paranoid to stay far off Fields AV after reading some reports of guys warning about trikes and jeepneys at night. I was booked at the Ponderosa but cancelled after reading some of those. Well, any and all advice will be appreciated. I arive the night of February 7 on Northwest around 9:50 pm if anyone else will be on that flight from Tokyo let me know and maybe we can chat on the plane about things. A bit nervous about my first trip, but ready to rock.

Thanks alot.

01-31-04, 21:03
I was wondering if anyone has experience staying at the Swagman Narra or Europhil Hotel? I have offers at both of the places now but am not sure which one to go with. Also, the Ponderosa is in play but they seem a bit far away from the action. Any opinions or better recommendations?

The lady at the Swagman says they have a great bar with many friendly GRO's, says I dont even need to go to Fields. Hehehe, fat chance of that.

Thanks ahead of time.

Da Pimp
02-01-04, 13:46

1. Apartelle Royale: Nice rooms. Good location.

Other options: Orchid Inn, Central Park-former Chicago Inn, Kokomos-they also have rooms.

You many start from above hotels, but you will like Oasis later.

I only stay in Oasis. Girls love it and so will you.

2. Meeting regular girls

Just relax and go bar hopping for first few days. And if are not satisfied with the bar girls, you can start seeking for "regular girls". When I go to AC, I bar hop for first 2 days and start playing golf and hit on umbrella girls or caddies when I need something extra.

3. Trikes and Jeepney

I never get on Jeepney. I just hire trikes. 50P anywhere in AC. Been going to AC since 1992, 4~5 times a year (I live in Korea). Never had a problem, never seen a problem and never heard of a problem.

There are many many people skip Manila but go down to AC straight. The beauty about AC is, especially for first timers, you don't need to negotiate. 1000p for anygirls you see.

Don't be shy asking anybody in a bar. Everyone there is on relaxed mood. They will all be happy to train a newbie.

For the last ten years I've visited PI, I've only stayed in MNL for 2 nights.

02-02-04, 11:47
Retired AF:
maybe you can take Space to A to Korea, and buy a roundtrip ticket from there right into Angeles/Clark on Asiana Air.
Give it a try, I think it'll save you money. Or you can go Space A to Guam, and buy a ticket from there.
But, a cheap ticket from LA isn't too bad either, as Tanker suggests.

02-02-04, 22:58

Forget Kokomo's if it's a pool you are looking. Best pools in town are (in order IMHO): #1 Woodland Park, but it's too far from the action, #2 Oasis, class at a price, #3 Clarkton, not a bad mix of locale and value, also has a go-go bar which is kind of "hit or miss".

I also would not consider Swagman, unless you are a sportbook junkie. The GRO's there are sub standard.

Good trip.


02-04-04, 18:31

I understand what you say about the pools, but those are closed to me unless unless I am staying at the hotel right? I thought about going to kokomos because its a bar / restaurant with GRO's to survey during the day, correct?



02-05-04, 04:26
If anyone is looking for a great deal on airline tickets I got a good deal on using Delta to LA from Tampa for 196 USD RT and from LA to Manila via Taipai for 590 USD RT. All in all less than 800 bucks from Florida to Manila and back. I took Eva last time and its not bad except while in Taipai waiting for my flight back to the USA I could not find any place decent to eat at the airport. I arrive in Manila Friday March 5th at 11:35am and if I can get away with carry on luggage then ILL get to the Domestic airport quick to catch the 1pm SeaAir flight to Clark. Ill be in Angeles until April 13 th. Anyone up for some mongering at night contact me here. Ill be staying at the Clarkton most likely. Here's your chance for those free drinks Firedick.


02-05-04, 15:55
McBArker, Who did you get your ticket through? I am looking for tickets to Manila around March 7th, but when I went to Delta's site, but Manila isn't a valid destination. .

Texas Now
02-05-04, 16:56
Concerning Space A flights, as I understand it there are Space A flights into and out of Clark. However, they are few and far between. If you do a web search on the Retiree Activities Office (RAO) Clark, you will find some information about this. Can't publish the web site URL here. Since your chance of getting a Space A flight into or out of Clark is pretty slim, your best bet is to just buy a commercial round trip ticket. Otherwise even if you did luck out and get a flight into Clark, you would pretty much be stuck there for a while waiting for the next Space A flight out. Guess that would be OK if you really are fully retired and had forever to wait for a flight. But if that's not the case, you will end up buying a ticket out of the country anyway, and since it would be a one-way, and probably with little advance purchase time, you would end up paying more than if you just buy a round trip ticket to start with.

I say this from past experiences with Space A. Space A is great if you really have time to kill, and it's a travelling experience everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. However, unless you are really flexible and truely have the time to kill, you end up coming out better in many ways by just biting the bullet and purchasing commercial tickets up front.

02-06-04, 01:35
I very enjoyed Kokomoz my last few trips. Your right, it is a bar, resaraunt, and hotel. It has Voodoo bar for the girls. One of the better things about Kokomoz is the location. Watching the girls on thier ways to work in the afternoon is a sight I dearly miss right now. As far as the pool, it is open to the public. That in itself makes it quite possible to do some picking there without worrying if the girls are there with thier customers, unlike the other hotels. Of course the girls can go to the other hotel's pools, but Kokomoz has the location above the rest. I will be there in April.


02-06-04, 05:00

I got my tickets over the internet. Go to EVA Air website and you can get a ticket from LAX via Taipei to Manila for 590 dollars. The Delta flight just gets me from Tampa to LA and back for 196 USD. EVA flies out of San Francisco too. Weekend departures are an extra 50 USD each way. Weekends are considered FRI, SAT and SUN. If you fly out of LAX on TUES or WED changes are good the flight is not too full and you can lay across 3 or 4 seats and sleep on the way there. I always check to see how full the flight is before I book it that way Im not on a flight too fully booked and I can sleep on the flight over there. I get a strong sleeping pill from my doctor and sleeping half way there makes the trip bearable. The service was good on EVA but the food left alot to be desired and its mostly Chinese on the flight with only a handful of Americans. I will pack my own meal this time in my carry on because I really disliked the food its not geared towards typical American tastes but again the service was very friendly and the flight went smoothly.

Best of luck,


02-06-04, 05:05
Another note on Woodland Park. The pool is nice and big for working out, but you aren't going to find any bargirls around there.

As noted, it is too far from the action, and I am afraid it is also next door to a pig farm that absolutely reeks. On top of that the water from the faucets/shower must be contaminated because it also reeks.

Sorry to say that, since the staff seemed very nice. But after one night there I punted and moved over to the Orchid where a room had come available. I took a trike over to Woodland Park a few times after that to swim laps (paid a small day use fee).

Hey Firedick, long time no see, since the Trophy Lounge party!!!!!

02-07-04, 21:08
Howdy Hooky !

Yeah, I forgot to mention the smell at Wodland. The prevailing wind keeps it at bay, but, if you get an easterly or northerly you are in for a shock ! Wodland is the only hotel in town where I've had things disappear from my room. It could only have been staff, things were in place after lady visits.

We'll have to do another "Trophy" night. I'll just have to keep my expectations low if we do TJ.

Mikster and Mongering,

I must admit a negative bias toward Kokomo's. I had a bad business deal with the owner, who was a friend at the time. Details upon request via PM.

Lastly a "heads up". I know it's off the board, but as many of you travel elsewhere: Cathay Pacific (www.cathay-usa.com) (great airline IMHO) is offering an internet only deal, west coast to Bangkok for $599 RT.



02-07-04, 21:12
Just got my tickets for March 7-25. Wound up getting a r/t from Anchorage to Manila on China air for $698 plus tax. Not bad since most everyone else was averaging 1000-1100. In fact Yahoo had a fare on China Air for $1700.

02-09-04, 05:09
Consolidator information for Los Angeles based mongers:

Sandro Acopiado
Travel Master
11728 E 176th St
Artesia, CA 90701

I'm up for another Trophy Lounge/TJ run... Hong Kong Bar is really rocking. The lesbian shows are a regular occurrence on the weekends and are a must-see IMO.

19 days and a wakeup :)


02-09-04, 20:28

You bet I am up for that. Hit the HK Club last week but didn't stay too late (went to Azteca for massages), I too am looking forward to catching the show. I hadn't heard it was only on weekends though, just that like everything else down there it was unpredictable, though usually happens around 11pm(??) and for sure on the weekends.

I like that place! I know this is in the wrong forum, sorry!

This is kinda funny, because suddenly there is a burst of postings over on the San Diego thread inquiring about the Trophy Lounge, Honeyko's, Coin Toss, and someother South Bay bar! Maybe they are reading this thread too!

02-09-04, 20:34
Firedick - I can't find any low fare like that in cathay's site. I might have to go to SFO but it might be worth it (might even be the same fare to BKK???)

Texas Now
02-10-04, 03:16

Don't know where you are coming from, but you get get a ticket on United for $633 from either SFO or LAX to BKK.

If you would like a link to a site where you can usually find decent fares on many different airlines, send me a private message. I'm not associated with the site, but have used it many times for international travel and have gotten good deals.

02-10-04, 04:11

Yeah, it's not easy to find through regular navigation. I get the deals as emails, but you can get to it here:


Prog (good to hear from you) and Hooky,

Let's go to PM's or emails and not bore the guys here. (I'm in)


02-10-04, 05:36
FD/hooky - I sent you guys an email. :)

We gotta hook up and chat about the good old times in AC. My days may be numbered (more later).

18 days and a wakeup ...(prog)

02-10-04, 14:37
Texas - actually the Seattle area. United prices go up after 2/25 and I'm not going until a month later unles i can use frequent flyer miles

Filipina Lover
02-10-04, 22:38
Has anyone met Miss Jan Angel Margie Lacasa from Ricks Cafe? I wrote two letters on my secret e-mail address and she never wrote back. She is the oldest angel but I am a tit man. She has 36dd and I would like to know how to meet her when I go in March to the Philippines. It does't say where she works, but all the othere angels of past months says what clubs they work at. Anyone who has any information on this angel would be most appreciated. Any info. on Alma Chua a girl on the internet who does adult movies in Manila on how to meet her. Thanks Filipina Lover.

Filipina Lover
02-10-04, 22:41
Has anyone have any info on Magie Lacasa from Ricks Cafe? I wrote two letters on my e-mail and she never returned them. I will be in Philippines next month and would like to meet her. She is Miss Jan. Angel. It does't say where she works like the other angels say which clubs. Any information would be appreciated.


Filipina Lover

02-11-04, 23:29

Dude, I want to say "get a life" in a kind way. Don't get all hung up on some sweet thing you saw on the internet. There are so many cuties in A.C. that to devote so much energy to one, seems like (IMHO) a waste.

If you are "dead set" on finding a particular girl, Rick of Rick's Cafe (yeah it's really owned and run by a guy named Rick) runs a side business delivering flowers, chocolates and teddy bears to the girls in town. If you are willing to spend some money on one of these types gifts, I'm pretty sure he can find the girl.


Member #1986
02-20-04, 16:03
Hello all,

I have enjoyed the reports & hope to contribute after my trip to AC in May.

I have been to PI 4 times but this will be my first to AC. I have a room reserved at Kokomo's.

My question is has anyone taken the Manila/Clark/Manila flight on Asian Spirit. I am thinking of flying there instead of taking a van. I only have 3 days & 2 nights to stay in AC then its off to Puerto Galera, so I want to make the most of my time and cut out as much ground travel time as I can.

Again thanks for the reading, and I will give you my reports in May.

02-21-04, 00:54

You better research more on the Manila/Clark flight because last I knew it was only SeaAir who runs that air route. Its a 19 seat small prop plane and it took exactly 26 minutes from Manila to Clark. Bagage is limited to 1 bag and there are additional charges for extra bagage. The flight to Clark is usually not convienient to landing flights comming from the US mainland. The road route to Angeles is horrible with construstion and stop and go traffic everywhere. It took me over 3 hours to get to Angeles the last time I was there by arranging a car and driver to take me to Angeles and they drive insanely. Better have motion sickness pills ready.


Member #1986
02-21-04, 15:09
Thanks McBarker for the response. I have done lots of home work on the Manila/Clark flight. Asian Spirit's web site has the route. Also Lakbay.net & many more philippine travel sites.

Kokomo's travel site is setting up my reservations. I will assume that Asian Spirit is about the same as Seair. Thanks for the info.

Yes I am all to familiar with the roads in PI. I have in-laws from Negros Occidental. I have traveled that province from one end to the other, from Bacolod/Dumageute and back in our personal jeepney. I have traveled the province of Panay from top to bottom also, IloIlo/Caticlan and back going to Boracay by van.

That is why I am opting to take a flight Manila/Clark instead of driving.

I will let everyone know how the flight goes when I get to AC in May. Thanks.

02-23-04, 08:25
Re: the Rick's Cafe girl, she's probably not working in a bar and/or not a dancer if she didn't list a bar. The reason she doesn't answer your email is probably because she doesn't get them or doesn't check her email very regularly. Not all Filipinas do. And as someone else said, there are plenty of other chicks in Angeles.

Personally, though, I ended up nailing 3 girls featured as Rick's Cafe girls in the last year, and saw three others in restaurants/bars around town. Whoever does select the girls for those pics keeps their eyes open for those with extra helpings of 'sweater meat'!

I'll try and post a pic or two from my latest Angeles trip when I get some time. Meanwhile, am still working on the full report, but have some chapters ready. Can PM me or email me at [Email address deleted by Admin] for details for the full report with pics.

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02-23-04, 16:06

I am going to AC in June and will be staying at the sunset gardens. Just wondered if anyone has stayed there - is it an ok place. Do they have a massage service?

02-25-04, 03:23
I am posting in repayment for the tidbits of info I received from this site before my first trip to the PI a few weeks ago. Manila report listed separately.

I stayed in Angeles for three days. Orchid Inn. Requested the Jasmine wing. Decent enough set-up for $45/night. Bathroom was adequate, but you couldn't shower longer than a few minutes without the room flooding. It was on par with a Motel 6 in the States, but apparently nice for Angeles. The staff, however, were accomodating and the cleaning ladies attentive.

The town is strictly third world and if you are not prepared for that it may shock you. Lots of diesel smell and horse drawn wagons and lots of motor bikes. It is a dense cluster of bars mainly on two or three streets no longer than twelve city blocks long that caters to foreign guys hooking up with Filipina chicas. The prices are affordable (understatement) and the bars themselves are decent structures on par with a mediocre strict club in the States. A (very) few of the clubs are more upscale. The girls really range, but if you can't find a dozen or so every night that aren't just freakin adorable....well, you don't have a pulse. And, I consider myself very discriminating with the women I hang with...

First day I ended up on a pub crawl and finally barfined ($20) a 8+ hottie from Blue Nile. Very fun except she had incredibly awful breath. She actually asked me not to use a condom (?). Uh, sorry, honey, but I think I'll wear the raincoat. She really enjoyed the lingerie I gifted her and gave a great photo session.

Next night I ended up with a very beautiful tall women (31 yo) from Flamingo Club. She had just arrived and it turned out was pretty bummed out. She had six (!!!!) kids and no money back in the "province.". We hung out all night talking and I tipped her for her troubles, but it was more sobering than anything else.

During the afternoons, I would hang by the Orchid Pool and watch the parade of mismatched couples. It was pretty amazing seeing guys that physically didn't offer a whole lot with these exceptional female creatures. All types of guys: obese, crippled, maimed, normal, old and older. All hooked up with talent. Serious talent. Ya gotta love the Filipina.

Later in the afternoon, I would head over to some bar who's name I have forgotten and play pool with the waitresses. It was laid back and a lot of fun. One day, I did barfine this cutie Japanese-Filipina who was just 18 yo. hoping for a late afternoon delight, but she was really aprehensive and we ended up just getting room service while she watched cartoons (?....a bit too weird for me). I tipped her way too much for her troubles and sent her on her way.

The last night in Angeles, I had gotten drunk at the pool with a party of dancers from some bar. I barfined one for the night and then forgot about it. While I was in mid-evening form at the Flamingo, she comes in looking for me with her friend. She was obviously bummed out about the turn of events and my failure in showing up for her. I was a bit surprised she was sooo upset since she'd already been compensated (for doing nothing). I shoo'ed her off and barfined a pair of 19 yo from the Flamingo. We went dancing at some real club up the street. It was alot of fun and I tipped one of the girls goodnight and took the other back to the Orchid. She was incredible fun and truly gorgeous (some other guy posted her pix on the PI photo section! For real! Her name was Analyn or something like that).

I headed back to Manila after that. It was an eye-opening trip and I can see why guys get sucked in to coming back, but I am not sure I could do it for more than a few days as it is a small place and actually fairly grungy compared to Makati et al...but cheap as stink. Interesting, addicting, intoxicating place.

02-28-04, 03:14

Thanks for posting about your trip!


02-28-04, 11:16

I just returned from my first trip to the RP. I had a great time, and it was better than I had anticipated it would be. I spend a total of 10 nights in AC, and five in Makati. Will post a separate in the Makati section.

I arrived in Manila as scheduled and had my taxi from the Ponderosa Hotel waiting for me. Two hours later I arrived at the hotel and "trixie" was waiting for me, an unexpected surprise. I saw her on the insomnia website and, as a joke, emailed her and told her to meet me at my hotel sometime around 1:00 a.m. the night/morning of my arrival. Loe and behold, there she was, sitting outside with a slinky outfit on and smiling from ear to ear. I had sent her my photo and apparently she decided to come over and check me out. I was already horny as hell and was ready to just go to Fields Ave., but when I saw her I cancelled that plan. We went into my room, it was one of the VIP rooms at P1200. It was very nice and big with a couch and two beds. One for sleeping, and one for entertaining my many new friends. hehehehe I told Trixie I needed a shower and she asked if I wanted her to go with me. Obviously, I said yes and she stripped. She had a lovely body, young and hard. I took off my clothes and revealed my already hard johnson. She smiled and pulled me into the shower and washed me all over, especially my member. She got on her knees and washed it back and forth, and massaged my balls. I knew I had landed in paradise at this point. I told her I was going to cum and she said good, please do. I jizzed all over her tits as she jacked me hard. Wow, now thats the way to start a vacations. We hit the sack and banged most of the rest of the night until I passed out from exhaustion. In the morning, more of the same. I was expecting her to ask me for the barfine, but she said I could just give her whatever. I could not argue with the "curb service" and effort she exerted so I gave her P1000. She was very pleased and asked me to come to the Insomnia club that night and barfine her again. I said maybe and she left. I went to the Insomnia the next night, but ended up barfining one of her friends. Oh shit! One guy told me it wouldnt work, but the girl went with me and she was very pretty, young and shy. Trixie looked extremely upset and jealous. Oh well. Had a great time, did a twosome one night that was fabulous and never tipped more than P500 in the morning if service was exceptional. I even returned to Insomnia and barfined a very cute waitress one night. Trixie and the other girl were both giving me dirty looks. I dont understand it, but who cares? I barfined one girl at a bar I dont remember the name of and it was one of the funniest experiences I had. She was super hot and young. Very very shy. She wouldnt even look at me in the bar when I had her come down from the stage. I took her to my hotel and she sat down on the bed and just looked nervous for awhile, saying nothing. This turned me on. hehehehe I was gentle with her and coaxed her to take a shower with me. I washed her and she was shaking a little. I ask her if she wanted to go back to the bar and she said no. We went to the bed and I lay down and motioned for her to suck me. She said, "ooooooooohhhhh." Her face was contorted and looked like she wanted to throw up. I then broke out my lube and told her to jack me off. She did this while making a variety of disgusted faces and keeping her face as far away as possible. She started changing hands on and off and this really go me going. It was surreal, it turned me on for some reason and I told her I was ready to cum. She made ugly faces and noises but kept chugging alone. I blew all over her hand and after I finished, she ran to the bathroom making disgusting sounds and sobs. I was laughing my ass off. She came back and stuck her tongue out at me, looking hurt and dejected. I got horny again very quickly and boomed boomed her as hard as I could. She seemed to like this much better and actually kissed and hugged me. She was so pretty I blew fairly quickly again. I showed her the condom full of cum and she said, "oooooohhhhh" again. hehehehe I cut her loose early and went back out to drink some. The next night I went back to her bar and she was dancing. I sat down in front of her and made a jacking motion and she stuck her tongue out at me again. I think after all, she actually started to like me. She came down asked to go with me but i turned her down. I need blowjobs, Im sure you boys understand.

One thing I wanted to comment on was the "breath factor." I was appalled and nearly gagged several times when I smelled certain chicks' breath. I smelled it on my second night, and for some very strange, odd reason, all the other girls with bad breath smelled exactly the same to me. I gave each girl I was interested in the breath test and if it funked, she was out. I would lean close and ask a couple questions and put my nose directly in line with their mouth. I sniffed and if I gagged, the gig was up. It was a disgusting odor and it really gave me great pause at times. I would simply repeat it until I found a girl with decent breath and if things went well, then I would barfine her. I wonder how many other guys have experienced "the funk." Do tell.

I noticed that alot of guys show up at the bars at 6 p.m. sharp and barfine the hotties. If you wait until very late on certain nights, you will notice that the hottest of the hot are long gone. If you really want a cutie, show up early and barfine her. You dont have to go back to the hotel, you can do some drinking with her, or go to eat or whatever before turning in.

All in all, it more than lived up to my expectations and quite economical considering all the drinking and banging I did. I would not really recommend the Ponderosa, its a little far out but they do have free shuttle every hour until 2 am. You have to run the shower for about ten minutes before it gets hot, but then it does get hot. Not a bad place, but I think staying on Fields Ave. is an ideal strategy and saves money.

I wrote fast, sorry for any misspellings.

All right, take care brothers. Good hunting.

Dragon Slayer
02-29-04, 01:30

My next trip will be in April. I am thinking of going straight to A C from the Airport for a few days before heading to Davao. I always fly NWA now due to my Platinum Elite Status and the benefits, including ease to use miles for World Business Class. I will arrive late in the night just like when going into Bangkok.

In Thailand I always take a taxi straight to Pattaya City from the airport. I speak Thai so I always get them down on their "set price" and immediately jump into a waiting car for my trip. Zero hassle or waiting.

What is the best precedure for going late at night directly to A C by cab without any hassle or waiting? Should I just use the airport taxis as I do for my ride into Makati normally? I will be pretty tired and not want to go upstairs to arrivals to find a cab dropping off someone so I can save a few dollars. What should I expect to pay?

What about having someone from one of the Hotels in A C meet me at the airport that night? Are they reliable? What do they charge?

I always get a hotel room with a nice bathtub as I do not like showers. Prefer soaking in a warm tub. Any hotels along Fields Avenue that have nice rooms with large bathtubs or jacuzzis in the room?

What are the best Bars and Clubs for Women and partying after 02:30AM? After all this work I will be in a mood to have fun and don't want any down time.


02-29-04, 07:33

The breath thing is common and probably due to not just poor dental hygene, but poor dental health. A lot of the girls have a mouth full of rotting teeth. Some have never been to a dentist.


Member #1986
02-29-04, 17:03

I have been doing some research on flights to AC. As you know for a long time Seair had the only flights there with some not quite so nice departure times from/to Manila. Depart Manila 5:30 PM arrive Clark 6:00 PM. Depart Clark 8:30 AM arriving Manila 9:00 AM, M-TU-W-TH-F-S.

Asian Spirit in now giving them some competition. Though with not quite as many days, the departure and arrival times are far better for those who choose to stay in Manila on their night of arrival & avoid the traffic nightmare the next day. Schedule: Depart Manila 11:30 AM arrive Clark 12:00 noon. Depart Clark 1:00 PM arrive Manila 1:30 PM, M-W-F. Cost, P1700.

Hope this helps. Keep the reports going guys. For me its still a long time till i get there but I still keep counting the days.

82 days and a wakeup!


02-29-04, 17:53
Dragon Slayer,

I also flew on NWA and I was at my hotel by 1:00 in the morning. I arranged a taxi through my hotel and he was waiting just outside and I had no problems. There is no traffic late at night all the way to AC so you make excellent time. I think we made it in less than two hours and the drive is not that bad. I breezed through customs at that time of night and was outside and in the cab in no time flat. I think your best bet is to have a taxi waiting that is set up through your hotel, or a place called Margarita Station that is in AC. I payed P1600. You can get a taxi outside and pay maybe P1300 but for the extra P300 I think its worth it to have the guy waiting for you. I have heard good things about a new, small hotel called Apartelle Royal. It has an executive room with a jacuzzi and by all reports its very very nice and modern. I cant swear to it, but I have never heard anything bad about the place. If you go to the Margarita Station website it has a list of hotels they recommend. I think the website is Margaritastation.com or type it in your search and you should be able to find it. I also heard that Central Park Hotel has been totally refurbished, both are right on Fields Avenue. If you want the best, then go to the Oasis. Its a little far out, but we're talking 10 or 15 minutes from Fields and you will probably only do it once a day. As far as bars at that time of night, I cant say for sure as everyone has their favorites. I got kind of partial to the Bunny Ranch. The outfits they wear there made me hot. I remember Flamingos being pretty good all the time. Hit the Blue Nile at 6 in the afternoon one day, I never did but heard that recently the hottest girls are there. I liked Insomnia alot too, barfined three girls from out of there. Hope that helps.


03-01-04, 01:31

If I were you I would arrange a ride in advance from Ricks Cafe or Margarita Station in Angeles via the internet. I used Ricks Cafe in both October and November and there driver Dong is very reliable. He will be at the airport wearing a Ricks Cafe T-Shirt and he will have a sign with your name on it. Late at night the trip could be as short as 2 hours. Rick runs a very reliable business. The best bar late at night is definately The Blue Nile and right next door is the Blue Nile Executive bar. Both bars are open until 5am. There will be no down time at Blue Nile for sure. About hotels Im not sure but Blue Nile owns a hotel across the street from the Blue Nile bar and its upscale and the Oasis is another possibility but a 5 minute trike ride from the action. Ill be in AC the same time as you. If you want to go barhopping then PM me and Ill meet you somewhere there. I'm experienced in AC but not in Cebu and Dumaguete where I plan to also go and I read your posts and know you have experience in these areas, maybe you could point me the right way.



Dragon Slayer
03-02-04, 00:03
Mc Barker,

Thanks Pal. Okay Dong is the guy (means "cock" in Tagalog more or less). The Oasis sounds nice but I want right on Fields Ave. In Pattaya City I always stay right on Soi 8. Pick up the Thai Pussy; take the Thai Pussy to my room; get blowjob from Thai Pussy; fuck the Thai Pussy; pay the Thai Pussy; Go look for another Thai Pussy.

Need a nice place with cable tv, big bed, and a jacuzzi or giant bathtub. I DO NOT do showers since I left College. I have been e-mailed by several ladies from Davao and Makati on my last trip saying how the thing they liked best about being with me was, not the Louise Pomeroy '90 Champagne or WIlbur, my dick, but my bathing them in the warm water as I massaged their tits and stroked their pussy. Both Davao ladies commented on this.

Have to stick with a winning lineup as "Coach" used to say back in my ballplaying years. Any ideas from you A.C. vets on good Fields Avenue Hotels with in-room jacuzzis?


Thanks for your suggestions. No info on this Appartelle Hotel yet. Any ideas on their contact information? It looks like I will arrive late on the night of April 19. I will definitely be ready to have fun and usually stay up all night on my arrival night in Pattaya City; no reason to do differently in A.C. My Davao Pal, GoodEnough, will hopefully accompany me to A.C.

If you read my Posts in Cebu you notice that I stay in an out of the way Hotel there. But Cebu is nothing like A.C. Clubs are all over and only on Gen Maxilom Ave is there a small group next to each other. Plus, Metropolis Court Hotel has in-room jacuzzis, 24 hr Restaurant/Bar, 24 hr swimming pool/jacuzzi and its own Wild Orchid Health Club where, feeling unhealthy, I can get a massage, fuck and BJ 24/7.

Hope to meet you in A.C. on the night of April 19. I wear black and at 6'4"/240lbs am not hard to notice. This will be Trip # 62 to the Phils for me (76 to SE Asia). Let's have fun Guys.

Dragon Slayer

03-02-04, 00:41

03-02-04, 10:27
Dragon Slayer,

Firedick gave you the correct website for Margarita Station. They have a list of hotels on their site. Also, a better site is balibago.com Go to the where to stay section and it lists the hotels and you can click on a link to check it out and email the hotel directly. The Apartelle Royal is on their. It is only given two stars by this website, but that is an overall rating. I emailed the guy and he say the executive room is very sweet and has a jacuzzi and tub. I have heard no bad things about that place. You should be able to make a decision after looking over both sites. You'll have a great time in AC. The best thing is that even a rookie like me felt like a pro after two or three days, its a quick learning curve there. Its all bars and pussy! Nothing else to do really, which was fine with me. The Apartelle Royal does NOT have a swimming pool, I just remembered that. Dont know if thats important to you or not.

Hope that helps.


03-02-04, 13:26

Its Apartelle Royal. Go to balibago.com website and look under places to stay catagory and you will find it there. Its right in the middle of the action on Fields Ave. and has 1 in room jacuzzi.



Dragon Slayer
03-02-04, 17:45
McBarker, Mikster,iredick,

Thanks Pals. This will be my virgin trip to A.C. 14 years in the Phils and not once in Angeles City. Unbelievable. But I met a few guys who had been going to Thailand for years and never made it to Pattaya.

GoodEnough from Davao will be accompanying me. His first time to A.C. also. I look forward to meeting you guys in late April. I am planning 4 nights in A.C. before flying to Davao.

Mikster, nothing to do but eat, drink and fuck. Sounds terrible. I may only have a fantastic time. Thanks for your help. Join me at my place on Leyte sometime. Dinner, drinks and get my Woman to set you up with a nice lady, She will have to be from 18 - 23 as they tend to leave in search of work/strong dick if unmarried by early 20's. Ocean is at the back door. Lodge just outside town is P750/nt, nice a/c, includes full breakfast and has swimming pool and jacuzzi. I stay there each trip myself for a couple nights to get away with my tiny Family.

April in Angeles City.

Dragon Slayer

Member #1986
03-03-04, 00:42

Seems pretty quiet here these past few weeks, is anybody in AC. I am a new participant and will do all I can to support the board. I stated in an earlier post that I still have quite a bit of time before my trip to AC (Late May-04). If anyone is going during that time let me know and we can hook up for a drink.

In reading all the past posts I have to thank the senior members & also the newbee's who have been there and done that in AC. Without you guys & your fabulous reporting we would not have the information that is so valuable to all. May we salute you.

I hope to help all I can with information I have learned on hotels flights, transportation & the Filipina way as much as I can. Till my next visit, thank you senior members & new participants for those great reports


80 days & a wake up till I am there.

03-04-04, 07:17
Hey everyone,

I was thinking of going to Angeles in July and was wondering how wet the rainy season was what are the selection of ladies?

03-04-04, 11:14
Dragon Slayer and others interested,

I was thinking about the Apartelle Royal and I am not sure if it would really be the best place for you. If I recall correctly, it does not have a restaurant or any kind of room service. Its strictly a place to lay down with one or two really nice rooms that you may like. If that is not a problem for you, then you may want to still check it out. After reading all your posts I think your best bet would still be the Oasis, even if it is a five or ten minute drive. However, the Central Park Hotel and the Blue Nile would probably do just fine as well, right on Fields. I am not sure if the Orchid Inn has a few really nice rooms with jacuzzi or not, but you may want to email them and find out. I meant to look at a bunch of these hotels while I was there, but I couldnt keep my schlong from ruling my days and setting my agenda long enough to get around to it. I think you are right about having a jacuzzi though. Most hotels only have a shower and it gets kind of impersonal, if thats possible, after doing it time after time. With a jacuzzi you can really get the chicks warmed up for heavy action and I am sure they like it alot better. I would definitely go for it the next time.

Thanks for the invite to your place, I really appreciate that and I want to do it. How far from Davao is that? What city is that in, or is it a small town? I surely want to hit Davao because i like the idea of going where most do not. Take it easy. Wish I could go in April and hit AC with you. I think about that place too much now that I am back.


Member #1986
03-04-04, 19:38

In answer to your question:

The rainy season starts in late May, early June and goes through October. Yes it does rain but only in squalls for an hour or so once or twice a day. Nothing to get upset about or think about going a different time. Just pack a retractable umbrella and you will be fine.

Being the rainy season is from late May to October it is really the slow season for tourists in the Philippines. To me its the best time to go. You will find better prices & less mongers if thats possible.

Hope this helps, have a good one.


Dragon Slayer
03-04-04, 23:28
Pals, I still intend to find a place right on Fields Avenue. I go back and forth to my Hotel several times a day and I think Fields Avenue works best, just as Soi 8 in Pattaya City has worked. I will make a few phone calls to Hotels there.

I usually get my suits made on this April trip. Are there good tailors in Angeles City? Also, any good places to buy Fine Wine /Champagne like the Tinder Box in Cebu & Manila? Filipinas and Asian Women everywhere love Champagne. A glass of the bubbly loosens any inhibitions (not that I think A.C. Girls have any).


Leyte is where my small Family lives in a house on the beach. It is beautiful there but very remote. Accessible only by boat or a long trip around the coastline from the only airport in Tacloban City on the far side of the Island. I have no idea how to get there from Davao but they will join me in Davao for a few days this next trip, so I guess I will find out.

The men in her family tell me that there are a few places in town with Pro Girls who dance and fuck. Never been there but I am not sure it is necessary. At sunset single women go to sit on the beach, sort of a like a single ritual or whatever. I sit there with a beer and enjoy the "view".

My Daughter's Filipino family there has 20-30 single women aged 18-25. Near as I can tell they range from 7-9's in looks and body. Mom won a beauty contest some years back. Mayor tried to convince her to run in a contest 2 years ago but she declined citing me and our daughter and possible criticism from others if she won.

I had a Client who was to join me there last year, until he backed out. I called and asked if there were any single women interested to meet him (he had a rep here for getting sleazy women). Got an e-mail the next day with several aged 18-23 listed.

Dragon Slayer

03-05-04, 06:38

It will be wet in July. But it's not bad to be there when everything is clean.

The only noticable drop off in the number of girls occurs around the Christmas holidays.

Good luck.


03-05-04, 09:45
You will not find a hotel within a block of Fields that has a tub besides the jacuzzi rooms at Apartelle Royale, and there's only one and it's usually booked, obviously. I've never stayed there as I prefer to be close to the action, but America Hotel (a trike-ride away from the Fields bars) supposedly features tubs.

I have stayed in most hotels near Fields except the new and overpriced Blue Nile place. I liked them all, ranging from the Orchid to Central Park to Apartelle Royal to Kokomoz, each have their pluses and minuses. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions about AC either on the board or via private messages. I have spent 5 weeks there on two separate trips in the past year and am going again in early April.

Pinay Lover
03-05-04, 23:43

There is no direct way to go from Davao to Leyte directly. The closest and only way I know is by overland trip from Davao to the Lipata Ferry Terminal a few kilometers from Surigao City. There is a ferry that makes two trips to Tacloban everyday. It is what I use when I travel with my own transportation and stay in Cagayan de Oro City. But space for vehicles is limited to first come first serve.

If you noticed in Davao City, there are some buses from BACHELOR and PANTRANCO Lines that runs from Davao to Cubao. Hope this information can be of some use for you.

Flying Scotsman
03-06-04, 18:09

I stayed at the Blue Nile last week. It has suites with jacuzzis. They are awesome. Expensive at 3000 pesos per night but in my view worth every peso. The hotel has a bar, good restaurant and an inhouse club with many gorgeous girls. Bar fine only 1000 pesos for the night. As someone else mentioned, its great to have a jacuzzi to romp in as opposed to a shower.

Have fun guys,

The flying scotsman

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

03-07-04, 08:58
Flying Scotsman, thanks for the report and I stand corrected, I have never been to the new Blue Nile Hotel (former Tropicana). Also, how large are the jacuzzi tubs? Large enough to fit en extra-large guy and 2+ bunnies? 3000 pesos is pretty pricy for Angeles, but sounds like you like it plenty. I have heard that the rooms are small for the price, am curious to know your opinion?

Oh, and one last question: How's the pool? Are there lots of girls hanging around there during the day?

Member #1632
03-07-04, 16:06
I would like to request for some assistance and tips from my fellow connoisseurs about Angeles city, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Around end of March I shall be in Phillipines for about two nights and then one night in Hong Kong. I want maximize the mongering experience. My preference lies with young cute girls with firm bodies with GFE attitudes.

I shall be immensely grateful for advise on the following points:

- How best to get to Angeles from Manila Airport, by road?

- In order to get what I want, shall I spend both nights at Angeles City or one there and one at Makati, Manila?

- Is there a proven method of finding out the best looking girls quickly from the hundreds available at Angeles in 50 different gogo bars? How does one optimize one's time?

- Given the butterfly problem, how to bar fine several girls in a night and also to be with more than one girl at a time? How to recognise the cherry girls? To what distance you can go with cherry girls?

- How to get girls during the early hours, morning, midday? If you request the girls whom you met last night to come in the morning, will it be OK?

- Where to get the best deal in Hong Kong in one day, cost not being the major consideration?

My introduction

This is my debut report. I have partaken the pleasures of female beauty in several parts of the World. Below is a summary by way of an introduction



King’s Cross: there are several strip tease joints in this famous free sex district of Sydney. You cannot miss these places when you reach Kings Cross. There are hustlers, all pretty harmless, vaguely Arab looking, invite you in. For the equivalent of US$ 4.00 you can get inside these joints for unlimited hours. All dance numbers are quite lively and dancers show all parts of the body including pussy with gusto to the rythms of fast music. Most of the dances are young white females,some of them very pretty. While toy are watching, some other young ladies approach you and ask you whether you want to have a "good time". If you feel like some, then go upstairs with her. Item: blowjob, Time,45 minutes, cost Aus$ 121. Full service Ays$170.00. Pretty good deal as the girls are young and pretty. One day I was with a quite young girl who gave a fairly good GFE. I extended the time by another 45 minutes. She told me a lot of stories about her family and that she was actually rich and how she went horse riding every weekend. After we finished she came down with me hand in hand to the exit downstairs to see me off and wish me good bye.

There is also a table dancing joint in Kings Cross. Entry fee AUS$ 16.00 (the cost are so low I sometimes wonder whether these places are being run as a social service for young Australian’s to let the steam off). For that small amount you can go on watching one young girl after another merrily taking their clothes of in front a bunch of goggling men. You can have a private show but no touching for Aus$ 50.00 for 20 minutes. Kind of steep but lovely to look at. Once I took a lovely Armenial girl for a private show. Mind blowing. She woudn’t come with me to the hotel though.

Surrey hill brothels: There are several, you can find them from the yellow pages. I forget the exact names. The service and cost are exactly similar to the ones described at Kings Cross. Here once I met a very pretty tall blonde girl. After the initial shower we got down to business. She had a lovely body and fresh looking pink pussy. Great time. The surprise was at the end of it all she revealed that she was half aborigine. She gave me a good message for five minutes at the end.

The other time I chose a lovely tall and slim Korean girl. Purple pussy and silky pubic hair Totally GFE. She spoke good English and talked about her plans to open her own business with the money she was earning

Bathurst Street: At the Sydney city center above a Pharmacy there is this oriental message parlour. Most taxi drivers know it. For AUS $ 60 spend 45 minutes nude body massage and hand job from an Oriental cutie from Thailand or Laos or Cambodia. Pretty good, drawback no full service.


There is a merry place called Dollhouse. Lovely girls table dancing. Once I was took an extremely beautiful and personable girl for a lap dance. She was dead ringer for Nicole Kidman (I had a day dream that it was Nicole, preparing for a role for her next movie). You pay Aus$ 60.00 for 20 minutes. She took stripped naked. Then she was all over you gyrating quite sportingly. But no touching the pussy. It is a mind blowing experience to feel somebody like Nicole naked on you lap and gyrating. I kissed her passionately on the neck and pressed her lovely round breasts. But sadly no touching the pussy or subsequent full service. While dancing She kept on telling me how long her legs were. I extended the dance by another 30 minutes for which she charged me less that the usual amount. I went out frustrated and "desolate and sick of an old passion"

Brisbane: Go to the place called Bad Girls. More lovely girls table dancing. DSuting happy hours take two girls for lap dancing for Aus$ 60.00. No touching pussy.


Recently I have taken a great liking to black African girls. They can be mind blowingly (this is an adjective I tend to use a lot when talking about girls). After all all the world famous beauties today are blacks, take the examples of Halle Berry and Beyonce and the beautiful tall model, I forget her name.

Nairobi, Kenya:

New Florida: Go to this place called New Florida at the City Centre. It is a night club with a passable restaurant at the first floor and the disco at the second. Entrance fees are minimal. The place is full of young African beauties from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Many of them are part timers and when it comes to sex most forthright of all girls I have ever met. Choose carefully. I always go for the tall 6 footers. Without their clothes the tall young African girls look the Venus of Botticelli painted in a dark colour. I have two steady tall girls, whom I meet whenever I am in Nairobi. They are surprisingly clean and fresh smelling. The best fucks I ever had. Very GFE too.

Take them to the Heron Court hotel, no problems with checking in for a short time with girls. Room cost US $ 40 for the whole night. Pay the girls, usual rate US$ 50-70 depending on the time.

Buffalo Bill: An interesting place run by a white expatriate. Used to be a legendary place at Heron Court Hotel at Milimani road. Due to change of management of Heron Court, this joint, now called RK’s has shifted somewhere near Hurlingham area. The taxi drivers would know it. Jolly place. Have plenty of Tusker beer. Here I met two sisters (cousins) from Uganda. One of them almost 6 ft tall was mind blowing. Took them to a nearby hotel. By the time I entered the room both of them were out of their clothes with loveliest of bodies. They were eager to show their gratitude. Everything was possible and happened. They told me about their Ugandan customs, in which the elder ladies of the household teach the youngers ones about the facts of life and how keep themselves d clean when they reach puberty. Also learnt a new Ugandan technique in which you make love by just entering the tip of your dick into the pussy Sadly I could not find them again.

South Africa:

Johennesburg: Enquired about some escorts. Rand 2500 for one hour (I US$ = 7 rands). Too much. A taxi driver took me to a place in Hyde road (or was it Hyde park). Extremely good. A great selection of girls, white, black and a few imported Thai’s. The latter looked in good demand and pretty jaded although pretty. I choose a lovely from Lesotho. Great girl, had her own equipment like vibrators, lubricants and all. WE got on pretty well and had fantastic sex. Cost? Rand 650 for one hour. After one hour there was knock on the door. She rang up the management and we extended for another hour

Well that about gives an idea about my not so rich experience.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the extra blank spaces before commas and periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not add a blank space in front of commas and periods. Thanks!

03-08-04, 20:25
#1632 and board members,

You can get a taxi right outside after you pass immigration, or have one set up through margarita-station.com or your hotel.

As far as the bars are concerned, everyone has their favorites. The good news is it will take you very very little time to walk into many bars and find what you like. They are right beside each other and you literally walk out of one, take a few steps, and you enter another. I liked Insomnia, Bunny Ranch, Flamingos, but there are others I cant remember that I also liked. You will always be able to find a girl or two you want no matter what time it is.

I never encountered the much bally-hooed butterfly problem. I barfined three girls out of Insomnia who all knew each other and the last two did not hesitate for one moment when I asked them, although I was given "dirty" looks by the ones I had already been with. I also barfined four girls out of Bunny Ranch if my memory serves me correctly, and did a twosome there as well. No problems. Barfined two out of Flamingos who were friends, no problem. Just because the girls may call you a butterfly or seem upset, I dont think they will hesitate at all to go with you if you seem ok and they like you. I was not turned down a single time on my trip, but I saw other guys get turned away by girls for various reasons including too drunk, didnt like the guys nationality, too aggressive, she was scared, etc. However, these are the exceptions and certainly not the rule and nothing to worry about.

As for Manila, just go to LA Cafe if your there for only one night. Pick up a girl, act dumb like you dont know she's a working girl and take her back to your hotel. In the morning offer P500 and send her off. Worked like a charm for me.

Good Luck


Dragon Slayer
03-09-04, 00:37
Member # 1632,

Read the Posts here and in the Hong Kong and Bangkok sections. The guys gave me solid advice on getting to A.C. from the Airport.

I just got back from a trip which included Hong Kong last Feb 15. In Hong Kong getting Pussy is as hard as getting fresh seafood at my place in Leyte. Wanchai Clubs by Night (Neptune, Makati, Laguna, Etc) and Brothels by day. 141 opens at 11:00AM which means a good massage, blowjob and fuck before lunch (1:00PM - 3:00PM in HK). Go to www.******.com for this place. HK section has lots on this.

The Angeles City website helped me quite a bit. So did the Guys here. www,angelescity.com

Thailand, what was your question? I spent too much of my life there and even got married/divorced there years ago. Not sure what you need. I would refer you to the Bangkok section but so many rookies are there bragging about wasting half a year's salary on the Girls, it would hurt rather than assist you.

You will always pay more in Bangkok than in Pattaya City. This due to the high influx of sex tours, tourists and Japanese, Chinese & Korean businessman there on Company expense accounts. Not to mention the hundreds of Rookies whose stories you can amuse yourself with

I go down to Pattaya always for Pussy. Leave Bangkok for business. I pay between B 500 & B 1000 per night (not surkow) for the Ladies. Mai keekwai (no bullshit). If they want more, I "move on", but this rarely happens. In November I had a gorgeous 22 y/o who wanted "big money" (nickanmed her "satang yai"). She got B 500 per day from me and I fucked her 3-4 times a day (have photos, will post in BKK section), plus plenty of great blowjobs.

She could not have been too pissed off as she complained when I left for the Phils as to why I could not stay longer. She could barely speak any English but I do not think that would be an obstacle. Neil Hutchinson, author of "Money Number One" says speaking Thai puts you on the Girls Z List. I doubt it as I rarely bother to disguise this fact. I get right down to it in their language so I don't have to listen to their bullshit (got tired of hearing that 15 years ago).

Go to Pattaya, directly. Buy the book I mentioned, best B 400 investment you will ever make. Read it and use it. Get the price agreed to up front and make it clear this is for all day/night. I had "Boom kop khun Neung" ( fuck you only once) last year who left after I did her three times in a day night. I don't know what she was expecting. I paid her B 500 and she left. Next trip, there was a message waiting for me that she wanted to see me. You figure it out.


03-09-04, 14:01
Angeles versus Pattaya: Point of view of a newcomer in Philippines

I am 41 years old from Swizerland and I was with a French friend (58 years old). We know very well Thailand but it was our first trip to Philippines. I would like to share some remarks.

I was in Angeles for 9 days between the 9 th february and the18 th february. Then, we move to Sabang Beach for 6 days (near Puerto Galera).


From airport, we have booked for 1600 pesos a car of our hotel. We stayed at Central Park Hotel (renovated at 25 USD per night). Nice hotel but the swimming pool is too small to be used (symbolic). The room are clean and the staff very friendly. Guests are welcome. Globally for the same quality, it is possible to find a cheaper hotel in Pattaya, and probably in AC also. But this hotel is in the heart of Balibago.


We have visited almost all the bars of Balibago. I like very well Brown sugar (very funny german manager), Champagne, Dirty duck.

I have taken one girl in Lancelot, one in Dirty duck, 2 in Camelot, 1 in Brown sugar, 1 in Stingers (the only bar with a 1200 pesos barfine), one in Roadhouse (the best girl of the week) , one in Private dancer. My friend have taken girls in Champagne, La Bamba, Bunny and other places but I have forgotten.


Everywhere the barfine was 1000 pesos (except in Stingers where it is 1200 pesos). Drinks at 60 pesos and lady drinks at 125 pesos. Drinks and girls are clearly cheaper in Angeles than in Thailand. The morning, I have given a complementary tip between 0 & 500 pesos given the quality of the relationship with the girl.

Other activities

Compared with Pattaya it is VERY quiet during the day. Nothing to do except to have a drink in Margarita station or Kokomo’s. It is, frommy point of view, the weakest point of Balibago.


Many young girls are between 18 years and 21 years old. The physical quality of girls was a good surprise. In this forum, many mongers have said that Filipinas are not as pretty as Thai ladies. May be, the average beauty of Thai girls is higher but as there are much more customers in Thailand, there are more gorgeous girls on the dance floors in Angeles City than in Pattaya. In Pattaya, many stunners are gone very quickly. In Angeles, the turn over is low. To give you an example of the low turn over, I have checked in Camelot the exit book. On average during this period, only a dozen of girls were barfined every night for almost 80 girls on the dance floor. Most of the time (except for Valentine day), 3 to 5 customers in each bar. I do not know how owners can get enough money with such a low number of clients. One boss told me that in November & December they have more customers. Week ends are also peak periods with Japaneses and Koreans coming for 2 or 3 days.

Performance of girls

May be I was not lucky but I have to say that I was really disappointed by the sexual performance of girls. My friend has had the same remarks. Many are very PASSIVE in the bed (as in the life?). Many girls are very new in the business (1 or 2 months) : Lack of experience, no blow jobs, no threeholes ladies. Furthermore despite their good knowledge of english, I have found that there are less GFE in Philippines than in Thailand. This was a surprise because in this forum, many mongers have said the contrary.

Only one girl has accepted to be assfucked, only 20 % of the girls were OK for blowjobs. May be this approach of sex is the heritage of the Christian (Catholic) culture of Filipinas. For Christians, sex is a sin. Bouddhists people seem more open to sex.

Another sign is their preference for old men (may be because they expect to be less shagged during the night). In Pattaya, I have more success than my older friend. In AC, he was more successful. Nice place for retired people!


On a daily base:

1300 pesos for the room
400 pesos eating
700 to 1000 pesos (drinks including lady drinks)
1000 pesos barfine
200 pesos tip for the girl
400 pesos other

Total : 4000 pesos per day (around 80 USD or 60 euros)

Sabang beach

4 gogo bars in Sabang Beach

Sabang Disco (the biggest one is owned by a Korean guy M. Gil). 80 girls. Many Korean customers.

Philippine Village Disco (in front of Sabang Disco and the same owner, M. Gil). From my point of view, girls are less pretty.

Sunset Disco (at 20 meters, Filipinos owners but same prices)

Broadway Disco (a new one but not many girls)

I have tried only two girls (in Sabang Disco). The barfine was 2000 pesos (they have increased the prices in November from 1 400 pesos): 1000 pesos for the bar, 1000 pesos for the girl. 1000 pesos is OK for the girl but, from my point of view the amount for the bar is prohibitive. But there is no competition. Same prices in all the discos. Furthermore, the ladydrink are at 200 pesos.

The only alternative are hunting girls. After 11 30 pm, the 1000 pesos for the bar is down to 500 pesos. The 2 girls that I have taken, were very good in bed…May be because they are paid correctly (it is not the case in AC, 500 pesos is too cheap for a night to be shagged). Especially the second one. he was 21 years old from Manilla (2 childrens). I stay with her 5 days. She was very GFE, horny all the day and…. a 3 hole lady. She was crying when I have taken the boat to go back to Batangas.

I have been many times in Thailand. I do not yet know if I will be back in Philippines. Not sure. The country is more dirty, the food is fat and well below the Thai food. We do not have any safety problems but it is clearly less safe than Thailand. The quality of girls and the prices (in Angeles not in Sabang) are good points. May be if I would stay a longer period, I could find a good girl in Angeles.

Jimmy Red Cab
03-09-04, 19:58
Dragon Slayer,

You must be the original "cheap charlie", you will not get a classy girl in Bangkok for 500 baht, they will just laugh at you. Stick to the beach road girls in Pattaya, watch out for the Katoeys though. LOL.

Filipina Lover
03-09-04, 20:46
Hello felow mongers.

I will be in Angeles in a month and would like to know if anybody goes to Champagne club. Barfines about 1000ps? Ricks Janangel 2004 I heard from Rick works there. Magie Lacasa with the 36dd chest. I would like to take her out when I go. Anyone who has taken her if they can give me a report on her and rate her. Does anyone know if her hooters are real or silicone? Does she do anal? How much tip does she expect in the morning? Does she give a good girl friend experience and good CIM?

Take care,

Filipina Lover.

Jack Brice
03-11-04, 05:07
Hello fellow PI bound mongers!

I'll be heading down AC way at the end of April through early May. If any of y'all want to meet up for a few San Miguels and a little pool action before we hit the bars, let me know. I'll be down for 'family business' nearby, but staying in AC near the action.

It will be my fifth time down, but it's been a few years since my last visit. So unfortunately any information I have right now is probably outdated. I will however have my trusty digital camera and plan on doing updates on here damn near real-time!

45 days and counting.


03-13-04, 11:52
Popourd 2000,

Good report! Interesting observations. You didn't spend any time in Manila/Ermita and check out the L.A. Cafe and Robinson's mall as well as Harrison plaza for freelancer action. The Philippines also manufactures and sells decent cigars, unlike Thailand.

Flying Scotsman
03-13-04, 18:27

Blue Nile suites are not huge but certainly adequate. The jacuzzis will certainly take an oversize guy (me) and two-three bunnies:)

As far as the pool is concerned not much action there but it is a nice clean pool. Very nice and attentive barmaid at the pool side bar tho. Like you said, " a bit expensive" but worth it for a couple nights luxury. Girls in the club I would say are above average from what I saw in other places which means you dont even need to go outside

Have fun. I will certainly stay there again on my next visit in June.

The Flying Scotsman

Jack Brice
03-14-04, 02:30
Blue Nile was the Trop before, right?

I stayed there back in the day when it was the Tropicana. It had a good pool back then. I'll be staying at Kokomo's this time around though. Less than 25 bucks a night and a computer in the room will let me report 'live'. Plus it's smack dab between Blow Row and the action at Fields. Should be fun.


03-14-04, 10:24
I looked some hotels in Angeles at www.balibago.com
Which of them have the best pool???
Hotsam is arriving next april......:)

03-14-04, 11:18
Posted 02-02-04

"Forget Kokomo's if it's a pool you are looking. Best pools in town are (in order IMHO): #1 Woodland Park, but it's too far from the action, #2 Oasis, class at a price, #3 Clarkton, not a bad mix of locale and value, also has a go-go bar which is kind of "hit or miss"."

Also of note would be the pool at the Green Hills golf course. Open to the public, for a small fee. Swim up bar (sort of, this is Angeles, not Cancun) and it can be fun for your date, as they don't get to go too often.


Jack Brice
03-14-04, 19:21

Then again, I really don't know who is really that concerned about swimming when in A.C.!

My daily routine last trip went something like this:

Wake up around noon to a shot of back. Kick the girl out. Shower and head to the Ville for some food. Play pool until about 4 or 5 pm. Swing by Blow Row. Start bar hopping and around 11 pm, maybe a shot of back at the bar (short-time!). Keep bar hopping until 2 am. Take that night's LBFM back to the spot. Get a shot of back. Sleep. Wake up around noon to a shot of back...

Get the picture? No mention of swimming. Except maybe in suds.


03-15-04, 21:35
to Jack Brice

i'd like to fill the pool of beer and swimming......

Your daily routine is too hard for me!!!!


03-16-04, 03:38

Sounds like a good vacation schedule, but hard to do long time. I enjoy sleeping by the hotel pool prior to getting up and shooting pool.

Have you tried the Thai omlette at the Ville ? Good, as is the S.O.S. but get it on rice instead of toast.


Member #1986
03-16-04, 16:29
Jack 3-13-04

I see your going to be staying at Kokomo's. I too have a reservation there for late May. Let us know how the hotel is? Beds for comfort, food, internet connection (yes I also like the fact they have a computor in your room).

Also let us know how the action, quality of girls, in their club connected to Kokomo's.

I will follow up with a same live report from Kokomo's in May. Till then waiting on your report.

Rio, 66 days & counting.

Dragon Slayer
03-17-04, 10:01
Jimmy Red Cab.

Well hello Little Man. You went to Thailand. Got laid. WOW. Learnded a work in thia, khatoey, which Thais never use. They say poohying, poohchai. As to "cheap Charlie" the word is kinieo. No one EVER called me that. Little man (poohchai nitnoy) you sure as HELL never would.

You need to learn how to read. First, I speak fluent Thai. Why in the fuck would I ever need to pay for pussy in Bangkok? Only 4, 000, 000 gorgeous, regular ladies there.

My reference, if you could read. "little man", was to Pattaya City, known for the last 25 years as "Prostitute City". I have NEVER paid more than B 1000 for pussy in Pattaya. Don't believe me little guy, I will be there in 5 weeks and you can see for yourself, if you have the balls.

My Posts here are to help others and keep them from being ripped off, find educated, successful, like minded world travellers to "hang with" and to learn about areas where I have never been. Not to be insulted by a pathetic, "two day wanna" who obviously cannot even read.

Dragon Slayer

Jack Brice
03-17-04, 18:51
Hi again folks!

FD and HS: I know it a tough routine, that's why I don't go for more than 10 days or so. It would shorten my life span considerably! This time my trip has some family business to worry about, so I will have to be sober a few days. But you have to make the most of it while down there. BTW, I haven't tried the omelette at the ville, but it's on my list now, thanks.

Rio, I'll do my best to give y'all the most details. From the ride into AC to the room, I'll let you know about Kokomo's. Of course, I'll be concentrating on the ladies when writing, but I'll pass on the info to you. So far, their customer service over e-mail has been superb and I hope it carries through the rest of the trip.


03-17-04, 20:02
Dragon Slayer,

Easy big fella ! I too would have felt insulted by the tone of JCB's comments, but let's leave the flame wars to the Thai boards. This is the "kinder, gentler" WSG board.

You'll be in LOS in 5 weeks ? I arrive in BKK on morning of April 30th. You still be around ? I'm doing a "recon" trip for an upcoming family trip.

Gentlemen, I have not mentioned this before, as I am not yet sure whether I can include a RP side trip.


Member #1005
03-18-04, 09:11
Upon first entering Angeles City you will be a little taken back because if Manila is in parts a third world country then Angeles City is definitely a few leagues below the scale. This reminds of one of these old western cities including the occasional bandits. The most noticeable thing that hit me in my first few hours is that its filled with hundreds of old men, I am only in my mid-thirties and do live up to my name here Juniour and its very noticeable especially when you see them with not one but two or three young girls in tow and as a local said to me later there are many dirty old men who come up here.

I had been given a number of options to get from Manila to Angeles City and because I was planning to travel up on a Saturday then I discovered that whoops, there are no flights on Seair, on this day; I was dealing with a travel agent who suggested a number of options one of the sticking points was that there was another flight leaving in the afternoon about 2pm. So after some careful consideration I opted for the hotel car to drive me up there after weighing up the options of taxi to bus station, take the bus to Angeles and then from Clark another taxi to hotel. The cost was 3,400 pesos (U$57) which was a little higher than normal as the hotel (The Dusit) informed me; but for the hassle of carrying my heavy bags in and out of vehicles I thought it was better just to go with this option.

I had booked a room at the Orchid Inn, www.orchid-inn.com in the newly build Jasmine wing; the hotel describes itself as being in the heart of the action and true to its word it is right in the heart of the action, all within walking distance, even if you are on crouches. The only small thing that marred my arrival was that despite several reconfirmations, as to the exact time I would be arriving, I arrive at the hotel after 2.30pm and my room is not ready, in fact I am given the keys to the room but have to wait in the dirty room until a chamber maid comes to make up the room. And the room was a tip it seems a Canadian had stayed in the room the night before and flipped smashing two mirrors in the process and leaving such a mess, that I can only leave you to imagine this, and I questioned whether I had a done the right thing, in checking into this place. Everybody kept saying it was because it was a Canadian, so I guess that's it, official Canadians are mad.

The saving grace of this hotel was one they had continuous hot water, plenty of plugs in the walls, one of the best I have seen in an average hotel; and three, the LAN for computer access worked every time I tried it. Plus, in the Jasmine wing it very quiet at nights if you do want to rest up in your room.

After unpacking a quick rest, a wash and change of clothes I was ready for action, and decided to hit the strip since it was only a short walk away, right on my door step. There is a big choice of where to start because the door girls were all calling out to you trying to entice you into their respective establishments. Some were giving out flyers of various events taking place and one of the first one I received was for the Kitten Club’s Wet n Wild Dance Contest I went in there and the girls were on me like a shot hello sir, where are you from, would you like a drink, what is your name, etc? Although, there are many girls in there I would have to say there were no stunners that caught my eye, and the dancers looked, well to be honest, like they were waiting for a bus on a rainy day. They were totally out of it; even the expressions on their faces said that they wished they were some place other than there.

So I didn’t stay long in there I then went into Camelot part of a chain of three clubs in Angeles and once again the bar was filled with many girls but no real stunners to speak of and the dancers looked lifeless. Moving on to Bunny Ranch which is a sort of a take on the Playboy club although only a few of the girls were actually wearing bunny ears. Once again much the same to report as I found in Bangkok its low season and in all of these clubs there are not too many guys around, so you have a wide choice of girls, but no stunners to speak of. Sorry I can’t list every single bar that I visited here but this post has been complied over the seven days I was in Angeles City.

A special note on one club that stood out for me and that was the Cambodia Club this is part of the chain of clubs belonging to the Asian Fields Group including Blue Nile club and hotel, Neros Forum and Caligula However, it was Cambodia that I was certainly impressed with for the following reasons.

One the girls tended to be the prettiest I had seen and also had some life in them after looking at so many girls who reminded me of stuffed fish, it was refreshing to see someone who was alive and smiled.

Second, the music was much more my taste with rap and R&B type I can’t take too much of this heavy rock pumping out of the speakers at levels that would turn a man mad in a matter of minutes.

Third, although there are a few girl that still pretended to dance a couple of them were the best dancers I had seen in Angeles City and there is nothing better in my opinion than good music, a drink and a fine woman moving her body.

On my first night in the Cambodia club I spotted one girl that caught my eye and it was not long before I invited her over to sit with me and brought her a ladies drink at 125 Pesos (U$2) regular drinks are around 60 Pesos (U$1) and during happy hour, around 6-8pm in most bars 30 Pesos,(U$0.50c) I would suggest if you want to save money that you quickly bar hop during happy hour to get a feel for the talent available. The good thing about the Cambodia Club is that it has an upper level, which is quieter but often filled with dancer when they are not dancing. But up here you can find a nice corner and get to know the girls better before opting to take them out for the night, as I witnessed several guys getting a good feel around during my many visits.

After speaking to Claire (names changed because I have forgotten them) and I said to her that just being new in town I fancied a threesome that night I pointed out one girl, and she went over to ask the girl if she was interested but after speaking to her for a while she came back and said she was a bit shy. She had another friend who she brought over but this girl didn’t do anything for me. She then asked me to describe what I was looking for and I said someone with big tits, she then said oh one of the waitresses Leslie has big tits and went and called her. She introduced me and asked if she was OK I said fine and with that I bar fined the two girls and went straight back to my hotel, although the girls suggested that they wanted to bar hop first but I said later.

In my room the girls I would rate as a seven and six, respectively, washed and got changed and this is where, I should have planned with the room service a little better, because I only had two towels and I made a note that in future I require three towels in my room. In bed the two girls started with a BBBJ although I found it was Leslie doing all the work. Then after a bit of a warm up I put on a condom and started to ride Claire, while Leslie was kissing me as I had a good feel of Leslie’s big tits. Then a change of position and I entered Claire from behind and after a few strokes she stops, says something to Leslie in Tagalog and jumps out of bed and head towards the bathroom. Leslie explained that Claire had just come and said because she had not had sex in a long while I had made her come very quickly and she was somewhat embarrassed by this, don’t get me wrong I am not exceptionally big guy but its just that Claire was very small and obviously sensitive.

Leslie moves in to take over where Claire had left off, I asked if she wanted change of condoms but she said no and simply got a tissue and wiped off the condom and presented herself towards me to enter her from the rear (no not anal sex). I had to work hard before I came and half way through Claire had now come back and was sitting in a chair by the bed somewhat apologetic but I said no problem as long as she enjoyed it to which she said that she had only ever come a few time before but never so soon. So she said she was a Cherry girl to me because this is the first time for this to have happened to her.

Following this we talked for a while and then I agreed that girls could go home after an hour more which was good for the both of us. Despite paying the 2,000 Pesos (U$ 36) bar fine for the two girls did not ask for or hold out for a tip of any type. So all and all not a bad service for a grand total of 2,600 Peso (U$46) On subsequent nights I would make a point of going into the Cambodia Club to get to know a few more of the girls, however I didn’t bar fine any others because I was now building up a large number of contacts in AC that was taking up a great deal of my time.

But that was my first twenty four hours in Angeles.


Member #1005
03-18-04, 09:12
More from Cambodia

Member #1005
03-18-04, 10:39
More Cambodia Club

Member #1986
03-18-04, 19:36
Jack Brice,

Thanks for the reply, I will be looking forward to your observation of Kokomo's. I must say also that the responses I have received via email from Kokomo's staff have been quite plesant. It has never taken them more than a day to return any answers to the questions I have asked and they have been more than helpful setting up my transportation from/to Manila airport. Hope you have fun.


64 & counting.

Jack Brice
03-19-04, 02:52
Now, now Junior, don't knock the dirty old men. That's what I want to be when I grow up--a dirty old man!

I'm in my mid thirties as well, but I don't remember there being that many old guys when I was there last. The ones that were, hung out towards the north end of Fields around the (at the time) German owned bars.

BTW, that last pic is a sweetie, I'll be stopping by the Cambodia to check it out. However, I'm just the opposite: I like that heavy metal rock blaring at you, mixed with other music that just doesn't belong, like: Tarzan Boy, Baltimora; Be my lover, Spice Girls; One night in Bangkok, etc. Trust me, helps keep the yang up.

Good report, by the way!


03-19-04, 21:40
I thought this board was to exchange experiences and to gain information on our common goal the pusuit of fine pussy. I did not think this board was for implying others experiences were bogas or that someone is tougher than someone else. I'm over 6 feet 3 inches tall and I weigh 240 lbs and live half my day in the gym these days but no one here gives a damn, people would rather hear about the 3 holers and ladies who preform quality service more than anything else. I also dont comment ever that others experiences are not true since I was not there to see it myself how the hell do I know what some other guys good fortune may have been. I would not waste my time on anyone who believes my experiences are BS or who insulted me. Being in a Filipino jail is not what I come to AC for. Ill be in AC fom March 23rd til May 9th for the most part, Ill be in Blue Nile, Stinger, Champange and Bunny Ranch mostly. Many times Ill be wearing the #21 Buffalo Bills jersey of Willis McGahee when Im out and Im usually with Filipino friends I have there. I hope we keep to reporting events and sharing experiences here and Ill share what I have when I get back to Florida in May. Best Wishes to ALL MONGERS.

Reguards McBarker.

03-19-04, 22:27
To Bill,

No unfortunatly I have not spent time in Manilla. May be next time if I go back in PI. Some exciting reports on this board are far from my personal experience but I was may be unlucky with girls. For cigares I am not a smoker. I just like to be smoken by Asian girls.

Thanks for the information for freelancers in Manilla.


Dragon Slayer
03-20-04, 01:04

Both of you are very knowledgeable on A. C. So I think I should stay at the Blue Nile for P3000/Nt suites and taxi over to Fields Ave. Does this sound right? The jacuzzi room sounds good, even tough suite rooms with a beautiul jacuzzi cost me only P 1500 at Metropolis Court in Cebu. I might as well have it nice or my irst trip there after 14 years visiting the Philippines 5-6 times/year.

What are some decent restaurants on or around Fields Ave? I like good food, in a nice atmosphere. Not a fast food or "greasy spoon" sort. Any places to buy good wine/champagne or will that have to wait for the Tinder Box in Makati or Cebu?

Do any of you know a tailor shop in A. C. ? Gigi, in China, ended up with my dragon slayer shirt last December. I need to get some new ones made up in fine silk (cost a fortune here in the US). I will get back at Gigi by posting her nude photos (36C tits) in the Davao section. I already have Jian from near Beijing showing her tits down there, so why not?

Ya, I know it's the wrong section, but I said before, all my Pals are in the Philippine and Thailand sections. I could not get a single response to many Posts asking for help in the China sections last year before my first of my three trips there (back again this trip). Somehow, I don't think anyone will complain about Gigi's tits flopping around down there (Davao Sec).

I arrive in Manila at 10:25 PM and should be on my way to A. C. by 11:15 PM. Night of April 22. See all you guys there that night around 1:15 AM as I clean up and change clothes on the plane before landing. At 6'4'. 240Lb dressed in black, I cannot be hard to spot.

Get some babes and host a "Champagne Jacuzzi party" at my place.

Dragon Slayer

03-20-04, 05:45
Hey guys,

I just wanted to know your opinion for a newbie: You think its better to get the Apartelle Royale jacuzzi room or the Orchid Inn deluxe room?

Member #1005
03-20-04, 07:32
Day Two & Three Angeles City

I came down for breakfast in the Orchid-inn to see one guy coming out of his room with not one or two but three girls in tow. Most of the guys I saw that first morning had two though. The Orchid was a relaxed place obviously its not the type of place where people get up too early to go down for breakfast but at around 10.30 11.30am is the sort of rush hour for breakfast.

To give you a feel for the place most of the people I encountered asked me how many girls I had last night and wouldn’t believe me when I said none, on subsequent nights some other people would ask me how many girls I bar fined the previous nights - no not the other tourists, but Angeles locals, I guess the reputation of the foreigners is a bit bad.

The Orchid-Inn has its own night club, The Flamingo Club, come bar etc with pool table and girls but whilst I did go in several times to have a look at the scene I never bar fined any of the girls there as they were not my type, despite the mama-san trying her hardest to point out the cherry girls and I said I am not interested in girls who don’t know how to fuck, then a change of tactics and she pointed out the experienced ones, whom in my opinion were basic 4s or 5s.

Question: Can someone tell me what is the big attraction of a cherry girl that you want to pay over the odds for the privilege of having such a girl, why?

However, with it being low season, one night I got in there are 2.40am, The Flamingo closes at 3am, after coming from elsewhere and the girls looked much too desperate for my taste, with only four other customers in the place, I do like a bit of a challenge. Despite it being low season the Orchid-Inn was still busy and fully booked as I was constantly informed by the hotel reception staff.

In AC providing you stay on the main strip on Field Avenue, I got the feeling its relatively safe at all hours but I would not recommended it if you are drunk, because I have known of people in some countries to have been mugged in the most secure central parts of the city during daylight hours, so it shows you can get mugged anywhere if someone is desperate enough. You could have problems walking down the far end of Santos street where there is no street lighting and remember that some people have next to nothing, whilst some of them literally have nothing so you might not consider yourself wealthy but that watch or digital camera you always carry about with you could earn someone more than they legitimately earn in a month.

A great place I found to eat was a Thai restaurant that is also a guest house, somewhere else to go if you want a change from Steaks and Burgers.

Krung Thai Restaurant, 1035 C Fields Avenue, Balibago

As a city Anglese is a bit sparse compared to Manila one thing I did notice was the lack of ATMs in the locality, in this day and age I find it a bit strange that people have to carry around large bundles of cash, they say only drug dealers, criminals or people on the run from the law need to carry around bundles of cash. To find an ATM there are a few local machines down town with several located at the SM Mall, but if like me you require an international bank's ATM there is no Citibank and apparently there is an HSBC in AC, which I tried to find, but failed despite directions from the hotel because it was not in the location it was said to be in.

I am breaking this post up into separate reports to share the information on certain subjects of interest to mongers.


Member #1005
03-20-04, 07:41
Blow Job Bars

Poupard2000 for you

I will make a special note about these bars, because I had seen a question from someone that had asked, if there were any blow job bars in Angeles City. Well, yes there are in fact a few Black Pearl, Shadow etc they are to be found on Santos Street although the street signs are not very useful.

Fortunately Angeles City’s entertainment strip is not big and at a reasonable estimate I would say most bars are within 10 minutes of each other, for an able bodied walker. I would say that there is something like eight or more blow job bars in that row.

A Word of Warning I noticed that there are some “transvestites” “transsexuals” ,“ladyboys” or whatever, operating/working in some of the BJ bars on the left hand side next to Duke of York if you are walking down from Kokomo’s. During the day they are not so visible but at night there were at least three I could count, obviously calculating that the odd drunkard might come along, the type who thinks that a girl who is a 3 by everybody else’s standard, is an 8, in their books might not actually notice who is servicing them, waking up the next morning and imagining they had some model or actress blowing them for 500 Pesos so be warned and be careful.

The bars describe themselves as being Cocktail bars, however there is really only one cocktail they serve up. I made a point of looking at the various bars during different hours and unlike the bars and clubs of Angeles City these are opened 24 hours a day. The sizes are very small by comparison to a regular bar and four clients would make the place look full as you walk down Santos Street be prepared for people calling out to you trying to attract to business. However, one night when I was looking down there one of the transvestites approached me trying to grab hold of my hand asking what I was looking for and my reply was “a woman”

The one bar that I can say stood out for me was the Black Pearl, it always had some clients and judging by their ages of these guys, I would imagine it took them back to their youth when they were first based in Subic. The prices are as follows its 500 Pesos (U$9 ) for a BBBJ; as it has been described previously, the conditions are very very basic and I made of point of looking at the rooms above the bar, where the deed takes place and was not impressed; several of the night shift girls were sleeping in the rooms. I can only imagine how often the sheets get changed. The girls are flexible and if like myself, you are staying locally, you can take them back to your room at the Orchid Inn for short time and no extra charge.

At only 500 Pesos (U$9) a pop you are not going to break the bank and where else in the world can you wake with a hard on in the morning, and think: hmmmm, got a hard on this morning, I think I will get someone to suck my dick? I tried the service twice during the day time when its was very quiet. Generally, the service was good I have no complaints there but let’s put it this way the girls are no stunners, OK two are so so maybe a 5 but don’t imagine for 500 Pesos you are going to find any local beauty queen to suck your dick. However, good looks a blow job bar are deceiving because last year in a pink saloon in Tokyo one of the ugliest girls in the place made me come with her technique in a matter of minutes, just as I was thinking this one is bound to be at it for hours before I could come.



Member #1005
03-20-04, 07:42
Black Pearl girl

Member #1005
03-20-04, 07:46

I noticed in a couple of clubs and various establishments in AC that there were many signs up selling Viagra, as this question frequently crops up I decided to investigate further. The prices ranged from 500 – 800 Pesos (U$9-14) for 80mg and 100mg a tablet. I also observed signs for Viagra substitute, but anyone interested in these products I would suggest a word of caution because there are many counterfeit drugs floating about so as I am not a qualified pharmacist I cannot vouch for the quality of these drugs.

One of these street vendors claimed to be selling DVDs I brought one out of curiosity to see the quality only to discover that it was actually a low quality VCD and not a DVD. I would suggest if you require Viagra that you bring them with you rather than rely on purchasing them from an unknown source.


Member #1005
03-20-04, 07:51
Blow Row - Santos Street

Member #1005
03-20-04, 08:20
Fast Forward to the following days in Angeles City

During the days in AC I was in pursuit of regular girls that I have been in contact through various web chats etc and had the contact details for six of them but arranged to meet up with four of them in Angeles City, just to go for dinner. Here is the outcome, one of them the first I met for dinner is a nice girl and sweet, let’s call her Girl one a bit naďve to the real world however because despite living in Angeles City for over a year she still doesn’t know much about it. She turned up to dinner with her friend and we discussed many things and she told me she had a friend working in the Blue Nile as a traditional dancer. I had previously been into the Blue Nile and have yet to see any traditional dancers. I left it that I would get in contact with her and received several text messages the following days with quotes from the bible or something to that effect but I didn't have time to meet up again- too busy.

Girl two I arranged to meet at 11pm in Komoko initially and once again she brought along a friend where after twenty minutes we went to R&B, a club near Clark with live bands singing popular hits, and if you have never seen live bands singing popular R&B and hip hop tunes its worth a visit to hear Boyonce’s “Baby Boy”, 50 Cent’s “In the Club” and Chingy’s “Right Thurr”, sang with a Philippino twang to it.; a good night’s entertainment.

Girl Two was OK and on the following night we went to the Pick Up Disco which surprised me as being better than I had expected, she wanted to bring her friend along or rather the friend wanted to come, but I said no because for one her friend already had a boyfriend and two, she had too much of an expensive taste for my liking, I hate girls who order things off the menu and leave it, having only taken a few bites out of it, especially when I am paying the bill. I was always brought up to eat what you have on your plate and only put on what you intend to eat. What made it worse is that this girl was not working either and yet girl two, who was working, was not as extravagant as this girl. I said if this girl wanted to come to this disco she should bring her boyfriend to pay her way because I certainly wasn’t picking up her bill.

The Pick Up disco has slightly misleading name, because in a city like Angeles I really was expecting a pick up disco but its more of an up market club for the affluent Philippinos in AC and all those who want to be. You can meet many single women in there, as you can in most places in AC, however I would recommend that if you take a girl here, you are looking to impress her. After a night of dancing at 3am I suggested that she shouldn’t be travelling home alone, as it wasn’t safe for a young lady to be going home alone and stay with me, she was undecided and kept saying well I must get home, but in the end after saying I was only interested in her welfare and it would be on my conscience if something happened to her; she stayed with me, we did not have sex that night but just slept, because she was concerned that like most of the foreigners I just wanted one thing boom boom and nothing more (50% true). Obviously, I told her this was not the case, anyway in the morning she initiated sex and I naturally responded. Girl Two I liked very much because I didn’t expect her to be relaxed with me because in our earlier corresponded she was a bit stand off-ish at times; however I was impressed by her when she offered to cook me some food and got up at 6am to cook it. I went out a few times with her and later on we went to SM mall where I brought her two new outfits as thanks for the meal. I will expect to keep in touch with this girl in the future she is A OK. She stayed with me a couple of times and on my last night there in bed she had tears in her eyes and I asked what was wrong but she didn’t say but I think she was attached to me by now because I said if I come back later on in the year what would you like for me to buy for you and she said a ring, a wedding ring, then she claimed she was only joking.

Girl Three She was a bit of a surprises really because when I called her she said she couldn’t speak and would text me right away (strange), then she texted me three times to say she wanted to tell me something urgently but didn’t know how and was a bit paranoid that I would hate her if she told me this big secret. I was thinking, is this really a man? Anyway after many text messages it turns out she’s five months pregnant to some guy who ran off as soon as her heard she was pregnant and she thought I was going to hate her because of this. But I was OK I took her for dinner twice to reassure her that everything was alright and we discussed her plans for the future. Her biggest problem right now is her mother threw her out when she discovered her daughter was pregnant and her brother, who is an hairdresser and gay, well no surprises there then, took her in and is promising to look after here and the baby when it arrives in April/May. I told girl two about her and when we went shopping at SM she suggested I buy her some baby clothes and items which I did to help her out.

Girl Four

Was a sweet very young looking girl, we met when she arrived 45 minutes late with her sister to go to one of the local malls. This girl offered several times to come to my hotel but to be honest, she didn’t do anything for me, we just didn’t click and whilst some guys like the idea of having a sweet innocent girl, I was not interested. She told me that she wasn’t a virgin, as if that made a difference but I said I am sure the right guy is out there somewhere for you. Apparently, she is in the process of going to Japan as an entertainer, but I warned her to look at the contract carefully because having been to Japan, last year, I saw what a lot of these “so-called” entertainers are expected to do. This girl then wanted me to meet her parents of which I managed to get out of the first time but she kept calling me and texting me following this, so out of kindness I agreed to go to her home for a couple of hours only because I said I already had other commitments that day. On arrival at her house, what seemed like the whole family was there and not only that they had cooked specially for me, uncles, grandmother etc, I don’t know what she had told her family about us, but I made it clear we were just friends. Anyway I just left it like that in the end and that was the last time I saw her whilst in AC. I did text her from the airport to say good bye and use up credits on the Smart cell I had brought.

Girl Five

When I first arrived in Manila, unfortunately she was ill and was not in a position to meet up with me before I went up to AC, but since I had brought her a small present, I arranged for her to meet up when I returned from Angeles to Manila I gave her a call and she came to meet up with me. She was once again a nice girl but boy could this girl talk, I have always been someone who is naturally talkative but this girl was something else. A very nice genuine girl because as I was leaving she even came with me to the airport to help me with my bags but at this stage on departing the Philippines, I had now met so many other girls that my mind was already fixed on Girl two.

So summing up my conclusions anyone who spends less than two days in Anglese City and fails to find a regular girl, from the thousands available, all I can say is there must be something seriously wrong with them. I even observed one guy in an electric wheel chair with no legs, a bit like Hank Hill from “King of the Hill” coming down Field’s avenue with a girl on the back of his ride – only in AC!


Member #1005
03-20-04, 10:27
Those of you interested in the historical parts of Angeles City

03-20-04, 13:11
GREAT report(s) Juniuor!!

Here I am turning 30 in a few months thinking I'm now "old", and you seem to be talking about 70 year grandpas in wheelchairs fucking left and right LOL!!

Actually, I JUST booked the Orchid myself, so I was curious to hear an update on that place. So, I take it you recommend it??

I will be in A.C. on the 30th (I think). So, yeah, I'm more pumped after hearing your report. Also, what chat rooms do you go to meet all the regular girls??

Lastly, what about the SM mall. Can you meet "regular" girls there too? I always here about Cebu (which I could have if it wasn't for having my stinking girlfriend there LOL) and Manila. Is it just as easy to pick up girls there.

But I know, I know, it's A.C., why would I bother, right?

Jack Spratt
03-20-04, 14:50
Juniour, I don't know about the other 100 or so people who had viewed your photos of the girls from the Black Pearl, but I would take very little pursuading to let other of them blow me - particularly the one pictured in the bar.

We all have different tastes, but I would rate her well above 5.


Jack Brice
03-20-04, 16:07

People with enough time to hit the bar girls, blow row, and regular girls! Talk about time management.

I'll be honest with y'all, I only worry about the first two. But I do have a little story about a regular girl.

One of my early trips back in the nineties, I went broke around day 7 (of 12). I had paid the hotel in advance, so I had a place to stay, breakfast, and a ride back to the airport. That was it, besides some chump change. I was pondering this at the Ville, and it must have been obvious because this one honey came over and started talking to me. To make a long story short, she took me out to, uh, "cheer me up". She told me to stay at her house for the rest of the time there, and she'd hook me up with the ride to the airport. So I got my money back for the rest of the time at the hotel, plus the van fare, and stayed with her. The extra money was about 100 bucks and was plenty for a good time with her for the rest of the trip. She cooked for me, partied with me and had some great sex with me. She went with me on the bus to the airport, and made sure I made it safely.

She was the epitomy of a nice Filipina. I will never forget that and it's one of the reasons the PI will always be at the top of my list.


PS: Hey Jack S., I must agree with you, old girl at the Blow Row bar could hook me up any day, especially after a couple SM under my belt.

Maybe I need to up my standards.

NOT! Haha!

Member #1005
03-21-04, 09:51

How to have a good time in the Philippines, having spent the best part of twenty odd days in Bangkok, Manila and Angeles City there are a number of things I will share with you to have a good time. In AC the mongering is good but after a few days I preferred the option of chasing regular girls ,hard work but rewarding, I will do this by bullet points:

1. Get yourself a cell, you can bring your own cell phone and buy a chip from either Smart or Globe, check my earlier posts for more details. In this day an age you need to have a contact point and let me assure you these girls will be texting and calling you regularly. Honestly, the amount of times I was with other girls and received a text message or calls from the last one was unreal, not about anything in particular but just asking what I was doing- obviously, chasing other women. Also on Smart you can passaload no not that stuff you have been smoking all week, but transfer some money from your balance to some else and when you think that 10 Pesos (18 cents) is a big deal to someone out there but literally peanuts to ourselves and during my stay I gave several loads to girls I had met.

2. Smarted yourselves up for mongering, its not the first time I have seen this and if you want to impress a girl, sorry a sandals and a t-shirt you have been wearing all day, doesn’t cut it. Sometime I was embarrassed to see the way some guys dressed in both Thailand and the Philippines. Most of the places I visited people always remembered my name because I took pride in my appearance.

3. When you come and meeting regular girls bring small presents, like perfume, small boxes of chocolates, etc, you don’t need to spend big money here but girls will be very appreciative. They will want to cook for you or wash your clothes in return as well as spending time with you.

4. Bar girls are fine but remember in the Philippines there are something like seven girls to every boy born, like I said before and will say again, if you cannot find a steady girl there must be something seriously wrong with you. There are a number of ways to meet regular girls via chat sites and pen pals, you need to inform them that you will be coming and would like to meet up. As I clearly, stated that I had the contact details for six girls I had promised to meet when I came but could only meet up with five of them, too many women not enough time. I also had the cell no of two others girls whom I didn’t tell them I was going to be in town but as it turned out I would not have had time to meet them anyway. Even if you go to a bar in P Burgos Street and shell out a few thousand pesos on the girls a majority of them are open to meeting you later, as I experienced. In fact, all of the girls who I met, that had cells, gave me their numbers as asked me to get in contact.

5. In Angeles City you won’t need to have a lot of money to have a good time but ATMs are far from the Field Ave, so have enough money to carry you over. The Orchid Inn does have wall safes in most of the rooms, so make sure you lock your shit up. AC is the type of place you love or you hate but for every hooker that are five or more regular girls you can meet.

6. Make conversation with people talk to people you meet, male & female, in stores or wherever ask them about themselves, let them know you’re single and looking. If you do meet girls even if they already have boyfriends ask them to hook you up with their good looking single friends, every girl has an attractive single friend. One girl I got to know from this club, who was a very attractive girl, said to me that when she walks in the mall and sees these girls with a foreign boyfriend she always asks herself: “what does she have that I don’t have, to get such a guy?” And let me assure you some of the guys I saw in various malls were not that much of a catch anyway with girls who are 7s, 8s and 9s.

7. Like everywhere there are good and bad bars, without mentioning names about specific bars I would suggest you come with an open mind as to what to expect. I splashed out on ladies drinks a couple of times, but I had no one offering to such my dick on just a couple of ladies drinks, even when there were only three customers in the bar nor did I observe this taking place. Likewise, even just paying out for orange juices I still got the same type of treatment.

8. On photos: I have recently heard that because of the relative ease of copying photos that many other lesser known web sites have been stealing "our photos" and passing them off as their own……honestly! Worst still, charging for the privilege of using stolen photos, this is one reason I have defaced all of the 30 odd photos I have posted. I suggest you do the same whether by putting your name across them, a caption or whatever. I don’t see why someone else should benefit from my hard work. Plus all the girls that were happy for me to take their photos I have posted their pictures, the girls that asked for me to mask their identity I have done so because there is no point me revealing their identity and forcing them to leave their respective establishments. This is why the two girls from Scandals whom I masked their identity I have kept my promise, as one of them has already had her imagine posted on dating sites and porn sites without her knowledge so quite naturally she was a bit paranoid about photos. Plus anyone with an IQ that runs into double figures should really not have any difficulty in locating the people if you go the places I mentioned. If they are not there either they are not working or someone else has bar fined them already.

Enjoy yourself, one final photo


03-22-04, 14:21

Please fill us in on how you came up with the figure of 7 girls to every boy born. This reminds me of the guys who used to tell me to go to Brazil and Colombia because there were 15 women to every man. When I look up the population figures for all these countries, they are always close to 50-50. Where do all these women stay who dont get counted?

I did alot of asking around when I was in Angeles City about meeting regular girls. One of the problems is, every girl in that city knows exactly why 99% of the men go there. Mongering, of course. It makes it more difficult to meet truly nice girls from good, strict families. Girls will go out with guys, certainly they will do it. You have money and they know you will spend it on them so its a no brainer for the girl. They cant lose, but do they take AC guys seriously? I dont know, maybe others can chime in on this question who have been there more often than me. I didnt have time to look for regular girls in AC, my plate was full every day.


03-22-04, 22:59

Your exactly right about meeting regular girls in AC. Its very, very difficult because we are sterotyped as sex tourists, which is true. I'm divorced from a regular girl who worked at a hotel in AC and this girl had no past history with men prior to me and she was inocent, but my whole marriage was haunted with how many bargirls did you screw before you met me ect, ect.

Once she felt comfortable here she had no problem bring things up in my past when I was there even though I was faithful to her our entire marriage. I would highly recommend not marrying a woman from Pampanga to anyone. Cebu IMHO has been over used in the penpal business and its not ripe for the picking.

Dumaguete I've heard from ex-pats in Cebu is the place to go to meet regular girls, semi pro's and pro's. I've heard nothing but great things about Dumaguete. A few people report here Davao is good and the people who write this have very crediable reports so I tend to believe its true. I was in Leyte in November on Biliran Island town of Naval and there were all regular girls there and no action to speak of, but no stunners either. There is a reason girls in AC carry more than one cell phone its because there is more than one Sugardaddy. I take AC for what it is a 24 hour a day party but if I want a regular girl I would go to Dumaguete 1st. AC girls play men as well as Jimi Hendrix played the guitar. By the way I leave for AC in 14 hours. I will be at the Clarkton Hotel. I'll be in the PI 7 plus weeks and will go to Cebu, Dumaguete and Boracay too but I'll mostly be in AC. I arrive late at night on the 24th at Clark Airport on Asiana Airlines.

Reguards to all Mongers,


Member #1005
03-23-04, 08:22

Maybe you should check out the Infant mortality rate, whereby children are generally not counted until they reach the age of one. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to count the population myself, but when I find the time I will look for them. Philippines is unique in that there are a high number of females around, just look at the world of business and how many females in the Philippines are CEO of large corporations and they currently have their second female president. This country is a female dominated country without a doubt.

I cannot comments on what your friends claim about Brazil & Colombia maybe you should try addressing this question to them.

On finding regular girls, in the first two days I was with girl two I spent no more that 1,500 Pesos on meals and drinks for us all, and this includes when her friend first came out with us, so do the maths. On subsequent times she made a point of paying for things, as I am sure others will tell you because she didn’t want me to think she couldn’t pay her way, hence the dinner she cooked. Maybe with your attitude to women you are the one with the problem, because most guys I know have no problems meeting regular girls especially in the Philippines. Remember I know people, who are business families in Cebu, many Chinese-Filippinos, and I’ve had no problems socialising with them, the only problem with Chinese-Filippinos is they are always match-making and will make an effort to look after you, all the time hence they sometimes feel insulted if you come to their city and don’t stay with them and I have know this family for 14 years.

As I will say and say again, if you cannot find a steady girl in the Philippines maybe there is something seriously wrong with you, and judging by some of the horror stories I heard girls telling me about some of the guys they had known its no wonder some guys have problems making a relationship last.

My only tip to someone like you is to maybe treat the girls as a human being and not just a piece of meat, providing you changed your attitude you might fine much more GFE in my opinion. Providing you have time between these 500 Pesos beauty queens, keeping your plate full.

I will be looking forward to your post, should you actually write one.


03-23-04, 20:29
Hey fellas,

I get a hoot listening to this juniour character lecturing me on morality, exploitation, how to treat women, etc etc., as he just finished P4P in the RP for several days. Unbelievable.

Juniour, my son, I didnt go to AC to look for a regular girl. I went to bang my cock off and mission was accomplished. I ask around about regular girls and was told it was not a good idea in that neck of the woods and I believe that to be true. Just because a few girls went out with you doesnt mean anything son. The websites are full of AC girls looking for men, most of them pros and semi-pros. But, you can do what you want, I dont care.

Since you like to lecture me about not having a regular girl in the RP I have a question for you. Where is your regular girlfriend? You claim to have lived in the RP for many years, but you act like a novice in Manila with all your escapades. Whats a veteran like you doing in AC or La Cafe? Remember what you keep saying son, if you cant find a regular girl in the RP there is something seriously wrong with you. So, whats wrong with you?

Dont care how many women you see in the RP, the fact is the population is roughly 50-50. Infant mortality rate? What, are only the boys dying? Give me a break son.

One last note to the board. This juniour character sent me a hilarious email saying, among other veiled threats, that I should stop talking about LA Cafe or the terrorists might bomb it. Like they havent known about that place and who goes there for the past umpteen years. Your a rocket scientist fella. Oh BTW, the only thing you would wipe your ass with me on me is my foot.

Later fellas,


03-23-04, 22:54
Just for the heck of it, CIA worldfacts website provides the following info:

Sex Ratio:

At birth: 1.05 male(s)/female
under 15 years: 1.04 male(s)/female
15-64 years: 0.99 male(s)/female
65 years and over: 0.77 male(s)/female

Total population: 1 male(s)/female (2003 est.)

Infant Mortality:

Total: 24.98 deaths/1,000 live births
female: 21.91 deaths/1,000 live births (2003 est.)
male: 27.9 deaths/1,000 live births

So, like most places, more boys born than girls, that remains true into their youth, but as the male population grow older males die sooner and younger and the ratio begins to favor the women. Note that at fifteen there are still more boys than girls. But the stretch between fifteen and sixty four it reverses slightly.


Jack Brice
03-24-04, 00:03

just like every other country worth mongering in, you will find regular, semi-pro and pro girls (panama, costa rica, etc). however, i must agree with mcbarker, the ac environment isn't conducive to finding a "keeper". the clubs have a huge influence on their surroundings making ac like a fantasy land. the old saying goes "you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl." only switch "bar" for "ac" and it's the same situation. i can hear the voices of military past saying, 'hey man, this one's different...' right.

i'm not saying there aren't exceptions in ac, but you are better off looking outside of pampanga. there are plenty of traditional girls if that's your speed. but if you want traditional girls that will fuck you, you're dreaming. if the 'regular girls' you meet in ac slept with you, well, they just ain't very traditional and are a product of their environment. but hey, ac is for dreaming. the bad part is that sooner or later you will wake up.

i go to ac for the adult playground that it is, not looking for true love. besides, i would never marry a girl from ac. imagine coming to visit her folks and roaming around ac with your wife. that's like taking sand to the beach, man!

ultimately, it's to each his own. also, further reports on the ac women's culture should probably go on another thread and not here. this thread is reserved for mongering and ho-chasing. but i repeat myself.


03-24-04, 00:42

Seven weeks in the RP huh? You lucky dog. Your right about AC, I think it would be a very difficult proposition to have a trusting relationship start there. I dont know how you would explain why, of all places, you are in AC looking for Ms. Right. Sound like a hard one to me. I agree with you, its probably better to view AC as a sexual fantasy land more than anything else. I am trying to make it back over in April/May. If I do, I will probably go to AC for at least a night or two so maybe we can all hook up and compare war stories. Have a good one.


Member #1986
03-24-04, 00:44

Where are you when we need you. You seem to be the most respected senior member here, while saying that, I think we need some intervention here between two members. You have come on before and have asked calm with the flaming.

I like what you said the last time, (we are on a Filipina board site, its alot more laid back site, not like the others) and I agree with you. So guys lets bury the differences and just have fun with the LBFM's, regular girls, semi pro's, or pro's. We all have had our different experiences with each group.

That is just my thought. I truly like this board and want to see it as an advantage to each and all of us. I am open to your comments good or bad. But, there is always a but isn't there, I truly know that each of you have alot of valuable information to contribute to this board as I have read all of your reports. I thank Jackson & this board for letting me express my thoughts.

By the way, I will be there in late May for 3 nights if any of you are going to be there then let me know.


55 & a wake up.

03-24-04, 02:08
Rio Loco,

Advice taken. I'm done. Sorry for cluttering up the board with my little tiff with juniour. We're all mongers, so back to the issues at hand.


Member #1005
03-24-04, 07:59

I have to agree lets just keep this space for people that are “actually” posting a report.


Member #1005
03-24-04, 13:30
Angeles City Bars & Clubs,

OK now we have all the distractions out of the way, finally, one last thing I will say about the clubs of Angeles City, there are many to choose from and basically depending on your music taste or whatever your preference to a busy bars or quiet ones, I am sure in AC there is something for you. OK now, let's not get carried away I am not saying your will find the most beautiful women in the Philippines up here because they are either already in Manila or overseas but look hard and low and there are a few diamonds to be had.

OK I have been slightly biased in my posts with my preference of the Cambodia Club but there are many other clubs such as Wet Seals, Camelot, DMZ Bar, Cheeters, Tom Cat, Kitten Club, Suckers, Flamingo Club, Las Vagas, Blue Nile, Lancelot, Road House, Hollywood etc it's really up to you whatever floats your boat;age, race or colour is not a problems to enjoying yourself here.

On hotels and I know there are new ones in the process of being built as we speak, Orchid-Inn is a good hotel for what it is, it not pretentious and the staff are extremely helpful and welcoming, no one asks any questions when you take your guests back to your room, one two or three, maybe they might draw a line if you wanted to bring in a donkey to your room, but I mean that in jest. I would appreciate information on other hotels in the vicinity because if I was there in the low season and it was full just imagine the situation during the high season.

Finally, one small appeal in the Cambodia Club there is one girl called Drew a very sweet girl, you will notice her because she has lost her right eye but don't ignore her, because she has a heart of gold and in fact I made of point of buying her several ladies drink and bar fined her one evening, no, not for sex, but just for dinner and talk because I wanted to know what happened to her eye. But anyway don't ignore her buy her a drink look after her she is great fun to be with.

That's all I have to say on AC

Enjoy Angeles City


Member #1986
03-24-04, 14:05
Milkster, Juiour

Thank you for the truce. This is a great board and I know both of you have alot to contribute. I follow the reports and have gained valuable information here. I to will be posting my report in May. So keep the good times rolling!


03-26-04, 00:49
Hey Guys,

I just got back from four weeks in Angeles. It was great, everything you guys said it would be and more. I basically planned my whole trip based on the information you all have supplied over the last few months. So thanks to all of you.

I first arrived in Manilla very late. I had a ride waiting for me that took me straight to my hotel in Angeles. It was past two three in the morning by then, but I was so hyped that I had to go out and do something. I first went to Kokomoz and had one of their huge rum and cokes for 45 Pesos; this was just to get the lay of the land more or less. I met some local guy and he took me to the Cambodia Club. I took three girls out of there and had a great time. I continued to take out two or three girls each night from various clubs for the first week. In the second week I already had a few favorites and usually returned to them as opposed to stomping out new territory. I took a few to Boracay with me and had a blast there.

In the third week I narrowed it down even further to just two or three girls that I enjoyed regularly. I bar fined one for the entire week one night and basically just had her hanging around the hotel with me for seven days. It was nice to have the company during the day and also she was open minded and did most of the scouting for me in the evening. I'd tell her what I wanted and we'd go bar hopping together. When I spotted another girl that caught my attention, my girl would do the negotiations and tell her what I wanted and then we'd go back to the hotel for threesomes or foursomes everynight.

During the day I went to the golf course, a firing range, the mall, the Fontana Water Park, the casino, a cock fight; actually lots of things to do during the day if you have the energy to go looking around.

Anyways, needless to say, it was one of the best months of my life. I love that place and will no doubtedly be back there many times. Keep the reports coming, they really do help out the first timer; happy mongering.

03-26-04, 11:03

Can you provide more details on golfing, ie cost, caddies, carts, location. Did the hotel assist you in making arrangements to play??



ps. Sounds like you were the proverbial "kid in a candy store".

Member #1986
03-26-04, 14:08

I to would like some more information on your day activities. Golf, where, how did you set it up? Shooting range, where, how did you find the information? Casino, Cockfight. Fill us in with some more info if you can.



03-27-04, 00:13
Hi Guys,

Yes, I found out that you don't necessarily have to be bored during the day in Angeles. The golf course I went to is called Hidden Valley. It's only a par 3, but it's still fun. Club rental, green fees for two people, caddie, a couple of sodas and half an hour on the driving range cost us under 1000 Pesos total. It's near the hospital in Angeles City.

The firing range is tougher to find. It's in the middle of nowhere and the only reason I found out about it is because I found a brochure sitting on one of the tables in the Clarkton Hotel lobby. I used the same trike to go there everytime. He even had a hard time finding it the first time. I rented a Baretta 9mm and used 50 to a 100 rounds. It costs 500 Pesos for the gun, 20 Pesos for each bullet and about 100 Pesos I think for the target. I wouldn't possibly be able to provide directions how to get there. Ask around.

The Casino Filipino is easy to find. It's like a five minute trike ride from Fields Ave. It's open 24hrs. It's very nice inside, four floors. Very friendly staff. Food and drink service is very slow. The games offered are a version of blackjack, roulette, machines, poker, bingo, but the main game there is baccarrat or a version of baccarrat. Minimum bets are 200 Pesos

The Fontana Water Park was alright. They only had two slides operational unfortunately at the time. There is a small wave pool. Changing rooms are very basic and no lockers are available. It's basically just a change of pace to go there with a girl and suntan there as opposed to the hotel pool. I think it was 500 Pesos to get in. They have a few snack bars, but not much is offered. Also, make sure your girl brings a proper bathing suit or bikini. My girl didn't have one so I thought I'd buy one there for her, but no such luck. They don't allow you to wear shorts or shirts on the slides, only swim trunks.

I went to a few massages during the day too. There is a place called 24 hr Massage Parlor, that evidently is up for sale now, but I didn't find that place to be that good. The girls were very ugly. The only thing about it, is that they are open all the time so if you have one of those nights that takes you to 6:00 am, stop by there, have a few beers and maybe relax with a massage (between 500 to 1500 Pesos). For a better massage experience though, ask the trike drivers in front of your hotel to take you somewhere better. My guy took me to a real out of the way location. Looked like somebody's backyard with a tent over it. When inside however, it was quite nice. Charged me 1000 Pesos for everything. Very good. She was quite surprised that I came alone however, kept commenting on this fact. So in the future it might be a better idea to try this kind of local place in a group.

Cock fighting is not the kind of thing I enjoy too much. It's like bullfighting. The animals are brutalized basically. Nevertheless, it's the kind of thing you do when on vacation. So I told my girl that I wanted to go. She talked to a few trike drivers and they took me to a hall (very close actually to the Casino Filipino). I didn't bet on the fights of course. I just observed, which is probably the wise thing to do. I had the trike driver stick around with us so it looked like we were with a local. Not too spectacular of an event, don't expect much.

One final thought, as I read over this I realize that I've been writing a lot about how I use the trike drivers as a source of information. I know a lot of you post warnings about these guys and probably with good reason. I do think though, that the guys that are always outside your hotel can be trusted to a degree. During the day especially. I used them all the time and found a lot of good things to do and a lot of deals by using them. I treat them well and they remember that. For example, the guy who found the firing range for me asked if he should stick around and wait for me. Usually I tell them no, but since it was so far away from anything else I told him to stay. I got him a Coke and he watched me and then drove us back. Took about maybe forty minutes to Fields plus the ninety minutes he waited for me. I paid him about 300 Pesos. I know that's a lot, but in some cases it's worth it. I used that guy to go to SM Mall and that's a long way from the strip. I used him to go to the golf course, out at night, etc. and in three weeks or so the guy made a lot off of me, but I also got a lot of information out of him too.

Anyways, lots of fun down there. I'm looking to go back in July or August. I love it there.


03-28-04, 08:43
Boinker here,

I just returned from AC and Manila. Just a few quick notes to add to the fray. When in AC, please do yourself a favor go into the club called "The Gentlemen's Club". It is down on the end of Fields Ave near Insomnia, before you get to the America Hotel.

It is run by a nice guy called Big Todd. The club is upstairs (2nd floor). I had the most fun at this bar than anywhere in AC. I took out 5 girls from there, 4 of which were any easy 8 or 9 on the hard-on scale.

Unlike most bars in AC, "The Gentlemen's Club" does not have the classic fish bowl where the girls are forced to dance for prescribed increments of time - and basically just stand there. No - at this bar there is a small stage and the girls acually dance on it like they are enjoying it - because it is more freeform. The environment is laid back - no pressure for drinks - no pressure on bar fines except for the one in your pants.

Later at night, it does get a little funky in here too - far more than you will see at any other bar in AC. Todd is a big biker dude, from the U.S. and is easy to talk to. He is well known from his huge stature, but I really think his business plan (if it is a plan) really works well. The girls seem happy - and not depressed - as is often the case in fish bowl clubs. For the customer the environment is great. Hang out, by drinks, bar fine as you wish, or just relax. A girl will not cling to you if you do not want her to. I cant imagine anyone not having a good time there.

Another less know jewel is actually the hotel America. While the quality of the rooms does vary (see the room first) it does have some great rooms for a reasonable price or 860 pesos to 1100 +. They have a decent pool, a 24 hour restaurant with room service and decent help (bell men etc). Their Executuive room is large and comfortable - not by the standards of New York City, but by AC or PI standards. The location is accepatble also.

Manila sucks - if for nothing else than the air pollution and poverty. True I never made it to the L.A. Cafe - which I am sure is nice, but The Edsa Entertainment Center, and P. Burgos in Makati are just lame compared to AC. P. Borgos is a rip off, EDSA did have a few nice girls, but the surrounding area, and the fact that you are in Manila takes away from the experience. My advice is that unless you have a real good reason for being in Manila - skip it altoghether and go to AC, and then maybe Cebu / Boracay.

I hope this helps.

03-28-04, 17:32

Has anyone had experience flying China Airlines to the RP? I know one guy who says he would never fly with them due to constant delays, cancellations, generally poor service. Another guy swears by them. They currently have a very good price to Manila if anyone is interested, at least from the west coast they do.

I posted this here because it seems to get more readers than the other boards.



03-28-04, 22:23
If China Airline is the Taiwanese airline, I have from close friends heard that they have some of the worst statistics ever.

I used them from KL to Manila some years back (1996?), departed on time, arrived on time, with excellent service on business class. We were only about 6 passengers on business class that time, and I think it was because one of their flights just before that failed to take off from Manila airport, and crashed the plane outside of the runway. They were denied permit to take-off, but the crew was ordered from the head office, since if was cheaper to repair the plane in Taiwan than in RP.

As I said, some years back. The maintenance may have improved since then.

03-28-04, 23:00
I used China once and swore not to again. I had poor service, an attitude from the flight crew and an engine that was leaking upon DEPARTURE from LAX. We made it OK but as soon as we touched down, a whole shitload of mechanics were all over that engine. Never did figure out whether they knew about the leak prior to take off and just blew it off, or didn't notice it until they got airborne.

Progman (where are you man !?) flies China and likes it.


03-29-04, 00:39

Just for the hell of it, I went to airsafe.com to check out China Airlines after reading firedick's post. Its abysmal. I dont have a phobia about flying, but their accident rate is ridiculous. An old pilot friend of mine once told me that when an Airline has a high event rate, it usually signifies that alot of other shit happens you never hear about. As in close calls. Screw it, I'm not flying that airline anytime soon.



03-29-04, 02:16
I just flew China roundtrip from Anchorage to Manila. Got back Thursday.

Only complaint I have is although I flew ANC-TPE_MNL on the way over, I had to fly MNL-TPE-LAX-ANC on the way back because China doesnt clear customs/immigration in ANC on their TPE-ANC-JFK route. (Supposedly it takes too long or not enough passengers terminate in ANC. Not sure why because Korean does and they fly the smae size wide-body aircraft).

Other than that, great ontime rate and service. Of course I was on their newer Airbus aircraft the whole way.

Member #1986
03-29-04, 21:55

Thanks for the follow up on golf, shooting, casino, water park & cockfight. I have taken all into notice and will try and follow up with visits to each. I will let all know. Thanks.


03-30-04, 11:34
I have used CA three times to go to East Asia and I never have any problems with the service. I always have to use an American carrier to get to SF before getting on CA. After a few hours of dealling with American attendants with fake smiles on their faces while they're serving you peanuts when the itinerary clearly says LUNCH SERVED, anything else is far better. A 600-dollar fare to the Phillipines with 3 full meals served not including cup-o noodles if one asks, what other services does one need? I have also used EVA and Cathay Pacific on a few occasions and see no difference in term of services. As far as safety records, you would be more likely die in a car crash on your way to work tommorow. Anyway, death after a month in AC and Boracay "ain't" bad.

04-01-04, 00:37

This was written by a guy who lives in the RP. I think it has some merit to be read here by newbies and veterans alike, especially the "high rollers" among us who like to drive up the market. Take it for what it's worth to you. Not trying to start a flame war and wont participate. Just read if you want and if you don't want, then don't.

Its only A Dollar

There is a common mistake many foreigners all too often make, upon arriving in the Philippines. I know some of you are going to think of this as me being cheap, but I am not. Others, hopefully anyway, will realize what I'm about to say here. That is, you aren't in the USA anymore. Once you are in Cebu, or elsewhere in the Philippines, do your best to get out of the western mindset of thinking in terms of USD, or other forms of currency for that matter. If you do, you will save yourself tons of money, over the course of your trip.

Once you get off the plane, do your best to think only in terms of Philippine Pesos. I know it is very difficult at first. However, in time, it becomes much easier to do. Having been here for over a year now, I have to convert back when someone starts talking in terms of USD, instead of Php. But, as far as conversions go, to make it easier for our American visitors, roughly estimate Php 500 for every $10. 00 USD you have.

But, no matter how much money you bring with you, if you have that "it's only a dollar" attitude, you are going to spend a lot more money than you should, after arriving here. Just because you are here on vacation doesn't mean you should not care about the value you get for your dollar, or in this case peso. Too many foreigners go on vacation with the thought that, "We're on vacation honey! Let's live it up! "

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend more money on a vacation somewhere, especially after working a year (or several), to save to fly here. However, instead of being taken advantage of by paying far too much for a product or service, why not get the best value for your hard earned dollar / Besides, when buying something from Filipinos, especially in the market or from other 'OLDER' (SEE WORLD'S OLDEST PROFESSION) businesses, vendors expect you to negotiate with them. It's the Filipino way to do business. In fact, I truly believe they will look at you as though you are a fool if you don't at least try to negotiate with them.

Many things here are typically cheaper than in the states, especially with the exchange rate being what it is presently (Php 55 / $1 USD). But, upon flying in to Cebu (and it being a good chance that it's your first trip here), you may see something for Php 50. You then say, "Well, that's under a dollar, I'll take it! " Of course, after purchasing it and walking away, you aren't the only one smiling. Why / Because that vendor just sold you something which would normally have been sold to a Filipino for Php 10 - 15, not Php 50. So, definitely enjoy your smile. I have a tube of K-Y jelly to go along with that smile, which sells for about Php 350 at Mercury Drugstore. My primary concern here is, that you have an enjoyable trip while visiting this wonderful country. However, at the same time you can have a lot more to go back home with (goods, gifts, or extra cash), if you do spend wisely. You know, I remember when I came here on my first trip in 1994. Back then, I flew over with a Fil-Am couple who lived in the US. Although we did not see each other during the whole trip here, we did end up, ironically, flying back to the US booked on the same flight. Well, while waiting in the airport on Mactan, we started comparing notes on what we spent while here for three weeks. During the time this guy was here with his wife, they spent well over $5, 000 USD. During the same time frame, I spent a total of $1200, but I did buy a camera for $400 prior to flying back to the US. So, grand total that I spent was $1600 USD for three weeks. I had only come over with $2000, but took $400 back with me as well. To help keep things in perspective, the exchange rate of the day was Php 26 / $1 USD.

You see, there is another reason for not just paying whatever price is asked of you at the time of making a purchase. If you pay Php 50 for a product or service that is only worth Php 25, for example, you will ultimately screw others who live here, other visitors, and ultimately yourself (upon your next return to the Philippines).

What I'm saying here is, once you allow yourself to be screwed, the vendor or merchant sees this and will start doing the same thing to everyone who come here, who is obviously a foreigner. (Of course, don't think giving someone a bad deal is limited to only foreigners, as it's not. Filipinos from other areas who visit here are can be taken advantage of as well. They are still 'out-of-towners'.) Either way, in time this hurts us all, foreigners who live here, and others who visit here after you have long gone. So, while visiting the Philippines, do your best to make sure you get a good deal on the service or goods that you buy. If you have a Filipino you can trust, you will be well looked after. However, if you have one that you only 'think' you can trust. well, that tube of K-Y is still available.

04-01-04, 15:57
What most people need to remember about Firedick is he has no sense of adventure. Engine leaking? …sounds interesting. What else is there to do between LAX and TPE but to see if there’s enough gas in the tank before you land!.

All kidding aside I have been flying China Airlines for three years now. I've racked over 150,000 miles with them. I know their safety record sucks but here's what I've experienced:

- I’m still alive.
- Always left on-time.
- Always landed on-time or earlier.
- Flight attendants always courteous and attentive.
- Food sucks (coach and business class).
- Consistently the best fares overall.
- Airport in Taipei boring unless you have lounge access.
- Cute salesgirls in TPE.


Jack Brice
04-01-04, 21:15

I have tickets on China Air for my trip at the end of the month. It was the cheapest available, but I will let y'all know if it fits the old adage of "You get what you pay for" after I arrive in RP.

Once I'm there, the airport could shut down for all I care. I've been overbooked before and was forced to spend an extra night in Manila (darn!) and given a $300.00 voucher. Not bad.

After flying US carriers with old, fat, ugly, cranky dingbat attendants (and those are the guys), flying with pretty, young stewardesses is a breath of fresh air--just like in the old days.

I can't wait...26 days to go.


Pinay Lover
04-02-04, 05:52

Well said. That is the major difference between those here for a really long time and those passing through. We have more time to be patient and choose. Therefore, we get a better price. We aren't cheap at all just a better consumer.

Like you I have lived in the Philippines since '99 and think in Pesos. I survive on SM Grandes under $1.00, cab rides for $2.00, "dates" under $40.00 and what my housekeeper cooks for under $5.00 a day. At current exchange rate I get much more for my dollar. I know you do, too.


04-02-04, 06:24

Sounds good, im in Cebu right now with a friend tomorrow Im going to Dumaguete then Tuesday back to AC. Im in the Clarkton just ask Noel, Jean or Domit at front desk what room Madonna's ex husband is in. I took Dragonslayers advice im in Metropolis Court Hotel and its nice. Dragonslayer has excellent info on Cebu, my speciality is AC. pm me Mikster and ill give you my cell # here. Happy Mongering.


04-02-04, 19:41

Although it is a good point, it could have been made in one paragraph.

Jack Brice,

You're on the money with US carriers. I used to fly Northwest. What a bunch of hags.

Progman, Progman, Progman.

I just got back from your "neck of the woods", so I have a leaky ass. How bout a nice peck on the cheek !?!

Let's address your pedantic post point by point.

- I’m still alive. (Living what few of us would call a life)
- Always left on-time. (More a reflection on the airport)
- Always landed on-time or earlier. (Early ? That would scare me too, being non adventurous. What did they do, put out an extra sail ?)
- Flight attendants always courteous and attentive. (I truly found the extact opposite. The only smile I got was when we were deplanning. I guess they were glad to be rid of us.)
- Food sucks (coach and business class). (A given. Food on JAL and Thai is OK at best.)
- Consistently the best fares overall. (Not always. If you're flexable in regard to flight schedule, you can find deals on all airlines. My best thusfar is $525 RT LAX, Tokyo (with 5 day layover at my request), MNL, LAX on JAL. I have not flown Asiana, so the paste below is for example only. I may give them a try soon.

> Fly from Los Angeles to one of these destinations:
> Hong Kong for only $410 roundtrip*
> Bangkok for only $425 roundtrip*
> Clark Field for only $515 roundtrip*
> Hanoi for only $535 roundtrip*

- Airport in Taipei boring unless you have lounge access. (Boring ? Not at all. I had a camera stolen while taking a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) (it was at armslength). What could be more fun than filing a police report during your layover ?)
- Cute salesgirls in TPE. (True. But also true of just about any airport that I've visited in Asia. Or mall for that matter.)

Now before you guys come to Progmans defense, this is not a flame. Prog and I are friends.

Prog and all of you, my retirement is almost final. If my plans hold, I'll spend the first year or so diving the RP. Will keep a place in Puerto Galera. Second year, Phuket. Would love to bend an elbow and exchange stories with any of you fellow mongers. Yeah, I know that my posts sometimes make me sound like an old "Bitty". Just trying to keep info flowing. Different over a beer or two.



Member #1986
04-02-04, 20:24

Any recomendations on dive operators/hotels in Puerto Galera. I have searched all the web sites for both & have found numerous places for both. But it helps if someone has had a personal experience in the area.

I have a 3 day dive/party trip there in early summer. If your around we could swap some beers and lies.


04-02-04, 21:57
Firedick, Pinay Lover,

I didnt write it. I was re-posting an article written by a guy who lives in Cebu.



04-02-04, 23:21
I thought you were the real image of the old "bitty" FD! - biro lang - he he he,,

Retire from mongering?
Retire just to do holes in one?
Are there anything to "put" in Puerto Galera? I'll contact you when I'm in Batangas/Anilao for some diving fun (also scuba-diving), OK?

BTW, When are you settling down?
When time is due, we should have a party, inviting CebuCityLocal, Cancontrib and the other regulars in this forum. Agree?

When settling down in RP, you should become member of some local forums, such as manilatonight, hookup and mygimmic, all dot com. I'm sure you will get all you need to help you out of the rockin-chair from some of the female members there.

Ingat, pare!

Dragon Slayer
04-03-04, 01:21

I like your story. Have to agree with Firedick that it was about 2000 words longer than necessary. The author repeated himself several times, used trite expressions and mundane comments ie: K-Y jelly. Why can't people just come out and say "prostitution", instead of "world's oldest profession"?

Hope to see you in a few weeks. Finally got my scanner for the computer. Start to get more photos posted down in the "Davao Section".

Dragon Slayer

04-03-04, 05:01

This trip has been great so far. I have already been in AC for 8 days.Now Im on my way to Dumaguete after a few days in Cebu at Metropolis Court Hotel( very nice hotel) in room jacuzzis are invaluable. In AC it seems Blue Nile Group spread out there talent since November. Before Blue Nile was packed with all the best girls but now Nero's, Blue Nile Executive, Blue Nile, Cambodia Club and Misty's all have talent. There are at least 6 stunners in every bar. I thought Champange was excellent to for both waitresses and dancers at least 8 stunners there and a very friendly staff and great music too. Lancelot is the most improved bar I have been to since November. In November it was horrid but now they have both attractive dancers and waitresses. Roadhouse this trip seems lacking in stunners and Bunny Ranch went down a step down but Las Vegas was also good. Insomnia was ok to. I will check out Stinger, Confettis, Jungle and more when I get back on Tuesday. Ill do Boracay after holy week for a few days then right back to AC. Some guys burn out on AC after a week not me I LOVE IT. I may even extend this trip past 7 weeks Im having a great time. Best Wishes to all Mongers.



04-03-04, 08:23

"Bitty". I tried to use the other "B" word, but the WSG filters don't allow that word.

"Retire from mongering ?" Bite your tongue man ! I'd rather hear you were planning my funeral.

You've never been to Puerto Galera ? PG has enough action for a while, but I am worried about how long (short) it may be until I'm bored stiff living there full time.

No time frame yet. Employer paperwork could have me sitting on my hands for 6 more months. A party sounds like a great idea, but then, when doesn't it ?

Thanks for the other board locales. (And thank you Jackson for not deleting them as possible competing boards)

I will keep you posted, literally. I plan to continue to contribute as I travel even more.


No offense meant. Just me being the "bitty Nazi". :)

Rio Loco,

Far and away my favorite is Atlantis in Sabang. Higher dollar than most, but a great hotel and a top notch dive center. Great resturant.

Capt. Gregg's is a good dive operator as well, but the hotel is "down market" a little, but still doable. Decent resturant.

Asia Divers is also good. They have an small office in Sabang but run most dives out of their shop just West of the Point Bar, Small Lalaguna. I can't remember if they have an affiliate hotel.

Both Lalaguna's are better if you want quiet relaxation. If you want to monger, stay in Sabang.

I doubt that I will be in the RP before August. I have other trips planned until then. May Thailand, June Montana, July Utah.



Member #1986
04-03-04, 16:42

Thanks for your recomendations. I will do some follow up research on the places you have mentioned. I wil definetly be staying in Sabang. I will either have the operators pick me up or take a trike to their shops.

Just one more question if you don't mind. How do you rate the diving in Puerto Galera. I have dove Dumaguete & Boracay both those areas we very nice.

Good luck with the (work) retirement. Maybe next time we could swap some beer and lies. Till then have a good one.


04-03-04, 18:33
Sorry guys, this post should be in "other areas" not AC. Let's move it over there Rio.

Crazy River,

Sorry, I can't make the comparrison. I've never been to Dumaguete and only snorkeled Boracay. From what I saw in Boracay, PG was slightly superior. Both pale when compared to Palua or Cozumel. Good critters and coral at PG, but the viz is hit or miss. I've never seen it above 100 ft and usually more like 60-80.

I would guess there are plenty of dive spots in the RP that are superior to PG. But for ease of travel, NIGHTLIFE and tourist friendly destinations, PG is very hard to beat, anywhere, not just the RP. I've actually come to enjoy the ferry crossing on the Si-kat.

Dive to live, live to dive (both types !)


04-03-04, 18:42

Nice post. Makes me want to get back sooner. FD

04-04-04, 09:48
Thanks for the kind words Firedick. Im in Dumaquete now until Tuesday then I get back to AC Tuesday night. AC has been great Sunday to Thursday nights. On Friday and Saturday alot of Koreans and Japanese come in from Manila packing all the best bars. Weekdays the bars are half empty and it makes mongering great. Its slow in AC at least at the bars and thats great for the tourists. I have 5 weeks left and plan to be in AC for the rest of my trip as I miss the action and drunken routine I was into there. There is no haggling in AC with prices, its set and right to business I hated the haggeling in Cebu and probably here in Dumaguete too. I cant haggle well when Im drunk. I also miss the 24 hour action AC has as far as for girls, food, massage, and Blow Row goes. Its paradise and Im considering extending until May 24th. I hope I have a job to come back to he he......... Again weeknights in AC are fantastic and if I do go to Boracay it will be over a weekend because weeknights in AC at this time cant be beat. Kahoy Kahoy is readily avalible too when they like you. I got 4 drop dead beautiful girls drunk on 151, Wild Turkey 101, Tequila and San Miguel Light and I had 4 of them back in my room (Family deluxe) at Clarkton and I felt reborn. It was one of the happiest moments of my life too. Also it was cheap as hell as 2 girls were Kahoy Kahoy too. One was a cousin of 1 girl and 1 was a sister of one girl. What a night. When the girls like you and they are drunk you go to heaven and back again. Hope to meet anyone who wants to meet up for a drink as I know AC like the back of my hand. My travelling buddy is off to Bankok then Ko Samui but I cant tear myself from AC. Love that GFE too much. Well Im off to try the talent of Dumaguete so Ill check in here again once Im back to AC on Tuesday. Best wishes to all mongers.



Member #1986
04-05-04, 18:34

Sorry, I got carried away talking about PG. My mistake, lets keep it in AC.

04-06-04, 02:33
Just checking in. I'm going to try out Central Park my next visit.

6 days...

04-06-04, 12:47

I will be in A.C. last week of May and was planning on staying in Orchid Inn. I am very interested in your opinion of Central Park. Will be looking forward to your post.


04-07-04, 04:14
FD, FD, FD... you are starting to sound like an old bitty...

You know me - flying is something I do a lot of. China Airlines is far better than some of the shit-hole airlines I've flown in the past.

Let's see...

American Airlines comes to mind. During a 6 week trip to Taiwan last year I managed to lose my luggage twice. Both times were with American Airlines (SAN to LAX and back). I then had to fly them to Tokyo a couple months ago and they managed to lose the bags again... Fucking amazing!

Alitalia is another scary airline to fly. I fly them all the time between Rome and Bari and each time I kiss the ground when we land.

United Arab Emirates is a scary one as well. I flew them several times between the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. They still allow smoking on those flights! Something about flying only at night, because the outside temp is too hot, always worries me...

Seair between Clark and Manila - oh man! ...Enough said. They only charge 500p one-way. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of pesos available for maintenance and up-keep.

Subic Seaplane between Subic and Puerto Galera - pilot is a retired American with glasses thicker than the bottom of a SM beer... wears ratty t-shirts, worn-out shorts, and flip-flops. This guy was as big as me. One time I had him, the owner of Blue Rock Resort, and my honey ko onboard. It took most of Subic Bay to take off. Oh, let's not forget about the two bankas he almost hit trying to take off.

Trans-Asian Airlines - between Taipei and Haulien. Two-engine prop job. I've seen Manila jeepneys in better shape...

Taking all this into account I think China Airlines is okay. In fairness to other major Asian airlines there’s no comparison. The best airlines I’ve flown have been Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Malaysian Airlines. Philippine Airlines is okay but only if I’m flying them business class.

Hey, when are you coming down again? It’s been awhile…


04-07-04, 06:12
Central Park seems to be popular: I tried to book a premier room for July and couldn't get all the days I wanted. But the Orchid Deluxe Room and the Jacuzzi Room at the Apartelle Royal were available (even though they're supposed to be much harder to get). I decided to keep my Central Park room and booked the Orchid for the rest of my days. I wanted that Jacuzzi room but the staff took forever to respond and when they did their english was horrible. This being my first trip I wanted everything to go smoothly (plus upon further reflection who knows what kind of crap could be floating in that Jacuzzi from previous "patron's")

04-07-04, 08:46
Bitty ? :)

Merpati (domestic Indonesian) is another scary one.

Agree about Cathy (flying them this Thai trip) and already mentioned JAL and Thai. All top notch.

TJ ? I'll PM you.


04-07-04, 18:12

Talk about irony, I just got through slamming China Airlines now they are my only hope of making it to Manila/Cebu at a reasonable price for Apr 20 departure. Boy, do I feel like shit now. Oh well, good pussy doesn't always come easy. Somebody tell me I'm an idiot for worrying about it. Hehehe



04-07-04, 23:32

04-08-04, 00:00
Thanks Firedick,

Knew I could count on you. hehe


Member #1005
04-08-04, 06:36
More than happy to oblige here...... "idiot,.... idiot

Member #1986
04-08-04, 15:03
I have 2 cents, Idiot, Idiot, Idiot. Make that 3 cents.

04-08-04, 23:40

Hey, Eva Air just came through for me. Straight shot from Seattle and no problems. Sorry to ruin your day Juniour. BTW, I will fuck that chick you gave me the number to, and she will soon be forgetting about you. Hehehe. But then again, thats no tall task.

I will be seeing my brothers in the RP soon. Take care to all.

Mikster, Juniours Daddy, hehehehe

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

04-09-04, 02:56
This was posted on the AC2 board. 2matchu com is a dating site located in AC. I've been on there and had to force myself to go to bed. It's so cool to see the profiles of girls I've been with. And chatting there anonomously to them is a kick.

There are more than just bar girls on the site too. It will of course turn into a pay per video chat site soon, but for now it's all free to search, text chat, email, and instant message.

Having said this, now for the good stuff. The site is physically located in AC. Having been on this site for a few days now, I have amassed a bevy of contacts that I probably will never get the time to explore. So, I was thinking: What if I had my laptop in my hotel room. I go to the site and see something I very like. Hmm, just instant message her to meet me at the front desk. Better than room service? Better than the video of the downstairs go go bar when staying at the Penthouse in Pattaya? I am going to find out in 3 days...


btw, I'm moneyko4u there. I only posted this info here on wsg for now. I don't want a flood of mongers doing this before I give it a fair shot. And I don't want to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) of the bar owners by bypassing the barfine, I truely do not condone that.

04-09-04, 02:57
I have taken in some more bars in AC and I wanted to give props to Brown Sugar, Its another bar with high quality girls. Also I wanted to correct myself on the Bunny Ranch I was in there last night and there were several stunners so I put them up there with the best bars in AC. It appears to me the girls of Bunny Ranch come and go as they please. Some nights are so so and last night I could have been happy with any of 10 very hot girls that were there. Stinger and Roadhouse are disappointing in the looks of there girls but Tango the manger of Stinger is a great guy and keeps the place fun and lively, its just the quality of the girls are below my standards. Here is my AC top ten bars so far.#1 Champange excellent selection of dancers and waitresses. Right now they have the best overall talent loaded with girls from Mindanao. #2 Nero's a close second to Champange also great dancers and waitresses. #3 Bunny Ranch last night changed my mind on them totally. They may have the single prettiest girl in there in all of AC. #4 Blue Nile they can be #1 at any given time when all there girls are in town. Excellant bar great music and fun fun fun. #5 Brown Sugar first time there last night and I was impressed and girls are agressively fun.#6 Cambodia Club good selection of girls and 2 shifts like Nero's. #7 Lancelot they have very pretty waitresses and door girls but the dancers are not high quality.Waitresses are sooooooooo nice though.#8 Las Vegas just a step behind sister club Bunny Ranch. #9 Mistys they have some real dogs but also have 5 stunners too and the stunners are hot but bar is lacking when stunners are barfinned out. #10 Insomnia with 2 waitreses who are beauties and 4 dancers that you would be happy to scramble there eggs in the morning. My barhop list to do this week is Treasure Island, Jungle, Amore,Cheetahs, Kitten Club, Camolot, Blueberry Hill, Ayers Rock, Illusions and DMZ. To this point disappointind bars are Stinger, Confetti's, Flamingo Club, Welcome Inn, Limited Edition, La Bamba, Mirrors, And Foxys. Hotel bars never seem good. Im going to Pattaya Thailand for the 1st time ever next week for 5 days with 3 other Americans then right back to AC and Ill see Boracay again for 4 days at some point. Mikster send me your arrival date for AC so I cn be sure Im in town. All this of coarse is IMHO, taste varies.

Happy Hunting,


04-09-04, 12:55

Thats a great link! Thanks for posting it. You are right though, it can definitely be addictive.

04-09-04, 16:26
Slayer, McBarker, GoodEnough,

I took a rough hit last night. My papi passed away after a long illness. I am out the door now to go back to Virginia. I will still try to make it as scheduled, but my mongering mindset has taken a hit as well. Still hope to see you all, will do my best to make it.



04-09-04, 18:21
Bars here change so fast but Insomnia is a definate must see I got in there right at opening when all the girls were there and it has to be in the top three in town if you get there early. Many beautiful ladies with at least a dozen 8 pluses,and 2 definate 10's. Most girls like Champange are from Mindanao. Mindanao girls are real beauties. Champange, Insomnia and Bunny Ranch are mainly all Mindanao girls. No wonder they are all in the top 5 bars in town.

Happy Hunting,


04-09-04, 22:02

Sincere condolences.

Member #1986
04-10-04, 05:49

May I say, my thoughts are with you at this time of sadness. Take care and may God bless.


04-10-04, 21:30

My sincere condolences to you and your family members. My prayers are with you. Take Care.


04-11-04, 12:51
I am planning a trip early next month to Angeles for the first time and would like to know what are some of the popular BJ bars in Angeles.

04-11-04, 19:03
That site, 2matchu is great! Wasted away the time real fast. It was cool seeing some of you guys in there. I didn't post a pic though, don't want all the girls to recognize my mug.

milkster, sorry for your loss.

9 hours...

04-11-04, 22:59

blow job bars are all on a. santos st. and there is almost no difference from one to another. just walk in see if there is anything you like and if not then move to the next one. be careful many **** girls there and elections are comming up. i avoid it now as i have had good luck with that in some fields ave. bars this trip.

reguards mcbarker. insomnia just added some new girls. many stunners now its got to be tied with champange, nero's and bunny ranch as best bars in ac at this moment, things here do have a tendency to change fast though.

04-12-04, 03:40

If you just want a quick BJ head to santos st. If you haven't been there just go to kokomos (Kokomos is on the corner of santos and fields, everyone knows it).

Walk out of kokomos and go left down the side st (santos). The bars on the right are mostly girls on the left there are billyboys with some girls mixed in. It's safer on the right!

Short time is P500 in your room or thiers.

Have Fun

Jack Brice
04-12-04, 16:17

Sorry about your loss and having to cut your trip.


I'll be back in AC by the night of Apr 28. I'm staying at Kokomo's and will be posting from there. If any of y'all want to meet up, ask for Jack!


English Dan
04-13-04, 02:18
Hey Mongering 1,

I was really quite intrigued by what you said about 2matchu.com and checked out their site. You are right - some real stunners there. Most of them are passing off as "nice and decent girls" who are not into the bar scene. I have struck up some chatting with a couple of girls and trying to maintain at least some illusion for them with the hopes that when we meet - their may be something more that comes out then just this "shy" or inexperienced thing they are playing. What do you think?

How many of these girls do you think are bar girls?

Thanks for the tip!

Heading out to AC in a month.


04-13-04, 12:01

I've been on that site as well. Most if not all of the girls are in AC, they list there home provinces but if you ask them they'll say that there in AC. A few of them I would ask "Are you in Cebu... right now? And they would come back with why? Dose it matter. Trying to hide the fact that they were in AC but never actually lying.

I've heard that most of them are in the 2matchu office in Angeles, they may be paid to be there or just get free chat time. If you look at the pics the majority of them are taken right there in the office.

I've been told by one 18 year old that she was a waitress and a 31 year old told me she was a seamstress. I have no idea if either was telling the truth. I would geuss that maybe 60-70% are bargirls.

It's only been a week for me and I'm already bored with the site. If you are looking to line up girls in AC I wouldn't bother wasting time there. There are just too many to choose from when you arrive! If you're looking for a wife there are better sites out there than 2matchu.

04-13-04, 14:55
Great site indeed, 2matchu, I owe a beer to the one that posted that here, thanks for the sharing.

I personally think that the girls that put on their profile 'I never know what will happen untill it happens' are bargirls, especially when they also fill out the complete form regarding their sexual interests, not sure though as the girls that I talked to kind a avoid answering the direct question.

Also the ones looking for sexual relation in combo with the above are bargirls in my opnion.

Anyway I will see as i am heading for Angeles end of April and will meet up with some of them.

04-14-04, 00:47
2matchu is the great. Went inside and face to face with the staff and the lbfm chatters. I've met 5 of them off my list, and a couple dozen that came up to me when they saw me with Nehl barhopping. BTW, she's sleeping in my bed as I type this in my room here at Central Park.

I'll have some time if anyone dares wants me to test drive a chatter for them. Kidding, but I will include some of the girls in my trip report coming. I'll use thier 2matchu ids, that way they will be easier to find, or avoid.

Central park is all I heard it was and more. I'm very impressed with the staff. Water pressure is excellent and hot. Internet in room is on par for AC.

After the first 24 hours, I'm a happy man, even though my body count is only 3!

Trim, check your private message for my cell number.


04-14-04, 14:44
I'm planning a safe trip to Angeles. I just want people opinion. I know there are some election sometime around the 10th of May. I would like to know for safety and other reasons is better to visit the Philippines before or after the elections? I have approximately 18 days starting from the 4th of May and have plans to visit Thailand and Cambodia.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

04-15-04, 01:00

Dont worry about elections here in Angeles, in general Angeles is fairly Pro American. I have extended my stay here til May 20th so you can see I personally have no security concerns. You will face a bigger problem with jelousy over taking 2 girls out of the same bar than you will over the elections here in AC. I would however avoid Manila and other known hot spots here in the PI. Let the Filipino's stick to there business of politics and we mongers will stick to our business of Monkey business, he he.

Happy Hunting,


04-15-04, 01:42

If you are concerned (but probably should not be), the RP might be slightly safer after. But that said, the increase in risk during the elections is minimal.

You should be aware however that the night before the election. the bars close early and don't open again until after the election. Now THERE'S a concern.


J Boy
04-15-04, 02:34
Is there a FAC or summary of the Philippines I can read before starting to ask questions. I am planing to visit in the late summer or fall and want to have a lot of fun. I know nothing so far.

That Asshole
04-16-04, 16:14
Mc Barker,

You are right that the Nero's, Bunny Ranch, Champagne has the best meat at present. However it is not great joy as you are only able to take one from each bar without being killed. So you better make a good shot everywhere otherwise there might be regrets. Or have you find a way to take several after each other from the same bar? Unfortunately my girls from some months ago are still there so some bars are just off limits for me.

Also, I am becoming a bit mentally wasted now interacting with so many females. "Where are you from,? What's your name?" Are there some alternative clever answers to these "clever" questions?

Also again, I have found that the best quality meat at for example Blue Nile doesn't even give me as much as a look, so even if I took one from there, good times are not assured. In fact I am assured a bad time I think.

To be sure, I took ol'mama from "Blow Row". She promised BJ, anal and boom-boom for P500. She was ugly as hell but she delivered allright. Pulling the shitty condom out of her saggy arse was a million dollar view. I doubt that any of Blue Nile's beauties would have given such a good service. Plus I didn't have to court her even a bit. She courted me. Good for my ego. (But she was very ugly!)

04-16-04, 22:47
J Boy,

You just gotta do a little "homework". True, there's a lot stuff here. If you have specific questions, try the search function. If you can't find it, ask. The only dumb questions are those that have been asked and answered repeatedly. Otherwise, we're happy to help.

Happy hunting.


04-17-04, 05:56

what her name "bella?" did this woman tell you she have 6 kids? i know that bella hang around, and hustle around there.

i know there is some girls that hang around close to santos, but they are freelancers. they usually hanging around by the chicago hotel (is this hotel still around?), or by the ven??? (i forgot the name of this place, but it is by santos st.). that is where all the cheap fl are, and the **** girls are. they will tell you that they are over the age, but i suspect that they are ****. check on that and let me know, also the ladyboys hang around there too.

04-17-04, 11:09
I am curous to know if anyone has visited Santos Street or the the so called Blow Row? How many bars are there, and are there any good looking girls along that street and if you like someone can you take them long time?

04-18-04, 08:05
Just got back from Cavite to see honey's family. NO, no water buffalos bought this time! lol OK, not yet. Seriously, I had a great time. I'm back in AC now until Wednesday, then to Makati, then to Boracay.


Blue Nile girls will do whatever you want, just make sure to confirm before the barfine. They really are mostly all the same. Money talks, diba?

Mister Ed
04-19-04, 14:25
Mongering 1, its great to pass on the 2MatchU site to everyone, but it damaged it as well. Now every moron from everywhere in the world is in the damn chat room over the last 4-5 days and they are throwing around the bola so much the girls don't know what to believe. I have developed good, tight relationships with a few over the months prior and they are telling me in PM that every guy who is chatting them up is saying he is going to AC soon. Half the guys don't even know where the flack AC is. They are using it as fantasy chat - virtual sex, vs. serious "let's get down to knowing each other to see if we hook up or not when I get there". The girls don't know who or what to believe.

Also, don't know you, but dropping N___'s name and screwing her and dropping her name on the board for the world to see was in my opinion not the greatest thing to do. Now she is saying she is engaged - posted for the world to see, a few days after you dropped her name. Either way, other girls will get turned on to your posting on WSG and it will come back to haunt her.

Ain't looking to flame anyone, just call attention to a few things. To the board, Mongering 1 left you guys a great opportunity to make some connections on 2Match, but didn't leave you any guidelines. He shouldn't have to, but apparently some need it. Let me leave you some. If you are just there to shuck and jive the girls and have fun bs'ing, great, tell them that and don't make them promises you have no intention of keeping. If you are seriously going to AC, and are serious about hooking up, then do so. The board works then. Just don't poison the well with bola and get them so that they don't believe anything, or that they think they have 10 Prince Charmings coming to see them later this year (when you ain't really coming), because they will act like it and no one gets anywhere.

Yes, I am a lurker and not a contributor. The way I like it. I am a major traveler to the PHIL though and consider the Filipinas a gift to hobbiests and want to keep it that way. Good wishes, honestly, to all. Just my 2 cents.

04-19-04, 21:01
Mister ED,

I know what you mean, but I wouldnt worry too too much about it. Tons of men claim they are going and then for one reason or the other do not. In fact, I was booked to leave tonight, but just got back from Virginia for a family emergency and so I cant pull things together fast enough to make it. I suppose a girl or two might be mildly dissappointed, but I doubt it. Its only the guys who never go, and really have no intention of going that sort of ruin it for some of us. I used to go to Peru quite a bit and its the same game down there. Its more or less a mutual use society that has some benefits that are more or less equal I suppose. We use them for sex, and they use us for dinero, and hope that the dinero will continue. Alot of guys here, and on other boards think they have women waiting only for them in different places. While that may very occassionally be true, the rule is that she has alot more than one dude she is milking, just like he has more than one piece. I just never felt the need to delude myself one way or the other. Monger long enough and you can see the word "love" turn into just another word with about as much meaning as sex. We all look for the best deals out there. I wouldnt worry too much about those guys on the site you are referring to. In the big scheme, it doesnt really matter one bit. If you show up, you get it. If you dont, then somebody else will and she wont sweat your abscense for one minute.

I will be in the Phils soon. "Acts of God" can and do occur and I had no way out of this one other than just blowing off my family, which I wont do. Sorry to all those I will miss on this one, but as I said about the ladies, I doubt I will be missed anyway with all the piles of ass to be had.

Take care


That Asshole
04-20-04, 06:25

I hate asking their names. But from the the size of her hole she could have had a dozen kids allright. It was more for the thrill than for the joy. Nobody else offered anal in AC.

Also, I was quite pissed off by so many regular bargirls that I liked turning me down so I just went for the easy one. A fuck is a fuck anyhow. Hate courting women too much.


Member #1005
04-20-04, 06:38

Quote:" I am curous to know if anyone has visited Santos Street or the the so called Blow Row? How many bars are there, and are there any good looking girls along that street and if you like someone can you take them long time?"


I would like to know if you have actually tried reading the previous posts? Because you obviously read a few things about Blow row and then post a very stupid question that could have been answered if you had spent time reading the other posts.

I mean, come on man it's not that difficult to search for this information; I noticed you have also posted the same types of questions on the Thai board and all of these questions have already been answered many times.

J Boy
04-20-04, 07:20
I have been researching a trip to AC but am stuck on the airline tickets. I even made a tentative hotel reservation at the Orchid Hotel.

Can anyone offer advice about decent airfares? I wil fly out of Omaha, NE but I can get to LAX or elsewhere if the good deals are there. The best I have found so far is $1225 from Omaha - I am hoping to do better.

What about consolidators?

I plan to go around July 10th but can change that if there is a low season when rates are better. Please help. And I did read the prior posts. The one promotional rate of $515 from LAX is over. Man that would have been great!

04-20-04, 14:16
mr ed,
Have you even been to AC. 99.9% of all the girls on 2matchu are bargirls, very used to what I posted. I posted my user name in a previous post, look at my profile now. The name I dropped is the one I just went to visit her family. She is here with me now in Makati and soon off to Boracay.

As far as your tight relationships, drop me a PM and I'll tell you her list of guys she has tight relationships with too. It's all in fun for us in the know. For the newbies, well it's no harm. I actually tell the girls if a man ask what bar she works in then he is a customer. If not, then he could be a possible bf.

I know several dozens of the girls now and before the sight. We all have a laugh at my postings. I have four user names there and bola bola with one just for fun. When we meet, it is a good time and fun. The actual manager appreciates me posting here, although I refuse to give wsg's url.

So, good luck finding the girl of your dreams, I think I did. She is a non bar girl, college education, confirmed by me virgin, and as sweet as they come. I am going to try to do this right this time.

Also, since I make it well known that I have a gf there, all the girls have fun with my flirtations with them. Even my gf enjoys the responses.


Mister Ed
04-20-04, 15:59

Well, you are THE world traveler and know it all about PHIL, just ask you, right? But let me clue you, There are more than a few on the website who are working in the local hotels and services OTHER than bars. Some of them I have known personally on recent trips and have expats there I know who know them. Now, they are ALL potential game for the hobbiest, but they aren't all bar girls. The girl you posted as having nailed at Central Park is now your fiance - she wasn't a bar girl diba? And by the way, a little strange for you post your sexual conquest in a world read board and then propose to her days later. You got the right head working? Man, that will be a marriage made in heaven.

I didn't want to start a flame string here, but you are a dude who thinks he is Mr. Philippines, when there are many here who know more about PHIL than you ever will, we just don't get on the boards like big swinging dicks and talk about it. I read because I learn new things, I am not an expert (nor are you), although I have spent DOZENS of trips and months throughout 9 Provinces whoring around. I can recognize good info, and bullshit. You are mostly bullshit. You, my man, have probably been skinned alive by Filipinas more than you'll ever admit and are probably having it done to you again.

But go ahead and regail the unsuspecting with your stories. I just have less and less respect for you the more you post. And yeah I see your posting in 2MatchU and yeah, you're a real stud baddass. I'm impressed. You screwed up a good thing, stud.

J Boy
04-20-04, 21:52
Thanks Trimkeeper. I was trying to schedule too far out and the fares were much higher. I have sent in reservations for the hotel. As soon as its confirmed I will lock in the airfares.

I found some other helpful websites. Can they be posted here?

Also, I have traveled overseas alot but not in recent years. Do I need to do anything about shots? I may not have time.

LA Larry
04-20-04, 22:14
The following is not meant to encite a flame war....just my opinion that might be valuable to mongers on the fence about the Angeles City scene:


I was scheduled to spend a week in AC but cut my vacation short after two days and hightailed it back to Manila because the scene in AC is horrendous.

My main problem with Angeles City is the girls are atrocious looking. That is to say, the reason I monger is to have sex with hot girls that would normally be out of my range. I DO NOT WANT TO MONGER WITH GIRLS THAT I COULD EASILY FUCK FOR FREE IN THE US. Or better said, I do not want to monger with girls that I wouldn't fuck in the USA.

TO be perfectly clear on this--I would say that the vast majority of girls in the bars of AC are out and out dogs. Exactly the kind of girls that I would never even look at in America. A small percentage are average looking. Very few, maybe 5 out of 2000 girls are truly hot (and those girls invariably are swooped up and reserved by the smart longtimers who barfine them for weeks at a time!)

WHEREAS in Thailand or Buenos Aires (or even the worsening scene in the DR) if you walk into a decent club -- you are always bound to see at least a handful of girls that are hot. Not tens mind you. But at the very least a few slutty looking ladies that'll get your blood rushing.


I guess, if the GFE thing is your bag. You're on tight budget and looks do not matter to you in the least -- then AC can be fun. But if you are discriminating at all in your taste in women -- avoid this dump like the swamp it is.

Manila on the other hand has plenty of beautiful women. Particulary in the amatuer scene. Went to a few non-pro night clubs and was astounded by the cream of the crop pussy that was in there. Some of it was available--though not for sale--these were middle class college kids from good families. (Unlikely that they are going to embarrass themselves in front of their friends to hook up with a sex-monger in his 40s however). The pro-scene is very expensive but worlds better than AC.

So to sum up --

I only wrote this post to warn guys like myself who had long been intrigued by the pleasures that AC might offer. I'm glad I saw it for my own eyes but I shant ever return.

04-20-04, 23:38
Couldn't agree more LA Larry, most of the girls do not look good in Angeles. The very few that do look decent enough to be doable are in high demand. Pretty much all of them, even the ugly ones, lack that all important service oriented attitude. I guess there are just too many guys relative to girls. It seems odd as the Philippines is a very poor country, but that's the way it is. Maybe its the Catholic culture.

04-21-04, 00:15
LA Larry,

Sorry you had such a bad time.

I have had the exact opposite experience. I've had no trouble finding quality ladies. True, if they're working a bar, they go quickly.

But saying things like "I guess, if the GFE thing is your bag. You're on tight budget and looks do not matter to you in the least -- then AC can be fun. But if you are discriminating at all in your taste in women -- avoid this dump like the swamp it is." is purely inflamatory and quite unfair to people like me who enjoy the place. Yes, I do have discriminating taste. So, my taste is either very different from yours, or I am much better at finding the good stuff.

I know that you are just trying to warn others away from a bad time. But, if your assertions were widely held, would Angeles even exists ?

I hope the next place is more to your liking. (Sincerely, that was not a jab).


04-21-04, 00:26
J Boy,

Flying out of LAX will save you money. I've never paid more than $700 for RT coach.

The only reccommended shots for the Philippines are Hepatitis A & B. But, as you said, you don't have time. If you may travel to a jungle location, you'll want an anti-malarial. Doxycycline is used for this and has the added benefit of preventing a couple of the common STD's. An anti-malarial is not needed for AC or Manila.

Good luck on the ticket. I'm PMing you my travel agents number.


04-21-04, 01:06
LA Larry and Firedick,

I must agree with Firedick, and I dont want to rip you in doing so Larry. Out of a hundred guys who go to AC, there is always one or two who have this opinion. As Firedick alluded to, if even 1% of what you say is true, AC would not exist. Too many other places in competition with it. I believe that AC can be a little mind blowing at first. I wandered around like a hapless fool the first two days, in and out of bars and all I really saw in my mind was a shitload of women, but no one in particular. So many damn bars and so many women and they can all run together. I settled down and REALLY looked around and that is when I noticed the hot ones. There have been plenty of photos posted over the years to refute what you say, and I have seen it with my own eyes. Nobody can tell me that the cute little waitress that works in Insomnia is a dog. Men in the states would fall over their tongues after her. I enjoyed fucking her as much as any woman I have ever had and she wasnt really even that smoking hot.

Anyway, I would say to the new guys that if your going to fly all the way to Manila, you may as well take a run up to AC and check it out for yourself. Just look around and be patient. There are plenty of ugly girls there, but you can easily find hot ones, just like in normal life.


Jack Brice
04-21-04, 01:48
Well Larry,

Unless it's gone downhill since the last time I was there, I could always find a few hammers there.

It's ok though, we don't want unhappy people in AC. Maybe you didn't drink enough San Miguel, eh?

Dashing Don
04-21-04, 05:59
LA Larry

In addition to your latest post, I read your excellent reports on BA a while back and as I've been to BA and AC, I think I know what the problem is for you. And its not the quality of the women in AC, which is quite wonderful. The difference is mongering in glamorous, world class, sophisticated Buenos Aires, compared to mongering in a third world slum like AC.

The mongers you meet in BA are likely to be well off, educated types, that pay attention to wine labels. The mongers I met in AC were low budget guys concerned about having enough for that last beer and the barfine.

I didn't research your last BA post but I seem to remember you jetting down the autopista in a rental from BA to Mar Del Plata to meet someone. The equivalent in AC would be hanging off the back of a trike or jeepney, inhaling lots of fumes as the vehicle careens in and out of potholes while narrowly missing pedestrians.

Fabulous steaks are the order of the day in BA while Montezuma's Revenge is common in AC---and for christ's sake, make sure you only drink bottled water.

See Golazo's post of 2/25/04 for a worthwhile take on the AC scene.

AC is full of young, sweet, available women. Its just the setting that leaves much to be desired.


Member #1005
04-21-04, 07:19
LA Larry,

Interesting post on your take of Angles City; AC is what it is, a dirty, seedy little town that has built up around the former Clark’s base, filled with many dirty old men mixed in with some hardened pros.

Without a doubt any girl worth her salt in AC would have surely made her way to down Makati, Manila where she can earn the big bucks or married some foreigner to give her a dream lifestlye overseas. However, some guys are really attracted to this type of environment but it really depends on what you are looking for fun or cheap sex. The biggest attraction for many guys, when you read their post, is that it’s cheap, seedy and their money goes further up here. On the definition of beauties I would have to say many of these guys that post have different standard as to what is exactly is a 9 or 10 when others would rate them as a poor 4 or 5. But as I have said once before these guys that “claim” these bars are filled with stunners are the same guys that go into a bar with so so and ugly girls at 8pm drinking solidly through to 3 or 4am and yet by the time they leave these bars at 4am suddenly these same ugly girls have all evolved into beauty queens – so what does that tell you?

As I have posted on blow row I saw no stunners to be had, in fact in all of the blow job bars I have been too around the world the only BJ bar that I have visited with a couple of pretty girls was Tokyo last year but then again you do have to pay the price. But let’s be honest here what do you really want when you walk into BJ bar – someone who knows how to suck dick – good looks are irrelevant. I’ve heard more guys complaining about beauty queens who half-heartedly tried to give a BJ than having an ugly girl who knew how to such dick.

I personally enjoyed AC but only because many of the girls I was meeting were not bar girls and its all about the fun of the chase; some of the other bar girls were not stunners but enjoyed the sex which is a big plus in my books. I did see a couple of girls who were stunners in my week up there perhaps 9s & two 10’s but the guys with them knew they were onto a good thing and made sure they didn’t let these girls go.

Angeles City is a place to have fun and it’s cheap, if you are looking for beauty queens then I would suggest you look elsewhere in the Philippines.

04-21-04, 11:20
I just returned from spending 24 days in the P.I., to include two weeks in AC. In my humble opinion, all the reports posted here about AC, both pro and con, are true. What you experience there is entirely up to you. However, do not expect to find fair skin, blond, blue-eyed babes here. The women are asian ethnic, and the beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. My fellow mongering brothers, I submit for your approval the following photos.


04-21-04, 11:22
Here is another AC photo.

04-21-04, 11:25
And another AC photo.

Texas Joe
04-21-04, 12:14
Hey guys,

Dont know if this goes here or not, but here goes. Right now I am in Iraq working as a civilian contractor, and get my R & R leave in late May, the 23rd to be exact. I will be there for ten days and am staying at the Orchird Inn. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to be there as well. If so, email me at [Email address deleted by Admin]

Hope to meet up with some of you


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

04-21-04, 20:28
Yes, i have been "skinned" as you call it. But as far as the site of 2matchu, I don't BS about anything. I don't BS about anything in any report. What would be the point? I am here NOW. diba? I challenged you now to find one bullshit I have ever posted. Good, bad, and ugly. I don't hold back.

Prog is a personal friend of mine and can attest to all I say.

So, shut your mouth now, and learn. They are *****s, money girls, or whatever you like to call them. They don't deny it. If you want to find your girl of your dreams, look far away from AC.

Better yet, let's talk this over with a few SMs.


J Boy
04-21-04, 20:58
I have my airline tickets and will land in Manila 10 am on May 12th. I have a junior suite reserved at the Orchid. I have some maps with most of the hot spots marked. I think I'm ready to go!

I do have some questions. I am metting some girls online who want to go out but its like they expect me to be there boyfriend. Is it hard to get rid of a girl so you can have a different one each night or is this just part of the game? I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings. One girl dances at Las Vegas Bar. I could go in and pay the bar fine or I think I could just "date" her. But if I just date her I think she would expect to be taken shopping etc. She said I'm a handsome man so I know she's a liar! LOL

How safe are the girls regarding STDs? I always use condoms but I do like to DATY. Do I need to change any habits?

How safe are the streets in AC for walking around?

Anything I should know that I am too dumb to ask?

Mister Ed
04-21-04, 21:45

Let's start with 99.9% of the girls on 2MATCHU are bar girls. Total bullshit. Half of them are, maybe. Maybe more. But there are a lot who are not. One is a hairdresser who IS a hairdresser. I know her. One is a cashier at a hotel. I know her - talked to her last time I was there when she was at work. One is a waitress at the restaurant at a hotel. I screwed her - gfe.

I think your view of AC is the hotel you stay at and the bars you go to, and maybe Kokomos. That is about all most guys see when they go there. You fail to realize that there is a sizable town next to AC, with tens of thousands of girls doing all things in life. Some of them are on 2 MatchU. So, get off of it already. Your view is that of *****ist only. I have LIVED there for months at a time and know what I am talking about it. YOU don't, you know only Fields and the end of your pecker. I have no problem with that until you start throwing around stuff as if you know everything. So maybe YOU need to close your mouth now. And no, we ain't going to do any SM's together. You must be kidding.

Finally, I am not the one looking for the girl of my dreams in AC, never said that. YOU are the one looking for the girl of your dreams in AC, and found her in the same place you say everyone is a bar girl, except YOUR girl was cherry because YOU could tell. What a frigging joke. Skinned again, Mr. Philippines Stud.

Now I am done, with you at least.

04-21-04, 22:31
J Boy,

I would not commit to anything prior to arrival, especially for a first timer. Get the feel first. You will not have any trouble meeting girls once there.

"How safe are the girls regarding STDs? I always use condoms but I do like to DATY. Do I need to change any habits?"

Reasonably safe. The girls working the clubs do get a weekly check up, albiet a quickie job. Crap shoot with the freelancers.

"How safe are the streets in AC for walking around?"

Safe in high traffic areas. Keep your wits when walking side streets. Kinda common sense stuff.

"Anything I should know that I am too dumb to ask?"

If you get stumbling drunk. Try to avoid walking. That said, take trikes only from "bar sponsored" spots. Like in front of Kokomo's or Margaritaville, or have the doorman/security gaurd get a trike for you. That way there is some accountability, as opposed to just flagging one down.

Good trip !


04-21-04, 23:37
Thanks for the pics! Great team that you had there.

I agree with your post concerning AC. There are plenty of "Stunners" in AC, but I have seldomly went in to a bar and not found a cute doable girl.

I think that LA larrys post was what he honestly believed and not even disrespectful, just his opinion.

Some guys are just very picky and need to have the cream of the crop. Good for them, to each his own. I have had better experiences with girls that are not models, but may just have beautiful smiles, and great attitudes!

I still say that AC is disney land!

04-21-04, 23:51
Personally I think daty is more hazardous than bbfs. Think about it.

Gamma Beta
04-22-04, 02:41
What is the current EWR rate?

Too Much Mind
04-22-04, 07:30
DATY more dangerous than BBFS? Not in my book. Said with caveats, of course. I've gotten a couple of cases of the oral chlamydial/gonhorrea in Thailand from DATY but that's about it. Was assumed, and expected and not too worried about getting more either. I think the virus we're all really worried about wouldn't stand up so well to the acidity of saliva and the GI tract. Unless of course you got bad, bleeding, broken gums. Then beware and no snacking allowed. hehehe

As far as BBFS talked to a knowledgeable nurse years ago who told me the means of contagion in men was via a slight vacuum force created at the time of ejaculation in the penis and whilst still inside the woman that will force some of here fluids up your urethra. Made sense to me then and still does. Granted there's no broken skin inside the urethra but there is a lot of nice soft warm habitat within which to swim and shop for a new home.

04-23-04, 15:16
There is no information that I have come across in medical journals that gives an estimate or % for the risk of HIV following oral-vaginal sex for those that are hertosexual and become HIV positive.

Having drawn attention to this fact, there is an increased and significant risk for catching viral and or bacterial infections of the throat that may also increase the risk of catching HIV.

In summary, there is no reported literature on the risk of oral-vaginal transmission for contracting HIV.

There is some data for homosexual oral sex and risk of HIV.

It has been estimated that oral sex may account for up to 30% of homosexual HIV cases. This is according to one clinic review of its HIV positive patient sample.

Of course this homosexual stat does not apply to fellow WSG panel members but on the other hand if the risk proves to be the same for oral-vaginal sex it does give rise to some potential and necessary considerations!

The abstract below is from a sexual health medical journal 1999 and reviews STD/HIV associations with oral sex - the definitive review and hope it helps those that seem to have many questions and or mis-conceptions!!

OBJECTIVE: To review the literature on the role of oral sex in the transmission of viral sexually transmitted infections (STIs). METHOD: A Medline search was performed using the keywords oro-genital sex, and those specific to each infection. Further references from each article identified by Medline were also included, as were relevant references from "Current contents". CONCLUSIONS: Oral sex is a common sexual practice among both heterosexual and homosexual couples. The evidence suggests that HIV transmission can take place through oro-genital sex from penis to mouth and vagina to mouth. Case reports describe apparent transmission from mouth to penis although this appears less likely. The risk of oro-genital transmission of HIV is substantially less than from vaginal and anal intercourse. Receptive oro-genital sex carries a small risk of human papillomavirus infection and possibly hepatitis C, while insertive oro-genital contact is an important risk factor for acquisition of HSV 1. Oro-anal transmission can occur with hepatitis A and B. The transmission of other viruses may occur but is unproved. The relative importance of oral sex as a route for the transmission of viruses is likely to increase as other, higher risk sexual practices are avoided for fear of acquiring HIV infection.

04-24-04, 02:39
Jesus Christ !!! Where to begin !

Connect, do you have some sort of anti mongering agenda or do you just like throwing ice water on a party ?

I don't have time right now, but what a load of shit !

PM me if you'd like to get your head out of your ass without starting a flame war.


04-24-04, 03:59
Mr. Ed, I'm sure you are Mr. Philippines and all, but what exactly are you trying to prove here? That you're jealous Mongering1 is having a good time? If you're the font of all PI knowledge, by all means SHARE IT HERE, as that is the general spirit by which MOST on this board exist. Otherwise, you just sound like a huge whiner.

BTW, Mongering1's girl he met through the chat site is a hottie, she totally worships him and he's a lucky guy, and if that makes your blood boil, oh well. He introduced me to her over a few SM lights at Kokomoz. We would have gone to your place, but visiting hours were over!

04-24-04, 06:12
Surgeon General Warning: Having unprotected sex can increase health risks and lead to death.

I want to warn you - You are going to die anyways.

Being prudent and aware helps greatly. I know so many guys who DATY and haven't heard of one who has gotten anything worse than a hair in the back of the throat.

If a girl looks sickly or appears to be on drugs I don't even talk to her. Initial observations, general color of the skin, eyes, body aroma, speach and just how well she looks and carries herself. If there is anything that just doesn't look normal or right, it's AFM time (A is for Adios, figure out the MF). When I shower with my girls this is when I start my closest observations, any open sores, puss running down their legs, small critters massing, skin adnormalities, unusual skin, dirty, vaginal stench other than normal aroma. It's AMF time.

So far so good, one wart from a girl friend over 30 years ago. Been mongering for 44 years and thank goodness nothing worse than a hang over. Unless you count the one time a providers husband came to my hotel to ask why I was banging his wife, simple she was worth the $30. Told him he wasn't my type and to send her back.


04-24-04, 06:21
Alexander, I have many times taken out the most beautiful women in the same club and I just let them know im looking for one special girl but unless I compare the various qualities of different girls I will never be assured to get the best girl possible for me. Because Im divorced from a Filipina it gives what Im saying creditability because I already brought one Filipina to the USA and was married to her for 6 years. I cite concern for by 2 year old daughter as to who I will end up with as a steady girlfriend and I have not had a problem yet. Insomnia has sme nice girls now but just lost one too the Bunny Ranch yesterday. Im in Boracay with a girl from Las Vegas bar now and will be back in AC on Sunday. Yes Nero's, Champange, and the Bunny Ranch have the best girls now but Insomnia, Blue Nile, Cambodia Club, Las Vegas and Lancellot waitresses have nice quality girls too. Even in small clubs like Tom Cat, Amore, Confetti's ect... I can always find a do able girl. There are usually a superstar or two in every bar and I disagree that Angeles girls are ugly as hell. Yes there is quite a few out and out dogs but I have always had no problems finding beautiful women either. To each his own as they say. Boracay is STRICKLY bring your own babe. Free lancers here are ugly as hell. Happy Hunting twl all mongers. Reguards McBarker.

Mister Ed
04-24-04, 06:30
Hey [Deleted by Admin]? I'm glad you two had a nice time together. Maybe you and Mongering and his sweet thing tried a threesome, but then she decided to just watch the two of you when you paid more attention to each other instead of her. It must be a very close relationship, the way you are coming to his rescue.

I was winding this down, since I am sure these posts are just annoying to everyone else. You had to butt in, though. Your boyfriend is a [Deleted by Admin]. Get over it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

04-25-04, 09:40
Hi everybody,

I am relatively new to the Forum (only posted in China section so far, see pics in that gallery if you want to know my taste).

I will be in Angeles next week till may 10th and was wondering who else is around there. Would not mind sharing a beer or two and exchanging some stories. Those interested, send me a PM.

Also a question; when you take a couple of (angeles) girls to Puerto Galera for about three days, are you supposed to pay barfine for those days or not? I would appreciate the input, I promise to post lots of pics after my stay in Angeles/ Puerto Galera.

Thanks in advance,


J Boy
04-25-04, 20:09
How do you get from AC to Hensonville? I found a pretty good online map of AC but it doesn't show Hensonville. I don't suppost they have anything like mapquest.com

04-26-04, 06:39
Mr. Ed, thanks for the love, brother. Now how 'bout some of that expert knowledge you claim to have? Please dazzle us with your brilliance.

04-26-04, 06:44
One of the 'dogs' of Angeles. Doggie style was indeed a treat with her!

04-26-04, 08:36
bar reviews from april: in no particular order, and in a very rambling fashion:

cambodia: had some really good times here. waitresses are super friendly and attentive, plenty of girls onstage if you get there when both shifts are present during primetime. one of the mamasans is a really short-sighted c*nt however, and it's almost comical how she instructs the waitresses to try and pad customer bills and push lady drinks. my last trip in january she actually threw a peanut at my buddy's girl to get her to drink faster. this time a drink magically appeared for a waitress that was hovering in front of my table for a little too long. each time we vote with our feet, tell her 'mami, nice try, have a nice day' and tell the girl(s) we're with that the ***** is costing them coin.

blue nile: the girls come in waves, but i still hate that the stage is so far away and it's such a big production to get a girl to come over, but i guess that's bangkok style, and some people like it that way. beautiful girls, no doubt about it. have had problems with bill padding here before and they still like to keep all bills for a table in the same cup unless otherwise requested which is a 'game on' invitation to throw in tickets at random by the greedy trolls that run the place. i posted a story about a problem changing a 1996 series c-note at the cashier here, but mamasan worked out a barshare only deal with me that solved the temporary cash-flow problem pretty well for all parties.

blue nile executive: didn't spend much time here, but the brief impression was that there were plenty of hotties running around trolling for drinks. as if anyone didn't know, the layout is first class.

misty's: stage always packed, but i think these are mostly the e squad girls these days, as they are at the bottom of the nero's group bars pecking order. still had lots of fun here, as since there aren't many customers there these days the girls/waitresses/mamasans simply try harder.

nero's: seemed like everybody was on vacation here, but i was around during easter week. few customers, vastly diminished stage lineup, waitresses and mamasans sitting around looking depressed. i still like the barlayout, but for me, the lineup and energy level of the girls is the biggest deal, and it was lacking 2 weeks ago.

bedrock: this place never gets reported on, and hardly ever has any customers, but they had 15+ girls in a small bar that went crazy when i whipped out my camera and started taking pics. some girls were chasing me around the bar asking me to take more shots. i was a big spender here, though: i bought one lady's drink and 100 pesos worth of peanuts for the girls, so your mileage may vary.

cheetah's: seemingly always empty of customers and i almost got raped by a bevy of girls every time i looked in. they were so hungry and desperate, however, that i got a little freaked out and just turned and left. as a dyed in the wool big tit fan, also, when i saw nobody in the bar with c cups or better, it didn't make me want to sit down and gawk.

champagne: they have a ton of girls, but the result is that the place is always packed whether there are a lot of customers there or not, which annoys the hell out of me - i don't like crowds. girls onstage seemed to have the personality of postal clerks when i tried some simple bs to see if there was any potential for further action. i guess their philosophy is to stand around and look hot and it costs 125 pesos to interview them. good luck to them.

welcome inn: had some very negative initial impressions of this place on previous trips, but spent a tiny amount of money here this time and had a great time. girls were flirtatious and friendly and they have some real cuties there at the moment. might want to check the id's though, they looked pretty young. opens at 12 noon, and they finally appear to be taking advantage of this niche having a full lineup of dancers when the bar opens.

bananitas: i've always liked this bar, but can't exactly explain why. maybe it's the uniforms, which are easily the best i saw in ac (though the short shirts at touch of class, voodoo and ti are pretty awesome as well if the girls wear them right). the little stringy one pieces show a lot of some very attractive girls' bodies, especially showing lots of ass where most bars have oversized bikini bottoms. the place is usally empty of customers, and there was a problem with the a/c not being very good, especially sitting near the stage. might be because the girls get cold because they're pretty much standing there naked!

dirty duck: another one of my favorite places in the daytime, as the drink prices can't be beat and they have some cute dancers who have no problem bs'ing with customers while onstage. why they have such an army of waitresses, however, i have no idea, as they sit around and yak yak with each other because they know that the 2 or 3 of them that actually work can handle all the customers in such a small bar. with lots of single moms working here, though, heard a lot of 'short time' whispers thrown around. viva the stay-in girls!

voodoo: always seemed to have energy in this place, even when there weren't a lot of girls around. they are opening at 11 am, which is a great idea, but with kind of a skeleton staff until later in the afternoon, which i guess is to be expected. every girl i've ever spoken a word to in this place seemed to have a great attitude, and that really can't be coincidence. the ability to order food from kokomoz and eat inside here in air-con comfort is a great bene, but as some board members showed me later, ordering in from sub-delicious in pretty much any bar is a good idea too. i will always have a soft spot for voodoo, though, because it's where i fell for my first ac honey, and i enjoyed the heck out of my brief appearances here this past trip despite our current love-hate drama.

treasure island: too goddamned small. but they easily had the most improved lineup from my last apppearance in ac during new year's week where they were lucky to have half a dozen dancers on some nights. this time they always had well into double digits, and most were slim, young and attractive. the sob aftermath parties that they share with voodoo are a great idea, lots of fun and the girls seem to get just as fired up about it as the customers do with the hokey giveaways. i still haven't been upstairs to see the shower show. import a girl or two with big su su and i'll be sure to do so next time!

rhapsody: i love this bar, but it may be because i know several girls that work there. they field a decent lineup with a few very attractive girls. i might post about a little drama i had with some of them later on, but from what i've seen, it would be tough to have a bad time at rhapsody.

la bamba: nothing really stands out about this place, but they have a decent lineup and some fun girls. barfined a girl with no teeth and great tits and had a short time blast with her. clive was right way back when about the girls that smoke!!!

liquor box: i ripped their lineup in january, and i pretty much stand by those statements: the night i was there they had some of the fugliest dancers i have ever seen in ac. the half hour i spent there on this trip, however, they all looked like 10's because i was plastered and my brief meeting with kim got me even more so. sit at kim's table, and i doubt anybody would have a bad time here either.

blue fox: another of my faves, mostly because i hung out with a friend here last summer that was a whale, probably dropping an easy 3000 pesos a night in this place (not including bf's) and i rode the free drink/girl frenzy gravy train. it's a lot more subdued when my more free-spending buddies aren't around, but the girls tended to have fun attitudes, and some are downright famous for their looks/performance. lanie still has one of the best bods in ac, imo, and i finally was in the right place at the right time with jing jing, who gets my vote for best rack in ac. rick's café really missed the boat with her photo shoot.

geckos: decent lineup, can be a fun place if you're spreading a little money around, but girls tend to really loaf onstage and have zero energy, possibly because it looks like they only have one shift of dancers?

wet seals: skipped it. i wonder why?

dmz: can be a fun bar, but it's like bizarre-o land in there. kind of run down (especially the cr), and every 10 minutes they start playing the country music and you start to realize that the place is stuck in a time warp. most girls are playful and friendly, though, and they certainly don't seem to have a shortage of them.

angels: i think their cheap charlie drink specials they've advertised on ac2 recently have brought in the crowds, as the place had a bunch of guys hanging out a couple weeks ago. the lineup impressed me, and there were 3-4 i was constantly considering going back for but never got around to it. a team of waitresses came over and told me they had a promotion where if i answered some easy trivia question i would win a free drink. interesting touch, but the lineup was a lot more interesting. some tall, thin girls with long, flowing hair.

owl's nest. stopped in for one drink on good friday and was bored as usual, though having girls sitting around doing nothing in street clothes wasn't too inspiring in any of the bars. i've never really given the place a chance, but then again, nobody can hit every bar, can they?

roadhouse: headed here with blazers for happy hour on my last night in town and got fucked up before i even knew it. lineup was ok looking, personally, the dancer's uniforms don't do much for me, though i know that there are many that love them. blazers loved the music selection and the dvd's they had playing, but it seemed way too retro for me, back to the bad old days when crap music ruled. as blazers pointed out to me, waitresses tried very hard to ensure that the service was excellent and that the table remained immaculate. the finger food provided was tasty and a nice touch.

private dancer. another bar i just plain 'like', as the dancers seem to always have some energy - unusual for a bar with a pool table, imo. i also know several girls there, so i may be biased because of that.

kitten club: went for their friday night dance contest, and it was actually a lot of fun. some of the girls really got into it, and put on a little show for the shower. it was a blast, though, watching some wacky korean guy running up to the girls and trying to get them to show some gash during the middle of the show! kitten club had a couple of very nice looking girls working there.

bunny ranch: wow, their lineup went waaaaay downhill from my first two trips. they still had a stageful of dancers, and i'm not the pickiest guy in the world about looks, but there weren't many i'd longtime for free. jane's still there, though, and still hot, though i gotta get her some industrial strength certs if she keeps smoking those menthols. her tongue in my tonsils wasn't nearly as much fun after that!

brown sugar: i always hit this place late, and i always had a blast. the girls are a lot of fun, there are plenty of them and staying open past 4 am is genius.

camelot: love it. waitresses are a blast and super-attentive, the place is gorgeous inside, decent lineup of dancers, though nothing to write home about. they have to have the hottest mamasan in the history of ac, and she was walking arm in arm with some old dude down fields during primetime one night, though someone told me he might be a steady, so who knows. they appear to have liberal policies about what hours girls must work and when they can come and go, though that may be only for gro's that don't care about salary.

lancelot: should be exactly the same as camelot, right? but i have the complete opposite reaction. the place bores me. the waitresses aren't nearly as fun and the dancers have little energy.

insomnia: fun bar, fun girls, decent lineup, plenty of empty seats. as long as jovelyn's there i'll be sure to head in to try and play with her fun bags. another one who should give up the menthols, though... the brownout at 4 am one night wasn't a lot of fun, but we can't all have generators, can we? open til 5 am which is really cool.

the club: i liked it, but there's probably no earthly reason why. i hit it off with the mamasan and had some waitress that was fun to bs with and a customer that liked to answer her phone that was even more fun to bs with! i love those guys!!!

midnight rodeo: i liked the local cover band i heard one night, but i like that kind of stuff. as there was only one other customer in the place at the time, most of y'all probably don't!

pick up disco: this place was packed just about every night of my stay - what a change from previous trips. lots of energy from the crowd that was there too, which seemed to be a lot more than just bargirls and their dates like i had seen before. still the super popular 'barhoppy' destination.

tomcats: can't comment too much, but had a blast in a very short time i spent there talking to drummer who pointed out frankp and bruhaa and mal a bunch of the others from the ac2 board. seemed to have a pretty nice lineup of girls.

confettis: had a lot of fun at this place with some very friendly girls. a little piso-nality went a loooong way.

caddyshack: ok lineup, decent energy from the girls if you buy a drink or two. still mostly locals hanging out and drinking and ignoring the girls, though.

flamingo: hit and miss. lineup is decent, but girls energy tends to ebb and flow. one night it was a lot of fun, the next pretty dead with girls just standing around. my barfine wanted trike fare from kokomoz back there, though, after i kicked her out after short time which made me lmao.

touch of class: my friends and i had a blast at this place one weekday afternoon. i instantly fell in love with a girl onstage and did the st love thing right there while my buddies turned 5-6 ladies drinks between them into 90 minutes of pampering from half a dozen girls while the rest of the 20+ girls onstage vied to get their attention to get included in the party. if you're looking to spread a little cash a long way, this would be a good place. the papasan gave out free local drink chits so frequently it was virtually two for one.

That Asshole
04-26-04, 12:22
This is a short comparison of the scenes in Pattaya and Angeles City as I have received some private messages inquiring about the subject. I try to post it at both boards (not sure if it is allowed) as I think there is some interest about this kind of info.

Keywords in alphabetical order:


In Pattaya there is a huge variety of good value accomodation for all budgets. Centrally located, reasonable rooms are 500-1000 baht. Usually there is no need to prebook.
In Angeles the accomodation can be scarce at peak times>see "Best time to go"

However most hotels accept bookings by email without deposit. Since it's a sellers market, rooms are often unreasonably expensive and lower in quality than in Pattaya. It's worth to look around once you are there, to find something better value.

Bars>also see:Venues

The typical Pattaya beer-bar is open-air with a central bar area and stools around the bar for customers/staff. Clothing of staff is rather casual. Go-go bars are always in-door with air-conditioning and dancers wearing bikinis. There used to be naked/topless dancing in Thailand however it has recently been discontinued. If you know a place where it is still present, don't publish it here please but keep the secret for yourself so that it may survive. Thank you. In Angeles go-go bars the dancing is always strictly in bikinis however some special treats can be obtained by private arrangement, occasionally.

In Pattaya go-go bars the girls often wear numbers pinned to their dresses and this can make choosing easier. In Angeles they don't have numbers but each carry an ID card with their name and date of birth.

Best time to go:

The holiday season of dec/jan can be very crowded in both locations. Quietest times are may/june and oct/nov. The weather is not so much of an issue as you will be mostly indoors if you are reading this.


In Pattaya the beer is reasonably cheap and of good quality. Locally produced whisky and rum are even cheaper and are passable. It is feasible to get drunk for around two dollars.

In Angeles the beer is dirt-cheap and of excellent quality. Local rum is cheaper still and is of very high quality (my opinion). In fact, often your mixer will cost more than the spirits. Very easy to get drunk for under a dollar.


Both countries are hot, tropical although Thailand seems to be hotter most for the year. There are significant rainfalls in the wet seasons although this really doesn't affect much the "Industry."


Cost of food/accomodation is cheaper in Pattaya however sex tends to be more expensive for same quality. Cost of sex in Pattaya is very unregulated. You have to negotiate hard. In Angeles hotels cost more but the cost of entertainment is fixed 1000 peso per night per girl, any girl. This effectively cuts out the negotiation process which many guys prefer.

Culture/Society>see People


Pattaya in the main areas is relatively safe to walk around at any hour of the day or night. Freelancer ladies from the beach area can be tricky, so use caution. Most hotels provide safety boxes for passport/cash. Most of the legitimate businesses are reasonably honest. Generally it's a very safe city.

In Angeles and most of the Philippines you will notice the very visible presence of firearms everywhere. More caution is required as the poverty is greater than in Thailand. The main street of Balibago should be reasonably safe day or night. Philippinos are friendly but if someone appears too friendly for no aparent reason then just move on, don't go with them wherever they might invite you.


Thai food is generally spicy and delicious while Filipino food tend to be more bland. However international cousine is widely available both in Pattaya and Angeles.

Getting there:

To Pattaya by bus from Bangkok (90 baht), or by taxi (800-1200 baht),two hours.

To Angeles/Balibago by public bus from Manila (80-100 peso), by private bus of the Swagman Hotel (350 peso) or by taxi (1000-1600 peso), two hours.


Very similar in appearance in both countries.

Age: In Pattaya 23-45 years mostly. In Angeles a bit more young 18-35. Always, very strictly over 18 years. But check ID cards, just in case.

Attitude: A lot of guys say that Filipinas tend to be more affectionate. This can very I guess. There are a lot of very affectionate Thai women too. Even though they are prostitutes, you will have to put more effort in to picking up a good looking Filipina from an Angeles bar than it would take In Pattaya. You not only choose, you are also chosen.
build/size: Both nationals are generally petite with small breasts. Of course there are exceptions.

Hair/bodyhair: Long black hair is typical while an increasing number of ladies tend to dye their hair to any shade of brown to blonde. It's more common in Angeles for the girls to shave all their bodily hair. The result is just gorgeous.

Sex: Many guys state that generally Thais are hotter in bed. That might actually be so. However Filippinas tend to be more shameless in their actions, once they are relaxed. In Angeles you will be likely to get more kisses and cuddles and less head as a rule.

Skin: Any shade of brown, from nearly white to nearly black.

Hotel>see Accomodation


In Pattaya the Thai language. It has a different script from English and is altogether difficult to learn, although you will quickly pick up a few words. In whole of Thailand apart from entertainment areas, English is seldom understood or used. Even those who speak it will have difficulty understanding a complicated concept that is out of the basic everyday issues.

In Angeles and the whole of the Philippines, English language is widely understood and used. Most people speak it very well. It's unnecessary to learn the local Tagalog / Pilipino language, although it might have some advantages.

Location & Setting:

Pattaya is two hours drive from Bangkok the capital of Thailand. It's essentially a beach resort town with a large percentage of regular tourists. The beach is not that great though in the main town area. The "Industry" is mainly concentrated to South Pattaya but even then it's a huge area with a massive number of bars and entertainers. At times because of the number of tourists this area of town can become extremely crowded and depressing.

Angeles City is located inland, again two hours drive from Manila the capital of Philippines. There are no regular tourist attractions or tourist shopping areas. Balibago, the main bar area is basically one street with a few small side avenues. There is a welcome absence of regular/shopping tourism and therefore peace reigns over the town most of the year. The whole entertainment area is very small when compared to Pattaya (however, very active).


In Pattaya, Thai Baht (THB) presently approx 39baht/$. A large number of money changers day/night. Travellers cheques accepted. Lots of ATMs. Credit cards may or may not attract surcharge.

In Angeles, Philippine Peso (PPS) approx 55peso/$. Money changers open during the day. Travellers cheques are generally NOT accepted. Some ATMs. Credit cards attract 7.5-10% surcharge.

Music (in bars):

Generally, recorded mainstream disco music with some bars playing rock of various heavyness in both countries. As a rule the music in most Thai bars is much louder, effectively preventing any intelligent conversation. In Angeles bars the volume of music seems to be a couple of grades lower, therefore there is much more interaction between staff and clients.


Pattaya's Thai population has thoroughly intermixed with the tourists/expats while still keeping many of their traditional customs/values. Thailand is a Buddhist country and as such somewhat more of an exotic nature for the western tourist. Generally the locals are very friendly folk. There is also a significant expat presence, who own a large number of entertainment venues.

In Angeles the situation is more transient. In my opinion there is less interaction with the locals and foreigners seem to keep their activities to the small entertainment area.The expat population is much smaller, although they own most of the bars. Filipinos are also very friendly folk, perhaps sometimes more genuinely so than Thais. The local religion is Christian Catholic and as such general mentality stands somewhat closer to what we are used to.



In Pattaya there is a large percentage of young, yobbos visiting the bars while the older gentlemen are of course also present. In Angeles it's mainly the older folks, so the pace is generally slower and more peaceful. There is a wider variety of different races visiting Pattaya bars, while in Angeles it's mainly the typical westerner with a very few Japanese. Local men are also known to frequent bars in foreigner entertainment areas in both countries although not in significant numbers. There are also a number of western women sex-tourists that can be observed in both towns, from time to time.

Ringing the Bell:

In Pattaya if you ring the bell at any bar normally you would have to buy a drink for all the staff, sometimes the customers as well. The cost can vary as such. In Angeles the fee for ringing the bell is fixe and different at each bar. The bill can range from 2500 to 5000 pesos or so.

Security>see Dangers/Annoyances


Pattaya has a very large number of vehicles and lots of crazy drivers mostly on motorbikes. Philippinos by comparison are gentle and docile on the road. There is also a very welcome absence of motorbikes. In the Philippines they drive on the right side of the road while in Thailand on the wrong side.


Local transport in Pattaya by minibus, flat fare 5 baht within the main bay area. Motorcycle taxis 20-50 baht within South/North Pattaya area. In Angeles a motorised tricycle will take you almost anywhere for 50 peso or less. Frequent jeepneys run along Fields Ave. for 4 pesos.


In Pattaya the very large number of open air beer-bars dominate with some go-go bars and several discos. There is a huge selection of SW along the beach and on Walking Street at all times of the day but mostly at night. In Angeles it's almost exclusively in-door go-go type of bars with two discos and a couple of beer-bar type places. SW are present only at certain limited areas (mostly A. Santos Street).

That's it folks! Any constructive comments/additions are welcome!


That Asshole
04-26-04, 12:41

Sorry, I couldn't catch you in AC. You could have passed down some of the beauties to me (he, he). Yes, I have been thinking of inventing some sort of BS to get a similar effect and I think it is quite possible, just don't have to go too deep with each one but stay strictly on the sex/fun level. I have noticed that many girls would be very willing to go much beyond that but then it would be really impossible to take several. Progman also mentioned one idea which is great: he takes 3 or 4 out for a start and then they won't mind if you go back for them one by one.


Member #1986
04-26-04, 14:44

Nice report, thanks. It will be very helpful on my visit there.

Mister Ed
04-26-04, 16:24
Well Porker,

I may not like what you did in jumping in on my dispute with someone who had it coming, but I must admit your AC bar update was good. I'll be back to PHIL and a few different areas within the next 4 months and I'll drop a report insteand of lurking.

04-26-04, 20:02
I was in AC during the same time ("Holy Week") as Porker. I can attest to what he has written is the real deal. Porker, you are to be commended for detailed briefing. In the future, I will avoid going to the P.I. during regilious holiday times (Easter week and X-Mas Week) because travel is a hassle as the airport is jammed with people trying get to/from the provinces/cities. Also, many of the girls go home during these holiday times.

04-26-04, 23:44
Alexander, SUPER detailed comparison, and I think you've said it all. Thanks for the write-up.

Mr. Ed, I wouldn't have jumped in if I THOUGHT 'he had it coming'. Am looking forward to any reports you might have about the PI. I've been there 3 times and am by no means an expert and am always interested to hear others' views.

04-27-04, 02:35
That's better, lets all play nice. :)

J Boy,

Hensonville is a "barangay" (neighborhood) of AC. From "Checkpoint" on fields ave take the side street at the bakery just west of Margarita Station (left if coming out of the door of Margarita). Just a few steps will bring you to a jeepney stop that goes through Hensonville. If you get to the bridge over the river, you've gone too far (not the little bridge at Villa Modesto, but the big one). If you like to walk and have a good pair of shoes it's doable during the day. I wouldn't do it at night as a "newbie". Just follow the white jeepneys that say Hensonville. What in Hensonville are you looking for ?

Rick 1968,

Generally if for only a couple days, the bar fine for each day will be expected. But check with mamasan, you may be able to negociate a better rate for "long term barfine".

If you guys need input, PM me or post quickly. I'm outta here in about 52 hours ! LOS here I come !


Leon Phelps
04-27-04, 03:38
Porker and Alexander,

Nice reports. They should help me alot when I take my trip to A.C. in June. I will be sure to post a report when I get back.


T Poet
04-27-04, 12:34
Angeles city or Manila where can I get those threesomes? Saw some nice pics from Angeles City any recommendations from the Pros. How is it for getting girls on the street? I am not much for night clubs and like to be a bit discreet. Appreciate any tips my Monger Bretheren.


J Boy
04-27-04, 15:01
Thanks Firedick. I am planning to go to the Silver Bullet in Hensonville. I met a girl on 2matchu who works there and looks hot but I thought I would just go pay the bar fine rather than get involved with the "dating" stuff.

04-27-04, 19:15
J Boy,

You're welcome.

Good call on just keeping it professoinal. I wish Kobe Bryant (shit typo) had had the same wisdom !!!

Never been to a bar in Hensonville. The only area that I can think of it being is just after the right turn at Villa Modesto (second right turn of the route). You can jump out of a jeepney at any spot along the route. Just say "para" (stop) loud enough for the driver to hear.


Member #1986
04-27-04, 19:38

A classy well written report,


04-28-04, 19:21
Is it really true that TC's are not generally accepted in Angeles? I'm going there for about 1 week in October...I always use TC's in Asia...any comments? Any big name banks there that cash them? Thank you! Looking forward to a 1 month "tour of duty" in SE Asia using Cathay Pacific's "All Asia Pass"


Member #1986
04-28-04, 20:27

It is my advise not to bring T/C's to the Philippines at all. I have been turned down cashing them even in banks in Manila.


Jack Brice
04-29-04, 07:05
Well folks,

I just arrived into AC from that long flight across the pond on China Air. Those who had reservations about using China Airlines shouldn't worry. The service was great, the food not half bad (except the coffee sucked), and the sweet attendants were easy on the eyes.

Kokomo's delivered with the ride at the airport. You pay the driver directly and though they had said it would be 1.200 pesos, it turned out to be 1,600. Something got lost in the transalation somewhere.

Also, besides an internet connection, ain't much else you can do with this room PC. I had been hoping for a CD drive at minimum, but no such luck. The room is adequate but that little window A/C is going balls to the wall trying to cool the room which is at a balmy 80 degrees.

Something else I guess I skipped while reading, was that Kokomo's charges an extra 7.5 percent if you charge on your credit card. So I guess bring cash.

Well, must go do what my loins ask. I'll be posting again in a day or two. Any mongers look me up at Kokos, ask for Jack.


T Poet
04-29-04, 08:25
Tips invited about where to get three somes and about howmuch? Also cheap hotels where i can handle my business. It seems like know is listening are my questions redundant. Appreciate any advice from pro's of the trade.


J Boy
04-29-04, 09:24
Do any of you take along inexpensive gifts ffor the girls? If so what have you taken that got good responses?

Member #1005
04-29-04, 10:40
J Boy

Small chococlates in fancy boxes works for me, go for Belgium if you can, the only problem is you have to be careful with the heat and them mealting.

The other thing that works is perfumes but go for the small sizes, you don't want to spoil them too much. When I am passing through the duty free sections in the airports they often have promotions of trail sizes of perfumes, so I make a point grabbing a few of these while I can, you'll never know when you'll need them.

But you will be surprised what a box of chocolates can do for you, in a hotel in Niarobi I gave one of the receptionist a box of chocolates for sorting out a problem in my room. When I came to check out they seem to have lost one night of my stay on the bill, I queried this (only because I didn't want this girl to loose her job over a small sum) and was informed that the hotel had taken care of my room. All this for one small box of Belgium chocolates worth $5 for a room worth $65 a night.

Member #1986
04-29-04, 15:12
J Boy,

There are 3 things that are a must to bring with you.

1. Chocolate

2. Chocolate

3. Chocolate

Juniour is also right about the perfume, it is a good gift. Another thing you might consider is panties. Thongs are the best. They call them T-Backs. Just pick up some inexpensive ones and they will be a hit. Remember size xs & s. Lots of luck.


04-29-04, 20:19
Rio - thanks for the reply! What do you guys use then? Cash? or pre-pay the hotel 1st at home, then use cash..........? I've never used a debit machine in Asia before (looks like I'm going to learn real quick).

Thanks for any advice.


Member #1986
04-29-04, 20:49

Hotels: I usually reserve my hotel via the hotel website if they have one and pay with my credit card when I get there. Saves using my cash, most hotels accept visa/matercard. Put everything you can on your hotel bill, food, drinks, ect. then use your cc to cash out on your final bill.

Always bring cash, its the universal language of the Philippines. $100.00 bills will get you the best exchange rate. You don't have to travel with an ungodly amount but enough incase of an emergency, depending on your stay I would allot $500.00 for one week cash in pocket.

Debit cards are accepted everywhere there is an ATM. I use mine allot in order to avoid bringing massive amounts of cash. You can usually withdraw 2 to 3 hundred dollars a day at an ATM. You will have to use it 2 or 3 times to get that amount, most ATM's it seems will only distribute about p5000 to p10000 per transaction. There is a $3.00 to $5.00 domestic fee for each transaction from your bank.

Hope this helps.


04-30-04, 10:48
OK, the reporting so far is all I have as far as Angeles City. Will have to report on other areas since I don't plan on returning there. Quick update, instead of staying in a hotel, I'm staying at my gf's house.

Ate my first balut last night, tasty! Red Horese seems to be my knew beer. The house we are staying is Nhel's Aunt's and she has a sari-sari, so endless supply of anything I need.

Looks like my mongering days are over, unless I in fact get "skinned" again. And yes, she knows all about my past. I'm a very open person and try to never do anything I'd be ashamed of later. Of course that is my humbel opinion.

I'll have a complete report on Makati and Cavite when I get back to USA.


Mister Ed
04-30-04, 14:24

My postings, in hindsight, were over the top toward you. I can see you really are hooked on this woman and are carrying it forward. I can't do anything but wish you the best of luck. I apologize for the "skinned" comment and flaming, particularly since it was over nothing but a website. To the board, I was a dope and I admit it. Obviously, I was having a hard time in my life during those days and let it spill over on to this board.

I will be hitting PHIL in about 3 months, plan on heading toward Bataan Penusula and Corregidor this time - an area not well known for whoring around but I will check it out nonetheless and report if there is anything worth it.

Good luck to all.

04-30-04, 20:39
Rio Loco - yup, that sorts it out for me..thanks! I'll be there October 17th - 24 - 1st time for me in Angeles but I've been to Manila, Kalibo and Boracay island before (long time ago). Anyways, thanks again and I'll repost maybe a few weeks before to see if anyone wants to hook up while I'm there.

05-01-04, 06:18
Chocolate stills works :-O, I'm shocked. I'm in my mid 50s and when I was 21 an older guy who I mogered with had been in Berlin just after WWII ended. Pussy was going for a Hershey bar. He wore all his uniforms and undercloths and packed his duffle bag full of Hershey bars. He got there the price went up to $5 bucks, he came home horney and had a mouth full of cavities. :-) Couldn't resist the chance to tell the old story.

I generally take some inexpensive gifts for the P4P girls but the hotel lady who takes care of reservations gets a bit better. Last trip I gave her an AM/FM CD clock radio, she about shit.