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06-01-04, 20:33
I originally banned this guy for spam postings and then for send spam PM's.

A few days ago he sent me a long rambling message about how I was contributing to slavery, etc. to which I responded as follows:


FYI, I do not condone slavery, but on the other hand I don't see how my paying a woman the equivalent of a weeks wages for an hour of sex is contributing to her problems in life.

Anyway, it's my job to keep people who have a political or religous agenda off the site.


JacksonThis is what I got in return:


You really are an amazingly dense ass-hole. Or, you're mobbed-up but good, which wouldn't surprise me. In either case, you've had your chance to be "a nice guy", and now you'll feel the might of justice coming down on you like you can't imagine. Hey fuck-up, I'm not making a religious or political point! I'm talking plain and simple about human misery and suffering. It's obvious you don't want the members to be even slightly swayed towards showing some compassion for the unfortunate women, or to at least be able to discuss the issue among themselves in a free and open forum, which WSG pretends to be. You are building yourself a real nice kingdom in the next life, Jackson me boy, and I ain't talkin' heaven. You'll keep interesting company where you're going, my little Joseph Goebbels, (also a fascist-propagandist). O.K. We'll do it the hard way. The members will be enlightened without your assistance, and trust me, scum-wad, you'll lose out in many ways now, most notably your ability to function over the net. If you are a lost and hopeless cause, which seems overly evident, I believe many of the younger, naive guys still have a chance to make men out of themselves, and not to be misguided by a little shit-loser- wimp-pussy like you.

Your eternal Nemesis,

Tooth FerryWhy don't some of you send him an email and let him know what you really think about his perspective?




Daddy Lows
06-02-04, 17:09
This bucktooth weirdo sounds like he's been reading too much from "Left Behind", that fire and brimstone Christian-bent bestseller! Hah. I suppose he thinks he'll get into heaven so he's just squawking in our faces to show off or something! He said, " Hey f*ck-up, I'm not making a religious or political point!" Then he goes on to allude to heaven and blurts out Joseph Goebbels. At least he's not a total retard and can form complete sentences.


Keep up the good work that you do, mongering and otherwise.


Green Machine
06-02-04, 20:30

Geesh, you really are a "Goebbels." Can't you see the light and the truth that this moron is beseeching you????

It's always amazing how other people are so quick to condemn others to hell and beyond. As though they themselves are God.

Hmmm, well, I've never seen ass-hole spelled that way before!

Keep up the good work Jackson!

06-20-04, 09:38

Does this guy actually have a point to make? If so, what it is it exactly? People are free to disagree with any of the points anyone makes herein, but it would be more interesting if those who disagree were capable of some logical, coherent form of argument. This idiot rambles so extensively that he makes no point whatsoever.

This is one of the only locations I've ever seen that's totally candid about its, objectives, its subject, and its points of view. You're doing great work. Keep on truckin'.


06-21-04, 02:18
Jackson, I know this Nemesis. She is an American who married a guy from Colombia. I believe they live in Cali now.