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02-24-04, 17:35
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BTW, the word "Nampa" apparently refers to the sport of picking up regular chicks n the street in Japan.

02-28-04, 07:48

As first poster to this section I feel obligated to list a couple of personal favorite places to practice nampa or nanpa and some emperical information on the subject.

Nanpa or nampa: picking up a person for sex or date in a public place.

1) Here is a link to the offical nanpa site which can give you some extra information on the subject - albeit in Japanese http://www.nanpa.ne.jp/

2) Japanese culture is heavily influenced by 'honne' and 'tatemae' which means --

'honne' - expressing your true self or inward feelings
'tatemae' - expressing your given self or outward feelings

3) So what does this mean? Well, for example if you walk up to a woman and ask if she would like to go out for dinner here are her possible answers:

'tatemae' - 'oh thank you but I must go to a meeting this evening' basically a polite excuse not to. but notice! No evidence of YES or NO to your request.

'honne' - 'thank you, I am fine now' basically a polite NO.

4) Nanpa works by bridging the gap between the tatemae and the honne. Always assume YES and try to encourage companionship without being rude or direct - you should also use 'tatemae' in reverse.

5) Now the specifics:

a) Young japanese women 19 - 25 may be difficult target. Especially if they are cute and well dressed. You will compete with men who most likely can provide everything they (girls) want - 3x over. And in fact, most of those girls have more money in savings then you will retire with. So with that in mind - where you DO have advantage is easy - you are gaijiin! And many of these women aspire to live anywhere except Japan. They adore western culture, clothes, food, etc. So reinforce those things and don't be shy!

b) Japanese office ladies from 25 - 35 are best targets IMO. Why? They have probably been kicked out of their parent's home or have to care of the old farts. They aren't married and not so desireable because they are too old. Their lives are basically worthless and boring. You represent a big change in their life and something they can gossip about later or live vicariously. So go where these women hang out to have your best chance at nanpa! Don't be surprised if they are out to nanpa you!

c) Locations in Tokyo -

i) Roppongi on Thursdays -> sat. Heartland Bar, Motown, Hideaway, XYZ
ii) Nishi-Azabu on fridays -> sat. Muse
iii) Ebisu on thursdays -> sat. What the Dickens and local wine bars.
iv) Jiyogakoya on thrusdays ->sat. McCarrolans Irish Pub
v) Various - The 'HUB' located in almost every city
vi) Various - The 'Dubliners' located in almost every cite (though its usually packed with many expatriot POM's)
vi) Shibuya - Club Pure, Club Asia, Gas Panic

6) Language issues -

a) Unless you speak japanese, don't bother to learn phrases you can't respond to. But DO learn the polite phrases of thank you, please, etc.

b) Remember - the girls you are after are probably 'looking' for foreign friends - so they probably have some english or other language skills.

7) Utilities -

a) Meishi or business card. Make some nice fake ones that indicate your name, company and title in english and japanese. Also include your cel number and email. You definitely DON'T want to give out your real cards because you might end up with a japanese version of psycho-stalker-from-hell. Trust me on this.

b) Celphone - Get a prepaid celphone for just this hobby. Works good for (a) above.

c) Clothes - Dress nice! Especially your shoes and jacket. You can dress down on pants, etc, but if your shoes and jacket suck, the girl will probably think you are just another cheap nanpa gaijiin.

8) Techniques -

a) There are many. I prefer to follow some of the basic NLP rules of pacing and rapport. Don't waste alot of time - get to the point quickly. If you develop momentum, keep going!

b) Japanese women love unique foods, desserts, etc. So, unless you are in a bar/club environment - a good first line is to ask about interesting place to eat or enjoy a snack.

c) Love Hotels. There's a reason these are popular! Japanese culture doesn't have the judeo-christian hangups about sex. But they do care about being rude to their neighbors. Love Hotels solve the problem by giving couples a great place to make love and not bother their neighbors or families. If you feel good rapport with your girl then just say 'let's go!'. And walk towards the Love Hotels!

White Tsunami
03-04-04, 12:41
Very good post!

Dog Jamm
03-09-04, 14:12
If you guys are looking for women at everyday places, not the bars how do you approach them? I am asian american and I don't stick out that much, but what has worked for me in the past is to ask for directions, or read a kanji for me. If I'm in a coffee shop, I sometimes ask a woman to write an address for me in Kanji on an envelope. If it turns out they are interested in travel, english or foreigners, you've got a good chance of getting some free.

Since I am doing the less honorable job of teaching english, I know that a lot of women really want to meet foreigners of any color (probably helps if you are white though) so if you just try enough times you will meet a lot of women. Expect to fail most of the time though.

Anyone have any other ice breaking methods?

03-14-04, 16:28
There are a few methods that I've used but your mileage may vary. I don't like the bar scene and prefer everyday places, too. If you know an area and can print out the website directions for some coffee shop, tea shop, French bakery, etc., act a little lost and ask a lady (usually an older/30s OL is going to work best) for help with the directions. Since she can read it and you can't, she should be able to guide you there. Of course, this fails many more times than it succeeds as you say, but you have to be vigiliant. If you find one who is not in a hurry and willing to be your guide to the place, you might explain to her that you're meeting your ex-expat buddy and his wife who are coming in from America next week and wants to meet you at this place or something corny like that. It's a natural to offer her tea or coffee at that point.

The other thing you might use is to find some small business such as an office supply, bookstore or travel agency or other business that OLs tend to be comfortable with (don't use a soapland or massage parlor LOL:-) and make up some story about needing to know where it is because you have to pickup something there tomorrow.

I was in Nagoya once and it was the middle of the afternoon and was really looking for directions and asked this rather average looking, older 35-ish OL if she could help me out. She took me to the place and met me for dinner that evening and we had a nice time together, but those chance meetings are extremely rare.

03-15-04, 09:17
I just found a good spot for Nampa in Yokohama. There is a Gas Panic bar located near the Landmark Plaza (walking distance) that has some regulars and then on Thursday night the place is a popular hangout for the young crowd coming in from Tokyo. We are talking packed. There is also a Hard Rock Cafe in the Landmark plaza basement level.
My nampa tip is after some conversation to just pull out your phone as women love the new phones. Get one that has all the bells and whistles and hang some things off of it for character and to have conversation about. Take a photo of her and you, or something. Then just ask her to put her phone number in your phone then call it immediately to confirm. You then have her phone number and she has yours. Put your name into her phone. Call later and invite out !

03-22-04, 19:33
Thanks for the great information about nanpa. I'll be in Tokyo for about 6 weeks this summer and would like to try out my luck. Two questions for guys who who have been lucky enough to have a successful encounter:

First, I feel pretty comfortable initiating conversation and doing a little flirting. How and when you "close the sale," so to speak? Usually Japanese like vaguely worded requests that they can politely refuse without giving a blunt "no." My impression, though, is that most Japanese women are waiting for the man to take the lead here, making the suggestion so clearly that they don't have to risk a misundestanding. Do you just come out and suggest running off to a love hotel together? Is there a classy way of saying this? How soon do you make the suggestion? On the first meeting? Or do you ask to meet them again later and then wait to approach them then?

Second, do the women expect that all acts will be with full protection? Oral as well? My Jap. language abilities aren't that good, so I'd like to get clear idea about expectations beforehand.


03-23-04, 01:37
Wazoo's post reminded me of a situation that happened to me, where cultural differences just about gave me the shock of my life. I was with a date, a real date mind you, a girl I had kind of played private teacher to for three or four previous dates at izakaya and karaoke boxes. (She had been to England for a short study vacation, and studied diligently by herself in Japan.) On the third or fourth date, she finally lets her guard down a bit thanks to the alcohol and we do some heavy petting in her car. She has some kind of garter belt on, but unfastens it herself to allow me better access. I had already mentioned going to a love hotel on a previous date, only to be shot down. But on this night, she says, "Do you want to sex with me?" (I love it when the J-ladies speak bedroom English with one or two cute mistakes included :-) I answer in the affirmative, of course, and off we go to the love hotel, with me at the wheel since she is much smaller and thus more easily affected by the alcohol (not to mention a terrible driver).

While I am driving, I decide to ask about the necessity of using a condom, before I forget in the heat of passion. I say directly, "Do I need to use a condom?" and/or "Should I use a condom?" She says no, clearly, and I am happy. I know she is clean, I know I am clean, and I much prefer doing without one.

Fast forward to the love hotel. I don't know about you guys, but there's something about the first time I see a date naked, especially if I've know her for a while, that kind of is like winning a lottery. This girl (26ish, BTW) has much fuller breasts than I had expected, a very thin waist, and bigger hips than I thought from the way she looked, always wearing miniskirts. In short, a beautiful hourglass figure. Nipples weren't the best (I love nipples that protude), but all in all, very satisfactory.

We do it for some time, the usual positions, and just about when she is starting to get dry for some reason, I shoot my load. Okay, so now it's time to relax a while before cleaning up, right? No! After just a few seconds, she says, "You came inside?" or something like that. She kind of looks worried for a few seconds, causing me no end of worry, but then she kind of laughs and says, "You're DNA is in my body!"

This is not how I like such matters to be expressed, you can understand surely. But she reassures me that everything will be okay, and we leave it at that. On the next date, I ask if everything is okay, and she says smiing, "No problem!" I then remind her that she had said I didn't need a condom, and I took that to mean I could come inside of her, but she tells me Japanese guys usually shoot on the lady's stomach.

Moral of the story: With western ladies, asking if you need to use a condom usually includes (without saying so literally) the question of whether you can come insde or not. If they say you don't need a condom, that usually means not only that you have mutual trust about STDs and the like, but that she is in such a part of her cycle that you are free to enjoy lovemaking naturally and don't need to pull out at the last second. To me, this makes all the difference in the world. But with Japanese ladies, just because they say you don't need a condom does not necessarily mean you get to shoot inside. I had known that Japanese shoot on their partners' stomachs a lot, but I had expected that, by not being asked to wear a condom, this would not be necessary that night for me. Lesson learned. In the future I'll be sure to follow up the condom question with another asking where I can come.

Any similar experiences? Advice?

03-23-04, 06:24
Wazoo, For the most part the foreigner appeal to many Japanese women is that Western men are more generous, caring, and kinder than Japanese men. Most westerners are short time players in Japan so for those who want to play know there aren`t going to be messy scenes. Many just want the brand of a foreign boyfriend like a Gucci bag or Channel dress, as having a foreign boyfriend is a sign that they are international. So if you are well dressed, have money, and treat them like princesses there are very few who will turn you down.

Many want to get out of Japan and go to either Europe or the United States, you could be their ticket out, be very careful with these. They could be a pain.

03-23-04, 15:41
sailing and ambassador,

thanks for these great insights. sailing, if the chief attraction of a westerner is that we treat women better, this suggests that the women being pursued would like a few romantic dates before consumation. i can imagine that some speedier opportunities might present themselves at the end of an evening of clubbing. however, i also read here reports from guys who stop and ask an ol for directions and 30 minutes later they are in bed. i just can't figure out how to suggest something like that without looking like a total creep. here (u.s.), one would get slapped or reported to the cops, i think.

ambassador, i'll keep the coming on the stomach thing. i thought that was just for the money shot in porn!

here's one more question: does my very obvious wedding ring help or hurt? my guess is that it would scare off most of the young ones, but it might even make me seem safer to the ones who just want a little fling. any thoughts?

03-24-04, 03:27
I checked out an international party advertised in the Metropolis Classifieds a couple of months ago and was pretty impressed. This particular one was aimed exclusively for Japanese women interested in meeting foreign men. The party started at 6pm and lasted till 930pm. It was all you can drink during the time allotted and there was even free finger foods to chase your alcohol down with. There was a 2500 yen cover charge with reservations made beforehand and a 3000 yen cover charge at the door. Between 150 to 200 people attended and surprisingly there was a good ratio of women to men. Normally hosted during the weekends, these parties are a good place to flex nampa and sets the tone for the rest of the night especially if you are able to pull a hottie to go club/bar hopping with you. There were a handful of decent looking chicks (mostly Japanese) I was able to speak to and exchange numbers with who ranged from 22 to 31 years old. Unfortunately, that was as far as I got with any of them because I had to work the next day. Shortly after business took me out of country for a while, but Im willing to definitely check out another if time and schedule permits.

03-24-04, 13:08

Just a little story, similar situation as yours I was driving this cute, 18 year old college student home from a night of clubbing and drinking. On the way home I ask how about taking a short rest before going home? She says why not, so quick detour to a love hotel. Knowing this girl is clean and just barely broken in, we get into a tub and fondle each other till I am pretty hot and almost ready to passout. From my college Sex and human physiology class, I learned that sperm can not handle temperatures of over 40 degrees C for any length of time. Her body is also above normal so when we finish up I came inside knowing the chances of her gettting pregnant are slim. I was busy the next couple of weeks after that and my girlfriend at the time was keeping me running around with her alot. I didn`t do the do diligence with the 18 year old. To make a long story short, some time there after I get a call from her saying she is pregnant and needs 80,000 to get it fixed. Since that time I always wear a raincoat. Hey if the girl needs to be fixed, I can say I didn`t break it. Also these days, you need to be really sure of the girl to go bareback as it could kill you.
Have fun and plan to have fun for a loooong time.

03-25-04, 05:46
Interesting story, Sailing. After reading how guys with low sperm counts should avoid hot tubs and baths, I always wondered if it would be effective birth control. But I guess the reality is your (or her) body temp won't go much over 38C without feeling like you have the flu (40C will send you to the hospital).

But I was interested in Ambassador's comment on early withdrawal, since I always thought that was a porn movie thing and not something girls relied on.

03-25-04, 10:45
Thanks for your story, Sailing. Good to know there are people here looking out for one another :-) And Lion, I saw your post about videos on the General board. Off topic here, but suffice it to say I have boned up on a lot of Japanese language thanks to the AV stores. There's even one here that has a large number of AV titles in three separate robotic retrival systems, so you can check out (and return) videos without any nosy staff people wondering why you are into bukkake, interracial, housewives, outdoors.

Gotta love Japan!

Dog Jamm
03-25-04, 13:20
Women in Japan are generally poorly educated on birth control This being a male dominated society, it was not common that a woman ever insisted on the man using a condom (but are times changing?) I have rarely had a Japanese woman insist on a condom-- as in Japan, abortion is an acceptable form of birth control. Wasn't the pill just legalized in Japan a few years ago?

Do you guys know if stds and aids are on the increase? Maybe things will change if this happens.

03-26-04, 04:03
I think here the social repsonsibility of not getting a woman pregant helps keep men from getting too reckless. They don't want to be forced into marriage, pay 100,000 for an abortion, or take the chance of having to pay child support, so the $1 condom is a safe bet.

I know a woman who had a fling when young, the guy ran away when she said she'd keep the baby, so she asked his family for support, and he's been paying monthly for 10 years now.

The pill is legal, but I think it is not well publicized due to conservative men and doctors worring about their women being too loose (and it does increase STDs to have everyone on the pill instead of condoms). I have heard it is also pricey and not covered by health insurance.

Plus some women don't want to take "medicine" unless they are sick.

Tokyo Traveler
03-28-04, 01:56
After reading the previous threads about how male dominated the culture is in Japan, and how submissive some of the women are, I have a few questions for you veteran Japan mongers.

A while back I met a very cute dental hygienist in Shinagawa. Weve gone out several times and Shes told me stories about being groped on crowded subways and trains. It made me think about that bus station fashion club in Shibuya that someone wrote about on the Tokyo board! Anyway, I asked what she did and the answer was essentially nothing. She tried to move away, got off before her stop, etc. I told her that if I did that in the States, not only would the woman probably assault me, shed also yell for the cops who wouldnt hesitate to cuff me and haul me off, or worse. So my question for you vets is, does a lot of this stuff really happen here? Have you seen it in public places? And if so, do the women generally just put up with it to avoid making a scene? And if thats true, is there a lot of similar harassment going on with OLs in the workplace?

I got to wondering because on more than one occasion this hygienist was supposed to come over about 20:00 for a date after she got off work. Instead she showed up 1 to 2 hours late and was clearly upset, but wouldnt say why. She would only that she had to work late. I know she works in a small office with just one dentist, so it made me wonder if thats why he schedules her to work until 20:00, so he can get after her while shes cleaning up. From the folks you know, is this pretty common? And do these gals just give in to keep their jobs, or to not make a scene? Or has this stuff been exaggerated and thats why the men need fashion clubs like the Shibuya Bus Station to act out these kind of fantasies?

Always curious Ill be heading back to Tokyo for "round 3" on 4/21!

03-28-04, 03:24
My last j-girlfriend and I talked about usng the pill, but Japan doesn't have the most up to date pill. Looking over the brochure she got from the clinic, it seems it had more bad side affects. I've talked to some long time foriegn residents here and they say the pill here is so outdated compared to back home.

Lion is right, the pill is legal. Since the pill is for women, it isn't a high priority to the ministry of health. So it took a very long time for it to get legalized. If it was something for men, say viagra, then you know for sure it'll be approved really quickly.

It's random Dog Jamm, I've been with a another j-girl who I expected to insist on a condom, since she seemd the really intelligent, worldly type. But sometimes she would just get on me and not say a word about the condom.

STDs are a big thing here. I don't know about AIDS, since the gov't likes to keep it hush hush. But there are newspaper articles about other STDs running rampant among the younger girls.

Sex education is a big taboo here. I've taught in several public junior high schools around japan. Some kids are really active, but there's no education for them. My friends who teach in high schools also say the same thing.

03-28-04, 07:43
Guys, good to see this Nampa site up and going, lets all improve our Nampa skills thru the age old method of sharing stories. I think this is the one part of the forum where we can brag a little and no one will mind. That is why it was designated separate from the Tokyo forum.

I had a similar experience regarding where to cum and enjoyed reading yours so I will relay in detail. My lady was from an internet chat site intro, after exchanging a few blurry keitai photos and some naughty suggestions, she agreed to meet me in front of a coffee shop the next afternoon for tea and at the prescribed time when I approached she was standing there just shaking with anticipation. I asked if she wanted tea in the shop to talk a little and she quickly shook her head no and pointed to the nearby hotel. We were in the room not over 1 min when we were into a deep kissing session and the clothes where flying in all directions. I think it's amazing how many layers these girls wear but this is digressing. I was happy to find a nice set of perky breasts with protruding nipples, barely noticeable behind all the clothing. Skin sensitivity was measured on Richter scale. Since she was a medical professional and obviously inexperienced (BJ technique gave it away). I decided to see if I could plunge in BB and sure enough there was no resistance so I went for it. Of course it felt so good I immediately blew my load inside. After a rest and on the 2nd go around I noticed that she kept pulling away from me when I got going and after 3 complete circles around the bed I cum with her pulling away, grabbing it and aiming at her stomach. Now it hits home, you are entirely right about the 2 different definitions. I make it a point to always wear a condom but was going with my gut feeling here and I know now what I am really supposed to do in Japan if not wearing a condom, pull out and shoot the load on her which I am now looking forward to doing.

By the way, I have had nothing but luck on the Internet nampa posting sites and even AFF where with a paid membership you can use the shotgun (or maybe cluster bomb) approach and hit all 200+ ads. There is also a Japan section for hotornot.com, I have, with a fair bit of typing work, 3 regulars in 2 cities. Normal office girls unassuming and with great bods and better yet, hungry for it. From the writing skills exhibited on this forum I think the success rate would be fairly high for you guys with limited language ability and no need to purchase a good set of shoes, just a nice yukata.

03-29-04, 04:18
tokyo traveller,

regarding groping, i think it is less common than a few years ago, due to some laws passed. in fact i've heard of women accusing men who were innocent, yet they paid a fine and apologized rather than risk a night in jail and then have to hire a lawyer and appear before a judge.

i knew one girl who was rather tall (175) and aggressive, and she stabbed a guy in the hand with a sharp needle that she carried in her purse for that exact purpose.

i'm sure sexual harrassment occurs here at least as much as in other western countries, but as to your gf's workplace, it could be that he was just being a tough employer and making her work late when she didn't want to. dentists and doctors work hard here-at about 150% the speed americans do, as they have to see more patients since national health doesn't pay that much per visit.

the pill was approved about the same time as viagra. i think the pill took 30 years, but viagra only one.

Dog Jamm
03-29-04, 11:05
A little off the subject of nampa, but as for sexual harassment- It happens MUCH more here in Japan than in the west. The Japanese don't understand sexual harrassment as we do.

Reason? I don't talk about sex around my female colleagues. I don't read porno in public areas. I don't make lewd sexual jokes around women. I don't force the company office ladies to go drinking after work. The list goes on and on. Guess who does do all the above?

Back to Nampa. Where do you guys think the best places other than roppongi are to Nampa? I'm not too much into the Roppongi scene.


03-29-04, 20:30

Thanks for the great story! What internet sites have you found to be most successful?

When you post, how do you word your ad to weed out the women looking for serious relationships? I've noticed that some of the ads are very explicit that the guy is looking for no strings sex. Does this approach actually work? Is there a classier way of stating clearly what is wanted without misunderstanding? Since I have only a couple of unsupervised weeks in Tokyo, I'd prefer not to invest a lot of dates in one person before the payoff.

03-30-04, 02:35
More on Nampa topic
Women are women and just like anywhere there is a point when you need to close the deal, you have to sense it, where you have to say "ikimasho" or "lets go" (learned from Soujourn) or you are just spinning your wheels or worst yet going backwards. Take it from someone who had to slink back to the hotel alone many nights at 5am. There is only so much time in an evening to be talking before it is closing time. I have found you have 2 types out there, the women who leave on the last train (around 11:30) and the ones planning to stay all night and hit the early train. For the ones that leave at 11:30 pm you have to go to a pre-all night club such as Heartland and try to convince before 11:00. The all nighters switch to the dance clubs such as Muse/911 where things don't get going until 11 and most of the time 12 midnight and the women leave at around 5am. So you have 4 maybe 5 hours of time to hunt, if you spend 2 hours with one woman then you have only 2.5 women chances per night. One hour per woman and you are doubling your odds. Actually I am convinced that clubs like Muse where the higher class women hang out are more for exchanging phone numbers and arranging later dates. The meat markets are 911 and Motown. So use the above phrase and also asobimashoka (should we play ?). Funny story, I thought I had both memorized and said the first one fine then with a little confidence started the Asobi.... and went brain dead, the girl ended up finishing it for me! Gotta love Japan

Thanks for the report on the International parties. My Yokohama GF just gave me a report on one she went to trying to meet foreign guys. She met 4 guys and went out drinking with one. If anyone get's to take her home they have a wildcat on their hands. I have never been to one but I like the idea of anyplace where you pay less to get in if you are a foreign single guy. I would say however that these women who pay to meet someone are looking for a more "serious" relationship.

03-30-04, 08:31
There are many internet sites, most of them mentioned in some past postings. Every newspaper has a personals section and the major web search engines have a personals area with Asian section. Some free others charge a small amount. I dont think the manager of this forum likes us posting other sites but with some research there are more than you can possibly post to out there.
You should be honest in your ad in that you are a player and not serious. Look at the ads the women post and see what they ask for. If you are not into a serious relationship dont post for one. Make that real clear in the follow-up emails what you plan on doing and have a good photo to send. If you set up a meeting and you are clear about what you want and create a good impression you are in. These J girls plan things out to the nth degree and will follow thru.
Personally I dont like bars and clubs all that much, not into crowds and drinking that much or cigarette smoke although I like the steady parade on display and the chance that someone will connect with you which only a bar or club will provide. Now that there is a new train to Yokohama I think the Gas Panic out there at Jack Plaza (the last stop) is worth checking out on Thursday night only. This is not like your typical Roppongi gas panic. Anyone have a current report to share on that?
seems like you either have time or money

04-06-04, 14:24

I just found out about this party. It's called a Royal Party and is for Japanese women to meet foreign men.


It costs 3000jpy for drinks and snacks included. Because the cost is a little high, expect to see more upscale OL and executive type J-women. Or, maybe just those from the country hoping to strike it rich with an upscale gaijiin!

In any case, a great place to practice Nanpa because there is only 1 reason anyone goes to these parties!



04-07-04, 05:18
Just a quick note on an experience yesterday that is nanpa related. A lovely lady sat next to me at a Doutor in Tsuchiura, and after a while I just up and decided to talk to her. Not my usual style; normally, I keep to myself like the Japanese and don't bother strangers with small talk. I thought, with this time of year, a hanami gambit might work well, and it did. First I asked if she was a local person, and she replied affirmitively. Then I asked if there was a good place around for hanami, and she recommended a park that I suspected had cherry trees but wasn't sure. I thanked her, not really wanting to pick her up right there in Doutor LOL, but just wanting to see what her personality was like. It matched her beautiful exterior.

I returned to the paper I was reading, and she to her shousetsu. Not five seconds later, she asked me a kind of personal question (employment), which for some reason Japanese think is fine if you are a foreigner but they would never do with a Japanese person who had just happened to ask them about something like hanami. (Okay, most Japanese people wouldn't ask a stranger about hanami to begin with...) I don't care about this cultural exception usually, and certainly not in this case. We talked for quite some time. As it turned out, she was headed to Tokyo, Jiyugaoka in particular, for a medical appointment. Actually, she was very up front with me, and without my even asking, said she was having kokoro problems. While kokoro translates mainly as heart, in this case I knew she meant sadness or maybe even depression. I do admire the Japanese for not having such a stigma attached to such a problem. "Mental illness" in the U.S. is looked on ten times worse than kokoro no mondai, even though the concept may be the same.

Like many women in Japan, she had studied English at university, so that is a nanpa icebreaker right there for us guys here. Just about any Japanese can carry on a conversation about English education in Japan, and most of them love to do that with native English speakers especially. Advantage: gaijin namper! Later, I gave her my meishi and told her to call or email if she ever had a question about English, or anything... :-) She said, when she got up to leave later (after an old lady sitting on my other side rudely interrupted us to gloat about her daughter living in New Zealand) she would contact me later with her cell phone number, but fate is so fickle I'm not counting on that. I would like to talk with her (and more), if I had the chance, though.

The whole time we had been talking, I kept thinking she would want to look for an excuse to end the converstion, but every time there was even five seconds of silence and I would start looking at the article reprint I was reading, she would start back up. (Not in a pushy way like some weirdos and old people do.) That's really encouraging to someone like me. Actually, the ten times or so I have struck up a conversation with a nice looking Japanese lady in that kind of environment (sitting down in a coffeeshop or fast food place), I have had nothing but positive results. It's as if they feel a certain kind of freedom or social equality speaking with foreign men that they don't when speaking with men of their own country. Whatever the reason, I'm certainly not going to complain :-)

Just something to consider for those thinking of nanpa. Go for it!

04-07-04, 08:02
Here is another party site Shibuya:


If anyone goes to Nampa these please report back with some details.


04-07-04, 13:41
And here's another party site, in Meguro, with a twist. To quote the website:

"No matter how shy you are, you will meet and talk with 15 potential partners/friends at International Blind Date. You have 5 minutes to talk with each person in turn using each other's brief profile sheet and decide if you want to meet the person again. First 5 minutes tells you a lot about the person. If the persons of your choice also choose you, you get the contact details of the person from us. It's all up to you two to decide on the next date!".

Another interesting twist is that the price for men is CHEAPER than for women. Usually its the other way around.


04-08-04, 00:32
If I were to go to that Meguro party, I'd end up picking about 13 out of the 15 ladies I'm sure. Is that against the rules? ;-)

Thanks for the info, Shomohin. If anybody goes, please let us know how it was.

04-09-04, 12:08
I went to one of these parties before in Roppongi. On paper it sounds good.

However, in reality it's not so good! You see about 15 girls but 12 or 13 are rough. You are competing for 2 decent ones with 15 guys!

04-09-04, 22:51
Dogz, Sometimes, if you go for the homely ones you will end up with a wild ride. The competition among women in Japan is so tough, if you pay some attention to the lesser ones (with nice bodies of course) sometimes pays off big.

I am wondering something and this is a general question. Facial expressions on Japanese women. I see this a lot. When they put their lips together so they stick out or purse their lips, what does this mean? Happy, satisfied, deep in thought, nothing? other? any opinions?

04-10-04, 00:22

Good opening score! Next time it's OK to say you will go with her to the doctor. And on the way suggest that a small trip to the ice cream or cafe is good for her 'kokoro'. After that, then a small trip to the love hotel which is good for her 'asoko' ! Remember, nanpa is about getting to 3rd base - the goal is your gun in her manka!

Endowed is totally correct - the less beautiful japanese women are usually insanely hot and wild lovers. They know they aren't so hot compared to their elegant, LV, Bvlgari wearing friends, and thus alot farther down the social ladder. These are the women you can call at a moment's notice, have THEM pay for the Love Hotel and then enjoy their body at your desire. Remember - below the neck all manko is equal!


04-10-04, 16:51

I would like to exchange my nampa experiences from a recent visit to Tokyo. I'm not the kind of guy to just walk up to women on the street and not really a clubber. But penpal boards and international parties provide excellent opportunities for a first meeting. The penpal boards, the Japanese Yahoo chat, etc., allow to start before you even get to Japan, but require quite a bit of time. I also tried AFF, but found it rather useless. Most girls in their database don't seem to read their messages at AFF anymore (which I can understand, because if you only have the free regular membership, then there is not very much you can do at AFF). And most of those who do read their messages don't reply either. I wonder if anybody can report a recent success on AFF?

I met one women (mid thirties - same age as me) through the internet and had several dates with her in Tokyo. We had a good time and she even gave me more information on the nampa scene. We paid the restaurant etc. bill taking turns, but I couldn't prevent her from paying more than me - another advantage of meeting a middle aged not so attractive women.

International parties are another great opportunity. You can find out about them in expat journal (e.g. at Irish pubs, etc.) or on the internet (see e.g. http://www.tokyofriends.com/). My experience confirms what somebody suggested several weeks ago, the girls at these parties want some first contact, but aren't looking for a date on the same evening. So you should have some email address or phone number to exchange. Btw, I found that prepaid handies are tremendously expensive and the durations during which you can use them with one cards are ridiculously short (at least at Docomo - does anybody know of any better deals?).

I would like to add one remark for those having lived in Japan and having learned a bit of Japanese: I found it amazingly simple and real fun to hit on Japanese women outside of Japan. Japanese women who are travelling as tourists outside of Japan seem almost to be waiting for some adventure, I was amazed how smoothly everything just happened when I started talking to Japanese girls in Paris or Rome. Just ask them if they would like to drink a cup of coffee or have a meal and allow you to practice your Japanese. Or offer to help them with maps, signs etc. I on purpose tried not to be pushy, because I have had some strange experiences with people e.g. in China who wanted to talk to me to practice their English. But if you meet them in the right stage of their visit, it is really easy to fix another rendez-vous to visit, e.g. the Louvre, Catacombes, etc., have dinner, go to a club, etc., etc.

04-11-04, 00:00
The prepaid service from Au will allow 6 months or more for a card balance to be utilized. One nice thing about these handy phones is that the incoming call are free. Even with a near zero balance you can take incoming. If someone is really cheap they will call you and then hang up, hoping you call back from the ID.
Also, what I have heard is that Aff only works if you have a paid membership and you give out your phone # when replying.

04-13-04, 16:31
Dear Endowed, thank you for your advice, I will check Au on my next visit.

Concerning AFF: I did pay a Gold membership for one month. Without a paid membership you just have to wait for somebody to notice you and to write to you first, since regular (not paying) members can neither view profiles nor initiate contact. Given the ratio between men and women on AFF, you might have to wait for something like the age of the universe...

But even with a Gold membership and writing messages to about 50 women, I got only two good replies (plus a two more by professionals who seemed to be in the higher price range), but both were older than me and not attractive.

Maybe my messages or my photos suck. If anybody else has been more successful, I would like to hear about it.

But from my own experiences I can only recommend to stay away from AFF. There are much better ways to meet Japanese women which are even free, see below.

04-16-04, 02:51
How easy is Nampa? At times effortless.

Try the "gentleman" gambit.

I was on a train last night, and it was really crowded. A small, decent looking 20-something ends up squashed next to me, and so I body block a few Japanese guys to give her a little room.

She smiles at me and then makes eye contact about, 5 times, each with a smile. I was listening to my walkman and not interested in starting a conversation then and there, so I just smiled back. At then end she gave me a way and said goodbye, and was looking out the window as the train pulled away when I got off.

Another time, on a late night train I noticed some 50 year old drunk who sat next to a cutie-obviously someone he had never met before. After 5 minutes of watching him slobber on her as she tried to hide in the seat, I got up and sat between them, despite the fact the train was 1/2 empty. When we got off she gave me a low, embarrassed bow, and a thank you. I am sure that I scored points with her, but not numbers that time (not everyone I help is single and interested in me, amazingly...)

The coffee shop is also a great one. Just sit in any Starbucks, and if you see a girl reading something in English, ask her what she thinks about it. I saw a stewardess sitting with a Japan Times, made eye contact, and 3 minutes later she decided to change seats to be next to me. We chatted for 45 minutes, then I went to a movie (alone, since she was waiting for her sister). Not a score sexually, but definately a Nampa hit. We swapped emails, which is a safe way to say you're interested without adding much pressure.

Of course anyone can be annoyed by uninvited strangers talking to them, so common sense says to wait for the smile and repeated eye contact from her before you make the move. Otherwise you may be moving in on a fellow monger's GF or old lady!

04-17-04, 01:48
Straight from nanpe.ne.jp -- courtesy of babelfish and some personal translation:


Before going out to do nanpa:

Before you go out to do nanpa ust a little please wait. The body it had a taste for and checked?

Don't you think? Ai^as for those where the nanpa it does is the woman who is superior in the observation eye. It is what, the eye which you bit and saying saw is very important. The eye = dress which you saw, having thinking the body having a taste for, well enough. As for fairing the face being still 50 years to be quick, quickly there is no and others the sea urchin. If the body having a taste for is not seriously considered, it makes good impression the girl have. You will have a match with the storyteller's art + paste + tact + body having a taste for. Ai^where the face is good hardship is less than the other person, probably will be. Don't you think? so overlooking please re-check the body having a taste for other than.

From under the body it will keep explaining the point to on.

First shoes (Nc): Don't you think? you hear well in story. As for the girl when the foot is checked. Before going out, the plate it will polish the shoes. You just wipe it is different. The one which stops the sneaker and the like of the rag rag and solves is safe. The engineer boots where year season of EFXR enters are very JbRCC are, but being to be heavy in the nanpa of long haul it becomes handicap. By all means consideration.

Underpants (pants): Even a little long shows the foot, don't you think? the device to which is important, when (laughing) purchasing the underpants newly, when the hem is made long, the foot long effective ant it is. In case of fashion of mode type pushing in the thing into the pocket, as for without being possible, the shank.

Belt: Color will be decided the belt with the shoes and entire fashion. If shoes brown belt brown.

There (genital area): Preceding day will wash cleanly.

The hand (e): As for the nail the one which is cut is good, probably will be. The nun pas doing, when saying to the hotel, the nail extending, perhaps you damage the girl's pussy.

Tooth (n): Bad breath prevention will be done with the tooth polishing. Bad breath probably will be managed even throughout the city always with such as gum.

Mustache (qQ): Caring, if the person whom it has extended anyhow, it will shave dirty qQ. After shaving, applying the after shave lotion and the beauty care liquid, etc. it will protect the skin.

Nose hair (foolish Bonn father): This tune person! The woman generally probably is small-statured than the man. The woman who the nanpa is done the lever is the case to look at . Then when the nose hair is discovered, either the eye is averted. Before going out, nose hair check! Keeping having the tweezers and the hand mirror, Ai^is the end fearful man.

Eye (): You pay attention to cleaning.

The eyebrow (it is dense both of the turtle)

The cod eyebrow growing even between the eyebrow with the eyebrow as neglecting, Ai^which is connected. It is main point note. Out by all means with the tweezers. NO UNIBROWS!

Hair (hair): tP note. After being to be the respective personality, you do not meddle.


First impressions count! This is written by Japanese for Japanese nanpa.

04-20-04, 01:36
Although I've used deriheru services a lot (easy to use, but the cost adds up after a while, plus seems like when I find one I want to stick with, either her agency closes or she quits and disappears--not because of me, though, I think!), I've not yet "nampaed" in Japan but would like to try. Anybody out there know where likely spots are for housewives who are on the look for some extracurricular activity? Especially those between late 30s and late 40s. Would coffee shops be a good start? I really am interested in a mid- to long-term kind of relationship and have checked asoboo.com a lot, but almost none of them in Kyushu area are past mid-20s. Thanks for any help you can give.

Tky Joe
04-21-04, 01:23

I have tried a Japanese KEIJIBAN to catch some new fishes. Alot of bites but they want you to join a "free" DEAI site where they post their pictures and profiles. Most are looking for a Sugar Daddy(PAPA). Try this BBS below and see if you can catch any new fish.


Tokyo Joe

04-21-04, 12:25
Tokyo Joe,

Thanks a bunch. I'll check it out.

04-22-04, 08:27
Here is another ad or BBS site I found out about


Dog Jamm
04-26-04, 14:55
Question for you guys: I currently live with my girlfriend. But I am getting some extra-curricular activity. How do I juggle nampa action and a second girlfriend at the same time?

Any pointers from you pros out there?

04-27-04, 02:20

Used to be good. But the majority of the posts are from guys masking as girls to get you to use their web sites. I don't know what happened to the enjo kosai girls there, but it's such a waste now.

I tried AFF and Asoboo too, the girl I met at Asoboo was nice, but fat. And I mean REALLY fat. There's a huge 'luck' aspect with it.

Here's a trick with AFF: Girls get to view and post messages to other members free for a limited time. Apply as a girl and write messages as a guy.

04-27-04, 02:34
To Dog Jamm- concerning the second girlfriend:

-Don't tell her your real name.

-Never bring her back to your pad. Use her place or hotels.

-Never give her your home phone number. Only your cell.

-If you really want to be careful, only give your cell e-mail address. (Have the second girlfriend listed w/ a guys name, so when she e-mails you it looks as if your being mailed by your guy friend on the display)

-Don't tell her where or what company you work for. (If you work for Geos, tell her Aeon)

Good luck

05-10-04, 01:40
I take back all the bad things I said about Adult Friend Finder :) Here is a recent day the Ambassador enjoyed in Tokyo, thanks to AFF. (And to Endowed; he helped me improve my profile on AFF a great deal. Thanks buddy!) The first lady I met in the ANA hotel at 1400. I have to guard some details here, because she found out about AFF on the history of hubby's computer. Maybe hubby is a member here, too?

Turned out to be a lady from southeast Asia, married to a European. She went to school for many years in England, coming from a rich family herself, so her English is excellent. His company transfers him to places every three years, and obviously he earns a pretty good salary from the way his wife so eagerly picked up the 2500 yen bill at the hotel lounge coffee shop and insisted on taking a taxi to the love hotel area in Shibuya, and paying for it. Funny thing was, she has been in Tokyo for two years but doesn't know any Japanese! Obviously living on a total expat package here. She claims she just joined AFF (after finding it on hubby's computer) and I was the first person she contacted, sending me a wink. (Guess standard members can do that, but can't send a message first?) I believe her. She was not really nervous acting; her husband was away on business. But she didn't know about the love hotel area in Shibuya, and the way she reacted so sensitively when I touched and kissed her, I believe her when she says she and her husband haven't had sex in years. I was the beneficiary of all those pent up sexual needs :)

Well, I wrote up a blow-by-blow account of our encounter, in Word. I think it's about six pages long, so obviously it wouldn't be polite to hog the whole board here with the details. If you feel safe telling me your email address (if you're like me, you have one set up just for these kinds of occasions...), send it to me in a PM and I'll send you the whole blow-by-blow account.

We had so much fun at the love hotel, in fact, she almost made me miss my second appointment. I had to lie and say I really needed to catch my bus from Tokyo Station at 1800. She had asked me a couple times during the lovemaking what my fantasies were, and we would do them. The second time she said it, I figured what the hell, and I said, "Can I f**k you in the a*s?" "Sure," she replied, "we just have to use some lubrication." Oh, yeahhhhhhh. :)

Okay, so I get to Kyobashi, near Tokyo Station, for the second game of the twilight doubleheader at 1800. Lady #2 had claimed in her messages to me that she had to work until about 1800, but wasn't sure exactly what time, and so she might be a little late. I had a table right at the top of the stairs on the second floor of an Excelsior coffee shop, and I have to say, it was fun checking out all the solo women as they came up the steps and wondering "Is this the one?" She finally showed up about 1830. Kind of a dog, but in a kind of puppydog way that was cute. Says on her profile she is 36 and I believe it, but she dresses very young, we're talking Shibuya style, with an oldtime looking dress/skirt thingy. She had to go back to work at 1930, and is off on two out-of-country trips in the next month or so, but I hope to have a whack at her this summer sometime. In any case, Lady #1 is enamored with me it would appear, and so I look forward to hooking up with her on a semi-regular basis.

On a side note, the lady who I mentioned striking up a converssation with about two months ago sent me an email about 10 days later and we have corresponded since then on a once or twice a week basis, slowly finding out more about each other. I like this kind of relaxed pace crescendo :)

To AFF and nampa in Japan: Hip hip hooray!


05-10-04, 09:37
yeah, i hesitated to mention you by name, endowed, but i really wanted to give credit where it was due. plus it never hurts for others to find out what a swell guy you are, if they didn't already know, right? well, if anyone is wondering how endowed helped me with the profile, he left some parts as they were and changed some other parts, and suggested taking out a lot of the extraneous stuff and making it shorter and sweeter. plus to put a picture on my page; i luckily found one that doesn't show my face, but does show my whole body (wearing a speedo-type thing, i think; in my working out years ;)

i guess if anyone wanted, i would be happy to check out their profile and offer similar advice/rewrites. please don't inundate endowed with your requests! that's the last thing i would have wanted to result from mentioning him here.



05-16-04, 02:01

The "gentleman" gambit is a good strategy. Aside from coffee shops (esp Starbucks since there is no smoking in the shops), try bookstores, like Kinokuniya (the floor with English books). You will hopefully bump into some cute Jpn girl looking for an "English" study buddy with some extra lesson play on the side.

Let me ask this to the group, has anybody out there achieved the 2 girls on 1 guy deal? I have met a few people that have, but they are few in number.

For my nampa history, probably my best encounter was a hit in 10 minutes. Walked right up to an early 30 something girl at night, kissed her and was back in her place hammering her in within 10 minutes. Last girl was a teenage pre-AV actress - cute and very fun to poke but hanging out with teenagers is kind of a pain, especially when they are high-school aged.

Anyway, let me know.

Hiroo Tokyo
05-17-04, 04:10
Been lucky a few times in Motown 2 and 911. A lot of J girls show up in pairs. A lot of times one is ugly. The way to handle this is to go with a buddy and agree beforehand who will be the wingman for the night. The wingman will keep the ugly one busy, talk to her, charm her, so the lead man can concentrate on the target. I've played this game many times with my buddy and we had a high success ratio. Once the target has been pried lose and taken home the wingman will stay on for a few minutes and then bail. Might not be the nicest thing to do but it works.

Pro Quest
06-01-04, 01:32
I have a story which has a moral, which indicates its always good to persist and keep in contact with those "borderline/maybes" out there.

Last year I started sending regular mails to an ad which was from a married woman who was not getting regular treatment from her husband, and was looking for that something extra. However I could never get her to make that final step towards meeting with me. I was always polite and never pushy, yet I couldn't get her to make the leap.

The mails died down, and I guessed I was on a looser, then two weeks ago I got a strange message from her to say that her best friend was in a similar situation to her and she was looking for a guy and she remembered about our previous mails.

When I read her mail the first time, I was confused and I thought it was a hoax. However I gave it the benefit of the doubt and asked her to send me her friends email address.

We soon got into regular email swapping in order to find out each others likes and dislikes, and then after some chats by phone we arranged a meeting.

That meeting was last Friday, and I can tell you within 30 minutes of meeting we were in a love hotel and she was begging for it. Within minutes she was in a deep orgasm and squeeling like a mouse. We continued for the next 5 hours using toys and various positions until we were both exhausted.

Of course there are plans to meet up again soon, and of course this is all based on a mutual satisfaction basis, i.e. no money changes hands.

Tokyo Traveler
06-03-04, 00:21
Pro Quest,

Great story. Patience and persistence pay off! May I ask where you saw the first ad? Was this AFF or some other personals service? Did these gals speak English, or were you communicating in Japanese? Were both these gals married? If so, I'm curious if either or both worked outside the home. I wonder if there are lots of married J-gals who don't work and have few other means of meeting people other than ads.

Anyway, maybe your luck is not over. Perhaps this gal will tell her friend how great the meeting was, and next thing you know you will have a 3P!

Kiiro Chameleon
06-07-04, 09:30
new_00145 asked on 5-15-05 > let me ask this to the group, has anybody out there achieved > the 2 girls on 1 guy deal? i have met a few people that have, > but they are few in number.

seems like bait to start a brag session. there is no way i could replay without indulging myself by re-living some of the details.

i've actually had the 2 girls 1 guy deal twice (four different girls). both occassions occurred in the same year, nearly 15 years ago, when i was much more of a "stud". that was quite a year - even without my two 3p encounters. [sadly, i've not had any 3p encounters or anything else like it since. ]

i think both are interesting stories (well *i* do look back with great fondness, of course). they both were really weird situations - i could probably write pages and pages about each encounter without even talking about the actual sex.

encounter #1: i met "megumi" at a roppongi discos [btw, i can't remember the discos name, but i had lots of good memories there, including successful scores on american chicks. it was in the basement near where gas panic is now. the last time i checked - about 5 yrs ago - the same stairwell was still there, but nothing occupied the basement level, and the stairwell reaked of [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109). anyone know the place i'm talking about? ]

i was pretty drunk and somehow we started dancing together. while dancing, out of the blue she boldly jumped up and kissed me (i'm sure she was pretty drunk also). but then she said she had to go - so we exchanged numbers. soon i realized she came to the club with a another guy! i think he was from germany and i think he was ready to knock my block off.

on our first date i ended up spending the night at her apartment. for our third date, she invited her friend to meet us at a restaurant. i thought she just wanted to start introducing me to her friends. i was quite fearful of the noose of commitment; i took this as a very negative development in the relationship. so as the two friends gabbed in japanese, i sat quietly eating while i finalized my plans on how i was going to dump her.

towards the end of dinner, her friend gave me the "seal of approval" - but i didn't realize what that really meant. i did not know that both of them were bi-sexual, and only afterward did i realize that they had been flirting with each other during dinner. she invited both of us to her place for drinks. after serving us beers, the friend kneeled down in front of me as as i sat on the couch next to megumi. the friend started stroking me. i was pretty confused - i really had no clue that this was coming. i sat frozen in a state of shock, and looked for megumi's reaction to what was going. then the friend put her head down and started licking my crotch through my pants - i finally responded by putting my hands on her head, and the rest is history.

btw, there was a lot of other weird stuff surrounding megumi. even with her bi-sexuality and the three-some prospects (which is everyman's dream), i really felt it better in the long run to stay far away from her. are there normal girls that are into threesomes?

encounter #2: i'm probably going to come off as a real jerk in this one. in my defense, alcohol and sexual attraction are a pretty potent combination.

this one actually began as a double date set up by a japanese co-worker. he had just met this girl the night before; because her friend wanted to meet foreigners, i ended up on the blind end of the double date. my friend was really in a rush to set this date up even though the timing was bad for him - he was leaving for a business trip or something early the next day.

my girl, a real nurse (as opposed to the fashion-health variety) turned out to be pretty cute. the date started with a late sunday lunch or early dinner, then we all went to a bar for afternoon/evening drinks. things seemed to be going well for both couples. but my buddy had to turn in early, so as he went home the three of us went to another bar for the third stop.

i was pretty drunk by this time; i had to use the toilet desparately by the time we reached the new bar. after i returned from relieving myself, the nurse then excused herself to the restroom, leaving me and her friend sitting across from each other.

her friend started asking me how much i liked my date (the nurse) and, as i was answering, the friend leaned over the table and kissed me! [interesting how that is similar to megumi's behavior in the disco. i don't recall any other occassions where j-girls have been as bold/aggressive in public. ] after we finished kissing, she explained that the nurse was in to me, but that she (the friend) was also attracted to me herself.

the nurse was also pretty drunk, and her friend somehow talked her into all three of us getting a room for the night. we were in yokohama; the three of us staggered to the front desk of an expensive hotel right across from yokohama's park on the bay.

having experienced a 3p before, this time i took a much more active role to engage the threesome. however, while in the petting/necking/groping stage the nurse came to her senses a bit and said she didn't want any part of a threesome. the nurse said i could only do her if i do her as a straight twosome, and that also i had to do her first. so i took the nurse to the other bed, banged her with the lights out while her friend waited on the first bed. when finished, i barely had enough left in me for her friend. so i'm not sure if this second encounter really qualifies as a threesome.

the next morning, the two of them took off while i was still groggy. but they left 20, 000 or 30, 000 yen on the bed to help cover the cost of the room. i had to shower and rush to make it to work as it was monday morning.

as a footnote, when my co-worker friend got back from his trip he was all excited about getting a follow-up date with "the friend". [he had no clue about our threesome. ] i hadn't realized how into her he was - i took his early exit from the date a sign that he wasn't so into his date. i felt really guilty, especially since this guy set me up with several hot chics in the past.

then a week a so later he says they've become an item - that they've started dating seriously. i was a bit shocked. this incident opened my eyes a bit to how sex is treated differently in japanese society compared with the puritan influenced u. s. the nurse's friend could aggressively pursue me for a threesome and almost overnight get into a serious relationship with my buddy.

btw, i had some very nice followup sessions with the nurse. : -)

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06-08-04, 01:03
I was in Tokyo last week for business and managed to hook up with an IM friend for most of the time. On Saturday, we were shopping in Ginza and I noticed that the women clerks where on average well above average. Has anyone tried NAMPA with the store clerks in Ginza? I've done it in Seoul with reasonable success in the past (usually near closing time), but I speak basic conversational Korean. I'm curious if it works in Tokyo. Anyone been successful without Japanese?

06-09-04, 03:15
I had an experience at a Ginza stationary store. Looking for some special writing paper, management assigned a cute salesgirl to me who could speak English and we looked at catalogs together. I had to special order and pick up later in the week. Herein was the opportunity to communicate and meet later. Securing an email (the company one at first) I slyly asked her to lunch and there was no response. But when I picked up the paper at 11:45 and asked again in person it was like she already had the place picked out and let me know how free she was for dinner and how nothing out of television like "sex and the city" ever happened to her, etc, etc.
So actually this is a great nampa gambit, I think this will work for any small item that requires preordering, special wrapping etc., thanks for the reminder.

06-09-04, 17:01

Good idea. I hadn't thought of coming back to pick up the purchased item.

As for the "Sex and the City" comment, several of the girls I've been with on the last few trips have talked about "Sex and the City". It turns out to be a nice subtle way to introduce the topic of sex into the conversation. My friend in Tokyo last trip even told me all of her friends want to be like Samantha, but they are afraid. The trick with NAMPA then is trying to find the way to bring the Samantha out in them.


06-10-04, 00:37
I never have watched Sex and the City, but now I am thinking I should rent a couple episodes just to make up a few nampa lines.

Pro Quest
06-10-04, 01:02
So come on Endowed,you started the thread by saying "She let me know how free she was for dinner and how nothing out of television like "sex and the city" ever happened to her, etc, etc." but you never finished the story.

Did you give her some first hand experiences of what happens after the camera cuts away from the scene?


06-10-04, 04:36
Actually I did not have time that night and was leaving soon so I did not follow through on that possibility. I have it stored away for future use. Also sometimes I like to play catch and release nampa.

06-22-04, 20:15
Giving Credit where Credit is Due,

I am a new mongerer/hobbyist from the US who spends a week a month in either Japan, Taiwan or Germany.

On my last two trips to Tokyo I have had the pleasure of interacting with Endowed of this bulletin board. I just wante dto say he is a true gentlemen and is generous with his time, contacts, and knowledge and makes fellow bulletin boarders welcome and contributes to their successes either as Wingman, talent referral or introductions to other hobbyists.

I had the good fortune of attending one of the international meeting parties with him (I believe he made a posting of his experience.).

I look forward to making positngs of my own in the Nampa and Germany FKK boards as my experience increases.

Pro Quest
06-25-04, 02:42
I am not sure whether this article really comes under the heading of Nampa, however it is so bizarre I knew that I had to write about it. This happened yesterday close to my customer's office. Their office is situated very close to a couple of love hotels, and the conference room windows of the office look down onto the area near to the love hotel entrances where there is a very small park, and a few benches.
I had concluded the meeting, and was sitting alone in the conference room while the customer prepared to photocopy some documents. I was casually looking out of the window and I saw a very pretty girl sitting in the park sending text messages on her keitai.

Then a car pulled up near her, a well dressed guy jumped out and went over to her, a few words were exchanged then the guy gave her something, which looked like an envelope from where I was sitting, and then rushed back to his car and left. She then got up and walked away from the park towards the nearby shopping area.

My customer at this point returned with the photocopies that I had been waiting for and I left. I then decided to go for a coffee in the nearby Starbucks, and the girl I had seen earlier was already in there drinking coffee.

I went to the next table to her, catching her eyes as I sat down. I smiled and made polite conversation. I asked if she 'worked' around here, she said "Sometimes". I bravely mentioned that I thought I had seen her earlier in the park. She said, yes it was her, and now she has some free time because her appointment had to change his plan at the last minute.

I said that I had free time too.

Her response was that I should leave my half finished coffee and come with her.

She walked me back to the love hotels opposite my customer office, I quickly glanced up at the office windows and luckily noticed the office conference room was in darkness.

We went inside she booked a room and up we went. She became very GF friendly and basically took over the whole 2 hour session with me being totally in ecstasy the whole time. I popped her doggy style and also blew my load a second time with a deep throat BBBJCIM.

Everything happened so fast I forgot to ask her how much it was all going to cost me.

After the exhausting session we were lying down next to each other just relaxing. I approached the subject of cost, she replied. "Free" she had already got paid in full plus a bonus from the guy, who she was supposed to meet. She also insisted in paying for the room!

I asked for her phone number so I could meet her again sometime in the future, she said she preferred to give me her email address, as she doesn't like to get calls during 'work'. I have sent a mail to her but it came back as undelivered, maybe this was my fault and I may have written it down incorrectly.

Nevertheless, it was one hell of an experience.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



06-30-04, 02:42
The New Pro Quest Method (sounds like a book title):

Wait in front of Love Hotels and look for horny girls who are getting paid but not laid.

I believe it really happened, because this story is just to good for someone to have dreamed up on their own.

Well done!

Pro Quest
06-30-04, 03:31
Cheers Guys.

I am now busy trying all different combinations of the email address to crack the error.


06-30-04, 08:08
Just a side note for more successful Nampa, I suggest letting the girls put in the Email or phone # to your keitai and then sending one to confirm reciept right on the spot. They are way faster at entering the numbers anyway.


06-30-04, 08:47
Last year, I was getting a prepaid keitai (cellphone) for a co-worker from the US at an outlet in Yokohama. I had all of the requisite documentation they require but the lady who was helping me refused to speak any English, even when I prodded her. I'm not sure what the reason for this was. She was a little chubby (by US standards, I would say she was about perfect) for a Japanese but by no means anything to be ashamed of. I would guess about 53-54KG and maybe a little on the taller side at about 165-168cm. Very bright and smiling personality, nice eyes and nose but probably wouldn't stand out in a crowd of two. She was taking a bit of time with me and I asked her if there was anywhere around where I could get a cup of tea while I waited for the authorization (about 30 minutes). She said there was a place on the top floor that she likes. I told her thank you and I headed up there alone to scope it out. Anyway, I'm done up there and heading back when she walks in to the place on her break. She recognized me and said she was checking to see if I found the place OK. I made a U-turn and went in and we sat and had tea and cake for ten minutes.

Unfortunately, I was headed back to the US on business and had to pass the keitei to my co-worker when I went back to HQ. I never did get her number and I'm sure her intentions at that point were mainly courtesy but looking back on it, I should have pursued it a little further. She took copies of my US passport, the application with all of my contact information and I even stapled my bilingual business card to it.

I realize now that when I came back to Japan I should have headed back up to see her to thank her and give some line about how my American co-worker appreciated the keitai when he was staying in Japan, etc., etc.

I went back a few weeks ago and asked about her and they said she retired. I guess I missed a chance here.

Big One
07-11-04, 16:16
Best cities for nampa (in Japan) as Gaijin

To you nampa practitioners in Japan:

Are there particular cities that are best for nampa (as Gaijin), or are most cities there pretty much the same?

Big One

Jungle Boy #3
07-13-04, 06:11
I love the Nampa section! It was this section that gave me enough intel to go forth and nampa. I met a couple of office girls at a hotel bar in Yokahama, and after chatting them up discovered they were in high tech like me. When they found out that I came to Tokyo almost every month, they all kidded (so I thought) about being my "Japanese wife" I got all their cards and emailed the one with the best english to see if she would join me on my next trip for dinner. She said yes, nice dinner (the exotic food tip) some wine and back to my hotel. We have had multiple meets since then. I have a new one lined up for tonite. Once you realize the power of going for it, the opportunities are all over the place! Thanks guys for all the Nampa tips.

07-24-04, 20:10

1) Most Japanese company pay on 5th and 25th. If the payday falls on a friday nite - your luck increases. Why? Many OL finally have enough money to 'splurge'. And they typically splurge by going out and getting drunk --- dinner, bar, karaoke. So this is a great target date. This friday was one of those days - A quick trip to local club and I was home by midnight with a new friend.

2) Follow the craze. Currently Salsa dancing is a craze among Japanese women. Go to those places and you will be sure to meet many available women looking to extend their experience of 'salsa culture'. It's easy to find out what's hot and not. Just casually ask ANY woman you meet what they enjoy and what are the current fun things to do. If you are into younger crowd, then Hip Hop is the craze.


07-27-04, 03:59
Good idea there.
A great place to Salsa is the Tropacalis bar that is just across the street from Heartland (take underground path). Located below ground level on left side of road perpendicular to Heartland. On Sunday night the latin hostesses go there to party.
I have brought J girls there and they just sit and stare, intimidated by the ample butts and boobs flying in all directions. There are also some J girls there taking dance lessons that are hot.
Worth a look see, again not until after 11pm

08-11-04, 10:13
Anyone need a nampa partner the first week of October? The ball and chain will be in the US for the week, and I need to get out of the house!

I speak conversational Japanese, and am more concerned with the chase than the kill. Don't mind spotting and letting others take the shot, as long as I get to play in the chase. I live in Shibuya, work near Roppongi, so either location is fine--not all that interested in the Shinjuku scene. Not interested in any but J-girls.

PM me if anyone's free.

08-13-04, 16:22
Anyone know of a good "sex toy" shop near Roppongi? I met a friend on my last trip and she's a bit shy. She wants to come out of her shell a bit so I figured a good first step this trip would be to take her to a toy shop. I've found with american girls it can do wonders for the fun. I'm hoping the same is true here.

Thanks, BR

Big JP
08-14-04, 03:19
Bike rider,

There is a thrift shop place called Don keyoda (spell check) on the main strip.

They hace costumes, toys, lube etc.

Good luck

Chobe Bushman
08-14-04, 04:08
BR, Cross the street from Almond diagonally. Walk down the hill towards Ark Hills area. One or two small blocks down you will see a statue of a femdom on the corner of a building facing the street (complete with corset and whip!). Read the signs and go up, they have toys. Also, Donky Hokey has some on the 6th? Floor in the costume area.

Dog Jamm
08-14-04, 04:38
For a decent selection of sex toys in a 'normal' looking shop, go to
Don Quihote (sp). Its the big discount market across from Mcdonalds or the Hard Rock cafe. On one of the upper floors.


08-17-04, 17:10
this was posted earlier as a link in the tokyo section. i copied it to notepad and i thought it was worth repeat posting here for new guys to the nampa section. this was a great story in a magazine regarding nampa

nampa, the japanese art of girl hunting may not have the elevated status of the tea-ceremony, calligraphy or aikido, but picking up girls on the street is something that a surprising number of japanese men devote themselves to with much the same seriousness as practitioners of more traditional disciplines like kendo or flower arrangement. look into this fascinating sub-culture and you may be surprised at how many parallels there are with traditional arts. more than a few pick-up artists think of it as their way of life, and a lot of formerly shy, loveless men feel just as liberated by nampa as the 90-pound weakling who was freed of his bullies by judo. a truly devoted disciple may have a teacher that he treats with the same reverence as the karate-ka does his sensei, and practice his art as religiously as the monk does zazen. nampa has its own secret techniques, acknowledged masters, vocabulary, and even fierce rivalries and debates (the eternal is it okay to do nampa on rainy days question, for example).

whatever you may think of nampa, here in the land of formal introductions, arranged marriages and institutionalized shyness, it must take a lot of courage to approach a woman youve never met before without so much as a meishi, intermediary, or embarrassed apology for taking up her valuable time. although things are changing, it has always been a lot tougher for a man in japan to get casual sex (without paying for it) than it is in the west and it is probably this more than anything that explains why people are driven to do nampa.

what nampa is not

ask your japanese friends exactly what nampa is and you will probably get the stock answer, girl hunting. but because a lot of people have mistaken notions about exactly what this means, there are some misconceptions that need clearing up. first of all, nampa has little or no connection with the guys in ill-fitting black suits and sunglasses hanging out at studio alta or hep navio. those are scoutmen and are usually recruiting for sex-businesses and hostess clubs. nampa is by and large an amateur sport and the people who do it are just looking for a way to meet women. nampa is also very different from enjo kosai (compensated dating, a.k.a. prostitution).

another misconception is that guys who do nampa are only looking for casual sex. while thats true in many cases, there is also a large group that is doing it to find a steady girlfriend. there have been thousands of marriages between couples that met through nampa.

probably the biggest misunderstanding people have is that nampa only refers to meeting women on the street. although most foreigners associate nampa with young, sleazy-looking men in front of the station aggressively coming on to female passersby, this is just one of nampas many forms and is known as suto-nan (street nampa). other forms include net nampa, terekura nampa (telephone club nampa), and of course, girl-hunting is also carried out in bars, clubs and gokon (match-making parties), so if youve ever approached a member of the opposite sex in a bar, youve done nampa.

a final misconception is that nampa is something that only men do. while many women view it negatively, there are a lot of girls who go to famous nampa spots with the express purpose of getting picked up, and in recent years a new word has entered the japanese vocabulary, gyakunan, or reverse nampa, which refers to women approaching men.


the practice of nampa as it exists today, with young men openly standing on street corners and approaching women without any embarrassment, probably started in the 1970s, and it was in this period that the phrase nampa suru came into common use. nampa was originally written with the kanji ? (yawarakai), meaning soft and ? (ha) meaning faction or group. the term comes from the late meiji period and was originally used to describe teenagers who could not control their sexual desires or associated too much with women. the soft faction was felt to be inferior to the koha or hard faction, the more masculine, athletic boys (why the ones with strong sex drives were not called the hard faction is a mystery however). the term has always had negative implications and came to mean a skirt chaser or ladies man as the century progressed. it is only in recent years that nampa suru has become a verb and replaced the expression garu hanto (girl hunting). most people write the word in katakana now and are even unaware that there is a kanji for it.

the dark side

of course, nampa has a dark side too, and weve all seen the embarrassed young woman aggressively pursued by a man who follows her despite her complete lack of interest or even strong protests. there are also [CodeWord127] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord127) and sexual predators who do nampa, and sensational headlines occasionally get splashed across the headlines about a woman who was abducted or raped after being picked up on the street. the vast majority of people who do nampa, however, are just young men trying to be cool, or guys who havent been able to meet girls in more conventional ways. another big reason that people do it is, quite possibly, because they can. when there are women who are willing to be approached by strangers on the street, its not really surprising that there are going to be men who try to take advantage of it.

the nampa guy

your typical nampa practitioner is a young male in his late teens or early twenties, probably someone whos not very enthusiastic about school or a career, and very often someone who wants to prove what a stud he is. hanging out on street corners in japans seedy neighborhoods brings them into contact with the scoutman (recruiters for sex businesses), hosts, and chimpira (low-level yakuza), so they have a definite tendency towards the sleazy side of life.

it takes a lot of practice to become good enough at nampa for people to stop teasing you about being a jizo, a reference to someone standing still and alone (because he cant pick up a girl) on the street corner like one of japans ubiquitous buddha statues. people who have put their time in and studied their discipline seriously, however, claim to be able to achieve success rates as high as one in five if they pick their targets carefully.

when you see young men standing in front of the station chasing women up and down the street, however, you have to wonder if they dont get embarrassed, or feel depressed by the constant rejection. it may be a rationalization, but people who do nampa say that they would rather be embarrassed for ten seconds on the street than ask out a co-worker or classmate and be embarrassed everyday for months after if the person turns them down.

this summer, things got even harder for nampa guys when in july, four schoolgirls were abducted by a middle-aged man who lured them to his rented apartment with promises of an easy job. although this was definitely not nampa, it has caused the police to hassle them more than they used to and girls, especially in shibuya, where the incident occurred, are more cautious about talking to strangers.

Crazy Jim Wood
08-18-04, 00:48
Hmm... This article on nampa seems to be making a lot out of something which is quite simple. Nampa is not an art, it is a game. it is just (trying) to pick up girl(s).

I wouldn't really consider what teenagers do nanpa, though. I believe nanpa is a game where the man and woman each know the man is only interested in casual sex and the man has to convince the woman that the casual sex will be worth it to her--most likely because he has enough money and experience to amuse her, which cuts out teenagers, or perhaps because she is trying to convince herself that she can get the looser to marry her somehow. Which cuts out all those who are too young or economically challenged to become husbands.

I guess some women do it just so someone will take them out and show them a good time and make them feel wanted, but I would say most are somehow hoping for marriage and are just gullible. So, nanpa is all about taking advantage of the gullibility of women, which is why it is looked down on in some quarters. Of course, it can't succeed unless the woman has unreasonable expectations.

I also beleive that foreigners are frequently the object of reverse-nanpa. Women who are themselves loosers come on to us hoping that we will not notice that they don't quite make the cut in Japanese society and will be foolish enough to marry them. They probably also know that any one of us could be the door way into a whole world of foreign men who can't even tell how old Japanese women are and may not care about features which make these women unacceptable to Japanese men (such as being divorced and/or having a child already).

So, nanpa as far as I can tell refers to the haze of alcohol and subterfuge necessary for two people to get into bed together.

I have never talked to a woman on the street, I prefer a women who can find her way into a bar on her own. I also wouldn't consider terekura nanpa, the target of nanpa should be some woman who could be a potential marriage partner, even if that isn't the goal, because the game is all about suckering the girl into bed, not having some girl sucker you out of your money.


Crazy Jim Wood
08-18-04, 01:01
Don Quihote (sp?)
Donky hote (sp)?
Correct English spelling is Don Quixote. You know, the quixotic hero of Cervantes' 17th century book entitled "Don Quixote de la Mancha."

I highly recommend their costume section. They have sailor outits, highschool student outfits, qi pao (China girl dresses), nurse outfits, OL outfits, maid outfits, the whole gamut. A lot of costumes should have gloves or other accouterments attached to them, so make sure that all parts are there.

Oh, sizes... don't upset your date by getting her the wrong size. There are size charts on the wall.

Some may also have role-play instructions, you know, sample dialogues. theyare good for getting the girl into the mood. women really take to this stuff, they just may be shy at first because they are not sure what to do. So, look for the dialogue and make sure you get the complete costume.

Warning* nurse outfits do not have white stockings. Make sure you get the stockings yourself, some silly b*tches get panty hose. Unless you are into pansuto yaburi (tearing nylons open) you probably want the important parts uncovered.

Also, be sure to warn women to put the panties on AFTER the garter belt! Nothing pisses me off quite as much as a women who puts garters on over the top of panties (unless the panties are crotchless).


08-19-04, 04:47


A typical nampa consists of an approach on the street, an invitation to a coffee shop, and then a meal or a visit to a bar or karaoke parlor. Most nampa practitioners make an aggressive, over-the-top approach, hoping to sweep the girl up in their enthusiasm. When you have only five or ten seconds to communicate your invitation to a woman moving rapidly, there isnt much room for subtlety. Any reaction other than ignoring the man completely will be taken as a sign of interest, and he will try and get the girl laughing and talking to him. Everyone has their own style, but there are three main approaches. The first is the owarai-kei (funny type) who tries to attract a girl with humor. The second is the yasashii-kei (kind type), who tries to seem harmless and amiable. The last is the kakko ii-kei (cool type), who tries to impress her with his looks and charm.

If he manages to get the girl talking or laughing, the nampa guy will really put on the pressure, saying and doing anything that comes into his head to get the girl to agree to spend some time with him. Once shes agreed to go out with him, its just a regular Japanese date with dinner, drinks, or karaoke, and if things go well, a stop at the love hotel later on.

Although nampa is not exactly well-regarded in Japanese society, people who do it are part of a huge and flourishing sub-culture. There are dozens of books on how to nampa, and popular magazines aimed at young men and teens like Mens Egg are constantly running features on the best techniques and pickup spots. Time will tell if this social phenomenon signals the breakdown of structured social interaction. Who knows, maybe in a hundred years this will be seen as Japans assembly-line approach to blind dating!

Welcome, young grasshopper. Through long years of tutelage with a mysterious, sage-like master who initiated us into the secrets of the yarichin (stud), we have delved into the forbidden knowledge of the way of nampa. Okay, well not really, but we did spend a couple of afternoons in Kinokuniya reading Mens Egg and The Perfect Nampa Kouza a book on everything you ever wanted to know about picking up women on the street. Heres what we learned.

Fashion "Men do not beat drums before they hunt for tigers." Kwai Chang Caine
The guys you see in the cheap suits and sunglasses are not doing nampa and the nampa guys dont dress like them. According to Perfect Nampa, the key is to be inconspicuous, wearing casual clothes and not standing out in any way.

Time and Place - "You must wait for the moment. . . . For at the right time all may be reached." - Master Po
Crowded places are the best spots for girl hunting. Experienced pick-up artists know that nampa is not just a numbers game, but having a lot of potential targets is still best. Shibuya in Tokyo is the most famous place for nampa in Japan, but many young men say they prefer Shinjuku or Ikebukuro because there is less competition. Osakas Ebisubashi is the most famous place in Kansai, but its actually a terrible spot and despite its nickname, Hikkake bashi or Pick-up bridge most of the guys you see there are sex-business recruiters and touts. The amateurs have all moved into the Shinsaibashi-suji shopping arcade that runs north and south of the bridge. In general, railway stations are the best places, but since hanging out at a station near the entrance hurts your image, go to the plazas and shopping areas in the station building. The prime target here is the woman who has had a Dotakyan (sudden cancellation) or looks a little lonely while shopping to kill time after work. They look for someone whos been waiting a while, gets a call on her cell-phone, and then starts to walk away. Another good spot is department stores at closing time. Obviously, one can do nampa at any time, but mornings are the worst, and the serious nampa guys usually come out at around 9 or 10pm.

The Easiest Girls - "Reach out, yet be wary of what you allow yourself to grasp." - Master Po
Key to being successful at Nampa is knowing what type of woman is easiest to pick up. The Perfect Nampa has some surprising advice for beginners about what kinds of girls are the most likely to be receptive to advances from a stranger. Most people think that kogyaru, the brown-haired teens that you see in Shibuya are the best targets, but they are said to be among the most difficult. Men who do nampa say their best success rates come with the women on their way home from work dressed in plain clothes. They try to find a plain-looking woman who looks kind but slightly serious, the sort of person who likes to take care of others the type that will automatically take charge of serving food and drinks at a party.

The Best Girls "Examine the flower. Is not the flower, in each position, yet a flower?" Master Po
After practicing for a while on the plainer girls, a young grasshopper can move up to the typical target of the nampa guy, the something is amiss girl. Nampa master Agawa Youji, an AV star who claims to have picked up more than 1000 women, says that the girls who are the easiest, the most fun, and the best in bed are the beautiful from afar, far from beautiful types, women decked out in brand name labels and fashions, but with scuffed up, dirty high heels, or women with just a little too much makeup.

Although they may be terribly appealing, girls who are dressed up like they are going somewhere are probably not going to be interested in talking to some stranger because they already have a date or a plan. Also, women dressed casually but wearing a lot of accessories are probably going on a driving date.

Picking up the Bijins Perfection is an illusion Master Kan
Only a master of nampa, a true hanta-otoko (Huntsman) will try to pick up a beautiful woman. According to The Perfect Nampa, if you want to go for the really beautiful girls (bijin), you have to find their weakness. When approaching beautiful women, the hunta-otoko will use lines like, Excuse me, you look a little lonely, based on the assumption that beautiful women are lonely because everyone assumes they will have a boyfriend, and never, ever tell them they are beautiful because pretty girls are so used to hearing that sort of thing.

Classic Pick Up Lines - "If it will not offend you, I would prefer to drink tea." Kwai Chang Caine
The most famous nampa line of all time is, Ocha demo shinai? (Want to get a tea with me?) but using it sounds a little like asking a woman what her sign is in America. Other famous lines include, Ima hima? (Are you free) and Doko e iku no? (Where are you going?). The experts suggest coming up with something funny or original if you really want to be successful.

Talking the Talk "To know love, be like a running brook which is deaf, yet sings its melody for others to hear. Master Po
The first three minutes of a nampa are crucial. The key to getting the girl to agree to a date is finding something that you both have in common a hobby, coming from the same town, liking the same music, etc. If a nampa guy can find something that they both have in common, and/or get her laughing, hes probably headed for the love hotel.

The Love Hotel "Come with me and you will not lose me. Kwai Chang Caine
This is apparently much easier than the initial approach on the street. If the woman has been enjoying the date, the pick-up artist simply takes her hand as he is leaving the bar or restaurant. Many men who do nampa judge their next move by how tightly she squeezes his hand while they are walking. If she squeezes hard and if she sidles up close to him, he just walks her in the direction of the hotel without saying anything.

Dog Jamm
08-19-04, 12:06
Hey Jim at least I was the closest-- just missed out on the H to an X..

Condom mainia in Harajuku is a good place to bring a date too, lots of cute stuff there. I don't know if they have adult toys or not. Any of you guys know?

08-20-04, 04:51

CC1 here, mainly from the HK thread. Anyway, fascinating reading on Nampa. Bit hard for me now being tied to the other half, but I still secretly desire to give Nampa a try on the streets of HK. Anyway, I came across this thread in another website recently on how to Nampa the Singapore Airlines stewardesses. And while it is applicable mainly to hunting in Singapore, I think the basics apply elsewhere too.


1. Learn to pick up a girl without picking her up. Once when I was in Velvet, on crew nite, I was standing next to this gorgeous SQ babe ( you can tell, they have a certain look) and I just turn around and said: "Awesome music ya?" she nodded and before she knew it, I grabbed her hands and we were freaking out on the dance floor... and later at my pad ( its true, they are encourage to wear Push-ups)

2. Hang out in Terminal 2 carpark, level 2, just outside Burger King. A lot of SQ smokers will head straight for that area to get a good puff after a flight...esp if it's been a long flight. Wear a good suit ( park your BMW there) and walk up to her to ask for a light...start a conversation and then go pick up you BMW, drive pass her, stop and ask if she needs a ride home...oh boy, you WILL get a ride!!

3. Hang out at Burger King during dinner and lunch time. Sometimes, they are in such a rush that they don't have time for meals...so they get a qik bite in BK. Strut in with your power suit and Prada carry-on and approach to ask for the 1st class check-in counter...( fyi,it's around the corner of BK) Thank them and then go to the counter to buy a couple of Chocolate pies( they love it) walk over to them and say: Thank you for helping out, these pies are for you.) Pass them a business card with your cell on it and wait for the fish to bite ( or suck!)

4. Well, if you're really desperate, go to SIA training center along Upper Changi Road during 0800-0830 and 1700-1800..you will get your pick of virginal SQ babes ( before they learn to be bitchy). Theres good chance to snare a SQ chick best time is to get them before they start flying and realized that the world has a lot more to offer then all the chinky-chong losers here! The Malaysians ones are especially prone to attention, they are all alone here living in their tiny HDB room so any attention will get you into their panties.

5. Lastly, if you want to make an impression on your company paid business class seat, wear a good suit ( preferable something from Savil Row)identify a good looking SQ girl, Smile and ask her to hang up your suit and if she asked for you boarding pass, just tell her that you cant find it but give her you namecard with your HP on it instead. If she returns your suit without your business card.youre gonna have an unforgettable business trip.

6. Oh, when I travel on my own expense, I like to sit at the last row just before the Galley. Its a 3 seaters and sometimes, they will seat next to you for take-offs and landings. Just open with a : Hows the load? ( for take-offs) and Tired? ( for landings) and trust me, if youre half-way decent looking, a conversation will begin( FYI, they are rated on their PR skills so they HAVE to talk to passengers) But its will be up to your eloquence to see if the talking can get you anywhere near their pantiesNow that, my friend, is something I cannot help. You either got it or not. I can only show you the opportunities.

PS: They feel most lonely when flying to cold, grey and boring countries. Dont bother to try and pick them up on like on a SG-BKK flight ( too short and too much distractions) Try on flights to Europe or US. These destinations are expensive for them so a guy with a loaded expense account is something they like :)

PPS: Most of they are boozer, so go get some good wine and when they get drunk in a cold, lonely country, I bet you my last dollar that you will end up in bed with her!!

End Quote.



Mike Mikey
08-20-04, 16:43

I have one more month left in Tokyo before I head back to England. Anyone in their 20s or 30s interested in a night out for nampa at Shibuya or Ropponggi?


08-22-04, 03:27

I don't know about the shop in Harajuku.
Some toys are there at Shibuya's shop.

http://www.condomania.co.jp/ sorry in Japanese

08-23-04, 07:20
DJ, the sex toys are available at condomania but not a large selection.

I never quite understood the power of language exchange until 3 weeks ago when I met up with a semi-regular J girlfriend for a 3 day road trip. I had borrowed a sports car for the trip with a removable top and loud exhaust. I was damned if I was going to keep the top on and not rev it up on the curvaceous mountain roads. The first day, after 8 hrs of driving, we reached our first destination point of the trip and she was really mad. Mad enough to push me away when I climbed in the sack. The next morning I was equally pissed and sent her packing, wiping tears, on the local bus for a ride back home. Just before she left I found out what was making her so mad, that we cound not talk because of all the noise and she was with me mainly to talk and improve her language skills, not minding being banged at the end of a good day of conversation. Being a guy I was there to drive like a madman while listening to the exhaust and loud music and then bang her at the end of the day. Who cares about volume of conversation! Well it brought home the point, if you trade enough language help it is like money to these girls whose job advancement depends on improving language skills. Take the language exchange seriously, help teach them new words and you will improve your nampa retention.

Jungle Boy #3
08-26-04, 19:34
Thought I would update last trip to Japan. Got in early Friday and my Nampa connection scheduled a trip up to Hakone. Its very beautiful up there, but its very complex travel, Express train to local train to cog train to Gondola. Then a storm came in. Oh well, that meant we had to spend a lot of time in the hotel room. Came back to Tokyo on Sunday. I had dinner my last night in town with my friend, bad news is she has fallen for me and knows there is no long term potential. The good news is when we went outside for a cab she hopped in and gave my hotel address to the cabbie. Might be our last get together. Oh well, back out on the prowl. I have been working on a plan B. Believe it or not it is a Hostess I met with a partner. I know the rap on them, but we met for dinner, she picked. It was a great but rather cheap place. She then asked if I wanted to meet her After she got out of work. She called me at 11 and we went out bar hopping. I did not close her, but we agreed to see each other next visit. I made it clear to her I was not into the hostess bar scene (buy me expensive water downed whiskey), but would love to have a Japanese Girlfriend. I would love any advice or input from the Nampa veterans on this interesting plan B.

08-27-04, 00:02
A good conversation starter is to pick up a copy of one of the pocket language translation books that specialize in phrases to pick up J girls. They have titles such as "Making out in Japanese". The ISBN for one book is 0-8048-3396-6. While kind of goofy, they provide a great conversation starter. For example you sidle up to a pair of J girls and introduce yourself. Then you pull out your little book and say something like "do these pickup lines really work in Japan?" Most of the lines are so ridiculous that they will immediately start laughing, grab the book from you and pour thru it. You have established a rapport and intent and now things will get easier. You also have a great excuse to immediately ask them back with you.

09-04-04, 05:54
Other Nampa Venues

I think this only really works best for people living in Japan. Has anybody ever tried signing up for a Japanese Travel Tour? Japanese people tend to go together on group tours, so you would need to bring another friend along. I went with a Japanese friend and he booked the tour. Try booking to a popular mongering destination. So if there are no cute nampa partners or if the girls are too old, then you can go mongering. Since it's a Japanese tour, you or your friend should be able to speak Japanese.

I recently just got back from a Japanese Tour to Hong Kong (lots of mongering!) and I talked to almost all the girls in the tour group. This was easy for me because I know Hong Kong very well. I could explain things and then moved to casual conversation. So if you know Thailand or Korea very well, you should go there. Finally I found one that spoke english very well. She was travelling with her mom, so my friend had to talk the mom. Unfortunately, her mom was always near her. My Nampa goal was not to get her in the sack, but looking for long term stuff. So we exchanged numbers and email, hopefully things go well.

Member #1276
09-08-04, 05:54
Hi guys,

For the past year I have been hooking up with girls on the internet through various websites and have become a minor expert. Aside from the Japanese-language sites (which I have explored extensively), there are also some English ones -- both from the US and from Japan. If you want any advice on either kind, send me a private message and I will be happy to give you the low-down.

Today I thought I would share my experiences with Adult Friend Finder (dot com) -- a site many of you are familiar with. It is a tough site to crack because there are so many men compared to women -- but on the other hand the majority of the girls speak English and are interested in having sex with foreign men. A big plus.

There are two things you have to do to be successful on AFF. First, you have to e-mail girls when they are brand new to the site. This is because the girls get TONS of e-mail and start ignoring their mail after awhile. I know from talking to members that they get from 50 to 200 e-mails a day!! And since Japanese girls are popular, about 75% of their mail comes from fools who live in places like Turkey and Alabama who have no means of even getting to Japan at all. They just want to exchange e-mail with a hottie from Japan. So you have to catch the girls early. You do this by hitting the button called "View My New Member Matches" on the front page. Don't bother with the "Recent New Member Gallery" because those girls all post photos and get hundreds of mail a day.

The second key is to have great photos. Girls will only look at an e-mail if there are photos attached. And if you have uploaded a photo to your profile, a thumbnail of it will appear next to your mail in their inbox. By the way, taking a quick snap of yourself in your birthday suit IS NOT what I am talking about. Many new male members look at the male member area and see lots of photos of guys with their cocks hanging out at the top of the list. Don't misunderstand this. These guys are highly ranked because all the gay guys out there are checking them out. The girls do not dig photos like this. Take several photos of yourself including your face and choose the coolest looking ones. Try some theatrics too. Wear a suit, or sit in an antique chair, or hold a flower or something. Trust me, this will catch interest. A generic photo of your dong will get you nowhere.

I was a gold member on the site. I do not know if you can achieve success as a standard (free) member because you are limited to receiving mail. My suggestion would be to purchase a membership, hit the site hard for a month, and see what happens.

Hope this helps and send me a mail if you want detailed advice.


Member #1276
09-08-04, 06:15
hi, me again.

although i have achieved success prowling the internet, i have started to get into the nampa game a little. and i owe it to you guys who have posted here -- many thanks. face it, there are just times when you see a mega-hot chick walking down the street and you gotta talk to her. you know she isn't getting the service she deserves from japanese men.

i have taken some of the advice i read here and made a personal card. this has only my name (fake), cell number, and a free e-mail address. btw, if you want a free e-mail address that doesn't look free, go to mail.com. they have a lot of domain names like "consultant.com". i used one of these to make a business card that looks like a real company card. i prefer to conceal my identity from the girls i lay, but i want to have a card that doesn't look cheap and fake. a personal card is really useful if you see a hot chick at a time when you know you are not going to get her to a coffee shop or hotel. like during lunch in an office building -- or when she is partying with friends in a bar or something. you just say "hi, i would really like to have dinner with you sometime. please send me an e-mail sometime." if you are polite and not drawing a lot of attention from people nearby, she will take it. and since your e-mail address is there, she doesn't have to scrape up the courage to call you.

for someone like me who has never been a pick-up artist, one of the most important things has been just practicing talking to girls on the street in a natural way. you don't want to set off the girls "nampa alarm" before she gets a positive impression of you. to practice, i just talk to girls whenever i can -- even if i don't intend to nampa. for instance, i am constantly asking girls, "which way is the station?" or "what is the name of this street?" or "do you know such-and-such a building?" then you say something humorous and self-depricating to get a smile -- like "thanks, my sense of direction is so bad" or "i am so stupid i can't ready kanji" or "i owe you my life." after that, if there is some positive back-and-forth, you can always suggest coffee or just fork over your personal card.

also, this goes without saying, but don't approach girls who are rushing somewhere. look for that girl who is killing time. people in movement tend to stay in movement. and don't do it in a crowded place where people may turn a stare at you. follow the girl to a place where there are not people walking right next to her.

i am still in my infancy as a nampa-er, so any advice -- no matter who simple -- would be much appreciated. also, i would love to hook up with someone for a team nampa deal. (i am 36 and in good shape.)

looking forward to more good posts.


09-14-04, 09:48
Has anyone tried the deai websites, either Net or Keitai?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Member #1276
09-18-04, 21:27
Saber 47,

Yes, I have tried many deai sites on the internet. Being 36, married and having only 6 out of 10 looks, I was able to meet and fuck about 11 girls over the past year. (I met others I decided not to fuck.) The age range was 19 to 33. With a little bit of hard work, deai sites can be a gold mine.

Let me first say that most of them are a sham. I access these sites through my PC, but even then, some of them require that you register by entering your cell phone number and cell phone e-mail address. I never do this because you are only opening yourself up to spam mail and/or bogus charges on your cell phone bill.

In addition to these problems, most of those cell phone-based sites use a point system where you use points to view profiles and contact girls. After your initial free points are gone, you must purchase more. Unfortunately, those sites employ people to send you bogus mail so that you purchase more points. One woman I fucked in Hiroshima had done that for a job. She got 20 yen per e-mail. Her job was to send mail to members expressing interest in them and suggesting a date. Then when the day of the date came, she would suddenly apologize that something had come up and she couldn't meet.

Now, there are legitimate deai sites out there. Here are the two I like the most:


These sites are Japanese-language, so the credit card registration is in Japanese. If you can get through that, feel free to post in either Japanese or English. Posting in English will draw more attention to yourself which is crucial for success on these kind of sites.

Keep in mind that many of the girls who post on these sites are looking for cash support, but there are also girls who are just lonely and want a boyfriend. Also, it is possible to hook up with the girls who want money and get a freebee.

As long as you are trying deai sites, you might as well try the following "serious" mate-finding sights as well:


Sure, the girls on here are mostly looking for a serious boyfriend, but you know that Japanese girls have no serious resistance to sex. If you exchange e-mail and photos with a girl and mutually decide to meet, there is a 90% you are going to have sex. It is just a question of whether you have sex on the first or second date. After the sex, you can keep dating them or just ignore them and move on.

If you want some tips on succeeding on these sites, let me know.


09-22-04, 08:25
Thanks for the info, 1276. I took a look at the aijinfurin site, and couldn't find a way to see any profiles without forking over money. Is that the case? At about $115 a year, it's a lot of money to pay without having any idea what kinds and how many women are on the site. Could you expand on your unofficial endorsement a little?

Your advice on AFF is spot-on. The "Recent Members" pages are continually filled by the same people who circumvent the system by changing the order of their pics or put a new pic up. If I have to look at the dweeb in the 2kakkoi couple again, I think I'll puke. Getting to the ladies as soon as possible after they join the site is key, I think. Like you said, the odds are against us guys; I did a search on guys exactly my age just to see what the numbers were like, and there were something like 40 gold members in Tokyo alone!


(in case this raises a flag with Jackson, this is Japanese that means "I'll give it my best")

09-23-04, 07:16
I think that the AFF site has the kinkiest girls. As a 2 month silver member I had some correspondance and scored only one girl but boy was she a score.
Came to my place, put on a blindfold prior to entering and then I proceeded to bang her in every possible way until pulling it off to show her what the view looked like while CIM
Come to think of it, I may have to renew my membership.

09-23-04, 13:23
great to see your post, en. well, i've told you of my ups and downs with aff. i don't know about lots of kinky girls; lately, there seems to be a preponderance of legitimately single ladies looking for serious relationships. urghhh! at least, this is the kind that replies to my queries most often, it seems. i guess just the fact that they choose to use a site like aff in their quest for a serious relationship, instead of any number of matchmaking sites out there, can qualify them as kinky to some degree... :)

i am watching a tape of a tv show on the ebisu area of tokyo. i think some here have noted the quality of babes there is pretty high, and i would concur from my limited experience in those parts. one thing to file away is the fact that there are a number of standing bars there that attract lots of ladies. the one they showed is called "whoopee", and each glass of wine is 500 yen. looked like a perfect chance for nampa; at most bars where you sit, cultural norms inhibit talk with nearby strangers, but at a standing bar, i can see it happening much more readily. also, ebisu seems to have a lot of bars/restaurants with very private rooms, where you order by phone like in karaoke boxes. even had a small two-way mirror in the wall so you could see if anyone walked by in the hallway, and lots more sofa space than two people would need for sitting, so they surely condone prone activity as well. probably a little expensive, but might be a good place to get a girl warmed up and lubricated (literally and figuratively) before the "second party" at a nearby love hotel.

09-24-04, 01:06
Besides Ebisu, I also see a lot of opportunity in Harajaku and Shibuya for NAMPA. The HMV and Tower Records in Shibuya are great places to check out chicks and possibly pick them up for some action.

Member #1276
09-27-04, 01:56

Yeah, Aijinfurin is a pay site. I have no problem paying for sites as long as they are not the pay-for-points (read RIP-YOU-OFF!!) sites. If you are going to choose one pay Japanese site, do dr.to. There are so many members. Plus there is a chat area and you can post a photo with your profile. The system with Aijinfurin is that you post a text message to the "male" bulliten board and wait. Or you peruse the "female" board and send mail. It is pretty simple, but I fucked two girls from this site with much satisfaction.

If you are looking for a quality free site, use Yahoo! Japan. Just register, write a profile, and start e-mailing chicks. I am going to Osaka today for a business trip and last night I was able to hook up two women for dates in about 2 hours of chatting. One is 36 and the other is 19. I'll post the results of the date in a few days.

Also, regarding chicks on AFF looking for serious relationships, I have noticed the same thing. It really irks me to be IMing a girl from AFF, start a conversation about having sex, and facing an inquisition about "doesn't friendship mean anything??" Hey, stop wasting my fucking time!

But I think I may know why there are these serious chicks lurking on AFF. One time I got an e-mail to my AFF account from a girl and when I clicked the link in the automatic e-mail (the one saying, "member so and so has sent you an e-mail") I ended up at a site called Passion.com which has exactly the layout of AFF. Check it out. It is steamy, but not as sexual as AFF. So they obviously have a couple of sites that are linked together.

And as long as I am posting, a couple other things:

Ebisu is great for beautiful, high-class chicks. But if you are looking for hungry girls -- girls in their low twenties with no money -- Ikebukuro is the place to go. There are train lines out of there that go to Saitama and stuff so there are a lot of country girls. Plus there are tons of love hotels nearby which is a must. (Ebisu has love hotels too, BTW.) I find the girls in Shibuya too difficult. Besides 1/2 of them work at hostess clubs or cabaret clubs and you can only get in their pants after a serious cash investment.

And one final thing for today:

I would love to see us all leverage this asset we have in this bulliten board. For instance get a go-kon going (dinner party). Like a 3-on-3 thing. Or even get together for beers and then hit the streets. We gotta keep the fire buring.



Vice Squad
09-28-04, 03:11
Shinjuku Paul:

Thanks for the insight.

I agree that the girls in Shibuya are hard to angle... at least by me.

I will have to venture to Ikebukuro.

Two by Four
09-29-04, 15:36
Thought I would add my 2 yen regarding AFF. I signed up for a silver membership (3 months). Got nowhere for 2 months and 2 weeks but got a hit at the 2 months and 3 week mark.

Exchanged E-mail, then pictures, then phone call, then decided to meet. Got her drunk and scored. Met once after that and scored again but then things went bad. She said she wanted more than just a sexual relationship. That was that.

It was a lot of work but she was pretty cute and liked to talk dirty in broken English (surprisingly arousing)


Member #1276
09-30-04, 02:14

Thought I would give you a brief run down on my recent business trip to Osaka.

First of all, I had arranged to meet a 19 year old college student (I am 36) by chatting with her on Yahoo! Japan. Not surprisingly she chickened out and we did not meet. However, she left me an apologetic voicemail so I will try to leverage that into another meeting. I think I will suggest that she bring a friend or two and I will bring some colleagues.

Second, I hooked up with a 36-year old, recent divorcee -- also by chatting on Yahoo! Japan. She sells cosmetics and is very pretty for an older woman. We had to meet during the day and she does not drink, so I could not get her to a love hotel. However, we had a long talk and I could see that being the "nice guy" would help me prevail in the end. Will see her next time.

The big surprise was fucking an OL who works for my wholesale customer. At 4 PM, she was serving me tea, at 7PM we were out to dinner with several of the staff members from my customer, and at 1:30 AM I was filling her with hot cum in my hotel room. She is a single, thin, 26 year old. A 9 in my book.

I have to say that the gaijin mystique still exists in Osaka and it is great. If you keep fit, dress nicely, and are forward with the girls, it is easy to score. That's how I bagged the OL. At dinner and at karaoke I just made it clear I was into her and grabbed hand a little bit. Late in the evening I trailed her to the bathroom and gave her my hotel room key. Then I made a big good-bye in front of everyone and went home alone. This way, it was clear I was going home alone so as not to ruin her reputation, but she also had my key so she felt like she had to come give it to me. After that, if you can get a J-girl into your room and start kissing, you KNOW you will get your dick in them in the end. It is guaranteed.

A couple of other notes:

I stay in Shinsaibashi and there is a long shopping arcade behind the Daimaru there. That is the perfect spot for nampa. In fact I saw another gaijin hit on a girl there. Perhaps a WSG member? As I said the gaijin mystique is still strong and also there are a lot of young girls there killing time.

Finally, I checked out the Shinsaibashi location of Sam & Dave's. The other location (Umeda??) has been mentioned on the Osaka board as a great nampa spot. Since it was Monday night, the place was dead. Also, it seemed to lean heavily toward the hip-hop crowd, so I looked a little out of place in my Italian jacket and shoes. Anybody else have success there?

That's it for know. Happy hunting.


10-01-04, 03:33
Shinjuku Paul,

Do you usually stay at e.g. the Nikko, or one of the business hotels? I've stayed at Hotel California in the past right, behind the Nikko on a side street off of Midosuji.

Member #1276
10-03-04, 08:10

i usually stay at the nikko. room service, high speed internet, and good name to tell the chicks.

shinjuku _paul

Sushi Galore
10-04-04, 06:45
Does anyone know of a good Love-Hotel in Roppongi, somewhere close were the action is?

I suppose there must be some, but up to now I didn't notice (and didn't really look intensively). Usually I take the pick ups in a taxi to Shibuya's "Love Hotel Hill" besides the Bunkamura Gallary building... Many different options to choose from there.

I did the same last weekend, with a cute OL, 26 years, I met in Mowtown. She was with a friend who herself was more agressive or upfront willing to attract guys, but I thought the one I scored later was better looking as a whole (face about 7-8, but great tits - quite big for a Japanese). She was more often standing at the counter while the other girl was dancing with different guys. Some guys also tried to pull her close and things, but that's usually not my style. I usually first observe the crowd to see the reactions and interactions of the different people. Out of this observation I can say that not too many girls really like this agressive approach like coming up from behind, putting the hands on her hips or stomach and start "dirty dancing" ('although many girls might be too shy to actively resist and just bear it for a while).

Anyway, I looked at that girl at the bar, she looked back. A minute later I looked again and smiled, she smiled back and looked longer at me. And that's how it usually goes. I went over and started talking to her. Things like that I was watching her and her friend for a while, if she does not feel bored that her friend is not talking to her too much and leaves her alone most of the time etc. Anyway guys, how the conversation starts after the first intensive eye-contact is established depends on the situation. (Her English was not so good, but I am quite fluent in Japanese, which sometimes might be an advantage to break the ice, but usually many girls like to improve their English as well.)
For me that's the moment to show that I am not "only and immediately" interested to get into her pants (well...) I bought her a couple of drinks and we talked more. Then we exchanged our keitai-numbers to go out together another time. I thought that's it for that, finished my beer and said bye to her, heading for another bar.

Not too long later she apparently had told her friend who all the time was dancing and obviously enjoying her time with different men (any of the WSG members screwed her that night?) that she was bored and will take the last train home.

Anyway, I got a call, she waited near the station and we took the taxi to Shibuya. After checking in into one of the hotels and a nice shower together, I banged her in different possitions until the morning. Defenitely a good experience worth to repeat. I'll call her in a few days again.

To summ it up, although it does not always immediately pay off like this time, usually in the long run it is more rewarding to be the "nice guy" and not too aggresive and obviously out for a screw (often the girls call you or mail you a few days later, from which point things can develop, if not, at least you had a nice conversation for which in a "Kabakura" you would have to pay a lot of money with the same outcome).

Now back to the above question, is there Love Hotel in Roppongi itself to avoid going to Shibuya?

Greetings to all,


10-04-04, 10:14
Hello all,

Just another shot at trying to find a nampa partner for this week. The wife's out of town until Sunday, so anyone who wants to get together for some tag-team nampa, let me know. I'm looking at hitting some bars on Thursday, but any night is free, including that one.


10-06-04, 08:40
Sushi Galore,

When I was a student in Nagoya, some friends of mine and I came up with a system very similar to what you described. I've tested it here a little in Tokyo, and it seems to work most of the time.

1. First time a girl looks at you, it's nothing--everyone looks at everyone.

2. Second time, it's because you're a gaijin. That may or may not be the case here in Tokyo, where gaijin are more prevalent and less likely to cause stares. Nagoya sometimes can still be pretty inaka.

3. Third time she looks is the charm--if she looks your way, smile, and make your way over indirectly. You're right, most girls don't like the straight up grind on her approach. I like to pass by, make some kind of funny comment, and then move on, coming back a little later to follow up.

Seems to work for me, anyway.

Member #1276
10-08-04, 02:38
More for the sake of discussion than anything else, I would like to throw out some "rules of nampa". I have only been at this for 6 months or so, so I am no expert. So it helps me to improve my performance to organize lists of rules in my head. If you have anything to add, change, or delete, make a post.

1) Have a nice physical appearance -- Japanese girls are fastidious about their physical appearance, so I think it is safe to assume they care a lot about the appearance of their man. Work out, trim your nose hair, and get some nice clothres -- especially shoes.

2) Get comfortable talking to girls -- Try to talk to girls in daily life, apart from any nampa activities. Ask directions, make a compliment, ask if the train stops at a particular station. This helps you losen up when you are ready for an actual nampa situation.

3) Make a nampa tool kit -- Make a personal card with your contact info to hand to a girl if you are not able to hook up with her right on the spot. Think of other props or tools. Keep a map of a restaurant printed off of Yahoo handy so you can ask, "Hey, where is this restaurant?" Whatever.

4) Approach the girl at the right place and time -- Don't approach a girl who is rushing somewhere. Look for the ones killing time. Also, don't approach them in a place where there are people closeby that are likely to stare. In other words, don't embarrass the girl.

5) Choose the right girl -- This is very subjective, but I would say you should choose a girl you think is a knock-out. You will be more commited to the nampa act. If you just go for anyone you see, you are going to give up too easily.

6) Set a brisk pace -- If you end up talking to a girl, get her to go to a coffee shop or bar. Don't stand around making too much conversation.

7) Be forward -- Tell the girl you like her, think she is pretty, and want to become her friend (nakayoku naritai). Tell her you want to go somewhere with her.

8) Smile -- If you are going to check out girls as you walk down the street or sit in a cafe, please remember to smile at the girl if your eyes meet more than once. You know how it is, if someone is staring at you, you star to wonder, "Do I have a bugger on my face??" Smiling let's her know you dig her. After that, if she keeps looking, you have an opening.

Sushi Galore
10-13-04, 10:28
In a pm conversation with Shinjuku Paul (Member #1276) I also commented about his "rules of nampa". He asked me to post it directly to the forum to get others to join into the discussion as well...

Basically I completely agree with those rules, but would adjust #5 "Choose the right girl". Paul suggests to choose a girl you think is a knock-out. Obviously this would be most rewarding if successful, but the chances are high that many others think the same. The really high-class girls in my opinion have two related disadvantages: 1) They get starred at and approached very frequently, especially by the chinpira-looking Japanese (scouts) that stand at every major trainstation. Although a foreigner might be a change in this respect, they thus often are tired of/ frustrated by that and when you show up they think "Now there is the next fool. What does this guy want from me now?". 2) On the other hand, because they are so popular and know themselves they are beautiful, their level of resistance is usually quite high - they simply know that a better (looking, dressed, Japanese capable, ...) guy is out there after her.

I thus would recommend to stick with the more "average" girl. Of course not any dog unless you are really desparate, but the cute but moderate ones (as Paul said in that pm, not the model-like girls or the hostess club workers, but a girl with a sexy body but a normal, intelligent-looking face as no Japanese chinpira wants an intelligent girl).
These girls are more likely to feel flattered when nampa-ed and as it probably does not happen too often, they are more likely to play the game instead of brushing you aside.

So much for my opinion on rule #5.

In addition I would like to add something related to the "nampa tool kit" (#3). As some other member mentioned a while ago, I would suggest to get an additional "Nampa keitai" (as now all cell-numbers start with 090, the type of phone can not be known just by looking at the number, so some cheaper prepaid model will do). It makes it easier to freely spread your number without having to fear any trouble with your private or company phone (= normal life) in case she becomes too clingy. Same goes for a different e-mail adress that does not reveal your company name. Both can go on the (faked) personal card that Paul mentioned.

That's just my two Yen for now. If others can add their "rules" and oppinions, this could develop into a not only interesting discussion for the experts, but also a very helpful contribution for the novices.

Happy hunting!


Da Yin Jing
10-14-04, 09:47
Complete Newbie here so please excuse the ignorance!

I can guess from the context what Nampa means but what is its precise definition and derivation?


Member #1276
10-17-04, 15:33
Da Yin Jing,

I don't know the derivation, but nampa means picking up girls. I have a feeling the guys who usually read the Tokyo or other city folders may have no idea what nampa means and thus don't visit our fine folder. We may have to do some marketing in other folders.


Many thanks for your input on my list. Hope to see more discussion there.


If any of you are interested, I would like to propose that we get together for drinks on November 5th. We could exchange nampa stories and tech and then hit the streets. Anyone interested?


10-19-04, 02:18

Thanks for the info about aijinfurin, but there's a bunch of sites with that in their name. Which one did you use? The Aijinfurin Club that costs something like 9.800 yen per year?


10-19-04, 03:02
Sorry for two consecutive postings, but I forgot to ask a question and to give some info. The info frist. Many (if not most) websites for furin, warikiri, and deai seem to be rip-offs, soaking males who want to send responses. I've found two, though, that seem legit and am even now working on one woman I met through one. This one is free, but a guy can send only one reply per day: <www.furin.misty.ne.jp>. This one has a token 100 yen charge to send a message: <www.deai.misty.ne.jp>. Both have lots of daily postings, especially for major metro areas--but of course, you have to read Japanese. Be wary of the messages from the ladies, though; if they appear to good to be true, too much of a come-on, they're most likely trying to get your e-address to coax you to sign up for their "no-charge-for-registering" site, after which you have to buy points to send messages--many of which are from clearly bogus "women."

Next, a question. I know there are many midle-aged Japanese women who'd like to experience a gaijin, but there are so few over 35 who post to various keijiban, at least in the non-metropolitan area I live in. I'm mid-50s but always pass for early 40s and want to find married women between about 35 and 45 for short- to medium-length sex friends. Any good ideas about where or how to find more of these?

Big JP
10-19-04, 03:26
What's up my fellow mongers,

This past Saturday night I was supposed to have a two on two with some friends of mine (wink) and my road dog John at 6:30. But on Thursday I received a call from from an rich couple AFF couple who finally wanted to join. As well as fellow forum member Fredo (what's up fredo). And to top it all off A girl I nampa'd on friday said she wanted to do some group action. She is a adult video girl. She said only soft movies posing like school girl or swimmer on the beach type stuff. I took her to Karaoke did some kissing but ran out of time, didn't want to push it and I ended at a bar with some friends. So Saturday was supposed to Myself, John too, the millionaire and his wife. The porno movie star, Chinese Aya and Fredo and Mini. Well Saturday came and at 12:15 p.m. this is how it went.

12:15 p.m. My mobil phone rings and I am still drunk (and asleep) from tequila shots. It's the millionaire and his wife. " Sorry JP our baby sitter cancelled on us we can't make tonight. But if you want you guys can come to our house in Yokohama. We will put our kids to bed and the we can party." Uuuuuuuh no. Sorry, to weird for me have an orgy in that environment. No offense to any one who is okay with that, but I'm not. So I say "if you get a sitter call me up. I will give you the direction." Back to sleep I go.

1:40 p.m. My mobil phone rings and I am not drunk anymore starting hang over stage. It's the porno star. "Hello is this JC". I say no and hang up. Stupid me I know. I call right back. Hello its me JP sorry I didn't understand what you were saying. What's up. She says "So sorry my boyfriend is not working and he wants to meet me tonight. I can't come to party tonight." What boyfriend you never mention your boyfriend. " yes I know I am so sorry." Can you change your plans. "Maybe. I will call you at 6:00." Okay, then back to sleep.

1:50 p.m. My mobil phone rings and my head is pounding. It's John "hey JP sorry dude you can't use my place tonight. I have to teach." What, are you crazy we have six people err three people coming tonight. "I 'll try and get out of it. I'll call you back."

Okay now what should I do, I don't know so I go back to sleep.

5:00 p.m. my mobil phone rings and my head is about to explode. It is Chinese Aya. She say's "hey we still meeting at Hachiko (the dog) at six right." So my fellow mongers I roll the dice. Yeah I'll be there at six. F*%k, Hung over and one hour to get to Shibuya and no where to take Aya or Mini and Fredo.

I get showered and dressed in a half hour. I call mini tell her I'll pick her up at the station neaar her house at 6:15. On my way to Hachiko (the Dog) John calls " hey JP it's on, be at my house by 7." Oh thank the gods we have a place. Didn't want to end up at Shibuya Hotel (cheapskate).

6:05 I get to Hachiko (the dog) and no Ann and no Fredo. Aya calls my mobil and I swear she say's "I am going to be late twenty minutes" I am thinking you just called to confirm. "She says BTW I forgot to bring the sex toys I promised to bring, can you pick some up." Huh what sex toys, when did you say that. "When I spoke with you at 3:00 p.m. today, remember then I called back at 5 to confirm." Monger's I don't recall that conversation in the least. But if the lady wants sex toys then she will get sex toys. ( I don't know who trained her, but thank you who ever you are).

6:10 still no Fredo and I left his number home but Fredo has my number so I am sure he will call. Off to Don Quixote for sex toys I got 15 minutes to get there and back. On the way John calls "hey I am making Margarita's at my place tonight and I forgot the ice can you pick some up." (Gentlemen how the hell do you forget ice if you are making Margarita's). Okay I'll take care of it see you at 7. I call Mini "can you meet at the supermarket near your house and pick-up two bags of ice, I'll be there at 6:45." She says okay no problem. Then she says "I am sorry my period started now. I can't have sex, but I still want to see you." I can't refuse her because I might need her again later. So I ask her if she would mind just giving head and eating and all night. She say's sure love too. Crisis averted, maybe.

6:20 At Don Quixote looking for sex toys I meet girl. Her Hachiko (Not the dog). Spend ten minutes getting her number. Tell her I am having a party tonight and maybe I can meet you after. She says I can come to party. I say maybe not it might get pretty wild. She leaves, I buy two vibrators and glow in the dark flavored condom (that shit is expensive).

6:40 walking back to Hachiko (the dog) Aya calls "were are you I have been waiting for ten minutes it's cold." I'm like you asked me to by some damn sex toys. Anyway way get back to Hachiko (the dog) and find Aya, but no Fredo and he hasn't called. A million people waiting for people. Can't wait time is limited. Get in the cab go meet Mini.

7:00 Aya and I are picking up Mini she gets into the cab. We drive off, we get half way to John house and I say how much was the ice. She say's what, what are you talking about. I say, I asked to buy some ice that's why I met you at the market. She said really. Okay maybe the gods don't want this to happen tonight.

7:15 We get to John house. Sorry John I forgot the ice. He says don't worry I went back out and got it. I knew you would forget.

7:20 The porno star calls she can meet me at 11:00 at Hachiko (the dog). I said make it 12 she say's Okay.

So it's Aya, Mini, John and myself. We get drunk and go nuts. See the pictures in the photos section.

9:50 p.m. My mobil rings It Hachiko (the girl) I tell I will be meeting a friend of mine at 12 midnight. I tell her my friend is sad because of her boyfriend troubles (wink). She should meet us and do Karaoke (wink-wink).

12 Midnight I am standing at Hachiko (the dog) alone, drunk. I see a guy who looks like Fredo. It's not. The porno star shows up first then Hachiko (the girl). We go to sing and more.

Will post the another time with photo's

(nampa prince)

10-22-04, 06:19
Big jp,

Nice, real nice.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Member #2722
10-28-04, 05:23
Has this happened to you?

Your on the train with your wife/girlfriend. Suddenly this gorgeous J-Girl next to you starts making eyes with you. Next thing you know, her hand is slowly caressing your groin area.

Happened to me last night, and there was nothing I could do to give her my details.. as my wife was standing right next to me. Lucky it was a busy train, so she didn't notice the 'caressing' and eye contact.

Unbelievable.. might get on the train at the same time again tonight. Maybe she'll be there.

Why doesn't this happen when I'm by myself?

10-28-04, 20:20
Big JP:

Your posts have got me looking for any excuse to make a business trip to Japan. Damn, you are having some good success over there!

Maybe one day I will get lucky and find myself on a plane for Tokyo. I love picking up "normal" girls in south China, and would equally love to try the Nampa scene in Japan.

Perhaps you can be my mentor one day? And the offer is reciprocal if you should ever find yourself in Shenzhen China while I am there.


10-29-04, 07:06
Hello fellow nampaneers. This is a public nanpa annoucement. Since yesterday was payday in Tokyo, and today is nice sunny weather, expect many beautiful and available women to gather at pubs, livehouses, shopping, bars, etc. I saw lines of them at the UFG bank withdrawing like crazy :) I personally have 2 lined up as 'fall backs' and 2 new scheduled for a quick dinner of Yakuniku and ???. Met them at Salsa club last week and asked to do dinner and karaoke tonite (based on my pay-period calculations).

Japanese do everything by schedules, folks, so learn those significant dates!


11-01-04, 09:39
Technological laggard that I am, I have managed to avoid getting a keitai up till now. Probably the biggest reason is because if I get one, I'll have no excuse for denying my wife one. (Her regular phone bill is bad enough; if she had her hands on a keitai, I don't even want to think about the involvement of loan sharks it would necessitate!)

Because of recent nampa victories, though, and AFF encounters past and future, I am wondering about a pre-paid keitai. Here go the questions!

1. If I get one, I do have to use my real name, address, etc. when registering, right? Any chance of keitai-related mail arriving at my mailbox?
2. When I call from one, the person receiving my call can ID me, or not?
3. General question: when I call from a regualar land line, do the keitais generally have caller ID capability as a matter of course? Or is that an optional fee, as it is with landlines? My location is such that I hesitate to call AFF ladies even after I have met them and they give me their keitai number. There are about .002 foreigners per square kilometer where I live!
4. Any advice on a particular keitai company that offers pre-paid phones? I read recently that DoCoMo was not selling them any more, because of scam operations using them so much.

Thanks in advance for any advice/info!


11-01-04, 09:42
I know the area of love hotels northeast of the station. Any particular recommendations? Is it usually easy to get a room at, say, 2100 or so on a weeknight? I have an AFF date tomorrow (a repeater :) and she wants to meet in Shinjuku. I just want to avoid shelling out 17,000 for the room like I had to that time in Akasaka!

Thanks for any recommendations.

11-01-04, 09:52
Just left Osaka yesterday after 12 days in Tokyo and throughout the country on the nampa scene. I got a prepaid at the airport. Vodaphone will do prepaid with foreigners. The phone is 70 or 100 US and the cards are 3000 or 5000 yen. 6 months after the card expires (card is good for two months)-you lose your number if you do not buy another one.

So, give a foreign address to vodaphone and use a US driver license or passport as ID (nothing goes to your house and i don't think it would anyway)

With the Caller ID you can turn off broadcasting or receiving it on the phone menus.

Found a 35+ OL at one of the International Parties in Roppongi who was good to go within 10 minutes of meeting. First she asks me to take her somewhere else to get some "shots (drinking) and then she asks me if I found Japanese women sexy (while holding my hand and rubbing up against me) and then says "it's 10:00, we should go spend time somewhere before the trains end." Was mine for the taking-instead brought her to Heartland and was willing to share my good fortune -but no takers. So I did catch and release and took her number and put her on the train....

The others are right-dress in a nice jacket and shoes, be positive and friendly and it's not hard. The ones over 35 seem to be a lay up. The babes in their 20s can have anyone and there will be more competiton and thus require more smooth lines etc.

11-01-04, 12:01
I know the area of love hotels northeast of the station. Any particular recommendations? Is it usually easy to get a room at, say, 2100 or so on a weeknight? I have an AFF date tomorrow (a repeater :) and she wants to meet in Shinjuku. I just want to avoid shelling out 17,000 for the room like I had to that time in Akasaka!

Thanks for any recommendations.

Usually Love Hotels do not have the short time 3 hour rooms for 4-5K after 20:00 or 21:00. They charge for an overnight stay from that time. If you want only a short term, ie three hours, you need to get in before 19:00. But mind you, you can still get a room for the night for around 6-8K in the Shinjuku area.

Good luck.

11-01-04, 12:37
1. If I get one, I do have to use my real name, address, etc. when registering, right? Any chance of keitai-related mail arriving at my mailbox?
2. When I call from one, the person receiving my call can ID me, or not?
3. General question: when I call from a regualar land line, do the keitais generally have caller ID capability as a matter of course? Or is that an optional fee, as it is with landlines? My location is such that I hesitate to call AFF ladies even after I have met them and they give me their keitai number. There are about .002 foreigners per square kilometer where I live!
4. Any advice on a particular keitai company that offers pre-paid phones? I read recently that DoCoMo was not selling them any more, because of scam operations using them so much.

1) Prepaid phone do not require your own name, address etc if you can have someone get one for you.
2) Whether someone IDs you or not depends upon whether you want to send a user id when you call that person. Be aware that many people esp. women will not pick up a call from an unidentified caller. In addition if the call was not picked up and the person you are calling does not have their answering function on, you have to drop a dime again to make another call.
3) Caller id is not an additional feature for which you have to pay a fee. You have the option to turn off or on the sending of your number when you call someone.
4) AU still has prepaid phones however the cost per minute of talk time on a prepaid is 100 yen/minute. The lowest you can get if you sign up for the regular service, ie not prepaid is 15-20 yen per minute at Vodaphone. In addition, prepaid phones do not have e-mail, text mail, or internet access which is very important to many young women. Many do not like getting calls which they can not pick up they prefer getting text messages from time to time to let them know you are thinking about them. I recommend getting a regular service phone from Vodaphone as all their phones are convertible to English. Docomo is expensive and unless you stay with the older Mova series, the contectivity with the Foma system is not that great. In addition, Vodaphone is currently giving away phones to people who sign up for one year service contracts.

11-02-04, 06:32
I agree with most of what Sailing said, but want to make a couple of corrections, as I have a prepaid phone. I like it because I am here relatively short term (half year) and then I will hand the phone to someone else who is coming, as it was handed to me before I came.

You can receive and send e-mail on prepaid phones (at least on mine, which is a vodaphone). I pay only 5 yen per message. You can even call internationally on it. The rate for calling within Japan is high (I am not sure whether it is as high as 100, but maybe - I bought a 5,000 yen card and have used most of it in about 6 weeks, including some brief international calls). But you receive calls free. So if you only need to make brief calls and then have a phone that others can call you on, it works out all right.

At the same time, prepaid does not matter much to caller id. When I call my friends, they know it's me right away from caller id. It's true that you can have someone else buy it, etc. (which I take it is why there is a move afoot to eliminate them because they are easy to use in scams), but the number will still appear inless you figure out how to block it.

Many prepaid phones can do English instructions - mine happens to be the cheapest in the vodaphone line (V101d) so it does not, but the phones above that all can be converted to English instructions. You can check their website for English language products, and the shop at Tokyo Station has English help if you need it.

1) Prepaid phone do not require your own name, address etc if you can have someone get one for you.

2) Whether someone IDs you or not depends upon whether you want to send a user id when you call that person. Be aware that many people esp. women will not pick up a call from an unidentified caller. In addition if the call was not picked up and the person you are calling does not have their answering function on, you have to drop a dime again to make another call.

3) Caller id is not an additional feature for which you have to pay a fee. You have the option to turn off or on the sending of your number when you call someone.

4) AU still has prepaid phones however the cost per minute of talk time on a prepaid is 100 yen/minute. The lowest you can get if you sign up for the regular service, ie not prepaid is 15-20 yen per minute at Vodaphone. In addition, prepaid phones do not have e-mail, text mail, or internet access which is very important to many young women. Many do not like getting calls which they can not pick up they prefer getting text messages from time to time to let them know you are thinking about them. I recommend getting a regular service phone from Vodaphone as all their phones are convertible to English. Docomo is expensive and unless you stay with the older Mova series, the contectivity with the Foma system is not that great. In addition, Vodaphone is currently giving away phones to people who sign up for one year service contracts.

K Raid
11-02-04, 17:29
There is a lot of good information here. A lot of Japanese girls come to Hawaii for vacation or to go to college. Would the techniques here work? Or is it better practiced in Japan? A disadvantage I might have is that I'm Jap-Am and they seem to be looking more for Tom Cruise or Denzel.

11-06-04, 02:20
Just curious if anyone has been to these International Parties like the ones held by Hiragana Times. Can any action or late night rendezvous be expected, or is it a better bet to hit up the bars in Roppongi? Any advice anyone cuold give me would be greatly appreciated.

11-06-04, 15:16
First, thanks much to Sailing for his posts concerning both of my posts. I would definitely want email/text capability, so it sounds like the prepaid phone is not in the cards. As for a regular cell phone, well, that would be awesome; however, if I get one, then my s.o. would want one, too, and I dread to think of the bills she could rack up on one of those puppies.

This particular AFF lady is actually pretty cool. Second date with her, and even on the first one she had decided beforehand it would be an all-nighter :) So, I knew the second one would be, too. I had expressed an interest in Mexican food before our first date, and she had gone to the trouble of finding a Mexican restaurant in Akasaka on the net. Trouble was, it was closed that night. So we settled for Vietnamese. This time, without my even bringing it up again, she found a Mexican restaurant in Shinjuku. (By the way, my first time to meet someone in front of Studio Alta. Highly recommended for your "been there, done that" checklist, haha.) Trouble was, the restaurant was reserved for a party that night! They talked us into eating in the first floor bar, flashing the menu in front of our eyes. Big mistake. Very limited menu, and service absolutely sucked. The restaurant part probably has a much better menu, but if the service is anything like the bar, I would rather go to the place in Shibuya whose name escapes me now. The place we went to in Shinjuku is Los Cabos.

Okay, so after eating and drinking (she drinks like a fish), we go to the Mini-Stop convenience store for snacks and more drinks to take to the love hotel. Two 500ml cans of a new style Kirin beer and a bottle of wine, white chocolate, cheese sticks, etc. Headed off for the love hotel district, basically a hop, skip and jump away, and were immediately surprised to find out from the first place's sign outside that we couldn't book a room for overnight until 2300 because the next day was a holiday! It was just past 2100 at the time. We walked further and the next two or three had similar times. At one of them, the sign didn't make it clear, so we walked in and inquired. With extra time tagged on (before their actual "stay" time started that night), the lady informed us it would be 20,500 yen! Uh, no thanks...

Finally, we found the Toho. This place was just what the doctor ordered. Their stay time had already started or they don't really have one. Inside, it is rather old looking, but the price was reasonable, around 7500 yen. Also, we got the last room available, so I knew we couldn't pass it up. If you remember from my post on the expensive Akasaka LH that ended up being like a minshuku inside (a minshuku is kind of like a vacation guest house, usually old style and very basic), that place was not like any other LH I had stayed in before, either. This lady seems to actually like that kind of environment. Twice when I asked her why she liked it so much, she said because it had two rooms! (The rooms weren't even separated by a partition, but maybe she has to put up with living in a small one-room apartment or something, I don't know...)

Now, I can't remember what details I posted on our first date, but at that time I had to kind of coax her to give head. This after I had spent probably 30 minutes servicing her! She tried faking not knowing the word "fellatio", in both languages. ("Fera" in Japanese) But she did eventually make a weak attempt at a BJ, and altogether she probably spent as much time servicing me as I had her, but the quality of the service was no where near equivalent.

On this second date, though, I determined that I wouldn't spend so much time on her, because I wanted to save more energy for the main course. And you know what? She never did make it down there! Seems to think that just using her hand will suffice. What a shame. Other than that, she isn't bad. Kind of strange. (Claims she didn't know the LH in Akasaka had cost 17,000, even though she was there by my side the whole time. Well, maybe she has a drinking problem or something. If so, she hides it pretty well, no stumbling or the like.) Wore a really long dress both nights, very conservative looking, and yet both nights she was not hesitant at all about being naked and showering/bathing together. The second night, we hadn't even kissed the whole night; spent the first hour in the room watching the news, which I learned she liked to do the first night. She kind of gave me a "what are you doing?" look both when I sat by her on the floor and when I put my hand on her knee. Yet, when I said I would go ahead and take a shower first, she came into the shower naked seconds later...Whatever! :)

Had a nice evening together and could sleep in (unlike the first date, when she had to leave for work at about 0700). Walked up the street and had breakfast at the Mister Donuts. (What is it about sex that makes people crave sweets?) Parted ways after that.

For those who aren't particular about what their love hotel looks like, I can recommend the Toho. It's rather strange: you walk down some steps, follow the below-street-level path for a ways paralleling the garage, enter the lobby area, and the wall has the usual pictures lit up of the available rooms and their prices. The front window is big and clear; you and the old lady working there see each other just as you would if it were a bank or something! Like I said, kind of old inside, actually had to plug in the small refrigerator when I put in our stuff. The room was all tatami mat, fine by me. Small, short square table by the TV. Big bed but with no disco balls or mirrored ceiling, if that's your cup of tea. How to get there: Find the Mister Donut shop on Yasukuni Dori. Go north on the street in front of Mister Donut; the Shinjuku Yakusho (Shinjuku area public office) will be on your left side. At the first stop light, take a right. At the next street on your left, go left. Take it all the way till it ends in a T. The Toho is at the T-intersection, right in front of you. (My Japanese Tokyo guide book shows a building called "Metro Plaza" right next to it.) Again, good points are price, hours available for stay, and also it was rather quiet, kind of at the edge of the whole night scene area.

11-19-04, 07:43
There is a lot of good information here. A lot of Japanese girls come to Hawaii for vacation or to go to college. Would the techniques here work? Or is it better practiced in Japan? A disadvantage I might have is that I'm Jap-Am and they seem to be looking more for Tom Cruise or Denzel.Don't know if hawaii works but worked in vegas! Nanpa-ed some tourists there couple weeks before while on business trip ;)

And I am Japanese too so wasn't hard.

11-20-04, 14:33
Can any of you post the best aijin, furin, deai, etc. keijibans you've tried? A few posts back, I gave a couple from which I've had a bit of success but would like to see more.


11-25-04, 08:15
Well, talking about Japanese girls out of Japan, I would say they are just like other women. Can be a hit or a miss, it depends on them, and on you, how you look, how gentle you are, etc... I have to say that I was able to get many (and I stress the many here) Japanese, and in more general Asia girls when I was in the US. Just remember some tips. The pretty, the very pretty ones are not more difficult than the ugly ones, and that is, I would say, a big difference with other girls, like americans, caucasians... In Europe, for instance, pretty women thend to be very difficult to get. with Japanese around the world I even felt the opposite. Ugly ones are tough to f*** since they often do not have any experience, they may be virgin at 30 yrs old, and are afraid of men. I got many pretty ones, since they were more open to caucasians, more open to go to bars and to get laid.
Pick the ones who speak well enough English, and talk to them in Japanese, they are crazy for that, in Hawai, in Guam, etc.... be gentle, polite, treat them, and you get them!

Two by Four
11-28-04, 15:46
Not sure if this post belongs on the Nampa thread but I couldn't think of a better place to put it.

Hey Jackson how about a new thread titled "compensation dating" aka "enjo kosai." This is the euphamism Japanese chicks use for when they sell their pussies for brand goods. A fascinating cultural phenomenon worthy of it's own thread IMHO.

Met a bird on AFF and have met her several times since July. She is fine. Looks OK. Good body. Good sex. OK personality. I pay for everything each time we meet. This is usually a meal and hotel, runs about 10,000 - 15,000 yen a pop.

Well now she says she wants something from Gucci, like a "watch or keychain". Well the cheapest keychain is around 20,000 yen and watches start at 50,000 yen. Not a good thing. Thing is I don't like getting hired help. I hate dealing with the slimy touts at the door and life a GF type of situation.

Is anyone else out there in a "compensation dating" type of situation? How much do you spend? I am trying to decide to throw down some bucks or cut and run. What to do.


11-29-04, 05:03
Is anyone else out there in a "compensation dating" type of situation? How much do you spend? I am trying to decide to throw down some bucks or cut and run. What to do.


I just got done with a 3 week run of concentrated internet Nampa using among other sites, AFF. While sometimes it makes better sense to just pay and get the deed done and back to my work so I can make some more money, I still like the challange of seduction and getting one back to the room without any payment so that is what I shoot for. Out of about every 4 Internet responses I get asked for "okozukai" after about the 3rd email. This, for me, usually ends the email exchange with that person unless I am particuarly intriuged with the woman. In that case try to fix the okozukai. This I have found usually meets with no response so there are obviously lots of takers. I even got asked for it by a 23 YO after a dinner date and 3 hr play session when she was on the way out (too late thank you !)
I have had the same question as you put to me, "just take me shopping", kind of open ended. While the Japanese guys may have no problem with this system and enjoy taking them shopping. I like to know what I am getting into. So I would say if you are very wealthy it is a good system as you get the GFE and she will love you for it and it does just seem like a gift. If not having that type of disposable income for gifts then cut and run unless you think you can woo them enough to just give it for dinner or free.
BTW, there is nothing worst than being the youngest guy in a resturant and having the worst looking date because all the older guys around you are on the "okozukai" system.

11-29-04, 10:09
Here's my 2yen: Find a woman over 30yo. They are usually desparate, better in bed, still great body and may pay you! Haven't you noticed in Tokyo the predominance of Host Bars??

I have 2 freebies over 30yo. They fix meals for me all the time, do ANYTHING in bed - including nicely shaved pussies (something the younger girls rarely do) AND usually pay their own way on dates.

Women under 30 in Japan are highest cost of maintenance and desireablility on the planet. You gotta play hard, fast and efficient to keep your expenditures at minimum and your performance maximum. I'd say that Endowed and JP are pretty darn close to masters. I've been in a bar that was a literal sausage factory of bankers, financiers and 3000$ suits-a-back and watched Endowed walk up and take his pick. I don't think he paid for than a glass of JD (for him) and the cab to the hotel!!

Alternatively you can go to China. As I always say, the best weekend you will have in Japan is a week in China!


11-30-04, 16:50
Here's my 2yen: Find a woman over 30yo. They are usually desparate, better in bed, still great body and may pay you! Haven't you noticed in Tokyo the predominance of Host Bars??

Can't agree more with you. I mainly got women around 35yrs and more, while i am only 30. They are in need for sex and tenderness, more mature than the youger ones. In Europe a girl who is 20 is hot, mature and ready for many things, while a Japanese girl at around 20 yrs is shy, discrete, etc... The best hit: a Japanese business women 35 yrs old who speak some English and who has spent some time abroad.

11-30-04, 21:07

I think the 30+ rule is true the world over. I believe (if I remember correctly) women are entering into their prime sexually at that age. It only follows that they'd be more sexually agressive. Remember how you were at 18?

I've only been lucky meeting a non-pro under 30 a few times. Two or three in Korea, and three times (one was a 21 year old Japanese girl) in the US. In all cases, the girls admitted they went for older guys for some reason. Yeah it hurt to hear that.

I really wish the situtation was reversed. Wouldn't be great if women were in their prime when they hit 18+ with guys hitting their prime in their 30's?

Enough day dreaming now.


12-01-04, 02:07
I have done a little study of my own regarding this recently with the following results for personal online ads.

1. Ad placed with the word "generous" in your description. = many replies
2. Ad placed without similar word = a few replies

replying to the responses to #1 ad and copying a duplicate of your original ad to the reply but taking out the word generous = no further replies.

12-01-04, 02:30
Some of these I totally agree with, others I'd say be caucious.

If you are taller than average in Japan, say 178cm or more, take aim at girls 170cm+ since they are having a hard time finding guys they can look up to.

The F*CK Me clothes are a giveaway, BUT on occaision I've seen some very immature teens (age 13-17) in such clothes, and these girls can get into bars in Japan. You wouldn't be breaking any laws, but I doubt you'd have much fun either.

I love the drink tip!

And the finger food thing. I think I would pay just to watch Endowed in action...

The photo one-maybe. I'd say photos are good, but some girls hate the idea you are still attached to anyone...

1. don't go after the really tiny ones,
2. Look for someone that is a little slutty, same rule as everywhere else. If her look or dress says "F**K me then hello !
5. Don't approach a girl who has an empty drink.
6. If you are going to buy anything for her, order some light bar food and better yet start feeding it to them with your fingers
7. Under the category of gimmicks and gambits, carry your camera loaded with naked photos of other girls or better yet video clips.

12-01-04, 21:42
Shinjuku Paul, long time no email. The 2 sites below are...were pretty good. My yearly "subscription" ran out about a month or so ago, and I have not renewed as the level of quality of the targets on those 2 sites has gone down a bit - maybe it is just my lack of attention to keeping the pipeline filled with future dates. How has your success ratio been lately?

The best pull I had from the DR site was the 17 year old who posed as a 19 year old....schoolgirl, what a dream (probably not a good as your main squeezes). I think I told you the scoop on her, but she was a nice hook from the DR site. Future AV doll, cute, petite, but she was looking for a sugar daddy. Got rid of this greedy girl.

For me, the DR site has had a better success ratio for me. I have even hooked through that site's chat medium. As for posting all in English, I have not tried this as I want the girl to have some level of comfort that I can converse in Japanese. That being said, I do post the subject title in English which makes my message stand out. (For those of you who have limited Kanji abilities, my friend who is almost at the 3kyuu level of Japanese had a tough time signing up for that site...)

Let me know how things are going with you. I am taking all of Dec off to grab some much needed R&R...and mainly to start up the nampa engine once again. Maybe we can meet up during normal working hours to give nampa a go at one of the local coffee spots.

- Dave

Now, there are legitimate deai sites out there. Here are the two I like the most:



12-08-04, 05:18
one of you fellow nampa types that can openly nampa should try this venue and report back:

tokyo speed dating on dec. 12 (sun.) from 6:00-8:30pm. at quest in roppongi. tired of the bar scene? meet over 15 people in a series short private five-minute dates and find your perfect match! participation is limited to 15 men and 15 ladies, so please reserve your spot early. y3,500. http://www.tokyospeeddating.com

12-08-04, 15:39
i will be going to the speed dating in roppongi this weekend so i will post a report when i get back.

12-09-04, 00:28
i will be going to the speed dating in roppongi this weekend so i will post a report when i get back.

right on, stewie
team nampa is rooting for you, get some photos if they let you!

12-09-04, 04:58
For me, the DR site has had a better success ratio for me.

- DaveDave,

I'm trying to register, but when I click the number down at the bottom of the registration page, it goes to an error screen. Does this mean that the number I've chosen is taken? I've tried entering a number, and taking the random number it gives me, and neither seem to work. The error screen has no explanation.


Wine Guy 247
12-11-04, 11:01
Here are a couple of interesting websites for those looking for ideas to improve their game. The first one is particularly interesting because much of it is Tokyo based (though a few years ago).



12-14-04, 05:15
Hi all,

The site "dr.to" and "DR" has been mentioned several times recently. The "dr.to" looks like part of a URL, but I can't find anything under that with a search. Can anyone enlighten me on what the actual name or URL of that site is? Thanks much.

Also, has anyone tried this site: www.furin.misty.ne.jp? Has lots of regular posts and many seem for real. Even in the relatively rural area I live in, I've had a bit of success with it.

12-15-04, 04:34
the page is http://dr.to/

Couldn't get registered as to my firewall, but looks promising.

12-16-04, 12:47

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.


12-21-04, 01:52
This seems to be a good site. The only bad thing is that 1) You have to be pretty good in Japanese, and 2) it scrolls off right away due to a large number of people posting.

I subscribed to www.ublove.com and had some really good success there. I met up with this nice girl and had an all night freebie with her. Damm, I might be in love, j/k.

Hi all,

The site "dr.to" and "DR" has been mentioned several times recently. The "dr.to" looks like part of a URL, but I can't find anything under that with a search. Can anyone enlighten me on what the actual name or URL of that site is? Thanks much.

Also, has anyone tried this site: www.furin.misty.ne.jp? Has lots of regular posts and many seem for real. Even in the relatively rural area I live in, I've had a bit of success with it.

12-21-04, 21:45
I had some luck with ublove last year. The biggest problem with ublove is that you don't know where the girl lives unless she indicates such in her profile. But, I met one major hottie that I "dated" for about a year. I also met one married OL there around the same time (I'm still seeing her). Remember though, these women are getting tens of messages a day. All have told me that "no picture no reply", and that they ignore "winks" or "virtual kisses".

On another topic
There was some earlier discussion about the fact that if you can't pick up a woman in your home country then you won't likely be able to do so in Japan. That may be true, but I find I have far better luck with far nicer looking women in Asia than I do in the US and Europe. I'm not sure why, and I'm not complaining.

Another thing that I find interesting is that I've read a number of stories about the shortage of women in Asia, but yet the number of available women in their late 20's and early 30's seems huge compared to the US. Is it just me?

12-22-04, 06:03
Another thing that I find interesting is that I've read a number of stories about the shortage of women in Asia, but yet the number of available women in their late 20's and early 30's seems huge compared to the US. Is it just me?

That would only be true in:
-Rural China where males are preferred and infancide occurs.
-Conservative countries like Malyasia, Indonesia, Laos, etc...that don't let their girls go out alone (of course city-girls in those countries may be not be so conservative).

I thing the key is that women in their mid-20s and even late 30s look better than their European or North American counterparts, who are probably 10kg-20kg overweight and have crow's feet around the eyes from too much exposure to the sun. For me, a woman who weighs over 50-55kg is just not that attractive anymore (when I was a college boy I was less picky), and the only western women you'll find that size are probably under 21.

H Mondays
12-22-04, 10:58
Hey Bike Rider,

I've been in Asia 5 years now, first 3 years in Korea (to many stunners -- I really suffered) now 2 years in HK. I had ok success with women back in Canada, I'm reasonably good looking and have a good job. I have found Asia to be an absolute gold mine for chicks. I'm not sure why, but Asia girls are more easy to please and tend to have way more fun on a date. There's no stress of trying to impress them, I'm way more relaxed. I also find them way more approachable, If your polite and not pushy they really respond quickly.

Have nothing againts white chicks per se, but I can't really see myself going for one again. Oh well --mom and dad are going to have to get use to me getting married to some asian doll, no way I'm going back to Canada without one in tow!!!!


12-23-04, 01:55
This link will either amuse or inform you about nampa. At any rate, I found it fun to look at


01-01-05, 04:11
Yes and no. The problem with New Years is that it's like Christmas for us in the west. Sure they may party on New Years eve, but they have to be back with their families early in the morning to eat traditional meals. Actually Christmas is a much better time to try your luck. It's only five days after pay day and most Japanese people think of it like westerners think of Valentines day.

01-01-05, 05:27
I'd be surprised if you scored, but then again it is possible.

Most singles will be with their parents for dinner, TV and a shrine visit, but those with a BF may do an all-nighter and hit the shrine together at midnight or later. I once had a girl visit me for a NY's overnight-it was strange in that she brought a male friend as an escort, but then he slept downstairs and we slept in my bed.

The gaijin bars may have events which single J-girls attend, and if so I would say the batting averages may go up as the night goes on. Since the trains run all night, there is no hurry to leave by 11pm, and the amount of alcohol consumed is sure to increase. Also, girls love champagne...

Anyone out there score last night?

I am wondering if the New Year time is good for Nampa in Japan
I am out of the country and cannot participate but do the women "let their hair down" on that special night? Any reports for us temporarily voyeuristic types?

Asia Nut
01-01-05, 12:41
From the looks of this article, Christmas Eve is the day for Nampa in Tokyo.


01-03-05, 11:29
Well, even with entertaining guests from out of town I managed 2 regulars and 2 1st timers since 24th. It's both good and bad this time of year. Good because many people come from outside Tokyo to party. They love to go home with a story! (Tokyo is like the Las Vegas of Japan) Bad because there's only so much time in a day!

FYI - Heartland was happening and so were the Salsa clubs in 'pongi. With many of the regualr ex-pats home for the holidays, it cleared up the space a bit.

After the holidays I suspect it's going to be pretty good, too. Many people are off this entire week and those who missed out on the christmas day or NY day fun are likely to be depressed and wanting. Just like stocks, play the market bull or bear!

Member #1276
01-07-05, 03:03
Happy New Year my friends,

It has been a while since I posted. Work was very busy toward the end of the year. But have no fear, I was hunting the whole time. Just did not have time to post anything here.

Yahoo! Japan

Last fall I spent considerable time trying to exploit Yahoo! Japan for net-nampa purposes and I would like to report my results to you. I was attracted by the superior infrastructure which includes an e-mail address (obivoulsy), chat software (Yahoo! Messenger), profiles with photo upload, a means to search profiles, and a means to see who is online and who is not.

After making my profile I spent most of my time doing searches and sending instant messages to girls who were online at the time. Of course you can always send e-mail to girls who are not online, but I wanted the instant gratification. I would search for women in the Tokyo area online within a certain age range and then send them an instant message in Japanese like "Hi, my name is Paul. I live in Tokyo. Want to chat?"

All in all it was very easy to get girls to chat. If I sent 5 messages, one would be answered. Response to e-mail is much worse. Probably 1 in 20. From that standpoint the chat system is good.

Having said that, my overall rating for Yahoo! as a means to pick up girls is POOR. There are several reasons for this. First, a lot of profiles on Yahoo! are not real -- they are just advertisements. They usually include a super hot photo, a website, and a message like "Hey, I posted some more photos of myself on this site. Check it out." These girls are not real, or they are doing video chat for money. The second reason why Yahoo! sucks is that there are a lot of insane and ugly girls that are lonely and just chat all day. I always get a photo before I decide to meet someone and invariably they turned out to be dogs or psychos that are shut up in their apartments for months on end. The third reason to avoid Yahoo! is that it is not explicitly a "deai-kei site" so most women are looking for true friends or true love. I met one single girl who was fairly good looking, took her to a nice dinner, and it was clear she was not going to have sex for several dates. No thanks.

So in general I would stay away from Yahoo! Japan or Excite or the other free mail providers. There are two exceptions, however. It's good for finding homely, bored housewives for one. And also the chatrooms have potential. They are accessible through Yahoo! Messenger. There is even a room for Engish conversation. I have met several girls in Tokyo who met their boyfriends through chat rooms, so check it out.

Other Internet sites

I continue to have success with dr.to. With constant daily effort (sending lots of mail), I get a date with a hottie every month. And I have high standards too. There are some dynamite girls there. I recently have been screwing a 19 year old girl from Machida who is a total sex maniax. She literally just wants to have sex every day.

I am putting a new site through the its paces right now. The link is http://www.loves.ne.jp/
. It is one of the largest deai-kei sites in Japan. I usually stay away from the ones that advertise a lot, but this one has a fixed monthly membership fee (a must) and good site mechanics. I will let you know what my findings are later.

Osaka Nampa

I have to tell you that I love Osaka more and more every time I go there. Compared to Osaka women, Tokyo women are reserved and too conscious of people's "place" in life. They make a snap judgement on whether they belong with you based on your looks, where you came from, etc. Osaka women seem to be unconcerned about those things. If they think you are good looking they will stare openly at you, knock their friend on the shoulder, and point. And the gaijin mystique is alive and well in Osaka. I would love to pick up more girls there but I continue to boink my customers employee ever time I go there. Osaka is also the only place where I have been able to screw a hostess from a hostess club. Tokyo hostesses are professional through and through and will not give it up before looting you for thousands of dollars.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Good luck to you all in 2005.


02-23-05, 02:45
I have used deai sites before. didn't like it that much because most of the sites uses automatic spam type messeges. How I found out was accidentally signed up with 2 different email address. And i would get the same messege on both address. But eventhou one was tokyo region one was sapporo region. And later on after trailing one of the emails it turns out to be a template that they run you though. Very well thought. how i know is both email gets the same replies.

Another key point is if you get an email reply but in nowhere it contains your name, then its not very good. most likely another template :(

At a side note, i heard dr.to was good except you need to be using the Japanese internet to connect to it.

03-03-05, 16:45
Hat's off to the brother that nanpa'd Satoya Tae (Gold Medalist) and managed to bang her in the club! She was jailed for causing public disturbance!! Damn -- at least take her to the hotel!!

03-19-05, 09:25
Reading the posts on the Tokyo board I decided to recheck out the Motown 1 last night and was pleasantly surprised. Having brought my own internet nampa date along I was not dependant on what was there but I quickly wished I was running single. The place was packed with a good friendly mix of gaijin friendly J girls. It seems that the Thai shemales have been forced underground to MT2 and the atmosphere has improved considerably. The old Motown of later days may be back!

03-20-05, 02:50
I responded to a Metropolis ad, and after an email exchange sent a small personal photo. Since then I haven't heard a thing. I don't mind if she decided I'm not her type. I wonder, though, if this was some sort of scam to collect photos, like some of the AFF ads. Anybody know if Metropolis ads are usually legit?

03-20-05, 07:44

Just curious, what was the age range of the girls in Motown 1?

I'm 40 and I'm just not going to make it with the 20-something set.

Is there a place in Roppongi where the older OLs or even married ladies hang? Or elsewhere in Tokyo?

I'm going to be there next month and I've yet to find a bar with older women in my travels there. It's trying down my luck in non bar settings but a bar is always better.



03-22-05, 01:40
Motown is where you want to be, pretty good mix and leaning toward the older OL and professional woman crowd on a good night.
I have a 55yo friend from NZ who met a 45yo executive J woman there last month and now he stays at her houses (one in Osaka one in Tokyo) and enjoys the benefits of the older but well preserved J woman with money.
Good luck


Just curious, what was the age range of the girls in Motown 1?

I'm 40 and I'm just not going to make it with the 20-something set.

Is there a place in Roppongi where the older OLs or even married ladies hang? Or elsewhere in Tokyo?

I'm going to be there next month and I've yet to find a bar with older women in my travels there. It's trying down my luck in non bar settings but a bar is always better.



03-22-05, 07:58
Motown is where you want to be, pretty good mix and leaning toward the older OL and professional woman crowd on a good night.
I have a 55yo friend from NZ who met a 45yo executive J woman there last month and now he stays at her houses (one in Osaka one in Tokyo) and enjoys the benefits of the older but well preserved J woman with money.
Good luck
EnAwesome buddy, that's what I wanted to hear! I really don't mind a lady my age when she's "well preserved" and knows what she wants. For me it beats a 22 year old drama queen any day. You got me looking forward to checking things out now. I'll be there over a weekend so hopefully there will be some talent to choose from.

BTW, do you know when Motown gets going on a Friday or Saturday night?

Thanks again,


03-26-05, 05:57
The right night is everything, we have found out that rain kills nampa like a baseball game. Weekends are good almost too busy for size of place. Motown 1 is dead at 10 then at 10:15 it is like someone throws a switch and things kick in. I recc. getting there at 10 on weekend, take a leak so you don't have to for a while, finding a seat at end of bar near bathroom area and guarding it with your life. Something will wonder by and you will have a place to hang with them. If girl is overly friendly ask if they are "working tonight" if you are a nampa guy so you don't waste time. They won't get offended if you ask correctly. Don't forget to report back!

BTW, do you know when Motown gets going on a Friday or Saturday night?
Thanks again,

03-26-05, 20:42
I'll be sure to report. I'm working on an overall Tokyo Plan for my 2 nights now. I'm going to try the nampa route both nights and if it doesn't work I'll just get my ass back to my hotel in Shinjuku and find something in Kubukicho. I was hoping for an alternative to Roppongi but it's sounding like it's where my odds for success are highest.

Just in case, what would you recommend for some back-up bars in case I want to try something else?

Also, just curious (I know this is the nampa thread, but...), what do the working girls in the bar charge in Roppongi and are they worth it? I read thru the past 20 pages in the Tokyo section and didn't read anything about them.

Thanks again for the advice. This is good stuff.

03-28-05, 04:32
If you strike out on Nampa, you can always give a call to a DH girl. The Korean ones are more than likely ready to offer FS, and for 2hr/Y30,000 or all night Y50-60,000 it could be cheaper than a working girl.

Have a look at this list:


03-28-05, 13:40
I have been making frequent trips to Tokyo lately and was encouraged by what I read here to try my luck for nampa. As I was riding up the escalator out of the subway enroute to Roppongi, I caught the eye of a nice looking Japanese girl behind me. I don't even remember what I said exactly to start but by the time we got to the top, she had agreed to show me around.

Her English was fair, so we were able to talk. I had been heading for Motown but she led me off in another direction and we ended up in Roppongi Hills at the new Grand Hyatt. We went into the bar there. I found out my new friend works for a brokerage house, had a university degree, and was really top quality. She was 25 and really nice looking, dressed very nice and upscale. She had also already been drinking a lot that night.

We managed to run up a 10,000 yen bar bill at the Grand Hyatt, (which became dinner on the expense report). I was suggesting she go back to my hotel with me, but she was resisting. I couldn't figure out whether she had ever done anything like that before or not. It was possible she was truly a virgin with foreigners. It seems she had just had a big fight with her Japanese boyfriend. I guess timing is everything.

As we left the Grand Hyatt I thought it was just going to be an exchange of phone numbers and email with potential for the next trip. However, at the last minute, I managed to coax her into the taxi for the ride back to my hotel over in Shinjuku. I did have to promise that I wouldn't do anything bad.

Back at the hotel in Shinjuku (The Century Hyatt, which is heartily recommended), things got interesting. She did not want to do anything and I was playing the perfect gentleman by not pushing too hard. We ended up doing some heavy kissing, but remained fully clothed on the bed.

Well, we fell asleep and the next thing I know my hands are roaming and hers are too and the next thing I know the clothes are coming off. What ensued was a lot of deep kissing, some oral sex both ways, and lots of work with the hands, but no intercourse. She was going to draw the line there.

She stayed until morning, but I think she was terribly embarassed when she finally sobered up. She beat a hasty retreat in the morning. I have emailed her but got no response and the phone number she gave me gets answered by a guy. So I think I will have a hard time seeing her again. But all in all it was a confidence inspiring experience.

03-29-05, 01:07
She stayed until morning, but I think she was terribly embarassed when she finally sobered up. She beat a hasty retreat in the morning. I have emailed her but got no response and the phone number she gave me gets answered by a guy. So I think I will have a hard time seeing her again. But all in all it was a confidence inspiring experience.

This is a classic story. You probably had a woman who is engaged in some way. The ending you had was a tribute to your gentle but unwavering persistance. You will probably never hear from her again, Good Nampa

Crazy Jim Wood
03-29-05, 15:33
Yo homies! Crazy Jim in da house!

I got this J girl (amateur) I needs to take on date. She's from out of town so I want to wow her with my city smarts.

That's where you come, dear reader, cause I don't got no city smarts. Not even too much country smarts. But country smarts is one of those things where a little goes a long way.

I need to wow her with dinner (I'm thinking a jazz place if there is such a thing) and then take her to an upscale club for some dirty dancing. It would be nice to have dry ice and naked girls dancing in cages but it doesn't have to be that nice.

Any favs for classy love hotel after the event would also be greatly appreciated.

She is staying in the Shibuya/Shinjuku area of operations, and since my plan is to miss the last train and crash on her place, er, I mean, at her place, I want to remain in the AO.

This will probably be a Tu/Wed/Thu affair (ooh! Freudian slip!), so I don't want some Fri-Sat place that is dead on a week day.
1. Dinner (Shibuya/Shinjuku)
2. Clubbing (SHibuya/Shinjuku)
3. Love Hotel

I will dedicate the FR to whoever helps me out.

Thanks in advance,

Crazy Jim Wood
03-29-05, 15:38
Nice job, Thor.
I hope you at least taught her some cool English, like "snowball" or "teabag". Once I know it's not going to pan out, I like to leave the girl with a fond memory of that ancient American game "covered wagons".
What ensued was a lot of deep kissing, some oral sex both ways, and lots of work with the hands, but no intercourse. She was going to draw the line there.

03-29-05, 21:25
I'm not really into clubs, but I dropped by Motown on a Saturday night just to see what all of the fuss is about. The place was really hopping (literally!) with scads of beautiful young woman and guys desperately trying to score. A group of blond European models attracted all sorts of attention but seemed to have the wagons circled. I got a big kick watching a Western guy at the bar nampa-ing two of the best looking J-girls in the place. The guy was going full tilt with all of this crazy b-shit--jokes, chatter, even magic tricks. I thought the whole thing was really lame and desperate, and I'm sure that it wouldn't even get him to first base in America. I would consider these two girls WAY out of his league. The funny thing to me was that they really seemed to eat it up. They were laughing and having a great time. I didn't stay long, but it wouldn't surprise me if the guy managed to leave with one of them or at least with a phone number. Nampa in Japan is indeed a curious thing.

03-29-05, 22:15
Last night i met up with a Jgirl who I met on the internet - I had posted my ad in a penpal site long time ago and she responded to it. ANyways, after months of chatting about non-sexaul stuff she started asking about western culture take on sex etc etc. I will spare you guys the long story. I am now in Japan and last nigth we met. We had dinner and ended up in a love hotel somewhere in Shinjuku. It was the best sex i:ve ever had n my life and the first time without a condom. Boy did the white stuff came out. I am going to osaka soon and will go to Hadaka No Ousama to see Minami but do you guys know any good gaijin friendly places around that has nice J girls?

03-29-05, 23:28

Blue Note Jazz Club is a great place. All of the dates I've taken there have have loved it- which means you get love in return. It is in Minato though and a bit pricey. You can get dinner there as well. My only objections are that they really cram you into the tables, and you end up sharing your conversation with the neighbors.

I don't know about the love hotel situation nor the dance clubs.

Good luck! BR

Yo homies! Crazy Jim in da house!

I got this J girl (amateur) I needs to take on date. She's from out of town so I want to wow her with my city smarts.

That's where you come, dear reader, cause I don't got no city smarts. Not even too much country smarts. But country smarts is one of those things where a little goes a long way.

I need to wow her with dinner (I'm thinking a jazz place if there is such a thing) and then take her to an upscale club for some dirty dancing. It would be nice to have dry ice and naked girls dancing in cages but it doesn't have to be that nice.

Any favs for classy love hotel after the event would also be greatly appreciated.

She is staying in the Shibuya/Shinjuku area of operations, and since my plan is to miss the last train and crash on her place, er, I mean, at her place, I want to remain in the AO.

This will probably be a Tu/Wed/Thu affair (ooh! Freudian slip!), so I don't want some Fri-Sat place that is dead on a week day.
1. Dinner (Shibuya/Shinjuku)
2. Clubbing (SHibuya/Shinjuku)
3. Love Hotel

I will dedicate the FR to whoever helps me out.

Thanks in advance,

03-30-05, 08:52
I got a big kick watching a Western guy at the bar nampa-ing two of the best looking J-girls in the place. The guy was going full tilt with all of this crazy b-shit--jokes, chatter, even magic tricks. I thought the whole thing was really lame and desperate, and I'm sure that it wouldn't even get him to first base in America. I would consider these two girls WAY out of his league. The funny thing to me was that they really seemed to eat it up. They were laughing and having a great time. I didn't stay long, but it wouldn't surprise me if the guy managed to leave with one of them or at least with a phone number. Nampa in Japan is indeed a curious thing.

You have to throw out all the preconcieved notions you learned in America. If you can make them laugh, entertain or even carry a conversation in any way you are in. Age difference can also be thrown out. At the International party last weekend while talking with the guys gathered around, there was a comment made that one J girl in attendance was really good looking, knew it and was unapproachable. I asked them to point her out, sat directly across from her and started to Nampa the 2 girls on either side of me while watching her. He was right, no one approached her for 30 min. After getting 1 date for the next night and 2 keitai numbers from the other girls I approached her and found her to be very receptive, but I forgot to get her number !! Don't ask me why. nampa only works until you drink too much!

03-30-05, 10:19
CJW: I hope your intentions are honorable and you have no intention of threading that lady until you are legaly married.
Anyway, why not copy the marines and take the high ground? I would suggest Shibuya's Cerulean Tower or, yada, Shinjuku's Prince Hotel for a roof top meal with views etc and good service and makig it obvious it is big bucks but nothing to you for Ms Special. If you go to Shinjuku, maybe get her fortune read by the old ***** who does that outside Odakyu. Maybe catch a soppy movie too (women love a good tearjerker; maybe she can try the new release - see below). These give you something to talk about. Lots of nice love hotels around Kabukicho so no fears there.

I have tried jazz before and failed. The place got going after I had fucked up. Kabukicho has the advantage that you can give her a tour and lay on the bullshit about the fallen women. It is also good for running into Domino who can fuck her for you and save you the anguish.

Only club if she is into that. Not really my scene. And not really a good move as it puts things out of your control. Better too if you can set up a few buddies in a bar to show what a popular guy you are and ask you how that new $20 million dollar deal/Ferrari/collection of poetry is/are going.

Nampa? They are only women. If they had brains, they would be dangerous.

You could bring her over to my place to watch this new release http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/domino.html. It is called


Crazy Jim Wood
03-30-05, 22:41
CJW: I hope your intentions are honorable and you have no intention of threading that lady until you are legaly married.

Thanks for the info.

What type of scoundrel would you characterize me as? I have no intention of getting married legaly or otherwise.
Just gonna thread that needle, baby.

Like your idea of using the fortune teller. Maybe the fortune teller will tell her "I see some white meat in your mouth tonight and it ain't chicken."

Movie sounds good, too. Just hopre I don't fall asleep during a tearjerker. That would really show how base my interest are, "hey, baby, put your tongue down my neck so I don't fall asleep."

I may pass on letting you fuck her, though. After all, you fuck ho's, which, according to Moody, puts your ass in serious danger of getting AIDS.

04-03-05, 05:03
CJW -- here's my recs. Only to be used in case of stunner.

1) Follow the basic rules of nampa --
a) Never dinner before sex. Especially if its first 'date'
b) Take them out to dessert instead - the highest damn floor you can find.
c) Feed them the cake with your fingers. If they don't take it, you aren't getting further, dump them on the spot.

2) Places --
a) Shiodome 'Sky Bar'. Their panties (if they are wearing) will get soaked just riding up the lift.
b) Park Hyatt 'Peak Bar' Lost in Translation? Some feelings go beyond words.
c) SoHo's in Harajuku . NY style.

3) Clubbing --
a) This is dangerous. You are basically putting her INTO an agressive nampa environment. I know, I'm guilty. Unless she is very much into you, I don't reccomend this at all.
b) If you MUST go clubbing, then only do so in an advanced state of <her> inebriation. Places like Yellow, Muse, Womb, etc.
c) Instead, go window shopping or small bar hopping. Keep her moving and close to you.

3a) Shopping --
a) Tokyo is filled with cool 'H' shops. Stop in one and pick out a body stocking. Or one of the Peach John or Amos lingerie stores. She'll get the message quickly, you aren't on this date as a tour guide.

4) End up --
a) If you go to Shibuya, then I suggest the Chicken Bar which has great yakitori and stiff ass drinks. A few of these and the love hotel's right around the corner!
b) If you go to Shinjuku, then any of the funky shot bars and Fillipina Karaoke joint. Again, close to the Love Hotels.
c) Promise to take her to a killer restaraunt AFTER you make love. Nothing gets the appetite up like a romp!

5) Dinner --
a) My favorite. The 'ass cafe' across from Grand Hyatt in Roppongi. It's actually called Chinese 8 -- but you'll know what I mean! Amazingly affordable and open 24hrs.
b) Ask her to treat! You want the best ramen in town!


04-07-05, 10:55
From Domino:

"Nampa? They are only women. If they had brains, they would be dangerous."

Pretty insulting words there, pal. Must be hanging around too much with teen- or 20-something "o-share" airheads. Nobody who really loved women could say that. Can't help wondering how smart you are.

On a different note, anyone who can read and write Japanese tried www.love.squares.net? I live in a small city in Kyushu, and after trying for more than a year to get valid responses from women in literally hundreds of deai and furin sites and getting nothing but come-ons for pay sites (plus finding extremely few adds from women in this area), I've scored big with this one. Thing is, it promises great protection for women who are serious about finding a lover, it has loads of "dame" things--like NO metion of money, etc, PLUS no one can get your e-mail address before you respond. The site will not accept Yahoo, Hotmail, or other e-mail addresses that are so often used by the shams out there who inundate you with come-ons for expensive pay sites, and your valid e-mail address is protected, as anyone who responds to any add--male or female--must reply via the site. Also, guys are allowed only 1 response to any adds in a 10-hour period. Just since January, I've resonded to several adds (married, middle-aged women) and received responses from 3 different women, 2 of whom I'm still writing to, 1 of which I met and had great sex with last week, the other of whom I will meet next week.

They are both upper-middle class (maybe even rich) women. The one I met last week owns a fashion import wholesale business, and drives a new, bright red BMW convertable; the other is a housewife who also makes her own pottery, loves jazz & rock and can talk knowledgably about a multitude of subjects, challenging my rather limited Japanese ability. They are both pretty, educated, sexy, classy, and look 10 years younger than their 41-2 years. Feel like I've won the lottery!

Hot Bot
04-13-05, 19:02
i'll give love square a try. i already got 1 reply already. pretty speedy.

actually, i tried another deai site - lovegets. i only bothered posting on the free version of the site, and if there was someone i was interested in, i would post my email address (spelling it out in katakana). i got a couple of proper replies and hundreds of replies inviting me to other deai scam sites.

one of the replies was from an 18 year old girl who wanted me to pay her for sex. it was 20,000 for 2 hours, or i could pay 40,000 to do it without a condom (are these people insane?). i asked her to wear her school uniform and she actually met me after school one evening. she was fantastic in bed, and very easy to please. she then revealed that she was actually 17. uh-oh. after that, she closed her email account and i've been unable to contact her. but it was a fantastic experience!

05-14-05, 18:44
Where are the postings? Are we all in a slump? Or has Nampa gone underground....

I live in Boston and am in Tokyo every 3 months for 1-3 weeks for work. I spent three weeks in March and April and will share this report.

First of all, Sojourn and Endowed are true gentlemen in every sense of the word. They are successful because they are kind as well as smart. They truly will both go out of their way to make sure you are successful at Nampa and follow the codes of self sacrifice and what's yours is yours, etc.

First week I am in the Westin in Ebisu. This hotel has some big ass beds and large rooms but it is too Western. (But note-that's why Japanese chicks like it-they love anything that is Western, expensive, and has status.)

My talent pools come from the International Parties (go to one and get on the e-mail list-there is at least one a week. About 1 in every 3 will have at least a dozen quite attractive J-girls and slightly fewer men.)

What endowed and sojourn say in their posts is all true. Having your own mobile phone number shows some permanance and dedication to Japan that the women develop a comfort with-I also had my business cards translated into Japanese with my Japanese mobile phone number. When you hand out the cards, the women ask: Are you really a Vice President? How many people in company? What hotel you stay at? And funny for us, but so status for them, "what floor you stay on.?

My first night out I am with Sojourn and we go to a small international party in Shibuya. I meet one woman who looks 25, is 35 and single and just got back from 2 years in the US. She joins a bunch of us for yakitori in Ebisu and then out to the clubs. what a sweetie and sexy, innocent. 1 am -she says time to go but claims not to realize the trains have stopped running. So, not much choice here, she comes back to the westin with me. Leaves me a nice note and is gone by 8:30 am.

Next night at International Party, she bumps into me and asks if I will take her for some dinner (these women are not shy about asking you to buy them food-but they do not ask to go to very expensive places-they seem happy with $20-25 yakitori or Turkish meals. They happily will drink as much alcohol as you buy them. Leave her this time at the station for the last train-an innocent good night kiss and plans to meet at the Modern Art Museum the next day. Next day at 10 am,. e-mail arrives, Sorry peloton can not go to museum today as I have to get facial (I guess the Japanese version of having to wash your hair. Oh well.)

Out again a couple of nights later with Sojourn (meanwhile endowed is spotted every night weaving in and out of the picture witha different mid 30's OL on his arm always available for giving advice but that week he was so "busy"-he was like a ghost) and two of the women from the first night's yakitori gathering come into Motown shitfaced and hang with us. Drinking, turksih food, dancing, aborted try at kareoke box, and two guys and two women are back in the same bed at the Westin. One couple leaves for work next AM and the remaining woman says, "Can I please use shower?-score that's when you know you are in." But, uh oh, I should have listend to the Masters as the J-stalker phenom starts in-lots of calls to my mobile. can we meet tommorow? can you buy me meal? can I have desert. can I stay over? when can I come to Boston? persistent, but if you tell them no they accept it. You can even say, no I have plans to pick up other girls, but I will call you if it doesn't work out or if I have time, and many will accept this.

More international parties, more Motown, more e-mails and phone numbers. Most time, you get the e-mail, send them out and a few days later you have a date. Movies, museum, dinner on a high floor. It seems if they are not just playing you for freebies by the second date you should have something to show.

Conclusions: Everything the masters say is true:

1. Show some Japan dedication with some Japanese on business cards and a a Japanese mobile number. Prepaids are sold at Narita for 70 for the phone and 35 more gets you some airtime. The number is good for 9 months and longer if you renew in that time.

2. The 18-25 yr old Shibuya honeys are not in our realm. They have their compensated sugar daddies and us mid30s to late 40s guys are unessary to them because someone who speaks their home language is more than caring for them.

3. The 30-45 yr old OL is so primed for a polite, well dressed western guy. these women are considered pariahs in Japanese society for not being married by 25. The super status conscious Japanese do not want much to do with them. Also, the women report that Japanese men can be unkind and act demeaning and "call them stupid" as one sweety told me.

Being an OL in Japan is not a great self esteem building job-it's not like Singapore or parts of China where these women have responsibility-in Japan they answer phones, bring coffee and give directions to the office to visitors. In other words, they are bored and yes, they watch Western TV and movies, and being in a materialistic culture, daydream about Sex in the City and "glamourous" NY life. So as Sojourn says, a nice sport jacket, shoes, and a good watch go a long way to giving you "cred" there. Economically, they often have to live far away on the train with their sister/brother, and his/her wife and their baby. So they assert their independence by staying out all night and shacking up with a Westerner. It seems they get something to talk about by telling their J-friends that they met a nice western guy who took them to some prestigous spot for a meal and desert, etc. And since recreational sex is in their culture, everybody wins.

3. Be very kind and polite-careful with too much PDA as it's not in their culture. But bar kino, feeding them by hand (see endowed's classic post) is all OK.

4. Tell them how much you like Japan, Japanese women, that you find Japanese women sexy,and that you will keep coming back to Japan.

5. yes, taking them out helps but it doesn' t have to be that expensive-it's not like dating MBA power bitches in NY, Boston, DC.

6. They will accompany you around town, translate for you in stores-take them on errands. They feel closer to you and you get things done that you couldn't as an English speaking gaijin. The masters even report they will help you Nampa other chicks.

That's all for now-more when I a back next month

05-16-05, 13:20
Peloton - well said! Thanks for the props - but you are well on your way to expert status as nampa! My latest updates:

1) Summer is coming. Japanese women love tasty sweets and ice. Therefore - the obvious. Dessert first, dinner after sex.

2) We've been having some super luck at a chinese cafe in Roppongi. PM for details.

3) Motown is nearly back to original days - no reason you can't have quite a few 'hajimemashites' there!

4) Don't worry about age! I'm md 40's and now <happily> dating yet another 23yo -- sigh! And I was really hoping for an early 30's to homestead with. Oh well! They are looking for attitude, smile and confidence.

Speaking of Nampa -- the other night I was sitting next to this chick and her dude while he proceeded to break nearly every rule of engagement. I really wish I could have recorded it! Oh my god!

Him: Ummmm - you know i have this DVD you should watch
Him: I'm just saying I could rent it now and we can go. I have a couch at my house. (arrghhh!)
Her: What about your girlfriend. You just told me that you had a gf but breaking up? Isn't it too fast?
Him: Oh, her? No - we only have sex once a month now. I really want to show you the DVD. really - just for art's sake.
Her: Well -- I don't know . I'm happy to sit here and talk.

This went on and on for like an hour. The more she resisted, the more he pushed rather than pulled. Eventually he just pushed her away! The part about the couch really cracked me up - I literally nearly spit out my drink and had to leave. I think its gonna be my next opening line from now on -- 'Umm, hey, did you know I have a couch?'

Last tip -- stock your pockets with some chocolates - like See's or another good quality but melt resistant. Finger foods, rock, guys. And when you slip a nice warm chocolate into her mouth you have just given her every cue, reinforcement and reason to take you home immediately! I actually had 3 girls lined up at Heartland waiting their turn for 'feeding' -- much to the chagrin of their accompanied 'hosts'.. haha! 1 went back with me and we were 2 days in bed! What a great way to wind up golden week!


05-20-05, 01:26
At dinner with one of my more mature (late 30's) nampa dates we were discussin nampa (of course) and how it works. She said this:

1) Japanese women are attracted to men who smile and seem 'gentle'

2) They know in a few minutes if they will go home with you. But take a little time more to feel safe about it.

3) You can introduce yourself immediately and easily to Japanese - there really is no 'opening line' required like western women. It's natural for Japanese who don't know each other to initiate conversation. So she asked why foreign guys just stand around looking scared?

4) Typically Japanese women don't attach sex with love. Though having sex may urge her to fall in love. If you are kind, gentle and a great fuck - she will probably fall in love.
5) Gentle doesn't mean wimpy. Rough doesn't mean good. Japanese women like men who are confident and in control. That's what they mean by 'gentle' - it's more like 'gentlemen'.

6) Dress nice. It's first thing any Japanese looks for. They are amazed how bad western men dress compared to Japanese men who generally have something nice on - even if they are in their 'work suit'. Shoes are most important. Check out the local style and just copy it.

7) Don't paw. I've seen this alot. Japanese prefer some distance especially in public. I see alot of guys getting all over their chicks in public - especially when a little toasted. The girls are obviously embarassed and wish they could leave. Save your petting for discreet places. On the counterpoint - Japanese women DO love getting a small touch or squeeze under the table or where they feel it's a little secret. In fact - they love just about anything a little secret.

That's it for now. Happy Nampa!

Two by Four
05-22-05, 15:17
Let me take moment to bow in reverence to the wealth of knowledge shared by Sojourn. Thanks man.

Here is a question for the nampa masters.

I am unhappily and sexlessly married, but living with the wife and kid, divorece really isn't an option. I always give my number out when I meet hotties at bars. Met a hot J girl who has lived overseas last week. Have been exchanging E-mails with a her. She doesn't know I am married, maybe she thinks I want a relationship. I asked her out to dinner and got this response.

"I'm sorry for my late reply. 
しょくじ に さそって くださって ありがとうございます。
せかっくですが、わたしには かれし も いますし ふたりでは やはり おあい
しないほうが いいかな と おもいました。 ごめんなさい。
また ---bar か どこかで おあいできるといいですね。
Have a nice weekend!! Take care Yoko"

So here is my dilemma. Is this chick interested in fucking me? I think there is a possibility because if she wansn't interested she would not have responded at all. What move should i make?

I was going to write her back and tell her that I don't mind if she has a BF because I have a GF. I just want to be her "secret" friend. Is this a good strategy?

2 X 4

05-23-05, 01:05
Met a hot J girl who has lived overseas last week. Have been exchanging E-mails with a her. ...So here is my dilemma. Is this chick interested in fucking me? I think there is a possibility because if she wansn't interested she would not have responded at all. What move should i make? I was going to write her back and tell her that I don't mind if she has a BF because I have a GF. I just want to be her "secret" friend. Is this a good strategy?

We all face this kind of problem. Err on the side of caution/respect, and we probably miss out on a fair amount of nookie. On the other hand, err on the side of overpursuit, and we can end up wasting time and feeling frustrated and/or used. No one can be totally confident in their advice to you, I think, without actually having been there to see how she interacted with you at the bar, and also the tone of her emails. From the tone of this email, however, I would say at the least you should probably put her on the back burner for a while. Write back to her in a couple weeks or so, and whatever good vibes she picked up from you at the bar may outweigh the guilty vibes she was feeling about possibly having dinner with you behind her boyfriend's back.

I want to thank Soujourn, too, for his nampa advice. He has terrific insight into what makes these chicks tick. I would definitely defer to him in giving advice to you, and would be interested in what others have to say, too, because like I wrote, this is a kind of problem we all face!

05-23-05, 03:14
Have a nice weekend!! Take care Yoko". Is this chick interested in fucking me? I think there is a possibility because if she wansn't interested she would not have responded at all. What move should i make?

I am not the nampa expert Sourjourn is (the chocolate thing is just TOO SMOOTH), however I'd guess she is giving you a polite "goodbye". Still, sending an email to her in a few months might not be a bad idea, as you never know how long a BF will last.

05-24-05, 05:44

I web cam'd with a girl outside of Tokyo for a while. She even sent a huge number of hot pics. She was definitely for real, but she was more into cyber than skin to skin. Your mileage may vary. The only advice is to play it out and see where it goes.

I'm actually impressed that you get a 10% response rate from AFF. Do you respond in Japanese or English? I get a decent response rate on sites other than AFF when I respond in the native language, and a terrible response rate when I respond in English.


Two by Four
05-24-05, 14:34
Many thanks for the imput Ambassador, Lion, Endowed

I am going to send her a reply tonight and follow up in a 2 or 3 weeks. I'll post the results.

Now I turn my attention to a pair of young girls I met last night. 20 and 21. Exchanged keitai #s and even went to the cafe where they work for lunch today. They know I am married but are eager to go out next weekend. All 3 of us.........How to separate these 2......

Has anyone ever nampad a pair of girls and got both of them to go to the hotel? Obviously my strategy with this pair is divide and conquer, there is a much higher sucess rate there. But oh to dream of a threesome with 2 young cuties.

Sushi Galore
05-25-05, 09:48
Two by Four,

When I went out with two OLs before (they were colleagues of each other), it unfortunately never worked out for me to bring them both home at the same time...
Good luck to you anyway, but "divide and conquer" seems the best (or at least easier) policy unless they are not too shy and really into it.

Just a side note: if you need someone to help out and divert one of them while you concentrate on the other, you know whom to PM! ;-)

Greetings to all at the nampa front,


P.S. I haven't posted recently here as inspite of ongoing efforts and occasional success, there was nothing substantial to add.

Although there are some basic "rules" that have been posted before and recently again, out of experience it seems for me often to depend on that "very moment" and the chemistry between the two (or sometimes three, see above) people - which can not necessarily be "standardized" and repeated - even with the same people - in a different situation...

In essence: "practice makes perfect" or as the Japanese say "haizoku wa chikara nari". Just go with the flow and each time you learn more about the game.

05-25-05, 14:18
Many thanks for the imput Ambassador, Lion, Endowed

Now I turn my attention to a pair of young girls I met last night. 20 and 21. Exchanged keitai #s and even went to the cafe where they work for lunch today. They know I am married but are eager to go out next weekend. All 3 of us.........How to separate these 2......

I have two Japanese friends like this in the states (28/22). The three of us went out drinking and at around 2am they asked me which one did I want? I said both and they laughed and said every guy wants that.....They weren't up for the 3-some (although we all did play a bit), and I had to pick one in the end (no pun intended). We're all still friends and still play!

My suggestion is to just go out with them, and if you can't figure out what's going on just ask them! Don't be shy.

Good luck!


05-25-05, 15:09
I web cam'd with a girl outside of Tokyo for a while <snip>, but she was more into cyber than skin to skin. Your mileage may vary.
I'm actually impressed that you get a 10% response rate from AFF. Do you respond in Japanese or English? BR

Bad news. This lady, who claims to be separated on her AFF profile but married on the messenger profile, declined my invitation to meet later this week. I'm talking outright rejection kind of declination. So, I have a feeling she is into cyberstuff only. Will keep you posted.

About AFF, I sometimes send out first messages in Japanese, especially if their profile is entirely in Japanese. However, I entered into a couple lengthy email exchanges, all in Japanese, that proved fruitless, and since then I have probably been less aggressive than I should be. (Endowed is right, gotta think shotgun and just send out a ton of messages once in a while.) One of the two was with "sala3" I think? (It's the "sala" who always revolves her profile pics, and so shows up as a "new member" nearly every day, a loophole I wish AFF would fix.)

Another was with a chubby housewife in Yokohama. She had a profile pic that showed her ample cleavage and nothing else. We eventually met in Shibuya, the Excelsior Cafe in Mark City to be exact. She gulps her iced coffee down in about two minutes, so after we have ran out of small talk, at least the kind fit for public consumption, I figure she's ready to hit the sack. Tell her let's go somewhere else, and when I guide her through the Dogenzaka love hotel area, she alternates between flirting with me and claiming she can't do this yet...I got tired of her act, especially seeing as how she was no prize, and finally said See ya.

Jungle Boy #3
05-25-05, 22:45
Hey guys

Great feedback on Nampa. I havent been in Japan since Feb, but man I love going there. Being an early 40s monger, I targeted the classic profile Japanese mid thirties and still single. I ended up with a pretty steady hookup over the last sixth months. Perfect set up! I fly in we have a nice dinner then great sex, she was good for at least once night a week. We also went to Hakone and stayed at one of the hot spring hotels. The reason I thought I would post is she came here to the US for a business meeting, so we hooked up here. I flew in to California and we spent the weekend in the vineyards. She knows I am married but as previuos posts have suggested she is not hung up on love we just have a good time and lots of sex. My three tips are
1. Dress nice
2. Japanese mobile phone and cards
3. ask them out to a nice dinner

05-26-05, 00:45
. All 3 of us.........How to separate these 2......
Has anyone ever nampad a pair of girls and got both of them to go to the hotel? But oh to dream of a threesome with 2 young cuties.

That's the question we all want Big JP (photo section) to answer!

05-30-05, 06:27
Here's a couple examples of <typical> email you might get. I love them both because it truely expresses the uniqueness and volatility of cross-cultural communication.

In the (following) first example. I replied to a woman's magazine ad. Then she said she would like to see me but is busy. So I replied back ok. She replied, great - I'll email when I have time. About 2 weeks (yes) later - she emailed and asked if I wanted to go out THAT NIGHT! I was really sick with flu - so didnt even respond until next day - when I explained I was sick and sorry to miss her. Anyway -- we had NEVER met and actually only changed 2 or 3 mails... so you'll love the reply!!


The next one is even more strange. It's response to my ad. If you can't read Japanese it will be unsensible, of course. But the jist is this. "HI! I don't have any money and you're not Indian are you?! I'm born in Japan and 34 yo and you might be around 185cm tall, right? I have alot of spare time, only time!" Wierd .... the writing is so funky I'm gonna respond just to see what kind of person is behind it. Prolly a mad, drug crazed stalker.

あなたはいんどじん ではありませんか? 嫌いなんだ
あなたはせがたかいんでしよ、ぉ!185 くらい!

Anyways, as you enage these many initial opportunities you are bound to stumble across some pretty funky ones. Take it in stride and not too seriously. There are lots of completely normal, healthy sex driven, women out there waiting your kind response. If you get messages like these, you might considering moving on to the next! (I am).

As Bruce Lee said - "Don't waste yourself"

05-30-05, 14:00
Sure for 100 of emails on AFF or Japantoday adds, etc... you get a 10% reply. Among the 10, you have a bit of everything. After a few weeks of exchanging emails you end up with 3-4 chicks who may have an interest in you. Then the cultural shock may arise. She likes you, says she is married but no sex for 5 years, etc... You are her secret friend, she wants to meet with you. But still you have the problem of men-women relationships: you feel you have a chance to go out with a chick so you will have sex, she feels she likes you and have a touch of excitment like cheating on her husband, but wants friendship and no sex.
The only very positive thing as mentioned below by sojourn, is that J-girls often make a difference between sex and love. I mean, all women around the world may do, but still is it very clear in Japan. She is your friend, you can have sex with her after a good diner, it won't mean anything. In Europe you would face some problems (now we are more than friends... I am married, what will we do ? blabla)

I have been successful on nampa (mainly adds on the web since 1997) with a hit ratio of maybe 1 our of 10 initial contacts. So to get a good f%%*, think large: 100 of emails, adds in japantoday, worldwidefriends, AFF, etc... things like 'French or Italian teachers - if you do speak the language' cultural exchange, etc... this works after a while. Do speak some Japanese, have a sense of humour that fits Japanese (they do not like jokes if they do not understand them) be gentle, try to adapt to the level of the girl (not all girls want you to spend yen on LV bags, some just want to be with you and do not want you to pay for them)... and have fun

Two by Four
05-31-05, 15:56
Sojourn, thanks for the glimps into the world of Nampa ala Sojourn. Sounds like you were better off not meeting her anyway.

My Nampa updates

Nampa target #1 Yoko / the girl who told me she has a BF / haven't contacted her yet but will in a few weeks.

Nampa target #2 pair of J girls 20 and 21 yo , Chisato and Mayu / We have plans to meet this week.

Nampa target #3 Riko / 32 yo / OL / very pretty face and an ex-swimmer = nice bod!!! / had dinner and drinks tonight, lots of toching and petting. She is soooo pretty and was almost ready to rumble but......she had to "go home" She promised "Next time" (we'll go to a hotel) This was our first date. Actually I just caught a cold and didn't want to give it to her so did not protest too much.

I asked her to go to hotel. I did this by leaning in close to her and speaking directly in her ear. She said "yes", but ordered another drink and then told me it was too late as we left the hotel bar. We kissed a little in the elevator on the way down but I broke it off because I didn't want to infect her with my cold.

Nampa target #4 Nami chan / 28 yo / waitress at a local bar / she has stiff shoulders and a stiff back and I offered to massage them. I got her E-mail, I will follow up with her right after finishing this.

06-01-05, 09:59
You have to do some translation to the email sometimes to get true meaning which may be opposite of what it appears

For example, if you get an email that says

"I wont meet you again"

There is a good chance it means "I want to meet you again"

Don't give up, never hurts to try again


06-01-05, 11:28
Like any good sportsman its good to keep your chops up by practicing a little catch and release. Went to Motown on the deadest nite (tues) had only 5 or 6girls and about 25 guys standing around.. So ?? With my visiting friend, went to the only table with girls (2), introd. and danced a little. 2 chocolates later, I told my friend to ask them to his hotel. He was too amazed it could be true and freaked. Poor boy. I asked them both, then let them go at the door .. i already had one waiting at home ;) They were a little dupped and amused. But like any good j-girl, will soon be ready for hook number 2. Amazing!

Guys - I can't say it enough! Don't stand around like dead wood! They are more nervous of you , then you of them!

06-01-05, 15:44
You have to do some translation to the email sometimes to get true meaning which may be opposite of what it appearsFor example, if you get an email that says"I wont meet you again"
There is a good chance it means "I want to meet you again"
Don't give up, never hurts to try again

Eh eh ... can't agree more. I had some experiences, women who wrote 'I wont sex with you'.... want sex with me -or- won't have sex with me ? I figured it out that it was the sexond solution. Otherwise they often use the 'wonna' 'Iwon na kiss you' they wrote to me... want to kiss me or not ? Fun as well when they mix the 'l' and 'r' or 'b' and 'v'....

06-01-05, 16:02
My first post here and I must say It`s good reading.

And sometime sounds too good to be true, I must really come and watch you guy`s in action one night.

The only thing that get me here is why the trains stop so early, I`m sure there is enough business to run until at least 2:00am.

Most people are looking at their watches around 10:00 thinking about the last train home.

I have never tried Nampa seems a lot of time and energy and by some accounts does show little return.

Anyway will have to give it a try I guess!!


06-01-05, 23:11
We both know that the ultimate challenge night for real time Nampa is:
Sunday night and pouring down rain.
All the hotties are at home in the tub and you should be with them from your internet nampa leads.

Please try and then post your experience or what you observe.
Believe me, it is all true, actually a lot of it does not get posted because we think (even while it is happening) that "no one will F***ing believe this".

Rene 02
how about, "I feel tension"

"You may lose, or you may win, but you will never be here again"
Taking it Easy, The Eagles

Little Jared
06-02-05, 04:52
Hello friends,

So here it comes:

I am leaving soon and I am looking for bars (or even nightclubs) where I could meet J-chicks who like gaijin (I am half). I have about 10k so I guess it's a kind of challenge, but in fact I am not sooo much looking for sex sex, just kiss kiss would be a great hit. dear senior members, dear nampa pro people, dear fellows, could you have some friendship for a little boy with a broken heart? I shall thank thee warmly.

Little Jared
06-02-05, 05:26

Well, Motown, Heartland. I hear a lot about these places and many others. Would you people please be gentlemen and inform me briefly about them (how to get there, what you actually pay and what you are more or less likely to get)

I know this must be a ritual question here, but my time (and money) are unfortunately limited, so thanks for help.

06-02-05, 08:20
Eh eh ... can't agree more. I had some experiences, women who wrote 'I wont sex with you'.... want sex with me -or- won't have sex with me ? .

This is all too true. I get no info for a number of emails, then #1, where she sounds like she's keeping everything secret, but in truth it is just a miscommunicaiton

Message #1
Do you understand what I mean?
sorry I can tell you anything..
is it annoying you?
#2 I'm happy to hear from you.
i did'nt mean not to tell you about myself...
I meant I can tell you evrything ....
I don't even know

06-02-05, 09:28
Indeed I had many ' I feel tense' ' I feel tension'...

but still email nampa is easier than oral communication sometimes. I met with girls I pick-up from AFF, japantoday, worlwfriend net, etc... and I realized that either you hit (meaning sex) the first time, or you should forget.
Too many of 'I need a secret friend, I am married so I can't tell my husband, I feel good with you' so then have sex ? and nothing happens.

Anyway I would say my ratio is like that:
50 girls contacted on AFF
+ 30 initial replies from my adds in japantoday, worldfriendnet and others
= 80 initial contacts

after 1 week, only 40 answers (some do not reply to my emails, some say 'bye' etc...)
After 2-3 weeks, 20 only with daily/weekly emails, want to meet.
10 want to be friend (it is clear that it would be touhgt to have sex)
10 seem to be open for sex
meet 8
fuck 4

so maybe a ratio of 5% hit....

Girl Lover 2
06-04-05, 09:02
Sojourn and the others we bow to:

Got an interesting one today.

A few weeks I'd posted that I'd met a hot 23 year old crying her eyes out near the love hotels in Shibuya. We've gone back and forth on email, and today I get this classic.

I'm sorry,I'm so sorry,I can't meet you because I so busy.But if you have many money,I can meet you.

So I guess it's a pay for play. How much does this go for ? It'd be worth it.



Diving #1
06-05-05, 22:44
Hello everybody,

First let me introduce meself. I am a 38y man from Europe

This summer I will come to Japan for 3 weeks of holidays.

I will visit Tokio, Kyoto, and more places.

Reading about Nampa makes me very interested.

I am looking for people that are willing to show me around and to help me a little.

Witch are the nice bars etc. Maybe we can go together.

I am hoping for your reply.

06-06-05, 08:30
So I guess it's a pay for play. How much does this go for ? It'd be worth it.

Tell her you never pay, but that since she is so beautiful you'll do so just for the chance to see her again...then offer 1000 at the hotel...

06-06-05, 10:38
Regards your p4p proposal. Hmm, typically depends on her status - hostess, delivery, etc. But probably in the 20 - 40k range. Now - the interesting thing is this:

1) If she really is busy - then she'll go the high end. If you really want her that badly, then just pay up. Maybe the second round will be reduced.

2) If she isn't and caught a little behind (as most hostesses are due to their spending habits) she'll be hammering out mails trying to get some males.

3) Send her an email and simply say - sounds interesting and if she has some spare time, you could talk about it over coffee or tea. In other words - open the door for her to request a meeting with you.

4) If she accepts that and you meet try to judge her. If she not fidgeting and happy to hang, then try to move coffee or tea to snack. Then - I would probably do something like ask her to help you shop for your girlfriend. Something sexy and cute. And if she's a good girl you might buy her something too. Whatever you do - stay away from cash transactions.

Just some thoughts ---

BTW , I want to welcome a fellow monger to 'Club 22' !! Congrats on a highly successful nampa to you know who you are! Club 22 is getting the 22yo when you are over 40. It was tricky - but he managed it perfectly!


06-06-05, 14:00
EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Mike Mikey
06-07-05, 00:24
I have noticed that most of the discussion here involves nampa of Japanese girls. However, I'm just wondering whether anyone in here has any experience in foreign girls nampa, be it tourist or generally any foreign girl in Japan. Care to share some experience. Thanks to the senior members of the board like soujourn for so kindly sharing his knowledge. Cheers mate.

06-07-05, 08:32
The first I have been to Japan, was like a decade ago, I could not speak any Japanese. I had (many) japanese girlfriends when I was in the US and in Australia, they were easy to get, so I thought I could get many of them in Japan.
Some hits in Roppongi, even if at that time it was quiet different, less foreigners, but more expatriates with plenty of cash to spend. I would say more quality girls perhaps.
Anyway, I f%& some Pongi girls, but wanted to move to less westernized girls.
Was a miss !!!! Now it would be easier, and it is, since I do speak some Japanese, but at that time, everytime I was trying to talk to a girl in Ginza, Shibuya or Shinjuku, she left... Maybe my style, I had like my backpack, cheap clothes.. .not like now when I dress well, wear suits, etc...

Anyway, the question is about foreign nampa. Since I could not get Japanese except in pongi, I tried to make friends with foreigners, and I actually had some good sexual experiences with travellers. I usually hung out in Shinkuku, in an Irish pub. It still exists, I do not know the name, but it is in kabukicho, a street that is // to the main street. Lot of British, Australian and Brazilian (in an Irish pub ? yes...) They play soccer games, and mainly a beer place. I felt this is the best place for foreign nampa. A good trick was to say 'I know Tokyo very well, I can show you aroung' then order the beers in Japanese, so they believe you do speak some nihongo and you can help them.
As well, a good thing was to travel in groups and to rent a big tatami room in a cheap hotel. All in the same room, 1 shower, etc..

06-07-05, 16:09
I've had my share of gaijin nampa too. Generally there are 3 types of gaijin women in Japan:

Type 1: Dancer/Hostess/Stripper. Tactic - you aren't Japanese! Look for them at funky cool bars after 2.30am - just hang and be friendly. They get all the shopping, dinners and other attention from their 'clients' - so you don't need to worry about that. Generally they fall for the aussie-surf-bum look or buffed out soccer player. I'm neither and have scored just because I took them to cooler bar than they have ever known... wierd.

Type 2: English teacher. Loads of these in Japan. They know for sure they are the bottom feeders of the nampa pool. Almost always recent college grads -- so target age is a bit low for older nampaners -- remember outside asia <we> are considered dirty old men, hehe! Still - I've hammered a fair share of these. Especially the FOB ones hanging out at International Parties and Eikaiwa nomiyas. Tactic - if you stay with me you don't have to share a 6 mat room with 3 other people tonite.

Type 3: Wife of Ex-pat . While the cat's away.... You guessed it. Hubby has yellow fever and wifey gets nothing. Absolute MILF. Expat packages include lots of drinking, clubbing and hostess activities. So its only natural that MILFY gets a little jealous. And forget what you hear about Japanese guys going bonkers over western women. It really is rare. Tactic - heartbeat and viagra. Just ask them when the last time their husband took them to a love hotel was..

The place in Shinjuku?? I dunno - maybe the Hub or Dubliners. I hate both -- they stink inside of adrenaline, stale beer and poorly wiped asses.

06-08-05, 07:20
Agree with the 3 Types of soujourn. I would have no interest in Type 1 though.

Just forgot to mention the tourist and the exchange students, who are easy to get since they go out and drink...

The place in Shinjuku, yeah maybe one of the 2 names you mentioned, and I can't agree more with you: beer, stinky sweat smell, .... but I liked those places when I was younger, again, that was a decade ago.... now I only go for nihonjin nampa.

06-08-05, 09:11
But I am 38 yrs old-am I still allowed in Club 22? For everyone else, details will come in the next couple of days, but I had some scripting assistance from a board master and it played EXACTLY like he said.

Two by Four
06-10-05, 13:32
Sojourn, I was wondering if you could elaborate on

"Dessert first, dinner after sex"

I think I am using an old playbook but the way I understand the progression of things in Japan is.

(you can skip Karaoke sometimes)

Perhaps this is not true nampa but more of a dating progression. Anyway it's the progression I find myself using most and I get good results after a 2 or 3 dates; usually nothing besides a good-bye kiss on the first/second date.

Anyway I am just can't seem to get the dessert - sex - dinner progression. You meet, then feed her cake by hand, she is receptive, then what? Do you say "Do you want to go to a hotel?" Or do you just get up and say "Let's go" and head for a hotel?

PS I found a wingman to help separate the 2 young hotties I met a few weeks back. I went out for date #1 just the 3 of us. Things went well. I could have scored with the hot one but her freind played the role of spoiler. They weren't into a 3P (of course I suggested it) Anyway I'm going for date #2 with a wingman next week. I may be able to join the Club 20 after that!!!!!

06-11-05, 07:02
This is all too true. I get no info for a number of emails, then #1, where she sounds like she's keeping everything secret, but in truth it is just a miscommunicaiton

Message #1
Do you understand what I mean?
sorry I can tell you anything..
is it annoying you?
#2 I'm happy to hear from you.
i did'nt mean not to tell you about myself...
I meant I can tell you evrything ....
I don't even knowYou guys cant even begin to imagine what I'm going thru with a Chinese girl in this similar light. I'm still trying to figure out how to post it on one of the China boards. Confused, I am.

06-11-05, 12:58
Free drink to anyone who gets the title -- btw.

2x4 - Basically you are correct there is an assumed dating sequence. However, we are trying to NAMPA, not date! Always rememeber that! Now if you meet a woman who is a '3 dater' then you'll have to adjust tactics.

1) Is she really worth 3 dates? You know the end cost is going to be in the 30,000y range unless you are really creative.

2) Skip dinners whenever you can. It's expensive, eats up your bed time and generally doesn't get you any closer to the hotel - especially if she is a '3 dater'.

3) If you must do dinner - then be creative. Find high impact dining places, keep the meals short and get to the bar quick.

What I mean is this:

A) Any japanese girl knows within 10sec of meeting you if she is going to bed with you. You need to spot if this is true or false.

B) Dinner is a great reinforcement that you are a 'provider'. But is she looking for that to satisfy her pre-requirements for having sex with you? Don't go buying dinner unless you know this a requirement.

C) I try to get to the dessert stage quickly. Like carrying some nice chocoloates with me at all times. Then when you find a girl that ALREADY has her drink, intro yourself and the while she is watching - eat one of the chocolates yourself!! If she responds positvely, like a smile, or exclamation - then offer her one. But feed it to her! If she reaches up and grabs it from your hands - then chances are she's a '3 dater' or not quite interested. This is a fasttrack approach. But I pretty much guarantee you will get high success rate on 'hits'. Downside is that you can't play this too many times in the same location.

D) Japanese women love dinner. They live for it more than anything. Make it a reward not an obligation.

E) Japanese women are often self concious about eating. So -- dessert, coffee and cake or lite snack at killer bar is a great way to keep the comfort level high and the focus on what you want.

If you have a 3 dater:

1) Make a plan for each date with the result to be the hotel. Set a goal!

2) Start away from your hotel. Like meet for chic dinner in at another station. You want to take her TO your hotel not AWAY from it!

3) Don't have big dinner! Keep it high impact, light and small. You want a hungry woman.

4) After dinner hit your next location as a entertainment location, live house, gallery opening, etc. Be careful about taking her to more 'nampa bars' unless you are really getting postive physical impact (holding your hand , etc). Otherwise you'll just be setting yourself up to lose her.

5) Then hit the bar at your hotel - or next to it , if you don't feel close to 90% she's going with you.

6) Just work variations on this theme for all 3 dates. Ideally you would get a hit out of date 2. But it might take 3. If you don't get a hit out of 3 - then walk from it. If she calls again asking you to 'chump' her another dinner -- then you should respond -- 'i'd love to go to dinner. where are YOU taking ME?'


1) Last train rules. Know your time. If she starts to bail at 11.30pm she's a 'last train pumpkin'. You'll need to get her over the hump - miss the train. She knows your hotel is alot nicer than a karaoke box or cafe all nite.

2) As for (1) time your action carefully. When you arrive will indicate who's available. The early girls are usually '3 daters' just off from work. The late girls are either pros or desparate. If you hit a popular place at say 8.30 - then just make contact quickly and ask them to call you later - like 11.00pm and you can meet for drinks. Or go straight into hard nampa.

anyway - sorry for the rambling - stuck inside with a head cold tonite! luckily no. 2 is coming over to 'nurse me'

06-12-05, 01:23

Curious if you guys have advise for namping without a wingman. I've lived in Japan, speak the language, but never partook in solo nampa.

Anyone have any advise?

06-12-05, 08:45

You are such the genius. It is a privilege that I have seen you operate in person and you do all of these things so naturally that they do not seem like "technique" at all- as you have pointed out it is pure logic with a good dose of NLP thrown in. Even at the best of the gaijin/Japanese parties, which can be like the Texas Hold 'Em World Series of Nampa where all the famous Tokyo "playas" come out- you just quietly go about attracting a horde of women around you literally "eating out of your hand".

I think what differentiates you from some other posters is the natural way you do these things, never forced, always honest, always with a smile.

Endowed also operates truthfully, from the heart.

I think more than we give credit for, Japanese women value gentle kindness more so than frat boy macho characteristics and are responding to these traits that at least you two have, and I think the board should realize are largely responsible for your successes.

06-12-05, 09:21
I wish to add a few more pointers to Sojourns well written treatise

1. If you invite a girl you just met (or prearranged) for dinner and she wants to bring a girlfriend along, bail immediately. Don't assume this means a 3 p unless maybe the friend is really hot. But even then you are taking a big chance.

2. Always know where you are going so you are not wondering around looking for a place. Go as far as checking out your directions by going there in advance so you know right where it is. Girls hate it if you get lost or don't exude confidence.

3. Don't walk anywhere, even between bars unless it is really close. Nothing sobers em up like a long walk. Or gets them horny like a taxi ride.

4. If you are staying in a hotel, set up your room before you leave to Nampa. Make it look inviting, throw your underwear in a drawer, put 2 yukata's on the bed. Turn down the lights. Have something in the fridge and a bottle of whiskey handy. Order extra towels and pillows in advance. If you just had a DH earlier to take off the edge, throw out the pink toothbrush they left on the counter.

5. Make sure they know about the breakfast buffet at your place. They love dinner but also breakfast on the top floor is a close second.


06-12-05, 16:58

Dessert (obvious), Desart (the art), Dessart (I'm confused about this one. Desert would certainly be appropos ;-)). So .... "the art of nampa and leave them" but, my guess is that wasn't what you were trying to say.

I wish to add a few more pointers to Sojourns well written treatise

4. ... Turn down the lights. Have something in the fridge and a bottle of whiskey handy. ...


Good tips from both Sojourn and Endowed.

I tend to skip the bar in the hotel, however. I usually make sure I have a nice bottle of French wine and chocolate in the room. I use that as the inducement to get them to the room.

I've also found a ride on a big ferris wheel (Yokohama and else where) to be a good transition from the pick-up to the room as well. The only problem for those of you who live there is that they take and post photos outside. Probably not the best idea if you can can be recongized by friends or worse family.

06-13-05, 04:05
[QUOTE=Soujourn]Free drink to anyone who gets the title -- btw.

Dessert-the sweet that hooks your sweetie.

Desart- "The art" of Nampa

Dessart- des sartre -play on words. Existential Nampa? The freedom to hunt...

Dessart- des sart (sart=assart)- the clearing of the bush...(This is just too good if it is the intended answer).

Desert- As if walking through a desert-the feeling one has when walking in a soapland area and seeing all the touts making big Xs.

Anyway you guys (Soujourn and Endowed) are idols of this board, no doubt.

I especially like the "bring my friend=no sex for you tonight" comment.

Any extra credit for spelling Soujourn's name correctly? My guess is he's a Frenchman...too suave to be American.

D Jamm
06-14-05, 15:02
I need some help from some of you married guys: I have scored a few nampa friends lately, but the problem is that I am married. How do you guys lead an active nampa life while having to be home every night without the old lady getting suspicious?
any tips?


06-15-05, 03:52
Live on the East Coast of the US- spend 10 days every 2 or 3 months in Japan-mostly Tokyo. Trip # 6 May 27 until June 8th.

Stay in 4 star place near Shibuya. Am privileged to know both Endowed and Sojourn. Endowed at the airport on the way out while I am arriving at the other terminal. Hope his good luck sprinkled me on the touchdown at Narita.

Keep quiet the first week as I am closing a deal and jet lag. On the following Friday, I take myself to an International Pary at Bar Wish in Roppongi. A crappy little basement place -about 15 J-girls and 5 or 6 j-guys (about 8;30 pm arrival) Order a drink and sitting in front of me at the bar is a real sweetie (in an innocent, sexy way) who turns around as says "Hi". She tells me she is 22 years old and has spent a year in the deep south in the US visiting a host family. Her English is over 95%. I ask her to a table. After 15 minutes, I ask her to leave with me as I know a Tequilia bar nearby (called Agave its on Roppongi-dori in a basement but it ain't cheap). I remember the rule to break her away from the competitive environment as quickly as possible. One hour and 3 tequilia shots each later, we are friendly and flirting and then she says she pre-agreed to meet a friend at 10 in Roppongi who is getting off of work and that they were planning on dinner. So guess who winds up paying for 3 for Indian dinner. However, my sweetie is still paying attention to me and now its 11:30 so kareoke time. A quick phone call to a board member gets him and his out of town guest to join us for 2 hours in the booth. five of us do crappy singing for 2 hours and then its 3 am. Since last train left, I offer the two girls the chance to crash on the second bed in my hotel. They accept-it's all innocent and they quietly leave at 6 am (but I have already made dinner plans with "my sweetie for Sunday.

Sunday at 6 she calls my kettai and says she will be ready at 8. I have a strategy conversation with the master which covers places, clothing, timing, pacing, etc. As I am 38 and she is 22, I am not my usual slick self-there is some self doubt and then I think so what this is better than anything I can get at home so I will just nicely go for it.

We go to the "Ass Cafe" in Roppongi for good, cheap Chinese and that knocks you on your ass Chinese grappa shit. Then I ask her to the Grand Hyatt Jazz Bar for desert. Some ice cream and 2 ports each later, she asks me what time I have to be up the next morning as she doesn't have to be at work until 10. A big smile crosses my face and I ask her to join me for the night. Club 22. She deserves the breakfast buffet the next morning (Yes, endowed) and we walk through Shibuya and take pictures for an hour. We have been in touch and will see each other when I am over again in 3 weeks.

Number 2: 36 yr old yuppie (not OL-rare) that I met at Heartland. An international consultant and the ink is barely dry on her divorce papers. She walks faster than New Yorker, wears a Rolex and her career is her self-esteem. She is too slick for typical Nampa stuff. Needs to be handled like a westerner-have to show her you are smart, successful and on the move.

Took her to the upscale Chinese in Roppongi Hills (Hong Kong Tea House) where she confidentally ordered for the both of us and drank good quality Chinese grappa (smooth enough not to cringe but violates Sojourn's budget rules (yes, I have to be careful not to get chumped for meals). then to the Grand Hyatt Jazz Bar for abut 3 ports each. Then I ask in English, "Shall we go" she says yes and getting into the cab I ask for my hotel BUT she asks for the train station. Tell her I would like her to spend the night. She says "Next time when you come back" So either, 1) she wants to see some permanence (I have the cell phone and the business cards but she is slick and may want to see another Tokyo trip or 2) she is happy to get a free meal and some conversation but isn't that into my shit. So I go back to my hotel at 12:30 and an hour late she calls to thank me for a nice evening. I fly back to New York the next morning.

I took pictures of her as well and have e-mailed them to her -told her I will be back in 3 weeks-we'll see-I will have just desert with her and if she plays fine, otherwise will not get chumped.

Summary: 1 for 2 but a 22 year old (great for my self confidence AND she really is a sweetie-more mature than 80% of the American women I date)

This stuff isn't really that hard. We just have to get out of our American mindsets (for those of us who are Americans). Specifically, we can't dress like shit in a sweatshirt and jeans and sneakers like a lot of Americans do. All women there are approachable; just start talking. If they are in Heartland or Motown-THAT IS WHY THEY ARE THERE. they want to be talked to.

Be kind, funny and patient with the language (they are trying hard). these women are smart-it's just that many are bored with the sexist work environment and the stigma that goes with being above 30 and not married. Real estate is expensive and the economics are tough-long commutes, small housing. A little bit of Western glamour coupled with kindness goes a long way (it's true many women have in Japan ask about Sex and the City and say it represents a dream-be prepared to talk about your favorite character.)

As this is not the US, your looks and age are largely irrelevant. Dress the best you can for who you are and show that you are happy and confident but not arrogant. I am getting there but have to learn to do it cheaply like the masters and I still hesitate a bit on the approach sometimes.

06-15-05, 07:39
I need some help from some of you married guys: I have scored a few nampa friends lately, but the problem is that I am married. How do you guys lead an active nampa life while having to be home every night without the old lady getting suspicious?
any tips?


Hum... sure most of us are married and we can handle the situation.
1) My personal opinion is to target married nampa women as well. To be honest, I have much more fun with a 35 yrs old married woman who is eagger for sex because her husband and her haven't had sex for 3 years, than a 20 yrs old chick who fucks around. Personal choice, I prefer a tasty and wide pussy than a young and fresh girl, since I feel mature woman are more crazy in bed. Isn't sexual maturity at 35yrs old for women and 18yrs for men ?

2) I do not live in Japan, I visit Japan often, with my families. Use business as an excuse to go out and nampa. Your wife could (should?) understand that in Japan to go to a club with hostesses is normal for business relationships- she does not have to know you spent 2 hours in a love hotel with nampa, tell her you were in Ginza clubs and buz partners from Osaka treated you well

3) emails only, avoid phone calls...

4) be careful of pictures. If you take nude pictures, put them on your PC in the file with 100 other porn pictures. If your wife find them she will see they are internet pics and not personal ones

5) Tokyo is big... chances to meet your wife are low... but go to places she would never go to

6) be careful with your credit card receipts such as 'hotel Paris' ..... use cash

7) don't buy tooo many gifts. You know the latest Louis Vuitton model while your wife thinks you have no interest in bags ?

8) One of my favourite technique:
Wife "Where were you yesterday? And you smell like women perfume !"
Me "I was with one girl, we went to karaoke, then her friend, a nice girl, joined us, we kissed a lot, we felt horny, then we went to a great love hotel and did anal sex for 3 hours, You want to see the picture ?"

--- she would never believe me....

06-16-05, 07:54
Thanks for the kudos -- but really. This is all shared knowledge and I'm just relay(ting) alot from everyone too! Rene - excellent feedback about the married-man nampa. I love the interpretations of the keywords BTW. Drinks on me if we meet!

One thing everyone should know about in Japan is the 'JWN'. It means Japanese Women Network. This is quite simply the vast network of communication that Japanese women have between themselves to share information about anyone they are involved with. Knowledge transfer takes about 30sec within meeting you and is completely cross referenced, databased and filed with the precision methods aquired over years of 'juko' cramming, OL working and sukebe-husband chasing.

Ask Peloton. His 'almost-stalker' met my 'almost-stalker' and within 60s had completely cross referenced all our actions for, jeez, nearly forever. So -- If Peloton and I went anywhere within network sensitivity, we would be spotted and reported, then cross examined by email, mobile and in person. Almost unescapable.

I have a good friend who is operating blindly in this. He has a great wife who's family supports them (him) fully and he's living life of a nampa-playboy to the fullest. Recently his exploits have become quite public - even among the men - and, in my opinion way too close to home (like 500m) , gack! I KNOW his wife KNOWS, because I received inquiring email from 4th and 5th party particpiants in the JWN!! He's set up fully for the grand fall. Why doesn't she pull the plug now?

1) Embarrassing to her family. This is reason one. My god, imagine being a Japanese womane and having to explain to your parents that your husband is a philanderer. In the west, the family would support the woman in dumping him. In Japan - it's major embarrasment not only to the wife but to the entire family that had to take responsibility for his actions.

2) Embarrassing to her friends. See reason (1). Same thing applies.

3) Acceptance. Most Japanese men have multiple gf out of marriage. As long as it doesn't affect the 'family' and is discreet, they accept it as part of the stress relief the salaryman must have in order to endure.

Tatemae and Honne. This is the golden rule of Japanese. it just means 'face' and 'heart' (well , kind of). Showing 'face' and giving 'face' to any situation is both presented and accepted. it's a way to establish social normality in a predictive and consistent fashion. It's not really lieing - it's just keeping relations 'normal'. Honne means to really expose your deep inside feelings. This is rarely done. Negative result of this is generally suicide (acceptable way to save face after exposing some heart felt negative feeling). Japan's only cultural and religious tradition is Bushido. (War Way). So - just keep that in mind. Japanese will prefer 'tatemae' interaction over 'honne' under most any circumstance. Especially with regards to foreigners, and even more especially visiting foreigners.

So -- as married man in Japan always keep a way to save face for your wife and you should be OK. And if you ARE caught out you have these choices:

1) Denial
2) Apology
3) Suicide**

Any of which are perfectly acceptable ways for you and your family to 'keep face'.

** Please note. I am NOT advocating suicide, nor presenting this as a viable option under ANY circumstance. Simply relaying this in the course of entertainment writing.

Use this in reverse when you nampa Japanese married women. Never intrude to their personal life and always allow them to deny or accept any apology.

In the Bushido sense - 'ABD' 'ABC' 'PIA' as taught to me many years ago ;)

Attack By Draw --for nampa just rename Attack to Attract so:

Attract By Draw - Acceptance. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time, be open enough to know it!

Attract By Combination - Peloton used this for his 'Club 22'. We knew she would be a 'hard sell' and not one single action would get her. So - he used a combined approach to cover enough base on all accounts to gain absolute acceptance.

Progressive Indirect Attract - Endowed is a master of this method. He steps up the attraction and uses layered actions effectively to progressively build trust and eventual coupling.

06-16-05, 08:52
I have to mention something now the Peloton related his Club 22 event. He consulted with me about how to close this deal - and I admit - it seemed like a tough one. in fact I had met him and the 2 girls several nights before and thought - hmmm, this is gonna bit of a challenge. But, we could see that the girl did have some attraction and confidence level. Peleton had prepared well by showing his ability to provide and keep distant at the same time. So the plan:

1) Appearance. While Peloton is good dresser by any standards. To hook a 22yo Japanese girl you really need some personal statement. They want to go out with someone who other girls will look and say 'kakkoi ne' (so cool, yes!) So -- we took a trip to one of my favorite Shibuya shops which has a variety of clothes on hand and in sizes for the larger western guy.
A) Jacket - hey, it's spring, so why are you wearing greys and browns? Damn! So -- picked out a cool pastel. Dropped his age appearance by 10yrs!
B) Shirt - same thing. Got a cool shirt, Japanese designer that ANY J-girl in Tokyo will know. She's thinking, hmmm, this guys isn't so damn oyaji afterall.
C) He took of his shoes - cleaned and shined. Remember the SHOES damnit!

2) Plan. Meet her AWAY from your hotel so you can TAKE HER BACK!
A) They went to my recomendation - Ass Cafe. Full of subliminal surprises and defiitely hip enough for a 22yo Japanese girl. Besides, they have cheap Er Guo Tu (Chinese Grappa that is half aphrodesiac and half cyanide I swear)
B) Hyatt is just across the street (how convenient) With killer bars and desserts (you know how I feel about that) At this point - his timing was such they were at 'last train' callback. Perfect.
C) Next in line was HIS hotel bar -- but , as you know, she was already hooked!

3) Execution
A) I coached him alot in this trip to make sure that he didn't falter or hesitate on any action or request. Keep momentum and drive the deal. Let them male a decision and you are just one step closer to rejection.
B) Make a plan and follow it! If your plan fails, then adjust it and try agin. You will find your methods and steps that gain success. Review your past experiences and reinforce the methods that resulted in success.
C) Confidence. Enough can't be said about this. Not boisterous-buy -everyone -in the bar a drink- stuff. But just honest, quiet confidence. (Endowed -remember when we sat in the bar and those guys bought all the free rounds? Afterwards we went home with the girls...)

06-17-05, 12:36
Very nice master teaching Soujourn.
I agree with your points: to score a nampa has for me 3 steps:
1) emails (if you only go for live nampa on the street, forget this point), with the language barriers and cultural things leading to potential misunderstanding
2) 1st meetings: as Soujourn wrote, your clothes, the places to go, the shoes... these are KEY.
3) Bring her back... here we all know how to behave, and it deeply depends on 2)

For me, what I try in 1) is to know what she likes for 2) and then I can prepare my strategy for 3)
I am currently nampa-email 5 girls for my next trip to Tokyo. Very different ones:
- one married,no sex in 5 years with her husband (who I suspect to have a gf), she does not like hip places, brands, etc... so i'll be natural and exotic.
- A 2nd one, married 35yrs old) loves wine and culture from Europe, so I'll bring here European taste: winebar, wear stylish Italian clothes...
-the 3rd one is not married, young, and seems to like men to watch her, to say she is beautiful, etc... I will take her to a place where she is the princess of the evening.
- The 4th one is like an artist, this is good since I am a photographer
- The laste on seems to be in SM stuff, I do not know here well yet...

So remember, try to anticipate everything. If the girls sees one thing she does not like in you, she won't do sex. In nampa, YOU ARE the prostitute... I mean, somehow, you change your personality based on what the woman is wishing to have for the evening. You are not in love, not in an affair, you just want sex, so do not be honest, true, etc.... just be the man she wants you to be. In the past I screw up sometimes because I was too much myself. The girl wanted to eat ice cream, to drink beer, to go to game center, I wanted a piano bar, she told me to go home alone. Now I be very much flexible and you know what? it works....

06-26-05, 21:30
Is it raining that hard there. Or is Carvel running a special where "every day is Sunday."

06-27-05, 10:47
When you guys talk about the clothes and shoes, can you elaborate on the examples? Are we talking about fancy brands like Burberry or Gucci, etc or just unique looking shirts that aren't plain looking? Any advice on certain stores in Tokyo? I am coming to Japan full time in a month or so. I know Kansai area well but not Tokyo at all.


Very nice master teaching Soujourn.
I agree with your points: to score a nampa has for me 3 steps:
1) emails (if you only go for live nampa on the street, forget this point), with the language barriers and cultural things leading to potential misunderstanding
2) 1st meetings: as Soujourn wrote, your clothes, the places to go, the shoes... these are KEY.
3) Bring her back... here we all know how to behave, and it deeply depends on 2)

For me, what I try in 1) is to know what she likes for 2) and then I can prepare my strategy for 3)
I am currently nampa-email 5 girls for my next trip to Tokyo. Very different ones:
- one married,no sex in 5 years with her husband (who I suspect to have a gf), she does not like hip places, brands, etc... so i'll be natural and exotic.
- A 2nd one, married 35yrs old) loves wine and culture from Europe, so I'll bring here European taste: winebar, wear stylish Italian clothes...
-the 3rd one is not married, young, and seems to like men to watch her, to say she is beautiful, etc... I will take her to a place where she is the princess of the evening.
- The 4th one is like an artist, this is good since I am a photographer
- The laste on seems to be in SM stuff, I do not know here well yet...

So remember, try to anticipate everything. If the girls sees one thing she does not like in you, she won't do sex. In nampa, YOU ARE the prostitute... I mean, somehow, you change your personality based on what the woman is wishing to have for the evening. You are not in love, not in an affair, you just want sex, so do not be honest, true, etc.... just be the man she wants you to be. In the past I screw up sometimes because I was too much myself. The girl wanted to eat ice cream, to drink beer, to go to game center, I wanted a piano bar, she told me to go home alone. Now I be very much flexible and you know what? it works....

K Mastra
06-27-05, 17:48

Good info. just wondrin where did you meet or found the girls on your email contact having a hard time looking that route any tip for good leads. I like your approach, sounds like its gonna work for me.

Thanks in advanced.

06-28-05, 08:49
-- K Mastra
Some on Adultfriendfinder, see my previous post with the hit/miss ratio however.... but still can get some good ones. Send 50 emails from your account, get a few good replies.
otherwise I post adds in japantoday, worldfriend network, etc... free, and a good hit ratio. You need to post original adds. If you write : "Looking for girl to hang out and more' you 'll get no reply. If you write 'bored man with a simple life looking for a nice woman who wants to explore new things in life, who wants to change her daily routine with a man who is looking for new experience, into going out, arts' blabla blabla... easy to catch. Post mulitple adds. What works ? The artist (say you are a painter for instance), the traveller, the designer, .... just avoir saying you are in IT or finance.

-- Mankosuki :

I mean you need to adapt your outfit to what the girls is expecting to see and get. Most of my nampas like good restaurants, fashionable places, and for sure: brands. So I would wear Gucci, Prada shoes for instance. If the girl is more into sports, wear a very nice pair of Puma or Reebok. If you know the girl is against any Louis Vuitton - Prada - Nike, then on purpose try to find a special no-brand type of shoes. The idea is that leather is not good in Japan, so forget about Regal shoes, girls like men to wear foreign brands, and they want to enjoy escape from their daily life (the married ones for instance do not want to see you with the same shoes are their husbands. He is a salariman, I will wear Prada shows, versace shirt... ) for sure there is a budget... but anyway that is what I would wear. The best thing is again, when you do nampa: talk and ask things... Say you are going to do shopping this week-end, the girl will reply either 'I love shopping' or 'I am not so much into speinding money' then you can figure out what she likes.

Big JP
06-28-05, 12:46
What's up my mongering bro's, I have a story I need to tell.

It's a nampa story, using my own technique. I call this technique "the lost foreigner".

The event takes place Monday night/ Tuesday morning. 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

12:00 a.m.- I am very drunk which is unusual (so early in the week), but I was attending an after work function and had a few too many martini's

12:10 a.m. - I am walking down a quiet street near my home and I notice a woman walking towards me very slowly. I also notice she is wiping her face with a hand towel quite a bit and it is not very hot. I assume by her pace she is drunk also (I was right).

12:12 a.m. - I approach the young woman, who is scantily clad and in my worst japanese speaking skill, I ask her to tell me where the train station is and what time is the last train (because I am lost).

She starts to tell me and I immediately tell her I need to get to chiba and is it too late for the train. she says yes I will never make the last train.
I thank her tell her good bye and began to walk away.
I allow her to walk three steps away and then call her back and ask her to point me in the direction of a large crossing, so I can catch a taxi.

Note: I know this area like the back of my hand and needed no help. I asked for the crossing in the direction she was walking to give me time to talk and walk with her.

12:20 a.m - After talking with her I discover she has been drink in shibuya with her college student friends and she has a class the next day at 10:40.

12:25 a.m. - We get to the crossing and I ask her if she wouldn't mind having some tea with me from the convenience store (so we could both sober up a little). She says okay and I stumble into the store i by 3 Chu-hi's. I come back to her and she say's "I thought we were having tea".

I say to her yeah when you go home you can tea great.

Still drunk she put up no real resistance and continue to walk to a very small park near by.

!2:45 a.m. After making many jokes and lot's of small talk I try to kiss her and she say's "no I have boyfriend."

I say "really thats great you are such a good girl. But I was just given you a friendship kiss I am a nice guy. I don't want you to my girl friend just good friends maybe best friends." So we kiss a little (no tongue yet).

1:15 a.m. - After talking further about her learning english, teaching me about the neighborhood so I don't get lost again and her boyfriend, I tell her she has great lips. She gets shy and says her lips are too big. I tell her no they are perfect and she looks like famous actress (lie).

1:20 a.m. - I kiss her more and more and slip her the tongue. She does it once but says no more because she has boyfriend. I tell her let's have secret time. What secret time? I will tell you, in america if two people want to have sex or kissing but they both have boyfriend/girlfriend, they just say it is secret time and its okay. It's like best friend rules.

So after about ten minutes of convincing her of secret time we started kissing and touching a lot. She was moaning and squirming. I put my hands in her pants to feel her private space and she asked "is this secret time too." yes baby this is all secret time, lets have fun.

1:30 a.m. - I asked her if me touching her private area felt really good and she said "yes!"
I then asked her to give me a nice kiss on my private area. She was hesitant but after about five minutesof explaining the rules of give and take she started. Nice bbbjcim. After I was done she swallowed my load and I gave her a nice hug.

She said she loves secret time and want to meet again soon.

2:00 a.m. I asked her to meet for lunch on Sunday, but I don't know.

Two hours 1500 yen for taxi and chu-hi's and one really nice GFE.

I love this place.

(the nampa king)

06-28-05, 14:12
Your wrote "I say "really thats great you are such a good girl. But I was just given you a friendship kiss I am a nice guy. I don't want you to my girl friend just good friends maybe best friends." So we kiss a little (no tongue yet)."

I like this so much, and what is funny is that it always, always works (even got my wife a decade ago with this technique).. be gentle... kiss as friends.. then sex as friends....
I have to admit you are the nampa king... and I would be a little prince.
i used the same technique of meeting the drunk girl. That was in Sunjuku back in 99. Afer lots of drinks, met a nice lady, she was really drunk, and was like chatting with a Mickey Mouse puppet. I banged her in the toilet of the station... and by the way I kep the mickey mouse...

06-28-05, 21:47
I usually don't post individual Nampa success but was inspired by JP's report
I had a chance to try some of my J Nampa skills in the US last weekend with good success. Here is the report.
The situation was the wedding of a good friend in San Francisco area. Those who have been to SF know there is a large Asian population there. Many from Japan. My friends wifes friend was from Kyoto and was introduced to me at the reception. She was 26YO, 5-4, 120 which would be considered chubby in Japan but just right considering she was packing a set of D size ta tas. Fairly cute too with hair cut short. I knew I had to make it my goal to get a key to her clubhouse. I just played up on my Japan experience and set nampa moves used with varying degrees of success in the past.
I applied the nampa dress code and was staying at a nice downtown hotel. Dinner and drinks was taken care of by the reception. Then it was easy to suggest for desert and then over to my hotel bar. She made a comment that she felt like she was in Japan with me. Soon she was in the room and drinking whiskey shots out of my mouth during the make out session proceeding her being naked and jiggling doggy style on the king bed with me worried about the people in the next room hearing us.
Details? ....... I opened up the package slowly. It was wrapped nicely in a silky revealing top dress which fell to the floor with her bra. Nice eraser size nipples which responded well to a light touch and sucking. She arched her back wanting more when I pressed against her concave love opening. Slipping in a finger to test the waters, it was soaking wet. At this point the rest of her clothes come off quickly, then she removed mine and kneeling, she is staring strait at the head of my cock, holding it for a brief second before wrapping her wet lips around it and taking it down as far as she could. I like to use this sequence in order to get full hardness and then retrieve the strategically placed condom I had previously stashed like an after dinner mint. Admiring her body while she sucked an extra inch out of me, she had a firm waist and a bottom line that any business man would love. Suffice to say, you never know when this will happen again, I wore it out and treated her like the last woman on earth. I could go on with the details but anyway, nampa works in the states, just have to find a J girl. Sorry no action photos, camera was not charged.


"what's the best thing about dating a homeless woman................. you can drop her off anywhere!

Big JP
06-29-05, 08:24
I have received many questions how I accomplish with such ease so i will answer as many of the questions I remember.

1. What do I look like?

Average African-American man, 6' tall and 230 lbs. Not to fat, but I have a beer belly. I find that in japan every man has a few types of woman that are attracted to his style. the woman who like me most fall in this order; Hip-hop girls, J-lo girls, most all college students, menial workers and office ladies.

2. Am I rich?

Yes. But it does not always play to my advantage. When dealing with woman who have not been with a lot of foreigners I use my wealth to impress them. But if a woman has had many foreign boyfriends/dates then it becomes too costly to that. Someone who has never been to a nice restaurant in roppongi hills is easily impressed and you only have to take her once. But the other type expect such treatment and it becomes costly.

3. Am I married?

Yes, so I have to be really careful. I have 2 cell phones identical in appearance. I also have an extremely flexible work schedule, so I can Nampa any time of the day or night if choose.

4. How do I find the girls?

Actual I am always looking, I am an opportunist. I don't go out looking. I find girls in my neighborhood and around tokyo. However, my luckiest place are Omote-sando, Shinju-ku, Haraju-ku, Ebisu and Seta. The area's have a high concentration of woman with reasonable english skill. The also have lot's of schools for hair and make as well as universities. I almost always go for woman who are alone. I find japanese woman have a resistance to foreigner when they are in groups.

5. How do I approach the girls?

My japanese is limited, I actual use even less then I know. Often I use the "lost foreigner technique" or the "new to the country and have few friends". I find when you approach them from a vulnerable position they are more open to spend a few minutes with you. Also try a be a little funny. Make jokes about how often you get lost.

Note: because I am married my objective is to get as much as I can as quickly as I can. For me it is all nampa I don't want or need a girlfriend. So I can afford to be a little more aggressive and sneaky about it. If you want to develop something more, my style is not for you.

6. After first contact what do you do?

Well after I get them to stop and talk, i almost always tell them I am meeting friends in 2 hours or just left friends and want to go home and sleep. I do this for 2 reasons.
a. It let's them know that I have a life and I am not out doing nampa.

b. they feel comfortable enough to talk to me, because they believe my time is limited and they can leave shortly.

7. How to you communicate with them?

Again I keep the fact that Ii know japanese to my self, this gives them great confidence as they watch me struggling ( I intentionally mispronounce words) they also feel obligated to correct me.

8. When do you make the move and how?

There are many moves that one can use,

a. talking about there body and how fit they look, is a good way to touch various parts. (never the ass, breast or face) best parts are arms, shoulder and front legs. just mention bike riders muscle tone.

b. complimenting a woman's weak points. Nice smile if they have bad teeth. It also works sometimes when you ask them if they are biracial because they have american or british features (young ones love that line).

c. offering a nice hug for there help and or stopping to talk.

I find if they accept the compliment or do not cringe when you touch them, the odds of some sort of intimacy later are great.

9. Where do I take them?

Depending on where you meet them and weather condition's. I usually suggest tea in the park (or alcohol). An out door cafe is nice, but too many people. But the best and my personal favorite is the Karaoke box. The karaoke box provides fun, food, alcohol and most of all privacy. Once you have them alone stress how much you are enjoying them and regret you have to leave soon. If they like you, they feel a sense of desperation and will give more sooner rather than risk not making you happy. If you go to park bring sweet's let them choose a snack and you pick the drink. If they really want tea pick up some "one-cup sochu" and offer to add it too there tea tell it taste really good. If you go karaoke same rule applies alcohol and sweets. Do push alcohol, suggest it lightly. If she say no try again in an hour. Alcohol helps but is not always needed.

Once you have them in private keep making physical contact, when you laugh touch her shoulder. When you talk too her call sweet over and over and offer nice hugs. If you use words like sexy, hot, horny or sexual terms. These are red flags and may scared her away.

Tell how we greet friends in America (or you country) a kiss on the cheek. And great friends get a peck on the lips. Equate it to kissing grand-pa.

10. What about the sex, when do you get the sex?

If everything is going well go in for the deep kiss (by deep kiss I mean those old movie type kisses, put you all into it. The first deep kiss can ensure a BJ or sex in the next 30 min), if you get the boyfriend act, understand that if you made it this far the boyfriend is not as significant as they are saying. They usually just want assurance that you will respect there boundaries and not become a stalker. They want to fuck you not marry you. Tell them about secret time or explain it is okay for them to have boyfriend because you don't want sex you just enjoy kissing. Maybe even take a few minutes before the next kiss.

After/during kissing, touch her, then say it's okay to touch each other because we are good friends no sex will happen. If you get a least five minutes of straight kissing/touching, ask for a bj and explain it is not sex. It is intimacy between friends and it will be a fun secret. Also blame her beauty and sweetness as to why you want her so much. It really help to compare her positively to american woman at this time. ex " American woman are not as sweet as you are or not as thin or you are the nicest girl I ever been with. Generally once you get to touch breast or pu**y, you are home free.

During these acts feel free to thank them, it sounds strange but it works.

Thank you for kissing me it really makes me feel good.
Wow thank you for letting me touch you, you are so sweet/cute.

But never say thank you sucking my cock! You can say thank you for the great fun/play.

11. Can you have sex in park and/or karaoke?

In Tokyo and can sex in the stair case office buildings, the bathroom of restaurants and coffee shops. Parks and Karaoke are just like love hotels here. Just choose older karaoke boxes. They usually don't have surveillance camera's. Even if they do most won't toss you out. So what it the guard gets off while you do.

12. (for married men) How do you continue to see them with your wife knowing?

If you find some nampa action that turns into something more serious and you want to continue to see them. Put the girl on a schedule, tell them this is my free time, my only free time please adjust you schedule to help us meet more. Also explain how expensive tokyo is and that you have to work long hours sometimes for a week or two at a time.

Most important thing to remember is "lie to her, manage her time and be prepared to cut it off and walk away. If your wife wants you to stay home call the girl and say "can't meet tonight I have meeting" if she gives you attitude say "I am sorry this is who I am if it is too difficult we should not meet anymore".

I find that most girls will accept it and not pressure any more. Those who choose to leave, it is better now, because later they would be a real head-ache.

If you manage to get and keep a regular, make her feel special and lucky at the same time. That way she always wants to please and stay with you for as long ass you are here. If you only have 3 hours to see her, make it the best 3 hour of her week.

Currently I have 3 regulars and I see them each about once a week, some times twice. Remember any time is a good time to meet them. Suggest a jog in the morning. Afternoon tea near the hotel. An evening of dinner and singing. All of these things can lead to a quick BJ or full services.

The above are just a few tips and work on a few woman. Don't email me telling it didn't work for you.

Lastly remember that you have nothing to loose as married man, tell your regulars that you like taking naked photo's, group sex, 3 somes, S & M and anything you wont ask the Mrs. to do. Enjoy them, but be nice and respect their boundaries.

(the nampa king)

06-29-05, 12:10
I need some help from some of you married guys: I have scored a few nampa friends lately, but the problem is that I am married. How do you guys lead an active nampa life while having to be home every night without the old lady getting suspicious?
any tips? Thanks!

Cigars....hides the odor of nampa better than soap.

06-29-05, 13:56
I agree pretty much with what you wrote Big JP. Looks like you are a top scorer ! I kinda strop counting my hits and my misses, but I am happy with my scoring, specially since I go to Japan only once or twice per year.

One key thing you wrote as well, and that makes the difference between a nampa and a pro and a girlfriend is that you can ask whatever you want. With a pro you pay for a service, but can't convince the girl to do what she does not offer (anal, gangbang, etc...). With your girlfriend... you try many things cause there is love involved and because she loves you she needs to try anal for you etc... but you may not want to do 3some or parties. With a nampa, you have sex once, twice, then bring her to the show for SM, 3some, etc... if she does not want, bye bye, if she wants it's bingo ! Sure treat the ladies well, but sex with a nampa friend is nice, looks like everything is allowed.

Sushi Galore
07-15-05, 18:17
This board seems silent recently, so I thought after a while of my own abscence I report on my latest adventure.

Last Wednesday I met a hot and under-satisfied Japanese housewife in her late 20s. I got in contact with her on AFF and after only three e-mails she wanted to see me. As she is married, we agreed on "no private questions" - just clean and hot sex. We met in Shibuya and went straight to one of the Love-hotels near Bunka-mura. Our secret afternoon encounter lasted about 3 hours, and you can imagine what happened in that time (she is about a 7-8, with small frame but long and hard nipples. That little twister is even completely shaved -damn was she dripping wet!) Damage was only 4000 for the hotel. Let's see if she is a one-time or up for another round.

So if you manage to catch someone on AFF it is worth it. After all, both know what the other wants. The particular thing I want to share about this one is that she caught my attention and I actually wrote her a while before, but she never responded!
This time however, as I said, after only three mails she was literally all over my dick. So what changed her mind? Her first answer included the sentence "I like your profile". So what helped in this case was to carefully study hers (also reading between the lines) and then adjusting my own profile exactly to what she was looking for etc. (of course without just copying her phrases, you need to be a little more creative, but still...).
Changing ones profile needs aproval, but you only have to wait a few hours max. for that. Then contact your target, now 100% fitting your mutual expectance!

It might not work in all cases, but the chances are considerably higher (by the way, you should also have a picture uploaded or attached to your mail - not too provocative though as most don't appreciate that. Your pole should jump into her face on the bed and not the Computer screen. ;)

By the way, if you don't want to pay the membership fee you can also try to start chatting with one of those who are online. That's for free, but in this case you only see an introductory line and not the full profile. It's harder to judge what they are really after, but still worth the try. With some whitty opening remarks you manage to attract quite some to open a private chatroom (maybe 3 out of 5 for me). Then you need to find out what she wants and ultimately get her to want it from you! ...lol...

Maybe the "adust-profile-to-every-specific-target" method helps for you, too.

Good luck!

Sushi Galore
07-15-05, 18:38
We had this kind of discussion on strange e-mails from girls before...

There is this woman, a 31 year old nurse (hehehe), quite ok looking (we exchanged pics), that contacted me in response to a profile on the "Japan penpal" page. (You can't post too direct there, not like AFF, but I thought I still made it clear... "enjoyable time together" "privacy guaranteed" etc.)

We exchanged some mails and then she asked to meet on a certain day (I had some other "date" so I told her I can't make it). Her English is not very good and I told here she could also write in Japanese if it's easier for her as I'm qite fluent. Then on the morning of the day she asked to meet (but I told here the evening before I probably cant make it...) she wrote the following mail:

>I'm sorry Japanease write.
>できるだけ あなたの しっている place まで いきますよ。
>それと、わたしはsex friend をもとめてはいません。だいじょうぶ?
>いっしょに enjoy and sports and exchange language をしたい!!
>あなたとなら それができると思った。
>あなたは どこに行きたいですか? 何する?
>Do you understand my japanease sentence?

[The Japanese part means: I'll go to a place that you know, if possible. And I'm not looking for a sex friend. Is it ok? I wanna enjoy and sports and exchange language together!!! If it is with you, I think it is possible. Where do you wanna go? What shall we do?]

About 15 min later it was followed by this mail:

>I'm sorry that the last message thing is said.
>It worried the INTER NET because it was acquainted.
>I reviewed your mail and picture again.
>And, I was going to believe you.
>When you are a sincere and honest imagined from that picture.
>Really, I would like to be friend with you.
>And you said, under message.
>I would hope to spend some pleasurable and exciting time together...
>me too. I think.
>I hope to see and hear you soon.

Can anybody figure out what she wants to say? So did she change her mind and wants sex as well (but maybe is too shy to admit openly)?

Its some days, but I did not answer yet. Any suggestions on what to say to get her or is it obviously not worth?


07-17-05, 14:47
[QUOTE=Sushi Galore]>I reviewed your mail and picture again.
>And, I was going to believe you.
>When you are a sincere and honest imagined from that picture.
>Really, I would like to be friend with you.
>And you said, under message.
>I would hope to spend some pleasurable and exciting time together...
>me too. I think.
>I hope to see and hear you soon.
Can anybody figure out what she wants to say? So did she change her mind and wants sex as well (but maybe is too shy to admit openly)?

Sushi, I think she is saying that in her Japanese mail she was trying to make sure you understood she wasn't in this mainly for sex, and definitely doesn't want to be a sex friend. Then, in the English mail, she is saying she looked at your mails and picture again, and her image of you is one of sincerity and honesty. When she says she "would hope to spend some pleasureable and exciting time together, too", I think she has no clue you are talking about sex.

BTW, thanks for your AFF report below about the housewife. Congratulations! It's always encouraging to hear success stories like that. I had an AFF lunch date about a week ago, just time to meet and chat for the first time with her, but I got the distinct impression she is honestly single and is looking for a steady boyfriend...and she looks about 10 years older than she says on her profile and not really attractive to me, though in good shape...so now I have to weigh the benefits of continuing to play her until I can get her into the sack (always fun to see what they are like without clothes and in the mode, even if one time only and see ya later) against the potential negative outcomes. We exchanged mails regularly up to the date, and even phone numbers the day before the date, but we've only written to each other once since then, to say thanks. I figure if she bothers to write me again, I may follow up on her, and if she doesn't, then it's probably just as well and not worth chasing. Other than her, I had a fourth date in about 18 months with the same AFF lady two weeks ago and a one-night stand with an AFF cow about a month ago. (She practically begged me to stay at her apartment, and I figured it was cheaper than the alternative so I went ahead and spent the night.) I have written to probably two new ones a day, but only get a response about once every two weeks. (And even then, after I write back, they often fail to respond... and I forget to follow up on them since by then I am interested in some other profiles.)

Two by Four
07-17-05, 16:28

Thanks for sharing your less than stellar results from AFF. I was happy to read sushi galores score but of course was very jealous since I have not had such good result lately......Kicking myself saying WTF is wrong, why can't I score on AFF. I have tried to work AFF foir nampa but have the same results as you. Even if I get a reply they often fail to go any further. In 1 year on AFF I have hooked up with 1 girl. She was hot (and squirted when she came)and that is the only thing that keeps me on AFF but it has been about 8 months since I have gotten any action from AFF.


07-18-05, 05:01
We had this kind of discussion on strange e-mails from girls before...
>それと、わたしはsex friend をもとめてはいません。だいじょうぶ?
>いっしょに enjoy and sports and exchange language をしたい!!
>あなたとなら それができると思った。
About 15 min later it was followed by this mail:

>I'm sorry that the last message thing is said.
>It worried the INTER NET because it was acquainted.
>I reviewed your mail and picture again.
>And, I was going to believe you.
>>I would hope to spend some pleasurable and exciting time together...
>me too. I think.
>I hope to see and hear you soon.

Can anybody figure out what she wants to say? So did she change her mind and wants sex as well (but maybe is too shy to admit openly)?

Its some days, but I did not answer yet. Any suggestions on what to say to get her or is it obviously not worth?


I agree with Ambassador-she hasn't a clue you are a Nampa guy, and a friend probably warned her about interent dating..

Still, she is interested, so not a bad option if she's cute and you have some free time. No sex friend is what 99% of women would say at first, and 50% of them will do you right in time...

07-18-05, 05:04
Chatted w/ one married women who didn't want just a sex friend, yet didn't want to divorce her husband either...why she was AFF I couldn't quite figure out...

But she had like 100 requirements, and in the end it was too much...she was angry I wouldn't give her my cell #, so called it off.

Sushi Galore
07-18-05, 21:46
Thanks to Ambassador and Lion (and Endowed on PM) for their suggestions on the confusing mail. I don't want to invest too much time in this, but let's see how it develops when we meet directly. I agree with Lion that 99% would say "no sex friend" in the beginning anyway. (Don't you guys also sometimes feel a bit wired when a girl sais "dame" and "iya da" [=no don't, I don't like it] while at the same time pressing you you even closer between her legs...?)

For the AFF story, I maybe need to add that though it was bulls-eye this time, it also for me was the first success in a long while. (So no need to worry 2x4 !) As I wrote before, this time I changed my profile according to the target and it apparently helped. That's why I posted the story - it might help in other cases for other mongers as well. (unfortunately she was indeed a one-timer. No answers to my mails anymore).

Looking who is online and initiating a chat is also a different story. Quite some open a chat room as I said, but no final success here yet. About 3 or 4 were looking for a serious relationship (no thanks). With two I had really nasty chat exchange including later on in "private" sessions on MSN Messenger after we exchanged the adress, but here it seems virtual sex is enought for them... So in short, only that one lucky hit on AFF for me as well.

Anyway, it is the fragrance of an occassional rose that makes us keep crawling through the thorny brake, right! :-)

Lubricate It
07-19-05, 12:17
Sushi Galore

Agree with all you say, incl esp:

(Don't you guys also sometimes feel a bit wired when a girl sais "dame" and "iya da" [=no don't, I don't like it] while at the same time pressing you you even closer between her legs...?)

The one I"ve got lately from a Korean chick:

(after about 20 minutes of pumping "mou owatte kudasai" [=OK you'd better finish now] then, after finishing "sugu dasanaide ne" [=please don"t withdraw quickly!!]

07-20-05, 11:00
Sushi Galore

(after about 20 minutes of pumping "mou owatte kudasai" [=OK you'd better finish now] then, after finishing "sugu dasanaide ne" [=please don"t withdraw quickly!!]

from all girl-friends/lovers.

07-20-05, 16:14
I started talking with a young lady today in a station coffee shop, and as it turned out, we had kind of smiled at each other two days ago, but I didn't recognize her from that until she brought it to my attention. Anyway, I asked her why she had two keitais, knowing one was probably for work. Sure enough, she explained that one was a prepaid model, for work. Right after I gave her my keitai mail address and told her to send me mail sometime, she gets a call on her phone and it sounds like from her conversation she is a working girl. This was about 11 a.m., and she was talking on the phone about where to meet the other person, how much, etc. Then, she sent me a mail to my keitai just to make sure she had input it correctly. I got the mail while we were sitting there, of course, saw she had just put her name there and a couple hearts, and there was a message in Japanese that said in order to reply, access the below URL before July 23. I just told her I would reply later. But, when I opened the mail again later, I got to wondering if it was some kind of scam...Or, is this standard procedure for replying to a prepaid au (Vodafone) keitai email message? BTW, she asked me how old she looked, the dangerous question I really hate to answer. I thought she looked about twenty, so I guessed 18. She told me kind of guiltily she was 17! And then she said, you know, according to the law I shouldn't be smoking like this. LOL She also said her female friend, who she was with a couple days ago when we smiled at each other, often travels to foreign countries and studies English, so I told her we all need to get together and go to karaoke or something. Also, I asked her how much her keitai bill was (I could do that, since I had explained I had just bought mine and was wondering if I had chosen the best plan for me). She told me she spends 50,000 yen a month! So that's another clue she must be a working girl, probably delivery health. Interesting encounter...Will keep you all posted. I am sure to run into her again in the same place.

07-21-05, 00:07
Forgot to mention a couple things. I'm not sure which company her prepaid keitai was, but as has been mentioned here, NTT Docomo got out of the prepaid keitai business. Also, I did access the URL in her keitai mail from my docomo keitai later, and it brings up a simple page that has the same kind of message that states that this page is only available until Jul. 23, then below that is a form that looks just like an email reply, with a subject line and a text box. I didn't try to send a reply, though, because I figured I could wait until I got some input from you guys. I realize this is perhaps being ridiculously over-safe, but I have read about so many keitai scams that, especially with me being a keitai beginner, I wanted to check here first.

Also, when I got home, I checked the URL on my home PC. The page says it is only able to be seen by docomo and au keitais, not PCs. So, it made me feel neither more nor less safe.

So, can any of you confirm that this is standard procedure when you get a keitai message from someone with a prepaid keitai and you have a regular keitai from a different maker especially? Thanks in advance.


07-21-05, 18:41
[QUOTE=Lubricate It]Sushi Galore

(Don't you guys also sometimes feel a bit wired when a girl sais "dame" and "iya da" [=no don't, I don't like it] while at the same time pressing you you even closer between her legs...?)[QUOTE]Ever watch "Lost in Translation?"

07-25-05, 05:11
Forgot to mention a couple things. I'm not sure which company her prepaid keitai was, but as has been mentioned here, NTT Docomo got out of the prepaid keitai business. Also, I did access the URL in her keitai mail from my docomo keitai later, and it brings up a simple page that has the same kind of message that states that this page is only available until Jul. 23, then below that is a form that looks just like an email reply, with a subject line and a text box. I didn't try to send a reply, though, because I figured I could wait until I got some input from you guys. I realize this is perhaps being ridiculously over-safe, but I have read about so many keitai scams that, especially with me being a keitai beginner, I wanted to check here first.

AmbassadorI'm not sure about it was the case with her, but many people are reluctant to give their real email address because of spam. But there are free email service providers for Keitai now. You access them via a special webpage, as you would for hotmail or yahoo mail. And indeed this webpage can't be opened from a normal computer.

I'm not sure wether it's possible or not to get an email address with a pre-paid keitai. Also look carefully at the domain of her email address. It might give you a clue.

If you want more info pm me.



08-02-05, 16:53
Need Help. Met a real little Fox from Fuji on my last flight. Anyway, she wants to meet me in Tokyo and have me take her out in Roppongi. Her Dream Date. So where are some good clubs/bars/restaurants? I know the Motowns and Wall Streets.

08-04-05, 21:31
Jacks I know that hang out in Roppongi go to Velfare, Gas Panic and Bar, isn't It? Bar, isn't It? has an American bartender... it is loud, plays trance and has a good mix of Gaijin and Nihonjin.
Vanilla is also popular.
There is another cool place down the way from Vanilla whose name I don't know. It is close to Madonna's, and on the same side of the street. You see it is you walk down from Roppongi crossing towards Madonna's. It is a very nice place. You'll notice a lot of young Japanese folks hanging out looking "cool."

Two by Four
08-09-05, 13:45
Here is one for those of you who can speak Japanese fluently. Does anyone have any experience with the chain called "terekura rin rin hausu"


It looks like there are pictures of freelance girls (students and OLs) who you can call and arrange an enjo kosai type of thing. But it looks like a "Japanese ONLY" type of place. Any info would be appreciated.


08-18-05, 06:51
Need Help. Met a real little Fox from Fuji on my last flight. Anyway, she wants to meet me in Tokyo and have me take her out in Roppongi. Her Dream Date. So where are some good clubs/bars/restaurants? I know the Motowns and Wall Streets.Sorry if this is a bit late, but I would take her to Roppongi Hills. Plenty of great restaurants there (I prefer Joel Robichons's place, but there are so many you would probably do best by letting her decide), a nice bar (Heartland), some nice alternate bars down by Nishi Azabu Crossing (Muse, next to Hobsons is nice), and even a couple of discreet Love Hotels across the street.

08-18-05, 17:34
Thanks guys for your suggestions. I had a great time with the chick I had met on the plane as well as some new ones. Actually the my find on the plane really didn't need any additional stimulation. She came to Tokyo to be with an American, so, call me a ***** but I accommodated her. Actually did decide on Roppongi Hills. Started out at Heartland which was good. There is a girl who works there, Yuki who I had made friends with on a previous trip. She was a good Booster so it set the stage. Went to dinner in Roppongi Hills and then started working our way down the street. Did try the Samba place near Gas Panic. Strolled down the hill to the hotel I was staying at. Worked out great.

She was only there for a day and a half so I took advantage of the consistent fertile waters of MOTOWN. OK, so on Sunday night maybe there are a few that should be thrown back but nothing a little Myers's and Ginger-Ale won't cure. Also Wall Street was pretty good. Lot of Eastern European chicks late.

Anyway, thanks again.