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02-24-04, 18:36
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03-05-04, 23:20
I plan to arrive in BKK in a couple of weeks. I am flying in from Moscow, over the Himalayas, which has the advantage of cutting down my jet lag (its only a 9 hour flight, and only 4 time zones ahead of Moscow time). Also, the flight arrives in mid-day, so I plan to hit the ground running.

If you notice a lot of women having trouble walking, you will know that I am in town.


03-12-04, 10:22
Making my first trip to the LOS in a week, if you see a really drunk lost looking guy in the gutter can someone please kick me. I will be there on the 22nd March for a week if anyone wants a drinking partner.

03-13-04, 01:13
Looks like business is going to be taking me west again for a few days and if I'm on the left coast I need to make the hop across the big pond and hit Thailand. It will be a short trip this time only a couple of weeks, but that will be enough to recharge the old battery.


03-13-04, 13:13
Hi Dazzla and others,

I will be in BKK from 21 to 24 March.

Lets take a cool one.


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Bound in Iraq
03-15-04, 07:22
Hello. I am brand new as a member. I'm working over here in Iraq and my first RnR is coming up. To get a nice tax break, I decided to stay out of the U.S. as long as possible. So the question was, where should I go?

Thailand of course.

I am to arrive on April 16th and leave on April 29th. I'm thinking of staying in the Dynasty but any advice and suggestions would be welcome.

03-16-04, 00:11
Bound - go to PATTAYA. More pussy per square foot than you can EVER imagine. Reasonable rates. Depending on how (where, what time of day/nite) you arrive transport is easy but depends on those factors. You can stay virtually as cheaply as you want or in a fit of pique, pay up to $100/nite at one of the "up class" hotels.

better prices, more fun, AND a beach (better go to Jomtien, though for better water)

KJ Vegas
03-16-04, 00:27
Bound in Iraq,

Prepare to get wet, I was there last year and hated Songkran, that is their water festival and they tend to go overboard. You'll still have agood time, just don't bring any valuables or nice clothes. KEEP THE PASPORT DRY in plastic, mine is still f**ked up from last year. Have fun, I'm going next week until April 8th before Songkran.

By the way, good idea about getting away from these taxes, they suck.


Bound in Iraq
03-16-04, 06:13
KJ - I thought the water festival ended on the 15th. That is why I was aiming to go on the 16th. But I'll remember the passport in plastic idea.

Dinghy - I'm taking your advice on Pattaya after reading some of the forum posts. The Flipper said I can get a deluxe in the new wing for 1010 baht. It sounds like a good deal for me. Hopefully, I can send a report and photos.

My main worry is not coming off like a complete and utter newbie tourist.

03-16-04, 20:57
It just goes to show how tastes differ. I try to arrange to be in the LOS during the Songkran, despite being hit with a 2 gallon bucket while riding a motorcycle and almost "losing it" last time. With the right mindset it's a lot of fun.


03-18-04, 05:51
Boarding a plane in about 15 hours. See y'all in LOS in a day or two.

Bound in Iraq
03-18-04, 15:23
Alright, finally got my reservations set. I'm landing in BKK around 10:30 AM in BKK. I'm staying (based on suggestions) at Flipper House in the new wing, a deluxe room for 1040 a night. Hope maybe can hook up with some of you guys.

I am actually looking more to hooking up with the girls.

03-18-04, 20:24
Bound - find the BUS (limo bus) to Pattaya for 200B. Much cheaper, direct, no hassles, you will be ready because it leaves BKK at noon roughly. Money (ATM) outside the arrival hall - turn left after leaving, about 100metres, maybe. Don't know where the ticket for the bus is because I generally arrive MIDNITE and have to either cab it or wait til the next AM. Avoid the touts

03-20-04, 07:30
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

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I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport. Refer to website: http://www.geocities.com/globotto/

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Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

03-21-04, 07:35
Well, I'm here even if my luggage isn't.

Anyone want to meet me for drinks and a round of hunting? PM me.

03-25-04, 10:45
Hi all,

I am planning to make a trip to LOS in Mid April. Any body wanna meet up?


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03-27-04, 19:36
My fellow mongers,

I and a buddy of mine are making our first trip to the LOS, arriving BKK on 16 April for two weeks of R&R. We plan to visit Pattaya, Phuket, and possibly PP to sample the various flavors of SW charms.

If anyone, either senior members who are veterans of the scene or even newbies like ourselves, would like to meet up with a couple of highly dedicated punters from southern California in the LOS (BKK, Pattaya, or Phuket), please shoot me a PM so we can make some arrangements.

We would be more than willing to cover two week's worth of bar tabs for a veteran such as Skinless who may be so kind as to take a couple of noobs like ourselves under his wing and educate us a just bit on the finer points of mongering in SEA.

Hope to see a few of you in the LOS,


03-29-04, 00:12
I will be arriving for my first trip to Pattaya (and LOS for that matter) about midnight April 8, then sticking around for a bit of Songkran and leaving late the 13th. I think I'll be up at the Sunshine Vista the whole time, and glad to meet up with any yanks / lads / blokes!

03-29-04, 00:28
See you all at Songkran in Pattaya!:

Looks like several of us will brave the H2O deluge that is Songkran in Pattaya this year.

I will arrive approximately April 15 and fly back to California on April 20.

I invite you guys to PM me and we can arrange to meet up in that wonderful little Mecca that is Pattaya.

Best regards,


04-02-04, 20:07
Howdy gents.

My travel plans are firming up, so to speak.

I'll be in BKK April 30th to May 6th.
Phuket May 6th to around the 15th.
Then probably Pattaya until heading back to BKK and home around the 24th.

Anyone wanting to hook up for a beer or two PM me. I'll have a "first timer" to Asia in tow. Could be fun. He's a partier who "thinks he likes" Asian girls.


Hairy Johnson
04-02-04, 20:33
Hello Everyone,

Could someone tell me how much a nice hotel over there would cost per night? Also food and women :)

Thank You please PM me

04-03-04, 00:18
FD - maybe meet up with you in P'ya - plan on being there 5/16 for a few days (trying to get a crown done before going to Cambodia for a few days at Angor Wat)

Newbie, huh? Is he "up" for all he can get? <grin> BTW - supposedly some good diving in the area off some of the islands

04-03-04, 08:47

Sounds good. I'll post where I'm staying, once I know.

The newbie has listened to my stories for years. He's ready to jump in.

I'll be diving The Similans off Phuket. The viz in the Gulf will be disappointing after that. But thanks.

04-08-04, 11:09
Will be in Ko Tao on the 18th - 22th. Anyone free to hook up?

04-14-04, 13:05
I will be in Bangkok from April 17 to April 25 and the sole purpose of this trip is to have fun. This is my first trip to Bangkok for the purpose of mongering so if any of the guyz want to meet up please PM me.

04-16-04, 02:35
I just bought my plane ticket to Bangkok. Wow, I still can't believe it. Always wanted to go, never been there.

Haven't managed to get any of my China monger buddies to go with me, so I'll be alone in BKK, trying hard not to do too many stupid things. I plan to take as many photos as I possibly can.

FD, I'll PM you. Anyone else I'd love to hear from. I'll arrive May 1, leave May 8. A friend recommended to stay at the Jade Pavillion, but I don't have that reservation yet.


04-16-04, 18:22

Don't worry too much about doing stupid things. It's all part of the learning curve.


04-16-04, 20:16
Cronin - what you are used to in China (based on your posts and pix) is magnified by maybe 100x in LOS. No need to find a BBS - the poo ying find you. One word of minor advice, though - get out of Krung Thep (Bangkok) I prefer Pattaya myself as the poo ying is plentiful and inexpensive. It's a 70 baht bus ride (might be 80 now) from BKK. Rooms are cheaper, too

04-18-04, 22:14
OK, I've got some reservations:

April 30th (noon or so) into Grand President, Soi 11.
May 6th, check out and head for Phuket.
Check into the Orchid Hotel, Kalim Bay. Never used this hotel before. Crap shoot based on web site. Check out May 12th.

The following is tentative:
12th- 16th or so Ko Phi Phi or Krabi
16th to the 21st Pattaya.

22nd newbie flies home.
22nd-26th me alone (yeah, right) in BKK.

If interested, PM me for hook up details.

Later Dudes !


Jaimito Cartero
04-19-04, 01:23
For people flying within Thailand, Air Asia still has some very good pricing, and decent service to Phuket, Chang Mai and a couple of other places. I took them to Kuala Lumpur a couple of months ago, and was impressed by the service.

They do have tight weight restrictions on luggage (1 piece), and charge for drinks and food and such, but are a real bargain. I recommend booking each way as a seperate trip, that way if you have to change it at any point, you probably won't lose the whole ticket.

04-19-04, 08:16

Couldn't agree more about Air Asia. They flew me down to Phuket and back. It was 80BT for a pretty good spicy noodle dish and I'd brought my own water. I'll suck up the 80BT for food in exchange for a 1000 BT savings on the ticket any day.

I'd say that "I wish other airlines would do this," but other airlines (the Royal Thai one for sure) would just stop serving free food and keep the same prices :(

Wish AA would fly internationally.

04-19-04, 09:42

The baggage restriction scares me. I'm carrying dive gear. I'll check with AA and see what the extra will cost me. Thanks for the "heads up".


Jaimito Cartero
04-19-04, 14:04
Oh, you can take as much stuff as you want, but they will charge you extra. The checkin at BKK was pretty damn slow, and on the trip back from Kuala Lumpur the CEO was on the plane, and I mentioned the problems and he said he was going to work on it.

Personally, I showed up 2 hours before in BKK, but would be tempted to show up later. On my return in KL, I showed up 45 minutes before and there was no line.

The Traveler
04-19-04, 19:13
Will be in LOS 4/23 - 5/23. First week in BKK later on probably in Pattaya. If anybody want to hook up for a drink PM me.

04-23-04, 16:33
Just made a reservation using United miles for a flight SFO-HKG with Singapore Air and then HKG-BKK with Thai Air. Seems to be a good combination, but you can get it only if you use miles for the ticket. This is for end of June through mid July. Buying a ticket with money for this period looks very expensive. I could not find any decent deal. It's probably because of the 4th of July period, correct ? Although it's low season in Thailand. Has anybody gone during this period in previous years and found a good deal?

04-24-04, 18:36

Fare to BKK is under $1000.00 during the peak season. I got for $1045 on United on the H class, however, there is a lower fare of about $745. This lower fare does not give any upgrades.

You can also find lower fare on Thai if you book thru one of the consolidators. However, it would be hard to get a ticket as the peak season is coming up. you can still try.

04-24-04, 19:54

I have gone in the past during this time period and have used Cathy Pacific. I usually shop and purschase 3 month prior to my departure! I purschase my ticket through Mayflower travel in San Francisco which has a discount sale agreement with CP. The ticket I purschase allows for Flexibility, SFO/HK/BKK-BKK/HK/SFO
Fare is $660.00. for another $25.00 you can go into HK and stay!
I usually stay a few days in HK each way. Total $710.00


04-25-04, 02:23

Cathay Pacific has a good connection to Bkk from SFO and you arrive in BKK at 10:30 am in the morning, which is great. As opposed to United which arrives in BKK close to midnight (last time I used United on this route it arrived in BKK at 1:30 am with 2 hours delay !).

Could you please give me the phone number of the Mayflower travel that you use for Cathay Pacific booking.



04-25-04, 05:38
You can always get a ticket on Thai arilines (www.thaiair.com) for about $745, even the day before a flight if one's available.

However, you can get cheaper (down into the $500's sometimes) via a consolidator. I use Steward Travel in Los Angeles (213-383-4667), a Korean run travel agency that always gets me a good deal.

Last July I went to BKK for $511 (including airport tax and all that other bullshit) on Japan Air.

04-25-04, 19:31
Last week, United had a restricted fare from NY or D.C. to BKK (via San Fran if you needed) for about 780. I believe SFO-BKK via Taipie was about 650 (including the Osama Bin Laden taxes!).

04-27-04, 03:42

Timing is everything with plan fare! Mayflower Travel is at 667 Clay St. 415 433-3838

Good Luck,

04-28-04, 13:30
can anybody tell me about the weather in thailand right now? it says rep001tered thunder showers every day? how bad is it for a holiday? raining all the time or just everynow and then?

thanks dudes.

05-05-04, 02:44
Does anyone have any plans on being in BKK and Pattaya from May 12 to 16?
PM me if wanna get togther for a drink and compare notes.

05-09-04, 04:02
Leave for BKK in 3 days. Im thinking about only taking My bank card, 2 credit cards, and enough baht for the first day. Is this a bad idea? Or should I get some travellers checks?


05-10-04, 03:25

In my experience, if you have funds in your bank account, you can use your bank card at an ATM and get the baht you need at a decent exchange rate. You probably will pay an ATM fee so get as much as you need so you don't have multiple transactions and multiple fees. I usually take travelers checks but am rethinking that as they can be a hassle and the bank card is so easy as long as there is an ATM, which there usually is in Thailand.

You should be able to use your credit cards for hotel and shopping.

Joe Zop
05-10-04, 04:25
I usually take along some traveler's checks simply as a backup for the unlikely case that my cards get stolen. Plus, LOS is one of the only places around where you can actually get a premium over cash at currency exchanges.

05-10-04, 15:55
Getting Bahts from B of A is a losing proposition. Take Travellers checks as a backup, and use your ATM to take cash out. CCs are accepted at most places and sometimes you get a better rate. Also, I have never been charged by the ATMs (Banks) for a fee, yet.

London Lad
05-12-04, 11:49
Joe Zop,

I read your post - what do you mean by:

"LOS is one of the only places around where you can actually get a premium over cash at currency exchanges" ?

Do you mean that the exchange rate for say, GBP or USD cash to Thai Baht is better than the rate that you get at the ATM?

I've been to Bangkok maybe 5 times and have always used ATM cards - but maybe I should take some hard cash if it will give more Baht...?


London Lad.

Jaimito Cartero
05-12-04, 18:24
He's talking about getting more for Travellers checks than cash at the exchange houses. You pay a fee per travellers check ($100 or $50 denominations are the best), but you get a slightly better deal than actual cash. In most of the world it's either the same rate, or a 1-2% fee to cash Travellers checks.

05-13-04, 16:44
Ok, guys, let me have your opinions.

I can take (read that as "afford") only one trip next year for 10 days.

Where should it be; Thailand/LOS or the Phillippines?

All views are welcome!

05-13-04, 19:18
Magic501 -

If I had 10 days I would spend 6 or 7 days in Pattaya (LOS) and 3 or 4 days in Phnom Penh. If the side trip to Cambodia was not possible, I would stay in Pattaya the whole time.


05-14-04, 04:03
Pattaya is getting to big and crowded. Hop on a flight and head to Phuket ( Karon Beach ). It is so much nicer!

KJ Vegas
05-15-04, 00:46

I agree, Phuket is beauiful, I stayed at Mermaid resort on Pattong beach and it is beautiful. but I think people are scared to go to Phuket since 1/3 are muslim and they recently had a terrorism raid.

I'll stick to Pattaya for now, it is a great time, I'll be back in 3 months.


05-18-04, 07:16
I hope to be back for about 10 days in mid July in LOS. Any suggestions for sex, fun and not too much rain outside of Bangkok/Pattaya?

05-21-04, 17:37
Will be in BKK and LOS for 2 weeks, any fellow mongers want to grab a beer together and share some pointers and maybe hunt together?
Dates are May 22-June 6

06-05-04, 03:00
I'll be in BKK and Pattaya from Jun 25 - July 16.

Anyone want to meet up for a beer and compare notes?

06-07-04, 12:35
Domino, and others,

Coming to Thailand during the summer to monger? You should head straight down to Phuket. Why? It's their low season so you can easily be the only one at the bar and have free range to choose who you want. Plus, prices are cheaper. You should never pay more than $1000bt for LT from any/all of the open air bars, plus 200-400BF. Easy to negotiate lower prices during low season. Plus, the girls are more likely to give you better service so that they can stay with you longer. No problem to get a girl to stay a whole week for $5000bt w/no barfine! (just make sure you don't go back to the bar with the girl or they will ask you to pay) Later they will ask the girl for 100bt per day, so give her an extra $500 tip if she's satified you.

It's low season because the weather is unpredictable and might rain. Bring an umbrella JIC. If you're looking for perfect beaches everyday, you might try Samui.

Also, if you decide to take a girl from BKK with you to Phuket or Samui or Pattaya, NEVER pay her more than $500bt per day! You will be taking her on an all expences paid vacation, so you don't need to pay more. Only suckers do!


06-13-04, 08:57
In LOS from July 25 to Aug 14. Anyone going to be around?

I a first timer and would not mind hearing some wisdom. I will buy the drinks.


06-17-04, 07:04
Pattaya or Phuket?

It's my first time going to LOS...

I'd like to get your opinions on which place is better for the first timer.. I looking for a place with plenty (nice beach activities, cultural activities, wildlife, etc..) to do besides just mongering.

Joe Zop
06-18-04, 05:07
If you want plenty to do besides mongering then Phuket is the better choice. Pattaya has very little to do besides monger, and Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches you'll find, trips around the bay to sightsee, dive, or snorkel, and lots to see on the island as well.

But if it's your first time to LOS, it's definitely worth a day or two in Pattaya if you can manage it, just to see the zoo.

Asian Luver #2
06-19-04, 02:23
I'm planning to spend 6 nights in Thailand in late August.

Any suggestions for a first-timer itinerary (besides mongering the whole time, or course)? How should spread the time around if I wanted a good mix of typical "tourist" AND "evening" entertainment? Bangkok? Pattaya? Phuket? Chiang Mai?

Also, I'll be flying through Bangkok a few weeks earlier on a transit stop from 10pm to 10am. I'll be staying at the Amari Airport for convenience but would love tips on action near the hotel.

I'll be traveling alone and I have a reasonable budget.


06-23-04, 13:30

Thank you for your advice which I am now processing. An empty Phuket would be nice, simply for the fact of it being empty. Right now I am thinking of hititng Myanmar for a few days in July. I have checked out the Myanmar thread and there is not much there. I figure I could best make a contribution to the board by going there.

Let's see what some of the others say. Right now, the Bkk- Pattaya circuit looks like a loser's gig for me: no challenge, nothing new. I want somewhere where white men and tourists are a relative rarity and where there is something different to see. Good pizzas can wait but good pu%%ies are a different story.

I reckon Vietnam is ready for an influx of my type but right now I need somewhere different.

06-24-04, 00:17
Joe Zop,

You are totally, absolutely, 100% WRONG when you say that "Pattaya has very little to do besides monger". You may have been on this board for a while, but that is total bogus info. Pattaya and its very nearby islands and towns offer 1.golf 2.elephant farm 3.crocodile farm 4. 30 minute boat trip to nearby islands 4.scuba diving 5. Water park with scenic tower/restaurant and amusement rides 6. freshwater fishing parks 7. Air conditioned malls with multiplex theatres 7. excellent international foods 8. Motocross park/bungee jumping 9. go karting parks 10. fishing trips 11. shopping 12. probably 20 or more times as many pubs, restaurants and bars as Phuket (should be the #1 reason) 13. religious temples and scenic lookouts. 14.More choices of lodging and prices for all budgets. The list goes on and on.

06-26-04, 18:43

I'm planning on staying in LOS longer than my US visa allows, becuase I plan to visit some other countries, and hangout. Would I have a problem arriving at the airport with a one way ticket? I was going to buy the return ticket there.


06-27-04, 18:54
I have never been to Thailand and would like to visit for the first time this year for a couple months. For the first 2 months of my trip, I would like to go without mongering. For these first two months, I would just like to study the Thai language intensively (6+ hours per day, 6 days per week) and get aquainted with the Thai culture. I am not planning to this trip but I am interested in studying Theravada Buddhism on later trips. Does anyone know of a location in Thailand where: I can study the Thai language, the people have been little influenced by Western culture, and there are still few foreigners? Do you know of any specific language schools there and do you have contact information for them? As for the rest of my trip. You will see the reports. lol

Joe Zop
06-28-04, 01:22
Let's see, Matt1982, you want to go somewhere they'll teach Thai to someone who speaks English, but where there's been very little contact with the west, right? And you don't see any logical inconsistency with that? It'd be pretty bad business to put such a school in such an area, don't you think? Most of the schools are understandably located in the larger areas where tourists are more likely to go.

There are plenty of places where there's been a low western influence and aren't that many foreigners. Just get out into the smaller towns and you'll have utterly no problem finding yourself among mostly Thais.

Bill, my comment on Pattaya was a specific response to a question and if you're seriously trying to make the case that Pattaya has more and a better selection of the specific things that jakethesnake asked for -- nice beach activities, cultural activities, wildlife, etc.. -- than Phuket does then you're the one who's being bogus.

06-28-04, 05:18
Joe Zop,

And the Phuket go-kart track is nicer, and the views are nicer, and the fishing is better and the boattrips are nicer and and and...

But Pattaya is better for pussy.

Thumbs Up
06-28-04, 12:05
I have to agree with Bill. His point IMO was not that Pattaya is a better place to go than Phuket or that is has more and better non-mongering things to do. His point was that there is plenty to do in Pattaya besides mongering and I agree. The statement that "Pattaya has very little to do besides monger" is just nonsense in my opinion.

I love to play golf and Pattaya is one of the best golf destinations I have found (worldwide). When you combine the Pattaya Sports Club's golf discounts and the availability of first rate courses in the Pattaya area you can play many terrific courses at discount prices. That is a helluva combination if your a golfer (and a monger as well). I have also played golf in Phuket and it is very good as well but is not as cheap as Pattaya. I think both places have plenty of non-mongering activities to offer.

Member #2166
06-29-04, 07:14
Hey jake the snake,

I will be in Pattaya during 6/3-6/7 and would love to meet up for a beer and exchange some note and maybe benefit from your knowledge since you will be there atleast a week prior to me getting there.

06-29-04, 09:00
Anybody around Pattaya at the moment to look for action or share some beer while exchanging some info together? I am between Pattaya and Jomtien and will be here till next week. Drop me a message. Cheers.

Joe Zop
06-29-04, 09:21
Agreed, absolutely (with Freeler about pussy in Pattaya.)

And while Pattaya has great golf -- heck, even SA, who rags on the place relentlessly says so -- that's not what jakethesnake was asking about, and, again, my response was framed around the specifics of his question.

06-30-04, 08:45
1 big playgarden

Thailand is the adult play garden of the world. If you cant score there you cant score anywhere. Been 5 years traveling up and down there for holidays. In the hotels you can ask the maid or hotelboy on the floor of most hotels about company, if they dont ask you. Concerning massages. Man it is absolutely the best. Went to Christines in Patong, Phuket. It is great there. They massage you there. Imagagine them masaaging you withe their pussy on your leg near your ***** , the bath is cool to to play in and feel all the curves. And a suck and fuck is done aswell. It costs something but what you get back for it is great. In Samui try Chaweng beach. The bargirls are not all stunners but there also some that are real good. went to Nathon , the capitol of Koh Samui where there is a karaokeplace. Fucked the femalemanager there for nothing. Just took her home and fucked the daylight out of her. Papong is good for a look and Nana is great too. Forget about theGrace hotel it sucks. Lots of arabs < thats no prob, but the gilrs are ugly there. Go to soi cowboy more relaxed and more fun though the girls are not the expensive good liking types they sure know how to do their jobs. Thermea on Sukhumvit is my favorit because its just a normal bar where you can have your beer and chose your pick and negociate and have a good night.

Well have fun

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SB Lumens
07-02-04, 09:17
Has anyone been hanging in Bush Garden recently? (above Thermae)

It was my main hang-out last summer. Would like to visit again next week. Also open to new alternatives along the Suk.

Would like to meet up with some bro's for the weekends of July 9-12 and 16-18. I'll buy first few rounds (decent per diem for BKK these days!); give me a PM for plans.

Jaimito Cartero
07-03-04, 11:35
For anyone who wants to travel around Asia a bit without spending too much, Air Asia has just announced some new routes. They're flying Bangkok-Singapore, Bangkok-Macau, Kuala Lumpur-Bali plus a few others.

Many of these flights are $20-$40 each way, which is a bargain. I've flown 4 times on Air Asia and have always had an enjoyable time.

Now Air Asia is modeled after a Southwest Airlines/EZ Jet model. No free drinks even. No refunds on tickets, low luggage allowance. At these prices, it is easy to check out Indonesia, Malaysia and many other places. Airasia.com

07-03-04, 14:00

The Bush Garden is one of the better hangouts on that stretch of Suk. I like the place as it is very friendly, is more professional and a good place to hang out. I also stay in the same hotel so when I bar fine or pick up the TG before they go in to the Thermae, it is so much easier to just go up the elevator to the room.

Just got back about a week ago and it was kind of slow.

07-04-04, 11:52
I live in the Philippines and it's getting close to the time for my anual trip out of country.

I've never made Thailand my destination in the past but I'm thinking seriously of doing it this time. I've noticed what I consider cheap airfares for the month on July. My question is should I take my trip in July or wait until August?

In other words will I get a better deal if I wait a month?

Speed Touch
07-10-04, 20:42

anyone fancy meeting up for a quick beer in bkk, probably beer garden? i arrive on sat 21 august, and can meet up fo a beer or two. i'd like some tips on where to go etc. hopefully do some mongering together too! send me a pm if your around.

speed touch

Anno Nomini
07-11-04, 11:25
I'm thinking of visiting in early / mid September, but I remember hearing in the past that lots of girls go home at that time of year.

When's the lowest time of year for girls?

Should I go, or should I put it off until October?

(Note to mods: apologies for picking a nick you had to change - honestly hadn't occurred to me that it could be interpreted in any way other than its literal meaning! I must be very innocent ;-)

07-16-04, 12:37
Came across an interesting travel site called mobissimo.com.
It automatically searches dozens of travel sites, not only your typical Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia.

There quite a few foreign websites, and I have found some amazing fares.

If this is already old info, sorry.

07-17-04, 07:53
Hey Guys,
Been working like crazy and *gasp* haven't even been able to check in the board for ages! Now we have a "travel plans" section? Anyways....I'll be in LOS from August 17th to 25th...if anyone want's to meet up! Only in BKK 1 night, then up to CM! Take care everyone! Cheers!

07-17-04, 08:55
I ditto Jaimito Cartero's info about Air Asia. I have flown them twice now with no regrests. A round trip from BKK to KL cost me 4,850 Baht and a one-way flight from Hatyai to BKK cost me 1,123 Baht. Both fares I've posted include taxes and fees.

I recommend booking one-way fares only because the price for a one-way is exactly 1/2 the round trip price. You can book the tickets directly from their website with a credit card (airasia.com). I highly recommend the airline for cheap and efficient travel to the SEA destinations they fly. Border and Visa runs are never going to be the same. Now it is much much easier. :)


07-17-04, 09:16
Hello guys,

Will travel to LOS from 22 aug. till 5 sept. 2004.
I think that I will spend 7 to 10 days in Pattaya and the rest of my holiday in BKK.

All ready got a taxi (Van) which will bring me to Pattaya for 1200 Baht all-in.

Wanna join?

Send PM!


07-18-04, 16:00

I will be in BKK on July 22-26, and more than willing to go for a beer or two with fellow WSGers who would happen to be in town.

Just PM me.

07-18-04, 22:30
Hey I will be in BKK on the 25 and 26. I would not mind meeting some veterans of the scene.

My first trip this one. I will be staying at the Nana Hotel.

Let me know if anyone wants to meet.

After that Pattay for 3-4 days.

LA to TJ

07-19-04, 07:03

I am returning, finally, and will be in Thailand from 9/10 to 9/ 24. Plan to Island-hop some, but I'll be back in Bangkok on the 18th if anyone wants to buy me a beer!

On a side note, I was in the air returning from Paris on 9/11. I was in LOS last year when the US went to war. If you're superstitious I would pass on my offer.


07-20-04, 16:23
Hey all,

90% chance I'll be in LOS from 7/21 for at least a couple of weeks. If anyone's interested in getting an intro to my favorite haunt, S. Botan MP, let me know as I'll be in Bangkok a few days before heading north. It's a nice change from the Suk scene.

Capt JB
07-21-04, 22:03
I am looking for a good deal on a flight from the US east coast to BKK in Aug. Best I have found so far is just under $900. If you know of any real deals out there please let me know. My travel dates can be flexible.


07-22-04, 09:58
Hey LA to Tijuana,

If you're staying in the Nana Hotel (close to Nana Plaza) you'll find many veterans.

New Age Monster
07-22-04, 17:06
Hi Guys

I am taking a trip to Pattaya. Just wondering what's the best time to go?? I have heard around around Jan/Feb while others tell me March/April.

I am looking to go while its still nice, but not millions of people and decent prices.


Also anyone have any suggestions on any hotels around Pattaya about 2000B. Looking for one with nice room,pool,jacuzzi,girl friendly, and not to far from action.

Thanks for any help

07-22-04, 17:31
Capt JB

NWA has a cash+miles offer if you have NW miles, for far less

Scotty Monger
07-22-04, 19:36
Capt JB,

I'm not from the east coast, but I just researched & booked my tickets to LOS. I usually try a consolidator (www.costamar.com) or just an airfare search engine (www.Qixo.com) to find out the possible flight and airline options from my location. Then I go to those specific airline sites & compare prices, etc...

KAL is usually one of the cheapest, connecting through Seoul (Inchon). They codeshare with Delta. I live in Texas, so A/A is the dominant carrier. They codeshare with JAL, connecting through Tokyo. A/A also codeshares with EVA, connecting through Taipei. This is the option I chose, & got it for $756, including all taxes & fees, etc... I booked this on EVA's website (Not A/A's).

I have never actually booked a ticket directly through a consolidator site, but they sure help you quickly find out your options.


07-23-04, 05:31
CJB, Domino,

I usually go to travelocity.com and check the flights from a particular area then go to directly to the sites listed. Sometimes you can get a better deal. I have checked the consolidators and they don't seem to be any cheaper, and usually higher or longer flights. For travel in Asia, if your base is BKK try Thai Air, they or Singapore Air. they have many cheap flights around Asia.


Though you can still get a cheap flight Jan/Feb to BKK it is Peak season, and you will pay for it once there. It will be crowded, but is probably the best time to go. March/April will be one of the hotest times, and less crowded than Feb. Monsoon season doesn't start on the East coast untill around October, and low season runs through oct 31st... I'm heading that dir 9/10. Should be pretty save half way across the world =P


07-23-04, 16:18

New to the board and this is my first meaaage. Going to Be in the LOS for about a week from August 1 to August 8. I'll be arriving in Bangkok late on the first and then going to Pattaya the next day. Any one gonna be in the area? Like to get together for a beer and trade a few stories if anyone is interested. Send me a message if you are interested.

07-24-04, 05:27
Will be arriving in Thailand end of August.

Is this a good time to monger?

07-24-04, 13:16
sam007 - Thai mongering season starts 00:01 January1 and ends at 23:59 December 31. There are 2 minutes per year when mongering is not as good as the rest of the year ROFLMAO

07-24-04, 14:20

Thanks for you input, I have heard that there is a low/high season, that is what I am asking.

Capt JB
07-24-04, 18:17
Scotty Monger, Duniawala, Applecoc,

Thanks for the info guys. August does not seem like the best time to head to BKK from the east coast but Cathy Pacific has a real good deal in Sept.

08-01-04, 05:44
OK -- high season is when the weather is "better" - drier - usually from Nov to end of March maybe beginning of March. Beginning of April is Songkran, not "high" season since April is actually the hottest month. Rains start in June and go to about mid Sept maybe beginning of Oct. Right NOW is "very low season" - wet, sticky lots of poo-ying, few farang. Great time if you like it.

Aye - aye Cap'n - and that's why the special is NOW

Capt JB
08-02-04, 18:59
Thanks for the tips on air deals to BKK. Was planning on making the trip in Aug. but after searching air deals I decided to change to Sept.

Cathay Pacific "Deal of the Month" for July was JFK to BKK for $806. and LAX or SFO to BKK for $636. Ticket had to be bought by 7/31 with travel dates of 9/1 through November. I am in Va. so I will fly out of JFK on 9/16.

Pulled up the new deal of the month for Aug this morning and it is unchanged from last month so the same deal is still available. Also saw where Cathay Pacific is offering an "Asia Pass" for $999. which will fly you to Hong Kong from the US and then can be used for the next 21 days to any of 17 other cities in Asia including BKK.

Now that looks like a deal. Had I known that was coming I would have opted for the Asia Pass and took in a couple of other places as well. Oh well.

08-02-04, 19:56
Internet fares,

I recently compared some already booked as well as upcoming flights.

My recent flight to Scandinavia was the cheapest direct from the airline's website.
My recent and upcoming flights to Thailand are the cheapest from my travelagent. Payment: 10% now, the rest 6 weeks prior to flight. The cheapest internetfare I found was 10% higher than the prices I paid and had to be paid instantly by creditcard.

It does pay to look around.

Capt JB
08-06-04, 14:52
Going to LOS for the first time on Sept. 16. I don't speak a word of Thai. I use to have an english to spanish translator which was hand held. Wonder if they make an english to Thai?

Haven't seen a listing of handy phrases to translate english to thai anywhere. That would help.

Anyone know of a cram course to learn a little Thai in a month?

Joe Zop
08-06-04, 16:52
Capt JB, you don't really need to know Thai unless you're venturing out into the country, as you can get by fine speaking English. But there are phrase books and audio tools in Thai available from Berlitz and many others, and you can find some online Thai language tools at http://www.tu.ac.th/host/thaiarc/thai/introth.htm, http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Thai/ and http://www.pattayacity.com/pattaya/speak.html among many, many other places. There are also a lot of Thai phrases mentioned in various places in this forum section. There are English to Thai electronics, but I've never used one so I can't speak to how good they are. They're tougher to find in the states than in LOS, however.

Shiny Stuff
08-07-04, 04:22

Thanks for all of your extremely informative postings! And thanks to Jackson for keeping the place in order.

First-timer here, wondering whether it might be a good idea to fly one-way to BKK.

I'm pretty good at searching for decent roundtrip deals, and I live on the US West Coast, so the best departures are close to hand. In this case, though, I wonder if I can do a better and more flexible job by *not* booking the round trip.

I have no pressing need to get home on schedule, and I am not sure how long I'd like to stay in Bangkok. I would hate to have a nonrefundable return date pre-set on arrival -- and then decide I want to hang out for another week or two!

For that matter, I might even want to continue on from there and stage home through Europe. Bangkok and then Amsterdam sounds like a pretty incredible combination.

However, I've heard conflicting reports about buying one's onward ticket from an agency in BKK.

The positive reports suggest that fares in baht in Thailand are somewhat lower than fares at home in USD.

The negative reports suggest that it's easy to get taken. One note I dug up suggested that every agency in a particular backpacker's ghetto of BKK is in fact owned by the same parent company, though they allegedly appear to be separate firms. These will all claim in one voice that the good airlines are completely sold out, and push people instead to book aboard scary carriers like Biman Air.

What do you all think: mistake, or good idea? Any warnings or words of wisdom?

Speed Touch
08-07-04, 13:16

i'm arriving in bkk on sat 21 aug in the afternoon. since i'm new to bkk is there anyone who can show me around? i'll buy the beers!

speed touch

08-09-04, 10:01
Arriving mid-october and staying for around 1 month. Pm me if interested in hooking up.

08-10-04, 05:12
Can anyone suggest any good dance clubs, trance, techno, etc.?

Capt JB
08-13-04, 16:15
Joe Zop,

Thanks for the good information and links. These will be most usefull.

Shiny Stuff,

Take a look at Cathy Pacific's Deal of the Month. This month it's Bangkok from the US west coast for $636 (travel Sept - Nov) and also have an Asia pass which is good for 21 days of travel from east or west coast of US to Hong Kong and then on to any of 17 other cities in Asia ( visit one or all of them). Cost of the Asia pass is $999. Most discounted fares to BKK are going to be round trip.

08-14-04, 18:36
I'm thinking of using a tour: Lovetours.com offers 10 days, including hotel, for $2,315. Good price?

Has anyone else used Lovetours?

08-14-04, 18:52
I'm thinking of using a tour: Lovetours.com offers 10 days, including hotel, for $2,315. Good price?

Has anyone else used Lovetours?

08-15-04, 00:22

Frankly, I think that 2,315 Us Dollars for the tour offerd by lovetours.com isn't a good deal at all.

I think you can by a flight ticket for 700 to 1000 Us Dollars and 10 nights in a very good hotel in bangkok or Pattaya will cost not more than 450 Us Dollars.

And in Thialnd it's not so difficult to organize by yourself 10 days of fun and fuck.



Terry Terrier
08-15-04, 03:31

Alejandro66 is right. Lovetours (and any other package holiday company) will unlikely be getting better hotel/flight deals than you can get yourself from online companies and on-the ball local travel agents. And, remember, the people at Lovetours et al aren't working for nothing.

If you read back a few pages in all all the relevant Thailand threads, you will be able to put your own schedule together at the right price.

Of course, this leaves you more spending money for your trips to the temples, palaces and, er, other things.

Thumbs Up
08-15-04, 12:04

The advice Alejandro66 and Terry Terrier are giving you is spot on. Save yourself a thousand bucks and forget about Lovetours. Just use the information you can easily find here and let Lovetours target some other uninformed newbie.

08-15-04, 21:47
Any suggestions on a good and RELIABLE service to provide taxi transportation to Pattaya (don't want to be stuck and scurry around to find transportation that late)? I am arriving at 11PM on Saturday 8/21 and is debating whether to shoot straight to Pattaya from the airport or spending the night in BKK and then head down Sunday morning. I will be in LOS from 8/21 to 9/3 splitting time between Pattaya, Phuket and then back to Pattaya if anyone wants to meet up for a beer.


08-22-04, 12:10

My suggestion is to go straight to Pattaya.

If you arrive at Don Muang airport at 11PM you will pass through he customs in 20 minutes (not many people at 11 PM); so you will be in a taxi heading to Pattaya at 11,30 Pm. You will be in Pattaya around 1 AM or 1,15 AM. Find an hotel, take a shower and at 2 PM or at least 2,30 PM you will be hunting. At that time many beer bars are still open and you will not ahve any problem to find a cutie for the night (as well as some good deserved beers...).

For a good and reliable service to go to Pattaya when you arrive at Don Muang airport and you pass the final check you will find a box with written "limo to Pattaya" or "taxi to Pattaya". Ask them and don't pay more than 1,500 baht to go to Pattaya.

Another chance is to go out of the terminal and ask to the taxi-meter box.



08-24-04, 22:17
Anyone going to Thailand anytime soon? I'm a newbie and I want to go, but not totally alone. (Leaving out of New York. Want to stay for two weeks.)

I'm not all that interested in seeing temples, tourist shit, etc.

I interested in WOMEN. Hope to fuck a different one every night. Who's with me? Any New Yorkers out there who want to put together a group trip?

Scotty Monger
08-27-04, 21:02
Arriving 10/31 for 2 weeks. First 4 nights in BKK, and then off to Pattaya. Might hit Koh Samui, Phuket or Koh Samet for some beach time, especially if I find a "keeper" along the way. PM me if you want to throw a few back and swap lies. I'll send another notice as the departure date nears.


08-29-04, 01:30
Arriving on Monday in BKK, how late are the bars open? I heard BKK doesn't slow down at all at night, is this true?

Speed Touch
08-31-04, 14:12
Bars open till 1am, but always action around and girls to be had. Most will look for a customer till 3am around the streets in Sukhumvit, soi 4,5, the Nana parking lot. I'm there on Friday if you want some tips. PM me where your staying and I'll leave a message at your hotel.

Capt JB
08-31-04, 18:11

Cathy Pacific's Deal of the Month is JFK to BKK for $806. Today is the last day. I am leaving on 9/16 and returning to JFK on 9/25. Not a bad price.

09-01-04, 17:22
Tiger Air offering $3 USD RT Singaphore to BKK or Phuket. One third of all seats are at this discount. Only on their web site is this available.

The Traveler
09-02-04, 05:01

could you please provide the link to their homepage.

09-02-04, 18:13
Tiger Airlines is owned by Singapore Airlines. It is their new carrier designed to compete with the Air Asia type discount airlines. Bkk now has 15 of those type airlines.
Tiger will start flying Sept 15. Its routes will be 4 hours flight time or less from Singapore.
This $3 promotion is available now. Later the cost will be higher.

The Traveler
09-02-04, 21:24

Thanks for the info. All I found through Google (did not put much effort in it cause no time) was some Tamil Tiger Air which sounded suspect to me.

But you still provided no link, or is Tiger available through the Singapore Airline homepage ?


09-03-04, 16:46
Tiger Airways .com has its own website. I did a yahoo search.

The Traveler
09-03-04, 20:32

Thanks, stupid me, I only tried www.TigerAir.com and used Google afterwards but did not put much effort into it, cause too busy.

09-05-04, 02:32
Howdy gents,

I finally showing up in less than a week. If anyone wants to hook up let me know.



09-06-04, 21:45
Reading that make me homesick for the Bangkok metropolis. I think the "raw sewage" is an exaggeration though.

Terry Terrier
09-06-04, 22:51

I note your return to the section with some trepidation.

There has been an air of civility on here for the past few weeks:
People exchanging useful info, people exchanging good natured banter, and, incredibly, people having well-mannered debates about controversial topics.

You are not going to continue your previous attempts to turn this section into something resembling a scene from 'One flew over the cookoo's nest' are you?

It would be a shame if you did, because you are capable of making some of the most informative and witty posts on the forum.

Here's to hoping.


09-07-04, 05:05

Depending on the weather - rainy season! - check out Pai and MaeHongSong.
MHS's airport, of Air America fame, allows for a quick retreat to ChiangMai.

09-07-04, 16:07

There is o excuse to miss Phrae: Mairoad+traisstatio eary.
a o the other had is more of a cocer: Up i the moutais - check the weather.
If this makes little sese: My keyoard is fucked, letters are missig. ut smileys still work, ice!

09-07-04, 20:25
I will be a 1st timer to Thailand 17 Sept, I would apprecaite any pointers on how not to get ripped when taking a taxi from BKK to Pattaya, how much and which would be the best service.

Thanks in advnace,


09-08-04, 05:13

I dug up an old dirty:( keyboard - it is now my new clean:)keyboard.

09-08-04, 05:28
Buzz - first off, find a "friend" to share the ride - easy enough to do by asking around in Tokyo (assuming you are coming thru Tokyo - the drill would be the same elsewhere, though). Assuming you are coming to BKK airport on one of the "later" arriving flights, like 2230 or later) Expect to pay about 1500 or maybe 1700 (they will take whatever they can get from you - it's better and easier if you can speak some Thai, but I guess that's out

SECOND - have an idea where you are going in Pattaya. In ALL HONESTY, find a hotel to go to (not thatthere is actually all that muich differrence there except for price, but you will be ariving at "O dark-30" (probably right about 2am if you get in in the Northwest flight - not a "bad" time to be there, but not necessarily a "good" time IF you have no idea of where you are or are staying)

Split 2 ways, it's not too bad - about $20 each for what amounts to an 80 mile cab ride. I avoid the touts just outside the entry hall (cost maybe $10 or so more) and go outside to the taxi line (after the ATM visit, for Baht, of course) You need something to pay the road tolls unless they are included. My first trip, I spent the night in Bangkok on Sukhumvit and took the bus down from Ekkamai (the cost was only a bit more and I got some sleep from the trip) First timer - PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!!

09-08-04, 05:32
I'm going in there blind. Taking a Thai Airways@flight from Narita to Bangkok. Stopping over a few days in transit to Singapore.

The Traveler
09-08-04, 20:33

Dinghy's advice of sharing the fare with a "friend" is good. Proceed to the taxis outside arrival hall if you want/need a 100% safe trip. But if you aren't scared of normal taxis - I do not see a reason why you should be - and do not need the fare written beforehand, move to the departure hall and pick a taxi in front of it. Trip to Pattaya should set you back 1000-1200 plus highway toll which adds another 130-150.

09-09-04, 02:08
Posted a note like this on Pattaya:

Coming into Bangkok airport on Saturday, Oct 16 about 8:30 from Narita. Interested if anyone wants to share a taxi down to Pattaya. Figure 1200 Bhat split 2 ways.

The Traveler
09-12-04, 10:42

will arrive in BKK Sept. 18th and intend to stay till Oct. 17th.
If anybody likes to hook up for a drink or two, just PM me.

Migrant One
09-13-04, 21:03
Arriving Nov 4th and will be in BKK for 3-4 nights before a side trip to ????, back to BKK ??? for return to the states 11/14.

Anyone care to hook up for a drink or ten, let me know.


Big Daddy C
09-15-04, 13:23
Arriving in Bangkok on 26th October till 31st October. Anyone interested in hooking up for a beer with a bangkok virgin PM me.

Big Daddy

09-16-04, 14:58
Hi Guys,

On my way up to Bangkok tommorow, from Ko Samui. Want to go to Pattaya (first time) to try out the action there for a change. I'm looking for somebody there now (or also visiting) who can show me the ropes of the place, lest i be ripped off. I'm not a big spender as my bargirl fun is inbetween travelling in the region. So I was wondering if i can get bungalows for about (or less) than B500 in Pattaya?. I'm used to spending about B200-300 for accomodatino in Thailand. Also, in Samui the bar fines for girls are usually B200, and the rates are B500 for short time/B1000 long time. Are they similar in Pattaya? Anyway, moreso i'd like to meet up with someone there if possible. I'm 30, British, and a friendly guy. Not crazy, but just love fucking.

09-17-04, 14:24
I remember reading a while back about the new Thai discount airline that is opening, but can't find anything about it.

Does anyone know of the best way to fly around LOS? I am looking at flying to Trang. Is there a domestic "Air Asia" yet ?


09-17-04, 16:03

Nok air perhaps?

Go to http://www.nokair.co.th/

Note: New routes from october1, 2004!
Also, the BKK post ran an article on Nok a couple of days ago.

09-17-04, 17:02
Freeler, thanks, I remember it was the name of a TG I fucked, I just couldn't remember if it was Oi, Nee, Go, Pim........

Mike Asian
09-17-04, 17:22
1 B - I saw an airline named Orient Thai, I think, also on the plane "1 - 2 - Go" 1300 B BKK to Chiang Rai vs. 1900 B on Thai Airways.

SB Lumens
09-19-04, 08:57
You Knuckleheads,

See www.airasia.com

That's the budget airline you're probably looking for.

However, the times flight times are not ideal. Suggest checking out Business Class on TG for in-country. Always a good deal.


Norman Stormin
09-21-04, 20:41
Delayed Travel Report

I'm new to this Forum and have found it extremely informative and factual. I would like to share my experiences of about 5 months ago. Better late than never?

I have been intriguied with Southeast Asia since I was stationed there with the Army in the early seventies. My work required extensive travel but very little time for extracurricular activities. There were a few opportunities when the flyboys would intentionally breakdown. But generally, it was all work and no play. I also have managed to put all the bad experiences behind me. It's time to see things from a tourist's perspective.

I did all my travel research on various internet boards (not this one) and came up with a general plan: 5 weeks consisting of one in Thailand, two in the Phillipines, followed by two open weeks to take in Cambodia, Vietnam, or where ever my whims took me. The time frames were dictated by price / time constraints. I wanted the best flight schedules for the lowest price and at the same time avoid any visas.

I booked a United R/T from Las Vegas to BKK via SFO-Tokyo for $747 all inclusive. I then booked Air France BKK- MNL R/T for $214. I booked the Dynasty Inn in both BKK and Pattaya for 900 baht. They were both close to the action, met me at the airport, and a complimentary shuttle between Bangkok and Pattaya. I might add I found the quality and service outstanding. Many of the Brit expats I met said I paying too much. But I was very satisfied with the price for the quality of accomodations. They also have a very professional staff. I was advised to either move up or delay a few days my transfer to Pattaya because of the water festival. I had just missed it in Bangkok and wished I would have missed it in Pattaya. But curiosity got the best of me and I went a few days earlier.

As this is a travel report, I'll limit my mongering tales to a few notables. First night was a disaster. I picked up a freelancer in the Nanna parking lot about 3 am. She agreed to a blow job tonight, because I was exhausted and a bit tipsy, with full service wake up call for 800 Baht. She was a fraud. She refused to blow me. I escorted her to the lobby and informed everyone within earshout she was a fraud and should never be allowed here again. As a token of sincerity, I waved a 1,000 Baht note around while shouting and gave it to her. No more freelancers for me.

The next morning I had breakfast about 10 and upon returning to my room saw they have in house massage. I stuck my head in and the girls were engaged. An older one said she could come to my room at noon. I said fine and went for a walk. She showed up promptly at noon. Great Thai massage for 200 Baht plus 200 tip for the happy ending BBBJ. Satisfied, I rubber necked the rest of the day.

I tansferred To Pattaya the next day. The water festival was in full swing. I got my room, stowed my bag, hit the street, and was drenched within 20 feet of the hotel. I went back to the hotel, changed, and made it to Beach Road before I got it again. These Ausies are insane. I figured I'm stuck with this ritual for a few days so I might as well make the best of it. I headed for the beer bars and found a thirty something beauty who I incarcerated for the next 2 days. We came out for air (and water) for the last day's parade. We parted as I needed some rest.

I spent the next day just reconoitering. And the remainder of the week sampling one from each of the gogo rooms, soapy massage, beer bars, blow job bars, but never the freelancers on Beach Road. My preference was short time beer bar girls. More on that later.

Second leg: The Phillipines. I'll make a detailed report in that section with just an overview here. I booked my room with the Central Park Hotel in Angeles City for $25 a night. I also arranged for airport pickup through the hotel. BTW both Thailand and Phillipine hotels were booked with a credit card to insure my room and someone meeting me at the airport.

The Phillipines started bad and only got worse. Only one ATM at the airport and it didn't work. My driver was one hour late (he blamed the traffic). No ATMs working in Aneles City. The hotel loaned me some money just to tip the driver and get me through the night. The girls are looking for husbands and not money. Everyone is very accomodating but totally inept. They are very friendly hoping to use familiarity to overcome their ineptitude. I felt like I was in Mexico. This place has really degenerated since we pulled out. Within 24 hours I was ready to pull out but it took me 5 days of bureaucratic nonsense and $400 to do it. Unlike Mac Arthur, I shall NOT return. My mistake was I should have gone to the Phillipines first, and then had my desert in Thailand.

This is getting too long and I have a luncheon appointment. I'll continue leg three another day.

Hope this helps,


09-27-04, 16:33
I'm planning on going there from 12/4 - 12/12. As I look at my calendar, I see the 5th is the King's Birthday, and the 10th is Constitution Day. I know the King's Birthday, everything will be closed, so I think I would just go with the flow and take my brother to see the celebrations. But does it just affect that day? What about Constitution Day? Are things closed then, too?? I am hoping that they don't close down all the mongering places, as it would be a very long and dull week. If anybody has some info about these holidays, I would be glad to hear it.h

Coma Boy
09-27-04, 17:19
Don't worry, everywhere is open as usual on 10th December (constitution day), it is pretty much only religious holidays on which alcohol sales are prohibited. Constitution day commemorates the beginning of democracy on Thailand.

In fact Thais drink more than ever as it is a holiday.

Even on religious holidays it is still easy to pick up girls especially around Sukhumvit.

09-29-04, 22:04
Fellow Mongers,

I will be in Thailand 11 November - 28 November 2004. Anyone wanting to meet up, I'll buy the first round...maybe the 2nd and 3rd as I will be traveling alone and would like meet up with some fellow mongers. PM me if interested and happy hunting!


Mister Handy
09-30-04, 02:28
I'll be in Bangkok the week of Thanksgiving (22nd through 27th of Nov). If anyone wants to meet up for a beer or a prowl through Nana or Cowboy, get in touch via PM. I'm hardly a new guy to LOS (this is trip #6) though I've mostly stuck to Pattaya and soapies in the past.

09-30-04, 21:20
Who's in town next week? I'll be in BKK from Oct. 5-8 then again from Oct. 14-21 for some relaxation in Pattaya. If anyone would like to meet up for a Singha, give me a holler on PM. I'll be staying at the Nana Hotel for the first leg of my trip.

Capt K
10-01-04, 02:11
I'll be in BKK from Nov 3-7 then to Pattaya. If anyone would like share taxi to nana and drink a Singha, give me a holler on PM. I'll be staying at the Nana Hotel for a few days. (Trip #4 for me)

10-04-04, 18:44

I'll Will be in BKK from 15th to 20th October, any nice companion lady for this time? I will stay in Pattaya for 2 nights.

10-05-04, 01:08

I'll be in Bangkok between Dec 23 and about Jan 2 or 3.

This should even beat banging a few blondes over xmas in cold Ukraine.

Might or not be joined by some other buddies on this trip...

So let's hook up for a few beers, etc.

Depending on my final flight reservations I might hop over to Pataya...


Member #2633
10-05-04, 07:42
I will be in Bangkok from October 22 to October 25 and the main purpose of this trip is having fun. This is my first trip to Bangkok for mongering so if anyone of you guys want to meet up please PM me.

10-07-04, 23:17
Will be in Phuket (5th time) over the weekend of October 23-24).
let's meet up for a drink and info sharing.

10-08-04, 02:43
Will arrive BKK late on 21 Nov and depart on 5 Dec.

I've traveled to Costa Rica mostly and Mexico before that in the pursuit of pink snappers. Trolling for them takes a special technique and landing them is such fun. I only practice catch and release but the release may take overnight.

This is my first trip to LOS and will gladly do some trolling with any local fishing guides.

Shamas O'Dognasty
Gourmet Catering &
Septic Tank Cleaning

10-08-04, 07:05
Shamus - BKK is one place where the fish find YOU. you need a stick to avoid them. For the firsttimer - BE CAREFUL of "strange plumbing" - there are reaaallly good looking (what turn out to be be) ladyboys out there

10-08-04, 14:20

Yes the Pink Stabbers, worthless fish, too much bone. I know the ones in SEA can really fool you but I get them in a shower, clean um up and check for danglers.

Thanks for the "heads up"


Big Daddy C
10-09-04, 08:23

I'll be arriving to BKK on 26th for a business trip(with a lot of pleasure on the side) till 31st October.

If anyone wants to show a BKK virgin the ropes(i'll buy the beer) please PM me.

Big Daddy

Capt JB
10-09-04, 17:36
Anyone seen any great air deals from the east coast of the US for around Feb of 2005 to BKK. Dates are flexible.

10-10-04, 06:30
So I'm getting ready for my next trip to LOS. You know...condom shopping, buying fresh underwear, and of course getting updates on prime hunting grounds from the WSG. Read something about classified adds in Bangkok posted by Thai girls. What the fuck, I'll check it out.

Start talking via email to a Thai Girl, 25, professional who's interested in meeting "profesional" men on holiday in Bangkok. The usual begining chit chat crap. I won't be there for another 4 weeks and I foolishly agree to take her to dinner a couple of days after I arrive. Later, she forwards her photos to me. I'd rate her a solid 5 and I'm a little pissed I spent all that time e-mailing her. Most of the women I screw in LOS are 8's to 10's I'd say. There is the occasional 6 or 7. Later, she states she's "conservative" and "close to her parents". Translation: She's not gonna fuck. I start to wonder...do I want spend 4-5 hours with a "5" and possibly not get laid? In 4-5 hours I could surely breeze thru a couple of "8's".

Hate to sound cliche, but this is quite the "numbers game".

Master Diver II
10-12-04, 02:54
Fellow mongers,

I'm normally found in the Kuala Lumpur section but I'll be in Bkk 21st -23rd Oct. I am a Bangkok virgin and would apreciate any advice you could give. I wouldn't mind meeting up with anyone and buying a couple of drinks either.

Incidentally, I have heard about Novotel and the negotiations after midnight. What is the price range here and where else should I try if not here?

What hotel would you suggest I stay for a budget of up to US$75.

Thank you

10-17-04, 05:45
Gents: I have been checking out AirAsia as I amuse myself here on my PC. We can fly from Bangkok to Phuket for 1000 baht one way net in March, or 1600 or thereabouts now.

1. Is quoted March price a good deal?
2. I can't find the 99 baht prices.

Comments welcome. I find the long bus rides wear me down and thus my query.

Nok air is cheaper and they fly to the sex pity of Phitsanalok but a 99 baht flight would be nice

Terry Terrier
10-17-04, 06:34

I flew BKK - Chiang Mai return with Nok Air They are a very good budget airline: Punctual, good staff, new planes and plenty of leg room. I booked the same day for 2900. Beats the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) out of European budgets such as Easyjet, Ryanair, etc.

To get the 99bt fares you just have to keep searching the website, trying different dates and times.

10-22-04, 04:37
I will be in Bankok from Nov 11 thru 17 and if anyone would like to meet up for a few drinks please send me a pm. I will buy the first couple rounds.

10-22-04, 09:45

I am in Bangkok 28th until 30th for a flying visit. Anyone want to spend some time hunting together possibley at NEP? Pls pm me. Love the forum!

10-26-04, 17:59
Sexplorer will be spending this coming weekend in paradise, and as such would be glad to hear from any gorgeous, big-breasted, nymphomaniac women :) who just happen to be in town. Given that he has great doubts any such gorgeous, big breasted nymphomaniacs will hook up with him :(, as a distant second ;) he could settle with meeting any like-minded WSG mongers in town!

I am arriving very late Friday night. Let me know by PM if you are interested in getting together.

Sexplorer (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/search.php?do=finduser&userid=5603)

10-26-04, 20:39
Yes, it's that time of year! I'll be Bangkok over New Years.... and was wondering who'd be interested in getting together for a little (or maybe not so little) party.

Naturally, all sorts of ideas spring forth as to the multiple possibilities for such an event. Whereas I'll be staying at the Ambassador Suites in their biggest style room (with a nice Jacuzzi) one idea is to rent for 1-2 nights a super-luxe large suite (say 2 or more bedrooms) perhaps with some kind of view... (candidate places....?) Perhaps some kind of (privately organized) quality show, music or group event, etc...? (Ideas, guys?)

The flip side of the coin is that some folks will be getting together in Pattaya... thus perhaps that might be more sensible for a lovely evening on the beach....? (But the Big City & Bright Lights beckon...)

I'll be hanging out with at least one other bloke and perhaps we and others can deeply focus intense research efforts to see which lovelies would be best for that New Years evening group event.

I am sure that some of you will have some definite ideas on this and it'd be great to hear your imaginative, sage input.


Scotty Monger
10-27-04, 01:29
I'm re-posting my travel plans, in case anyone else might be around and would like to get together for a beer or six.

10/30 - 11/4: BKK (Majestic Suites)
11/4 - 11/8: Pattaya (Sabai Lodge)

Leaving the last 4 nights open, and will go with the flow.
Returning to USA on 11/12.

PM me if you're gonna be in the neighborhood.

See ya on the other side.

10-27-04, 10:58
Hi all,

I am a 34 yr old British guy, based in Jakarta, but will be in Bangkok in December. Will you be around then?

It would be great to meet a guy for beers, flirting with the local ladies and maybe have some hot 3/4 somes:)

If anyone is interested, lets chat!

Hope to hear from you


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

10-27-04, 17:31
I'm in Bangkok now. Staying at the Dynasty Inn on Soi 4 till Friday. If anyone wants to meet up, I'm in room 4408.

10-29-04, 11:48
Fellow mongers,

I will be in BKK on November 05, 06, 07. Would really enjoy meeting up with some of you guys for drinks, etc. I am an absolute newby to BKK, last trip there was six years ago. I am now living in Chiang Mai, but have very little time for the p4p scene. I'm sure I could offer a little limited advice for CM if anyone is interested.

I'll be staying down near Suk soi 33 but plan on spending time in NEP as I missed it last trip. PM me or reply here and let me know if you will be around and willing to spend some time with a newbie.


10-30-04, 23:29
Hi all,

I am a 32 year old Pakistani guy, based in Toronto, Canada. Arriving bangkok on Nov. 4th about 10 pm. Anybody interested in meeting up PM me. I am staying in Nana Hotel. I plan to stay there until Nov. 11, 04.

It would be great to meet a fellow monger, flirting with the local ladies with complete intention of having the time of our lives. I have been travelling alot lately and was in BKK last April. Also I was in Rio from June,04 to October 2004 doing what us mongers do, if anyone needs any information about Brazil we can meet and I will let you guyz know all about the nice 3 month vacation in Rio, Natal, and Recife in Brazil.

I also plan to visit Brazil again in Feb. for the Carnival.

If anyone is interested, lets meet up.


Deal Seeker
11-03-04, 08:39
Plan to be in LOS from Dec 6 till Dec 17.

BKK 12/06- 12/09
CM 12/09 - 12/17

The Galvanizer
11-04-04, 19:34
Hey guys!

I have thouroughly enjoyed the conversations, candor, and most of all, the informative reviews that make me continue to come back and read threads on a daily basis. I believe it is time to make that jump from the novice reader to the neophyte on the streets of Bangkok and Pattaya. This is why I have decided to go to Thailand LOS this upcoming May! Yes, I am doing what I thought to be the impossible. I still have not figured out how to tell my girlfriend, but that's a conversation for another day and another thread (in the meantime ill gather more info in Oprah and Dr. Phil in order not to get caught). I turn to you guys cuz i want to make this as memorable as possible. I am hoping to catch up with some of you during the followin weeks May 25 -- June 14 either in BK or Pattaya. I am looking for someone who wont mind showing me the ropes. My challenges will be to find the hot thai girls that might be hinding in the exclusive parts of BK and pattaya. I am more than willing to buy the beers....not shy about meeting the gals but in need of being shown to the best parts of thailand. I want to try out the local non-pro gals and the young 18yr olds too that might not be too "in" with the seen but who wouldnt mind making some extra cash during school days.

I know this might be jumping the gun, but i thought I start giving it a try now. Thanks and hope to hear from some of you soon.

11-07-04, 02:34
Fellow Mongers,

Just another reminder, I'll be arriving in Bangkok 11 Nov 04 and will be there for 4-5 days (Majestic Suites). Around 15 Nov 04 I'll be in Pattaya. After about a week in Pattaya, perhaps Phuket. Who knows. My departure date is 28 Nov 04.

None of my plans are concrete. I plan to be where the best action is.

Many thanks to all the posters for their valuable information.

PM me if you'd like to meet up for a drink or poon hunting.


Capt JB
11-12-04, 16:17
I am looking for another air fare deal from New York to BKK for after 1st of the year. British Air has the shortest flight time (18 hrs 50 min) with a change in London. Thats a little quicker than the Cathy Pacific using their non-stop from JFK to Hong Kong & then on to BKK. Seems like the Cathy Pacific flights should be quicker,

11-14-04, 05:27
Cap'n - either way you are 11 hours behind Thailand (roughly equivalent time in either directon except for the plane changes). For a "different route" Try Aeroflot (but I don't know about the connection times in Moscow) NWA goes N/S to Tokyo and then there is a 3 hour stop beofre BKK. UAL is a bit less time I think. Continental goes direct to HKG N/S from EWR but the price onward to BKK might make it a bit steep.

If you go eastbound, you might get 1 stop service as well but BA is a "bit pricey" for my tastes (as well as when coming off the US west coast there is an overnight in London in BOTH directions.)

11-14-04, 08:48
Capt JB,

BA have one huge advantage over most airlines (except Thai): They always fly FAST. Downside of your proposed route route would be London Heathrow (LHR) - it's huge and it's awful!
Flying East has the added advantage of arriving in BKK in the daytime.
Flying over the Northern part of the Northern hemisphere adds another advantage: Shorter routes. Aeroflot, as Dinghy suggest, fit that bill, but so do SAS and Finnair. Hanging around for a number of hours in Helsinki or Kopenhagen definitely is more pleasant than staying in Moscow or LHR.

Terry Terrier
11-14-04, 14:44
Capt JB

Freeler's right. Heathrow's a dump. I should know, I have to use it frequently on business. If you're prepared to go via Europe, look at China Air from Amsterdam. They sometimes do unbelievebly cheap deals on business class, and it's a very nice flight on a modern plane. And gorgeous stewardesses as a bonus. Schiphol's a great airport, and if you have a long transfer wait, the city centre is only 20 mins away. But avoid KLM. They're shit.

Also avoid SAS. They've gone from being one of the best in Europe to worse than a budget airline.

Coma Boy
11-14-04, 19:55
Come on guys, LHR ain't so bad.

Some great business-class lounges, some nice restaurants and so many flirty Euro-Trash babes .

Check out the Seafood Bar; it's got me several phone numbers and dates with hot Eastern European babes.

Or maybe this is just my die-hard patriotism.

Capt JB
11-15-04, 06:20
Gentlemen, thanks for the travel tips. I hope to make it to BKK in Feb or March depending on what deal is available. Would really like to go over Christmas holidays but there are no deals from the east coast that time of year.

11-15-04, 11:46
I will be again in Bangkok for 2 days arriving on Nov.29th evening and leaving on Dec. 1st morning (I will be staying at the Sheraton on Sukhumvit), if any Senior Mongers want to meet for a beer, pm me.

11-15-04, 12:20
Maybe going in the next month.

Want to go Scuba diving in addition to other things.

Anybody else, maybe meet up.

11-18-04, 02:58
will be in BKK november 28 and 29. Anyone care for a drink, let me know.


Coma Boy
11-18-04, 08:56
This is the Thailand part of the forum!

Mister Handy
11-22-04, 00:19
I'm arriving in Bangkok this afternoon, will be around until the 27th. If anyone wants to meet up for a beer, let me know. Some guys I know may be getting together tonight or on the 23rd, any WSGers are welcome to join us.

MS Clive
11-22-04, 10:43
Hi Beansed,

I am going from Dec 24th to Dec 28th. I am interested in mongering and scuba.

I am certified and have dived a few times. I know there are no scuba places near Bangkok so was going to go to Pattaya as a dual destination for scuba in the day and mongering in the night. But no concrete plans yet. Only booked tickets in and out of Bangkok yet.

What you say, want to meet up?

Maybe going in the next month.

Want to go Scuba diving in addition to other things.

Anybody else, maybe meet up.

11-23-04, 05:25
Hi all,

I am a 34 yr old British guy, based in Jakarta, but will be in Bangkok in December. Will you be around then?

It would be great to meet a guy for beers, flirting with the local ladies and maybe have some hot 3/4 somes

If anyone is interested, lets chat!

Hope to hear from you


11-23-04, 18:14
WOHOOOOOO!!!!! Just made my airline reservations to the land of good and plenty!!! Gonna be in LOS from Dec. 5th to Dec. 14th. Not sure of my itinerary once I get there, but that will all be taken care of in the next few days. I'm just happy to be getting out of the cold and into the warm!!! BTW, if any of you are interested, JTB Travel (a Japanese travel firm that has offices here in the US) is able to get tickets from the East Coast (in my case NYC) for the days I want to be there for less than $850, tax and fees included. Being so close to the travel date (only about 1.5 weeks away), I think it is a great deal.

PS: Anybody that'll be out there on those days and wants to hang out, send me a PM.

Update: My travel agent called me and told me that she was able to get me a stopover at Tokyo for only $15 more (the difference in taxes). So I will be able to spend 2 nights in Tokyo, too. I know it's expensive, but I'd like to see what the scene is like in Japan. Never been there. I am soooo looking forward to this trip!

11-24-04, 04:11
I was searching for tickets from BKK to Hong Kong and the least I was able to find (through Mobissimo.com) was around $399US. Checked Dragon Air, Travelocity, Expedia, etc. Is this the best I'm gonna be able to do? I need to go to HK for a couple of days on a business/entertainment side trip, but the airfare is almost half of what I am paying for my flight from NY-BKK-NY with a 2 night stopover in Japan. Are there any cheaper ideas? If I have to, then I will go with the $399, but I would rather spend as much of that money as I can on other more fun things. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Jaimito Cartero
11-24-04, 04:35
I was searching for tickets from BKK to Hong Kong and the least I was able to find (through Mobissimo.com) was around $399US.

AirAsia flys from Bangkok to Macau. I think you can take a ferry to HK. 999 Baht each way for the plane ticket(plus a bit of tax).


Jaimito Cartero
11-24-04, 04:38
Update: My travel agent called me and told me that she was able to get me a stopover at Tokyo for only $15 more (the difference in taxes).

That's a good deal on the stopover. Most of the time it costs $100-$300 for a stopover there. You can take the train into Tokyo, or you can stay near the airport at a more reasonable rate. I stayed in a 2* hotel for $115 a night. I stayed at the Holiday Inn (2 1/2 star, I think) in Narita for $60 or so.

11-25-04, 02:22
Jaimito, excellent! Thanks for the info. I hadn't realized how easy it was to get from Macau to HK. It would be a nice little adventure, and I might have some fun in Macau while I am there, too. And the airfare price is excellent. Thank you soooo much.

11-25-04, 14:57
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how much it cost by taxi from BKK city to Pattaya? and PAttaya to Airport?

My agent ask me for USD 100 for one route. It's crazy!

Thanks for infos.


Coma Boy
11-27-04, 05:24
Bangkok to Pattaya in a taxi will set you back 1500 Baht, although you can bargain down to 1000 if you're that way inclined.

Always pick a nice new taxi otherwise the journey is depressing.

Tell your agent to go fuck himself.

11-27-04, 23:55
Coma boy, couldn't agree with you more. Took a taxi from Don Muang to Pattaya last year, it was a beat up old thing, no shocks, bad brakes.

longest 90 minutes of my life, as he tore down the highway at 140 KPH. I nearly shit my pants, come to think of it, maybe i did :(

next time, I will refuse anything that doesn't look safe.

11-28-04, 00:03
Pattaya to Don Muang (BKK) is either 800 or 850 B plus tolls (don't rememeber which) from ANY stall on 2nd Road (unless you want to take the bus anf then go from BKK somewhere, some hotel - usually doing a 6am flight so I leave P'ya at 0200 to get to BKK by 0400 (the proscribed 2 hours before flight) If you work it right you can kick out your ST and leave for the airport with a smile on your face. Share the ride down for half price transport

11-28-04, 20:27
Spend a night in Bangkok at Nana Hotel so you can just drop down to the disco for quik bang/rest and then take bus from the Ekamai Bus Station after breakfast and checkout.

11-29-04, 03:37
You can take an express bus from the Bangkok Bus station for about 600 Baht or less. ($15) It may actually be as low as 60 Baht.

A private driver should cost you about $50 at the most. from Bangkok to Pattaya.

A friend just returned last week and did that.
He noted a good place to stay in Pattaya for about $10 a day, but a bit away from the action. A baht is available to downtown though.

I would rent a motorcycle as I normally do.

Overnight express bus from Bangkok to Phuket is about $20-$25.

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how much it cost by taxi from BKK city to Pattaya? and PAttaya to Airport?

My agent ask me for USD 100 for one route. It's crazy!

Thanks for infos.


11-29-04, 03:47
I am looking at going about the 3rd week of December.
Anyone who wants to meet up, let me know. Probably be in Bangkok for a few days on either end of the trip.

Hope to get a PADI Cert in Pattaya or Phuket, unless someone has some advice.

Jaimito Cartero
11-29-04, 05:13
Bangkok to Pattaya in a taxi will set you back 1500 Baht, although you can bargain down to 1000 if you're that way inclined.

Always pick a nice new taxi otherwise the journey is depressing.

Actually you can often get them down to 800 if you're not in a hurry. 1000 is a reasonable price as long as it's a nice taxi, *and* they don't palm you off on someone else. I've never paid more than 800 (plus tolls) coming back though. And I think my guy was practicing for NASCAR, as he hit 170kph a few times.

11-30-04, 07:25
Hi Beansed,

I will be in BK from Dec 12-25 and really want to try few days in Pattaya to see how things in that neck of the woods. Let me know if we can hook up.



11-30-04, 11:15
My current plan is about the 3 rd week and a few days either end in Bangkok and off to Pattaya
probably a week total, but it is still fluid

I think 14-22 or so

12-02-04, 04:36
This will probably be my last chance to check in to the website. I'll be in BKK on Dec. 5th. for my 3rd trip. Anybody want to hang out, PM me.

Capt JB
12-02-04, 21:28
Any one used China Air in the past? I have located a good rate on them from New York to BKK.

12-02-04, 21:56
Capt JB, I use China airlines exclusively to cross the Pacific.
If you are flying business or first, they are excellent.

The problem with the JFK flight is they use the Airbus A340, and stop in Anchorage. The seats on the Airbus in economy class are absolute hell. I sat in them on a short flight between TPE and BKK a couple of years ago, and was absolutely miserable. No legroom, and the seats are as stiff as a board.

It's a long way from JFK, you might consider going via Europe, I think it's faster.


12-02-04, 23:52
american does not fly to bangkok so you have to use china air. the dollar equivalent of the seats is about $300 to $400 more than you can purchase a ticket by yourself if you look in the back of the sunday la times newspaper. i think that it is 70,000 points..wow!

brazil from la is only 35,000 points and it is not twice as far to thailand. american airlines defends the rip off by saying that it is because they do not fly there and therefore it is the fault of china air. whatever. if you do have a choice, always take a 1 stop flight. those 3 stop super savers are brutal. also look out for the layover and specifically inquire about the length of the stay in anchorage, taipei, seoul, tokyo or whereever the stop. i once had a killer 6 hour layover in korea. if you have the time, occasionally japan air will have a 1 day layover in tokyo. you must pay the $30 airport tax, but you arrive refreshed in bangkok and ready for action.

take it easy because it will be a long haul on most any flight and remember that many flights arrive around midnight. you will have to wait possibly another hour, or more, for immigration and could be delayed by customs if anyone in line has a problem with their declaration. bring a small water bottle from the flight because it is often extremely hot and humid inside of the airport and you may want a drink while waiting in line...sorry no beers just yet. make sure that you know before you arrive how you will get from the airport to your hotel. many large hotels have a shuttle. go to the information counter and inquire. they are quite friendly and speak english. you may also take a fixed price taxi. they are modern and convenient if you like that. then, there are the 50 to 80 taxi drivers who pester the hell out of you once you leave the terminal.

even if your friend picks you up at the airport a few taxi drivers will still pester you. there is also a bus to town of you want to wait or you can walk with your bag out to the superhighway and try to haggle with the taxis headed for town. if you are from california you have not slept for 21 hours and maybe 27 from new york. speed and convenience may be worth paying the few extra bucks. skytrain is another option but for the first timer go with the easy solution.

12-03-04, 20:45
They have pretty bad safety record. I make a point of not flying them for that reason. They are usually cheaper then most other airlines and they have had quite a few downed planes over the past few years. Im lucky I can get a direct flight to BKK with Thai airlines now they are awesome! Anyway Capt I would consider this. I know they are cheap but there is a reason for that.


12-05-04, 13:53
I'm making plans on travelling to Bangkok and Pattaya. I'm worried about finding my way around, especially if I get lost. Does anyone know where I can get some maps for Bangkok and Pattaya?

Also, I understand that I can take the skytrain from the BKK airport to the Nana Hotel. How do I find the skytrain at the airport and how do I know if I'm on the right train?


12-05-04, 14:15
I'm making plans on travelling to Bangkok and Pattaya. I'm worried about finding my way around, especially if I get lost. Does anyone know where I can get some maps for Bangkok and Pattaya?

Also, I understand that I can take the skytrain from the BKK airport to the Nana Hotel. How do I find the skytrain at the airport and how do I know if I'm on the right train?


Great maps in the arrivals area and in every hotel.
I am not aware the skytrain actually goes to the airport. (unless some serious construction happened in the last year)

There again i haven't been on the subway either.

I used to walk to the departure level and grab cabs up there for less.
Would still suggest a cab., besides, you can handle it.

12-05-04, 16:43
Bring a small water bottle from the flight because it is often extremely hot and humid INSIDE of the airport and you may want a drink while waiting in line...sorry no beers just yet.

I always found the airport to be air conditioned, unless something changed since my last visit six months ago.

could be delayed by customs if anyone in line has a problem with their declaration.

Usually the customs will take a person aside for checks (happened to me once) but there is hardly a wait of a few minutes to go through customs.


12-05-04, 17:32
Well I did some research for a few hours on the Internet. There appears to be a bus called the Airport Bus that originates from the airport and travels a route to several destinations.

The bus route AB-3 should take me from the airport to Sukhumvit.

That's good enough for me. Also, it doesn't appear that the skytrain goes to the airport.

12-05-04, 21:37

think of it in terms of beers.

a taxi from the airport to your hotel on suk will cost you abt 3 beers.

A bus will cost you abt 1 beer, and will probably not drop you off in front of your hotel. You will then have to walk, if it is not too far, or take the skytrain. You will have to drag your bags up the stairs to the skytrain, then back down again, and spend 1/2 a beer to take the skytrain.. After a long flight, hot, tired, sweat pouring down your back, I would take the first choice any day.

good luck.

Love Sex 22
12-05-04, 22:00
[QUOTE=1ball]wtboatr. How many beers for a root canal, and a cheeseburger? You are funny man. I like to buy you two cases of beer only for this report.

Think of it in terms of beers.

The Traveler
12-05-04, 22:34

BTS skytrain doesn't even come close to the airport, so forget about it.
Forget about busses too, yes they are cheap but too much hassle, espesecially when you have big or heavy luggage.

Beansed is right, best way to go, grab a metered cab at the departure level. Taxis are cheap and they will drop you off in front of your hotel. They have aircon, are safe and fast. Spend a few extra baht for the super-highway toll, this might save you lots of time (not much on normal weekends or late at night/early morning).

12-06-04, 01:20

Listen to the guys about the taxi. If you must have a map before your arrival in the LOS, "Nancy Chandler" maps are pretty good for the newbie.


12-06-04, 07:35
The cost of the highway is 40 +35 Baht , it is a bargain considering it will save you sometime more than 1/2 an hour


BTS skytrain doesn't even come close to the airport, so forget about it.
Forget about busses too, yes they are cheap but too much hassle, espesecially when you have big or heavy luggage.

Beansed is right, best way to go, grab a metered cab at the departure level. Taxis are cheap and they will drop you off in front of your hotel. They have aircon, are safe and fast. Spend a few extra baht for the super-highway toll, this might save you lots of time (not much on normal weekends or late at night/early morning).

SB Lumens
12-07-04, 10:04

If you've just travelled 16+ hours, you DESERVE the reward of not F'ing around with anything but a taxi. Is it really worth a few bucks on the bus? Your arrival at BKK is the first of hopefully many great experiences.

However, I have been known to hightail it up to Departures to avoid the airport tax). Also be aware that the drop off at Majestic is problematic. Some suggest drop off on Soi 3 north of Sukumvit. I think it's easier of you get a drop off at JW Marriot (classy option) or Nana Hotel (monger option) and walk 1-2 blocks from there.


Coma Boy
12-07-04, 10:35
The cost of the highway is 40 +35 BahtActually it is 40 + 30 Baht.

You could do a lot with that extra 5 Baht.

12-07-04, 18:07
"Well I did some research for a few hours on the Internet..."

Look, I don't mean to sound like an ass but if you are flying all the way to Thailand and then worry about how to get to Pussy Street (Sukhumvit) and save a few baths you really should stay home...The next day you arrive there you will be spending thousands of baht fucking girls and if you think about it it's wasted money if you don't have an "entertainment" or "hobby" budget in your finances...:D


12-07-04, 21:35
Actually it is 40 + 30 Baht.

You could do a lot with that extra 5 Baht.

Sure! With those 5 bahts you can get a ride in a Songathew in Pattaya.

12-09-04, 05:22
I've got enough money to have a great time in Thailand. I'm not being cheap. I'm just curious about my travel options, bus, skytrain, and taxi.

I hear what you are saying about being tired after a 16 hour flight. If I'm tired, all I will want to do is sleep and get to my hotel bed ASAP, but If I'm fresh, I won't mind a slow bus ride through the streets of the city. It might give me an opportunity to see things I would not otherwise see on the highway.

12-09-04, 19:27

There is nothing to see between the airport and Suk. But, we tried. Have a nice ride. Pack lightly.


The Traveler
12-09-04, 19:34
I've got enough money to have a great time in Thailand. I'm not being cheap. I'm just curious about my travel options, bus, skytrain, and taxi.

I hear what you are saying about being tired after a 16 hour flight. If I'm tired, all I will want to do is sleep and get to my hotel bed ASAP, but If I'm fresh, I won't mind a slow bus ride through the streets of the city. It might give me an opportunity to see things I would not otherwise see on the highway.

depending on which hotel you will stay and day of time I guess you will have "enough" time to watch streetlife. During rush hour a bus/taxi ride from Suk soi 2 (end of highway) to soi 24 for example can take half an hour or even more. BTW, there will be a lot of opportunities to watch streetlife later on. There isn't much interesting to see, the real interisting things you wouldn't see otherwise can usually be seen indoors :D

Vince the Dog
12-10-04, 00:38
What are my options for traveling between Pattatya and Chiang Mai?

The Traveler
12-10-04, 21:02
Vince the Dog

Pattaya - BKK
taxi 800b
bus 90b

BKK Chiang Mai
bus - cheapest
train - slowest but most convienient
plane - fastest

There are also a couple of roundtrip tours with minibusses available at travel agencies, but I would avoid them.
Maybe Freeler can comment on the prices for either way of transportation, I can't since I use to drive myself.

12-10-04, 22:30
Chiang Mai travel - SURE, IF you want to (or have the TIME to) take the train, it can be comfortable in a sleeper (even IF 12 to 14 hours) The flight is 1 hour each way and about 4X as much (at promo fares) The busses are "last resort" (sure, least cost, SO??? 12 hours on a bus...but not unless I'm exploring the countryside) FLY - You won't regret it

If you fly in there is a local bus that runs to the old town for 20B (might be less - I just paid and didn't pay much attention) - bus stop is down past the end of the arrivals where some of the mini-busses park to load/unload (just past the end of the construction). Was a "bit" more comfortable than a tuk-tuk even if slower - although the tuk-tuk IS a bit more of an "adventure". Runs both inside and outside the moat but you don't really want to take it TO the airport - it goes out to the shopping centre first and takes quite a while getting to sa-nam-bin. There is a stop on the other side of the moat at Tampae Gate with easy access to Montri Hotel (650 B IIRC)

Coma Boy
12-11-04, 04:54
What are my options for traveling between Pattaya and Chiang Mai?It's simple, taxi to BKK, and then just fly to CM.

Unless you're a serious masochist, or have a really high boredom threshold, flying is really the only option.

I even get bored on the one hour flights, I'd rather chew glass than sit on a train for a journey that long.

Then again, if you must take the train, get a private cabin and bring a BKK or Pattaya girl.

You'll want to enjoy Chiang Mai alone so make sure she has a return ticket and on arrival send her straight back down South.

12-12-04, 03:32
Vince: Why are Arab dogs the fastest in the world?
a: Coz the trees are so far apart.

So, fly, train or bus to Phitsanalok, which Coma Boy has put on a par with Milano, Paris and Roma. Walk along the Nan river (Tiber of the East), visit Sukothai (Colliseum of Asia), stay at the Majestic Pansombat Hotel where luxury rooms cost 150 baht, and the plainer de luxe rooms cost 100 baht.Then after you fuck the dwarf and her many friends, move on to Chiang Mai.

Vince the Dog
12-12-04, 08:58
Thanks for the replies. I thought there was a airport close to pattaya. I guess it doesn't fly to CM.

Terry Terrier
12-12-04, 12:20
Always plenty of discussion about domestic flights on this thread. Just found this useful link:


MS Clive
12-12-04, 12:46
I plan to be in LOS for 4-5 days. I will be in BKK for 3 days for sure.

I was wondering if it would be worth it to go to Phuket instead of Pattaya as the diving would be much better.

1) What do you suggest Pattaya or Phuket?
2) IF I go to Phuket, given that I have only 2 days, can you recommend some day trip providers? I heard that there were day trips to Koh Similan.
3) Is nightlife much better in Pattaya?

In short I want a balance of nightlife and do something during the day.


Vince the Dog
12-12-04, 19:37
Then again, if you must take the train, get a private cabin and bring a BKK or Pattaya girl.

You'll want to enjoy Chiang Mai alone so make sure she has a return ticket and on arrival send her straight back down South.Train Sex. I like it! Can I bring two?

12-12-04, 21:12
MS Clive,

If diving is a priority, there is no comparison. Phuket is superior. Day trip to Similans ? I do not know of any. You'd spend the whole day motoring. An overnighter would be a minimum, IMHO.

But, with only two days, I would not bother. Head for Pattaya. It does have some fair diving, and better (again IMHO) nightlife. Plus, it's cheaper and such an easy trip from BKK, save the wear and tear on yourself.


12-12-04, 22:15
My flight usually arrives in BKK at about 12:30am. I take the Taxi because it is fast and cost about 200 to 300 baht depending on where I get in the car.

You can be on PUSSY STREET (coined from Juice) by 1:30am and catch yourself a late night troller to help refresh you. You could never do this on the bus and I think the bus stops at midnight anyway. I'd take the taxi regardless of when your flight arrives. It's just more better. :)


The Traveler
12-13-04, 00:15
MS Clive

listen to Firedick. I wouldn't take the hassle of flying down to Phuket and back for just a couple of days. Better spend it in BKK or if diving is a concern in Pattaya or maybe Koh Samet. If you head for Koh Samet (not Koh Samui !!!) bring a girl with you.

There are many things to do during daytime in BKK and Pattaya. Koh Samet is only a diving opportunity not that far from Pattaya without any real nightlife, but very relaxing.

12-13-04, 03:48

I intend to spend a relaxing 4 or so weeks in Thailand after I finish giving the lady of Verona some lessons in pasta and pizza making on the Alpine slopes. Hopefully, I will return to LOS in early January "mens sans in corpore sano".

I am thinking of renting a VIP pad, doing some soul searching on my debauched life, turining to God and having lots of orgies with Thai skanks. I have some things of a solitary nature to complete in that month (and thus the willingness to pay for a good pad) but I also want to butt fuck some cuties. I expect to hang out mostly in Bkk or Pattaya but far from the madding/maddening crowd. So far, Nana seems to have the edge. Ideally, I would only have a few prized sperm receptacles on hand but I do not think Bkk skanks are worth a weekly or monthly retainer and changing my skanks/jock strap on a daily basis seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Your advice please.

John T Domino
ps: I am thinking of only posting when there is a good chance the spammer in chief is asleep. I also do not want to draw the wrath of Philo etc.

12-13-04, 09:00

Just an idea for you to think about

Are you sure that you really want to go to the LOS for back door action? You may want to read the WSG posts on Brazil. Brazil is your anal paradise and not Thailand. Of course you will find some, but not all, of the Thais will give you what you want in that department. However, most of the Brazilians expect it if they are in the game, and they are really good at it.

You would even have a much better time in Eastern Europe if you are wanting anal from most of the P4P girls. Think about Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg and even Kiev. Why look for the needle in the haystack?

12-13-04, 21:11
MS Clive I arrived in Pattaya with a sh*t load of diving gear hoping to get some diving in besides some Thai cuties.

About 2 hours after I get to the hotel in Pattaya the damn heavens open up and flood half the city. Next morning I cancelled my planned dive trip after taking a look at the brown waters and white caps. I could only guess that vis would have been about a metre maybe less + horrible surge.

Went to the Padi dive store in Jomtien beach and found out that the nearest dive site is a 1 1/2 hour boat ride. I mean WTF, I was not going to be feeding the damn fish this trip thats for sure - I get horribly sea sick. I am used to Red Sea and Cayman Islands style diving.

All I can say that almost every morning I was convinced more and more not to dive unless it was going to be in Phuket and then I just could not have been bothered. The only other kind of diving I did was at places like Sabai.

I would assume that diving now would be good due to no rain, no bottom getting stirred up by storms and decent temps. I would not bother dragging equipment along unless its a dive computer and regulator. But thats me.

If you do any diving let hear what it was like.


12-14-04, 23:22
Back from Rio and now for some yellow tail action....

Any buddies wanting to hit some of the clubs and whatnot, drink a few beers, etc... please email me...

Also, I am trying to arrange a New Years event in bkk so if you want to join in/help organize something do let me know...

See you soon!

Ever Ready
12-15-04, 09:08
Sounds like you gonna have to engage in the other type of diving instead.
Isn't life a beach at times...

12-15-04, 16:24
For those not in the know, Thai Airways has a promotion of visiting 3 cities for US$179. Bangkok Air has a similar promo also. Check them out at their sites.

I priced out Bangkok Air for BKK-Krabi-Ko Samui-BKK for about $160.

Have fun.

12-16-04, 03:54
Well Guys,

After much self debate between Indo and Phil I've finally booked tickets to LOS. 2nd Jan to 20th Jan staying in Pattaya. Some place called the Siam Bayview Hotel. From the webby it seems like an OK type of place, the price was a bit expensive so I really hope its GF.

I'll obviously do a full field report.

If anyone is going to be in the area please PM me and maybe have a beer or two while there :)



12-16-04, 03:55
Hi Guys,

I am currently in BK right now and would like to know if I can get together with some of your Senior to learn some rope and tips or just hang out to have fun. I will be here until Dec 23. PM me if you want to have a drink.



Coma Boy
12-16-04, 15:31
Train Sex. I like it! Can I bring two?Yes, for sure.

Two, or three, or four, or more.


12-19-04, 02:40
Interested in hooking up with anyone who might be going to Pattaya between Jan 24 and Feb 6.

Went there in Oct and had a blast. Met up with about 5 guys for touring, drinks and good times.

Staying at the Dynasty Inn on Soi 13 again. Found it clean, spacious, and well appointed. Situated about halfway between Walking Street and the beerbars on Soi 7 and 8. Nothing beats the baht bus for getting around.

Plan to arrive Jan 23, stay in Bangkok for the night and then take the free shuttle from the Dynasty In Bangkok.

Any takers?

12-19-04, 02:53
Hey Guys,

There's an alternative getting to Bangkok using your American Advantage points. Yes, 70,000 is a lot of points, but that aside, you can catch Japan Airlines out of Tokyo to Bangkok.

I fly from Dallas to Tokyo. During daylight savings time, I take the 10AM which arrives in Tokyo about 1:30 and then the JAL flight at 3:45 arriving at 8:30 - leaving plenty of time for a great night in Bangkok.

During non-daylight savings time, the flight from DFW doesn't arrive in time for a legal connection. So, take the 6:45 JAL 707 flight to Bangkok. If you move quickly upon arrival at 11:45 PM, you can be in your hotel by 12:30-1AM and out before it's too late.

Is Bangkok back to 2AM bar time?

I'm only going to BKK to get to Pattaya. It really is much better in Pattaya - activities, women, prices, etc.

MS Clive
12-20-04, 06:36
Thanks Firedick, Buzz04 and Traveler.

Thanks for your words of advice and experience. I have decided to keep scuba a priority so I will be in Phuket for 2 days and in BKK for 2-3 days.

Will head out to Koh Similan for a day trip. Will provide you guys with info.