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02-24-04, 19:35
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Mikey M
07-29-04, 15:47
Not much street action in Basingstoke (if any at all).

However, rumour has it that some street girls can be found under the car park near the bus station, Liquid night club and that bridge that conects Festival Place to that god-awful new development "Crown Heights".

Massage and parlours are advertised in the local papers.

Hope this helps,

Mikey M

Mikey M
08-04-04, 15:27
Basingstoke may not have anything going street wise, but both Reading and Southampton are both less than an hour away and the Reading area has its own train station (West Reading).


12-07-05, 00:12
Is there any street action in Basingstoke or Reading?

09-10-09, 16:58
My understanding (from a mate who lives in the area) is that the police have had a bit of a crackdown and it's slim picking out there.

08-10-10, 18:54
Hi guys. I am due to go to basingstoke and hoping to staying at the Audley wood hotel. Do any of you know of any massage places in this area. Or even Reading?



Face Man
02-04-12, 00:23
Hi Guys,

Normally I post stuff in the Southampton thread, but before Christmas I came up to Basingstoke to visit "horny girl". She gave me a post code which turned out to the the Holiday Inn. She was reasonably nice on the phone, and always answered promptly when I rang up. Until that is, I actually arrived in the car park of the Holiday Inn. Then she made me wait for about 15 minutes, in which time I decided to cut my losses and leave. Half way back down the M3 (ie after hour of waiting) she rang back to say that I could now go and visit her in her hotel room. I told her that I was out of time and not happy with what she had done to me. She then argued in quite an immature way, I thought, so I ended the phone call.

So the moral of the story: be prepared to be messed around. Funnily enough I find English girls to be far worse in this respect than East European girls, although quite often the English girls state in their adverts that they are English, as if this is an advantage.

Face Man